I Hate Jill Zarin Jill’s Been Threatened? June 6, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Jill’s Been Threatened?    June 6, 2010

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I’m adding to my blog because there has been a lot of speculation about Jill’s post regarding being “threatened”. 

Let me first say that it does not concern me in the least.  She mentioned someone in Chicago and someone in Alabama.  Is she talking about me?  Who the hell knows, do I care?  Nope!

Celebrities get real, true death threats, they have stalkers and in a few rare cases they get murdered.  Jill, just like Kelly with her bully PSA,  is cheapening the entire “stalker” problem!   To be honest, I’m getting really sick of this nonsense with these insane reality stars!  It is one thing for Kelly to be cooky with her rainbows and jelly beans but another to say she is being bullied by four grown woman!  Particularly one woman that I met last night that couldn’t “Bully” anyone!!!  For crying out loud, Alex broke out in hives when she had to confront Jill Zarin, Alex is not a woman to looks to fight, argue or bully ANYONE! 

When celebrities are stalked and threatened that is serious business!  It is taken seriously and the last thing that authorities will tell a celebrity to do is to announce it on Facebook and/or Twitter!  Jill is trying to get sympathy.  At what cost?  If that woman really did bother authorities with her absurd claim of being threatened, she should be arrested for filing false reports to authorities! 

Did I ever threaten Jill Zarin?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! 

I am not concerned, I’m not contacting an attorney and I’m not going into hiding.  If she really is blocking people on Twitter who are following me, I am sorry for those who that affected but I can’t do anything about that.  Honestly, I would be surprised if Jill and I had many followers in common anyway.  To be honest, I’ve gained followers at an unusually high rate on both Facebook and Twitter since the idiot woman posted that nonsense.

Jill is angry because Alex and Simon asked me, of all people, to put together their cocktail reception last night.  I know she has someone monitoring my Twitter account and my Facebook.  She knew about the reception and got angry and posted that idiotic entry on Facebook.   The Twitter world of RHONY fans is a small world and word gets around quickly.  If I were Jill, I would be angry too, think about it, the person who has a blog called, “I Hate Jill Zarin” hosted a cocktail reception during a visit to Chicago after a book signing for the thorn in Jill’s side, Alex.  How would you feel?  Sure you’d be angry, add to that all of the Twitter and Facebook messages today from all the great people who were there and all of the love and outpouring of support for Alex and Simon! 

People who were there are talking about it, AbsurdToSublime also wrote a great blog about it, if you haven’t read it yet, you should, she is such a wonderful woman and I love her blog!  It was so great to meet her last night!

It has to infuriate Jill that Alex and Simon are such beloved members of the cast and she is so hated!   Particularly since Jill hates them so much.  She wants to control not only everything in her own life, her family’s life but she wants to control who fans like and how fans think.  She wants to skew the information out there in her favor, she wants to get fan sympathy. 

Alex said something last night about Jill that I won’t soon forget.  I’m paraphrasing but Alex said that every time Jill says something negative about Alex it gives Alex oxygen.  It puts her in the spotlight, it gets people talking.  It is clear who is the good guy and who is that bad guy, so every time Jill slams  Alex, Alex wins!  Alex was even gracious enough to sincerely say that she hoped Jill’s book does very well, because if it does, it will allow others to have successful books, including Alex!   Alex is a class act if I ever saw one! 

I did mention in my original blog but just to clarify, yes, Alex and Simon will be in Bethenny’s new show, they are still filming and Alex was scheduled to film today, one of the reasons that they had to rush back to New York this morning.  (Alex has GOT to be exhausted!)  

One other thing that I wanted to mention.  I know many, if not all of you have seen the preview of the reunion where Jill accuses Alex of trying to get something printed in the press about Jill and charity funds.  Alex was asked about this a few different times and adamantly denies it and I completely believe her.  One group asked Alex and some new people joined the group and the same question was asked again, Alex looked people dead in the eye and said she had no idea what Jill was talking about.  It sounds to me like Jill made up this “tidbit” to throw at Alex during the reunion in order to make Alex look bad.  Jill, knowing she was going to have a tough time defending her actions at the reunion, came armed with lies about Alex. 

Here is my blog from earlier today in case anyone missed it, the details of my meet and greet with Alex and Simon last night:

I Hate Jill Zarin    I Love Alex & Simon    June 6, 2010

Alex looked so beautiful!  She really is a stunning woman!  She wore a cute shorts outfit in shocking pink, with these amazing Gucci shoes that she got in Los Angeles.   Yes, we have photos…lol

Simon had the coolest jacket on, the inside lining had photos of men in different fashions and he wore a pink shirt with his famous pink shoes! 

There were a LOT of people there, all the seats that were set up were filled, people sat on the floor along the sides of the room and many standing in the back.  First was the Q&A and it could have gone on all night, great questions about their parenting style, how they got onto RHONY and about their personal life including what it’s like to film reality television. 

The questions about the show were good and we got many of the answers that we’ve read in articles and TV interviews. 

One important answer was about Bethenny and the birth of her baby.  Some HORRIBLE people on Twitter are saying that the birth was pre-planned and that Bethenny scheduled a C-section so that she wouldn’t gain too much weight.  ABSURD!  Alex confirmed that she talked to Bethenny while she was in labor, in fact, they were scheduled to do some filming of Bethenny’s Getting Married and had to re-schedule because she went into labor. 

All of these insane people saying that Bethenny isn’t healthy and lost the weight too fast are also ridiculous!  Alex has seen Bethenny many times before and after the birth and told us that Bethenny ate whatever she wanted during and after the pregnancy and even saw her eating a Cheeseburger..lol   Bethenny’s is healthy and she is not starving herself!  She is also breast feeding which helps to take the weight off but Bethenny never gained all that much weight and continued with her yoga during  her pregnancy. 

 Alex is very slim as well, with all of the traveling that she does for work and for her book tour, of course, she can’t always eat right.  While in Chicago she had Portillo’s Hot Dogs and Giordano’s Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza!   Anyone visiting Chicago has to have those two Chicago staples!  Alex lived and went to school in Chicago so she is familiar with the area and even lived nearby the home that they rented while they were here in town. 

Someone asked Alex if she keeps in touch with all of the other housewives.  Not a big surprise to us but she said there are a few that she is in touch with and in fact talks to on the phone at least once a day, and others that she sees only while taping.  I think we know who is who but just to be sure, Simon yelled, “BRAS”.   Later Alex did confirm to a smaller group of us that she does talk to Bethenny almost every day and they are still filming Bethenny’s show even now.  Alex and Simon will both be on Bethenny’s show, Alex has filmed 7 or 8 times for the show but they never know what is going to make it onto the screen.

After a lengthy Q & A that could have gone on much longer because there were still many with questions, the book store representative said it was time to actually start signing books. 

There were, in my estimation, 150 or so people there.  Alex and Simon didn’t just sign everyone’s book.  They truly MET these people, talked with them, took photos with them.  The cutest thing, there was a little girl probably 4 or 5 years old who told Alex that she liked her ring.  Alex asked her if she wanted to try it on, but the little girl was a little shy and said, “No”.  So Alex said, “Well here hold out your hands” and the girl did and Alex put her hands over the little girl’s and showed her the ring more closely.  It was the sweetest exchange!  Even though there was a long line, Alex and Simon took the time to talk to each and every person, never rushed anyone and even had discussions about the show with them, answered more questions.  Everyone felt like they got one on one time with Alex and Simon, and they did! 

I waited until the end since I knew that we were all going to Cagney’s afterward, I was in no hurry but sat up front and watched most of the people going through the line.  Men, Women, single, married, people with small children, elderly, it was really great to see such a diverse group of people there that love Alex and Simon! 

When it was my turn, I didn’t have to tell them my name for the book signing. LOL   They knew who I was which was very cool and afterward  GibGirl1 took my photo with both of them and while we were taking the photo, Alex told me that Bethenny sent a message to say “HI’ to me when we met.  I thought that was so nice!  Alex said she had spoken to Bethenny on the phone the day before and wanted to send that message.  How sweet was that?  These are REALLY nice people folks!  There is no doubt in my mind that we are all on the right team! 

Alex received a beautiful pair of earrings from one of the guests, Gibgrl1 gave both Alex and I both a beautiful boxed cheese and crackers arrangement from the cheese capital of the world, Wisconsin!  I brought the boys each a gift bag with a few small crafts to keep them amused, stickers, a Chicago White Sox flag along with a Chicago baseball cap and a signed practice puck from the Chicago Blackhawks.  My cousin signed a puck for each of the boys in between Stanley Cup Final’s games!  

Cagney’s is just a block or so away from the book store, (that was by design as parking in Chicago is a drag!)  we walked over.   A few of us stood outside the book store as cars were loaded with gifts and things and Alex and Simon continued to answer questions and talk about the show and share their lives with us.  You hear this all the time about this amazing couple, but they really are very down to earth, sweet and open.  

Alex confirmed what we already knew, Kelly was escorted off St John by producers, and everyone agreed that they would, on screen, stay with the story that Kelly chose to go home to be with her children.  I believe that it was Bethenny who first confirmed in the press that Kelly was, in fact, deemed no longer fit to film and was taken home.  Alex explained it really well, after the dinner that we saw, how could they all just sit down to breakfast the next morning and pretend nothing happened?  There really wasn’t anything more that could be filmed with all of these ladies together. 

The bridal shower that we saw for Ramona and Bethenny was pre-planned and only Alex, Sonja and Kelly knew that the shower was to include both of them and not just Ramona.  Kelly did bring gifts for both Bethenny and Ramona.  Kelly left the gifts outside of Alex’s door before leaving St. John.  Really cute background story about the Swarovski crystal wrist bands that Alex got for the ladies, the woman who designed them called Alex after she saw the show and thanked her for the exposure and offered to send Alex a set as well, which Alex, of course, accepted.  They were really cool!  I bet Sonja went out and bought a set! 

We got to Cagney’s and rearranged tables and chairs so that we could have another Q&A in a more intimate setting.  Some people were coming and going so it was hard to tell exactly how many people were there but at one point, I did a quick head count and there were 34 people but I would guess overall about 50 came to say hi and hear them speak.  Alex nursed just one glass of wine but admitted she likes her drinks but she can hold her liquor well! 

We all sat together for about an hour talking and laughing, (fans who showed up had great questions and insights into the show) Simon went over to the bar to get himself another drink and a few people went over to talk with him there.  Simon is so easy to talk to and he is really hysterical.  At one point he even gave us a few bars of “Money Can’t Buy You Class” and honestly, he would have been a better one to record a song than Lulu (as he called her)  Simon told us that really Luann can be a great person, but as he said on Watch What Happens Live, there is Luann and then there is the “Countess” and he much prefers Luann! 

Simon talked about next season and what he thought may happen as far as the cast is concerned.  Obviously he would be in favor of letting Kelly get the rest she needs and would be quite happy if he never saw Jill Zarin again (as would the rest of us)  He explained how it works, about a month after the final show airs, and he anticipates three more episodes, two reunion shows and one “lost footage”, the powers that be over at Bravo will do all of their research.  They look at many different sources to determine who is popular, who is bringing in ratings and who may not be bringing in ratings.  They look at fan mail, comments on Bravotv.com  they look at everything out there on the internet, including sites like this one.  Magazine articles, fan feedback, anything they can get their hands on to determine popularity of a housewife. They pull together as much information as they can and determine what would be best for next season. 

Simon said that when they first were looking for cast (and Alex was the first one originally cast) they were having a hard time finding people who were willing to participate.  Sonja was even asked to be on the original cast and turned it down.  Now, Simon told us that they are lined up to do the show.  People are begging to be one of the housewives!  He absolutely thinks that Ramona will be returning, he believes that Sonja had plenty of support to come back and everyone else is up in the air.   I think he was being modest because I truly believe that Alex has so much public support and has climbed to one of the fan favorites so while Simon wasn’t overly confident, I think it is safe to say that Alex will be invited back. 

Simon felt that Luann will most likely stick around and Jill is really a crapshoot!  Her popularity took a nosedive and he really put it best by explaining how during Season one, Alex and Simon were at the bottom of the popularity list so there was no way to go but up!  That worked well in their favor and he even expressed a little concern over whether they could maintain that popularity.  Personally I feel that now that people have gotten to know them, fans will stick by them!  Jill, being one of the fan favorites during seasons one and two, could possibly have maintained it, but how long can you hide the real you?  Jill was lucky she hid it as long as she did!  We are seeing the real Jill Zarin folks!  This isn’t news to me because we see what she does in “real life” on Amazon, in her blogs, on Facebook and on Twitter.  It isn’t pretty! 

As far as Bethenny returning, Simon seemed to think it was a good possibility but anything can happen! 

