I Hate Jill Zarin The List May 19 2010

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I Hate Jill Zarin                   May 19, 2010

 I think we’ve really covered so much material with Mrs. Jill Zarin that we tend to forget her crimes against humanity (and viewers) not to mention Bethenny.  Here I will compile a list for us to refer back to so that we never, ever forget our goal of getting her OFF The Real Housewives of New York.

In no particular order:

ü  Jill visited Dancing With The Stars and clearly changed seats with her husband when she realized that she wasn’t in range of the cameras while the judges were on screen.

ü  Jill put Bethenny on speakerphone and allowed Luann to listen to their conversation without telling Bethenny who was listening in.

ü  Jill saved a voice mail message from Bethenny for four months just so that she could play it on national television

ü  Jill created a fake name on Amazon and wrote a glowing review for her own book, a negative one for Bethenny’s book and harassed the number one reviewer on Amazon for writing a bad review of Jill’s book.

ü  Jill posted a tweet stating that Bethenny had a baby boy before Bethenny announced anything – this information based on a known hack on Twitter, Jill claimed she heard it from a local TV station, then went on to blame her daughter for the mix up.  When fans criticized Jill, she sent a FB message threatening to delete fans ending her message with “Enough!”

ü  Jill refused to talk to Bethenny when Ramona tried to set up a meeting between the two ladies.  When she finally did speak to her, she claimed not to have her “notes” and therefore couldn’t resolve anything.

ü  Jill sent Kelly an email scolding her for being friendly with Bethenny

ü  Jill made fun of Alex’s boy’s right to Alex’s face and told her she should add their behavior in her ‘parenting’ book.

ü  Jill completely bashed Alex’s Fashion show with her rude comments and insults.

ü  Jill told Bethenny “we’re done” several times then decides she wants back into B’s life after she learns about the engagement and pregnancy

ü  Jill leaked Bethenny’s pregnancy to Perez Hilton (allegedly)

ü  Jill hangs out with Perez Hilton…ack!

ü  Jill became angry and lashed out at Bethenny when she learned that Bethenny would be getting her own show.  Jill’s plan was for the two of them to have a show together

ü  Jill called the Today show when Bethenny was booked to appear and complained that she wasn’t asked to be on the show alone, without the other housewives.

ü  Jill asked a radio interviewer to post a positive review for her book on Amazon, when the radio personality refused, Jill suggested she could write the review under a fake name or have her boyfriend write it.

ü  Jill conned a purse designer to give her a $13,000 purse for free in exchange for having the designer on the show.

ü  Jill is constantly requesting free stuff and visiting freebie booths at events claiming she has a storage space at Zarin Fabrics for all her freebies

ü  Jill got free spray tans in California in exchange for tweeting the name of the tanning salon

ü  Jill was not on speaking terms with her sister for many years due to jealousy

ü  Jill used her husband’s illness to get sympathy all while partying and traveling around the world.

ü  Jill claimed to want to make up with Bethenny all the while stabbing in her in the back

ü  Jill claimed to be  co-author of the book merely added a few recipes, her sister wrote the entire book alone

ü  Jill told a room full of people that she hoped Bethenny’s show will fail and that SHE is the star of the show and should have her own show, not Bethenny

ü  Jill “recruited” other Bravolebrities to her team including Patti Stanger, Teresa Giudice and NeNe Leaks.  Patti spewed venom on Twitter, Teresa on BravoTV.com and NeNe posed for photos with Jill’s book (which we all know NeNe never read)

ü  Jill ignored Bethenny’s email asking about Bobby, Jill said that B should have realized based on that, that something was wrong.  (can you say passive aggressive?)

ü  Jill waited until doing press tours for her book to tell the press how sorry she was and how much she missed Bethenny.  (during press tours for RHONY, Jill continued to bash Bethenny)

ü  Jill leaked to the press that Alex and Simon would not be returning for another season

ü  Jill told the press that Alex was desperate not to lose her place on the show and therefore interfered with her friendship with Bethenny

ü  Jill skipped the trip that Ramona so graciously invited her on because she can’t seem to get along with her cast mates

ü  Jill talked behind Bethenny’s back saying that she was not a good friend and that she uses people to get ahead in her career

ü  Jill walked away from Bethenny at the Gotham Bachelor party embarrassing herself and Bethenny

ü  Jill made a fake attempt to congratulate Bethenny on her engagement then only gushed over the ring even asking Jason how many carats it was

ü  Jill appeared on Watch What Happens Live and responded with, “it’s in the book” to every question that Andy asked her including about the WWHL weekly poll

ü  Jill keeps saying, “watch what happens” in an effort to tell fans that she will correct her behavior and apologize to Bethenny….we’re still waiting…

ü  Jill blames editing on her poor reputation this year

ü  Jill claims that she asked to speak to Bethenny in private, without cameras at Ramona’s house.  (Bethenny said that was not true)

ü  Jill was rude and out of control at Ramona’s True Renewal party complaining about the brochures and the food, among other things. (after saying she was going to be the bigger person)

ü  Jill met with new housewife, Jennifer Gilbert, supposedly to introduce her to viewers, but did all the talking and did not let Jen get a word in

ü  Jill claimed that Bobby had his throat cut from ear to ear due to his cancer scare, yet no evidence of that was found, no scar, no bandage, no nothing.  Several medical professionals claim that cutting the throat from ear to ear is never done.

