I Hate Jill Zarin Reunion Part I Night June 10, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin        Reunion Part I Night                  June 10, 2010

Tonight’s the big night!  Reunion part one, but to be honest, I’m more looking forward to Bethenny’s Getting Married? tonight after the reunion. 

We’ve probably all seen the few previews that Bravo has released and it doesn’t seem to me as though we get any answers that we didn’t already know.  Maybe that isn’t the purpose of the reunion.  What I would love to see is all of these press articles and internet stories that the ladies are all talking about.

I’d like to see Kelly produce the articles that harm her children.  These women should all walk into the reunion with their “notes”.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Jill has hers! We saw Jill accuse Alex of trying to put a negative story in the press about Jill, yet Jill has no proof.  (I asked Alex about it and she said she had no idea what Jill was talking about, the same answer she gives on the reunion show)  I think that Jill’s four PR people came up with that story and included “Charity” because it is a buzz word that makes people pay attention.  Personally, I believe Alex, who would have guessed? 

Bethenny appeared on The View today and she was the same open, honest Bethenny we’ve seen in all of her other interviews.  She even had to be bleeped for her language…LOL  I found that funny! 

Bethenny also said something that Alex told me but asked me not to repeat.  Jill had been trying, prior to taping the season, to get the other women not to film with her or Alex.  Control freak Jill assumed that if five of the cast refused to film with Bethenny or Alex, Jill could get them off the show.  When Bethenny admitted that on The View today I was thrilled!  First because I no longer had to keep Alex’s secret..LOL  but mostly it confirmed that Alex was being open and honest last weekend.  That also underscores that everything else Alex told us was the absolute truth!  (Alex also talked about it at the reunion and you hear Bethenny confirming it)

Look at Jill’s behavior!  As if everything we’ve all been talking about all this time wasn’t bad enough, Jill was trying to manipulate the rest of the cast and put thoughts into their heads.  In addition, Jill wasn’t just interfering with the show but with Alex and Bethenny’s livelihood!  What a sick sick woman!!!!

Just another reason in the LONG list of reasons why…I Hate Jill Zarin! 

On the other hand Bethenny’s show looks like it will be light, fun and entertaining without infuriating anyone! 

Right now I plan to write two blogs tomorrow, one for each show, starting with the reunion and then Bethenny’s show later tomorrow. 

Thank you all for visiting, enjoy both show’s tonight!!!

Until Next Time……


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695 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Reunion Part I Night June 10, 2010

  1. Cystic Gal says:

    I loved what Bethenny said on the view. The bit about Jill not wanting the ladies to tape with Bethenny, is just like what Jill said at the Brookline reading, that they weren’t necessarily going to keep Kelly until Jill “took to her so well, and took her under her wing.”- whatever. Jill thinks that she is the star of the show and whoever she tapes with, will be on. Obviously not true, since we heart Sonja and she almost never taped with the J.

    PS Everybody read my blog 🙂

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      That’s what honks me the most. It was very apparent that Bethenny & Kelly were on their way to patching things up, if not to be friends, then at least to be cordial & not rip each other’s eyes out all the time. They appeared to work well together on the style show, then Jill has to send that text to Kelly & it went all down-hill from there. So Jill not only screwed up her own friendship with Bethenny, she screwed up Kelly’s as well.

    • Anitabee says:

      Does Jill actually think Alex, Ramona, LuAnn, and Kelly would go along? Even Kelly is not that delusional!

      I’m glad Bethenny tells the truth. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain by telling the viewers what really went on.

  2. Bobbi says:

    Glad you mentioned that comment Bethenny made today, Lynn. No one was talking about it when I got on twitter and I was surprised because it was a big deal to me! I thought maybe I imagined it.

    She did such a great job during that appearance. I don’t think they were particularly easy on her but she held her own and made such a terrific impression.

    I’m very glad they’ve decided to do three reunion shows. I much prefer to see as much of it as they’ll show for ourselves. Don’t think I’ll stay on twitter tonight while I watch though. I want to really watch it and twitter distracts me!

    Can’t wait to read your blogs tomorrow. Enjoy tonight!

  3. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Bethennys new show looks like it will give us all what we loved about housewives (Beth Ramona & Alex) and keep away exactly what we hated about it (Jills Mean Girl Behaviour & Krazy Kelly
    I only wish that Sonja would go on Bethenny Gets Married as she was a breath of fresh air this season
    Love Your Blog Lynn i read it more and more you hit the nail on the head everytime

    • kokuanani says:

      I posted on the prior thread that I think Bravo ought to add Alex, Sonja and Ramona to Bethenny’s show and “kill” the RH franchise for NYC.

      Season Two of Bethenny’s show could be titled “Having It All?” or something like that, and be about Bethenny’s trying to juggle a marriage, a new baby, a job and her “fabulous circle of friends” — you know, the ones [Alex, Sonja and Ramona] who are REAL friends.

  4. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    on the yacht,

    love that Alex is a good friend & goes with Ramona instead of listening to crazycrackhoKelly

    love that Beth lovingly kisses Sonja and hugs her while glaring over at Kelly for insulting Sonja

    love Bethenny hi-tailing it to the Hooters boat to ESCAPE THE INSANITY!

    love the PinotLovingVampire that is Bethenny!

  5. shamrockblonde says:

    as we share the same first name, I cannot tell you how relieved I am to be able to follow a “Lynne” with grace, style and humor – watching RWOC’s Lynne always made me want to run out and change my name! – keep up the good work, and if and when you speak with either Alex or Simon, please give them my love, and my wish for their continued success – I absolutely love this blog! oh! – and I HATE Jill Zaaaaariiiin!!!!


    • Jillousyness says:

      I know exactly how you felt being a Jill myself. Not all Jills are total bitches nor are Lynns.

  6. Melanie says:

    In the reunion clip I saw, when Bethanny said to Kelly to show proof that se planted harmful stories in the media to hurt Kelly and her kids, Kelly was Unable to answer logically, and then, INCREDIBLY, instead of making Kelly finally have to explain and give proof of her wild claims, all the other housewives (EXCEPT ALEX) told BETHANNY to leave Kelly alone (!!) and stop arguing with her!!!! That made me want to break my TV. And then Bethanny agreed and backed down!!! ARGHHH!! And since this is pretaped, we cannot even MAKE ANDY COHEN ask Kelly to answer Bethanny and show even one bad article about Kelly and her kids that she says was planted by Bethanny!!!

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      Kelly is very very sick. B S A R all understand this. Perhaps it is drugs also but perhaps it is so much more. Please don’t ask her to be accountable. She can not.

      • error 404 says:


        no one wants Kiki to divulge her sources: the voices in her head.

        Kiki’s “alters” are a private group, and don’t crave the spot light like Kiki does. It’s unfair to expose all of her “personalities” to the public, just because one craves fame.

      • Melanie says:

        What do you mean “don’t ask her to be accountable”. If she doesn’t want to be accountable, than let her leave the show, or acknowledge she is altered by some drugs for psychiatric disorders. But she can’t spew nonsense and attacks out of her bottom teeth, and then be protected by idiotic Housewives who say, leave her alone, ….NO, We don’t want to leave her alone or not ask her to explain herself. Kelly, Get off the show if you don’t want to be accountable for what you say. And Sonja, who I like, is WRONG when she says to “protect” poor Kelly. We want answers! Let her melt to the floor, but let her answer.

        • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

          She can’t answer. She just can not. I agree she should not be on tv but she is too sick to defend herself. She has no idea anything is Wrong With Her. The “idiotic housewives” found this out first hand. They are not idiotic. They are being kind so a very disturbed person.

    • Scorpiosue says:

      Kelly can’t reveal her source because she sits right next to her at the reunion.

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      Because Kelly is crazy. You can’t argue or rationalize with a crazy person. You handle them the way Ramona did at the skating party—give them what they want & then get the hell away from them.

  7. Melinda says:

    I love that Jill has to deal with all the fallout of her bad behavior!!! Having Bethenny confirm what Alex told you on NATIONAL TELEVISION is freaking awesome!

    can’t wait to see Jill just keep saying she didn’t do anything…..ugh….but more excited for Bethenny’s new show!

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      Me To! Love the B and her new hubby. Love the Cookie and the now the new babe in their lives.

  8. NYCer says:

    I can’t believe Jill compares herself with the gay community (facing harassment) and compares Kelly with the high school girl who killed herself after relentless bullying:

    So disgusting.

    Also, why was Bethenny’s original sin just the “get a hobby” message (boat party episode at
    the beginning of the season) but later it changed to “you only sent flowers when Bobby had cancer.”??
    Last observation- did anyone see how Kelly grabbed on to Jen’s arm at LuAnn’s song launch party to make a toast? They were toasting with the same glass- maybe Kelly’s doc upped the meds and she couldn’t drink. Either way, it was awkward.


    • Sweet Caroline says:

      I saw this clip and it upsets me to read that Jill wants to accuse Alex of not wanting her and Bethanny to make up to secure her spot on the show.

      Being friends with Bethanny does not guarantee a place on this show.

      It is also so vile that she tries to argue that the women were wrong for not greeting her warmly when she “surprises” them in Saint John. Hello, she had already told Ramona she was not going. You don’t say know, makeup up stupid reasons not to attend, continuously not agree to attend even when Ramona tried to beg and cajole her into coming and then try to pretend she had benevolent reasons for crashes this party for Ramona.

      She tries to make a comparison to Simon coming to her Sak’s party. He had not attacked or persecuted anyone the way she had Bethanny and then Alex. There is no comparison. He was not fighting with anyone, he did not have unresolved issues with anyone. He showed up to watch his wife shop.

      She still keeps trying to think that we didn’t watch this season and see what a depraved, hateful, vengeful and malicious person she is.

      She still makes veiled insults about Bethanny. Oh she is super, super close to her family and she is the only one who shares that tight connection she has with her family, that the other housewives don’t have or share that part of their lives. Bethanny did not have a choice as to the crazy family she was born into. Its not her fault that she has no siblings. She is a wonderful person despite not have a close family. How could she make a blanket statement about the other’s not having a family like hers to share on the show. They might but it did not make it to us because of edits. From Lynn we learn that we did not get to see a birthday for Alex’s son. I am sick of Jill and her family, I want her, her lies, her venom, her nasty self off my television.

      She looks like a washed up hooker on the reunion show. What an ugly weave. That dress looks like a sausage casing on her, could it be tighter? That dress looks like something Mariah Carey wore years ago. She looks large even though she is in black. Her hair is sooo big she could hide her keys in that weave. Money can’t buy you taste. She should pay for a stylist, she looks like a cheap hooker from the 80s, like she was a broken down background hooker #4 from Pretty Woman.

  9. Squirrels says:

    You know how so many studies have been done re: nonverbal communication? If you go back to Sun, Sand, and Psychosis you get a real gut reaction from Bethenny, which is why I for one believe her rendition.

    The scene I refer to comes near the end of the show. B screams “Go to sleep…” and Kelly’s body reacts like she’s been hit with skunk perfume.

    What is interesting is B’s facial reaction immediately following the altercation. She listens to Sonja but keeps flashing her eyes toward Kelly. That look, in my opinion, is not a look of “who’s your daddy now”, but one of in the moment fear.

    Bullied my apple cheeked ass.

    • shantygal says:

      Watching this episode, at least 10 times, that is the one scene that does it for me too. Bethenny”s, and Alex’s also, expression is one of genuine fear. They both look scared to death. There was no acting going on there, no playing it up for the cameras.

      • Robin says:

        If I was B I would have been thinking..”I can’t believe my baby is in danger from some crazy person and he/she hasn’t even been born yet”..


    • desertgal66 says:

      Both Bethenny and Alex looked terrified, and neither were acting, in my opinion.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I felt sick to my stomach the first time I watched the dinner on the island. I kept asking myself what just happened? I saw fear in both Bethenny and Alex’s body language. The excuse of Kelly had to leave for family reasons was made to give her a graceful way to leave and recover. We know she was asked by the producers to leave and she has done nothing to get help.

    • PFinFL says:

      I’m also noticing too…how sweaty she looks….I mean, it looks like she just got home from partying all night. Her hair is a mess! If someone revealed that it were drugs….I’d believe it! Boy, does she have the sugar munchies. And she sits there before the jelly bean incident and says she is going to excuse herself calmly and then comes yelling back! Weird behavior. Ugh…lollipops and gummberries!

    • A Real Skinny Girl says:

      i absolutely agree – B looks like she is shaking and alex is looking very confused and hurt – HAHA I know this because after the millions of times watching, I am watching the marathon leading up to the reunion & BGM

  10. CdnFillie says:

    Not sure if anyone has posted this before…


  11. RileyKitty says:

    I really think Jill believes she has some power at bravo. On WWHL she is trying to cast that nasty Patty Stanger matchmaker show. On RHoNY she thinks she can get people to not film with Bethenny & Alex to get them off the show. Makes me wonder if she told Luann, you better back me up 100% on everything I say & do or you will be next. It just seemed a bit out of character for Luann to be sooo pro Jill. I just kind of expected her to say, darlin you really kept a VM for 3 months?

    • Squirrels says:

      Lulu hitched her wagon to an aristocratic star. When that died out, she ended up with Jill.

      Dayum, that HAS to hurt.

    • shantygal says:

      What I don’t get is, what’s in it for Luann? She’s not an idiot, like Kelly, just a condescending, arrogant bore. I would think the likes of a Jill Zarin would disgust a countess. There is absolutely nothing J can do for L that she can’t do on her own. I’m sure, if she really needed someone to lean on after her divorce, she could have scrounged up anyone better than J. J brings nothing to the table except piles of unsold books.

      • viki55 says:

        Well, perhaps LuMan was trying to protect her reputation? It sounds like Ramona & Bethenny has some stories to tell about LuMan. At the fashion show Bethenny told LuMan that Jill had been talking about LuMan sleeping around for a year. Maybe Jill blackmailed LuMan, “be my friend, don’t film with B and I won’t bring up your past”. Maybe?