Simon talked a little about his mother back in Australia and I asked him what she thought of the show.  It is aired all over the world including Australia and Simon admitted that his mother wasn’t too happy with Simon’s involvement with Real Housewives until she read the book.  She was so proud of her son and knew that the book probably wouldn’t have been possible without the show, Simon actually got very emotional telling me that story. 

I asked Alex about Kelly’s tweets the night of the finale and the Watch What Happens Live show.  I think everyone knows the story but a quick update:   Kelly insisted in an interview that she was forced to go to St. John.  On WWHL, it was a caller who asked Andy Cohen about Kelly being forced to go to St. John.  Andy stressed that she was not forced to go and shortly after Kelly tweeted that she WAS forced and basically called Andy a liar.  Since Alex and Simon were disembarking at O’Hare during this drama, and Kelly has deleted those tweets, Alex had not seen any of that but she did know about it.  I wanted to know about a particular tweet where Kelly said that Bravo didn’t pay her, Shed Media paid her , which was Kelly’s response to many tweets from fans telling her it was probably not a good idea to call her boss a liar on Twitter. 

Alex explained that while it is true, Shed Media does pay the Housewives and production staff, Bravo pulls the strings, approves the budget and has complete control over what appears on the air.  Bravo, and not Shed Media, will decide who is on the show and who isn’t.  In essence, Andy could be considered their boss.  The way Alex put it was to think of him as an executive or a “higher up” at a subsidiary or parent  company. 

I asked Alex about the cat urine smell and told her what I had learned about Crystal Meth smelling like cat urine and many of the blogs out there that talk about the connection between drugs and sweets and Kelly’s behavior.  Alex clearly didn’t know how these things all came together admitting she knows nothing about these types of drugs.  I explained what I read on the internet about how the use of Meth causing the type of behavior we saw, caused the user to crave sweets and smelled like cat urine.  Alex did not smell any cat urine but acknowledged that her stateroom was well away from Kelly’s but added that she has never seen any housewife using any type of illegal drugs. 

Of course we asked Alex about Kelly’s behavior on St. John and to explain what the ladies were all saying about her behavior being ten times worse than what we saw.  She reiterated what Bethenny said, that if they continued to film and/or aired more of what went on, there may have been severe consequences for Kelly.  Alex said it is difficult to explain exactly what went on but added that we would have basically just seen a lot more of the same strange behavior.  Alex explained that Kelly has a very high and unusual standard about what she deems appropriate to talk about.  When someone says something that Kelly doesn’t like, she tends to talk over them or tells them to “zip it!”  She doesn’t want to hear it.  When Kelly hears what she feels is “gossip” she basically does the equivalent of plugging her hears and saying “lalalalalala” as loud as she can.   The comment Kelly made about having to police the women was more about trying to stop everyone from discussing Kelly’s behavior than gossiping about anyone else. 

Alex explained the timeline for us, the get together at Jen’s house where both Ramona and Alex had arguments with Jill, took place just a few days before they left for St. John.  Bethenny had been out of town at her father’s funeral and this was the first time they had seen each other.  Ramona simply wanted to tell Bethenny what she missed, particularly since it involved Bethenny!  In Kelly’s mind this was inappropriate gossiping and wanted no part of it. Instead of removing herself or just sitting quietly and ignoring it, Kelly overreacted and went off the deep end calling them all demented and sick.  I think that what Kelly deems “appropriate” is maybe not what a typical person would think of as appropriate.  Alex confirmed, just as Andy did that Kelly was not forced to do anything, in fact Alex explained that they are never forced to go anywhere that they don’t want to go. 

Alex also let us in on a few tidbits about Jill’s surprise appearance on St. John and cleared up a few things about the private plane.  First we know that Bravo paid for the trip.  Bravo did not pay for Jill’s journey to St. John.  Jill did try to discourage some of the cast from going on the trip, even trying to set up a second trip and lure the ladies to join her.  Bravo ultimately decided the itinerary and all of the ladies were invited.  As we know, no one was forced to go. 

Alex said that Andy’s “real time line” was pretty close and said that Jill and Bobby spent approximately 30-minutes at the house.  Alex’s reaction was real and she said she even dropped her drink but because her drink was in a plastic cup rather than a glass one, it didn’t have the right impact for television.  (lol)  Alex said she wasn’t upset, she was angry and pointed out the irony of being in the middle of getting pedicures so no one could get up and walk out. 

One of the crew/production staff members asked all of the ladies jokingly what they would do if Jill happened to show up, Alex and Bethenny both said that they would leave and spend the afternoon at a local restaurant that they had wanted to try anyway.  When the ladies asked if he was asking for a specific reason, his response was that Bravo was not bringing Jill to St. John.  That wasn’t a lie, Jill and Bobby brought themselves to St. John!  As we know there are no airports in St. John.  Jill and Bobby took a commercial flight to St. Thomas and a boat to St. John.  Alex said that the private jet we saw was most likely taking Jill and Bobby from St. Thomas to St. Bart.  While Alex got the blame for throwing Jill out, it was clear that none of the ladies were in need of any Jill drama. 

Jill’s intention was to talk and try to make up with Bethenny.  How selfish is that?  Look at what Bethenny had been through!   She was in the beginnings of a high risk pregnancy, she had just buried her father, she had just been through Kelly-Hell and now Jill wants to dredge up all this petty nonsense?  Of course Bethenny was disgusted! 

The phone call that we read about did happen, Ramona called Jill to try to explain what was going on with Kelly.  At first Bravo’s cameras were rolling but Jill wasn’t taking it seriously.  Jill was saying things like, Kelly is trying to bring drama for ratings, and Kelly is just acting for the cameras, things like that.  Bethenny wanted to try to drive it home for Jill just how bad it was, she asked them to stop filming so that she could talk to Jill and convince her that this was serious.  Jill wasn’t having any of it.  Since this was just hours before Jill planned to surprise the group, she wouldn’t put her plans aside for anything!  Jill didn’t even acknowledge that phone call when she showed up in St. John. 

When Jill said that she saw Kelly at the airport, that was true.  Alex explained that the flight that Jill and Bobby had just disembarked from was scheduled to be cleaned and flown right back to New York so Kelly literally got on the same plane that Jill had just gotten off. 

While Sonja appeared to be neutral until the final episode when she in essence toldl Jill that she thought it was out of line for Jill to show up unannounced, we will see Sonja commit to a “side” during the reunion.  Sonja joined the Housewives for the second half of the reunion taping, she wasn’t on the couch for the entire taping.  That makes sense since she joined the cast half way through the season.   When I expressed my frustration that Sonja was so neutral, Simon told me it would be more clear what side Sonja is on when I watch the reunion.  Alex and Simon both seem to really like Sonja, they speak of her fondly.  We spoke briefly of Sonja’s recent DUI and while neither Simon nor Alex condoned drinking and driving, they did reiterate that in the Hamptons, you don’t ever roll through a stop sign and get away with it. 

The husbands do not appear during the reunion, like they did in Orange County.  Simon was there for the taping, the hotel that he manages is just around the corner from where the taping took place so he stopped by a few times but will not be on the show.  I don’t think the viewers, overall, had a positive reaction to the men appearing on RHOOC reunion.  Personally, I enjoyed it, but in any case, Bravo did not have the husband’s appear on the NY reunion. 

It was nice to get confirmation or denial of all of these stories that are going around the internet, there were no earth-shattering bombshells that we learned but really fascinating stories about two wonderful people and their lives on this crazy reality show! 

So many things were filmed but never made it to air.  A birthday party for Alex and Simon’s son was filmed and Kelly was there, an opening of one of Alex’s stores was filmed, it seems to me they could make a whole other season with what was left on the cutting room floor.  I’m sure we’ll see some of these things in the lost footage episode.  Possibly these were not drama filled events and since there was so much drama, Bravo chose to air those. 

Alex explained that she has an on line calendar where she will input all of her scheduled activities and that Bravo producers have access to her calendar.  They will review and then ask her if they can film during certain times of her life.  She also told us that she can say no to filming any specific event if she feels it appropriate. 

We talked about Teresa and the attack on Bethenny along with Teresa’s financial problems.  Simon made a great point that if it was all fabricated, they certainly had a whole lot of information.  In essence, if someone wanted to make up all of that, they wouldn’t include details that could so easily have been verified or found to be untrue.  At this point nothing has been deemed “false” that I am aware of.  When someone makes up lies about something, they will use a lot of generalities in order to be able to spin it differently if called out on a specific fact.  Teresa’s issues were spelled out with specific numbers, locations of homes, complete with dates and times.  Let’s just say that Simon didn’t seem particularly fond of Teresa.

I asked about Ramona, and both Alex and Simon seem to be fond of her, they did say that Ramona is the same on camera and off.  They adore Avery and Mario!  What you see is what you get with Ramona!  Simon and Mario have struck up a friendship and do keep in touch. 

Alex also said she was fond of Bobby and that he was genuinely a nice man.  She said that while it was unlike him to approach her the way that he did at Sonja’s house, he does occasionally call Simon to try to get Jill and Alex back together.  It seems that Bobby doesn’t want his wife to be at odds with people and Bobby tries to be the peace maker.  Since Simon wasn’t at Sonja’s house that day, Bobby tried to smooth things over by going directly to Alex. 

Alex said that when Bobby was standing with the ladies and Jill and Ramona were by the car on St. John, both Alex and Bethenny apologized to Bobby.  They tried to explain the hell they had just been through and why they reacted the way they did to Jill’s surprise visit, but only a small portion of Bethenny talking to Bobby actually aired. 

I’m sure I will think of more details that I will include in future blogs but I will leave it here for now.

Alex and Simon are sincerely nice, real, down to earth people.  I cannot say enough nice things about them.  If you ever have the opportunity to meet them at a book signing, trust me, GO!  Many people I met last night drove up to 3-4 hours to be there and I assure you that they are not sorry they made the trip! 

I will go into detail more about all of the great bloggers and members of our community that I met once I get their approval.  LOL  I know that so many are private and don’t want to reveal anything about themselves so I won’t do that now.  Better yet, those who were there, please feel free to tell us about your experience! 

Until next time….


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268 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Jill’s Been Threatened? June 6, 2010

  1. otaypanky says:

    Well, well.
    I asked you Lynn if it was safe to go to sleep last night and it seems a whole other discussion happened “with Maria”. And the time it took me to find it!

    I do believe that in the end, Maria was contrite.

    Because of the new thread of discussion after I went to sleep, I switched back to Maria’s blog and lo and behold what do I find?

    One of her posters thinks I am a loser and should be looking for Osama Bin Laden instead….WHAAA???

    Another poster posited that there is no proof that Jizm did NOT receive a threat…Whaaa?

    This reminds me of reading the housewives nyc blog. Frustrating. Dealing with twisted logic. Fuming.

    Then one day out of sheer frustration, I type into google Jill Zarin is a bitch and I find Heaven. Your site Lynn. It’s just not what you write, it’s your followers. You are all insightful, witty, see irony, intelligent, great researchers, kind, respectful…Thank you all for turning stomach churning frustration into great fun.

    More importantly, I really do think this blog makes a difference in helping to block the maneuvering of the Zarins of the world. Perhaps WE saved a few reputations.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Well you cant please everyone. Maria, in an attempt to wash away yesterday’s post refreshed with a new post…a video of Luann?

      I get it…bury it and maybe it will go away.

      I hope Satchels enjoys commenting on the video 🙂

      • otaypanky says:

        we’re a little pissed with satchels…huh?

        ya know lynn…that’s the problem with bullying and spreading lies and threatening.

        jizm THREATENED YOU LYNN. She threatened me….not because she threatend you…she in fact did threaten posters here. she has my IP address. we went at it on her website. she published my email address. she made false claims against me…and you think for one moment I’M going to Back Down???
        You got the wrong woman cuz..

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        Ooops. Did I reply too soon? Guess I had better keep reading . . .

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Also, the “burden of proof” is squarely on Jill’s shoulders! How the hell does someone prove that something doesn’t exist? doh!

  2. Delia says:

    I said this before, and I will say it again….IF in fact Jill is being threatened (along with it being wrong) the FIRST thing police investigators are going to tell her is to NOT make a public message about it of facebook and twitter until AFTER they conclude their investigation. Sort of makes me question the validity of her so called ‘threat’. It is totally coming off to me as another publicity stunt gone wrong. She has 4 PR companies, and she she doesn’t listen to them….maybe this was one of their ideas, and she squealed in joy at the excitement of trying to be the victim again. Nope, just not ringing true here.

  3. otaypanky says:

    It’s established it’s not true. Maria was asked directly to have Jill produce evidence of her claim. Maria backed down, even going so far as to apologize if it isn’t true.

    Since Jill herself was her source, I am sure Maria will be burning the phone lines today with Jill asking for proof.

