I Hate Jill Zarin What Was That? May 27, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin      What The Hell Was That?        May 27, 2010

Seriously, what the hell was that?  Who are these women and what have they done with the Real Housewives of New York?

Ramona is apologizing to Kelly because Kelly acted like a psychotic bitch during Ramona’s tropical vacation?

Jill wants to abandon her notes and start fresh?

Kelly is staying at a party for longer than 10 minutes and decides to confront Ramona and demand an apology?

Jennifer Gilbert spoke?

Jill shut up long enough to listen to Ramona explain why her grand entrance in St. John was a complete disaster?

Alex had a mini breakdown upon setting eyes on Jill Zarin and began to shake?  (not that I blame her)

Kelly is making up huge fantasy stories about her trip with the girls?

Jill picks up the phone can calls Bethenny to ask her to have lunch? 

Luann has to know exactly what happened and demands to be told both sides of the story….ok all is right with the world again.

This was an extremely odd episode and I really don’t know what happened to change everybody other than it was around the holidays and maybe everyone was in the holiday spirit and truly the holidays do affect everyone differently.  I think that may have been what softened Jill  but why the hell would she have to ask her sister for permission to call Bethenny?  That was a “set up” conversation in order for us to know what Jill was thinking. 

We need to talk about Kelly’s exit from St.John.  We all know what Bethenny said, that Kelly was taken off the island by producers.  I suppose they handled it with the most respect to Kelly by allowing her to say she left on her own accord. 

I think we can all probably agree that Bethenny would not have said to a reporter that Kelly was taken off by the show’s people if it wasn’t the truth.  The letter left for Ramona was all a set-up, obviously Kelly never wrote that letter.  We also get the full story of the phone call that Bethenny talks about in her interview.  Both Ramona and Alex wrote in their blogs that Ramona placed the call to Jill telling her about Kelly’s breakdown.  Ramona was attempting to get Jill to meet Kelly at the airport in order to help Kelly out when she got home.  It seemed to Ramona and the rest of the group that Jill wasn’t taking Ramona seriously so that is when Bethenny got on the phone with Jill, but no one seemed to be able to get through to Jill and make her understand.  Now we know why, Jill couldn’t possibly commit to meeting Kelly at the airport because we know now that Jill was planning on being on an airplane on her way to “surprise” Ramona.  Jill couldn’t care less about Kelly and what Ramona and Bethenny were trying to tell her.  She only cared about her plan to bust in on the St John’s party! 

It must have been by this point in the taping that Jill realized she wasn’t going to get the public sympathy, she had beaten to death the voice mail message and Bobby’s illness.  Bethenny was pregnant and engaged and that always gets public support.  Don’t forget that after this was taped, Jill went on all the talk shows and wrote blogs slamming Bethenny at every turn, she even left that horrible review on Bethenny’s book on Amazon, so how sincere was she in this episode? 

I must say, I felt bad for Bobby, initially.  He didn’t do anything wrong and he was clearly very uncomfortable, but when he attempts to stick up for his wife when he doesn’t know what is going on, it is really irritating! 

He seemed confused and wanted to know what was going on.  Bethenny tried to talk to him, and she told Bobby how much she liked him and cared about him, then Bethenny apologized to Bobby saying, “I never wanted to put you in the middle”.  Bobby’s response is when he lost me!  “You WON’T put me in the middle” (or something like that) Then he is muttering under his breath that he only heard Jill being nice to everyone and saying nice things…..Ok Bobby, I understand you supporting your wife, but don’t be so damn naïve!  He has been married to her for years, and he doesn’t know what a big mouth jack ass Jill can be?  Bobby also knows that Bethenny is a reasonable, level-headed woman and if she is upset with Jill, there has to be a very good reason why.  Bobby, step away from Kelly, you’re catching the crazy! 

Then Jill has the nerve to try to blame Alex as she was walking out of the house?  It was clear to me that Alex’s reaction was completely genuine.  The old Jill was certainly there when she walked in and addressed everyone except Alex, and she asked Ramona why she was choosing Alex over her….”What?  Is she your best friend now?”.  We’re back in High School kids, it is really killing Jill that she’s not the popular girl anymore but  I loved Ramona’s response, right in Jill’s face… I LIKE HER!  So there, Jill you mean bitch!  What Jill has done to Bethenny and Alex is far worse than what Alex did so why is Jill so completely vicious toward Alex?  In the end, Ramona did the right thing!  She couldn’t just ignore Alex and Bethenny’s feelings and welcome Jill’s “Ambush” and allow her to ruin it for the rest of her guests. 

Sonja’s art exhibition was a little strange.  I completely understand that Luann is anxious to hear the other side of the story.  However, where in her etiquette book is it alright for her to pull the hostess and four other guests out of the party to question them like an investigator?  Who the hell is Luann?  More importantly, why the hell did they all comply?  I would have told her to go to hell, it is none of her business, but even in Bethenny’s interview, she felt the need to make sure Luann understood what really happened.  WHY?  Who cares what Luann thinks?  Her blog this week actually says that she was “glad” to get back to the party because it was about the art and not about the drama…really Luann?  YOU are the one that dragged everyone off to discuss the trip you big goofy lunatic!  (I could have lived without the opera singer)

The best part of the entire episode..Jill falling on her ass in that ridiculous looking skating outfit.  Yes, Jill you are the only one in Bryant Park dressed like you think you are an Olympian and you’re the only one flying across the ice on your ass!  The entire scene of Jill on the ice was absolutely stupid!  I could watch the fall over and over again!

What the hell happened to Ramona?  She apologized to Kelly…my jaw is still on the floor!  Granted, Kelly wasn’t going to let Ramona move until she did but it just seems so unlike Ramona to give in like that.  She must have still been thinking that Kelly was mentally ill and there was really no point in arguing with her. 

I was a little disappointed that Bethenny agreed to have lunch with Jill, although we knew that was coming based on the previews.  I think that is Bethenny though, she probably couldn’t find a nice way to say no, so she gave in but I’m sure she was dreading it.  Remember that by this time, Bethenny was pregnant and engaged and had moved on and away from Jill.  Her only communication with Jill was the awkward “hi” when Jill stormed into the villa in St. John.  I would bet that Bethenny was hoping that call from Jill would never have come in.  It will be interesting to see how that lunch goes and how they leave it in the end. 

We also see in the previews that Jill creates more drama about Ramona’s Vow Renewal ceremony, seems she isn’t sure whether or not she will be attending.  Personally, if I were Ramona, I wouldn’t even want Jill there, but I do believe that celebration is the season ending scene and that all the ladies will be there. 

Remember the tweet that I got from Jen Gilbert saying that she was afraid because she gets “snarky” in the final few episodes?  Nothing so far, but again, she barely strung two words together.  Personally I don’t think that Jen is going to work out as a NY Housewife, she can’t seem to hold her own with these ladies.  She tries so hard to get into the conversations and say something but can’t seem to command their attention.  She’s simply not strong enough. 

So folks, one more week then the big reunion that all of the ladies are raving about!  This season has not disappointed at all!  I truly enjoyed every episode, as much as I bitched about the show, I really do love it!  I know that Bravo is currently showing only one reunion show but that can be changed, they will just put the 2nd episode on before Bethenny’s show just as they are doing the previous week. 

Also, remember Bravo’s history of putting together a third show with the “lost footage”.  This season definitely justifies a lost footage episode.  I’m sure I’ll be posting another blog before the finale airs.  Kelly’s tweets alone are a blog!  Lol  

I need to get some input on changing sites again.  I know it is a pain and I’m sorry but I’ve had some suggestions about starting on a site that is more “comment” friendly, more like the TWOP threads that can support many comments without freaking out the way this site does.  Please let me know your thoughts on that, I think we can move fairly quickly and easily if you all decide that is the way you want to go.  In fact one of our great members have even found a place and set it up for us, I’ll let her identify herself if she chooses to, and if it is ok with her, I’ll give her all the credit that is due in my next blog, I’m not sure if she wants to be identified and I admit I failed to ask her…sorry! 

Anyway, email me or just post your thoughts about it here if you would.  Thanks!

See you all next week!  Thanks for joining me!

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491 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin What Was That? May 27, 2010

  1. Olivia says:

    I hate to say I told you so about Ramona……….

    Kissy, kissy, hug, hug, be my friend, I love you! Puleeeeze!

  2. LynnNChicago says:

    Sorry, I brought this over from the previous blog…
    Satchels of Jelly Beans says:
    May 27, 2010 at 8:09 pm (Edit)
    I’m a twitter nit-wit, so I’m sorry if I screw this up, but this is actually on Lynn’s twitter page:

    @soberLAmomma you let us have it, huh? Ok tough guy…ROFLMAO about 4 hours ago via web in reply to SoberJoyousFree

    I clicked on the “in reply to SoberJoyousFree”, and was taken to the tweet I posted above. I just went back to look at it again, and now it says that the page doesn’t exist.
    My response:
    You’re not a Twitter Nit Wit, first off! Lol
    This was a tweet sent TO Kelly talking about our blog. Whoever Sober is, wrote what you see above and the way I took it was that this person “let us have it” but that I deleted the post.
    As you all know, unless someone attacks someone else, I don’t delete posts, also, no one has “let us have it”. Yes, this person was trying to impress Kelly by saying that they defended Kelly….
    This Sober person is now gone from Twitter, at the time of the tweet, it was a brand new account and was following only me, Kelly, Jill and Bethenny. Had no followers at all but as soon as I responded to the ass, they disappeared. This is what makes me crazy about some of the housewives, if you say something, own it and don’t lie. I hate cowards!

    • Rusty says:

      Lynn . . . I’ll follow you anywhere! Thank you SO much for this wonderful site and your killer observs and wit. Love. Love. Love!

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      Lynn, I don’t time to do the actual research this minute, but kikilet replied to someone with a similar twitter name (involved “sober” and “free”, I’m pretty sure), and the same avatar exact of what looks like a little girl with blond hair. Kelly’s tweet said something like, “your profile is so cute”. The coward lives, and is trying really hard to make friends with Kiki.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      Oops — I replied on the wrong comment last time — Anyway, this is what else is out there at the moment. Is this a kid? That’s how Kelly would talk to a kid, and the photo is of a little girl. Probably best to ignore . . .

      @SoberJoyousFree hiiiii. your profile is sooo cute. about 9 hours ago via web in reply to SoberJoyousFree

      This account is now protected, but if you go to this link, you can see the same pic:


    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      Why can’t I get this right? Here is my last comment. If it’s not in the right spot this time, I’ll just leave it alone . . .

      Oops — I replied on the wrong comment last time — Anyway, this is what else is out there at the moment. Is this a kid? That’s how Kelly would talk to a kid, and the photo is of a little girl. Probably best to ignore . . .

      @SoberJoyousFree hiiiii. your profile is sooo cute. about 9 hours ago via web in reply to SoberJoyousFree

      This account is now protected, but if you go to this link, you can see the same pic:


  3. RileyKitty says:

    Lynn you are amazing… I swear this blog is my crack. I am bring my last post from the comments blog over here:

    This blog has ruined me. It gave me this false sense of security that I could come out of hiding with my obsession with this show. Look at how many of us there are, it had to be ok, right? My husband knows I watch this crap (he can’t miss it, it is at the top of the priority list on the DVR), he doesn’t know that I spend hours upon hours reading blogs & commenting. Thinking it was time to come out of hiding, I put the marathon (which I never do in his presence) on & was talking (ok, ok yelling) to my TV calling Jill vile & Kelly an idiot when I look over at my husband of 16+ years looking at me, shaking his head like I was some nutcase… like I was Kelly!! Then in a panic I tried filling him in on the storyline. Needless to say he didn’t get it, so I am back in hiding. Thank goodness I have you all to share my obsession.

    • RileyKitty says:

      Lynn I would love a forum type site (like TWoP) they are easier to follow. Like I said before, I hate to miss anything witty someone might post. The blogs are fantastic themselves but the comments & links people post are great as well. JMHO, of course!

      • Annie1033 says:

        You made me basically pee in my pants with your tales of in-closet-Housewives-Watching!! Oh my god, I am doing the SAME THING as we speak! Horrifying! Mortifying! Ug.
        Anyway, I think there’s probably a good percentage of us on this site who are struggling with the same thing as you (myself included).
        LOL!! 🙂

        • Had Enough! says:

          Don’t even think of mentioning it to your high-falutin brainiac friends who turn up their noses at the mere mention of television. I know two other women who watch it…they are in the closet, too.

          It really is a don’t ask, don ‘t tell world, isn’t it?

          • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

            Lynn, watching the show and commenting w/o censorship last night was great. I have yet to yell at the TV — probably because it would wake my husband and he would find out about my own raging addiction to this trash — but seeing everyone’s comments was so much fun. If moving somewhere that can handle all of us addicts better makes that run more smoothly, then you should definitely go for it. Thanks.

          • Kat says:


  4. KLAS says:

    Thanks for another great blog Lynn. Tonight’s show was a real downer, especially after the last two episodes with all the Kelly drama. I agree the best moment was when Jill fell on her fat yenta ass. And the second best moment was at the end when Sonja was watching the opera singer. I swear it looked like she was having an orgasm. It was hilarious. LMAO.

  5. Kat says:

    Where ever you blog I’ll follow. It just is a click to add a site to favorites. Not a problem. Good grief am I the first comment again?

    I liked this episode. It is more black and white than ever that Jill Zarin is a conniving, manipulative, cheap bitch. She abandons “friends”, is a liar and a backstabber.
    She is a camera seeking fame whore.

    And Kelly is … satchels of golden tweets and upside down crazy cake, iced w/ denial sugar coated gummi berries.

  6. Shadowsnomore says:

    Lynn, your blog is so on the spot. I actually thought Ramona looked a little scared of Kelly and fearful that Kelly might melt down again. I think that’s why she rushed off an apology so she could get away from the loon(Kelly, not Ramona) as quick as possible. I don’t believe for a moment that Jill has forgiven Ramona, Bethenny, Alex or Sonja for the cold reception in St. Johns. That woman can and does nurse a grudge forever. Her tweets and press interviews prove that. She will always be a liar and a fake. More reasons why I HATE JILL!

    • Kokuanani says:

      I don’t believe for a moment that Jill has forgiven Ramona, Bethenny, Alex or Sonja for the cold reception in St. Johns.

      Don’t forget that, according to Jill, she was “thrown out” of St. Johns. Sheesh!

      I also liked her “I spent all this money to come here” comment. It’s always about her.

      • Kokuanani says:

        That first quote was supposed to be set off [blockquote], since it’s from the prior poster. Obviously I screwed up my typing somehow.

        This gives me the opportunity to say, Lynn, that a helpful feature of your next blog, if there is one, is the ability to have “buttons” for the available HTML features, rather than having to type the tag [and get it wrong]. Being able to blockquote something from a prior comment is particularly helpful, as are “bold,” and underline.

  7. battgyrl says:

    I haven’t been able to watch the episode yet, but I do know that I do not like Jen Gilbert and I hope she doesn’t stay with the show. I find her boring and someone who will say anything or cling to anyone who might advance her position. In a nutshell I think she has the potential to be a Jill 2.0!!

    What was the shiny gray satin thing she was wearing? (in the bravotv video clips) She looked dreadful in the bravo clips. Just Sayin’!

    • chismosa says:

      i agree completely, Jennifer is an epic fail for this show. Done.

      • vilzvet says:

        Yes she is as big a failure as Sonja is a hit! She should go…she’s adding nada. And is her son’s name really SEXTON?!? Poor thing.

  8. Kat says:

    LA Woman couldn’t write a sentence to save her life. Not so sure “sober” was a good moniker for the rambling mess.

  9. RileyKitty says:

    @battgyrl- I don’t care for Jen either. I am not the least bit interested in her & don’t think she can carry segments on her own.

  10. Shadowsnomore says:

    I found your blog on the Hub pages and followed it to here. Where ever you go , I’ll be there. Your blog is the best I’ve read. So now I’m a fan and junkie to the site and the people who post all these great and many times funny comments.

  11. shantygal says:

    Lynn, your dedication to hating Jill is inspiring. She makes it easy though, no? I agree wholeheartily that seeing Jill fall flat on the ice was the pinnacle of the show. I trust there will be a .gif of that by tomorrow moring all over the internet, if there isn’t one already.

    Ramona apologizing to Kelly was just her way of getting out of engaging with the lunatic any further. You really cannot win with K. Arguing with her is pointless “for” (the damn whacko’g got me doing it) she is delusional and agreeing with her or apologizing to her only feeds her distorted views further. I think Ramona did whatever she felt was necessary to keep her own composure and sanity.

    @ Riley – my honey gives me the same looks! He even thought that Kelly was right about the rest of them ganging up on her! Blasphemy! At least we’ll all be in crazy bin together.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Rev Al! You are so right. Jill makes it easy to hate. It just flows, doesn’t it? Lynn takes the raw hate and turns it into something coherent. I don’t know how she does it. For me, it is just a boiling cauldron of hate.

  12. Olivia says:

    Ramona may have held Kelly off out of fear of getting into another Kelly meltdown but her chasing after Jill gets on my last nerve. In a real sense she too acts as Jill’s enabler because Jill can always count on Ramona to slink back. And Ramona always does.

    For all the rotten things that Jill has said and done to Ramona, the first question I have is why anyone would put up with that and declare this a “friendship” and claim to “love” the abuser when there really is no need.

    I rank Ramona right up there with Lu Ann. Unlike Kelly who is out of touch with reality, these two are very much aware. As for Jennifer Gilbert, I see nothing of interest as yet coming from her and she seems quite comfortable being one of Jill’s enablers as well.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I used to have a friend who was crazy. We’d be tight, then something would hit her the wrong way and she’d turn on me. Then something would happen and we’d have to deal with each other. (Once they asked her to present me with an award she thought she should have won, and she accepted.) It was a small circle we moved in and our business was connected to our social lives so when she’d go off, I’d let her go, then when she’d have to come back around, or when she’d decide she wanted to be friends again, we’d move forward like nothing had happened and never really talk about the bad stuff. Neither one of us could afford to hold a grudge. I knew she was unstable so if she wanted to be friends, fine, if she didn’t, fine, whichever way the wind blew I just rolled with it.

      Ramona has known Jill for 15 years. They go to the same restaurants, know the same people, end up in the same places. They can’t afford to hold a grudge with each other. Their best bet is to have their little flare ups, then let them go, because they can’t stay way from each other without disrupting everything and everyone around them. It’s not being phony, it’s being pragmatic. You have to deal with each other, so you smile and let it go.

      • Kat says:

        I would bet a doughnut that Ramona knows that Jill is not trustworthy nor someone she can count on. It is a social thing for them imo and as you point out perhaps a relationship of circumstance and necessity.

      • error 404 says:

        At the start of season 1, Jill said she knew Ramona from tennis, but didn’t really know her well at all and never socialized outside of tennis.

        Now all of a sudden they’re lifelong friends who will always love each other. Girlfriends, puuullease!

        And if one more person refers to Jill and Betheeny’s short lived on camera “friendship” as some sacred thing needing to be salvaged, I am going to flip a table at the stupid prostitution whores!

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      I’m not making excuses for Ramona and her behavior but she reminds me of a friend I have who grew up in a verbally abusive home. Ramona does tend to be volatile at times and the things that come out of her mouth are hostile and inappropriate like my friend sometimes does. Many times we learn to communicate with others by the examples our parents set for us. Ramona has said her father was abusive. I wonder if he didn’t verbally ridicule her and she has subconsciously fallen into the same pattern. And maybe that is why she allows Jill to mistreat her and abuse the friendship. Maybe Ramona subconsciously expects to be treated poorly because it’s what she knows. It may be that she doesn’t see her relationship with Jill is toxic because most of her past relationships have been similar. I do think she would benefit with some counseling. Not the same kind that Kelly needs (intense psychological) but more of the relationship/communication type. I hope that Mario treats her better and with respect. Like Alex & Simon, they do seem to truly love each other in spite of flaws and failings. I can’t help but like Ramona although she frustrates me and drives me crazy at times.

  13. Kat says:

    No disrespect to Simon, but didn’t he look like Colonel Sanders at the party?

  14. Katiecoo says:

    Ok I froze my DVR and see Jill at the ceremony (leaning over and whispering in Luann’s ear DURING Ramona’s vows…yes VOWS–Narcissism at it’s finest!). I think it’s Alex sitting next to her (?!) and looks like Bethenny maybe in the front row left? And Jennifer Gilbert behind the gossip Queens.

    Jill is as vile as ever. Kelly is in serious psychiatric trouble–SHE SHOULD NOT BE ON THIS SHOW. It’s exploiting someone with a mental illness..this is not fun, funny or right.

    The best scenes were the 4 girls alone in St. Johns…very SATC. Loved it.

    • Kat says:

      Kelly is in trouble and I hope she is off the show and seeks help.
      Her sickness makes it particularly difficult to empathize or sympathize with her. She is arrogant and entitled.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        I know what you mean. You want to have compassion for her, but her personality is so horrid that it’s hard to feel sorry for her.