      • anniieee says:

        She had already burned her bridges with Bethenny at the luncheon in the hamptons… “your car with all that stuff on it” when someone asks you out–you don’t pay(surfing).. and then forcing B – how many times- to apologize for the snake remark. LuMan is a snack–and was swinging in the breeze with no one to play with… she was stuck. That was the only one that would have her–cause Jill had NO ONE ELSE.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        LuAnn bet the wrong horse – Jill. I expect she will be removing herself from that mess at the reunion and next season as well.

      • PFinFL says:

        If LuAnn can’t see how she really is….how can she see how Jill really is?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Oh, maybe LuAnn can’t see herself but she can see Jill (and all the bad bad press)now smells like poo……..oh no, maybe that wasn’t Ginger in the guest bedroom!

      • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

        She needed money and connections.

      • A Real Skinny Girl says:

        Classless has MANY unsold books to share with Jillousy’s

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      Out of character for countless. (really want to say c—tless) this woman has been called out all season for being a backbiting w. She outdoes herself.

      If not for her B & J would have made up. If not for her Ramona would not have been in tears on her own boat trip. This chick sucks and maybe not in a good way. She is too good to visit S & A in their home. She is too good for B. cause we all know B is a whore.

      Yet when her son is begging her not to go out she blows him off. How much money did her countless raise for the homeless? Has anyone seen the filthy video of her money can’t buy you class? It is ok countless we all sleep with a dozen men in our bed. You are a Class Less Whore

      BTW Jill when she has milked you for all she can get she will send you all those video’s you wanted for your “gift bags” remember the ones she couldn’t sell.

      Mario-you always had her number and good job sticking up for your wife.

  12. Margo Channing says:

    ‘JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY IT DON’T MAKE IT TRUE!!!’ That is her come back to Alex stripping her phony mask off…Alex is just too intelligent to converse with JiZ. JiZ prolly has Nielsen ratings just for her and when she saw ALL THE EXTREME DAMAGE SHE HAD DONE AND THAT ALEX AND BET WERE GOLDEN…What the stupid, arrogant bitch should have done was run down to Louisianna (I know it did not happen yet, but you get it) I am so serious that there is nothing that crazed, nosey, selfish dingo can do to redeem herself. NOTHING. She is garbage. GAWWWBAAAGGGE! I think she has rooms at Showbiz Tonight (maybe even gives AJ a piece) The Insider, ET all of the 10 second gossip crap shows. She flooded herself on these shows all week, and tried to act like a wittle girrrl complete with the voice and fake, veneer smile….JILL, KELLY, LUANN AND ESP. TERESA. Not only have you ruined this for me, not NJ since it was so scripted, like a Z-rated pilot or Dan-skells ahem, video. Which by the way, TMZ “screened” it yesterday and all of the men/boys in the “newsroom” ALL said it put them off sex! That it was disgusting..Shawker! So anyway my partners in knowing what trash looks like with a little dough, have fun tonight and I am sure I will be ballistic tomorrow!

    Thanks Lynn…Chicago HW anyone?!

  13. Jillhasapooch&itsnotGinger says:

    If u look at perezhilton.com u will see a story proving this. During the filming of thus season Perez reported that Bethenny was alienating herself from all castmembers. We see this wasn’t true at all and she even made strong friendships. But Zarin had created a storyline in her head and she was trying to force it to play out. She thought she would gossip about Bethenny, play the victim, and the “stupid” audience would buy it. Then she would get everyone to avoid B and have the press report B. was too into work and her new show to want friends & she had ditched friends

    How’s that workin for ya Zarin?

    • anniieee says:

      Love that you threw Perez’s line right back at her!! Slimmy pigs…I really am disgusted by her. Bethenny and Alex are just real … Romana is busy and plays catch up all the time..and Sonja is well… just really comfortable in her own skin. Team BRAS!

    • PFinFL says:

      Yes…because when Jill was at Alex’s house and Alex was trying to explain some things that Bethenny was going through….Jill, right off the bat, assumed it had to do with her working to “make her brand”….”that’s the price”….blah..blah..blah. Right there told me that Jill was jealous of Bethenny!

  14. jane says:

    jill is jill ,she doesont make anysense to me. s,,,,,,ooooooo ,

  15. jane says:

    jill is jill ,she doesont make anysense to me.

  16. viki55 says:

    Has anyone else noticed that there is not a single sceen where Kelly isn’t playing with her hair? It’s “like disgusting, it’s like so grosssssssssss, it’s like she is demented”.

    • shantygal says:

      I can’t wait for the day she gets her boney, gummy encrusted fingers caught up in that filthy, stringy mop.

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      Kelly is really REALLY sick. Please just leave her alone. She needs to go somewhere safe and the net is not safe. Love this site. Love Lynn. K needs help. Maybe (hopefully) if we ignore her she will be able to get to a safe place.
      She really is sick you guys. I am not kidding or sticking up for her.

      • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

        ITA. Kelly-bashing is shooting fish in a barrel. The girl needs help. Now.

    • PFinFL says:

      It’s like…get a haircut lollipop and gumberries Kelly!

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      She is. Think of her as retarded and please just leave her out of everything. In case anyone would like to know. I have a family member like her. She will NEVER GET IT. SHE IS SICK. Be kind.

      • Robin says:

        I am truly sorry about your family member.Honest.

        But I don’t think Kelley deserves any kindness.From the “are you going to tongue”? to the repeated Chef/Cook thing she showed no kindness.She showed no kindness when she told Ramona and other’s to “zip it”.She made it a point the next brand new day,while other’s were welcoming, to start it out with a tablet for folks to write on.She is calculating.She is on drugs.She deserves no sympathy.She was in the company of a pregnant woman and continued to harrass and try to berate,she said she would claw eyes out if someone came between her and her kids,yet she had no problem causing anxiety to an unborn child via “bullying” the mother.

        She gets no kindness or sympathy from me.


  17. Squirrels says:

    favorite quote of Sun, Sand, etc.

    Jill – “I’m the only idiot in a skating dress right now”.

    She could have excluded “right now”.

  18. desertgal66 says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Jill wearing neon green shoes with her black dress? It’s so fugly…

    • shantygal says:

      Kooky probably “styled” her.

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      They look sky blue on my tv. :turns to He Who Holds the Wallet: HONEY, WE NEED A NEW TV!!!

      (back me up on this, please)

      • desertgal66 says:

        Dude. Buy your wife a new television. Green looks like sky blue on the one you have. If she wants to watch a nature show, and it includes both sky and grass, she’s gonna go color blind. Do you know what that will do to her fashion choices? Think Teresa Giudice.

    • boston02127 says:

      @desertgal66~They match her face. Fugly.

    • jb8 says:

      You know I kind of liked the shoes even though I don’t like the woman wearing them. Someone mentioned on an earlier blog that there was something on the bottom of her shoe, maybe a price sticker? Next time you watch, look closely at those green shoes and see if you can spot it.

  19. degroohj says:

    I’m so freakin excited for tonight! I can’t wait! I’m sure this is somewhere in the comments from today’s earlier blog, but Andy confirmed that the reunion is in THREE parts – tonight, Monday, and next Thursday all at 9pm.


    I wonder which one Jill walks out on…probably tonight but I hope not. I’m going to eat up every minute of her being chewed out!

    • degroohj says:

      Also, question for Lynn…I know you said that you will no longer be commenting on the Jersey wives, but I was surprised that you haven’t mentioned Danielle’s latest scandal (aka the sex tape she filmed AFTER she became a RHONJ)…her poor daughters. I was just curious why this hadn’t been mentioned by you in one of your long posts…again, maybe it’s been in the comments section of previous blogs and I missed it? I do try to read most of them but can’t always get to all of them…thanks again for all your insight!

      • desertgal66 says:

        Ummm, not to argue with degroohj, but may I ask Lynn to NOT comment on the sex tape?

        I’m not saying that Danielle doesn’t deserve some criticism over it. She’s a big girl, and she was already a HW, so she knew she was taking the chance that it might be leaked when she made it. There’s also the strong possibility that she wanted it leaked, for the attention.

        Thing is, she has two daughters. And even if they don’t read the Internet, the chances are pretty high that they are going to be teased about it, hear derogatory comments about the contents, etc, etc.

        It’s bad enough as it is. I think the best thing any of us could do is to avoid any discussion about it-anywhere. The sooner talk about it dies down, the better for those girls.

        • anniieee says:

          good call, desertgal.. I feel so sorry for them. They are really pretty and sweet girls. They are the adults in the relationship.

        • degroohj says:

          desert – I definitely get your point and agree with you wholeheartedly that this must be extremely embarrassing and horrendous for Danielle’s children. My heart breaks for them and at this point I can’t help but wonder where the hell their father is…

          However, if I may politely counter, people have discussed and debated Kelley’s emotional/behavioral/possible drug issues (which were broadcast on national television as well as by Kelley’s own responses on Twitter) despite that fact that she has two young girls. Danielle, as a parent, made the decision to bring herself (and her children unfortunately) into public life. Do I think it’s detrimental to talk about these things because of her daughters? Possibly yes…but then again, Danielle is their mother and made these decisions…and people are talking about them.

          • degroohj says:

            Sorry…”Kelley” should be “Kelly”…I spelled it like my friend does…whoops 🙂

          • anniieee says:

            These 2 moms are so selfish… all about them.. I do understandyour point degroonj. I am guilty of that…

          • desertgal66 says:

            There’s a fine line between talking about emotional/behavioral/drug issues caught on video versus discussing graphic sex acts caught on video.

            There aren’t very many preteens who want to, or should, hear how their mother “did” some guy. I’m simply requesting that we not fuel that particular fire.

            • degroohj says:

              Again, I agree with your concerns Desert.

              But if I may politely counter again…why does Danielle get a pass from discussing her poor decisions and behaviors because of her children and Kelly does not? I mean, even Perez Hilton is criticizing her decisions and parenting (and I tend to never agree with his biases…though I admit his blog has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years.)

              To quote Lynn’s previous blog from earlier today, “We will bash the housewives damnit!” It comes with the territory. My intent is not to bash or harm Danielle’s children…it’s simply to discuss and debate Danielle’s poor decisions (both as a reality tv star and a parent) that have been made on and off camera, as she is the one that chose to live her life as a public figure. It’s a fine line indeed…but again, the responsibility falls on the shoulder of Danielle of making those decisions in the first place knowing that her children could be emotionally scarred in the first place. Moreover, she openly discussed her sexuality (an openness to experiences if you will) on camera last season as a housewife. With all do respect, I don’t believe she has her own children’s best interest at heart with a lot of the decisions that she’s made as a public figure. And I still think Danielle herself, as a public figure, is fair game.

              • degroohj says:

                But then again, it is Lynn’s blog so whatever she decides to write and comment about is her decision. I did just see that this topic has become part of the storyline of the show, so again Danielle proves that she has total disregard for her children

                (And no matter what I’ll still keep reading it because it’s become part of my daily computer routine, Lynn 🙂 )

        • boston02127 says:

          desertgal66~^5 to you.

    • Squirrels says:

      I get what your are saying… but….
      oh never mind.
      Hope Jill gets the hose.

    • Scorpiosue says:

      Notice that part 2 of RHONY is on Monday. FYI

      • boston02127 says:

        @Oh, Didn’t know that. Thanks. I would have been so bummed if I missed the second part.

        • anutha hata says:

          degrooj–I happen to agree with you, I have some comments about Danielle’s mess on my NJ blog.(linked on my sn)
          (and a link to DB1K that really sorts it all out)
          I also agree that it is gross, and may be off-topic here, or not?
          We do see previews of the NJ wives being critical about the sex-tapes, but I think Danielle is trying to confuse everybody. The video that they talk about this season, on NJ Housewives, is the one that Danielle went to court over last year I think.
          Apparently, the video that is coming-out is one that was taped, (by Danielle herself, and possibly, we are not sure yet, sold to Hustler by Danielle) in September of ’09, after Danielle went to court about the “other’ tape.
          It is confusing and I think that Danielle was counting on that.
          Really the reason I’m replying is the point about Danielle’s children. I think she had a choice. Do the porno, and let her kids keep their privacy by not being on the show, or have her children on the show and don’t do the sex-video. But not both.
          She’s been trying to say that she’s a “good mom” this season-she even lied and said that she’s been celibate, for the past year when nobody asked! But “good mom”, and “porn star wannabe actress” just doesn’t make sense and I don’t think it ever will.
          Danielle is trying to act like Kendra, who really was blindsided, and I believe that Kendra was really hurt & embarrassed, specially since she is a mom now.
          (not that I approve of any moms having a sex-tape because its just sad)
          I think that Danielle even tried to act like she had Kendra’s problem to the court, but she thinks she is fooling everybody & laughing all the way to the bank I guess?
          btw, MAX has a Bravo blog!

          • Robin says:

            Call me silly but with all the stuff on the internet about it I doubt that this blog will be the one the kids from school look at 🙂


            • boston02127 says:

              @Robyn~You’re probably right, but not wanting to blog about Danielle’s sex tape is what makes the diffrence between the high road and the low road. It makes me resepct the Mom’s on here more than I already do.
              Take the high road, the low road is already full.

  20. anniieee says:

    She tried to match it all together with Lynn Curtain’s wristband thingys…oh cuffs..thats what u call em… They are all lime and neon-just like Jill’s fugly face.

  21. Shana p says:

    Wow! How can Jill say a WORD about bullying while trying to convince other grown women to not tape a tv show. I thought I was done being shocked or disgusted by anything she did, but I find this to be stunning in it’s naked grasping to bring down another human being. I don’t think I have ever wanted to smack someone that I didn’t know as bad as I do Jill. Oh well, I will settle for watching a smack down on the reunion.

    • Squirrels says:

      I see a Citizen Kane remake here, but I need help with the title.

