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Thank you for visiting my IHJZ “Extra” pages, these are some of my very first blogs mostly about The Real Housewives of New York – Season Three. Some refresher information before Season Four begins…I hope you enjoy them. Lynn xo

I Hate Jill Zarin Weekend Update Original Post Date 4/24/10

It was a big day for the housewives on Thursday, new episode aired and then Bethenny Frankel appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

I really can’t decide whether Bravo is backing Jill this season or not. I was fairly sure that they were on our team because wow they were allowing fans to slam her on her blog, so much so that she did go one week without blogging. On Watch What Happens Live, Jill stated that she did miss one week of blogging because she was in Israel, yet she continued to post on Facebook (her FB posts automatically pop onto Twitter as well) and when fans asked why she hadn’t posted a blog her response, “I already said it all last week, there is nothing more to say about it”. So which is it Jill? Can this woman EVER tell the truth?

I listed on one of my last blogs the many, many excuses of Jill Zarin, let’s explore some of these, shall we?

1. Too many lights and cameras in her face. Jill, you have been on this show for three years now, this is one of the worst excuses. She added on WWHL that she can’t distinguish between real and the show, if that’s true, cameras and lights should not be a factor, right?

2. It all happened so fast, I didn’t have time to think. Well we know you don’t THINK Jill but filming the show doesn’t happen “fast” as we all know.

3. “Others” were keeping them apart in order to keep themselves on the show. Finally, something that we can actually believe, at least in part. I do believe that not only was LuAnn happy about this B v J argument but fed Jill’s delusional thoughts every chance she got! We all heard the rumors that Bravo was considering losing Luann because she was no longer a housewife (not a big deal, most of them aren’t) also because she no longer lived in New York but resided in the Hamptons full time and finally what is interesting about a Countess without at Count? Her life really is dull, kids are fairly well behaved and no career, Countless seemed to be on her way out.

4. Bobby had cancer. No one is disputing that Bobby had cancer, however, Jill’s screaming in Bethenny’s face that Bobby had his throat cut open from ear to ear is an exaggeration. We have seen Bobby, there were no bandages, no scars, and no nothing to show that he had this extensive surgery. Many surgeons and nurses have posted on many web sites stating that the type of cancer Bobby had would never require a cut from ear to ear. More likely it was a “procedure” as Bethenny stated (she claims Jill only said Bobby was having a procedure done) and Jill went on and on about B not visiting Bobby in the hospital, yet Jill herself said he was only there for a couple of days. In addition we know that Jill was out partying the entire time and Bethenny was on a book tour.

5. We have to put all calls on speakerphone for the show. Again, a partial truth. The show encourages them to put calls on speakerphone, but does not require it. Jill also did not tell Bethenny that Countless was sitting next to her encouraging Jill to lie! Yes, that is a lie!

6. Keep Watching, I will get better. This has to be my favorite! She has been saying this since week 3 or 4 knowing some of the worst things she had done to Bethenny were still to come on air. We’re still waiting. At this point there isn’t anything Jill can do or say to fix all that she has done! Jill fans (both of them) now say that B is the one being stubborn and Jill is trying…oh please! It was ok for Jill to slam the hell out of Bethenny all these months but now Jill is ready to apologize and be BFF’s again so Bethenny should just go along with the program? Apparently we are going to see Jill apologize and try to renew her friendship with Bethenny in upcoming episodes but we know already that she fails (filmed months and months ago) We also see Jill just a few weeks ago asking fans how to handle repairing a relationship with a friend. (check your book Jill) I don’t think so! Jill’s very own book says three strikes and you’re out! We watched as Bethenny tried at least three times to talk to Jill and to make things right. According to Jill’s book Bethenny should move on. Let’s hope she does!

7. This was filmed 6 months ago, 7 months ago, 9 months ago. I love how the time frame changes each time she tries to use this excuse. Regardless of when it was filmed, it was still Jill, those were her words, those were her actions, who the hell cares how long ago it was filmed?

8. I can’t make everyone happy. No Jill, you can’t! In fact, you can’t make ANYONE happy, even your family is disgusted by your behavior! The few fans that Jill has left concern me because they walk among us on the streets.

9. I am not perfect, but who is? See if you had just stopped before the “but” it would have helped you a lot more! To add the “who is?” just makes you sound like you’re trying to brush aside your behavior because we all act like that. Sorry! Most people do not act like you Jill!

10. The show has to portray drama. So you manufacture drama by slamming Bethenny? I truly believe that Jill thought she was going to have public sympathy this season and everyone was going to feel sorry for her. She really thinks fans are stupid.

11. Bethenny wouldn’t talk to me off camera. Well we know this is a lie because Andy asked Bethenny, did Jill try to talk to you off camera? Bethenny said, “the short answer is No” and added that why suddenly, would Jill want to talk off camera when everything Jill had said and done previously was on camera? Lies and more lies Jill Zarin!

12. I was testing Bethenny and she failed. Once again Jill claims that her request to talk to Bethenny off camera was a test. We now know that the request never happened so that’s a lie but let’s not forget … a test Jill? You test your friends? What a sick woman!

13. I was not prepared, I was ambushed. Oh please! Jill says she thought Bethenny was out of town so when she saw Bethenny at Ramona’s she thought she saw a ghost. Really Jill? A ghost? Like Casper? Let’s say for a moment that she was “ambushed”, so you take 5 minutes, go into the bathroom, splash some water on your face (and get some of that overdone make up off your face!) then you come out refreshed and ready to talk, right? Wrong!

14. I got caught up in the drama too much. I don’t even know what that means but it sounds like she is blaming someone else again.

15. I am the real deal / I hope Bravo shows you the real me. Direct contradiction. First she is the real deal, she isn’t acting for the cameras, she is being herself. Next she claims that Bravo’s edits aren’t showing the real Jill Zarin. You can’t have it both ways but as far as I’m concerned, no one put words in her mouth, no one made her do the horrible things she did, Bravo cameras simply recorded it and played it on TV. Maybe Bravo cut the parts where Jill was visiting orphans in Kenya, or when she was working at the food pantry in the Bronx, or when she was walking dogs at the local animal shelter? Shame on you Bravo!

16. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. This exact line was in Bethenny’s blog exactly 2 weeks before Jill put it in hers. Enough said!

17. Others were saying things behind my back. She never explains this but says it in a blog when she is talking about putting Bethenny on speakerphone while LuAnn was there. She said she may have acted differently if she knew what others were saying behind her back. I have no idea what she is talking about, but I don’t think she does either.

18. I have a terrible memory and forgot that I said that. This is a beauty! She claimed that when she was being rude to Alex about Alex’s boys, she forgot that it happened. That’s funny because at your Saks party Alex reminded you of your behavior yet you apologize in a blog months later. You forgot BOTH incidents? Maybe Jill should have a personal assistant who’s only job is to keep track of her lies, you know like a continuity person on a soap opera so that these blunders don’t happen again.

19. I needed time to think / I’m only human. Well the human part is debatable!

20. Bethenny changed. She sure did, she finally figured you out. Look, we all change. Did Jill think that Bethenny was going to be her playmate in the Hamptons forever? She was working, she met a great guy, but honestly I don’t think she changed all that much, she just got tired of thanking Jill time after time and giving Jill all of her free time. Instead of being offended and wondering what is in it for me, Jill could have been happy for Bethenny, but she wasn’t!

21. There is a lot of pressure on me. I’m sure that being the ONE person who is stimulating the economy that could be true.

22. I needed to be with people who build me up. It is always all about Jill! Does LuAnn build you up? Jill doesn’t need to be with people who build her up, she needs to be with people who need her so she can control them. Jill surrounds herself with “yes” people!

23. I didn’t want to get hurt again. Oh please! Bethenny did not hurt you, she lived her life!

24. The “lost footage” at Ramona’s Labor Day party will show Bethenny slamming Bobby. Jill claims that her “friend” called her (the one that chimed in to get her face on camera) and told her that Bethenny slammed Bobby at this party. We saw Bethenny saying that Jill and Bobby are great people, that she loved them both. Now we are supposed to believe that Bravo’s cameras caught Bethenny slamming Bobby but didn’t air it? Either Jill is a moron for believing this woman or she thinks we are all morons and will believe it! I would love for Jill to produce this “lost footage”!

All of this nonsense and excuses does not take away from the facts, add to that the Amazongate and we have ourselves one horrible excuse for a human being. It wasn’t bad enough that she gave herself a 5-star rating of her own book on Amazon, but she felt the need to click on over to Bethenny’s book and give it a one star rating with horrible comments! What the hell Jill? NOW Bethenny is supposed to believe all those times that you said you wish the best for her, you’re happy for her, you support her? What a filthy liar! The trust is gone!

