I Hate Jill Zarin A Letter to Andy Cohen June 2, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin   A letter to Andy Cohen                 June 2, 2010

Dear Andy, 

First, I want to wish Andy Cohen a Happy Birthday!  

Andy, I’m sorry to give you this bad news on your birthday but one of your Housewives have gone over the edge, off the deep end, round the bend, lost their marbles, off their rocker, you get the picture.

Your #6 New York Housewife, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, has absolutely lost her mind, she is Tweeting fast and furious, giving interviews, responding to fans, good and bad and opening herself and Bravo up to nothing but problems!

How can you let this woman run wild unchecked like this?  I know it is your birthday but sometimes we have to put festivities aside to deal with emergencies.  This is a 911 emergency if I’ve ever seen one! 

The other ladies on the show are promoting their wares, doing interviews to promote the finale and reunion shows that are coming up, they are working, dining, living their lives.  Kelly, not so much!  Kelly is arguing with fans of the show, she is lying, she is making videos, giving out advice, and making a complete horse’s ass out of herself. 

She truly believes that the other women bullied her, if that is what happened, why did you edit it to look like Kelly bullied all of the other women?  Kelly told us in a Network TV interview that she was FORCED by Bravo executives to go to the USVI with the other ladies.  If that is true, why didn’t you force Luann and Jill to go as well?  Why are you so cruel to Kelly?  Why would you force her to go somewhere she didn’t want to go with people she didn’t want to be with?  You know that these women don’t like Kelly, you know how mean they all are to her.   Why did you show us the exact opposite of what Kelly claims? 

So again Andy, I’m telling you that this is all your fault and you need to do something to fix it!  You cannot leave this woman unprotected and unarmed out in the world with two daughters! 

What to do?  Hell if I know Andy, you’re on your own.  You created this monster, you deal with her!  Take away her Blackberry, take away her computer and any video equipment she may have in her possession.  Keep her away from reporters, bloggers and at least 2 miles away from any TV studio! 

Take her to a hospital, call her psychic, call her mommy and daddy, just DO SOMETHING! 

Thank you for your time and I hope you’re enjoying your birthday!

Love, LynnNChicago


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581 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin A Letter to Andy Cohen June 2, 2010

  1. A former Jill fan says:

    LOL! GREAT letter to Andy! Places it all in his lap (as well as the other Bravo execs). While I don’t believe they actually 100% created this monster, they contributed in its, uh, her creation, and it is now their monster for better or worse!


  2. iceNfire says:

    LOL @ Thank you for your time and I hope you’re enjoying your birthday!
    Love, LynnNChicago

    Also “Take her to a hospital, call her psychic, call her mommy and daddy, just DO SOMETHING! ”

    PLEASE take JILL too!

  3. couchon says:

    Warning! Code Red-Zarin Red! EXTRA’s cohost, Jillzilla in 19 minutes.

    • Rusty says:

      I saw it and she’s as f’d up as ever. I got the feeling there is no kumbaya between B and j-hole because j-hole mentioned that she thought they should sit down for lunch or something. I hope someone else caught a better summary of it but rest assured . . . her damn book was mentioned a few hundred times and she was just as yappy.

  4. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Another excellent synopsis Lynn. Kadooze.

    I will say though I think BravoAndy is laughing all the way to the bank. Like any good farmer he is going to milk this cow for all it’s worth.

    OT: When I first come into one of your new blogs I always click 5 star. Does this help you or raise awareness about you and your blogs. Just wondering.

  5. jayedee says:

    can jill go with her? please?

    • Zee says:

      I love that within moments of Lynn posting something – its ALL the hell over the TwatZarins Twitter page. Fantastic foder fo sho!

  6. Silly String says:

    Kelly will love this and probably retweet it if someone sends it to her.

    She won’t “get” it, but will take it as someone else on her side. Bets?

    Do it, do it, do it. ;^P

    Meanwhile, Andy doesn’t give a crap. All publicity is good publicity. Ratings have sky-rocketed. Jill and Kelly are a shoe in for next season, as is Sonja. I bet they offer Bethenny huge bucks for cameos too.

    • ImToula says:

      @Silly String

      Now if we can get Alex to beat up Simon, that will secure they come back next season.

  7. A former Jill fan says:

    If Kelly keeps up the lying and character attacks saying that the other 4 ladies bullied her, then they’ll eventually start fighting back. In fact, they are now, given the article with Ramona spilling some reunion beans and some of the things the other ladies have said.

    And I don’t blame Ramona, Alex, Bethenny and Sonja one bit if they do start revealing some more of what happened in the VI and at the reunion given that Kelly is attacking them NOW on twitter, in interviews, on facebook, etc. That’s probably a headache for Bravo, but if they’re not going to do anything more about Kelly (other than revealing that they did ask her to leave and escorted her off the island and back to NY), well then, all is fair…

    I sure wouldn’t wait for a reunion episode to air before beginning to defend myself in the press when attacked by a loon like Kelly.

    • Kat says:

      I’m glad the other women are speaking up. They almost have no choice as Kelly is on her own media propaganda tirade.
      I wish someone would gag her.

      • Susanna says:

        But isn’t there some sort of contractual gag order (for now)? I think that they can’t reveal ALL that they now before the season and reunions wrap and are aired. Lawdy, I sure will be looking for the dirt once those gag orders expire! I am totally fascinated by what I’ve read so far anyway. Oh, well….deep sigh! I am forever in Lynn’s debt, as well as in her commenters debt for all the great sources dug up and posted here. I am so glad I am not alone in my fixatedness (is that a word?) lol

        xoxo to all my lovely codependents (hahahahaha!)

        • Kat says:

          If there is a contractual gag order someone forgot to serve Kelly.
          But stop means go to her so … she is bound to have an accident sooner or later. 😉

        • tracylyn50 says:

          i am with you. i am addicted! waht will we all do after the reunion show thursday? oh my, over to the new jersey gals? they seem so boring compared to our lovely ny housewives.. glad i am not alone in this. that is why i love Lyn and all her followers.

  8. Bobbi says:

    LOL! I love it, Lynn!

  9. Char12 says:

    That’s too funny Lynn! Can I copy it and send it too lol.

  10. Anitabee says:

    Lynn, let us know if Andy responds. He has to be reading this blog.

    Here’s my plea: Bravo — please help Kelly…she is a mother and she is not just harming herself but making life difficult for her two little girls.f

  11. Kat says:

    When you post your new link to new blogs, the link is often to an error page or admin page.

  12. MickeyMouth says:

    Why don’t we all leave messages under his Bravo blog asking him to explain why he forced Kelly to go on this trip? Why Andy, Why?

  13. Nancyusa says:

    I think Bethenny may have buried the hatchet with Jill.

    Ally’s tweet “reunion was INSANE. you will DIE. i couldn’t stop crying” could have been because she was happy her mother and Bethenny made up and she probably was close to B as well. I have kids Ally’s age and INSANE is often a good thing.

    Jill’s assistant’s twitter had these comments after the reunion

    @RobbyM1 Thanks Robby, it went better than expected! 5:26 AM May 27th via UberTwitter in reply to RobbyM1

    @JRMedium Thanks!! It actually went very well:) I am sure u sent good vibes:) 5:25 AM May 27th via UberTwitter in reply to JRMedium


  14. boston02127 says:

    ^5 Lynn, great letter!

  15. Tootsie says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful place for me to bitch. I love your letter to Andy, it’s perfect. At the age of 75 wouldn’t you think I had better things to do, like knit and do needlepoint, instead I have been sucked into the RHONY. Since the beginning I have enjoyed Muck and Merckle (Jill and Bethenny) in action, but that is over. I’ve had a life time of nasty, hateful Jills and I’m done. I understand Bethenny; I have a daughter-in-law just like her. She is highly intelligent and the quips and remarks just roll off her tongue. Please don’t tell me this blog will be over when RHONY is done this season. I need it, we need to get the scoop on Bethenny’s Getting Married? Bethenny is so cute I want her as my own daughter. Would she have anything but a darling sweet teeny, tiny girl? Look at her parents, a cuter pair you can’t fine.

  16. dsc60 says:

    just wanted to comment on Jill’s supposed size one bod. first of all, size one is a junior size. that’s smaller and proportioned differently than a size 2 misses. also, i just checked out bethany’s slamming bod three weeks after Bryn! she looks AWESOME! and she’s a size 4. that would mean that Jill is supposedly smaller than Bethany? i don’t think so. while Bethany’s boobs are most definitely bigger than Jill’s, Jill is no way smaller than Bethany, am i right? the article says Bethany is BACK to her size 4 swimsuit which implies that that is her usual size.

    one more thing that REALLY ticked me off… in a Life and Style article, it talks about the reunion, about the possible rekindling of Jill’s and Bethany’s friendship and states that Kelly was “attacked again.” WHAT? OMG does that make me mad. when the hell was SHE attacked? ARGH ARGH – this rant didn’t even make me feel better.

    • Susanna says:

      I kinda think Jills boobs are bigger (double DD’s after surgery, as she herself said) and that Bethenny’s only look bigger because she is smaller than Jill. I’d bet money on this. There was someone on another blog who’d met Jill at a booksigning and said she didn’t look all that small, plus she looked doughly and such, in the arms and all that. Which I totally believe, given their age difference and lifestyle (workout) difference. Boobs that are the same cup size can look radically different on woman that have different frames, weight, fitness and so on. For me personally, I think the fake boobs look horrible on women that are so skinny that they have no extra body fat around the implant to make it appear more natural (Kelly would be one of these folks and this is the same reason why viewers targeted Beth in the green bikini last year!). I used to think Betheny had implants until I recently saw a 1994 pic of her from an acting film and she looked chesty there. So perhaps she only had the reconstructive work done that she admitted to in Reunion 2. Kelly however, at least appears to have fixed her wonky, runnng away from each other, boobs. haha.

  17. Edinburger says:

    Love the letter. In all honesty I would like Bravo to ditch Kelly and encourage her to get some help for whatever her problem is.

    Had a look at Darren’s twitter, and I’m not a user of twitter so I may be wrong. So Darren tweeted Ramona thanking her for promoting Jill’s Us Weekly article, a quick look at Ramona’s twitter and her tweet was:

    Crocodile tearsRT @TheRHOGossip: NEWS: @JillZarin Cried 3 Days After Crashing @RamonaSinger’s Party http://tinyurl.com/29j5wf6

    So is Darren as nuts as Kelly and thinks “crocodile tears” was a compliment?

  18. RileyKitty says:

    Lynn, I love, love, love the letter to Andy. It was spot on. Sadly, he would ignore it. Andy himself is a famewhore. What other network exec hosts reunions? And enjoys the experience so much that he created a show for himself!! It is a travesty that Kelly has been allowed to bash the show by telling everyone it is scripted.

    What got me during the trip from hell was when Sonja was talking about how much she was enjoying Bethenny’s meal & giving her reference points, Kelly was coming down on her saying it was in the past. Kelly is all about the past, she bashed me in the press, she called me Madonna, on & on. Apparently Kelly can talk about anything she wants & everyone else should Zip It. Who here has ever told another adult (besides your own spouse LOL) to zip it?

  19. The Digger says:

    Ohhh, look, a new show… I was really starting to miss Brad and now we have this! When these girlfriends start bullying it is going to get good! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout:

  20. Melinda says:

    YES! Lynn you are exactly right!! Kelly’s “bully” video and all her tweeting are freaking me out. She has not been bullied……..she has instigated all of the negative behavior that has happened to her!

    Save her from herself Andy!

  21. dsc60 says:

    sorry lynn, i was so worked up about what i posted i forgot to tell you what a great letter to Andy! once again, you hit it out of the park.

  22. A former Jill fan says:

    Don’t forget Ramona just came out and said: Bethenny and Jill did not make up at the reunion, that 2 people walked off and 1 stomped her foot; and also that Kelly is worse than ever.


  23. A former Jill fan says:

    That link to the hollywoodlife article re Ramona talking out was posted by I Can’t Stand The Toxicity today on the previous thread.

  24. Had Enough! says:

    P.S. Andy, I forgot to mention that I’ve got one blog member who is being driven insane by Never-been-Nobody. This poor woman is about to go over the edge, around the bend, and off the deep end. Please Andy, help us save our friend. Get rid of Bensimon, and fast, so our friend Had Enough! won’t start melting down the entire world’s supply of gummi bears so she can drown Bensimon in high fructose corn syrup and mold her into the shape of a unicorn, using Bensimon’s dick for the horn.

    • Kat says:

      ROFLOL … please add me to the list of members going insane over Kelly.

    • RileyKitty says:

      I thought for sure you were talking about me, Had Enough!! Too Funny 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      LOL~~too funny!

      • anniieee says:

        It is me… I want to slap her upside her head… knock her into next tuesday and call 911 on her little girls. I really find Jill mean and nasty, but Kelly is putting me over the edge. I am talking to the tv when she comes on. I NEED AN INTERVENTION………..

    • Susanna says:

      Had Enough – OMG I just spit everything in my mouth on the puter screen!!!!! Dang girl, a little warning next time? YOU ROCK!

  25. hooked on reality says:

    jill in on extra now in NY

  26. Sue says:

    The biggest problem with Kelly is that she just does not get it AT ALL. She tweeted a link about how the ratings huge for the Scary Island episode. Then she tweeted also tweeted that “crazy sellls magazines, blogs, articles. its hilarious. sweet doesnt sell, ugh. get USWEEKLY NOWWWWWWWWW.” I tweeted to her that if it was a question of dignity or ratings I would take dignity any day of the week. She did respond to me saying, ” thats why i left. let the women do whatever they need for ratings. i left and gave them thankyou notes”, yet she is tweeting about ratings and magazine covers that do not show a positive light about her. It makes my head spin because it does not make sense. She’s not living in a real world.

    I have to say it’s not that I don’t like Kelly. I think that someone out there really needs to talk to her. It’s to the point it’s almost out of control. Bad press, in some cases, is just bad press i.e. Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Jesse James. Sometimes you cannot redeem that behavior.

  27. boston02127 says:

    While sitting on the hot train today a man was eating a discusting looking smelly fish sandwich that made me feel like throwing up and I thought of Kelly. I wondered why I hate someone I don’t know and never will. Why does someone who is in the public eye & has nothing intelligent to say & contributes nothing to this world bother me? I’ve decided to just laugh at her for the dumb ass moron she is. Kelly has probably not said more than one hundred words per episode. This got me thinking, I bet that everyone on this Blog could make a list of her limited vocabulary. So here’s my word for the Kelly dictionary~~ authentic.

  28. Kat says:

    Zip it

  29. RileyKitty says:

    I showed my hubby the Kelly is stupid rotisserie chicken video & when they show Bethenny, he goes hey isn’t that Bethy? I said yes, that is Beth-en-ny. He goes we like her right? We have her books? I just looked at him & started laughing. The “WE” is what cracked me up. He doesn’t watch the show.

    • Had Enough! says:

      My husband is terrified that I will see Jill Zarin out on the street and yell at the top of my lungs JILL ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARIN – YOU SHOULD LEAVE!

      I know he would never stand in that long, long, long, like, really, like amazing, like long line of people waiting to tell that Fucking Moron (ShrillZilla’s Trained Sasquatch) that we’re up here and she’s down there.

      How do you get through to the Fucking Moron? Since she sees everything exactly the opposite of the way it was, tell her she is authentic so she’ll deny it and say she isn’t?

      AllZ I know is FU FU (where U= US) because Miss Bethenny was right all along. This leatherbag is freaking nuts, stupid, delusional, and a total bitch. Miss Bethenny, please accept my most humble apologies for not getting it right away. Not that I ever like her. She was just boring and stupid. Or so I thought. But you were right, right, right. The fucking moron is on Access Hollywood right now and dogs all over the neighborhood are howling.

