I Hate Jill Zarin Tuesday Housewife Hangover June 8, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Tuesday Housewife Hangover    June 8, 2010

It is never-ending with these women!  I think we must have had a recent full moon because the housewives are on a roll.

Jill lost her mind over the weekend and posted that she was being threatened and had reported people to the authorities.  SO many people have true life, real, scary, life threatening stories to tell that this nonsense that Jill spewed really made me angrier and angrier as time went on.  When I first read it, I actually laughed, it was sort of comical and over the top. 

Over the past few days I have gotten emails and private messages on Twitter and Facebook about real life stalkers and men who have threatened women and attacks due to sick obsessed people, women who stalk men and people who ruin lives with this serious problem.  It also reminds me of some of the stories that come out of Hollywood of REAL celebrities who have stalkers and whose lives are in danger simply because they film movies or television and shoot magazine covers or are in the public eye for whatever reason.  People have been killed and seriously injured by stalkers.

For someone like Jill Zarin to post that idiocy just infuriates me!  She isn’t “all that” and there is no way in hell any authorities would have advised her to post anything about this on a social network!  Jill was angry and she reacted using very poor judgment!   She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but worse than that, she is cheapening the real problem!

It has also been reported that Jill called Andy Cohen and Anti-Semitic.  A few who were present at one of her book signings claim that Jill said it during an interaction with fans at the function.  We don’t know for sure if it is true, it wasn’t filmed or recorded in any way but it sure sounds like something Susan Saunders aka Jill Zarin would say, doesn’t it?  Seems as though the game Andy played with Jill and Gloria on Watch What Happens Live “Good For the Jews / Bad For the Jews” didn’t go over too well in the Zarin household.  This was also the subject of the nasty tweet sent to Andy Cohen by Jill’s nephew Jon Wexler shortly after the show aired.  It is reported that Gloria, in particular, was very unhappy with the game. 

I did watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey last night and only because I was chatting with the group of RealFans.com did I not fall asleep!   If you like the Jersey girls you won’t enjoy my blog about them, if you don’t like them or don’t watch them you probably don’t care to read about them but here goes for nobody in particular. 

Feel free to skip on down to the final few paragraphs or just go ahead and make your comments if you’re as uninterested as I am. 

I am gob smacked, to use Simon’s word, that Bravo felt this was good enough to put on television.  IF this was the best that they could scrape together from 4-6 months of filming, I can only imagine the garbage that sits on the cutting room floor. 

Jacqueline is getting her mani/pedi and in walks Kim?  No one can convince me that Bravo would have jumped at the chance to film Jacqueline in the salon without anyone else joining her to talk to.  Someone convince me that they were filming her day of beauty just for the heck of it and Kim just happened to walk in at the same time.  It could happen….  If the conversation were interesting or exciting, it may have been worthwhile, but it led to….nothing except people wondering if Kim is going to replace Dina on the show.  Kim’s loyalties are in question.  Why is she complaining to Jacqueline about Danielle’s behavior?  Do we care?  Nope!

Teresa’s not a stage mom?  I don’t know, I don’t care, and the entire Gia wanting to be in the entertainment business is just so stupid!  Who cares?  We’re now months past filming and to my knowledge Gia hasn’t appeared in any movies, TV shows or stage shows so we know the outcome.  Gia’s talents aren’t going to pay the bills Mr. and Mrs. Giudice…maybe you should “get a job, girlfriend, you aren’t too pretty to work”. 

So Teresa doesn’t have a nanny, or any help at home?  Who is with the other children while you are carting Gia off to music, gymnastics, acting lessons, auditions?  We saw her babysitter making sauce with them, she DOES have help, or DID have help when they could afford it. 

Teresa put out her “official statement” regarding the bankruptcy, she indicated that some of Joe’s Real Estate deals had gone very bad and is causing their financial problems.  Andy Cohen was interviewed Monday morning saying that he didn’t know much about Teresa’s problems but he did know for sure that her house isn’t in foreclosure.  What an ass he made out of himself.  Stick to saying you don’t know Andy!

There has been a lot of speculation about the bankruptcy and what will happen to their home.  Bankruptcy, from my understanding, falls under federal laws and does not vary from state to state.  There are two types of filings, and I don’t know which one the Giudice’s filed but one is more of a consolidation of debt where the courts will take all of your creditors, negotiate them down to the lowest amount they will accept and based on the total amount owed, they will come up with a monthly amount to be paid, provided you can pay off all of your debt within a specific time frame, you can keep all of your overpriced goodies , it is really just a change in the way payments are made. 

The other form of bankruptcy forces you to give up all of your assets like your car and home and relieves you of all of that debt.   This is the short hand version I got from an attorney friend.  I am sure it is substantially more complex than that but I think it is pretty close or it could be completely wrong.

In any case, we watched and will probably continue to watch as Teresa spends money like she has a money tree in her backyard.  People have speculated whether or not Teresa knew how serious their money problems were and have discussed how much of this is the public’s business.  I even saw one moron who said that Bethenny probably put this information out to the press. 

First off, I highly doubt that Bethenny scans the New Jersey bankruptcy filings on a daily basis on the off chance that she may find a filing from the Giudice’s  then passed it along to the press.  I think she may have a few more important things to do.  Sheesh! 

IS it our business?  I don’t know, all of the other aspects of these women’s lives are out there for the press to report on and for people to speculate about.  Lynne Curtain from the OC’s financial problems were out there for the world to see, but I seriously doubt that Teresa was in the dark about all of this like Lynne claimed to be. 

Dina’s blog led many to believe that she is leaving RHONJ.  Whether she leaves or doesn’t leave, will it make much difference to viewers?  I don’t think so.  Her husband refuses to be on camera and her daughter isn’t on the show so her only interaction is with her cats.  She runs a charity organization and really her life is fairly dull so I don’t think anyone would really miss her much.

This meeting that she insisted on having with Danielle was absolutely ridiculous!  Dina has had enough interaction with Danielle to know that this meeting was not going to go as she anticipated.  Think about this, Dina wants to meet with Danielle (who she calls unstable) to tell Danielle that she never wants to meet with her again, wants her out of her life and is completely “Done” with her.  Let’s see, do you suppose Danielle is going to say, “Ok Dina, whatever you say, have a nice life, Bye!”?  Put this scenario into your life, is this something that you would ever do with someone you consider an enemy?  The show is really grasping at straws! 

Caroline’s story has become really all about her children.  We are seeing her kids being interviewed more than Caroline herself.  We’ve seen her daughter Lauren dating her son’s best friend and the “conflict” there, we’ve seen Chris being forced to deal with Danielle and her thugs at the Brownstone.  Never forget the brilliant scenes in the car wash and strip club. 

Caroline has been shopping with her husband, first for a suit, and last night for meat.   Caroline said in interviews that this is the “real” deal, this is her life and she’s not acting for the cameras, she doesn’t have anything to sell us, it is just her life out there on the screen.   I completely believe her because her life is as dull as the average person’s life!

Jacqueline, this season, seems to be all about her rebellious daughter and trying to reign her in.  She is out of control and we know from previews that it is only going to get worse.  I sometimes wonder if Ashley is being told to do some of these things just to stir the pot.   The smirk on that kids face is the most irritating thing I’ve ever seen!  It makes a pretty young woman look very ugly!  Clearly she has no remorse for anything she does.  Most of us have seen this angry, out of control behavior from a teenage girl before.  Whether it is a child, another relative or just a kid on television, teenage girls can be tough to deal with.  I don’t know where all of this anger comes from but Ashley has decided that she is the one to single-handedly take down Danielle and it is actually uncomfortable to watch.  Even Ashley’s boyfriend seemed disturbed by her behavior. 

Did I miss something or does Ashley not work or go to school?  I honestly don’t remember seeing anything about what she is doing with her life.  We did learn on Twitter that Ashley is living in one of her step-father’s houses but we don’t know if Jacqueline’s husband Chris, who gave her a car last season, is making her pay rent, but if I had to lay money on it, I’d say no money changes hands there. 

Just one more comment about Teresa.  I cannot find one redeeming quality about this woman!  She slammed Sonja in her blogs for no apparent reason other than to get some attention.  Her feeble mind most likely thought that Sonja would be in the same boat with any other new housewife and be shunned by fans simply for being new.  Teresa, as usual, was wrong!  She was wrong too in her decision to take to twitter to bash Bethenny!  For someone like Teresa to question Bethenny’s parenting skills is absolutely ridiculous!  Particularly when Teresa is shown driving her children without seatbelts, puts her two young daughters on an ATV without helmets, and  she and Joe are clearly implanting stereotypes in her children’s heads.  Joe using “Gay” to describe a dance instructor, Gia saying she doesn’t want to marry a Jewish man, and the classic line from an 8-year old girl, “I’m too pretty to work”.  After watching the children’s behavior, Teresa has no leg to stand on when giving out parenting advice! 

I am really shocked that Bravo put this drivel on the air!  I know that Jersey was very popular last season but I feel like they are taking fans for granted and assuming that fans will watch anything that includes these women on the screen.  I watch it for lack of anything better to watch, which is a sad statement for Monday night television. 

Watch for other updates from www.imstilltoni.com  and RealOldHouswife and AbsurdToSublime

Back to our REAL Housewives…

I’m looking forward to Thursday nights for the next several weeks.  We have two reunion shows for New York and we have a lost footage episode as well as the much anticipated show Bethenny’s Getting Married?  hopefully this will make up for the Monday night embarrassment for Bravo. 

Sonja Morgan has confirmed that she will join the ladies on the couch for the reunion only during the second portion of the show.  This makes perfect sense since she was only on during the second half of the season.  Jennifer Gilbert is not appearing at all.  Ramona confirms that two people storm out (we know one of them is Jill).  The previews appear as though Andy Cohen was right when he told fans that he hit all of the topics fans want to see but that he didn’t need to keep the pressure on to get real answers, the ladies called each other out. 

I think that the fact that Jennifer Gilbert does not appear on the reunion tells us a lot, it certainly leads me to believe she won’t be on next season. 

Feel free to comment, dispute anything I’ve said, debate over the shows and the housewives personal lives but please do not attack one another or use foul language.  That is all I am asking.  Thanks to everyone who has such great input into this blog by the great comments.  You are all so intelligent, funny and have such great insight into these shows.  Let’s have a great discussion!

If you are interested, my blog about my meet and greet with Alex and Simon can be found here:


Until Next Time….


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452 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Tuesday Housewife Hangover June 8, 2010

  1. Kat says:

    Good morning Lynn!
    Now I will read your post. 8)

  2. RAR says:

    I watched RHONJ last night and it is probably the last time I will watch. The Manzo family interaction is worth watching. Those kids are hilarious. However, the choice that Bravo is making to let that evil witch Danielle air all her hate and venom is disgusting. I am totally revolted and can’t stomach another episode. They will claim it is good tv but I am completely turned off and I will have to tune off in disgust.

    This being said, if Bravo chooses to bring Kelly back in reward for her bad behavior RHONY will never be seen in my home again.

    I hate jillzarin

  3. LynnNChicago says:

    Just an FYI, I have read the threads (all of them) from my previous post. I have gotten several emails but I can assure you, none were from Otay and I don’t have any assigned “eyes” here.

    Many people email me for many different reasons, many just to comment on the blog because they are intimidated and don’t want to post here for fear of being attacked.

    That is not what I wanted. Opinions are to be debated and discussed but never attacked!

    Thank you to all of you for your kind words and appreciation. So many of you are respectful and kind and I love you all for that.

    For those who “Assume” that I will delete their comments just because they don’t agree with me, clearly don’t know me, haven’t read my posts and haven’t been paying attention.

    • otaypanky says:

      lynn…great blog.
      After “the news” broke about jill and her alleged threats (that we all know not to be true), the news has exploded on the internet. Every blogger from here to high heaven has “reported” the “news” (false claim).
      I having felt the sting of Jill’s wrath (posting my email address, rewriting my emails, harassing me, making ridiculous accusations about me) and decided to post her address in the comment section of every link reporting this dastardly deed under otaypanky. Why? Can’t stand a bully. I stated many times, if this is all true…come and get me. This is public information. This can be posted. You can’t post mine…why? because my information is unlisted. I pay a tiny premium of 2-3 bucks a month for privacy. Who doesn’t?…A Fame Whore.
      Jill herself reported her address thru the NY Times.
      Streeteasy.com and other outlets, yet she layed the blame on this blog and it’s blog master.
      One only has to pick up a Manhattan phone book (I can, I reside here) and the Zarin’s address is listed. If you live out of area….meaning almost anywhere in the world, you can utilize the Manhattan White pages online and get the address. Anyone can and I can post that information made public by the “victim” if I wish. Anyone can. The NY Times did.
      What followed were the “flying monkeys”. I recogize “flying monkeys” from a mile away. Those are the posters I insulted after a great deal of antagonizm.
      Some act sweet and ask cloyingly coy questions to get bloggers arguing.
      Some, out and out attack.
      Some, after seeing posts on numerous sites by otaypanky yet again posting an address that they themselves chose to make public will come to this site and attack and ….dare it say it?….make accusations! against the blog master and the poster wallpapering the address all over the internet just as Jill has wallpapered her unfounded, unproven accusations.
      oh stuff…wish I had thought of that!
      The intelligence, the cunning….they won’t know!
      Oh yeah…I know…and some of you proved it this day.
      thank you baby Jesus….love you lynn…….should I post what I have?

    • LakeForestGirl says:

      The last time I checked – this was still a free country where people are free to express their opinions . Lynn has the guts to put her opinions out there on a blog and she is entitled to that -Read the Constitution Jill (maybe they skipped that at school in Looong Island)!!! There is nothing threatening about stating the facts – get over the fact that no one like you anymore, you are mean and petty and your popularity run is over. Watching her this season made me ill – she was so jealous of her castmates – especially Bethenny- her “friend” went through hell and she couldn’t see anything except her selfish, insane desire to be famous and popular. Truly sad -get rid of her – I don’t want to see Kelly or Jill next season and don’t get me started about the Real Housewives of new Jersey – can you say “yawn”…
      PS -sidebar -Kelly actually did go to college – my college! She went to Trinity College in Hartford, CT and while I am biased (and mortified because she comes across as very dumb) we are one of the top liberal arts colleges in the US. How embarassed are we…luckily she left after freshman year!!!

    • Cleo's Mommy says:

      I assumed you were deleting my post, because you said you were going to delete posts, and I was the only poster you spanked.

      On the other hand you have had repeated complaints on this board about the attacks of another poster and I have not seen you take that poster to task on these boards. Perhaps you have via email, but I am not privy to what you do off your blog, just like you are not privy to whether or not Jill received something that caused her real fear or she found threatening. Like, you I stated my speculations, although you are a bit more verbose with your conjecture, not only announcing that you believe that she was lying but taking it a step further by taking to your blog to attack her for your speculations (her supposed lies) rather than her actual actions.

      By the way, Jill did not say that the authorities told her to announce that she had received the threatening letter. She was talking about defriending on facebook/blocking on Twitter those who attacked her and/or who were connected to her attackers when she referenced that authorities told her to do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the authorities told her not to say anything about the threats, and just defriend or block people or whatever, but as I said last night, unless her mouth is welded shut and she’s placed in straight jacket, Jill Zarin will find a way to talk or type.

      Irony, I came to this blog because I hated Jill Zarin, but watching the disproportionate (tm Bethenny) reactions to what JZ does and the at times creepy (tm Kelly) micro analysis of every breath that woman takes, I find myself hating her less.

      Jill Zarin put herself on public display, behaved badly and opened herself up to public scrutiny. She’s made many bad choices and miscalculations along the way. Perhaps her biggest miscalculation was that she didn’t realize that there were other Jill Zarin’s out there:

      Those who want to have a hand in destroying her reputation – just like she tried to destroy Bethenny’s and Alex’s. Even a casual viewer of RHONY should see she doesn’t need any help with that one, she’s perfectly capable of ruining her reputation on her own. But watching her self destruct isn’t enough for the JZ’s of the world, they need to be a part of the drama.

      Those who hold a grudge – although at least Jill has the decency to hold a grudge against those who she perceives have wronged her, as opposed to holding a grudge against a reality tv star who you don’t actually know and has wronged people you don’t know who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

      Those who are determined to turn others against JZ or add those others to the “enemies” list. Did you see how some of the commenters here went after bravogossip? Can you say rabid dogs?

      And what did bravogossip do exactly? She snarkily speculated that there may be a link between Jill’s claim of receiving threats and this blog’s campaign to send sympathy cards. She also called Lynn out for what she perceived to be a not very bright idea.

      Yet another situation where it looks like IHJZ is a Jill Doppleganger. This blog is dedicated to speculating about Jill Zarin’s every move, linking her to every pro JZ comment anywhere on the web and calling her out on every bad idea that pops into her head.

      As I said in my post last night, when you become that which you hate most, it’s time to take a breath.

      This blog jumped the shark weeks ago – when the sympathy card campaign came up. At the time is was pointed out by a number of intelligent and rational posters that it was a bad idea. But alas, like Luanne advising Jill that going to the VI was a big mistake (Big. Huge.) the wise people on this site were ignored. Whether there was an actual threat in those cards or not, just the thought of sending dozens, if not hundreds of sympathy cards to someone is just so hateful and would probably scare anyone who received them whether they contained an actual threat or not. It’s an act designed to upset someone and the fact that the people on this blog either found the idea amusing or really did want to hurt and possibly scare Jill Zarin – no matter what she had done – just boggles the mind. From the moment the campaign was brought up people were already rationalizing their decision and proffering excuses to defend their actions. That’s the moment when hate overtook common sense in IHJZ.

      I think Lynn can still keep herself from following Jill Zarin on her spectacular fall from hero to zero, but when you start claiming that other bloggers are jealous of you because they call you out on a really bad idea, when you can’t find the humility to take ownership of and responsibility for promoting something that may have gotten out of hand, or when you attack someone for your speculations about them (lie about the threats) with the same fervor that you attack them for things you know they did – you you are probably getting very close to that precipice.

      • klmh says:

        Excellent post. Thanks

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Cleo’s Mommy,

        You are long winded, argumentative and really just a plain bore. You have made your opinions known time and time again, you ARE a dog with a bone and you need to drop it.

