I Hate Jill Zarin To Andy Cohen II June 9, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin        To Andy Cohen II          June 9, 2010

Dear Andy Cohen,

You know I’m a fan of Bravo and enjoy a lot of the programming but I have to write to talk about The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The story line of Danielle against the world has gotten very old, not only that, but it is almost offensive that you would put this mediocre show on the air for fans who have been loyal and who have come to expect a much higher standard of quality.  There are times that it seems Bravo treats its viewers as though they are less than intelligent.  Viewers want to watch and enjoy Bravo’s shows, but it seems as though we are being taken for granted.  It feels as though Bravo is putting sub-standard programming on the air and expecting fans to accept it regardless of the quality. 

We have been through six episodes to date and each week we continue to hope that the next week will improve, so far we haven’t seen any evidence of improvement. 

We have watched as every possible duo of women on the show have gotten together to discuss Danielle, we watched Dina set up a “dramatic” meeting with her sister and sister-in law to discuss a meeting with Danielle.  We saw two women give birth, we watched Danielle hire thugs to accompany her to a charity event.   We’ve been treated to shopping, screaming and misbehaving children,  underage kids in strip clubs, a young child with an attitude and one housewife cooking.  This is not what I consider entertainment.  The Jersey franchise has jumped the shark after only one season.  It is very disappointing. 

It is hard for me to believe that you have filmed months of footage with these women and what we’ve seen is the best you can come up with.  Watching Jacqueline getting a mani/pedi while Kim just happens to walk in and be seated right next to Jacqueline so that they could….wait for it….discuss Danielle, was ridiculous!  Are we expected to believe that Bravo made the choice to film a housewife at the salon getting her nails done and Danielle’s friend just happened to walk in?  You insult my intelligence! 

The last straw was giving a teenage girl with an attitude a blog on Bravotv.com  I don’t know what the hell you think you’re doing encouraging a juvenile delinquent to write a blog on Bravotv.com.  This is a new low, even for Bravo!  Maybe you are anticipating the scenes that will result in Ashley’s arrest later in the season?

Ashley Holmes is not a housewife!  She took to Twitter a few weeks ago and asked fans if she should blog on Bravotv.com.  I watched as about a dozen people said, “yes, we would read it”  Andy,  you have husband’s writing blogs and hundreds of comments from viewers complaining that these men are NOT housewives and shouldn’t even be allowed to blog.  From that reaction, you’ve given an 18 year old obnoxious daughter a blog of her own?  Bravo does make a habit of doing the exact opposite of what fans want!  Great job!

The additional encouragement given to this punk kid by posting only positive comments below her blog is not a reflection of the true feelings of the fans!  You and I both know that there are plenty of negative comments flowing into Ashley’s blog !  Your people just choose not to post them!  Have you read her blog?  I couldn’t even finish it, what makes you think viewers want to hear an 18-year old kid yapping at us?  Count how many times the girl types “Haha”  How many exclamation points do you think are in that blog?  Once again, you don’t have to remind me that I don’t have to read it, the fact that it is there offends me!  I will not be treated like a fool, I would sooner switch the channel, and fans are doing just that! 

What is the demographic that you are looking to draw from your show, The Real Housewives of New Jersey?  I understand that typically the elite demographic are what?  19 – 49?  Something in that range?  Tell me please, how many viewers in this age range are going to want to hear what Ashley has to say?   Isn’t it bad enough she gets more air time than her mother these days? 

What the hell were you thinking allowing this horrible, rude and idiotic kid to yap at viewers in a blog?  I’m offended!  I know, you would say, “Don’t read it”.  Those are three wasted words because I won’t be reading her blog !  Her behavior on the show is reprehensible, she is dealing with adults here!  For the adults on the show to laugh and encourage her to send threatening text messages to another adult is insane!

I may not speak for your entire audience but in my humble opinion, you are losing fans in droves for your New Jersey franchise, if you think Ashley Holmes is going to help you increase ratings, I believe that you are sorely mistaken.  In fact, she just may be the straw that broke the camel’s back.  You will keep losing fans if you continue to push this horrible teenage girl with a bad attitude on your viewers!

I have read that the New York franchise attracts the “better” demographic, the wealthier viewers in the better areas of the country.  The Jersey franchise, less attractive demographics for Bravo, last season it may have had a few more viewers, but with less money.  Advertisers prefer the New York franchise.  They would rather have a few less viewers but with more money to spend on their products!  I don’t know whether this information is true or not, but I can tell you that viewers have come to expect higher quality from Bravo. 

Viewers need more than this  “beaten to the ground” storyline and set up scenes with ridiculous dialogue, “Don’t tell me to shush or I’ll SPEAK LOUDER”(that’s the sound bite?). 

Luckily for Bravo you seem to have many other irons in the fire like Bethenny’s new show, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Art competition show and other Housewife franchises.  We are hoping that this is just one kink in the armor and viewers can return for other higher quality shows, but Monday nights will be devoted to other channels. 



In other news….Jill’s d esperation for publicity has gotten so bad that she and her “people” are actually sending stories complete with text and photos directly to web sites…..case in point: 


This is perhaps one of the saddest stories I’ve seen yet!  In the end, The Dirty posted the photo and all three suggested text, so I guess all press, to Jill Zarin, is good press.  It shows that the quality of PR people in Jill’s camp leaves much to be desired.

Jill is also letting fans know that she will block all 800+ of my Twitter followers along with all 585 friends on Facebook.  Additionally poor @GingerZarin’s followers will find the wrath of Jill by blocking all 400+ of the pooch’s followers.  What a shame, that dog is hilarious!  Even Jill thought so when she started by following the witty dog until she realized Ginger was making fun of Jill, then she unfollowed. 

Does anyone else have the feeling that Jill is assuming that I created the account @GingerZarin?  I wish I could claim credit for such a fantastic idea and such great comments but I cannot and I don’t know who did but I admire them! 

Another great article, the comments are even better than the article, Page 6 loves Jill:

@newyorkpost Report: ‘Save’ Jill Zarin’s soul – http://bit.ly/dfW0lQ

One of the comments on this post mentioned that Jill has sold or is selling her Manhattan apartment?  Has anyone else heard this?  This is news to me. 

Keep the great posts coming, along with all the great links to the latest news and your own blogs!  Everyone is enjoying them!

Until next time………..


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269 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin To Andy Cohen II June 9, 2010

  1. viki55 says:

    whewww…I hate when the out of order stuff starts! I feel Like I am in a time warp!

  2. LynnNChicago says:


    RE: your post on previous blog

    Very insightful! Where is the “I Love Jill Zarin” sites? Haven’t seen one…but what could the writer say? No material to work with.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hey correct me if I am wrong but…. Remember when Kelly says at reunion she NEVER said B’s name in press… Last year at reunion didn’t Andy read article where Kelly blasted B? Am I remembering right? If yes Kelly is even bigger liar

    • Annie1033 says:

      You ARE remembering correctly!

      Not only THAT but COUNTLESS “tweets” from Klueless about Bethenny, often referring to her as “she” and every now and then slipping up and saying her name. She is a moron AND a liar. But I guess we all knew that already…she just really wants to drive that home, I guess.

  4. LynnNChicago says:

    Bringing over a few posts from previous blog that may have been missed:

    Amber…Real Housewife says:
    June 9, 2010 at 11:07 am (Edit)
    Hi Lynn,

    So glad you’ve come around, and are doing something about the garbage BRAVO is trying to sell us with RHONJ. I requested a petition, a letter will do.

    First off…
    How furious is GloriaKryptKeeper and LisaWorthog at JizzyJill. I mean they were sure to make millions by using that lump of sh*7′s fan base. This was a no brainer. Number 1 on the NYTimes. Okay sure! No Louis Vuitton steamer for her huh?

