I Hate Jill Zarin Kelly’s Crazy Behavior 5-26-10

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Kelly’s Crazy Behavior                    May 26, 2010

I mentioned on a previous blog that Kelly blocked me from seeing her Tweets which was really a waste of time because even if you block someone, you can still click on their name anywhere in Twitter and see every post.  It also doesn’t block her from seeing my tweets, she only has to search and she can still read my tweets (which she has done at least twice, because she responded to my tweets)

Kelly said in one of her posts that she doesn’t block haters, she learns from them,…blah blah blah, so I tweeted to her yesterday that that was a LIE because she does block haters.  Just for kicks I checked and she still had me blocked as of last night.

Just a few minutes ago, I was looking at my followers to see who some of my newer followers were.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when reviewing my followers to find Kelly there!!!  Kelly is now following me!  Just to be sure I wasn’t going crazy, I attempted to follow Kelly to see if she did, in fact, unblock me, and sure enough, she did! 

I’m also starting a new blog because I think the crazy things that are happening on the comments of the board may be when there are too many comments?  I honestly don’t know if that is the problem, I do know that at times some of the comments end up in spam or require me to approve them.  If there are too many links in a comment or if maybe a comment just has one line of text then a link.  The system tends to think it is a sales comment.  I’ve made all of the settings as unrestrictive as possible but the system is set up to try to protect us from spam. 

I’ve sent a message to the web host to try to figure out what the problem is, I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of comments, because I love them all!!!  But if that is the problem, I will just write more blogs!  J 

Here are more of Kelly’s tweets from the last two days…The fact that she is happy about the articles in US Weekly, OK and Star tells us that she really does think that all of this publicity is a good thing even though they are calling her crazy and in some cases making fun of her.  She truly believes that all press is good press.  One thing I will say, her tweets are rarely boring….WACKO!!!  See you all tomorrow!!  WOOHOO

Tks US weekly, ok, and STAR mag for all the articles. http://twitpic.com/1rdilr

i am tweeting a lot for the demand is there. if you didn’t want the answers, i wouldn’t tweet. right?

everyone in new york loves the show. no one would ever tease my girls about my work. why?

the next few weeks are amazing. lots of good things happen.

my kids and i use housewives as a tool for how not to act.

we rescued “chief’ from animal haven shelter, but she rescued us right back. love has no price.

the drug accusations scare me. i live in NY and more people know about drugs in obscure towns than i have heard of, WHAT?

it was hard to watch, and harder to be present for, but these women bore me so much some times

i dont need other “housewives” to gang up on anyone for me. tks

cant you order JCREW online?

i decorate with what i love. i made an old tree stump into a coffee table

i still love my ex so much, i just didnt want to be married to him. we had different paths, whats bad about that?

a show cant always clarify everything. i met a fan today while getting a pedicure and i put her on the phone with @jillzarin. cute

anthropologie has beautiful dresses, jewelry, bedding,and door knobs

i dont like to support product i don’t believe in. it was like an informercial for me.

me stuck up? what makes you different than me?

that was me today, you can always say hi. its just me.

twitter is a verbal/visual playground, some people use it for info.

she has two kids and a lot of responsibility. its the disintegration of the family and respect for others

i am talking a real forum where if you see a car crash, whatever, you comment and make a difference: not a snark fest.

i mean a mag like format: today, good news, bad news, crazy things. photos with comments. twitter is a verbal playground.

other people lives aren’t stupid, they are their lives. we need to have more respect for ourselves as Americans

know a lot of really talented, smart people. they don’t name call, or make you look bad, or engage in smear campaigns. they are friends.

they should create a magazine/online website with photos and comments from real people. what if we were the press?!!??!!

british press are nasty.

dont trust my judgement. i think the best of people. i wish i were jaded.

it makes me so sad to see good people in bad situations. our world is not easy to live in, but we have to make a change.

i feel sorry for #sarahferguson. we have to fix our society: all this negativity is an open festering wound. we need change, asap

 i haven’t read your writing sample, but i promise to tomorrow. i am flattered by your eagerness.

i wonder what really happened to #SarahFerguson. i actually know her and find her incredibly bright and kind.

#iknowsomeone that has amazing taste in beautiful vintage clothes:Ressurection NYC

#arealhusband is so excited that you are doing well, and not competitive.

the barksawagon is a dog bed

Twitter also allows you to “keep” your favorite blogs in a separate file on your Twitter page….I found Kelly’s to be very strange.  The fact that she chose to keep these four tweets makes me wonder just how sick is this woman?….

GloriasGlam    @kikilet I can accept that.I am a fan I don’t expect you to live by my rules. I do wish you would watch a peta video on how they get fur tho

NataliaMichelle    @kikilet Kelly whats going on with all these tweets? are u ok? Lol

AudreyWarhol: @kikilet why are you such a condescending cunt??? She asked you a simple question…you’re a pincushion for photog’s. Don’t b rude…twat

SrtaCovarrubias    Is there a way that I can make it so I don’t have to see @kikilet’s tweets? Even her tweets are like nails on a chalk board! #realhousewives

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639 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Kelly’s Crazy Behavior 5-26-10

  1. Katiecoo says:

    I don’t even really know how to use Twitter but figured out how to send Simon a tweet and he tweeted me back!!!! WOW! 😀

    Kathy I met Alex 11 yrs ago (well it will be in 17.5 hrs) and we’ve been married 10 yrs this Fri. I (still) love her so much!

    (this got kind of buried on the other blog post so reposting here…I’m so excited! Easily excitable I guess)

    • iceNfire says:

      Who are you talking to and who is Kathy? lol

      • Katiecoo says:

        LOL IcenFire.

        I was showing Simon’s tweet to me (I’m Kathy and was wondering how he figured that out til I realized I listed it as my name on my twitter…I’m a twitter idiot!). I should have put quotes around it!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      thats so cool! Alex & Simon are great about responding on Twitter and on Facebook. I dont know where they find the time

      They have also both promised to follow ALL of their followers…that is a lot. Since Twitter has a daily limit, they are adding the max allowed daily.

      They are such great people!

    • battgyrl says:

      I got a surprise this morning too – Alex tweeted me and is now following me! Alex and Simon are so cool. 🙂

  2. Every line Kelly tweets is a lie.

    Or, Andy Cohen/Bravo style: EVERY. LINE. KELLY. TWEETS. IS. A. LIE!

    She’s completely out of touch with reality. Ironic that she’s on reality TV, isn’t it?

  3. Annie1033 says:

    Hm, I don’t know if this “made it to air” in the last blog’s comment, but here goes again (here’s your answer as to whether Bethenny will be returning next season):

    Tweet from Bethenny:
    Hmmm. maybe after my lobotomy RT @NMPinNYC: @Bethenny do u think u will do another season?RT

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      She might have been kidding. If she’s not there, I’m not about to watch the Jill & LuAnn show, LOL!

      • Annie1033 says:

        Oh toooootally! Me neither!…Done!

        Yes, she could just be being flip about it all. But that sounded rather grim to me. And I don’t blame her AT ALL! I wouldn’t continue to put myself through that and who knows?…after the baby, she may have a very different perspective on the idea of putting herself through that again…and her family.

        • Morgaine Swann says:

          I’m sure a lot will depend on how well her show does. I hope it’s a smash hit, so it will bug Jill and Kelly.

        • TLM says:

          I read B’s tweet in real time, and it did not come as a shock to me at all. She has a new show, a new family, and even if she had intended to do a season 4, after this experience, I think you’d have to be crazy to continue. The show helped her launch her brand (she was never shy that that was the reason she joined the show), and now she has a new show, and other opportunities coming her way. I think it just makes sense for her to move on.

  4. Katiecoo says:

    Honestly, I don’t think she’s lying in the sense that most of us consider lying. I do think she’s just that delusional. Seriously, delusional. Hey I have a schizophrenic brother who in all serious believes people are breaking in to his apartment just to move his belongings around, take nothing and leave. ON medication. And that’s just the current delusion. It goes on to the TV , etc. etc. I saw alot of him in Kelly’s behavior/facial expressions last week.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I have to agree, her behavior screams of a mental illness but could also be explained by drugs. She is paranoid, we know that for sure!

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      What’s frustrating is we don’t see anyone around her contradicting her warped perceptions. Maybe someone is trying, but we don’t see it. We know Jill and LuAnn are feeding her delusions. She’s convinced the others are conspiring against her. No one seems to be limiting her Twitter posts. There’s this natural desire to try to make her see reality, though as you say, she may be incapable of it.

      • Kat says:

        I don’t know that contradicting Kelly would even be worth the effort, she deflects criticism deftly. Satchels of Gold

      • PFinFL says:

        Maybe they should send her to a candy rehab and take away her satchels of candy….lol

        Seriously, I think she has an imbalance of some kind. I’m sure chomping on jelly beans doesn’t help her.

    • viridian says:

      Some other mental disorders like OCD can cause paranoia…….in any case….I don’t believe Kelly is really paranoid….it’s just that she cannot stand Bethany getting ANY attention and acts like a child……in an effort to convince the women Bethany was evil, she had to raise the stakes…..why not accuse her of trying to kill me? Dahhhr. She’s just too stupid to be conniving. That’s what’s happening. She really believes she is superior to all the other women and so her compliments are empty attempts at manipulation, when it doesn’t work she tells you how she REALLY feels……no mood swing, just not getting her way…..can you imagine how much trouble she created for anyone she was jealous of, when there were no cameras following her around? Kelly’s a monster.

  5. iceNfire says:

    J. Samples is apologizing on Amazon. Seems sincere this time wonder what’s going on?
    2 long weeks to wait.

  6. Kat says:

    I agree with you Katicoo, she’s delusional and perhaps as truthful as she can be. Kinda like her “Real” & “Authentic” self desciption is part of the delusion. I have some real mixed feelings (read misgivings) about her being a part of a reality show and also having so much access to the media. She has been given the rope…

  7. Annie1033 says:

    Oooooh IceNfire, do you have the URL and “page number” on that apology, perhaps??? 😉

  8. Kat says:

    @Lynn I got the feeling reading your last blog 5/24 that you were getting burned out from all the anger … between twitter and blogs and lost friendships.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      No Kat, not at all. I really enjoy blogging about RHONY, I just really cannot get into the Jersey Girls, I don’t find a whole lot redeeming about them.
      The Twitter “war” would have probably happened either way. There are always those few volatile people who use really nasty words….I’m no prude and I am not easily offended, but the “c” word really bothers me. You will see it used in one of Kelly’s “favorites” which is one of the reasons I was so shocked that she kept it as a favorite. Maybe these little tiffs have to happen every now and then to clear the trash out of your Twitter followers ..LOL
      But no, not burnt out at all, really enjoy putting together the blogs. In fact, this one I put together really quickly when I realized the old one was starting to freeze up. I think it just had too many posts, so more blogs! LOL
      Thanks Kat for caring!!! 🙂

      • Kat says:

        Thank you for your reply, I was actually concerned that you might just say screw it. Happy to be wrong. 🙂

      • Kokuanani says:

        Lynn, thank you for the “new” blog. I do not follow NJ at all, so it was tedious trying to sift through the comments there to find the “nuggets” relating to NYC.

        On another matter that’s been commented on here: I actually like the “reply” feature. I realize that it means that folks may “miss” items that are a “reply” to an earlier comment if they just start where they left off before, but I like being able to comment directly on something, not 11 pages [of comments] later.

        Finally: how about if we ALL e-mail Andy and ask that he ask Kelly at the reunion, “what the hell are ‘satchels of gold’?”

  9. Katiecoo says:

    I saw the fauxpology too…not touching that (I usually post as Katie, there and here–I wrote that open letter to JZ but this was my registered name on here) Fyi!

  10. Morgaine Swann says:

    The Breakdown episode is on BRAVO right now!

  11. ridicurhony says:

    I have REALLY enjoyed your blogs and all the comments on them this week! Hope you’ll continue blogging. I’m new to commenting and hope somehow the screwy post times wasn’t about something silly I did when I posted on the other blog.

    I’ve never commented on anything before, but when Jill started with the controlling behavior this year I got pretty mad and tried to comment on the Bravo blogs but my posts were not accepted, I assumed because they were negative about Jill and the Manzos. Then I was disappointed in the Bravo message boards as it looked like people were just on there talking about the weather and other unrelated stuff. So have been reading a lot of other blogs, twitter, ‘news’, etc. So glad to find yours and see there are some like minded people out there!
    Hope we aren’t all frustrated with the reunion show. I know I will be GLUED to the tv tomorrow night.

  12. Kat says:

    @Ice Ileft a reply to your 5:57pm post on the other blog. Sorry about that LA W.
    I had a hard time understanding her points let alone the posts.

  13. Kat says:

    I am so hoping Jill left the reunion show early and that she used Ally’s twitter account to tweet that she was crying.

    • battgyrl says:

      I know it’s mean, but I hope Jill had a total breakdown on camera. Karma is such a bitch Jill!!!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        It makes me ill that Jill uses Ally to tweet stuff. I doubt that tweet was Ally’s idea and she probably figured she would get public support if fans thought that big bad Andy Cohen made poor little Ally cry. I bet Ally doesn’t tweet anything without Jill’s approval actually it wouldn’t surprise me if Jill does the tweeting for her. Jill is pathetic!!!

  14. wolverinedg says:

    Now I can’t wait for the reunion show(s). Wonder if Kelly’s bff Gwenyth showed up? btw, I am one with B on Gwenyth Paltrow…all the personality of a carrot & snotty as hell about her fellow Americans, who she insults when giving interviews in foreign languages to foreign newspapers because her comments will not be repeated in the English language press.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I didnt know that. Never been a fan of Gwenyth Paltrow, now I have a good reason, plus any friend of Kelly’s…is not someone I admire!

      • shantygal says:

        Lynn, check out Michael K. @ dlisted.com. He has a burning hatred for Paltrow equal to or greater than ours for Jill. Plus, he’s hysterical.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Anthony Bourdain called Gwenyth Paltrow a bitch. Maybe Kelly will call him out on it and get the verbal lashing of her life!

          • disproportionate says:

            My man Anthony. Hate to do this, but as that idiot Rachel Ray would say – Yummo. Even as he ages and gets a little paunch, he still gives me the shivers in all the right places. Mario Batali took that moron Paltrow to Spain where she refused to eat Spain’s incredible foods, including the ham. That’s what prompted Bourdain’s comment. Every time I watched an episode of that program, I screamed at the TV. Why, Mario, why…?

      • TLM says:

        If nothing else B has always been honest. She was honest with how she felt about Gwyneth and honest about Rachel Zoe. These are both women that many feel put on airs, but few are willing to say that about. Probably only Kathy Griffin is as honest as Bethenny in the world of celebrity.

    • PFinFL says:

      Gwyneth who? LOL….I just loved that! I was as confused as Bethenny until I did a little research on it. I hate when people just randomly spew out what upsets them about something someone said or did in the past. Kelly does this ALOT. She keeps things up in the air until she can grab it and throw it later at someone. And she talks about Bethenny having a sharp tongue? How was Bethenny to know that Kelly was upset with what Bethenny said about Gwyneth if Kelly didn’t tell her? I guess she assumed Bethenny should know who all her friends are.

  15. mia says:

    Do you think its possible that Kelly is trying to convince herself that all press is good press because facing the reality would be too hard?

  16. Anitabee says:

    Lynn — Thank you for such a great blog. It makes my day.

    Btw, do you think that Jill Zarin is following you? Maybe she’s making Kelly do it since Kelly loves doing Jill’s dirty work.

  17. Katiecoo says:

    Ok J. Samples is having her/his own full fledged meltdown on the Amazon site. Lynn, you might want to get ready for a tidal wave landing over here.

  18. Kat says:

    @Kati URL please!

  19. Lisa_llbc86 says:

    My theory about Kelly Bensimon is that she is sort of like Tyra Banks. They can’t deal with the discovery that other folks don’t love them as much as they love themselves. They try to sell this persona and when folks don’t buy it, it trips their circuits.

    • mia says:

      I can see what you are saying. Honestly if thats the case I feel bad for them. Its a very fragile sort of narcissism. Its weird because they shouldn’t have to go to that extent to protect their ego. They have good lives. Exaggerating how amazing they are in their head makes the reality seem horrifying, when in actuality its not that bad.

      I don’t understand why Kelly feels the need to have the most “integrity” be the most “charitable” and “authentic”. If she were just to accept herself the way she is, she maybe wouldn’t be so insane.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        Watching episode 12 again. Kelly is a guy, emotionally, and homophobic. Interesting.

        I’m convinced that she has paranoid fits and someone around her has told her that she’s authentic and has lots of integrity and she parrots that, not realizing she sounds like an ass because you just don’t say things like that about yourself. I think a lot of the stuff she says is just repeating what others have said to her and that’s why she can’t support her statements. They aren’t her thoughts.

        I’m also convinced these people she thinks are genuine and nice are just passing acquaintances. I’m sure she’s attended functions with Gwyneth and they’ve said high to each other and Kelly thinks that’s a real friend because she never goes any deeper. Being on this show requires deeper interaction and she’s just not capable of it.

        • Kat says:

          I didn’t get the sense she was homophobic per se, but certainly she has a very under developed sense of sexuality. She could take tips from Sonja. But then Kelly can’t cuz she is quite stuck.

        • Kokuanani says:

          I think a lot of the stuff she says is just repeating what others have said to her

          This really struck a chord with me: thinking of all the “photographer talk” that models get, while the photographer is trying to get them to strike a certain pose, provide a certain look. [Almost as bad as “record producer” talk.]

          And with Gilles being a photographer himself, Kelly must have gotten this 24/7: at “work” and at “home.”

          Maybe that’s a big source of her narcissism.

      • KLAS says:

        I agree that Kelly’s a total narcissist. I imagine most models are. However I wouldn’t describe her narcissism as “fragile.” Fragility suggests a softness and in my opinion there is nothing about Kelly that is soft. I think her narcissism is of the brittle variety – all sharp edges and jagged points. It’s like her entire exterior is made up of broken glass.

    • error 404 says:

      I know what you mean, but just have to take the time to point out that Tyra actually is a hugely successful person, while Kiki has nothing. Well, not nothing. She did throw a few photos together and call it a book.

      But Kiki’s engorged ego in the face of her mediocrity is really the true gift from baby Jesus. She’s a bafoon.

  20. Squirrels says:

    Geez, I got lost for awhile…. gotta lay off the Kellade….

    Last I read from the previous thread, the reunion is going to implode the studio? Scatter small children into the wind? Lead to a public execution? Somehow, no matter who or why…. someone is going to write a book about this entity – and we’ll be in the middle of it. Someone CALL MY AGENT!!!

  21. Kat says:

    @Squirrels Why 2 snakes on the ark?

    • Squirrels says:

      It is a church quote from back in the 40’s.

      • Kat says:

        So there is no answer? Noah just wanted snakes to eat dung beetles or something? Like haters are part of the ecosystem?
        How zen…?

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Not to offend anyone, but Noah is a myth. The Goddess Nuah came down in the arc of the crescent moon to save the animals of Earth from a flood. With the advent of patriarchy, Nuah became masculinized as Noah and it became a man in a big boat instead of a Goddess in the moon. They found the scroll connecting Nuah to Noah in 1927. Notice you’ve never heard of it. Patriarchal religion is used for more than worship.

      • Kat says:

        Not offended.
        Not to offend anyone… I agree w/the myth.
        I just wondered of the purpose of the teaching, but I think I answered my own question.


        • Morgaine Swann says:

          As patriarchy spread, old Goddess myths were rewritten to put males in the power roles. It went from being a tale about compassion to one about obedience to “god.”

  22. MoVicky says:

    I know Kelly’s breakdown happened months ago, but her tweets are sounding just as unstable now, as her comments did back when filming took place.

    She does not seem “better” now.

    I think that is very telling that she’s (I believe) still ill, and nobody has intervened since then.

    • Kat says:

      She has been interviewed by several rags, but her interviews read much klike her non-sensical tweets. Most recently she declared she did not have a breakdown, she had a Breakthrough!

    • battgyrl says:

      Kelly isn’t married, her children are young, and her extended family (parents, siblings) live far away from NYC. There really isn’t anyone that can intervene with Kelly and get her some help, she has to do it on her own – and that seems very unlikely. Kelly lives in a fantasy of lollipops and rainbows, so there is nothing wrong with HER, it’s the rest of us who are crazy!!

      Let’s hope Gilles is a decent father and protects those girls.

      • GreatExpectations says:

        From what I’ve read about his leadership at Elle, he’s as bad as her. Petty and into retaliation if he doesn’t get the best freebies, etc.

      • viridian says:

        I can’t imagine the man that married her is anything but a complete PIG or was wasted the duration of their marriage and so didn’t notice her atrocious personality. If she’s this much of an imbecile at 42…….what the heck was she at at 32? And there are women out there that are beautiful AND have brains……how come this guy couldn’t get on of those girls? The fact that he married KELLY of all people, is very telling.
        Looks like he just tossed her when her looks dried up too……….I’m sure he’s a GREAT father to two young girls!

    • error 404 says:

      The more this goes on, the more I agree with Kiki: she didn’t have a breakdown in VI, that was just a typical sat night in this crazy bitch’s life.

      I know she brags about the same driver for 23 years, super nanny, etc… but I bet in real life the “BeenSomeones” have a permanent revolving door wheres staff comes and goes with every out of the blue tantrum.

      For all we know, super nanny is actually a vision of mary poppins she’s been hallucinating for years.

      If she didn’t get help back when she was postpatrum depressed and thinking she was going to die, she probably never will.

  23. Smompy says:

    LOL Lynn and kelly sittin’ in a tree, T-W-E-E-T-I-N-G! I’m not yet convinced that Kelly is totally insane. I think she might just by partially insane and partially high as a kite and partially a mean, insecure bitch. Plus I’m not ready to let go of my theory about her being a fembot whose wires got crossed either. Not yet anyway. But some of her tweets are friggin’ hilarious. I’ve never run across anyone quite as scattered as Kelly, and I’ve worked in psychiatric hospitals! When she talks (or tweets) it’s almost like lstening to free association only it’s less coherent and more nonsensical.