    Why?…because of us and our comments to her blog.

    Kudos to ALL OF YOU!

    ps…what does kadooz mean?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I second that Kudos to all of you, especially you Otay! You definitely led the way! Thank you!

      If the kadooz question wasn’t sarcastic….it is the way Ramona pronounces Kudos LOL

      • otaypanky says:

        Lynn…thanks for the nod…much appreciated.

        no, the question was not sarcastic…i had a feeling it was kudos…but wasn’t sure, so finally i asked.

        anyway…cannot go back to Maria’s blog, unless directed there by one of my fellow commenters. the comments are going the way of…she MUST have received threats…really? why?
        who threatens a reality performer?
        she may get negative fan mail, but that hardly constitutes a threat.
        Thank you Lynn for standing tall through this. I must say I started to get a little nervous when some posters felt we should back down and not say this or that…Why? because jizm was bullying again? and this time it was All of us?
        Screw you jizm…hope you’re hoping licking your chops over bringing down Maria.

        jizm…we are here…we are watching…we are researching…we are smarter than you…we will call you out at every turn.
        No one need threaten you…you are your own greatest threat you ding a ling.

  4. otaypanky says:

    one more thing…because of jizm, Maria’s reputation as a PAID blogger has been irrevocably tarnished. Maria must be really hurting right now.

    Thanks to jizm…a writer’s rep has been destroyed…another reason why

    I Still Hate Jiz Zarin!

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I think Maria’s rep was also damaged by Maria herself with her shoddy writing and shoddy research. Whenever you let yourself be swayed by anybody’s influence and not write accurately and check your facts, it will be noticed by someone.

  5. Quincy IL says:

    Paid blogger?

    I was wondering how google places the order of news items. It seems Maria is often listed. I found Lynn through a link..

    Again, what Jill claims can not be trusted. Jill has shown that she can not be trusted on any issue or claim. Just look at her behavior over the past three seasons.

  6. jane says:

    freesom of speech,” I hate JILL ZARIN very very match.SHE is a poster child of BITCH ! “done

  7. LynnNChicago says:

    Another “Fun” Bobby has appeared on Twitter:

    Tweets from @BaabwyZ

    Jill is asking why I slept on the kitchen floor. Oh god, what do I tell huh. I can’t afford more jewlery right now.

    I know, I’ll fix her a bagel with an extra schmeah and fresh squeezed juice and French roast and the Times business section.

  8. Quincy IL says:

    from a google of Jill Zarin news


    Lynn, Jill is going to make you a celebrity bigger than herself.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      LOL Thanks Quincy, I was just about to post that myself, you beat me to it! This has gotten sort of surreal…no?

      • Quincy IL says:

        IL is standing behind you , Lynn…
        You are not alone.

      • CarrieCinKY says:

        This is craziness, Lynn! Woke up this morning, & I’ve had to catch up on all the latest that has went on!!
        We are standing beside you, Lynn. Jill is a complete IDIOT. Sending someone a sympathy card is hardly harrassment, and I cannot believe you have to put up with more Jill drama once again. I believe 100% that the ONLY reason she’s screaming harrassment right now is because she’s jealous and angry…. for the simple fact of that beautiful party you threw for Alex and Simon. She is so heated that her book is a FLOP, & I’m sure it EATS her up knowing the woman who writes a blog titled “I hate Jill Zarin” hosted the party. She just can’t take it!
        I’m sure when she found this out, she came to your site & read your blogs, found that blog about the cards and went nuts! It pissed her off, plain & simple, that’s the ONLY reason why this drama has transpired.

  9. MickeyMouth says:

    A lot of posts have discussed Ally’s weight. I am unsure if people really understand the disease of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Many people have a form of arthritis (Osteoarthritis) but it is not the same. A person suffering from RA will have a lifetime of pain and medication. The medication treats the symptoms (pain/inflammation) but not the disease. The disease continues on. Most of the medications, steroids for example, cause weight gain and a host of other illnesses that can be just as horrible as the disease they are trying to treat. Having RA makes exercise painful. RA patients actually exercise a lot. Except they don’t exercise just to control their weight, they exercise for continued mobility. Persons suffering with RA will have good days and bad, but they can also have weeks when getting out of bed is an achievement. I am the daughter of a Rheumatoid Arthritic. I have watched this disease disable my mother since the day I was born. Like Ally my mother developed the disease as a child (Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis). I think those posting comments about Ally’s weight really don’t understand the effect this disease has on a body. Just my two cents.

    • anutha hata says:

      I could be wrong, but the only nasty comments about Ally’s weight that I’ve seen have been from her mother who obviously has a problem with it.
      Are you talking about people criticizing the fact that Jill sent Ally to a fat camp? Or that she just had to remark about how great Ally looked in a bathing suit as a toddler because she was thin?
      Personally, I think Ally is gorgeous.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I missed it if anyone talked about Ally’s weight. Anything negative about Ally’s weight would have been deleted had I found it, was this on this blog that you saw comments about Ally?

      • anniieee says:

        awesome—Ally has it tough enough already. She seems pretty level-headed considering all of her circumstances.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        “A lot of posts have discussed Ally’s weight.” Was not me stating that anyone attacked Ally, or picked on Ally or slammed Ally or calling her fat, etc. etc. It was a statment that Ally’s weight has been discussed on here and that maybe some don’t understand Ally’s disease.

    • error 404 says:

      ouch, my tiny brain is hurting from the effort. Who called Ally fat? People here? people on the internet? people at your job? people passing by your open window? people in a dream you had? I’m so confused.

      • Sue says:

        There was a comment from the previous blog entry that with Jill’s money she should be able to get Ally to lose weight. Something about just getting her on a bicycle.

        If people want to talk about the stars of the shows fine, but talking about the kids is just not cool. That’s why I don’t like Danielle of RHONJ. She goes after the kids of these ladies too.

      • Annie1033 says:

        That was random…….
        You know, Ally Zarin is BEAUTIFUL. I don’t care what you think about her mother (whom I HATE) or whatever, but that kid is absolutely gorgeous!
        Making fun of her WEIGHT is low and unwarranted.
        I DID say that her MOTHER looks like an “Overweight dragqueen for the Early Bird Set” on the upcoming reunion, that’s for sure.
        But I wouldn’t bring up that kid’s weight, ever and she’s not even all that overweight! Please! In any case, if I WAS to talk about her in any way, I might instead say that she and her step-father Bobby are certainly getting snowed by Jill and frankly, she is her daughter and that IS her husband so I would fully EXPECT them to be snowed by Jill and believe all of her bullshit. Ally took up the cause on her Twitter page the other day saying that there is now a “HATE Page” as she put it, about her dog. No Ally; this would be HUMOR and in fact says NOTHING mean about your dog, just the yenta who insists on carrying around the poor thing everywhere, all the time.
        So no, I don’t think I or anyone else here for that matter would make fun of Ally’s WEIGHT. I would however venture to say that she seems to be taking after her mother in brain cell count. Mean? Maybe. But these people just keep putting themselves out there and if you should be mad at ANYONE, it should be at Jill for being a gigantic public relations disaster and using her daughter for sympathy and subjecting her daughter to the often way-too-cruel public eye.

  10. jb8 says:

    I see no need to pick on the children of reality TV people. Ally is a beautiful young woman. She has a medical condition most of us know little about. Leave the children alone.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      jb8 Nobody here picks on the children!

      • error 404 says:

        well…. there was a whole anti-Avery rant here a few weeks ago. I remember because I was shocked by it.

        • error 404 says:

          Oh.. and there was some anti-Noel stuff too.

        • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

          That was in reaction to how she acted on the show. Some people thought she was a brat; others, like me, thought she was acting like a typical 15 year old. Same for Noel–people were reacting to what they saw on the show, NOT how some gossip column said they were acting. Completely different animal.

    • error 404 says:

      ITA! It’s one thing to make fun of adults who put themselves on TV.. especially the ones who go on stating their intent is to show us how fabulous they are… but to criticize of kids whose parents shove them on tv is below the belt IMO.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        I didn’t see that about Avery or Noel or if I did I’ve forgotten about it. If it was objectionable did you bring it to Lynn’s attention?

        It’s one thing to feel this way, and it is right to believe that children shouldn’t be commented on in a bad light, but when you see it happen, why do you not speak out?

        • A former Jill fan says:

          Sorry error_404, that should have read:

          …, but when you saw it happen, did you speak out then?

          I just assumed you didn’t speak out when you saw the comments. Bad writing.

    • Had Enough! says:

      I agree 100% and this is what got me banned from TwoP. I said exactly that. And boom. The axe fell on my neck.

      The kids should be off-limits. Just because their parents exercise poor judgment in putting them on TV doesn’t mean it is right for us to go after them. Not until they are 18 and legally of age to make their own decisions. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they are capable of exercising good judgment themselves just because they turned 18 but at that point, they are on their own. They can learn from their own mistakes, rather than their parents’ mistakes.

      It galls me that TwoP and their cretin dictator Strega worry endlessly about people writing about things that happen off-air, but could care less about people saying nasty things about kids. How amoral is that?

      Now it is possible that you can put your kid on TV and no harm will come of it. Some kids are more resilient than others, some will shrug it off. Others not so much. And don’t tell me a parent knows her own kid. They THINK they do, but kids hide so much.

      There is so much evidence that kids don’t handle early fame and being on TV – even fictional programs – well. Look at the list of former child stars who have had horrible lives and the many who have committed suicide. Gary Coleman said that celebrity is a burden.

      I feel sorry for all these kids. They should not be on TV. Maybe briefly, in passing. It wouldn’t be bad to just see Ally being dropped off at school, or Avery at the hairdresser. But to watch Kellamity talking to her girls, in a public place, about Playboy, knowing full well that her kids’ parents would see it and their friends would see it (re-runs airing in the afternoon and on weekends!) was just sickening.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Nobody has picked on ally and if someone did, Lynn would delete the comments. Please check out your facts before posting something like that.

      I agree though that Ally is a beautiful young woman and certainly sympathize with her as I also have arthritis.

      The only thing I remember being discussed was Jill’s bad attitude re Ally’s weight and things jill could have done more positively to help ally than send her to a fat farm.

      Nobody slammed Ally or made fun of her weight.

  11. MAMAZ says:

    Good morning. One thing you have to remember is that JZ views anything less than outright worship as a threat. So are we a threat to her? Yes! I’m sure she sees the petition as a threat. I hope it is. But making negative comments and signing petitions to have her removed from the show aren’t legally threats. Sending cards to her home or place of business, not a threat in the legal sense unless someone wrote that they wanted to harm her in some way. I highly doubt that anyone from here did that.
    A. Chandler is a threat because she refused to whitewash her review of “the book” and exposed the fake 5 star reviews.. Alex is a threat because her fan base has grown. Bethenny is a threat because she is got a spin off that doesn’t include Jill. Lynn is a threat because she blogs about the show without kissing Jill’s ass. We are all threats because we agree with what Lynn has to say and we spread the word. Sonja is the biggest threat and Jill doesn’t even see it coming because she is the break out star of the show.
    And it wasn’t Lynn’s idea to send cards in the first place. I remember Lynn saying it came from a reader. She passed on the suggestion, and told people to do it IF they wanted. She never told anyone to send a card.
    Jill is right to feel threatened. She has painted herself into the proverbial corner. But one of her PR people should tell her fighting is not the way out. What she needs to do is quiet down. And ask whatever fans she has left to also quiet down. Issue a sincere apology for all her behavior including Amazon gate. Then just sit back and wait to see if the public accepts her apology.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Any PR person/firm would tell a client with such a negative public image to stop the twitter, facebook, blogs, etc because then you are not saying/doing anything that would provoke a response. Additionally, they would tell her to apologize in a very controlled environment, not be defensive and be sincere doing it. With her high need for control, she can not do these simple things – they will be fired soon because they can’t fix a problem that can’t be managed.

    • anniieee says:

      If Nixon had apologized, with sincerity–history might have been different. He too, was arrogant and figured the average voter was stupid. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down….Man up Jill!

      Just my opinion..

  12. MickeyMouth says:

    Actually one of the most recent posts did address Jill hiring someone to help Ally lose weight. That post actually addressed the fact that Ally would have difficulty exercising and I thought good, someone sees that Ally has physical limitations. Jill’s obsession with weight is another thing entirely. She has serious food issues from what I can see and read (who throws water on food and thinks that is a diet). Most of those posts seem to be blaming Jill but the result is the same they point out Ally’s weight.

    • Quincy IL says:

      That was me. I have been going to a trainer because I am 57 and have had problems. It’s not about the weight. It’s about being the healthiest that you can be. Lots of my friends have had knee problems and the trainers help you work around those issues.

      Jill should consider getting help for Ally.