    Good for the Jews Bad for the Jews…
    Didn’t Gloria say something like that Stanley Kubrick or whatever child molesting director was GOOD FOR THE JEWS. Jill said No! Gloria said that was so long ago!
    Bad for Gloria.

    BashleyAshley got a blog instead of a job. It was an insult to the senses. Insulting the HATERS off the bat and preceded to rant about Danielle and the Manzos for 4 pages. She loves her mom, dad, aunts, boyfriend, cousins, and the drama with Danielle. Every comment was encouraging. “You did the right thing!, You go girl!, Yes defend your family from evil Danielle!” Good lord, it was giving her extra nuts to store in her cheeks for the coming winter.

    KimG’s mother-in-law looked younger than she did. Just sayin…LOL

    • error 404 says:

      Oh God, are we going to bash Woody Allen and Roman Polanski now? Let’s stick to RHoNY.

      • Amber...Real Housewife says:

        Hey! She defended him. I just found her out of touch and stupid. With all respect to the victim, Fu8k Polanski, we are talking about “MOTHER’S NOT HAAAPPPY AKA GLORIA KAMEN!

        • LynnNChicago says:

          You know, that is so true, no one called her out on that either. How could she even hesitate…BAD for humanity. Gloria says, it was years ago? SO?

          • Annie1033 says:

            Well, I think that due to their answers, cause if you remember they were both going with it and having just a fine time with Ms. Andy…but DUE to their answers, I think they got a lot of flack from whatever is left of her fans about it and THAT’S why they’ve now come out calling Andy an antisemite! Typical formula now: Get flack for HER ACTIONS, blame somebody else completely. Unreal. Jill wouldn’t know an antisemite from her asshole. Sorry for the imagery, but true story.

            • LynnNChicago says:

              I wondered about that, Jill was accused by some people at her book signing (I believe) of calling Andy Anti-semite, did we get confirmation on that? Did anyone record it – either video or just audio? Just curious.

              • Annie1033 says:

                THAT’S what I’m wondering. All I heard was I think exactly what you heard which is that she was doing a Q&A with her audience and she said that her and her mother were very unhappy about that segment of WWHL and then called Andy an antisemite. And I ALSO know that Andy was forwarded that information via twitter (or hearsay, rather) and I think his reply to that was “That’s hilarious!” or something. Really, what COULD he say to that?! Perfect response.
                Anyway, I’m DYING to get confirmation on that as well.

              • Annie1033 says:

                SHE and her mother, I meant. Whoa, bad english moment.

    • vilzvet says:

      Ha, she did!

  5. LynnNChicago says:

    BamaBelle says:
    June 9, 2010 at 11:03 am (Edit)
    Great Blog… You took the words out of my mouth about RHONJ. I quit them last year when the whole show they “beat a dead horse”. I’m no Danielle fan, but what happened last year wasn’t fair, and NOT worth watching.

    I can’t believe Bravo gave an 18 or 19 year old girl a blog. What? We’re suppose to argue with a kid or either encourage her bad behavior to harrass Danielle? It’s all nonsense and I haven’t watched but bits and pieces this year… can’t stand to hear Teresa talk among many other things. I think I will write Bravo a letter. too.

    Jill is some piece of work. I agree with the poster who said the picture was staged. She was getting a shirt down from the 3rd shelf… she COULD reach it without standing on that stool with those high heels on… what an IDIOT!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Happee1 says:
      Vilzvet.. Couldn’t agree more, except that I think ALL of Lynn’s blogs should wallpaper Any’s office and he should be a fan of hers and grateful to her for generating the magintude of interest in the RHONY that she has single handedly accomplished, whether it’s positive or negative feedback doesn’t matter. Every week Watch What Happens should create a segment in the show where Andy takes Lynn’s call and get’s her two cents on the subject at hand.. viewers would LOVE it!! Honestly, it would be much more interesting than Seinfelds’ appearance and his criticisms of the show! Why Andy would bring any celebrity on the show to belittle(exactly how I felt) the fans of the housewives is beyond me…Whole nother subject. Now I’m rambling

    • Squirrels says:

      “Jill is some piece of work. I agree with the poster who said the picture was staged. She was getting a shirt down from the 3rd shelf… she COULD reach it without standing on that stool with those high heels on… what an IDIOT!”

      ….what an IDIOT!…

      WHAT a great observation. Loved it.

  6. otaypanky says:

    More comments posted on the NEW YORK POST:

    06/09/2010 12:25 PM

    Why do you continue to give this woman ink? She is moderately infamous for nothing more than spending frivilously, and she is completely uninteresting. She gossips about everyone, then turns around and makes up stories about people attacking her so she can garner sympathy. Why can she not just go away?

    Mrs. O’Neill
    06/09/2010 12:23 PM

    Oh brother. Here we go again. Jill Zarin would and has sold her soul for another millisecond of press, good or bad. She hired 4 Public Relations people to help her prep for the HW reunion show, even having them stay at her apartment for days. If this is more of their professional advice, good luck to her future press. She is so desperate for any and all public appearances she would show up for the opening of a refrigerator door if there was a camera there.

    She’s a middle aged, overweight and not very attractive yenta and is trying to make up for her lost years as the most unpopular girl in high school. She lies and conives to say anything to sully another perceived threat as she believes herself to be a “Star”. Please. She’s committed a grave error in claiming to be stalked when other people have had serious and deadly consequences with the true horrors of being stalked. She’s an embarrassment to the Bravo name and franchise. Shame.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/save_jill_zarin_soul_t2zRLtIaGPPKRG4Hydmm1M#comments#ixzz0qNG1hFVV

    • error 404 says:

      Actually, I hate people like this. Who cares if Jill is middle aged or overweight (which I don’t agree she is). Hurling school yard insults at someone makes you just as bad as who you’re criticizing IMO.

      Kiki and Jill are such failures as human being, there’s no need to starting picking on their “black hair”, “crazy eyes” or whatever.

      • Amber...Real Housewife says:

        Maybe because Jill is not representing herself as a middle aged overweight woman who is proud of it. She is referring to herself as a size 1, that can substitute as a model. She is trying to dress and appear younger than her age. There is nothing wrong with that but own it. She is and older dame, and not skinny.

        • Katiecoo says:

          My dvr is picking up ALL episodes right now of RHONY so I’ve caught a few older ones that I really didn’t watch last time around. Jill is still obnoxious but nothing like this season…her look is simpler and softer. This season it’s like she tried to BECOME Bethenny, younger, more hip, more sexy, femme fatale. That’s one of the reasons I grew to be disgusted w/ her this season.

        • error 404 says:

          It also got worse as it went on… she looked like a paid escort at the reunion show.

  7. LefttheBuilding says:

    Lynn, I’ve been a reader since your Hub pages, but I can’t keep reading this blog when you stood up for Otay when she broke your 1 and only rule by disrespecting fellow commentors. You can delete posts, but you can’t erase the whole memory from my head, I was reading when it all started and couldn’t believe you took her/his side in any of it. It was a difference of opinions, that was all. But the people that stood up for Cleo’s mommy got the full brunt of abuse from Otay. She told them to STFU and even told “Had Enough” that she/he was a F***ing Moron!! —-You let Otay get away with that. For that alone, I lost a lot of respect for this blog. I know I’m just 1 person out of thousands that read this blog, and I won’t be missed – but, I really missed some of the really insightful comments (Had Enough, Rusty, Cleo’s Mommy, etc.) And, NO I’m not a troll just because I have a differing opinion!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      No one called you a troll, you are argumentative with that statement alone.

      You don’t know the entire story and you can’t possibly know about the private emails that I received and sent so if you don’t trust, after all this time, that I have done the right thing, that is your decision. Just keep in mind, your decision is being made without having all of the facts.

      I hope everyone can leave it at that.

