I Hate Jill Zarin Bravo’s Monday Lineup II June 14, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Reunion Part 2 Tonight     June 14, 2010

What do we expect for tonight’s reunion episode? 

We know that Ramona gave us a hint that two people walk off and one stomps her foot.  I think most of us guessed who did those things but now we know for sure that Jill and Kelly walk off and Ramona stomps her foot!  How fun!

There have been so many recaps and blogs and articles about the first part of the reunion episode with so many different perspectives.  Was Andy too hard on Jill Zarin?  They focused on the war between Bethenny and Jill – Bravo knows what the fans want.  We need to hear all of this rehashed over and over, don’t we?  It is time to see Jill confronted and get her reactions.  I don’t think that Jill’s off camera antics were discussed at all.  (Amazongate, Babygate or all of Jill’s rants on Social Networks)

Personally, I think I may just count the number of times Jill Zarin says, “I’m sorry”.  I have a feeling her PR team of four told her to say it at every opening.  “Jill, say I’m sorry to every woman on the stage at every opportunity, it will bring all your fans back to you”.  In fact, there isn’t any way to bring Jill’s fans back to her but her PR people can’t tell her that, because then why would she pay them?   Jill can come out with as many fake apologies as there are minutes in the day, I don’t believe a word of it.  This reunion was Jill’s opportunity, in her mind, to fix all of her problems but clearly she didn’t make it happen. 

Each of the housewives typically get their turn in the hot seat, the first part of the reunion focused a little bit on the Renewed Ramona, the Newly Vocal Alex and the war between Bethenny and Jill.  I have a feeling we’re not finished with that discussion. 

One of my favorite moments on the 1st part of the reunion was when Andy asked Bethenny the question about using an AK47 to kill a fly.  In my mind the question was a dig at Kelly.  Kelly just doesn’t get it, everything is so literal with Kelly.  I think what the question author meant was that Kelly doesn’t have the brains to match up to Bethenny’s wit and intelligence.  Kelly said, “’It’s true, I am a fly”.  Oh Kelly, Kelly, Kelly!  Just to add to the fun, while Lulu gave her take on the question, Kelly was rolling her eyes and giving Luann dirty looks.  Seems like there is dissension in the ranks over on team Jill, I’ll be looking for more hints that the team is disbanding. 

Thank you to Bravo for not making us wait an entire week for part two. 

Tonight’s line up on Bravo includes another episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  One of the housewives leaves the show forever.  (insert mystery music here)  It’s pretty clear to me that Dina is leaving.  One article included a theory that it is her husband Tommy who had pushed her to leave the show.  Rumor has it that Tommy was very unhappy with the reality show world when he saw their wedding on “The Big Fat Ridiculously Expensive and Tacky Wedding”.  Tommy apparently didn’t like the edit..hahaha.  Seriously, reports say that he was furious that they included the fact that he cheated on Dina not once but several times before the wedding but while they were dating and engaged. 

I think another big part of Dina’s departure has to do with her daughter not being on the show with her.  It really leaves her very little to do in terms of filming.  I’m speculating here but since the show is largely focused on the housewives with their children leaving Dina out in the cold.  How many meetings can she call to discuss Danielle?  How many scenes can we watch while she talks to her cats or consults a psychic?  It was becoming creepy.    

Finally Bravo will end the evening with an episode of Andy Cohen hosting his Watch What Happens Live with Dina Manzo (another hint that she’s history) and Ramona Singer, to dissect the reunion.  Hopefully Ramona will be a few Pinot’s to the wind and will say what she thinks without holding back. 

Hopefully you have all cleared your schedule’s for tonight’s lineup on Bravo….lets all Watch What Happens  LOL

Until Next Time…..


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  1. moriasheehan says:

    i would like to see kelly realize how condescending and rude the countless and jz really are to her. i think when the countless was talking about poor kelly the rabbit getting bullied on the island, kelly actually had a small inkling(sorry kelly, an inkling is not a new kind of jellybean) of how they have no respect for her.

    • iceNfire says:

      Hi moria – I saw your post and wanted to say that when I moved away from my hometown I found “friends” or at least conversation at Pogo.com
      You have to look around and lurk til you find your fit, but I had a lot of fun there.
      Still do sometimes. My pogo name is KeyWahnJ, I play Hearts, Spades, and word games. Yes, i’m a siteaholic

      • moriasheehan says:

        thanks iceNfire, i play mostly bigfish and gamehouse hidden objects and puzzles. also all the bookworm games, i love to spell. well, tv just shut off….oh noooooooooo. bad storm coming thru indy.

      • anniieee says:

        iceNfire I am anniieeeplay on pogo and am addicted to spades..

        • RileyKitty says:

          I’m MikeysMomm on pogo

          • anniieee says:

            we are going to have to play spades together! I broke my leg in 5 places a few years ago and was out of work for 6 months. when I was finally able to get up–I found pogo..it saved me from endless TV…

    • Squirrels says:

      not a rabbit…. a fly. At least that is what Kelly agreed to.

    • RAR says:

      DRINKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Pick your poison:

      A shot on Manischewitz for every time Jill says “I’m sorry”
      A shot of tequila for every time Kelly says “really?”
      A shot of pinot grigio for every time Ramona rolls her eyes at Kelly
      A shot of skinny girl margarita for every time Bethenny has to talk over Jill
      A shot of rum for every time Jill lies to/about Alex
      A shot of French vodka everytime that phrase “elegance is learned, my friend” pops into your head

      I hate jillzarin

    • DLA says:


      sorry can’t spell it all.

      Kelly will never “get it”.

  2. degroohj says:

    I’d like to see the Countess admit that she was wrong…for once.

    Or better yet, I’d like to see Sonja call Team Zarin out in a way only she could pull off!

  3. RileyKitty says:

    Hello Ladies (& Dude) I am ready for the show. I got a fresh batch of margaritas ready to go!!!

  4. lillybee says:

    One knows that they are addicted to Jill snark when the first thing one looks at on the computer in the morning is Ginger’s twitter.

  5. Trixie Landis says:

    I hope Jill gets locked in the bathroom when she storms off.

  6. Squirrels says:

    This is a very interesting take on Kelly. It has been bandied about, but never put in clinical terms. I am completely willing to consider the diagnosis, but to do that I would appreciate footnotes. Not trying to be sarcastic.

    Here is the posting. Good food for thought.

    “There has been lots of speculation about Kelly’s bizarre behavior with theories that she is either mentally ill or on some sort of drug. I have been looking at some of the things she says and does lately and something occurred to me.

    She exhibits a lot of behaviors that are typically associated with ‘high functioning’ autistic or more commonly people diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome or PDD-NOS.

    *Difficulty relating to others ( I don’t think I need to dig too deep with this one)

    *Difficulty understanding human emotion

    *Difficulty in reading social cues (again, it’s pretty self explanatory but a good example is she was obviously completely obvious to people non verbal reaction to her on ScaryIsland)

    *Has a monotonic voice

    *Easily distracted (in the mist of an argument ‘OMG it’s Al Sharpton’)

    * Inappropriate responses

    *Unusual gestures or ticks (the constant hair flipping, rocking back and forth ect)

    *Language rituals ( Like, really, amazing)

    *Difficulty understanding anything other than the literal meaning of words, including metaphors, cliches and sarcasm. (No, I am eating those grapes, I am a fly, making lemonade from lemons- and let’s not forget last season ….where she literally took her hair down and that whole grass isn’t always greener not matter how much fertilizer you have)”

    • moriasheehan says:

      very interesting…..

    • anniieee says:

      Just a teacher who has taught her fair share of students with disabilities… and this is pretty much on target. I few ( or lot) of blogs back, we did talk about it..your right…and I remember thinking–I wonder if its aspergers. there was a model on that Tara persons show (my daughter watched) with aspergers. She really struggled in the group interaction. Watch kelly’s eyes..she will not make eye contact when talking. I think IF this is the case–at her age, she self medicates…and then put liiquor on top of it.. and we have scary island. She certainly exhibits all of the above.

      • anniieee says:

        please excuse all the typos… I am soo tired..trying like heck to stay awake for the reunion show. 🙂

    • Squirrels says:

      Sorry, I meant to thank Rabble Rouser for the post.

      Thanks hun!

    • Nasus Nemak says:

      Yes Squirrels!
      I’ve thought the same thing. All is black and white. No middle ground, no ability to read the temperature of the room and the mimicking of others social interactions. An example, when concern was expressed for Bethenny’s health as she was cooking for the group, Kelly paused her attack to mimic that concern. I believe she said “you’re doing too much” or something along those lines. She does not know how to interact so she copies others. Avoiding eye contact is another clue.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Hi Squirrels..

      I have some familiarity with sensory and spectrum disorders (my daughter has some delays and the pediatric therapy clinic she goes to specializes in children with those diagnosis. There is more than once source that I based my assessment on Kelly but here is some of the information from accredited sources.


      There was another one I came across when I was doing my initial reading that summed everything up very nicely but I am trying to track it down again.

      Thanks for bumping my post… I was afraid in was going to get lost in the update.

      Another thing I found out was sometimes people with the disorder having irrational fears which would explain the thing with Bethany (She is trying to kill me- she is coming after me and my family) although in most cases I suspect typically it’s a little more irrational as in a ‘fear of stepping on a crack’ (in the sidewalk) because it will ‘break their mothers back’ sort of thing.

  7. Gypsy says:

    Andy talks about the Salahis who will be part of RHODC:

  8. RileyKitty says:

    I can’t imagine watching the DC one no matter how snarkworthy. Lynn will you be recapping that one? I may have to change my stance if people will be here snarking

    • lillybee says:

      I am planning on checking it out. It can’t be worse than NJ. Aside from the party crashers, it looks like a decent group.

  9. Pantry Viewer says:

    I’m guessing Jill is trying to funnel all comments off of Bravo TV blog and Facebook all onto her website to get as many hits as possible, to prove what a “celeb” she is as she is marketing herself to her D-list activities. That, and trying to capture IPs of any haters. If you don’t go there, she won’t get the hits that prove she is someone worthy of seeing in any public forum.

  10. otaypanky says:

    My IP Address has been blocked on Jillzarin.com/

    That’s why she wants posts there…She can block you completely.

  11. RileyKitty says:

    i am so ready for humpty dumpty!!!

    • Squirrels says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing… I’m honestly laughing out loud.

    • Squirrels says:

      Humpty Dumpty Time just may oust Turtle Time.

      One can hope.

    • Anitabee says:

      I guess that would be because Kelly is “cracked” and all the Bravo housewives, and all the Bravo producers couldn’t put “cracked Kelly” back together again.

      • PortiaElizabeth says:

        That’s a good explanation. I was wondering where Bethenny pulled that Humpty Dumpty analogy from. Makes sense now!

  12. anniieee says:

    Yeah she is a new york bitch..

  13. Squirrels says:

    I’m hoping JIll takes off some of those bamboo bangles. The clacking was irritating.

  14. Capiche says:

    Watching Reunion Part 1 rerun. I didn’t realize before but everytime Jill gets called out on her bad behavior she claims she was in a “bad mood” or “bad place.” And I believe her. Jealousy takes you to the dark side.

  15. moriasheehan says:

    thank you goddess of RH, the storm is almost past and my tv is back on, ready for part 2

  16. anniieee says:

    I want to stuff a fricken sock in her nasty ass mouth.

  17. Capiche says:

    Why does Kelly speak? Ever. I roll my eyes each time.

  18. Squirrels says:

    wait for it…wait for it….

    “We need a court reporter for you”. Bethenny Frankel to JIll Zarin

    Geez, I adore that woman.

  19. RileyKitty says:

    RileyKitty2 @BravoAndy we want a DVD with the uncut footage from St. John’s breakdown & unaired reunion footage from RHoNY

  20. RileyKitty says:

    Everyone does a shot when Kelly says honestly

  21. char212 says:

    See ya after the show 🙂

  22. lillybee says:

    West coast here. Stocked up on Pinot Grigio. Ben and Jerry’s chocolate brownie ice cream and rasberries.

  23. Squirrels says:

    A Reunion parting shot.

    J – “… and I got beaten up in the press for not being there for you, or whatever….”

    OH? Is that why?

  24. kokuanani says:

    I love the way Jill thinks that saying “that’s not true” or “I don’t remember that” or “show me the documents” negates the TRUTH about her.

  25. HD says:

    Hey everyone!! Time for part II! YAY!

  26. DLA says:

    Watching the RPart11

    Alex as always sees the truth.

  27. moriasheehan says:


  28. Capiche says:

    Boy, this new Alex is NOT shutting up. No way, no how! LOL!

    • DLA says:

      Love Alex even more than the JZ’s PR people.

      Sorry JZ’s PR people just think you can do much better.

      • Squirrels says:

        Alex would make a good PR rep. She’s intelligent, steadfast and knows when to speak v. lay low.

        Go Alex !!!

        (if anyone accuses me of channeling Ashley and her many !!!! , I’ll break your kneecaps)

  29. kokuanani says:

    Oh, I forgot another of her remarks: “are you kidding me?”

  30. DLA says:

    When Alex says the truth (as the viewers see it) JZ gives us her (she thinks famous look, we know hateful look) with her eyes.

  31. DLA says:

    Dear Oma(who) need a new best friend?

  32. kokuanani says:

    I love the ping-pong between Jill’s “true self” and the tactics her PR people have told her to follow.

    She repeats the “I’m sorry,” “I’m changed,” lines, but when pushed, she heads right back to her list of denial lines.

  33. Capiche says:

    That Bethenny sure is smart! She quickly copped to telling Jill not to film with Kelly because she knows the audience doesn’t like Kelly to begin with. She is shrewd. Jill can’t hold a candle to her!

  34. Jennifer says:

    Jill just called a Ramona a liar about JZ saying they shouldn’t film with B and then admitted it was true…. She lied and then said oh wait yeah I said that and I was wrong

  35. Scorpiosue says:

    Jill looks like an idiot. Boy, it only gets worse.

  36. DLA says:

    B “I know you Jill”

    J “Your right”

  37. kokuanani says:

    Oh, when Jill heard about Bethenny’s father, she offered to come to California. Yeah, that would really help!!!!

  38. Capiche says:

    Bwahahahahahahahaha! Jill wanted to go to California to be with her former best friend that she was done with! Oh, Lord.

  39. Squirrels says:

    ROLL THE TAPE !!!!

  40. Jennifer says:


  41. Scorpiosue says:

    Hate to tell Jill, but Alex did say yes about the medical stuff was about Bethenny’s dad. I even remember how Alex said it.

  42. Capiche says:

    Walk off – take two!

  43. RileyKitty says:

    Jill ass looks lumpy in that dress

  44. kokuanani says:

    What a manipulative bitch!!! Jill threatens to leave — another of her control techniques.