    • Jennifer says:

      Maybe that’s why Jill is always such a bitch- she’s hungry! ( joke)

  13. Olivia says:

    Another day of Jill basking in the glow of her own flashlight!

  14. otaypanky says:

    This is exactly what jizm is wholly incapable. It definitely bespeaks of a personality disorder.
    I am not an ogre. A while back, I commented on Jizm’s facebook with a very compassionate post suggesting she stop all media outreach…all of it…let things rest, die down. People followed up with “what a great suggestion”…did she take it? no.
    She instead redoubled her efforts and unfortunately for her, her efforts always include the destruction of others.
    Good people don’t like that. Fair minded people are going to rebel.

    oh stuff…still so hating jizm.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I think Bethenny nailed when she said Jill was her own worst enemy. I really beleive that Jill thinks she can make everyone see things her way. I don’t care how many PR people you hire, unless they ar telling he to make a huge mea culpa then they are a waste of money. I wonder how many PR people have actually quit.

      • error 404 says:

        she seems to have a problem detecting the severity of things.

        taking latkes was a nice gesture, but considering the meeting and all that happened, it was too little too late and backfired. Almost everyone brings it up as a “WTF” moment.

        she also seems trapped in a cycle: no sooner had she begged forgiveness for attacking Bethenny, she paused a split second, then started attacking Alex, undoing any forgiveness she had just gained.

        • Squirrels says:

          The potato pancakes were merely a ruse so she could show up at B’s door to say, “Hiiiii… I was in the neighborhood and just wanted to pick up my tupperware. OOOOh, is that the new baby? Awww, let me hold her.”

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Otay, Jill actually did, at one point, say she was going to take a break from all social media, that lasted about 12 hours LOL

  15. otaypanky says:

    OMG…jizms website is open to comments again and guess what. Everyone adores her!

    Not only that…Everyone want to know what other people are watching and why can’t they see that Alex and Bethenny are the bitches!

    I so hate this broad…please…go away…please stop.

  16. Olivia says:

    It is possible that I missed it, but I have never seen anyone here ever mock Ally because of her weight. We all know she has a serious physical condition and I also believe that if that had happened more than a few of us would have addressed the poster who brought it up.

    Kelly did herself no favors when she persisted in her daily, nonstop blathering right after the VI show in an attempt to spruce up her image with the nonsense flowing out of her Twittering. Had she remained silent there may have been more sympathy for her but instead she went on the offensive by declaring the rest of us as having issues with her behavior rather than the other way around.

    Jill should have taken a lesson from Kelly’s inanities and stayed quiet but she chose to challenge the facts and insult anyone who called out her reprehensible behavior and it has led to more dislike of this make believe celebrity.

    These “stars” think it is acceptable to thumb their noses at the audience and by doing battle via technology they have gained the upper hand. They are asking us to believe them or our “lying eyes” by reinventing the facts.

    If nothing else, Jill’s tantrum regarding the Amazon review revealed more of her true self than any episode Bravo chose to present. We can argue scripted or non scripted episodes but attacking a critic and labeling her as an anti Semite because of a lousy review that had merit speaks volumes and reinforces the image she is trying so desperately to live down.

  17. otaypanky says:

    Just yesterday, less than 24 hours ago, Jill manufactured a threat from Chicago the day after Lynn hosted her party for the Van Kempens.

    She gets a bravo blogger not only to mention the threats she alluded to on her twitter and facebook accounts, she gets the blogger to “accuse” Lynn and her blog by name directly of Criminal Behavior.

    She threw in Alabama for the hell of it! So Jill…she is such a “dangerous” twit.

    All of this is non scripted behavior. All of this is after all taping has concluded.

    Some posters here “felt” the threat. This is why I hate her so. She “claims” to be threatened yet her “claim” is wrapped around a Threat and False Accusation of another.

    And believe me…I know…she did it to me…Not is such a grand scale way…but I don’t author a blog. Just a viewer.

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      Not sure where the “Alabama” thing came in, but I am now being followed on Twitter by someone from Alabama who also tweets about RHONYC. I also keep getting notices about others who are “following” me (why? seriously, I’m not that funny or interesting) but when I go to check their profiles, I get the “this account has been suspended” message. How can someone whose account is suspended follow me? I don’t get it.

  18. boston02127 says:

    Good morning all,

    I feel sorry for Ally, imagine living with this crap day in and day out. If I were Bobby I’d take every electronic piece in the house away and tell her to shut the f/ up, She must be such a misery to live with.

  19. yesIwatchthiscrap says:

    Actually I commented twice on Jill’s blog, one comment wasn’t published….she said she would delete all “vulgarities” I had none, I actually refrained from using the word “crap” in case that would cause it to be deleted. But she did address a lot of comments, the negative ones too. I think both of my comments were addressed (even the delted one) but the problem was that her answers were showing well after the question were asked so it became confusing who she was answering. But she asked for “help” with how to change that.
    So it seems like she is trying to turn things around. But I doubt it would turn many of you lol. I don’t “hate” Jill, and she was never my favorite. I am pretty much indifferent to her at this point. I think she has tried to say it was her fault things started bad this season, but it seems like she follows that up with what everyone else has done. She doesn’t seem to get what she started caused other people to act as they did…..she was the original domino in the line.
    I generally could relate well to Alex, we both have two boys….but more than anything I am akward….like her and my people generally don’t get my sense of humor… like her. But to be quite honest I kigind of wish she would apologize to Jill for giving her the message the way she did (but not for the message itself). I understand her reasons behind it, but I don’t think she meant it to come across like that. Again not that she has to apologize to Jill for the actual message, but just the way it was presented.
    But I wish Jill would just back off claiming Alex was the reason she was “thrown off the island”…..Alex didn’t tell her to leave, or even ask Ramona to make her leave. If Ramona wanted Jill to stay Alex could have gone off somewhere else (as she stated was her plan)….well gone after the pedicures were done. The fact is Jill just blatenly ignored her….she knew what she was doing and took pleasure in it. So now she just twists it all around and acts like it was all Alex’s doing.
    It all just sets up for a dramtic season next year….think about it they will probably start filiming in another few months and it’s all set up for Jill and Alex to have more drama between the two of them.
    I personally would love to see Sonja and Alex having some fun together and not Jill fighting…..and more than anything no Kelly or Luann.
    It may be nice to try and see if Jennifer can stay….maybe that would help get Kelly gone lol.

  20. boston02127 says:


  21. Olivia says:

    Admittedly I had never watched Jon and Kate but when they were getting coverage for their marital woes they drew in more viewers as a result. For a show that was supposed to be about a couple raising 8 kids, 6 of whom were sextuplets, the series began to revolve around the behavior of the parents instead.

    Tuning in I saw an immature man being bossed around by his overbearing wife who was playing her part strictly for the benefit of the cameras as she rolled her eyes, yelled out instructions, and belittled his efforts for the sake of eliciting sympathy at the expense of his non participation. He displayed a petulance and a detachment meant to highlight his misery and sides were drawn. The kids became just a part of the background as these two fought it out in front of the camera as their marriage hit the skids and the original idea collapsed into dust.

    She went on to write books, make tv appearances, signed on with DWTS, posed for mag covers, and blogged about her life as a single Mom, all the while lamenting that whatever she did, she did “for the kids”. He then was followed as he dated a string of 20 somethings, vacationed in sunny spots, and filed lawsuits against the network and his ex wife. True “monsters” were born out of this reality exposure as two untalented morons were showcased as people of importance when they were no such thing.

    Jill falls into the same category as Jon and Kate. They are all shameless fame seekers whose very existence rests in how much publicity they can grab as they attempt to rake in the big bucks for doing nothing more than debasing themselves for the sake of the “fans”.

    These are truly horrible people whose need for fame far outweighs what little they have to offer in return.

    • otaypanky says:

      Did you see Kate on DWTS?

      She almost broke down in tears over not being allowed to answer to the paps.

      The paps have made her career. What talent does she think she has? What is she going to do? Avoid of paps and then do an Oscar winning turn in her next movie?

      People buying their own press. That’s all it is.

      • Olivia says:

        Kate will now be seen on two reality shows for TLC. Two!

        She is probably who Jill is attempting to emulate. Reality tv has assisted in the creation of these non entities who will stoop to any level to get what they want.

        Next up: episodes of the Kardashian series where one of the sisters is seen locking herself and her baby in the bedroom as her boyfriend goes into a drunken rage, throwing glasses and furniture, and ends up being rushed to the hospital with injuries.

        This is how far these famewhores are willing to expose themselves for in their quest for fame and what reality tv fans are calling entertainment. It is no longer a question of how much lower this stuff can go if they are willing to film this for the audience.

  22. Jenni says:

    I have a great deal of respect for most of the folks that come together on this blog. We have expressed our common outrage as we witnessed events unfold with respect to Jill’s actions over the past year. Our statements as to our feelings and compilation of the facts (as we see them) is, IMO, a good thing, since these expressions might provide support to those we feel have been badly used. It shows that there are some people in the world do “get it”, and I hope that those people who have not been treated fairly are able to take some comfort from seeing that there are intelligent, reasonable people that see beyond the surface and the spin.

    However, at this point, I can no longer continue without expressing my concern for some of the attitudes that have been exhibited on this blog in the last couple of weeks. I have thought about commenting sooner, but I did not. The fact that I have waited until now to say what I am about to say is something that I am ashamed about. I did not have the courage or energy earlier, and that shows my weakness.

    When we move from a position of stating our opinions and listing the “facts” as we see them to having to DO SOMETHING to get even, or to hurt someone else, or to make sure that our opinions are forced on someone who does not wish to know what we think, then we have crossed a line that I do not believe we have the right to cross. At that point, we have started a vendetta and become fanatics.

    Jill does not owe us an apology. Even Bethenny has said that she wishes Jill well on several occasions, and would never try to hurt her or her family. I’ll wager that the other folks that Jill has treated shabbily would also say the same thing.

    I love this blog, the people who comment here and work so hard to address the wrongs and compile the information. I do not want to have to give up this place, because a few commenter’s let their emotions overflow from time to time into actions that really do, IMO, resemble those of a group of bullies. Please, ladies, let us not become like JILL!

    • yesIwatchthiscrap says:

      Well said….and before when I said “Kelly gone”…..I meant as in off the show….not really gone lol. I just don’t think mental breakdowns are good for entertainment.

    • error 404 says:

      why is everyone hurting my tiny brain this morning?! Am I one of the “bullies”? What are these “actions”? Is this about the sympathy cards? Did anyone here even admit sending any? So confused.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Jenni – I think you should state your views and I am really sorry you withheld them in the past. I think one of the unique things about Lynn’s blog is that people have been able to disagree without being disagreeable. I’m sure you’ve seen that I’ve publicly disagreed with Otay a couple of times and she was free to take my advice or not. She didn’t get offended or hissy, and I didn’t get upset if she chose not to take my advice. And even if someone does get hissy with you, well so what? It is important that you state your views, especially on something important like this, and someone being nasty online – big deal. Turn off your computer and go do something nice and don’t worry about it.

      Way back we had a discussion about the African school that was the beneficiary of the Water Mill benefit. I don’t know if you were around then. It turns out that the charity is run by a highly placed Scientologist and the school is a Scientology-based teaching center. Scientology is a hot-button topic and yet we managed to have an entirely respectful, civil, thoughtful conversation – which was particularly impressive because one of the commenters here is a Scientologist. Haven’t seen her around lately – I think her name was Annie?

      So please do express your views and don’t wait until weeks later. What you have to say is important and I for one want to here them, and the views of everyone else here. It is what makes the discussion interesting and the time spent valuable. It gets us beyond venting and entertainment. A good discussion is worth its weight in gold!

      • otaypanky says:

        ps..Thanks for the correction “Had Enough”…and it was accepted.

      • Annie1033 says:

        That’s right! (Annie here;)….
        I think we’re all pretty friendly, nice people and I for one really DON’T take any of this stuff all that seriously….most of the time, the tongue is pressed firmly in cheek and I think we do ourselves a giant disservice when we DO become fanatical, like you said Jenni. You are right in that regard.
        NONE of this is life or death, as I’ve said before. A few of us, like ME, BOSTON and a few others who I’m so sorry that I can’t remember right now (haven’t had enough coffee yet) really DO have to deal with real life; BIG stuff, life and death stuff on a daily basis in our daily lives! So if anything, this is a nice, frivolous break from all of that stress.
        I wrote above about Ally and I sort of made fun of her intelligence based on the fact that she seems to think Ginger Zarin’s twitter page is “Hate Speech”. Do I REALLY think Ally isn’t a bright young lady?…actually, no not at all…I think she’s quite bright and obviously miles ahead of her mother! 😉
        Just take it all with a grain of salt. Take it for what it is: It’s an entertainment page.
        What DOES seem to be very, very real to ME though, (and I could be getting a little too sincere here people so watch out) is how much I really do LIKE and admire all of you here! From day one, and especially cemented by that discussion we had in the early days as Had Enough referenced, I realized how personally supportive and actually quite lovely most of you really are! None of us would have met most likely, if it wasn’t for this page…and yet I’ve shared with you guys some information so personal, information that some of my friends aren’t even aware of! That speaks volumes.
        So yeah, just take it with a grain of salt. And know that it’s safe to say that the majority of us here are in our real lives nice, hard working, sweet people and don’t wish anyone any harm.