        I wish someone around her would get her some help. Knowing her parents are there gives me hope. Maybe they’ll see the problem, although it’s possible they won’t see it either. The girl needs medication before she hurts someone.

        I don’t blame Ramona for saying whatever she had to say to get Kelly to back off. She’s twice Ramona’s size and crazy people are really strong if they go off.

        I think Bethenny has realized that there’s no point arguing with Kelly because there’s nobody home. She’ll probably do her best to just not trigger her. The problem is, people like Kelly respond to triggers from all kinds of sources, inside and out, and her focus is going straight to Bethenny when she goes off.

  15. Nancyusa says:

    Jill voiceover ; “When you skate you fall, when you try anything more difficult”

    Difficult??? She took 2 steps

    • Katiecoo says:

      I know…I caught that too! She took off and wiped out…talk about rewriting history!

      • vilzvet says:

        And the idiot was freezing cold! Who told her she needed to expose her bod? Everyone else had on their warm winter coats. She realy wanted to prance around in that 12-year-old’s outfit.

  16. amy17 says:

    I love your blog. please keep up the great work. Al Sharpton starring in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

  17. Kat says:

    Just noticed the new blog picture/banner. I love it.

    • vilzvet says:

      Yes, almost yes almost as awesome as the pulled pic from the other site. Nothing will ever top that one.

  18. shantygal says:

    Did you catch LuPaul telling Jill at lunch, referring to her CD’s, We can’t just GIVE them away. Jill laughs and says, Ha, you’ll be giving plenty of them away. What? Just like your book Jill? The thousands stockpiled in the Zarin Fabrics basement?

    • Kat says:

      No I missed that. Dammit.

      • vilzvet says:

        And did anyone else see the BOOK on one of the tables at the skating rink??

        • witchywoman13 says:

          Not just the book, but a GIANT ENORMOUS poster of it too! blech.

          • PFinFL says:

            And the stack of ads for the book that Jennifer was holding?

          • PFinFL says:

            One more thing, were they passing those out to family and friends? I think this was a publicity stunt to introduce the book or something….not a party for family and friends!

          • witchywoman13 says:

            Yanno, I did not notice the stack of ads. But I DID notice that the rink was open to the public at the time of Jill’s “party”. If The Donald is her friend like she claimed, wouldn’t he have closed the rink to the public for her? I think you may be on to something with the publicity stunt theory!

  19. PFinFL says:

    I think Ramona seriously just wanted away from Kelly. You could tell she did not want to talk to her and was scared Kelly was going back to her “scary island” phase. I think Ramona would say anything to get away from her at that point. Can’t wait to see what she says at the finale. I think possibly that Kelly was trying to gather people to take up for her. First Jill, Jennifer, and LuAnn. And then Ramona. Jill & LuAnn laughed at her while she just carried on her conversation of “she really is a ho-bag”. Ugh! She really needs help. On her twitter tonight she was talking about how it’s her job to gossip because of the show….but then how many times have we heard her say she doesn’t like people who gossip? Kelly doesn’t even realize she doesn’t like herself. I hope it comes out at the reunion that the show had to remove her from the island because she was becoming dangerous to herself and others. She calls everyone creepy and scary. Maybe she should look in a mirror when she says that.

    Check out the videos they have up on bravo…..there is one of Alex and Simon where Alex is telling Simon about what happened with Kelly. And one of Jill surprising Ramona again!

  20. RileyKitty says:

    @Nancyusa LMAO, it was a difficult 2 steps.

    I really don’t think anyone owed Luann an explanation at Sonja’s party, but I was happy she wanted one & didn’t just believe all was right in Kikiland. I still don’t like her. Anyone else notice that when Jen was trying to let Jill & Luann know Kelly was texting & calling her, Lulu talked right over her & ignored her?

    side note: I would have smacked that remote out of Noel’s hand.

    • KLAS says:

      Yeah, I thought the same thing. Countless didn’t seem amused with her son’s behavior but of course she had to make excuses for him by saying he’s only 13 blah blah.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        LuAnn makes fun of Alex’s boys and they’re tiny. She should think twice before she criticizes anyone else’s parenting.

  21. Nancyusa says:

    Jen and Ramona are talking and Jill comes up… Jen starts to include Jill in the conversation she’s having with Ramona and Jill just totally ignores Jen. Jill then pulls Ramona away from Jen and Luann for her chat demanding “weapons down”.

    Not a word to Jen from Jill…no please excuse us for a minute…so rude. It’s all about Jill.

  22. A former Jill fan says:

    I posted this to Jill’s Bravo blog from last week. They probably won’t post it.

    Does no blog from you mean that you were fired from the show or that you quit when you stomped out of the reunion show early?

    What set off your explosion? Amazongate? Leaving a 5-star review under your pen name Susan Saunders; deleting 15+ other 5-star reviews when you were exposed? Threatening and harassing A. Chandler and her cat-dog and other Amazon customers? Or just being called down for being a snarky narcissistic bitch and pretty much ruining all of season 3 for the viewers?

    Inquiring minds want to know. 😉

  23. RileyKitty says:

    I have a question & I am sorry if it has been answered already. We have been speculating underlying reason for Zarin v Frankel was Jill is jealous Bethenny got her own show, but Jill has been upset with Bethenny since before the season started, before Bethenny got engaged. Was Bethenny going to have her own show no matter what? Did it just become Bethenny’s Getting Married after she got engaged?

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Yes and Yes. Before the season started, they announced Bethenny would have a show about being single in the city and trying to balance her work life and love life, but she and Jason got serious, so it evolved into Bethenny Getting Married?

      The timing could not have been more perfect for her. Even Bryn being born the day before Mother’s day is made for TV, LOL.

      • RileyKitty says:

        Thank you, Morgaine. I figured it was something like that but wanted to be sure.

  24. celeste says:

    WTF? I thought WWHL had on Jerry Seinfeld, instead it’s a re-run of the Countess deLeShlepps and Sonia Morgan. Did I miss something??

    • PFinFL says:

      I saw Jerry….wonder why they are showing a rerun?

    • shantygal says:

      Are you on the west coast? I’m central time and I saw Jerry, however, you could tell that Andy was not amused. I didn’t think it he was THAT bad that they would pull the show.

  25. Kat says:

    Seinfeld was on CST

  26. Katiecoo says:

    Just saw the previews for the show next week….in the confrontation w/ Jill and Bethenny, I think Bethenny kisses her off. I think she directly tells her that it’s over and she has no interest in investing in the friendship anymore. And to that I say MAZELTOV!

    • PFinFL says:

      I think so too! Bethenny of course knows Jill more than even we the viewers do. I think she is done. I also think she let her have it yesterday at the reunion more so than at this lunch next week. At least I’m hoping!

  27. lillybee says:

    Did anyone notice Jill’s roots at the skating party?

    Ally has a beautiful smile.

    Ramona’s apology to Kelly was pretty much a non apology. “I am sorry you were upset.”

    Jill’s staking was a hoot, fall and all especially since she was taking lessons from Sarah Hughes.

    Jen looks and acts like my sister-in-law who is a holier than thou person.

    • Kat says:

      I think Ramona would have said anything to get away from Kelly.

    • Just a Commoner says:

      Ally is drop-dead gorgeous!

      I love that Jill, when skating, kept saying things like “I haven’t done this in fourteen years” when actually she had been practicing a lot and had the coaching from Sarah Hughes. She had to pretend that she was just getting on the ice for the first time in years so that if she fell–and BOY DID SHE—it wouldn’t look so bad.

      What a phony.

    • mamecastle says:

      I tended bar for years, and I can tell you: NEVER argue with a crazy person or a drunk person. It only makes the conversation last longer. Ramona took the path of least resistance, I would have done the same thing.

  28. Nancyusa says:

    I think someone put this up on the last blog…hilarious

    Craigslist rant..entitled “I hate Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon (Upper East Side)”

  29. Katiecoo says:

    Notice how Jill said in her therapy session with her sister that she wants to ask Bethenny to lay her weapons down. WTF? What/where exactly are Bethenny’s weapons?

  30. shantygal says:

    @ Katiecoo – “Notice how Jill said in her therapy session with her sister that she wants to ask Bethenny to lay her weapons down. WTF? What/where exactly are Bethenny’s weapons?”\

    Exactly! Again with the projection of her poor behavior onto someone else. It’s unreal how JKL re-write history and then embed it in their tiny brains.

  31. lillybee says:

    I thought that the defining moment in the Jill-Bethenny feud was when Jill went into the hallway the moment she saw Beth at Kelly’s bathelor party.

    • Katiecoo says:

      me too. The End

      B said something like “she just can’t be happy for me…to the depths of her soul, she just can’t be happy for me”.

      Not easily forgotten or ignored.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I agree. Bethenny was so hurt, that there’s nothing she can do now to fix it. If she had acted like an adult that night, they could be friends, but she blew it. I can’t imagine treating someone that way, even if you’re angry at them.

  32. Smompy says:

    Word to that fall on the ice being this show’s finest moment. I’ve never been sure exactly what a guffaw is, but I’m pretty certain I let out a big guffaw when I saw Jill faceplant on the rink. I couldn’t actually see what part of her hit the ice of course, yet in my mind it was definitely her face.

    Agreed on the weird nature of this episode too. I do think Ramona was just placating Kelly to get her to shut up and also because she’s probably still convinced that Kelly is certifiable. After watching this episode I’m less convinced of that myself. Seems to me Kelly’s doing plenty of scheming; trying to cover her ass when it comes to her behavior on that trip. I mean, she may actually have a skewed view of what happened there because of her mental limitations or brain malfunctions, but I’m pretty sure she knew she was lying through her teeth when she was telling Jill, LuAnn and Jenn all those tall tales about what the other ladies had done to her. Especially SOnja, who did everything humanly possibly to put Kelly at ease. If Kelly were truly nuts, she probably wouldn’t be doing things like favricating stories to those harpies. So I’m sticking with my theory of her being a little bit nuts but mostly just a dreadful, horrible human being.

    BTW, wan’t that skating stuff filmed long after regular filming ended? I could swear I read about that skating party taking place at Bryant Park in December. Not that these shows don’t all do this kind of thing, but I’m thinking it might affect the way certain people reacted to each other if a lot of time had passed in between the various events we’ve seen play out on the show.

    With Jill, it just never stops, does it? She expects us to believe taht she truly thought she’d be welcomed with open arms when she got to the villa? I tried giving her the benefit of the doubt for a few minutes – considering that maybe she really is narcissistic enough to think everyone is always glad to see her – but she and LuAnn discussed this very subject on camera before she left, so she gad to have known there was, AT THE VERY LEAST, a good chance she wouldn’t be welcome there. I feel that Jill (just like her puppet Kelly) has zero respect for the intelligence of the viewers. A.K.A. us. And I don’t want to see Bravo trying to tie this season up with a big happy bow either! AND it kinda pissed me off that Andy Coehn seemed so relieved to learn that Jill actually managed to get 21% of the votes on tonight’s poll about whether or not she should have been “kicked off the island.” Are you that obnoxious, redheaded schnorer’s freakin’ manager or publicist or what, Andy? She sucks….face it, Mr. Cohen!

    Anybody else find it weird/surprising to hear Jennifer Gilbert talking about how Kelly texted her from both the Hateboat and the Villa? I guess Jenn was more involved in filming that Bravo is letting on. I was trying to warm up to her and have looked for things to like about the woman, but now that I know she immediately sided with Jill, Kelly and LuAnn, I give up. To hell with her.

    • Kat says:

      Andy said the polls lately have been a landslide, but this time Jill got some support. 79% is a landslide Andy. Jill’s only support is debatably her bra.

      • chismosa says:

        can someone tell me what the question was and the results? i was not going to watch someone who had absolutely NOTHING TO DO with the shows on Bravo on WWH…..

        also: in regards to timing of the trip and then ice-skating:

        trip to Virgin Isles coincided before Thanksgiving weekend, then Jill’s party obviously was around ‘holidays’ so there could be maximum a couple of weeks or so….
        I’m sure Ramona’s wedding is around Christmas.

      • PFinFL says:

        Oh, I’m sure that Jill was watching because of her tweet to Andy about Seinfeld letting her have about putting Bethenny on speaker phone and lying to her about why!

        So, if she was at Ally’s graduation party….don’t you think that she had all her so called friends and and family text in a vote for her? I can see her scrambling! Wouldn’t put it past her since writing reviews for her own book. Anything to win, right Jill?

    • error 404 says:

      the VI trip from hell took place over Thanksgiving, so Jill’s skating party would be the first week in Dec, if it happened in the same oder as depicted on the show.

  33. SizeOneMyAss says:

    I am on the west coast. What is going on?? Where is Jerry Seinfeld on WWHL? They are re-airing Countless and Sonia…..we have to hear that stupid song again?! Did Andy get his panties in a wad and decide to pull the show?! WTF?!

    • PFinFL says:

      Well, he played (sort of….it seemed Jerry was so lost and wondering when he could talk because Andy was talking so much) the Housewives Ref. Andy thought it would be fun but Jerry ended up calling the Housewives Faux Celebrities and why are they on t.v.

      Andy showed him clips of certain things on the show and asked his opinion. One was when Ramona showed the girls her jewelry line on the boat. I think that was the first epi of the season. And Jill sitting aside dogging her for it. Jerry said that was okay for Ramona to show her friends.

      One was of Jill putting Bethenny on speaker phone with LuAnn there and lying. (btw, she is still lying about that…her tweet last night to Andy was that he didn’t show the entire thing where she said Darren was there)…doesn’t matter Jill, you lied that you were doing 10 things at once and needed your hands. So, she still doesn’t get it! Jerry let her have it! He called her a liar and said it was totally wrong and bad manners.

      Another was when Ramona put Avery in a cab at 15 by herself and it showed Kelly going off on that. Jerry made a face and said that was okay and to grow up! LOL….I don’t know if he was talking to Kelly. It’s the only thing that’s makes sense.

      I think Andy had another one but they ran out of time. But that was the gist of it. Jerry did call Andy, during break, unprofessional for drinking alcohol while working. Andy told the viewers what he said after the break and they laughed about it but I think Jerry was serious about it. LOL

      • Mel says:

        I saw Jerry and he was HILARIOUS!! I would love to see him do the reunion questioning. He didn’t let anything get past him!

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        I think Andy just didn’t ask the last question because it was something he knew Jerry would dump on. He was shocked that Jerry was dogging the whole concept of the shows. Jerry apparently didn’t want to play along at all. Reality TV is sort of an enemy to sitcoms and dramas because those are much more expensive to produce. Maybe Jerry doesn’t like having to do reality TV.

  34. shantygal says:

    Andy was pissed that his idol, as he called him, wasn’t impressed with the RH franchise. I’m sure it’ll be on YouTube. I did notice that Miss Andy wasn’t badgering us to tune in to the after show like he’s done with every other guest.

    • Kat says:

      Andy’s face had a deathly hue. Makeup?
      Seinfeld got his digs in, I thought he was funny.

      • vilzvet says:

        And he did admit his wife watches….

      • Bethenny's Belly Waxer says:

        @ Kat…I thought the same thing! I said it looked a mortician did his makeup. LOL

        • jb8 says:

          The makeup, yes! I thought it was the angle that I watching the TV from so I got up close to the TV and my goodness, he looked like chalk.

      • Just a Commoner says:

        I thought they both had bad makeup. Jerry’s face looked just as cakey as Andy’s.

        Jerry was funny at times but it was rude—and unprofessional—of him to be so dismissive of the show he was on and the show he was commenting on.

        I do love that he was so scathing in his disapproval of Jill’s phone call with Bethanny. And Luann was just as guilty. I bet that Jill was really stung by that since Jerry’s very famous and wealthy and Jewish to boot.

  35. Katiecoo says:

    People article online re: Bethenny’s baby w/ pics! I love they refer to her as a CHEF in it. Notice how Kookadoodle was still trying to sell that one to the nerd patrole?


    • myname2use4now says:

      Wow, what a beautiful baby, and I love the story about how they picked out her name. Just lovely!

    • error 404 says:

      So cute!

      but I love the first one most, because mini-B is staring daggers at that (off camera) red-headed bitch who surprised them with a hospital visit! lol

  36. Mbdea says:

    On the west coast, Bravo began WWHL with a re-run of the Countless and Sonjia then changed mid-show to Jerry Sienfeld who looked less-than-pleased with having to discuss the Housewives. He made his disdain so obvious, it was actually funny.

  37. Nancyusa says:

    Simon’s not holding back. Simon’s Twitter

    4 almost 2 whole episodes JZ ‘s been out of spotlight,which let’s face it is so hard for her

    @gizzydebbie Appear on reality TV and grow enormous Ego? Ergo you’re bound to come unstuck.

    Thru-out this trip I was getting strange calls fm @McCordAlex I went 2 bed in NYC,this dinner was going on and was worried

    lollipops & gummi bears. Is @kikilet an undiagnosed diabetic and having a blood sugar attack causing irrationality?

    did they sleep alone or did they have security? Who else is glad Kelly has gone and these four friends are now 2gether?

    @MalibuEve you can’t make this stuff up. JZ was missing her camera time and barged in unwanted

    Again it’s about the money. Use your head not your husband’s wallet

    She lives 2 blocks from Bethany but chooses to go there to make up? She missed the air …

    only up to a point. He could learn to say no, enough is enough! (this is about Bobby I think)

    no that was all her doing and cost (responding to: he was a little snarly to bethenny. Did bravo pay for the plane )

    Why are we skating in Bryant Park? I thought @JillZarin was going to phone her fabulous friend Donald Trump and borrow his Wollman rink?

    Lisa should write a book. Oh wait she did but her sis squandered a great opportunity by behaving badly


    • Kat says:

      Simon should come here and post, he’s got a hate going for Jill too. 🙂

    • Just a Commoner says:

      You might know this already, but for others: on Twitter you can click on the “in reply to” after the tweet to see what the person’s responding to. IF it’s a response. Some tweets aren’t replies.

      @ikim29 only up to a point. He could learn to say no, enough is enough! #realhousewives about 15 hours ago via web in reply to ikim29

      That last part links to a tweet from someone that said “Poor Bobby.”

      I totally agree with Simon, btw. I think Bobby’s a little afraid of Jill.

  38. lillybee says:

    West Coast here, too. I was afraid that I would have to see the countess sing again, but we did get the current WWHL.

  39. Mbdea says:

    Also, I really hope Jennifer Gilbert made her last appearance on TV. Keep her off. What a BORE.

  40. lillybee says:

    I enjoyed Lulu skating in the rented skates.

    • Kat says:

      Is Kelly a fit mother, is the question many people will be asking. Media hot topic I would think.

    • error 404 says:

      I have a feeling those kids spend very little time with their biological parents.

      As for Kiki’s job on RHONY, I wouldn’t be surprised if the others refuse to return if she’s isn’t let go. At this point, even Jill thinks she’s “kookadoodle”.

  41. cusi77 says:

    Thak you LYNN! You are THE BEST!

    About the note left to Ramona from KKB… I thought the same -was a nice set-up.
    But NON CREDIBLE… She does not have the vocabulary or social skils to formulate such a nice note…. RHONY producers still think their viewers are idiots?

    I hope what Alex, Sonja and Ramona said about “You are not to beleive what happens at the reunion” is that JZ is leaving the show! I hope KKB leaves for the sake of our own brain cells!

  42. Silly String says:

    Hmm, I just tried to post a link and it didn’t seem to work.

    I will give it another try, and sorry if this is a double post. Great review here:

  43. wolverinedg says:

    About Ramona apologizing to Kelly: When confronted with a lunatic, the best thing to do is smile & nod, agree with what they say, & then get as far from them as you possibly can. I can understand why she did that. She had already told Kelly at least twice she didn’t want to talk there, but Kelly wouldn’t let her get away. Okay fine, Crazy Lady, if it will get you to STFU & get away from me without causing a major scene in public, I’ll apologize. I won’t mean it, of course, but I will do anything to get you the hell away from me. And then Jill yammering about being under attack from everyone all the time, tells Ramona who at most has only had time to say “Hi”, to put her weapons down. Um, feeling a smidge defensive, Jill, or do you always think that people who say “Hi” to you are attacking you?

  44. Silly String says:

    Another interesting take on last nights show. It has some funny moments, avoid if you don’t care for slightly strong language.


  45. chismosa says:

    Lynn i agree with what you said about this episode- since when is Luanne so important that they have to all sit down & rehash the trip to her? I did not get that. And Bethenny agreeing to lunch, honestly why did she pick up the phone when Jill called?

    I agree with everyone about how Ramona treated Kelly; just wanted to diffuse the bomb.

    Simon’s tweets are amazing; he really should write a guest blog for you here.

    i honestly hope Jill is off next season, as well as KK. Again, i will say that she lives in the same building as her ex, because maybe in NYC that justifies ‘joint’ custody, due to her mental instability. Just a theory, not sure about the laws exactly.