    • anniieee says:


    • LynnNChicago says:

      Riley – Honest, had almost the exact same conversation with my husband during Access Hollywood…”that’s Bethenny, right? the one we like” LMAO

  30. desertgal66 says:

    Great letter, Lynn!

    This from the last blog:

    Edinburger says:
    June 2, 2010 at 5:06 pm
    Lynne, ask Alex and Simon what really happened that night in VI when the cameras were switched off? I would say ask what Kelly is like off camera but it seems by her twitter and you tube videos that she is even worse.

    Please keep in mind, all, that Alex and Simon are likely contractually bound by Bravo not to reveal in depth details of what happened behind the scenes. At least, not until Bravo decides when and if they will show a “lost footage” episode. If they do reveal anything to Lynn, they may also swear her to secrecy. So, please don’t be disappointed if Lynn can’t blog about what they might reveal. 🙂

    • RileyKitty says:

      we certainly don’t want anyone getting in trouble just to satisfy our curiosity.

      Lynn, please tell them that they are a breath of fresh air on the show & they are loved in IL.

      (side note: I am trying to finagle my way out of the grad party, going to send the hubby & son & talk my sister into a road trip to Chicago on Saturday. Lynn, how much advance notice so you need that there will be two more for cocktails?)

      • LynnNChicago says:

        None! Just COME!! I’d love to meet you! We have a private room at Cagney’s – room holds over 100 so no problem! I really hope you can make it!!!

    • Edinburger says:

      Oh no I wouldn’t want Simon/Alex or Lynne to get into trouble. I’m sure there isn’t much to add apart from Kelly ran around doing catwheels (because they are free) and eating Jelly Beans.

  31. iceNfire says:

    So, Kelly’s authentic dictionary is amazing! filled with lollipops and real authentic like channeling the devils stuff. She’s a bully, hobag, tastemaker, so Zip It!

    • boston02127 says:

      @iceNfire~~ LOL, I’m laughing because I was hoping somebody would cleverly put them all together like you did. Oh yeah, we forgot hiiiiiiii & byeeeee!

  32. Had Enough! says:




    • RileyKitty says:

      Thank you Had Enough for posting that. I think it speaks volumes that Bethenny was emotional & Jill still seemed cold. Of course we will see this in its entirety tomorrow. For me, it is too little too late, nothing Jill says or does can redeem her in my eyes.

  33. Zee says:


    Just over four minutes of Countless babble, but NO mention of Jillousy and bashing of the “I was bullied” theory of KikiLetMeOffTheCrazyBoat.

  34. Loulee says:

    Just saw Jill on Extra…Alex mean? What a bitch!

  35. little rock says:

    Lynn, i first posted this a few days ago because i, too ,was so tired of all the lies kelly (and jill) were putting out there. i want them both held accountable. and it does seem as if andy is ok with the bullshit. first of all, i’m tired of kelly and jill calling st john scarey island and poison island. if anything,it’s fucking fantasy island or maybe alternate realm island because clearly kelly had a different vacation from the other women. and that effing (used up my quota of the f word – see above) jill. the only thing poison about that place was her presence. kelly said to jill,luann,and jen that bethenny admitted to her that she (bethenny) went out of way to create a “smear campaign” in the press about her. ok fine, we know it’s a lie but why not have kelly prove it. how? by letting us see the rest of the footage that wasn’t shown. bethenny was NEVER alone with kelly on that trip. i’ll bet she didn’t say a word to kelly that couldn’t be corroborated by one of the others. so come on kelly, prove it. i said this the other day, i don’t twitter or facebook, so i don’t know how to ask kelly myself. if anybody feels like doing it, i would love you forever. now, about that effing jill. her bitching about not being offered the toilet or water after “a 9 hour trip” is right up there with bobby having his “fucking throat cut from ear to ear”. plus, i still want to know why she twitted (that’s what a twit does when she goes on twitter) that she was going to LXTV to work after the reunion taping. if it’s a lie i want her caught in it. i’m sorry, that wonderful, glorious face plant on the ice isn’t nearly enough pay back. i want her lies exposed and i know it’s too late for the reunion, so someone please tweet her for me.

    • iceNfire says:

      It’s already been confirmed that she wasn’t on LXTV after reunion taping. I logged onto site and she wasn’t there.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        I ditto what ice said. I was there too and the employee manning the live chat responded to my question “is jill on tonight?” with a “no”.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      As JiZ has often said herself, she is the queen of accountability, so it’s only right . . .

  36. iceNfire says:

    ‘Real Housewife’ Countess LuAnn on Co-Star’s DWI Arrest: You Don’t Get Behind the Wheel

  37. The Digger says:

    I’m thinking about taking a short vacation to NY and I thought I might stay in Simon’s hotel. Do you think he has a discount package called the I Hate Jill Zarin special?

  38. otaypanky says:

    what hotel does he manage?

  39. Quincy IL says:

    Otapansky..look at Simon’s facebook page. I think it was listed on the left at one time.

    I took the link… it looked like a nice place.

    • TNBelle2 says:

      Did access do interviews with any other HW? Can you say spin doctor WOW!!!

      • anniieee says:

        she is a f***king lunatic

        • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

          I think that she said that she’s, “a bigger kind of pie person.” Now she’s not just screwing up her metaphors, she is inventing them and then screwing them up.

    • emt2 says:

      I was shocked when I saw that video. More shocked that the interviewer didn’t ask Kelly about calling Bethenny a hoebag, Alex a vampire, Ramona crazy, etc.

      Also the interviewer read a question that a viewer had about wether or not Kelly had mixed medication with alcohol and Kelly said that it wasn’t cool that the other ladies (B, R,A,S) suggested that because she is a good mom. I was like, did you hear that it was a viewer who asked that question not any of the ladies?

      Also, it’s interesting that she is throwing Ramona under the bus and saying that Ramona didn’t like her. No mention of B.

      Jill, Luann and Jill are serious about their alliance. They are deciding to bash the other ladies (Ramona and Alex) because it’s assumed that they will be returning. No need in talking about Bethenny anymore because she has her own show.

      Kelly is a liar.

      Lynn, Thanks for sending that letter to Andy because I can’t believe that Kelly is saying that she was forced to go on the trip even though Luann and Jill elected not to go.

  40. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Last week when I looked at Bawby’s FB page under his pages column he had Bethenny listed. Bethenny has since disappeared. I wonder why he isn’t interested in bethenny’s page anymore. What did Beth do to him?

    Another thing. How can this man, after seeing all the comments on his wife’s page continue to believe that Jillousy is nothing but nice? Hey Bawby. It’s way past time you had “the” talk with the harpy

  41. Kat says:

    You could give Kelly a Rubic cube with all sides colored black and she still couldn’t solve the puzzle.

  42. angelofdevs says:

    Just to add something Andy, if you do not have a shrink on retainer I suggest you invest in one for the ladies.

  43. otaypanky says:

    wow…so it seems kelly really is nuts. had she just shut up and tried to sell “her side of the story” down the line, she could have placed doubts in the minds of people.
    her insistance that she has been bullied and her wacky campaign are just nutz.

  44. RileyKitty says:

    I don’t believe for one second, mainly because it came out of Kelly’s mouth, that she was forced to go on the trip against her will. DO. NOT. BELIEVE. YOU. KELLY.

    • Kat says:

      …and forced to smoke crack.
      Puff the magic dragon.

    • couchon says:

      Kelly thinks she was forced onto a boat against her will. She needs someone to battle for her basic rights. Now I get the Al Sharpton reference.

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        What impresses me is that they had such complete and total power over her that they were able to force her to skip to the boat before they forced her to get on it. Do you think they told her, “no candy until you skip. One jelly bell per skip”?

        • couchon says:

          Kelly was suffering from a gummi bear side effect that resembles skipping. She can explain her delusions with a criminal case based on sugar addling the brain-The Twinkie Defense. PR101.

          • LynnNChicago says:

            Come on, did you all see Kelly skipping and running and squealing with Glee when she saw that yacht?
            That woman was NOT there against her will!

  45. Quincy IL says:

    Ramona said that two people left the set and one stomped her foot. Kelly gets freaky, but not furious. Do you think Jill is the one who stomped her foot? Bethenny looks chilled out now that she’s out of the mess with Jill. Who else would be that angry?

  46. TNBelle2 says:

    Great letter Lynn i love the idea of all us asking Andy why did Bravo force Kelly to on this trip? What is up with that? YEAH RIGHT.

  47. Shannon says:

    I tried to post this hours ago, but I don’t see that it ever posted. There is a video on theinsider.com where she interview today. She comments on Sonja’s arrest, the reunion and crazy Kelly. Oh yeah, she now has a boyfriend. YUCK!!!!


    • emt2 says:

      I love that Luann is sticking to her story that Kelly is crazy. She said that Kelly contradicts herself and instigates things. I don’t think they are friends. I think that Kelly is clinging onto Jill and she gets to hang out with Luann as a bonus but I don’t see Luann really liking Kelly.

      I don’t think Luann needed to talk about Sonja especially since she said that she hadn’t spoken to her yet. She should have declined to comment.

      Luann is not really a loyal friend. Unless she is recently divorced and needs backup. When things are going well, she don’t give a flying f*ck about anyone other than herself.

      • Kat says:

        Luann passes judgement. She thinks she is entiltled to do so because of her title. Honory title.
        She fogets Americans don’t care much for pseudo-royal countless pretentious b*tchs.
        And she can not sing.
        Rant over.

  48. KyShannon says:

    Luann being interview today. She talks about Sonja’s arrest, the reunion and Kelly. Oh yeah, she has a new boyfriend. YUCK!!!


    • TLM says:

      Nothing really earth-shattering from Luann in the interview, although she does come down on the side of most people, that Kelly was not “attacked” on the vacation but did the attacking herself.

  49. Hope says:


  50. katiecoo says:

    Oh dear…carrying this over from the last blog so I could get some kadooze. 😉

    Ok so Kelly has an Anti Bully PSA. What’s next? Jill doing a PSA on how to deal with so- called friends who tie you up and kick you to the sidewalk in a remote village refusing you water and a bathroom for days on end? All because of one gal who’s jealous of you? Oh, and how to deal with these kinds of situations, particularly if you go 9 hours out of your way while en route to singlehandedly solve all the world’s wars and discover a cure for AIDS, to land in them. ::salute::

  51. katiecoo says:

    I think it’s Ramona herself who gets up and stomps (to get either Jill or Kelly or both to STFU and listen to someone else) and it’s Jill and Kelly who walk out, in that order, only to return like boomerangs moments later after a. discovering no one is rushing after her (Jill) and she’s missing precious screen time (although the huge sigh of relief heard on the set by all the housewives AND the crew is heard by Teresa in NJ) and b. Kelly has retrieved her Gum Berries.

  52. Quincy IL says:

    Just looked at Teresa’s blog at bravotv.com She’s furious at Danielle. Why does Teresa think it’s ok to call someone names and that person shouldn’t retaliate? Someone in NJ needs Kelly’s PR classes.

    Did anyone buy Bethenny’s exercise dvd? I’d like to see what yoga is like, but there are no classes here in the corn belt.

    • Squirrels says:

      Yoga is great. its based on stretching and relaxation. haven’t seen B’s dvd, but highly recommend yoga in general.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Bethenny’s video is fairly inexpensive and it’s a good workout. Yoga is good for people at any age or level of fitness. You just do what you’re able to do. There’s not bouncing or forcing, just gentle stretching. Go ahead and get it – it’s only about 11 dollars.

  53. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    Well, the holiday weekend is over, and things have gotten busy again, so I haven’t had a chance to read everything that has been posted, so I apologize if this is a somewhat of a repeat. With regard to Kelly and all her schlock about bullying, what I imagine is that Kelly was rifling through her girls’ backpacks, desperately searching for candy (anything, even a lint-covered gum berry in the bottom corner), when she came across some handouts on bullying. As you know, Kelly is a Killoren, and she is an intellect, because the Killorens breed intellects, not models. Anyway, as an intellect, she realized that, when four women stood up against one crazy, that she had been bullied, and that is not okay. Kelly tried to tell a real adult, but the guy who usually films her every move was in the bathroom. She tried to tell a teacher, but her kids’ teachers avoid her at all costs. Therefore, she had to turn to her last friend — twitter. That went so well, she decided the read the info for the camera (once the guy got out of the bathroom, of course), and then she posted it for all our sakes. Thanks Kikileather! Now, GO TO SLEEP!

    • anniieee says:

      omg I am never going to the pool again…. I just caught up… Kadooze to all the comments and a big Kadooze to lynn for another great blog. now I am going to bed..lub you all…sweet sweet dreams(no knives eh eh eh eh eh after you)

  54. Squirrels says:

    Is it me or are there more leaks/spoilers than usual floating around? Almost looks like the girls are jockeying for position. Avoiding rocks perhaps?

  55. Kat says:

    Has Adios Lunatic gone missing?

  56. Adgirl says:

    OMG I don’t believe Bravo will get rid of either Kelly or Jill after the ratings of this year.

    Bravo is laughing at Kelly all the way to the bank.

  57. Squirrels says:

    Didn’t Sally Jesse Raphael end up in court when one of her guests killed someone? What would it take for Bravo to see the handwriting and realize no matter how many lawyers you have on retainer, you cannot avoid liability once you are aware of instability. If Kelly loses it again and punches out a stranger or non fan, Bravo would definitely find its logo at the top of a civil suit.

  58. Zee says:

    Well, that was fun, had a tornado blow through town (literally) central Ohio here.
    Anyhoo, catchin up a bit while I do the nightly power struggle thing with the teenage boys in my home: brush your teeth, hang up your towel, get your dirty clothes out of the bathroom, stop picking on your brother, its too late for more pizza, zip it already!!

    Found this: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jpWCYDaUZ3GsNvL2hAEAyYE_qAIgD9G3FGTO0

    I dont think ol’ Jenn has a ice cubes chance in hell with these gals, especially if B & Alex skeedaddle.

    • Squirrels says:

      Holy crap – Associated Press is getting in on this? Andy must be peeing in his pants with glee.

    • HD says:

      I agree. She never really had a chance. Especially with the ready made story line. She just did not fit in. She was like the new girl at school trying to hang with the popular crowd. She just didn’t fit. And honestly I think she is just not the right person. With Bethanny leaving that need a younger housewife or single woman….like that Sex in the City Carrie type that I am sure was Bethanny’s underlying character.

  59. Olivia says:

    I think I finally got it! Kelly, for all her supposed “insanity”, was getting even with Bravo! She did not want to be there. She wanted out after the first lunch. They talked her out of it and she got even by behaving in the most obnoxious way possible.

    After watching that video with Access it occurred to me that she knows exactly what she was doing. She was perfectly calm. Even reasonable in her responses. She talks about it being a “game”. She mentions those who seek more airtime than others. She is on the mark.

    Kelly did not want to be there. Apparently went kicking and screaming. We saw her “bait” Bethenny right from the beginning in the back seat of the car. She was creating an opportunity to leave. The producers talked her into staying so she behaved in the manner of a “spoiled child” forced to do something she otherwise choose not to. What a better way to get home than by creating a scene which guaranteed her departure. All this nonstop twittering is in defense of her actions against Bravo primarily who forced her to spend time with people she does not like.