      Jillizan __ame.
      (pick a letter…)

      Naturally, it would flop.

  22. ImToula says:

    Hi Everybody,
    Lynn, as always great job with the blog.
    I wasn’t able to watch The View today. I’m sure Beth was just wonderful. I’m looking forward to her show more than the reunion. Bravo Andy said on Twitter that The NY Times gave her show great reviews. I’m sure Jill, Kelly and Luann are wearing every shade of green possible. Yesterday morning I was on Twitter when LuMann twitted to tell everyone to tune into a morning show in Los Angeles, because she was going to “sing”. I don’t know what came over me. I got so angry I almost screamed! I am so sick and tired of these no talent housewives pushing their useless books, songs and porn movies on the public.

  23. bethluvsben says:

    i just noticed that on Amazon, Jill is the subject of awful, unjust attacks regarding her book. Bad reviews that are written by people who obviously have not read the book. If you love Jill and have read the book, please go and write a review on Amazon. Jill deserves our help, she is a wonderful person. I am just a fan, but I am sick of the EXTREME haters hurting Jill.
    Please pass this idea around.

    • ImToula says:

      “If you love Jill ”
      I don’t want to be rude, but did you not read the title of this blog? It’s called
      I Hate Jill Zarin”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I read the reviews. I read the book. I can’t disagree with the reviews.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Are we going to be treated to singing tonight???
        I don’t want to hear anymore singing………Mommy can’t wipe your assss! Elephants are turned…….by Freds.

    • anniieee says:


      Everyone can say
      All they want here, without attacking
      To speak is free
      So help yourself
      Hope you feel better
      Its a great blog
      Thanks to everyone on it.

      Lynn, You are more than welcome to delete mine. Thanks….

    • Shana p says:

      Um, this may not be the place to solicit sympathy for Jill or find people who agree with you…..just sayin’

    • Hooked On Housewives says:

      Hi. Are you the same Beth from yesterday who was quaking in fear and didn’t know which way to turn and wanted advice from Lynn?

      Not attacking. Just asking. I’m curious.

      • Capiche says:

        Yes, I do believe it’s the same one. That’s why I passed over it. I couldn’t believe any of the posters on this blog would be so stupid as to post that they sent threatening letters. Be aware, the work of the dev…er..Jill is at hand!

      • anutha hata says:

        You don’t miss a thing do you HoH? I thought I recognised the handle, but no way did I remember that.

    • Kat says:

      Keeping my food to myself.

    • Squirrels says:

      I’m still stuck on “Jill deserves our help, she is a wonderful person”.

      ‘Deserves’ being the operative word.

    • Squirrels says:

      Dayum. Had you gone on, I swear I would have donated cupcakes to your organization.

    • RileyKitty says:

      I am going to run right over to Amazon & make sure I post a positive review of Jill’s book right now…. When Kelly becomes sane or Jill isn’t a vile bitch anymore, in other words NEVER!!!

      Extreme haters haven’t hurt Jill, Jill hurt Jill.

      • Char12 says:

        My heart got stuck in my throat when I read that lol. Are you trying to kill me girl? 🙂

    • Char12 says:

      HUH? The reviews are spot on. There’s nothing good about that book or about Jill either.

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      Not my fault she wrote a crap book.

    • Adgirl says:

      Haha. I had to peel myself off the floor.
      Yes, you are right if anyone on the I Hate Jill Zarin board likes her book we should write a positive review!
      Then we should hurry over to the I Hate Disneyland board and write a 5 star recommendation for the Dumbo flys ride.

      Lynn, please DO be sure to keep this little gem up here. We love a good laugh!

    • pfinfl says:

      Hey Jill….we know your book is taking an extreme nosedive. Your fault, not the reviewers at Amazon. Should have written a book that people could relate to. Besides you said that your mother, your sister, and yourself wrote the book for your family and the future generation. I’m sure they all have their copies. Your done…bye! (not meant as a threat like Danielle thinks bye means).

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      Dear bethluvsben, Lynn would not delet you honey. This is not the Bravo site.

      • The Digger says:

        bethluvsben I must say I love you to pieces! Absolute pieces! What a fine welcome back!

    • Gypsy says:

      Oh look….identical….and trying to impersonate…ummm…Lynn maybe?

      Name: Lynn
      Date posted: 6/10/2010 6:43:00 PM
      Hometown: Lake Zurich

      I just noticed that on Amazon, Jill is the subject of awful, unjust attacks regarding her book. Bad reviews that are written by people who obviously have not read the book. If you love Jill and have read the book, please go and write a review on Amazon. Jill deserves our help, she is a wonderful person. I am just a fan, but I am sick of the EXTREME haters hurting Jill. Please pass this idea around. http://www.advocate.com/Arts_and_Entertainment/Television/Housewife_Jill_On_the_Reunion_and_Jersey_Girls/

      Gosh, is there an echo? LMAO

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I really don’t think people understand the power of Jill’s book, I heard they were going to take any unsold copies (pretty much the entire first edition minus 5) and use it to plug the hole in the Gulf.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Beth dear, this is Lynn’s blog, Lynn’s rules and it is not a democracy. If Lynn wanted to delete your posts, she could delete them. If you don’t like it, go start your own blog.

      However, Lynn has said she would not delete your post unless you started attacking or badmouthing or harassing other posters. And she would ban you if you continued in the behavior after being told to stop. Since it is Lynn’s blog, she could change her mind about that any time too.

      If Lynn did want to go through and delete every post that didn’t revolve around the dislike of Jill, then that is her prerogative. She doesn’t have to be fair because this isn’t a public forum, it is Lynn’s private blog where she allows people to post messages.

      From what Lynn has said so far, you’re welcome to post as long as you follow Lynn’s rules.

      If anybody doesn’t like Lynn’s rules, then they can hit the road, Jill!


      P.S. I had written a response about writing reviews on Jill’s book somewhere on here and just wanted to let you know that because you have posted your message here, I will indeed read Jill’s book and write a review. Thanks for helping me in finalizing that decision. 🙂

      • Robin says:

        I don’t care if you are a Jewish mother,Christian mother or a motherfucker,YOU DO NOT THROW YOUR KID UNDER THE BUS! How is anyone supposed to believe a word in a book with Mother in the title, when the author blamed her own kid for something the author did? Ally was blamed for the Betheny baby mis-hap.What kind of mother does that?

        She proved that she isn’t much of a mother so who would buy the book under those circumstances? Kinda like buying a book about how to be a good husband by OJ Simpson.


    • jb8 says:

      Go sit down. In the corner. Now.

  24. Squirrels says:

    Yeow…. watching the shunburn epi. Just noticed the clip of Kelly photo’g Alex.
    If you freeze frame it, (K’s back to the camera, A walking toward the camera ready to kill) you may notice an interesting quirk.

    In the freeze frame, let’s draw loose swim trunks, just to say… above Kelly’s knees.
    Draw your own conclusions. I’m just twisted. But I’m good with it. 😀

  25. patricia henderson says:

    what’s up with twitter whale

  26. vgirl511 says:

    The second part of the VI trip is on now! I can’t even watch! I just don’t see how anybody (Jill) could watch this and say Kelly was bullied when she was so obviously out of control!

    • anniieee says:

      want the facts, I’ll give you the facts, want the facts? There is no conversation..wow..

    • kokuanani says:

      This frosts me too.

      1) LuAnn & Jill, who weren’t even on the trip were the ones to spin this “Kelly was bullied” crap, based solely on Kelly’s fantasies; and

      2) They [and Kelly] promoted this meme even after they could have viewed the DVD [which they’re all provided] of the trip itself and thus seen that Kelly’s fantasies were just that — fantasies.

      Only two explanations for their behavior: stupid or liars.

  27. Fabulous Earth says:


    • Kat says:

      Cheers! I’ll be having a drink later. 8)

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        I”m letting my wine breathe. LOL. Yeah sure. Half the bottle is gone. I better slow down. I don’t want to go out in this pourong rain for a refill.

        • Hooked On Housewives says:


          • Squirrels says:

            Hooked. I’m sending you a lovely bottle of chardonnay. It’s not the best but I hope you laugh your way through the reunion episode.

            p.s. Take two tylenol before bed. Just a prevention issue.

            • anniieee says:

              @hooked..have you tried one of those new wine airaters (sp) you pour the wine thru it..it adds air and makes a cheap (I’m not cheap–just inexpensive as in single schoolteacher) wine taste like a better or best bottle of wine. They are wunnerful!! No decantering..breathing..just chug away. lol

              • anniieee says:

                cantering is for horses… decanting is for wine… put away the wodka for a while….sheeezh..

              • Anitabee says:

                Anniieee, where did you get get yours? I saw an article on them a year ago but was unaware they hit the market.

    • lillybee says:

      I will be joining you all at 9 pdt.

  28. Chickentales says:

    I just threw together a small Jill Zarin video of her eating the ice on my blog. I’m playing with my new movie editor software and she’s the perfect subject. Thought it was a nice primer for tonight.


  29. anniieee says:

    I love Ramona’s white top and white skirt.. she looks great in it.

  30. MickeyMouth says:

    Okay just got back from picking up the kids (don’t they know it’s reunion night geez) anyway refreshed my screen with the ugly story about Bethenny and Omarosa on the termites website and now it’s Teresa’s mcmansion up for sale. Did we know this? And wow Perez has not stop blogging the housewives this week. Does he have a share in Bravo we don’t know about?

  31. shantygal says:

    OT – I just entered a contest to win a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and my dang Al Sharpton avatar showed up! Embarrassed. Here’s the link if you want to enter:


  32. Fairy says:

    Longtime lurker…first time poster. First I just love your blog. My total go-to blog as soon as the screen comes on. And your posters are the best. Intelligent engaging posts.
    Poster #1 I tried to click on your blog and went nowhere.sorry! I did get over to Reiley’s?. I’ll be checking that one out as well. Her blog name are almost identical. How random is that?!

    • RileyKitty says:

      Are you talking about my blog? I didn’t actually post a “blog” just 2 recommendations for blogs, one is Lynn’s blog & I have a few pics of Simon & Alex posted from the meet & greet. Both of which you are more than welcome to look at 🙂

  33. DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

    Can not wait until you all see my new RM talking to the loser. Just so you know I loved her 2nd or 3rd or whatever. Just so you know I love her. Still mad at her “wing-man” I don’t care what country your are from (Simon) that was wrong.

    Thank you so much Lynn for this site. You write so well what we are as a collective group thinking.

    By the By if anyone needs my email so they can

    a. Call the cops for threatening messages I have made against myself
    b. Call the press for threatening messages I have made against myself
    c. Call myself for threatening messages I have made against myself

    My email is passiveaggressivebigbadwolf

    Got to go. Looking for a card I needed to mail XXXOOO’S

  34. jenn says:

    Lynn’s post doesn’t make sense. Alex was all buddy with all the women in first shows. Does Alex know you are her spokesperson now?

  35. Chickentales says:

    I’m not sure what happened to my other post. Just threw together a short Jill eating ice video and it never went through. Or maybe my computer is pissed that I put Jill on it. Not sure…..here goes again. http://bit.ly/cR16Sx

  36. Fairy says:

    ooops! last part of sentence….as my blog. Can’t wait for tonight DVR’ed up!

  37. Char12 says:

    Could it be that they are having 3 parts of the reunion show means they are finally listening to their viewers? Or…do they think that we all will change our minds about Jill when we see her try to spin her way out of trouble?

    Can’t wait for tonight!!!
    Gotta go back and read as I haven’t had much time today. What have I missed lol.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I gotta think they listened and we are in for less editing and more explanationing (a Kellyism word).

  38. emt2 says:


    Omarosa is saying some nasty things about Bethenny because of comments B said during her interview on the View today.

    Here’s my take:

    What did Bethenny say about Omarosa that was bad and was untrue? She said that Omarosa used her fame to become infamous. ANd Omarosa has said this numerous times in interviews. She talks about how she is a bitch and she loves it, blah, blah, blah. How is this bad? Bethenny complimented Elizabeth Hasselback for parlaying her reality tv stardom into a legitimate career–co host of a journalism tv show. She’s not on the Surreal Life, is she?

    Omarosa is just trying to get press. She has been out of the limelight for awhile now and Donald Trump is desperate and now he is doing a show with her. Donald doesn’t even like Omarosa. Wasn’t she on the Surreal Life?

    There are so many reality tv stars that are jealous of Bethenny right now. Teresa, Jill and Omarosa.

    Omarosa is jealous. When was the last interview you’ve seen with her or read about her? Exactly. No even knew she was doing that show with Donald Trump.

    She needs to go sit down somewhere.

    I like Bethenny but I’m not like a fanatic about her. She is annoying at times but she does make a good point. She built a brand that has nothing to do with reality tv. Reality tv is a platform to build her brand. Omarosa just wanted to be a reality tv star. What does she sell? What has she published? What is her brand?

    • Chickentales says:

      I’d rather go on scary island with Jill AND Kelly than to watch anything with Omarosa in it.

    • Capiche says:

      I read Perez’s post and I thought Omarosa knows a LOT about the Real Housewives and Bethenny’s personal life. And then I remembered, Donald is Jill’s good friend (the ice rink, right?) and isn’t he producing Oma’s new show? (I believe I saw a commercial on some channel where The Jeffersons are on!) Hmmm….We all know how Jill operates don’t we?

    • I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

      I just finished watching Bethenny on The View. I didn’t think Bethenny said anything bad about Omarosa. I don’t know why Omarosa felt the need to question Jason’s sexuality. Some people are starting these rumors about him without any proof. It makes my blood boil.

      • jb8 says:

        Kelly-ism: PR101, any press is good press. Oma is desperate for crumbs. I find her tired and boring. Somebody needs to tell her that her 15 minutes were up several years ago.

