I Hate Jill Zarin May 28, 2010

Lets start new comments here.

Please everyone review the “rules” and TOS over at the new message board site.  They do have a lot more rules, let me know which you prefer.  I’m perfectly happy staying here, or we could go there just be sure you can live with their rules. The good side of this site is very few rules. 

Let me know what you think.

Here is the link again..


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233 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin May 28, 2010

  1. MickeyMouth says:

    I like the new site. If the TOS doesn’t get to intrusive it looks like a good place to hate Jill 😉

    • Just a Commoner says:

      I’ve been active on another forum there for several years and we have never had a problem even though we do not even come close to sticking to their guidelines. So I dunno…I say go ahead but I’m biased, I guess.

  2. The Digger says:

    A few of us are over on the new board.
    Did the last blog get spammed again? Old messages at the bottom of the board again….

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I dont think the “troll” had anything to do with it, the site just gets too many comments for it to handle and screws up.
      Not a problem, Ill just start a new blog for comments…

      I know who the troll is, apparently she’s not smart enough to know that I have her IP address when she posts on this board.

      It was “@420Audrey” from Twitter who thought it was perfectly acceptable for Ashley to slam Christine (RHONJ) on Twitter and ripped on many people on Twitter when they asked Ashley to remove the tweets. She has several names on Twitter because she is so foul that people constantly block her.

      Ashley is trash who swears like a disguisting, spitting, beer guzzling, druggie scumbag!

  3. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    How do I get to the new board?

  4. HD says:

    I used to run a forum using Proboards. Use that one. Same concept as the new board they just do not get into your business.

    ProBoards does not control the forums made available by means of the Website and Services. Forum owners and moderators reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to delete or modify forum posts, revoke membership to the forum, block access to the forum, modify Your account profile, or modify any User Content (as defined in Section 15 below) on the forum. You should contact the forum owner directly with any complaint, grievance or problem. ProBoards reserves the right, but disclaims any perceived, implied or actual duty, to monitor disputes between Website members. You agree to hold ProBoards harmless in connection with any dispute or claim You make against any other member.

  5. HD says:

    Also Lynn, (Not being nagative) while I do appreciate the enthusiam of all the people, YOU need to be the one to sign up for the board with your information so you will be the “super administrator”. After that you can make people admins or moderators but you know how forums go, soon as someone gets pissed they want to close down the forum (not saying that would be the case but I have seen it happen). So YOU need to be the sole person that can do that. So if you do sign up at proboards you do it and then appoint people that can set up the board for you.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I agree, Kathy just started that site to show me what it is like and to test it out, she said from the beginning that she didn’t want to be an administator or moderator. You’re right!

      • Just a Commoner says:

        Yes, that’s right, I have no interest in running any board or blog or any other website, ever. I just got frustrated with the comment format here and thought it would be easy enough to set something up on IPB for Lynn to look at. I kinda wanted to hand it over to her before she went public with it but it’s not a big deal.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      I like the word “nagative” Nice one. I’m just going to mention up front. I’ll probably steal it. So if you want it, you better put a ring on it. LOL.

  6. morning says:

    I think you’re going to lose some of the “uneducated” like myself. I see that and don’t even know where to start.

    • Just a Commoner says:

      There’s a bit of a learning curve like with anything new but it’s pretty straightforward. Find the category that interests you, click on it, then click on a topic and read the posts. Click “reply” to add your own post. Or click “add a topic” to start your own. Easy!

  7. JillousyHater says:

    About the new blogs – looks awesome but it’s pretty elaborate – – aren’t there just a couple of shows left? What are we all going to bitch about when we’re done watching Jill’s rude behavoir?

    • HD says:

      I wondered that too so I guess Lynn is going to speak about Bethanny’s show I guess.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      Well we will probably be able to bitch about how Jill and Kelly got away with all their abusive behavior. I’m hoping not but I wouldn’t count on them being “really” brought to task.

  8. Hooked On Housewives says:

    I like the new site. Lots of bells ans whistles. Please look for me in the lost and found.

    I moved a post from the old site to the new site. I hope I did it right.

  9. otaypanky says:

    Cannot follow on a message board. A little too complicated for me. I love reading everything from everyone. Don’t want numerous threads. Is there enough of us for nemerous threads?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I think it is ok to just have 1 thread, but we’ll finish out RHONY here then figure out what we want to do after that. Sound ok?

      • ridicurhony says:

        i’m pretty new here, but I’m with otaypanky on staying here. Personally, I am skeered of the message board – this is like the 3rd time I’ve ever posted comments anywhere on the web – just not really very computer literate myself…

        • liptontb says:

          I’d vote for staying here until RHoNY gets through reunion. I also prefer reading all comments in one place.

      • Nancyusa says:

        sounds good

        I like the larger text size here and the more hits in the same place you will move up in the google rankings.

      • pippi longstocking says:

        I also like all comments in one place. I like this traditional blog format. Thank you, Lynn, for it all !!!

  10. otaypanky says:

    Ok…i am so lost in all this lingo…don’t think i can follow you guys.

    • MELANIE says:

      I agree I really love being able to read everyones’ thoughts as they are happening.I looked over at the new board and it seems cold and very anonomous(sp).I feel like we are all here in the same room talking.But I will follow my leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LYNNNCHICAGO OF COURSE : NOT JILL ZARIN!!

  11. celeste says:

    when is the rhonyc reunion? Is it next week after the Marriage Vows?

  12. Pantry Viewer says:

    You know what really pissed me off last night? When Jill was fake-talking with her sister, Jill said she did not want to have to “rehash” with B or anyone she had fights with. She doesn’t want to say, well, you did this and I did this.

    Well, heck no she doesn’t want to do that! Then she might have to explain her horrid actions one by one! She just expects that because she says so, everything should be fine. U.G.H.! She is just insufferable.

    • PFinFL says:

      Makes me wonder about those two because not only did they have that conference about calling Bethenny…but Lisa wrote a blog or essay or whatever yesterday about her life with her sister Jill. It was stupid!

    • ridicurhony says:

      I don’t get the impression that she really listens to what her sister is saying to her about her behavior.

  13. Char12 says:

    I tried out the new place too and it’s okay but this one is fine too. I worry about the rules there and Lynn do you know if you can block people who might try to pretend to be someone they aren’t as in Jill Zarin/Susan Saunders?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Hi Char, we’ll stay here for now.

      There isn’t anyway to block someone from posting until they actually post and we have their IP address. Once we have that, then we can attempt to keep them away.

  14. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ Hooked where have you been today? I’ve missed you.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      Been here. It takes me so long to post that my responses are all the way upthread and nobody knows I’m here. I tried out the new board. i think I posted in the wrong place.

