I Hate Jill Zarin Tom Chef Premier June 17, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Top Chef Premier            June 17, 2010

I got home tonight just in time to catch the last 40-minutes or so of that crazy art show on Bravo.  I admit it is interesting but it isn’t really what I expected.  When I think of art, painting and sculptures, I guess I think of them more in a traditional sense and was expecting landscapes, seascapes and portraits.  Not the crazy stuff we’re seeing and there are some “out there” contestants.  This must be the crowd that Kelly runs around with. 

I will probably continue to watch it to see if it improves, I absolutely hated the winning art piece tonight but quite honestly didn’t see anything better either.  I guess I’ll watch what happens.

This is probably one of the most anticipated seasons of Top Chef due to the unbelievably high quality of chefs that were on last season, I for one, was really interested to see if they can possibly keep it up.  The final four on last year’s season were unbelievable and I believe that had any one of them been on any previous season, they would have beat the winner.  That’s how strong they were. 

It is difficult to tell how this season’s chefs will stack up with only one episode, but just looking at the group, I wasn’t surprised by the first elimination.   He seemed like a nice guy and all, but John from Michigan wasn’t going to be Top Chef, I think we all knew that going in. 

The quick fire was surprising and I’m no chef, but how is that a measure of a good chef?  It seems to me that it’s a measure of a good suet chef, isn’t it?  Like I said, what the hell do I know?  Reading Head Judge Chef Tom’s blog we learn that not only one person cut themselves, but three of our sharp contestants let the blood flow.  He told us that contestants show up to the competition with dull knives.  “Sharpen your knives before you get here people”  Tom says.  How funny! 

The top two are already evident out of a sea of seventeen.  Kenny and Angelo are quite clearly the two that have talent, drive and are serious about this competition.  These two gentlemen are going to give everyone a run for their money.   Strange things have happened on Top Chef in the past, however.  Remember Chef Sam Talbot?  I really thought he was going to win that whole season, or at least be in the top two but alas, he must have had Kelly Bensimon on the brain because he was eliminated earlier than I thought. 

There were a few past contestants that I imagined were going to go farther than they did but last year’s final four, Brian, Michael, Kevin and Jennifer were no surprise.  Almost from the first quick fire you could see that these four chefs were going to outshine them all.  Yet they had a lot of respect for one another.  There wasn’t a lot of snarky, cocky talk from last season’s group.  I know it seemed like Michael was a little biting to his fellow contestants but in comparison to previous seasons, Michael was tame. 

We will see how this season plays out, we have nine men and eight women but the top four in the first elimination challenge were all men, Kenny and Angelo along with Kevin and Alex so we’ll see if the men dominate the entire competition. 

Bravotv.com has complete bio’s on all the contestants but here they are along with the cities and states that they represent.

Stephen – Las Vegas, Nevada

Tracey – Atlanta, Georgia

Kenny – Telluride, Colorado

Alex – Hollywood, California

Kelly – Vail, Colorado

Lynne – Highland, New York

Arnold – Nashville, Tennessee

Jacqueline – Brooklyn, New York

Timothy – Washington D.C.

Angelo, New York, New York

John – Detroit, Michigan

Amanda – Los Angeles, California

Andrea – Miami, Florida

Tiffany –Dallas, Texas

Tamesha – Washington D.C.

Ed – Queens, New York

Kevin – Willingboro, New Jersey

The show looks like it is going to be great!  I love Chef Tom Colicchio, he’s fair and encouraging with the contestants.  He writes a great blog.  Whenever I feel someone has been unfairly eliminated, I read Chef Tom’s blog and he explains it so well that you then “get it”.   His blog really adds to the enjoyment of watching the show! 

Padma I could live without but she doesn’t offend me all that much.  She is better than the very first season’s host but I don’t think Padma adds much to the show.  I’m sure we’ll get into that more as the season continues.

I’d love to hear all of your thoughts on the show and your predictions for the top two.

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  1. Ellabean says:

    The very first season’s host of Top Chef, was Billy Joel’s ex-wife – well she was married to him then. Then Padma took her place. I can’t stand Padma. Her nasel-ey voice – almost Valley Girl in its tone and tempo. A bit of a prima donna attitude. A beautiful spokesmodel who is not a chef. She wrote some kind of book awhile back on exotic foods – but I think she has no place in this show. Of course other than being eye candy. Hate the Bravo Top Chef commercials that feature her. It’s like having a model draped over a car in a car commercial. Nothing to do with the product.

    Okay that felt good. She’s been bugging me for awhile.

    • Squirrels says:

      I really enjoyed Top Chef Master this time round. Great back stories.

    • TLM says:

      I thought Katie Lee and Billy Joel were going to split, but then got back together?

      I don’t feel like Padma has a superiority complex necessarily, but I find her monotone creepy and boring as hell to watch. I always imitate her saying, “Please pack your knives and go,” like a robot. To me she speaks like someone who is either heavily medicated, or has suffered a head injury.

      I don’t like Eric Ripert. I feel he displays the stereotypical snootiness of some French chefs, and he doesn’t do the kind of food I like anyway. I’ve always found Gail annoying. The only person I liked on there is Tom Colicchio, but Tom has made the show so focused on meat that I feel it’s out of touch with how many people are eating today. That’s all Tom cooks in his restaurants, steak. I’m sick of seeing all the meat and seeing how thrown the chefs always are by having to do a vegetarian meal, like it’s some alien thing.

  2. RileyKitty says:

    I am not a huge fan of Padma until I rewatch season 1 & the horror that is Katie Lee Joel. What Billy Joel sees in her besides a sheet warmer I will never understand.

    I would have thought grainy pate (yuck!) would have lost out over lack of maple flavor.

    Lynn did you mean to type TOM Chef (are you a Colicchio fan? LOL)

    love, love, love that Eric Ripert will be on the show all the time. He is sexy as all get out!!!

  3. Squirrels says:

    “Remember Chef Sam Talbot?”

    Ah, ok the connection…. he was on Top Chef. This makes sense now. We can all surmise that Kellamity is pea green envious of Bet. Now we have a semi finalist top chef and a semi finalist M Stewart Apprentice. One would think they would feel a sense of camaraderie if only in spirit, both culinary trained, both second best in their respective contests – but noooo.

    Seems he pals around with KooKoo and could have in a fit of “why don’t I have a NYT’s bestseller and my own brand” planted the notion Bet is no chef.

    I tell ya, men are just as bad as women when it comes to being catty.

  4. TLM says:

    Suet chef … did you mean sous chef? Or were you joking that they use too much lard?

    Can’t stand Padma myself… I was glad to hear Bethenny felt the same way! Agreed on the art show… it’s ok but I don’t think it’ll hold my interest.

  5. RileyKitty says:

    I was going to watch the Art show (mostly because I am clearly Bravo’s bitch) but I can’t get behind judging Art. Taste in art is so subjective & personal, I don’t know how it can be judged where it wouldn’t piss me off in the end.

    • shantygal says:

      ITA Riley. How can the possibly judge a person’s interpretation. If they judge soley on “met the requirements of the challenge”, then maybe this could work. We have a sculpture downtown that is literally three large sheets of rusted steel placed on end to form a triangle. The city paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for it and it is the laughing stock of the town.

  6. Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

    I haven’t really paid attention to Top Chef since season 2 or so. It became very evident that the “judges” play favorites & judge according to who the chef is & how much they like them, not on how well the food tastes. Case in point: snot-nosed Gail yammering on & on about how good a soup was, how perfect, best thing served in the competition that night, THEN she found out the chef was a woman who she obviously didn’t like & suddenly the soup was awful, worst thing she’d ever tasted…she was even on camera trying to get the other judges to say the same thing “Don’t you think this soup is too salty?” Other judge–gives her a “WTF, Gail, 2 seconds ago, this soup gave you multiple orgasms” look & shakes his/her head.

    • Squirrels says:

      I never liked how they’d tell the contestants the diner’s scores first before the judges. Not cool. At least they switched that around. Still, I think they do chat and pretty much decide together who will win and who will pack up and go.

      Also, I think its hilarious that I can root for people who’s food I’ve never had.. lol.

    • Squirrels says:

      At least in the quickfires, the judge doesn’t know who did what.

    • TLM says:

      Wow, I never liked Gail to begin with, but that sure sounds like she’s gone crazy…

      I used to wonder how she got a spot as a judge, but it turns out she actually does have a background as a chef. Still, I just don’t think she belongs on that show.

    • Snarkapalooza says:

      I don’t recall that soup episode with Gail at all. What season and who was the cheftestant?

      • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

        I can’t recall, I think season 2? maybe 3? the cheftestant was the one who shaved her head one night. Admittedly, that chef had good & bad competitions on the show, but for Gail to say what she made was “the best” then turn around & snot all over it once she found out it was made by the chef she didn’t like was way out of bounds. (And maybe it wasn’t a soup, maybe it was a sauce she used; I can’t recall now, only that Gail did a 180 in her opinion based solely on who the chef was)

        • kathy says:

          Elia. Oh, that creep Ilan! Could not stand him!

          • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

            Was he the guy with the Sonic the Hedgehog hair? I thought he was rude & obnoxious, but had some interesting ideas (molecular cuisine, or something)

  7. Viki55 says:

    Good Morning everyone! Just lurking and surfing:)

  8. Squirrels says:

    wow. ally answered my tweet…. it’s my first reply on the silly thing. woo hoo

  9. NYCer says:

    What do you think Gail had done to her eyes? In the first season, she had bags and now no bags plus a more exotic look.

    I knew John was leaving the minute he bought that puff pastry (“recommended by the NY Times). But I didn’t get what Jacqueline’s problem was – did she not strain for lack of time, did she decide to make it lighter on purpose? Or did she just forget the recipe, which is what seemed to come out at judges table.

    Felt sorry for the lady who cut her hand in the first 5 mins!!!

    • Squirrels says:

      All I know is I’d be a basket case just with the time constraints alone.

      Please note, if you come to my house for Thanksgiving, it’s ok to be late, the turkey always is (dammit).

      Oh and bring your own rolls. Mine always seem to burn (double dammit).

    • Squirrels says:

      John appeared right out of the gate to not have the stomach for the long haul. It’s as much about stamina and strategy as it is the end result.

      First man out is always hard, but hey, I wouldn’t have gotten past the Top Chef front door, so he should be proud he made it to the party.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Why would he buy puff pastry when it was such a simple dish?? Definitely not a competitor, though he seemed like a nice guy.

      Angelo is pretty full of himself – “I just returned from Monte Carlo, have YOU ever been to France?”… but he definitely seems to bring the goods.

      Should be a great season!

      • Capiche says:

        Oh he was!! And didn’t he drop Alain Ducasse name in there as well. This one’s a gamester!

