I Hate Jill Zarin Jill Attacks Alex? III June 13, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin        Jill Attacks Alex and Simon       June 12, 2010

Jill has been relentlessly attacking Alex over the last few days and it is time to explore why that is…

Obviously I’m a fan of Alex and Simon but even before meeting them and seeing how absolutely wonderful they are (not to mention seeing their love for each other) I was a fan because of the gracious and classy way Alex has been depicted on the Real Housewives of New York.  Anyone can talk about editing and what Bravo chooses to air, they can say we don’t really know them and on and on.  Here’s the thing though, what we see is real, they aren’t given scripts, they aren’t playing characters on a TV Sitcom or Soap Opera.  What we see them say, they really said.  What we see them do, they really did.  Period!   With all of their complaining of editing, has one of them ever been able to prove that their actions or words are not their own?  Nope!

Here are Jill’s tweets during the show:

 Jason was very nice to me when we worked out together. He didn’t have to do it if I was such a horrible person did he?

Lynn:  Jason doesn’t like you, that has to cut deeply so I’ll let that go….

If B ever cared about me…she would not have done this to me. I would NEVER have let this happen to her. EVER.

Jill RE-Tweeted this one….KaleyMargaret    @Bethenny is crossing the line right now… don’t take blows at @JillZarin’s husband and daughter.

B admitted I wanted to talk off camera to make up. Don’t you get it. I wanted to TALK TO MY FRIEND. It was real.

Lynn:  Jill, you are the one who put the argument on national Television, why should Bethenny agree to talk to you off camera, you were untrustworthy!  Who knows what lies you will tell after a “private meeting”?

Now B doesn’t remember? She told @bravoandy I never said I wanted to talk off camera? She is deflecting. And now hurting my ally?

Lynn:  YOU hurt your Ally by putting her problems on television!

I always wanted to be on an ensemble. I did want to be with B and would miss her. I was so happy for her. I was the first person she told.

Lynn:  Hmmm.. but who is NOW with B?  Resenting Alex for being on Bethenny’s Getting Married? just a little bit?

B told me not to film with Kelly…everyone has tried to control filming etc. Don’t throw stones

You bet..we all make money and wanted the same thing

Lynn:  Bethenny may have asked you not to film with Kelly but not in an attempt to sabotage the show, only because she didn’t want Kelly on the show and MANY viewers share the sentiment!  You even said it Jill Zarin! 

give @kikilet some love people. She did NOTHING wrong…just wanted to be on a tv show to make money for her kids. Seriously…don’t be mean

This is from Jill Zarin’s blog (over ½ of this blog is about Alex McCord)

Alex.. what can I say. Again..we were never and are not “friends”. I am very clear in the friendship chapter of my book ( Secrets of a Jewish Mother) what it takes to be a friend etc. We wrote it when all this was going on last fall. It saved my life. My mother was trying to teach me ( again!) the lessons of friendship. Relationships are the hardest thing we ALL have to work through ( spouses, children, co-workers, friends) and it takes work. I think that is what people were so invested in this season. Many of you reading this have told me you had an experience similar to this) . People were curious to see what would happen and also compare our relationships to their own. The premise of REALITY TV is “Better you than me!” or ” I wish I were …”

Lynn:  Don’t forget to mention the Book, Jill

There are still things I wish I could have said and things that were cut out. For example…Alex had NO PROBLEM asking Bobby and I to give her $2000 worth of fabric for FREE for her fashion show. Why did Bravo cut that out?? Because it would make me look good? Because it would show that I was trying to be her friend and the audience would see through her plan? Alex’s plan was to make noise to stay on the show. Jen Gilbert was cast to be a potential replacement. I didn’t do it. Bravo did. In fact I spoke to Silex about it..about how they should do something. Well, I guess this was what they figured out to stay on the show. I only wish them well but I don’t see us ever being friends again. They went below the belt and did things off the show that are unforgivable including accusing fans of being me on Amazon reviews. It is disgusting. J Samples is NOT ME. Never was and never will be. I hope people who read the book write reviews on AMAZON or wherever they purchased it and write a fair review and not be intimidated by people. People used Amazon as a blog for the show. I feel terrible that my sister and mother worked so hard on this book with me and are being hurt by all this.

We already know that Jill wants Alex off The Real Housewives of New York, she doesn’t like Alex and this blog is my attempt to figure out why. 

Jill mentioned the donation that Zarin Fabrics gave to Brooklyn Fashion Week.  Apparently $2,000 worth of fabric was donated to the charity that produces the fashion show. (2 bolts = $2k?  you do the math)  Ok, that was a nice thing to do but let’s talk about why she did it.  Zarin Fabrics was on the step and repeat as a thank you for her donation.  The donation and fashion show was filmed by Bravo so Jill was expecting to see it on the air, more free publicity for Zarin Fabrics.  Bad news Jill, Bravo chose not to air the donation scene, Alex didn’t choose not to air it, the producers make that choice, so why are you trying to blame Alex?   (every housewife has mentioned scenes that they wish were in the show but didn’t make the cut)  I’ll bet Alex has dozens of scenes showing her children behaving well that she’d love to see aired! 

Jill says in the first paragraph, “We were never and are not Friends”  then just a few lines later Jill says, “I was trying to be her friend”.  Pick one Jill!

Jill claims that Alex was “making noise” to secure her place on the show.  Jill thinks Alex was concerned about her place on the show and that Jennifer Gilbert being brought on was a threat to Alex.  I don’t intend to speak for Alex but …..bahhahahahahahah.  Jennifer Gilbert?  Really Jill?  Another theory blown to hell, huh Jill?  If this were true, would Alex have offered to be the one to introduce Jennifer in her storyline? 

The bottom line is that Alex doesn’t need to “make noise” she is a beloved member of the cast and whether the show picks her up for another season or not, her fans will stick by her in whatever is next in her life! 

Jill’s new accusation is that Alex supposedly tried to put a story in the press about Jill and some charity issue.  Naturally, Jill has given no details (what about a charity?) and she has given no sources, (who told you that Jill?) nor has she mentioned which publications, (Who did Alex supposedly contact Jill?)

If this were true, why hasn’t it come out before now?  Why did Jill save that bombshell to throw at Alex during the reunion?  Everything else we heard on the reunion show is basically old news that is being rehashed or is being discussed to try to uncover what really happened.  This is something new that no one has heard.  If there were FIVE different sources, doesn’t it stand to reason that at least one of them would come out against Alex’s attempts to sully Jill’s reputation?

These reporters/bloggers are quick to put stories out there of Jill doing things like this.  We read about Jill’s “people” sending out stories to RealityTea, even writing the text for them to print and sending art.  Come-on Jill!  We heard from two other reporters telling us that Jill tried to get them to write reviews for her book.  Reporters told us what Jill was trying to do.  Why would FIVE reporters cover up for Alex?

Jill is lying, I can say that as if I know it for a fact, because I do know it for a fact.  Do I have proof that she is lying?  The burden of proof is on Jill.  She needs to prove something DID happen, there is no way to prove that something DID NOT happen, particularly when she won’t name names or even publications.  It is impossible to go to every single news outlet, blogger and reporter to get confirmation that Alex did not contact them with a bogus story about Jill.  Jill knows this.  Her four publicists sleeping on her floor know this. 

Why is Jill doing this?  Easy!  She doesn’t want Alex on the show next season.  Jill has said privately and will say publically that she will not be on the show next season if Alex is on the show.  We all know that Jill cannot stay out of the spotlight.  She can’t even keep quiet for more than a few hours during her self-imposed break from Social Networks.  She will implode if she isn’t on the show next season and since she’s already said she won’t be on the show unless Alex is gone, she is going to do everything in her power to ensure that Alex is history. 

Personally, if I were a Bravo executive, Jill wouldn’t be anywhere near any show that airs on Bravo!  Here’s why.  Jill tried to tell the other housewives not to shoot scenes with Bethenny, Jill  wants Bethenny to swing in the wind all alone and let her show fail.  There is no other reason for her to try to influence the other ladies to avoid Bethenny.    Bravo executives even asked Ramona if she was going to listen to Jill and refuse to film with Bethenny.  Clearly Jill wants Bethenny’s  show to fail and actually tried to make that happen.  It is one thing to “wish” someone fails, it is another to take steps to try to make that happen.

Does this show loyalty to Bravo?  Does this show loyalty to her “friend” Bethenny?  If we ignore the fact that Jill continues to say that she only wishes the best for Bethenny and she loves her and misses her.  What about Bravo and its television line up?  Its advertisers, its ratings and its success?    I would think that Bravo spent a substantial amount of money filming, producing, editing, promoting and airing Bethenny’s Getting Married.  Are you allowed at your job to try to sabotage a project that your company has put substantial effort into?  I would think not!  I would think that is grounds for termination!

Back to Alex, Jill can’t undo what she’s done.  She can’t now appear on the show if Alex is also on the show without looking ridiculous!  She can back pedal, she’s done that many times before but she would look pretty stupid. 

