I Hate Jill Zarin Threats? June 6, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Jill’s Been Threatened?    June 6, 2010

I’m adding to my blog because there has been a lot of speculation about Jill’s post regarding being “threatened”. 

Let me first say that it does not concern me in the least.  She mentioned someone in Chicago and someone in Alabama.  Is she talking about me?  Who the hell knows, do I care?  Nope!

Celebrities get real, true death threats, they have stalkers and in a few rare cases they get murdered.  Jill, just like Kelly with her bully PSA,  is cheapening the entire “stalker” problem!   To be honest, I’m getting really sick of this nonsense with these insane reality stars!  It is one thing for Kelly to be cooky with her rainbows and jelly beans but another to say she is being bullied by four grown woman!  Particularly one woman that I met last night that couldn’t “Bully” anyone!!!  For crying out loud, Alex broke out in hives when she had to confront Jill Zarin, Alex is not a woman to looks to fight, argue or bully ANYONE! 

When celebrities are stalked and threatened that is serious business!  It is taken seriously and the last thing that authorities will tell a celebrity to do is to announce it on Facebook and/or Twitter!  Jill is trying to get sympathy.  At what cost?  If that woman really did bother authorities with her absurd claim of being threatened, she should be arrested for filing false reports to authorities! 

Did I ever threaten Jill Zarin?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! 

I am not concerned, I’m not contacting an attorney and I’m not going into hiding.  If she really is blocking people on Twitter who are following me, I am sorry for those who that affected but I can’t do anything about that.  Honestly, I would be surprised if Jill and I had many followers in common anyway.  To be honest, I’ve gained followers at an unusually high rate on both Facebook and Twitter since the idiot woman posted that nonsense.

Jill is angry because Alex and Simon asked me, of all people, to put together their cocktail reception last night.  I know she has someone monitoring my Twitter account and my Facebook.  She knew about the reception and got angry and posted that idiotic entry on Facebook.   The Twitter world of RHONY fans is a small world and word gets around quickly.  If I were Jill, I would be angry too, think about it, the person who has a blog called, “I Hate Jill Zarin” hosted a cocktail reception during a visit to Chicago after a book signing for the thorn in Jill’s side, Alex.  How would you feel?  Sure you’d be angry, add to that all of the Twitter and Facebook messages today from all the great people who were there and all of the love and outpouring of support for Alex and Simon! 

People who were there are talking about it, AbsurdToSublime also wrote a great blog about it, if you haven’t read it yet, you should, she is such a wonderful woman and I love her blog!  It was so great to meet her last night!

It has to infuriate Jill that Alex and Simon are such beloved members of the cast and she is so hated!   Particularly since Jill hates them so much.  She wants to control not only everything in her own life, her family’s life but she wants to control who fans like and how fans think.  She wants to skew the information out there in her favor, she wants to get fan sympathy. 

Alex said something last night about Jill that I won’t soon forget.  I’m paraphrasing but Alex said that every time Jill says something negative about Alex it gives Alex oxygen.  It puts her in the spotlight, it gets people talking.  It is clear who is the good guy and who is that bad guy, so every time Jill slams  Alex, Alex wins!  Alex was even gracious enough to sincerely say that she hoped Jill’s book does very well, because if it does, it will allow others to have successful books, including Alex!   Alex is a class act if I ever saw one! 

I did mention in my original blog but just to clarify, yes, Alex and Simon will be in Bethenny’s new show, they are still filming and Alex was scheduled to film today, one of the reasons that they had to rush back to New York this morning.  (Alex has GOT to be exhausted!)  

One other thing that I wanted to mention.  I know many, if not all of you have seen the preview of the reunion where Jill accuses Alex of trying to get something printed in the press about Jill and charity funds.  Alex was asked about this a few different times and adamantly denies it and I completely believe her.  One group asked Alex and some new people joined the group and the same question was asked again, Alex looked people dead in the eye and said she had no idea what Jill was talking about.  It sounds to me like Jill made up this “tidbit” to throw at Alex during the reunion in order to make Alex look bad.  Jill, knowing she was going to have a tough time defending her actions at the reunion, came armed with lies about Alex. 

Here is my blog from earlier today in case anyone missed it, the details of my meet and greet with Alex and Simon last night:

I Hate Jill Zarin    I Love Alex & Simon    June 6, 2010

Alex looked so beautiful!  She really is a stunning woman!  She wore a cute shorts outfit in shocking pink, with these amazing Gucci shoes that she got in Los Angeles.   Yes, we have photos…lol

Simon had the coolest jacket on, the inside lining had photos of men in different fashions and he wore a pink shirt with his famous pink shoes! 

There were a LOT of people there, all the seats that were set up were filled, people sat on the floor along the sides of the room and many standing in the back.  First was the Q&A and it could have gone on all night, great questions about their parenting style, how they got onto RHONY and about their personal life including what it’s like to film reality television. 

The questions about the show were good and we got many of the answers that we’ve read in articles and TV interviews. 

One important answer was about Bethenny and the birth of her baby.  Some HORRIBLE people on Twitter are saying that the birth was pre-planned and that Bethenny scheduled a C-section so that she wouldn’t gain too much weight.  ABSURD!  Alex confirmed that she talked to Bethenny while she was in labor, in fact, they were scheduled to do some filming of Bethenny’s Getting Married and had to re-schedule because she went into labor. 

All of these insane people saying that Bethenny isn’t healthy and lost the weight too fast are also ridiculous!  Alex has seen Bethenny many times before and after the birth and told us that Bethenny ate whatever she wanted during and after the pregnancy and even saw her eating a Cheeseburger..lol   Bethenny’s is healthy and she is not starving herself!  She is also breast feeding which helps to take the weight off but Bethenny never gained all that much weight and continued with her yoga during  her pregnancy. 

 Alex is very slim as well, with all of the traveling that she does for work and for her book tour, of course, she can’t always eat right.  While in Chicago she had Portillo’s Hot Dogs and Giordano’s Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza!   Anyone visiting Chicago has to have those two Chicago staples!  Alex lived and went to school in Chicago so she is familiar with the area and even lived nearby the home that they rented while they were here in town. 

Someone asked Alex if she keeps in touch with all of the other housewives.  Not a big surprise to us but she said there are a few that she is in touch with and in fact talks to on the phone at least once a day, and others that she sees only while taping.  I think we know who is who but just to be sure, Simon yelled, “BRAS”.   Later Alex did confirm to a smaller group of us that she does talk to Bethenny almost every day and they are still filming Bethenny’s show even now.  Alex and Simon will both be on Bethenny’s show, Alex has filmed 7 or 8 times for the show but they never know what is going to make it onto the screen.

After a lengthy Q & A that could have gone on much longer because there were still many with questions, the book store representative said it was time to actually start signing books. 

There were, in my estimation, 150 or so people there.  Alex and Simon didn’t just sign everyone’s book.  They truly MET these people, talked with them, took photos with them.  The cutest thing, there was a little girl probably 4 or 5 years old who told Alex that she liked her ring.  Alex asked her if she wanted to try it on, but the little girl was a little shy and said, “No”.  So Alex said, “Well here hold out your hands” and the girl did and Alex put her hands over the little girl’s and showed her the ring more closely.  It was the sweetest exchange!  Even though there was a long line, Alex and Simon took the time to talk to each and every person, never rushed anyone and even had discussions about the show with them, answered more questions.  Everyone felt like they got one on one time with Alex and Simon, and they did! 

I waited until the end since I knew that we were all going to Cagney’s afterward, I was in no hurry but sat up front and watched most of the people going through the line.  Men, Women, single, married, people with small children, elderly, it was really great to see such a diverse group of people there that love Alex and Simon! 

When it was my turn, I didn’t have to tell them my name for the book signing. LOL   They knew who I was which was very cool and afterward  GibGirl1 took my photo with both of them and while we were taking the photo, Alex told me that Bethenny sent a message to say “HI’ to me when we met.  I thought that was so nice!  Alex said she had spoken to Bethenny on the phone the day before and wanted to send that message.  How sweet was that?  These are REALLY nice people folks!  There is no doubt in my mind that we are all on the right team! 

Alex received a beautiful pair of earrings from one of the guests, Gibgrl1 gave both Alex and I both a beautiful boxed cheese and crackers arrangement from the cheese capital of the world, Wisconsin!  I brought the boys each a gift bag with a few small crafts to keep them amused, stickers, a Chicago White Sox flag along with a Chicago baseball cap and a signed practice puck from the Chicago Blackhawks.  My cousin signed a puck for each of the boys in between Stanley Cup Final’s games!  

Cagney’s is just a block or so away from the book store, (that was by design as parking in Chicago is a drag!)  we walked over.   A few of us stood outside the book store as cars were loaded with gifts and things and Alex and Simon continued to answer questions and talk about the show and share their lives with us.  You hear this all the time about this amazing couple, but they really are very down to earth, sweet and open.  

Alex confirmed what we already knew, Kelly was escorted off St John by producers, and everyone agreed that they would, on screen, stay with the story that Kelly chose to go home to be with her children.  I believe that it was Bethenny who first confirmed in the press that Kelly was, in fact, deemed no longer fit to film and was taken home.  Alex explained it really well, after the dinner that we saw, how could they all just sit down to breakfast the next morning and pretend nothing happened?  There really wasn’t anything more that could be filmed with all of these ladies together. 

The bridal shower that we saw for Ramona and Bethenny was pre-planned and only Alex, Sonja and Kelly knew that the shower was to include both of them and not just Ramona.  Kelly did bring gifts for both Bethenny and Ramona.  Kelly left the gifts outside of Alex’s door before leaving St. John.  Really cute background story about the Swarovski crystal wrist bands that Alex got for the ladies, the woman who designed them called Alex after she saw the show and thanked her for the exposure and offered to send Alex a set as well, which Alex, of course, accepted.  They were really cool!  I bet Sonja went out and bought a set! 

We got to Cagney’s and rearranged tables and chairs so that we could have another Q&A in a more intimate setting.  Some people were coming and going so it was hard to tell exactly how many people were there but at one point, I did a quick head count and there were 34 people but I would guess overall about 50 came to say hi and hear them speak.  Alex nursed just one glass of wine but admitted she likes her drinks but she can hold her liquor well! 

We all sat together for about an hour talking and laughing, (fans who showed up had great questions and insights into the show) Simon went over to the bar to get himself another drink and a few people went over to talk with him there.  Simon is so easy to talk to and he is really hysterical.  At one point he even gave us a few bars of “Money Can’t Buy You Class” and honestly, he would have been a better one to record a song than Lulu (as he called her)  Simon told us that really Luann can be a great person, but as he said on Watch What Happens Live, there is Luann and then there is the “Countess” and he much prefers Luann! 

Simon talked about next season and what he thought may happen as far as the cast is concerned.  Obviously he would be in favor of letting Kelly get the rest she needs and would be quite happy if he never saw Jill Zarin again (as would the rest of us)  He explained how it works, about a month after the final show airs, and he anticipates three more episodes, two reunion shows and one “lost footage”, the powers that be over at Bravo will do all of their research.  They look at many different sources to determine who is popular, who is bringing in ratings and who may not be bringing in ratings.  They look at fan mail, comments on Bravotv.com  they look at everything out there on the internet, including sites like this one.  Magazine articles, fan feedback, anything they can get their hands on to determine popularity of a housewife. They pull together as much information as they can and determine what would be best for next season. 

Simon said that when they first were looking for cast (and Alex was the first one originally cast) they were having a hard time finding people who were willing to participate.  Sonja was even asked to be on the original cast and turned it down.  Now, Simon told us that they are lined up to do the show.  People are begging to be one of the housewives!  He absolutely thinks that Ramona will be returning, he believes that Sonja had plenty of support to come back and everyone else is up in the air.   I think he was being modest because I truly believe that Alex has so much public support and has climbed to one of the fan favorites so while Simon wasn’t overly confident, I think it is safe to say that Alex will be invited back. 

Simon felt that Luann will most likely stick around and Jill is really a crapshoot!  Her popularity took a nosedive and he really put it best by explaining how during Season one, Alex and Simon were at the bottom of the popularity list so there was no way to go but up!  That worked well in their favor and he even expressed a little concern over whether they could maintain that popularity.  Personally I feel that now that people have gotten to know them, fans will stick by them!  Jill, being one of the fan favorites during seasons one and two, could possibly have maintained it, but how long can you hide the real you?  Jill was lucky she hid it as long as she did!  We are seeing the real Jill Zarin folks!  This isn’t news to me because we see what she does in “real life” on Amazon, in her blogs, on Facebook and on Twitter.  It isn’t pretty! 

As far as Bethenny returning, Simon seemed to think it was a good possibility but anything can happen! 

Simon talked a little about his mother back in Australia and I asked him what she thought of the show.  It is aired all over the world including Australia and Simon admitted that his mother wasn’t too happy with Simon’s involvement with Real Housewives until she read the book.  She was so proud of her son and knew that the book probably wouldn’t have been possible without the show, Simon actually got very emotional telling me that story. 

I asked Alex about Kelly’s tweets the night of the finale and the Watch What Happens Live show.  I think everyone knows the story but a quick update:   Kelly insisted in an interview that she was forced to go to St. John.  On WWHL, it was a caller who asked Andy Cohen about Kelly being forced to go to St. John.  Andy stressed that she was not forced to go and shortly after Kelly tweeted that she WAS forced and basically called Andy a liar.  Since Alex and Simon were disembarking at O’Hare during this drama, and Kelly has deleted those tweets, Alex had not seen any of that but she did know about it.  I wanted to know about a particular tweet where Kelly said that Bravo didn’t pay her, Shed Media paid her , which was Kelly’s response to many tweets from fans telling her it was probably not a good idea to call her boss a liar on Twitter. 

Alex explained that while it is true, Shed Media does pay the Housewives and production staff, Bravo pulls the strings, approves the budget and has complete control over what appears on the air.  Bravo, and not Shed Media, will decide who is on the show and who isn’t.  In essence, Andy could be considered their boss.  The way Alex put it was to think of him as an executive or a “higher up” at a subsidiary or parent  company. 

I asked Alex about the cat urine smell and told her what I had learned about Crystal Meth smelling like cat urine and many of the blogs out there that talk about the connection between drugs and sweets and Kelly’s behavior.  Alex clearly didn’t know how these things all came together admitting she knows nothing about these types of drugs.  I explained what I read on the internet about how the use of Meth causing the type of behavior we saw, caused the user to crave sweets and smelled like cat urine.  Alex did not smell any cat urine but acknowledged that her stateroom was well away from Kelly’s but added that she has never seen any housewife using any type of illegal drugs. 

Of course we asked Alex about Kelly’s behavior on St. John and to explain what the ladies were all saying about her behavior being ten times worse than what we saw.  She reiterated what Bethenny said, that if they continued to film and/or aired more of what went on, there may have been severe consequences for Kelly.  Alex said it is difficult to explain exactly what went on but added that we would have basically just seen a lot more of the same strange behavior.  Alex explained that Kelly has a very high and unusual standard about what she deems appropriate to talk about.  When someone says something that Kelly doesn’t like, she tends to talk over them or tells them to “zip it!”  She doesn’t want to hear it.  When Kelly hears what she feels is “gossip” she basically does the equivalent of plugging her hears and saying “lalalalalala” as loud as she can.   The comment Kelly made about having to police the women was more about trying to stop everyone from discussing Kelly’s behavior than gossiping about anyone else. 

Alex explained the timeline for us, the get together at Jen’s house where both Ramona and Alex had arguments with Jill, took place just a few days before they left for St. John.  Bethenny had been out of town at her father’s funeral and this was the first time they had seen each other.  Ramona simply wanted to tell Bethenny what she missed, particularly since it involved Bethenny!  In Kelly’s mind this was inappropriate gossiping and wanted no part of it. Instead of removing herself or just sitting quietly and ignoring it, Kelly overreacted and went off the deep end calling them all demented and sick.  I think that what Kelly deems “appropriate” is maybe not what a typical person would think of as appropriate.  Alex confirmed, just as Andy did that Kelly was not forced to do anything, in fact Alex explained that they are never forced to go anywhere that they don’t want to go. 

Alex also let us in on a few tidbits about Jill’s surprise appearance on St. John and cleared up a few things about the private plane.  First we know that Bravo paid for the trip.  Bravo did not pay for Jill’s journey to St. John.  Jill did try to discourage some of the cast from going on the trip, even trying to set up a second trip and lure the ladies to join her.  Bravo ultimately decided the itinerary and all of the ladies were invited.  As we know, no one was forced to go. 

Alex said that Andy’s “real time line” was pretty close and said that Jill and Bobby spent approximately 30-minutes at the house.  Alex’s reaction was real and she said she even dropped her drink but because her drink was in a plastic cup rather than a glass one, it didn’t have the right impact for television.  (lol)  Alex said she wasn’t upset, she was angry and pointed out the irony of being in the middle of getting pedicures so no one could get up and walk out. 

One of the crew/production staff members asked all of the ladies jokingly what they would do if Jill happened to show up, Alex and Bethenny both said that they would leave and spend the afternoon at a local restaurant that they had wanted to try anyway.  When the ladies asked if he was asking for a specific reason, his response was that Bravo was not bringing Jill to St. John.  That wasn’t a lie, Jill and Bobby brought themselves to St. John!  As we know there are no airports in St. John.  Jill and Bobby took a commercial flight to St. Thomas and a boat to St. John.  Alex said that the private jet we saw was most likely taking Jill and Bobby from St. Thomas to St. Bart.  While Alex got the blame for throwing Jill out, it was clear that none of the ladies were in need of any Jill drama. 