    It is not that she is nuts as much as she is a spoiled, pampered, and entitled person. Throw a few drinks into the mix and the fuse was lit with volatility. She had no means of “escape” as we have so often seen as she flits from one party to another, remaining only long enough to be noticed, then out the door. Not so on the island where she did not want to be.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      or…BRAVO producers convinced her she’d look better than Jill and LuMan by going. She, conceited as always, agreed. She always intended to insult and engage Bethenny, bringing up the past, as that it what she does. However, she forgot that she’d be thousands of miles away from her apt., with no access to a taxi or limo to make her usual quick exit. She didn’t realize she’d be stuck with these women, that she’d be battling continuously without a friendly face for comfort. She blew it.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      There’s no doubt Kelly is spoiled and obnoxious, but she’s also mentally ill. That was not acting – that was a psychotic break. I’ve seen them before, in institutionalized patients. I can’t guarantee a diagnosis, but my money says paranoid schizophrenia. It’s why you can’t reason with her. Her brain is misfiring. Remember Bethenny showing her brain going “zzzz – zzzz” and short-circuiting? That’s a good description. Her brain is taking in corrupt information, then it can’t interpret it correctly. She attacks, but her brain tells her she was attacked.

      The thing is, she could be really dangerous to herself and others. That’s why they need to take her off the show. She shouldn’t be around Bethenny or Alex at all, but anyone could become the focus of her delusions with no warning. She needs to be on medication and she needs supervision. It’s very disturbing to me that she seems to have no one around her who is able to rein her in. The people around her seem to be indulging her delusions by helping her make and post videos. I hope it doesn’t take a tragedy for someone to step in.

    • TLM says:

      Maybe she’s spoiled, but I don’t think you have delusions of someone trying to kill you with a butter knife many times, or that another person is in kabuki makeup with black eyes when they weren’t, or crying hysterically when someone gives you a tote bag with a towel and sunglasses unless there is something really, really wrong mentally. Maybe the fact she didn’t want to be there helped to trigger her psychotic break, but that is what it was. Judging from her interviews afterward, she is still delusional and really needs medication and professional help. It is a sad situation.

  60. JenniferKleine says:

    Amen Sister! It is a travesty what is going on. The viewer tweets to Ms Kelly are only perpetuating her obvious demise. Someone needs to stop her before she self destructs. I hear Celebrity Rehab is in dire need of nut jobs for the show. Kelly would be a nice choice.

    Love the blogs…keep up the nice work!

  61. zoekayla says:

    Lynn, Thanks so much for posting daily blogs! I was drowning in that first loooong one! I don’t want to miss anything – I am an avid follower. I mostly lurk, but occasionally I will comment.
    I hope Bethenny has read your blog or has gotten the word. It seems as if she might have…her attitude is one of peace and strength.
    By the same token, Jill seems to have gotten the word as well that she is completely reviled as a shallow, lying fool. If she returns it will be hard for her to get any traction with the viewers. In the last few taped scenes her extensions look particularly shabby and the lines on her face are really pronounced. She seems to get uglier as Bethenny glows more beautifully each day…
    Alex is cool and much more confident, and LuAnn seems to be figuring out that she has snarked her way onto the general shit list. Kelly – why even bother to say anything? All of you ladies have really nailed her! Sonja had us at “hello”. but her DUI may cause us to step back a bit….
    Lynn, have a great time with Simon and Alex this weekend. Please tell them we want to more of them!

  62. mia says:

    OMG! So I know someone hardcore team jill! My cousin. She’s in town, and we literally have nothing to talk about (she’s not the brightest bulb) and the only common ground was real housewives.

    Now I know what the other side looks like. She’s a nice gal, but did I say she’s not the brightest bulb? Haha. She kinda was always the one family member that just didn’t “get it”.

  63. HD says:

    Thanks for the blog Lynn and I hope your weekend is WONDERFUL with Silex! Of course I know you will tell us all about it!

    Great comments. I have to admit, I am SO glad this show is almost over. It has worn on me. I have watched reality TV since The Real World New York came out-when they had real looking people on the show-and this is the ONLY time I have been so drained by a show. I am kinda glad this is over. Eff Jill taking up time in my mind she is sooooooooo not worthy!

  64. Jenni says:

    To those who want to find the site easily: I just create a shortcut to the most recent blog on my desktop by right-clicking on the white space on the blog. The to get to a new blog, once Lynn announces there is one, I go to the top of the blog I am on, click on the blue LynnNChicago link right under the title, and that takes me to a listing of all Lynn’s blogs so I can then click the link to her newest one.

    BTW, anyone think Kelly watches and discusses the episodes with her kids so she can come up with answers to the questions people will be asking that will be more plausible? Her her children accept an explaination, maybe it will fly with the (stupid, in her mind?) American public?

  65. Morgaine Swann says:

    Lynn – When you meet Silex, would you ask them if they know whether Kelly has custody of her kids and whether she is getting any help? I’d feel so much better if I knew the kids were protected and Kelly wasn’t just roaming around without supervision. I know they might not know, or might not be able to share, but would you ask, just in case? Thanks! I hope you all have a great time!

  66. Amber...Real Wife says:

    @ HD

    I too am a reality gal, starting with Real World NY. Not to date myself too much, but does anyone remember BATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS? Where ABC, NBC and CBS series and sitcom actors, battled in running, swimming and other events. It was fun for all viewers. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they did a special where housewives, from different franchises, battled in silly sport games too? Someone tell Andy Cohen.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I LOVED Battle of the Network Stars! I’d love to see all the housewives compete that way. It would be hilarious. The last event should be a tug-of-war over a mud puddle, LOL!

    • HD says:

      I don’t remember that show but wouldn’t that be fun to see with all the housewives as you suggested! I would love that!

      I don’t know why I became so emotionally invested in Real Housewives NY this season. I guess I just hate bovine spillage and I saw a lot of it being thrown around this season. Normally I hate when a season ends but this time I am saying, good riddance. I need a mental break from stupidity! Kelly is driving me crazy and Jill, my goodness, did I mention I HATE JILL ZARIN?!

  67. Char12 says:

    Jill just posted this on her FB…” I just found this on the TODAY SHOW site! I am so excited they chose our book to highlight. The friendship chapter really helped me get to where I am now and we read every story you have written to us how it has helped or inspired you. If you want to talk to Gloria you can contact her thru the secrets website.”

    I’d laugh if it was a book critic and they tear it apart.

    • I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

      She has been posting on Twitter and Facebook like a madwoman this evening. She has been hanging around with Kelly too much. lol

  68. iceNfire says:

    What is wrong with Jill? How many times have I typed those words? She just posted that old skating video where she disses the coach to her facebook. Nothing new Jill?
    Nothing more flattering or humble? Oh wait there is nothing flattering or humble about JIll. I Hate Jill Zarin!

    • iceNfire says:

      Oh My God! She’s posted 3 times in the last 30 minutes! LOL Getting scared of upcoming contracts? Just relax Jill………You’re not getting one.

    • jb8 says:

      She’s stirring the pot so we will all watch tonight. Should be great ratings for Bravo and Andy Cohen.

  69. LynnNChicago says:

    Sorry everyone – all of you that posted Luann’s interview -for some reason they all showed up as spam, I’ve released them all. I know that is frustrating, I’m sorry, I should have checked it earlier.

    • suebhoney0423 says:

      lol…that’s because Luann is French for Spam!! Like the smelly canned kind….

  70. iceNfire says:

    I got birthday tweets from porn stars AND Housewives?? #nothingbetter #twitter=thegreatunifier

    Is that where old Housewives go to die – SiliconePornValley? RT @moltalb: @BravoAndy I think it’s a very fine line btw the two, no?? 😉

  71. Squirrels says:

    I spent over 25yrs in the field of artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. If some idiot was even WALKING across the floor while girls warm up? Let’s just say she’d have more than one bruise from a fall.

    That one really irked me.

    What a dik !!!! (Yes Jill Zarinnnnn – you)

  72. Shadowsnomore says:

    Lynn, love the letter. When you meet Alex and Simon could you ask them the following-

    1. Was chapter 8 “Don’t Listen Listen to the Well-Meaning Morons” written with Luann and Jill in mind?

    2 . Does it bug them that Bravo hasn’t promoted their book like they have Jill’s book, Luann’s video, Ramona’s jewelry & skin care line, and Bethenny’s “Skinny Girl products/ drink? It bugs me! I’m not crazy about product placements and all that schill but I do think Alex should get more if not equal recognition.

    3. Will will get the full truth about St. John’s at the reunion or will they (Bravo) allow Kelly to spread lies and her delusions?

    Please also let Alex know that I thought she looked lovely in her Kabuki makeup and eyeliner. She is a beautiful, classy lay in my opinion.

    And, since Alex channels the devil, could she please ask the devil to call off Jill and Kelly. Those evil bitches have tortured us enough already!

    Thanks so much!

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Opps! Sorry for the typo. I meant beautiful and classy lady. Not lay- that sounds pornographic. Or something Simon might say!

      • katiecoo says:

        I read that about 3 times before I realized it was a typo. A beautiful classy lay! LOL Best typo of the blog! 😉

    • TLM says:

      Ok, I know it was a total typo, but I was cracking up at #3 above that Alex “is a beautful, classy lay.” I guess Simon would agree!!

      I wonder if the fact that they didn’t promote the book as much on the show was due to when the VanK’s book tours started (later than Bethenny’s) and maybe that there wasn’t much to show yet. But I think they did get in a bunch of mentions of the book on the show.

  73. iceNfire says:

    Lynn – back up plan for when your out with Silex? I mean if this page goes nutty?

  74. Squirrels says:

    and it most likely will. Valid concern Ice.

    • iceNfire says:

      I’ve been in the restaurant business all my life. Back up is always on my mind.
      Some kid asked if once if I slept in twin beds, I said no and asked why? He said I might have one for a back up

  75. chismosa says:

    hello everyone, catching up all the comments, so now at 4 hours later, i am commenting:
    ~ first off- Bethenny, a) – was on a VEGETARIAN diet while pregnant? Why on earth? and to the person who said they think Bethenny had large-ish boobs before- she has implants, plain and simple and they are far too large for her frame as she has zero fat on her bones. That is why her face sticks out so much as well. I love her, don’t get me wrong, i am just commenting. How does a NON-VEGETARIAN decide to then go veg while pregnant? and she’s a chef? I dont get that.
    I also think she is losing weight so very quickly. I get she is breastfeeding (again another implanted woman breastfeeding, i dont personally get it), but you would think a natural foods chef would be very into getting all her nutrition in for the baby. I get she gained hardly anything for the pregnancy. I just find it a tad odd.
    ~I feel bad for Sonja, i understand this could have been far far worse but the Hamptons are TERRIBLE at this time of year so she was bound to get caught, plus add to that the cops here in NY need to make their quotas of arrests by the end date of the month so end dates are always tricky. Regardless, i still love her character. People make mistakes, and yes this was bad but i still love her personality.
    ~I agree with everyone about the Jill video- what a cold-hearted bitch and i can’t wait for everyone to see this on thursday, except i think the croc tears start flowing, as per the previews on tv.
    Why is she on Extra, Access, whatever? Can SHE GET OFF NATIONAL TV PLEASE? What has she contributed to society? What is her knowledge? Being a jewish mother? Not so hard to be… oh, being a Macy’s men’s salesperson? Maybe…

    ~Kelly- i think we can all place bets she is off next season. Truly

    ~boring, boring, boring, i agree. Jacqueline is getting ridiculous. Notice all her camera commentaries (she does not look good btw)- is very very anti-Danielle and angry? Remember, she created the daughter who gets arrested for attacking this adult woman, yes it is crazy Danielle, but it says a lot when that is your daughter. I no longer care for Jacqueline.
    ~there are no words to say about Teresa, i agree with all of you. No words about Gia’s gift, party, etc. NO WORDS.
    boring, boring boring.

    ~If there is a true Anti-Jill Zarin (*with focus on it being ANTI JILL ZARIN) NY party, keep us in the know! i am down…

    smooches to all, LTL- love to Lynn

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks hon! Where did you read that B was on a vegi diet? I saw her a few times interviewing saying she ate whatever she wanted, just in moderation. She said she’s not a big meat eater but not vegitarian.

      • chismosa says:

        one of the links posted here- US or the other one… i forget. It said that. Just very very restricted diet. So odd to me. Not odd if she was a veg to begin with, but then with added pregnancy?

        • TLM says:

          @Chimosa: Now that I’ve read Skinnygirl Dish as well as Naturally Thin and heard her audiobook (as well as seen many videos of her talking online), it sounds like she prefers a mostly vegetarian and/or vegan diet. She gives many options for meat eaters, and she does not forbid meat, but really limits it in her life.

          You actually CAN have a healthy baby raised vegetarian, although obviously being breastfed is not vegetarian! 😉 Babies get all their nutrients through breast milk.

          She suffered from facial swelling during the pregnancy because of water retention, and had to restrict her salt.

      • CatNKC says:

        Yesterday I was going through old WWHL videos on Bravo’s site and saw B. talking about previously being vegan. In case my link doesn’t take – the video clip is titled After the Show part 1 and says it is from season 2 episode 8 (but this must be a mistake, because she’s pregnant). I think it was from right after this season started airing. Just past 3/4 of the way in she responds to a Q. about remaining vegan during the pregnancy, and answers that she is not right now, but was previously and may go back to it.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Chismosa – it is not hard at all to get adequate protein on a vegetarian diet. Rice and beans, rice and corn, and unless you are lacto-ovo vegetarian, cheese, eggs. Just to name a few. Quinoa is a grain that is actually a complete protein (contains all nine essential amino acids, which are the ones your body can’t make). So no need for concern. In fact, most Americans eat way too much animal protein.

    • Lolo says:

      I think when she was having trouble at the end with bloating she went mainly veg, trying to reduce her salt intake.

  76. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    Well, it looks like the new implants can’t stand her either — it looks like they’re trying to jump out of her dress. Take a look:

    On my way to Assouline at the plaza http://twitpic.com/1tep7c
    about 2 hours ago via TwitPic

  77. Char12 says:

    Sorry if this was posted befor but This was on Bethanny’s FB…”The best part of breaking up is the making up :-)” That doesn’t mean her and Jill made up does it. Please tell me it doesn’t!

    • katiecoo says:

      When did she post that? OMG I hope it has zero to do with JZ…ugh!

      • Char12 says:

        It says 6 hours ago on her fb page then she has the link to Perez Hilton’s where he has her pic so maybe she was talking about him…fingers crossed.

        • I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

          @Char12 I think Bethenny is referring to Perez Hilton and I think she was joking around. I don’t think she was talking about Jill because I just saw Jill’s “private message” to Bethenny on Extra. Jill wants to speak to Bethenny and she thought it was a good idea to make a public plea on national TV. lol

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      Maybe she and Jason had a spat? Anything but making up with JiZ.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      You know, if she really does make up with JiZ, and I mean beyond being cordial, I won’t be able to forgive her.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      That comment is in reference to “the termite” Perez Hilton posting a nice article about her, which she links to. She also tweeted that to Hilton.

    • TLM says:

      Char12, It has nothing to do with Jill whatsoever. B is referring to Perez Hilton, and it’s written with more than a touch of sarcasm. He reposted an article on her weight loss with the pic in the red bathing suit in US magazine, and did not add any snarky comments, (his vicious readers did, below the posted article, but he did not). Since Perez apparently didn’t say anything nasty, she reposted his post of the article on her FB page with than comment.

  78. Zee says:

    Ok, which one of you nuts created this on Twitter?

    I LOVE IT!!!
    and still HATE HATE HATE Jill Zarin – she represents everything that is wrong with someone who gets money dumped in their lap and doesnt recongize it as a chance to do some good with it. We struggle but we still rally for benefits, charities, collect donations and have a home filled with love (and dust bunnies) and friends that would walk to the ends of the earth for us and vice versa. I’m SO over this woman, I hope she shrivels away into nothing and soon.

  79. boston02127 says:

    When Kelly first spoke of her breakdown/breakthrough this is what she said:
    “Enjoy it,” “Have fun with it because that’s going to make my name bigger and bigger and give me a bigger platform to be charitable.”