Jill’s behavior at Luann’s event during fashion week showed me that she had no intention of taking Alex seriously, Jill thought that it was going to be a repeat of Season One and Season Two.  Still taking no responsibility for what she said, we watched as she said, “you should put in your parenting book what to do when your kids crawl up someone’s leg….bahahaha”  Evil Jill!  Jill thought she could strike the children and viewers would still love her?  Think again Jill Zarin! 

Jill called Alex and asked her to refuse to film with Bethenny.  Clearly, Alex said “no”.  Jill tried to appease Alex at the Saks event by primping Alex’s hair and adjusting Alex’s earrings but in the end said, “Do you feel better?  You should!”  In Jill’s mind, it was done!  It was over, she didn’t have to deal with Alex anymore.  It was clear to two million viewers that Jill had swept it under the rug and rushed through an insincere apology and rushed away to her “guests”.  In Jill’s mind she has control over Alex and can manipulate Alex whenever she wants to and Alex will fall back into line. 

To use Jill’s words, “Jill doesn’t deserve to be in the same room with Alex’s boys!”  During the visit that Jill made to Alex’s house, they discussed Bethenny and then apparently Jill spent some time with the boys.  If the rest of the visit was anything like the few minutes we say, I pity Alex for having to deal with this woman around her children.

Jill was more worried about one of the boys stepping on her yapping ugly dog then the boys getting bitten by that overgrown rodent!  The dog bit Ally, if I were Alex that dog wouldn’t make it over my threshold.  What makes Jill think she can bring that horrible dog to other people’s houses!?!?

Jill tried to back-peddle by saying, “I didn’t mean it how it came out”.  Yet she said on television, in an interview that Alex appeared to be channeling the devil and that Alex may have the body for modeling, but not the face.  Look at who is talking!  We haven’t seen Jill walk the runway, have we?  I guess they couldn’t find a Size 1 dress for her to wear! 

Jill has made a career of back peddling , nothing is her fault,  everyone else made her do it, her daughter saw an obscure tweet so it was Ally’s fault she spewed incorrect information about baby Bryn, other people do the same thing or worse.

So Jill has thrown down the gauntlet!  She has basically threatened Bravo that she will refuse to return to the show if Alex is going to be on the show.  For my purposes, I am thrilled.  If Jill walks away or isn’t invited back due to her malicious attempts to sabotage Bravo’s new show, I will watch and enjoy The Real Housewives of New York even more!

If Jill gets her way, (highly doubtful) and Alex is no longer on the show yet Jill is, I won’t be watching so either way,  I don’t have to watch Jill Zarin on TV ever again!  Oh Happy Day! 

Finally, I would like to extend my congratulations to Bethenny Frankel, Alex McCord and Simon VanKempen for showing the class to ignore Jill Zarin and her absurd rants and raves!  Thank you to Jill Zarin for making these three people look even BETTER to fans, to the press and to Bravo executives!

Until Next Time…….


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256 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Jill Attacks Alex? III June 13, 2010

  1. Thanks for the new blog space Lynn!

    I looked at the pic and it does look like Bethenny to me. That’s her little wild child side! LOL!

  2. RAR says:

    OH MY GAWD! This woman is so obsessed with getting the last word she just won’t shut up! How is she so damn obstinate that she doesn’t know when to quit? She’s digging herself a whole so deep she can’t possibly get out. She has no doubt damaged her husband’s business, her sister’s business and he own reputation. She’s put her daughter in the line of fire and its all so pointless.

    I hate jillzarin X2

    • firepainter says:

      In the words of my dear departed mother: Jill, stop making a spectacle of yourself!

    • DLA says:

      I am so sick of this woman saying friendship takes WORK!

      Unless the friendship she is talking about is me having to put up with the bullshit a boss (someone I may have to be friendly too) may throw my way then she really is stupid.

      Friendships do not take WORK.

      A friend is loving and kind and forgiving because they love you in spite of the ass you are sometimes.

      A friend is not a backbitting hateful person who NEEDS you to fail in your life to make them feel better.

      Thus the phrase with friends like that who needs enemies.

  3. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    I’ve always been amazed by people like JillZarin. They accuse others of things they are guilty of. It seems that by calling out the other person first, they can then say “you’re lying, you’re just saying that because I said it first!”.

    As we know Jill accused Bethenny of being uncaring and using people. She claimed Bethenny was money hungry and would do anything for money. We the viewers, know that this is Jill’s MO.

    She has used B, Kelly, and Luann for their youth, connections, title and rides their coat tails to any event. She has tried to destroy Bethenny’s brand and Alex’s livelihood. She searches for fame and endorsements to become the best known housewife.

    What she accuses people of being is what she is. And she knows it!

  4. boston02127 says:

    Ok, I’m bored and being a snoop. I just found this info on Danielle’s tweeter page.
    She’s got an online store. She’s peddeling her book. She will also be selling a health and nutrition video, a beauty booklet and mafia clothing. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, there’s more! She sings!
    Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that her “beauty booklet” isn’t a full book and only a booklet?

  5. Mbdea says:

    Excellent points as usual, Lynn.

    I’ve said it once before on your blog and I am going to say it again, the only conceivable way Bravo will not bring Jill back to the show is if she allows her delusional ego to put down her “demands” for her return to the show.

    Thankfully, she actually was (and I am more shocked I was surprised by this) stupid enough to sabotage her own return to the show.

  6. Amber...Real Housewife says:


    If you want to find out how rich any of the housewives of BRAVO are, go to

    http://www.celebritynetworth.com or celebritynetworth if link doesn’t come up.

  7. RileyKitty says:

    When I think of that scene with Ally’s photo shoot for prom dresses & Jill makes a comment (paraphrasing, as I do not have my notes) about how she is proud to be there with Kelly because they all know Kelly & it makes her feel important. To me that shows Jill’s truest colors. It shows exactly what Jill looks for in her “friends”, what can you do for me?!!

    She is also very I did AB & C for you & now I expect XY & Z in return. Those kinds of friends can be exhausting. I have family like that. You may not even request the favor but sure as shit, you will be contacted. Hey I did ‘that’ for you now I need you to do ‘this’ for me. But I didn’t ask for ‘that’! I was still nice enough to do ‘that’ out of the kindness of my heart & I need ‘this’ done in return. Makes my head spin!!

    • boston02127 says:

      @RileyKitty–when there was a lone camera shot on Jill and she said
      “she’s with me”. I wanted to puke.

  8. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet:
    getting ready to celebrate my new feather jewelry line. Two limited pieces are made specifically to support FEEDING… http://bit.ly/9zAgUY

    Odd, no matter where I look I can’t find anything about Kelly’s “new” line of jewerly.
    All that ever comes up is “owlgate”.

    • Mbdea says:

      Perhaps it only sells in Kellyland where unicorns enjoy wearing feather jewelry.

    • otaypanky says:

      On the reunion show, Kelly is wearing a grotesque bangle with feathers. I am not saying this to be mean. I mean, I was actually shocked at how ugly the piece was.

      • Mbdea says:

        ITA…and isn’t feathered jewelry so 1979 anyway?

      • boston02127 says:

        @otaypanky~I saw it. She wouldn’t leave it alone. She kept playing with it. It looked like a little dead squirrel on her arm.

      • Katiecoo says:

        Me too (I am in the Twilight Zone here…my avatar keeps bouncing back and forth from my jelly beans to my photo..weird!)

    • RileyKitty says:

      The idiot just tweeted she feeds her dog gummiworms.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Her jewelry is currently “out of stock” because she supposedly donated the only two pieces that were created.

      Now she is back chasing pigeons in Central Park in an attempt to build up her stock of raw supplies. ;o)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I thought that was a cat toy on her arm at the reunion?!

    • SusanS88 says:

      Not to mention that any normal person with a conscience is going to immediately think of all of our fine feathered species that are so suffering right now because of the gulf spill! And if that doesn’t cross your mind, how about that fact that she is using bird feathers (Peta anyone?) in a cause to feed hungry people? While I haven’t really looked into her effort (I suspect it isn’t much of one, or an environmentally friendly one) I find it a bit hypocritical and not all all genuine. Look at all the folks who are suffering due to their loss of livlihood because of this spill! Finally, there is no honor in wearing feathers that are not earned through a livelihood that respects nature (speaking in native american terms here). Again, I haven’t looked into it, but this seems like a real disgrace to me. And another clueless Kellamity move…

    • pfinfl says:

      I’ve seen Kelly wearing some feather thing clipped to her hair in some of her one on one interviews on RHONY….I wonder if that is a piece she is trying to sell?

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    Alex, Alex, Alex! Jill is a broken record of misdirected responsibility. If Alex wasn’t there it would be all about Jill. If Alex wasn’t such a genuinely nice person, then Bethenny would be Jill’s lapdog (yeah right). If Alex wasn’t pulling her weight with the fans, then Jen Gilbert would be on as Jill’s sidekick. How does Jill know that Jen was brought on to replace Alex – is that wishful thinking or what? I go back to Bethenny’s remark on the island, “Jill made her bed, she did this all by herself.” Cheer up Jill, you own a fabric store – just change the sheets!

