I Hate Jill Zarin What is Kelly On? May 30, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   What Is Kelly On?             May 30, 2010

Reading through Kelly’s tweets is always an interesting endeavor.  She is now tweeting about people using condoms and having safe sex, this must be her new “cause of the day”.  It’s not a bad cause, but she’s a little behind the times, talk about 1979, I think the big AIDS issue was back in the early 90’s or thereabout and while AIDS is still a major threat, the word is spread, people are now aware and know how to avoid it.  It is no longer a death sentence and I think there are probably more important issues that Kelly could work on, if charity is her “thing” now! 

Kelly, what about feeding the hungry?  What about child abuse?  Homeless?  Drinking and Driving?  (as we saw you do last night in your photo gallery)  What about the oil spill Kelly?  Go back to that! 

And then there is Jill…what charity work as she done outside of the charity that directly benefit her daughter, Creaky Joints?  I haven’t seen her doing any charity work this season.  She joined Luann picking up formal gowns from people with Luann, is that the best she can do?  We don’t see her tweeting or posting anything on Facebook about any charities except her own book fund. 

Has anyone gone onto Bravotv.com to read the blogs and the comments.  It has been a few days but Luann seems to have gained back fans.  Is that all it takes, one blog?  Luann has been blogging as if she was watching a whole other show for months, she posts one decent blog and suddenly all is right in Luann’s world again?  Fans are fickle! 

As for me, I still can’t stand all three of them, but I really HATE JILL ZARIN!!!! 

Until next time…  I love you all!

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  1. MickeyMouth says:

    Why am I always first, lol. I must really get a life.

  2. The Digger says:

    Hi, my name is The Digger and I am a RHONY addict.

    • Margo Channing says:

      Ok Dig, I just have to tell you I am “celebrating” 20 years in AA…Too funny! Shit now I have to go to a Recovery meeting for the RHoNY!??!?! Love this place!

    • Rusty says:

      Hi . . . my name is Rusty and I’m a RHONY addict. I’m also addicted to three dots . . . and use them continuously and often inappropriately. I hate jill zarin to point that I can’t force myself to capitalize her name as this could be misinterpreted as my showing respect for her. As F’ing IF!

  3. liptontb says:

    Hi Digger!!

  4. mia says:

    @ Otay

    I’m reposting this since there is a new blog entry and you may not see my response.

    I’m posting this to you because you had asked earlier if we noticed that Sonja didn’t invite jill. And this was my opinion on the matter.

    I’ve been trying to bridge the gap and respond to you civilly without giving up my personal opinions, but you’ve been continually rude to me, so I give up. I guess you feel I’m not allowed to have a voice here.

    I’m not as regular as a poster as many of the people here but everyone has been kind, and no one else has been aggressive towards me for not always sharing the exact same opinions. I like coming to this blog, and I will avoid you from now on.

  5. MELANIE says:

    This is the best site I have ever found on the internet. My daughter was home from college and saw me reading everones’ delicious entries and was feaked out exclaiming can you imagine “MY MOTHER”, at a blogging website????
    She would be happier if I were checking into rehab?????????? LOL

    • LynnNChicago says:

      LOL Melanie! Mia, thanks for bringing that over!

      • mia says:


        I really love your site, and I have a lot of respect for you always staying neutral and managing things. Bravo!

        • Mel says:

          I am concerned that some of the “hate” and bias is spilling over into religious and political arenas. In the last few days I have seen people discount the Bible and conservatives, etc. Is that tolerable?

          • LynnNChicago says:

            I must have missed it but provided there are no attacks on others, I dont see any problem with discussions about religion and politics.
            Personally I find them generally dull topics but I have no problem with it.

          • Morgaine Swann says:

            You might be talking about me – I pointed out that Noah’s Ark is based on an ancient Goddess myth. Someone wanted to talk to me further about that so we chatted on FaceBook rather than gum up the comments here.

            If everyone will refrain from talking about religion, I will be happy to do so, but as long as people are talking about the bible and calling women “Witches,” which is what members of my religion are called, I’m not going kow tow to giving Judeo-Christianity any more respect than I would any other religion. All myth is religion to someone, and all religion is myth to those who do not practice it. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

          • Kat says:

            I was a party in that blog conversation.

            Thanks Morgaine for making it possible to move our conversation to a more private arena.

            I’m sure my personal beliefs would bore most posters and offend a few others.

            I do not wish to be disrespectful nor to offend.
            I enjoy this site and the people who post here.

            ….and really you don’t know who is behind a post. I could be 13 yrs old or 53, male or female
            Heck maybe I’m a neighbor. Not all people are honest or interested in honesty.

            I just wanna laugh at RHONY. 😉

          • Kat says:

            @Kat ~ I have a sense of Deja Vu
            But I’m here not the hubpages. This post will prove it.

  6. MELANIE says:

    Sorry for the typos it’s to early for Turtle Time here in AZ!!!!!!!!!

  7. Squirrels says:

    Hey Mickey – I’ve enjoyed your photoshop images. Scary part is I thought Jill was the ORIGINAL Witch of the West. The resemblance is uncanny.

  8. katiecoo says:

    Weird…I had trouble getting over here, could not log in and had to register all over again. Anyone else having troubles like this?

    Today I have done cooking,cleaning, crafting, lunching and painted an entire room two colors all before 3pm! Oh and did some posting on here! I must say it wasn’t fun to have to wade through post upon post of bickering trying to get some juicy RHONY tidbits. Please guys, let’s stay on the topic.

    Personally I appreciate things being reposted as I can’t often get through all the posts as they move so fast and I enjoy seeing the different blogs and links so I don’t care how many times they get repeated or who posts them or if someone reposts whatever I “scooped”. Anyway…whatevah.

    I hope everyone saw the Jewish Journal link…and I just love it that Jill gets slammed every week on the JEWISH JOURNAL while promoting her JEWISH advice book. That’s just sweet.

    Happy Sunday everyone!

  9. Anitabee says:

    I wish Bravo read this blog cuz I have a message for them:


    This season they stepped over the line with NOT helping Kelly get some medical attention. You have to be a special type of bottom feeder to show this woman’s dimished mental capcity, put her next to her choice of victim (Bethenny) and then unleash her back into the wilds of New York.

    This woman could hurt herself or others as she has shown is capable of doing. Putting her in the same room with Bethenny after her father died AND in the beginning stages of her high risk pregnancy is unforgivable. SHAME ON YOU, BRAVO!!!

