I Hate Jill Zarin Final Reunion Episode June 18, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Finale Part Three              June 18, 2010

It’s not really the finale though, is it Bravo,?  As I predicted we will be seeing a “lost footage” episode next week, same time, same channel! 

I am not anticipating learning anything new from the lost footage episode.  I think somewhere deep down we were hoping that Kelly would cop to her behavior, maybe a small apology, maybe make just a little sense so that we could sleep at night. 

It just isn’t going to happen.  Kelly is completely and utterly out of touch with reality.  She thinks it is perfectly alright to be completely contradictory.  She continues to defend her ridiculous words when it comes to PETA.  She simply says thinks that make no sense!  Funnily enough, once Kelly got the complete silence she demanded, said her peace, she then said “see, when you let me speak, it makes sense”.  Ummmm  No, Kelly, it really doesn’t. 

Bethenny asked Kelly better questions than Andy did but every time Bethenny opened her mouth, Kelly would stop speaking and accuse Bethenny of bullying her.  What?  It was like Kelly was speaking another language, one that I certainly didn’t understand.  Andy didn’t handle it all that well, what he should have done was let each of the four women on the couch speak to Kelly or ask her a question one at a time.  Instead they all spoke at once and we couldn’t tell what any of them were saying. 

The four women had been beat up and called horrible names for months by Kelly Bensimon and they were pissed.  I certainly don’t blame them for being pissed.  Sonja got a well-deserved apology from Kelly but clearly Alex wanted one as well but wasn’t allowed time to speak.  I think even Ramona wanted an apology and should have gotten one. 

This was such a huge issue this season that I would have thought Andy Cohen would have tried to really get some resolution.  The only one who he allowed to speak was Sonja and then Kelly of course.  Why didn’t he allow Alex and Ramona to confront Kelly and give their side of the story?   Bethenny admitted that she did say some not so nice things to Kelly but from what we saw, they were only in her own defense.  Bethenny was called a ho-bag, she was called a “cook, not a chef”, and she was told “nobody cares about you”.  I would have liked to see each of those scenes played back to Kelly and ask her to explain herself. 

There is no resolution and there will never be a resolution with Kelly. 

Worse than that, however, is idiot Jill Zarin feeding into Kelly’s psychosis by adding, “I saw what they had become by the time I got there”.   Even saying how she can relate to Kelly feeling bullied.  Are you friggin kidding me Jill Zarin?

If you haven’t yet, please read Alex’s blog on Bravotv.com.  Alex doesn’t hold back!  Alex says it like it is and holds very little back in her blog.  It was clear to me from the beginning what Jill was trying to do.  When Jill said, “Alex hates me”, I thought, she ain’t the only one!   The whole country hates Jill Zarin but there is no reason why Jill had to come at Alex using her as an excuse for not returning to the show.   Jill has announced that she will be releasing a blog but only to those who have pre-registered on her web site and it will be sent out in an email to “fans only”.  Dear lawd, she really has lost her mind!  When it is released, I will post it here. J

Alex is right, Jill fights back and she fights back dirty.  What has Alex done to Jill?  She delivered that message from Bethenny.  Jill has now seen the tape, Bethenny asked Alex to do that.  Was it right?  Hell I don’t know, maybe if we give Jill the benefit of the doubt, Alex could have said, “No, Bethenny, that’s your deal with Jill, I’ll let you tell her that you’re done”.    Alex wanted to deliver Bethenny’s message and I don’t blame her, Alex knew that it would be something that would show she can stand up to Jill, it was something to show that Alex had the upper hand. 

Alex also knew when she decided to deliver this message from Bethenny to Jill that it was going to start an all-out war between her and Jill.  Jill doesn’t play tit for tat, however, Jill goes for the jugular.  Jill tried to say that Alex attempted to plant a story about Jill in the papers that wasn’t true.  I don’t believe it for one second.  Jill tried to make Alex look bad by saying that she was “spread eagle” in the lobby of Simon’s hotel.  Again, not true!  Jill knows that out of the 2.1 million people watching the show maybe 10% of them will actually go and look at the photos, or maybe already saw them. 

It is clearly written all over Jill’s face how much she hates Alex.  You can see when she looks at Alex, talks about Alex or even if someone else brings up the subject of Alex, Jill’s face gets  that ugly contorted look that clearly says “I hate you”. 

Alex is friends with Bethenny, Alex is appearing on Bethenny’s new show, Alex was at the hospital visiting Bethenny when Baby Bryn was born and Alex was at Bethenny’s wedding.  These are things that Jill can never ever say that she did or can do.  It is eating Jill alive, even today that she hasn’t seen Bethenny’s baby, that she isn’t free to stop in to visit Bethenny or that she can’t even call Bethenny any time she wants to.  Yet, Alex and Bethenny speak on the phone every day!  Ouch Jill Zarin! 

When Jill appeared like a bat out of hell at the villa on St. John, she was met with a stone wall.  This is the truth and we all saw it but Bethenny said it best, “She did this to herself”.  These four women had absolutely no reason to welcome Jill with open arms. 

What couldn’t be said on air at the reunion was that Jill was trying to convince all the ladies not to go on this trip.  She even tried to arrange another trip that would have revolved around her instead of Ramona.  In the end, Bravo decided that it would be Ramona’s Bachelorette party that would be celebrated on the trip and Jill decided not to go! 

Jill had beaten up Bethenny so badly by this time, obviously she wasn’t going to be happy to see Jill, and Ramona felt that Jill was snubbing her celebration.   Jill admittedly wasn’t going to  try to make amends with Alex and Sonja had no reason to care whether or not Jill showed up.  If Jill had come to apologize and try to repair some damage with these women, why didn’t she say that when she walked in? 

All Jill repeated over and over was that she was there to surprise Ramona and she thought Ramona would be happy to see her.  She had plenty of opportunity to say, “I’m here to apologize and make amends with all of you ladies, I’d like to sit down with you all and say, I’m sorry and let’s talk things out”.  Anything of that nature would have resulted in a whole different reaction from the women.  With Bobby by her side and her asking to be given a chance to apologize, there would have been no way they could have turned her away.  As Alex said, and ounce of humility would have turned things around. 

Jill being Jill, that was never going to happen.  She said hello to Bethenny, she fake air kissed Sonja and obviously was speaking to Ramona but never even acknowledged that Alex was there.  Ramona was right, although she went a little overboard, but her suggestion to Jill that she walk in and apologize to each of the women would have changed the outcome substantially. 

Rather than acknowledging her mistake, Jill says, “I saw what they had become by the time I got there”.  Jill is never going to change and she is going to spend the next few months bashing Alex McCord and trying every trick in the book to get Bravo Producers to cut Alex out of the show.  Jill is ruthless, cruel and vicious.  Jill thinks that if she refuses to do the show unless Alex is out of the show will sway producers, can it work?  I suppose it can.  While there is no doubt that Jill has lost many, many fans, I think that Bravo still looks at Jill as the main character that all of these stories revolve around.  Good or bad, Jill is the center of the show. 

Bravo loves feuding housewives.  I think that they will make every attempt to bring both ladies back in order to fuel the fire and with part of Alex’s storyline this season being her “renewal” at telling it like it is and Jill making every attempt to slam Alex, it could be the center of the universe for RHONY Season four.   If Bethenny doesn’t return, Bravo is going to try to ensure that no other cast changes are made so as to maintain as much continuity as they can with viewers.  I believe that is why Orange County’s numbers tanked, too many cast changes. 

Luann, dull, boring, manly, Luann!  As Kelly would say, “who cares?”  I don’t care about her boyfriend and that her two boyfriends play tennis together at her house in the Hamptons.  I don’t care that she’s releasing another horrible song.  I don’t ever want to hear that woman sing again! 

It was great when Andy mentioned how her song was slammed by critics, of course it was, and it sucked the air out of the room!  That woman cannot carry a tune to save her life!  She has completely embarrassed herself by recording a song, but worse to let Bravo’s cameras here the un-touched version of her yelping in the studio was mortifying.  Yet, dopey Luann is not the least bit embarrassed.  She’s not even bright enough to know when she’s being made a fool of!   

I sincerely hope that Luann won’t be back next season, but I’m not fool enough to think that is going to happen.  I think we all know she will be invited back. 

We know for sure that Ramona will be back, Sonja will return, I believe that Luann, Jill and Alex will all be invited back.  Kelly is the wild card.  I really hope that Bravo sees the psychosis in Kelly and feels that the risk is too high to have her in their clubhouse!   To blatantly argue with a Bravo executive on national television and on Twitter has to be a red flag. 

All season Kelly was a non-entity, I think that in order to get some attention, she went to St. John and began to demand attention.  Interrupting all of the others while they were talking, calling everyone names, starting verbal wars with Bethenny, these were all ways that Kelly could get the attention she craved after realizing she hadn’t made any splash this season. 

Last season she had the “I’m up here and you’re down here” conversation with Bethenny, it got her attention.  She was trying the “ you’re a cook, not a chef” argument this season.  I don’t think she’s smart enough to have come up with this herself,  I think some agent or PR person gave her instructions. 

In my perfect world, Bravo would ax Kelly, Luann and Jill and bring in some new fresh blood.  There has to be more Sonja’s and Bethenny’s in New York City.  I’m not naïve enough to ever believe that will happen but I can dream…

Thank you to Bravo for creating one more night of New York fun with the lost footage episode that will air next week, allowing me to maintain the name of the blog just a little bit longer..LOL.   Thank you all for your input, the blog will stay named as it is for now. 

Next blog coming soon, Bethenny’s Getting Married? 

Until next time…

Oops one last thing….I just got Jill’s blog, here it is:

Well everyone, the season is finally over and it’s time for one last reflection and many thanks. This season was difficult for me at times to film and watch. Yet after reading all of your comments here and on JillZarin.com I have realized that this season has been just as important for many of you as it was for me. For the first two seasons you’ve watched me, for the most part, in my better moments. This season- not all perfect. But through it all we’ve learned together that people make mistakes. All we can do is attempt to fix them. Everyone may not end up agreeing with you, but if you are at peace with yourself …journey complete and onto the next new and exciting chapter in your life.

I could sit here and tell you many things that happened this season that did not make it onto the shows, or that happened after the filming was over. Even as recently as the reunion filming. But to what purpose would that really serve to myself, the other ladies or you, the viewer? You can’t say you are moving on and then keep going backwards. So let’s enjoy the lost footage next week and and close the book on this season!

Can you believe Ally is going to college in the fall? With her gone I decided I needed to find a hobby! So I did! I have a bedding line that I have designed that will be available this fall. I have worked on it for a long time and am working on Spring 2011 right now. I would love to hear ideas from you, so please sign up for my newsletter at jillzarin.com so we can keep in touch over the summer. I’ll also answer your questions to what I wore at the reunion and more!

More exciting news! Book clubs are selecting SECRETS for thier summer reading since there is so much to talk about amongst friends. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please email us and tell us what you think and if you want…one of us could call you when the book club gets together as a SURPRISE! Just email CARA at cara@lisawexler.com to set up the call. We will call and answer ONE question you have that the group comes up with from reading a chapter in the book. You must have at least 6 people in the room! Don’t be shy-it’ll be fun

Here is a comment from our last event in Providence, Rhode Island:

“Over 300 people came to our sold-out event which was more than we ever espected. ! Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler and Gloria Kamen put together an unforgettable event which had intergenerational appeal. They kept the program moving with their high energy and enthusiasm! Very gracious with the audience in answering questions both on stage and throughout the very long book signing! This dynamic trio delivered sage advice for dating teens, about marriage, parenting, and friendship! It was so entertaining and engaging.”