        Yes I speculate just like everyone else who posts or blogs. My blog was mentioned on several other blogs over the past few days but if you notice, BravoGossip is the only one that chose to call everyone here brainless, that meant you too so your defense of her is ridiculous!

        The sympathy card idea was not mine, it was brought up on my blog and some people sent them, at no time did I encourage anyone to threaten anyone, as you very well know.

        I’m truly bored with you now and you clearly don’t like me, so what are you still doing here?

        • dee says:

          Brava, Lynn.

        • Cleo's Mommy says:

          Either there’s a glitch on this site. Or Lynn deleted my post, because one minute it was there and the next it was gone. Perhaps I need to edit my slogan to “When you become that which you hate most you delete posts that you do not like.”

          Fortunately I have a good memory.

          I read the blog. You promoted the sympathy card campaign at the same time you were denying you were promoting it. It may not have been your idea, but you brought it to the masses. When you write on a blog read by what hundreds? thousands? of people that you are taking an action and suggest that they may want to join in the fun, you are at the very least advocating, if not spearheading the campaign.

          You did it. As Bethenny would say own it.

          I don’t hate you, I don’t know you.

          And for someone who takes several thousand words to dissect one scene of Rhony to call me long-winded, well all I can say is that I have lovely kettle I’d like you to meet.

        • boston02127 says:

          High five to Lynn~~~

      • elle V says:

        I’m usually a casual observer in these blogs partly because unlike how it was in the beginning, this particular blog currently moves so fast w/ the comments it’s nearly impossible to keep track unless you’re glued to this site which is impossible for me, and that I suppose it comes with the territory of having a popular blog site but there are certain people who choose to be unnecessarily aggressive.

        After reading your calm, respectful responses I had to go back (which I hardly ever do) and read what originated this fiasco and surely enough, it was a particular aggressor who was throwing low blows with vulgar language and I believe you were unjustly attacked for stating your opinions which is against the only rule of this blog. At the same time, unfortunately for rule abiders, this is Lynn’s blog and if she chooses to accomodate abusers/neglect to reinforce her rules, she can.

        I’m entirely with you on the sympathy cards issue. It’s one thing to contact sponsers because it is a business endorsement and you’re actually doing them a favor by offering customer feedback, sending cards to her business/home is crossing the line. It is indeed harassment even though it is disguised as “sympathy” I know because I too was freightened by the thought of being sent many “sympathy” cards with it’s underlying tone of contempt. No matter how much we disagree with a TV personnel, there’s a fine line that shouldn’t be crossed. Facebook/twitter seems fair game because she herself put it out there, asking for advice on Bethenny.

        I feel badly that you got the finger pointed at you as if you were the aggressor when you only asked questions and replyed with decency. I only hope this site doesn’t take a turn for the worse by the said aggressor who seems to be unapologetic and convinced of his/her righteousness. I was hoping for Lynn to at least express her disapproval with him/her but again, this is her blog.
        I’m sad that you who handled yourself with class is the one getting the door.

        • Cleo's Mommy says:

          thank you, elle.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Elle maybe you failed to notice that I started three new blogs yesterday because Cleo’s mommy continued to bring an argument that had been beaten to death over and over and over onto each new blog. Her point of view is known, understood and acknowledged. It shouldn’t be brought up again and again and again. Clearly no door has been closed as you can see, she continues to post. No one has been shut out and no posts that did not include a personal attack have been deleted….carry on!

          • KLAS says:

            Perhaps it’s a glitch, perhaps not but comments are missing – mine and Satchels to name just a few. Again, I come her almost solely for the comments. They make me laugh. Cleo’s Mommy is a fine writer, no worse than anyone else on this site.

          • elle V says:

            I don’t think my comment went through properly the first time. I don’t believe I was censored by Lynn, she has said only those who make personal attacks get censored and I know I haven’t. Fortunately, I have a habit of c/p-ing because of my line of work so here it is again. If it ends up showing both, I apologize in advance.

            Lynn, I wasn’t aware that we weren’t allowed to rehash certain topics. We have all participated in beating a dead horse called JillZ’s trashed dignity repeatedly here and no one has had a problem with it.

            The discussion of Jill including amazongate, bethenny snub, Alex fight, scary island, everything has been discussed and rehashed and rehashed to death but noone seems to have an issue. But when something else that a few on this blog disagrees with is being brought up more than once and suddenly it’s a faux pas?

            I’m thinking Cleo’s mommy has an issue as I would of being singled out when a particular person who freely attacks her and others without consequenses are ignored and yet she get’s called out for “rehashing”.

            If I may add, not everyone has the oppurtunity to read everything posted and sometimes I appreciate those who re-post what I may have missed due to the overwhelming number of comments in the previous blog entries.

            This wasn’t meant to be an attack on you Lynn, but what I thought was an unfair treatment of a well spoken commenter. You said you haven’t shown her the door but I believe you did reading your responses to her.

      • CarrieCinKY says:

        Bottom line, this is Lynn’s blog and she can do whatever she likes. If you don’t like what she or any of us have to say, then don’t come here! It’s that simple! Lynn isn’t going to beg you to stay… why would she? Again, HER blog! Put yourself in her shoes… if you can’t understand, then start your own blog and move on!!! This has been going on for DAYS now, just let it go!

        You seem to be very upset about the sympathy cards that were sent to Jill. I clearly remember Lynn stating that NO ONE HAD to send them. It was an idea. She even second-guessed herself, TOLD posters that it probably wouldn’t be, but it was THEIR decision… so you hold her accountable for everyone? Come on. Jill’s fabric store’s address is open to the public, and anyone can look it up. It’s also not illegal to send a card to a store.
        Is it nice? No, it’s not. But there’s nothing you can do about it, so let’s move on….. PLEASE

      • kellyhannah says:

        Thank you Cleo’s Mom.
        This is ALL just beating a dead Jill horse.
        If we still had public executions…I would hate that too…but I still may go and watch.
        I enjoy Lynn’s recap of the show and intend to continue reading the blog and the first 100 comments.
        I now am sticking around to hear the trash talk about that deadbeat from Jersey…..who is in fact hurting us all with her BS.

  4. upperwestsidedude says:

    Lynn, you are spot on regarding Teresa. She has the foulest mouth and is really setting a poor example for her children.

  5. otaypanky says:

    Teresa…feeble minded?…too funny.

  6. Fabulous Earth says:

    Yayyyy! Love the recap (frees me up to having to watch RHONJ). Great post Lynn.

  7. Sue says:

    Morning Lynn!

    I used to really like RHONJ, but this season is just bad. When you see mob enforcers on a Real Housewives show and Bravo continues to film said enforcers…..well RHONJ just jumped the shark. If you like watching spoiled, self absorbed, narcissistic people and children then RHONJ is the show for you!

    As always Lynn, your blog is right on the money!

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Agree with this Sue! the only interesting element is Danielle and I don’t want to watch that. Bravo’s standards have really sunk to the lowest depths!

      • Susan says:

        I felt dirty watching the “Danielle & Friends” at the Brownstone scene. Typically, I watch and rewatch all the episodes a billion times but have not been able to bring myself to rewatch that.

        I am really disappointed in the direction that Bravo has taken RHONJ this year. It’s all about Danielle and quite frankly, it’s boring me too tears.

  8. otaypanky says:

    lynn. may i pls have ur email address. i wish to send you a link i don’t want to post here. not a real biggie..just don’t want to start a whole other thread of discussion.

    great blog as usual.

  9. Delia says:

    Loved your take on NJ and Teresa!! It is like you took the words right outta of mouth. I DVR’d NJ, but really have no desire to watch it although I probably will when I get bored and have nothing better to do. Teresa is trash, plane and simple. She has a gutter mouth and thinks that her sh*t doesn’t stink. After seeing that scene with the girls on the ATV, my heart jumped. I was in a serious accident a year ago on a 4-wheeler (in FULL protective gear), just putting around the camp. If I had not been wearing my gear I would have been killed. I wound up with 6 broken ribs and a collapsed lung. It was a stupid accident that happened in a split second. Those girls were going way faster than I was when it happened. She is an idiot and a negligent mother for allowing them to ride without the gear. I don’t care HOW quick the putt is.

    Can’t wait for NY reunion!!!

  10. melodye mumma says:

    Good morning Lynn. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog about the meet and greet with Alex and Simon. You did a wonderful job. I too can’t stand the NJHW and never bothered to watch them this season.

  11. desertgal66 says:

    I have to correct some information I posted on the previous blog about hybrid cars. Nickle cadmium batteries do cause environmental damage and mining the cadmium is dangerous to the miners, but I checked with Jay Leno’s statements against hybrid cars, and I was wrong…it is the lithium polymer batteries used in hybrid cars that are the downside to buying a hybrid. For much the same reasons-miners are exposed to high levels of toxicity, and there is environmental damage involved in both the mining process and the improper disposal of the batteries.

    As well, lithium polymer is an extremely hazardous material, so there is always a danger posed with those who don’t handle it correctly. And, of course, in an accident, with an extremely volatile substance like lithium polymer, the batteries may pose more danger than the actual crash.

    The statistic still stands – manufacturing a hybrid car, other than those powered by hydrogen, causes 96% more environmental damage than manufacturing a gasoline powered car.

    Course, drilling for fossil fuels isn’t so good, either, but hybrid cars are not the answer, as MamaZ pointed out.

    Not ‘green’. Just bad.

    • dee says:

      Thanks for the clarification.

    • error 404 says:

      I know I should just google it, be me lazy..

      “manufacturing a hybrid car, other than those powered by hydrogen, causes 96% more environmental damage than manufacturing a gasoline powered car.”

      yes, the manufacturing. But over the course of the 10 year lifespan of a car, how much worse is the gasoline?

      Isn’t it just the end result that counts?

      I assume it’s like the whole replacement window debate. So many people are replacing their old windows to save on heat, but the vinyl used in the replacement windows are doing more harm than good.

      • desertgal66 says:

        In this case, the end result is pretty much the same. Drilling for fossil fuels causes environmental damage and costs lives. Mining for lithium polymer and nickel cadmium causes environmental damage and costs lives.

        My point is that the current trend of hybrid cars powered by lithium polymer is not the answer to cars powered by fossil fuels. Just because celebrities drive hybrids doesn’t make hybrids any better than gasoline cars. That’s all I’m saying.

        The one good answer is hydrogen powered cars, but those are still being developed.

        • error 404 says:


          so…Kiki thinks a picture of her half naked with ugly homemade jewelry pumping gas into a Prius will be less objectionable? Sounds like another one of her misunderstandings.

      • shantygal says:

        Which one of the HW’s drives a hybrid or has vinyl windows? Whichever one it is, I HATE them.

      • kellyhannah says:

        The only thing good about single layered glass replacement windows is the ability to open and clean them easily. Vinyl radiates cold that’s why the inside of your fridge is made of it. Nothing beats a well caulked double glass wood window.

  12. anniieee says:

    I have been attacked a few times and one was a misunderstanding. At no time was it fun.I just want to have fun and read comments…can’t we just agree to disagree –these are opinions…and as Jen said…lol..nevermind. Let’s just have fun. If it continues in this vein today–I am gone. We are adults. (I did hate the name anulleee–lol)

  13. error 404 says:

    Ashley: she repeats the most horrible things she said on FB, and her family, ADULTS, can’t stop laughing! Yeah, she’s really gonna stop the bad behavior now. NOT.

    Caroline: It infuriates me what a nosey butinski she is. Jac was clearly trying, at least on camera, to reign in Ashley, but Caro undid all of it in a minute. And the “she’s defending family” excuse would be a tad less lame if, you know, this actually was her family. Aunt Dina is your stepfather’s sister.

    And speaking of sisters: where’s Cookie. Smart enough to stay away I suppose. Is $35,000 enough to make exposing your family to all this crap worth it? That won’t even pay for T’s Escalade.

    Gia: too pretty to work? what the f do you think modeling is dumb-ass? it’s work. No wonder she’s so bad at it!

    NJ: as grotesque as watching uncultured people show off is, the main problem with this show is, there is no show. 15 scenes in a row of 4 bored HWs complaining about Danielle! Which is crazier: being crazy, or spending every waking moment of your life talking about the crazy lady you once knew?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Exactly, there is and really never has been a show in New Jersey!
      The lives are uninteresting, the personalities aren’t ones we relate to and the blatant use of their kids is bothersome! To me there was never a shark to jump – Bravo’s housewife formula just didn’t work here. So if truly bore, I read their blogs, don’t read the comments and head right back to NY.

    • Anitabee says:

      What is Bravo thinking?

      How did RHONJ go from breaking bravo viewing records to the most boring show on earth?

      And why all the interest in these kids? Ashley is a seriously misbehaving teenager who acts like a tween but is treated like an accomplished young adult. NOT!!! Shouldn’t she be camping out waiting for the next ‘Twilight Movie” to come out with other tweens instead of hanging out in Nightclubs?

      Albie Manzo is a cutie. Chris Manzo is an ambitious young man with ideas — some maybe not so great but what the heck do I know? Is Bravo thinking about Spinning off a show for them? They are getting a lot of air time this season.

      Danielle has bit every hand that has ever fed her. I wonder what Danny is going to do when Danielle turns on him? Kim G. too?

      Did anyone bother to see the bonus clips on Bravo? The one where Kim G. hires policeman clad stippers for Danielle. OMG!!! WAY TO MUCH INFO!!! I didn’t ever want to see Danielle mounted on TV!!! I puked and then went to bed. Danielle coyly implies that she doesn’t like men’s private parts near her face. Oh yeah, she says that seriously without laughing. Wow, she must be a citizen of Kellyland to believe that!

      I don’t believe Dina’s leaving the show. She did say at one point that Alexi appears briefly on the show. I think we would have heard something about that by now.

      Oh, Bravo what did you do to this show?

  14. MickeyMouth says:

    From Lynn’s blog: “and there is no way in hell any authorities would have advised her to post anything about this on a social network! ”

    But a PR person might.

    • I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

      Jill has the worst PR Staff. Her publicist, Amanda R. got busted posting under multiple names on Reality Tea yesterday. They are just as dumb as Jill is. lol

    • Anitabee says:

      I don’t think Jill would pay for 4 media people. I do believe she would ask for 4 public relations INTERNS that would work for gum berries.

      You get what you pay for Jill! Didn’t your mother tell you that?

      I know it’s not a secret from a Jewish Mother but EVERYBODY knows that!
      No way is Jill get advice from a real PR person or persons BUT something odd is going on all of the blogs that are documenting Jill’s unpopularity since this story of Jill hiring PR was posted.

      Hmmm…makes you think doesn’t it? I for one will continue to skip over any “fighting” or “instigating” posts.

      I think this Blog is great. There is so much great info posted here as well as several awesome posters who make me laugh so hard.

      Thank you Lynn for providing us with this blog. You are UBERCOOL. And I am proud to have you as a fellow Chicagoan!

      I hate Jill Zarin (especially as I posted in another blog about my own real life stalker – I am so OUTRAGED at her nonsense!)


      • kokuanani says:

        I don’t think Jill would pay for 4 media people. I do believe she would ask for 4 public relations INTERNS that would work for gum berries.


        If she’s offering to pay in “gum berries,” Kelly’s gonna be first in line!

  15. dee says:

    Okay, I understand you posting the same thing over and over again to get noticed. And now you have, as Lynn has addressed this issue in her June 8th post. So, what are you looking for? For Otay to go? For a personal apology from Lynn? Let the shit go, cuz obviously Otay is not leaving and Lynn, well, I’m not going to speak for her, but enough already.
    And not that I’m defending Otay’s past actions, but she seems to have let it go. Maybe you should do the same.

    • CdnFillie says:

      maybe we should put all of them in a room (blog) and let them rip all they want..I know I don’t want to read about it here.

      Great job Lynn as usual..I always wait to read what you say before I decide to actually watch the show..you saved me 60 min I’ll never see again…luv all

    • dee says:

      Just a recommendation not only on my part but from many others. Otay, Rusty and whoever else can do whatever they like. I like going to bed not being pissed off at somebody. Especially a somebody that I do not personally know nor has any sort of bearing in my life. Water off a duck’s back. Water off a duck’s back.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        I like that, dee! Have never heard it before. Water off a duck’s back. 🙂

        • dee says:

          Never heard it before? Really? This site is not only entertaining, but also informative!!

          • error 404 says:

            ou oh, I’m afraid of what Kiki’s gonna do with that expression! Hopefull she’s just taking a bath and running water down rubber ducky’s back to make it all magically go away.

            • MAMAZ says:

              Error – Kiki doesn’t bathe, you know that!

              • desertgal66 says:

                Well, that’s not entirely true – she did have to apply that tattoo with a wet rag. That’s kinda bathing.

              • error 404 says:

                kiki took her weekly bath just the other day, and spent the next 48 hrs smelling her hair… she tweeted about it.

                my suspicious however, is that every time Sea or Teddy talk about their “feelings”, Kiki scrubs herself raw in a scalding hot shower… just like she did that time in 1979.

          • A former Jill fan says:

            You can say that again! Two new saying in one blog! LOL! 😛

  16. HD says:

    Well I read through the other blog and it seems we are back on task today. THE FUNNIEST THING I READ was ERROR 404 comments below:

    I’m confused. If Danielle leaves “the Real Danielle Friends of NJ” what will the other people on the show talk about when she leaves? Nothing. It’s like:
    “Good Danielle”
    “Aw, Danielle day to you too honey”
    “Do you want coffee or Danielle”
    “Actually, I’m running Danielle to a meeting, I’ll just grab a bagel at the Danielle”
    “Ok, well don’t Danielle, you can’t afford another ticket”

    That was hilarious!!! I am still laughing!!

    I started watching last night and then I fell asleep. I have no clue what happened but it seems of course like MORE Danielle drama which is old as dirt!

  17. jb8 says:

    Did I miss the answer to the question about pictures taken at the Silex meet and greet? I do so want to see pictures!

    • RileyKitty says:

      I only have 3… my good camera died at the book signing… everything was blurry. I resorted to using my cellphone. I have a picture of me with SILEX (it is my avatar) one with SILEX & my sis & one of Alex & Simon at Cagney’s. If anyone wants to see them I can see if I can figure out how to post them on my blog.

      I can only speak for myself but because of where I was sitting in the bookstore & the amount of people there, it was difficult to get a good picture (again with my cell). Cagney’s was really too dark. Plus I was more interested in what they were saying than trying to jack with my phone in both locations.