    Andy, you idiot. Quit begging her to return. This just rewards her bad behavior.

    [Could someone please call this in during WWHL?]

    • DLA says:

      Wait a minute. Do not blame my Andy for this (smart wonderful woman) and by the way where is Brad?

  45. moriasheehan says:

    heyyyy sonja

  46. Capiche says:

    So before I forget, did anyone catch Jill calling Ramona a liar about that whole telling them not to film with Bethenny before she quickly backed down and then threw her former BFF Bethenny under the bus for doing the same thing to Kelly. So Jill’s MO is deny, fail to remember, backtrack, apologize, blame bad day/month/hour/whatever/ and then say, but you ALL do it! Oy.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes!!!!! Thank you someone else caught that. She called Rampna a liar and then admitted it was true….

    • Jacqueline A says:

      and to me this is the only point that ever needs to brought up along with the video attacked. THIS is the ENTIRE story.Not the she wasn’t there for me when Bobby was sick or she told me to get a hobby. IT was always about sabotaging Bethenny’s show which is what Bethenny has been saying the ENTIRE season. Jill has come up with so many lies this is why she needs her notes. I dont think after tonight and her admitting she told Ramona and Alex to NOT film with Bethenny there is any more disputing what happened. It begins and ends with this point! FINALLY some resolution as to what really happened. I am so pumped this was on tonight! I hate liars

    • DLA says:


      Bobby they were so mean to me after I refused the kind invitation from R to go on a trip few people in their lifetime would ever be able to go on. Just because R and the other WOMEN were so grateful to experience such wonderful lux.

      After I found out they would be filming without me TWO EXTRA DAYS!

      Bobby, they were so mean to me.

      You must hire a private jet to fly me to an island then from there we can take a boat to run us to another private island (Kelly is having a breakthrough? Who gives a shit) then we can take a (what the F., so I care if you lost a ton of money in the stocks SACKS just sent me a new credit card) private car to the villa and then everyone will LOVE ME (what? no they don’t want to see you on camera Bobby just pay the FKing bill) and then they will love you too.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      deny, deflect, destroy

  47. Jennifer says:

    Someone please call WWHL and ask Ramona about it

  48. Capiche says:

    Kelly believes in safe sex y’all! She makes sure she buckles up before she’s caught banging in the passenger seat!

  49. Squirrels says:

    I’m loving Sonja. I discovered sex at the age of 50…. woo hooo…. can’t even begin to express the joy.

  50. Capiche says:

    Who is that lucky bastard that banged Jill once and got away??!! He must be counting the millions he saved!! I think I’ve already drank too much wine.

  51. Squirrels says:

    “Customers” was HILARIOUS

  52. zoekayla says:

    re-posted from the last blog…while I was composing y’all moved 🙂
    Ladies! Tonight’s the night… I’ve been laid low with back issues…nerve stuff (lumbar) and all sorts of pain. I’ve kept up between naps, but I’m always a day behind for posting…so much great stuff to read. You are like some sweet sisterhood – I look forward to my time with you each day and always get a good laugh or three.
    Lynne, I can follow the URL if you choose to use it. You should use all the tools at your disposal. We all made the slide over to this site from the other one without too much trouble. Some of the trolls took a little while (not too bright).
    Let’s all raise a glass to the ladies and kick off this gab-fest!

    • anniieee says:

      Wow hope you feel better…sending angels and saints your way for a speedy recovery.

  53. Capiche says:

    Why did I never drink during these housewives shows before? It’s like a whole new adventure. Except my SO is telling me to stop yelling at the TV.

  54. lillybee says:

    Pinot and reunion shows definitely go together.

  55. Capiche says:

    That Sonja is a trip! She doesn’t take her dates to the beach. She can’t see a date more than once. She admits to being very vain! I’m sharing the same confused look that Kelly has!

  56. moriasheehan says:

    take a shot, k said “honestly”

  57. Jennifer says:

    I have a new found love for Sonja Morgan, she is my new fav after B

  58. Scorpiosue says:

    Absolutely LOVE how upfront and honest Sonja is. I want Sonja to have her own show.

  59. Capiche says:

    Which one of you guys on this blog sent in that double kiss question! I know it was one of you! I have proof!

    • vilzvet says:

      And Bethenny did say from this point forward she wants it to STOP! Only one kiss from now on, you hear!

  60. moriasheehan says:


  61. Squirrels says:

    OK. now i’m ticked off.

    Andy refusing to address the “channeling the devil”.


  62. kokuanani says:

    Actually, this is kind of boring. Jill is spending all her time spouting all of the apology memes that her PR people told her to say.

    Bethenny keeps acknowledging her faults.

    Oh, crap, Kelly is now pushing “Kell-ade.” But hey, it’s got a bunch of alcohol in it!!! I thought Kelly didn’t drink.

    • Capiche says:

      Is this for real? I thought she was making fun of Bethenny since Andy kept glancing to Bethenny as if he wanted her to respond. You know with her Skinnygirl Margarita thing. And yes, the last 20 minutes was a little boring. My buzz is dying.

  63. Capiche says:

    Did Kelly just say she made a drink called kellyade? huh? with patron and beer! who mixes patron and beer?

    • lillybee says:

      Only Kelly.

      • Capiche says:

        Just an odd combination. Like eating caviar with Ritz crackers. or maybe people do that. I don’t eat caviar.

        • RileyKitty says:

          Sadly Kelly didn’t invent this drink… when she posted her Kellade video I googled the ingredients & it is all over the net

          • Capiche says:

            So people mix patron with beer? I just never imagined the combination. I’ll have to look that recipe up!

    • DLA says:

      If we make fun of K she thinks it is because she is a star.

      She is sick if in her head (IQ) or her emotions or her drugs.

      Still sick.

      But the JZ bring it on!

  64. Jennifer says:

    Did anyone else catch the eye roll between B and Andy when Kelly ‘explained’ her drink? Lol

    • HD says:

      I caught that! I thought that was funny!

    • Capiche says:

      I saw it!

    • little rock says:

      I thought it was because bethenny and andy know that it wasn’t KELLY who came up with the term “kellade”. I was waiting for bethenny to say it, and i thought that’s why andy was looking at bethenny. Like, come on girl, call her on that BS.

  65. DLA says:

    Not going to say too much just cause of the CaL people but damn it is so much worse then we the fans ever ever understood.

    So upset.

    Lynn you knew.

    I thank God she is not my “friend”.

    • moriasheehan says:

      DLA i sure wish i knew WTH you are alluding to.

      • DLA says:

        Sorry Mori.

        Once on this site someone from the California area got really pissed off because someone else saw a program before that area aired it.

        And their (the person) who did not see the show yet was mad cause they had recorded the show to watch later.

        Then they read on this site the ending of the show.

        Don’t want to do that to anyone.
        Just trying to be nice.


  66. Tracey says:

    I think I just fell a in love with Sonja a little bit more….

  67. Jill's dastardly plans says:

    kdthomas Says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    Why do you want to be friends with these people! B has said to much! You should be done again….for real this time.

    jill z Says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    After watching this I agree. Jill

  68. MickeyMouth says:

    My husband watched a little with me tonight and said the red head sure falls on the sword a lot. Jill will blog on bravotv tonight. Per her website: “I will post my blog on bravotv.com here after the show airs. I wish Bravo would show the “tape” because they continue say things that are NOT TRUE! I am home watching the show with Bobby, Ally and Jonathan on “the bed”. Love you all! Jill”

    I’m sure we are all feeling a little guilty now for ever doubting her. 😉

    • Jennifer says:

      This woman can’t even keep her own lies straight, if they ‘lying’ then why she say it true? If she want to go to tape we can all pull up the episode online where Alex tells ….. Someone please send her that link

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I can’t believe how often she contradicts herself and there are still nuts out there who think she has any relationship with the truth.

    • DLA says:

      Told you guys BRAVO did not make this stuff up.

      Jill showed the fans who she really was this season.

      OWN IT JILL.

      BTW who is Jonathan?

  69. Squirrels says:

    ok. now i’m officially pissed off.

    I hate Andy Cohen

  70. Capiche says:

    kelly is laughing as they show the crazytown montage! and everyone is serious. This is sad. oh, now she’s upset.

  71. Capiche says:

    a victim of systematic bullying….bwahahhahahahahahahahahahaha….fell off my couch. she did not just say that!

  72. Jennifer says:

    Does Kelly think if she says first and last name she sounds smarter?

  73. Squirrels says:

    shit lynn we need a new thread. this one is already going bonkers.

    <<<< sits up and begs.


  74. MickeyMouth says:


  75. Jennifer says:

    If Kelly hates it so much GET OFF THE SHOW!

  76. Scorpiosue says:

    Wow! Kelly is deep in Kook-a-doodle-doo Land.

  77. Capiche says:

    ok… like somebody seriously needs to translate the last few minutes of what Kelly said to me. I mean…there are no words. No words. The reaction on Andy’s, Bethenny’s and Ramona’s face matched mine perfectly???!! I especially loved Bethenny’s “calling on Jesus” moment!

  78. HD says:

    Ya’ll have me cracking up. Kelly does not understand the more she opens her mouth the crazier she seems. She must have said systematic bullying 10 times in a row! LMAO!! I am crying laughing! This woman is truly crazy. I cannot believe Bravo cannot see this and fire this woman so she can get help!

    • DLA says:

      HD this is DLA. If K comes back to BRAVO next year (season) I will be your kick my ass told you so b for one (1) (ONE) paragraph.

      Without one (1) comment back for one (1) minute.

      That is how much I like you.

  79. kokuanani says:

    I wish Andy would call “truth” re the “systematic bullying” meme.

    Again, Kelly, just because you say it doesn’t make it so.

    Kelly spouts “conclusions” [“systematic bullying”]; she doesn’t back them up with FACTS.

    This is what Andy ought to be pointing out, and what drives the other HWs so crazy.

  80. moriasheehan says:

    i’ve said it before, she (kelly) has a repetoire of maybe 15 phrases.

  81. little rock says:

    OMG! Did you just see when they were showing the “breakdown”, at the bottom left of the tv, bravo is showing the faces of the women there at the reunion watching the same scenes we’re watching. When they showed the part where kelly is screaming “al sharpton! al sharpton!”, in the little screen you see kelly laughing at what she’s seeing, then they show bethenny’s face. OMG, priceless. Can’t wait for the rerun later tonight.

  82. Commercial- quick observations-
    The hate and looks of contempt Jill throws at Alex is disgusting

    Pissed that they haven’t called Luann’s ass out more for her hypocrisy.

    Jill is A LYING BITCH!

    Mad that Andy is playing into Kelly’s delusions and validating her claims of bullying.



    • DLA says:

      I am going to stick up for ANDY.

      Damn he gives us good shows.

      He got the crazy K off the island.

      What do you want the guy to do?

      He can’t be best friends with any of the cast mates.

      Just because the BRAVO sites do not have writers/bloggers/like Lynn (and by the way almost ever single time I go to that crappy site my puter locks up) does not mean they are not without talent.

      I love BRAVO. If you don’t like my RM says TOO BAD.

  83. Jennifer says:

    So even Andy and Jill call her out and repeat what she just said and she goes no I didn’t say that

  84. kokuanani says:

    I hope Kelly’s in effect calling Andy a liar will seal her fate.

    • Scorpiosue says:

      Being dismissive and condescending to Andy Cohen is probably NOT a good idea.

      Also, from the preview, Bethenny sooooo does not want a hug from Jill.

  85. lillybee says:

    California person here, help me I need gossip.

  86. Squirrels says:

    OMG. I’m getting phone calls at the most inappropriate time. I’m at least 15 mins behind.

    Damn them to Hell.

    • kokuanani says:

      This is why God made answering machines.

      Message: “Go the f*** away. I’m watching Real Housewives. Are you an idiot?”

  87. little rock says:

    OMG! kelly just called andy a liar. I’m SO proud of andy for insisting that bravo didn’t make her go on the trip.

    • KookADoodleDo says:

      A great reason for Bravo to can her ass!!

      • vilzvet says:

        Well, Luann should NOT have said “Well I told you not to go on that trip!” Errrr, not your call Luann! She shouldn’t have admitted she was trying to interfere with the cast trip.

    • ElleNYC says:

      Go Andy! That was great, he said it not once but twice, I think. Jill and Kelly are both crazy delusional, and Bravo should get them off the show next season. This is like kicking a dead horse at this point.

      After watching the 6-foot tall twit Kelly ramble on trying to sound like an expert on bullying, which would be difficult for her under any circumstance, I just started to laugh!

      Also, if I see Jill start crying again….seriously? Seriously, Jill? You are not only a liar, but a bad liar. As a very powerful lawyer once said to me, “Truth has a ring to it”, and honey, nothing you say sounds anything close to the truth.

  88. Capiche says:

    Luann is calling Kelly out! Ok. Kelly is just walking off because she saw Jill do that. Previews: Jill asks B for a hug. Oh, what she has been reduced to!

    • PortiaElizabeth says:

      Why is LuAnn suddenly turning on Kelly? Is she trying to be relevant with Ramona, Alex, Bethenny and Sonja? I’ll bet by the next segment Lu Ann tries to squeeze her butt over on the couch with them and leaves Jillzarin by herself.

    • sbh says:

      Oh Dear God, please tell me Kelly isn’t going to now ask B. for a hug too! the way she is constantly mimicking things, it is a possibility.

  89. cc in Miami says:

    I just saw the preview. Jill asks Bethenny for a hug. It’s clear that Bethenny is uncomfortable. Jill is like that annoying ex-boyfriend that just won’t go away!

    • kokuanani says:

      Don’t do it, Bethenny!!!!!

    • KookADoodleDo says:

      Jill is like an abusive spouse. “I didn’t mean it” , “I don’t know why I said that.” , ” I’ll never do it again”!! What bullshit out of her mouth EVERY time she was confronted on her wrongdoings. And, just as an abusive spouse, it all happens again!

      • DLA says:


        Unless you have been there

        No one would believe you

        My ex would wake up in the morning and scream me out of sleep saying

        Why didn’t you tell me it way going to be a cloudly day!

        I would have picked out a grey outfit.

        Yes I was married once to Kelly.

        Only it was not funny to me.

        • moriasheehan says:

          Dear DLA, i have been screamed out of a deep sleep too. it is not something that unless someone has experienced it, can ever understand. not funny to me, either. hope you have a happy life now.
          p.s. moria is gaelic for sacred stone,
          (i pronounce it (more eee ah ) i was adopted as a child and my birth mom gave me the name moria sheehan, i would like to find any family out there. born in chicago 1953, anyone know my family??? illinois still has privacy laws stopping a child from knowing birth mother and fathers, names. BOO

          • DLA says:

            Thank you Moria the Sacred (as you will always be to me) no I am sorry I am not able to answer your questions about your parents.