    It’s been months, when is that “charitable” part going to happen?

    • Squirrels says:

      “With Frankel’s success with her Skinnygirl business and her two books, plus the news of her own show, she said that she felt that “Jill wasn’t truly happy for me.” She continued to say “She would call and wonder why [the fuss] wasn’t about her and why she wasn’t getting the same kind of [offers] as me.””

      Well, it’s everything this gang of rabble have been saying from the start. Nice to see it come out at last.

      • otaypanky says:

        just posted a comment there. directing people to amazon to read the reviews of her book and then to this site for the real skinny.

  80. Squirrels says:

    OMG. watching Jillopy on Extra took my appetite away. New diet tips coming soon.

  81. A former Jill fan says:

    I think B-R-A-S are getting tired of the bad mouthing from kelly and jill. So, they’re all spilling little bits of (jelly) beans here and there! LOL! 😛

    • katiecoo says:

      Wow great video. I wonder who’s gonna crack first and tell us what REALLY went down in St. John that got cut out or not filmed.

  82. katiecoo says:

    Whoa, big video excerpt here on J and B…you go girl Bethenny…she’s being real, talking about how Alex and Ramona surprised her at how “there” for her they have been and how her relationship w/ Jill is “like a divorce. YOU GO GIRL.


    • Ches says:

      If the part of the story about Bethanny losing her baby weight 3 weeks after giving birth is true, that must be like twisting the knife to Jill….after all she is still trying to lose her baby weight from Ally.

      • chismosa says:

        ha ha love it. doughy arms.
        i truly think secretly JZ has had work done. She NEVER works out and it shows on her body, despite the fact she looks somewhat slim. So therefore>> some work done. IMO

  83. Ches says:

    Hi Lynn, I think Simon is the one you should go after to get info. He seems like the type who, after a couple of drinks, would blurt out top-secret, classified government information. I would like unshown beach house info.

  84. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    This is a silly questions, but will any of you be commenting tomorrow night during “the lunch” episode? The title is “Rebuked, Reunited, Renewed” on my cable guide. Who do you think is rebuked and who is reuinted? We already know about the renewal. I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say!

    • Ches says:

      I read somewhere (TV Guide maybe) that Jill snubs Alex at Ramona’s ceremony. So I think that may be the “rebuked”. I think B may be the other rebuke towards Jill at lunch.

    • Squirrels says:

      I think Reunited could be B & J. Doesn’t mean it works out with two of them performing cartwheels out the door, but a production teaser for sure. Rebuked could be Kelly by Countless (who uses the word hobag anymore) Luman. I can see Countless demanding Kelly apologize to her ears.

      • katiecoo says:

        I think it means reunited long enough over a lunch to work out the terms of the divorce.

  85. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Re: Sonja’s DWI or DUI

    Don’t kill me, here it goes…

    Still love Sonja. She made a mistake and ran a stop sign? Under the influence…sure. How many folks run those sober. Could it have caused an accident? Absolutely but it didn’t. She was in an exclusive area with very little traffic. Should she have been driving? Of course not. But it shows our sexy girl was riding solo. (Sad right?) How do I know? Because we all know that the man does the driving when we get buzzed.

    Better believe, she’ll always have a designated driver or a limo waiting. For sure!

  86. Squirrels says:

    Seems they are going to marathon the whole of season three tomorrow. So if anyone missed an episode, you can catch up.

  87. lillybee says:

    Tell me how doing 6 0r 7 minutes on Extra makes Jill a co-host. The only thing she did was complain about the editing on the show and shill her book.

  88. iceNfire says:

    OT – I see no reason why Bravo cannot air Housewives at 7pm on West Coast. It’s not like they have anything scheduled at that time. Just Sayin’

    • Squirrels says:

      I do get it at 7 ice. But that’s due to my choice of cable programing. Bravo HD version comes on @ 7pm.

    • Adgirl says:

      I’m in SF and watch 7 pm on the Bravo HD channel (shhh – I hope they don;t fix that…).
      The probable reason they won’t move up the time of the new episode is they get commercial $$$ for the repeats that run prior. They would also take audience demos and competing shows (on other stations) into consideration when making programing decisions.

  89. MickeyMouth says:

    Besides her Systematic Bullying PSA, here are some PSAs I think Kelly should tackle:

    Domestic Violence
    Capsular Contraction
    AWDD or Attention Whore Deficit Disorder
    Single White Female Syndrome
    Sugar Addiction

    I’m sure there are others we could suggest.

  90. Olivia says:

    Judging Jill as the “super bitch” that she is, I doubt she would ever have let up on her campaign to destroy Bethenny but she never counted on the “fans” turning on her as rapidly as they did when the caught on.

    She counted on those idiots who left those drooling messages about how much they loved her, how eagerly they awaited her book, praising for Glamorous Gloria trotted out to throw her b.s. all over the screen, to remain in her corner even as she ramped up the insidious hate.

    And Bethenny emerged the winner of this one sided contest which must make it difficult for Jill to look in the mirror. She incited Crazy Kelly, kissed up Loser Lu Ann, and tortured Alex for being a nicer person than she could ever hope to be.

    The kindest thing that could happen is to see the end of her after the Reunion Show so that a year from now the name Jill Zarin, the shameless media whore, can disappear into the vapor, her hopes to be the next Kelly Ripa or Joy Behar, dashed.

  91. TLM says:

    Jill was really on Access tonight, cohosting with Mario Lopez (I thought someone was joking earlier!!). Apparently his girlfriend is pregnant (it was news to me he even was dating) and she came on the show to ask Jill for advice. “The Book” was mentioned, — and shown — several times, as you can imagine. I honestly don’t remember Lopez’s gf’s question, or Jill’s answer…I think I thought the whole scenario took me so by surprise, because people had been saying Mario Lopez is gay for the longest time. So I guess seeing that 1) he had a gf, 2) she’s pregnant, and 3) she appeared out of nowhere next to Mario onstage to ask Jill for advice amounted to sensory overload for me!! Mario went out of his way to be very complimentary to Jill, but honestly I think you could have put Bozo the Clown or Donald Rumsfeld in the chair next to him and he would have said the same things. It’s just that kind of a superficial, celebrity lovefest show, which was perfect for Jill. She wasn’t asked anything she didn’t want to answer, just was given a platform to look good.

    I wish I had gotten a screen capture, but I wasn’t near my computer and was watching this all unfold on a tv in another room. Jill wore a long teal dress that was basically a plain sheath, and was actually much more tasteful than most things she has worn in the past. She looked like she is really trying hard to tone everything down in general, which comes across as more calculated to me than genuine. To me, she looked like she gained weight since the show. I don’t judge anyone for this since I certainly am no model, but I am still trying to figure out the “size 1” comment. She MUST mean in terms of 1-2-3 sizing, since missy sizes skip “1” anyway, going 0-2-4-6 etc. I would estimate Jill is an 8 on very good days and a 10-12 on heavier days.

    On a somewhat related note, I am surprised Bethenny has encouraged the storyline in US Magazine of how she lost 29 lbs. in 3 weeks. She is not about crash dieting , yet I feel her posing in a bathing suit and playing the whole thing up is giving that impression, and giving women an unrealistic goal to live up to. Fortunately some women on Facebook have said that if you are tiny to begin with, you snap back pretty quickly, and that they did too after giving birth, but it was basically just the luck of their genetics and that they didn’t gain outrageous amounts of weight. I’ve seen the same thing with tiny women I knew who gave birth as well. With Bethenny I suspect this was almost all water weight. She had a serious problem with facial swelling and salt intake, and this started to reverse itself right after she gave birth. Who knows if she was put on a diuretic after giving birth to help get rid of the water faster. I don’t think she would do that for weight loss, but her condition was like no other I had seen. The fact is, your body can only metabolize 2-3 lbs of fat per week. Anything beyond that is water weight. The numbers here of 29 lbs. just aren’t making sense.

    • Silly String says:

      Well, she did have a baby.

    • anutha hata says:

      I have not read any of Bethenny’s books, but I occaisionally read her Tweets.
      I don’t know if/when/ or where, (dvd, book, etc.), but she recieves a lot of thank-yous from people who have used her ideas.
      A couple that really caught my eye, were from people who claimed that they were able to lose the extra SKIN!/flab that remains after losing weight, by using Bethenny’s methods somehow.
      Maybe it involves yoga? But I really do not know. I would like to know because a few yerars ago I lost 50 pounds, but it took a full YEAR for anyone to notice becuase the flab remained.
      I probably will have to try her ideas soon because my weight is adding-up again, and for me losing the weight is not the problem, its losing the fat & skin.
      (sorry if that is tmi).
      As far as Bethenny is concerned, she was really puffy all-over during her pregnancy. I wouldn’t be surprized if a lot of those 29 lbs were water or fluids.
      I’m more surprized at how slim Theresa looks on NJ wives after her 4th baby.

      • morning says:

        Sadly, a lot of “pregnancy” weight for some people is just having eaten too much so no, it doesn’t come off right away!

        • jb8 says:

          Yeah, I discovered after I gave birth that some of that weight had to do with the lemon meringue pie I had for lunch EVERY DAY while pregnant!

      • Cyn says:

        Anutha – The one exercise program that I have seen great results with is Pilates. I also saw a womsn 6 months after twins and she looked fantastic. Just a thought.

    • error 404 says:

      Huh? Lopez is one of Hollywoods most famous man-ho-bags. Between sleeping with all of those women, when exactly did he have any time to be gay? lol

      • TLM says:

        Don’t know what to tell you except several people who follow him in the press had told me it was an “open secret” he was gay. Perhaps they are the same people who are convinced that Oprah is gay, LOL. I think Mario Lopez has been one of those actors that gay men obsess over, like Jake Gyllenhaal, so that probably fueled those rumors. Probably just wishful thinking on their part.

  92. otaypanky says:

    Jill truly does need to disappear. She’s already proven that a little power in her grubby little paws is a dangerous thing. She is just not a responsible person.
    She had it all, then decided to wage a campaign of lies and alliances to crush another and her career.

    • Squirrels says:

      And that is the crux of my hatred for the woman. She went after livelihoods. NOT COOL. I wouldn’t even go after a waiter if I got bad service. Messing with livelihoods is beyond mean girl. It’s psychotic.

      • otaypanky says:


        • Had Enough! says:

          You know, Jill didn’t like Kelly last year. Isn’t it just as possible that Jill planted whatever these stories are – assuming they even existed? no one seems to have seen them – that Kelly keeps yapping about? Now, that’s not to say that Jill likes Kelly this year. We all know that Jill just hangs with Kelly to piss off Bethenny. Which didn’t work. So, Kells, say buh bye to your besty Jill.

  93. RileyKitty says:

    I have nothing better to do tomorrow than watch the entire season. At some point I do have to run to Wal-Mart & get some cascade or else the dishes will not get done in KittyLand but I plan to get up early & do that. Anyone else with no life at all who can blog all day with me?

    • boston02127 says:

      I have two houses to clean but I usually try and get done early. In other words, I have no life.

      • Had Enough! says:

        I couldn’t watch the entire season again even with a case of Pinot. One episode at a time is hard to take. I can’t wait for Bethenny’s Getting Married. We need GOOD news, HAPPY people. Not tjhis toxic shit full of ugliness (jill, kelly).

  94. Jenni says:

    Apparently, Sonja will be pleading “not guiltly”, so since we don’t know the both sides of the story, and Sonja may not be able to tell her side until the trial, we should probably give her the benefit of the doubt?

    • iceNfire says:

      Absolutely, I failed a field sobriety test once because I was wearing platform shoes and the side of the road was gravel. No breathalyzers in those days and cop cut me loose.

      • Had Enough! says:

        and because you said the magic words: “I hate Jill Zarin.”

      • morning says:

        Exactly! I won’t drink anything whatsoever if I’m driving because I can’t walk straight when I’m stone cold sober!

    • boston02127 says:

      Is this a bad dream?

    • RileyKitty says:

      Why do all these bitches (from all the franchise) either need to sing a song or design Jewelry or clothes?

      Delusional singers:
      Jo (OC)
      Kim (ATL)
      LuAnn (NYC)
      Danielle (NJ)

      Untalented Designers (clothes/jewelry):
      Lauri & Lynn (OC)
      Lisa & Sheree (ATL)
      Kelly (NYC)
      Ashley (NJ) I heard her say this week she was interested in designing jewelry
      Teresa (NJ) them damn T-Shirts & bows

  95. Ches says:

    Sorry if this has already been posted or I screw up the link.

  96. boston02127 says:

    Don’t know if this was ever posted about Brad/Jill:

  97. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Kelly is Scary, needs big time HELP!!! Someone needs to step in.

  98. Ches says:

    This one is interesting…Jill amswers some questions.

    • Squirrels says:

      Man. She’s a one woman spinning wheel.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Again, more of Jill’s bullshit (sorry for language) spin. She just doesn’t get that we see through it. Her treatment of Alex is no surprise. She has no respect for Alex, only contempt. Jill is pure evil and despite what she may think, she will NEVER regain all her fans. Editing did not make her a BITCH, she did that all on her own. Bravo can never clean up the hate she’s sown. JILL ZARIN IS A BITCH AND I WILL FOREVER HATE HER!

    • otaypanky says:

      Post this again tomorrow. Too many may miss it. She just doesn’t quit. Now she’s ready to go after Alex big time. Alex approaches her again at the wedding and she snubs her again?!?…this is the stuff that got her in trouble…her grudge holding…and she’s still at it!
      I HATE JILL ZARIN EVEN MORE..if that’s at all possible.

      • Had Enough! says:

        I don’t think anyone has said this before (is that even possible?) but I am sick of this excuse about Ally’s college applications. First, you hired a professional college application coach. Second, if your kid is too fucking immature and irresponsible to get her applications done on time, maybe she needs to take a year or two off and work before she goes to college. Third, I checked the Sarah Lawrence website and there are TWO early decision deadlines – Nov. 1 and Jan.1. I guess Sarah Lawrence isn’t quite as exclusive as it once was. Anyway, the point is that if your irresponsible, immature kid missed the first early decision deadline, she could have made the second early decision deadline.

        There. That bullshit excuse has been demolished. Why don’t you just admit it? You didn’t want to go because no one wanted you there.

        You stupid bitch.

        (PS – about the language. I just can’t think of any word that better describes Jill but stupid bitch and for Kelly, I’m so sorry, I tried, but Fucking Moron was the nicest thing I could think of).

  99. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    OMG !! @Mickey MOUTH, AWDD or Attention Whore Deficit Disorder.

  100. chismosa says:

    i agree about Bethenny’s unrealistic weight loss, sorry to say. I also agree that Jill is calculating in everything she is doing right now on TV appearances. EVERYTHING.

    Lynn, since i saw Silex at a book signing two weeks ago:
    Simon IS the one who likes to talk, so go after him. Alex is like she is on the show, observant, quiet, and does pipe up at times, but Simon seems like the one who truly wanted to go into the DIRT that people were asking him about the Virgin Isles & Kelly.

    Sonja, we love you! Just do right by this whole thing and i’m sure next season you will be discussing it to the camera.
    If Jill makes a scene at Ramona’s ceremony tomorrow night at THE PIERRE- then i will vomit on the spot. How can Ramona tolerate her? i am on everyone’s side who is very critical of Ramona’s relationship with Jill. I don’t understand it and R should stand her ground. Who cares if you run in similar circles? you have team BRAS now….

  101. lillybee says:

    Beth gained 35 lbs during her pregnancy. After birth, if one counts the weight of the baby, the planceta, and amino fluids most women lose 20-25 lbs there. Beth prob. didn’t lose that much but I would think about 15 lbs. So a 14 lb weight loss in 3 weeks is reasonable especially if breast feeding.

