I Hate Jill Zarin Reunion Predictions May 31, 2010

I had a question in one of the blogs comments asking what I thought happened at the reunion.  That is an excellent question, here are my thoughts on the reunion. 

What do we know for sure?  We know Bethenny has definitely softened since becoming a new mom, even Kelly came out of the reunion saying nice things about Bethenny, Kelly said she had changed for the better and motherhood is good for her, crap like that.  That could be Kelly’s brilliant PR 102 or it could be that everyone is still handling Kelly with kid gloves.  It would be a shame if that is the case because someone really needs to call her out on all the crazy things that she’s said.  I want her to show us the press reports where Bethenny talked about her children.  I want her to produce proof that Bethenny was “literally” trying to kill her.  I want to know why she continually says she doesn’t drink and then drinks.  I want to know why she channeled Teresa and stole an idea from Bethenny and made up her very own cocktail.  I want to know where she gets these organically grown gummy bears.  I want to see someone present Kelly with a Dictionary and a Thesaurus in a beautifully packaged set.  I want Kelly to produce the drugs and/or alcohol she has been on and share it with the others.  Finally, I want someone to tell her to stop fucking with her hair!!!  (sorry I lost it there for a second)

Bethenny seems to be trying to change her reputation.  Remember the Bethenny who spoke to the press about Gwyneth Paltrow and started a twitter war with Rachel Zoe and battled with Padma?  That Bethenny seems to be replaced by a newer, gentler Bethenny.  I’m also sensing that she is “so over” the RHONY Season 3 and just wants it to be a bad memory.  Let’s face it, it was a horrible season for Bethenny.  Jill treated her like crap several times, tried to embarrass and demean her.  Ramona ripped into her on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Luann hugged her so hard she needed to take a shower right afterward.  She never enjoyed one fashion show during fashion week.  She went on a trip with the psycho bitch from hell.  She made two trips to Los Angeles her father turning her away the first time and her father died during her second trip to LA.  Not a good season for Bethenny.  Sure she had some great things happen and thank the good lord she did because all of that could put someone over the edge.  Luckily she found Jason and got pregnant! 

All of that leads me to believe that Bethenny probably won’t be too rough on anyone.  However, Bethenny is also very smart and she knows what viewers want to see.  She knows we are going to expect her to call Jill out.  Nobody wants to see a repeat of Atlanta where they were all “over it” and didn’t want to talk about it and loved each other, and wished each other well…..gag me!   That was the biggest waste of videotape there ever was!   Then we were treated to a live version of Kim’s Tardy for the Party, what the hell did viewers do to deserve THAT kind of treatment at the reunion?  But I digress! 

If the last two reunions tell us anything about Alex, she speaks generally only when spoken to, however, she did get a lot of fan encouragement when she laid into Jill so she may try more of that and this time, Simon was at the reunion (I don’t know if he appeared on screen but he was there)  This could give Alex more confidence and I truly hope she pre-planned her verbiage a little better for her own sake.  Her previous two rants at Jill were mediocre at best.  I would have liked to see her really go at Jill leaving Jill speechless, but I think only Bethenny has that ability.

Sonja is Switzerland, I think she is enjoying being on the show and doesn’t want to make any enemies so I have a feeling she will be cute and funny but won’t say anything to get on anyone’s bad side and I can’t see her calling anyone out on anything.

Jill will probably come out of the gate defensively.  She knows she is in deep doo doo this season and while she will make excuses, they will be lame and won’t “jive” with other things she’s said or with the actual events.  We know Jill is a top notch, first class liar!  I think Jill knows that she is going to have to do some apologizing, but only to Bethenny.  She sincerely doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong to Alex, clearly she hates Alex and has no intention of apologizing to her.   Since we know that Ally came out crying, (I believe Jill tweeted that under Ally’s name for sympathy) I just hope that Jill gets nailed to the wall by somebody.  I know a lot of people call Andy Cohen a wuss when it comes to interviewing “his” housewives, but he did pretty well calling Vicki out on her bullshit at the OC reunion, so I’m hoping he sticks to his guns with Jill. 

Ramona lets it all hang out, if we have one last hope of nailing Jill, it is Ramona!  She has no fear of losing her spot on the show, she has no fear of Jill and she has no fear of telling it like it is.  (even with her renewal)  She and Jill have gone at it at the last two reunions, and I’m hoping that Ramona is going to make sure that Jill doesn’t get away with anything!  Ramona also seems to have become closer to Bethenny so she may be sure to call Jill out on all the horrible things she has done to Bethenny. 

Part of the problem with people going up against Jill is she has these pre-set responses that she can use for almost anything.  When she and Bethenny were going at it, she would repeat what Bethenny said but say, “it really doesn’t matter”.  Bethenny said, “We need to talk about why this whole thing has been blown out of proportion”.  Jill uses the “It really doesn’t matter”.  That would stop most people in their tracks.  Luckily our Bethenny is smart and said, “well that speaks volumes”. 

Jill did it to Alex a few different times, no matter what Alex said, Jill would say, “I’m sorry you feel that way”.  Clearly Jill wasn’t sorry about anything but it made it difficult for Alex to continue.  Then Jill used her “well we just won’t travel in the same social circle”.  Again, poor Alex was stumped!  All she could say is the truth, “you really don’t get it”.  Even at last year’s reunion, she said to Ramona, “you can’t go up against me so you say ‘you’re brain dead’” of course in response to Ramona calling Jill “brain dead”. 

Jill is good at arguing and she is good at talking over people, she talks louder and unfortunately that works in her favor.  The only time she cried last year was when they showed the clip of her mother and she channeled Pink Floyd and said, “I wish she were here”.   I have a feeling we may see many more tears shed by Mrs. Zarin, whether they be real or fake, that is the question! 

I don’t think that Jen was even there, she is a non-entity.  It may be our loss, she quite possibly could have been a good replacement for the three we want rid of.  I actually wish the show would have included her on the USVI trip so that we could get to know her better.  See how she reacts to the craziness and how she interacts with someone besides Jill. 

I think everyone of the people who were at the reunion said it was going to be surprising and really interesting.  Sonja actually said the most interesting thing, something in that radio interview, I don’t remember the exact quote but she said something like there will be a lot of “resolution”?  I took that to mean that whoever had issues before the reunion, they were resolved.  Maybe she meant Jill and Bethenny made up? 

I think everyone is dreading the thought that Jill and Bethenny make up.  If they do, what is the worst that can happen?  Bethenny certainly will never trust Jill again, if they do make up they will most likely only be the type of friends that are cordial to each other at social functions.  Of course Bethenny will never camp out at Jill’s Hamptons house again or anything like that.  I would doubt if the even would do lunch together.  Bethenny is just too busy to waste her time with someone like Jill.  I truly believe that Bethenny’s light bulb went off this season and she realized what a horrible person Jill Zarin is.  So even if she accepts Jill’s apology and says all is good, it will never be the way it used to be.

Ok so what about next season.  Bravo hasn’t even committed to having another season of the NY Housewives, that said, I believe that they probably will.  So who will be on the show?

Probability 1 – 10              10 – Most Likely  1 – Least Likely

Jill – 5  There is no doubt she brought in the ratings, as much as I hate to admit it, hating her has made the show enjoyable to watch, particularly since I started the blog.  She gave me a ton of material and gave us all a reason to come together.  All of that said, I never want to see her again and I mean that with all of my heart!  Bravo may bring her back just to watch her piss everyone off.

Alex – 9  I think Alex made a big impression on people this season.  She is well liked and for good reason.  I think people see that she has a good heart and a lot of people enjoyed her relationship with Bethenny this season.  Plus, it will piss Jill off if Alex comes back because we know it was Jill who started the rumor that Alex and Simon wouldn’t be back next season. 

Sonja – 10  She really made an impact, didn’t she?  I have yet to come across anyone, any blog or any article that had anything negative to say about Sonja.  Everyone seems to love her, including Andy Cohen and the folks at Bravo.  They really made her look good.

Kelly – 2  I hope that Bravo has the sense to pass on Kelly next season.  No need to explain why. 

Ramona- 10  Is there any doubt she will be back?  I think only if she chooses not to return but I doubt that would happen.  She seems to enjoy being on the show and her popularity is high right now yet she still can stir the pot.  She’s the perfect Bravo Housewife!

Bethenny – 7  I think the only reason she would not return is if her show does well and she decides that two shows are too much with her schedule.  A baby, husband, career, traveling, interviews, appearances, she may just feel it is too much.  She is the most popular housewife of all the franchises, so I’m sure Bravo will make the offer. 

Luann – 8  As hard as it is to come to terms with, I have a feeling she will be back.  I don’t like it but I have to be honest and it sure seems as though Bravo and Andy Cohen like having a “countess” on the show.  Just typing the word “countess” made me throw up a little in my mouth.  You may not have noticed, but I never, ever refer to her that way. 

Jen – 1  Something went wrong and I think Bravo was sorry that they even mentioned we would be seeing two new housewives this season.  That committed them to putting her on the show but her air time was so limited we never even got to know her.  Clearly she wants to be on the show, she is sending out emails asking people to give Bravo positive feedback about her, but how can we when we don’t even know her?   Maybe she did or said something to anger the powers that be over at Bravo because even she thought she would have more air time than she did. 

So what do you all think?  Who will be back and who will go?  What do you think will happen at the reunion? 

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575 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Reunion Predictions May 31, 2010

  1. MickeyMouth says:

    How do I always get here first?

    Unfortunately I think they all will be back with the exception of Jennifer. Was she really ever on?

    • MELANIE says:

      I agree with MickeyMouth. I don’t think even an exorcism could get kelly off the show.

  2. Ann marie says:

    Don’t forget on WWH bethenny said she would be cordial to jill but not friends. My sister did to me what Jill did to bethenny. I can never, ever trust her again. At someones funeral long down the road I will do the smile and nod but that’s it. B is no nonsence bull shit gal, shell do the smile and nod – that’s it!!

    • chismosa says:

      wow i am sad for you that it was your actual blood sister. my apologies.

    • Jillousyness says:

      Ann Marie – Same here with my sister. 5 yrs now and I’ll never trust her again. It would be like petting a snake – you’ve already been bitten once and regardless of any resolution there will always be that distinct possibility of another bite.
      I agree about Bethenny; once trust is gone things are never the same. It’s usually not just one thing but several that add up to total betrayal.

    • ElleNYC says:

      Yes, I think the “real” friendship between Jill and Bethanny is dead, and will turn into social pleasantries only. Jill knew that she had to finally “make nice” and has truly sucked up to her frenemies, and consistently kept to making trouble in the background through Kelly and LuMann.

      And my sister did the same to me, and 8 years later, I still don’t trust her.

    • ridicurhony says:

      Ann marie,
      same here, throughout life this has gone on w/my family members -funerals are not so far away for me, so i periodically get upset thinking about the whole mess. The thing about Jill and ppl like her with controlling behavior is that they really do not understand how they drive people away by creating unnecessary pain in their lives.
      that is why Jill Zarin’s behavior drives me CRAZY. lol. Hers and Kelly’s behavior is crazy making!

  3. Grace Charles says:

    Bethenny made the comment that she would only be back if she had a lobotomy. I think Bravo will bring Kelly back just for the controversy=ratings. I’m not sure about countless. Jill is iffy, she brought ratings, but Andy seems annoyed with her. Alex and Ramona are sure bets.

  4. krissy says:

    Bethenny will not be back. She is a star and will get her own show and is most likely done. Kelly needs to go she is painful to watch and lu ann kissin makes my stomach churn. Ramona and alex are growing on me and jill’s voice makes her exciting!

  5. lillybee says:

    If CBS version of the View with Julie Chen does well with Bethenny in the pilot and is picked up for a year, I definitely don’t think Beth will be available to do RHONY.

    • Had Enough! says:

      At this point, Bethenny isn’t on that program. It is Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, and Holly Robinson Peete.

  6. Anitabee says:

    The whole Bravo thing with Jen Gilbert is odd, isn’t it? They didn’t give her a chance and I wish Bravo or Jen would address the reason why. Fans like us deserve to know.
    Bravo never even included her in the openning credits — Jennifer Gilbert is the Rudolph the Reindeer of the RHONY. No one lets her play in the reindeer games.

    I wish they had given her a chance. Did anyone catch what she said about LuAnn friend? I can’t even remember his name…you know the one that stroked her, kissed her, and made her drink the rape date martini? Jen said the guy was gay. Which is funny since I’m sure a lot of viewers were thinking the same thing.

    Oh well poor Jen — it seems your name will go to on yet another R.I.P. Real Housewives tombstone.

    Here lies Jennifer Gilbert
    Who tried to join in on RHONY season 3
    Bravo treated you like a wet tee-shirt
    To survive you needed to be super bitchy.

    • Just a Commoner says:

      There was a lot of discussion about Luann’s date Coerte on previous blogs and also Jen’s comment about him being gay. Some people, me included, think it was a calculated attempt on her part to show that she can toss the barbs like the rest of the cast. I thought it was amateurish at best. Plus it pisses me off when people do the “he’s gay” thing as an insult. Same thing with Simon. Give it a rest already.

      • Annie1033 says:

        Same here! Agreed!
        Some attempt at being caustic. If you’re gonna do caustic, do it right!
        I have thirty examples right now all about that douchebag of a date of Luann’s and none of them have to resort to: “he’s gay…” etc. LAME.

      • Anitabee says:

        I wasn’t here when the comment was discussed. And yes, there are much better ways of getting the idea of Corte being alternative across.

        Still, I don’t think Jen was given a chance. We don’t know what she would have brought to the show if Bravo had shown her.

  7. jayedee says:

    i, for one, hope that jen comes back. i’d love to see her “find her voice” and carve out a niche for herself. kelly and jill, frankly, i could care less about. ditto for the countess.
    team BRASS (bethenny, ramona, alex, sonja and simon) rock the house and i hope to see them all for another season!

  8. MickeyMouth says:

    I forgot about Bethenny. I think Bethenny will be like a guest Housewife next season. She will show up occasionally but not as a central character. This season was all about Jill / Bethenny fighting and Ramona’s renewal. The reset of them were in supporting roles. I know Luann had some storyline this year but, I turned the channel every time she was on. I think next season is Sonja’s!

  9. Anitabee says:

    Bravo should give Sonja a bigger part next season. They will probably work out a cougar angle on Sonja but I don’t care I love her.

    Btw, I’m in my 40s with a boyfriend that is 10 years younger than me. I see nothing wrong with older women dating younger men. I don’t care for the term cougar but only when it comes out of the mouth of a 40 something guy wanting to date a 30 something cougar. I guess those guys must be citizens of Kellyland. HA!

    • Annie1033 says:

      Go on with your bad self!! NICE!

      Yeah I actually HATE the term ‘Cougar’. I just think that you can’t get more sexist and demeaning and the only thing I think of when I hear it are people like Tamra, Vicki, etc. on the OC show…they personify that term and they’re pretty much as awful, shallow and sexist as the term itself. For the rest of womenkind, I think it’s terribly stupid and has hopefully reached it’s pinnacle and will fade away (sorta like Kelly’s endorsement deals).

      • ImToula says:

        It’s wrong for women to date younger men. A man must be older than the woman. That’s just the way it is. All they want is sex and money. They will never marry you. Never! Why would they want to an older woman that has kids, wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, grey hair, and arthritis? I’ll be 49 tomorrow; my husband will be 40 in November. We’re together 12 years now. Fu*ck the nay Sayers!

        • Kat says:

          I was reading your post thinking, wait no no … Demi Moore, a few of my friends…
          But then I got to the end of your post and felt all better.

  10. lillybee says:

    I just watched Sonja’s toaster over recipe for chicken parm, she made a decent chicken dish without making a mess. Nice for one who doesn’t cook for a lot of people. Actually it is a book that I might be interested in buying. The video is on her facebook.

    • MAMAZ says:

      lillybee -I’m going to have to watch that. Remember on Scary Island she said she cooks and even considers herself a chef.

  11. chismosa says:

    thank god i am here to comment when it is not #1428… it takes too long to read all of them!!
    Lynn, i still think Jen was rude to you to not say thank you for that whatever fiasco this past week/s.. i forget… I just don’t get this good ‘vibe’ that i get when i saw Sonja at first. I was very early on among my friends to call out Sonja and say that i had a really good feeling about her, which then turned out to be right. i get ‘vibes’ on people way early on, fair or not, and i just dont get that great a one from Jen. Plus i cannot STAND her fashion choices or her haircut (for her face). i dont think she has the warmth or authenticity to vibe (again, sorry to re-use the word) with the camera/ audience. I vote she is off. there are PLENTY of divorcee, single mom, or even married socialites/ faux-socialites in nyc who Andy can find to get on this stupid show. And yes, if the show continues to have JILL on it is indeed STUPID.

    i love the name TEAM BRASS… that is funny.

    I am praying to god above all else Jill gets a new asshat ripped at the reunion. I hope no one holds back and all goes that way.
    and i hope her ugly face stops being on the Doctors, LXTV, and all other shows on TV.
    thank you god, amen.

  12. Sweet Caroline says:

    Lynn, here is what I want from Kelly:

    1. I want her to complete a 12-step program.
    2. I want her to submit to random drug testing or better yet where a Scram bracelet indefinitely. She can bedazzle it.
    3. I want her to bathe so she is not so greasy. (Can you imagine her with Greasy Bear, Brandon Davis? Ewww, slippery greasy mess. I think he is single)
    4. I want her to wear clothe that cover her vagina.
    5. I want her to quit Twitter until she completes a Hooked on Phonics course or a least spell check anything she plans to post online.
    6. I want her to stop eating candy from Amsterdam.
    Whew! I will think of more but this is a start. Oh yeah, and I want her off RHONYC. I hate Jill Zarin, btw.

    • BimboKay says:

      I want Kelly to submit to a hair follicle test.
      I want Kelly to be interviewed by Child Protective Services.
      I actually want Kelly to disappear from my TV and Internet.

      • Margo Channing says:

        Bravo! Bravo! YES! I MEAN YOU, BRAVO! Are you listening!?

        • anutha hata says:

          As much as I don’t like Jill, Kelly truly disgusts me.
          If I could only choose one HW to drop for season 4, it would be Kelly.
          She has absolutely NOTHING to offer. And its clear that aside from her modeling career, her “journalism”/”editing”/”writing”, work, if any of it has been any good, it is someone else’s work that she is taking credit for.
          Not that I want to put any ghostwriters out of business, I just don’t think its good for anyone, including Kelly at this point, to keep-up the facade that Kelly is some kind-of intellectual.

  13. Adgirl says:

    I know WE think Alex is wonderful, but do we know whether her popularity is across the board? I wonder if Bravo thinks she is important enough to the show to keep her. Traditionally, she has been the omega of the pack.

    Sonja fills in the “listener” role Alex is also trying to occupy, plus Sonja is a real socialite (plus she’s earthy and funny).

    My Thoughts:
    Jill – Totally agree the ratings bulldozer/polarizer will return
    LuAnn – Agree she will return. Only due to the title.
    Kelly – If she wants to return and has medical clearance, I’ll bet Bravo will have her.
    Ramoner- Of course!
    Bethenny – Can’t see her doing two full shows. If “Bethenny” gets picked up then guest appearances on RHNY on a part time basis.
    Jen- Don’t get what went wrong here. I’m a little frustrated.
    Sonja- Agree. If Bethenny never returns I think Sonja will absorb the vacumm.
    Alex- I love her, but does Bravo?

    Who Gonna Check Me Boo?

    • Just a Commoner says:

      There is an open HTML tag at the end of Adgirl’s post above (after “Who Gonna Check Me Boo?”). She italicized it but forgot to add the end tag that ends the italics. I don’t know if Lynn can edit her post to fix it.

      There is a way to keep tag errors like this limited to they comment they’re in, but I don’t know if it’s something that Lynn can enable or if it’s something that WordPress has to set up.

      I am adding the closing tag to the beginning of this comment. Hope that turns it off for the rest of the page.

      • Kokuanani says:

        This is why I’ve been pleading for the “button” method for utilizing HTML tags, instead of requiring posters to type open and closing ones.

        It worked before, so I’ll try it again: I’m gonna “blockquote” this entry. It somehow turns the italics tag off — at least for your entry.

    • A. Chandler and Kismet says:

      I wonder if Jill will want to return. Typically when there is conflict, she flees or tells the other person to “just leave”. We know that her sister advised her not to do the show, we know she said it’s not fun anymore, and if she thinks she should return to act fake and redeem herself… Kelly did that and look how that turned out for her. So she could pick up her toys and leave.

      • Kat says:

        Good point.
        I think Jill lacks the ability to grasp that leaving the show would be in her best interest. Narcissist + rose colored glasses.
        She’ll keep her toys and try to get everyone elses too.

      • sbh says:

        Yes, and have you noticed how all the ‘fans’ that argued with you on Amazon, after their bogus slam against you, when you rebuttled intelligently they all replied with one more hit at you and then ended with, “and I am not going to write anymore,” or “I am going off since you are just determined to hate Jill for no reason” blah, blah, blah. Was it a co-inky-dink that all of them ended their blog with a pot shot and ‘I’m done’ just like Jill? I don’t think so.
        PS A. Chandler, I have read you on Amazon and I adore you!

  14. chismosa says:

    sorry just re-read some posts from the previous blog- can someone email Awfulplasticsurgery.com so they know that the spread of Kelly in Playboy was taken like 10 yrs ago and NOT recently? They are under the impression she got her boobs re-done and then had the playboy shoot. Lame. just had to say.

  15. chismosa says:

    why do i wind up seeing ITALICS at times on this blog? Does anyone know? I do not press any of the functions to create italics. Its very odd…

    For anyone who can see the NY Post from Sunday 5/30, there is a section called “My NY” and Luanne – of course referred to as ‘countess’ – is there to show her favorite spots after the article says she has lived here all of 3 years, wow! What a new yorker!

    Anyhow, just to let you all know it says in the article she lives in a two bedroom on the Upper West side with views of the river. So i presume she got herself an apt and wow, only 2 bedrooms! Is Victoria at boarding school? I dont get it.

    • Kat says:

      It is in italics. 🙂

      • Had Enough! says:

        Upper WEST Side? Really? I love the upper west side, but it so isn’t Countess-land. The apartment looks like one of those corporate apartments to me. The kind of place that a corporation rents, furnished, for employees or guests who are in town for a few days.

        Victoria and Noel are going to school in the Hamptons, so LuAnn is using this place only for her forays into the city. Remember – her pied a terre.