Jill’s intention was to talk and try to make up with Bethenny.  How selfish is that?  Look at what Bethenny had been through!   She was in the beginnings of a high risk pregnancy, she had just buried her father, she had just been through Kelly-Hell and now Jill wants to dredge up all this petty nonsense?  Of course Bethenny was disgusted! 

The phone call that we read about did happen, Ramona called Jill to try to explain what was going on with Kelly.  At first Bravo’s cameras were rolling but Jill wasn’t taking it seriously.  Jill was saying things like, Kelly is trying to bring drama for ratings, and Kelly is just acting for the cameras, things like that.  Bethenny wanted to try to drive it home for Jill just how bad it was, she asked them to stop filming so that she could talk to Jill and convince her that this was serious.  Jill wasn’t having any of it.  Since this was just hours before Jill planned to surprise the group, she wouldn’t put her plans aside for anything!  Jill didn’t even acknowledge that phone call when she showed up in St. John. 

When Jill said that she saw Kelly at the airport, that was true.  Alex explained that the flight that Jill and Bobby had just disembarked from was scheduled to be cleaned and flown right back to New York so Kelly literally got on the same plane that Jill had just gotten off. 

While Sonja appeared to be neutral until the final episode when she in essence toldl Jill that she thought it was out of line for Jill to show up unannounced, we will see Sonja commit to a “side” during the reunion.  Sonja joined the Housewives for the second half of the reunion taping, she wasn’t on the couch for the entire taping.  That makes sense since she joined the cast half way through the season.   When I expressed my frustration that Sonja was so neutral, Simon told me it would be more clear what side Sonja is on when I watch the reunion.  Alex and Simon both seem to really like Sonja, they speak of her fondly.  We spoke briefly of Sonja’s recent DUI and while neither Simon nor Alex condoned drinking and driving, they did reiterate that in the Hamptons, you don’t ever roll through a stop sign and get away with it. 

The husbands do not appear during the reunion, like they did in Orange County.  Simon was there for the taping, the hotel that he manages is just around the corner from where the taping took place so he stopped by a few times but will not be on the show.  I don’t think the viewers, overall, had a positive reaction to the men appearing on RHOOC reunion.  Personally, I enjoyed it, but in any case, Bravo did not have the husband’s appear on the NY reunion. 

It was nice to get confirmation or denial of all of these stories that are going around the internet, there were no earth-shattering bombshells that we learned but really fascinating stories about two wonderful people and their lives on this crazy reality show! 

So many things were filmed but never made it to air.  A birthday party for Alex and Simon’s son was filmed and Kelly was there, an opening of one of Alex’s stores was filmed, it seems to me they could make a whole other season with what was left on the cutting room floor.  I’m sure we’ll see some of these things in the lost footage episode.  Possibly these were not drama filled events and since there was so much drama, Bravo chose to air those. 

Alex explained that she has an on line calendar where she will input all of her scheduled activities and that Bravo producers have access to her calendar.  They will review and then ask her if they can film during certain times of her life.  She also told us that she can say no to filming any specific event if she feels it appropriate. 

We talked about Teresa and the attack on Bethenny along with Teresa’s financial problems.  Simon made a great point that if it was all fabricated, they certainly had a whole lot of information.  In essence, if someone wanted to make up all of that, they wouldn’t include details that could so easily have been verified or found to be untrue.  At this point nothing has been deemed “false” that I am aware of.  When someone makes up lies about something, they will use a lot of generalities in order to be able to spin it differently if called out on a specific fact.  Teresa’s issues were spelled out with specific numbers, locations of homes, complete with dates and times.  Let’s just say that Simon didn’t seem particularly fond of Teresa.

I asked about Ramona, and both Alex and Simon seem to be fond of her, they did say that Ramona is the same on camera and off.  They adore Avery and Mario!  What you see is what you get with Ramona!  Simon and Mario have struck up a friendship and do keep in touch. 

Alex also said she was fond of Bobby and that he was genuinely a nice man.  She said that while it was unlike him to approach her the way that he did at Sonja’s house, he does occasionally call Simon to try to get Jill and Alex back together.  It seems that Bobby doesn’t want his wife to be at odds with people and Bobby tries to be the peace maker.  Since Simon wasn’t at Sonja’s house that day, Bobby tried to smooth things over by going directly to Alex. 

Alex said that when Bobby was standing with the ladies and Jill and Ramona were by the car on St. John, both Alex and Bethenny apologized to Bobby.  They tried to explain the hell they had just been through and why they reacted the way they did to Jill’s surprise visit, but only a small portion of Bethenny talking to Bobby actually aired. 

I’m sure I will think of more details that I will include in future blogs but I will leave it here for now.

Alex and Simon are sincerely nice, real, down to earth people.  I cannot say enough nice things about them.  If you ever have the opportunity to meet them at a book signing, trust me, GO!  Many people I met last night drove up to 3-4 hours to be there and I assure you that they are not sorry they made the trip! 

I will go into detail more about all of the great bloggers and members of our community that I met once I get their approval.  LOL  I know that so many are private and don’t want to reveal anything about themselves so I won’t do that now.  Better yet, those who were there, please feel free to tell us about your experience! 

Until next time….


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419 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Threats? June 6, 2010

  1. Melinda says:

    I have a very close friend who is a celebrity and she gets stalkers……..she has even had to file a restraining order on one……..and you are right…….REAL THREATS are serious but for Jill to tweet/FB, etc about it is NO-NO number one! never ever play into that……so therefore I am thinking she is full of all that poo that Ginger keeps eliminating!

  2. anniieee says:

    excellent as always…. I so enjoy this site. Glad you had a wonderful time last night.

  3. Melinda says:

    Oh and Lynn……..seriously, if Jill deletes and blocks me for following you or Alex, or anyone…….well SO WHAT!! I don’t tweet to Jill, cause like you, I can’t stand her anymore…..but I follow her so I may laugh at her insanity…..;-)

  4. RileyKitty says:

    I think Jill is trying to get the spotlight off her own awfulness with the facebook posts.

    I think we should all agree from this point on to ignore & no longer mention tweet maxine. She is a liar. She is thriving on getting mentioned here & other places. Let’s not feed this troll either.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thank you RileyKitty! SO true! TweetMaxine is vile and borders on psychotic! Some of the tweets are vicious and it sickens me that over 900 people follow.

      I know many follow for the comedy of it, and I used to as well, but MadMax has crossed WAY over the line! When “it” first came on the scene it was sort of funny but some tweets are mean spirited based on Bravo personalities who choose to block Mad Max (who I believe is actually male) .

      Luckily Maxine’s followers are dropping all the time but not fast enough for me!

      SO Great meeting you last night! Thank you for coming, loved it!

  5. Sue says:

    It’s sad that you even have to come and justify yourself Lynn. I’m sure that you have actually met Silex, real people with real feelings, it seems like Jill is even more exaggerated in her glee to hold a grudge. Alex and Simon are good people. Now that the show has ended Jill is playing her grudges out in the media and on social networks to the point that her family members are making borderline threatening comments. Like the countess says “Money can’t buy you class.” Ack! I can’t believe I just quoted that song.

  6. otaypanky says:

    Thank you Lynn for clearing the air.

    All your sentiments regarding not allowing this lying nitwit to control what I do, how I diseminate information, what comments I post, where I post them and who I send mail to are my sentiments exactly.

    Jizm. I have a US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Laws of the Land that protect ME for Jackasses like you…again, you have my email…come and get me.

  7. Rusty says:

    I know I was a bit bummed when I felt the tide turn a bit at this website. Hopefully it was all just temporary but a few days after the finale episode, the board quieted down a bit and then I felt a “Let’s Get (fill in the blank). I’m all for hating jill zarin because I do hate her stupid-ass but I sure am not looking to constantly be “in hate” with someone. Honestly my feeling was . . . “Oh . . . I was involved during the really good, fresh, exciting time when we were all discovering this smartass funny place. Now it’s kind of jumped the shark.”

    Let’s keep it from jumping the shark. I LOVE the snark and razor-sharp wit displayed by so many here. The thug stuff . . . not so much.


  8. Shadowsnomore says:

    Lynn, I love your blogs. Thank you for your insight and for rising above the Jill drama with grace and dignity. Thanks for giving use even more tidbits from your meeting with Alex and Simon. I love that this forum has allowed me to indulge my RHONY fixation. It’s crazy that reality show can evoke so much emotion. This site has allowed me to vent my frustrations, anger, happiness and mostly, it has allowed me to laugh. I love all the responses people write. I agree with the majority of what’s written and respect what I don’t. A big THANK YOU to everyone here who has allowed me to blow off steam and laugh out loud! I’ve really appreciated it in this time of my life.

  9. babelony says:

    Jill is full of shit, she’s trying to scare and intimidate people. I don’t believe for one minute that she’s been threatened.

    I’m new to twitter and don’t do facebook, but does there need to be a spy? I know I didn’t need to sign up for twitter to read them, and did. Is it different for facebook? I’m a little confused.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      On Facebook you have to become “friends” or more recently “like” another person in order to read their posts. Obviously Jill can’t send me a friend request…well, she can but of course, she won’t.
      On Twitter clearly she can’t follow me even though I certainly haven’t blocked her as she has blocked me, but she would look mighty silly following me, my guess is her assistant or even herself has another Twitter name and follows, which, of course, does not require my permission.

      • Rusty says:

        I’m not a Facebook member but you can see all of the posts just by googling: twitter jill zarin or twitter kelly bensimon.

      • babelony says:

        Ahh, thanks for the reply. I guess I kind of knew that but have only looked at fan(?) FB’s which are open so I wasn’t thinking.

        • Rusty says:

          Whoops. I actually meant Twitter. You can kind of do the same thing with Facebook. Just google it.

          • babelony says:

            Thanks Rusty. I don’t care enough or have the time to do that. Someone else usually blogs or twitters the good stuff anyway LOL. But good to know just in case.

    • otaypanky says:

      The only people she intimidated are the people who “felt” intimidated.

  10. otaypanky says:

    btw..Lynn…so totally agree with what she pulled on Alex at the reunion. If anyone here read her webpage for the two days she had it opened before she shut it down in a huff again would have been able to read for themselves the accusations she was making against posters. she was on fire crazy…literally! insulting, rude, obnoxious.
    earlier, coco posted here that she tweeted she didn’t like her and jizm tweeted back,
    why are you threatening my family.
    this broad is seriously deranged…all the more reason not to let her control my freedoms. we do not need any more nuts running the farm.
    This is Not Fellini’s King of Hearts.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Otay, Jill is so angry and she is the type of person who has to direct that anger at someone, this week it is Alex, last week it was Bethenny….(I say week, but you know what I mean) Who will it be next? Moi? lol

      A smarter person would completely ignore me and pretend she doesn’t even know I exist,she is trying hard but failing miserably by saying someone from “Chicago” is threatening her…if Chicago wasn’t in my handle, I wonder how she would have described me? She is pathetic.
      Everyone who posts here is smarter than Jill Zarin!

    • Had Enough! says:

      King of Hearts. One of the greatest movies ever. But not Fellini. Philippe de Broca. Saw it about 30 times. Maybe 40.

  11. ImToula says:

    The best thing for Jill Zarin to do is keep her mouth shut! Everytime she says something or does something negative, it goes right back to her. Her reputation is shot and she’s the one that did it. Not Alex, Not Bethany.She should assume responsibility for her actions and lay low. Time to pay the band! As she said, the season is over! Yes it is Jill, time to Move on! You are no longer important and you do not matter.

    • anniieee says:

      she is acting like Kelly on st. johns. she has totally gone paranoid and is quite delusional. poor baby…must feel awful to be the scourge of reality tv.

    • boston02127 says:

      @ImToula ~~Let Jill keep talking and talking and talking. It allows us to sit back and watch her bury herself without lifting a finger.

  12. Ches says:

    Glad you had such a good time with Alex and Simon. Everybody keeps mentioning your Fb and Twitter. What is the URL for both of them. Can’t find it in your blog.

  13. emt2 says:

    Good response, Lynn.

    Jill is a drama queen and I knew from the beginning that she was being dramatic and was trying to gain sympathy.

    She is a liar and if I were I would hire NEW PR people because whoever is telling her what to do and say is wrong.

    She is delusional to delete everyone who disagrees with her actions. Often, her own fans say something positive about her and then try to point areas that she could improve upon–like letting people talk first, instead of talking over people. That’s just one example. Jill just wants to hear people say that they love her and that she is beautiful. She is not gaining any new fans and she will not do well in her future endeavors.

    Her whole platform is that she is nice, no-nonsense, loyal and relatable. She has proven through her actions on and off the show that she is not nice, she is full of bullshit, she is disloyal and completely un-relatable. It’s sad because I think that there may be a part of her that is actually nice but the fame monster reared its ugly head and took over compelty.

    And using Ally, once again, to gain sympathy is so pathetic.

    Sorry ass Jill, what a waste.

    • ridicurhony says:

      emt2 – it’s problably more like JZ just doesn’t listen to the PR people. Because, you know, she’s the one in control.

  14. Had Enough! says:

    Lynn -you are so right.

    First you hold a reception for Alex and Simon, and then the next day, the New York Times has a three-page article about Bravo with tons of ink about Bethenny that doesn’t even mention her name. This is just Jill getting desperate for attention and grasping at straws.

    Anyone with a lick of common sense not to mention four PR advisors would just laught at the gingerzarin tweets. Only Jill could freak out about it and not realize how much worse than makes her look (is that even possible at this point?).

    And you are so right: Jill claiming harassment cheapens that serious issue the same way her Trained Sasquatch’s claims of bullying make a mockery of that very serious issue.

    The best thing Jill can do for herself now is shut up and go away. She’s a danger to herself at this point. I’m sure even her real friends are beginning to back away seeing what she’s really like.

    • babelony says:

      It’s like Bethenny said, she can’t get out of her way. And if didn’t dislike her before, all this victimhood garbage just took me over the edge.

  15. Char12 says:

    Love & Hugs Lynn! I’m so glad to have found your blog. Jill doesn’t realize that she’s just making things worse for herself by doing what she’s doing. She’s 2 french fries short of a happy meal.

  16. lillybee says:

    I do remember Ally saying that she wished Ginger would die.

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      In all fairness to Ally, the dog bit her. Probably because her “pack leader” is such a neurotic mess, the dog is a neurotic mess as well.

  17. CarrieCinKY says:

    Thank you for the update, Lynn…
    Jill is a snake, & she can block me on twitter, I really don’t care, hell, here’s my twitter acct., JILL, go ahead- @carriesweets
    I LOVE your blogs! I WAS a fan of Jill’s. HER own behavior is what changed my mind! I just so happened to find out about your blog through a good friend, we both LOVE watching the Housewives shows, but don’t like Jill because of how she treated Bethenny, so this was/is the perfect blog for us to congregate at each week! LOL
    I can honestly say that I hate Jill Zarin as well, she stands for lies, deceit, & backstabbing.
    I don’t believe she was threatened. Not for one second. She can’t STAND the fact that a woman who has a blog titled, “I Hate Jill Zarin” threw a party for Alex and Simon after their book signing. I KNOW in my gut she read your blog today, and it was like lighting a fire under her fire crotch…. she lost it! Poor little Jill can’t take the heat! LOL I’ve read several of your blogs, and not once have I read a threat towards her, Lynn. I’d just like to see her LIE about that!

  18. WindyCityWondering says:

    The only PR that will work for her now costs a few dollars. So Jill – Take one tube of superglue : apply generously to lips and press both firmly together.

    Lynn, congratulations on an excellent blog!

  19. Small Town Mama says:


    I’m sorry you’re feeling the backlash from Jill’s desperate attempt at sympathy. And I’m sorry that some people out there are falling for it, including Andy Cohen.


    • Small Town Mama says:

      I forgot to add that I unfollowed and blocked Jill today. I got tired of her DMs. Especially since I couldn’t respond to them.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      I’m sorry but Jill is digging herself deeper and deeper in shit. I’ve never seen anyone on this forum threatening Jill. Her PR people are overpaid and under worked IMHOP. Jill is one thread count short of a straight jacket! Andy needs to read this site before he gives credit to Jill’s bullshit!

    • babelony says:

      HaHa, here’s Free Ginger’s response:

      You got your facts half right. ONE person suggested the magazine subscriptions and they were quickly told that was not only a bad idea but illegal.

      A few sympathy cards (If it’s even true that she received any) are not threats. Those cards are no different than any other letter writing campaign that has ever been organized.

      Jill’s threats to Alana Chandler were much more serious than this nonsense. She’s trying to milk this so that people will feel sorry for her going into the reunion show. I’m not buying it!

      If Andy Cohen is the one who really approves comments. He’s a little liar liar pants on fire. None of my comments have ever been approved and I only post positive comments on the NY and NJ blogs.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        LOL! You tell ’em Free Ginger! It’s true they had the facts only partially correct.

        I don’t think Lynn is feeling any backlash from jill’s attempt to play the victim and sympathy cards. In fact, if anything, we’re saying that Jill has made up the whole threat crap.

        Who cares if some media writer or anyone else believes jill’s lies.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Seems like Andy only understands part of the problem. I for one will contact any sponsors of Jill and let them know that I will not buy their product(s) as long as Jill represents them. That is a basic right of any consumer, even consumers of Bravo.

      (Does Jill represent any companies right now? Who would want her to represent them at all?)

      Or maybe Andy is trying to head off any kind of boycotting action against Bravo if jill and kelly remain on the show. Who’s to know for sure, but he is a Bravo exec and would try to discourage any such action.

      Andy seems to be ignoring the Amazongate issue which has been definitely linked to Jill. What does he think of jill harassing and threatening A. Chandler? Does he think Jill had a right to do that?

      does Andy really want someone like Jill representing the Bravo brand?