    • TLM says:

      Lillybee, my thoughts were about the same, but I came at it a different way. If she lost 3lbs/wk, which is the max u can lose of fat, that = 9 lbs. Add the baby being 5 lbs. Now you are left with about 21 lbs., and she could be losing a good deal of that in water weight through breastfeeding and getting rid of the water retention she had. They said she is in a size 4 now, but I have read everywhere she is normally a size zero. 10lbs usually equals one size.

  102. iceNfire says:

    Has this been posted – Jill talking about Alex – history of attacking? LOL

    In the finale, you’ll see there’s a moment with Alex where she wants to talk to me. I just remove myself from it. I have nothing against her, I’m just not going to give her another shot at me since her history with me is to attack me unprovoked.


    • Jenni says:

      Translation: Jill walks away in a huff once again, and refuses to hear or listen to anything Alex has to say.

    • otaypanky says:

      makes you want to hate her all the more…doesn’t it?

    • katiecoo says:

      Good Lord. She’s just too chicken shit to take on Bethenny toe to toe as she knows she’d stand no chance and Alex is more of a “sure thing” target for her. Talk about bullying! Blech!

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      I really just want to bitch-slap that woman! Alex and her family have been treated like trash by Jill! Jill went to the press in season 2 and slammed Alex and Simon to Cindy Adams. Not to mention all the snide put downs and remarks Jill’s made about Alex’s boys. In my opinion, Alex would be justified in kicking Jill’s ass! The emotional trauma that piece of shit has put Alex and Bethenny through deserves a smack down!

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Ooh, I saw this before I could shut down. LOL!

      That is Jill’s m.o.–back stab, bad mouth behind hidden identities or as phantom insiders spreading false rumors and outright lies, but never confront directly!

      She lost Bethenny’s friendship that way. She’ll never learn!

  103. A former Jill fan says:

    In Jill’s delusional mind, any appearance anywhere makes her a co-host. Why, she even makes “ghost” appearances that nobody ever sees! LOL!

    I have to say, Jill must be one of the most stupid people alive. Lying on tv, in print, on twitter and facebook…doesn’t she realize there IS an internet and that we do have fingers to type on our keyboards to verify her false claims? We also have eyes to see what she’s doing and ears to hear that horn-y voice…

  104. A former Jill fan says:

    All Jill can do is lie and whine. Whine, whine, whine!

    Just like I wouldn’t have offered her water or a toilet, neither would i give her any cheese with that “whine”!

    LOL! 😛

    Ok, I’m signing off for the night! Have a good one! 🙂

  105. Squirrels says:

    Ramona is astute enough to know the difference between honey and vinegar. Burning bridges like Jill does has consequences. Ramona gets that. It’s more a business policy, but that’s what this is to most if not all the women, strictly business.

  106. otaypanky says:

    Leave a comment at end of article. We should all start commenting on these articles and direct people to this site and amazon. Let’s spread the real word. Do not let Jill get away with this.

    Ches says:
    June 2, 2010 at 10:52 pm
    This one is interesting…Jill amswers some questions.

    • otaypanky says:

      Now, her new target is Alex.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      Well, that changes everything. She brought gifts! It’s in the book . . .

    • katiecoo says:

      I made a comment…that pig just keep sinking lower and she just needs to be continually exposed.

    • emt2 says:

      Thanks for posting this.

      Funny that Jill forgot that she planted a nasty story about Alex and Simon in Page Six and admitted it.

      I wish that Alex would get more opportunities to be seen in the media because people who don’t know anything about her, assume that she was being evil towards Jill when she “delivered the message.”

      Jill ignores Alex all of the time. Alex even tried to talk to her at Luann’s party and Jill said that there was nothing to say.

      Why don’t interviewers ask real questions like:

      “Jill, you’ve said that Alex attacks you unprovoked but how would you respond to the numerous times she has approached you in the past because you have hurt her or the numerous times that you have criticized her? For example, planting the article in Page Six where you called her husband an alcoholic. Another example is when you said that she had the body of a model but not the face.

      Or when you texted her asking for gossip about the death of Bethenny’s father even though you already knew that he died and when Alex approached you about how upsetting it was that you were gossiping about a death, you yelled at her?

      It’s like the interviewers don’t watch the show and know the back stories. That is why Jill and Kelly are getting off in the interviews lately.

    • Kokuanani says:

      Leave a comment at end of article. We should all start commenting on these articles and direct people to this site and amazon.

      I agree.

      One of the things that really frosts me is that Jill [and to some extent Kelly] are in hyper-publicity mode, and the idiot places that interview her, or allow her to be on tv, are so damn stupid they just allow her to prattle on without challenging or questioning.

      This results in some in the audience believing Jill or Kelly’s version of things: “they kicked me out,” “I was bullied,” “I wanted to reconcile, but didn’t want to do it in front of the cameras,” and on and on.

    • Had Enough! says:

      You mean you all haven’t been? I’ve been posting every chance I get.

  107. Squirrels says:

    Irritate, deflection. Zen and the Art of War.

  108. ridicurhony says:

    After watching the plethora of personality disorders and mental illess on this show it has become a catalyst for me. I’ve had the same Jill shit going down in my life (only with family) since January. I’ve increased involvement with my real friends in town who love me and tell me yes, you are not crazy, talked my husband’s ear off, tried to move past this, did the whole try to explain my point of view and saying STOP it to my problem ppl to the point of no contact – their choice and mine (much the same as Beth and Alex did with Jill), taken up extra aerobics, extra activities, and engaged in the most positive things I can find to do, but this show has hit some very raw emotions. I didn’t realize it was a bad idea for me to get involved in this blog. Finally after two real terrifying panic attacks yesterday and today while reading the blog & comments, I called a counselor and have an appointment for next week. God.

    Jill and Kelly are insecure infants who need to grow up but they are inside their own realities and do not relate to the world within the world’s frame of reality so they will not grow up. Watch Jill carefully during that clip of her and Beth’s lunch. She is cold, she is claiming she wants to end the ‘separation’, but Bethenny has already moved on to a DIVORCE. Jill damaged her soul just a little bit. When she says ‘it killed me’ I know exactly how she felt. Jill is sitting there still thinking she is going to control the situation and Bethenny is already gone.

    I’m ready for a DIVORCE myself – and it’s not from my hubby.

    Not making this comment to upset anyone, just wanted you all to know that even if I don’t comment, I’ll be watching with you and will read your comments when I can.

    You know, you’d think Jill Zarin would be embarrassed by viewing her own behavior. But they never are. That’s because she is right and everyone else is wrong. Plus she’s building the next case against, who is it now? Thanks, Jill (and Kelly let’s not forget your abusive contributions – with all the shit about bullying as you sit there and lie) for the twisted ugly way you got me to finally go get what I need. UUGGHHHH!

    I’ll be OK. lol. Been thru this before. Just now mad because I deluded myself for, um, 10 YEARS that some people could change – all I have to do is go back to knowing that some people will never know who I am no matter how much I tell them about my life.
    apologies for the downer comment.

    • katiecoo says:

      Oh so sorry you are going through a hard time and the crazies on this show have poured salt in the wound. Sounds like you can really relate to the Alex and Bethenny situations and esp. Alex’s full blown trauma reaction in St. John. Please take care of yourself and yes sometimes we have to hit that last nerve to just. walk. away.

      Not to get too off topic but I will share this poem (which I also dedicate to Bethenny now that I think of it) which I hope will help you feel better:


      • ridicurhony says:

        thanks for the poem!

        thanks for the commment too – it’s really hard to write something like that knowing damned well that someone might search the internet – i’m trying to be incognito on here – so am trying to be vague about certain things, if ya know what I mean.

        • Lolo says:

          I have been thinking about the similarity among the behaviors of Jill, Kelly & my old boss — very, very similar. It takes me back to those old dark days when no one believed me that she was crazy — fortunately, now most people know, things have been revealed, and I feel much better knowing that people now understand. Stay secure in your mind, you are safe here and we UNDERSTAND.

        • anniieee says:

          ridicurhony-I am so sorry you are going thru this. I went thru it for a long time–but finally figured out (took 10 yrs of trying and playing nice and getting kicked in the teeth for it) that I matter. To me. No one else. (you know what I mean). I decided to get rid of all the toxins in my life–talked to a counselor–who helped me see that I was victimizing myself by allowing this to happen. I get up everyday now–thank God for my life and my family–those that matter- and tell myself it’s going to be a great day. I don’t blame myself anymore for anyone else’s shortcomings. They have to live with themselves–I don’t. Just take care of you–no matter what we want to believe–humans are selfish-and no one else is going to take care of you–the way we try to take care of “them” except you. It’s a long journey–and I am loving this ride. YOU know who you are–don’t let anyone else define you. God Bless you…and take care of you! Annie

    • DarkSonnet says:

      No apologies necessary. I’m sorry you have this in your life, I know how painful, frustrating and destructive it can be. It takes its toll.

      Best of luck with the counseling. It is a good progressive move for you to move forward.

      I agree completely about Jill. Her face really said it all, didn’t it? In her passive aggressive way, Jill was expecting/demanding a tearful apology from Bethenny. Notice that Jill never acknowledges that she made a mistake, only that she is sorry that “she wasn’t ready” when Bethenny approached her.

      She didn’t seem to realize that Bethenny had indeed moved on. Jill has frequently mentioned that she can’t handle the “toxicity” in her life. Well, maybe she should stop looking in the mirror.

      Hang in there, things WILL get better! Their loss if they didn’t take the time or effort to know you. The fact that you made an attempt for 10 years says much about who you are as a person.

      • ridicurhony says:

        thanks – the sick thing with my situation is that I bonded with the person over bitching about someone else – much the same as the show. GOD! cannot tell you how absolutely MUCH i ABHORE Jill Zarin’s BEHAVIOR

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      No apologies needed. I hope you are okay. I wish only and positive good things for you. Take care of yourself. Only you can and you are worth it.

      • ridicurhony says:

        lol, sorry but that reminds me of the ‘all good things’ scene with Kelly.

        seriously all – thanks for the comments. paranoid as I have become, I was expecting some backlash.

        i was pretty freaked out that about the panic attacks – never had one so severe. I was reading, then I was lost. Couldn’t figure out where I was, who I was talking to, who you people are and it lasted for about 30 seconds like being stuck on a rollercoaster just as you go over the high hump. ugh. PHYSICAL reactions scare me – why i called for HELP! lol

    • RileyKitty says:

      Sending a virtual hug your way (((((ridicurhony))))). I completely understand. The people who don’t take the time to get to know you are the ones missing out.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      No apologies needed. I hope you are okay. I wish only good and positive things for you. Take care of yourself. Only you can and you are worth it.

    • Kat says:

      Take a break and I hope you feel better.
      This season seems to be very intense because I believe many of us know of or have people like these women in our real lives.
      I really hate Jill. Not love to hate her. Just hate her.
      I wish Kelly recovery, whatever that means to her. I dislike her intensely.

      In real life sometimes it is harder to channel surf. Good luck.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Hugs from me, too. I have reached the age where I do what is right for me, after a lifetime of doing what others told me I SHOULD do, and of putting everyone else first, and letting people use me as a doormat. Now if something is not working for me, after I’ve given it a fair chance, and really thought it through, I walk away. Not in anger. Just disengage. I won’t tolerate toxicity. I am a good person who does lots of good things and who tries every day to be a better person. I work hard and take care of those I love. So I feel I have earned the right to have a good life, on my own terms. I hope you get there too.

        • ImToula says:

          In the past I had a friend that wanted to be the center of my world. She demanded my attention every minute of the day. She was single with no children. I was divorced with two kids. a full time job and a mortgage to pay. I tried to tell her that I was not able to go out with her as often as she wanted me to. She understood that and then she started coming to my house after work. This was going on for a few months. I had no privacy and no time with my children. Finally one day while she was there, another friend of mine called. She got so upset that she stormed out of my house. I didn’t think too much of it. I hadn’t heard from her and I didn’t call her. After about a week a mutual friend called me to tell me that I behaved terribly and that I should apologize for my behavior……I said WHAT? She pulled a Kelly and told a whole different story. She said that she came over with dinner and I left her to babysit my kids while I went out drinking with a new friend. I knew she was off her rocker and so did everyone else but they never challenged her or get her help. I tried to call her and make nice, but then she pulled a Jill. So I said fuck her. Then she tried to make up with me once I stopped calling her. Sound familiar? Finally I did meet with her. I explained to her that she was not the center of my world. There was a place for her and my other friends in my life, but she’s not my world. She didn’t understand that and it has been 10 years now that I have not seen or spoken to her. I do not miss the drama. I’m glad it’s over. Try not to be upset, I know it’s hard. Things will get better.

  109. Squirrels says:

    It’s nice to think something good comes out of this clusterfuk of a show. Counselors are great.

    • ridicurhony says:

      yes, professionals, at least you can try to believe they’re not guessing at it. heh.

      seriously, this show is like a goddamned bad rerun of my life this year. Only difference is fucking women are on tv doin it and they have a LOT more money than me.

      I’m heart broken. I want the counselor to confirm I’ve taken all the steps I need to take, that it’s not my fault, these ppl r CRAZY and controlling, and that it’s OK to step away. Complicated – do not want to abandon some of them in their old age. But when they’re gone, all hell is going to break loose, I’m afraid.
      on the plus side, maybe you’ll get some insider info from me. lol.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Toxic mother? Got it. Yup. The stories I could tell you. No one believes it, it is so bad. Except my husband, who has to watch it. It really sucks. And it happens to so many women.

      • Char12 says:

        (((((ridicurhony))))) For your own health and happiness you need to step away from the sounds of it. They are thinking of themselves, it’s time you did the same. And please don’t feel guilty. They will probably try to make you feel that way but stay strong. Good luck!!!

  110. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    Is it me, or does the pic of Jennifer Gilbert in the banner at the top of the page look like Alexis Bellino when you catch it out of the corner of your eye! Gross. Goodnight!

  111. Nancyusa says:

    Jill lying again. Early decision college applications are due on Nov 1 for virtually every college. The trip was in late November.

    Jill: The reason why I couldn’t go was barely touched upon and edited out. When I was at lunch with Ramona at the Four Seasons, I was very clear I couldn’t go because that was the weekend before Allison’s applications for her early decision [for colleges] was due.

    • sue says:

      not to mention you don’t apply to multiple schools early decision. She talked in terms of applicationS. Either she’s stupid or lying or both. She kind of sucks at lying.

      • Kat says:

        I think the tutor said they had a month. She was sitting on the couch… I think it was around the time she asked a question of Ally but Jill answered instead.
        Foggy memory.

        • morning says:

          Not to mention wasn’t her very first question after Ramona invited her essentially, “who else is going?”

      • TLM says:

        Ally was used as an excuse, the same way the Countess used her daughter’s birthday as an excuse (which JILL called her on, ironically). Jill used Ally as an excuse for Bethenny’s pregnancy reveal as well. Nothing new here.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Oh Shoot! Should have caught up with the late night posts before I posted – above. Yes, that’s right – the early decision deadlines are usually November 1 and that was true for Sarah Lawrence, too. I looked it up. Plus, as above, the kid had a professional college application coach. Plus as I said above, but it bears repeating, if your kid is too lazy, immature, and irresponsible to get her apps in on time, she is too immature and irresponsible to be going to college. Let her get a job for a year or two and grow up.