  10. Capiche says:

    Thank you Lynn for this blog. First of all, I must say the first 10 minutes of Top Chef had me LOL! It was crazy intense. Who was that ninja with his lightning quick peeling of potatoes, chopping of onions, butchering of chicken…It was crazy! And the guy who won the quickfire and elimination challenge…C-O-C-K-Y! I’m going to enjoy it when he stumbles. Hope he sends out good dishes though. And the contestants seem more diverse this year. Yay, Bravo! Hope they bring the crazy in and out of the kitchen. Now, I was reallly sad when that hippy-ish guy got cut. He’s a little goofy looking, but I wanted to see if he could really cook, just a little. I thought the girl from NY with her grainy chicken liver pate should have been sent home instead. She doesn’t look like she has what it takes. I may be wrong, though!

    Now on to Work of Art, which is suprisingly growing on me. The only thing I remember from last week’s episode is when someone told the judge “I’m not responsible for your experience of my work!” I am waiting to use that line at my job in the near future. I loved it. But this week was intriguing. I won’t pretend to know much about art…I go to museums, nosy around, buy souvenirs and scratch it off my list but it was really interesting to see how the artists come up with their work and the thought process behind it. But the contestants on this show???!! OMG! The OCD guy and the weird old granny and the half-brain damaged fellow? Where do they find these people?? But the OCD guy is like a mad genius. I loved when he fell asleep in the middle of the junk garage. And then when he had a fit, started twitching and had to interrupt the critique of one of the contestant’s work from the judges with his own??? I almost died with laughter. And the French/Swiss? judge or host. Am I the only one sitting up closely to hear what he has to say? And I speak French!! They need to subtitle him. This show may be good yet! I wasn’t sure if I would watch it after last week, but I’m gonna tune in next week to see how it goes!

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      I really enjoyed this show – quirky characters especially. I loved to hear the process, the conceptualizations – something you don’t get when you observe a piece you see in a gallery or museum. I thought the vacuum lady should have gone home, though – while the TV quartet was poorly executed, it was at least on point in terms of what the challenge was. (If only he had made a couch!)

      I love the OCD guy – strange as can be, but interesting. And Luanne’s niece is really talented.

    • error 404 says:

      Forget museums.

      This show is about one thing and one thing only. What currently sells in NYC galleries.

      There are no famous artists on the judging panel. There are 3 people who sell art.

      The teacher type guy is not a teacher like Tim Gunn, but a dealer who moves art like people sell cars.

      I love that the guy who won the first 2 challenges is know as “OCD guy”. We’ve only seen two episodes of the show and already I’m like “enough with the OCD talk, we get, you have OCD, you know, that thing you mention to the camera EVERY 5 MINUTES!” lol You can tell all the other artists hate him already. Considering how often he uses toxic chemicals inside the space, refused to talk to the other artist during the shared challenge, sleeps in public, speaks out of place, etc.. one has to wonder if he has Aspergers or whatever it’s called as well as OCD. Even snotty Emilio Sosa wasn’t THIS anti-social.

      I was a little surprised that they didn’t make more of his trashing the other guys work during the judging. It was soooooo out of order. Laura Bennett would have eaten him alive, and Countess Louann would have taken him to class. What a obvious move for attention. Blech.

      It should be a audience friendly show though. Count how many times the judges scold the artists for not making pieces that one gets the minute one sees it. Anyone that’s ever taken an art history class, or even a gallery talk or audio tour knows that sometimes when the piece is explained, we get an entirely different view of it. But here, they are constantly trashing the lower 3 for the unpardonable sin of their piece not being easily understood without explanation. I fully expect “I’m not responsible for your reaction to my art” to be followed up with “why ask us to explain the pieces only to trash them for not being easily understood without explanation”.

    • Scorpiosue says:

      I’m really liking the show so far. I don’t know if Miles is a certifiable genius or just certifiable. His work from last week was super cool. I like art, but I don’t know art so I’m actually hoping to learn something too. I have to say the girl that just put the items out there with the painting was just not good. I could have done that, but the white tv’s watching the big tv. Yeah. Right. Carry on.

    • TLM says:

      To the woman who said she wasn’t responsible for the judge’s experience of her work …you kinda are… you’re on a contest, for God’s sake!!!

      That would be a funny line to use at a regular job, though. Until you got fired, of course. LOL.

  11. Indigo Malley says:

    I am sure this will be deleted but everyone should go to http://hubpages.com/hub/I-Do-Not-Like-Lynn-Hudson

    It is going to take the world by storm!

    • Squirrels says:

      Thanks for the heads up Malley. I for one won’t be posting there. Bad enough trolls show up here looking for a meal, but to go in search of a troll to feed? naaaaa.

      But thanks for the invite.

    • HD says:

      Wow…I wonder how Lynn feels about that. According to these so called celebrities all press is good press. So perhaps this will just continue to drive those that follow Lynn.

      When I first googled I hate Jill Zarin I was happy that Lynn pages popped up. Finally I had a place to go express my feelings about that show since Bravo censored comments. However, for me personally, this was not a life long obesession. The show is over tonight and I will NEVER have to think about Jill Zarin and her antics again. I won’t be concerned with her and the things that she says and will not think about that woman again until NY rolls around in the fall or whatnot for Season 4. Other than that, its a wrap and I assume that Lynn and many will move on to other things like this blog where she is now posting about Top Chef and other reality shows….

      Such is life…people blog all day long. Why that offends people baffles me.

      • Squirrels says:

        This site would most likely not exist were it not for censorship. Hmm.. Guess that didn’t work out too well for Bravo, eh?

      • shantygal says:

        Please go to my new blog:

        I Hate I-Do-Not-Like-Lynn-Hudson./hate

    • Bex says:

      That site is a case of a bunch of pots calling the kettle black.

      • moriasheehan says:

        to cc who blogged at that site, attacking her,( Lynn) for not being as beautiful as jill (?) beauty of the heart is much more rare and Lynn has that beauty.

    • Snarkapalooza says:

      “It is going to take the world by storm!”

      More like a fart in an F5 tornado.

    • Kokuanani says:

      Here’s my post at that vile site — the one that has one follower and one hub:

      Dear “Grow Up,”

      You should get your facts straight before you post. Otay [at Lynn’s blog] was an offensive poster who Lynn, in the spirit of permitting a wide range of views, allowed to post on her site. However, Otay’s posts became so weird, and her attacks on other posters so frequent, that she was banned and her posts removed.

      You can’t blame a blog’s host for the content of every post — unless you’re Strega from TWOP [who shuts the blog down] or Bravo [which severely censors every post].

      Additionally, it was not LYNN who suggested sending “sympathy cards” to Jill over the loss of her soul, it was another blogger. Jill, of course, in the vein of Kelly’s delusional “systematic bullying,” inflated ONE PERSON’s suggestion into a harrassment campaign worthy of an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security.

      Obviously you and the sponsor of THIS blog are entitled to your opinion — as is Lynn, and as are the posters on HER blog. Just don’t “pull a Jill” and misstate facts to attempt to make your point.

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      Somebody slept through PR 104 class the day they covered the “You never strike down; you only strike up” rule.

  12. insider says:

    I was a PA on a season of Top Chef so let me give you some insider deets:

    Padma is STUNNING in person. I felt like a troll standing next to her. She is also an idiot. Taping took FOREVER because she has to reread her lines several times before she gets it right. She endlessly flirts with men and ignores women entirely. (Not really surprising.)

    Tom is all business. He comes in, judges, and gets out.

    Gail is a sweetheart. Seriously, the nicest person you ever met. Love her.

    Eric Ripert is quiet but kind. Very happy he is on more this season.

    When a cast member gets cut they don’t go home. They get put up in a local apartment where they are sequestered until the end of filming (generally a season takes a month to film). They are given a stipend and are escorted when they want to go out. When there is a challenge that takes place in the public the cut cast members are required to show up so that the public doesn’t catch on to who got cut, who’s still around etc.

    The cast drinks. A LOT. When they are still in the competition that house is well stocked with food and drink for their consumption. When they are cut, their daily stipend is not enough to get them properly smashed. This caused lots of problems as the cut cast wanted more money or wanted to go home. They got neither.

    The judges table takes HOURS. They really don’t play favorites. They talk about each dish endlessly. It’s about the food. Period.

    If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer. It was an interesting experience.

    • Squirrels says:

      cool beans. thanks. i’m sure i’ll have questions sooner than later.

    • Capiche says:

      So it really is about the food? Because I was a little incensed last year that Robin lasted longer than she should have. She really should not have been there in the first place! I thought they kept her on because of the conflicts she had with the ofter cheftestants in the house.

      • insider says:

        The producers of the show absolutely want drama in the house (and they try to instigate it), but the judging is strictly Tom & Co. (Tom’s opinion trumps). With someone like Robin from last season she just got by because someone messed up even more than her. The judges squabble over each dish. After hour 4 (and they have a few cocktails whilst they judge) you just want them to come to consensus so you can go home.

        • Capiche says:

          Yeah, I know. But how could they send that Jersey guy…yes he was smarmy and cocky… home before Robin??!! Like there’s just no way! And he had a better track record. But I guess you’re saying it’s week to week and it doesn’t matter what you did before until you reach the finals, which then encompasses all the challenges?

          • insider says:

            It’s about each individual plate. Even in the finals.

            That’s one reason they have guest judges so that there is an impartial opinion, someone that doesn’t know each contestant’s history.

            When Padma or Gail would veer off into “Well, they’ve been strong all season” Tom would steer it back to the food at hand.

            • Squirrels says:

              “Tom would steer it back to the food at hand.”

              Interesting, I’ll have to watch for that Insider. Thanks.

              • insider says:

                Those conversations were usually left on the cutting room floor. I would hear him say it during the epic judges table taping.

    • ElleNYC says:

      @Insider-Thanks for providing interesting background info on the show.

      Is Eric Ripert as intelligent as he seems? Also, he looks like he has a lot of integrity, as opposed to a lot of the other chefs.

      I love Le Bernardin in NYC, and actually was lucky enough to have been to the original in Paris.

      • insider says:

        He is. I have nothing but respect for him. In an industry where it’s ok to act like a hotheaded a** he handles himself with grace.

        The season I worked on also had Anthony Bourdain. He was very quiet once the camera was off.

        • ElleNYC says:

          Thanks, that’s very interesting. Some people in the business, for instance Rachel Ray, are absolutely annoying in person. It’s good to know that two of my favorite chefs, Ripert and Bourdain are decent people.

          btw, a friend of mine is interning for a company that is involved in a reality show and said that although the show is def not scripted, scenes are repeatedly shot. And there is a fair amount of screaming between the production crew and those on camera. Pretty funny, right?

          • insider says:

            Things are absolutely contrived. Top Chef is one of the most real of the reality shows because it is a competition but at night, when they’re in the house they’re followed around by cameras, booms, and producers who are trying to incite animosity among the contestants. They also deny the contestants sleep and keep the liquor flowing in order to get them at their crankiest.

            Top Chef didn’t re-film any actual competitions, but everything else is filmed repeatedly. (Getting in and out of the cars was all filmed in one day since the cast isn’t actually transported in them…they’re transported in a big ugly 20 seat van.)

            • ElleNYC says:

              Fascinating stuff, behind the scenes. At this other reality show, there isn’t any alcohol, at all during the day. I imagine that would truly incite a riot on the set.

    • Squirrels says:

      lol… It’s hilarious that Padma actually has the beauty of reading lines but can’t even handle that. OMG. I can just see she and Kelly having a business luncheon together. The planet would implode.

