I Hate Jill Zarin Finale Post II June 4, 2010

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I Hate Jill Zarin                   The Finale           June 4, 2010

I must say first that I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s episode, it had a little bit of everything and concluded with all of the crazy ladies together looking great. 

Overall I cannot think of any other show on television that I enjoy as much as I enjoy the Real Housewives of New York.  Each week the shows are highly anticipated, each week we hungrily search and share every tidbit of news we can find about the show and these ladies.  We spend hours talking about them and loving them, hating them, how many shows can you really say that about? 

I know that there are other reality shows that have similar discussion sites like, Survivor, Dancing With The Stars, and many others, but for me, I couldn’t get better entertainment than RHONY.  Week after week they brought the drama, fun and of course..hatred. 

I was so proud of Bethenny at the lunch with Jill.  She never backed down yet she did get emotional.  I could see that Bethenny did care about Jill at some point or she would have been much colder and maybe the lunch would never have happened.  It seemed to me that while Jill did actually say the words, “I’m sorry”, she didn’t feel it and she didn’t mean it because the word after “I’m sorry” was “but” as she went on to explain her horrible behavior.  I’m surprised she didn’t say, “I didn’t have my notes”. 

What Jill did say was she never gossiped about Bethenny.  Is she serious?  We watched her in episode one tell all those people on the boat about Bethenny’s voice mail message, we saw her talking endlessly to Luann about Bethenny.  At Perez Hilton’s party Jill was talking about Bethenny’s verbal assault on Luann even though she wasn’t even there!  Jill spent the entire season gossiping about Bethenny!  Jill is a lying piece of shit!  Bethenny hit the nail on the head when she told Jill that she never accepts responsibility for her actions. 

Jill clearly is never going to change and it was almost as if the light bulb that went off in Bethenny months ago, grew brighter when Jill called Alex “toxic”.  What Jill managed to do when she said that was to solidify Bethenny’s decision to keep Jill out of her life.  Bethenny has said it before, Jill always seems to have to have that one person that she blames for everything, she has to hate someone at all times in order for her life to be complete.  When Jill realized she had taken it too far with Bethenny and wanted her back, she moved all of the hate inside of her onto Alex. 

What had Alex really done wrong?  Yes, Alex admitted that her “message” to Jill could have been delivered in a more appropriate way, but the message would still be the same.  She said it in front of all of the other ladies, hello!  You’re on television, those other ladies were going to see it, hear it along with the rest of the world, so in the end, is it that big of a deal?  Jill was also angry with Alex for her response to Ramona in the Virgin Islands when Jill strutted in.  Should Alex have lied?  I believe that was the most real we’ve seen Alex all season.  That reaction was real, the emotion was real, the anger was real and who can blame her.

Jill is treating Alex the exact same way that she treated Bethenny.  Jill won’t even pause long enough to hear what Alex has to say to her.  We watched Alex try again and again to talk to Jill, to clear the air and hash it out.  Jill is shutting Alex out, just as she shut Bethenny out in her many attempts to try to make things right with Jill. 

The difference is that Jill doesn’t care about Alex the same way she cares about Bethenny.  Jill thought she could get public sympathy against Bethenny, what a fool!  She also thinks that she will get any Alex haters on her side even now.  Jill is in the press bashing Alex, she really is a complete moron.  Doesn’t Jill read anything about her show?  We know she watches the show, we know she sees how close Alex has become with Bethenny.  Jill is enraged by the support for Alex.  Jill has tried her best to get Alex off the show even starting rumors that Alex and Simon would be leaving the show. 

No one has any idea who will or won’t be on the show next season.  Personally I believe that a lot is going to depend on how Bethenny’s new show does and whether or not it will be picked up for a second season.  Bethenny left the door open for her return and while she never connected it with her new show, I think that if her show is not picked up, she will return to RHONY, at least in some capacity.  I bet If she isn’t on full time, she will probably at least make some appearances. 

Luann’s song was just an attack on all of the senses!  We have all heard it before even if we couldn’t sit through the entire thing.  At least on the internet we can click on Stawwwwp!  The ladies are all being kind and saying how much they love the song.  Luann is given credit for living her dream…blah blab blah.  Luann is just not a likeable character, unfortunately that is not a character she is playing on TV, that is the real Luann.  She is condescending and rude!  I cannot stand that woman.  Looking back she wasn’t all that bad in Season one, but this has all gone to her head and it is clear to me that she feels like she is better than other people and that makes me want to vomit! 

Did anyone else notice how Jill tried to make Alex look bad for not showing up at Luann’s launch party?  Jill only mentioned Alex, yet Ramona and Bethenny failed to show up to support Luann.  Can you blame any of them?  Luann didn’t show up for the VI trip in support of Ramona, she reprimanded Alex at Sonja’s like a child for her delivery of “the message” (she was so condescending!)  and it is clear to me that Bethenny cannot stomach the woman!  Bethenny is perfectly correct, Luann is not the same person as she was Season one and she hasn’t improved herself, she has become a snake!  Of course, Jill didn’t bother to mention anyone except Alex’s failure to show up.  Jill didn’t actually want Alex to be there, she just wanted to slam her for not being there!  Jill would have ignored her anyway!

Way to go Sonja!  I thought it was great that she finally called Luann out for talking over people and not letting anyone else speak!  Sonja also pointed out that Luann wasn’t even there!  I think she was right to defend Ramona’s decision to get rid of toxic Jill.  The best part of Sonja’s speech was Kelly’s face as Sonja told her they finally got some peace and quiet after Kelly was removed from the island!  Thank you Sonja for bringing much needed class and fun to the show!   Sonja was also nice and tweeted to me last night shortly after the show ended thanking me for my support.  Very nice! 

Kelly will show up anywhere that you tell her the cameras will be!  We’ve all watched her crazy public service announcement, seen her interviews and read her drivel.  She had eluded to the fact that she did not want to go on the trip but her interview with Access Hollywood she came right out and said she was forced, yes forced by producers to go on this trip. 

Last night on Watch What Happens Live a caller asked Andy Cohen whether or not that was true.  Andy clearly said more than once that Kelly was NOT forced to go to St. John.  This had to make Kelly flip out and start talking to her furniture…not the “stuff” but the “objects”!  I can just picture her flipping out!!!

Kelly didn’t fume alone, she took to her Twitter and went wild!  Here are her tweets:

kikilet i wish andy & all of his opinions well.i was forced to go.if i didnt go,the trip wouldnt have been worth money

kiklet i wish andy well he loves the drama more than anyone

kikilet if i didnt go on the trip, they wouldnt have any drama

kikilet a fake getaway trip with the dynasty cast who havent had a pedicure since 98?

Kikilet  bravoandy is an executive at BRAVO. SHED MEDIA pays me.

Don’t bother looking for these tweets, Kelly has deleted them and replaced them with this: 

Kikilet  glad you liked the season of #REALHOUSEWIVES it was their most successful season, ever. great work, ladies

Obviously she was infuriated and as she was basically calling Andy a liar people were tweeting back to her asking her why she was talking that way about her “boss”.  I think many of us view Andy as the boss of the housewives.  I don’t know whether or not he is technically their boss or if he has any control over the cast.   Clearly his first responsibility is to Bravo and bringing in the big ratings.  Is he ruthless enough to ignore the insanity that is Kelly Bensimon and put her back on the show next season simply for ratings.  Probably! 

Kelly hasn’t changed, she is just as crazy now as she was when she filmed in St. John.  The ending of the show had Kelly spending much of her time being charitable?  Tweeting her “words of wisdom” is hardly being charitable!

Jill is never going to change!  She made that crystal clear!  At her lunch with Bethenny, she said that she wakes up each morning trying to do the right thing.  I guess she has some sort of medication in her Cheerios that force her to be a cunning, vile, bitch!  While she was trying to convince herself and others that she tries to be a good person and tries to do the right thing, she is calling Alex toxic! 

Jill blew Alex off again, she just refuses to let Alex even talk to her!  Jill is so closed minded and has no idea how to deal with people.  She knew she couldn’t tell Alex to “Leave!” since it was Ramona’s bash!  Jill is carrying this “grudge” against Alex even months and months after filming ended. 

Jill’s interview had her saying all of the right things, she said she recognizes that she holds onto grudges too long and it is a character flaw that she is working on, yet watch her as she holds this grudge against Alex!   I was proud of Bethenny when Jill tried once again to get Bethenny to forget the past and allow Jill to get back into Bethenny’s inner circle.  The screaming, “who gives a shit!” seemed to mean something different to Jill than it did for Bethenny!  Jill, like a dog with a bone, tried to get Bethenny say all is forgotten and forgiven but Bethenny is so much smarter than Jill. 

Bravo was sure to include captions of Bethenny’s words so that viewers would be crystal clear on what she said.  Bethenny told Jill that she had to make major changes before anything could be better between them.  Jill, once again, being the biggest fool in the world says that she is who she is….basically said take me or leave me!  Luckily Bethenny is leaving her!  Fans have already left her and she has done nothing in the finale to change anyone’s mind.  Thank you Jill for showing us the real Jill Zarin this season and proving to us that we have been right all along in HATING you!

Is it me or is she always losing Bobby?  It seems every event she has said, “where’s Bobby?”  Do you think Bobby purposely stays away from Jill so as not to hear the venom she spews?  I always get the feeling he doesn’t want to be there!

I still cannot figure out what happened with Jennifer Gilbert.  Is she a housewife, is she not a housewife?  She has had absolutely no impact on the show in the few episodes we saw her.  She snarked at Ramona’s wedding planner, who cares? 

I like Alex’s new attitude.  She tells us in her interview that she is not getting anywhere by holding everything in when she is upset.  Everyone gets angry sometimes, everyone has things that they would like to say and it’s time for Alex to have her say!  Practice makes perfect and I think the more Alex comes out with it, the less difficult she will find it to be and the less she will stress out and break out in hives as she gets her feelings out and tells it like it is!  I sincerely hope that Alex is back next season! 

I thought Ramona looked amazing at her vow renewal ceremony!  Mario’s vows actually brought a tear to my eye, I think he is a great husband and father  and he clearly loves his wife.  Not every man would so what he did and say what he said, especially on national television.  I love that he mentioned their daughter in his vows.  Nice job Mario, Ramona and Avery are lucky ladies! 

I really enjoyed the entire season.  Without all of the drama it may have not been as fun to watch but as much as I was infuriated by Jill, Kelly and Luann, I know Bravo wants to bring the drama, I suppose I feel like they could have balanced it a little better.  I also enjoyed watching the less dramatic scenes like the four ladies enjoying themselves on their last day on the USVI trip.  I liked seeing Bethenny and Jason together at his birthday party, alone chatting on the couch and moving downtown!  I would have liked to see more of Alex and Simon with their children, more of Sonja’s life, and more scenes where the ladies are just enjoying themselves!  I find myself smiling when they are smiling! 

Thank you to Bravo, I have really enjoyed season three of The Real Housewives of New York!  I will miss it but I know you’re working on even more great shows for viewers.  I look forward to the two episodes of the reunion and anticipate a third that includes, “lost footage”.  Bravo has put together a lost footage hour for almost every housewives show, I’m sure they will do it again.  I’m also looking forward to Bethenny’s new show, it may not be as dramatic but I think it will bring some giggles and smiles. 

Bravo is putting together Real Housewives series in Beverly Hills and in Washington DC, I hope they are going to meet the high standards that viewers have come to expect.  They are also filming Atlanta and there are already rumors and drama coming out of Atlanta during taping, so we may find another winner there, we’ll have to wait and see.  Overall viewers are disappointed with New Jersey this season and I hope Bravo learns from their mistakes.  I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out what is wrong with Jersey. 

Thank you to all of you for your amazing comments, you have really made this so much more enjoyable for me!  I loved writing the blog and loved reading all of your comments.  This has really been fantastic!  It is not over, there is so much more to blog about!!!  Even while the show isn’t airing, Kelly continues to Tweet, Jill continues to open mouth and insert foot and life goes on…stay tuned!

I am going to put together a blog showing all of the different comments/tweets from the stars of the show as soon as possible. 

So Until Next time…


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917 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Finale Post II June 4, 2010

  1. RileyKitty says:

    good lord the other blog was making me paranoid we had another troll & it was just the comments moving around LOL

  2. Squirrels says:

    You know you are popular when there are 600 postings within a few short hours. Rock on Lynn !!!

    • Kokuanani says:

      Yeah, I’ll bet “Strega” wishes she could get that many posts on the now-defunct TWOP blog.

  3. iceNfire says:

    I’m Like A Dog With A Bone
    I’m thinking that we still have to go after Jill. This is what I do:
    1. Sign up for Jill Zarin google alert.
    2. Compose facts about Jill’s fake reviews on Amazon and Zarin fabrics site, note the name Susan Saunders and the date 1995 throw in a little personal offense (I’m greatly offend by *insert whatever* and write a paragraph or so on notepad.
    3. Copy, paste and send to ALL sites found in your google alerts. Believe me there will be truck loads. lol You will get them throughout the day.
    4. Send emails to Andy, Bravo and NBCUNI
    5. Repeat the next day and the day after that and the…………


    Let’s push hard right now before contracts are offered. ADIOS LUNATIC!

    • iceNfire says:

      back to my copy&pasting

      • otaypanky says:

        what are you copy and pasting?

        • iceNfire says:

          I hate Jill – what else lol Today’s Comment:
          Jill Zarin has Lied and manipulated not only her cast mates but the viewers too. Faking positive reviews fot her book is false advertising. She also posted fake reviews on her husbands fabric store site, dating back to 1995.Screen shots of both of these have been saved by numerous bloggers.Enough already! Get this woman off TV, out of the press and into some serious mental health care.

  4. shantygal says:

    I’m all hated out for today. Getting the sad eyes from the puppy again, time to go walk. g’night.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Oh, wow-THAT’S what LuAnn’s new boyfriend reminded me of. I couldn’t place it, until you said that about the sad puppy eyes.

      That guy looks like a grownup version of the kids in the UNICEF commercials. You know, the ones with the huge, sad eyes. “For only pennies a day, you can feed little Jacques and his entire village…”

      Or those velvet posters from the 70’s, the ones with the big eyed kids in them.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Nite Shantygal!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Kats says:

    So where did we leave off? – we still don’t like Jill, Kelly and LuAnn and because of her big mouth and jealousy issues with Bethenny we added Teresa to the list, I think that covers it.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Teresa is at the top of my list at the moment….I never liked her but she used to be tolerable until she went after Bethenny. The problem is, T doesn’t have the smarts to win a verbal war against B… at any given moment, the top of my list changes LOL

      • ridicurhony says:

        i was completely turned off by the violence she displayed in tossing the table….who does that? also the way they ‘teased’ their little girl to try to get her to behave by telling her she had to walk the what was it – ugly runway?

      • boston02127 says:

        I’m in! 🙂

      • Kats says:

        Lynn I love the Tweets you sent T today.

      • HousewifeInCurlers says:

        I don’t know…I don’t understand why people think Bethenny is sooo amazing. Last season, she was exactly like Jill. I remember her saying that she told Jill to ask Simon to partner up for the tennis match because ‘Simon was so revolting that it would be so funny to see Ramon’s reaction’ (or something of that sort). She also said once in an interview that she and Jill called the store that Alex and Simon shopped at once on the show, and they found out they got their clothes for 90% off b/c it was offseason- who does that?? She was just as awful as Jill. I can’t forget all that so easily just b/c she got engaged and pregnant.
        And I am still sticking with my belief that SHE was the one who leaked the info about her pregnancy anonymously to Perez. She couldn’t wait to tell everyone and didn’t want to have to wait until she was 3 months like Jason wanted. It was just too suspicious to me. If only she and Jason knew, how in the hell did Perez find out?
        She was also BRUTAL against Teresa in her blogs last season, so IMO Teresa has every right to hate Bethenny. Bethenny can attack Teresa but Teresa can’t retaliate? Since when did Bethenny earn that type of power?
        She was Jill’s biggest cheerleader last season when Jill behaved the same way as she always does. Once Jill turned that behavior onto B, suddenly B was this big old victim. I think B is HILARIOUS and I love her one-liners, but I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon of hers just yet.

        • ridicurhony says:

          having had a miscarriage, fertility treatment & failure at the ages of 39 & 40 I strongly disagree with the idea that B. leaked her own high risk pregnancy to the press. It’s just too scary and it would be like jinxing your own pregnancy, not to mention the awful consequences if you miscarried the pregnancy and having to then face the press. Who would sign themselves up for that kind of pain? Just sweating out the first 3 months is bad enough.

          Yeah, she’s mouthy. But she’s also pretty much right on target about people, whereas Teresa just seems to throw out crude names. Teresa thinks throwing a table in an elegant setting is funny afterward and acts proud of it, while saying she’s never acted like that before. Bethenny has admitted when she’s wrong and is now friends with some of the people she was hardest on… that indicates she has something to offer besides the snarky comments. IMHO, Teresa is copying behavior and doing a bad job of it. If she’s angry at B for snarky comments, then why not just say so instead of going after her in this way?

          • HousewifeInCurlers says:

            I’m sorry but the minute Bethenny allowed the Bravo cameras to film her ON THE TOILET while taking a pee strip test to see if she was pregnant, she pretty much lost the ability to use the “I want to keep my high risk pregnancy private’ card. You cannot say anything to convince me that she was so concerned about her high risk pregnancy after THAT show.

            And the fact that Ramona and Alex are now friends with her doesn’t indicate anything to me except that those 2 knew who the ‘fan fave’ was and were smart enough to see the opportunity thrown their way. They are on a SHOW. They know what they are doing, and why. If Alex cared so much about people treating her badly, she would have cared MORE about Ramona running out of the room anytime Alex was in it, or Bethenny slamming her and Simon every chance she had, more than Jill telling a stupid story about her kids crawling up someone’s leg. Alex simply saw the opportunity to actually have a storyline this season. Good luck to her next season if Bethenny doesn’t return. What will her storyline be then, if not B’s lapdog?

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Bethenny wouldn’t leak shit to Perez Hilton. There’s history going back at least to when she was dating a photog and there was a lawsuit against Hilton for copyright infringement, the unauthorized and uncompensated use of photogs’ copyrighted material.

          There are other reasons she’s not a fan of PH and wouldn’t give him the time of day. Jill on the other hand had no problems smoozing with the termite at his party.

          • Adgirl says:

            I’m sorry – did you say she wouldn’t “leak shit”???! hahaha eeewwww.

          • HousewifeInCurlers says:

            Bethenny wouldn’t give Perez the time of day?? Did you not see her tweet to him 2 days ago after he posted a kind blog about her weightloss? She was soo excited and tweeted to him how happy she was to see that blog and that the “best part about breaking up is making up”…suddenly she was so ready to ‘make up’ with him because he acknowledged her quick weightloss. And HE is the one who started posting more mean blogs about her right after and then tweeted to her “We are broken up again. HA!”
            So, she does give him the time of day, as long as he’s nice to her. Just like she did give Ramona and Alex the time of day, when she had no other housewives to turn to. I’m not buying into this “Bethenny is Perfect” b.s. Plain and Simple.
            She tells Jill she needs to change, but when anyone complains about Bethenny’s biting comments, she ALWAYS says “That’s just how I am, I can’t change it”.
            I am no Jill fan by any means, but doesn’t mean I suddenly see Bethenny as some sort of saint. It would be the perfect plan for her to anonymously leak about her pregnancy to Perez since that is the LAST person anyone would think she would go to. I’m onto her!

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Housewife in Curlers: Yeah, I saw the recent tweet. So? To you that means 8 months ago she leaked her own pregnancy to PH before she and her hubby told his own parents? And other friends? People they hadn’t told because it was a high risk pregnancy and they were waiting for the first trimester to pass? That’s not logical, but go on believing that. Belief doesn’t make it a fact.

        • Had Enough! says:

          My reason for liking her this season is that she’s CHANGED. Unlike JillZilla, who tells us she can’t, she won’t change. Bethenny backed it off a lot, partly on purpose and partly because her life changed. She really reined it in. She knew she was causing herself and others grief and she pulled back, assessed, apologized, and cut the crap. She became a better person.

          My other reason is purely selfish. I am sick to death of the toxicity on this program and Bethenny’s continuing to be on the air either on RHoNYC or her own show allow us to share in good news and happy things.

          • HD says:

            I don’t think Bethanny leaked her pregnancy but you can’t pee on a stick in front of camera men, etc etc and think they are all gonna keep quiet. It is just not reality. I do have to admit I did think that was a little naive of Bethanny. Someone is always going to talk.

          • Sue says:

            I’m sure there is a confidentiality clause for all Bravo workers so her peeing on a stick, though not on my top 5 of Bethenny moments, would not get spilled from Bravo. Perez has never been a favorite of B’s. I REALLY don’t think she would do something like that to Jason or his family.

        • emt2 says:

          I agree that Bethenny was very nasty to people. She can be very nasty. But, I think that she takes responsibility for her actions. Jill doesn’t. And Jill likes to recruit people for her team against her enemy. Bethenny doesn’t do that.

          And Bethenny apologizes and means it. Her relationship with Alex and Ramona grew a lot over 3 years.

          Don’t forget how much Ramona hated Alex and Simon and now she loves them?

          Jill is hypocritical and likes to blame others. I don’t think that B is hypocritical and she certainly doesn’t blame others.

          That’s a huge difference for me. And I can relate to B so much more than Jill. I think most people do. It’s not a question of being a Bethenny-bot, but Jill is older, married money and seems like an old-lady curmudgeon.

          Bethenny is a younger, roller-skating, fast-talking, ambitious, witty woman who can be very rude and self-centered but who I would rather have a drink with instead of with Jill.

          Jill is also such a debbie-downer. ALWAYS complaining and chastising someone. Nothing is good enough-not even her new Mercedes sports utility vehicle.

          • Sue says:

            Agree with all you said.

            I had a very good friend who became a miserable, nasty person to be around. We stopped being friends. 8 years later we became friends again. She was in an unhappy marriage at the time of our “divorce” and was a changed person after she married her second husband and even more changed when she had her son. People can change and sometimes it is the “toxicity” that needs to be gone to see the true person that they are.

            B says she’s sarcastic, caustic and owns up to who she is.

          • error 404 says:

            OK, to me this is the difference:

            Bethenny, after spending 3 whole days with Sonja, made a joke about her being a whore because she goes to 5 star restaurants often. The joke was made to Sonja’s face, on camera, but in the context of a dinner party of 5 girlfriends. Sonja got the fact that it was a joke right away.

            Jill, after briefly meeting Sonja once for 5 minutes, made the snarky remark to Courte that he could sit with Sonja if he stuck his tongue down her throat. It was made on camera, but behind Sonja’s back, and to Courte, whom Jill also didn’t know, int he context of a large party full of not only strangers, but single men on the prowl, where anyone could have overheard.

          • courtines says:

            I totally agree with you. One of the things that has been working my nerves all season is the way that Jill is always telling people the way they are doing things wrong. She is completely offensive when she complains about food/decorations/schedules at parties. If someone is gracious enough to invite you somewhere, you should be gracious enough to be polite and courteous. If you want to bitch to your significant other, that is your business, but don’t go all over the party complaining about everything. It is revolting.

        • Robin says:

          For goodness sakes,by the time B was shown on the toilet she was way past 3 mos.So the argument that she was putting her kid in danger via that episode falls flat.

          • HousewifeInCurlers says:

            what are you talking about? that was supposedly when she found out. were we duped?

  6. error 404 says:

    I’m confounded by the “2 wrongs make a right” line of defense we’ve seen from Jill and Kiki.

    So…. Bethenny just used Jill to get famous… so it’s then ok for Jill to plant stories in the press, gossip abut her on speakerphone, make her cry on camera, etc… ? Huh?

    Also…. Jill and Alex were never close friends… so that makes it ok for Jill to bad mouth her behind her back and plant false rumors in the press about her getting fired? Huh?

    and please! Any 9 year old could tell you that the “everyone’s doing it” excuse doesn’t fly! Obviously she isn’t in the 4th grade with Kelly.

    and how exactly did anyone ake it thru the reunion without slapping Kiki. I mean , really!

    • iceNfire says:

      I think that Jill has been jealous and self righteous since chilhood. She is incapable of out growing it.

      • Jennifer says:

        I Jill waited till after reunion to really go after Alex I.e. Alex forced me ou of island because she knew we’d ask about it at reunion and cuz as We see Alex calls her out…..

        As for Kelly saying she never mentioned B she called her evil and tweeted about her milking dads death so that’s another lie

        Also I wonder if Bravo made her remove her tweets or encouraged it

        • HousewifeInCurlers says:

          In my opinion, Alex’s argument about why she treated Jill this way this season, but was so easy to forgive Ramona and Bethenny, doesn’t make sense. Alex uses the comment Jill made about her in the fashion show, but Alex had never even seen that yet until the season aired…and we know she went after jill way before then. Jill was actually right, she never did anything again to Alex after apologizing to her at Sak’s, but Alex still held a grudge. But why didn’t she also hold a grudge against Ramona and B who both treated her MUCH worse in the past?? Doesn’t make sense to me.

          • PFinFL says:

            Remember who Jill was sitting beside at the fashion show? Simon. You know he went home and told Alex everything she complained about including Alex channeling the devil.

          • HousewifeInCurlers says:

            She said that ‘channeling the devil’ stuff in her private talking heads. She only told Simon that Alex was walking too fast.

          • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

            Perhaps because unlike Jill, Ramona & Bethenny have redeeming qualities? I seriously doubt Alex & Ramona jumped on the Bethenny bandwagon because they knew she would be this year’s fan favorite. Filming was over by the time the season started & things really didn’t start swinging Bethenny’s way until Jill put her on speaker-phone so everyone could mock her as she tried to apologize & make up with Jill.

          • error 404 says:

            I’d like directions to this parallel universe where B and R treated Alex worse than Jill did! lol

            Jill told Cindy Adams that Simon was a drunk, which is slander, and then proceeded to spread rumors that Alex was being fired from the show, which is a direct attack on someone’s lively hood.

            And you think calling someone pretentious, or saying you don’t want to be at the same party as them is worse? Wow.

          • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

            In that exchange, Jill asked Alex what she had said or done since the Saks party. That’s when Alex responded with the examples from the fashion show.

          • Had Enough! says:

            ORDERS of MAGNITUDE of difference. Bethenny made snarky comments – which was something she did about everyone. Jill created WWIII with Bethenny and was deliberately hurtful and cruel.

            I also think Alex was particularly upset because Jill criticized her kids, and moms are extremely sensitive about that.

            As for Ramona, well, I think people forgive Ramona because she’s Ramona. She’s fun to hang with and once you have fun with someone and get to know them, you find yourself enjoying their company and forgiving the BS.

          • HousewifeInCurlers says:

            Yah well, personally, error 404, I’d find it very insulting if someone hated me so much that they couldn’t even be in the same room as me. But if you want examples of stuff that B and Ramona have said about Alex and Simon, just a year ago (and just 3-4 months before they began filming season 3)
            Here we go:

            Bethenny said:
            “Alex and Simon have done some upsetting things to divide the cast,” (which is what Jill claims now)

            ” I wanted to help her get some airtime for her business. As you can see, many of the cast didn’t shoot with them that much because of their antics last season” (the only reason B asked A for logo help that she never planned to actually u se)

            “I am not a fan of the I love Simon van Kempen Facebook club. The fans have been easier on them because Jill and I have been much nicer to them, but their desperation and delusion never ceases to amaze any of us. What they do on and off camera in a failed attempt to get ahead is incredible” (now she’s best friends with them?)

            “Simon is so incredibly revolting that I thought Ramona’s reaction would be priceless.” (MEAN!)

            “Alex and Simon live in the land of silex so most people don’t live on that planet”

            Some of Ramona’s comments:
            “I CANNOT BELIEVE I danced with Simon, what was I thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???”

            “Simon continues to show how obsessed with crashing the party he is, no matter how much he embarrasses himself as long as he gets his face on TV. ”

            “Alex once again shows what a pathological liar she is ”

            “It is always awkward for me when I run into Simon and Alex.I really do not know how to “fake it” with someone I do not like. I have really never had a situation where I run into people I do not like. I feel as though Alex and Simon have invaded my territory”

            Mario posted to Simon:
            “In closing I have one last word of advice for Simon: You should stick to what you do best — getting pedicures, gin martinis, and being a fashion disaster. Oh and lose the Speedos. But then again, you really don’t care how foolish you look.”

            These are all from their blogs just last season around April/May…suddenly by Labor day they were loving Simon and Alex? I just find all of that to be too fake for my tastes and hypocritical for them to be so judgemental about Jill when they are just as mean.

            Also, in the preview reunion clip, Jill asks Alex what she did after apologizing at Sak’s and BEFORE Alex went on her hate crusade against Jill. Jill did nothing to Alex between her apology at Sak’s and Alex’s announcement to Jill at Ramona’s party. Between that timeframe, she had no idea the things Jill said about her on the show. She had no real reason to go against Jill except that she suddenly was getting fired up by Bethenny and found a way to make a storyline for herself. She didn’t seem to have a problem using Jill in the past for contacts for a private school for her son, or for getting fabric for her home remodel. Again, I just find all of them to be phony. Jill has NOT changed this season AT. ALL. She just didn’t have Bethenny by her side egging her on.