      It’s because of women like Jill on the other housewife shows Tamra, Vicki and even Lynn (OC), Danielle and Teresa (NJ), Nene and Kim (Atlanta), and Jill and Kelly (NY) that turns me off of these shows. NY was the only one I intended to watch by its 3rd season this year and now Jill and Kelly have really run down the show.

      Because of the trashiness and wrong kind of drama, neither will I watch the Beverly Hills show or the washington show. I think it would be better to read a good book than watch more rubbish.

      Andy we don’t want to watch trashy shows or women like Jill and kelly.

      I may or may not watch NY if jill and kelly remain because I really love to watch the others–team BRASS! But if I do and if jill and kelly remain, I will exercise my right to contact the sponsors, whether or not Andy Cohen likes that.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        The info I read on Maria’s blog incorrectly attributed a statement to Andy Cohen. I saw it before Maria removed Andy’s name. For the most part, I will do what I say above–boycotting sponsors if jill and kelly remain on the NY show.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      This blog was written by Maria Diaz, she is just a blogger, nothing more. She is a poor writer and because of her improper use of commas, has people who read it thinking she is quoting Andy Cohen.

      To my knowledge, Andy has not commented on this situation.

      Maria Diaz is a “holier than thou” blogger who thinks that she is better than anyone else because she remains “neutral” yet she is more snarky than anyone! She is also jealous because my blog is MUCH more popular than hers even though she’s been fighting for readers for 2 years, and I just started 3 months ago.

      I have never spoken ill of another blogger and have always encouraged my readers to post other blog links here and even write their own blogs. She has NO right to blog about me and what I am doing or saying, especially when she has her facts WRONG!

      Maria, if you are going to have a blog about Bravo, why the hell are you MISQUOTING me? I do not work for Bravo! Back off!

      • A former Jill fan says:

        Bad blogger! Get your facts right Maria and don’t attribute quotes to someone who has not said what you write!

        Lynn, can you delete my post above re Andy due to Maria’s incorrect blog? The one posted at 7:15 pm.

      • Maria says:

        Hi Lynn,

        Thanks for the grammar lesson! The reference to Andy Cohen was when I said “here’s what,” which is what he says on “Watch What Happens Live” very frequently. It was obviously confusing and I deleted it.

        For the record, I am NOT jealous of you. I write my blog as a hobby after my former blog was shut down by the company that published me. I write for several other blogs as a job, go to school, and have an interesting life that does not involve housewives. Take all the readers you want. I honestly don’t care.

        Anyway, me and my improper comma usage will be off on my corner of the Internet.


    • Kat says:

      Maria, the blogger at that url removed Andy’s name from her post.
      just an fyi

      • A former Jill fan says:

        Thanks Kat! I saw it when she had Andy’s name, and she did make it look like a quote from Andy.

        • A former Jill fan says:

          Maria still has some facts wrong. if she wants more people to follow her, she has to give accurate info. Otherwise, people will just pass her by if her info always has errors.

  20. Had Enough! says:

    Boston –

    Per her website: In 1997, Killoren Bensimon was awarded the Mother Hale award for Caring by the Hale House Center in Harlem, NY.

    This was back in her married days, i.e., married to a rich guy.

    I can’t find anything to substantiate it. That was almost pre-web. I checked NYT and found nothing. There’s nothing on the Hale House website.

    Per linkdin:

    Food Bank of New York City 2009
    Friend of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 2002-
    Donor of Duke family Charter School 2000-
    Hale House contributor 1996-2001

    So Food Bank could mean she gave a few cans of food, though I remember Shrill writing about putting in a few hours of work with the Trained Sasquatch. Donor of the Duke Family Charter School – probably her kids’ tuition. Can’t find anything by that name on the web. The Costume Institute? It costs $275/yr to join at the “Friends” level: http://www.metmuseum.org/member/index.htm

    • error 404 says:

      don’t remember where I read it, and don’t know if it’s true, but I did read that Kiki had listed her court ordered community service as “charity”.

      • Had Enough! says:

        That may have been me, being snarky. I don’t think it is true. I was just snarking. Though now that I think of it, it is the way Kellamity would twist things, isn’t it?

      • boston02127 says:

        @error404~~Kelly told that to Jill and LuMan when they were having lunch together outside in the Hamptons.

    • boston02127 says:

      I want to bury her and shut her up. If I could find one I’d call, I’d ask and I’d dig into it. I sound like such a bitch but I can’t stand that she’s constantly telling the world how charitable she is. I think she’s full of hot air.

      What charities Kelly? What charities keep you busy?
      Name two. Name one!

    • Ches says:

      Somebody is lying somewhere…
      Found this in the internet, it is part of a paragraph taken from from the page of an Ellis Island Metal of Honor Winner, Muriel Siebert

      ***Ms. Siebert has received countless awards and honors throughout her career…….. In addition, she was selected by Hale House to receive the 1997 Mother Hale Award for Caring. ****

      The entire article can be found here

  21. Kats says:

    I totally agree that the best thing we can do is to ignore them (Jill, Teresa, Kelly and Maxine). Shortly we will have Bethenny’s new show to talk about and hopefully you will have more “Love” blogs to write.

    • UpperWestSideDude says:

      You just know it kills raccoon eyes that she will have no airtime this summer with Bethenny. What a coup if they feature Alex on a few episodes. 🙂

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Coup indeed. Red hair extensions exploding all over the UES.

        Stay safe… ;o)

      • Jillousyness says:

        Alex has already stated that she IS filming w/Bethenny on her new show. She said you never know what will end up being shown as they film a lot and then decide.

  22. Olivia says:

    As soon as you decide to become a public image via a tv reality show, then pump the press to give you as much access as possible to pimp yourself out to the masses, you have opened the floodgates to criticism. Some will like you, others not so much.

    Just as we put our thoughts out on this blog, they become public and are open to any criticism that may be forthcoming, just as in life not everybody agrees with everybody else. We may all feel just as strongly about Jill Zarin for her incorrigible behavior but there are certainly mixed reactions to most of the others. (Like is Kelly actually nuts or just a stupid publicity hound who never knows where the line stops between the two?)

    Jill made herself available to any entity wishing to photograph or interview her since the beginning of this series. She was the most visible since she had a campaign going to make herself into a “star”. You take the good with the bad in these circumstances and her actions and arrogance brought her down. Her goal was to become famous. Unfortunately she became infamous instead. Shutting her mouth, taking herself out of the limelight, shutting down the controversy would have served her much better. Yet she chose this route to condemn, defy, and strike back. Not a good move.

    A genuine celebrity can overcome the bad stuff by making another good movie, or recording another great song, but this lady has no talent beyond her narcissim so it is difficult to grant her any leeway because her true nature keeps getting in the way.

    None of us are in the market to buy another product she may wish to endorse, or pay money to see her perform somewhere. so her glory days are tied strictly to Bravo. No one really cares about her as a persona and to paraphrase Ramona to Bethenny:
    “You don’t have any friends, no one likes you, and you are sure to mess up the next ‘friendship’ “. Applicable.

    Her “sell by” date is long overdue.

  23. A former Jill fan says:

    Excellent addition to your blog re jill’s claim of being threatened, stalked, etc. and more info about Alex and Simon. I agree that it’s just another play at victimization and for sympathy. It would be great to see Jill arrested for filing a false report with any law enforcement agency, but I doubt that will happen as I think she is lying about the whole thing.

    Jill seems to be on a downward spiral and she is playing every dirty card trick she can think of.

  24. Earring Girl says:

    Hello All-
    I am getting caught up on the Silex book event in Chicago, great post Lynn. I read the Reality Tea post about JZ and her drama. JZ is just pissed because she thought those cards were from her fans. Remember the day of the Reunion taping she tweeted that “Bobby had brought home cards & gifts from the store and she was thanking her fans”. Knowing JZ she probably did not open them at that time, took them on her trip to Boston, open them and realized what it really was and again “made that mountain out of a mole hill”. Also in the Reality Tea article there is a headline about NeNe & Kim not being asked back to RHOA, the article is dated 12/12/09, but check out the very last paragraph it states: “The same thing happened right before the RHWONYC started filming, Jill Zarin allegedly wanted more money, and Bravo wasted no time casting for new housewives threatening to replace Jill.” See below:


    The “chatter” has been very interesting today – I am still trying to catch up!

  25. otaypanky says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!!! POSTED BY SMALL TIME MAMA…upthread. It was us! Yaaaay! They are coming to get us!


  26. UpperWestSideDude says:

    I think we all know that when raccoon eyes is backed in a corner she will lie. She is devious and sneaky and that is the only way she can try to best Alex. Alex is far too intelligent and analytical for Jill and this kills her. Like Alex, Bethenny processes situations quickly and is rarely left speechless. I look forward to seeing Bethenny on the other couch for change during this reunion.

  27. otaypanky says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!!! POSTED BY SMALL TIME MAMA…upthread. It was us! Yaaaay! They are coming to get us!


    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      Just my opinion but from the tone of BravoAndy’s response he is partial to Jill and Jill will be coming back for season 4. Andy suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly) seems firmly entrenched in Jill’s camp.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Turns out that it wasn’t Andy’s response. It was Maria’s and her syntax made it sound as though she was quoting Andy. Someone pointed that out to her and she removed the reference to Andy.

        You know – Andy, the Antisemite (per Jill Zarin, Boston, 5 June 2010)

      • UpperWestSideDude says:

        I really don’t believe Andy is fully in Jill’s corner. I think he is annoyed by her. Everything from her constant promotion of “the book” on WWHL and her demand for more money last season. She also made that comment back in April that the producers told them if they did not bring the drama they would not be holding the gold apple next season – all of which Andy refuted. Didn’t she recently call him anti-semtic for playing good-for-the-jews/bad-for-the-jews? However, I do agree that she will be back during Season 4.

        • error 404 says:

          actually, it’s the smartest thing Jill’s ever said.

          If they didn’t invite her back for season 3, she could spin it as she refused to bring unnecessary drama.

          If they do hire her for season 3, she has a get out of jail free card for being a bitch.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        Seems that way doesn’t it, Hooked? Blah! Oh, well, I posted above what my intentions are should jill and kelly remain on the show. It’s the only housewife show I still watch and love very much–love team BRASS!–and I will fight to try to get jill and kelly removed by contacting the sponsors. I will probably still watch the show, but not any of jill’s or kelly’s, if they remain, that is. I can still watch what I want of it and tell the sponsors I won’t buy their products as long as those 2 remain. 🙂

        But maybe Andy will surprise us a little at the reunion. It won’t be long now.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        Hooked, did you see where Lynn and others posted that this article link above is actually just a blogger named Maria? And that the quote she had attributed to Andy was actually her own opinion, not Andy’s at all! She has since removed Andy’s name! how deceitful!

        So, maybe Andy WILL surprise us still. 😛

  28. iceNfire says:

    Geez! I just finished the previous Blog! Stop typing so fast. And Had Enough! is a stripper?
    Back to the top, reading continues. Does this blog come on audio tape?

    • UpperWestSideDude says:

      Huh? Had Enough! is a stripper? I missed that one. LOL!

    • Had Enough! says:

      Yes. I was one of the original Pussycat Dolls!

      Actually, I AM Jill Zarin!

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        LOL. I’m so late. I didn’t even know the Dolls were strippers.

        • Had Enough! says:

          Well, burlesque. Not strippers exactly. Robin Antin was creating a modern version of the burlesque shows.

          But if I looked like those ladies, I might just take it off!

          Hooked – what is it you wanted us to get for you? Jill’s autograph? Jill’s extensions? Jill’s BOOK?

          • Hooked On Housewives says:

            @Had Enough

            I was probably out of line. I wanted either of you or Otay to answer that post. LOL.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        ROTFLOL – You are probably the exact opposite of JZ, on every level possible!

  29. Buffalo says:

    Oh Please!!!! Jill we are not afraid. Don’t worry Lynn, although I know you aren’t. I’m getting kind of sick of all this BS about people getting too much into the show and taking it too far. How is commenting on someones behavior that puts themselves on a reality show for millions of people to watch them, threatening. If anything Jill is now doing the threatening. I cant believe that people feel bad for her!!!! Are you kidding? Jill has done this to herself. If it wasn’t for her actions OFF camera since the show has ended I don’t think it would have gotten to this point. Its like she dug a grave while filming, thinking people would feel sorry for her and hate Bethenny, then she showed us she is exactly what we saw all season this year off camera with her antics since the show has ended. If she comes back she clearly isnt that worried about us.

  30. Quincy IL says:

    Hmmmm…. So if Jill has a threatening piece of mail, how could the authorities know if she had someone send it to her? The evidence concerning Susan Saunders is on the net and many people saved that information. Then there are the other fake letters on the net sitting on Zarin Fabric website. With a history of making things up, how would the authorities be able to trust the accuser?

    Jill should not do anything with the civil courts. Ask your lawyer sister, Jill, about depositions. They throw the book at both parties and there is this thing called perjury

    The two million judges that Bethenny mentions at the Bravo reunion are going to make their decisions based on Jill’s own behavior and words.

    Jill seems to be wallowing in the mud like a pig ready to deliver it’s litter. They moan a lot and thrash around. I can go to the neighbor’s and get video if the people here need proof for comparison.

    • otaypanky says:

      love this post.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Excellent point! She may have sent those letters to herself. Considering the Susan Saunders stunt, it is actually the most likely explanation. Andy should remember that.

      • desertgal66 says:

        That’s very true. After all, wasn’t Jill recently on a book tour that took her to several different cities? She could have posted the letters to herself from anywhere enroute.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Someone mentioned the cards that Jill thanked everyone for a while back. She must have been shocked when those cards were sympathy cards. I can just imagine her face.

  31. Rusty says:

    Lynn . . . did the audience applaud and hoot last night when they found out that you . . . were YOU?

  32. Had Enough! says:

    Lynn – could you ask Absurd to Sublime’s writer why her site is so wonky/hard to read?

    Maybe it isn’t optimized for Firefox? But about 40% or more of us use Firefox….

    • Kat says:

      AbsurdtoSublime said, “Simon mentioned that my website is not Mozilla friendly, and I don’t know what to do about that, but I’ll try to fix it. “

    • Kokuanani says:

      As Simon said, the Absurd to Sublime blog appears to be incompatible with Firefox/Mozilla. It was driving me crazy, so I opened IE, went to Absurd to Sublime via it, and all was perfect.

  33. Need a Hobby says:

    I don’t think Maria at bravogossip.com was actually quoting Andy’s comments on the issue: she was giving her own experience on her blog and the kinds of comments she sees and moderates. Using “here’s what” which is Andy’s phrase.

    • Small Town Mama says:

      I thought I read those Andy comments some where else today.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Maria just deleted the reference to Andy since they were her comments, not Andy’s, and obviously some people were confused.

  34. JillousyHater says:

    Thanks for clearing that up, Lynn! Of course Jill is just being her drama queen self.

    LOL, look what Ginger tweeted:

    Does that Danny guy from RHONJ know how to break down front doors & kidnap dogs? No particular reason for asking… Call me.

  35. boston02127 says:

    Keep on rockin Lynn and ^5 to you!

  36. Char12 says:

    Lynn, I searched for you on FB, do you know how MANY Lynn Hudson’s there are there lol.

    • anniieee says:

      i found her… same pic… zurich lake ill…. Lynn, I asked to “friend’ you.

  37. MAMAZ says:

    In my younger, single days I was the victim of a stalker. An obsessed ex boyfriend. It was very scary. The police were involved, my life was threatened and at one point I was physically attacked. I was injured and even hospitalized. There was an arrest made but not much was done in the way of punishment. I moved out of my home state and pretty much cut all ties with anyone who wasn’t family. It is still hard to talk about. And one of the reasons I have been cautious about revealing what part of the country I live in and what I do for a living. It’s why I have no FB page and don’t twitter. Old habits die hard.
    Jill is not being stalked! Kelly was never attacked, her children were not threatened! I am so tired of these women who live in their ivory towers creating difficulties where none exist. They are so pampered, so bored and so jaded that they seek drama and they manufacture it if they can’t find it. Instead of telling people to wear condoms Kelly should volunteer at a clinic. Hold the hands of dying, homeless,former drug addicts. That’s pain. Instead of whining about someone creating a hate page about her dog JZ should volunteer to work at the Humane Society. Clean cages, walk lonely, loving dogs. Cuddle a frightened kitten or aging cat. That’s pain. Pain isn’t not being featured on a friends tv show. It’s not being turned away from a vacation you already refused to attend. It’s not being told off by a woman you don’t care about anyway. God help them if anything truly bad ever happens to JZ. She could never handle it, she would fall apart.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Amen.! Bless you and thank you for sharing your a real life experience of stalking. I’m sorry that you ever had to experience that. That is why I find what Jill (and Kelly) do to be so vile. They have no clue as to what REAL pain, suffering, stalking and harassment really are.

      • desertgal66 says:

        Yes, bless you, MamaZ, and thank you for sharing your story.

        I agree, Jill and Kelly’s attitudes are aggravating and disgusting, to say the least. There are so many people who are truly stalked, bullied, attacked, but those two aren’t among them.

    • RileyKitty says:

      Amen, MAMAZ! I, too, am tired of the over-exaggerated dramatization of their circumstances (Jill claiming stalking & Kelly claiming bullying). It takes away from REAL instances of these horrible acts. These women apparently don’t realize (or don’t care) that by overusing accusations of stalking/bullying desensitizes the public. Sadly they feel the need to get overly dramatic, making things worse than they are. ex. Bethenny AMBUSHED Jill. How about Bethenny caught me off guard instead?