    Bravo — you also also owe us an apology for giving us the twat trio of Jillm LuAnn, and Kelly. These women are hyprocites to the 10th degree and should not be given a platform to go and attack fans and fuel their greediness.

    Also all three share the same traits of being bores, whores and snores! Kelly has affairs with married men, LuAnn is a supertramp in the hamptons and Jill writes that women should give men sex if men spend money on them!!! What??? I thought that kind of gender discrimination went out in 1979.

    I used to love the RHONY. Bravo, you gave us two great previous season but this season was creepy and gross.

    And I have a suspect that some Bravo executive is the one that gave Kelly those gum berries and jelly beans laced with a little “something.”

    • Anitabee says:

      And I forget to add:

      I HATE JILL ZARIN. Get that fake red headed strega off the show.

      • MELANIE says:

        @jill Zarin “RELEASE THE KRACKEN”

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Well said Anitabee, I hope you send it to Andy!

        • Anitabee says:

          Hmmm…I hadn’t thought of that but I will. I also don’t care for the way RHONJ is heading with showing Chris’s guns and Danielle’s new friend – Danny the real mob guy.

          Hey, I love watching a good tug on a fake hairweave (Sherry/Kim) but real guns? real mobsters? What???

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      I think that Bravo is even more disgusting than we have all suspected. I’m beginning to realize that Kelly has been on camera for ages. All day, every day. Someone had to be filming all of this for her. How many cameramen are there in NY? How many work for both Plum TV and Bravo? I have to believe that cameramen (persons?), and show production people in general, talk to each other, and that one of them brought her to Bravo with the promise that she would be absolutely nuts and bring total insanity to the show. There is no way that Bravo did not know about this before Scary Island. Bravo invented Scary Island, set the stage, and waited for all of it to play out — including Jill’s “surprise”. It’s total manipulation.

      • anniieee says:

        Bores Whores and Snores… The best line of the day!!

        • boston02127 says:

          Bravo employees were sitting around getting drunk and one said “we should put them all on an island together”. That one drunk got a hugh raise.

          • MickeyMouth says:

            I was thinking they decided this a while back at that last reunion when they all voted Kelly off the island. Producers probably went wow that’s not a bad idea; Real Housewives Survivor Virgin Islands – Outwit, Outlast, Outplay (Outdirnk). Back then even Jill, who Kelly thought should be her best friend, said she didn’t think Kelly was cut out for reality TV. I agree with you Boston, that guy got a raise!

    • error 404 says:

      Yeah, Bravo put a gun to Bethenny’s head and forced her on this trip, pregnant and mourning. And B has been going all over town saying she saw the cuckoo in Kelly long before anyone else did because of her child-of-crazies super powers, so….

      None of the HWs, who actually had to live on “crazy island” with Kiki, blame Bravo, so…..

  10. LynnNChicago says:

    Hey I have a question. If Kelly doesn’t own the Hamptons house, which I don’t think she does. In fact, I remember reading somewhere that she put it up for sale briefly a few years back but once the realtor realized she didn’t own it, immediately took it off the market.
    If her net worth is $2 million, where is all of that money? Could it be her NY apartment is worth that much? Does she even own that? Because I also read somewhere that she is living off of her child support and RHONY income, which isn’t much.
    Any ideas?

    • katiecoo says:

      What about her selling stuff out of her closet on ebay? What was that all about?

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      I thought that the net worth site listed Kelly at $15M. There were, at one point, pictures of Ramona’s, Jill’s AND Kelly’s Hamptons houses up for sale at the same time. I do remember that the post I saw made fun of how outdated Ramona’s place is . . . Looked nice enough to me.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Is she still doing “Behind the Hedges”?

    • The Digger says:

      She also talked about having a place in Key West, hence her interest in the oil spill. Wonder if that is in Giles name too.

    • Margo Channing says:

      CHILD SUPPORT: 2 kids, one million, 2 million…..Poor bastid Gilles

  11. TNBelle2 says:

    Awww in reference to gaining fans back, we are forgiving . First we infiltrate, destroy, forgive, and rebuild. LOLOL We just want “love and light” LOLOLOL hate is just soooo negative and draining “we just want to put down our weapons”. We revert to “1979”where we explore our “FEELINGS”and get in touch with our “authentic real selves” and just love everyone we are just so tired of fighting”. “Im just sayin” LOLOL

  12. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    From this morning:

    Satchels of Jelly Beans says:
    May 30, 2010 at 7:10 am

    Okay, I know that this is becoming obsessive, but I findd kikilet’s latest tweet really creepy. Here’s why: it’s a picture of Kelly pumping gas in a very short dress. Actually, I think that it’s a shirt with no pants, but that’s not the point. Last week, a picture of Elle MacPherson, another of Gilles’ exes, came across one of the celeb gossip sites. Elle is by her car in a very short dress (again, shirt/no pants), and the caption was about how great Elle’s legs are. A major difference between the two pictures is that Kelly made someone take the picture of Kelly (who is the poor person who has to film her 24/7, anyway?), and the picture of Elle is a candid/paparazzi-type shot.

    It was already clear that Gilles has a type, but I have to believe that Kelly put up the picture of herself pumping gas because she is trying to compete with Elle. For what, who knows? Gilles attention? To win the leg contest? Kelly seems to have adopted Elle’s hairdo, too . . . Check it out:

    Picture of Kelly:


    1. Pumping gas http://twitpic.com/1se323 about 5 hours ago via TwitPic

    Picture of Elle’s legs:


    Elle’s/Kelly’s hair:


    Now I just have to figure out who is creepier: Kelly for, well, everything, or me for spending the time to do this.

    • faninma says:

      Wow, is that creepy.

    • cusi77 says:

      my vote:

      Legs= Elle

      Creepier= Gilles!

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        Phew! At least it’s not me!

      • Kat says:

        My vote Kelly. Who advertises their colonic apperatus and pretends to be putting gas in a truck? Creepy.
        Just look at her face and hose in her hand. 🙂

        Yeah, I haven’t forgotten her cheerful clueless tweet. Kellamity next time enjoy your cleanse at home please.

    • spikeyweed says:

      Elle is just gorgeous and lovely; and she’s wearing what looks suspiciously like my fuchsia night shirt in those pics! So she has nice taste too. :p

      Kelly = train wreck. I don’t even care that she still has glimmers of model looks, she’s just fugly to me because of her hypocrisy, bad behavior, and nasty attitude. It can’t all be due to her mental instability.