  39. kokuanani says:

    We saw Jill accuse Alex of trying to put a negative story in the press about Jill, yet Jill has no proof. (I asked Alex about it and she said she had no idea what Jill was talking about, the same answer she gives on the reunion show) I think that Jill’s four PR people came up with that story

    This, and Jill’s other antics [plus those of her “PR people”] really frost me!!

    Filming of the season itself stopped way back when. Filming of the “reunion” occurred two weeks ago. Thus anything Jill and her minions have done SINCE the filming of the reunion WON’T be able to be responded to and debunked at the reunion.

    The only place to deconstruct the lies Jill’s put out over the last few weeks [since the filming of the reunion] is on WWHL. Is it vain and crazy to hope that Andy will give Bethenny a chance to respond on WWHL?

    • Squirrels says:

      Bethenny is on with Andy tonight. I suspect depending on the Bravo boards lighting up, the division of questions re: HW v BGM will be carefully controlled by the boys who have money in this venture.

      • A former Jill fan says:

        i’ve sent my half dozen or so tweets today to Andy to let him know what I want and don’t want to see in the housewife shows and in bravo programming. I did thank him for listening in my last tweet. 🙂

      • A former Jill fan says:

        Andy’s in a kamikaze cab heading for the studio, I guess as of 17 minutes ago. Let’s hope he gets there on time and in one piece! LOL!

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      I love love JZ’s PR people. Ginger may have a way of escape after all.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Who is going to buy that place? It’s gawdy! Oh, Jill will need a new place once she is run out of Manhattan and the Hamptons – she could be the first housewife transplant!

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        The article says that the property is complete with an Italian Sex Swing.

        I’m still trying to find out what is an Italian Sex Swing. I might get one….LOL

        • Dolce says:

          Hooked: take 1 Italian, preferably short, stout, on steroids and dumb as dirt; add swinging dude to the mix; swinging = sex. There you have it………. Joe comes with the house.

  40. bethluvsben says:

    Please, lets stop all of the hate. Jill is such a charitable person. She is kind, loving, sweet, thoughtful, selfless and of course slightly flawed like us all. But this has now gone to far. i am appealing to all moms out here. Stop the hate, start the love. I love all of you.
    On Amazon, Jill is the subject of awful, unjust attacks regarding her book. Bad reviews that are written by people who obviously have not read the book. If you love Jill and have read the book, please go and write a review on Amazon. Jill deserves our help, she is a wonderful person. I am just a fan. I want to spread love.
    Please pass this idea around.
    Love Beth

    • Kat says:

      Pieces of luv on mute.
      Lights out. No one is home.

    • RileyKitty says:

      No offense, Beth, but you won’t convince any of us Jill is a wonderful person. You are more than welcome to post, we all respect that, Lynn has always said everyone is welcome but you won’t change any of our minds as far as Jill is concerned. It is nice she has such a loyal fan that you came on a I Hate Jill Zarin blog to defend her. I admire your moxy. Have a great night & enjoy the reunion show tonight.

      • Hater says:

        Since the person purporting to be Beth isn’t signed in anyone could have forged her nickname.

        Jill, don’t you have better things to do?

    • Small Town Mama says:

      I know Lynn only has one rule here but I wish she would add a no spamming rule. It’s the second time you posted this.


    • Shana p says:

      Why don’t you start your own blog? Seriously…..you obviously have strong feelings and you would probably benefit from finding kindred spirits (if they exist!)

      It shows a certain kind of imbalance to keep posting here, move along please, you’ve made your point.

      • Hooked On Housewives says:

        @Shana P
        It shows a certain kind of imbalance to keep posting here,

        Sometimes it shows an underlying need to get folks to rise to the bait and then skip off into the twilight saying, I told you so as you copy and paste the remarks you feel are attacks to some “other” board. Just thinking out loud. Damn that was a long sentence….

    • kokuanani says:

      You forgot to include the tags.

      • kokuanani says:

        I tried to include “snark” within the little HTML arrows, so it would have read “snark tags.”


        • Adgirl says:

          Maybe a I Love JZ blog can’t compete with this one…? What do you think the # of uniqiue visitors would be?

          1. Jill
          2. Bobby (actually Jill using Bobby’s acct)
          3. Ally Bobby (actually Jill using Ally’s acct)
          4. Gloria (actually Jill using Gloria’s acct)
          5. Susan Saunders
          6. Kelly
          7. Al Sharpton

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      She is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Hi Jill! Glad you showed up tonight! Did you get Andy Cohen’s tweet re Bethenny’s show–NY Times gave it a rave review!

      Wooohooo! 🙂

      Pull up a chair and stay a while!

    • jb8 says:

      You are on the wrong blog, darling.

  41. Scorpiosue says:

    Yay! Simon is going to tweet during the reunion.

  42. RileyKitty says:

    @Small Town Mama. I agree, no spamming & no repetative posts just to be heard. It takes up valuable space. We already know that too many posts sends the blog comments wonky.

  43. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Can we all put our heads together and try and figure out what shitstorm Jillousy will cook up to try and offset the premiere of Bethenny’s new show.

    Ginger disappears from Jillousy’s lap…………..Alex stole her but Bethenny put her up to it.
    Darren has a black eye after a date with Kellamity……….Alex did it but Bethenny held him down
    Gloria’s face falls (more than what it already has)………….Alex did it but bethenny stole the collagen and elastin
    Someone broke into Zarin Fabrics but didn’t steal anything……It was Alex and Bethenny because they have no taste.
    Bad people are doing mean things to me………It was Alex but Bethenny and Sonja were laughing about it.

  44. Maddiegirl says:

    While I’m not going to miss the reunion show tonight, I know I will want to throw something at my TV (or throw-up in my trashcan). JZ and Kelly will continue to act like they did nothing wrong, even with all the episodes of proof. It is going to be an hour of FRUSTRATION!

    • kokuanani says:

      I have a large supply of koosh balls and rolled up socks to vent my frustration but save my tv.

      I recommend them.

  45. Small Town Mama says:

    I hope Bethenny’s show does really well. Maybe Bravo will realize they don’t need drama to bring in the ratings. Not everyone wants to watch Kelly self destruct or Jill play victim week after week.

  46. RileyKitty says:

    90 minutes to reunion… I better get a few things done but will be back to cooment during the show for those who want to 🙂

    • RileyKitty says:

      that would be comment LOL

    • Shana p says:

      What time zone are y’all in? I’m on the West Coast and wondering if I need to wait a while before checking back in….. Ive been laid up in bed, though so patience is hard!!!

      • Squirrels says:

        Shana, if you have an HD tv and cable, you should be able to catch rhony. my bravo hd channel is 442. i imagine your area would be different. So if you have an HD tv, check out the HD channels. Good luck

  47. anniieee says:

    Drinks (more ) and snacks coming up….

  48. fairydusted says:

    Thanks Kat! I didn’t have an account until you said that so I can’t fix those first ones but thanks! BTW……fairydusted

  49. A former Jill fan says:

    I see you all have really been whooping it up already on the last thread! LOL! I had to very quickly skim to arrive here. Missed a lot of good stuff I’m sure, but it’s too close to curtain time and I have to get a few things done.

    This is going to be good if there’s going to be 3 parts to the reunion! 🙂


    And I’m still without booze! 😦 LOL!

  50. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    Bethenny is going to be on EXTRA tonight 7:30pm

    If posted, hey sorry, if not , your welcome!

    By the way I always watched the Insider and kept hearing them refer to Bethenny as the most hated housewife. I kept wondering what show they were watching, and they always had Jill and Countless on.

    Come to find out that Bethenny was on NBC at ET and EXTRA hanging out with BillyBush.

    Better late than ever.

  51. JillousyHater says:

    Looks like Jill is pretending to be “DAN FROM CHICAGO” ANOTHER PSEUDONYM??


    Do you remember when she was Susan Saunders and gave her own book glowing reviews and trashed Simon and Alex’s book? She ALSO gave a review of the RHONYC 1st Season DVD and wrote that “Jill is the most genuine housewife on the show” – I thought it sounded very familiar when I saw “Dan from Chicago” post it as one of the 1st comments to this blog.

    • desertgal66 says:

      If you look at the comments below that article, you’ll see the same post that “bethluvsben” made here…only she’s using Lynn’s name over there.

      What a skank.

      • anniieee says:

        Jill just wants to see if we change our minds about her…all contrite.. you all are picking on me.. i did nothing wrong….Bawwwby..start the car, I’m walking off.

        Fat chance Jill… you have no redeeming qualities…except for Ally–Get off TV and give her a chance.

      • shantygal says:

        Great catch desertgal.

  52. Lynn,
    I’m so glad B spilled the beans. I really took it to heart when Alex asked us to keep certain things off the record, it was hard, but I admire and respect her so much. I believe everything she told us last weekend. She has really nothing to gain by lying anyway.

    Poor Jennifer, can you imagine the pressure Jill put on her to only film with her. JZ might as well film by herself, she never lets anyone get a word in anyway. Jill should have her own show, oh wait, no one asked her. (insert evil laugh here)

  53. fairydusted says:

    sooooo Jillous of you east coasters. It’s only 4:30 here. But ummm….Can I please have a drink too? I need to keep up my strength hit the refresh button!

  54. jean says:

    Ick this pinot must be an acquired taste. Think I will save it for when there is no hooch in the house. Switching to whiskey and water…..Cant wait till Jill ,Kelly, and countless the REAL hocakes/hobags of nyc start paying their dues.

  55. Chickentales says:


    Great news. Our book did so well that it is being translated and published in Russia now too! ( We already sold to… http://bit.ly/dvYJB5 1 minute ago via Facebook

    * Reply
    * Retweet

    • Chickentales says:


      @Jillzarin It’s good that they don’t know you over in Russia less than 5 seconds ago via web in reply to Jillzarin

      * Delete

    • shantygal says:

      Great. Now she’s starting WWIII.

    • desertgal66 says:

      That doesn’t mean the book sold that well. As JILL HERSELF noted, it just means that they sold the rights in Russia, same as they did in Japan.

      Big freaking whoop-de-do. J.K. Rowling, she ain’t.

    • Maddiegirl says:

      She must be using PublishYourOwnBook.com and the free online translation service.

    • Capiche says:

      I actually don’t doubt it’s being published in Russian. It’s probably being marketed to the Russian Jews due to the title. There are a good amount of Jews in Russia. But that doesn’t mean anything except the publisher is selling the rights to all these countries to recoup some of the money they lost in the US market. And selling the rights can go for very little…

  56. Hooked On Housewives says:

    Good luck to BRAS tonight. See you all later. Enjoy the shows.

  57. kathy says:

    I just read about Jill trying to get the other women not to film with Bethenny. For real? Wow! Just when you think it can’t get worse, it does! I believe it. She tried to get people to LuAnn’s instead of Ramona’s. She tried to get them to go on her trip instead of Ramona’s. How nasty can one woman be?

  58. shantygal says:

    Byeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Got to make dinner and set the stage for the best night ever!!! Have fun to all that stay online throughout the evening.

  59. jean says:

    Episode now is about to show the classy countless ice skating with the classy rental skates and jill busting her ass.

  60. Chickentales says:

    ARGH…I have to wait another 2 hours for the reunion and it’s all Bethenny and Alex’s fault. Sorry, I channeled the devil…err, Jill for a moment.

  61. desertgal66 says:

    Watching the marathon today, I was had to laugh at something Kelly said when they were discussing one night stands on the yacht…

    “If you had this [her body], you wouldn’t give it away.”

    Whatcha saying there, Kell? That you sell it instead of giving it away?

  62. fairydusted says:

    I feel for ya Chickentales. I’m gonna be bombed by the time the reunion runs here. Might prevent me from throwing my remote through the television.

  63. Bravo fan says:

    I just posted 2 comments on JillZarin.com. She posted that her book has been published in Russian. I said that I think she is being insincere about the content of her book. I asked her where is the chapter on the relationship between her and B.? remember she always says “its in the book”
    I also also asked her if it was true that she was trying to get the other cast members not to film with B.
    Lets see if the questions stay there

  64. Scorpiosue says:

    I already told my 7 yr old he will have to be in a different room when the reunion comes on.

    Part 2 of the reunion will be on MONDAY. FYI. I know I don’t want to miss THAT.

  65. Bravo fan says:

    Iam sorry I asked the questions on her facebook not her other site.

  66. Scorpiosue says:

    Alex interview on Zap It: http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2010/06/real-housewives-ny-reunion-alex-mccord-on-jill-zarin-shes-either-manipulative-or-shes-clueless.html

    One exert: “We touch on some of the really crazy Machiavellian stuff that went on behind the scenes,” says Alex. “Where various housewives tried to control things by trying to skew storylines to their advantage, trying to strategize by getting other housewives not to film with other people.”

    She says we did see a little bit of that on the show when Jill sent a threatening email to Kelly Bensimon after she found out that the former model had supposedly made up with Bethenny Frankel at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend.

    Machiavelli is a PERFECT explanation for how Jill acts. So now Alex AND Bethenny both say that Jill did this. Stick that in your pipe Jill! I get soooo angry because I really was a fan of Jill. I like her dynamic with Bethenny, but the twisted way she has dealt with these ladies is just sickening.

  67. boston02127 says:

    A Brief look at the Life of a Housewives of NYC Viewer

    Week 1~~You cuddle up on the couch with a cozy blanket. You watch the show and figure out who’s who & what’s going on. You realize you don’t care for a few of the wives. One seems especially nasty. She’s a homely woman. You plan on keeping an eye on that one.

    Week 2~~Cuddled up on the couch again with a little snack, your dog at your feet. You watch the evil red head that you’ve been thinking about all week. She’s mean and nasty and lies. Again and again. You think to yourself nobody would believe this woman unless they saw her. She’s vile, almost scary. Every time she opens her mouth hate becomes you. The show is over and you find that you’re talking to yourself.

    Week 3~~You rush to get everything around the house done early so you won’t miss a minute of the woman you’ve come to realize you hate. You feel yourself shaking when the show is over. You seek out anyone who will listen about the vile scary red headed woman on T. V. each week.