  15. LynnNChicago says:

    Sounds like we can finish the season of RHONY here, then we can talk about it again, does that sound OK to everyone?

    HD, in the meantime I will check out your suggested site…thank you!!

    Hooked, you are friggin’ hysterical!!!

  16. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    I tried the new place I registered but it didnt let me post anything.
    So yes Lynn I like your idea of finishing the season here. Otherwise I think I’ll be the only one over here writing to myself.
    P.S. Love you Lynn.
    I miss Chicago.

  17. Hooked On Housewives says:

    OK. Lynn has spoken. We are staying here through the end of the season. I can bitch about the queen harpy here just as good as over there.

  18. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Moving this post yet again. I used some of my best complaints for this post.

    @Riley Kitty
    “Bobby is losing points with me fast. I understand standing by your spouse but he has no business talking to Alex or Bethenny & clearly inserting himself when he has no clue what Jill has done.”

    That is the second time Bawby stuck his nose in the middle of something he claims to really know nothing about except it makes his harpy cry. As far as I’m concerned with Bawby….I’m done. Hasn’t he noticed how friends disappear out of their lives. What does he think? The friend fairy comes and takes them? Your freaking wife is a harpy Bawby. Deal with it.

    After last night I am more convinced than ever that Kellamity might be sick but she is also running a game. We all noticed how she let LuMann insult her and Jillousy and LuMann laugh at her to her face. However, did you all notice when dishrag Jennifer tried to ask Kellamity whether Alex, Bethenny, Ramona and Sonya were arguing among themselves, Kellamity blew her right off. “It doesn’t matter” is what she said and kept talking at LuMann and Jill. IMHO, when she blew Jennifer off it just reinforced my beliefs that Kellamity only plays to the people she thinks make a difference. Kellamity might be crazy but she is also a poser, ho-bag and a schemer.

    I was disappointed as well that the bullying thing was not clarified. Yes. Both sides got to tell their story but Kellamity was not outed as an out and out liar. Someone should have held that girl’s feet to the fire until she came clean.

    There’s nothing I can say about Jillousy. You all have said it all. She is such a piece of sh*t. I loved, loved, loved that little throwaway scene with Lisa (insert sacasm music here). Suddenly the almighty Jill is listening to someone. Only when it suits her purpose. One of the things Bethenny should say to Jill at their lunch beside the obvious, you came all the way to St John to talk to me but you couldn’t come three blocks to my house in NY is…Jill, I’ve watched the episodes. You needed Bawby and Lisa to tell you to make up with me? You don’t want to be my friend. You just want the right to know what I’m doing and to be in my business. I think not. Now f*ck off. Toodles. (cue the exit music)….Bethenny walks off shaking her butt singing the song, Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time……..end scene.

    I cannot tolerate Jill Zarin. I have crossed paths with too many Jill Zarins in my life. They have to be the center of attention. They spread gossip. They try to keep other women (sometimes men) in a clique controlled by them. They malign other quickly and usually without provocation. Women like Jill suck. It has always been my duty and my privilege to knock them to their knees when possible. Wow. Sorry I ran so long.

    • anniieee says:

      I am so with you on that one…. My ex was an officer in the Army and so many many of the wives thought that they wore their husbands rank. It was cat clawing one upmanship who could kiss the colonels wife’s ass with a better brand of lipstick. They were all JILLS. When I first started watching (season 1) I hated Jill the 2nd she came on… When Ramona called her out.. “she likes the underdog” I knew in some past life she had been an army wife. I sat back to watch her destroy all of her friendships so she could be top dog. Unfortunately for her… Bawby’s career doesn’t depend on her behavior. So it only get her hated and people stop kissing her ass–CAUSE THEY DONT HAVE TO. Lucky for me, I made friends with locals–learned languages and stayed away from the Army wives. (was still told by my EX notice EX that if I didnt play the game–I could ruin his career.) Didn’t play..didn’t ruin his career… I was just the weird artist with the German and Dutch friends 🙂
      I know in my heart of hearts, those wives are getting their just desserts, just as Godjilla is getting hers now. Sorry for the long answer–but that is why I too am Hooked on Housewives. Great post HOH….thanks –you made it all clear in my very strange mind.

    • myname2use4now says:

      Great post, but for that last paragraph alone I heart you. 🙂

    • myname2use4now says:

      OK, see the post below. But, let me reiterate, your last paragraph speaks volumes. I will help you knock any knees that you might need help with. Just ask! 🙂

    • ridicurhony says:

      my view is that Kellamity THINKS she’s runnin her own game and doesn’t realize that she’s in Jill’s game and that she’s just too sick and caught up in her own world to figure it out. Another one who is so self involved that she doesn’t understand that ppl can see that she is LYING.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      Totally agree, too. I go back and forth on the various diagnoses about this lady, but I do think she is accustomed to privilege and part of her acting out is a simple hissy fit and not getting her “due”. NYC and its environs are full of modelizers and people on the make and she is used to being catered to by these people. Her position normally counts for something and she’s not getting it and has turned ugly to get what she’s used to.

  19. Small Town Mama says:

    I like the new board. I think it’ll be easier to keep up with the conversation.

  20. morning says:

    Luann’s video is featured on huffingtonpost. (Not sure if I’m allowed to copy/paste the link.) The poll and first comments are not complimentary.

    • HD says:

      That was a boiling hot mess! Is laying in the bed with 4-5 guys classy? What was she thinking?! I can’t stand Luann! I never liked that woman! THAT WAS HORRIBLE!

  21. Natalie says:


    I reserved you http://ihatejillzarin.blogspot.com a couple of weeks
    ago when you mentioned issues with hubpages and sent you an email
    with the details…did you get it? It’s very user friendly.


  22. Hooked On Housewives says:

    See you all a little bit later. My sis is coming in from Florida today. Lets get this party started.

  23. Olivia says:

    I am getting lost. What blog site are we supposed to be on now?

  24. natalie905 says:


    I set you up an account ( http://ihatejillzarin.blogspot.com ) a couple of
    weeks ago (when you mentioned issues with hubpages) I sent you an email
    about it and I am not sure you got it. If wordpress doesn;t work out than
    contact me and I will give you the info. Blogspot is very user friendly and

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Natalie,do you know if it supports a lot of comments? Sorry if I missed your email

      • Small Town Mama says:

        There are several wordpress blogs I read that have hundreds of comments without slowing the site down. There maybe some other setting slowing it down. Also with the way wordpress is set up it’s easier to detect and remove trolls/spam. It’s harder with blogspot. I would stick with wordpress, just my 2 cents!