      Jill, I know you read this blog & since you blocked me on twitter, you twit, I will just say what I need to here. Get your head out of your ass, quit being such a drama queen. Realize Jill Zarin isn’t the center of the damn universe & get some perspective. Real people are out there fighting a real war, not just a perceived slight blown up into WWIII.

    • cusi77 says:

      Thank you for sharing Mamaz… Thank you for the rest of your comment, it is a real inspiration.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I’m sorry you had to go through that. It adds to the ignorance of Jill Zarin’s posts that continue to infuriate people. I’m so glad that you are comfortable enough to share that with us all.
      My best to you and your family!

    • TNBelle2 says:

      Amen Mamaz. All the best to you. Thanx for sharing the R-E-A-L-I-T-Y of a
      R-E-A-L woman that has lived through a horrifying experience.

      Thank you Lynn for great blogs. Can hardly wait to see your new blog(hopefully) about Teresa Giudice (anxiously waiting).

      Lastly as I said in your blog comments on the 5th. Jill Zarin has no clue what the US Postal service gets involved investigating beyond her letter carrier. This I know emphatically from being a REAL insider a career exec. with the agency.

      Keep on blogging I say.

    • Jen says:

      Girl I hear you! These woman are so entitled! The real world is a harsh place. I would love to have their problems. I would handle them so differently. the phrase that comes to mind with jill is “idle hands hands are the devil’s tool” jill has way too much time on her hand

  38. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    I know what you mean iceNfire I’m so behind on the reading here. LOL!

  39. boston02127 says:

    I stopped reading twitters and facebook. I find it headaching. Jill, Kelly, Teresa, etc they all come here to read what we all have to say. Let them, it bothers them more than it bothers us. Regarding their comments back…they can kiss my Irish ass.
    “Pog Mo Thoin”

  40. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Looking at some of the footage of the reunion I think Jill looks Slutty/cheap/used. YUCK!!

    • boston02127 says:

      @Kelly-Has-BS~~~She pimped herself out! What the heck was she thinking? LOL, her hair! Bwhahahahah!

    • Annie1033 says:

      I was waiting for someone to comment on Jill’s reunion uh, hmm, er “LOOK”. That hair, those bracelets, that dress…..All screams “Overweight Dragqueen – Early Bird set” to me.
      HI-DE-OUS honey, hideous.

    • Hater says:

      To quote Dwight: she looked dreadful. I couldn’t even believe the previews with that hair. WTF? You’d think with all of that cash she supposedly has she could afford a mirror.

    • iwannabeanarchy says:

      I couldn’t agree more. She looked even tackier in the reunion clip than she did this season – if that is even possible.

  41. PFinFL says:

    More 5 star comments are being written on Amazon for Jill’s book. Anyone else think Jill is testing the water over there again? That J. Samples left another comment under one of the newer 5 star reviews again telling people to leave the reviewers alone.

    • m293131 says:

      Went to Amazon and there is a post up A. chandler post is removed. Also, J Samples posted a comment that posts were removed by people who didn’t read the book

      • A former Jill fan says:

        You can’t believe anything Samples says. No reviews have been removed by Amazon. He always lies about everything. Just a troll.

        A. Chandler’s review is still there too.

  42. helena14 says:

    Hi Lynn,
    First, I just want to say how I absolutely adore you! You are just too funny, real and honest 🙂
    I think I know why Kelly insisted on being “bullied” by the four women. However, have you notice that she never explain how/when/why she was bullied?

    The answer is due to the fact that she was asked/forced to leave the island! All four women expressed their concerns which led the producers to make a decision to kick Kelly out of the island. In Kellyland, she considered the four being the bullies. At first I was puzzled because Sonja defended Kelly all the times and yet she was grouped as one of the bullies. Now I think because Sonja expressed concerns as well as the others, Kelly viewed Sonja as the one who was against her as well.

    Kelly can’t never explain the reasons of why she was bullied without divulging the real reason. Remember in RHONY story line, Kelly left to care for her kids. Therefore, she can’t never explain the reason without outing herself for being kicked out.

    Hope it makes sense and I am so glad you guys had a great time with Alex and Simon.

    Team BRAS!

    • A Real Skinny Girl says:

      you are SO insightful – i loved your comment – one of the many intelligent bloggers at this site

  43. Anitabee says:

    I have been stalked in my life. (Twice, once in college and once 15 years ago)
    I am not a celebrity.
    Nor am I celebrity beautiful, nor thin, nor glamorous…but I do think I am elegant as elegance is learned, my friend. (sorry, I couldn’t resisit)
    I really am just average. Just a squirril trying to get a nut.
    I worked at a bank where a customer would come in stare at me, hang around my desk, and finally started writing long delusional letters of how much he loved me even though he didn’t even know my name.
    My HR department called in the police after he approached me going to my car one night. The police could not do a single thing to stop him BECAUSE he hadn’t hurt me.

    It was a scary nightmare I could not wake up from. I quit. I had no other option. It was the most horrific time on my life and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone — NOT EVEN Jill Zarin.

    So Jill’s post makes me upset to the zillionth degree because no one is stalking this idiot. If someone really was believe me that twit would have a security guard and a private investigator on this person’s trail. I didn’t have $35 million dollars to spend either to protect myself.

    Jill is making light of a very serious issue where thousands of women suffer truly because they have a real STALKER in their lives.

    Bravo should be ASHAMED they employ a stupid vile witch who thinks that a person leaving negative feedback on facebook or twitter can be called a stalker. Considering all the bad press she’s been leaking to the medial about Bethenny and Alex someone should arrest her on stalking charges.

    How about deleting your twitter and facebook page, Jill? Believe me the world would be better off.


    I was stalked at work where the police needed to be called in

    • jaxlady says:

      “Jill is making light of a very serious issue where thousands of women suffer truly because they have a real STALKER in their lives.”

      Exactly the same as Kelly taking refuge in the “bully pulpit.” They are both grabbing at important issues and running with them. They are using these issues to support their rebuke and defense of their self-inflicted actions.

      • Anitabee says:

        Ok — is Jill eating the same Jelly Beans as Kelly Bensimon? These women have to stop with all their crys of wolf.

        One day they really will need help which won’t come because no one will believe them.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      That must have been terrifying. I’m sorry that you had to go through that!
      Jill is tweeting where she is, where she is going and even posts her schedued public appearances, is this the way a threatened woman acts? I doubt it.
      She cheapens real victims! So glad you’re ok and thank you for sharing that.

  44. Small Town Mama says:

    Earring Girl said a couple comments back that Jill tweeted about the cards the day of the reunion and it got me thinking. If she didn’t open them until today, which is highly likely, who did she turn them over too? It’s Sunday! The local police in Boston? Not likely. There isn’t anyone to take her complaint until tomorrow morning. She is full of it. I’ll believe she was “threatened” when I see a police report or court records to show some type of court proceedings.

    • Quincy IL says:

      When a union tried to unionize a business here, there were threatening letters involved. The company’s lawyers held the letters. The police were never involved at all.

  45. Char12 says:

    This was posted from Jill’s page before but I wanted to ask you
    “Tonight we will be at BOOKSMITH in BROOKLINE at 5PM then tomorrow in Providence at the HILTON at 4PM ( ticketed event).
    Is the one in Providence a book signing and if so you have to BUY a Ticket to get in? There’s no way in hell I would buy a book then buy a ticket to get an autograph. If that’s what it means I guess she’s realized she’s not going to get rich off of book sales.

    • Small Town Mama says:

      Yes the tickets were $35.

      • Had Enough! says:

        And which charity did she donate the money to?

        • Small Town Mama says:

          It’s not clear if the money (or a portion of it) went to Jill, Mommy and her sister or to the Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association. The book signing was hosted by RIJHA.

          • Quincy IL says:

            Jill is so rich. Why does she need the money from these books so badly? I really don’t understand her desperate need to sell diet chocolates and sell shirts.

        • DarkSonnet says:

          A charity sponsored the event, Jewish women.

          I don’t remember the specifics.

          • error 404 says:

            @ Quincy IL:

            to prove herself.

            Not that I’m defending her, but if I was a stay at home Mom and the other women were constantly making jabs at me about not working or making my own money, I’d get sore too.

            ex: deaddadgate. Ramona snapped something like “I actually have a job, I don’t have time to gossip!” .

            Well la de da.

            Yeah, we all know no gossip ever happen int he workplace. Whatever Ramona.

            Yeah, I know, we all let it slip because Jill was acting like an ass at the time, and we all hate her, but as an isolated remark: it was rude, judgemental and condescending.

            I know women that love to criticize each other… either snark on the ones who work instead of staying home with their kids or vice versa. God forbid they just be happy that there’s a choice in today’s society.

          • MickeyMouth says:

            I’ve done it all. Stayed at home, worked from home, worked part-time, you name it. Being a parent is hard work period. People (women especially) really need to leave that debate back in the 1950s.

  46. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @Shadowsnomore , “One thread count short of a straight jacket” That just killed me. LMAO!!! Thanks for the laugh and the visual.

    By the way where is Hooked on housewives?

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Thanks! I don’t know if Jill and Kelly are sharing spit, smoking the crack pipe together or what! But they sure are sharing in the delusions and psychosis.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      I’m here. I keep popping in and out. I was over on FB taking care of my mafia.

  47. adioslunatic says:

    Jill must be about ready to spontaneously combust with all of the positive press for Alex and Simon on Twitter (with book signing and cocktail party) and the big article on reality programming. Poor Ginger — she’s probably taking the brunt of it.

    You guys are all right — the timing of all of the non-Jill press and her stalking assertions is very suspicious. Get a grip, Jill, it really isn’t all about you — its all about Bethenny!

  48. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Umm. I’m not a chicken or anything but just so the internet police can’t find me, I’ve changed my GRavatar (will take up to an hour to go through). I can now be seen as meatball soup.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      Ah. It’s changed already. Meatball soup. The real me.

      • Had Enough! says:

        What? You didn’t want to be matzoh ball soup? I am sure I could get the recipe for you from Jill!

        • Hooked On Housewives says:

          Nope. No matzoh ball soup avatar for me. Jillusional would probably think I’m stalking her, her mom, her sister and her publisher.

          • Dolce says:

            Hooked, I hardly recognize you. I hate it when people change their hair color or name. If I ran into you in the grocery, I’d have to say is that REALLY you soup?

      • imtoula says:

        I thought that was coffee!

  49. anniieee says:

    lol okay me too..if I can figure it out..

  50. otaypanky says:

    right now i’m having too much fun on maria’s blog. she’s getting smacked down big time. she’s removed the andy’s reference.
    the entire thrust of her blog is that …”I THINK I have found the source” of jizm’s claims.
    trust me, she’s getting a major smackdown.

  51. UpperWestSideDude says:

    Wow! I cannot believe I spent the entire afternoon on this blog. I guess I need a hobby. 🙂

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Don’t we all… I attempted unsuccessfully to multi-task (anniversary celebration, basketball game currently on, listening to my husband’s quips as he watches a hockey game) and it isn’t working.

      So I will just deal with my guilty pleasure.

    • error 404 says:

      I thought this blog was my hobby

  52. butterisafruit says:

    Lynn, you nailed it when you mentioned this is about control. This is how she operates. She tried to control her popularity with sympathy going after Bethany. She did this through other Bravo celebs. Then she cried out for ways to apologize on her Facebook. Then she pumped up her book reveiws and went after a qualified book reviewer calling her horrid names. Now she is feigning the victim so she can rally the troups to defend her from stalking.
    It’s one more desperate act to keep her name alive, and the last few who can put up with her antics and or are too blind/dense to see how she manipulates them.

    She’s treading water, with this stalking story. She’s drowing in a pathetic way.
    Next she’ll be sending messages how she’s a survivor and how she’s grown.

    Everyone in her tiny circle will rally and applaud her strength. It’s how she controls.
    We should be taking bets on her next move.

    Lynn you have NO reason to explain defend what is going on. She’s doing all this to herself.

    Mary Ellen Purls

  53. desertgal66 says:

    This was posted upthread…
    Per her website: In 1997, Killoren Bensimon was awarded the Mother Hale award for Caring by the Hale House Center in Harlem, NY.

    Wait a second…Hale House? I know someone who was a director at Hale House in 1997. I’m off to make a phone call and dig around a little on this…I’ll keep you posted.

    • Had Enough! says:

      desertgal66 – I think I LOVE YOU!

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        @Had Enough
        I think I saw her first. Don’t make me go all Jillilling on your butt. LOL

    • DarkSonnet says:

      As UpperEastSideDude indicated: collectively a formidable group indeed.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Ha! I asked my friend if Kelly Killoren Bensimon won the Mother Hale award in 1997, and she said, “Who the hell is Kelly Killorwhosit?”

      Anyway, she’s checking that out and she’ll let me know what she finds out.

    • Ches says:

      Desertgal, I posted this earlier and reposting here. Maybe this will jog your friends mind. I started thinking though, is there more than one winner a year?
      Somebody is lying somewhere…
      Found this in the internet, it is part of a paragraph taken from from the page of an Ellis Island Metal of Honor Winner, Muriel Siebert

      ***Ms. Siebert has received countless awards and honors throughout her career…….. In addition, she was selected by Hale House to receive the 1997 Mother Hale Award for Caring. ****

      The entire article can be found here

  54. Olivia says:

    Just waiting for Theresa to chime in with her claims of “victimization” followed by the insipid “fans” screaming, “We love you Theresa. You go girl!” Lunatics!

    I loved Carmella Soprano but I knew from the outset she was a fictional character and Edie Falco is one the most gifted actresses around. Theresa, on the other hand, is a big time grifter, deadbeat loudmouth, with a penchant for “chuckies” and a buying impulse that is out of control. Tossing a table full of food and beverages is not talent but bizarre behavior which was followed up by a big night in the bedroom – as she just had to tell us – that turned Juicy Joe on. Big whoop.


    • butterisafruit says:


      I agree with everything you said. (well I agree with you all the time anyway). But I find Theresa vulgar. People think she’s funny and quick witted. She has a gutter mouth and when she opens it I get the shivers.

    • otaypanky says:

      When someone does not have the vocabulary or possess agility in their thinking, they often resort to physical violence in some way, shape or form to express themselves…ergo t-table flip.

    • error 404 says:

      wait…. I thought we were all laughing AT Teresa, even Bravo and People. Are some people laughing WITH her?

      and that end of year synopsis must have killed Kiki. Now THAT was Bravo laughing AT you sweetie. At you.

  55. otaypanky says:

    This from Maria…hahaha…she backed right down.

    @otaypanky, Do not yell at me on my blog.

    As for the rest… this is all speculation. It is alleged. Based on my personal experiences blogging about these women for two years, I can believe that someone indeed threatened her. I have deleted horrendous comments about all of these women, even the popular ones.

    I only brought up Lynn’s blog based on Jill’s tweet that she believe it came from someone telling others to send her those cards.

    I think my point on this is rather clear, so I’m going to stay out of this conversation from here on out. I’ll keep approving comments, but I’m not going to keep repeating myself.


  56. otaypanky says:

    Ok…that’s done…she’s backed down. Maybe it’s a Greek think, but I hate having my rights trampled on:

    Maria…check your facts first.

    A responsible blogger would not take the word of a woman who is already known to have posted numerous reviews, threats to book reviewers under several names such as J Samples, Susan Shapiro and others.

    You should know this. Just google amazongate.

    Just go to Amazon.com…there is a whole I HATE JILL ZARIN forum there…yes, you heard correctly…on Amazon.com.

    Perhaps you should have layed you suspicions at their door…no?

    Jill fed you this new lie of hers because Lynn hosted a party for Alex and Simon in Chicago last night.

    …and i am sorry young lady…but this blog should be an embarssment for you…

    you can thank jill for that.

    • PFinFL says:

      Otay, I posted a few threads up that there are more 5 star reviews on Jill’s book. One comment is from J. Samples telling people to leave these newer posters alone. So that’s Jill? I just wonder if Jill is testing the water over at amazon so her two stars can grow.

      • otaypanky says:

        I don’t know if this is Jill again. She’s already been caught and humiliated.
        I know they nailed another 5 star reviewer last week that could not show they had actually purchased the kindle book as claimed.
        I have no idea if Jill is associated with this latest amazon scam or not.

      • Gingers poo says:

        No. Susan Saunders was Jill. J Samples is a nutso fan or possibly a family member.

      • Small Town Mama says:

        A. Chandler is doing a good job of weeding out the fake 5 star reviews over there.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        J. Samples is a wannabe troll. I saw he had posted a message on jill’s website. He had claimed to be at the recording of the reunion show, but turned out to be a lie as the reunion hadn’t been filmed yet. What an idiot!

        • A former Jill fan says:

          Samples had posted a defamatory “review” on Alex and Simon’s book and we reported it and Amazon deleted the “review”.

          Samples also plagiarized A. Chandler’s review and used her review by changing the words and posting it as a 5 star “review” of zarin’s book. We reported it to Amazon and Amazon deleted the “review”.

          Samples then claimed to have written a first review of Zarin’s book and when I said that it must have been inappropriate too, and that’s why Amazon deleted it, he went ballistic. LOL! He said he removed the review himself. And when I said he must have removed that first review because he couldn’t handle the criticism on it, he went berserk. LOL!

          It’s fun to poke a troll. But we don’t feed it, so we went back to ignoring it.


          • A former Jill fan says:

            It is strange though. Like Jill, Samples tries to reason with you and appear nice sometimes, but when the argument doesn’t hold water and you keep questioning it he tends to get more and more aggressive, then when you don’t fall for his BS anymore, he goes bonkers! Just like Jill! So very strange indeed. So have some of those 5 star reviewers…

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Amen otay! Check the facts and don’t mislead! Otherwise, nobody will follow you.