            And yes, I spent all that time looking up those stupid quotes. Someone shoot me.

          • emt2 says:

            Jill also is misleading. She used her husband’s cancer scare to gain sympathy and that is f*cked up. She was completely disingeious with that whole thing and I would never use my husband’s health as a leverage tool to gain supporters against my enemy. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

            Also, Jill called a reviewer who didn’t like her book, ANTI-SEMTIC. It’s like Kelly doing her PSA about anti-bullying. It’s rude and completely obnoxious.

            You cannot tell me that you can get behind those particular actions of Jill? Please, tell me that you can’t.

          • error 404 says:

            On 2nd thought, I don’t want directions. lol

            channeling my inner Countess LuAnn now and giving unsolicited advice to my fellow posters: It’s not necessary to list everything that was ever said over 3 seasons to prove a point. We all watch the show! lol

            and personally (is this the new “honestly”?) yes, I would be less insulted by someone who won’t go where I go because they don’t like me, then someone who feels the need to repeat that they hate me, but will be in the same room with me and say hi because they are better than I am.

            opinions are like asshole friends like Jen, we all have one (or however the saying goes)

          • HousewifeInCurlers says:

            well you asked for the ‘directions’ and when it was put in your face, suddenly you don’t want to see it. lol, it’s all good. I was just proving a point that you were trying to discredit.

            I just find it humorous that Bethenny was so shocked that Jill could call Alex toxic when just a measly 6 months prior, Bethenny had, in so many words, said that Alex and Simon are toxic.

            And it’s true: opinions, assholes, we all have one, etc.
            I agree with others that I would most definitely choose B over any of the other housewives (except maybe Sonja) to hang out with . She’s funny to me. And I think if it had been B that stuck her finger down her throat when Ramona said she looked like Cameron Diaz, or if it had been B laughing at Ramona and Alex’s catwalks…people would find it funny.
            I just don’t think that she should be put on a pedastal over others.

          • HousewifeInCurlers says:

            emt2: NO, I find Jill’s actions to be despicable! My point is that just because I can’t stand Jill or Kelly, doesn’t mean I’m automatically going to think the others are right all the time! i was NEVER a jill fan, since season 1 always thought she was holier-than-thou and gossipy. (remember when she left the fashion show b/c she was put behind Ramona? Or her comments about Simon in the post?)
            My point is, she hasn’t changed! The only difference is she is now acting that way with Luann as her sidekick instead of B, and it’s no longer as funny to others.
            Ramona and Alex were the ones who got the most criticism in the past and learned how to turn it around by season 3. Now it’s Jill’s turn, if she stays on for another season, to figure out that trick.

            The way I see it, B is the breakout Fan Fave of NY and whoever lines on her side will get favorable feedback, even though they basically are all the same people they have been for the past 3 seasons.

          • error 404 says:


            I wanted the directions to saneville, not crazytown!

            B never called Alex “toxic” no matter how deeply you believe you heard it with your secret decoder ring.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Faulty reasoning that belongs to a young child with no life experiences as yet to know better. I do this, so so-and-so does it too. No wonder jill and kelly get along so well.

      • ImToula says:

        Let’s not forget that we are talking about very completive women here. They all had to fight to get to get ahead. So along the way they scratched and clawed. It’s a jungle out there. They all knew the more time on screen the more advertising for their brand, book, and jewelry. This year they all had something to sell, and the drama we see is a direct product of that aggressive business sense these women have.

    • Robin says:


      B didn’t call her a whore due to going to restaurant’s.She said “hooker” …. totally different.A “hooker” brings folks into a restaurant.Both Sonja and B knew the inside joke.

  7. Silly String says:

    Well, Jill’s comments make it very, very clear that she seriously needs to buy a vowel.


    and GingerZarin is acting more like a pit bull than a chichi since Theresa posted this, http://tvwatch.people.com/2010/06/04/real-housewives-teresa-giudice-bethenny-frankel-finale/

    Dina was very smart to quickly distance herself from Theresa’s comments.

  8. error 404 says:

    yeah, Teresa isn’t the brightest bulb in the marquee. Even if Bethenny is the biggest biatch going, what makes her think any of those people are gonna be happy she just outed the. Just wait till your next publicity shot hney, and see if anyone will touch you with a 10 foot pole!

    • Kats says:

      I don’t think Bethenny is a Bitch at all. I love her direct nature, wit and smarts.

      • error 404 says:

        just to clarify, I don’t either. I was refering to Teresa’s blog claiming that Bethenny is known in the industry as a class a bitch.

  9. sophie says:

    I thought Avery looked absolutely gorgeous! She looks just like both her parents smashed together. I really like Avery. Shy, but seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

  10. A former Jill fan says:

    Teresa said something like Bethenny isn’t normal because her baby came a month early and weighed only 4 lbs.

    Rocket scientist she’s not!

    Stupid! Bethenny had an at-risk pregnancy. Do you even know what that means? Probably not.

    • RileyKitty says:

      Teresa wasn’t blessed in the brains department. She think Juicy can carry the next baby after all LOL

      • Had Enough! says:

        What department WAS she blessed in? Not looks. I guess she’s got a fantastic chuckie, because otherwise, she’s a major loser.

    • HousewifeInCurlers says:

      She was saying that people shouldn’t compare themselves and their weight to Bethenny (since Bethenny posed in a magazine 3 weeks later showing how she lost all her weight). She was saying that B’s baby was small and she had the baby early (when you gain the most weight in the last month) so people shouldn’t compare themselves to B.

      • Had Enough! says:

        But not nicely.

      • Sue says:

        Here’s Teresa’s tweets:


        Now I’m getting all worked up… but Bethenny is fake and dangerous. I don’t like her misleading real, hardworking women. 😦

        The next one:
        She’s in a swimsuit for a mag shoot 3 WEEKS after her baby? I don’t like that b/c I think it puts abnormal pressure on regular woman.

        Every women is different. I bet if every woman who has had a child that comments put their story here they’d all be different. Myself, I had pre-eclampsia. My son was three weeks early. I lost 40 lbs. of water weight in two days. I still had about 15 lbs. to lose, but am I suddenly unhealthy because my body let go of 40 lbs. of water? No. Because everyone is different.

        As we saw in St. John’s Bethenny was still doing her yoga, eating well and taking care of herself. Maybe Bethenny SHOULD be how we take care of ourselves during a pregnancy and we’d all bounce back like her. Moral of the story is that it’s not uncommon and Teresa’s comments were unfounded and subjective.

    • PFinFL says:

      Okay, this from a woman that says she had all her children naturally while getting an epidural….I don’t know about anyone else…but I thought a natural childbirth meant no meds, pain killers, etc….??

      • Real Bullsh!t says:

        This also coming from a bitch who is trying to ride the “skinny” coattails.

  11. Bethenny Haters says:

    Some people apparently think Bethenny can do NO right though, something tells me these are mostly Jill fans, upset that they had such BAD judgement to “love” the shrew for two seasons? http://rhony.freeforums.org/bethenny-getting-married-he-put-a-string-on-it-t63.html

    • LynnNChicago says:

      now THAT is a hateful group! They don’t like anyone yet they yap about ALL the housewive. At least we are fair and give credit where credit is due. Those people on that blog all need anger management classes. (should say MOST of them)

      • HousewifeInCurlers says:

        This blog is titled “I HATE JILL ZARIN” but you are calling others hateful? Lol…oh the irony.

    • Kats says:

      I think the lovers out number the haters by a lot. She seems to have a big following and even though peeps are busy doing summer stuff it’s not like there is a lot on TV. Hell that’s how so many got hooked on Big Brother.

    • Snarkapalooza says:

      When the TWoP thread closed, seems it wasn’t long before that new forum quickly became the “Bethenny is the antichrist” board.

    • Snarkapalooza says:

      When the TWoP thread closed, seems it wasn’t long before that new forum became the “Bethenny is the antichrist” board.

      • Bethenny Haters says:

        It’s a handful of people posting the non-stop Bethenny and Alex hate, generally dozens of short nasty posts in rows, quoting one another. If Alex or Betheny saved a baby from a fire those same 4-5 people would turn it into something diabolical.

        The reasonable X-TWoP people over there are the majority in number, but not in posts. Check that thread.

        • Adgirl says:

          God, I HATE that site. It’s 6 people posting non-stop that Bethenny is so disgusting that she should never have been born.
          I enjoy reading everyone’s reasoned and funny postings here!

  12. iceNfire says:

    LOL @ – She looks just like both her parents smashed together.

  13. Char12 says:

    I was thinking about buying T’s book but she blew that.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Ditto here, Char12! I’ll be sure to buy Bethenny’s Skinnygirl book and her new one that may be release at the end of this year.

    • RileyKitty says:

      I have both of B’s books & I like them, there is a common sense way about them. She also gives you ideas to use what you may already have. I have too many diet books that want you to buy a bunch of hard to find ingredients you pay an arm & a leg for & end up only needing a TBSP. So you give up before you really begin.

    • Sue says:

      Same here! I’m going to buy Bethenny’s books instead.

      • HD says:

        Same here! I love pasta so I was interested in Teresa’s book. (I figured there would be a lot of pasta dishes) Well she messed that up!

        • TLM says:

          I love Italian food, but I would not contribute a penny to the Giudices or anything to do with RHONJ. To put it in terms she can understand, I “skeeve” Duh-resa, No-Neck Joe and the rest of the NJ Sopranos wannabes.

          Teresa always boasts that she cooks for her family. Well, take a look at Joe, and take a look at Jason. Whose body do you think is better? Skinny Italian? I don’t think so. Joe is massively overweight with a giant belly and on track for a heart attack. Teresa has never claimed she had a weight problem ever in her life (as Bethenny did), nor has she helped countless others to lose weight like Bethenny has. I saw an excerpt of Teresa’s book, and her brilliant advice was to use olive oil “every freakin’ day.” BFD, Teresa, pretty much all Italian recipes already call for olive oil. While it is healthier than some other oils, there is no magic in olive oil to get or remain thin. It’s not about which oil necessarily, or having a precise set of recipes to adhere to. It’s about knowing how to handle your food, and how to make choices no matter what foods come your way. Plus the fact that her book is limited only to Italian food. I wouldn’t waste 5 minutes with that book.

          Ironically if you like Italian food and are interested in learning how to fit it into a healthy diet, Bethenny’s book is a great one. You can read her story about visiting Italy and how it helped her learn how to eat. It’s also in her audiobook, Skinnygirl Rules. I bought both of her books and the audiobook so far, and I’m getting Body by Bethenny next. I don’t drop money easily on anything diet-related, having felt ripped off by so many programs. But I can already tell you Bethenny’s books are a great investment.

          • kayceebee says:

            I ordered Body by Bethenny a few weeks ago and I LOVE it!! And I am a big workout at home via DVD gal–I have at least 30 different workouts–mostly weights (Jari Love, Cathe Freidrich) and the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot of bar method type workouts. Bethenny’s DVD is a great addition–I was sore for a few days afterwards, so that’s a good sign!! I highly recommend it!

    • katiecoo says:


  14. Sabrina says:

    Great blog. You are spot on with everything you say about Jill. I watched on bravotv.com the reunion preview clip of Alex calling Jill out on everything and all I have to say is THANK GOD. We all now see exactly who she is. And we get to see Jill being called out on it and she has no where to run. And you can see on her face that everything Alex is saying is true. And what Jill said back was stupid. She was just pointing her finger at the other women instead of taking responsibility for her action. She needs to leave the show. I have a friend that is Jewish and she says that Jill makes all Jewish women look bad and in my opinion I think that it is true. I can’t wait to see her off the show. The show I think, will be much better without Jill.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thank you Sabrina and welcome! I think if I were Jewish, I would be ashamed of Jill…ptew ptew ptew (spitting on her)

      Even the Jewish entertainment web site hates her!

      • Sabrina says:

        Thanks for the welcome! I’m not surprised that the sites hate her. I think they should bring in another Jewish woman to show the world exactly how Jewish people are and to show how bad Jill makes Jewish people look. Hopefully she will be so embarrassed that she hides herself and we never hear about her again. That would make me happy

        • morning says:

          What’s saddest is that for so many people, this is the only Jewish person they’ll ever “know.” Otherwise it wouldn’t matter how one person acted.

    • TLM says:

      I am Jewish, and Jill is the worst stereotype of the worst qualities of Jewish women. Unfortunately she also put a label on that by writing that dumb book identifying her as a Jewish Mother, and lumping all Jewish women in with her as having the same sensibility. This is totaly BS and insulting. Full disclosure – I have not read her book, but the excerpts I have heard about are truly cringeworthy, particularly the parts about marrying for money. Thanks, Jill, for reassuring the non-Jewish public that all Jewish women are obsessed with money and are golddiggers. It does not surprise me that she and Patti Stanger are such good friends, since they share this philosophy. I don’t care what gloss Patti puts on it, she’s nothing more than a highly paid pimp.

      For those who say Bethenny is the same, it’s not true. She is Jewish (non-practicing, but still Jewish) and she admitted on Wendy Williams she used to look for men with money, she stopped doing that and found true love in Jason. She told Wendy he isn’t rich, but who cares? No doubt she will outearn him, but he works as well and cares about her like no other. Remember Jason “We’ll talk about it later” Colodne? He had millions, but in my opinion he was a cold fish who used Bethenny and strung her along. Never put her first. She had to come to HIS apartment and not the reverse, and he was in no hurry for her to move in. Contrast that with Jason Hoppy, who said it was important they find a place together, and said he would make a commitment before doing so. Night and day. (Don’t feel sorry for Jason #1 getting fired because of RH; he sued his former investment firm for $55 million, and they settled, and then he started his own investment company. I’m sure he’s now stringing along another 30-something woman as we speak).

      I am looking for the same thing as Bethenny, and will not settle until I find it. I grew up with parents where my mother married for financial security and stayed for the same reason even when it was abusive, and I can categorically tell you that no amount of money is worth a relationship that is bad or abusive or loveless. I can’t stand Dr. Phil, but I once heard him give advice that was spot-on: “When you marry for money, you earn every penny.” From the first season, it gave me the creeps to see Jill finagling and begging Bobby for money for this or that. Now, it seems he is a very generous man and doesn’t put her down like some men do, but at the end of the day she is a little girl asking for an allowance, a kept woman who has to toe the line. You can see it also with Jim and Alexis Bellino. It doesn’t take much, just a little comment like Jim’s “Boy, your schedule is brutal” to Alexis to see how a husband can make a stay at home wife feel like nothing and belittle her. I watched my mother live that way and I thought I would rather be alone than do that. I think Bethenny must have reached that conclusion as well, after trying to find wealthy men. I shudder to think Jill is advising her daughter to find someone with money as the top priority. For all her faults, Ramona is right to tell Avery to always make her own money and NOT depend on a man for it. Jill (and Patti S’s) “secrets” take women backwards and do not empower them.

      It is absolutely hypocritical and vile that Jill said this season that all Bethenny cares about is money. No, Jill, she is working hard to make her company a success, and she never once stopped caring about people. She herself told Ramona on the bridge, “Work isn’t the most important thing.” It is Jill who is devoid of a soul, and who is an embarrassment to Jewish women.

      • Kat says:

        Great post.

      • error 404 says:

        ITA, great post!

        I’m of two minds about Jill and Bobby. She asks him for every thing, and when she does buy, she makes remarks about Bobby getting angry about it. I can’t decide if that’s because she’s kept on a tiny allowance and has to ask permission to spend, or if she can spend all she wants but uses the asking as an excuse to show off on camera how much money they have. “Baawwwby… I need my own private plane” etc…

        • error 404 says:

          p.s. My better half says that Bethenny is the only one who doesn’t brag or show off about money.

          In fact, she poopoos almost everything the other housewives cherish: redecorating, fashion week, etc..

  15. RileyKitty says:

    Here’s hoping Ally goes a tad wild in college & justifies her behavior with “everyone’s doing it”

  16. HD says:

    I don’t have twitter but can someone PLEASE tell Kelly, “when you are REALLy charitable you do not have to announce how charitable you are.”

    I am sure Oprah, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc give TONS of money to charities, many day to day people not in the spotlight donate of their time DAILY and they do not need to Twitter about what they are doing for charity. When people do that to me, they just want attention. You do not need to ANNOUNCE how charitable you are. Let your works speak for you!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Many many people have told her that, along with announcing she is authentic, real, only on a TV show…blah blah blah.

      We all tell her on Twitter and I know she sees them because she is following me..she ignores them.

      • Zoe Thinks says:

        She sooo doesn’t listen….she just recently put up another bikini pix from Las Vegas…..you’d think she would realize she is not hot by now. She is way up there. In the clouds.

      • HD says:

        Ohhhhhhhhh, girl, Lynn that just pisses me off. She really needs to stop that!!

        And you are so right announcing that you are authentic and real only shows that you are NOT authentic or real. The loudest person in the room, tends to be the weakest person in the room.

        • desertgal66 says:


          Look, I know people who are truly charitable. They aren’t in for recognition. They do it because they want to help people and they get a sense of fulfillment from knowing that they have.

          They also don’t throw fancy dress parties with pause and repeats, press photographers, flowing liquor, caterers, and corporate sponsors. Parties that cost more than they raise and serve primarily to draw attention to their “charitableness”.

          The real humanitarians just roll up their sleeves and get to work.

          And if Kelly has to constantly announce that she is”real”, “authentic”, and has “integrity”, then she really isn’t grasping that saying it means zilch when she behaves in ways that defy what she says.

          Live it, baby. Don’t just say it.

          • Kat says:

            I agree.
            Kelly just about screams “look at me – see how chartable I am”. With her condescending attitude it seems like she is feeding zoo animals rather than offering a hand to a fellow human beings. She is driven by the need for media attention rather than an altruistic motive.

            If a person was bleeding profusely and asked Kelly for help, that person would be dead by the time Kelly got to them. First there would be the twitter announcement, then the twitter poll and then the youtube video, followed by the tweet about the video.

    • ridicurhony says:

      lol, I’m still laughing about Kelly asking Luann if her name was going to be put on the clothes she donated…. hahahaha…..

      • HD says:

        RIGHT! Why the hell does your name need to be on the clothes? If you are giving them, GIVE THEM! Putting your name on them will KEEP people from buying your crap!

      • RileyKitty says:

        She doesn’t put her name on anything! Did she forget about that too?

        • HD says:

          LOL! OKAY!!!

          Like last year when Jill had her Creaky Joints event, and she was handing out plaques to everyone to say thank you and she forgot to call Kelly. Did you see Kelly’s face. She looked like the nominees that DO NOT win the Oscar. She tried to look like, “oh well its for charity” but you could see she was wanting to be called so bad. She does these things for name recogniton. And she is lying to herself if she says it is for any other reason! The worst kind of liar is the one that lies to themselves!

          • TLM says:

            The saddest thing about those awards is that they were just made up by Mario Singer’s company, (they make awards & plaques as well as jewelry) and so the whole award thing was contrived anyway. Bethenny talked about that at Google. I love that she reveals all the BS where it occurs on the show!!

  17. Squirrels says:

    “We all tell her on Twitter and I know she sees them because she is following me..she ignores them.”
    hahahahaha Kelly! Don’t give up your day job to become a private investigator. You are leaving a trail the likes we haven’t seen since Ginger lost bowl control…

  18. RileyKitty says:

    It is a proud day in the RileyKitty household…. Jill Zarin has blocked me from Twitter.

    All I said was the “monsoon” in Boston was a sign they didn’t want her there either. Some people are so touchy. LOL

    • RileyKitty says:

      And my day keeps getting better. Alex sent me a DM on twitter 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      @RileyK@KittyKelly ~
      Did you just call me a monsoon? That is so 1979. I’m totally an AUTHENTIC and REAL person. How could you BULLY me like that. You’re channeling the devil and trying to kill me. Stop AMBUSHING me, JUST STOP, zip it or I will wish satchels of gold on you. “For” I am an AMAZING and CHARITABLE person. Does anyone want a jellybean or a lollipop?

    • A former Jill fan says:

      LOL! 😛 She blocked me from her facebook twice. 😛

      I’m looking for the third any time now.

    • Squirrels says:

      Thank you Rizzo, lol.

  19. iceNfire says:

    HD – go to http://www.twitter.com and sign up. If I can do it anyone can.

    • HD says:

      My life is highly boring. I have nothing to Twitter about. Honestly and this is not meant to be mean to anyone here, but I think Twitter has given people an inflated sense of importance about their day to day lives. No one really cares that you (rhetorical you) are going out to pick up a sandwich from Subway.

      • iceNfire says:

        But its fun to read, you dont have to actually tweet.

      • battgyrl says:

        That is so funny because I feel the same way! I am only on twitter to talk about the housewives and to send them messages on occasion. It’s especially fun with kikilet!!

      • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

        RHONY is just about the only thing I use Twitter for. 🙂

    • RileyKitty says:

      I hear ya HD my life is really as uninteresting as it gets. I joined strictly with the intentions of reading only. Now I post to bust a few balls LOL but I won’t be tweeting my lunch order or anything like that 🙂

      • Had Enough! says:

        but you don’t have to join to read – just google twitter and the person’s name

  20. Gypsy says:

    ‘Housewife’ Kelly Bensimon’s Fake War On Bullying http://www.huffingtonpost.com/meredith-blake/housewife-kelly-bensimons_b_601439.html

    Great comments!

    • desertgal66 says:

      GREAT article! I especially liked that Meredith Blake made this excellent point…

      “The video [Kelly’s “anti bullying” YouTube PSA] is especially ill-conceived at a time when real bullying–and its tragic effects–have been in the spotlight. The internet and cell phone era have helped this unfortunate teenage ritual to flourish, as in the case of Megan Meier, a 13-year-old driven to suicide by cyber-bullies. Meanwhile, old-fashioned face-to-face bullying continues unabated. Last month, Massachusetts became the 42nd state to enact anti-bullying legislation after the high profile suicide of Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old high school freshman who killed herself after her classmates–whom she also called “mean girls”–allegedly subjected her to constant harassment. A year earlier, 11-year-old Carl Walker-Hoover, who’d been mercilessly teased and called “gay,” hanged himself. At the same time, laws against bullying in the workplace are gaining steam–but also meeting with resistance from some business owners.”

      She’s right. Kelly’s “PSA” makes a mockery of a very real issue.

      • Gypsy says:

        I agree, desertgal.

        I like how she really calls Kelly out, including: “To call Bensimon’s insincere crusade “dangerous” would probably be overstating her cultural influence; still, her campaign is, at the very least, a tad unseemly. What she calls a “PSA,” I call a desperate attempt at PR spin and a shameful victim act that would make Sarah Palin blush.”

        • HD says:

          Hallelujah! I am sooooooooo glad someone set the record straight about her stupid PSA-I mean crappy Youtube video!

        • battgyrl says:

          I am waiting for Kelly to report herself over her bullying of Bethenny. She’s dumb enough to do it too!!

          • Squirrels says:

            I think the actual issue is to recognize the problem, deal with it in the real world, and understand Kelly has no clue. I don’t dare compare her with actual victims. The fact she does throw herself into the mix only pin points her deeply disturbed wanna be persona. She’s real alright. Just not in a good way.

  21. ridicurhony says:

    another thing about T.G. I didn’t get was her snarky, ahole comments about Sonja… was she getting that take on Sonja from J.Z. or WHAT?

    You know who I don’t know though? Sonja. I’ve never met her, and she’s newer than me, so she hasn’t said nasty things about me (yet) so I can’t possibly be biased against her, right? I’m just going to watch and judge. (Isn’t that Bravo’s tagline? Watch And Judge?) And here’s what I think: Crazy Old Whore.

    Why? Honestly, T.G’s take on Sonja just set me up to LIKE Sonja. And what was that Teresa said about ‘you don’t know her’ about Bethenny??? uhhh…so it’s ok for u to call someone a crazy old whore while admitting that you don’t know her?

    • iceNfire says:

      lol you are building a very strong case. I’m in

      • ridicurhony says:

        case is closed and already laid out in black and white and on film, lol

        • Had Enough! says:

          My guess is that the plug will get pulled on NJ after this season. Even with all the drama, it is boring.

          I can’t really explain this, but somehow these women are just not that interesting. Especially Jacqueline Laurita. I feel like it would be fun to hang out with them, but to hold a real conversation … I’d head over to visit with Alex and Simon!

          Happy Alex and Simon Day to Lynn!

    • error 404 says:

      Teresa is that good old fashioned church bully…

      broke but having 4 kids just so her knuckle dragging hubby can have a boy. She’ll have another, just wait.

      She tries to glamorize monogamous martial sex, and condemns as a whore any woman who has any other kind.

      She’s totally financially dependent on her husband, will probably soon lose her home, may even be in the dark that they were having problems, and has no life outside of her marriage.

      This is the type of woman who really gets devastated by divorce… poor thing.

  22. Kats says:

    I am convinced that Kelly is living a VERY lonely life, all we see is her with random celeb strangers while poolside or with her kids and horses. Where is her family and all these great GF’s she is always talking about. Something is just not right about all the talk and no actions or proof.

    • ridicurhony says:

      i will admit I’ve spent a lot of time online reading this blog (er, eh-hem, could be why I had a little problem) but i never had this kind of time when my ONE kid was 10 or 12….. I don’t get how she does all the twitter stuff ALL THE TIME.

      • Kats says:

        Exactly and she also does it when she’s on vacation (isn’t she in Vegas today?) Checking in, a couple messages/comments but she is on it all the time. And she is never with anyone or proof that she is with anyone in her “inner circle” (like GF’s). Just all seems odd.

        • ridicurhony says:

          i just think it’s odd. I mean I went back to school with a 2 yr old on my lap and a part time job, and worked after that. when i was 20 something i could do 5 things at a time like that, but not after 35. I know she must be doing SOMEthing like these appearances and that, if she is not working on writing or anything else – just seems odd that u would have that much time to fool with it. but then i am not a blackberry/text/cell phone type person. I could wreck my car using a hands-free device, lol.

  23. UpperWestSideDude says:

    Wow Lynn! Thank you so much for the trendous job you’ve done maintaining this blog and giving the fans of RHONYC a forum to voice their opinions without being edited or deleted. Much, much love from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. 🙂

  24. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    I’m still pissed off from reading Teresa’s rants against Bethenny.
    When will she STFU!! Someone needs to do something , say something I dont’ know what Can’t think straight been so mad since this afternoon. Bethenny has been so classy the last couple of months while everyone took shots at her Jill,Luann, Kelly, Teresa and even for one second there Vicki from OC. Seriously people need to stop bashing Bethennys good name she has worked far harder than any of them.

  25. lillybee says:

    I must be spending too much time here. My greyhound just shut off my computer.

    • RileyKitty says:

      too funny lillybee…. my cat sat her butt right on the keyboard of my laptop. I think she wanted some petting.

      • Squirrels says:

        I have a dwarf Lop Ear bunny (3 lbs) . He really gets in the way, and truly doesn’t give a shit.

  26. Cleo's Mommy says:

    Can someone who has twitter tweet the twat Teresa and ask her if the following rumors are true?

    That juicy is cheating on her with a beautiful blonde.
    That juicy has more than two dozen judgments against him for unpaid debt.

    rumors found in the comments here:


    • Mbdea says:

      OMG! The post below almost made me ink myself:
      SicilianPrincess says:
      June 3, 2010 at 4:27 am

      No taste or education?? Hello, they are Italian, and everyone in the world wants to be like Italians, who have the best style and architecture. Why don’t you see the way Theresa made her own tomato sauce, and see the way Joe builds homes. Can you do either?? I’m sure Francesco Rinaldi is your favorite. SO they don’t need to pay a fortune into the education system and pretend like its going to give them better taste. You’re just a hater. AND Joe makes his own wine…in the wine cellar he BUILT HIMSELF. American schools don’t teach you that, they just want your money, and you pay like an idiot so you can go around calling people “uneducated”.

      • Squirrels says:

        Actually, the first thing my dad made us was a full blown doll house. This bitty doll house became the home of our pony 2 yrs later. The second thing my dad built was our beach house on cape code. The architect blew off 2 appts. dad finally said… i’ll do it myself.
        Oh chit, i forgot to add my dad is 50/50 irish/french.
        I myself am 25/25 irish french 50% chinese. full disclosure.
        My point is… what makes a man? what makes a husband? I can personally answer that with an open heart. That man who stands by you. Mario comes to mind.

  27. cusi77 says:

    Hello Everybody!

    Ha! I’ve just watched RHONY in St, Johns. Alex BEST comment EVER!

    “Is not the size of the boat, is the motion of the ocean”!!!!


  28. ridicurhony says:

    I wonder why any of these ladies think that they can do any kind of damage control now. I mean if they were normal, they’d be just mortified that they’ve displayed such vile behavior and their fans hate them. Kinda funny that for rich tv reality stars they’re going to start arguing with their lowly fans too. What do they really care what we think? Jill, Kelly, Teresa, and who else lately have been telling us how we’re just jealous lately?

    If I were rich, had agreed to be on a show like this, was an asshole, I’d own it and tell Bravo to suck it if they didn’t like it. hahahaha. I most certainly would not waste my time arguing with real people about my behavior if I put it out there.