    Why do we have to waste time next week to listen to Lumann sing? What a waste. The song is not taking off like Tardy for the Party, hate to tell you.

    And i just had this thought: notice that last week’s episode, the Kelly crashdown episode- Jill and Luanne were in it ONLY in one scene, where they had dinner to discuss Jill’s planned ambush visit to St. John. Doesn’t each lady get paid PER EPISODE they appear in? So they do not get paid if they are not on an aired episode? Simon would know this….
    So they had to insert Jill last week so she and Luanne would get money? or else they would not get paid for that week. dammit.

    • error 404 says:

      B is smart: meet with the crazies and just sit there with enough rope for them to hang themselves. After we all saw B try repeatedly to make up with J, and be rebuked, there is no way this lunch is going to go well for J. The only possible way she might come off well, is if B flat out refuses her. So, yes. Meet for lunch, let J eat humble pie for a while, and then quietly remind her that it was she who started the feud, and it won’t end just because she says so. Leave it open and vague: “I’m not say we won’t ever be friends again, but I’m not ready yet.” etc… B knows what she’s doing.

      • chismosa says:

        i agree with you now that i think more about it. I hope it is not true that B did invite Jill to the wedding and J just chose not to attend. I hope it is all OVER.

  46. Silly String says:

    Next week really looks boring, but at least we have the reunion show to look forward to, and hopefully it will live up to at least half of the hype.

    Although I doubt the whole Susan Saunders story will come out, which is a pity.

    another review:

    Here you go Lynn, a new show, the younger version of RHNY http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/tv/wives_in_training_6A9yMu1qkD7Fc79dSMvU4J

    E On Line calls Kelly nuts, “Sucks to Be Kelly”

  47. Had Enough! says:

    AM-FUCKING-BUSH, much, Shrill?

    What a fucking bitch she is.

    My stomach is seriously not happy ever since I watched last night’s show.

    So I can’t wait for next week’s show, because she claimed she was going to redeem herself by the end of the season. Next week is the last episode, and since she’s obviously saving all her redemption for this one last episode, it is obviously going to be a humdinger.

    Gonna change my name to Part of the Ecosystem. Do you think that moron Kelly even knows what an ecosystem is? Who put this stupid phrase into her head?

    • witchywoman13 says:

      I was thinking about Jill’s “redemption” last night during her talking head interviews. I think that was what she was referring to way back when she said we should watch how it all goes. I think she really thinks that we are all morons and would buy her sorry act of contrition.

  48. Had Enough! says:




  49. Had Enough! says:





  50. otaypanky says:

    Lynn: Regarding switching sites to one similiar to Bravos message board. I don’t understand that kind of board. There is a quote, then underneath you can click quote or comment. What’s the difference. Are there several different threads running at the same time? So one thread can be built on one quote? I like being able to read everyone’s comment without having to jump all over the place.
    Also, people seem to post little moving characters and sayings in a chronic fashion that have nothing to do with the subject matter. Never was able to follow a board like that. Never understood them and never lasted long on one. Too much gibberish to waste time with.

  51. Quincy IL says:

    Ramona and the pony tail with black what would you call that? I am wearing that to my next party.

    There are times that I ignore the crazy because I am in public and just get tired of all of the crap. That’s probably why Ramona diffused Kelly, the champion liar of Manhattan.

    I keep thinking about Kelly’s kids and how they make intelligent comments only to be misunderstood by their mother, how they write their opinions on a piece of paper, how they end conversations with “zip it” motions, and how they look in photos with their mom.

    Seinfield was full of himself, but that might be a commedian’s way. Many of them seem to be a tad off kilter to me. I have come to dislike Andy Cohen. His support for Jill made me dislike him and Bravo.

    Sonja was beautiful in that red dress that fell off. They may be able to drop Jill and center the show on Sonja and her escapades.

    I no longer like Bobby Zarin. He is free to stay with Jill, but his first wife and her large circle of friends have something catty to say about that, no doubt. I’m sure these women are online somewhere and they should join this thread.

    I don’t visit that talk bubble as I can’t pay attention to twenty things at one time. What do the producers say about this?

    Bethenny didn’t get invited to one Jill party for the entire season. Jill cut her out in that power play. Now, she wants to get joy from Bethenny’s life? Jill is a leech. Jill is a annelid from the subclass Hirundinea. Jill sucks the blood from Bobby’s neck and bank accounts. Jill sucks the blood from Bethenny’s business. Jill sucks the life from “Real Housewives of New York.”

    • otaypanky says:

      Morning Quincy: So in other words, JILL SUCKS!

    • ml558 says:

      I totally agree with you about Bobby! I used to feel sorry for him because he seemed like such a nice guy who was stuck with such a bitch. Now, after his comments to both Bethenny in St. John and Alex at Sonja’s party a few episodes ago, I have no sympathy whatsoever! I can understand supporting his wife, but he seems to defend her behavior, which is beyond reprehensible, particularly when he only gets one (very twisted) side of the story.

    • Squirrels says:

      I now realize, after playing the Bravo game “what housewife are you?” why i matched the Ramonacoaster. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
      I frequently wear my hair up like Ramona did at the fantabulous Zarin ON Ice (this show was worth the price of admission) party. Of course my personal fashion esthetic stems from the “less than fabulously rich bitch face lift”. Ah, what tightening a rubber band can do for my self esteem …… : )

  52. Had Enough! says:

    You know, I was actually thinking of giving JZ a break today since it is Ally’s graduation but after seeing this on her twitter:

    @bravoandy r u kidding??? I told her Darren and people were in the room. You did not play the entire scene for him.

    (now she’s fighting with Andy?)

    An this:

    @Jill Zarin I could never describe what it felt like. Ramona did not even offer us a glass of water or bathroom after 9 hours to get there. My intentions were for peace. In hindsight I should not have gone. Obviously. Graduation tomorrow then Hamptons for weekend. Thank you all for the love….MUAH

    It wasn’t Ramona’s fault that it took you nine hours to get somewhere to ambush a group of women. And I’m guessing you flew 1st class. Surely they have restrooms at JFK and in the first class cabin? And on the boat to St. John? Surely you could have had a glass of water at any time? This is more of your “cut ear to ear” crap.



    • vilzvet says:

      Yeah trying to figure out that Darren comment and what it meant….


      • error 404 says:

        When B asked if anyone else was listening to the call, Jill said it was just her assistant Darin and the housekeeper in the background, totally lying that Lulu was listening in, which she knew was exactly what B meant by the question.

        The more J tries to spin, the more it becomes apparent she ain’t so smart.

    • pippi longstocking says:

      lol. You are so right on, sister!

    • pippi longstocking says:

      lol. You’re right on, sister!

  53. couchon says:

    About last night… I fear that RHNYC may have “jumped the shark .” The program left a funny taste in my mouth like low fat cheese. Bethenney and Alex were real but the rest seemed to have been coached by their publicists to do damage control after someone’s nautical “episode.” PR101. Pretend. Many of the wives do have publicists, and prodcts to sell such as fine literature and baubles.

    • PFinFL says:

      You know what? That makes sense! I wondered about LuAnn last night trying to get the truth after Kelly’s story because she felt she wasn’t getting anything. My fav part of LuAnn last night was when Kelly lied about Bethenny saying she SAID she had a smear campaign out for Kelly or something and LuAnn about jumped across the table at Kelly with a huge “that doesn’t sound like Bethenny at all” face…lol

      My question is: Was Jill, LuAnn, and Jennifer told that Kelly was asked to leave the island????

      Alex and Ramona wrote in their blogs about Ramona and Bethenny talking to Jill on the phone that night after “Kookadoodle” went kookacrazy that night. Without that information…we would be clueless about it because they didn’t show it OR talk about it on film (that we know of). So, I think they knew about Kelly being asked to leave but were not allowed to talk about it on camera (hopefully saving it for reunion juice). They could have told their PR people and their PR people said…”okay, this is what you need to do…..”

      Ugh…..I so hope they were allowed to talk about it at the reunion show.

  54. Quincy IL says:

    “Hit and run” tweets and posts. Lynn, I have been on sci fi boards and our local on line news board for years now. There is always the troll like Maxine who just can’t let go and the “drive by” mouth that has to share their venom and then go hide under the rock. It’s part of being online. Sometimes, as in the case of Susan Saunders and J Samples, they leave a trail of droppings that can be followed back to their nest.

    Some of the comments that I have read on blogs seems to come from Kelly or Jill or some nutcase in lust for their attention. It’s dangerous to become a well known person as the housewives should know and you have noticed with some of your tweets.
    I think you are strong and grounded so I’m not worried about you. Kelly? I’m worried. PR 3.1216 (pi) isn’t going to work and Kelly’s attempt to be nice to the nutcases is a major mistake. Kelly, pay attention, when a man offers to take the bus to New York City so he can date you. “Danger, danger, Will Robinson!”

    Here is a link to Lisa Wexler’s comments on being the sister of Jill Zarin. I mentioned it in another thread.


    It’s not easy being green or the sister of Jill.

  55. Had Enough! says:

    Idiot Bravo has the wrong clip posted behind the preview labeled Reconciliation?
    It is just a bunch of quick clips from this week.

    • vilzvet says:

      Okay the title for next week’s eppy is “Rebuked, Reunited, Renewed”. Rebuked certainly should be Jill, Reunited BETTER NOT be Jill and Bethenny, and of course Renewed is Ramona and Mario.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Right, but the preview clip is entitled “Reconciliation?” On the previews page, it shows a photo of Bethenny and Jill sitting at a table in a restaurant. However, when you play the clip you get a reel of short clips of last night’s show.

        • PFinFL says:

          I got that too. It’s like they changed the title but not the link or something. I loved the bonus clip of Alex and Simon where Alex got to finally talk to Simon about the trip. His face when she told him Kelly called B. a ho-bag was priceless…lol

          Reunited is probably LuAnn and the BRAS as Simon calls them. I don’t know.

  56. emt2 says:

    I think that Ramona was trying to placate Kelly and Jill so that they would come to her wedding vow ceremony. Why? I’m not sure.

    Jill is a bitch. Total bitch.

    She and Kelly deserve each other because they like to rewrite history, flat out lie and intimidate people who they think are weaker then they are. Kelly though B was the weaker one and B wasn’t having that last year and now Jill thinks Alex is the weaker one and Alex isn’t having that either.

    Kelly isn’t just crazy. I think she is very manipulative and she started to badger Ramona so that she could have more airtime. Ramona wanted her to stfu so she gave her a non-apology.

    Jen is so boring and I don’t think she should come back. She is trying to see who she should align herself with now and it’s pretty obvious that she is playing this game with viewers. Jen, we see you and you aren’t slick. You are Jill redux.

    I think that Alex is the only one that genuinely doesn’t like Jill and doesn’t act otherwise. She doesn’t try to reconcile or play nice with Jill anymore. She doesn’t like her. Point blank and that drives Jill crazy because she thinks that she is better than Alex.

    I like how Jill has time to cohost shows and tweet messages to Andy but doesn’t have time to write a blog. She writes blogs only when someone else is the hot seat-last week it was Kelly and she wrote a very long blog. This week, it is her, so she won’t write one. So typical.

    I’m so bored with this show, to be honest.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I don’t think Kelly is smart enough to be manipulative. I just think her delusions continue. She cornered Ramona claiming she let them harass her, which we know is not true, then she went right into her obsession about Bethenny, calling her a predator. I hope the show doesn’t require them to be in the same place at the same time anymore. I’m sure Bethenny tried not to engage her at the reunion, but with that type of obsession, Bethenny doesn’t have to do anything at all to trigger Kelly. She’s a clear danger to her.

  57. Olivia says:

    Is this the start of week #2 of Kelly’s nonstop Twittering?

    Be interesting to note that if this is Ally’s graduation, how much Jill will be Twittering during the day. Even her own kid graduating would not stop her from turning her attention elsewhere.

  58. HD says:

    Great blog, Lynn. I am so glad I am not the only one that thought last night was a little bit strange and frankly a little boring.

    I think Ramona was nice to Kelly because Kelly is crazy and that is what you do with crazy people, just nod and smile and say, “sure, sweetie.” No point in arguing with a fool.

    Jill falling I LOVED LOVED LOVED!! That was the highlight of the show!! I wish I had that on tape so I could watch it over and over and over again! LOVED IT!

    And of course the ambush, HILARIOUS! That is what her dumb ass gets! I loved watching her trying to explain! Loved it! Funny how because NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW she wants to act right everyone else needs to comply. When God was handing out common sense I promise she was out back eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

  59. Had Enough! says:

    Lynn – one of the huge advantages of the forum-type system is that you don’t have to keep scrolling up and down. You can go right to a specific page number, i.e., start reading where you left off.

    It is also easier to split off sub-topics.

    You can also have a pinned FAQ so the questions that keep coming up over and over and over (when did Jill meet Bobby, how did Jill meet Bobby, etc.) can be answered with “see the FAQ” or even just “FAQ.”

  60. Quincy IL says:

    About the time frame of the “confessionals,” Alex stated that Jill tried to twist some events as she was filmed in April and had realized how she was going to be portrayed in the series. Kelly came up with her “revisions” immediately after stepping off the plane from “Scarey Island.” I think Kelly’s tweets show that her “inventions” are a part of her memories now and cannot be altered. Did the other women allow Kelly to promote her “visions” in the reunion? Could they allow her to define them as “bullies?” I can’t believe that Bethenny or Alex would let this slide.

    I have to deal with a termite problem today and I will be thinking of Jill as I spray. My life looks like fun compared to what Jill is going through right now.

    • vilzvet says:

      I KNEW those post interviews had to be months later….look at Bethenny’s face, she is SO pregnant there! These interviews IMO should have been done wayyyy sooner after the filming, you are correct it gives those unnamed participants time to get it together and spin spin spin.

  61. otaypanky says:

    Did not care for this episode either…at all. That’s why I posted I’M DONE right after it aired. I wanted to see some resolution, some comeuppance. There wasn’t any. This reminded me of like a hundred years ago when I watched a soap opera that Susan Lucci appeared on. She was The Bitch. Always wanted to see some comeuppance for her devious, diabolical behavior. Instead, there would always be a resurrection. That’s the feeling I had regarding last night’s episode.
    Another thing, this is a reality “show”. Don’t understand why Jill would be called to meet Kelly’s plane. Are they friends in real-real life? Doesn’t Kelly have true friends from before the taping of this show? How about family that would have responded? The best anyone could get for her is Jill? Now that’s major sad.

    • vilzvet says:

      LOL, Susan Lucci is STILL on All My Children. I think she is so beautiful to this day.

      Just rewatched and Jill said she actually SAW Kelly at airport?! Honestly how could that be? Isn’t it hours and hours to get from VI to NY? It seemed like the mani-pedi’s were the next morning….

      • Squirrels says:

        Actually, as i looked at the light, the time line for the pedicures would be closer to 2hrs before sunset. The color of morning light is cooler. That’s the first clue.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        My guess would be that there was a long wait for a plane off of the island. Kelly was probably removed from the property, taken to the airport and they had to wait for a flight out. Jill must have arrived before that flight left. She didn’t seem too concerned about Kelly, did she? Ramona and Bethenny had talked to her and begged her to help Kelly and Jill couldn’t be bothered and didn’t say she was on her way there. What a self-centered nut.

        There have been a couple of statements about Kelly not having any friends. I think Kelly knows lots of people to say “hi” to, but never interacts for more than a few minutes with any of them. She thinks they’re all nice and genuine because they don’t engage with her. It’s also possible her social circle knows that she’s nuts, so they just smile and nod and send her on her way the way Ramona did.

    • PFinFL says:

      This confuses me about last nights show. I thought I heard Jill say to Ramona that she saw Kelly “through the glass at the airport” ????
      But now it’s being reported that she didn’t meet up with her because she was on her way to “surprise” the girls on the island.

      AND, LuAnn did say at the lunch table “that must be why you don’t have very many girlfriends” to Kelly. So apparently if LuAnn is questioning why she doesn’t have very many….I assume she doesn’t. Can you see them calling Gwyneth to come pick lollipops and gumdrops up from the airport?

      I took it that Jill loves the underdog and Kelly is that this season and so Jill was her coach, mentor, whatever….why else was she the one Kelly was sneaking to her room calling? She was also calling Jen. I’m assuming that Kelly has taken this opportunity from being on the show to finally have some girlfriends. I don’t know. So, they didn’t know who else to call. Which is sad!

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        I was shocked to hear that Kelly was communicating with Jennifer. I’m interested in finding out how tight they are.

        About Kelly and the airport – Ramona and Bethenny wanted Jill to meet Kelly’s plane in NYC and make sure she got home OK or got to the hospital. She couldn’t be bothered.

        I’d say there aren’t that many planes off St. John, so Kelly was waiting for her flight off the island as Jill and Bobby arrived, so that was the airport where Jill saw her.

  62. Laura says:

    I cannot even believe Jill’s status on Facebook…..THIS is what she bitches about?….what a self righteous PITA! holy cow!

    *I could never describe what it felt like. Ramona did not even offer us a glass of water or bathroom after 9 hours to get there. My intentions were for peace. In hindsight I should not have gone.*

    • Laura says:

      Should’ve read through all the comments…someone already posted this….Sorry 😦

    • pippi longstocking says:

      She could never describe what it felt like?? How about how it might have felt when she DISMISSED Alex from Jen’s home? Or when she told Ramona to LEAVE the Kodak party? Or when she told Bethenny she wishes her “well” but she’s DONE with her?

      You’re a BITCH, Jill Zarin. But thankfully, so is karma.

  63. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    Sadly, I don’t think that anyone added to this, but I’m hoping that people will so that I can laugh again at the ones I have forgotten. From the comments blog last night:

    Satchels of Jelly Beans says:
    May 28, 2010 at 12:00 am

    I totally missed that. I definitely remember Kelly’s huge shoulders and Ramona’s eyes, but the devil-channeling comment didn’t stick with me at the time.

    We should start a list of all of those bites and words that Kelly seems to overuse and misuse (sort of like Lynn’s Reasons-I-hate-Jill-Zarin list. Here, I’ll get it started:

    1. Alex looked like she was channeling the devil

    2. I’m from the midwest

    3. Foil (pretty much gone this season)

    4. Authentic

    5. Really

    6. Creepy

    7. Gross

    • PFinFL says:

      Add scary. And if she calls someone or something creepy one more time while pushing aside her long hair (btw, on her twitter she was on her high horse about what people were doing for the oil spill….Kelly, go cut your hair and donate it….that’s what I and alot of other Americans have done to help!) Ughhh….Kelly is so annoying. I really hope they take her off the show.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        I tweeted her that she needed to stop worrying about BP and start worrying about BPD, then said “get some help.”

        Technically, though, I still think she’s schizophrenic instead of bipolar.

    • baby little roick says:

      8. Like

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        I’m so authentic that I’m really, really, really embarrassed that I missed that one. Especially since I’m from the mid-west.

  64. TLM says:

    Both of Jill’s planned Grand Entrances fell flat: Her pink tutu-ed skating performance, as well as her intrusion on St. John. The sad thing is that she failed to recognize the St. John stunt as an intrusion, and was completely insensitive to the fact that someone in front of her was literally shaking and crying. Jill’s reaction to that was not regret or apology, but indifference and anger. The others weren’t going along with her plan, and it irked her. She made up her mind that SHE was ready to forgive, and everyone should have been on the same train — what was wrong with them all? Except that she never told anyone she was sorry, or that she regretted anything. She walked in like she was a headline comedian in the Catskills: “Hey! How’s everybody doing? Look at this great place! How about those manis and pedis, huh people? St. John audiences are the best audiences in the world!”

    Jill wanted to suprise everyone, and boy did she ever. What she encountered was the genuine gut reaction of shock and disgust that could not have been planned by anyone. Disgust because Jill WAS clued in on what had happened the past 4 days with Kelly, and the hell they had been through with her, and she still didn’t have enough sense to know that this was not the time or place for her to show up. Disgust because there was such bad blood she created with Bethenny and Alex and Ramona, and acted like everything was fine. I said after the first episode of Scary Island that Jill should only have been coming there to take Kelly home and escort her to a psychiatrist, and in fact, that’s what Ramona was trying to arrange, but Jill didn’t care. Only Jill mattered.

    If there is one thing Jill says that angers me more than any other, it’s the repeated use of “I thought you were my friend/I guess you aren’t really my friend.” It is childish and ridiculous. If she were the model of advice she claims to be, and if she learned from her previous mistakes, she would have respected Ramona for honoring Bethenny’s wishes for privacy, just as Jill would want if she wanted something kept private, and she would have respected Ramona for trying to smooth over the situation Jill created by showing up. Ramona told Jill she knew Jill’s intentions were good in coming to St. John. This was actually was giving Jill more credit than she deserved, but it should have been enough for Jill to say she was sorry and misjudged the situation. Instead, Jill lashed out at her with the childish “you aren’t my friend”, “Is Alex your new best friend?”, and another “If you were really my friend…”.