            But I do believe they were strong and noble just like you. Yes I really do mean this.

            Thank you for being so kind.

            May I say hugz.

  90. kokuanani says:

    I wish someone with a little more time would dissect the things Kelly says. She states only conclusions and her interpretations of what went on.

    No facts.

    No examples.

    And Andy is a weakling toad for letting her get away with spouting this crap.

    • Capiche says:

      I second that request. I’m watching the first rerun. Hope it’s on tonight.

    • PortiaElizabeth says:

      How can anybody explain her babbling? It’s like she has Tourette’s.

    • DLA says:

      Andy is a gentle man for not calling out a sick woman.

      Did you guys not watch the show.

      She had a breakdown.

      Do you really think she can take much more?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      gonna have to watch it again tomorrow – Kelly is so hard to watch and retain the insanity.

  91. little rock says:

    Way to go luann! There at the end she made some good points about KELLY being the instigator on the V.I. trip

  92. Maryla says:

    Kelly complained miserably about the dress that she had to wear at Alex’s Brooklyn Fashion show, and yet she wore a similarly styled white dress at the reunion. And yup, she looked like a linebacker as she stomped off stage.

    Both Kelly and Jill seem to share one thing in common — that they just want to yell loudly about the others, but once the tables are tuned, they can’t seem to stand it for even one second.

  93. Jennifer says:

    If u think about Andy has had everyone on WWHL but Kelly maybe he hates her as much as we do, he sounded pissed when he said
    she was not forced to go

  94. Finally Luann gets a CLUE!

    • HD says:

      HELLO! I thought I was gonna have to yell at the TV for Luann to shutup but then I saw she was finally talking like she had some sense.

      I wonder what Jill is talking about with Alex being spread eagle in her husband’s hotel room. If she is with her husband in a hotel room who cares?

      • Probably some more made up shit about Alex that Jill is pulling out of her ass!

      • Jennifer says:

        She said hallway of his hotel, where he works. I think it gas something to do with her pics from TWO years ago- Jill needs to stop holding onto things

        • Capiche says:

          I’ll say it again. She needs to take that Lincoln Tunnel or GW bridge to New Jersey. She’ll fit in with those NJ housewives who are all up into people’s sex lives and what they did in the past!

        • sbh says:

          she’s repeating stuff that happened two years ago but wants everyone to move on from what happened a couple of months ago? idiot.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I thought she said hallway in the hotel????

      • DLA says:

        I will not say your name but you were right about me asking anyone else not to talk about a sick woman.

        So it seems you are fair game.

        Ready Asshole.

      • DLA says:

        First of anything Alex would not share anything that happened in her hotel room with Jill.

        You Ass!

  95. HD says:

    Did ya’ll see when Andy said, “so you are saying this trip allowed a platform to talk abotu bullying?”

    Kelly: “No.”

    Jill: (turns to Kelly) Yes. That’s what you just said.

    LMAO!!!!! That woman is nuttier than southern pecan pie!

    • Capiche says:

      It was funny to me too. Like Jill was trying to coach her. Like….stick to the talking points, bitch!

    • little rock says:

      I loved that! She’s just too stupid to get that andy was trying to help her out, or at the very least, refocus the airhead. If I were bravo, i would take it as a challenge from kelly, bethenny, ramona, and alex to SHOW THE LOST FOOTAGE from that night. Kelly insists what wasn’t shown was much worse (with the others being much worse TO her) and BRA insisting that it was “10x worse” than what we saw.

    • DLA says:

      But in the spirit of this site I will not attack another poster —

      Temper mother keep your temper

      Keep your (fill in the blank ) temper.

      Is the word dick head a cuss word?

    • DLA says:

      You got a problem with Southern Pecan Pie you nice Northern person?

      • HD says:

        LOL! Are you speaking to me! Pecan Pie has a lot of nuts in it and pecan pie is not a northern thing it is a southern thing so what did you expect me to say-nuttier than nothern pecan pie? LOL! Come on now. Let’s back away from the computer. And for your information I am not a nice northern person. I am mean kick ass woman in the south. 🙂 Thank you!

  96. Squirrels says:

    As usual, the hardball BS will be shared on Reunion #3.

  97. coocoopuffs78 says:

    “The Kelly train has left the station”….No Shit Sherlock!!!!

    I swear this woman has the I.Q. of a tick….Now on to Daniele ( The Queen Bee o Hoe-Bags).

    • A train with NO conductor!

    • kokuanani says:

      When I pull ticks off my dogs, I flush them [the ticks] down the toilet.

      Can I do the same with Kelly?

      • coocoopuffs78 says:

        Only if you promise to flush Jill’s god awful hair piece with it…..and throw in the 2 sizes to small dress..(looks to me like somebody was trying to compete with Bethenny in the looks department and failed miserably).

  98. Jill's dastardly plans says:

    Danica Says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    Jill, I just saw an exchange of looks between Andy and Bethenny that made me realize all this drama was contrived by Andy and Bethenny to promote her new show, with Alex bringing up the rear to save HER rear! I don’t think you realized how cold and calculating Bethenny really is, and you got caught in the middle.

    You thought it was real; Bethenny knew it wasn’t.

    jill z Says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    You have no idea. JIll

    • Squirrels says:

      My darling Jill : any time you wish to revisit the series, let me know.

    • HD says:

      Where are these comments coming from? Her blog or Twitter?

      • DLA says:

        Where are you comments comming from?

        Your blog or you twitter?

        BTW yes I think you are great.

        Kathy Griffiths taught me how to be nice.

    • Capiche says:

      Is this from Jill’s website? She’s not coming back to the show. There is a GOD!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Jill has run out of strategys to gain public support so now she is going to pretend we didn’t see everything so we don’t know. I have seen this tatic from many many liars before. She can’t win so she changing story, to bad for her it’s all on tape

  99. Confabulating Kelly says:

    Kelly is so not going to be on the next season.
    Can anyone relate to her at all?

  100. RileyKitty says:

    Kelly is crazier than i ever thought imaginable. She just makes a statement & then can’t remember what she just said. lalalala ::air is whistling though Kelly skull::

  101. FreeCupcakes says:

    Thank you Eastcoasters for a preview of tonight’s madness. I can’t wait to watch.

    • lillybee says:

      I so agree.

      • dumberries says:

        Yes, thanks East Coasters!

        No satchels of gold for me tonight. I have a conference in San Diego tomorrow and just arrived at the hotel, ordered room service and turned on the tv – getting ready for Part II. NO BRAVO!!! They’ve got ESPN 2, HLN, CW, and NO BRAVO!! I really appreciate the East Coasters comments, felt like a good preview – can wait to get back to San Francisco and On-Demand cable. I know tomorrow, anytime someone in the conference acts like a know-it-all and starts spewing BS, I’ll be thinking, “what a Jill”. Makes a meaningless comment: “oh, what a Kelly”. Interrupts and talks over someone else: “oh, what a LuAnn”. You get the point. I really can’t wait for this season to end so I can get focused again (until Season 4)! Hope it’s free of Jill and Kelly, but I betchya at least one will be back. Oh, I do hope they get into Jill’s off-screen antics in Part 3 – I thinks it’s totally appropriate because they’re directly related to the show and I think she really deserves to be tried by a jury of her peers (her cast mates and the viewers).

  102. B.A. says:

    Man! You guys work fast!

    A special thank you to Lynn. For this, you are my She-roe!

  103. just sayin' says:

    Kelly is INSANE!!!!!!!!!

    • DLA says:

      HD may think so but as his/her right to say so.

      As an American I am backing up that right.

      You go HD with your free speech.

      Just do not try this shit outside of America.

  104. boston02127 says:

    I missed the first 50 minutes. Ahhh! I hope they do a repeat later tonight. Now I’m stuck with the gross NJ wives. When I turned on the tv Kelly just said: “I’d like to be able to talk”, I laughed to myself thinking, we’d all like it if you were able to talk.
    p/s Thanks for all the nice words today. Everything went well today.
    I can’t believe Jacqueline is telling her kid to come see Danielle. Their on a farm looking at pigs. What a mother she is! She’s pretty much a pig herself.

    • Capiche says:

      I feel the same way. People comment on how they feel sorry for Danielle’s kids. I don’t. I think they’ll be very strong and be able to handle anything thrown their way. So I don’t get why Jacqueline is so concerned about what Danielle is doing to her children. I want to say, bitch watch your own kids and your rotten daughter. These people have no self-awareness.

    • RileyKitty says:

      it is on again at 1am ET. Congrats on your graduation sweetie, I was away from the blog earlier when you announced.

    • desertgal66 says:

      When I turned on the tv Kelly just said: “I’d like to be able to talk”, I laughed to myself thinking, we’d all like it if you were able to talk.


      • little rock says:

        @desertgal66, I posted the same thing you did, it’s like we have the same brain. It’s also like i didn’t read furthur down after reading boston’s comment. Sorry i copied off you.

    • cusi77 says:

      Congratulations, Boston! One step finishes… another new is comming!

      God Bless you!

    • little rock says:

      “i laughed to myself, thinking, we’d all like it if you were able to talk”
      Good one, boston!
      Although i’d like it better if she WEREN’T able to talk.

  105. Squirrels says:


    Kelly/I know you all want to kill me is off the fucking rails.

  106. boston02127 says:

    Everytime they show Jacqueline she’s shoveling something in her mouth.

    • Didn’t get a chance to tell you congratulations before. Hope you had a great graduation day. One of the first of many milestones I’m sure you will achieve. I admire how well spoken and responsible you are. Your parents raised a great kid. They must be proud! So nice to see that most people your age are not trash like Ashely!

    • desertgal66 says:

      Yes, hope you had a great graduation day, Boston! Congratulations!

    • pfinfl says:

      Ok….nice to know that I’m not the only one who was noticing that.lol

  107. Jennifer says:

    I think maybe Jaqueline leaves because her husband seems over it and it’s not cool fir her to say that stuff in front of kids but then Caroline tells him when he didn’t get it, what a bitch!

  108. Squirrels says:

    Holy shit balls Batman !

  109. kats2 says:

    What’s happening??????????

  110. boston02127 says:

    Last week Kim G. was just a neighbor of Jacquelines. This week their hugging at the door. I hate the NJ show. I really hope they replay the NY reunion again tonight.

  111. desertgal66 says:

    I posted this on an earlier blog on June 11th:

    Jill just doesn’t get it. She never will. It’s not just that she didn’t give Bethenny the choice of playing that part of her message on the air-it’s that she didn’t give Bethenny a choice in any of it.

    I said it before – JILL chose to engineer and manipulate the breakup of their friendship in a very public, very one sided fashion. If you look back, Bethenny found out she was getting her own show at the beginning of the summer, before they started filming for S3. And Jill got pissed about that. I believe she set out deliberately to break up their friendship. She downplayed Bawby’s illness to Bethenny so she could turn around and use Bethenny’s “insensitivity” against her. If you noticed last night, when Jill said she didn’t remember downplaying Bawby’s surgery to Bethenny, Beth gave her a fairly sharp look that pretty much said “You DO remember that, and it’s pretty chickenshit that you are pretending you don’t.”

    Jill also tried to convince the other HW’s to not film with Bethenny-another attempt to manipulate viewers against Bethenny and sabotage her show.

    I also think that one of the main reasons Jill wanted to make up “in private” was so that she could twist Bethenny’s words and use them against her. She never had any intention of making up. She didn’t want it on camera because she knew she’d lose the edge for manipulating what Bethenny said. If Jill had really wanted to make up in private, she could have called Bethenny and asked B. to meet her privately at any point. She didn’t.

    Another example of Jill’s manipulation is the night that Bethenny told everyone that she and Jason were engaged. Jill made a big deal about how she went to find Bawby so they could congratulate Bethenny together. That was an outright lie. She and LuAnn walked away from Beth BEFORE Beth announced the engagement. As soon as Jill heard the news, she had to do some fast maneuvering to redeem herself. She even said it to Bawby: “If I walk out now [without congratulating B&J], I’ll look like a pile of shit.” She was perfectly happy to treat Beth like shit and keep going with this public estrangement until she realized, with Bethenny’s engagement and pregnancy, that it was going to backfire on her. Only THEN did Jill attempt any kind of reconciliation-and it pissed her off even more that B. had reached her breaking point and wasn’t going to play Jill’s little game anymore.

    And she continually says things that contradict her actions. Last night, she told Bethenny that she “didn’t want to intrude” on B’s life because she didn’t want to upset B’s in the early stage of B’s pregnancy. Well, that’s pretty noble of you, JILL…except that you didn’t seem to concerned with B’s early pregnancy when you traveled all the way to St. John.

    Jill set Bethenny up. All the way down the line. Beth was right. When the cameras went up, Jill set out to slay Bethenny publicly. And she’s still doing it, to Bethenny and to Alex.

    I also find it interesting that Jill can’t remember anything that reflects poorly on her-but she can remember, in detail, what she said to LuAnn on the day of the Fashion Week showdown?

    Damn, I’m good.

    And Kelly is a raving lunatic. Boy, I hope Bravo cans her ass. Mainly because I think the woman needs some serious psychological help and being on the show is doing her way more harm than good, but also because she’s such an arrogant, condescending, unpleasant person.

    Sonja, on the other hand, I’m liking more and more.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Yes, yes you are good! Bravo needs to not even consider having Kelly back on the show. You are absolutely right about the arrogant, condescending, unpleasant analysis of Kelly. She may have other issues in addition but she is also a royally spoiled brat who demands the attention and “hates” anyone that she perceives as getting “her” attention.

      She is also a pathological liar, as is Jill, her pseudo-mother on the show.

      Also possibly a “Single white female” clone. She attempts to copy everything Bethenny does.

      • kathy says:

        I also think she’s a liability for Bravo. They can’t keep showing this sick person on tv.

    • Squirrels says:


  112. otaypanky says:

    “Terroristic” threats!

    All these woman just make up words as they go along.

  113. Jill's dastardly plans says:

    Jill is responding on her blog, and posting really hateful posts (as long as the hate is directed at Ramona, Alex, or Bethenny.) Screencappers? http://jillzarin.com/jills-blog/

    • otaypanky says:


      Mine was blocked today.

      She wants complete control. She could not do that on facebook. All one had to do was open another facebook acct and post again.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Seriously, girls, don’t even go read it. We all know the kind of crap she is going to write. Why give her the website hits? I’m so over her and I know you girls are, too. Don’t feed her massive ego!

      • Jill's dastardly plans says:

        Only because she ERASES incriminating stuff she posts in anger.

        So, sometimes it’s worth it.

      • Squirrels says:

        valid point. If the first one to see it posts it verbatim, then we can read or breeze through at our leisure, while never having to give her site a hit.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      I wish Bethenny hadn’t yelled at Kelly…. I wouldn’t have been able to keep my mouth shut either, but it looks like she is bullying her and playing into her version of events….. in fact, a good PR person would have told Kelly to keep saying she was bullied until they couldn’t stand it and started yelling at her – then she can play the sympathy card.