    • Had Enough! says:

      If I had no talent, no marketable skills, and really needed money, I might go on this show and destroy my reputation for the kind of money these women are paid. That explains why Jill’s Trained Sasquatch is on our screen. My guess is that Gilles owns both her apartment and the Hamptons house, and once the girls are both of age (eight short years!), he is going to force her to sell one or both of the properties and support herself. She obviously can’t model – too old, too ugly, too leathery.

      She’s been trying to turn herself into an actress but aside from the no-talent problem, would you as a director or producer want this nut-job on the set?

      JillZilla obviously doesn’t need the bucks. She is just a narcissist.

      Bethenny actually does have to earn a living and this show was for her about building the brand and becoming more well-known. She almost blew it last year with her behavior but she has redeemed herself this year. Big time.

      I think Ramona is just having fun.

  29. ImToula says:

    Thank you for putting in the time, thought and energy into this blog. I found you all through Amazon. I was trying to find information about “Amazongate”. There was a link on one of the comments, and here I am! It was a relief and comfort to find others obsessed as I had been.
    I’m looking forward to Bethany‘s show and blogging about it. This has been by far the best season for the New York Housewives. I don’t know how they’re going to top it, but I hope they do.
    In my opinion, the single most detrimental trait that Jill has is pride. Pride kept her away from Bethany. Pride now is keeping her away from Alex. Pride led her to write those reviews on Amazon.
    With exception to Ramona, and Alex, the other women lacked compassion for Bethany. Instead of comforting and supporting her, they argued, gossiped and back stabbed her. They should be ashamed of themselves! They are poor examples for the children they are raising.
    Finally, as far as Kelly is concerned, there is something wrong there. I don’t know what it is we can do there, except to “leave the mad man to his madness”.
    Sonja is a breath of fresh air! I love everything about her and I hope we see more of her next season.
    I have decided not to pass judgment about Jenn. It still remains to be seen what she can contribute. If by chance they decide not to bring her back, I won’t be upset.
    Perhaps, now that the season is over, and the wives have time, I hope they reflect on all that has happened.
    And to the Housewives, Lynn and my fellow bloggers, I will close with one of my favorite Irish toasts:
    Let’s all raise our glasses:
    “May you have food for your table,
    And a pillow for your head,
    And be in Heaven for 40 years
    Before the devil knows your dead!”

  30. boston02127 says:

    Artical aboout monkey Joe getting beat up in jail~~


    • HD says:

      I love how silly Kelly looks after Luann makes her statement.

      Also I had to listen twice but Jill actually DEFENDED Bethanny in that clip. She sure is trying to win points.

    • battgyrl says:

      I just watched this and I officially hate Kelly! What a dimwit.

    • Ches says:

      I wish, for once, that someone would nail Kelly’s balls to a board and make her answer the specific question she was asked.
      I also wish they would nail Luann’s balls to a board to get her to STFU!
      Why does she always have to answer questions when no one asked her?

  31. MickeyMouth says:

    Can someone send this to Jill. It’s a special message just for her 😉

    I wanted to tell you that you should hold your
    head high and try to reflect on this last year.
    All of us make mistakes in life but knowing how
    to truly forgive is something that is not easy for
    Jill, you will get through this tough time. I believe that
    in time people will see the efforts you have made. With your
    loving family beside you, I know the good and honest
    life you lead will eventually shine through. You are a success.
    Zarin Fabrics and your book are testaments to that success.
    Although people are hurt and angry with you, you will soon
    realize who your real friends are and be able to move on
    in the right direction.
    Nevermind the naysayers, good things are coming your way.

    • HD says:

      LOL! Girl for a minute there I thought you were smoking something Kelly had!!! GOOD ONE!

      • MickeyMouth says:

        🙂 being silly

        I’m going to post it on the bravo blog but could someone post it somewhere else where she will see it and surely won’t delete it 🙂

      • Mbdea says:

        Same here. At first, I was like “WHUUUUUT?,” then I was “Wait,” and finally I was like “LOL”. I think I threw-up in my mouth a little bit when I first read it ; )

  32. Mary says:

    Great blog and re-cap of the finale! Agreed wholeheartedly! How adorable was it with Bethenny…and Cookie driving away when they were moving? She has the cutest dog, husband and baby! Not in that order of course! I hated the way Jill brushed off Alex when she tried to say something nice to her. That woman is just the queen of mean. I also thought it was very bitchy to whine that you hadn’t been fed at Ramona’s wedding waiting for the ceremony to begin. Shut the f– up Jill…yeah you’ve changed a lot…..NOT. She just can’t help herself, can she? Even desperate to be Bethenny’s BFF again, she still couldn’t bring herself to agree she needed to make any changes… “I am who I am” she says…. Yeah and that’s gotten you so far this year Jill. Narcisistic bitch. Zip it Zarin. See ya next year. 🙂

  33. A former Jill fan says:

    Ok, here’s another 5-star review attacking Chandler and others for calling jill out:


    1 of 16 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars Practical and Enjoyable!, June 3, 2010
    By Elizabeth Kase
    This review is from: Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Stories, Real Love (Hardcover)
    My husband purchased the book for me as a Mother’s Day gift. As a Jewish mother of three, I was a little bit skeptical. However, by the time I had finished the first chapter of the book, my skepticism transformed into a deeper understanding of who I am and who I want to be as a mother, wife, daughter and sister. The book offers some fantastic advice and practical tips. I have already implemented these tips into my everyday life.

    As an aside, I think all of these attacks on Jill and her family are outrageous. Whether you like her or not, an Amazon.com message board is not the place for someone to demean or attack an author personally. Don’t like the book – fine (although I happened to enjoy it immensely). But it would seem that several individuals who posted reviews have their own agendas and have taken to anonymous attacks to vent their feelings about Jill. Have some consideration.
    Help other customers find the most helpful reviews
    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

    Showing 1-5 of 5 posts in this discussion
    Initial post: June 3, 2010 4:05 PM PDT
    Samuel says:
    Thank you for your review, Elizabeth. However, please don’t mix alcohol with your prescription medications anymore. You always write complete gibberish when you do. Now, take a nap!

    3 of 3 people think this post adds to the discussion. Do you? Yes No
    Posted on June 4, 2010 10:21 AM PDT
    Last edited by the author 9 hours ago
    A. Chandler says:
    You do realize that Jill Zarin was the first to “attack” on the Amazon board, right? Google Susan Saunders. She attacked Amazon reviewers including myself under a pseudonym via her own Amazon account until the media uncovered it as her own Amazon account created nine years ago with her personal info on it.

    The one attacking fir an agenda was, therefore, the author herself.

    4 of 4 people think this post adds to the discussion. Do you? Yes No
    In reply to an earlier post on June 4, 2010 10:28 AM PDT
    A. Chandler says:
    Also dud you recently have a name change because you state reviewers are posting under fake names but you yourself do not have a “real name” tag under the name used on your review. Amazon matched names with the name on the credit card used and the ship to address to prove a pseudonym isn’t being used in order to schill the book by the author or someone close to them.

    Not sayin…

    Just sayin…

    3 of 3 people think this post adds to the discussion. Do you? Yes No
    CatsNQuilts says:
    Oh, my! you’re right! It’s definitely a pen name. Just like mine. now that’s pretty deceptive trying to make others think it’s a real name.

    1 of 1 people think this post adds to the discussion.
    CatsNQuilts says:
    Elizabeth Kase: “As an aside, I think all of these attacks on Jill and her family are outrageous. Whether you like her or not, an Amazon.com message board is not the place for someone to demean or attack an author personally. Don’t like the book – fine (although I happened to enjoy it immensely). But it would seem that several individuals who posted reviews have their own agendas and have taken to anonymous attacks to vent their feelings about Jill. Have some consideration.”

    Who are you to say what is and what isn’t appropriate for this message board? Last I heard, Amazon decides that and apparently they have no problem with their customers using this message board to talk about what Jill Zarin has done.

    Our agenda is to keep the issue of Amazongate, perpetrated by Jill Zarin, in the forefront of the news until such time that she confesses to and apologizes for her threats against A. Chandler (Amazon’s #1 reviewer) and her dog, Kismet (aka as a cat per Zarin), unfounded accusation of being antisemitic, verbal attacks, and harassment against Chandler using the Susan Saunders fake identities, et al.

    Anonymous attacks? LOL! That’s what Jill does hidden behind fake identities! Just because Jill does it, doesn’t mean everybody else does it too! That’s pretty juvenilistic thinking, no?

  34. cusi77 says:

    Thank you Morgain!

  35. boston02127 says:

    I’ve been trying to think of a funny nickname for monkey girl Teresa. I tried to leave her non existant forehead out of it. All I can come up with is Bubbles. Remember the monkey Michael Jackson had.
    Also~~Teresa if you read this Blog. Just wanted to let you know that Bethenny’s baby is cutier than all four of yours put together.
    lol and the gates are open……..

  36. Cleo's Mommy says:

    Hi I’mToula,

    While Jill may have issues with pride, I think she has other traits that are far more detrimental.

    For example she has a total lack of self awareness and she is totally self-righteous.

    Jill has serious anger issues and a “your with me or against me” attitude. She even admitted that she likes to hold a grudge (so I guess that means her lack of self awareness is not total – she has miniscule amount.) Notice that she said “likes” to hold a grudge – not that she merely does hold a grudge, but that she enjoys doing so.

    That’s far more detrimental to her than her pride. But holding a grudge allows her to be a victim which allows her to seek out sympathy and attention.

    Oh yes attention. She’s a complete attention whore. Not to mention a textbook narcissist. Everything. Is. Always. About. Her. Everything. Always.

    Again, far more detrimental than her pride.

    She’s a backstabbing bitch who actually goes out of her way to try and destroy the reputations of people she has a grudge against. What kind of person does that? She’s beyond disgusting.

    There are probably another dozen or so unattractive traits that are more detrimental to Jill than her pride.

  37. vilzvet says:

    Don’t forget to check out the latest GingerZarin tweets! I’m over there now and there are quite a few hilarious ones like this:
    When I look out a car window I always think “damn I am running fast” and I keep thinking I am getting away..Til they stop the car. So cruel.

    • vilzvet says:

      haha one more…
      Ally has kept a calendar since 6th grade marking off the days til college freedom. I got the life sentence.
      about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

  38. boston02127 says:

    RadarOnline reports that “Real Housewife of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice and her “delicious and juicy” hubby Joe may lose their brand-spanking-new Montville manse.
    According to the tabloid site, papers have been filed by DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. with New Jersey Superior Court to repossess the home Teresa and Joe share with their four daughters: Gia, 8, Gabriella, 5, Milania, 3, and 1-month-old Audriana.
    Evidently the aforementioned foreclosure papers pertain to another property Teresa owns and not her 1+ million-square-foot granite and marble and onyx-filled home. The Star-Ledger reports the property in question is actually 5 miles away in Lincoln Park.

  39. iceNfire says:

    LOL Could you haters please copy and paste what you’ve written here and sent it to:

    No I will not stop until she is properly punished!

    • iceNfire says:

      My latest rants emailed to the above: (you looking Jill?)
      When will you report on the real Jill Zarin?
      Jill Zarin has lied and manipulated not only her cast mates but the viewers too. Faking positive reviews for her book is false advertising. She also posted fake reviews on her husbands fabric store site, dating back to 1995.Screen shots of both of these events have been saved by numerous bloggers. Enough already! Get this woman off TV and out of the press.
      Jill Zarin crossed the line when she threatened Amazons’ book reviewer A.Chandler. I don’t understand why she is allowed to get away with this behavior.

  40. ridicurhony says:

    I’m startin to think there’s too much spice in the salt & pepper here…

  41. eye2try says:

    Sorry, a quick off topic comment and then I’ll get right back on track of hatin Jill, I promise.

    Everyone, I just wanted to THANK YOU ALL so very much for your wonderful words of encouragement and kindness to me in response to my post. I can’t tell you how much it helped me today. I was so down after my oncologist stated that he, and I quote, “doesn’t have a crystal ball, dear”. What!? I was so upset… Hope is everything.

    But I’m over it now and your sincere words were great inspiration! Simply the best! Thank you all again!


    ps- I reallllly hate JZ and Theresa toooooooo!!!!! ahhhh, that felt good. 🙂

    • iceNfire says:

      What a jerk! Can you get a different Doctor?

    • ridicurhony says:

      jetta – isn’t the kindness of strangers great?!

    • katiecoo says:

      Um my friend w/ lymphoma (who is now total clear of all cancer) got his healing at…drumroll…City of HOPE. Dumbass Dr. Sorry you had to hear that.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Please consider buying him a “crystal ball” and introducing it to his jaw.

      Then inform him that he has no empathy or bedside manner either but you aren’t going to provide him with that.

      There are way too many of his ilk practicing medicine today. I personally think there is a special destination in a very hot place waiting for all of them.

      Hang in there, it will get better.

    • Jenni says:

      I am currently fighting the big “C” as well. Not the same type as yours, but I sure understand some of what you must be feeling right now. Your doctor is SO important in aiding your battle. I would not worry too much about an isolated comment, but do make sure you have the best doctor you can get in with, and do not stay with one that makes you feel uncomfortable about asking questions!

    • cusi77 says:

      I have left a candle lit all day long for your health and soon recovery.
      You can do a LOT to help your body heal. While you are resting try to relax all unnecesary tension in your entire body… close your eyes… “see” how a golden light that comes from The Highest is sourranding you and healing you. LOVE is the best medicine! Heal yourself with love, love your immunosystem (I hope I spell correctly) for defending your body, love and thank all your organs for their great job they do in your recovery. FORGIVE to all of those who have touched your life in a negative way… let them go.
      ” The Poison corrode the container”… if there is a little, tiny negative feeling, let it go… is poison in our body. Just my two cents.
      God bless you! And wellcome to hate JZ. But do not allow yourself to hate anybodyelse… for selfish and healthy reasons!

    • Had Enough! says:

      That’s a phrase used a LOT by docs of all kinds … patients want reassurance, and docs don’t want to give it because the truth is they don’t know….

      If you are anywhere near Philadelphia, please please please go to the Fox Chase Cancer Center. It is an amazing place where everyone, everyone – from the ladies who work at the front desk to the chief of staff – has a positive attitude and they are absolutely wonderful. If I ever have cancer, this is where I would go, no matter where I was living at the time. And of course, it is the very best possible care, because it is a primary cancer center.

      If you aren’t near Philly, go to a primary cancer center near you. Don’t muck around with local hospitals and docs. I had a family member who did that and got the same kind of shoulder shrugging you got.

  42. boston02127 says:

    Could it be possible to make up a name on facebook~ something like Jill Zarrin.
    Note the 2 R’s in zarrin.

    Then go in and make up apologies for all the crap we know that she did?
    Would I get in trouble for doing that?

  43. katiecoo says:

    One note to Teresa:

    Bethenny Frankel-Hoppy who is running several businesses (books, chef, her own SHOW, DVD production) has given that baby nurse to help her while SHE RUNS THOSE BUSINESSES, a JOB. That nurse needed a job and got it with Bethenny and her baby. Now try and spin that one in to something. She’s lazy? Nice try Ms. SAHM with her own “babysitter” and God knows what other kind of crew (who on here thinks she cleans that McMansion all by herself?). grrrrrr

  44. iceNfire says:

    Boston – regardless of what I said before about not liking to comment on a persons appearance, (I have horrible hair) I vote for calling Teresa twohead.

  45. Shadowsnomore says:

    I’m re-posting this from the previous blog. I’ve had a bad day full of pain. I read almost all the post when I got to Teresa’s People blog. It set me off in a rage. I didn’t realize that Lynn had opened a new page for comments.
    So here goes-

    Teresa needs to STFU. Many women how have just had a baby could use some help. Most have a mom or sister who can come and help. As a mother of 5 kid, I know first hand how exhausting a newborn can be. Not to mention that new moms can feel depression, overwhelmed and stressed out. Bethenny doesn’t have a close relationship with her mother. “B” is fortunate that she is at a point in her life that she can afford to get the help she needs. Why would anyone in their right mind begrudge her that? It’s a sad fact that infants that are abused usually have parents who have stated that they were stressed out and couldn’t handle the crying and constant demands of the infant. I’m not making any excuses for people who abuse their babies, but maybe some of them may not have become abusive if they had the tools to cope. I noticed that you, Teresa Bitch, had the help of your mother when you gave birth! You are just a jealous, bitchy c*nt who has been poisoned by the queen BITCH, Jill Zarin. I hate you now as vehemently as I HATE JILL ZARIN! You have stupidly unleashed an army of people who have seen through Jill and have called her ass out. Get ready, it’s your turn now BITCH!

  46. jenni says:

    New banner for Lynn, if she wants to use it…


  47. Morgaine Swann says:

    I think I’m going to have a lot to say with the beginning of the summer shows, so I’m going to do a blog and write about Bethenny, RHONJ, True Blood, and Work of Art, plus whatever else strikes my fancy, lol!

  48. Shadowsnomore says:

    Jetta, if you’re reading the post on this site, I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are going out for you. I’m dealing with my own set of health issues that are bad and scary, but not as difficult as yours. I have to have some major surgery in July and the thought of it is terrifying. I know I’ll get through mine and my prayers are that you to will overcome cancer. I don’t know if I’m expressing myself well but, bless you for your strength and courage in the face something so difficult.

  49. Morgaine Swann says:

    IceNFire – I’m totally on the I HATE Jill Zarin train, trust me. And I’m not leaving this blog, I’ll just have mine so I can run off at the mouth.


  50. lillybee says:

    My best wishes to Shadowsnomore and Jetta.

  51. ridicurhony says:

    actually, housewifeincurlers, I was not trying to convince you of anything, I was just stating my opinion.

  52. Morgaine Swann says:

    Here’s a short piece with comments from Alex and Sonja about Kelly’s bullying PSA. Sonja apparently didn’t appreciate it, LOL!


    • RileyKitty says:

      I am glad the HWs are speaking up. BUT, I am so tired of Luann weighing in on a trip she wasn’t on. Maybe Kelly needs to tell Lulu to ZIP IT & maybe she will change her tune (no pun intended, seriously LOL)

    • error 404 says:

      Love Sonja!

      It’s despicable that Kiki is trying to hide her mental illness inside the hot topic of bullying. Under all the crazy, like a stone cold bitch.

      I’m sure it was particularly galling to Morgan too, who went out of her and gave 110% in aide of the mentally unstable woman.

  53. iceNfire says:

    ridicurhony says:
    June 4, 2010 at 11:55 pm
    actually, housewifeincurlers, I was not trying to convince you of anything, I was just stating my opinion.
    ———————————————————————————— iceNfire says:
    June 4, 2010 at 11:59 pm
    Who are you talking to?
    ridicurhony says:
    June 5, 2010 at 12:01 am
    scroll up to the top, home, housewife in curlers commenting on bethenny, alex and ramona, who are b’s new lapdogs….
    LOL – Talk about holding a grudge! That was 13 hours ago! You Nut! ;o)

    • ridicurhony says:

      sorry, I’m out for the night and I’m not gettin your math, girl!

      looks more like 2 minutes to me…

  54. courtney says:

    Totally off topic:

    I just did Bethenny’s dvd. i ordered it on Amazon after reading some really great reviews of it online. When you order it you get to immediately download it so I didn’t have to wait. Now I’m not a yoga person at all but I consider myself fairly active. I’m also young (26). MAN! It was hard! It was a really great workout though. I’m going to have to do it a lot to get good at it but it was good to do.

    BUT it made me think. I wonder if Luanne is jealous that Bethenny has a yoga DVD since she said that she is ALL about yoga post divorce. I’m also waiting to see Theresa’s “Skinny Italian Workout” and Kelli’s “Kell-ates: Pilates the Kelli way*” workouts! They are such copiers its only a matter of time.

    *Kell-ates comes complete with a bag of lollis and gummy bears for that perfect post workout *non processed* snack!

    • iceNfire says:

      wow I am tired. I was thinking, “I didn’t know Teresa and Kelly had workout DVDs” lol@me
      Anyway Courtney, it only takes 30 days to stretch out enough to be comfortable with yoga. Just don’t over stretch.

      • courtney says:

        does that mean 30 workouts? i was hoping i’d feel better quicker! lol i used to dance but i have really tight hamstrings now so downward dog was really hard for me. and it sort of hurt my wrists but i figured that was a “need to get used to it” kind of thing?

  55. lillybee says:

    Skinnygirl margaritas vs. Kellyade?

    • courtney says:

      skinny girl margaritas are delish. i just LOVE that kellade is tequila based as well… hmmm…..

  56. Mbdea says:

    BTW, Corona is the poor man’s beer in Mexico, “cerveza de albañiles.” It’s the piss water of Mexican beers and kellade must certainly taste like it. Yuck!

    • error 404 says:

      interesting, but I’m not totally buying it.

      not the narcissist part, she’s totally that, but some details.

      i don’t think Lulu started the season 3 schism with her rebuke of the ‘countless’ remark. I think that was just an excuse because Jill didn’t want to see Bethenny, and had started her smear campaign.

      i also don’t think that Lulu helped Jill break with B because she wanted to replace her. Lulu is an independent, she’s no one’s BFF. She wasted no time at all to jump on Sonja’s ship as soon as it sailed into port, and you could see how jealous Jill got right away, because she’s so possessive of her friends.

      and Lulu stayed in plenty of hotels. Her staying at Jill’s was more of tossing a bone to needy Jill than her needing Jill.

      I think she feeds the B&J feud fire just because she too hates Bethenny, but wouldn’t be so stupid as to take her on. But she keeps her options open. She was more than willing to invite B to the ‘drinks&dress’ party, smartly realizing that B had played the pregnancy card. Only Jill is stupid enough to attack a pregnant woman who recently lost her dad.

      well, not only Jill, Kiki is idiot 0, the primal idiot all idiots are descended from, but for now she continues to protect Jill, refusing to divulge who told her B attacked her in the press, and refusing to explain who ‘forced’ her to go on the trip, which of course turned into a trip into madness for little Kiki.

      Lulu is a cool customer, and even now is trying to keep one foot on each team.

  57. Smompy says:

    HousewifeInCurlers said:
    “She [Bethenny] was also BRUTAL against Teresa in her blogs last season, so IMO Teresa has every right to hate Bethenny. Bethenny can attack Teresa but Teresa can’t retaliate? Since when did Bethenny earn that type of power?”

    I didn’t remember it quite that way myself, so I just went back and reread all of Bethenny’s blog from last year. At the beginning of the season Bethenny opined that Teresa seemed to be a stage mother and insinuated that she might be pushing her daughter into the spotlight…which is pretty much exactly what Bravo showed us. That’s being BRUTAL against Teresa? The next week Bethenny indicated that she might have been a little too hard on Teresa previously, because it was beginning to seem like Gia really does want to be in showbiz. That’s being BRUTAL against Teresa? While writing about Teresa’s table-flipping scene, Bethenny wondered why Teresa insisted on sending the children out of the room as soon as Danielle’s stupid book was about to be discussed, but she thought it was perfectly OK to talk about how sore her own vagina was from having too much sex with Juicy, as well as describing their favorite sexual positions in front of the kids. I actually wondered about that myself. That’s being BRUTAL against Teresa? When her commenters kept urging her to be snarkier and tougher on Teresa and Jacqueline, Bethenny said that she couldn’t/wouldn’t do that because they seemed sweet and they probably couldn’t defend themselves. That’s being BRUTAL against Teresa? In fact, Bethenny repeatedly referred to Teresa as “sweet” all throughout the season. That’s being BRUTAL against Teresa? Bethenny also said that she found Teresa to be “a riot” as in a funny person. That’s being BRUTAL against Teresa? And even when it came to the feud between Teresa and Danielle, Bethenny correctly pointed out that Daniellie herself was behind all the faux drama, and she goes so far as to call Danielle machiavellian in her plotting and schemeing. That’s being BRUTAL against Teresa? Seriously???

    And this:

    “I’m sorry but the minute Bethenny allowed the Bravo cameras to film her ON THE TOILET while taking a pee strip test to see if she was pregnant, she pretty much lost the ability to use the “I want to keep my high risk pregnancy private’ card. You cannot say anything to convince me that she was so concerned about her high risk pregnancy after THAT show.”

    Everyone is entitled to her or her own opinion and I won’t try to convince anyone who says they absolutely can’t be convinced, but I truly don’t understand the logic here. Firstly, when a woman takes a home pregnancy test, she’s usually not thinking about keeping her high risk pregnancy a secret. Generally she’s simply trying to determing _IF_ she’s pregnant in the first place. Seondly, in this case I don’t see the correlation between peeing on a stick while the cameras are rolling and wanting to keep your pregnancy out of the public eye until you’re at least a little more certain about the viability of the baby AND before you’ve had a chance to tell your soon to be in-laws about it. I mean, Bethenny is not a moron. She obviously knew she wasn’t on live television, therefore the pregnancy-test scene would not actually air until much later. Months would have to pass and her pregnancy (if she was in fact pregnant) would have already become obvious by the time that scene aired. So whether she peed on that stick on-camera or off-camera is really a moot point.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Well said, Smompy! It’s always amazing when these people make these outrageous claims with no evidence to back them up or use faulty logic. Don’t they understand the evidence to prove or disprove their claims can usually be found on the internet? If not on the internet, then on the tv show or in the media somewhere.

      And common sense and logic is usually free. Not everybody uses it though. 😛

    • morning says:

      Excellent research. And re peeing on the stick, most people realize that the show isn’t live so that if, God forbid, something had not gone well we’d have never seen that she was pregnant at one time.

    • error 404 says:

      I actually think they did a good job of hiding B’s pregnancy problems. None of it came out on the show. Once you read about it, you can go back and notice Ramona’s concern, etc.. but that was no tip off, and B certainly didn’t exploit it, which had she been the media harpy her frenemies make her out to be, would have gained her mucho sympathy points during her feud with Jill. Or did she save it all for her own show?

    • sue says:

      Bethenny having a crew there ruins the hater’s theory of Bethenny being the one who leaked her pregnancy to Perez.

      How can she be the only possible person who told him if she had people there?

  58. otaypanky says:

    Well, seems like joe won’t be seeing an of Teresa’s chunkie this weekend. ewwww! just typing make me go ewwwww.


    • Had Enough! says:

      What the EFF are these stores thinking? Why don’t these people get cut off after they miss one or two payments? How do you rack up a phone bill like that? Why doesn’t the phone company terminate service?

      Certainly explains why T is in such a bitchy mood, doesn’t it? She’s going back to a house with linoleum floors. Not a new house, I’m sure. She’s pre-skeeving.

      Interesting – she gets 3,333/month from Bravo. That is about 40k/year. How many episodes this year? Sounds like T is on the lower end of the Housewives pay scale.

      • vilzvet says:

        Well, she’s going to get some nice cash from the book, but it looks like she lost her Jersey shore house? She tweeted that she was there last week, curious to see if she is silent today about this huge story.

      • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

        What I want to know is, why don’t these stores & companies let me do that?

  59. otaypanky says:

    PS: We all here Shkeeve (sp? just not a word I’ve ever used before or will ever again)
    Deadbeats in our neck of the woods.

  60. otaypanky says:

    Tell Jill her new BFF needs a loan. Boy, Jill can pick ’em. Bet she’s really missing B this morning. Just another embarrassement for Jill. Many articles on internet how J converted T and used her to defile B.

  61. otaypanky says:

    Oh sorry. just one more thing. It’s on PAGE THREE of the Post. Page Three!

  62. otaypanky says:

    Ok, ok…I need to walk you thru this: On the cover of the NY Post: Oil disaster hits tourist beaches. The first line of the article encapsulated on the front page says,
    “Ah, Florida – sun, sand, surf and …clumps of filth?
    You open the paper and Voila…DEADBEAT REALITY. A 5/6 page article with huge photo of the swarmy grifters.
    Have fun my fellow bloggers.

  63. KookADoodleDo says:

    Thanks for the article link Otaypanky!!
    WOW, I wonder if the article coming out is why Teresa was such a bitch on her Twitter yesterday?
    All of that tweetering about Beth having a baby nurse must of been ENVY!

    • otaypanky says:

      Welcome. Enjoy. I sure did.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Schadenfreude. A fancy way to say “payback is a bitch.”

        I know that a lot of people who are losing/lost their homes were not at fault. They faced genuine hardship such as job loss or illness. But a whole lot of people were like T&J – grubby, irresponsible people who overspent. And WE are paying the price. Big time.

        Everyone says, “oh they will suffer too – they won’t be able to get credit and they will lose their home.” Trust me, the credit card companies will be sending them new credit card offers even while the bankruptcy is pending, I’m sure they have plenty of cash stashed somewhere, and they will end up living in some huge, disgusting home that is in someone else’s name. My guess is that they’ve already purchased it.

        • courtney says:

          I know someone who had to file for bankruptcy after having perfect credit their whole life due to a family emergency. trust me, when you file for bankruptcy you aren’t getting a credit card (with anything higher than a $500 limit) for at least 6 years…

  64. KookADoodleDo says:

    for EIGHT mortgages on three homes (two have been handed back to lenders)

    Totally Irresponsible, but yet she flaunts her spending while being filmed!

