I Hate Jill Zarin Update June 7, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin    New Update    June 7, 2010

Funny, Bravo is currently running some episodes from Season two of the Real Housewives of New York.  We were talking about Bethenny and her being snarky.  In all honesty, I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention  to the “type” of snark that Bethenny used.

Seeing it now, Bethenny never really hurt anyone all that badly.  That is not to say she didn’t say some things that were mean, she made fun of Alex’s newly redecorated home.   So what?  She doesn’t share Alex’s style and doesn’t care for it.  She didn’t attack Alex as a person or Alex’s family.  She makes fun of herself almost as much as she makes fun of others.  It is meant to be a joke. 

She has most definitely changed!   When Luann confronted her at the Bachelor party about Bethenny calling Luann a snake, Bethenny was celebrating her engagement and maybe it was just to get Luann out of her face but she apologized.  I think it was sincere however, because Bethenny did interview that she did feel badly about the way that she said it, so I think she was truly sorry.  She may have meant the sentiment but wasn’t proud of her delivery.

As we watch Jill walking away from Alex time after time after time, we see Bethenny, who would have been justified to walk away from Jill, she held firm and talked to Jill at the Bachelor party, at lunch and again at Ramona’s wedding.   How would Jill feel if Bethenny just kept walking away from her and refusing to listen the way Jill does to Alex?

Like all of you I am really anxious for the reunion to air.  I believe the rumor is two people storm off and one person stomps their foot.  (lol at the stomping the foot)  We see in the previews that Jill storms out, but who do you think the other one is?  Personally I think that it is Kelly.  I also wonder if those who storm out are allowed to cool down and then return to the discussion. 

I think I mentioned it in an earlier blog but Simon told us that there would be a 2 part reunion PLUS a lost footage episode.  I’m not sure if he was speculating, but he seemed pretty sure to me. 

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(new post with a quote from Teresa regarding her bankruptcy) 

Until next time……….

Previous blog in case you missed it:

I Hate Jill Zarin Monday Update June 7, 2010Posted on June 7, 2010 by LynnNChicago

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Monday Update               June 7, 2010

I think by now we’ve all seen Teresa Giudice’s attack on Bethenny that took place over the weekend, she has since gone back and deleted  all of her tweets regarding Bethenny but plenty of people know that those tweets are never really gone and so many people Re-tweeted them that they are still out there.  What is it with these Jersey girls constantly tweeting insanely then going back and deleting it?  You said it, own it!  It is getting really old! 

Teresa was criticizing Bethenny for being unhealthy because she had gone back to her pre-baby weight so quickly after giving birth she said Bethenny wasn’t “normal” and told her followers that Bethenny was trying to make people feel bad about themselves if they don’t lose weight as fast as Bethenny has done. 

Teresa criticized Bethenny for having a baby nanny.  Funny because that did come up when I was talking with Alex over the weekend, Alex admitted that Bethenny does have a nanny, however, Bethenny is breast feeding so she does still do the majority of the work and is getting up in the middle of the night to feed baby Bryn! 

Personally, I don’t think having a nanny is anything to be ashamed of, if you can afford it, why not?  Any new mother who can get help and get some rest is doing the best thing for their baby.  Teresa keeps claiming she does everything alone without help, however, she had a babysitter there in the scene when she was making sauce in the garage.  It was the “babysitter” who was asked if she was on her period since that is forbidden while making sauce.  What was a babysitter doing there before she even gave birth to her fourth child?  She apparently DOES need help with even three children!  A Nanny and a Babysitter is the same thing! 

Twitter went insane during Teresa’s tirade, many people were defending Bethenny and slamming Teresa, a few were backing Teresa but overall it was clear that most were disappointed in Teresa’s behavior.  Teresa then said she was going to go through and block everyone who used vulgar language (not surprising Teresa said, for Bethenny’s fans)  That is rich!  Teresa is saying Bethenny has a foul mouth? 

Dina actually posted in favor of Bethenny as well:

@DinaManzo I love my girl Teresa but Bethenny never attacked my charity. ??? Where did u get that from mama? I have no prob w her

For a change, Dina hasn’t deleted it. 

The very next morning, the article appeared about Teresa and her Juicy Joe filing bankruptcy.  I have seen the document filed in New Jersey and while I am no expert, it looks real to me.  Several people have said that for a minimal charge, the court papers that were filed are available on the internet.  I don’t know if laws vary from state to state regarding filing a legal action but I do know that they typically are a matter of public record, particularly for a Bankruptcy because you have to allow all creditors to come forward to claim what is owed to them by the person filing.  In this case, Teresa and Joe! 

I do not believe that Teresa knew that this was coming out in the press on Saturday morning, I think that if Teresa knew, she would have laid low on Friday instead of coming out with all the negative tweets about Bethenny. 

I don’t know what is up with all of these women bashing and slamming one another.  I know the history behind Bethenny and Teresa.  During season one of the NJ Housewives, Bethenny was a guest blogger on Bravotv.com and wasn’t exactly complimentary to Teresa to say the least.  Bethenny was being Bethenny as we saw her during season one and season two of RHONY, snarky and at times, mean.  I’m not too blinded by Bethenny to see that.  Teresa definitely had good reason to be upset.  If I recall, however, Jill was also guest blogging and wasn’t really kind to any of the ladies either and we don’t see Teresa attacking Jill.  I can see a lot of change in Bethenny, she is still snarky but she has lost most of the “mean” when it is unprovoked.  Her apology to Luann, befriending Alex and her empathy toward Kelly certainly have shown a change in Bethenny in my opinion

So why is Teresa still angry with Bethenny?  Well it didn’t end with the blogs.  When Teresa came out of the gate guest blogging for The Real Housewives of New York, with a blog titled, “Team Jill” the gloves came off!  Bethenny doesn’t use her Bravotv.com blog to go after Teresa, she does it in the press.  She has answered Teresa’s blogs blow by blow in press interviews.  There is a very distinct difference in the ladies styles.  Teresa’s blogs on Bravo’s site weren’t making any sense, particularly during the first 4 or 5 episodes.  Commenters were asking her if she was watching the same show as everyone else.   Teresa tried so hard to maintain her position on Team Jill until it got to the point where Teresa’s fans were beginning to question Teresa’s sanity and common sense even asking why she hated Bethenny so much.  There was also a lot of talk about Teresa losing out on book sales the same way Jill has done due to her absurd blogging and defending of Jill Zarin. 

Teresa continued to blog, finally admitting that Jill was not being nice…but without really siding with Bethenny altogether.   In another blog on TVWatch.com Teresa tells viewers, “I know you all love Bethenny but you don’t know her”.  Teresa goes on to say that she has been dealing with photographers and interviewers that have also dealt with Bethenny in the past.  Teresa claims that many of these people have told her how difficult Bethenny is to deal with and even calling her a bitch. 

A Quote from Teresa’s Blog:

“Wow, so after I hire security to protect me from Bethenny’s wrath (maybe Danielle’s feathered friend is still available?)”

Don’t worry Teresa, Bethenny doesn’t have mob connections, so while that is your typical mentality, no need to worry about extra security, besides you can’t afford it anyway. 

Some reporters and photographers have come forward to claim that they have no idea what Teresa is talking about and found Bethenny to be perfectly lovely to deal with. 

Bethenny fought back just this week in an article that I read but I cannot find, I hope that one of you will post it here for me, I tried but I can’t remember which site it was on and I’ve searched as long as I am willing to. 

Whether you like Teresa or not, I think she is being ridiculous!  What is she thinking?  One of her older blogs said that it is ok to like Her and like Bethenny, Teresa makes that very hard to do when she is constantly slamming Bethenny. 

Luann mentioned on Watch What Happens Live that all of the housewives should all stick together and support each other and when Alex said something similar on Saturday night, it clicked.  (you know, because I typically don’t listen to Luann)  It is true!  If one woman, in this case Bethenny, has a successful spin-off from RHONY, that opens the door for possibly more spin-offs.  If it fails, most likely there will be no further spin-offs, right?   Every housewife at every city should be praying for Bethenny’s success if they are smart!  Even if they don’t get their very own show, they could certainly have more opportunities with more successful shows on the air. 

Whether Teresa is having money problems or not, I feel she is out of line in attacking Bethenny when it comes to how she is raising her daughter.  Bethenny chooses to have a nanny, she can afford it and is doing what she feels is best for her child.  Teresa also has a babysitter who is shown on national television yet interviews that she has no help and does it alone.  (not to mention her mama who is always lurking in the background ) 

I know we don’t have a whole lot of Jersey fans here, I am looking forward to blogging about the reunion and Bethenny’s show.  I know the reunion show will provide plenty of drama to discuss.  The previews on Bravo’s web site for Bethenny’s show look good, it will be a refreshing change to have a dramady rather than just drama!  (Alex actually described Bethenny’s show as “falling on a banana peel” funny!)

Until next time…


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  1. iceNfire says:

    Lynn – Do you have a new email addy?

    • iceNfire says:

      Also did anyone else see that Hooked’s account was hacked? Did she mean this account or what, hooked?

      • Hooked On Housewives says:


        Nope. Didn’t mean to imply that this account was hacked. Who would want meatball soup as their profile photo? LOL. My personal financial accounts were hacked on or around the 27th of May. As slow as I am, I didn’t realize it until today even though there were several attempts to change the password on my online banking account. All supposedly been rectified. Whoever it was couldn’t get into my online account. He/she/it was also thwarted when they tried to charge product to my card.

        • Kat says:

          That stinks HOH.

        • Gingers poo says:

          Did you use your card on Amazon, and have you posted anywhere on Amazon’s reviews about Jill’s book?

          My card was hacked too.

          • Hooked On Housewives says:

            @Gingers poo

            The only thing I purchase from Amazon are video games. haven’t used this card on there in over 6 months. No. I didn’t post to Amazon about Jillousy’s book. I could care less about that piece of crap they wrote.