    Week 4~~~You’re watching the clock tick slowly from 5:00 P.M. on. Ten minutes before the show, you make a drink to help you get thru watching the woman you now despise. You find you’re hating her so much but not wanting to miss a second of watching her screw up more and more.

    Week 5~~Survived another week of wanting to talk to someone, anyone about this woman you hate so very much. 10:00 P.M. comes and you’re sitting on the edge of your seat pushing that damn cozy blanket aside. A stiff drink in one hand and a shot on the side. You’re getting pissed and feeling anxious. Talking to the to the T. V. has passed, you’re now yelling. The red headed woman is evil, pure evil!

    Week 6~~ You’re watching the show with a decanter of booze beside you. Phone is shut off. You know for a fact you hate her more than ever. You begin to realize your vocabulary has become that of a truck driver while yelling at the evil bitch with the red hair.

    Week 7~ You discover a Blog! You hear a funny Scoobie Doo noise come out of your mouth Huuuhhh? You say out loud Oh God yes! You feel excitement. I’m not alone! Others hate her too! You go in cautiously, say hi, I’m new here. An hour passes,
    a day goes by, a week passes and you are blogging and reading blogs. You feel calm, you’ve found a home.

    Week 8~~ You rush home to check the blogs. You’ve found friends, comedians, intelligent people who make you realize you’re not crazy. Sisters/brothers of the hate club. Everyday hard working people that share the hate. You get comfortable and blow the food crumbs off your keyboard. You begin reading the days blogs. One after another until the sun comes up.

    Week 9~~You’ve gained 10 pounds. You’re pale from lack of sunshine. Your ass feels like a pancake from sitting. Your dog looks painfully thin and lonely. You don’t care that your boyfriend/husband/wife sees you in leggings and a sweatshirt with a pajama top hanging out. You’re hair is a mess, nails not done, laundry is built up, floors need to be cleaned. You must read the blogs, it’s an addiction.

    Finally~~The big night! All hopes are that they will bury the woman you’ve grown to hate. You look around your house falling apart and think who gives a shit, I need my blogs! Your dog ran away to find food. You know it’s almost over and yet it feels a bit sad. You sit down at your computer and type GOSSIP, I NEED GOSSIP knowing all you’re sister haters will laugh.

    To all of my sister haters~~thanks for ride. It’s been fun.

  68. anniieee says:

    Boston that was priceless… and fit me perfectly. I have so much stuff piled up…and will get to it… (yeah sure) Got my drink…got cheese and crackers(no whine) and ready to watch and see Rileykitty’s commentary.

  69. RileyKitty says:

    It is amazing what you can get done when you step away from the blog for 30 minutes. LOL I have made myself a Long Island Iced Tea in my 32 oz. Cubs mug. I will be trashed by the time the night is over. I am so excited for the reunion to start. I hope if Green Shoes walks off during part 1 that she doesn’t return for the rest of it. Otherwise it is just a bid for attention. Andy begging for her return in between sips of his mixed drink.

  70. boston02127 says:

    Does everyone know it starts at 9 tonight? I had just assumed that it was on at 10 and Bethenny would be on at 11.

  71. Adgirl says:


    It’s almost ovveeerrrrr!! Only tonight and then 2 more.

  72. fairydusted says:

    Excellent and totally acurate Boston! oooooo found the HD Channel and it comes on in 45 minutes but Hubby higs the biggie! No efffin dinner for him.

  73. fairydusted says:

    Excellent and totally acurate Boston! oooooo found the HD Channel and it comes on in 45 minutes but Hubby h0gs the biggie! No efffin dinner for him.

  74. ilovelynn says:

    both the ny daily news and the ny post gave bethenny’s show bad reviews. the news gave it one star and the lady in the post who is usually spot on gave it no stars. they both said it was boring and tedious and that bethenny spends most of her time berating jason. I hope they are wrong. maybe it’s because they just don’t know how bethenny snarks. they said alot more, sorry, you know I don’t know how to provide links to stuff, anyway, it was all negative. we shall see.

  75. DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

    Lynn thank your for this site. If we had video to go with the words bet you could beat the hell out of any “reality show”. Hope to one day see the title of your blog say “Jill Who?”

  76. ilovelynn says:

    both the ny daily news and the ny post gave bethenny’s show bad reviews. the news gave it one star and the lady in the post who is usually spot on gave it no stars. they both said it was boring and tedious and that bethenny spends most of her time berating jason. I hope they are wrong. maybe it’s because they just don’t know how bethenny snarks. they said alot more, sorry, you know I don’t know how to provide links to stuff, anyway, it was all negative. we shall see. both those newspapers are rags, but still….by the way, what happened to HAD ENOUGH, did he/ she have enough?

  77. fairydusted says:

    Sorry gals….still getting used to wordpress. Terror on the HIGH seas is on in here now. Gosh, was the hell am I so anxious? *Pours another*

  78. WindyCityWondering says:

    Just watched Sonja at LuAnn’s disco disaster. SHE took them all down, NEVER RAISED HER VOICE and they didn’t even realize she did it! She can out class the countess anyday and LuLu so knows it. After all were put in their places the first word out of Jill’s mouth was “Alex”………. This will be an interesting reunion because Alex has Bethenny as her wing(wo)man and we know B is the flying Ace!

    Jill is getting uglier by the episode. Is there a site where we can plug her picture in and give her a makeover???

  79. A former Jill fan says:

    Can anybody recommend a good online liquor store? 😉

    • Squirrels says:

      Head toward Jersey. Somewhere near Theresa’s house should be a truck where stuff falls off all the time.

  80. RileyKitty says:

    it is about time

  81. dee says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Kelly!!!??? I don’t think that she said anything about B in that article. She was asked about her, but Kelly defered on talking about her.

    • Jennifer says:

      Per Alex read her blog when it’s over I bet Alex found the article

      Also Kelly has outright called B a vile human, disgusting and not human on Access Hollywood so she lies

      • dee says:

        I was just commenting on the article they talked about in the reunion. I’m sure Kelly has expressed her views to other writers about B.

  82. anniieee says:

    did anyone else lose the site for the last hour?

  83. Kat says:

    wow. the blog is back!

  84. RileyKitty says:

    yes, I was going to comment during the show but now I will just wait, I don’t have my notes. 😉

  85. MickeyMouth says:

    Did WordPress just call the exterminator on all the pests 🙂

  86. Capiche says:

    Did anyone else have a problem accessing this blog in the last hour?

  87. anniieee says:

    ghost of jill……..

  88. boston02127 says:

    I f/n hate HATE HATE Kelly!!!

    • Kat says:

      She’s sickening.

    • anniieee says:

      yeah me too… almost as much …and sometimes more than Jill. Mostly because she is such a follower and takes her garbage over the top. She throws shit out there and then wont discuss it… because there is not truth.

  89. just sayin' says:

    Jill Zarin tried to shut down the blog 🙂

  90. Queen Butter Bean says:

    Had to change my name…Queen goes better than Princess…better ring and all….

    Kelly has indeed talked about Bethenny. Remember at last year’s reunion when Andy brought up the article where Kelly was bashing Bethenny. She was basically likening her to a social climber. Kelly’s such an ignorant bitch.

    BUT…to me, the BEST exchange in the reunion so far is:

    Kelly: Don’t ever call your daughter stupid.
    Ramona: I didn’t – I just didn’t want you to feel bad.


    I will chuckle about that for a LONG time!

  91. vilzvet says:

    The whole right side couch sucks….really.

  92. dee says:

    Okay, we are back. Let’s start talking about the reunion.

  93. katiecoo says:

    Whew! I made it! Have had a hard time getting on here…whew! JZ, what a bitch on the reunion!

  94. A former Jill fan says:

    I think it was too many users! Twitter was down several times this afternoon. It was really annoying.

  95. RileyKitty says:

    I think it was a wordpress issue, my blog was down too. Not that anything is going on there just wanted to see if it was this blog or all of wordpress

  96. boston02127 says:

    Bethenny, Ramona and Alex all sitting together looking so pretty and polished.

    Jill, Kelly and LuMan are all a mess. Jill with 3lbs of make up on and hooker hair.
    Kelly looks dirty as usual. LuMan is just Luman with her tarzan dress on.

  97. Capiche says:

    all right. we’re back on track. is it just me or is jill being creepy nice to Bethenny? Trying to engage her when Bethenny’s not looking her way. Which consultant suggested that?

  98. HD says:

    OH SNAP! I can’t wait until MONDAY! We see Kelly walked off. (If anyone said this yes, I am late, sorry)

  99. MickeyMouth says:

    No One Was Mean To You!

  100. anniieee says:

    o wow… Kelly walks off….Monday

  101. boston02127 says:

    Being mean makes you ugly. Look at Jill’s face.

  102. dee says:

    You know something that building that Jill lives in is huge. I can’t imagine that her mailman personally knows. So why would he/she send Bobby flowers?

  103. Queen Butter Bean says:

    Anyone ever wonder what the entire phone call where Bethenny told Jill to “get a hobby” was all about? Jill played part of it to LuAnn and her psychic, but then ended it and said, “you’ve heard enough?” I bet the remainder of the talk would make Jill look like shit somehow….one can only hope.

    • Queen Butter Bean says:

      sorry…meant to say, “you’ve heard enough.”…..

      I seem to have an issue with “?” and “.” today.

  104. lillybee says:

    So glad this blog is back.

  105. The Digger says:

    Hey Boston, isn’t it time for the daily Kelly Charity Check?

  106. fairydusted says:

    Yup it went down here as well. Watching my DVR’ed View with Bethenny to waste time. Wow Monday is the next one? Hope I remember!

  107. dee says:

    I didn’t mean that “we were done”. It was a bad day. It was this. It was that. Awwwww shut up Jill.

  108. HD says:

    HALLELUJAH! I am so fucking glad BETHANNY said the TRUTH!! THANK YOU!!

  109. Capiche says:

    This shit is good!

  110. lillybee says:

    Wow, I am blocked from Jill’s web site. I don’t twitter. I only blog here and I haven’t said anything nasty to her at all. How did she get my IP address. I think I want to sue her.

  111. boston02127 says:

    B tells Jill the show the glam the hair and make up took you over.
    B is calling her up on telling others not to go on her show.

  112. Jennifer says:

    Go B!!!!!!!!!

    I am in love with 😉 ( a little yes)

    Now I get why JZ is pissed now

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh not that she doesn’t deserve it I mean JZ realizes she got killed at reunion and called out !!!!!!! LOL

  113. A former Jill fan says:

    Jill is really getting it now!

  114. Capiche says:

    Spin, Jill, spin!

  115. boston02127 says:

    Jill is denying a lot. ugh
    sorry for the typing, i’m watching too

    B remembers so much more than Jill.

  116. dee says:

    I don’t know how I feel about Jill’s shoes. They look horrendous, but maybe they’re hot? Somebody with taste, help me figure out my feelings.

    • Annie1033 says:


      They might be cool ON someone cool….but on her, BROKE DOWN HO.
      (Yeah I SAID it). ;>

      • dee says:

        Funny thing that without me asking my 12 yo daughter she tells me, “those shoes don’t go with that dress”. So seems that there is something wrong with the shoes.

        • Annie1033 says:

          (didn’t mean to correct you Boston)

          No, I think there’s just something wrong with said WEARER of the shoes.

    • boston02127 says:

      She’s got on Manolo Blahniks. (red bottoms)
      really expensive

      • Annie1033 says:

        No, red bottoms are Louboutin’s actually.

        • boston02127 says:

          @Annie1033~You’re right, Chirstian. I was typing so fast and watching at the same time. Sorry.

          LOL~~I get my Christian Louboutins and my Payless mixed up. 🙂

      • dee says:

        Then I’m going with annie1033’s assessment of the shoes. The problem is the wearer of the shoes.

      • Squirrels says:

        money can’t buy you color coordination.

      • A Real Skinny Girl says:

        yes but they need to be on someone that is age appropriate — isn’t this the same woman that wants kelly and ramona to dress their ages?!

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        Not to be a pain but they’re actually Christian Louboutin. He’s the designer who makes the red bottoms. They’re gorgeous USUALLY, but she chose the one pair that is heinous, much like herself. But that’s Jill, if they have a label and cost a lot, she’ll buy them even if they’re ugly.

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      Just love and thank her hair dresser and her stylist. They luv her as much as we do.

      • Annie1033 says:

        Heh heh, that’s what I said a while back! A couple of ANGRY gay men….wonder if they’re on this board right…now…..hmmmmm

    • fairydusted says:


  117. MickeyMouth says:

    Hold her heels to the fire Bethenny!

    Awesome about what she was willing to put on camera.

    I will have to watch this again, and again and again!!!!

  118. boston02127 says:

    B>>>u chose to bring cancer on tv, u chose ot bring Ally to weight loss camp on tv.
    She wont make up on tv?????

  119. anniieee says:

    I am going to puke… Jill is really making me physically sick.

  120. HD says:

    I FUCKING love this!!! I do!! This is what I have been needing!!! YES!!! I am so happy right now!!! Jill looks like an idiot and I love it!! Bethanny told the truth!!!

  121. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    b let jill have it!
    r second that emotion!
    a like a rabid dog holding on!


  122. boston02127 says:

    Alex took NO bullsh*&. Yeah ALEX!

  123. MickeyMouth says:

    Do they blog the reunion show?

  124. Capiche says:

    Why is LuAnn interrupting with her nonsensical defense of Jill! Shut up! Enough with your interference of the drama!

  125. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    Why the f*&k is Kelly trying to interject …CrackheadHo STFU and let the women talk BITCH!

  126. Jennifer says:

    Even LuAnn basically admitted Jillzilla asked her not to fil
    w B

  127. HD says:

    “I have changed and you will see it today” IS JILL STUPID?!! Rhetorical question of course. LOL!