    • otaypanky says:

      What I love is that we just had that whole T discussion yesterday and then SPLAT, in less than 24 hours we get satisfaction!
      Would love to see something like this happen to Jill. Hers is just a slow kind of death and she still won’t just go away. Still feeding awful digs to the press and encouraging her cronies to do the same. Would so love to see something humiliating reported about her on Page 3 of a New York newspaper.

      • Had Enough! says:

        I guarantee you that Bobby’s got plenty of cash stashed, too. And that he pulls every tax trick in the book. The Hamptons house was a write-off. It was owned by the corporation and was supposed to be a “show house” for Zarin Fabrics. So the Zarins themselves didn’t pay a dime for it, and it was really just a vacation home for themselves and their family. Then they sold it at a profit but didn’t pay capital gains because the profit went to the corporation, not to them personally. And all the while, they depreciated it on the corporate taxes.

        You and I are subsidizing Jill ZAAAAAAAAAAARIN’s life style. As Leona Helmsley said, “Only the little people pay taxes.”

    • otaypanky says:

      ps. if you read the body of the article carefully, it mentions three different homes (in different townships) that have gone back to creditors.

  65. KookADoodleDo says:

    Hmmm, Which “FAMILY” gives them this much money as “ASSISTANCE???

    “What the Giudices make a year:
    $79,000 (plus $120,000 in “assistance” from family members)
    What they owe: $10,853,648.04 “

  66. Quincy IL says:

    Teresa’s mansion is only 1.8 million? Danielle said that her falling down house is 1.4 million… Those numbers aren’t adding up to me.

    I think that Teresa has a spending problem and Joe’s light bulb filament seems to be missing. He is not attractive to me at all. It seems that a large number of these Housewives have money issues. They spend and there is nothing in the bank.

    So..if the Post articles are correct, Teresa has a reason to feel stressed out right now. Her Bravo paycheck doesn’t really pay the mortgage. I’d be stressed.

  67. Quincy IL says:

    Teresa’s income. What about the income from that best selling cook book? Where’s that income?

    I bet there is a huge ability not to pay income taxes when you work with cash as Teresa’s Joe seems to do. I’d be afraid to sign the 1040 with Joe.

    • otaypanky says:

      Now we know “the why” of the ALL CASH spending sprees.
      Hiding income from their creditors.
      Yep, straight up citizens.
      Who tweets? Please make sure T knows about this first thing in the morning.
      Have a great day Bethenny.

  68. A former Jill fan says:

    Thanks for that link otay! That’s really something! I’d say Teresa’s under a lot of stress and jealous of Bethenny’s success.

    • KookADoodleDo says:

      Yes, jealous of Bethenny’s SUCCESS! Real success, not the big house, fancy car, flaunting kind of pretend SUCCESS. Success based on hard work & talent!

  69. otaypanky says:

    WE don’t want this link getting too buried…Here it is again!



    • morning says:

      Thanks for posting it again since I always start reviewing from most recent. Now, is anyone surprised if even just some of this is true? I think the $10,000 a month from “family members” is very interesting.

      • HD says:

        Whoa! SHIT! Are you serious?! I gotta read this again once I come back home! I KNEW something was not right with them. She was spending money because she did not have any reliable credit! I am blown away!

  70. otaypanky says:

    She doesn’t even own her last baby yet!
    She owes 12k to the fertility specialist.

    Hey T. Bethenny can AFFORD her baby nurse!

    Is this why you keep saying you have no nannies? Can’t afford the household help? BTW…always wondered…who cleans all that square footage for you? I know it’s not you.

    • vilzvet says:

      This 12K must have been to ensure Audriana would be a boy, oh well that went right out the window!

  71. boston02127 says:

    Good morning everyone 🙂
    iceNfire~~Love the pic’s. I accepted 2 new friend requests, was one of them yours?

  72. CRH216 says:

    OMG you have to see this!

    I was kind of indifferent to Teresa, but man she’s got some nerve with what she says here! She completely slams Bethenny, not for her own experiences with her mind you, but on what other people are supposedly telling her! I personally think she’s FOS! I think she’s just trying to insert herself in some drama since RHONJ has been mind-numbing boring this year. What a media whore!


  73. otaypanky says:

    Dhttp://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/deadbeat_reality_8f3qwDPV2oY8s9N51fL82Ion’t let this get lost guys. Teresa just got bitch slapped this morning.

  74. TLM says:

    Holy bejeezus…that photo of JZ makes her look like The Joker, and KKB looks like something out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

    I just ran across this fantastic presentation Bethenny made to the lucky employees at Google almost a year ago, August 4, 2009. It was for the Naturally Thin book tour, and this was just before Season 3 began filming, so interesting from that perspective. It would have been after the Labor Day party craziness, but maybe 8 weeks before she became pregnant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WJ31KMBvwg

  75. desertgal66 says:

    Well, when it comes to Teresa and Joe, I have to say that Joe doesn’t appeal to me at all, either. BUT, in fairness, not all guys are lookers. It is what is inside that counts. I mean, Bill Gates looks like a nerd, but I understand he’s a devoted and loving husband and father.

    That said, it is what we have seen of Joe’s character that really turns me off. He seems sleazy, and shady, and the way he puts down his children and his “gay” remarks were really unappealing. Course, part of the lack of appeal comes from Teresa: I really don’t need or want to hear how many times he has sex with his wife every day.

    I dunno…watching those two is like watching two cavemen stumble around a million dollar home. They’ re just…yuck.

    • otaypanky says:

      read upthread.
      they’re both grifters.

    • morning says:

      With regard to Joe’s looks (not character) he’s not Mario but at least he’s normal. I think it’s the middle child of the oldest three that seems to look like him. She’s the lucky one.

  76. boston02127 says:

    Jacqueline’s tweet: (I can’t stand her either)

    I’m in a total cleaning mode right now. I trying to get my niece Lauren over here to play w/ Nick so I can do my thing.R U coming Lauren?
    Jacqueline from reading your tweets it seems like you’re always doing your own thing.

  77. otaypanky says:

    Whoever was tweeting T yesterday…please tweet this morning regarding the post article…puleeeese. Love to hear what she has to say about it in real time.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Can we go to the moving sale? Please? Please? Wearing our LynnNChicago t-shirts? Oh what a gift from Baby Jesus today!

      Let’s not forget that this is Lynn’s big day! Good morning, Lynn, and oh how I wish I could be in Chi-town tonight! This one time I AM jealous!

      • otaypanky says:

        just hope this gives bethenny a giggle this morning.
        i know she reads the post daily.

        finally, some justice for her with all these low lives trying to ride her coattails

  78. Fabulous Earth says:

    Thanks a gazillion Lynn for all your thoughts and insight into the Housewives series! You are such a doll and absolutely love you for this site!!

    Although, I’m about done with the HW franchise, I picked up some really good insight into my own behavior and ways and love some of the women I’ve watched over the years. I will definitely be getting Bethenny’s book and yoga dvd and will pick up Silex’s book for my daughter (she’s a fairly new mom).

    Love, love, love Bethenny, Alex, Sonja and Ramona. Not too crazy about Luann, confused by Kelly and disappointed in Jill. New York was the one franchise I followed all 3 seasons…the others not so much – just catching some episodes on the marathon days.

    You guys are so full of life on here, I swear sometimes I feel we’re all in one living room watching and discussing the series together while Lynn makes sure our glasses are filled with Pinot! Hugs and kisses for everyone here – MMMMMMMUAH!!!!

    • Had Enough! says:

      Fab – thanks for writing my post for me. I feel exactly the same way about the shows and about all of you. I guess in a bizarre way, we should thank that bitch Strega for shutting down TwoP or we wouldn’t have Lynn and one another.

  79. otaypanky says:

    This is the last time posting this link.



    • Had Enough! says:

      The broke-ass dimwit put an e-mail address on her website, so go for it guys:


    • desertgal66 says:

      I love this:

      Joe and Teresa’s yearly income:
      $79,000 (plus $120,000 in “assistance” from family members)

      Now, would that be “family members” or “Family members”? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      I’ve said this once and I’m gonna say it again, these “reality” show characters (and producers) should steer away from trying to display wealth as mass consumption (with nothing to back it up). It not only exacerbates the world’s current financial state, and gives a false impression that you are better than the normal person cuz you have this or that, but I believe it turns folks/viewers off.

      Maybe it’s just me. But it makes me less likely to support one’s business or anyone that have involvement with…

      It’s 2:44pm where I am and I’m a lil’ tipsy after 2 glasses of wine at lunch and starting to feel it so forgive me for my senseless ramblings, grammar and spelling 🙂

      • desertgal66 says:

        No, it isn’t just you. The ostentatious displays of some of these women has been a total turnoff for me.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like looking at pretty houses and jewelry-but watching some gal buy a $20,000 sapphire necklace with her husband’s money to wear around the house and then behave like a blowsy shrew in a trailer park does nothing for me.

        I prefer Bethenny’s low key style. She dresses well, she wears nice jewelry, but she isn’t shoving her wealth down our throats every five seconds. Alex, as well, has made it clear that she doesn’t always have it easy financially, instead of pretending that she and Simon are sleeping on a bed of money. And Ramona has never pretended that she hasn’t worked her butt off for what she has.

        As for the RHW merchandising, beyond Bethenny’s books, which I really like, and Alex’s book, which I also enjoyed, I haven’t bought anything and don’t plan to. Ramona’s jewelry and skin care line is overpriced. Gretchen’s skin care and makeup line is overpriced. Teresa’s book doesn’t interest me, and her online store is ridiculous. $24.95 for a child’s headband? Get over yourself, T. And I wouldn’t buy Jill Zarin’s sad little excuse for a book even if I found it at the dollar store. Same with Danielle Staub.

        Dina Manzo – well, I’ll give her credit, because she does donate her proceeds to her charity, and that’s commendable. But, I can’t say her jewelry is so unique, I want to ignore the overpricing and buy it.

        • desertgal66 says:

          Oh, and Kelly’s jewelry line? Forget it. If I want to wear cheap reproductions of 1970’s jewelry, I can head to my local flea market and spend a lot less.

          (If there’s one decade that fashion should never revisit, it’s the 70’s. It was godawful enough the first time around.)

    • ridicurhony says:

      thanks otay!

    • Char12 says:

      They owe over $2000 for a freakin phone bill!!! What a bunch of deadbeats!

    • katiecoo says:

      Wow otay…just seeing this. Well isn’t that special?

  80. vilzvet says:

    This is too rich. If it is really more than one page I will physically have to go out and grab a copy. There may be more than what is shown in the online version. This issue will be a keeper! Again, wondering what they will be doing all summer without their shore housseeeeeeeee!!!!!

    • Had Enough! says:

      Someone on her FB page asked why do the papers write such nasty things about T (referring to the article in today’s Post). Ummm – it is just the facts, taken directly from the bankruptcy filing. And why write about T at all? Well, T put herself and her lifestyle on tv…my guess is that there are ho-wife “fans” in every courthouse who can’t wait to call the local press whenever there is a filing pertaining to one of the ho-wife stars or family members.

      • otaypanky says:

        As though T was not aware of “why” she had to shop with cash. She and her husband are nothing more than grifters that spent other people’s money to satisfy their greed.
        I have also read on other blogs that Juicy has a girlfriend…a blonde. Don’t know if it’s true, but if it is. This is an example of a woman willing to turn a blind eye to adultery and theft just to live a certain lifestyle.
        She’s a little more disgusting than I originally thought.

  81. Had Enough! says:

    Sending T real estate listings in Totowa so Gia won’t have to change schools. Lots of little charmers for 300k.

  82. Olivia says:

    Let me get this straight: Juicy Joe supposedly earns a respectable $79,000 yrly income yet they receive another $120,000 yrly from “family” members”? What??????? But they still owe almost $11 million in debt???? What????

    Breaking it down even further, these people are not only deadbeats, they are thieves. His yrly income alone is enough to sustain a family in comfort. So many families live on much less. In this economy it was difficult to understand how anyone would be capable of spending the amounts she throws out there for frivolity since the housing market, something he is supposed to be “associated” with, is in decline. I mean who spends close to $2,000 in a kid’s boutique on a whim? Unless you are counting on that extra money the “family” contributes each year. And for what reason?

    Yet Bravo is busy making her into another “star”. Someone living so far above her means that it is impossible to understand how they even were able to get credit for much of the spending she indulged in. That mansion she had built is insane with all that marble she insisted on having along with the $120,000 worth of furniture she was shown paying cash for.

    I cannot wrap my head around owing $11 million dollars, prancing around on tv as if this were normal, and pretending that it was earned. Crazy!

    Bravo is a disgusting network promoting gypsies, tramps and thieves and nursing the “crazy” out of people like Kelly and Danielle.

    And what’s with the owing a fertility clinic so much money? Anyone purchasing Theresa’s stupid book is buying into a fantasy about her. This woman is a con, a liar, and owing that much money, she is a criminal.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      I agree Oli

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      Hi everyone. i have been reading for a while trying to digest the last remnants of RHWONYC but I had to chime in on this Teresa/Joe thing.

      I am one of those “broke” people who disgust Kellamity so much. I had a very nice little nest/stock/pension egg set aside. I made several startlingly bad financial moves in 2007 including getting scammed in a pyramid type scheme to the tune of $74,000. The egg has scrambled. But you know what, the mortgage company, billl collectors, credit card companies, etc still expect me to live up to my responsibilities. WTF am I doing wrong? Why won’t they keep giving ME more and more? I want a bailout. Never mind. I’ll just run down and file bankruptcy.

      Hey Teresa and Joe. Thanks for the tips. The only down side is that then I’d be a POS just like you.

  83. Had Enough! says:

    Interesting. Caroline Manzo FB likes: Bethenny Frankel. Not Jill Zarin. Also her list of charities – oddly, Project Ladybug is not listed.


  84. Had Enough! says:

    Danielle is going to have a field day with this.

  85. Had Enough! says:

    Yup – Danielle’s been tweeting her head off all morning (but she is oblivious to the fact that as scummy as the Giudices are, it isn’t in the same category as prostitution, drug-dealing, and kidnapping).

    @krone9 thank you for sending this link to me from the New York Post – i knew all this was going on – but they keep hiding from their truths – you’re so kind to shed light on this hope someone sends to all those other woman on the show – they are all thieves – like Caroline says thick as thieves! Yup they sure are-

    @DJLoopsFruit nope I think we all need to realize the post is pretty accurate – afterall ev

    @craftygurltoo well put my love!! Oh and didn’t she – say at the finale last season- ” I ain’t got no skeltons”! Hmmmm poetic – don’t ya think – so thankful my supporters are sending me these articles or I’d never see eryone believed everything about me – let em defend bankruptsy court when they spend like they do on the show? Please.

    @krone9 you made my day helped expose the truth behind one castmate and her Real-ity

    @KatieBman just so u know I retweeted it bc it’s neccessary people know the truth about all of us. It’s only fair!

  86. vilzvet says:

    By the way whoever referred to Jen as a “pointy aardvark face” well that had me laughing for hours. Perfect description! Just saw the episode again where she practically slammed the party planner right in her face, ugh!!

  87. Olivia says:

    I am still trying to figure out why “family members” would be dishing out $120,000 a year to a family member who is supposedly earning another $79,000? It is not as if they were sending over a box of groceries once in awhile, or paying the cable bill when someone is finding it a little tight in making ends meet during a period of down time.

    That breaks down to $10,000 monthly and it makes no sense. Even if that were being poured into his “business” wouldn’t that be considered part of the business and not actual disposable income? What am I missing here?

    And even if that “family” contribution was being paid with all good intentions (and even the Soprano’s would have difficulty explaining the “need”) then they must be furious watching her spend, spend, spend on the nonsense that she does since the excess is so over the top.

    Living within your means is an obligation not something to ignore. I am shell shocked at the amount of money they owe along with the amount of money, or lack thereof) she spends. It makes no sense.

    • ridicurhony says:

      maybe I’m just bein silly, but it could be money they’re makin under the table and they’re just callin it ‘family’…hide the income or it’ll get yanked becz of the bankruptcy

    • Kokuanani says:

      What I find so incredible about this [and I DON’T follow the NJ Hos] is that “$120,000 from ‘family members’ ” is practically a flashing arrow to the IRS reading “come audit me.” And if it’s “Family” who’s providing this money . . . well, just remember the lesson of Al Capone.

      Under current tax laws, if you give someone a gift of over $13,000 per year, you have to file a gift tax return. No tax is due, but you have to file the return because of future estate tax issues.

      Even if Teresa & family followed the law, presenting “facts” like these in the press gives the IRS a really good reason to “visit” and ask for additional information, just to make sure you’re complying with the tax laws. And who knows, they “might” find something else.

      Teresa & hubby ought to be giving serious consideration to fleeing the country or witness protection.

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        I don’t know if limits have changed, but the limit on gifts between family members used to be j$10k w/o tax consequences. I’m guessing that’s why they put that number — they thought that they would be dodging IRS scrutiny somehow . . .

        • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

          . . . it would require 12 10k gifts from separate “family members”, however.

  88. Had Enough! says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!

    The bankruptcy was filed in October and no one spilled the beans until today?

    09-39032-MS Giuseppe Giudice and Teresa Giudice
    Case type: bk Chapter: 7 Asset: Yes Vol: v Judge: Morris Stern
    Date filed: 10/29/2009 Date of last filing: 05/13/2010

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I thought I had heard that they lost the big house quite a few weeks ago, but had forgotten about it until the other night when I saw they were still living in it and wondered about it, but not that interested to look into it.

      • Had Enough! says:

        They lost (gave up) the other house (s) some time ago, but I hadn’t heard anything about them losing the mausoleum except some reports that were mistaken and later issued corrections. If they’ve moved out, surely we would have heard about it. I will check to see what the NJ homestead exemption is for bankruptcy, but doubt they will be able to keep it.

    • iwannabeanarchy says:

      Had Enough! How do you have all the info. about the bankruptcy filing? I know some details were published in the Post, but it seems like you are reading the petition. If so, please share the source!

  89. otaypanky says:

    family is not contributing 120k pr annum.
    they are hiding cash and trying to account for what they do spend without giving away anymore personal info as the the origins of the money.

  90. otaypanky says:

    Even mor horrible is that they were driving their SUV uninsured and Juice drives while juiced.
    Would you want to be hit by an uninsured driver?

    • Olivia says:

      So true. Not to overlook the kids in the car as well. Then they purchase that useless thing for Gia’s birthday as if they were oil sheiks and the money will just keep pouring in.

      I am astounded. My jaw is dropping. Unbelievable behavior since they had to know they were being hounded by creditors since last year. This stuff does not happen overnight.

      The creditors must have been burning at the sight of her spending like a drunken sailor while they stood in line waiting to get paid. I wonder how many people lost jobs because of the debt owed by these fools to creditors who were unable to be paid? Some of those listed creditors are small business concerns.

      • vilzvet says:

        Gia’s party was back in October, exactly the same time as the bankruptcy filing!

        • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

          Do you suppose Bravo contributes for the “privilege” of filming the spectacle?

  91. Olivia says:

    Filed in October 2009? They were in the midst of filming since the latest addition was born in September. And isn’t part of this season’s storyline their going to Italy en masse?

    This is totally unbelievable and so far out of my own grasp of living since I am one of those morons who pays the bill the day the mail is delivered. Jaybus!

    • error 404 says:

      what’s the deal on the Italy trip? I saw a clip of them in Venice and almost spit out my coffee. Why film a bunch of Sicilians in a gondola on the Grand Canal? It’s like if someone’s family was from Jersey, so they took a trip to the US to see Hollywood!

  92. boston02127 says:

    Leaving u guys with a little chuckle this a.m.
    Have to go clean offices~that’s right Teresa it’s called w-o-r-k.
    Have a good day everyone.

    • Fabulous Earth says:







      **falls off chair laughing and hits head on the desk**



    • vilzvet says:

      OH that was more than a little chuckle! Keep them coming!!
      By the way, Teresa has since corrected the pronunciation of her name to the correct Italian way: no longer is it “Jew-Dice” like she said all last season, it is now the way it should be “Chew-DEE-Chay”. She put this in her book. I called her out on it but she ignored….now she has bigger things to worry about, haha.

    • UpperWestSideDude says:

      OMG! Thank you so much for that. 🙂

  93. Had Enough! says:

    Bitch claims the 2 go carts are worth only 1k.

    Juicy claims he has worked at G&G Stucco for only 13 months.

    Under “anticipated decrease in income in next 12 months” it says “none.” Well, they filed in October and this season ends in a few weeks (thank heavens) and I seriously doubt it will be renewed, so I think they should have predicted the loss of the Bravo income.

  94. Olivia says:

    “I ain’t got no skeletons in my closet. Creditors yes, but no skeletons.”

    And she went to college? “Ain’t got no”??????????????

  95. boston02127 says:

    ok one more

  96. Had Enough! says:

    She claims he owns lots of rental properties, yet that income isn’t shown anywhere on the bankruptcy filing. Even if the properties are in the name of a corporation, or a partner (there is someone named Joseph Mastropole among the creditors, and he’s a realtor, so perhaps they are in his name), if he derives income from these rental properties or any other source, he is legally obligated to declare it. If the petition for bankruptcy omits income or has any other material misrepresentation, the petition can be denied. Then the creditors are free to go after them and take it all.

  97. Olivia says:

    I despise Danielle but I bet she has a field day with this one! What a bunch of lowlifes!

  98. Had Enough! says:

    OK, they are not claiming the mausoleum as exempt but they are planning to re-affirm the debt, meaning that they plan to somehow keep paying for it. Hmm.

  99. Fabulous Earth says:

    On another note, I think Joe will be really upset about his financial situation being out there like that. And I bet he’ll blame Theresa’s behavior (the yap-yap) for causing it.

    Maybe not…but I just get that feelin’.

  100. anniieee says:

    wow finaly caught up… great finds everyone and outstanding comments.. otay–love that you exposed our cromagnet head Terrorisa…. going to the pool..which means I will have to spend the afternoon catching up again. Don’t you love that our juicy joe only builds SECTION 8 housing? Cant be a lot of money in that….

    love you all…see you later.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Slumlord. I believe that’s the word you were looking for. Slumlord.

      • anniieee says:

        lol how true… checking my facebook..saw this..Alex posted it today..but was taken the day after the reunion show. I have to say she looks very happy and very relaxed–love the whole house…except for the Redroom…


        • Fabulous Earth says:

          I just tweeted this article. Their home is so warm and loving! I love what she says about not stressing the cost (shops at Target, etc) and takes into consideration that she has children. If something breaks, oh well – I love that attitude about her!!! This is real elegance folks!

        • desertgal66 says:

          I’m not a fan of the Red Room, either-just not my taste-but have to admit that they did it well. It’s loud, but it’s well pulled together. Not as hideous as it could be. For that, you’d have to go to Jill’s buttugly space.

        • error 404 says:

          please Alex, I am begging you: please delay the yard project and use your Bravo earnings to strip that hideously inappropriate white brick off your facade and restore the original brownstone. 1890s NY brownstones should not be covered in 1960s white brick! End of.

        • morning says:

          Now we know which one bought Pretty on the Outside’s artwork.

    • otaypanky says:

      Have fun at the pool.
      Did read that the Feds are willing to pay Teresa for samples of her DNA. She is believed to be the Missing Link.
      She did not want the stigma for her girls, but guess now she’ll have to go for it.

      • anniieee says:

        lol that is too funny… she could do the cavemen insurance commercials with that forehead…Geiko?

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      Actually, I kind of admire that or anyone for that matter building or investing in affordable housing. Lord knows not everyone can afford to pay crazy amounts for shelter.

      • anniieee says:

        i so agree with that… however–dont put yourself us as the fabulous builder of mcmansions… when you do section 8 housing… they are primarly prefab and follow the pattern of habitat for humanity. not a lot of marble in them.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Yes, if they provide housing that is maintained in good condition. My guess is that Juicy was not a benevolent landlord. My guess is that the houses were always in a state of disrepair.

      • error 404 says:

        section 8 isn’t affordable housing for working class people, it’s government assisted living for people who are in a viscous cycle of poverty.

        that aside, if you think Joe G is in it for the humanitarian aspects, all I can is hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa…OW! I think I just hurt something. 😛

  101. Olivia says:

    Consider heating a 12,000 foot home. Probably air conditioned as well. Consider home owners insurance, property taxes, electric bills, maintenance, water/sewage, food, cable, car payments, possible health insurance if company does not provide, yard care for a home that size, clothing, it all adds up to a humungous amount of money. Then factor in possible unexpected problems that go along with owning a home and you may incur more costs that you are not prepared for.

    If this property is in jeopardy of being foreclosed the bank may allow them to live until the house is sold or auctioned off. But how do they allow them to go on living and even paying the expenses on that property if they are in bankruptcy? I am not clear on the legal actions involved.

    Even if he were a “legitimate” contractor, the economy is so bad at this point that there cannot be that much building going on in NJ which is one of the most heavily taxed states in the union for homeowners. One of their biggest gripes is the property taxes they must pay and it comes up year after year at election time.

    • Had Enough! says:

      The filing shows their monthly expenses at 16k/month. Yup. A big nut to make. The mortgage on the mausoleum is 1.7 mill, doesn’t look like they’ve got a second mortgage on that property.

      The monthly payment, including taxes and property insurance: $12,362.00
      Electric and heat: $800
      Telephone: $200
      Cable, internet, home phone: $100
      Home maintenance: $100
      Food: $1300
      Clothing: $400 (I claim massive BS on this one!)
      Medical/dental: $0 (huh?)
      Transportation: $300
      Health insurance: $950

      Don’t forget – if they are in default, they are not paying any property taxes unless they have paid them outside of the escrow that is taken from the monthly payments to the bank, i.e., if they’ve sent checks directly to the State of NJ, which is possible but unlikely. You can’t complain about taxes if you aren’t paying them! My guess is that his federal income tax returns haven’t been filed, or if they have, there’s a whole lot of creativity there.

      For income, they are claiming that family members are giving them 10k month so that plus his 3k and Teresa’s 3k are enough to make this nut IF the other debt – credit cards, etc. – are wiped out. How convenient. Hope the creditors force these family members to show up in court and testify under oath that they are indeed giving 10k/month and intend to continue to do so as long as necessary. And also like to see where that 10k/month is shown on their federal returns under the gift reporting requirements.

      • otaypanky says:

        My health insurance for me alone is 9,000
        my cable with road runner is 180. not including phone.
        my electric to a two bdrm apt w/air conditioning is 400 pr mo.

        I’m moving over the border.

        • Olivia says:

          Sad isn’t it? We live within our means and in many instances do without because we know we simply cannot afford to go overboard. But these crooks think nothing of overspending and never deny themselves the luxury of excess living.

          Where did we go wrong?

      • Olivia says:

        Still an impossibility to maintain on his income alone. It just boggles my mind that someone in “the family” is willing to hand over $10,000 a month so they can live like the Trumps.

        Liars all! Those morons writing on Twitter to Theresa expressing their undying love must be the same idiots who are doing the same with Kelly and Jill.

        Stupid people praising stupid people for behaving stupidly. The sad part is that these very same people are allowed to drive a car, vote, and procreate.

        • morning says:

          Perhaps Teresa’s parents feel she needs to be kept in the style to which she’d become accustomed? Of course you’d think it’d be a little difficult for Joe’s ego but maybe he doesn’t care as long as they have the money.

  102. otaypanky says:

    I read somewhere on a site linked here by one of you that the Guidice’s recently had a huge housewarming party and the house was lit in different colored lights from the outside.
    It also seems this home stands out like a sore thumb in a neighborhood with much smaller adobes and the backyard really is bumped up to a highway.
    That may be why Dina’s home is worth 1.4. Better area.

  103. Olivia says:

    I love what Alex did to her house and the fact that she too shops at Target!

    The only “target” Jill has ever heard of is the one found on someone’s back.

  104. Quincy IL says:

    It’s amazing that Teresa would be online attacking anyone when she knows there is dirt on her life. Is it possible that Teresa is as “out of the loop” as Lynne from OC?

    At the end of the table flipping dinner, Danielle had things to say about someone with a linoleum floor. I didn’t know who she was referring to at the time. So.. it was Teresa?

    • otaypanky says:

      no, that was dina.

      personally, I think someone walking around with cash knows why they cannot use credit. partly to hide spending habits, partly to hide the fact they have cash.

      she knows.

      • otaypanky says:

        I really do hope their creditors use the film of her spending for court. In this economy, not to be paid for goods and services can be devestating.
        These two people are grifters in my opinion. They are not just a little over extended.
        They owe money to the tune of 12 million.
        They are lying about their income and what they actually have. They are purposely stiffing their creditors.
        Shame on them.

  105. Olivia says:

    I need to take a break.

    First my obsession kicked in of Jill. Then it hopped right over to Kelly. Now I am falling into the Theresa trap.

    Who needs a hobby? Looks like me!

  106. Had Enough! says:

    Not one word yet from T. Or from Caroline, Dina, or Jac. So much for t’ick as t’ieves. Guess this isn’t making Caroline laugh.

    • otaypanky says:

      thanks for the update. I know nothing about tweeting. This one addiction is enough for me.
      Please keep us posted.