  25. mariareads says:

    OK, I admit I also hide to watch the Housewives shows! Oh, please. I do everything for everyone else, so I don’t have a right to some guilty pleasures?
    That said, I am glued to my TV on Thursday nights. This season-WOW.
    Kelly? I was a psych major. I’ll just say something is terribly wrong. The Jill thing-after reading Alex’s blog today she tells all that the comments are taped long after the original filming and that Jill is doing major damage control in those filmed comments. I always knew she was a shark but this season she is beyond the worst mean girl I ever met in high school. This is a grown woman with a college age daughter! Luann? Big old gossip girl. Class my ..foot. First time commenting but have to say thanks. It’s a stress reliever to have a place to talk about this show because I sure as heck can’t admit it to my husband or kids LOL!

  26. boston02127 says:

    Long crappy day today but everytime I thought of Jill falling I smiled.

  27. The Digger says:

    OMG this is too too good. A spoof on the RHONY with Jimmy Fallon. Men playing wives. ROFLMAO!!

    They have 7 episodes and tonite is the finale. Here is the website with all the episodes:

  28. anniieee says:

    hooked on housewives…. left you a reply…. enjoy your sister…

  29. anniieee says:

    I love realitytea’s recaps… this one is funny as usual..about last night


  30. boston02127 says:

    As usual I’m being my nosey self and reading peeps tweets. I must say we are blessed to have Kelly keeping up with the oil spill. To hell with scientist, the coast guard, the president, we’ve got Kelly Bensimone.

    kelly’s tweet:
    its going to be 48hours till we find out if BP’s plan to plug the #oilspill worked

    • MELANIE says:

      Maybe Kelly put on her serious work glasses and now ( in kelliland)she’s going to be appointed as our new Energy Czar……………..

    • Squirrels says:

      kelly’s tweet:
      its going to be 48hours till we find out if BP’s plan to plug the #oilspill worked

      Excuse me…. WE??? No, really like….. WE????? Did I miss the memo that put her on the board of directors-less? And double WTF !!!! This solution to an underwater oil gusher will either work in 48 hours or what???? Kelly will withdraw her name from any future senate committee hearings?

  31. anniieee says:

    we caught her…. well ok mag did….

    Kelly says about the trip, “It was everything that I hate, talking badly about people, you know gossiping about people… And I just don’t like to gossip, I don’t”

    Low and behold, in a new interview with OK magazine, just published this morning, OK magazines asks Kelly when was the last time she was her imaginary best friend, and well I’ll let you read the Q & A for yourself –

    OK Magazine – Last time you saw your best friend?
    Kelly – “I had lunch with my best friend last week. We ate sushi and caught up on gossip.“

  32. natalie905 says:

    @ Lynne

    yes it does. It is a google owned service so it is stable. you can email me
    at ihatejillzarin@gmail.com <—ha ha I got that for you too. It also has
    built-in Adsense so you can get paid for your hard work 🙂


  33. desertgal66 says:

    WTH was Kelly talking about, when having lunch with Jill, LuAnn, and Jen, when she said that Bethenny has specifically told her that Bethenny went out of her way to conduct a smear campaign against Kelly?

    It’s the perfect example of how Kelly twists statements into complete opposites. Bethenny saying “I never talked to the press about you” became “I went out of my way to talk to the press about you.”

    It’s just NUTS.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      That’s a symptom of her delusion. That’s why arguing with her is pointless. Her brain can’t interpret the data it’s taking in. All you can do with someone like that, if you aren’t in a position to make them get help, is stay away from them and protect yourself.

  34. I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

    I stopped by Jill’s Facebook page to read her latest entry. She has over 600 comments by her “fans” and most of them are negative. Jill keeps playing the victim card and it ends up backfiring on her. When will she ever learn?

    • ridicurhony says:

      love ‘i can’t stand the toxicity’ name!

      • I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

        Thanks 🙂 Jill inspired my screen name because she is so toxic.

        • ridicurhony says:

          lol. I never saw anything so fake as her saying ‘it’s so toxic!’ after the ‘ambush’ meeting with Beth. Or was it just ‘it’s just too much’ with the fake crying? heh.

          • I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

            Speaking of fake crying, I am wondering how many times Jill is going to cry on the reunion show. I bet you she will cry whenever she gets a tough question. When I say tough questions, I mean the questions from the viewers because we all know that Andy Cohen won’t ask a tough question. LOL

          • pippi longstocking says:

            Oh, I’d bet my bottom dollar she pulls out the victim card BIG TIME at the reunion. That’s all she’s got!, and the one thing she goes to when something doesn’t go her way.

  35. I'm just visiting this planet says:

    Lynn; Stay here. I checked out the new site (and even registered) but I don’t like it.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      LMAO! I can’t stop laughing. Laughed so hard I almost peed in my spanxs!

      • MELANIE says:

        My teenage son came in the room to say why I was laughing like a hyena!!!!!!!!!!Stayed and watched all the episodes with me and joined in.

  36. JillousyHater says:

    Jill’s facebook –
    Jill Zarin I could never describe what it felt like. Ramona did not even offer us a glass of water or bathroom after 9 hours to get there. My intentions were for peace. In hindsight I should not have gone. Obviously. Graduation tomorrow then Hamptons for weekend. Thank you all for the love….MUAH

    What a whiner – I like how one person asked Jill if they didn’t offer her water on her PRIVATE PLANE!? 🙂 Wow! I love the responses….I truly hope Jill actually reads them….she is so truly despicable.

  37. RileyKitty says:

    I don’t mind staying anywhere that you all stay even though I love a message board format. I am begging for the sake of my index finger can we please turn off nesting comments & have each person post next in line like we did at hubpages? It was easy to follow & I do not want to miss anything if someone “replies” to me 3 hours & 100 messages after the fact. After I refresh my browser I pick up where I left off & generally miss it when someone replies to something I or anyone else has written. I don’t want to miss any of the Jill hate, links or witty comments.

  38. desertgal66 says:

    Excuse if this has already been posted, but Bethenny just added a first glimpse of “Bethenny Getting Married” to her website:

    • TLM says:

      That’s the same promo they have been running on Bravo for a couple of weeks. Honestly I could do without seeing Jason ripping a wax strip of hair off her stomach about 10 times a day. I keep wondering why they needed to choose THAT to put in a promo… !

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        I know people are going to have a problem with the waxing bit, but to me it’s cool because that’s something pregnant women go through and she’s showing it with no shame. I think as long as people go into the show with a light-hearted attitude it will be a lot of fun. If they’re going to pick it apart, that will kill the fun.