      • sbh says:

        I know. I totally agree, it was my only “you didn’t do good guys” for both shows. Had they let her speak, she would just appear crazier (she was being bullied that day too? WTH?), while all four of them yelling at her makes the bullying look real.

    • little rock says:

      Is she saying anything re. ramona’s comments about her on wwhl?

    • Squirrels says:

      I left a msg on Jill’s web.

      “you are a putz”

      I think that sums it up in my mind.

  114. RileyKitty says:

    I love it when dramatic people retell a story & it isn’t really all that close to what actually happened. (Danielle retelling the Dina meet to her “friends”)

    • RileyKitty says:

      let me add her friends are just as mature as she is

      • HD says:

        Danielle is almost as bad as Kelly but not quite. All these lies about the video tape. We see you HOLDING the video camera, Danielle! Crazy!

        • DLA says:

          Love the playboy pictures.

          I mean the hostage pictures.

          I mean the pictures I took with my cell phone.

        • pfinfl says:

          Am I the only one who thinks the entire Danielle scenes with helping her feel sexy again because of the secret filmed video tape, was a set up for her to make excuses for it coming out? If you are not feeling good about your body…you don’t allow people to film you while shopping for lingerie. I had to fast forward through these parts. Disgusting! And Kim G. lost me tonight. She is gross just like Danielle! Dina is smart for getting off this show! It honestly needs to be cancelled. I agree with Dina…it is too dark and not fun to watch!

  115. lillybee says:

    Congratulations, Boston, I know you will have a great future.

  116. otaypanky says:

    Does jill really believe she can control 2 million people by exercising complete control over what is posted on her own web page?

    Is she that delusional??

    • DarkSonnet says:

      I believe she is. She is a typical person who has gotten her way, one way or the other, all of her life.

      Why should now be any different? (In her mind only, not the rest of us with functioning brain cells)

      • Squirrels says:

        Not sure I agree DarkSonnet. Seems to me the family dynamic has been based on elder sister (Lisa) being doted upon. Jill took a back seat from day one. She also had to deal with the no matter what Jill did, big sis out shined her.

        Let’s not forget this is Jill Zzzzzarin, (yawn, power nap imminent). I digress.

        I don’t believe Jill got everything she wanted. I do see she may have fought for everything she wanted within the family constraints. With an older sister who was the end all be all (atty, radio chatter), this time Jill was on the brink of true stardom (ok reality tv, page 6 stardom) and in it for keeps. There is no way on the planet this woman can just back off. To do so means complete humiliation within her family construct, the 2.5 million viewers be damned.

        She’s been taught since childhood she’s no Lisa. When she finally got the chance to outshine her sister? She grabbed everything she could with 10 fingers and 10 toes. Half way into the entire HW series she actually had herself believing she was worthy of special attention. Her actions on and off camera have shown this to be a Jill hits the lottery moment.

  117. Jill's dastardly plans says:

    All of the posts on Jill’s attack BRAS and call Jill a persecuted angel. She says she’s posting a new blog tonight, but a few of her replies are telling, and will probably be removed soon.

  118. HD says:

    Let me interject this about New Jersey…how the f*ck do you not know where your daughter lives? How stupid are they? This girl clearly lives with Derrick! Damn! Wake up!

  119. Squirrels says:

    Ok, I can’t possibly dissect all of this within 30 seconds of actual tossing in my face. Holy Hannah.

    Killjoy’s interference …It was Jill’s “Pink Ladies” program. Killjoy had no clue as to when to shut up and back off. All she did in one hour is prove we all have reason for our eyes bulging with the face that says,”Are you kidding? You haven’t taken this woman to Belvue yet?

    • vilzvet says:

      I am telling you that after tonight if that right side couch comes back in any shape or form I totally quit. I was as infuriated as the BRAS listening to Kelly. Please someone has to do a transcript of that speech she made. She thinks that the island episode was a GOOD thing for the world to see?? That it is a platform to make her more charitable? That she is going to help prevent another Phoebe Price??? Oh God why wasn’t I drinking tonight like the rest of you, it would have been so much less painful!

  120. kathy says:

    Has anyone noticed how Jill totally ignores Alex? Like she’s a total nonentity? How can Jill say she is a changed person, when she has just transferred her anger towards Bethenny to Alex? Kelly! OMG! she has no grasp on reality. Saying she was bullied is such a lie. They can’t edit words into your mouth. She was the agressor all the way. She needs help, Mental help.

    • EmmaJames says:

      Alex’s star grows bigger and bigger and its killing Jill.

    • Maddiegirl says:


      Totally agree on both topics.

      I was surprised and glad that Luann tried to explain realty to Kelly, even though Kelly will never be able to see it.

    • pfinfl says:

      Yes……I have noticed that! She truly hates her. She will say something like, “I’ve apologized to LuAnn, and Kelly, and Bethenny, and Sonja, and Ramona….and…and….

      So, I wait for her to say Alex…but no…nothing….she won’t acknowledge she is there. Speaks volumes to me!

  121. boston02127 says:

    @RileyKitty~Thank you very much. It was a very nice night.
    I’m so glad the reunion will be on later, I’m going to make a cup of coffee and eat something while the “NJ thugs” are on.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Belated congratulations on your graduation! Did you have any unexpected tears? Best of luck in everything you attempt to do. I think you are a winner!

    • RileyKitty says:

      you are very welcome. I just hope my son is as responsible as you are when he is your age. Your mother must be very proud 🙂

    • wvurn says:

      Congrats Boston!!

      “May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.”

    • Squirrels says:

      Congrats Southie girl. The world is your blank slate. Go get it.

    • eastbayjanine says:

      Hi Boston, just wanted to say congrats and many good wishes for you and your family. I’m a lot older but I look ‘up’ to you. You’ve taken on resposibilities that some of us would run away from, and in spite of that you’ve demonstrated strength, loyalty and love. Hmmm I think those are the qualities of a real woman.

  122. EmmaJames says:

    Up and coming new star: Max Meisel…. another reason way Jill is going crazy-nuts….he could have been someone for Allison to talk to and her Mama ruined it….cannot wait to see the replay to write down all the lies and contradictions.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      I hope you have a court reporter’s steno machine. Otherwise, you may be doomed…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Speaking of Ally – did you catch the quick shot of the two at the vow renewal – Ally didn’t want to pose with Avery big time!

  123. lillybee says:

    Did Jill really claim that she was bullied. She is the biggest bully on the show.

  124. Jennifer says:

    Jills fans are stupid…. I can’t screen grab but 1 wrote
    ‘ Jill I am so mad at Andy because I just sent him a comment praising you on reunion and he refused to read it. I wanted u to know we out here live you’

    They think the reunion is live lol lol lol lol lol lol

    • moriasheehan says:


      • DLA says:

        Moria the sacred. It is spelled from With In Yourself.

        No one can give it to you. Until you understand.

        It is not your faith. Or Family. Or boyfriend. Or Girlfiend. Or Mother or Father or Friends or Even Asses that talk on the net.

        You are special because God (or whatever) tried to make you understand YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND. LIKE THE STARS WE ALL LOVE. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND ONE OF A KIND OF A MIRACLE.

        Well just an opinion of a stranger.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      And there is the answer to the question everyone has been asking.

      Who are the fans of Jill Zarin?

      As I attempt to gather my now fragmented brain cells, there is one thought that predominates my attempt at analysis.

      Jill Zarin has learned NOTHING from her experience during the last year. NOTHING, it is life as usual, deny, deflect and pour rocket fuel on any embers.

      The woman is truly doomed to live a life of unhappiness and very possibly, alone.

  125. kats2 says:

    Ok so which NJ Thug (Good one Boston) left?

  126. coocoopuffs78 says:

    Is it just me or does Caroline’s son have seem to have a crush on Ashley? I get that they’re cousins by marriage but he seem’s way too concerned if you ask me.

  127. desertgal66 says:

    Oh, and the conversation that Alex had with Jill about Bethenny’s dad being ill? Jill claims that she asked Alex if B’s dad was sick and Alex didn’t answer.

    That’s an outright lie, JILL.

    Alex said that there was something significant going on in Bethenny’s life.
    Jill asked if it “was about her father”.
    Alex said, “Yeeaahh.”
    Jill replied that “Well, I know that she doesn’t get along with her dad.”

    I’m paraphrasing, because I don’t remember the exact words, but that was it. At no point did Jill ask if Mr. Frankel was sick. She did not refer to his health at all. It was pretty obvious that Alex was trying to tell Jill that it was serious without breaking Bethenny’s confidence. Jill just didn’t pick up on the underlying message, but, during the reunion, she blamed Alex for her own obtuseness, and that’s just wrong.

    You are a liar, Jill.

    • wvurn says:

      IIRC, Jill asked if it was medical…..that’s when Alex said “yeeaahh”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I liked Jill’s dodge of roll the tape – please she has watched every episode more than we have!!!!!

    • floridagirl88 says:

      I remember that scene. Jill didn’t want to know more, didn’t take it seriously, dismissed what Alex was trying to tell her. Alex’s facial expression was said Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Jill is such a liar. Doesn’t she watch her own show?

  128. UpperWestSideDude says:

    Did I just see Kim G in hot pants? My retinas are burning and I will be haunted by that vision for days, even weeks. Back to watching soccer. Cheers ladies…

  129. Does Kelly actually get it now? Her twitter is eerily silent.

    Jill should take a hint from Kelly for a change. LOL!

    • DarkSonnet says:

      She went to California today. Interestingly we will have to wait breathlessly to hear her latest fab news.

      She is probably going to write/produce/direct/star in a fabulous new movie.

      It will be problematic at distribution because the audience will think it is written in an alien language called KellySpeak.

      • Waslurking says:

        Satchels of gold…………HIeeeeeeeeeI

      • Squirrels says:

        Just tell me where in LA. I’ll be only too glad to run into her and say…

        “shit, I thought you were a man all this time. What’s the score?”

  130. 2Stupid says:

    Can someone post the link again to Luanne’s video where she is poking fun at herself from earlier today. I have tried to fine up thread, but can’t. Sorry for being OT.

  131. KookADoodleDo says:

    Sonja & Kelly Blogs are up:
    Kelly – “What happened, happened and it is left in the past where it belongs. I left the set, not because I was angry, but because I don’t like to revisit issues with the ladies that are in the past and don’t impact our REAL lives. I wish all the women well in all of their endeavors.

    Compete with yourself and cooperate with others.

    Happy summer.”

    • sbh says:

      I don’t understand, isn’t her explaining why she got up and left rehashing the past? It didn’t happen today. Does she think the show is live? I am so sick of her saying, live in the present, forget the past BS. Her complaints about having to take accountability. I bet you she is upset because all day she must hear,

      “what did you just say?” don’t ask her that! she doesn’t want to talk about the past–unless it is her side/version/romantic daydream.
      “Doesn’t impact our ‘real’ lives.” how does your business, your reputation not affect your real life? Sure i act different on the job, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real.

  132. UpperWestSideDude says:

    “Juicy Joe” looks like he’s going to explode. I bet he suffers from hypertension.

  133. Squirrels says:

    Geez Lynn. You are going to need auto re-blog on this one. The comments are off the hook within 30 mins.

  134. Jennifer says:

    Who’s money is Joe playing poker with? He is broke

  135. DLA says:

    Ok Everyone on this blog.

    Just give me a moment please.

    Kelly is a very sick woman. Very sick. Perhaps all of her life sick. She may have put herself out there to make money. She has made some. She will never be able to recover what she has lost making this money but…

    This is Lynns site. It is from what I have seen a site where anyone can say anything.
    I respect Lynn for this.

    So I can only speak for myself on this site. Please stop talking about Kelly. I do not work for her, I do not know her, but if what the nice women (R,S,A,B) have said about her. She is not stable.

    From what as a fan of the show has seen being so much more unaware of all the events BRAVO and the ladies of the show have seen this chick in on the brink.

    Let us think the worst about her. She is playing us.

    Let her win.

    I do not think that is true but I do no want to add to her “problems”.

    If she is called a fly she takes it as a complement.

    Now Jill, Bobby, Bethany, Jason, Alex, Simon, Mario, Ramona, all grown ups can.

    Also I may just be a fan but I can see what a liar this woman JZ is but only after watching this show.

    She is the one who is done and she has no person to blame but herself.

    If anyone doubts the reason her husband took her on private planes and boats so she could make up with her castmates just remember HE is the real business person and the one paying the bills.

    • HD says:

      “This is Lynns site. It is from what I have seen a site where anyone can say anything.
      I respect Lynn for this.
      So I can only speak for myself on this site. Please stop talking about Kelly.”

      Okay…you respect Lynn and the site because we can say anything we want. Yet you want us to please stop talking about Kelly. You can only speak for yourself…so then who are you telling not to talk about Kelly if you are only speaking for yourself? If you don’t want to talk about Kelly, great. But if you respect the freedom of the site why can’t we talk about what we want to? You can’t cry freedom out of one side of your mouth and censorship out the other side.

      To be honest, Kelly is nuts and the only time I will ever stop saying that is probably after the last reunion airs and then I probably will still say it occassionally when she comes out saying something that makes no more sense than a Dr. Suess rhyme.

      • kats2 says:

        Yeah I’m not buying the Kelly is sick thing at all.
        Being a self centered, spoiled rotten jealous bitch is not an illness. I get what you’re saying but IMO it does not apply to Kelly.

      • DLA says:

        HD You are right I am wrong.

        Was once on the brink of taking my own life.

        Blamed it on a lot of different reasons.

        Now understand was just my problem.

        But your are right and I was wrong.

        It is just her problem.

        And I do love Lynns site just as much as you.

        • DLA says:

          But someone saved my live that night and it was not just a song.

          A stranger with love in their heart and not a love I gave saved my life.

          A stranger.

      • DLA says:

        You are right to call me out about Kelly HD.

        If I and my family were on a T.V. show no one would believe it.

        Was not trying to preach to anyone. Do not have the credentials or the wordspell.

        Did not realize I was acting like the Nun of the site.

        • sbh says:

          I wouldn’t worry too much about us bloggers adding to Kelly’s troubles. As you yourself pointed out, she takes insults as compliments, so on that note, she must be feeling really complimented right now. she may think this is a ‘go kelly, hurray!’ site.

  136. coocoopuffs78 says:

    I swear this little girl Ashley needs a foot up her A**. What a brat!

  137. HD says:

    Why does that woman Kim G have on those mini shorts?! She looks a boiling hot mess! She should stop! And stop now! Please!

  138. UpperWestSideDude says:

    OMG! Kim G is showing plumber’s crack!