      • morning says:

        Noooooooo, then they’ll be home another year! 🙂

        • Had Enough! says:

          True. And for Ally, that is not a good thing. Not that going to a college 45 minutes away is really like leaving home anyway. But let her get up every freaking morning, go to work, earn a paycheck, pay rent, pay for her own clothes, make-up, and activities. I don’t know about all of you, but I came from a middle-class home and I was always working. Started babysitting at age 12, working as a junior camp counselor at 14 (earliest age you could work in my state), sales clerk in a store nights and weekends at 16, and many, many part-time jobs through college. And two jobs during the summer. I agree 100% with Ramona – you should always be self-sufficient financially.

          • morning says:

            I don’t think we have a true picture of Ally since she can barely get a word in edgewise when she’s on camera with her mother.

  112. DarkSonnet says:

    I don’t think she is capable of telling the truth about anything or anybody anymore.

    She is almost pathological in her need to lie and her constant refusal to accept any responsibility for her own despicable actions.

    It is rather easy to believe she has been this way her entire life. She will never change.

  113. chismosa says:

    who is Alexis Bellino? Alexis Arquette for sure…. fug

  114. katiecoo says:

    Wish she would get confronted on her comment to Luann “that was just a good excuse” using her own daughter to avoid the Ramona trip. Pure Narcissistic projection.

  115. DarkSonnet says:

    Is she too stupid to realize that we have the “back story” of how she attempted a power play, trying to convince everyone to go with her on her trip and to skip Ramona’s? And when that didn’t come to fruition she then decided to play Geppetto to Kelly’s Pinocchio with all the phone calls back and forth. And I do expect at any time to see Kelly’s nose become longer.

    In the little we were shown, it was evident that Jill was pulling the strings and adding rocket fuel to an already unstable situation.

    Jill is vile.

    • katiecoo says:

      Funny how Narcissism and all it’s toxicity gets exposed under a microscope on Reality TV, esp since Bravo shows these episodes over and over and over…so we can piece things together, realize who said what, when, to whom and put all the pieces together. Narcis like this are so used to twisting, challenging people’s perception of reality/memory, making up the “Truth” as it serves them moment by moment and getting away with lies when people can’t rewind the tape and challenge them. This is why it’s so delicious to see her so exposed this way.

      Agree completely on JZ being the fuel to the fire of Kelly’s meltdown. Vile, indeed. Yuk.

      • Kat says:

        The reality show we are watching clearly shows us character flaws and personality disorders. It would be nice to see someone successfully deal with Jill.
        I think that might be boring tv though. Jill would need to be ignored. She is masterful at manipulation and twisting the truth.
        If Jill was more intelligent she would be dangerous.

  116. Adgirl says:

    OH SHIT.

    It’s almost OVEEEER!!! What will we do????

    • Kokuanani says:

      I keep wondering that too. Between watching the show, watching the re-runs and reading this blog, what WILL we do when the season ends?

      The only one of the other franchises I watch is Orange County, so it’s a L-O-N-G wait.

    • upperwestsidedude says:

      You, get a hobby! 🙂

      Now I am left waiting for the new season of MadMen. RHONYC is a guilty pleaseure I cannot admit to anyone but you loveley ladies here on this blog.

      • Kokuanani says:

        Yup, I’m waiting for MadMen too.

      • Jillousyness says:

        MadMen!!! OMG yes! Me too. I love that show and we have to wait until August I think.

        • Had Enough! says:

          I will be happy watching Bethenny be happy. Real happiness, not make-believe cartwheels-unicorns-HFCS candy happiness.

          I think we are all going to find happiness and good news addicting.

      • c_mack_Omaha says:

        We have to wait until late July for Mad Men…True Blood is next weekend!

  117. Morgaine Swann says:

    Lynn – You’re going to blog Bethenny’s show, too, right? And have you completely given up on RHONJ? Does anybody here know of a blog where they like the NJ girls? I found one Conservative site I wouldn’t normally go to, but they do great RHONJ coverage. It’s called Death by a 1000 Papercuts. They have new stuff almost every day and they have ALL the dirt on Danielle.

    • anutha hata says:

      Morgaine, I have a link to Toni’s NJ Housewives blog on my site, she graciously invited us over there to talk about NJ- also DB1K, on the right-hand side. njhousewives.blogspot.com . I watch the show & try and post the quotes, but I don’t have the stamina to baby-sit a conversation.
      As far as I know, TWOP NJ board is still up? But they can only be trusted to shut it down just when things get exciting.

  118. anniieee says:

    Good morning…getting ready for work…. lots of articles on this page…talk to you all later. Have a great day everyone!


    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      This photo of Kelly has GREAT possibilities for a new banner. Definitely Mad Hatter material, too.

  119. MAMAZ says:

    I would like to take a moment this morning to talk about Systematic Blathering. SB is when one or more Bravolebrities can’t stop talking to the press, tweeting and making youtube vids about how badly they are treated by the other women on the show.
    Systematic Balthering is wrong.
    Tell a friend, a blogger or a Bravo network executive.

  120. MAMAZ says:

    ridicurhony – Just read your post. Sorry you are having such a rough time. I’ve been there myself. Good luck to you.

  121. otaypanky says:

    NY Post abuzz today with NY Housewives. Page Six article on Bethenny weight loss and back of paper has two articles, one on Sonja DUI and Kelly bullying PSA.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Thanks otaypanky. I just read it. I suppose Kelly will tweet today how AMAZING the Page Six article was.
      Did you read the one where the guy paid $5000 to have lunch with Countless but she had to wear her old nurses uniform. Ewwww.

  122. boston02127 says:

    Good morning everyone 🙂

    @otaypanky ~ I just got done reading pg 6 before I came on here. I was reading about LuMan.

    Money can’t buy you class, but $5,000 can buy you lunch with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps. Hedge-fund titan Jim Chanos bid for her at Miracle House’s benefit at the Bridgehampton Surf & Tennis Club. A spy told us, “Jim ended up bidding $70,000 for some Damien Hirst plates and $5,000 for lunch with the countess, but he did request she wear the uniform she used to wear in her past job as a nurse. He said most of the boys in the crowd were impressed by the countess’ title, but for heterosexual males, the nurse part was more exciting.”

    • Sue says:

      The funny thing is that in Alex’s blog she said that Jill was planning a vacation to St. Barth’s and told all the ladies (when she and Alex were still talking) to go on her trip and not Ramona’s. So the fact that she is using Ally as an excuse is ridiculous.

      Jill is just upset that Alex found her backbone this season.

  123. otaypanky says:

    Well, it seems Bravo has a definite in with Page Six. Constant postings for the housewives leading up to the finale and reunion shows.
    Just wish Jill would shut up!
    That TV Guide article killed me. She just won’t go away and stop lying. She’s shilling that glass of water story all over the place and no one threw her out. When she didn’t get the reception she felt she was entitled to, she CHOSE to blow out of there.
    Loved the article, forget which one it was because I read all the links my fellow bloggers post that said Jill is freaking out because she knows how she came across. But she still won’t just STAWWWP and GO AWAY for awhile.
    People can’t stand you Jill…And now you want to make Alex your next target?

    Lynn: Find out what Alex thinks of Jill blaming her for the frosty reception in the VI and what she thinks of becoming Jill’s new target. Jill is capable of anything and everything. I would not want her as an enemy. This is a broad who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Who wants to spend their lives un spinning Jill’s spin on things?
    This fame whore has nothing better to do with her life than sit, obsess on imagined wrongs and plan revenge. She’s a sicko.

    • morning says:

      Jill just cannot fathom that Alex, someone sooooooo far beneath her is liked and respected more than she. It is beyond Jill’s comprehension.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      Jill knows that she’s in deep trouble. In a desperate ploy, she is going for the person whom she views as the weakest link. No doubt Alex didn’t want to see Jill, but Ramona would have invited Jill to stay if Ramona wanted her there. This is a last-ditch effort to shift blame, but it won’t work. I hate Jill Zarin!

  124. boston02127 says:

    Looks like Kelly and Jill are really running with this bullying thing. Did they see the same show we did? I can’t wait until these two turn on each other.
    have a good day everyone

  125. Rusty says:

    RE: the $5000 bid for lunch with LuMan. One of the NY Postcommenter said that for THAT price, she should have to get down on all fours and take it every which way. I think she should have to take it in the eyeball and ear. Oh . . . and I REALLY hate jill zarin.

  126. Jenni says:

    Happy THURSDAY, everyone!!!!!!!!

  127. HD says:

    HELP! Where is the Page 6 link? I need gawwwwwwwssssssssssippppppp, ladies!

  128. Had Enough! says:

    So here’s the thing. Jill Zarin is so fucking evil that the editors couldn’t find anything GOOD to put in. In fact, they tried to get Bravo to do a five-hour special on lost footage of the really awful shit she did and said that they had to leave on the cutting room floor.

    Wouldn’t you just LOVE to have a special where they show a clip of Jill and then a panel of experts (us) tells the true story?

    Now, back to the Fucking Moron. Remember the story about how she was going to delete her facebook page, but then she realized “less attention to me!” and so she decided instead to give us all a huge surprise/present by adding a separate page for discussions? Which took her three days to do ‘cuz it is so hard to figure out? Fucking moron didn’t realize that people could still comment under her posts AND post on the discussion section. And holy Joseph and Mary, comments on both are vicious (right, but vicious, but then again, this is coming from a person who can’t think of a nicer thing to call her but Fucking Moron).

    • otaypanky says:

      What editors?

    • Jenni says:

      Yes, the Jill deep dive would be riveting to watch, AND, if Jill were to watch it, it might even help her to get a clue about what we find so objectionable about her actions. Intentionally attempting to hurt other people is just evil. Even if she does have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, she might be able to understand and control the acting out in an evil way. But, I guess part of the disease is a lack of empathy, so maybe not. Perhaps she should listen to LuAnne MORE! LuAnne seems to spot some of her actions are not quite right when Jill discusses them with her prior to doing them, and does not seem to have a problem clearing stating what she thinks.

      Jill, maybe you should just try to control your impulsive behaviors until you can talk to LuAnne about what you want to do, AND LISTEN TO HER! (Except when LuAnne has a personal stake in your bad decisions, like hearing what people are saying about her [Ramona phone call] and getting good gossip [Bethenny] phone call).

  129. Had Enough! says:

    Speaking of Page 6, maybe the Fucking Moron should read this one:


    Except that the Fucking Moron is a Never Was.

  130. otaypanky says:

    Paulina was a bitch to those young girls on top model. so happy she got fired from the show.

  131. otaypanky says:

    never saw this blog quiet for one full hour during daytime hours.

  132. ImToula says:

    I thought we might all get a good laugh with this.
    What do you think?

  133. otaypanky says:

    me too!

  134. otaypanky says:

    Yes, Greek Orthodox.

  135. ImToula says:

    Same here. You go to the Cathedral?

    • otaypanky says:

      No, I do not. Ashamed to say I havent’ been a regular at church for quite awhile. Of course, like every good greek girl, I did teach Sunday School when young at St Demetrios in Jamaica.
      Where is the Cathedral in Manhattan?

  136. Olivia says:

    Danielle is now planning on recording a song. Jaybus!!!!

    I’m all in favor of confident women but these ladies take it to the limit and over the edge.

    The frequent refrains of “I’m so smart, I look good, I’m so honest” rings hollow after awhile. Up until a year ago no one had ever heard of these morons yet they feel qualified to record songs, write books, sell jewelry, and write columns is nothing short of amazing.

    Justice will only be served if Jill Zarin disappears completely from the scene. She is not only untalented, but gives women a bad name in the bargain. Denying her access to tv time would serve as the swiftest justice for all.

  137. ImToula says:

    East 74th st. Are you on the west side?

  138. Jessie says:

    Hey so what about the newest negative NY Post Page Six article about Bethenny:


    Not that I agree or disagree (honestly don’t some women just have an easier time getting back to their shape?) but isn’t this the place they say Jill has the “friend”? Do we think Jill is one of those who said this from the article:

    “I worry about the message that sends to the rest of us out here, who aren’t invested in that ‘skinny girl’ persona and don’t have trainers

    I just don’t see the big deal (they even mention the baby weight as something she may have done trying to stay skinny. Wasn’t the baby premature? I like how the article doesn’t mention that…

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/bethenny_baby_weight_plunge_qCrOAHtUKbE7HLAm24RoaK#ixzz0pnZq5vnQ

    • Squirrels says:

      I lost 40lbs in 6wks after my second c-section. Baby was bottle fed. Bethenny and I have a similar build (cept for the top, lol). Main point is it was no big deal.

    • ImToula says:

      I think they are trying to make a point about the whole skinny/diet issue that our society seems to be obsessed about. Not everyone can be as skinny as Bethany. Bethany is a public figure and there are many women that look up to her and follow her advice and eating habits. They do make a good point of how most women don’t have the resources that starts have. Finally, everyone’s body is different. Some women are top heavy, others bottom heavy. The message I got form the article is that Bethany lost the weight fast, but that isn’t the rule for everyone. Don’t put yourself under that pressure. I don’t think it’s a negative article at all.

    • Sue says:

      I lost 40 lbs. in two days after having my c-section (bad pre-eclampsia). I still had plenty to lose, BUT Bethenny has been exercising and eating right throughout her pregnancy plus she’s breast feeding. Many women bounce back after pregnancy. Good for her to be able to bounce back.

      Let’s not forget that two weeks after having baby Bryn Bethenny had to do the reunion show. Who knows how stressful that was and how that effected how she ate. Also, we’ve seen pictures of her out to lunch with Jason.

  139. RHONC says:

    I’ve been a reader of the blog, but I’m a first-time poster. My husband is upset with me for getting him hooked on these RH shows. He can only stomach NYC. He’s Italian-American, and he refuses to watch the RHONJ with me anymore. Anyway, I came across this radio interview with Ramona (conducted early in the season) that I thought was interesting. I go back and forth with her, and she’s not making me cringe this year (except for the Brooklyn Bridge episode). She says that she thinks LuMann is the “least real” when asked and that she is a completely different person off-camera. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mrmedia/2010/04/08/ramona-singer-reality-tv-star-the-real-housewives-

  140. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ ridicurhony feel better soon.

  141. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ Jessie Re: NY POST yep I think Jills BFF Cindy Adams works there.
    Re: Bethennys weight loss when I had my first baby I lost 20 lbs the first week it was all water I had gained 40 so the other 20 took a while. However Bethenny is a natural foods chef she knows what to eat and she’s into yoga and all those things combined helped her get back in shape. I don’t think the article should be bringing up the babys weight as I’m sure Bethenny would’ve have wanted Bryn to be full term and is just grateful that she is ok.

  142. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @otaypanky that Tv guide article on Jill Really PISSED me off too.
    How can she say if Alex had not said anything she could’ve have stayed.
    Did she not remember them calling her and telling her about Kelly’s behavior the night before? The B.R.A.S were still RAW from their time with Kelly and then Jill shows up. What is Alex suppose to do beam with joy and jump up an hug Jill. Jill and Kelly need a reality check. UGHH!! Can’t Stand THEM!!!

  143. Quincy IL says:

    I don’t think Bethenny’s weight loss is odd. I gained 38 lbs in all three of my pregnancies and within a week the scale would show a 30 weight loss. There are a lot of fluids and then there were three babies…

    I think Bethenny had preclamsia (sp?) Did you notice how swollen her face got right after the wedding. She was in be a lot too.. She was really quiet right after the delivery and that is when they run the IV’s to prevent brain swelling. Bethenny mentioned that there was no food and they don’t let you eat when pouring all of that chemical into your blood stream.

    Bethenny was 40 at the time of delivery and those old bones don’t move like a 20 something delivering either.

    I think she is wise to have the second baby within 2 years and be done with pregnancy.
    Most of us are moms and we know it’s not easy.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      I agree. I don’t think the weight loss is unusual at all.

      • desertgal66 says:

        I’m a mom of five, and I don’t see anything unusual about it, either. Bethenny’s a healthy eater, and in very good shape, so she probably didn’t gain that much weight beyond “baby” and “water” weight, and it isn’t unusual that it dropped off quickly.