        I think the whole idea is to feel like you’re going through it with a close girlfriend, and see the things girls would talk about or be part of.

        • TLM says:

          I think it’s the idea that that scene just looks gross. It’s not like she goes to a spa to have it done; it’s her in her underwear in a rumpled bed with him ripping this thing off. It’s kind of like watching a couple squeeze each others’ zits. Maybe it’s great for the 2 of them, but I don’t want to watch it.

  39. A former Jill fan says:

    There are 9 comments on jill’s Bravo blog since Thursday. What a joke!

    But she’s still getting hammered on her facebook page. Wonder if she gets the message now?

  40. ridicurhony says:

    Hey everyone!
    Ya wanna know how I found Lynn’s blog? I went to my google page typed in I HATE JILL ZARIN! Bwhahahahaha!

    • boston02127 says:

      So did I~~ lol

      • HD says:

        Me too. LOL! I just knew I was not the only person that hated Jill Zarin and I am soooooooooooooo glad I found a great group of people that can’t stand that whiny, lying, no good, selfish, all about me, can’t skate, gossiping, self serving wench!

  41. celeste says:

    OMG have you seen The Countesse’s video for Money Can’t Buy You Klass???


    ROFLMFFAO!!!!!!!!!! This is so pretentious it’s hilarious!

    • ridicurhony says:

      uuuughhh! I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. Whose idea was it to dress her up in a corset dress and have some 20 yr old untying it while she’s singing about ‘learning elegance’ – uuuuuhhh? WHAT? Ass!

      • TLM says:

        Wait – you mean she finally got rid of the gold-wrapped rope on one shoulder dress?

        As excited as I am about that, I’m still not watching the video. 😉

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Oh that is just bad, on soooo many levels. What was she thinking? ROFL!

      Not a good look for her!

    • desertgal66 says:

      That was just AWESOME!!

      Just kidding.

      That was just GROSS!!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      The ad that ran right before Luann’s video was for constipation relief-how very ironic!

    • Just a Commoner says:

      OMG so very very bad.

  42. iceNfire says:

    Former Jill – Why’d you quit? Did you see me? lol click “add reply” on the BOTTOM not the top to get a fresh post (w/o “boxes”) BBL

  43. RileyKitty says:

    Lulu’s music video is one of the funniest things I have watched in a long time. She looked so classy laying on the bed with several men. Maybe she was going for a high class hooker vibe.

  44. natalie905 says:

    I made this for you…. a possible header for your blog 🙂

    Jill Zarin: Ice Princess

  45. Adgirl says:

    I thought the episode was kind of boring.
    My primary take away is that Jill consonantly gets herself in trouble (and stays there) because she simply doesn’t listen. She’s a pit bull stuck in aggressive mode.
    If she would shut up and hear what people are trying to communicate to her she would have much better relationships.
    Has anyone heard the term “Big Ego = Small Self Esteem”? People with bulldozer personalities tend to be extremely insecure, to the point they damage the very relationships they fear losing.

  46. lillybee says:

    Think so Riley.

  47. iceNfire says:

    Easy to Follow Steps to Use New Site:
    Go To – http://ihatejillzarin.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=idx

    1. Click Register (under red bar)
    2. Choose user name, password, email address
    3. Scroll down to “All Things Jill Zarin” & Click
    4. Click on “I Hate Jill Zarin”
    5. Read comments and click on page 2 ( looks like this ) at bottom of page:
    OptionsPages: (4) [1] 2 3 … Last »
    6. OR Click on last page # shown to comment

    How To Post A Comment:

    1. Click “Add Reply” at the BOTTOM of last post.
    2. Click “Reply” at TOP of post if you want to “QUOTE” that post.

    We can figure out the fancy stuff as we go along. I just started a practice thread to get there:

    1. Scroll down to “All Things Jill Zarin” & Click
    2. click PRACTICE PAGE and let loose

    Hope this helps.

  48. error 404 says:

    I love all the defenders on the Bravo site, who are chastising BRAS for not making Jill feel welcome, like it’s simply a question of etiquette.

    And if Jason and Freddy Kruger showed up with chainsaws, yelling “surprise”, were they suppose to offer them water and the restroom as well? Get a grip people.

    • ridicurhony says:

      yeah, I just read some of them too. Not very many negative ones on the BRAS blogs tho. Kellamity has fans too, but I get the impression they are all 13 yr old girls.

      • celeste says:

        Or Kelly and Jill making troll id’s to post support for themselves. Team Troll is the t-shirt I’d like to buy Jill.

  49. natalie905 says:

    I got the fell that that whole scene with Jill and her sister was filmed AFTER the season ended because it was so random…like it didn’t belong there. Maybe in an effort to ‘soften’ Jill up a bit…didn’t she threaten to sue someone. I couldn’t see Bethanny even agreeing to meet her…maybe Bravo dangled the carrot (Bethanny Gets Married) in front of her to get her to agree to the meeting? I don’t know it just didn’t make sense

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I think they need that one last meeting to close out the season, it’ll be nice to see Jill grovel and hopefully beg!

    • TLM says:

      I think it was weird that Jill is at her own event, hosting a party, and that’s the moment she decides she must immediately call Bethenny. Forget about her guests, the event, her daughter Ally, handing out the goodie bags, or saving lamb chops for Ginger. No, I must call Bethenny and invite her to lunch!! That was kind of weird. It’s not like she and Lisa were eating lunch somewhere, or sitting in Jill’s apartment discussing it, which might have made more sense.

      Bethenny explains why she agreed to meet her in the teaser for next week — she was “beaten down.” But I don’t think that means she is going to make up with Jill. I think that so much had happened by that point that B was past the point of being hurt, and also past the point of really caring anymore. I am predicting she will just want to be cordial with Jill and leave it at that from now on, and Jill will wind up regretting what she did, cry (why did Bobby say she never cries? She has cried, I think, in every episode this season), and then blame everyone else and say how unforgiving and mean everyone is to her, and that Alex was an evil influence on Bethenny and responsible for the demise of their friendship. Total speculation on my part, so I guess we will have to WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!!! Lol.

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        There is NO chance that they make up at that lunch. All of this business is happening around “the holidays”, and I think that Bethenny and Alex have indicated that the follow-up interviews were recorded in April. In those interviews, a very pregnant Bethenny can’t talk about Jill without rolling her eyes all the way to the back of her skull (“like a horn”). If she had made up with Jill at a lunch that took place close to the holidays, Bethenny would at least have made an effort to conceal her contempt for Jill during an interview that took place much later. Don’t forget that Jill didn’t go to Bethenny’s wedding. If I recall, Jill tried to play that like she was too busy to go, but that the truth was that Jill wasn’t even invited. I totally agree that it’s going to be interesting to see how Jill tries to spin things, though. It won’t work, but it will be interesting — as Lynn said, a good way to bring closure to this season.