-Robin Kall, Host of Reading with Robin on 920 WHJJ

We are also getting invited to speak at many JCC’s and private corporate events. We want to try to do a few cities at the same time, so please let us know if your organization would like us to come speak. If interested in booking Secrets in a town near you please contact Cara at: cara@lisawexler.com

Secrets was written with love for all the fans of the show and people

who want advice from Gloria, the ultimate “Jewish Mother.” First I shared my life with all of you…and now I shared my mom.In the book, I share “behind the scenes” stories about my personal relationships, including the housewives. And everyone always asks, “Jill, how did you get on the show? How did you meet your first husband?

Why did you get divorced, and how did I meet …”MY BOBBY.”

Lastly but certainly not least, I have so many people to thank. First, Bobby and Allyson for sharing this crazy experience with me. You love me for who I am and I love you both more than words could EVER say. My parents, sister, Aunt Cookie (who calls me after everything I do) and is my biggest cheerleader. My step children, GRANDCHILDREN, cousins, aunts, neices and nephews too! Darren, who is my rock and always makes sure I am “ok.” Amy W, Lisa S, Lauren H,Paul S, you know who you are. Anne Austin (makeup), Lauren Solomon (stylist), and Galina (hair) who helped me look my best when I needed it the most. Jena and the little Finn girls (you know who you are) and my entire Zarin Clan. Relationships are what matters most to me and I will continue to work and being the best mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Everyone at Bravo and Shed media…I thank you for the last 3 years.

I also would to thank my cast mates for sharing 4 months of your life with me. I know it wasn’t always perfect, but nothing in life is. I wish you all success with each of your careers, books and businesses. May we all learn from each other and grow to be better to each other and be the best that we can be.

Finally, as you all probably know, I love social media and update FACEBOOK and TWITTER frequently (sometimes too much!) so follow me! I will continue to send out newsletters so please sign up on jillzarin.com ( top right corner)

Next week will be the LAST episode of the season. “Lost Footage” Will I say I wish they never found them? HAH!

I wish you all a Healthy and Happy Summer and I hope you enjoyed the show!



(Gag me!)


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570 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Final Reunion Episode June 18, 2010

  1. MickeyMouth says:

    Re changing the name of the blog: If Jill can hold a grudge, so can we and the blog should remain I HATE JILL ZARIN in perpetuity. I really don’t see that statement ever changing for me. However if you want something a little more generic but still carries some Zarin disgust with it, may I suggest: NO SYMPATHY FOR THE REALITY DEVIL.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      LMAO Love it Mickey! I think Alex’s blog alone made me want to keep the name forever! 🙂

      • Melinda says:

        agreed!!! do not change the blog name!! as long as she is hateful towards Alex…….screw her!

      • MickeyMouth says:

        Great blog Lynn! I am still catching up on yesterday’s comments. I agree I don’t think the lost footage will be what we really want to see. I personally don’t think I could watch Jill prostituting herself for jewelry. If your husband gives you a gift and you end up in bed later that’s a thank you both enjoy. But if you offer your husband sex for jewelry that makes you whore. A married whore, but still a whore. IMHO. I haven’t read “the book” but is this one of those treasured secrets passed down in her family? You know prostitution is one of the oldest professions.

      • Scorpiosue says:

        You know, I think if you changed the blog to “I Love Alex McCord” it would tick Jill off more than “I Hate Jill Zarin”. Maybe for one day you could do it :).

    • Sandi C says:

      The “I HATE JILL ZARIN in perpetuity” blog.

      There’s the title, keep “in perpetuity” in the title pulease. Vile woman, that Jill Zarin. Vile and stench forever.

    • Icey says:

      Or how about, ‘Channeling the Devil’ with a picture of Jill (with devil horns)?

    • tinamarie49 says:

      I am so upset~! I just read an interview Jill gave to Advocate.com and she complared Kelly to Phoebe Prince – the little girl who killer herself. Thats crossing the line. I wrote to the different bullying organizations for children and parents and they do not back Kelly at all. She went to jail for assult!!!!!! I am crazy mad at Jill for even putting Kelly in with Phoebe thats sickening.
      There is a blog stating that Kelly has a real mental problem and the doctor gives specific details to Kelly’s disorder. Its called
      Schizoaffective Disorder
      Posted on June 18, 2010 by angelofdevs
      Read the blog it makes sense. I am done with the show I am not going to help put money in these women’s pockets anymore. IF their ratings go down so will they – Except for B

  2. desertgal66 says:

    Added this to the last blog, but I’ll repost it here.

    Okay, I have to point this out for those who aren’t sure that Kelly may be using drugs:

    On the island, she picks an argument at lunch, disappears screaming about how they are all delusional, vile women, and comes back chipper and “Hiiiii”.

    At dinner, she picks the mother of all arguments, disappears saying she is exhausted, runs to her room laughing, and comes back munching on candy like she had just discovered food.

    On the reunion, she gets up, walks off the set and returns a few minutes later. Melodrama aside, what the hell is the point of walking off the set for a few minutes for no discernible reason, if she wasn’t looking for a fix?

    She continually disappears and comes back in a different frame of mind.
    Her skin is always oily.
    Her hair is always greasy, and she can’t stop playing with it. (I think she was even chewing on it on the island.)
    Just looking at her, one can almost get a whiff of the way she must smell.
    Her eyes are always vacant.
    She can’t string two coherent words together.
    She obviously is an extreme workout fanatic. I don’t know if she uses steroids, but her body is almost overtoned.
    She jogs in the middle of traffic. (And you know THAT segment was edited, because in reality, there were 45 NY cab drivers screaming at her to “get the F**K out of the way, lady!”. )
    She’s got the attention span and the reasoning power of a gnat.
    If you tell her “green”, she hears “yellow”.

    I’ve no doubt there’s some mental illness going on with Kelly, but I’m betting that chick is also definitely on something.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I agree there are probably multiple issues going on with Kelly. Without a urine test, a shrink or an exorcising priest I don’t think we will ever know what’s really wrong with her. I know I don’t like her and the moment of empathy I felt for her during her breakdown on the VI trip is gone. She is not a nice person. Whether she is drugged, crazy or possessed she is no better than Jill Zarin.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      You are so right! I think anyone who dismisses the thought that drugs (legal or illegal) are involved are naive.

      There are even more, her argumentative behavior, the cat smell and the craving for sweets, the constant leg swinging, playing with her jewelry, inappropriate reactions and responses. Coupled with your list, it all screams drug abuse to me.

      • Kristy says:

        I think bc she used to be a model being the center of attention getting all this love and praise w/o having to say anything gave her a real complex, idk why but i just thought of a scene from Walk the Line when someone offers johnny cash pills to keep up his energy and says their safe bc Elvis uses them… maybe backstage at a fashion show or something someone told her these black “dolls” were vitamins

        i think her behavior is deplorable but what really makes me sad is watching her interact with her children, she can’t hear what THEY are say, you know the one’s with real feelings, arrg! it get’s me so frustrated i almost want to pull a daniel and scream “pay attention puh-lease!”

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Actually if anything, her behaviors on the reunion show convinced me more than ever that Kelly falls somewhere on the autistic spectrum, especially with the whole “I turn people down to 2” rant. If you read message boards for high functioning Aspies or literature written by them it’s very similar to something they would say about how they shut other people out.

        All the fidgeting she does ‘stimming’ behavior- and it gets more pronounce the more uncomfortable she gets.

        I think all the contractions come from the fact that she doesn’t seem to be able to process language well, ( there have been many examples of someone saying something to her- and she completely misinterprets what was said when it should have been very clear. Remember when one of her daughters commented ‘you do so much for us’ and Kelly got indignant thinking she was being insulted) this is especially when it’s in the form of a question. Many time when she is asked questions, she shuts down- stims- and whines “stop”. When she does try to answer, it seems like her mind searches for words related to the question and she forms some random answer around them. I think that’s why she is inconstant.

        People often describe people with autism as living in their own world- how many times have we heard about “Kellyland”.

        • Kristy says:

          I work with special needs children for a living, if you are in NYC and are interested(here’s a plug for my employer who does amazing things) http://www.SnackNYC.com

          I can understand where people reading about autism spectrum disorders can draw connections to Kelly’s behavior but I am around this every day and I feel very confident in saying Kelly is not autistic

          My kids range from 3 to 17 and have many different disorders and not just on the autism spectrum and i find it insulting to group kelly in with these amazing children… people.

          i look into their eyes everyday and whatever Kelly has going on is NOT what is going on for those with special needs.

    • EmmaJames says:

      You are so right!

    • Margo Channing says:

      OMG! Thank you! As a 20 year recovering person (drunk) I used to see Kelly in “The Rooms”…Court appointed, daddy or mommy or my agent sent me…All the same…

      I really thought I was the only person watching that saw upon her return, that her eyes were dark, dialated, and her skin had a different palor as well…still greasy, but that’s the drugs making her as shiny as one of Luman’s dresses. She lied to Andy’s face, it was not until Bet spoke up towards the end, and said she was ‘escorted off the island by a Bravo producer’…That right there was the nail in her coffin for me. I would rather have target-practice-for-Alex, Jill come back next season, than that horrible and very doped up child/woman….

      • Caitlin says:

        Dear Margo, I am a recovering drunk as well, and what you have to say about having seen Kelly in “the rooms” makes more sense than any psychological or personality disorder I know of. That Denial Monster inside of her just jumps out at you, does it not? Add to her list of contradictions that one day she can decide to be in recovery, and the next day she can drink beer and tequila and even “invent” a new cocktail. (Ha!) She is a walking, talking object lesson about the dangers of forgetting that we need to work on ourselves and our own flaws and leave the judging of others to a Higher Power.

        • causticbroad says:

          Please, I have also stated that I am in recovery for 20 years, and even though I really, really can’t stand Kelly, I know enough NOT to break someones anonimity who attends a 12 step meeting, court appointed, family ultimatum or not. Just because we don’t like someone, does not mean we can publicize someone being there. I’m sure you’ve heard in “the rooms”….” WHO YOU SEE HERE, WHAT YOU HEAR HERE, STAYS HERE”. OK, I’m off the soap box now.

          Lynn, I was thinking about something you said while I was watching the show. The fact that Jill tried to sabotage Ramona’s St.John’s trip by trying to make the other ladies not go on the trip and go on a trip that was all about her. You said they couldnt talk about it on the reunion and I wondered why. Bethanny did start to say that Jill was trying to sabotage the trip and then nothing else was said, but they talked about Jill trying to sabotage Bethenny’s new show. I just wished they would have brought up the fact that she also tried to sabotage the St. John’s trip as well. Just shows that she really is an evil manipulating troll who will do anything to be the center of attention.

          • causticbroad says:

            P.S. I just wanted to say that it’s not that I don’t agree that Kelly need to be in th”the rooms” it’s just that we can’t talk about thee fact that she might be in and out of the rooms as well. Hope I make sense, I’m not trying to offend anyone or defend Kelly at all. I do think she may just be a spoiled brat! Obviously if it is drugs or booze or something, she is obviously in major denial!! As are most spoiled brats with an addiction problem!

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Don’t forget how she kept pumping her leg up and down while sitting on the couch at the reunion. She CAN’T sit still. Who does that leg swinging …..after age 6 or so? Get her into some rehab!

  3. yesIwatchthiscrap says:

    acckkk…wrote this then a new post:

    Alex’s Bravo blog is up….and WOW wow wow WOW….GO ALEX! She calls Jill out and it even has links set to what she is talking about. I have to admit I lost a little bit of respect for her the past few weeks because she just seems angry and not prepared….don’t get me wrong I still like her more than the others…I can relate to her very well….I just wanted her to be more clear in her arguments instead of catty.
    But her Bravo blog just won me right back. LOVE IT!

    • Melinda says:

      I love how Alex included PROOF links in her blog………gee Jill, where are all your alleged proof links???