ü  Jill deletes (or pays someone to delete) and blocks any post to her Facebook page that isn’t 100% in her favor

ü  Jill protected her Twitter posts for weeks during the Amazon scandal

ü  Jill is pushing her book on her husband’s business web site, Zarin Fabrics

ü  Jill made the excuse that she was trying to be funny like Bethenny when she made the snarky comments all season

ü  Jill got friends, relatives and neighbors to write positive reviews on Amazon for her book (some even admitted in the review that they knew her personally)

ü  Jill, while claiming to be redeeming herself, sided with Luann and said that “Bethenny was horrible to Luann” (on WWHL)

ü  Jill is CONSTANTLY interrupting everyone!  Andy Cohen, Interviewers, her sister, her mother, her husband, her friends, co-workers, cast mates…

 I could go on and on and on…..you guys add a few that I didn’t get to or forgot…

 Is everyone ready for the big show tomorrow night?  I know I am! 

 If you’re on Twitter, this is a great blog to read, I truly hope every reality star reads it because it is so true….  http://thereallyoldhousewivesofmanateecounty.blogspot.com/

 Amazon-gate has been re-opened.  Another 5-star review appeared and our top notch investigator and guest here A. Chandler did a little bit of research and found that the reviewer was a friend and colleague of Lisa Wexler, co-author and sister of Jill Zarin…surprise!  It wasn’t until A. Chandler called her out on it that she admitted she was a friend of Lisa’s, then of course defended herself.  Based on the review she wrote, I highly doubt she even read the book! 

 This tells me that Jill isn’t the only one begging people to write 5-star reviews for her book, Lisa is doing it too and most likely so are the rest of the family.  I’ll bet you could trace back reviews to Jill’s nephew Jon and his buddies, Ally’s school friends, customers at Zarin Fabrics, and probably friends of Gloria’s who are able to use computers.  A. Chandler has already found over 15 “fake” reviews written by people who Jill knew or by Jill herself and those have been removed.  There are always going to be some that may be questionable but can’t be proven.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a computer was set up in the corner of Zarin Fabrics for customers to use for their glowing Amazon book reviews. 

 Most recently there is someone who claims to be a 14-year old girl from Brazil posting a 5-star review.  The review is very questionable because she claims she couldn’t find the book but ordered it on Amazon.com.  Then she says that her mom bought the book for her.  There are so many things wrong with this review I don’t know where to begin.  First of all, Amazon.com is only for US users, even Canada has a separate Amazon web site because of the exchange of US dollars to foreign currency.  While the English is not perfect on the review, it is pretty good for a 14-year old with English as their second language.  Then, which is it?  Did this 14-year old girl make a purchase in US dollars from Amazon with no shipping options available since it is a US site?  Or did this girl’s mom buy her the book?  Do they even show RHONY in Brazil?  If they do, I know they can’t be current season, the shows are behind in Europe and in Canada. 

 What a mess Jill has created.  I don’t care who she has post a 5-star review, at this point she will have 10 people investigating that person, including chief investigator, A. Chandler who is really good at internet research! 

Today’s Tweets from Kelly…  5/19/10

 never a borrow nor a lender be, it will show a person’s true colors and disgust you.

 just found the site with the best 1-day deals, LivingSocial… check ’em out -> http://bit.ly/aiWfco RT if you love a great deal. (Ad)

 what charities are working on the #oilspill. lets work on this together, come on. enough gossip, lets do something to help.

 i love that you guys love the pup. he is sooo delicious. wonder what the girls are going to think. they already have fluffy and mr. bear

 tomorrow night’s RHNYC is wild. they make me cry. waaaaaaaaaaa

  they’ve already 😦 found tar on a beach in Key West, our home. Let’s get a (cont)

 woooooooo. awesome. tks for supporting a great cause. i love that cuff.

if i get this coco lab puppy, his name his going to be “chief.” he’s a rescue from animal haven

 if i get the puppy, his name his going to be “chief.”