            Sorry your account was hacked. Hope it wasn’t too much of a headache.

        • A former Jill fan says:

          Wow! So glad nothing was stolen from you! That’s scary!

          • Kat says:

            I poured you a drink…. former fan. Cheers to you, in case you missed it.

          • Gingers poo says:

            No, the credit card company caught it. Thank heavens. BUT, it was almost the same time your problems occurred.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        I got your email Ice, I sent a response

  2. coocoopuffs78 says:

    I am in blog heavan!!!!! Lynn you are on the money today!!!! I have sooo much catching up to do. It’s gonna be an early bedtime for the kids tonight. Woohooo…(sorry I had to channel my inner Vickie)..lol

  3. Kat says:

    I may have finally caught up.
    Good grief sleep has its advantages.

    Trolls who post in forums sometimes change their names.
    I’m leery.

  4. Jennifer says:

    US Mag has Teresa’s statement too

  5. desertgal66 says:

    Teresa Giudice’s statement to PEOPLE magazine on her bankruptcy:
    “While this is a personal matter, I realize that certain aspects of my private life will always be subject to scrutiny and distortion,” said the Real Housewives of New Jersey star. “What is true is that due to the economy, most of my husband’s real estate ventures failed despite his hard work and effort. As a result, we looked to the Bankruptcy Court for a ‘fresh start.’”

    Oh, let me provide the REAL statement:

    “While this is a personal matter, I realize that, in indulging my overwhelming need for attention and self aggradizement by appearing on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, certain aspects of my private life will be subject to scrutiny. I will always pretend that contrary viewpoints to my own are distorted, even though they are pretty close to the truth, and, in some points, right on the mark. (Except for Dina saying we haven’t filed for bankruptcy. She’s wrong, but I don’t mind letting her look like a complete moron.)

    The economy notwithstanding, most of my husband’s real estate ventures have failed as a result of his less than savory business practices and my own ridiculous overspending and endless collecting of gratuitous crap. We’ve shuffled the money around and ducked creditors for as long as could. As a result, we looked to the Bankruptcy Court as a way to skip out on all our debts, so we can continue living in our pretentious McMansion and spending like inbreds released from Deliverance country.”

  6. A former Jill fan says:

    Thanks for the new blog Lynn! I was just about to get off for a while and it took about an entire minute to post my last comment, so I saw you had posted the new link.

    Thank God you returned! 🙂 Not only do we like your company and comments, we were really trying our best to be nice to our company! LOL!


    • iceNfire says:

      I don’t think everyone here has troll radar.

      • otaypanky says:

        you did ice…as did i…thanks again for your support thru my private email…meant sooo much.

      • Cleo's Mommy says:

        And I think other people here have troll paranoia.

        I haven’t said one mean thing to or about anybody on this board with the exception of Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon and Teresa.

        Just because I asked otay a question does not mean I attacked her.

        Just because I answered your question in a way that you did not like – does not mean I’m a troll.

        Just because I have different views than the majority here on certain things and express those views does not mean I’m a troll. It just means I have different opinions than you. I am not attacking your opinions, just expressing my own. I have attacked no one here.

        I have and will continue to keep my opinions about those who post on this board to myself. For the sake of the sanity of the other posters on this board you and otay may want to consider doing the same. If a comment is made to or about me I will respond. So ignoring my comments is probably a wise thing to do – I guarantee they will not be about either of you. In return I will not engage either of you.

        • Kat says:

          Can’t you just agree to disagree and walk away?
          You can have the last word but then please just set it down.

          • boston02127 says:

            Amen Kat.

          • Cleo's Mommy says:


            I do not need to have the last word, but if someone asks me a question, I answer it, if someone directs a comment towards me as you just did, i tend to respond. I like conversation. If someone comments on my comment and clearly doesn’t understand it, I try to clarify. I like to be understood.

            My last post was an attempt to end the madness. That is all.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Enough please! You have said the same thing and started the same argument three + times today. If you want to discuss the Housewives or the blog or the weather, go ahead but please stop engaging people in the same argument, we know how you feel.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Dogs with a bone..

  7. Sue says:

    Watching Simon in his red pants right now AND almost copping a feel while dancing.

  8. A former Jill fan says:

    I just don’t understand why these people don’t realize that trollish behavior is so recognizable!?

    Especially those that ask stupid “why” questions…

    I mean, I was pretty snarky with replies like, “because I can”, “because I want to”, etc., when I really wanted to say stuff like otay does! LOL!


    • Kat says:

      I think some dedicated Jill or Kelly fan/troll wanted to stir the pot and did just that. Just from what I was reading. Left changed names and returned. JMO

    • otaypanky says:

      thanks for the support. much appreciated.

      more happy lynn is out of bravo bloggers and jill’s crosshairs.

      all you guys did a great job.

    • iceNfire says:

      otay was definitely pushed off the deep end and many here think that she willingly jumped.

      • otaypanky says:


        • iceNfire says:

          The trolls made it look like you started that whole mess about where we can and cannot post. They even tried to tell us not to write to sponsors and that happens to be my specialty. lol

          • otaypanky says:

            Love you “ice”…so astute!

            mine too.

            told jizm I will write any sponsor of my personal boycott.

            bitch went off the wall.

          • A former Jill fan says:

            i agree with this–what ice is saying here. they targeted you (otay) purposefully. it was hard to see at first, but when someone says what they were saying but yet goes after someone like they did, you can figure they’re on the attack. It’s not like someone genuinely asking questions then says, well, yes i see that, but i still disagree, or i understand, but i just don’t want to do that myself…no. They keep on with the main point. And keep on, and on…

            Attacking in a roundabout manner.

            My trouble is, I like to try to be as fair as possible and am worried when I may mistake someone for a troll, like I did you, otay.

            That time, I really thought someone had stolen your identity! LOL!

      • anniieee says:

        I got your back otay… dont know how to email you…. iceNfire–put a comment on your practice blog. You two can email me there. Sorry you had such trouble today.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I have a feeling “they’ll be back.” I am a Terminator fan.

    • Kat says:

      I’m pouring you a drink lady.

      • Kats says:

        I didn’t catch all of it, so stayed out of it. But it was confusing, couldn’t keep up.

        • Char12 says:

          Same here. I tried going back up to read but they got so scattered around I gave up. Just glad it’s over now.

          • Kat says:

            I had a heck of a time catching up and probably missed a lot too. I started getting angry. I like it here. I like the posters. I love Lynn and her blog.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        i can use one too Kat! lOL! still high and dry here though…maybe a road trip is in order.

        Shoot! Have to go tend to the laundry…later!

  9. Jennifer says:

    On Bravo on my computer B’s old blogs fir RHONYC isn’t showing up Is this just my computer or are they down? Any help or suggestion why appreciated

  10. Kat says:

    I hate Jill Zarin and Kelly is crazy. CRAZY and has an ugly persona on and off tv.

    • Kats says:

      Totally agree Kat! Is it wrong that I dislike Kelly so much that when she posted all those twitter messages today about how she was hanging out with Bill and Giuiana (from E) that I now stopped following them both? I just can’t bring myself to support anyone who thinks she is Ok.

      Have we ever confirmed if she is really friends with Gwenyth?

      • MickeyMouth says:

        In fairness to Bill and Giuiana, Kelly may just have the TV on.

      • desertgal66 says:

        She probably has met Gwyneth Paltrow. Whether they are close friends…well, who knows? Kelly also said she had worked with Dennis Hopper on a charity gala, when, really, all she did was fax his publicist requesting that Hopper donate a signed pair of jeans.

        Can you imagine THAT conversation?
        Publicist: “Hey, Dennis, some dingbat in NY wants you to sign a pair of jeans for a charity auction.
        DH: “Signed jeans? She’s going to fucking auction signed jeans? What the fuck for?”
        Publicist: “Well, I guess signed jeans are the “in” thing in the Hamptons now.
        DH: “What the fuck would someone do with autographed pants?”
        Publicist: “I dunno, I guess it’s like pop art. They frame them and hang them up in their foyers.”
        DH: “Haven’t any of those loop de loos ever heard of fucking art? You hang art on the fucking wall, not pants with ink spots. ART. Monet, Renoir, Van fucking Gogh. What the fuck?”
        Publicist: “You wanna sign these jeans or what?”
        DH: “Gimme the fucking pen. Damn dilettantes….”

        Anyway, I have to agree with Bethenny – Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t a bad actress, although she’s never been a favorite of mine, but, offscreen, she seems to have all the personality of a wet noodle. And Rachel Zoe is a great stylist…for other people. But she’s turned up in some godawful outfits.

  11. HD says:

    I think Ramona will leave the set. She’s been known to walk out. I hate that too. If you are gonna walk out keep walking to your car. Don’t sit around backstage waiting for people to BEG you to come back. If you are leaving…LEAVE!

    It is neat to watch the old shows knowing what we know now. Funny how time can change things. Watching Bethany talk about wanting a baby and her career. She has it all now!

    • Kat says:

      She had to come back, she forgot her wine. 😉

      • HD says:

        LOL! You know what I thought was soooooooooooo funny? When Kelly was having her episode on the boat and you just see a hand enter the picture handing Ramona a glass of pinot and she doesn’t take her eyes off Kelly, doesn’t blink, nothing, just reaches for the glass and keeps listening to Kelly flip out. LOL!

        • desertgal66 says:

          I thought that was hilarious!

        • PFinFL says:

          I wish they would show all that happened in the lost footage episode. Ramona was so funny in the scene.

        • A former Jill fan says:

          I know! Whoever had written that piece about that had me in stitches! Now, whenever i see that, I crack up!

  12. Kats says:

    Hold On! What footage of Jill shown storming off the reunion show? How did I miss this gem? Where did you gems see it and can you please link it for me? Thank you!!!!

