I Hate Jill Zarin Zip It 5-20-10

I Hate Jill Zarin  Zip It  5/20/10

Just so everyone knows, I am not a completely heartless bitch, I have been torn over the moral issue here on whether or not to really get into Kelly’s behavior in this blog.  Bethenny said it in the episode, a light bulb went off and you realize, there may truly be something wrong with Kelly.  Not just, wrong but seriously troubling, wrong.  Should I even write a blog about the show?  Should we even be talking about this woman at all? 

Then it hit me, Bravo put her on Television.  What we saw was filmed 6 months ago.  Kelly lives in the same building with her ex-husband and father of her children.  Kelly has custody of the children.  Kelly’s cast mates haven’t called social services, child welfare or anyone else, as far as we know.  It seems to me that while she has always been a little “off”, her real insanity comes only when she is directly faced with having to deal with Bethenny.  Is she paranoid?  It sure seemed like it, but mostly about Bethenny.  She was exceedingly rude (zip it), she was unfocused and didn’t seem to realize that cameras were there. 

Since this was filmed, we’ve seen Kelly out and about, traveling, with her children and even at Bravo events.  I guess what I’m trying to say is I cannot be the  moral compass.  I do believe that what we saw was a mentally unstable Kelly OR a Kelly on drugs.  That being said, I don’t think there is any reason, knowing what we know now, not to write a blog about what we saw.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  So here goes…

Ramona was the hostess of this entire trip, however, I think we all know that Bravo set everything up, most likely paid for everything and several Bravo “people” joined the ladies on this trip.  So while we can go into how rude it is for Kelly to spoil Ramona’s Bachelorette party, I think that Kelly realized, as we all do, that this was a filming opportunity and not something that Ramona spent her hard earned money on for everyone.  That certainly does not excuse her behavior.  Telling anyone to “zip it” is the height of ignorance.  Did you notice that the one person she did NOT tell to “zip it” was Bethenny?   Not letting anyone speak at the dinner table was beyond rude.  Ramona tried to publicly apologize to Bethenny for the incident on the Brooklyn Bridge, and so she should, since she publically bashed her on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Kelly seemed offended by Ramona’s intention. 

I found it telling that Kelly knew the entire story of what happened on the bridge, Ramona having told her the entire story.   When did Kelly and Ramona become so close that Ramona felt it appropriate to share information like that?  I think the story gave Kelly little pings of joy knowing that Bethenny had been filmed while Ramona let her have it.  Kelly repeated over and over that “you made her cry”.  Kelly said that at least six times that I counted, I think she was happy that Ramona made Bethenny cry and I think Kelly was making a real attempt to ensure that Ramona never got a chance to apologize for that. 

Kelly also pointed to Ramona in the kitchen of the villa and said she was a good friend and “good people”  and Kelly KNOWS good people..huh?  I think at that point Kelly was trying to latch onto someone that would be on her side.  Someone that would defend her crazy actions, someone to make Kelly feel like she was part of the group.  I honestly believe that the ladies did include Kelly, they weren’t purposely rude to her, and they made every attempt to make it a pleasant trip despite Kelly’s behavior. 

Kelly was obsessed on the entire trip about Bethenny’s career, it was clear to me that her ridiculous attempts to downgrade Bethenny’s “title” from Chef to Cook was Kelly’s insecurities.  What is the definition of a “chef”?  Graduating culinary school seems to be the yard stick that most measure to determine a chef.  Knowing Bethenny’s background, watching the show and reading the blogs, clearly all of Bethenny’s cast mates believe her to be a Chef. 

We discussed both of the ladies Bio’s that they have listed, Kelly has a long list of her “titles” and what she believes herself to be…Bethenny simply calls herself a “Natural Foods Chef”.  This tells us two things.  Bethenny is proud of being a chef, and she is very modest.   If Bethenny followed Kelly’s lead, she would have a long list of credits to her name.  So why did Kelly so determinedly go after the chef title?  It was the one thing that Bethenny lists as her career.  It is the one thing that Kelly believed would cut Bethenny the deepest. 

So the yacht takes the ladies to St. John and an amazing villa.  Yes, I said amazing!  It was fun to watch them all get excited, just as we watched them boarding the yacht.  The ladies were overwhelmed by the luxury of it all! 

Kelly’s reaction to Bethenny’s gift goodie bag was disturbing.  She called it “impersonal” and sobbing like a baby.  It couldn’t have been farther away from impersonal, not only did it include Kelly’s initials, but it had personal items inside.  The bag contained things that you would use on a tropical island.   Sun hat, sunscreen, sun glasses, all very thoughtful items.  What bothered Kelly, was that it was from Bethenny and it had the Skinnygirl logo on it. 

As the show attempts to do a little damage control, Kelly calls Jill and Jill provides sound, solid advice.  However, reading the ladies blogs on Bravotv.com tells a different story of the many, many phone calls from Kelly to Jill.  Jill even interviews that she cannot get a clear thought out of Kelly.  Bethenny blogs that she also called Jill after the dinner to inform Jill of their concerns about Kelly’s behavior.   I’ll let you all read it for yourselves.  My concern was that Jill was going to try to spin her surprise visit to the villa in St John by saying she went there to “rescue” or to “help” Kelly.  That will never fly if she tries it.  We saw her discussing it with Luann and not once did Jill say she was going there to try to defuse the situation with Kelly. 

Kelly’s description of her dream was bazaar to say the least.  Dreaming that Bethenny was trying to kill her, then repeating that at the dinner table tells us that the focus of Kelly’s mental issues are directed toward Bethenny.  Kelly said several times that Bethenny is trying to kill her, that she has tried to kill her many times before.  If anyone else had used the word “literally” as Kelly did, there may be a restraining order issued but I don’t think Kelly knows what that means. 

Kelly’s “complaint pad” was a little absurd.  I never had anything like that in 4th grade, or any grade for that matter.  What did she hope to accomplish with a complaint pad?  Thankfully both Ramona and Alex said that they would be talking rather than writing.  If only Kelly had written her psychotic thoughts down and threw them away, we may have been watching 5 ladies having the time of their lives on a tropical vacation……..ah dare to dream.

I agree with Ramona, Kelly acted the most “normal” while taking photos of the other ladies.  She was very strange with Alex, reading the blogs we learn that the hat and glasses Alex sported and that Sonja commented on were Kelly’s idea.  You can’t see Alex’s face at all, was that what Kelly was going for?  Does Kelly feel the same way as Jill, that Alex has the body but not the face for modeling?   In any case, I doubt those are photos that Alex wants to maintain for prosperity.   Luckily Bethenny did not partake in the beach picnic/photo shoot!   Ramona wanting photos taken of her ass was equal to a teenage intern photocopying her boobs….oh Ramona! 

Bear with my little rant here, a few days ago Kelly made a remark on Twitter about the ladies being rude to the staff during this vacation.  Typically I pay her no mind but I wanted to see if she was correct about how each of these ladies treated the staff.  I heard Kelly, Bethenny and Alex all saying please and thank you to staff.  Ramona seemed to be the worst offender and not once did I hear her say thank you when she was handed a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a meal was set in front of her.  We saw her demand wine at the lunch on the boat, never saying please, we saw her instruct the cook not to put salt in her oatmeal  never saying please or thank you.  Ramona talks about her troubled childhood and her abusive father, but I said it before and I’ll say it again, by 40 or 50 years old, her behavior is her own and her refusal to use “please” and “thank you” is not a result of her upbringing anymore.  I found it rude and while Ramona has redeemed herself a lot this season, I don’t forgive her poor manners.  Sonja did not seem to acknowledge staff either. 

When Kelly’s steak was still mooing and wrapped in string, (had to be hers, right?) we see Bethenny telling the chef not to worry about it and that it isn’t a “life or death” issue, but it was clear that Bethenny was a tad upset that Kelly happened to get the one steak with a string and was undercooked….augh! 

The best part of the dinner was when Bethenny, Alex and Ramona went into the living room and Bethenny yelled, “FU and FU, I TOLD YOU!”  adding that this was the best dinner she had ever hosted.  I loved that scene!  I was dying laughing.  Bethenny finally got her clarification, her redemption, her proof that Kelly was paranoid, that Kelly did target Bethenny with her venom and that Bethenny wasn’t the one who was holding any grudges against Kelly. 

One of the most disturbing things that I witnessed was Kelly dipping her finger into the glass of water on the table and using that finger to do the sign of the cross.  Bear with me if you already know what this means, but I feel the need to explain.  In a catholic church, there are typically small water bowls near all entrances.  When you walk into the church, it is customary to dip your finger into the water, and do the sign of the cross on your body with that finger.  The water is blessed or what we call “holy water”.   When Kelly did that with her glass of drinking water at the table, I literally cringed. 

If you believe the blogs on Bravotv.com, you believe that we saw only a small portion of the dinner and Kelly’s behavior.  You believe that what truly happened that night was far worse than what made it to air on Bravo.  You believe that what we saw was tame and  some of the least offensive footage they could come up with.  You believe that there were actually things that Kelly said and did that even Bravo refused to cut into the final footage. 

I was surprised by Luann’s blog.  She defended Bethenny and more specifically her “Chef” title, and she even dissed Kelly a little bit.  I think it was this blog that sold me on the idea that it was OK to blog about Kelly’s behavior.  That, coupled with Kelly’s tweets, which I’ve listed below, where she calls this episode “hilarious”. 

Does anyone else feel like Sonja is always trying to tell us something without actually coming out with it?  The cat pee thing last episode, this episode she talks about Kelly and her tequila shots.  When Kelly said she was excusing herself from the table but would be back to do some shots, Sonja called Kelly out about not doing shots once before when she promised to.  Sonja’s blog even talks about this deal with Kelly doing /not doing shots.  Sonja also talks about Kelly dragging her out of bed when she shouldn’t have been dragged out of bed.  No one should be dragged out of bed, but what happened to make Sonja feel the need to underscore this point?  Is Sonja just really over-dramatic?  Is Sonja purposely throwing in mysterious issues to make herself more interesting? 

When Kelly excused herself, personally I thought she was going to go and compose herself in her room for a bit, similar to the previous time out we saw her impose on herself.  This would have been a better decision than what she actually did do.  The cameras show her running into the house and into the kitchen.  To me, it looked like she was sobbing and running into her room but alas, I was wrong!  Kelly decided this would be a good time to make a mad dash for the foods that Kelly doesn’t eat, the processed food that isn’t good for you.  Lollipops and Jelly beans?  WTF? 

Kelly’s behavior was that of a spoiled, ill-mannered 13 year old rebellious kid!  It really became out of control when Ramona made an attempt to apologize to Bethenny, Kelly simply would not allow Ramona to speak, she repeated the same thing over and over again.  She asked Ramona if she was going to kiss her with tongue.  It went downhill from there.  I do wonder what, if anything, Bravo did about Kelly’s state of mind on this trip. 

A few other observations… Sonja mentions at every opportunity her yachts, her multiple homes and her servants.  I know that I should find this annoying and possibly even offensive, but I don’t so much…

Jill is shown ice skating in a ridiculous outfit for a woman of her age.  Even the professional skaters were not wearing performance attire, it was workout wear.  Clearly Jill was dressed for the cameras and acting for the show in this scene.  The coach was not over-reacting in my opinion.  These were Olympic athletes practicing for the most important competition in their lives.  They have  to deal with this insane 40+ year old woman getting in the way of the real skaters with cameras following her around.  She’s lucky the guy didn’t slug her, I’m sure he wanted to. 

While the lunch with Jill and Luann was rather dull, I’m really glad they showed it, here’s why.  This scene clearly shows Jill explaining why she is going to surprise the ladies in St John.  Note that she mentioned she would be bringing a gift for Ramona and another gift for Bethenny.  She wasn’t going there to rescue Kelly and my concern was Jill would try to spin it that way.  Jill added at the end in an interview, “I wouldn’t go anywhere that I wasn’t welcome”.  Hahaha this will come into play next week!

Jill also mentioned changing her ticket for her trip, later she threw in that Bobby had a pilot waiting at the airport.  As mentioned in the blog, getting to where the ladies are vacationing in the Villa isn’t a straight shot flight from New York and takes a bit of effort.  Could it be Jill was feeling less than adequate air time?  Things that make you go hmmmm

Jill’s discussion with Luann about Bobby’s advice was a little odd as well.  She claims that Bobby told her that Jill shouldn’t cut Bethenny out of her life, but that she should slowly back off.  This tells me that the ultimate goal is the same, to remove Bethenny from her life whether it is by cutting her off cold turkey or slowly backing away, in the end they won’t be friends anymore, right? 

Jill’s blog is two pages long, one half of the blog is advertising.  She uses the blog to not only advertise her book, but now she is using a large portion of her blog to plug her sister’s radio show.  Come on!!!

So I’m really interested to hear all of your thoughts on this episode, until Monday’s New Jersey.  Wow, I dread blogging New Jersey to be honest, they are insanely tame in comparison to New York, at least right now in the season.  See you all then!

As promised, here are tweets from some of the stars of the show…

Kelly’s Tweets during and immediately after the show airing:

 the photo shoot was so much fun, everyone looked great

getting ready for a big gift for some amazing fans. i am so proud to have all of you. enjoy the new blogs tomorrow. http://bit.ly/9Y5H0T

i signed up for the show, and love the drama. lifetime is feel good. bravo is drama

i have an obsession for jelly beans and jolly ranchers

Stars Swing Their Troubles Out On the Trapeze | OK! Magazine – The First for Celebrity News: http://bit.ly/a3SuXh via @addthis

check out nymag.com for my interview in the am about the last two episodes.

love to all my tweeterpants. i am crazy about you. i am so glad you loved the show. its not over a few weeks left. sweet dreams

TO:  bravoandy this episode was hilarious. i feel badly for all the fans who are concerned, they are lovely sweet people.

i did get help after the trip. i hung out with my amazing family and incredible friends. haters are part of the ecosystem. lol

i had a breakthrough. my gut said keep my distance from women like this. i knew it. i am too sensitive, and human. is that bad?

i never watch the show, i was there, why would i watch?

i loved taking pictures. i enjoyed that.

my bsuit was by ERES and my watch is ROLEX

its not a bunch of women, its these jealous vicious women. i was so embarrassed to watch them tonight.

i am great, after i was with my family and kiddies. out of something bad came something great

sjp is soo sweet. i filmed a guest spot on her hubby’s new pilot

i am sorry that you cant see the reality. watch it again

omg this was episode was soo funny! props to @kikilet and @bethenny you guys make great tv! lol too funny!

i was trying to survive the weekend. it was the roughest weekend of my life.

well said. best show on tv.

literally need glasses. i loved taking those picts of the women, honestly.

so glad yo had a blast with the show. i love all your concern. i was so upset that these women were so mean.shame on me for trusting them

lol. zip it is hilarious, right

those jellybeans from jellybelly are delicious. i was starving. i barely ate

awwww. i love texas. xoxoxoooxox

i signed up for it. i never say it’s bad editing. i love the show, its so fun, and opposite to my real life.

funny i am an amazing mom. i got pushed by these vicious jealous women. i am proud that i got upset

ewwwwww. bite your tongue. how dare you accuse me.

watch what ? this isnt lifetime? you think we all walk around like this, well some of do. lol

i got bullied and i was sick of being aggressed. tell me one person in cyber space that wasnt bullied to crying. these are women.

i was a guest? in the house, on a tv show?

no i sai HADES as in underworld

tv is surreal. lol

TO Kelly, she re-tweeted:   i love it that you guys are so fiesty. its sweet. have an opinion.

lol. zip it is good, right

i wish i could talk about the mechanics of the show, but i cant. have fun with it. dynasty without the money or power

nymag.com did a great post interview about tonight. make the brand bigger so i can be more charitable.

the jewelry is soo gorgeous. wait till you see it.

you guys are hilarious. i love it.

yes, i smelled my hair, i put perfume in my hair and not on my skin.

who wants to follow their mundane conversations that make no sense. helllllllooooooooo

i love luann’s song and that fact that she is doing something different

it was HADES on that trip. i was stuck in a bad improv class in HADES> lol

i thought these women were going to be nice. they were going after me every second.

stressful for me, yes. creep fest

scarey island!!!!!!!!!!!

my children are amazing. its tv, have fun with it. i was so creeped out by this trip. it was so disgusting

the jewelry is soo hot

the jewelry is avail at intermix in june

i hate when the women promote their stuff on the show. its soo cheesy. if it were good, magazine would be talking about it

ahh you want that cheap bag that was being promoted on a show? ewwww. that promotion is so cheesy

you sit in a room with these sharks and see how you swim. they hate people who are genuine and nice. its makes me sad

i dont change my thoughts, they talk in circles they were also mad for i was offered a show> hehe

who likes the feather earring i am wearing in the interview. its from my new line and its 100% for FEEDING AMERICA

i wanted to leave after the first luch on the boat. i knew i was in for it, and they are so highschool.

get complaints pads for the house, then people can throw away silly complaints

when people are ganging up on you adn you’re alone, what are you suppose to do?

its a show, but eveyone has been the girl who everyone gangs up on. i was sick of it.

i agree this is the most painful episode to watch. you should have been there with them all ganging up on me. everyone has been there.

no just fed up with all the games people play to get “airtime.” i am real and get my feelings hurt, so what?

thank you everyone for asking me. i was so fed up ith being jabbed and attacked the entire trip. it was so toxic.

Went to “generations collide” at scott murphys gallery. Danny your work is brillant.

Hope you have fun watching the show. Grab a corona, and enjoy

my blood type is corona, not pinot. its cheap wine. id rather have good beer.

check out my blog kellykillorenbensimon.com/blog for what i really do or my youtube.com channel kellykbensimon

@kikilet: @kimkardashian: People love to hate what they can not achieve!

i like that. i am going to sit there, like always and let them go kookie. they love it, i hate it.

zip it, off the charts, and lemons into lemonade. hilarious

Or maybe you should bring @KimKardashian awith you!!! Everyone knows you don’t mess with a Kardashian!! Lol xo

i dont want to win, i jut want to get out unscathed. i am too real and nice for these women.

its a tv show, not a game show

true, that’s why they hate me for i never ask them anything.

i hate arguing. and they argue in an unpredictable way. do u ever see me gossip to another housewife? i asked for help to jill

these women are vicious/ jealous. they hated me before i got on the show. haters are part of the ecosystem. just laugh

we need a reunion plan. if you dont want these women to win, give me advice.i will use it verbatim and name u on the show. tell your friends

ok, you guys rock, but i have a huge day. rescuing the sweet new lab “Chief” she’s coming home tomorrow. wait ill you see her

huh? who funded the trip?

i learned to trust my instincts. these women need to attack me for attention. i couldnt take the banter after all season.

Sarah Jessica Parker has donated 3 pairs of shoes to @ShoeRevolt Join the cause 🙂

 i signed up for the kookiness. i know what i am on, and who i have to endure.

SNL and kristen wig are humor. that is snarky mean talk.

 It’s all a gang up, and mean.

shes stands for everything i hate: user, aggressive, selfish, plays people. i like smart, honest, loving, and giving people

 go to sleep. lol. xoxooxoxxo you guys rock.

Kelly’s Blog

I have never endured such a difficult time with four women.

Trust your instincts.

Looking for the rest?  Don’t bother, that’s it!

Jill’s Tweets –

 @bravoandy..tell SJP that I will always love her and don’t be scared of Gloria..she is a pussycat!

@johnnygweir had his cameo tonight! I luv ya Johnny! Hope you are happy!

Have to say Ramona did look great in a bikini.

This is the most painful episode to watch. Are you ok @kikilet ?

Bethenny’s Tweets –

Buckle up everyone.it is going to be a bumpy ride tonight.I can’t wait for ur comments!

Who else is SUPERexcited for @Bethenny Getting Married? in 3 weeks?!Raise your paw


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537 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Zip It 5-20-10

  1. Philip Bezzone says:

    i think Kelly is in worse shape then anyone thinks
    i think she is scihzophrenic and needs to be treated

  2. Snarkapalooza says:

    As a non-practicing Catholic, I’m glad you pointed out the bit about the “holy water”. I believe you could send the footage of Kelly to the Vatican and get permission for an exorcism from the Pope himself.

  3. xenophile says:

    Brief psychotic episode anyone ?

  4. celeste says:

    I think Kelly is on drugs, possible prescription meds like benzos/xanax and Ritalin. That is the only logical explanation for her odd rants, paranoid delusions and moodswings.

    Can anyone tell me the name of that beautiful villa in St. John that the ladies stayed in? If ever I get to St. John I’d like to look at it and get ideas for a future home!

  5. clcherella says:

    As a practicing Catholic I was offended by Kelly making the sign of the cross with glass water dipped fingers. I am equally offended by the frequent reference to jew this jew that, mazel and kosher whatever by Andy Cohen and Jill alike. I wonder if they have considered that the vast majority of their watchers are non-jews and may be uncomfortable with these repeated references. Yes, we know you’re jewish and we don’t care. All I know is Jill is shrill, nasty, insecure, lacks good manners, rude and is ridiculous, and Andy suffers from wearing brown shoes with blue suits

  6. JillousyHater says:

    clcherella – what is your problem? If you can mention you are a “practicing Catholic” that Andy and Jill can mention that they are Jewish all they want? If that makes you uncomfortable then perhaps your an antisemite and you should take a look at yourself and figure out why Jewish references make you feel all icky inside, weirdo!

  7. JillousyHater says:

    clcherella ,

    Just like you are free to say you’re a “practicing Catholic,” then Jill and Andy are free to talk about being Jewish all they want. Why on earth would that make you feel uncomfortable? Are you anti-semitic or just an asshole?

  8. LynnNChicago says:

    JillousyHater, please lets not attack other posters here. They are entitled to their opinion just as you are. You don’t agree, post that! Don’t name call and attack, it isn’t necessary. Thanks!