  139. desertgal66 says:

    I think both Kelly and Jill cooked their gooses as far as Bravo is concerned – Kelly by insisting they “forced” her to go to St. John and Jill by now claiming that Andy and Bethenny were in cahoots to ‘create’ all the crap that Jill pulled this season.

    Please, please, please, Bravo. Don’t let them come back next season.

  140. TLM says:

    I have nothing more to say about Jill…I think everything that’s happening on the reunions was predicted by all. I say we should forget the analysis, and just take a drink of the Skinnygirl Margarita every time Jill says, “I’m sorry,” or “It came out the wrong way”, or “I didn’t mean it that way,” “I shouldn’t have done that,” or anything close to any of those phrases. We should all be stinking drunk by :15 after the hour.

    There is an entertaining guest spot by Bethenny on an episode of The Robert Verdi Show on Logo. You can see it here: Bethenny shows up at about 8:45 minutes in. http://www.logotv.com/video/episode-3-season-1-robert-wants-network/1629749/playlist.jhtml. I am guessing this aired in 2009, because Verdi mentions Bethenny is the author of “Skinnygirl”, although he actually means The Skinnygirl Dish.

    Robert Verdi is the stylist who dressed Bethenny for this season’s Reunion. For those who are interested, her dress was by Karen Millen, her shoes by Alexander McQueen, and cuff bracelet by Ted Rossi (she gave a shout out to Verdi on Twitter the day of the taping, naming all the designers). Personally, I feel that Bethenny and Jill’s shoes were rivaling one another for the World’s Most Blinding Color on a Shoe, but I guess we needed some kind of distraction from the tension/anger/craziness lingering in the room, right? Well… that and Jill’s crazy yellow cuff bracelet that looks like it’s made from a bucket of Legos and a Bedazzler kit. Seriously…WTF??!??

    Ok, I’m off to watch Andy and the Ramonacoaster on WWHL. Goodnight, girls!!! 🙂

    • kokuanani says:

      Jill’s crazy yellow cuff bracelet that looks like it’s made from a bucket of Legos and a Bedazzler kit.

      Or Lynne of RHOOC has branched out in her “cuff” designs.

    • HD says:

      LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo @ Bedazzler Kit. LOL! I wondered why she had on that horrible bracelet! LOL!

    • Kat says:

      Cheers to your idea! 😉

  141. otaypanky says:


  142. KookADoodleDo says:

    Dina officially announced she is leaving the show.

  143. RileyKitty says:

    This is the last post for me tonight… until WWHL comes on LOL

    I think Danielle is disgusting but last season I thought she was a reasonably attractive woman for her age. Why does she look 10 years older this season? Pink eye shadow is not her friend at all!!!!

  144. boston02127 says:

    MY EYES–MY EYES, Danielle was just spread eagle on my tv. I’m surprised one of those long yellow tacky fly papers wasn’t hanging down from her.

  145. BamaBelle says:

    I posted my comments on the wrong subject thread. I’m sorry if some of my comments are repeats of others, I haven’t had time to read them all…

    About Reunion~Part 2… I can’t wait for Lynn’s new blog on that but for now… OMG! I think it’s safe to say… BUH BYE MISS KELLY… she’s gone! You can’t call Andy and Bravo TV (the hand that feeds you by the way) a LIAR! Yep, I’m sure you all heard… Andy denied Bravo made her go on Ramona’s trip, and she argued with Andy… ARGUED WITH ANDY! He looked just as puzzled as the rest of the women.

    I can’t wait for WWHL… I can’t wait to see what Andy says about that, Ramona too. As far as Andy being too tough on Jill–NO WAY! As a matter of fact, Jill owes Bethenny because she called Andy out on all the negative “Jill Questions”… that just proves that Bethenny has more class in her little finger than Jill has in that whole size 1 body… LOL… she doesn’t look like a size 1 to me. Bethenny says she is a size 6… so how can Jill be a size 1? That was such an arrogant statement for Jill to make to Alex, “LuAnn isn’t a size 1, but I am a size 1″… Whatever Jill!

    • UpYoursTWoP says:

      LOL, if anyone were to make a list of just the OBVIOUS no-brainer lies, her “1” thing would be the first item. What BS! I cannot believe any size 1 would have even a hint of bat wings. Her arms are not fat, but they aren’t trim and not indicative of a size 1 frame. Maybe she was a size 1 in one or two fashion lines, from the Giantess collection or something. I’m sorry, but that one just really pissed me off. “1” my ass.

  146. coocoopuffs78 says:

    I am loving Andy’s reaction to Grandma Wrinkles!!!! LMAO!!!!

    • boston02127 says:

      @coocoopuffs~~I was laughing so hard. The look on his face was so funny.

      • coocoopuffs78 says:

        I keep replaying it on my dvr…don’t get me started on that poor dog. Bless her heart. Dina deserves an award for her kindness to animals…and Congrats on your graduation. I don’t post alot but I follow daily ( sometimes hourly- yes i need help). You seem very wise and mature for your age.

  147. lillybee says:

    I seem to remember the original scene in which Alex tries to tell Jill about Bethenny’s dad. I remember that Jill kept on saying “I don’t care”. However this was not in the repeats> It could be that my memory is off, though.

  148. kokuanani says:

    You know, they really need to have a “let’s go to the videotape” feature re the RHONYC reunion. [Are you listening, Andy?]

    1) Jill lies constantly. But then when anyone challenges her, she asks for “proof.” It would be quite easy to “pause” and call up video proof that refutes her lies. Really, Andy. Install this feature in Thursday’s WWHL.

    2) Kelly is delusional and fixated on the “bullying” meme. Let’s go to the videotape and see exactly what Kelly deems to be “bullying,” and let’s look at what actually happened and at Kelly’s responses [which were themselves bullying].

    C’mon, Andy, show some flexibility and make this the best it can be.

    PS – that cat [the one that’s on WWHL now] is NASTY!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      BULLIES – don’t let other people talk. BULLIES – make fun of how other people look or dress. BULLIES like to say things that they know will be hurtful and painful to other people. BULLIES – make fun of what other people do for a living or for fun. BULLIES – do run away when they are called on their actions and words. BULLIES – don’t think what they do is wrong, hurtful or bullying.

      Kelly is a systematic bully – that meaning she targets one person and just keeps after that person. Her target is Bethenny.

  149. moriasheehan says:

    wow, what with storms and RHNY and NJ and WWHL, i just realized i never had dinner. just shots everytime K said “honestly”

  150. Squirrels says:

    re: Lemons out of lemonade

    Luann – “Is that like the Mexican version of a margarita?”

    Someone needs an “Al Sharton.. Al Sharton”.

  151. Capiche says:

    So we all guessed right. Dina is leaving the show. While on one hand I admire her decision to not put up with the bullshit if it doesn’t suit her, I can’t helping thinking that Mama Carolina is not always right and Danielle did win one against the family! LOL!

  152. UpYoursTWoP says:

    I really wish that when it was BRAS’ turn to speak (after Kelly’s BS) that no one called her on explaining how calling someone a ‘ho-bag’ is not bullying. How diminishing someone’s relationship and feelings about their recently deceased father is not bullying. How telling someone they are like a vampire is not bullying. Or at least, how is it not being a bitch just asking for some kind of deserved retaliation? They just said that she’s crazy and doesn’t make sense. They needed to put her leathery ass on the hot seat and ask her how she can claim ‘bullying,’ when she, herself, was SO mean and disrespectful. I was so frustrated watching that. Systemic bullying (eyeroll). It’s a slap in the face to those who really do endure serious, painful, and often violent bullying, especially when they are too young to understand how to deal with it emotionally. Awwww, did the mean women merely not put up with your s**t in an entirely adult setting? Yeah, that’s totally the same as having your testicles duct-taped in front of everyone or getting pelted with dog food (cuz you’re a “dog”), or having your darkest, most humiliating secrets blabbed and laughed at over facebook. Totally the same, Kelly. Way to campaign against ‘systematic bullying’ by making it appear so frickin’ light.

    • felony stupid says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Anyone who gives her a platform to spew this nonsense should be ashamed of themselves. Andy needs to call her on this shit during part III.

  153. kats2 says:

    Funny, you have all kept me laughing all night.

    So am I right to assume I didn’t miss much with NJ? Dina leaving, but cracks, old chicks in hot pants and Danielle’s crotch???

  154. Jennifer says:

    Gotta admit Andy cracking me up tonight

    Didn’t Jill say on one blog she never will hate B or wish her I’ll but she tweets mean stuff

  155. kokuanani says:

    Dina and Andy: shut up.

    We want to hear from Ramona.

  156. Katiecoo says:

    OMG I’m just watching the show right now. They need to get Kelly Bensimon OFF this show NOW. This is totally disturbing watching the delusions of a mentally ill person. Still claiming she was “forced” to go in spite of the obvious TRUTH. Go LUANN for calling her out on instigating. This is utterly disturbing and a psychiatric unit with one severely mentally ill person.

    • Anitabee says:

      Wow — LuAnn clearly IS NOT on Kelly’s side on the scary island behavior. Although Kelly clearly just destroyed any chance of anyone watching believing that she is mentally stable. That girl went off like a roman candle – just blazing the entire way.

      Now what is Bravo going to do? She bit Andy ear off with her insistance that she was forced to go. Wow – calling him a liar.

      Bravo can not control Kelly. How can they bring her back?

  157. coocoopuffs78 says:

    Dear God must we endure another repeat of Clown Brows and her “burlesque” skills…(((yawn))

  158. little rock says:

    Crap! I was hoping they would rerun part 2 after wwhl. But NO! they’re showing rhonj.

  159. otaypanky says:

    Kim G’s son must be thrilled!

    His old lady’s butt crack on tv.

    I have a twenty year old son…He would never speak to me again.

    • char212 says:

      I was thinking the same thing Otay. Not only that she’s trying to be 25 again but that she’s a conniving bitch. You can tell by the looks on her face that she’s just eating everything up and loving the conflict. I’m sure her son is beyond embarrassed that his mom is being so two faced and going between them and lying about her part in it.

  160. Scorpiosue says:

    Interesting what Ramona said on WWHL. She said that no only did she call Jill, but she called a psychiatrist and one of Kelly’s close friends. I give Ramona props to going above and beyond the call of duty regarding Kelly. Kelly is just….wow. She truly believes the stuff that goes on in her head. If I was a producer there is no way that I would have Kelly back on the show. Between Scary Island and her beating up her old boyfriend…..the girl is a liability. Serious liability.

    • otaypanky says:

      And…She designs fugly jewelry.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Ah, be nice, Johnny Depp could use those feathery cuffs in the next Pirates of the Caribbean flick………

    • Katiecoo says:


    • pfinfl says:

      I agree. I was laughing the entire time she was talking because it was such crap….she doesn’t see anything for what it is. And btw, how many times can she say systematic bullying?

      Preview with Sonja saying that Kelly was not being bullied and Kelly gets upset that Sonja isn’t taking her side and starts spinning a story that well Sonja was drinking heavily. Whatever….

  161. Katiecoo says:

    Ramonics! LMAO

    Ramotional! Love it!

  162. Waslurking says:

    Part 2 hasn’t started here yet, west coast time, and I’m scared to
    ‘refresh’ this page already….. lol

    loving it but I’ll be sooooooooooo behind.

  163. otaypanky says:

    I think Upperwestsidedude was blinded tonight.

    Me? I stuck chop stix in my eyes.

  164. Katiecoo says:

    I think when I watch this again w/ my friend on Thurs we will do a drinking game taking a shot for every time Kelly says “a classic case of systematicbullying” (yes, like one long word). On second thought, I’ll need some shots before that.

  165. Katiecoo says:

    Andy’s drunk and not giving any of this the seriousness it deserves–both Dina’s departure and the Reunion. He’s all over the map. Grrrrr

  166. Bravo fan says:

    Did you see what Jill posted on her website? She is angry at Andy for not “going to the tape” and she says “its all lies’ and I think she said she will post her Bravo blog on her website. I think that is what she was trying to say.

  167. moriasheehan says:

    when will they ask jill why sneaking up on the ladies on the island was more important than the mental health of her “good friend” kelly? did i miss it?

  168. moriasheehan says:

    once again, kelly’s blog is her mouthing set phrases and cheap motivational BS

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She has been using a PR firm since the island insanity. Short and sweet.

      • TLM says:

        I was wondering if the “systematic bullying” line was initiated by KKB or the idea of her PR people to spin this. Sometimes spin can work, but not when the world has already seen what it saw. People would have more respect for KKB if she went and got on the medication she needed, got therapy, and came back and said she was diagnosed with (fill in blank psychiatric condition) and is now getting treatment for it. That could be the “cause” she takes up, not a manufactured link to another cause that does not apply here. If this is the work of a PR person or company, they should be ashamed. They are not making her look any better. They are making her look more delusional. I don’t know what company would ever hire her.

  169. Scorpiosue says:

    Oooo, love the bonus footage regarding Scary Island (up on the Bravo site). Sonja called Kelly on grouping Sonja into the bullying and she told Kelly that there was no “systematic bullying”. Then Kelly says something like “You were drinking a lot.” Cuckoo!

  170. Olivia says:

    Andy Cohen is a total @sshole! His parting statement on WWHL is that he finds the NJ show entertaining. This is his idea of entertainment?

    1. Jacqueline’s 6 yr old son calling Danielle a “pig” while his mother, aunt and father grin at one another.
    2. Jacqueline’s imbecile daughter calls her a “bitch”.
    3. Chris pays over $555 in cash at a deli for a group of poker players numbering 5. Cash!
    4. Juicy Joe was betting with whose money? He was declaring bankruptcy when this episode was filmed.
    5. Danielle swinging off a pole and showing her “hoo haw” to the guys at the bar?
    6. Kim G. showing her butt crack and thong. What is she 50 at least?
    7. Danielle looking crazier and crazier during each headshot. Scary.
    8. Bravo actually paying Danny Boy to appear on camera in all his scuzziness.
    9. Ashley refusing to shut up even when warned by Chris.
    10.Kim G. running between both camps stirring up trouble.
    11. How much are they paying those women to appear as Danielle’s friends? Some of them looked like actual tramps, especially the one who said she had been married 3 times.
    12. Danielle discussing the sex tape as if it had no more meaning than a recipe for meatballs.

    This is Andy’s idea of entertainment? I hate myself for watching it!

    • Katiecoo says:

      I think Andy is drunk most of the time on WWHL with tonite being no exception.

    • BamaBelle says:

      Olivia… I agree with you.

      RHONJ is getting more trashy and classless by the episode. Plus all the things you mentioned, I didn’t like how some of them were talking about “what big balls” on the pigs with the little kids listening. Also, saying “Hi Danielle” to the pigs. Sure Danielle is nasty and gross, why can’t the others let Danielle hang herself instead of ALWAYS talking about her?