  4. Squirrels says:

    Well, first off, thanks Lynn for every ounce of energy you poured into this venture. I speak for many when I tell you how impressed I am with not just your writing style and astute nature, but for your willingness to be as fair as possible and for standing up for your right to assembly and free speech.

    Looking forward to a continued relationship, beginning with BGM?, Top Chef and more I hope.

  5. Judy says:

    Thanks for the great blog Lynn. I think B would return if they got rid of Kelly, she really made a fool of herself at the reunion. I love how Kathy G. asked Andy if it was a drug induced craziness or a Chappelle thing!

  6. moriasheehan says:

    Lynn, i was wondering if you had any thoughts on luann’s statement about her ex and her boyfriend being jewish.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      You know, that is one thing that I found interesting. Andy was obviously pretty interested as well.

      Alex, Luann’s ex-husband could be prejudiced toward Jews, I don’t know, what I do know is that Luann wants people to think that he is prejudice. Luann didn’t deny or try to backtrack from her comment about Alex not being happy that she was dating a Jewish man. She could just be trying to make Alex look bad? Why else would Luann bring it up? Why would she even mention or care what her ex-husband’s reaction to her new man would be?

      • Bosandi says:

        You know I thought the same thing – that Lu wants people to think her ex is prejudiced toward Jews. But consider this, Lu may have been prejudiced against Jewish people herself. Otherwise why would her ex be surprised? They probably had conversations about Jewish people where she didn’t disagree with his opinions. If she had disagreed then he wouldn’t be surprised that she was dating a Jewish man. I think she zipped her lips when she realized that making her ex look bad also implicated herself.

        Would I label her anti-semetic? Probably not. But being in close proximity to someone could be (for so long) is not a good look for the c*ntless.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I don’t know why they even brought that comment up, they tried to make it con traversal but really it was too vague to come to any real conclusion.

          While Count Alex might be shocked to learn LuLu is dating a Jewish man, on the opposite hand Jill would shit herself and probably disown Ally if she dated someone one who wasn’t Jewish. Yet, she wasn’t called out for that.

  7. jane says:

    Dear LAWD, when are we gone see jills back , ?
    thank u Lynn, loved your blog ,but all things come to an end , will love to read more , i dont want to hear about NJ house wives, so no i will not be reading hear or talk anything about them.Gone miss my girl LYNN!

  8. Melinda says:

    I was so angry watching Jill treat Alex with so much hate and contempt!!! I could hardly contain myself while watching……..Jill is lucky I don’t have her phone number or I would have called her right there and said, how can you be so cruel to a woman who has done NOTHING to you but stand up and not take any more of your bullying!! UGH!!!

    Jill will NEVER see her part………she isn’t self-aware at all………and hopefully someday she will learn that in life, if you are not truly good to people, what is the point?

    her newsletter/blog makes me want to GAG!!! just like she stuck her finger in her mouth when Ramona was talking about her new hair on that first episode on the boat!! same here Jill………same here!

    • moriasheehan says:

      jill can never admit her wrongs, then she would have to face the fact that she really hates herself.

  9. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Good Morning, Great Blog as usual Lynn,

    I myself did not get any closure from the reunion. LOL!! There was no mention of Amazon Gate, Baby Gate and no resolution to Krazy Kelly Gate. We did get some closure on Luann’s Extramarital affairs did we care? Not Really.
    Anyway I love ALex’s blog and I’m glad she is putting her foot down and not holding back because if Jill wants to destroy her Alex should not stand by and let it happen.

    Also on BGM how sweet were Jason’s parents. I think Betenny has found a wonderful family who will love her no matter what.

  10. Tootsie says:

    Words cannot express how happy I am that the show is over. I’ll not be stupid enough to watch next year unless Jill and Calamity Jane is gone (fat chance). Ugliness, evil, hatefulness, sick, deranged people are not my type of entertainment. I vote for “I HATE JILL’ to stay. Like flatulance, Jill will be back. It’s all about money with Bravo. They are not known for ethics and good common sense.

  11. boston02127 says:

    Hi Lynn, Loved your Blog. I felt a little sad reading it thou because I know the shows ended and this Blog has kept me company for quite a while. You’ve put a lot of your time in this Blog and it’s really appreciated. I hope you never stop blogging.

  12. Olivia says:

    Last nights show was not the resolution we had all hoped for. Giving Kelly more time to spout her stupidities as the other 4 who shared that same trip were forced to remain mute for the most part was frustrating. Kelly made little sense as usual, cutting the others off in conversation when their aim was to hold her accountable for her shameless referral of them as the “4 bullies”, was unfair. Allowing her to prattle on offering more and more nonsense to litter the stage had my head once again hitting the ceiling.

    Jill’s war against Alex is perplexing. During the season there was far more from Ramona who had spoiled the Kodak event, got into a tiff with Jill on the yacht, and if one is to take Jill’s side, refused to allow her to remain on the island in deference to her guests. Alex only delivered an ill timed message from Bethenny, and called her out at Jen’s apartment for spreading gossip via e-mail concerning her father’s death, yet she holds her greatest grudge toward the one person who did her the least harm overall.

    I think it is based more on Jill’s contempt for Alex and Simon since I do not believe she ever considered them “worthy” of attention. Yet the person she looked down upon found her voice and told her to piss off which maybe why she is harboring so much hatred toward her. And it is hatred, that much is evident.

    Ramona has always stood up against Jill, even to the point of kissing her ass. Lu Ann was always there to prop up Jill’s meanness and Kelly could always be counted on to offer the same lame support.

    But here is Jill, the person who manufactured an outright lie about Bethenny, played a voicemail to all and sundry, allowed people to listen in on private conversations, suggested the other members not film with Bethenny, took her grievances to the press, refused to act as Kelly’s mentor aside from the urgings of Ramona and Jill during Kelly’s “breakthrough” and showed up unannounced, dissed every event and person during her famous headshots, screamed “we’re done” at someone who was asking for forgiveness for something she did not do, and blames Alex for the outcome?

    It maddens me that there are @ssholes out there unable to see through to this hideous creature and are defending her actions as if it were normal to behave this way. She lied. How much more does one take to suggest that this is the one thing that permeated this series that was based on nothing more than a huge fabrication emanating from total jealousy? That the additional fall out that occurred developed from that one lie alone?

    Jill Zarin needs to be punished and that punishment can only come from Bravo who should seriously consider disinviting her return. In Jill’s warped world, this would be the “death sentence”.

    • Scorpiosue says:

      Totally agree Olivia. I really liked Jill before this season, but she slowly had me disliking her more and more with each episode. Then the “ambush” episode did it for me. I saw real emotion from Bethenny about what happened and Jill was more upset about not having her notes than Bethenny crying. It told me everything.

      Regarding Alex and Simon, Jill is reprehensible is what she is trying to do. Does she not realize that Alex and Simon are raising two little boys that Jill supposedly “loves”? AND if those parents lose their livelihood those kids suffer? No, she doesn’t because it’s all about Jill.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        She never liked Alex but because Alex spoke up, Jill now thinks she has a reason to really turn her sights on Alex. Throughout the reunion she tried to suck up to Bethenny and blow off Alex – we saw it, the others saw it………roll the tape Andy!!!!!

      • I totally agree. The “ambush” at Ramona’s was what sealed her coffin for me too. The deliberate sabotaging, outright lies, and over-the-top internet antics was like shoveling dirt in the grave. Ugghhh. And when she stressed that she would not return if Alex did, I officially despised her. She is being manipulative and twisting Bravo’s arm to get rid of Alex. Hopefully, they have something else up their sleeve. If Alex doesn’t return, and Jill does, I will not watch. And, separately, if Kelly returns, I will not watch.

    • Squirrels says:

      “… yet she holds her greatest grudge toward the one person who did her the least harm overall.”

      Ah, but let’s break this down for a moment. Alex did do her the most harm. It was Alex who tore the mask off Jill’s perfect teeth flashing grin. Jill’s facade was stripped away with the “mean girl” discussion. Alex may have well declared war with a written declaration signed in blood.

      Ramona was being Ramona. Barely veiled insults is what she does best. Jill can handle that because it delivers her yet another flower for her “you’re gonna pay” basket.

      But Alex? Jill can’t use her tried and true tactics of attack through the back door on this Brooklyn girl. What Jill fails to comprehend is being low key and level headed does not make one inferior. Obviously, in this scenario, the opposite is true. Alex comes across as the smart, popular girl and Jill can return to the school lunch table and eat all alone.

      • Amber...Real Housewife says:

        Absolutely Squirrel. Jill can’t get over the fact that ALEX FROM BROOKLYN, let her have it! She was taken to task by a thin girl from across the bridge. Jill’s entire shtick is being wealthy, fabulous friends etc. To be reprimanded by Alex, who she feels is not socially connected or wealthy is insulting to Jill. She hates Alex because she feels Alex took her place in Bethenny’s life. She wanted to destroy Bethenny, but when she changed her mind and wanted in, there was Alex. To Jill, Alex is the reason Bethenny wont forgive. In Jill’s mind, ALEX HAS TO GO!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Do you think Jill is as connected and accepted in Manhattan society as she thinks?

          • error 404 says:

            Thinks she is or says she is. Face it, it’s a show for social climbers and salesmen.

            Who does Jill know? Dina Lohan, Donald Trump, Jon Gosselin… it’s like a D list of washed up has beens. Even then, most of them are just people she passed int he hall one day. Notice her kiddie party wasn’t in Wollman Rink as she boasted it would be.

            • Squirrels says:

              I didn’t see anyone famous at Jill’s holiday on (splat) ice party. But apparently Luann’s recording producer falls into our closest friends category. who knew?

          • Quincy IL says:

            I think Jill Zarin is a little fish in a big pond. She thinks she is important, but Sonja is probably more important to the NYC society than Jill. Jill is going to end up an enemy of Sonja next season. That will be the war to come. Alex will be on Sonja’s team.

            • vilzvet says:

              Little fish. Remember when LuAnn was describing Sonja to her, Jill wondered, “How come I don’t know her?” truly puzzled. It was hitting Jill that her fabulous circle of people is quite small.

            • tuzentswurth says:

              Sonja has criticized Jill several times … told her it was inappropriate to show up unannounced at Ramona’s trip etc. Jill appears to know that Sonja is “more well connected” b/c she never challenges or mouths off to Sonja. She keeps her mouth shut…..interesting isn’t it. What do you think Jill would do if Alex said the exact same thing that Sonja said?

        • BamaBelle says:

          Totally agree, Olivia. Your post are very well written.

          I’m from the South, LOL, and I don’t understand the Brooklyn and Manhattan thing? What do you mean when you say “A girl from across the bridge”? Why do Manhatten people look down on Brooklyn people?

          Why didn’t Ramona want to go to Brooklyn last season. I heard Alex say it was 5 or 10 minute town car ride away, or something like that.

          Can someone explain?… LOL!

          • BamaBelle says:

            One more thing, please.

            What’s the difference between living “Uptown” and “Downtown”?

            I remember LuAnn saying she was more an “Uptown Girl”, and Bethenny said she had been wanting to move “Downtown” for awhile.

            Also, I noticed Bethenny’s new place is in Soho, is that downtown and why?… Thanks!

            • IMJ says:


              I can answer those questions as I live in NYC. Basically wealthy people are all about living downtown. Its where the very wealthy live because its incredibly expensive (Robert DeNiro lives there and Heath Ledger lived there before he died). The Upper East Side (Uptown) is also an expensive neighborhood, depending on where you live there. But downtown is more trendy and hip than uptown.

        • I agree with both Squirells and Real….HW. I was gonna bring up the “You’re a mean girl, I live in Brooklyn” scene too. It was sort of a pivotal moment in Jill’s new villainous role. She kept that plastic smile on but then broke down and cried after and played the victim. Puhleese. And, she is totally jealous of her for being friends with B. and being filmed on her new show. Ha! Karma’s a bitch!