      • insider says:

        She and Kelly are two peas in a flirting pod. (Although I don’t think Padma has the mental illness.) When we would tape I had a walkie talkie and I would switch over to the channel the camera guys were on to hear them talking to each other and they would always comment how Padma was “eye-fu@$ing” every guy in the room.

        • ElleNYC says:

          That was a great comment about Padma…..did anyone see Kelly on E! last night? She was un-sweaty, her eyes weren’t glazed over and she must have memorized everything that she said or was reading it off of the monitor because she sounded coherent and looked good. Pretty scary stuff if you don’t watch how crazy she is on the actual show!

            • TLM says:

              It is just possible she has gotten on medication she needed.

              However, she still managed to slam Bethenny by saying she *might* be able to be friends with her because she now “has the same value system” as Kelly. Huh?? Which is basically like saying she was some kind of tramp before.

              She also said Bethenny was always focused on saying how different she and Kelly are, whereas Kelly said they aren’t. This is yet another example of Kelly’s delusions. Kelly was the one who kept insisting last year that SHE (Kelly) was so DIFFERENT from all the other women. Her main support for this claim seemed to be that she drove a Dodge Ram. She was trying to act like she was somehow more rugged or had more street sense than the others or something; it was ridiculous. She continued this even at the S2 finale, and Bethenny told Kelly she was NOT so different from the other women. Jill also added that Kelly’s house in the Hamptons cost more than Jill’s.

              However, Bethenny and Kelly are different in that Kelly is incapable of communicating at Bethenny’s level. Bethenny did say at one point, “We don’t speak the same language.”

    • bravofanfromday1 says:

      That is SO awesome! Thank’s so much for the insight.

    • lrd851 says:

      NICE!! i think that would be a awesome job!! i know im going to have some questions… thanks for offering to answer!!!

      • insider says:

        It was fun seeing how my favorite reality show was put together but the job itself sucked. Each shift was 12 hours and sometimes you only got 6 hrs between shifts. (Wedding wars, when the cast is up, you’re up.) I wouldn’t do it again.

    • TLM says:


      Why is the show so resistant to doing more vegetarian dishes? I would love to see a whole series that was nothing but a veggie/vegan competition. And it definitely seemed like it was a challenge to the chefs.

      I am amazed that Eli didn’t kill that woman Robin. Actually, if she turned up dead I wouldn’t know who in the cast to blame. 😉

      Padma sounds just like Kelly Bensimon…flirting with men and ignoring women or forgetting who they are. Is it something about modeling, I wonder, that does this to women?!?!? I have heard people say Padma is better looking in person, but looks for me cannot compensate for an endlessly irritating personality. And I am glad she isn’t self-conscious about her scar, but for God’s sake, does EVERY dress she wears have to be sleeveless? Tom Colicchio is in the same room and you never see him wearing short sleeves. I’m sorry, I just can’t stand that woman.

      Do you know how the rift between her and Bethenny started, by any chance?

      • insider says:

        I agree, there should be more veggie challenges since the chefs just seem to freak out when it’s presented to them. All the challenges are determined by the producers (I sat in on one of their meetings, these producers know very little about food and food prep) so until they feel the need for more… (Although in the culinary community vegetarians are looked down upon. I know this because I reside in such community and I’m a vegetarian.)

        I don’t know anything about Padma and Bethenny’s rift but it’s probably for the same reason Kelly and Bethenny don’t get along. Bethenny has a lot more to offer then her beauty. Pretty (aging) girls don’t like that ; )

        And this is just my opinion, but I don’t think Tom cares much for Padma.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Great Info Insider! Thanks so much for coming by with that info, it is fascinating! We appreciate you sharing that with us!

        • TLM says:

          Ha! I am liking Tom even more …LOL.

          Vegetarian here as well… have been vegan for a while but began eating cheese again. I think it’s really stupid that vegetarian and vegan chefs are looked down upon, particularly since it involves the same amount of skill and creativity. And yes, we use Vegenaise and other special ingredients, but what about Marcel and his damned foams? Which I find completely revolting, by the way.

          • insider says:

            I think being a vegan/veggie chef takes more talent. Since I crossed over (I’m 19 months meat free) I’ve really had to get more creative to make tasty food for my clients that will also provide them with protein. I made Kevin’s winning vegan dish from last season (I subbed cheaper mushrooms for the $20/lb morels he used) for a pack of meat eaters a few weeks ago. They LOVED it. (The pistachio pistou with tarragon is a keeper. It could go with anything.) And yes, I agree, foams are dumb. It was a fad that I think is now over. (Remind me to tell you about my encounter with Marcel….it’s good.)

    • Scorpiosue says:

      Thanks for the inside info. I’ve watched the show since season 1. Who could forget the fight between Dave and Tiffany? I’m also looking forward to the Top Chef dessert show. So thanks for the info!

    • BamaBelle says:


      Thanks for the good information. I love to get things from the “horses mouth” and not just rumors. What season did you work on Top Chef?

      So, the brothers from last season were really THE BEST? When I saw brothers on the show last year I knew they would battle it out in the end because it seems to make for better drama. I know they’re amazing Chefs (I’m not questioning their talent), I just wondered if they let one or other slide a few times so they could battle in the end?

      Why does Padma look a lot bigger this year? Is it because they started filming DC after she gave birth to her baby?

      It’s good to know it’s about the food because I, too, thought they kept certain people for drama, and the judges had their favorites.

    • lillybee says:

      Drinking does seem to be a staple of chef shows. I noticed that the room where they do the talking heads on Hell’s Kitchen contains cases and cases of Corbet Canyon wine.

    • Gypsy says:

      Thanks, insider. What you’re saying confirms a lot of things I thought. It’s very interesting to get your view and info. I hope you’ll tell us more.

  13. Jenni says:

    Shadows, I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, my first thought was what will happen to my son, so my heart really goes out to you and your family.

    Have they staged you yet? Do you have a doctor that specializes in gynecological oncology?

    Looking on the bright side, when you have the hysterectomy, they will also (most likely) take out this layer of fat that is located on top of the uterus!

    If you ever need to talk about what you are going through with someone who has been there, just say the word. We can work something out so we can talk more directly.

    • Squirrels says:

      I find it heartening that in this world of rushing around, folk find the time to connect with caring and kindness. Seems we’ve found a village here.

      Thanks for that, too Lynn.

      Best wishes to Shadow.

    • MoDee says:

      @shadowsnomore, after the hysterectomy, don’t overdue it…it hurts like a mother—-er but its the answer to it all, if not benign and in early stages like I’m hoping and praying for you. Let the people around you comfort, love, and pamper you all they want to . Warmest wishes and I know I don’t comment on here (not since early days of blog) but I’m here if you need me, just like Jenni.

      @Jenni, I wasn’t staged until after biopsy came back from hysterectomy. They also took out appendix and a few lymph nodes near the area. YAY to all fellow survivors!!!

      • Jenni says:

        My experience was a little different. I did not recognize the symptoms. I had a heart attack, I think it was due to the extra strain put on the circulatory system because of the tumors. Two weeks after the heart attack, my lungs filled with fluid. That is when they did the CT scan, discovered and staged (4) the cancer. I had to start chemo prior to the hysterectomy, which came three months later so I could recover from the heart attack.

        I am not quite a survivor yet. Have been on chemo 1.5 years and counting. If the doctors can keep me going until I can have my son emancipated, it is all good IMO. Anyway, have been through quite a few operations and different chemo drugs now, so can relate to some of what shadows must be feeling. I was so confused, thank God I had my sister who had been through it as well. (My family have the BRCA anomoly).

        Anyway, I hope that if shadows needs someone to talk to, she will reach out. Shadows: I will try to listen well, and help if I can!

        • MoDee says:

          knowing you’re still on Chemo, I just want to say…Stay strong, keep fighting and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your son. My situation was different also. Felt a lump that my gyno didn’t even catch til I told her. But after that, they moved on it right away, but it still took 4 months til surgery, and the agony of not knowing if it was cancerous. I just thank God I had a wonderful gynecoligist oncologist. Luckily, havent had to have chemo yet, just keeping up on my CA 125 results – 7 yrs. in May. Best of Luck to you and Shadows.

          And to anyone reading this, please keep on with their yearly exams, but keep in mind that Paps will not detect this kind of cancer, you must know your own body and when something doesn’t feel right, have it checked out quickly as possible. (Just my little PSA)lol

          • Jenni says:

            CONGRATS! I hear after 5 years of a clean CA 125, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief.

            Good idea on the PSA- I had just thought my extreme tiredness and occasional minor abdominal ache was due to single Mom-itis. My OB/GYN did not catch the issue either.

  14. error 404 says:

    Congrats to Capiche for being the first poster to correctly name the simply titled “Work of Art”.

    That right there is it’s own comment IMHO. lol

    WoA follows the Project Runway formula to a T, which surprised me a bit, but whatever. Once I realized the formula, I went with it.

    I couldn’t imagine people saying things about PR like “I expected it to be more about traditional clothing, like hoop skirts and buggy bonnets” or “I don’t think fashion can be judged” but that what’s so great about art: it’s uber controversial and everyone has an opinion. And especially in a country like the US where it’s almost unpatriotic to have an interest in “that art stuff” , a show like this is necessary and badly needed.

  15. AmyW says:

    i just am not in to it no more (TOP CHEF) I was very disappointed w/ the llast 2 winners. I know personality doesn’t win it but a CHEF IS A LEADER ALSO & the last 2 winners were not in my book..

  16. HD says:

    I love Top Chef because I love to cook. Padma doesn’t bother me in the least bit. The focus of the show is hardly about her it is about the food. The only thing I hate is that I am not one of the judges that gets to try all that delicious looking food!

    • error 404 says:

      and she’s not as disruptive as some. Camilla Alvarez almost made Shear Genius unwatchable. I stuck with it, but Mr404 would give up after 5 minutes of yelling at the TV “What? What are you saying? Nobody can understand you!”

      • TLM says:

        Does anyone else agree that Camilla Alvarez sounded like the long-lost sister of Balki Bartokomous from Mypos on Perfect Strangers?!??!???

      • shantygal says:

        I stuck with it too just to see Brig hand it to the munchkin twins, but started muting Alvarez. Her voice/speech made my eyes cross.

        • vilzvet says:

          Yes she was clearly picked solely because of her connection to Matthew McConaughey. Her voice sucks. But then I saw her on I believe Jay Leno or Letterman and I liked her personality, which clearly is now allowed to show on Shear Genius.

        • TLM says:

          I was shocked that Brig won. I felt they kept her on just for the drama, and she failed miserably so many times. I thought they take that into consideration. I still don’t know how wrapping hair inside plastic strips is a hairstyle. I thought the models looked like they might as well have had their hair in curlers to walk the runway.

    • desertgal66 says:

      I don’t mind Padma, either…but I’m still baffled as to what qualifies her to be a judge. Is she a trained chef? F9rmer restaurant critic? Major foodie? The only thing I ever read about her is the ex-model/ex wife of Salman Rushdie bio, but nothing related to fine cuisine.