  50. boston02127 says:

    I just registered at the new site (thx iceNfire). Lynn, I only have one thing to say about it. If you stay here I’ll give you my first born!

  51. otaypanky says:

    Oh thank God. Went to other site, registered and then had no idea what to do.

    • Kat says:

      I replied to your post there Otay.
      If we are staying here, I will proboably quit posting there.
      It is too confusing to do both.
      Many are there now checking it out and that is great, it will really be a true test of that format.
      I enjoy forums. But I really like this blog and I feel the blogger gets lost in a community forum format.

  52. desertgal66 says:

    Kelly babbles about her jewelry. Along with being “the arbiter of fashion”, she’s also “the hoop queen!”. I, for one, am really glad she told us, because I was pretty sure that no one had EVER thought of wearing hoop earrings until KKB came along, and I’ve been wondering who started the trend. Seriously. It’s kept me awake nights.


    She also mentions that RHoNY is a great vehicle for promoting her lifestyle, and, thus, her brand. Huh. And here I thought she was using the show solely as a platform to become more charitable.

    • TLM says:

      What “brand” would Kelly be promoting, exactly? Krazy Glue?

      • desertgal66 says:

        Or Kwazy Kwackers…Froot Loops…CooCoo Puffs…

        • Ches says:

          A Kelly quote from that article, speaking about her jewelry, “I love the idea of taking Pocahontas out of the kayak and putting her into the disco.”
          I didn’t know Pocahontas paddled a kayak.
          Columbus probably came to the New World on a jetski.

  53. cusi77 says:

    Hello Lynn!

    Somebody home?

    Or I have been left all alone again? LOL

  54. otaypanky says:

    Just watched the last episode again. I liked it better the second time. Ramona did not apologize to Krazy. She was really trying to shut her down and did not want a discussion with her.
    Love Bravo on Demand! Got to watch Jill faceplant THREE times by rewinding and replaying…It brought JOY to this old woman’s heart.
    Luann is inconsequestial to the show now. When she lost her Count, you know she lost alot of invitations. Luann also knows Sonja is the only real deal, a true socialite and if Sonja pulls away from Jill, so will Luann.
    Just realized, Jill was not in attendance at Sonja’s event! Her crass behavior would have been shut down there.
    Simon we funny upon entering the event. He wanted to make sure they really belonged there and then asked the door person if their names were really on the list. So happy for them. They are a nice couple.
    Have a new hate on growing for Bawby. It’s one thing to protect your spouse, it’s quite another to throw your weight around with the other women when their husbands are not present.
    Not to bring up a sore point. But I am sending a card to Bawby. Sent just one to Jill. Now Bawby gets his.

    • boston02127 says:

      @otaypanky ~ I think you’re right about Sonja being the only real deal. I bet LuMan clings to her in the future. Soon Jill will have nobody except her weak husband and her ugly hateful self.

  55. Kat says:

    Reposting as a stand alone post.
    I replied to your post over there Otay.
    If we are staying here, I will proboably quit posting there.
    It is too confusing to do both.
    Many are there now checking it out and that is great, it will really be a true test of that format.
    I enjoy forums. But I really like this blog and I feel the blogger gets lost in a community forum format.

  56. natalie905 says:

    another picture I made for the archives 🙂

    Move outta my shot Bawby I’m posing!

  57. otaypanky says:

    Krazy is delusional. The print dress she wore on the cruise, the one with the flounce on the bustline was the wrong silhouette for her body type. She had it cinched with a broad leather belt. That look was happening 2-3 spring/summer seasons ago. Just so totally not current. In fact much of her fashion sense is in a time warp. She is not fashion forward at all.

    • Kokuanani says:

      much of her fashion sense is in a time warp.

      Like, circa 1979?

      • cusi77 says:

        I was 21 in 1979 and YOU GO IT!

        • TLM says:

          I said that at the time, it was odd she kept talking disparagingly about 1979 while wearing a dress that could have been a prom dress then, with the “dust ruffle” across the top and bottom. Add that to her owl jewelry and Navajo patterned cuff jewelry, and it could certainly be 1979. Carly Simon used to dress like that then. I don’t know what her issue is.

          Did everyone catch KKB at the ice rink telling Ramona that she “hurt my FEELINGS”? This is the second time she said “you hurt my feelings” to Ramona. The other time was at the fashion show with Avery sitting there, when she told her she was upset Ramona never invited her to R’s Labor Day party. I want to know how R restrained herself not to throttle Kelly right there, talking about her feelings, when for 4 days she flipped out any time that word was uttered.

  58. boston02127 says:

    I’d like to be a fly on the wall for a day at Jill’s house when it’s just her and Bobby.

  59. otaypanky says:

    Wonder how Jill’s “Team Jill” merchandize is selling on the zarin fabric website.

  60. HD says:

    Jill is so full of shyt! Honestly. Water? Bathroom? You mean to tell you couldn’t have went to the bathroom ANYWHERE else but there. Ask one of the damn cameramen for some water. I mean really? She wants to make a big deal out of that when we alllllllllllllllll know she could have gotten water or used the bathroom. STFU! PLEASE!

    • Kokuanani says:

      As several others have remarked, Jill just flew down there on a private plane. You mean it had neither water nor toilets?

    • TLM says:

      A Twitter to Jill: Your wanting water was worse than K’s mental breakdown, A’s crying and B’s high-risk pregnancy & father dying? R u kidding??

      Anxious to see if J replies to that one. I can’t believe she thought people would be sympathetic to her BS.

      • HD says:

        Thank you! Go back to that so called private plane that cost Bawby sooooooooooo much money and get some damn water. She acts like she was out in the desert or something! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t stand this woman!

        • TLM says:

          I am sure there was not only water on the plane, but chilled bottled Pellegrino water, as well as lox, bagels, and Starbucks coffee. And, oh yeah, I’m pretty sure the private plane had a bathroom as well, and I’m guessing it wasn’t the tiny phonebooth kind we’ve all had to squish into. Probably a lot nicer.

      • Just a Commoner says:

        Excellent point, mah friend.

  61. boston02127 says:

    @ Otaypanky ~ I’m guessing zilch, nada, zip a roo!

    • otaypanky says:

      And what kind of a stupid idea was that??? She actually spent money to merchandize “Team Jill” crap!
      We all can Thank Bravo for that! They so controlled their blogs that she actually bought all the “team this” and “team that” nonsense. You know, the only comments they would actually post.
      And I also found this site by googling ihatejillzarin…and then the Gods smiled.