  10. kath blons says:

    sent 4 replies to jill-site; all deleted. all sends asked how could anyone treat a newly-
    pregnant unmarried friend whose father was DYING – the way jill treated her ‘dear firend’ Bethenney. zarin is quite the monster. woman to woman, mother to new mother and she comes up with “I’m a NY bi–ch” as an excuse. Pathetic.

    • Kat says:

      She can’t handle the truth.
      She because she refuses to post viewer opinions does not mean they aren’t valid.

    • Tracey says:

      I wondered why all her comments where praising her, I was wondering what universe I was in. She even commented on how she received only positive emails and it made her feel better, good to know she was probably snapping all those manicured nails hitting the delete button.

      • sbh says:

        I disagree, I think an assistant is reading them first, then deleting them, and then showing it to Jill. They will let a little criticism go in, just to make it more believable. I think they do this and say, “see Jill, everyone really loves you”. i think they do this for 2 reasons. 1. When criticized, Jill freaks out and does things that make it 100 times worse, so this way she is controlled to a tiny degree (I think it is partly why she believes that saying “I’m a NY Bitch” is enough of an excuse). 2. Who wants to be around Jill during a temper tantrum–when her normal behavior is so bad? With her mad–look out! No one wants to be “the messenger who was killed”

  11. Her is Jill Again using friendly media to spin her side of the story-


    • RileyKitty says:

      She is such a bitch!! Please let Alex & Simon come back!!! Does she think they will be upset that she doesn’t want to film with them. I think they may be doing a happy dance at the thought of Jill-free filming.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Eh. Jill was all upset that Bravo this season didn’t want to show all the hours of her “family time” video…snooze…that no doubt JZ planned as on screen marketing for her impending book’s release. Instead Bravo showed the real Zarin behind the phony smile…the cutting remarks, the slams, the lies and the cold manipulative scheming.

        She really thinks she’s a “star” who can make demands. Bravo doesn’t need her.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Alex mentioned many hours of family filming that also didn’t make it on air.

        • sbh says:

          NO FAMILY FILMING SHOWN!?! We were subjected to watching “bed time” with mom and sis (where she wanted the book filled with pictures of Ally). Then we were subjected to picture taking time for the book cover (where mom comes off like a prima donna, and Jill disses sis with her clothes and attitude), followed by some home time with her dog (where Jill subjects the poor rat to all those people for no reason). And in a video on bravo, she and Ally go to a counselor for help with Ally’s college interviews (where Jill doesn’t shut up the entire time and sounds like a total idiot–like her favorite fictional character is Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie? She was mine too, when I was six. And of course, not only was the lady not speaking to Jill, I doubt any COLLEGE interviewer would want to hear that answer from a prospective student). Let’s not even discuss the video of her shopping with Bobby for a watch (Where she tries to exchange sexual favors for added jewelery). Truthfully, I don’t think Jill’s image could of handled any more ‘family time’.

  12. little rock says:

    I posted this as a response to bravo fan on the last page but by the time i got it up we already had a new blog. I’m reposting it here. I know it makes me a fame whore.

    3rd phone conversation b/t jill zarin & andy cohen re. false info on facebook:

    Andy: Hello, caller! Who is this and where are you calling from?

    Jill: Dammit, andy, i know you have f$#&ing caller ID! Whatever! I think
    we got cut off a little while ago.

    Andy: No, i hung up on you. I’m on my way to your place now. I’m going to
    watch while you change the day to Monday on your f#$&ing facebook
    page. And if you don’t, i’m going to hold you down and force you to
    watch BETHENNY’S GETTING MARRIED? on a continuous loop
    until you fix it. I’ve gotten dozens of emails from people saying they
    keep pointing out this mistake to you and you are blocking and
    deleting them. Enough, bitch!

    Jill: (crying) Please don’t make me do that! I’ve only got 6 fans left, and that
    INCLUDES family members. Even that efing ginger has turned on me –
    the little ungrateful bitch! And after everything i’ve done for her, giving
    her a place to live, making her famous! If it weren’t for me, no one
    would even know her name. Who cares, i’ve got a bunch of cats now
    anyway. oops! forget that last part.
    Please andy, i don’t want the few people who still like me to see part 2.

    Andy: Don’t care. You signed a contract.

    Jill: Come on, you’ll get plenty of viewership from all those f#@&ing
    bethenny lovers. And alex has picked up the ENTIRE state of illinois,
    the bitch. And then there’s the 100′s of thousands of idiots who believe
    ramona is f%#@ing RENEWED – like she’s been dipped in HOLY
    water, for chrissakes! So, cut me a break,andy. Let my 6 people think
    part 2 is on tuesday.

    Andy: Do you really think anyone is that stupid?

    Jill: Believe me, the few fans i have left ARE that stupid! They believe all
    this crap i’m putting out th…. wait, what was that noise? Andy, what
    was that?

    Andy: I’m putting you on speaker phone. I need my hands free for driving.

    Jill: Andy, you HAVE a DRIVER! OH MY GOD, is luann there? It’s just like
    that bitch to sit there beside someone while they’re having a PRIVATE
    conversation. I know you’re there luann, i can hear your head shaking.

    Andy: Jill, i can assure you luann is not here in the car with me. God, you
    have gotten so paranoid, thinking everyone is against you. Oh wait,
    everyone IS against you!

    Jill: Andy, you piece of shit, bad for the jews, mother#@%&ing, son of a

    Female voice: Jill, perfect example of a time when
    a little civility would be nice.

    Jill: (drops phone, writhing on floor) ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  13. RileyKitty says:

    Why oh why is this Danny thug telling Danielle that Dina owes her an apology? I am just not getting why this supposed badass is involving himself in the women’s drama. What business is it of his to begin with? Dude knows one side of this story, Danielle’s, hasn’t anyone ever told him you are never talking to the person who is wrong? Dina hasn’t ever really done anything to Danielle.

    As for last season’s bringing of the book out. If you are an aquaintance of mine, a neighbor, a friend of a friend & I find a book that damning written about you, everyone I know is going to know about it. I will call every person I know, every person I ever knew & tell them about it. Just saying. If that makes me a horrible person, so be it. I say it makes me human.

  14. TraceyK says:

    Hey everyone! Check out these choice quotes from a Kelly interview on Gawker:

    When you’re hung over and you feel like you’re pale, tea bags will help give you a “warmer” look.

    I don’t really drink that much.

    I also wear a lot of Dr. Hauschka’s products and moisturizer on my face. And then I mist it up with spray tanner, so my skin is always evenly toned. I don’t want to look like that jaundice girl. I want to look like the pretty girl!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Skin care tips from Kelly???? For those who like the orange toned leather look?

      She can be attractive, but she seriously needs someone to give her tips on skin care.

    • boston02127 says:

      Kelly needs to wake up and smell the leather. Kelly you’re not a 16 year old girl. You’re a grown woman. ugh I hate her

    • Tracey says:

      animals are going to start an ethical treatment organization for her skin

  15. floridagirl88 says:

    Soooooo, I got to see Alex and Simon today in Washington, DC. Hey guys, they are normal. Just normal, intelligent, thoughtful people, parents. They were responsive to the crowd and are obviously on the same wavelength with each other. They were quite candid in responding to questions, not much new from what we’ve learned on this blog. Now I understand why Jill can’t stand them. Jill, in all her insecurities and wrong headedness, can’t do normal. Jill only knows drama and oneupmanship. Once again, this couple is one more thing for Jealous Jill to envy. There is no way Bawby could be as cordial, spontaneous and fun like Simon. You know what? I still hate Jill Zarin, but now I’m getting bored with her antics. She needs to grow up.

    No pictures. I had a minor family issue right before I left home and I forgot my camera.

    • RileyKitty says:

      Glad you had a good time, floridagirl. 🙂

    • Katiecoo says:

      Thanks for sharing! Did anything come up about any of the other housewives at their signing? 😀

      • floridagirl88 says:

        Ummmmm, there is no way to avoid talk of the other housewives. I was surprised at how candid Silex was. They agreed that fame went to Jill’s head, that Bravo was excellent in its casting, that Ramona is wild and crazy, but lovable all the same, that LuAnn is more like a sponge: if she is with negative people she is negative and if she is around positive people she is positive. They mentioned how they were edited in S1 and felt that coming back for S2 would give them a chance to overcome that inaccurate image of them.

        Alex was born in DC. Silex never intended to have children, they were gong to be a dual income/no kids couple, but that changed for them. The boys were there, but it looks like an assistant took them away from the crowd so we only got a peak at them. As many have said on this blog, the women who get along are the ones who work for a living and the other three married money. They said Sonja is hard to place because before she married money, she earned her own. As for Kelly, apparently she is a blank slate. Blank.

        They have not been told if there will be a 4th season. Oh and this interesting tidbit or two. They have had the same production crew all three seasons. The editing is done offsite, somewhere in L.A. so the editors can’t be biased by a personal relationship with any of them. Now what that says for me is that S3 editing of Jill must have been somebody’s revenge for all her bad behavior. I’m just saying, sure looks like that to me now that I know the editors aren’t right there watching everything as it happens. They must be laughing their asses off.

        Gee, I sure hope Jill/J.Saunders/J Sample isn’t reading any of this. Or any of her 4 PR people. I will post more as I remember it.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Thanks for posting.