I suppose we have to wait to hear Jill’s excuses for her slam of Sonja at the party? That wasn’t just a little snarky remark, Jill was talking to Sonja’s friend…and consider that Jill did not know Sonja at all, in fact she seemed surprised that she didn’t know her. I think this proves that Jill doesn’t really have a “fabulous circle of friends” and the fabric store owners aren’t as high in the social circle as Jill wants viewers to believe. I was anxious to see how Jill would react to the new housewives, Sonja is clearly in the true society circle of Manhattan, if Jill doesn’t know her, I think that says it all! I’m thrilled to see that Sonja didn’t jump onto either Team Jill or Team Bethenny. We may see in the future that Jill will be threatened by Sonja, while Jill insists that her place on the show is secure, Jill’s humiliation and behavior could make Bravo executives reconsider the wife of a fabric store owner with her shitty dog as fitting for RHONY. I love that Sonja doesn’t fawn all over the “Countess” because of her title like Jill and Kelly do. (don’t get me started on the title thing)

A.Chandler is the #1 reviewer on Amazon.com. She is well-respected and has integrity. She did not go out and buy Jill’s book and she did not maliciously decide to write a poor review. Jill’s camp or Jill’s publisher recognized that A. Chandler is the top rated reviewer on Amazon and sent her the book at no charge with a request that she write a review.

It is clear to me, after reading the original review (which I actually did before any Amazongate came to light) that she read the book and gave her honest opinion. I also did read the comments on the reviews and I was shocked by what Susan Saunders wrote. She said the reviewers cat should be taken away (it is in fact, a dog in the photo) she called her an anti-Semite (wow, them’s fightin words) but what she didn’t say is why she (Susan) liked the book. There were no specific examples of why she felt the review was wrong or anything close to that. All she did was attack the reviewer. I remember at the time reading it and thinking, “that must be a friend of Jill’s or an overzealous fan”…never in my wildest dreams thinking that Jill was stupid enough to post that.

As of Friday, April 23 at approximately 11pm the comment by Susan Saunders aka Jill Zarin has been deleted by the author. I don’t know what took her so long. I suppose she felt that if she deleted it immediately, it would have been all too obvious that it was her post, good thinking waiting 48 hours Jill, that threw everyone off the track!

We also know that reviews written by J.Samples were also Jill (no proof on this one, you just have to be smarter than Jill to come to the same conclusion) Amazingly enough there was a 5-star review for Jill’s book and a 1-star review for Bethenny’s. Here’s what Jill Zarin, if you must make a complete fool of yourself and write yourself good reviews, at least leave Bethenny out of your antics! Lesson to be learned, if you want a real, honest and realistic review of your book, send it to A.Chandler, if you want people to say they like the book, get relatives and friends to write reviews without even reading it.

One reviewer that we assume is a friend or fan of Jill’s said how great the book is and then added, “I can’t wait for it to arrive. “ I think you are my favorite one of all…

Bethenny appeared on WWHL after Thursday’s show and Andy did bring this up briefly. He said “allegedly” and he said, “we don’t know for sure if she did this”. What Andy Cohen? Sure we know, we have the equivalent of a DNA sample…the comment lead right back to Jill’s original Amazon account opened in 2001. Someone posted that it could be a “fake” account set up to make it look like Jill did it. Really? Nine years ago someone knew Jill was going to be on RHONY and write a book so they set up this Amazon account, included Allyson Paige and Bobby, ordered some books and DVD’s, created a wish list….all to frame Jill Zarin in 2010! Sure, it could happen!

I heard another rumor, this one says that Jill actually had to pay one of the book stores in order to hold a book signing there. I’m no expert in public relations, but I thought that the book stores wanted “celebrities” with books and DVD’s to appear in their stores to generate publicity for the book store. Everytime a celeb says, I’m going to be at Borders Books, that is good for the book store, right? If a celebrity has to PAY the bookstore ($1500.00 was the rumor) that can’t be a good sign for the celeb.

Another report I heard says that in the month of April to date, 84 copies of the book had sold. The date was April 22. Again, I’m no expert, but that’s not good, right?

We know for a fact that Amazon cut the price of the book in half and that Jill’s hardcover book is almost the exact same price as Alex and Simon’s paperback book. (see my last blog to read the transcription of the radio interview in which Jill talks about that) I asked Alex and Simon on Twitter yesterday if they had heard what Jill said about the book pricing and Alex responded, “more on that soon”.

After reading the transcript of the radio program, I am no longer feeling badly for Jill’s sister Lisa. When she talked about the “pod” thing it was clear to me that she was referring to Bethenny having no family to speak of and how wonderful Jill is because she has so many loving family members around her. First of all, that was cruel. We all know Bethenny had a rough childhood and her parents are not around for her, we know that before Bethenny’s father died, he refused to see her. We also know that Bethenny has turned into a wonderful, loving and caring person, while Jill, with her family all around her is a lying, scheming, poor excuse of a woman! She is a poor example for her daughter and clearly could care less that her husband was ill. Again, there is proof of Jill’s running around while Bobby was ill. Bethenny was absolutely correct about that! Jill traveled to Florida, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, was photographed at parties every weekend in New York and she did not mention Bobby at all anywhere on her blogs, on Facebook or on Twitter during his cancer scare!

Has anyone else noticed that when Jill doesn’t know what to say, she claims to not know what a word means….case in point. Bethenny called Jill, LuAnn was listening in so Bethenny opens by saying that this fight has become disproportionate, adding that she wants to get together to discuss it. Jill’s response, “what does disproportionate mean?” Personally, that’s where I would have hung up on Jill.

Then, on WWHL, Andy Cohen has a weekly poll, Andy asked for Jill’s reaction to the previous week’s poll which asked, “to whom would you want the Kracken released on? Jill or Bethenny. Let’s pretend for a moment that Jill did not watch that episode with Liam Neeson (we all know she did, but ok) we’ll also have to pretend that the movie Clash of the Titans was never released and wasn’t #1 at the box office, oh and we’ll have to pretend that the phrase “release the Kracken” wasn’t being spewed all over the country. Jill’s response to Andy, “what does that mean? I don’t even know what kracken is, what is kracken?” To everyone’s horror, Andy actually explains it to Jill….yikes!

Finally we have the term “shell-shocked”. Jill uses this term twice to describe herself when she was confronted by Bethenny at Ramona’s house. Shell-shocked comes from the military, when men and women in the armed forces are shot at or bombed, they can become “shell-shocked”. It has also been used in the Oklahoma City bombings, the twin towers on 9-11 and basically during fighting in a war. So Jill was “shell-shocked”? That could be considered anything from over-dramatic to offensive depending on who you say it to.

This concludes our vocabulary lesson for today, keep em coming Jill and I’ll explain them to you!

New Development on Television Without Pity (thank you to GoodTimeGirl for this tip)

As most of you probably know, TWOP is owned by NBC, who also owns Bravo. Television without Pity had a thread discussing Amazongate and Jill Zarin’s involvement in these reviews and comments on Amazon. I read the first post and a few of the comments that followed, one of the readers commented that Jill Zarin probably won’t be invited back as an intern but one of the Network Executives laughed that off and said that Jill was always welcome at TWOP. Apparently the thread got out of hand, and was pulled off the site altogether. It indicated that there were “technical difficulties” with the thread. Naturally the readers assumed that the thread was being edited to remove the excessively nasty posts and would be re-opened at some point. Take a look at these posts:

Posted by Adgirl:

Don’t know who to contact about this. Left a similar message on Traffic Control.

Why is Real Housewives NY still closed? The show has been broadcast on both coasts today and the board is still closed.

FYI- Last week and this week the board was closed on Wednesday – Thursday with no notice. again this week. Does the moderator take those days off? Last week they said that the reason was due to too many personal comments. No information about this week.

Response by Network Executive:

This thread is called “New Technical Issues.” Does your question seem like a technical issue? There’s even a pinned post at the top of the page explaining explaining what kind of problems should be reported here.

The FTC also has a pinned post explaining what it is for. It wasn’t the right place for your question either.

Coincidentally, the RH of NY thread also has a pinned post reminding people at great length about the posting rules. It also has a link to the FAQ which is yet another thing I suspect you have never read. Among other things, the FAQ mentions who you can contact when you have these kinds of questions.

I’m actually going to answer your question here because I think otherwise you’ll continue on posting randomly, hoping to find the right place through dumb luck. But any further discussion about this here, or in any other inappropriate thread, will result in a banning. So: the thread is closed because of entitled, utterly witless behavior like this. It is closed because of you, and the large number of posters in that thread who seem to be just like you.

WOW! That network executive is rude, condescending and apparently expects everyone to have so much time on their hands that they can read TWOP’s inane legal jargon, rules, regulations and instructions, as well as their FAQ pages. The best part is that the thread they are referring to and the thread that was removed by TWOP was also CREATED by TWOP! They picked up the story of Jill posting 5-star reviews of her own book on Amazon and obviously people wanted to comment on it.