    • Dorothy says:

      Well, I will say I’ve read here since TWOP closes but haven’t posted. From the outside without being privy to the private emails I definitely agree with Left the Building. And I actually miss TWOP!

      • CarrieCinKY says:

        May I ask… I’ve heard it several times, but don’t know what it is, and some of you really miss it… what is “TWOP”? Was it a website?

  8. Squirrels says:

    I wish I knew how to put into print the Bethenny rendition of Kelly’s short circuiting scene.

  9. otaypanky says:

    Great post lynn: Brava.

    Every week Watch What Happens should create a segment in the show where Andy takes Lynn’s call and get’s her two cents on the subject at hand.. viewers would LOVE it!! Honestly, it would be much more interesting than Seinfelds’ appearance and his criticisms of the show! Why Andy would bring any celebrity on the show to belittle(exactly how I felt) the fans of the housewives is beyond me…Whole nother subject. Now I’m

  10. Katiecoo says:

    I don’t want to get in the middle of any bickering within the posters here but I do want to say I’d be very disappointed if “Had Enough!” has left this blog as she was one of the main reasons I was inspired to post here. HE if you are out there….please come back! 😦 I don’t know where else to find (stalk) you!

  11. Squirrels says:

    I’d rather see Lynn leave it alone. I’m trying to, but I’m not on the front lines.

    • Katiecoo says:

      Me too…I was just sad to see HE mentioned here because it was her posts and Dark Sonnet I always love to see (not picking favorites just saying those two inspired me to join in the comments as they are funny and smart as he!!–ok guess I am picking favorites…sue me! lol).

      But yeah I prefer dissecting the behavior of the villian Jill Zarin so let’s stay on task! 😀

  12. otaypanky says:

    it takes courage to be a front lineman.

    • dee says:

      Agreed. But if it’s not about family, pride, or money, who cares about being front lineman. This is a blog. A blog that is quickly turning into something nasty. I’m just going to stick with posting and commenting on posts about the show. Forget the he said/she said personal (???? it’s a blog about a show) B.S.

      • Squirrels says:

        The nastier it gets, the more Jill gets a grip with those over whitened bicuspids.

  13. Squirrels says:

    Here’s the deal. The only way Jzz gets satisfaction is by watching us bicker. KNOCK IT OFF. DON’T MAKE ME GET THE HOSE!

    Ignore it. Ignore all of it.

    No one can harm you unless you give them permission. I learned that the hard way.

  14. Katiecoo says:

    I’m so obsessed with this reunion show I invited my friend over to watch it yesterday while telling her the whole menu I’d picked up for tonite’s viewing..yes I said tonite. Then realized half way thru, I was a day off. I think my treats will stay fresh if I don’t eat them all tonite and have to start all over again. :/

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Sounds like a party waiting to happen! woohoo!

      • MAMAZ says:

        Katiecoo – Whatare you having? I’m still planning but I’m think mini potato latkes have got to be on the menu.

        • Katiecoo says:

          see below….I may have to totally rework my menu though. 😉 I have time obviously (roll eyes)

    • dee says:

      Looks like someone is an eager beaver!!!!!

    • viki55 says:

      Too funny! I know what you mean, I can hardly wait either!

      • Katiecoo says:

        The sad thing is I pulled over in to the grocery store tired and hungry and HOT (it was like 109 degrees outside) and made the weirdest decisions.

        Me: Here’s our menu for tomorrow night: fried chicken! crab salad! Cole slaw! cranberry relish!

        My friend: YUM I can’t wait!

        Can you tell I plopped myself squarely in front of the deli counter, refusing to move until my handbasket was full? And I usually cook everything from scratch (seriously). This show has caused ME to lose my mind. I’m gonna sue Jill Zarin for the potential health damage this buffet may cause me..and my friend!

        • Amber...Real Housewife says:

          I know. I usually do my hair, for the hubby later on, and either cook early or get takeout. All is ready by 8:30 pm. Me and the food. LOL

          TMI? Hopefully not like TERESA BankruptcieGiudice

          • Katiecoo says:

            Snort! Are you in those high heeled feathery slippers too and your negligee? LMAO

            I most likely will be in my pajamas and not the glamour kind Jill wears when she has female company over (shaking my head).

        • Viki55 says:

          Dang 109?? Where are you where it is that hot so soon?

          • Katiecoo says:

            Hell, aka the AZ desert.

            • bravofanfromday1 says:

              Just remember it’s a two parter so you (and I) will probably be left hanging for the really, really juicy stuff for part 2!!

              I am prepared for a week of lovely anticipatory torture waiting for part 2 of the show.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      You’ve changed your profile pic back. Yup. I can see you. I’m still chicken so my profile pic will remain meatball soup.

  15. Amber...Real Housewife says:


  16. otaypanky says:

    menu for tomorrow nite??

    great thinking…how about something fattening…like homemade breaded cutlets with mashed?
    or skirt steak with mashed…

    oh my…the calories!

    • Katiecoo says:

      I have my fattening menu (see above) but added the “lite” ice cream truffle skinny cow bars for dessert. Ya know, for our figures. LMAO

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I went to Bethenny’s website and will be serving some of her creations like the shrimp cocktail. Gotta offset those pinot grigio calories!

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        Maybe you can offset the pinto grigio calories by having some Turtle Time. LOL.

  17. Adgirl says:

    I was for some reason incensed by the NY Post – Page Six “PR placement” of Jill’s ordeal by Hallmark Cards. If feel like commenting please do. in deference to Lynn I think it is very important to not sound like a crazed hater. We are merely everyday people who are disillusioned by a cast member on one of our favorite shows.

    I wrote:

    Can’t believe that Ms Zarin is still trying to have another “cast” member thrown off the show by trying to tie them into this alledged harassment. This is what — Jill’s third or fourth attempt? And the cast member is probably one of the nicest and least offensive woman in the group, and this year has become extremely popular in contrast to Jill Zarin. Shameful.
    Page Six – did you contact the blog in question to get a comment?? Or have you seen one the “threatening” cards? Just curious….

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/save_jill_zarin_soul_t2zRLtIaGPPKRG4Hydmm1M?offset=8#comments#ixzz0qNNMN0zk

    • Adgirl says:

      [ I do wish this site had an edit menu! I am not the best typist 🙂 ]

    • Katiecoo says:

      Excellent post!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Nice post Adgirl…thank you! That is a good point, when did journalists stop trying to get the full story by trying to contact all parties involved? Journalists…that is a joke

      • Viki55 says:

        I believe that was sometime during the last election cycle;)

      • Squirrels says:

        Blogs are not journalism. As a reporter, you must have evidence of confirmation. This does not include heresay. I direct you all to Watergate. The crisis to the Washington Post was in trying to find confirmation before the govt. could strangle hold them. The crisis for the Committee to Reelect the President? They all followed Kelly’s PR program…. just keep talking.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          I agree, but was that a blog? Wasn’t that an article from a “respected” New York newspaper? I thought it was, maybe I’m wrong?

          • dee says:

            It’s a gossip column. They don’t care to get the other side of the story. Usually getting the other side makes the item less salacious.

            • LynnNChicago says:

              I suppose that is true, I guess I just thought with it having the name of “NY Times” or “NY Post” they should have some intigrity. If they don’t research their entertainment news, does that reflect on their “real” news? Just sayin

              • dee says:

                In the newspaper business, the gossip columns do not have the same gravitas as real news or investigations. Compare those two to, let’s say, the show TMZ to 60 Minutes. And BTW, NYPost is a rag newspaper. They’re not on the same level as the Times.

              • Annie1033 says:

                The problem is though (and I read that in Page 6 last night) is that is was SUCH a thin, thin, THIN story to begin with that they could’ve made it that much juicier had they contacted Lynn! Put a little more meat on it! So the fact that they didn’t, just shows me they’re doing a little pay to play with Jill and her sorry excuses for PR reps.