    Well, Jill, if you were really Ramona’s friend, you might have called or texted first to see if it would be a good idea to “stop by.” If you were really Kelly’s friend, you would have been at her side to get her help, and made that a priority. If you were really Bethenny’s friend, you would not have slammed the door in her face 100 times when she pleaded and begged to make up with you. If, if, if. Keep it up, Jill, and you won’t have to wonder about who is your friend anymore. Because you won’t have any.

    When you show up unannounced somewhere, especially where you’ve had bad blood with other people there, you take your chances on the reaction you’re going to get. And chances are, it’s not going to be a good reaction. I think the real irony here is that had Jill shown up while Kelly was still there, I think she might have gotten a warmer reception, only because she was the less crazy of the two, and she could have taken the place of Sonja as Kelly’s guardian.

    Lisa Wexler seemed to have more of a grip on reality than Jill…it’s a shame Jill didn’t take her advice sooner. But even in making the call to Bethenny, I think Jill doesn’t get what’s coming. Jill talks about “putting weapons down” and “calling a truce,” but the only one who’s had weapons has been Jill. She’s been playing this game alone, and she doesn’t get it. I believe Bethenny isn’t meeting with her to make up, but to say goodbye. I believe she will do it gently; I don’t expect her to say she won’t talk to Jill anymore, but I think it will be clear that there is a distance now that cannot be bridged, and that the relationship will be reduced to being mere polite acquaintances.

    I would be curious to know how many days elapsed between Kelly leaving St. John and the lunch with Luann and Jill. Clearly she was still delusional, and they are starting to understand that. It is a shame she apparently did not get an evaluation or medication. I don’t think Luann commanded anyone to leave Sonja’s party, as was suggested above. I think all the women from the cast wanted a quiet place to discuss what happened so they wouldn’t have to shout. I think they actually would have all preferred to stay upstairs, but Sonja seemed to want everyone back at the party.

    So, onto next week, where Ramona comes walking down that grand staircase for the vow renewals. How many other people saw the coming attraction for this, and were reminded of the final scene in Tootsie?? 😉 I actually wanted her to pick the dress the dress she wore to Sonja’s art party for the vow renewal. The one she chose fits her well, but is too much of a “first-time bride” dress for me. I thought she could go a little less “bridal” since it’s vow renewal and not an actual wedding.

    I haven’t had any desire to watch the Marriage Ref, and I got sick of the Seinfeld show long ago, but I thought Jerry *killed* last night on WWHL. He had me in hysterics. Good choice, Andy! That was a nice counterpoint to the heaviness of the show.

    • PFinFL says:

      I think that is what kills me the most about Jill. It’s when SHE is ready for something to happen. Then everyone else should be on the same page with her and when they are done and not ready anymore….she can’t understand why?

      And she did ignore Alex until she walked away and started bad mouthing her to Ramona. I bet her and Alex go at it at the reunion and I bet Alex wins!

    • morning says:

      headline comedian in the Catskills….funny and so true!

    • Katiecoo says:

      excellent commentary. Yes that whole spiel of “I thought you were my friend, now I know you’re not” delivered in this controlled deadpan way. It’s an attempt to shame the person as if they’ve done something wrong to destroy the friendship when in reality it is ALL projection.

      The one thing I am CERTAIN of is that this is all CLASSIC Narcissistic behavior and she can never live down this season.

      I too think Bethenny will calmly yet firmly end the friendship at their lunch. Her subsequent reactions do not seem to indicate she continues it with Jill and what a NICE NOTE that will be to end this “creepy” season. I won’t watch w/ Jill or Kelly next season…it’s just plain not fun and one person (Sonja) can’t make up for that. I don’t think Alex is coming back but that’s just me.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        I’m sure Bethenny won’t make up with Jill, other than to call a truce, because Jill wasn’t at the wedding.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      Can’t believe I’ve come to LuAnn’s defense the last two weeks but you’re right. It wasn’t her who asked them to leave the party. I rewatched the scene and someone (I can’t tell who) say’s “let’s go upstairs” and she restates it like “yes, less go upstairs”. It was quiet and difficult to hear but you could hear it. It seemed to be either Sonja or Ramona, most likely Ramona.

  65. desertgal66 says:

    @bravoandy r u kidding??? I told her Darren and people were in the room. You did not play the entire scene for him.

    WTF is she talking about? Does she not realize that the entire scene played nationwide? We all know what she told Bethenny, and it didn’t include the fact that LuAnn was sitting there, giggling with Jill behind their hands at B’s distress. That entire scene was disgusting and immature.

    I was really appalled to learn from the blogs this morning that they had all talked to Jill the night before, and she had not only refused to help Kelly, she didn’t even hint that she was planning to show up the next day. That’s just…creepy.

    I felt horrible for Alex when Jill barged in. She was truly shaken, and Jill didn’t even have the decency to say hello to her. And then Jill said afterward that “Alex tried to butt into my business” or words to that effect? WTF? The only thing I recall Alex saying while Jill was there was that she didn’t want any more drama-and she was right to speak up. Jill would have turned the rest of the day into a mess of recriminations and her usual self involved bellowing over anything anyone else said.

    Personally, I enjoyed watching B, S, R, and A interact after Kelly left and before Jill came. They were having a lot of fun-it was exactly what the trip should have been in the first place.

    The scene at Sonja’s party where LuAnn demanded explanations-another WTF? moment. You don’t shepherd people at someone else’s party to do your bidding in another room.

    The lunch scene with Kelly, Jill, LuAnn, and Jen-wow. I was willing to excuse Kelly after last week’s show on the basis that she really does appear to be mentally ill – and I haven’t changed that opinion – but she also revealed herself to be a lying, heartless, arrogant, manipulative, supercilious bitch (which makes her fit right in with Jill and LuAnn). And, wow, I get sick of watching Jill, LuAnn, and Kelly look down their noses at Bethenny, Ramona, and Alex. They are especially condescending towards Alex, and it is disgusting. Alex is more real than the three of them put together. That type of snobbery is so sleazy and declasse.


    And a Happy 10th Anniversary to Simon and Alex! May they celebrate many more years together!

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      LuAnn didn’t make them go to another room. Either Sonja or Ramona said let’s go upstairs and LuAnn basically said “yes, let’s go upstairs”, agreeing with the suggestion.

  66. TLM says:

    Oh yeah… I kept wondering what Kelly’s crazy running away in the purple dress reminded me of, and I finally realized it was the Looney Tunes character, called Gossamer. I probably haven’t seen this cartoon in 3o years, but it stuck with me. Found it on YouTube. The clip is below…it’s only 5 seconds long. Enjoy.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      The monster is way more graceful than Kelly, but it’s PERFECT! I wonder if any of our tech-savvy friends have the ability to color the monster purple?

  67. HD says:

    TLM I AM CRYING LAUGHING!!! You are too funny! How you said Jill walked in like a comedian!!! LMAO!!! Hilarious!! How bou the mani’s and pedi’s. LOL! You are funny! And that video!!! I can hardly type. TOO FUNNY!

  68. MickeyMouth says:

    I had compassion for Kelly, but I got over it. She is a functioning loon and because of that she will never really get the help she needs and no one will ever be able to force to get it either. So she will forever be a source of drama for anyone who must deal with her. I know a Kelly in real life and in the beginning I had compassion, empathy, understanding and then loathing. She would tell a story just like Kelly with her version of truths that never happened. After a while all the drama related with this type of person grates you and you find yourself dreading any contact you must have until the compassion turns to hate. What took a year in real life took two episodes (tweets/blogs included) with Kelly. There are so many people like Kelly walking this earth and I do not have the patience or empathy for them anymore. They are the real vampires who suck you dry of your compassion.

    • Rusty says:

      Non-functioning loon.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Avoiding someone like that is all you can do, but it’s so sad for her kids. The other problem is that those people are ticking time bombs and you never know when they’ll go off. Kelly will eventually hurt herself or someone else. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” she goes off.

      After seeing how she behaved at Jill’s party, I agree with the others here that Bethenny and Alex should get restraining orders. That way, if she violates it, they can have her locked up even if she doesn’t try to hurt them.

  69. HD says:

    Why is Bravo airing A Few Good Man Tonight and of course the tag line on the bottom of the screen was, “can you handle the truth”….

  70. HD says:

    I didn’t mean to capitalize “tonight”. I am normally a fairly decent writer but I just get ahead of myself here. Sorry. Oh well…satchels of gold! LOL!

  71. ImToula says:

    Lynn, Great Blog!
    Thank You for taking the time to entertain our addiction. I do think it’s hard to follow the conversation. I will follow you where ever you go.

    Jill got it wrong from the start.

    I have heard her say that SHE was approached by Bravo to get a few of her girlfriends together and have RHONYC . Jill thought that SHE was the star from the beginning. That’s where she gets the idea that everything should revolve around her.

    Jill thought long and hard about who she was going to bring on the show.She picked women that she thought were inferior to her. As proof of that, Jill introduced Jenn as a new housewife. I can’t stand Jenn. Anyone out there who likes Jenn? And Jill treats Jenn like shit doesn’t she?

    Ramona knows her well, and she has made several comments that are right on target. Ramona always says that Jill wants everything her way . Jill lost control this season and that’s why she freaked out.

    • PFinFL says:

      I don’t think Jill lost control. I think she thought her “fauxlebrity” was real and untouchable. So, arrogantly, she showed us more of her true self. But then the moment she went off on Bethenny….the tables turned. And when fans realized she was writing fake reviews on her books that was the seal on the envelope. It’s just a downward spiral. Jill doesn’t get that she cannot redeem herself with the fans. What is done is done! She meant everything she said and did. We know she is trying to sell her book now because it’s tanking and costing her money. So, I personally will not believe anything she says because she will always try to sell us something at the cost of whomever and whatever. It doesn’t matter to her. She has no morals about it!

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        I have no doubt Jill sees it as HER show. She thinks she runs everything. Remember when they said Patty Stanger’s show was casting and Jill said people should contact her? Andy freaked out and said people should NOT contact Jill but should go through casting. I think that’s when he realized she thought she was the center of the BRAVO universe.

        It’s going to be funny watching people who allied themselves with Jill get dragged down with her.

    • error 404 says:

      Yes, I think Jill really thinks she has one of those wheel shows that Jerry was talking about. She thinks she’s Mary Tyler Moore, except I don’t remember Mary freaking out when Rhoda got her own spin off show.

      • The Digger says:

        Bingo error 404! Rhoda met Joe and went off to have a happy life. I don’t remember Mary sitting around her apartment fabricating bad show reviews or being insanely jealous that Rhoda had a nicer apartment with more baskets on the wall. In fact Mary was happy for her friend. Can you imagine that? Poor delusional Jill Zarin in her all about me world. It just doesn’t seem to be working out the way she planned for it all to go. Her star has faded.

        I don’t think Jill found Jen whateverhername is. I think Bravo found her.

  72. Quincy IL says:

    I just gave Lynn a five star vote. I didn’t see it before, but you can touch the stars and give Lynn a bravo for her efforts.

  73. JennyPoo says:

    Wow. I was very disappointed in Bawwwby. He seemed a bit arrogant and in denial of his wife’s actions. My husband would have reasoned with me that it might not be a good idea to “pop” in. Of course, my husband would give me a wakeup call if I were treating people like this! I can’t believe Jill thought she would be welcome????!! She kept yapping about being ambushed (I think the Countess did too) and she did it BIG TIME and included Bawwwby! And, how good of a friend is she to Kelly if she couldn’t cancel her ambush to meet her at the airport? I thought Jill didn’t want to fight or make up on camera yet she made a big production of ambushing them??!! She talks out both sides of her mouth when she gawwwsips! When Jill fell on the ice…FUNNY CHIT!!! Why did she feel the need to play freaking dress up?!! How pathetic is that?! Jill, you looked ridiculous in that…STOP IT! Quit wasting money on stupid stuff like that.
    LuAnn….well, she had to get the scoop. I don’t think anyone owed her any explanation. I about fell out of my chair when I saw Noel playing with the remote. I also remember how she bad mouthed Alex and Simon’s kids and had to snicker about her 13 y/o and the remote “situation” with the blinds going crazy and the lights, etc. He is 13….Alex and Simon’s kids are much younger!!! But, of course, Rosie was watching/raising LuAnn’s kids most likely.
    Kelly…..Kelly, Kelly, KELLY!! STOP IT!! Go TO BED!! Ohhh boy! Is she still here?! Will she not go away?! Her “story” is pathetic? This is like catching a lying kid….so see-thru. She is definitely in her own world. I loved how she doesn’t gawwsip…except with LuAnn, Jill and Jennifer. I love how Ramona diffused her, but she/Kelly is like a dog with a bone with this craziness! She needs some help of some kind! I don’t know what is up with her. Crazy much?
    Jennifer….don’t care much for her and want to take a snooze when she is on. I find her boring. She didn’t even find it (nor did LuAnn) to be friendly enough with Kelly to help her. With friends like that….
    This episode made me less nervous and agitated than the last one. Maybe it was the margarita or 2?
    I see LuAnn is going to “sing” on the preview of the next episode. I know where my earplugs are….Do YOU?!!
    Loving Sonja! She seems tons of fun!
    Love that Bethenny tells it like it is. Can’t wait to see her tell Jill.
    Didn’t care for WWHL tonight. Andy seemed “off” tonight. Don’t know if he was tired from the Reunion Show/Drama or that he and Jerry just were that bad together. Loved the Faux Fame comment from Jerry and his comment on how Jill had bad manners, etc. regarding the phone call from Bethenny. LMAO!!!

  74. liptontb says:

    Jill is to ice skates what Kikilet is to horses. BACK AWAY — BOTH OF YOU.
    It’s mean to the poor skates and unspeakably cruel to the horses. (I really can’t watch that woman on horseback — I won’t dignify her with the word ”ride.” Those poor horses.)
    And, Jill wasn’t skating. She was “toe-picking,” which is why she fell flat on her punim.
    Loved Seinfeld on WWH. When he said to Cohen, “In what universe except this world you created” [is it OK for people to behave like Jill], I wanted to applaud. He also gave Andy a pretty good zetz about a bunch of bravolebrities and their “faux fame.”

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I liked Seinfeld, too. I thought his comments were actually spot on. Andy should be taken to task (as he has in this blog and others) for the way this show uses women like Kelly and Danielle who can’t help themselves.

      He said the things my hubby said, but funnier.

  75. Quincy IL says:

    So that is why I connect to Lynn’s blog, these threads and this tv show…

    I just had a break through, not a break down, this show is like our own lives. We all know people like Jill and Kelly. We all have a touch of Bethenny and a pinch of Alex in us. I’ve noticed contributors to Lynn’s comment section reflecting on their own experiences often. I keep comparing Jill to people in this town, in my university, and in my high school. We had the Jill, the Ramona, and even the Kelly. We even had the Andy, but he didn’t tell us until he went off to college.

    We want Jill to be punished because our Jill got off scott free. We want the nation to admit that Kelly is a lying fruit loop, because our Kelly managed to slip the noose.

    Watching this show actually helps me release my pent up frustrations. Whew…. I feel better. Thank you.

  76. JennyPoo says:

    Quincy, I agree! Your breakthrough is making me breakthrough. LOL We are all cured! Great therapy! Now Lynn is going to bill us!

  77. Olivia says:

    Amidst the drama, did anyone catch Lu Ann’s charming comments to Kelly as she explained her role on the island?

    “No wonder you don’t have any girlfriends!” This after the “ho bag” revelation.
    “You are like a 12 year old child”. This after the mention of gummi bears.

    Smirking away and giving sidelong glances to Jill proves that these two are the least worthy of any attention as series regulars. Mean spirited, hateful, condescending witches who deserve one another. And the saddest part was that they were each in agreement that Kelly “lost it” down there and exhibited behavior that bordered on a breakdown.

    And another “telling moment” was when Jennifer Gilbert, very new to this show, admitted that Kelly had e-mailed her as well informing her of the situation. Why?
    It seems that Kelly was intent on keeping everyone abreast of the ongoing drama down there even with someone she hardly knew so Jill was not her only contact throughout.

    The best part was Lu Ann, seated at the head of the table like Vito Corleone and demanding answers to what happened. Give me a break! Who exactly does this insufferable twit think that she is? And then when Ramona and Jill hug and gush their undying love at the end of the show, there she is again, making it a threesome and glad to see them “friends” once again.

    I had to reach for my vomit bucket watching this piece of garbage.

    • The Digger says:

      Agree. Yeah, I caught those comments to Kelly from the Cuntess. Digs. Digs. Digs. Oh Cuntess, you are so clever the way you smack down people in such a classy way. Any the little superior knowing glances in Jill’s direction. Little LuLu and Jill are just so superior and above everyone else. The air must get mighty thin up there on that pedestal.

      • anniieee says:

        I hate them both… they ae both so “holier than thou” self serving condesending (sp) asswipes. “Can you do anything for me-n0- byeee darling….They are so trapped in their own insecurites that they have to smugly put down other people to feel better and superior (in their own minds-do they have one?) Luann is white trash who got some money off her back…and thinks that makes her classy…and Jill..well the baggage she drags behind her as a long island lolita just makes her insufferable. I hate them both!!!

  78. ridicurhony says:

    Wow, thanks Lynn for blogging again and thanks to everyone else too! I too am in the closet a little – would never tell certain people I watch this crap either. lol.

    I’ll comment on the least important stuff first – Luann. ha. If she wanted to know what was going on, then she should have accepted the invitation to scarey island. She didn’t go because Jill wasn’t going. She doesn’t have the thousand yard stare our other 4 soldiers do, and realizes she maybe missed something. So what? Don’t think anyone really cares.

    Seinfeld makes a joke on WWHL about ‘but not on the WEST COAST’ so I got the feeling he wouldn’t be seen on the west coast for some reason – think that was planned, not a reaction on Andy’s part. I personally thought he did a good job commenting on the show and thought the line about ‘the show isn’t hurting anyone but the participants involved’ was pretty funny. Also kept Andy off balance – ha! He was true to his shtick is all.

    I like how when Kelly is trying to spin her victim story about the vaca to Jill and her minions, they all laugh at her – or I should say Jill and Luann have some laughs at Kelly’s expense right in front of her. Kelly ignores it. This is exactly where Jill wants her, trusting her enough that she can berate her or make fun of her to her face. That’s the right position for Kelly to be in for Jill to control her. Now she can use emotional blackmail on her effectively. I think the other group of housewives are being much more humane to Kelly at this point.
    The only footage so far of Jen is Jill walking all over her or Jill ignoring her, with a little bit of ‘normal’ exchanges with other people. I don’t think she’s going to end up on the Jill side.

    Think it’s possible that Ramona, Alex, Bethenny and Sonja made some kind of pact on the island to treat Kelly with kid gloves when they got back? The way Ramona responded to her was the same as they responded at the end of the scarey island episode – agree with her, let her blather, tell her you care and walk away. Does Bravo ever really ask any of these women to step down from the show? Seriously, I’m asking all of you people – have there been previous housewives ‘let go’? I would think they would tell Kelly she’s out because she is so IN OVER HER HEAD and unstable, but they have a habit of just using that crap for ratings. I thought it was funny that they used Jill’s big ice fall out of all the footage they must have had on her skating. It was perfect – her in her red skating dress sticking out like a sore thumb amongst all the rest of the world. The center of attention.
    I like Ramona. I like her because she handles Jill instead of the other way around. I guess she would know how after 15 years. She doesn’t give her power away to Jill, she doesn’t absorb Jill’s insults, she doesn’t let Jill get away with bullshit. She counters her with the truth, in lots of scenes throughout this show, although Jill is usually trying to TALK OVER HER. She doesn’t take what Jill says seriously.

    Jill isn’t going to like the footage of the 4 housewives on the island having a great time – which, ok c’mon you guys, isn’t that the kind of footage the show used to be that got us all hooked? But Ramona isn’t going to drop Alex, or Sonja or anyone because Jill’s mad. heh. She doesn’t seem to really care if Jill GETS mad and that’s the trick to handling Jill.
    Has Jill commented yet on the Bravo blogs? Did Bethenny? Nothing from either of them when I went to bed last night. It only took me an hour to read this whole blog & comments this morning so I haven’t been there yet. Agree with Lynn – absolutely love this show, but it makes me CRAZY sometimes, so personally I’ll probably be in a healthier place when this season is over. lol.

    • vilzvet says:

      Funny user name! Rewatching the episode now, here comes Jill’s fall! Again, Jen introducing her son with the name SEXTON??

      • vilzvet says:

        Oops, posted too soon…
        Kelly at the lunch made me so ANGRY…what a bucket of lies. What island was she on, the one from “Lost”???? And again in her Bravo useless blog she said it was “four on one”? No, it was One against four, no matter what they said to placate her.

        • KLAS says:

          Re: “She doesn’t have the thousand yard stare our other 4 soldiers do.” Such a perfect description.