    I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed in the reunion show if I think about it too much ahead of time, so I told my brain to zip it, and I’ll try my best to only think about ponies, cartwheels and rainbows until that show actually airs. Although this goes without saying, of course I can never ever stop thinking about how much I hate Jill Zarin. So I suppose I’ll have to think about hating Jill Zarin while she’s bitching about cartwheels or whipping ponies or berating rainbows.

    Lynn, the number of comments on the page definitely plays a part in my ability to easily navigate this site. When there are a whole lot of comments (like over 600). everything gets screwy and slows way down and all sorts of weird things happen. But I really think that has to do with the incompatability of my ancient computing machine with modern websites – I’m on a Westinghouse Bicentennial computer, decorated with starts and stripes that were painted by Peter Maxx, I believe – but I doubt that’s the reason others commenters here are having issues. So maybe it does have something to do with the way the site is formatted or something? I have no clue really, but in any case, thanks for posting new blogs so often – it really does makes things much smoother for me. Anything under, say, 200 comments and I’m able to zoom around all all I want up in here.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      That’s the real shame of it – Kelly is mentally ill, but she’s also just a really horrible person. Even if something cleared her delusions, she’d still be egotistical, shallow and dumb. I still can’t believe no one has spoken to Gilles yet, even to just say we asked and he didn’t respond. Members of the media must be scared shi*less of him.

      • mia says:

        I wasn’t into sending jill sympathy cards, but I honestly wouldn’t oppose sending Gilles please get your ex-wife help, the public is concerned cards. Seriously WTF is going on. Also her parents may be far away but they aren’t in China. No matter what age, if I were even potentially having a mental breakdown, I know my parents would be on the first flight.

    • error 404 says:

      Re:Fembot.. could be

      Every time I see Kiki on screen, I start convincing myself she’s a tranny for reals… that body, the shoulders, those legs…and the very male agression which people fear will lead to violence… but then I remember she has two biological kids.

    • viridian says:

      I totally agree, I’m not convinced Kelly’s really insane either……maybe a behavior disorder…….but she’s really just a spoiled, arrogant, entitled moron and when she tries to express herself, she’s just sooooooooo very stupid, everything sounds crazy. People took some of her comments like “I just hear voices chattering” and “white noise” to be crazy…..but really just was just expressing how insignificant she thinks everyone else is, inarticulately, as usual. She’s one of the losers that will repeatedly humiliate themselves just to be in the press because ANY publicity is good publicity to her. It makes her feel “important.”

      Wow…….it must be nice to create such a level of self delusion?

  24. MoVicky says:

    Wanted to add: Kelly looked terrible during the breakdown episode–her hair looked unkempt and sweaty and she seemed to be bathed in perspiration. In several instances you can actually see her eyes roll up into her head.

    Definitely not normal, and she has apparently still not received any kind of help.

    Her castmates (all now being accused by her of being abusive to her)—have taken no action, despite realizing she needs some serious help.

    Ditto Bravo.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      What action should they be expected to take?

      Kelly has exhibited some of these issues before, there have been signposts along the way.

      Kelly has to recognize that she needs help and become compliant in attaining it.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Unless she is an immediate danger to herself or others there’s nothing anyone can do without her consent. At the moment she broke down in the Islands, they had a chance to do something very short, or at least they would have in the States – USVI might have different laws about it. If that wasn’t done, once she chilled out a bit, it’s back on her. If she’s schizophrenic, she will likely NEVER admit she has a problem.

      Mental illness is a terrible thing. It’s very hard to deal with someone who is uncooperative. I know of cases where a person desperately wanted help and had trouble getting it. For a person who can’t comprehend their own need, help very rarely manifests. It’s entirely possible she won’t get help until one of her kids can make it happen. We don’t know anything about her history. Maybe Gilles tried and nothing could be done.

      Certain disorders, like BPD and paranoid schizophrenia, make a person very unlikely take their meds. I know people with BPD who start thinking they don’t need their meds anymore the minute the meds make them feel better. I’ve known Schizophrenics who wouldn’t take their meds because only sick people take pills so if they don’t take their pills, they won’t be sick. That’s the kind of twisted world view they can have. You can’t reason with that kind of disordered thinking.

      Most people have no experience in dealing with mental disorders, and consequently, most people will avoid admitting there is a problem, even when it becomes obvious. The NY ladies were perfect examples – Ramona was pissed that she ruined the party, Alex was scared, Bethenny got angry that she wasn’t making sense. Sonja had the right instinct to be protective of her, but you could tell she didn’t have the vocabulary or know the procedure for dealing with that type of episode. Most people would be at a loss of how to deal with it.

      • Kat says:

        You speak the frustrating truth.

        • Morgaine Swann says:

          My best friends brother was at her house for Thanksgiving one year and I was there. He had drug-induced schizo-affective disorder. We became pretty sure at one point that he had taken an overdose of pills. In that case, we were able to have him committed because no one could be sure if he’d taken the missing pills or not and he wasn’t making any sense at all. It was a horrible, scary day, and at one point he started turning his anger on me because I was doing the talking – his mom and sister were hysterical. It was really sad.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Or she may receive help the next time she assaults somebody.

        I believe the other housewives, having seen Kelly in action before, had their own prejudices in viewing her actions on the boat and at the villa.

        Kelly was just “being Kelly” exhibiting some of the same type of behaviors they had witnessed or had been victims of in the past.

        The problem this time was that the escalation was rather swift and Sonja was forced to stay behind and deal with her.

        When Sonja attempted to deal with her one on one the scope of the problem became more evident.

        @Morgaine – Excellent analysis!

        • Morgaine Swann says:

          Thanks – the problem was, as she said, there was nowhere to run. If she starts to feel anxious normally, she cuts out. Watch how anxious she is to leave sometimes. Like when Ramona asked about her breast implants – she was trying to get her to stay and talk but Kelly was practically jumping up and down wanting to escape. It’s possible that’s her coping mechanism. If she can leave, she might not escalate the way she did there.

      • viridian says:

        I DO have experience, I have a family member that has mental illness……but people have to remember that mental illness can happen to good people or it can happen to jerks too…….I think Kelly, sick or not, is really narcissistic person…..she’s got princess a-hole syndrome and more than likely what we’re seeing is a woman who got everything in life through her sexuality, realizing the bloom is off her rose.

  25. Squirrels says:

    It’s so confusing, all the trailer tweets – I can’t speculate at this point.

  26. Kat says:

    I still Hate Jill Zarin.
    Two lines for the spam filter. 🙂

  27. Morgaine Swann says:

    Kat –

    Unfortunately, no. He was committed for quite a while, but while he was in the hospital his girlfriend smuggled drugs in to him and he died of an overdose. That should never have been allowed to happen and my friend should have sued the hospital, but she never did. Her mom had terminal cancer and she was too consumed with that to do anything.

    • Kat says:

      How very sad.
      Atleast your friend has you.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        Yeah, that was a very hard time for her. It was inevitable, because his episodes were escalating to the point where they had police helicopters scanning the woods for him and things like that, but it was so hard for her. At least her life is no longer consumed with taking care of them. She has a boyfriend now, and is not under so much stress.

  28. lillybee says:

    I read the J. Samples posts on Amazon. It appears that she has definitely lost it.
    I don’t know what action the castmates could take regarding Kelly’s breakdown. One cannot help someone who doesn’t want help. When I worked for social services, I wanted to get help for some of my clients but unless one can get a 51/50 commitment, there is nothing a person can do.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      You can only do a 5150 if the person is an immediate danger to themselves or others. In those cases, they can put the person on a 72 hour hold then they re-evaluate them in court at the end of it. It’s too bad her ex-boyfriend didn’t move to have her committed when she attacked him. She might have gotten help. Again, though, people don’t know what to do.

  29. A former Jill fan says:

    Samples is too stupid to know that all that drivel he posts is hurting Jill’s image as much as it’s hurting him. Let him rant and rave and prove that’s he’s just as crazy as Kelly.

  30. A former Jill fan says:

    It’s been a long day. Good night everybody!

  31. Nancyusa says:

    post reunion tweets compiled

    from andy
    Reunion Lunchbreak after a v intense am w/ the NY Wives. I love these women-they leave NOTHING unspoken. Tears, laughs, and fights.

    from andy

    from ally (Jill’s daughter)
    reunion was INSANE. you will DIE. i couldn’t stop crying

    from ramona
    We all survived it?!!?RT @ramonasinger @bethenny @bravoandy Can’t wait to hear about the reunion… bring a straightjacket?

    from bethenny
    High drama on high seas.I just wanted to run home to Bryn and jason. Ahhhh….

    from alex
    more like shock and awe lolol (responding to: Duck and Cover. Let us know how reunion taping goes! )

    from kelly
    lol. the reunion was great. it was fun seeing the women again. happy summer

    from simon
    Alex & I are fine. Some others? Not so much. You need to ask them.

    from simon
    no ganging up is necessary. As adults we all make our own beds & lie in them accepting the consequences. (responding to: Please say they ganged up on Jill and LuAnn on the Reunion. Please Simon Please!! Hints hints)

    from simon
    yes all three & @SonjaTMorgan & standing tall. Why’s Ally crying? (responding to: Ally Zarin said the reunion was bad and she can’t stop crying. Is TEAM BRA (Bethenny, Ramona and Alex) still standing?)

    from luann
    In the eye of the storm!

    Jill makes no reference to the reunion

    • shantygal says:

      Ally’s tweet has got to be Jill. I can hear her now, YOU WILL DOY, to quote B, ” like a horn”.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Nice compilation. I think Jill got the one old smackdown!

    • MickeyMouth says:

      As I read these quotes I heard the Sesame Street Song, “One of these Things is not Like the Others” playing in my head.

      “from kelly
      lol. the reunion was great. it was fun seeing the women again. happy summer”

  32. Kat says:

    I hate that Jill may have married Bobby for his cash and cache… status .
    Feeds into one of the worst stereotypes.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I don’t watch RHOAtlanta because I feel one of them is simply a prostitute and they aren’t being honest about it. After seeing that watch shopping scene with Jill, I think the same thing about her.

  33. Adgirl says:

    For those of you wondering if Tweetmaxine = PizzaGirl here is some info.

    PizzaGirl also posted crazy comments on the local OC newspaper message board and they ended up shutting it down because there was too much personal information about the cast being published.
    I’ll post it on the oldblog too. Funny, I was only speculating idley because Irvine is in OC – right next to Newport Beach.

  34. Morgaine Swann says:

    Hey, Kat – I’m here!

    Just reading this:

    I think it’s time that Three’s Company was brought back to television. If they cast Jesse James, Danielle Staub and Kelly Bensimon, they will have a hit. Guaranteed. The sexual tension between Kelly and Danielle will be riveting, and even more entertaining, will be that while we watch them fall in love, Jesse will be trying to bed them both.


    I think that’s becoming my favorite blog, LOL

    And feel free to call me Morgy

  35. Adgirl says:

    Damnit! J Samples deleted all of her posts on Amazon so I can’t read her meltdown (or was it an apology – not sure).

    I guess they were pretty juicy!

  36. Katiecoo says:

    Yes! The Raven! I think there might have been some Shakespeare and a Christmas Carol in there too. LMAO

    • Kat says:

      I just looked at 1 page of her ranting, saw the C&P job and left.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Wow – that does sound like a melt down! How do you delete all your stuff from Amazon – I’ve got so much stuff there, I’d never find it all.

  37. Kat says:

    Posted by Morgaine Swann, “I think it’s time that Three’s Company was brought back to television. If they cast Jesse James, Danielle Staub and Kelly Bensimon, they will have a hit. Guaranteed. The sexual tension between Kelly and Danielle will be riveting, and even more entertaining, will be that while we watch them fall in love, Jesse will be trying to bed them both. ”

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Just so y’all know – that’s from that link I posted with it. I didn’t write it.

  38. Kat says:

    I wonder though, Sonja and Luann might roll that way already.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Sonja definitely does.

      • Kat says:

        There was a link to an article I read that was written about a wedding Luann was at w/the Count. She got drunk. She got on stage w/the band about wrecked the drums. Also it mentioned she hit on guests of both sexes. Kissed the male partner of a pregnant woman, the woman left quite angry.

        • Morgaine Swann says:

          She got a little touchy feely with the escort of one of her costars, too. Many believe that would have been Max.

  39. Adgirl says:

    HAHA. “The sexual tension between Kelly and Danielle will be riveting”
    So funny, because I think Kelly has real hangups about sex.

    Also it’s just gross to think of those two plastic bubbie chicks …

    • Kat says:

      The new pong. Gawd I’m a bitch.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I said earlier, I think Kelly is really homophobic and she acts like a guy when it comes to talking about feelings. I have a feeling that 1979 line comes from her ex-husband.

      Ramona and Bethenny should have kissed each other right there when Kelly started that b.s. It would have driven her further over the edge.

  40. Morgaine Swann says:

    Kat – try to contact me on that facebook chat thing. My name is morgaineswann there.

  41. lillybee says:

    Strega just closed down the Real Housewives of Orange County board because too many people were responding to facebook posts.

    • Kat says:

      Sounds like a board nazi

      • HousewifeInCurlers says:

        He is, and he pisses me off. Whoever put that asshole in charge needs to reevaluate the way he runs that board. The only time I’ve ever gotten warnings on TWOP is from that loser. He spends all his time dissecting every little word said and then telling people to read the Rules, the FAQs, the notes at the top of the forums….Where the F am I? In school? How in the world he can close the NY thread during a season this great…Ugh, can you tell I can’t stand that jerk? I’m sure he has a tiny penis and this is his way of feeling dominant.
        This is a reality show and the reality is that they are very available on Facebook and Twitter, so why shouldn’t we be allowed to post about that stuff?

  42. A former Jill fan says:

    Lynn, I sent you a private message through the old board site’s contact form. I looked around but didn’t see one here.

  43. Quincy IL says:

    Wow, I slept though all of the breakdowns?

    So Ally Zarin is really upset, Jill is silent, Bethenny wants her to go home to her family, and Kelly is happy as a lark. Seems about right to me.

    Didn’t J Samples have some connection to Jill? I think Simon tweeted something sometime. Would Jill go to the net under a false name and respond to the public?
    Yes, she would…Susan Saunders.

    This is going to ruin Ally’s high school graduation. Good job, Jill Zarin.

    I ordered tons of Bethenny products on Amazon last night. I want her body even though I am 57.

    Take care everyone. It looks like twitter land will be a Ramonacoaster today.

  44. Bobbi says:

    I’m not sure if it is Kelly or her assistant who decided on the change in strategy, but she seems to be following a lot of people now – me included! LOL! How random.

    This morning, I was catching up on last night’s tweets and read one from @sweeetbea that referenced this article: http://durangotv.blogspot.com/2010/05/real-housewives-of-new-york-city-wacky.html . It says that Kelly was removed from Scarey Island and that Bethenny had said things had gotten physical there. I knew Kelly left from the promo for this week’s show but had not seen anywhere that she had been “removed”. That sounds as if it was involuntary. Never have I seen anything that Bethenny said things had gotten physical there. Has anyone else?

    • error 404 says:

      They make a good point, I wonder if Bravo can include psych evals in the season 4 contract.

      But seriously, Kelly is both mentally ill and a crashing bore. If they keep her for next season, I will be like “Reh, reh, reh” and I’ll be all “Ah, ah ah!” How many people can ask 10 year olds if they’re wearing underwear and still keep their job.

    • ridicurhony says:

      no. Beth said things were much worse than what aired, Kelly was asked to leave and escorted home. The getting physical thing came up on the Wendy williams show with Ramona – and Ramona did not really answer that question. Rumor IMO.

    • chismosa says:

      if you read on the guide on the tv where it gives the description for tonight’s episode it says ‘Kelly leaves the islands in the middle of the night in secret’ – i really honestly hope they dont brush over the fact that she may have been FORCIBLY REMOVED.

  45. disproportionate says:

    Here she is, our very own Cuckoo Kelly:


    Notice – same photog who did Zarin’s photoshoot yesterday, so maybe this was a shoot following the taping. Which would mean the taping was – as someone yesterday surmised – no more than 9-6, less lunch and other breaks. If so, we are in for a big disappointment. As Lynn said, how much could they have covered in so little time.

    Didn’t they tape over TWO days last year?

    • error 404 says:

      Serious, that’s a man! Tattiana from Ru Paul’s drag race had a more feminine body.

    • HousewifeInCurlers says:

      Yes, Jill tweeted around 4 that she was on her way to host some local cable show or something @ 5….and it sounded like they started taping the reunion around 9 or 10, with a lunch break. That doesn’t seem like much time at all to me. I remember Andy tweeting when they were in hour 8 of OC reunion and said it was still going strong…
      Very interesting.

  46. LynnNChicago says:

    I reviewed J.Samples posts on Amazon. Sort of looks like the troll on the old Hubpages board that just kept cutting and pasting long messages from the blog or from the comments section. J.Samples, it seems to me, was just trying to fill up the message board on Amazon in order to hide the real messages that, of course, were not very complimentary toward Jill. Few people would scroll through all of the nonsense that J.Samples posted to get to the real comments. IMO
    I would guess that Amazon removed the posts rather than J. Samples removing them without being forced to, either that or Jill called J. Samples and told him/her to quit it because it makes it look like she went insane after the reunion taping..LOL

    • Mel says:

      Seems that J. Samples deleted his/her whole profile…

    • Annie1033 says:

      Lynn, that’s really, really weird that you mention that because THAT’S what J. Samples’ posts reminded me of as well! And in her messages that were NOT cra-cra copy and pasted works of literature (of which she has NO business messing with), it sounded in style like that of the similarly cra-cra troll on the old board. Whole lotta cra-cra going on around here…..feels like Kelly unleashed some sort of (unheard to the rest of us) dog whistle that told everyone that was of a “like-mind” to herself to come on out of the shadows! Yuck.

  47. ImToula says:

    Good Morning,
    This is the 3rd time I’m posting this. It’s getting hard to follow the conversation. What do you think of this?

    • anutha hata says:

      Thanks for posting that–I think she’s talking about that Kim person? All it says it that she claims to get texts from some ex-friend who hates her. (it could be anyone if its even true). The story says that it could be Jackie, and that Danielle says that her children are not allowed to play with the other housewives’ kids. I looked at the story, but from the way I understand it, Radar Online has a deal with celebrities where they actually pay them when someone clicks to a story about them, so I’m going to make sure to only read that one once!

    • Small Town Mama says:

      The article makes it sound like Danielle won’t allow her kids to play with the other housewives’ kids. I highly doubt it was Danielle who doesn’t allow the kids to interact.

      I’m also not buying the evil texting friend BS. Why not just say who it was? Why not publish the texts?

      P.S. I was blue Free Ginger on the old blog but since it seems someone else is already using that name here I’m using this one instead to avoid confusion.

      • error 404 says:

        I’m confused, probably because I don’t really watch the show, but from what I’ve seen:

        Caroline’s kids are in their 20s
        Danielle’s kids are teens
        Jackie and Teressa’s kids are little children

        So, why would any of these kids play with each other? It makes no sense.

        Dina’s kid is the same age as Danielle’s, so that’s really the only thing that makes sense, so why not just say it. And did anyone seriously think Ashley was friendly with D’s kids?

        • Morgaine Swann says:

          Do 12 and 15 year olds “play” with other children? That’s an odd turn of phrase, don’t you think? It’s an attempt to make the situation sound more serious than it is. Danielle is milking this line about being afraid of the Manzos, but she’s the one hiring ex-cons to “protect” her.

          There will always be drama where Danielle is concerned because she’s a borderline personality. She’s only comfortable in chaos, she has no boundaries, her first instinct it always to go toward confrontation and violence. I’m just praying her kids get out of the situation unscathed. IMG needs to hook Christine up with a lot of jobs and a place to live so she can get away from her. Hopefully, Jillian will get a growth spurt soon and be able to model, too.

  48. ImToula says:

    Who knows if those text messages are for real. She might not be getting any texts at all. She does have a new book out. This could be all for publicity.

  49. Small Town Mama says:

    Has anyone read any real reviews of Danielle’s book? I’ve Googled a bit but can’t find anything.

  50. Nancyusa says:

    From jen gilbert twitter
    I’m hosting the bravo talk bubble live tomorrow night, so log in and tweet to me. I’m back on

    Also noticed that Bethenny only follows 27 people on twitter and one is our hostess Lynn.

  51. boston02127 says:

    Is everyone here? I’m lost!

  52. I'm just visiting this planet says:

    Lynn; I hope that you are getting lots of rest today. You need fortifying, healthy food and be sure to drink lots of calming green tea. Don’t forget the all important deep breaths. There are hundreds of people out here depending on you.

    • Had Enough! says:

      I don’t know ’bout her foobs (she did have them re-done) but if those eyes aren’t channeling the devil, well…that is really the hairy eyeball she’s got going on there.

  53. Ellabean says:

    Since the meltdown episode……recollections of Kelly’s behavior from last season keeping coming to mind that makes me think…’ it was right in front of us all the time.’

    Morgaine, you astutely brought this to light up thread:

    Re: Kelly’s habit of ‘popping’ in and ‘popping’ out of events. We always saw the annoying hiiiieeeee – but recall how many times we’ve seen her she quickly leave. I do think that indicates some sort of overwhelmed discomfort she feels in group settings – paranoia ? or too much talk that she cannot process, thus the “white noise/ chatter ” ?

    That being said: I think that what TRIGGERED Meltdown on Scarey Island was the inability for her to leave (and going back to her bedroom would not have helped). I believe this to be very telling. She couldn’ t get away – which is what we’ve been witnessing this past year in EVERY social setting. So, she upped whatever drugs (legal or other) she was taking – which is why we all know she had so many time outs. And whatever, disorders she already has – that may lay dormant – were triggered by this.

    She said this in so many words in the NY Mag post meltdown interview: she said couldn’t take a run – couldn’t go get coffee. While we know those are bogus excuses, its very telling to note that is what she points out – it must be how she felt.

    • error 404 says:

      Speaking of comparisons to last season: Kiki likes to talk at people, and can’t handle them actually talking back. We’ve never seen a nice 1 on exchange between Kiki and anyone.

      When she took Ramona to the Meier model museum to show off, she got pissed when R upstaged/exposed her. When she met with B to dress her down/ shut her up, she flipped when B spoke back. Same with the Ally bedroom “Ambush”.

      If Bravo gave out $1 every time Kiki told the other HWs to shut up, they’d go broke.