              • 212 says:

                Had integrity once upon a time.

                Now it is a sensationalist rag since Murdoch’s takeover.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Well said Adgirl! Jill has tried how many times to wield her “influence” regarding who should stay and who should go? When will she get it that nobody cares what she says? Her opinion is not looked upon as influential at all! It has no weight. Zip! Ooh, wait! That’s something else entirely. LOL!

    • Annie1033 says:

      I saw that! That’s my girl!
      So excited about that show!! I have been yelling “Just give her The Bethenny Show!!!” since day one to no one in particular. 😉
      I think I’m more excited about her show then the Reunion! Too much stress….sick of the stress…

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I could see Bethenny easily handling a one-hour show. Peppered with Alex & Simon, Ramona and Sonja here and there would make for lots of fun.

  18. Ellabean says:

    Question for anyone about Jill’s past:

    I read on a thread here last week that Jill did not speak to her sister, Lisa, for 6 years.

    Would LOVE to know more about that if its true. Can anyone highlight that?

  19. Katiecoo says:

    “just because you say it, doesn’t make it true” Jill Zarin!

    We need the proof of the “threats”. I think harassment might be more appropriate IF she’d ask the offending parties to stop sending cards in the mail (wonder how many she got? 3?) but threats are an entirely different matter. Just throwing that word out there is like Danielle who claims the word “bye” constitutes a threat on her very life.

    • Annie1033 says:

      Hahaha, exactly…..oh man, these women are HILARIOUSLY melodramatic with the English language!

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Question 1: if jill contacted the authorities, was it local police, the feds? If so, can anyone get a copy of the complaint? Is that open to the public?

      Question 2: if jill did file a complaint and it was unfounded (no evidence of a real threat/harassment), can she be arrested for filing a false report?

      • MickeyMouth says:

        Actually the statement was “authorities” which I always took as she could have reported her complaint to the night guard at Baskin Robbins.

  20. kokuanani says:

    While I’m excitely anticipating the “reunion” [both shows] and “lost footage,” I’m frustrated, because I know that they were taped several weeks ago, and that Jill’s incidents of outrageous behavior continue to occur daily. Unfortunately, therefore, the latest ones won’t be addressed — unless on WWHL [are you listening, Andy?]

    But during this “off season,” I have a sincere suggestion for Alex: get some advice from some “experts” re how to argue with/handle your interaction’s with Jill.

    I would think that there are PR people out there — perhaps ones who advise political candidates who must engage in public debates — who could help identify and combat Jill’s strategies and tricks. A lawyer experienced in courtroom arguments might be useful as well.

    I think any of us can sit down with this analytic frame of mind, and can see Jill’s MO:

    ** she attacks
    ** she changes the subject
    ** she interrupts
    ** she’s ALWAYS full of criticism
    ** she denies
    ** she lies
    ** she has phony “I didn’t mean that” excuses and then says the same thing
    ** she issues fake “apologies” that are really a criticism of the recipient of her rudeness
    ** she is unbearably loud and “elbows” people out of the conversation with her voice

    All of these are her attempts at controlling the situation and keeping the other person from having her say.

    Alex appears to be getting better at dealing with this, but I’d really love to see her master some “lines” and strategies for dealing with foghorn Jill. For instance,

    “Jill, I was speaking. I listened to what you had to say; now do me the courtesy of listening to my response.”

    “Jill, you’ve changed the subject. I asked you X, and you’ve refused to respond, but have instead tried to discuss Y. Let’s hear your answer to X.”

    “Jill, you interrupted my reply. You know what The Countess would have to say about such bad manners. Please, allow me to finish.”

    I don’t know; there are probably 500 of these “lines” that could be constructed and “practiced” in advance, particularly after a review of the tapes of Jill’s methods.

    I think a bit of work on this would increase Alex’s strength and popularity, and would further frustrate Jill by denying her control of any discussion.

    • otaypanky says:

      so agree with your post…always feel cheated…jill just doesn’t stop…one must make a full time job of counter attacks to keep up with this fame whore who does bj’s for trinkets.
      I respect danelle more…seriously.

    • kokuanani says:

      What I’m trying to suggest — and I hope you can hear it in the sample “responses” — is a tone of control that’s different than just getting into a shouting match with Jill, because we all know if the discussion is dragged down to “who’s the loudest, most obnoxious, can interrupt the most,” then Jill’s going to win.

      Alex needs to change the playing field to one she can command and on which she can win.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Its interesting too that Alex has so much self-confidence but seems to fall apart (break out in hives, lose her train of thought) only when it comes to Jill

        • otaypanky says:

          because she is truly toxic… i would fall apart in front of her and i’m a stand up broad.

          who wants to fight lies? prove negatives?

          no one…she is a danger

          • Hooked On Housewives says:


            Gonna have to disagree with you on this one Otay. I don’t think you’d fall apart in front of anyone.

          • Annie1033 says:

            Yeah exactly! I’m pretty great in person, in debates but if you put me around someone like that: Evil, in other words, I would probably lose my shit.
            I don’t blame Alex one bit. I just understand her completely.

        • PFinFL says:

          I always think it’s because she starts a sentence and Jill starts interupting and won’t let her finish what she is trying to say. It’s like Alex starts a sentence a million times with Jill. I would lose everything I was going to say if someone treated me that way too. Honestly, I don’t think Jill has an actual conversation with anyone. Just herself. And when she does manage to listen, if she doesn’t like what she is hearing, she just stomps off.

          • ImToula says:

            I think it goes against Alex’s nature to be aggressive. I think she breaks out in hives because her anger is so great that voicing the anger it isn’t enough.

        • Dee says:

          Alex is quite the lady. Check out the video clip on US Mag site. She shows how to handle a bully.

      • oopsy says:

        Hey guys, great job again, Lynn! I think Alex has trouble confronting Jill because it is not Alex’s nature to interrupt and speak over people and you HAVE to do that to get a word in edgewise when you’re dealing with Jill. Like trying to reason with a four year old that answers everything with “I know you are but what am I!”

    • Viki55 says:

      I think Dina could benefit from that advice also.

    • Amber...Real Housewife says:

      AWESOME! Alex should hire you! LOL

      Also Jill tries to stump people when they call her clueless or rude turning the insult into a weapon.

      jill: You call me clueless because you can’t go up against me.

      jill: You say i’m rude because you have nothin to say (g left off purposely).

    • dee says:

      Or how she narrows her eyes and sneers. Like one of those “go ahead, I dare you” faces. If you don’t have “cojones” (like Bethanny), that face can scare you.

    • Katiecoo says:

      I think Alex looks like she’s been seriously prepared to deal with Jill on the clip from the reunion..she stays calm, stays on point, doesn’t get intimidated, maintains her cool and I didn’t see one hive! Can’t wait to see what sends jill out of the room. 😀

      • kokuanani says:

        I agree. I just think that if Alex is going to have to put up with Jill in Season 4 [please, God, NO!!!], she should continue her “studies” in how to deal with Jill, and even take a few graduate courses.

        It would be SO satisfying to see Jill outfoxed and “mastered.” And by Alex!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      you left out my favorite Jill strategy – keep echoing back what the other person is saying!

      • dee says:

        I hate when people do that. It makes me so angry. But I think it’s done because they are giving themselves time to form something to say.

        • Dee says:

          Ok I am posting on this site as “Dee” someone else is
          posting as “dee” what the hell is going on here.

        • Dee says:

          Jill is that you ?

        • Dee the dumb ass not the smart one says:

          SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry dee. Looks like I win the biggest AHole of the day award. (Bow Wow) you were here first. My Baaaaaaaaaaaad. Will use a different name so I don’t tant you. Please forgive my dumb ass.