      Gilles I’ve no sympathy for, he freely choose to marry and then have two kids with her. It’s the kids who have my sympathy. Poor, far too young Sea seems more the Mom.

  13. MELANIE says:

    kelly’s extra income may be from her earnings as (in her own mind) being a spox for Gumberries,Patron and the no underwear alliance…

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      The No Underwear Alliance! I love it! Are they affiliated with the No Pants Coalition?

      • Kat says:

        pants on the ground?

        We could start a fund to send Kellade a thong or something, maybe some JCP Hanes Her Way panties.

        “Broke folks show charity to housewife in need of cover up.”
        PR201. 5150

  14. otaypanky says:

    As always, I read ALL comments.
    Before I posted on this site, I read every single blog and every single comment from hubpages. I feel as though I know you all.

  15. otaypanky says:


  16. lina says:

    hey everyone

    i want to go back to when ramona was taking to jill and she said lumann was a whore. what i want to know is why she said that. is there something that happend that i dont know about. was lu lu sleeping with other man in her marriage?

    • katiecoo says:

      Who said that? Ramona about Lu? How did I miss this?

      • lina says:


        i think it was the 2nd episode, when jill called ramona and was telling her that she couldnt come to her party because luman is loney and still hurt by mario’s comment. jill wanted to be a good friend to luman, and blah blah blah.
        ramona basically called lulu a whore and said she was never alone.
        if i understand it right the count is dating an ethiopian girl. my question is 1. was the count dating the other woman during his marriage? 2. was luman also dating other men while she was married.

        • Char12 says:

          When Ramona was talking to Jill on the phone and said Luman was sleeping around the thing I thought was funny was that Lulu didn’t deny it. All she said was “I can’t believe she brought up my marriage” I found that to be very telling.

        • jb8 says:

          She is allegedly an Ethiopian princess.

        • cusi77 says:

          YES and YES.

          • Dani says:

            I always found it interesting that LuMann was so upset at Bethenny for calling her a snake, however, she has never mentioned the nasty things that Ramona said about her. I thought that what Ramona said was much more offensive than being called a snake.

        • sbh says:

          Wow, I had forgotten about that. You would think that since letting Ramona talk on speaker with Luann in the background ended up being such a bust, she would have learned her lesson and not done it again with Bethenny.

    • Squirrels says:

      There have been a few blogs (not this site) telling one story where The count couple were at a Hampton’s wedding. Mizzzzezzz Count got hammered and began kissing everyone. Everyone. She also took liberty with her groping skills. According to the Princess…no… dutchess… no… whatever, “I was researching for my new going to be a best seller under the category of “Literary Genius”.

      This reviewer blanched ….. ick !!!

  17. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    I think that it’s time for us all to “evolve”.

    • katiecoo says:

      lol satchels. The only evolution I’m hoping for with this show is that Kelly and Jill evolve right back to the hole from whence they came. Rather, for Kelly, the therapist’s couch and Jill to that show where they have to jump from one big bouncing obstacle course to the next falling down and wiping out in competition with other D listers. Now I might tune in to that one. 😉

  18. otaypanky says:

    Another question: Why is Luann’s net worth posted at 2 mil?
    Her Hamptons property alone is worth at least 7 mil. Thought she received that in the divorce.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      It would be interesting to find out how they arrive at their numbers. They had Danielle Staub at $2M, too. These women aren’t so well known that there would be that much info available about their financial lives out there. I was happy to see that they have Bethenny at $14M, even though Jill is listed at $35M, because Bethenny came by it honestly. Jill did not “make” that money, and she certainly hasn’t “earned” it, either.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        Servicing Bobby has EARNED her at least a few million.

        • MELANIE says:

          @mickey mouth LOL couldn’t that also be considered “HARD TIME”

        • otaypanky says:

          Ha! Jill’s numbers are Bawby’s numbers.
          Luann’s don’t make sense unless she got major shafted in the settlement.
          She received the Island home, jewelry and I read a substantial support settlement.

        • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

          Honestly, how many would she have to give to “earn” a few million? Let’s say they go for $50 a pop (I think that’s high, considering the different reality cop shows on TV, but we’ll go high given the convenience factor — they’re in the same apartment). She would have to give like 20,000 of them to get up to $1M. How long have they been married?

      • sbh says:

        Jill has thirty-five million and she is such a cheapskate? Wanting freebies from hardworking companies? Yuck.

    • Kat says:

      I don’t know why.
      Do you think Luann wants to be the next Mrs. Robinson?

  19. otaypanky says:

    My Email to Andy:

    Jill is after Your Career! Reply /Otaypanky to andysblog
    show details 12:50 PM (6 hours ago)

    You are heavily trashed in the second article by Christopher London. Not so funny now is it Andy.



    Please shut this broad down.



    • MickeyMouth says:

      I see there’s fish bowl with lemons on the table at Kelly’s pad. That’s our Kelly always ready to make her Kellade. But where are the complaints?

      • Had Enough! says:

        Yeah…she claims in a comment on a blog about her house that she built it and decorated it. But the RealEstalker (Your Mama!) says that Gilles bought the house 2 yrs before he even married the idiot leather-bag. Then she goes to Wal-mart and buys all this off-the-shelf crap. Totally impersonal. At least her NY apt has that stupid horse, but the Hamptons place is pure cheap crap. Whatever she thinks is trendy.

        This woman is an accessory. Totally unnecessary, and best to discard after one season. By my calculations, she’s already had one season too many. Where’s the Goodwill box? What? They won’t take her either?

        • The Digger says:

          It is not crap, they are O B J E C T S. Objects. She even made a video about them.

          • sbh says:

            OMG that video about stuff, and how things in her apartment are not just stuff, but are really objects (I think she was trying to say ‘objects de art’ or something discriptive, and not sound like the moron she is.)

        • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

          “This woman is an accessory.” Perfect! My favorite comment of the day!

        • GreatExpectations says:

          I think he bought the land. I think they built the house after they were married.

  20. R M DeHaan says:


    Great photoshop skills. Love the pics.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Thanks you RMD. I am reading some of your chickentales, great stuff 🙂

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        Took a peek at a Chickentale or two, too. Have you ever read, “Heedley Pecked Me in the Eye”? I believe it starts out something like this:

        “Heedley pecked me in the eye, it did not hurt, I did not cry.
        It’s not his fault he can’t discern my eyeball from a juicy worm.”