  57. lillybee says:

    I wonder if the author of the Ginger Zarin twitter lives in Alabama.

    • Shadowsnomore says:


    • Quincy IL says:

      That is a thought…. How would Jill figure that out though?

    • PFinFL says:

      I’m sure Ginger would love to live in Alabama.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Didn’t I read that some of Jill’s relatives were critical of Christians and people from the South. I thought the name Wexler mentioned something about red necks. What is this fascination that Jill’s family has with Alabama? The whole South will be offended by the Wexler and Zarin attacks. Why would they destroy the fan base in that region of the country. Bravo will not be pleased.

        • Dolce says:

          Yes, I read that somewhere too; wish I could remember where. “They” called the people in the south “red necks,” and did not mean that in a kind way. I think something was also said about ignorance in the south. Living in the south, I take high offense to those statements. Maybe I should sue for slander…my neck is not red.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      It is one of you wonderful posters…I have a feeling LOL @gingerzarin is smart and witty beyond belief, just like all of you!

  58. boston02127 says:

    On the last episode of NY, Jill came out of the gates thinking this is it, the show that I redeem myself. Just about every clip in that episode shot back to Jill to comment on it.

    Romana’s wedding~~
    1. Jill said~~~~You look beautiful and I love your necklace and earings.
    2. Jill went to the suite and complimented the suite, the champigne, Romona’s dress.
    3. Jill saying the best part of the night were Romana & Mario’s vows to each other.
    4. Stood quietly while Romona quietly told her she needs to listen to others…..

    Reception area~~~
    Jill was shown saying “let me move out of the cameras way so you can get your shot”
    When Alex and Simon arrived ~~the camera went right to Jill, she said:
    See, I said hi, I’m a big girl, even if I dont agree with people, I can do that.

    When she met up with Bethenny. UGH! She tried so hard to be polite. You could see her catching herself and stopping her own mouth.
    This goes on throught the whole show. If you watch the rerun of the show, watch how after every clip the camera goes to Jill for her to comment on her new way of dealing with things.
    Who is this person? You can’t un-ring a bell. She tried and nobody fell for it. Now she’s looking for some other way to get attention. Just as she copies everyone she is jumping on the Kelly help me, help me, poor me band wagon.

    • otaypanky says:

      so true.

      how about boston when she kept saying to b…

      ur pregnant!
      who gives a shit about all this!
      ur pregant!

      and b says

      I don’t give a shit.


      • Quincy IL says:

        Otapanky cannot be Ginger Zarin. Ginger gives lots of shit.

        • otaypanky says:

          i keep on sayin’ jill scares the shit out of her.

          • Quincy IL says:

            I read that Jill was following Ginger Zarin and that liitle dog led Jill to this site. Jill read and read and read, then imploded. I am surprised that the Jill team don’t write to this thread. They must be too busy copying names and blocking to post here.

            I never have written to Jill’s facebook, but I am unable to comment. I did tell Alex’s facebook that I was sorry that she was being treated so badly by Jill Zarin. Right after that, I was punished at Jill’s facebook.

            I think Jill has spies everywhere. They are paid minimum wage and they live in the basement of Zarin fabrics.

      • HD says:

        I loved that! Jill was trying to get Bethanny all excited like they were gonna jump up and down like school girls over the pregnancy! She was so fake. And I loved watching Bethanny’s reaction!

    • Had Enough! says:

      Maybe she should talk to Ramona about that whole renewal thing. Seems to have worked out fine for Ramona! who is not only looking phenomenal (remember, she’s six years older than Jill, but looks six years younger – hell she looks like she maybe is 35!) but is really trying, bless her, to rein in her personality flaws.

      • upperwestsidedude says:

        I have to say that I am really enjoying Ramona’s brand of crazy this season. She still says wacky things and does have difficulty editing herself at times. However, she is attempting to change and better herself as a person and it appears to be working. Unlike raccoon eyes who says she is who she is and will not change for anyone – not even herself.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Boston, Jill still managed to show her true colors when Alex tried to talk to her…

      • boston02127 says:

        Lynn I know and it almost had me laughing. It was like she just couldn’t manage to get to the end of the show without something. Thankfully Alex is above it all. Also, Jill did bitch when they were waiting for Ramona and Mario to start the service. But all in all Jill was like a masked person we didn’t

  59. Had Enough! says:

    Somebody had better warn Ginger. The bitch is on her way home from Providence and she is stopping at a Mickey D’s where she is buying a “treat” for Ginger. I’ll bet she is. Ginger! Don’t eat the McDouble! Remember what she did to those latkes she gave to Bethenny?

  60. emt2 says:

    Never gets old. ha!

  61. MickeyMouth says:


    I’m glad you addressed the charity thing with Alex. I wondered what that was all about. Just another thing to add to the why “I HATE JILL ZARIN” list. You really should republish that blog with all her recent offenses.

    • Quincy IL says:

      If Zarin has so many people telling her about this, why doesn’t she show us the evidence? I don’t believe that Alex would do anything like this. Jill is channeling the devil…. the real Satan..

      • otaypanky says:

        this is why we hate her so much quincy. she is awful. i’m sure you’ve been accused of something you would could never even think up…that is the most disquieting and disturbing thing to have happen to one.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I don’t know Alex and Simon but they don’t seem the type that would do anything to harm a charity. Jill is another story.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Is “the charity thing” a reference to the online speculation about the charity in Africa that JZ held her Hamptons fundraiser for? Folks on the internet checked it out and found some dubious looking stuff about the charity, IIRC. I think that was long before Season 3 began filming?

      What the heck could Alex possibly have to do with that? Good Lord, if that’s it JZ is paranoid.

  62. Gingers poo says:


    Just found this on another site. I am still working my way through the comments so I don’t know if you guys already read it or not.

  63. Morgaine Swann says:

    Have you all seen this yet? Sorry if it’s a repeat! I can’t catch up.

    AllyZarin some person made a hate page about MY DOG.disgusting.we love her more than the world and i could never understand why someone would do that about 4 hours ago via web

    • otaypanky says:

      she bites you ally.

      • Annie1033 says:

        First of all, no one is saying anything mean about GINGER on that twitter page and second, it is a JOKE!! It’s called PARODY!!! Good christ, get off the cross Zarins!!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      When will this family learn to shut the hell up? They would be so much better off if they would just ignore things like @GingerZarin and @Bobby_Zarin and ME! the fools!

  64. lillybee says:

    I enjoyed the comments there.

  65. mariareads says:

    Just an alert to all. I am NOT that Maria person who is doing the Bravo blogging. I’m “mariareads” and actually my real name is Mary LOL! Just sayin’

    The reunion shows are going to be ratings through the roof time for Bravo. I only watch RHONY and RHOC. Cannot stand Atlanta or New Jersey. I am also a psych major (late in life but yay for me) and love to see what makes people do the things they do so I am addicted to BIG BROTHER. That BB After Dark on Showtime? I record it. There’s nothing on TV during the summer anyway-right? Pls say RIGHT so I don’t feel like a complete loser!

    As for Jill, I can only say that I have known women like her in real life. This is the deal: no one can have anything more than they do; no one can look better, be a smaller size, have a better house, be more successful at work, have wonderful kids, have a loving husband or even mention that their dog(s) are crazy for them. It’s something I have never understood. I know someone exactly like this right now and she hates me because my house is bigger than hers and people actually like me because I make them laugh. Why not? It’s a shit storm out there most of the time. What’s a little laughter going to hurt? I don’t give a damn who has what or how they do in life. How does being envious benefit me? Too much freaking work anyway. Can you imagine having to compare yourself to everyone and what they have? EXHAUSTING! It also seems to make you one miserable old bag. As for the backlash her behavior has caused this season (Jills, not the nameless one who hates me because of my house) (no it does not look like Teresa’s house and yes we own it and no I don’t have onyx anything in it), let me tell you how this will play out. My husband worked for the parent company of TLC and nothing creates viewership like controversy, fights, newspaper reports of infidelity, stalking, whatever. If they don’t pick up Jill for season 4 they are nuts. She would be the reason that many people tune in. I know some of you won’t like to hear that but it’s the truth, especially in the “reality” world. As for her speaking about “threats” it could be that she really sees it this way (I’m surprised she can see at all with the heavy eye make-up this season. Who DOES that woman’s make-up? Looks like the soot from my fireplace smeared all over her eyelids and eyelashes) OR that it creates more drama and drama is good for Jill’s future on reality TV. She will never back down now. She needs to be on season 4 for her own ego. She would never say no. With Ally going to college this fall what WILL she do? After Luann has Jacques (my mother-in-law had a dog named Jacques) move in with her and travels the globe singing “Money Can Buy You Men” and “Countless New York Dreamin’ ” Jill will need to fill up her time waging war on someone-anyone. Would love to see Alex smack her down next season. As for Bethenny, I get her humor. It’s not hateful, it’s sharp as a saber and funny as hell. Holy Shit Balls is now in my vocabulary. Forever!

    Now back to my own fabulous life full of homemade iced tea, apples and salads. Gummy Bears are gross and I love jelly beans but they tend to go right to my azz. Never mind. I do love me a glass of Pinot Grigio though (gotta love Ramona -the “Turtle Time” scene is one of my favorites from this season. I DIED when she did it complete w/ glass in hand) Oh and rainbows and windmills (or is that cart wheels?)(or dog carts). Whatever.
    Maybe I’ll invent a drink and write a book about underwear and who doesn’t wear any complete with photos taken with my little digital camera (yes, Kelly you point it and shoot-the tech illiterate can do it so what can’t you? Uh..never mind) (Can you tell which team I’m on?)


    • anutha hata says:

      As a season, NY may have had the best ratings so far, but in individual episodes, the one that Jill did NOT appear-in, may have received the the best ratings.
      I’m not Jewish, but I take offense at Jill being quoted as saying that she wanted to “be the Jew”-represent Jewish women, and then made a jerk out of herself.
      If people want to make their own assumptions, that’s one thing, but she went into this claiming that she wanted to represent Jewish women-that she wanted to be a stereotype. Bad idea, but if that was the idea, (and she was quoted at the very beginning saying it was), why not at least act like a decent person?
      What I’m really fearing, is that she will be BACK! next season, and claim “menopause”, and decide to represent ALL menopausal women. If she does come back, she may as well invent a brand like Ramona’s, but instead-of “Renewal”, she could call it “Redemption”, and she won’t do it without an “excuse” for what we’ve seen. She embarrassed Jewish women without much care, I don’t think she’d worry about her affect on menopausal women in general if she “borrowed” their condition to explain her behavior either.
      It may even be the title of her next book?

    • Kat says:


    • battgyrl says:

      Hi Mary! My name is Maria…just not THAT Maria! lol

      Just want to say I love Big Brother too and I have watched every season. I would love to chat about it too!!

  66. battgyrl says:

    You all have brought such joy to me today! I am still playing catch-up with the comments, but wanted to add just a few of my own. I will be brief (for a change!):

    1. Lynn your account of last night with Alex and Simon was fab! Wish I could have been there, but being in Oregon it’s not exactly a quick trip!

    2. I love that Jill thinks @GingerZarin is a stalker! I immediately started following ginger upon reading this. I don’t follow Jill, don’t want to give her the impression that I am a fan.

    3. I hope that tweetmaxine isn’t a mole here – this person is quite disturbed. Lynn, can you track IP adresses on comments? Not sure this would even help. Couldn’t Jill just read the blog herself? Or pay some lackey to read it?

    4. I have to laugh at Dina was saying that Teresa’s banko isn’t true because she would know. My mom’s boyfriend is a real estate and bankruptcy attorney and he tells me that I would be SHOCKED at who is going bank these days – many of whom who shouldn’t be allowed to do so. As someone mentioned earlier, I was surprised at the valuation of assets – the fridge is only $500?? My ordinary white Frigidaire was over $1000 six years ago!! And her stove looked like a Wolff or something similar – that’s no $1500 stove.

    And Simon – if you are reading this, HI! I can really identify with you and Alex as my husband is British, but raised a Kiwi in New Zealand. You both have a similar sense of humor, which keeps life interesting!

  67. HD says:

    As most have said, please don’t defend this boving spillage, Lynn. We all know what this is about and honestly I would appreciate if we don’t talk about it anymore. The reason a lie spreads so fast is because it knows it doesn’t have long to live!

  68. HD says:


  69. Jen says:

    Posted this on the last blog…….sooo much to catch up on

    OMG! Never in my life have TV personalities instigated such feelings of hatred in me, or any feelings this strong for that matter. I was watching the reruns today and trying to relax and enjoy my Sunday but I found myself just getting angrier and angrier at Jill and Kelly and Luann as well for that matter. Without really thinking I typed “I hate Jill Zarin!” in Google and lo and behold, I found this site! I found my woman!!! I am not so silly it seems feeling this way. Love all your posts and I hope we don’t have to endure these woman again next season. Keep up all the good work all of you!!! Love you Lynn! This blog is so juicy my hus is getting neglected today.

  70. LynnNChicago says:

    I’m sorry if someone posted this earlier but Bethenny tweeted about her baby shower being held today awww 🙂 That is why Alex had to get back so early today, and said that she was filming B’s show today. Can’t wait to see it!

    • Had Enough! says:

      That’s the kind of stuff I want to watch!

      • HD says:

        That’s nice. I can’t wait until her show starts and I am really interested to hear more about her childhood and her father and why he was the way that he was. This should be an interesting show and I am so happy for Bethanny!

      • A former Jill fan says:

        Amen, Had enough! That IS the type of stuff we want to see! Ahhh…can’t wait to see it.

  71. PortiaElizabeth says:

    I’m so so glad to’ve found this site! Tonight I was reading the comments on amazon and gleefully agreeing with them when I came across a link to this site. It’s such a joy to read comments that mirror my own thoughts about the RHWONY. I never seem to get my comments posted on Bravo’s blogs. Probably because I can’t resist telling Kelly she’s crazy and telling Jill to own her meanness.

  72. Had Enough! says:

    Desertgal66- I am DYING here! Any news?

  73. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    Sorry of this has already been posted. I hate Jill Zarin, and I am not alone:


  74. desertgal66 says:

    I added the following comment, don’t know if it will pass moderation, though:

    desertgal June 6th, 2010 at 6:31 pm 43

    I have posted regularly on Lynn’s blog for some time now. When the suggestion of sending the cards came up, it wasn’t something I participated in, since I wasn’t comfortable with the idea.

    That said, however, at no point did Lynn or anyone else suggest that anyone include threatening messages to Ms. Zarin. As well, the address that was published on Lynn’s blog was the address for Zarin Fabrics, which is readily available on the Zarin Fabrics website. At no point was Ms. Zarin’s private address published-if, indeed, anyone did happen to locate it, which is doubtful.

    Also, as someone clarified in the comments on Lynn’s blog today, innocuous cards do not qualify as harassment or threats under the US Postal Code, so it is highly unlikely that the USPS would initiate an investigation. If they, or law enforcement, DID initiate any type of investigation concerning threats or harassment towards Ms. Zarin, the FIRST thing they would have advised her to do is NOT discuss it openly. Why, then, is she posting on Facebook and Twitter about it? Including detailed descriptions of her future whereabouts? This is how she handles a stalker?

    If someone did send Ms. Zarin a threatening message, unless if was Lynn herself, Lynn cannot be held responsible for that. Nor should she be.

    Ms. Zarin herself has initiated her own harassment against other people, so she is hardly one to point fingers. She sent an unsolicited copy of her book to an Amazon reviewer, A. Chandler, and then harassed and made derogatory comments towards Ms. Chandler for posting an honest review that was not favorable to the book.

    Among Ms. Zarin’s accusations was the comment that A. Chandler must be “anti Semitic” for not appreciating her book. This is from a woman of Jewish heritage who must, on some level, understand the true meaning of anti Semitism and the horrors of the Holocaust and other events performed under the cover of anti-Semitism. It’s not a term to be used loosely or offhandedly. She disgraces her own heritage by doing so.

    Oh, and “using the US Postal Service” is not a serious crime. We all use the US Postal Service, every day. Ms. Zarin looks like more of an ass every time she opens her mouth.

    Please…do not take this woman’s allegations seriously. Leave that to law enforcement or the postal police…if, indeed, she even contacted them.

  75. otaypanky says:

    Everytime I think there is nothing more to be said and nothing more to comment on, I promise myself I’ll just stop by and read some of the fabulous snark here.

    But nooooo. Along comes Jill again, almost daily with new ammunition.

    She makes the bullets, buys the arsenal, loads the weapons, points them at her heart and then yells, “Everyone…pull the trigger!”

    She is one dumb bitch.

  76. Capiche says:

    Boy, it sure is hard to keep up with you guys! Went to watch the SATC 2 movie and just spent the last two hours reading the comments. Geez.

    Lynn, glad you’re back. Was worried there for a minute! You never know with that devious Jill 😉 I also can’t believe what I missed…Jill has gone crazy. She really needs to hang it up for awhile. Accusing people who follow the silly Ginger Zarin twitter thing as stalkers???!!! As Ramona says…I don’t get it, I just don’t get it!

    This is the problem, as Jerry Seinfeld stated the other night, with these faux celebrities on reality tv. They don’t have any talent so they rely heavily on people liking them and when people offer any bit of criticism or ridicule, they go into a tailspin. Are they screening these people for psychological issues before they pluck them from obscurity and put them on TV?? I really need to know. This is the same problem with the Manzos and Broke-ass Skinny Teresa in New Jersey. Do they not realize that they are paid a premium because they put their lives on display for us to judge and criticize. And to be honest, the majority of them are picked so we can laugh at them. It’s sort of like modern-day gladiators. We put them in a ring and then sit back and watch as they beat each other (metaphorically speaking, of course) to death. I’m beginning to think they don’t understand the reason of reality tv. That’s why people love Bethenny and appreciate Alex and Simon. It seems at least they get it and they don’t take themselves so seriously.