          When JZ was on WWHL with Andy C, she kept referring to him having seen the season’s shows in advance and the editing. Was she suggesting that Bravo (ie, Andy) was responsible for influencing the edit this season? Bravo does oversee the production and has influence on the product, but I’m thinking maybe JZ blames Andy personally. Obviously she’s not “happy” with him, regardless of some silly game.

          Jill is like Ginger: a small individual with limited self control and self awareness who can’t stop attacking others. Pure decency keeps people from drop kicking the poor little dog into next week since the owner, not the dog, is to blame. But Jill’s not big enough or valuable enough to warrant being a diva. She keeps biting the multinational media organization that put her on camera and anyone else in the biz who displeases her, the only future gig she’ll get is demonstrating Hoverrounds @ 3 am.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Bravo/Shed Media is her boss and Andy can view whatever he wants, when he wants and owes his employee, Jill, no explanation or answers to her questions or justify how the show is edited! She is so over the line now it isn’t funny – it’s pathetic.

            • Need a Hobby says:

              Sure and Andy’s an Executive Producer of the show. But based on what Jill’s said publicly, she thinks the producers deliberately edited the show to make her look bad and knock her down.

              (Rather, that is, than performing magic and editing the show to make her look good, like when she was volunteering at hospitals, serving meals to the homeless, reading to the elderly and shut ins, etc.. Oh right, that stuff didn’t happen.)

              I think she also personally blames Andy. I think there’s some real animus there. If she’s po’ed at Alex for having the nerve to cross the Jill the Queen Bee, just think what she feels for those she blames for making her look like the Queen of Mean?

              • floridagirl88 says:

                Hell, Jill gave them all the footage they needed. All the editors had to do was decide what material to use. Jill was being Jill and the editors, laughingly, showed us who she really is. Jill still doesn’t understand how this happened.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thank you for sharing that with us Floridagirl!

      • anniieee says:

        So glad you had a good time floridagirl. wish I could have been there. Thanks for share all the info.

  16. Capiche says:

    I don’t understand these posters (on the previous blog) that keep complaining about how much time we spend on this blog and how it is repetitive and if Lynn wants fame…Oh puh-leeze! I spend an awful amount of time on a tennis blog and have been doing it for five years and it’s pretty much the same format. New posters come on. Things get repeated. Moderator posts new thoughts. The conversation continues. What’s so wrong about that? If it gets repetitive, skip over. Many times posters show up without reading the previous comments and add their wisdom like it’s something new. Go with the flow or move on. It’s that simple! Posting my opinion is not that hard and I can read this blog and others while doing other things. It’s not that big a time waster as some may think.

    • RileyKitty says:

      Amen, Capiche!!! I am 38 years old, how about if I decide how I want to spend my time. When these trolls start coming here & paying my bills then they can decide if I am wasting my time here 🙂

    • Quincy IL says:

      I am amazed that those complaining take their precious time to read our boring comments and complain.

  17. viki55 says:

    Most likely already posted but cute short with Bethenny:)

    • CdnFillie says:

      gotta love the ” when you wipe your ass with dollar bills you end up in debt ” comment…she cracks me up..gotta luv her

  18. Capiche says:

    So I just read Teresa’s blog on People. It is too funny. Teresa Giudice, yes her of table-flipping fame – is now lecturing the viewers of the Housewives series on how they are to act and respond to what is being shown on television. That’s rich!

    When you’re finished rewriting the rules of reality tv stardom, Teresa, can you give me a few tips on debt management? Just one or two should suffice!

  19. vilzvet says:

    A great post from at the IMDB board re: Ashley’s nasty tweet to Danielle and a GREAT response:

    GET A LIFE…Stay away from my family. You’re no good, and FAKE. You can try to ACT like you’re a changed person and all good and holy…but at the end of the day…you, I, and GOD….both no [sic] where you’re going….TO HELL. BYE. “Love and light”…BITCH

    Just exactly WHERE does this spoiled, entitled, bad-attitude-having little wench get off starting anti-Danielle Facebook sites and sending her the kind of text messages quoted above? First of all, this overgrown spoiled brat has been nothing but a complete snooze on this show. She was barely even bright enough to get through high school, and even Jacqueline admitted that she was relieved she graduated because she didn’t seem to think she would. Now she is living at a “friend’s” house (which probably actually means her boyfriend’s, even though the Manzos and Lauritas don’t want to admit it) and not only is “taking a semester off” from school but doesn’t even appear to be working. And she is being sued or charged or something for assaulting Danielle?

    First of all, most of these people aren’t even actually her family. She is not related to any by blood except CJ and Nicholas, and has never even seemed to be fully on any of their radar as far as any attention or concern goes, except for Caroline and Dina to tell Jacqueline that she should give Ashley a beating with a wooden spoon to straighten her out. It is very obvious that Jacqueline had Ashley when she was too young, as she keeps stating, because she is a lazy, spoiled blob of entitlement that seems to think fit to involve herself in totally irrelevant adult conflicts that have nothing to do with her, and barely even have anything to do with her mother, because until recently, Jacqueline was ambivalent and even bordering on still wanting to maintain a relationship with Danielle. People can say what they want about Danielle, and I agree with a lot of it, but I can’t fathom either of Danielle’s daughters EVER insinuating themselves into adult matters that are none of their business just to be $h!t disturbers and catty little housewife wannabes. Jacqueline has shown herself to be an impotent and ineffectual, overly-permissive parent before, but she should really draw a line in the sand here, because not only is Ashley’s behaviour unacceptable, inappropriate and presumptuous for someone her age (who frankly has bigger fish to fry in the grand scheme of life, and should be worrying about actually getting her $h!t together than slandering Danielle), but she is bordering on being able to be sued for libel.

    And not that it is of any consequence, nor is it a nice thing to say, but everytime I see her onscreen, all I can see is that big, puffy, amorphous mass that is actually a face, but looks more like a blob of dough.

    • RileyKitty says:

      I am no fan of Danielle’s but like I posted above regarding Danny butting into the drama, my sentiments can be targetted towards Ashley as well. None of these women (Caroline, Dina, Jacqueline or dumb ass Teresa) need a barely literate 18 year old girl to fight their battles for them. On Facebook & Twitter, no less.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Bravo stepped in the Gingerpoo with this one. Ashley’s blog is wrong on too many levels. Futhermore if you read the responses at the Bravo site – they are all positive?????

        • pfinfl says:

          I honestly think that Bravo is wrong to have allowed Ashley to blog on their site. She could have just written a blog on facebook!

    • Kat says:

      This is an example of taking things too personally. Ashley is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. She is taking on fights that aren’t hers to wage.
      Someone will knock that chip off her shoulder.
      Looks like is begging to go to the school of hard knocks.

    • pfinfl says:

      I think it is ALL immaturity….if I were her age and someone like Danielle were harrassing my family to the point of attacking my livlihood…I’d be fighting back too. But this just goes to show that no one in those two families have a firm hold on Ashley. She will regret doing this one day because it could have been handled a lot better. Like continuing to ignore Danielle!

  20. I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

    @WindyCityWondering In the previous thread, you asked if Zarin Fabrics ran ads in the NY Post. I have never seen a Zarin Fabrics ad in any of the NY papers. I had never even heard of Zarin Fabrics until RHONY came on the air.

    I think Jill has a few friends at the NY Post, especially the gossip columnists. It wouldn’t surprise me if she has a relationship with Linda Stasi(The TV critic), they are both from Long Island and they have probably crossed paths a few times.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      thanks T – was just wondering if there was money involved.

      • Annie1033 says:

        Just an FYI, I don’t think that there’s money involved but I know that it’s sort of a dirt for dirt system there. Meaning that you give them a story YOU want them to run there and in exchange you also need to give them some gossip about something else that they can use for the future. Something like that, I’m pretty sure. Which, that’s perfect for Jill: She IS a gossip and they’re a pathetic paper, so you know, matching wits AND ethics.

    • A fan says:

      She doesn’t even work at Zarin fabrics. They use it as their piggy bank.

  21. desertgal66 says:

    Capiche says:

    I don’t understand these posters (on the previous blog) that keep complaining about how much time we spend on this blog and how it is repetitive and if Lynn wants fame…

    I’m always amused when people will spend time reading and commenting on blogs for the sole purpose of criticizing other people about spending time reading and commenting on the same blog.

    • Katiecoo says:

      LOL….I admit I waste far too much time on this show but at least while I’m rewatching episodes in the backround, I’m working on my part time crafting business. Then the blog is here for my intermissions. 😉

  22. desertgal66 says:

    Kikilet: When you’re hung over and you feel like you’re pale, tea bags will help give you a “warmer” look.
    What the hell is she talking about? Tea bags…how? Do you plaster your face with them?

    I don’t really drink that much.
    Maybe she should start. She actually might make more sense. She certainly couldn’t make less.

    I also wear a lot of Dr. Hauschka’s products and moisturizer on my face. And then I mist it up with spray tanner, so my skin is always evenly toned.
    Yeah…evenly toned orange. Just what we all aspire to.