      (I did catch the old episode of Top Chef a few weeks ago where Natasha Richardson co hosted, and teared up. She was marvelous.)

      • bravofanfromday1 says:

        I think she is a “minor” player in the field of major foodies and am pretty sure she has written a cookbook.

      • Scorpiosue says:

        I think she used to have a show called Melting Pot. It also had Cat Cora and Rocco DiSpirito on it. I know her first cookbook got some awards.

        • desertgal66 says:

          Oh, okay. Thanks for the info. I was just wondering what her food background was…and I’m too lazy to Google Padma. 🙂

  17. CRH216 says:

    I think Tom’s great. He’s right about the knifes. I took a knife skills class. You are more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife than a sharp one. A knife that’s sharp will do the work for you.

    • Squirrels says:

      Now don’t laugh. I actually own a set of Ronco knives. Unlike Ginzu they do need to be sharpened. I flipping LOVE them. Not expensive but you do need to dry them after washing to avoid water spots.

  18. Amy says:

    Lynn..you spelled Top Chef wrong on your post. Hey…why aren’t we talking about Jill? I thought this is I Hate Jill Zarin??? BTW..did you see someone made an I Hate Lynn Hudson page now? Is it u? Is is a funny joke? Honestly..I am getting bored of it anyway so maybe I won’t come back anymore. Have a great day. BTW..how does your boss let you do this all day at work? Mine would KILL ME! I am home sick. ( HAHAH)_

    • kats2 says:

      Interesting. . . .

      • Amy says:

        whats interesting?

        • kats2 says:

          I thought your comment was passive aggressive. Perhaps I’m just being paranoid of trolls, I hope that’s the case. I don’t know who is a poser vs. an actual fan/supporter of Lynn. For example, the person who posted that link to the site about Lynn is just hoping people follow and I thought perhaps your post was another way to add to it.

          If wrong totally apologize

  19. Zipit Zarin! says:

    What time is the Today show with Bethenny on?

  20. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ Insider thanks for the inside info on Top Chef. I love Anthony Bourdain.
    Also I think Padma has written a few cookbooks, I skimmed through one once at the book store and had to put it back. Maybe I’m not cultured enough but the recipes did not look appealing to me and the ingredients were like things I’d never heard of. Oh well, I do love the show.
    I could not stand the Tobey Judge glad Mr. Ripert is on.

  21. Adgirl says:

    Soooo happy you are blogging Top Chef!
    We LOVE this show, which is pretty strange because we are not “foodies”. I wouldn’t touch 90% of the crap they prepare.

    Sometimes my husband and I argue over which dish should have won (especially when Marcel was on)! I always ask my husband “How do you know Marcel’s dish is better? This is TV! We can’t taste it!!”
    Padma IS condescending but at least she actually EATS the food and she judges. Unlike that praying mantis on TC Masters.

    My favorite part of TC is when the dark horses start to emerge around episode 4. Remember Casey?? Loved her. She could have won if she hadn’t had that meltdown in CO (Hung won).

  22. Adgirl says:

    @ error 404 – ARRGGH Right on!! Camilla Alvarez needs to go to the Hall of Fame for worst hostess. Can’t speak english, and has horrid voice. Moron to boot. To top it off that woman in the bright yeller wig won. whaaa?? I think I’m over this show. How much to those hair victims get paid to have their hair ruined??

    Work of Art – I liked last week’s episode better (portraits). I don’t understand the 3D conceptual shit. I do enjoy watching the artistic process. I hope there is more yelling and screaming between the artists too. The judges are too serious. Have a couple of cocktails like Tom C on TC before judging.

    Did anyone watch Top Design the first season? I still say “This isn’t Top Carl!!”

    • shantygal says:

      @Adgirl – Loved Top Design. Is that coming back? Snotty-nosed Eddie Bauer Fuckerface and his Martha references!!! That was the best group of knuckleheads ever! Remember Wisit and his opera singing? Mrs. Silver Spoons Andrea? This isn’t Top Carl – bwahahahahaha!!!!

      P.S. (I’m an adgirl too, albeit a presently unemployed one.)

  23. shantygal says:

    Lynn, thanks for the Top Chef blog, one of my favorites. There’s always an A-hole in the group, but like Stefan, Angelo looks like he will bring it. Kenny was amazing to watch as were the other contestants looking dumbfounded at his skills.

    I always hate the first few weeks also because there are just too many of them to remember who’s who. John from Michigan reminded me of Carla from N.O. I thought for sure he was going to be the quirky master chef. I still think lo-fat mousse should have gone home over him.

    Padma looks & sounds stoned out of her (steamed with a splash of rum) gourd most of the time. No wonder she can eat so much! I love Gail and big daddy Tom. Eric Ripert is a genius. His sous chef Jen made it to final four last season. I’m hoping for several visits from my pretend husband, Hubert Keller. ❤ ❤ <3.

    @insider~ thanks for all the scoop. I suspected a lot of the producer influence. Nice to have it confirmed.

  24. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Her name is Camila Alves never saw the show. She is only famous for being the mother of Matthew Maconahay’s babies. LOL!

  25. Viki55 says:

    I just read something that makes sense to me. Ya know how Jill is always talking about being in bed with people? “The bed family”, in bed with Luman, in bed with her family, in bed with brad, and I think on the reunion she mentioned her & Bethenny talking in bed. You think it is just a coincidence that there was talk about her starting a “bedding line”? Everyone else has probably already thought of this but it just hit me;)

    • Zipit Zarin! says:

      Ooooh great point! I’m glad I didn’t notice her bedding ha. Must not be all that.

  26. TLM says:

    I think it’s hilarious that the blog is still called I Hate Jill Zarin, even though it’s been about Work of Art and Top Chef. LOL.

  27. kats2 says:

    Insider thanks for the info. I now get what Padma and Kelly have in common –

    “She endlessly flirts with men and ignores women entirely. (Not really surprising.)”

  28. BamaBelle says:

    Sorry if someone has mentioned this because I haven’t read the posts yet, but has anybody noticed that Nicole, LuAnn’s niece is on Work Of Art? Hers was one of the top art works last night… I don’t know why? I’m with Lynn… I thought the show would be better since they’re copying the Project Runway format. They have the host, the mentor, regular judges and a guest judge. All the art last night was UGLY! The first episode when they had to do a portrait of another artist. I was expecting some good stuff… not that CRAP we saw. What about the one who was kicked off last week because her portrait was a painting of blue with some gold leaves… I’m sorry, I don’t get it! I didn’t think the work of art that won last night was any good… again, don’t get it!

    I’ve watched Top Chef from the first season. I’ve always loved that show. I’m mad that Nancy Pelosi is going to be on an episode. I’m sorry if this affends anyone but I can’t stand that woman, and I may not watch this season! I knew last season that the 2 brothers would end up battling it out… I expected the other brother to win, sorry I forgot their names. I liked Kevin… was that his name? The guy that was in the finale with the brothers?

    • Viki55 says:

      I am with you. Will proably skip that episode.

    • Scorpiosue says:

      Even as a democrat I don’t like Nancy Pelosi, but I’m still going to watch the show because I like the show. Like her or hate her, the fact that Top Chef got the #3 person in the federal gov’t on the show is kind of impressive.

      • Adgirl says:

        I would think TC will have a GOPer on at some point too. Can’t stand Pelosi and I live in SF. What a pompous hag.
        Bravo must have a great deal with the DC film office – 2 shows filming in DC this year?? RH and TC.

      • Zipit Zarin! says:

        I’m watching season 1 of HWONY. I’ve never seen it before and it’s FACINATING watching Jill back then knowing what I know now about her. Alex just said she and Jill bonded right off. LOL Oh, and watching how Jill uses the people in her life instead of really having friends. Too bad real life isn’t like that….getting to watch how things and people play out so you can go back in time with your eyes open.

        • Zipit Zarin! says:

          I have no idea why this posted here. Sorry.

        • little rock says:

          Yes seeing jill in a whole new light. I think she herself just summed it up perfectly in her talking head commentary when she said ” I’ve been a baaad girl. I can’t help it.”

    • error 404 says:

      PR often makes of paint of saying “this isn’t Project Make a Pretty Dress” and then gives the win to something ugly but conceptual. So why expect Work of Art to be “paint something pretty for Grandma’s birthday” ?

      The judges discuss on at length why they liked each of the pieces they did, in fairly simple terms that one can listen to with an open mind, assuming one is actually interested in “getting it”.

  29. Viki55 says:

    Oh any something I noticed on reunion part 2. When Sonja comes out and there is the comment about “customers” and Luman jumps in to say she shouldn’t call them customers. Someone, can’t remember who, says something about implying payment. Jill, very quietly says, while giggling (all proud of herself) something about Sonja giving it away! Extremely catty right after she just apologized for her “tonge in the mouth” comment.

    • ElleNYC says:

      I noticed that too.

      Jill, the big ass, can’t stop herself from making snarky comments about other people. Especially, when they are happier, prettier, and less pretentious than herself. Of which, Sonja is all that and a lot more.

  30. Amy says:

    Did anyone see the I hate Lynn Hudson blog? OMG! I can’t even believe it. And I read they want to call Lynn’s boss and kids school? I am sure she is allowed to do this at work right? And her son’s teachers won’t care right about all this cyberbullying? And I heard a rumor Jill has family in Chicago and plans to go there this summer. Do you think Lynn will show up if she does a book signing? I think I am starting to feel bad for Jill and her family. Do you? It is crazy now.

    • NT says:

      haha! so transparent. how much are you getting paid, amy?

      i’m not saying critics/bloggers can’t be criticized themselves but i think we all know the title of this blog is tongue-in-cheek. so stop insulting everyone’s intelligence with your silly comments. jill zarin put her life and personality on the screen and now she can’t take the public’s reaction.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Oh Amy Amy Amy….if someone has too much time on their hands, it is the person who created a blog about me! LMAO I think it is hysterical! If you’re trying to reach my boss….send me a private email and I’ll give you MY,,,,er their number you moron! I don’t have a boss, I work for…..ME! Tada!

      As for my son’s school, again, I’ll give you their number, if you think for one second they give a damn about what I’m doing, give it a shot. However, if you mention my son again, I’ll CLAW YOUR EYES OUT! As your friend Kelly would say! Have a nice day!

  31. kats2 says:

    I love the new Art Show and can watch Miles (the OCD kid) for days. He is very talented. I’m also learning more about art so I love that.

    Top Chef – I’m a little disappointed in the cast this season, hard to beat last year. Love that it’s DC some great dining. Love Tom and Gail. Padma is there for eye candy.

    I miss the days when models where seen and not heard! Kelly – I hope you read this and get a clue.

  32. jennifer says:

    This is random but I just now read the Teresa bankruptcy document- did anyone else notice they claim their wedding rings combined are worth $400? Now, not to be rude by my wedding ring alone was $600 and my husbands $300 and trust me they are not super impressive, just a regular nice band from Kay’s. I think that’s fishy….

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      They are undervaluing things that are easily checked. Maybe their original rings were inexpensive – but what she is sporting now is a couple of thousand dollars! And when paying cash – you gotta produce the receipt!