        I have to agree that it did look as if she had pre-eclampysia (nope, can’t spell it) and/or toxemia, which would also account for the premature delivery.

        In any case, Bryn is healthy, B&J are happy, and Beth looks great! Blessings to them.

  144. Jessie says:

    See that is two responses already about people who lost their weight quick. It just makes me SICK what can be implied with no back-up to it especially when we all know that Jill just HAD to have a hand in that story.

    And I agree with everyone about Bravo needing to show the truth. It is not right for the twits to be able to outright LIE to the public about what went down and blame Alex the most!

    Jill started the rumor of Alex being let go of the show. She is now using the RUMOR SHE STARTED as the reason Alex is “mean” to her this season to stay on the show. But she was never in danger of being off the show except according to Jill. Who is now using that as her “mean girls attacked me and kicked me out of Ramona’s”. Unfair to both Bethenny and Alex who seem to keep quite and trying to just move on. I will feel horrible for Alex if she is left on the show without Bethenny. You know she will be their target.

    • Edinburger says:

      And let’s not forget that Jill said part of the reason she was a bitch this season was because the producers told them to bring the drama or lose the apple. I’m paraphrasing, but it was something along those lines. So Jill has used this excuse herself, but is now using it as an excuse to make digs at Alex? Bitch doesn’t even come close to describing Jill.

  145. Squirrels says:

    Alex will never be a Bethenny, but she has her priorities set. I doubt those priorities include trading barbs with the now defunct Queen of Mean.

  146. Squirrels says:

    Although I would like to hear Alex say, “oh drop dead Jill”. That would be nice.

  147. cusi77 says:

    Good Morning Lynn! Good morning sunshines!
    Mes felicitations, the best!

    Thank you Lynn, that letter was brave and nessesary.

    I have been reading and enjoying all your commentaries “My girls”- like my hubby call all of you …. and boys, if there are some…

    I have another theory about WHAT WE ARE NOT GOING TO BELEIVE WHAT HAPPEN at the reunion –Ramona and Alex stated that in their blogs.

    1.-By now we know two of the HW left… my theory is:

    Jill was confronted by Ales for trying to sabotage Ramona’s bacherolette trip (It does not matter if she payed or Bravo… it was about Ramona and not JZ)…

    Ramona lost it, call Jill disloyal, the countless lectured “I can not beleive you did that to…. (put a name)”… Sonja supported Alex….

    Jill anounced she is leaving the program and KK followed her (like in Jen’s pantry)

    And now She is trying to gain fans to ask her to return….

    In The USVI her leaving to be asked to stay DID NOT WORK! Maybe this time works, in her little, little, did I say little? mind!

    I it is GREAT to have this place to come… I love you Lynn and all of your commenters!

  148. hooked on reality says:

    After my first baby I lost all the baby weight within a few weeks also. I did follow any special diet or exercise. But after the third baby is a whole different story. My third son is 5 and I still haven’t lost all the weight. Every one is different and every pregnancy is different.

  149. hooked on reality says:

    After my first baby I lost all the baby weight within a few weeks also. I did not follow any special diet or exercise. But after the third baby is a whole different story. My third son is 5 and I still haven’t lost all the weight. Every one is different and every pregnancy is different.

  150. hooked on reality says:

    After I had my first baby I lost all the baby weight and followed no special diet or oxercise program. After my third son is a whole different story. He is 5 and I still have not lost all the weight. Every body is different and every pregnancy is different. Jill only has one child and therefore probably thinks that all pregnancies should be like hers. Could you ever imagine Jill pregnant? Oh my, I bet she was a royal B**** and wanted to be treated like a queen, even more than now.

  151. hooked on reality says:

    sorry about all the repeats

  152. Squirrels says:

    I’m watching a rerun. Did Kelly really just say Playboy was the most infamous book in the world?
    Never mind the obvious …
    When did it become a book? LMAO

    • Had Enough! says:

      “Book” is what magazine insiders called a magazine. She’s just trying to show us that she is an insider.

    • TLM says:

      She didn’t even use “infamous” correctly. “Famous” means something’s well known; “infamous” means it’s well known for a BAD reason. Yay, I’m posing for the MOST INFAMOUS magazine in the world!!! Sigh.

      I have to agree with Bethenny that Kelly has a very strange and poor command of the English language. What’s odd is that she’ll periodically use words like “underpinning” and temporarily make you think she’s not *completely* illiterate, and then it will all fall apart as we saw with the “lemons/lemonade, chef/cook” comments.

      At least with the RHONJ there’s never any doubt that they don’t understand English. 😉 Did anyone catch Danielle on the Today Show TWICE telling Natalie Morales that she pleaded guilty to “The Leese-er” of the charges against her, and Natalie corrected her with “lesser” after the second mention? Who the F speaks English as their native language and doesn’t understand the word “lesser,” especially when they have undoubtedly heard that word in court and from their attorneys several times? I still can’t forget her saying she “wanted clearance on this” when she was in the restaurant at that [infamous!] dinner. Did you mean you wanted CLARITY, Danielle? Hmm, maybe the restaurant wasn’t very CLEANSINESS. LOL. I will not watch another minute of that show.

  153. Buffalo says:

    I cant believe Jill still has fans. If you search her name on Twitter you see a lot of people defending her….I just don’t get it. I can’t believe she is trying to spin everything onto Alex. In the beginning of the season the girls do their interviews they are asked who is the most easy going, who has had the most work done ect ect and Jill answers to the most east going “ALEX”. She just doesnt know what to do and thinks this will work. But it isnt!!! People love Alex and it is killing Jill(and i love it!!)

    Kelly is really a lost cause. No need to comment because she digs herself deeper and deeper daily. She claims she was FORCED to go to St. Johns. I do not believe that. I am sure they encouraged her to go but there is no way they forced her too. Luann and Jill didnt go so why was she forced??

    I really hope Andy calls them out about the editing shit but I really dont think he will

  154. error 404 says:

    I think one has to really have their rose colored glasses on to think that that Bethenny Bashing page 6 was positive.

    Her entire career is based on diet and natural foods, and the article had no purpose but to plant the seed of suspicion that she’s not heathy, possibly has eating disorders, and probably endangered her own child’s life due to her obsession to be “skinny”.

    The only good they did was adding B’s rebuttal at the end.

    And if Kiki lies one more time about how she eats chicken wings and drinks beer all the time and just somehow magically stays thin… talk about promoting unhealthy lifestyle and projecting a false idol for kids to emulate!

    These women are so phony and mean! And yet again, this was another thinly veiled effort to sabotage Frankel’s livelihood.

    • otaypanky says:

      One just need to look at kelly’s body to know she is unhealthy.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        Kelly is obsessed with working out. It’s obvious by looking at her. I also wondered if maybe there might be some steroid use up in the mix….roid rage anyone?

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        Kelly is obsessed with working out. It’s obvious by looking at her. I also wondered if may be there might be some steroid use up in the mix….roid rage anyone?

        • If You Had It Like This says:

          Oops. I meant maybe… no space. I swear I went to college… not Columbia, the country..

        • emt2 says:

          ITA. When Kelly first told LuMann and Godzilla that she was going to pose for Playboy, she emphasized the fact that she works out ALL the time. And then when she was at the actual Playboy shoot, she talked about her diet of beer and chicken wings.

          Yeah, okay.

          She looks like she does take steroids. Looking at pics of her from 10 years ago, it’s clear that she has worked her body done to bones. She was much curvier back then and had nice skin. Now she looks like an anorexic rotisserie chicken. She looks like a tranny, now.

  155. HD says:

    Thank you, Had Enough for the link. Bethanny is not the first nor the last woman that will drop weight fast after having a baby. That seems to be the trend in Hollywood-who can drop it the fastest. She looks good. Hell my daughter is 14 and I STILL have baby weight. Guess I am on the 18 year plan.

  156. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    OK Kelly needs to stop calling the Virgin Islands SCARY ISLAND.
    I think they should sue her.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Well, she was there and she certainly was scary. And since she is so great and all, now the island must be named after her.

      Now that it is “her” island, will we soon be inundated with after school PSA videos touting how great the island is?

      Her twitter was quiet for an unheard of amount of time last night – this morning.
      Did Kelly not come home last night?

  157. iceNfire says:

    ridicurhony – Wishing good things for you. Counselors are great, I use a form of meditation (when I’m out of xanax lol) you might want to try “The Silva Method
    of Mind Control” The book by Jose Silva is available at most library’s and there are also Silva sites right here on wordpress. Just Sayin’ – Take care dear.

    • ridicurhony says:

      thanks, I’m going to look this up. I would like to add to the story that I made some great positive changes last year and had a big success this year and just when I was feeling soooo happy, that’s when the real nasty shit went down. Jealousy steps in….

      Think the anxiety is a symptom of stepping outside the comfort zone, confronting some of the crap, and greatly contributed to by whacko menopausal hormones or lack thereof.

  158. ridicurhony says:

    All I have to say now is I will be glad when it’s over for the season.

    I think it’s a great show. Unfortunately it matches up with true life in too many ways for me: controlling behavior and confabulation, necessary estrangement … forced social situations, forgiveness and supposedly understanding, innocent wary re-entry into the mix … and then … controlling behavior, shocking reveal of untrue things that do not match up with reality, ruined vacations, simple statements of anger that are …molehills turned into lemonade,…. an audience for the spin, a lot of unnecessary pain.

    I can see Jill is hurt and I feel sorry for her that she’s done this to herself. She is blind to how her behavior affects other people. She won’t wake up or snap out of it and see that her behavior is what drove B away because to admit it would make her a ‘horrible person,’ not the perfect self she wants to be. She’s getting stuck on her own shock that Bethenny talked back to her and she doesn’t get to control her.

    Jill can’t get past the idea that B is an individual and not inside Jill’s head or an extension of herself. Smothering beth including talking 4 or 5 times a day, is what brought about the ‘you need a hobby’ comment. I laughed out loud how Jill nailed that one when she said ‘it’s like she’s saying get OFF me’ with no actual recognition that yes, that is exactly what B meant.

    Thanks to everyone for the comments, I know I won’t be able to stop watching this til it’s over. And your witty comments about the show have been like a gift from baby Jesus to me. lol. It’s all good.

  159. Shadowsnomore says:

    Her is another take on Jill and her ridiculous spin.


    I left my 2cents on the comments section. I am another who can’t comprehend how ANYONE can defend this BITCH! It defies logic.

  160. GreatExpectations says:

    Here’s an article from Salon.com about Real Housewives & child exploitation.


    “It’s no secret at this point that reality TV is a genre built on the perverse pageantry of degradation. For years, the basic formula has been to fill a mansion with unstable wannabe actors, pit them against one another, feed them booze, and watch them fuck and fight. As long as everyone is of age (and has filled out the required paperwork indemnifying the network) it’s all fair game. There’s no law against people making fools of themselves on national TV.

    But what happens when the genre’s demographic reach starts to invade childhood — when those caught in the manufactured mayhem are too young to protect themselves?

    The answer is pretty simple: Exploitation.”

  161. desertgal66 says:

    Squirrels says:
    June 3, 2010 at 10:11 am

    I’m watching a rerun. Did Kelly really just say Playboy was the most infamous book in the world?
    Never mind the obvious …
    When did it become a book? LMAO

    In publishing lingo, a magazine is called a “book”. Kellamity was, apparently, wearing her “serious editor” hat when she said that. It’s not working, Kell. You are too dumb to pull it off.

    I wouldn’t say that Playboy is the most “infamous book” in the world. Aside from the nude layouts, which are fairly mild as nude layouts go, Playboy is respected for substantive articles on a wide range of topics. The Hefners have pulled in some seriously heavyweight contributing authors over the years.

    Hustler, or any of the Flynt/hard core publications – those would be “infamous”.

    Kellamity is an idiot.

    • Rusty says:

      You know Cracky’s rule: If I say it . . . it’s true.

    • UpperWestSideDude says:

      I agree, infamous should only be applied to “books” that give you the full beaver or offer you ridiculous advice from a Jewish lady that hails from Long Island. 🙂

      Thank god we didn’t have to endure Kelamity’s leathery snatch…

  162. Shadowsnomore says:

    This may have already been posted… sorry if it has, don’t mean to repeat.


    More delusions from Kelly. She and Jill must be blood sisters and shared their mental sickness with each other. Calling them out as liars and bitches doesn’t even begin to express the contempt and vile I feel for these petty bitches. They are such narcissistic, self indulged and self entitled “ho-bags”! I wish I could bitch-slap them both. I might go to jail but it might be worth it!

    • HD says:

      I just read it. I can’t take Kelly’s ignorant ass. I can’t wait until this show is over. Jill and Kelly make me so mad!!!

  163. Shadowsnomore says:

    Just watched the “Jill Stuart’ confrontation. I loved that Bethenny told Jill that ” picking fights with everyone isn’t a hobby! ” And we got to see again that Jill wanted “B” to give Jill all the credit for “B’s” success. Makes me dislike Luann so much more as well. She really is a snake.

  164. Nancyusa says:

    watching a rerun….B was asked to host the Today Show and B said ” When I got there they said Jill called up there saying …Why wasn’t it me… “


  165. anniieee says:

    ridicuhoney, I have a comment for you…way up. Hang in there…. we all care and wish you the best. You are one smart and empathic woman. God bless..and take good care.

  166. shantygal says:

    Three days ladies, three days to get caught up! Thanks to all the fab links you guys have posted.

    To ridicurhony – so it took 10 years, no big whoop> Lesson learned and now you have the rest of your wonderful life to live WITHOUT the toxicity. I too went through a similar experience last last year into this one. 2010 – The Year of Living With Narcissists.
    Couple of randoms:
    Yeah, 2.4 million viewers would get a show canceled on network tv. In the cable universe though, those are huge numbers. No wonder all the interviewers let them slide on their canned “answers”, none of them have seen the show or really know who they are. They’re just following leads from their “google alerts”.

    The OPPOSITE of everything Kelly says is true. My new battle cry (or should I say “babble cry”) Remember The Presidio!

    And finally, I really Hate Jill Zarin.

  167. katiecoo says:

    “She brings me to tears and I can’t be friends with a person who brings me to tears”

    Jill during Fashion week about…..RAMONA. Again with the “we’re not friends, I can’t be your friend” BS.

    So you can’t be friends with her but you show up unannounced in the Virgin Islands at her party and expect to be welcomed with open arms just weeks after saying this?

    I love seeing these older episodes again to bust her a$$.

  168. A former Jill fan says:

    Jill is the type of “friend” that you pray you never have!

    I just awoke a little while ago after about 6 hours of sleep! I hardly ever sleep that long! it’s usually 1 to 3 hours at the most! Phew! And I dreamt…not about Jill, but that I was traveling around with a bunch of people on a shopping/traveling spree. LOL! And right before I awoke, I was looking at a kindle/nook type device with a phone! LOL!

    Well, gotta get busy for a while. Will come back later to relax and read some…have a nice day watching the reruns!

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Actually it was about 8 hours sleep as it just sank into my still sleepy brain that it’s now way past noon! I did wake up twice to go pee, but went right back to bed. How strange! LOL!

  169. shantygal says:

    Dang, I should take notes while I’m reading because I forgot to say, Lynn I love you and your blog. I’m so excited for your weekend rendevous with the McCord-VanKempens. Can’t wait for the full report.