      Every time she meets up with even the HW she claims to like, her post scene interviews always snark.

      She can’t interact with other humans.

    • lrd851 says:

      Ella bean

      i totally agree with you.. Remember the im up here youre down there seen.. she yells at B then tells her shes going BYEEEIIIIIIII because she has a date, then B shakes her head makes a snarky (hilarious) comment and goes to leave, and there is Kelly in the doorway of the bar yelling at B that B is inappropriate… Then Kelly finds Max and proceeds to tell him the story and her face is shiny, and she has pretty pink boots.. and do you like my new barbie with the growing hair blah blah blah..

  54. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Good Morning everyone, so excited for tonights show. I have a quick question that has been bugging me. If Jill’s Ex husband has the last name Shapiro why does Ally go by the last name Zarin when Bobby is not her father?
    Sorry if this has been answered before. Thanks. 🙂

    • Had Enough! says:

      She does it so that viewers will know “who she belongs to” on the show. That’s the explanation she gave on her blog. I guess she figures we are too stupid to remember one more last name, and we won’t get a clue from who it is she hangs out with, where she lives, who talks about her all the time, etc.

    • morning says:

      It seems like Jill once said Ally uses Zarin sometimes just to eliminate confusion.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        WOW, I thought that Bobby adopted her and that was why she used Zarin. I wonder how her real father feels about seeing his kid using some other man’s name. That is insulting to him.

      • TLM says:

        Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa uses the name Rivers professionally even though her last name is her late father’s name, Rosenberg, because people identify her with Joan. Of course it’s not quite the same here, since Ally has a biological father who is alive (I believe). I could see how he could see her biodad thinking it’s a slap. I think on her Twitter page her name is “ally shapiro zarin.”

  55. PFinFL says:

    I just found your blog site yesterday and have read all. Your blogs are great!

    Could Kelly’s problem, “like”, entire problem be that she was drinking, just as she has said in the preview for tonight, and eating all those “lollipops” and “gumberries”? I honestly think sometimes that Kelly tries too hard. I do think there is an imbalance though. I just think Kelly is very jealous of Bethenny. I’m sorry but not taking the pretzel? All Kelly had to do was say…no thank you….but she had to dig because it was Bethenny offering. She said she didn’t eat unnatural foods. How much natural can you get with a pretzel? I think if there is a next time when they all have to do something together and the other housewives see her with her candy store…they should run! If Jill is in high school like Alex says. Then Kelly is way back in Elementary School with rainbows and flying unicorns.

    One more thing. About Jill. Her latest blog says something that reminds me of another housewife. One that said, “it used to be fun”? And that housewife wrote a blog for the NY housewives (Jill) a few weeks back. Out of the blue. Yes…Vicki. So at the end of Jill’s blog she explains that the show at first was supposed to be called something else. And it was supposed to be FUN! I just think it’s hilarious to imagine Vicki and Jill sitting in a tree wishing the housewives was fun again. Not realizing why it’s not for them!

  56. Olivia says:

    Danielle’s first ex husband is suing her for libel concerning some of the charges she has made against him in her “book”. One charge was that he “raped her on a bed of glass”. This woman is truly nuts! He has reportedly taken a lie detector and passed. He also disputes her claims that her birth mother was an Italian “heiress” who had an affair with a Catholic priest who was later murdered and that her mother was sent to the US to give birth and put her up for adoption.

    Danielle than “amended” that story by leaving out the Catholic priest part and said that her mother, while still an heiress, was forced by her wealthy family to give her up for adoption. In other words, Danielle is a big fat liar!

    Bravo seems intent on making “stars” out of women who are as seriously disturbed as some of these media hounds appear to be. Danielle, Ashley, Jill, Kelly, all seem to be in dire need of a qualified psychiatrist to uncover their need to be showcased as celebrities as their personal lives and integrity are called into question.

    What Danielle is doing to her own daughters is beyond redemption. It is difficult to even imagine what these kids must endure at the hands of their peers and families as their delusional, self centered, insane mother insists on baring the worst part of her life to one and all. And her recent introduction of that sleazeball, Danny Provenzano, into the mix is beyond comprehension. What is this woman thinking aside from her own aggrandizement? It boggles the mind.

    Whatever her past has thrown up, she is still the same lying, shameless cretin who goes through life exploiting herself and inflicting damage on those around her. In this case, two young girls who deserve much more than what this hideous creature has to offer by way of parenting. To open yourself up for the benefit of achieving 15 minutes of dubious fame is unwarranted.

    The reason that the NJ series is so boring is that the entire narrative is so manufactured and there is not one “Housewife” that is worthy of respect let alone interest. Bravo has reached a new low in its presentation of the most unlikable women to grace the airwaves. There is simply no one there to “root” for.

    • boston02127 says:

      Well said.

    • austin1963 says:

      Not to stick up for Danielle, who is really disturbed, but I read her ex-husband’s book after I caught sight of the title during last year’s show (it’s cheap on Kindle). The book was barely readable as it was so poorly written, but he is a slimeball, too, as far as I could tell. He is very full of himself, and even though he is an ex-con who did serious time for serious crimes, he really seems to believe he is an almost-cop. Basically, he has made a living being a snitch, which is not exactly what I would term being a “cop without a badge”.

      They are both disgusting and deserved each other.

  57. Ellabean says:

    My apologies for the many typographical and sentence structure errors above. I am a lousy typist. Hope I still got my point across. Thx.

    Hi – Kelly-Has-Big….
    Re: Ally Zarin. I think she just recently started going by Zarin. My hunch is that it is due to the Real HW show and the public notoriety. Jill most likely wants her to be identified as Zarin. Jill sees Ally now as a celebrity too – and wants to milk it.

  58. boston02127 says:

    re: Ally’s tweet about crying. I doubt that was Ally. She’s never spoken two words let alone put two sentances together on any of the shows. I don’t think she has any social skills. Very unlike her big mouth mother. As a matter of fact, Jill talks so much poor Ally probably didn’t talk until she was 9.
    @Kelly-Has-BigShoulders~~ I’ve be asking the same thing. Her old facebook page is under the name Shapiro. She all of a sudden she became a Zarin this season.
    Glad I found you guys, I had no idea what happen last night.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      it’s possible that Ally has two accounts, one just for the show, or that Ally has one under her real name and the Ally Zarin account is used by Jill.

  59. ImToula says:

    Forgive me but I still can’t understand the “Al Sharpton” comment. I know kHELLy is a wak -a-do, at this point I think I’m nuts cause I just don’t understand what she was trying to say when she said AL Sharpton. Can someone help me out here before I go nuts……please?

    • anniieee says:

      When the Tawanna Bradley (name) incident happened a long time ago..before it was discovered it was all lies… Al Sharpton kept screaming to the press… “you can’t handle the truth”…..at least that what kept coming up in my foggy memory..

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        I think you hit the nail on the head with the Al Sharpton thing. IMO what it boils down to is that Kelly is calling Bethenny a big, fat liar. Instead of shouting liar, liar, Kellamity uses Al Sharpton (the jerk) as a metaphor. In Kellamity’s mind probably thinks she is being very clear. Just saying.

        • KimmyKim says:

          I strongly disagree with you there. Kelly’s erratic ‘Al Sharpton’ screaming was in direct response from a line from a movie a “Few Good Men’. Kelly turned into a kook and started yelling random and nonsensical things. Also, I dont know what calling Al Sharpton a jerk is a productive or accurate comment. Al Sharpton isnt a liar but I suppose throughout history the Dr.Kings, John Browns, Malcolm Xs, Gandhis, and Mother Theresas were viewed as “trouble makers”.

    • Had Enough! says:

      It could be that she simply thought that line was something Al Sharpton said. It is a famous line from A Few Good Men, uttered by Jack Nicholson. Perhaps Al Sharpton once repeated it (as many do) and so Kikilet thought it was an Al Sharpton line? Or more likely, she just didn’t know who said it and maybe the way Bethenny said it, in a deep voice, reminded her of Al Sharpton.

      Someone above said that Kikilet also said “pull up your hair” or made a gesture to say that Bethenny should pull up her hair. I didn’t hear that, but if she did, then she hasn’t even got Al Sharpton right. She’d be mixing up Al Sharpton and Don King (the fight promoter).

      Or it could just be more of Kellamity stoooooopidity.

      • ImToula says:

        Thank you!
        I understand now…..as much as a sane person can. Does this women ever say anything that makes sence? Has anyone ever heard her utter a complete sentence that makes sence?

        • ImToula says:

          @Had Enough,
          I do remember hearing the hair comment. Maybe she thinks Al Sharpton and Don King are one and the same?

          • Kismet Chandler says:

            yes I read she said “Pull up your hair” so when I watched the show a second time I listened carefully. She pointed to Bethenny and yelled “Al Sharpton! Al Sharpton! Pull up your hair!”

            yep…she said that. I think she thought Bethenny WAS morphing into Al Sharpton.

            yes, it was a Jack Nicholson comment so the real answer…is only Kelly knows.

      • lrd851 says:

        i think it was just pure Kelly-stupidity.. she mistook jack for al then al for Don.. then alex for the devil.. shes a DOPE!!!!!!

        Everytime she opens her mouth i cringe…. and i still say the funniest scene was Alex and Betthany hysterical laughing on how stupid Kelly is… lemons anybody???

    • Dr. D says:

      I thought the line, “You can’t handle the truth,” came from Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”. Of course, I’m terrible at remembering movies, so perhaps I’m the one crazy here.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Somebody said that Al Sharpton had been speaking about something in the headlines recently and used the line “you can’t handle the truth,” and that Kelly heard him say it, not recognizing that it was a quote from A Few Good Men. That still doesn’t explain the “put your hair up” part of it, but some have suggested she was confusing Sharpton with Don King.

      At the very least, Kelly is what they call “culturally illiterate.” She doesn’t know sayings and cultural references that most people know and take for granted. It’s like she’s been living in a cave and hasn’t picked up the things most people do.

      What was so disturbing about that outburst was that she wasn’t responding to the cues from the other women at all. She had a complete disconnect and thought she was being funny when they were looking at her terrified. I just hope someone is looking out for her and her kids. I don’t like Kelly at all, but I hate seeing anyone suffer.

  60. anniieee says:

    I think I found Kelly trying to redeem herself on the comment section of this article..here are 2 of her responses…see below.. Sure does sound like her. Maybe we have Kellygate happening….


    Posted By kimberly (13 hours ago)
    Okay, this last episode WAS a witch hunt! Bethenny Frankel (heidi fleiss look a like), if she can’t control and manipulate someone then she will annihilate them. I was disgusted when I saw her and Alex “gloating” after the PRETTY girl mis-spoke (lemonade incident). bethenny needs to take a little of her own advice, and get over herself. If Kelly didn’t say hi to you…….get over it!!!! And Alex, my goodness, maybe you should look into passive-aggressive personality disorder. That message to jill……….CRAZY! What a horrible vacation. Thank God Ramona was intoxicated the entire time or all hell would have broke loose. All that being said, I love the show and can’t wait for more. I love Kelly!!! She was the BEST thing for that show. BTW, don’t know anyone on this show, live in B.H., and am a single mom….Just a normal girls opinion.

    Cal1111, No, I am not delusional, but obviouslly you are!. Just like Bethanny and the others you like to bully and intimidate. You don’t even know me and you are already attacking me. Why do you dislike Kelly so much? What has she done that is so horrible? heidi and the devil were gloating over a lemonade comment? Now, I don’t really mean alex is the devil and that it was an actual witch hunt….pardon the exageration. I think that if anyone had cameras in their face, with no support, and being constantly nit picked for days by women who don’t like them, than anyone would unravel. She isn’t crazy. Why do women like you get so vicous and ugly?? Oh that is right you are probably are just that UGLY. LOL

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      Hmmmm. The writer says “I don’t really mean alex is the devil and that it was an actual witch hunt….pardon the exageration.”

      Wow, talk about a up Kelly! lmao!!!

  61. cusi77 says:

    Thank you Lynn! Great Blog, as always!

    Counting the days to meet Silex as well as YOU!

    I used to be “Can forget”.

    Last Monday 5/24 I went to a site looking to know more about Gilles Bensimon and immediatelly I got alert that my computer was infected with hundreds of virus!

    I am a “Computer-challenged” so I got scared! This alert wanted to go through my files to “clean it”… In doubted of the font, I just turn off the computer. Then I allowed my Antivirus to scan my computer -it took more than an hour… MY COMPUTER WAS CLEAN!

    If somebody knows why I could have had this “infected alert”, please let me know.

    Lynn… how about THE PETITION? Lets not forget and try to find everyone 5 people signing it.

    Thank you Lynn for having such a great place whith many interesting people and their insights, links, Etc. I am enjoying it very much! Thank you everyone!

    My best regards!

    • Just a Commoner says:

      I think those virus alert things are actually links to something that will install spyware on your computer so that somebody somewhere can track what sites you look at and use that for various things. They make it look like it’s something helpful and good, but actually it’s not. You did the right thing.

    • Kokuanani says:

      Usually these “your computer is infected. Click here” alerts are just scams to get you to click on their link. What usually happens is that either a) the clicking itself unleashes a Trojan horse virus that invades/kills/or overtakes your computer [really, really horrible and hard to fix/recover from] ; b) they’re trying to sell you something that’s worthless; or c) they’re trying to gain access to your computer and your data.

      NEVER click on/respond to these things. They are not legitimate. Buy and install good Spyware program [I recommend Spyware Doctor] and other virus protection [I recommend Panda] and USE THEM.

      I speak from the experience of having to recover crashed computers and on the advice of my “computer consultant” who does computer security for the Pentagon.

  62. Olivia says:

    Not difficult to understand why Ally would be crying. Her mother has achieved the honor, all captured for eternity on tape, of being one of the most hated people in the hemisphere!

    By her odious behavior, she has more than likely created a lot of emotional pain for Ally who must defend her mother against the attacks she has taken throughout the series. It is the aftereffect of what these women, who crave this publicity, bestow on their families by their behavior and willingness to seek fame and fortune.

    Ally must contend with the real world and has more than likely had endure comments made by her peers following each show that presents her mother in the most unflattering light. Caused by her own mother to be sure. It is her mother after all and she loves her.

    All I can wish for Ally is that she is able to distance herself enough from Jill and the negativity when she enters Brown in the Fall and becomes just another student on campus. The burden of having to defend that loudmouth for the rest of her life is overwhelming. There is no reason for this to be happening yet Jill marches on as a legend in her own mind dragging her child with her in the process.

    • PFinFL says:

      The only problem that I have with Ally’s twitter comment about the reunion is that it could go either way. Ally had another comment about an event she had in the park or something and used the same word “insane”. There she meant it in a good way….or at least that is how it read.

      If we take her word “insane” to only mean something good….then Bethenny and Jill made up. BUT…I just don’t see that happening. So many things have happened. Too many things said. And like others have asked, how could Bethenny EVER trust Jill after all she has done to her?

      So, I think Ally’s word “insane” means insane in a bad way…not a good way like she has used it before. Unless it was really Jill. But then after that she says “you are going to DIE”. What does that mean? There again…it could go either way in my opinion. Ally crying could have been happy tears or sad tears. It’s so confusing!

      Luann said she was in the eye of the storm. I’m thinking it really didn’t go as Jill planned. Does anyone else think she planned to apologize and excuse her way out of all she did to everyone?

      And how much would you bet she said “it used to be fun”….”what happened to it being fun”?

      • LynnNChicago says:

        I don’t understand why Ally was even there for the reunion! If I were in Jill’s position, I would have protected my child from all the madness!
        Kelly’s kids weren’t there, I doubt if Avery was there, and Avery was on screen more than Ally was.
        Jill brought her in hopes people would be kinder to her because her daughter was there! (my opinion) That woman is a bitch!

        Have I mentioned, I HATE JILL ZARIN!

        • Morgaine Swann says:

          Someone pointed out that taking Ally was like Danielle letting her kids stay in the room during the table flipping fight. Using your kids as a shield is pretty sick. Ally is grown, but no one should have to see their mom get shredded, and I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. Jill deserved it, of course, but Ally didn’t need to be there for it.

    • Kokuanani says:

      I thought Ally was going to Sarah Lawrence? [Not Brown.]

  63. boston02127 says:

    @ ImToula ~~ the Al Sharpton thing was said when Bethenny said “tell me the truth” then she said “you can’t handle the truth” Al Shapton was know for saying that.

    *I didn’t know either, I had to ask someone.

    • Had Enough! says:

      I don’t think that is right. When the Rev is on TV, he is pretty hard to ignore. He’s loud. I don’t remember him using that line ever, much less frequently.

      She may have been trying to slam Bethenny, who said the line imitating Jack Nicholson. So maybe she thought that Bethenny’s impression was actually an impression of Al Sharpton, not recognizing where the line came from.

      • ridicurhony says:

        I swear I found a headline with Al Sharpton quoted as saying ‘you can’t handle the truth’ but I can’t find it now. I think other posters are correct in that Kelly just hears something and repeats it. ‘channeling the devil’ for instance. Remember who said that at the fashion show this season? I think Kelly assigns whatever meaning she wants to things, but misses the real meaning (that the rest of us know these things mean) – she doesn’t get references, sayings, etc.
        I used to think she just couldn’t articulate, but now I think she just does not ‘get’ it when people talk. Sort of like the 13 year old child idea Lynn suggested. It’s almost like she’s been sequestered somewhere with no popular information given to her for 20 years or something.
        anyway, most ppl know that when someone says ‘you can’t handle the truth’ you are quoting the movie, not someone else quoting the quote.

  64. Adgirl says:

    Last night I was plagued by a dream of Danielle, Kelly and Lynn Curtan lunching together …. haha errr ick.
    Danielle and Lynn didn’t eat, just consumed giant glasses of wine. Kelly said “I don’t drink!” and ordered a trucker’s breakfast skillet.
    While Danielle was distracted admiring Lynn’s cuff collection, Kelly snuck huge gulps of wine from her glass.
    Danielle gave Kelly the evil eye. Lynn said “What’s going on?” Kelly jumped up from the table holding up a hand written sign saying “I’m on Time Out.”

  65. boston02127 says:

    @ Olivia ~~ Ally’s going to Brown? Lucky girl.

    • Had Enough! says:

      No – she’s going to Sarah Lawrence, unless she’s changed her mind. Or unless they just said Sarah Lawrence to throw people off track.

    • ImToula says:

      @ Boston,
      I read your post yesterday about your Mom. It is very sad indeed and I am very sorry you have to go through this. Kudos for being so brave and determined.
      Hard times shape a persons character.
      Jillzoid has no character that’s why she’s doing what she’s doing and we all can’t stand her.
      You can’t learn that at Brown or any other school. You learn that in the School of Life. You my dear are far more sucessful than Alley or Ashley. Hold your head up and pat yourself in the back. You are an insperation!!

  66. Squirrels says:

    Olivia, your post reminds me of the question (once again) of Bravo’s decision to include children in these shows. Are the parents exploiting their kids or just “keeping it real”? Someone mentioned earlier that the adult brain isn’t fully formed until the age of 24-25yrs and the last part of the brain to develop is that which controls decision making. If this is the case, are these children/young adults at risk? Think of the Lindsey Lohans and Paris Hiltons. Too much fame, too early, leading to feeling entitled – invincible. How the shows will affect any individual is guesswork at this point, but I certainly won’t be surprised if sooner or later, one or more of the kids ends up on the cover of a tabloid.

    • Katiecoo says:

      Interesting article. Particularly the part where she pretty clearly defines that FAME does not equal SUCCESS. I can’t imagine she’s not horrified being “The Sister Of” right now.

      • Kat says:

        I agree. I got the sense from her comments that she values the type of success “fame” (notoriety-my word) that Jill has received much less than the type of success achieved by say doctors and other contributors to society.
        I thought it was a great back handed slap.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      strange…she says Bravo asked Jill to find some women like her for a show and then Lisa says Jill asked HER if she should be on a show…

      this family is delusional

      • Kokuanani says:

        Clearly Lisa is a graduate of the “Redeem Jill Zarin School of Journalism.”

        What pap.

  67. Squirrels says:

    Poor Ally, Providence is just a puddle jumper away, or a 4hr drive to NYC. I would have thought she’d want to go allot farther away. Like University of Hawaii.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Worse. Sarah Lawrence is in Bronxville. From the west side of Manhattan, it is probably an hour away.

    • Kokuanani says:

      I would have thought she’d want to go allot farther away. Like University of Hawaii.

      As a resident of Maui, I say “no, please, NO!” Even though UofH is on another island [Oahu], that’s too close. I could hear Jill’s foghorn across the sea.

  68. Squirrels says:

    Thanks for the link Mickey – this quote perked my eyes awake –

    “I could not think of one example where being on a reality show had improved anyone’s life. But I had not reckoned with Jill’s intense desire to be famous, a desire incidentally shared by the majority of young people, according to a widely published 2007 opinion survey. Jill was going to do the show anyway. What she really wanted was my support. And since we only have each other, she got it.” Lisa Wexler

    I don’t know what is more disturbing, Jill’s intense desire or Lisa playing passive-aggressive patty cake with this thinly veiled “It’s all about me, too” diatribe.

  69. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ Boston & @ Ellabean, Thanks for answering me question. If its true and Jill is behind the last name change how sad and pathetic. Her poor father. I wouldn’t put it behind Jill to say its for Ally’s future so she can be better recognized/treated etc. ugg JILL IS A LOSER!!!

    • jennifer says:

      Is it possible Ally also changed it to be able to put in on college apps.? Maybe to “help” her chances.

  70. Anitabee says:

    For the record, I don’t believe that Kelly’s actions are anything new. It’s just that Kelly was never really featured on an episode before. For the most part Kelly would waltz in and out of scenes, fight with Bethenny, and leave.

    Bethenny caught on to her distrubed mentality last year but did not realize how bad Kelly is. I think if you read through old articles of Kelly you will realize this woman has always been “off”.

    The sad part is that our society tends to worship the beautiful. And that is part of Kelly problem. Her looks give her a pass from her social circle for her bitchy behavior BUT it does not afford her any real help. She is incapable of real friendship. No one is there to really help her.

    Of course she doesn’t think anything is wrong with her. She’s been this way forever. And as long as there are men that will come to her rescue she will never get any. Poor Sam Talbot — I wonder if he has bolted already.