          I think Jen Gilbert’s sons name is Saxton.

  79. Olivia says:

    Why would Bravo drop Kelly? Take a look at Danielle who is as seriously nuts on the NJ franchise and you can easily see that the name of the game is ratings and they have no care in the world how badly these women behave as long as the ratings increase which brings in the revenue.

    The same goes for Jill. No matter how bad she behaves they will be bringing her back because the audience loves to hate/love at the same time. With the departure of Bethenny, they will either have to create another “victim” to keep the audience interested because hours of watching them lunch, shop, attend fashion shows, hug, kiss-kiss, and discuss sex lives non stop just won’t do it.

    There is no one, and this includes Kelly, more seriously deranged than Danielle and that b.s. storyline so bringing Kelly back won’t be much of a surprise. An audience watching to see how dumb she is and how quickly she melts down once again is just the ticket to increase ratings if one is following Bravo’s perspective.

    • ridicurhony says:

      oh, I agree. I’ve been under the impression that the only ones who leave the show make their own decision or are too boring maybe. I seriously doubt Bravo would take either Kelly or Jill off.

      • ridicurhony says:

        was just sayin they SHOULD take Kelly off. ha

      • Kokuanani says:

        I agree that Bravo is too greedy and amoral to “do the right thing” and take Jill & Kelly off the show.

        However, I’m wondering if either Jill will buy a clue, or Lisa or someone will advise her, that her continued presence on this show can’t be doing her any good. In addition to showcasing [and memorializing on tape, available to be played again and again] her many lies, outrages and faults, the show has now resulted in several of the other Housewives’ “wising-up” to Jill’s tricks, and refusing to continue to be cowed & bullied by her.

        This show shines a bright spotlight on Jill’s reprehensible behavior. If Jill were smart, she’d quietly go away and let the light go out.

        • Kokuanani says:

          Kelly is too stupid and mentally unbalanced to figure this out, and probably wouldn’t listen to anyone telling her it would be good to “retire” from this particular spotlight.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I agree that Danielle is more deranged, though much more functional, than Kelly, but there is no remedy for crazy like Danielle. Kelly could probably be helped with medication. I don’t think anything would make Danielle less dangerous. There will always be violence around her because she needs it. Kelly is sick, but Danielle is broken.

      I do think BRAVO should drop Kelly but I doubt that they will. I could easily see them dropping Jill, though. Jill is a wannabe. If they can get actual socialites, like Sonja and Jennifer, Jill becomes expendable. We’ve seen Jill’s whole act and she’s poisoned herself with the audience.

  80. JennyPoo says:

    Olivia, I did notice LuAnn said that. Glad you noticed that and brought it up. Thought that was a very telling comment and that she said it of her “friend”. Not very nice of her. The 12 y/o comment was rude as well. They were putting her down (oblivious to Kelly) right in front of her. That is exactly where Jill likes people. A mean girl, indeed! I think she believed Kelly could get her into some fashion shows, etc. that she might not otherwise be able to get into or meet some other FABULOUS people. It always seems to be what people can DO for Jill instead of what friendship is. I hope she wakes up. Life is too short to be like this. Sadly, I don’t think the show made her this way…this is probably how she has been for a very long time.

  81. boston02127 says:

    Good morning all~~ 5 stars as usual Lynn 🙂

    My thoughts haven’t change about Kelly. She’s a drunk. A nasty bitter drunk. Plain and simple. She’ s left a path of destruction and will talk to anyone who will listen. Everything that’s screwed up about her is cause by her. I don’t have an ounce of pity for her.

    I’ve always liked Ramona. At first I thought she was a little rough around the edges but she calls a spade a spade.

    LuMan is all over the map. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. She says one thing one week and another the next. I also think she’s a glorified whore. If there is such a thing.

    Jill, Jill, Jill. I hope she stays on the show. I love hating her. What she has done is equivalent to cutting open a feather pillow and letting the all the feathers out at the top of the empire state building. I’ll enjoy every second of watching her trying to pick them all up. Maybe she can get her”fabulous” group of friends to help her. Oh yea, she picked them off one by one.

    Last nights show was good. I would have liked it if they were a little harder on Jill. It seems like she’s getting away with so much. Maybe on the reunion show they will call her out on more.

    • ridicurhony says:

      I don’t know, the Jill falling on the ice scene was not lost on me, especially when she’s the center of the universe. Probably not what she wanted to air. heh.

      • JennyPoo says:

        Especially when she had been told off by the coach on the prior episode. LOL That was hysterical! And to be dressed up in her “get-up” and then fall. PRICELESS!!

  82. Julie says:

    I am loving Ramona this season and Sonja is my new favorite Housewife. I was on the fence about Jennifer, but this past episode she grew on me. She looked horrified when Kelly was explaining her side of the story, when Jill and Luann were acting like vultures!

  83. Real Housewife of Upstate NY says:

    Does anyone remember the scene last year when Jill was “shopping” (and by shopping, I mean “looking for a freebie”) for designer handbags with Kelly? And Kelly’s girls were with them – and being well behaved. And from out of nowhere, Jill brought up Alex and stated that her kids aren’t well behaved and Alex could take some lessons from Kelly on parenting? I was annoyed by that at the time – because Alex and her kids weren’t even there so why are you talking about it – but I mention it now because I also think it explains why Alex dislikes Jill so much – she has made fun of Alex and her parenting skills on numerous occasions. The great irony, of course, is that Alex has shown more class and grace with these women over the past three seasons than they all have put together. Really, Jill, you couldn’t even say, “hello” to Alex when you arrived at St. John. Really?

    • vilzvet says:

      She pointedly IGNORED Alex. This is what infuriated Alex the most, according to her Bravo blog. She did not greet Alex at all . Horrid behavior.
      Can we at least start a petition to get Jill’s voice off the “For more on the Real Housewives go to bravotv.com”???? Please please please. I actually mute it.

    • PFinFL says:

      The irony is that Alex and Simon’s book is doing great and getting great reviews about being parents and Jill’s is tanking….lol…bet Jill didn’t see that coming.

      • vilzvet says:

        Yes, touche!! The parenting book is I believe has a five-star rating on Amazon….I haven’t bought it yet but I will…I am going to shuffle through LuAnn’s book again to see if there are any clues about the unraveling of her fabulous marriage….

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Yeah, she “came with an open heart” but the first thing she did was snub Alex. What a nut.

  84. Olivia says:

    The fact that Kelly was married to a well known photographer probably raised Jill’s interest in the beginning but she soon realized that talking to Kelly was equal to talking to the nearest wall. Kelly, for some reason, latched onto Jill as her mentor and Jill saw this opportunity to use her to beef up “Team Jill”. However, Kelly did have a moment of lucidity, fleeting as it was, when Jill sent off that e-mail demanding an explanation of why Kelly chose to speak to Bethenny. Kelly seemed to possess the foresight to address her unease about that with Jill and it somehow was smoothed over or shoved under the rug.

    Jill is able to exert some control of Lu Ann as they both despise Alex and are somewhat in alliance over their distaste toward Kelly. But she does exert the most control over Ramona. Ramona may “speak up” to her on occasion but she keeps crawling back for more. There is a troubling symbiotic relationship afoot here and I am at a loss to figure out why.

    Jill has put Ramona down solidly for the last 3 seasons and has not let up. She has made fun of her “renewal” ceremony, her face and figure, has dissed her at the cosmetic event, poked fun at her “modeling”, criticized her clothing and jewelry, sided with Lu Ann against Mario, ruined her yacht party, placed her on speakerphone with Lu Ann listening to Ramona shred her reputation, screamed at her for Bobby Frankel’s passing, ridiculed her “Cameron Diaz” comparison, and Ramona continues to “pledge her love” to Jill. Go figure.

    Perhaps it is just another version of “birds of a feather” since Ramona herself is unable to curb her own meanness when it comes to pouring the same critique at others. If so, then maybe Jill can also included in the “telling it like it is” club.

  85. If You Had It Like This says:

    Who else thinks Jill had every person she knows text and call to get that 21% on WWHL?

  86. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ Riley Kitty, OMG ,you just described the same situation I’m in with my husband.
    I try to get him to understand and all I get are blank stares. Anyway thank god for Lynn and all you guys because no one else I know watches or knows what the housewives show is.
    On another note did anyone else get the impression when Jill was talking to Ramona at the skating center. That perhaps Jill will take a page from the Ramona Renewal handbook and try to be the new renewed Jill for next season? I don’t know why I got the feeling.

    • ridicurhony says:

      ha, yeah, Jill’s new plan to get control back – renewal. Only I think Ramona actually did have some remorse about how she looked (mean and nasty to people w/o regard for them) and changed somewhat. She is now apologizing and appears to be sincere when she screws up. She still screws up, but catches herself. I think Jill looks at that and says well, I can play that game and then I’ll look better – and has no remorse (c’mon – still tweeting Andy that she TOLD bethenny there were other people in the room during the wwhl show last night – no remorse for lying to Beth there about Lumann listening in) and does not care what OTHER people feel, only wants to ‘act’ nice so she can get that control back. She thinks it will work. Jill is still completely in defense mode and doesn’t get it that if you treat people like shit, they’ll get pissed off at you. Controlling people always seem to be unaware that everyone can plainly see what they are doing – they think their attitudes and motives are hidden even when LOL they are being FILMED. They are living in their own world. I have, let’s say, experience first hand, which is probably why I was attracted to this train wreck. I can spot this shit a mile off now! They think they’re RIGHT about everything and so then they are justified in saying nasty shit to people. They don’t realize people can see right through them. If that makes any sense. I don’t think Ramona is controlling like Jill – she has some empathy for other people and she isn’t clawing her way to be the most important person on the show. She seems to want to actually connect with others. Jill, not so much.

    • boston02127 says:

      I thought that a while ago. I’m betting that Jill will come back next season with her hair cut and will have gotten in to shape. She copies everyone.
      It will be like putting earrings on a pig. It’s still a pig.

  87. jennifer says:

    My fav part of last night was actually the after show because when Jerry Sienfeld (or however its’ spelt) said Jill was rude to not tell B Luanne was in room, below is what JZ tweeted…..
    @bravoandy r u kidding??? I told her Darren and people were in the room. You did not play the entire scene for him.

    which surprised me because she sorta attacking Andy and I just think it’s hilarious she got so upset b/c JS thought her rude 🙂

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      I’m surprised Andy didn’t read on air — like he usually does with Jill.

      I loved Seinfeld’s remarks on that, too. He couldn’t believe Andy even asked the question because the answer was so clear.

  88. Had Enough! says:

    Sonja is much like Bethenny – great insight, sees what is really going on, can laugh at herself. Funny quips. She’s just a more mature, gentler version. The quips are always said with humor. Bethenny is terrific, but she can be a little too sharp, a little over the top. Not that she doesn’t have cause – she does. In fact, where Jill is concerned, Bethenny is restrained compared to what I would say to Jill. And Kelly, too, until the meltown. Then I’d do exactly what all four of them did – tiptoe quietly away and don’t interact with her anymore.

    Anyway, my point is that Sonja is fun an unlike LuAnn, she really does have class. I predict that LuAnn will go after her because Sonja makes LuAnn look bad just by being Sonja.

    I love Sonja’s smile. When she smiles, I smile. I really enjoyed watching her listen to the opera singer, even though I hate the Barber of Seville, I really hate Figaro, actually just hate most opera.

    She makes me laugh, too. This is what RHoNYC could be – fun! if they’d just get rid of Shrill and let Sonja take center stage along with Bethenny, Alex, and Ramona.

    • vilzvet says:

      Yes, it should be the “B.R.A.S.”!!

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I like Sonja, too. Although, I think that Luann is in the process of hitching her wagon to Sonja, that’s how she knew what really happened with Kelly’s breakdown. Sonja, is giving the Luann an exit out of her pact with Kelly and Jill.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        I never thought of that, but when LuAnn said she heard that Kelly totally flipped out, it must have been Sonja she heard it from.

        • GreatExpectations says:

          Yeah, I think Sonja was calling Luann while on vacation. They were presented as friends at the beginning of the season.

    • boston02127 says:

      I like Sonja too, I think she’s a little hard on herself, which she shouldn’t be.

  89. jennifer says:

    Haven’t had a chance to read all the comments yet (I will though…) but thought I’d put in my 2 cents…

    I think Kelly got the preview for last night’s episode and realized that even Jill and Luanne thought she lost it and made no sense and thus PR101 and PR102 with the new tweets to B….

    The fact that Luann and Jill were basically smirking and making fun of Kelly to her face at that dinner cracked me up, Kelly was to dumb to realize that they didn’t even understand her or believe her and they are on her team.

    Love B and want to believe that the producers sorta prompted her to agree to meet with Jill…currently (in real time) they are obviously not friends so she didn’t forgive but I think they needed that for the show.
    JZ appears to “forgive” Ramona (I don’t think R should have apologized but whatever) and then says oh I might not go to wedding in preview which to me just shows how incredibly manipulative and a liar Jill is….if the event isn’t about her she can’t stand it….
    Finally, the people who are defending Jill showing up out of the blue (plp on other blogs and Bravo ) are making me feel cuckoo Kelly crazy, because c’mon…she turned down the invite, you can’t just show up, it’s rude. And plp actually felt bad for her, and claimed she had been invited so wasn’t rude….I don’t understand why plp don’t see how rude that actually is.
    Oh and 1 more thought (sorry wrote a lot) JZ said she’d been planning the surprise for 2 weeks, that is a lie. Because in the previous episode Jill says how she just talked to Kelly down there and now she going to change her ticket…so…..

    ps….Alex and Ramona also say on their blogs that Kelly was asked to leave, so B was telling truth.

  90. Nancyusa says:

    What she encountered was the genuine gut reaction of shock and disgust that could not have been planned by anyone. Disgust because Jill WAS clued in on what had happened the past 4 days with Kelly, and the hell they had been through with her, and she still didn’t have enough sense to know that this was not the time or place for her to show up. Disgust because there was such bad blood she created with Bethenny and Alex and Ramona, and acted like everything was fine.

    Exactly right.

    Looking carefully at last nights show it’s clear that Bethenny was seconds away from crying when Jill and Bobby arrived. I think Ramona saw that as well as how upset Alex was and did the right thing.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I think she did the right thing, too. I wouldn’t have had the strength to do it, but considering Alex’s reaction, Bethenny’s delicate condition and the trauma they’d been through with Kelly, which Jill was well aware of, Jill needed to know that it won’t always be all about her. Ramona did have a responsibility to her guests and shame on Jill for trying to ambush Bethenny when she knew it was early in a difficult pregnancy.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I think people should also take in the stress of shooting. I’ve worked on sets and it is very tiring in and of itself. Can’t imagine the drama/trauma they went through for days on end on top of that. They said Kelly’s acting out was much worse than what we saw.

  91. Kokuanani says:

    Lynn, will you now be able to use the “Jill falling on her ass” screen capture as the header photo on this blog?

    Just sayin’ . . .

  92. otaypanky says:

    Soooo. Now we learn thru Alex that Jill attempted to sabotage Ramona’s getaway. This horrid little creature actually approached all about NOT ATTENDING Ramona’s cruise and joining her’s instead. This way, Jill could have made sure Alex and Bethenny would be cut out from her fabulous circle of friends and make it all about her. How nasty and mean can this shanty piece of work get? What a low life, as is Bawby (after is attack on Bethenny). Screw him too. Both cut from the same cloth…pun intended. Thanks Alex for letting this one out of the bag and thumbs up to Mario for letting us in on the little fact that Jill actually believed if SHE didn’t attend, the trip would not have happened. Can anyone understand how much I truly HATE THIS WOMAN! I just don’t have the words to describe her. She has gone after people and their careers!!! How low can one go? Who does she think she is? This vile, ugly, fat armed, brooklyn bred broad looks not to bring people together but to isolate and destroy those who will not cowtow to her. She is a jealous, envious, evil user.
    She thanked everyone for their cards and Bawby for his GIFTS (notice the S) this week? Welllll, that ho-bag head of hers must have doing alot of bobbing up and down this week. That is the exchange in her marriage, isn’t it? YO BAWBY!!! A GORGEOUS ESCORT IS A HELLUVALOT CHEAPER AND WON’T DRAG YOUR BUSINESS DOWN. How down is your business Bawby…due to your nasty, nasty ho-bag wife????

    • TLM says:

      @Otaypanky — “Cut from the same cloth” … very clever!!! Damn, wish I had thought of that one. 😉

    • boston02127 says:

      Bobby is weak and after watching last night I think he’s dumb too.

    • The Digger says:

      Yes Otay, I totally get how much you hate this woman. I feel the exact same way. She is so transparent to me that is really presses my hate button and you really have to push me far for me to really hate someone like I hate Jill Zarin. Her manipulative style of “friendship” thru vengeance and payback is so insane and so ugly. It comes from a really ugly, despicable place within her. Deep down this is really an ugly woman. She can never redeem herself because her core is ugly. She has no heart and she definitely has no soul. If this woman ever crossed my path in life and she treated me like she treats everyone else she encounters she would have been in for the smack down of her life.

  93. JennyPoo says:

    You all rock!! Let’s take a trip to St. Bart’s. No wait!!! Jillous might show up with Bawwwby! Nevamind! Loving the comments. Some I have thought, most I have not and am loving!

  94. JennyPoo says:

    Mario’s Blog is up. Don’t know if that has been said or not.

    • Nancyusa says:

      Mario: The truth is that Jill had conspired to get all the girls to not go on Ramona’s trip


      • PFinFL says:

        Ohhhh……I so hope they addressed that at the reunion taping!

      • TLM says:

        I just read Alex’s blog about that. Wow, shades of episode 1 with the Labor Day party where Jill tried to take Alex & Simon away from Ramona’s party. WHY IS RAMONA STILL FRIENDS WITH THIS WOMAN??!?!?

        • Morgaine Swann says:

          Ramona can’t avoid this woman, so she just deals with the blow-ups as they happen and moves forward.

        • GreatExpectations says:

          Coming from an abusive household, Ramona might have adapted to surviving this kind of treatment.

      • ridicurhony says:

        Ahahahahahahaha! so easy to predict!

  95. Adios Lunatic says:

    Andy promised us this episode would “play out in real time” — does he not understand what that actually means? Maybe because I was expecting something else this episode just seemed choppy and all over the place in terms of timing.

    Jill sees Kelly at the airport (I’m assuming in St. Thomas) and already knows things have been BAD and still thinks they will just welcome her with open arms?? Wow, the narcissism never ends. And BTW, WTF was Andy on with his question of the week? How skewed was that question toward Jill (along with his commentary) and it still got a huge response — I LOVED IT!

    Kelly and her stories were just beyond…………. Wow, she clearly sees, remembers, believes things were totally different than what the rest of the world saw. Jill and LuAnn making fun of her were far worse than anything the vacay girls did.

    Jill just wants everything to be about her and truly believes that she deserves that. Welcome to reality Jill — it pretty much is about you and ITS ALL BAD.

    Kelly’s blog for this episode is kinda funny — like she’s trying to make sure that everyone knows she didn’t go to the flaky farm when she returned from Scary Island. Whatever Kelly, I’m sure that was all in your head, too. I honestly don’t want to see her at all anymore — it just isn’t fun. I watch this craziness as an escape and it just isn’t the same with someone so removed from reality.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Yeah, when we thought Kelly was just clueless and self-absorbed it was one thing. Knowing that she’s actually mentally ill, it’s no fun despising her. She’s just sad.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I kind of think now that deciding she is sick is just letting her off the hook for being a liar.

  96. Olivia says:

    Did anyone else notice that horrible “music director” with the Mohawk and sunglasses who brought us all Lu Ann’s “fantastic” recording was also there at the skating party?

    Talk about “close friends”. She must have been dragging them off the streets if this fool was included. And he was still wearing the “shades” indoors.

    And Lu Ann has the nerve to criticize anybody else after dragging that mess and Coerte into the mix? Doubt that even Sonja would consider either one of these two as possible Best Friends with Benefits.

    • JennyPoo says:

      Isn’t that the guy with the hearing problem? LOL

    • TLM says:

      That was hilarious — the albino “producer” at the skating party, who also apparently doubles as a mobile DJ…wasn’t he standing behind turntables or something at some point? Producer, my a$$…

    • boston02127 says:

      Yes I did!!!! She has her hand on his shoulder. What’s with that? Between the last guy she was with and now him…her taste is in her mouth. ewww

  97. Nancyusa says:

    Luann has a new interview dated yesterday 5/27

    There’s been a lot of talk about Kelly Bensimon’s breakdown on the last episode. Did you feel like that was also the product of editing?
    There was some help from the other Housewives there that you didn’t get to see. Let’s put it that way. I think that it was four against one, but I do think that she could have gone with the flow a little bit more, and not have instigated as much. She needed a backup. She needed somebody, to go, ‘we know, Kelly, we know.’