    • Kokuanani says:

      See JustaCommoner’s remark above.

      The italics are caused by someone not closing the “tag” when they tried to italicize something in their comment. At this point, I think only Lynn can fix it.

  16. cusi77 says:

    My best felicitation Lynn… GREAT blog! Thank you, you are the real deal!

    I agree with Krissy. Bethenny won’t be back. She has this great intelligence, she is fast, funny, beatiful inside and out… She is “Charismatic”, SHE IS A GREAT SHOW. Just blind BRAVO producers could not recognize her potential in doing a great show on her own.

    My best wishes are for KK to stay away from the cameras and to go seek the help she really needs. Do not come back to RHONY. If Bravo brings her back will be CRIMINAL and lack of decency by exploiting an ill person for the sake of ratings.

    Jill…. back…. to give us more reasons to hate her….

    LooseAnn… back.

    Alex and Ramona make great Real Housewives.


    Jen…. I do not have an opinion, we did not get to know her, the little we saw, in my opinion, was insipid.

  17. 212 says:

    We got all their stories. It is old. Not interesting. Not entertaining.

  18. otaypanky says:

    No one likes a storyline better than being able to watch a disdained individual resurrect themselves. That old Phoenix rising out of the ashes tale.
    Can Jill pull it off?
    She really is one insipid, vacuous human being. Is she even capable?

    • Sweet Caroline says:

      Redeem herself, how? She would have to cure cancer or bring peace to the Middle East. Seriously, who would trust her or want to befriend her? This is the woman who was at hear daughter’s college application assistance appointment talking about how it was all about her. Ugh. Iwould have been like – Mom get the hell out I can’t write my own college application essays. Seriously, why would I admit on tv my kid is that stupid.
      Let’s see, she would have to not lie, put other’s first, not talk over people and listen, not be self-centered, self-absorbed or self-promoting. Not be all about the gowsssip, not talk behind everyone’s back, not surprise people, not ask people to leave when they call her on her shit. Yeah, she would need an exorcism. She would have a hard time doing any one of these things.

      • KLAS says:

        Jill “resurrect” herself? Never!

        • Had Enough! says:

          She claimed earlier this year that she would redeem herself. She has one episode to go. So far, the only redeeming thing she’s done is to be largely absent from two episodes.

          Everyone says oh without Jill there wouldn’t be enough drama and no one would watch. I disagree. And wouldn’t we all love to find out? Come on, Bravo. Test us. Take Jill and Kelly off the show and see if we keep watching.

          I am so tired of watching this show and getting stressed out and nauseous.

          • ElleNYC says:

            Jill doesn’t know what the words “redeem herself” mean. In her mind, it’s just a matter of twisting the truth and proving that the other person is wrong.

          • A. Chandler and Kismet says:

            I know from experience Jill can’t control her temperceven when it’s in her best interest to do so. The only thing that could save Jill is Bravo editing out all the times she gets rude and snarky. Do I think Jill can do it herself? I honestly don’t think she has the ability. It’s not her temperament. Plus she believes the audience is stupid and that she can pull the wool over their eyes and that shines through.

      • Ellabean says:

        Oh – that video we saw with Jill sitting in on Ally’c ollege application assistance:

        The interviewer asked Ally ‘who was her favorite fictional character’.

        Jill interrupts and answers:

        “I dream of Jeannie.”

        • Sweet Caroline says:

          lol, I forgot about that. If Ally had to get in with her mother’s help and not any assistance she would be going to beauty school or comunity college, maybe – like on a waitlist.

          Jill would want Jeannie so she would ask for wishes. I wish a Jeannie would take her off my tv.

  19. chismosa says:

    OTAYPANKY- don’t even say that. don’t entertain the thought. Dead is dead. Nothing can replace how someone acts like this bitc# did this season, or seasons past. That is innate. She is unfiltered, her true colors out.
    Nothing she does now, charity-wise, Bethenny-wise, anything-wise will make me change my mind on her. It is done.
    Lynn i hope you feel the same!!!!

  20. Jillousyness says:

    At this point for the reunion I don’t have my hopes too high (so as not to be disappointed) but I do pray to the Bravo gods that they please, please DO NOT have LuAnn sing another one of her stupid lousy songs. That is not what the fans of the shows want when it’s reunion time. I hated it and turned it off when Kim Z. sang at the Atlanta gathering. It might piss off the other women that are selling books, products and what have you for her to have another shot at self promotion.

    I disagree that Jill is a first class, top notch liar. She IS a constant liar, no question, but she doesn’t do it very well because she usually gets caught in either by the other ladies and always by us viewers.

    About who should or might return:
    Ramona – 10 Alex – 10
    Sonja – 10 LuAnn – 10
    Jill – 7 Bethenny – Major ? mark, the offer will be there. Her choice.
    Kelly – 2 I wonder if any of the other cast will have Kelly in their negotiations, as
    in she has to have seen a Dr. for clearance or they refuse to be on if she is
    back, particularly after the Virgin Island episode. The producers may
    already have decided she’s too unstable and their risk would be too high
    to have her back.

  21. bcr8tive says:

    After reading this thread I was numb:

    written 6 weeks ago – ugh

    I have so many replies to it I got tired just thinking about it –

    AND on Twitter earlier tonight was this:

    i love filming #realhousewives. it a great vehicle for me to have a strong charitable voice for FEEDING AMERICA& GOODWILL. think big.

    To which I replied:
    @kikilet When I hear u speak, I do think “big” … “mouth” stuck size 10 into it – what else is there? Self absorbed does not = Charitable.

    Apparently they are both back – and i have to start looking for an alternative preoccupation during those time slots – Neither one of them = Fun to me.

    • TLM says:

      Jill says in that link above, “Bethenny will be gone next season.” That and B’s comment that she would be back “after I have a lobotomy” make me think she’s definitely done with the show.

  22. Pattymouth says:

    I’d like to see all of the BRAS back. If Jill, Luann and/or Kelly return, I am not watching. I know that sounds lame but I just can’t stomach them anymore. Jill is a piece of shit and Luann and Kelly are not that interesting even with the suspected drug/mental problem. Luann is on the prowl now so I guess Bravo wants more of her visits to fake opium dens. Which by the way, I don’t know why Kelly didn’t call Luann’s date “creepy” because if there was anyone on that show who was really creepy it was Luann’s date. I know Bethenny could do very well on a show like The View. She is so quick and smart. I hope she gets that opportunity and leaves this show in the dust but I also hope she continues her true friendships with Alex, Ramona, and Sonja. Bethenny’s new life is giving her the opportunity of second chances and I think she will seize on them with the people who matter most to her. I hope Jill is taking stock of her close friends too. Luann, who will dump Jill as soon as she finds herself another older, sophisticated sugar daddy and Kelly who will soon be counting gummy bears from a padded cell.

  23. Good blog, Lynn. You seem to have inside info, and I think you said you hosted a book signing for Alex and Simon…or will? So thanks for the juice you share. Also, I got my blog up today and I too put in Reunion show speculation–I didn’t copy you, I swear, as I am just reading yours about four hours later. I had a slightly different take on it as well. (heh) Oh, and I saw Ramona’s jewelry show on TV this weekend and she’s not worried about nothing, that’s all I can say.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Post the link to your blog please. I’d love to read it, I think a lot of us would. (and no, I don’t think you copied..lol)

      • Well, you can just click on my hat here and it automatically has a link–somehow. I don’t know how this works, but my facebook page and twitter page have a similar thingie. I just show up and bam! My hat RealtyWatchers is a link! They get us coming and going, don’t they? heh Well, maybe it doesn’t work that way for everyone, so here’s the link, just in case: http://realitywatchers.wordpress.com/

    • MickeyMouth says:

      not quite done, but the Queen of Hearts is

      we all are such clever wits

      • anutha hata says:

        Before I go check your blog RW, I know what you mean. Lynn has a way of writing what we were all thinking, and picking-up on the little things that barely registered, and saying “yes-you really did see that.” -That’s what I love about her blogs.

      • anutha hata says:

        Before I go check your blog RW, I know what you mean. Lynn has a way of writing what we were all thinking, and picking-up on the little things that barely registered, and saying “yes-you really did see that.” -That’s what I love about her blogs.

  24. Kat says:

    I blinked and 1 1/2 blogs have partied on without me, and in italics at times no less.
    I need to finish catching up….
    Happy Holiday.

  25. Nancyusa says:
  26. katiecoo says:

    How many people think Jill will at some point storm out of the Reunion show? Or how many times?

    Yes, I’m in the camp who thinks she can never redeem herself. I gave her about 3 episodes this season thinking she was just going thru a rough patch but she just kept falling down her own rabbit hole of Narcissism, I can’t see her as anything than that now.

  27. Need a Hobby says:

    Didn’t Jill play the “queen of accountability” on the previous reunion shows? Wonder if that comes back to haunt her at this reunion. It should. Will she just fall on her sword and say she’s learned from the season and it’s all in the book? I can see her trying humility and regret to deflect criticism and “renew” her image, but sustaining it is another matter. (I remember there was some question if she left the reunion taping early?)

    If Sonja’s hints are in regards to the major conflicts of this season, I suspect Bethenny will make peace with Kelly and Jill at the reunion and then keep moving on with her life since neither one of them is/will be a part of it. From an interview earlier this year, it sounded like she didn’t intend to go back to RHONY. She’s got other irons in the fire besides her new TV show, regardless of how that does.

    BTW, CBS “unofficially” confirmed that they were filming a talk show pilot with Julie Chen, but denied that Bethenny was associated with it: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/entertainment/post/2010/04/cbs-considering-talk-show-with-a-familiar-view/1

    Both Jill and Kelly have bitten the hand that fed them by their claims of producer manipulation to make them look awful and crazy respectively, but the only way they won’t be back for a next season is if Bravo doesn’t want them. Bravo will probably have her back but they’ve got leverage. Jill’s high maintenance but the producers and Bravo have shown that they aren’t obligated to give her a good edit and they can recruit other women for the show. The show is the reason she gets other TV face time, and without the show I doubt she’s particularly marketable on her own. Kelly probably shouldn’t be on if there’s a next season, but I wouldn’t put it past Bravo to invite her her back since the audience will be waiting to see what nutty things she’ll say or if she’ll blow. Her “nervous breakthrough” at the VI vac was probably the most interesting she’s been on the show.

  28. Rusty says:

    I am thrilled jill sank this year. I have hated her since Day One but felt few, except you guys, were seeing it. I still can’t get over how some people can continue to coo about her. Huh? Duh!

    I think Bethany will be tender with Kelly . . . to a point and I hope she and everyone else will go ballistic with jill. Andy commemted something like he was drained after the reunion but he says that after every reunion taping. I love Andy BTW and am surprised when I hear people say they don’t like him. I love his wit and snarkiness.

    People love Sonja because she has no hidden agenda, is super comfortable in her own skin and is truthful. People hate Kelly for the exact opposite reasons. Is there a pill she can take for delusion?

    I think the Countess will distance herself for j-hole jill. She can’t possibly be that dumb to hang on to that sinking ship. Darling . . .

    We should make a list of “the rules” on the other board that Countess and jill come up with. ie. “You NEVER blah-de-blah! One ALWAYS blah-de-blahs if they have any class.” Also . . . just even SAYING the word “class” and “classy” is so low-rent.

    I hope jill cries a lot. She still hasn’t learned what she is doing that is so repulsive. As she’s said, “Not that I would ever say that I made a mistake but . . . ” That’s one of your probs Dickweed.

    • ElleNYC says:

      @Rusty – great post! I read AC’s reunion show blog and can’t wait to watch it, too. And I like AC’s out-in-front snarkiness. Better than Jill’s, behind-the-scenes, twist-the-truth and center-of-the-universe bullsh!t.

  29. Had Enough! says:

    So which Housewife is Andy bunking with this weekend, or does he have his own Hamptons digs? I’m guessing that the Zarin clan is trying to protect Jill from herself by trying to block out all things Housewife. They may even have taken away her iPhone as there have been few tweets. Surely not the Countless – she would NEVER allow the staff to stay in her home. One does not socialize with the staff, dahling. And Kelly – well, say what you will about Andy, but he is not stupid and not insane.

    I hope Bethenny, Jason, and Bryn are having a nice, normal Memorial Day holiday with his family. Something Bethenny has never had in her life and she should enjoy ever last second of it. Funny – I had that all my life and there’s nothing I’d rather do LESS than spend a weekend with my family. But she’s never had the chance to do this normal nuclear family thing, so more power to her.

    I wonder if her own mother has even acknowledged the birth of her (only?) grandchild. Ms. Parisella is apparently a very private person. It is impossible to dig out anything on her.

    • Bobbi says:

      Andy could be staying at Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ place. They are legitimately friends and their family spends most of the weekends in the Hamptons.

  30. Maddiegirl says:

    As always, great post!

    First, I don’t think we missed much with Jen. It seems like you either have it or you don’t. There had to have been more tape that wasn’t even worth showing/viewing.

    I agree with @Pattymouth, really do not want to see anymore of Jill, Kelly and Luann. Kelly has moved up to Jill’s level for me. Luann has always been a pompous fake and cause to hit the fast forward button on my remote.

    I love Alex and Ramona (most of the time), but I do think Alex show have more time with Simon. They are funny together. For some reason I have been picturing Simon in that goofy tennis outfit when he played against Ramona and Mario.

    Lastly, maybe B. is not going to be on the Julie Chen show because she is doing more with the Today show. Every time B. is on there, she cracks me up. She and Hoda are great together. I wish it were “Hoda and Bethenny” in the morning. Sorry, Kathie Lee fans, she reminds me of Jill without the “horn” voice.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Agree! I can’t stand KLG.

    • TLM says:

      Agreed about Jen G. All I remember her saying all season that is distinctive is, “these marshmallows look great, and I really want to have one now” or something like that. All her other comments were, “I’ve never seen this before,” or “I’ve never had a party like this before,” etc. Snoozefest.

  31. Maddiegirl says:

    Sorry, Alex “should” have more time, not “show.”

  32. anniieee says:

    This is an interesting article about the rivalry between Bethenny’s father and stepfather..and what started it…


  33. Had Enough! says:

    Oops. Accidentally posted these on yesterday’s blog:

    Secrets of Jewish Mother – the sequel (shudder): DO NOT, REPEAT, DO NOT take your teenage daughter to the taping of a program where you are going to be raked over the coals for the shit of a human being that you are.

    And most certainly not if you are wearing chiffon.

    If you can help it.

    What was Ally doing there in the first place? What kind of mother is Jill Zarin?
    Oh. Right. The suffocating, needy kind. Can you imagine what she will say to Ally when Ally finally grows up and turns down a command performance from Jill? “I thought you were my friend, but now I know you are not my friend.”

    Poor Ally. She’s got to somehow figure out how to cope with this awful human being that calls herself a mother, and it must be really difficult to ignore the obvious now that her narcissistic mother has decided to use the public-at-large as her mirror and the public-at-large has reflected mother’s true self.

    Had Enough! says:
    May 31, 2010 at 5:48 am

    Oh. Have to answer my own question.

    Ally was there to be a human shield for Jill, who probably figured that everyone would go easy on her if the kid was there to witness everything. Not the first time she put Ally out there like this. Remember baby-gate? It became Ally’s fault. Ally got a tweet from TweetMaxine, for whatever reason, she believed it, she told Jill, Jill believed it (like we are the only ones who knew that TweetMaxine is a pathetic whackjob who makes it all up) and posted the “news” which of course was wrong, but more to the point, not her news to be sharing.

  34. ridicurhony says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a great blog! Juicy! I’m agreeing with most everything on your predictions, but I’m still thinking about Jen.

    I still can’t decide if Bravo is baiting us with her being ignored, shut down and disrespected by Jill, if they wanted to add her on Jill’s team but she wasn’t strong enough, or if she got scared and backed away from the show after filming this year.

    I think the reunion will be like the Lost ending for me. Unsatisfying because they went where I knew they were going to go with it. Damned!

    • ridicurhony says:

      i should say that means I think they’ll all be back except maybe Bethenny, I think there will be the token make-up, jill will cry but she’ll be cryin about people being ‘mean’ not because she’s sorry, and we’ll have to wait for the next season to see how it all pans out. Bravo (as in ratings) O.C. and RHONY are the only ones I ever really liked and I’ll keep watching to see how the freak show ends.

  35. otaypanky says:

    Jill in her current state would not be well tolerated by viewers. In London’s articles (which she practially wrote for him), she also takes down Loosann and Kracken. She seems to have an affinity for isolating herself when she is in fact trying to isolate her target.
    You’ve gotta love that she threatened Alex with expulsion from the “fabulous circle of people” and the next thing you know, Jill is odd man out trying desperately to horn her way in.
    What storyline can possibly be ascribed to her? Can she go lower? I would think she would have to spend the rest of season 4 trying to dig herself out…OHHHH and that would be so much fun to watch because she just can’t help herself. There is never enough of anything for someone like Jill. She will always be the victim of “want” and “more”.
    Yeah Jill, I’ll watch you on season 4 but for all the wrong reasons. I’ll be watching your attempt to go against your nature and failing and falling further into an abyss.
    Now, good common sense would dictate that a wealthy woman with a family would run like hell from this mess she has created and hope that time will remove the stigma from the consciences of people.
    But NOOOO. Jill will be back with a vengeance and I will watch with the same.

  36. Had Enough! says:

    Can you stand 20 minutes of Shrill circa Memorial Day 2008:


    Remember this at the 8 minute mark – she again says that what you see is what you get, that this is really how they are, that no one can act that long. Remind her (and her ugly friend Kellamity) of that during the reunion.

    She also talks about the blog she was going to have on hamptons.com and says she will always do it on time because that’s the way she flows. Wonder if she said the same thing to Bravo.

    And at the end, that little rat Ginger bites the interviewer.

    • ridicurhony says:

      great video, never seen it before. I think it’s poetry when she says they wanted her to come back and she told them ‘you know what, I’m done’. Now I can see why she thinks this show is all about her.

      • otaypanky says:

        Great tape. She wasn’t that bad on it. I’m too lazy to watch old episodes and track Jill’s descent, but as I remember her in the earlier seasons, she just was not anywhere near to what she has become.
        The persona I witnessed this season was excruciating to watch. She over time became more demanding, entitled, fixated, controlling and just down right mean.

    • anniieee says:

      Priceless..thanks for sharing…true Godjilla…and the dog went for the nose 2x

  37. Olivia says:

    Keeping in mind that the series we are currently viewing was filmed 8 months ago, it is clear that Jill, from recent interviews and appearances, is still aiming her arrow toward Bethenny which shows that she has not changed one bit. She is still the same “evil witch” that she has always been and the recent flame throwing aimed at the reviewer at Amazon speaks volumes about her character.

    However, if Bravo insists on bringing this mish mash back for another season, I am at a loss to understand how a storyline can develop from what we have seen so far. I doubt there would be many of us convinced to an overhaul of Jill’s image because she is who she is. A mediawhore forever. Truth be told, there has to be some “edge” forthcoming for the viewer to return each week and if she is “softened” it will have a hollow ring. The only ones convinced of this new packaging would be her “diehard fans” who still find a reason to support her efforts no matter how far out in left field she remains.

    It is difficult to see just exactly where Silex would fit in here. They are not exactly close to Lu Ann, Jill, or Kelly and I am not sure how Bravo intends on integrating them into social events that are a large part of the theme. Asking the audience to buy into a “let’s kiss and make up” scenario for the sake of a storyline would be hard to swallow particularly taking into account the vacation from hell that has just transpired.

    The only interest in Kelly only happened following her breakdown in St. John’s but she is otherwise wholly uninteresting and if brought back it signals for me that Bravo is just waiting for another eruption to occur which is nothing I would want to see again.

    Sonja may prove interesting at the beginning but repeated episodes of her getting her “pooch” restored or her dating habits may not hold the audience for long. And it is again doubtful that many are tuning in to watching Lu Ann hold court. But then again, I am only speaking for myself.

    Not being a fan of Ramona, weekly episodes of “telling it like it is” will be difficult to watch if it just becomes a recurrence of that along with assertions that “loving Jill forever” becomes difficult to swallow.

    I guess what I am trying to say is does Jill wish to part of another season as the “heavy” because without that thread running through the series there is little to actually draw the viewer into the drama that ensues. Buying the reverse equals boring tv.

    The Reunion Show will tip one way or the other.

  38. RileyKitty says:

    Morning ladies! Notice I left off the good before morning… I have been up since 3:50am. We had an intruder in our home. I was unable to go back to sleep so I have been catching up on posts 🙂

    I can hardly wait for the reunion.

    I was hoping the hubby & I would be able to make the trip to Chicago to see SILEX (& some of you) but we have a must attend graduation party. I am hoping that if the situation permits we can get Simon & Alex to confirm or deny if they are planning on returning next season (I know Andy says no one knows yet who is coming back but if they plan on leaving on their own accord)

  39. vilzvet says:

    Enjoying the updated blogs, we are all getting spoiled here!
    Watching the rerun marathon now, here are some nuggets that bear repeating: In the episode where Luann, Kelly and Sonja go out (the cheating discussion where they played dumb), they discussed Adderal and why Kelly is so skinny. Lu says: “Oh she’s not the type to be on drugs” LOLOL. How did that get by?? Then Kel started going off on Ramona, that she had told Kelly to shut up and “that is SOOO inappropriate” and that “if you’re that combative than something is wrong with you”. Words to live by Kelly…

  40. Just a Commoner says:
  41. Just a Commoner says:


  42. HD says:

    Some one tell me why I am watching all the reruns today. I should not do this to myself this early in the morning. I can’t handle Jill.

    At any rate…I agree with a lot of what has been said. Bethanny is done with the show. She may guest appear but her main focus will be her show.

    All the housewives will be back except for Jen I think. She just does not have what it takes and I also think they need to infuse a little younger blood into the show. Maybe a housewife in her 30’s on the move, up and coming, doing the kind of “grown and sexy” things in New York life. The fabulosity crowd as Bethanny used to say.

    As for the reunion-literally every time I think about it I get mad already. Just like you said Lynn the reunions REALLY piss me off because it is all nice, that was then, this is now, we’re over it….blah blah blah….No one is ever called to the carpet and if they do explain things it is some bullshit that we can all see through and funny I can see that happening.

    Where Bethanny is now in her life, new husband, new baby, new show, fighting with Jill at this point is a waste of her time and energy. I think she is over it and will be like whatever-on to the next thing….