      • Lolo says:

        The same reason Kelly doesn’t like Bethenny — because B called her on her nonsense!

  13. suebhoney says:

    And so it’s almost over…this season is like being in a bad relationship that you just can’t get out of…

    Can you say “God Dammit” on TV? I guess if you are Ramona Singer you certainly can!

    Alex’s blog does tell all…go Alex! A few weeks ago I was thinking (and posted) what would it take to rethink Jill…I thought it was possible to see a better Jill going forward and to soften my hatred towards her but alas, I don’t think it’s possible. She is evil in a can. Alex, you should be celebrating (Kelly’s stupid word) the fact the Jill “won’t” film with you…I hope you never speak to her again. She will only cause angst for you and yours.

    I won’t watch a Season 4 if Kelly is filming. I had a hard time staying quiet on my own couch everytime she opened her stupid mouth last night. omg…she’s so annoying and stupid. And can I just get this off my chest before I explode…I HATE her stupid “Thank you, I appreciate that” line…OMG!!!! It’s so fake and just so STUPID! I really feel for her children. What an embarrassment. Loved the audio catching Jill verbally chastising her like a 6 year old…”Stop…stop it”. And she seemed to listen to Jill…like a child. Creepy and weird. Wake up Kelly…Jill isn’t really interested in you. And the reason you think Alex isn’t really interested in what Ramona has to say is because your very own relationships have no substance whatsoever. Whatever…she’s a nutbag and I cannot watch another season if she’s in it.

    Love the blog Lynn! I hope to get some actual housework done once this is all over! 🙂 Good thing he loves me anyway since I have been a bit of a slacker housewife for the past few weeks!

    • LuAnn says:

      While we’re on the subject of what you can and cannot say on TV…they’ve allowed the word “twatting” several times, which surprised me.

      • Anitabee says:

        probably because the censors at Bravo don’t know what it means.

        If it gets banned then we should start using the word quim.

  14. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ Olivia , got to tell you I always look forward to your post. 🙂

  15. WindyCityWondering says:

    Lynn, loved your thoughts today and for posting Jill’s twaddle too. There were too many questions left unanswered on the table.

  16. boston02127 says:

    I think coming in to this show Jill never has a best girl friend. Ever. After all the damage she has done I’ve come to think that Jill has poor social skills. She can go out and kiss ass to D-List celebrities but she can’t be on normal terms with people. There is motive behind everything she says and does.
    I didn’t get much closure from last night but at least I know that Jill is pretty much miserable and from the type of person she is, she’ll be miserable for the rest of her life.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Jill is supposed to be best friends with the first lady of Florida, Mrs. Crist. I think she has friends that are not on this show.

  17. Squirrels says:

    Well Alex got some great responses. I added mine:

    Way to go Alex. Thank you soooo much for not letting Jill off the hook (on paper anyway) with Amazon and baby gate.

    Her obvious threat to Andy was nothing but taking a play out of Bethenny’s book. She won’t tape with Kelly. Period. Who can blame her? She’s been a target all year and with Kelly’s unpredictability should be concerned for her own welfare.

    Anywho…. great job on the show this year. great finishing blog. thanks for the ride girl.

    see you on twitter.

  18. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Yeah Kelly says the other women are “Unpredictable” and that can be dangerous. Shoot she should not come back next season just so she can stay home and be safe.

  19. Olivia says:

    Lu Ann could not be any more inane or irrelevant than she was last night in explaining the “dating Jewish” reference and the count’s reaction. Anyone with half a brain could come up with a better cover up of their own feelings than what she did. Even to the point of lying. It was lame and showed her in her own element.

    Was Jill proud of her “friend” after this stupid comment? Was she able to overlook a veiled anti Semite remark offered in the most vague response? Or was this just another “sin” to be applied to Alex in some way? Interesting to me at least that in this instance Lu Ann revealed more about herself in that response than anything she has ever said before. That the Count would be “surprised” to hear that she was dating a Jew begged a follow up question but it was not forthcoming. It said as much about her as it did about him.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Olivia~As we know Jill and Luann don’t call each other out on anything. Jill will let that comment go. God forbid Alex said that. Remember how Jill acted at Luann’s event? Jill was so rude it was to the point of obnoxious. Luann never said a word about that.

      • Squirrels says:

        Jill won’t call her out until it suits her master plan. She hangs onto tidbits until her cup runneth over then walks up quietly and head butts like a goat.

      • go girl–if Kelly had a brain to play with she would just leave
        i am going to be mean and ask Who is she sleeping with at
        Bravo? sorry

    • Bosandi says:


      I replied with the same thoughts then I saw your response! LuAnn was married to this man for 16 years so implicating him implicates her . That’s why she shut her mouth. She probably also learned a valuable lesson – don’t tell Jill anything on camera or off.

      I just thought of this, didn’t Jill accuse Andy of being anti-semitic? Maybe Andy brought this up to show Jill and others who the real bigot is. Plus he’s Jewish anyway…

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Can you be anti-semetic if you are Jewish?

      • jennifer says:

        Didn’t she say that after the reunion was alreayd filmed though?

        I think Jill thinks since she brought drama, she’ll get asked back for sure and can use this “power” to make sure Alex doesn’t. But what she doens’t realize is, more plp tuned in to watch Kelly freak out and plus most were watching because they were rooting for B, it wasn’t about Jill per say

    • BamaBelle says:

      I don’t think that relationship with J will last. He’s way too young for LuAnn. She wouldn’t admit how much younger. I don’t think they look good together, and it’s funny she kept him hid from Jill til the end. What’s wrong LuAnn? Afraid your best friend Jill would scare the man away?

      I was amazed that LuAnn didn’t deny the extra-marital affairs! I know Ramona and Bethenny apologized for their remarks. Jill didn’t apologize for NOT telling Ramona, LuAnn was listening in.

      Sonja was right. LuAnn was not and isn’t lacking in the ‘loving’ department.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I have never been so hurt by a ridiculously funny photo recap before…. never.

      LMAO! Thanks for sharing.

    • Viki55 says:

      Thanks so much! That was even better than his last one!

    • FredTheCatTravels says:

      There are only a handful of people who own that book because it isn’t on the market yet so obviously this person is an insider.

    • Hilarious! I read through some of the comments and they as well are asking what Alex is in the photo recaps. Lol! Someone Many also ask what I want to ask Kelly: Al Sharpton? Satchels of Gold? Please explain. One commenter suggests that she simply misattributed Al Sharpton after Bethenny said “You can’t handle the truth”. The problem is, we’ll never know. I was rather disappointed in the “final” reunion show. No resolution. I need closure. I’m afraid to watch the lost footage as it might make things worse. I …can’t.

      On another note, someone mentioned Kelly’s pattern of storming off and then coming back “totally renewed” (in Ramona’s words) and suggests she may be one something. Well, I totally agree! Popping pills that she’ll say are gummy bears if caught. SMH.

    • angelofdevs says:

      OMG I love the shot glasses!

  20. boston02127 says:

    Does anyone else think Jill has a “creepy” type of love towards Bethenny?

    • moriasheehan says:

      yes, i can’t even describe it, creepy works

    • LynnNChicago says:

      It is beyond Creepy! But I think it all goes back to Jill having no freinds back in school and not being acknowledged by the “cool kids”.

      Bethenny is “most popular” and Jill cannot stand that she is no longer a part of that. She is dying to get her hands on that baby so that she can tweet, “I met Bethenny’s baby today and she is so adorable”.

      I pray that will never happen! I hope B has the sense to never ever allow Jill Zarin near that baby!

      • Squirrels says:

        I’m shocked J hasn’t claimed credit for B’s current happiness.

        If I hadn’t cut you out of my life, you never would have worked on your relationship with what’s his name and never would have gotten knocked up and…. and… and…

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Jill would be popular by default if Bethenny gave her the opportunity to be in her life. IMO Bethenny won’t do it!

      • Kokuanani says:

        I remarked in a prior comment that I hope Bethenny, Jason & Bryn are entering the witness protection program, because you KNOW Jill is stalking them and planning her “. . . surprise!!!! . . ” bringing some latkes and a “wonderful gift.”

        She’s trying every way from Sunday to ambush them, and you know she’ll bring along a photo crew to memorialize it. [Then her “crack PR staff” can send the picture out to all the tabloids on her mailing list.]

      • OMG when Jill gushed about wanting to see the baby I screamed “Noooo don’t dooo itttt!” at the TV. Jill is the devil. I am afraid she will poison Bethenny’s family situation if she gets anywhere close. I think (hope, pray!) Bethenny knows better at this point. The woman is looking for more airtime and that’s it.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Getting dressed up for bed with Luann was creepy too. The whole bed thing going on with Zarin family is odd.

  21. Bex says:

    Thanks to Lynn and all the ladies who comment here. Knowing that so many of you are seeing and feeling the same things I’m seeing and feeling has kept me sane during this crazy season of Housewives.

    BTW, I found this site one day when I was feeling really frustrated after reading the Bravo blogs and typed “I hate Jill Zarin” into Google. So happy it was the name of your site or I might not have found you!

  22. jennifer says:

    Jill set up the blog/post like a goodbye because she knows maybe she won’t be asked back….if she is we all know she’ll say yes regardless of Alex.

    Lynn, I love your blog but respectfully disagree about LuAnn. I begin to grow a bit of like for her after hearing her at reunion. She was honest enough about marriage (I don’t think she has to admit it all) and her courtesy title. I think she knows that she is being made fun of and a joke but also think she’s decided not to worry about it too much. I do think she has realized that she had aligned with the wrong “team” and tried to pull back a bit…..I wouldn’t be too upset to have her back.

    If Jill or Kelly come back (or especially both) I won’t watch anymore. Kelly makes me really mad, honestly. I can’t believe she believes her own crap. She is just stupid. I personally do not think she is on drugs or has a mental issue. I think she is dumb, just plain dumb. The PETA thing was to much- first, she has PETAs meaasge wrong, and second, she tweeted that she brought them more publicity than anything…epic fail…PETA has HUGE, real celebrities who do their campaigns KKB is nothing to them. I would bet you they wrote her a letter about how wrong she is and how abused animals are but she won’t publish it. Hell, Lindsay Lohan getting flour thrown on her brought more publicity then Kelly and LiLo is washed up.

    Ok- sorry long post, but KKB annoyed the shit out of me. I hope Jill is embarrased about next week’s comment about jewels equaling sex, I would be and my husband would be horrified if I said that to anyone let alone on TV…….

    • Squirrels says:

      Luann had the nerve to say she tries to stay out of squabbles, but she keeps getting dragged in?


      Luann got off easy, too easy IMO.

      and too much time with Kelly front and center. she’s a waste of space as it is.

      • Judy says:

        She did get off way too easy. I’m upset no one brought up the fact that she listened in on 2 phone conversations w/out saying she was there, and she wrote a book on manners?????

    • FredTheCatTravels says:

      I will not watch if Kelly comes back because it this point, it is irresponsible of Bravo to continue to feed her illness.

      I’m a little teed with Bravo anyway over their decision to reward the Salihis for crashing the White House. I will definitely NOT be watching the DC women.

  23. Olivia says:

    The filming for the next season is not scheduled until sometime in March of next year. I read that somewhere. This gives Jill “mucho” time to run around to any broadcast that will have her to support her claims against Alex and more than likely take a few slams at Bethenny as well.

    The same for Kelly. Now that she feels she has the platform to speak out against “systematic bullying” she too will be looking to pave her way back into the hearts and minds of those who view her as just plain nuts.

    It is apparent from watching them on the reunion show that no matter what happens, or how bad they appear, they love, love, love the spotlight to such an extent that they are more than willing to remain. Even Sonja feels that she has “something to offer” whatever that is.