  71. boston02127 says:

    @ImToula~~thank you.
    Have a nice day everyone.

  72. char212 says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted yet but it’s HILARIOUS 🙂


  73. Olivia says:

    The “star” business is the underlying pathology to these shows. Stars of what exactly?

    Most of them cannot sing, dance, act, write, paint, or have any background of achievement beyond what they put on their questionable resumes. Much of the books that have come out as a result of their appearances were not based on any talent per se but on their name recognition to sell a ghost written tome that would bring in the bucks.

    With the exception of Bethenny, who made no bones out of using the series as a platform to promote her brand which was already in production before the series began, these “housewives” were no names outside their own circle. “Talent” was never in their DNA to begin with.

    I think Jill saw herself as a show host, along the lines of a Kelly Ripa or someone with a place on “The View”, that would feature her “talent” for advising, criticizing, and promoting herself alongside the rich and famous. Let’s hope that there are enough astute producers along the way who do not want to make that “wish” come true.

    As far as I can tell, none of them are “talented” beyond possessing the drive and enough reason to hack products of their own making to unsuspecting “fans” who confer “star status” on dubious claims of celebrity.

    I judge talent on the ability to actually do something and paying your dues in the process. These “instant celebrities”, created for mass consumption, have nothing to offer beyond the desire to make money on their names alone. Lu Ann is the prime example of taking advantage of the moment by offering a hideous recording and calling herself a singer. Ramona is usually adorned with jewelry that features her products and even last week Sonja was “hawking” that jewelry on her behalf. Even Kelly is supposed to have a jewelry line that features owls for heaven’s sake!

    Bethenny does not need Bravo to promote herself. She will do well with or without a show, blog, or Twitter account to sell her wares. The others, unfortunately do. Bravo is giving them a reason for being. Sadly they are imploding as a result.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      This total post is worth repeating all over the internet. Thank you Olivia!

    • TLM says:

      In Ramona’s defense, she already was in the jewelry business with her husband, called True Faith Jewelry. I think that was his family’s business. The HSN jewelry line was just an extension of the Singers’ jewelry business, basically. Ramona already had her own business, RMS Fashions, which buys excess stock and resells it to discount stores.

  74. dee says:

    At the 1:00 mark note the her comment. Unbelieveable!!

    • dee says:

      Excuse me, but in my haste to post this video, I should add that it’s from Kelly which she posted today. And it’s about what she’s thinking of wearing to the reunion show. She name drops and has an interesting comment about a straight jacket. That is all.

    • Susanna says:

      hahaha! Bitch needs to be in a total straight jacket! Perhaps she knows where from she speaks hahahaha!

    • Just a Commoner says:

      You mean where she said the snug-fitting dress made her feel like she was in a “total strait jacket, which could be good”? Hahahaha!

      • Kokuanani says:

        I loved the 45 seconds of dead air we got while Kelly disappeared to take off Dress #1 and put on Dress #2.

        I couldn’t tell from her garbled “narration” if she was saying that SHE was responsible for Herve Leger’s success??? I’m sure not going to watch that mess again to find out.

  75. Quincy IL says:

    Ally is going to Brown? Interesting. My daughter graduated from the eight year Brown Med School program. Brown does take rich, but intellectually challenged students. When my daughter was the the Prince of Jordan was attending and his sister came as my daughter went to Med school. Both of these royals were… lower IQ than the med school students. There were a lot of famous kids there. Speilberg’s step daughter (Cate Capshaw’s daughter) who is now an actress was on the rowing team.
    Cate Capshaw’s uncle was living in our city, Quincy, so my daughter had a bond with that family and they would talk about visiting our city which they did a lot.

    I’m sure that the money affected Brown’s decision with regard to Ally. She can barely speak or write English, so she’s going to have a hard time at Brown.

    As a parent, I got to meet famous people too. Bill Cosby really cares about Brown students and goes to all graduations. I met Shirine Ebadi days after she received her Nobel Peace Prize. There are some perks for parents, but it is expensive. LOL.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Unless she changed her mind or they lied, she is going to Sarah Lawrence, not Brown.

  76. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ char212 That was FREAKING HALARIOUS!!

    • char212 says:

      Wasn’t it? I was laughing so hard my husband thought I was losing it 🙂 I’d post it in twitter but I don’t know how to post links there. The links I see on there are always so short compared to that one.

  77. Earring Girl says:

    Kelly’s actions & reactions reminded me of a relative who was bi-polar and manic.
    Last Thursday I sat in horror watching because it reminded me of a family gathering when a relative went into her manic state. She is doing great now because she takes her meds and sees her doctor.
    Please check this out:

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I’m manic depressive and Kelly just doesn’t feel that way to me. Ramona does. Kelly is completely out of touch with reality and paranoia is a major feature of her illness. She has no empathy, where a bipolar individual would likely be overly sensitive to the feelings of others, and while she does have delusions of grandeur, she doesn’t have the charisma that most BPD patients are known for. She’s socially awkward and culturally illiterate. She has no insight into her own actions and she spouts nonsense for no reason. She has a warped view of reality and you can’t reason with her. She can’t understand simple jokes or idioms and takes every thing literally. She’s much more like the paranoid schizophrenics I’ve been around.

  78. MickeyMouth says:

    Just catching up on all the online articles.

    This March unbiased interview (he calls Bethenny horse-faced) about Jill by George Wayne made me cringe.

    “But this book is my greatest accomplishment.” – Poor Ally.

  79. Susanna says:

    Argh! So I posted this comment on one or two other blogs. After having read so much about the past few episodes I finally feel like I had formulated an opinion such that I could make a comment. Is it a coherent comment? I dunno. But Lynn, I love your blog and have been reading it for weeks, even going into your archvives on Hub and beyond to read your first posts. You rock! Love ya and can’t wait to read your posts!

    That said…take my rant for what you will. Thanks for letting me get this crap off my chest 🙂

    Yeah, but here’s the thing – what the Doc and others are pointing out is so “on the mark” it’s just not funny. I have 3.5 yrs experience in doing intake interviews for mental health clients. I got some stories, trust. After that, I had 2 yrs exp in emergency med and critical care. Beyond that, even more yrs exp as a Paramedic. I don’t care from what “position” you try and analyze the behavior shown by Kelly, the fact is that she has portrayed this exact same behavior throughout her time on the show. It’s a very clear pattern that cannot be denied. There is nothing inconsistent with it and if you can find anything that is, please let me know. She is not acting, hello? What we are seeing is HER, and she is quite right. It’s not her in her real life (with no cameras) but is IS her and how she really is in this setting and before the Bravo cameras and cast. Duh? How stupid is she? Yes, this is her. This is the HER she signed up to be! We are watching a progression here that is totally in line with everything we’ve seen on this show up till now. The big difference in the latest two episodes is that she, for the first time, is actually required to spend some signficant time with her castmates. This woman is not equipped to do so. Period.

    Look, they are all on the show in order to become more well known and to promote their own products or interests. That’s a fact and many have been quite forthcoming in admitting that. Kelly herself said the very same recently and says that any press at all helps her to accomplish her goals of becoming more well known and enables her to expand her philanthropic endeavors. She said that herself. She is celebrating all of her very negative press, announcing it all on her Twitter account. To Kells this is all good. ?

    My feeling is this. She went on the show for those reasons. Nothing wrong with that. They all do. Again, think of how honest Bethenny was about that. And I totally love Ramona for being honest about just that. Now, we have Kelly (aka Kellamity…sorry, so descriptive!) It is more than likely that this woman has no concept of not only her “actual” social value (hers, inflated way more than the publics) but also has no concept of “brand” creation. She does not have the smarts herself nor does she have anyone in her circle that does. C’mon, she was a model, yet she looks like a man? her face is so hard!!! Her personality and her personal history add nothing in terms of endearing herself to the general public for anything she might be hawking. Bethenny has a different product and history altogether. (Yup, she has a huge jaw, she’s joked about it – yet – she’s not selling her looks now is she? She’s not claiming she got “famous” on her looks. Yet sasquatch shoulders is??) People can relate to Bethenny.. she is more real and honest. Kelly seems to be selling herself based on her credentials that are narrowly defined by the NY fashion and social scene to which she belongs (by virtue of marrying a photographer!) I can assure you that I read all the fashion mags from the 90’s and often recognize a lot of the models from back then – but not Kelly! I have not seen one pic of Kelly from her “modeling” days! Has anyone else???? You would think that if that were her credentials that such a thing would be easily found…but nada! Where is it? I think she was a “marginal” model. Who knows what she did but it’s not out there to be found, as best I can tell. Now, Gilles obviously introduced her into the circle of people she knows now. That’s cool, good for her. However, I think she’s transferred that into meaning that she is as talented and accomplished as many of them are. Therein, lies the basis of her insecurity. How can anyone fail to see that that’s where this woman’s problems lie? Bethenny is a huge problem for her because Bethenny is sucessful based on her own merits! Gawd, that is why this woman is so threatended and why she got whacked out by the gift bag! Kelly’s celebrity exists in the ether…it exists in her mind, in her “connections” and in her “circle.” It’s not something tangible like a product – and that’s exactly what she received in Bethenny’s gift bag. Product! Tangible proof of someone elses success. The ‘other” girl is outdoing her! Gadoh! Kelly is so sick with jealousies and insecurities that it is truly clinical, at this point. And I for one, totally appreciate and can relate to all the mental health hypothesis that have been presented here and on many other blogs. The consensus is overwhelming. Sorry Kells, you can’t “spin” this away no matter how hard you try. I suspect that you will see this affect your superficial life in some ways, unfortunately it is more likely that within your circle, you may see more invites simply because your insane notoriety will bring attention to anything you may attend. Therefore, invite Satan and the press will surely show. Is that what you want? Better get your Mantra going now babes..cause they’ll be talking shit behind your back. They won’t be saying good things, trust.

    Big Sigh…And in spite of ourselves, we can’t help but watch a good train wreck. Babes, all PR is not good PR, in the long run, trust.

    ps – in terms of the drug use, I see it big time. My sis and her ex were and still are, either meth addicts or on methadone (recovery?). The candy figures in big time. It shows up at the most innapropriate times too, a big clue, if you watch the show. The snacking would become even more prevalent in social situations. Even saw it going on just before a meal was served (like, hello, we’re getting ready to eat!) For them, the timing does not matter, if it’s appropriate it all. The only thing that matters is that the social situation and their resultant anxiety and feeling of alienation causes them to reach for the sugar. The cat pee smell? Yea, Sonia was toasted when it happened but Bravo was giving you all a BIG clue….get it?

    • Fabulous Earth says:


      Love your take! No, correction, I FRIGGIN’ LOVE YOUR SYNOPSIS!!!!!!!!!

    • Just a Commoner says:

      Kelly posted some old modeling pics on her Twitpic (or whatever it is) page, and there are some on Flickr somewhere as part of an archive of Life Magazine photos (can’t find it right now).

      I think she did ads and catalogs but not covers so much. I don’t know about runway modeling.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Right about the marginal magazine modeling. She indicated before she was not a runway model but was billed/categorized as an “athletic build” model.

      • morning says:

        I ran across her picture in an old magazine.

        • vilzvet says:

          hope you wearing cleats!

        • Ellabean says:

          “marginal model…” You bet.

          I was in the heart NY fashion business between 1985 and 1996. That would put Kelly at 17 yrs old to 28 yrs old. I NEVER SAW OR HEARD OF HER. Sure I knew about Gilles B. She would have been contemporaries of Cindy C, Naomi, Linda Evangelista (“I don’t get out of bed for less than $10K”), Helena C., Christy Turlington….the tops then….and Elle McPherson (Gilles’ 2nd wifey).

          Kelly is a never was….She thinks she is just like the talented and famous that Gilles introduced her to. Delusions of grandeur.
          Marginal. Definitely. Your synopsis is right on.

          • vilzvet says:

            I also read all of those mags back then, still do, like Cosmo, etc. And I am in her age range and just don’t remember her. There is no way on earth she ever got any covers. Yes we do see her portfolio today on IMG but is she getting any bookings? Who the hell knows…

          • Susanna says:

            You guys are the best! Thanks for your words of encouragement and I am so pleased that you enjoyed my rant. It really was one cause, damn, the frustration level I feel is one of complete disgust of this woman! Yeah, I Hate Jill Zarin, no doubt there. But I truly despise Kelly Bensimon!!! New blog? I Despise Kelly Bensimon? lol Lynn is the talent here, and well deserved, I might add. But Gawd, I just gotta say that woman is disgusting. I am off to the new blogs…just wanted to say thanks guys for responding to my comment (rant!) lol

    • The Digger says:

      If you go to her twitter pictures she posted a bunch of her old modeling photos. She went on a photo posting bender one day to prove to the haters that she was authentic and real.

  80. Olivia says:

    I am changing my perspective toward Kelly. Where for the past week I have considered her to be freaking nuts after watching that video I am leaning more toward just labeling her as totally and completely self absorbed to the point of absurdity.

    The never ending Tweeting, the desire to paint her performance as a “breakthrough”, her sheer indifference to what is being said throughout the blogosphere has me leaning toward a woman who is delighted to have achieved this notoriety and that basically it was largely calculated rather than an outgrowth of her mental process breaking down.

    In looking at some of the dialogue during the last two episodes, she seems as if she were laying in wait for the right moment to “pounce”. She is the one who picked on each and every thing that came from Bethenny’s mouth. Her outbursts seem a little too contrived to be properly labeled as coming from someone who is having a meltdown per se, but if viewed from the perspective that she was out to make a name for herself, she did not let one opportunity go by that she was not inserting some comment that was sure to bring discomfort to those around her. She is reveling in this attention but she failed to consider that if nothing else, Bethenny can fight back with one hand tied behind her back and is quicker on her feet to deliver a zinger than any of the others possess.

    Kelly may have some issues going for her, but I am beginning to think she is much more calculating than crazy.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Oh no! Kelly is like, real. Really, she’s real. Just ask her. She will tell you herself. She hates fakes. She could never be calculating. Plus she’s too stoooooooopid to be calculating.

    • The Digger says:

      Olivia, I agree. She is extremely calculating and extremely nasty. I rewatched the psycho episode, she was lying in wait to pounce on people. It was almost as if she has rehearsed some of it before the trip. She had all this ammo stored in her vault and was waiting for the right calculated time to go off on people. She was also smiling the entire time she was attacking people. Her attacks brought her personal joy at seeing these people squirm and suffer.

      I also believe that she pre planned all of this. I think she went on this trip knowing she was intentionally going to explode and stir the pot as a way to bring attention to herself. This was going to be her moment of fame. I also believe it got out of control as she has no awareness of the severity of her mental illness or that she even has a personality disorder and that her plan went off the rails once her illness kicked in and she had a real meltdown.

      She is totally self absorbed, her ego is massive. She really believes she is someone of huge importance. She believes she is incredibly beautiful and that this beauty and her legs are noteworthy enough to stop people in their tracks. Her act is to front as an easy breezy carefree hippie beach girl who floats in and out of social situations. BUT, put her on an island or a boat where she has to spend more than 3 minutes breezing past people and she blows a mental gasket and her mental illness and personality disorders kick in. If she has to get real, have conversations that are longer than 4 words and actually exhibit some depth of character or intelligence (of which there is none) then the real nasty, calculating, ugly person she is comes out full force.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I don’t think Kelly is capable of such a complex plan. Don’t be taken in by the hype. She’s trying to make people think she was acting so they won’t be afraid of her. If she can get people to think she was acting, that just makes her devious and smart. If they know she was really out of control of herself, they’ll know she’s scary and dangerous. Don’t you believe it when she says she was acting. I’ve seen real paranoid breakdowns and that’s exactly what that was.

      • TLM says:

        I’m pretty much talked out about Kelly. But there is one thing I keep forgetting to mention. For about 2 seconds, I actually thought Kelly was trying to make a clever twist on a metaphor: had she said, “You guys are trying to make lemons out of lemonade,” THAT could have made sense, since Kelly said Alex was reading something evil into Jill’s email that wasn’t there; that it was a friendly email on Jill’s part. Sadly, Kelly proved she doesn’t have the slightest bit of a clue.

        In an unrelated story — I feel so bad for Avery having to see her drunk-off-her-ass mom leaning over and telling some guy, “I’m still hhhhhhhot for my husband.” I think this moment has got to be even more embarassing than Ramona’s girl-girl kiss by the pool in Season 1 that probably made Avery want to run away from home. Avery, cover your eyes & ears!!!!

    • Susanna says:

      You know what Olivia? I think you are spot on! But the unfortunate result of her sad attempt to garner attention for herself is that she has created a character that everyone seems to hate. Is that okay with her? I don’t know. I can tell you that in real life, if that had been me who she told to “zip it” I would have slapped her across the face. No doubt about that. It boggles my mind that she is celebrating having created buzz for herself, even if that buzz is negative. In the end, it ain’t gonna b good, I think we all know that but she’ll find out the hard way. Then blame everyone else. She is disgusting.

  81. Fabulous Earth says:

    When does the reunion show air?

  82. Fabulous Earth says:

    The RHONY message board over at Bravo is so annoying. The pages go on forever which could be good if a lot of it wasn’t taken up by off-topic discussions. Recipes now??? Are you serious?? And there is a general discussion thread for all that crap. Ugh!

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      They don’t seem to have moderators over there, or they don’t do enough.

  83. lillybee says:

    Adgirl, I am glad that I am not the only one who had a dream about the housewives. In my dream I had a lunch with Jill, Lulu and for some reason Sandra Lee. We dined in a very strange children’s restaurant. Jill and Sandra Lee were fighting.

  84. Adgirl says:

    Fighting? Really? Get out! Haha.
    Did they ball up pieces of their dinner rolls and throw them at each other over the table? Jill probably poured diet coke on her rolls prior to that.

  85. little rock says:

    for the past few days i have been wracking my brain trying to remember why kelly’s “i didn’t have a breakdown, i had a breakthrough” sounded familiar (and contrived). it just hit me – forgive me if you guys already know this- so i googled jim carrey’s breakup with jenny mc. and sure enough, there it was. when he was getting flack about some comments he had made about elin woods, his comeback to speculation that he had “lost it” was: I DIDN’T HAVE A BREAKDOWN, I HAD A BREAKTHROUGH. so,to all of you who have said that kelly hears something and just parrots it, amen. this is so trivial compared to everything else, especially tonight’s episode and the upcoming reunion, but it has bugged me since she started saying it. ok, back to hating jill and anticipating her VIRGIN SMACKDOWN.

  86. ImToula says:

    This is something…anything to sell her book. She sleept with Don Johnson? ……And Prince? …….And she says “I’ve been around” Enjoy!http://jezebel.com/5549232/real-housewives-danielle-staub-hooked-up-with-prince-don-johnson?skyline=true&s=i

    • The Digger says:

      Danielle is a pathological liar. She is a work of fiction.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Actually, she says she kissed Don Johnson and made out with Prince. She rarely admits to having sex with anyone. If you want to read a lot of stuff by Danielle, go to Death By a 1000 Papercuts. Somebody over there has all the dirt on her. That book of hers is complete fiction and the court documents are online to prove it.

  87. Adgirl says:

    I am wondering if Kelly ever had an original thought in her lifetime.
    I feel kind of bad for her. Being on this show doesn’t seem to have been a good decision for her.

    On the other hand, she’s all in her happy place right now, so what do I know?

  88. char212 says:

    Kelly’s tweet today…
    kikilet i now understand why @jillzarin misses her friendship with @bethanny. i hope they become friends again. B is adorable about her daughter.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      I think Jill didn’t “have her back” at the reunion and probably turned on her

  89. Fabulous Earth says:

    Why am I getting the feeling that Jill turned on Kelly at the reunion?

    Anyway, Andy gave a sneak peek (or something like that) on his blog here:

    • Fabulous Earth says:


      If you want to know how yesterday’s RHNYC Reunion went, consider this: my dream last night was Bravo Exec Christian Barcellos and I in a plane ordering cocktails. I looked out the window as Christian tried to decide his drink order and saw that we were heading straight for earth, nose first. It took me a couple beats to comprehend that we were indeed crashing. I did realize it, and woke up JUST as we were to have impact.

      I think that dream was the aftershock of one of the most intense days I’ve had, and what is absolutely and definitively the most drama-filled Housewives reunion to date. I got so, so many tweets and e-mails and posts from people wanting me to hammer the women, to not let them get away with a thing. The truth is that I felt like I was on autopilot for much of the day because they pretty much hammered each other. Yes I did get a ton of your pointed questions answered, but they filled in a lot of blanks themselves. I cannot imagine that this will not be two hours, people.

      End Quote

  90. Kismet Chandler says:

    Kelly now thinks she IS Bethenny. Said on her twitter the reason the other housewives bullied her was because Kelly got her own show and they were all jealous:

    i was great the min i left th room. they were mad for i was offered another show, and they knew it. whatevs. bullying is not ok.

    • Had Enough! says:

      She didn’t get her own show. A show was in development that was to star Matthew Broderick. They shot the pilot and then it tanked. Kellamity apparently had some role – not a feature or recurring role, per the industry info, but she of course wanted everyone to think she was starring in it. This is consistent with her pattern of lies and exaggerations. And if anyone was going to be jealous of whatever this was going to be, it would have been Jillousy. Not Bethenny, who actually does have her own show. And if she wants to go with that jealousy theory, then she has to own up to Shrill being jealous of Bethenny because Bethenny got her own show. So she may not realize it, but she just stabbed Jillousy in the back.

      She’s all of a sudden being SO NICE about Bethenny. Bethenny is grounded now that she’s a mom. Bethenny has changed so much.

      DAMAGE CONTROL. Jill told her to knock it off so she did.

  91. Kismet Chandler says:

    thanks for that link…here is a snippet of it…worth reading (Andy’s blog):

    (My dream of a plane crashing could be equated to…) what is absolutely and definitively the most drama-filled Housewives reunion to date. I got so, so many tweets and e-mails and posts from people wanting me to hammer the women, to not let them get away with a thing. The truth is that I felt like I was on autopilot for much of the day because they pretty much hammered each other. Yes I did get a ton of your pointed questions answered, but they filled in a lot of blanks themselves. I cannot imagine that this will not be two hours, people.