    • anniieee says:

      I want to see Kelly say “she tried to stab me–enh enh enh enh” And I want to see Jill cry real tears. Remorse maybe for being such an a-hole the whole 3 seasons? Losing her sponsors and her “fabulous circle of friends”

  43. RileyKitty says:

    @otay. We are ok. I live in a tiny (700) people town, everyone knows everyone, we don’t lock our doors. We don’t generally take our keys out of the car even. Yesterday was graduation & an 18 year old kid was drunk & walked into our home. My husband escorted him out. We were outside waiting for the police when he came back apparently looking for his car. Once he realized the police were on the way he ran off. My BIL is a deputy but was busy with a drunk driver so they sent Barney Fife instead. He was unable to locate the kid, but oddly enough he came back a 3rd time & we talked him in to remaining until my BIL (who was now in on the search) arrived. We were shaken up but never felt in danger. Needless to say my keys are out of my now locked car & I have located my house keys & the RileyKitty residence will be locked from now on. Funny thing is we have 2 cats Riley & Ryan who roam our property all night long & the intruder let Ryan in the house when he came in. I told him he was a piss poor guard Kitty

    • anniieee says:

      So glad everything is okay…scared us… Lock your doors. I drive with my doors locked. Its a scary world out here now.

      • RileyKitty says:

        My BIL told everyone down at the Sherriff’s station the intruder should be more scared of me than my hubby. My hubby is a big man & I am under 5ft LOL

    • Char12 says:

      Glad to hear that’s all it was but it still had to be scary at first. It’s funny he came back 3 times though. As long as you and your family are okay is what’s important.

    • boston02127 says:

      I’m glad you and your family are ok.

      • RileyKitty says:

        Thanks everyone! I am sure we will be the talk of the town LOL

        @otay- I live directly west of Chicago on the Iowa side of the state. We live in Matherville, IL. I didn’t grow up here, my hubby has lived here his whole life except about a year after we married. We moved here when my 16 year old son was 3 months old. I grew up in Rock Island, IL.

  44. Olivia says:

    Watching the video from the Hamptons 2 years ago it is clear that Miss Jill had a future “career” for herself in mind. Did anyone notice that she was not wearing a wedding ring?

    So she is the one who arranged for Ramona, Lu Ann, and Bethenny to appear on the show. I do remember an episode where she had to introduce Bethenny to Lu Ann in a restaurant scene where they all got together to also meet Alex. They were seated at a banquet table and Lu Ann and Alex hit it off because they had both lived at one time in Milan.

    In speaking to the question of who gets along with whom, she refused to disclose the names of those who did not get along but I have a hunch, since this was filmed in 2008, that she was referring to Ramona’s dislike of Silex which was evident through several episodes.

    Hating that weaselly dog Ginger as well as Jill. Looks like a rat! Almost as disgusting as Grandma Wrinkles.

  45. elle V says:

    Hmm, I was oblivious to the whole Bethenny v.s. Gwyneth, Padma, and Rachel thing, I thought Kelly was having one of her delusions of imaginary celeb friends. Bethenny definitely has had her snarky moments but she did not deserve this season at all, esp Kelly.

    I’m predicting;

    Bethenny- 8 Alex- 6 Sonja- 10 Ramona- 10 Jill- 10 Jenn- 1 Luann- 7 Kelly- 2

    On the last night of their vacay when the 4 ladies; Alex, Sonja, B and Ramona were partying, it was the best moment of the entire season. Just 4 girly girls having fun talking about everything over cocktails, totally SATC.

    Jill to me is an ogre, nothing about her is hip, sophisticated or fun. Just an old nag with zero charisma/likability. She brings the other ladies down with her ugly outfits, ugly attitude and immaturity, nothing about her is glam except for Bawby’s bank account. I could so do w/o her.

    Sonja on the other hand, lifted the entire show, she made it glam, elegant and interesting. She also has the ability to bring the best out of those around her; case in point Ramona and the countess.
    Luann was looking like the underdog trainwreck when she was hanging w/Jill, around Sonja, she looked like the old Luann with her poise (and dignity).
    I loathed Ramona for her treatment of B on the infamous bridge scene, but she gained back points when interacting with Sonja because she seems unguarded and genuinely warm around her.
    I’m very much looking forward to the 4 ladies (+Luann) interacting on the next season but that seems less likely given B’s new show.

    Alex is a must have on the show but along with others here, I’m not sure if Bravo will see it that way, I’m hoping strongly that they do. She is the perfect girl’s girl along with Sonja.

    As much as I want Jill off the show, the way Andy is up her arse, I highly doubt it. He is so scared when his WWH guests critisize Jill you have to wonder who’s paying who, and he’s always too quick to defend her, nervously might I add, that I almost believe he’s being blackmailed or they’re related somewhere. Even if Jill’s behavior loses viewers, I think Andy would keep her on.

    Kelly I think will be gone. She is 80% of the time dull and 20% certifiable. Her behavior brings out concern and worry, clearly not entertainment material. It’s disgusting if they decide to further exploit this woman by keeping her.

    Luann was fun when she was her own person pre-Jill, Jen I have no opinion, Bethenny I wanted to see her interact with Sonja more because they would’ve been the cool chicks of the show.

    On a side note, I read some negative comments about Avery on the previous thread but personally she’s one of the most normal reality teen if I ever saw one, has the same calmness and normalcy as Vicki’s daughter Brianna who also has an outlandish mother. In all honesty though, unless they’re being crazy inappropriate (*cough*Alexa/Raquel*cough*) I believe kids should be off limits. They usually have no say in these situations.
    btw this place is easier for me compared to hub because I keep forgetting my screen name and this place remembers it for me.

    Have to run but love love love this blog Lynn, will be waiting (anxiously) for the next.

  46. Just a Commoner says:

    Well, I tried to fix the italics problem but it didn’t work. Dang.

    I think Jill is gonna get it with both barrels from Bethenny, Alex and Ramona. And she will respond just as Lynn describes.

    I think Kelly is gonna sit primly and quietly until something sets her off, then she’ll launch into one of her wacky diatribes that make sense only to her, and maybe not even that.

    Andy will get the kind of whiplash you see in spectators at vicious tennis matches.

    In other news, I found this ancient video of Luann from maybe 5 years ago…? Victoria’s in it and she looks to be about ten years old, and she’s 15 now, right? It’s Luann for some local Hamptons (cable access?) channel, shopping in TJ Maxx with three girls and two other moms. Each has a very limited budget and they’re going to see what they can come up with. It’s horrendously amateurish. Luann can’t figure out how to share the mic and the editing looks like it was done by 9th graders.

    She did some shows for them, too. All with the same tacky production values. I love that she was involved in something this classless!

    • anniieee says:

      That did me in….ouch.

    • TLM says:

      OH. MY. GOD.

      So horrible. The bongo music, over and over. Did they not have anything else in the sound library? It sounds like it was stolen from a porno movie. There is no way this should have been 17 minutes long. It should have been 5 minutes at best.

      Victoria looks and acts like she is a stranger to her mom. So awkward to see them together. You have to love how she says her favorite color is blue, and Luann says, “yes, it matches your pretty green eyes.” Does Luann not know that blue and green are different?

      She manages to come off so condescending, even while in a discount store…like she’s slumming and getting away with something. I just don’t find her relatable at all, ever.

      The “executive producers” of this garbage are Schimizzi Brothers, Director Greg Schimizzi, Editor Joseph Schimizzi, Camera Joseph Schimizzi. Was broadcast on WVVH.com. Even the website is completely cheap looking. You would think they could do a little better for Hamptons Television. I am guessing they are the children of the station’s owners: http://www.nytimes.com/1994/10/09/nyregion/commercial-tv-starting-on-east-end.html?pagewanted=all.

      I love the line where they say they will not try to expand the station beyond the Hamptons. Oh, thank God. I’m sure CNN and the other networks were shaking in their boots from the competition.

  47. Betfan2 says:

    Jen put the nail in her coffin, with the gay comment. Andy’s gay, he’s sensitive to stuff like that. Especially since the Housewives shows are very gay friendly, you don’t go around refering to people as gay, Joe did it in RHWONJ. Andy called Theresa out on it at their reunion. Great blog Lynn, and I still hate JZ!

  48. Olivia says:

    As Jill pointed out to the interviewer in the Hamptons, there is a “storyline” involved for the filming. It may be that their dialogue is their own, but they must be expected to follow the storyline.

    What could they possibly work up next season for a storyline that involves all of their participation that has not already been done? The first season was basically getting to know them. The second season introduced ridiculous Kelly and featured the “Creaky Joints” event showcasing their efforts at charity.

    This season was built around Ramona’s “renewal ceremony” that will close out the series. The Bethenny/Jill war was an extraneous part of it.

    I was thinking along the lines that next season shows Bobby seeking a divorce and custody of Ginger while Kelly jogs through the canyons of Manhattan and runs into the side of a bus! This will allow Lu Ann to continue rubbing Jill’s back and Ramona telling it like it is and Sonja interviewing new psychics who will predict “good things” happening from reading Kelly’s twitters.

    Good times!

    • Had Enough! says:

      OK, so lets vote on the pets instead. Now Cookie is clearly the best dog on the show by far. I mean that dog is just adorable. Not that she has much competition. Luann has a Westie, and I love Westies but we’ve barely seen the poor thing so we have no idea if it has a personality. Ginger…if there is ANYONE who wants to see this dog return, that person should be bunking with Kellamity Never-Been-Nobody in the rubber room. Kelly has cats. I love cats, too, but we really haven’t seen much of her cats. But cats are cool. Cats can stay.

      Now three unfortunate dogs have to admit to living with Kellamity. You would think the people at the shelter would have had more common sense than to let this insane, irresponsible bitch take a dog, wouldn’t you? We haven’t seen much of her pets on the show and just a few still photos on the net. If they could talk, I’m sure those poor dogs would be saying “HELP. GET US OUT OF HERE.”

      I don’t think we’ve seen a pet at Sonja’s house yet. We know she has one, unless it was a neighbor’s dog that came over to poop on the patio. And in her intro, she talks about having it all, and included her pets. So we know she has one or more animals.

      Do we think the fact that Sonja hasn’t fame-whored her daughter out means that Sonja has common sense and class, unlike some Countlesses we could name?

      • Olivia says:

        Or it could be that her ex husband refuses to grant permission much like Dina’s ex. These poor kids have no control over parental decisions of showcasing them and are marched out before the cameras against their will.

        Nothing would make me happier than to not have to witness Gia doing her imitations of Shirley Temple or Tila Tequila every week.

      • Just a Commoner says:

        I’m pretty sure that it’s John Paul Morgan, ex-husband, who is not allowing their daughter to be on the show. There was an article online just recently about this, how he saw a photo of her online with some sort of tie-in with the show and he called the author of the article and asked her to have it removed. He said it was on tv but the author thinks he saw it online and thought that was tv. Maybe someone here knows the link to this article. It’s one one of Lynn’s blogs somewhere but good luck trying to find it among the thousands of comments!

  49. R M DeHaan says:


    Make your own teepee. http://twitpic.com/1sr1ty 19 minutes ago via TwitPic

    uh, what?

    • HD says:

      Something is seriously wrong with this fool.

    • Kat says:

      She’s enjoying her Patron .
      Kikilet should start her own magazine. Kinda like Mad magazine.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Actually, this one doesn’t bother me in the abstract – a mom playing with her kids. In the context of Kellamity, however, it has a sad dimension – as we’ve seen before, she thinks she IS one of the kids (from her blog):

        Birthday sleep overs mean no sleep, but a lot of fun!

        First of all, all of these 11 year olds and I wear the same brand of sneakers CONVERSE and say,”hilarious” all the time. And, we all listen to the same music, but they know the lyrics better than me, and, they don’t say “whatev’s.” So FYI, that’s out. I honestly had a blast with these little girls and was so impressed at how savvy and curious they are. Being in 5th grade is a great grade. I was nervous that my daughter’s party wasn’t going to be cool enough.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      Is that the tepee that Pocahontas sleeps in after she leaves the disco?

    • Char12 says:

      What possessed her to put a teepee in her house is a mystery to everyone but Kelly. I’m sure glad I can’t read her mind as it would make me crazy.

  50. Olivia says:

    Is it possible to get carpal tunnel in your thumbs? Kelly has been “twittering” nonstop for almost two weeks! Those thumbs must be begging for a break along about now.

    Someone promise to wake me when she sends out something that makes sense.

  51. MAMAZ says:

    Reunion Predictions
    Bethenny, Ramona and Alex will all call Jill out on her behavior. R will be calm and forgiving. B will be calm and over it. Alex will tell her they are DONE. J will cry a lot and refuse to accept any responsibilty. Because she truly thinks she’s right. Kelly will comfort her and Luann will smile smugly and issue lofty edicts on how to disagree with each other. Sonja will try to encourage them to look at all sides but nobody will. K will repeat her crap about the women all ganging up on her and compare it to how they treat J at the reunion. R will try to make K see the reality. S will tell them all it won’t work because K is crazy. A and B will mostly stay out of it and everyone will treat K gently because she is NUTZ! J will tell A that they aren’t friends. L will sing and everyone will love S.

  52. Olivia says:

    Reunion Show possible scenarios:

    All will be holding copies of their books, cds, jewelry, facial products, on their laps.

    All will plead that they were “victims” of one another.

    All will be featured at one time reaching for the Kleenex.

    All will shed tears at one point or another.

    All will protest their innocence and insist that they are the most truthful.

    All will take a turn shouting at someone from the opposing “team”.

    All will complain about the editing.

    All will declare their “love” for one another and agree to remain “friends”.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      LOL I vote for all of the above!

      • HD says:

        YEP!!! You hit the nail on the head with all of them! That is JUST how it will go down! UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh

      • ElleNYC says:

        All of the above, and All Will Proclaim That The Show Must Go On
        (and of course, All Of Us Will Watch!)

    • TLM says:

      You left out that they will all have to ASK for tissues. I don’t know what it is about that show, but they act like each tissue costs them $10. They never have a box handy on the table or floor where someone can grab it, and when one person has tears streaming down their face, they do nothing until that person or someone else ASKS for them to have a tissue. Then, they send some production assistant to go on stage and literally hand them 1 or 2 tissues. WTF?? Do guests of Bravo need to bring their own box of Puffs?? It just annoys me. It’s like they want the audience to see mascara run.

      • anniieee says:

        Ok you got it right on the head…..now I don’t have to watch..good thing..I might run out of heart pills… (just kidding)

        Bethenny just said my favorite line “I just wanna suck the buzz out of Ramona’s veins.” Oh that is a classic.

      • battgyrl says:
  53. Kats says:

    I think this season will end with Jill and Bethenny meeting and the cliff hanger will be IF they will make up. Something tells me that Jill and Bethenny will make up on B’s new show. While I think the fight was real, these two with Bravos help are very savy biz women and both really want fame. IF this happens I will be the first to stop watching or supporting them. I hope I’m wrong.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Jill wont be appearing on Bethenny’s show unless they do a last minute edit, and it would be staged!

    • Olivia says:

      If you are correct about this than the entire show is one big “sham”. Most of us here got behind Bethenny as we witnessed a personal attack made to destroy her by Jill that was unconscionable and this blog was an offshoot of those feelings.

      If they make up, it will only enforce the fact that Bravo was only in it for the ratings.

      I understand their reasoning on the NJ franchise since that storyline makes absolutely no sense whatsoever with the continuation of Danielle against the Manzo’s. But this would be a whole lot different if Bethenny and Jill decide to resume a friendship that was never in jeopardy but was created out of a need to falsely boost ratings.

      • Kats says:

        I hope I’m not correct, just have an odd feeling about it. I don’t think every stoory needs a happy ending and I think there would be something to seeing 2 adults agree to disagree and act like adults who may not like each other but can be in the same room without running out (a la Jill Zarin style).

  54. A. Chandler and Kismet says:

    if your cat is missing and they find strands of red extensions I know who your intruder was.

  55. MAMAZ says:

    Who will be back next year

    What I want -Bethenny, Ramona, Sonja, Alex and a couple of fresh faces. Women who DO something. An artist or designer. Somebody who doesn’t just go to parties or openings. NO Jill, Kelly or LuAnn.

    What I will get – I think Jill will be back. But I see her playing second fiddle to Sonja. I agree with everyone who said they thought the next season will be all about her.
    Ramona will be back and featured heavily due to her long history with Sonja.
    Bethenny will be able to come back if she wants but she may not be interested. Like a lot of you I think she will do guest apperances.
    LuAnn will be back sucking up to Sonja instead of Jill cause she’s tone deaf but not stupid.
    Alex – I hate to say it but I think she’ll be gone. Which will piss me off. There is a lot they can do with Alex but haven’t bothered with. Why not show her meeting with a client, designing an ad campaign or partying in Brooklyn which is hipster paradise?

    • TLM says:

      I’d like to see Ramona and Alex each with spinoff shows about their work, which I think would be more entertaining than the Kelly Cutrone show. Or they could maybe put both in the same show, since they are both in the fashion industry.

  56. MAMAZ says:

    Lynn – Your party with Alex and Simon is this weekend. I wish I could be there. But it’s a geographical impossibility for me and many others. How about a new blog asking us for questions/comments to relay to them. You could pick the most common and report the answers/replies on the after party blog. I know that’s asking an awful lot since I’m sure you will be very busy this week. Just a thought.

    • Kats says:

      Lynn – I didn’t realize it is this weekend! I hope it’s not tonight and you can watch the Blackhawks win Game 2. Sorry I can’t be there but I hope you have a great time!!!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Actually it is next weekend, June 5, really looking forward to it, mostly the cocktail reception after the book signing. That is when the real questions will get asked.

        I think the plan will be to divide and conquer, seperate Alex from Simon, fill them both with cocktails and get the real answers LOL

  57. ImToula says:

    As always, great blog. Thank you Lynn.I love having my morning coffee with you all!
    As far as what will happen on the reunion these are my thoughts.
    I think Jill and Bethany will blame LuAnn, Ramona and Alex for their fall out going as far as it did. They will tell these ladies, that they meddled, and fueled a small disagreement because it served their purposes. What were their purposes?
    1. Alex: Until she told Jill off, she didn’t make any impact on the show. By confronting Jill, (Which Bethany never told her to do) She became important to the story line and made a friend. Prior to this she didn’t really belong. Not to mention the book coming out. That’s going to come out of Bethany and Jill’s mouth.
    2. Luann: As a result of the divorce she lost her high profile society friends and needed a place to crash when she was in the city. She needed to make herself important with the book and that awful “song” coming out. She played the “underdog”, card. She needed all of Jill’s attention.
    3. Ramona: She’s guilty of not thinking things through, and putting her foot in her mouth. She’s known Jill for 15 years; she knew what her reaction would be when she tried the intervention, and having LuAnn there? Not well thought out at all.
    That’s when WWIII is going to start. You can imagine what Ramona, Luann and Alex have to say about that. Sonja is going to remain neutral, she came in after the fact.
    Kelly is going to be the new “project” of the bunch. She is going to tell us that she’s in rehab or something like that. I can’t see Bethany, or any of the women giving her a hard time. They all realized that something was wrong with her and show compassion. I can’t see Bethany and Jill going back to the friendship they once had, but things will be better with them. The Amazon thing won’t be addressed or simply Jill will deny everything.
    Next season?
    Bethany will be on the show, but not a main character, because of all the other things going on in her life.Jill will be nursing Kelly as she’s going through withdrawal or something like that. Sonjia and LuAnn will be hunting men. Sonjia’s book on toaster oven cooking will be coming out. Ramona will be going on a honeymoon and we’ll see her trip to Africa. I can’t see a story line for is Alex .She never belonged really. I think they are going to use Jenn “as the mother with young kids “character to replace Alex and Simon. Jenn has an interesting job with many story line possibilities. She lives in Manhattan and knows people. She’s a better fit than Alex.
    And that’s what I think. What do you think?

    • Marie Laveau says:

      Hello All,

      I’m a longtime lurker. I commented a couple of times on one of Lynn’s earliest blogs, but I’ve lurked ever since then. Like many of you, I am totally addicted to this blog. Thanks so much, Lynn!!

      I totally disagree with many of these opinions, but I’m willing to admit I could be wrong. That being said, here goes:

      I love Alex. I think she does belong. And I think many viewers agree with me.

      With regard to Bethenny blaming anyone other than Jill for their disagreement reaching the level it did, the only person I can see Bethenny blaming is LuAnn. However, I don’t think Bethenny is going to go that route. If she blames anyone (which, she may NOT), she will blame Jill and Jill alone. Jill is a grown woman who is responsible for her own (disgusting, childish, toxic, manipulative, narcississtic, diabolical) behavior.

      With regard to Jen (and her husband and family) being used to replace Alex (and Simon and their children), I think that would be a big mistake. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about Jen just “bugs” me. I think she’s firmly in Jill’s camp. Now that Jill’s reputation is in ruins and so many viewers have had such an overwhelming visceral, negative reaction to her, Jen may try to pretend that she’s neutral; however, behind the scenes — if she’s made a part of the cast — I see her trying to assist Jill in rehabilitating her image next season.

      I won’t buy this “newly-rehabilitated” Jill, and I won’t buy Jen.

      I also don’t like that Jen never told Lynn thank you for her help. To me, that makes Jen seem like a fake user and opportunist.

      The show doesn’t need her. Thank God for Sonya, though. I loved her from the very first episode in which she appeared.

      Those are just my honest, humble opinions. Like I said, I could be wrong about what happens at the reunion. I do hope Bravo keeps Alex (&Simon), though.

      • Anitabee says:

        Chica – I love your moniker.

        • Marie Laveau says:

          You love mine or “I Love Toula”‘s?

          If you love mine, thanks! I’m from southern Louisiana, and it kinda fits my place of origin (and a little bit of my personality too . LOL)!

          If you love “I Love Toula”‘s, I agree it’s an interesting name.

  58. Olivia says:

    The seating arrangements should prove interesting.

    Jill, Lu Ann, Kelly on one couch. Bethenny, Alex, and Sonja on the other.

    Andy, of course in the middle chair, grinning that awful grin and swilling whatever is in the cup placed next to him.

    (Danny the Bodyguard from NJ just out of sight but ready to go because that’s how he rolls!)

    • vilzvet says:

      What about Ramona!? Where would you put her?

      • Olivia says:

        Out of sight, out of mind. Behind the couch. Under Andy’s chair. Up Jill’s ass.