        It’s a favorite around here. You should check it out.

        • R M DeHaan says:

          I’ve never heard of it. Almost had my eyes pecked out though. lol Every time I see Kelly & Jill, I might let the chickens peck them.

      • MELANIE says:

        @Mickey Mouth went to your sight very cool. I thought your rendition of Alex as a Vampire really rocked!!!!She lookes fabulous! I sure Simon would appreciate a look at that…HOT!

      • R M DeHaan says:

        Thanks. I try 🙂

  21. Adgirl says:

    I don’t understand the timeline following the Villianous Villa.
    1. Kelly departs early AM (Monday?)
    2. Ramona, Alex, Sonja and Bethenny breakfast then have mani/pedi
    3. Jill arrives then leaves in a huff. She said she saw Kelly at airport
    4. Kelly has lunch w/ Jill, LuAnn (& Silent Jen)
    5. Sonja’s party – no Jill, no Kelly. LuAnn says that Kelly told her about the ho-bag statement, so apprently this is after the lunch.

    • desertgal66 says:

      I’m not sure what your question is…are you asking if the lunch w/ Kelly, LuAnn, Jill, and Jen was on the same day as Jill’s visit to the island? I’m sure the lunch happened a week or so later, after everyone had returned to NY.

    • Squirrels says:

      1. Kelly was escorted off late night/early am. The jeep driving off doesn’t show Kelly. Prolly just a filler to show she left.
      2. The pedi scene was done in the late afternoon. At least that’s what these old tired photographer’s eyes see. The color/intensity of the light on Ramona is the give away.
      3. It is possible they crossed paths in NY. It’s about a 4 hr flight to St. Thomas. If Kelly indeed had an 8am flight, she’d arrive @ noon; enough time to flash Jill. Also enough time for J/B to arrive by say 5-6pm. The island is only 19sqmi.
      4 & 5 look right to me.

    • viki55 says:

      I do remember Luman saying she had lunch with Kelly the same day as Sonya’s party.

  22. MickeyMouth says:

    I went to the grocery store today and the line wasn’t long enough for me to read the US Weekly article so I had to buy it, ha. Interesting to hear what they say about this at the reunion. Anyway something else struck me on page 8. They did one of those who wore it best side by sides and I was sure this was a dress I’ve seen Bethenny wear before. And yep here it is: http://www.celebritywonder.com/picture/Bethenny_Frankel/BethennyFran_Mazur_16437020.jpg

  23. desertgal66 says:

    I find it really unlikely that Kelly is worth $15 million. $1.5 million, maybe, but not $15.
    Remember, Kelly is the gal who has cash bars at her parties. She’s a Elle MacPherson wannabe.

    • MELANIE says:

      @DesertGirl: OMG! I had totally forgot @ the cash bar,totally ticky TACKY!

      • lrd851 says:

        okay wait a minute… she has CASH bars at her parties?!!?!? OMG… i mmean im one of her broke people and i dont have cash bars… when was this?!?! and sorry i forgot to say that I love reading all the comments and love your blog Lynn!!! Nothing gets done in my house until i get my dose of the blog and the comments..

  24. iceNfire says:

    Hello Everyone – Just back from Reno and haven’t read anything past Otay (personally I find it hard to believe that was actually her) Anyway Can anyone Tell Bobby’s 1st wife’s name?

  25. boston02127 says:

    I’m a little nervous to post. Just thought I’d let you know that sometimes I misspell things, repeat posts, repeat myself, double post, swear, type like I talk, forget things,
    have Kelly moments (ugh), use punctuation incorrectly, reveal too much, forget people’s name, post stupid things, sometimes I’m bitchy, sometimes I talk like I’m 99 years old (my b/f tells me that), sometimes I’m sleepy and goofy, sometimes I’m half here. With that being said…..How the hell is everyone?

    • Squirrels says:

      pissah. wicked pissah….. Although I nearly spat out my iced coffee !!!

    • The Digger says:

      Hiya Boston! Did you have a good walk? We are great. I’m into my 4th shot of Patron, Anileee is off getting naked wasted and mom came home while you were gone. What’s for dinner?

      • anniieee says:

        I came home early..tooo many townies at the beach bars.. Again my apologies for anything that I may do beforehand ..afterhand and underhand. This is my blanket apology..now throw me a wet towel and we never mention it again. 🙂

        • A former Jill fan says:

          I just woke up from a good nap a bit ago when my sister ran up and down the hall yelling that the cable was out! Ugh! I’m calling the cable co. after I’m more awake. 🙂

          • Kat says:

            When our cable “blinks” it often includes the phone and web. In those times of quiet I find clarity. Which makes me insane. 🙂

        • Kat says:

          Atleast your handy. 😉

  26. TLM says:

    I agree that KKB is probably grasping to associate herself with a charity to regain public support or respectability, and I personally think she should be instead focusing on getting help for herself so she can function normally and be a good mom. She cannot just be erratic on one trip, and I worry how she is with her kids.

    *However*, as someone who lost a very good friend to AIDS and has worked with AIDS charities, I must correct the statement in the blog that “AIDS is no longer a death sentence.” It most certainly *IS* a death sentence — it’s just a longer sentence than it used to be. AIDS remains a serious public health threat and will be until a cure is found. If you have AIDS, you will be taking maybe 20 pills a day and still die before your time. AIDS patients don’t show signs of wasting or lesions anymore. But they are still very ill, and will never regain their immune system. And sometimes, the “miracle” drugs just stop working. The fastest-growing groups getting infected are young African-American women. Unfortunately because AIDS education funding has been cut over the years, younger generations who didn’t lose dozens of friends don’t understand how serious it is, or think that now “you just take a pill and everything’s fine.” This is dangerous, and many working around AIDS populations predict an increasing, not decreasing, numbers of infections.

    I don’t think that “Luann has gained fans over one blog.” I think some viewers respected her for being a voice of reason in telling Jill not to go to St. John, and they saw her finding it hard to believe Kelly’s stories and saying that Bethenny and Alex were very convincing in telling her what happened. She also told Kelly that her insult to Bethenny was completely out of line. I kind of don’t really care about Luann… I find her boring and the music thing annoying, but I think she showed that she doesn’t agree with Jill 100% of the time and maybe isn’t just a lap dog. Luann did go along for the ride while Jill was being catty in the beginning of the season, but as time has gone on, Jill has gotten more and more ridiculous, and of course, Kelly had a breakdown. In the last episode it seemed like because of those things, Luann might be stepping back a bit from both of them (Wouldn’t you?!?).