Bravotv.com, take note!!! We are sick to death of you picking and choosing which comments to post and which you will completely ignore! It seems that you choose those with incorrect spelling, improper grammar and those who forgot what punctuation is and put those front and center. Why would you want to perpetuate the notion that Bravo viewers are less than highly intelligent? Length doesn’t seem to come into play, there is no rhyme or reason to your approval process. The only posts you should be removing are those with vulgarity, threats or vicious content, all the rest of our comments should be posted!

**Thank you to TruthPrevails for pointing out to me that the lovely and talented Sonja Morgan posted a compliment to me on her Facebook page. Her quote:

“Lynn Hudson can write. And she is hilarious. Doesn’t miss a beat, this gal.”

Thank you Ms. Sonja! I am honored!! I can assure everyone that I wrote this column before Sonja posted that!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, cool and rainy day in Chicago today so plenty of time to blog! Feel free to post your comments, send messages and if you see anything going on with the housewives, please let me know! I will not edit or delete any comments, everything will be posted unless it is vulgar, threatening or vicious in content. (thems the rules folks, the web site will pull the entire blog if I allow those three things) If you don’t agree with me, go ahead and post that too! I hope you’ll share this with friends, you can post it to Facebook and Twitter easily by clicking on the “share it” link. Thanks!

#last minute news…I was just told that the BravoTV.com message boards were also shut down for a day and a half apparently due to the Amazongate getting so many posts and so much attention. If anyone knows any more about that, please post in the comment section. Thanks!

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I Hate Jill Zarin Mid-Week Update – Original Post date:4/27/10

How many shows / characters have so much to talk about when an episode hasn’t even aired? Just since Thursday after the show there has been so many things happening with our beloved Jill Zarin and her cast of characters that it warrants another blog…

Jill flew out to Los Angeles to promote her book. I am SO damn sick of hearing about this stupid book I want to stick a fork in my ear! Even her loyal fans (those that haven’t escaped) are posting on her Facebook page how sick and tired they are of her talking about the book. I love that Bethenny mentioned on WWHL that she had a book coming out during Season Two of RHONY and rarely mentioned it, yet it was a New York Times Bestseller!

Ironic isn’t it that Susan Saunders / Jill Zarin removed the nasty comment to Amazon reviewer, A.Chandler and all that is left is, “Comment removed by the AUTHOR” Poetic!

The Countess’ book, showed sold only 7,000 copies total.

Jill’s trip to Los Angeles has been pretty eventful! She was scheduled to do a book signing at Fred Segal but it was cancelled by Fred Segal. Jill sends out a tweet to the Gastineau sisters and ends up spending that time with these F-listers hanging out by the hotel pool. They tweeted photos of the three of them sitting by the pool and one of them is holding up Jill’s book. (I almost said she was reading the book but I doubt they can read)

Jill was also in the audience during Monday’s Live Dancing With The Stars broadcast. She sat directly behind the judges so I’m sure it was difficult to see the dancers but it was fairly hysterical and pathetic all at the same time as you watched judge Len in the center critiquing the dancers, you can see Jill watching monitors and trying to get her fake red head into the shot. The best part is that the first few times that cameras are on Len, you see Jill’s husband Bobby clearly because he is a bit off to the side of Len, Jill being directly behind Len was not seen at all. After about two dancers, suddenly Jill and Bobby changed seats…yes they did, so it was Jill you saw each time the camera was on Len. Her eyes quite obviously drifting over to the monitor then she’d look directly into the camera after she was sure her head was in the shot. Oh if you didn’t see it, I’m sorry because it was comical. The woman just keeps giving us material to work with.

She posted on Facebook that she had SO MUCH fun at Dancing With The Stars, I don’t know how she could have enjoyed craning her neck like that to get on TV. Her seats ensured she couldn’t see the dance floor. Many people posted on her FB that they saw Bobby but not her, or they didn’t see her at all. She is probably smacking poor Bobby in the arm screaming, “see, I told you to let me sit there! No one could see me damnit bawwwby!” Quite frankly I’m surprised she didn’t storm out when she wasn’t seated in the front row!

On Friday, Jill appeared on Joy Behar’s show, Joy was tweeting before the taping, at one point she said that Jill was in the bathroom for an awfully long time. The next tweet from Joy read, “Jill Zarin, urine problems?” Then the best one of all, “Jill Zarin locked in the bathroom, we will liberate her before the show starts”. Reports later said that Jill went into the green room bathroom and the door, it turns out, was missing the handle so she couldn’t get out. Oh the glory of it all. If only she had been in there so long that she had to drink toilet water to sustain life….I mean, if she wasn’t supposed to appear on TV, who would miss her?

So many people have been asking Jill where her blog is for this week. She ignored it all weekend then Monday morning she posts on Facebook that she is too tired and it all happened 6-months ago and she can’t remember what happened. First of all we know that all of the Housewives receive a DVD copy of the show prior to its airing in order to prepare blogs. Jill must have left her copy in New York. It’s a shame that Bravo doesn’t re-run these episodes time and time again so that Jill could see it. Maybe her hotel doesn’t have Bravo? Secondly, this constant use of the “I can’t remember” is typically used by Alcoholic’s and Grand Jury Witness’s! She didn’t remember her nasty comments to Alex about her children either. Alex stood there crying (and Alex never cries) with Jill at her Saks party because of those nasty comments, but Jill doesn’t remember? We believe you, you didn’t write those reviews of your book either, did you?

Unfortunately one of my Bravo insiders has gone missing, the concern was that the information in some of my last blogs would “out” them, I wouldn’t want to risk anyone’s job/friendship/relationship etc. The good news, I still have more!

Bethenny appeared on the Today show on Monday she did a great segment on replacing high fat foods with alternatives that contain less fat and calories. Toward the end Kathie Lee asked Bethenny about Jill, seemingly taking Jill’s side and mentioning that Jill had been on the show last week. Putting her on the spot, Bethenny gave the standard answer that she has moved on and is in a much better place in her life. Thanks to Hoda for getting Bethenny out from under Katie Lee’s stupid questions. Particularly since Kathie Lee then admitted she had never seen the show. Maybe KL didn’t get her morning martini that day!

Rumors are out that Bethenny is working on a talk show targeted toward mothers for CBS with Big Brother host Julie Chen. Personally I think Bethenny would be perfect for a Food Network show focusing on healthy meals. It surprises me that they don’t already have one!

Jill has a planned double book signing with Vicki from Orange County. What a wonderful pair! You know how they don’t like to have the President and Vice President in the same location at the same time in case the place is blown up and the country has to go to the 3rd in charge to run the country? I feel like wherever Jill and Vicki are together would be a good target! I know, they’re both mothers and I don’t wish death on anyone, it’s just a joke!

I did not blog during last season of Orange County and this was where my frustration with Bravotv.com’s blog/comment boards were infuriating me! I tried so many times to post on Vicki’s blog calling her out on all of her bullshit and the Bravo editors never ever posted my comments. I tried everything! I even tried being nice, but getting my point across anyway, no way! They only posted people’s comments who loved Vicki! Another criteria for Bravo’s blog / comment boards seems to be using improper English, poor grammar and misspellings. I got so frustrated that I emailed Andy Cohen asking what the criteria are for getting comments posted. No response! My next email wasn’t so nice, I asked him if Vicki had some dirt on him or if she was part owner in Bravo. Anyway, if I am still blogging during the next season of the OC and if you haven’t already picked up on it, you will quickly learn, I cannot stand Vicki!

Wow, talk about off topic! I’m really glad that you are all enjoying my blogs, I hope you will continue to post your thoughts and feelings in the comments. I understand that some of the other sites have shut down their threads regarding the show, but I hope that even if/when they re-open you’ll all still stop by here! Jill must have a good attorney!

For those that have asked, yes I do plan on blogging about all of the other Housewife shows!

So my favorite new person this week has to be a poster on my last blog called “The Digger”. I love you! The poster definitely did some “digging” and found that Jill is an expert at posting positive reviews on the internet. Case in point, on a web site ApartmentTherapy.com there are some glowing comments about Zarin Fabrics! The best one has to be from Sol Kamen. (yes, Jill’s dad) he says he “met the owner, Bobby Zarin” …well I would hope so, he is your son-in-law! And Ally Shapiro (yes, Jill’s kid) talks about how wonderful her pink fabric is….oh geeze! Does anyone have a doubt in the world that Jill is the author of all of these? Sol doesn’t strike me as the internet savvy kind of guy! I also cannot see a young girl going onto the web to post this nonsense about her step-father’s fabric store.

To see it all in detail, (even the links are there) go to my previous blog and scroll down to the comments. The Digger Rocks!!! In fact, if you have the time, I highly recommend reading them all, so many remind us of Jill’s behavior in past seasons that all could have easily predicted what we are seeing this season. Why didn’t we see it then? Personally, I did see some of it, like at the charity event when she told Bethenny to “leave!”. Jill did apologize profusely for that at the reunion so I forgave her, so did Bethenny and I put it all down to the stress Jill was experiencing at the charity event.