      • Had Enough! says:

        I don’t tweet either. I just google “twitter name” – and up it pops. It can be tricky if you don’t know their twitter name – like jaclaurita, but most of these women use their real names. Except kikilet…she can’t spell her own name.

  107. Quincy IL says:

    Remember the OC girls? I wonder how that great living from arm bracelets is working out for them. Or..Gretchen’s makeup line…

    After their season, the housewives seem to disappear from the face of the Earth. When they leave the show, they are never heard of again. How can you make a living on your stardom when this is the future that you face?

    • Had Enough! says:

      Google news. That’s how people find out about Gretchen’s legal troubles, Lynn’s endless problems, TamRUH’s son going to jail (and she cuts him loose, just like WhoriLaurie cut Josh loose), etc. This shit makes the newspapers, and what makes the papers ends up online. For NY ladies, Gawker keeps an eye on them for us. And NY mag. And NY Post.

      • shantygal says:

        Vickie, Jeanna & Slurry (Lynne) were on Dr. Phil yesterday – “Biggest Money Mistakes”. hahahahahaha

  108. otaypanky says:

    These are my posts to JZ’s page. Went in under tryna. used a rarely utilized email account. I am sure they will be deleted soon. In some of her answers, she keeps saying she may not be back for the fourth season. She is doing a piss poor job in her answers. She is Jill…rude. Now, watch Jill run. She has to run from her alliance with T. And, how much longer can she take Kelly? really?…and now that Lumann has Sonja for a running mate. Poor Jill…all alone, bobbing up and down in bawby’s lap scaring the shit out of ginger. HA!

    tryna Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 5th, 2010 at 7:55 am

    tryna Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 5th, 2010 at 7:54 am
    Your BFF Teresa has the whole third page of the NY POST this morning.
    You really can pick ‘em, cantcha?

  109. desertgal66 says:

    I’m just catching up, and thoroughly disgusted. I was disgusted by Teresa and Joe before, but the disgust just overflowed.

    They are grifters, period.

    I can’t fathom being $11 million in debt, and still spending money like water. Just can’t wrap my mind around it.

    Bravo needs to do a mass exodus of their Housewives, starting with these two.

    My husband and I have worked hard all our lives. We don’t have much, but what we do have we’ve come by honestly. We’ve put two kids through college, and we support a disabled son who will always be dependent on us. We’ve weathered a lot of storms, and we’ve never taken an illegal dime from anyone. We are, and I am sure you all are, too, what the best of being American is about. Hard work, honest pay, family values over superficial ones.

    The Guidices (and it’s “Jew-Dice”, Teresa, I don’t care what fancy schmancy pronunciation you want to put on it) are pond scum.

  110. Had Enough! says:

    Actually, it is spelled G-I-U-D-I-C-E. Anyone here Italian who can tell us how it should be pronounced?

    This site says “ju-dee-chay.” Some of the comments on Bravo boards say the same. Based on the Italian I have picked up over the years, that sounds about right to me. OTOH, the Italian I’ve picked up is all southern Italian/Sicilian dialect, and only lately have I learned that the way I pronounce things (fujole, maniguht, riguht, gabagool, etc.) was just a function of who I hung out with and where they (and their parents) were from. So maybe it is pronounced different ways in different parts of Italy.

    Finally – all the blogs have picked it up. HuffPo, Reality Tea…Gawker is still sleeping off last night’s coke binge.

    • desertgal66 says:

      I grew up with a gal with the surname Guidice, and she (and her family) always pronounced it “Jew-Dice”. But, okay, I’m willing to concede that there may be other pronunciations.

      That said, though, as someone else pointed out, Teresa herself said last year that it is pronounced “Jew-Dice”, and then changed her story. Which is kind of flaky.

      • vilzvet says:

        Yeah she definitely changed it from Jew-dice which she said all last year. I guess because of the book, I don’t know, she’s going for the correct pronunciation. Even Rachael Ray called her Chew-Dee-Chay when she was on the show recently, and she is as Italian as they come 🙂 me too…

    • error 404 says:

      turns out their real name is Bouquet… spelled BUCKET, pronounced Bouquet.

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      It should have more of a “z” sound at the beginning (off-hand remembering of how to pronounce Italian from when I was in choir eons ago, & I could be wrong on that). “Jew-Dice” would be the Anglicized pronunciation of it & I can see why T would want to run from that, seeing as how someone has taught her little angel to spout off anti-Semitic remarks…you don’t think that kid got the idea that all Jews have big noses & ears on her own & aren’t the kind of people she should be marrying, did you? God, what trashy people. Trash trash trash.

  111. Cleo's Mommy says:


    I wouldn’t be surprised if the bankruptcy filing wasn’t the direct result of some of their creditors seeing footage of Teresa’s 12oK (in cash) tacky, ugly, furniture spending spree in the first season.

    Those episodes aired late last spring and early summer, they originally filed for bankruptcy last October, which could very well have been in reaction to legal action filed (or threatened) by some of their creditors.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the next shoe to drop was an audit by the IRS, or perhaps some not so legal action by the “wrong roofer” that Juicy supposedly stiffed.

    I’m also eagerly awaiting news of Juicy’s girlfriend to hit the press. Teresa definitely is deserving of the public humiliation that will accompany such news.

    • otaypanky says:

      I heard about the “wrong roofer” also and the girlfriend.
      What a mess.
      I do hope the IRS investigates these people.
      It’s one thing to go down financially over family illness, recession, job loss, but to go 12 million in debt when the last home you owned was worth under 300k stinks of purposely seeking to use other people’s hard earned money and services.
      What’s shocking to me is that she is only in debt for 20k to bloomies, niemann’s and nordstrom.

      • Cleo's Mommy says:

        My guess is that she still pays for most of her shopping sprees with cash. There’s an awful lot of undeclared income being spent by that family. They supposedly take in 200K a year, yet we saw her put out 120K for furniture.

        • otaypanky says:

          would love to have ‘the blonde’ news come to the forefront.
          never liked this woman.
          she behaved as though “illiteracy” is the new “must have”

  112. ridicurhony says:

    i agree with everyone on the Guidices – they are the perfect example of what not to do.

    there are probably a lot more ppl doing it than we’ll ever know, sad but true. Wish there was some way court could say, you got cash? give it. lol that they got it on film with her paying in cash. lol on the snarking on Beth about the baby nurse. Big lol on today’s article kindly provided by Otaypanky.

    And they all come tumbling down indeed.

  113. error 404 says:

    I’m having a hard time imagining that the Housewives franchise hasn’t jumped the collective shark.

  114. otaypanky says:

    Where is Jill’s major humilation?
    I’m serious. T is a stupid, grifting Neanderthal.
    Jill probably schooled her on the art of going after someone else to get press, press and more press. T being dumb as rock, bought it.
    And Jill…Ok, we all hate her, but where is her comeuppance? really?

    • error 404 says:

      Jill is supposedly a socialite with “real friends” who refused to be on the show.

      At best, she’s hearing a lot of “told you so!” but I also suspect she’s lost cred and some friends because of this. She a social climber and I suspect this season ended with her seeing a lot more doors closing in her face.

      She obviously went on the show for fame, and got intoxicated on it from two seasons of popularity, and now has seen her reputation destroyed in season 3. She may keep some loyal fans, but her public rep took a spectacular nosedive that nothing short of bringing peace in the middle east could repair. Latkes and a contrite air ain’t gonna cut it this time.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Well, she didn’t send me any latkes, so we remain DONE.

        Mario ought to come to all of us and yell FU! FU! because he was right about JillZilla all along.

        I would have paid a ton of money that I don’t have just to see the look on JillZilla’s face when she found out that there was a lovely little piece about Ramona in the NYT. Poor Ginger. It must have been hell in that house when that happened.

        • error 404 says:


          Mario, my door is always open to you babe!

          but Ramona has been witness to this shit for 15 years, I’m sure she knows better than to get Jill’s radar focused on her. It’s like Peronista Argentina, where “friends” just disappear over night.

          and poor Ginger! Probably still has the runs from those greasy latkes to boot

    • ridicurhony says:

      I’m just enjoying the bad press thing, she keeps her name attached to all these bozos with bad press. Bad press is 1 million times less controllable than fan hate, absolutely nothing she can do about it after the fact. It’s out there.

  115. Bravo fan says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how much new juicy new happened since last time I visited here,
    last night. I new there was something up w/ T. and her using cash for everything. I knew someone like that, never paid w/ credit, later found out they new how to hide their earnings from IRS. Is this the newest blog site because I see the last comment was from 9am and it is 11:30am here.

  116. Olivia says:

    Perhaps Theresa and Joey “Buttafucco” can sit down and have a heart to heart with Albie. Since he is going to be a lawyer, and Jacqueline had him “counseling” Ashley, I am sure he can offer some legal and financial advice to these two crooks.

    Or maybe a visit to Chris is in order to stock up on some of those weapons of mass destruction he has secreted in the closet that Jacqueline “knew nothing about”.

    Or is times get really rough, he can go to work for Dumb Chris at one of the car wash/strip joints that would also provide a place for Theresa to work her “chuckie” to pay for Gia’s dance, gymnastic, make up, headshots, costumes, and modeling opportunities as she rushes down the road to “stardom” following the same route as Britney and Miley. All hip movement, not talent.

    The scenarios are endless.

  117. Fabulous Earth says:

    They say folks in glass houses should not throw stones. Now, this saying has been around for decades if not more…just sayin’ Theresa. What made you think you could come out and badmouth someone who has a TON of support and think it would fly???

    I think these reality stars should invest in a good PR person as soon as they sign the contract if they don’t want to be made fools of.

    By the way, I know this is a repeat but it’s worth saying again: Bethenny is hard working and was building her brand BEFORE rhony; Ramona has a strong business mind on her as does Alex. They don’t seem to spend beyond their means or flashy with what they have.

  118. otaypanky says:

    Sorta makes an I HATE TERESA GUIDICE BLOG irrelevent now.
    She is sooooo publicly humiliated.

  119. Cleo's Mommy says:

    Back to the I Hate Jill Zarin portion of our program

    This writer not only bought into Jill’s crocodile tears, but called Bethenny a spoiled brat for not accepting Jill’s self serving apology


    This was my response to her, please feel free to leave a comment of your own.

    There is no defense of Jill Zarin’s childish, malicious, nasty, vile, rude, abhorent, vindictive behavior both on and off camera this year.

    She gives Jews a bad name as well as women, new yorkers, upper east siders, east coasters, Americans and human beings.

    Talk about toxic. Bethenny was not acting like a spoiled brat for refusing to resume a friendship with someone like Jill. Zarin is the spoiled brat here, assuming that there are would be no consequences for her actions. Jill wanted to make Bethenny look bad because she was jealous that Bethenny got her own show. Her plan backfired spectacularly and Jill is the one who came out with her reputation destroyed. Not because of anything Bethenny did or said about Jill, but because of Jill’s own actions.

    Writing positive reviews (under an assumed name) for her own book was bad enough, but attacking those who gave her book a negative review and accusing those negative reviewers of being anti semitic is reprehensible.

    Bethenny was right to tell Jill she needed to change if they were ever going to be friends again. Jill needs to change if she ever wants to be considered anything other than a disgusting human being.

    • otaypanky says:

      way cool.

      love the paragaph listing the groups she gives a bad name to. I literally lauged out loud reading that.

      i think you about covered it.

    • otaypanky says:

      way cool.

      love the paragaph listing the groups she gives a bad name to. I literally laughed out loud reading that.

      i think you about covered it.

      • Cleo's Mommy says:

        Actually I forgot Housewives (duh), ice skaters, potato latka cooks, PP riders, dog owners, friends, authors, sisters, daughters, mothers and fabric discounters

        • Cleo's Mommy says:

          and yet more groups that JZ gives a bad name to:

          Saks Fifth Avenue customers, Kodak product promoters, redheads, women who wear size 1 (or more likely women who replace the tags in their size six or eight clothing with tags that say size 1.)

          Please feel free to add to the list, I’d like it to be as complete as possible

  120. Bravo fan says:

    Notice how no one from RHONJ has tweeted today except Danielle. Bet they r all figuring out how to handle the Post news.

  121. Had Enough! says:

    Is it possible Danielle really is afraid of them? Irrational though it might be, perhaps that fear prevented her from leaking this amazing news for nearly nine months?

    • ridicurhony says:

      i don’t know, but it explains a lot of crap on the blogs. Maybe Bravo should provide all these people a press person – like as in if you can’t afford one, we will assign you one – bcuz they all seem to think the thing to do is slam someone else real hard as some kind of defense for their own bad press coming. It makes them look like total shit afterward.

  122. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    KARMA IS A BITCH Teresa!!!

  123. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ Olivia love your post as usual made me spill my coffee out my nose. Sorry for the visual. LMAO!

  124. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @desertgal66 People like you I admire.

  125. The Digger says:

    Happy wife, fraudulent life.
    HEY THERESA, the court called, they want their bubbies back.

    Poser white trash.

  126. Had Enough! says:

    The toxic is back on TV.
    So Jill is such a massive liar.
    She’s going to change her ticket?
    For what?
    There are no airports on St. John.
    She would have had to fly to St. Thomas anyway.
    And so now we know she flew commercial.
    And we know there are potties on commercial aircraft.
    But then in the exact same conversation, she said Bobby had a pilot waiting at the airport.
    Which is it, Jill?

    • error 404 says:

      changed ticket to st thomas from ny, to leave a day earlier.

      bobby hired private plane to take them from st thomas to to john.

      maybe she used the bathroom on the plane, or at the airport, and then drank a huge bottle of water in the car on the way to the villa, who knows. the whole bathroom thing is just so stupid, why waste our time on it. It was just to get a dig in at Ramona. End of.

      • Had Enough! says:

        I don’t think you fly from St. Thomas to St. John. It is only a 45 minute ferry ride. I guess there must be private airstrips on St. John, so you could fly over, but why?

  127. otaypanky says:

    JILL IS NUTS! This is her answer to one of my posts on her web page. I posted under the troll’s name from yesterday Tryna. She publishes the email address too.

    jill z Says:
    June 5th, 2010 at 11:46 am
    tryna..at housewivesny@gmail.com No one hates me. How sad you had to hijack the email address of our show so you could try to be a housewife. So sad! Clearly you have an UNHEALTHY obsession with a TV show about people you do not know and you were not there to witness anything. You write mean things all over to get attention. Get a job…do some charity and sorry they turned you down as a new castmember. Jill

  128. otaypanky says:

    She blocked my response but I did get this one on for a moment from J Samples:

    Samples Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 5th, 2010 at 11:56 am
    We hate you in New Jersey too!
    Stop saying you won’t come back.
    How many friends have you lost with your backstabbing crap?

    Any endorsement deals lately?

    Every product you endorse, Thousands send letters to the brand letting them know they are now boycotted.

    ps LOVE THE HASER PROTECTION PROGRAM idea. Perfect for you.

  129. The Digger says:

    I was in a Kinkkos making copies a few months ago. At the next machine was this woman mid 30’s dressed really well copying this massive volume of paperwork. She left but forgot some of her originals on the machine. I ran after her but she was pulling out in her BMW and I missed her. I glanced at the papers, it was for a bankruptcy filing for over $850,000. $65,000 alone owed to Nordstrums, all kinds of credit card debt with one card over $130,000, house payments, car payments. Yeah, people do live this way. Problem with Teresa is that she put herself on tv and boasts about her fraudulent life and puts it in people’s faces. Tell me, if you are out robbing banks do you put yourself on a tv show with your face for the world to see? Talk about delusional. I hope someone has the judge watch the show to see their numbers do not add up with the reality of what they are spending. He is definitely doing cash jobs and hiding income. $12,000 monthly expenses and that low income? Ummm, just no.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      did you still have the papers?

      • The Digger says:

        No, I didn’t keep the papers. I left them with a clerk for her. I felt a bit dirty for looking at someone’s personal papers but I wanted to see if they were important or junk. I was floored that someone could run up such extreme debt buying clothes, shoes, jewelry, flat screen tvs and then steal from society by filing bankruptcy. Like someone said up thread, if a family is devastated by illness or crisis that is one thing, buying everything you want in life because you want it or feel you deserve it is a whole nother ugly game. Life does not come with entitlements.

    • cusi77 says:

      And people like us, doing the right thing, paying on time, spending less than we have… are the ones paying for their costly mistakes! You should see the amount of unemployment here…

  130. otaypanky says:

    She is editing comments down (I know they are mine) and making them look good. She is one MAJOR SICKO!!!!


    • anniieee says:

      huh how is she doing it… share…show us…. lol she is a dummass…..put it up otay…as Isit here hyperventaliting

      • otaypanky says:

        she edited the one upthread to just:

        have you any endorsement deals lately?

        Then answered it:

        Saying yes, I have two.

        And she did it to others…she is on her blog right now and is on top of it.

  131. otaypanky says:

    Oh well…All three of my alternate email addresses have been blocked. She is also posting portions of comments, deleting the insulting parts. She is re writing the comment and posting it!
    Lynn: are you getting this?

    • The Digger says:

      That is why she posted her blog on her own site and not Bravo. She can see your IP. If you still want to play, come in from the back door.

      • otaypanky says:

        how do you do that?

        she is posting on her own page because she wants total control of content. i still can’t believe she is re writing emails and making them appear supportive.

        this broad needs crack.

        • ridicurhony says:

          it is not hard to imagine that she hired a few more assistants and have them doing this all day long – it’s hilarious all that editing! Are any comments getting posted on her old blogs on bravo? she can’t change those..

          • ridicurhony says:

            hahahaha, just checked the bravo blogs – she’s got 1107 comments on her last blog and counting – lots of negativity toward her there for her read

        • The Digger says:

          You know she is a total control freak, and a fraud. This is nothing new.

  132. anniieee says:

    why do ramona’s boobs look small in the bikini and large large large in dresses?

  133. otaypanky says:

    me thinks she blocked my ip address>

    Well if anyone has ever had any doubts, not only will zarin just block your emails, she will re write them then answer them…then block you.

    what a cunt (and i never use that word)

  134. iceNfire says:

    Good morning – Late night, haven’t read yet

    Boston – Would you please remove the “snow” without glasses. She is recognizable to
    too many. TY

  135. Had Enough! says:

    Oh wait. They were going to St. Barts. Not St. Thomas. I haven’t got a clue how one would get from St. Barts to St. John.

  136. Had Enough! says:

    Now we know where the Trained Sasquatch got her line “haters are part of the ecosystem” from. Shrill has used it a couple of times in her responses to comments.

    Still can’t figure out why she didn’t let my question post. Others have posted much nastier things that she let post.

    • katiecoo says:

      I love love LOVE that Alex calls her out at the Reunion about the “channeling the Devil” comment “we’ve heard that one somewhere before haven’t we?” and glances at Ramona and Bethenny. Chaching! Alex is on fire!

  137. DarkSonnet says:


  138. otaypanky says:

    It’s ok…in the end, I will just email her new endorsements just as I did Kodak and Saks and let them know what a poor choice they made and my reasons for so stating.

    I’ll be watching you Jizm.

  139. katiecoo says:

    Wow! Thanks Otay for this breaking news! Just catching up….wow is all I can say and GREAT TIMING after Teresa lost so many viewers yesterday with her nastigram about Bethenny.

    Now I gotta go relook at that TV page she blogged on yesterday to see the new comments.

    Rewatched most episodes last night while crafting…omg you catch so many gaffes of Zarin when you watch from the beginning. Gaffes meaning contradictions and LIES.

    Oh and I really do NOT like that Jennifer Gilbert AT ALL and I really can’t stand her voice.

  140. otaypanky says:

    ya gotta love the wisdom of the kamden girls:

    “ppl don’t do what they don’t want to do
    and ppl do do what they want to do”



    @digger…how do i go in the back door?

    • The Digger says:

      Use some google keywords for what you want to do….. when you get the google results it will take some trial and error but eventually you will find a few that work and you will be able to post comments. Sorry can’t post more details here. Protecting Lynn.

      • otaypanky says:

        how do i get my email to you?
        i’m not too computer illiterate but i need a little more info than this…thx

  141. lillybee says:

    Theresa and her hubby make the Curtains look like fiscal conservatives.

  142. cusi77 says:

    @Digger — look above you have replies… lol

  143. katiecoo says:

    Ok and to the viewers who think Bethenny’s not being “fair” to Jill and not making up? How many BREAKUPS remain friends? I mean romantic breakups? You decide to break up with someone and why on Earth would you choose to keep them in your life? You broke up with them for a reason, right?

    Narcissists always keep cycling back around though. They can’t stand to be left (even though they abandon over and over as we’ve seen with Jill) and they think others will just “forget” their transgressions and get right back on board again when THEY want to in whatever upswing they are swinging in at the moment.

    For Narcissists they want one and only one thing: SUPPLY. It’s never deeper than that…it’s that they are not getting enough attention, adoration, drama, whatever so they start rolling through their rolodex digging for more supply. Bethenny is smarter than all that crap though and sees right through it (most people can get sucked back in to them though at least a few times). I love that Bethenny has abandoned her ass completely. Not to mention Alex. Discarded. Buh bye.

    Ok off to read more about Teresa and her faux riche family. GAD!

    • error 404 says:

      also, I suspect that people who think B is being unfair, are just rainbow and cartwheel types who just stomach the idea of not being “nice” all the time. It’s just a gut reaction, you always make up, even if the other person is evil.

      it’s like how I laugh at my friends who kvetch over having to be Facebook friends with people they don’t like. I’m always like “so don’t friend them!” but the response is always “then I’ll come off as mean” lol

  144. cusi77 says:

    @Digger — look above…lol

  145. Wendy says:

    Lynn, Great blog. It’s so nice to have a place to leave comments without the Bravo people (Big Brother) deleting everything. Also, Otay- you made my day with the news about Teresa. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  146. I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

    This is Jill’s latest Facebook message. lol

    Jill Zarin I will not tolerate haters on my my Facebook and Twitter accounts anymore. The show is now OVER. I will be blocking anyone following the serious haters as well. Dina gave me good advice. You know who I mean. Haters come with being a celebrity..we all have them but I will do my best to block them and their followers. Peace and Love…not hate. If I blk you by accident. post on jillzarin.com and I will get it.

    • Fabulous Earth says:


      • otaypanky says:


        why doesn’t she mention she will re write your emails on jizm.com

        • Char12 says:

          I love the part where she says “You know who I mean” You don’t think she’s talking about Lynn and us on here now do ya? LOL.

    • katiecoo says:

      This is another one of her PSA’s like she’s “taking a break”. She loves the attention too much to pull off her “haters” as it’s the majority of who posts to/about her. That will last a day or two if that. Why keep them during the show? As usual, she makes no sense.

      The JZ/Bethenny lunch is on Bravo right now. I love the private comments by Bethenny where you can tell she is just so DONE.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Yeah, but Dina was talking about TwatMaxine, Jill. You know…the one you use as your source for information? Like “Bethenny had a baby boy” twelve hours before the baby was actually born.

      She’s right, though. The show is OVER. So, STFU and GO AWAY, Jill Zarin. Spare America any more of your shallow, materialistic, hypocritical, backstabbing twaddle speak.

  147. katiecoo says:

    I just posted this on the People site where Teresa launched her attack on Bethenny yesterday:

    Wow Teresa…so you thought the info about Danielle in that book should come out yet you didn’t think all this financial stuff about your husband and your family wouldn’t be found, dissected and disseminated? Interesting it just came out right after you launched an attack on a very popular Housewife from another series. Was someone just holding on to this info? Did you think it would stay hidden and protected?

  148. DarkSonnet says:

    Wow! This site is on FIRE today! Main arsonist Otay!

    Great job everyone! This is the best site ever!

  149. I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

    I have been having a hard time getting this to post. I hope this works. This is Jill’s latest Facebook message. Didn’t she make this type of announcement a few weeks ago? lol

    Jill Zarin I will not tolerate haters on my my Facebook and Twitter accounts anymore. The show is now OVER. I will be blocking anyone following the serious haters as well. Dina gave me good advice. You know who I mean. Haters come with being a celebrity..we all have them but I will do my best to block them and their followers. Peace and Love…not hate. If I blk you by accident. post on jillzarin.com and I will get it.

  150. Susanna says:

    Anniiee – it’s a matter of pushing them up and in, love! 🙂 I am 48 soon and am 5’5 and about 128 lbs, good genes and proportions and all that but I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS of Ramona’s figure! LOL (and PS – I am a size 6 and Jill Zarin is on the same crack as Kellamity!) I know Ramona works at it, whereas, I do not (because I’m an idiot!). Anyway, she’s an inpiration in terms of older women, in their 50’s no less, looking great!

    On that note, I’m not sure if Ramona’s had any surgical assistance in the face area, although that might explain the whole “wide-eye” look she has. But you can’t surgically alter your entire figure and in that area she has really kept up the maintenance. Even tho she’s a kook (in a good way, I think) I really admire her. She can by my party girl anytime (turtle time!)

    I’ve been reading all the comments and I really love the different opinions everyone has and it’s not all hating either, from what I read. I see you all give props where props are due. What I have seen with all the RHONYC cast members, over the past three years, is a good dose of growth. In my mind, I imagine what it would have been like for any of them, the first year going in, thinking about how they wanted to be portrayed or “come across” and what they wanted to accomplish. Any of us would think this way going in to such a venture, no? And I believe what we have seen is the natural evolution of such decisions that includes all the mistakes and strategic changes they’ve made as a result. We saw Alex and Simon evolve because they realized how they came across as inauthentic. We have seen Jill evolve because she did not turn out to be the break-out star that she believed she would be. We saw Bethenny evolve because she realized that the friendship she had forged with Jill did a 180 simply because HER brand became successful, instead. We saw Ramona evolve because she realized that her natural, crazy type energy wasn’t translating all that well as a businesswoman or as a friend to any of the other castmates (therefore her “renewal” was born). If you ask me, Ramona is a TruGenius.

    Since I am being so reflective here (and thanks for indulging me) what defines any of us, at any time in our lives, is not what happens to us, but rather, how we respond to it. When you think of these folks in terms of their “character” and how they all chose to “come out of the gate” beginning in Season one and then look at how each of them responded to the challenges they were confornted with on the show, in the public, and in their business, well then you begin to really see the character of the person. This is why Bethenny, Ramona, and Alex and Simon shine! Even LuMan gets a modicum of credit here for having been dealt a rough blow by her cheating a-hole husband and has at least tried to pull her own self up by working at something and defining her individuality (as a gay techno dance icon, I guess?). Wasn’t everyone crappy to Silex in the beginning? Seems like it to me. Silex realized they came across poorly and when other castmates got to know them, they admitted they assessed incorrectly (all except Jill and Countless). Even Ramona for pete’s sake!

    The way I see it, every castmate on that show has been “down” whether it was because of how they were perceived or their actual circumstances. And except for ONE person, they all reassessed and changed for the better! That’s why none of them are “blameless” in terms of treating others badly or making poor judgments. The kicker is, though, that all except ONE have taken their lumps, made their apologies, expressed humility, accepted responsibility and gone on to be a better person. All except for JILL ZARIN! And the proof is out there in black and white! Contrition from Jill? Nope. Look at all of her interviews from before the season even aired! You can see manipulation in everything she’s done from before, during, and after filming and throughout the airing of episodes. And there ain’t no break in the action babes, none!

    Yes, these folks are TV characters and I’m sure that a lot of thought must go in to how they attempt to be portrayed. Who wouldn’t, if that’s the path you chose? And that is why I post this ridiculously long rant. One has to consider the context as well, as so many of you do. An imporant note here – I have not included Kellamity in this rant because she was not there from day one. Thinking on Kelly in the way I’ve done above, I think, would require a completely separate post (and a bottle of either Pinot or tylenol – maybe both!).

    Thank you all for being gracious, thoughtful and most importantly, patient 🙂 Lord, I can’t wait for Lynn’s post follwing her meeting with Alex and Simon. wooohoooo!


    • anniieee says:

      Wow I couldnt have said it better… As far as Kelly is concerned… and she hasnt been on for the 3 yrs… but… 1st year she was hit and run. This year, we have seen much more of her. A priviledged child ( i think) spoiled and taken care of because of some “problem”— now as an adult, she either self-medicates as it get out of control or drinks. She is a follower that feels she is the center of attention. She grabs an idea from someone and runs with it–and then looks very stupid…ie bullying psa. I really think her ex lives in the building because he has to.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Not a rant, a very well written expression of feelings! Thank you for taking the time to express what many of us are thinking.

    • Jenni says:

      Thank you for this comment, so well thought out! It really helped open my eyes…

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Spot on assessment!

  151. iceNfire says:

    otay – If you go back to this site you can leave “DM” direct message for anyone who logged into the site. Some of us use this to speak privately.


    Also – Shoot forgot what I wanted to say! Lots of good reading filled my mind to capacity.

  152. katiecoo says:

    Let’s see, what would The Countess have to say about the Teresa situation? (what a conundrum for her as Teresa is clearly on Team Jill). Money can’t Buy You….hmmmm….out of Bankruptcy?

  153. otaypanky says:

    Ya know, she snarked her new facebook directive on MY facebook page.