  18. DCxicana says:

    I’m sad. While I continue to enjoy Lynn’s writings, I don’t enjoy the atmosphere that has been created with certain comments. What happened?

    • dee says:

      What happend was things that MUST be righted, DAMN IT!!!!! (said with sarcasm, BTW). Seriously, this is a fun site. Jill, Kelly, Danielle and Teresa are happily skipping along and here we have people that are highly opinionated and just angry. At what? I don’t know. It’s not there is money being made or lost, health conditions worsening or a proper political discourse going on on this site.

  19. RileyKitty says:

    good morning everyone!! I am really ticked off at RHoNJ. I was harmlessly watching RHoNY yesterday & then they went into the Jersey episodes. I have that stupid Joisey girls are hot song in my head. It is worse than the Countess’ song. I can’t get rid of it. UGH!!!

  20. iceNfire says:

    Good Morning – I can’t comment on NJ because I didn’t watch it. Just want to post a link.
    I can’t believe anyone would fall for Jill’s victim line without solid proof, but it’s happening. Please read and post comments:


  21. vgirl511 says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted on a previous blog, but this is from Jill Zarin’s website:

    J Samples Says:
    June 5th, 2010 at 11:56 am
    Any endorsement deals lately?


    jill z Says:
    June 5th, 2010 at 12:01 pm
    J Samples..thank you for asking! Actually I have 2 big ones coming. I will let you all know soon. One is on Wednesday. The companies loves the controversy….you know what they say..any press good press? I would not have been on the cover of US WEEKLY this week if not for the controversy…they know that hater’s are part of the eco system…look at the Kardashians for example..they have lovers and haters and continue to build their empire from it. Have a great weekend! Jill

    Wasn’t it Kelly who said somewhere recently “haters are part of the eco system”? I have noticed that Jill and Kelly seem to be using the same phrases, which leads me to believe they came up with a PR ‘plan’ together and are sticking to it!

    By the was Lynn, I love this blog and hope that you will continue even after RHONY is all said and done. I keep it open at my desk all day, constantly hitting the refresh button to see the new comments. The people here really have a way with words, (and I obviously don’t, which is why I rarely comment!) Anyway, thanks to all for the fun!

    • bravofanfromday1 says:

      Even if my name really were J. Samples, I would do a variation of it when posting on a Jill site (for example Jennifer S or the REAL J. Samples) thanks to Amazongate. Worded like that it makes it sound like Jill posted a comment and replied to herself.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Exactly, great point….and J.Samples fake question as a set up so that Jill can give her pre-planned response.

        Wouldn’t she be embarassed responding to J.Samples after the horrible chaos and vicious attacks that J.Samples spewed on Amazon’s site?

        I believe JSamples is a family member or friend of Zarin’s. IMHO

    • morning says:

      You know what bothered me?
      “I would not have been on the cover of US WEEKLY this week if not for the controversy…they know that hater’s are part of the eco system…”
      No apostrophe, damnit!
      (I’ve got to get a life.)

      • vdaze says:

        Then we need to get a life together, because the exact same thing drove me CRAZY when I read it! *lol*

      • kokuanani says:

        No apostrophe, damnit!
        (I’ve got to get a life.)

        morning and vdaze, perhaps we can invent a drinking game related to all the incorrect grammar [it’s vs. its; theirs vs. there’s; who’s vs. whose, etc.].

        As a former 8th grade English teacher, whose students would easily spot all of these errors [or they wouldn’t get out of my class alive], I’m trying to find something “useful” to do with this “knowledge” that makes me so crazy!

        • kokuanani says:

          Problem, of course, is that we’d succumb to alcohol poisoining by 10 am.

          Another possibility: t-shirts that say, “Grammar: it’s my hobby.”

          • kokuanani says:

            English teachers really should type correctly [poisoning] so that their spelling doesn’t come out wrong.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Thanks for posting that vgirl. I had seen that the other day and knew it was set up.

      In response to Lynn’s post, I have no doubt that jill knows what j. samples wrote or at least some of it.

  22. HD says:

    May I just say this….honestly….when you keep mentioning what happened to this blog and comments and whatnot, it just KEEPS bringing it up. A wound can never heal if you keep picking at it. Stuff happened, if you want to know what go back and read through the blogs and gather understanding. Other than that, I would not keep mentioing it on a NEW blog. This is a new blog, a new day and to find out what happened yesterday there are 3 blogs for June 7, 2010. Other than that can we not ask, instigate and keeo rehashing it on this blog? When people do that it just keeps stuff going. Let it go. If you want to know, go back and read. If not, keep it moving in a NEW direction. Only a FOOL would keep “re-breaking” (made up word) his arm.

    • viki55 says:

      handing you a fresh piece of gum:)

      • HD says:

        LMAO!!! OKAY!!! Girl I am chewing this gum HARD!! I mean damn!!!

        • anniieee says:

          soon as I come back from my HS reunion–I am quitting as well… Lots of them drove me crazy then-I am gonna need liquor and cigarettes to get thru that weekend. Good luck and I am gonna check out that website. One good thing about the HS reunion (we are all the same age—old! ah except for the ‘new’ trophy wives.)

          • viki55 says:

            It helps you keep motivated!
            My Stats: (quitnet.org)
            Your Quit Date is: 12/17/2000
            Time Smoke-Free: 3460 days, 11 hours, 3 minutes and 38 seconds
            Cigarettes NOT smoked: 121116
            Lifetime Saved: 30 months, 25 days, 4 hours
            Money Saved: $18,165.00

          • A former Jill fan says:

            way to go viki55!

            I quit April 14, 2005, Thursday.

            My mom quit Jan. 1, 2000 because we all had a horrible flu and she didn’t smoke for about a week and just continued to stay “quit”!

            I quit Thursday after midnight and was in the bed 3 days until Saturday night when I was able to drag myself, ears still ringing (who knows why?) into the living room chair and watched a stupid james bond movie. I had smoked about 23 years.

      • otaypanky says:

        get a patch…lovingly sent..otay

        • HD says:

          Otay-I enjoyed Viki’s advice. Thank you. Now I’m going to do me and you do you…you feel me? Out of respect for Lynn, that was lovingly sent as well. Peace!

          • anniieee says:

            wow vicki…thanks… mine will say… quit day June 22….hope hope nah…IT WILL DANG IT!

    • boston02127 says:

      @HD~~^5 to you!

      • Princess Butter Bean says:

        Love, love, love quitnet – especially that little javascript!!!

        Your Quit Date is: 11/22/2002 6:30:00 PM
        Time Smoke-Free: 2754 days, 19 hours, 38 minutes and 59 seconds

        Cigarettes NOT smoked: 55096
        Lifetime Saved: 14 months, 20 hours
        Money Saved: $17,907.50

        For those trying to quit, just remember that if you slip up, that’s all it is – a slip. Don’t let it be the start of a new downfall.

        YOU CAN DO THIS!

        I quit the Friday before Thanksgiving – it was my time. I cried – I mourned over not smoking, but I was determined to keep moving forward. My husband – not the best motivator in the world, “Whaddya mean ya can’t quit?? You just stop??? sssshesshhh” turned out to be a help when I told him that I would physically hurt him if he didn’t help me in the way I needed. That meant NOT telling me what an idiot I was for crying for the want of a cigarette, but rather holding me and telling me that it would be alright.


        Best to all – I’m here to be an ear if someone needs it!

        Princess BB

        • A former Jill fan says:

          Well kudos to you PBB! My dad told my mom when she had tried to quit years before she actually did that if it was going to bother her that much, to just continue smoking.

          Mama got off easy regarding the withdrawals, but that’s a good thing.

          I sent myself to bed after I’d bitten off her head Thursday morning when she asked me if I was trying to quit smoking! Ugh! How did she know!? LOL! Stayed in bed as much as possible to sleep it off and NOT bite off any more heads!

    • c_mack_Omaha says:

      Not sure if you got this from another days blog or not…Bar stirs are great to chew on/suck on/pretend you are smoking with…I used them after my jaw started hurting from chewing gum.

  23. MorgaineSwann says:

    Good morning, everyone. I you’re interested, I blogged RHONJ last nigth. I’m going to be very sad if Dina leaves the show – she’s my favorite. This has all just been very poorly handled by BRAVO, maybe at the Manzo’s insistence, and she’s beaten down by it.

    I’ll still watch, though, because I want to see what happens with the kids, especially Danielle’s girls. I’m hoping for some form of Deus ex machina that will save them from their mother. The only kid I can’t stand is Ashley, and I’m on Danielle’s side in the FaceBook war. Cyber bullying is terrorism, and while Danielle should be mature enough to ignore it, we know she’s got diminished capacity in several aspects, including impulse control. If something doesn’t intercede, the logical result will be violence. Ashley is acting out the Lucifer Effect. Danielle has been labled as inferior by her family and that gives a weak mind license to torture. I don’t want to drop any spoilers, but it can’t and won’t end well.


    • anniieee says:

      I just read ‘somewhere’ that Dina can’t get rid of some ‘thugs’ in her life that seem to be harassing her…and that is one of the reasons she is getting off. Great blog morgaine..

      • anutha hata says:

        I saw that too on Dina’s blog. Where she said that she picked-up thugs or something from doing the show–did she mean Danielle?
        I didn’t get that.

        • MorgaineSwann says:

          I think she was referring to the thugs that Danielle had in the bar when they met. It never occurred to Dina, don’t ask me why, that Danielle would bring muscle to a hippie chick bar. When she looked up and realized they were there, it rightfully scared the shit out of her. She said the BRAVO crew left at one point and she had to get into her car alone. She was scared to death those guys might follow her home. I think that was the moment we lost her.

          The only housewives who might be leaving are Caroline and Dina because we see future clips of Teresa, Jac and Danielle. I don’t think Caroline would back down, and her kids seem to be the most entertaining part of the show right now. I’m sure Dina is just scared and done and she tried and that’s it. I hate that, because I love Dina. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Dina is moving, too. That’s just a guess, but it would make sense.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I thought she meant Danielle, but not sure. I don’t blame her one bit and was wondering if she and Caroline would put their money where their mouth is and quit the show so they could avoid Danielle.

      I wasn’t supposed to be watching this show anymore, but i leave my tv on for background noise and can sleep with it on. I took an evening nap and awoke after 10 pm to the new episode playing and like a dummy just lay there watching it. Ugh!

  24. otaypanky says:

    lynn…great blog.
    After “the news” broke about jill and her alleged threats (that we all know not to be true), the news has exploded on the internet. Every blogger from here to high heaven has “reported” the “news” (false claim).
    I having felt the sting of Jill’s wrath (posting my email address, rewriting my emails, harassing me, making ridiculous accusations about me) and decided to post her address in the comment section of every link reporting this dastardly deed under otaypanky. Why? Can’t stand a bully. I stated many times, if this is all true…come and get me. This is public information. This can be posted. You can’t post mine…why? because my information is unlisted. I pay a tiny premium of 2-3 bucks a month for privacy. Who doesn’t?…A Fame Whore.
    Jill herself reported her address thru the NY Times.
    Streeteasy.com and other outlets, yet she layed the blame on this blog and it’s blog master.
    One only has to pick up a Manhattan phone book (I can, I reside here) and the Zarin’s address is listed. If you live out of area….meaning almost anywhere in the world, you can utilize the Manhattan White pages online and get the address. Anyone can and I can post that information made public by the “victim” if I wish. Anyone can. The NY Times did.
    What followed were the “flying monkeys”. I recogize “flying monkeys” from a mile away. Those are the posters I insulted after a great deal of antagonizm.
    Some act sweet and ask cloyingly coy questions to get bloggers arguing.
    Some, out and out attack.
    Some, after seeing posts on numerous sites by otaypanky yet again posting an address that they themselves chose to make public will come to this site and attack and ….dare it say it?….make accusations! against the blog master and the poster wallpapering the address all over the internet just as Jill has wallpapered her unfounded, unproven accusations.
    oh stuff…wish I had thought of that!
    The intelligence, the cunning….they won’t know!
    Oh yeah…I know…and some of you proved it this day.
    thank you baby Jesus….love you lynn…….should I post what I have?

  25. HD says:

    I will be damned! I cannot believe we are still talking about this crap!

  26. Jen says:

    I posted this link late last night so re-posting for those that may have missed it…

    This must have been done in Chicago as they are wearing the clothes Lynn described. Alex does look great!


    Per Otay… comments are entertaining, too.

  27. Tootie says:

    This comment concerns the Giudice’s bankruptcy only:
    I am a bankruptcy attorney and practiced in NJ for 11 years (retiring last year). I pulled up and looked at some of the Giudice’s bankruptcy papers. Bankruptcy DOES vary from state to state: although it is a federal format, it has aspects where states can provide for different treatments of things, like homesteads.
    While none of the following constitutes legal advice (consult your own attorney for questions about your own situation and your state), your description of two different types of bankruptcy is vaguely correct, although the way you describe the first type (payment plan) is not really accurate, but in any event, the Giudice’s filed the second type – that is, they filed liquidation bankruptcy, not repayment bankruptcy. However people CAN still keep certain assets, even in liquidation bankruptcy, if they are willing (and able) to continue to pay for any debt owed on them (like home mortgage or car loan). If the assets have equity, people must buy that equity back from the bankruptcy trustee, so s/he can pay that money to creditors.
    The Giudice’s case is a little complicated, as you would expect, and is lasting longer than the typical case. I would expect the bankruptcy trustee and/or the US Trustee (who are basically the “bankruptcy police”) are likely to sue the Giudice’s to keep them from getting bankruptcy protection. Right now they are probably investigating whether they can or should file such a suit. Even if they do, that process can take a long time. The deadline to file such a suit has been extended repeatedly (which is itself unusual), and the new deadline is July 1, so maybe we will know if they are filing such a suit by then.

    • error 404 says:

      Ok, maybe I’m just dum, but…

      If they own a huge fancy McMansion, a car, 2 smaller houses, and some credit card debt… why keep the expensive McMansion and claim bankruptcy on the rest. Wouldn’t a “normal” person, sell the expensive McMansion with the huge mortgage and keep the car, and live in one of the smaller less expensive houses?

      • Snarkapalooza says:

        Those houses aren’t “cleansy” enough for Teresa’s exacting standards.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          In the end, once the trustees rule, they can’t keep what they can’t pay for – with the income as stated they would not qualify for a mortgage on the mansion. But they can appeal the trustees findings and drag it out as long as possible – which they are doing. Bankruptsy was never meant to absolve those who willing spend beyond their means a clean slate.

          • anniieee says:

            cleansy… what a dummassss..and she couldn’t figure it out over and over again.

          • Tootie says:

            they don’t have to qualify for the mortgage, they already HAVE the mortgage. the bank would be more than happy to have the Giudice’s agree to keep the mortgage out of the bankruptcy. It’s in the bank’s interest to do this because, if the Giudice’s don’t pay down the road and the bank has to foreclose, then they can still go after the Giudice’s personally for the difference between what the house is worth and what they owe. If the Giudice’s did NOT try to keep the house out of the bankruptcy, their own responsibility for any shortfall would be ended by the bankruptcy (unless the bank sues to show otherwise).

      • Anitabee says:

        Yes – “IF” you were normal.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      OUTSTANDING Post from someone who KNOWS! Thank you so much!!!

    • Adgirl says:

      Thanks for your post!
      Two questions:
      1. The reaffirmed debt on the house (the one shown on TV) – does that mean they wish to keep the house and are committing to make payments?
      2. What are the grounds the US Trustee could sue the Giudices on? Fraud?


      • HD says:

        Good post. Honestly I think at this point she is keeping the big house because in her mind she is “saving face”. I think she is too embarrassed to let it go.

      • Tootie says:

        question 1 – yes.
        question 2 – wide range of things. could be fraud but really it would likely only be fraud committed in the bankruptcy case (if they’ve done that). could be hiding assets or income, if they’ve done that. could be alleging that they have sufficient funds (if they do) that they should be in repayment bankruptcy. lots of reasons.
        we all saw them pay $120K, cash, for home furnishings on the show. the bankruptcy trustee likely wants to know – where did all that cash come from? Because that may lead to finding hidden assets (IF there are any). Also, they now want to keep all that furniture in part by valuing it very low. If the bankruptcy trustee thinks it’s worth more than they’re allowed, s/he can sell it off and use the money to pay creditors.
        They also list very little jewelry, and no furs, in their bankruptcy, which is pretty surprising for their lifestyle and people flashing that much cash. I would think a trustee is investigating jewelry, furs, etc., and value of all property admitted to be owned. Didn’t we see Juicy Joe wearing a gold Rolex on TV? Now, though, they have no “real” (valuable) jewelry? Even if that’s correct, where did it go? They have to answer that, and account for the proceeds, if they got rid of it in the recent past. Gifts, also, have to be accounted for if over $200.

    • klmh says:

      Thanks for taking the time to post the accurate information.

  28. Snarkapalooza says:

    Lynn, you know I love you, but I think you take it way too easy on Danielle. I could chalk Ashley’s childish behavior up to the fact that she’s still essentially just a teenager, but Danielle is a 47 year-old mother and should try conducting herself like one occasionally.

    With Dina’s departure, I doubt I’ll continue watching this show. Grandma Wrinkles and Ladybug are the only ones I actually liked.

    • error 404 says:

      What’s the point? Kiki’s crazy too, but the RHoNY don’t spend every scene talking about her and then have absolutely nothing to show but a contrived “I need to sit down with Kelly and tell her I never want to sit down with her again” scene? Danielle may be crazy, but the “sane” HW’s obsession with her is just as crazy IMO. We all know crazy people, most of us don’t spend 24/7 talking about them.

    • anniieee says:

      I read danielle’s blog… don’t like her–wouldn’t want to meet her (especially in a dark alley) wouldn’t want to be her–but dang..she is very intelligent and can twist words to sound capable, carry and victimized. Scary stuff. Brains and brawn and evilness…

    • LynnNChicago says:

      LOL Snark
      Your two favorites don’t speak, smart move! I never really mean to take it easy on Danielle, you are right, she is a grown woman but clearly has some …shall we say, “issues”. It was never really clear what was true or untrue about her childhood but I think we can all agree it wasn’t all white picket fences and loving parents.