    Another reason why I hate Jill Zarin – she always has to have someone, anyone, to hate on. As soon as one figures her out and starts avoiding her, she’s on to the next one. It doesn’t seem to matter who it is. It won’t be long before it’s Kelly or Luann or Sonja or even Darren. The person standing closest will be the target. And poor Jen G. She never really had a chance. Even if the circamstances had been different this year, i.e. no Bethenny life successes, Jill would never have accepted Jen as her equal. She views her as “hired help”. On second thought , I guess Jen was chosen to be her new underdog and after she worked her magic, Jen could then hang with Jill’s fabulous circle of upholsterers.

    Yup, still hate her.

  170. If You Had It Like This says:

    Does anyone know about this book? http://rebeldebutante.com/confessionsofarebeldebutante.html

    The author was Ally Zarin’s tutor for awhile and apparently it was the craziest job she had. Maybe she dishes.

  171. DarkSonnet says:

    If I didn’t know better, I would think this is Freaky Friday.

    Instead, it is just Freaky Kelly,

    http://youtu.be/IyDAw1lBwBA?a WTH??

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      Speechless. Fake Bullshit. Well, apparently I was able to muster up a couple of words…

      • otaypanky says:

        What? Now she wasn’t bullied? Now she’s blessing all of them?
        This broad is off her rocker.

        • katiecoo says:

          Good Lord I don’t even think I can click on that just now (I have her on the backround too) . My head might explode.

    • emt2 says:


      She is trying to copy B’s blog from the first season when she thanked all of her castmates and gave shout outs:

      Bethenny writes:

      To Luanne (Mrs. De Lesepps): You are incredibly graceful, you know exactly what to say and I admire you’re ability to keep it to yourself. I skipped that day in school.

      To Jill: Thank you for calling me a “skinny bitch” and dragging me to meet the Bravo producers. You have definitely changed my life and I love you and your endless rants.

      To Ramona: You are a wonderful mother and have an incredible daughter which to me is the most difficult and impressive feat in the world.

      To Alex: You are truly charming, kind, sweet, beautiful inside and out and you really can take the heat without getting burned. You can come in my kitchen anytime.

      To Simon: You are an incredible father, husband and housewife, and you gave me my funniest lines of the season.

      Kelly is totally single, white female with Bethenny. She wants to skin her and wear her like last year’s Versace!

      • DarkSonnet says:

        “Kelly is totally single, white female with Bethenny”

        That’s exactly right! You hit the nail on the head. This is really what the entire season has been about, with added rocket fuel courtesy of JillZ.

        She wants to be Bethenny, all things Bethenny.

        One of the things her daddy’s money can’t buy for her.

  172. iceNfire says:

    I think we are all pretty much pissed about the TV guide article so let’s let everyone know. Bravo cannot be counted on as far as listening to viewers go.
    Plan is to email TV Guide and as many others as you like.
    Then post on every blog and facebook you can think of like we did with petittion. Just copy and paste the following: (let me know if it can be improved)

    We, the viewers of Real Housewives of New York are fed up with Jill Zarin and the way she is portrayed in the press and on TV. Just last night she was on EXTRA promoting a book that is well known to be garbage. A. Chandle the #1 reviewer at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/review/RA5UPKPM4DJAK has been threatened and harrassed by Jill Zarin. Jill Zarin has written positive reviews for her own book under fake names while posting negative reviews to her castmate’s books. She also has a history of doing this with the Fabric store her husband owns.
    Please keep this woman off TV and out of the press. It is time for her to pay the consequences for her actions.
    Thank You,
    Housewives viewers

    Here’s a start:
    extra = http://extratv.warnerbros.com/ (submit a hot tip) lol
    inside edition – email@insideedition.com
    tv guide – brandon.dimassa@tvguide.com
    access holywood = http://www.accesshollywood.com/contac
    today show msnbc = http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32359544
    TMZ – http://www.tmz.com/tips
    People – editor@people.com


    LXTV =
    General: contact@lxtvn.com
    Feedback: feedback@lxtvn.com
    Support: support@lxtvn.com

    Blogs – copy and paste as comment (anywhere)


  173. vgirl511 says:

    I was just watching the fashion week episode, where Bethenney called LuAnn a snake. The next episode, Kelly takes Jill and Ramona to a Perez Hilton party. Kelly starts telling them what happened between LuAnn and Bethenny, and Jill butts in and says she talked to LuAnn, and that Bethenny was being a BULLY! I think that speaks volumes. Jill gave Kelly the BULLY idea to use as her defense for her breakDOWN on scary island.

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      Also speaks to the false concept that Kelly doesn’t like to gossip…

    • UpperWestSideDude says:

      This is what makes me think that Bethenny will ever trust or be good friends with Jill again. If you go back to the beginning of the season and re-watch every episode, it really puts things in perspective – especially regarding Jill.

  174. Anitabee says:

    Something I noticed today while watching the RHONY marathon. Kelly was ok with Bethenny UNTIL the Jillaness attacked Kelly for befriending Bethenny at the Brooklyn Fashion Week Meetings. After that Kelly seemed to have it in for Bethenny.

    Makes me wonder what else that Hag Jill Zarin told Kelly. I mean if you really really think about it, it seems that Jill Zarin is the main reason for Kelly’s Whackadoodle behavior coming out (WAY OUT) in public. If Jill had just let it go – I really think Kelly would be cool about Bethenny. It’s there on the show when Kelly really doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her until Jill butts in.

    I hate JILL ZARIN!

    • anniieee says:

      we must be from the same mother…. we use the same term…sorry just read your post… Love whackadoodle..

      • Anitabee says:

        Hi Sis:

        Love reading your posts. Whackadoodle is the perfect term for Kelly, ain’t it?

    • vgirl511 says:

      I totally agree. I think last season Kelly knew that she was not well liked. When she saw Jill and Bethenny had their falling out, that was her opportunity. She sucks up to Jill and LuAnn in the beginning of this season. I just watched Kelly telling LuAnn, she wants to call her Countess, because she is so charitable….ugh!

    • emt2 says:

      I co-sign. Kelly was actually nice in the beginning of the season-wanting to start over with the ladies and madea nice effort. She forgave B and then Jill told her that Kelly couldn’t be friends with the both of them. So, Kelly is completely in Jill’s ass.

      They are trying to keep up their alliance for the following season. That’s why they are throwing Ramona and Alex under the bus. B will no longer be on the show and Jill and Kelly are the weakest links so they are in spin control to regain fans.

      Alex needs to be in the spotlight more and explicitly state her side of the story because people just think that she is a social climber who is picking fights with Jill. Who is working PR for Alex? They have to step up their game. Jill and Kelly have more money and connections than Alex. Alex deserves to be heard and to have face time, as well.

  175. viki55 says:

    At work so can’t watch the show but didn’t Kelly attack Bethenny prior to the fashion Brooklyn fashion show? I think it was at one of the pre-show meetings. Romona had to referee.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Yes, she did. Kelly brought up the past again at one of the pre-show meetings.

  176. anniieee says:

    Sorry if this has been posted… Jill does some more “splaining.” I hate her guts… good line in there about the other whackadoodle..smellykelly.


    • celeste says:

      As usual passive aggressive Jill has to try to invalidate Ramona’s trip to the VI by telling the world that Bravo paid for it. Typical. Dumb bitch.

  177. DarkSonnet says:

    Ohhhh – I want to see a copy of that book! (Mentioned above)

    I can’t think that Jillousy is going to be very pleased about this! (Makes my day!)

    To be referred to as “the craziest job I had was with Jill Zarin, and to see “gnarly Allyson” in a sentence may cause Jill’s head to explode. (I want a front row seat!)

    Seriously, I’m going to do some searching first, but I may just head to a book store and do some “shelf reading”.

    It would make my day. ;o)

  178. If You Had It Like This says:

    Does anyone else think it’s ridiculous that in addition to being the ambassador for wool, lunatic is now the ambassador for safe sex? What?

    • DarkSonnet says:

      I wish somebody would make her ambassador to the deepest part of the Congo.

      That would be an ambassadorship I could celebrate.

      A Legend in Her Own Mind.

      BTW – Did I mention that I am the Ambassador of Clothes Left In The Dryer and Forgotten? Because I am… ;o)

  179. error 404 says:

    Oh no she didn’t!

    I forgot about this, but after Ramona asked Kiki if she got her boobs reworked, she said in her talking head that Ramona was unstable and acting unpredictably lately.

    Really Kiki? Rally? Ramona is the one having a “nervous breakthrough”? Really?


  180. katiecoo says:

    OMG the classic Kelly episode with the cute journalist.

    Cute Journalist: I just finished reading an amazing Swedish book ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

    Dumbass Kookadoodle: I don’t have any tattoos.

    CJ: Yeah…hmm.

    Obviously she never went out with him then later sort of slammed him saying she’d be married to the most famous photog in the world or some such thing. I think he blew her off! Would love to hear his take (he’s sort of a David Duchovny looking dude…hottie–hey Bravo, bring HIM back!).

  181. iceNfire says:

    LOL Jill sent me this:
    Jill Zarin June 2 at 5:21pm Report
    WHat did you mean by that? I assume you are a fan or you wouldn’t be interested in my life on facebook. What’s really going on? Xo Jill
    So I sent her this:
    We, the viewers of Real Housewives of New York are fed up with Jill Zarin and the way she is portrayed in the press and on TV. Just last night she was on EXTRA promoting a book that is well known to be garbage. A. Chandle the #1 reviewer at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/review/RA5UPKPM4DJAK has been threatened and harrassed by Jill Zarin. Jill Zarin has written positive reviews for her own book under fake names while posting negative reviews to her castmate’s books. She also has a history of doing this with the Fabric store her husband owns.
    Please keep this woman off TV and out of the press. It is time for her to pay the consequences for her actions.
    Thank You,
    Housewives viewers

    • UpperWestSideDude says:

      I wonder if that was really her replying or her minion Darren Zarin. Did they delete your reply yet? 🙂

  182. Char12 says:

    You’re probably aware of this Lynn or it may have been mentioned already but… I was just on Bethanny’s twitter page looking at who she’s following. She’s only following 27 people and you’re one of them 🙂 How cool is that!

  183. UpperWestSideDude says:

    I love the rating results for “the book” on Amazon. Gloria is going to need a new lift to erase those frown lines. 😦

    5 star: (35)
    4 star: (3)
    3 star: (4)
    2 star: (8)
    1 star: (146)

  184. LynnNChicago says:

    NEW BLOG I Hate Jill Zarin Finale Night Tonight June 3, 2010: http://wp.me/pVOhN-1j

  185. Char12 says:

    Kelly’s new video on youtube. She almost sounds normal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyDAw1lBwBA

  186. Jessie says:

    Why does Jill now have it in for Alex? Why is she attacking Alex so much? Is it because she lost with Bethenny and still needs an “enemy”…but one she can “beat”? Unfortunately, Alex is too quiet for her own good.

    I really really hope that Alex comes out guns a blazing for all the lies and manipulation Jill has been doing in regards to her.

  187. butterisafruit says:

    I happen to know a little bit about Wool. Being a knitter for 41 years.
    Hence the Purl part of my name. Well there is a massive fiber artist
    group called Ravelry. Maybe someone else here is a member too.
    On any given moment there will be over 2500 members signed onto this
    knitting/crochet community. Also members include, sheep owners,
    spinners, yarn shops, designers from magazines, large or small
    ….. including VOGUE Knitting.

    It’s membership is around the world. Korea, New Zealand (lots of wool there),
    Canada, South America, Europe and the UK. It’s like the U.N. of Yarn.

    I did a search this morning looking for the Ambassador to Wool and all I
    got were rancid comments on how pathetic Kelly B is to even think she
    could ever hold that title.

    I seriously doubt there is even such a position and if there was. Red Heart,
    Coats and Clark, Bernat, and every sheep herder and alpaca rancher
    felt a cold shiver knowing it was her.

    Whew I almost dropped a stitch, Kelly scares me.

    Mary Ellen Purls

    • celeste says:

      Kelly is the perfect ambassador for wool – after all, sheep aren’t known for being intelligent creatures and Kelly sure bleats a lot!!!!! Plus she blindly follows Jill just like a sheep.

  188. TraceyK says:

    Hi guys! My first time posting here. Re the Kook-a-doodle-do YouTube video about decorating her apartment: I noticed something she said and wondered if anyone else caught it (pathetic, I know). She said ‘when my girls are here’. Odd phrasing if someone has full custody of her kids, no?

  189. hooked on reality says:

    Maybe someone already shared this, but on Jill twitter page her last tweet said that she may not be able to watch RHONY live because she will be traveling. I guess she will not be sharing on the talk bubble when not invited. I am also sure that she must have very little face time on the show tonight since it is Ramona’s ceremony. I bet anything that if the episode was mostly about her she would cancel all plans so that she could watch it.

    BTW iceNfire did Jill ever respond to you after your last comment?

  190. Squirrels says:

    Ok. US weekly is out. I won’t spoil the reunion but I’m not happy. I figure before the edit is finished we’ll pretty much know the score.

    • HD says:

      Okay….I was not going to buy this magazine but now I fell compelled since you said you didn’t want to spoil the surprise. If you are not happy I can only assume Bethanny buried the hatchet which I figured she would. I KNEW this damn reunion was going to go this way with No-Scrotum-Andy asking the damn questions! I knew everyone would be “that was then, I want to live in a place of renewal, I just don’t want the toxicity, lets all be friends”!! UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Does the mag’s in print articles continue the use of unnamed sources who claim things about the reunion, like Kelly was “attacked again?” (Like we can’t figure out the bias of that particular “anonymous” source.)

  191. A former Jill fan says:

    Alex could take Jill any day. You have to look out for the quiet ones. When they blow, they blow! 😛

  192. My Head Is Spinning says:

    Does anyone know how well Jill’s book is selling? Does she really have 300 or so people in line to buy at each signing event??!! I can’t believe that–and how she isn’t ashamed of her behavior–to know her daughter is watching!! How can she not know most or her fans absolutely hate her now!! She is sooo two faced about everyone. Such a negative person–how did she get that sweet Bobby to marry her??!!! I truly loved her and Bethenny last year and now I just can’t believe how wrong I was about her!! I was never that crazy about Alex or Ramonia–but I just adore them now– I’m definately team Bethenny, Alex, Ramonia and Sonia. I don’t even have words for Kelly–she boggles my mind!!! Luann–disappointing!! Truly looking forward to Bethenny Getting Married!!!

  193. Ches says:

    After watching repeats today I think Bethanny resolution with Jill will be the same as it was with her father.
    Both people rejected B for nothing more than living her life…her father for being born and Jill for actually getting a life.
    Both cut her entirely out of their lives and treated her like crap when there was any interaction.
    And I suspect that there were times, when she was young, B tried to reach out to him the same way she did to Jill, but was cut off at the knees.
    That being said, I think she will forgive Jill, but like she said about her father, “It is what it is and I’m not going to sugar coat it.” But she also knew their final meeting was more closure then reconciliation.
    “That chapter of my life is over” and how she is now able to start a new life were said about her father, but I suspect this will also how she looks upon her relationship with Jill.
    A sort ofpeaceful co-existence.
    I think Jill wanted more but I truly doubt she will get it.
    Jill is like that boyfriend that finds a really stupid reason to break up with you, but when you get your life back together, and are doing great, he can’t stand the thought of you being happy without him, and is pissed off that his rejection didn’t destroy you forever and that he can actually be replaced, so he does everything he can to get back together, just so he can have that control back and screw you over again.

  194. Ches says:

    Somebody before asked bout how well Jill’s book did in sales. Apparently you have to go to the publisher for total sales, but I did find this site that tracks the number of sales from Amazon.
    It tracks all Amazon sales (including Kindle and paper) from U.S., U.K. and Cananda.
    I first thought it had to be wrong.


  195. Cyn says:

    My LORD!! Have you seen this?? I swear this woman has multiple personalities!!

    Kelly Killoren Bensimmon speaks out on bullying……

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