    Tonight’s episode of RHNYC is cant-miss. What happened when Jill surprises the ladies plays out in real time, and is shocking and raw and real. I will be live with Jerry Seinfeld at 11 (!!!) and Jerry will be playing “Housewives Ref,” weighing in on many of the most controversial moments of the season. I am excited and very nervous about having one of my idols in the clubhouse. How is this possible? Wow.

    • vilzvet says:

      Teehee, Jerry Seinfeld! This oughta be interesting. He is actually one of Paltrow’s BFs!

  92. jennifer says:

    On US Weekly’s website- sorry if someone already posted it.


    On Thursday’s The Real Housewives of New York City, Kelly Bensimon attempts to explain her infamous May 20 show meltdown — but only leaves her pals even more confused.

    Sitting with Jill Zarin, LuAnn de Lesseps and Jennifer Gilbert, Bensimon, 42, says she lashed out at costars Ramona Singer, Alex McCord, Sonja Morgan and foe Bethenny Frankel during a trip to the Virgin Islands because they were gossiping too much.

    “From the minute we were together, it was everything that I hate – talking badly about people,” she begins.

    (Oddly, she then starts gossiping about Frankel, 39: “She’s, like, a cook and everything like that, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘I mean, not one person that I know has ever hired her as a cook.'”)

    Bensimon says she was “so over tired” and “feeling sick” when she snapped (among her quips: She called Frankel a “ho bag”). “I was drinking this wine – I never drink wine – and I was sitting in this room with these women. I just wanted to get out of there,” she says. “… It was an out-of-body experience.”

    In the end, the ladies still had no clarity about what actually went down.

    Says de Lesseps, 45: “By the end of Kelly’s story about the trip, I was so confused. I mean, I just didn’t get it. I had to hear the other side of the story.”

  93. MickeyMouth says:

    Andy is letting us know that at least during this moment of tonight’s episode nothing was left on the cutting room floor.

    “What happened when Jill surprises the ladies plays out in real time, and is shocking and raw and real”

  94. Kismet Chandler says:

    yes, I think Kelly must now hate Jill. I can’t imagine her saying this otherwise:

    she just tweeted:

    i now understand why @jillzarin misses her friendship with @bethanny. i hope they become friends again. B is adorable about her daughter.
    29 minutes ago via web

  95. char212 says:

    Another Kelly tweet…

    @NaughtyNiceRob @bethanny i hope her show does well. she has definitely changed. i found her charming at the Reunion.

    Hmmm, what’s gotten into her? I’m suspicious

    • jennifer says:

      I wonder if …. Jill turned on Kelly and now Kelly is realizing it may not be best to align with Jill anymore…or B was just totally still “high” over being a new mommy and just refused to engage Kelly so Kelly thought she was sweet…or they handled Kelly with kid gloves b/c they believe she is insane or…Kelly wants to be “friendly” with the girl who has her own show/fame…she is a famewhore !

      Those are my guesses….

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I think that means that B didn’t call Kelly out on her horrific behavior, which has been Bethenny’s track record all season. Plus Kelly mentioned how sweet B is about the baby, maybe Kelly is finally learning when to shut up???

      • The Digger says:

        Ha! Kelly shut up? She has just posted at least 35 tweets in the last hour. Naaaaa, she is being nice because she knows that once the reunion airs then the women start to replay the season in the press and she is using PR 102 to divert Bethenny from “attacking” her again. You know, one of Kelly’s deep pr 102 concepts, throw Bethenny off the trail of attack, smother her in kindness. Then when Bethenny, Jill, whoever says nasty stuff about her Kelly can say, Ohhhh, I was so nice to them and they were all so meannnnnn to me in the press. The cycle begins again.

      • emt2 says:

        I think this is PR 101 or 102. The women aren’t going to say mean things about Bethenny because they are invested in the way her show does-good or bad. It opens the door for other spin-offs and it doesn’t look good for anyone to be criticizing B right now, sincere or not.

        Kelly is still a bitch. So is Jill. They are just playing the game.

        I would hope that Kelly, Luann and Jill’s behavior during the season and after the season was brought up during the reunion show.

        I don’t know what I believe anymore, to be honest.

  96. Kismet Chandler says:

    When Kelly acts like that it means Bethenny REALLY got to her. Dontchathink? 🙂
    As an example, the negative tweeters made her so nuts she wanted to delete her Facebook then came back and instead starting saying how delightful haters are since they are part of the ecosystem and make the good seem really good or something crazy.

    She tries to act unaffected by the things that get under her skin the most. So that means she HATES Bethenny now! 🙂 and, it seems, Jill as well. She is still calling the women bullies so she has not changed her feeling of Bethenny…she is just trying to cover it up so Bethenny doesn’t know how badly she got to her.

    p.s. My dog isn’t really posting…this is “A.Chandler” aka the reviewer Zarin hates more than any other reviewer on the planet.


  97. Kismet Chandler says:

    When Kelly acts like that it means Bethenny REALLY got to her. Dontchathink? 🙂
    As an example, the negative tweeters made her so nuts she wanted to delete her Facebook then came back and instead starting saying how delightful haters are since they are part of the ecosystem and make the good seem really good or something crazy.

    She tries to act unaffected by the things that get under her skin the most. So that means she HATES Bethenny now! 🙂 and, it seems, Jill as well. She is still calling the women bullies so she has not changed her feeling of Bethenny…she is just trying to cover it up so Bethenny doesn’t know how badly she got to her.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      I agree with this assessment of Kelly, smiling on the outside, still totally obsessed with Bethenny on the inside. We will probably only have to wait a NY minute for things to change.

      But I am intrigued about what exactly occurred to manifest this “change”, very intrigued indeed. ;o)

    • The Digger says:

      Spot on Ms. Chandler. Kelly hates Bethenny. Pure hate. Kelly is in cover up mode. She goes out and puts on a smile for us, the haters. If anything Bethenny finding love, having a baby, being happy just makes Kelly hate B even more.

  98. Kismet Chandler says:

    sorry that posted twice. Not sure why…when I hit my back button it posted again

    • char212 says:

      Happens to me too. Anything new on Amazon A? I was there today and saw all of J s.Samples remarks are gone. Wish I would have seen them before they were deleted.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Welcome Back Ms. Chandler!!! We are honored to have you here!!!

        Char, sorry I posted the same link you had already posted, I missed it..

        You’d be surprised how many people ask me how I got Bethenny to follow me on Twitter, like I coaxed her, or begged her or something. I didn’t. She tweeted me one day saying that I seemed to be her biggest supporter and that she loved Chicago, then…she just followed!

  99. Hooked On Housewives says:

    8 hours and 18 minutes til showtime………….

  100. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Still not tweets/twitters/twats from Jillousy? WTH? Blabbermouth always has something to say.

  101. WarayKoLa says:

    Crazy Kelly tweets she doesn’t know how to spell Bethenny’s name, what does she know anyway.

  102. Hooked On Housewives says:

    I checked out Bobby Zarin’s facebook page. Photos are sometimes so deceiving. His profile page makes him look like a fox. A fox I wouldn’t mind having on my arm. But, the truth will always out. In truth all he is is a wallet for Jillousy. I hope all this publicity brings out the hot, 20-30 somethings vying for his time (cough).

  103. LynnNChicago says:

    Kelly’s tweets

    @giggleboxluv @bethany was so endearing on the reunion. she has changed, shes a mom, now and is grounded. i like grounded.

    everyone give the #realhousewives a whole lotta love today for working so hard. love ya @jillzarin. she’s an amazing friend.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I wonder if Bethenny was subdued? If I had a new man, new baby and a new show I might not want to banter with the crazy lady anymore either.

    • The Digger says:

      I’m gaging. Has she said Bethenny looked cute in her dress yet? Wait. It’s coming.

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        @The Digger

        LOL. The World According To Kellamity, PR102, always tell them they look pretty

    • celeste says:

      Kelly Kilmoron Bensimon wouldn’t know what *grounded* meant if it bit her on the ass and danced the Macarena.

  104. Olivia says:

    Kelly’s softer comments regarding Bethenny have nothing to do with Jill. As far as I can see, Kelly is still drooling over her “friendship” with Jill and Lu Ann and seems quite content in being in their company.

    My guess is that Bethenny went gently with Kelly for obvious reasons and that, plus the horrid press Kelly has received in connection to her comments about Bethenny the last few weeks, have made her realize that she is on the losing side. Probably too the other castmates, agreeing that there may be something wrong going on in Kelly’s otherwise empty head, focused more on the actual instigator of most of this past season in confronting Her Majesty, Jill Zarin one by one.

    As for Andy, he will do anything to prop up ratings, even showcasing the nastiness that is Danielle who should be in a lock up or a straight jacket, to justify Bravo’s producing these shows. I have never seen anyone with the absolute look of glee come across his smarmy face when women are making total asses out of themselves.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      You mean like, somebody, like hit her with a large amazing self awareness stick?
      If so, I’m betting the effects are temporary.

      Smarmy is a perfect description of Andy.

  105. lillybee says:

    I read J Samples posts. I thought they were insane.

  106. Olivia says:

    Are we supposed to be taking Kelly seriously at this time? She said that Bethenny was using her father’s death for publicity, she called her a “ho bag”, she said she was not a chef but a cook, she asserted that Bethenny made fun of her children in the press, that she was out to kill her, that she was bullied by Bethenny, and on and on and on.

    Yet today she was happy to see her, called her a good mother, hoped that Jill and Bethenny can get back together, is now endearing and grounded and all is forgiven? Am I losing my mind as well? Is there really an oil slick eating up the Gulf? Is Obama really the president? Is Lindsay Lohan for real?

    Somebody quick, stick a mirror under my nose and feel around for a pulse as I don’t think I can take much more of the ping pong game of “Whose On First”!

  107. DarkSonnet says:


    I completely share the opinions of Kelly that you both so aptly presented!

    Kelly deals with situations like an obsessed, jealous 13 year old child, at best. She has led a very privileged life, albeit in a rather small bubble. She attended an elite private school where her total class enrollment was 20 and that number includes Kelly and her twin brother. So her social scope was 18 other people and we don’t know the breakdown as to male/female. It is also likely that this environment remained static from year to year. She may have ranked near top as the alpha mean girl. Private schools are not necessarily hotbeds of developing students to take responsibility for their actions.

    Kelly does the things she does because she can. Her absolute refusal to accept responsibility for her actions is very telling on many levels.

    She lacks an inner source of morality and there evidently isn’t an strong external one in her life. I believe she recognizes this (or has been told) and that is why she has to inform us on a daily basis that she has so much “integrity”.

    @digger – There isn’t much doubt in my mind that Kelly does indeed visit this site, as does Jill.

  108. ImToula says:

    I don’t follow Kelly, but from what I see that has been posted here, she talks about Jill and Bethany…why isn’t she mentioning the other women? Any thoughts?

  109. Olivia says:

    And one final thought before I am hauled off to the nuthouse, she just called Jill Zarin an “amazing friend” while pointing out “how hard they work” and deserve a round of applause. Work? They call this “work”?

    Getting up to a 5:30am alarm, getting your kids and yourself off to school and job, working for 8 hours for a lousy paycheck, going without because there is not enough to go around, cutting corners to make the budget meet up in the middle, that constitutes work.

    Posing for the camera, lunching with friends, hailing a cab to the next photo shoot or faux interview, signing autographs, choosing a dress from a closet full of designer clothes that will only be worn once, running in traffic, riding a horse, Tweetering nonstop, writing a make believe blog, trying on fur, posing for Playboy, DOES NOT EQUATE WITH WORK!

    Just an exercise in an idle lifestyle to justify an empty existence based solely on celebrity. Poor baby. I can feel the exhaustion from here.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      You rock.

    • Kat says:


    • Jennifer says:

      I can’t find the link but somewhere in an old article from 2009 with Jill stating to E that Kelly should leave show and repair image …… This is of course last year when Jill was on Team B so I wonder how “good a friend” Jill can be to anyone if she so easily can trash u one minute …..

  110. Mel says:

    I know that you are sick of the ladies of NJ, but I have to get this off my chest so that I can focus on Jill and her insanity. 🙂
    Wondering if I am the only one who has a problem with Danielle. I know that many don’t like the gals talking about “the book” but there is so much more to dislike about this loose cannon. Anyone remember her sexting/phone sexing a stranger and then going to meet him in a bar- alone? How about all the inconsistencies about her ex (father of her girls). On a side note- who is the girl’s father and are they allowed to see him? Anyone else totally shocked when Danielle complains that her ex isn’t going to foot the bill for the house repairs?? Hello- isn’t he paying for the house? She is just living there because of the kids, right?? Now they need to sell so that he can get on with his life. (wonder if he even lives in his own house? Hard to carry 2 mortgages)
    Plus, I don’t think it should be considered ganging up on her when she is constantly engaging with these women. Her two phone calls to Jacqueline in a few minutes- first is civil and then she calls her back and rips her a new one?? Who does that? J was very clear with her boundaries and D took it as a challenge to see how many times she could invite her to stuff just to see if she would cave.

    • iceNfire says:

      Danielle is a grown woman and she can have sex with who ever she wants. Phone calls to woman she is on a show with, what other recourse does she have? Shoe up on their doorstep?

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I have a real problem with Danielle – she’s a borderline personality and she’s a danger to everyone around her. The fact that she’s taking Danny Pro (convicted of racketeering, spent 4 years in jail) to a charity event and possibly around her kids is just further proof that she’s incapable of making a sensible decision about anything.

      Have you seen the commercial for Monday, where she threatens to have her goons wreck the benefit for a BABY with CANCER? I wonder if BRAVO isn’t trying to get someone killed. If they are, they couldn’t do a better job.

    • Annie1033 says:

      Yeah Mel, NO you’re not the only one with a problem with Danielle.

      I think she is a really awful person. Not because of the sex stuff. Like Ice said, she’s an adult, fine.
      BUT, I think she makes Drama Queen as a statement look very, very mild. She relishes drama and she relishes pushing these people’s buttons and she’s pathological with it.
      She’s a nightmare. I wouldn’t allow her into my life if you paid me and these people are getting PAID to do that.
      Last season, I agreed that in terms of what she did 25 yrs ago: WHO CARES?! Seriously! If we’re basing our opinions of people on their past deeds in youth, then I am SCREWED. It’s actually got NOTHING to do with what bothers me about her! It’s everything that she is NOW that gets me. She’s just an awful person. To involve your children in your fights with others: That is something that my parents would NEVER EVER think of doing when I was growing up! Forget it! And the constant accusations of them threatening her and her claiming how AFRAID she is of them: This is a person who is VERY MUCH not afraid! She pushes their buttons, antagonizes them and gets involved in THEIR BUSINESS all on her own determination with them pulling away from her, if anything.
      And furthermore, if she DID in fact have anything to do with “destruction of property” of Dina’s or anything at ALL to do with trying to interfere with the custody of her daughter; basically that means she’s not just AWFUL from PURE EVIL.
      I have nothing but vitriol for this person. Her and Theresa: Theresa is a waste of oxygen and don’t even get me started on HER.
      I used to be bothered with Caroline and her whole Sopranos’ mother with a heart of gold routine: Now I am COMPLETELY on her side. COMPLETELY. I totally get it now.
      Anyway, sorry for the rant, but yeah Mel, I’m with ya baby. ;>

  111. jillz68 says:

    Re Kelly’s sorta nice tweets about Bethenny. Was that PR 101 or 102? Say something nice to to deflect what is really going on? Chick is delusional. What freaks me out? I was told I do a spot on immitation of Kelly. I am not sure how to take that.

  112. iceNfire says:

    J. Samples 1st post on Amazon appeared to be sincere. Jill grubby little fingerprints? Ally’s tweet also seemed sincere, Jill again? After viewing the Zarin Fabric archives with all of the fake comments dating back to 1995 I just don’t believe anything coming from that camp. It’s a shame Ally’s name was ever used, that kid never had a chance and I’m now wondering what kind of person Ally really is. A Mini Jill or an innocent kid? I don’t like referring to Ally as a kid, she’s old enough to know better and if she doesn’t maybe the fallout of RHONY has taught her something.
    I Hate Jill Zarin! Let’s not forget that next seasons contracts have not been signed yet. Hopefully Jill will not be offered one.

  113. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    OK what is the Idiot Kelly talking about on twitter?
    She keeps saying she was offerred another show and “they were angry she was asked”. WTF is she yapping about? All I know is that K is loving all the attention she is getting boasting about being on the cover of US weekly. Getting real tired of her.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Kelly says her parents are in town. Interesting timing, don’t you think?

  114. Had Enough! says:

    Everyone else is saying the reunion taping was a bloodbath and Kellamity (as someone upthread, early this a.m., said – 1 part crazy, 1 part stupid, 1 part bitch, 1 part phony)
    is all happy-happy.

    Delusional or lying. Take your pick.

    Wonder if this is all a colossal mind-fuck on the part of Bravo and instead of a horror show, they are going to be all kissy face and oh dahling each other to death and sit there and say it was all a show and none of it was real.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      @Had Enough
      “Wonder if this is all a colossal mind-fuck on the part of Bravo and instead of a horror show, they are going to be all kissy face and oh dahling each other to death and sit there and say it was all a show and none of it was real.”

      If that were the case, why would Simon and Bethenny lie, ie., Alex, Bethenny, Ramona, Sonja still standing tall…lobotomy? Am I being too naive? You can tell me. I can handle the truth.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Well, if it is a kissy face show, I guess I’d better watch it on one of the less expensive TV sets because I may pull a “Kelly” and throw something through the screen. ;o)

      The saving grace for me is Simon’s tweets. I trust what he says and he didn’t indicate that everything was all hunky-dory at the taping. Andy – not so much.

      Delusional and lying go hand in hand where Kelly is concerned. Rarely do you get one without the other.

      Good to see you back!

      • Had Enough! says:

        seriously – it is a wonder my TVs have survived this long –

        Hooked – I admit that if it is a giant prank, everyone would have to be in on it and what are the odds of all these people keeping quiet all this time – someone would have spilled the beans by now. Can’t imagine Alex pulling something like this on the fans. She seems like way too decent a person. Plus from the previews, it looks like she is genuinely blown away and upset when JillZilla shows up. Hard to imagine that they’ve concocted this whole thing.

        I know only two women in my area who watch this show. Most of the women I know are the kind who don’t watch TV at all, much less crap TV. It is hard not having anyone to talk to about this stuff, so huge thanks to Lynn and all of you for being here.

        • Kokuanani says:

          it is a wonder my TVs have survived this long –

          Rolled up socks or koosh balls.

          Highly recommended by surviving TVs.

  115. Olivia says:

    Mel: I am with you. Danielle is one nasty piece of work. Those who look with sympathy toward her as missing the big picture. As much as I despise the Manzo’s, having Danielle as the nemesis is ridiculous. This woman not only comes with a questionable past that has been documented, her present day actions do not veer far from the past.

    I was sickened by her cheerful conversation with Jacqueline about spending two years in a telephone sex game with some loser and then agreeing to meet up with him for “drinks”. Another scene shows her propositioning that Neanderthal Steve to join her in the bathroom for a quickie, and all this done brazenly in front of camera which was most likely to be shown nationwide and for her daughters to view as well. But the introduction of her “bodyguard” Danny who was 6 days short of ending his parole, was jaw dropping. Just having him in her house where her children reside is chilling enough outside of her other shameless attempts to gain traction. Have you ever read her blogs? They are nothing short of horrific, again something that her two children, their friends and their friends parents are privy to which must make for some very uncomfortable moments for those kids. And this book she is pushing apparently carries more and more of her unsavory behavior which she uses to justify her criminality.

    She is now complaining that some “friend” has betrayed her and will not let her children play with Christine and Gillian. Nothing against those two kids, but as a mother I would be most hesitant in allowing my kids anywhere near that home or Danielle for the very reasons that are portrayed on this show. The woman is dangerous and it has to be having an effect on those girls.

    The Manzo’s are ridiculous, over the top and boring to boot. But Danielle is downright scary and I do not see any redeemable feature in this woman who is so eager to gain the public eye that she would demean herself so much while bringing those kids down with her. If there were ever two kids that need protection it is her two who, from the looks on their faces, are in desperate need. Where their father is in all this is the big question. An intervention is needed to save them from this horrible creature that is their mother.

    • vilzvet says:

      I have noticed that other kids are NEVER present in Danielle’s home…I really think those two have only each other to hang out with…she must have SOME rep in that town at this point.

  116. Just a Commoner says:

    Yeehaw! Klassic Kelly video!

    From 2009. Interview by StyleCaster. She’s talking about how she went to someone’s party on a boat and got stuck in the bathroom so she had a chance to really study the marble walls. And she noticed that all the marble had like these VEINS that just like MATCHED UP PERFECTLY. Like, on all the walls. Like on all these pieces. All these veins! And she thought that was like really impressive because instead of having this flawless green marble, there were all these like VEINS. To her, that showed a lot of style.

    Dear Kelly, some marble has a lot of veining. Some doesn’t. Slabs cut from the same block will have the same vein patterns. Also, you’re an idiot.

    • Olivia says:

      I just spit my third cup of coffee all over the screen!!!

      Thank God Lynn started this blog since for a long while I thought it was just me and my family was beginning to look sideways when I entered the room.

      But there are enough of us out here who share the same thoughts and it is refreshing to be able to vent!

    • DarkSonnet says:

      @Just a Commoner- Klassic Kelly indeed. Open mouth, remove all doubt.

      I just visited Kelly’s twitter and noticed that her parents are in town. Please, could there be an intervention of sorts? Nah, probably not. None of this is really new behavior for her. It is just in a more public forum.

      Kelly also tweeted that she and Bethenny had discussed breastfeeding. I saw an interview where Kelly exhibited some rather unusual behavior while discussing the subject. She felt the need to keep interjecting the fact that NOBODY (emphasis by Kelly) had ever seen her breastfeed her children. NOBODY! EVER! Not just in public, not anywhere, ever.

      It just seemed odd that she put so much emphasis on this fact. We know there were other people around (nanny, etc.) So did she make them put blindfolds on? Sit in a closet?

      But I guess if we figure Kelly out, we should be frightened for ourselves.

      • Just a Commoner says:

        I wondered the same thing when I saw her tweet about her parents! Intervention time! They probably hopped on the first available flight after seeing last week’s show.