    Stalking by satire twitter account…when you think you’ve heard it all!

  77. desertgal66 says:

    @Had Enough!
    I posted this upthread:

    Ha! I asked my friend if Kelly Killoren Bensimon won the Mother Hale award in 1997, and she said, “Who the hell is Kelly Killorwhosit?”

    Anyway, she’s checking that out and she’ll let me know what she finds out. I expect some time tomorrow or the next day.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Good work, Agent Desertgal66! I myself have been googling and what I found is the same ref I found before – about getting famous people to donate their used jeans (this is when I was trying to determine if she really knew Dennis Hopper) for an auction. This was in 1996.

      Hazel Smith
      New York Beacon, The
      A Hale House Bridge From Harlem To The Hamptons.

      Can you imagine paying $2,000 for a pair of jeans? On Saturday, August 3, 1996 that was the case at the Bridgehampton Polo Club, Hayground Road in Southampton, New York.

      “Get Your Jeans Off,” a celebrity jeans silent auction and reception was hosted by Kelly and Gilles Bensimon, Dennis Hopper and Victoria Duffy Hopper, along with ELLE Magazine and Mercedes Benz. It proved to be a smart idea and a successful venture.

      The proceeds from the event benefitted Harlem-based Hale House, a not-for-profit child care agency which specializes in caring for babies born addicted …

      (I don’t feel like registering for High Beam so that’s all I’ve got).

      • desertgal66 says:

        One event does not an award recipient make, any more than sending a fax to his publicist made her close buddies with Dennis Hopper.

        I could be wrong in this-I have to check my own files first-but it seems to me that 1997 was one of the years that Princess Diana visited Hale House, and was awarded the Mother Hale award posthumously following her death a few months later. I’m fairly certain that her second visit occurred during her trip to New York for the auction of her gowns at Christie’s, which was in June, 1997.

  78. Kat says:

    Drug use
    From absurdtosubline, “Many among the group were sure this meant Kelly is a meth addict. Alex knew nothing about the symptoms, but confirmed there is some drug use among the cast.”

    From Lynn, “Alex did not smell any cat urine but acknowledged that her stateroom was well away from Kelly’s but added that she has never seen any housewife using any type of illegal drugs. ”

    I am wondering… Did absurdtosublime write a typo?

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Good question Kat! Or was it an outright lie? I believe what Alex told Lynn and Lynn told us.

      • Kat says:

        I think the discrepancy is due to either a typing error or absurdtosublime misunderstood Alex.
        The discrepancy glared at me, so I posted it.

    • RAR says:

      Abusrdtosublime says “drug use” and Lynn says “illegal drug use.” There could be presription drugs in play, and in NYC high society, is probably more than likely.

      I hate zillzarin

    • RileyKitty says:

      What Lynn wrote that Alex said is 100% accurate. Absurdtosublime was sitting right behind me.

      Alex & Simon said they have never seen any housewife use anything besides alcohol.

      • Kat says:

        Thank you RileyKitty. 😉

      • A former Jill fan says:

        Wow, so Absurdtosublime did lie.

        • Kat says:

          @ a former jill fan Maybe she did not hear the answer correctly or she did not type what she meant?
          I don’t know, but I can’t see lying when there were other witnesses.

          • suzeebear says:

            I wouldn’t say she lied I think it could have been a misunderstanding. She was really very nice

          • RileyKitty says:

            Sorry SuzeeBear’s comment was from me. I was helping my sister set up so she could post here since she was at the party too & I didn’t realize we were still signed in as her. Sorry for the confusion 🙂

          • A former Jill fan says:

            I see. Still that is a big difference in what Alex said and what absurd said she said. A very big difference that really should be corrected, if possible.

            Maybe someone could let her know what Alex really said.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          I dont think she lied (Absudosublime)…I would guess that she possibly didn’t hear Alex that well. Simon’s booming voice was easy to hear but Alex sometimes was tough to hear and I was sitting very near to her.

          • Kat says:

            Thank you Lynn.
            I hope people don’t quote absurdtosublime attributing the comment to Alex. Drag.

  79. otaypanky says:

    Lynn..Maria has just begged your forgivness: We snarked her to death.

    June 6th, 2010 at 6:42 pm 44
    Alright, I said I wouldn’t come back, but this is my house that I pay for, so… I can let myself in whenever I want.

    Look, I understand. It is speculation. That is all I am doing. It’s a theory. If I am wrong, and it came from a different source, or she was lying. I will admit it. I’m not on anyone’s team.

  80. iceNfire says:

    Hooked changed her avitar:

    Hooked On Housewives says:
    June 6, 2010 at 7:28 pm
    Ah. It’s changed already. Meatball soup. The real me.

    I thought that was a cigarette in an ashtray. No wonder it’s taking me so long to read, I can’t see!

  81. MAMAZ says:

    Thanks shadowsnomore, desertgal and RileyKitty. I hope you don’t think I was doing a Jill and looking for sympathy. These bitches are just pissing me off. We should all have such problems.
    Anitabee – What can I say. I know what you went through. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?
    It seems like so many of us on here have “a story”. Maybe thats why the actions of JZ, Kelly and Countless strike such a cord with us. They have so much good fortune but no gratitude. A lot of us have suffered but we still count our blessings. Thanks Lynn for giving us a place to come together.
    Whoever is tweeting as GingerZarin you are a comic genius! Sic ’em girl!
    Anyway good night all. I have to go watch Treme.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Well said, MamaZ. And, no, I don’t think you were pulling a “Jill”. Your story reinforces why tossing these terms around so loosely is just so wrong. These issues aren’t just words.

    • Annie1033 says:

      NICE! Thought I was the only person watching Treme!! :):)

      (Sorry, off topic folks). 😉

  82. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Going to say goodnight to everyone. Thanks Lynn for a wonderful blog. Thanks one and all for the great posts and information. Catch you all tomorrow. GLW.

  83. anutha hata says:

    I think I was on the wrong page-if this has been said please ‘scuse. What Lynn said at the top makes so much sense, and I was thinking to myself wasn’t it at least two whole weeks ago or more that the idea to send cards to Jill was discussed here?
    Mail only takes about two days, so if anyone from here sent something, isn’t it funny that Jill waits ’till the VERY DAY that Lynn is meeting Alex & Simon??
    It probably already is upthread-but Jill is directly calling Lynn out in her latest post or Tweets on the topic, not just insinuating someone in “Chicago” she’s sayin’ “someone who has a blog… or something like that–but anyhow, she just had to make a point about “Chicago”, yesterday?

    • Had Enough! says:

      Did anyone notice the THREE PAGE article in the New York Times about Bravo? Most of it was about Bethenny Frankel and it didn’t even mention Jill Zarin. Not even once.

      No? You didn’t notice the article?

      Not surprising. Because this morning, Ms. Zarin freaked out about the fact that Bethenny got all the attention and they didn’t even mention her.

      And her response was to twitter some load of bull about getting harassing letters in the mail. TRANSLATION: PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE! MEEEEEEEEEEE! MEEEEEEEEE! I’M OVER HERE! NO – DON’T READ THAT NEWSPAPER! READ MY TWEETS!

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Exactly. The basic bottom line with Jill will always be that she is the end all, be all of all things.

        She can’t handle the loss of perceived control and she is exhibiting exactly how much of a scatterbrain she truly is.

        It is too bad (for her) that she doesn’t have the self awareness or brain power to accomplish what she desires.

        She acts like she has always had somebody in her life to pull her irons out of the fire whenever she needed help, which probably was on a fairly frequent basis.

        Now, for whatever reason, she appears to be attempting to do it on her own and she does not have the required skills to accomplish this. She is shooting from the hip with a water pistol.

        She seems to be stuck in a perpetual “start, fart, stumble and fall” mode.

        Allegedly, of course… ;o)

  84. butterisafruit says:

    I just posted on that Marie blog. If Jill can be a bitch I can too.

    I think I really do hate her. I used to despise her, now I hate her.

  85. Earring Girl says:

    Here is the tweet from Jill on the day of the reunion taping:

    Thank you to all my fans for your support tonight. I also just opened some beautiful letters and even gifts Bobby brought home. Muah! XOXO
    7:41 PM May 27th via web

    Also check out the last paragraph of this blog – IMO – it explains the extra housewives added in and Jill’s attitude this season – she wants to hold that “Apple” no matter who gets thrown under the bus!! See below:


  86. boston02127 says:

    Good night everyone. Thanks again Lynn for sharing last night with us.

  87. upperwestsidedude says:

    Thanks guys! This has been fun but I’m heading to bed. I have meetings in DC tomorrow and I need to catch the 5:30AM train. 😦

  88. A former Jill fan says:

    Jill is getting slammed in the comments on her facebook! Nothing she does now will help her. She’s just too stupid to realize that.

    • otaypanky says:

      most seem to be supportive there. i don’t see her getting slammed.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        Oh, yes, most are positive, but you look through the pages, and see the ones slamming her. Unless Jill has already deleted them. They were pretty hard comments.

        • A former Jill fan says:

          Some of the posts from a few of jill’s postings:

          Beth Pollastro
          stop putting all your information out there. You need to decide what you want from life. You invited everyone it.

          Emily Stein
          1. karma. beyond.
          2. then stop fucking blabbing where you’ll be wiping that assmouth next to the internet.

          Debbie Rumpza
          https://lynnnchicago101.wordpress.com/2010/06/06/i-hate-jill-zarin-threats-june-6-2010/ Please read and comprehend this Jill. You should never tell the world you are being threatened. Your PR people should have told you this.

          Barbara Lepak Goldstein
          STOP telling the world of your where abouts. All it’s gonna take is one crazy nut job with a gun…..please, please Stop!

          Sandi Martinello
          Probably not wise to publicize serious threats.

          Donyelle Allen

          Jill Johnson

          Anne Fellows Jacques
          Karma… You get what you give..try humility and being kind and not spreading rumors… remember the Golden Rule–Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…uhhhhh A. Chandler. Bethenny, Alex, Ramona…the list goes on and on. You are just not a nice person… poor Ally and Bobby

          Cameron Boyle
          funny, how jill is so scared of these fake alabame people,so she tells her everywhere-about….

          Beth Pollastro
          who cares –

          Nelson Rodriguez
          How do you stop people from posting things like this on other sites??

          Mitzi Livingston
          aw Jill, say it isn’t so? http://www.realitytea.com/2010/06/06/nyc-housewife-jill-zarin-wants-you-to-feel-sorry-for-her/

          Grace Torres
          Karma is a bitch.

          Beth Pollastro
          This is only because everyone hates you now. You are getting what you deserve – be the bigger person and realize KARMA is a bitch.

          Ricki Mandel
          Nobody cares!!!! U r nasty and mean and talk behind everyones back. Good for Bethenny dumping you.

          Carol Flanagan
          what comes around goes around…. its the truth live with it , u needed to promote ur book so u needed a story line in the show so be u picked on poor Betheenyand hung out with the Countless. It did not go the way u thought it would u thought all ppl would b on team Jill well u came off as a real B***t block all u want u r still a B***T

        • Jillousyness says:

          Oh yes, you can really see the harsh and slamming ones especially later at night when I suppose Darrin or whoever is paid to delete them finally clocks out. They’re there until the morning when he hits it again.

  89. lillybee says:

    I for one do not feel sorry for Jill Zarin.

    • error 404 says:

      I do. She’s trapped in a psychotic web of behavior she can’t control… even when it loses her things she cherishes, like Bethenny’s friendship, fans, or possibly a spot on the show.

      One side of her mouth was begging Bethenny to reconcile and forgive, while the other side was pushing Alex away – repeating the whole pattern we’d just spent months watching her pull with B.

      She’s like one of those hoarders. No sooner does someone clean out their house and they’re dragging some junk in off the street.

  90. Had Enough! says:

    G’night all. Thanks Lynn for your hospitality.

  91. amy17 says:

    OMG she’s delving even deeper (if that were possible) into ugly stereotypes. Now she’s threatening legal action. Oy I’m cringing from shame.

  92. Shadowsnomore says:

    Here is a link to “Really Old Housewife’s recap of the finale. I’m not sure if its been shared yet. This is another lady who makes me laugh!


    • LynnNChicago says:

      LOVE LOVE LOVE Reallyoldhouswife, when she talks about the birds laying eggs in her garden, I laugh my ass off!!!

      • Shadowsnomore says:

        I love that she has named the whore duck Danielle!

        • liptontb says:

          Oh, Danielle the Prostitution Whore duck is sooooo funny.
          And, Lynn dear, weren’t you watching that Blackhawks game last night? One to go and your cuz will get his name on that cup. Very cool.

  93. iceNfire says:

    I just realized everyone used their I Hate Jill names when posting to Marie’s blog. I’m registered at every site with a phantom name so I don’t link my rants to Lynn. Wish I had used iceNfire when I posted on that bloggers site. What a piece work that one is!

    • otaypanky says:

      I sometimes post using a different tag. but when it comes to housewives blogs and knowing jills is trolling this site, i want her to know it’s me.

    • Anitabee says:

      I think she learned a lesson today. Good work, my fellow haters of jill zarin.

  94. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    Lynn, although I still love to hate Jill Zarin, after going through today’s postings, I was really disappointed to see what you wrote about Maria Diaz. She is nothing if not self-deprecating in her postings, so I think that saying her attitude is “holier than thou” is way off base. I have always found her to be funny and fair, and generally a good writer. As far as punctuation goes, we have all made mistakes in our postings. Your punctuation, grammar and spelling are often problematic, but it doesn’t make you a poor blogger. You go on to accuse her of being jealous of you, and now you’re starting to sound like some of the ladies that we make fun of on this site. I know that I’m in for a “smackdown” (and banishment/deletion perhaps?) for writing this, but I think that you went overboard.

    • HD says:

      I didn’t even see that Lynn replied. Where did you see that?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Satchels – you may very well be correct, however, I do not blog about other bloggers and she knows very well that I have always respected and admired her. I have complimented her on her blogs and given her a lot of recognition.

      Yes, everyone makes grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors but hers resulted in misleading readers into believing that Andy Cohen was being quoted. Yes, she deleted her mistake but the damage is done, isn’t it? How many of her readers will return and re-read her original post?

      Her post was petty, misguided, mean-spirited and worse than any of that, it was WRONG! As far as her attitude, she comes across to me as “holier than thou” as many, MANY people were slamming Teresa and defending Bethenny, Maria posts, “some people here need to chilax”.

      Sorry if you don’t like my opinion of what I feel is irresponsible blogging but thats how I feel.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        Wait a minute here. Maria, in my opinion, did not just mislead–she blatantly attributed the quote (which was really her own opinion as she later stated) to Andy Cohen and only deleted Andy’s name and admitted it was her own opinion when some of the posters from Lynn’s blog confronted her and stayed on her back until she made the changes.

        And, also, she didn’t do her research regarding the issue of sending jill magazine subscriptions. She got it wrong and I’m not sure she has ever corrected that part.

        I forget who mentioned it, but the idea was to send Jill the mag insert card from a particular publication (and the reason slips my recollection at the moment–was it because Bethenny was in that issue?) inside the sympathy card. The idea was not to fill out a magazine subscription card with Jill’s name and send it in. However, a few wires got crossed and someone thought that was what they were to do, but they were corrected as soon as possible. so the original intent was only to send these certain mag subscription cards to jill inside the sympathy card.

      • Maria says:


        Just like you feel it is within your right to send Jill and Kelly Bensimon messages about how awful they are, it is also my right to post that I think people need to chill out. That’s all I meant by that.


    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Sorry but I don’t agree with you. Maria has altered her post. Originally she had it sounding as though Andy from Bravo was agreeing with Jill and that Lynne and this site where threatening Jill. A lot of people called Maria out on this distortion of facts. Also, Maria purposely has called Lynn out in her blog and has tried to make Lynn and her followers sound like a bunch of haters who condone stalking, harassment and viciousness. She made it sound as though Lynn was inciting violence and poor behavior. Lynn has every right to defend herself and set the facts straight. And it’s poor taste to bash another blogger and their site. If she is jealous of Lynn and this site than ignore it. Don’t call it out. In my opinion Maria is the one who made herself look bad and she reported unsubstantiated rumors and innuendos as facts.

      • emt2 says:

        True. She completely misguided her readers and gave the impression that Andy agreed with her.

        She needs to find another way to gain followers instead of twisting things around and causing more trouble.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        I don’t think it was her intent to mislead, I think it was just poor writing, leading to readers’ confusion. She edited when she understood why people were replying to Andy on her blog.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Need, I never said she “Intended” to do it, but the result is the same.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Lynn, I know you understood it was a mistake. I wasn’t sure that others did, that’s all. The result is the same, as you said.

        • A former Jill fan says:

          I’m not going to speak to Maria’s intent, but she directly attributed that comment to Andy Cohen. That was blatant misleading. Writers do not put in someone else’s name when the writer herself made the comment. I went back and read the change Maria made and didn’t see Andy’s name attributed to any comment remaining.

          • Maria says:

            I just want to clear this up again, I NEVER attributed anything I wrote to Andy Cohen. I was referring to my use of “Here’s what,” an Andy-ism.

          • A former Jill fan says:

            The way you had written that certainly looked like you were attributing the whole comment to Andy Cohen. If that was not your intent, your writing was not clear at all.