    • hooked on housewives says:

      OMG. Shades of Susan Saunders (I think that’s the name Jillousy used).

  9. anniieee says:

    Found you! Great blog…

  10. Boston_ says:

    @ celeste ~~
    Presidio del mar

  11. suebhoney says:

    Yeah! Found your new home, Lynn! Again, thanks so much for all the good info! Although I’m going to become a divorced real housewife real soon if I don’t start getting my “chores” done during the day! But this is so much more fun than scrubbing floors and laundry! 🙂

  12. Squirrels says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the caricatures !!!!
    Is there a way to turn the posts around, oldest first? Thanks for all your efforts Lynn

    • LynnNChicago says:

      YES! Is that the way you guys prefer it? I’d be happy to change it…

      Oldest / first comment showing up first when you open the blog? If that is what you all want, no problem!

      • Amy Carter says:

        Yes, please change your new blog to oldest comments first.
        Thank you for all that you do for us. I found your blog two weeks ago and I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I thought I was all alone hating Jill Zarin.


  13. Checkitout says:

    Remember how Kelly’s cabin smelled like cat urine? Google cat urine and meth. Notice how she went for the jelly beans after leaving the table in tonight’s episode (and earlier talked about her love of gummy bears)? Google meth and sugar cravings.

    On their own, drawing such a damning conclusion from those fairly mundane shreds of evidence might be a huge reach. But consider the paranoia, wild mood swings, inability to assemble coherent thoughts, haggard appearance and general mania, and it truly makes you wonder.

    Methinks there’s a meth to her madness.

  14. 617boston says:

    Did anyone read Alex’s blog on Bravo? If not read the part about channeling the devil.

  15. Roslyn G says:

    Kelly is a meth freak. She is the one that looked and acted creepy last night. Her hair was dirty, she looked greasy and those shoulders on her. I loved it when she was walking away from the table to get her jelly beans, she looked like a drag queen in that purple dress and walked like a truck driver.

  16. shantygal says:

    Hey Lynn & all. Congrats on the new place. Had to choose a new name. Was formerly Ms. Tee on the old blog.

  17. suebhoney0423 says:

    Awww…I had to register and suebhoney was already taken so now I am suebhoney0423 but…now you all know my birthday and next year I expect b-day wishes!! lol – just joking!

    Watched the preview for next week when Kelly is lunching with the red headed beast, the manly one and Jenn…Kelly says that B says to Kelly, “I intentionally went on a smear campaign against you”…I don’t remember hearing that in this past episode so…

    1 – Kelly is lying
    2 – Kelly is delusional
    3 – B did say that and it wasn’t aired and…
    a – B said it in a very sarcastic tone (likely) and Kelly moronically took it as literal
    b – B never said it and Kelly is lying and delusional

    So…Is Kelly just making stuff up as she goes along? I find that a little disturbing….I think Luanne blogged or interviewed that by the time the lunch was over so was so confused that without the rest of the story…she can’t make heads or tails of it. Thankfully someone has some sense…

    Crap…the drywall guy is here and I won’t be able to look at your comments! Get me a 12 step program….fast!! 🙂

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I’m pretty sure Kelly is delusional – I can’t see Bethenny saying that.

  18. suebhoney0423 says:

    Ms Tee / Shantygal: I just posted that I had to do the same (name change)…and I was just getting to know sort of who was who here! lol

    Always love your comments and perspective!!

  19. MickeyMouth says:

    I thought the “satchels of gold” comment was a religious reference to Judas and his 30 pieces of silver. Kelly world – Bethenny (Judas) has betrayed Jill (Jesus) for her own show (satchels of gold).

    • Olivia says:

      They had to explain the meaning of “eating crow” to this ninny. Hard to believe that she knew of the meaning or origin of “satchels of gold”. Sounds like something she may have read in one of her kids books like in Jack in the Beanstalk. One thing Kelly is not is intellectually stimulated.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Someone might have already mentioned it, but “satchels of gold” refers to a FaceBook game called Mouse Hunt. When caught or whatever the mice drop satchels of gold. I think Kelly was trying to make a reference to people posting on FaceBook.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I’ll be interested in Andy asking for an explanation come reunion time. My guess is her response will be something like, I don’t know those women were mean and I’ve moved on – except there will be something about uncorns and lot’s of playing with hair.

  20. Dani says:

    I hate Jill and I hated that little skating costume she had on last night. It looks like it should be on a 12 year old, but then again she acts like a 12 year old.

  21. Adios Lunatic says:

    Lynn — thanks so much for setting up new site!

  22. lowlycommoner says:

    The frequent references by the Jewish people on the show are a lot more about their Jewish culture, not the Jewish religion. Catholicism is a religion. Judaism is a religion but there’s also a rich non-religious culture associated with it. I’m married to a Jewish guy who also happens to be an atheist. He’s still very Jewish even though he doesn’t adhere at all to the Jewish faith.

    I’m not crazy about people going on and on about their religious beliefs either, but I can totally understand and accept being immersed in one’s own culture. I think it’s a pretty natural thing for a lot of people.

  23. boston02127 says:

    Boston_ from the old site.

  24. adioslunatic says:

    Adios Lunatic from the old site. The registering of names on this is a little strange, but glad to be here.

  25. lrd851 says:

    i love the new blog page!!! and the caricature is hysterical!!!!!

  26. shantygal says:

    Hahahaha – just noticed Kelly’s oppo-tittay’s in the charicatures at the top of the page. Hysterical – who’s the artist?

  27. Just a Commoner says:

    adioslunatic, try going to your profile here and changing your name as it appears here, which is apparently different than your user name. I did it after posting my first comment. Let’s see with this one if it took.

    Just a Commoner (lowlycommoner)

  28. otaypanky says:

    HOW DOES THIS WORK? do you have to scroll to the bottom to make a comment each and every time?

  29. boston02127 says:

    @squirrels So glad you asked! lol
    but mine is still scroll backwards

  30. boston02127 says:

    @ otaypanky ~~ lynn said she’d change it but mine is still like that
    I’ll try logging off and back on.

  31. otaypanky says:

    Thanks Boston. But that would make me crazy.

  32. otaypanky says:

    how do you post a photo?

    • shantygal says:

      Go to My Account – top left corner of this page. Under Profile you will see instructions for adding a photo.

  33. bravofanfromday1 says:


    Remember Kelly’s jewelry line???? I can’t believe I never read about this in a blog somewhere. Has anyone else seen this?

  34. minkey says:


  35. Where Am I and Where do I go?!? says:

    Do I post Here? Or over there at Hub Pages? I SO CONFUSED? I’m frantically going back and forth back and forth? I’m going KRAZY!! Like a child torn between two parents. Mommy! Daddy! Who do I pick?!!! Help me! pleasse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Just a Commoner says:

    bravofanfromday1, yes, the jewelry lawsuit has been discussed here.

    Lynn, I really hope you’ll seriously consider going to a message board format rather than a blog. There’s an absolute wealth of information on these broads, as you know, and all the links and videos and photos could be much more accessible on a message board. You can still do a big recap of each show as a new thread in the appropriate category, but then there could be separate sections and threads for more specific discussions. Right now it’s really hard for readers, especially people new to your site, to find specific discussions. Then we end up with people asking the same things over and over and sometimes they don’t get answered because it’s a pain in the ass to scroll up and down looking for one or two lines.

    I’m probably sounding like a picky bitch at this point but really, I love reading all the comments here—just think it’d be even MORE fun with some organization!

    • shantygal says:

      No you don’t JaC. I know what you’re saying. Lynn, does WordPress have an option for you to have forums? I know I’ve seen them on other WordPress blogs.

      It would be great to have a thread for each topic that is discussed within all these posts. While I love each and everyone of them, it is really difficult to follow and comment in a timely manner due to the sheer number of followers.

      I’m willing to be patient though. Lynn you go out of your way to be accomodating to us and I trust you’ll make adjustments as you see fit.

  37. Just a Commoner says:

    Case in point—where are you all seeing the video of the Olympic skating coach yelling at Tutu Jill on the ice? It wasn’t in last night’s episode, was it? Wanna seee!!!

    • shantygal says:

      I didn’t see it either and thought I was losing my mind because everyone is talking about it. I watched the show twice last night and did not see that.

      • Jennifer says:

        I think it was one of those snippet things they do during commercials ….anyone remeber for sure? Either way it was funny

  38. boston02127 says:

    @ where am I and what do I do
    I am soooo laughing. I keep trying diffrent ways too! I keep thinking to myself
    where the hell am I. btw How did you get caps in your name? It won’t let me cap.

  39. realminkey says:

    (Some faux minkey had already taken my name. )

    I noticed that most of the Bravo blogs were pretty brief, and politely tried to go around the elephant in the room.

  40. Sandi C says:

    Good for you to blog about Kelly’s insanity. Bravo puts it out there and disturbing or not, let’s talk about it. I don’t think that she’s on drugs, this is who Kelly is.

  41. shantygal says:

    We really do need forums or message boards. Case in point – when you “reply” to a post, it appears directly under that post, not as a new post. So, If you’re reply to an older post , chances are no one will see it thinking that they don’t have to go back to the old posts because they’ve already read them.

    I replied to Just a Commoner, but am having to write a new post to let her know about my reply? Sounds like a kelly.

  42. momof6 says:

    I agree with P. Bezzone, I think Kelly is borderline shizophrenic and is need of serious help. Did any catch what she said about “chatter”? I can’t remember her exact words but the word “chatter” jumped out at me.

    It made me think that she may be hearing voices that aren’t there…

    It is clear to me (evidenced by her tweets) she creates and believes her own reality and has a difficult time understanding what’s going around her and how to relate to it…

    I could hardly bear her before this episode, but I truly feel sorry for her now and wonder what’s being done to help her. I think I would be irresponsible of Bravo to continue filming her if what we saw was minscule compared to what was witnessed in person.

    Lets face it, she had Romona calling HER crazy.

    All in all, I was left feeling a bit disturbed…that image of her eating jelly beans at the end was just pitiful.

  43. Just a Commoner says:

    shantygal, thanks, I would not have scrolled down to see your response if you hadn’t mentioned it separately! Agh.

    boston02127, you can add spaces and caps in your screen name by going to your profile and changing it there. The screen name doesn’t have to be the same as your username, which is kind of odd, but whatever!

  44. Kellys-Got-Big-Shoulders says:

    Hey so went to lunch and now we have a new site. COOL!

  45. Kellys-Got-Big-Shoulders says:

    This site doesnt let me post my comment.

  46. shantygal says:

    OK – this might help some in the interim. Regarding seeing the latest post and responses to ANY of your previous posts:

    Under My Account/Global Dashboard/ My Comments

    Global Dashboard Howdy, shantygal | Log Out

    Blog Stats
    Blog Surfer
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    Help My Comments
    WordPress.com announcement: New Theme: Bueno

    This tracks comments you’ve made across WordPress.com so you can see when people reply to you. It will show your comment, one before yours, and replies after yours. The thread with the latest replies will be at top. See this announcement for more information.

  47. Just a Commoner says:

    OK, i googled the skating/Jill/judge thing and found the link on one of Lynn’s other blogs:


    You don’t see the actual confrontation, just Jill yapping about it later and telling an interviewer how rude the Russian coach was and how he needed to learn some manners and that he was “a jerk”. Nice. Real nice.

    • hooked on housewives says:

      @Just a Commoner

      there is also another little snippet where you can hear the coach/judge yelling and swearing at Jill to get off the ice. I think the link was on the blog below Danielle’s photo. Not sure. I’ll try to look for it.

  48. Adios Lunatic says:

    Thanks to Just a Commoner for the help with how the name shows. Hopefully it will look like normal again.

  49. suebhoney0423 says:

    otaypanky: Thanks for the link to angelofdev’s blog…she does a great assesment of Kelly’s behavior…definatly worth the read! 🙂

  50. scared but still a fan says:

    No doubt you’ve seen this but I love the comments for great links (not to mention the fabulous blog, thank you Lynn).

    NY Mag’s coverage of crazy Kelly:

    Kelly’s defense of her behavior:

    Someone call her shrink. She needs some extra therapy and a huge dose of reality.

  51. suebhoney0423 says:

    So here’s a question….if Kelly really is crazy or has some sort of personality disorder then she wouldn’t recognize her behavior as “bad” or ill mannered but would in fact think everyone else is “bad” or ill mannered. However, she did own her behavior in last week’s blog by saying:

    “Always follow your instincts.
    I knew I should have never gone on the trip.
    I am incredibly embarrassed by how I acted.”

    So she clearly owns the behavior???

    • shantygal says:

      It’s futile to try and make any sense of anything that comes out of Kelly’s mouth. Her contradictions have been documented over and over.

      I’ve flipped once more now being onboard with the drugie/alky camp.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      Read her response in NY Mag – Kelly thinks she was being attacked the the other women. She’s completely out of touch with reality.

  52. shantygal says:

    New layout question: Have the comments changed to oldest firs, newest last, or did just mine? It’s much nicer this way with newest comment at the end near the post comment button.

  53. Anitabee says:

    How crazy is Jill.

    Who the F* has sequined skating outfits in their closet if they have not skated in years. OMG — Jill don’t you know you look ABSOLUTELY ridiculous???

    Look at how everyone else is dressed. You are over 50 with you a** hanging out on the ice.

    Wow….maybe she caught what Kelly has. Hmmm…it’s more likely that Jill is the one that gave Kelly the “crazy” bug.

    • realminkey says:

      That pink one she has on in the preview of her holiday party episode is even worse.

    • shantygal says:

      Oh, OK. I understand perfectly now.

      Wow Lynn, you could do another blog on that article alone.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        Okay my absolute favorite part of that interview was this:

        “Emma’s like, ‘Awwwwww!’ [We are not like, ‘awwwwww.’]”

        Kelly tells the writer “Emma” that she was feeling sorry for Kelly and the writer pauses to basically say – no I wasn’t.

  54. Anitabee says:


    For some reason I don’t think Kelly wrote that. It doesn’t sound like her. Maybe her PR person knew that it was smart to keep is so short.

    It is clear from today’s blogs and articles and tweets that Kelly believes she did NOTHING wrong. She thinks she was the one attacked on that trip.


  55. anutha hata says:

    Well this new Word Press Blog Loads FAST! And that’s a big plus.
    Lynn-have you talked to David Gilmore the artist who drew your header? (prettyontheoutside.com)
    When I used his cartoons on my blog, I wanted to link-back to his Etsy site, where he actually sells his work, and I made some links for that since I couldn’t find any, if you want to use the code its on the right-hand side of my page.
    I have ad-blindness, so the ads on the HUB didn’t bug me even-though they were a hot mess, but you don’t have any ads on this one, does Word Press allow ads?
    Even-if you don’t want to deal with the ads, it would be kind of wasteful not to be monetized in my opinion.
    I do know that it can get tricky though about profit-non-profit. If you don’t want to monetize for that reason, you could always donate your ad-space to a good cause?
    (although I’m fully in favor of the idea that you should get something for your work!)
    A message-board format is a whole other animal. That is an interesting idea, but once you get situated here, personally I like the way you had it set-up, where you post a blog, and then allow comments, and this keeps all of your posts together instead-of having to create a new blog for every post. I think I like this better than a forum-type thing. This is more like the best of what you were doing at Hub, only better. And FASTER!
    Also, it does look like Word-Press displays comments nicer than Blogspot does.
    One thing that I LOVE about your blog Lynn, is that almost every other post that I make, I realize that I’m breaking one of STREGA’S TWOP stupid rules. (no talking about the board on the board!).
    Thank-you for making a nicer place for us here.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Yes! I love all of the drawings that David does. The photo I’ve used actually belongs to Alex & Simon, they bought it from David! I was able to see it briefly in a video tour of their crib and best I can tell, it hangs on the wall between their kitchen and living room? But don’t quote me on that.

  56. anutha hata says:

    That link you just posted Lynn-the interview with Kelly about why she lost it on the trip, wow. Some commenter named Miss Priss remarked, “You don’t say integrity, you DO integrity”—I’ve never heard that one before, but its so fitting.
    That part about Kelly being “stagnant something energy”, Huh?
    Oh yeah, and ANOTHER 4th grade”-reference. So odd.
    Someone on Kelly’s Bravo blogs mentioned that Kelly makes a lot of spelling & grammar errors that most people learned in 4rth grade.
    I’m definitely on the bandwagon that says that Kelly is still reacting to something that happened a looooong time ago.

  57. otaypanky says:

    Thanks suebhoney: I thought it another great assessment of THE episode.

    What happened??? We went from shock and horror viewing this breakdown before our very eyes, to tuff stuff, she’s on the show, she gets what she gets. Just asking.

    I’d just as soon going back to hating Jill Zarin. I cannot get a good hate going for Kelly. Whatever it is, drugs, mental illness, both, it’s something. I feel sorry for her. Now Jill, she is lucid and actually plans her attacks. She is truly one of the most annoying people one could ever know. I read she had no friends as a kid. No surprise there. Now she’s grown and has learned to bully people and con people into friendships. I HATE JILL ZARIN MORE AND MORE>

    • KLAS says:

      Me too. All the disdain I felt for Kelly has pretty much disappeared and been replaced by concern for her mental health. It’s no fun hating on someone who’s so damaged. But Jill Zarin? This latest episode has INcreased my hatred of her.

  58. Zip It! says:

    I loved Betheny’s comment that Jill’s voice sounds like a horn, “HIIIIIIIAAAaaaaa” Cause it’s so true! Go cry to Bawby, Jill.

  59. LynnNChicago says:

    Shantygal, yes, per the requests I did make the change, now the oldest comments appear first. Thanks!

  60. otaypanky says:

    Just read your link Lynn, Kelly’s side of the story.
    Wow! For those of you who haven’t read the link below. Please do so. Like I said, it’s something. This just may confirm it. Both articles fit.

  61. suebhoney0423 says:

    Did I mention that I cannot wait for next week’s episode?! Everytime I can’t wait and I think it’s going to be so good…that in reality, it was not that good and I’m left disappointed but all the wives (and simon & Mario!) are saying that it’s gooooodddd!!!

    I have to be done with the whole Kelly thing…I can’t hate her if something is wrong with her and we all know she’s not going to get help and refuses to acknowledge her behavior so whatever…back to hating Jill!

    BTW….anyone else see the little tidbit about Tamra Barney’s son being arrested last night?! She’s claiming that she still loves him but he needs to grow up so she won’t be “there” for him (in court, financially, whatever) which really translates to “I’m too selfish to really deal with you…you’re on your own”. She really irks me too…

    Picture this…Kelly, Tamra, Danielle and you pick someone from Atlanta since I didn’t watch that and put them all on vacation together! There is something truly terrifying!!

  62. Lila says:

    Great points! And I love your new blog-wow! Looks fantastic. But then you could write on toliet paper and it would be good.

  63. CarrieCinKY says:

    Is this your new website, or is it the other one?
    I’m confused, help! LOL
    Uh-oh, that sounded like someone we all know, doesn’t it? *cough* Kelly…
    Great blog, Lynn!
    I posted a comment on the other site! ; )

  64. LynnNChicago says:

    I love this blog, they have a weekly section called “Why Jill Zarin is an awful person” and this most recent one has Kelly’s top 10 craziest moments. Hysterical!


  65. desertgal66 says:

    Jill Zarin sinks to a new low every time she appears on screen. Bravo, make her GO AWAY!!

    Kelly…I only have compassion for her. I hope Bravo removes her from the show, and, hopefully, stops her from attending the reunion show, for her own good. That article where she “explained” herself made it even more clear that this woman has no grasp on reality. Mental illness, drugs, or both-I can only wish her well, and hope that somehow, some way, she finds the help she clearly needs. And whatever flaws Gilles Bensimon might have, I’ll credit him for being smart and caring enough to live at Ground Zero for the benefit of his daughters.

    Tamra Barney – [i]oy vey[/i], don’t even get me started. Cannot stand that woman. But, all of the OC Housewives are so vapid, they’re like nails on a chalkboard.

    Sonja Morgan is emerging as a truly kind hearted woman. She might be a little…what’s the word…pretentious, but I like her so far. I’ll also give credit to Bethenny, Alex, and Ramona-they had the smarts and the compassion during Kelly’s breakdown to actually listen to and hear what Sonja was telling them and rein it in for Kelly’s sake.

    Jill Zarin would have just kept talking over everybody and LuAnn would probably have started singing.

    And Jill’s blog today was disgusting. I’d like to tell her where she can put her book-ALL of them- but Bravo wouldn’t let me.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I don’t think Sonja’s really pretentious, I think she’s in such a different sphere of society that she doesn’t realize that everyone else doesn’t know what she’s talking about because we don’t have her frame of reference. She was extraordinarily kind to Kelly, and kept a bad situation from escalating.

  66. anutha hata says:

    “No talking about the board on the board” was one of the main rules at the TWOP RHONY board! They made it impossible to post anything without breaking a rule.
    Most of the rules were/are what you can’t do.
    Lynn-is there any way that you can turn-off comments over at your HUB?
    The reason I ask is because I still see some of my favorite people over there, and we’re getting fractured.
    Would it make all of the comments disappear?
    Maybe you could make a new HUB that does that, and leave comments off?

  67. MommyFrazzled says:

    That whole episode was disturbing because we watched her crumbling before our eyes. She was different every minute. Then just talking and accusing making no sense at all. She is obsessed and fixated on Bethenny for some reason which makes it bad. I almost thought she tried to bury the hatchet with Bethenny one and Jill sent that email then told her she was acting two faced. From then on I think to appease Jill she has to hate Bethenny so Jill won’t get the wrong idea.

    It is hard to tell what caused it but whatever it is she really needs to talk to someone. And reality tv or anything that puts her under a microscope she should avoid.

    I am not sure how the reunion will play out but I think they will need medical staff on hand.

    Lynne your blog was spot on as always. We both as mothers and parents, along with everyone else, want to be sure someone helps Kelly because I think the reunion will be bad for her.