  13. Morgaine Swann says:

    If Teresa is going to blog NYC, shouldn’t Bethenny blog NJ? She might be too busy to bother, but it would seem only fair to me.

    My money says Kelly is the second who stormed off. I’d be very surprised if she was able to hang in without Jill to defend her.

    Has anyone noticed that Jill has done nothing official for BRAVO since the reunion? I honestly think she might have quit. Wishful thinking, I know, but she’s the only one that seems not to be doing anything.

    • Kat says:

      I think Jill HATEs Andy C., I think she hates all the RHONY fans who hate her. In short I think Jill hates more than we do.

    • otaypanky says:

      she’s doing plenty…taking out criminal complaints against lynn and her posters.

    • Kats says:

      The best revenge for a fame whore like T-Rex would be to simply ignore her ass.

      • Kat says:

        That is true. The sound of silence would be deafening to her.
        But I can’t STFU yet… water spout here.

  14. morning says:

    I am so confused. Did someone post as someone else? With the same picture? And has this happened before?

    • Kat says:

      I talking about posts without a pic morning.

      • morning says:

        ah, so if it’s the same picture or thing-forget-what-its-called it’s probably the same poster (unless they change it and tell us like Hooked did)

        • Kat says:

          yes a pic means you registered and used an avatar/gravatar
          I could log out and post w/ a fake email and no pic would show and I could pick any name I wanted to post under and do it several times. Trolls do things like that.

          You can register and choose not to post a picture. I am not saying that all people without a pic are trolls.
          But I am leery of new names.

          • morning says:

            I noticed the other day when two similar and negative comments were made with the same thingy (WHAT is it called?!) but different names. So I tried it as well, using a different name and my same purple thing came up. So even without a picture you sort of have an identity.

          • Kats says:

            Ok I just realized we could register here! And I think Kelly is dumb?

            But my point is I have been posting with Kats and just registered and could not use Kats plus in fairness to Kat who was here first wanted to pick something a little different so if you see kats2 it’s me!!!

          • Kat says:

            If you clear your cache and cookies you might change colors morning assuming you are not registered.
            @Kats I don’t mind your moniker. I was a bit worried at first lol at me but I got over it and I use a cat pic so I doubt anyone would be confused. Plus you write better than I do.

          • anniieee says:

            i tried to put a pic up and the little ringy thingy spun and spun and spun and I got dizzy and closed it. I will keep trying.

          • anniieee says:

            omg… my picture thingy did come up…. couldnt reply at the bottom…. its the trickle down affect of the government. I am on the bottom row…the one completely covered in shit. 🙂

  15. desertgal66 says:

    Watching the finale again…did anyone else catch that, when Jill arrived for LuAnn’s “singing” debut, she was carrying a clutch purse with some kind of trim that looked like a neon light strip-it kept flashing on and off?

    Unbelievably tacky.

    And why did Kelly hug Bobby for so long that night? She was, like, clinging to him. That was creepy.

    • Kats says:

      Considering the event I think the purse was the least tacky part of the night.

    • FreeCupcakes says:

      I also noticed that Bobby was holding it at some point during the evening.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I’d watch my back if I were Jill. Kelly has no problem with older men, apparently and she could use a sugar daddy right about now.

    • boston02127 says:

      @desertgal66~~ I thought the same thing when I saw Kelly and Bobby hug, she was right up there in his face. The hug seem to have lasted a minute too long for me. I’m not sure who I was more grossed out by him or her.

      • kats2 says:

        That is just Kelly being totally fake, she is actually still grossed out by Bobby’s drooling Playboy comment.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      I’ll have to go back and look at that. I didn’t realize Kellamity kind of clung to Bawby. Seems odd since she did mention that it felt creepy to her to know that Bawby was going to look at her Playboy spread. What? At least 3 other people saw her Playboy spread.(it wasn’t that big of a seller or Kellamity would have been bragging her ass off).

      • desertgal66 says:

        According to Kelly, 239 million people waited in line to buy that issue of Playboy. 😉

        I’m baffled as to why Kelly immediately assumed that Bawby would be looking at Playboy at all. Granted, there are a lot of guys who enjoy Playboy…but there are many who don’t.

        Unless, Kelly is one of those who thinks that ALL her men friends are secretly dying to see her naked…which wouldn’t surprise me.

        • error 404 says:

          Kelly told the playboy interviewer who asked her out that “I think a lot of people want to see me without my clothes on”…. yes, she’s real and has integrity.

          Bobby told them at LuAnn’s alternative Labor Day party that he has a vintage collection of Playboys in his Mom’s basement. Kiki, who is real and has integrity, immediately assumed that having a valuable collection of something in perfect condition means he’s going to be jacking off to pictures of his wife’s friend’s crooked boobs. Because they are real and have integrity.

  16. Pebbles Flintstone says:

    same purple thing

  17. viki55 says:

    Remember on the boat when they were coming to the island house? Ramona was stomping her feet with excitement as she was telling them which house. Think she is the foot stomper?

  18. morning says:

    New question re this whole mail b.s. So let’s say a poster does, in fact, tell people to do such and such. A bunch of people mail threatening letters. Now, assuming they don’t put their return addresses on their threatening letters, how can you prove that the letters are a direct result of the post? Can the post office track every piece of mail to it’s origin, which could be a box at a post office that anyone can drop a letter into? How can you prove that A led to B?

    • boston02127 says:

      You mail the letter with their name in the return address area and scribble in the address area and they get the letter “back” as if they sent it in the first place. You don’t even need a stamp!

      • boston02127 says:

        Maybe I should of explained the above post differently. When I was about 10 or 11 my cousin and I use to do this to mail each other letters. We were young and thought we knew everything.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      In theory, one can take DNA and fingerprints from paper, that could identify someone. Their computer could be searched and if they haven’t cleaned the cache or if a special program were used, one could find out where they’d been on the web. It would then be necessary to prove culpability in the person who made the suggestion. However, no one would go to all that trouble if no one was harmed. There would have to be a credible threat for the authorities to get involved. If no one implied physical harm, it would be pointless to worry about it.

      And yes, it is illegal to use the federal postal system to make threats of violence.

  19. FreeCupcakes says:

    I love Jill’s nonsensical comment after Luans lipsynching performance.
    She says to Kelly: “I never thought of that, that elegance is learned. You can be born rich, but you can’t learn it. You have to learn elegance.”

    She says this in the most unelegant voice imaginable.
    So if you’re born rich you can’t learn elegance. You have to learn elegance. Isn’t that a contradiction. Maybe Kelly understood what that jibberish meant.
    Also what kind of idiot tries to find a deep meaning in a pop song that has been auto-tuned?


    • desertgal66 says:

      Notice that Jill seems to assume that only rich people can learn elegance. Which is, of course, categorically untrue.

      It’s like the debate about class vs. etiquette last season. None of them seemed to understand the difference between class and etiquette, or even what “etiquette” actually means.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes plus the point of LuAnn’s song is just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you have class so maybe Jill should listen real close because it applys to her best

  20. kats2 says:

    Yeah I’m Officially Registered!!!

  21. Shadowsnomore says:

    To Cleo’s Mommy-
    You asked me a question that I missed on the previous blog until I re-read some of the comments. So here is my answer-

    Since I don’t know Jill do I believe that she may have actually been threatened?
    Yes. She very well could have been threatened by some idiot. I don’t condone threats to anyone whether they are public figures or private. But……

    This is MY opinion and I stand by it.
    I believe Jill is capable of stirring up false drama and allegations. Given Jills’ past actions – amazongate, babygate, trashing fellow co-stars in the press, planting lies about them, trashing people on her Facebook and Twitter accounts, blocking people from her PUBLIC forum and divulging peoples private info on those forums, I believe that Jill and her people are capable of almost anything. This season Jill was exposed. She assumed that the fans of RHONY would rally behind her and find Bethenny to be the “Mean Girl”. That didn’t happen. It pissed her off and she lashed out. Her book sales tanked and she attacked a book reviewer. Fans took Alex side this season and Alex became popular. That pissed her off. So, she stared trashing Alex in the press. As pointed out by many on this site, Lynn hosted a very nice reception for A&S. It got good press for them. Bethenny had good press from the “Times” yesterday. She also filmed her baby shower which Alex was invited to. Everything in the press the last few days have not been about Jill. Or if it has, its been negative. That had to drive her crazy since it’s always about ME, ME, ME for Jill.
    So yes, I do believe it is POSSIBLE that Jill is making accusations that she is being threatened and harassed. They may be true. I DON”T KNOW. I haven’t seen the evidence. I do think it is troubling that she mentioned they were from Chicago. It makes me wonder if she is trying to stir things up for Lynn and those who comment here. Some sent sympathy cards to Jills business address. That idea was bounced around this blog site. But NOWHERE on this site was anyone encouraged to make threats or harass.
    Is it possible that someone crossed the line? YES. Is it possible that a troll found the sympathy card idea from this site and used the idea to make threats, thereby trying to link this site to bad behavior? YES. Is it possible that Jill and her people found out about the idea and manipulated it? YES. I wouldn’t put anything past Jill.
    The thing is all of this is speculation. If Jill has been threatened then that is wrong.
    But, if you are being threatened, Why go to the press? The police tell most people to not make it public. You don’t want to encourage more threats, incite copycats, and mess up an ongoing investigation.

    I love this blog site and have enjoyed Lynn and her comments. I enjoy reading everyone remarks. I agree with some others I don’t. I’ve defended some, commented on things I like, stayed out of the fray when I didn’t want to get involved, laughed at comments and links that I’ve found to be funny and inserted my two cents and humor when I can. Above all, I hope I’ve been respectful. the mood got pretty heavy today. I’m not taking anyone’s side. I tried to eject some humor to it. Hopefully I didn’t offend anyone.
    I believe that as long as Lynn allows it, we each have the RIGHT, to express our self as we see appropriate.
    I respect Lynn and her blog too to much to do otherwise.