    I don’t want to look like that jaundice girl. I want to look like the pretty girl!

    Uh, girl? She’s 42 years old. But, I’ll give her that one. She doesn’t look like jaundice girl. She’d have to be yellow to be jaundice girl. She looks more like self tanner girl.

    • Annie1033 says:

      And it’s not even…well EVEN. Her face is STREAKED and greasy. It’s kind of super disgusting. Also, um, am I the only one who when looking at her gets the distinct impression that she SMELLS? Not even just the rumored cat pee smell, but just, SMELLS. Her hair looks dirty, her skin is scary looking…she just looks SMELLY. Smelly shall be her new nickname from henceforth!

    • Maddiegirl says:

      I cracked up when I read Kelly’s advice. First about hangovers and then about covering up yellow jaundice. If she stopped drinking, her liver would work and she wouldn’t have to worry about jaundice.

    • sbh says:

      oompa loompa oompdity doo…

  23. sonya says:

    All of the housewives are self promoters. Jill is just more overt about it. Do you really think Alex and Simon or Bethenny would be talking to any of us on FB or twitter if they were selling something. You’re a nice lady, but that’s not the reason Alex and Simon chose to lunch with you. I hated Jill’s actions this season. But I haven’t forgotten who the other ladies have been.

    • felony stupid says:

      I’m not sure what the others self promotion has to do with Jill’s actions this season – kind of two different things here. I think this really is all based on Jill’s desire to be head-housewife and how her actions have backfired on her.

      In any case, yes, they are all self-promoters. Bethenny, Alex and Ramona have been very upfront about this and do not try to hide that this show has provided a platform to promote their actual real-life businesses.

      It is Jill that acts like a philanthropic society maven running from charity event to charity event – selflessly giving to those in need. Thank god for that 2K in fabric or Brooklyn Fashion Week would have been in the toilet!
      Jill is the only one yet to acknowledge using the show to promote herself while shamelessly plugging Zarin Fabrics, her stupid book and her Team Jill clothing. All while grabbing as much free swag from anywhere and everyone she can.

      IMO I don’t think this is the main issue most folks have w/Jill but it can be added to the ever growing list.

    • You have to have genuine interest in people to do the things Bethenny and Alex and Simon are doing. People aren’t stupid you know. I think most people can tell when someone is genuine and when someone is putting up a front. Most people aren’t as cynical in their view of others. And most people don’t think they have to be fake in order to promote their business or what they’re selling.

      Jill by her own actions has shown what kind of person she is. If Alex, Simon and Bethenny were just as bad or as fake as Jill, people WOULD be talking.

    • In my opinion, the other ladies, well at least Alex and Bethenny, have been pretty classy this season. Ramona too when she comes back down to earth after a blast off. LOL!

      I agree with felony stupid (what a name! LOL!). The issue isn’t self promotion at all. Who cares about that? Each person has something going on and if they can promote themselves on the show, more power to them. After all, it’s Bravo producers/editors, etc. who decide what is aired. They don’t have any input in how badly jill and kelly acted this season. Those two gave them just too much material to use and probably pissed off some Bravo execs. Bite the hand that feeds you once too often…

      • sbh says:

        I see Jill’s form of self promotion like I do those old-time perfume ladies at the mall. As they are greasily asking you if you want a spritz, and you are screaming “NO!” at the top of your lungs, while trying to put up your package-laden hands to protect yourself, they are off spritzing away in your eyes, mouth and nose some stinky, heavy, eye-burning amber mist.

    • pfinfl says:

      The thing about Jill’s self promoting is that she will write her own reviews and lie about it!

      I picture Jill with notebooks titled, “Charities I’ve Given To And Who To Tell”….and one with, “People Who Own Me For Favors I’ve Done For Them”….also, “People Who I Won’t Forgive But Will Forget”….and “Look At What I Have”! OH….and one more, “BTW, I Love To Hold Grudges…’Cause I’m a NY B…….!”

      Alex & Simon’s Book……Rave reviews by people who actually read & love the book=These two not having to do much to promote it….doing well on its own. Btw, Silex are really good writers. I’ll read their blogs anyday!

      Ramona….c’mon…she really has great jewelry…I don’t know about her TruRenewal products but think they are doing well.

      Bethenny….she was selling her natural food chefness BEFORE the show…she really seems to work hard and its paying off….her company is growing. Did being on this show help her promote? I’m sure…but I still think Bethenny would have grown her company without the show.

      LuAnn…..must we hear her singing again? She can not sing. No one should be allowed in a studio if they can not truly sing. I don’t care if there are buttons you can twist and turn to make it sound a bit better on cd. Just Stop! Ok…I loved her idea for the Class book….but what did NOT help was her being on the show and doing the opposite of what she preached in the book. Buyers were not buying it.

      Kelly….honestly…she may could sell Jellybeans to kids…but that would be creepy! She’d rather sell feathers! Next….

      Jill….she has a legit fabric business. The problem was when she decided to write a book with her mother and sister. It got bad reviews because it wasn’t a great book like Silex’s & Bethenny’s books (People are actually waiting for Silex to write another and Bethenny’s book, “A Place of Yes” to come out). Why? Because they are actually worth buying. People thought the advice was kinda weird in Jill’s book and started writing bad reviews. Then Jill starts writing good reviews and getting her friends to write good reviews….5 Star reviews no less…and lied about doing it. No one wants to touch her book and who does she blame? Fans! I have never once heard Alex, Simon, nor Bethenny say that they were going to buy something like the rich and famous used to own after selling lots of their books. Jill….shamelessly…on camera…told the viewers what she would buy after selling LOTS of books. It’s all about money to her. She can say its not at the reunion but she lies.

  24. kath blons says:

    Have to ask again.

    Does anyone know another woman (besdies JillZ) who would dump toxic words on the head of a newly pregnant, unmarried woman whose estranged father was dying?
    Really, I’ve never even heard of it before now.
    What sort of woman DOES that to a “best friend?”

    • Annie1033 says:

      Well, there is KELLY. 😉

      • Annie1033 says:

        True though that Kelly wasn’t a “best friend” or even a former one, that’s right.
        But she was supposed to be on a truce with Bethenny. All the same, Kelly is completely stupid so maybe that’s not a good example anyway.

    • Kat says:

      I don’t think Jill is capable of being a friend. She can call herself a friend but that does not make her a friend.
      She is Queen of the Damned. Materialistic, manipulative, competitive and shallow.

    • Katiecoo says:

      Well then on the reunion she claimed she didn’t want to bother her while she was newly pregnant. ROLL MY FREAKING EYES.

      • desertgal66 says:

        Which was a really stupid thing for her to say, since Jill went to St. John for the express purpose of “bothering” Bethenny…

        • Katiecoo says:

          there are just so many comments I’d love to cross examine her on. Like Bethenny said, there are 2 million viewers who are the Judges here.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Yeah, like Jill’s as timid as a church mouse. That was a hoot.

      • TLM says:

        Right. So as soon as she heard a rumor that B might be pregnant, JZ ran to the press to speak on B’s behalf and then sent B a text message berating her and accusing her of purposely putting the news out there without even asking her what happened. Wow, what a caring thing to do.

        • kokuanani says:

          Yes, of course, because the “most important” thing about Bethenny being pregnant is offering Jill the chance to announce it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      At the reunion, Jill said she was keeping tabs on B from afar as to not add stress to her delicate condition. So I guess being mean on the telephone doesn’t count. And whipping Kelly up into a frenzy to attack her doesn’t count either since she was in New York. Interesting take on wanting to be a real friend????

      • anutha hata says:

        As far as I know, Jill did stop attacking Bethenny directly, as soon as she knew that she was expecting. I’m not going to give her any bonus points for that, because that’s how a decent human-being behaves.
        Kelly-has no sense, so she attacked Bethenny, (repeatedly), including calling her a “ho-bag”, on the Krazy Kruise, while acknowledging that she didn’t care that Bethenny was in a delicate condition.
        Ultimately, Kelly is responsible for her own behavior, but we have to wonder how much influence Jill had on Kelly.
        And then, there’s Amazon-gate, and phony bad reviews for Bethenny’s best-seller, that were traced to Jill using a fake identity.
        Its one thing to do the right thing, and another to try & make it look like you did, while doing the exact opposite but trying to hide it.
        By backing-off, Jill showed everyone that she knew what the right thing to do was, but when she thought she could get away with it, she continued to cause trouble.
        Plus, Jill most-likely would have known earlier about Bethenny’s condition because Alex tried to give her a clue, but Jill refused to hear it, so Jill’s disrespect for Alex backfired on her there.

  25. desertgal66 says:

    sonya says:
    Do you really think Alex and Simon or Bethenny would be talking to any of us on FB or twitter if they were selling something.

    Huh? That sentence makes no sense.

    • TLM says:

      Looks like she meant to say, “Do you really think they would be talking to any of us if they WEREN’T selling something.” It was just a typo.

  26. Anitabee says:


    Why has the Zarin camp been so quiet for the last 48 hours? It’s starting to scare me. Maybe it’s the eye before the storm?


    Did those PR flying monkeys final rebel against the wicked witch? Did they capture her? Did they throw water on her? Did JZ finally melt?