    • viki55 says:

      I would like to second this opinion.

  23. boston02127 says:

    The words “get a hobby” almost have a laughable ring to them now.

  24. DCxicana says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Check you out! You’ve been blogged on ONTD.


    Also, I don’t know if you’ve already posted, but I tried looking for you on Facebook and there are over 500 Lynn Hudson’s. Can you send a link to your facebook page?


    • otaypanky says:

      Thanks for the post.

      Congratulations Lynn!

      Apropos of Alex’s statement to you…”When Jill attacks me, it’s like oxygen”.

      Hope you’re high on oxygen today!

  25. WindyCityWondering says:

    This season (and in the reunion preview) accusations of putting things in the press (or attempts to put things in the press) flew with wild abandon. When will a wife come to the party and confront with the PROOF in hard copy??? While not everything one says in an interview is in the final article and there are times that when taken out of context (or the title for the article) can spin in a direction not intended by the person being interviewed – it would infinately more interesting to see a response to a specific allegation with proof in hand….

    • LynnNChicago says:

      That is an original concept! It is true! Accusations fly around with no proof! I’d like to see the proof! Especially from Kelly and her wild accusations.

    • error 404 says:

      Bethenny comes closest: When her feud with Jill goes public, she goes all Angela Landsbury and keys the audience into all the clues that it it was Jill who planted it. A very convincing argument she makes.

      Compare that to Kiki’s reasoning that B attacked her in the press: “who else would it be?” and well, it’s no contest. Again we side with B, and her “why would I pay people to put your name in the press?” defense.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Plus, remember PR101? IF Bethenny did pay someone to get Kelly’s name in the press, well then Kelly should be THANKING her! Right? Am I right?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Right you are! Kelly’s PR rules are sort of hard to follow, since she doesn’t give any sterling examples of them in action with any success.
          The rule she didn’t give a number to is the one she uses most – say something that has nothing to do with the conversation! That is one to explore – she is truly gifted in this area. I still can’t make Al Sharpton make sense – unless she thought B was preaching………

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Sonja asked Kelly if she had proof that Bethenny attacked her/her family – she had none, yet she said it all season. No blog to date that I know of has found this “press attack” by Bethenny.
        I feel Jill needs the press in a very unhealthy way. She said everyone works the media to throw us off her devious use of it.
        I just want to see the proof that supposedly fuels the accusations.

    • CarrieCinKY says:

      I know, right? I thought Jill had notes…. LOL

    • Chattycat says:

      WindyCityWondering – I so agree with you about having the proof. That is something that really frustrates me on the reunions. The wives know this stuff is going to come up, and yet no one brings any proof. And then Andy always, always ends the argument by saying, “We’re not going to resolve this here,” and leaves the viewers totally frustrated…or at least I am. Since the reunion has not shown yet, I don’t know if this happened or not, but I think it would have been a great idea to have A. Chandler (Amazon reviewer) show up at the reunion and call Jill out on Amazongate. Like I said, it hasn’t shown yet, but I seriously doubt they did it. Just like they ought to show flashbacks when the women lie. Like when Kelly says she has never used Bethenny’s name in the press, have little clips showing her doing just that. Show her for the liar that she is. Anyway, that’s just my humble opinion. LOL

  26. LynnNChicago says:

    Jenni, I agree with what you You are saying. I think you also have to look at this blog as a place for people to vent their anger, maybe even in an attempt to avoid doing anything more than type words on a computer. I admit I was, and still am angry over another blogger slamming me, lying about my blog and lying about what I said and didn’t say. It isn’t like it is difficult to scan back to my blogs to read what I said and to quote me correctly. Does she have a right to her opinion? Sure she does! I never said that she didn’t, but if you’re going to quote me, I expect it to be accurate and to criticize me for something that I didn’t do and didn’t say just isn’t right. She basically referred to everyone who posts on my blog as brainless twits. She claims that she doesn’t allow people on her blog to attack one another, yet she approved a very hurtful attack and attacked me herself!
    Whenever possible, I cut and paste text from others in order to avoid misquoting someone. Otherwise I will say that I am paraphrasing. It is just called being responsible. I will take responsibility for anything I’ve said on this blog. Others should do the same.
    Personally, I haven’t asked for an apology from Jill Zarin and I don’t intend to. If anyone has asked her for an apology, I think it is more of a suggestion to Jill that could possibly improve her reputation by apologizing to fans, I don’t think anyone was saying Jill should contact someone directly with a personal apology.
    This blog has become a place for people to vent. Will some people go a little too far sometimes? Sure. Just pass it on by and read the next post. Everyone needs to get their aggression out sometimes. If you start to take everything everyone says personally or try to break down every word someone posts, this is no longer a place to vent but a place to be angry and attack one another. That is when it will be shut down.
    I’m also angry that another blogger has managed to create such chaos on MY Blog, I would have hoped all of us here were beyond that happening. Maybe that was her intent?

    • otaypanky says:

      i thought we created chaos (if call call fact finding chaos) on her blog.

      lynn…what chaos was created here?

      i do notice that sometimes people write long comments and it’s obvious to me by the content, that they haven’t read the threads prior to posting.

      so, i try not to respond. just don’t wish to spend alot of time restating the obvious.

      but everyone is entitled to their opinion and if followers feel an affinity for the post, they respond. if not, they do not.

      • error 404 says:

        I assume Lynn is referring to infighting. You know: “divide and conquer”.

        • otaypanky says:

          I must be dense. I wasn’t aware of infighting.

          What I noticed is that some posters felt “the threat” jizm put out there and started back tracking on this blog.

          They got frightened…that’s all. No one wants to be accused of criminal behavior.

          It was really tough for me not to answer the post that stated that out of respect for Lynn, we should stop making certain statements. I almost spit a gut.
          That’s what she wants.
          I’m not here to feed her voracious appetite for love, praise and acclaim.
          If that was the way this blog was going to go, I would have just ….gone away.

          And yes, my fellow posters have at times smacked me down in the most loving way and brought me back to reality and I thank them for it. We are a crew!

          Jill had better realize that we are NOT a FORCE to be reckoned with. Any ONE POSTER here is intelligent enough to turn her ridiculous and unlawful (as quincy states) accusations on it’s ear.

          • error 404 says:

            perhaps infighting is an exaggeration.

            But there was so much “debate” a few weeks back concerning the sympathy cards that I just starting scrolling past entire blocks of text.. Zzzzz

            Now Jeni has posted that she’s upset? disappointed? with some of us.. and despite it being 5 paragraphs long, I have no clue what specifically she’s taking about.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Maybe a little too sensitive today, you’re right Otay the majority of the chaos took place where it started and where it belongs.

          We don’t all have to agree, state your views and debate, that is the intent. Not to make blanket statements about “everyone” here. Error you got it.

          • otaypanky says:

            No error Lynn.

            You were outright Named and Accused of Criminal Behavior by another blogger. Her source as she “eventually” admitted was Jill herself.

            That is Outrageous!

            What I found particularly repugnant is that Jill is so good at this that posters here started to back track and make claims of “I didn’t send a card”.

            Who cares! It’s not criminal! That must have been Very Difficult for you to swallow. It was for me.

            And there was one post I found very difficult not to answer…it stated in essence that we should all curttail our freedom of speech to avoid baseless accusations.

            Well, thanks to Had Enough and other posters,(and had enough has in the past disagreed with and corrected me…corrected me in that I took her advice), We prevailed.

            Lynn, you must have been very upset. I was horrible upset when Jill outed me and rewrote my posts and made horrible accusations…but…I’m still relatively anonymous.

            You are not. If I did what Jill accused me of on her website, she should come after me. That’s why I kept saying …here I am.

            You..Dear Lynn…had quite a bit more to lose.

            You Stood Up. You are a Stand Up Broad.

            Don’t ever apoligize for your truth…if you step out of line…your buds here will let you know.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I posted above about JZ apologizing. Lynn is correct that I didn’t mean she should apologize to any one fan. I was just saying from a PR point of view a general apology would go a long way.

        • Mel says:

          -Or distraction from Lynn’s original posting on her fun weekend 🙂

          • Mel says:

            Oops was referring to why Lynn would not be too crazy about all the discussion about Maria’s blog on JZ. Maria’s blog has caused people to be distracted from Lynn’s weekend and causing people to scramble in defense of Jill’s accusations. Seriously- what is the worst thing that will happen?? People being told to not send anymore mail to Jill?? Done.
            As far as people being booted from Jill’s facebook. Do her one better- everyone remove yourselves first and see her numbers slide. If all of this really bothered her she would have gone to a comment-free page. It is easy enough to do. Then she can share all of her ramblings without having to have input from any of the “little people.”

      • lrd851 says:

        otaypanky – I agree with you re: the comments. Alot of the time things i wish to say are already said so i dont repost the same content. However, I do thoroughly enjoy all the comments and posts on this blog, as well as the blog.. I may not post a lot but I do enjoy… Thanks everyone for the blog, the comments, the laughs and the opinions..

    • CarrieCinKY says:

      We’re beside you, Lynn…. ((hugs)) the drama you’re dealing with is just ridiculous.
      I totally agree with you, 100%. I don’t mean to upset anyone, I come here to vent, whether it’s anger or happiness, I feel totally secure stating my feelings here, I feel welcome… and everyone else should too!
      I read the blog you’re referring to, Lynn, it wasn’t nice OR accurate. If people would take the time to read your ENTIRE blog, they would see that… I even went back and re-read the blog, just to refresh my memory of what was said. Not once did I read a “threatening” statement from you. You even commented people, stating they DO NOT have to do anything!
      Maria, if you’re going to write a blog about our friend, take the time to read it ALL, state the FACTS, and for heaven’s sake, do it accurately!

  27. boston02127 says:

    Now that Kelly seems to be making light of her “breakthrough” I figure she is fair game. She said she is glad about what happen in St. John’s, she claims acting the way she did will allow her to get her name out there and it will allow her to be more charitible.

    I pulled this from the link below:
    “Kelly claims to not have enough time to work with all of the charities she wants to work with. OK. So the Countess, social-climber that she is, asks Kelly, “Oh, what charities are you involved with?” Which seems like a reasonable, if transparent, question to ask. But Kelly, not understanding? states, “Oh, I’m not involved with any charities.”

    Also, in that link there is a funny piece about a woman trying on a bathing suit in Bloomingdale’s and she got a free copy of Kelly’s book. So Jill if your reading this, that should make you feel really good about that piece of crap book you’re pawning . Bloomingdale’s giving away Kelly’s book makes Jill’s book seem like a John Grisham novel.

    • error 404 says:

      Kiki is a hoot! She avoids each and every conversation at every turn. Almost every sentence out of her mouth is a way to end a topic or close down a conversation.

      ex: “I’m too busy to do all the charities I want” is an attempt to shut down the “why didn’t you lend your name?” conversation. When that backfired, and Lulu started a whole other conversation about which charities she work with, you know, a question that could have led to a lengthy and in depth conversation, she shut her down with “None”.

      Kiki avoids real interaction with humans at all costs.

      When the other ladies accuse her of being crazy, her response is “Ok, I’m crazy”, shutting down the conversation. She’d rather you think she’s mentally ill than have to share any real feelings.

      • boston02127 says:

        Jill is angry with the world and holds grudges as we all know.
        Yet she let Kelly get away with calling the Creaky Joints charity for Ally “cute”, then refused to lend her name to the charity.
        Jill seems to have her priorities mixed up.

        • Had Enough! says:

          And with not coming through with the donation (of a photo shoot by Gilles). Don’t worry. She’s keeping a list and when it is time for her to put the Trained Sasquatch down, we’ll hear all about every last transgression.

  28. Jenn says:

    I loved your blog! I’ve never seen anything from you before but I’ll be looking out for you now. I truely enjoyed it and there are times that other bloggers make it hard to understand I understood every word you wrote. Thank you for your insite and keep up the good work.

  29. Jenn says:

    Oh one questions. Where dos that leave Maria Diaz? Will we still see her around? Don’t understand. Is she the one Jill was talking about? the stalker?

  30. Had Enough! says:

    OH MY GOD! Kikilet wrote to Ginger:

    @GingerZarin nope i am single. the right man will come and find me. till then, i am loving my girls and giving them everything.