      • Jennifer says:

        My fav is her ‘ oh I didn’t mean it like that’ ‘ It came out wrong’ excuse , it’s juvenile

        As B said she can’t take responsibility for her actions and their damage

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      (except me because my only mistake was getting caught………..) When it gets too hot or she has no answer that would be acceptable, Jill includes everyone in her behavior instead of owning it.

  21. Olivia says:

    I am really trying to stay with this blog and respect the “one rule” posted for comments. But is becoming an almost useless exercise in avoiding one blogger in particular who seems hellbent on turning this into something else.

    Having spent time on other blogs that eventually turned into blog wars when one poster continually focused on bringing other blog commentary into the dialogue and then basically forcing everyone to choose up sides while slamming those who did not agree led to many defections as a result.

    This blog needs no defending. The owner is a big girl and can take care of herself. The blog is what it is: an opportunity to comment about a tv series and nothing more.

    I have no idea of what transpired behind the scenes nor do I much care. It does not interest me in the least what one blog is saying in relation to this blog since I don’t choose to visit multiple sources discussing the same issue then bringing back commentary that changes nothing about the original intent to just sit back and enjoy dissing a tv series which only interests a small number of viewers.

    It appears that not matter how often the mantle is thrown down to keep the comments chiefly on what the purpose of this blog’s creation, it seems to continually fall back into the same name calling and challenge that has followed the thread for days.

    Not sure what comments like “I’ve got your back ” are supposed to mean but unless we are in Afghanistan it has no bearing on a discussion of an unliked tv cast member who has raised our ire.

    Looking forward to tomorrow night and the recaps but some of this stuff has got to disappear.

    • katlg says:

      ITA, I work from my home and do have 2 computers, personal and business, so I am able to have my personal set to the Housewive’s various blogs.

      It does seem that on every site after a few days of discussing the show, the good, bad and ugly, we seem to evolve into the Housewife we most like and defend, just something I have noticed in all the boards.

      I don’t post often because I love reading everyone else’s thoughts, reviews and funny comments.

      I do enjoy this blog and believe me, most people here are very nice compared to the other blogs/fourms.

    • Hooked On Housewives says:


      I (heart) Lynn. Now I’m (hearting) you. Am I just fickle?

  22. Adgirl says:

    Giudice BK- Saw this little tidbit on Bravo Gossip

    • PFinFL says:

      I guess the question is, why aren’t they trying to sell their house while moving into an apt. How are they able to live in that gorgeous house being 11m in debt? $400 a month in clothing? But she spent $2000 in one day! Maybe that’s the credit card bill?? Whatever. Maybe this coming out in the press is her wake up call. She honestly can turn this around but her latest blog, I felt, lacked a few apologies I think she should have made. I don’t necessarily like Danielle..she is another kookadoodle…but when Teresa made fun of her not working and complaining about not having any money…I think she should apologize for even making a comment while knowing where she was personally in her own finances.

      • vilzvet says:

        For some reason I don’t think their lifestyle is going to change one whit. There is no way she is going to stop taking those brats shopping three times a week. 400/month is surely the minimum payment on that credit card for the clothes. She just blogged that she was in the shore house over Memorial Day weekend, so they still have it. They probably did give back one of the other houses but it won’t nearly cover that 600K mortgage on it. She better be putting a crow recipe in her next book!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Maybe the little houses were paid for with CASH (which is the only reason I can think of that they could then take out multiple mortgages on them) and then leveraged into the mansion’s construction. It will be interesting to see if they can spend like they have been with the IRS, etc watching over their shoulders…..

  23. lillybee says:

    I think that all I need for the reunion show is some Pinot Grigio.

  24. Katie says:

    I’m brand new here and SO glad I found this blog!!!! I am obsessed with the housewives (every city) and write a weekly post about them for my site Celebrity Beehive.com. I found this blog because Google Analytics showed me that I have been getting hits from this site meaning someone posted one of my links so thank you! I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments!

    I wrote a blog post called “The Last Supper of the Real Housewives” and the sequel “Dessert with the Real Housewives” so I thought I’d share them with you! I think you might enjoy them!!


    Well, I look forward to chatting with you ladies more! And have you seen those Danielle pictures??? I think they will be burned in my brain forever – sick!

  25. sayhi2eva says:

    I remember back in season 2 reunion Jill was pooh-poohing the publishing party that Alex & Simon threw to try to get a book deal. Jill said she never heard of anyone doing that. And just for that negative opinionated bullshit she spewed, I hope Alex & Simon’s book sells more than Jill’s. Feel real sorry for Jill’s sister, Lisa though. Seems like she did most of the work and it was all for nothing.

  26. Olivia says:

    Not hesitant, just trying to maintain politeness and honor the rule that was originally set forth. This is not my blog and I am clear that no one is forcing me to remain.

    • Rusty says:

      Right. We ALL would have loved that rule.

    • Alana's Cat says:

      I have been a long time lurker here. I have found, as an outsider, that it appears that one person here is constantly irritating others and seems to be getting away with it. I don’t quite understand why this is allowed but it isn’t my place to judge, either. I choose to simply ignore her remarks, not read them, and not respond to them.

  27. Adgirl says:

    People like Jill who keep forcing us to pay attention to them while they scream “Leave me alone! Stop hating/harassing/threatening/ganging up on ME” are just passive aggressively (only not so passively) demanding our attention to feed their binging egos.
    I never see real stars act out like that. I’m sure Angelina Jolie is & was the object of real hate mail and stalkers. I have never seen a Page Six or The Dirty plant by her.

    I am a little (maybe a lot) annoyed about this PR stunt because of the effort to tar another cast member – Alex presumably -and to disable an income to her. I find that despicable. Just like the negative posts on Amazon about Alex & Simon’s new book by the same poster who gave Jill’s book a five star. When you try to hurt someone financially that is really low. Especially someone with lesser resources than, say, the Zarin’s.

    This is a perfect example of why this blog became necessary.

    • Amber...Real Housewife says:

      People with that disorder, you know the Narcissist thingey , DON’T CARE if you lose money, get fired, demoted or reassigned to Bumfuck Arizona. (don’t look for it on a map as it’s a real tiny town in my imagination)

      They want you hurt, gone and forgotten. Only they and their circle of friends matter. If you are not in the circle, stepping on Ginger’sShitWhistles, OH WELL! Game on for Jill.

  28. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    The book, the book, the book, reminds me of a scene in RHONJ.

    Ashley is telling Jac and TerrytheBarbarian, that Danielle said she had fat arms. Although not shown, Teresa told Ashole, “you want skinny arms? it’s in the book!” LOL

  29. WindyCityWondering says:

    Are we in the calm before the storm today?
    Any ideas on what has Jill planned for tomorrow so that she can take the focus off Bethenny’s show and attempt to neutralize what will likely be a very bad reunion performance by herself?

    • Katiecoo says:

      Hmmm…let’s see….a fabulous book signing? A party in the pity pantry with Jen Gilbert and Kelly carrying around a glass fishbowl filled with Gum Berries? And a camera of course. How much ya wanna bet she offered to Bravo to film her viewing the reunion episodes? Wah Horn squared! blech!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        LOL! Bet she does tape her reaction to the reunion and it shows up later………..somewhere as Exibit A for the defense of indefensible behavior.

      • Squirrels says:

        “party in the pity pantry ”

        I’m already “movin’ to the groovin'” on what could be a great dance tune.

  30. Viki55 says:

    I am getting dizzy. Comments are there one minute and gone the next. Is it me or are they being deleted? I am having a hard time following.

  31. otaypanky says:

    What was that half hour show years ago…was it the muntser? that had a character called “THING” on it?

    I don’t know nor do I care to know who did jill’s hair for the reunion special…but…just maybe suggesting….doesn’t she look a little like.


  32. PFinFL says:

    I love how Jill believes that sympathy cards are threatening. Say what? Ugh!