      • TLM says:

        I think Jill should pack up all the “team” merchandise right now and send it to Unicef or something. No one here wants it. It’s probably better that it go to a country where people generally don’t speak English, and assume “Team Jill” is a brand of motor oil or something.

  62. wolverinedg says:

    Please stay here, at least until the season ends. I hate moving. 😉 As for Jill whining about no water or potty, what were they flying down there in? A Sopwith Camel?

    • otaypanky says:

      No one would have stopped her from using a bathroom. Just Jill making lemons out….oh fuk…forget about it.

  63. RileyKitty says:

    If they hired a private plane why did she have to change tickets?
    If she planned that for 2 weeks then was she planning it before the girls even left?
    If so, then why not tell Ramona I can’t come for the whole trip but I will join you on the last day for lunch?

    Jill is full of herself “Bawby, they are so mean!!!!” & Bobby saying he only hears Jill say nice things tells me he doesn’t spend any time with his wife AT ALL, because there is nothing but VENOM coming out of her vile mouth.

    • otaypanky says:

      Righteous post man.

    • TLM says:

      I know. Her timeline doesn’t make sense. I don’t know how many people here have read Alex’s blog on Bravotv.com, but information about what led up to this trip is coming out in dribs and drabs, and it is truly unbelievable. Do you know that after Ramona was gracious enough to invite her first, Jill said to Alex, “I’m planning a trip to St Barth’s…don’t go on Ramona’s trip, come on MY trip”??? Does that remind anyone of the Labor Day party where Jill asked Alex & Simon to leave Ramona’s party and come to where she was??

  64. LynnNChicago says:

    For those of you who were asking about the Twitter war that was started by Ashley, (RHONJ) my buddy Toni has the scoop…she has the story on her site:


    • RileyKitty says:


      Hey Lynn can we set up our comment section like hers? She has quote capability!!

    • boston02127 says:

      I feel sorry for Daniell’s daughter Christine. Ashley is just as miserable as the rest of her family. She’s probably jealous of how pretty Christine is.

    • vilzvet says:

      Wow, that is nothing like I imagined it to be…thanks for the link.

    • ridicurhony says:

      OMG! Lynn, just read Toni’s ‘what a Kellamity’ blog. What a stitch, huh? Toni’s got her groove on over there.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Proof positive that Danielle is having a negative effect on her poor kids. Where is their dad?!

      As for Ashley, that kid is a done deal. She didn’t have much of a chance for any kind of life before, but now that she has a criminal record, it’s over. She’ll never amount to anything.

  65. cusi77 says:

    It is funny….

    Did you read in the petition “Free Ginger”, is hysterical… Ginger asking for help by puping all over… is “In the book” … LOL no, is in THE PETITION

    • TLM says:

      That scene with Ginger and the vets was the dumbest thing I think I have witnessed in tv history. She wanted the dog not to be nervous, so she has the vets come to the apartment? To do what? What are they going to do at Jill’s if the dog needed medical intervention? And did anyone even see the vet so much as take out a stethoscope or thermometer? She just sat there on the couch.

      Jill is an idiot. “I think it must be the way they hold the dogs, and that’s how they know it’s a vet,” she said. Of course the dog knew something was up, since she likely remembers the vet and never saw her in that environment. I am sure she also smelled 100 other dogs on their clothes, as well as the smell of other things in the vet’s office, like alcohol or other chemicals. Dogs have a far more sensitive smell than we do. Which you would think Jill would know, since she’s such an avid dog owner.

      This caused so much stress to the animal that could have been avoided if she just took the dog to the vet in a carrier. Yes, the dog initially would have been nervous, but she could have been given a mild sedative so she could be fully examined, and given an x-ray or ultrasound if needed, lab tests on her blood, etc. Instead, she had this insanity of the dog running around pooping over everything, and for what? In the end I feel this was far more cruel to the dog than just taking her where she should have been taken in the first place.

  66. otaypanky says:

    Not for anything Lynn. Danielle’s daughter could not have been thrilled that her mom thugged all over this kid and blew her prom date out of the water. Danielle is an idiot.

  67. otaypanky says:

    Oh…and Ashley needs to be controlled…just more thug behavior.

    • Kat says:

      She’s 19 and mouthy and physically abusive. Let the courts sort her out if she can’t assimilate.

    • boston02127 says:

      I think Ashley likes to think she’s “thug”. She’d be chewed up and spit out if she had to surive on her own.

      • Kat says:

        I ran away as a teenager 13 or 14, then moved to another city and got an apt alone at 15 – I lied about my age.
        Life is tough. Or life is as tough as you make it. Or … you could be a spoiled little rich kid wannabe who hopefully gets a clue.

  68. otaypanky says:

    I’m bored…What can we do to bully Kelly?

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      I think Kelly SHOULD be a part of the congressional hearings on oil spill. Can you imagine they would all make decisions if that lunatic was around asking questions?

      Kelly’s Conversation to Congressman
      You’re a what? A congressman — I don’t know anyone that’s hired you for that so it must not be true. Are you a friend of Bethenny’s because that ho-bag gets around, ya know. So, what’s the deal with this oil leak? Can’t we just take it to the dealership and they will fix it? Like, what’s the big deal?

      Congressman to Kelly

      • Kat says:

        OMG I think that would be awesome, like I could sleep better at night w/Kelly in charge. 😉

        • Adios Lunatic says:

          I know I would — only with a lock on my door like the Scary Island ladies……………….

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      Oh, and then she’ll Tweet that she personally solved the oil crisis with the help of her trusty dog, Chief!

  69. Adios Lunatic says:

    Digger — Those Real Housewives of Late Night links were hysterical. Thank you, thank you!

    If you haven’t watched yet, its a parody of our RHONY and maybe Atlanta and Jersey, too. So, so funny — especially the Thanksgiving one (I believe episode 5) and the Today Show with Hoda and Kathy Lee (episode 6).

    I say we send Denise (Jimmy Fallon in drag) to kick Jill’s ass!

  70. otaypanky says:

    You’ve gotta love Jill’s grammar. At lunch she says, “You know, I know, she don’t know”…how effed up is that?

  71. boston02127 says:

    I’m not replying to diffrent posts! There jumping. I just replied to two posts and there both incorrectly posted.