  68. skwerlgrrl says:

    Lynn, thanks for the lovely credit on my caricature of Kelly. It was great fun to do. I’ll let you know when I’ve got more! Keep up the great blog posts!

  69. Kokuanani says:

    Thanks for the link to this site. Long-time follower of the other one.

  70. skogsstig says:

    Like your new home and love your newest blog, Lynn. Fun to see so many posters that have moved over, too. As always, reading the comments is interesting. 🙂
    Kelly’s tweets just amplify what’s wrong – a huge disconnect between her perception of the world and that of others. Bravo is exploiting her.
    Another episode blissfully short on Jill.
    According to Urban Dictionary, Kelly’s “golden satchel” is defined as “when someone pees on your ball sack.” Just fabulous.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      That’s not what Kelly was referring to – there’s a game on FaceBook called Mouse Hunt where the mice give satchels of gold. Kelly spends a lot of time on FaceBook and I think she was trying to refer to scoring points on the internet, but she couldn’t express it because she had a “short-circuit” happening.

  71. RileyKitty says:

    I am reposting my comment from the other blog to here, because I decided to make the move to the new digs permanently 🙂

    Ramona & Mario are celebrating 17 years of marriage? Since there was part of a season 2 marathon on yesterday, at the end when they do the freeze frame update it said Ramona & Mario just celebrated 18 years of marriage. I am sure bravo got it wrong because surely Ramona knows how long she has been married. on a side note: I agree the vow renewal bugs the countess not because of the ceremony itself but because she didn’t make it 17 years with the Count.

    I really hate to defend LuAnn here but I am just going to do it. In her lunch with Jill, she was trying to talk Jill out of just showing up on the trip. & I got the impression that although Jill had talked to Kelly multiple times LuLu didn’t speak to her at all while she was on the trip. Also in the previews footage on bravotv.com when Kelly was recounting her versions of events (lies, lies & more delusional lies) LuLu was looking at Kelly like she had lost her mind. Jill on the other hand talked to Kelly & couldn’t understand what Kelly was even saying & it didn’t send any red flags up. She also got a phone call from Bethenny (per Beth’s blog) regarding Kelly’s “breakdown.” I think LuAnn may not have known the full extent of Kelly’s trip behavior until she viewed this episode, hence the distancing herself in her blog. Jill is a vile bitch who used a mentally unstable woman to keep her in the know of the trip.

    Anyone else think Bethenny thought there is no way I am giving Kelly a sharper knife to cut her steak?

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure Bethenny didn’t want her to have a sharper knife.

      The way the previews are cut, I’m pretty sure that LuAnn and Jill have had the full rundown on Kelly having a nervous breakdown before Kelly comes in, though they may not have heard it from the women themselves. Kelly probably believes things went down as she described, but we know that they didn’t.

      I think Kelly walks around with little connection to reality, but her relations to other people are so shallow that they don’t notice how far off she is, or they’re able to brush it off. The last thing this woman needed was to be put under a microscope the way a reality show does. I’m wondering if people at BRAVO knew she was this way before they signed her up?

  72. LynnNChicago says:

    Real Housewives: Kelly’s Bad Trip http://bit.ly/bMxRxX

  73. Lolo says:

    Wow. That was just painful. I think someone pointed this out, but Kelly was always staring at Bethenney. When B got up from the breakfast table, Kelly just sat and stared at her with a self-satisfied smirk on her face.

    I don’t know, I thought there was something wrong with her last year, but now it’s escalated. Whether it be drugs, mental illness, or just plain narcissism, I can’t tell. But did you notice, by the end of the meal and the end of the episode, Kelly got EXACTLY what she wanted — it was all about her. Again sitting there smugly with everyone apologizing to HER. I suspect this isn’t the first time she’s been thru this kind of incident. I don’t know how much modeling she actually did, but we’ve all heard stories about how cut-throat the business is. She would have been eaten alive if she didn’t figure out some way to “defend” herself.

  74. otaypanky says:

    Sorry to ask only because this info has been posted before.
    Please, will someone post Andy Cohens snail mail Adress and his email address.
    Thanks much.
    Thanks for the new home Lynn!

  75. iceNfire says:

    Hello Everyone – Here is a link to a blog I set up so everyone can practice with names, pictures,fonts, etc. at the new site. I really made a mess on Lynn’s blog as some of you know, so feel free to mess up my non blog all you want. lol


  76. iceNfire says:

    Questions for Reunion

    Andy’s email

    sorry didnt save snail mail address

  77. Squirrels says:

    Hahahahaha. I just caught Shill saying to Loo Loo, “I’m thinking that maybe I should change my tickets and go down and surprise her.” WTF happened to Bawwby has a pilot waiting at the airport?

  78. shantygal says:

    So do you think Jill & Kelly’s master plan ( I just made myself laugh with that statement) is create the biggest stink possible, with the most outrageous behavior possible? Is this part of their evil plan to take over all media? They truly don’t care what people think of them, only that their cock-eyed mugs and names stay in print.

    You’re right LoLo, Kelly got exactly what she wanted in the end. She must have learned this tactic at The Columbia School for Not Very Smart People.

  79. Squirrels says:

    In defense of Sonja (not that she needs any). In her first post on Bravo she name dropped to an offensive degree it seems. She was called out on it and it stopped immediately. Frankly, I think she was trying to give some of her friends/alliances props, but can see how it could be seen as self promoting.

    Also, how can we forget the Paul Newman reference…. Don’t care who you are, THAT was funny.

    • desertgal66 says:

      When Sonja was name dropping, she may have also been nervous…and there’s also the possibility that the Bravo team encouraged her to name drop, to make her appear “elite” and “socialite”y.

      • shantygal says:

        That was funny Squirrels.

        I was waiting for Kelly to bring out yet another charge against Bethenny saying that she tampered with her food. I really was surprised that that did not happen.

      • suebhoney0423 says:

        That’s funny Shantygal…I thought the same thing about Kelly eating B’s food…I was shocked she didn’t refuse it and then say B was trying to poison her or something.

  80. MickeyMouth says:

    You know all these women thing they are Carrie Bradshaw. How ticked do you think Jill is that SJP isn’t buying her story but believe’s Bethenny? Then she adds that she’s afraid of Jill and Gloria, too funny!

  81. LynnNChicago says:

    A Quote from Jill Zarin:

    “Ramona and I are constantly saying smack about each other because we’re both in on the joke. First of all, we’re not really talking behind each other’s back. I’m sitting in a chair doing an interview talking to the viewer. It’s a TV show! If we didn’t act out and do the things that we do, what would you be watching? We have to give you drama and they rotate who’s getting thrown under the bus. It comes with the territory of being a reality star. You take your lumps. “

    • CdnFillie says:

      Lynn..where was this quote from? Just when I think I’ve read it all….wow
      I hurt in my stomach watching that episode last nite. Does Bravo know what they have unleashed?

  82. LynnNChicago says:

    Andy Cohen
    C/O Bravo TV
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York NY 10112

  83. Squirrels says:

    If Ramona stands up and says to Jill, “You have to leave”. I”ll buy her complete jewelry line.

  84. RileyKitty says:

    Right, Jill, you aren’t really a self promoting, vile, vindictive bitch… you just play one on TV.

    I’m sorry, I’m not buying what you are selling.

  85. HD says:

    Hey everyone! Glad to know that the hate for Jill is fluid and can cross forum to forum! Nice site, Lynn and of course I will be contributing daily! LOL! I gotta go back and read all the comments which I am sure only confirm Kelly’s meltdown….sigh….we all know she needs help, apparently she is the only one on the planet that thinks she is fine, doing cartwheels, eating lollipops and in the meantime praying for world peace! In her mind this is allllllllllllllllllllllllll REAL!!

  86. Just a Commoner says:

    Eee! Baby Bryn in People mag!

    I just bought it. There’s the tiny photo on the cover but inside there’s a huge photo of Bethenny smiling over little Bryn who is yawning, I think. And then there’s another of just Bryn, sleeping. She’s so sweet! Very small, not a lot of padding, but still cute as can be.

    Babies gain a half pound a week in the final month before birth so she would have been about 2 1/2 lbs heavier if she’d been full term. That would be over 7 lbs.

  87. elvirabarker says:

    Thank you for the new site, Lynne.

  88. boston02127 says:

    Kelly who doesn’t drink:

  89. emt2 says:

    This is the best analysis of that situation I’ve read:


    Kelly needs to leave the show. Too unstable and unpredictable. This isnt about just her beef with B. Girlfriend does not need to be an ensemble show. Her temper and history of violence is scary.

  90. ilovelynn says:

    OMG! it’s me, formerly known as “patsy’s boys” but for some stupid reason they wouldn’t let me use it! plus they didn’t like my password, so I had to make up a new one, which I will promptly forget! happy to be here, lynn. I made my comment on the other blog, but I will be here from now on. (if I can remember my user name and password, that is….)

  91. Squirrels says:

    JIll Zarin arrives to St John’s island….

    “Aren’t you glad to see me? You MUST be glad to see me. I’m Jill ZARRRINNN.
    Where’s my husband? Bawwwwwby, tell that pilot to gas up the jet!!!!!!”

  92. boston02127 says:


  93. Squirrels says:

    Lynn – Put up the one where Jill almost gets bowled over by a REAL skater. : )

  94. boston02127 says:

    test & me again (sorry) just trying to change my pic

  95. vilzvet says:

    Hmm, I actually like this site better than the hubpages!

  96. vilzvet says:

    LOLOL, just saw the new header photo! While I will miss the painting (no permission?!) this is absolutely hilarious.

    • vilzvet says:

      Wait, the pic just changed again!? Is this the Twilight Zone….what happened the Jill one?

  97. LynnNChicago says:

    Removed, I apologize I was under the impression that you were selling your drawings, I thought you would appreciate the free advertising, my mistake.

  98. boston02127 says:


  99. jezzibel says:

    Sorry I’m late to the partay..I had to read the comments on the other site

  100. MickeyMouth says:

    Re: A Quote from Jill Zarin:

    While I agree with Jill (don’t shoot me yet there’s a but coming), that there is a storyline and everything is not seen. The storyline this year is her and Bethenny’s fight so that’s what airs.

    Yes scenes of Alex and the kids at the zoo, Jill promoting her book, Jill and Gloria talking about their book, Jill and Gloria visiting Lisa and talking about their book, Luann singing her songs at an event promoting Jill’s book were left on the cutting room floor.

    However (kind of a but), the fellow cast-mates who were there when these scenes were filmed are backing up the perception of the viewers on what is being aired. Everyone on scary island has stated in their blogs and their talking heads that they were afraid of and for Kelly and everyone who isn’t Luann (who has her own B grudge) or isn’t in a psychotic state are saying that what you see (Jill being a bitch) is what really happened.

  101. boston02127 says:

    Kelly is claiming she had a breakthru not a breakdown. Hope the link is ok.


  102. NanaLuvsReality says:

    I left two comments on bravo.com, of course the comment I left Jill regarding her advertising for her Sister did not show. I wanted to here her comments about Kelly. I was excited to see that when I checked to see if my comment for Kelly was on there, this is what it said, “Thanks for posting!
    Your comment is pending approval. Come back later to see your comment and responses from other viewers.

    I pointed out to her that she desperately needs help and hopes she does not renew her contract next season. It’s no longer fun watching her. It’s scary and sad.

  103. Adgirl says:

    Loved the complaint pad. Your Notes! My Notes! My Notes!

  104. RileyKitty says:

    I have instituted a complaint pad policy at my house. My son’s first written complaint was about the complaint pads LOL (& that we are out of pop-tarts)

  105. liptontb says:

    OMG — Despite the obvious meltdown, there is no way in hell Cohen and company are going to intervene. Check this out:

  106. austin1963 says:

    I’ve been following your blog for several weeks and I love it! Thanks for having a place where we can snark freely on JZ, LuMan, and the Kellamity.

    I just watched last night’s episode for the second time and it is just as unbelievable the second time around. It really struck me how dirty and greasy and unkempt Kelly seemed. It is beyond just needing a touch-up with a compact; she looks nasty.

    I don’t like Jill, but I have always really, really disliked Kelly. She just has, from day one, seemed stupid and vapid and super self-absorbed. Because Bethenny is so far out of her league intellectually, I think she was trying and failing to play catch-up from day one, a totally losing proposition for her. She has spent so much time and energy trying to convince everyone that she is Bethenny’s victim, when it is clear to anybody with a brain that it is the other way around (just without the whining on Bethenny’s part).

    I really like Sonja so far, and was very impressed with her instincts in the face of Kelly’s freak-out. She seemed to really understand that even though the ladies’ criticisms of Kelly were legitimate, it was unseemly to point it out right as the wackadoodle was having her. . .imbalance. Anyway, Sonja seems very real and down-to-earth, and like she just wants to have a little fun.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      It’s easier for an outsider to recognize when someone has crossed the line than it is for people used to seeing them over an extended period of time. The other women were reacting out of habit, but Sonja was detached enough to see that this wasn’t simple belligerence, but a full-on breakdown. Once the other women realized what she was telling them, they immediately backed off.

  107. zarout says:

    Kelly’s Tweet:
    “nymag.com did a great post interview about tonight. make the brand bigger so i can be more charitable. ”

    Um, exactly what “brand” is she referring to? The only branding I’ve seen as it relates to her is her being branded as CRAZY! It’s not like she produces or creates anything… Am I missing something?

    • austin1963 says:

      Maybe her owl jewelry that she stole from someone else? Or coffee table books filled with bikini-clad people (a real literary work!)?

  108. Adios Lunatic says:

    liptontb says:
    May 21, 2010 at 7:38 pm
    OMG — Despite the obvious meltdown, there is no way in hell Cohen and company are going to intervene. Check this out:

    Oh no, now Bravo and Andy Cohen (who is also an exec producer on RHONY) will be rewarded for showing Kelly’s meltdown, breakdown, breakthrough or whatever words describe it.

    From the Bravo message boards it says Kelly was gone after that awful night — just magically gone………so won’t the Evil One be surprised when she shows up to “surprise” everyone…………..

    • Zarout! says:

      Well, at least Jill can’t say she contributed to the ratings for this episode.

      • Zarout! says:

        I should have said she can’t take credit for the ratings. Lord knows she would if she could.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Wonder if the producers hustled Kelly out of the VI since she was clearly over the edge? Wonder if we’ll find out.

      • MorgaineSwann says:

        The description of the next episode says that the women wake up to find that Kelly left during the night. My guess is that the producers realized Kelly was in trouble and whisked her back to NYC before someone got hurt. In the state she was in, she was a danger to herself and the others.

  109. Need a Hobby says:

    Well since the ratings are significantly higher for this season’s ongoing trainwreck, then I wonder if Bravo will show more of Kelly’s long day’s journey into paranoid delusion. Bethenny wrote in her Bravo blog that the whole thing was worse than what we saw?

    How will Bravo resist showing more of the unaired footage at least in their “lost footage” special? Yes, it would be exploiting a person who clearly has issues, but it’s Bravo. And Kelly would rationalize (to the extent she does) that it would be giving her a larger platform to enhance her “brand” and charitable work, or whatever. If Bravo aired an extended version of Kelly’s meltdown you know the ratings would be through the roof.

    Bravo, the cast & crew sure kept the lid on Kelly’s “episode.” I don’t recall seeing anything in the press from “unnamed inside sources” (aka Jill?) about this. Teresa in her blog for Bravo NYC said she talked to the ladies after they returned from the VI and they were all “complete wrecks.”

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I think the part about them being contractually bound not to talk about “spoilers” is true – they weren’t allowed to talk about what happened. I also think, based on what Bethenny said in her blog, that they kept it quiet because of concern for Kelly. In the preview, she says it took her a long time to recover from the trip. I have a feeling Kelly was in the hospital for a bit before she attends the lunch with the Jill team.

  110. CdnFillie says:

    This whole thing is out of control. Did anyone else hurt in your stomach watching this episode? Somehow I don’t think Bravo will do anything to help..after all they got the highest ratings last night. That sucks :<

  111. Adios Lunatic says:

    I’m surprised nothing was leaked on what happened in the VI. Can you imagine what the ratings on the Reunion Show will be? Andy better grow a pair and address this whole mess since the news and blogs are wild with it and next week with the promise of Jill showing up will send the ratings through the roof again.

  112. spikeyweed says:

    Hi Lynne, first time posting but have been reading for weeks. It’s been very entertaining! If it hasn’t been done yet I googled “satchels of gold” and found a reference for it that sounds very ‘Kelly’ to me. It’s from a PC video game played on Face Book called “Mouse Trap.” The satchels of gold are one of the types of ‘loot’ you collect as part of the game:


    (scroll down a bit and you’ll see it at the bottom.)

    Now I don’t do FB but I know they’ve lots of games. I could so see Kelly Bensimon playing something as moronic as this game sounds all day, lol.

    And not to let Jill feel left out: She was 100% out of line to get on that ice during a pro practice session…and she admitted to not asking anyone! She could’ve caused a major accident. She’s narcissistic to the point that she’s a danger to others. And as to that uber-mini competition dress she was wearing, OMFreakingG…LOL.

  113. iceNfire says:

    Okay comments now posting at my non blog practice site. Glad to see some of you using it! – http://icennfire.wordpress.com/

    • shantygal says:

      OK Ice – my picture is loading next to my posts on your blog, but not here on Lynn’s. Is there another step I need to take?

  114. Squirrels says:

    Two points if I may.
    One- Bravo is owned by NBC. Should it be the parent site folk contact to voice their concerns?
    Two- Only the Kelly blog via Bravo is seemingly open to opinion. Others are frozen @ 7-15-21. Kelly? 82. WTF?

  115. Adios Lunatic says:

    Squirrels — look at the time stamps on Kelly’s 82 — most are from last night and hardly any made it past the Bravo editors between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. I can just imagine what kind of things people were sending in today. Most of Kelly’s are people calling her wackadoodle and asking her to please get off the show and get help.

    Probably should address concerns to both NBC and Bravo to make sure they are heard. I imagine after the posts are digested some more scathing articles about what this episode could do to the future of reality tv (airing footage of a woman coming mentally undone).

  116. skogsstig says:

    @ spikeyweed – Thanks! That reference to satchels of gold makes sense. As much as anything makes sense when it comes to Kelly….

  117. Squirrels says:

    Adios – I’m waiting for the misogyny button to be pushed. I see that as the response of women who find the men running the show exploiting women to this degree atrocious. Personally, I still think its stunted emotional growth (prepubescent) combined with drugs and she should be called out. Interesting situation.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      Hi, Squirrels

      I think there are multiple issues going on with Kelly, but there’s no doubt she was suffering from paranoid delusions and has been since the beginning. In most cases, mental illness and drug abuse go hand in hand.

  118. Adios Lunatic says:

    Squirrels — I suspect this is going to get a whole lot bigger than just a couple of episodes of reality TV. How many housewives franchises are we going to have? Honestly, I thought adding New Jersey was pushing it and now we have Beverly Hills and DC (is that one still a go? I’m not sure after the gatecrashing fiasco………..)

    I used to really, really enjoy the housewives franchise but they just seem to be getting meaner and meaner. And lets face it, would people really watch men having these interactions? Not a chance — although I have to say my male friends are more off the charts crazy (in a good way) and gossipy than my female friends!

    All in all, I think we will be in for an onslaught of press on this no matter which side they all come down on……………. I say we dial down the crazy on all of the housewives shows and get back to the relationships — that being said, they need to be real relationships and not these contrived ones. I enjoy watching Ramona and Sonja because they were already friends. Bethenny and Alex are friends; Ramona has been (except for the bridge incident) a friend. The NJ wives are family and friends (except for Danielle who was only kinda friends before the show with Jac).

    Just my two cents.

    • aformerjillfan says:

      I agree Adios! I’m getting so tired of all the different housewive franchises. Won’t be watching OC (ruined by Vicki and Tamra), Atlanta (too much fighting), NJ (too dark), or Beverly Hills (no interest whatsoever). Maybe I’ll watch Washington and maybe New York, depending, but definitely will watch Bethenny’s show. I don’t like to watch exploitation of someone with obvious mental or health or drug problems like this. It’s not necessary. All the Jill drama this year was not necessary.

      • desertgal66 says:

        Atlanta would be more interesting, I think, if the women were actually Southern. With the exception of NeNe and Kandi, none of them are from the South-Lisa was born in California, Kim in Connecticut, and Sheree in…I forget where…Indiana? Missouri?

        The catfighting on that show is stupid. Throw some more real steel magnolias into the mix, and the show would kick ass.

      • MorgaineSwann says:

        You’d be hard pressed to find Southern society ladies that would behave badly on camera. It just isn’t done.

        I only watch NY and NJ and once Bethenny has her own show, I won’t watch NY if Kelly is on it and she isn’t. Kelly has no business being on TV. This was a tragedy and using it to make ratings is just wrong.

  119. zoekayla says:

    Hi everyone! Wow…I had to attend to some pressing work and then I come back to a major —-storm over a photo. I had left the blog open on my laptop, so I was able to read through it up to where Lynn gave us the link to this new site. I know you’ll think I’m nuts, but I still haven’t watched the episode yet. I am going to do that in a few minutes…then I’ll return and read through your comments. It is great to see familiar names here….hi to squirrels 🙂

  120. boston02127 says:

    tweet from Jill
    I watched the Doctor’s today when I was with @Robin_McGraw and @pattistanger. Thank you so much for making me feel like family. XO

    They probably put the TV on so Jill would shut up!!!

    • realminkey says:

      She sure does spend a lot of time tweeting a lot of nothing. She needs a hobby, I’d say.
      And boy, you know you’re on the “fabulous circle of friends” D-list, when these are the names you drop. Remember that argument last season she had with Ramona about the Social Register? Well, this new fabulous circle she’s got ain’t in it, that’s for sure.