    Kelly is a total flake but I would much prefer to see Jill being ousted since it is also more than evident that the spotlight means more to her than any of the others. Without it I honestly don’t think that she can survive. The damage she has created, which seeped into Kelly’s psyche and actions, is what drove the series this year. I would hate to see this rewarded by inviting her back onto the show. She is sure to dominate once again and with Bethenny either leaving altogether, or making infrequent appearances, the spotlight will be shining on her as she positions herself as the “lead”.

    • Squirrels says:

      I wonder if Jill is angry at those who signed the ditch jill petition that she’s taking it out on the only person she can, Alex. If petitioners are going after Jill’s livelihood, she, in her warped saran wrapped brain, would feel justified to go after Alex’s. She knows she can’t touch Bethenny’s.

      B was the smart girl on the playground for this reunion.

    • vilzvet says:

      Olivia, that schedule sounds incorrect. NY films on a summer/fall schedule. If they don’t even FILM until next March it would not be able to be aired until 6 months after that. I believe filming is scheduled to start end August just like last year. Where did you read that?

      • Ches says:

        Yeah , I thought the shows started around the end of summer and go from there. Kelly said she went home from VI, and a few days later, had Thanksgiving dinner with her parents. Also Jill was skating (or falling) for her holiday party.

    • Kokuanani says:

      I would much prefer to see Jill being ousted since it is also more than evident that the spotlight means more to her than any of the others. Without it I honestly don’t think that she can survive. The damage she has created, which seeped into Kelly’s psyche and actions, is what drove the series this year. I would hate to see this rewarded by inviting her back onto the show.


      Although I loathe Kelly and think she’s seriously mentally ill, if I had to choose, I’d get rid of Jill first.

      Kelly sucks the air out of any conversation, but at some point, the HWs can just ignore her and go about their business.

      Jill, on the other hand, meddles in everyone’s life and story line. She’s mean, nasty, bossy, self-centered and thinks she has an absolute right to tell everyone how to run their lives, and to get on their case if they don’t do just as she demands.

      Now perhaps that’s what Bravo wants, but it’s offensive, and frankly, not interesting. The only “interesting” thing would be ejecting Jill from this series and watching how she implodes from lack of camera time.

      And I don’t want to hear another word about jewelry-for-blow-jobs.

  24. Brigid says:

    Did ya’ll see this article over on HuffPost? The writer admits to never watching any of the Real Housewives franchises. But writes this loooong article tearing into all of them (with some good points). However she really slams Bethenny. Enormously. Suspiciously.
    I’m interested in everyone else’s thoughts.


  25. Aranda says:

    Thanks for the blog…I’ve been reading it for weeks now and this is my first comment.

    How about naming the new blog “KEEPING IT REAL”??? That would cover the many issues that cause us to dislike all of the hypocrites in reality tv, escpecially Jill and Kelly (but certainly not limited to them).

    By the way, why is that you cannot say “fuck” or “shit” on tv, but “goddamnit” is perfectly OK? I really don’t have a problem with the use of any of these words on tv or in real life, but this is an example of why we need to “KEEP THEM REAL”!!!

  26. Ellabean says:

    I also re-watched Season 1 of Real NYC yesterday. Very telling. Much to say about that first season – but this one line from Jill stood out.

    Recall when her sister , Lisa Wexler, had a ladies luncheon from her Connecticutt home – and did a radio interview from there with Jill that day. Lisa & Jill were prepping for what to say in that live interview. Jill was nervous to do it. Lisa was coaching her – saying that she was going to point out Jill’s life accomplishments: her glamorous life, how she is a known New York City hostess, NYC mover & shaker (my words), and Lisa hoped to explain to the radio listening audience how Jill from “5 towns Long Island with not much growing up” came to be that way .

    Then in the cutaway Jill’s talking head confessional, she said: “I got this way because I wasn’t popular in high school.”

  27. Ava says:

    Bravo is as crazy as Kelly if they invite her back. She’s not stable and is more frustrating than entertaining for the viewing audience. She doesn’t make any sense and I think she hurts the brand. She’s trashed the show and Bravo. Why would they want her back?

    I think Luann is so boring that she got off easy when talking about her marriage. If she doesn’t want to share about her marriage then she shouldn’t have been putting on a front like she had this great relationship. She could have chosen not to share that part of her life at all. But then, she would have had even less of a boring storyline. It irritates me that she’s acting like she is so upset by the divorce and that she is the victim, all the while it seems her and her husband had an open marriage. These women need to stop playing the victim when they aren’t actually victimized!

  28. moriasheehan says:

    thanks for the blogs, Lynn, i was in a bad state of despair when i found your blog. i hope you never stop, it gives me something to look forward to every day, now. my woes are small compared to others, like shadowsnomore, but i was at a place of no.
    thanks all of you. keep on blogging, so many intuitive minds. celebrate yourselves. lol

  29. ramonacoaster says:

    Loved Alex’s blog. It said everything and she backed up everything she said. I’m sure there was more behind the scenes that Alex could say but she mentioned only things we saw and read in the media. Follow Alex’s twitter account @mccordalex!

    • Simon and Alex have auto-followbacks, which is cool. He just posted this a few mins ago…

      Fr: @SimonvanKempen

      I’m so mean 2 Jill aren’t I RT @TheRealJethro: #RHONY @JillZarin ‘s Amazongate @SimonvanKempen weighs in @Zap2itdishrag http://bit.ly/cGkN7Q
      (It’s a twitter link to a Zap2It piece. not sure if you can copy and paste)

      The article is a about Amazongate. The war has begun…

  30. boston02127 says:

    Alex, Ramona, Sonja & Bethenny,
    If any of you read this blog, please make a YouTube video on systematic blaming.

  31. Olivia says:

    It is Jill who believes the world revolves around Jill. Examples are riddled all over the series.

    -Walking out of a fashion show because she had to sit BEHIND Ramona in the second row.
    -Demanding to know why she was not invited to a cooking party that included Lu Ann.
    -Causing a minor disruption with Ramona’s assistants at the Tru Renewal event.
    -Leaving the Brooklyn Fashion Show because it “did not meet her standards”.
    -Fussing over the food at the Renewal Ceremony.
    -Screaming at Ramona for “not being told” about Bethenny’s fathers passing but knowing it all along.
    -Fleeing into the pantry with Kelly in tow to whine and kvetch over nothing.
    -Turning her back on Bethenny in two separate episodes, one at a fashion show, another at the Bachelor Party.
    -Turning her back on Alex, one at the party hosted by Sonja, the other at the Renewal Ceremony.

    This woman honestly believes that this series revolves around her and her only. The others are merely props in her dubious claims to fame. I absolutely loathe her and what she represents.

  32. boston02127 says:

    Jill started out being mad a Bethenny for saying “get a hobby”. By the end of the season she had a list of reason why she was angry a B.
    I can only image how long her anger list will be next season towards Alex.

  33. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    @ Boston, GOOD ONE, Systematic Blaming!! HALARIOUS!!

  34. Cyn says:

    Jill is nothing more than you’re basic nasty bitch. Apologies are just words to her., somthing to say so she can go on running her vile mouth. I love what the “pedicure ladies” did to her, which was the best thing to do to someone like Jill. They shunned her. Jill needs more people in her life to do that. then maybe she’ll use the few brain cells she has and realize what kind of person she is. Do they sell brain cells at Saks?

    School Guidance Counselor: So, Ally, what kind of college where you thinking of?”
    Ally Zarin: “Well, I’m more concerned with location. Do they have a college in Siberia?”
    School Guidance Counselor: “Well, I don’t know, but I can check….”
    Ally Zarin: “I figure there’s no cell phone service in Siberia. What do you think?”
    School Guidance Counselor: “If you want to go that far, why not change your name?”
    Ally Zarin: “That’s my next move…”

    Ally – the further you go, the better you’ll be. God help the administrators of THAT college.

  35. WindyCityWondering says:

    Kelly has severe emotional, mental and most likely physical problems. It appears she is doing a narcotic as well (cocaine IMO because she excuses herself and comes back a different person so quickly – don’t know what other drug could be done without other people know it). Wonder if Bravo has a drug testing clause in their employee contracts???? She should not return to the show because she is intimidated by strong, grown up women. She wants unconditional love and celebration – like a child would receive – and can’t form an adult relationship so she dismisses them. Her dislike of Bethenny and Alex are instigated and fueled by Jill but Ramona and Sonja are lumped into the mix because Jill needs teams and Kelly gets teams. The more I watch the last reunion installment with a focus on Kelly – the little jabs, name calling and attempts to defend Jill were sick, sad and I am so over this that I can’t watch her!

    Alex found her voice, pointed out what Jill does off show to destroy whoever she dislikes. Hopefully Alex can retain her thoughtful, tactful communication style as Jill drags her down into the mud. Alex runs circles around Jill as a person and has a bond with three other housewives that can’t be broken because they went through hell together.

    Oh LuAnn…..you are so boring darling! But we know Jill needs someone to do scenes with because Bravo can’t afford another RHONJ hot mess. We know you long to take a sit on the other couch but you put yourself in Jill’s camp! I can’t believe you called your ex out on being anti semetic, what were you thinking?! You better be countASSing your blessing that Andy didn’t get around to grilling your lack of manners, side taking phony baloney can’t sing mess.

    Bethenny is the Bravo Housewives star – she looked like it, she acted like it and she so ownes it! On WWHL she said she would not film with Kelly and planted the seed that she would consider a second season of her show if ratings were there. She has the power, so take a wiff Jill – Bethenny is the poo!

    Lastly, Jill IMHO, we will see you next season. You will take it as vindication and acceptance – we will take it as the opportunity to see the stake of public opinion driven into that nasty little heart of yours. You will not learn from your mistakes with Bethenny as you attack Alex – listen closely sweetie – do you hear the tap, tap, tap of that stake?????

  36. Olivia says:

    They keep Twittering and posting of how much they all have learned and grown through this season. Holy crap!

    What I have learned:
    1. They are all about “branding”, suckering the “fans” into buying their junk while taking the time to include the lastest product on their blogs as they diss one another and set the record straight.

    2. That Danielle has “empowered” us as women by making sex tapes, riding the pole, and engaging in phone sex while wearing the mantle of “victim”.

    3. That as untalented, as unfocused, as uneducated, and as surly as you are, Bravo will offer you a blog of your own to type repeated “ha ha”s” in an effort to communicate with the “fans” regardless of your lack of achievements or civility.

    4. That you can spend and overspend to your heart’s content, declare bankruptcy, and then plead the failure of the economy as a reason to be featured as a “star”.

    5. That lying through your teeth, and kneecapping your fellow castmates, can be forgiven immediately with one weeping session and an apology. No harm done here. Keep moving along.

    6. That weaves after a certain age are a mess. This also applies to barely covered cleavage and shots of hardly concealed “hoo haws” when it comes to women of a certain age.

    7. That “chuckies” should never be seen, discussed, or heard from again.

    8. That dogs who are not housebroken will invariably crap all over the furniture, the floor, and sometimes you.

    9. That being a total bitch can invite tons of fans who will agree with you.

    10. That many of these women are without a moral compass.

    11. That sheer inanity can be mistaken for a mental disability, drug use, or just plain stupidity. (This choice is pretty much left up to the individual viewer to decide.)

    12. That most of the members of these casts are people we would never want in our lives. Ever.

  37. boston02127 says:

    Have a good day everyone. Got to go clean before it gets to be 100 degrees here.

  38. shanty says:

    On one hand Lynn, I want the name of your blog to change for the satisfaction of not seeing that woman’s name on here. On the other hand, the present title reflects our sentiments exactly and the energy she is emminating.

