I Hate Jill Zarin May 8 2010

A Mother’s Day Gift for Bethenny                            May 8, 2010

On behalf of everyone who visits, posts and hangs out at LynnNChicago’s blog site, I Hate Jill Zarin, we all pass along a huge Congratulations to Bethenny and Jason on the birth of their new baby daughter, Bryn!  Bryn was 4lb 12 oz born approximately 8am on Saturday morning. 

Bethenny’s Posts:

Facebook:  I cannot express to you how much your kind messages and advice mean to me. thank god, bryn is a beautiful healthy peanut of a girl weighing 4lbs 12oz. I have never experienced a feeling like this before

Twitter:  I can’t express how happy I am&how beautiful,supportive&thoughtful u all are.Bryn is a tiny beautiful peanut.new chapter begins.thank you.

The drama began on Friday morning when it was reported and confirmed by Ramona Singer that Bethenny was indeed at the hospital in labor.

On late Friday evening, an insane Tweet appeared by TweetMaxine , a known Liar, whoever Maxine is,she is psychotic and tweets absolute nonsense about mostly Bravo stars. Everyone on Twitter knows that any information she tweets, is all lies!  Many here have talked about how ridiculous this person is.  Her tweet said Bethenny had given birth. 

 TweetMaxie posted B had a baby boy even giving birth weight of 6lb 4oz and saying she is getting text messges from nurses in the labor room….seriously nuts!

Jill sees this and posts this on her Facebook wall:

Jillzarin: Just home from co-hosting LXTV today. What a thrill. Heard Bethenny had a baby boy…so happy for her and Jason.

…and the crowd goes wild!  Many of the smaller news outlets picked up the story and it spread like wildfire across the internet.  The timeline was clear, the original information came from @tweetmaxine on Twitter.  No question. 

Jill was getting a ton of criticism across both Facebook and Twitter!  Whenever Jill posts something on her Facebook, the exact same post (at least the first 140 characters of it) posts directly onto Twitter.  Both site’s fans were criticizing Jill for posting this information at all, wasn’t it up to Bethenny to post to fans when her baby is born or at least call Bethenny rather than posting it on the internet!

If any of you who were asking Jill why she didn’t just pick up the phone and call Bethenny, please stop confusing Jill’s obsessive need to know with a true caring and loving of Bethenny and her happiness.  Jill does not care one tiny bit about Bethenny, Jill only wants to use Bethenny to try to repair her reputation, nothing more!  I would expect Bethenny to hang up on Jill if she did call…after Amazongate where Jill tried to ruin Bethenny’s career by slamming her books?  Jill posts how happy she is for Bethenny on her marriage, her pregnancy and the birth for one reason only, to make herself look better, not because she actually cares about Bethenny! 

Jill posts that she is not feeling well, was cancelling her spa day with her daughter Ally and was going to bed.  Personally, I think that Jill realized she had posted that nonsense based on one idiot’s post on Twitter and was concerned that she had posted prematurely.  Possibly Jill had even reviewed TweetMaxine’s Twitter history to see what a psychotic nut she is and realized maybe she should have made an attempt to confirm or do some research prior to posting her congratulations. 

Jill’s post:  Too sick to go to spa with ally..getting back into bed..have big bat-mitvah tonight for very dear friend’s daughter. Can’t miss it.

At approximately 10am on Saturday May 8, 2010 People Magazine publishes the true story on the internet.  Bethenny had given birth approximately 2 hours earlier to a baby girl named Bryn one month early and weighing 4lb 12oz.  Everyone Is healthy and happy! 

Amist all of the congratulations to Bethenny all over the internet, there are thousands of people telling Jill what a horrible person she is.  (where have you all been?)  She was criticized for posting the news in the first place as it wasn’t her place to announce anything.  She was criticized for picking up an idiotic tweet with unsubstantiated and unconfirmed information and run with it.  She was even criticized for cancelling her mother/daughter spa day one day before Mother’s day to ensure she could go to a friend’s party instead.  Personally, those are only a few of the many, many reasons to criticize Jill…but we’ve been over most of that already.  With so much more to come.