            And you still got the facts surrounding the magazine subscription cards totally wrong.

            Your writing was unclear and the research shoddy and your implications regarding Lynn and the commenters on this board vicious and unfounded.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Sorry but I need to add one more thing, I am completely offended that you would think for one minute that I would delete your post. I would think that you have been around my blog long enough to know better!

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        Hi Lynn. I have been out of commission since my post, but now I have a few minutes to check in. I must say that, now that I have had the chance to read the discourse that followed my posting, I am really happy. In my experience on this site over the holiday weekend, some comments on this site got way out of hand and they were removed. Being relatively new to the site, I was a bit shell-shocked, and I expected that, in a similar way, your defenders might get a little out of hand. Therefore, I thought that you might have to delete the whole thread (following a “smackdown”). Your blog followers really do love you and this site, and, as you know, they are defending you outside of this site, too. Much to my delight, I have been proven wrong. I do so appreciate the opportunity to read and respond to real and uncensored comments about the show. Bravo’s site is a total joke. Personally, I think that it makes your site that much more fun to know that another blogger (like Maria, for instance) is following what goes on here. Followers of this site dig for every tidbit, and now this site is providing some of the tidbits! Thanks for considering what I had to say. Though I still love Maria, I have a better understanding of what you were saying, too. Thanks.

        • Kat says:

          Satchels, Lynn probably won’t see your comment as this blog has fallen back into the June archives.

          I hope you reconsider and decide to post. 🙂

  95. LynnNChicago says:

    A new twitter account – @Bobby_Zarin

    First two tweets:

    . Am so tired, was awoken in the middle of the night by @jillzarin trying to squeeze some tight red leather pants on me… @gingerzarin

    @GingerZarin STOP TRYING TO ESCAPE! If I am stuck here, so are you! I need backup when J needs her nosehairs cleaned

  96. Adgirl says:

    Jill is being Threatened and Stalked??? Make me SO MAD!!
    I am current the object of a stalker. Actually the crazy guy is a member of a family of grifters that is suing my husband and me – draining our life savings away dollar by dollar. So I have BIG problem with Teresa and Jill (& Lynn Curtin).

    Teresa – fuck you and your shopping, your gigantic castle made of kitchen counter tops and your fake bubbies. They were paid for by nice normal people like us posters on this site!

    Jill – fuck you for claiming to be threatened and harrassed. If it is true you would do what my family has had to do – WE ARE HIDING. Literally, we moved and are living on the downlow in secret. It is really scary – not like an island either.

    P.S. – Lynne Curtin – You make me sicker than a mustard gas victim. Fuck you. Get a job. Stop blaming your husband. Even with a combined IQ of 22 you both know you were bilking your landlords.

    Phew. I feel better now!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I’m so sorry that this is happening to you! This makes me really sick and was exactly what I was talking about when celebs have real stalkers, obviously many non-celebs have stalkers as well. Jill cheapens everything she touches!

      My best to you and your family, I hope everything is alright and everyone remains safe and sound!!!

    • otaypanky says:

      Wow…I am so sorry Adgirl.
      You just validated what all have been saying.
      It is a real issue in the lives of people as is bullying and to have these gutless wonders jump on the backs of real victims is dispicable.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      I am so sorry that you, MAMAZ and Anitabee have had to go through such terrible ordeals. Best thoughts and prayers go out to you all. Your real life ordeals make Jills accusations all the more vile and disgusting.

    • Sue says:

      Sorry you are going through what you are Adgirl. Some people do not get what stalking or threatening really means. Ask David Letterman and he’ll tell you what real stalking is. If Jill is truly being threatened and stalked it’s terrible. Plain and simple. But if it’s not, it is truly bad, bad, bad. It’s the people that claim threats and stalking, but who are not being threatened or stalked are the ones that make it harder for those that really have these problems.

      If there is anything I HATE more in this world is someone that cries wolf. Grrrrrr.

      • anniieee says:

        Me too.. what they say… I will hold you all in my thoughts and prayers, hoping this ordeal comes to a swift and wonderful (for you all) end. Stay safe.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Adgirl, sorry to hear about your problems! There is just no excuse for Jill always playing the victim/sympathy card. None whatsoever.

  97. otaypanky says:

    From Maria’s Bravo Blog:

    June 6th, 2010 at 7:38 pm 56
    Thanks, otay. Seriously, if you all find out she is lying, I will be the first to post about it.

    @desertgal, I didn’t think you were attacking me at all. You all did a great job of defending Lynn and of pointing out the holes in Jill’s claim.

    And yes, I admit I lurk on Lynn’s blog! I remember when she started Terry Aley’s site.

  98. otaypanky says:

    June 6th, 2010 at 7:49 pm 57

    Maria, forgive me, but I think that it may be best for her to prove her claims to you.

    I don’t believe it should be the onus of Bravo Fans to prove a negative.

    We talked about cards some three weeks ago.

    Right after Jill taped her reunion show, she tweeted thanks to all her viewers for all the mail and cards she received and thanked Bobby for gifts. No mention of unwanted mail.

    Jill rigged this and unfortunatley tricked and used you (as she has many others, but that’s a whole other story) because it was killing her that Lynn hosted a party for Alex and Simon in Chicago after their second book signing appointment and their book is a success and her’s tanked. Due much to her own actions.

    She just has to throw a wrench in the works for others. She cannot tolerate someone else’s good fortune. It is as though there is not enough for her. If some on succeeds, some how in her mind it siphons the success from ‘her’ pool.

    This woman is her own worst enemy.

    Trust me Maria, it is not anyone from Lynn’s blog or Amazon or Chicago or Alabama….It’s Jill…just Jill.

    Again, Bless You. Will read you again…otay

    • LynnNChicago says:

      VERY well said Otay! Its all so true! Thank you for you support…love you!

      • otaypanky says:

        You too Lynn…Good night…almost afraid to go to sleep, I may wake up and have to plough through 2 more blogs. Do you think Jill is asleep? Do you think it’s safe?
        Do you think she’ll self destruct again before morning?

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      I give major props to you and Desertgal. You two are fierce when defending Lynn, this site and the truth. I would not want to get on your bad sides. You manage to be righteously angry but very clear at laying out the facts. All I can say is “YOU GO GIRLS!”

  99. error 404 says:

    obnoxious article about obnoxious Jen Gilbert


    Sorry, but Sonja was a big hit and she never screamed or acted mean.

    It’s almost as if the author decided to add the incongruous Sonja snark just to shore up Jen’s pure bs reasons on why she was a nonentity on the show.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Looks like the article’s “author” just repackaged info—including Gilbert’s quotes—from a previous AP article: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jpWCYDaUZ3GsNvL2hAEAyYE_qAIgD9G3FGTO0

      I know people do that sort of thing all the time, but AP sometimes gets twitchy about use of what they consider their original content.

      • error 404 says:

        it’s amazing that she says this:

        “I’m just not inappropriate, and I’m not going to say something that’s mean just for the sake of saying it. That’s never going to be me. If that’s what they’re looking for then I’m probably not the right fit.”

        and then during the finale we see do exactly the opposite.

        So what were her insults to Ramona’s event and her planner if not “inappropriate” and “mean just for the sake of saying it”?

        Another phony we could do without.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Yeah and her gratuitous “gay with bad hair” comment about LuAnn’s “date” at that club. Yeah, she got a second of airtime for that but she came off poorly, IMO. Not witty just boorish.

    • battgyrl says:

      I didn’t like Jen at all, and the finale confirmed my feelings. Dissing your competitors makes you look bad and it wasn’t like Jen was using constructive criticism either. And have I mentioned she has terrible fashion sense?

      If Jen is such an awesome event planner, why didn’t Ramona or Bethenny hire her? Seems like that would have been a great tie-in for Bravo, but my guess is that neither Ramona or Bethenny were going anywhere near her. Sure there might be a plausible reason, but I find it curious! 🙂

    • Anitabee says:

      Hi error 404:

      You are so right at Jen being a nonentity. She is so boring that I can not bring myself to click on your link.

      Love your posts though!

      • Quincy IL says:

        I read about her on the net. It seems that there have been some lawsuits against small business competitors. When your husband has boat loads of cash, you can threaten the poor working guys without batting an eyelash. This is why I wouldn’t hire her back on Bravo. Jill’s legal threats bother me too. She has money to throw away and the rest of us have to get up and go to work everyday.

        Mario was right last year. Jill doesn’t have a job. She is eating lunch and going on vacation constantly. When Ally was being snotty on the shopping trip for school, Jill said that she would take her to a mall next time. That was Jill’s insult to us. Jill insults the other stars, but she insults us, the viewers all of the time too. We are down here and she is up there with Kelly who went to her daughter’s photo shoot.

        Why doesn’t Jill hire a physical trainer to help Ally exercise in what ever way that she can. You have all of that money and you can’t help that girl learn to ride a bike? Shocking

  100. Gingers poo says:

    • Gingers poo says:

      Someone needs to tweet this to the housewives and ginger!

    • Mel says:

      That is too funny- almost wrong how funny that is. It feel like it is a really poorly acted “1979” sitcom!! Hard to believe that Kelly actually said all those things and was serious about saying them…nutbag….

  101. Lila says:

    I don’t know Maria or her blog, but I have to say you’ve been nothing but kind to me, generously plugging my blog after which I went from maybe 20 readers a day up to over 300 some days. I can not thank you enough, Lynn. It’s always more fun to write when you know people are actually reading. You are so wise to realize that other bloggers aren’t a threat because successful bloggers all have their own twist and unique touch. Good bloggers aren’t in competition with each other nor do we lose anything by enjoying each other. Love you, Lynn- you’re a class act.

  102. Olivia says:

    Not familiar with Maria but it should be pointed out to her that never before have I ever witnessed such vitriol and distaste aimed at one “performer” (and I use that term loosely with regard to Jill) as I have with Jill Zarin. Most of us here were itching for an outlet to vent our feelings since many of our comments were never published on the Bravo site, home to these series. What they did in effect was tell us “Leave!”

    As bad as Danielle is, and she is pretty bad as a human being, even she has yet to incite the waft of disgust that we feel toward this woman. She has managed to tap into reserves of common decency and as we watched, week after week, as she managed to sink further into her own ego, rashly judging that the viewers would approve. We didn’t and as a result this blog matured and brought with it those who have invested time in this series and were left speechless to a large degree that money was actually being paid to this “performer” as she casually set out to destroy another castmate out of malice. Danielle is nothing but a stooge “performer” planted on that series to create the tension and drama that the “Housewives” need to maintain viewership. Jill Zarin managed to be something else entirely.

    As someone here pointed out earlier, not all here came because they were big fans of Bethenny in particular. They came because they shared a commonality that what they were being served was a lesson of personal destruction played out by the hand of a woman determined to make a name for herself and launch a career out of the misery she was creating.

    It was not so much of matter of “choosing sides” as it was an opportunity to put the brakes on that goal by calling out the person who designed the assault and whose intentions were soiled. If, as a result, “sides” were chosen, the blame can be solidly laid at the feet of Jill Zarin who has been on a crusade to woo back those viewers to her camp. Just not going to happen.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Well said!

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      I tried replying to your post but it must be floating somewhere out in space. So… here goes again. WELL SAID!

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      I was not a Bethenny fan at all, & there’s still something about her that nags at me, BUT I did not like the way she was being treated by Jill. It wasn’t until Jill put her on speaker phone for others to mock her that I finally had had enough & started looking around to see if anyone else felt the same way that I did. You just don’t treat people that way, especially someone you say is your friend! That led me to twitter, & other sites that mentioned “I Hate Jill Zarin,” & voila, here I am. I now sort of like Bethenny, I’m glad that her hard work is now paying off, & that she has a cute hubby & wonderful baby. All warm fuzzies well-deserved, especially after the hell she was put through by a “friend” just so said “friend” could create some drama & be the star of the show. Sorry, but *REAL* friends don’t do that. It’s is amusing, though, to watch Jill & her minions completely misunderstand & misinterpret the fans’ reaction. No Jill, we’re not saying Bethenny (& Alex) are perfect & fart rainbows; we’ve simply recognized boorish, rude, uncalled-for behavior & have called you on it.

      • Shadowsnomore says:

        To be honest with you, I was not a big Bethenny fan either. When the show first started I found some of her comments to be very snarky and off putting. I couldn’t understand how she could be around Alex & Simon and share deep feelings and emotions with them; then trash talk them. However, I believe Bethenny has evolved.
        I believe that she was caught in the “Jill” cycle. I know that I have had friends in my life that are toxic. When I was with them I would get caught up in their trash talk, gossip and nastiness. I would find myself talking badly about others and spreading the toxicity myself. It took awhile but I finally realized what I was doing and I didn’t like it. I wasn’t being true to myself and what I believed in. I had to separate myself from these people.
        Bethenny has had a lot of changes in her life in the last year. She found herself in a new relationship, her career flourishing, and her friendship with Jill changing. I believe that becoming engaged, pregnant and loosing her father made her look at things from a different perspective. She realized that her so called friend,Jill, wasn’t a friend at all and the people that she judged so harshly where better people than what she thought. I truly believe that she is surprised and grateful that Alex and Ramona have become true and loyal friends. They stuck by her and up for her when they didn’t have to. I also believe her apologies to them are heartfelt and real. Jill not only revealed her true self to Bethenny but to the whole world.
        Even though “B”s has experienced a lot of lows this year, she has also experienced some wonderful highs as well. She is married and has a new baby. Those two things can and tend to change a person. Despite all the crap Jill has put her through, I’m sure Bethenny feels she is in a better place now.
        Bethenny has evolved and I have enjoyed seeing her growth. I now find myself liking her and rooting for her when I didn’t before. I respect her tenacity and her drive to make her life and career successful. I can honestly say… I can’t wait to see her new series.

    • cusi77 says:

      Well said Olivia! Your thinkings are also mine!

    • Jillousyness says:

      Gosh Olivia, Shadows and FreeGinger – you all expressed my feelings so clearly! Although I was a fan of Bethenny’s it was no where near the admiration I feel now for her for enduring Jill and Kelly’s antics and meanness while going through some real life tough experiences. I was SO happy to discover Lynn’s blog back at the beginning over on Hubs because I was so frustrated and yes, angry, at what I was seeing and not being able to get it off of my chest. Bravo wouldn’t ever print my comments and they weren’t harsh and none of my friends here (in my hometown circle) are into the RHW like I am. I really appreciate this community of like mindedness and even the disagree’ers. At least we’re respectful to one another while sharing our thoughts, take on things and even outrage and anger at what we see, hear and read.

  103. ridicurhony says:

    omg! Lynn, the title in the header on your blog is certainly appropriate! After trying to keep up all day on here my head is spinning!

    Reason I never did get into blogs before: the spin. It drives me crazy not to know the source or who’s spinning what when and you’re right, it does not matter when someone goes back into their story and ‘corrects’ it, removes something poorly written or just plain changes it -that’s too late! Thank you and ppl here for trying to set the record straight. Last night while we were all speculating about things, I thought to myself that the timing was weird and didn’t anyone just think that it was about you being in Chicago with Silex? but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to put it out there if it wasn’t accurate. I appreciated your blog comments today on all that.

    I watched the previews again tonight and have to say, Jill scared me. I’ve seen that demeanor and that facial expression before. She looks like she’s there to fight in those clips. Should be interesting.
    Thank you again.

  104. DarkSonnet says:

    After a relatively uneventful trip (star quality wise) our resident film producer is at it again. Have mercy…

    # just got back from vegas. green is glamourous. venetian is a LEED hotel, aka green and SIMON G has a new line of… http://bit.ly/azm98V 3 minutes ago via Facebook

    # Check this video out — Kelly Bensimon: What I will do Post-Real Housewives of New York City http://youtu.be/vG2hclFtflw 11 minutes ago via web

    # Check this video out — Kelly Killoren Bensimon: Summer Beauty Tip http://youtu.be/rGqnDRabAvs 12 minutes ago via web

    # Check this video out — Kelly Killoren Bensimon Gushes About Simon G. Jewelry http://youtu.be/_7Q9BXVJ6FE 14 minutes ago via web

    # @ikouros I saw the show before. I loved the end lol “lollipops unicorns.” Get ready for new jewelry line. I am so proud. about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to ikouros

    • DarkSonnet says:

      After a relatively uneventful trip (star quality wise) our resident film producer is at it again. Have mercy…

      # just got back from vegas. green is glamourous. venetian is a LEED hotel, aka green and SIMON G has a new line of… http://bit.ly/azm98V 3 minutes ago via Facebook

      # Check this video out — Kelly Bensimon: What I will do Post-Real Housewives of New York City http://youtu.be/vG2hclFtflw 11 minutes ago via web

      • DarkSonnet says:

        two more –

        # Check this video out — Kelly Killoren Bensimon: Summer Beauty Tip http://youtu.be/rGqnDRabAvs 12 minutes ago via web

        # Check this video out — Kelly Killoren Bensimon Gushes About Simon G. Jewelry http://youtu.be/_7Q9BXVJ6FE 14 minutes ago via web

        # @ikouros I saw the show before. I loved the end lol “lollipops unicorns.” Get ready for new jewelry line. I am so proud. about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to ikouros

        • Annie1033 says:

          That has to be the most INSANE, HEINOUS, RIDICULOUSLY UGLY “jewelry” I have ever seen in my god-given life.
          Box of rocks, that one is.

        • katiecoo says:

          Please forgive my colorful language off the start. I’ve just burned the living hell out of my fingers one too many times today.

          But anyway….WHAT THE FUCK is up with the hideous…HIDEOUS huge roach clip flower thing hanging from her ear that she calls jewelry? Really, is she doing one of those Joaquin Phoenix parodies of him/herself where everything, just everything she does is insane?