    The vile, evil looks she gives Alex and the hatred in her speech towards Alex are downright scary. Talk about channeling the devil. I will never use her given name again, replacing it with Jizz instead. That’s what she is to me, crusty, tacky & tasteless.

  39. error 404 says:

    There are so many “Huh?” moments, it makes my head spin like it’s turtle time.

    Ok, the vow renewal was in Dec 09. Ramona went on her girl’s safari in April or May. So… why did Bravo purposely mislead viewers by implying she went straight from her vow renewal to a girl’s only trip while Mario and Avery stayed home?

    Ok, so 3 entire hours were spent reviewing the season and answering viewer’s questions. Really? Not a single person asked Bravo WTF they were playing at with the whole Jen Gilbert bizarreness. Is she or is she not a housewife? Simple question. As we all saw, Jill planted the story in the press after the season had finished filming but before the first episode aired, that Jen was a replacement for Alex who was getting axed. A lot of news media picked up the story. Then we saw Jen appear in a few scenes with Jill, and nothing more. Bizarre. Yet Bravo clearly feels that explanations are for housewives, not producers.

    Ok, so Jill set out to destroy the “careers” of no less that 3 housewives. Her new BFF Kiki was actually her first target. She called her a phony in the pre-season 2 press, and initially refused to film with her. Then she got so jealous of B’s spin off show, she orchestrated a campaign to destroy her image. An orchestrated campaign that she offers no excuse for other than “I don’t know what I was thinking”. When that backfires she shifts gears toward Alex. All of the tactics and weaponry is still there, just a different target. She’ll forget, but never forgive. But she expects us to do both and like her again.

    I sincerely hope that the “lost footage” includes Lulu’s phone call to Jack where she tries feebly to explain her “surprise Jew” comments. As far as I can tell, anti-semitism is one of the few things the courtesy count and his ex-wife had in common.

    And just before she had her 19th nervous breakdown before our eyes, compounded by yet another trip off camera for a hit of something, Kiki said one and only one coherent thing before lapsing into the psychotic ramblings of a lunatic. She said that never before in her life had she had to face 4 such articulate strong women. really Kiki? Really? Weren’t you a model? So Willimina Ford, for example, is just a softy with a small vocabulary? Weren’t you also a magazine editor? So Tina Brown and Nina Garcia and Anna Wintour and Dianna Vreeland etc… all are just like “Hiiiiiiii… have a gummy bear, they’re not processed, they’re fun”? Give me a friggin break you big dumb drag queen moron!

    • Olivia says:

      You captured all those things that were lurking in my subconscious as well!


    • MickeyMouth says:

      I need to sign up for you newsletter! LOL

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I agree the timeline is wonky and who really believes that they haven’t seen the shows (in Jill’s case over and over) before the Reunion????? Slips here and there were made about off camera conversations so I don’t buy alot of Kelly, Jill and LuAnn’s innocence is the best defense noise.

    • Stella says:

      error 404, right on the money honey!

  40. NYCer says:

    I hope bravo invites Alex back first (and Sonja and Ramona, obv!). Then the could call jill’s bluff- there is no way that fameaddict would pass up the chance to be on again. Of course, I really hope she doesn’t get asked back. There are crazier housewives but none as disruptive to the show as Jill, with her edicts on whom to film with, her planting false gossip stories, her slamming colleague’s ventures on amazon, and her embracing and attempts to legitimize Kelly’s bullying nonsense. I hate Jill Zarin.

    • Squirrels says:

      <<<< sends her application to be an intern for rhony. Qualifications – "Fly on wall".


    • error 404 says:

      Jill has already given herself an out. She admitted that she contradicts herself all the time. She and Kiki think it’s a noble attribute. In fact, Kiki gets the words “integrity” and “fickleness” confused all the time. Jill can come back and film with Alex and be all “So I changed my mind. So what.” like she always does.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      HOPE Bravo sees this as an opportunity to clear the toxic decks and bring in a couple of interesting housewives.

  41. Dwight Schrute says:

    I think you’re giving Kelly WAY too much credit for attempting to get airtime. You’re attempting to project rational behavior onto someone who is, in my opinion, irrational. I personally think the woman is crazy, needs help, and should be off the show for now. If she gets the help she needs, MAYBE bring her back. I don’t find watching crazy people entertaining and Bravo is doing themselves and Kelly no favors putting her on the air.

    Now for Jill, I find it interesting that she is one of those people who projects her faults onto others. When she was the victim saying “Alex hates me.” she was really screaming “I hate Alex.” Every time Ramona does something she doesn’t like she says “I know who my friends are now” she is saying “You’re not my friend.”

    As far as not being friends with Alex and Simon, she certainly didn’t mind using Simon in her attempt to stick it to Ramona at the tennis match. The funny thing is, Ramona rolled with it. If Ramona had done that to Jill it would have been war.

    More than anything this season, I’ve enjoyed the development of relationships between Ramona, Alex, and Bethenny. Each has had problems in the past with the other and it has been refreshing to see them handle them in a mature way and move forward. I don’t think that would have happened this season if Bethenny was still under the smothering influence of Jill. These characters have grown while Jill seems to have regressed.

    One final note. If Jill is successful in getting Alex booted from the show I will not be watching Season 4. I don’t condone rewarding bad behavior that way.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      St John island was like going to war – bonds are formed that won’t easily be broken. Those ladies know what happened and whether we are ever told – they are a unit now!

      • IMJ says:

        They really should release that St. John tape. I would pay to see that. I wonder if Bravo is considering it. It seems like alot of things were left out.

    • Viki55 says:

      I like your take on Jill projecting her faults on others. It really helps give insight into her sick, twisted soul.

  42. Olivia says:

    Have to get some housework done as well. It is beginning to look like I live next door to Mt. St. Helens lately due in large part to this blog!

  43. just sayin' says:

    Bravo makes me sick, the Kelly pimping was INSANE. Why was she the only one allowed to address anything? Why is Andy afraid of her? (that one may be obvious :)) The very fact that he did not really call her out let’s me know that want that Crazy biotch back. GRRRRRRR, I was looking so forward to part 3 and all it did was “poor Kelly”. They didn’t hold back on Jill, why hold back on Kelly it makes no sense. Maybe they plan on sneaking her Lithium in her Patron BWAHAAA!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Andy and Bethenny exchanged too many knowing looks. Kelly is nailing the lid on her Housewife coffin – “give enough rope to hang yourself comes to mind”.

      • just sayin' says:

        I so hope you are right….fingers crossed.

      • error 404 says:

        I got that impression too.

        Kelly’s psychotic break on St John was bar the biggest story of the season, it even eclipsed the Jill vs B feud that Jill seems to be the only one not willing to just let go of. There was no way Bravo could get away without addressing Kelly’s nervous breakdown and spending time on it.

        Kiki is clearly still spiraling into madness. Facebook and twitter keep her decent into insanity public. Andy’s strategy of just letting her talk for 5 minutes uninterrupted and let everyone see for themselves that this is not a well woman was smart and probably advice from the legal dept.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I bet that everyone spoke, but the producers chose the Kellymania for the show.

  44. cusi77 says:

    Thank you very much Lynn for this great blog and many others alog this season.
    Thank you for your sustained efforts to make this place THE BEST to come!

    I was dissapointed last night because they gave too muuuuuuuuuuuch time for Kellie’s nonsense and no time to BRAS to give their version of events. Frustrating.

    Another big dissapointment was LUANN… She stir the pot the entire season and all she was not call out for that. She was another big snake to hate… she knows how to provoke polemic and then back out to see how the others rip up each others.

  45. Adele Azzaro says:

    Don’t you think your a cook not a chef was fed to Kelly by Jill on one of the many phone calls Kelly made to Jill while in the VI. Who would know better how to
    upset Bethenney more than Jill. B. is proud of being a chef and this would hurt her deeply. This was Jill’s way of inserting herself into the VI episodes without being there.
    I say it one the phone in NY and it comes out of Kelly’s mouth in the VI.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Sounds plausible to me. And Kelly couldn’t keep it straight – she would accuse her of being a cook and not a chef and then a chef and not a cook…. also the feigned concern for her working so hard when she was pregnant.

      • vilzvet says:

        Jill herself admitted last night that she was calling Kelly ALL weekend during the trip asking “how Bethenny was doing” (eye roll). They were communicating constantly leading up to the ultimate breakdown, so don’t tell me Jill was NOT an influence on stuff coming out of Kelly’s mouth!

  46. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    Maybe they kissed Kelly’s ass because they were afraid to push her – they HAVE seen the footage, and they know how crazy she really is. Rather than have her melt down at the reunion, they decided to let her keep her fantasy “breakthrough”. Terribly unfair to the three women who were not allowed to directly question her, but maybe it was the safest course of action.

    That being said, KKB has followed PR101 and PR102 like a champion – any press is good press, and then deflect, deflect, deflect. JZ should have followed her lead.

    • moriasheehan says:

      check out comment at 10:04

      • jennifer says:

        Loved this- sums it up perfectly (from article linked above)

        What makes Kelly an uninteresting presence on TV is that she lacks any shred of self-awareness. She batted Cecily’s question away with a mean laugh, saying it was funny that Cecily knew so much about her. When anybody calls her out, it’s only because they are jealous or hateful which makes sense because love is up here and hate is down here and the ecosystem needs both to go round and round. Listen, she said, I’m ever-evolving, ever-changing, it’s all good, I like me, breakthrough, this isn’t the New York Times, zip it, don’t judge her, celebrate her. Celebrate you for what? You’re mean, but don’t own it. You refuse accountability, but terrorize others with slanderous accusations and sweeping generalizations. You don’t listen, you never learn, you have no sense of humor about yourself or others. When others talk you announce that you are turning them down to level 2 and go into a trance-like mode feeling for split ends.

        Thank you for the link!!!!

  47. WindyCityWondering says:

    My favorite Reunion moment: Jill’s massive assive while trying to give Bethenny a hug! IT kept growing in front of our eyes to the point we couldn’t see Bethenny or her reaction!

    • Squirrels says:

      Jill, never being one to miss a trick, made sure her face was to the camera. B was burried.

      Smooth move girl.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        girlfriend are you saying Jill’s ass is really her face? LOL Now I get all the talking out her @ss this season.

  48. peekaboo says:

    Another long-time lurker here. Add me to the list of people who will not watch another season of RHONY if Jill is part of the cast.

    I would love to see more of Alex and Simon, though. I wish Bravo would give them their own show.

    Love your blog, Lynn! (*back to hiding*)

    • Shannon says:

      You can add me as well. After this season I’m done watching anything Jill is on. I’m never going to listen to her voice again. She’s brought to much toxicity to my life. I’m so hoping they don’t invite her back next season, but if they do, guess I’ll find something else to watch on Thursday nights.

  49. Squirrels says:

    Well well, Bravo is allowing accolades on Alex’s blog.

    Jill has 2 comments, neither good. Jill twists in the wind.

    Anyone have a wall where I can practice my handwriting?

  50. Squirrels says:

    Jill’s fans –

    06/18/2010 – 10:08am
    I actually unfollowed you on twitter because you are so obsessed with yourself… go keep defending kelly too. it makes you look just that much more sane and normal.

    06/18/2010 – 10:08am
    Jennifer JWFH
    Jill, you should stop trying to get Alex kicked off the show. It will backfire because viewers like her. If you are as savvy as business-woman as you claim to be, you’ll try to get back on Alex’s good side because that is what will make people like you again.

  51. Bosandi says:

    Of course Jill is coming back and of course Bravo will certainly ask her back. Anyone who sparks the type of outrage that has been sparked here will definately be invited back. Like others have said, the only one in question is Kelly. She should not come back. But I suspect that she will be back. IF Bethany’s show doesn’t do well (although it seems that it will) she’ll be back too. It’s all about ratings for Bravo and fame for the wives. Who cares about emotional instability, right?