        Another classic video:


        She and some pretentious young dude are in M&J Trims in NYC (they sell buttons and trims and have been there forever) making Cher-type earrings out of feather trim and strands of Swarovski crystals. You know, stuff you can buy in Michael’s. (Nothing against M&J, of course.) Kelly makes a point of saying that they are only making six pairs in all and each will sell for $1000 for some charity but i couldn’t make out the name of the charity. Nice, huh? The stuff they want is out of stock so they decide to use something else and then they make a big deal about how making “jewry” (Kelly’s pronunciation) is “an organic process” that changes as you go, depending on if the store has the little clear crystals or some bigger ones.

        Also, these pieces are “object-driven”. Whatever the hell that means.

        At the ends, she puts one of the long black feather earrings on and it totally blends in with her hair. You can’t see it at all.

        • lrd851 says:

          hey… i had one of those feather earrings..but back in the day we called them “Roach Clips.”

    • The Digger says:

      I haven’t seen this video in awhile. I forgot what a total idiot she is when she is trying to sound smart. Also, when viewing the video the sound and her mouth movements are not in sync. Seems totally appropriate to me 🙂 Guess this special brand camera instinctively knew it was smarter than the subject.

      Jill Zarin got locked in a bathroom too. At the Joy Behar show. But Jill didn’t take that special minute to stop. and. notice. the texture of the paint job on the wall. No, nt our Jill. She, instead, frantically twittered her way out as she was afraid she might miss her tv fame whore moment. THIS is what Kelly has in common with Jill Zarin. The defining moment of their friendship. Both were locked in a loo. I love when the gods play games!

    • celeste says:

      I wonder if those marble walls were speaking to her after she snorted her cocaine in the bathroom? An old boyfriend used to do coke and amphetamines and he said he loved listening to the grass grow.

      • Just a Commoner says:

        I thought the same thing. She went into the bathroom, got high, couldn’t find the door to get out again, and got totally into the veining in the marble and how it all matched up perfectly and went round and round the room, veins veining into veins and more veins and veins veins veins. Like SO amaaaaaazing. Literally. To be honest with you. Cutieeeeeeeee!

    • TLM says:

      I’ll have to take your word for it. I would rather lie on a bed of nails and have someone jump up and down on me for an hour than watch that video.

  117. Squirrels says:

    A Kelly tweet –

    “going to aids service center to meet robert fosse to promote SAFE SEX”.

    I can’t help but want to tell her Bob Fosse is dead. If she can’t bother to identify a person with a quick background, I can assume she meant the orig Fosse. She’d make a great journalist. ouch…..

    • Olivia says:

      Well you cannot argue with the logic that “safe sex” with a dead person is just that.

      Also, I have decided to spend my vacation in my closet this year since Kelly has recommended that on the video.

    • Fabulous Earth says:


      • anniieee says:

        omg I just choked on my coffee… Need something to clean up the mess… You all are too funny.

  118. goodheavens says:

    Where are you getting the information on what is happening at the taping of the Reunion? It should be a doozy. Ratings will soar. Hope BRAVO enjoys the surge cause if Jill and Kelly return next season, and not Bethenny I for one won’t be watching.

  119. lillybee says:

    Does anyone know if Kelly was really offered a show? Unless it is Intervention, I don’t think I believe it.

    • Slynn says:

      Offered a new show… her parents are in town. It smells like intervention to me! And they always tell the addicts that they’re doing a documentary, not filming Intervention. Could it be?

      • Had Enough! says:

        No she was not offered a show. Read upthread. Some sitcom starring Matthew Broderick that was set in the Hamptons. Cancelled before it ever aired. She was not a regular or recurring. Probably in a crowd scene. But you know Kellamity, named by the NYT as one of the most important tastemakers (NOT! only in her own delusional brain) – to her, this meant a starring role.

        • anniieee says:

          I thought Tia Tequila offered her a spot on Dr. Drew’s show “Celebrity Rehab”….Maybe thats what she is talking about.

  120. Squirrels says:

    What’s the latest in tweet land? The tone seemed to be poor Jill vs the argonaughts?

  121. Squirrels says:

    Argonauts rather.

  122. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ HOOKED ON HOUSEWIVES , I can always count on you to make me crack up.
    Wouldn’t that be interesting if Bobby started getting some attention from some ladies , younger than Jill of course. Interesting indeed. hmmm.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      That’s what I thought when I saw that watch shopping scene. If Bobby’s going to pay that much for it, he could get someone younger, hotter and more grateful.

  123. iceNfire says:

    Squirrels – Twitter is pretty easy, I follow 15 people and 4 follow me Simon, Alex, Kelly and someone I never heard of LOL just sign up http://www.twitter.com

  124. Smompy says:

    Wow, people is CRAZY! I’m getting ready for Part 3 of “The Mysterious Island of Dr. Bensimon” (featuring a guest appearance by Foghorn Zarin) tonight, so I decided to do some last minute googlling before leaving for work. Gazillions of sites have postingss and articles about our statuesque & leathery Sybil wannabe and her infamous meltdown, and naturally individuals have different opinions about what caused it, but what gets me is reading through the comments on these various sites. Lots of people express the kinds of thoughts that are discussed here (ya know, common sense, logic and such), but there are a shockingly large number of people who blame Bethenny, and to some extent Ramona and Alex, for Kelly’s entire Psychotic Breakthrough. According to a significant percentage of commenters, Bethenny, Ramona and Alex picked on Kelly relentlessly throughout that trip, and so then only got what they deserved. When Bethenny and Alex sat alone together and laughed about Kelly’s lunchtime tirade, they were being mean girls by gloating about poor Kelly, and it was a “sickening thing to watch.” The way Ramona “rudely ordered Kelly to get off the phone” (with HER OWN CHILD) was one of the worst crimes some people have ever witnessed on television. Alex IS a vampire and has been stalking Kelly since Day One (whatever day one is), and so on, and so on, and so on. These are people who actually watched the same show I did!!!! It makes me a little wary about leaving the house – seriously, just knowing so many lunatics are walking the streets is kinda frightening for me. I guess if I get cornered, I’ll have to pretend I’m a Bethenny hater too. Sorry, B! My loyalty can only go so far.

    I still haven’t figured out the Al Sharpton thing, but I think it is possible that Sharpton (a.k.a. That Lying Bastard) might have said “You can’t handle the truth” at a press conference or something, way back during the time he was perpetrating the Tawana Brawley hoax. I don’t recall him saying it myself, but it sounds like the kind of line he would have stolen. If Kelly happened to see him saying that, the memory of it could have gotten trapped behind one of her many misfiring synapses and then was suddenly released when Bethenny repeated the line. Or not, God only know with this wackjob! I did get the impression that the “hair up” thing had to do with Kelly’s mistaking Don King for Al Sharpton though. The hand motions she was making made me think of Don King’s charming, upswept hairdo. Both Don King & Al Sharpton are African American, so maybe in Kelly’s, ahem, mind they’re one and the same?

    I guess I should feel sorry for Ally if she’s going to Sarah Lawrence. It’s only about 15 miles from midtown so you know Jill will be visitng CONSTANTLY. I’d heard it said she was going to Brown but that struck me as odd because Brown is really hard to get into these days. I have no idea what kind of grades Ally got but she doesn’t seem especially gifted to me. Anyway, I wish her well.

    OK, time to work now. Boo! But only six hours and fifteen minutes left till Part 3 airs. YAY!

    • Just a Commoner says:

      You crack me up! Ditto on the Sharpton/King thing. I don’t think Kelly knows the difference.

      Agreed, Jill will visit Ally a lot in college. Or rather, Jill will visit whoever books speakers at Sarah Lawrence (or wherever Ally’s going). And then she’ll stop by the dining hall to make sure that the kids at Ally’s table know who Ally’s mother is. And then she’ll visit Ally’s professors to make sure they know who Ally’s mother is. And then she’ll visit the dean and…etc. Then she’ll make a joke about Ginger applying too, and then she’ll give Ally a hug and a kiss and then she’ll go off to “her book” signing or whatever.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Smompy – they said she was going to the same college that Rahm Emanuel attended. So that would be Sarah Lawrence.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I think that what Kelly was implying was that Bethenny’s hair is kinky and black like Don King’s (who she mistakenly called Al Sharpton) and was trying to put her down by insinuating that Bethenny looked like him and was not as feminine as Kikilet.

  125. Adgirl says:

    The only reason Kelly would have an epiphany on Bethenny “improving” is Bethenny’s social status must have risen dramatically so Kelly now has to deal with her on a new level.

    Comments on Kelly and Jill being stuck in loos. Very funny. Kelly sounded like she was on acid staring at the marble veins in their glorious detail for hours.

    Kelly’s new TV show: She runs through traffic in her bikini confronting men on the street demanding to know if they are wearing underwear.

    • Strawberrysoy says:

      Great show idea.
      Great show idea. Maybe she can also accost pedestrians by asking them to make their best “Johan face” for the camera whilst offering free gummibears and jelly beans.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      She asks men and children (boys!). Creepy.

  126. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Hey guys I just thought of something. Could the reason Jill is so quiet be because she is in meeting with lawyers, PR reps, etc.
    Could she have made a total fool of herself at the reunion and is now in a downtown lawyers office having a major pow-wow meeting on how to stop certain footage from airing? It’s just odd that she is so quiet.

  127. Kat says:

    kikilet: Aids service center has given out 40,000 condoms. Have fun, wear a condom
    20 minutes ago via txt
    Kelly advocates sex. Go figure.

    • Squirrels says:

      What a nutbag. And Squirrels know nutbags. Geesh Kellamity….

    • The Digger says:

      Jill finally surfaces on Twitter:
      luv u all…so much love…overwhelmed
      about 5 hours ago via web

      My guess, she is wounded. Home under the covers.

  128. Adgirl says:

    Smompy –
    Those opinions blaming Bethenny, Alex and Ramona for Kelly’s melt-through are, well, weird. Maybe they are fans of “Lost” and are confused about the premise?

    There is one board (post TWOP) that I don’t visit anymore b/c of the B hate. Just boring and it’s the same 6 posters saying the same things ad nauseum.

    • The Digger says:

      I know the board. Those people are going to rip each others arms off soon. B bashing, so boring.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Isn’t that Post TWoP board the weirdest thing with the B bashing? If there isn’t sufficient bashing, the same ones will make sure to comment and take something out of context or twist it around. It is weird over there. And it’s not even interesting – it’s like they just want to hear themselves talk.

      • Adgirl says:

        One day they couldn’t stop complaining about her pigtails! How dare she! zzzz.

      • Kokuanani says:

        Wha??? Is the TWOP board open again?

        I thought Strega closed it down because of the postings of snotty critters like us?

    • anniieee says:

      All of the writers that are saying it was the 4 ladies fault for Kelly’s breakdown, talk like Kelly. It is very bizarre–kind of like kelly..It seems so cut and paste.

  129. iceNfire says:

    I feel like such a nerd on twitter! I got my 1st DM – (direct message) and it was from Alex with a special link! so I got all excited and clicked on link……..It directed me to her book on Amazon. LOL @ me

  130. JennyPoo says:

    For the Love of Pete….Please pass the dramamine! I am confused, nauseous and I think I need to lie down. Wake for the train wreck tonight. I may need a drink too!

    • Kat says:

      Another Kelly whiplash victim? We may need to start a survivor’s support group.

      • Squirrels says:

        No Kat – you mean, “Victimmmm… Survivoooorrrrr.”
        Kinda nice to throw her words back into her bonely lap.

  131. m293131 says:

    I was surprised that Kelly was following me yesterday!!!! Look how many people is has added to her list of followers. Why?

    • DarkSonnet says:

      I assume you mean on Twitter. If not, please run like hell.

      Added to foster the illusion that she has millions of “fans”? To keep track of what her thought process should be on an hourly basis?

  132. Adgirl says:

    Maybe Kelly thinks if she follows alot of people she will gain a lot of followers herself? She may be trying to commercialize her tweets.

    • The Digger says:



      Only 141,043 more followers and she is there. No problem.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Exactly! And the sad part is she probably thinks that is an attainable goal.

        Cause she is so famous and all… After all, she is “up here”.

  133. Squirrels says:

    Hi Adgirl – “She may be trying to commercialize her tweets.”
    Oh geesh, NOWWW what’s she peddling?

  134. ImToula says:

    Forgive me I’m slow. First I had a problem figuering out Al Sharpton now this: Has anyone figured out what “Satchel of gold” is?
    Someone, anyone, please help me!

  135. lillybee says:

    I think Sachels of Gold is a prize on a facebook game.

  136. A former Jill fan says:

    You got that right Digger! She’s definitely wounded. The other ladies are standing tall and proud and Kelly, well, she’s just standing around going with the flow. I didn’t see all that much love on Jill’s facebook! LOL! Again, only in her mind! Smoke and mirrors.

  137. Squirrels says:

    Hi Toula – seems to be a variety of answers to the ‘gold’ reference. One that sticks out in my mind is a game available on Facebook. unicorns and fairies – King Arthur (ok i’m making that part up).
    Still, another is a biblical reference.
    There are a couple more but I can’t recall right now.

  138. Squirrels says:

    SPOILER ALERT – (not really, I just always wanted to say that). Tonights episode is titled, “Shunburn”. Nice ring to it.

  139. ImStillToni says:

    Lynn just SSSTTTOPPPPP IT! ZIP IT! lmaoooo Kelly is a friggin spaceshot! Good lawd I am telling u Giles lives in the same building out of necessity & fear hahaha I read Kelly’s tweets and have to exert SO MUCH energy in figuring out wtf she’s trying to say I’ve honestly stop paying attention – yet I cannot wait to blast her ass in my blog tomorrow and her rushing to read it like it’s some favorable review!

    @Had Enough! WELCOME BACK! lmaoooo missed ya ;O

  140. Adgirl says:

    Some think the Satchels of Gold remark was anti-semitic.
    Maybe we should refer to the expert in that department, Jill Z. And Lulu can make a opinionate on the proper time and place to call people Satchels of Gold.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      It’s not antisemitic. It’s from a game called Mouse Hunt on FaceBook – part of Kelly being in La-la land.

  141. Squirrels says:

    I think I may need a goblet of wine this eve.

    • I'm just visiting this planet says:

      I’m thinking more along the lines of a bottle-a large one at that.

  142. Margo Channing says:

    Kelly is emotionally, intellectually and painfully dysfunctional…Completely devoid of being the least bit capable of carrying a thought of her own, because she does not care about anyone, kids included, but herself. This will not change. She just about had a breakdown after she read (oh thats right, she does not read! Well, someone read it to her then) on one of the RHoNY Bravo Boards where I threw down the gauntlet regarding her quite sketchy history of being a “Model”…yeah, ahem….She immediatly ran to her ’emotional playground’ (also another stolen thought) and started Twittering ancient “one-shots” that her assistant was sending the links to! Are you kidding me?! Desperate Housewife if you ask me…Go back to your dressage or your plastic-phoney—uhm I mean PONY-Palace…Take Jill and Luann and get off the show…Please, just LEAVE!

    • Squirrels says:

      Hey Margo – good to see you.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      that was YOU that threw her into a tizzy about the modeling thing? It must have taken her hours to dig all those out, photograph or scan them all, then post on Twitter!!! I love it! I’m so proud of you!!!

  143. lillybee says:

    If sachels of gold is anti-semitic, it is very obscure. I can’t imagine Kelly even knowing about it. The facebook game, I bet that she does play it. It seems to be about her speed.

    • Kat says:

      I agree.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      But I thought she is doing busy doing real and authentic things with amazing people to play FB games?

      • GreatExpectations says:

        And it still doesn’t make any sense within the context of the conversation. No one was discussing Facebook or anything remotely related to that. Most of what she randomly spouts out at people during that vacation were put downs.

  144. Fabulous Earth says:

    OMG I can’t wait until for the reunion. Lynn, thanks a gazillion for this place! I’m headed out to the airport and I can’t wait to read about all the crazy when I land. As Danielle says, Love and Light to all. (lol)

  145. Dr. D says:

    Isn’t Ally graduating from high school today? Perhaps that’s why THAT WOMAN is twittering or twitting as the case may be.

  146. Had Enough! says:

    I have a message from Bethenny:

    “hey guys, i need your help. Ask your representatives to support the Healthy School Meals Act, H.R. 4870, to help schools serve more fruits, vegetables, and plant-based meal options. Look up your representative’s numbers below and PLEASE share this link! So important”

    Actually, here’s the best way to contact your rep:



    Every one of them has an e-mail webform. Look up their name in the drop down list (or you can go by state) and send them a short e-mail in the webform.

  147. JennyPoo says:

    Honestly, I think Satchel of Gold is a new Designer. LOL Maybe a handbag or something shiney for her to stare at. What a DOOFUS!! Antisemetic? That’s too big a word for her…much less for her to know the definition of it. Ohh I love this place. The wallpaper here is a little “creepy” but I just close my eyes and type.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Maybe the newest Birkin? As of now, my vote is in the MouseHunt corner, not that she is capable of playing it, but her daughters probably are.

  148. JennyPoo says:

    Yeah, MouseHunt could be complicated for her. LMAO

    I remember the Jill/Ally episode when Ally was registering for colleges and needing to do her essays….who thinks Jill did them for her? *raises hand*

    • couchon says:

      Jill can’t write essays for Ally. Jill is only capable of talking about herself so an essay off her favorite topic would be impossible. Ally could easily write an essay on her greatest challenge:”My Mother, Jill Zarin.”

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Would Ally’s worst nightmare come to fruition if Jill suddenly decided to enroll at Sarah Lawrence?

        She could pitch it as an innovative reality show, her very own.
        Jill trying to get into a sorority, rooming with Ally,etc. You can figure out all the nightmare scenarios that might ensue.

        Bawby could produce it, networks would be standing in line to buy it… It could happen… Ask Kelly.

        • couchon says:

          Jill will start her own sorority/coven if she isn’t pledged. Her hazing and mean girl skills are perfect for her fabulous circle of friends.

  149. DarkSonnet says:

    I love that we have this site to express thoughts/frustration about the HW!

    It is a great site, but today the comments are especially witty and I have enjoyed some true ROTFLMAO moments.

    Many thanks to Lynn and the elite group of commentators at “I Hate Jill Zarin”!

  150. JennyPoo says:

    Yeah, for once I have someone to “talk” to about it besides my husband who could care less about the shows. LOL I make him care, damn it!! I go over all the drama and who did what and tell him why they were wrong! Actually, he did see last week’s episode because it was on the tv when he woke up (the replay) and he was like WTF? These women are all crazy!! I had to set him straight on that!!!

  151. iceNfire says:

    I keep trying to drag my youngest son into this mania. Showed him the picture of Gingers tongue up Jill’s nose and I just can’t figure out why he looks at me the way he does

  152. JennyPoo says:


  153. Olivia says:

    Judging from the comments and the accompanying writing, the posters on this blog are intelligent and insightful and can recognize a slice of baloney when they see it.

    This place offers a refuge from the mud slinging political landscape, the horrific oil sludge that is ruining the environment, the hatefulness that surrounds are daily existence, the nonsense of the entertainment world, the lying, cheating, and excuses offered for the liars and cheaters, that is the real world as presented to us and that begs an escape valve every now and then.

    At least here, when our observations and commentary have no actual effect on the world as we know it, we can take out those frustrations on the “ninny squad” who bear the name of “housewives” and feel somewhat refreshed that we at least have maintained some measure of standards and fairness as we muddle through day by day.

    “Housewives” is nothing more than an escape from the daily grind. Considering the alternative, the escape is a necessity.

  154. Adgirl says:

    I was an undercover addict of this board. I finally fessed-up when my husband found me repeatedly closing the laptop window whenever he walked into the room. I didn’t want him to think I was carrying on an online affair or gambling.
    I was indulging in porn — RHNY porn!

    I will need a detox soon. What will I do when this is ooovvvveerrr??

    • LynnNChicago says:

      The good news, even after RHONY is finished for the season, Kelly will still be tweetig away…for hours on end…and you just know Jill never completely goes away! Bethenny’s show will be on…hopefully Flipping Out soon…Bravo is filming DC, Atlanta, Beverly Hills….it’s never ending. Or is that bad news?

      • cusi77 says:

        The great thing Lynn, from my heart, is that we always can come to this forum you have created and find affinity, great blogs, insightful comments… For this Linn I feel grateful.

  155. little rock says:

    can someone who twitters/facebook please ask jill what’s up with her saying she was on her way to lxtv to work yesterday when it was confirmed that she wasn’t. also, why would she do a photo shoot yesterday AFTER the taping ? i thought there was a lot of crying (hopefully on jill’s part). not that i wouldn’t love to see a picture of the aftermath, but with her ego, i can’t see her posing with red swollen eyes,spotchy skin complete with lots of snot- ok,that’s just wishful thinking on my part. anyway, can someone go to her site and pretend to care and ask her to clarify? i’m not in denial, i KNOW i’m twitter and facebook challenged. i’m seeking help, but not fast enough to get these questions answered.

    • Kokuanani says:

      i can’t see her posing with red swollen eyes,spotchy skin complete with lots of snot

      My dream is all of the above, plus Ginger licking the snot off her face.

    • baby little roick says:

      mom you do know I have a facebook right?

  156. HD says:

    I cn’t wait until tonight! I have to get this off my chest Kelly is such a damn liar. I watched that clip again with her telling Luann and Jill that Bethanny said she deliberately went after her in the press. What a damn liar. I know in her mind she believes this reality but what a damn liar!

  157. JennyPoo says:

    I totally agree Olivia. I mean, Kelly is asking what we are doing about the Oil Spill and here I am dogging her….I mean…I need this…right?!! There is too much to worry about with paying bills, kids being sick, me being sick and trying to work, taking care of my aging mother, etc. I need to make fun of that crazy girl, right? Please tell me it’s okay and I don’t have to ask myself what I’m doing about the oil spill….I mean, I can’t run down down right now and clean up the whole shabang for BP. Not today anyway….It IS the start of my weekend and I am allowed one…right? I will not feel guilty because nutcase mentioned the oil spill….I will not!! LMAO

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Phew! Lack of sleep does strange things to you!

      I was writing a rant about what I thought about Kelly asking people what they were going to do about the oil spill.