    Oh, but Lynn, Simon’s blogs are hands down the best reads. I’ve honestly missed them. I wish he would blog for all the HW shows. He & Alex have such a great talent for writing.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Me too, we asked him about his blogs and he apologized, he simply doesn’t have the time. He said if he has a spare hour or two he would prefer to play with his boys and I don’t blame him. He said it takes him about 2 hours because he has the DVD of the show playing and pauses it to write over and over. He doesn’t want to put out a faster, but lower quality blog either. Maybe he’ll find some time soon …

  33. Katie says:

    Thanks for the welcomes!! I am crazed today with a husband out of town and taking care of my 3 kids who are all under 3. Where is my wine??? But I will definitely be checking in often especially leading up to tomorrow night’s reunion! Yeehaw!

    • Adgirl says:

      I use to own winetasting room. We sold baby rompers that said “I’ll have a Bottle of the White!” with a baby bottle of milk pictured.

  34. anniieee says:

    You know what I just realized… that my work computer has a green thingy instead of a picture on it… how weird.. can you be logged in at home and at work–and they be different.

  35. Grace says:

    Hi Lynn, yes, Jills address was printed all over the place when she was truing to sell that guady mausoleum. The address was actually printed in the NY Times. Here is the link:

    On another note, you expressed my exact reaction to Ashleys blog. My 14 year old writes better than that uneducated, smirky idiot! I was cringing, especially at all the juvenile HaHa’s.

    Thanks again for another great blog!

    • otaypanky says:

      hi grace…good call. she’s also listed in the white pages and on several real estate sites with her address AND NAME because this deludional broad actually believed that the gauche condo she is trying to shill with exhorbitant carrying charges will actually sell because she posts her NAME ALONG WITH HER ADDRESS ON EVERY national real estate site possible.

      her home address is also posted in the comment section of the NY Post unde the newest article attesting to her latest.fraudulent claims.

      gotta love it!!! Gotta Hate Jill Zarin

  36. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Good afternoon Lynn. Good afternoon everyone. I’m going to say awesome blog Lynn. As always. Great comments. Some made me laugh out loud. I think I’ve caught up so I will start reading the newest comments.

  37. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    Why is it wrong for Jill to receive cards at the store? She selling(tried to)Secrets, TEAM JILL t’s and countless other Housewives inspired stuff out of there.

    Why is it wrong for people to reach out to the companies who gave her endorsements? Since the beginning of advertising people and groups have let companies know they will not use those products if they continued to endorse people or partake in events. Also companies make these folks sign morality clauses. If they do something that taints their reputation they are gone!

    AMAZONGATE anyone?

  38. Shannon says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog Lynn. It is the first page I pull up every morning. So cheers to you. I hope you blog about Big Brother, that is my favorite reality show.

  39. CdnFillie says:

    I posted this earlier but I think it warped into another blog. Anyway, I’m slightly twitter challenged, how does godjilla block you? I show as still following her and I can tweet and reply, does that mean she can’t see them?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I wonder if that is true for many people, would it be worth a “side blog” of some sort with Twitter info?

      If you’re showing as Jill’s follower, then you are not blocked.
      If you tweet to her using her @jillzarin name, she CAN see it but unless she is following you, she may not see it, she would have to search her own name to see if any one is talking about/to her.
      Does that make sense?

      • CdnFillie says:

        thanks Lynn…that makes sense. I have tweeted her and replied many times, not very complimentary ones either, maybe she doesn’t feel threatened by a Canuck LOL

        • LynnNChicago says:

          oh well then, you’ll be blocked soon enough LOL

          What Jill has also been doing is sending private messages (DM’s) to people that she has blocked asking them to just be nice and she will unblock them, problem is, you cant reply to her privately because she won’t follow you. Forcing people to ignore her, or answer her in public. (that makes it obvious what she’s doing) She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer!

  40. otaypanky says:

    another post on ny posts comments section:

    There are millions of people who don’t like this woman and it’s not that hard to get someone’s personal address on line if they pay for it. They show the building on the air during the program; if you really want to take the time to track it down on the East Side, you can. Her husband has a business with a published address; again, another way to get someone’s personal address if you look up business records. Although there are a couple of women who personally don’t like Ms. Zarin, neither has the time or inclination to get the ball rolling on this. One has a newborn, the other has two toddlers; both have households and businesses to run. Whoever it is, it’s pretty immature, and they are tampering skirting the law when they get involved on this level.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/save_jill_zarin_soul_t2zRLtIaGPPKRG4Hydmm1M#comments#ixzz0qNgcIxOq

  41. Adgirl says:

    Lynn, since the NY Post did not ask you about the Ordeal by Hallmark maybe you might want to reach out to them to explain the card campaign and why this site exists.
    And that we are a nation of haters – just people outraged by jill’s transformation.
    How funny would it be if they ran a rebuttal tomorrow right before Bethenny’s new show?

  42. yesIwatchthiscrap says:

    Lynne, when you met with Alex and Simon did they have any idea of how many books they sold? I can find Amazon numbers, but not anything else.

  43. katiecoo says:

    Jill is tweeting about how the best thing about being in the RH is the “charity work we all do” then posts a link to Caroline’s charity work.

    The way it appears to me is that the main interest Jill has in charity work is the opportunity to throw another gala aka “fabulous party”, think about swag and lamb chops to take home to Ginger , buy a new 10000’s of dollars outfit and of course the photo ops. It’s all a front to allow her to showcase her Narcissism.

    It’s not like she’s quietly going out with a hammer helping build a house for Habitat for Humanity without a full makeup/hair/film crew in tow bugging the real workers there.

    It totally bugs me when people who brag about 16,000 dollar handbags claim they are “charitable” when they get a total LIFE out of other people’s neediness. Rant over!

    • otaypanky says:

      this broad single handedly killed a Hampton’s charity for orphans. the winston’s and other high brows who normally attended refused the event because of her VULGAR INVOLVEMENT.

    • HD says:

      Thank you! What gets me is why throw a party that cost more than the money you raised for the event? Just give that particular charity the money. To me all that crap is another chance for them to dress up and drink. I have never seen anything like it.

      • Quincy IL says:

        We have charity fundraisers out here in farmland USA and it’s all about the charity. We don’t complain that there was a cash bar either. No one ever buys a designer dress or has their makeup done, but that’s because there are no designer dressers or makeup artists out here.

        I think Jill’s Charities are really all about Jill and Zarin Fabrics. The gift bags have Zarin front and center. It’s all about her brand.

        The war with Bethenny started at that charity event for Creeky joints. Jill was ready to throw her best friend under a bus because of signage near a bar.

        When we cross paths with people like Jill in the real world, it’s best to zoom by them leaving them in the dust.

  44. otaypanky says:

    You are all over the post Lynn..again thanks to the flying monkeys: go for it…here is yet another comment:


    06/09/2010 1:15 PM

    Sorry but Jill is a narcissist who has been shown can play fast and loose with the truth. She often spins things to her own advantage rather than ever lose any attention or look bad in any way.

    I saw Lynn Hudson’s blog when this first came up. It was not stalking. It was no different than many campaigns to voice viewer opinion. It did not ever mentioned Jill’s home address but instead a very public business seen often on RHONY, Zarin Fabrics. Jill acts as though she has a role of some importance there so it was an appropriate place to reach her.

    As Kelly Killoren Bensimon would say this is making lemons into lemonade. As that makes no sense I will borrow the words of Ramona Singer, this is making a mountain out of a molehill. No one had any nefarious intent towards Jill Zarin, in no way was harm intended. It was an innocuous lark, hardly stalking or theatening in any way to a sane person.

    At any rate Jill is a narcissist whose sense of reality is shaky at best. Read the wordpress blog of angelofdevs and I think you will figure out more about Jill and why she would make something out of nothing.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/save_jill_zarin_soul_t2zRLtIaGPPKRG4Hydmm1M#comments#ixzz0qNkrNwm4

    • kokuanani says:

      It would be useful for someone to point out that one of the main reasons for the creation of Lynn’s blog — or at least a reason why so many of us flock here [other than Lynn’s terrific writing] — is that Bravo heavily censors comments on its blogs, and shut down the TWOP blog entirely.