    • Cleo's Mommy says:

      Hi Shadows,

      Appreciate you taking the time to answer. I agree with Jill there’s no way to know, and I guess that was my point.

      Multiple people came down on me for my comments about the lack of harm caused by amazongate to anyone other than Jill. And yet people here attribute actions, feelings and motivations to Jill and I never see anyone being admonished for “speculating” on things we really can do no more but guess about. i.e. whether or not she did really receive a threat in the mail. Whether or not she went to the authorities.

      Let’s face it with Jill Zarin, unless you weld her mouth shut and put her in a straight jacket, she’ll find some way to talk or type no matter how many times the police, her pr team, her rabbi or her lawyer tell her to shut up.*

      *And no that is not speculation, it’s a joke.

  22. SunshineNYC says:

    I hate Jill Zarin and Kelly Jelly Bean Kellamity. Just had to get that out of the way.

    I agree with Lynn that there were times that Bethenny took the snark a little too far. But I don’t think even in those times, it was ill-willed or malicious. I think it was just that.. snark. And if you all recall, Bethenny also made fun of Jill’s “Liberace” condo; not just Alex’s. I also agree that she lays into herself just as much as she’s laid into others, which I think shows us she doesn’t take herself too seriously and probably gets the ‘icks’ when others take themselves too seriously – which there seems to be A LOT of on these shows.

    I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy whatsoever for Teresa. Whether it be her Bravo blog or Twitter war w/Bethenny, to her declaring bankruptcy. This chick is on tv and her life is for the public to watch, have an opinion about and comment on. Come on! Does she really think that no one noticed how DUMB she is before Bethenny said it?!? She is dumb as rocks people! Diamonds in Africa?? Yes Teresa it is true. Africa does have diamonds. And we already know what a brute she is, with the whole table flipping incident. Again, Bethenny commented on what we ALL saw. No biggie in my opinion. What also really pissed me off is this 2 brain cell chick attacked Sonja by calling her an “old whore!” WTF? did Sonja ever do to deserve that attack? Nothing! We haven’t seen anything but class from Sonja and not before or after, did she attack Teresa.

    I found those Twitter comments about Bethenny late but boy oh boy, they pissed me off! Oh the irony and hypocrisy of Teresa claiming smoke & mirrors w/Bethenny’s post baby body (I read it as hater!), when Teresa lives in a gaudy mcmansion that she can’t even afford and pretends to be living the lifestyle of the rich & famous and claiming bankruptcy! Ohhhh and her & Joe doing it everywhere and that’s how she gets knocked up? Pulease. I think we’ve all seen the unpaid IVF bill! She should mind her beeswax and worry about her own problems/life and leave Bethenny alone.

    • error 404 says:

      watching the rerun now where Ditzy Dina makes a big deal about how fabulous Hairy Teresa looks right after birth… most of us look a mess the day after, but not T, she looks as fabulous as she always does…

      so… will T write a blog bashing herself for unrealistic expectations for “normal” women?

      Anywho, I continue to live on a planet where Bethenny never said horrible unforgivable things that no civilized person would ever forget. In the preview of her show she say “I was raised in a cave by animals”. lol Oh right, I get it, the evil bitch is doing physical harm to her parents who are helpless to defend themselves. Or is the joke a tacky dig at Jill and Teresa that I don’t get? Wait, I know, it’s a diabolically evil death threat aimed at Kiki, right?

  23. fredthecattravels says:

    Did anyone ever send condolence cards?

    If Jill gets so much fan mail, how was she able to differentiate between the fan mail and the condolence cards?

    Also, can someone point out the phone book to Jill? She needs to sue Ma Bell for publishing both her home and business addresses.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      Don’t worry. As soon as Jillousy puts on her thinking cap she will go after Ma Bell and The USPS. Count on it. The pig never stops. She slings mud like a pig. She is greedy as a pig and she is as nasty as a pig. Just clarifying my use of the word pig. Not trying to get on anyones bad side.

  24. Anitabee says:


    Been gone all day. Came home 15 minutes ago. Now I logged on and I am 3 blogs behind.

    Well…I certainly will have a great time enjoying the blogs and comments.

    Have a great night fellow Jill Zarin Haters.

  25. boston02127 says:

    Just realized the NJ hags are on tonight. Anyone going to watch?

    • HD says:

      For some reason I find Danielle interesting…she is so peculiar to me. If I don’t watch all of it I will catch the endless reruns.

      • Kat says:

        She IS peculiar… like watching a zoo animal. That was mean and bitchy. I apologise to Danielle. NOT.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I’m going to blog RHONJ tonight, but I don’t find them as objectionable as most people here do. I enjoy most of them, except Danielle.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Every week I say I’m not gonna watch but every week I do.
        I don’t really care for any of them. Danielle is nuts, Caroline is overbearing and doesn’t seem to have any social skills, Jaq is soooooo boring. I think the real reason she couldn’t get pregnant was ’cause her husband couldn’t stay awake long enough around her to have sex. Theresa is stupid and obnoxious. I can’t figure out why the Manzo’s always talk about how hilarious she is. I sort of like Dina.
        I mostly watch because I love to read the gawker recapsthe next day.
        Where can I find your blog Morgaine Swann?

    • Char12 says:

      Ya, I’ll watch. I watch all of them. I think there’s a fight tonight between Ashley and Danielle isn’t there? I might be mistaken though.

  26. UpperWestSideDude says:

    Sorry Lynn, I really have to disagree with you on Bethenny’s snark. I think she was a little harder on Silex and she did talk about them often behind their backs. Alex called her on it during the last reunion show. I think I read somewhere that Alex was a little surprised by some of the things Bethenny had said when not on screen together. I also believe that when she called Simon “revolting” in her blog last season was more or less just plain mean and uncalled for.

    With that being said, I think Bethenny and Alex are past that and they are truly friends. I think Bethenny will be the first to admit any fault and she has no problem apologizing when she is wrong. We saw evidence of this during the Labor Day cookout at Ramon’s house where she explained to Alex what happened with the skinny girl logo. She has really changes this season and I think she is really seeing people for who they trully are.

    • UpperWestSideDude says:

      Sorry for the many typos and gramatical mistakes in my previous post. 😦

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        I don’t know why Bethenny chose a different logo. The one Alex did was much cuter than the one she’s using.

        • desertgal66 says:

          I think Bethenny mentioned that she ended up going for a logo that was more generic, because she wanted to expand the SkinnyGirl line beyond cocktails. Although why she didn’t just ask Alex to change the logo, I don’t know. Alex could have easily come up with the logo that Bethenny currently uses.

          • Cleo's Mommy says:

            I believe Alex’s logo went in a direction of looking even more like Bethenny than her original one, but then her business partners thought it would be better if the logo didn’t look like bethenny at all – so that theoretically any girl could be the skinny girl. She’s basically just a silhouette, no features, hair color, nothing identifiable.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I’m with you UWSDude. I think she sort of acknowledged that at Ramona’s renewal ceremony when she told Alex she was surprised that of all people Alex was there for her. Maybe in season 1 B was just trying too hard to bring it for the camera. Maybe it was because she and JZ brought out the worst in each other. But whatever the reason she has changed. Could be that watching herself and others on TV gave her a chance to review all their actions and decide what kind of person she wanted to be. I am really enjoying their new friendship. I think they are as surprised by it as we are.

    • kats2 says:

      I agree with both of you. The revolting comment was over the top, but many of the other things were just funny. Simon and Alex were my least favorite in S1 because of their pretentious behavior, they have come a long way and changed quite a bit from S1 and it’s a change for the better. So my point is, some of what Bethenny said was snark but also true.

      • UpperWestSideDude says:

        I agree some of it was funny but not all of it. I also believe Alex and Simon went out of their way to be nice to her and she would still manage to get in her digs when they were not on camera together. Maybe it’s just me but I cannot stand people that say one thing to your face and then make fun of you behind your back. I don’t find that cute or funny. I really beleive everyone should go back and rewatch Season 1 & 2 because I think you would have a different take on what you are seeing.

    • desertgal66 says:

      I have to agree that Bethenny’s snarkiness was out of line during Season 1, but, you know, aside from her appearance on the Martha Stewart Apprentice show, Bethenny didn’t have a whole lot of television experience, especially in “talking heads” style. I don’t think she realized how snarky she would appear-and you have to figure that Bravo may have edited out comments that softened her snarkiness, which she probably didn’t expect, either.

      Plus, she had Jill urging her on in Season 1, which didn’t help.

      I think her behavior this year is a good example of how Bethenny made the effort to turn all this into a learning experience and grow and change. She’s still honest, but she’s definitely become softer and not as quick to the snap judgments.

      • UpperWestSideDude says:

        I think you are spot on about Jill’s influence. I think that had a LOT do with it. Which goes back to the whole point of this blog. I too Hate Jill Zarin…

        • Shadowsnomore says:

          Okay, I am going to re-post my thoughts on Bethenny from the other night. And yes, I AM TOO DAMN LAZY to re-type it out again!

          To be honest with you, I was not a big Bethenny fan either. When the show first started I found some of her comments to be very snarky and off putting. I couldn’t understand how she could be around Alex & Simon and share deep feelings and emotions with them; then trash talk them. However, I believe Bethenny has evolved.
          I believe that she was caught in the “Jill” cycle. I know that I have had friends in my life that are toxic. When I was with them I would get caught up in their trash talk, gossip and nastiness. I would find myself talking badly about others and spreading the toxicity myself. It took awhile but I finally realized what I was doing and I didn’t like it. I wasn’t being true to myself and what I believed in. I had to separate myself from these people.
          Bethenny has had a lot of changes in her life in the last year. She found herself in a new relationship, her career flourishing, and her friendship with Jill changing. I believe that becoming engaged, pregnant and loosing her father made her look at things from a different perspective. She realized that her so called friend,Jill, wasn’t a friend at all and the people that she judged so harshly where better people than what she thought. I truly believe that she is surprised and grateful that Alex and Ramona have become true and loyal friends. They stuck by her and up for her when they didn’t have to. I also believe her apologies to them are heartfelt and real. Jill not only revealed her true self to Bethenny but to the whole world.
          Even though “B”s has experienced a lot of lows this year, she has also experienced some wonderful highs as well. She is married and has a new baby. Those two things can and tend to change a person. Despite all the crap Jill has put her through, I’m sure Bethenny feels she is in a better place now.
          Bethenny has evolved and I have enjoyed seeing her growth. I now find myself liking her and rooting for her when I didn’t before. I respect her tenacity and her drive to make her life and career successful. I can honestly say… I can’t wait to see her new series.