          Someone needs to do an article on “Post Season Meltdowns of the Real Housewives”.

          • katiecoo says:

            I meant feather thing, not flower thing…arrrgh!

          • Kat says:

            Sorry to hear about your fingers.

            Have you noticed the posts are out of order?

            • katiecoo says:

              Yes! I just posted something about Sonja (link) and it ended up up there in the penthouse suite! 😉

            • lillybee says:

              Yes for sure, and it is still happening to me. So forgive me if my posts make me look like an idiot.

          • Annie1033 says:

            I actually could only watch that interview of her wearing that fucking thing for no more than about 3 seconds….cringe inducing w/a double eyeroll and a slight trigger of the gag reflex. I can’t handle it anymore. If I had ANY sympathy at all for this person, I would say it’s sad, but I don’t so I won’t.

  105. Ches says:

    OMG!!!! Don’t know if I want to puke or LMAO.
    And sorry if this has been posted before but I haven’t seen it, and if it has it is still worth reading again now that the season is over. He must be nuts!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Oh yes, that was a major suck up piece. This was from early March. I don’t think JZ is laughing so much right now as she was when the author made a crack about Bethenny’s face and how “evil” she is. As Bethenny said, in another context, JZ worked really hard to get into the situation she is now. She earned it.

      After all, as the season wore on, NY Mag in its recaps had a section titled “Why Jill Zarin is a disgusting person.” That’s NY Mag, not the Podunkville weekly supersaver. (No offense to podunkvilles intended. But NY Mag is in Jill’s front yard so to speak.)

      Who doesn’t think that JZ’s appalling behavior, on and off the show, hurt her book sales? And based on her online behavior, JZ looks like she’s battling poor Kelly for first place in the Loony of RHONY competition. I think her sister was right when she had misgivings about J participating in the show. And that would be particularly galling to JZ, if she could bring herself to that level of self-awareness. But there will always be villains in J’s world, and she will always be the victim. Odd, for someone who wants so much to be considered a “winner.”

    • Sue says:

      What a nasty piece! Even more nasty was the laughing done by the “table” about his comment about how evil “horseface” Bethenny was. Seriously laughed. I thought Jill was sooooooo broken up about losing her friendship with Bethenny. This shows just how she feels about Bethenny.

      Secondly, I love how Jill says “This is the best year yet.”. Whaaaaaat? So having a huge fight with your best friend who’s like a sister to you is great. Dealing with a person that may have some serious mental issues is great. Getting kicked off an island because you “ambushed” the ladies is great. It baffles me. I wonder what a bad year would be in Jill Zarin’s world???????

      • Need a Hobby says:

        At the time of this interview Jill thought she would come out of the season smelling like a rose, rather than a disturbing odor emanating from the sole of one’s shoe.

        Jill was pretty cocky in her pre and early season public interviews, convinced she was the one the majority of viewers would sympathize with. And “evil” Bethenny would be discredited and despised.

        By April, when Jill apparently did the last of her “talking heads,” she knew her calculations were wrong. Even those who weren’t necessarily fans of Bethenny began to feel that Jill’s continued assault and scorning of Bethenny (in the midst of the stuff going on in Bethenny’s life) was like clubbing a baby seal.

  106. Kat says:

    One thing Lynn does – and she does it well, is blog the facts.
    When Lynn writes an opinion she clearly notes the opinion.
    I think it is because Lynn blogs the truth that her blog is popular.

    I believe Maria should consider an apology to Lynn. The way Maria worded her blog,
    (at least the way I understood it) a person might conclude that Lynn was The Head Outlaw Sheriff inciting her crazy rabid posse to do outlandish and hurtful things to a clueless reality star.

    Lynn did not and does not suggest or condone threats of any kind at any time.

    Maria, if you read this please re-read your blog. You posted innuendo – you called it coincidence – and you made claims without a factal basis. Jill Zarin has been caught in lie after lie.

    Finally everyone here is an adult responsible for their own decisions and actions.
    I mean this respectfully.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks Kat! 🙂 Thank you to Desert and Otay and everyone who not only defended me but wanted to ensure that if the blogger was stating an “opinion” that she makes that crystal clear!

      I appreciate it!!!

  107. lillybee says:

    Does Kelly ever make sense?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Al Sharpton!!!!

      (Sorry, I just love that. But I’m going to have to restrain myself from shouting that inappropriately when I’m around people IRL except to the RHONY fans I know. I’m already saying “kadooz” to people as it is. LOL.)

      • Jillousyness says:

        Ha Ha! Me too with the kadooz! No one knows what I’m saying except in the context of things they know it’s a good thing, like a pat on the back. 🙂

  108. RileyKitty says:

    I had a thought, I am going to share it here & then I am going to zip it on the subject. We all know that Jill or her minions lurk here. We all started talking of sending harmless sympathy cards (no threats intended). How do we really know that some of Jill’s rabid fans (if you read her facebook you know she has some that attack anyone who posts anything negative even if it just mildly so) didn’t see what we were going to do & actually send Jill threats so we would be blamed for them?

    Again I didn’t end up sending one because we had a death close to the family right after I bought one to send Jill & it didn’t feel right for me to send it at the time. Although I still respected everyone else’s right to do so. I thought for the most part it was harmless, no different than a fan sending “You’re the BEST, Jill Zarin!!!” mail.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      RileyKitty, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of someone close to your family.

      That is certainly a possibility and one that I hadn’t thought of.

      I still think there was no threat at all and Jill is just playing a victim card.


      • RileyKitty says:

        A Former Jill Fan- Thank you. It was my BIL’s wife’s grandpa (say that 3 x fast LOL) who passed.

        More than likely there was no threat, I was just playing devil’s advocate & offering a possible scenario. It is just one more way to keep her name in the press while everyone is anxiously waiting Bethenny’s new show to begin.

  109. iceNfire says:

    So Jill wasn’t mention in a newspaper article, went on a paranoid rant, played the victim, alienated the few fans she has and blah blah blah. But why today? Wasn’t it mentioned that today was Bethenny’s baby shower and Alex had filming to do today? 1+1=
    I’m guessing that Jill wasn’t invited to the baby shower, Alex was and that’s what led to her break with reality today.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Another typical day in the life of Jill Zarin. I said it before and I’ll say it again- She and Kelly are either swapping spit or sharing the same crack pipe cause they both are both drowning in the same delusions and psychosis.

    • katiecoo says:

      Alex tweeted that she filmed for 4 hours today. And Jill is doing what? Polishing off plates of home fries.

      • Quincy IL says:

        home fries with MacDonalds for Dinner.

        Jill will have to go to Target for new slacks.

  110. DaDivaCat says:

    If Bravo reads the boards, I’d like to post them a letter. (Lynn, please delete if you feel it’s objectionable)

    Dear Bravo,
    Recently it appears that one of the RHONY housewives had taken it upon herself to employ “chilling effects” tactics to silence negative viewer comments. She also, umm, “dislikes” a parody of her dog, GingerZarin, which I find hilariously funny and those that follow are on the chilling effects intimidation list.

    A chilling effect is a term in law and communication which describes a situation where speech or conduct is suppressed by fear of penalization at the interests of an individual or group. It may prompt self-censorship and therefore hamper free speech

    Announced on her facebook is her chilling effects notice:

    [quote]”So..we are being harassed and threatened by a family from chicago and Alabama. We have contacted authorities. I will block anyone who is linked to them per postal service law enforcement until they finish investigation. This is a serious crime and all evidence has been handed over. If you are involved in anyway..I sugg…est you stop. Enough is enough. It is NOT funny or a joke.”[/quote]

    A recent article published articulates the events:

    [quote]Jill, who’s popularity has taken a huge dive this season, all thanks to her mean girl behavior, simply refuses to be un-liked. And just how far is Jill willing to go to get you the viewer to like her again?

    If Bravo is about drama, great, that’s your money bag.

    Having allegedly wealthy housewives take the path of chilling effects is also, in my opinion, going to have the effect of chilling your viewers and your ratings. So, a negative post about her behavior on the show means we get sued for harassment?

    If Ms. Zarin thinks negative comments or enjoying a parody is harassment, then 99% of your viewers are in essence IMO being threatened because of their reactions (postings) to Ms. Zarin’s role on your show.

    It appears from the article posted today that Bravo is encourages their employees, such as Ms. Zarin, to participate in social media on the network per the following article:

    [quote]The network asks its stars to blog, encourages viewers to comment on its Web site and post to Twitter during episodes, deploys text-message campaigns and Facebook pages for shows, and even studies search terms that viewers use, collected by research firms like Hitwise, to parse what viewers are most interested in.

    Please consider that Ms Zarin apparently has moved to Kellyland and request that Bravo & Shed Media protect your viewers from being further traumatized by this Kellyland duet.

    I wondered if the storyline in REALITY TV needs to come with some caveat of responsibility. Bravo encourages the social media outlets according to the story “..Can Make you a Star”. With storylines like RHONJ & the “thugs” and intimidation implications, it’s IMO making it worse and lighting more fires than Bravo is addressing. That tone IMO is permeating things & taking way out of line – both sides, on the internet & media.

    Teresa deleted her posts about Bethenny’s baby; Kelly deleted her posts about Andy & Shed Media etc & being forced to go to Scary Island; Jill is crying foul but posted the email addresses of two posters on her site in her response to two negative (deleted their posts too?) when it clearly states “Mail (will not be published) (required)”.

    Threats shouldn’t happen – with Zarin I’d want to know the definition of threat & I’d want to have it verified before taking it as gospel.

    a. Jill says she knew Ramona but they weren’t friends.
    b. Ramona says they’ve been friends for 15 years.
    Pick one & say it is true 🙂

    After reading some posts, I wonder if it wasn’t truth or dare a la the Danielle storyline presented to viewers.

    I doubt I watch much Bravo going forward.

    As almost a former viewer, I would respectfully request that you remove Jill Zarin & Kelly Bensimon from your shows.


    me 😦

  111. Shadowsnomore says:

    Well ladies (and any gentlemen who maybe secretly lurking out there), I raise my glass of pinot to you and toast you all. Thanks for a fun day of witty comments and I HATE JILL thoughts. I look forward to many days more. With the reunion coming up, Jill’s facebook and twitter accounts I’m sure we will be given more ammunition to hate Jill with. Jill just can’t help herself! Goodnight all!

  112. Anitabee says:

    Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think?

    Here is Kreepy Kelly and Jealous Jillaness purposely throwing Bethenny under the bus every chance they got (and get). Yet, we the viewing public is not insane so we can see them for the sad sorry pathetic creatures they are.

    So instead of making Bethenny “the outcast” they made Bethenny the hands down fan favorite. All this fighting made for the highest ratings were commercials for Bethenny’s were seen by millions of Bravo viewers.

    This weeks reunion will be most likely be the highest viewed bravo show ever — which makes it the most perfect lead in audience for Bethenny Getting Married?

    Betcha, Bethenny’s new show will be the ratings winner.

    So thanks Kelly…thanks Jill.

    Love it when Karma bites you in the a**.

    Jill Zarin…Still Hate You!

  113. lillybee says:

    Calling Kelly a box of rocks is insulting to rocks and my geologist son.

  114. lillybee says:

    For some reason my posts are popping up in the wrong place.

  115. katiecoo says:

    Greetings from the World of Insanity! My best friend and I have been crafting ALL DAY in my living room and winding our way through the Season AGAIN, catching all kinds of missed comments in context. It’s a fun backdrop as we’re buring the hell out of fingers with glue guns (talk about weapons!).

    I just watched the episode where Jill makes the “friendly” visit to Alex’s house and Alex says “if there is even a 1% chance you can repair this relationship….” to which Jill replies “I can’t, I just can’t”. This after just finding out there is something serious going on w/ B’s father, that she’s going through a rough time and could use her friends. How Jill could twist that in to the “I never gossip about you and you should forgive me” bullshit she served up at the end at that lunch is the definition of Narcissism. And Bethenny is 10000% correct in cutting that disgusting tumor of a person out of her life. It’s really unreal. Even with all I know how, it’s just unreal the level of her pathology.

  116. boston02127 says:

    comments about Kelly, her book that bloomies gave away free, charities….


    • Kat says:

      Boston you wrote that didn’t you! (wink)
      That’s cute! hehehe

    • Jillousyness says:

      I haven’t seen that article before and I’ve seen tons! Interesting that the writer immediately picked up on everything that is wrong with Kelly right off the bat. I admit it took me a little bit longer but I was confused by K since the first time. By the end of the season I pretty much hated her but nearly as much as this season, way before the Virgin Islands trip. Thanks for posting the link! It was cute. 🙂

  117. katiecoo says:

    Wow look at these photos of Sonja (HOT wedding photo). Her husband looks older than a Grandpa to her in the photo w/ their daughter. Sonja, what were you thinking? OMG.


  118. A former Jill fan says:

    Maria, not only did you mislead by the way you wrote the comment with Andy’s name attached, you insulted Lynn and commenters on this board:

    “…expressing sympathy for the loss of their brains and common sense. I mean, for the loss of Jill’s fan base and integrity. ”

    Also your facts were wrong in stating this:

    “They were also encouraged to sign Jill up for magazine subscriptions, which is the rational and mature thing to do to someone on television who makes you angry. ”

    This is shoddy research on your part.

    I posted this regarding the mag subscription card idea:

    “June 6, 2010 at 10:38 pm…
    And, also, she didn’t do her research regarding the issue of sending jill magazine subscriptions. She got it wrong and I’m not sure she has ever corrected that part.

    I forget who mentioned it, but the idea was to send Jill the mag insert card from a particular publication (and the reason slips my recollection at the moment–was it because Bethenny was in that issue?) inside the sympathy card. The idea was not to fill out a magazine subscription card with Jill’s name and send it in. However, a few wires got crossed and someone thought that was what they were to do, but they were corrected as soon as possible. so the original intent was only to send these certain mag subscription cards to jill inside the sympathy card.”

    • Kat says:

      I agree.
      Remind me to never debate with you! 8)

    • Squirrels says:

      It was people mag. An article re: Bethenny was in it. The joke being, we’d hate to see Jill miss out on any good gawwwsupp. It was funny imo, most of us got a good laugh out of it.
      No trees were harmed in this post.

  119. chismosa says:

    Hi everyone-
    from that picture- both of them, Sonja looks SO different now- don’t you think? She was more Glenn Close-like in her younger days and now her face is different. Regardless, i love her to pieces.
    I am just beyond happy that JZ is so upset with everything that is going on and is facebook and tweeting all this nonsense about harassment (as wrong as it is) and i hope people see it for what it is. Mostly that the Bravo execs see it for what it is.

    i am on to the ny times article. love you Lynn, glad the event went so well, i saw A & S when they were at my bookstore a few weeks ago and they are just as you said!

    IHJZ forever….

  120. lillybee says:

    My posts are also showing up in the wrong place. Glad it is not just me.

  121. Kat says:

    Good night everyone. 🙂

  122. Morgaine Swann says:

    http://starcasm.net/archives/50787 Ginger is becoming famous!

  123. boston02127 says:

    link with Kelly stating : “What charities are you involved with?” Which seems like a reasonable, if transparent, question to ask. But Kelly, not understanding? states, “Oh, I’m not involved with any charities.”


  124. boston02127 says:

    Lynn- Can start a page for comments? The blog isn’t rolling. Thank You.

  125. otaypanky says:


  126. Quincy IL says:

    I looked at Jill’s twitter. She is acusing someone of giving her address and telling people to send threats. That absolutely did not happen on this site. It’s like the other accusations that Jill and her ilk toss out there. She doesn’t even know how wrong it is to do this. It’s like Junior High in so many ways.

    I think that Jill should be afraid to throw darts into the dark. She might hit someone with the resources to fight back. She would be surprised if she knew that people out in the sticks had resources. She looks down on us and if only she knew.

    • otaypanky says:

      Quincy:…read up thread. comments way out of order. all is well with the latest lie perpetrated by jizm.
      Hope lynn wakes up soon and takes care of this..
      I have a feeling she’s writing another blog.
      yesterday was sooo eventful…

  127. otaypanky says:

    Lynn..you awake??

    the comments are scrolling way out of order.

  128. Had Enough! says:

    Good morning everyone. Just watching the dinner scene with the laugh track. I hadn’t noticed this before, but the funniest part is watching Alex’s face as she tries to understand what Kelly is saying.

  129. Had Enough! says:

    Interesting question – no tweets between Shrill and her Trained Sasquatch anymore – does this mean they are not REAL friends, contra to what they both claimed?

  130. anutha hata says:


    This post did not show up the first time. LYNN-ignore the title YOU ARE MENTIONED.
    And Sympathy/magazine-card-gate.

  131. silexfan says:

    Good Morning Lynn,

    Another fantastic blog! Yours is one of the first sites I go to in the morning. I am lucky as I get to work from home and check in with your site all the time. I am so jealous you got to meet Alex and Simon – don’t I sound like Jill – LOL. Love your writing and very happy to part of your group. I wonder what kind of spewing Jill is going to do around Bethenny’s new show. All of this started because of Bethenny’s popularity. Have a great day and keep us posted!!!

  132. Rabble Rouser says:

    I can’t believe Kelly has the balls to make a PSA about being bullied She really needs to drop the wounded dove act- we all saw what happened. The damn woman lost her mind!

    She reminds me of another house wife, Vicki from RHOC who dishes it out but can’t take it in return but Kelly’s actions are much more sever. Just because people don’t want to indulge her paranoid rantings and delusional belief that not only was Bethany out to get her but to KILL HER- doesn’t make them bullies- it makes them lucid in the company of a maniac.

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