  72. Squirrels says:

    Ok then campers – Kelly has a new cause. Bullying. I can see it now…
    (Kellamity calls Fundraising company)

    “Hiiiiii, I’m Kelly Bensimon, I know you have heard of me. My ex husband is the most famous photog in the Universe. I’m willing to donate my face to your “Stop the bullying” national campaign. I know you would have called me for I am the perfect spokesperson for this cause. Yes…. Kelly Bensmon, K.E.L.L…… What do you mean you aren’t sure? I would have thought you needed someone authentic…. You know, real !!! I mean for crying out loud, I relate to kids better than most adults. Huh? What are you talking about?….. BUT EVERYBODY LOVES JELLY BEANS, especially kids !!! No, wait, don’t hang up…. Hey… I’m PERFECT for the role…. No… wait…. Geez, what a bitch. How does she expect to raise money without me?”

  73. Quincy IL says:

    I read the fairy tale from Ashley and it made me sad. A young girl was emotionally scared and a frenemy took it to the net. That’s bullying, Ashley. That’s mean. You mom might say mean things of late too, but try to remember that a young girl is involved.

    Then, that young girl did blab to her evil mom about your having friends over to your brother’s birthday party and she seemed to enjoy you getting in trouble on national tv at the time, so……. nevermind…

    I thought that Jacqueline’s husband sharpening the knife in the presense of Ashley’s date was too much too.

    I guess I am just too boring for NJ and their little tiffs.

  74. TLM says:

    Is anyone else as bothered as I am by Luann’s seemingly endless collection of the same one-shouldered dress with the gold thread wrapped around the twisted shoulder strap? Am I imagining things, or does she own this dress in every color of the rainbow? Does she have seamstresses at Zarin Fabrics cranking them out every week in a new shade of chiffon? I just don’t get it. It’s like she gets up in the morning and feels like unless she has a rope across her neck with that dumb gold thread wrap, she isn’t dressed. Every time I see that damned thing, I want to take a lopper you use to prune tree branches, and chop that thing off. I can’t stand it anymore.

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      Darling — unless there is a designer label in them, I’m not letting it touch my skin! Darn, I should have checked Coerte for a designer label before I let him drool on me and the cameraman and sound guy.

    • HD says:

      I said the same thing on another post. MY GOODNESS! Let it go already! Yes, one shoulder was in, but damn, EVERY SINGLE DRESS?! In the famous words of Kelly, “stawwwwwwwwpppppp. Stawwwwwwwpppppppppp!” I mean sheesh!

    • Just a Commoner says:

      I feel like she should be in the Star Magazine’s feature where they show two women in the same dress and people vote on who looks best in it. The one-shoulder thing would be between Luann and Wilma Flintstone and Wilma would get the “ROCKED IT!” vote. Heh.

  75. RileyKitty says:

    [Does she have seamstresses at Zarin Fabrics cranking them out every week in a new shade of chiffon?]

    @TLM This had me nearly pissing myself, I was laughing so hard!!!! Thank You 🙂

    • TLM says:

      Seriously, it was cute about the first 3,000 times we saw it, but for God’s sake, get a new style. She wore the dress in black at the art party at Sonja’s in the last episode, and didn’t she have a purple one on at the Cocktails, Couture and Tears Party? Doesn’t she have a rash on that shoulder from constantly wearing the one strap? I wonder if one shoulder is slightly lower than the other…

  76. boston02127 says:

    @TML~~ I thought the the exact same thing weeks ago. She’s got more Tarzan cloths than Tarzan.

  77. TLM says:

    And here’s one of those freakin’ one-shouldered, gold-wrapped dresses again!!!!!


  78. TLM says:

    Look! Even Kelly Killoren Bensimon is scared by the one-shouldered Tarzan dress!

  79. boston02127 says:

    @ Kat~~ no apology needed. I think the replies are “jumping”. I’ve replied to two posts and my reply ended up on a diffrent one.

  80. Adios Lunatic says:

    Tarzan (love that!) got some memo that one-shouldered was in and she bought a truckload. Ugh! We’re over the one-shoulder look, Tarzan. Just ask your good friend Ungaro.

    I ran across this that talks about Tarzan and thought I would share.

  81. Adios Lunatic says:

    Here’s an interview with Sonja that aired yesterday before the episode. She talks about the reunion and says some interesting things…………


  82. otaypanky says:

    Thank God for this site. Just read some of the comments on Jill’s blog. She still gets so many comments supporting her. I just don’t buy these posts are real. What show are these people watching?
    Again, if it weren’t for this site, I would not know about Amazongate. I would not know about all her back stabbing. But even I knew I hated this nutjob which is how I found this site…out of pure frustration and just googling that frustration one day.

    • TLM says:

      I heard if you post a positive comment on Jill’s Facebook, you get a free lamb chop left over from the skating party. Jill is instead feeding Ginger jellybeans and filling her waterbowl from the bottle of Skinnygirl Margarita Bethenny gave Kelly in the tote bag.

  83. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    I guess thats Lumans signature look because the L on all her outfits was already taken by Laverne.

  84. TLM says:

    Kelly’s Tweet today:

    good morning tweeters. obama daughters ask dad, ‘ did you plug the whole yet?’ did he?

    The whole WHAT, Kelly???

    I’m a fairly good speller, and I don’t hold everyone to some perfect standard…it is the web, after all. But this woman has consistently shown that she can’t spell even the simplest, most basic words correctly. Some people have a problem with its and it’s, your and you’re, to and too; she misses them all. Any synonym is bound to throw her, any at all. And she says she has a degree in Literature??!? From Columbia?!?

    Someone PLEASE put her and Teresa on “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”. No, wait, that wouldn’t be a fair contest. Maybe put them on “Are You Smarter Than a Tossed Salad?”. I would bet on the spinach with feta cheese and walnuts to win.

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      LMAO!!!! I’m betting on the tossed salad!!

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      LOL – tossed salad! Perfect!

    • error 404 says:

      TLM said: “And she says she has a degree in Literature??!? From Columbia?!?”

      Actually, I’m not sure even Kiki is that big a liar. I’ve heard her say she went to Columbia, and I’ve heard her say she studied literature, but I don’t recall her putting 2 + 2 together like that. Has she? I think she just infers it.

  85. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @otaypanky don’t forget Babygate.

    • otaypanky says:

      Oh man…all of it. She is way much and over the top. Thanks for the Sonja interview post Adios. Verrrrry interesting. So, there’s evolution on the reunion and she wishes that Jill could be a bit more humble. Sounds like Jill is going to put on a great show. Also sounds like Luann is going to do some major back pedaling. Just read her blog today. The reason why I waited is because I’ve been finding some blogs as delusional as the behavior.
      Lumann definitely wants to be on Sonja’s guest list and has got to know that someone as crass as Jill would never fit in. Could you imagine her pulling the same act in Sonja’s home that she pulled in Jen’s?