  128. boston02127 says:

    Jill is saying that she changed.
    B….I wish you the best
    Ohh b says Jason doesnt care for you
    B…I dont know where to put u in my life
    J…crying I miss you I’m done …………walks out

  129. Capiche says:

    Jason doesn’t care for Jill! He’s tops in my book! He sees the bullshit. And she stomps off in those fugly green shoes.

  130. dee says:

    Bye, bitch!!!! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

  131. HD says:

    I know I am posting like crazy but I am soooooooooo overjoyed!!! I am so glad that Bethanny let it be known that Jason does not like Jill. I am also happy that NO ONE IS CHASING AFTER JILL! GO ON!! LEAVE!! LOL! Of course she will be back! LOL!

  132. boston02127 says:

    it is a 3 part

  133. Scorpiosue says:

    No Kelly, you are embarrassing. Koock-a-doodle-doo.

  134. dee says:

    Was this the fastest hour ever??? I cannot believe it’s over.

  135. anniieee says:

    God i love ramona..

  136. Capiche says:

    Well, now we know why Kelly stomped off. Her puppetmaster Jill did first. This was a good show, y’all! Jill just wants sympathy and Bethenny hit the nail on the head. She’s full of herself. Whew. I need to decompress for a while!

  137. RileyKitty says:

    shit will be good on Monday too. It looks like we might get 3 good juicy parts

  138. butterisafruit says:

    Thank GOD, Bethany took the helm. I feel so good she let it rip. I swear she spoke for all of us.

  139. boston02127 says:

    someone def told K to be quiet
    she’s still being dumb as a box of hair thou

    B’s show is on………..byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ugh

    • Annie1033 says:


      Laughing so hard right……she really, really, really is dumb as a box of hair, amen.

      • dee says:

        The more I think about it, the more I truly feel sorry for Kelly. At least Jill appears intelligent. Kelly is just duuummmmmmbbbb. Hope it’s not genetic thereby giving her kids a fighting chance in the real world.

  140. A former Jill fan says:

    And she’s off! Hope she doesn’t come back.

    And there goes Kelly!


  141. Scorpiosue says:

    Bethenny is a Goddess. She is not going to take the sugar coated bs coming from Jill.

  142. RileyKitty says:

    Bethenny looks great in that red dress!!! I am coming back after B’s show I want to pay attention 🙂

  143. anniieee says:

    i love bethenny…. night all… sweet dreams.

  144. lillybee says:

    If anyone has the ability to read Jill’s blog, please let me know what is in it. Thank you.

  145. anutha hata says:

    My quotes from Reunion Part 1 are up! (Spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet)
    Wow they went right into Bethenny’s show without a commercial.

  146. Jennifer says:

    BEST EVER can’t wait for Monday

    I might have a girl crush onRamona too after Monday

    Also love Jason and not just cuz he hates Jill but that’s s plus 🙂

  147. ilovelynn says:

    5 minutes into bethenny’s show and I LOVE IT! FUCK THE DAILY NEWS AND THE NY POST!!

  148. A former Jill fan says:

    Did anyone post this?


    Getting lots of tweets asking if I ask about x, y, and Z – the answer is YES, that’s why the reunion is 3 parts. We cover it all! 7 minutes ago via UberTwitter

  149. Jenni says:

    The part with Cookie, LOL FABULOUS!

  150. MickeyMouth says:

    From Alex’s Blog

    ” I was amazed that in the same breath she denied ever doing that, she offered up her next gossip installment. Her newest story apparently has something to do with her, a charity and me. If anyone knows what she’s talking about, could you please let me know? Feel free to post what you find on our FB page or here”

    Alex doesn’t need Bethenny’s balls anymore she grew her own!

    I may have to pull back on my Jill Zarin hate because seriously she is being taken down. She can’t spin the pity anymore!

  151. Where the Garden Grows (not jill's yard, nothing wants to be in that dirt) says:

    What a BITCH, really.

    • Jenni says:

      What a cool name you have, loving it!

    • dee says:

      You know I could come back after a couple days of not reading this site, come right here to your post and know who you are talking about. Oh, Jill, to be disliked so much, by so many. Hope you find it awful.

  152. little rock says:

    OMG! Bethenny’s show is so fun! Fast paced, funny, and she is NOT riding jason’s ass. That reviewer is so full of shit!

    • fairydusted says:

      I don’t think she does either. Jason held his own when he told her he had a right to be angry about the babygate and she totally understood while being angry and emotional herself. And besides, Kate Gosselin holds that title.

  153. lillybee says:

    Glad to hear that Beth’s new show is good.

  154. Jennifer says:

    On her tweets Jill admits to telling plp not to film with B and says Kelly wanted to be on TV show to make $, she implies Kelly faked breakdown. Also SLAMS B so she hasn’t changed worth shit

    Can’t wait for everyone take here

  155. A former Jill fan says:

    I hope Lynn blogs tonight. I’m stepping away for a while to watch bethenny then wwhl. 🙂

  156. dee says:

    Awww that last interviewee looks adorable.

  157. HD says:

    I love B’s show already! She has the type of personality that can carry a show….

  158. Squirrels says:

    hahaha. did u see the look on cookie’s face when she got busted for liking max?
    too funny

  159. Amber...Real Housewife says:


    Did Cookie like him?


    Cookie liked him

  160. boston02127 says:

    I’ll bet money on it.

  161. dee says:

    From Jill’s twitter:
    If B ever cared about me…she would not have done this to me. I would NEVER have let this happen to her. EVER.

    What is she talking about? I have no idea.

    • Scorpiosue says:

      Maybe about Bobby and Ally? But Jill brought all that up. I guess it’s bad when Bethenny brings it up at the reunion.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Didn’t you get the memo Bethenny caused Jill to be a fucking bitch. Miss Accountability Jill is just misunderstood.

      • dee says:

        Oh. I wasn’t in the office that day!!!! But hey, today Jill is a different person. It’s true. She told us.

    • HD says:

      Huh?! I have no clue what she is talking about but Bethanny did not have her hand up her butt like she was Jill’s puppet master. Everything that came out of Jill’s mouth is attributed to her. Don’t try to blame others, AS YOU ALWAYS DO, for your stupidity!

  162. ilovelynn says:

    OMG! 20 minutes into the show…cannot stop smiling! Jill must be sh*tting in her pants with jealousy.hehheheh…

    • Jenni says:

      Same here, but I hate to say this: Cookie may end up being my new favorite character… until Bryn appears!

  163. Squirrels says:

    1/2 hr in. so far so good. I’ve laughed out loud about 3 times now.

    Maybe I just really needed to laugh.

  164. Chickentales says:

    So far it’s cute and keeping my attention. Bravo to Bethenny.

    • dee says:

      Honestly, I didn’t think that the premise of this show would keep me interested. Well, almost 30 mins in and I’m still watching.

  165. katiecoo says:

    Ok my friend is here now…time to chow, rewatch the Reunion, BGM and WWHL so will return to share later….!!! Agree with what you all are saying!

  166. Obsessed with RH says:

    I don’t understand why Andy Cohen REFUSES to call Kelly out on her nonsensical rants. Jill is a spin doctor and I know that and I accept that she will NEVER admit to her own bad behavior. Kelly just completely circumvents answering ANYTHING by saying “honestly” and other misplaced words. She makes me even MORE angry than Jill. She’s a complete MORON and gets to continue to get away with lambasting Bethenny ANY chance she gets without EVER being held accountable. She gets to hide behind her lollipops and rainbows. Well I am sick of it and would love it if she choked on one of her gumberries so I didn’t have to hear her obnoxious laugh and that stupid “HIIIIIII” ever again!

    • dee says:

      I think that if Andy calls out Kelly then he has to call out all the other housewives. None of the have clean hands. He has the difficult job of making us happy and making them happy. And while we would be in Andy’s seat calling out all those women on the right side, he doesn’t have that option.

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        Logically I know you’re right…but my anger has taken over my rationality. ha ha.

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      She is sick. She is not normal. She can not think like a normal person. She just can’t.

      • dee says:

        Somebody in the previous blog brought up that maybe she has a some form of autism. Another poster listed general actions and behaviors of autistic people. And I have to tell you, Kelly covered many of those points.

      • Jenni says:

        There is still the theory that she fell of the horses one too many times!

      • firepainter says:

        In my opinion, Kelly doesn’t get a pass for her rude behavior based on a perceived mental problem. There are plenty of people with mental problems who aren’t snotty, vicious, entitled, ignorant, immature and spiteful like Kelly. These behaviors are based on her character and any mental problems/drug use just make her basic character more obvious.

  167. kats2 says:

    The following is what Jill tweeted 30 minutes ago and what I tweeted back –

    “If B ever cared about me…she would not have done this to me. I would NEVER have let this happen to her. EVER.”

    @Jillzarin STOP IT! U are acting like a child feeling sorry for yourself. U did this to yourself. U have no one else to blame, stop it now.

    • Kat says:

      I hate JZ. That was a great tweet. She probably blocked after she got it. She refuses to know the truth.

  168. Obsessed with RH says:

    Why the hell does Jill get to just say whatever the hell she wants no matter HOW much it hurts people, or do whatever she wants on her own time and then when SHE apologizes all must be forgiven? GET OVER YOURSELF JILL. So happy that B finally called you out and, from the scenes from next week it looks like Ramona rips you a new one.

    • dee says:

      You were the one that talked about Linda Richmond a couple days ago, right?
      Well if you are the person and if you are watching B’s show, I just laughed because she said “talk amongst yourselves”

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        Yes I am!! Ha ha. I had to put it on pause, I’m not caught up yet but I can’t believe she said it!!!

  169. HD says:

    I can relate to Bethanny’s childhood so much. I am going through the same thing right now….

    • dee says:

      So sorry.

      • HD says:

        Thank you, Dee. I completely understand her. I have a daughter, I got married, I am working on my career and yet my father and I are like we are on two different planets. He is sick and he STILL won’t acknowledge that he made my life a living hell. I don’t get it. So I completely understand Bethanny’s life. I was raised in a cave and my husband was at poetry readings. 🙂

        • dee says:

          I can’t even imagine what you are going through. I’m sure your daughter offers you the strength you need.

        • dee says:

          I can’t even imagine what you are going through. I’m sure your daughter is offering you the strength you need.

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      HD, I pray you have just one person in your life you trust and you can talk to. I bet everyone on this blog wishes the best for you. You are not alone.

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      HD, hope you have someone you trust and you can talk to. Am sure all on this site wish you the best. You are not alone.

      • HD says:

        Thank you My father and I had not talked since I was 13. I talked to him again when I was 22. Then we tried to mend things but he never acknowledges anything. Recently all these things came up for me again (I am 33 now) and I tried to talk to him but he is like, “that was then, I am over it.” So we have not talked in a few months. I know I should call because he is sick but I just don’t have the heart. I feel like the black sheep of the family. No one calls. No one talks to me and it is just me, my husband and our daughter. Other than that, I could drop dead and my family would not even know.

        • dee says:

          Oh HD, that is horrible. Well as little as a consolation this will be, over at this blog we like you.

          • HD says:

            Thank you, dee. Sometimes people you have never met provide the sunshine for your day. 🙂 Some days are better than others. Today was a good day because I got to see Jill ripped on the reunion and that made me smile. 🙂

  170. boston02127 says:

    ummm, jason is reminding me of my b/f a bit. he’s a little jealous.
    I dont like that.

  171. dee says:

    #1 That was pretty sad about B’s background. People have gone through less and ended up in crack dens.
    #2 Jason is laying down the LAW. I’m the man of the house. ‘Nuff said.

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      I don’t agree. He seems to me like he is trying to let B know you don’t live alone anymore. It is now a two way street.

  172. little rock says:

    I love the new guy talking to jason underneath the photo of bethenny’s ass.

  173. boston02127 says:

    Bethenny looks so pretty.

  174. Scorpiosue says:

    Bethenny Getting Married? is such a refreshing change to the crap on RHONY. Can’t wait to see Alex and Ramona on BGM.

  175. Queen Butter Bean says:

    My daughter watched the reunion with me. When Andy got to Kelly in the introductions, my daughter said, “Is that woman on drugs?”


  176. Squirrels says:

    And to think, after B’s show, we get to hear more of Jill twisting in the distant wind on WWHL.

  177. emt2 says:

    Kelly’s an idiot.

    In response to an article, she wrote:

    @andrewjhowellny i love this article its very well written and tells the real story. about 14 hours ago via web in reply to andrewjhowellny


    She doesn’t realize that this article shows that she is crazy?

  178. Obsessed with RH says:

    Good god, did anyone read Kelly’s Haiku, I mean blog on bravotv.com? She truly is out of her mind. I want to slap her in the face. I mean please, don’t even blog if you’re going to write stupidities.

    • dee says:

      Haven’t read it yet. But this is from her twitter:

      just watched #rhnyc reunion 1. i hope they all have a great summer. you have gotta watch tonight. you cant write better dialogue.

      Is she saying that all this shit is scripted. Oh, the patience of the gods at Bravo is really going to thin out soon.

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        She makes all of these stupid accusations and these ridiculous statements but never backs them up. She makes me want to pull my own hair out. Yeah, ok Kelly, you’re as dumb as dog sh*t and can’t string together a coherent sentence but you expect us to believe that you’re a brilliant actress who is able to memorize lines and actually act so well as to make fans believe they’ve watched a legitimate nervous breakdown. In your own words Kelly, “Honestly?! Honestly?” ZIP IT KELLY.

    • pfinfl says:

      Yes….I wrote a reply…let’s see if Bravo allows it to be posted!

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        Unless it said “i love you kelly, satchels of gold, gumberries, jelly beans and rainbows,” then it will be censored.

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        Unless it said I love you Kelly, I too have a pet unicorn who I feed gumberries and jelly beans, then it won’t be posted.