        At least somewhere where there is enough room so she can “flip flop” to her heart’s content.

        As you can tell, I am not a fan of Ramona. Just “telling it like it is”.

  59. Kats says:

    My dislike for Kelly is off the charts. What she did to Bethenny and Alex was just as cruel and mean as anything I’ve seen done on the show. Kelly has accused Bethenny of a lot, but I have never seen Bethenny do or say (on the show or in print) anything that supports Kelly’s accusations. But everything Bethenny has ever said about Kelly has been confirmed by what I’ve seen for myself and what other people have said about their own experiences with Kelly.

    I don’t think Kelly has any Real illness, I think it’s just a case of a spoiled little brat with deep, serious, jealousy issues. The green eyed monster or in this case amazon has reared it’s ugly head. Plus she doesn’t handle her alcohol very well. The combo of all this is what we watched on the last two episodes.

    Let’s face it Bethenny is the major part of the show (Andy called B the greek chorus as Kelly rolled her eyes) Kelly was not the star, the center of attention and she lacked the likeability or interest that the other women have. Bethenny is getting everything Kelly wants (her own show, NYT best selling book(s), products and a name (all obtained on her own and not from marrying a name). Kelly is trying very hard to make something of herself but she is getting trumped by B and even the other housewives (You don’t see Kelly on QVC selling her owl necklaces, they have all written books and have been even more successful).

    The way Kelly reacted to recieving a personlized bag filled with SkinnyGirl products was very telling to me. Kelly was sober at the time and the reaction was pure jealousy, she didn’t know what to do with it, it was proof of the brand B built and Kelly just collapsed on the bed and cried. Now when you add alcohol to the mix you get a jealous Kelly who may cry but also just flips is very mean.

    None of this makes me feel sorry for her, I just think she is pathetic human being who took a chance of a lifetime to revive her life and career and ruined it because she is a spoiled little brat.

    • anniieee says:

      Pathetic… I so agree..That is the best word for her…I hate her as much as Godjilla…She is vile, nasty, smelly, dirty and thinks she’s all that. I hate Kelly.

      • jb8 says:

        I agree that Kelly needs to degrease and I believe at the heart of it all she is so jealous of Bethanny.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      Totally agree with you. Spot on assessment.

  60. Margo Channing says:

    Yowza! I love it here! Lynn you have my undying gratitude!
    Looking forward to all of the above. I would like to see Sonja step away from her slithery sexiness and give us something to chew on (pun intended). Seems she comes out with half one-liners all the time. Sound 1/2 bites if you will. She should be reminded she is not there to look at, she needs to step up to the plate and at least finish a thought. Alex will not let me down at the reunion. I know that when she is in a controlled atmosphere not only will she widdle that crazed dingo down to size, but I am confident she will be concise and completely unforgiving in her delivery, and that is something I am looking forward to! I don’t know how much fun we can get out of Bethenney as I don’t think she is all that invested in the past, due to all the wonderful things that came to her in the interim. I also do not think she will want to do any kind of verbal battle with someone that has already undergone ECT treatments or a lobotomy or whatever Kelly’s excuseS
    will be. LuMan is a non-entity to me. She is a follower and a snake. She does not tell the truth, she strings lies together and re-tells them to whoever will listen. Her treatment of Alex at Sonja’s party was disgusting and very telling. And on that note I would like to remind you all that when JiZ was LEAVING that party, over her shoulder she yells to Kooklit ‘Kelly!! We are leaving!!’ And like the dawg she is, Kook followed her out, while Jill is muttering ‘Alex is DONE’…Screw you you goddamn phony, perfume and water poop cleaner! Now, Ramona, I agree I was a little floored when Ramona went off on Bet on the Brooklyn Bridge, but for some reason it was not something I let steep in my HW brain. Don’t know why. All I can say is that what Ramona did in St. John was nothing short of miraculous! Never have I seen a woman like Ramona actually charm a Cobra. She protected her friends. The people she was finally allowed to cut loose with and ‘felt loved’ by. Ramona touched me so much. Jen is kind of a ghost right now, but I do love that she totally did not believe a word of what Kook was blathering about during the gossip-lunch…she also looked kind of like, WTF am I doing here!!! In closing, Bethenney may accept an apology from JiZ, but I betcha a trip to Lynn’s that she also says there is no way they could ever be friends again. So, Bravo. We have spoken and we want BRASS….Lose Dire Dingo, Kook, and LuMan and you have yourself an interesting variety of women. Oh oh! One more thing! I posted this on my Bravo hang out. Does anyone else see that something special about Bethenney? That “thing” that is not bought, or taught, it is not just charisma, it is something else and she has it. She never has to reach for a funny, a quip, a defensive strike (‘Kelly! You don’t have to sit where you don’t want to’….etc) She is the real deal, inside and out and I do not give a crap about fake boobs!

  61. mia says:

    I don’t think Bethenny will be back… at least if she was being completely honest with herself and the viewers that she did this in order to build her brand. Her brand is out there, she has her own show, and even if that only lasts for a season, it seems like back peddling. Shes almost saturated the Bravo viewer now. She should move on to a completely different type of show, on a different channel.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      Yes, I think you’re right there. Although, she is the best thing about RHNYC! Besides Sonja, of course. IMHO

  62. Olivia says:

    I don’t think many of us will be too happy unless Jill gets a Mike Tyson sized beating which she richly deserves.

    Also, Lu Ann held up to the light for the “pretentious snake” that she is.

    Kelly is too easy. Her emotional problems seem real.

    Ramona needs a reminder that a lot of what she has said has not gone unnoticed and not allowed to just have it “glossed over” simply because it appears she made “friends” with Bethenny.

    Bethenny has taken the hits this season and can be forgiven for some of her snark delivered in the past.

    And Alex is just a nice person. Hard to find fault with her since she never actually delivered as many punches to the others even when they gave her plenty of reason to do otherwise.

    Sonja is just too new to be castigated and will more than likely be a bystander at the reunion.

    And I personally would love to just beat Andy to death with a copy of Jill’s book. He grates.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      After that, can we beat him with the Bikini Book? It’s always on the shelves over his shoulder. You have to wonder if, as part of Kelly’s contrat, Bravo agreed to display it forever and ever.

    • Kat says:

      Jill leaving the reunion with ear in hand would be Tysonesque.

  63. DudeUpperWestSide says:

    I wonder if Jill had anything to do with this story in Page Six about Bethenny selling the first pics of her baby for $100,000?

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      Did you see Bethenny’s reply? “Actually, it was $100 million. She’s always on. I love it.

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        There should be a quotation mark after “million”.

        • Jennifer says:

          Lol No way plp mag paid that much …… No offense to B but they prob didn’t pay that much ESP since wasn’t ‘cover’

    • Just a Commoner says:

      Love it!

      One source told us, “Bethenny was asking for way too much. Some six-figure deals have been done recently for first pictures of Kourtney Kardashian’s and Kendra Wilkinson’s babies, and Bethenny wanted the same. But she found no takers.” Frankel told Page Six, “Actually, it was $100 million.”

      I don’t think it’s true. Bethenny’s crack at the end is how she verbally rolls her eyes at somebody else’s BS.

      And why would she end up giving them for free if her intial price wasn’t met? Wouldn’t she just settle for less money if money is what she wanted? I think she saw an opportunity to give her fans something, to promote herself, to keep herself in the news while she’s on maternity leave, so to speak. And I say good for her!

      Plus, Bryn is so sweet. And all Jill has is that ratty little dog whose shit we have all seen against our collective will. THANKS, Jill.

      • anniieee says:

        “This has Jill Zarin’s and Cindy Adams’ fingerprints all over it, ” Anniieee says, as she digustedly folds the newspaper in half.

    • Margo Channing says:

      Well, she learned something from JiZ….

  64. ImToula says:

    Sorry…Off Topic.

    What happend to “Hooked on Housewives”? I love to read her posts. Anyone know?

    • Had Enough! says:

      Last we heard, she and her sister were driving from Atlanta to the Hamptons to AXE Kelly! Whereupon Kelly promptly said that Bethenny had put a hit out on her.

      Actually, I think this just means that Hooked has a life. Hmm. Wonder what that is like?

  65. ElleNYC says:

    I have friends that are in Page Six occasionally and they told me that there is a barter system in place for placement. You tell me something about another person and we will put out a positive/neutral story out there about you. With that being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jill planted that story in Page Six about Bethanny’s baby pics.

    Also, just food for thought about Kelly: Giles was married for years to Elle McPherson, who is not only a great person but the last I heard has been in a 12-step program for years and does not drink or do drugs. Usually, people gravitate towards the same type in relationships, and it would not surprise me if Kelly has a real substance abuse problem. Unfortunately.

    Unlike Jill, who is just the penultimate uber b!tch

  66. Maureen OC says:

    I think that Bethenny first realized what a terrible person Jill was last season at the charity event. Bethenny got an entire bar sponsored for “Jill’s” charity event and behind Bethenny’s back Jill had the signage taken down. Bethenny was supposed to be Jill’s BFF, like family, etc. but yet Jill had no problem bad mouthing Bethenny about the signage. Of course, Bethenny handled the situation with class but I could tell she realized what Jill was really like – a self-absorbed, back-stabbing Class A Bitch.
    I remember at last year’s reunion I thought that Bethenny was reserved toward Jill. At right after that Bethenny went off on her book tour and distanced herself from Jill. No more 4x a day phone calls. It took Jill awhile to catch on and Jill wanted the friendship to end because Jill said it would end. Not because Bethenny decided to get away from the Bitch.
    Bethenny may placate Jill at the reunion just so she can be down discussing it but I highly doubt that Jill and Bethenny will ever be friends. They will be cordial (well at least Bethenny will be) but they will not socialize together. Jill blew that last season and just didn’t realize it.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Actually, they were holding hands at the reunion, but otherwise, I think you really hit the nail on the head. This is about who broke up with whom. Jill can’t admit that Bethenny didn’t need her and walked away from the suffocating relationship. Though I doubt Bethenny did it on purpose. She just had her own life to live and my guess is that once she was out there, in the open air, free, and without that voice in her ears blowing out her brown, that she felt happier. Did she miss the friendship? Of course, and she certainly didn’t want the nuclear war that Jill started. But I think that even before the marriage and baby, Bethenny realized she was better off without Jill.

  67. LynnNChicago says:

    A tweet to Kelly:
    @kikilet u still dont get it Kelly? Anything printed abt U in the last 2 mos describes U as crazy. Ur reputation has become a joke & no 1 pays attention 2 yr so called charitable work. (I fail 2 C wht charitable work U R doing other than tweeting half baked messages). Try & lay vry low. My guess is after the reunion wht evr handful of fans u do have R going 2 B lost. 4 the sake of yr children who WILL google U at sum point, u need 2 drop out of the glare 4 a while & getting professional help is crucial.

    Kellys response: @auntannmarie1 its press for tv: we film a show, the show airs, press talks about the show, then the show makes money. you don’t get it.

    OP used “TwitLonger” that is why it is so long. The good news, Kelly read it, the bad news, she still doesnt get it.

    • anniieee says:

      she doesnt get it… what about the baggage she is packing on her daughters. They are going to need years of therapy to recover from their mother’s lack of control. Unfortunately, Kelly is not an actress playing a “part”…this is REALITY TV…no matter how “scripted” she claims it to be. They are seeing their mother in a way no child should have to see a mother. The unconditional love a child has for a mother, makes a child try to make it “all better=make excuses and then choke it down and bury it..until it raises it ugly head. I think I said this before….it is going to be GENERATIONAL. so very sad for her daughters.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I’d say she’s selling her name and such very cheaply to “the show” if that what’s she doing. How much do they make? I mean, if the woman is really worth $15 million why ever would she sell her good name for so little? I doesn’t make any sense.

      Would someone who loves her get her some help? Please people step forward! Surely, a loved one is there for her?

  68. otaypanky says:

    It could go either way with J and B.
    Personally, I agree that B is so past all this and has no reason to go over and over the past quite simply because there is nothing for her to be gained by it. She does not want J back in her life, so what’s the point?
    On the other hand, B is television saavy. She knows what’s expected of her and she likes to deliver. If she thinks remaining aloof from all that J has done to her with an “I don’t care” attitude because I’m just not a part of your world anymore will disappoint her fan base, she just may deliver.
    Need to know and asked before:

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I haven’t heard any reports of Jill walking out.
      I think many of us assumed that because she sent a tweet about being on her way to a photoshoot a few hours before any of the other ladies sent any tweets. She could have tweeted that during a break in taping the reunion just to throw people off…who knows.
      My opinion, Jill wouldn’t walk out, she would be afraid she would miss something or that everyone would talk about her behind her back.

      • Just a Commoner says:

        Also, Jill wouldn’t walk out and forfeit even a second of time that she could be on camera. No amount of relief from the hammering is worth giving up camera time.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Otay – it seems that there was a photo shoot at approx 3 p.m. that day – at least Jill and Kelly were involved. I doubt that this wasn’t pre-planned by Bravo. In other words, I doubt that they would have set this up without Bravo knowing and then used it as an excuse to walk out. So it would seem that the reunion taping went at most from 9-3, less lunch and other breaks. Now, it is certainly possible that she walked out before 3, and even possible that she walked off the set one or more times and returned. But honestly, I haven’t seen any hint that she left early and didn’t return.

  69. Kelly Jelly Beansomeone says:

    I think another reason for Bethenney softening this season is that she has a family for the first time. Before, she was basically going rogue; no one to whom she was accountable other than herself. Now, she’s got a very decent man and his small-town very decent parents who will be affected if she says or does anything embarrassing.

    I don’t see this as a thing that chafes Bethenney; I actually think she responds well to it and it keeps her in check.

  70. A former Jill fan says:

    RileyKitty, glad that you all are ok! Did they take that young man to jail or his home?

    • RileyKitty says:

      I wasn’t going to press charges since he wasn’t here to harm us or steal but my BIL kind of pressed the issue with me saying that I can think what I want but I don’t really know what his intent was & arrested him. Stating a lesson needed learned. I said clearly by both of us… I need to learn to lock my effing door.

      • HD says:

        I hope I don’t sound like Kelly but what does BIL mean?

      • LynnNChicago says:

        SO glad all is ok. RealOldHousewife who has a great blog and posts here sometimes, tweeted last night that someone broke into her house and knocked her down, luckily her dog scared the guy away and he ran. What the heck is going on with all these incidents? Scary!

        • RileyKitty says:

          Good Lord!!! I hope all is well there. 😦

        • HD says:

          Thank you, Riley and Adios Lunatic. I am glad that you are okay. Even though the guy was young and drunk that is still so scary. What bothered me is he kept coming back. Okay, one young drunk incident- fine we can excuse that (someone came in my house drunk once. They meant to go to the apartment upstairs. I understood because he was a college guy and clearly wasted) but to keep coming back….strange. Glad you are okay!

          (So glad I didn’t sound like Kelly asking that question. LOL.)

        • Kokuanani says:

          What the heck is going on with all these incidents? Scary!

          Had the re-runs started? Perhaps reaction to having to watch too much Jill.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Ladies, if you’re uncomfortable having a handgun handy for any possible instances like this, then get a big bat! A big dog works well too! 😉

      I hope RealOldHousewife is ok.

      RileyKitty, at the least, it will teach him a lesson about getting drunk!

      • Kat says:

        Mastiff/Rott better than a gun but sometimes still goes off unexpectedly and startles the heck out of me.

  71. Kats says:

    It’s Jill and Kelly that might keep from watching again, so I totally agree, get rid of them and take on a test drive to see what the others can do.

  72. A former Jill fan says:

    Jill’s jealousy is showing! LOL! Jill is still trying to insert herself into Bethenny’s life. She is such a creep! I doubt Bethenny ever would try to sell Bryn’s picture, but that is exactly something Jill would do. Anything to make a buck! Lie, cheat, steal, defame, harass, threaten…Jill will stop at nothing!

  73. TLM says:

    If I have to watch Coerte throw his head back like a seagull and stick his tongue out at the same time when he laughs one more time, I’ll get sick. He’s this leering, disgusting gross guy I would expect to be wearing a trenchcoat and flashing people in the Chinatown neighborhood where that place was they went to. I just don’t get how any woman would be attracted to this.

    • HD says:

      LMAO!!! Girl I keep looking at him when he does that and his mouth. He intrigued me so much I just googled him to read about him. LOL! One article said, “his chisled good looks.” I was like huh? I will never forget someone said he looked like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. LMAO!!

    • Margo Channing says:

      ROFL!! Perfect! I could not even fathom creating a description of THAT! Thank you for clarifying! LOL!

      • MAMAZ says:

        He has no lips. And when he opens his mouth all wide like he does with his head thrown back he reminds me of a lizard.

  74. Kats says:

    IF Kelly has an abuse problem that is sincerely too bad, but for me it doesn’t excuse her behavior towards B (Specifically). There is still jealousy mixed in with the crazy.

  75. RileyKitty says:

    I really would like Bethenny to come back. I get Bethenny, we have a similar personality. I can be a bit on the snarky side, my comments can be a bit biting but I never mean any harm to anyone.

    Jill on the other hand is a vile bitch who will do anything, including stab someone in the back to further her agenda. She is just jealous that she doesn’t have the wit Beth does to pull off one liners.

    I also think the only reason Jill wanted to make up with Beth after she learned of her father’s death, engagement & pregnancy wasn’t to share it with Bethenny, it was to share the PRESS with Bethenny. It killed her that Bethenny would be getting press about stuff that had nothing to do with Jill Zarin. I loathe her with every fiber of my being.

  76. Adios Lunatic says:

    @RileyKitty — glad you are okay. Wow!

    I sure missed a lot of goings on yesterday while I was baking…………………….

    • RileyKitty says:

      Thanks 🙂 I missed a lot too. Family crap kept us busy. I told the hubby I am spending the entire day with the blog, call me when it is time to eat LOL

      • Adios Lunatic says:

        Too funny! Mine was birthday party for friend’s 13 year old daughter. I bake whatever they want for their birthdays each year and she chose red velvet cake — which I have never made before.

        I missed my blogging friends and it took me all morning to catch up!

  77. Olivia says:

    I love it when they refer to their “careers” as reality “stars”.

    Like Kim Kardashian. What “career” are we talking about? Shedding your clothes for magazines that appeal to males who are seldom seen carrying copies of Ladies Home Journal into the bathroom? Ridiculous.

    Kim’s “career” is based on an unauthorized sex tape and her mother jumped onto the bandwagon and agreed to act as the “manager” to sell her daughters to the highest bidders. Their combined “talent” consists of how much of themselves they can expose while still considered “dressed” wearing garments no bigger than postage stamps.

    I must have a talk with my mother and ask why she never loved me as much as Kris does her girls.

  78. emt2 says:


    Apparently, Kelly was rocking back and forth on her bed and repeating that Bethenny was trying to kill her! The producers booked her on a 8am flight the next day because she was ‘not right.”

    • HD says:

      Complete meltdown but what gets me is she thinks this is normal. She will REJOICE that her name is in this magazine. It will allow her to be more charitable.

  79. RileyKitty says:

    What I don’t get is she has fans who think her behavior was okay. I suspect that if brains were dynamite Kelly & her fans wouldn’t have enough spark combined to light my cigarette.

    I am watching the trip episodes right now on bravo. Crazy!!

  80. otaypanky says:

    Is Jill tweeting this weekend?

  81. anniieee says:

    These sound bites put together about Kelly are too bizarre… Sums her up perfectly..and the most important man in her life–her driver..


  82. otaypanky says:

    What’s with J’s facebook photo? She looks barely over 25. A little misleading…no?

  83. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    Jelly bean scene coming right up in re-runs. Kelly’s youngest was right, she has totally entertained us with her weirdness.

  84. RileyKitty says:

    if you are at a dinner with 4 other people does it matter if you are sitting directly across from someone? the table isn’t that big. I know from personal experience that I can “attack” someone sitting diagonally from me easily as someone sitting across from me.

    • vilzvet says:

      Haha, good point!

      • Had Enough! says:

        It matters if one of the people is a six-foot amazon with a male chromosome who has already been arrested for assaulting her boyfriend. I would be terrified of sitting near Kelly; should she freak out, which she does at the drop of a hat (or a gift bag), she might very well start swinging.

  85. anniieee says:

    i posted this up higher, but wanted to get this point across..

    she doesnt get it… what about the baggage she is packing on her daughters. They are going to need years of therapy to recover from their mother’s lack of control. Unfortunately, Kelly is not an actress playing a “part”…this is REALITY TV…no matter how “scripted” she claims it to be. They are seeing their mother in a way no child should have to see a mother. The unconditional love a child has for a mother, makes a child try to make it “all better=make excuses and then choke it down and bury it..until it raises it ugly head. I think I said this before….it is going to be GENERATIONAL. so very sad for her daughters.

    Bethenny grew up in a toxic household..as did a lot of people. Bethenny’s wasn’t public…this is public. So many people will see Kelly and as her children grow up… they will have to endure the scrutiny of this horrible episode in their lives. Please Kelly get help…go away…give your daughters a chance.

  86. anniieee says:

    we are all watching her breakthrough..again…all is quiet on the blog….Unbelieveable……

  87. RileyKitty says:

    For Kelly being the “inappropriate” police (Ramona was inappropriate at Saks & Kodak, Bethenny was inappropriate last season & Alex was inappropriate at Ramona’s party) no one on any housewife show (ok maybe Teresa with the table flip) has ever been more inappropriate than Kelly at the dinner in USVI.

  88. katiecoo says:

    First off I’m rewatching the Kelly Meltdown episode and she IS rocking on her bed while crying hysterically over B’s gift bag.

    I think the ONLY way Jill could be justified coming back is to up the ante of her antagonism. Like keep her going as the “evil” character with various targets, highlight her manipulation, lies, vile behavior. But make it even bigger to keep viewers watching to see what more evil she can conjur up episode after episode. They have to know even Jill can’t redeem herself…this season went too far and she doesn’t have the natural personality to pull off a makeover. Bethenny brought out another side of her personality but without B, she’s stuck with her nasty self.

    But can Jill tolerate her definition of her role on the show as the most despised going to garnering even more “haters” with each season?

    Does she want attention so much she will sacrifice popularity? Or agree to being “popular” only by being reviled?

    What ever happened to Omarosa? I think this is a kind of similar situation???

    • Kat says:

      ” Does she want attention so much she will sacrifice popularity?”
      I don’t think she can appreciate of the question. Her idea of celebrity has no boundaries.