    I think it may have been the HASER PROTECTION PROGRAM comment.

    for those who don’t know, HASER is Yiddish for PIG and used to referernce someone…well…umm…well..LIKE JIZM!

    oh, and one more thing. on that great bravo commercial they have with all the reality players, where is JIZM? when I think I see her, it’s Kathy Griffin. I don’t see her at all.

    • katiecoo says:

      It’s just for the summer shows…and it’s the summer of Bethenny! She jumps from RHONY in to stardom. You know that has got to sting JZ.

  154. Susanna says:

    Shoot…I forgot to say I HATE JILL ZARIN!! lol Whew, I feel better now

    Crike! I should also mention that I’ve NEVER been a viewer of reality TV before -not Survivor or DWTS, Idol or anything!!!! And NYC is where I began my downhill slide into, what appears to be, some sort of sick addiction? Agree with ya’ll that NJ just isn’t cutting it in the 2nd year. Seriously? Danielle is morphing into some kind of too much plastic surgery, joker looking mental patient. After reading about her history (lots on DBa1kPC), I realize she and her lackeys are all manipulating, fame seeking whores who have absolutely no sense of dignity or self worth. Criminals, inevery sense of the word. I might enjoy the rest of the cast (even Teresa’s obvious delusions of grandeur) but I cannot and will not watch the extreme mess of a psychopathic felon that is Danielle. I feel the same about continung to watch NYC if they keep the clearly mentally unstable Kelly.

    Thank you all for being my support group….giggle…..

  155. kittycatmeow says:

    does every dress luann owns have that same one-shoulder strap thing going on?

  156. Kat says:

    Lynn, great blog. I meant to say that yesterday.
    I hope this evening is fun, you so deserve it!

    Finally catching up on blog comments and all the great links posted.
    Keeping up here is like a fun full time job.

    @Otay You might want to check out anonymizer.com
    It is a proxy that hides your IP addy. Also Tor. You’d need to google it. I don’t use tor, but the electronic frontier foundation recommends it for privacy.

  157. katiecoo says:

    Another comment (not mine) from People site:

    Many of us knew Bethanny from seeing her on the Apprentice years ago. She can cut to the heart with her comments…but she is straight forward about it all. I have never ever read an article that she had to pass hearsay along. She is just not that type of woman. She will say what she feels…what she wtnessed and you may not like it or at times agree with it but she owns all of her words.

    I cringed last year when Kelly invited her for drinks just to show up late and say she was here and Bethany here….that didn’t stun Bethany.

    Bethany is not trying to be any place. She is not showing off her money or making ridicualous purchases. I can’t imagine her husband ever calling their daughter ugly or mocking her or making her cry…that is horrible….horrible.

    Helmets need to be worn at all times…you just never know…you could have an accident or daddy could come home driving drunk.

  158. Eve says:

    Just read the article about Teresa’s bankruptcy. Hmmmmmm….Wonder if she is going to make money off little Gia’s earnings. Puts her on the same level as Danielle. Sorry if someone already posted on this ….was away only 2 days and can’t keep up with everythin

  159. katiecoo says:

    Watching the Reunion again. You know Kelly looks really good at the Reunion (face and hair, the dress not so much) and it got me thinking that, had it not been for this show, I’d see Kelly in a photo or read an article about her and put her, in my mind, in the same place as a Cindy Crawford or whoever that gal is who married Ed Burns (meow). Oh Christy Turlington.
    But since Kelly has been on this show, opened her mouth and allowed her personality disorder to spill out, it totally changes her LOOKS. I look at her now and all the grace or poise or confidence I may have projected on to her dissolves in to a puddle of adolescent over produced oil. She RUINED her reputation by being on this show. No one will ever imagine her in any way than negative anymore. That’s just kind of sad how she destroyed her legacy and can never unring that bell.

    • anniieee says:

      wow… so true… her bell has rung all over NYC and the world!! Still feel bad for her girls. They are going to have to carry that baggage forever and Kelly isnt doing anything to help them or herself.

      • shantygal says:

        I know, right? Shamefully, I was on her side for about 10 min. this season. When in one of the first epeisodes, she made a sarcastic comment, correctly, about Bethenny inventing the margarita. It was kind of funny. Then she had the good sense to question Jizz’s “you better not make up with B.” email. What the hell happened after that? Did Jizz lock her in the pantry and force feed her gummy bears with a hate tape on a loop?

  160. Cleo's Mommy says:

    Just commented on Teresa’s blog for People Mag.

    @Teresa, is the rumor that Juicy’s been stepping out on you with a smokin’ hot blonde for the last three years true? Perhaps for Juicy the motto is “not happy wife, happy life,” but “a piece on the side and an ignorant bride make Joe smile wide.”

  161. Terre says:

    While I don’t hate Jill Zarin, I have never liked her from the very first show. The veneer was thin then but now it is totally off! I wonder if she was told she would be the center of the show – Queenbee Jill with her faithful little worker bees? She was smart to subdue Bethenny into that mama knows best friendship because she did see who would be the real star of the show. She used excuse after excuse not to be mature and civil to her this season and that backfired on her big time. Jill really has no place to go but off the show – and she did it all by herself.

  162. Adgirl says:

    Dang! Soooooo many broke ass Bravo “wealthy” housewives!!!
    Tamra Barney
    Lynne Curtin
    Nene Leakes
    Lisa Wo (Greg Leakes said she’s not on this season – per radio interview)
    Teresa Guidice
    Danielle Staub (to be fair she always said she was broke)

    Also, many of the above who were married while filming the show are now separated/divorcing: Barney, Leakes, Curtin.

    NY ladies look like the epitome of stability in comparison.

    While being grifters is beyond disgusting I would be sad for the Guidices many children if the rumors about Juicy’s side piece are true and they divorce.

    OT – I really hate grifters! My husband & I have been subject to several lawsuits by one family of grifters in CA. They signed many contracts for a product we sold them wholesale . They never paid us and then sued us for “oral agreements” they pulled out of their asses. It is clearly to “shake us down” for settlement money (you know, here is a check, please go away). First case was dropped and another will be dropped next week. It costs us a fortune just to go through the legal process (hundreds of thousand of dollars). They are slowly killing us financially. I HATE THEM.
    Grifters are financial sociopaths.

    • otaypanky says:

      this is terrible. i feel for you. i know courts will not always sanction someone from bringing frivolous lawsuits. it happend to me years ago. and while i won (?) ..meaning decisions went my way, the cost of defending against the suits broke me.

      • Adgirl says:

        Even if you “win” against these kind of people you lose. In our case the people ran their business by stiffing their suppliers. They like the Guidices and Curtins had cover under respectable outward appearances. They are the WORST. Stealing and living off of other people hard earned money.
        Sorry about your experience. It is extremely stressful.

  163. lillybee says:

    What a mess Theresa has gotten herself into.

  164. Had Enough! says:

    Jinja Zarin says: Don’t let the big news about Teresa distract us all from the fact that a chuihuahua suffers in silence in a garish apt In N.Y., FREE GINGER

    So Jill told Otay that no one hates her but then she turns around and says haters are part of the ecosystem and she is going to block haters. But I thought no one hates her…

    Help! I am so confused! Is Kelly ghost-writing Jill’s tweets today? Speaking of the Trained Sasquatch – she’s been quiet all day…

  165. Trista says:

    If something about this has already been posted, I’m sorry. There are so many comments that I haven’t been able go get to them all. I have been re-watching this season of RHNY on Bravo today. Did anyone else notice that when B and Jilli-ho sat down to lunch, Jilli-ho apologized to B by saying (and I quote) “I just want to tell you that I am sorry that when you reached out to me at Ramona’s that I wasn’t ready. ‘Cawwwse I felt ambushed. I wasn’t ready. I had alot of stuff at that point going on with me…”

    Now, is it just me, or did Jillie-ho do a blog or give an interview somewhere that said that she had told B she wanted to talk to her that day at Ramona’s, but just not on camera and that B refused to speak off camera? So, being that Jilli-ho said what she said in the latest episode (as quoted above), why in the hell can’t her die-hard fans see what a lying ho she is? Also, I have to wonder if Jillie-ho ever watches herself and thinks, “oh shit, everyone is going to know what a lying piece of shit I am.”

    Can’t wait to see the reunion! Hope B, Alex and Ramona called Jillie-ho and KoocooKelly on all their BS and lies.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      No, it is not just you. That is exactly what she said about the “off camera” request.

      Possibly Jill’s fans have an even lower IQ and awareness level than Jill has. If you can stand to read the comments that Darren Zarin or Jill do not delete, there are no rocket scientists posting there.

      I think a lot of her “fans” are very young, possibly about the same age as Ally.

      • desertgal66 says:

        My guess is that Bethenny wasn’t willing to discuss anything off camera because she wanted the conversation”on the record” – we all know, if they had spoken off camera, Jill would have twisted EVERYTHING Bethenny said.

        Of course, Jill is blocking “haters” – isn’t that what she always does? If they aren’t sycophants, then they are ‘haters’.

        You’d think she might have learned something from…sob…losing her…crocodile tear…friendship with Bethenny, but, of course, she “won’t change”.

        The woman is sad, sad, sad.

        • Shadowsnomore says:

          Of course she tells everyone who is honest with her and won’t put up with her bullshit to “LEAVE” -it’s her standard MO.

  166. ridicurhony says:

    You gotta laugh at yourself – I just mowed – what a ridiculous waste of $$ THAT is, but ya gotta keep up with the Joneses somehow. Was just sitting here thinking how much fun it would be to watch people who actually HAVE money.

    That was how I got sucked into these shows in the first place with the OC housewives – snickering at their meltdowns over who has the most expensive jewelry, why do their kids act like brats and won’t go to work, the shallowness of it all, that’s what I liked. Now I’ve decided that people who are in the old money class are probably the same kind of crazy dingbat types, they just have lawyers, press people holding them back from exposing themselves as dimwits on a stupid tv show.

  167. Shadowsnomore says:

    LMAO that the “Post” bitch-slapped Teresa & her hubby today. The old sayings -“What goes around comes around & people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” kept rolling through my mind. KARMA”S A BITCH TERESA! Just like you!

    Look, I know from personal experience that bankruptcy is no fun. I have friends and family who have been left financially ruined from divorce, illness, or loss of employment. Bankruptcy is suppose to be a way to give these people a second chance and protect what little they have left. I have no sympathy for those people like Teresa who live beyond their means and try to be something they are not. People who spend blindly, run up debt for selfish purposes, self entitled twits who think they are owed something but don’t want to pay for it. They scam and manipulate the system so they don’t have to be responsible for their bad behavior. I think Teresa is a total bitch for slamming Bethenny when she is lying and scamming the taxpayers. What nerve does this woman have!

  168. otaypanky says:

    well, not for anything but even tho jizm didn’t blog for this episode, people are still posting and they are overwhelmingly negative. This is why she needed to control the posts on her website.
    now she’s throwing her hands up and blaming people who dislike her.
    jizm. that’s the problem. it’s never your fault. it’s never you.

    amazongate, planting lies about castmates with perez, adams, any rag that will listen is the same as taking people’s comments to your website and re writing them before posting…and then answering them.

    you a truly sad and pathetic. you are also a liar, libeler, slanderer. you are lucky that Bethenny did not go after you legally. She did nothing. She stood still in her tracks and watched as you self destructed. She had no idea which way the tides would turn and I just can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for her to hold her counsel.

    • Kat says:

      I wouldn’t be suprised if Jill was the author of positive comments on her site. If she is editing comments to change the meaning of the post but still attributing the post to the original writer then she IS pulling a Saunders all over again.
      Hold on to your cats.

  169. shantygal says:

    Hi Lynn, are out there? Are you getting ready for the big shindig tonight? I’ll bet you’re in your magnificent all white dressing room doing your hair and looking for your special earring backs.

    What are you going to wear tonight? The purple one shoulder number with your suede boots? The black one shoulder number with the gold thingy scrunching the fabric? How about the red dress that is programmed to come off at a certain time?
    About your hair. Up or down? Better check with Alex first. Only one of you can have an updo.

  170. Char12 says:

    See what tweetmaxine is saying now about Bethanny. tmaxine ATLANTA FANS: Write to @Bravotv if you want RHOA to stay on Thurs nights. Bethenny now DEMANDING Atlanta move to Monday nights too

  171. emt2 says:

    I’m going to see Silex at Barnes and Noble in an hour.

    Does anyone have question they want asked?

    And didn’t Lynn have info about going to a restaurant afterwards? I don’t have that info. Can anyone help me out?


    • MAMAZ says:

      emt2 – Yes! Please ask Simon why he continues to fuss over Jill Zarin after the way she has treated Alex. I wouldn’t expect him to be rude or even ignore her but it really bothered me that he went and sat with her at that party when Alex asked him to be her wingman. Then at Ramona’s renewal ceremony he made a point of saying “I have to see my girl Jill Zarin” and she replied”of course you do.” It rubbed me the wrong way. I think it’s disloyal to Alex. He should have just smiled and waved or even done the air kiss thing but he really shouldn’t be acting like they are besties. Alex is his wife for God’s sake! And I would bet anything that Jill eats it up seeing that Alex is her newest targe

      • MAMAZ says:

        Also please ask them what we as viewers can do to see more of them on RHONY. I said this before but I think it bears repeating. I would like to see more of Alex and Simon doing creative, fun things with their kids. Since Bravo insists on putting kids on display on the Housewives franchise we should a family interacting in a healthy, positive way. I would also love to see more of Alex as a working woman. And nurturing her new friendships with Bethenny, Ramona and Sonja. Thanks. Have fun, I am so jealous!

        • emt2 says:

          What I gathered is that Simon feels sorry for Jill. She is clearly insecure and that’s why she is so hateful. But, it did seem like Simon actually likes Jill more than Alex. He or she didn’t come out and say that because they are diplomatic but I gathered that from what they did say and body language.

          Anyone who was there, feel free to chime in!

        • emt2 says:

          It seems that Bravo left a lot on the cutting room floor to focus on the drama between B and Jill. Alex said that she filmed some of her work relate events but that they didn’t make it into the final edit.

          That’s too bad.

          I forgot to ask about the kids but I gather that a lot of things were left on the cutting room floor. Alex and Simon mentioned that their family filmed a lot with Kelly and her kids (not sure if it was this season or last season), for example going to a state fair, but that it wasn’t included in the final edit.

      • desertgal66 says:

        Actually, I think when Simon said that at Ramona’s renewal, he was mocking Jill…and it just went right over her head.

        • ridicurhony says:

          that’s funny. B funny if she thinks she’s more ‘in’ Simon than Alex (which, because of her ego I can see her doing)and they’re both just pullin her chain.

      • Had Enough! says:

        It’s how you handle people like this – the term is bearding the lion. It means confronting the danger head on. He walks up to her with a big smile and a hug and she can’t do anything but accept what she believes to be fealty, though in reality, he’s just putting her off her usual game. I admire people who can do this.
        It takes self-confidence and what you are basically saying to that person is “I’ve got your number, honey. You can’t pull that crap on me.”

        When you avoid people, as I do, it tells them that they have gotten to you.

        Because we all saw what he did at the end, which was really rather funny – making that silly sound with his lips, to imitate and mock her nonstop talking – Alex had to shush him.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Lynn said in one of her blogs that Alex and Simon will be at Barnes & Nobel on Clybourn from 4pm to 6pm. Then at Cagney’s Restaurant (down the street from bookstore) from 6pm till 9pm.

      • Shadowsnomore says:

        I believe the cocktail reception is drop in and no reservations are required. Have fun! I’m a little envious of you and Lynn. I don’t live anywhere near or I would try to be there.

    • Kat says:

      Have a great time!

  172. MAMAZ says:

    otaypanky – With all due respect Theresa’s financial woes DO NOT make an I Hate Theresa Giudice page irrelevant! The timing for such a page couldn’t be better. I hate her more knowing this new stuff than I did yesterday. Still not as much as I Hate Jill Zarin.
    Sounds like you have JZ on the ropes with regards to email, lol.

    • otaypanky says:

      no offense taken.

      still would love to see a major smackdown for jizm similiar to the one fat chuckie received today.

      jizm just can’t believe everyone hates her.

  173. MAMAZ says:

    otay – You do know that you can change your isp address don’t you? I know you have said you aren’t very computer savvy so I wasn’t sure if you knew. Or if you post from an iPhone it will usually be a standard US isp or sometimes a random isp like Anderson SC for instance. It will rarely be the same as you home computer’s.

  174. MontanaMommy says:

    Things going through my mind in regards to Teresa’s Marble Palace…

    How many Swiffers would it take to clean all of those floors?

    When you yodel does your voice come back to you or just get lost?

    Can you imagine if you were to drop a pot lid…yikes the noise!

    Can you just see Yul Brynner & Deborah Kerr doing the Shall We Dance scene from The King & I?

    And if I see any more of this kissing on each cheek I will…


    Who does that?????

    Just staaaaaawwwwwwwwwwppppppppp….

  175. lillybee says:

    I just visited the twop NJ thread. There are a lot of posts about Theresa and Juicy’s debt. I wonder how long it will be before Strega shuts it down.

  176. HD says:

    Whew….I finally got through all the comments…I am still blown away by Teresa. I had to read that article twice. I cannot even IMAGINE owing that much money and I surely wouldn’t be spending money like crazy on TV. Cash at that! I remember when she said on the first season, “I hear the economy is crashing so I use cash.” Now we all know the reason. I am blown away. Of course, she will try to spin this somehow. I am just not sure how yet. She must be HIGHLY embarassed.

    Jill posted my comment on her blog but her responses are all messed up so I am not sure if she responded or not. I am sure she did this blog to keep her self in the spotlight and I will no longer post to it. Her show is over, fuck her!

    • TLM says:

      To be accurate, she said, “I hear the economy’s CRASHIN’, so I use cash.” The cash was probably all undeclared income. 😉

  177. lillybee says:

    Strega just posted a warning, Think it could be closed today.

  178. Cleo's Mommy says:

    Strega’s already struck – deleted all the posts about Teresa’s financial mess, though a few new posts have popped up since the purge.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Hope Lynn live-blogs the Alex and Simon event!

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      That’s why I hate TWOP and left. I love that someone pointed out that Teresa’s lifestyle is apart of the show and why they shouldn’t be prohibited from talking about her financial mess.

  179. desertgal66 says:

    JiZ really needs a professional PR person. (Well, actually, she just needs to STFU and GO AWAY.)

    Her latest attempt to ‘slam’ the Housewives really backfires.

    First, she says that she didn’t know any of the other HW before the show. That reveals her as a liar, since it’s well known that she and Ramona have known each other for years.

    Then, she says that she was recruited to ask her “friends” (as if JiZ has friends) to be on the show, but none of her ‘real friends’ would agree to it. The implication is, of course, that none of her ‘real friends’ would consider being on a show as lowbrow as RHoNY.

    So, really, that doesn’t put JiZ in a very good light. What she basically said was that none of her ‘real friends’ are money grubbing publicity whores…and she is.

    I guess that’s “PR 201”?

    • Hooked On Housewives says:



      PR202….call Bawwwwwwwwwwwby

    • error 404 says:

      it drives me crazy that they switch back and forth like that.. one minute they hardly know each other, the next they are closest pals… which is it?

      Well, I know which it is actually. They barely know each other, acquaintances, not friends. So, when they are getting along, they are “friends” and when they are fighting, they they “barley know each other”. It’s all part of the sick game of compliment/insult that rules their toxic relationships.

  180. Hooked On Housewives says:

    RE: The RHWONYC reunion clips
    I’m just a viewer so I know BravoAndy doesn’t really care what I think but here goes anyway.
    You made the discussion between Bethenny and Kellamity a clusterfuck. Bethenny seemed only to want to hear the proof Kellamity has that she (Beth) has been spreading lies and villifying Kellamity and her children. Yet again Kellamity reverted to her 12 year old self and refused to answer. How hard would it have been Andy to ask Kellamity to state her sources? She’s not a frigging undercover agent. No one would have to be killed if Kellamity gave a straight answer. State your sources bitch or STFU.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Hooked! where you been, girl? I have to tell you that I’m starting a petition to replace the Atlanta ladies with you and your friends because you make me laugh every time you post!

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        @Had Enough

        LMAO….Then my job here is done. May the force be with you. (did I just mix up two different movies?)

    • Olivia says:

      Exactly. They are turning this into another Valerie Plame outing.

    • error 404 says:

      Please, Kiki was never going to admit it was Jill, and Andy knows that.

    • Sue says:

      God forbid Kelly actually answer a question. I love when Kelly asks, “Bethenny, what are you doing?” Dumb @ss, she’s asking for exact information on the lies that you are spreading. This reunion should be a doozy.

      • error 404 says:

        Oh, it’s PR 321 for Kiki.

        “what are you doing?” is an attempt to disarm the person, make them question for a second if they are being out of order, and creates a distraction so you can avoid the question.

        Kiki may be an idiot, but when it comes to being mean and playing games, she’s a master.

  181. Olivia says:

    For the record, I am a political junkie. Most days. But over the past few weeks it has become too painful to even watch the new what with the environmental rape of the Gulf Coast, the reheating up once more of the Mideast crisis, and the 4th wedding taking place today of Rush Limbaugh, it just is too depressing to even tune in.

    This little blog, which has no significance outside of our own moral compass to discuss the inanity of people who by and large offer nothing beyond their own aggrandizement, has become a bastion of sorts to get away from the ugliness out there.

    The comments and the commentators are hilarious and most of us share the same outrage at intolerable behavior that offends. I just want to take the time to thank Lynn and all of you who have come to this site and produced a much needed release from outside forces and share a bit of themselves for just a little while out of another weary day.

    That being said, carry on. At least we can feel somewhat better about ourselves for not being Jill, Kelly, Theresa, Danielle or any of the other nitwits who see themselves as functioning “celebrities”.

    • lillybee says:

      What is going on in the world is terrible. This blog is a great place to obsess over things that aren’t very serious. I followed the Rachael Corrie thing on twitter last night.

    • Ellabean says:

      Really beautifully said, Olivia.

      I read you post just at the right time – I was looking at some pictures of the injured, oiled pelicans……no words – just no words. My heart is breaking.

      So I came here for some relief.

      Thank you Lynn and everyone these past weeks…..xxoo.

    • Fabulous Earth says:


    • Koz says:

      This is the 1st time in all the weeks that I have noticed politics mentioned. I think we all use this forum as an escape in one way or another. Lets keep the insults aimed at the housewives and off political figures please.

      • morning says:

        You’re worried about Rush Limbaugh?!?!?!

      • morning says:

        And actually this isn’t the first time. Awhile ago a couple of us made snarky comments about Fox news and someone asked Lynn if it was ok. As I recall, she said as long as we weren’t abusing each other, we can express opinions. But you can ask her yourself.

    • desertgal66 says:

      I have to echo these sentiments. My husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan, so I tend to spend a lot of time obsessing over news from the Middle East. Then, I switch to the news about the Gulf oil spill, because we live very near the Gulf, and we’re, naturally, concerned.

      Course, we do take a lot of comfort in the fact that Kellamity Tweeted about the oil spill. That meant a LOT and it made a HUGE difference. She’s such a philanthropist. 😉

      So, it’s nice to come here and talk with others who share similar opinions, and vent about JZ, KKB, and others. Granted, their idiocy isn’t earth shattering, but it has been pretty irritating to watch these shallow, horrible women actually believe that their materialistic, vindictive lives are something that other people aspire to. And, of course, it’s always appalling to watch a couple of Neanderthal grifters get themselves $12 million in debt and then file bankruptcy on the backs of Americans who are struggling to make ends meet in the current economy. That’s worth a vent or two, I think.

      And I like discussing Bethenny, Alex, and Ramona – three real women who work hard, value their families, and really “get” where normal people are coming from. Okay, Ramona can be a little pretentious, but I do believe she’s worked hard for what she has, and her independence is to her credit. She’s not publishing books about how to “marry money”.

      So, thanks, Lynn. This is a great place. As someone else said, it’s like relaxing in a comfortable living room with friends while we yell at the screen when the Wicked Witches come on.

      • Susanna says:

        PROPS to you Desertgal66! I want to let you and your husband and family know that I and my Marine husband support you 110%. We’re doing the best we can for our men and women coming home. I will say a prayer for your family too, love. Thanks so much for letting your voice be heard and thank you for the sacrifice your family has made. Much Love to you,

    • babelony says:

      I hear ya Olivia, boy do I hear ya. Thank goodness for the RHONY and Lynn. I’d rather go crazy over JZ than feel so helpless over everything else. More fun that way.

    • Susanna says:

      Olivia, I feel your pain! I see it as everything being a teaching or learning opportunity. For my own part, I feel like I’ve learned a great deal more about the “fronts” that people put out there and what they expect to gain from them. Unfortunately, realizing this “reality” has put me in the place of feeling like a jackass that’s been duped a few times; both by politics and now, reality TV. So if being skeptical and discerning is a good thing, then I supposed I have come out better on the other side! I pray that you and others have done the same 🙂

      Extra XOXO

  182. Had Enough! says:

    Speaking of petitions, the Fire Jill Zarin petition is up to 1422. Let’s keep reminding everyone we know who hates Jill Zarin (which in my case is the same thing – everyone I know hates her) to sign it:


    They ask for payment, but it is optional.

  183. Adgirl says:

    I am sooo jealous (Jillous?) of all of you that are going to see Alex & Simon tonight!!
    If I could – I would tell Alex that she’s beautiful, classy and smart. I would tell Simon to keep writing his delicious blogs (where have you been the past few weeks Simon??) and that I lurv his fuck you outfits. Hysterical. Also, someone please explain the phrase “wingman” to Simon for future reference.

    Pass the Pinot!!

  184. Adgirl says:

    Olivia- I live in California. A bankrupt state in a bankrupt country, both who are in hock up to their eyeballs with no hope of paying back the money owed, yet spend spend spend for their own personal (political) gain.

    Sounds like a concept for a reality program. The Real Borrowed Wealth to Keep Up Appearances of the USA.

  185. HD says:

    Maybe I am silly and someone that understand finance can help me get this…how do you get 11 million dollars in debt? How do you keep getting credit for stuff? How do people keep allowing you to borrow money? Don’t they run credit checks?

    • Had Enough! says:

      Well $5.8 mill is because Joe allegedly signed personally for corporate debt. Not sure I believe it. No one does that.

      But to answer your question – no. For the past decade, roughly, anyone with a pulse could get credit. Way too much credit. Because housing prices would always go up, right? So the bank’s interest was secured by a house, and if you didn’t pay, the house would be foreclosed on and they’d get their money. So really, the banks didn’t care if you had less than perfect credit. They just charged a higher interest rate if you had credit issues.

      Oddly enough, the bankruptcy filing doesn’t list Mastercard, Visa, or AMEX. That is quite unusual – for someone to have no debt to a major credit card company. Which is consistent with the cash thing, I guess. There are store credit cards, but to the best of my knowledge, stores do not run credit checks. In fact, they always ask you if you want to open a store account, and you can do that right at the register, and then they give you a discount on everything you buy that day. What I don’t get is the phone bill. Who do you know who can not pay the bill for approximately 10 months and not get cut off?

      • HD says:

        Thank you, Had Enough. I knew a big chunk of that was their home(s) but DAMN what about the other money? That is crazy. Teresa must have a problem. Who spends like she does knowing she owes so much money? That is crazy to me.

        I bet Joe is telling her, “I told you we shouldn’t have done this show.” I can’t imagine how she feels right now.

        I just can’t believe it. Someone said on another site she has a New York Bestseller Book so she is making money. I wanted to say, “Fool are you NUTS?! She did not write The Italian Harry Potter.”

        • Shadowsnomore says:

          Not only that, but she probably had to pay the ghostwriter who actually wrote the damn thing for making her sound intelligent and coherent!

        • boston02127 says:

          I read that women who spend like that are not happy with their home life.

      • Kat says:

        Sears used to require good credit to get credit w/them. I don’t know what they require now. Retail cards usually have high interest rates. But retailers used to offer cards to anyone w/ a Visa or MC.

  186. Amber...Real Housewife says:


    Jill has the nerve to accuse you of hijacking a housewives email? She hijacked the main one. If you go http://www.realhousewivesofnewyorkcity.com it takes you to …. hell!

    • Adgirl says:

      Isn’t that a page out of Ryan’s playbook – of Flipping Out?? He’s squatting on the Flipping Out.com site and directing all of the clients looking for Jeff to his own company.
      That’s just dirty.

    • lillybee says:

      Is that legal?

      • otaypanky says:

        don’t get it. i went there. her comments page is now closed. don’t blame her, i probably closed it after she blocked three different email addresses then my ip address.

        is what illegal?

        how many people do you think will sign up for her newsletter?

      • desertgal66 says:

        Yes, it’s legal. Jill simply registered that domain name and redirected it to her own site. It’s sneaky, but there’s nothing prohibiting her from doing so.

  187. Had Enough! says:

    I really think Simon’s strategy for dealing with Jill is brilliant – as I explained above…he gets right up in her face. He makes it impossible for her to be anything but nice. Fake nice, but nice. He just shuts her right down. He is all but laughing at her. That’s the only way to deal with someone like her – just make a big show – fake though it is – of acting like you are good buddies. They have no where to go from there.