    I guess we will know soon enough…

  27. lillybee says:

    Jill is definitely a “user”. The first season she said that she invited her “friend” to the hamptons and then the friend wound up cooking for Jill’s large dinner party. Jill didn’t speak to the woman aside from asking something about serving dishes. What I nice way to treat a friend. I thought that the woman was really a caterer and in Jill’s mind, she was saying “I am a great person, look at what my friend is doing for me.

  28. boston02127 says:

    Sit down before you read this:

    Kelly’s tweet:
    @kikilet I heard you are getting ready to record a new Pop/Country hit called “Zip It.”

    • Katiecoo says:

      It would be better as a disco song a la “Whip it Good”. “Zip It Good” has just sooo many possibilities for video. And in the backround is Kelly’s voice going “cross your legs”.

    • RileyKitty says:

      This may just be the end of the line for me. I may just have to shoot myself in the ear drum.

      Here lies RileyKitty (1972-2010) Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s stupidity finally became too much to take.

  29. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    I mentioned it last night and here it goes again.

    Ask Gloria went defunct after Ep2. No longer credible, because of her wretched offspring, she no longer doles out advise. Jewish gals sent letters and email and all went unanswered. Safe are poor men, inter-racial couples, and half-jewish children. Jewelry sales are down, however, as blow jobs are being given freely.

    Vicki from the OC STFU after her finding out what all the bickering was about. Her BFFF (bigfuckingfakefriend) had lied to everyone, playing the victim card, and planted negative stories everywhere. Jill had tried to destroy Bethenny’s reputation and brand. She also was trying to sabotage a network show.

    So…both of them, Gloria and Vicki decided to be quiet and watch the show.

    • Katiecoo says:

      I noticed no comments coming in from Vicki–she’s smart enough to not sign up for a losing team. And let’s add Patti Stanger to that list too who’s been oddly quiet after calling bethenny a “cow”. Yeah right. Bethenny’s entire body is about the size of one of Patti’s legs.

    • RileyKitty says:

      was that right after Mother’s not Happy? Gloria should have been ashamed & embarrassed after that aired. So should Lisa. You’re hugging her from the front. How old are you that you are fighting for mommy’s affection? My sister & I stopped doing that 2 years ago LOL.

    • felony stupid says:


    • sbh says:

      what did gloria say about inter-racial couples?

  30. Olivia says:

    The shame that is Bravo is that they have included as castmates on the NJ franchise a group of truly ignorant women. Each and every one of them is dumb beyond description.

    Ashley Ha Ha, Danielle the Resident Slut, Theresa the Moron, Caroline the Wannabe Moll, Dina the “Tranquil”, Jacqueline the Unaware, and Lauren the “cosmotologist in waiting”. It is a safe bet that none of these women have ever read a book or a newspaper let alone ever conducted an intelligent conversation.

    The NY women at least all claim to have had college educations (Kelly’s diploma is in doubt). They may be calculating, devious, back stabbing, and insincere, but at least they have gone on to seek higher education than the morons showcased in NJ.

    The NJ cast is so disgusting that I often feel the need to shower after catching one of those idiotic episodes. These people are just too stupid!

    • lillybee says:

      I think that Caroline is the wannabee godfather instead of moll. I agree with you about the others.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Well, we know that they have all read at least 1 book—LMAO!

    • sbh says:

      Could not have said it better myself.

    • sbh says:

      NOT ONE OF THEM has made money on their own except Dina, but I am not impressed by her taste (well none of the women have good taste in my opinion).

  31. iceNfire says:

    About Jen Gilbert ( hope that’s her name ) does anyone know if she was ever paid for hmmm for what? for being seen on RHONY?

  32. boston02127 says:

    Dear Jill the Hag,

    Bethenny Frankel’s New Show: Most Watched In Bravo History
    Bethenny Frankel’s new show, “Bethenny Getting Married,” premiered last Thursday night on Bravo. The shows premiere had over 2 million viewers, taking the cake for Bravo ratings. Way to go Bethenny – your show is the most watched premiere in Bravo history.I knew the show was going to be good, but it was better than I expected. There was a perfect balance of comedy, seriousness, and fun. The show is extremely everyday and chronicles Bethenny’s life as a mom to be, new wife, and celebrity chef. If Bethenny wasn’t the star of the show (her hot hubby helps too) it would probably tank, but this girl knows how to deliver.So will Bethenny return to the Real Housewives of NYC next season? I doubt it, she has a kick ass new show without the drama of the housewives. Do you think as many viewers will tune in this week? I think the real housewives may have met their competition because Bethenny’s show may be a strong contender. I will surely be tuning in to watch Bethenny this week.

    With Love from all of us.

    • That was nice boston! 🙂

      I hope in season two of Bethenny’s show that Bravo shows more of Bethenny’s business activities. After all, it’s a major part of her life. It will be fun too to see little Bryn growing up. 🙂

      • boston02127 says:

        @A former Jill fan~I got that from an artical online. I should have posted what paper I got it from. I just went back on my computer history from yesterday but I can’t find it. Sorry.

  33. iceNfire says:

    OT – Does anyone know what “listed” means on facebook?
    I have 24-following, 11 followers, and 1 listed
    And I don’t know this guy, @sergio8187/bravo

  34. RAR says:



    Jill S. is reviewing Zarin Fabrics. Should you chose to google “Zarin Fabrics reviews”, you will find other family members giving 5-star reviews; David Z. (Pres. of Zarin Fabrics) and Ally S. were the ones that jumped out.

    I hate zillzarin X2

  35. RileyKitty says:

    I don’t understand how Jill can sue for the idea of Bethenny’s new show? Did she pitch a show about Bethenny getting married before she knew she was engaged? Is she claiming to have originated the idea of a spin-off in general? Shouldn’t she be suing Jackie Gleason’s estate since The Honeymooners was actually the first spin-off ever & it was her idea? This woman can’t stand for anyone to have anything without claiming to have a hand in it. BITCH!

    • Annie1033 says:

      Wait, WHOA, what did I miss?? The blogs have been fast and furious and I haven’t caught up at all but what is this about a lawsuit??

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Who says Jill’s suing? & suing for what? Bravo offered B a show based on her life. That’s not actionable.

  36. boston02127 says:

    g’night all 🙂

  37. Kat says:

    Jill is on Showbiz this Weekend on HLN headline news

  38. Olivia says:

    It was reported today that Jill Zarin has been credited with first sounding the alarm on global warming and climate change. She first noticed something different in the atmosphere a few years ago but her warnings were largely ignored. She is now suing Al Gore for withholding the credit that is her due.

    Tylenol is preparing to defend itself in a lawsuit just filed by Jill Zarin who has accused them of using her idea to stuff cotton into their aspirin bottles. She claims that she discussed this with her visiting mother Gloria as she was raiding her own medicine chest in search of something to shove into her ears to drown out her mother’s whining voice.

    In other news, Jill Zarin is set to launch a lawsuit against the movie “Happy Gilmore” starring Adam Sandler. Her claim that he stole the word “happy” from her as she has repeatedly used that word, preceded by the word “not”, to illustrate her frame of mind. Ms. Zarin is claiming infringement rights and plagiarism.

    Jill Zarin is considering litigation against the Bravo network who refused her offer to appear with James Lipton and the Actor’s Studio for an hour of Q and A regarding her “career”. She claims undue suffering as did Mr. Lipton who has stated that he is as “pissed” off as she is and has declined further comment. Ms. Zarin, however, has done no such thing.

    You can catch her act any day coming to you from Twitter and Facebook if Page 6 is unavailable to plant her reactions.

  39. I just saw the pic of jonathan cheban sitting with jill on her bed. No wonder jill is out there making a fool of herself! She couldn’t find a (grown) man or woman PR person? Who is this fool anyway? another wannabe?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I suspect it’s not a great idea to hook up with a PR rep who seems to be trying to be as or more “famous” than his clients.

      The night of the reunion while JZ was twittering stuff that was reinforcing the “bad Jill” image of the season, and any really smart PR rep would have told her to STFU, this guy was also twittering and egging her on.

  40. What? I’m on here talking to myself again? 😛

    Guess I’ll go put up the chicken. Cooked some white and dark meat pieces, some with lemon-pepper and the other pan with teriyaki barbecue sauce. YUM! It’s better cooking late at night (was in the 90s here today).

    • Kat says:

      I wonder if Jill is busy building her “bad girl” reputation.
      She is about drama. The more people hate her in her mind the more she is worth. I missed most of Showbiz this Weekend on HLN, but they had a segment on Danielle’ sex tape and Jill Zarin was a commentator.
      Infamy is ok with Jill because it means people are watching.
      Big bitch = big ratings.
      Sorry if I rambled.

  41. eastbayjanine says:

    OMG Alex is following me on twitter, how cool is that!???!!!!

  42. AnnaBanana says:

    Coming out of lurkdom for a moment…

    About the cat-pee association w/ Kelly. Perhaps the odor is related to the gobs of self-tanner she uses? It’s pretty obvious she applies that stuff by the bucketful and it can stink somethin’ awful after it reacts with your skin. Depending on the brand, the amount used and the person on whom it is being used, it can produce a really strong odor the first day or so after it is applied.