So Jill has been manipulating reviews on the internet for quite some time and apparently hadn’t been caught before so why not keep doing it with your book! I’m curious, do these three women need money that badly? Seriously? We know that Jill wants fame, status and recognition but doesn’t she have enough money? Maybe you can never have enough money. I seriously wonder what her publisher thinks of all of this! (we know that Vicki self-published her book so every dime earned on the book goes into her pocket with no publisher to answer to)

I mentioned in some of my past blogs about Jill’s nephew Jon. He is Lisa’s son. I went back and forth about what I thought about this kid, and I did actually feel bad for Lisa at one point because it seemed as Jill was taking all of the credit for the book and trying to keep herself in the limelight while pushing her sister to the background. After reading the transcript from their radio interview, I changed my mind! Lisa is just as pompous and self-righteous as LuAnn! So when Lisa’s 23 year old son attacked Andy Cohen, I felt the need to tweet him letting him know my feelings on that stupid move! After all, Andy is Jill’s boss. And Jon’s tweet to Andy included “on behalf of the Wexler family”. I found that to be pompous as well!

Weeks had gone by since my war with Jon and I honestly had forgotten about him, I never intended to speak to him again, I just continued to express my thoughts and feelings about Jill, Kelly, LuAnn and whoever else came to mind. Suddenly I get a message from Jon, he was responding to one of my tweets (that was not meant for him specifically). My tweet explained the term “shell-shocked” similar to my last blog. Jon decides he is going to tweet to me the definition of Shell Shocked. Funnily enough, his definition underscored my point that Jill was using that term incorrectly! Short banter back and forth and he comes out with, “I won’t forget about you when the dust has settled, Ms. Hudson”. Yes, that is my last name, he must be a mastermind investigative genius! I never hid my last name. I don’t care if anyone knows it, in fact I tweeted my email address that includes my last name.

I wasn’t concerned, upset or worried at all but it did sound like a bit of a threat to me. Several other people on Twitter mentioned that it sounded like a threat and Jon started to harass them as well! He has been going at many Jill haters for the past three days now with no end in sight. What a classy family!

http://thereallyoldhousewivesofmanateecounty.blogspot.com/ This is a blog about the whole thing.

Has everyone heard LuAnn’s new song? OMG if you have, I’m so sorry! It is amazing to me that anyone in the recording industry would even try to work with this mess and put their name on it! That woman simply cannot sing and part of the song is spoken with that horrible manly voice. When she actually tries to “sing” they have altered her voice to sound like she’s in a tin can but it doesn’t improve it, simply shows they’ve tried to cover up the fact that she can’t carry a tune or hold a note! It is just a train-wreck all around! She said on a radio interview that she sings on the show but they won’t air it because of copyright laws and that she sings for friends at parties. Friends and castmates must be purchasing a disproportionate number of earplugs! I hope this wasn’t an attempt to make some money for LuAnn because someone would have to pay me to listen to it again! Jill’s dog wasn’t sick in the last episode that was the dog’s official review of Luann’s song! If you haven’t heard it, I recommend you stay in ignorant bliss…but if you want to, here is the link…

http://www.supload.com/listen?s=EWepxg Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

She was on the radio show to talk about her charity work but managed to get digs in to Bethenny along the way!

Thanks to another twitterer, I have clarification! Jill mentioned on her blog that someone was trying to keep her and Bethenny apart in an attempt to keep themselves on the show. Originally I thought she was talking about Luann because it was evident that she WAS trying to keep them apart, certainly to me Luann is disposable. She has so few fans, her blogs are full of people who cannot stand her.

However, it is now clear that Jill was talking about Alex! Of course! We know that Jill started a rumor last year that Alex wouldn’t be on the show for the upcoming season. We also know that wasn’t true because there she is! Now we know that an irreparable fight begins between Jill and Alex coming up on the show. Jill has interviewed that she is surprised by the new friendships that Alex has formed with both Ramona and Bethenny. Clearly Jill wants Alex off the show, her fake attempts at being friendly with Alex were so transparent! When Jill visited Alex I was cringing when Jill went near Alex’s two cute boys hoping that they wouldn’t get any evil on them!

If you get a chance, take a look at the comments on Jill’s Facebook page. Seriously, those people are living among us, possibly teaching our children, preparing our meals, issuing driver’s licenses and that concerns me. Let’s assume for a moment that they don’t read any internet gossip and have no idea about Amazongate, or that Fred Segal cancelled Jill’s appearance or that Jill’s nephew is harassing women on Twitter…maybe they only watch the show. Isn’t that enough??? I wonder how many are friends and family?

Jill makes sure she surrounds herself with only positive remarks, she has protected her Twitter account and only approves her supporters into her Twitter world. Jill also has her assistant delete all of the negative comments about her on Facebook. That alone is a full time job. She won’t blog so you can’t comment there, (not that it would get posted anyway) Bravo’s message boards have been shut down indefinitely, TWOP has shut down the boards. As the trend continues of shutting down comments, Jill’s very own web site no longer allows comments either. She doesn’t want our comments! The truth hurts!

Jill’s money making hair brained schemes are well documented, under the guise of raising money for charity, she has asked people to donate to her daughter’s school, buy Team Jill t-shirts, donate used clothing, and the list goes on.

Most recently she decided it would be a great idea to make t-shirts that say, “Mother isn’t happy”. That lasted about 2 days until she realized no one would buy them and possibly realized that she would have to front the money to have them made. Official reason was it was too much work with manufacturing and distributing.

Rumor has it that when Jill sold her home in the Hamptons, part of the deal was that she would be allowed to use the house for two summers. Sounds pretty strange to me and I don’t know if it is true or not. We do know for a fact that both Ramona and Kelly have their homes available for rent for the summer. They are both asking around $30,000 for the entire summer. I found that odd because it seems as though they use their homes themselves during the summer. Apparently they were both available for rent last summer as well but no one leased them. It was a very odd time for Jill and Bobby to sell the home in the Hamptons, the market is substantially down, regardless of what Jill says in her interview on the show. She was also going on and on about looking for a new home in the Hamptons. Why would you sell the one you had if you still wanted to maintain a home there? Yes, it is a good time to buy, but they took a hit on the sale.

There is a listing for lease that matches the address of Zarin Fabrics, here is the link to that listing:


This listing offers 4,000 sq feet of space at that address. I don’t know for sure because I haven’t been there, but it certainly appears as though the space occupied by Zarin Fabrics and Home Furnishings is substantially larger than 4,000 sq ft. Possibly it is the space on the end of the building that is separated from the fabric store, or possibly Zarin is taking a portion of their space and leasing it out but I don’t think that Zarin Fabrics is going out of business as has been speculated.

Alex and Simon are scheduled to appear on Watch What Happens Live this Thursday night, they have been very outspoken about cast mates recently and based on the show’s previews, Alex will have a “moment” with Jill so I’m looking forward to what they have to say. On a personal note, I have bought and read their book, Little Kids, Big City. Based on their blogs on Bravotv.com it is clear they both have a talent for writing so it was an easy decision to buy the book and I absolutely loved it.

I just pre-ordered Bethenny’s new book as well, it will not be released until December but this one called, “A Place Of Yes” isn’t a foodie book, (although I loved those as well) I am looking forward to reading Bethenny’s views on other things.

Obviously, I refuse to buy Jill’s book, LuAnn’s book or Kelly’s books, not only does the subject matter bother me, the fact that these three woman would even have the gall to assume people would want to read what they write and their advice, after their behavior, is offensive!

I read the small portion of Jill’s book that was published on Bravo’s web site, I also read the reviews on Amazon. Some of them included tips that are in the book. Not impressed! Pour your drink on your food to insure you won’t overeat? Settle for a man if he is rich and dump a guy you love if he has no money? Jill’s sister Lisa apparently wrote the majority of the book, Jill’s input included a few recipes, one that only her dog will eat. She expects her fans to purchase ingredients and prepare a recipe that even her own husband and child refuse to eat? I’ll stick to Betty Crocker or Rachel Ray thank you very much!

A few minutes about Kelly Killoren Bensimon. She has blocked me on Twitter which broke my heart but she is just as erratic on Twitter as she is on the show. She continually contradicts herself and says these whippy, flirty things that make absolutely no sense! The funny part about Kelly is that while she has blocked me, she will still occasionally answer my tweets. For example, I said something about Kelly getting a brain from the Wizard of Oz (you know, like the scarecrow) … Kelly told me that I am funny (assuming that was sarcasm) then told me to spend my time loving and not hating. In order for her to have seen my tweet about her she had to either search my name or her own. She didn’t block me until I slammed her on the Peta thing. (I do have a blog titled, I Hate Jill Zarin, The Kelly Connection. Available here on this site) She tweets things like, “wear love” and she continually talks about her being the only “real” one on the show, everyone else is acting on a bad TV show, or acting on Dynasty. She has an unhealthy attachment to Dynasty that concerns me. Kelly used to say only herself and Jill were “real”, but she was called out on that too because she previously said that Jill was “acting” mean to bring the drama as was demanded by Bravo producers. But what about Kelly calling her own show a “BAD TV SHOW”. I wonder if Bravo PR executives were happy about that comment. Do you suppose she doesn’t care because she knows she won’t be on the show next year? I really don’t hate Kelly. I think she is trying to act like she is a happy-go-lucky wild child and her lifestyle is to be envied, she continually contradicts herself and her insistence on defending Jill drives me crazy!