  121. Anitabee says:

    Can someone explain to me why having a breakdown is going to make Kelly more charitable?

    Does she know the definition of the word charitable? Is she mistaking it with likable?

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      She thinks this will make her more desirable to represent various charities. I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t have a negative effect on her appearances. I can’t imagine people wanting her, unless it’s as a representative for a mental illness or mental hospital.

  122. Squirrels says:

    Hi zoekayla …. here is your glass of pinot grigio for the ride.

  123. Anitabee says:

    The real Kelly:


    It seems she has always been a whackadoodle. It’s just that socialites tend to forgive anyone with a beautiful face. Too bad it’s real people like us know that it’s only skin deep. Someone with sense should have intervened a long long time ago. It’s sad that she has no one that cares enough about her to do so.

    • doxienurse says:

      Ok , She recently tweeted that Gilles was no one when she married him. Here she says more is expected of her because of her last name.

      Which one is it liar?

    • austin1963 says:

      Beauty is only skin-deep and Kelly’s is fading fast anyway. Leathery, greasy skin, unkempt, dirty hair, strange body type, weird facial movements – none of this says “sunshiney beauty”!

      I also get the impression that no one really cares enough about her to help her. She does not seem close to family, she is not a girl’s girl, so she has not or cannot develop the strong female bonds that most of us enjoy, and her ex and kids seem to merely tolerate her. I thought of that immediately when she started shrieking at Bethenny, “No one cars about you, Bethenny, no one cares about you!” Textbook example of projection.

    • jezzibel says:

      puff piece!!!

  124. Squirrels says:

    OK… I just can’t take it anymore. I am by college education and profession (my second, btw), a photographer. Couple things which made me INSANE during the photo shoot.

    A – when working in a situation where you are on the move or near areas where your equip can be damaged easily, use the friggin’ strap. It’s not there to just carry it.

    B – never hold a camera that heavy (and the Nikon is, particularly when you add the extra battery pack she has on the bottom) with ONE hand when shooting. Not if you want the pics to come out clearly.

    C – the lense she was using was at best a 135mm, even she should know when you do model shots, you need at least a 200-400mm. If you don’t, they are going to look much heavier than they really are. (not that the girls are heavy, but it will appear that way due to the mm constraints).

    wonder if and when we’ll see those shots?

    • doxienurse says:

      Wonder how much sand she got in that camera?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Squirrels, I love you so much! You are assuming that the crazy lady we saw has the first clue about taking photos, using camera equipment or what film to use. That is expecting a whole lot from a woman who cant tell fantasy from reality.

      All she knows about photography is the pretty bulb flashes at her and the next day her photo appears in Star Magazine…

  125. karen mueller says:

    I have to say, I already am frustrated just thinking about the reunion. It seems every time he never really calls out these women on their ridiculous behavior. This season is probably the worst of all housewives, due to JZ.
    The thought of her not having to answer for her actions this season, makes me crazy.
    Kelly is a delusional nutjob.

  126. Imseasquared says:

    I think we all need to do a mass emailing to Andy to tell him to find his balls for the reunion show and really hold the HoWives ass to the fire. Enough of the softball questions with no follow up!

  127. RileyKitty says:

    @Karen Mueller I have the same fears. Everything is just going to get glossed over & we will get no real answers just like the Atlanta Reunion. I don’t want to hear from anyone, when asked a question, that was 6 months ago, Andy & I am not rehashing the past. BULLSH*T that is the point of a reunion. In fact I say we start calling it a rehash instead of a reunion. If Andy can’t get to the bottom of everything then let’s get someone in there who can.

    • aformerjillfan says:

      I think the only way they’ll hear us if we keep letting them know what we want changed and contact the sponsors too. The threat of a boycott if certain persons remain and they keep exploiting Kelly is necessary too. Then, if nothing changes, boycott the sponsors and follow up letting them and Bravo know that you’re boycotting. It might be a lot of work, but nothing changes without effort. Otherwise, Bravo won’t do anything differently I think.

      They have actually run the housewives franchise in the ground, but that’s just my opinion.

  128. skogsstig says:

    I looked up 1979 in Wikipedia. In the long list of events, what may have had an impact on young Kelly? That Jimmy Carter was attacked by a jack rabbit while fishing in a swamp? (It probably was just as dangerous as Bethenny…) It was also the UNICEF Year of the Child. We know one who’s stayed put there.

    • doxienurse says:

      Well, I did graduate from college and get married that year but I don’t think that had anything to do with Kelly.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I honestly think the 1979 remark is something someone else has said to Kelly. I have a feeling she heard it from her husband when she’d get emotional. That’s just a guess, but only someone who was an adult in the 70’s would think of it as the “Age of Analysis,” when it was fashionable to see a therapist and do primal scream therapy, etc.

  129. cusi77 says:

    Hello Lynn,

    Thank you for your blog.
    I like you being thoughful and compassionate as you manifest in your writting. Thank you for the links I have been reading during the day.

    I am disgusted with BRAVO TV. In my opinion they were far a beyond irresponsible airing this VERY DISTURBING episode we watched last night, Just for the sake of RATINGS! Exploiting the illness (or whatever Kelly is in) of one of her Cast Stars.

    In here I feel safe to express my discontent.

    In the case of watching – for example- “Intervention”, there is a message of the containing material you are going to watch.

    In the case of RHONY, I used to know, is going to be some kind of drama in how the personalities of These women interact to create some kind of story. They (Bravo producers) were well aware about the footage they had.

    I do not agree in espoiting a weak person. We use to watcht “Kelly in lala-land” without suspecting she could not going in a 5 day vacation dream-nightmare, exposing LIFES and airing it FOR THE SAKE OF RATINGS!

    And I hate Jill Zarin more for been feeding “literal Kelly” whith Alex “Channeling the diable”, Pregnant-high-risk Bethenny “backstabbing”…. Etc.

    Sorry,,, this is my opinion.

  130. karen mueller says:

    If anyone has the link for submitting reunion questions, please repost it. I could only find the WWH question site.

  131. RileyKitty says:

    Some of Kelly’s followers on twitter are clearly drinking too much Kellade. There are people on there who actually think there was nothing wrong with Kelly on last night’s episode. I kinda find that just as scary as Kelly. What is wrong with these people?

    • aformerjillfan says:

      I think that’s scary too, RileyKitty. It does make you wonder about them.

    • spikeyweed says:

      I’m sure a good number of them are just enabling her to encourage more crazy behavior. ‘Tis a cruel world out there and Kelly needs to stay inside for a while.

      She’s also a part of the fashion world and they practically worship crazy train wrecks. I remember Isaac Mizrahi practically creaming over her when he was on Andy’s WWHL show.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      They’re as crazy as she is – it’s as simple as that.

  132. iceNfire says:

    riley you here?

  133. aformerjillfan says:

    Love the new home Lynn! It’s so much nicer! 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work!

  134. shantygal says:

    B-sides’ photocap is up. If this doesn’t make you laugh, you may be as crazy as a Bensimon.

  135. shantygal says:

    If anyone deserves a card, it’s Sonja. A Thank You card. Poor thing was left alone with KKB over and over. Where were Kelly’s good friends Gwyneth & Rachel? Are they blogging about her today?

  136. A former Jill fan says:

    Does anyone know if there will be any delay in taping the reunion show?

  137. A former Jill fan says:

    Doesn’t this person sound so much like someone else we know? Hers is the first comment on this page and I’m CatsNQuilts. Guess she thought she was uncovering some great secret! LOL!


  138. iceNfire says:

    Did everyone figure out that the edit button is next to time of post?

  139. Smompy says:

    Maybe this makes me a coldhearted bitch, but even though I believe that Kelly may actually have some psychiatric issues, I still don’t feel that much sympathy for her. She’s probably a little bit crazy but I doubt she’s really so crazy that she’s incapable of ever controlling herself or recognizing how dreadful her own behavior is. As Lynn (and others) mentioned, Kelly does have a life and is clearly able to function in this world without having a ridiculous emotional breakdown every two seconds. Surely she has plenty of lucid moments. Instead of using those lucid moments to do some self-examination or seek help with her problems, she chooses to blame her nasty lunacy on everyone but herself and keep insisting that she’s always right about everything. Personally I feel like she’s about 10% mental case and 90% narcissistic, immature, envious, entitled brat who’s accustomed to getting away with childish nonsense without being challenged. That’s how come I only have 10% sympathy for her…the other 90% is pure disgust.

    And I have to say I’m really liking this new site a lot. I forgot to save the URL for this blog, so I tried to find it by searching with the keywords “Jill Zarin” and there is a boatload of other blogs here pertaining to the redheaded shrew and to the RHoNYC show itself. Hubpages, you are offically DEAD TO ME!

    • iceNfire says:

      lol Smompy mad at hubpages too? As for Kelly, I’m sticking with
      “Just Plain Old Dumb”

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I think Kelly is stupid, shallow and mean on her good days, and mentally ill on her worst. She’s not a likable person to begin with, but most people don’t know it because her interactions are so superficial. She pops in late, says “Hiiiiieeeee” to a few people, shows off the wretched outfit of the day, then makes an excuse and leaves. She might actually know Gwyneth Paltrow, but they’re not good buddies, just people who attend the same functions on the social scene. The people Kelly thinks are genuine and kind are just tolerating her out of respect for her husband. They don’t expect anything from her. I doubt she has any actual friends, though she might have a few “hangers-on.”

      Until I know differently, I do feel sorry for her. If she’s schizophrenic, she can’t get out of Kelly-land. She’s trapped in her own delusion. If there’s a remedy available and she’s not availing herself of it, that might also be a function of her illness. Truly sick people often don’t know they’re sick and they’re notorious for refusing badly needed medication. When she has one of these meltdowns, she’s a danger to everyone around her, herself included.

      Bethenny was right to be scared and so was Alex. I’d have put the dresser in front of my door that night. It only takes a second and a knife or heavy object for Kelly’s delusion to become someone else’s reality. This is nothing to mess around with. If I were Bethenny, I’d refuse to be in the same place at the same time as she.

  140. dcxicana says:

    The funniest moment for me was in the middle of this whole debacle, the camera pans to Ramona and out of nowhere, someone’s arm comes into frame holding a glass of pinot grigio and hands it to Ramona. Ramona, not even looking at the person who is offering it, takes it without batting an eye. My sisters and I died laughing!

  141. elvirabarker says:

    I may be wrong, but I don’t think so. I see a lot of Jill behind Kelly’s breakdown on Ramona’s trip. Kelly calling Jill. The comment “channeling the devil”; I wonder where that came from? I just have a feeling that Jill was egging her on , non-stop. I also think that Jill was lying through her teeth when she said that she told Kelly not to go. Jill needed her gossip. I also think that Luann was out of that loop. Kelly is usually one who is in and out of social gatherings, so I can’t see her wanting to spent 4 days or more hanging with Ramona. Beth etal without encouragement.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      As loathsome as I find Jill and LuAnn, I don’t think they had any clue what they were dealing with. They’re not deep, or well-informed, and probably have never encountered genuine mental illness in their circles because it’s kept behind closed doors most times. They didn’t know that if you tell Kelly someone is channeling the devil, Kelly is going to start looking for holy water. I’m sure they’ve primed her for that breakdown, but didn’t really understand what they were doing.

  142. Adgirl says:

    Found this on another site. Sounds like our girl Kelly may have this ….

    “I can’t help but make the comparison between Kelly and my teenage son with Asperger’s. For one thing she takes comments literally, like Bethenny’s joke about stomping grapes to make Ramona some wine. No you’re not, I’m going to eat those grapes. This is what my Aspie would think. And her aggravation when people are talking and not focusing on her is also a clue. She has to act out and tell all to zip it. Also she is totally, like, inarticulate. She has nightmares about Bethenny trying to kill her. This also sounds like my son. I really think Kelly is an Aspie. Whatever her diagnosis she needs some help and to get off TV. BTW being an Asperger’s person is fine and easier when you understand why life is so confusing. One cute comment made by my son about Kelly, “That diva is hot off the grill”.

    Nonmember comment from lisa snores, May 21, 2010 at 2:17 AM “

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I see some similarities, but anyone who is delusional might take things too literally. Kelly had a psychotic break that seems more like a mental illness that waxes and wanes rather than a handicap she has all the time. She can be superficially charming to men, and interact with people very well for short periods of time. Asperger’s never goes away.

  143. Adgirl says:

    I’m calling my bookie. Kelly ain’t going to be on the rest of the season. She may be at the reunion show, but I think she’s done on the show.
    What do you think?

    • doxienurse says:

      I thought the same thing Adgirl. After that, I can’t see anyone else filming with her unless its Jill or LuLu. You know the other girls don’t. Of course they may show some out of sync film from before the trip.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      That would have been my bet, too, but we already know that she comes back after the trip and has lunch with Jill, LuAnn and Jennifer. I’d like to think that they sent her home and she was under observation for a bit, but she does come back at least that one time.

      I’m just praying Bethenny stays far away from her.

  144. Need a Hobby says:

    Adgirl: we have a preview of Kelly telling Jill, Lulu & Jennifer her version of what happened on Devil’s Island, so it appears we’ll see something more of her this season.

  145. otaypanky says:


  146. couchon says:

    Kelly, next trip do not call Jill. Call Gynneth. Gynneth is a true friend. I know this because I also enjoy her movies and now she is my friend too. I eat gummi bears and jelly beans at Gynneth’s movies just like you. Now we are all friends. Call me.

  147. Jenni says:

    Does anyone know what Bethenny might have done to Gwyneth & Rachel to trigger Kelly’s remark about them?

  148. ilovelynn says:

    lynn: love the new site, especially the time being posted. How do I change my user name? want to have patsy in it, e.g. patsyloveslynn instead of ilovelynn(which I do, I do). as I said before, they wouldn’t let me use patsy’s boys or my original password.
    hope everyone gets here soon! going back and forth is making me crazy!
    hi hooked, dark sonnet, smompy, et al, glad to see you all here, old friends.

  149. Quincy IL says:

    I follow a bunch of your links today and just want to thank all of your for this adventure. I always googled, but somehow the viewers on this thread find interesting articles that I failed to find so thanks to everyone.

    There was a link on Jill that explained that she fits the category of grandiose narcissist.
    That definition fits when you watch Jill give a large piece of her mind to our Olympic couch who wanted our Olympic hopefuls to practise their jumps when Jill wanted to film herself in that black and fake diamond skating outfit from the 1960s. How many of us would put ourselves over our Olympic hopefuls? Was that heavy set, dyed blonde woman who objected a Bravo producer? If so, wow.

    Kelly was upset that some of the Bravo stars were impolite to the staff of the house and the yacht? It seems in 2006 just before Gilles dumped Kelly, the staff at Gilles’ magazine had issues with Kelly and her demands. I can’t believe that divorce was amicable. I see Kelly clawing Gilles and refusing to let go.

    Alex and Bethenny have said that next week is more interesting than this week’s break down. Jill is going to the island. Is Jill going to have a meltdown?

  150. Quincy IL says:

    I just noticed the links to the Amazon book reviewer who knew about this site and the people who are members. It says that they are from Madrid, Spain. Do they have the Bravo network there? Then Jill is a star in Madrid, Spain. I’m sure she will love that.

    I’m sure Jill is out there looking for information about herself. It fits the profile. I think A Chandler and Lynn Hudson are extremely intelligent women and I’d rather follow them than the rather unattractive, self centered Jill Zarin. Would you like my address, Jill? You can come to my house and watch me shovel horse manure any day.

  151. HD says:

    I don’t really like to talk about the children. All can’t help that her mom is who she is. One of the best things they can do for Ally in regards to her joints is probably redesign her diet which should include a lot of raw foods. I am not sure what she eats but that would probably help a lot.

  152. HD says:

    I am off today and enjoying my day…can anyone direct me where to watch old seasons on Real Housewives of NY? I have got to see if I was missing Jill’s behavior last season or what? I always knew Kelly was a little touched. And I ALWAYS hated Luann. I am just wondering how Jill got by me. Sooooooooooo if anyone knows where I can watch old seasons please let me know. Thanks everyone!

  153. boston02127 says:

    Good morning all…
    Wondering if anyone knows if LuMann is on tweeter?

  154. otaypanky says:

    THIS FROM JILL ZARIN’S WEBSITE: Gotta love this hog.
    Thank you so much for watching the show and for all your support. If you want me to sample your product for review, please address it to:
    Jill Zarin c/o
    Zarin Fabrics
    314 Grand Street
    New York, NY 10002

    • HD says:

      Typical, Jill. When you are REALLY famous you don’t have to beg for products, people just give them to you. Loser!

  155. otaypanky says:

    Here’s more from the Hog’s site: Do what you will with the email addresses.

    For Television, Film, Endorsement and Personal Appearances please contact Brillstein Entertainment Partners at g.rogers@bep-la.com

    Public Relations please us at publicityjz@gmail.com

    Charity requests please contact CAA rtarpley@caa.com

    Speaking Engagements please contact CAA SPEAKERS

  156. boston02127 says:

    @otaypanky~~ I wonder what she means by sampling products. Does she want people to send her stuff? If so, we should send her a muzzle and ask her to “sample”
    wearing it.

  157. otaypanky says:

    Jill told Luann that she was “Thinking of changing her TICKETS”, then state Bobby has a pilot waiting at the airport.
    Which is it you lying skank?
    Shopping in Chopard, she says to Bobby, “You make me happy here and I’ll make you happy tonite” in front of the salesperson. At least she follows her book’s advice. Marry for money, give head for every bauble and you’ll have a happy life.
    Someone please tell me why I hate this Ho-bag so much.

    • desertgal66 says:

      “You make me happy here and I’ll make you happy tonite”.

      Eww. That created a certain mental image that I could have happily never missed.

      And to say that on camera, in front of a salesperson? Eesh. Didn’t she read the Countess’ book? Didn’t anyone read the Countess’ book?

  158. TLM says:

    I don’t think Kelly is on drugs…I think she needs to be on them. To me it really seems she is showing signs of schizophrenia and needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist and medicated.

    She seems to be stuck in obsessive thinking. She has had a track record of latching onto & repeating the same phrases over and over. Last season, it was the condescending cutting people off with “Stooop” and “I won’t indulge you in this.” This season, it’s and “Zip it” and “it’s so gross.” Last season in particular, I think she thought those pet phrases made her sound more intelligent. Well, maybe the first time they did, but after she repeated “I won’t indulge you in this” 50 times, it started to sound less like the words of an intelligent person and more like someone desperately clutching at straws because that was all they had in their linguistic toolbag. It was as if she had a phrase wheel with only three choices at any given moment, and would spin the wheel and spit out one of them regardless of whether it fit the situation or not. Like saying “cute” when she was told Ally suffered from arthritis, or telling someone they’re wearing a pretty dress when they’re in the middle of a heated argument with her.

    Everyone is freaked out by the naked craziness of this last episode that Kelly displayed, but if you think back to last year, there were many times she simply was not making sense. “You’re brunette and I’m blond,” she said to Bethenny at the reunion. “We’re the same.” Huh?? And the time Bethenny met with her to discuss the “I’m up here, you’re down there” in Ally’s bedroom, and we cut to Kelly alone on screen saying B was “talking about a lot of things, and I had no idea what she was talking about.” Seriously? It was all caught on tape, so what would the point be in pretending not to remember? Unless she really has a serious mental problem, and she isn’t pretending. She is showing all the signs of disorganized thinking that are characteristic of someone who is mentally ill.

    In doing a mental evaluation of a patient, psychiatrists will sometimes ask them to explain what the phrase “people in glass houses should not throw stones” means. It’s a way to see if they can understand abstractions. I could not help but think of this when Kelly, who is 41, did not understand the meaning of “taking lemons and making lemonade” or “making a mountain out of a molehill.”

    I know it’s all old news, but something really stuck in my craw about the “I’m up here, you’re down here” thing. Kelly tried to backpedal at the reunion and said it just meant they were in separate places, and that it did not refer to a hierarchy. However, she made it perfectly clear what she meant in that scene, when she said, “You come up to me – I don’t come down to you.” I don’t think anyone ever called her out on this on-camera, but it’s probably because they just wanted the whole thing to go away. However, the person who should have wanted it to go away more than anyone should have been Kelly, but instead she has brought up the “Madonna” and “You come from a place of no” incident three times now, even after purporting to make up with Bethenny twice.

    I honestly felt afraid for Bethenny’s safety watching this last episode. Was it safe to have a woman living in the same house who was suffering from delusions that Bethenny was trying to kill her? What if she tried to “defend herself” in her delusional state by physically attacking Bethenny?? Part of me wonders why Bravo producers did not step in. Isn’t that what producers usually do when someone on a reality show is clearly in mental or physical danger, and it is unethical to continue for the sake of a show? My conscience would not have allowed me to continue with it. If I were producing, I would have to have brought in a doctor to evaluate her, and possibly take her off the show and send her home. Hopefully that’s what happened, but we just haven’t seen it yet.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I agree that Kelly is probably schizophrenic and that Bethenny and Alex, at the very least, were in very real danger being around her. People with paranoid delusions are completely unpredictable. She could seem perfectly normal one second and try to cut someone the next. That’s why I hope Bethenny won’t go anywhere near her, or let her near Jason or Bryn. The woman is a danger to herself and to others, and her recent behavior shows that she continues to have no empathy, insight, or capacity for complex thinking.

  159. Olivia says:

    I have to agree with Bethenny regarding Gwyneth Paltrow. She is a dud.

    • desertgal66 says:

      I agree that Paltrow is a a dud-I’ve never understood the interest in that woman-but Bethenny’s remarks were pretty mean. I doubt Bethenny would disagree that she could have been more tactful, or, better yet, not commented at all.

      But, it’s Bethenny. She’s a spontaneous wiseass. It’s not a secret. And if she sometimes isn’t tactful, at least she is honest. And I have a pretty good idea that Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t need Kelly Bensimon making lemonade out of lemons for her.