    I wish I could do that. I wish Alex could do it. Some people just let everything get under their skin, no matter how hard you try to ignore it. If they can sense that they’ve gotten to you, you have no chance.

    I managed to do this once in my life and it worked. I marched right up to someone who was absolutely horrible to me and did the big happy act. I’m so happy to see you!
    How have you been? As though nothing at all was wrong and we’d been buddies for years. It worked.

    • error 404 says:

      this may get me into trouble, but… when I went to college I encountered “japs” for the first time, and yes, Jill is a classic “jap” from LI. They can play the bitch as long as you let them, but they are easily disarmed by kindness, even fake kindness.

      I think that in their minds, the longer you scowl at them the more they convince themselves that they had your number and just knew a jerk when they meet them, totally absolving themselves for the fact that they threw the first punch.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Good point both of you. I guess I’m like Alex, it would bug the shit out of me!

        • ridicurhony says:

          obviously it bugged her that night when Simon put his arms around those two ladies’ legs because then they left, but I can see her kind of giggling that Jill might really think Simon likes her or get it in her head that she can get between them somehow.
          Had a sil sidle up address my husband as if he didn’t know all the stories about her as if he was going to be on HER side of the shit. Idiot.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      @Had Enough

      Both you and Simon are brilliant. Of course for some of us it is easier said than done. Even though I’m a lover not a fighter, I’m like Kathy Griffin, I’ll cut a bitch. LOL.

      • error 404 says:


        I don’t know how our better halves kiss us, we have knives for tongues!

        btw, does anyone know if Kathy disses the RHWoNY in her latest act?

  188. Adgirl says:

    Did I dream this – when Alex approached Jill at the renewal ceremony Jill evaded her and said “Thanks for Coming!” as if SHE was throwing the party … shades of demanding Alex leave Jen’s party.
    I wish Simon had been there in both instances.

    • error 404 says:

      i sounded to me as if Alex said it. Jill said she couldn’t talk now, and Alex kinda yelled after her “I just wanted to say thanks for coming”.

      They didn’t dwell on it much, editing, but there was some bruhaha about JIll not going to Ramona’s renewal because “Alex threw me out of St johns”.

      I think Alex just wanted to say thanks for not ruining Ramona’s big day jsut because you’re mad at me.

      • Real Housewife of Upstate NY says:

        Actually, I think she said, “I’m glad you came” which does have a somewhat different connotation than “thank you for coming.”

  189. boston02127 says:

    Hi all~~~Just getting caught up from where I left off. Great posts as usual. I wonder how Lynn is doing today. I wonder what time she is meeting Alex & Simon.

    I just put on the TV and there is a repeat of the NJ skanks on. At the begining of the show Teresa says “anyone who hates me is jealous of me” Guess what monkey girl,
    I’m half your age, own one credit card and owe $36.00 on it! And that bothers me!
    I don’t dress in glitter but my cloths are washed and ironed everyday. I wouldn’t trade places with you for all the money you own in debt.
    @otaypanky~~I didn’t make those videos, I found them YouTube. And LOL to the comment on Teresa’s page being irrelevant now.

    @anniieee~~Your comment was so funny about Teresa doing a insurance commercial.

    @desertgal66~~100 per cent respect for you!

    @iceNfire~~ I don’t know what you mean by remove the snow……???

    As much as I can’t stand Danielle (shiver) I can only hope, BIG HOPE that when Teresa & Joe’s house goes to auction Danielle buys it.

  190. Olivia says:

    Going to Jill’s blog with only comments being posted by total morons who “love” her is beyond excrutiating. They encourage this idiot with her delusions of grandeur and conveniently overlook her behavior.

    I live some 90 miles from Brookline, a very well to do community by the way, and would have loved to see her in person. That weaselly face, those close set eyes, that fake smile, the ridiculous weave, the horrid little figure. For someone who has this many strikes going against her it is comical the nerve of her to criticize anyone else.

    She cannot get out of MA fast enough!

    • boston02127 says:

      I was told that gross smog over the HarborWalk was from the wild fires in Canada. It was Jill. Jill was in the air! Take your smell with you Jill.

  191. boston02127 says:

    Did everyone see Teresa’s new facebook page?
    It’s under teresa giudicee. Two E’s at the end of her last name.

  192. Shadowsnomore says:

    I just watched the reunion clips on Bravo. My favorites are Alex letting Jill have it, Ramona’s renewal and Bethenny letting Kelly have it. I can’t wait to see Jill get ripped apart. And we know from the previews that it’s Jill who stomps off. I guess she couldn’t order everyone to “LEAVE” so she did. How typical!

  193. Olivia says:

    One other thing about Theresa the Troll:

    She declared that neither she or Alley Oop knew the sex of the baby. Yet moments after its birth the kid was decked out in enough “frou frou” to make Lady Ga Ga envious. She had her dressed in leopard skin for crying out loud, not to mention the flower pots the kids was having to wear on her head.

    So how does one explain not knowing the sex if she was prepared to outfit her like a pole dancer? Did she also purchase little boy clothes as well? Who goes out and spends money on two sets of clothing to be on the safe side when the baby is born unless you are a first class idiot. She lied. She knew full well that baby was a girl. The “suspense” was held out for the viewer.

    I should have told her I could not care less. Just another budding Gia clone added to the mix.

    • HD says:

      I bought two sets of dressy take home clothes…one for a boy or one for a girl. The rest of the clothes at home were neutral…whites, yellow, neutral prints etc. And I honestly didn’t know and never asked what I was having. I wanted to be surprised.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Olivia ~ You are on a roll & making me laugh so much.

  194. katiecoo says:

    As someone posted earlier, I too have been watching the whole season while working on a craft project last night/today. There are SO many places where JZ contradicts herself later and outright lies. I’d love to see a comprehensive list showing all the places where she’s exposed in that way. Anyone interested in helping me make a list?

  195. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    Told you so! LOL

    I mentioned the other day that the RHONJ cast should be taken off the air and replaced with new blood. At that time a few thought oh, let’s just ignore them. Not good. That grifting cavewomen Teresa, is constantly slamming B, and gangbanging crazy Danielle along with the rest of the thieving Manzos. Jaqueline, learning from evil Jill, has started campaigning to have Danielle removed as a cast member. These women, with SheMan (T), at the helm, believe that viewers want to watch …

    the ham game, Dina’s cats, Jac’s & Ashley’s day off, Caroline’s bra, Gia and clan screaming along with T-Bill defrauding the government. Check please!

    Hey Lynn, let’s start that petition.

  196. MAMAZ says:

    Olivia & Lillybee – I feel the same way. I have been so depressed about the Gulf situation and following the Gaza flotilla incidents with great interest. At first the Houswives seemed like a diversion but now with Kelly’s insanity and selfserving charitable acts not to mention Jill’s evil machinations(sp?) I am growing weary of them too.
    It’s funny that ALL the Housewives, OC, NY, ATLand NJ think they are so special. But the truth is you could cast one of these in any town, small or large and any demographic and find the exact same types.
    Please excuse the stereotypes but think about it, The Real Housewives of Appalachia, or central Minnesota, the UP, upstate NY, wherever: Jeanette thinks the whole show revolves around her . She is rude to the other women but thinks it’s ok because she has won best pie at the county fair for the last 15 years. Lorraine was once married to the Mayor and won’t let anyone forget it even though they are divorced. She dreams of being a country singer and can record a tear jerker about being the ex missus mayor. Kallie is a secret meth head who was once the head cheerleader who married the HS football coach. But they split up and he lives in the basement of their farm house and dates another younger former head cheerleader. Roberta is a succesful local business woman who drinks too much. And Sondra was married to the richest man in town but now cruises the local bars picking up young men. She has a heart of gold. Brittany runs the local diner. She’s a cook, not a chef. Kallie hates her because she’s young, beautiful and smart. Jeanette hates her because she taught Brittany how to bake pies and now her’s are better and Jeanette will probably not win a blue ribbon this year! Andi is Brittany’s new BFF so so Kallie, Jeanette and Lorraine hate her. She is from out of town so they think she is a nobody.
    It’s so easy. Make up your own. These women are everywhere.
    Jill Zarin there is nothing special about you!

    • Kat says:

      LMAO 8)

      • Adgirl says:


        How about one set at Idle Wheels trailer park, ooops mobile home (that are not mobile!) park.
        Blanche is jealous because Henrietta has a double wide. Mr Potbelly is secretly sneaking sanka breaks with Agnes … the tears when Mrs Potbelly finds out!

    • desertgal66 says:

      I tell you what irritates me about the Atlanta gals…and I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m gonna again, because it really bugs me, and because I live in the South.

      Sheree, Kim, and NeNe-this is NOT how Southern women behave. It’s very misleading. Even NeNe, who grew up in Georgia, behaves more like trash than a true steel magnolia. So, please don’t think that all us gals in the South behave like these women, because we do not. Most of these women are transplants who don’t reflect well on Atlanta.

      Of all the cast members, Kandi Burress is the true “Southern” gal. She’s strong, accomplished, confident, and well spoken, but she is not crude, rude, or in your face belligerent.

      • boston02127 says:

        Just to let you know, I never ever thought that about the women from the south.

      • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

        That’s what honks me about the Atlanta show. Couldn’t make it through the first season. I didn’t connect with any of them, & they all mostly acted like trash (especially Kim, who flaunted an affair on TV). My mama raised me right & all you saw in Atlanta (& NJ) is trash with money.

  197. katiecoo says:

    Sorry if this is a repost but this is a MUST read…again from the jewishjourmal.com site. Love it.


    • otaypanky says:

      wow…great post. loved the recap!

    • Kokuanani says:

      Here’s a line I particularly liked from the article:
      Jacques [LuAnn’s latest squeeze] makes a b-line for Jill, and is telling her he’s heard so much about her. She responds in perfect Jill fashion, by saying she’s had a bad day. Sometimes I just want to hit her. By sometimes, of course I mean most of the time we see her now. She is incapable of talking about anything but Jill.

    • Kokuanani says:

      I liked this remark too. This is exactly how I remember it, and gave me yet another reason to hate Jill Zarin:

      Countless is talking over Sonja, Sonja tells her to shut up and let her speak, LuAnn agrees she is talking over her, tells her she is right, then talks over her again to say she is sorry.

      • Kokuanani says:

        Oops, I should have said “hate the Countless.” But whatever. Anything is just another reason to hate Jill Zarin.

  198. Had Enough! says:

    RHoNJ on right now. Caroline says to Teresa, “So what else is going on?” Now this is the time of the fundraiser. Which was held on October 1.

    Does T say, “well, me and Juicy are about to file for Chapter 7.”

    No. Instead, she brings up Danielle. How convenient.

  199. Marie Laveau says:

    With regard to Teresa, I could be wrong, but I seem to remember Danielle, in her blog after the season premiere, saying something about Teresa and her husband committing bankruptcy fraud. That may have been one of the comments later edited out, but I do remember her saying something like that.

    I know Danielle is NUCKING FUTS, but it looks like she was telling the truth about that one.

    I wonder if Teresa will respond in any way to the NY Post story.

    • Amber...Real Housewife says:

      I agree, Danielle mentioned that Teresa was in bankruptcy trouble and that there was a …DUI? But of course, she was dismissed as a lying maniac.

    • iwannabeanarchy says:

      No, you’re absolutely right Marie! I read that in Danielle’s blog too, and it has since been removed! It was from the blog she wrote for the season premiere.

      I am fascinated by this whole situation. I just did a search and Radar online reported back in October that a foreclosure petition had been filed against her “chateau.”

      Part of me feels like she’s getting her just desserts, but I feel bad for her children. Hopefully this will be better for the children in the long run, as they will have to adapt to living without all the material excess they have been exposed to up to this point, and it may force them to develop a work ethic or some ambition in life if everything is not just handed to them.

      • boston02127 says:

        People that live three houses from mine have a very nice house. They went into bankruptcy. I’m not exactly sure how this all happened but his brother bought the house from auction. Now they pay rent to his brother. Other neighbors say it was all planned out for them go get out of debt and keep their house.

        • Squirrels says:

          I’m fairly sure you cannot lose your home in a bankruptcy, but you still owe the full amt on the house if u exempt it. Now, to get a family member to buy it at auction? Wow. That’s a trick. Wish I had the tax lien on that one. Just to torture the bitch. 😀

          • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

            You can if you don’t make payments on it. Until recently, you could lose your home in bankruptcy if your state was not a “homestead” state, which considers your residence, as well as some personal items, such as your car, to be “exempt property.” If it’s exempt, it can’t be touched by any creditor other than the mortgage or car loan company.

  200. battgyrl says:

    I have been fascinated with the Teresa controversy today. I too cannot understand how someone with an income of $79K + “family” assistance can get into $11M in debt. I must not be doing something right! LOL

    Something I don’t understand either is how they even got a mortgage for such an expensive home on that income level. Even with asssets such as other houses it still doesn’t make sense, because you still need income to pay the EIGHT mortgages. Something isn’t right here!

    Also, wouldn’t you expect people so politically conservative to be a bit more fiscally conservative? Just sayin’!

    • katiecoo says:

      I also find the 12K to a fertility Dr. so interesting. A family in that much debt, going in to more debt in order to have a 4th mouth to feed, clothe in designer clothes and send to college, etc. Hmmmm

      • Had Enough! says:

        OK, so trust me, those girls are not going to go to college. Maybe a fashion “college” like Teresa. But these are breeders, baby, not intellects. They are going to be Jersey shore girls, looking for fun for a couple of years after high school, maybe “working” in a local boutique, until they get knocked up or engaged, whichever comes first. So no worries about paying for college.

        Second, they don’t have $79k/year in income. That’s how much they declared on their 1040 so that’s all they could admit to in the bankruptcy filing. That’s what is being reported by Bravo to the IRS on her salary and what his corporation is reporting to the IRS on what he allegedly draws from the company as salary. Trust me, it isn’t remotely true. That’s why it shows $120k/yr as gifts from the family. They had to show how they’d been carrying all this in the past, and how they can reaffirm the debt on the mausoleum. Like I said, I’d like to see those family members hauled into court and forced to testify under oath – and provide canceled checks – that they have forked over $120k to Juicy and Chuckie.

        Do we have any reason to think that his parents and her parents are so well off that they can hand them 120k?

        • otaypanky says:

          no…i agree with you and as i stated earlier along with you. they are hiding income and they are definitely grifting.

          • ridicurhony says:

            ditto – I know ppl in construction/contracting making really decent money. somehow he’s got two co’s listed – maybe even one under someone else in the family, is getting paid under the table or whatever. $79,000 is not a ‘real’ number.

  201. Silly String says:

    This blog needs more comments, and a link to Lynn’s blog about Amazon Gate, and to the screen caps of Susan Saunders.


    • katiecoo says:


    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Here is the response I left-

      The list of crimes Jill has committed is long long. So long that they can’t be listed in one post. Here is a link to a site that goes over many of them-
      Jill continues to this day to build upon the list. Her bashing of Alex in the press, not taking responsibility for her behavior, calling legitimate book reviewers Anti-Semitic for a bad review, and insulting the viewing audience by blaming her behavior on others and editing… I could go on for days! The fact that she expected Bethenny to forgive her on Jill’s terms is unbelievable, the fact that some fans are forgiving, defending and believing Jill is reprehensible!

    • little rock says:

      done. with pleasure

  202. anutha hata says:

    I wanted to give Theresa the benefit of the doubt. I tried to pretend that she was just a little young & naive. But when she started going-after Bethenny on Twitter for no reason, AND Bethenny’s innocent baby, well, I’m Soo happy that it looks-like somebody has Bethenny’s back.
    I’m posting this link to my blog in case Theresa happens to be reading this. http://njhousewives.blogspot.com/ . Theresa may have been able to get The Star Ledger to publish a retraction. (two actually), but I don’t think that The Post took any chances when it came to fact-checking the dirt that they published today.
    I think that Theresa may have just taken Danielle’s place as most-hated NJ housewife.
    Maybe she learned how to do that by paling around with Jill?
    ps-I hope its true that little Joey has a blond bimbo on the side. Can’t wait ’till Blondie pops-out the boy that Joe’s been trying-for. I know I’m being mean, but all bets were off when Theresa Tweeted smack about Bethenny & her baby.

  203. Kat says:

    Boston, I saw the great ape! LOL @ you….. Nice facebook.

  204. katiecoo says:

    Here’s Mike Guy, the Playboy journalist, being prepped for his date with Kelly and how long he can endure it.


    • ridicurhony says:

      does anyone have any ‘article’ Mike wrote about Kelly? All I ever saw was one little kinda nasty comment he made about her and I can’t even remember that.

  205. lillybee says:

    Why does Theresa owe 12k to a fertility clinic? I thought that she had no trouble getting pregnant.

    • error 404 says:

      option a: she’s a liar. In fact, her whole life is a lie.

      option b: it’s all Danielle’s fault!

      • vilzvet says:

        I bet it was one of those clinics who can help ensure the sex of the baby. Meaning, they wasted the 12K!!

  206. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    @anutha hata

    Let’s all stop acting brand new. We all know the reason why Teresa, Jill and Kelly, HATE Bethenny with a passion. It is because of her success. She has the adoration of her fans, who have backed her with the sales of her books and dvds. She is not hawking cheap products like Teresa, or tying her name to any product like Jill. She is also not going down in flames like Kelly. She gave us lifestyle advice which she herself follows. And it sold! It all comes down to the fortune and the fame. She successfully branded herself, and the others are JEALOUS!

  207. ImToula says:

    Hey Guys,
    I’m wondering is anyone knows what happened to “Hooked on Housewives”, I remember her saying something about a new name,but I forgot the name…..old age…
    can someone help this senior citizen?…lol

  208. anutha hata says:

    Its getting worse. Tweet Maxine is posting comments at the NY Post article saying that Bethenny is forcing Bravo to move the entire Housewives syndicate to Mondays so that Bethenny can take the Thursday timeslot.
    She also posted some of her famous maxine-crap really nasty stuff about Bethenny that I won’t repeat here-on a story about T.

    • error 404 says:

      that’s not really an outrageous claim.

      I’m sure Bethenny’s popularity and the HWoNJ’s dwindling audience “forced” the Bravo execs to schedule it thusly.

      • Cleo's Mommy says:

        I think it’s far more likely that the Jersey franchise is currently on on Monday and it makes more sense to put Bethenny’s show in the NY slot (especially since the main fan base for her show are NY fans) than to move NJ midseason and put Bethenny in NJ’s current slot. NJ will probably end before Bethenny does and so once again it makes sense to put Atlanta on in NJ’s slot (or some other free slot) then move Bethenny midseason and put Atlanta on on Thursday.

        None of these Bravoleberities have the power to make programming decisions.

        And Tweet Maxine is clearly one of the dumbest fucks (not to mention someone who clearly isn’t getting fucked) to worm its’ way onto the internet.

        • desertgal66 says:

          I think you’re right. Atlanta will follow NJ on Mondays, and either Orange County or one of the new HW shows will take Bethenny’s place after her show completes its run on Thurs.

          After Atlanta finishes, I’m guessing we’ll be stuck with that idiotic Miami Social or, even worse, NYC Prep (I detest those snotty little teenagers) on Mondays. And I also guess Flipping Out will be next in line for Thurs after the Housewives are done.

  209. lillybee says:

    Maxine also posted that Theresa has made over 11m off her book.

    • Cleo's Mommy says:

      As I said Maxine is one dumb fuck.

      Teresa’s probably making somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 to $3 per book sold . Although she probably got an advance which she would have been paid while she was writing the book (or while some ghost writer was actually writing it.) and being that she’s a “celeb- (gag me)- rity” she may have gotten a large advance – in the six figures. However that advance would be against the royalties of $2 to $3 per book, so she wouldn’t get another dime until she sold enough books to cover her advance.

      Skinny Italian would need to have sold between 3.5 and 5.5 million copies for Teresa to make 11 million. That’s Harry Potter / Twilight kinda numbers not sales figures for a fucking low cal Italian cookbook.

    • desertgal66 says:

      $11m from her book? Not hardly. Not even the publisher has made $11m from her book. Teresa is a first time author of a ghost written cookbook – even her advance wouldn’t have been a large one, and she would have had to share it with her ghostwriter. Unless, of course, she skipped on that debt, too.

      TwatMaxine is the biggest idiot I’ve ever encountered on the Internet. She gets nothing right. She clearly pulls these nuggets of info out of her ass. Is there anyone left who actually does take her seriously and still believes she works for “Bravo Central”?

      • anutha hata says:

        I don’t even know why anyone would care about a move to Monday?
        Maxine seems to think that its bad for the HW?
        Another thing that I noticed about Maxine is that she really picks the worst people to defend. Kelly. Gretchen. -I actually liked Gretchen & Slade together until Maxine started making noise about Slade’s child-support case.
        I don’t know if its true or not that Slade hid his Bravo money by having it paid-out to Gretchen. (so that he wouldn’t have to pay for his very sick son), but you know its bad if a judge takes his driver’s license away. (that part is documented).
        Maxine blocks her tweets but when I sign-in I can still see them. In my opinion, pretty much every thing she says is the opposite of reality. I can pretty much tell who the “bad guys” are if Maxine likes them or not.
        She really seems to hate Bethenny for some reason, but all she can dig-up on her is that her diet is not FDA approved.
        Does the FDA even approve diet plans??

  210. Mbdea says:

    Hi all. I usually join the hate-fest late, late, late so I do a lot of catching up. This blog is, indeed, on fire! Loving it.

    So after reading, I began to think that all the hate is good for ratings, good for reality TV and good for the RH franchise. As much as many of us threaten to stop watching, the ratings prove otherwise –and will continue to do so. Thus, I am quite skeptical that Bravo will remove Jill-opy from the RHONY any time soon. They’re gonna ride this hate-wave for as long as possible.

    The only ways Jill-opy will be removed from our screens is if enough viewers began to make sponsors nervous. As a marketer by trade, I can tell you that consumer complaints about anyone’s endorsements are taken very seriously, which brings me to my next point.

    Traditionally, when a brand or product considers using celeb endorsements (and being on the show, the wives are celebs), they count, among a long list of considerations, said celeb’s Q-rating. Basically, their likability or appeal, if you will.

    OJ Simpson for instance, would most likely be at the pond-scum bottom of the Q-rating scale. Now given all the negative character traits of Jill-opy, I am quite confident she is right down there with OJ and no intelligent, self-respecting brand/product would consider using her to endorse them.

    One exception, however, is if that celeb is so topical, especially among a desired target market, that using her as a controversial spokesperson would make sense –however this is a highly risky exception.

    Another way Jill-opy would get booted of the show would in be contract negotiations. That moron is such a self-absorbed wreck, she’ll eventually screw herself over in contract negotiations; delusionally believing she is good for the Housewives.

    Thus, while I continue to support the loathing for Jill-opy, I can’t completely jump on the belief that she will be booted from the show solely based on how many RH franchise fans hate her. Though, believe me, I’d love to see her get the frock off my TV and her ass kicked to the curb.

    Here’s to hoping *ching*

  211. Sue says:

    I love Ramona. Here’s what she tweeted:


    @Bethenny@Teresa_Giudice B is an inspiration to all women giving birth that u can look fab 4 weeks later!!wish I had her tips when pregnant


    Becuse its truRT @SPompa: @ramonasinger Way to go Ramona! I am so happy that you would defend a fellow cast (cont) http://tl.gd/1mojcl

    And Bethenny’s response:

    @ramonasinger ur so sweet.whatcha up to today?jason’s hiding in the living room bc he smashed coffee table.I’m gonna swing at his balls lol.

  212. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    Anutha Hata’s blog on RHONJ was a little raw and awesome! She gave a hysterical recap of an episode that’ll save you an hour and bring you up to speed. Well Done!

    • anutha hata says:

      Oh thanks Amber! I hope you get a chance to check-out Toni’s NJ site too. She actually changed my mind about the whole NJ cast, (re:Danielle).
      Toni might love Danielle a little bit more than I do ha ha, but when you look at the whole “plot” of NJ, and then consider that these women are basically co-workers, it gave me another perspective.
      I was almost ready to jump on the Danielle is a !#$* band-wagon ’till Toni set me straight. And it just keeps making more sense as this season plays out.
      (I really did want to like Theresa but she has ruined herself for that, at least she got some book sales before she started messing-up so badly).

  213. Quincy IL says:

    So… if the NJ girls aren’t tweeting, the information in the Post is probably true.

    You can’t live in a 2 million dollar house with an income of about 200,000… Half of that 200,000 goes to income taxes. I heard NJ has a really high state tax rate for income also.

    Teresa is stealing when she does not pay her bills. She should be ashamed.

    As to her husband’s infidelity, I can’t imagine that an attractive woman would want him. He is in debt and Teresa would come after her with a kitchen knife.

    • error 404 says:

      who said anything about attractive? All I heard was “blonde” and even then assumed it meant form the bottle.

      you don’t get 8 mortgages unless you can at least bs some earning potential, and I believe that blondes are less strict about proof than banks are.

  214. Hater says:


    I hope this posts this time – Sonja arrested for DUI. Bummer.

    • ridicurhony says:

      we’ll see how she handles the problem. Thank God no one was hurt, but it’s not enough to completely turn me off. Aside from her slighting the viewers/bloggers a little bit when she started, I think she’s the other one besides Ramona who has the ‘it’ factor goin on and she’ll be playing opposite the crazies on that show. She’s sexy, she’s funny, she’s workin the whole room and she seems fair.

  215. Kat says:

    Latest tweet from sage @gingerzarin:
    If mommy dearest zarin blocked u google jill zarin whocelebstweet.com & u can still read all her tweets there I will be beaten for this.pray

  216. Hooked On Housewives says:

    @I’m Toula

    I’m her and I’m still me. My doppleganger disappeared. Thanks for asking though. I have posted a few things but by the time I hit send there have been 10 more posts and I am upthread. Anyway we have Had Enough, Boston, Otay, yourself, HD, Error, Katiecoo, Dark (and the list goes on) posting exactly what I want to say so I just relax and read.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      damn can’t spell today and can’t finish a thought

      My doppleganger disappeared (hooked on reality) so I didn’t have to change my name to Princess Summerfallwinterspring. Howdy Doody is happy.

    • ImToula says:

      Glad your here! I love to read your posts. You make me laugh so hard. I need to catch up too. I’mlovimg the whole Teresa thing! You know what they say about people that live in glass gaudy mansions, they should through tables at them….lol

  217. Ches says:

    I wonder if the IRS knows about the 120,000 a year. Most likely was received in cash. And who knows for how long.
    Does the name Al Capone ring a bell, Juicy?

    • Kokuanani says:

      I posted this much earlier, but clearly it was so brilliant, it deserves to be said again:

      What I find so incredible about this [and I DON’T follow the NJ Hos] is that “$120,000 from ‘family members’ ” is practically a flashing arrow to the IRS saying “come audit me.” And if it’s “Family” who’s providing this money . . . well, just remember the lesson of Al Capone.

      Under current tax laws, if you give someone a gift of over $13,000 per year, you have to file a gift tax return. No tax is due, but you have to file the return because of future estate tax issues.

      Even if Teresa & family followed the law, presenting “facts” like these in the press gives the IRS a really good reason to “visit” and ask for additional information, just to make sure you’re complying with the tax laws. And who knows, they “might” find something else.

      Teresa & hubby ought to be giving serious consideration to fleeing the country or witness protection.

      • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

        12 family members at $10K a pop, or 6 members at $20K each, giving $10K to the husband & $10K to the wife.

      • Ches says:

        Great minds think alike, Kokuanani! LOL
        The funny thing is I think they are both too stupid to realize that the IRS will want to be paid also.
        If they owe that much you can bet they haven’t paid their taxes in years. Maybe they’ll be filming when the IRS shows up at their door.

  218. Hooked On Housewives says:

    I may have a lead on a new job for Jillousy. There are several programs that are aired under the name The Worlds Dumbest…..criminals, partiers, stunts, etc. These are shows that show clips of dumb crap and then F-list celebrities comment on the clip. The key words being F and List. Jillousy would fit right in with Danny Bonaduce (sp), Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding, and a few more F-listers. Give Jillousy a tweet. Tell her if she starts throwing her Bravolebrity weight around she might get a spot.

  219. Marie Laveau says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’m a bit behind, and I don’t twitter.

    What did Teresa say about Bethenny’s baby?

    • error 404 says:

      T is jealous that Bethenny had a boy. She’s a little behind. It’s been hard reco-operating from birthing baby Auieoydrianeiannayaia.

      • boston02127 says:

        @error404~~I don’t like to correct people but I think you forgot an e. 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      She jealous because Bethenny’s baby is paid in full.
      *im kidding

      • MAMAZ says:

        Marie – She was complaining about B’s weight loss. She thinks it’s unhealthy and misleading to working women. She is also annoyed that B has a baby nurse. But mostly the weight. Because Theresa still has an ass like James Gandolfini’s.

        • Marie Laveau says:

          LMAO!! Oh my God !! You guys are killing me. HILARIOUS!

          Thanks for updating me.

          As for Teresa, what a bitch! I no longer find anything about her — except for that hairline — event remotely amusing. She’s a deadbeat hater.