      I thought the guys at the poker game were extremely obnoxious. Oh, and look how the women wait on them, bringing in the big platters of food. You’re right about spending close to 600.00 for food to feed 5 or 6… Chris plopping down cash like “no big deal”. I thought Ashley’s smart mouth was disgusting, but I didn’t like her step-father Chris pressing his finger into her mouth like that… It looked too rough and he was drinking. Chris isn’t the nice guy he was portrayed last season… he’s like Caroline and the rest of them.

      Again… can’t stand Ashley, but I wouldn’t have said “Get out of my house” then practically throw her out… not in front of everyone and her boyfriend. I would of said “Ashley, if you continue to talk to me like that-you’ll have to leave”… if she did it again, I would of calmly said… “Goodbye Ashley, you can come back when you have some respect”! Then lead her to the door… I thought Jac was being over dramatic (maybe for the cameras). You can tell Jaq is listening to Caroline about how she should deal with Ashley. I know Ashley’s a brat, but Jaq has let her get away with things for a long time… that’s Jaq’s fault!

      They all thought Ashley was funny sending those text to Danielle. Caroline even said… “I understand why she did it, protecting her family”… I’m SO sick of that line… sick… sick… sick of it! I don’t like the way they treat her boyfriend… that Damn Clan needs to give people a chance first!

      I haven’t been watching NJ… I’m ashamed I did tonight… I won’t watch anymore… I’m done… Buh Bye, Dina!

    • Squirrels says:

      Suddenly, I’m really glad I didn’t watch.


  171. lillybee says:

    Jill really needs to work on controlling her face. Did you guys see her face when Ramona called her out on telling Ramona not to shoot with Bethenney.

    • Katiecoo says:

      Yes and that tight lipped, controlled rage face is usually what she’s sportin when she’s not aware the cameras are on her and that’s when the fake smile spreads across her face.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        When Jill tries to control her facial expressions she seems to channel a rat (only the whiskers are missing)……..

    • Anitabee says:

      I think she’d be better off is she could learn to control her mouth.

  172. Olivia says:

    I loved watching Jill shift from one lame excuse to another. And caught each time!

    It is beginning to become more evident that there is something truly amiss with Kelly. She honestly believes what she is saying and no matter how much they say otherwise, she is not about to give in. In her world what happened happened exactly how she sees it. No amount of video footage or the voices of the other 4 who were present will make her change it .

    This is clearly a symptom of a person who has Aspberger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism, in which they see and hear things in a literal fashion and are unable to process nuance or humor. She is serious in how she felt she was treated and though most of us saw it otherwise she is unfortunately convinced that she was bullied.

    The sad fact is that there is no treatment for the type of autism she may have. Seeing the world through her eyes is her only means of survival. By no means am I declaring myself as a clinical authority, but I have been around people who suffer from Aspbergers and she is spot on in her responses.

    • Katiecoo says:

      They need to remove her from this show. It literally as in LITERALLY gives me a stomachache watching her mental illness.

  173. lillybee says:

    Andy brought up Jill’s snarking at all the events that weren’t about her and Bethenny said let it go. Interesting.

  174. Okay, I’m still fuming over the lies and shit both Jill and Kelly where spewing on part2. I’m glad I have a DVR. After I down a glass of pinot I can watch again and perhaps hear more of what I’m sure I missed.

    I am disturbed by the preview to part 3. I believe Jill is attacking Alex (again) about the nude photos Alex took. Jill says Alex was photographed spread eagle in the hallway of her husbands’ hotel. I saw the pic in question. I’m not passing judgment on Alex taking them. I don’t recall seeing ANY photo of Alex spread eagle.

    I don’t believe Jill cares about the photos. I think she is dredging up these photos as a way to hopeful destroy Simons’ career and livelihood. If the photos where taken in the place were Simon works without knowledge or consent by the owners of the hotel, then Simon could be fired. Again, I think this is Jill at her finest. Jill hates A&S so much and is vindictive enough to try and destroy them by any lies or means possible.

    Jill couldn’t destroy Bethenny so now she is attempting to take out her other perceived rival. I know Bethenny said that Jill had already been raked over the coals enough. This is a time when I disagree with “B”. Jill deserves NO MERCY. She is a worthless clod of dirt that needs to have all her sins exposed. I wonder if “B” regrets that move since the reunion. Jill continues to trash her and destroy Alex.
    Jill is a bitch and I Hate Jill Zarin!

  175. Olivia says:

    What we learned tonight from the NY mess:

    Apparently no one was aware of Bobby’s illness until the Labor Day excursion the boat that included Ramona, Lu Ann, and Alex. I am sure he had a procedure but obviously it was not serious enough for Jill to delay her summer plans since she was photographed all over the Hamptons that year and was seen in LA doing a walk on with Kathy Griffin.

    Yet Jill began her “crusade” against Bethenny from that opening scene of Series 3 by suggesting that Bethenny deserted her in her “hour of need”. It was also made clear, and this time by Andy of all people who kept digging, that there had been a fall out prior to Bobby’s illness and that fall out was precipitated by Bethenny getting her own show. The exact same reasons we all had deduced far before the series ended.

    So Jill manufactured her resentment toward Bethenny by wrapping it around Bobby. I hope Bobby takes note of this because as a result we sat here and watched a false premise devised by Jill to justify her hatred – and this is what it is – of Bethenny and her success. She created a made up grievance to destroy another person because of her own vanity. Pay attention Bobby! She is evil.

    This entire season was one big fat lie all made up by Jill Zarin and is it any wonder, now that it has been verified, why people hate her?

  176. lillybee says:

    Sonja looked so nice tonight. I might kill for those pearls. She was funny and entertaining too.

    • Katiecoo says:

      Sonja was the best part of the whole episode tonite. That and the TRUTH finally coming out about Jill’s LIES all season.

      • vilzvet says:

        I wish we could see her interact with her daughter…but she is wise, a la Dina, not to include her child on this type of show.

  177. wvurn says:

    Did anyone else catch Andy saying to Kelly that she had an odd reaction when SONJA brought up one night stands? Perhaps trying to set the record straight that it wasn’t B. that said it?

    • Zipit Zarin! says:

      YES and I wanted Bethenny to ask Kelly “So why did you keep accusing ME of saying that?!”

      • wvurn says:

        I did too. I was surprised she didn’t. However, I wasn’t surprised that neither Jill or LuAnn called Kelly out for lying to them about it.

        • Squirrels says:

          I think at some point B was just plain exhausted. She just didn’t give a damn anymore. Who can blame her?

  178. Olivia says:

    And another thought about Jacqueline: she is a complete moron. She allows her children to overhear and involve themselves with her issues surrounding Danielle.

    When a 6 yr old is calling another human being a “pig” then something is wrong with this picture. And watching her, that smug Caroline, and his father Chris smiling at the comment was revolting.

    Danielle is very much the slut, but having a 6 yr old comment like that is poor parenting. He has been privy to much of the conversations that a 6 yr old has no business hearing. The whole cast is a bunch of idiots.

  179. lillybee says:

    Lulu is mending fences. Good for her.

    • Zipit Zarin! says:

      I they still need ask her why she demanded Alex to not pick sides when she had clearly picked a side.

      • Zipit Zarin! says:

        AND “Who made HER God”?

      • Olivia says:

        Lu Ann will always remain a snake in my book. Much of what went on during this season had her greasy fingerprints etched all over it. The drama of Jill and Kelly has prevented a closer look at Lu Ann’s behavior. She has lucked out so far.

        • Zipit Zarin! says:

          Exactly! Let’s hope they hold her feet to the fire in the final episode. I mean, that’s why we watch so bring it. dammit

        • I agree. I really want them to grill Luann about the following-
          Telling Jill to lie about who was in the room when Jill put “B” on speakerphone.
          She also listened in to Ramona’s Memorial Day call to Jill.
          She clearly chose sides. She made the team comment to Alex.
          When Jill called Luann to gossip about “B”s pregnancy Luann asked Jill if she should invite “B’ to the charity event. B had apologized to Luann but Jill was still holding the grudge from Hell. Jill pretty much told Luann not to invite her because she was still uncomfortable. Luann made the statement that they would wait to she if B would reach out to them. I interpreted it as We won’t invite “B” until she grovels at Jills’ feet”. It was your charity event Luann! Invite whoever the hell you want. I believe that Luann was still following Jills’ scheme not to film with “B”.

          Her interrupting Bethenny and Jill constantly at Ramona’s home when “B” was there to clear things up. It was sooooo evident that Luann didn’t want Jill and “B” to be friends again.

  180. Olivia says:

    If Kelly does suffer from Aspbergers than it is no mystery why her sexuality would be conflicted. She sees herself as a “femme fatale” considering the clothes she wears and her interaction with men. But she probably has no urge to go beyond just the admiration she may stir up in their company. As a fashion model she was directed by the photographer to exude a certain look but it may be that she has no idea of how that translates.

    It also seems that she views sex as a taboo and can only be enjoyed if it comes from a Barbara Cartland book. Whereas Sonja the Cougar makes no bones about enjoying sex for sex. And I don’t think the gender much matters to her in either instance.

    • GreatExpectations says:

      I had posted earlier that I think Kelly was overly sexualized as a “kid model” and may have been at the receiving end of some predatory behavior by much older photographers (including her ex husband) when she was 15 and starting out. It is VERY, VERY COMMON in the industry. Her trying to dress herself up as a 14 year-old regarding sex seems more to be a symptom of a desire to return to that previous state before she was molested.

      I really think the whole thing is an act (or coping mechanism) to deny her actual unpleasant sexual experiences in the modeling industry. We have all been witness to her incredible powers to rewrite history and assert the exact opposite is true.

  181. iceNfire says:

    West Coast checking in and I REALLY wish I had consumed drinks here.
    Oh Damn it all To Hell commercial over.

  182. moriasheehan says:

    6 minutes for rerun of reunion

  183. lillybee says:

    Kelly still has the same problems that she had on the trip. Someone needs to get the girl some help.

    • Katiecoo says:

      Starting with taking her off camera. This show seems to be exaggerating her mental issues.

  184. Zipit Zarin! says:

    If I knew how to do it I would put a youtube together of all of Jill’s lies and then film of what really happened since Andy says they can’t do that. It would prolly get 2 million hits. On second thought it would have to be a movie cuz she tells so many. Twould be a money maker for sure.

    • Katiecoo says:

      I really wish someone would do that. What I want to see is this video.

      Clip after clip of her bashing Bethenny, from her (now known) lies about Bethenny’s abandoning her husband while he had cancer, to her “trying to ruin every aspect of Kelly’s life–financial, friends family” (said to Luann in “the bed” during the farting Ginger slumber party), to her putting Bethenny on speakerphone exposing her to Luann while lying to her about it, to on and on, basically episode in this season, culminating in her comments both at “the lunch” and on the Reunion saying “you know I’ve always been your biggest cheerleader”.

      Hey, even stick a frickin megaphone in a bubble over her head during all the trash talkin and maybe even some pompoms.

      • Squirrels says:

        I suggested the same in an earlier blog.

        Mind you, we have a couple of very talented commenters here.

        Go for it.

  185. lillybee says:

    Goodness from Jill’s blog, she says she is going to be devine and forgive them.

  186. celeste says:

    HOLY SHITBALLS! I get it. Jill hired 4 PR people and did a 2 for one deal with Kelly so she could get her PR people to come up with Kelly’s Systematic Bullying bullshit spin and get a 50% discount. Kells Bells, Kelly got the wrong end of the stick!!!! Kelly, ditch Jill’s crappy PR people and get yourself to rehab pronto.

  187. RileyKitty says:

    I am so tired of people getting up & walking off the set of the reunion & then they are miraculously back after commercial. If they walk off then they no longer get to defend themselves. Who is begging these people (Jill & Kelly) to return.

    Kelly just can’t stop herself from following Jill’s lead on everything. It is nauseating.

    • RileyKitty says:

      I guess when I ask a question I should use a question mark, it’s not like when I ask my husband a question but really don’t want a response (I do that so often that I have to say it isn’t rhetorical when I actually want an answer LOL)

  188. Jill's dastardly plans says:

    “To err human, to forgive divine”

    Mon, Jun 14, 2010

    Featured, Jill’s Blog, Latest News

    Upon watching part 2 of the reunion this evening this saying is what popped into my head. So I ask you, where is the divinity amongst some of my castmates?

    Self reflection and growth is always important. I am proud of how I came full circle this season. I realized the things I could have done better and attempted to correct them or sincerely apologize for them where I could. But I ask you, where is the forgiveness? At what point are enough apologies enough? What else can a person do to right a wrong? Why are some people’s apologies fully accepted immediately, yet mine seem to be falling on deaf ears? I feel like the first two parts of this reunion all that you’ve heard me say is “I’m sorry”. While I certainly am sorry about many things, what did I do that was so gregious that these women just do not have in their hearts to forgive? Or at the very least put aside and move forward? Does it seem to you that there is more here than meets the eye?

    I have received so many letters from all of you that virtually beg me to stop apologizing. Well thank you for opening my eyes. I have apologized enough. I am going to be divine and forgive them for having such closed hearts.

    I have so much in my life to be thankful for and that is my focus. This experience has enlightened me and energized me. I could not have gotten through this season without all of your wonderful support. Thank you for taking me into your hearts.

    Visit me at here at http://www.jillzarin.com and http://www.secretsofajewishmother.com and let me know how you feel. I can’t answer every comment but know I will read them all..though it may take a little while!

    I Love you all!

    • Katiecoo says:

      Classic Narcissism. “I may be in the wrong, but it’s all your fault for not accepting me as I am”. Let her go Bravo, Ramona, Bethenny, Sonja, Alex (duh) and even Luann. LET THIS WOMAN GO.

    • Scorpiosue says:

      That was sickening. What was so “gregious” Jill?

      1. Because of your feud with Bethanny you tried to destroy her livelihood. She doesn’t have a parents to go to and as she said, she didn’t have a Bobby. So by going after her full throttle i.e. calling castmates to not film with her, vilifying her in the press, bad mouthing and telling half truths on RHONY you did do something so “gregious” (her spelling).

      2. After realizing that the “Down with Bethenny” campaign was going nowhere you then re-started your engines on the “Down with Alex” campaign. The pettiness, the back biting, the nastiness was astounding. The behavior seen by you, Jill, was worse than a 16 year old.

      3. Your total disregard for anyone’s feelings pretty much sums it up, BUT the stopping my St. John’s to make up with everyone was forced and phony. Not only that, but your received calls from Ramona and Bethenny regarding the unsettling behavior exhibited by Kelly. You disregarded what they told you about it and went about your own personal agenda to make Jill look good. Out of everything, that leaves the biggest sour taste in my mouth because it was obvious that Kelly was in serious need of help. Very disturbing.