A New post from a sleeping, ill Jill Zarin:

I was told B had a boy yesterday and just wanted to congratulate. I did not try to “scoop” anything. Why do people assume bad intentions. It was on the local LXTV news so big deal, I said congrats. Obviously the news half right and half wrong as she had a baby girl. If you are not a fan..you need to blog somewhere else or YES..you will be blocked and deleted. Enough

In the meantime the original post that congratulates Bethenny, with hundreds of comments (over 300) was deleted.  I certainly hope that Darren is getting overtime/hazard pay this weekend.  Jill is claiming that she heard the news at the local station LXTV.  If that were true, it was a respected news outlet yet no reports from LXTV could be found anywhere.  Jill must have realized (or been told by her PR person) that continuing to blame the error on a local television station could be detrimental to any future appearances on that station and possibly others. Not to mention that Jill states she was “half right” but she was not, Bethenny had not even given birth yet when Jill posted her Congratulations.   Quick damage control attempt resulted in this post:

Jill Zarin  Facebook:   Yesterday Allyson read a tweet and blog that Bethenny gave birth. We were excited and congratulated her obviously prematurely. I should have waited until B announced it herself. Sorry.

Good work Jill, forget the news station, blame it on your daughter!  Happy Mother’s Day Zarin family!  I

nitially after the true news broke, our Twitter Moron TweetMaxine went into hiding!  She was being bombarded with tweets calling her a fake, a fraud and horrible human being.  She (or he) blocked her twitter account and remained silent for almost two hours. 

Again, I’m assuming but I guess that TweetMaxine reviewing the public bashing of Jill Zarin most likely sees a way out of this mess.  Blame it on Jill.  TweetMaxine then began to post that she heard it from Jill and was only posting based on Jill’s congratulatory post to Bethenny hours earlier. 

Not that it matters much but we know that TweetMaxine is lying for two reasons.  First is the timeline, it is clear to see that TweetMaxine posted the incorrect information well before Jill did.  Second TweetMaxine was never once mentioned that the information that Bethenny had a baby boy came from Jill Zarin, she remained firm that she was receiving text messages from hospital personnel.  (obviously bullshit)

As TweetMaxine continued to blame Jill, this Tweet came through from Ally Zarin to TweetMaxine:

AllyZarin    @tweetmaxine i did get it from YOU. My mom is not hiding behind me. I simply told her your tweets @jillzarin

What a clusterfuck!

Well if PR101 holds true, Bethenny got a whole lot of press today, all good and most at the expense of Jill Zarin who got all the bad press….and I am SO ok with that! 

Here is a link to a friend’s site that has some theories regarding TweetMaxine if you’re interested:

The Mystery of Tweet Maxine, The “Bravo Mole” http://bit.ly/9n570L

In the end there is a wonderful new baby girl to enrich the lives of Bethenny and Jason.  I’m sure that all of this nonsense, if they are even aware of it, is most likely hysterical to them. 

Can Jill do anything right?  Seriously, is Jill capable of ever doing the right thing?  Saying the right thing? Or being a good person in any way?  Does the woman have a heart?  A soul?  A brain? 

So tomorrow night is a new Real Housewives of New Jersey, I will post a blog Tuesday morning. 

I wanted to mention a few things about The Real Housewives of New York.  For those of you who have also “befriended” our newest housewife Jennifer Gilbert on Facebook, you probably got this same message from Jennifer Gilbert just before Thursday’s episode aired, here it is:

Jennifer Gilbert:  Hey friends…so…I have more of an appearance TONIGHT on the show. It’s actually pretty funny, and authentically “me”. I need help… the only way they are going to see if I have an followers right now is if people blog or write about me, AFTER THURSDAYS SHOW…they put up a page for episode 10. Anything from, we love the new girl Jen Gilbert, to whatever you want…so if inclined, please do…links are below, and send onto your friends, ….we can do the Faberge commercial, you tell 2 friends and they tell two friends….

At the time I didn’t think much of it, it’s poorly written and an absolute mess of an email but after re-reading it I realize that Bravo seems to be testing the waters with Jennifer.  I think that she hasn’t been  made a full blown cast member but is being introduced to see how the audience will like her.  Feedback from fans will either keep her on the show or get rid of her.  Thus, the email asking fans to tell Bravo that we like her and want them to keep her. 