    • MELANIE says:

      Luann should be RUNNING that knife will be aimed at her back really fast!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Sorry if I offended you, I was repeating what I was told by my doctor who kept me waiting for 45 minutes at my last visit because he was working with a new patient who had aids. His words exactly were “Aids is no longer a death sentence”.

      As far as Luann goes, Jill’s ship has been sinking all season and Luann stuck by her in blogs and in interviews. So much so that the blog comments were almost always all negative. Until these past two weeks, her tune has changed (pun intended) All the while she knew this mess was coming, no surprise to her.

      Finally, you try putting a blog together in 30-seconds to get it posted before everyone kills one another and I’ll come and spit on it!

      • boston02127 says:

        I hope you know we appreciate your blogs so much.

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        Lynn, thank you for letting us all be here. I appreciate all of your efforts. Now I have to GO TO SLEEP! GO TO SLEEP!

      • TLM says:

        Hi Lynn – I wasn’t offended at all, just wanted to respond. Let’s say you’re infected with HIV at 20, and now can live 20 years on meds. That’s a HUGE improvement over the prognosis in 1985, no question. But that patient will still die at 40. That’s all I was saying.

        I probably should not have commented on Luann since I have not read all of her blogs. I generally find her boring, including her endless one-shouldered dress wardrobe. LOL. But as far as her changing her tune in the blogs — I always wonder if Bravo tells them not to “get ahead of the episodes” with their comments? Like let’s say, if Luann by the end of the season really disliked Jill, I imagine they would want her to comment on early episodes on how she felt *at the time*, when they were friendly. Otherwise they could kill any suspense? What do you think? That’s just my theory.

        I was *really* surprised that Bethenny answered Kathie Lee’s question honestly on the Today Show a few weeks ago, about “Where do things stand with you & Jill?”. (I won’t say what she said in case someone doesn’t want to know yet). It does take some suspense out of the show. I’m sure Bravo would like all of the cast to just say, “You’ll have to tune in.”

        • Smompy says:

          No disagreement here regarding HIV and its seriousness, but I just wanted to point out that there are people who’ve lived with HIV for more than twenty years and who also live past the age of 40. My brother was in fact infected at age 20.
          Despite suffering a plethora of HIV related health emergencies and “close calls” over the years he’s pretty darn healthy now, and we’ll be celebrating his 51st birthday next month. Actually, I won’t be surprised if he outlives the rest of us:)

          • Smompy says:

            D’oh – damn typo! Make that “41st” not “51st” birthday. But he will sill be here at 51, I’m convinced of that.

  27. boston02127 says:

    @Digger~ I would have picked Jen’s house. I like Gretchen’s too.

    • The Digger says:

      Oh, Jen’s loft in Soho? Good choice, girl! I picked Lynn’s eviction manor as it is close to the beach and it looked like you could maybe hear the waves from the rooftop.

  28. iceNfire says:

    Had Enough! – Thanks.

  29. iceNfire says:

    I was watching Howard Clark and he mentioned a site that lists everyone’s personal info. so I checked it out and there I was, address and phone # and all. I clicked the privacy link and had it removed. I also checked Jill Zarin (I know big surprise) Anyway Jill is listed on Bobby’s sons and 1st wife info. Strange isn’t it?

    • Had Enough! says:

      One of Bobby Zarin’s sons is married to a woman named Jill.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      I believe the Jill Zarin mentioned is the wife of Eileen’s son, David Zarin.

      How lucky can you be to have the same name as your step-mother-in-law?

      Poor kid…

  30. iceNfire says:

    LOl where did everyone go? Let me guess……..

  31. Char12 says:

    I have a question for you Lynn. If they do a RH of Chicago and asked you to be on the show would you? I think you’d be wonderful on a show like that. The other wives wouldn’t get anything past you and I’d definitely watch if you were on.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      LOL Char, I am not sure I could deal with all the cameras all the time. But they would never ask me, I’m not a part of “Chicago Society”, I don’t follow Oprah around to events and I’m not a White Sox fan like President Obama

      My only tie to any “celebrity” is having a cousin on the Chicago Blackhawks, so you’d be watching me at the United Center watching hockey games a lot, I would bore you to tears ! 🙂

      I would LOVE to help cast it though!

  32. Squirrels says:

    I want pearl handcuffs…. HELL YESSSSSS !!!

  33. battgyrl says:

    Since we are talking about Kelly, here is something I have been meaning to post for awhile. In the first of the “Poison Island” episodes Kelly mentions Bethenny’s fake Double-D’s, which I thought was hysterical given B was pregnant and Kelly knew this. Anyway, I find it ironic for someone who is so prudish as Kelly that in her Bravo blog photo she has her chest sticking out as if she has Double-D’s. All of the other ladies have a front-facing picture at Bravo except Kelly.

    • Squirrels says:

      I was under the impression getting implants lead to improvement. for ex: once again being able to wear a backless dress/blouse. If that’s the case then please, someone explain why at the skating fantastic0rama she is sporting a bland vanilla bra under that white lace top. Seeing the back of her apparently less than new bra was NOT a turn on for this little ol’ housewife. We get a face full right after Jen intro’s her little boy.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      Yes! Kelly said something like, “at least I don’t have huge fake tits up to my face.” Back to Kelly the hypocrite, she has fake boobs, she didn’t want anyone bringing them up in conversation (who would really), AND before she had them fixed, one was making a break for her armpit and the other WAS making a break for her face!

      • TLM says:

        KKB contradicts herself every 5 minutes, so I think it’s not even worth trying to understand! Who knows if she even listens to what she says, or remembers. The woman has problems.

    • boston02127 says:

      Cuz she’s a secret hobag. 🙂

      • battgyrl says:

        ROTFL! I almost spit out my drink when I read that 🙂

      • Kat says:

        Kelly reminds me of a cuckoo clock. She tweets and twitters away. But the cuckoo clock knows when to STFU.

        Sorry, I must of burped. Excuse me please I’ll be moving right along.

    • Anitabee says:

      What is REALLY strange about that comment is that Kelly seems obsessed with the size of Bethenny’s boobs.

      Seriously, if there is a woman who you don’t like do you EVER think about what size her boobs are?

      Kelly is crazily obsessed with Bethenny. Don’t be surprised if there is a breaking story where Bethenny goes home and finds Kelly in her new home pretending to be Bethenny while fixing dinner for Jason and Bryn.