      That said, we make these excuses for Ramona and her quick mouth, all back to the way she was raised, with an abusive father. Yet Bethenny had a rough childhood and she doesn’t use that as an excuse for her behavior.
      Nene didn’t have her mother much in her life and still talks about how she is the “child” in her situation and stubbornly refuses to call the man she thought was her father.

      I don’t know at what point in someone’s life, if any, they should stop using their upbringing as an excuse for their behavior. At some point all of these ladies become aware of what is right and what is wrong. Yet their upbringing can reflect on their behavior anyway. I’m no psychologist but I truly believe that Danielle needs some anger management sessions. I still think some of the behavior by all of these ladies is dictated by their need to bring the drama. Whether Bravo threatened to fire them if they were boring or not, it is clear that is what Bravo does. If they want to stay on the show, they need to bring the drama and I don’t think Danielle knows how to do that without going over the top when it comes to the Manzo’s and Teresa.

      I think the hate is real, however.

      • RileyKitty says:

        Well said Lynn. I quit using crappy chilhood as an excuse about 11 years ago. I was 27 & something just snapped in me that if I use that as an excuse, then my abusive parent still has power over my adult life that I am not willing to give him. Not to say my sis & I don’t occasionally hash things out about when we were kids but I don’t bring it into “my family” (my hubby, son & me) anymore. I refuse to wear a sign that says I am damaged.

        • boston02127 says:

          @RileyKitty~~ My mother used to say: Just because someone put your diaper on backwards once when you were little life still goes on.

          • anniieee says:

            ok–I carried my daughter upside down all the way home from the hospital… unwrapped her blanky and crap–there were her feet.. (she was long 24″ and skinny. My ex said–crap we are in trouble…she is a great kid–but still says that anything that is wrong with her is because she started life upside down..lol

        • boston02127 says:

          @RileyKitty~That saying about the diaper was not an insult to you. I just reread it and it didn’t seem right.
          I posted it because I always thought it was a funny saying. I come from a family with a million sayings.
          (Irish) If you said your leg hurt someone would say, just thank God you have two legs!
          I hope no offence was taken.

          • anutha hata says:

            I love that saying and the reason it was invented is probably ’cause it happened to so many people?
            My ex still complains about the time his mom left a pin open on his diaper and he was crying.

          • wvurn says:

            @ Boston – My favorite always was, ” If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough”.

      • error 404 says:

        I think they use it as an explanation, not an excuse. JMO.

        Bethenny certainly uses her childhood to explain a lot of her behavior. It’s saddest when she says things like she never thought she’d have a normal relationship. If JasonIII had turned out to be a snake, a reunion with toxic Jill probably would have happened. She’s almost in a dream pinching herself because she never thought she’d ever have any relationship, lover or friend, that wasn’t toxic.

        Re: Ashley. I really think she’s a puppet and the strings lead back to “Aunt Dina” and “Aunt Caroline”. Jac needs to borrow Bethenny’s balls once ALex is thru with them.

  29. RileyKitty says:

    re: Jill not sure she is coming back.

    Jill has every intention of coming back, she can’t stand not having that feeling of self importance. Right now she is doing one of 2 things:
    *behaving like a spoiled little girl, who threatens to not play with you anymore in the hopes you will beg her not to go. 1 fan out of 10 can say please Jill stay & she will say, see the fans are demanding I stay. Nevermind the 1 out of the 10 is her mom, Gloria.
    *covering her ass for a spin. If bravo doesn’t ask her back she can make like it was her choice.
    *all of the above LOL

    • error 404 says:

      based on the article(? blog?) about what they earn, I assume it’s about money. They’re all getting a raise, but Jill may be holding out for more, as she thinks she responsible for high ratings. They may be threatening to replace her, and it’s standoff until the deadline.

    • RileyKitty says:

      She tried that last season, according to a link someone posted many, many blogs ago.

    • vgirl511 says:

      I just read somewhere this morning, that all the housewives were originally paid aboutt $3000 per episode, but the NY housewives got $10,000 per episode. I wish I could remember where I read it!

      The following is from Jill’s website:

      Evelyn Says:
      June 4th, 2010 at 8:19 pm
      “You only see the story as the editors and producers want. In fact we are often fed lines that are inserted months after the show is filmed for storyline purposes. I have the DVD’s with the words that are put in each of our mouths.” (Your words.)

      If this is true, and you believe you have been deliberately portrayed in an unfair or negative way, why would you continue on the show? You don’t seem like a passive person, and it’s hard to believe you would sit back and take this sort of character assassination lying down. Do you think the editors/producers have it in for you in particular? And if you have “DVD’s with the words that are put in each of [y]our mouths,” why wouldn’t you put them out there to support your contention? Of course we don’t come close seeing everything, but it never looks like anyone’s putting words into YOUR mouth.


      jill z Says:
      June 4th, 2010 at 11:06 pm
      Which is why I am not sure I will come back. All the best..Jill

      So now it seems she is using the bad edit excuse as a reason she might not come back!

      • error 404 says:

        someone here provided the link. It said they got $3k/ep for 3 years. Now they are renegotiating for another 3 years. Bravo has offered them $10k/ep but some (Jill & Bethenny?) want more.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      @Riley Kitty

      I’m not sure I should write this but I will. Jillousy is probably hoping that her fans start a campaign to “bring JZ back for season4” In fact, she is probably somewhere making notes on how to get the campaign started. Daaaaaaaarrrrrren. Leak it to the bloggers that my fans have started a campaign to keep me on RHWONY. Don’t let anyone know it’s you. Use Gingers name. Yikes!

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I read that Jill holding out for more money and maybe perks too was probably one of the reasons bravo brought in more housewives for season 3.

      I don’t blame them either. Jill’s head was big to begin with and by season 3 it looks like she was almost intolerable.

      Let’s hope they do replace her and kelly.

      • dee says:

        I recall reading on Crazy Days and Nights blog sometime ago, that Kelly was the first one to sign on for Season 3. The other ladies were holding back for more money. But, of course, they all eventually signed on. So much for a united front. But it just goes to show you that Kelly needs this show and will probably lose it should she not get signed on for next season.
        $10k per episode for making a fool of yourself? Sheesh, even I think I would have to do it.

  30. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    I leave yesterday to go to a graduation and when I return its chaos in here.
    I hope we can all continue to get along like before. I love Lynn and her blogs. I also adore everyone who comments on here would hate so see anyone go

  31. Tootsie says:

    I have made only 2 comments on this blog and each time someone felt the need to correct me on what and how I thought. Maybe I misunderstood, I thought this was a place to vent, not be corrected. Lynn’e blogs are the greatest. Hopefully this site won’t go away because of a few nasty people. Please don’t be selfish, play nice. There is absolutely no reason for being unkind.

  32. WindyCityWondering says:

    Lynn said to scroll through any comment you aren’t interested in – so just do it! I don’t read her blog with the intent to change anyone’s opinions or to disagree with them – it’s about getting all our opinions out there! And I truly enjoy the questions about the show and what is going on in the media that are being asked and how willing most are to respond with answers!

    Can’t wait for the reunion in NY – now that Alex found her voice and Ramona is renewed and LuAnn is seeing what nonsense is really happening – we are in for an interesting ride! Kelly and Jill are trapped in the web of animosity and delusion they created. Andy said the questions are out there and the housewives are holding each other accountable so we will be treated to real interaction. Which brings me to my burning question.

    Do you think Jill’s current attacks on everyone is a result of how she handled herself at the reunion taping and is worried (rightfully so) that she comes off once again as everything she showed us this season?

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I agree with WCW, Lynn and others. I’m not going to worry about trolls anymore. If they’re really trolls, I’ll ignore them and not have to worry about offending any old or new members which I’ve done by calling them a troll. And for that, I apologize. It’s best not to feed a troll (someone who posts anywhere really to just stir up trouble). There will always be someone somewhere who tries to get someone’s goat and it’s best just to overlook it.

      I apologize to anyone who posted yesterday and wasn’t a troll if I offended you.

    • Ellabean says:

      Really good point, Windy.

      Now in real time – post the reunion taping, I also will bet that Jill knows she blew her last opportunity for Reputation Rehab on Camera with the viewers. I will bet she behaved badly (putting it mildy, ..”I can’t change”) at the Reunion. So these subsequent days and public remarks from her are all about more PR Fallout damage control in Operation – Get Jill Back for Season #4.

  33. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Good morning Lynn. Good morning everyone. I read all the blog but as I don’t watch RHWNJ the first part didn’t have any meaning for me. The part about the RHWONY was great. I am so looking forward to Thursday and Thursday and Thursday. I am also looking forward to Bethenny’s show although at this point I’m not sure if my body will be able to settle down to a show full of goodness and light after all the turmoil of season3 RHWONY.

    I am in total agreement with those posters who say that if Lynn has one rule then people who frequent her board should adhere to that rule. We haven’t been given rules up the ass. We have been asked to follow ONE rule. In this day and age how hard is it to follow ONE rule? Do not attack other posters. Not hard. What I do not agree with is people who attack Lynn. Feel free to grunt, groan and give me the finger. Duly noted. Thanks. Still doesn’t make me agree with the tactics some folks are using to try and get their points across. I respect most posters and want to read their points of view. I don’t want posters to feel attacked for what they post. I admit that IMHO there is a step that needs to be taken but trust me, badgering and attacking Lynn ain’t getting the job done. I’m writing this because I (heart) Lynn and the job she is doing bringing us news about the RHWONY. If this post turns you off, feel free to attack me. This ain’t my day job. This ain’t what pays my mortgage. This ain’t my lifelong goal. Attack away. If I want to engage you, I will. If I don’t care to engage you I’ll just move past. See it’s just that easy. But, if you are the person who looks in the mirror and has to say, wow, that was all me. You might be the problem. Peace out.

  34. Small Town Mama says:

    I watched the finale of RHONY again last night. Maybe it’s just me but I’m pretty sure Bravo called Jen an asshole. It’s during the scene where she turns to Kelly and says something like, “who would hire her as an event planner?” or “that’s who she hired?”. Then it cuts to Jen saying you know what they say about assholes, everyone has one. Then it cuts back and replays that same scene with Jen, Kelly and the planner and ends with a close up on Jen.

    • viki55 says:

      Interesting take!

    • error 404 says:

      the weirdest part is that when she mangles the expression “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one” it looks like she points to herself when she says “assholes”. lol

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        LOL. To put it nicely. I think Jennifer is an “opinion.” LOL.

      • kats2 says:

        So happy Jen won’t be back, from what I have seen she has nothing to add and would just fuel Jill’s BS. When compared to Sonja, Jen came in like a bulldozer and from the limited amount that made it to TV she was pretty loud and even vile at times. The asshole comment was just one example, I think she was trying to be funny, but it just didn’t work. Bethenny swings and misses some times, but for me the majority is just clever and funny.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jen was making a snarky remark about Ramona’s event planner and Kelly gave her a head’s up that the woman was in earshot. Jen tried to get her shot in and her remark about everyone having one – but it was like a throw away scene that made it into the show. Bravo has done a good job introducing Jen, which they did with Sonja.

      • error 404 says:

        Am I the one who finds it suspicious that Jen’s “asshole” remark made it on the show right around the time interviews of her saying she wasn’t bitchy enough to get air time starting popping up?

        I think Bravo was like “Oh you were bitchy alright, we just chose not to show most of it because, honey, you ain’t no Betheny. Know what I’m sayin”

        • Small Town Mama says:

          Yep, that’s how I read the whole scene. It’s pretty much the only time we’ve heard more than 3-4 words from Jen and I think it’s the second one-on-one interview.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Opps! One little word can make the difference. I meant Bravo did not do a good job with Jen’s introduction!

    • error 404 says:

      well, the Housewives are a stupid bunch in general. After all the blame they put on the editors for their own actions, the editors are getting even, and truly have the last word.

      the snarky bio of Kiki living in a land of lollipops was classic! I’d never seen them so blatantly make fun of a housewife before!

      • shantygal says:

        Sad thing is, Kiki most likely took that as a compliment. She truly believes that rainbows and lollipops makes all the creepy stuff go away.

        • Annie1033 says:

          Oh I don’t think so….I read Kelly’s twitter later and she “re-tweeted” a message from a fan (re-tweeting is just forwarding a message from someone, to your other followers) stating that “Bravo is exploiting Jill and Kelly!!” I think on the contrary that Kelly was PISSED. Not to mention recently she did her USUAL thing that I am SO SICK OF I can not even CONVEY to ya’ll of saying “Enjoy the reunion! It’s hilarious!” which is HER way of saying, “FUCK you guys, FUCK Bravo and yet again I made a complete and TOTAL ass of myself!!” That’s all that is.
          Don’t ask me how I speak “Kelly” either…I actually don’t, thank god. But I just have seen her do both of those things before and know where it’s headed.
          God I hate her.

    • Sue says:

      Jen seems desperate to be on the show next season. She said that they did a lot of shooting with her. So the fact that we don’t see her that much tells me that there wasn’t much to show. If Jen REALLY wanted to highlight herself she could have stepped in during the Alex/Jill brouhaha that took place in her apartment. All we saw from here was that the kids were asleep and kicked Jill and Kelly out of her pantry. Lastly, did she have to snark about Ramona’s event planner? Eh. I’m over Jen already. I’d rather have Sonja and her pooch any day of the week.

      • boston02127 says:

        Jen’s not coming back because she’s like watching paint dry.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        In fairness to Jen – when could they have put her in the show with the vacation dramathon taking center stage for a couple of episode? When they threw in the Jill on skates crap – all I wanted was to get back to the island!

  35. otaypanky says:

    I Can’t Stand The Toxicity says:
    June 8, 2010 at 10:01 am
    Jill has the worst PR Staff. Her publicist, Amanda R. got busted posting under multiple names on Reality Tea yesterday. They are just as dumb as Jill is. lol

    WOW.. this post is explosive…is it true..?? how do you know.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It’s one thing to hire PR but another thing to actually listen to them and let them do their job! Jill is a control freak and believes she knows what is best – a good PR person would walk away, while a bad one would do what the client says.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Its funny too that Jill continues to say that she wants to be friends with Bethenny and is sorry for the way she treated Bethenny yet her publicist is out there slamming Bethenny and bashing Bravo.

      Just shows me that Jill hasn’t changed, is still beyond jealous of Bethenny and will stop at nothing to get back on top.

      ReilyKitty is right, Jill is spinning all of this “threatening” nonsense so that fans will start a campaign to bring her back, to bring herself sympathy, to take the spotlight away from Kelly and Bethenny and to get herself all of the attention. She wants HER name in the articles, blogs and in the news.

      Good news Jill, even after the show is O V E R, as you said, the name of my blog lives on ….

      • Sue says:

        Lynn, I TRULY believe the only reason Jill wanted to make up with Bethenny was so that she could be featured on Bethenny’s show. Bethenny’s new show was announced somewhere in early October. The ladies were in St. John’s around the 20th of November. So alllllll that time Jill was stewing over Bethenny. Bethenny gets her own show and then suddenly Jill wants to make up.

      • anutha hata says:

        (quote Lynn)Its funny too that Jill continues to say that she wants to be friends with Bethenny and is sorry for the way she treated Bethenny yet her publicist is out there slamming Bethenny and bashing Bravo. (end quote)

        Yep. And didn’t Jill get caught on Amazon-gate bashing Betheny’s book/ or books under a fake name after she knew enough to stop bashing her in person?
        And, I think the transition from Jill treating Betheney like crap, to Kelly doing the dirty-work on the boat was something that Jill had some input in even-though Jill agreed with Luann that Kelly should not have gone on the trip?

        For me the outrage & hating of Jill started when she would not listen when Alex tried to tell her that Bethenny could not take any crap. Then Jill admitted somewhere that when she was at her worst with Bethenny, she did not know that Bethenny was expecting, and she did back-off after that. Or so it seemed, but really she just went underground with it, and in my opinion kept doing it.

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      I was reading all the comments on “RT”s site when I caught that tidbit. I don’t know if that was an actual PR person for Jill or a troll. But, given Jill aka J. Samples history and lack of computer savvy, “RT” called it out. Thought it was “interesting”.

      • Shadowsnomore says:

        By the way, AmandaR admitted ” herself” to be a publicist in NY. She did so after “RT” called her out!

  36. kats2 says:

    Great blog Lynn! To answer the question is Teresa’s financial (actually for me criminal) actions our business? YES, because it is proof that she is full of shit and we have every right to call her out on how she is acting on the show and specifically her spending habits and bragging that she does on the show. She did this to herself. She could have gone into this season with a different or new theme, but she stuck with the Spending Mantra. Her fault and time for her to pay.

    I’m not a fan of Daniele and Teresa at all, but I think they have more in common then they would ever admit. They are both trash, perhaps different kinds of trash but in the end it’s still all trash.

    Jac and her daughter Ashley are pathetic and frankly not worth watching. The Manzo family (specifically Jac’s husband) should be ashamed of them.

    Just nothing enjoyable for me to watch about NJ or Atlanta. I don’t enjoy dumpster diving.

    At least the NYC and original cast of the OC attempt to act with some dignity and are of a class (and I don’t mean financial) I would prefer to watch.

    As far as Jill – for me it’s old news and a lame trick for reasons all too obvious to even bother typing it again.

  37. lillybee says:

    Thank you Lynne for keeping this blog up.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      I’ll second that.

      • anutha hata says:

        Me too. Lynn if you ever get a minute, you may want to do like Reality Tea and check the IP addys of suspected trolls. Disrupting a forum & chasing people off to try & get it shut-down is something I wouldn’t put past PR 103.

        • Kat says:

          I think your idea has merit. I’d bet breakfast, lunch and dinner that 1 or 2 IP addresses are… multi-tasking. 8)

  38. WindyCityWondering says:

    Does anyone know why Jill has not blogged on the Bravo website after the last couple of shows? I thought part of their contracts was to post a blog after each show?

    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      LOL. Jillousy has blogged. She just blogged under the name Teresa Guidice.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Hi Windy,
      I asked Simon that question, Bravo encourages blogs but it is not required under their contract.

    • yesIwatchthiscrap says:

      On her “blog” and she said because she couldn’t respond so she was doing it there……..which is all fine and good until you start posting people’s e-mail addresses. More Jill trying to “control” how people see her.

      • yesIwatchthiscrap says:

        and I miss Simon’s blogs….does he have one up yet?