  33. angelofdevs says:

    Ahhhh Top Chef. Less psychological issues than the real housewives LOL.

    I am recapping KKB’s psychological disorder later today on the blog BTW, anything you feel I am missing from the first go round let me know. http://angelofdevs.wordpress.com/

    • shantygal says:

      I love your blog AOD. Regarding Jill and the classic narcissist label, I had read on a psychology site that narcissism has roots in neglect during childhood. I have a suspected narcissist in my life and am trying to understand their behavior. Could it be that wise, old jewish mother Gloria doted on the other children when it became apparent Jill didn’t show any special gifts?

    • kats2 says:

      Angel if you go to my comment on the previous blog Lynn posted you will see my conclusion on Kelly and what caused her to act the way she did. I really do not think there is any medical disorder and I think take that path with Kelly is letting her an adult off the hook for her behavior. Similar to how Kelly is taking a serious problem with kids and using it as her excuse for the “break through” Any how, I won’t bore peeps who already read it yesterday, but it’s there if you’re interested.

  34. Viki55 says:

    sniff…sniff….smelling something…please don’t feed;)

  35. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ BamaBelle I think the brother were Brian and Micheal and yes Kevin was the one with them at the end.

    • Viki55 says:

      I loved Kevin! He seemed have such a sweet soul. I also loved Dave from season 1.

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        Kevin’s restaurant is wonderful – since the show they have a 6 month reservation wait… Hopefully, he will have many successes!

        • shantygal says:

          Good for Kev. He is sooooo talented, but what a price he had to pay having is marriage end. Sad :(.

    • BamaBelle says:


      Thanks!… Now I don’t remember the name of the one who won. Was it Michael or Brian? I wanted the one who didn’t win, to win. Does that make sense? LOL! I also liked Kevin. I thought he was a nice guy who respected everybody.

  36. iceNfire says:

    Love ya Lynn but I have no interest in a Top Chef Blog. See you all tomorrow
    for my 1st last day as I will be around until contracts for season 4 are singed
    sealed and delivered.

  37. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @Viki55, I think I got a hint of odor too.

  38. kats2 says:

    While I wish Jill, Kelly and Teresa would just go into hiding and focus on thier own problems. There is a benefit for Bethenny that these dumb HW’s (Jill, Kelly, and Teresa) don’t get, every dollar they spend on PR, every ounce of effort they waste on talking about Bethenny is just making even more relevant, advertising B’s new show and helping to drive people to watch Bethenny’s new show.

    Bethenny can just sit back and bask in the truth and benefit from it all.

  39. TLM says:

    Does anyone know if B gets paid for each individual appearance on Today? Or are the promotional appearances for BGM just part of her contract? Anyone know what she and J are getting paid for BGM?

    I am wondering if, on the success of BGM, Bravo will offer Alex & Simon their own show. Wow, would that make Jill go insane. “Bawwwby!!! You’ll nevah believe what I just sawr on Twittah! I have to Twittah!!!”

    Did anyone catch the look of hatred and jealousy on Jill’s face when they quickly cut to her during Alex’s introduction on the reunion? She was trying to keep a fake smile on, but it wasn’t working very well. This was the same look she had when she was checking out Alex at Ramona’s wedding without Alex seeing her. She is a really sad woman.

    Lastly, I just couldn’t believe the gall of Jill at the reunion telling Alex to “Stay out of it…this is between Bethenny and me” when they were talking about Jill’s conversation WITH ALEX! Stay out of it, you aren’t really my friend, is she your new best friend? Jill’s barbs are drawn directly from the schoolyard. Hard to believe she is 40-something.

    • Viki55 says:

      I think when she is lashing out at Alex we are seeing Jill’s true colors. She is a nasty, vile person. She is actualy the type of person Kelley is talking about when she makes all her comments (like on the boat).

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill is so dismissive when it comes to Alex. In the past Alex didn’t say anything but now she will (hope she doesn’t got overboard with it). Jill is so focused on winning Bethenny back that she has tunnel vision! Be nice to Bethenny, bulldoze over anyone who gets in the way!

    • jennifer says:

      Don’t know if she gets paid or not, but the publicity can’t hurt her brand either way…

      I do know she us friends with Hoda in real life so maybe she helps out with segments every now and then and reaps the publicity …..?

  40. Adgirl says:

    Top Chef last year was great. However LV city is sooo dull compared to Chicago, NY or DC.
    I heard Kevin and his wife split right after the show aired. Too bad. he had lots of nice things to say about her on the show. I think being married to a working chef has to be lousey. The weird hours.

  41. Adgirl says:

    Padma looked terrible last night. Completely wrong dress for her post-baby body. Gail was probably enjoying it.

    • shantygal says:

      I thought that too. Gail had to be glad that they are on more of an even playing field now, figure-wise.

    • jennifer says:

      Post baby? Holy crap I thought she was still pregnant in that shot….Oh yes, wrong dress indeed…

  42. Amy says:

    I thought till was right to tell Alex to stay out of it. She had nothing to do with B and J. Honestly..would anyone watch a show with only ALEX? Like watching paint dry. Seriously.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Go live under another bridge, wouldya? Damn, trolls are always such idiots.

      The question was about Jill jumping down Ramona’s throat on the issue and B’s dad, and it was JILL who brought Alex into the debate. So Jill was being her usual hypocrite self by telling Alex to stay out of it.

      Any show without skanky Jill would be a plus.

    • Katiecoo says:

      Who’s “till”?

  43. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    I like Alex she is CLASSY!

  44. Squirrels says:

    OK campers, the Ultimate Merger is Omarosa as the bachelorette meets mr prenup.

    Seems the Don is looking to cash in mating dating with practicalities. I barely know where to begin with the huh??? questions.

    • kats2 says:

      I never really cared for Trump or Omar but admire their spunk and attempts at trying to stay relevant. That’s all I got for ya Squirrels. So many Reality shows, so little time.

  45. Kokuanani says:

    I hope this hasn’t been posted yet. I’m racing back and forth between sites, and my cache can only hold one “copy” item, so I’m posting this and will return to read the entire list of posts.


  46. Katiecoo says:

    Watching an old episode in the backround from a previous season…when Jill and Bethenny were friends. I guess a marathon today and my tivo is picking it all up…dear God, I have more to watch now. :/

  47. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @shadowsnomore, I was just catching up with yesterdays blog and wanted to send youa big HUG,lots of positive thoughts and prayer your way.

    • lillybee says:

      Shadowsnomore, sending you best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.

    • moriasheehan says:

      @shadowsnomore, just read your blog, my thoughts are with you.
      i just got back from the doctors and have been catching up on all the posts. the good news is i have lost 8 lbs cause i sit here and read all of you wonderful people’s posts and forget to cook dinner. yeah!!!

  48. Anitabee says:

    I loves mesome top Chef.

    I think the top two will most likely be Chef Sosa and ??? I can’t pick the second person but I was disappointed that the women did not fare better last night.

    Time will tell.

  49. error 404 says:

    The trouble with Silex is that they are too niche market. They are very very typical NY in a lot of ways, and if you watched season 1, you’ll know that they didn’t play well in the other 49 states. Also, their people similar to them don’t really watch TV, or pretend not to, so their niche audience got even smaller.

    The others are more relatable:
    – everyone has a Countless friend. She’s just like you but acts like she’s so much better.
    – everyone has a Jill friend. She’s kills with kindness. Being her friend is like a death sentence.
    – everyone has a Ramonacoaster friend: “What did I say? What, you were offended by that? Well, I’m sorry you’re so oversensitive!”
    – everyone has a Bethenny friend: sarcastic remarks that are so wickedly spot on you can’t help but laugh, even as she makes fun of everything you hold dear.
    – everyone has a Kelly co-worker. (Kiki has no friends) She’s one step above retarded, but soon she’ll be hired to be your supervisor and you’ll have to endure your boss praise her fake resume accomplishments while she all but ruins the business, saved only by your efforts.

    I gather from the public response to Silex, that no one has friends like them, but plop a camera randomly in front of any Bklyn brownstone, and you will get exactly what we saw in season 1 of RHoNY.

    • Capiche says:

      I agree with you that Alex and Simon are distinctly New York (hence all the is Simon gay questions) but I think they have a larger audience now since Alex has turned into the quiet mouse that roars personality. Everyone knows someone who never stands up for themselves and gets walked on or ignored.

      • error 404 says:

        yes, I agree. But the context I was working from was that Silex says they thought they were going to be on a show about parenting in NYC. This makes their behavior in season 1 understandable. It’s like they were on one show, and the other 4 women were on a different show. Alex is better liked this season, but we also see her more on her own without her hubby or kids.

        If the family had a spin off show, would most people go back to their season 1 dislike?

    • Kokuanani says:

      Another thing you see about Alex from these repeats is that she is kind.

      Bethenny is telling her [at Union Square market?] about her attempt to talk with Jason I, and Jason’s “let’s talk later.” Alex is very sympathetic, actually listens, and praises her for tackling a difficult issue/situation.

      She also doesn’t, a la Jill, overwhelm her with “advice.” She’s a good friend.

      OMG, now an appearance by “Noel’s break-dancing teacher.”

      The things we forget about this pitiful show!!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Seeing Jill talking to Bethenny when she was leaving for Miami to get a few days away after her Jason break up also gives a different perspective.

        Jill was LISTENING to Bethenny, she CARED about Bethenny, she seemed to want to give her advice, at least what Jill thought was good advice. I think it was sincere.
        It also shows that Bethenny was dead on at the reunion. Jill used to be motherly and caring, fame got to her and now she is a bitch! We watched this woman transform right before our eyes. It is so clear to me now that Jill had a plan for this season, she had a script, a storyline and her hope was that it would crush Bethenny and her new show. Jill couldn’t understand why people wanted Bethenny on their talk shows and to do endorsements? She’s young, beautiful, witty, smart and interesting. Everything that Jill is not!

  50. bap says:

    First time I’ve heard this stuff about Jill’s first husband.
    I read this comment on absurdtosublime … their post about jill scarfing up freebies:

    Why does no one mention that her first husband, Ally’s father left Jill for a man? Or that she was selling men’s underwear at Macy’s when she met the then married Bobby, father of three kids and Jill was the other woman ruining another woman’s family?

  51. shantygal says:

    How timely. Our girl Padma out and about.

  52. Adgirl says:

    Even though I don’t care for Jill’s behavior this year I am not sure about her “selling” underwear at Macy’s or that Bobby was married when they met. I’ve heard an alternative version that she was a buyer for a department store and he was separated or divorced when they met.
    Had to heard that she turned her first man gay. Kidding – I feel bad for people who try to live hetro when they aren’t. And I feel terrible for their broken family when they break free.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Except that Ally has said that her father lives outside New York with his new wife and children. And I was also under the impression that Bobby Zarin and his former wife had been divorced or separated for some time before he met Jill.

      • Adgirl says:

        As juch as I like to snark on the on screen peeps – I think the rest of the family should be left alone.

  53. Scorpiosue says:

    Watching the RHONY marathon. I reallllllly like Jason Hoppy so much better than her old boyfriend Jason. He’s a stick in the mud.