          I love cut and paste functions!

  27. otaypanky says:

    anyone care to address this?

    Morgaine Swann says:
    June 7, 2010 at 6:41 pm
    We don’t really know that. We know she claims to be harassed and threatened, but no names were mentioned. It’s not a good idea to jump to conclusions in these cases

    • fredthecattravels says:

      otay, Jill truly is the boy who cried wolf.

      No one has harrassed her; everyone in cyberspace except for that hack Perez Hilton hates her.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Otay – address it in what way? I know about the sympathy card campaign, but I’ve read all of the press reports about Jill and all is says is she’s being “threatened and harassed by a family in Chicago and Alabama.” It might have absolutely nothing to do with anyone on this blog. There’s a probability, but there is no direct accusation. Why assume facts not in evidence?

    • desertgal66 says:

      Morgaine said that we don’t really know if Jill went to the authorities. That’s true, we don’t. We don’t know if Jill actually received threats. I’m guessing she probably didn’t, but I don’t KNOW. And we don’t know that Jill was referring to anyone who has posted here, including Lynn. She probably is, but we don’t KNOW.

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        I say “screw Jillousy,” but Bawby says not with his d*ck……

      • just sayin' says:

        If she filed a police report would that not be public record and in the paper. I don’t know where these things are found in NY but here (KY) all we have to do is look in the local paper and any police report filed is there.

  28. HD says:

    For the love of all that is holy please don’t post that here so we have to go through 4 more blogs about postal stuff and the law and all that. Please!

    That only gives Jill more fuel for her ploy.

    • fredthecattravels says:

      HD, that is from another website.

      It is public information that I provided a link to. That isn’t against the law and she should have an unpublished number if they don’t want that information to be public knowledge.

      You are allowing Jill to win by being a scardy cat.

      I am doing absolutely nothing wrong.

      • HD says:

        No is scared I am SICK AND TIRED OF THE SAME OLD BULLSHIT!! Okay we get it DUH! EVERYONE’s info is public. You are not shedding light on anything NEW! DUH! We get it! You can google and find Jills home address. Whip de do! Thank you! Now we will have 1000 more comments about that. It is not about being scared it is about how LONG are we going to keep regurgitating the SAME OLD THING! Maybe you need to go a few blogs back before you start calling names. And I am trying to be dignified on these blogs so don’t call me names and I won’t call you any. I am not the upper east side reality tv watcher. Trust me! Scared hardly and if you think you are going to come on a blog and talk to me crazy you are SADLY mistaken. Keep it moving!

  29. viki55 says:

    Help! I had an avitar of my cat then changed it to a moonflower from my garden (bloomed last night) but in this new blog I don’t see it. What causes it to change to the default?

    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      If it had been your cat profile photo (Jillousy probably got it) that disappeared I have a possible answer for that. Since it was a moonflower I can’t help. Maybe you can try uploading your flower again. Good luck.

      • viki55 says:

        LOL she is the cat thief! I think I got it now. Thanks so much! At least I can see it now.

    • viki55 says:


    • boston02127 says:

      @viki55~~Not sure. I usually keep my computer on and come back and forth reading a little at a time. For some reason when I bring up the Blog, the bottom of this page where we comment box is an error404 message appears.
      I have to keep reloading so I can get the comment box up.
      Maybe there is some type of glitch tonight.

  30. kats2 says:

    Teresa’s BS comment/excuse is really pissing me off! I can’t stand when people over spend and blame the economy for it. Giudice never made the amount of money that would allow the spending they did, it has nothing to do with the economy at all. They should not be allowed to get away with this, not when there are legit people and situations that did get hurt by the economy. I can’t stand people who cannot stand up and admit own it when they fuck up.

    “What is true is that due to the economy, most of my husband’s real estate ventures failed despite his hard work and effort. As a result, we looked to the Bankruptcy Court for a ‘fresh start.'”

    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      Since Dina put herself out there and made the statement that Hairy Harpy’s bankruptcy information couldn’t be true or she (Dina) would know about it I wonder how she’s feeling today about their fresh start.

      • kats2 says:

        Yes me too! the Giudice’s have been keeping some secrets from the God Mother. I wonder how the Manzos will feel about visiting Teresa and the kids at the trailer park? Well, there should be plenty of room for the kids to walk the walk and show off their new dance rountines.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I can understand losing millions in real estate, and needing to file bankruptcy – Trump does it all the time. In some cases, bankruptcy is a business tactic. In this case, what bothers me is we saw Teresa pay a man $120,000 in cash that would have paid off their charge cards. We saw her spend 2,000 on clothes for the girls that they didn’t seem to need, but who knows? And what really gets me, is how do you get 8 mortgages on 3 houses? I couldn’t get a mortgage on a house to save my life!

    • PFinFL says:

      Didn’t the article also say that they were in financial counseling for 6 months before they filed bankruptcy in Oct. ’09. When was this season filmed?

  31. Jennifer says:

    Plus she says stuff has been distroted ( sorry if I spelt that wrong) What stuff has been changed? All the facts are coming from legal papers they filed.

    • kats2 says:

      Yes! See for me, what Teresa and Joe are doing is just criminal. It is just as bad as what Daniele does and just as gutter garbage too. It makes the Jill and Kelly crap childs play. Teresa knew dam well going into taping this season that she was in major debt, but yet she filmed scenes with the lavish spending and trips to Italy, WTF!!! That takes some special kind of arrogance, thug mind to be able to do that without any guilt or apology now for fucking up.

      She is a disgusting pig

      • Capiche says:

        The Italy trip, like the USVI trip, was probably paid for by Bravo. I’m sure the Bravo editors are looking over all their footage to include those with her spending crazily. Oh, it’s making me want to watch, but I really can’t get into that show!

      • Cleo's Mommy says:

        My hope is that with all the press this is now getting and the Giudice’s televised conspicuous consumption, that the bankruptcy court will decide to look into the veracity of their bankruptcy filing. Isn’t it incredible how their current income and monthly nut are exactly the same give or take a few dollars?

        And hopefully this will draw the attention of the IRS too. What family that has a supposed income of 200K a year (120k of which is from “family help”) spends 120K in cash no less on furniture? Is it really believable that Juicy only makes 40K a year? How much more do you think he’s taking under the table?

  32. lillybee says:

    Watching the second season right now, it was pleasant, women even Jill doing fairly normal things, living their lives, carving pumpkins and so little fights. And it was entertaining.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      I know – I was happy with it. I didn’t need all this ridiculous drama to get me to watch the show. I just hope they don’t ruin Bethenny’s show by trying to create a bunch of bullshit. I want a light, happy show about Bethenny getting married and having a baby. That’s it. I don’t want any psychosis. Neurosis is a given, but psychosis is not entertaining.

    • viki55 says:

      1st time I have seen that season in a while. Does Ramona’s nose look totally different now? Maybe that is the change!

  33. iceNfire says:

    Remember when we all turned blue on hubpages? Same thing can be done here. All you have to do is register a blog. You don’t have to write a blog, just register. Click on Mickey Mouth name to see what she has done. Look in “My Account” at the top of page to register your blog.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Thanks for the comment btw 🙂
      Also thank you to Satchels of Jelly Beans and Melanie.

      • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

        Well, I’m sure that, much to the dismay of nobody, I’m going to back of commenting and just enjoy what you guys have to say. Mickey, your art work is so cool. Any chance of selling it like the David Gilmore pieces that we have seen?

        • MickeyMouth says:

          Thanks for compliment 🙂 Nah not for sale, they’re parodies. If I were to try to make a profit, that could become legally tricky. I do them to keep up and improve my Photoshop skills and to entertain (hopefully) others and myself. I’ve seen Gilmore’s caricatures and that’s an artistic talent I sadly don’t have 😦

        • Kat says:

          Micky you really are good!
          Satchels I will miss you. I hope you reconsider.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I thought I was signed in, but I wasn’t. Am I blue now?

    • RileyKitty says:

      I did mine Ice. BTW I sent you an email, you know how I am when ignored 😉 LOL

  34. otaypanky says:

    anyone care to address this?

    Morgaine Swann says:
    June 7, 2010 at 6:41 pm
    We don’t really know that. We know she claims to be harassed and threatened, but no names were mentioned. It’s not a good idea to jump to conclusions in these cases

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      Otay – we did address this up higher in the thread.

    • desertgal66 says:

      You said that Jill had sworn criminal complaints against Lynn and her posters. Morgaine replied that we don’t really know that, which is true.


    • Olivia says:

      You have asked this twice now and it would appear that no on is interested in playing along.

      This blog was fun for awhile but the last few days have proven otherwise. I am not interested in watching people lay in wait just itching to start a blog war with other commentators who have a differing point of view. You seem to lurk here waiting for the opportunity to stir the pot when most of us wish to put it to rest.

      In the last few days you have taken your leave and sat there waiting to be begged to return only to start up once again. Live with it. The idea that someone has a different point of view or a different take on something does not make them an enemy, just another blogger just like you.

      Typing STFU to other commentators lacks civility. You have gone after me and others here on this blog for reasons I am unable to process. If Lynn finds this acceptable than I am also wasting my time when I thought this was just a place to have fun and parse out what this series has presented.