  160. little rock says:

    does anyone know : 1. what kelly was talking about when she told jill/luann/jen that bethenny admitted to going after kelly’s kids in the press? (i know it’s bs, i’m just wondering what she’s referring to. if i were bethenny i wouldn’t let that one go – even if kelly is insane.) and 2. what is kelly talking about when she says she was offered her own show? on bravo? (again, i know this is bs,i just can’t believe no one is calling her on this.) and don’t say “you can’t argue with a crazy person” . kelly needs to be held accountable for the lies, otherwise it’s psychotic break= free pass.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Bethenny did not go after Kelly’s kids in the press. The episode that Kelly cites as an example was that, when they all attended a certain function, Bethenny put her hands on Kelly’s kids and “shoved” them to one side so B. could get her picture taken with a unnamed famous person.

      It’s a stupid accusation. If Bethenny Frankel had shoved Kelly’s kids out of her way to get her picture taken with a famous person, it would have been gossip fodder for every tabloid in the country, and it would take any of us about five seconds to find a reference to it on the Internet.

      There’s never been anything in the press to indicate that Kelly was offered her own show. Like most of her crap, it seems to be wholly fictional.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        This is so true! None of the press would have overlooked that.

        Anyway, I’m sure Bethenny wouldn’t shove anybody’s children out of the way!

        And she isn’t the one who drops a “celebrity’s” name every chance she can get. It is Kelly herself that is THE name dropper.

      • mia says:

        Kelly was being considered to cohost for Tim Gunn’s guide to style. They ultimately went with Veronica Webb. On paper Kelly would seem great for that role, but ultimately Andy probably realized she was too spacey and inarticulate for the show. He later contacted her about joining the housewives.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      Kelly has been doing style segments for something called Plum TV but I’ve never heard of it before. Don’t know if it’s local to NYC or online or what.

      Bethenny NEVER said anything about Kelly’s kids. That’s the problem with paranoid delusions. Even if they never happened, the deluded individual will act as if it did in spite of hard evidence to the contrary. If Kelly decides someone is a threat to her kids, watch out. It doesn’t matter if they are or not. There’s no logic when you’re dealing with mental illness. I always say “If it made sense, they wouldn’t call it ‘crazy'” because there’s just no way to anticipate what a nut like that will do.

  161. Olivia says:

    Just to illustrate how fast things change in the world of reality tv, I found this link from last year:


    little rock: No one has found any reference so far to Bethenny dissing Kelly’s kids. She claims that she has been approached by the Lifetime network for a series of her own. Whether it is true or not is something else.

  162. luckyabstraction says:

    I think Jill fed Kelly a bunch of BS – ‘Channeling the devil’ ‘Cook not a chef’ etc and Kelly took it literally. I can easily see Jill saying something like ‘She [Bethenny] is trying to destroy your career – she’ll even go after people’s kids, you need to be careful around her.’ For someone like Kelly the fear generated must have been tremendous.

    Luckyabstraction aka catbird

    • desertgal66 says:


      Take, for example, Jill’s response when Kelly was talking to her on the phone about Bethenny being on an exotic trip after just having lost her father. Kelly said it was “gross” (the woman must have a “word of the day” calendar on her desk and it’s still stuck on May 11, 1979) and Jill said, “I can’t talk about that.” It was pretty apparent that Jill meant that she couldn’t talk about it because it was just too loathsome a subject for her gawgeous mouth to spew.

      Well, WTH is wrong with taking a recuperative trip after you’ve been through the grueling experience of watching a parent die? It’s not as if B. hopped a plane to the island while Bobby Frankel was still warm. He died, she buried him according to his wishes, and she went to the island two days after his funeral. Why does Jill have to make that into something disgraceful and then feed that to Kelly?

      B. wasn’t close to her dad. That definitely wasn’t a secret. She also wasn’t the only person to say that Bobby Frankel would never have won any Father of the Year awards. But, Bethenny did right by her dad in the end, and that is to her credit.

      Life goes on. We can either get busy living or get busy dying – it’s our choice.

  163. otaypanky says:

    HD: Scoop is an upscale, hip retail clothing store. They have several locations. This was not a scene in the show. It was reported recently online and in the papers.

  164. luckyabstraction says:

    Sonja’s blog:
    “I think Kelly must have something good out of that shoot, though”

    It appears Kelly never followed through with her plan to give them a booklet with the pictures.

    • doxienurse says:

      Why am I not surprised. There probably wasn’t any memory in the camera. Or batteries.

  165. Olivia says:

    Jill must be the only one delighted this week since most of the attention has been reserved for Kelly’s actions. What cracks me up is that over at Bravo they seem to be once again monitoring the blogs. However, their are some that are praising Lu Ann for her “insight”. Give me a break!

    This same moron has done nothing but stir up trouble and act as a rubber stamp for anything coming out of Jill’s nasty mouth and head. It often looks as if she is attached to her by Velcro and assumes the role of “bodyguard in residence” yet there are those who are overlooking her past assaults and behavior by yammering about her “personal insights” into a situation that for once did not involve her.

    I think what happened is that she and Jill were unaware of Kelly’s entire behavior until it was shown nationally and they each decided to distance themselves knowing that this was not going to go down well with the viewers. Just watch that little snippet in the restaurant for next week’s show and you will see both Jill and Lu Ann smirking at Kelly as she “explains” her travails on the trip. They are the most two faced hypocrites to appear on any show and to heap praise on either of them for pointing out the obvious when they have been fanning the flames from the outset is just nuts.

    Jill, on the other hand, is decrying the change in atmosphere during this season as if she herself was not the one from the outset who was instigating the attacks on Bethenny with the sole purpose of destroying her. The hypocrisy is astounding yet there are commentators still voicing their support of this witch who must be enjoying a period of amnesia to be able to overlook the poison she has spread throughout.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      From what I’ve seen around the internet, Jill hasn’t escaped any wrath this week. In fact, it seems to be just as much, if not more, since she is seen as not caring about her friend Kelly when Bethenny called her and told her Kelly needed help. Especially after Jill was seen talking with the countess about dropping in to “surprise” Ramona. Bravo certainly included that scene for a purpose, didn’t they?

  166. GreatExpectations says:

    Hi, just making the switch from the other site. Reposting this comment:

    I have to say calling a woman in the first trimester of an at-risk pregnancy a ho-bag and tormenting her non-stop over calling you Madonna is without justification. I know I had read somewhere that pregnant women are even more likely to become the victims of abuse, especially by other women.

    The whole scene was tinged with the Alpha female (self perceived) to be trying to beat down another in the pack she viewed not worthy of reproducing.

  167. Olivia says:

    Kelly hates Bethenny. Hates her. It would be foolish to expect her to show any consideration toward her either for the passing of her father or the fact that she was in the early stages of pregnancy. In watching a repeat of these last several episodes, it is clear that Kelly was hellbent on drawing Bethenny into a confrontation. She refused to let up. Kelly was on a mission either to vindicate her “good friend” Jill or to get back at her for perceived slights from the past two seasons.

    She is snide in many of her comments and keeps “digging” at Bethenny at any given opportunity. She failed to understand that Bethenny was not mourning the death of her father as much as she was mourning the loss of a relationship that apparently her father never wanted to have with her. When Bethenny pointed out that her father’s last comment was that he had “lived a good life” it only brought home to Bethenny that he did so without her being a part of it. Even Sonja, one step from passing out on the booze, was capable of seeing that yet Kelly kept yammering on having missed the point. She seized on the one thing that she knew would hurt Bethenny the most: that “no one likes you. No one cares about you” which was exactly what Bethenny was feeling with regard to her father. That was a direct broadside to what Bethenny was feeling and it hit its mark.

    This statement alone illustrates just how mean and hateful Kelly can be. She knew exactly what she was doing in that one scene alone. She aimed for the heart and she hit her target head on. She got to Bethenny where she lives. For that much alone, what she did was unforgivable.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Olivia- THIS is it! You have really perfectly explained exactly what happened! If you add to this Kelly’s constant insistence that Bethenny is not a chef, but a cook, another poke that Kelly knew would hit Bethenny the hardest. Kelly isn’t mentally unstable, she is, as you said, mean and hateful! I am still not convinced that drugs are not involved but drugs or not, Kelly’s behavior is meant to hurt people.

      She also did it to Alex, and remember Kelly shutting down Ramona when she started to talk about her mother’s death? Ramona was attempting to defend Bethenny’s right to be there shortly after her father died. Kelly hates all of these women. (maybe not Sonja, who knows) I think she hates Ramona and Alex because they like and support Bethenny.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        I think it could be a combination of being mean and hateful and a mental/drug/health problem.

      • MorgaineSwann says:

        I think Kelly is the perfect storm of mental illness – she starts out being a shallow, mean, stupid person then she’s sick on top of it and possibly does drugs as well. If she were in good mental health, she would still be shallow, mean and stupid.

      • cusi77 says:

        Dear Lynn,

        About Kelly’s comment to Alex “vampire” look…

        Last night I was watching the HWONY in Jennifer’s, when Alex confronts Jill… something came to my mind! Alex black dress, furious, pale… Alex could have given the impression to be a vampire…. or after she left (without cameras) probably there were comments like Alex was like a vampire…

        Otherwise there is no way for “literal” Kelly to make that remark at the table to Alex. Alex is always refined, cool and collected…

        It is just a thought

        Best regards

  168. otaypanky says:

    Kelly can only know what she is doing if she possessed a lucidly functioning brain. She does not. Paranoia is not pretty. As a matter of fact, that is what we witnessed. There is no rhyme or reasoning for or with a paranoic once they set upon their target. Kelly is a victim of her mental disease. Unfortunately, so is Bethenny. Kelly’s tweets and interviews since she filmed these episodes are nothing more than her continuing in her disease. She truly believes everything her mental disorder feeds her. She’s become Jill’s lackey and doesn’t know she’s being used. She is sick and vulnerable.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I agree, but she still could be mean and hateful too.

      I don’t think it will ever sink into Kelly’s brain that no matter what she says or does against Bethenny, nobody believes Kelly now (except maybe a few poor, deluded souls!).

      • MorgaineSwann says:

        Kelly is not capable of that kind of insight. It would require empathy to know how another person feels and she has none. When she says she doesn’t care, she really means it.

  169. AnnoyingJill says:

    Lynn- I’m glad you have a new site. Don’t like the Hub Pages. How will we know when you update this blog?

    That was a great recap. I don’t think Kelly is on drugs I think she took her crazy pills. She has always hated B and thought B was beneath her. Now she is crazy jealous that B who is beneath her has all these great things happening in her life. Since Kelly said she wants to have another baby and get married again, B has that in addition to a thriving career that Kelly doesn’t have.

    It wasn’t a perfect episode like last week because Jill had her brief appearances and ruined it! Still hate Jill more than anyone!

    I did notice that Ramona seemed rude to the staff. Last week the way she barked “Where’s my wine?” and her overall attitude. I didn’t notice Sonja being as dismissive but I’ll watch it again to catch it. It is annoying how Sonja is always throwing in her houses, and yachts, blah,blah,blah. She was only a restaurant hostess who married a billionaire, you would think she would be more polite to the help. Ramona should be as well. The only one who I would expect to be rude is JillZaaarin since she has her sense of entitlement. I hope that Jill doesn’t go after this blog!!!! I love it!!!!

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Jill doesn’t have the power to go after this blog. Jill may want to silence her critics, she may even try to silence her critics, but she is effectively impotent in doing this. She has tried to scare reviewers and critics into silence with accusations and threats, but it doesn’t work because she doesn’t realize that we will celebrate and exercise our freedom of speech without succumbing to a playground bully. Jill needs to grow up!

  170. Quincy IL says:

    Kelly was at times, nice to Bethenny. She said that a pregnant person should get the better cabin on the yacht and said that cooking was a lot of work for Bethenny.
    I think Kelly was sincere when saying these things. Kelly just has a wire loose as Bethenny suggested. BBBBzzzzzzzzzzzz wires cross and a spark goes off.

    • Love RHNY says:

      Yes, I also noticed Kelly’s attempts at being friendly to Bethenny. She seemed concerned with Bethenny’s health at the dinner. And not to incur the wrath of other posters but at the breakfast when Bethenny was screaming that Kelly was starting it and to stawwwwp, it was actually Bethenny who started it. She asked one of the other girls in front of Kelly if they had been called a hobag. Then Kelly started calling Bethenny a cook.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      She has an occasional lucid moment, but they don’t seem to last long.

      • cusi77 says:

        @ Morgained— I like your insights. You realy know what is going on with Kelly. Makes sense. I do not have any other degree than to be an Art Teacher, but I do not see Kelly as malicious, just exploited by other malicious people.

      • cusi77 says:

        @ Morgained— I like your insights. You really know what is going on with Kelly. Makes sense. I do not have any other degree than to be an Art Teacher, but I do not see Kelly as malicious, just exploited by other malicious people.

  171. otaypanky says:

    Another very good recap article. Also, seems even this author hates Jill Zaaariiiin


  172. iceNfire says:

    HD – Has anyone mentioned that past seasons are at Hulu.com? Type in Real Housewives of New York & season you want.

    • iceNfire says:

      hmmm No edit key. It’s funny too see how much they have aged in 3 short seasons.

    • HD says:

      Thank you sooooooooo much! I have got to see if I was blind last season or what?! I don’t know how Jill’s evil ways got by me. Maybe Bethanny was able to buffer some of her horrible personality traits.

  173. otaypanky says:

    I really have to reiterate that if it weren’t for Sonja’s recognition of what was truly going on, someone may have been hurt.
    Kelly was right there, right up to the line. Paranoids are completely capable of physical violence. They are in their minds literally fighting for their lives.
    These women were right to be fearful.
    Given we watched just the tip of the iceburg (sp?) of this phychotic episode. perhaps, she did get violent. She was incredibly far gone. That’s why as viewers, so many of us felt sick to our stomachs and fearful.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I agree – Sonja got through to them at just the right moment. They were too used to being around Kelly to see how far gone she really was. When the light bulb went off, though, they were able to bring the situation back down to earth at least for a minute. Ramona tweeted that they had to leave the table to get away from Kelly.

  174. RileyKitty says:

    I think I found a flaw in the new blog site & it seems to be the reply button. iceNfire I am going to use you as an example, I hope you won’t mind. I read through the comments once, when I step away for a bit I come back hit refresh & pick up where I left off. If iceNfire is behind me in her reading & replies to someone as she goes along then I will miss it. I don’t want to miss anything witty someone might say or link to.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Do you have individual posts sent to your email? I did, but turned it off last night. Now, I think I may turn it back on.

  175. Just a Commoner says:

    em2, thanks for the link to the Page 6 columns!

    Kelly, February 15, 2009:

    “Oh my God, my face is on buses. I’m in a taxi on my way to the Rangers game the other day and I see an ad for Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City (the second season premieres Tuesday). I’m reading the tagline, “Six in the city” and then I look closer and I’m like, “Oh my God, I’m the sixth in the city!” I’m a Columbia graduate whose favorite restaurant in New York is the trustee dining room at the Met—and I’m watching the teaser for the show thinking, “Is that really me?” I’m not used to all this drama. With six independent women, there’s going to be some heat and during filming, there was an altercation with one particular cast member. I told her I wouldn’t put up with that kind of feisty behavior. But I’d definitely do the show again. I’m a single working mom and I’ve created this amazing life. I’m hoping that doesn’t inspire jealousy, but aspiration. I want people to be like, “How did Kelly do that?” I want them to see a woman who’s having a lot of fun but without being aggressive.
    You can have it all—with a smile too.”

    I didn’t know the trustee dining room at the Met serves gummi bears and Corona. Huh! You learn something new every day!

    I’m going to go smile now. Byeeeeeee!!

    • doxienurse says:

      Can she be more pretentious?

      • MorgaineSwann says:

        No, I’d say Kelly is pretty much at the saturation point for pretentiousness. I want to feel sympathy for her, but she’s so obnoxious – she’s constantly talking about how great she is.

  176. otaypanky says:

    Testing new gravatar

  177. otaypanky says:


  178. iceNfire says:

    ilovelynn – Click on my name to have your questions about name change and picture answered.

    lol @ RileyKitty “I don’t want to miss anything” – (me neither)

  179. iceNfire says:

    otay could you check and see if there is an edit button on my non-blog? I dont see one here but Isee one at practice site.

  180. squirrelsrspeedbumps says:

    had to change my nic. who knew anyone else would want to be known as squirrels? hurrumphhh

    • iceNfire says:

      Squirrels – Huh? You can have any display name you want. User name connot be copied. i.e. my user name is icennfire because iceNfire was taken. But my display name IS iceNfire. Get it? Double click my name – lol.

  181. Just a Commoner says:

    LOVE this comment on Jill’s Bravo blog:


    Jill, empty nest syndrome can be very difficult. If I can over you any advice to get over it, it is to get a hobby.

  182. RileyKitty says:

    didn’t see an edit button on the practice site either iceNfire, must be just blog owner who can edit.

  183. DarkSonnet says:

    smompy – Scooch over, I’m sitting next to you on the Kelly bus. We just witnessed this type of episode for the first time, it has happened many times before in her life. She is a manipulative, entitled individual who demands attention and fixates on others that she perceives as blocking the “Kelly Spotlight”. She handles situations at the maturity level of a 12 year old. Add this to the mental instability issues, cause yet to be determined, and what you see is what you get. I believe there are several underlying issues in play here, but she is capable of some control when it is important to her or I should add, when she achieves her goal of control. Look at the total change of expression and attitude after everyone, especially Bethenny, assures her that everything is going to stop and that she is meant no harm.

    I am not disputing there aren’t issues here, watching that show was painful. We exhibit concern for Kelly but what about the other people involved? Toward the end of filming, there was fear on their faces. I cut Bravo no slack here as far as their decision to exploit this horrific situation. They should be renamed “Bravho” after this quest for ratings gold.

    Bravho knew exactly how the bad the situation was. They took steps to secure everyone/everything and I believe Kelly was removed.

    The vile JZ has immeasurable powers, doesn’t she? She can manage to add rocket fuel to a fire over great distances. Her grubby fingerprints are probably all over this more than we realize.

    I don’t believe a word coming from Kelly’s mouth. Not a word about anything at anytime.

  184. couchon says:

    Andy Cohen is afraid of Jill and in denial. Andy created this twirling Monster on Ice and then disregarded SJC’s hint that mental health professionals be included at at the Reunion from Hell. A priest may also be in order for an exorcism to scatter the devils Kellamity sees in the housewives. If not a priest -then Rev.Al Sharpton- for reasons that only Kellamity knows. Bethenny and Alex need to go to the lowest levels of their houses and ride out Tornado Bravo in a safe place with the ones they love. Does anyone else share my feeling of impending reunion doom?

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I see a lot of trouble if Kelly is not on meds (or off anything else she shouldn’t be taking). I do not see any of the other housewives backing off–Ramona, Alex or Bethenny. Sonja will be more diplomatic, but she’ll probably let it loose if necessary. She was calling it like it was with Kelly for a while there until they all realized (with her in the lead) that they needed to stop confronting and just diffuse. The only thing that can be done with someone like that is to try to calm them down and make sure they don’t hurt someone or themselves.

      The only responsible thing for the Bravo team to do afterward would have been to remove Kelly from that situation for her own protection (from herself). If they did not do this, I’d be surprised.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      I’m not expecting a lot of “reality” from the reunion show. I’m expecting LuAnn to assume a lower profile where Kelly & Bethenny are concerned. I do expect her to be supportive and defensive of Jill. And I expect Andy to do his usual defense/protection of Jill.

      I never predict what Ramona will say or do, but she may feel somewhat empowered this year. (did she mention, she’s reNewed?)

      Kelly will attempt to put her best foot forward and play nice, but if she feels Bethenny is getting too much positive attention, or any attention, or is breathing, then all bets are off.

      Alex will not hesitate to enter the fray in a supportive role, but I’m not sure she will initiate any drama. Sonja will sit directly in the middle.

      Bethenny is in a unique position this year. Postpartum hormones can be beast and motherhood has changed her priorities in life. That said, if she gets jabbed, she will most certainly jab back, Bethenny style.

      Jill, given her current position with all of the negative press, will be positive, non-judgmental and will bury all past perceived transgressions, preferring to move on with the future. Rainbows, cartwheels, lollipops and gummi bears. (learned from her newest BFF). Oh wait… that would be if she had one iota of self-awareness and wasn’t a narcissistic, vile, obnoxious person. I expect Jill to be Jill, in all her glory, but attempting to defuse negative situations by answering “I can’t talk about that”.

      The usual dynamic created by long stretches of filming could be impacted by Bethenny’s inability to comply with the usual schedule. BravHo usually films two eight hour sessions, taking very few breaks other than lunch. When the train is roaring down the tracks content wise, they don’t take their scheduled breaks. Bethenny is nursing and I don’t know how they are planning to work around this. But having more break time to cool off could certainly have an effect on drama content. In addition, the filming could be exhausting for her.

      Those are my expectations for the reunion this year! Only time will tell!

  185. RileyKitty says:

    @DarkSonnet – I agree. After witnessing her behavior on the trip & then watching the previews of her account of what happened. I don’t believe anything Kelly says ever. All the honestlies (sorry not sure how to pluralize honestly) in the world can’t convince me she would know the truth if it bit her on the gummibear. She could tell me the sky is blue & grass is green & I would need to double check.

  186. RileyKitty says:

    I have reached a level of patheticness I think only you all will understand. I wanted to sit outside it is a gorgeous day here in my corner of IL but didn’t want to leave the blog… so here I am on the deck with my laptop LOL

  187. Jenni says:

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if the whole trip had been more like this? Well, minus the choking part….

    • myname2use4now says:

      YES! It would have been so much more fun to watch if the whole episode had been four fun ladies on vacation together with no drama. Instead, we get to watch Kelly have her psychotic episode. Not much fun.