  54. Squirrels says:

    Geez. Just watched the Bobby/Ally scene. He’s so disconnected, no wonder she doesn’t keeps her distance.

    He gives her a pat on the back and then turns to the toddler with an, Isn’t she cute remark.


    • LynnNChicago says:

      Don’t you find it odd now, though, that Ally has taken Bobby’s last name, Zarin? What I heard (not sure what is true) is that she was never legally adopted by Bobby and therefore isn’t truly a “Zarin” but changed her name only for the show purposes so that people don’t get confused about who she is. In other words, another one who may be looking for some limelight or possibly wants to be an actress or model? The way I understand it, her legal last name is still Shapiro.

      Has anyone else heard the real scoop?

      • Quincy IL says:

        No, I haven’t heard anything about Ally, but I am a fan of Mama of Realestalker.


        Mama has the dirt on Teresa’s house sale. I guess Teresa didn’t know that she was losing her shirt during number 4’s delivery when she asked for diamonds as her reward. Joe seems to have known because he ignored Teresa’s request.

        Mama actually responded to one email that I sent to her about the housewives’ homes. Mama might be a man. BTW… She seems odd at times. rotfl.

      • jennifer says:

        Lynn Ally did post on her blog at one point (can’t find link) that she goes by Zarin so people on the show wouldn’t get confused but yes legally her name is still Shapiro……my guess is Jill had a hand in this.

        • kats2 says:

          To be fair and well I’m actually bias I think Ally is adorable. The whole Bobby/Ally relationship thing appears to have changed big time since the first season. Bobby was awkward with her and they filmed and show scenes that made that clear. That alone is one big plus/benefit that came out of Jill doing this show. It must have been like an intervention watching that play out on camera and I’m really happy that that it looks like that awkwardness has gone away.

  55. Scorpiosue says:

    Ick! Just got to see Ginger lick Jill’s nose. Sooooo didn’t have to see that.

  56. Squirrels says:

    hahaha. Avery and Mario just ganged up on one of Ramona’s outfit choices and Ramona sneaks the top she wanted to wear out of the house. Hilarious

  57. Kokuanani says:

    Full-blown Ginger obnoxiousness alert: just watching a repeat which contains the “nose-licking” incident. Also Ginger barking at repairmen. Ginger barking at and attacking the new housekeeper. Housekeeper being told that Ginger needs her food “warmed.”

    It’s official: I hate Ginger.

  58. Kokuanani says:

    OMG, it’s “the Count.”

    Interesting to see him, now that we know what’s going to happen.

  59. little rock says:

    3 weeks ago, right before reunion taping. Conversation b/t jill zarin and PR guru jonathan cheban:
    JC: Let’s go over the main points one last time. No yelling at the other women, no making those horrid faces that will just end up as a banner on one of those anti-jill sites. No lying, you have to own up to what you’ve done this season. Be contrite. And keep saying “I’m sorry”, “I made a mistake”, “you’re right”, “I held a grudge, it was wrong”, “I’ve changed”, “I’m a better person now”.

    Jill: Got it. Do you really think this will work? Think you can make people forget I was a lying, conniving, bitch and make them love me again?

    JC: (thinking to self: she’s got me confused with that other man with the initials JC)
    Just follow the steps we’ve been working on and if all else fails, cry. Really hard. And most importantly, remember our secret weapon: the rodrigo otazu cuff bracelet. Every time you lie or start to fuck up, i’ll push the button on the remote and you’ll get a shock to remind you to get back on track. Just think of me as your conscience and let me guide you through this.

    Jill: Like jiminy cricket?

    JC: Uh…. yeah, jiminy cricket.

    Jill: Does that make me Pinocchio? YES! People LOVE Pinocchio! Oh, oh! I know, gloria is Geppetta! And, and lisa is Donkey boy! (in a sing-song voice) Lisa iiiiss donkey boy, lisa iiiss donkey boy. I’m Pinocchio, and i want to be a REAL boy. You know, gloria wanted me to be a boy.

    JC: Jill, stay focused. (thinking to self: Holy shitballs!)

    Present day. Before part 3 of the reunion airs. Phone conversation b/t jill zarin and jonathan cheban:

    Jill: G@%$&#it jonathan! It’s NOT WORKING! Everybody STILL hates me!

    JC: What did you expect? It’s called damage control, not EXTREME MAKEOVER: JEALOUS BITCH EDITION.

    Jill: You told me that f#%@ing bracelet would help turn things around. For 9 hours, it felt like i was sitting in the electric chair with you zapping me every 5 seconds.

    JC: It worked didn’t it? Like when you told ramona she was “SUCH a LIAR!”, zzzzzttttt! Then you admitted the truth. Didn’t that feel good?

    Jill: Hell no, it felt like i’d been tased, bro! And for what? People still don’t like me! All the blogs are saying alex DID tell me bethenny’s father was sick,dammit! Where was that f#@%ing cattle prod when i needed to own up to THAT one? That’s what i’m paying you for!

    JC: No, you’re paying me to improve your image. Believe me, zapping you with a cattle prod is free. Besides, i had to take a leak. I thought you could handle yourself for 3 minutes.

    Jill: You know i can’t go 3 minutes without lying! Now everybody is taking that bitch alex’s side! Just wait til tonight when i nail her bony ass with those nude photos!

    JC: I don’t know, alex has come out of this season looking good. And you made that horrid face when you said “spread-eagle in your husband’s hotel”, i’m just waiting for THAT freeze frame to show up on the web!

    Jill: What, so you work for ALEX now, suddenly you’re on HER side? What are you, best friends? Whatever! You’re coming over to watch the show aren’t you? I’m saving a spot for you on the bed between bobby and ginger.

    JC: Uh…….. I’ve had a client emergency that just came up. I’ve got to go handle the whole kim kardashian/justin bieber thing, it’s getting creepy.

    Jill: Oh, so now you’re best friends with kim kardashian! You’d rather work with her than me?

    JC: Let’s be honest, i’d rather work with tony hayward than you.

    Jill: Who the f%#@ is tony hayward?

    JC: You really ARE self-absorbed. He’s the CEO of BP.

    Jill: You’re saying you’d rather help THAT asshole than ME?

    JC: At least THAT asshole COULD be helped, YOU, not so much. I’d rather represent john edwards/tiger woods/jessie james(BOTH jessie james’s) as a package deal than work with you!

    Jill: Enough! I get it!

    JC: (on a roll now) I’d rather represent the love child of lindsey lohan and kanye west FREE of charge than work with you again.

    Jill: That’s IT, jonathan, we are DONE!

    JC: (mutters to self) Thank you baby jesus!


    • little rock says:

      sorry, i posted this on yesterday’s page this morning. didn’t know we had a new blog. I’m catching up now.

    • Viki55 says:


    • Waslurking says:

      litte rock,
      You had me rolling on the floor…….
      Thanks, that was awesome!

      • little rock says:

        @ waslurking, you’re welcome! Now, get up off the floor and get ready for part 3. I can’t wait for hurricane ramona to tear into Jillhole!

  60. error 404 says:

    not sure why I feel the need to respond to Jill’s bs nonsense dig at Alex that she left her kids off the show this season, but here it is:

    To quote Jill herself; “we all did!”

    the first season saw a lot more of the kids and parenting: Avery and modeling/acting, Noel dancing and sports, Victoria and horses, then boarding school, Ally and her arthritis, etc…

    By season 3 it focused more on just the women. We even saw a lot less of their husbands, at least those husbands still left. The only kid that got any real air time was Avery, and that was just in context to her being Ramona’s reluctant maid of honor. It wasn’t about Avery.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Alex didn’t purposely leave her children off the show in fact, she said they filmed the children quite a bit but only that one scene aired, the one when Alex asked them to go into the other room so that they couldn’t listen to the adults discuss Jill’s bad behavior. There was so much drama between the housewives themselves that there wasn’t enough time to air the kids, whether they were being cute or obnoxious.

      I would have liked to see how Ms. Perfect, Luann handled her kid trying to sneak out of the house by climbing out the window and breaking her arm. We didn’t get to see how Luann handled that situation.

      Jill is just looking for ways to dig dig dig at Alex. Even if it works and people like Alex less, it certainly doesn’t mean they’re going to like Jill more…ack!

      • Squirrels says:

        I expect Luann did what any other mother petrified a runaway child would ….

        make her look in the paper. So, she covered it up.


        • Gypsy says:

          I thought Victoria broke both arms or wrists and it happened when Lulu was off doing who knows what and L’s brother was taking care of the kids. I was surprised Lulu even brought it up.

          • Eve says:

            And I remember a scene with Noel (sp?) and the new apartment where he was acting bratty and would not listen to his mother.
            (Not being critical of Noel…just that all kids act up….even the kids of the countess.)

  61. Buffywood says:

    I am sure this has been mentioned but wow Jill’s Facebook account has almost the whole past year missing? Her posts go from July 17, 2009 to yesterday… I don’t blame her for wanting to pretend the last year didn’t happen…

  62. Squirrels says:

    hahaha. She admits she has no clue when Ramona is asking tech questions, but still….Luann is walking around w/ Victoria’s crop at the horse event.
    (pay attention to me, I obviously have a personal connection here).


    by my snark I mean, I’m sure Victoria asked her to hold my crop?
    Heaven forbid she asked her to hold my sweaty helmet….

    sorry…. she’s just ghastly in her transparency.

  63. Scorpiosue says:

    What is nice in watching the older RHONY is that you see that Bethenny has a lot of friends and her life was NOT just Jill Zarin. It also makes more sense as to why Bethenny did not feel that she had to have Jill’s friendship in her life after all that crap.

    • Squirrels says:

      Pure speculation on my part…

      I honestly think Bet has always been open to a true, sister type girlfriend relationship. Her natural cautious nature held her back. Yet, when she entered the HW’s, I imagine there arose a false sense of security. We all let our guard down in the hope of finding relationships or even simple humanity.

      Bet was already known in the city, so a perfect ingenue for a practiced manipulator like Jz.

      What Jz didn’t realize is Bet is allot tougher than Jill bargained for.

      • Scorpiosue says:

        You’re right on all accounts. It was nice in that first season to see these ladies not just sequestered (sp?) with only each other.

  64. Gypsy says:

    Thanks for the great blog, Lynn.

    I watched the Art Project or whatever it’s called. I am not wowed by it but it’s sort of interesting and ended up watching it again last night. I’ll probably keep watching it.

    I loved Top Chef season one, hated the second season, and burned out until last season. I think watching Top Chef Masters, which I love, brought me back. I like Gail, and have since season two when she went off on Sam Talbot’s “brown, rubbery eggs.” I was never a Sam fan. He spent a lot of time saying, “I’m bot that guy,” and was that guy many times. I like Tom and his curmudgeony ways, love Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain. I think it’s amazing theywere able to get Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, to be on this season and look forward to seeing that episode.

    I’m so over Jill and Kelly, I don’t want to even see them and I hope their 15 minutes of fame will be over very soon. Of course, I’ll be watching part three tonight.

  65. little rock says:

    Is this season 1 or 2? What episode is that chef sam talbot in? I want to watch it now knowing it may have been the begining of something between he and kelly.