    • Adios Lunatic says:

      Wow, with backups like LuAnn and Jill making fun of you right in front of your face, who needs enemies???? Wonder how Sonja will like be lumped into the 4 against 1 deal again? She appeared from what we saw to always have Kelly’s best interests at heart.

      • PFinFL says:

        That was my thought too. What about Sonja? She really was trying to help Kelly. She instigated the “cool out on Kelly”. Sonja is getting a front seat view to the real LuAnn and Jill. Honestly…..

      • jennifer says:

        Wow, this goes directly against what she told US Weekly and wrote in her blog….she said there was no bullying. So, Luann was gaining some respect from me b/c I thought she actually saw what we saw, but now I’ve lost that respect again. Why are these women (Jill, Kelly, Luann) such liars?

  98. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ Had Enough, I agree with you on Sonja there is something very refreshing about her. She fits right in, unlike Jennifer Gilbert. Loving Sonja BIG TIME!!

  99. otaypanky says:

    Article today’s NY Post about Richard Easton, a self made multi millionaire turned matchmaker to men willing to pay 100k for his services, states: “You would like to have my clients at Thanksgiving Day’s dinner- not like the men on Millionaire Matchmaker who look like they just walked off the set of The Soprano’s”
    Yeah Easton…How about the gold diggers she introduces them too???
    Please Lynn. Try a blog about that fat, crass, loud, declasse, failure at matchmaking, lying, manipulating, slob…Pachy StanG(HARD G HERE)er.

  100. JennyPoo says:

    Everything is blamed on editing…..but if you don’t say it…don’t do it…it’s not put in the freaking show! Morons!! Sorry it has nothing to do with what Nancyusa put above, but it was on another question about how she was portrayed on the show. She ticks me off!

  101. Olivia says:

    I kind of like Mario. The “Countless” remark, IMHO, was priceless! And I don’t think he has an easy time being married to Ramona so I give him a pass.

    But his revelation that Jill was planning on “sabatoging” Ramona’s getaway by trying to get the others to attend her own event adds to the question of the Ramona/Jill “friendship”.

    If true, why does Ramona continue to kiss Jill’s fat tush? After awhile a normal person would just declare that “enough is enough” and pull the cord on this shameless troublemaker. As for suggesting that Ramona and Jill must be cordial because they travel in the same social circles, this also includes Mario who does not seem to give a rat’s patootie about what he says about Jill or Lu Ann.

    This, from my perspective, is refreshing by far. Mario is far from forgiving and that much is real. And honest.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Ramona doesn’t kiss Jill’s ass – she placates her so they can continue to co-exist in the same social circle.

  102. JennyPoo says:

    Bethenny blog up now. Kind of short. But, she’s a busy lady.

    • PFinFL says:

      Sounds like Teresa is mad about the high ratings of NY. She thought that when it was just the BRAS, it was boring?

      She thought Jill could have fixed it by not running away….was she watching the same show?

      And she feels sorry for Kelly because all the ladies seem to talk to her in the third person. I would think that was a bit telling on Kelly’s part.

      • JennyPoo says:

        That’s what I thought – did she watch the same show?!! Jill should not have come at all and the deal with Kelly…whatever! Maybe Kelly needs to move to NJ.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        I get the impression that Teresa hasn’t heard that the other women called Jill and asked her to help Kelly. That puts the whole surprise visit in an entirely different light, and I blame the editors or producers for not putting it in context.

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      Teresa and Jill need a show together — this article was all about Teresa and the Jersey girls and how much better they are because they aren’t boring. I guess stupid and narcissistic is the new black.

      • Olivia says:

        An example of pot calling kettle. Both shows have reached the limit of interest. Does Theresa believe that another episode of her sex life or incessant shopping is entertaining? Or that we are as dimwitted as she in judging the NJ “storyline” as just a pretext disguised as entertainment?

        These idiots are just hawking products to enrich themselves. Judging by the “success” of Theresa’s recent book, I am sure her next one highlighting parenting techniques is not far behind. Or “How to Shop” for bargains on $2,000 a day.

        • Adios Lunatic says:

          So true! And isn’t it a little scary the go-to person for magazine interviews is Teresa? Wow, lets as a woman who thinks a man can really have a baby what she thinks — what a great idea!

          • TLM says:

            I think Teresa did not grasp that the “man” who had a baby still had lady parts, because “he” was a pre-op transsexual. Teresa probably did expound upon why men are able to have babies in that episode, but it could not be shown because the cameraman shot himself in the head while listening to her, and the flying shrapnel damaged the rest of the film beyond repair.

      • Char12 says:

        If Teresa thinks NY is boring compared to theirs she has another think coming. I’m not a Danielle fan but without her their show would be nothing. What do those women do that would make it interesting to watch? I haven’t seen anything about their lives that would make me tune in every week.

    • TLM says:

      Teresa’s brilliant comment of the week, #1: “Kelly really did bring the party and when she left, all the fun left too.”

      Hmm. Mental illness and psychotic breaks = “bringing the party” and “fun”? Wow, I guess that says it all about the NJ cast …and Teresa herself.

      Teresa’s brilliant comment #2: “The only crazy thing this entire episode was [Ramona’s] ponytail at the ice rink.”

      Oh really, Donna Karan? And what the F did you put on the head of your innocent infant daughter, who didn’t have the strength to pull it off, or fight back?

      I mean, what the effing hell. I only really like Ramona’s taste in clothing maybe 30% of the time, and even so, I still it’s 1000% better than Teresa’s 100% of the time. Even after consuming 3 cases of Pinot and on crack, Ramona would know better — and would do better — than to take style tips from Teresa. Have fun with your leopard-print-covered headbands, home and body, and oh did I mention, your dumbass husband, Teresa. (Sorry, I just can’t hold that one in).

      Though I loathe promoting anything of Teresa’s, I am putting a link here to her “hair accessories” collection because I think these tasteless monstrosities speak for themselves. http://www.tgfabulicious.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=3

      Oh, one footnote. I guess Kelly’s ranting and raving at both the ice rink and at lunch with Jill & Luann did not count as crazy to Teresa, because those were just “bringing the party” and “fun.”

      Does anyone wonder if Teresa and Kelly took the same “college” courses???

      • Annie1033 says:

        Totally with you. Couldn’t have ranted better myself.
        Theresa needs to stop reproducing and stop talking. Two things that would greatly benefit humanity as a whole.

      • montana says:

        I will NEVER believe Teresa has a marketing degree, there is NO WAY in Hell that girl passed Basic Math and English as required in prereqs..someone will need to SHOW us a diploma saying she has a degree . Yeah Teresa, uh huh I am sure you worked as a buyer for Macy’s …NOT!!!! The only thing you may have done at Macy’s would be reracking clothes, they wouldn’t even trust you with the cash registers.

  103. otaypanky says:

    Bottom line to me is, Ramona has a life. What Jill does or doesn’t do will never affect her family, her fortune. She could really care less. She has Jill’s number and just accepts her. Accepting her does not mean she will always agree with her. Ramona is shooting a reality series, getting businesses off the ground as is Bethenny and Jill is just not the focus of her world. Don’t forget, at Jen’s party, she just left saying “Call me in the morning”…she was so out of there. Went back to her life.

  104. RileyKitty says:

    I don’t think Andy meant the episode would play out in real time just Jill’s arrival & exit from St. John’s & everything in between.

    Bobby is losing points with me fast. I understand standing by your spouse but he has no business talking to Alex or Bethenny & clearly inserting himself when he has no clue what Jill has done. If he does know all the nastiness that Jill has done then he is a bigger idiot than I thought for backing her play. I just wonder what he is thinking now that all her vile behavior has aired?

    • ridicurhony says:

      the way it goes with Bawby:

      Bawby! these people are being so MEAN to me, why don’t you ever stick up for me, you’re my husband, you should SAY something to them when they attack me! I’ve never said anything but nice things to them! YOU need to defend me when they’re mean to me!


      • Had Enough! says:

        Bawby should be wondering why he’s always got to be sticking up for his wife. He should be wondering if it is really possible that it is the whole world that is always wrong and Jill that is always right, or is it more likely that Jill is bringing this on herself?

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      @Riley Kitty
      <b."Bobby is losing points with me fast. I understand standing by your spouse but he has no business talking to Alex or Bethenny & clearly inserting himself when he has no clue what Jill has done."

      That is the second time Bawby stuck his nose in the middle of something he claims to really know nothing about except it makes his harpy cry. As far as I’m concerned with Bawby….I’m done. Hasn’t he noticed how friends disappear out of their lives. What does he think? The friend fairy comes and takes them? Your freaking wife is a harpy Bawby. Deal with it.

      After last night I am more convinced than ever that Kellamity might be sick but she is also running a game. We all noticed how she let LuMann insult her and Jillousy and LuMann laugh at her to her face. However, did you all notice when dishrag Jennifer tried to ask Kellamity whether Alex, Bethenny, Ramona and Sonya were arguing among themselves, Kellamity blew her right off. “It doesn’t matter” is what she said and kept talking at LuMann and Jill. IMHO, when she blew Jennifer off it just reinforced my beliefs that Kellamity only plays to the people she thinks make a difference. Kellamity might be crazy but she is also a poser, ho-bag and a schemer.

      I was disappointed as well that the bullying thing was not clarified. Yes. Both sides got to tell their story but Kellamity was not outed as an out and out liar. Someone should have held that girl’s feet to the fire until she came clean.

      There’s nothing I can say about Jillousy. You all have said it all. She is such a piece of sh*t. I loved, loved, loved that little throwaway scene with Lisa (insert sacasm music here). Suddenly the almighty Jill is listening to someone. Only when it suits her purpose. One of the things Bethenny should say to Jill at their lunch beside the obvious, you came all the way to St John to talk to me but you couldn’t come three blocks to my house in NY is…Jill, I’ve watched the episodes. You needed Bawby and Lisa to tell you to make up with me? You don’t want to be my friend. You just want the right to know what I’m doing and to be in my business. I think not. Now f*ck off. Toodles. (cue the exit music)….Bethenny walks off shaking her butt singing the song, Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time……..end scene.

      I cannot tolerate Jill Zarin. I have crossed paths with too many Jill Zarins in my life. They have to be the center of attention. They spread gossip. They try to keep other women (sometimes men) in a clique controlled by them. They malign other quickly and usually without provocation. Women like Jill suck. It has always been my duty and my privilege to knock them to their knees when possible. Wow. Sorry I ran so long.

      • ridicurhony says:

        I was disappointed as well that the bullying thing was not clarified. Yes. Both sides got to tell their story but Kellamity was not outed as an out and out liar. Someone should have held that girl’s feet to the fire until she came clean.

        I don’t think there was anything to clarify. In Kellamity land, she got bullied – she made it up. If you held her feet over the fire, she would just say “oww, that hurts, why are you so MEAN? you bully!” This gumberry will never come clean.

        • Morgaine Swann says:

          Kelly remembers it exactly the way she told it. No amount of questioning is going to make her see that she was the aggressor. She’s sick. You can’t argue away a mental illness.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      To be fair, Bobby doesn’t have all the information we have. Jill didn’t tell him she put Ramona and Bethenny on speakerphone so she could snicker with the Countess, I guarantee. He didn’t see the evil glee she took in hurting Bethenny when she wanted to make up. Bobby only knows what Jill tells him, and she’s a good liar. I fully expect Bobby to find someone younger and more grateful now that he’s in the public eye.

  105. vilzvet says:

    In the commercial for Bravo’s summer shows, did anyone else notice that Jill, LuAnn and Kelly are absent??? B. is clearly shown, don’t see Alex though. Of the NJ wives, Teresa is heavily featured, including a ridiculous reenactment of tableflipping. Dina is the only one missing.

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      I noticed that too, but think B was on because of new show as RHONY isn’t considered a summer show. Dina seems to be missing from a lot of stuff. Most of the Bravolebrities out and about pictures are just her and not any of the others.

      • jennifer says:

        Simon tweeted someone about this the other day- the promo only featured summer shows, one of which is RHONJ and B getting married….

        Why does the name of the show have a ?…Like, is the idea they are not sure she is getting married or they are shocked, so its a question? The official name is….. Bethenny Getting Married?

        • Adios Lunatic says:

          I thought that was weird, too. Why the “?” The only thing I could come up with was it was asked sort of like a really? question. She did, everyone knows, lose the “?”

          • shantygal says:

            Also noticed that Kelly’s good friend Rachel is in that promo with Bethenny. Wonder how THAT went.

          • TLM says:

            Blame the programming execs at Bravo for this one. Personally I have been aggravated over the name of the show since the time it was a mere rumor, and I STILL wasn’t quite sure of the name until I saw the promos running.

            I have seen everything in print from “Bethenny’s Getting Married?” to “Bethenny Gets Married” to “Bethenny Getting Married”. The question mark makes absolutely no sense, and even more moronic is the lack of a possessive if they went with “Getting Married.” Of course, once this series has run, I guess they’re going to 1) decide to tape more shows and 2) since this series is just focusing on the wedding, it will need a new name. I would like to see “Frankly Bethenny” – something that’s both a play on her name and describes her personality.

          • GreatExpectations says:

            @ Shantygal. I thought Kelly bringing up Rachel was hilarious considering that Bethenny has known Rachel for 20 some years and was her roommate when they were younger. Kelly’s knowledge of people is pretty superficial.

        • Morgaine Swann says:

          That’s the reaction a yenta like Jill would have on hearing the news. Think about it:

          Did you hear? Bethenny is getting married.


    • montana says:

      Alex and Dina are no longer Housewives

  106. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    I can just see Jelly Kelly doing a Public Service announcement on Bullying.
    SHE IRKS ME!!!

  107. A former Jill fan says:

    Jill is still getting slammed on her facebook page. Over 500 comments now and most are negative! Someone commented that she and Ramona supposedly made up at the ice rink, but here MONTHS after the incident, Jill is again bringing up the trip and how Ramona wasn’t a good hostess to them. She is whining and playing the sympathy card AGAIN and hardly anybody wants to hear it!

    You’ll never get it, jill! It IS all about YOUR bad attitude! Narcissist sums you up in one word! If you can’t get over it yourself, then you need the help of a therapist. You and Kelly can have group sessions!

  108. Ann marie says:

    First, this blog is awesome. It is comprehensive, well thought out, funny and really breaks down exactly what the show is about.
    I don’t think Ramona gets enough credit for really being smart. Apologizing to Kelly was the only way to defuse her as was it the only way on the Island to let Jill go. Everyone knows Jill is self serving and I’m glad Ramona told her thesecare my guests and I had to put them first, period. BTW where is bobby’s scar from being cut open ear to ear? He had an open collar and I paused and looked real close – NO scar – not even a tiny one?? Hmmmm……
    Another little white lie ala Jill zarin.. Jen tweeted last night that she and Luann advised Kelly not to go. Miss Zarin told Kelly she thought it was a good idea and would HELP! Again our little darling threw someone to the wolves so she had ears and eyes to report back.
    I have a sister whom I haven’t spoken to for two years. Our relationship ended because I wasn’t catering to her enough. She did selfish unspeakable things to me and my children (they’re grown but my chilren). When I started backing away from her and she felt it she started setting me up. She would manipulate a situation to make it look like I was wronging her! She set her own son up to make him feel like we neglected his birthday. She would make up scenerios of situations and try to convince her son and husband we were being terrible to them actually making her son cry time and again.
    I had a similar relationship with my father as B did. When he was ill and asked to see me It took a lot to go. I did, he died and to this day I dont know how I feel about it. At this point in bethennys life, compounded with preg. she is really in shock. She is trying to disappear in to herself and it results in going through the motions so to speak. Her judgement is clouded and confused. She has been beaten down by the current events and the St. John trip didn’t help at all!
    Alex’s reaction to Jill was right on in expressing just how beaten down they all were, so I can only imagine BF accepting the lunch invite from a robotic like stand point. I have a strong feeling B tells her she would prefer to be cordial in social situations and keep there distance overall.
    Luann’s last few blogs as well as her Interviews last night have been impressing me and shedding a lot of light on Kelly’s recollection of events! “that’s why you don’t have many girlfriends”, etc… Tell’s us Countess has kell’s number. At sonja’s fundeaiser I guess the producers needed them to steal away, get the truth out to Luann and Gen quickly and efficiently. I am possitive the level of guest at that fundraiser were having none of the cameras etc..
    Overall this season shows the demise of Jill zarin. In her mind she can do no wrong. I have no respect for her at all. She is a barnacle in peoples lives inclusive of her sainted husband. Again from experience, even if he knows she’s a liar and pain in the ass… He has to live with her day to day…can you just imagine what he goes through? It is far easier to nod and agree than deal with her brand if insanity. Her desperation to be included in Bethenny’s life is certainly NOT to be her friend but to be included in Bethennys good fortunes and getting her face on another show. Jill loves herself and the limelight and unraveled when her supposid best friend’s fame eclipsed her’s. Her narsasictic personality would not allow her to be happy for Bethenny and that is disgracful and I believe unrecoverable. Lady night during the airing instead of being contrite she tweets how aweful they were to her so Bobby bought her home presents?

    • otaypanky says:

      ..and if we go to a message board format with multiple threads, how can we keep up with one another?

  109. otaypanky says:

    FormerJill: Did I hear Jill is “playing the sympathy card???”


  110. A former Jill fan says:

    Does anybody know when the housewives are given the last few episodes to view? Because I wonder if Bravo has responded to viewers’ comments re Jill and possibly edited these last 3 episodes to correspond to viewers’ hopes and requests that jill not be on the show anymore? It sure was nice being given no or a lot less of jill!

    Or were they that insightful at Bravo?

    Makes one wonder!

  111. Kokuanani says:

    Lynn, two comments about your possible “next blog.”

    1) see if you can find one that has an “edit” or “preview” feature. All too many times I find misspellings or omissions in my comments, but can only post another comment to attempt to correct them.

    2) it would be far more “user friendly” if we could utilize the HTML features via a “button,” rather than having to type out the tags. Again, I screw this up with such great frequency, it would be great to have a little idiot-proofing.

    • Rusty says:

      I would love an edit button too. I think of something two seconds later and add space with my one sentence comments. Did I mention how much I hate jill zarin?

  112. otaypanky says:

    One more thing about Ramona. She married a man she loves. She did not marry for money. She works and produces huge income. She does not HAVE TO SERVICE HER HUBAND, she is hot for her husband.
    Jill married for money and LIKE ANY GOOD HO-BAD, SERVICES HER GIFT GIVER.
    How’s business Bawby…Seriously?. I live in Manhattan, I know people just will not shop at you location because of the way your ho-bag has come across. You and your hooker wife has given All Manhattan Women a bad name! How many female designers who used to frequent your location are now at Mood?

  113. Nancyusa says:

    Never knew this…Alex was an actress

    * 2000s
    * 1990s

    1. Manhattanites (2008) …. Hilda
    2. The Architect (2006) …. Trisha
    3. Rape. (2006) …. Nurse Julie
    4. The Great New Wonderful (2005) …. Jessilyn (Lola Hostess) (segment “Avi and Satish’s Story”)
    5. Queen of Beasts (2005) …. Jane
    6. “Cyberchase” …. Janey, the Hotel Manager (1 episode, 2004)
    – Starlight Night (2004) TV episode …. Janey, the Hotel Manager
    7. The Tollbooth (2004) …. Gallery Owner 3
    8. The Warrior Class (2004) …. Reporter #2
    9. Uptown Girls (2003) (uncredited) …. Molly’s Girlfriend
    10. “One Life to Live” …. McCarthy (8 episodes, 1999-2003)
    – Episode #1.8915 (2003) TV episode …. McCarthy
    – Episode #1.8802 (2002) TV episode …. McCarthy
    – Episode #1.8381 (2001) TV episode …. McCarthy
    – Episode #1.8380 (2001) TV episode …. McCarthy
    – Episode #1.8144 (2000) TV episode …. McCarthy
    (3 more)

    11. Aika (1997) (V) (voice: English version) …. WD-1
    … aka “Agent Aika” – USA
    12. Tetsuwan Birdy (1996) (V) …. Birdy

  114. Eve says:

    Did anyone notice how Luann’s son was misbehaving in front of the camera. Wasn’t she so critical of Alex and Simon’s boys? Maybe she should just worry about her own.
    I don’t think Jill will be booted from the show but I like that Bravo will be in a good position to deny the diva demands. Bravo doesn’t need her but I think she needs them.

    • error 404 says:

      what kid wouldn’t want to play with all the cool remote stuff? None! And Lulu was showing off the place to her kids anyway. It reminded me of those commercials where they give the kid a bike, but won’t let her ride it, etc.. lol

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      That really ticked me off. She’s making excuses for a 13 year old but she criticizes little ones under 5? Little kids get excited no matter how well raised they are. By the time you’re 13, if mom says stop, you should stop.