    • doxienurse says:

      Notice its their last nite on the island and Shrill isn’t there. I guess after surprise ambush, her and Bawby realize they are not welcome.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      YES! There’s so much to that Villa and the island that could have been explored. Some of us will never get to experience anything like that. It would have been nice to really enjoy it.

  188. deehub says:


  189. Squirrels says:

    Thanks iceNfire – that made life easier

  190. Squirrels says:

    I’m having a hard time discerning which is true. Kelly’s admission of being embarrassed last week or believing everyone and their brother is to blame this week? If she can’t explain it, how can I comprehend the flip flop?

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      Kelly’s state of mind can change drastically from one minute to the next. If she were bipolar, they’d call it “rapid-cycling,” but I don’t think she’s bipolar, I think she’s schizophrenic.

  191. fahabulous says:

    Kelly is an AMAZING writer… This from a year ago…

    “Reality bites, but it doesn’t draw blood”
    My name is Kelly Killoren Bensimon.
    If there is one thing you should know about me is that I am not what you may think I am. I am not spoiled. In fact, I have been working since I was 16 just like most of you. And, I went to high school and college just like most of you. And, I have two kids just like you. And, I have amazing parents and a twin brother and an older sister, maybe not just like you, but I do have siblings, just like you. What makes me different is that I am me, and you are you…


    • sanfran says:

      WTF? I’m not Kelly? I’m someone seperate from her? This is all very disturbing. Am I Al Sharpton playing a lawyer in a Few Good Men? Who am I if I’m not Kelly? I need to run down a hallway now to get a jellybean. After I do that, I’m sure I’ll understand.

  192. Cleo's Mommy says:

    My guess is that Bravo didn’t know how disturbed Kelly actually was until she had her breakdown on the trip. I mean they must have known something wasn’t right, but they didn’t know just how wrong things were. Now that they do know I agree that they should not renew her contract for another season, because it would be exploiting her – she’s clearly delusional, incapable of seeing what is in her best interest, and could be a danger to the cast and crew.

    However, as uncomfortable as it was to watch her psychotic episode, I don’t begrudge Bravo for showing it. Choosing not to show it might have protected Kelly from public scrutiny (and embarrassment,) but it also would have enabled her to continue to possibly endanger others who would have remained unaware of how unwell or drugged up or whatever it is that she is. What Kelly exhibited was frightening. There are probably many people in her personal and professional lives who are unaware of how disturbed she is and who are better off knowing. Would you want her representing your company (after all she was the ambassador of wool) or taking care of your kids if they’re friends with her kids? And I think that anyone and everyone who has anything to do with her daughters at all (teachers, relatives, friends, her kids friend’s parents, babysitters, neighbors) need to be aware of this, because she could be a danger to her children.

    Bethenny said in her blog that the worst was not shown, so Bravo did exhibit some self-control in the editing process.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      The only problem with that is that once you’ve been labeled with a mental illness, it follows you even if you’re better. There’s no need to be afraid of someone who is controlled with medication, but now she’s always going to scare some people, even if she gets help.

  193. Squirrels says:

    Also, I wonder if Kelly will just disappear from the villa in the middle of the night or actually thank her hostess and take her leave in the am?

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I read a description of next week’s episode that seems to indicate she leaves in the middle of the night. I would hope someone – a producer or the captain of the ship – would have intervened and taken her out of the situation. Sometimes, just changing the setting can calm a person having a breakdown.

  194. angelofdevs says:

    Kelly cannot decide which PR tactic to take. She defends, she ignores and then she blames. I think she still has major issues and Bravo needs to remove her from the show. I also think Bravo should offer her mental help and certainly should have a professional present at the reunion show. That girl is a major incident waiting to happen.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Agree wholeheartedly!

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I agree. I wish someone around her would take her access to Twitter and FaceBook away from her for a while. She’s not helping herself with all those posts that make her appear to still be out of touch with reality.

  195. TLM says:

    Squirrels, after seeing the Ramona choking clip, it looks like Kelly DID leave. Why else would they all be so relaxed and saying the four of them bonded, and how nice their dinner was, etc.? It seems like KB had left at that point, and thank God, even though unfortunately the damage was done. Reading the blogs, they all said it was the vacation from hell afterward.

    • Squirrels says:

      LooLoo says, “I don’t blame you for leaving”, at the foursome lunch in the preview.

  196. Squirrels says:

    Fahabulous – To borrow a phrase from Susan Saunders, “Literary genious”.

  197. TLM says:

    Reading that “reality bites” thing KB wrote reminded me that if in fact she has left the show, I’ll be happy never to hear the word “amazing” again. Ever.

  198. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Not sure if you guys read this already but Ramona wrote on her FB page that the reunion is being taped on Wednesday.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Well, that’s too soon to send Andy a card. I’ve already told him what I think about Jill, and Bravo’s showing Kelly’s “breakdown”.

      Maybe that’s why there has been a bit of an increased effort by a very few other Amazon “customers” to try to silence us on Amazon (which won’t work!). Pathetic!

      • iceNfire says:

        Wednesday? Before Jill ambushes Ramona’s Vacay? Something’s wrong in that they don’t wait til after viewers see all of this season’s episodes.

      • iceNfire says:

        Wednesday? Before Jill ambushes Ramona’s Vacay? Something’s wrong in that they don’t wait til after viewers see all of this season’s episodes.
        What’s the point of asking viewers to email Andy with reunion questions?

      • A former Jill fan says:

        They do seem to be rushing the reunion don’t they?

        But I had heard a month ago or so that the reunion was set up for this month and was going to be shown in June.

        What’s the rush is a good question!

        Filing for season 4 should begin by summer–mid to late. Hmmm…

        I think it was last year in June they announced who was coming back for the 3rd season, so maybe we’ll know soon.

  199. realminkey says:

    The last episode and public fallout will still be very fresh in Kelly’s mind when she tapes that show Wednesday. Not good for her state of mind. It’s not going to be a pretty scene on that set.

    • Squirrels says:

      So the big question, will Kelly be there and if so, will she be treated with kid gloves? The bigger question, will Jill be called out on Amazongate/Babygate? That’s what I want to see.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        I wonder how big the backlash will be if Andy doesn’t touch on some of these major topics–Amazongate, Kelly. Can you imagine?

      • realminkey says:

        This reunion will be a real test of Andy Cohen’s professional, social, moral and ethical conscience.

  200. NT says:

    hey guys, did anyone watch wwhl with sarah jessica parker? someone alluded to a comment she made about jill and gloria but i’m curious to know if she said anything else about rhony. i’m out of the country right now so i can’t watch any bravo previews or clips

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I watched it. She’s on Bethenny’s side, she thinks they should have medical personnel there for the reunion and she’s afraid of Jill and Gloria. That’s all I can remember.

  201. Squirrels says:

    Hi NT – when asked if she felt Bethenny or Jill was wrong she answered she believed Bethenny was “wronged”. She couldn’t see Jill’s side of the story as her own (SJP’s) reality.
    She also mentioned she hoped there would be medical professionals at the reunion (re: Kelly). Andy responded, it will be cool. She replied, uh, ok – if you say so. (Paraphrasing here).

    • NT says:

      Thank you, squirrels! I was thinking the same thing about the medical professionals 🙂 It’s going to be like Vietnam, as Bethenny predicted.

  202. couchon says:

    Bravo should have had a bit of sensitivity and not titled the latest RHNYC show “Sun, Sand, and Psychosis.” This makes me think that the reunion could be painful to watch.
    I also share Kelly’s gummi bear binges when tense and on Reunion eve will be telling the grocery cashier that the delicious bears are not for me but my grandchildren.

  203. celeste says:

    I think Kelly takes steroids. Look at the muscles on her – she’s like a professional body builder. Her voice is husky too. I think she flies into uncontrollable tempers due to ‘roid rage. I mean she beat up her boyfriend last year! And I’m positive she’s on drugs – maybe r/x drugs like Ritalin or benzos, or maybe she does cocaine. The woman is scary as hell.

  204. fahabulous says:

    I believe that, at the urging of her family and publicity folks, Jill will appear very humble and contrite on the reunion show. I think that she’ll cry a lot and claim that she is a sensitive person who makes mistakes just like anyone else, and who deserves forgiveness just like anyone else. I think that she’ll plead temporary insanity and apologize to Bethenny. I don’t think that she’s going to attempt the bitchy-snarky angle since she’s already recently admitted (somewhere, can’t remember where) that style hasn’t served her well this season. I think that she’ll dance around Amazon-gate and that Andy will let her. And the more astute viewers will see through it, but many watchers will fall for her little act.

    • Squirrels says:

      You may be right if, and that’s a big if, Kelly can hold it together. She may try the contrite, I’m only human card, but I can still see her losing it at the reunion. Her answers won’t be honest, nor her thoughts cohesive. Of course, she may dust off that sheepskin of hers and fool us all.

      • fahabulous says:

        If Kelly can’t hold it together then all bets are off! We’ll have a televised cuckoo convention. I seem to remember Kelly being pretty mellow at last year’s reunion? Maybe they could give her some more of whatever they drugged her with last year. I’ll be really irked if she talks over everyone as she did in St. John’s. I wanted to reach through the screen and bitch-slap her.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I don’t think many watchers will fall for her act at all. Jill has damaged her rep beyond repair, in my opinion. She has lied, cheated, threatened, deceived, used…the list could go on ad infinitum! Her behavior this season was plastered on tv screens, and viewers are not that stupid! What they saw on those screens was the real Jill, not some actress.

      In my opinion, Jill couldn’t pull it off anyway. She cannot control her temper and I don’t think the others will let her get away with all the bad things she has done.

      • fahabulous says:

        Yes, you are right. Doesn’t the taping take all day? There’s no way that she could maintain a facade for that long.

    • otaypanky says:

      I hope that no matter which way she plays it (and I posted all the professional talent agencies she has representing her here), she gets snagged. I HATE THIS THING SOOO MUCH. Her and Pachy Stanger.
      And would someone please tell Luann to stop masticating her food like a cow chews cud…! Please!

  205. A former Jill fan says:

    I would like to ask Lynn if there is a way we can keep up with the posts without having to get individual emails?

    If not, then I think I’ll set up a new email specifically for this blog. 🙂

  206. otaypanky says:

    Disappointed in my photo. It’s the one Lynn had posted of Jill that I believe shows her true essence. It’s so small, you can’t see her lovely expression. Personally Lynn, I still feel you should have titled the magazine cover HASER.

  207. char212 says:

    I’m not saying this to be funny but I wonder what Dr. Phil or one of his experts would say about Kelly. I also wonder what Kelly thought about what the other housewives said about her in their blogs on bravo.

    • otaypanky says:

      I think that given her condition, she’ll just mentally negate the views of the others and see it as further proof that they are out to get her. Just can’t get a good hate on going for someone suffering mental illness/drug addiction.
      but I do

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      Kelly’s patterns seem to be denial and persecution. She’ll act like a victim and she’ll insist she was in the right. The question is whether she’ll hold it together long enough not to start telling people to shut up.

  208. otaypanky says:

    Once saw Andy’s email address posted on this blog. Anyone still have it?

  209. TLM says:

    Bethenny on Wendy Williams Show, February 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSp7jlXf6JE

    I unfortunately missed this, but thank goodness for YouTube. She shows off her ring, and talks a little about Jason, the JZ argument, and her taco recipe. Very cute dress she’s wearing! I wish she had said who it was by.

  210. little rock says:

    a lot has been said about kelly leaving early, but i wonder if maybe an astute bravo producer there with them in the villa helped shuffle her out of there. surely the four ladies didn’t just wake up to find kelly gone. don’t you have to get off st. john by boat?

    • Squirrels says:

      Yes Little Rock. There is a ferry I believe.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      She was removed. Her story to Jill and LuAnn was that she left because she was being bullied. Bravo secured the premises and the cast members.

  211. elvirabarker says:

    I don’t think that next season’s cast will be revealed for a while. After all, I don’t think OC’s cast has been announced yet.

  212. Eve says:

    Some food for thought. I am an attorney and RHONY junkie. I’ve been thinking about Kelly and the edit she has received. Although I am aware that all have probably signed waivers stating that BRAVO may show them in any light it wishes…..I am wondering about the enforceability of anything Kelly signed. Bravo is clearly aware that she is not of her right mind and perhaps anything signed by Kelly could be void as a matter of law. I know Kelly’s father is a lawyer. I wonder if her family or Bravo have considered the ramifications of Kelly’s clear mental illness.

    • Squirrels says:

      That would open a whole can of gummy worms Eve. For Kelly to be able to get out of her contract, would she not have to prove she is not of sound mind? To to that means she has to agree to be evaluated and I highly doubt she’d subscribe to that.

      • Eve says:

        True….but I really think she could mess with Bravo even without a test.The name of one of the episodes contains the word Psychosis (sp) so Bravo can’t claim they don’t know.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Now her family may be considering it for kelly’s future but what could they really do? Kelly, doesn’t seem to recognize that there is something wrong with her.

      Then, when the filming was done, I doubt Kelly ever communicated with her family about the filming when she had the breakdown because of her seeming inability to understand that there is something wrong with her. In her eyes, she probably thinks that she stood up to the others who were attacking her.

      I doubt that Bravo talked with Kelly about the edit of that party or if they did, I guess she denied anything is wrong with herself.

      I see what you’re saying, but I doubt that her family ever knew what went on until maybe they saw it on tv the other day. Hard to say.

      • Eve says:

        People wtih mental illness often don’t admit it but Bravo has clearly acknowledged they are aware. Kelly could at least bring an injunction to halt the showing of the next episode. The parties could be under a gag order not to discuss the reason for the suit except to say it relates to the contract. I really think Kelly might be able to stick it to Bravo.
        Just my Saturday afternoon thought on a rainy day.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      OK, I’m not an attorney, but I know people who have had to deal with sick family members and I believe the only way Kelly can claim the contract is not enforceable is for her family to have her declared incompetent and a guardian of sorts would have to be assigned to manage her affairs. That means whoever it is would control her money, her living space, etc. I think this is why she and her ex live in the same building. She says he just moved downstairs. I think this is what they’ve arranged to see that she’s got someone keeping an eye on her. To oppose BRAVO, there would have to be a competency hearing and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to put her through that unless there were no other choice.

  213. fahabulous says:

    I’m so excited for the reunion show. I wonder what date it will air? I’m going to have a sip of chardonnay every time I hear the words “amazing”, “honestly”, “literally”, “my love”, “class”, “get a hobby”, “building a brand”, “gross”, “I’m real”, “renewing myself” and “the book”! As Sonja would say, “I’ll be feeling my spirits!”

    • A former Jill fan says:

      LOL! You will be drunk on your derriere before the first quarter is up! LOL! Whoopeee! 😛

    • Madame Boudin says:

      You forgot Kelly’s “like” and the Countess’ “you know” 🙂

  214. Quincy IL says:

    Bravo does get some stars and their story lines. Look at “Miami Social.” There were several challenged reality stars in that series. The entire show is gone.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Uh, that Miama Social was horrible! Totally wasted my time on that show.

  215. otaypanky says:

    Eve: Thank you for calling it mental illness.

  216. Quincy IL says:

    I am not sure if this twitter thing shows me all of the messages, but Kelly is thanking the NJ girls for their support. When I looked at the NJ girls’ twitters, the messages didn’t seem all that supportive of Kelly.

    This is a horrible thing to say, but the only NJ girl with half a brain is Caroline. Teresa may be a best selling author, but you have to give some credit to her ghost writer and the editors. I can say the same thing about Atlanta. There is no rocket scientist on the Atlanta show. OC had a few bright women. At least the OC women know how to make a buck.

    Bethenny is the most intelligent of all of the women. Sonja is bright and has people skills that are amazing. The Countess is up there too. Jill…sorry… bottom of the barrel when it comes to IQ points.

    • otaypanky says:

      The Atlanta wives are all bankrupt. The OC wives, two are making a buck and one of them is Lynn (who’d a thunk it). NYC women are so hard working. Bethenny, Ramona, Alex are all hardworking women. The others, do not represent NYC. Even though, I am loving Sonja so far.
      Women who marry for money, the Kelly’s, Jill’s, Luann’s of the world have to go.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      You are correct. Another Kelly attempt at illusion. When you read the NJ tweets, they are not supporting her. But it really looks good if you don’t check their tweets, doesn’t it? This is how she creates her smoke and mirrors that she is this amaaaaazzzingly real person, who has made this fabulous life for herself.

      Illusion is her specialty. Or some would call it lies.

  217. otaypanky says:

    Here is an article from April 4th, 2009, claiming Kelly is coke freak.


    Again. Mental disorder/drugs, both diseases. And as many have posted many addicts self medicate due to mental illness. They walk hand in hand.

    • Just a Commoner says:

      I thought that was more like a humorous exageration…?

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      That take out menu was “a gift from Jesus to make me laugh.” What a hoot — thanks for finding that one!

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I don’t think it’s exaggerated. I know that for bipolar disorder, 1 in 4 has some form of addiction. I would imagine the stats for schizophrenia are nearly the same. Most of the time, you can’t really separate mental illness from drug use. They go hand in hand, most of the time, and one can cause the other.

  218. fahabulous says:

    I think that Ramona could make a fortune if she published a book of her beauty secrets. Are you listening Ramona? This is a book that I might buy. That woman looks so incredible and ageless. I understand that the gene-pool lottery is a big factor here, but still, I would be open to hearing more about her exercise routine, her eating habits, supplements, skin regimen, surgical procedures, etc. It can’t just be Tru-Renewal that is giving her that glowing skin and body.

    • jackterrier says:

      Absolutely. She looks stunning this season.

    • Anutha Hata says:

      I am extremely curious to know if Ramona is using anything for menopause or post-menopause. As a matter of fact, I think that should be on The Andy-list.
      I know it’s a personal thing to ask, but we all pretty much agree that whatever Ramona is doing, (or not doing), seems to be working for her.
      I wonder how her True Renewal cream is doing after last week’s episode?
      I would like a look into Ramona’s medicine cabinet.

      • realminkey says:

        As I mentioned on the old blog, my husband was actually so riveted by the last ep when walking by the TV, he stayed and watched. Even he (who rarely catches a glimpse of the show) asked what Ramona has done to look so good.

  219. CatPeeFree says:

    Someone needed to bitch slap her while still on the boat. So what if she has an Illness ? Prisons are filled with the mentally Ill. Do you feel sorry for them all? I just feel sorry for her kids.

  220. iceNfire says:

    This seems like a good time to get those last minute emails to Andy.
    Questions for Reunion:
    Andy’s email:

    Can’t think of anything you haven’t already emailed to him? Go back to Lynn’s previous blogs and just copy and paste something from comments. LOL remember my motto :
    Andy’s Inbox Must Remain Full At All Times!

    • jillz68 says:

      Here are my questions for Bravo:


      I am a huge fan of RHoNY and wanted to submit some questions that views want to know and issues that MUST be addressed (please do not chicken out, take the bull by the horns!):

      1) Amazongate, babygate, and all the negative publicity Jill Zarin brought upon herself must be addressed. Do not let her get away with saying she doesn’t want to talk about it and don’t wimp out. She can dish it but let’s see if she can actually take it. Oh yeah, ask her why she threatened to kill A. Chandlers cat (which in reality was a dog).

      2) Psychosis island needs to be talked about in detail. Many of the viewers, including me and my husband who never watches, want to know if you were aware that Kelly is suffering from a major mental illness and what steps did Bravo take to insure the safety of the other women? They should have each had their own private security guard.

      3) Not a question but if Kelly tells someone to zip it or to STAWP during the reunion, someone please needs to tell her to remember her manners. This technique works with children and since she has never progressed beyond 11 years old, this will work with her.

      4) Please address the reality of Bobby Zarin’s illness. All we hear is ‘he was cut from ear to ear’ but if it was that bad, why was Jill Zarin photographed at events all summer long and tweeting about it? Does she not realize that we, the viewers, can see through the crap? We all believe he was sick and are glad he is well (he is her only good feature) but how does he feel about her using his illness as a scapegoat for her fight with Bethenny?

      5) Please have Jill address her reputation as a freebie queen. She has enough money, why is she trying to scam hard working people out of their goods and services?

      6) Please ask Kelly why the gift bag from Bethenny was so scary and why it brought her to tears. It only looked like hats and other vacation type stuff in it. Was there some sort of weapon of mass destruction in the bag that wasn’t shown? A severed horse head?

      I like Andy Cohen as a host but he tends to throw softballs at these women and never gets to the meat of what viewers want to know. If he cannot effectively ask questions and make them address some of the major issues, please find a new host for the reunion. Perez Hilton or Ricky Lake or A. Chandler from Amazongate would be a good choice. Heck, have all three hosting it.

  221. otaypanky says:

    It’s not a matter of feeling sorry for Kelly. It’s a matter of someone who is diseased is hard to hate. You are correct, the prisons are full of the mentally ill/drug addicted. Kelly may find herself there yet. But watching that pitiful break up. Hearing her response since (still in the same place) is so damn sad. It’s not illegal to be nuts. Until she commits another misdemeanor/felony (she did get snagged for assault), she can be free to be as crazy as she want to be. I STILL HATE THE HASER, JILL ZARIN

  222. Adgirl says:

    I’ve been pondering Kelly’s condition and her awareness of her situation.

    Whether it’s psychiatric issues or drug induced, the one thing I completely certain of Kelly would NEVER behave like that to a “Gwyneth Paltrow” or any one she holds in high esteem socially.
    She would have enough self control to Zip It!

    So, she is just a nasty person underneath her medical problems.

    • fahabulous says:

      Great point Adgirl. Even in her darkest hour can’t see her being all “Um Gweneth, honestly? You’re a ho-bag who sleeps all over America!”

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Exactly, with major anger management issues.