      Where is a poor blog-seeker/comment-maker to go?

      Answer: “I Hate Jill Zarin.”

  45. tuzentswurth says:

    Addressing something that has been bothering me since the last episode………Kelly and Jill…….for all their fabulosity and amazing lives, their success and wealth galore……can’t they find a well made, flattering dress that actually fits….find one of their fabulous designer friends and have a dress made, WTF…I find better fitting ready to wear clothes off the rack at discount stores. I simply buy the right size, dress myself and……voila……no twisting, fidgeting, tugging, pulling, tucking, adjusting, and generally walking around all hunched up and uncomfortable looking. Money CAN’T buy you class, but should be able to buy you a decent fitting dress!

    • katiecoo says:

      Not to mention a decent set of boobs to fill it out! Just sayin…there are so many bad boob jobs on these shows.

  46. katiecoo says:

    Ok why am I bawling watching Tori and Dean’s wedding renewal? (also surprised to see I know the minister–from the church I go to in LA when I’m there). I never thought i would like her (Tori) but I find her very very sweet and sincere.

  47. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Kellamity says she never bashed Bethenny. Someone is telling a story. Old stuff.


  48. LynnNChicago says:

    I’m putting a new blog together but wanted to let you all know what I just heard on Twitter…

    On Teresa’s blog, the 1st letter of each paragraph spells out a word…

    FUCKHATERS (very classy Teresa)

  49. MickeyMouth says:

    Did I inspire her?

  50. otaypanky says:

    what i love is that jill’s home address has been viewable in the comments under page six all day….hahahahahahahahahaha!

  51. katiecoo says:

    Anyone see this preview of BGM?


    Jason has bedhead and Bethenny’s eating frosting out of the can! LOL

    • ImToula says:

      I am loving Jason! The boy/man comes out in that short. LOVE LOVE LOVE his bedhead. He’s keeping it real.He seems like such a great guy. He comes accross as being totally in love with Beth and is happy with his life. They really make a wonderful pair. They complement one another. I hope that really is the case. Beth has been through so much it’s time for her to be happy.

  52. celeste says:

    OMG I’ve just looked at Danielle Staub’s sex still photos at TMZ:

    I’m all for nudity but this is too gross and pathetic for words. In the words of Teresa Fuggice PROSTITUTION HOOR!!

    • otaypanky says:

      noooooo…not lookin’…taken without her knowledge by that 50 year old lookin’ 28 year old wannabe wiseguy.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I looked at them. I knew if they were on TMZ they wouldn’t be too graphic. Stars of all the private bits, no acts depicted. She says it was taken w/o her knowledge but in some of the pics she is holding a video camera taping him. So she knew a camera was part of their sex life at some point. Someone said it looked like it was taken in her home. I don’t know I didn’t look THAT closely. But if it was am I supposed to believe a camera was hidden in her home w/o her knowledge? I sort of sympathized with her about this until I saw her in the stills with the camera. Looks like she was an active participant in filming.

      • ImToula says:

        I bet you it is really trashy. Vivid, the porn company is selling the rest of the celebrity tapes. Hustler handles, raunchy, trashy stuff. I really feel bad for her girls who seem like wonderful kids.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I looked Otay… I was a nurses aid when I was 16…. so nothing shocks me.

        Danielle tries too hard… That’s my conclusion.

    • Mbdea says:

      It’s Grandma Wrinkles. Soooo wrong on soooo many levels.

  53. JillHater says:

    There are two points I would like to make that no one has addressed and I am curious about other people’s takes on it.
    1. I believe it’s in the 6th episode this season. There is a scene where Kelly confronts Jill about the email Jill sent that pretty much downs Kelly for trying to make a truce with Bethenny. In that scene, Jill passive agressively (of course) says something along the lines of “why would you want to befriend someone who has gone out of their way to to destroy you and your family in the press?” I can’t remember the exact wording, and am having a problem finding that particular episode on Bravo’s website. But, I am curious if that is where Kelly got the idea that Bethenny went after her and her kids in the press? I caught it on a marathon and have been searching for it online so if anyone finds it I would love the chance to rewatch and confirm my belief that a large part of Kelly’s obnoxious behavior towards Bethenny on the trip was fueled by Jill.

    2. This irks me more than anything and I can’t believe that no one has said anything to the Countless about Jill’s breach of etiquette in showing up in St. John’s. I was hoping Sonja would say it but she went round about: When ever Jill says that she was invited on the trip, why does no one remind her that she declined the invitation? She told Ramona that she couldn’t go. She gave excuses/reasons that had to do with Ally as to why she couldn’t make it. So, once you decline an invitation isn’t it the height of rudeness to show up unannounced at said event? Shouldn’t someone have at least mentioned the rudeness of that to the Countess if not to Jill? I mean we know Jill wouldn’t listen, but it seems to be the one thing that no one will acknowledge, even online and it’s driving me bonkers.
    What do you guys think?

  54. Jessie says:

    i know I’m not a regular poster but seriously i really am questioning this….(i’m sorry i know I’ve posted this before but i didn’t get a single response to what i thought was something really to think about and I can’t help but try the post one more time…i swear!)

    is it possible for Jill or one of her lackeys to post something on this blog to than turn around and attack for? You know, like post her home number or something and than blame this blog for it even though they posted? I just curious if anyone else is concerned about the psycho (who is definitely stalking this blog) doing that.

    Oh and I love Lynn and this blog.

  55. Buffalo says:

    Another example of how Jill can truly see no wrong in herself and has to place blame or pick fights with someone was last years charity event she threw. Remember when she flipped out on Bethenny about the signage around the bar. Then at the reunion show she blamed it on Ramona and said Ramona had gotten in her head!

  56. Jessie says:

    I will (even though I swore I wouldn’t post it again lol!). Thanks Lynn….for everything that you do. You totally have made my days lately reading your blogs. i get a huge smile everytime I see one of your new posts!

  57. vgirl511 says:

    Teresa is full of excuses!

    *her daughter not wearing a helmet – ‘ it was only a two second ride up the driveway’

    *Gabriella temper tantrum at Gia’s party – ‘What little girl doesn’t cry when her sister gets something she doesn’t?

    *Juicy Joe calling the dance instructor gay – ‘he wasn’t talking about or TO a person.’

    *the shopping trip – the store is owned by a friend and Milania didn’t really wreck the place

    *the ugly runway comment – Joe teases the girls all the time, they know he is joking

    She also stated she was never ever friends with Danielle, but in the beginning of season one her and Jacqueline were both friends with Danielle.

    It seems as if they watch the episodes, and then try to ‘explain away’ all the bullshit. The other housewives make excuses for her as well. Caroline’s new blog seems to excuse Teresa always being late (someone send her LuAnn’s book), and her babbling in the waiting room at Gia’s acting class, when the other parents were rolling their eyes.

    Teresa stated in one of her blogs that she has to talk about Danielle because they are on a show together, but has there even been any interaction between them this season?

    Also, I am curious as to when these episodes were filmed, as i read somewhere the bankruptcy filing was in October 2009? So, she spent a ‘pretty penny’ on Gia’s party, knowing that they were about to file bankruptcy? I also heard the baby’s christening was over the top, was that before or after the bankruptcy?

  58. Smompy says:

    “As Kelly Killoren Bensimon would say this is making lemons into lemonade. As that makes no sense I will borrow the words of Ramona Singer, this is making a mountain out of a molehill.”

    Actually Ramona called it “making a mountain out of a hole mill.” I think she gave the line another crazy rewrite too, but I can’t recall that other one now. Damnit!