      Baiting other bloggers with this nonsense, then claiming victimhood, followed by sitting back and reading comments begging you to return has been done once to often.

      If this goes over your head then I would invite you to reread your comments over the past few days to get an idea of what you have introduced.

  35. RileyKitty says:

    Hello?! Is it safe to come out & play now? LOL I was trying to scan through 2 blogs comments since last night & just gave up 🙂

    Jill is such a vile human being. I am embarrassed that I didn’t realize this from the beginning but going back & rewatching, I am seeing she has been horrible from the beginning.

  36. otaypanky says:

    Bethenny chose a different logo because she is a partner with Skye Vodka and they have an entire team that addresses logos, packaging, media, advertising, book deals, etc.

    • kats2 says:

      So true, I never got what the big deal was with this, I guess Bethenny could have communicated better with Alex but she did (I thought) thank her and feel on her sword for the decision not going her way.

      • UpperWestSideDude says:

        The deal was that Alex did this in her free time and was not compensated for it. It was a friendly gesture and Bethenny never said anything to her personally about going in a different direction with the logo. Out of courtesy she should have said something and finally did months later at Ramona’s house. To her credit, Bethenny admited that she could have handled it better.

        • PFinFL says:

          And of course…in my opinion…Alex was really nice about the whole thing and I think even appreciated Bethenny finally talking to her face to face about it. Alex could have made it a big deal but didn’t. Jill of course would have never forgiven Bethenny….forgotten, yes! But NOT forgiven.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      That’s too bad. The one they’re using is really generic. The one Alex drew was really cute and had character.

  37. Capiche says:

    Wow! In the time it took me to drive home, make dinner and watch the news, Teresa has released a statement on the bankruptcy. She says it will give them a “fresh start.” That is so insulting to those who have had to file for bankruptcy due to death, medical bills and natural disasters. Dropping cash for gaudy furniture from an overpriced cheesy furniture store for your funeral parlor-like home doesn’t count. I completely understand why people are so angry. Take a look at the comments on the article over at People’s website. They are really letting her have it. Frankly, I’ve never liked Teresa. She’s just a bit too declasse for me! And she’s so dumb. I’ll never forget the first season when she talked about “knocking on wood” and hit her head while doing it. I’ve never laughed so hard. I can’t stand stupid women. I work in a male-dominated field and every time a colleague says something ridiculous about women, I try to defend but there’s almost always a grain of truth. That’s why I admire Ramona, Bethenny and Alex. Say what you want, these women are no fools!

    Now for the rumors I read over in the comments section at People; apparently this is the SECOND time they filed for bankruptcy…they did so in 2005! Ha! Apparently there’s an upcoming episode about her spending lavishly on a housewarming/christening party. *shakes head* This would have been around the same time they were filing for bankruptcy! And I can’t get over the fertility treatments? For what? I thought when Joe looked at her she got pregnant, or so she seemed to claim! Is that the going rate for vasectomies? $12k? I also read her parents and his parents live downstaris at the Giudice Memorial home? Is this true? Are they paying 10K in rent?? I NEED TO KNOW! LOL! Joe has a girlfriend?? Whaaaaa? I am getting the skeeves now. Now will she take the same advice she gave to Danielle and “get a job!” Oh, and Danielle! I really pity her but oh, how she must be loving this? Has she anything to say on the matter?

    I’m already forgetting about Jill….

    And Lynn, this blog is becoming too addictive. I might have to go cold turkey soon!

    • otaypanky says:

      the guidice memorial home??? lol

      • kats2 says:

        What the fuck is that? Please don’t tell me that they turned the wine cellar into a place for their parents and are claiming it as an old folks home/business. Or worst, it actually sounds like a funeral home. With the access Joe has to shovels and after watching the tomato sauce production line they had going in the garage I’m afraid to find out what’s really going on at the marble mansion.

        • Jennifer says:

          I think she is kidding ….. saying their home is such a monstraty it’s a musuem ? Correct me if I wrong

          Also you can only file for bankruptcy once every 7 years,right? So as much as I’d love it to be I think the 2005 thing is wrong but I wonder if Joe really does have a gf 🙂

          • Hooked On Housewives says:


            I’m not too sure about this but can’t a person file for chapter 11 bankruptcy (business) and then file a chapter 7 bankruptcy (personal) within seven years? I thought I read that somewhere. But. I could be way wrong.

        • Capiche says:

          What else are they going to do with that wine cellar?? Or wine “room” as they called it? Fill it wih Sutter Home 1.5 liter Zinfandel?? Puh-leease. And I was just kidding as to the funeral parlor, but Giudice Memorial Home does have a nice ring to it. It’ll probably a memory for them in a few years… as in remember when we used to live in that mausoleum?

    • PFinFL says:

      Oh, I’m sure Danielle will have PLENTY to say in her blog tonight after this episode appears because Teresa let loose on her last week in her blog.

  38. iceNfire says:

    anniieee says:
    June 7, 2010 at 3:56 PM (Edit)
    I cant get blue…. dont know how… but you can check my email….

    LOL can’t get blue what and check your email where?

    Please don’t ask for my help on “Practice Page” I almost never go there.

    Register a blog to turn your name blue. This will let everyone know that you are you.

  39. Squirrels says:

    I’m repeating this from the last blog. Shoot me now. No wait, give me a minute to do my hair.

    You know, I got ¾ the way down the blog and couldn’t take anymore.

    Lynn, you have one rule and that rule is no one…. NOONE is allowed to bash another poster under the guise of disagreeing with other’s opinions.

    It’s not a gray thing. It’s not a misunderstanding type deal. It’s all or nothing. While I understand shutting down one who is snubbing her nose at the simple rules may bring heartache and most certainly retribution, the reality is, we all came here with an agreement. -to be given the opportunity to speak our minds without fear of personal retribution in any form. Once a reply comes across the desk in the form of personal attack? His/her post is to be removed (when you can of course).

    It’s now 5:33pm PST, and the shit has been going on all day. As soon as said blogger gets a wiff of “I’m with you”…. She lands in the emerald city and continues to attack others, not in retribution in my mind, but in a clear, unadulterated, I’m important, you are not.

    Can I please get back to matters at hand here? I’m I out of line?

    You are our gatekeeper. A thankless job, no doubt.

    Kind regards

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      But we do Thank You, Lynn!

    • Olivia says:


    • KLAS says:

      Squirrels: Thank you for saying that. I’ve wanted to say something similar all day long but I can be inarticulate so I decided not to. Thank you for speaking up.

      • morning says:

        Unlike the rest of us :), I think Lynn has another life and can’t be on top of everything all of the time.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Squirrels~ Well said.

    • Kokuanani says:

      Squirrels, I posted a “thank you” to this comment on the prior blog.

      Thank you again.

      And ps: if you can suggest how I can send an e-mail to Lynn, I’d appreciate knowing. I composed one and sent it to the address that appeared in the prior blog [@aol.com] but was informed it was not working.

      I’d hoped to comment to her privately on this very matter, but I wholly, publicly support what you’ve said.

  40. boston02127 says:

    @desertgal66~~239 people lining up to buy Kelly’s Playboy edition!
    LOL, remember when the show started and Kelly repeated over and over what a private person she was. Little did we know she meant it’s OK for 239 million people to see her “private”.

  41. morning says:

    Ok, I concede. Maybe a chat type blog, or whatever you call it, would be better.

  42. emt2 says:

    Teresa is a sorry version of Bethenny.

    1. She tried to be “snarky” in her blogs about Sonja (calling her an old whore! meanwhile Teresa thinks that everyone wants to hear about her sex life with Joe and her swollen chuckie) and Bethenny and fell flat on her face.

    2. She stole the idea of a cookbook and using Skinny in the title from Bethenny and is trying to deny it. She is riding Bethenny’s coattails extra hard!

    3. She is so boring that the only thing she can talk about is Danielle and makes fun of her for being in debt. Well, we see that Teresa has been fronting all along and bitch is poor. It’s weird that she called Bethenny smoke and mirrors and not genuine and it has come out that Teresa is in fact all smoke and mirrors.

    4. Her blog for People is ghost-written as well as her book. Teresa makes up words and does not speak well and is inarticulate. Compare her blogs from Bravo’s page to her blogs on People. Two different voices, completely. Sometimes, her blogs for the two are so drastically different that it is a shame that she puts her name on the People.com one. Bethenny is sharp and witty. Teresa will never be those things.

    5. She has an inflated sense of self just like Jill. She thinks that she is the the Head Bitch of Bravo because NJ had such great ratings because she acted like an idiot. It’s just an illusion that she is popular and she doesn’t hold any real power or influence. I mean, Bethenny has WAY more power than Teresa has or ever will. Teresa isn’t likable enough and she isn’t smart enough. And I’m sure that Bethenny has WAY more money than Teresa has because she’s not dumb and she doesn’t show off.

    6. Teresa seems like a follower and will go with whatever others say. Bethenny is very self-contained.

    7. Teresa is jealous that Bethenny had a baby and appeared in real magazines and recieved real endorsement deals and has already lost the weight. Why is Teresa worried about Bethenny having a nurse maid when she herself has a nanny? (and my bet is that she has several nannies even though she pretends not to.)

    8. Teresa is ugly and looks like something from Planet of the Apes. And Bethenny is cute.

    Rant over!

    • Quincy IL says:

      Think Teresa will be popular in those stores now that she is in “start over” phase.

      • emt2 says:

        no! the bankruptcy is due to their flashy lifestyle and shopping sprees. Teresa goes shopping several time a week and drops 2,000 on clothes for the girls per week. And they filed bankruptcy in 2005, yet they built their guady, onyx and granite mansion last year?

        Real people who lost their jobs and can’t find another one are filing for bankruptcy. They deserve sympathy not these two materialistic losers.

        Also, they are committing fraud. All that cash, declaring 79,000 in income, who are they trying to kid?