    • error 404 says:

      Jason I is on season 1, which they seem to be showing now. Kiki began season 2. Sam cooks for Kiki season 2.

      There is no way anyone is going to convince me that Kiki having Sam on was anything other than a dig at Bethenny. B cooks and gives cookign tips to the other wives all 3 seasons. Kiki come son and just coincidentally decides to have her chef friend come on and give cooking tips to another housewife? Just how stupid do Jill and Kiki thing we are?

      • Anitabee says:

        Kelly doesn’t pay attention to women only men. Plus she was doing him at the time or did shortly afterwards.

        I can’t find the link (but will continue to look for it.) that was taken late October 2009. The pic shows Bethenny and Kelly sitting at a table with Sam Talbot standing at the table talking to Bethenny. This was probably 2 weeks before the trip to the Virgin Islands.

        No way can anyone convince me that the Chef/Cook dig at Bethenny doesn’t revolve around some jealousy that Kelly feels towards Bethenny.

        Bethenny has a handsome husband, beautiful baby, growing business and her own show. She has everything Kelly says she wants in her life.

  66. Gypsy says:

    Sam was on season two and now it’s season seven, so I think it was before he met Kelly.

  67. lillybee says:

    I am impressed with this diverse crew of chefs who all seem to be very talented (except for the liver mousse one).

  68. iceNfire says:

    LOL Omarosa new show is on TVONE that’s a TV channel equivalent to the
    “Bargain Basement” of a store!

  69. Kokuanani says:

    OMG, more of despicable Ginger. It’s clear that Jill’s own particular brand of mental illness has affected Ginger.

    As someone who’s worked in dog rescue [and thus dog training as well] for nearly 20 years, I can validate nearly everything the dog trainer said. Jill is ruining Ginger. She/it [?] has no respect for Jill, won’t obey her, won’t listen to her. To allow the dog to continue in this obnoxious behavior — particularly the aggressiveness towards another member of the family — is unconscionable.

    Does Jill really respect her daughter so little that she allows Ginger to behave this way towards her? [BTW, Ally, your own behavior towards Ginger is all wrong. Get some tips from the dog trainer yourself., and watch a few episodes of The Dog Whisperer. Chihuahuas are notoriously aggressive, and they get away with this bad behavior all too frequently because they are little and are thought “cute.” ]

    Ginger’s going to bite someone some day, and Jill’s gonna get her fat ass sued.

  70. kats2 says:

    Just to be clear – When Sam was on HW’s with Kelly he was a CHEF, but since he turned down Kelly’s advances he is now a COOK.

  71. error 404 says:

    Speaking of dogs, what happened to Noel’s dog? I hope he got to keep it.

  72. Smompy says:

    Does anyone happen to know if Bravo regularly reruns either Top Chef or Work of Art on any other days? I’m nowhere near a TV on Tuesday or Wednesday night (and don’t have TIVO or anything), so I havent seen Work of Art at all yet…but I would like to. I was an art history major, have painted all my life and know a number of artists, but nowadays I have a Love-Hate relationship with the whole New York Art World. It’s mostly hate actually, This show sounds interesting though.

    IIRC, last year Bravo reran Top Chef on Saturday afternoons so I’ll look for that this weekend. I loved the first Top Chef Masters but more or less stopped watching the regular, non-celebrity Top Chef. I became completely disgusted when that toolish A-hole who only cooked Spanish food (Elan was it?) won the finale of his season. Also, Sam Talbot made me want to puke. Not quite as much as Rocco DiSpirito (a.k.a. Captain Douchebag) makes me want to puke, but pretty close. I guess it may be time for me to give the show another chance. I do love me some Gail and I’ve always enjoyed Tom too. Eric Ripert doesn’t actually sneer at anyone – that’s just the way his face looks…like he just smelled a Ginger Zarin fart:) Even when I’m not watching the show, I still make sure to read tvgasm’s Top Chef recaps. They’re absolutely the best.

    Anyway I’m definitely ready for the Reunion wrap-up, and the new episode of BGM tonight. I looked at TWoP to see if Bethenny’s show had a thread yet, and it does, but after reading through a few random pages it appears to me that the Bethenny haters have probably taken over already. Apparently Bethenny is both a bad hostess and NOT A CHEF because, according to some people there (who would obviously have no way of knowing stuff like this) she didn’t serve nearly enough appetizers for the number of people that attended her housewarming party. And (they claim) the food didn’t even look appetizing! OMG, it must be true…Bethenny IS a hateful bitch!!!

    sigh. If I were still allowed to post there, I would probably respond to a few of those idiotic comments, but what I wrote would only get me banned all over again anyway, so I guess it’s all good!

    OK, I suppose this will be kind of a rhetorical question, but:
    How come so many people cirticize the use of the word “hate” in I HATE Jill Zarin? I mean, are people really incapable of understanding that the word is not always intended to be taken literally? And if using the word “hate” is so objectionable, why is it that I never hear anyone criticizing other people’s use of the word “love.” I’ve been known to say I LOVE lasagna bolognese, and I LOVE carrot cake, and I LOVE holding puppies, and I LOVE watching Jill Zarin faceplant on an icy surface (among many other things), but others seem to understand that my use of that word is a slight exaggeration. I don’t in fact LOVE carrot cake, I just like it a lot, and people seem to get that. So how come they can’t understand the same thing goes for the word “hate” as it is applied to the Zarin here? I know there are some people who criticize the title of this blog in order to make themselves feel superior – the types who say things like, “I only DISLIKE people and would never, ever use the word HATE when speaking about a fellow human being!” implying of course that they’re more evolved and basically better than you are – but those haughty, self-congratulating jerks aside, why do so many people have difficulty understanding that terms such as “I hate Jill Zarin” or “the check is in the mail,” are not always meant literally?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Oh THANK YOU!!!! What a great way to explain and with a perfect analogy!

      I’d love to attach this explaination to every blog! (ok not Love, I’d just like to)

    • error 404 says:

      1. they are reshowing Work of Art Sun at 11;00 am.
      They are currently piggybacking it onto the popular Top Chef series. I guess it’s not popular enough yet for multiple reshowings.

      2. Bethenny haterz are just part of the ecosystem I guess. LOL She’s laughing all the way to the bank, so who cares.

      3. the whole “hate is an ugly word” thing is very common on the web. It’s a stupid pollyanna way of discounting people you disagree with. It’s right up there with the bogus “your kids gonna get beat up at school” lame concern. Believe me, Apple Martin has a lot bigger problems than her silly first name! Francoise and Johan go to an exclusive private school, not an inner city bklyn public school in bed-sty. Like all NYC yuppy parents, my old boss named his kid something “beatupable”. Does the kid get beat up for being the freak he is? no. He’s best friend’s with SJP’s son! When you live in an exclusive world of people just like you, you don’t get beat up. That’s just something stupid mean adults say to insult your parents.

    • Gypsy says:

      Smompy. you are so articulate and hit the “hate” stuff perfectly!

    • anutha hata says:

      Smompy, try this, TV-Locator, http://www.locatetv.com/tv/work-of-art–the-next-great-artist/6737670

      I love this thing. I used to use the Yahoo tv-guide, and I still do for a grid-view, but when I miss something on Bravo, or if I want to watch something else and I want to check and see if Bravo is repeating something like they sometimes do, this thing really works good. I have a permanent link on my NJ blog.

    • Squirrels says:

      Brava, brava, brava.

    • TLM says:

      Yeah….somehow I don’t think a blog called “I Dislike Jill Zarin” would have the same punch to it.

  73. error 404 says:

    Kelly was escorted off of St John’s. Early. They wouldn’t even let her leave by herself.

    Since then, she only showed up in big group scenes: Lulu’s debut, Jill’s skating birthday party, Ramona’s re-wedding (which Bravo “forced” her to attend). Plus the one group lunch with “friends” where she had a chance to tell the truth, but instead went off on a crazy rant like she was still on “Scary Island” being “bullied”. There has been absolutely nothing about her, her kids, her house redo, her “job”, her jewelry, her “charities”, etc… Nothing.

    Off the show, she has been spinning like a top. Like an impoverished top actually. Doing DIY PSA’s and PR. Doing tons of interviews where she talks about her “platforms” and her ventures.

    To me, it’s obvious that she got fired after St John’s.

    • lillybee says:

      I hope that she did get fired.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      oh I hope you are right!!!

    • kats2 says:

      From your lips to Gods ears, my friend. That would be justice for me and I would even give Jill a shot at redemption.

      Perhaps that’s the PR us Bravo fans should use – Bravo choose it’s Jill or Kelly? You can’t have both.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If she was let go then why is she on the reunion? It really looks like there is no way for her to be invited back now – her behavior has not changed. And telling Andy she was forced to go after he told her she wasn’t – thats like telling your boss to STFU.

      • error 404 says:

        they obviously let her finish out her season 3 contract, which includes the reunion. but I think they already told her she’s not coming back for season 4, or any future season. nothing about her behavior, or their’s says she might come back.

      • Viki55 says:


      • Squirrels says:

        Administrative wise, you never let a player know they are getting shitcanned until you no longer need them. Kelly will find out after tonight.

      • Scorpiosue says:

        I thought I saw that the reunion is part of that seasons “filming” and that the housewives have a contract of up to 18 shows including reunions and lost footage so Bravo could have given Kelly the boot, but she is contractually obligated to be on the reunion shows.

    • Viki55 says:

      If fired, why would she do the reunion? Why would they even invite her?

      • Eve says:

        She was on ET news last night. When asked if she was going back she said that her child told her she had to because “Nobody talks to KKB that way.”

        • anutha hata says:

          Yep–E! used “Will Kelly be back?” as a teaser for yesterday’s interview. I could not download the entire thing, (someone has it posted here somewhere-I think Boston posted it), but from what I saw of it, the voice-ove/interviewer said that Kelly said that she thinks everyone is coming-back.

          • vilzvet says:

            I think she just used her kid’s response as a way of saying that she WOULD come back. Just an excuse.

        • Squirrels says:

          I thought it referred to her walking off set. Not leaving the show.

  74. TLM says:

    Can’t believe how much bigger Jill’s apartment looked before Brad destroyed it. It actually was more ostentatious than I remember (dark red velvet sofa, heavy swags on the windows).

    Uh-oh, it’s the scene where Ramona loses it at Jill’s dinner party because Simon came to “girls’ night.” Hard to believe at that time that Jill seemed like the nice one.

    • error 404 says:

      as usual, Jill started the problem and then left others to do her dirty work.

      Alex asked if she could bring Simon, he didn’t just show up. A firm “No” from the hostess would have nipped this in the bud, but noooo… Jill didn’t give a firm no to Alex, then just sat by while her guest Ramona had a “breakthrough”.

      When Alex had her weird overreaction to Jill showing up in St John’s, Ramona took care of her. But when Ramona had her weird overreaction to Simon showing up, Ramona had to take care of herself.