  115. iceNfire says:

    Good Morning – While Jill was wrong to show up and “Surprise” Ramona, I’m more angry that she intentionally ditched Kelly and didn’t bother to reveal via Ramona’s & B’s call for her help with Kelly’s airport arrival that she was on her way. What made me sick was her crying on Bobby’s shoulder, “They were so Mean” Really? I didn’t see that part. Bobby’s a chump. He only saw Jill being nice? Fuck you and your discount fabric store.

    I don’t believe Bravo ever considered Jen as a housewife, that was Jill’s bright idea. Were we ever introduced to Jen by Bravo? The restaurant scene with J, L, K and Jen was Jill’s attempt go build an alliance. Jill tried to get everyone to boycott Ramona’s vacay and join her on her own trip. How’d that work out for you Bitch! Kinda like the first episode when everyone went to Ramona’s house in the Hamptons and for you and Luann it was “just two little girls” trying to pull Ramona’s guests away.

    Oh and in preview showing Jill’s attempt at another surprise (she knows Ramona hates surprises) Jill would have us believe it was a sincere moment. I believe she just wanted to make sure that she wasn’t being excluded. She probably thought , BRAS were there. BITCH!

    • iceNfire says:

      Lynn I’ll follow you anywhere, It’s just a click away. Good Blog, I give you 5 stars every time!

      • TLM says:

        Can anyone tell me HOW to get a thumbnail photo, and HOW to see all comments made to my comment? Cause I keep trying, and nothing changes.

    • TLM says:

      Icenfire: LOL @ “Fuck you and your discount fabric store.” Hahahaha!!!!!

  116. otaypanky says:

    BAWBY is the COWARDLY LION FROM OZ. He did not confront Mario, because Mario is a MAN who would have told him all about his BJ WIFE!
    The COWARDLY LION has no problem confronting and CORNERING ALEX alone and PUTTING A PREGNANT WOMAN IN HER PLACE!



    He is a soft, old man who loves the BJ’S for gifts Jill offers.

    You are a SAD SACK OF AN OLD MAN!

  117. liptontb says:

    Apologize for earlier random rant about Jill’s so-called skating and KiKilet’s so-called riding, but I got a really bad vibe about K’s temper in her first season just looking at the raging anger on her face when that poor horse balked at a jump. If she had been alone, I have no doubt she would have beat that poor horse half to death with her crop. I also sensed some fear on the part of her children when she went purse “shopping” with Jill. (Shopping to me means you pay for stuff.) Those poor little girls looked terrified — especially the older one.
    As for Jill and her little sparkly outfits, I’m still staggered by her getting on practice ice — with no permission — while real athletes were in real training before the real Olympics. Jesus H. The real athletes can sense where the other skaters are on the ice and have the skill to “pull up” or get out of the way reflexively if they have to. J’s idiot stunt really could have caused one of those kids real harm.
    I found the whole Scary Island episodes beyond my ability to comment, and Bravo’s exploitation of same hideous. I’m not liking Andy these days (not that I ever did — my kids attended his high school when I lived in his home town — he’s a putz). I think Seinfeld has his number. THAT I liked.

  118. Quincy IL says:


    This article is from Mar 2010. The author GW calls Bethenny horseface and asks Jill why she was friends with Bethenny for two seasons. Jill says nothing about the Horseface comment and explains that she didn’t really know who Bethenny was..

    We need a timeline on Jill. She calls Bethenny at Christmas to makeup and then lets this blogger say this about Bethenny in March?

    Are these women living their realities on the time line of the show? Do they display the emotions of the time that the recorded event is shown rather than the place they are in that moment? If so, it’s not a good way to live your life.

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      Wow, GW has been sipping the Kelly kool-aid because he’s crazy! I get VF every month and I sure don’t remember this article but it was clearly there.

      Did anyone see GW on the Kelly Cutrone show? He was just like Jill — demanding everything be done for him for free, right now, first class, etc. He was beyond awful!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        oh damn, I never put the two together, thats the same guy!!! I learn something new from you all everyday!

        That guy was like a cartoon character on KellOnEarth!

        Speaking of Kelly Cutrone, a little arrogant maybe? Plus all of her begging people to write to Bravo asking to bring her show back for another season? sad! Frankly, I’ve seen enough to know how NOT to run a PR firm. (don’t hire cheap help, don’t be so damn unorganized, dont treat employees like crap…and on and on)

        • Adios Lunatic says:

          I watched the show but thought those were the true “mean girls”. I realize that’s probably how those PR firms work, but wow. I loved her daughter, Ava. The rest, not so much.

          GW was so, so, so awful on that show that I remember it vividly. As an avid VF reader for years I was so disappointed to see what he was really like. Even her jaded staff thought he was horrific.

        • chismosa says:

          sorry Lynn but i love her. That is a true PR firm and she is a true PR bitch. She made it on her own. I watch her on the City too, so i’ve seen her in softer circumstances. I hope they bring it back!

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I don’t know GW, been years since I read Vanity Fair. I saw this article linked in another blog. It probably was not in March, but earlier, that’s just when his piece was published. You might notice that Bobby goes along with the “horse face” comment, too. Horrible man, no different than his wife.

      Jill is trying with a straight face to pursue a friendship whilst saying all this? Just an awful person.

    • TLM says:

      I read that. I am stunned that this is the calibur of writer Vanity Fair is employing these days. The guy is the same as Perez Hilton… not a journalist at all, but a catty jerk who does fluff on people who suck up to him, and makes vicious, hurtful comments about those who don’t. I don’t really put much stock in anyone who refers to themselves in the third person, anyhow, like this idiot does; it’s so pretentious it makes my flesh crawl. Fortunately this writing was so over-the-top pandering to Jill that it hasn’t gotten any coverage, since no one takes this idiot writer or Jill seriously.

      • vilzvet says:

        Nasty article, he did not know Jill at all, and the comments following are hilarious…BTW I wonder what the status is of her “home furnishings line” being sold from Bed Bath and Beyond?

        • GreatExpectations says:

          I was wondering about that, too! I imagine Bed Bath and Beyond has run away from the Zaa-rin name.

  119. Adios Lunatic says:

    I also liked that Seinfeld seemed to have no idea who any of the housewives are. In Jill’s version they are probably besties. Of course now her story will be that she knows Jessica and Jerry just doesn’t remember her. He may very well know some of them, but I kinda doubt it — man goes to the same deli pretty much every day and doesn’t want that ruined.

    Andy says in his blog and on Twitter that he had the best time on WWHL but he sure didn’t look like he was………… I would have killed for the Post to have a headline like “Seinfeld Agrees Zarin is Rudest Person on the Planet.”

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I liked how Seinfeld primly told Andy that it was “unprofessional” to drink while working and chose coffee. Of course, it was hilarious how after entering “Andy’s Reality” he said, “Okay, I see why you need to drink.”

      Someone had posted that Andy does lines of coke before and after the show.

      • GreatExpectations says:

        Sorry, if the coke comment came off harsh! It was just that I used to like how AC’s eyes sparkled during the show and his smile, but after I read that I couldn’t help but to think, oh, yeah, OMG!

  120. otaypanky says:

    Liptontb: No kidding Andy’s a putz! Thanks for confirming what we already know. His idol Jerry buried him for all to see. Gotta love Jerry…He also knows this guy’s a putz.

  121. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    Kelly’s Twitter page info lists her as the following:

    * Bio Official Kelly Killoren Bensimon- Mom,Model,Author,Equestrian, Editor,Designer,The Real Houswives of New York,and considered a New York City major tastemaker.

    Well, nobody who I know has hired her as a mom, model, author, equestrian, designer, housewife or tastemaker (major or minor), she she can’t possibly be any of those things.

    Major tastemaker? What? Does she suggest flavors to the Jelly Belly company?

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I can’t believe she considers herself an equestrian. She spent too many of her formative years modeling and is now such a poseur, it’s truly incredible.

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        She DOES wear riding boots with her dresses a lot of the time. Does that count?

  122. Quincy IL says:

    Otaypanky, I felt that Bobby was a bully at the time that he went after Alex in the garden too. I felt he was a bully when he went after the pregnant Bethenny. I think I hate him now. I feel so sorry for Bobby’s children. He had an affair with Jill and gives her millions for her time. Can you imagine the nightmare of having Jill as a step mother or step mother in law?

    Bobby Zarin is a horrible person. Jill tried to make Mario seem out of control last year, but Mario knew Jill and was experiencing what we have witnessed for ourselves this season. If only we had known, we could have treated Mario with more respect.

    Jill has ruined her daughter’s graduation, Bobby’s business, her family’s book…. For what Jill… a few more pieces of gold? When is enough, Jill?

    • otaypanky says:

      We are seeing eye to eye. He’s an older guy who can only confront women. Any man can insult his little whore all he wants. BAWBY IS THE COWARDLY LION FROM OZ. Screw you Bawby. Those BJ’s have gotten awfully expensive, haven’t they???????????

  123. otaypanky says:

    Lynn: Start an I HATE ANDY COHEN BLOG!!!
    Seriously, his ego would not be able to tolerate it.

    Let’s start with our little bit of power and balloon this into what we want. We count!

  124. GreatExpectations says:

    I had read someone post who knew Bobby in college that he was a dim bulb. Not a smart man.

    On Gilles living in the same building my take was not joint custody, I think it has to do with how he bought his apartments. He probably got some deal back in the 90’s with the developer and that is why they are in the same building. He bought the land in the Hamptons before he married Kelly for a very low price and built the house with her afterwards. Maybe, he invested and got in on the ground floor (so to speak) back in the day before real estate skyrocketed in the late 90’s and got a good deal on the flats, too.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      Also, his employer at the time, Hachette might have given him a sweetheart deal. That’s how Anna Wintour affords her lifestyle.

  125. I don't have my notes says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for Jill to sink lower in my estimation but she dove to a new low in last night’s episode.

    Jill not telling anyone she was going to go see the girls in the Virgin Islands after speaking to both Bethenny and Ramona on the phone, when they wanted her to intervene and help Kelly, was all part of Jill’s scheme to orchestrate her grand entrance for the camera like in the Broadway musical “Hello Dolly” and let Kelly be damned. According to Jill’s delusional plan, her horn blast of “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” was the girl’s clue to jump up with joy and form a chorus line, bend to one knee, throw their arms up in the air and sing, “Well Hello Jill! Hello Jill! It’s so nice to have you back where you belong!” then Jill would bow to their worshiping eyes and bestow gifts upon them like Mother Teresa because, you know, giving expensive material things makes everything right in the world in Jill’s heavily made up eyes. How I loved it when she was ignored.

    I think Bawwwwby really needs to get a clue about how Jill is when she is not pleasuring him or building up his ego with all her compliments. Although, I am sure he decided long ago that his life with Jill would be much better if he turned a blind eye and ear to most everything she does. Didn’t he once say that he prefers to be on a “need to know basis” on family issues?

    Even though Countless LuMann has never interested me enough to bore me, I felt bad when Jill told her she would have lots of her CD’s left to give away free, meaning she wouldn’t sell all she had. That was mean.

    Overall I give props to Ramona for not letting Jill stay and being considerate of how Bethenny and poor Alex would feel with her being there.

    The on-ice face plant was the highlight of my week. Hopefully it will be online soon and I can download it as my screen saver. One thought on that, I really wonder how long she laid there and how much she cried and screamed for those two security guards who were standing by the edge of the rink to go over and try to help her up?

    • GreatExpectations says:

      Jill and Bawby doing it is an image I’d rather not have in my mind! I’d prefer to think Bobby just like his lady to be a middle aged, passive-aggressive queen and he gets some thrill out of backing that. I know that sounds worse, but somehow it is better than thinking of her “servicing” him! Ew! But now I sounds like Kelly! Better check out of Andy’s reality for awhile!

  126. iceNfire says:

    About Bravo never asking a housewife to leave : Solution, Ramona, Alex, Sonja, and Bethenny (if summer gig is just a summer gig) simply add contingency that says they will not be expected to associate with Jill or Kelly. Better yet they refuse to sign contract if one is offered to Jill. Is anyone still emailing Bravo?
    Mail a letter:
    Bravo Viewer Relations
    3000 W. Alameda Ave., Suite 250
    Burbank, CA 91523

    I can’t stand Andy anymore. What are the chances we could get him to fire himself?

  127. Adios Lunatic says:

    If I’m calling anyone a Ho-Bag — its gotta be Jill.

  128. The Digger says:

    Hey Alex, nice EYE DAGGERS you were shooting in Jill’s direction when she showed up with her surprise on psycho island!!! Bethenny looked like she was going to cry but was holding back. Floved how no one could even say a word… they were just speechless. Little miss all about me explodes into the scene and does not bother to even stop and sense of the temp of the room. It’s all about meeeeeeee. Look at meeeeeeeeee.I’m heeeeeerrrrrrr. Clueless bitch. If I was Alex I would have been out of my chair and slapped her in the face for ignoring me as if I wasn’t even there.

    If I have to listen to one more round of “I thought you were my friend. If you were my friend you would not treat me like this. I thought you were my friend. If you were my friend you would not treat me like this. I thought you were my friend.” I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MIND. WHAT ARE WE 8 YEARS OLD AND IN GRADE SCHOOL JILL????

    Hey Jillshill, here is another one to use, try this one on Bawbee… “If you love me you will_____(fill in blank with: buy me, take me, do for me… add in materialist item or details of choice). THEN, WHEN YOU DON’T GET YOUR WAY SAY: “You must not love me since you didn’t _________. I thought you loved me.”

    More fake crying on Bawbees shoulder. Woe is me. Poor me. me. me. me. Someone call this bitch a waaaambulance.

    • error 404 says:

      Jill planned that surprise so she could have a scene on camera of them being mean to her. They didn’t really react, so her pre-scripted “Bawby, they were so mean to me!” crying scene fell flat.

      Who needs notes to make-up with a friend? Someone who’s trying to script her own TV show, that’s who!

      Loved how in their scripted tete-a-tete, Lisa got in an unscripted zinger about Jill owing B an apology she never gave. lol

      Remind me, didn’t B first say “weapons down” at the Ramona “ambush”? Now Jill has co-opeted her expression. I don’t blame her really. It’s so much better than the lame “2 little girls on a beach” line she read off a ‘precious moments’ statue.

      • The Digger says:

        I agree. The big entrance didn’t work and then the script of her crying on Bobby’s shoulder had no chance of working. Hard to really shed tears when you have no soul. Amazing how it all became Alex’s fault that she was banished from the island. Jill always needs to peg someone the enemy. Warfare and battles are like that. Notice it is never her that is wrong. Notice she is never at fault. It is always someone else’s fault.

  129. Char12 says:

    I could see Ramona’s frustration when she was trying to talk to Jill at the villa. Jill never lets anyone get a word in crosswise. She badgers people until they just give up.

    When Kelly jumped Ramona at the skating party I completely understand why Ramona said what she did. Kelly won’t stop until she hears what she wants to hear, Ramona never would have gotten away from her otherwise. I’m sure Kelly would have followed her home until Ramona said what Kelly wanted to hear.

    I honestly do believe Kelly is somewhere in outer space. The fact that after seeing the episodes with her own two eyes and every one on earth telling her that she caused all the drama but still claims that she was the victim tells me she’s incapable of comprehending anything that’s beyond an 8 year olds ability.

    I have a question…Do you have to register on Bravo to be able to leave a comment? I can’t see anywhere on there to register and I have tried to leave comments but none has ever been posted. I know others have said that too but I thought maybe you have to register somewhere.

    • error 404 says:

      “I’m sorry you feel that way” is a good way to diffuse a situation while buying you more time after being blindsighted.

      Can you imagine: you invite someone on a all expense paid luxury vacation, they insult you and your guests at every turn, all but ruining the trip, and then then confront you at a party and demand an apology for the way you treated them! What??? She’s lucky Ramona didn’t just slap her.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        Magazines are done 3 months ahead, so the interview probably took place in December. Still, Jill’s a bitch.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        Kelly is twice Ramona’s size and crazy to boot. Ramona did exactly the right thing – placate her and get the hell away from her. There’s no other way to deal with someone that delusional if you don’t have some legal relationship to them.

  130. error 404 says:

    Hi Kelly! How are Sea and Teddy?

  131. desertgal66 says:

    Theresa is the guest blogger about the NY Housewives this week? C’mon, Bravo. There are cars that are smarter than Theresa.

    • emt2 says:

      Agree. Teresa is working my last nerve. She wants to be America’s sweetheart. Her “opinions” sway with the wind concerning Kelly and Bethenny. She doesn’t write the blog featured in People. She also didn’t write her best selling book. I hope that they uncover how much input she really had into the book because the woman is barely literate. She isn’t witty and she writes poorly. Just check out her blogs at Bravo from last year.

      She is a big, tacky phony and I don’t know why she is getting any attention. Her show is boring and her kids are out of control. What happened with Juicy Joe’s DUI, btw?

      • ImToula says:

        Dosen’t she remind you of Nanny Fein?
        The voice, the hair?

        • iceNfire says:

          Happy I’m not alone in my opinions about this scuzzy woman. Discipline your kids then they might actually be cute. Any one commenting endlessly about thier sex life isn’t getting any

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        I like Teresa – she’s s typical Jersey Girl, which is not the same as being a woman who happens to live in New Jersey. I don’t expect her to be educated, or classy. She is what she is, and it can be kind of wonderful if you accept her limitations.

        It doesn’t surprise me that she’d be easily manipulated by the likes of Jill, but she likes Bethenny, too, and she knows Kelly is nuts, though she’d never be able to explain how or why.

  132. Adios Lunatic says:

    Lynn, troll alert!!

  133. I'm just visiting this planet says:

    GO TO SLEEP!! GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!

  134. Had Enough! says:

    Here’s what I just can’t figure out. Shrill keeps admitting that she’s unhappy with her behavior. Or at least the consequences of her behavior. Now a second later, she goes back to blaming the other person. So maybe she is saying that because she thinks it is what she is suppose to say. But lets say she does have just a shred of self-awareness. Let’s say that Lisa and Bawby and maybe even that old hag Gloria have, in private, suggested that she’s gotten out of control and she needs to dial it back.

    So why aren’t we seeing any change at all? In fact, she seems to be getting worse.

    How can she be watching these shows and not cringing just a little? How can she not want to be a better person? Maybe the show exaggerates her shortcomings, but to exaggerate, these things have to be there in the first place.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      There will be no change in Jill’s insidious behavior. This is just a minor bump in the road that she is convinced she will overcome. She views it as a bump because she transfers the blame/responsibililty to the people around her.

      After all, she is so practiced at what she does, she has a sense of entitlement that comes from getting her way most of her life.

      She will get worse because she has no self awareness and possibly doesn’t even possess the social skills needed to change.

      Jill doesn’t see the need to remove the turds that she creates, she just attempts to polish them through her manipulations and lying.

      • shantygal says:

        I’ve finally realized Gloria’s main secret of a Jewish mother. Raise your children to be accomplished, contributing member os society. Give up when you realize that one of them is just too stupid and tell her that she’s “pretty”.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Shanty – you must be “in tune” with Gloria, I think that is exactly what she’s done with her daughters. Maybe “channeling”? LOL

          Clearly Sol & Gloria only had enough brains to pass out to 1 child…Jill got the leftovers.

  135. The Digger says:

    Hey Jill, can you send me an autographed photo of you for my dart board? Muah!

  136. Slynn says:

    I missed WWHL but this is a great Recap…. Jerry was brutal!!! I’ve only caught one episode of the Marriage Ref and didn’t enjoy it, I think Jerry’s a bit too big for his britches just like the HW’s!


    • Adios Lunatic says:

      I know I’m asking for it, but I actually like the first couple of shows of the Marriage Ref. Funny concept and the first couple of shows were hysterical, IMO. After that, pretty cringe worthy.

      They left out some of the best parts of WWHL but Jerry really does basically ask Andy, WTF were you thinking with these people?

    • Slynn says:

      As a disclaimer I have never watched an Andy Cohen show besides the reunions so perhaps Jerrys haughtiness was justified!

    • ImToula says:

      I have never found Jerry to be funny. I have never seen any of his shows.

  137. jezzibel says:

    well atleast your being truthfull to your name!

  138. jezzibel says:

    well atleast your being truthful to your username!

  139. celeste says:

    It appears WWHL with Jerry wasn’t shown on the west coast. I wonder if Andy pulled it because he was pissed?

    • The Digger says:

      I think it is just a mixup. I’m on left coast and saw 1/2 of Jerry on WWHL. When SJP was on last week my info box said it was to be Jerry. I think it is just confusion. Hey BRAVO, get off the crack pipe and send the right programming, ok?

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I saw it. I think Jerry was referring to it not being “live” on the West Coast, but taped.

  140. shantygal says:

    otaypanky says:
    May 28, 2010 at 10:21 am
    ..and if we go to a message board format with multiple threads, how can we keep up with one another?

    A message board usuall has the option to quote the original post you are responding to. It would end up looking like this one, except your original post above, will be boxed in with quotations. There would be no need to copy and paste or scroll back.

    • shantygal says:

      They also have a “preview” and “edit” option, which I desperately need! (should read USUALLY above).