    OK, so where to start on this gem?

    1. Does she not know that it is a spoof account?
    2. Does she not know that this is going to get her on Jill’s SHIT LIST. She may end up in a shelter for homeless Trained Sasquatches.
    3. The right man will find her for sure because she’s got neon lights on her hoochie – runs around with it hanging out all day long.
    4. So when the right man comes along, she is going to stop loving her girls and giving them everything?

    Did I cover it all?

    • error 404 says:


      are you sure you don’t want to change your name to “can’t get enough!” ? 😛

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Yes, yes you did! She is truly the gift that just keeps on giving, isn’t she?

      So generous, that Kelly…

      • Had Enough! says:

        oh please please please before she deletes it – someone please hurry up and retweet it to her Mistress! please I beg of you!

      • Had Enough! says:

        Oh hell – I missed the best one! If she doesn’t know it is a spoof account, that must mean she actually thinks she is answering a tweet from a dog!

        OK, I can’t laugh anymore…it is beginning to hurt!

        • shantygal says:

          Had, thanks. Fantastic belly laugh much needed to start off a gloomy Monday. LOL.

          • Had Enough! says:


    • boston02127 says:

      @Has Enough~~I’ll break it down.
      Kelly: woof woof woof, woof bark woof. woof lick woof woof!

    • CarrieCinKY says:

      That comment was hilarious! You covered it WELL. ; )

  31. Had Enough! says:

    And she wrote:

    @NadiaMck evocative characters= good television. good ethics, hard work,kids, dogs, horses,and true love doesnt make good tv. sorry.

    Hmm. Except for the horses, that sounds a whole lot like Bethenny’s Getting Married?
    Wait until the ratings go through the roof…

    • error 404 says:

      well, B does make a lot of references to the race track. How can a show about Bobby Frankel’s daughter not include horses. lol

      • error 404 says:

        p.s. if the show is anything like her soundbite “I was raised in a cave by animals…” BGM? will be a laugh and a half!

    • otaypanky says:

      love you had enough.


    • MAMAZ says:

      Has she heard of the new Bravo hit Nine by Design? It is all about good ethics, hard work, kids and true love. It is great TV.
      The problem is that Kelly doesn’t have good ethics, she lies, teases men into asking her out then says she can’t mix business with pleasure. She diminshes the seriousness of real problems like bullying and AIDs by her inane(and insane) ramblings on the subjects.
      She doesn’t work hard. Asking men and boys about their underwear on the streets of NYC is not hard work. Going on lavish trips – not hard work.
      She’s got the kids and they appear to be very nice young ladies but she doesn’t have true love. So instead she creates drama. And it’s not good TV. In her own parlance it creeps most people out. Not just commentators here on Lynn’s blog but virtually every magazine and blog that has covered this season has expressed concern for her mental well being.

  32. Quincy IL says:

    Hi, Lynn. I went back and got my quote:

    “Why doesn’t Jill hire a physical trainer to help Ally exercise in what ever way that she can. You have all of that money and you can’t help that girl learn to ride a bike? Shocking”

    There were no replies to capture and absolutely no on discussed Ally’s weight. I did notice that certain people consistently respond to my posts and I have no idea why they would do that. Anyway, I am going to ignore that and move on. Perhaps, they read and invent things along the way…. Not my problem. I cleared my name …. about the child issue.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I am talking about a “discussion” of Ally’s weight. My first post was about discussing Ally’s weight. My second post was about the discussion of Ally’s weight. Every post regarding my first post has been about where have people called Ally fat. Saying people have discussed Ally’s weight does not equate to calling the child fat.

      Who smudged your name?

      • Quincy IL says:

        My post information was referenced in one of the replies so I cleared up the fact that there was no reference to that word in my post or from replies. I am moving on. Take care…

    • Dolce says:

      I do not believe that you, or anyone else here attacked Ally or the other children on these horrid shows. Rather, I read concern for the future of these children.

      Ally has an autoimmune disease (RH). If you have one autoimmune disease, you also can, at the same time, develop another. Personally, I don’t feel we have the “need to know” her issues unless she or her parents feel it would be a benefit for awareness to the general public. Such as donations to charitable causes. Any number of the other diseases could cause weight gain. I do speak from experience. I had Graves disease; docs killed the thyroid; now I’m hypo. Not fun! Here is a list of autoimmune diseases:

      A person may have more than one autoimmune disorder at the same time. Examples of autoimmune (or autoimmune-related) disorders include:

      •Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
      •Pernicious anemia
      •Addison’s disease
      •Type I diabetes
      •Rheumatoid arthritis
      •Systemic lupus erythematosus
      •Sjogren syndrome
      •Lupus erythematosus
      •Multiple sclerosis
      •Myasthenia gravis
      •Reactive arthritis
      •Grave’s disease
      •Celiac disease – sprue (gluten sensitive enteropathy)

    • anutha hata says:

      Thank-you for going back & finding that, it makes your other post make sense. Sorry if I posted that I didn’t believe that anyone except Ally’s mother had a prob. with Ally’s weight, and I have to admit even with Jill’s problem with fat-prejudice or whatever it is called, I think Jill has made sure that Ally has the best treatment available and would not put her weight before her health.
      Maybe someone was commenting out of concern for Ally’s health because she does appear to be heavier sometimes on television, and Jill made those comments about the photo etc. -but what you said about RA, and how complicated it is pretty much explained why riding a bike may not even be a good idea.

  33. Olivia says:

    It’s not like we are writing the Federalist Papers here. Are we??

  34. Had Enough! says:

    And Kikilet promises that she is going to shock us today:

    off to yoga. big day today, wish me luck. you are going to freak out when you find out what i am doing today.

    What? She’s actually going to produce a newspaper article that said something bad about her girls and proof that Bethenny had something to do with it?

    Oh please please please let it be that she is going to announce that she is DONE with RHoNYC!

    • boston02127 says:

      @Had Enough ~~ Kelly’s getting a lobotomy!

    • error 404 says:

      kiki is going to go out in public wearing a shirt and no pants, and a homemade feather earring. and yes Kiki, I am going to FREAK OUT! lol

    • Annie1033 says:

      YUCK, she has done this before….this is a device and it’s usually to PROMOTE her BULLSHIT ventures….or a youtube video.
      Moron…..I can’t….oh god, it’s happening again!….no words to describe…..so stupid….can’t……brain short circuiting….too many insults…….uck….flibnterbioldslekrna.

      I have to go reboot my brain now.

  35. yesIwatchthiscrap says:

    All I expect from Kelly is empty promises lol

  36. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @Had Enough!, “Oh please please please let it be that she is going to announce that she is DONE with RHoNYC!”

    We can only be so LUCKY!!

  37. Rusty says:

    I was just reminded once again why I truly hate jill zarin. I just went to her website and read back on some “news” items (Ice Skating Coach). She SERIOUSLY loved herself in that pink skating dress! Lots of name dropping of course. Have I mentioned today that I really, really hate her? I would have hated her as a child.

  38. MickeyMouth says:

    I would have to find it again but I was on the website of the designer of that skating outfit. They had a picture of the outfit and a little story about who Jill is and where she wore it. I wondered if the designer has removed it now that Jill is not so popular anymore.

  39. anniieee says:

    I’m sure this has been posted, but a great blog from Huffington–re Kelly and her infamous PSA…


  40. otaypanky says:

    Hi fellow posters.
    Lynn is still smarting from yesterday.
    She took a really Hard Hit.
    Zarin and a Paid Bravo Blogger accused her of Criminal Behavior by Name.

    let’s send lynn our love.

    Me?…I just emailed Andy about the latest debacle andysblog@nbcuni.com

    The first post by Maria the Paid Bravo Blogger made it sound as though Andy was supporting Jill in her false claims of criminal behavior against Lynn and her blog.

    As comments came in…Maria re wrote her blog so that many comments we posted seem extreme. They were not extreme given the original Blog.

    How unethical can a Blogger get?

    While I do believe she eventually became contrite for making accusations on Jill’s word alone (she did admit Jill was her only source), comments are left out there to dangle with no real connection to her original report.

    How nice….How conveeeeenient!

    Hey Lynn…You write an Honorable Blog…Everyone is here for you. As you will see.

    • anniieee says:

      It truly ticks me off…and I did read Maria’s apology,but to leave the comments up? I couldn’t get on them…I will have to try again.

      As always, a great blog–factual–and a place for us to vent. With a few exceptions, everyone on here has been kind, cognizant of each other’s opinions and have stated “in my opinion.” Keep up the good work, we are all getting to know one another here and it has been a great place to hang…talk or lurk!

      And I hate Jill Zarin even more now!

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Thanks for that info, otay. I still wasn’t aware of all the details, so that really cleared up everything for me. 🙂

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Otay, I for one am clearly on your side. I admired the way you and Desertgal took on Maria and clearly pointed out all the FACTS! I was one of those who read Maria’s original post and left a comment on her site. She was accusing Lynn and this site of vindictiveness and poor behavior. She implied that Andy said things that you discovered weren’t true. I applaud you for defending Lynn and all of us. You owe no one an apology. You kicked ass!

    • CarrieCinKY says:

      I agree otay!! I read Maria’s blog, it was ridiculous, and to be honest, really pissed me off. Thank you for the link, I will write Andy also.
      We are right beside you, Lynn! We have your back! xo

  41. yesIwatchthiscrap says:

    oh goodness – from twitter

    I’m loving following @kikilet – One of the few TV peeps who tells it like it is, doesn’t hold back & tweets great personal pics.

  42. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    I’m with otaypanky , Lynn we are here for you.

  43. Cleo's Mommy says:

    I’m with Jenni,

    I think there’s a difference between coming here to comment on how much one hates Jill and “doing something” about it (whatever that may mean).

    Jill made her bed on television. Her actions are forever enshrined on bravotv.com and youtube and recapped on independent blogs major media sites alike. (like the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Entertainment Weekly, NY Mag). Millions of people know what she did and what she is. And for those who don’t watch the show and don’t know who she is, what difference does it make? I mean she’s not a part of their lives so they really don’t need to know that some faux ny socialite is a bitch of epic proportions.

    Of those who are aware of JZ some may not find her actions as despicable as most of you do. Or may find her despicable, but don’t really care all that much. My guess is that’s the case with the large majority of viewers. Because reading the weekly blog comments and twitter and Jill’s facebook page – there’s a lot of Jill Zarin hate out there (a big shout out to @gingerzarin) yet in two months less than 1,500 people have signed the petition to get her off the show. So I think that says something about the lack of investment that most JZ haters have – or perhaps it just says something about her entertainment value. As I said in a post on an earlier blog, this season was what it was because of the conflict with Jill, not in spite of it.

    I don’t know the history between Jill and Otay, but I have to wonder why anyone would seek to engage Zarin directly – especially on her own website, when you know what she’s like. She’s the type of woman who would try to destroy a close friend’s career out of jealousy and attack negative book reviewers, so why would you be surprised that she’d post your email address, and why would you even give her your email address or access to your ip address? Why did you feel the need to engage her directly rather than simply express your feelings here? She’s been purging negative posts on facebook and keeping them off her blog for months now. I guess I don’t see what the purpose was of trying to comment on her website to begin with, other than to get into it with her and to express your hate to her directly. And again, I don’t get why you would.

    I have no idea if Jill got a threatening letter or not, but based on what to me seems to be at times disproportionate (tm bethenny) vitriol here, it would not surprise me if one or more of those cards had an “I wish you were dead” or “you will get yours” vibe to it.

    Jill Zarin is selfish and has delusions of grandeur she’s not a good friend and she likes to have enemies and threaten those enemies. But the real victim of Jill Zarin is Jill Zarin. The only person who has really been damaged by this, is Jill Zarin. Yes, Bethenny and Alex were emotionally wounded, but both women were in Jill’s life – Bethenny perhaps her closest friend. She can only emotionally gut people who are in her life, not the viewing public. And other than the damage done to the relationships, it does not appear that Jill was successful in her quest to damage the reputations or lives of B or A. The only reputation ruined was Jill’s.

    As for everyone else – even A. Chandler – there was no real harm done. Jill’s accusation that A. was an Anti-Semite caused no harm to anyone but Jill Zarin. I understand that A. was upset not to mention outraged by the comment and threats or whatever about her dog/cat hybrid, and rightfully so. But there was no actual harm done beyond the ruffled feathers and the offending posts were removed – not to mention that Jill was exposed.

    I can understand not liking Jill – I don’t. And I can understand the desire to express your feelings about her – I do. But in my opinion engaging her is taking it a step too far. And attacking people who see things differently than you is… well… very Jill Zarinish

    • Rusty says:


    • otaypanky says:

      I don’t know the history between Jill and Otay,

      exactly…you don’t.