    • SunshineNYC says:

      HIGH FIVE!!!

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I think Teresa has two sets of grandparents who help out. She could never understand what Bethenny’s life has been like. Bethenny is a survivor. Teresa is very sheltered and her experiences are very limited. If you can appreciate her for what she is, she can be entertaining. If you measure her by the yardstick of Bethenny, of course she’ll fall short – Teresa is from another century while Bethenny is pretty much the epitome of the modern woman.

      Teresa did go to FIT, I think and I’m sure she worked before she got married. She’s one of those girls that got a ring and was done with the outside world.

      • Snarkapalooza says:

        Teresa went to FIT?? For what, a sample sale?

      • emt2 says:

        I tried to appreciate her for what she is. I actually liked her last year and found her to be very authentic, cute and self-aware. But since last season, she has gotten a lot of attention and it’s gone to her head. She strikes out and is very mean to people and acts like she is better than everyone. She seems to be trying too hard, in my opinion.

        I am measuring her against Bethenny because Teresa is extremely jealous of Bethenny. Bethenny has said mean things to her but she also said that Teresa is a nice person, a good wife/mother and means well. Teresa is saying a lot of hypocritical things about Bethenny and it’s hilarious because Teresa is following Bethenny and takin her cues on how to succeed.

        She tries to be snarky but it comes off as mean because there is no context (her attack on Sonja and Sonja’s “grandpa” ex-husband was uncalled for and unwarranted). She attacked Bethenny out of the blue in her latest blog because Bethenny was saying mean things about her costars while doing publicity for her new show. Actually, B was responding to direct questions about Jill and Kelly. She said that Kelly was horrible in St. John and said that Jill is no longer in her life. Those are attacks, more like facts.

        I just think that Teresa should settle down and be herself and stop trying so hard.

        And the bankruptcy happened because she likes to spend money. She flaunts her shopping trips, her granite house, her 2.000 dollar shopping trips with her little girls. She doesn’t deserve sympathy when there are real people who have real jobs and had to declare bankruptcy because they lost their jobs, not because they have a couple of million dollars in credit card debt from shopping sprees. They also lied and said that they made 79,000 a year. They are liars and people see that loud and clear.

  43. anniieee says:

    Okay… I really have to address something on the last blog. The ADD reference. As a mother/schoolteacher of 2 girls–one with ADHD (30) and the other with ADD (29) that have taken meds off and on since 10th and 12 grade (diagnosis)… Never ever did they ever ever act like Kelly. That is not ADD or ADHD. My daughters have taken different types of meds..during college–ritalin, adderall, and paxil-for depression–but nothing ever made them all out whacked liked Kelly was.

    As a schoolteacher, I have seen children the exhibit characteristics of this “gift” and yes I think its a gift- and I would never attempt to diagnose them–but again–never with the whacked out craziness of kelly. They maybe unfocused until you call them on it…fidget… etc–but not the anger. Adderall can cause anger, but not in that way–EVEN combined with alchohol. This was something I have never seen before. And it was scary. I am an art teacher–and I am dyslexia with ADHD and take meds when i have to take a test–so that I dont get distracted….last time 7 years ago. I have never “tripped to scary island” or had issues like she has. I considered it a gift because the meds make me loose energy and kind of get “dull.” I can’t afford that as an artist. I medicate with coffee..has the opposite effect on me. But I can draw, paint, etc. without losing that edge. Kelly is just blown out crazy, or dumber than dirt–or the cheese has fallen completely off her cracker. Whew… thanks for listening. so sorry to go on so long… now for a cup of coffee.

    • anniieee says:

      whew ‘scuse all the misspellings… was gonna toooooo fast. 🙂 and that is dyslexic lol…what a mess.. I am re-reading… guess it was a festering a little.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      I know what you’re saying. I have BPD and the meds make me non-functional, but I have to have them, so I’m stuck. I’m pretty sure, having watched that episode many times, that Kelly has a number of things going on, the most serious of which is probably paranoid schizophrenia though she’s high functioning. I think we saw pretty clearly that she took something on the island when she went back to her room for “jellybeans” – she was obviously altered when she came back.

      As some have also suggested, there’s some sort of delay in her development as well. Kelly has gotten through life because people have made exceptions for her because of her looks. As they fade, and her girls get older, that’s not going to work anymore. The shame of it is, that even if she were medicated, Kelly is just not likable. She’s mean and shallow, and I don’t think any amount of medicine is going to change that.

    • PFinFL says:

      I never even thought about ADD….Everyone I know with ADD are very smart! I honestly think it is meth & alcohol. Look at the pic at the end of the strip on top of this page. Does that not look like someone on drugs or something? Kelly made “scary” island scary and doesn’t even realize it! Please Bravo show the lost footage of scary island.

      • anniieee says:

        Thanks and I totally agree..that was NOT ADD or ADHD or any meds associated with it… unless she was taking the meds and was NOT ADD or ADHD…. reverse effect….adderal slows me down and dulls my senses as does coffee.

  44. Capiche says:

    Just popped back in. Are we still rehashing postal codes?? As long as you paid for the stamp to send the sympathy card, there was nothing illegal done. Period.

    Now back to Teresa….someone posted this over on People website:

    “Teresa and joe are con-artists. I hope the judge and the creditors will find their hidden money. These kind of people make our economy worse.

    Someone said this:

    Wake up folks–do not believe everything you read. This lady is not really broke. This is a ploy to stiff her creditors. Not very classy if you asked me. BTW: ask yourself, how do you get approved for three mortgages on the same property with all of that outstanding debt? Obviously, they took the money they got from the second and third mortgage–that is the cash you see her spending. They will continue to live out of that money. Then they filed bankruptcy and if the judge upholds it–they won’t have to pay any of it back. Although this is unethical–it is completely legal.”

    Interesting take…

  45. otaypanky says:

    anyone care to address this?

    Morgaine Swann says:
    June 7, 2010 at 6:41 pm
    We don’t really know that. We know she claims to be harassed and threatened, but no names were mentioned. It’s not a good idea to jump to conclusions in these cases

    I’ll address it.

    Yes, Names were mentioned. Lynn and her Blog were “accused” without evidence or facts.

    One thing I try to do to the best of my ability is to actually “read” not only the opinion of the blog host but all comments before I post, so I don’t make claims and start poking at fellow posters without “reason”.

    • Olivia says:

      I moved this from upthread.

      You have asked this twice now and it would appear that no on is interested in playing along.

      This blog was fun for awhile but the last few days have proven otherwise. I am not interested in watching people lay in wait just itching to start a blog war with other commentators who have a differing point of view. You seem to lurk here waiting for the opportunity to stir the pot when most of us wish to put it to rest.

      In the last few days you have taken your leave and sat there waiting to be begged to return only to start up once again. Live with it. The idea that someone has a different point of view or a different take on something does not make them an enemy, just another blogger just like you.

      Typing STFU to other commentators lacks civility. You have gone after me and others here on this blog for reasons I am unable to process. If Lynn finds this acceptable than I am also wasting my time when I thought this was just a place to have fun and parse out what this series has presented.

      Baiting other bloggers with this nonsense, then claiming victimhood, followed by sitting back and reading comments begging you to return has been done once to often.

      If this goes over your head then I would invite you to reread your comments over the past few days to get an idea of what you have introduced.

      • Kokuanani says:

        I think the comment directly below this one proves your point.

        Lynn, can you please give us some help here?

    • Kokuanani says:

      Thank you, Squirrels.

      I’ve got your back.

      • otaypanky says:

        i’ve got your back too!

      • KLAS says:

        I’ll say it again – thank you Olivia and Squirrels.

        What’s happening to this blog? It used to be fun and informative and now it’s ugly and viscious. I sure hope things change real soon.

    • viki55 says:

      I am confused. I thought all this kind of talk was by a troll using your name this afternoon. It wasn’t a troll?

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      Alright – I don’t want to be inaccurate, so can you please give me a link to where Jill accused Lynn by name? I know that other blogger did, but nothing I have seen pertaining to Jill specified Lynn or this blog. If I’ve missed it, please show me where it is.


  46. kats2 says:

    I just figured out this evening that there was a register option so I’m official, I added an Avatar but it said it would take a while to update or something. But my point is I’m signed in and it’s me and I’m here to have fun and snark. If there is something else I need to do so you know I’m official and not a troll please let me know.

  47. RileyKitty says:

    Nope! not safe to come out & play yet

  48. Olivia says:

    This is just getting ridiculous. Everyone recognizes that it’s a reality show being we are fighting about I hope.

  49. Kat says:

    Goodnight. See ya all Thurs.

  50. LynnNChicago says:

    WTF? Is the problem today? Stop, seriously just stop all the arguing. I have had to start three blogs today in an attempt to stop all the arguing, I haven’t even had time to go back and delete all the crap I need to delete.

    Can everyone please take a deep breath. I have agreed to go in and delete any personal attacks or troll activity but I thought everyone agreed to not respond or react to the problem person.

    Because there are dozens of responses to the offending original post, I can only start a new blog. If there were only one offending post, I could easily delete it and move on.

    You will all need to trust me just a little bit that I will be there as soon as I can to delete. IE: The home address, etc. It is gone, I only needed a few minutes, I have to log into a different area and scroll to find these posts once I’m aware of them, by the time I get to them, 10 people have replied and gone off the deep end.

    I’m not starting another new blog today. Have a good night everyone!

    • Kokuanani says:

      Lynn, please accept my thanks for all your work, and understanding for all the frustration this is apparently causing you.

      Not to add to this, but in my observation, there’s only ONE poster here who “stirs the pot,” by calling other posters “fucking morons,” by threatening to leave, by wailing that her posts haven’t been appreciated, by posting questions again and again until she gets [I presume] the comments/replies she wants.

      I really haven’t seen ANY other posters go to this extreme, so my suggestion would be to remind the offending [and offensive] poster of the Minimal Rules of Courtesy around here and, if necessary, ban her.