    As has been mentioned, the New York Post is a rag. Unfortunately that “newspaper” also happens to be Jill Zarin’s bitch. I hear the Rag and the Shrew have a fairly longstanding relationship in which JZ regularly provides gossipy (and mostly false) info to them and they compensate her by putting out flattering fluff pieces & occasional propaganda implying that she’s a decent human being. So I don’t think any amount of comments or emails will change the way JZ is treated by that particular paper, and I doubt they’re interested in hearing any other side of the story at all. It’s still fun to read the anti-Zarin comments there though:)

    Jill + Kelly = Jelly? Saw that nickname used on another blog. Ugh, I really hope that one doesn’t catch on.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      LOL! Jelly! Good shortcut!

      You’re right, the Post is a rag. The main thing to remember is Jill is hurting her own image. Any press where jill is seen whining, complaining, pouting, bad mouthing, attacking, backstabbing, pooting and tooting will turn on her and bite her in the butt.

  59. A former Jill fan says:

    Even though the reunion has been taped already, don’t forget Andy Cohen’s WWHL show. I’m sure there are some who have already written Andy/Bravo about jill’s latest incidents. I know I will. 🙂

  60. vgirl511 says:

    Teresa is full of excuses!

    *her daughter not wearing a helmet – ‘ it was only a two second ride up the driveway’

    *Gabriella temper tantrum at Gia’s party – ‘What little girl doesn’t cry when her sister gets something she doesn’t?

    *Juicy Joe calling the dance instructor gay – ‘he wasn’t talking about or TO a person.’

    *the shopping trip – the store is owned by a friend and Milania didn’t really wreck the place

    *the ugly runway comment – Joe teases the girls all the time, they know he is joking

    She also stated she was never ever friends with Danielle, but in the beginning of season one her and Jacqueline were both friends with Danielle.

    It seems as if they watch the episodes, and then try to ‘explain away’ all the bullshit. The other housewives make excuses for her as well. Caroline’s new blog seems to excuse Teresa always being late (someone send her LuAnn’s book), and her babbling in the waiting room at Gia’s acting class, when the other parents were rolling their eyes.

    Teresa stated in one of her blogs that she has to talk about Danielle because they are on a show together, but has there even been any interaction between them this season?

    Also, I am curious as to when these episodes were filmed, as i read somewhere the bankruptcy filing was in October 2009? So, she spent a ‘pretty penny’ on Gia’s party, knowing that they were about to file bankruptcy? I also heard the baby’s christening was over the top, was that before or after the bankruptcy?

    Now she is saying she didn’t know about the secret message in her blog? Was she serious when she said that, because if she was she must really believe that she it smarter than most.

  61. ilovelynn says:

    I missed a FIGHT among us posters? I guess I didn’t read the blogs all the way through. once lynn posts a new blog I automatically click to it. be nice children.

    here’s a question, watching the reunion clips when bethenny and kelly are going back and forth about whether or not bethenny talked about kelly’s kids(NOT), why does andy cohen just sit there instead of making kelly cite an actual source or newspaper article? she just gets away with her “zip it” and “what are you doing” and “i’m not going to talk about it!. arrrgggghhh! it drives me cockaroach crazy!!

    lynn, loved the photos at the book store, you are beautiful!(also love your necklace!)

  62. Jenni says:

    Just now checking in, and must admit that I have not had time to read all the comments. It looks like my name was mentioned a couple of times since last night, but I am not sure exactly what is going on, though I think I can guess. Just in case my guess is correct, let me just say the following.

    It is hard when typing to project the right “attitude” sometimes. Readers can sometimes attach a “tone” to an author’s post which was not intended. Therefore I will start by saying that I am not feeling mean or snarky. My intention is to PLEAD my “case”.

    There is a article on the net with comments. The names of the commenters are interesting, in several cases. My name and Cleo’s Mom name are there. When I first saw that, I was surprised that Rusty’s name was not there as well. But I don’t want to go back to being upset, and if I say too much about it, I am afraid I will say something that I will regret.

    In the end, it does not really matter what anyone says on the subject. People will believe what they want to believe no matter what I say. Therefore, I do not intend to confirm or deny whether I made any comment on that page. Any statement along those lines that I might make would create a worse situation from an already bad one.

    In closing, please everyone, lets stop attacking each other. I personnaly feel that some people on this blog have been unfairly attacked. Since I have already mentioned their names, I will just say that I believe Cleo’s Mom and Rusty have been long time participants on this blog. They have had good opinions and comments, and I never saw them attack anyone. I just saw them as thoughtfully sharing their views, so if ether of them has been banned or is feeling as if they can comment no more: I am sorry! It does not seem fair.

    Sorry if I have misinterpreted the situation. My intention is to never speak on this subject again. If my comment seems garbled, or does not make sense to anyone, please just disregard it. The subject is not worth further comment, IMO.

    Okay! Please all, HAVE SOME FUN NOW!

  63. SassafrasDonna says:

    Lynn, I couldn’t agree more about Bravo giving Ashley a blog! All I did was saw that twits face and scrolled right to the comment section. I was careful not to curse but I highly doubt Bravo posted it. WTF! I’m done with RHNJ! It’s a snooze fest AND insulting to the viewers that they’re parading ex-convicts that are proud of the fact that they’re ex-convicts! What the hell! I guess since they give ex-cons a spot on the show it shouldn’t surprise us that they give that disrespectful, juvenile delinquent twit a blog either. PUKE!

  64. boston02127 says:

    Just getting caught up since this morning. If you guys don’t slow down I’m going to sue the internet. Greats posts, it seems over the past couple of weeks the more Jill opens her mouth the more company we get here. More Jill haters! I regrettably opened Daniell’s naked pictures. What can I say except she’s a douchebag. What’s with her stomach? I thought she was holding a shar pei dog.

  65. Alexa Rose says:

    I feel like I’ve been watching the same episode of the RHWNJ over and over again. The storyline has not progressed and we are on what week? Danielle is really annoying to watch. I was disgusted by her behavior at the Brownstone event. Is anyone surprised that she has a sex tape? You can look at her naked pictures here: http://www.thesuperficial.com/there-are-still-nipples-on-the-site-folks-06-2010#more-439411. But, puh-lease do not buy her tape! Like her book, I’m pretty sure it’s not worth the money. The other women are nothing more than REAL housewives which is so boring to watch. They need to start doing some interesting things. Teresa – I have a like/dislike attitude towards her. Notice I did not use love/hate – those emotions are too strong for her character. I do find her funny overall. Last season, she said she doesn’t have skeletons in her closet; I think she has a few and they are surfacing…never say never. She also starts drama with other housewives (i.e. Sonja and Bethenny) for no reason. I like Jacqueline, but cannot stand her daughter. I think, the letter to Andy Cohen sums up all the reasons why I think Ashley needs to be dealt with an iron hand by her mother and not be on this show.

  66. viki55 says:

    Has anyone else noticed that there is not a single sceen where Kelly isn’t playing with her hair? It’s “like disgusting, it’s like so grosssssssssss, it’s like she is demented”.

  67. Katie says:

    So who do you guys think won the battle between Jill and Bethenny last night?? I say score one for Bethenny! Jill just got slammed with everything she has done wrong. I think people were afraid to say things before because she was the “mean popular girl” but now they’ve seen her for who she truly is! And go Alex!! She really is standing up for herself now and I love it. But I wish I had some Epsom Salt to send her (Is that what you put in the bath when you have hives?)…..poor thing!

    We started a score sheet re: the Jill vs. Bethenny battle: http://www.celebritybeehive.com Please leave your comments and let me know if you disagree but for some reason, I don’t think you will! LOL!!

    Can’t wait for Monday!!!

    And Viki – Kelly is demented! You’re so right on that one! Or she’s like Humpty Dumpty as Bethenny said.

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