Personally, I can’t make a decision about Jennifer Gilbert.  I still don’t think we’ve seen enough of her to judge.  We did see her make a snarky remark to Luann’s date (bad hair and gay).  Although I think that the gay comment was offensive to some, not necessarily me because I don’t know how she meant it, to be honest.  Was she saying that he was a gay man pretending to be straight?  Was she saying he’s “gay” as an insult like a kid would do?  I also read an interview that Jen did that said we will be grossed out next week watching this guy trying to make out with Luann….ewwww!  She also says that she told Kelly and Jill to “get out of my pantry, I have other rooms in the house” on last week’s episode but it was cut.   The email I posted above seems sort of desperate to me, anyway, I’d love to hear what you all think of Jennifer Gilbert because really the jury is out for me.

The previews for next week show the ladies going on a trip together, invited by Ramona as her “bachelorette party” of sorts.  Jill and Luann don’t make the trip.  No great loss there, however I heard through the grapevine that Jill shows up unexpectedly in the middle of this trip to surprise Ramona and brings Bobby along!  (another OC flashback)

We will also finally see Luann in the recording studio, have the mute button handy guys!  Kelly is going to go off on Bethenny, just like last season, Kelly goes overboard and attacks Bethenny, calling her vicious and cruel names….

Speaking of Kelly, if anyone questions that she is as dumb as a box of rocks, I want to share some of her recent offerings on Twitter:

Kelly – the foodnetwork rocks. I want each of the chefs to teach me to cook something yummy. If I can learn to cook, anyone can!

There is no hope for the rest of us!  Bobby Flay, private lesson for Kelly?  No?  ok!

Kelly – I agree. I hate when people bash on tv and in the press.

Kelly – I just did a head stand in yoga at jivamuti. Woooooo

Kelly – ihatequotesabout sex for it takes the love out of making love.

I love it when Kelly uses the word, “for” in place of “because”.  It makes her sounds smarter, dontcha think?

Kelly – damnitstrue when i like something, i like it so much. if it don’t like something i couldn’t care less

I’m glad we cleared that up!

Kelly – Please stop tweeting me about #realhousewives. I have no interest in hearing about a tv show. Its creepy to comment #tobehonest. Stay real.

And just seconds later….

Kelly – You tweetlets make me laugh. U could ask me anything, and I’d tell u. Explore with me, don’t exploit people. Its creepy, really creepy.

Kelly – lets, and learn so much from u.

Kelly – Life is filled with possibilities. #realhousewives has some scenes that are hilarious, but be honest. Do u know women like this? I am …

Kelly – Ugh. Ok. Ask me whatever you want about #realhousewives #bravotv. I will be brutally honest. I love ur conviction.

After answering exactly zero questions,  one hour later Kelly posts this…

Kelly – 8pm tomorrow I will honestly answer #realhousewives questions.

I know you’re all planning on jumping onto Twitter at 8pm tomorrow to get all of your questions answered by Kelly the genius!

If you haven’t already, go to Bravotv.com and watch the Watch What Happens Live aftershow filmed just for the internet site.  In it, Caroline talks about her LEAST favorite housewife outside of New Jersey….and I love it!!!!  Just think of a royal nobody!!!

Did everyone see the previews for “Bethenny’s Getting Married?”   I’m looking forward to it, it seems we have our old fun Bethenny back enjoying her life and boyfriend and pregnancy!  I can’t wait!  As of just last week Bethenny was talking about filming for the show so we may see the crazy events of the past 48 hours from Bethenny’s perspective on her show a few months from now.

Thank you to those of you who pointed out the RealityTV Calendar post that quoted a paragraph from one of my blogs, I did see that.  I like that they gave the name of the blog “I Hate Jill Zarin”   Hahaha 

Just posted by Jill Zarin approximately 1am Sunday:

Jill Zarin   Just home from the most amazing Bat Mitzvah. Cirque De Soleil theme. After our book appearance tomorrow I will be taking a social media /email break to catch up with my family and friends who I feel I have neglected for the last 2 months. Season 1 was 7 weeks this is 16. it is too long to be involved in “reality drama…”. If I don’t see you at Planet Hollywood tomorrow I will be back soon!. XOXO

In my head her publicist and attorney are screaming at her to get off Facebook and Twitter!  After today’s fiasco can you blame them?  Too little too late Jill, you should have kept your stupid ass off of Twitter and Facebook a LONG time ago!  Look, she mentioned a book in her post, did you guys know she had a book? 

See you all tomorrow for The Real Housewives of New Jersey and a blog Tuesday morning…followed by what looks to be a really good NY Housewives on Thursday!  I know you’re all looking forward to Andy’s Watch What Happens Live this week, Luann will be singing yet another song…live…OMG save us all!