  86. mia says:

    I think bravo probably had Sonja specifically not invite Jill or Kelly so they could have a scene where Luann hears the other side. I don’t think the show is scripted, but I think Bravo controls whose invited to everything, and those that are can choose whether or not to show up.

    On another note as much as I acknowledge that Alex is the most tolerable out of this insane bunch of women, it annoyed me that she complained about Luann pulling everyone upstairs in her blog. Hello! You signed up for a show, and you’re getting paid good money to entertain us! I don’t care about them walking around a cocktail party. The only interesting part of that party was what happened upstairs. All of these women think we want to watch them spending money, and going to charity events. I want to watch entitled fame-whore harpies fight! I’m not actually invested in your real life!


    I’ve reached the point where I don’t like any of them. They’re all freaks of varying degrees. But very entertaining ones!

  87. otaypanky says:

    By the way…don’t get Jen. She’s tried to speak with Ramona and Kelly when Kelly was confronting Ramona at the rink and Kelly directs her to watch her children for her!
    I’ve read a few articles in magazines about her business. She is very successful in her own right. She seems lost on this show. I’ve noticed she’s gotten smacked down a few times when trying to enter a conversation. These babes must be reality star mega bitches…don’t give the new girl any air time and maybe she’ll go away. They just may be smarter than they behave.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Have you noticed that the ones who smack her down are Kelly and Jill? Jill doesn’t seem to want her on the show, even though she wrote that introduction.

      • otaypanky says:

        She’s more competition for air time. These bitches be professional media ho’s

  88. lillybee says:

    So are we staying here or moving?

  89. Katiecoo says:

    An Open Letter to Bobby Zarin:

    Mr. Zarin,

    First of all I admire your loyalty and devotion to your wife. I think that can be a rare trait in this day and age and it’s heartwarming to see it. It appears to us viewers that you are dedicated to supporting Jill and only seeing the good in her which makes her a lucky gal.

    Yet in your attitude in this last episode, some of us are scratching our heads at the level of denial going on here about her behavior and the enabling is not helping things. So here are some questions:

    1. Assuming you watched the prior seasons of RHONY and Jill talked to you about various social events, you might remember that it’s clear Ramona does not appreciate surprise visits thrust on her. Do you remember when Alex brought Simon along to that “Girls Night Out” evening? That was just one night. You and Jill busting in to a girls WEEK was just that. A week of girltime. Even making an assumption that Jill *might* be welcome there, what made you think you would be?

    2. Remember when you schooled Alex about talking to Jill? Admonishing her behavior? And her agreeing not only with you, but agreeing to work things out with Jill? Her exact words being “yes, I need to talk to Jill”. Did you realize she attempted to do so that very evening and was rebuffed and rejected by your wife? How was she supposed to ‘work things out” in that environment? Did Jill tell you about this? How do you think Jill showing up unannounced at a Girls Week vacation would fit with this tension?

    3. Did Jill tell you about the phone calls about Kelly having a breakdown and the girls request she be there for her (and assist her in getting help) when she returned to NYC the very day you were leaving? Did you encourage Jill to be there for Kelly?

    4. You’ve been divorced before. Could you imagine someone, in the middle of a conflictual, unresolved divorce with lots of animosity from various members of the family, showing up as a “surprise” at a sister in law’s Thanksgiving dinner, with ALL family members present (including the ex spouse) blasting in with “I thought you’d be happy to see me!” ignoring the other tension filled relationships in the room? And, by the way, hiring a private plane to crash that Turkey day celebration?

    5. Do you think you and Jill could have found your own ways to a bathroom in that mansion without being offered if you needed to utilize the facilities?

    You seem like a good, compassionate soul and a great mentor for women (such as Alex) and someone who can offer advice easily.

    So what advice would you give a woman who knows she’s in various stages of conflict with the majority of women on a relaxing vacation, who knows these women have been through a high stress situation while on said vacation, who wants to show up unannounced to be a “surprise” to the hostess. Would you think this is a good idea and how would you advise this woman in this situation?

    Maybe these questions are rhetorical but some of us would like for you to at least consider them.

    Thank you,


  90. TLM says:

    Looks like new promos are up on Bravotv.com for next week’s show. I think someone goofed, or is trying to torment the viewers, by posting the video of Jill’s entry at St. John where the “Reconciliation” video of Jill and Bethenny’s lunch is supposed to be. So they posted the “hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” video TWICE. If I have to hear that one more time, I’ll scream.

    There is a tape of Jason & Bethenny packing up B’s old apt. on the Upper East Side, and a couple videos of Ramona and her daughter getting ready for the vow renewal, as well as Jill visiting Ramona in her hotel suite prior to the vow renewal. I am PO’d though, because the ONLY video I cared about seeing was the one between Jill and B.

  91. Hooked On Housewives says:

    I think I was looking so intently at the “Jill Unannounced” episode that I failed to notice something very peculiar. When Jillousy called Bethenny to set up the luncheon date, she did not put Bethenny on speaker. Say what? How can this be? Isn’t it an almost cardinal Andy Cohen/Bravo rule that phone calls should be on speaker? My take on this is that Jillousy didn’t have a bone to pick. She was begging. She wasn’t trying to embarrass. This just goes further to prove that Jill is such a conniving piece of crap. Had she been still “angry” at Bethenny, the whole skating rink probably would have been privvy to the conversation.

    Truthfully, I thought the call between Jillousy and Bethenny was a fake one. I say this because Jillousy had barely gotten the last digit pressed before she was saying hi Bethenny. To me it didn’t seem as though there was even enough time for the phone to ring before Jillousy was talking. But that’s just me. I don’t trust Jillousy with even the smallest thing.

    Another thing I initially missed was that Allyson supposedly went to her father’s house for the Thanksgiving holiday. This means that Mr Shapiro is still around. How come we can’t find anything out about him? It’s a little like being in court. Jillousy opened the door by mentioning him so now he is fair game. Let the hunt begin. Anyone with info on the first Mr Jillousy, spill.

  92. Hater says:

    I hope this is the latest since I posted on yesterday’s page/blog.

    I think Jill’s hair looks like Peg Bundy. Fugly.

    I also hate it when someone confronts her and she gets that stupid grin on her face and bobs her head up and down like a damn bobble head doll. Idiot!

    I loved it last year when she asked someone for a diet Coke because she needed shuga. Dimbulb, it has no sugar! Hence the diet in the name.

    I loathe this woman and she just keeps getting uglier to me as each episode plays out. She actually looked better in the first two seasons, IMO.

  93. natalie905 says:

    I agree…she looked better with more weight…kind of like Oprah.

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