      I deleted what I had written because I thought it sounded too much like that troll, J. Samples when he throws his temper tantrums! LOL! Only I would have been justified in my spiel as it would be against an oil company that has made record profits the past few years while people struggled to survive and pay the price-gouged cost of gas!

      What am I doing? Well, I’m still trying to drive as little as possible so I can keep my money in my wallet and not line the pockets of the fat cat oil execs.

      Well, there, I had my say without the tantrum and harsh words! LOL!

    • couchon says:

      Do not beat yourself up with Kelly guilt. You are thinking of the Gulf Coast oil spill. In Kelly’s mind some EVOO was spilled by a chef/cook on a tablecloth. Kelly is looking for something to blot with. Perhaps some swatches from Zarin’s fabrics? There are no worries in the land of cartwheels.

      • shantygal says:

        We can’t be sure that she’s not refering to the oil slick on her forehead. This is Kiki talking afterall.

  158. JennyPoo says:

    I think we will all need an intervention! That’s funny adgirl! LOL

  159. A former Jill fan says:

    Smompy, all those people on other sites bashing Bethenny, Alex and Ramona for bullying Kelly are really Jill and her gang using fake identities! LOL! 😛

  160. ImStillToni says:

    OMG I’m swear the Manzo Mob is now out to get me in my comment section!!! I’m MARKED!! I didn’t know that not tolerating their bullshit they sell is the equivalent of a horse’s head in my bed!!

  161. lillybee says:

    I remember reading somewhere that Jill is pitching her own reality show. She wanted it to be about herself, her sister and her mother. I don’t think anyone would pick it up.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      What a snooze fest that would be! Blah! : }~~~~~

    • LynnNChicago says:

      how fun watching those three in Jill’s bed looking at family photos and maybe if we’re lucky, some home movies. Then we can watch Lisa doing her radio show and for a real treat, maybe Gloria will tell us what fabrics we can wear on which holidays…sounds like a ratings winner!

  162. boston02127 says:

    @adgirl ~~~~ Do you watch the tv show Big Brother? Lynn is going to blog about it when it starts. It won’t be as fun as hating Jill but it will be nice to chat.

  163. Adgirl says:

    I also don’t think anyone outside of Florida will want to watch/listen to an uninterrupted hour of squawking and complaining by the 3 Secretions. “I need gawsip!!!! Mother’s not haaappy!”

    I could just sit in the lobby of my Aunt Laura’s retirement home if I needed a JAP fix. My Aunt Laura makes Gloria look like a rank amateur.

  164. Adgirl says:

    boston02127I never watched BB – but I might start if Lynn & you all will be here to snark on it.

    FYI- It would be my dream come true if Boston Rob & Amber could be on another competitive reality show. Loved season 7 of TAR.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      If you want to move closer to the head of the “I Need An Intervention” line, then start watching Big Brother. You can quickly move up the line if you decide to get the live feed of what is occurring in the house at all times.

      Well, not really at all times, there is the frustrating fish tank issue.

      • char212 says:

        Adgirl, You’re missing some fun not watching Big Brother. My husband thought I was nuts at first then he got hooked on it,he even told me that he heard it starts in July. I never watched BB after dark but I’m going to this year. I hear it gets good then.

      • Kat says:

        Dark Sonnet I grok.

  165. iceNfire says:

    Reunion is scheduled for 9pm with Bethenny’s show following. Sad to say reunion doesn’t state “part 1”

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Hmmm…I just take that as meaning Jill was confronted and left earlier than we thought so they don’t have as much footage to use. LOL! 😉

    • iceNfire says:

      ete – June 10

    • DarkSonnet says:

      It might be possible that they will have to wait until after they do the editing of the raw tape to determine if they have enough content for two hours.

    • Squirrels says:

      Not a good idea to have them both on the same night. Folk will be working OT at the keyboards pre through post reunion broadcast. B’s opening night may get lost in the dare I say it (“…dare!!!….dare!!!”), stagnant, frenetic …. uhhhhh… something something mantra the world has adopted, making Kelly the end all be all of all time – (insert aspirin here).
      Talk about battle of the TV WTF’s……
      Hope B’s opener is the following day. This Jill thing has taken on a life of its own. Let people vent, then tune in and enjoy what you have to offer as a stand alone. Maybe you won’t need an intermission, but I’m guessing I’ll need to take a breath in between.

      • TLM says:

        I wouldn’t worry about the timing. Every Bravo fan knows Bravo is going to play the s***t out of both the Reunion(s) and the Bethenny premiere. Plenty of time to review both.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      It’s probably too early for them to know if they have enough material for two shows.

  166. A former Jill fan says:

    I better take a nap before the show tonight. *YAWN*

    • shantygal says:

      Haha – I already did! I can’t believe how these effin hags control my Thursdays. At least BB airs on Thurs also so my weekly routine won’t be thrown off too much.

  167. boston02127 says:

    Not an important post, just wondering about this….

    Jacqueline’s tweet:
    We are putting the old toilets that look new in our other house in Mahwah,NJ that we have been trying to sell.It’s Chris’s parents old house

    Her daughter Ashley’s tweet:
    got a new toilet today!..not even kidding.. & it’s so pretty & soooo comfortable! hahah i love it…its the simple things in life you know?
    When Jacqueline said her daughter moved out did she forget to mention she set her up with a house?
    BTW Jacqueline ~~~ By chance if you read this post…when using punctuation, it’s one space after a comma and two after a period.

  168. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet:
    Aids service center has given out 40,000 condoms. Have fun, wear a condom
    Dumb Kelly your father should have worn a condom!

  169. JennyPoo says:

    Gosh, wish I got mad and moved out…yet my mom and dad might, MIGHT have pointed to the camper!

  170. CdnFillie says:

    I’m reading some of the posts on RHNY Bravo blogs. The positive ones all insist JZ should be friendly with B again, and they all want to believe that the only thing JZ did wrong this season was replaying the “get a hobby” voice mail JZ kept for 3 months . Something tells me most of her fans are stuck in a time warp, and in desperate need of a reality check…like attracts like I guess 😛
    But then maybe they are in denial of everything else she’s done, that warrants her getting kicked off the show and throwing a smoke screen to Bravo, hoping JZ being friends with B will keep her on the show.

  171. otaypanky says:

    I would never have known about amazongate if not for this site. I just knew I Hated Jill Zarin. Then I find Heaven (Lynn’s blog) and people who feel as I do and truckloads of fuel for my fire.
    Just licking my chops knowing that when Jill filmed what we are about to see tonite, she had no idea how hated she was to become. There will be no holding back for her. She will continue to behave in the same vein she has this entire season. Just watching her and now knowing all the coniving and camp building she was doing behind B’s back is just too delicious for words.

  172. CdnFillie says:

    BTW..been tweeting KiKilet to “zip it” since her last tweet about condoms…do I dare to think she listened to me LOL

  173. JennyPoo says:

    In my opinion, there is too much water/GAWWWSIP under the bridge for that to happen. JZ has created too much havoc and shown her true colors (even on TV). Who knows what we didn’t see while the cameras weren’t rolling. I say good riddance. I think Bethenny is better off without that dead weight. I sooo remember the engagement ring incident….JZ was so engrossed with the size of her diamond. It’s all about what you have (from what I have seen of JZ). I think she thought the “countess” could bring her more than she did. I think she thought Kelly could…well, she did, but not what she thought. LOL I think she is even so shallow with Bawwwwby, and that’s very, very sad!! From what I have read, when he was “cut ear to ear” and in the hospital” wasn’t she out about town? Why was she so upset with Bethenny when apparently no one else knew about Bawwwwby being ill and she apparently wasn’t even curbing her socialite activites? How pathetically shallow and vain is that!

  174. lillybee says:

    I have a feeling that the edit did not show us the worst of Jill’s behavior.

  175. iceNfire says:

    otaypanky says:
    May 27, 2010 at 5:22 pm
    I would never have known about amazongate if not for this site.

    Just the opposite for me, I started at Amazon. Thank you to everyone who shares links!

  176. boston02127 says:

    @Adgirl ~~ If you watch Big Brother I think you’ll like it. It’s usually a group of people who we love to hate. Don’t get discouraged when watching the first couple of episodes, it always starts out slow. It gets juicy and it’s addictive TV.

    I like Rob and Amber too. Did you see him on Survivor this year? He wasn’t
    as up beat as he was when I first saw him on TV.

    • Adgirl says:

      Yeah Rob was kind of a sad sack this year. He was the only reason I was watching. I quit when he was eliminated. He’s a really smart guy. Just not devious enough.
      I’d watch a RH style show with him & Amber (and some others).

  177. Squirrels says:

    Jill’s biggest sin is telling lies. Not for the obvious reasons, but because where the truth is easy to remember; Lies? Not so much. She snowballed this thing herself. No wonder she needed notes. She couldn’t regurgitate a story with a clean timeline. Zarin’s ego stymied her chances to put it all behind her early in the game. Now she’s stuck with her own words, on the record.

  178. JennyPoo says:

    This is the best site with the best links!!! Thanks, Lynn. I just joined, but have been reading it for a while and LMAO and feeling (yes, Kelly, FEELING) a kinship with you all about this show and the train wreck we have been seeing. It’s funny, on one level, that I am this aggravated over a silly show, but these are supposed to be “Real Housewives”, right? I think, at first, my husband feared I would be envious of everything they have. He has realized it is comic relief for me and that I feel very fortunate to have a “real” life and that I am a happy person. I may not own the best clothes, dine at the best restaurants, have the FABULOUS circle of friends….but I do have great times, pretty great clothes, great food and wonderful friends that I could call any time, who have my back and there is no knife sticking out of it!! Yeah, no envy from this gal! I’m a midwest, middle age housewife who works at a business from home. I am taking care of my elderly mother. I was raised by great parents. I’m trying to give back. I give to charities and donate my time when I can. There are millions of us…why pick some loudmouth, backstabbing, name-dropping JZ? Has that woman broke a sweat other than looking at her next big diamond? Doubt it!

  179. JennyPoo says:

    Squirrels…I agree. My dad always said…don’t ever lie and you won’t have to remember what you said. I couldn’t believe she said she didn’t have her notes!! NOTES?!!! WTF?

  180. emt2 says:

    Sometimes I feel bad for Kelly because I think she knows that she is kinda dumb and boring and not very popular. I’ve been reading press and watching videos about her (and the other housewives as well) from a few years back and she has always been delusional and insecure. But, that doesn’t excuse her rudeness and cockiness.

    People think that she is a joke. Not just random viewers but people in her industry (fashion and entertainment), social circle and neighborhood.

    *She actually thinks that Marilyn Manson would be interested in talking to her about her heels and dress.

    *I think that this is when she decided to create the boho-chic, whimsical, teenager character. You can tell that it is all an act, especially when she “accidentally” lets go of the ballons and makes a little kid face. It’s pretty nauseating to watch.

    Luann and Jill will use her for what she can get them access to–maybe a few parties, invitations, etc. but they don’t really like her. Luann is very condescending towards her and Jill will hitch her wagon to the next fabulous person who comes along.

    I think Kelly is going to kind of disappear….

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Watching this has made me stupid!

      Kelly quote: “One of the luxurious about being able to be me is just having a lot of fun with everything you do”. She really is deep, isn’t she.

      I like how the balloon guy is basically telling her she’s stupid, lol.

      Is this party for the guy she beat up?

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Also, she isn’t wearing a seat belt.

  181. Olivia says:

    The one “relatable” one in the cast is Bethenny. She is a working girl. Does not live ostentatiously and mentioned that fashion shows were not her thing. Bethenny comes from a damaged environment and learned early how to put up her defenses which has enabled her to be able to handle herself in the real world. Plus she is a smart cookie as well.

    What I see in Bethenny is a certain outward veneer that she had developed as a way of survival. Thus the laugh out loud snark. But there has always been a measure of her vulnerability that comes through: her need for a family; the chance to belong; her seeking a mate that would provide her the stability that she lacked from her childhood. It would not surprise me to know that she has spent many a lonely evening along with quiet holidays that found her alone which may explain her willingness to reach out to Jill in the beginning since it appeared that she had that to offer.

    I really think that they had a true friendship at one time that had developed before this series came on the air. But when Bethenny began to eclipse Jill it brought out the worst in her and she poured her grief all over Bethenny as a means of getting even. It soon rose to such a level that even Bethenny could not overcome it and the audience was watching a narcissistic woman attempt to harm a former friend by any means at her disposal. These actions brought out the best of us who could not let this go unaddressed since the person making these charges had lost all credibility and the harm she was producing was illegitimate.

    I think Bethenny has suffered enough in her early life to be able to take pride and pleasure in whatever dreams she had that came true. Her sometime brittleness covers the longing of a little girl who needed love and nurturing and did not find it until much later. But you can never get away from that little girl, no matter how far you have come of how high you have risen.

    All the best to Bethenny. You have reached success. Treat it well.

    • Squirrels says:

      The most endearing part of Jason? She can trust him. He’ll never threaten to walk out. I think he really loves her and she is learning love can and does exist. (may I have a tissue please? TY).

    • desertgal66 says:

      Oh, I think Alex is relatable, as well. I don’t think I would have said that during the first season, but, as most have noted, Alex and Simon have become far more appealing this season. In any case, they’ve emerged as a hard working, family oriented couple, who aren’t as interested in “status” as the first season made them appear.

      And, I gotta add, watching Alex and Bethenny interact, I think they both have shown themselves to be two women who truly understand what genuine friendship is. They treat each other with consideration, compassion, and humor, and there no sense of rivalry or competition between them. It’s been really nice to watch their friendship develop this season.

      I mean, Jill, hearing of Bethenny’s engagement, was thrilled with the size of Bethenny’s ring. Alex was just thrilled for Bethenny.

  182. desertgal66 says:

    Okay, so, I’ve been away all day, and am just getting caught up, so let me see if I have this straight:

    Ally can’t stop crying because Jill Zarin is her mother, and Kelly is now advocating one night stands with the late Bob Fosse because she finally clued in that sex with a condom IS protected sex?

    (I’m betting that, before that was explained to her down at the AIDS center today, Kelly thought protected sex meant hooking up in the back of a Brinks Security truck. Or a bank vault.)

    Has anyone told her that Bob Fosse is dead, or should we just let her keep thinking that she “knows” him, too?

    Oh, and, Kelly? It’s AIDS-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. That’s called an “a-c-r-o-n-y-m”. It’s not “Aids”, okay?

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      Love it, love it, love it! Now she advocates sex with a condom — would she call herself a ho-bag now????

  183. Had Enough! says:

    Many have asked about the sales estimates for Secrets of a Loud-mouth, Selfish Yenta that we’ve all found on novelrank. I was astonished at how few copies had sold – through Amazon, as this is all that novelrank covers. But Amazon is the world’s largest bookseller by far.

    So I contacted novelrank and they very graciously replied that these are actual numbers, i.e., not in multiples of 100s or 1000s. They also tell me that Amazon treats a purchase of multiple copies as the same as a person buying one copy.

    So if Bawby bought 1,000 copies all at once, it still shows up as a single copy. There is more to it than that, but I don’t want to reveal it because then Shrill can have Bawby and others rig the multiple sales so they each show up as one copy.

    The numbers are per month, not cumulative.

    So this means that there were 157 orders in April (the tracking started on April 13) via Amazon in the U.S. (though again – some of those could have been multiple copies) an 228 in May. With the book tour coming to an end and the season coming to an end, I expect that this will be the end of the book, too.

    The short version – there are more comments on A. Chandler’s review (yay!) and more signatures on the fire Jill Zarin petition (YAY!) than copies of this piece of drek sold!

    • couchon says:

      I love that you did the math for the Zarin Problem of the Day! Math makes my head hurt. The bonus is that the petition signatures and A. Chandler’s review comments outnumber Jillzilla’s book sales. Sweet!

    • The Digger says:

      I loved that you used the word drek. Can you use it more often?!

  184. Squirrels says:

    I’m sorry desertGal – Kelly’s brain is disconnected in order to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. Please check her brain cells and try again. Thank you.

  185. ilovelynn says:

    hey HAD ENOUGH, thanks for missing me! just been lurking the past few days counting the hours and minutes until tonight. for some reason this blog wouldn’t accept “patsy’s boys” as my user name, tried and tried to fix it, but I’m an idiot so after about 10 of you guys trying to help me, we all gave up! (I think my darling lynn is trying to fix it for me. OMG I sound like the countless.) anyway, hopefully I’ll have some clever comments after tonights airing. glad to see you back and have a great memorial day weekend. thanks Kat!

  186. ilovelynn says:

    BTW, the clever comments remark was made because you are all so clever and witty and intellegent it’s hard to keep up with you!

  187. ilovelynn says:

    oops, speaking of intelligent, I spelled it wrong!!

  188. Squirrels says:

    You know? I hope B “Martha Stewarts” her azz. That’s one thing overlooked on her resume. She experienced working within corporate america. That education must have been priceless.

  189. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @Adgirl, Boston & Lynn, I have never watched BB either.
    I hear my coworkers talking about it all the time but I have no clue what it’s about. However like Adgirl said if you guys are watching and blogging on it then count me in. Just give me the network its on and day and time because I have no clue.

  190. Jennifer says:

    There could be more then 2 people named Robert Fosse …… I not a Kelly fan but have to just point that. There is enough legit stupid stuff he (typo but it stays) does to make fun of

    Wait were plp being sarcastic and I didn’t get it? If yes sorry 🙂

    • Squirrels says:

      That’s what I said Jen. If she doesn’t have the journalistic where-with-all to make that known, I can understand her only lasting two issues as Editor for Elle Bobbles.

  191. Quincy IL says:

    I looked at those nice to Bethenny tweets from Kelly. It’s obvious that the ladies handled her gently. I think that is the best thing to do under the circumstances.

    Since Ally cried the whole time, I guess our dreams have come true and Jill got wacked by the women. Jill can take it. It’s too bad that her daughter had to feel the pain too.

    I googled Jill and an article from Lisa Wexler talking about reality stars and fame popped up. It seems Lisa never knew anyone with a good result from exposing their lives to the nation and planet. Jill submitted her video and wanted fame so Lisa was supportive.

  192. otaypanky says:

    Had Enough:
    “Secrets of a Loud-mouth, Selfish Yenta”

  193. ilovelynn says:

    uh oh, “money can’t buy me intelligennnnnce”!

  194. emt2 says:

    I love Bethenny but she is not innocent by any means. She was actually very cruel and mean to people just because. I know that it’s because she came from a damaged place and all but that shouldn’t excuse everything she has said and done.

    And I think that while she isn’t as materialistic as Jill is, she definitely likes bling and clothes. Every year B has said that she doesn’t care about clothes but she definitely stepped up her wardrobe this season. Last year she hosted the Moroccoan fashion show (why do that if you don’t like fashion?) and this year we saw her all decked at multiple shows. So, she does like fashion.

    Also, I saw a clip of her from behind the scenes for a cover shoot for Engagement magazine, and she was dressed in bridal clothes and modeling rings and jewelry. She hadn’t gotten engaged at that point but the woman running the shoot said that they chose her as the cover model because she will be getting engaged soon.

    Also, B did an interview in the fall and they were asking about her engagement ring and B said that she had definitely picked it out with Jason and that she was involved in the entire process. Which is totally fine. But, that ring is HUMOUGOUS and very flashy for someone who likes to say that she doesn’t like bling and material things. She carries a Hermes bag for Gosh sakes and those bad boys are more than $10,000 at least.

    She also said to Jill last year that when she did get married and had a baby, she would make sure that she was on the cover of OK magazine and that they would be paying her for pictures of the baby and the wedding.

    This is clearly a woman who has been very focused on achieving a level of material success as well as celebrity. I love B and I find her aspirational but I do not think that she is the average girl who doesn’t like high fashion and expensive jewelry and attention from the press.

    I like her quick wit but I don’t like the posturing she does about wanting a simple life with simple things. She’s on a reality tv show for gosh’s sakes. Her third!

    I still find her endearing though and can’t wait to see her new show.

    Does anyone know how/when she met Jason?

    • Had Enough! says:

      They met in a bar in the meatpacking district called Tenjune. She actually wrote about the timeline last year but I can’t remember where. I think it was December 2008.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Bethenny has never been cruel or mean that I’ve seen. She can be snarky, but she’s always right in what she says. People usually deserve the remarks she makes.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Agree. And she has been quick to apologize when it has been pointed out that what she said may have been viewed as hurtful.

        @emt2 said – “she also said to Jill last year that when she did get married and had a baby, she would make sure that she was on the cover of OK magazine and that they would be paying her for pictures of the baby and the wedding.”

        Do you happen to have a link that you could share for that information? If it was on a show, do you remember the context?


        • emt2 says:

          I’m looking for where I got that from right now. I’m not sure if it was during an interview, a blog or on the show. But, I remember her telling Jill that she wanted to announce her wedding and baby on a magazine cover.

          Didn’t B call Simon horrible:

          This is from Season 2, blog Housewives on the Loose:

          I am not a fan of the I love Simon van Kempen Facebook club. The fans have been easier on them because Jill and I have been much nicer to them, but their desperation and delusion never ceases to amaze any of us. What they do on and off camera in a failed attempt to get ahead is incredible.

          Obviously, B is friends with Alex and Simon now but she didn’t like them for awhile.

        • emt2 says:

          in that same blog, again about Simon “Simon is so incredibly revolting that I thought Ramona’s reaction would be priceless. Plus Mario was so overly intense about this match that I thought it would disarm him.”

          That’s kinda mean even though they were social climbers.

  195. otaypanky says:

    Isn’t BB about young people drinking too much, screaming at each other and hooking up? Please, fill me in about what people think is so much fun about this show. Asking seriously, not flippantly. I will miss you all on this blog, but can I, will I enjoy this show? I think it’s been on awhile and I watched an episode or two a couple of years ago. Didn’t get it.

  196. Squirrels says:

    I think Flipping Out would make an amusing blog. I know I’d laugh…

  197. Adgirl says:

    Squirrels, desertgal66 – Kelly and her Memorial Day weekend plans.
    Memorial Day is a day of remembrance. Therefore you have to have the capacity of memory to remember, so you can memorialize the remembered so they are not forgotten… or something.

  198. Had Enough! says:

    Meanwhile, Jill is now the underdog. Is she going to adopt herself?

    I do love Jeff Lewis but Jenny annoys the living daylights out of me. She has no talent and that voice, OMG that voice. Her rapping is embarrassing as all hell.