Finally I wanted to add to my blog a letter.  This letter was written by a friend on Facebook and she posted it on Amazon.  She titles it “An Open Letter to Jill Zarin” and in it she says what I think we all are feeling and would like to say to Jill in person if we had the opportunity.  I think most of us can relate to it.  She has asked to be identified only as Katie:

Ms. Zarin,

I am taking my lunch break during a day of charity work to write this to you as I am so affected by your behavior that I need to get this out of my system now.

I came home from work last night to news from Ramona via Facebook that Bethenny had gone in to labor. I immediately lit and candle and said a prayer because I was instantly aware of the precarious nature of this news–Bethenny being in a “high risk” category, having been posting about her symptoms lately and of course the labor coming a month early. A delicate situation to say the least.

I spent my evening while baking cookies for charity until 1am, looking online for any updates I could get on Bethenny’s condition. A couple of hours after I got home, I saw your Facebook announcement congratulating Bethenny on her “baby boy”. I was actually more nervous as this seemed like a quick delivery considering the timeline I was working off of so started looking for more info. Your Facebook page was the ONLY place in the entire internet and blogosphere for hours that was displaying this “breaking news”. I then began to of course mistrust the source. What I found was some “twitterer” named “Maxine” was your source and was the ONLY other resource online for this news. When I dug a little deeper, found that “Maxine” seems primarily interested in championing YOUR cause online by gossip mongering, posting fiction as fact and has zero credibility other than being someone with a vested interest in YOU. Again, my trust level of this information sunk totally at that point. No further updates from Ramona (who had talked to bethenny) nor any of the other Housewives, not Bravo and certainly not on Bethenny’s public sites, including Facebook.

What did happen however is the blogosphere began to regard your MISinformation as fact and tons of congratulations started flooding in on Bethenny’s facebook page about her delivery of her new “baby boy”. ALL of this was funneled from your misinformation posted as fact. You are not stupid enough to believe this would not be picked up and found at least somewhat credible as someone “in the know” as you are both on the same TV show together and people know of your hyper vigilance on obtaining information about Bethenny. I, however, did not trust it for one second and was a lone voice in the wilderness begging people to stop the congrats, consider the source (you) and wait until a credible source made an announcement.

You posted you were up all night “with a cold” and certainly able to take down that misinformation, yet chose to leave it up there. Were the flood of comments coming in about Bethenny on your page worth it for you? It’s all about the numbers isn’t’ it?

You know, all the people who practice Judaism that I know, either formally or informally, proceed with an ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION when it comes to new baby announcements. You in fact scolded Bethenny on announcing too soon to the media. Yet in this situation, you chose to take a known gossip mongerer as FACT, post it as FACT, knowing full well it would be picked up and carried along online, exactly as it was. You were the ONLY source providing this misinformation as it created a small mushroom cloud on other site. What you demonstrated was an ABUNDANCE OF RECKLESSNESS.

You may, and probably will, say “all’s well that ends well” in this situation but that does not cut it with me. Can you imagine if this situation had, God forbid, taken a turn for the worse and Bethenny had a tragedy on her hands vs a joyous announcement and had to be faced with her Facebook page welcoming her with hundreds of wrong “Congratulations on your baby boy” posts? That would have fallen square on your head Zarin. No one gives a rat’s ass about this fictitious “Maxine” but your word held some credibility to some, which of course you would know (it won’t anymore, but it did in this case).

And a woman who’s having a high risk pregnancy, a very early delivery, should be afforded the delicacy and caution when it comes to announcing anything…until one is 100% sure. And how could you be?

Has the darkness that has invaded your soul overcome you so much to cloud your judgment in this way? Would your “Jewish mother advice” encourage someone to publicly announce the birth of a baby in this way–any baby? If your daughter Ally was delivering in a high risk situation, would you be ok with her #1 enemy posting publicly that she’d given birth already and announce the gender, etc. while she was still in labor in a touch and go situation?

I doubt this will penetrate the toxicity that has overtaken you but I had to write this so this did not go unchecked. At least by me. I spent all last evening worried for Bethenny and her baby and again this morning. And watched your funnel of misinformation grow and grow. I was so relieved to finally read from a CREDIBLE source she’d had her baby (hours after you announced and obviously the other gender) in spite of your publicity stunt.

That’s all.

With that off my chest, very happy for you Bethenny and the Hoppy family and I will be writing you later.

Glad I can blow my candle out now!



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