  223. Olivia says:

    My take on the Reunion Show may be somewhat different.

    Bravo sees a “cash cow” here aside from all the negative publicity. They realize that there is an audience out here who have taken sides one way or the other. To go forward with Series #4 they will be in the business of “rehabilitating” the cast members for the future.

    The drama this year was basically surrounding Jill/Bethenny. The others were merely peripheral to the script. Without Bethenny what can be left to create an audience coming back week after week? We have already decided that the NJ franchise is one big yawn as how much can they milk out of drawing viewers in watching 4 women, all related in some fashion, to go after one woman who has as many issues as Danielle? It gets boring and much too manufactured after awhile.

    So I see Jill crying and weeping, Kelly propped up on a mood tranquilizer, and Lu Ann behaving as if she has had an epiphany to smooth over the viewers while they attempt to bring a measure of balance back to the show. Ramona “telling it like it is” becomes cringe making after awhile since most of that is based on the amount of Pino Grigio she consumes. Alex will be Alex and, again, Sonja is the wild card. Still not sure of this lady and what it is she is supposed to add to the cast. If it means listening to her name drop, refer to her former opulent life, and her sexual conquests, the interest is sure to wane.

    So they will have to create a reason to resign these ladies that the viewers despise and I can almost guarantee a makeover of the cast members who have left a poor taste in the mouths of the viewers. While there are still some diehards out there who still believe that Jill has some good qualities, my only suggestion is that a leopard seldom changes its spots. No one here will believe it since we are wise to this Witchface and her cohort, Lu Ann.

    They will all be back (not sure about Kelly) and the series will die on its own. Jill being “nice” just won’t compute and the “Countess” is such a phony that her inclusion or exclusion will not be noticed. You can toady just so much.

    So I think Bravo will be serving up a piece of humble pie along the way just to test the waters and hopefully keep the viewers. This viewer has had it with the franchise so I doubt I would continue to watch much as I HATE JILL ZARIN!

  224. otaypanky says:

    Eve: Loving the new insight you are bringing. On this site, I notice when (reply) replying by hitting the reply button, my answers are getting lost. IceNfire, I did answer you.
    From now on, I’m posting next and not replying. I don’t think people are used to scrolling back to see if their posts have been replied to.

  225. otaypanky says:

    Luvin’ what you posted Olivia.

  226. iceNfire says:

    RHONY is dead and buried. Bethenny has her own show, no one wants to see Jill anywhere on TV, Kelly is too painful to watch, but I’m sure going to miss Ramona and Silex. Oh and Luann almost forgot her, no wait, I have forgotten her. Sorry Sonja didn’t get a chance to know you.

  227. A former Jill fan says:

    I wonder if there’s a choice to turn off the nested comments? Would be so much easier to see new comments at the bottom

    I’ve already set up a new dedicated email for this forum. 🙂 But it’s fun to come here and post too.

  228. Adgirl says:

    Eve- I have been thinking about the legal issues too. It’s one thing to broadcast verbal altercations at a dinner party, but another thing to show someone when they cross the line to “over there” mentally.
    I think Bravo was already working behind the scenes to get Kelly the hell off of Scary Island when she was crying over the gift bag. The show’s lawyers probably approved the film we saw. Anything worse is in the vault. Kelly probably spent the remainder of the evening crying, screaming and running around the house like a banshee. Bravo hustled her away pronto.
    I don’t think Bethenny was in physical danger due to the number of Bravo and cruise support staff present.
    I don’t think we will see much more of Kelly on the show ever.

    • Eve says:

      I agree with you that the worst is in the vault. It would not surprise me if they were easy on Kelly at the reunion. I wouldn’t care if they were……the real evil is Jill. I would believe that Jill probably helped to make Kelly more paranoid than she usually is and probably helped put her over the edge.

  229. otaypanky says:

    I think Cryptkeeper Gloria gave her unattractive daughers great advice. That is if she were a MADAM. I HATE JILL ZARIN.

  230. Just a Commoner says:

    Kelly in her Page Six column in Dec. 2008:

    Rather than be victims of the recession, my daughters and I are doing a wishing tree this year. We left our ornaments in storage and are covering our tree with envelopes full of wishes we have for the world. It’s a Japanese tradition I learned from Yoko Ono. I told the girls that they can’t ask for an American Girl doll. As for me, I wished that I could spend one month traveling with the man I love. I’m not quite ready to name him yet—but by the time my next column rolls around, I should be. To be continued…

    This was in lieu of a Christmas tree. Her daughters aren’t allowed to wish for dolls for themselves, only things to make the world better. Yet Kelly allows herself to wish for a month of travel with a boyfriend?

    Oh, and that item is followed immediately by a little thing about how she adores her new $1500 handbag, the only one that has ever garnered compliments from men. She says that’s all the endorsement she needs.

    Eh, the girls probably had a real Christmas tree at their dad’s. With American Girl dolls all wrapped up under it.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      In other words, Kelly had no money for presents and she wanted her then boyfriend to foot the bill for a month’s vacation. Ugh.

  231. otaypanky says:

    Totally agree with the nested comments. They don’t seem to be working with how we are used to communicating. I beginning to miss hub.

  232. Squirrels says:

    Here is another site with a recap of the show. my fav line?

    Ultimately, Sonja was able to calm everyone down and Bethenny promised Kelly that she wasn’t going to kill her with a prison shiv, although she probably deserves at least a good punch in the face


    • MorgaineSwann says:

      That’s one of the best I’ve read yet. I wonder why they already closed the comments. The writer was wrong about one thing – in bipolar disorder, there is a thing called rapid cycling where the mood changes can happen very fast indeed.

  233. otaypanky says:

    former Jill Fan. What is your new forum?

  234. otaypanky says:

    squirells..loved the link..funnnyyyy!

  235. Olivia says:

    While CBS enjoyed the title as “the Tiffany Network” for awhile, Bravo should be labeled “the Misogyny Network” for its disgraceful depiction of women at their worst.

    And the women who signed up for this exposure, and who scream “patriarchy” in the meantime, ought to take a closer look at their own motives in joining in.

    Bravo, and Andy Cohen as their spokesman, are laughing their butts off at them and us while raking in a fortune of revenue at the same time. And if we found out that this was all “scripted” to boost ratings it would not surprise me in the least. Although much of their “real selves” have been revealed, there still remains that little doubt that those camera set ups take time, permission needs to be granted by those establishments they visit, and signatures need to be obtained for indemnity purposes. And it was Bravo who funded that trip to the VI, not Ramona. Those episodes were built around her “vow renewal” but she did not pay for the trip.

    Just pointing out that the scripting of this show may not be based on the dialogue that comes out of their mouths but the background event is.

    • mia says:

      wow couldn’t agree with you more. Although I like some of the women on this show more then others… I don’t look up to any of them.

      Mainly because, despite of building one’s brand (which is legitimate) i still think at the end of the day wanting to be on a reality show is really bizarre. You just have to be a little more narcissistic or crazy then your average person, right? Do normal people want to be on this kind of tv?

      I would never ever ever want to be on reality tv. And I’m driven, and I’m trying to build a business, but reality tv like a house of cards, and you don’t know which way its going to fall. Especially with a network that takes joy in watching women make fools out of themselves.

  236. Squirrels says:

    I’m trying to find any sources re: the producer put a lock on the door and hustled Kelly off the island.

  237. Fabulous Earth says:

    Something tells me that part of this “Kelly fiasco” is a hoax for ratings.
    Kelly was basically “voted off” by the other cast members last reunion.
    Could it be that she (in her mind) wanted to up the ante MIXED with:
    Bethenny getting her own show…new cast members being introduced…and Jill’s plan to sabotage Bethenny’s rep (future show).

    Bare with me here…
    Remember when she “cleared the air” with Bethenny and Jill sent her an email saying she was disappointed to hear that? Could it be that, in some way, Jill coerced her into this behavior? Afterall, she does mention “Jill” whenever she’s about to explode.

    Also, Bethenny states in her blog that she called Jill regarding Kels behavior and she didn’t seem concerned. Could it be that Jill knew Kelly was working the plan and prepping the scene for her “arrival”? Hmmmm.

    I was truly disturbed by the last episode, so much that I teared-up for Kelly. But something just didn’t sit well with me. Not only did Andy brush it off, but he stated that “oh it’ll be cool” (at the reunion). Maybe he knows Kels is not reeeeally off?

    It could be that the only ones in on the joke, are Jill, Kelly and Bravo. They did state on one of their tweets (Bravo’s) that the last episode was the highest rating for HW history.

    Just sayin’.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      If that was not a genuine breakdown then Kelly needs to be in Hollywood. I don’t believe for a minute that that vapid imbecile can act.

  238. Squirrels says:

    Here is a fantastic sKellyton quote –
    “I’m completely honest, I have a ton of integrity,” Kelly Bensimon continued. “The minute I walk into the room, I create…this stagnant frenetic energy.”
    Webster’s definition of frenetic?
    Etymology: Middle English frenetik insane, from Anglo-French, from Latin phreneticus, modification of Greek phrenitikos, from phrenitis inflammation of the brain.
    PS. gotta love the stagnant part, too. xoxo

    Complete post –

  239. Squirrels says:

    I mean, come on… “stagnant energy”? Can you say oxyMORON? ok… just moron will do.

  240. Fabulous Earth says:

    Yes Olivia, I agree and am aware that “settings” are paid for and “scenes” are orchestrated/planned. The women are then “asked” to discuss so and so while present in the “scene”. For example, if shooting is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the ladies who are obligated to filming hours will go out to lunch or shop together, etc, etc. They may not engage with each other outside of filming/production season (other than contractual obligations to appear for show promotions at different events) but during filming season, they will schedule their social lives with one another.

    What is not “scripted” is the actual conversation and REACTIONS. These are somewhat natural. I say somewhat, because some may overplay a reaction because cameras are present.

  241. Squirrels says:

    Best Jill quote of the eve, “I would never go someplace I wasn’t welcome”.

    I CAN’T WAIT. Never mind to see if she can swallow a crow, but if she can feast on humble pie. Bawwwwbyyyyy, tell that pilot to fire up the jet !!!!!

  242. Fabulous Earth says:

    Kelly’s last tweet:

    OMG!!!!!!! I am on Yahoo top 5 list for search. KKB #5 on yahoo topic of the day! Wow. about 1 hour ago via txt

    Okay, so her “plan” worked for her (as she sees it). But it will depend on the reunion show whether or not her plan backfires and her contracts are canceled…and by contracts, I’m speaking of work contracts outside of the show (modeling – if any, writing and endorsements, etc).

    • hooked on housewives says:

      Kellamity. You tweet/twitter/twat this as though it’s a good thing. You are in the top five search because people want to see for themselves how crazy you are. It’s not a compliment.

      • Fabulous Earth says:

        She’s not convinced, lol. It’s crazy that we live in a world where “crazy” and bad behavior is rewarded and given the most attention. It only backfires when they are not rewarded in a monetary form anymore via appearances, endorsements, interviews, etc.

        I’m convinced that the reunion show will be the test to see if this truly worked for her benefit as well as Bravo and Jill.

  243. CarrieCinKY says:

    This is the new site? It’s really neat, Lynn! : ) I love the cartoon Housewives, so cute!
    I agree with you, Fabulous Earth, something isn’t right with that whole situation with Kelly. I think it was a setup. Nothing Kelly said that night made a BIT of sense, it was really hard to watch. If Jill was truly Kelly’s friend, she would’ve been worried about her. Hmmmm.
    I cannot stand Jill anymore. I hope they take her off of the show, this past episode shows that Bravo doesn’t NEED Jill, they could make it without her, and I think it would be a GREAT show without her!
    Jill really let me down from the 1st episode… I really liked her and Bethenny’s friendship…. until she had to go all “holer than thou” acting like she had nothing to do with why her and B are no longer friends…
    Yes, Jill was going through alot with Bobby… but, if her and B were such good friends, why would it be so hard to reach out to her? Isn’t that what friends are supposed to do? B did send flowers, & I got the impression (and she stated it in an episode) that she honestly didn’t know the GRAVITY of the situation b/c Jill didn’t reach out and let her know…. that means that it’s JILL’S fault!
    B/c of Jill’s actions and petty gossip, I’m no longer a fan of hers. She’s created so much drama this season it’s disgusting.
    I can’t wait for the next episode…. looks like all the ladies are not going to hold back their feelings about her just “showing up”….
    I also can’t wait for your blog, Lynn! They make me giggle!

  244. Need a Hobby says:

    Well then, Kelly’s been a fairly consistent “hoaxer” given her public utterances and actions outside of the show over years. Offhand I’d say her “meltdown” wasn’t entirely uncharacteristic of the kinds of things she’s publicly said before….it was just extremely more so. I hadn’t paid much attention to Kelly, but do recall that before and early in this season Kelly was giving interviews where she appeared fixated on Bethenny. Perhaps that’s an over characterization, but I don’t think she’s pretending to have issues.

    I don’t see her as calculating as Jill in directing her behavior and comments. I think Kelly’s more reactive and often more to something going on in her head, and her perceptions, rather than necessarily what’s actually factually happening. I suspect she’s developed coping mechanisms but they don’t always work or she can’t sustain them for long interactions such as the vac with the others where she couldn’t simply just say “Byeeeee” and stomp off.

    Just pulling it out of my butt, I dunno.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      You’re exactly right. It’s one of the reasons Kelly prefers the company of men. Men don’t ask about your feelings. If you say something stupid or offensive, you bat your eyelashes and flash a big smile and all is forgotten. The thing is, she’s not going to be able to do that forever. At some point, playing the cute chick doesn’t work anymore and she’s approaching that point right before our eyes.

      I believe Kelly was fixated on Bethenny before she came on the show. She expected to waltz in and replace her as the hip single chick, with fake toy boy Max on her arm and her quirky little outfits, but she wasn’t smart enough to pull it off.

  245. hatefake says:

    Love this blog much better Lynn.

    Thank you providing this for us. Really. I know it’s hard work to keep, but we really appreciate it. Yes, Kelly’s crazy and on one, but I felt the same way about Ramona. I’m warming up to her now, but she got on my nerves the last two seasons.

    Jill…that bitch!! She really has some nerve showing up to Ramona’s party uninvited. What a freakin character.

  246. iceNfire says:

    I just can’t get over this excerpt from Jill’s blog:
    The book did so well that it just sold to a Japanese publisher to be translated. The show doesn’t even air in Japan so we were really excited that they bought the book on its merit alone.
    Since when do the Japanese care how a Jewish mother raises her children brats?

    • Just a Commoner says:

      If this is actually true, I would bet money that the Japanese are buying it for its humor value. I don’t think Japanese culture and Zarin/Kamen/Wexler culture have much in common. And even if the show doesn’t air in Japan, that doesn’t mean that people there have no other way to view it. I bet it’s quite popular. Honoring one’s elders and behaving with dignity in public are very important mores in Japanese society. So are generosity and graciousness. If we Americans are horrified by Jill’s behavior, think how the Japanese must feel! Best thing since Godzilla!

      • hooked on housewives says:

        Wee it’s a good thing for the Kamen/Wexler/Zarin trio that thee Japanese are interested (if they are) because the book doesn’t seem to be flying off the shelvess. I wonder if Jillousy has Called Teresa to congratulate her on her book making the Best Seller List? Maybe, but through gritted teeth. The irony of it all is that “the book” probably would have sold like hotcakes had Jillousy not made an ass of herself by trying to take down Bethenny in the public eye. Just saying. (I love that line)

    • otaypanky says:

      I’d like to see proof of this sale. I just don’t buy it.

      • Fabulous Earth says:

        lol, me too. Is there a website or organization that tracks book sales like they do music?

  247. hooked on housewives says:

    I’m posting the Kelly tells her side link again.


    Kelly’s rambling and Jill says. “I saw what they turned into in the end.” What did Alex, Bethenny and Ramona and Sonja turn into? Werewolves? Jill just has to interject something negative all the time.

    Kellys still rambling. This time about how she doesn’t know anyone who has used Bethenny as a cook. Watch Jillousy’s face as LuMann sticks up for Bethenny. Priceless. Then Jill practically deflates when Jennifer sticks up for B’s rep as well.

    It could have been a commercial.
    Dinner at fancy restaurant……………..$300.00 (approx)
    Fancy dress…………………………………….$700.00 (approx)
    Your LuMann sticking up for B………..Priceless (dead on)

    And although it didn’t help too much Kellamity does mention that she took a time out after the VI trip. Too bad Kellamity didn’t seek help during the time out.

  248. MorgaineSwann says:

    Ally is not morbidly obese. She’s a little plump, and it’s no big deal.

  249. otaypanky says:

    As I read the blogs of the women who attended the USVI vacation. Kelly did have a breakdown. It is sad. Jill did use her and when push came to shove for her “friend”, she could have cared less. It was Bethenny who called the Pig and told her of the horror. Bethenny who has no reason to want any contact what so ever with this shrill, selfish, cheap, lo rent, lo class, vile, pig, hog of a poor excuse for a human being.
    Thanks Andy, you asshole. I live in NYC and you and your BFF Jill have confirmed every fukin stereotype ever uttered. I HATE JILL ZARIN.

  250. ilovelynn says:

    IceNfire: thanks, but I don’t see “my account” OR a gray bar anywhere. what am I doing wrong? (I clicked twice and your practice blog came up , not “my account”. I’m sorry, I’m an idiot when it comes to the computor!

  251. otaypanky says:

    need a hobby: Agreed

  252. iceNfire says:

    ilovelynn – scroll up to top of page, see it?

  253. MAMAZ says:

    I have this image in my head of Kelly’s ex Nick sitting with a couple of his friends watching the episode , jumping up and down saying f**k you, and f**k you, I TOLD you she was crazy! And in another part of NY Nina Garcia is also watching and she calls Michael Kors and Heidi Klum and screams f**k you and f**k you, I TOLD you she was crazy!

  254. boston02127 says:

    Tweet by Kelly:

    OMG!!!!!!! I am on Yahoo top 5 list for search. KKB #5 on yahoo topic of the day! Wow.

    Apparently Kelly thinks people are interested in her. Little does she realize the world thinks shes a damn freak show.

    • otaypanky says:

      because Kelly. Everyone is googling about your breakdown. My Lord, May you be helped. This tweet is so damn sad,

  255. otaypanky says:

    I’ve gone back a coupla years now. Kelly has been a suspected drug abuser for quite awhile. Just google her. Articles galore regarding her mental health and addiction.
    Set out to destroy the professional lives of B Frankel and A Chandler. Deliberately recruited mentally unstable Kelly, IQ challenged Teresa, Atlanta Stripper NeNe, Pachy Stanger (the second most hated haser) to assist her in destroying honest hardworking women. I HATE JILL ZARIN

  256. Squirrels says:

    This week’s sKellyton quotes –
    (In order of appearance)

    “I think everyone had a crazy, fun time”.
    “Cook, not a chef, cook”.
    “A chef is someone who works at a restaurant”.
    “I have no idea if you’re a cook or not. I never ate your food”.
    “No, you’re in a horror film and I’m in Disneyland”.
    “Ok, satchels of gold.”

    And that’s just the opening scene. Jeebus…..

  257. Viewer1023 says:

    I’m not a twitterer, but you can see different people’s tweets by just looking online. I first discovered this fact when looking for the blog for LynnnChicago . . . Anyway, I have seen Kelly’s tweets today, and they seem to be (brace yourself) completely nuts! She thanks each NJ housewife, with the exception of Danielle (Kelly is dumb, but not THAT dumb) for understanding her position, but if you check the NJ housewife pages, none has addressed Kelly directly and Kelly’s comments don’t make any sense. It seems that she’s once again trying to manipulate, and once again, failing miserably. She is really flailing with this meth version of name dropping. Take a look (click to see what comments the NJ houswives have made, if any . . . ):

    Jacqueline tweets:

    # @kikilet has always been friendly to me. I don’t have a problem with her. I’ve met her a couple of times 8:05 PM May 20th via Bravo Talk Bubble

    # NO! Kelly should not feel threatened by Bethenny. I really don’t think so. http://bit.ly/bravotv #realhousewives 8:02 PM May 20th via Bravo Talk Bubble

    Kelly tweets:

    @JacLaurita love u. Bullying is serious. I couldn’t take 4 against 1. It was a nightmare trip. I learned the hard way about 3 hours ago via txt

    For the full picture see:


  258. otaypanky says:

    Kelly’s current tweets are off the charts. For those who swear she knows what she is doning and has manipulated the entire thing. What can I say. She is so clearly off the charts.

  259. anniieee says:


    Hi everyone ..still trying to catch up with all the comments… This photo is Max and kelly halloween..when she never showed up to her own party.

  260. katlg says:

    Lynn, is there a place to sign in?
    If there is I an sure I missed it, and if so can this site remember me?
    Love having a place to read and reply without being repremanded like a fourth grader in 1979…….LOL

  261. MAMAZ says:

    I don’t know if Kelly is mentally ill or on drugs. I’m no expert on either. As for her family suing Bravo on her behalf they would first have to have Kelly declared incompetant. Even if Kelly sued on her own she would have to be evaluated first. She would almost certainly lose custody of her children. Any other contracts she had such as endorsements or writing gigs could be declared void as well so she could lose the income from them as well. And she would probably still lose her suit against NBC. They are a very powerful corporation and I’m sure their attorneys have been all over this already.

  262. Viewer1023 says:

    Sorry — just saw that Quincy Il mentions this bizarre twitter business above. It takes a lot of time to get through more than 400 comments!

  263. Sara says:

    1.I loved the perfect timing of the text from Simon asking Bethenney for advice on waffles.
    2. The waiter was super cute.
    3. I thought it was nice of Ramona not to want to send the crab cake back to the kitchen, and of Sonja to eat it.
    4. Bethenney was amazing for putting up with all of that.
    5. Sonja was hilarious when she tried to explain to Kelly that the hooker comment was meant to be a joke.