      As someone who was banned [twice] from TWOP, I have no love of banning. But I think a review of the past several threads, and the “offender’s” activities, as outlined above, will bolster the case for your taking action.

      Thank you again for all you do, and apologies for the actions of those thoughtless ones who make your life a hassle.

    • morning says:

      How about you get one “deletion” and then you’re blocked? You shouldn’t have to keep deleting anything from anyone repeatedly.

  51. anniieee says:

    well shoot… I have to admit the coffee did’nt work… I am unfocused and confused. Maybe I am headed to scary island..lol Night all… Thanks Lynn. Have a good evening everyone 🙂

  52. jane says:

    oh ppl dont u love LYNN if it werent for her blog where oh where would i have vent my dislike of@Ginger tormentor. It was so nice reading your blogs, this is one of the things i will be missing .NO plan to watch the manzo vs staub drama .TOO GOOOOOD FOR THAT!!!!!

  53. HD says:

    Thank you, Lynn and sorry if I added to the drama. I normally am pretty laid back on the site but today I had enough. As much as I hate Jill when I saw that home address I thought COME ON….we have beaten a dead horse today about the post office, the cards, the other blog, the blah blah blah……….

    Also today is the first day I have not smoked….trying to quit so I am on the edge anyway….

    • viki55 says:

      Oh HD! It is the harded thing I ever did! I stopped 12/19/2000. Try quitnet.org. And if I can help please let me know. The patch can be a big help.

      • HD says:

        Thank you, Viki. I am damn near chewing a hole in my jaw the way I am chewing this gum. LOL! (Regular gum not nicotine gum) Girl I am on the edge. Seriously! The cravings are intense but I read that after 48 hours this should be better. I can’t go on like this (smoking). I told my friend only a fool pays for their death. I have to quit this! I will check out that site. Thank you!

        • viki55 says:

          You are very welcome. The 1st 48 is the hardest for the physical stuff but the emotional attachment takes longer. I found the support at that site so helpful but that was when you could use all the functions without fees, I don’t think it is totally free anymore but the good stuff (chat) is free! If this isn’t your 1st time trying don’t think of it as trying anymore…just do it! It is a process, takes time, set backs happen but it doesn’t mean you have to start all over. Being free of the need is the best thing ever:)

          • HD says:

            Thank you, Viki! I needed to hear that because it is not my first time trying at all. But I am just so sick of this and I needed to hear that, “just do it” and you are correct. I just need to do it!! Thank you.

        • Hooked On Housewives says:

          @HD. Also watch what you eat. I quit smoking and didn’t watch what I ate and gained 50 pounds. No more size 1(+) for me. LOL. Anyway, good luck.

        • c_mack_Omaha says:

          Try to get some bar straws…For some reason they help me and helped my jaw from the constant gum chewing. Just don’t eat them. I just would stick them in my mouth like a cigarette and chew on them.

  54. Shadowsnomore says:

    Al Sharpton! Al Sharpton!

  55. sophie says:

    If “class” is “ambience”, then “elegance” is…..pinot?

  56. iceNfire says:

    Rileykitty – check your mail, I can’t keep track here. It seems like we’re on a roller coaster again.

  57. adioslunatic says:

    Lynn, thanks for weighing in. I have missed seeing my extremely bright and funny friends via this blog today. Instead it has been a little like Kellyland where I wasn’t sure what was happening.

    Anyway, I’m getting ready to leave on vacation and will miss you guys making me laugh!

  58. kats2 says:

    Satchels of Gold

  59. Shadowsnomore says:

    AGAIN, I ask is there a full moon tonight? Really! Did a nerve toxin get released on this site that has somehow poisoned us all through our keyboards? My crying out “Al Sharpton”, “Al Sharpton”, is my way of trying to point out how crazy its gotten tonight.
    Love you all but let’s not all go Kelly here!

  60. kats2 says:

    So here’s a change of topic, do you think Alex will hold her own and make valid points against Jill on the reunion? I’m a little concerned she won’t get it all out and Jill will out talk her.

    • viki55 says:

      I think Jill will get the best of her unless Bethenny joins in. Alex is just too nice at heart. No that Bethenny isn’t it is just that she has the experience with her background. I don’t think Alex as ever been exposed to the crazyness that is Jill. Bethenny has.

  61. MorgaineSwann says:

    For whoever asked – no, the full moon is on the 26th this month. We are in the waning moon approaching the New Moon on the 12th.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      Then WTF is going on here? I’ve never seen it this bad on this blog. I come here to have fun!

      • MorgaineSwann says:

        I haven’t been able to follow it all. I stated a fact and someone seemed to take exception, but a fact is a fact, so I’m not going to get upset about it. I’m getting ready to watch my Jersey girls and blog about it.

  62. iceNfire says:

    If anyone sees this please note that we are posting out of order, or at least that’s what I’m seeing. Duplicates are appearing where they shouldn’t making it appear that a topic is being brought up again, when it’s actually been closed.

    Or I’m in a nightmare and will wake up soon. Until then – Adios Fellow Lunatics!

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      You are correct – our posts are appearing out of order again. I’ve never seen this problem on another site. I can’t imagine what’s causing it.

  63. coocoopuffs78 says:

    Going back to my happy place…..

    {{{{{{{Think Unicorns, Lolipops and Jellybeans}}}}}}}}

    y’all have a goodnight..

  64. CdnFillie says:

    I think Jill’s grubby little paws are all over this blog :< I can smell Ginger poo

  65. MorgaineSwann says:

    Thursday night at 9:00 I think.

  66. MorgaineSwann says:

    Before everyone leaves because the site is getting freaky, my blog on RHONJ will be here: http://mytvfromatob.blogspot.com/ and while I like the Jersey girls, all civil discourse is welcome.

    • viki55 says:

      Thank you I grew up in Jersey. Left as soon as I could! RHONJ reminds me what I might have been if I didn’t get out! Look foward to visiting your site.

  67. RAR says:

    Too much RHONY this weekend has made everyone hostile today…

    I hate jillzarin

    • katiecoo says:

      I watched so many episodes this weekend I think I need a detox clinic for it. I’m memorizing the damn lines. Talk about sick! :p

  68. lillybee says:

    In the words of the infamous Rodney King, “Can’t we all get along?”.

  69. katiecoo says:

    Ok I am too tired and mostly too lazy to read all the way through here but it appears Teresa is admitting the bankruptcy which appears Dina knew nothing about. And did they file before or after she went on that $2000 spending spree?

    I am disgusted by this, the faux opulent lifestyle they’ve been living, lavish parties for the kids, and then they just wipe the slate clean so they can keep over spending what they don’t have? This really really changes the way I see or or will ever see her. I am probably so late to this party….please forgive….

  70. katiecoo says:

    Ok let me help change the subject. I’m a foodie so let’s start a fantasy thread about the buffet to serve for the Reunion episodes.

    First off, of course Skinnygirl Margaritas and Pinot Grigio to start.

    “A trio of lovely salsas”

    Crab cakes and arugula

    Steaks on a string

    Of course jelly beans and gumberries (although I’m sort of traumatized by those and proably won’t eat them).

    What else?

    • DarkSonnet says:

      A really long dessert table

      • katiecoo says:

        Like at Ramona’s wedding or renewal reception? Oh hellyeah I want that, all of it.

        • DarkSonnet says:

          I’ll split it with you!

          Did everyone else commit hari kari or something like that?

          • katiecoo says:

            lol I think so! This blog is wacked out with the kaleidoscope comments right now but thanks for finding my little buffet thread DS. 😉

            Did you know Bethenny is headed to Chicago tonite for something? Maybe she’s going to visit Lynn! 😀

          • DarkSonnet says:

            This site is really wonky. There isn’t any “reply” after your comment.

            No, I didn’t know that Bethenny was going to Chicago. I assume she is traveling without the baby and that has to be difficult for her.

          • katiecoo says:

            Yes her FB page said this:

            On plane to Chicago just for the night. Sobbed like a blubbering baby when I left Bryn. I’m such a cry baby lately. I wanna go home 😦 Is that normal?

          • DarkSonnet says:

            While “out and about”, I found this posted at survivorsucks by I’mCrushingYourHead, who attended Lynn’s after signing party. Interesting…

            great personality wrote:I think its a good thing Kelly doesn’t drink. Can you imagine if she did

            Actually, this is something Alex mentioned the other day. She said that Kelly only drinks the occasional beer, but on the boat and on Poison Island, Alex felt that Kelly was trying to keep up with the girls. She joked that Ramona can put the drinks away, and that she Alex has some experience drinking, but that she felt that part of Kelly’s breakthrough had to do with the extra drinking she did in an effort to match the others’ intake.

          • katiecoo says:

            She sure talks about alcohol alot for someone who doesn’t drink…maybe she’s just trying to Single White Female all out on Bethenny focusing on creating her own cocktail. Kookoo!!!

    • Robin says:

      Rock Candy Eue De cat pee,served in a glass pipe.

      🙂 Robin

  71. Gingers poo says:

    because we need this now

  72. Gingers poo says:

    because we need this now

  73. Gingers poo says:

  74. katiecoo says:

    Simon retweeted this tonite to the boring-yet- bitchy Jen Gilbert:

    Shhhhh Don’t tell JZ! RT @JenGilbertNYC: Had a great night drinking at kenmar in nolita with alex and simon tonight, we were supposed to have a kid playdate, but drinks for adults

  75. MorgaineSwann says:

    Recap of RHONJ, Season 2, Episode 6 http://mytvfromatob.blogspot.com/

    Forgive me if this is a duplicate post, but I thought it went through and now I can’t find it.

  76. katiecoo says:

    Allo? Allo? Anybody out there?

  77. MorgaineSwann says:

    This is a really good link:


    Is anybody here? It’s so hard to tell when the posts are out of sequence.

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