        • dee says:

          Oh it’s a lovefest going on on Kelly’s blog. Makes me scratch my head and ask if we are all watching the same show.

          • Obsessed with RH says:

            It’s because the only comments that are allowed are from all the crazies at the psych wards that Bravo gives laptops to on Thursday nights after they watch their leader, I mean Kelly on TV.

  179. dee says:

    Bethenny’s wedding planner looks like the brother from Arrested Developement. Seriously.

  180. emt2 says:

    Hanging in “the bed” with @jonathancheban watching reunion! If twitter could talk! http://tweetphoto.com/26594277 3 minutes ago via Twittelator

    I told you guys that Jill was in bed with that publicist Jonathan Cheban! Literally and figuratively.

    He’s gross.

  181. Jennifer says:

    Great show!

    Peeing in bucket a bit much

    If Jillzilla had proof WE all know she’d come forward because she loves the press
    Go BRAS!

  182. ilovelynn says:

    did they just show a preview of bethenny in her wedding dress peeing in a pot with one assistant holding the dress up and another assistant holding the pot? this has to be a first for tv. too funny for words!

  183. dumberries says:

    I just watched Ramona calm Kelly out of a stupid stupor at the ice rink. I never saw how truly savvy Ramona can be until this season. I now see clearly how she was able to make such a success of her self-made business. She is crazy like a fox. Very astute when she has a mission to accomplish. Otherwise, she just wants to let her freak flag fly – it’s Turtle Time. I’m loving how multi-dimensional Ramona is. I hope she doesn’t make me eat my words during the reunion!!

    I’m toasting all of you! Wish we could clink glasses. Looking forward to reading your insights after the show.

  184. eastbayjanine says:

    Omg Boston! that was so spot on! that describes me to a T, my poor apartment looks like i got robbed, i have managed to cook some meals this week, damn kid keeps bothering me for food. Doesnt she know I’m off to slay the red dragon! i need my strength ***takes swig of tequila****

  185. Squirrels says:

    “We don’t have to make I Hate Jill Zarin a national holiday” !!!!

    That was funny !

  186. UpYoursTWoP says:

    I think that’s the first time I ever saw Kelly actually realizing what it is that people (read: the other housewives, viewers) are saying about her and being hurt by it. The person who wrote in with the question (comparing Bethenney’s AK-47 to Kelly’s fly) basically called her stupid and incompetent to hold her own against intelligent argument/defense/insult/conversation, etc., then Bethenney basically agreed with it or at least didn’t deny the comparison, then Luann excitedly mouthed off uninvited (like she couldn’t wait or hold back from jumping on the “Kelly is stupid” bandwagon), talking about Kelly like she wasn’t even there, pointing at her, saying that she told her not to go on that VI trip because she knew (translating, here) that she was too stupid and ignorant and crazy to defend herself or to support or advance her own idiotic attacks. The look on Kelly’s face right after Luann was done, right before they cut to commercial was actually just…sad. I think she’s used to people saying she’s dumb (like Ramona, right to her face), but this was from three different avenues in under a minute, and no one came to her defense,. I think she finally took it as a universal consensus. She was really hurt. … But probably only for half a minute, then I’m sure she got distracted by a hallucination of a unicorn and visions of whatever article she made up wherein Bethenney attacked her kids.

    This is observation, not necessarily concern. I vacillate between intense dislike for Kelly and her meanness and vapidity and she really deserves what she gets, and just feeling very sorry for her because obviously she has emotional and mental issues (and what appears to be some substance usage problems). I am pissed with her refusal to answer questions and thinking that it’s okay to accuse people and then dismiss their demand for evidence and actually get irritated that they demand it. So right this minute I don’t feel sorry for her.

  187. Queen Butter Bean says:

    Did y’all just hear that?

    After Andy said that Dina and Ramona were going to be on WWHL on Monday, they started to break and Bethenny said, “She’s coming???”

    Yup – Dina’s leaving.

  188. DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

    If you haven’t watched B on WWHL with Andy—–DON’T READ THIS!

    Even she feels sorry for J.

    I don’t.

  189. Chickentales says:

    There are so many times we the viewers are about to learn something interesting/shocking/revealing when freakin’ Luann opens her stupid mouth and interrupts. I’m tired of her. I.Hate.LuAnn.

    • UpYoursTWoP says:

      I’m actually amazed at how much Bethenney was able to say without Jill interrupting. Yes, Jill interrupted several times, but I was shocked at how much Bethenney managed to get out during that entire exchange. Jill was quiet–for Jill. Bethenney ‘stutters’ a lot, albeit quickly, and leaves a lot of time to break in (hey, she can’t figure out what she wants to say, the conversation is fair game during a lull, I’ll quickly break in with my big horn mouth), but Jill didn’t take too much advantage. She hasn’t frickin’ listened all season long, wth was up with that? YMMV.

      • Chickentales says:

        I was amazed that Jill wasn’t so Jill during her exchanges with B. But, my blood was boiling every time LuAnn opened her mouth to address something that was not addressed to her. Just my rant….now I feel better. IHJ &IHL

      • dee says:

        Jill wanted to show Beth that she cares about her and wants to listen to her grievances. It’s all self-serving.
        I’m more shocked that Luann didn’t pipe in because she was there for a lot of the back and forth between those two.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        How many times are we going to be treated to Jill’s crocodile tears………….

    • DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

      Oh darrrrrrrrrrrling.

  190. A former Jill fan says:

    Have you all noticed that Bethenny has the crew of WWHL in stitches? LOL! They’ve burst out laughing several times now.

  191. DeeWhoLovesAlex says:

    If you haven’t watched B on WWHL with Andy—–DON’T READ THIS!

    Even B feels sorry for J.

    I don’t.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      Bethenny and Alex are classy and practice civility. We however are viewers and consumer of Bravo and can speak our minds! 😛

  192. Squirrels says:

    Watched the reunion. Watched BGM?. Watching WWHL.

    If Andy doesn’t give Bethenny everything she deserves, he’s a fool.

    She’s a natural. Naturally, she’ll fall on her face at some point, but will hop back up like a jack rabbit on a date.

  193. lillybee says:

    I can’t wait to see it.

  194. WindyCityWondering says:

    Bethenny rocks! Jill smells like old socks!

  195. Jill's dastardly plans says:

    Anyone doing a transcript of the whole reunion?

  196. kats2 says:

    While I might feel sorry for Kelly, Jill, Luann (to an extent) and Teresa, because they are just broken at the very foundation. I will never support them and I will continue to lash out at them until (as the adults they are) they own what they have done, no if’s, ands or buts – just own it, stop slamming others, and finally STFU!

    They are going the gutter route of any attention is good attention and I refuse to feel sorry for them while they are trying to profit off of their disgusting behavior. If they were under 21 I think I would feel differently. But no excuse they are adults and IMO they have done some very, very bad things.

    The joke is on them, because if they just owned it and actually felt true remorse the tide would change for them very quickly. I’m not falling for the PR game they are playing and I don’t care how much they cry.

  197. Obsessed with RH says:

    I just have to say how unbelievably refreshing it was to watch BGM. I literally had a smile on my face for an entire hour. What a nice change from the dumbsh*t Kelly and Jill the Tranny and LuMan.

  198. boston02127 says:

    When Kelly told Alex to cross her legs (with the hand gesture) I wanted to jump thru the T.V.

    • Obsessed with RH says:

      Why didn’t they edit that out? Was that necessary? And why the hell was Kelly looking in btw Alex’s legs anyway?

      • vilzvet says:

        The woman who never has a hemline longer than 6 inches felt the need to open her mouth. For the record Alex looked fine at that moment…maybe from Kelly’s view she didn’t but still…

    • dee says:

      I hated the tone in which it was said and then the look Kel gives to Jill. Like the two snotty bitches they are.

  199. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    Bethenny is so funny. She literally bites her lip to stop talking. I first noticed with Jason during the PerezTermite pregnancy leak.
    Tonight she did it a few times to edit herself.
    Jason has inspired her to filter and control herself. She’s letting the small stuff slide. She’s now a GIANT as in “It’s a small thing to a GIANT”.

  200. vilzvet says:

    GingerZarin just posted Jill’s high school yearbook photo…thanks pup!

  201. MickeyMouth says:

    Some stuff from Jill’s site before it went down:

  202. Obsessed with RH says:

    It says a LOT about dumbsh*t Kelly that if given the choice Bethenny would choose to be in a room with DANIELLE instead of Kelly…

  203. boston02127 says:

    Jill is having a major operation tomorrow…..
    She’s having Kelly’s nose removed from her ass.

  204. MorgaineSwann says:

    New ReCaps Bethenny Getting Married? RHONY Season 3 Reunion, WWHL http://mytvfromatob.blogspot.com/

    What did I miss? Are we still on this page?

  205. HD says:

    Did Andy ask Ramona if she had very pronounced eyes?! I literally have tears streaming down my face!

    • MorgaineSwann says:

      Yes he did and she handled it very well. She batted her eyelashes at him and said “I think I have beautiful eyes, don’t you?”

  206. RileyKitty says:

    It’s like since Jill’s make-up artist set his gun to Bitch, Jill’s hairstylist decided to go for $2 whore

    • HD says:

      Thank you! I thought I was the only one thinking that. She looks like a hooker and I am not just saying that because I don’t like her. She really does.

    • Kat says:

      You just can’t dress up fugly.
      Red nasty hair. Green shoes? The color of baby burp after baby food peas.

    • jillpinchesloaves says:

      RileyKitty…how are you doing on that Long Island Iced Tea? You are cracking me up with your spot-on shizzies. Killin’ it! Next you’re going to be doing the Tom Cruise/Les Grossman dance…woop woop…spank that air-ass. You’re bangin’ the one-liners tonight. I like you pissed off!

  207. dee says:

    I know somebody already mentioned this, but Ramona saying that she only said she calls her daughter “stupid” just to make Kelly feel better is just too rich.

  208. boston02127 says:

    I really wish that when they were doing the clip of Bethenny’s success they would have put the camera on Kelly.

  209. Olivia says:

    Our little Bethenny is one Very Smart Cookie! In answering a question posed by a caller asking if she will return next season her answer was: “Only if there were some changes in the cast.”

    In other words: Jill and Kelly better be very careful here because if Bethenny’s new show brings in high ratings Bravo will stick with her over those two nimrods.

    Very smart on Bethenny’s part by throwing out the “signal”.

  210. boston02127 says:

    Good night everyone 🙂

  211. pfinfl says:

    Okay…Bethenny is now saying if NYCHW has the same cast next season she won’t be on it. BRAVO…get rid of Kelly & Jill!!!!! Sonja can do it for both of them. She is way more interesting then Kelly & Jill put together.

  212. Annie1033 says:

    (West Coast & 8 min. in):

    Alex looks incredible and is a GANGSTA!!!

    Jill looks flippin ridiculous.

  213. dee says:

    It was Allie’s “first last day as a senior at school”. Can someone decipher that for me?

    • RileyKitty says:

      I think she was tongue tied. I think it was Ally’s last first day. As my son gets older I get emotional about that crap as well. As I took my son to get his drivers license I started bawling & when he asked what was wrong, I said this is the last time you will be dependent on me for a ride. Ridiculous? yep!

    • Anitabee says:

      Jill was throwing Ally under the bus — again.

  214. Annie1033 says:

    Jill = BITCHFACE.

  215. RileyKitty says:

    Why in Jill’s world does she have all or nothing with Bethenny? Why can’t she just co exist without having to be BFFs. I don’t get her at all… BFFs or Enemies!!

    All these tears during the reunion… oh I’ve changed… Still with the nasty tweets laying blame on Bethenny.

    • Kat says:

      She was coached for the reunion by her 4 pr folks.
      They can’t shut her up. Dumbass.
      She should just mail money to me and I’ll give her advice.

      • Annie1033 says:

        And yet she just keeps burying herself. She really can not get out of her own damn way.
        She’s so DUMB in the area of self-awareness that there is no need to “help” her out.

    • RileyKitty says:

      I am willing to give mine for free. Here goes…

      Your reputation is beyond repair. Get off the show & move to an isolated cabin in the hills of Tennessee where you won’t be tempted to tweet, facebook or blog. Hopefully by some minor miracle people will forget you & in 20 years you may be able to leave that cabin. and for the love of all that is holy, take Gloria with you.

      • dee says:

        A cabin in Tennessee? Mother won’t be happy with that.

      • RileyKitty says:

        Maybe I meant West Virginia… wherever Deliverance took place, I haven’t seen the movie in years.

        • Kat says:

          Shush, let her send money first.
          I’ll send her back a button for her lips.
          And if the button doesn’t work I’ll send a shovel so she can finish digging that hole and STFU.

        • wvurn says:

          Nope….Deliverance took place in Georgia….trust me!!!! 🙂

        • jillpinchesloaves says:

          OK, that’s it. RileyKitty—Deliverance? OMG, yes, yes, so funny. By the way, has anyone seen all those Louisiana tourist commercials that have been airing and in the background this really sick twisted, super demented, very scary Hillbilly music plays as guys float on a canoe down through the Louisana swamps?????? Really? Louisiana is that all you could come up with TO ATTRACT TOURISTS? My God, it’s just like a scene from Deliverance! You’re just waiting for the tourists to get man-jacked any second.

    • Anitabee says:

      Jill has caught Kellyitus.

      Kellyitus is defined by the absolute obsession with Bethenny Frankel. Suffers of this illiness suffer from delusions that they are decent human beings, think they are virgins, will assault financees, bloggers, costars, pets and reviewers on Amazon.

      They lie, attack, cry, and run off when confronted with their own crazy behavior. They eat a diet of jelly beans, gummy bears, and cookies yet what they really crave is A. Chandler’s domestic cat. They are tanarexic. Their favorite accessory is a gold satchel.

      Approach these suffers with caution. If approached by one shout “Look over there – isn’t that Bethenny and Jason?!”

      Then run the hell away.