    I’ll probably watch the show next seasion if Jill & Kelly are on it. But I suspect that I’ll quickly grow bored with their behavior and the show will fade from my radar. This happened with Atlanta and OC.

  52. NY state of mind says:

    Lynn – thanks for hosting this great site. It is maddening watching Jill try to spin her way out of the mess she created for herself when she went after Bethenny this season. Jill needs to be held accountable for what she has done and what she will continue to try to do to Alex. Jill is not that interesting on her own, her popularity benefited from having Bethenny by her side. Without a smart buddy to joke around with, she is reduced to gossip, attacks, crying fits, and shopping sprees. How boring is that.

    • Squirrels says:

      “Without a smart buddy to joke around with, she is reduced to gossip, attacks, crying fits, and shopping sprees. How boring is that.”
      I think you may have just described Jill’s high school experience.

  53. Chattycat says:

    Gosh, I have so much to say about all of this. The first thing I want to say is a huge thank you to you, Lynn, for all of the hard work you have put into this blog. I love your blogs. You are an excellent writer, and at the same time you have given us a place to vent, where you will post anything and everything we have to say. I cannot imagine how you find the time to do all that you do. I have been so busy in the past three weeks, I have hardly had time to even respond to blogs, much less write and maintain a blog and respond to the comments which you so eloquently do, while at the same time hosting a party for Alex and Simon and, last but not least, running your own household. So I am sending you a big HUG and a big THANK YOU for all you have done for us. I also would like to know when you sleep? LOL

    Now, as far as the reunion goes….I knew this would happen, but had sincere hope that it would not, but at the end of not one, not two, but three hours of a reunion….faithfully watching every minute as to not miss a thing…..I ended last night totally frustrated with Andy Cohen and Bravo. The first thing that frustrated me, of course, was Jill. I cannot believe Andy let her get away with the lies she told last night. And don’t tell me that Bravo doesn’t have proof of her lies. For example, in the second part of the reunion when Jill keeps yelling, “Roll the tapes,” about her conversation with Alex over Bethenny’s father’s health, I cannot say with 100% certainty, but I am almost sure that Alex did say “Yes,” when Jill asked her if it was “medical.” Whether or not that exact language was used, I do know with 100% certainty that Alex left no question in Jill’s mind that Bethenny’s father was seriously ill, and Bethenny needed a friend badly right then, and Jill just didn’t care. During the editing process of the reunion, there is absolutely no reason why Bravo could not have “rolled the tape.” It was on the show, not on the cutting room floor. Why didn’t they rerun that bit part where Alex and Jill had that conversation and prove that Jill was lying. And there were so many instances like that during the three hour reunion. Jill and Kelly both lied over and over again and yet they were confronted with nothing whatsover to prove they were lying…..and it was not because the proof did not exist.

    And what about Amazongate and Babygate? Why weren’t either of those subjects brought up? Jill was caught red-handed in both of those instances, and not a word came up about either one.

    I do hope Bravo listens to its fans after this season. I am in agreement with many of your bloggers in that I will not watch RHONYC next seaon if either Jill or Kelly or there. I want them both gone, or I will not watch. I did not enjoy witnessing Kelly’s nervous breakdown on the island, and I ended up angry after every episode at Jill’s manipulations, jealousy and lies. I watch television for entertainment, not to get angry. I realize that all of that crap increases ratings, but I truly think Bravo ought to take a look at the RHOOC and the RHONJ shows both tanking this season and realize that people can only take so much of the stupidity, the lies, the mental instability of Lynne, Kelly and Danielle and the backstabbing, etc. Enough is enough!! Please, Bravo, get rid of the garbage and bring us back the shows that we fans made popular for you.

    Lastly, I agree with you boston….I think that there is something very unhealthy about Jill’s love for Bethenny. I really don’t understand it because that is the one and only thing that she looked sincere about last night, with her crying and begging for a hug, and then she spends the following weeks after taping sleighing Bethenny in the press over and over again. I don’t know what all of that “Can I have a hug” was about last night, but it really seemed, as you said, “creepy.” Who knows with Jill…..I will never undertand that bitch.

    Sorry to be so long-winded. That is three weeks worth bottled into one comment. LOL

    Thank you again, Lynn, for this blog and all of your hard work. I look forward to all of your future blogs.

    • Squirrels says:

      “Whether or not that exact language was used, I do know with 100% certainty that Alex left no question in Jill’s mind that Bethenny’s father was seriously ill, and Bethenny needed a friend badly right then, and Jill just didn’t care.”

      Seriously ill or not, dying or not, just diagnosed or not. It makes no difference. Bethenny was in need. Jill had the power to help her “sister”. She chose to look out for #1 and not deviate from her diabolical plan cooked up in the VIP dressing room @ Saks.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        agreed, Jill knew enough that it was medical and Alex handed her the PERFUCK opportunity to put the weapons down and help a friend no questions asked!

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      From my recollection Alex did not specifically say yes about the father but the message was VERY clear. It was so clear that I remember Jill making a comment about knowing he was ill but didn’t know it was that serious.

      Personally I want Jill on the show. I think her conflicts with others brought in the ratings for Bravo and without her, they might go down. I don’t want to give this woman any chance to say “I told you so.” Doing that just proves her right in her mind and would embolden her further.

      My hope is that she truly changes. I don’t hold out much hope for that but I do hope it happens. Barring that, I want her on the show and to have it to continue to reflect a mirror back at her on how terrible her behavior is. I want everyone’s side projects, books, shows, etc. to do well while hers tanks despite how hard she works it and goes behind the scenes to work against the others.

    • jennifer says:

      But notice Bravo did run tape of Jill clearly stating she wouldn’t go on Ramona’s trip- so I ask why run tape of one thing but not another….I think because technically Jill might be right- Alex might not have said yes per say…now of course smart plp get that Alex was talking about medical issues for sure and Jill even admits she knew Robert was sick so she is lying but maybe Bravo did want to have Jill be proven even technicall right so thay ran nothing……because we they ran the tape of her saying she wouln’t go on trip is was right after she said at reunion “I never clearly said I wasn’t going” so they clearly show her saying she wasn’t going….

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        They omitted Jilly’s opening question (that we saw) about is there anyone you won’t invite!

  54. MickeyMouth says:

    My summary of Jill during the reunion.

    Jill is Benita Butrell. But but ya didn’t hear dat from me!

    • moriasheehan says:

      I had never seen the show, i googled the name, LSHIPMP

      • MickeyMouth says:

        Just like Benita, Jill is always talking out both sides of her mouth. One moment Jill is sorry, the next she is belittling the person either in person, twitter, her blog or her personal favorite leaking it to Page Six.

        You should really watch some of the old In Living Color episodes. It was a funny show with some real talent. The Wayans family, David Alan Grier, Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx to name a few and hey you even have J’Lo dancing in the background.

        • moriasheehan says:

          the clip i saw was hilarious, i worked nights when it ran i missed a lot of good tv

  55. vilzvet says:

    Bethenny represented all frustrated viewers last night, right out of the gate. Her facial expressions were classic.
    Low moments among many: Ramona: “I feel like I got to know you Kelly…” Kelly cutting off Ramona: “Really? You know me? How?”
    Andy: “Kelly how did you recover when you got home?” Kelly: “From what??”

  56. LynnNChicago says:

    http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/06/18/the-real-housewives-of-new-york-city-recap-reunion-part-17/ #ew

    Sorry if this was already posted, I think it might have been, but this writer actually thinks that there is hope for Jill. Apparently this writer didn’t read Alex’s blog

    • PantryViewer says:

      Isn’t that odd? I left my comments and see many others not agreeing with the Jill business.

  57. Squirrels says:

    Oh and the hits just keep on coming.

    Jill now has 7 responses to her Bravo blog. I need to run to McDonalds now cause, I’m lovin’ it.

  58. Squirrels says:

    Here is her one, count em, one I wish I were Jill comment –

    Sharon R.
    Speak for yourself, JenniferJWFH, I don’t like Alex nor does anyone I know. Anyway,I thought you, Jill, handled yourself very well considering the onslaught. Why Bravo decided to crucify you this season, I don’t understand. Without you, there wouldn’t be much of a show. I have posted before but Bravo has not alowed them to appear. We’ll see if this one that does not lambaste you is “allowed” on the Web site. Brave certainly seems to allow all your haters anought space-

    Man, with a fan base like this? Fill in the blank…….

  59. Lorrieane says:


    Last night was some what frustrating. I thought Bethenny, Alex and Ramona still didn’t get their points across. I also think Jill is behind Kelly’s hatred of Bethenny. I watched the interaction between Jill and Kelly, they are close or may I say, Kelly is under Jill’s control. The hatred I saw spew out of Jill for Alex, was frightening. I am afraid she will do anything to hurt Alex’s return to the show or any project Alex and Simon may be interested in.
    Jill and Kelly are trying to turn this around as if they were wronged by Bethenny, Alex and Ramona, and I am sure some out there will think it is true. Kelly needs help now and so does Jill. Luann needs to zip it.
    I for one will not watch next season without Alex. Bravo could do us all a favor and dismiss Jill, Kelly and Luann.

    A special thanks to a great lady and blogger, Lynn, don’t know what all of us would have done without your insight.


  60. Viki55 says:

    Jill & Teresa’s blog are up on Bravo

    • jennifer says:

      Oh I’ve never in my life NOT wanted to hear what someone has to say as much as I don’t want to hear Teresa……

  61. Char212 says:

    Personally I don’t think Kelly will be back. I think she wants too but I don’t think Bravo will ask her back. Too me she would be a huge liability to them in many ways. 1) They will be accused of exploiting and obviously sick and delusional person and 2) if she really went off the deep end and attacked someone that person could probably go after Bravo. So, for their own protection they would be smart to keep her off the show. She just can’t be trusted and the other women wouldn’t be able to be themselves around her either.

    I can see Jill coming back though. Once more, If Alex comes back and her fan base keeps growing and growing like it has I can see Jill kissing up to her just to ride her coattails. Now that Jill saw that bashing someone didn’t work so well for her she might try a different tactic. Nah…scratch that, I had a Kelly moment.

  62. k-ris says:

    Can someone explain to me what babygate is/was, I’ve been following this pretty closely, but I have no idea what that’s referring to. Or is it JZ leaking her pregnancy to Perez or her F’booking that BF had her baby? Thx in advance!

    • Squirrels says:

      The baby was born on the 8th. On the 7th, Jill proclaimed a baby boy had been born. She then went on to blame TwitMaxine and when that didn’t work, her own daughter.

      She set up a baby gift shopping photo shoot, etc, etc, etc.

      • Dwight Schrute says:

        Part of it was also that she was rushing out the news before Bethenny herself had a chance to announce the birth of her child. Some saw her announcement was one of two contradictory things. Either she was releasing the info to steal B’s thunder or she was announcing it first to make it appear they were once again close.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Jill did it for her own agenda and to make it appear that she was in the know when she was no longer in Bethenny’s close circle of friends.

  63. Margo Channing says:

    One more thing, and I am sorry if I did not see it posted already as I am already mentally running over to read Alex’s Blog! Anyway, did anyone notice that when JiZ went over to hug it out with Bet, BETHENNEY DID NOT EVEN STAND UP! Sorry, I LOVED THAT!! Who got the powaahhh now beeyotch!!!?!??!?!?

    Lynn, all of you, thanks for a great place to come and say it like it is! See you in twatter land!

    • Squirrels says:

      Yep, and to make it better, Jill stumbled in those chic stilts.

    • k-ris says:

      lol I noticed that it was VERY telling!

    • Squirrels says:

      What I found poignant was you could see the tear Bethenny wiped away soar off camera. As if she tossed away her last tear.

      Pretty cool.