      Rant over! LOL……..I don’t even know Jill and she aggravates me more than anyone that I know.

      • Katiecoo says:

        And all of this “I’ve always been your biggest cheerleader” crap…oh please. Just because you don’t want us to remember differently doesn’t make it true Zarin!

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Such a “cheerleader” and supporter of Bethenny that she tried to get others not to film with Bethenny and trash talked her all season to damage her and her show.

          Really, Jill’s as deluded as Kelly. Jill, however, is actively far more vicious and malicious.

    • Squirrels says:


  189. t says:

    posted this comment for Jill…very sad state of affairs for her. She really seemed to be leading a charmed life pre Bravo. sad.

    I think that you must feel like you continually have to apologize because, sadly, your behavior was broadcast to the nation and is going to be shown forever in repeats. I would just walk away from the reality biz if I were you Jill. Good luck!

  190. sablelicious says:

    I felt the same way. I wanted to hear from RAMONA!!! Who cares about Dina’s stupid cat, and she is soooooo above Danielle. Well, bitch move out of the way, your blocking my view of Ramona. I cant stand the NJ show…dont watch it and never will.

  191. RileyKitty says:

    http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-york-city/videos/jills-keeping-score Alex & Jill convo about Bethenny’s dad. Now they do not show Alex saying yes to is it medical? because Alex is doing her talking head, but Jill says it is sad so she must know things are not good.

    • RileyKitty says:

      I want to add I believe Alex when she said she told Jill. Jill has lied too many times for me to give her the benefit of the doubt.

      • Waslurking says:

        Alex did not out and out say…….
        Look bitch, Beth’s father is dieing stop being a self-centered
        JZ got what Alex was saying or she would not have spouted off
        with the “they aren’t close” remark.
        Liar, liar…..pants on fire……… neeeener neeeeener…

      • Katiecoo says:

        I recall Jill’s dismissive response to that very well…something like “well I don’t know what her relationship is like with her father”. Like “no big deal, he’s dying but she’s not very close to him so whatever”. Bitch. I may add Lying Bitch.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Bethenny has mentioned, perhaps in one of her Bravo blogs, that she had told Jill her father was seriously ill while they were still friends. Add Alex’s sit down with Jill and Jill’s responses.

      Now Jill says she didn’t have a clue.

  192. Zipit Zarin! says:

    Jill doesn’t apologize because she has remorse …it’s a TACTIC to make people stop calling her on her shit. It stops you in your tracks even though you know what she’s doing. It’s maddening to watch!

    • Katiecoo says:

      So so true…NONE of her apologies ring true…it’s all the “sorry I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar” followed by “how dare you walk in the kitchen when all i was doing was trying to get a cookie…you didn’t feed me for hours, what did you expect?”. Maddening!

  193. lillybee says:

    Jill, lulu and Kelly are all trying to do damage control. The only one I kinda believe is Lulu. I think that she was used by Jill and is beginning to see it.

    • Waslurking says:

      Kelly is trying to do damage control?? Seriously??
      She’s made it worse with all her BS since skarey island.
      ..where’s my bucket….

  194. RileyKitty says:

    ice you here? I just saw the message you left at my house.

  195. little rock says:

    Re watching part 2 now. Jill just said that the fight with bethenny WAS more than just bobby’s cancer and that when bethenny ambushed her at ramona’s they (J & B) talked about all the issues. Bethenny said she listed them and they talked about them all. Andy asked jill what some of the issues were and jill didn’t want to bring it all back up. It’s because bethenny probably said something about: Jill partying all summer, Jill calling the Today’s show, Jill telling the other wives not to film with her, etc.
    Back when bethenny called jill to talk (with luann listening) as soon as bethenny started to confront jill about not knowing how serious bobby’s procedure was because after all, jill herself was partying all summer. That’s when jill cut the conversation off and said “you know what bethenny, we are done”. The last thing jill wanted was THAT being brought up, both that day and at the reunion.

  196. cusi77 says:

    @RileyKitty__ Yes, I do remember when JZ went at Alexe’s -Bethenny has just left to L.A. Alex did not want to discuse what B. told her in confidence. Jill asked if it was something about health -Alex was in hives! Said “yes”… his father…Yea.. and added, something like “if you think there is less than 1% that you what to repair this friendship… this is the moment to reach at her”… -again, not exactly, but close…

    Jill Zarin wanted prove! Alex told her… I feel better because at least I tried!

    Now, I am exited to read Lynn’s blog! She is so talented!

    It is good to have this place… isn’t it?

  197. Gingers poo says:

    Jill Zarin My new BLOG is up on jillzarin.com. My facebook is getting SPAM so we have contacted facebook and am waiting for them to take care of it. Until then, I am suspending the comment heres. I will only be posting on http://www.jillzarin.com until it is resolved. I am so sorry for the inconvenience and hope you understand. You might like it better anyway since I can respond to comments individually. Let me know what you think. XOXO Jill

  198. DLA says:

    Thanks Lynn. I have really enjoyed the ride. Will not watch the RHONJ. Hate (really do hate) that show.

    Wish you all the best as well I wish the best for all the

    I hated some of you. I felt so very sorry for some of you.

    But I loved the most of you.

    Rock on girlfriends. If you can make the money and give the BJ just when YOU want to. Then I Luv you.

  199. sablelicious says:

    Just finished watching the reunion show…

    Just a sec…had to turn the TV off, because the NJ housewifes came on. Ok, let me get this straight DINA…you call Danielle up to tell her face to face that you are DONE with her. So when Danielle responds, you tell her to shut up and say this is about me.

    HUH??? How did you expect her to react? Then in the talking head segment you said people were trying to eat and you was embarrassed? Excuse me, but Dina, you instigated the whole scene. This “I’m so much better than you” shit, makes me feel pity for Danielle. You talk about SYSTIMATIC BULLYING…well Kelly, come on over to NJ, to see how it really feels to be bullied.

    And by the way…who spends over $500 for snacks for 5-6 guys on a poker game? What world are they living in????

    • vilzvet says:

      The deli scene confused me as well. Believe me, Italian cold cuts can be very expensive, (they were getting Mortadella cheese, prosciutto, etc.) but I still can’t fathom how it added up to over 500 bucks. They were handed ONE bag. I didn’t see them purchasing any wine, since we already saw Chris’s impressive wine room. Did you catch Joe’s comment that he was expecting “hot” food?

  200. RileyKitty says:

    I thought Andy was being a dick when he said to Ramona that she was coming off like a bully at the reunion. Uh, Andy, do not give Kelly ANY validation that her claims are remotely true. Ramona has every right to be sick to death of listening to Kelly’s lunacy.

  201. Rabble Rouser says:

    Any guesses as to what the hell Jill was talking about when she said something about to Alex about ‘spread eagle in the hall of your husbands hotel’

  202. Anitabee says:


    I am so confused. Death by 1000 paper cuts has a new blog up BUT this time the author rarely mentions Jill. Hmmm…I wonder if Jill’s check bounced?


  203. Anitabee says:


    I wonder if Jill’s check bounced? No Pro-Jill Zarin support on the new blog over at deathby1000papercuts.


  204. lillybee says:

    nite all, I enoyed all the snark.

  205. Waslurking says:

    I know it’s late…………but anyone still here???

    • Katiecoo says:

      Raising my hand…I’m right here in lala land with cartwheels with people (ok cats) who are genuine and kind….ok satchels of gold.

    • Katiecoo says:

      Allo? Allo? I just replied about being here in lala land with cartwheels and my cat named Al Sharpton. Did my reply disappear into a satchel of gold?

  206. Gingers poo says:

    Did Jill completely take down her Facebook page?

    • Katiecoo says:

      I don’t see it either…weird! But Jill Zarin needs a Hobby is still there. 😉

      • Gingers poo says:

        Yup, she has, at least for now, completely removed any possibility of anything being posted that she isn’t happy with.

        I notice she is allowing all kinds of vile posts about her castmates on her blog though, some downright nasty and “attackive.”

        She is divine though.

        • Katiecoo says:

          LOL…so maybe this is part of PR 105? Yeah, those PR people sure coached her to claim problems with FB, shut down her acct and then monitor all of the other posts out there. Is it possible she truly is a person who hits EVERY wrong note?

        • Waslurking says:
  207. Goodnight all. Catch ya later.

  208. Katiecoo says:

    Notice how silent Jill is with Kelly’s meltdown du jour on this reunion? Also I think Alex was trying to question where Kelly’s “channeling the Devil” was coming from (aka coached by Jill). Obviously this was not something she SAW on the episode prior to her going on the Terror on the High Seas BUT to me it tells me Jill had coached and prodded and filled her addled brain with scary and crazy thoughts like that, because yes, I do think she is just. that. sick.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Yes, Jill poisoned the well when it came to Kelly. Jill’s words later came out of Kelly. Not just “channeling the devil,” but remember her talking to Lulu (and no doubt also Kelly) about how Bethenny trashed Kelly in the press, damaged Kelly’s family, etc.

      I also recall reading something where Jill mentioned “systematic bullying.” IMO Jill was another voice in Kelly’s head adding to her paranoia. Kelly may be sick, but Jill is far worse to use and manipulate an unbalanced unstable person like that.

      • EmmaJames says:

        Kelly has been Jill’s mouth piece this season…that’s what brought those two down hard

    • Waslurking says:

      She doesn’t care about Kelly………(although who would at this point,
      CREEPY! )
      Jillscuzzy wants the “TV” viewers to weep with her……..
      where is that bucket?

  209. Waslurking says:

    Katiecoo says:
    June 15, 2010 at 2:43 am

    Is that a medical term? Dirty Martini? 😉


    • Katiecoo says:

      lol ok now that that is solved, I too will hit the hay. That episode wore me out. Nite all….can’t wait for Thurs now!

  210. lina says:

    just finished reading ALL the comments, you ladies( and gents) made my night.
    good night and sweet dreams

  211. anniieee says:

    wow just scrolled thru… will take me hours to read..lots of great comments… and Jill and SmellyKelly were bizarre.. I thought Kelly’s hair got dirtier and dirtier as the day went on… Be back later to catch up. Have a great day everyone!

    Congratulations Boston..Hope you had a great time yeaterday!

  212. ElleNYC says:

    Well, I for one hope that the Wicked Witch, aka Jillosity or Bawby’s Lying Half will simply keep showing her true colors on the final reunion show. The crying and jumping up and down doesn’t fool anyone.

    Is it only my interpretation, but hasn’t LuMann kept a quiet distance from Jill and Kelly on the reunion shows? This has probably been commented on already. But it seems so apparent in her words and actions.

    Have a great day. Love the posts and missed the gym this morning reading through all the comments!

  213. TLM says:

    Is it just me, or do some of you try to post on the Bravo TV blogs and not even get a “your comment is awaiting moderation”? The page just refreshes, your comment is gone, and that’s it? Does that mean you are blocked from Bravo?

    The blogs there always tell me the name TLM is “already in use,” but I know I registered it a long time ago there, so I have to make up other titles. Still, the site never seems to register anything I post. Here is what I at least tried to post to Kelly’s blog this morning, which at the time had zero comments. Kelly said she walked off the set because she “did not want to talk about what happened in the past.”

    • Maddiegirl says:

      TLM, it is not just you. Many on this board have stated that their comments never make the Bravo boards. That is why Lynn’s blog is so great; you know you can voice your opinion.

  214. TLM says:

    Let’s try that again… Here’s what I tried to post to Bravo on KKB’s blog.
    Do you even know what a “reunion” is? It is about revisiting “issues” and events *that are in the past.* If everyone did what you did, there would be no show.

    As someone wisely said on another blog, “BULLIES – don’t let other people talk…make fun of how other people look or dress…like to say things that they know will be hurtful and painful to other people…make fun of what other people do for a living or for fun…run away when they are called on their actions and words…don’t think what they do is wrong, hurtful or bullying.” These are all things YOU did. The women tried to befriend you, tried to include you even in the face of your continued attacks, particularly Bethenny. For some reason I don’t understand, when Sonja said you were crazy, you didn’t hold that against her, only Bethenny.

    It is clear you don’t want to talk about your mental breakdown that was obvious to everyone who saw the show. It was only when that was brought up that you bolted from the room. Whether it was you or your PR people who came up with the idea of “systematic bullying” to try to spin this into something it clearly wasn’t, it is wrong. It is keeping you from getting the treatment you desperately need, and it makes a mockery of those who truly suffer from being bullied. I hope for your sake and especially for that of your children that you will at least see a mental health professional for an unbiased evaluation.

  215. otaypanky says:

    Posted to Jillzarin.com yesterday and my IP Address was blocked. Jill blocked me for reposting her very own rant. The one that she then deleted.

    Here we go! Everyone looks great! ( I have to much blush! But I took some off later!)
    Alex…I am in Brooklyn? Made no sense…she made no sense! I did nothing to her to deserve her mouth. Maybe she was worried Jen Gilbert was replacing her? After all…she has 3 small kids, works and lives a fabulous life? We were in Jen’s house…Alex saw the writing on the wall. She keeps saying I am in high school. Really…ever see a mirror? The show is high school. Let’s be honest.
    Simon wasn’t there and notice..she kept her kids OFF the show. WHY??
    Did you see Bethenny or Ramona apologize EVER to Alex? They clearly planned the reunion together. They were very rehearsed. I heard Alex say in the back she had to get all her “points” in. She had notes. Throwing stones lately?
    Alex..LIAR..you never tried over and over to do ANYTHING. We are not friends. OVER. Why keep rehashing it.
    I do fight back..I don’t need to be DIRTY.
    WE ALL talk to the press. Are you kidding?
    I said the “ugly comment” after the season. She never heard until APRIL. Don’t use that excuse. Please.


    Andy clearly thinks Ramona is a hypocrite. Right?
    Ramona had no heart for Luann.
    Wow..hundreds of thousands? No one I know thinks she has changed AT ALL. But she does LOOK great. Do you love how Alex is defending Ramona this year? HAH!
    Hypocrite..Ramona has said the MEANEST things to me behind my back!! ( on the show!)
    B said she had surgery. I don’t know how she knows.
    I think she was rude to Andy..really…talk about refecting a question?
    Kissing not an idescretion? Kidding??? I would never do that to Bobby!

    Ramona said Bethenny gives everything to Page 6…but Alex doesn’t attack her. Why not?
    Bethenny is an open book…when she wants. If I play HER message on camera…I am a bad person? But she will show everything. WHich is it?

    • otaypanky says:

      Have trouble wrapping my brain around jill actually believing she can control backlash by cancelling facebook (can’t block IP addresses) and not posting to Bravo.
      Who is she kidding, but herself?
      As soon as people post their real feelings, they will see that their comment will be deleted. If they post again under an alter email address, they will then note that their IP Address has been blocked.
      Wouldn’t she then be creating a whole slew of new detractors?