I may rescue him. He deliciously cute http://twitpic.com/1p5ob2

 KB-OK-adler and seven jeans http://twitpic.com/1p5jep

 come up with an idea and lets get active. i will help, you lead the way. all productive tweets will be retweeted. go for it.

 nervous about hurricane season starting up. If that oil hits land we have a BIG issue!!

 what kind of serious ramifications are we facing with the oil spill. time to be BLUE. how can we help?

 #ladygaga interns for amazing English hat designer. no one is ever too old to learn

 #movietitlesthstcouldbepornos” last tango in paris

 mornin’ tweeters. today is ‘focus on the oil spill day’. any thoughts

Notice she starts her day saying she is going to focus on the oil spill, then goes on to talk about movies that could be pornos and Lady Gaga.  She gets back on track for a few tweets even saying she will Retweet any productive tweets, then goes on to talk about a Puppy, posting photos of the dog and talking about its name.  Back to the oil spill then immediately goes on to post a web site with good shopping deals….she is just all over the place…a little schizophrenic? 

Thank you to – I Can’t Stand The Toxicity for this link to the cover of People Magazine with a photo of Bethanny and her beautiful little Bryn.


 Until Thursday….(or Friday morning)


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13 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The List May 19 2010

  1. purplechick10 says:

    Love the background drawing 😉

  2. LynnNChicago says:

    Some of your great additions to the list…


    Jill walking late into Lumann’s event and talking and texting.
    Jill not bothering to congratulate her friends after they walked in Alex’s runway show.
    Jill texting Bethenny’s father’s death.
    Jill screaming at Ramona that she should have told her about Bethenny’s father’s death.

    Jill trying to get Alex to cancel her plans for Memorial Day weekend with Ramona by telling her “I know you would rather be with us.”
    Jill not telling Ramona that Lumann was listening in on the phone conversation re countless.
    Jill claiming there is “lost” footage of Jen “shutting Bethenny down” regarding Bobby on camera
    Jill blaming her farts on Ginger.
    Jill disses Lumann’s invite to the charity clothes event.
    Jill emails Bethenny that she should not be telling people she is pregnant this early.


    To me, the absolute worst Jill Zarin offense dates back to Season 1. In a discussion with Alex about Francois applying to kindergarten, Jill told Alex that kindergarteners couldn’t handle the name “Francois” and that they needed to start calling him by an easier-to-manage nickname. Jill suggested “Frankie.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? First of all, Jill is wrong on the facts. My son had friends in preschool named Emir and Jivan, and the variety only increased when he got to kindergarten. More importantly, who does Jill think she is? You can’t tell someone to rename their child! Again, are you kidding me?


    Jill screaming at other guests in Gen’s home while her children are sleeping.
    Jill shrieking “LEAVE” to alex at someone else’s home party.
    Jill’s veiled threat to Alex that they will no longer be a part of the same social circle meaning that she will now be excluded from socializing with the others present.


    @ Lynn – great recap. just wanted to add re: ü Jill skipped the trip that Ramona so graciously invited her on because she can’t seem to get along with her cast mates
    She told Ramona she was going out of town without her hubby and daughter, but ends up @ lunch with Countless. She further tells the admission’s tutor she was supposed to go on a trip to the islands but cancelled in order to help Ally with the application process.
    As Mom always said, “Tell the truth, its allot easier to remember


    Jill’s report to Cindy Adams that Simon is a drunk.


    Jill tellin that guy “if you stick your tongue in her mouth she might let you sit there” about Sonja
    Jill claiming she didn’t know how sick Bethenny’s father was even after we see Alex tell her.

    hooked on housewi

    Jillousy underwhelming her own daughter through facial expressions (college prep meeting, at the ice rink).
    Jillousy pretending that Zarin Fabrics is something other than a fabric store. You’re selling fabric dahling not haute couture.
    Jillousy turning on Bethenny and telling her to leave the event because of signage. As if a company who donated thousands of dollars in liquor shouldn’t get a plug. Anyway IMHO it wasn’t the signage that pissed MaJilla Gorilla off at the event it was the fact that Bethenny wanted to discuss it at a time which interferred with MaJilla’s spotlight.


    Jill keeping notes of perceived slights by Bethenney. Who does this to friends?
    ETA Who does this with friend or foe? Gross, creepy, declasse Jill dahling!

    Mickey Mouth

    Jill testing her friends.


    Jill letting that disgusting little rodent of a dog lick inside her nose on camera and making Americans across the country nauseated beyond measure. I know it’s trivial, compared to the rest of the list, but no one needed to see that.

    Amber…Real Wife

    Let’s not forget…

    *Jill refuses to allow others to forgive, by reminding them and rehashing incidents.
    *Jill refusing to allow Bethenny to be invited to events of other wives, until she and Bethenny make up.
    *Jill insisting Bethenny be uninvited to events, meanwhile trying to be friends with Bethenny.
    *Jill was born.