  264. couchon says:

    Kelly is #5 on Yahoo searches ! She is “up here” once again and the rest of us are “down there.” Kellamity is so pleased that she is oozing stagnant -frenetic energy
    all over her bikini. Jill is going to be jealous not to be in the top 5 with Kelly -after all she has done for her-or should that be to her?

  265. Adgirl says:

    Sonja was probably able to indentify and neutralize Kelly because as the new Housewife she didn’t have the same history with Kelly. She saw her behavior more clearly (without the historial emoional content) and wasn’t the object of any of Kelly’s nasty remarks.

  266. A former Jill fan says:

    hooked, did you hear what Kelly said near the end when they asked her if she had a breakdown? Kelly lied and said that Bethenny said “I went out of my way to have a smear campaign against you”. Then Kelly started to say, “…so i freaked out…” when LuAnn’s interview cut off her words and LuAnn said she wanted to hear the other side of this story.

    Notice Jen and how she doesn’t say much, but listens intently and catch the few glances she gives Kelly. It’s like she thinking “I don’t know if this woman is crazy or what.” LOL!

    Here’s the link again. Thanks for posting that Hooked!


    • DarkSonnet says:

      Interesting that Jill has already heard the other side of the story (Ramona) yet she still adds fuel to the fire in Bethenny situations. Jill is vile.

      Kelly was doing what she does best and what she has done all her life. Demean and attack, sort of a human form of Ginger. First you crap on people and then you bite.

      She has no awareness that people can see what happened and she will proven a liar. Or maybe we shouldn’t believe our “lyin eyes”.

      I have to give Jen credit for having the guts to wear that blouse/dress. Geeze.

    • error 404 says:

      Um.. is Jen wearing a christmas tree skirt?

  267. celeste says:

    Just a thought, but Jill is a bully and a coward. She always takes Bawby with her when she’s about to confront someone and I’m sure she’s already warned Andy Cohen that if he asks about amazongate or any other ‘awkward’ questions, she’ll walk out or sue bravo. She’s prolly got a lawyer with her for the entire reunion show too….just in case. Gawd I HATE JILL ZARIN AND KELLY KILMORON BENSOMIN.

  268. TVannie says:

    Great recap.

    Kelly has serious issues. I bet her lovely children live with their Dad and visit Mom in a very informal way.

    I was totally freaked out about Jill’s remark to Bobby while they were shopping. But I guess when you don’t love your husband, this is how he gets to feel good about marrying her. Live-in hooker, more or less.

    Kelly should be on a leash, a short one back in Rockford , Il.

  269. Adios Lunatic says:

    Did anyone see the new issue of People this week? Jill must be losing it big time. Not only is Bethenny on the COVER, but she has a two page spread. Oh, but Jill is also in the same issue of People for her dinner with Lynn Spears (WTF kind of advice could those two be sharing???) but her article is tiny, tiny, tiny and if you aren’t paying attention you won’t even see it — it’s maybe a 1/6 of a page.

    Oh the irony…………….

  270. MidwestMom says:

    Ok, here are some theories I’ve been batting around. Kelly has mentioned time and again how she was invited to join the RHONY by Andy to “raise the bar” for the show. I read or saw a webcast of her interviewing Andy. I think he picked up on her craziness and asked her to be on the show. Not because she’s wonderful but because she is plumb nuts. Poor dumb-as-a-midwest-fencepost Kelly thought it was a compliment and that she would be the REAL in the show.

    Also, being from the “Midwest” I am insulted by Kelly’s constant stereotyping of the midwest. We do NOT all drive pick-ups, drink beer and eat chicken wings. We DO like the spa, occassionally have one-night-stands, and enjoy fine food. I certainly am not against the midwest traditions but for her to stereotype an entire region of the country is ridiculous. We common-sense filled midwesterners are sage enough to realize that New York women are more than what we see on this show.

    As long as I’m at it — I’m going to hate on Lulu for a moment with the Drinks ad Dumb Diva’s party. She kept touting them as being SO GRACIOUS DARLING by doing something good for the homeless. REALLY? A bunch of too-rich women sending out dresses they can’t wear again because they’ve been seen in them to be purchased by other too-much-money women is ridiculous. It was an opportunity to grandstand and that is all.

    These women make me so irate! THey’ve got too much money and too much time on their hands. I’m embarrassed for them. Kelly infuriates me the most with her tag line, “I’ve created . . . ” SHE DIDN’T CREATE ANYTHING! Her child-chasing ex has a lot of money and tries to keep the twit happy and busy. If she ever had to get a real job of consequence, full-time mom without help, teacher, nurse, anything really — she’d lose what is left of her mind.

    Thanks hub-dwellers, for letting me rant. At least I feel better.

  271. TLM says:

    In what episode were JZ and Bobby shopping at Chopard? I must have missed this, and I don’t know how. Did they actually show them in a store, or did Bobby just mention shopping when they were eating pizza?

  272. Need a Hobby says:

    TLM: I think it’s a bonus video clip at Bravo’s web site? Not seen on the show.

  273. Ethel Red says:

    “And not to incur the wrath of other posters but at the breakfast when Bethenny was screaming that Kelly was starting it and to stawwwwp, it was actually Bethenny who started it. She asked one of the other girls in front of Kelly if they had been called a hobag. Then Kelly started calling Bethenny a cook.”

    I’m saving all my wrath for Jill, Lulu and Kelly, but I can’t see how Bethenny is responsible for Kelly starting up with the “You’re not a chef” stuff again. It was only a matter of hours prior to that breakfast that Kelly had attacked Bethenny and called her a ho bag, along with a laundry list of other nasty, hatetful names much worse than ho bag. At breakfast Sonja was joking about what Kelly had done to her the night before. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying the joke too. So Bethenny jokingly asked Sonja if Kelly had called HER a ho bag too. Even Kelly got that it was a joke. They showed Kelly laughing, and she replied with what appeared to be a joke of her own. She smirked and told Bethenny she’d meant that as a compliment.

    So if the entire group is joking about Kelly’s behavior the night before, is Bethenny not allowed to jokingly allude to one single thing Kelly had said to her?

    I suppose Bethenny could have sat there in silence, but why should she have to? She wasn’t lying. Kelly DID call her a ho bag. Then Kelly started in with the stupid chef or cook thing again, insisting that Bethenny is not a chef, even though Kelly herself had admitted the night before that she doesn’t even know the difference between a chef and a cook. So then at breakfast Bethenny again asked Kelly to explain why she keeps saying that about her. Kelly basically gave no explanation but just repeated that Bethenny is not a chef. The others all explained to Kelly that Bethenny is indeed a chef. Kelly understood what they were saying and she had no good reason to keep saying that stuff to Bethenny. Her only possible motive for doing that was to needle and provoke Bethenny.

    And Bethenny wasn’t yelling about Kelly simply starting an argument. She was yelling about Kelly once again being malicious and deliberately making false allegations about her. I think that’s why Bethenny said the thing about everyone else being able to see what Kelly was doing and realize that the mailce was coming from HER and not Bethenny. Kelly knew she had no basis to keep saying what she was saying, but she did it anyway because she was enjoying her bitchy self.

    I’m sorry, but I cannot agree that Bethenny was responsible for any of Kelly’s behavior there. She started nothing IMO.

  274. ladylj1987 says:

    Isn’t it funny the different things that people pick up on??

    LOVE your blog Lynn..been following for about six weeks now and its the highlight of the day with every new blog.

    The thing that disturbed me about Kelly’s behavior was when she excused herself from the dinner table, skipped/ran to her room and returned with the bag of gummy bears…she was SOOOO messed up, she referred to them as “gum berries” I don’t know why this bothered me so much, but it did. She didn’t drink anything, that we saw….but yet when she said it, it was like she was slurring her words b/c she was plowed or on something.

    Something is wrong with this woman and I hope the people in her day to day life recognize it before its too late and something tragic happens. I’ve watched too much Celebrity Rehab and Intervention to even begin to believe that Kelly doesn’t have some sort of chemical dependency going on. Everyone thinks they can control themselves…but they cannot. Its a disease. She needs HELP!

  275. Ellabean says:

    I’ve got another theory on Jill’s showing up unannounced at the villa next week – with Bobby.

    Putting aside all the other probably correct theories about this we’ve read on the blogs: Jill needs to butt in, be in control, her narcissism, etc….

    I think that Jill COULD NOT STAND that the other wives got a FREE glamorous vacation from Bravo. Yesiree I really do. It appears that Ramona and Bravo really did surprise the wives with the exact details of this trip: the upscale yacht with high end crew service; the 5 star villa, etc. When Jill heard by phone from Kelly about the details of the getaway – I think she changed her mind about going – and really did re-direct her own pre-planned Thanksgiving getaway (in the Carribean somewhere). I think this cheap bitch saw an opportunity to add a leg onto her OWN vacation have have Bravo pick up part of the tab. That is also why I think Bobby we see at the villa too – because then Jill and Bobby could have the vacation together !

    This is about milking Bravo for some vacation extras. Typical Jill M.O. I am sure of this. And she “sold” the idea to the Bravo production crew as her showing up at the villa adding some spicy drama. NOT !

  276. TLM says:

    My post to JZ’s latest blog on Bravotv.com:

    How you can say you don’t feel connected to what happened this season is beyond me. You were front and center in the most controversial scenes this year, with the exception of Kelly’s recent breakdown.

    I used to respect and even like you, but I am tired of the lack of accountability on your part and your childish antics. And the shameless plugs worked into your “blogs” that you apparently think are so subtle aren’t helping either.

    In the beginning of the season, I wrote a post that said I hoped you and Bethenny would make up. I have long since felt that it’s better for her to move on with her life, and I also feel that if it weren’t for Bethenny enjoying her new family and success, you would not have had the sudden urge and revelation that you should be friends again. I feel like the only thing you are concerned about is status and keeping score, and quite honestly I think Bethenny, Jason and their baby are well rid of you. Hopefully you have learned to be more accepting and less judgmental of people in your future relationships.

  277. noreen54321 says:

    Thanks for posting the e-bay account Lynne. Am I the only who doesn’t but that Kelly speaks french as it states on her e-bay account. Last year I read an article by one of Kelly’s former assistances who wrote that Kelly definitely lived in Kellyland on Kellytime (paraphrasing) but that she was also very nice and helped her get a real job. But as an example of her odd behaviour, she said that Kelly asked her to find a french nanny for her girls so they could learn french. If their father speaks french and she speaks french, why the f**k do the girls need a french nanny. And the reason this was odd behavior (as I recall and I have a bad memory) was because she needed it done it like two hours or something. I will try to find the link to the article if anyone is interested.

  278. Quincy IL says:

    Sonja and the drug reference:

    We came late to the conversation between Sonja and Luann on the subject of adderal. I think Sonja asked Kelly is she was on adderal. I looked it up as I had never heard of it before. It’s for Attention Deficit Disorder. How many women in their circle of friends have ADD? Rich women in NYC and the Hamptoms are taking this drug?
    Are they using it to lose weight?

    I guess you have to be pencil thin to wear those fashions in NYC. I love their clothes BTW. I was just watching the rerun and those outfits for the crazy dinner were gorgeous. I think the largest size of anyone on this show is a 4, so I won’t be buying their hand me downs any time soon. LOL

    Maybe, we can get Sonja to eat a few more crab cakes and then sell her old stuff on ebay. ROTF:

  279. Rusty says:

    I LOVE this website . . . because I HATE jill zarin (small caps on her jackhole name were intentional). I have been thrilled to have found this website. I’ve hated her forever and just had to give up the fight at the Bravo boards as it was too exhausting to try to lay out everything and not have it included . . . and now . . . here is your wonderful site dedicated to my favorite Bravo thing of completely HATING jill zarin. Long, bad sentence structure but I’m TOO happy to care. I’ve spent TOO much time this weekend reading all of your older, brilliantly-written posts. BRAVO LynnNChicago!!

    Oh . . . in case Bravo did happen to include my last Bravo comment to Jill (fat chance) . . . it’s written under the name “Rust” and my comment was, “Jill . . . yap . . . yap . . .yap.”

  280. Quincy IL says:

    Sonja Morgan is going to be furious with Kelly.


    Kelly blamed the 4 other women on the yacht including Sonja. My impression was that Sonja did everything she could to help and support Kelly, who Sonja called her friend.

    Alex had a fairly good relationship with Kelly going into the vacation too.
    Ramona… she was friendly.. to Kelly and certainly didn’t try to ruin her own vacation.
    Bethenny was emotional and probably could have handled it better if she wasn’t pregnant and very upset of her father and Jill.

    Anyone twitter Sonja…. I’d like a reaction to the news that she was at fault down there.

    • error 404 says:

      Sonja was the one who started the whole “it’s not her fault. She’s having a psychotic break.” theory of defense. She’ll probably stick to it and say she can’t get mad at K, because Kiki knows not what she says.

      When I saw the episode, I thought she was going nuts for sure. Like once in a life time, nervous breakdown nuts.

      But as the weeks/months go by and Kiki is still her same bitchy childlike self, so real and with integrity she refuses to own up to her actions, blames others for what she herself did and said, and continues to bash others while promoting herself and her make believe resume non stop… I’ve come to the conclusion that what we saw was just an average sat night in this bitch’s life.

      Sorry Sonja.

  281. vilzvet says:

    jillz68: All great questions! LOL at the “weapon of mass destruction”? in the gift bag. Agreeing with anyone who said that Jill simply did NOT want to get into a bathing suit on the trip, although she had no trouble channeling Tonya Harding on the ice in that costume. I think we can all agree there would have been NO photo shoot at all on the beach if Jill had been there, but can you imagine it??? Damn!!

  282. lrd851 says:

    I personally think that Kelly is simple. (b (1) : stupid (2) : mentally retarded c : not socially or culturally sophisticated) I think she really is a simple person who really doesnt know how to behave in an adult situation. I think she was plucked from obscurity in the midwest for the look of her face and that her ex husband married her and knew that she was simple. and thats why they all live int he same building and she has nannies, and housekeepers and such. Everyone who can hide the fact that she is simple. she behaves like a 13 year old because that is the extent of her brain capacity. Her children seem to be more intelligent than she is. and notice how she always has an entourage. I personally feel that these are people kept around who know she is simple and they try to diffuse her situations. Did anyone notice how she sprinted for the boat, like a 13 year old… I guess no one was able to go on the trip with her..

  283. MidwestMom says:

    to IRD851 –
    I I think you are very right. But she is also encredibly mean.

  284. MAMAZ says:

    RHONJ tonight. Watching or not? I haven’t decided yet. I think I may be DONE with all the howives. This blog is far more entertaining than the show.
    I will probably watch Bethenny Is Getting Married. At least it will be ABOUT something. I am so tired of watching these women eat lunch.

    • Ellabean says:

      I live in New Jersey and I HATE the Jersey Housewife portrayal. Hate.

      Did I say hate…?

      I like or love all the Housewife franchises…but this one is just friggin’ awful. Boring – one note theme copying The Sopranos – stupid dumb one note wives with nothing interesting going on in their lives…..hard, tacky, stereotype, dumb.

      Dumb. Did I say dumb…?

      I have a new gauge for measuring interesting Housewives: if any of them ANYWHERE have those fake French big white nails tips…………………tacky – dumb – no – class….

  285. CdnFillie says:

    I will likely watch it..for the simple reason that it’s mind boggling to me that someone like Danielle and Kelly can act crazy like that and not know or be told by friends what idiots they are being..and not think their daughters WILL be affected by all this. Every week I keep telling myself I’m going to see a change…but I end up more shocked than the last week. Too optimistic I guess, but I really feel for those girls

    • error 404 says:

      what makes you think either of them listens to advice?

      we did see Danielle listen to her kids and not go to Dina’s.

      we did see LuAnn say she told Kelly not to go on Ramona’s trip, but who went anyways? Kelly.

  286. LA Woman says:

    lynn has anyone ever checked on the welfare of her kids? she is in a second lawsuit and became violent with that guy. if her ex husband is so wonderful it is plain to see that this is not her first episode like this, why doesn’t he have full custody??? she is so “protective” of her kids but i truly wonder does she realize that she has scarred them for life?

    my mother’s mother was mentally ill and was the talk of the town. people teased my mom b/c of her mom and this damaged my mom for life.

    i am not trying to bust on her here i am really truly worried if she does not think she had a breakdown what are those poor girls going through? it is bad enough that their mom posed for playboy. those girls are never going to be able to live all of this down!

  287. CdnFillie says:

    Check this site..B is admitting that Kelly was asked to leave that night.


  288. LA Woman says:

    that site has been taken down but i did read about it. i feel so bad for those girls. if this is how she and doesn’t see it? the show should seriously remove her from the show altogether. this is too much for those little girls they have done nothing wrong

  289. CdnFillie says:

    It’s still up..click where B’s pic is


  290. LA Woman says:

    thank you cdn! i just “tweeted” jill zarin and said something to the effect that if she were really the friend she claims to be then she should get kelly off the show, if she wants to prove to others that she is so wonderful then she should think about kelly’s kids!! i don’t care how many nannies she has or how expensive her home is, those girls are going to be scarred for life. no one is going to protect them from the way their peers are going to make fun of them. no one can shelter them from their mother’s manic episodes. i would say she should become friends with rhnj danielle but danielle would eat her alive!! NO ONE WINS in this situation, esp the kids!

  291. donna chuffo says:

    i’ve tried to read through most of the comments… but once again Lynn you were right on target and boy people have a lot to say!!! i love it!!! so forgive me if this was already brought up but i wanted to add something to your list… kelly’s wardrobe! it’s childlike. all those mini mini skirts and shorts. not something a 42 year old woman should be wearing every day anyway.

  292. donna chuffo says:

    another thing i forgot to mention… kelly says “no, i’m not judgmental at all” and then the next second she’s spewing all this “creepy” stuff about bethany. not judgmental? she was the most judgmental person on that trip…

  293. RAR says:


    I have loved your blog but this is the first time commenting. I have to say that I have never thought “WTF?” so many times in a single hour during this episode. Can anyone explain the references to Al Sharpton she was yelling out? The cat urine smell the episode before was a total reference to Kelly’s drug use. There’s no way that luxury yacht was not scrubbed clean before they boarded. Has Gwyneth Paltrow commented yet?

  294. goodheavens says:

    OMG I can’t even watch re-runs of Kelly and Jill. Today there was a marathon and I could not watch the lies and drama. JUST SHOOT ME!

  295. goodheavens says:

    What am I going to do when RHONY is over? Where will I go to read great comments? Who will keep me up to date on Jill and Kelly? I’m already suffering from anxiety. What are all of you going to do with your time? Help me please.

    • Ellabean says:

      Hang in there goodheavens.

      We are all in this together – you won’t be alone. 😉

      We will join hands and maybe snark about Real – Atlanta on future blogs. Maybe not. But we will rejoice in the public smackdown that Jill Zarin has gotten.Take stock in that.

  296. dsc60 says:

    just wanted to comment on Jill’s supposed size one bod. first of all, size one is a junior size. that’s smaller and proportioned differently than a size 2 misses. also, i just checked out bethany’s slamming bod three weeks after Bryn! she looks AWESOME! and she’s a size 4. that would mean that Jill is supposedly smaller than Bethany? i don’t think so. while Bethany’s boobs are most definitely bigger than Jill’s, Jill is no way smaller than Bethany, am i right?

    • celeste says:

      Jill is a size 1 in her dreams. Look at the size of her gut! In that tight pink dress on last night’s finale she looked like a pregnant hippo. Jill’s a size 1 like my ass is a kipper.

  297. dsc60 says:

    guess we can’t edit here… just wanted to add that the article says Bethany is BACK to her size 4 swimsuit which implies that that is her usual size. also, i haven’t been able to catch up on all the comments here so i apologize if this was already brought up.

  298. dsc60 says:

    sorry, one more thing that REALLY ticked me off… in a Life and Style article, it talks about the reunion, about the possible rekindling of Jill’s and Bethany’s friendship and states that Kelly was “attacked again.” WHAT? OMG does that make me mad. when the hell was SHE attacked? ARGH ARGH – this rant didn’t even make me feel better.

    once again, i apologize if this was already posted. i plan to now read the multitude of posts here. Lynn, you do such a good job blogging that is takes me forever to read all the great comments at which all the posters do such a brilliant job.

  299. Rusty says:

    j-hole has such a weird relationship with “gifts”. It’s like they are the magic eraser of all things bad.

  300. celeste says:

    I hate Jill Zarin. When is the passive-aggressive cow going to update her blog? The ONLY reason she befriends people is for what SHE can get out of it. She only wants Bethenny as a friend because she wants the public to like her again, and then she wants to be in Bethenny’s new show. I’m quite sure Jill secretly wishes she was Bryn’s godmother so she can justify interfering in Bethenny’s life. Alex can’t do anything for Jill, so Jill doesn’t give her the time of day. You know Jill – she’s a taker, wants all the freebies she can get whether they are things or people. JILL ZARIN YOU SUCK.

  301. temporarily me says:

    I am on a rant: sorry guys! I just want to point out, while I am NO fan of Danielle’s she did prove to be classy in one very important area. All of this time these “women” have been saying she spreads rumors, lies, etc. to the press and around town. Not once, not a single breath has ever been said about the fact that she WON in court to have Dina stop spreading lies about her. She didn’t mention it tonight while they were attacking her. She’s never spoken about it to the press. She could have truly damaged Dina’s reputation had she chosen to and didn’t. Instead, the idiots brought it up and even then she didn’t say anything about it until pressed. So who EXACTLY is spreading the lies? If Danielle is constantly spreading lies about you why don’t you go do the EXACT thing she did to Dina? Why not get a restraining order? Danielle is crazy, but she isn’t unstoppable. They act like she does all of these horrible things, but they have yet to prove it. Meanwhile, she proved it, got a judgement and kept her mouth shut.

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