  89. HD says:

    I love when Sonja makes that motion to her head like “crazy”. LOL!

    I can never watch this episode enough. It never gets old. It is still so unbelievable. Sonja is sitting there SAYING Kelly is crazy and when Bethanny says, “she thinks you’re crazy”, Kelly says, “no she doesn’t.”

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      I love it when Sonja tells Bethenny that something is wrong with Kelly, and Kelly pipes in, “yeah, I don’t like you,” and Behthenny, without skipping a beat, says, “that’s not an illness.”

  90. RileyKitty says:

    Dear lord, the dirty unkempt hair, the shoveling (& yes, I mean shoveling) jellybeans into her mouth all while telling everyone to zip it. I would have stabbed her with a butter knife. Kudooz to BRAS they have more restraint than I have. One zip it & she would have been down for the count (I would have had to stand on the chair to punch her but I would have gotten the job done LOL)

    Why did she go on that trip if she felt her life was in danger?

    I may be just as crazy as Kelly because I am posting along with the episode.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Luann indicated in an interview that she and Jen had attempted to discourage Kelly from going to the VI, BUT Jill had encouraged her to go.

      Surprise, surprise.

      She also mentioned that when they couldn’t discourage Kelly from attending, they recruited Sonja to be her “protector” and watch over her.


    • boston02127 says:

      I agree with you about them having more restraint. If I were there I would have put Kelly in her place within five minutes. I would have been on her like a cheap suit. I’ve never hit anyone in my life, I’m 110 lbs soaken wet, but I know I could of put her in her place with my mouth. And I would have enjoyed it.

      • Kat says:

        But you can’t place crazy. Verbal judo wouldn’t get through the “noise”.
        But if anyone could contain her Boston it would be you. Bring a violin, a flute, or a pocket of Haldol. (And a sack lunch.)

      • GreatExpectations says:

        I’m sorry, when you say mouth I can’t help but recall Kelly saying, “Are you going to use the tongue?” Forgive me! ROFL

  91. cusi77 says:

    Reading again Ramona’s last blog…

    “We just taped the reunion show and you will not beleive what went down! I can’t wait for all of you to view it.”

    Here are my thoughts…

    1.- Jill told everyone TO LEAVE!
    2.- Jill LEFT when confronted.
    3.- Kelly had another BREAKDOWN and shared gummybears with Andy.
    4.- Jill ask Bethenny for forgiveness, Bethenny said YES to forgiveness BUT never again FRIENDSHIP.
    5.- Jill and Bethenny are the best friends they were once… (Since we are not going to beleive what went down there…)
    6.- LuAnn asked for forgivness for singing in WWH.
    More ideas?

    • vdaze says:

      BreakTHROUGH…it was a breakTHROUGH *LMAO*

      Regardless of the spectacle that is KKB, I really hope that her children are being taken care of. I definitely think there’s something to the theories about why Gilles Bensimon lives downstairs in the same building as Kelly. If you want to see your kids after a divorce, you might choose to live close by…you typically don’t live downstairs in the same building unless your ex-wife is batsh!t crazy and can’t be trusted. That would be creeeeepy.

  92. elliemay53 says:

    The BRAS must have been so terrified on Scary Island – Kelly is delusional – and pathological.

    On a subject-changing note – Did anyone notice that the whole ice-skating debacle was nothing more than a product placement opportunity? In one scene Jen was holding “the book” (paperback version) as she was putting together the ‘swag bags’, and throughout the episode “the book” was a backdrop in JZ scenes – so icky, so tacky, so classless. I mean – the chick hasn’t ice-skated since she was 9 years old (I think that was the same outfit she wore then – she must have been a “husky” 9-year old) and she suddenly wants to entertain her “closest friends and family” with her prowess on the ice? Really?

  93. katiecoo says:

    Ok we’re in to the Jill’s Intrusion episode. Love catching small things the second time around. Anyone else notice Bobby says “I don’t believe it…I don’t believe it! (louder)” after Jill’s HORN goes off “surpriiiiiise”. Um, what is there for you not to believe Bobby? You set the whole dang thing up w/ your private pilot waiting at the airport, right?

    It’s like they walk in, the stunned silence of the girls is so deafening, he’s trying to cue them on what to say. But HIM saying that makes no sense. I do think he’s that “well trained”. Ugh.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      Argh! I’m way behind now. My girls came in, so I had to pause it. I know that Kelly uses the show as a teaching to for her girls, but mine are not allowed to see it.

  94. RileyKitty says:

    I will say the one bright spot this season has been the turnaround with Alex & Ramona’s relationship. I love that!!

    • HD says:

      I know Jill felt soooooooo stupid when Ramona said, “I like Alex.” I know Jill always felt like she was the mover and shaker of the group able to control the women and now they are doing thier own thing, without her and that just kills her and I love it!

      • katiecoo says:

        Yes I loved it that R said that right to her face. Of course she blames it all on Ramona “choosing Alex” over here. No Jill, Ramona chose EVERYONE, including HERSELF over you.

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        “I know Jill felt soooooooo stupid when Ramona said, “I like Alex.” I know Jill always felt like she was the mover and shaker of the group able to control the women and now they are doing thier own thing, without her and that just kills her and I love it!”

        I was surprised that Ramona said that but was very glad she did. After thinking about the “I like Alex” remark, I think it may be setting the scene for next season with Ramona and Alex becoming good friends.

  95. katiecoo says:

    I wrote this somewhere else but I will say it again.

    This is akin to someone in the middle of a contentious divorce with varying degrees of hostility with various family members but one sister in law they are still close with who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner and invites this new divorcee who declines, but also encourages other people to decline the invite. The hostess assures everyone this person will not be there and the plans proceed accordingly with normal (and some escalated) family conflicts on a holiday. Now they are all finally sitting down to dinner after drunk Uncle Jim has been “taken care of” and the divorcee crashes the dinner yelling “surprise…I’m here! I thought you’d be happy to see me!”.

    Then pitch a fit in the driveway about how she wasn’t welcome.

    Is Bobby really that clueless? Really? I wonder what he thinks after seeing the episode.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      I’m not sure if this will make sense, but my two girls (5 and 8) were just arguing with each other, and I thought to myself that it was such a good thing that JiZ doesn’t have more than one kid. Undoubtedly, she would play them against each other and use her affection as a tool to dominate them.

  96. The Digger says:

    I need to say that I HATE GINGER. I hate that dog. I don’t normally hate animals but I really hate that dog. The way it is always trying to bite people and go after them and that nasty, grating, hysterical bark. Add in his spoiled, entitled, nasty attitude. Ugh. They say an animal is a reflection of it’s owner and that you can tell a lot about a person by the animals they own. I think that totally applies in this case. Hell, that nasty little dog even looks like Jill Zarin. Even Ally hates Ginger.

    The reunion – I think they are all going to shred each other to bits. I think things will get really ugly. They will all sit down and be all nicey nice until Andy will shows the first set of clips.

    Jill will show up dripping in diamonds and hair extensions and will try to maintain composure and show her version of class which will last for one short minute… As soon as Ramona pushes one of her buttons Jill will explode her verbal diarrhea all over everyone as she always does. The bitch can’t keep her mouth shut for any reason and Jill will try to talk over everyone and push push push her opinion and point of view into every situation. There will be lots of yelling. Ramona will get up in people’s faces. Bethenny will back R up. Alex will quietly pick up the rear. Jill will try tears, pity, guilt and of course the, “I thought you were my friend, if you were really my friend” mantra will come into use at least once. Jill will try to impose her non-existent power to prove she is the alpha female boss of the entire group but this season no one is buying her little routine and the queen has been dethroned so it won’t work. Kelly is too crazy to be a strong team Jill member and Mrs. de Lesseps is too much of a snake and too self concerned to really be on team Jill. Mrs. de Lesseps will play whatever side makes her look best. Jill will be flapping in the wind alone. THIS I like! Bethenny, although a new mom and more mellow will get her snappy little snarks in big time. Considering B has not said one single word in the press about the way Jill Zarin has been treating her all season you know Bethenny has been waiting for the reunion to explode in Jill’s face. I have been waiting for this too. She will not disappoint! Bethenny will cut Jill one but good. I cannot wait to see this. B will never never forgive Jill and become even remotely involved with her again and I am sure B wants Jill to totally stay away from her new life and from Bryn. Too much toxicity for a pure new soul, you know?

    At the very end they might have some divine miracle break thru, they might all cry and be huggy smuggy at the reunion but it will all be bullshit. As each exits the filming they all know it was just one big crock. Everyone will still hate each other. Status quo until next season.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I love it! I soooo hope it goes down this way… and Bethenny will need to take a shower if she has to hug the bitch, crazy woman and the snake!

      • Margo Channing says:

        Are you fvkin kidding me!?!??! If Bet hugs it out with either of them I will take a freakin shower!! Yuk!

    • Just a Commoner says:

      Ginger could be a nice dog with the proper training and discipline but Jill indulges her and treats her like a spoiled child instead of a dog. She has said on the show that Ally doesn’t like the dog because it bites. She’s also said that Ginger is her other child. I say poor Ally to be put on the same level as that long-legged rat.

      • The Digger says:

        She even had a dog trainer come to the house. He told her the dog was not to sleep on the bed, needed to lost weight and eat only dog food. Didn’t this season she say she fed the dog lamb chops and matzoh ball soup? No wonder the dog seems sick and she had to have another vet visit the Liberace apartment. Ally hates the dog. Would you keep a dog that tried to bite and attack your daughter? All about Jill. What Jill wants. All about Jill.

  97. RileyKitty says:

    I firmly believe Bobby is that clueless. Like I stated before, the fact that he actually says I only heard her say nice things means he is spending a lot of time away from Jill. These show airing have to be an eye opener. I wonder if he feels like a fool?

    • otaypanky says:

      No chance. Bobby is a lackey for Jill.

    • The Digger says:

      Bobby is one of those old school blind husbands. He ignores everything and hears nothing unless it is brought to him and put directly on his plate. He is a wallet. He has no involvement or interest in women stuff which includes Jill, her gossipy friends and their ridiculous bullshit. Every once in awhile Jill comes to him and cries him a river so she can play her woe is me card. She might say to him, “They were so meannnn to me, can you say something to them?” and then he will go do her bidding and approach someone. He doesn’t like to see or have to listen to his wife cry but more than anything he doesn’t want to have to hear about her gossip, her whining and her nonsense. I suspect Bobby just works at the store, hangs with men, follows the stock market, dabbles in real estate, plays pool, gambles, smokes cigars and maybe has a pretty, quiet little piece of arse on the side that makes no demands of him. Old School. Give the wife what she needs to keep her happy, keep her quiet and get himself serviced.

    • Margo Channing says:

      Wasn’t the big rumor supposed to be that JiZ was banging someone on the side? Who would do her is anybody’s guess…But I thought I read that somewhere…Anyone? Buehller?

  98. otaypanky says:

    J’s “I had to come”, “I had to come”…you get it…she repeats it several times to R in her suite just prior to her vows. Suggests, she originally declined.
    Now if that’s the case, I know why she had to come. She couldn’t take not being in yet another episode.
    and again. I know I asked this before:
    Anyone have any idea where Jill, Kelly, Jen were for Sonja’s art auction?

    • HD says:

      Jen was there…

      • otaypanky says:

        OMG…could this woman fade into the background anymore? I don’t remember her being there.

    • katiecoo says:

      I caught that too (the repeating “I had to come” like she’s making the focus all about some drama around her indecision to come or not…as if Ramona gives a SHIT. She didn’t respond to any of that crap. Much like none of the other gals responded to Bobby’s “I don’t believe it…” in St. John’s.

  99. RileyKitty says:

    Jen is there. I think Jill & Kelly weren’t invited. They would have crossed through a ring of fire to get there if they were invited. Especially since the episodes have been Jill-lite she would have been there no matter what for screen time.

    love Sonja’s well-trained dress.

    • katiecoo says:

      I also have to say that I love how Sonja is so un self conscious …wearing that little hair piece (I have one almost identical to that that I got for 6 bucks!) and talking about her dress falling off. She just seems “real” to me in all these little moments.

      Ya know I wonder if they did some more editing of the show to kind of protect Jill as they have with the blogging on the site, it does seem odd that she’d have so little screen time on so many episodes after instigating and being in the middle of SO much drama. Yet they show stupid benign crap like her twirling around in an ice skating dress. I wonder if they were doing some damage control of their own and did some last minute edits as the season went along.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        My opinion is that Bravo was pissed at Jill for not only missing the trip to USVI, but trying to encourage others not to go. I think Bravo wanted them all there for the added drama. Jill was assuming that if she didn’t go the trip wouldn’t happen, Bravo couldn’t be too happy about that!

        I believe that is why Bravo cut her out of an episode entirely and cut her scenes so much while the other ladies were in St John.

        • Margo Channing says:

          Whenever I see JiZ, all I can mutter is OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!! Red Queen style!

          I canot imagine Bravo wanting to keep JiZ or Kelly on for so many reasons…It just cannot come down to the moola, it’s got to be a contract sitch of some sort. Anyone know where they filmed the top secret reunion? I understand that Kooklit is all nice ‘n’ tight with NeNe?! There’s a night’s entertainment in itself!

    • boston02127 says:

      @RileyKitty~~That was so funny what Sonja said about her dress. lol

  100. katiecoo says:

    Ok has anyone guessed yet on the seating arrangement at the Reunion Show? I can’t imagine they would have the audacity to see Bethenny across from Kelly!

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      Maybe diagonally?

      • LynnNChicago says:

        The question is, who sits on either side of Andy, they always seem to get the most face time. Bethenny on one side, Jill on the other?
        Personally I wish Jill would be seated at the farthest end of the couch away from Andy where they usually put Alex.

      • Kat says:

        Leather restraints. or Musikel chairs.

    • I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

      This was picture taken from the set of the reunion. I got this from Darren’s (Jill’s assistant) Twitter account. It is not a great picture but you can see the seating arrangements.


    • boston02127 says:

      I wouldn’t want to be the one sitting across from Kelly because 10 to one she doesn’t were undies. I wouldn’t want that used up snatch of hers facing me. eww, I just grossed myself out.

  101. Just a Commoner says:

    Third attempt to get rid of italics….

  102. Just a Commoner says:

    Drat. I did find the bad tag by looking at the page source but I think the only way to fix it is by editing the comment and we commoners don’t have that capability. Oh well.

  103. RileyKitty says:

    BRAS on one sofa & JacKaL on the other.

  104. Adios Lunatic says:

    Seating arrangement for reunion —

    3 on one side, 3 (BRA) on the other side and Sonja sitting in Andy’s lap as Switzerland in the middle.

  105. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Reunion …
    They yell, cry, laugh and apologize except LuManSingsOfffKey and KellyBringItOn. They don’t have anything to be apologetic about. Jill apologizes to Bethenny. Ramona apologizes to Bethenny. Bethenny apologizes to Alex(past snark and skingirllogo). Sonja apologizes for being a lover not a fighter. 🙂

    Next Season on RHONY…
    Jill there. Ramona there. Alex there. Sonja there. Bethenny there post lobatomy. Luman gone. Kelly gone. Jen never there.

    Ramona, Alex and Sonja all are great housewives who get along and can continue to interact believably. Alex lives in Brooklyn, but works in Manhattan. She’s a graphic artist who they can do business with and they can do lunch.
    Bethenny is there whenever she wants. BRAS get along and she’s welcome comic relief and will need “help” learning to navigate motherhood.

    JKL…Ever notice how a few people at work misbehave but the one who deserved to get fired doesn’t? The co-conspirators get canned, while the ringleader is scolded, reprimanded and warned. The lackeys (those canned) never saw that they were being used and then were thrown to the wolves. Distant and forgotten, the survivor continues on to fight another day.
    LuMan and Kelly gone. Kelly is nuts, too disturbing to watch. LuMan is a phoney, a fake, a charlatan and a sham, plus she’s broke. That plus Coerte = get out of town.
    Jill will be back. Although hated and wanted banned, BRAVO will have her back. Not for her comeuppance, but for her future ridiculous behaviour. Now that Jill has been neutralized, she’ll be lucky if they give her the same money next season. No more “FRIENDS” salary type demands. No more exclusive riders for that SheDevil. She’ll be quieter than a whore in church on a Sunday.

    Also…All season Jill went out of her way to paint Bethenny as the villain. On the Insider, they kept giving Jill a platform to badmouth B, continually stating that Bethenny was “arguably the most hated housewife of NY”. I kept wondering what show Insiders producers were watching. As the season is ending Bethenny is no longer referred to in that manner. I guess they finally saw the show and the fans let them know who was who.

  106. HD says:

    Jill is so stupid saying, “I actually remember her number.” You used to talk to her four times a day. You were bestfriends. Why would you forget the number idiot?

    • katiecoo says:

      I doubt she’s forgotten ANYTHING about Bethenny or lets anything go unnoticed as she seems pretty obsessed with everything “Bethenny-centric”. Blech!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        This from the woman who insists she forgets everything. She remembers that she hates Alex, but can’t remember why.

        • Olivia says:

          They all treated Alex like crap at one time or another. It is just lately that they have gotten around to actually having some appreciation for her as a person.

          They made fun of her kids, her husband, her house, her wardrobe, her face,and her vacation spots. They all alluded to her “pretensions” to become part of the social scene yet overlooked the same fact that they were all trying to make names for themselves and their products by agreeing to appear on this show. The hypocrisy was overwhelming.

          Yet I don’t remember Alex ever speaking as viciously against them on her headshot interviews. I may not remember but I do remember how all of them, and this includes Bethenny, went after her from the outset.

      • Char12 says:

        No she didn’t forget, I’m sure she has everything in her notes 🙂

        • Had Enough! says:

          I can see Jill being the kind of junior-high idiot who take the friend’s number off speed-dial, as though that would somehow punish the friend.

          Holy shit. If Jill brings her notes to the reunion, it will be like those trials where the lawyers have a dozen file cabinets trucked in. Because she’s got notes on everyone. Lots of notes.

  107. katiecoo says:

    Re: Jen. Ya know the best wedding/event/party planners are the ones who create a beautiful, smooth flowing event while seeming somewhat *invisible* themselves. Which I think is what might make Jen not suitable for this show. Her entire work revolves around “pleasing the client” while smiling sweetly and staying out of the party. I think this describes her role here.

    I think the only reason they might keep her is to have a “friend” for Jill…but somehow I think inside there is a stronger personality than what we’ve seen. Still on the fence re: Jen.

    • TLM says:

      I couldn’t understand why Jen was asking Jill if she wanted to make a speech, etc., when I thought all those details were worked out long ago. Jen was asking her as if they never discussed it. What did Jen really do besides get goodie bags on a table? During their first conversation, Jill basically had the whole event planned herself, so I don’t know why she even needed Jen. It seemed like a very lame vehicle to get her on the show.

      And whose idea was it to have a foamcore board with the cover of Jill’s dumb book at the skating party? That is the height of tackiness, to be hawking your book at a party you are throwing, ostensibly for the holidays.

  108. HD says:

    I know I may be out of line here but does anyone else think that Mario cheats on Ramona? There is something about him that strikes me funny like he may have had a few affairs. Maybe I’m wrong….

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I think I read that somewhere too, but it was just speculation. I don’t know, he is so well recognized now from being on TV, don’t you think he might have been caught by now? Or maybe he sneaks around like Luann…Luann hides her “many” men that Sonja eluded to and she hides that she smokes like a chimney. I suppose it could be that Mario cheats. It wouldn’t surprise me.

      • TLM says:

        Tiger Woods was recognized by everyone, yet it took a while for his affairs to become public. I have no idea what Mario’s deal is, but just because you have some degree of fame doesn’t mean you’re important enough to be “outed.” It also seems like Luann wasn’t really sneaking around, since both Ramona and Bethenny were well aware she and the Count had an open marriage.

    • Olivia says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me. Most of the social events they go to she ends up sloshed to the gills.

      • HD says:

        Something tells me after they do this renewal of wedding vows (after it airs) something is going to come out. I just have a funny feeling. When she suggested it to Mario he looked at her like she was nuts. I am not sure if he is feeling this whole thing…

        • Olivia says:

          Ramona is in her mid 50’s. Don’t know how old Mario is but I think he is younger.

          I would love to have someone, anyone associated with any of these ladies either by blood, relations, neighbors, former co workers, old friends, former help, waiters, sales associates, Bravo staff, to come forward and fill us in on them.

          Sure bet we would get an earful.

          • Had Enough! says:

            Olivia – you read my mind. I was just about to say that. How is it possible that Jill doesn’t have a long list of former friends who would be eager to talk? We know there are some because there have been a couple of negative items, such as the article about her awful behavior and entitled attitude when she was planning that charity even last year at Water Mill, or when she was shopping at that store in the Hamptons. Maybe most of them figure that we can see it for ourselves and they don’t need to put themselves through hell to spill the beans on her.

            Why is everyone so silent about Kellamity? I can see where those who have only short, casual contact with her can buy the nice act, but does that mean she limits herself to short, casual contacts? And from what we’ve seen, the crazy makes an appearance even when she stays at a party for only a few minutes, so surely there are a lot of people who can tell us about that.

          • HD says:

            Girl I would LOVE to hear the real deal from people that know these women. As someone pointed out on one of the blogs, Luann never ONCE denied having her affairs. And I believe she did because she practically ran out of the Hot 100 guy party with Corte. He hit that. I am sure of it. I am sure the Count did his dirt but she did her dirt as well.

          • Just a Commoner says:

            Ramona is 54 and Mario is 57.


            That site is correct for everyone I know personally so I think it’s probably correct for celebs, too. It doesn’t give ages for everyone, though. I don’t know where the info comes from, either. But whatever!

            I’ve also thought Mario seems the type to stray. He and Ramona don’t seem that close on camera ever. She fawns over him now and then but he doesn’t show a lot of emotional intimacy towards here. In fact, none, really.

          • Just a Commoner says:

            Ramona is 54 and Mario is 57.


            That site is correct for everyone I know personally so I think it’s probably correct for celebs, too. It doesn’t give ages for everyone, though. I don’t know where the info comes from, either. But whatever!

            I’ve also thought Mario seems the type to stray. He and Ramona don’t seem that close on camera ever. She fawns over him now and then but he doesn’t show a lot of emotional intimacy towards her. In fact, none, really.