    LYNN—YOU FORGOT ONE OF THE MOST HEINOUS JILL FACTS! In season 1 when Alex and Simon were upset that the editors of the show were focusing on their “social climbing” moments and not enough family moments, Jill busted their chops at the reunion saying “Don’t you EVAH say it was editing–that is such crap! You acted the way you did and the camera’s caught it. I am all about the TRUTH” and Bethenny backed her up. It was sooo bad and drawn out they even brought Simon out from backstage to help explain he and Alex’s point. Jill just went RABID on them yelling “TRUTH IS TRUTH, JUST ADMIT IT. YOU CAN’T HIDE BEHIND EDITING” Bethenny is still true to herself and owns every moment, but look who is crying “EDITING” now!

    little rock

    * jill turning to jennifer and saying in a fake sweet voice “look at her (alex) causing this drama at your party. i apologize” when jill herself had just had a major dramatic episode with ramona over the death of bethenny’s father. i still say when jill screams at alex “what do you want me to do, throw myself out the fucking window?” the answer is yes jill, we do


    Jill makes snide comment about the Vet assistant’s “plastic” shoes, after her understandably neurotic dog has crapped all over them



    How about Jill storming out of the Fashion Show with Brad in tow because she had to sit in the second row behind Ramona?
    How about telling us all about the plane ride to the Cape that cost $5,000 when she left Ally at “rehab camp”?
    How about telling that guy at the Bachelor’s Event to “stick his tongue down Sonja’s throat” if he wanted to get to know her?
    Much like Ginger, she just oozes “class”.


    Two more reasons to hate Jill (sorry if they have been mentioned already):
    * Turning down Bobby’s gift of a car/SUV because it didn’t have a rink holder
    * Pandering to Gloria by getting her multiple cars until the old hag was satisfied. I could not believe the ego in that scene!!

    Anyone have more to add???

  3. HD says:

    Great list!

    Jill obviously getting rid of Brad. Where’s Brad?

    Jill always pretending to be on her phone (scrolling through her phone) when conversations come up that she wants to avoid. We all know you are not REALLY looking at anything on that phone.

    The whole incident seasons ago with her being all anal because Ramona did not invite her to her dinner party. Why do you have to be invited to every event?

    Saving a text message from Kelly so that you could mention it on the reunion show about the time that she was coming to her own Halloween party. This must be Jill’s MO, saving messages and texts.

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  5. Rusty says:

    Treating Brad like her indentured servant . . . and NEVER letting him forget just who he really is. She made him. She can break him. I imagine Brad might feel that he sold his soul to the company store, Z Fab. (Hi Tennessee E! Please say hi to Lassie up there.) Can you even imagine having to not only listen to that constant yapping daily but also look at her when she skanks through the door? (Shivers.) And remember . . . don’t you EVER . . . speak to her in that tone again. Ever.

  6. Anutha Hata says:

    Lynn, if you get a chance, please hop over to my blogspot and look at the RSS gizmo on the right-hand side that’s attached to this site.
    It looks like apostrophe’s are coding a little wacky, and topics are coming-up as you re-post them (in order).
    I grabbed that off widgetbox premade so it has someone ‘s adcode on it, when I have time, I’ll re-write the code, but I don’t know if I can do anything about the apostrophes.
    That’s what I use to find your site and new topics, if WordPress or you know of a better one, let me know.

  7. Fabulous Earth says:

    Question: Does anyone know if I can watch the show online or if airs in Spain? I leave for Spain on Thursday (flight leaves at 10pm) and I wanna keep up with the madness, lol.

    I won’t be back until July so I wanna know how can get my full “fix” from crazytown while I’m gone 🙂

  8. kmuellfa says:

    You can watch online-hulu or Bravo.com

  9. char212 says:

    Great blog once again Lynn. I”m so excited that you like BB and will blog about it. Both my husband and I love that show. I’m looking forward to you blogs on Bethanny’s show too.
    I have a question…Do you have to register on Bravo to leave a comment?

    I agree with everything everyone has said about the Jersey housewives. Actually even though I’m not a big fan of Danielle there wouldn’t be much of a story line without her.

  10. char212 says:

    Oh, another thing. I get the impression that Danielle doesn’t write or post her blog until the others have theirs posted.

  11. krystyna says:

    I hate the Bravo site – they don’t let you post ANYTHING negative about the skanky New Jersey HW’s except Danielle. It’s all “I love, love, love, love you” crap. Also, check out the rave reviews of Teresa’s cookbookon Amazon; all of the reviews are 5 stars obviously written by family and friends.

  12. m293131 says:

    I was suprised that Kelly is following me too!!! Kelly has added a lot of people to her list of followers recently Why???

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