    Can’t wait to see Ramona give Jill what-for on tomorrow night’s reunion show!

  43. kats2 says:

    Even if Silex were guilty of that stuff (which I too doubt) it doesn’t excuse what I watched and heard Jill do, so it doesn’t really matter or help her case.

  44. lillybee says:

    My opinion of Kelly is that there is no there there.

  45. shantygal says:

    Calling Ceasar Millan – get to New York stat and rescue Ginger & Chief!

  46. Anitabee says:

    I’d been wondering how big that rock was…WOWZA!


  47. Katiecoo says:

    Why do I find this comment on Jill’s blog so funny? She addressed Louboutin-gate by the way…she claims the red sole wore off. Dang, shoes that expensive, seems they could figure out how to make that sole durable but what I do know I get my shoes at Target. 😀

    Here’s the comment:

    vaness cruz Says:
    June 13th, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    jill you looked so nice and your hair had so much volume, on the other hand you were melting my heart i guess i was the only one that can see how sincere you were being.

    “your hair had so much volume”. LOL! Why is that funny? Slaphappy here I guess.

  48. Snarkhappy says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Jill looked a little different on the reunion show? Those deep lines around her mouth seemed to have disappeared. Andy should have shot those plastic surgery questions at her, not just Ramona.

  49. sablelicious says:

    I agree, anna. Ive used self tanners, and if left an odd smell.

  50. LynnNChicago says:


    Dont read it immediately after a meal….gag

    • LynnNChicago says:

      anyone remember Kelly’s tweet –

      This is from Kelly:

      “we need a reunion plan. if you dont want these women to win, give me advice.i will use it verbatim and name u on the show. tell your friends”

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Yes, I do. I thought it was loopy, but it was Kelly so….

        Oh Lordy….did she give “shout outs” to tweeps on the reunion show??

        • Katiecoo says:

          Not yet but there’s still time. Or maybe there was some secret code going on when she was stroking those feathers. 😉

    • LynnNChicago says:

      OMG I hadn’t read this all the way through when I posted it, but I did now….That Ashley is TRASH! I cannot believe how she talks about D’s Daughter, don’t read if you hate bullys!

    • boston02127 says:

      The constant ha ha ha ha kills me. I wish she would get an electrical shock every time she typed ha ha ha. Then I’d be doing ha ha ha.

  51. Katiecoo says:

    It’s Turtle Time. lol

  52. I guess “The Dirty” didn’t fall for Jills’ set-up PR stunt but “People” did.


    I wonder how much she had to pay to get that shout out on the very bottom of the page?

    • TLM says:

      Wow. I can’t believe PEOPLE picked that one up…it was completely un-newsworthy. Must have been a horribly slow news day. The only reason that would have been a “story” is if it were accompanied by the photo for those who, for whatever reason, want to see what Jill and Ally were wearing on their shopping trip. Without the photo, there was nothing to report. The fact that Jill went to a store is not news.

  53. boston02127 says:

    Good morning peeps. Rise and shine. Tonight’s the night. Woo hoo!
    Graduation today at 5. Double who hoo! K….I have to stop typing woo hoo at
    five in the morning.

    • Kat says:

      Congrats Boston! Awesome. 8)

      • anniieee says:

        Congratulations Boston… “oh the places you will go, the people you will meet.” It is the threshold of your life..step on that golden sidewalk and save the world for us old people. We are all so proud of you!! I will give a shout out to the sky at 5pm today!!

      • otaypanky says:

        Congratulations Boston. Have a wonderful day.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The first day of the rest of your life! One of the many milestones you will cross…you have so much to be proud of!!! Enjoy your graduation day! XXOXOO

    • Char212 says:

      Congratulations Boston!

    • Congratulations Boston! We’ll be thinking about you at 5 pm! 🙂



    • Gypsy says:

      Congratulations, Bostom! I hope you’re feeling very proud of yourself, you should.

      If you’re wearing the red bottomed shoes tonight, walk lightly so you don’t have a Zill shoe fashion faux pas!

    • shantigal says:

      I’m late to the party – Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and I bet your mom is a proud peacock. She has every right to be. You will go far my dear.

    • kats2 says:

      Congrats Boston!!! Good Luck to you and your next steps in life. Have an amazing day!!! (This is further proof there are very smart people here!!!!)

  54. sweet pea says:

    Love this blog. Love the comments also. I have actually spent way too much time this week-end trying to catch up. Oh well…I don’t have a life. But…this sure is fun!

    Just saw this…. http://www.realitytea.com/

    • Kat says:

      Thanks for posting that link!
      Paraphrased from the link “Zarin is a desperate d-list loser.”

      • vilzvet says:

        My God but is that pathetic…is that was “publicists” do?? Tell editors exactly what to write as well, and give choices?

    • boston02127 says:

      It’s ok Sweet Pea, I enjoyed them both. I loved the pictures of B’s new baby.

  55. Margo Channing says:

    The only reason as I have said before that Alex is so threatening to JiZ is because Alex is the only one that has nothing to lose by going rogue and being herself. Alex seems to be the only person on the show that is not afraid of JiZ. And she is most certainly not afraid to tell the truth about JiZ to JiZ. It still is very upsetting to me to watch the previews of tonight where it looks as if Ramona is begging JiZ’s forgiveness. C’mon Ramona! You guys go way back supposedly, so whatever dirt you think JiZ has on you, I just KNOW you have an equal amount on her.

    Thanks Lynn


  56. Tracey says:

    I know this is old but I was one of those people that liked her the first two seasons, Bethenny said in the reunion the fame got to her, but evidently she has always bee like this…And I LOVE the description of her picture!

  57. anutha hata says:


    Hmm. Whoever the reporter is here, didn’t get a quote from the White-House party-crashers, so they say, “Tareq Salahi’s eyes lit up on Friday night when he learned that “Real Housewives of New York” stars Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen were within his reach at Cafe Milano, just blocks from the America’s Polo Cup pre-party at Mie N Yu.
    -Then it goes on to quote Alex saying that she does not want to be associated with them basically. (actually it was a little stronger than that).
    Actually, I’m surprised that I haven’t seen Alex speak-out about this topic before. Maybe she did, but I didn’t notice. I didn’t know that Alex’s mom is DC insider, and that Alex is from that area?
    I can see why Alex is more than a little bit opinionated about this.
    Its funny in a way because these people seem to be just like what Bravo tried to portray Simon & Alex as in Season 1.
    I’m really surprised that Bravo is keeping these people for DC Housewives, but I guess they were already under-contract and being taped when they crashed The White House.

  58. boston02127 says:

    • sweet pea says:

      Good Lord. I’m speechless. She did not do that! Well, obviously she did…but she’s making a joke, yes? Because I’m laughing….

    • LynnNChicago says:

      oh my gawd! I guess we have to give her a smidgen of credit for laughing at herself..along with the rest of us

    • Tracey says:

      good to know she has a sense of humor, that is what that is, right?

    • Kat says:

      That was fun. Good for Luann.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      This might be the ticket to turning around her negative public image. If she can make fun of herself, how bad can she be? Are we watching an innovative PR strategy? OMG! What if Jill tries to do this? If LuAnn becomes “popular” Jill will start in on her next.

      • Pantry Viewer says:

        I saw that this weekend and thought of y’all. Glad someone posted it.

        I had to laugh at how far she has sunk – LOL! I am sure she did not intend to be a laughing stock, which is what she is. You can tell from the show she thought it was serious and she would be fabulous. But she is a joke. At least her PR people are having her acknowledge it.

        How far she has sunk – or is it sunken?

    • kats2 says:

      That was actually great, thank you for sharing it. It’s nice to see she has a lighthearted side, could never tell from how she acts on the show. Have to say, while her voice (both singing and speaking is tough on the ears) she is very pretty.

  59. jillpinchesloaves says:

    Well if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. (Advice Luann’s public relations team gave her.)

    She knew everyone was laughing at her, so now I guess she’s going to try to market herself as a comedian.


  60. boston02127 says:

    Have a good day everyone. 🙂

  61. DCxicana says:

    Hi Lynn ,

    This morning I am serving Jury Duty in Washington, DC. While I am waiting to be called, I am reading with great delight your blogs that you posted this weekend. I can honestly say that have never been so happy to serve!


  62. otaypanky says:

    jizm has all of 10 responses to her weekend update. whoopteedoo!
    Of course, all 10 love her…well, nine actually. I reposted her rant that she deleted.

    • Tracey says:

      Jill’s love tank is starting to get low, she needs to hire more people to leave positive posts

      • vilzvet says:

        Has she bothered to correct the date of the reunion to tonight? I bet a big fat NO to that one!

  63. A fan says:

    What about Bobby’s real daughter? Is she treated the same as Ally? What about his sons and his first wife?

    • otaypanky says:

      someone should twitter this to danielle. don’t like any of the players on this show but going after this girl in the way A has is as low as one can go.

      • Olivia says:

        What Ashley is doing is despicable but what Danielle is doing to her own children is far worse. Ashley will eventually shut up but Danielle has christened those two kids with a lifetime of her horrible behavior and expecting Danielle to respond over Ashley’s dumb comments is merely a drop in the ocean.