Kelly also tweeted that Jill was responsible for the cast of RHONY. Kelly said that Jill made a list of women she thought would be a good fit for the show and producers cast based on Jill’s list. I can only assume Kelly was told this by Jill. I attempted to confirm that information with my Bravo insider, after much laughter, I was told in no uncertain terms that “No! Jill had no input whatsoever in the cast!” We know that Jill had no input in casting Sonja Morgan because clearly, she didn’t even know her prior to meeting her during filming. Don’t Forget kids….PR101, all press is good press. PR102 kill them with kindness so that you can move on. Thanks for those life rules to live by!

Someone asked Kelly about the scene in the previews when Bethenny yells at her to go to bed, Kelly’s face is priceless…here is Kelly’s response tweeted today about that scene:

kikilet: i know. i was so shocked and honestly embarrassed. hard to be on a reality show when the rest of the cast in on Dynasty. muah.

Her infatuation with Dynasty could be an indication of Linda Evans syndrome of which there is no known cure.

This morning Kelly tweeted something about filming “Beach Lane”. She did not clarify if it is a TV show, movie or commercial…I’ve never heard of it but Kelly is very excited about it and apparently it is all thanks to ME! (I assume I fit into the category of “you guys”)

Countess Luann does a regular column in OK Magazine called, “What would the Countess do?” Help…too many jokes! I love how people on her blog remind her that it is not proper to “congratulate” a bride but to offer Best Wishes to the bride and congratulate the groom. She’s been reminded that speaking a foreign language in front of those who do not understand it, is rude. That possibly when someone just announced her engagement, Luann could have waited for a more appropriate time to demand an apology for the “snake” comment. By the way, Bethenny admitted she only apologized to defuse the situation not because she was sorry at all! At the time Bethenny included in her blog that she was not proud of her delivery but stood by her assessment of the Countless and I admire her for that honesty!

I think RHONY could benefit from cleaning some house. Jill is clearly not adding anything to the show other than over the top, inappropriate drama! Yes, fans like drama, but when it is so exaggerated and unwarranted, it really does get hard to watch. Countless looking for apartments? Or talking to her daughter? Asking everyone how she looks? Mentioning her “marriage of 16 years” every episode? Countless is boring as hell!

Sonja is a really good start! I will be interested to see the new housewife, Jennifer. Jennifer spent Earth Day last week painting park benches in New York with Kelly. So many photos were taken of them we have to assume it was all just a public relations stunt, I doubt many benches got painted by those two. Someone help me out here, is painting benches saving the earth? Wouldn’t planting trees or a garden be more useful? Here is the link to my blog about Kelly


There is also one that goes into detail about Ramona, you should be able to get to them all right from this page. (there are 11 total now)

The New Jersey girls are all over the media now, their show starts on Monday so more fun to blog about! I am looking forward to seeing all new people with Bravo’s new franchises coming up with Housewives in Beverly Hills that include Paris Hilton’s two aunts and Washington DC. With 6 total Housewives series, it stands to reason that there will almost always be two Housewives shows running simultaneously on Bravo. I hope to someday get my wish of a Chicago version of the Housewives, I would not want to be ON the show, but I would certainly love help to cast it! I was born and raised in Chicago and love it. If you haven’t ever visited, I highly recommend it!

Was anyone else shocked to learn how the New Jersey ladies were cast? On Jay Leno the ladies explained. The producers walked into an upscale hair salon and asked the owner if he knew of a group of ladies that might fit the bill. That was interesting.

There was some speculation about why Dina didn’t make the trip out to Los Angeles, some said she was on the “outs” with Jaclyn but Dina tweeted that she had some business responsibilities at home to attend to regarding her Ladybug Foundation and that is why she couldn’t make the trip.

Thank you to “Had Enough” for the news! Bethenny’s Getting Married will debut on June 10! Looking forward to it! Do you think Jill is? hehehe

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I really enjoy reading all of your comments, questions and tips on the housewives. I will continue to write and post as long as you all continue to drop by and read, enjoy and comment. I won’t edit or remove any comments provided they are not vulgar but that hasn’t been an issue. I guess everything happens for a reason and it seems that my timing in starting my blogs coincided with a few of the others being shut down so it’s a match made in heaven. It sounds like some of the moderators on some of the other blogs have become evil dictators who get off on insulting people. I had not been involved with those message boards, but I wish I had, you guys are a blast and I’m glad we found each other!!!

I’d like to make one other statement about my blogs. I try to give the most recent, most accurate information, I do include rumors but when I do, I clarify that it is a rumor, speculation or hearsay. If I did not say it is a rumor, you can assume that I have researched, investigated, confirmed and/or got the information from a reliable source. My sources have proven to be 100% accurate and while I cannot tell you who they are, I hope that you will take my word that they are personally involved with the RHONY and/or Bravo.

Thanks for reading, for your comments and I hope you all come back often!

You can follow me on Twitter @LynnNChicago and I’ll follow you too, just ask!

What Happened to Brad???
I Hate Jill Zarin – Mid Week Update Original post date: 4/19/10

So many are asking what is going on with Brad, Jill’s gay husband. Here is what we know…for the past few months Brad has been on Facebook asking fans to please write to Andy Cohen at Bravo and tell Andy that we miss Brad and we want to see him on the show again. That in itself is a little confusing because all of the episodes have already been taped and finished. I’m sure that if there were already scenes shot with Brad in them, Bravo can choose to use them or not use them but I would think the majority of the editing is completed.

Obviously Bravo can change scenes here and there as they see fit even up until a week prior to air time as we saw them do with Kell On Earth. (remember the previews showing an ambulance with Kelly distressed about something?) Those scenes never appeared in that week’s episode and fans were confused and writing to Bravo asking for an explanation. Andy finally did explain in a video blog that it was an intern that had a break down but they chose not to air it. That was all a little “fishy” but this is about RHONY…so let’s move on.

So we know that if scenes were shot that included Brad, Bravo can choose to air them or cut them. So I was assuming that Brad was asking fans to write in to Bravo to ask them to air them. Ever since the season started, fans had been asking Jill on Facebook, Twitter and on Bravotv.com, “Where is Brad?” Hundreds of people asking, Jill not saying a word and Brad begging to be on the show.

Here is one of his Facebook posts: Brad J Boles Hey guys bravo is getting all you letters thanks for the support keep them coming BRAVOTV.COM let them know you miss me and want me back!

So what is going on? Finally when Jill appears on Watch What Happens Live, she addresses it. Jill says, Brad is alive and well, is doing a lot of work for himself, traveling and was just too busy to be on the show. So after months of refusing to address Brad at all, now all is well with Jill and Brad? Suddenly the day after Jill makes her statement, Brad’s Facebook page is completely different, and here is his post:

Brad J Boles Just for the record Jill and I are still very close for all those asking I was traveling for work during the shooting of season 3 nothing more and yes you will see me in season 3, soon not to worry!rumors aside we still are very close and love eachother very much!

The typos are his folks! So suddenly Brad doesn’t need fans to write into Bravo begging to bring Brad back. (Quite honestly, I didn’t miss him all that much) It appears to me as though a deal has been made; people have been paid, given what they want to keep their mouth shut! As I stated in an earlier blog, the rumor was that Brad knew about an affair that Jill had and didn’t want to keep quiet about it, maybe the threat was coming out and somehow Jill managed to convince Bravo to include some of Brad’s scenes in the show to keep him quiet? We may never know.

What irritates me the most about this whole thing is that the Zarin camp continues to treat fans and viewers like we are stupid. We didn’t get an answer from Jill for months, Andy didn’t ask her about it during her last appearance on WWHL, suddenly it is ok to talk about, Jill tells Andy, “I’m glad you asked me this”….of course, because NOW you’re ready with an answer. Brad’s Facebook posts are clearly contradictory.

Jill’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live was completely embarrassing for Jill. Even she doesn’t see that because she is blind but Andy Cohen Tweeted the next morning,

“Feel bad that Jill didn’t get an opportunity to plug her book last night. I should’ve made sure she mentioned it.”

Obviously that was Andy’s way of making light of the fact that Jill mentioned her book every second of the broadcast. Even when Andy asked her about the Bethenny situation, Jill said, “Read the book” and Andy called her out saying, “Come on Jill, that isn’t in the book!”

As you probably know this episode of Watch What Happens Live aired an hour earlier than usual, but do you know why? Because Jill’s Mother Gloria could not make it to appear at midnight, she had too long of a day promoting the book. Yes folks, the entire Bravo schedule was rearranged …for Gloria! What is with them constantly holding hands? They do this on every talk show they appear on, and they appear on every show that will take them!