      • Rusty says:

        I know I’ll be on the list for the next attack Otay . . . but your tone has sometimes gone from fun hate . . . to taking this all too seriously. I want to say this kindly but . . . step away from the boards every now and then.

        • Rusty says:

          Neither are you Sweetie. Now go to your room until you know you can behave. You need a timeout.

    • viki55 says:

      I couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks so much!

    • otaypanky says:

      from cleo’s mom

      I don’t know the history between Jill and Otay, but I have to wonder why anyone would seek to engage Zarin directly – especially on her own website, when you know what she’s like. She’s the type of woman who would try to destroy a close friend’s career out of jealousy and attack negative book reviewers, so why would you be surprised that she’d post your email address, and why would you even give her your email address or access to your ip address? Why did you feel the need to engage her directly rather than simply express your feelings here? She’s been purging negative posts on facebook and keeping them off her blog for months now. I guess I don’t see what the purpose was of trying to comment on her website to begin with, other than to get into it with her and to express your hate to her directly. And again, I don’t get why you would.

      If you post on her website, you must supply your email address and guarantees it will not be posted.

      She posted mine.

      When you submit a comment to a web master and Jill is the web master of her blog.

      They automatically get your IP Address.


      • otaypanky says:

        and one more thing cleo’s mom…

        Don’t ever tell me on which public forums YOU thinks it’s ok for me to post on.

        • Rusty says:

          AND DON’T YOU EVER SPEAK TO ME IN THAT TONE AGAIN. (Jill to Alex) Sound familiar?

        • Had Enough! says:

          Otay – she didn’t tell you which public forums it is ok for you to post on. She was just asking why you would.

          And remember – let’s disagree w/out being disagreeable. This is a place where people can share their views without being jumped on so long as they don’t attack other posters. Cleo’s Mom is great and an asset to this community. I don’t want her and people like Jenni leaving because they don’t want to get sucked into fighting. I left a few weeks back for that very reason and if this site turns into a battleground, I will leave again.

      • Cleo's Mommy says:

        But Otay that was my point. Why even try to comment on Jill’s site. Why engage her at all? She could not have divulged your email address if you didn’t supply it. She could not have had access to your ip if you did not make it available to her by posting on her site. You chose to do so. You chose to post knowing that she would have both your email address and ip.

        My point was that in my opinion making a comment about her is one thing, but commenting directly to her – is taking it a step too far. You are inserting yourself in her reality, rather than merely commenting on the behavior of someone on reality TV.

        • Had Enough! says:

          Please stop it.

          Do you want me to go get the Complaint Pad?

          I mean it. Everyone. Stop it right now. This is Lynn’s blog, not TwoP, not Facebook. If it doesn’t stop, I am outahere. For good.

        • otaypanky says:

          yes jizm.
          i agree.

        • Shadowsnomore says:

          The thing is Jill has invited all this upon herself. As soon as Jill became a reality star she opened herself up for the public. Jill opened her own Facebook and Twitter accounts for the public. Most pubic figures realize that once they are out there- there are going to be people who love you and hate you. Jill only wants to allow people who love her to respond to her. Sorry, you can’t have it sunshine and rainbows all the time. Otay has every right to engage Jill in a public forum. It’s not up to us, Jill or anyone else to determine if it’s right. That’s Otay’s choice. When Jill set up her site, her disclaimer states that she won’t reveal people’s personal info. Jill vindictively did it to those people she didn’t like. Again Jill lied. When Jill went after A. Chandler harm was done. Jill attempted to destroy a credited book reviewer. And just like what Maria did to Lynn and this site, once it’s out there, the damage is done. Even if you retract it there are still those who don’t read follow ups of just to damn gullible to recognize the truth. Jill tries to destroy reputations. This was A. Chandler’s livelihood. It was sick.
          Jill is still attacking Alex in public. She falsely claimed that Alex would not be asked back for another season. She is circulating rumors about Alex bad mouthing charities. Why would Jill bother? Because Jill is publicly trying to destroy Alex’s reputation and livelihood. Destroy Alex so Alex’s book won’t sell, she won’t be asked back for another season, she won’t be a popular housewife, ect.
          I don’t always agree with Otay but, I respect her right to say whatever she feels and post wherever she likes.
          Jill opened herself up to the public so nowJill needs to “manup” and take her lumps. She has reaped what she has sown.

          • Cleo's Mommy says:


            A Chandler was not harmed. Jill may have tried to harm her but no harm was done. The post was removed very quickly, Jill was revealed to be the culprit and whenever anyone goes to Jill’s book’s Amazon page the first review they see is A. Chandler’s which begins with the update of what when down on Amazon – which always cracks me up when I think about it.

            Every bit of press about amazongate was sympathetic to A. Chandler and hard on Jill Zarin. A. Chandler’s reputation did not suffer and in fact her profile was raised considerably. Which in no way gets Jill off the hook for her behavior, but it’s nice that rather than losing her dog/cat hybrid (as threatened,) A Chandler has gained recognition and a fan base .

            On a side note you mentioned A. Chandler’s livelihood – I didn’t realize that amazon reviewers got paid, I thought they were just readers who posted their opinions.

            But back to my point. What Jill tried to do to Alex sucks – and I’m sure Alex appreciates the support, but what happened is between Jill and Alex. It’s one thing to talk about it amongst ourselves, it’s another to insert yourself into the fight and attack Jill.

            Jill may have a website and facebook and twitter accounts where you can engage her, but if you do engage her then you are voluntarily throwing yourself into the fight. You are for all intents and purpose taking Jill on. Now she seems to just block or delete the vast majority of detractors. But Jill, being Jill is bound to bite back at least sometimes. She has shown repeatedly that she plays dirty – so if you choose to tell her off via her website then you have no one to blame but yourself if she gives out your email address.

            I guess I don’t understand the desire to tell Jill off, maybe I just don’t hate her enough. Or maybe I just don’t see Jill Zarin as being part of my reality and and I know that my personal smack-down of Jill will have no bearing on her real world beefs with Alex, Bethenny, et. al.

            And also I trust that Alex, Bethenny, A. Chandler, et. al. can take care of themselves.

            My guess is we should just agree to disagree on the matter.

  44. WindyCityWondering says:

    We have watched Jill attack all season. So what will be her strategy on the reunion shows?
    Echo and repeat until a draw.
    Acknowledge, apologize and then antagonize?
    Say it’s in the past, we all make mistakes and I’m moving on BUT I won’t forget you said it look.
    Or my personal favorite: I’m the real victim here speech with a snarky smile?

  45. ridicurhony says:

    I haven’t refreshed to see other comments since 8 AM, but am seeing the posts about Jill’s daughter. It’s one thing to call Jill a narcissist, but I agree that children should be left out of the comments. Completely. Even just saying you feel sorry for Jill’s daughter is too much when she’s going off to college and probably reading some blogs if she’s wondering about how her mother looks to the world.

    Jill’s family, her husband and her children are not going to side with the bloggers and siding with Jill is not only natural, it’s expected human behavior. If Jill is being attacked, her family will defend her. It doesn’t make them all sick, sappy, stupid or evil. People like Jill are master manipulators and sometimes people seem to ‘go along with it’ but they probably just don’t have crucial information. Sometimes new shit comes to light that family members cannot ignore, and it is sort of an awakening but more likely the only time someone is going to step away from Jill is going to be when she hurts them personally.

    Face it, it’s fun to gang up on someone because it feels good to get other people to agree with you about how horrible someone acts. We’ve done that here. I’m just saying this is Jill’s M.O. It is not surprising that people in her life are enmeshed in her disorders.

    Yes, her behavior has sucked, and it reflected so exactly some behavior in my own family so I have been making comments on it. The problem is that doesn’t help me. I still have to accept that people don’t change unless they want to. I have to accept that this is the way ppl are acting and there’s nothing I can do about it. I can only remove myself if I don’t like it. Calling Jill out on bad behavior is one thing, expecting it to actually CHANGE her is another. It would be hard enough as her kid to read all the negative press and blogs about JILL. She doesn’t need to see her own name added to all that. Yes, Jill has put her and herself in this position, but what happened to the ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ idea?

    • Had Enough! says:

      I don’t expect her to change her behavior. I don’t expect an apology. I didn’t ask for one. There is only one thing I want from Jill Zarin. I want her to go away. Period.

      I think it is OK to contact these people on the social media they have set up for that very purpose (blogs, Twitter, FB, etc.). If they like, they can ignore you or block you. I don’t think it is OK to contact them personally – with compliments or complaints. Don’t send letters to their homes, their places of business, don’t go to either of those places. If you want to send something, send it through Bravo, like people used to do in the old days when they wanted to send fan mail.

      I would like to apologize for something I said that wasn’t actually about Ally but I’m sure some took it that way. I actually wrote it referencing Jill’s excuse to Ramona for not going to St. John. She used Ally’s college apps as the excuse. Why she couldn’t just say that she’d be uncomfortable around Bethenny and Alex I don’t know. But she didn’t, and some of us checked it out and learned that early app deadlines were 2-3 weeks before the St. John trip. In venting my anger at her lie, I made some comments about “if your kid is too immature or irresponsible to get their apps done, maybe your kid is too immature or irresponsible to be going to college.” That was directed at Jill’s lie. I was not saying that Ally is too immature or irresponsible and I apologize if that is how anyone read it.

  46. Char12 says:

    Morning all! Just got on and haven’t read everything yet so if this has been posted already I’m sorry. Andy was on the Today Show this morning and said that T’s house is not in foreclosure but that’s all he knows.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Right. Even if it had been, the bankruptcy filing automatically stops foreclosures, civil actions, etc. If they get a discharge in bankruptcy, it is over for good. If not – say for instance, the court finds that the petition is fraudulent – then the bankruptcy petition is dismissed and everyone can continue going after the debtors. Or start, if they haven’t already.

  47. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Great I really like Guliana but if she’s BFF’s with KOOKY I may have to re-think that.

  48. Had Enough! says:


  49. Morgaine Swann says:

    Hey, y’all-

    This is the most active blog I’ve ever seen. Great job, Lynn!

    Nobody ever criticized Ally – the only time her weight has been mentioned here was when people empathized with her because Jill obviously has problems with her weight. I don’t remember who said it first, but I remember posting that it is hard to be a kid with a weight problem when your mom has a problem with it. No one was criticizing Ally at all. We were criticizing Jill.

  50. shantygal says:

    Wow, y’all are an opinionated mouthy bunch, and I for one love ya for it! (this only means it takes forever to get caught up.)

    Unfortunately, bloggers are not held to any journalistic standard. In theory, yes, all writers I’m sure consider themselves ethical and moral. Even the mighty Oprah has been duped, and that is with a staff of “fact checkers”. In the essence of “me firstness” & scoopage, I can see how things get posted that are unfounded & not 100% accurate. All of the “entertainment” shows do it to. No it’s not right and a lot of them do air or print corrections and it does not effect their shows/blogs in the least.

    If a blog is listed in the celeb gossip category then that is what it should be taken as, gossip. Too often, here included, the reader connects with one offensive word or phrase and reacts soley to that, when in reality, it’s usually just a theory or thought that the OP has expressed.

    I also hate JZ and am perfectly happy hating her from afar. I choose to display my hatred for her by NOT engaging with her, buying her products & attending her events. The petition that’s out there will hardly make an impact on Team Jill. 1500 petitioners is only .00075% of the total reported 2 million viewers. Big whoop.
    Furthermore, blah, blah, blah, yadda yadda. I was getting sick of listening to myself. Bottom line, measure twice, cut once. Let’s not make gummy bears out of pretzels.

    My favorite thing about this place is Lynn’s recaps & blogs and the snark provided by you lovelies.

  51. Had Enough! says:

    Let’s spend our energy on snarking and being private eyes. Fighting with one another is really sad and worse – you are making Jill Zarin happy. Express your opinion politely and constructively and then move on. You may convince others, you may not. That’s how life is. No point in fighting about it. In fact, you are more likely to convince others if you make a polite, well-reasoned argument than if you are combative. That just gets everyone on the defensive.

    Let’s go back to having fun. Please?

  52. Had Enough! says:

    Desertgal66 – any news from your friend this a.m. re: Hale House?
    Ridic – how are you this a.m.?
    Hooked – please come to the courtesy counter for your morning hug!
    Sonnet – you make my day!
    Everyone … watch this and we will all be in a better place mentally. It is a huge re-set button!

  53. otaypanky says:

    Yeah…let’s go back to fun please.

    Can’t stand certain snarks blamed on others.

    We have Jill Zariiiiisn here if you read upthread.

  54. lrd851 says:

    Ladies I had to post this.. I dont know if anyone saw this already.. i thought it was hilarious.. apologies if its a repeat.