  34. Had Enough! says:

    I would just like to take a second to thank the women and men in the armed services, and especially those who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am opposed to war, and can’t wait for the announcement that they are coming home, but in the meantime, I support them with all my heart. And my heart is aching tonight for the women and men, wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, and all the children who have lost family members who were serving and fighting for us. I can’t imagine what they have been through and hope that the rest of their lives will be free of pain and loss.

  35. boston02127 says:

    Nicely said.
    ^5 to you Had Enough.

  36. ImToula says:

    I thought I would post this link to the NY Daily news that has gossip regarding Alex and Simon. According to their source, they are not coming back for another season. Read it for yourself if you like. I thought it was intresting that the source said they tried to make Alex take a bigger part on the show. Ohhh, and they say that people don’t care for them, so they are easily replaced. Did anyone know about this?


    • viki55 says:

      That has Jill’s finger prints all over it

    • Had Enough! says:

      Old news. Planted by Shrill and her grubby little fingers. Andy Cohen has said repeatedly that no one has been cast/not cast at this point. They don’t start casting or re-negotiating for the next season until this season has ended. I would be very surprised if they don’t re-cast Alex and Simon, as their popularity has soared. I think the only thing that can get you booted off a RH program is being boring. Last year, Silex were “not liked” but certainly not boring. Christ, if “not liked” was a criterion for getting rid of someone, Shrill and Kellamity would be gone gone gone for sure. Right. In my dreams.

      • TLM says:

        @HadEnough Agreed, 100%!! And if the VanKempens are up for it, I think Bravo would be silly to let them go. I am just wondering if Alex could take another season interacting with Jill. I would love to know how much $$ the husbands get. For instance, does Mario get something for the scenes he is in? Does Bobby? Avery? Would love to know the contractual specifics if anyone knows. Lynn?

    • iceNfire says:

      Article is dated feb 4 1010

    • Squirrels says:

      “In the upcoming season, Alex picks a lot of fights, and it looks like it’s an attempt to keep her story line relevant,” the insider says. “But it ended up seeming inauthentic.”

      This quote was printed Feb 4, 2010. Seems to me, Mr/Mz Insider was believing the Bravo spin. Or was he drinking Kellade? Either way, I suspect he/she is back peddling just about now. Hmmmmmm.

    • Jenni says:

      The article is dated from Feb. 2010, before this season even got going…

      • Jennifer says:

        I think for sure a Jill plant b/c we know she had it out for Alex….. Alex didn’t pick fightS, she picked 1 with Jill and it seemed real. Plus Jen Gilbert is NOT a housewife IMO until holding apple and finally we all know Jill kept saying someone faked the drama to keep herself in story, implying it wad Alex and this article says that almost verbatim

    • Char12 says:

      @Imtoula I’d say it has Jill’s fingerprints all over it from this sentence in the article…”Our well-placed snitch says that’s not all: Simon apparently threw a “hissy fit” when he wasn’t paid as well as the other cast members.” I would venture a guess that the well-placed snitch would be none other then Jill.

      • ImToula says:

        I know it’s old news. Jill had something to do with it. On the Wendy Williams show and Wendy asked her who she would like to be kicked off the show she said Alex. I don’t know how long ago that was but it is consistent .

  37. iceNfire says:

    How old is Jill? I found another site mentioned by Clark Howard, checked myself and it was again correct. This one gives DOB – 1946 for Jill.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Must be a different Jill Zarin. Jill Susan Kamen was was class of 1985 at Simmons College. Assuming she was 22 when she graduated, she was born in 1963. Which means she’s 47.

    • desertgal66 says:

      1946 would mean that Jill is 64. No offense intended, but I don’ think she’s that old. Somewhere in her late 40’s/early 50’s would be my guess. I also recall that someone mentioned on an earlier blog that Lisa Wexler was born in 1960, and I think she is older than Jill. Maybe Zaba transposed the numbers and Jill was born in 1964? That seems more likely.

    • Squirrels says:

      I don’t care what information Had Enough or Desertgal have in their arsenals. I say she is …
      Older than Dirt.

      Now let me go see what I can find on Google Petroglyphs to back up my claim.

      • desertgal66 says:

        UGLIER than dirt, not older. Don’t make me smack her.

      • Kat says:

        @Squirrels!~ I’m picking myself up from the floor. You’ve scored a direct hit. I’m older than dirt. Now if you find my image in your google Petroglyphs please have some mercy on me and keep it a secret.

        Thank you very much. 🙂

    • Squirrels says:

      Jill is a Sagittarian, so Nov 30 would work.

  38. Jennifer says:

    Someone may already have done this but someone re post the link where their net worths were? I can’t keep up and am not sure which previous blog it’s on Plus I tried to look at last one and my computer saying it’s down


  39. DarkSonnet says:

    Jill Zarin – November 30, 1963

  40. Morgaine Swann says:

    I think I missed a whole page of comments or something. Did a fight happen? I’m lost!

  41. anniieee says:

    Celebrity net worth… i put the cheapest up first.. just type in any name… and it will tell you..this takes you to Tamra Barney $10.000


  42. Squirrels says:

    All’s well Morgaine. Being lost is a worry though. I prescribe two aspirin and three Kellyism free days. That should set you right again 😀

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I think I’ve got Kellyisms burned into my brain. It’s so frustrating. On one hand, as a human being who has training and personal experience with mental illness, I want her to get help. On the other hand, she’s such a wretched, self-absorbed bitch that it’s hard to care.

      I really don’t think Bethenny or Alex should risk being around the woman. They got back to NYC and Kelly was still calling Bethenny a predator. That’s a serious obsession she’s got going there and those are not to be messed with – untreated paranoid schizophrenia is no joke. She’s dangerous.

      • Kat says:

        Apathy is always a bad thing.

        • Kat says:

          I hate my typos.

          “Apathy is not always a bad thing”, was my intended post. What a difference a word can make.

          • Had Enough! says:

            I actually think the worst thing they can do to her is ignore her. That would drive her (more) bonkers. Her whole life is built around being a somebody. Which of course is why her whole life is a colossal, epic fail. So by ignoring her, they will shatter her delusion that she matters.

  43. mia says:

    @ morning, I’m glad to see u are still here!