        • vilzvet says:

          Nope, just checked…both he and Alex apparently did not have time last week with their book schedule to blog anything. Hopefully this week they ALL will! (And perhaps Kelly will type more than 3 sentences!)

      • vgirl511 says:

        I saw that too…and I noticed that she is only posting people’s e mail addresses in her response to negative comments. It’s like she is hoping one of her fans will start terrorizing the people who don’t like her!

        • Kat says:

          She has a wordpress blog I believe. To comment your email address is not verified. It is verified to register but not to comment. 😉

        • Hater says:

          If anyone posts any further comments and don’t want that spiteful bitch Jill to out their IPs/emails, just post viaTOR and use the email address none@none.inv. I would not suggest just making up a random email address because that may cause the domain owner/address owner problems with spam bots.

  39. lillybee says:

    Holy Shitballs, Hustler is going to release a sex tape of Danielle that was shot last Sept. The tape is due to be released June 14.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      I just threw up in my mouth a lil’ bit.

    • shantygal says:

      Here comes breakfast. Blarghh.

      • anutha hata says:

        A “75” minute sex-tape! I am thinking that someone here should take a bullet for the team and volunteer to watch it and let us know how they possibly filled-up those 75 minutes.
        I really don’t think I could watch it myself, and I’m not the least bit curious about whatever Danielle & her icky boyfriend do on that tape, but I will admit that the 75 minute part does have me really curious.

        • Ellabean says:

          Oh please. 75 minutes…?

          It’s probably 2 minutes of sex. And 73 minutes of Shakespearean poetry recitations, Gilbert and Sullivan arias, and tips on rebuilding the engine on a ’57 Chevy.

          Kidding. Couldn’t resist.

          • MorgaineSwann says:

            I read a description of it – it’s 75 minutes of raunchy behavior and they said all you see is her a a condom-covered “member.” They also used the words Brazilian and Pierced in the description of D.

        • Kat says:

          I see nothing. I say nothing. … Sgt. Schultz

    • MELANIE says:

      Dear Lord that woman is NUTZ.

      • Annie1033 says:

        Yes she IS and evil AND here’s the kicker: She apparently “SHOT” that video AFTER the whole sex tape scandal with her douchebag, ugly boyfriend Steve, came out!! So she WILLINGLY, KNOWINGLY made another tape of herself having sex, (without this new partner’s face shown at all, just a whoooole lot of Danielle apparently) AFTER that original tape scandal happened.

        She did this deliberately. I can say that with about 98% certainty. Disgusting. Her poor kids.

  40. DarkSonnet says:

    My apologies if this has been previously posted. A very well written, albeit lengthy, article. Jill will be “not haaaappppy”.


    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      Thanks for sharing the link. Good stuff. I learned a new word. I’ll be using it today……”fraudience.” Good one.

      When I release my new song it will be done in front of a fraudience because I can’t sing.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        That was my favorite also! Fraudience, how accurate is that?

        Neither can the Countless, obviously…. ;o) So I guess that makes three of us!

    • kokuanani says:

      My favorite comment in the article:

      they redecorate their luxury apartments to look like Vegas hotel rooms

      Hey, Jill, any publicity is good publicity, right?

      • kokuanani says:

        OTOH, this was pretty damn good as well. [Calling LuAnn’s “publicist” . . .]

        But even Kelly’s glorious crash and burn (or whatever we saw of it) couldn’t touch Former Countess LuAnn’s slow and steady decline this season. Somehow she went from being the only restrained, polite, reasonably well-dressed, dare I say borderline normal human being on the show to being a giant, flashy disaster in ass pants.

  41. Maite2002 says:

    Once again, you are spot on girl. Last night I surfed the channels and watched a bit of the show (like 5 minutes). I still don’t understand why Bravo insists in showing ex-cons making fun about what they did in court … hellooooo. I find the show hard to watch. After a long day at work who in the world wants to watch that!!! BTW, did anybody see Jill’s shoes at the reunion? LOL they are plain fugly :)!!!

  42. dee says:

    I liken Teresa’s “fresh start” to Kelly “breathrough”. Meaning that they are not going to change:

  43. lillybee says:

    Thank you, DarkSonnet, for the Salon link.

  44. boston02127 says:

    Regarding Jill and Gloria not liking the game on Bravo, Good for the Jews/Bad for the Jews. Shame on the two of them. Their grown woman they should have spoke up and said no, this rubs me the wrong way. I won’t participate. They could have spoke up in a very respectful if not funny way to stop the game. They chose to participate and complain later. I wouldn’t have expected anything less of from two of whiny witches they are.

    In regards to Ashley. I don’t usually disagree with Lynn but I do disagree with the statement “all teenage girls are hard to deal with”. I’m the same age as Ashley and I’d like to think I’m on a totally different path than she is. The reason I’m home is to take care of my mother who has Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. There is nothing she can do without help, walking, speaking, eating, bathing, etc. I did complete HS, I receive my diploma on the 14th (yeah) and start at the University at the end of the month. I also work cleaning houses and offices. I’m not an angel~ far from it, yet I do know if I had my own time for myself to do my own thing Ashley’s wanna be punk ways would not be the path I’d ever choose. She’s a bum, much like her mother.
    Watching Danielle makes me want to go wash my eye balls out. There is nothing nice about her. I feel sorry for her kids. I agree with Lynn about the NJ show being very scripted. It’s exausting and headaching to watch.

    • error 404 says:

      or, if they were Jerry Seinfeld, they would have made fun of the game, refused to play it half way thru, and then insulted the host and the entire show.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      My deepest heartfelt apologies Boston, you are SO right and I was SO wrong! I should never have said ALL teenage girls, clearly you are an exceptional young woman with the maturity of an old woman, the wit of Bethenny and the grace and style of Jackie O.
      Love you Boston and I am SO sorry! Lynn 🙂 xo

    • RileyKitty says:

      We don’t think of you as a teenager, sweetie 🙂 Your posts read much older (that was a compliment LOL) Until you posted how old you were I thought you were in your 30s with a couple of kids & a hubby. Funny how we visualize people through there posts LOL

      • RileyKitty says:

        did I actually type there for their, good lord?!! LOL

      • shantygal says:

        Ditto. You are an inspiration to this lady “of a certain age”. Love all of your posts and you have my utmost respect. And I love the Teresa YouTube videos. 🙂

      • Annie1033 says:

        Exactly. Boston – You have posted a couple of times about your age and I just think of you as a peer, plain and simple. You are miles ahead of most of the “grown-ups” I know. 😉

    • dee says:

      So sorry about your mother, she’s very lucky to have you. Congrats on the diploma and good luck in college.
      You’ve also brought up some good points. But I want to discuss Ashley’s behavior. I’m far from my teenage years, but I remember that while I was on average a “good” girl, I also did, let’s call them “things”. It’s called wanting to experience things. I never disrespected my parents, I went to school and after graduating went to college and worked at the same time. Not looking for a pat on my back. Just trying to make the point not all teenage girls are hard to deal with. Yet, Ashley seems to be a girl seething with rage, needing to get it out. And what better way to do it then by attacking somebody. Someone who is especially disliked by her family. She’s that type of girl that will, in a fit of anger, attack anybody, young, old, female, male. A chip on her shoulder the size of a planet. She’s beyond spoiled. Her sense of entitlement and bravado is indeed scary. She needs somebody to talk to to get it all out of her system.

      • error 404 says:

        Ashley is her mom’s biggest mistake. Mom has moved on to a new life with her good husband, good children and the price is putting up with crazy overbearing S.I.L.s.

        Ashley has gained the approval of her “Aunts” by defending the Laurita family in their all consuming war against their enemy. Maybe now they will accept her as a real Laurita, and she can move back in instead of being just the mistake her Mom would rather forget.

    • upperwestsidedude says:


    • cimibu says:

      Good for you Boston! You sound like a daughter any parent would be proud to have. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    • anniieee says:

      Boston, you are one incredible young lady. Congrats on graduation–we are having our at my school tomorrow. I get to walk with an amazing bunch of seniors. (I so think you are one of the best and the brightest.) Keep the faith and keep hanging in…you have a lot of jewels in your crown.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Boston, you an exceptional young woman. Congratulations on graduating from high school! I hope you enjoy the University and will achieve many wonderful things while there and in whatever career you choose.

      Much love, respect and best wishes sent to you and your mom!

      The way your are caring for your mom, I’m sure you make the angels in heaven rejoice!

      • A former Jill fan says:

        I meant “you are”

        Geesh! Stay young as long as you can! LOL!

        • anutha hata says:

          I hafta add another me too Boston. I always enjoy your posts . You have a very good “voice” when you write–in case anyone didn’t tell you that yet. I think you surprised a lot of us and I know that I pictured you as someone that I could relate too when really if i met you I’d probably, (1st impression), think that you were an airhead like Ashley. (meant as a compliment-don’t want to start any bs here today:)

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      Congratulations on Graduating!

    • Char12 says:

      You’re an amazing young woman Boston. You’re wise beyond your years and I was surprised to find out how young you are too. I’m sure your mom is very proud of you, as she should be. Cyber {{{{HUGS}}}} for you!

    • sue says:

      Congratulations on your graduation and good for you taking care of your mother.
      I think its sweet that Lynn apologized and she was right to because my daughter, who is graduating tomorrow is light years ahead of Danielle.

  45. Mel2 says:

    vgirl511: If you have followed Amazongate, you might recognize the name J. Samples. He/She/It writes nasty comments about people who don’t like Jill’s book, trashed Silex’s boys in comments on their books resulting in lots of complaints to Amazon, etc. Some folks think it may be Jill posting under another name.

    Lynn: I absolutely love this blog. Thanks so much for your hard work. And thanks for watching RHONJ so I don’t have to! I’m changing my name on this blog. I don’t having anything against the other “Mel”–I just think it would make it less confusing.

    • vgirl511 says:

      I did follow Amazongate, thanks to this blog! When i read the comment was from J Samples, I thought it was somebody being facetious. The prior comment was from a J Shapiro, so I just assumed somebody was trying to be snarky. It was the ‘eco system’ part of Jill’s response that really caught my attention, since i remember Kelly using that same phrase!

  46. error 404 says:

    this may sound random, but I wish team Jill would stop spinning the “17 year sis so random” wheel.

    we all know it’s significance… 17 is one year longer than any other marriage on the show lasted. It’s one big middle finger waved by Ramona in all her cast mates faces, and to make it all more brilliant, they had to all sit there and toasts Bravo paid champagne to it. The scene of Lulu choking on her thru bitter tears and Sonja having to perform the Heimlich in a tit-tastic dress was edited out.

  47. LynnNChicago says:

    Little exchange in private DM’s with Bethenny this morning:

    LynnNChicago: Hi Bethenny! I just saw that you’re in town, are you making any publc appearances while you’re in town? Sorry about the crappy weather!

    Bethenny Just a quick work trip in Chi town.I’ll be back wbaby bryn by 8P tonight. Whatcha up to today?

    • RileyKitty says:

      OMG Lynn, hopefully she will come back for a longer visit. Maybe you can host a soiree. You know I will make the drive for that as well. Work your magic, sister-girl!!! I have books that need autographs.

      side note: my hubby kept looking at my autographed SILEX book & finally I had to tell him he was going to ruin the new book smell if he kept pawing it. Hands Off, Hubby!!!

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Maybe you should send it to Teresa and show her what a real insider looks like!

  48. shantygal says:

    Lynne, et al, I don’t subject myself to watching The Real Housewives of the Landfill on Monday’s, but I love those who snark on them. I’ll click over now and then to see how big Dina’s lips are. Here are a few Monday night options instead:

    Persons Unknown – premiered last night on NBC. Could be good, I’ll give it a shot.
    Dance Your Ass Off – premiered last night on Oxygen. Biggest Loser & SYTYCD combined.
    Antiques Roadshow – If you’re a PBS dork, like I am, you will watch this. And you could have thousands of dollars sitting in your attic!
    Intervention – new season starts 6/28 on A&E. Voyeristic- and real reality.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      hey good idea to provide some alternatives, thanks shanty!

    • anutha hata says:

      Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia -is on Comedy Central on Monday nights.
      I really don’t think I can stand 15 weeks of Jersey.

  49. Dolce says:

    Some here have expressed that they hope the IRS is on to the Giudice’s. (pronounced phonetically in English: joo de chay, the chay is said fast, clipped…I speak Italian)

    In my sordid past, I worked for the IRS. Believe me, the IRS is on to people like this; however, you will never know of any investigation, etc. WHY? It is against the law to disclose ANY information about ANY taxpayer.

    HOW would the IRS know to look at them? Computers…there are certain line items on the 1040 that are triggers. If you show an AGI of $80,000, then have huge home interest and ad valorum (sp?) taxes posted as deductions…..well, it just doesn’t compute. Also, certain types of businesses that usually receive cash are looked at in a different light than those that have W-2’s or 1090misc. The computer would spit out discrepancies which could trigger an audit. Also, the law of averages would say that there are IRS people who are watching this show.

    IRS DEBT and bankruptcy: Bankruptcy does not nullify a debt to the IRS. They are #1 on the payback list before any creditors. The IRS can place a lein on property owned by the debtor if they are not paying back the taxes owed. A lein is public.

    So, there in a nutshell is the IRS version….we will never know, unless the Giudice’s make the knowledge public.

    • dee says:

      And all this time I thought it was pronounced joo-dee-chee

      • dee says:

        ….and pronounced guee-dee-chee in english.

        • Dolce says:

          The pronunciation is very similar to Spanish.

          giu = joo (sort of jew)

          i = English e

          e = English long a

          if you don’t think that doesn’t screw up my spelling when switching from Italian to English. My Italian is learned here & in Italy…not native born. Not a snap learning another language in adult years; but, they say it keeps the mind sharp……like Bethenny’s tongue, I’ve got knives coming out of my head.

  50. boston02127 says:

    @lillybee~ I made a mistake about who’s related to who on the last blog. They act like such imbreds I just assumed they were all related. Sorry.
    Caroline and Dina Manzo (sisters married to brothers), Jacqueline Laurita is married to the Manzo sisters’ brother. I’m not sure Teresa is related to any of them.

  51. Ann says:

    Thanks for the recap Lynn. I refuse to watch this show anymore. I saw bits and pieces of the episode with Danielle and her thugs at the charity dinner. I’m still in shock that Bravo even filmed it. You said when you spoke to Alex that she said they could choose not to be filmed at any event. Dina said she and her husband made it clear that they didn’t want the event filmed…it’s THEIR place of business.

    I was completely disgusted and turned off by what little I saw of that episode. These women are NOT entertaining. They don’t deserve a season 3.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I hear you but but it is the person being filmed and not necessarily Dina’s decision whether it is filmed or not, the Brownstone had to have agreed to allow filming to happen so while Dina says this, she also says she didn’t want Danielle filming in her ex-in-laws salon yet they do. The owner of the establishment allowed it so why is Dina angry with Danielle? She should be angry at the salon owner. I would bet the Brownstone gave a blanket approval to Bravo to film anything there since they film there so often and it is great PR for the Brownstone.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I just assumed it was the charity. Press is good for donations. And personally if my kid were sick I would put up with Danielle and the rest of them to raise money and awareness. My anger regarding that whole scene is firmly directed at Bravo they shouldn’t have done it. What part of Danielle at a Brownstone event doesn’t mean trouble?

      • Sue says:

        Who would have thought Danielle would have brought thugs to a charity event for a baby with cancer and cause such a fuss? I don’t think The Brownstone was at fault there. I think they thought they were filming another event. Then there is Bravo. Of course they are going to show such disgusting drama. Bravo need to stop televising ex-con racketeers on their shows unless they are going to do a show Real Housewives of Sing Sing.

      • MorgaineSwann says:

        I’m on Dina’s side in this case. If Danielle agreed to stay away from there, then she should have done it. The fact that she went back on her word just shows that she’s not to be trusted.

  52. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Boston your a great girl. Sending you lots of love.

  53. Char12 says:

    The whole NJ show is rediculous. Like you Lynn I’ll watch it just because there’s nothing else I care to watch at that time of night but they really scrapped the bottom of the barrel on this one.

    Lynn I have another question for you. Are you going to post photos of your time with Alex and Simon? I hope so!

  54. Squirrels says:

    Geez, I never thought I’d follow Twitter. But the dog is a riot !!!


    when @jillzarin makes dinner reservations she tells them she is @bethenny so she can get a table.”

  55. little rock says:

    Now that jill has completely trashed her own reputation, i have been wondering: Has ANYONE (entertainer, star, athelete, political figure,etc) been able to turn it around after falling so far?And by “turn it around” i mean become as popular or as respected as before they were handed their own ass by the public.
    This isn’t rhetorical, i really am curious. Tom cruise has never been seen in the same way since the couch jumping/mat lauer thing. I know i’m giving jill far too much importance by even calling her an entertainer, but can she do it? Whether she leaves rhonyc or stays – can she ever really come back from this?
    I have been thinking about this since yesterday and i haven’t come up with ONE name. Can anyone else think of one? thanks.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. I’m sure there are some folks who successfully turned a bad situation into good (lemonade out of lemons, lol)

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Leona Helmsley did but that’s because she died. Sorry couldn’t resist.

      I don’t know, they always say Americans love a comeback story. I can think of few who have had success after falling from grace but they never really distance themselves from the mess they have created.

      • dee says:

        Leona was greed personified. I worked at one her hotels, many years ago. By the time I started my “bid” (certainly felt like jail) the non-union staff have not gotten a raise in 5 years. Five years!!!!!!

    • HD says:

      Perhaps Bill Clinton. People still like him. I am sure there are others. What most people like is for someone to say that they messed up and own it. Everyone messes up so they are human. Just own it and move on. Jill’s problem is that she is not owning her mistakes. She says she wants forgiveness out of one side of her mouth and then says she can’t change out the other side.

      Jill pretty much is over. At this point it has gone on too long, the blocking of comments on her social pages, the everything. People are mad because they cannot vent how mad they are so every time they see her, their anger flares back up again. If she would have given them a chance to get it out perhaps their blood would still not be boiling. She needs a SERIOUS PR person. Whoever she has now should be fired! She is wasting her money.

    • viki55 says:

      Rob Lowe?