  141. LynnNChicago says:

    Our new proposed message boards were brought to us by “JustACommoner” aka Kathy, so thank you again Kathy for getting this ready for everyone!

    Here is the link to our proposed “I Hate Jill Zarin” message board, would you all please take a look, post a comment or two and give me your feedback, if everyone (or most people) like it, we’ll move over there…here it is..


    • Rusty says:


      Looks good to me! Did you know that I hate jill zarin?

    • The Digger says:

      I registered, but, where do you want people to chat? Maybe make it really clear where the current chat is on that board… under Lynn’s RHONYC Recaps OR All Things Jill Zarin? I’m not sure where to post..

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        LOL. Ice had a post over the new place and like a ding dong I went to answer. Surprise. Why don’t you register first dimwit. LOL.

    • shantygal says:

      Lynn & Kathy – JaC – I love it. So far so good. Easy to navigate and self explainatory. A “how to” thread can always be added for questions that come up regarding more tech. skills that a lot of do not possess. Great job Kathy.

    • TLM says:

      I’m not crazy about that format… it reminds me of so many discussion thread pages where topics are so segmented that some probably never get read, and usually one main one emerges anyway.

      What I’ve always wanted is the ability to read the posts in order, but also the ability to read all posts by just one person if I find them interesting. Or to see all my own posts in one place, for that matter, and to delete or modify my own post if I see the need. I don’t know if the new site allows that…maybe someone can tell me. Thanks.

      • Just a Commoner says:

        TLM, you can read posts in order, posts by one person, or just your own posts. You can preview your posts before submitting and you can edit and delete your own posts indefinitely. It’s also very easy to do block quote, bold and italic, and stuff like that.

        More later– i gotta run right now!

    • Kat says:

      I love it!

    • CarrieCinKY says:

      I registered, but are the forums not open right now b/c you’re trying to decide?…. Kinda new at all the message boards stuff. LOL

  142. Char12 says:

    What’s the matter Jill, does the truth hurt? lmao

  143. lillybee says:

    Theresa is something else because she thinks that Kelly brings the fun to a party. I loved the shower that Alex and Sonja gave. It was nice to see the BRAS having a good time without the drama.

  144. anniieee says:

    I posted way up but am so mad at LuMann and Godjilla that I had to post this again. My blood pressure seems to be rising. I hate those two so much. Kelly–just terribly sad… She needs an intervention asap. She is truly mentally unbalanced or drug addled. Her kids are going to pay for this in the long run with lots and lots of issues as they grow up. Gilles-GET THEM THE HELL AWAY FROM HER!!!

    Here’s my reply to the scene where LuMann and GodJilla try to get the story out of Kelly whack a doo…

    I hate them both… they ae both so “holier than thou” self serving condesending (sp) asswipes. “Can you do anything for me-n0- byeee darling….They are so trapped in their own insecurites that they have to smugly put down other people to feel better and superior (in their own minds-do they have one?) Luann is white trash who got some money off her back…and thinks that makes her classy…and Jill..well the baggage she drags behind her as a long island lolita just makes her insufferable. I hate them both!!!

    Sorry just really need to vent… Thanks for listening.

  145. Bethenny's Belly Waxer says:

    Lynn, I like the layout of the new message board. My town uses a similar one for their site. It is really simple to use.
    Ps…thank you for the blogs! To quote Teresa, I “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE” you and your witty insight!

  146. error 404 says:

    maybe Kiki is krazy. Ramona was nice and basically handed her the “it was an allergic reaction to wine” excuse, but Kiki was too tweeked to get it. Lame excuse? yes. Better than “i was being bullied”? Oh yeah.

    • Kat says:

      Ramona wears tact well.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      It’s very unlikely Kelly will ever admit she has a problem. I just hope she has a better support system than we see around her. I hope the kids are being watched.

  147. Char12 says:

    I don’t know Lynn, can we live up to these terms of service. I can see you know who might constantly complain.

    Please remember that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this BB. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by email. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary. You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this BB to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this BB.

    • The Digger says:

      I was thinking the same thing…

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Add me to that list.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        So, would you rather stay here? I like it here, I just want to make sure we make it as enjoyable as possible with as few stupid rules as possible, a few have asked to switch to a message board but at what cost? so you vote to stay put?

        • Char12 says:

          I vote to stay put just because of the terms of service. Jill would constantly complain to BB and all the comments would be deleted most likely. But I’ll go along with you everyone else.

        • The Digger says:

          Ca you disable the reply button here? Then people would copy and paste the users name with a @lynnnchicago said: <> when referring to a post?

          I am not sure we can live up to the moral code on the message board and I don’t want you-know-who coming in and slamming them legally everyday to get stuff removed and they pull the board entirely.

        • Kat says:

          I just read the terms of service too, and it gives me pause.
          I’ll go where ever, or stay.
          This board just gets slow and wonky due to volume.
          You are popular!

          • chismosa says:

            i like here EXCEPT the REPLY issue, because i’d rather read all in order of time posted, straight down….

        • cusi77 says:

          Good Afeternoon Lynn,

          I also like here. I as well have already registered in the other site.

          Please do not let me all alone! LOL

          I am a cumputer challenged BUT Jezzzz I enjoy all of you!

        • Just a Commoner says:

          The other board I use on that site doesn’t adhere to those guidelines. It’s pretty defamatory and certainly loaded with obscenities (SO MUCH FUN!) and we have never had a problem. But your call, Lynn. If you do decide to can it over there, let me know so that I can shut it down.

  148. emt2 says:

    Let’s start a I hate Teresa blog! She is tacky, trashy and a phony.

    Does she really write her blog at People? I didn’t think so. Did she really write her best selling book? I didn’t think so. Have you read her blogs from last year? The girl is basically illiterate.

    Flipping over a table should not garner her the amount of attention she has received. Who is watching the New Jersey show? I stopped watching it because it was boring, repetitive and I don’t find them charming, least of all Teresa.

    She steals other people’s ideas (cough, Bethenny) and pretends that it was her idea. Skinny Italian??? Italian food filled with healthy recipes?? When has Teresa ever been concerned with health? Ever?

    All she talks about is her spoiled daughters, her hate for Danielle, her “chucky” and sex with husband, and her tacky sense of “fashion.” Please tell me what else has this woman talked about?

    • montana says:

      Do it EMT2, any blog that hates on Teresa is a friend of mine. Why? Because I HATE LIARS. I don’t hate the non-wealthy, I don’t hate people who don’t share my opinion, I am not prejudice in the least, but what I am is what you get. That woman has been lying to all of us and I find it hard to believe she actually has followers, many of whom share her IQ of 10 I suppose but still she has them. It is bad enough to put other people down when you actually have more then someone else, it is quite another to put another person down and you actually have less than they have. UGH the audacity.

  149. GreatExpectations says:

    Just read this recap:


    I agree that Sonja needs her own show. She’d be fun to watch all on her own. I realize now that she is all that is making this show palatable.

    ” The ladies are talking about babies, and sonograms, and growing tummies, when Ramona chokes. Literally. She is fine, but this one second of panic, is enough to show us that Sonja Morgan is divine, and needs to have her own show. Between her ability to give the Heimlich to both humans and dogs, and her desire to have a deliberator in her home, she is television perfection.

    The Real Housewives of New York City must be cancelled immediately, and replaced with “Sonja In The City”. We can follow her around, see how she lives, go on her dates, all of it. This woman is fabulous. She is funny, charming, and cute as hell. Bethenny got her own show, and now it’s time for Sonja. I could care less about anyone else on this show. They had a few good years, time to wrap it up. It’s Sonja time Bravo!”

  150. ImToula says:

    @ Bitch,
    Just exactly what are you trying to say?

  151. error 404 says:

    question? If Kiki is stuck at 13, what age are you stuck at when you want a big party centered around skating, off little party favors to the guests, want to wear a pretty princess pink dress, and put on a show being the center of attention? 9 maybe?

    • The Digger says:

      Yup. Age 9. Don’t forget the free cupcakes and the hot chocolate.
      Then she leaves to put on her Barbie skating costume so she can look like one of those plastic cake decorations and be the peacock of the party. Look at meeeeee.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        The very worst of it for me was the lamb chops or whatever for Ginger. Buy that damn dog a bag of dry food and get something reasonable for a party, you entitled twit!

  152. Nancyusa says:

    Jill was asked about Amazongate

    How do you feel about the stories that have recently come out over the controversy surrounding your book, what’s being called “Amazon-gate”?
    I haven’t responded to it–at some point I will. I think it’s mean. I’m on a reality show, and there will always be people who will love and hate the character. There’s an agenda that unfortunately some people have, and I can’t control that. I just stay in my lane and focus on my stuff. And I think people know my character and that really says it all.

    • error 404 says:

      Genius! Next time someone asks me a direct question I don’r want to answer, I’m just gonna babble about nonsense for 5 minutes straight.

      store manager: “excuse me! are you going to pay for that?”

      erro 404: “see sometimes when you don’t water flowers they wilt, but sometimes you catch them in time and a can revive them, and they’re like new, but sometimes they die and you have to wrap them in newspaper. Do you believe what they print in the newspaper these days. just yesterday I was reading as story about this little boy who…”

      and by this time, I’m in my car and gone with the stolen item.

    • I don't have my notes says:

      It amazes me that Jill thinks she is playing a character like in a scripted situation comedy or television drama. What part of “reality” show does she not get? Her character is herself.

  153. RileyKitty says:

    The new site looks great!! I already registered..

  154. JillousyHater says:

    Everyone has such great observations – TLM – it also bothered me how Jill is always making the comment about “putting weapons down” I want to reach through my tv and strangle her because she is the only one with weapons so to speak!!!

    I also find it interesting how Jill also needs to be “ready” to make up with people but when she is ready to make up everyone else has to be ready too.

    It would have been great if Bethenny started screaming that she felt ‘AMBUSHED” by Jill showing up on the island and started crying and complaining the she didn’t bring her notes with her to be able to talk to Jill.

  155. iceNfire says:

    I need somebody to chat with. please post comments on new site

  156. Smompy says:

    My eyes sometimes play tricks on me these days, but did anyone else think that Lisa Wexler’s face looked different last night from the way it usually looks? When she was talking to JIll in that scene at Bryant Park, I kept thinking to myself, “Did she have work done? Did her nose get a little smaller? Is her skin tighter?” But they were both shot from a weird angle with the camera being very close and low to the floor, so maybe that made her look different to me.

    “Had Enough!” ranting in all CAPS about hating JZ had me LOLOLOLing. I love it, I love it, I love it! And it’s true. The woman has NO redeeming qualities at all. She’s a walking embodiment of the seven deadly sins – although I don’t ever want to think about her manifesting the sin of Lust. Ewww!

  157. Hooked On Housewives says:

    are we staying here or are we going to the new place?

  158. Rusty says:

    I’m off to take a dirt nap. Let me know where you all will be and I’ll be there. Gee I hate jill zarin.

  159. LynnNChicago says:

    I’m feeling the love everyone! Thanks! :)xo

  160. The Digger says:

    Looks like the board was spammed in the troll message as old messages from that thread are now on the bottom of the page.

  161. 2Stupid says:

    I read constantly, but rarely post. I like it here for now. I’m not really used to the message board format. Let’s stay here through the reunion.

    • Kokuanani says:

      Thanks, Lynn.

      Actually, having tried the “new place,” I actually like this one. [Except for the lack of an “edit” feature.]

      And I LIKE the “reply” button.

  162. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ BITCH stop with the white noise already. ZIP IT!!!

  163. HD says:

    I like the new forum. What are the terms of service that people mentioned? I think it will be fine.

    I HATE JIll Zarin but in all honesty when this show goes off and the reunion I will NEVER be so glad so she can stop consuming my emotions with how much I hate her! So honestly we only have 3 more shows (I figure one show and 2 reunion shows). Perhaps a lost foootage show and that’s that.

    I think the bigger question for you Lynn is are you blogging about Bethanny. I assume you are. If so the other forum would be much better because you can just add another thread for her. It just keeps things more organized than this. I love everyone’s comments so I think that would be better.

    By the way….I HATE JILL ZARIN!!

  164. HD says:

    I used to run a forum using Proboards. Use that one. Same concept as the new board they just do not get into your business.

    ProBoards does not control the forums made available by means of the Website and Services. Forum owners and moderators reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to delete or modify forum posts, revoke membership to the forum, block access to the forum, modify Your account profile, or modify any User Content (as defined in Section 15 below) on the forum. You should contact the forum owner directly with any complaint, grievance or problem. ProBoards reserves the right, but disclaims any perceived, implied or actual duty, to monitor disputes between Website members. You agree to hold ProBoards harmless in connection with any dispute or claim You make against any other member.

  165. otaypanky says:

    Teresa …..Puleeese…Go such your fat chucky…eeewwwww!

  166. otaypanky says:

    Teresa …..Puleeese…Go suck your fat chucky…eeewwwww!

  167. Pantry Viewer says:

    You know what really pissed me off last night? When Jill was fake-talking with her sister, Jill said she did not want to have to “rehash” with B or anyone she had fights with. She doesn’t want to say, well, you did this and I did this.

    Well, heck no she doesn’t want to do that! Then she might have to explain her horrid actions one by one! She just expects that because she says so, everything should be fine. U.G.H.! She is just insufferable.

  168. lillybee says:

    I like this place but I will go where you all go.

  169. lillybee says:

    Luann’s music video is out. You can see it on the Huffington Post entertainment section.

  170. anutha hata says:

    EMT2—Toni is doing the NJ Housewives, I have a link to her site on the right-hand side of my blog nyhousewives.blogspot.com
    I’ll post a link to the new boards, or wherever everyone decides to settle, but I posted my comment here because the title about last night’s episode- “What Was That?”,
    as usual, Lynn puts into words what we were thinking.
    (I know that’s what I was thinking). WTH?
    I have company here but I do have some questions about this episode, and really, I don’t know what to think about it. So I’ll try to find where everyone is when I get a chance.
    Maybe since the show had been so Kelly-centric, and then last night, Krazy Kelly was gone. -And she was back in her element, I just don’t know.
    The whole “Alex was trembling.”-just seemed so FAKE to me. Although I do believe that Alex was upset, but I thought she was upset from Kelly’s behavior.

  171. clc says:

    I look forward to your blogs and was disappointed when I couldn’t find your blog in the new site. Maybe I wasn’t clicking on the correct title…. I was lucky to find the link to this one in your earlier tweets, so now this mother is happy.

    I still hate Jill Zarin, absolutely dislike Luann, and think Kelly is non compos mentis. I was disappointed Ramona apologized to both Kelly and Jill. I think for all her zaniness Ramona has a big heart and tries to fix everyone’s hurt feelings. And I think Bethenny will zing a good one on Jill at their “reconciliation” lunch, at least I hope it lands right between Jill’s eyes. I also think Bobby brings credence to the saying, “nothing like an old fool,” if he’s that blind to Jill ‘s antics.

    • TLM says:

      I don’t think Bobby gets to see much of the real Jill. He sees the good side, the one that’s offering to help people or do them favors, or help out at the store. He sees Jill’s dedication to him and her worry when he is sick. But he is not there to see her flipping out at people, demanding payback for everything, demanding favors and being melodramatic and self-centered. Jill knows where her bread is buttered, and she is not going to let Bobby see that. So of course he would say he only sees Jill saying nice things. I have personally known someone like this who does the same thing. Women like Jill shield their husbands from the parts of any stories that make them look bad. So then when people give them what they deserve, they can run to the husband and cry, “Look at what they did to me! Look how mean they are to me! Etc.” It is a very manipulative, narcissistic kind of woman who does that.

  172. TexGal says:

    Hi all! I’ve been reading Lynn’s blog for a while, and I really like all of the intelligent, thoughtful, snarky comments. Just felt the need to throw in my 2 cents here.

    1) On Jill showing up in the VI, those poor women were just so destroyed and emotionally drained after dealing with Kelly. There was no way they were in any position to deal with Jill’s drama. I can just picture Jill starting some argument, and they all snap. Suddenly we have bikinied housewives descending on Jill ala the Twilight Vamps on Glee this week. They would still be finding pieces of Jill on that beach.

    2) I personally think Kelly must have a little of Columns A, B, & C wrong with her (or maybe a lot of each). B & C being mental issues and drugs, respectively. Her basic problem (A) is that she is mentally retarded, like in the clinical sense. She’s high-functioning but still… I have yet to see Kelly be truly good at anything or be able to even talk about a subject intelligently, logically, or comprehensively.

    3) Bethanny’s (whom I really like) personality grates on some people, mostly women, because I believe that her basic and default way of dealing with people is male. Probably because the 1st positive personal interactions she viewed as a child were men at the racetrack or stables. She learned how women relate to each other but she defaults to male. And they will crack and make fun of each other all the time. Hence, her making fun of that guy’s accent at Jason’s party (esp if he really is HER friend).

    That’s what I got. Sorry it’s a little long. Lynn, just let us know if, when, and where you move.

  173. TLM says:

    Jill has absolutely flipped her lid, and is digging herself an even deeper hole. She actually tweeted today: “I could never describe what it felt like. Ramona did not even offer us a glass of water or bathroom after 9 hours… ”

    Excuse me?? You’re criticizing a host who never thought they would be playing host to you, and was in shock from your actions? Maybe R figured there was a bathroom for you to use on your PRIVATE PLANE. Do you *really* think if you had asked to use a bathroom or get a glass of water, she would have said no? Jill — get over your effing self-centeredness and self-important, never-ending pity party for yourself. I think it is hilarious that you think your needing to pee or wanting a glass of water is more important than your friend having a nervous breakdown and flying home to NYC, another woman there having a high-risk pregnancy and a third one shaking and crying because she was ground down from stress. Yes, Jill, YOU were the REAL victim here. I think you should be checked into a room with Kelly in a psych ward.

  174. CarrieCinKY says:

    Here is what I posted on Kelly’s blog on bravo… and it really is how I feel about her, so I don’t know if Bravo will post it…. but I had to get it off of my chest:

    You blatantly LIED at that dinner to Jill, Jen, & LuAnn… and you KNOW it. If you don’t, you are totally delusional.
    I’ve never been a fan of yours, & after these past 2 episodes I will never be. I hope you are in therapy, and I sincerley mean that from the heart. Obviously you carry a chip on your shoulder for B, she’s blunt about what she thinks of people… get over it! Everyone say’s things they don’t mean from time to time, a grown ADULT moves on. I WATCHED you call B a hoebag, weird, a freak, creepy… and worst of all, you tried to make her feel guilty over the death of her father. Your behavior was disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself!

  175. CarrieCinKY says:

    I left a message on Kelly’s blog on bravo… I wanted to share it with you all… IDK if Bravo will approve my comment to her blog, but I had to get how I felt about Kelly’s behavior on that trip off of my chest. Here’s the comment from me:

    You blatantly LIED at that dinner to Jill, Jen, & LuAnn… and you KNOW it. If you don’t, you are totally delusional.
    I’ve never been a fan of yours, & after these past 2 episodes I will never be. I hope you are in therapy, and I sincerley mean that from the heart. Obviously you carry a chip on your shoulder for B, she’s blunt about what she thinks of people… get over it! Everyone say’s things they don’t mean from time to time, a grown ADULT moves on. I WATCHED you call B a hoebag, weird, a freak, creepy… and worst of all, you tried to make her feel guilty over the death of her father. Your behavior was disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself!

  176. Ellabean says:


    I so appreciate this your work on this blog, your warm personality that shines thru, and the commraderie of like minded peeps…..you’ve created a wonderful cocktail party.

    Please, just a suggestion: can you number the posts ? It’s so very difficult to go back and review the replies or find where I left off on reading the thread.

    I’ve been on another blog about “The View” (ick! we HATE THAT SHOW) that has morphed into 3 different blogs over a year and a half. Posters there greatly miss the numbering system. It’s so much easier to reply to others (even if it reply posts appear down thread) and keep track of just reading all the posts. PLEASE. Numbering is great.

    Thank you kindly for all you efforts here. This blog is great nonetheless. I am now leaving The View blog I have been on for 2 years. (and it’s not the TWoP one !)

  177. iceNfire says:

    Easy to Follow Steps to Use New Site:
    Go To – http://ihatejillzarin.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=idx

    1. Click Register (under red bar)
    2. Choose user name, password, email address
    3. Scroll down to “All Things Jill Zarin” & Click
    4. Click on “I Hate Jill Zarin”
    5. Read comments and click on page 2 ( looks like this ) at bottom of page:
    OptionsPages: (4) [1] 2 3 … Last »
    6. OR Click on last page # shown to comment

    How To Post A Comment:

    1. Click “Add Reply” at the BOTTOM of last post.
    2. Click “Reply” at TOP of post if you want to “QUOTE” that post.

    We can figure out the fancy stuff as we go along. I just started a practice thread to get there:

    1. Scroll down to “All Things Jill Zarin” & Click
    2. click PRACTICE PAGE and let loose

    Hope this helps.

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