  216. Annie1033 says:



    “I didn’t call my daughter stupid….I just said that to make you feel better…” (said to Kelly)…

    I’m dying!! LOVE RAMONA!!!

    And loving the way Bethenny’s sticking up for A & R so far…wonderful. Those three seem way more personal and connected to each other then the OTHERS are to each other.

  217. dee says:

    Of course Jill has changed since filming has stopped. Which I believe was back in late 2009. She can prove it:
    Exhibit A – Babygate
    Exhibit B – Amazongate
    Exhibit C – Planting stories on perez and page 6
    Yep, she’s changed.

  218. Squirrels says:

    From our favorite pet –

    GingerZarin – “Just heard the Count got all Luann ‘s clothes in the divorce for the new Countess. Now u understand the repeat dress situation”.

  219. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    Jill’s hair is getting bigger and messier as she is beat down continually by BRA.

    She’ll end up looking like Cousin It by the time it’s over! DARRRRENNNNN get the brush!

    • shantygal says:

      All that schvitzing makes your hair frizz. Mine does the same thing when it’s humid.

  220. LynnNChicago says:

    BethlvsBen – What a great idea!
    I admit, I haven’t purchased the book, (I’d sooner have root canal) but I have read excerpts from the book in several places. I have also read (but not written) the reviews on Amazon.
    Based on what I did read and the reviews, believe me, you don’t want me reading the book and writing an HONEST review of the book.
    You may have noticed however, Beth, that I have NOT written a review, are you sure you want me to?
    How about everyone else here? You with me? Shall we all take Beth’s advice and go write an HONEST review???

    • dee says:

      You should have copied what beth wrote, because we, all the way down here at the end of the post have no idea what you are responding to.

    • Anitabee says:

      Excellent idea.

      Here’s mine:

      “First, the relationships chapter basically relates that one should settle…IF he has money. Seriously??? That is a strong premise of the book in many areas…you should marry someone not who you love equally but who “loves you more than you love him”, you “should be in charge of the purse strings or you will never be happy”, etc.

      Ironically, on friendship in the book the author suggests that if something happens to hurt your friendship, you should ask for forgiveness 3 times. If that doesn’t work, you need to move on because the sin is on the person who wouldn’t accept your apology and you’ve done all you can. I agree with that. Yet it’s not hard to read about the main author (according to font billing size, Jill Zarin) being down right dirty to a friend who tried to apologize/discuss a predicament and was refuted coldly and rudely by Jill 3 times on camera…”

      There’s more but those in the know will “get it”…

    • Kat says:

      I’m J-illiterate so I’ll pass on reading her Secrets.
      But I’d love to read a review written by Lynn.

    • Jenni says:

      I might be convinced to read and review it if it comes to my local library. I will not pay money for it. I figure the pain from reading the book might just be great enough to distract me from the more minor discomfort of the chemo.

    • A former Jill fan says:

      I was going to but decided it’s not even worth my time.

      I had read a few of the most helpful reviews on amazon and know that this book isn’t for me and that i would rather spend my time reading something more worthwhile.

      But I could change my mind tomorrow. Lord knows Jill’s activities these past few days have really made me think about downloading the kindle for pc version, read it within 7 days and then get a refund because I know I won’t like it, and write my review.

      Her whining about being threatened, bullied, etc. have gone way too far and she has made of mockery of those who really have gone through that. The woman in unscrupulous.

  221. Squirrels says:

    Hold the phone. Jill honestly tried to equate “we’re done” with “zip it”?

    Say it ain’t so.

    • RileyKitty says:

      yeah right, here is the big difference someone can say we’re done to me & I am cool with that, but someone tells me to zip it & my blood starts to boil. I swear I would have gladly gone to jail for knocking that bitch on her ass if she said that to me.

  222. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    I am so glad Bethenny took Jill to task over the “I gave her a home”

    She said “I wasn’t homeless, we spent the summer together!”

    Once again proving Jill is a grubby favor and gift counting bitch. Even when something is offered she keeps an account of stuff given or done. Then she either throws it in your face or talks about you to others.


  223. Squirrels says:

    Holy crap. Did you see the next installment teaser? Dayum!

  224. shantygal says:

    No need to worry about Kelly not returning when she storms off on Monday. She won’t be able to get the door open.

  225. RileyKitty says:

    so I googled “systematic bullying” since I had never heard that phrase before, I mean I heard of bullying of course & hazing but never with systematic in front of it. & every google response was linked to Kelly.

  226. Robin says:

    I just saw Betheny on WWH.She said “Let’s not make I Hate Jill Zarin a national sport”..

    Hmm wonder if she was talking about a certain blog? In any case,I still love me some Betheny.

    Although I do post here and love the snark,I can’t say that I hate Jill Zarin.I do not have hate in my heart for someone that I have never met and hasn’t done anything to me or my family on a personal level.

    But I do think she is a pitiful excuse for a woman because I have seen her actions with my own eye’s.She should be ashamed of herself.The #1 reason,I think, was when she threw her own kid under the bus after she posted the mis-info concerning B’s baby.After that, she should have hung her head in shame for a lifetime.Here she is,writing a book about how great a Jewish mother is and she used her child so she could get out from under her own actions.Poor Ally.

    Take Care,Robin

    • Squirrels says:

      The quote is, … “we don’t have to make I hate Jill Zarin a national holiday”.

      There is one rule on this site. No offending other posters.

      There is one reality on this site. No misquoting.

      90% of the commenters on this blog take pride in keeping themselves above reproach.

      The others, like me claim bad typing/editing/karma…. oh pfffffffftttttt.

      • Squirrels says:

        chit, I just realized how harsh that sounded. I’m no word police by any stretch.

        • Kat says:

          I thought is was “national holiday”.

        • RileyKitty says:

          I am all for a national holiday… we can use a day off in August… last friday in August is national I hate jill zarin day, it can flow right into labor day weekend once in a while 🙂

          • Kat says:

            We could wear green shoes, red wigs, and
            T-shirts that say “we’re done” and Team Lynn Hudson on the back… 0r something witty a person other than me can come up with.
            I’m in. 😉

        • Robin says:

          In my family the superbowl (sport) IS a holiday 🙂

          I appologise for the misquote.In the future,I will make 4 drafts of my post to study before I hit post comment.


  227. Shana p says:

    I found it comical how hard Jill was trying to follow obvious instructions from her PR people: admitting mistakes, demanding proof etc. She just couldn’t help herself, though. It was such an obvious act….good for you, Bethenney!

    Cannot cannot wait to see Kelly get it. Her personality makes her so ugly. When she sneered, it was like the mask slipped and you saw the real person. It must KILL Jill on some level to be lumped in with her by default *insert cackle here*

    • shantygal says:

      So true Shana. That sneering “I’m up here, you’re down there” face is the real Kelly. And I agree that it is KILLING

      • shantygal says:

        damnit – I hit enter before I finished typing.

        …KILLING Jill to have Kelly on her team, now that BRAS are the popular girls. The tables have completely turned. Jill’s other “friends” are Peerez Hilton and Lynn Spears who has one daughter under her father’s conservatorship and the other a teen mother.

      • RileyKitty says:

        Every person who receives coorespondence from Jill Zarin, make sure you save it, you may need to offer proof at some later date. Most people don’t save emails for 9 months but if it is from Jill you better print it out & keep a hard copy in case of a computer crash. If you can’t provide a handout it never happened in the Zarin camp

  228. Annie1033 says:

    The problem with Jill (and I know I’m about to say the understatement of the year) but she’s full of shit!
    Here is WHY though: She says over and over again that she is “sorry” and conveys in that way that she KNOWS she made a mistake but then when you call her on the carpet for any of her wrongs, she fights with you VICIOUSLY about it! Even Bethenny whom she is supposedly trying to ass-kiss HORRIBLY (which obviously she was coached to do)….It’s spectacular how QUICKLY she proves herself to be totally, utterly FALSE! LIAR.
    Oh and she obviously had decided beforehand that she would walk off.

    And for the preview for Monday, Kelly’s LINE to Ramona: “Your blood type is Pinot Grigio…” she stole that from someone on Twitter, I believe.

    And with Ramona standing up and telling Jill about the way she walked in on their vacation and how arrogant she was instead of asking everyone for forgiveness and she starts crying….? That two second long clip made me cry. So much love for Ramona for being so totally human in that moment and conveying that in such a heartbreaking manner….love Ramona.

    • katiecoo says:

      I agree…and I called it that it’s Ramona who stomps her foot! Go Ramona!

      • Annie1033 says:

        Mmmmhmmmm that’s right Katie! You did!

        That would have been hysterical for Alex to do that Kat! LOL!

        • Annie1033 says:

          Oh, right and FYI…..UNLIKE Jill, I can admit that I DISPUTED the prediction that Ramona would be the one to stamp her feet and that I was WRONG. Because I, unlike Jill, can admit when I was wrong!



    • Kat says:

      It would have been great if Alex could have whipped out the emails that Jill demanded as proof.
      Jill probably treated the PR people like she treated Jen the party planner.
      She talked over her, took over and basicly planned her own skating party.
      She threw the PR advice out, or forgot it as she felt wronged and became angry.
      Typical of her M.O. and all her mistakes to date.

      • UpYoursTWoP says:

        LOL, if anyone had brought evidence or notes, Jill would be all, “Who does that? Who keeps messages for months and months? Who takes notes on an argument? What kind of person are you?” Though she herself did both of those things. I cannot believe she admitted on camera that she didn’t want to have the discussion with Bethenney because she didn’t have her notes. This assumption about her hypothetical response to provided evidence is reinforced by her apologizing to Jen for Alex causing a scene at her party–right after she had unnecessarily caused a very big scene with Ramona at the same party, which I do believe ended with her retreat to a frickin’ closet, like a child running away? Might be fuzzy on that, but I was astounded that she had the nerve to apologize ‘for’ Alex as if she had not done the same thing (worse, if you ask me) ten minutes earlier. She is an insufferable HYPOCRITE.

    • UpYoursTWoP says:

      Not only does she say over and over again that she is “sorry,” but I noticed all season long that she is constantly saying “should’ve.” She should’ve, he should’ve, they should’ve. Nothing is ever right. It doesn’t matter, damned if you do, damned if you don’t, no matter, it will be, “X should’ve…” It was so obnoxious!

  229. katiecoo says:

    Who is RitaFarbulous on Twitter? Hilarious!

  230. shantygal says:

    This is Kelly’s entire blog for Reunion pt. 1.

    “You don’t look better when you try to make other people look worse, you just look insecure.

    Compete with yourself, and cooperate with others. ”

    Yes Kelly YOU do look insecure making others look worse,
    “you’re a cook, not a chef”
    “you’re a hobag”
    “she has knives on her tongue”
    “are you gonna make out with the tongue?”
    “this gift is so impersonable”

    Oy vey!

    • Gypsy says:

      Obviously Kelly went out for Chinese food recently and decided to copy messages from fortune cookies and use them as her blog.

    • Shana p says:


      Plus Kelly, you managed to look insecure, mentally ill, autistic AND childish, qiute a feat, no?

      Reminds me of that line from Trading Places (my fave movie of all time) when Penelope says to Loius “no one wants to buy your drugs here, Louie”

      No one believes your bullshit HERE, Kel!

      • Kat says:

        I think if you could unwrap Kelly one diagnosis at a time, like removing layers from an onion, you would end up with an arrogant condescending bitch at the core.
        I know she is mentally ill and I *think* it is wrong for me to judge her harshly but despite that I just can’t muster any guilt when I air my opinion.

        I agree with you.

  231. cusi77 says:

    Ha! from Kelly’s blog…

    “You don’t look better when you try to make other people look worse, you just look insecure”… Is she talking about Jill?
    Kelly finally got how she uses her… Nah!
    She just look herself in the mirror!

  232. Jen says:


    “Rumor is Bravo is not renewing her (Kelly’s) contract.”

    Loved Bethenny’s show! It’s going to be a hit this summer.

    Happy, too, to see that we got some juicy stuff on Reunion Part1. I was afraid Bravo would drag it out when I heard there will be 3 shows. Can’t wait for Monday’s.

  233. lillybee says:

    I feel for Kelly. Her connection to the real world is hanging on by a thread.

  234. cusi77 says:

    Somebody commented in Teresa’s blog:


  235. Annie1033 says:

    Oh holy shit: Jason and Bethenny = Me and my boyfriend. Wow!

    • cusi77 says:

      Annie__ how?

      • Annie1033 says:

        Oh my god, I am acerbic and obnoxious, vulgar and funny (in real life….no, it’s TRUE!) 😉 and you name it and then there’s my guy and he’s just…..calm, sweet, smart…and we have the EXACT same arguments! We’re moving in together over the next three weeks, we’re trying to have a baby and we have had the exact same argument about his friends and not living like a bachelor, etc., etc., etc…….I was starting to wonder how we AREN’T like Bethenny and Jason, after a while there!! 😉
        It was eery.

        • Kat says:

          I laughed so hard when Bethenney said she got crabs from being at his apt. 😉

          • Annie1033 says:

            (I was literally just ripping my BF about a certain bug problem at his current/soon to be OLD apartment…)

            NOT CRABS!!!!


  236. katiecoo says:

    Loved it when Bethenny told Jill they needed a court reporter with her around…to document what she says/does to read it back later w/ her selective memory….right on!

  237. cusi77 says:

    Really? Territorial?

  238. cusi77 says:

    Katie__ Jill likes to play that game… very selective memory when it does not work in her favor…

  239. Annie1033 says:

    Ok, just watched the “This season on ‘Bethenny Getting Married…” piece and pissed myself laughing….woke the neighbors! NICE!

  240. Bravo fan says:

    Jillzarin.com is back up again and u should see what she is writing. she says she had nothing to do with amazon threats and she is not J.Samples, even though it can be proved that it is. It is getting me so angry i can’t type. u guys have to check it out

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