      • TLM says:

        I don’t know how she can drink all that wine and stay in shape. Besides not being good for you, it’s a ton of calories. I feel she self-medicates with it.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      There were some accusations being made after the show aired where Ramona proposed the renewal of vows.

      A poster wondered how his current “on the side” was going to react when she saw that show. Mentioned a 20’s something schoolteacher and a hotel.

      I wonder if Avery’s less than enthusiastic approach to the renewal ceremony was in part being a teenager and in part because she knew something wasn’t all that great in the marriage at that time.

      Avery appears to see things as black or white and I don’t think she “suffers fools gladly”.

      • Olivia says:

        This is why I like Avery. She has her mother’s number. Which is why Avery makes her “nervous”.

  109. katiecoo says:

    “It was a great time…everyone was out on the ice and watching”. Um, everyone except your DAUGHTER Jill. Who was standing outside the ice rink.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I was thinking Ally wasn’t out on the ice because of her arthritis, but then I remembered that scene where Bethenny was teaching her how to ride a bicycle. I thought it was really strange that by 16 years old she never learned to ride a bike. She obviously isn’t into sports at all, maybe because of her ailment, or maybe because Jill never introduced her to any sports? Odd for a woman who skated herself as a child that maybe instead of sending Ally away to a “fat farm” or whatever it was, she should have just gotten the child involved in some sports that were appropriate for Ally, or even just teach the kid how to ride a bike!!!

      • Olivia says:

        I never felt so sorry for a kid as I did Ally at that time. Knowing that all her peers would know she went to a camp to lose weight. At that age most kids are so involved with self image that to have that broadcasted for the nation in order to make her mother look like a “concerned” parent was revolting.

        Of course it also afforded Jill yet another opportunity to display her wealth by informing us that Bobby had paid thousands for a chartered plane to get them there. She is hideous.

      • boston02127 says:

        I thought the same thing about not being able to ride a bike. I also wondered if exercise would of helped Ally’s ailment while growing up.

        • jackterrier says:

          During a flare Ally wouldn’t be able to do anything. My daughter actually had system junior RA and it was devastating to see a very active child not be able to get out of bed. (She has not had a flare in over 10yrs) But..Ally should have been doing something, anything, when not in a flare. To have a daughter that age not know how to ride a bike just shows how lazy JillZarin really is. JillZarin had a pool in the Hamptons and played tennis regularly, it is her job to be sure Ally was getting some exercise. I hate JillZarin.

          • Maria says:

            Typical NYC kid! We take the subway, we don’t ride bikes!

            I’m 28 and still don’t know.

            Ally seems more interested in the arts, I bet she was never very athletic.

  110. lillybee says:

    Last season, Lulu hired a dog trainer to address a problem she had with her dog. Jill bought Ginger. The trainer seemed to be good. The trainer show Jill the same things that Cesar Milan used to work with dogs who acted just like Ginger. However, Jill did not follow through. Typical Jill. Ginger continued to go after poor Ally. One of the saddest things I heard on the show was Ally saying that she hoped Ginger would die.

  111. HD says:

    Well New Jersey is on…time for my nap!

    Love ya, ladies!

  112. A former Jill fan says:

    Jill doesn’t even consider how her bad behavior and actions will affect her daughter. She never gave it a thought before, why should she start thinking about Ally now? Jill cares more about Jill! Height of narcissism!

  113. A former Jill fan says:

    i just watched about half of Luann’s video and had to stop it. Couldn’t watch any further. it doesn’t fit her or the song.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I don’t like the song either. 😉

      • otaypanky says:

        the song is silly. Now, don’t hate me everyone. I think she looks beautiful in the video. Love her in longer hair, knew I would…she needs the softness.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          NO! Dont hate you, You’re right! I think she looks a little like Danielle from Jersey. But you are so right, she absolutely looks better than she does normally but the voice and the “look” do not match at all! How the hell did they make her look like that? I mean it doesn’t look like her at all!

          • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

            I thought that her figure was absolutely stunning, but another commentator and I agreed yesterday that we thought that her longer hair somehow made her look MORE masculine. Very odd.

          • otaypanky says:

            LOL…love the retort.

        • Rusty says:

          LuBag DOES look gorgeous in her vid. I’d love a killer makeover like that. I guess I could just do what J-hole does and tell everyone that I’m gorgeous a million times in a REALLY’ loud, screechy, nasally, whiny voice until they just give up out of exhaustion and agree.

        • Char12 says:

          I thought she looked great too and she is a nice looking women, but all in all I thought the video was a bit trashy. She should have been dressed in something less revealing and not have men pawing her and her pawing them. After all, she’s no spring chicken and she’s certainly not Madonna. When she keeps harping that Elegance is class that video is anything but elegant if you ask me.

      • vilzvet says:

        It is so freakin’ OFF-KEY….”Elegance is LEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” going up and down trying desperately to find that note.

    • Squirrels says:

      I admit I’m afraid to look. I’ve never had nightmares about this show, but a visual of LuMan in MTV format just may send my mind into outer space.

  114. Annie1033 says:

    I’m sorry if someone has already posted this, but I’m dying and had to get it out!! http://www.realitytea.com/2010/05/31/exclusive-more-details-revealed-about-kelly-bensimons-breakdown/

    Also, reading Kelly’s tweets, I read the original tweet that someone sent to her and it was something like this (paraphrasing): “I heard that you, Jill and Luann come out looking really good by the end of the reunion….” (in other words vindicated or something) and Kelly responded: “Exactly. You’ll be really surprised by what you see at the reunion”.

    I’m actually shuddering. SHUDDERING. I’m sorry you guys but I am REALLY STUCK on how much I hate Kelly. I truly believe that she may be nothing more then unbelievably stupid, STUPID and CRUEL and VICIOUS. I really, really HOPE that they didn’t treat her gently…I may be in the minority but I really hope not.
    I cling to a tiny bit of hope that she gets nailed….HARD at the reunion because when the Virgin Island trip was shown, she would start tweeting things about how great the drama was, etc. So I’m hoping that she’s just doing her usual BULLSHIT PR stuff before the reunion airs to detract and distract and try to sway people to her side because deeeeeep down, even under the delusion, it’s really, really bad for her. PLEASE LET THAT BE TRUE.

    • katiecoo says:

      Remember when she described the Meltdown episode in St. John as “hilarious”? I think she gets diffused and rewrites the whole thing in to “everyone is so crazy about me! I’m the star of this show!”. Kookadoodle

      • Annie1033 says:

        And ANOTHER thing that I’ve been DYING to vent about and keep forgetting to (forgot my notes;) is on last year’s reunion, whenever they play back a scene from the show of her acting crazy/stupid, etc or Bethenny getting mad and/or making really funny comments ABOUT Kelly, they show Kelly’s face watching and listening to this and she’s always SMILING. It makes me truly NUTS. She is THAT narcissistic that she thinks that people find her charming and she loooooves to see herself on television! MORON. And she’s not fooling me at all; she does this even when they’re showing Bethenny making comments about her and to me that just proves that she is so obsessed with Bethenny and really, truly wishes that she was like her. Bethenny is everything that she wishes that she was and I swear I can feel that. Especially during last year’s reunion.
        I really couldn’t hate this person any more than I do.

    • Rusty says:

      Looking at Cracky’s facial skin is the best encouragement anyone needs to fully comprehend that laying out in the sun is the worst thing you can do.

      • Had Enough! says:

        The nice thing about Kellamity is that we know she sees everything exactly the opposite of what it is. So if she says that she, Jill, and Luann come out looking good, it must have been a disaster for them. I agree with you, Annie, that she’s a whole lot of nasty behind a thin and totally not-believable veneer of nice, that’s she’s massively stoooooooooooooopid, and that she’s probably abusing drugs of some kind. But I also think she’s got serious cognition and processing problems. At the very least, it takes her longer to process input than it takes most people, so she can’t keep up and that makes her defensive and incoherent. When it gets bad enough, the crazy kicks in and she gets downright paranoid and scary and occasionally violent. She copes by making up stories in her head about the way she wants things to be, and then she verbalizes those stories with the hope that she can convince others.

        I’m thinking the reason she goes through men so quickly is that they get a whiff of this toxic mix (plus she reportedly actually smells bad), the bizarro body, and they get out of town in a hurry.

        She’ll never admit it, but she’s done herself a huge amount of harm being on this show. An article last year quoted a friend of hers saying just that, and even said that Kellamity herself recongized it, but Kellamity denied it. She needs the $$, and maybe she thought it would lead to other jobs, and maybe even to a man with a wallet. She’s got to find someone fast, because Teddy’s 10, so she’s got only 8 more years on the Gilles Bensimon payroll. Looking as bad as she does, that’s not going to be easy. She’s competing with lots of younger, prettier, smarter, saner women with no baggage (kids).

        • Annie1033 says:

          God, ‘Had Enough’, this is yet another reason why I love you so much…..couldn’t have said it better myself. I was literally seething typing all of that and in a hurry so I couldn’t put down everything that I was thinking, but you did!
          So good.
          Yeah, I have noticed all of those same characteristics with her. I think if you put her around someone who is intelligent or worse yet, VERY intelligent (i.e., Bethenny), she gets triggered out of frustration: She can’t understand them and they can’t understand her discombobulated, disorganized and mixed-up thoughts. And you know, come to think of it, Jill really IS perfect for her; not that bright either. And Luann?…Luann just treats her like a pet, which is actually pretty genius when you think about it…somehow this soothes Kookadoodledo.
          Really, really, really just big, fiery, burning, raging hatred for this person.

    • boston02127 says:

      I’m with you Annie, I have no pity for Kelly what so ever.

  115. iceNfire says:

    RileyKitty – I left you a response to message you sent me on “new” site. Lynn are we even going to use that place? Oh and Riley – leave it to a drunk teen to wake you up! My 19 year old wants to have a BBQ here with friends and beer. Rather than listen to his argument of why this is a good idea I told him to check with his older brother. That was the end of that. Big brother is anti-alcohol and really is BIG.
    Kat – Thanks for replying to my message on “new” site.

    About the return of Jill, someone way up thread said something about only Jill’s die hard fans would want to see her redeem herself. I am NOT any kind of Jill fan and the thought of watching her “fake” her way in season 4 is not going to happen. I’ll not be watching that nonsense.

  116. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    I don’t remember where I first saw reference made to this book — likely right here in the comments on Lynn’s blog, but I was wondering if anyone had actually read this thing. The auther worked at Elle when Gilles. “The Playboy” and his clueless American “model/editor/socialite” wife were in charge. Did she elaborate? I would love to know what else she wrote about them.

    June 29, 2007
    “Free Gift With Purchase” – Backstage at the Beauty Biz

    We don’t know Lucky magazine beauty editor Jean Godfrey-June, but if her 2006 memoir, “Free Gift With Purchase: My Improbable Career in Magazines and Makeup” (now out in paperback by Three Rivers Press, $13) is any indication, she’s the kind of smart, sassy, down-to-earth chick you’d love to have as a friend. . . . . . And the chapters she devotes to her time at Elle in the 1990s, where she became famous for the off-the-cuff “Godfrey’s Guide” column she penned each month, skewers her superiors – most notably the megalomaniacal, philandering French creative director-head photographer she nicknames “The Playboy” and his clueless American “model/editor/socialite” wife – in a wickedly delightful way that makes anyone who has ever wanted to give their own nasty, shallow, insecure boss a well-deserved bitch-slap sit up and cheer.

    Here’s a link to the review:


    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      That’s “author”.

    • Rusty says:

      Key word: CLUELESS

      Ask yourself . . . if I had to describe Cracky in one word, what would it be?

    • TLM says:

      I guess her dubbing Gilles Bensimon “The Playboy” meant he was sleeping around?

      • mia says:

        well that would explain why she got so defensive when Sonja mentioned cheating husbands. Honestly, I was surprised that they weren’t more candid about what shouldn’t be a secret.

        Kelly, Sonja, and Luann married the most influential men on the show. They were all much younger, and Kelly and Luann were the third and fourth wives (I’m not sure about Sonja). In a city where there is always a new crop of insanely beautiful and charming gold diggers, it should be no secret that about 90% of really influential men cheat at some point.

        I don’t even know why she even bothered to pretend or act shocked. We don’t really have to know anything about her to come to that conclusion anyway.

      • mia says:

        obviously 90% is something I pulled out of my butt, but it seems about right to me…

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I read it. I posted some excerpts in the comments of Lynn’s blog about Kelly’s breakdown. I can repost them if you like.

      It should also be noted that Gilles does not come off well in this book. Far from being the “greatest photographer in the universe” he is jealous of his position and the author has to be careful not to pick photos from other photographers that are too good or else he will nix them. She bewails the fact that she has to pick from his shoots which are often blurry and feature the models wearing almost nothing and with smudged eye liner. The French men on the magazine are depicted as chauvinists.

  117. A former Jill fan says:

    I wouldn’t want Kelly around me nor my kids if I had any. Especially with her violent behavior attacking her boyfriend last year. Somebody this out of control could do anything.

    During the dinner scene when Kelly was going crazy, I held my breath when Bethenny came to check her steak and that knife was in Kelly’s hand. She may not have been that deranged that time, but who’s to know?

    I think Bravo needs to put the safety of the others first and foremost considering Kelly has apparently not sought medical care for her problem. The should not renew her option for next year.

    • TLM says:

      I confess I was nervous at that too, especially the way Bethenny whisked her dish away so fast. If she said she was bringing Kelly a new steak, they didn’t get that on tape. I thought she might flip out. It was a bad coincidence that the only one that didn’t turn out right was Kelly’s. I’m sure she thought B did that on purpose, too.

      It was so strange that Kelly was worried about B cooking because she was pregnant, yet she didn’t see a problem telling her no one cares about her and that she’s cunning, vindictive, and creepy, and that she wasn’t really a chef while she was pregnant.

      • HD says:

        As I watched that scene I was actually thinking, if Kelly was THAT concerned about Bethanny lkilling her, why eat her food? If I REALLY thought someone was trying to kill me I’m not going to be eating anything they are serving. (Of course you all know I don’t for a second believe Bethanny would do anything to that nutcase unless it was in self defense.)

        • katiecoo says:

          Maybe at the reunion we’ll hear something about the steak string that Bethenny tried to strangle her with.

  118. DarkSonnet says:

    What a difference a year makes…

    On what to expect from the reunion special:
    “I picked a fight with everybody. I called everyone out. There were definitely things that I challenged people on to be honest about. The only one who I didn’t really [challenge] is Bethenny because Bethenny and I sort of see things the same way. And Bethenny has a very sharp memory. I would never go up against Bethenny’s memory. And anytime anyone does, they’ve very sorry they did.”

    On her partnership with Kodak:
    “I am scarred for life since there were no pictures of me [growing up]. Call [my mom] Gloria. She’ll confirm it for you! This is the root of my photography obsession. [And my daughter] Allyson was born with a talent for photography. She specializes in taking pictures of graffiti art…She has an eye for it. So, for Mother’s Day it was a natural for Ali, me and Gloria [to make a photo album].

    On LuAnn being separated from her husband before publicly announcing it:
    “I think she needed to come clean about [her] marriage [problems]. That was one of the reasons why Ramona was particularly upset with LuAnn because she was kind of living this lie and making Ramona feel like, ‘I’m better than you.’ It’s like, listen, we all know what’s going on here. Don’t be a hypocrite, and that’s where a lot of the [hard] feelings came from.”

    (Comments made by Jill after the last reunion)


    • TLM says:

      WTF??!? Jill never had pictures taken of her as a kid?? She tells people to call Gloria, but she doesn’t blame Gloria for that? What parent doesn’t take pictures of their kids? Surely they must have had photos to include in “the book” of the family? This makes no sense. Was Gloria too scarred from her “chiffon on Christmas Day” wedding photo?!?? It makes as much sense as Kelly saying she’s never taken a picture, despite having two young daughters. Maybe that’s why she and Kelly are such good friends. Good Lord.

      • Just a Commoner says:

        Back up a sec. That was Jill talking, remember? Her parents could have taken the average number of photos of her at the time, just not zillions and zillions as she wishes now.

        Remember too that cameras and film processing and printing cost more money back then and people didn’t take pictures at nearly the rate they do now with digital cameras and cell phones and whatnot.

        I’m 8 years older than Jill and I don’t have a ton of photos of myself as a kid, either. Big deal.

        • Had Enough! says:

          It is typical for parents to go nutsy with the camera with the first-born. Every last second of the kid’s life is captured. Number two comes along, not so much. The novelty has worn off, they are swamped trying to handle two kids. Happened to me and my sister. A gazillion photos of me doing nothing, quite a few of the two of us together on special events (when we were both dressed up, for instance), but not nearly as many of her alone doing nothing. Maybe this is changing now that people don’t have to hunt for the camera and film. They can just reach for the cell phone.

  119. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Oh no I hope you guys are wrong about Mario cheating.
    However he does have a revolving eye, remember last season when they filmed Ramona and him eatng at an outdoor restaurant and some lady passed by . Mario was undressing her with his eyes. I still wish it were not true.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Lots of guys are lookers. Look but don’t touch is the rule in a lot of marriages. I think it is just a natural guy thing. Good lord, women do it too. I saw a photo of a guy today and just stared at it, he was so gorgeous.

  120. RileyKitty says:

    @iceNfire. I replied to you on the other site :0).

    Call me crazy but I don’t mind a roving eye as long as that is all it is. I mean we are married but not dead right?

  121. ridicurhony says:

    riley – sorry to hear about your break in! Lol on Barney fife. I grew up in a tiny town too. There’s always a Barney in the batch. So right about now I’m sure u guys ARE the talk of the town. lol. wise move, locking your stuff up – my folks finally started that too, thank God!

  122. Nancyusa says:

    From an April interview of Sonya and Jen

    To Sonya: What’s your relationship with Kelly like?

    “I’m very good with Kelly one-on-one. But when Kelly gets around the other housewives and they start making jabs, she freaks out. She loses total control. I don’t know what it is. Is it hormones? Is it mixing something? She says it’s none of the above. I think when Kelly gets picked on, she’s like an animal that’s trapped.”

    To Jen : Who were you most scared of going into the show?

    “I was most scared of Kelly just because I didn’t understand her, and now she’s one of my best friends, on the show and off, and I adore her.


    • Annie1033 says:


    • TLM says:

      I’m neither crazy about Sonja, nor do I hate her. It was weird on the USVI trip how Sonja would bring up certain topics or tell Kelly she was crazy, but Kelly would only get angry at Bethenny for that. She seemed to stay on Kelly’s good side. In the beginning I saw her as very elitist; like the scene where she went out to get coffee because there wasn’t a chef at home? Like she doesn’t know how to use a coffeemaker? She did that in USVI. I just thought it was weird that she went out to get coffee. And I still don’t understand why someone who’s single with one daughter and says she wants to simplify her life needs 5 houses. I would love to know who her divorce lawyer was that she not only got all that property, but apparently the money to run it all.

      • TLM says:

        It looks like Morgan’s ex was quite a bit older than her: http://starcasm.net/archives/42702

        I don’t get the comment about them still being married if their divorce was finalized in 2008. If a divorce is finalized, you are divorced, period.

      • HD says:

        Maybe I am confused but I thought she was saying she “had” five houses before she was divorced. She married money, MAJOR money as we all know, so having five houses for someone that is from the JP Morgan clan is not shocking. Isn’t Monolopy kind of “patterned” after J.P. Morgan Sr.? These people have old money racing through their veins. I am sure when she married into the Morgan clan those houses were just part of their lifestyle.

        • TLM says:

          No, I recalled her saying she still has the homes but misses “the team” of staff she had to run them. Remember when Luann came to pick up clothes from her for charity, Sonja mentioned “the Palm Beach closet” and several other closets she has in her other homes.

          • HD says:

            Ohhhhhhhh I gotta watch it closer next time they play the reruns. I totally missed her even talking about the closets! I guess when Luann is on I go into some self-induced blackout.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        It is my understanding that she received the townhouse that she lives in now. I don’t believe she received those other properties, yachts, etc., they are distant memories for her now.

        She attempted to put the townhouse on the market this year but ran into problems when the 7 million dollar judgement against her was filed as a lien on her property. She was then forced to remove the listing.

        “. In 2006 the Morgans split and in 2008 they were divorced.

        Before going splitsville, Miz Morgan agreed to finance a film through her company Sonja Productions. According to Hannibal Pictures Miz Morgan did not cough up the promised cash. She was sued for breach of contract–or something like that–and a California federal court awarded Hannibal Pictures $7,060,000. Miz Morgan, according to reports, has not yet paid her court ordered judgment and as a result Hannibal Pictures is now going after her assets in a Manhattan Supreme Court. Oh dear.

        This new court case may–or may not–explain why Miz Morgan’s townhouse on East 63rd Street–which had been for sale for a very long time–was taken off the market in mid-March of 2010. It might also explain why she might want whatever income, publicity and proceeds might result from her stint on The Real Housewives of New York City.”


    • katiecoo says:

      Good Lord, Kelly is one of Jen’s “best friends”? Is she really that desperate to get on the show?

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Evidently. How desperate is that?

      • HD says:


        • Had Enough! says:

          Jen sure can pick ’em. LOSER.

          • katiecoo says:

            That seals the deal for me with Jen. I was on the fence before. No more. Feeling sorry for Kelly and trying to help her? Maybe. But “best friend”. Buhbye.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        A few thoughts from Jen – if anybody is interested enough to read them… Jen wants to change the WORLD. ;o)

        “So why did you decide to go on a show like Real Housewives, where all of a sudden your life is on display?

        At the end of the day, I made this decision with my husband and my family. And I weighed it very, very heavily. I do have a lot to lose. I have a business, I have three kids, I have a husband, I have a social network. Not to say the other women do or don’t, I’m not being judgmental about it that way, I’m just saying that for me personally I had kind of a life already. But I think life is a series of choices, you say yes or you say no. You open a door or you don’t open a door. I think for me, as much as I’m out there on this show, I’m a very private person. So unless you really know me, I don’t get offended by people judging me because they don’t know me.

        Do you think there are other women on the show who don’t see the difference between their personal lives and what’s on the show?

        100%. This show is not my life. I have a life and I think that’s why I was able to be okay going forward. It’s not my life. I built my life. I have a 16 year award-winning business, I have three beautiful children, I have a husband that thinks I rock and loves me for me. He knows who I married. For me, I want a foundation, I want to change the world, I want to inspire and help I really do, I always have. I don’t know if this is the right vehicle for it. I have no idea. But you know what? You get an opportunity like this, and you make a decision. You either go for it or you sit around and think would have, should have, could have.”