  216. error 404 says:

    Kiki is like a little girl trapped in a woman’s body.

    Her mental and emotional development is that of a tween. When the other ladies talk, she can’t keep up, and she interprets the intellectual challenge as bullying.

    Yesterday, they did seem to be bullying a bit, just because it was an adult conversation and she was clearly lost and paniced. Who talks to a child the way they talk to Kelly? No one. That’s their mistake.

    I actually think she may be developmentally disabled.

  217. otaypanky says:

    Today’s NY POST: PAGE SIX

    “The Real Housewives of New York City” will have a real new lineup next season. A source says Bravo is searching for “a couple of new ladies,” which begs the question of who’s leaving the show — besides Bethenny Frankel, who landed a husband, a baby and her own spinoff, “Bethenny Getting Married?” There’s some speculation that Alex McCord — the self-styled socialite who lives in Brooklyn with her metrosexual husband, Simon — would be dropped. But insiders say the first to go will be Jennifer Gilbert, the events planner added last season who barely had any screen time.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/new_housewives_spcdmcoLIEQPPgZZrAi5aL#ixzz0qvByavT6

  218. Bravofanfromday1 says:

    I may hate Jill, however I can’t even WATCH Kelly!!!!! Beyond frusterating. Good lord. I hope she stays gone after walking off!

  219. winston says:

    Watching the bonus clip, I just noticed Kelly has a huge adam’s apple. She has a lot of very unfeminine traits. That clip displays her awful behavior; she is mean and agressively so.

  220. MAMAZ says:

    Good morning everyone. I was out of town for the weekend so I missed the last couple of blogs. Just got caught up and I have a couple of things to say about the reunion.
    1 Why isn’t anyone at the reunion addressing the fact that JZ has been manipulating Kelly this season? Alex mentions that the “channeling the devil” statement first came from JZ at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend then she heard it from Kelly on the island. Point being, she learned it from JZ. But everyone says Oh no, she hadn’t even seen that episode. Uh yeah, thats why we know she said it directly to Kelly at other times! And Kelly chirpped it back out like the good little parrot Jill taught her to be.
    2 Kelly says at the reunion that the are bullying her again right there. I wish one of them would have said “When one person accuses four people of something and the four defend themselves it’s not bullying!”

    • EmmaJames says:

      Jill planted “Channeling the Devil” phrase in Kelly’s obviously weak mind. Another lie has caught up to Jill.

  221. SusanS88 says:

    I have to admit that most of the time I cannot keep up with all the comments on all the posts, but I try. I just wanna say I love you guys! This is my first stop on the net for HW chat. My go-to blog, as it were. Thanks Lynn! And thanks to your commenters! I’ve had to wipe the spit off my laptop screen on more than one occasion 🙂 I seriously love reading comments from people I feel like I’ve come to cyber-know. You guys are awesome. I can’t add anything new to what you have all commented on because my thoughts about the reunion and cast have been expressed perfectly by many of you. Just wanted to say you guys are f’n awesome! I’m just another infrequent poster who supports you guys 1000%. XOXO

  222. Zee says:

    And now I’m going to be late to work but I did make through everyones comments – such a lively bunch! I see the FB acct is gone, all comments on her website are glowing (I’m gagging) and I cant decide how exactly upset I am with Andy and Bravo for continuing to subject us to JZ & KooKoo and all the contrived spin. JZ is the festering zit on the ass of humanity and I can not wait for her to POP and disappear.

  223. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    Not as good as Richard Lawson’s recaps, but here’s what’s on Gawker today about Kelly and Scary Island:


    • Zipit Zarin! says:

      This was a comment at tv.gawker.com

      12:42 AM
      sending request
      Invite a friend to comment

      Will the RHNY keep up with the grand tradition of housewife bankrutpcies?

      I’m guessing Alexis is maxed out on all her cards and on her house for starters.

      And Sonja just lost a $8 million lawsuit and her creditors (from a failed film deal) have requested a lien on her townhouse and her bank accounts to collect their claim. Thats got to be way more than the town house is worth judging from the location.

      Maybe Sonja can cram into Luanne’s crappy UWS digs. Reply
      Good Girl Gone Bad promoted this comment

  224. cusi77 says:

    @MAMAZ__Good Morning. In Last night reunion, for the first time in this season, Luann had a moment of decency and said “What I saw, you were provoking”… But Kelly is a brick wall, you can shout the truth a hundred times, it is not going to be processed in her mind! She has her vision of reality and nobody can change it! She is “Real”… She should not back for another season… and what JZ has done is IMMORAL! Because she has been using her to attack B. First and now ALEX! I would not want to be near Jill being her enemy!

  225. LynnNChicago says:

    Sorry for the delay everyone, new blog coming in a few minutes….

  226. cusi77 says:

    Good Morning Lynn! Thank you so much!

  227. boston02127 says:

    Good morning everyone. Before I start picking apart Jill and Kelly (which will be easy) I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice wishes and kind words yesterday.
    I’ve given up on NJ wives. The show makes me sick. I can’t stand either Jacqueline and of course Danielle. I can’t stand any of them. I don’t how much more of a slut Danielle can prove herself to be. There is not much to say about them except for a big yuck.

    It seems like Jill went on the reunion and thought to herself that she’d just keep saying she’s sorry for everything and things will be ok. I’m glad people are calling her out on everything. She’s a mess. Her facial expressions made me want to slap her.

    Kelly-She looks like she needs a bath. She’s grubby. Those teeth look like they could yank a tire off a car. When she went to walk out I realized I must be nuts because I was so hoping she would fall. I don’t think we’re ever going to get to the bottom of her mental fit on the boat. I still think she’s an alcoholic. She’s shady. I can not wait for Jill and Kelly’s so called friendship to fall apart.

    The good couch~They all looked so nice and polished. They all seem like true friends. I’m so glad they are standing up to Jill and I was happy to see them tell nut bag Kelly off.
    Has anyone ever seen that TV show Bewitched? I think Alex looks like her.

    • otaypanky says:

      morning boston. again, congrats. all so happy for you.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Congrats Boston. Sky’s the limit for you sweetie! Yes, I think Alex does resemble Elizabeth Montgomery. And JZ looks like Endora.
      Cusi- Hiiiieeeee,lol. Did your comment ever make it on to Theresa’s blog last week? I was gone for several days. Try again on this weeks.

  228. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Good Morning, Can’t wait for Lynn to Blog about last night.
    Did anyone else catch when Andy Cohen was asking Kelly, that if after she processed what happened on the Island if what she says happen is her take on it and regarding her doing something positive about bullying. Her response was NO, Jill looked at her and softly told her Yes thats what you just said.
    I mean seriously Kelly just talks and spills out garbage,insults and is ruining people’s reputations. Yet its ok for her to say all those things but no one can tie her up and make her listen to the truth of what happend.
    She is a liability for Bravo and should not be back next season.

    • otaypanky says:

      She can deny from here ’til tomorrow. Everyone knows she suffered a breakdown. It will never go away.
      She was the bully on the VI.

  229. cusi77 says:

    Good Morning everyone! @ Boston. Congrats! God Bless you in your new proyects!

  230. Olivia says:

    Another thing we learned from last night’s NY mess.

    This has been bothering me since I saw the show last night. Now that it is established that Jill conjured up her reason for slamming Bethenny regarding Bobby’s not so critical health scare, the scene in Ramona’s living room came to mind again.

    Bethenny went there fresh from her father’s rejection in LA in an attempt to sort things out with Jill. She came on bended knee after several futile attempts in the past that Jill rejected. Bethenny bares herself to Jill, apologizing for something that she never did since no one was aware of Bobby’s illness until Labor Day yet Jill refused to grant give in. “I wasn’t prepared. I was ambushed” was the handy excuse.

    Yet what we now know is that the whole thing was manufactured. Bethenny had done nothing wrong. Jill got exactly what she had set out to do. She had Bethenny “groveling” for forgiveness. She had the one area of Bethenny’s life that she could control.

    Unable to control the new boyfriend, the separate appearances on the Today Show, the new series that Bravo offered Bethenny, she was able to control the episode by withholding the “forgiveness” that Bethenny sought from her. By pleading “I was not ready” gave her the opportunity to stretch out the misery and find a more suitable time to confer on Bethenny the chance for Jill to show her magnaminity by “forgiving her sins” on camera. Saint Jill!

    The cheapest part is that Bethenny had no idea of what she was up against. She had no idea she was apologizing for nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is a mortal sin and Jill inflicted this on her “friend” as Lu Ann and Kelly rubbed her back, escorted her in and out of events, and got in the faces of other cast members because of Jill’s phony behavior.

    This woman is seriously demented as 14 weeks of lies were presented as fact and all done in the effort to destroy another person. Sickening.

    • Noreen says:

      You are spot on. Hearing that witch finally admit that she orchestrated the entire fight to make Bethenny look bad IS truly unforgivable.

    • Katiecoo says:

      This is worth repeating on the new blog, in fact I may carry it right on over. 🙂

  231. cusi77 says:

    @MAMAZ__ Not yet!…. But yours is! And I feel you talk for all of us!

  232. HD says:

    DLA, I went through the blog and noticed all your comments to me and I had no clue why you were doing what you were doing, seemingly offended by my stance on saying Kelly was board certified crazy. Believe me, DLA, I am not the only person in America that thinks Kelly is a little off. You don’t need a degree to see something is not right with that woman. It is clearly written on the wall.

    You chose to lash out at me because of your personal issues and honestly that is just how Kelly acts. I have nothing to do with your personal issues and while I am glad that you got help, I do not know you, will never know you and my opinion of a reality star should not impact your life one way or the other. You say you got help and someone saved you but the way you stalked my comments and made random strange comments like taking offense to the pie comment, cussing at me, calling me a dickhead was out of line and perhaps indicates that you are not as far along in your deliverance as you claim to be. This is a blog about a reality show. I have never once gotten into any issues with anyone on this board and I would kindly appreciate if you do the same. You think you know but you have no idea. I am being nice because it is a requirement on the board but by far not one of my best personality traits. Continue on your journey of growth and I will do the same here. Peace and blessings to you!

    • sbh says:

      I have been a couple of hours behind but have been following the blog all night, so I caught what you are referring to while it was coming in. I don’t want to hurt anyone or upset anyone so all I will say is this–HD, I understand why you are confused.

      P.S. My Dad’s side of the family is from Columbus, Georgia and my Grandma makes one helluva good pecan pie–the first set of instructions: crack the nuts…

      • HD says:

        Thank you, sbh. I thought I was the only one seeing this and thinking that it was a little bit strange.

        • Kat says:

          I missed a lot. I just woke up.
          But Kelly is mentaly ill and needs help. She fits more than one diagnosis imho.

  233. cusi77 says:

    @ Olivia__ Great comment! Wow! I agree with you 100%.

  234. hairykari says:

    Jill needs to EXIT and go back to hawking textiles.

  235. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    I agree with you too Olivia, and lets not forget all the things she has done off Camara and continues to do.

  236. Olivia says:

    This is what we know so far about what precipitated Jill’s jealously to the extent that it was played out.

    1. Bethenny was asked to appear on the Today Show. Jill called the producers to complain that she was not included as well.
    2. Bethenny’s brand was getting attention from her own hard work to make it a reality. Jill was not responsible.
    3. Bethenny was offered a trip to the Caribbean and chose to take Jason as they were embarking on a new relationship and she wanted to see if there was a future together. Jill called her and complained that she should have been invited.
    4. Jill finds out that Bethenny has been offered her own show on Bravo.
    5. Bethenny calls Jill to complain of her constant interference in her life, advises her to “get a hobby” which Jill saves on her Blackberry.
    6. Bobby has a procedure that no other cast member is aware of until Labor Day and Jill uses this as an opportunity to feature Bethenny as an ungrateful friend who has deserted her in her hour of need.
    7. Cast members choose up sides and Jill is viewed as the “victim” of a callous and uncaring friend who took advantage of her hospitality and kindness.
    8. A false campaign ensued and Bethenny was left trying to apologize for doing nothing wrong as Jill’s venom reached soaring heights.

    It is quite possible to take the name Bethenny out of the equation as Jill would have acted in the same vindictive manner had it been any other cast member whom she felt was getting in her way. This is just how she “rolls”.

    The whole thing has left me so angry that I am venting as if I were involved!

  237. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Otay I wonder if Jill is again behind the Posts article. Always trying to get Silex kicked out. She is such a BITCH!

  238. boston02127 says:

    Ashley’s tweet:
    thank you everyone for the kind words!! 🙂 i’m going to bed now! oh my gosh! these japanese pills i started won’t let me sleep! ha!

    If you’re taking pills to lose weight Ashley try hitting a gym instead. Read a book while you’re at it.

  239. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ error404, I agree with you Kelly is developmentally Disabled we see this, but does her family and ex husband see this?
    I mean is this not dangerous for her daugthers to have a mother who is mentally perhaps jsut a few years olders than them. Kelly is scary and she needs to acknowledge she needs HELP!!! or Someone needs to make her acknowledge this. Kelly can’t go around accusing people of things and not expect them to defend themselves.

  240. WindyCityWondering says:

    Reunion Part Two: Started slow – guess it was the questions? It wasn’t surprising that Bethenny put the breaks on Jill bashing – she does have a heart, she is finished with Jill and I really think she wants to get into Kelly’s behavior on the vacation. Not to be malcious but to point out that Kelly is unstable and needs help and that she is dangerous not only to herself but the rest of the cast. Watching Bethenny’s facial expressions when Kelly opens her mouth is so telling. She is sad for her, afraid of her and angry because Kelly won’t allow help of any kind.

    Obviously to all of us is that Jill hasn’t changed – she has much to answer for but I really don’t think we will get sufficient answers until hardcopy proof is put on the table. She continues to blame everything on Alex – why? Is it really because she knows that Alex and Bethenny have a good friendship going and that they will not turn on each other? Is it because Alex is likely to be the breakout star next season? Alex gets along with Ramona and Sonja, she tried to understand Kelly and she is civil with LuAnn. Again, Jill is trying to isolate someone she is afraid is more popular than she is – it backfired bigtime with Bethenny and it will so again. JILL CAN’T LEARN FROM HER MISTAKES. She knew that how she acted and what she said would get her in trouble with viewers. She didn’t take into consideration that underneath it all the viewers just don’t like her, don’t see any evidence of sincerity or truth.

    My biggest gripe is that Jill says she hasn’t seen this episode or that episode and therefore can’t agree, disagree or apologize for what is being discussed. COME ON! Do we really, really think she hasn’t watched each and every episode more times than all of us combined??????

    Both Kelly and Jill should be removed from the show – employers fire people for less! Neither are interesting to watch – both jumped the shark with viewers.

  241. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ TLM I wish I was as eloquent as you. I loved what you wrote to Kelly.

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