    • chismosa says:

      i love Flipping Out and would be a devoted follower if Lynn blogs. I despise Ryan and the hurtful Jill-like behavior he displayed to Jeff last season.

      Love Jenny!!! s’agapo Jenny

  199. Squirrels says:

    I see her as the LA version of Elaine from Seinfeld. Amuses the hell outta me : )

    • Had Enough! says:

      don’t hate me, but I hated Seinfeld…every last episode…and I find Julia Louis Dreyfus annoying and untalented and I hated the Elaine character and that annoying upper lip curl skeeved me out…

  200. otaypanky says:

    SPOILER ALERT: Early on. To my friends on the West Coast, Mid West and TIVO peeps, I’ll be blogging during and after the show and looking forward to all of your comments.
    Thanks to the blogger who posted Andy’s blog. Reading it has made waiting to watch tonite all the scintillating.

    • The Digger says:

      Anyone else on the left coast besides me and dear Adgirl?
      So what should we do for during the 3 hour gap when we can’t read the blog… any ideas? Best I have come up with is to go buy a very large bottle of tequila. And some limes.

  201. chismosa says:

    i think we can judge from the picture of Kelly escorted across the street post-reunion taping where she was all smiley, that she thinks of it as having gone well.

    Did everyone read Andy’s blog? He basically states it will be 2 episodes long. Also, what is his fascination with SJP- get over it dude. He has the WRONG people on as guests during all these housewives episodes, so i hope ratings for his stupid show have gone down.

    if you read on the guide on the tv where it gives the description for tonight’s episode it says ‘Kelly leaves the islands in the middle of the night in secret’ – i really honestly hope they dont brush over the fact that she may have been FORCIBLY REMOVED.

    Did anyone catch Danielle on Wendy Williams today? i taped it but havent watched yet.

    God i am praying many rosaries that the reunion really butchered up Jill and K somewhat, but mostly that J&K do NOT come back next season.

    love Sonja!

    ps- was watching the crazy ep. from last week again and besides Gwyneth, Kelly also berates Bethenny for attaching ‘Rachel’, as in (anorexic stylist) Rachel Zoe. I love the RZ show too, but not since she fired Taylor! (sorry if no one watches that)

    Lynn i hate that there are replies on this, i cant go back and re-read updates to everyone’s comments, when it takes a full hour to get through them all in the first place, i’m sorry.

  202. LynnNChicago says:

    Toni’s got a great idea for tonight’s show…


    • Squirrels says:

      Since we are listing estimated times of unconsciousness? 10:42 pm EST

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      There are so many things on the list I’m sure I’ll be out by 9:15 (CDT). Good grief, they will be through that list by the first 5 minutes and it will be like college all over again when I played the RoadRunner game and almost fell out the window while trying to talk to some guys…………………….

  203. chismosa says:

    omg you guys have to see the picture of TERESA on this week’s recap on NYMag:
    seriously, awful


  204. Adgirl says:

    It would be nice if we could quote rather than reply so everyone will be clear on new postings and what we are referring to.

  205. myname2use4now says:

    Can I just give a shout out to the music director (or whatever he/she is called!). I especially love how they can transition a scene from serious to wacky or bring on more drama with music. Kudos to them!

  206. morning says:

    Re Big Brother…I love it. One or two episodes doesn’t do it. And as someone else said, it starts out slow. I just find it interesting to watch people, I guess. Some are fun, some are boring, some are hilarious, some I absolutely hate. And I’d find it very interesting for those of you in the psych business to give your views. It’s just a big, crazy psych experiment, isn’t it?

  207. otaypanky says:

    Lynn: Please do not abandon blogging about Pachy Stanger. I had a major hate on for that loud mouthed, crass, poor excuse for a woman, tranny, Jill Zarin loving wannabe.
    You google her and there is nothing out there for people who don’t find her adorable. There must be thousands!
    Everyone, please don’t forget, this unattractive, loud, obnoxious, elephant resembeling thing said, “Any cow can give birth” in repsonce to B’s pregnancy. Jill recruited her and she bit. She bit because she’s another Hazer (Yiddish for Pig, even though I will always call her Pachy for Pachyderm). Lynn, know you hate her as I do. Try a blog on her for size. Let’s get something going and see if we can sprout a little cottage industry from your site for I HATE PACHY STANGER. She really is one ugly, detestable, lying creature.

    • chismosa says:

      i hate her too and dont watch her show because i find her repugnant, so i agree with you. Lynn go for it.

    • I'm just visiting this planet says:

      I have to say, “I agree”. Not interested in Big Brother but would certainly follow a blog, especially one by Lynn, on Patti Stanger. With Millionaire Matchmaker Bravo has tacitly condoned pimping and put Patti out there as a TV madam. We all thought Luann’s date with Courte (sp?) was creepy- sorry, I’m not channeling Kelly here but that’s the only word that fits- but that’s nothing compared to the sleeze balls that Patti deals with. I say, “go for it, Lynn”.

  208. boston02127 says:

    @ Lynn, Adgirl, Kelly_Has_BS (sorry if i missed someone)

    Big Brother info:

  209. otaypanky says:

    excuse the typos…hate that we cannot edit. but you all get the drift.

  210. Adios Lunatic says:

    Thinking more about reunion — while watching reruns of past episodes (working from home is GREAT!). I’m not sure they need as much actual time as we might think since Andy cuts to the “So and so did this over the past season and now lets watch what happens”. They use a lot of past footage and here’s what you didn’t see stuff that I’ll bet they could easily stretch another hour out. Plus, I’ll be we’ll see a extended version of Sun, Sand and Psychosis like the table flipping episode from last year.

    I want so badly for Jill to be called out for the bitch she is and I really hope that will be the case. I’ll bet Andy had a Jill Behaving Badly reel of her worst behavior — sort of like Bethenny’s best one-liners (I’m rooting for Adios Lunatic! I’m going to the Hooters boat!).

    None of my friends watch this show and they think I’ve lost my mind for continuing to do so. I really appreciate the outlet and reading and laughing at all of the wonderful ideas and snark on this site! Thank you all!

    • otaypanky says:

      This site saved my life Adios. None of my friends watch either. It’s a guilty pleasure for me. I have friends that so not own televisions!!! Think they are responsible for the moral decline of the country. Yeah, ok, I have alot of smart friends. But this show is just way too good to pass up and I am forever greatful I found this site.

      • Adios Lunatic says:

        OMG — maybe we have the same friends???? Sounds like it!!

        I started watching because I need noise when I’m at home working so the TV is on pretty much all the time and with not much on during the day Bravo became my go-to channel. They sucked me in and now look at me!

        Next week I have to go on a business trip and will probably miss the original airing of the last show which I an not at all happy about. But how do you tell a client, “I’m sorry but I can’t fly back on Thursday night because I’ll miss the last episode of the RHoNY???”

  211. otaypanky says:

    Thanks Boston: Went to the link. What is the essential premise of this show?

    • couchon says:

      Big Brother in a Nutshell: Drunken, lying strangers live together in isolation for the summer and compete to win $$$$. Their only contact with the outside world is Julie Chen. Sometimes I feel bad about myself for watching it. Then I take a shower and I’m good to go.

  212. chismosa says:

    one more thing Lynn- are you keeping lunatic Kelly’s photo on top for all the blogs? We must remain focused on the she-devil for whom you blog – Jill. Is there no awful picture you can put up of her? i wish i had some talent to draw one. It must be an embarrassing picture and cannot make her look good in ANY light.
    i understand permissions and copyrights, so i hope you have one on the way!

  213. lillybee says:

    Digger, west coast girl here too. I think Iam going to buy a bottle of Pinot Grigio; better make it a box. lol

  214. Silly String says:

    Big Brother, the TV show is nothing. Big Brother has live feeds 24-7 though, and those can be VERY addicting!

    Basic premise is 20+ strangers (usually) locked in a house together, sharing one bathroom and a few bedrooms. They also have a small back yard. One person is voted out each week.

    There are contests to be HOH (head of house) and that person get’s their own room and bathroom, AND gets to nominate two people for eviction.

    Then there is another contest (quiz, endurance, physical stuff, some are really fun) called POV (power of veto) and that person can use the VETO to remove a nomination of the HOH if they want. They can not be the replacement nomination if they use it on someone else.

    There are also reward challenges, with prizes, sometimes group and sometimes individual, and losers are sometimes put on “slop” which is apparently a diarrhea inducing metallic tasting fortified oatmeal. They can have a few condiments with it, like pickles. They can also drink protein shakes.

    Tension and boredom ensue. They all vote live on TV and one is voted off, and goes out to meet Julie Chen in the live audience each week.

    Everything is on the 24-hour feeds except for the contests, but you can figure out who won by watching once the feeds come back up. There is also a midnight 3 hour after dark show on Showtime each evening.

    People have had epic fights, had sex on camera, fallen in love, passed out and had emergency personnel come, one last year threw her microphone into the pool and was removed after sassing “Big Brother” (the anonymous voice that comes over the intercom occasionally and tells them things to do or stop doing.) They can also go into the “diary room” and those taped conversations with someone invisible to them are shown on the live show, but not the feeds.

    It’s incredibly addicting!

    hope that helps.

    • otaypanky says:

      How do you hook into the live feeds?

      • morning says:

        Don’t worry. They’ll let you know. Costs $, of course.

      • Silly String says:

        On REAL player. But the best is the free set up if you order early at http://www.bbreloader.com/ and you get all kinds of special features. You can get the entire season for $39.99 with the free reloader. It’s nice, you can keep windows open with each feed, and still post on a website or blog. Survivor Sucks has a fantastic Big Brother board if you can handle a bit of roughness.
        http://survivorsucks.com/forums/74 because they have recaps for those few hours of sleep that you will get once you order the feeds!

      • couchon says:

        BB’s live feed : Showtime2.

  215. emt2 says:

    I don’t really like Andy. He’s not a good host for WWHL and the reunion shows. Especially now that he is clearly biased and shows favoritism for certain women: he hosted an event with Louann a few weeks back, he treats Danielle horribly while sucking up to Caroline and the others (no mention of Danielle’s priemere party, etc. but we are forced fed live feed from the Brownstone?).

    And I can’t believe the A list guests he has on the show that he dumbs down. Remember Ellen Barkin’s disgusting and ingratiating behavior with Caroline Manzo? (I was like, Ellen, why are you kissing Caroline’s ass? You are the real celebrity.)
    Remember when he had Liam Neilsen on and he actually wished someone a good time who was going skiing? (Natasha Richardson died from a fall while skiing)

    Jerry Seinfeld will be a guest tonight. Can you believe it?!

    I wish Andy was more neutral and would ask real questions instead of pandering to certain ladies he likes. And I think he totally loves Jill, btw. And Kelly, for that matter.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Andy and BRAVO are all about the money. Sarah Jessica Parker is producing a new show on BRAVO, so she’s getting lots of attention from them. They like the Manzos so much they did a live feed from a party at the Brownstone. It’s all in the family. If Jill’s book had been a best seller, he’d be kissing her ass, but it’s a flop so it’s open season. I’m not faulting him for that, I’m just saying it’s a fact, so we shouldn’t be surprised when we see it.

      The real test for me will be seeing if Kelly comes back for Season 4. If she does, they deserve every nasty thing that can be said about them.

    • Nancyusa says:

      Remember when he had Liam Neilsen on and he actually wished someone a good time who was going skiing? (Natasha Richardson died from a fall while skiing)


      • emt2 says:

        Sorry. Liam Neeson, the widow of Natasha Richardson, was a guest on Watch What Happens Live. Laura Linney, the actress, called into the show from Colorado. Andy tells her to enjoy some skiing for him. It was in bad taste to mention skiing while Liam Neeson was present because he had lost his wife Natasha Richardson from a brain injury that happened while she was skiing only a year ago.

  216. Squirrels says:

    well, maybe Seinfeld will hold Andy’s feet to the fire. Wouldn’t put it passed him.

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  218. boston02127 says:

    otaypanky – 10-12 people living in a hugh house, sharing everything. They have no contact with outside world. They have competitions each week to win food & head of household. They vote each week to get someone out of the house. Last person in the house wins a half million. When the show begins everyone is bff with each other, polite and nice. Not for long! Big Brother is always throwing in twists.
    I hope you watch it so you can post with us 🙂

  219. Had Enough! says:

    Oh, I know where this idea that Ally was going to Brown came from. Remember this one from the NY Post:

    “REAL Housewives of New York City” star Jill Zarin might be looking for help to get her daughter, Allyson, into Brown University. On Thursday, the school held a panel discussion on the environment for alumni at the University Settlement community center on Eldridge Street. An attendee told The Post’s Chuck Bennett that Zarin was there, “chatting up Associate Dean Roger Nozakito to try and get Ally” — who wants to apply for 2010 admission — “into Brown.” But Zarin said, “My conversation had nothing to do with Brown,” and that they were only discussing her daughter’s work with “Teens Turning Green.”

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/item_pNzCEgCIDtGMaoNjfdeVsI#ixzz0pB8RSLM1

    Wonder how the Green Teen felt about being flown to Martha’s Vineyard in a private jet. Or learning to drive in an SUV. Or her mother wasting perfectly good food by dumping soda on it.

  220. boston02127 says:

    @ Silly String ~~~ I didn’t mean to post the same thing that you just posted.
    I think we may have posted at the same time.

  221. CarrieCinKY says:

    I can’t believe Kelly is now following you! When I read that, I LOL!
    I don’t understand anything she says/does… none of it makes sense. First she blocks you b/c she doesn’t like what you say or your blogs…. IDK…. but to make a complete 360 and now be receiving all of your tweets?
    Sorry, but that’s creepy to me!
    I will never be a fan of Kelly’s…
    Lynn, I follow you on twitter, will you follow me back? I am @carriesweets
    I will also tweet you. : )
    Can’t wait for the new RHONY tonight!

  222. The Digger says:

    Oh Lynnnn…. CONGRATS!! This blog is #79 today on the WordPress blogs with the most posts 🙂
    Just wait till tomorrow. Your blog for tomorrow should certainly make it in the top 30 after Jill shows up on nightmare island, eh?

  223. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s baby picture!

  224. otaypanky says:

    Still have a major resentment against Bravo. Thought I might watch the two episodes of the cruise again as a lead in the the new episode. Well, the usual happens. I start feeling anxiety. Had to turn the channel.
    After watching Jill episode after episode; sniping, insulting, being loud and obnoxious, building alliances, controlling guest lists and a miriad of other offenses. I wanted to blog my feelings on Bravo, just to have them bounced or ignored. Shame on them for dumping on their viewers. I bring this show into MY HOME and then they feel they have the right to curb my free speech and edit my reaction to what they produce??? I HATE JILL ZARIN!!

  225. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    Does anybody know what this is all about?

    @kikilet i let them have it and they took my posts down LOL about 4 hours ago via web in reply to kikilet

    • Silly String says:

      who posted it? Samples?

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        I’m a twitter nit-wit, so I’m sorry if I screw this up, but this is actually on Lynn’s twitter page:

        @soberLAmomma you let us have it, huh? Ok tough guy…ROFLMAO about 4 hours ago via web in reply to SoberJoyousFree

        I clicked on the “in reply to SoberJoyousFree”, and was taken to the tweet I posted above. I just went back to look at it again, and now it says that the page doesn’t exist.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          whoever Sober was tweeted to Kelly that Lynn Hudson was talking about Kelly on her (my) blog and that this Sober person, whoever she is, said she “let us have it”. Then her account disappeared. Odd they used my last name huh?

          • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

            Do I have this right? Sober was trying to impress Kiki by acting like Sober had told you off? Okay, re-run in the background — Kelly just said, “are you going to kiss with the tongue?”, and, “go in the intimate moment.” Can’t wait for tonight’s show. Off to the new comment page . . .

  226. boston02127 says:

    Is the Blog starting to roll slow for anyone else? I hope it doesn’t freeze up tonight.

  227. Silly String says:

    otaypanky, I will post it here too, because it’s hard to remember to go back and check previous posts here.

    On REAL player. But the best is the free set up if you order early at http://www.bbreloader.com/ and you get all kinds of special features. You can get the entire season for $39.99 with the free reloader. It’s nice, you can keep windows open with each feed, and still post on a website or blog. Survivor Sucks has a fantastic Big Brother board if you can handle a bit of roughness.
    http://survivorsucks.com/forums/74 because they have recaps for those few hours of sleep that you will get once you order the feeds!

    (Superpass also gives you free music downloads and other stuff with this, not a bad price for 3 months of 24-7 feeds)

  228. Squirrels says:

    Hi Boston – seems it slows/freezes when the volume exceeds the software’s ability to keep up. My guess is Lynn will open a new thread if needed.

  229. lillybee says:

    Re Big Brother, I really only liked it the first year when the residents would put up two people for eviction and the audience was the one who voted them out. When that went away, a lot more nasty behavior went on.

    • Nancyusa says:

      they still have audience vote them off on BB UK which is the best reality show I’ve ever watched. It’s starting the 10th season soon. Old seasons are on youtube and current on streaming sites.

  230. Nancyusa says:

    I had forgotten about Jill bashing Alex and Simon as parents last year. Jill is buying a $16,000 pocketbook and Kelly and her children are at the store with Jill.

    Jill: (to Kelly) “You need to give the Van Kempens lessons {…} If I was with Alex they would have been going off the walls {…} I’m sorry It’s true.

  231. otaypanky says:

    STFU kikilet! Puleeeese!

  232. otaypanky says:

    Kikilet. you have not shut up for a week now. Listen Kikilet Puleeeese. Table flip. I’m serious. I don’t follow her twitter. Just reading what my fellow bloggers post here is enough to make me ballistic!

  233. Kat says:

    blog is @ 592 posts, I think we weigh it down 😉

  234. otaypanky says:

    So hope after tonite, we return to the original seed of this blog. This is an I Hate Jill Zarin Blog. I also do so hope that Lynn favors us with an I Hate Pacyh Stangggger Blog. Hate the way she pronounces her name. Stangggger-hard G. What a slag with her fake engagement with a guy who has strung her along for 7 years assuring she will never birth another as ugly as she. She really believes this guy is going to marry her? For what? Her shows last season wedding planning while know full well she would be shooting in NY. What was that about? This COW is a fake and a loud mouthed shill for Jill. I would so blog on this Elephant. Hate she’s never been taken to task for her NUMEROUS FAUX PAS!

  235. Silly String says:

    Hopefully Bethenny’s new show will have some housewife ties, Alex, Simon, Mario, or Ramona stopping in to see the new baby. We know they are at the wedding and that was filmed. A precious little gift from the countess for Bryn. Jill trying (and failing) to horn her way into more airtime on Bethenny’s show.

    That must be killing Jill! She would have probably been on the show fairly often if she hadn’t been such a total bitch to Bethenny!

    • otaypanky says:

      Totally re: Jill.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I’ve been laughing about that all season. Jill screwed herself. You know she would have been in every detail of the wedding and birth but she decided to bring the drama by hurting Bethenny. I love it when someone tries to use someone else and they end up messing themselves up. I’m glad she’s going to be excluded from it all because all she wanted to do all season was exclude other people from things. Karma, Jill, Karma.

  236. Katiecoo says:

    Some random thoughts.

    Borderline Personality Disordered people can have true and “real” psychotic episodes. Best example we’ve all seen : Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Smart, manipulative, cunning, charming melts down to total delusional and dangerous.

    Which brings me to my second point. Maybe Bethenny’s been coached on how to diffuse a stalker/obsessed type of personality. Don’t ENGAGE. She’d be smart to let Kelly think she’s “won” this war, that Kelly somehow schooled her and put her in her place, that she truly IS in that “down” position…who the hell cares what she thinks? The goal is to diffuse her. B is a Mamabear right now and I’m guessing would take any stance possible to protect her little family. Including faux-acquiescing to Kookadoodle Doo to appease her.

    IF we see any kind of this behavior at the Reunion show, in my opinion, it will be motivated by that but not by any respect or true admiration or desire to befriend that wingnut.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Did you see the show? The obsession continues. She called Bethenny a predator. Nothing Bethenny does is going to assuage that kind of hate. She’s the unfortunate target of a paranoid delusion that is not going to respond to any external input. The only thing that might help Kelly is medication, but she apparently has no one around her who will make her get help.

  237. LynnNChicago says:

    Over 600 comments I’m starting a new blog just for comment

  238. LynnNChicago says:

    Over 600 comments I’m starting a new blog just for comments

  239. Kat says:

    @Otay just say your favorite pachyderm on a Bravo ad, I hope the tiger eats her.

  240. boston02127 says:

    Kelly suggested to the ladies to write things down and put the paper in the glass frog. Then she did the photography. I’m wondering if she wanted to do this to remember things that went on so she could bring it all home to show Jill?

  241. Adios Lunatic says:

    The people she ends up with are just train wrecks……………..and then you add she and her staff — all train wrecks…………ugh!!! If Lynn were to blog about it would we actually have to watch the show? Not sure I could handle that!

  242. Silly String says:

    Jill getting in the way of Olympic skaters practicing for the frigging OLYMPICS still cracks me up. “Now I am mad!”

    Imagine if her clumsiness had caused an accident and taken Johnny Weir out of the Olympics! She is unbelievable! And that STUPID performance costume, what is she, the little princess? Genuine skaters were on the ice wearing workout clothes, but she shows up in a sequined skating dress and gets in their way?


  243. iceNfire says:

    West coast here so I’ll see you all tomorrow.
    Otay – I can’t stand Patty Stanger and won’t watch that show.
    Boston – I love BB but wont spend money on any tv show
    I’m voting for Flipping Out blog, I want to laugh for a change
    LYNN – I got a google alert sending me to hubpages for your I Hate Jill Blog
    Are you aware?
    Have fun everyone and try not to break your TV’s

  244. A former Jill fan says:

    WOOOHOOO!!! Did they shut jill down! Yeah!

  245. cusi77 says:

    Jill got kick out!!!!!!!

    The best ever!!!!

  246. cusi77 says:

    I do not like the countless…. but for the first time she was right…. call first!

  247. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Good morning Lynn. Good morning everyone. I have lots I would like to write about the episode but I have to get an early start today. For now I will just write;

    Happy Tenth Anniversary Alex and Simon. Have a spectacular day and an even more spectacular evening.

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