  55. Capiche says:

    Logged on to read all this bellyaching about Ally’s weight and sympathy cards and engaging with vicious Jill…give me a break! The title of the blog is “I Hate Jill Zarin”. It’s not for the faint of heart. That being said, however, I have been reading for weeks and there is very little vitriol and what there is comes from two or three posters. What I do love about the blog is Lynn’s recaps, thoughts, the snark and humor that comes from the majority of posters relating this show we love called Real Housewives of New York City. Our focus is Jill because for many of us, we liked her, invested in her and then she turned on us showing the ugly beneath the makeup. She became too big for her bridges and thus this feeling she must be brought down. I seriously doubt anyone here is contemplating harming Jill or her family in any way. As for me, I’m like Bethenny…I don’t care for Jill but I don’t want her in my home on the TV that I love dearly. Simple as that. Now, carry on…

    But before you do, I don’t agree with talking about Ally’s weight, but neither do I agree that people should not post about it if they feel inclined. She’s on the damn show! If you don’t like what people post, disagree or ignore. It’s the same with Teresa’s bratty children or the Manzo’s immature young adults. Don’t want me to discuss you, get off my tv! Now I’m going back to the work!

    • Fabulous Earth says:





      Thank you for saying that. Sonja chose not to have her daughter on the show…Dina chose for Lexi not to be a part of season 2. Whether or not they themselves made the decision or the fathers chose not to sign off on the waiver it’s the best decision for them (THE KIDS).

      But most of these reality stars want their kids to parlay modeling and acting careers from being in the spotlight so “whateva’s clever Trevor”…just sayin’.

  56. otaypanky says:

    Well… I guess I’ve been smacked down enough to leave this blog.
    Why? I have no idea…but this is not my life.

    Thank you all for your support.

    Did have alot of fun with truth.

    Will not be a party to lies.

    By the way had enough…gave you great credit upstream had you bothered to look.

    so sorry i contributed so little.

    by the way…

    cleos mom

    arent you the rag tag poster that postes something like

    ignorant wife…good life?

    no one here touched that….

    it used to be a blog i liked…….byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • viki55 says:


    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Wait! What happened?!

    • Cleo's Mommy says:

      Actually it was

      Piece on the side. Ignorant Bride. Joe smiles wide.

      And it was in reference to the rumor that Joe has had a girlfriend for the last three years and was a play on Teresa’s

      Happy Wife. Happy life. motto.

      And I’m not really sure what you mean by nobody “touched that” or why you think nobody would “touch it” or why you even felt the need to bring it up.

      Goodbye and good luck.

    • anniieee says:

      I for one, would wish you would stay… you add so much to this. I enjoy your comments–so please…come on…

    • Char12 says:

      Don’t go otay. I enjoyed everything you’ve said and posted. You’ve contributed a lot and we will miss that so please stay!!!!

    • boston02127 says:

      @Otaypanky~sure hope you come back.

  57. Rusty says:

    OK . . .bye.

  58. Olivia says:

    From the HuffPo article it appears that the “mantle of victimization” that Kelly has chosen to wear is the only outfit this season that actuals fits her otherwise scantily clad body.

  59. morning says:

    Do you think there’s a postal employee that has to read all of Lynn’s blogs and comments from day one to figure out whether or not Jill has been threatened? If that’s the case the investigation will take months! I spend half my time just trying to keep up on a daily basis. 🙂

  60. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    What the heck, What happend with Otay? Darn it I left for a few minutes and SHIT happens.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I want to know, too! I thought I read all the comments – I didn’t see anybody attack otay – what did I miss? Why would she leave?

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I don’t know. Went to help fix lunch, ate, then checked back in. 😮

      If I got snippy with anybody today, I really didn’t mean it. Sometimes I come off worse than I mean to. If that makes sense…

      Listen, Lynn sets the rules here and her basic rule is to share opinions respectfully and not to bad mouth other posters. Everybody will have a difference of opinion. But, there is usually no one right way that will fit everyone’s thinking. If an idea seems to be going in the wrong direction, state your concerns respectfully. Sometimes we may assert ourselves and our opinions a little too forcefully, but in the end, we should all respect each other and Lynn’s board because that is what she asks of us.

    • anutha hata says:

      The way that Otay makes their statements sometimes makes me think that i’m the one that they’re mad at too.
      Sorry if you felt ignored Otay–I would miss you too, please stay?

  61. ridicurhony says:

    lol, Had Enough, it’s a bright sunshiney day!
    Sorry if I started something, like I said, hadn’t read comments since 8. I didn’t mean to imply that anyone criticized Jill’s dau. just that if I were 18, going off to college, and my mother were well, JZ, I might just search my own name on the internet and find it linked to all kinds of shit I didn’t want to see. No matter which side she is on, it would still be upsetting. that’s all. I don’t want to add to the already crazed shuddering satellites of the JZ world so I’m goin to try to stop myself from going there.

    Moving on:
    So which of the following is true?

    JZ has hired a bunch of media ppl to try to get on the next season and they’re all sitting around the conference table with bloodshot eyes shaking their heads after a hard night of trolling the blogs, wanting to throttle JZ as she sits there smiling?

    JZ has whipped up all this insanity about threats to gain sympathy(under the advice of the wrong type of ill-informed media ppl) so she can look good when she
    a)isn’t offered a new contract or b)is offered a new contract but now has threats as an excuse and turns down the contract?

    JZ is still just as controlling and manipulative as ever and obliviously gases up her steam roller on the go as it mashes over whatever fans and friends she has left?

  62. error 404 says:

    Damn you Kelly Rippa! Now I’m walking around the house singing “money can’t buy you class” as sung by Cher! D’oh!

  63. lillybee says:

    I was watching clips of the season 2 reunion. It was interesting that Jill said that being of the show wasn’t good for Kelly and that she should leave it. I wonder why she said that. Did she have a clue about Kelly’s mental state back then.

  64. Olivia says:

    Welcome back to more “farewells” than MacArthur leaving Korea.

  65. Morgaine Swann says:

    Why are people so angry? We just had some great dish from SiLex, there was a bit of a blow up w/another blogger, which is over now and Jill is playing her victim card. What else did I miss?

  66. ridicurhony says:

    just a note – all that happened while I was writing – my lol is not about anyone leaving this blog

  67. error 404 says:

    where did I read that the reunion show will be in two parts and then a 3rd thursday will have a “lost clips” show? Could it be true?

  68. Rusty says:

    Cleo’s Mommy – HIGH FIVE!

    I welcome ANYONE on this board but when the tone has changed in the past . . . it just didn’t have the same fun spark and I quit checking it as often. Last Thursday night here was so exciting and so much fun. The witty messages were flying fast and furiously. I broke out the rum. It was nothing BUT fun. A few days after the finale, some of the messages changed to a different tone. Not so much fun.

    I hope Otay will feel welcome to come back any time she wants to . . . without taking this all too seriously. I really look forward to chatting with everyone this Thursday night after the reunion – part one. FYI . . . I still hate jill zarin.

  69. viki55 says:

    I have to say, and I don’t get to say much ’cause I am working but I think this reply says it all:
    otaypanky says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:03 am
    rusty…ur not that important.

  70. Katiecoo says:

    Ok so someone fill me in. If someone files bankruptcy, then the house they are living in goes out of foreclosure and they still get to keep it? How does that work?

    I suspect Andy C. knows EXACTLY what is going on with the financial issues of Teresa…and if all those facts posted over the w/e were false, he would have said so blatantly, right? Has anyone refuted them?

    • Had Enough! says:

      No, Katiecoo. Foreclosure is a separate action by a bank to take the house back so they can sell it. A bankruptcy filing stops any pending foreclosures and other civil actions. There is no evidence that the mausoleum was being foreclosed on. The bankruptcy petition does say if they were in default on that mortgage or not. If not, there wouldn’t have been any foreclosure action to be stopped. If they were, there still might not have been any foreclosure action. They might have been renegotiating with the bank, or it could be that like most banks, they are overwhelmed dealing with all the mortgage delinquencies and just haven’t gotten around to starting proceedings on this property.

      When you file for bankruptcy protection, you can file either Chapter 7 which discharges your debts entirely or Chapter 13 if you want to pay them off, at least in part, but need time to do so. The filing essentially forces your creditors, in a Chapter 13, to negotiate with you.

      They filed a Chapter 7, which means they want to discharge their debts entirely. However, debtors are allowed to “reaffirm” one or more debts, meaning that as to that debt, they are not seeking discharge and they want to continue to pay it. If they then get a discharge of their other debts and then fail to pay the mortgage, the bank can foreclose and there’s nothing they can do to stop it because you can’t file another bankruptcy petition for the next seven years. However, in this day and age, as someone else pointed out, you can arrange a sham short sale to someone you know and then they can lease it back to you or even sell it back to you.

  71. A former Jill fan says:

    Oh, the posts by Cleo’s mommy? I scanned them quickly and see where otay could take offense. I agree with a few things CM said, but disagree with quite a bit of it, but that’s just her opinion.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      And the posts by Jenni. I’ve scanned through hers quickly too and both agree and disagree with some of her points.

  72. Katiecoo says:

    Ramona has new pics of her renewal ceremony on facebook. A dessert spread like I’ve never seen…and that bitch Jen I’m sure had some choice criticisms about it. I’m glad she won’t be returning..and I doubt being on the show did wonders for her business either.

  73. Katiecoo says:

    Ok this is weird, on my upstairs laptop, i sign in with one pic (this one) and on my downstairs laptop, it’s another account. I’m not gonna try and figure this one out, but it’s me, the same person, I promise!

  74. iceNfire says:

    I’m still catching up again and plan on reading Jenni’s comment again but first:
    Cleo’s Mom said “As for everyone else – even A. Chandler – there was no real harm done.”

    What makes you think that no real harm was done to Alana? Have you spoken to her?

    otay – hang on this too will pass ( not really sure what “this” is) Gong back to read again.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      That’s just one part I disagreed with too ice.

      It’s an example of someone writing a generalized statement about something and may not know all the details.

      A. Chandler was threatened and harassed by jill under the fake name Susan Saunders on Chandler’s review and in personal emails to Chandler.

      Chandler has also been harassed by someone else connected in this matter.

      A. Chandler was advised by authorities to step up her security which she has done. Chandler had to spend money to do that.

      While I don’t believe that jill would ever actually physically try to harm A. Chandler or her dog, Kismet, you never know what a person might do. It’s that element of doubt…

      Calling someone antisemitic without any evidence is vile and morally reprehensible. That could do harm to a person’s reputation. That’s another point I disagreed with. It is serious in my book.

      Jill also harassed other reviewers under the fake name Susan Saunders and we believe other aliases.

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  76. RileyKitty says:

    Jill doesn’t seem to understand that you can’t behave horribly & expect reasonably intelligent people to let it slide. She think she should be adored by all no matter what since she was a fan favorite for 2 seasons (I am generalizing, I know some people haven’t liked her from day one).

    She put herself on TV & now doesn’t care for the backlash. Jill can fix the backlash by removing herself from the show. She is a reality tv personality. She removes herself, fades to black & we will eventually forget about her. If she continues on the show because she craves the attention then she is going to have to start learning to take the bad as well as the good. She brought this crap on herself.

  77. Elise says:

    I stumbled onto this blog a few weeks ago . At that time, I was horrified to see that Lynn not only posted Jill’s address, but she encouraged people to send Jill mean-spirited letters through the postal service. Lynn then proceeded to brag about how gleeful she felt when she mailed her letter to Jill. I don’t remember everything Lynn asked people to do because she took down Jill’s address shortly after I saw it there, but the general gist was Hate Mail + Tell Jill how much you want her off the show (the blog is May 19; http://hubpages.com/hub/I-Hate-Jill-Zarin-Update-May-19… search for “Elise” and you’ll see my comments then). While I do not believe Lynn asked people to physically assault Jill, verbal abuse can be just as harmful.

    When I saw in the news that Jill Zarin reported being threatened via someone in Chicago giving out her address, I wanted to see what Lynn and her minions had to say about it.

    It is so disappointing to me that people are downright LYING about this incident, both on this blog and elsewhere.

    Lynn, I hope that you post my comment here, but at the very least I hope you will read and absorb it. You go on and on and on about how Jill is incapable of apologizing without a qualifier and blahblahblah, I-Hate-Jill, Jill is the devil. Yet, the lack of integrity and judgment you’ve displayed not only in posting Jill’s address and soliciting hate mail, but also in failing to be accountable for your actions, is pitiful.

    While I did not think I would ever be posting here again, I felt compelled to today. As I said before, I understand that this website is not intended for people like me. I am also not on Team Jill, and in fact, I was at the book signing for Alex and Simon in Chicago.

    Please do not attack me, I-Hate-Jill readers, for expressing my opinion. Cheers.

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