      Ramona was sensitive to Alex’s reaction, they had been through enough with the Kelly nonsense. Jill, OTOH, never is sensitive to other people’s craziness. She’s such a diva, that she can’t recognize actual crazy. She continuously brushes off crazy as if “oh, she’s just being a diva”. To this day, she just thinks Kelly acted up a little in St John’s.

      Ramona obviously has deep seeded issues form her childhood and her parents abusive relationship, but Jill continuously brushes it off like “SO what? My parent fought sometimes too!’ She just doesn’t get it. Sometimes the simplest thing we all take for granted will set off an abuse survivor. Playfully slap the hand of a typical friend and you get a chuckle. Playfully slap the hand of a friend who was abused as a child, and they won’t speak to you for weeks! Sometimes the little things that trigger them back to that dark place come out of nowhere.

      • Kokuanani says:

        The thing about Jill is she doesn’t want to “get it.”

        She’s always so busy talking, or planning her next retort, or thinking about how to frame her denial, that she never really listens to anyone else. She’s just talk, talk, talk, bray, bray, bray.

        As others have described many times on earlier editions of this blog, this is classic narcissistic behavior. No one else exists but Jill, or, rather, if they do exist, it’s only to serve her, honor her, be dazzled by her presence.

        Listening to her feeble “what ever happened to us” charade + attempt to “make-up” with Bethenny will I hope be proof enough that NO ONE needs Jill Zarin in their life — unless, of course, they’re providing a place for others to comment on her.

  75. emt2 says:

    Hi everyone! It is so much nicer on this blog!

    I have a technical question about the Housewives.

    First season, Jill and Ramona said that they’ve known each other for about 5 years. This season, both say that they’ve been friends for 15 years. Which is the truth?

    First season, Bethenny said that she has known Jill for a few years but this season both Jill and Bethenny said that they met right before filming for the show started. Which is the truth?

    I’m confused.

    Also, Jill was way nicer first season. And Jill and Luann actually were good friends first season (I’d forgotten). Jill and Bethenny actually didn’t spend that much time together first season. Jill seemed like she had a lot of free time first season, didn’t she?

    Ramona seemed very unstable during the first season. Especially when she left the dinner table because Simon was there? lol Her expression was hilarious when she abruptly got up and left the table.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      The are on New York time!

    • lillybee says:

      I think that they had seen each other at events for a while. But I don’t think that they knew each other well at all. Jill and Ramona knew each other because maybe they played at the same tennis club. Jill did call Ramona a tennis friend. I don’t think that the Jill Shapiro of 15 years ago ran with Ramona’s circle of friends though. She wasn’t that fabulous back in the day.

      • emt2 says:

        That’s what I thought. Jill admitted that she always wanted to be Ramona’s friend but Ramona never really embraced her. I don’t know. It’s weird how they went from a few years to 15 years.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      They were all on good behavior the first season and not comfortable with RHONY. It was interesting that they discussed each other so politely. Jill’s snarky came out for her holiday party!

    • Squirrels says:

      You must factor in the # of characters X # of fights / full moons + one NY minute.

      Yeah…. I think that’s right.

  76. SusanS88 says:

    Oh Pooh, what the deuce is a top chef, or tom chef or whatever! Dammit someone has kidnapped Lynn and my most favorite RH/NYC blog ever! (ever! ever! ever!) Damn damn damn, okay, I know Lynn can blog about whatever the h e double toothe-pics that she damn well pleases (and right on love!). Guess I’ll just take my eeyore-like ass outta here and wait for the part 3 recap. Damn!

    ps – still love you guys even though I have no idea who the hell you are talking about 🙂

  77. WindyCityWondering says:

    It is a hoot watching RHONY 2008 episodes – knowing what we know today! Jill cracks me up…..she really hasn’t changed – she just wasn’t as overtly hateful but still a nagging, it’s my way and the tit for tat counting (I did this for you, she owes me an apology with numerical reasons).
    It was telling when she said she was not popular when she was younger and you could also tell from the exchange at Lunch with Lisa – that Jill had a contentious relationship with Gloria (Lisa was the favorite no doubt).

    • Kokuanani says:

      Every time I see Gloria, I wonder how on earth she thinks she looks okay with that crypt-keeper face?

      I have seen a couple of other older women in some of the RHONYC “crowd scenes” who have the same “look at me, I had plastic surgery” look, but no one who looks as scary and rotten as Gloria.

      It’s hard for me to believe that some plastic surgeon unveiled his work, handed her a mirror and said, “see, you look GREAT.” And all her friends & family apparently go along with this lie.

  78. Adgirl says:

    @ Smompy – I had to LOL about your lovely “hate” word explanation. Don’t people recognize hyperbole when they see it? I think it’s just the same Bethenny haters from TWOP cum freeforums.com.
    They hate Bethenny so they don’t like a board that essentially mocks Jill’s treatment of Bethenny. Of course we don’t stop at the Bethenny treatment, but what do they care? I almost posted something on the recently created board (you know which one) but I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of provoking me to add to their discussion.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Just checked out the dislike blog – Otay just made her debut a couple of minutes ago – she is all over the place so likely she is not having a good day. I agree – I’m here to snark about Jill and RHONY in general, I am not here to see people attacking each other because they disagree with an opinion as stated! So Lynn, thank you for bringing back the peace and the focus.

  79. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    I love to hate Jill Zarin. LOL!!!

  80. lina says:

    hey everyone
    this might be already posted, but alex posted her blog on bravo
    also she posted her blog on facebook incase your comments havent been approved on bravo

  81. emt2 says:

    The new I Do Not Like Lynn Hudson page is crazy. Otay is there and has created a couple of different aliases and is spewing hatred and attacking posters once again.

    Otay is so deranged. I have no words. Whatever. Not our problem anymore! Thank God!

  82. TLM says:

    Did anyone notice the latest goofball Bravo Summer ad? Sheree is evidently on BOTH sides of the pool, flipping a table with Teresa and Kandi and then looking over in shock with Bethenny and Nene. Cuckoo!!! And Jackie landing in a jetpack? WTF?!??

    It has been so unexpected that Bravo would be broadcasting the first season of RHONYC. Good Lord, what a douchebag Jason #1 (“Let’s talk about it later”) was. I felt that then, and I feel that now. I wonder if she keeps in touch with the guy – she has kept in touch with a couple of her exes – but to me it was obvious this guy was quietly stringing her along. Every time I saw that little smirk on his face, I seriously wanted to smack him.

    Since I’m watching it on my computer, I looked up “Lia Sophia” when they said at her birthday dinner that Jason got her b-day present earrings from there. Jill and others were oohing and ahing that Jason “did so well” on her present. I knew nothing about Lia Sophia, so I went to the site. It’s cheap costume jewelry that sells through home parties, where you can “save for buying in bulk.” Most of the earrings are under $40. There is very nice (and expensive) costume jewelry, aka Jennifer Miller, but this doesn’t nearly fall into that category. Jason was the President of a financial company — what was the big deal that this was what he bought her? Considering his job and that this was his fiance, that was a really cheap gift. I wonder if he stocked up on earrings from them for women he dated??!? I just feel like this guy was so smarmy, and I couldn’t believe, then or now, that Bethenny sold herself so short by trying to hang onto him and thinking he was “the one.” Jill was encouraging her despite reality, I think because financial security is her #1 priority. I don’t necessarily judge wanting financial security, but it was just so obvious these two were a mismatch. Money should never trump that.

    What’s funny is that Bethenny was looking at apartments downtown, even back then, to move into with Jason #1. Since the one she looked at was then under construction, I’m wondering if that’s the building she ultimately moved into with Jason #2! That would be funny.

    It cracks me up when B imitates Jill on the construction site, as well as imitating her with “You’re telling me you’re not running, and you’re packing a bag.”

  83. Barb says:

    I think this is hysterical!

  84. error 404 says:

    stupid article in huffy post


    no one would ever dare to write such nonsense about men. Women apparently aren’t allow to voice an opinion are disagree with each other. No, it’s all must be just one big sisterhood of support.

    my favorite part is where the self loathing writer suggests no woman should ever view the show within earshot of men, for fear men may get a bad impression of women. for reals?

    I look forward to future article by Ms Carmichael where gays are advised to tone down the pride floats so homophobes will like them better, where blacks are told to clean up their language so whites will like them better, and where emigrants are told to just learn English already, for fear that natives may overhear them and be frightened.

    What an idiot.

    • patricia henderson says:

      error 404, i haven’t been reading and writing here very long. i just wanted to say, i think you are smart and funny and i wish i knew what all these abbreviations stand for. some i can figure out (i think) others i just scratch my old grey head. i think i would find it even more funny! do you know of some site that has them all?

  85. Quincy IL says:

    I am soooooo looking forward to these shows tonight followed by Lynn’s blog and the discussion here.

  86. I want to say a huge Thank you to everyone for the well wishes, encouragement and support. I literally cried and it has taken me awhile to compose myself. My heart goes out to Jenni, Duchess and so many others who are dealing with illness or other stressful situations they are travailing through. I was very hesitant in opening up and I thank all of you who have shared your own stories and advice.

    I have not been diagnosed yet with cancer but my doctor has concerns and wants to know for sure. I go for a biopsy on the 30th. Once we know one way or the other, then he will be able to proceed with my surgery knowing there won’t be any surprises to address. It is all very stressful and just the suspicion or cancer has me terrified.

    Like I said previously, I feel as though I’m surrounded by cancer.I have a large family and having an uncle, aunt and cousin facing this disease at the same time has been hard. I watch my mom and her siblings exhaust themselves trying to help all three in taking care of the everyday responsibilities of life, provide help with medical issues, all the while trying to juggle their own personal lives. Unfortunately, we are already preparing for at least one funeral this year if not two. It is not as though we have given up hope or don’t believe in miracles. We do have hope and are praying for a miracle but the situation for my uncle is dire. We have to face the reality of the situation and accept that sometimes we just can’t control everything to our liking. My cousin is also just hanging on. She was diagnosed quite a few years ago. She underwent chemo and a transplant and for about 6 years she was symptom free. Then the cancer came back with a vengeance. She has dropped from 135lbs to just 95lbs. Just when she seems to be responding well to the chemo, the side effects weaken another part of her body and cause other complications. Cancer is an ugly bitch and I hate it. That, in a nutshell is why I find Jill Zarin sooooo despicable. I don’t understand how anyone who has experienced cancer personally or has had a family member suffer from it could treat it so callously. To use it as a weapon to hurt another is unfathomable to me. To use it for personal gain is vile. Cancer is too devastating and hurtful to do that. It diminishes everyone who’s life has been touched or destroyed by cancer. Jill is an evil and hateful bitch and I don’t get why people can be so forgiving of her. It is bad enough to harbor jealousy toward another, it quite another thing to use a horrendous disease as a tool to destroy someone.

    Again, thank you. I mean that from the heart. I have a lot of support and blessings. I thank God everyday for them. I thank you all for your support. Like I said before, there are many days when this blog site helps me cope. It allows me to laugh and vent
    in a safe place. This is one of the first places I come to when I jump on the computer. I love Lynns’ witty blogs and her insightful commentary. I love that there are so many people here who share their humor and snark. I love that I have finally found a forum that I can express myself freely and others share their thoughts openly as well.

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