      • Kat says:

        Jen could be a good friend to Kelly.

        Boy that was typed grudgingly.

    • ridicurhony says:

      current clips of Sonja portray her as a breath of fresh air right now, but I could see how one day…BAM! she turns nasty.

  123. The Digger says:

    BP should plug the oil leak with Jill Zarin.
    Solve two problems at once.

    • Squirrels says:

      Hahahahahahahaha !!!!
      Love the visual…

    • Had Enough! says:

      And we have a winner! Brilliant! But don’t you know that we would still be able to hear her whine from a mile below the surface of the water?

      • Squirrels says:

        <<<< reserves the right to place said infiltrating high decibel squeals in the MUTE department.

    • HD says:

      We don’t need to pollute the ocean anymore than what has already been done. LOL!

    • Marie Laveau says:

      ROFL! Digger, you often make me laugh my a** off with your comments! Good idea, though. Plug up the toxic SPILL with toxic JILL!!!

      I’m dialing up BP right frickin’ now!! I live in southern Louisiana so this is of major concern to me!

  124. Shadowsnomore says:

    I’ve been reading all the great comments and I just wanted to add my speculation about the reunion to the mix. I have a feeling that a lot of things are going to be downplayed and whitewashed. I have a feeling that we are going to be disappointed at the resolution to the actions of these women. Here’s what I think will happen-

    Luann- An unnecessary amount of time will be given to her and her song. She will say she did it for fun and was surprised at how well it’s being received(delusional). Andy will quickly pass over her divorce and the speculation that she and her ex where unfaithful before the marriage ended. She will claim it is a private matter and she doesn’t want her children hurt. She will downplay the speakerphone incident at Jill’s. She will claim that she was joking about lying and that they all know that their phone conversations are to be on speaker and not private. She will say that she has known Jill forever and will always be a loyal friend even when she doesn’t agree with their actions. She is loyal to a fault darlings.

    Sonja- Will be reintroduced and welcomed as a new housewife. Maybe a little more personal background will be shared and more talk of her fondness for sex. I don’t think she will be to confrontational and be more of a bystander in the reunion with a few occasional funny quips or pearls of wisdom shared.

    Kelly- I think she will handled with kid gloves. I don’t think we will get the real truth of her breakdown. It will be eluded to but I don’t think the record will be set straight. She will continue to play the victim of bullying and the women will deny it but tell her they are sorry she felt that way. I believe Bravo may not invite her back next season because they know she is a loose cannon and a potential liability. I think they are allowing Kelly to spin it any way she wants to try to give her a “graceful” way out. Then if anything happens after they release her they can cover their asses and say that they tried to help her and protect her children. If Bravo invites her back then they truly are despicable ratings whores.

    Alex- Poor Alex. She will never get to fully defend herself and never get the apology she deserves from Jill. Jill will blast her for confronting her publicly and will sob at how hurt she was by Alex’s actions. Jill will claim that she was joking about Alex’s boys and she is sorry that Alex took it wrong. Jill will not be sincere ( a word Jill doesn’t understand and practice) and will turn it back on Alex as though Alex was wrong to feel the way she did.As a mother of four boys, I can relate to Alex. I understand the anger and hurt that she felt about Jill’s criticism of her boys and Alex’s parenting skills. Children are unpredictable and often do embarrass us when we are distracted. Alex has addressed how hard the filming schedule has been on the boys. And there where many times that they had to film and had no sitter to stay with the boys so they were forced to bring them to events that they would normally not take them to.No one called into question Luann’s parenting skills when Victoria broke her arm trying to sneak out of the house. I believe that children should be hands off and you can be the worst parent in the world and have great kids or the best parent and have kids that get into trouble. Parenting is hard enough and you never know what each family goes through unless you walk a mile in their shoes. I am glad that these ladies don’t expose their children on the show and that when we see the kids their face time is minimal(unlike RHONJ).One thing that has truly irked me is how Bravo has treated Alex and Simeon. Bravo has allowed everyone else to schill their products and plug their books but have hardly any mention of the book that Alex and Simeon wrote. I maybe wrong but I believe that Bethenny was the only one who went and supported them at the book’s release party. None of this was shown or eluded to. Their book and tour seems to be going very well and I don’t think Bravo was prepared at how well the viewing audience would coalesce around Alex. Alex has now become one of the more popular wife only second to Bethenny. If Alex is asked back I believe it’s because she is the antagonist to Jill (although I believe that Jill is the actual antagonist to Alex).

    Ramona- She is the wild card. If we see any fireworks it will be from her. She may call Jill on the carpet for the trip but Ramona will of course forgive Jill but state she was very hurt. Ramona will play up her “renewal” and as apart of that she is forgiving and doesn’t want to carry grudges. Ramona’s behavior will depend on how many glasses of pinot grigio she drank before taping.

    Bethenny- I think she is just so over this season. Her life is moving on . She has a new husband, baby and show. I don’t expect her to be as confrontational as seasons past. I think she just wants to move on. She will probably tell Jill that the feud is over. They will be on friendly terms but never be close friends again. The relationship will be resolved to the point of being civil to one another but that’s pretty much it. I don’t think she will get into it much with Kelly because she knows how disturbed Kelly truly is and she doesn’t want to push the wrong buttons. She will be truthful and say again that she did not trash Kelly and her daughters in the press but of course Kelly won’t get it.

    Jill- Of course Jill will bring on the tears. She probably practiced days beforehand. She will claim how misunderstood she was. She will say she handled things poorly and she is sorry. She was edited badly and she never meant to hurt Bethenny the way she did. She will claim they where both at fault but she was so hurt that she handled everything do poorly. Of course all of these tears and pleas for understanding and forgiveness are fake. She is only doing damage control and trying to regain fans. There will be those who are gullible to buy the crap she is shoveling and will forgive her. She will of course plug her book. Amazongate will be glossed over. Everyone reviews their own book. Andy and Bravo are so embarrassed by Jill’s behavior that they won’t mention Jill trashing Alex and Bethenny’s books. If it’s mentioned, Andy will quickly change the course of the discussion. Jill will claim she has been humbled and misunderstood. She will ask forgiveness from everyone but Alex whom she will continue to ignore or bash. Everything she says or does will be an act to try to regain her popularity and of course it will all be about Jill. She will continue to be so fake and try to play sweet and nice. It will make me want to vomit and throw something at the TV. By the end of the reunion I will continue to HATE JILL ZARIN!

    • anniieee says:

      You know what bothers me.. The article… where they said Bethenny “tried to sell the pics of her baby for 100,000….no takers… and the I think bethenny who probably didn’t try to sell them, jokingly said…nah it was for a million. However, the articles don’t say that…they just hang her out to dry. Now Jen is saying Kelly is her new BFF? I thought Jen was a little smarther than a dishrag–owns her own company…has to do time management…figure out events and plan them–marketing, yada yada yada… and she is hanging with Kelly? Even if I didn’t know anything about Kelly–meeting her for the first time, I would figure out… This woman is not someone I want to hang around..unless I am looking to feel better about myself. Is the media dropping this now and gonna hang Bethenny out to dry?

      • MAMAZ says:

        Shadowsnomore – I think you nailed it.
        Alex is one of the more interesting of the wives. She is smart, articulate and educated. She is well traveled and has worked in the fashion industry both as a model and in some capacity for Victoria’s Secret. She is so underused on this show. This season she was a sounding board for Bethenny. Last season a target for Ramona. I would LOVE to see Alex in a more featured role. Working, parenting and involved in her community.
        Aniieee – Jen rubs me the wrong way. I’m not even sure why. But not thanking Lynn and now claiming to be besties with K are major red flags for me.

    • Rusty says:

      You can bet your bottom dollar that j-hole will pick on whomever seems to be “the weakest link” at the moment. It won’t be Bethany or Alex. Possibly Sonja, Ramona or Kelly, Yes . . . j-hole will sink THAT low. She’ll get jumped on by the others for doing it but because j-hole is j-hole . . . she won’t be able to shut her damn trap, will spout out whatever floats into her dust bin of a head . . . and then apologize later. “You know I love you!”

      Ramona can handle herself but j-hole still feels comfortable pouncing on her. “You know us . . . we fight like cats and dogs and then we make up.”

      I REALLY . . . REALLY HATE jill zarin.

  125. The Digger says:

    I don’t get it with Jen. Why would someone with a successful business and respectable reputation want to get involved and be associated with this drek? Successful people that have a clue don’t get go on reality tv shows. Reality tv is for wannabes. What exactly does she think she is going to achieve or gain from being on this show?

    I think it is a moot point. She is not fashion forward, gossipy or shallow enough to be a housewife. She is a snooze fest.

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      I agree with you, Digger. She claims she’s using this as a platform to give more visibility for her charitable causes (hmmmmm sounds familiar???). Unfortunately, we all know that she will end up looking bad — or boring which could actually be worse than looking bad — and may impact her successful business. I don’t get why anyone would want to do the reality show thing — unless you have really good advisors and are very specific with your reasons for doing it, you will end up getting screwed. Bethenny and Ramona seem to be pretty clear on why they are on the show and its worked out well from a business perspective for them. However, both have had to endure the downside of the attention as well.

      • The Digger says:

        Visibility for charitable causes? Who is feeding these women this crap reasoning? When did all this charitable exposure nonsense start? Certainly not in OC as those women are too shallow to even attend a museum let alone raise money for charity. In OC all they did was eat, drink and shop. Charity on the OC franchise? never happened. Jen should go on Celebrity Apprentice if charitable exposure is her goal. At least that show really does focus on charities and seems to have a bit of respectability.

        Going on reality tv will only ruin every aspect of someone’s life. People will pry into her underwear drawers for info about her. Run Jen run while you still can!

        • Adios Lunatic says:

          I had actually thought Jen was pretty smart until the Kelly is my BFF comments. That’s just “creepy.”

      • The Digger says:

        Adios Lunatic, would you ever go on RHWofyourcity?

        • Adios Lunatic says:

          LMAO!!!! Never in a million years. Ever. Ever. Ever. Its a lose-lose situation as far as I’m concerned. Besides, I live in Houston and goodness knows I don’t represent well — no big Texas hair, reasonable makeup, no silicone anywhere, and rhinestones nowhere to be found! Must be my WA State roots!!

          How about you, Digger?

          • anniieee says:

            omg i used to live in Tx…ft hood to be exact… and that is tx women (some) to a tee. My favorite memory was in a bathroom at the Ayotol (sp) in Dallas and asking someone what the arm and hand…on a stand was for. “Why honey…to keep the hairspray off your face.”

          • The Digger says:

            They are casting now for a RHof Texas. Seriously 🙂 I am not making this up.

            Me on a reality tv show? Not ever. Not for any money in the world. No no no. Never. If I was living in the gutter and they offered me huge buckets of money I would not do it. I actually value my privacy and I have no need for fame. I actually do work that gets me in the public eye and I do everything in my power to keep my face, identity and details about myself off of the internet. I try to hide. BTW I live in the PNW!…. so my tits are real, no botox, and when I wear makeup and anything but polar fleece people think you are going for a job interview out of state 🙂

            I could not imagine being on a reality tv show. Makes me queezy to think about it.

          • Adios Lunatic says:

            OMG, seriously, a RHoTexas? Probably would be Dallas or maybe Houston. Now that, my friends, would be worth every minute because no one would believe the crap that happens here. Those hair spray shields really do exist and far worse than that! I laugh every time I go to the airport because I swear that’s where the silicone is proudly on display along with the rhinestones — its like a silicone and BeDazzle convention with some cowboy hats and boots (dyed in a variety of colors) thrown in.

            Here’s to the PNW!!! I’m actually headed to Eastern WA to visit family in a few weeks and I can’t wait!

          • desertgal66 says:

            Actually, I’d love to see a Real Housewives of Austin-I mean, since Bravo is planning a Texas show anyway. Austin being a little more offbeat and a little more crazy than D/FW or Houston. And, hell, since there always seems to be a Housewife who sings in every show, we might as well have a Housewife who sings the blues.

        • Adios Lunatic says:

          Wow Digger, you are a goldmine of information! Funny, the only one (other than pro-athlete wives) is the wife of Dr. Brown who has his commercials on all of the time. She has 5 little kids and is married to a pretty slimely (and not in a good way) guy.

          DesertGal66 — Austin would have been cool but probably a little more normal than they are looking for.

          • Kat says:

            @ Desertdal “might as well have a Housewife who sings the blues”
            I can hear that sad song in my head now.

  126. ridicurhony says:

    digger – lol for some reason plugging the hole with Jill reminded me of this:

    • The Digger says:

      Haaa! – That is too funny!! Wilma, she was very fashion forward you know, one shoulder dresses and all…. Good one ridicurhony!

  127. Olivia says:

    We have to bear in mind that these women are basically media hounds. They put themselves out there for that very reason. They seek this attention by signing up for it. Before this series went on the air none of us had ever heard of these women and now they are surrounded by assistants, p.r. people, make up artists, hair stylists, chauffeurs, the works.

    Jennifer Gilbert sounds like another big, fat phony. How she thinks this show is going to make a difference in the world is an example of how self centered and self involved she is. She wants to be on tv. They all do for a variety of reasons.

    Rest assured. As soon as she is shown holding the “golden apple” she will be touting a book about event and party planning just like Sonja is now. They are in it for the buck, the blast of “fame”, and the gratification that comes with being referred to as a “star”.

    She is even willing enough to grovel over the fact that she can now call Kelly a BFF. That in itself is a telling comment.

    • The Digger says:

      I agree Olivia! Now she does sound like another big, fat phony. I actually thought Jen was going to be a real person with some intelligence and depth of soul. Not sure why I thought that… Kelly is her new BFF? These people seem to acquire new best friends very easily. I actually try to have deep connections and spiritual ties to my BFFs and it takes some time to get to the level of being BFFs with someone. I actually try to vet people and make sure they are real and we blend together morally and with our value systems. Maybe I am too complex? Too deep? Maybe adding new BFFs so easily to the inner circle is the norm for people? Like Daniel and Jacqueline – BFFs forever, or at least for a month, now they are at war.

      So Kelly is Jen’s new BFF? Fascinating. How marginal and shallow. Go eat a marshmellow, Jen.

    • anniieee says:

      heres a picture of her and her husband..


    • TLM says:

      Gilbert is probably in talks with a publisher as we speak, to do a book on entertaining & party planning…

  128. Amber...Real Wife says:


    I think Jen is following in the footsteps of other modestly successful housewives before her whose businesses took off.

    NY–Ramona and Bethenny
    OC– Vicki and Jeanna
    Atl– Lisa and Candi

    All of these women had their business take off and expand into other areas after their stints on the housewives series. Then we have those who started their own branding….

    OC–Lynn’s Cuffs, Gretchen’s makeup
    NY–Kelly’s Owls
    Atl–Sheree’s line

    Then the writers, practically 3 out of 6 housewives write books, then we have the singers….Kim and LuMan.

    I think it’s for the fortune and fame. Mostly the money.

    • Char12 says:

      I don’t blame them for agreeing to be on the show hoping for fame and fortune. Hell, If I were a socialite and they asked me to be on the show I can’t say that I wouldn’t. I don’t even blame them for using it to their advantage by writing books or selling their jewelry or what ever they want. I don’t however like it being shoved down my throat. I don’t like reading their constant tweets about their product or their blogs and at the end there’s a sales pitch. What I do blame them is the way they go about reaching fame and fortune. By that I mean what Jill did on Amazon and on WWHL when every question Andy asked she answered it’s in the book or read the book. Let’s face it, if Secrets of a Jewish Mother was an honest to God good book none of us would buy it anyway because we don’t like Jill. We will buy Bethanny’s because we like her and because of that we don’t care if she did it for fame and fortune. So if it works for them and they achieve fame and fortune good for them. Some though are not liking the fame they are getting right now at present 🙂

  129. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    I know there is nothing wrong with looking , that is why I hope the rumors of Mario are not true. I hope he leaves it at looking and not touching.

  130. R M DeHaan says:

    Sorry if this has been posted …but, why oh why is she exposing her daughter to her haters??


    Hi tweeters its Sea about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    * Reply
    * Retweet

    • anniieee says:

      Omg..she has no brain..truly I knew she was crazy..but this is child abuse. I hope people just ignore.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Maybe this is a tip she picked up from her BFF JillZ. Jill appears to believe using your child as a shield can be effective.

      So wrong.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Is Kelly an idiot? This stunt surely proves she is! OMG, that kid shouldn’t be reading Kelly’s favorite tweets or any incoming tweets!!!

      What the hell is wrong with her? Sick!

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      I stopped following her because seeing what she was sending and responding to was making me ill. Now she’s involving her daughter — that is beyond wrong.

  131. R M DeHaan says:

    While I was douche bag hunting on twitter I hit the jackpot!


    • The Digger says:

      I accidently stumbled upon Photoglue’s twitter the other day. Remember Photoglue? Seems Slade Slimey was in court about the $1000,000 he owes in back child support for his sick son and Gretchen went with Slimey to the courthouse for the hearing. Photoglue showed up too. Slimey had a fit and asked the judge to have him removed, the judge made everyone not directly involved including Gretchen leave. I read all this on Photoglue’s twitter. Who puts all this personal stuff out for the public to read? Oh WAIT, reality tv show faux stars…

      • Chickentales says:

        That whole situation is sad. Pathetic and sad. Slade is busy on his blog defending his child support issues. He has plenty of haters (well deserved) who are sparring with him.

        Slade Slimey is bottom of the barrel.

        • The Digger says:

          He should just go.get.a.job to pay his bills and support his son. I hate Jill Zarin but I also hate this guy for being a dead beat in real life.

          • desertgal66 says:

            Amen to that!

            You know, it’s disgusting enough when men dodge on child support. But, to do it to a child in Grayson’s condition goes far beyond.

            Slade was another example of Andy Cohen wussing out. First, Slade told Andy, at the last reunion show, that he “had made the decision to leave RHoOC” – kinda overlooking the fact that the only reason he was even on the show was due to Jo, and it was Jo who decided to leave.

            Then, he said that he “didn’t know” Gretchen was on the show when they started dating – which was complete bullshit.

            Andy just let both answers slide.

            Slade Smiley is an opportunistic, deadbeat asshole.

        • TLM says:

          I don’t understand how Gretchen sees a future with this guy. He’s cute, I’ll give him that, and I’m sure the sex is good, but the deadbeat dad thing would turn me off completely. Once upon a time, Slade claimed to be involved in raising money for his son’s illness, but then you never heard about that again. He could have gained some respectability by starting a foundation that is a legitimate charity, but it seems that wasn’t “Hollywood” enough for him, and apparently he’s still pretending to be a manager/music company owner.

          Gretchen swore up and down to Vicki that she was not supporting him, but now we know that he’s claiming zero income and zero expenses, yet he admits he has gotten money from Gretchen for Real Housewives? So she apparently is supporting him.

          Gretchen, obviously you aren’t a golddigger to stay with this guy, but you should find someone who can pull his own weight, and who feels a need to meet his obligations. If he can walk out on his son, he can walk out on you & any kids you have too.

          • mia says:

            I think she’s with him for the publicity. Which is a different form of gold digging. But I don’t know, I could be wrong. Its the only explanation I could come up with regarding her attraction to him.

    • Jenni says:

      Good find! SladeThings are really hopping on Slades twitter:


      My personal favorite twitter to him:

      damnert: I just wanna see sladesmiley and @kikilet hook up. That guy needs assaulted. She'd be crazy enough to do it if he got more press. #HA 1 day ago from web

      Apparently, there was quite a commotion at his recent child support hearing:


      • Kokuanani says:

        Thanks for this link.

        I used to be a devotee of “Pedro and the Watcher,” but quit when OC ended, so [apparently] did their coverage.

        My favorite commenter’s name over there: “My Cat is a Rock Star.” I wonder if I can steal that one. [Oh, wait, my last cat died a year ago.]

        PS – can anyone give me a quick tutorial on Twitter? I clicked on the Slade link, but can’t tell if I’m seeing only his “outgoing” messages, or the ones directed TO him as well.

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      I’m no fan of Gretchen, but Slade??? Really??? We can’t do better than that??? And how many housewives does Bravo need to see him go through??? Slimey is the right name for him…………doesn’t pay child support for his sick son and has payments for work he does redirected through Gretchen so that he doesn’t have to have anything withheld. Loser.

  132. Had Enough! says:

    Dec 1 2002 wedding announcement for Jennifer Gilbert and Bennett Egeth:


    He was also secretly and completely in love with her. Did it bother him that on Saturday nights she was out with other men? ”It bothered me a lot,” said Mr. Egeth, a senior managing director for financial technology products at Bear, Stearns & Company.

    You know. The Bear, Stearns that collapsed in 2008.

    He’s now at J.P. Morgan Chase (yes, the company started by Sonja’s ex-husband’s ancestor), which acquired Bear, Stearns, or what was left of it.

    Now, he probably makes beaucoup bucks, but three kids to send to private schools and college, and their digs on Greenwich St., purchased in 2007, cost 6 mill. They probably figured that a few extra bucks couldn’t hurt.

    And all I have to say, besides the obvious – she’s boring – is that she must have a great personality because in the looks department, she comes up short. Way short.

    • Jenni says:

      Very interesting stuff. Did not realize she is a chocoholic. I think I like her just a little bit more now….

    • boston02127 says:

      she says: “he became my girlfriend” lol, How manly.
      If I said that about my bf I’m sure he wouldn’t be too happy.

    • boston02127 says:

      She reminds me of an aarvark. (sp?)

    • Marie Laveau says:

      This is a very touching story about Jen Gilbert and her husband. Awww!!!

      I still don’t care for her, though (reasons listed above in response to someone else’s post.).

      And I still think RHONY is better off without her as a cast member. The only way I’ll take Jen is if she replaces Disgusting Jill Zarin!