    • Squirrels says:

      Can’t think of anyone who didn’t end up in rehab. If Kelly does make that plunge (and i honestly hope she does for her own sanity) she will be redeemable. In the world of 24/7 information pumped out like a BP oil spill, one thing is true in America. Viewers love underdogs. Media loves underdogs. I know I routed for New Orleans at the Super Bowl for the City, not so much for the team. Collectively, WE tear down people then follow up by rebuilding them. Why? Could be due to our own sense of selves. I would use Jill as an example, but since I wouldn’t rebuild her with a donated set of diamond encrusted craftsman tools, I’ll use Kelly.
      After everything she has represented, I find myself hoping she gets the help she needs to become a full functioning adult so she may navigate her way through a life as a MOTHER. Don’t care who you are, once you are a mom, that is your primary function. Raise your children, protect them, give them the building blocks of self awareness, awareness of others and charity so they may fly from your nest and reach their full potential. As a mom, were I to see Kelly make that effort, I would forgive her past socially unacceptable behaviors.
      I suppose the difference is, if a person falls to the bottom of the pit and chooses to claw their way out by first admitting to themselves the trouble in River City is self induced, that person deserves a breather. Those (Lindsey Lohan types, etc.) who do the rehab as a publicity stunt – well chances are they will remain card carrying members of the “non-redeemable club”.
      I know using Lohan as an example is risky. For some reason I doubt the kid stood a chance as a child actress and opens the revolving “what the hell was mom thinking” door, but to use Jesse James v. Tiger Woods would really open floodgates. lol

    • Sue says:

      Robert Downey Jr. going from being in jail on drug charges to Iron Man is a pretty big change.

      • anniieee says:

        uhhhhhhhh TED KENNEDY?

        • Anitabee says:

          How about Vanessa Williams? Those pics were truly scandalous back in the day.

          • error 404 says:

            well, VW is the polar opposite of Kiki and Jill.

            VW is a very talented woman who made 1 “mistake” that many don’t even view as a mistake at all.

            Kiki and Jill haven’t made one definable error. It’s their basic personality that we reject.

            Sure, “Scary Island” was the most obvious example of Kiki’s illness, but it was just a longer version of what we’ve seen from her since the show began. She has no good side. She has no talent, or real accomplishments. She gets fired from jobs she’s gifted thru connections, and her “books” and “articles” are jokes.. coloring books have more depth! At her core, she’s a mean stupid woman who can’t have any real connection with a fellow human being.

            Jill, at best, is that annoying friend you out up with because she’s loyal, or has a good heart under all of the annoying habits. That’s how she was in season 1 & 2, extremely annoying, but a good friend.

            Well, the cat’s out of that bag! She needs to be needed, and as soon as you have one meatball more on your plate than her’s, she’s out to destroy your entire life. I don’t think all the anger management classes in the world can change her vindictive need to ruin her perceived enemies. She’s the red queen and it’s all “off with her head”!

            • Anitabee says:

              veddy correct!

              Jill isn’t even a real celebrity. Her most talented is being delusional.

              I still can not get over that skating rink scene were Jill gets out on the ice in a pink sequined skating costume and falls on her face. As if she was a teenage skating superstar. Whackadoodle!

    • Capiche says:

      You’re giving Jill far too much importance. She’s not even a celebrity. She’s on reality TV. She has no talent to “redeem” her. What is she going to do? Fabulous party her way back to being “liked” by the sliver of the American population that watches Bravo. Stick a fork in her. She’s DONE!

      • emt2 says:

        Great point. She doesn’t have a talent like VW or RDJr. or Rob Lowe.

        I’m kinda sick of reality tv stars thinking that they are real celebrities who have a Q rating to protect. I couldn’t believe that Jill had 4 media consultants as if she were having a sit down with Diane Sawyer like Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Jill was acting like she has major endorsements, a talent agency, record company making a lot of money off of her and were thus, invested in her image. She boasts that she has the same agent as Tom Cruise. Enough said. Delusions of grandeur.

      • kokuanani says:

        What I’d really, really, REALLY like to know is the effect of RHONYC on Jill’s “popularity” among her “fabulous circle of friends.”

        Are they all just like her — with equally noxious behavior — so that seeing her fully exposed on tv is no big deal?

        Does it strike them, when they see her braying, complaining, and back-stabbing, that they might NOT like to invite this person to their next fete in the Hamptons?

        I’m just really curious about this. Any New Yorkers or Hamptons insiders out there, please fill us in, if you can.

  56. Adgirl says:

    Jill says she is undecided about returning next season.
    I believe both she and Kelly will be offerred by Bravo for season 4. The ratings and controvesy have been huge. I also think they will demand a lot more money. Neither of them have successfully launched a product or book from this.
    The Countess is dispensable so she will settle for less money just to stay on.

    Personally I think both Jill and Kelly are in deep shock about the public’s reaction to them.
    Jill has a very deep need to be famous. She just didn’t realize that she would be on the cover of US magazine only because of her negative behavior!!
    Kelly is not use to being challenged or brought to task for her comments and claims. I think she has skipped through life being validated for being “pretty” and “fun”. When the heat has been on her, she beats a retreat to distance herself from the consequences. Then she promptly “forgets” the situation.
    This season she has been brought to task for her claims and she basically imploded.

    I am positive they will both return because they each have a point to make.
    If Bethenny isn’t on season 4, then they will make sure to blame her for everything and isn’t life so great and fun now that the “troublemaker” is off the cast.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I read that NJ housewives get $3,333 per episode and NY get $10,000 per episode – to cover expenses. It didn’t say that individuals get more or less than others on their show. It did say that all are replaceable – so if Jill trys jockeying for a higher salary, given her negative behavior (on and off the show) I wouldn’t be placing a bet on her to win, place or be on the show!

    • emt2 says:

      Kelly is a real liability. She can lash out at any second. She was arrested…. She has to go.

      • MorgaineSwann says:

        I agree – Kelly is too much of a liability. If I were Bethenny, I’d refuse to be in the same place at the same time as she.

  57. Squirrels says:

    Found this one, too. hahahaha

    Shhhhh Don’t tell JZ! RT @JenGilbertNYC: Had a great night drinking at kenmar in nolita with alex and simon (cont) http://tl.gd/1o47hn

  58. lillybee says:

    The Ginger Zarin twitter is pure genius.

  59. Sofi says:

    Thanks for posting that NY Times article with all the details about Jill’s apartment, including her address. So I guess that if I repeat here that her good friend Donald Trump lives on the top floor of Trump Tower (read that in the NYTimes too) I am committing an act of harassment? How pathetic.
    I don’t think she ever sold her ugly overpriced placed anyway. Who would want that monstrosity? She thinks it’s worth more because of the decor – I think the selling price needs to reflect the cost of totally gutting and sanitizing the place (Ginger’s bathroom habits on the furniture and floors have “schkeived” me out). That apartment is a perfect reflection of Jill and that’s not a compliment.

  60. Nancyusa says:

    Tootie….Thanks for the information on bankruptcy.

    For those who haven’t looked at the documents, one of the posters here (thanks whomever you are) downloaded the bankruptcy documents from Pacer and uploaded them to Scribd.

    The link to the actual documents is here

    Several items in the filings are interesting.

    The news article about the bankruptcy only mentioned store account credit cards, but there are several major cards from with about $57.000 in collections.

    Under the following categories, under the personal property section,.. stocks, securities, insurance, bonds, 401K, education funds…the Giudices’ have none.

    One of their creditors, Norman Barna, holding a secured claim… the fourth mortgage on one of their homes, has been convicted of conspiracy regarding real estate fraud activity.

    The other two house were under Theresa’s name only.

    Someone said the read that the Giudices had been in credit counseling for six months…the documents state that they paid $50 for counseling. (pg42)

    Under debt0r’s statement of intention…they state they intend to retain their new house with the furnishings, appliances, cement mixers, go carts….and more… and surrender the other houses. (pg50)

  61. desertgal66 says:

    LynnNChicago says:
    It was never really clear what was true or untrue about her childhood but I think we can all agree it wasn’t all white picket fences and loving parents.

    Actually, I can’t agree that it wasn’t. The only ‘unsavory’ thing that has emerged to be true about Danielle’s childhood is that she was adopted as a baby…and that isn’t what I would call traumatizing.

    She made up a couple of stories about the origins of her birth mother, and says that it was information that she learned from her adopted birth. Well, that isn’t the way adoption worked back then. The adopted parents would not have been given information about the birth mother, and the records would have been sealed. As well, Danielle cites two different stories…and says they are both true.

    She also said she was molested by a family member as a young pre teen, and that evolved into being molested by a whole group of family members when she was still a toddler. Now, I’m not slamming anyone who survived molestation AT ALL, but Danielle’s claims do not ring true.

    As well, over the years, I’ve known many women who cried about being molested when they, in fact, were not, but wanted to gain the sympathy vote. I’ve also known women who turned bland childhoods into trauma filled experiences for the same reason. Drama queens aren’t satisfied with an uneventful childhood-they’ve got to insert some DRAMA.

    Danielle also said that she left home at a “very, very young age”. Yet, people who went to high school with her remember her living at home and graduating with them at the normal age of 18. They’ve also described Danielle as being somewhat “inventive” about the circumstances of her life, and not at all honest.

    Her daughters mentioned that their mom “was from Brooklyn”. She wasn’t. She may have lived in Brooklyn at some point as an adult, but she didn’t grow up there.

    Danielle claims to be of Sicilian heritage. Again, there’s no way she could know what her original heritage is. And there’s no blood test that verifies Sicilian blood. 🙂

    Since her adopted parents are dead, so we’ll never know the other part of the story, but I don’t think we can rule out that Danielle’s childhood may very well have been white pickets fences and loving parents who did the best they could, and she’s just a liar. I mean, we know she’s a liar, so whose to say her parents weren’t loving?

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      As a survivor of child molestation, it sickens me that she’s using that as part of her excuse for her behavior. Something rings so false about her story and it has CHANGED since she mentioned it. Ugh! I won’t even discuss that aspect of my disgust for her…just smh and movin’on.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Desertgal – I read the excerpt of her book on the Today show site. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/37318830/ns/today-today_books/
      She says that she was never able to learn her birth mother’s name.
      “Everything I understand to be true about my birth family is just stories I’ve heard. I haven’t been able to confirm anything — not even by birth mother’s name”
      Later she says she found out that she had moved back to the US, was married and had children. Danielle considers whether or not she should try and meet her.
      “From what I have been told, my birth mother eventually settled right here in America. Further inquiries revealed that she eventually got married and that I’m now the oldest of six children. I know that if I chose to meet my mother and her new family, there would be extremely complicated issues and risks.”
      How can you find out all that info without getting a name? Nothing rings true about her story and that makes me question her abuse allegations as well. She just isn’t credible. I think she decided she was Sicilian because she wanted to claim some of the mob mythology to make herself feel powerful. She even talks about The Godfather in the book excerpt. I know you can’t judge by a persons appearnace but I am of Italian heritage and she doesn’ look at all Italian to me. She has an Eastern European look. Croation, maybe. Her eyes are almond shaped. That’s a very common slavic trait.

      • RAR says:

        But then again Lidia Mattichio Bastianich, THE aforemost Italian chef, isn’t of Italian decent.

        Most respectable Italians would never try to perpetuate the Godfather stereotype. I consider myself half-Italian and half-Sicilian (and you Italians understand that) and to bring up any slur, slang or stereotype is stric.tly forbidden – especially around your family matriarch

    • eastbayjanine says:

      i agree with that some women do make up a sordid past just to create drama, i was often accused of that when i was young and these assholes found me to be a perfect prey for their disgusting acts.(me=divorced parents, tossed from relative to relative, protective adult figure nonexistant), they figured i was less than, but because some of these assholes were beloved family members or friends i was the liar. it does anger me that some use the molestation card to garner sympathy or create drama, and excuse their behavior.

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      While much of Danielle’s past is told with a bit of imaginative reworking, I have no doubt that Danielle experienced some type of on-going trauma at a young age because that’s what it would take to create a borderline personality such as she.

  62. MAMAZ says:

    I watched NJ last night. I think Bravo knew last year that the Danielle vs. the Manzos had a limit. Four against one isn’t a fair fight. I’m guessing that’s why Kim G. was brought on.
    But it’s so damn hard to feel any sympathy for Danielle. She ruins everything she touches. Kim G. threw her a Birthday Party but she showed no gratitude, instead she threw a tantrum like a kid who didn’t get the gift she wanted, whining “It’s my birthday I don’t want to talk about the Manzos!” She could have gone to the benefit and behaved like a lady instead she brought her thug friend who as it turns out couldn’t throw down anyway ’cause he was still on parole, (and the award for cheesiest line on a housewife show… Danny Provezano! “Only six more days, I’m not going back!”
    I think Dina was sincere about trying to encourage Danielle. And wanting to meet her face to face because she thought it was the right thing to do. But with people like Danielle you have to go cold turkey. You can’t leave the door open even the tiniest crack. But Dina was probably contractually obligated to interact with Danielle. Telling her she won’t do it anymore must mean Dina is the one leaving. And for that I have to respect Dina. She is leaving rather than have this person in her life. Dina Manzo has figured out what most of the other housewives haven’t. That the money and fame aren’t enough to cover all this crazy. Kadooze to Dina!

  63. boston02127 says:

    @Lynn~No apology needed and thank you for the nice compliment. Any nice compliments go to my mother for the way she raised me. I think the biggest difference between me and Ashley is our mothers. Thankfully I got the good one!
    You know I heart your Blog’s and respect your writing.

  64. eastbayjanine says:

    what in rectum hell did i miss? i’m home sick with a nasty cough, i’m supposed to be in class but i sound like a dog that’s gonna puke and eat it’s own puke, if you have pets you’ll know what i’m talking about. Lynn, i’m so happy about your party with Alex and Simon. I’m so glad to hear that they are nice just like on camera. I will be the first one to admit that they annoyed me and thought they were odd, but now i think they’re adorably dorky and so awesome together. I love that, and of all of the HW Alex is the most sincere, i would want to party with Ramona and Sonja, talk smack with Bethanny, and have Alex as a true confidant and friend.

    • Squirrels says:

      lol @ rectum hell. That one should end up in Webster’s Dictionary

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Sorry that you are ill eastbayjanine, but that description was yucky! LOL! Just kidding! And that first sentence is the most original I’ve ever heard! 😛

      I didn’t like Alex, Simon or Ramona almost the entire first two seasons because I thought Jill was right about them. I started liking Alex and Simon about two-thirds the way thru season 2. I feel like the turning tide for me was when Jill attacked Bethenny at that charity event over the signage and jill said this charity even was about her. It was about the charity too, but mostly about her. She said something to that effect and I was shocked at that and at her attacking Bethenny. That opened my eyes. Then season 3 hit and I see how badly jill is behaving from the very beginning.

      Seems like everybody grew in depth and interest in season 3 except jill and kelly and they either regressed or just showed their true colors, and I think it was the latter.

      Only a little more than 2 days to the reunion part 1! Yeah! 🙂

      • error 404 says:

        even when making a tearful apology to B, Jill still had to blame Ramona.

        Yes, R is the show’s official shit-stirrer, news flash!, but Jill’s taking the bait and turning on her bff like a harpy was all down to Jill.

        I never really got the Silex hate. I mean I get the eye-rolling, but the OTT hate I never got. You’d think they’d sacrificed baby animals on TV they way their detractors carried on.

      • eastbayjanine says:

        thanks! and so true a lot of the HW have evolved and matured while others regressed into mean vindictive girls. Ramona is still Ramona though, girl’s crazy but not in a evil way. btw if anything goes wrong with the ass it all goes to hell! LOL!

  65. eastbayjanine says:

    cant wait for the reunion, i got my sister hooked on this show and we’re both kinda anti reality tv but this season OMFG! it was a real rollercoaster and so much fun to watch. i usually dont yell at the the screen but my inner hoodrat came out full force whenever jill would come into a scene and the venom and lies would froth at her mouth as she spoke. Lawd i hate Jill Zarin.

  66. A former Jill fan says:

    Lynn has asked us to be polite to each other and respectful of each others’ opinions and whenever we debate an issue. I’m going to try to do that from here on out. I apologized upthread if I offended anybody yesterday–or in any past blog beyond that too for that matter.

    If anyone has a concern, send an email to Lynn. She posted it this morning:


    Lynn is owner of this blog and if you have concerns that need to be expressed, please take it up privately with her and not call out anyone in the open forum. That will just possibly invite more trouble and is something she has asked us not to do.

    If anyone has a problem with another poster, you could set up your own blog or a new email if you didn’t want to reveal your current email publicly and invite that poster over to discuss the issue. We’re adults and shouldn’t be afraid to express our opinions here free of the fear of being attacked. I wholeheartedly agree with that. But we also should be able to take an issue aside and discuss it even if only to come to the agreement to disagree.


    • morning says:

      To me a blog is sort of like a party. You have a hostess who invited you. Sometimes you don’t like other guests but you don’t start arguing with them, or worse, at the party. If you feel you must, you take it up with the hostess privately, after the party. If the host continues to ask you to a party with the guests you don’t care for you either 1) go to the party and avoid said guests or 2) don’t go to the party. If you find that you don’t like the hostess or the way she handles her guests, then politely decline the invitation and no longer attend her parties.

  67. kats2 says:

    Jill, Kelly and Luann leaving would be pure heaven for me. But you just know they are already shopping for a new network/show. Which makes me sick, but some scumball network will pick it up.

  68. HD says:

    I am sooooooooooooooo cracking up as I am watching this episode on line that Danielle says, “He was calling a gay man a “f” though” LMAO! Ummmmmmmmmm okay. Does that make it better? She is trying to justify that.

    Also Danielle is just using Kim. I don’t think for one second they are really friends. Kim probably wants to be on the show. She looks too old (for this brand) and needs to sit down somewhere.

    • HD says:

      I meant to say “he WASN”T calling a gay man a f” I mean does that make it better. LOL!

  69. HD says:

    I am sooooooooooooo cracking up yet again when the voice coach asks Gia has she ever heard someone say “cawwwwffe” and she turns and looks at her mom! LMAO!!

    Too funny!

  70. ReaderInWA says:

    Lynn-you’re a classy (dare I use THAT word?) lady despite the title of your blog; strong words given to an apparent nobody by the name of Jill Zarin. And that’s all I’ve got to say. Wink!