        • anutha hata says:

          She was also making comments about the baby being early & little -that really burns me up. Stuff along the lines of what Maxine chirps, like that she thought that Bethenny would harm her child’s health by not eating properly. (on purpose).
          I looked but I cannot find the Tweets-I thought they were here somewhere-will post um if I find ‘um again.
          As far as Teresa commenting about Bethenny having a baby-nurse, again, none of her business, and if they do have a nurse, I think its a great thing for a 1st time mom, really any mom who needs one.
          Also, Theresa basically called Bethenny out in a People magazine article. Nasty stuff that has already been disputed. Someone somewhere said that Teresa’s & Joe’s moms & dads live with them in the McMansion.
          I don’t know how much of that is true, but it sure would make sense since I cannot figure out for the life of me how Teresa could manage on her own with four children like she claims she does.
          And, if it is true that she has live-in “help”, the fact that she would have the NERVE to criticize Bethenny having a baby-nurse, especially her knowing that Bethenny is practically an orphan and doesn’t have the luxury of having live-in grandparents to help-out, that would make me hate her even more.

  220. iceNfire says:

    Boston are you nuts? are you here?

  221. iceNfire says:

    lol please remove Jayne, she is too welll known. And Brad? LOL

  222. boston02127 says:

    iceNfire are you talking about the youtube videos i posted? Why is this going over my head??????

  223. boston02127 says:

    @ iceNfire ~~~duh me I know what you mean, I’ll do it now.

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  225. Hooked On Housewives says:

    @I’m Toula

    “I’m here and I’m still me. My doppleganger disappeared. Thanks for asking though. I have posted a few things but by the time I hit send there have been 10 more posts and I am upthread. Anyway we have Had Enough, Boston, Otay, yourself, HD, Error, Katiecoo, Dark (and the list goes on) posting exactly what I want to say so I just relax and read.”

    Sorry. I left out IceNFire, Adgirl, Upperwestsidedude and probably a lot more. My bad. I love reading all of you. I’m going to start wearing aluminum foil on my head because you all are stealing my thoughts and posting them. LOL

  226. MAMAZ says:

    HAHA Adgirl. I just read your Real Housewives of the Idle Wheels Trailer Park. LOL.
    Desertgal – Don’t worry nobody thinks those women represent the true Southern lady. Southern Belles are known the world over for their hospitality, manners and strength of character.
    And please believe Theresa doesn’t represent all Italian American women. My mother and aunts always spoke softly and would never, ever have flipped a table. It’s funny but Dina actually reminds a bit of them.

  227. boston02127 says:

    @iceNfire~Sorry for the space out, I must have used too many cleaning chemicals at work today.

  228. Adgirl says:

    Who else is hoping that DC and Beverly Hills will be as fun as NY? And nothing like NJ (Bravo Gods please!) When do they air?

  229. MAMAZ says:

    Who was asking for nicknames for Theresa earlier? How about The Jersey Devil?

  230. cusi77 says:

    @Mamaz—Oh! MY! I have been laughthing at your story, my stomach hurts! I am in tears hysterical laughling! My hubby wants to know what happens to me, toooo funny for words!

    • MAMAZ says:

      Thanks Cusi. Try one yourself. Pick any area or organization. They all have a Jill. How about Real Housewives of the Aryan Nation. They could fight over who looks best in their camo’s. Real Housewives of Portland Oregon. Who makes the purest granola. Tell me yours Cusi!

  231. Adgirl says:

    Who else is looking forward to DC and Beverly Hills? I hope they are as fun as NY and less like NJ (praying to the Bravo godess).
    When will they air?

    • error 404 says:

      NY is the only one I watch, and I’m not sure I’ll even keep that up. We’ll see who returns next season first.

      One reason why I can stomach NY is because they aren’t even real housewives. I think Jill is the only one. Everyone else either has a job outside the home, or is not married. In fact, the break out star is a single ( until just recently) working gal, giving it a more “Real Sex in the City” feel.

      Watching nouveau riche twits live off their poser hubbies while flaunting their conspicuous consumption and living out their infantile dreams (cook, singer, skater, jewry designer, skin care, photographer, etc…) until their McMansion gets repossessed isn’t my idea of fun.

      NY cast is also the only one that has kids that don’t make you want to vomit all over your own living room.

    • Sue says:

      I have to say that I am curious about Beverly Hills because I heard that Kelsey Grammer’s wife is on the show. Don’t know if that is exactly true.

  232. vdaze says:

    I’ve uploaded a copy of Chuckie and Juicy’s bankruptcy petition. Don’t worry, these documents are considered public record, they’re available through the PACER system 🙂


  233. boston02127 says:

    Hear ye! Hear ye!
    Kelly took her monthly bath!

    Kelly’s tweet:
    Just used SoSexy shampoo and conditioner by Victoria’s Secet and it smells delish.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      Everybody stay away from SoSexy (big plug) shampoo and conditioner. It has been known to wipe a womans mind clean. Does a number on her brain as well. Be very careful.

  234. Quincy IL says:

    I second the comment about lovely Italian women. My daughter’s mother in law is Italian from Brooklyn, NYC. She’s a fantastic person and wonderful grandmother to our shared granddaughter, 9 months old. I loved her from the first day that we met.

    I read that someone referenced Al Capone. My dad and grandfather knew Al. He brought his car into my grandfather’s service station and would shoot the breeze with the men who were waiting for their cars. Al was loved by a lot of non mob people in Fox Lake where he had a summer home. He also came to Quincy (little Chicago) when the Feds made it too hot in the city. He was liked in this small city too.

    • Char12 says:

      I visited Al’s summer home in Cuderay Wi. Nice place for the time. I knew a women who was a waitress in Chicago and said Al was a big tipper lol. She said it was nothing for him to tip $100.

  235. HD says:

    I looked through the paper work that Vdaze posted. I am just blown away.

    One thing to note, I see it says that they are “surrendering” their other two homes and “reaffirming the debt” on the one that we all have seen on TV. For some reason I get the sneaking suspicion that Tereasa will say something like, “no I am not losing my home. People don’t know what they are talking about.” And she will dismiss all the other money owed and blah blah blah. You know how they spin these things.

    I wonder what her ever so prevalent blog will be about this week. I wonder if she will admit that the Italian empress has no clothes. This should take a little wind out of her sails but not much. This will spin faster than Jill trying to spin yet falling on her ass on the ice! LOL!

    • vdaze says:

      Isn’t it just disgusting? There’s so much BS throughout the entire document.

      It’s obvious that the reason they included the $10K in assistance per month from “family” is so the bankruptcy judge would agree to them reaffirming their McMansion so they can keep it. If they could only show the $79K per year income, there’s no way the courts would agree to them reaffirming the debt.

      The status of their case in PACER shows them “awaiting discharge”, so it looks like they’ve managed to pull it off. When a bankruptcy is discharged, it means they are released from their debts and given a fresh start.


      • HD says:

        So just like that…no debt…clean slate and the world keeps turning…

        • error 404 says:

          they still have debt, the super size me McMansion for example, and her RHoNJ paycheck won’t last forever.

          they may have conned their way out of some debt, but it ain’t over yet.

        • vdaze says:

          I think a bankruptcy judge has up to a year post-discharge to go after future assets or reopen a case. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen. I hope all the Bravo footage of Teresa spending like it’s going out of fashion will come back and bite her in the ass. I doubt she’s learned anything…they’ll be in the same situation again before too long.

          • Cleo's Mommy says:

            I not only hope that the judge refuses to let them weasel out of paying their creditors, but that the IRS takes an interest in this as well.

            There finances are just so damn fishy. She paid 120K in CASH for that godawful furniture, and they supposedly have an income of 200K (including the “family gifts”) and they spend 60% of their income on furniture? Fishy. Fishy. Fishy.

            He only draws a salary of 40K a year from his construction business? Fishy, fishy, fishy.

            These morons are begging to be audited, since they went on TV flaunting their spending. Bethenny was right to call Teresa the least intelligent housewife (although I think she shares the title with Lynn). Teresa is dumber than a stump to expose her family to this kind of scrutiny. I don’t know if they’re connected or not, but they are almost certainly filing fraudulant tax returns.

          • vdaze says:

            I agree completely, Cleo’s Mommy…I would love to see the IRS get their hooks in to the Giudices.

      • desertgal66 says:

        And disgusting. Coz you know who gets stiffed when creditors get stiffed? Average Joes like us bear the brunt of covering the unpaid colossal debts of people like Joe and Teresa with higher prices, higher interest rates, and higher taxes.

        And, I gotta say, that pretty much sucks. Especially in the current economy.

        I wasn’t watching NJ before, because it was boring, but I sure as hell won’t watch it again, to see TeeHee prancing around her McMansion in her stolen designer clothing.

        • anutha hata says:

          Those bankruptcy documents were pretty interesting especially the itemized listing for furniture value.
          How could her furniture and clothes & everything they own, including jewelry be worth less than 25-grand?
          What about her cash shopping-spree?
          Does anyone think that Teresa’s wedding ring is only worth $200.?

  236. lillybee says:

    I am wondering about RHOC I wonder if they started filming it yet.

  237. iceNfire says:

    I couldn’t resist and went ahead and twittered Teresas bankruptcy petition to Ashely, She’ll tell the others. She’s probably doing that right now. lol – I blame my evilness on my avitar. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    • vdaze says:

      LOL! I find it odd they the NJ housewives have been so quiet today. Dina was busy with a function judging from her tweets, but Teresa and Jacqueline have been silent. I don’t follow Caroline.

      Crazy-ass Danielle has been having a ball today.

      Oh noes, who will tell TweetMaxine? *LMAO*

  238. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Sorry if this has been discussed already

    From Teresa Gweedee..ce’s blog

    “Bethenny also claimed she wouldn’t play the pregnancy card, but that’s all she’s done in the press all season. I know, I know, you all love Bethenny. And that’s fine. You can love her. You don’t know her. As I make the rounds for my book Skinny Italian — third week in a row on The New York Times Bestseller List! (insert Gia scream here) — I’m meeting all the same reporters, producers and even make-up artists that Bethenny regularly interacts with. And they all have the same thing to say: “She used to be a fun, regular girl, but after she got successful, she became a total bitch.” I know she acts sweet to her fans on Twitter, but as an insider, I’m here to tell you, it’s an act. She is not sweet. She is calculating and cold. ”

    All I can say is bitch please. Naw. I can say more than that. Everybody stop for a second and refer back to the reunion clip when Beth is trying to get an answer from Kellamity. Kellamity is rambling something like talk to your people…. BravoAndy jumps in and says something to Beth like, Kellamity is saying that your PR people were responsible. But in another light Kellamity may have been trying to say that Beth’s own people are saying she did it. Just seemed like Andy jumped in there way too fast. I believe Andy jumped in so fast because had Kellamity finished her thought (not likely) there would have been bloodshed. Somebody would have gotten tore up from the floor up.(Kellamity)

    Hairy Harpy’s remarks almost end up being the same thing as Kellamity’s. HH’s comment or something very like it has come up at least twice. All I can say is there is someone stirring the pot. The only POS who had a negative connection to Beth and friendly connections to both Kellamity and the Hairy Harpy (Teresa) is the Head Harpy (Jillousy). May not be true but it sounds good. So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    For the hairy harpy:
    First, fraud bitch. Name some names. People keep pointing fingers but do not mention names. That drives me crazy. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything. Like I wrote in regards to Kellamity. State your sources or STFU…..bitch.
    Second. Every last person (if there is any)who is passing information, gossiping about, or badmouthing other series members needs to be fired. Try a little unemployment. See how that works for you.
    Third. I don’t care that I wrote this before, I’m writing it again. WE WANT NAMES.

    • desertgal66 says:

      I’ve said it before, but, hell, I’ll say it again – “unnamed sources” is just another way of saying “I’m making this shit up off the top of my head and/or I’m relating baseless gossip that someone else (yeah, JILL, we’re talking about you) made up off the top of her head.”

      If Bethenny’s PR people had planted stories about Kellamity “every single day” in the press, where are these stories? If Bethenny shoved Kellamity’s kids out of her way at a book signing, where’s the story about it? The press would have jumped on that in a flat second. If Bethenny or her PR people attacked Kellamity’s children in the press – where’s the story?

      We’ve all looked, and there’s NOTHING to substantiate Kellamity’s claims. The onslaught of negative press about Kellamity really didn’t start until she decided to go on a schizophrenic tear through the Virgin Islands – and no one had to plant that story since her attack of the vapors was broadcast nationwide.

      Plus, this is Bethenny. She doesn’t need her PR people to plant stories. If she’s got something to say, she says it. Out loud and in person.

      I’m sick of Andy Cohen. Man up, dude. You should have either demanded that Kellamity name her sources or shut her down. He’s such a wuss.

      • error 404 says:

        I don’t remember Kiki ever getting anything but negative press. From the moment she debuted, she was unpopular… dull at best. Then her psycho nonsensical spat with B, which she was stupid enough to repeat at Jill’s house, lost her the few fans she had. Then while the show was airing, she went all bunny boiler on her fiancee and got herself arrested. Finally, any chance of redemption was lost at the season 2 reunion when she responded to criticism with a senseless tirade of babble.

        Nobody needed to plant stories, we all saw with our own eyes what a crazy bitch she is.

        • error 404 says:

          here’s a recap/review from her 2nd episode

          Kelly Bensimon:
          Once again, kind of a nonentity. Insofar as she was in the episode at all, all she did was go on and on about the really important column she writes for a magazine that basically no longer exists. She also manages to hit on the only male models who are gay at a Hugo Boss event. Best line: “I feel like if I come to someone’s party, I’m showing my respect for them. I don’t have to stay a long time.”

        • wvurn says:

          “Bunny boiler”…….LMAO!!!!

      • Had Enough! says:

        Actually, the onslaught of negative press about Jill’s trained Sasquatch began when she slugged her boyfriend. Next round – the Playboy joke. Third act – crazyland.

  239. vdaze says:

    Well speak of the hairy devil. The tweets have started again in the last 8 minutes:

    Teresa_Giudice: Hi Tweet♥s! I was at the girls dance recitals all day. So good, even Audriana was clapping. Just got back. Had no idea I was such big news.

    Teresa_Giudice: A huge THANK YOU to all my fans for all your love and support. Joe & I are just fine and will continue to be. ♥♥♥from our house to yours! xx

    Teresa_Giudice: I have to put the girls to bed, then I have a midnight appearance at @GationSaturdays. Come see me! Juicy Joe will be with me…

    Teresa_Giudice: ..and my single make-up artist Daniel. See you there. Night Tweet♥s!

    So…she’s not denying it. Now let’s wait for the spin.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Teresa_Giudice: A huge THANK YOU to all my fans for all your love and support. Joe & I are just fine and will continue to be. ♥♥♥from our house to yours! xx

      Of course, they’re fine. They just weaseled out of a shitload of debt, and are free and clear. I’d be fine, too, if other people had to pay my debts for me.

      • HD says:

        Told you and trust me that “from our HOUSE to yours” line was not just said just because. Underlying that is a big fat, “I still have my house, now what?!”

        • HD says:

          Oh…and then she said she didn’t know she was such big news…..ummmmmmmmm okay….you are on damn near every site and you mean no one called you, text you, NOTHING?! I fail to believe that. I am sure her phone and Joe’s phone was on fire…that is if they have paid up the bill and actually have their phones.

          I am not making fun of anyone in hard times, hard times happen to everyone but this was outlandish overspending not just hitting on hard times.

          She knew and of course talked to a few people on how to handle this bad publicity. Now she has put on her mask ready to resurface.

  240. error 404 says:

    I’m meeting all the same reporters, producers and even make-up artists that Bethenny regularly interacts with. And they all have the same thing to say: “She used to be a fun, regular girl, but after she got successful, she became a total bitch.”

    I think the bigger question here is : why is Jill doing interviews, producing shoots, and doing hair? Are she and Bobby having $ problems?

  241. cusi77 says:

    The cocktail with Silex is about to be finished in about 30 min. I can’t wait for Lynn to come to report the events!

  242. Hooked On Housewives says:

    So many of these Housewives feel it is necessary to apologize for another Housewife. Seeing how all the women are grown women. Why is it necessary for anyone to apologize for anyone else? Does apologizing for someone make you better than the person you are apologizing for? Just asking. Here’s me thinking, if I’m fired up and I say my piece, don’t apologize for me. I’m grown. Don’t step in and get your ass kicked on account of someone else. If and when I want to apologize I’ll do it myself…or not.

  243. katiecoo says:

    Who here believes the first Teresa heard of this breaking news scandal is when she came home from dance recitals? That NO ONE tweeted her about her entire financial fiasco being plastered all over the net. And that she doesn’t have any way to check her tweets on her phone.

    Phony bitch.

    And up until yesterday….YESTERDAY, I liked her, found her genuine, a bit over the top, but likable. I also liked Jill Zarin up until this season. Call me Pollyanna, but I’m sure I’m not alone saying that when the tide turns, it never turns back. And I feel duped by both these women and will never seen them in a positive light again. Ever.

    • Sue says:

      I’m with you on this one. I really did like Teresa, but then with all of this crap she was spouting about Bethenny my opinion changed. Teresa has met Bethenny a couple of times. That does not mean that you know someone. Also, we hear “people that worked with Bethenny” what the hell. Was it people that worked with Bethenny or people that used to be friends with Bethenny? It sure sounds like something Jill would plant. Lastly, I saw that someone with an actual name Sara Ann something or other who has worked with Bethenny said that she is nothing, but nice. An actual name instead of “people who worked with Bethenny”.

    • vdaze says:

      I agree with you, katiecoo. I really didn’t think about Teresa much one way or the other before she gave that outrageous interview about Bethenny being “cold, calculating and dangerous”. Today’s bankruptcy news just makes me dislike her even more – almost enough to flip a table and scream “BANKRUPTCY WHORE!!” 🙂

      Her attacks on Bethenny just stink of jealousy and sour grapes. Bethenny called Teresa out for what she is – she’s ignorant and dumb as a rock. Some may think Bethenny’s words weren’t terribly nice, but there’s no denying that she’s 100% right. Teresa is a self-obsessed moron, and she’s living a lie. The fact that everyday people who do the right thing and live within their means have to subsidize Teresa’s lifestyle just makes her lower than scum, in my opinion.

  244. emt2 says:

    Okay, I went to the book signing and had a great time!

    Alex was gorgeous and Simon was very charming.

    I even met the lovely Lynn and Rileykitty and her sister! Lynn was so sweet and really lovely. She was also rocking a gorgeous necklace that her son (?) made!

    It was a nice turnout and Alex and Simon graciously answered all of our questions.

    Pretty much everything that we have said in this forum has been spot-on in regards to Kelly, Jill, Ramona and Bethenny. We are the smartest public ever!

    ps, Alex was looking fierce in a hot pink jacket, short shorts suit with some major heels! She was working it!!! And her skin glowed. She’s really beautiful.

    • HD says:

      Oh yay!! So are waiting to give us the dish until after Lynn blogs about the book signing? We want to know what they said!

    • Char12 says:

      Oh I’m so jealous :(. I’m excited to hear all the answers to the questions asked.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Well, how exciting! I was just as excited to hear that you’d met Lynn and RileyKitty and her sis! LOL!

  245. HD says:

    Teresa has enough problems that she does not need to be blogging about anyone else. It seems like once one of those housewives blog for a show here comes trouble.

    Jill blogged about NJ then her horrible season came.

    Teresa blogged about NY and now skeltons are clawing over one another to out of the closet.

    If she knew what I knew she would shutup and mind her OWN business. You don’t ever need a dime to mind your own business!

  246. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Going to stretch out for a few. Will check back in later to see if Lynn blogs tonight. Have a good one everybody. Catch you later or catch you tomorrow. GLW.

    • error 404 says:

      What do you really think was going on with Jill this season?
      Jill really wanted to come out on top of this, and she wanted to make me look bad and to have people hate me. And I think the viewers are smarter than people think, and they really pick up the nuances, and they get the gist of the entire thing. Because for her to start out the season saying to me, “My husband had cancer and you didn’t care,” it made me wary. I didn’t know he was even sick, I just knew he was going in for a procedure. She could have called me and said, “You know, I’m going through something.” So the fact that the first time I heard about that was on-camera, I immediately knew, Oh, this is what the season’s going to be about.

  247. Had Enough! says:

    Too funny – this TwoP poster is trying to worm around Strega’s stupid rules; she actually does a pretty good job. First she mentions the bankruptcy but then:

    “That house is practically a character on that show! It was the celebration of the opening of the house that was the scene of “Prostitution Whore!” dinner. Wow.”

    Teresa’s fans are a pretty stupid bunch. One of them says it can’t be true because the Post says papers were filed in Newark, and the capital of NJ is Trenton, and that’s where you file papers. Actually, the federal courts in NJ are in Camden and Newark, and bankruptcy court is a federal court. But even in state court, you file in the court in the county seat, not in Trenton. Another one says just because the Post said it doesn’t mean it is true because the Post is a tabloid. As though the Post was like a supermarket tab.

  248. iceNfire says:

    emt2 – pictures?

  249. ImToula says:

    By profession I am a Banker. I’m going to try to shed a little light as to how Teresa and her husband were able to borrow as much as they did. I have seen many women like Teresa in my years of banking. They have no idea about their finances and don’t care to.
    Many business owners used their homes to fund projects. There are private mortgage companies that will lend up to 100% of the value of a home. I think they borrowed against the other homes they owned to build this mansion.
    For a contractor to do business with the government, they have to be bonded. Part of being bonded is the personal guarantee clause in the contract. That clause is also part of a commercial loan application. The clause obligates the owners of the company to be personally responsible for all dept acquired by the owners of a corporation.
    The government will pay the contractor only for materials until the project is 80% completed. Often that’s when they to the bank to borrow. If they are not able to to complete 80% of the job, they will be kicked off the project. The contractor is still responsible for the money he borrowed. Business owners often have more than one business in various legal structures to avoid certain or gain various advantages.
    As far as the Credit Cards are concerned there a few explanations. First is that they never had any, which is very unlikely. The most possible explanation is the credit card companies closed out their account and counted the balance due as a loss. Once the bank charged off the balance, the money was a loss to the bank.

    • cusi77 says:

      Does that mean that WE the American decent people, who spend less than we make, pay our bills and other obligations, etc. WE have to pay the price for those irresponsible people?

      • ImToula says:

        Exactly right! Why do you think the interest on your credit cards has gone to 30%? People like us pay for people like them to live the life they live. So who’s the “prostitution whore “ now?

  250. emt2 says:

    I’m reading the New York Post article about Teresa and the comments section is crazy!

    Tweetmaxine is at it again, writing lies and disparaging things about Bethenny.



    06/05/2010 9:15 PM

    Actually, Robert Frankel didn’t want to die. Bethenny was the one who pulled the plug on him. Last October, nurses from Cedar’s Sinai texted me saying Bethenny was eager for him to expire already because she had a plane to catch and was in a hurry. Bethenny hated her own father so much that HASTENED his death, needlessly. CRUEL !!!

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/deadbeat_reality_8f3qwDPV2oY8s9N51fL82I;jsessionid=C69F6BA616AECA0AB98B18C4AD730878?offset=8#comments#ixzz0q2BE8UqI

    Maybe Bethenny needs to know that Tweetmaxine is saying this kind of stuff. This person is clearly crazy and obsessed with Bethenny. It’s really scary.

  251. cusi77 says:

    Jetta! How are you doing? Did you meet Alex and Simon? I want GAWWWSSIP!

  252. Had Enough! says:





    Over the last year, Bravo has also begun relying heavily on social media to fine-tune story lines in its programs, so that each episode is even more efficiently tailored to its audience’s taste. The network asks its stars to blog, encourages viewers to comment on its Web site and post to Twitter during episodes, deploys text-message campaigns and Facebook pages for shows, and even studies search terms that viewers use, collected by research firms like Hitwise, to parse what viewers are most interested in.

    “We get a lot of information about story lines, and the different people, and what they want to see more of,” says Ms. Berwick. “We’re very, very research-oriented, and there’s a degree of the creative process which is scientific, and we will use every single bit of insight which we can generate.”

    It’s hard to imagine, say, David Simon, creator of “The Wire,” replacing drug-selling plots with romantic ones because HBO, its network, conducted research showing that was what audiences wanted. But some analysts say Bravo’s rather superficial programs are just as innovative as HBO’s esteemed lineup.

    “We do a lot of passive listening, lurking on the Web, interpreting the themes we see on our message boards, etcetera,” says Mr. Cardinale. “There’s more information we have now than we’ve ever had before.”

    • Char12 says:

      I love this paragraph…“When we picked up the show she was neither engaged, pregnant, any of those things — so, you know, we just adapted it,” says Ms. Berwick. “It is fun and funny and relatable and has all these great ingredients, but she’s just prepared to show it all. She’s a refreshingly open character, and you really feel like you know her. It’s like watching your friend going through life and dealing with all these things.”

      • Kokuanani says:

        Can you imagine ANY of these positive things being said about Jill?

        [insert maniacal laugh here]

  253. Had Enough! says:

    This is hysterical. For all Bravo’s research, they really don’t know who is watching. These are their target audiences:

    Adding to that standardization, Bravo took a cue from consumer products companies by offering shows aimed at its audience’s needs, wants and lifestyles by segmenting the audience four ways.

    For one, there are “Wills and Graces”: the “true cosmopolitan, Upper West Side man or woman, very into food, very into fashion, also very upscale — not all gay, but we know we have a strong following among gay men,” says Tony Cardinale, a research executive at Bravo. Then there are the “P.T.A. Trendsetters,” suburban moms who are “relatively stylish and trendy,” he says. “Metrocompetitors” are “more male, young, urban social climbers who like pop culture.” And the “Newborn Grown-Ups” are “20-somethings who are fully out of college mode, buying their first couch, establishing what’s going to be their house wine.”

    From what little I can glean about all of you, I know for a fact that Hooked, Boston, and I are no where near any of these categories.

    • courtney says:

      i guess i’m a “newborn grownup” although i find that description somewhat offensive for some reason.

  254. iceNfire says:

    So we won right? I’m ready to explode! Tell me we won! Blow the whistle, sound the horn, Sing Fat Lady Sing!

  255. Sabrina says:

    I have some news. Jill has blocked me on Twitter. OH MY!!!! LOL!!!!! I really don’t care. I find it funny that she has since I havent gone after her and said anything that would make her. At least I dont think I have. If I have then I was expressing my opinion and that will only prove that she doesnt like anyone that has an opinion different from hers. Oh well. Life goes on. Just wanted to let you all know.

    • iceNfire says:

      I think she knows “She’s Done”

    • Silly String says:

      If you follow Lynn or Ginger you will be blocked, even if you have never posted.

    • HD says:

      Celebrate that you have been blocked! Doesn’t it feel good?! Kelly blocked me on Youtube and I loved it! What they fai to realize is for me it is like a little gift from baby Jesus! I feel sooooooooooooooo good that I am getting to you so much that you have to block me. If haters are part of the ecosystem why are you blocking them? HA! I LOVE IT! CELEBRATE your newly blocked status!

      • Sabrina says:

        Oh I am. I am happy and celebrating it. It is cool to know that I have irritated Jill so much that she had to block me. AWESOME!!!!

  256. cusi77 says:

    I bought PEOPLE just to have Bethenny and Bryn and my first thought was “Bryn is exactly Jason’s face”. That person is just sick! Scary!

  257. DarkSonnet says:

    Twit Fauxine wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit it in the azz. There is NO truth to anything that has been written there.

    Personally, I believe Twit Fauxine is a male. Either that or the dumbest female on the face of the earth.

    • desertgal66 says:

      S/he definitely crosses the line into truly psychotic. Some of his/her lies are predictable, but others are just bizarre. Whoever it is, they are definitely operating at warped speed.

      The Internet sure brings out the creepies…

    • katiecoo says:

      And let’s not forget. That was JZ’s source for the faux Bethenny birth announcement.

  258. desertgal66 says:

    Hooked On Housewives says:

    Everybody stay away from SoSexy (big plug) shampoo and conditioner. It has been known to wipe a womans mind clean. Does a number on her brain as well. Be very careful.

    That’s not all. I’ve heard that So Sexy actually seeps through your hair follicles into your brain and creates a hallucinogenic effect, where you have fantasies like a black haired woman stabbing you while making “eek! eek! eek!” noises. It also makes you see rainbows everywhere, turn cartwheels all the time, and devour lollipops and gum berries. Very dangerous stuff, but dentists love it.

  259. Had Enough! says:

    Hey, Dark Sonnet,

    Are you in or near any of Bravo’s 4 target categories? I think Otay might be – she’s definitely a New Yorker, UWS, sounds like she’s got it going on. But you are a mystery…

  260. Had Enough! says:

    Teresa finally wakes up:

    8:44 p.m. Hi Tweet♥s! I was at the girls dance recitals all day. So good, even Audriana was clapping. Just got back. Had no idea I was such big news.

    9:44 p.m. A huge THANK YOU to all my fans for all your love and support. Joe & I are just fine and will continue to be. ♥♥♥from our house to yours! xx

  261. Had Enough! says:

    OK, I can’t stay up waiting for Lynn…my eyes are closing. It has been much too exciting a day. See you all tomorrow.