On a side note, Andy, Good for the Jews, Bad for the Jews? Really? Who cares what they think about these people, we want to see you rip Jill apart! She didn’t know Bethenny’s dad was ill? We SAW Alex talk to Jill about it!!! The phone call, the fashion shows, the ripping Alex apart, comeon Andy!!!

So the next day Bravo released its ratings for the show, WWHL received the highest ratings it had ever gotten for any of its broadcasts. Of course, Jill now is taking credit for that based on her tweets but I can think of an even better reason….it aired an hour earlier!!!

It aired at 11pm in New York and LosAngeles and 10pm in Chicago. How many times have we heard people complaining that the show is on too late, it should air earlier? Naturally it got higher ratings; it also aired right after the first run of RHONY. So Jill tweets to Andy, “Do you think we made WWHL history because of the book?” Andy’s response, “What book? There was a book?” Good one Andy!

Shortly after Andy’s tweet about Jill and her book, Andy receives a strange tweet…

@Bravoandy on behalf of the Wexlers, we just feel bad that you trashed your reputation on your own show. TOO FUNNY

Then seconds later…

@Bravoandy and no amount of shit talk about Jill can save you from the shame of asking an 80 yr old woman what she thought about ron Jeremy

Andy did respond in the typical sweet, neutral Andy way….

@JonWexler87 It was all in fun and she was a good sport

To which Andy received:

@BravoAndy Oh, was hilarious. You’re absolutely right about that. Difference between referencing and promoting. My comments still stand

So what was that all about? JonWexler87 is Jill’s nephew. Jill’s sister Lisa apparently has an outspoken, if not too bright, 23 year old son. I don’t really know why Jill’s sister did not appear on WWHL, possibly there weren’t enough chairs, not enough room on the stage? Who knows but Jill and Gloria had a fit each time Andy mentioned the authors of the book and he didn’t include Lisa’s name….relax ladies! So Lisa’s son decides to speak for the entire Wexler family and slam his Aunty Jill’s boss, Andy Cohen! Probably not the smartest thing he’s ever done because now that he had an interaction with Andy, he’s on everyone’s radar. (for those of you who don’t follow Andy’s Tweets, he responds to very few people) But when Andy responds to someone, people pay attention! Including me! Those of you who know me, know that I couldn’t just let that pass. I had a good 30-minute conversation with him (more like an insulting match) and he is no competition for me…he didn’t shed any light on anything. At one point he spelled “steak” incorrectly (stake) then explained he was playing on line poker and was getting “staked”. People shouldn’t give me ammunition like that! Again, not too bright or quick witted but decided to take on Andy Cohen….probably not the best idea!

So Jill has now “protected” her tweets on Twitter. If you don’t have Twitter what that means is unless Jill specifically approves you, you cannot see anything she types into Twitter. I, of course, have not been approved, not that I asked for approval because I can’t take rejection. Jill also has her assistant Darrel, Dwayne, Derek, something like that, monitoring Jill’s Facebook page and deletes anything that is remotely negative toward Jill. Then he proceeds to block that person from ever posting on Jill’s page again. What is funny is that Jill supporters (both of them) will address the offending post in their own post and assistant D doesn’t delete those so we can see that people are defending Jill against……..no one, the post is gone! It really is quite stupid. If you want to see just how many people have a thing or two to say about Jill’s behavior you just need to go to Bravotv.com and read the comments to her blog.

Let’s talk for a moment about BravoTV.com and the blogs. It makes me absolutely insane the way those are edited! We know that hundreds of people post comments on these blogs and we know that some mystery person at BravoTV.com reviews them and chooses which ones to post. With the exception of eliminating vulgarity and vicious comments I think these editors go overboard and they clearly have their favorite housewives. It is time they post every comment with the exception of vulgar and clearly vicious attacks. If the writer takes the time to watch the show, read the blog and type their comments, they have a right to have it posted there! During the OC season, every post on Alexis blog was against her even though it was clear if you read her Facebook page, several people posted positive comments for Alexis yet Bravotv.com editors chose not to post them.

Bethenny is getting some criticism for her scenes in last week’s episode. Her peeing on a stick and her reaction to finding out she is pregnant was possibly staged for the cameras. What are the odds that the camera crews happen to be there when she found out she was pregnant? I really don’t care if they show her peeing on a stick, they could show Bethenny vomiting and it would be more interesting than watching Kelly on the streets of New York!

Kelly was tweeting during the episode this week and I got a chance to review what she had to say. I should say the reprimands she sent out. She remarked several times that she has “rules” and will “delete” anyone who doesn’t follow her rules. First of all Kelly, you cannot DELETE people from Twitter, you are not the all-powerful Twitter goddess, you can “block” them from viewing your tweets but all they have to do is type in your name and they will see them anyway. Kelly claims that she and Jill are the only “real”ones on the show and all of the others are “acting”. She also says that Jill was bringing the drama because Bravo insisted upon it. She continued this nonsense during the live conversation during the show. What I find amusing is that Kelly simultaneously says that Jill is “real” and she is “acting” by purposely bringing the drama. Which is it Kelly?

I Hate Jill Zarin Original Post Date: May 21, 2010

Just so everyone knows, I am not a completely heartless bitch, I have been torn over the moral issue here on whether or not to really get into Kelly’s behavior in this blog. Bethenny said it in the episode, a light bulb went off and you realize, there may truly be something wrong with Kelly. Not just, wrong but seriously troubling, wrong. Should I even write a blog about the show? Should we even be talking about this woman at all?

Then it hit me, Bravo put her on Television. What we saw was filmed 6 months ago. Kelly lives in the same building with her ex-husband and father of her children. Kelly has custody of the children. Kelly’s cast mates haven’t called social services, child welfare or anyone else, as far as we know. It seems to me that while she has always been a little “off”, her real insanity comes only when she is directly faced with having to deal with Bethenny. Is she paranoid? It sure seemed like it, but mostly about Bethenny. She was exceedingly rude (zip it), she was unfocused and didn’t seem to realize that cameras were there.

Since this was filmed, we’ve seen Kelly out and about, traveling, with her children and even at Bravo events. I guess what I’m trying to say is I cannot be the moral compass. I do believe that what we saw was a mentally unstable Kelly OR a Kelly on drugs. That being said, I don’t think there is any reason, knowing what we know now, not to write a blog about what we saw. The good, the bad and the ugly. So here goes…

Ramona was the hostess of this entire trip, however, I think we all know that Bravo set everything up, most likely paid for everything and several Bravo “people” joined the ladies on this trip. So while we can go into how rude it is for Kelly to spoil Ramona’s Bachelorette party, I think that Kelly realized, as we all do, that this was a filming opportunity and not something that Ramona spent her hard earned money on for everyone. That certainly does not excuse her behavior. Telling anyone to “zip it” is the height of ignorance. Did you notice that the one person she did NOT tell to “zip it” was Bethenny? Not letting anyone speak at the dinner table was beyond rude. Ramona tried to publicly apologize to Bethenny for the incident on the Brooklyn Bridge, and so she should, since she publically bashed her on the Brooklyn Bridge. Kelly seemed offended by Ramona’s intention.

I found it telling that Kelly knew the entire story of what happened on the bridge, Ramona having told her the entire story. When did Kelly and Ramona become so close that Ramona felt it appropriate to share information like that? I think the story gave Kelly little pings of joy knowing that Bethenny had been filmed while Ramona let her have it. Kelly repeated over and over that “you made her cry”. Kelly said that at least six times that I counted, I think she was happy that Ramona made Bethenny cry and I think Kelly was making a real attempt to ensure that Ramona never got a chance to apologize for that.

Kelly also pointed to Ramona in the kitchen of the villa and said she was a good friend and “good people” and Kelly KNOWS good people..huh? I think at that point Kelly was trying to latch onto someone that would be on her side. Someone that would defend her crazy actions, someone to make Kelly feel like she was part of the group. I honestly believe that the ladies did include Kelly, they weren’t purposely rude to her, and they made every attempt to make it a pleasant trip despite Kelly’s behavior.

Kelly was obsessed on the entire trip about Bethenny’s career, it was clear to me that her ridiculous attempts to downgrade Bethenny’s “title” from Chef to Cook was Kelly’s insecurities. What is the definition of a “chef”? Graduating culinary school seems to be the yard stick that most measure to determine a chef. Knowing Bethenny’s background, watching the show and reading the blogs, clearly all of Bethenny’s cast mates believe her to be a Chef.

We discussed both of the ladies Bio’s that they have listed, Kelly has a long list of her “titles” and what she believes herself to be…Bethenny simply calls herself a “Natural Foods Chef”. This tells us two things. Bethenny is proud of being a chef, and she is very modest. If Bethenny followed Kelly’s lead, she would have a long list of credits to her name. So why did Kelly so determinedly go after the chef title? It was the one thing that Bethenny lists as her career. It is the one thing that Kelly believed would cut Bethenny the deepest.