  71. boston02127 says:

    Was it yesterday that Kelly announced that everyone was going to be so surprised and amazed at what she was going to do. I just went and checked her tweets to try and find when she said that but my patience ran thin reading her babble. Go figure!
    Does anyone know what the idiot was talking about.

    • ReaderInWA says:

      Does anyone care?

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      reading her tweets makes me dizzy for some reason…I don’t even she knows what she was talking about, lol

    • desertgal66 says:

      The last time she said everyone was going to be so surprised by her next move, her next move turned out to be sticking a fake tattoo on her foot.

      I don’t know what her latest surprise is. Maybe she finally washed her hair.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      LOL. Maybe Kellamity will be out running through the streets of NYC looking for love in all the right places. Then again. Maybe all the good taxi drivers are taken.

      Just thinking out loud here. I don’t tweet or twitter. Can someone ask Kellamity if everybody still wants to be with Max and Max still wants to be with her. LMAO. Kellamity is looking for love and she picks one of the biggest gigolos(sp) out there. Stupid much Kellamity. What an idiot.

  72. amy17 says:

    There was nothing anti semetic about Andy’s game. Jill is probably uncomfortable because she knows which category she would be in that game and it certainly isn’t good.

    • error 404 says:

      my advice: never take what Zarin says at face value.

      gloria wasn’t upset that the game was about jews, she was upset that Andy showed her a picture of a porn star. Jill is embarrassed that her boss, whom she probably talked up to her mom, then showed her mom porn.

      Jill’s moto is “payback’s a bitch” and someone really needs to gift her a big tacky goblet with that moto in gold letters on it.

      • Cleo's Mommy says:

        I don’t think it was anti semitic, and I do think that the Ron Jeremy thing is what bothered Gloria the most. But I also think she was uncomfortable with the game in general.

        I’m jewish, and I think the game is a hoot, but I think that older generations of jews, especially those who were alive during the Holocaust might not see the humor in a game that is about whether someone makes the jews look good or look bad, being that historically when Jews look bad they were banished or slaughtered or gassed… My grandfather was fortunate enough to make it to America before the Holocaust started, many of his family members weren’t so lucky and didn’t survive. He had a great sense of humor, but I don’t think he would have liked the game either.

    • katiecoo says:

      I think she would have found that game “fun” if Andy had not held her feet to the fire at the Reunion and now she’s picking for things to hate about him and crucify him for. Remember, in JZ’s world people are all good or all bad. You never cross a Narcissist without them torturing you for it one way or another the rest of your life. And they never think of the consequences on THEM. I’m telling you, she’s so textbook I could predict her behavior. Cookie Cutter.

      • liptontb says:

        My recollection is that Jill was fine with the good/bad game at the time. I don’t DVR the WWH shows. Gloria, not so much.
        Agree that it’s strange that she just now seems to find it offensive.

    • Sue says:

      Didn’t he play it with Ellen Barkin too when she was on with Caroline Manzo? Barkin, as Andy likes to call her, had no problem with it.

  73. katiecoo says:

    OMG I’m so behind. Watching the bookstore video with JZ that Kat posted (thank you!). She’s saying Bravo destroyed her image this year….rrrrrrright.

    Did ya catch the “I felt bad for me too” ….always the narcissist, always the me me me. She didn’t feel bad for US (she and B) or God forbid HER. Of course she felt bad for herself. Bravo needs do nothing to destroy (display) her image…she’s an expert at that one thing!

  74. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet about the MA book store:
    What a crowd! We sold out! Over 200 ppl! Overwhelmed. Thank you brookline booksmith! http://tweetphoto.com/25797156

    Brookline Booksmith:
    I didn’t fail to notice that not many of you were in the store Monday morning. … Real Housewife Jill Zarin with mom advice … We’ve got the books piled up, easy to find, on our front tables.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      LOL. The photo must have been taken when the other 190 people were in the bathroom. Not to mention that only three people responded to the posting. Shame on the other 197.

    • Squirrels says:

      All I can say is …. DAYUM !!!!

  75. RileyKitty says:

    completely OT but any one else watch Tori & Dean? I can’t stop laughing that they named the goat Donna Martin LMAO

    • Ellabean says:

      I check it out on the reruns sometimes. Too be brief here – so as not to torture other posters with Tori & Dean talk….I kind of do like them. Yes, yes, I know they bothleft their spouses – I know the whole story. It’s not a clean past for either…..but…. that Dean…….is …uh……sort of hot.

      Don’t throw tomatoes at me please.

      • Annie1033 says:

        Totally agree. 😉 No tomatoes thrown!

        One thing though (again brief so I don’t get flamed either): But I WANT to like Tori and sometimes I do! But in their scenes where they’re shown fighting; having normal marital issues, etc….does it NOT seem as though she’s acting?! She comes across extremely contrived in those scenes and ALSO, if my boyfriend was as amenable as Dean seems to be, I would kiss the man’s feet every day of my waking life!! Anybody with me on that?! 😉

    • KLAS says:

      Yeah, I watch too. It’s slowly growing on me. And I think Dean’s a good dad.

  76. desertgal66 says:

    @EastBayJanine and Fabulous Earth – I’m so sorry you had to endure that experience. I’m an incest survivor myself, so I know where you are coming from, and it’s why I immediately had doubts about Danielle’s claims. Even before she changed the story around, her claims never rang true with me. I don’t know if it was the attitude she displayed or what, but something didn’t gel. And, of course, once she started telling completely different versions, it REALLY didn’t gel.

    MamaZ – she doesn’t look Sicilian to me, either. I noted the Slavic traits, too-the almond shaped eyes and the high cheekbones.

    My lifelong best friend was adopted in the early 1960’s. Her adopted parents were told NOTHING about the birth parents, which is the way legal adoptions were handled back then. Some years ago, my friend tried to find out who her birth mother was, for health reasons-and when adoption records are sealed, it is next to impossible to get them unsealed.

    And I have to ask the same thing – how could anyone tell her all that information about her birth mother, but not a name? That makes absolutely no sense. It’s unlikely that Danielle would know anyone who also knew her birth mother well enough to relay the information she is describing, but, if she did, it’s impossible that the person also wouldn’t know her birth mother’s name. Her story is ridiculous.

    I just…well, given all of Danielle’s lies and half truths, I’m just reluctant to assume that her adoptive parents were such awful people that they molested their daughter and/or stood by while other family members molested her. That’s an awful assumption to make about people who can no longer defend themselves, without ANY evidence to back it up.

    • anutha hata says:

      I read a lot of Danielle’s book on Amazon.com by logging-in and doing an “inside the book” hunt. Somewhere she said that she’s pretty sure that her birth Mother’s name is Russo. -Not sure if that’s the family name or her married name.
      Danielle also has a sister in the family that she was raised-in, but I’ve never heard one word about her.-strange? (I found that in her Mom’s obit)
      Her adoptive mom also lost one or two baby boys to cystic fibrosis from what I can figure-out. I don’t know if that’s why they adopted or not?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Kinda like Jill never mentions that Bobby has kids…..but gave him grief early on for not falling all over Ally.

  77. anniieee says:

    Dang … have to go get my mom at the Senior Center–take her to the grocery store (that takes a loooong time) and put it away, etc etc… I will come back to the computer and then spend 8 hours catching up. Have a great rest of the day, everyone.

  78. ReaderInWA says:

    Hey all! Kelly actually tweeted this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owuGIxwpW_4&feature=youtu.be

  79. lillybee says:

    There is an on-line site that has will test your dna and tell you what your ethnic ancestry is.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Right…that’s an ancestral DNA test. But, as explained here:


      An individual’s DNA test provides little information on its own. It is not possible to take these numbers, plug them into a formula, and find out who your ancestors are. The marker numbers provided in your DNA test results only begin to take on genealogical significance when you compare your results with other people and population studies. If you don’t have a group of potential relatives interested in pursuing DNA testing with you, your only real option is to input your DNA test results into the many DNA databases starting to spring up on the Net, in the hopes of finding a match with someone who has already been tested. Many DNA testing companies will also let you know if your DNA markers are a match with other results in their database, provided that both you and the other individual have given written permission to release these results.

      Danielle may have found out some information through one of these tests – I was wrong to say that she definitely hasn’t – but I have my doubts that she did. I think she just likes to make up stories.

  80. katiecoo says:

    Ok I’m watching an old episode from last season I guess? That I never saw. Jill’s being intereviewed by the BBC who are looking at her with such disdain in her gaudy over the top apt. asking her if she feels guilty about spending so much when there is so much financial crisis. She responds to all this by pointing out what a nice person she is because she’s “elevator friendly” meaning she doesn’t hit the “close” button as soon as she gets in the elevator and will hold the door open for someone.

    The looks on their faces in response to this is PRICELESS. Like “huh? this is your definition of generosity?”. OMG. hilarious.

    And she goes on and on about how she never spends more than she has…is in no debt, etc. What about that Saks card? Hmmmm?

    • error 404 says:

      this is an example of Jill’s need for fame eclipsing her good sense.

      they’d all but run Blair out of office for siding with the war, and wall st was basically ruining the world economy… anti-americanism was high

      so the BBC decided they find some fame hungry no talent vapid US “celebrity” and make them out to be Marie Antonette while the rest of the world just ate cake.

      It was a set up, and god knows how many were asked and were smart enough to refuse the “ambush”

      • Ellabean says:

        Brilliant, error. I recall that BBC interview with Jill last year – and could never quite understand it.

        Jill was the poster child for the Ugly American Marie Antoinette. Yes indeed.

  81. desertgal66 says:

    Oh, and the other thing that makes me really question if any of Danielle’s stories are true is the following excerpt from her book:

    Some of the finer things in life that I now appreciate appear to have no connection whatsoever to any conscious experience I had during my childhood with my adoptive parents. My knowledge and appreciation of fine china, beautiful crystal, and the game of baccarat don’t reflect any exposure to these that I had during my young life. I must have perceived these things when I was in the womb and exposed to my birth mother’s upscale Italian family.

    Flying in an airplane was another oddly familiar experience for me. I knew that first-class passengers boarded the plane before the other people even though I had never flown on an airplane before. Did it happen in this life when I was in my mother’s womb flying to the United States for the first time?

    Or did it perhaps occur in another life? My friends have told me that they believe that all of this relates to some kind of special insight I have into the past. But I prefer to believe that it directly relates to my experiences as an unborn child in my mother’s womb.

    Another important part of my heritage that I think I picked up prior to my birth is Italian food. I can be in another room, smell an Italian dish cooking in the kitchen, and know precisely what is being prepared. Is this a coincidence? My answer is no. I believe that all of my knowledge of and appreciation for Italian food can be traced back to my Sicilian roots and the place where I was conceived. I was never formally taught how to cook Italian food. Yet today I know how to prepare sophisticated dishes without using any written recipes and instinctively know how to season the foods correctly as well.

    The cliché is that Italians like to cook, eat, and reproduce. It’s not surprising that those are among my favorite pastimes. (My mood and the company I am with determines where each item falls on my list.) I crave Italian food all the time. I imagine that I love to eat the things my birth mother ate when she was pregnant. Today, my daughters crave the same Italian foods that I ate when I was pregnant. I believe the child in her womb takes on his or her mother’s tastes.

    This may sound a little off-the-wall, but I think I absorbed my religious beliefs as well while in my mother’s womb.

    I mean, c’mon, Danielle. Could you get real anytime soon?

    • emt2 says:


      Danielle’s “story” is like Nightmare on Elm Street. It is the backstory of a crazy killer in a horror movie.


  82. Chickentales says:

    Gosh !!

    You’re all prostitution whores! Stop making lemons into lemonade! You mess with my family you’re messin’ with ME!


    Love & Peace & Jellybean Rainbows

  83. viki55 says:

    ut oh….I am seeing post out of order again:(

  84. Mary S. says:

    Lynn – what is your email? I have RHONY info for you – won’t say more here.

  85. katiecoo says:

    I’m going to say something maybe unpopular but something that bugs me about Jaqueline on (the boring and forgettable) RHONJ. I’ve seen this behavior in other families. It’s like she “moved on” to get a “do-over” and have a chance at creating a whole new family, new babies, new man, new home, etc. Of course her focus will be on the little ones and I wonder how “attended to” Ashley has been for some time. I’ve seen this before where the older kids get kind of set aside for the focus on this “Do-over family”. I just wonder how much of Ashley’s behavior is acting out/attention seeking just wanting her MOM. As with Teresa, just because someone is still in their fertile years does not mean it’s the best decision to keep having babies.

    Jac also just often seems so detached and ….I don’t know the word…in her own little world. Some women just want to keep having more babies, more babies, surround me with babies without really considering the consequences on everyone. Then the older ones get a. displaced and b. used as babysitters.

    Rant over!

    • MAMAZ says:

      katiecoo – I think you may be on to something. Not every blended family is like that of course but I have known my share.

    • error 404 says:

      I’ve said the same thing before.. and the fact that Ashley’s latest acting out is in defense of the Laurito family and her “aunts” are happy she’s doing it, and she’s now back at home after attacking Danielle, convinces me further. She had to prove she was worth of being in her mom’s new family… a rite of initiation, and she passed!

    • lillybee says:

      I posted something about that earlier. Ashley was Jacki’s mistake and I don’t think that Jacki ever let her forget that. I am sure that Ashley feels unwanted. Pretty soon she will be claiming that she was raised by wolves.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      J doesn’t know how to parent a teenager!

  86. MAMAZ says:

    EastBay, Fab Earth, Desertgal -People have asked why we get so worked up over a TV show. I think it’s because so many of us have real life horror stories that the HWives co-opt for their own agendas. Of course the three of you would be offended by Danielle using the nightmare of childhood sex abuse for sympathy or to explain away bad judgement and poor behavior. If it’s a genuine claim I am of course very sorry for her but I don’t find her credible. I am sorry that you all endured it. I can’t imagine and I would NEVER pretend it happened to me!
    And Danielle suggesting that Ashley is commiting a Hate Crime against her, WTF? Maybe she should read about what Matthew Shepard went through.
    Likewise if I were the parent of a bullied child I would be livid over KKB’s claims of being bullied. Unlike the poor child who has to attend school each day or live in a neighborhood with bullies, she chooses to spend time with these people and as an adult is able to say “no thanks, you can’t pay me enough.”
    Adgirl, Anitabee and myself have all shared our stalker stories. I’m sure they would agree to trade what they went through for a few mean spirted cards. I sure would. Adgirl is still living in fear and part of me will always be looking over my shoulder.
    At least two people on here are battling cancer. Not too diminish Bawby’s cancer scare but JZ used it as a club to beat Bethenny with.
    I am sorry for LuAnn’s divorce and I don’t even like her but at least it’s real. And Sonja seems to be still sad and hurt over her’s. Ally has a real and painful illness. My heart goes out to anyone dealing with something like that . But these other claims are offensive.

    • Anitabee says:

      Thank you mamaz. This is why I enjoy this blog. I have fellow suffers of the human experience that are real. Not the pretend delusional drama made up by unpopular people that get paid to be themselves on cable TV.

      I feel your pain my sister. I will add you and adgirl to my prayers tonight.

  87. katiecoo says:

    Ok the comments are going wacky again.

  88. Smompy says:

    I’d never looked at the wording Jill used to describe her “harassment” until now. She says:

    “We are being harassed and threatened by a family from Chicago and Alabama.”

    Firstly, who the hell is WE??? Do you have a turd in your pocket, Jill? Secondly, OK so “they” are being harrassed by one single family which divides its time between Chicago and Alabama? ‘Cause that’s what it sounds like. Shouldn’t be too hard to narrow down the field considering how limited that pool of Alabama/Chicago families must be. I only hope the family that’s doing this harassing winters in Alabama and summers in Chicago, because doing it the other way around would be totally stupid and masochistic. Much like Beverly Anne Danielle Minelli Merrill Staub Il Siciliana herself, I’m just sayin’.

  89. katiecoo says:

    “This is a habit of yours. Running your mouth then trying to cover it up and apologize”. Snap! Alex to JZ during the Reunion when she’s admitting something and trying to gloss it over. Alex didn’t need the PR people…she can take this bitch ON.

  90. kats2 says:

    Word! to all of you who have commented on that pathetic Jill book signing video (great find and thank you for sharing it). Totally agree if her big mouth is open there is nothing but lies coming out of it. I don’t know why I’m surprised, she is one sick, very twisted M-F’er.

  91. Bobbi says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has Teresa’s book but I was reading it the past couple of nights. Even in there, Teresa has made a few digs about Bethenny, natural food chefs and “skinny cocktails.” The quote marks are hers. This woman has a real problem with getting over things. It is a good cookbook for a Mediterranean diet and the little digs at Bethenny and a couple of other housewives really detract from it.

    Not at all sure I’m going to continue watching NJ. I have no desire to watch a bunch of thugs and a bunch of kids. Caroline Manzo strikes me as one of the most down-to-earth women on TV and I really like that about her. But, there is basically no storyline. I cannot stand Kim G. or Danny. Just not worth my time.

  92. Gingers poo says:

    The Hull Sun… It’s not just local – it’s Wicked Local!

    The Hull Sun
    VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewives of New York City Jill Zarin says she’s undecided about returning to hit Bravo TV show

    Posted on June 7, 2010 by cathleen.jeffrey
    Filed Under Uncategorized | Leave a Comment

    Fast Tube by Casper

    Forget the fight for the heavyweight champion of the world — the fight heard around the country this year was between Jill and Bethenny, with students in college dorms, housewives, grandmothers, professionals – and, yes, even men who weren’t coaxed by a significant other — tuning in week-after-week over recent months to the hit Bravo TV show The Real Housewives of New York City to catch the blow-by-blow between costars Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel.

    Even if your TV clicker has never paused on the Bravo channel, it was hard to escape the tumultuous spat between the two upper East Side Manhattan reality stars, as people were taking to Bethenny’s and Jill’s blogs on Bravo-TV to boldly choose whether they were a member of “Team Jill” or “Team Bethenny,” while popular TV talk shows and entertainment shows provided ample updates on the ladies’ lives, telling of Bethenny having a baby and her recent marriage — and reporting how her bff last season, Jill, was nowhere in attendance at the nuptials.

    You couldn’t even escape the battle at your local supermarket, where magazine covers splashed the reality stars across their covers, such as US Magazine this week, giving their version of the latest on the ladies.