        Is Danielle’s “outrage” going to cover the fact that she has two sex videos out there which has more harmful effects on her kids? She is way beyond wagging a finger in Ashley’s stupid face when her own actions will eventually leave an indelible mark on her two girls that far outweigh Ashley’s tweets.

        The truth is that Danielle has by her own disgusting behavior opened these two young children to the dirt that is her life.

        • kats2 says:

          Like Ginger Zarin, Daniel’s daughters are just waiting for the right time to escape. I hope Christine takes her little sister with her.

          For as bad as Daniele is, where the fuck is their father?

          • sbh says:

            Enough about the father, this man chose Danielle to be the mother of his children and then left them in her care. ‘Nuff said about his sanity level.

  64. A fan says:

    I posted this in your blog from a few days ago, here it is again:
    A fan says:
    June 14, 2010 at 8:21 am
    Has anyone looked into what Bobby’s family thinks of Jill? He has a first wife he was married to for 20+ years and three children and left them to be with Jill.
    A fan says:
    June 14, 2010 at 8:26 am
    They party and travel all the time according to her blogs. Do they really work at Zarin fabrics?

  65. I found this in the comment section of “Reality Teas'” recent blog on Jill. I copied it all and am re-posting to here. It was comment #70. I will post the link at the end of the post.

    Reality Tea says: – June 14, 2010 at 4:50 am

    Okay, I have to add this in. There’s been a few folks saying “enough already” with the Jill stories or Jill “bashing.” You all actually have a point, but the problem is Jill won’t STOP.

    When I first came across this story, my first reaction was Really? As in Really Jill? I really couldn’t believe it and actually laughed. Oddly enough, from reading the comments posted, this seems to be the same reaction from the readers of the blog. A lot of the comments have been light hearted and nothing too serious. The press isn’t beating up on Jill. Jill continues to beat up on herself and continues to be her own worst enemy with her actions.

    Quite frankly, I’m tired of writing about Jill and her shenanigans, the same way I’d rather not write about Heidi and Spencer, but unfortunately Jill keeps giving me stories to write about her. An example of this was just last weekend when the Teresa Giudice bankruptcy story came out, that was a HUGE story and I wanted that to be the story for the weekend. I did not want to do a story that Sunday but unfortunately Jill decided to make herself the story by announcing she was being threatened to the world and I of course had to cover that story. That’s sorta my job 🙂

    But really, with the exception of the recaps, most of the Jill stories are based on her actions now and off the show. Most people despise Jill because of Amazongate, babygate, leaking negative stories to the press about her cast-mates, trying to manipulate the viewers into liking her, and being an all around obnoxious famewhore as proven by this story.

    I’ve known about this story for days, didn’t really want to do it, but unfortunately it was spreading and it was obvious this is a story people would want to read as evident by the 27 retweets.

    The truth is Jill’s behavior as been despicable and most fans of the show simply don’t like her. This isn’t a Reality Tea trend, or even an I hate Jill Zarin blog trend. The comments on the articles from PEOPLE and UsWeekly show the same sentiment. People REALLY don’t like Jill.

    So for all the people that say enough already? I agree, but perhaps the enough already should be directed to Jill Zarin, because see if Jill lays low and takes a break from the press, I wouldn’t have these stories to write about her, and quite frankly that would be fine with me, considering Danielle Staub’s sex tape comes out today and Teresa is $11m in debt.

    Also, if you’re writing several comments to defend Jill, you are likely a Jill fan and don’t think her behavior is that bad, or even bad at all. And that’s fine, it really is 🙂 But one thing I’ve learned from blogging is that you shouldn’t try to tell others how to feel or what to do. While you might like Jill, you have to accept most of show fans don’t at this moment and they WILL let it be known.

    The truth is I’m ready to move on to the New Jersey housewives and stop writing about Jill, but will Jill let me? 🙂 I think a lot of fans are ready to move on too. Let’s hope Jill lets that happen.

    And the end of the day, anyone is free to defend Jill, but there’s no need to bash others who you feel are bashing Jill. I have seen some fans go away over the top with their comments and actions, but I can in all honesty, say I haven’t seen that in the Jill Zarin comments for this story. Thanks. – Reality Tea


    • LynnNChicago says:

      I REALLY enjoy the articles of Reality Tea!!! Not only because I share the same views (re Jill Zarin) but the intelligence and wit are second to none!
      Thanks for stopping by! You’re welcome anytime!

  66. otaypanky says:


    discussion of feud between B and amarosa…the view is def under zarin’s thumb.

    • xenophile says:

      Maybe, they definitely think negatively of Bethenny….

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      I abhor the View, but wanted to see B’s clip. I was shocked how Sherri just oozed jealousy and hate for B! Watch Sherri’s face during the whole thing – smacking her gum and pulling on her clothes and just filled with jealous. God, I can’t stand that show and those harpies.

      • vilzvet says:

        Eww, she chewew gum during the interview?? How unprofessional. On Rachael Ray’s show even the AUDIENCE is not allowed to chew gum. Nasty habit. I don’t even watch The View, can’t miss The Price is Right ever. 🙂

  67. Judy says:

    I just listened to Lisa Wexler’s show from Friday, Jill was on the last 10 minutes and claims she has a source that said Bethenny was set up to say enough already – let’s not nail her to the cross. Jill said is was all prearranged by bravo to make B look good.

  68. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Congratulations Boston. What a special day. May all your dreams come true and may you have great accomplishments in life.

  69. Olivia says:

    It is possible that I hate Bravo more than I hate Jill. Bravo is wholly responsible for these awful shows where women are encouraged to behave in the most atrocious way for the sake of a hefty paycheck and high ratings.

    Jill is an example of someone who came into this show with an agenda that far exceeded her castmates. As much as I hate the never ending shilling that takes place with their individual product lines, Jill was intent on becoming a “star”. Not to say the others did not entertain the same expectations, but she went out of her way to achieve that goal, even to the detriment of the other castmates.

    But what is even more disgraceful is Bravo’s consent in allowing Ashley Holmes to have a blogsite set aside for her at Bravo when she is neither a castmate per se or someone with any “gifts” to offer. She is a lazy, insolent, unmotivated, empty headed, uneducated moron that most parents would be hard pressed to defend. Yet Bravo, in its wisdom, has allowed this idiot space to write her dumb thoughts liberally sprinkled with the use of “ha ha” each time she spouts her nonsense. A true example of full blown idiocy.

    I loathe Danielle Staub and again, Bravo has decided to showcase this amoral woman for the benefit of ratings but it is her two children who leave me more than depressed at the aftereffects of her decisions. Bravo is not a reputable network when it allows those two kids to be subjected to the slime that their mother puts out there on behalf of Bravo and a chance of making a few bucks in the meantime. For anyone to mistake what Bravo broadcasts is in any form “entertainment” it is not.

    Bravo is a corrupt network wooing corrupt people to it stable of “stars”, but what is happening to those two Staub kids is enough to pull the plug. These kids are unable to control what is presented and must face a daily barrage of harassment as their ridiculous mother, her odious co stars, and we in the blogosphere argue the merits of this useless show.

    There is not one good thing coming from this weekly trainwreck.

    • shantigal says:

      I respectfully disagree with you Olivia. Bravo is in the business of entertainment and there are plenty of shows on the network that fit the bill. I originally started watching when they premiered Queer Eye. There a plenty of Bravo shows that followed that huge success, that do not feature all female casts exclusively. Project Runway (now Lifetime), Top Chef, Shear Genius, Flipping Out, to name a few.

      There are trash shows on many networks, not just Bravo. The MTV networks are notorious for “skank” shows. The “…of Love” series, and all of their spinoffs. Even TLC is in on the exploitation of females. Toddlers & Tiaras- have you ever seen that show? Talk about exploiting children.

      Truth is Ashley can write anything she wants and post it anywhere on the internet. While I do agree with you that Ashley is reprehensible, it is unfair to characterize the network of being corrupt.

      There a billions of things to read and watch for entertainment. I do not find the NJ bunch entertainng, so I don’t watch nor do I read their blogs. I only found out about all of their antics through this blog and headlines on other reality sites.

  70. desertgal66 says:

    Olivia says:
    The NY women at least all claim to have had college educations (Kelly’s diploma is in doubt). They may be calculating, devious, back stabbing, and insincere, but at least they have gone on to seek higher education than the morons showcased in NJ.

    Although, the only NY housewives who actually completed college are LuAnn (nursing) and Ramona (Fashion Institute of Technology). Bethenny attended New York University and the Natural Gourmet Institute, but never graduated. Jill attended Simmons College, but never graduated. Alex attended Northwestern Univ. but never graduated. And, of course, for all her bragging about Columbia, whether Kelly actually received a degree is a question mark.

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  72. Jaay says:

    i fucking hate jill zarin! shes a rat! a snake! a coward!
    alll i know is that jill zarin is so stuipid i just want to hit her with a frying pan!!!! your a heartless rat! you look and act like a rat!!! your parents must of been REAL RATS!!

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