So the yacht takes the ladies to St. John and an amazing villa. Yes, I said amazing! It was fun to watch them all get excited, just as we watched them boarding the yacht. The ladies were overwhelmed by the luxury of it all!

Kelly’s reaction to Bethenny’s gift goodie bag was disturbing. She called it “impersonal” and sobbing like a baby. It couldn’t have been farther away from impersonal, not only did it include Kelly’s initials, but it had personal items inside. The bag contained things that you would use on a tropical island. Sun hat, sunscreen, sun glasses, all very thoughtful items. What bothered Kelly, was that it was from Bethenny and it had the Skinnygirl logo on it.

As the show attempts to do a little damage control, Kelly calls Jill and Jill provides sound, solid advice. However, reading the ladies blogs on Bravotv.com tells a different story of the many, many phone calls from Kelly to Jill. Jill even interviews that she cannot get a clear thought out of Kelly. Bethenny blogs that she also called Jill after the dinner to inform Jill of their concerns about Kelly’s behavior. I’ll let you all read it for yourselves. My concern was that Jill was going to try to spin her surprise visit to the villa in St John by saying she went there to “rescue” or to “help” Kelly. That will never fly if she tries it. We saw her discussing it with Luann and not once did Jill say she was going there to try to defuse the situation with Kelly.

Kelly’s description of her dream was bazaar to say the least. Dreaming that Bethenny was trying to kill her, then repeating that at the dinner table tells us that the focus of Kelly’s mental issues are directed toward Bethenny. Kelly said several times that Bethenny is trying to kill her, that she has tried to kill her many times before. If anyone else had used the word “literally” as Kelly did, there may be a restraining order issued but I don’t think Kelly knows what that means.

Kelly’s “complaint pad” was a little absurd. I never had anything like that in 4th grade, or any grade for that matter. What did she hope to accomplish with a complaint pad? Thankfully both Ramona and Alex said that they would be talking rather than writing. If only Kelly had written her psychotic thoughts down and threw them away, we may have been watching 5 ladies having the time of their lives on a tropical vacation……..ah dare to dream.

I agree with Ramona, Kelly acted the most “normal” while taking photos of the other ladies. She was very strange with Alex, reading the blogs we learn that the hat and glasses Alex sported and that Sonja commented on were Kelly’s idea. You can’t see Alex’s face at all, was that what Kelly was going for? Does Kelly feel the same way as Jill, that Alex has the body but not the face for modeling? In any case, I doubt those are photos that Alex wants to maintain for prosperity. Luckily Bethenny did not partake in the beach picnic/photo shoot! Ramona wanting photos taken of her ass was equal to a teenage intern photocopying her boobs….oh Ramona!

Bear with my little rant here, a few days ago Kelly made a remark on Twitter about the ladies being rude to the staff during this vacation. Typically I pay her no mind but I wanted to see if she was correct about how each of these ladies treated the staff. I heard Kelly, Bethenny and Alex all saying please and thank you to staff. Ramona seemed to be the worst offender and not once did I hear her say thank you when she was handed a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a meal was set in front of her. We saw her demand wine at the lunch on the boat, never saying please, we saw her instruct the cook not to put salt in her oatmeal never saying please or thank you. Ramona talks about her troubled childhood and her abusive father, but I said it before and I’ll say it again, by 40 or 50 years old, her behavior is her own and her refusal to use “please” and “thank you” is not a result of her upbringing anymore. I found it rude and while Ramona has redeemed herself a lot this season, I don’t forgive her poor manners. Sonja did not seem to acknowledge staff either.

When Kelly’s steak was still mooing and wrapped in string, (had to be hers, right?) we see Bethenny telling the chef not to worry about it and that it isn’t a “life or death” issue, but it was clear that Bethenny was a tad upset that Kelly happened to get the one steak with a string and was undercooked….augh!

The best part of the dinner was when Bethenny, Alex and Ramona went into the living room and Bethenny yelled, “FU and FU, I TOLD YOU!” adding that this was the best dinner she had ever hosted. I loved that scene! I was dying laughing. Bethenny finally got her clarification, her redemption, her proof that Kelly was paranoid, that Kelly did target Bethenny with her venom and that Bethenny wasn’t the one who was holding any grudges against Kelly.

One of the most disturbing things that I witnessed was Kelly dipping her finger into the glass of water on the table and using that finger to do the sign of the cross. Bear with me if you already know what this means, but I feel the need to explain. In a catholic church, there are typically small water bowls near all entrances. When you walk into the church, it is customary to dip your finger into the water, and do the sign of the cross on your body with that finger. The water is blessed or what we call “holy water”. When Kelly did that with her glass of drinking water at the table, I literally cringed.

If you believe the blogs on Bravotv.com, you believe that we saw only a small portion of the dinner and Kelly’s behavior. You believe that what truly happened that night was far worse than what made it to air on Bravo. You believe that what we saw was tame and some of the least offensive footage they could come up with. You believe that there were actually things that Kelly said and did that even Bravo refused to cut into the final footage.

I was surprised by Luann’s blog. She defended Bethenny and more specifically her “Chef” title, and she even dissed Kelly a little bit. I think it was this blog that sold me on the idea that it was OK to blog about Kelly’s behavior. That, coupled with Kelly’s tweets, which I’ve listed below, where she calls this episode “hilarious”.

Does anyone else feel like Sonja is always trying to tell us something without actually coming out with it? The cat pee thing last episode, this episode she talks about Kelly and her tequila shots. When Kelly said she was excusing herself from the table but would be back to do some shots, Sonja called Kelly out about not doing shots once before when she promised to. Sonja’s blog even talks about this deal with Kelly doing /not doing shots. Sonja also talks about Kelly dragging her out of bed when she shouldn’t have been dragged out of bed. No one should be dragged out of bed, but what happened to make Sonja feel the need to underscore this point? Is Sonja just really over-dramatic? Is Sonja purposely throwing in mysterious issues to make herself more interesting?

When Kelly excused herself, personally I thought she was going to go and compose herself in her room for a bit, similar to the previous time out we saw her impose on herself. This would have been a better decision than what she actually did do. The cameras show her running into the house and into the kitchen. To me, it looked like she was sobbing and running into her room but alas, I was wrong! Kelly decided this would be a good time to make a mad dash for the foods that Kelly doesn’t eat, the processed food that isn’t good for you. Lollipops and Jelly beans? WTF?

Kelly’s behavior was that of a spoiled, ill-mannered 13 year old rebellious kid! It really became out of control when Ramona made an attempt to apologize to Bethenny, Kelly simply would not allow Ramona to speak, she repeated the same thing over and over again. She asked Ramona if she was going to kiss her with tongue. It went downhill from there. I do wonder what, if anything, Bravo did about Kelly’s state of mind on this trip.

A few other observations… Sonja mentions at every opportunity her yachts, her multiple homes and her servants. I know that I should find this annoying and possibly even offensive, but I don’t so much…

Jill is shown ice skating in a ridiculous outfit for a woman of her age. Even the professional skaters were not wearing performance attire, it was workout wear. Clearly Jill was dressed for the cameras and acting for the show in this scene. The coach was not over-reacting in my opinion. These were Olympic athletes practicing for the most important competition in their lives. They have to deal with this insane 40+ year old woman getting in the way of the real skaters with cameras following her around. She’s lucky the guy didn’t slug her, I’m sure he wanted to.

While the lunch with Jill and Luann was rather dull, I’m really glad they showed it, here’s why. This scene clearly shows Jill explaining why she is going to surprise the ladies in St John. Note that she mentioned she would be bringing a gift for Ramona and another gift for Bethenny. She wasn’t going there to rescue Kelly and my concern was Jill would try to spin it that way. Jill added at the end in an interview, “I wouldn’t go anywhere that I wasn’t welcome”. Hahaha this will come into play next week!

Jill also mentioned changing her ticket for her trip, later she threw in that Bobby had a pilot waiting at the airport. As mentioned in the blog, getting to where the ladies are vacationing in the Villa isn’t a straight shot flight from New York and takes a bit of effort. Could it be Jill was feeling less than adequate air time? Things that make you go hmmmm

Jill’s discussion with Luann about Bobby’s advice was a little odd as well. She claims that Bobby told her that Jill shouldn’t cut Bethenny out of her life, but that she should slowly back off. This tells me that the ultimate goal is the same, to remove Bethenny from her life whether it is by cutting her off cold turkey or slowly backing away, in the end they won’t be friends anymore, right?

Jill’s blog is two pages long, one half of the blog is advertising. She uses the blog to not only advertise her book, but now she is using a large portion of her blog to plug her sister’s radio show. Come on!!!

So I’m really interested to hear all of your thoughts on this episode, until Monday’s New Jersey. Wow, I dread blogging New Jersey to be honest, they are insanely tame in comparison to New York, at least right now in the season. See you all then!