      That’s not likely to happen, though. As much as I hate to admit it, I think Jill will probably be back for another season. At this point, the sight of Jill makes me ill. The only way I’d continue to watch RHONY if Jill is still on is if Alex, Ramona, and Sonya feature very prominently, and Jill is kept more in the background doing….God knows what (I mean, part of Jill’s problem is that she has too damned much time on her hands!! That’s why she’s such a petty, nosey, controlling busybody who revels in “manufactured” drama. REAL women like Bethenny don’t have time for that bullsh**. We’re too busy hustling and trying to make it on our own and dealing with REAL drama — as opposed to manufactured drama. Maybe Bravo can enroll Jill — in addition to INTENSE psychotherapy sessions [although narcississm is damned near incurable. In short, as a person, the bitch is a LOST CAUSE] — in some type of classes or get her some type of REAL job. Who knows? Lord knows she sure needs English classes because her grammar and use of pronouns and possessives is embarrassing.). Wanting to see Bethenny next season goes without saying, but I’m not too sure she’ll be back. I could do without LuAnn, and I DEFINITELY want Kelly’s crazy ass outta there!! I really hope Bravo helps Kelly get some serious help; however, because Kelly appears to be Cleopatra (the “Queen of De-NIaL”), the only way Bravo can probably really help her is to refrain from offering her a contract for the upcoming season. Attention seems to make her worse and to fuel her and her insanity! Bravo should no longer allow her a platform that, in essence, enables her and WHATEVER her problems are (I’m leaning toward drug abuse AND a serious personality disorder — either Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcississm, Paranoid Personality Disorder, or a combination of all three AND some type of Peter Pan Syndrome [because she doesn’t seem to really want to grow up]. She also comes across as dumb as a box of rocks, and she makes herself look even DUMBER when she pretentiously tries to use words like “for” instead of “because” or “since.” And she seems to be about as DEEP…….as a GLASS of water!! She irritates the hell out of me and always has. Goodbye, KOOKALOO!!! I hope you get the help you need, and the streets of NY become a bit safer!! Now, get off my damned t.v. screen. In your words, you give me the serious “CREEPS”!!!)

      Oh my God! I’ve rambled and digressed. I’ve got to cook dinner so I can get ready for “The Bachelorette” and then to put myself to SLEEP afterwards by watching RHONJ (SNOOZE!!!).

      • ImToula says:

        I agree about the looks. And so far from what I’ve seen of her she can’t get a word in with Jill. She has bad taste in clothes and she named one of her kids Saxton or Sexton or something like that. I don’t care for her either, but I think that she might very well be the one to put Jill in her place. She’s a successful business woman in Manhattan. That is very impressive. She’s can’t keep a business alive by being a push over, and she’s the type that could very well black list her is she goes too far.

  133. Chickentales says:


    @LynnNChicago why cant my daughter see what people write?if its appropriate 4 u to write it, she can read it. less than a minute ago via web in reply to LynnNChicago

    • Chickentales says:

      I guess she has no limits on what her kids can see since under her delusional thinking everything is fair game.

      • Adios Lunatic says:

        She probably says, “look Sea, how important is Mommy?? I get tweets asking if I’m crazy and what I could possibly be thinking!”

    • ridicurhony says:

      sick use of her kid as shield, agreed

      • anniieee says:

        Does she not understand that some people will not be appropriate so it might no be a good idea to let her do it! Jesus Mary and Joseph I want to smack her upside her head for being such a dumbass. This is a CHILD.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Because Kelly not everything that’s appropriate for adults is appropriate for children!

    • desertgal66 says:


    • Marie Laveau says:

      O.K. Using that BRILLIANT reasoning, if someone sent Kelly some type of pornographic writing or picture via twitter, her children ought to be able to view THAT too, right??!!! Just because it is sent to HER (a grown ADULT) does NOT mean it is appropriate for a minor (like her child) to view!

      O.K., O.K. My argumentative “lawyer-talk” (ducking my head. Sorry, you guys!) is coming out.

      God, this woman is DUMB, CRAZY and, based upon this dumbass/nonsensical response, someone who possesses questionable parenting skills! I mean, her reasoning is so faulty. Further proof that “the lights are ON…..but there’s NOBODY home!”

      BRAVO, please get this woman some help and do NOT renew her contract!

  134. boston02127 says:

    What’s with the name Sea?

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Lord help me! I can’t believe how perverted this woman is to expose her child to any of this! Did she also let her daughters watch her breakdown in St. John’s? How do you explain that mommy’s crazy to a child. She is an abusive parent in my opinion. Someone needs to step in for her kid’s sake.

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      I think that Sea is better than Thadeus (her youngest daughter) for a girl — at least they call her Teddy. Not sure where the weird names came from.

  135. anniieee says:

    she must have had morning sickness… but didn’t now what that was..so she named her Sea (sickness..after herself)

  136. anniieee says:

    omg KNOW not now…I am still so angry about using her daughter.

  137. anniieee says:

    I’d better get off for a while and take a Boston walk…. or I may sign up for a twitter account and blast her..in a nice way …so that Sea will understand and not be anymore traumatized – at least less traumatized.

  138. lillybee says:

    At least Jill hasn’t said anything nasty about Sea’s name. She only goes after Alex’s kids names.

  139. anniieee says:

    I posted this a long time ago..in a world far away… but I still feel the same..CooCOO just put the icing on the cake. Someone pls call Dept of Family services on her.

    she doesnt get it… what about the baggage she is packing on her daughters. They are going to need years of therapy to recover from their mother’s lack of control. Unfortunately, Kelly is not an actress playing a “part”…this is REALITY TV…no matter how “scripted” she claims it to be. They are seeing their mother in a way no child should have to see a mother. The unconditional love a child has for a mother, makes a child try to make it “all better=make excuses and then choke it down and bury it..until it raises it ugly head. I think I said this before….it is going to be GENERATIONAL. so very sad for her daughters.


    • Shadowsnomore says:

      I so agree with you. A reasonable parent would explain to their child that they are on a TV show and that some people will like you and some will not. You would try to shield them from the harsh criticisms and elements that come with the fame or infamy they garner. You would not intentionally expose them to the toxicity that can be thrown at you. How incredibly selfish Kelly is. She is making her behavior and actions her children’s fight. So wrong on so many levels!

  140. Shadowsnomore says:

    Kelly is so out of touch it’s frightening! Kelly- they also make X- rated movies that adults can watch. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to let children watch them! Her reasoning skills are as intuitive as a doorknob! Someone needs to protect these girls. I don’t like the idea of children being removed from their parents but sometimes it is necessary for their protection. I think this may borderline on a justifiable reason.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Professional actors talk all the time about doing family films so that their children can see what moomy/daddy do. Johnny Depp said he did Pirates so his kids could see him in a movie. He didn’t let his children watch his other films because although they weren’t inappropriate they weren’t for kids! How ard is this to understand?

      • desertgal66 says:

        Johnny Depp also has the good sense to protect his children by keeping them out of the public eye. I mean, when was the last time anyone even saw a photo of Depp’s kids? It’s the difference between being a good parent and a money grubbing attention seeking publicity whore.

        Hey. maybe Kelly could get some parenting tips from Johnny. Since, you know, like, she probably really, really “knows” him.

        • desertgal66 says:

          Oh, wait, sorry…that should have been “money grubbing attention seeking publicity ho-bag”. I forgot that Kelly is a trend setter.

          (We need a rolling eyes icon on this blog. It would come in handy.)

  141. Chickentales says:


    @LynnNChicago i am hoping people will use discretion with tweets. why be rude, when we can be productive? half a minute ago via web in reply to LynnNChicago

    • Chickentales says:

      Delia Herr shadester126

      @kikilet why be rude? This coming from a woman that called a pregnant lady whose father just died, a ho-bag? Really? less than a minute ago via web in reply to kikilet

      Please let me know if you find my twitupdates annoying.

      • Chickentales says:


        @ImaJustSaying porn and inappropriate tweets are not the same, sorry. less than 20 seconds ago via web in reply to ImaJustSaying

        * Reply
        * Retweet

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      I don’t think Kelly would know what discretion is if it where to bite her in the ass. You don’t expose your children to any of this intentionally! Where is your discretion Kelly?!

  142. Chickentales says:

    Nice to know Lynn is on the job. Get her Lynn. Rude?

    I guess crazy people don’t know they’re crazy.

  143. otaypanky says:

    Oh Stuff. Tonite.
    Teresa wants Joe to get a vasectomy and Corleones kids try to bridge gap between Jac and Ashley…Whaaat? Caroline’s kids again?
    Hope T’s chuckie falls off instead.

  144. Olivia says:

    Jennifer Gilbert’s daughter is named Blaize! One of the boy twins is named Grey. Talk about “The Nanny Diaries”! The other twin has a strange name as well but I cannot remember it. I read it somewhere and realized what a pretentious twit she was too.

  145. Olivia says:

    For anyone willing to watch the NJ crew tonight, I need help in sorting something out.

    Last week showed Deranged Danielle in “talks” with Dangerous Danny Pro. His arms appeared to be covered in tatoos.

    Just saw a clip from tonight’s show and it appears that Danny is without tatoos.

    Am I not seeing this correctly? Is this another Danny? Are my eyes deceiving me?

    • boston02127 says:

      I didn’t catch that but I’ll watch for it tonight.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Just FYI, being as I am a Jersey girl. Danny is the nephew of Tony Provenzano, aka Tony Pro, who was a capo in the Genovese family. Can’t blame the Manzos for not wanting him around. I just watched the preview and the clip from last week. Tony’s tatts are all up high on his shoulders and last week, he was wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. This week, he’s wearing a t-shirt with sleeves (and that’s how he’s going to the Brownstone…?).

      This Danielle is some piece of work. She has every right to go to an event to which she was invited but this bizarre idea that she needs protection – what does she think they will do to her? Bullshit. She’s just trying to poke them in the eye and create some drama. She’s like Kellamity in that sense – she continually provokes people and then cries victim.

  146. Chickentales says:


    @JenHicks7 my girls recognize its a show, and we use it as a tool for how not to behave. i get paid to engage with the ladies, remember? half a minute ago via web in reply to JenHicks7

    • MAMAZ says:

      Chickentales – Do you suppose she watches it with her girls and says “See how mommy keeps interupting the other ladies? Don’t do that. See how mommy is mean to the other ladies? Don’t do that. See how mommy lies about what the other ladies said? Don’t do that.” And so on and so on…..

      • Chickentales says:

        I actually think she read a comment on this page about teaching them what not to do and decided “hey that’s a good excuse” then tweeted it. I don’t think she has independent thoughts. …so sad.

        • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

          Hey there. I was gone for a while, but when I returned to sees what was going on with Kelly, I was totally weirded out. I posted earlier today about Kelly using the show to teach her girls and now this Twitter? It made me wonder briefly, too, if she was reading our comments. Here is the original post from earlier today:

          *Satchels of Jelly Beans says:
          May 31, 2010 at 12:47 pm

          Argh! I’m way behind now. My girls came in, so I had to pause it. I know that Kelly uses the show as a teaching to for her girls, but mine are not allowed to see it.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Just read Kelly’s twitter page. I’m not into twittering but someone needs to tell Kelly that just because your dog shits on the floor you don’t step in it intentionally. The same way you don’t intentionally expose your kids to negative elements that come with your so called job. There are better ways to teach your children on how to treat people. Kelly is as bright as a rock so she probably won’t get it.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Real World Translation: I lie like a cheap rug to justify my abhorrent behavior to my innocent children, who probably figured this out a long time ago.

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        Remember who told us that Kelly likes to, “entertain people with her weirdness”: 9-year-old Teddy. Her kids know that something is wrong.

  147. Adios Lunatic says:

    The Lunatic keeps insisting this show has no reality component………………..I can’t imagine Bravo wants her to keep talking that up. We’re all supposed to believe there is at least some real components to it.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      So Bravo gave Kelly a script that called for her to be rude, abrasive, call a pregnant woman (who was dealing with the death of her father no less) a HoBag, verbally berate everyone around her and have a mental breakdown on TV.Wow Kelly, call the Emmy Nomination board because you and the writers deserve a nomination. That was great acting! It was so real to us unsuspecting viewers. I didn’t realize what a great actress you where. Meryl Streep couldn’t have pulled out a more convincing performance! This woman is a delusional bitch!

      • Adios Lunatic says:

        Amen to that! She is dumber than a box of rocks, needs to just shut up and get off that show!

    • The Digger says:

      Kelly with the it is all scripted for tv show act is getting on my last nerve. Her needle is stuck. I already heard that song Kelly, I’m not buying it. Try another song, ok? Here’s one you should recognize (oh I hope this embeds properly..):

  148. anniieee says:

    Kelly is so wrong on so many levels..if I stood on them i would be eleven feet tall…

    • Kat says:

      Yet still not at her level. Tangerines and intangibles.

      My word salad is coming along nicely. 😉

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      My favorite part:

      “2. She attempts to exploit the supposed mental instabilities of those around her. Bethenny is kinda crazy; it’s true. But at least she has enough self-awareness to know when she’s being a complete bitch. Kelly constantly calls Bethenny’s short temper a sign that she’s mental, but the reality is that Bethenny’s impatience to deal with Kelly’s bullshit is a sign that Kelly is actually the one that needs to take a chill pill (or ten).”

  149. HD says:

    SMH! You all have pretty much covered anything I could possibly add about Kelly having her daughter on Twitter. Plain stupid! And it irritates the hell out of me that she is trying to get on a platform for bullying!! What part of crazy does she not get. No one bullied you, idiot. YOU ARE CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

  150. Quincy IL says:

    I feel awful saying this… Jen Gilbert’s face is not pretty. I was reading posts and several people wondered why she is on the show. I wonder too. They said that she had a nice apartment, but it looked white to me with one red door. You really didn’t see why the ladies thought it was so nice.

    Of all of the ladies in NYC Housewives… I think Luann is the the prettiest. She looked beautiful on Andy’s show a little while back.

    I would love to see these people in person because they don’t look that fantastic on tv. Bethenny does occasionally, but sometimes she doesn’t look fantastic too,

    Jill is not attractive at all. Her face is more than plain.

    • mia says:

      Eh I don’t think any of the women on RHONY are unattractive, including Jen. Overall I think they are the best looking cast.

      I agree. Luann is pretty, and as wack as her song is, she really looked beautiful in the video.

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  152. otaypanky says:

    Jen looks older than she actually is. But she married well and is a self made millionaire. She may be too corporate to deliver the drama.

  153. MickeyMouth says:

    Kelly as the Mad Hatter is done – http://mickeymouth1.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/kellymad3.jpg

    I still can’t find a decent source image for the tea party but I’ll keep looking when I get time.

    Happy Memorial Day all 🙂

  154. Shadowsnomore says:

    Any empathy I may have had toward Kelly and her mental health has been completely obliterated. Exposing your children to the negative comments on your twitter account is just obscene. And allowing your children to watch the show where their mommy is having a mental breakdown is just appalling. Kelly tries to justify it by saying she is trying to teach her kid how to treat people and what bullying is. Well Kelly, I hope you taught them how to recognize a bully…oh wait…the bully was mommy! She is just so sick I don’t know how anyone can justify her behavior. I seriously am afraid of what all of this is doing to those poor girls.

  155. Adgirl says:

    Take this “insider” info about the reunion with a grain of salt ….


    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Problem with this scoop is that Kelly never was attacked! She did all the attacking. I hope her craziness is exposed and she has no where to hide. She deserves to be lambasted. I also find it hard to believe that Alex was out of control. Emotional yes but not out of control. Alex would be justified in letting Jill and Luann have it with both barrels blazing. They deserve to be raked over the coals for their behavior as does Kelly. And if Ramona flips out I hope it’s on Jill’s ass. That bitch needs to be called out big time!

    • error 404 says:

      why does it say that they met for the first time in 9 months, when we all blatantly saw them face to face no less than 5 times, on camera no less! lol

      Maybe they haven’t seen each other since the show wrapped, but that was 5 months ago, not 9.

  156. The Digger says:

    Mrs. de Lesseps with her wine seller boyfriend this weekend. Mrs. de Lessep and BravoAndy hosted some event in the Hamptons this weekend. Note that Kelly went to Axe Nite club dressed in a shirt to hang with the tweens and did not attend her BFF LuLu’s event to hear her sing…

    • HD says:

      He looks like that guy from Friends to me.

    • morning says:

      She looks beautiful, really. He needs to learn how to pose for a photo.

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      And not tweets from any of the others saying they were going. We know Alex, Ramona and Jill were all in the Hamptons this weekend because they said so on their tweets.

      The guy in the picture looks like Bubbles the Chimp to me. Ewwww………….

  157. Marie Laveau says:

    He is soooooo NOT attractive!

  158. ridicurhony says:

    it’s perfectly obvious that if Kelly received any type of ‘help’ after the island, it did nothing for her.

    She is now challenging people to tweet her with inappropriate or profane language so that she can cry some more about being bullied and claim her kids are being harassed by vicious adults. Nice.

    on a different note this is why I have a new theory about Sonja (from http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2010/05/real_housewife_sonja_morgan_br.html) but maybe you guys have already discussed it:
    she says. “Bravo told me, ‘Don’t read the blogs.’ Bloggers are the people out there writing tickets. Like, you know the parking attendant that comes up to you all angry? She’s having a bad day, it’s 90 degrees out, and you’re in this beautiful car with the air-conditioning going? She’s just pissed off, so she writes you a ticket. If you’re spiritual, and I’m very spiritual, you need to be above that. I’ve dealt with jealousy my whole life. I have no problem with it.”

  159. Quincy IL says:

    This may have a touch of spoiler in it…

    Diogenes searched the ancient world for one honest man…

    and I found that honest man in …New Jersey.


    Just when I thought eveyone on this planet was wacko, the father of the baby in the New Jersey fundraiser is speaking out about Danielle’s behavior.

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      Am I just remembering wrong — but didn’t Danielle tell the Dad when she met with him in the diner that she didn’t want to go to the Brownstone because of past issues? Maybe because things were so boring on that show I’m remembering wrong.

  160. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Hi Lynn. Hi everyone. I have read some but i wanted to respond to Dark while it was still on my “not all the way drunk mind.”

    @Dark Sonnet
    “Luann indicated in an interview that she and Jen had attempted to discourage Kelly from going to the VI, BUT Jill had encouraged her to go.

    Surprise, surprise.

    She also mentioned that when they couldn’t discourage Kelly from attending, they recruited Sonja to be her “protector” and watch over her.


    Would you please post the link. I would love to read/see this interview.

  161. Hooked On Housewives says:

    I would give a great big “great minds think alike” to the poster but I can’t find the post on this blog. I had also mentioned this very thing a few blogs back. The Signage episode

    I truly believe that the first time Bethenny began to realize just what kind of woman she had been calling a best friend was on the “signage” episode. The look of shock or incredulity that crossed Bethennys face when Jill spoke to her in that dismissive tone was hard to watch. Being the friend that she was, Bethenny tried to straighten things out with Jillousy but deep down I think Bethenny was experiencing a WTF moment.

    While I’m thinking of it. Regarding the now familiar “zip it” that Kellamity kept throwing around. On the episode where Kellamity takes her daughters to a restaurant to ask their opinion on her posing in Playboy I noticed that one of the daughters made the “zip it” sign when Kelly was talking. I’m sitting here wondering if I would still be alive today had I ever made the zip it sign to my mother or grandmother. I think not.

  162. Quincy IL says:

    Zip it. That is very dismissive. It would hurt a precocious child and an adult if that phrase was used to control a conversation. The complaint pad, used by Teddy and offered to Alex in the VI, was interesting too. You throw away their complaints. Cool.
    Wish I had had that pad when I was raising my children.

    Gretchen’s parents should be proud that she was with Slade in court last Fri. Slade and Gretchen went on expensive vacations, but the doctors and hospital taking care of Slade’s ill son were not paid. Just like Danielle, Slade is not too pretty to get a job.

    Does anyone know when “Flipping Out” starts? I am going to watch the art competition also. The “Nine by Design” series was way too short.

    Looks like I will have a boat load of free time this summer because there are only a few show that I am interested in. I think I’ll paint fences in the evenings.

  163. error 404 says:

    I’ve never seen Bravo ever mention crashing bore Jen as a potential housewife. She’s stupid and rude: which further fuels my “she’s Jill’s friend, and the whole potential HW gossip was just smack started by Jill” theory. The HWs are homophobes. If they were ever to grow up, they’d realize hurling “an’ yo man is GAY!” as the ultimate insult at each other isn’t funny, witty or even mean, it’s just stupid hate speech. I’d be surprised if we ever hear her name again.

  164. error 404 says:

    Kelly is a liability. I’m not sure how insurance works on reality TV shows vs. with actors, but high insurance requirements has ruined the career of many an unstable actor in the past. She’s IMO too unpredictable to keep on. Who knows when she gonna crack up, or hit someone, or need to be airlifted, etc… She’s never been popular, not the the audience and not with the other HWs, and I think her comments form the reunion mean they didn’t bother to gang up on her because she’ll be gone soon, or she’s let go of all her anger because she’s leaving anyway.

  165. error 404 says:

    I think Jill is rating’s gold, at least for another season. She may not be happy with her dive in popularity, but I’m sure Bravo would love to have her on as NY’s Vickie. I think the ball is in her court: either she’s quit because she can’t take the bad rep (she’s shown herself to be rather a baby when it comes to being criticized) or she’ll see season 4 as an opportunity to rebuild her rep. But I think the cat’s out of the bag. If you go back and watch season 1 and 2, there’s lot’s of Jill crap that we, her former fans, just overlooked. Her 1 on 1s with Betheeny brought out a nicer side, a Jill who could laugh at herself even, and unless she can recreate that with someone else, she’s toast. But she can’t, so all her future efforts to rebuild will probably not work.

  166. error 404 says:

    I doubt Alex will be fired. She showed up to all of the group events, which is what Bravo wants, and she got all confrontational at them, which is what Bravo really wants. She brought the Brooklyn Fashion event, which contributed to the “story” like 100 times more than say, Kiki’s lame Gotham article and party. And she’s gaining in popularity. Despite being “the poor one” I don’t see any real reason for Bravo to dump her.

  167. error 404 says:

    Despite an outward appearance of Switzerland, I think Sonja gives away subtle hints or secret messages, i.e “cat pee” etc…

  168. Sofi says:

    I’m afraid that Jill will not be back (her choice) because of how bad she came off this season – and boy, would we miss her shenanigans! Besides, I am not sure she even has a Hamptons place this year; I read they decided against a 9 million dollar home they were looking at. If she has to be there as LuAnn’s houseguest, she won’t be able to put on her usual airs. I question whether they are even in a position to buy a house that would withstand comparison to the other wives’ homes out there anyway. And she’s still stuck with the hot mess Brad created and Ginger shat all over in NYC.
    There wouldn’t really be a show without Jill – and without the Bethenny/Jill storyline, the show would probably end up as boring as RHONJ has become.

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