    If you somehow managed to escape the much-touted conflict, just do a Google search for “Jill and Bethenny” — no last names required — to find ample coverage of the drama.

    So when Jill blew into Boston this week to promote her book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother, which she cowrote with her mother and sister, who can also be seen on The Real Housewives of New York City, it wasn’t surprising that the Brookline Booksmith in Coolidge Corner was jam-packed with fans of all ages, with close to 250 jockeying for a spot inside the shop to hear what the reality star would say.

    With our previously arranged plans being that Jill expected to wrap-up her book-signing appearance by 6 p.m. and then do the interview with me for SpottedInBoston.com shortly thereafter, it became abundantly clear she wasn’t going to finish her public appearance anywhere near that time, so I settled in and enjoyed some conversations with Jill’s husband, Bobby, who assured me he’s feeling great after his recent battle with cancer, as well as with her grandfather and nephew, with whom I discussed our favorite places to travel.

    When the crowd finally disbursed around 7:15 p.m., the ladies took a short break, and then sat down to do this interview, in which Jill — who many viewers have given the “mean girl” title to this year — pulled no punches.

    I saw you on the cover of US Magazine this week.

    How excited was I when I got the cover.

    What’s the feeling like now that you’ve achieved that level of stardom where you see yourself on the cover of these magazines?

    It’s like it’s not even me. I feel like it’s somebody else. It feels… it’s like an out of body experience. It’s still the same daughter, mother, sister, pain in the ass you know everything. I’m still the same person.

    What is the best piece of advice in the book, if you had to say one thing?

    I would say, if it’s worth saying once, it’s worth saying a thousand times. And… the Jewish mother is, if nothing, opinionated. And we don’t believe that you learn things through osmosis. We think you learn things by action and saying and doing. We don’t make our kids struggle to come to their own conclusions – we tell them the answer.

    And we just hope that by telling them what we think to be the right thing to do — that they do it. And we don’t take all the credit, and we don’t take all the blame. And we just hope that when they’re adults, that everything they’ve learned, they come back to us. You know the biggest compliment is “You’re going to turn into your mother.” You know what, if I’m going to turn into my mother, then she did her job, because I’m really proud to be my mother’s daughter.

    Jill also cleared up a false rumor circulating on the Internet that their book advises people to marry for money. I asked her if she was opposed to people marrying for love.

    Of course we say marry for love. But we say marry for character and ambition. We believe money is round. And just because you have it now, doesn’t mean you’ll have it later. But if you have a brain, you’ll always recover. And, yes, money does buy you freedom , but it doesn’t buy you happiness. And I say that on the show to Alex where I say it’s not about money, it’s about relationships.

    There are a lot of people who wrote very vindictive, nasty things about my book on Amazon, which were very hurtful. They accused me of things that aren’t true, but based on my legal advice and some pending lawsuits, I can’t respond And people, they damaged my book and my reputation unknowingly, maliciously, saying things I did, that I didn’t do…

    I have to wait my time until I handle that, but the truth is that people who wrote things on Amazon used it as a blog… Here’s what I think. There’s another site called television.pity, which is where all these people will go and comment on shows, and they shut it down because it got so hostile. And they had to find a place to talk, and they couldn’t do it on Bravo-TV, because there’s no interaction.

    They tried to do it on Facebook, but I can block, and you can block, and other characters can block; so they went on my Amazon where it became like a free for all, where people wrote negative, horrible things.

    (Some) people wrote beautiful reviews – it was average for that kind of book. We got like 35 five-star reviews, which is what any average book would normally get. Nobody gets like 150 one-star reviews – those people never read the book People accuse me of saying things – like that’s not true… If you just want to write nasty things on my character because of the TV show and how I was edited, well, shame on you… and anti-Semitic attacks saying is Jill good or bad for the Jews – how anti-Semetic to say that. But like I say – I will have my day.

    Do you have any regrets about being on the show?

    None. No regrets. I can show up after the show is over in Brookline, Massachusetts and 220 people show up on a Saturday afternoon to buy our book. How could I say I regret anything? I have a loving husband and a daughter… and I have to say I look to my fans for my strength, and I ignore the haters.

    Today I actually went on Facebook and I said – you know I’m a pretty fair-minded person, and I believe in fair speech – so the whole season I sort of – unless you got abusive, or said things about my daughter, or used foul language – I pretty much let it go. I let it stay, even though people said “delete this, delete that…” You know it’s a lot to do.

    I was accused of paying someone $25 an hour to do my Facebook. First of all, if I was going to pay someone, I’d pay them like $8 an hour minimum wage – you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to press delete… just because it’s written and just because someone says it, doesn’t make it true.

    And that’s really the core of this whole nonsense with the hating thing, and today on Facebook I just finally said – I posted something about today. I got like 100 people saying “So excited, can’t wait to meet you — happy love-love-love,” and then I got a couple, like 10 people, who came back on – the same people by the way — to hate. And I just said, “You know what? If you’re going to hate, I’m not letting it. Now the show’s over (for the season).”

    Because what I’ve found is love and hate is very close. The people who loved me last year – and they didn’t know me, they just loved the character that Bravo put together – became angry at me for various reasons this season; because, again, the words that I said that were published , so to speak, because I say a lot of things – we all say a lot of things.

    More things were put in that I would have preferred not to have been in. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t say them last year. And it doesn’t mean that other characters say pretty nasty things that weren’t put into the show, either. But that’s the lump side you saw this season, because they build you up to break you down – it’s like a roller-coaster. And they want closure.

    They got record ratings, because everyone wanted to know what happened with Jill and Bethenny. We could have closed that story six episodes ago, but they wanted to drag it out for ratings. But now it’s time to say “enough with the haters.” I tried to make peace with them. (Placing hand firmly on her book) I lived every word I said in the book – forgive – forget – move on – the whole thing – and it’s enough. It’s really – it’s in God’s hands now.

    I watched the last show, and when you had that sit-down with Bethenny at the end, and it was very touching, I felt bad for you, I really did…

    I felt bad for me.

    I don’t know if this was in the editing, or what happened here, but you asked her – I’m paraphrasing here – where do we go from here, and do you want to do this again, and there was no response. We didn’t see a response from Bethenny as to what she said. Did she respond, or was it just really the facial expressions that viewers saw.

    The facial expressions pretty much said it all. We gave each other a hug when we left. I asked her if we could see each other again in January after the holidays — this (filming that scene) was very close to the holidays, and we were leaving — and she said (using a hesitant sounding tone) ‘ahh, yes,” and then I saw her at the wedding, and then you saw what happened at the wedding.

    I really wanted to just lay our weapons down and go back, but I guess you can never really go back – there was so much damage done – and you know, she had her reasons, and she’s entitled to it. You know, quite frankly at this point, I don’t know if even I want to in a sense that you can never go back to where we were. I wouldn’t want it to be. And I don’t know if there’s enough room in either one of our lives for that kind of a relationship.

    There’s a reason I walked away from it – there’s a reason – and people will never really know, but….

    You mean the reason was never really disclosed on the show?


    And you’re not going to tell anybody what it was?

    Well, it’s nitty-gritty. And I did say it. I said it at Ramona’s house, every single thing that was bothering me. And she answered every single thing, and she gave me a list of things that bothered her about me. But the show didn’t want to air any of that, because it became tit-for-tat, tit-for-tat.

    It wasn’t one thing. It wasn’t just Bobby (Jill’s husband) was sick. It was a litany of things. She didn’t get to “get a hobby” from just – the hobby is what started it – the cancer came after, so there was a build-up to her screaming at me on the phone; which, by the way, that message was so much worse than you ever heard on TV. It was a three-minute message, and you heard 30 seconds.

    The lunch with Bethenny was an hour lunch — you saw four minutes. Of course, it was. What do you think? I came, I sat, I talked to her for four minutes and got up? No! We had a full meal. I had a hamburger, she had a salad. We had dessert. I mean,… it’s cut down, because of time. (They show) the meat of it and the essence of it, and that’s what they try to get to. Sometimes they get it better than other times, and I’ll live with that.

    Do you think that all the characters that we’ve seen, now with these two new ones in – I know that Bethenny is going off with her own show – whether she stays or not, we don’t know…

    We don’t know.

    But do you think that all the characters will be staying, aside from Bethenny?

    I think everybody wants to come back. I think I’m the only one who really, honestly, isn’t sure I want to come back. I’m like 50/50… I could sell you why I want to come back, and I could sell you why I shouldn’t come back.

    So you’re still deciding?

    (Jill nods her head in the affirmative.) But, by the way, they haven’t made me an offer. They haven’t made anyone an offer, yet. And I think, I don’t know. I gave them my person, and I don’t like how they destroyed my image this year.

    You know, some people might say I destroyed myself. Certainly, the words came out of my mouth.

    Believe me, if I come back, I will be so careful about what I say – would you even want to see me that way? Because I would so edit myself and behave myself that I’m not really going to be me. How could I be? I’m so judged.

    So you’re afraid?

    I’m so afraid.

    Of what they can do with just that one sentence?

    You say one sentence out of context, and it’s — boom! It’s like at the wedding scene, right? I was hungry. So I kvetched to a friend, I said “I wish there was something here to eat.” They were running two hours late.

    Did I tell the whole (opens her arms dramatically wide) — did I ruin the whole wedding? Did I tell the bride? Did I tell 50 people? I was standing in a corner, and I said, “God, am I starving.”

    But people who saw – did they have to put that in? If they didn’t put the clip in, I would have skated free. But they put it in just to give me another jab

    It was another dig.

    Another dig – yeah.

    Since The Real Housewives of New York City will be airing their already-taped reunion show this Thursday, as well as airing the debut of Bethenny’s spin-off show, Bethenny Got Married the same night, I will upload Part 2 of this interview later in the week to The Patriot Ledger and The Hull Sun Websites where Jill will answer more questions, including whether execs at the show prodded her to stir up the drama this season.

    • Buffalo says:

      This is BS we can all do a little internet research Jill, we are not stupid. It was pretty clear from the beginning she was deleting negative comments. You would see a negative comment and the next morning it would be gone?!? If you werent paying someone to do it then you were doing it yourself. It just got so bad she couldnt control all the negative comments.

    • error 404 says:

      very interesting.

      I know that people love to live vicariously thru this show, because we can all relate, but every time I get sucked into it I remind myself.. it is a show.

      What do I mean? Well, Bethenny & Jill’s friendship existed only on the show, it was the show that got them together, and as we saw, they drifted apart during the off season.

      As painful as it is seeing two people fight, it not like two long time close friends broke up. Basically, she had a fight with a coworker that she used to be friendly with. Now the coworker has left for a new job, and she’s thinking she might quit too. That’s all.

      • Adgirl says:

        I thought when she made the comment at the renewal event about there being no food (and she was hungry) she said they were one hour late – not two.

  93. ImToula says:

    I son’t know if this has been posted. It’s Jill and Ginger. I thought Ginger was funny. It seems she’s been trying to get away for a long time now. Enjoy!

  94. ImToula says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted. It’s Jill and Ginger. I thought Ginger was funny. It seems she’s been trying to get away for a long time now. Enjoy!

  95. lillybee says:

    Re Jill’s recipe, what is deckel?

    • error 404 says:

      god I love wikipedia!

      “In the U.S., the whole brisket has the meat-cutting classification NAMP 120. The brisket is made up of two separate muscles (pectoralis major and pectoralis minor), which are sometimes separated for retail cutting: the lean “first cut” or “flat cut” is NAMP 120A, while the fattier “second cut”, “point”, “deckel”, “fat end”, or “triangular cut” is NAMP 120B.”

      so.. I guess it’s fatty or cheap brisket. LOL

  96. vgirl511 says:

    Teresa’s new blog is up at bravo. She says she is going to try something different this week and only say nice, classy things!

    It’s only half a page long.

    • viki55 says:

      I am thinking she really got raked over the coals for her Bethenny remarks and is trying something new. But maybe in her simple way she is showing how boring it would be without the nasty stuff;)

      • vgirl511 says:

        She is definitely trying to make a point, but it’s funny that when she tries to keep it classy, it’s the shortest blog she ever wrote. She still manages to get in a Danielle dig though!

    • vilzvet says:

      Oh brother, have to go check that out…half a page is the most she’s shut her mouth her entire life.

  97. viki55 says:

    Everything is so out of order it is hard to keep up.

    Does anyone know when Jill’s opening “circle of friends” changed to “circle of people” or did it change? Am I hallucinating?

    • Squirrels says:

      I checked the opening episode for season 3. It’s “circle of people”. Dunno about previous seasons.

  98. Chickentales says:

    Hard to hear interview with Jill where she’s tawkin about if you do something bad it’s gonna come out.

  99. CRH216 says:

    Looks like Teresa can dish it but can’t take it! She is now taking a cue from Jill and Kelly. Deleting people for hating? What does she she was doing when blogging about Sonja and Bethenny? Is she seriously for real?

    These people need to start owning their actions and what they say.

    Anyway, here’s the link.


  100. happee1 says:

    One thing I’d like to comment on that you may have brought up previously but I may have missed.. Is that I really felt afraid for Dina when Danielle had her “watch dog” on call in the parking lot “just incase” she needed to call on him. Even with the presence of camera’s. Even though Dina initiated the meeting, she had no idea what she was walking into! Danielle seems to be a very dangerous person to associate with . . and what Kim G is thinking I can’t imagine!! She really seems like a class act. I hate to admit but I like Dina (boring as she may be) I like her qualities… I wouldn’t blame her if she leaves the show.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I like Dina too. She reminds me of my mother and aunts. Not all Italian women talk loud and coarse like Theresa. They aren’t all hysterics. Dina is quiet, calm and a little off beat. Just like the women in my family!

  101. Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

    Jinkies! Almost 400 responses already? Just wanted to jump in & say that what assets you get to keep depend on what rights you have under your own state’s law. In Texas, your residence is exempt from bankruptcy (except for your mortgage) as well as your personal vehicle (1 per adult) & household furnishings, clothes, etc. Despite Republican insurgencies to the contrary, Texas is still a debtor-haven. In other states, creditors can come get everything you own.

  102. Ches says:

    Lynn, although bankruptcy is governed by Federal Courts, each state has been given the right, by the Federal Government, to implement it’s own laws concerning exemptions. Those rules vary from state to state.

    “Many states have taken advantage of a provision in the bankruptcy law that permits each state to adopt its own exemption law in place of the federal exemptions. In other jurisdictions, the individual debtor has the option of choosing between a federal package of exemptions or exemptions available under state law. Thus, whether certain property is exempt and may be kept by the debtor is often a question of state law.”

    In my state you can lose everything, including your house. In other states your home is off the table. Not sure about NJ.

  103. error 404 says:

    I think the only 1 Bravo won’t ask back is Kiki.

    Why? Because, ratings aside, she’s a liability. How long can it be before she does something like hit another housewife, or shave all her hair off on camera, or lock her kids in the house to protect them from the bad people who are trying to kill them, etc…

    It’s also possible that they other 6 unite, and refuse to come back unless they fire Kiki.

    I think Jen is toast, fired before she was even hired. Don’t hit me, but Jill has a point, Bravo can gang up on you if they want. Her bitchy comment about the caterer could have been edited out, but it wasn’t. Me thinky they no likey Jenny.

    So… that leaves it to 6. And I think the ball is their courts… Bravo will probably ask all 6 back, and it’s up to they to accept or decided they’re no longer “willing to put heir heads in this toilet” as Seinfeld so aptly put it.

    Bethenny seems to be more than halfway out the door. If her show does well, she’s gone. Even with the embarrassing arrests and damaged reps, I think they’ll all come back. B might even make guest appearances.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Well, I agree that Bravo can “gang up” and likely does…but, you know, if you don’t want to appear malicious, or tasteless, or whatever – then don’t behave that way, and they’ll have little material to work with.

      Alex, for example, is very rarely shown saying catty things. Now, that might be due to editing to some extent, but I believe it is largely due to the fact that Alex isn’t in the habit of being catty. Or all that malicious, by comparison with the others.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I think you’re right error. Bravo knows Kelly isn’t a fan favorite. And there isn’t that much to work with. You can’t build a story line about a woman like that. Unless it’s a tragedy. Kelly as Lear, going mad and dividing NYC up among the other Housewives. Oh, they already did that this season.
        Next year is Sonja’s year. Jill will be second or even third fiddle. If she doesn’t come back that will be why, because she sees the writing on the wall.

  104. Squirrels says:

    WOW !!! As I said, I never thought I would open a twitter account. ( insert-blame JZ here), but I have 3…. count em… threeeee followers. Alex, Simon and GingerZarin !
    I’m in heaven, lol.
    But if Ginger poops on my page, all bets are off!

  105. Squirrels says:

    LYNN, WE NEED A NEW THREAD PLEASE. I add the please because you have no obligation to do so, but TY in advance.

  106. Kelly says:

    RHONJ is so boring! If it wasn’t for Danielle, there wouldn’t be a show at all!

  107. katiecoo says:

    OMG so funny…watching Bethenny at the A & P where she’s trying to give away her cupcakes and cookies. “I can hear a muffin drop in here”. No one was taking them…hilarious. Now she’d have a line around the building waiting for her to get there.

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  109. Delia says:

    Lynn, I just love your blogs!

  110. Kotagirl says:

    I agree with you that the New jersey cast lacks zing that makes us all tune into New York. But for all that New Jersey is boring because these women are “REAL” Housewives. With a couple of exceptions (I am sure you can guess who), these women are showing us their real lives. Boring or not I think a lot of us can find a way to relate to some more so than the ladies in the other cities. It may not make for exciting television, but a lot of women I know, live for their husbands and children like the Manzo’s. Boring or not, it is REAL to some.

  111. Alice Whitt says:

    I find the content of this blog repulsive. The amount of hatred on those who you don’t even know. I understand having opinions on people. But, voicing them publicy & in a manner that could be hurtful to those involved is inexcusable.
    I agree with the fact that some of these people on these shows do need medical help. But what has Teresa, Jacqueline, or Ashley ever done to you? I understand your annoyance with them, however, if you have a problem, don’t watch their show.
    As far as the New York housewives are concerned, we should all be celebrating Bethenny & her success. Praising Alex for her backbone, and as far as the ithers ignore their annoyance.

    -Alice Whitt

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