As promised, here are tweets from some of the stars of the show…

Kelly’s Tweets during and immediately after the show airing:

the photo shoot was so much fun, everyone looked great

getting ready for a big gift for some amazing fans. i am so proud to have all of you. enjoy the new blogs tomorrow. http://bit.ly/9Y5H0T

i signed up for the show, and love the drama. lifetime is feel good. bravo is drama

i have an obsession for jelly beans and jolly ranchers

Stars Swing Their Troubles Out On the Trapeze | OK! Magazine – The First for Celebrity News: http://bit.ly/a3SuXh via @addthis

check out nymag.com for my interview in the am about the last two episodes.

love to all my tweeterpants. i am crazy about you. i am so glad you loved the show. its not over a few weeks left. sweet dreams

TO: bravoandy this episode was hilarious. i feel badly for all the fans who are concerned, they are lovely sweet people.

i did get help after the trip. i hung out with my amazing family and incredible friends. haters are part of the ecosystem. lol

i had a breakthrough. my gut said keep my distance from women like this. i knew it. i am too sensitive, and human. is that bad?

i never watch the show, i was there, why would i watch?

i loved taking pictures. i enjoyed that.

my bsuit was by ERES and my watch is ROLEX

its not a bunch of women, its these jealous vicious women. i was so embarrassed to watch them tonight.

i am great, after i was with my family and kiddies. out of something bad came something great

sjp is soo sweet. i filmed a guest spot on her hubby’s new pilot

i am sorry that you cant see the reality. watch it again

omg this was episode was soo funny! props to @kikilet and @bethenny you guys make great tv! lol too funny!

i was trying to survive the weekend. it was the roughest weekend of my life.

well said. best show on tv.

literally need glasses. i loved taking those picts of the women, honestly.

so glad yo had a blast with the show. i love all your concern. i was so upset that these women were so mean.shame on me for trusting them

lol. zip it is hilarious, right

those jellybeans from jellybelly are delicious. i was starving. i barely ate

awwww. i love texas. xoxoxoooxox

i signed up for it. i never say it’s bad editing. i love the show, its so fun, and opposite to my real life.

funny i am an amazing mom. i got pushed by these vicious jealous women. i am proud that i got upset

ewwwwww. bite your tongue. how dare you accuse me.

watch what ? this isnt lifetime? you think we all walk around like this, well some of do. lol

i got bullied and i was sick of being aggressed. tell me one person in cyber space that wasnt bullied to crying. these are women.

i was a guest? in the house, on a tv show?

no i sai HADES as in underworld

tv is surreal. lol

TO Kelly, she re-tweeted: i love it that you guys are so fiesty. its sweet. have an opinion.

lol. zip it is good, right

i wish i could talk about the mechanics of the show, but i cant. have fun with it. dynasty without the money or power

nymag.com did a great post interview about tonight. make the brand bigger so i can be more charitable.

the jewelry is soo gorgeous. wait till you see it.

you guys are hilarious. i love it.

yes, i smelled my hair, i put perfume in my hair and not on my skin.

who wants to follow their mundane conversations that make no sense. helllllllooooooooo

i love luann’s song and that fact that she is doing something different

it was HADES on that trip. i was stuck in a bad improv class in HADES> lol

i thought these women were going to be nice. they were going after me every second.

stressful for me, yes. creep fest

scarey island!!!!!!!!!!!

my children are amazing. its tv, have fun with it. i was so creeped out by this trip. it was so disgusting

the jewelry is soo hot

the jewelry is avail at intermix in june

i hate when the women promote their stuff on the show. its soo cheesy. if it were good, magazine would be talking about it

ahh you want that cheap bag that was being promoted on a show? ewwww. that promotion is so cheesy

you sit in a room with these sharks and see how you swim. they hate people who are genuine and nice. its makes me sad

i dont change my thoughts, they talk in circles they were also mad for i was offered a show> hehe

who likes the feather earring i am wearing in the interview. its from my new line and its 100% for FEEDING AMERICA

i wanted to leave after the first luch on the boat. i knew i was in for it, and they are so highschool.

get complaints pads for the house, then people can throw away silly complaints

when people are ganging up on you adn you’re alone, what are you suppose to do?

its a show, but eveyone has been the girl who everyone gangs up on. i was sick of it.

i agree this is the most painful episode to watch. you should have been there with them all ganging up on me. everyone has been there.

no just fed up with all the games people play to get “airtime.” i am real and get my feelings hurt, so what?

thank you everyone for asking me. i was so fed up ith being jabbed and attacked the entire trip. it was so toxic.

Went to “generations collide” at scott murphys gallery. Danny your work is brillant.

Hope you have fun watching the show. Grab a corona, and enjoy

my blood type is corona, not pinot. its cheap wine. id rather have good beer.

check out my blog kellykillorenbensimon.com/blog for what i really do or my youtube.com channel kellykbensimon

@kikilet: @kimkardashian: People love to hate what they can not achieve!

i like that. i am going to sit there, like always and let them go kookie. they love it, i hate it.

zip it, off the charts, and lemons into lemonade. hilarious

Or maybe you should bring @KimKardashian awith you!!! Everyone knows you don’t mess with a Kardashian!! Lol xo

i dont want to win, i jut want to get out unscathed. i am too real and nice for these women.

its a tv show, not a game show

true, that’s why they hate me for i never ask them anything.

i hate arguing. and they argue in an unpredictable way. do u ever see me gossip to another housewife? i asked for help to jill

these women are vicious/ jealous. they hated me before i got on the show. haters are part of the ecosystem. just laugh

we need a reunion plan. if you dont want these women to win, give me advice.i will use it verbatim and name u on the show. tell your friends

ok, you guys rock, but i have a huge day. rescuing the sweet new lab “Chief” she’s coming home tomorrow. wait ill you see her

huh? who funded the trip?

i learned to trust my instincts. these women need to attack me for attention. i couldnt take the banter after all season.

Sarah Jessica Parker has donated 3 pairs of shoes to @ShoeRevolt Join the cause 🙂

i signed up for the kookiness. i know what i am on, and who i have to endure.

SNL and kristen wig are humor. that is snarky mean talk.

It’s all a gang up, and mean.

shes stands for everything i hate: user, aggressive, selfish, plays people. i like smart, honest, loving, and giving people

go to sleep. lol. xoxooxoxxo you guys rock.

Kelly’s Blog

I have never endured such a difficult time with four women.

Trust your instincts.

Looking for the rest? Don’t bother, that’s it!

Jill’s Tweets –

@bravoandy..tell SJP that I will always love her and don’t be scared of Gloria..she is a pussycat!

@johnnygweir had his cameo tonight! I luv ya Johnny! Hope you are happy!

Have to say Ramona did look great in a bikini.

This is the most painful episode to watch. Are you ok @kikilet ?

Bethenny’s Tweets –

Buckle up everyone.it is going to be a bumpy ride tonight.I can’t wait for ur comments!

Who else is SUPERexcited for @Bethenny Getting Married? in 3 weeks?!Raise your paw

6 Responses to 2010 Season Three Real Housewives of NY Blogs

  1. Pingback: I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York | Lynnnchicago101's Blog

  2. Julie says:

    Whew, just read all of this. Some of my questions answered (I guess…).
    While I can honestly say that at one time I did like Jill; but no longer. Hard to say what made the change for me…
    Oh sure, I know its a so-called “reality show” (I feel its a “far from reality” show) and the residents do often play to the audience.

    But I also find it hard to read all the stuff being written about Jill and Kelly (who I did not warm up to from the beginning).
    I don’t know…. is this all fair? I must admit I have not read other blogs by any RH or others, nor any tweets etc. so I don’t know what is the level playing field.
    I guess this is all so new for me, coming from the 50’s when we used to read Teen Magazine and of course, fake reality of the stars of the day.

    I have stopped watching the RHs (and never did watch some of the cities….) — but I did watch Bethanny Happily Ever After….all in one sitting this week. Very interesting, funny, sad, and even uplifing.

  3. Pingback: I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – Bin Bilsende Bir Bilene Sor

  4. omg says:

    First off I have been watching this past season and asking myself who are those people
    JIll you use to be a restaurant hostess let’s not forget where we came from shall we.And
    you are the typical jap (jewish american princess)
    Luann you use to be a “model”? You are not countess!!!!
    Alex, I feel bad for you cause Simon is gay or a metrosexual or something
    Sonya, Cindy was wrong to come to your house an take calls…..
    Cindy why do have babies if they are accessories….stay home and raise your kids!!!!!!!
    Kelly…..Duh!!!!!! Wow!!!!!
    Romona…..A real wildcard and yes Mario is cheating……Like a dawg!!!!!!

  5. omg says:

    P.S. Ramona,you are not pregnant it is called MENOPAUSE!!!! You are 54 for ^^^^^^^sakes….

  6. Pamela says:

    I also do not care for Jill Zarin. I think she is a little sneaky mall rat that just got lucky, and married a jewish guy with money. She is trash with a big mouth!

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