  44. morning says:

    Lynn, can’t put my finger on your email address so will just say it here…sorry for not being more Sonja-like

    • anniieee says:

      Hey it was me who was the cause for not giving credit..its all over…I apologized for not knowing the rules…apology accepted… all is good in IHATE JILL ZARIN LAND.. Lynn so sorry for not reading how to reply…. it was MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……otay has forgiven me.. can we let it all go away PLEASE… I felt bad enough..

  45. A former Jill fan says:

    Our 14-lb, 29-month-old kitten, Jasmine Flower, would like to know how desertgal’s kitty hangs on the wall too. Jassy wants to know so she can go after all her little friends (aka bugs)! LOL! 😉

  46. ridicurhony says:

    satchels of jelly beans – i think you’re gone already, but my gawd! thank you for posting those Kelly/Elle pictures! I had no idea Kelly so closely resembled Elle. I vote Kelly as the most creepy for copying Elle’s pose by a car with a short shirt/skirt/dress on. EEww!

  47. lillybee says:

    From all the sites you guys posted, I guess privacy is now dead.

    • Kat says:

      CNN had a story about spokeo.com.
      They make available an eye widening amount of detail on people and for a small fee they will offer up even more detail.
      I was relieved to find the info on me was dead wrong and/or outdated.
      I think a good strategy is to baffle search companies with bullsh!t.

  48. ridicurhony says:


    What are your predictions for the RHONY reunion?

    I need something to entertain me this week because I’m definitely not watching RHONJ anymore. In fact, I didn’t even see the ham game – saw one snippet of a piece of deli ham thrown onto a kitchen cabinet and STICKING as I flipped through channels – uh, glad to have missed that! That’s our entertainment Monday nights now?

    They need to get rid of all those creeps on that show and start OVER. Or just cancel it.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Great question, my next blog wil answer that question!

      • ridicurhony says:

        hey, thankyou! that would be great!

        I guess after watching Kellade last week, and the talk about it taking two hours, there’s always a chance someone will blow their lid! Hopefully, that is Jill storming off.

        I am just wondering what the ‘laughter’ part is going to be after reading Andy’s tweets during & after the reunion filming.

  49. cusi77 says:

    Dear Lynn,

    I am just curious to know how many followers do you have now? Four weeks ago we were in 2 digits.
    Thank you for everything!

  50. Jenni says:

    I just took the Bravo quizes to see which housewife I am most like. I am ashamed to admit that they tagged me as Kelly in NY and Gretchen in the OC. I am shocked, ashamed, and am begining to wonder if I am eminating malevolent stupid in all directions!

    Have ya’ll ever taken the quizes? Fess up now, which HWs are you?

    • Squirrels says:

      I came out as Ramona. I can see that.

    • boston02127 says:

      Jenni, I hadn’t even finish reading your post when I got to ” I am ashamed” I burst out laughing. Too funny! I’ll go take and and let you know.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      AARRGHGHHH! I’m LuAnn!

      But then – I am Native American and I am a stickler for manners, lol.

      • boston02127 says:

        I’m a Ramona. Pheww, I’m not a Jill!

        • sbh says:

          Damn it! I came out as Jill when I took the test, and I really wanted to be Bethenny! Although, in all fairness, I took the test in the first season of the NY housewives, and at the time, Jill was acting sane and nice, so I wasn’t too insulted. Hmm, maybe I should take the test again…

      • Kat says:

        @Morgaine Are you in drag as Luman?

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I took them all. I am Kelly, Theresa, NeNe and Jeana. Ugh

  51. Squirrels says:

    OK, I admit, there is one moment in the kid gloves boat moments that made me look at Bethenny as one who could drop to another’s level and push buttons. Big red buttons. When defying Kelly’s logic at the breakfast table on the yacht Bethenny says, “you started it.” rinse repeat. “you started it.” rinse repeat, “you started it”. I damned near pee’d my pants over that one. Classic !!!!

  52. boston02127 says:

    Kelly 2 hours ago:
    off to tutto il giorno for the best italian food in the hamptons. have a great night. make a wish when u see the stars tonight.

    Where are her kids? She’s always out. I hope when those kids turn 18 her ex stops all payments to her.

    “make a wish when you see the stars tonight”…..fluffy fluff fluff fluff, puke.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Not to defend her but she apparently was with the kids at the beach all day and going out Memorial Day weekend isn’t too surprising, isn’t that why they all go to the Hamptons. To see and be seen?

      Could she have taken the kids there for dinner? They’re too young to leave them home alone, no? Do you think her parents are with them? She hasn’t mentioned them again.

  53. anniieee says:

    oh goody… bacck to Kelly..whew Here’s a funny article… 12 things crazier than Kelly


  54. A former Jill fan says:

    I hope Gilles has custody and they actually live with him. Otherwise hopefully a nanny is with them.

  55. anniieee says:

    and if this has been posted already…so sorry… but her “runaway (not runway) boobs just make me pee myself just a little.


    • Char12 says:

      anniee, I can’t believe she wore a dress like that with boobs like that. You wouldn’t catch me dead wearing that if my boobs were that distorted. Some quack doc really messed her up good. I think she must have had them redone, I hope anyway.

      • judgek says:

        @ anniiee & Char12…I agree! I get the concept of breast implants, but what’s the point if they are distorted and so unnatural looking? No wonder she’s jealous of B’s DD’s! At least B’s are in the right place and not hiding in her armpits!

    • boston02127 says:

      After seeing that picture of her/boobs I’m convinced she has no friends. A good friend would tell you “hide those oddly shaped freaky looking things”.

  56. anniieee says:

    okay here is all the ex’s poop and now I am going to bed… night all


    • Had Enough! says:

      Two questions –

      1. Why is that website so screwed up? It has lines of text over other lines of text.

      2. Why would he/she ask if Bensimon actually dumped Kellamity’s sorry, leathery, XY ass? It was publicly reported, she’s talked about it, no secret there. Because they live in the same building (she does not live “upstairs in his home”). Um, maybe he wanted to keep close to his kids? Or at least keep a close eye on them in case she flaked out? Correction: for when she flaked out. No in case about it.

  57. A former Jill fan says:

    Well, we do know that Jill is confronted by someone (everyone!) and probably storms out in tears or madder than a hornet since that post was made to Ally’s twitter saying Ally was crying, that it was awful, etc.

    We know from Andy’s blog that the ladies mainly are the ones doing the confronting with Jill and that he didn’t have to ask all the hard questions himself. And he did recognize that viewers were demanding him to ask the hard questions. So, Bravo is definitely listening!

    Bravo===>we don’t want trashy housewife shows anymore! 🙂

    We’re hoping that Jill quit, but being the narcissist that she is, that is an improbability.

    But hope springs eternal! 🙂

    • Had Enough! says:

      Secrets of Jewish Mother – the sequel (shudder): DO NOT, REPEAT, DO NOT take your teenage daughter to the taping of a program where you are going to be raked over the coals for the shit of a human being that you are.

      And most certainly not if you are wearing chiffon.

      If you can help it.

      What was Ally doing there in the first place? What kind of mother is Jill Zarin?
      Oh. Right. The suffocating, needy kind. Can you imagine what she will say to Ally when Ally finally grows up and turns down a command performance from Jill? “I thought you were my friend, but now I know you are not my friend.”

      Poor Ally. She’s got to somehow figure out how to cope with this awful human being that calls herself a mother, and it must be really difficult to ignore the obvious now that her narcissistic mother has decided to use the public-at-large as her mirror and the public-at-large has reflected mother’s true self.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Oh. Have to answer my own question.

        Ally was there to be a human shield for Jill, who probably figured that everyone would go easy on her if the kid was there to witness everything. Not the first time she put Ally out there like this. Remember baby-gate? It became Ally’s fault. Ally got a tweet from TweetMaxine, for whatever reason, she believed it, she told Jill, Jill believed it (like we are the only ones who knew that TweetMaxine is a pathetic whackjob who makes it all up) and posted the “news” which of course was wrong, but more to the point, not her news to be sharing.

        • Just a Commoner says:

          Yep. When I saw Ally’s tweet saying she “can’t stop crying”, I immediately thought of that female politician a couple of years ago who took her youngest daughter to a public event where she anticipated getting booed. She actually said, “They won’t boo me if [kid’s name] is with me.” Unfortunately for the kid, she was quite wrong.

          • Ellabean says:

            I think that ‘female politician’ you recollect would be none other than: Sarah Palin.

            She’s the poster person for using your kids as shields / props / victimhood.

    • anniieee says:

      uh oh nip alert…. oh Kelly … you can’t even keep your boobs in your suit…oh thats right..no feeling in them and she sure is pointing them to the sky.

  58. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    YIKES!! You guys have been busy. Just finished catching up with the new blogs and most of the comments. 🙂

  59. iceNfire says:

    Former Jill please disregard email I sent.

  60. anniieee says:

    Night everyone..sleep well…

  61. boston02127 says:

    Good night all….leaving you with a cute joke I just got in my mail:

    ‘Girls Night Out’ One night my girls invited me out. I promised my husband I’d be home by midnight. Hours passed & margaritas went down way too easy. Around 3 AM (a bit loaded) I headed home. Just as I got in the cuckoo clock chimed 3 times. Afraid my hubby would wake I quickly cuckooed 9 more times. I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick witted solution. The next morning he asked what time I got in. I said “MIDNIGHT!” He seemed fine so I thought I’d gotten away with it. Then he said “We need a new cuckoo clock.” When I asked why he said “Well, last night our clock cuckooed 3 times, said ‘oh shit’, cuckooed 4 times, cleared its throat, cuckooed 3 times again, giggled, cuckooed twice more, then tripped over the coffee table & farted.” Send this to everyone who could use a good laugh.

  62. cusi77 says:

    That happens to me as well!

  63. emt2 says:

    I want more details about Kelly’s relationship with Gilles while they were married and details about their divorce. It seems that Kelly tried to burst onto the scene with Behind the Hedges, her column in Page Six Magazine, etc. right after the divorce.

    Who else thinks that her Kellade is a rip off of Bethenny’s drink? She is always trying to copy B–the drink, making videos of her cooking, talking about yoga, etc.

    Kelly is so lost, it’s sad.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I read in an article about Ellen Barkin (who was on WWHL) that Kelly was named as the woman Ron Perlman was seeing when he divorced Barkin. Could Kelly have left Bensimon in the hopes of marrying an even wealthier man, then got ditched?

  64. just sayin' says:

    I posted this on the last blog but you guys have moved on and so will I, after my questions are answered :). Okay so I don’t get it and maybe you guys can explain? I watched RHNJ (marathon) and I don’t get it? The whole Danielle thing comes across as totally over blown to me. I get that she is neurotic and at times inappropriate but hello… so are the others…..I read the blogs about the “crazy” and was expecting something big. I got dance lessons, modeling and ????? I mean I get it she is the root of all evil…lost me. I will most likely never watch this show again but just expected her to be so much more…crazier than she was or for them to be above it all…I just don’t get the controversy. I know you watch a different part of the franchise but the thread seems to be in the know. Please educate e as to what I am missing? I am not liking this Caroline person…self-righteous is my name really who the hell is she?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      That really is the question. Other than “the book” which was the entire storyline of Season 1, no one really knows why these women came out of the gate hating Danielle. The info in the book is 25-year old info…so I’m afraid I can’t answer your question, unless it is all just acting for the cameras.

      The blogs would only add to the confusion, the family and Teresa seem to think viewers are stupid and cant see and hear our television sets! Even step by step numbered points for the real idiots….I am with you and many others and couldn’t care less if I never see any of these women again!

  65. MickeyMouth says:

    Kelly as the Mad Hatter is done – http://mickeymouth1.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/kellymad3.jpg

    I still can’t find a decent source image for the tea party but I’ll keep looking when I get time.

    Happy Memorial Day all 🙂

  66. adamay411 says:

    Kelly repeats (sort of) things she has heard. Is it possible that at some time Bethenny sarcastically said, “Yeah right Kelly, I went to the press so I could wreck your life”? In Kelly’s twisted mind she does not get sarcasm.

  67. LynnNChicago says:

    Someone on the Bravo blogs made a good point…

    I just can’t figure out the time-lines. When Jill showed up on Monday you were already gone. But you said that you got home on Thanksgiving – a Thursday. Did you spend some time on the islands by yourself before going home? If you were meeting your parents and sister for the holidays, why would Ramona call Jill to meet you at the airport instead of your family? And just where was Jill if Ramona called her in the middle of the night on Sunday, but she was at the villa the next day for lunch (which she never was offered!).

    • LynnNChicago says:

      here’s what Kelly said:

      “I was still shell shocked by the events over the weekend with the four women. I had a great Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, my sister, her family, and my girls the night I got home. I then spent the rest of the weekend riding horses, and going to the beach with my girls.”

      So she lost a few days there….spent in a hospital perhaps???

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