      • moriasheehan says:

        my fav part of that, as jill is saying sorry, i only wanted everything you have for you (or was that supposed to be for me) Bethenny just kept saying, i know, i know. she never said a word about accepting her crocdile tears and faux apologies. word to jz, you are not forgiven. haha LMAO

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      I saw that and laughed like crazy. I imagined Jill’s 4 publicists the whole taping mouthing to her “MAKE SURE THE CAMERA GETS YOU HUGGING HER”

  64. Olivia says:

    Jill’s “creepy” pursuit of Bethenny is based on two things:

    1. Her “friendship” was sculpted around the image of a “mother nurturer”, loaded with commonsense and good old fashion advice to be ladled out to the younger, hipper, single friend navigating her way through life in the big city. Only Miss Bethenny was navigating the system on her own without the benefit of the older, wiser, friend. In other words, Bethenny did not need Jill and perhaps never did. Ouch!

    2. When Miss Snakeface found that the viewers struck back with less than flattering observations, there was little left for her to do but issue a fake “mea culpa” and pretend a desire to make amends. Jill found herself out in the cold and was seen making every desperate attempt to get back inside and enjoy the warmth of “fans” who had begun to desert her. It was the only way to salvage her public image which had come in for a beating.

    By offering a tearful apology, then having it rebuffed, at least offered something by way of reaching out while her so called fanbase can then resort to continuing the defense of this woman by claiming that at least she had tried. This way Bethenny still appears to be the bad guy and Jill looks as if she took the high road. And there are still those from the Nitwit Parade out there willing to swallow this crap.

    Jill knows it is over. She knows she went too far. Otherwise how to explain the 4 media consultants she hired to tamp down the bad reviews? Alex as much as alluded to this “sham crusade of apology” which makes her A Number One on Jill’s hit parade of hate.

    She had plans for the futures of “Bethenny and Jill” which were thrown aside when Bravo singled out only one of them. She had the cast lined up as well. Glam Gloria, the oracle of motherhood and the arbiter of social civility, Brad the Gay Husband as the comic relief sidekick luring that segment of the audience, and Ginger the lovable little beast who also served as her “baby”. Bobby would be seen popping in and out and being teased by the fun loving girls as they plotted and planned their next excursions into laugh riot mishaps.

    So much for new “Lucy and Ethel Do Manhattan Show”. Keep in mind that Bravo had made the offer to Bethenny sometime in the Spring of 2009. At that time her relationship with Jason was new, her business was just getting off the ground, there was no engagement, wedding plans, or baby in the works. The show was going to be built around a young woman on her own with a business and a brand to sell. The rest came later and just in time for Season Number 3.

    Jill’s hopes and plans for a show starring herself with the others in minor roles went pfffffttttt!

    • Ava says:

      I totally agree with you. I think Jill would have been happy to bury Bethenny if fans would have sided with her like she thought they would. I also think that if Bethenny didn’t get engaged and get pregnant Jill wouldn’t have tried to make up with her. What’s funny is that Bethenny is the one who seemed to have reason to be mad at Jill and yet she is the one who was trying to make up. Jill hasn’t really produced a reason to be mad at Bethenny other than plain old jealousy.

      • Olivia says:

        Exactly. The opening of this season was on Labor Day weekend and at that time there was no engagement, wedding, baby, or parental passing. Jill could never have foreseen the events about to unfold.

        The thrust of her motives were to be based around something that never happened and cast Bethenny as the ungrateful friend who disappeared during a crisis invented to discredit her.

        Since Bethenny was never seen as a particularly sympathetic character, Jill thought she had the edge in coming up with a reason to destroy her but fate took over and there you have it. That saved phone message was kept to imply that Bethenny had indeed abandoned Jill in her “hour of need” but the audience was more repulsed than she anticipated. It was clearly dirty pool.

        Bethenny emerged as a more sympathetic character and Jill paid the price for her chicanery.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Jill started out this season with her pre-planned script how things would go but reality kept “ambushing” her.

          Bethenny’s engagement announcement in the fall should not have surprised Jill. B was already talking about heading toward marriage around July. I think she was spotted with a pre-engagement ring and her rep confirmed to media. Jill had already known first hand that they were serious. (After all, wasn’t Jill reportedly pissed that B chose to take Jason on a freebie vac that spring rather than her and Bobby? Who begrudges someone taking her significant other on a vacation?)

          Jill had all the info to know that Bethenny’s father’s illness was serious and life threatening. B has said (in a Bravo blog?) that she had told Jill of her father’s serious illness earlier, back when they were still friends. So Jill knew, which is why on camera she guessed Alex was referring to B’s father’s illness. She just said “it’s sad,” and that B wasn’t close to her father. There had already been a few articles in the media involving speculation and concern about Frankel’s illness. Jill had all the info she needed if she cared. Still, what she knew wasn’t enough for her to call off her jihad.

          But when Frankel’s death “ambushed” her, Jill realized (just as she did at the engagement announcement, where she knew she had to do something or look bad) that she wound up looking like a shit because she hadn’t reached out to B in time. Jill (once again) missed the opportunity to rise above her personal agenda of destruction and act like a decent human being. And as at the engagement party, Jill’s response wasn’t about what the event meant for B and B’s feelings, but how the situation reflected on Jill. She looked like a petty, mean, self-absorbed shit. so she had to blame others, of course.

          Jill had all the clues as to where things were heading with B in the real world (except the pregnancy which surprised all), but Jill writes her own script how things will play out and she follows it. Remember how Jill explained to Lulu how she would be welcomed with open arms at the island. She would appear and bring gifts, (putting them on the spot to welcome her). What could go wrong?

          This season Jill calculatingly spun a web of deceit and malice…and then was surprised that she was the one who got stuck in it for all to see. “Roll the tape,” indeed.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      OK – the show would be called “JILL ZARIN and bethenny”…….and it would be 99% Jill and 1% Bethenny centric. No one would watch and then Jill will blame Alex!

  65. jill’s hate is her undoing. Jill now has to produce evidence of the 5 sources that came to her and told her that Alex was trying to plant a story against jill and a charity and also produce evidence of her claim about Alex’s nude photo.

    If jill cannot produce this evidence, she’ll lose a lot more fans. People aren’t stupid and won’t support someone who’s out to destroy a coworker by spreading lies. If jill can produce the evidence, fine, Alex could deal with that, but I know jill is lying from her past bad behavior.

  66. MickeyMouth says:

    I think Bravo can bring Kelly back and will. Why wouldn’t they? Kelly is satchels of ratings gold for them. They could add to her contract a psych exam and required random drug testing. It would clear them legally if not ethically.

    • moriasheehan says:

      mickey, as usual, you put it succinctly. satchel’s of gold.

    • Squirrels says:

      Hang on though. Imagine you have a child/young adult who suffers from what ever the hell Kelly is suffering. Here comes a TV show that not only winks but puts this obviously out of touch woman on the air and allows her to salivate for what seems hours on end?

      So what is the Bravo memo? Let’s continue to allow bullying, false accusations and down right sabotaging. People love it. What Bravo doesn’t care to see is the one person who lives privately but exhibits a Kelly type existence and who unknowingly is going to be crucified in his/her own home town as a clone.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I’m not saying they should do it, but I think they will. they have a history of asking the crazy dangerous types back. In fact I think they built an entire show around one called the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

        • Char212 says:

          I really don’t think they will bring her back. She’s a huge liability risk for them imo. If they do it would amount to exploiting a mentally unbalance person and no one knows what it would take to set her off. I can see her punching someone else out if she gets upset enough. So no. I’ll bet ya a dollar she won’t be back next season lol.

          • MickeyMouth says:

            I don’t really see it as a lose situation for Bravo. They make an offer based on contractual drug and psych tests. A few of them have expressed that Kelly is sane one on one and they can cover their liable asses with the results of a drug test or psych exam. My personal belief is that Kelly either won’t agree to those terms or she will fail the drug or psych exam (or both). If Bravo doesn’t invite her back, for whatever reason, she is already setting up her excuse (just like Jill is BTW) that she won’t come back because she won’t film with others. So, no I won’t take that bet. 🙂 I don’t think we will ever know if they asked for drug/psych testing. I am sure whatever excuse is given if Kelly leaves the show, short of them saying she has issues we are not prepared to deal with, will be a lie.

          • Quincy IL says:

            Liability? They are bringing the Obama gate crashers into their new DC show. Bravo has no sense of right and wrong.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Like Jill, Kelly probably did a good job on her interview….

  67. my daughter sent me your blog and i love it please do not stop or get
    discouraged you are GREAT and always on the NOSE

    • Squirrels says:

      did you mean me barara? Oh shoot, you meant lynn.

      Ok,never mind. carry on citizens.


      • Noelle says:

        You forever crack me up!!! (formerly SpartyParty….oy..)

        I have 20 million acorns for you and the tag says:

        I Love my fans, Jill Zarin ❤

        Don't want to diss Brad, he's only newly rehired!!! lmao!

  68. By the way, here are the latest stats on Alex and Simon’s book compared with jill’s book. Don’t forget, Alex and Simon are still holding book tours while jill’s was effectively over after only 3 weeks after the book’s release, except for a couple in May and June.

    Alex and Simon’s book:
    # Paperback: 256 pages
    # Publisher: Sterling & Ross Publishers (April 6, 2010)
    # Language: English
    # ISBN-10: 0982139225
    # ISBN-13: 978-0982139226
    # Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.4 x 0.7 inches
    # Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
    # Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars See all reviews (64 customer reviews)
    64 Reviews
    5 star: (60)
    4 star: (1)
    3 star: (0)
    2 star: (2)
    1 star: (1)

    › See all 64 customer reviews…
    # Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #9,755 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    #17 in Books > Parenting & Families > Humor
    #23 in Books > Nonfiction > Women’s Studies > Motherhood

    and Kindle version:
    # Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars See all reviews (64 customer reviews)
    64 Reviews
    5 star: (60)
    4 star: (1)
    3 star: (0)
    2 star: (2)
    1 star: (1)

    › See all 64 customer reviews…
    # Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #8,070 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
    #7 in Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Parenting & Families > Family Relationships > Motherhood
    #13 in Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Humor > Parenting & Families
    #9 in Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Parenting & Families > Parenting > Child Care

    Jill’s book:
    # Hardcover: 300 pages
    # Publisher: Dutton Adult (April 15, 2010)
    # Language: English
    # ISBN-10: 0525951792
    # ISBN-13: 978-0525951797
    # Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.3 x 1.5 inches
    # Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
    # Average Customer Review: 1.9 out of 5 stars See all reviews (205 customer reviews)
    205 Reviews
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    2 star: (8)
    1 star: (150)

    › See all 205 customer reviews…
    # Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #21,609 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    #48 in Books > Nonfiction > Women’s Studies > Motherhood
    #47 in Books > History > World > Jewish

    and Kindle version:
    # Format: Kindle Edition
    # File Size: 819 KB
    # Publisher: DUTTON ADULT (April 15, 2010)
    # Sold by: Penguin Publishing
    # Language: English
    # ASIN: B003NX7OL4
    # Average Customer Review: 1.9 out of 5 stars See all reviews (205 customer reviews)
    205 Reviews
    5 star: (40)
    4 star: (3)
    3 star: (4)
    2 star: (8)
    1 star: (150)

    › See all 205 customer reviews…
    # Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #22,783 Paid in Kindle Store

    • error 404 says:

      last night, when asked about the critics panning her song, Lulu made a passing remark about being used to it form her book experience. Was her book a flop?

  69. celeste says:

    PLEASE HELP! Where can I watch last night reunion part3 online? I fell asleep and missed it. I tried Hulu but it’s not there.

  70. Anitabee says:

    I have to admit I loved this season on RHONYC and the Reunion. I loved every single second of it although the Virgin Island episodes were hard to watch and it made my stomach queasy at times.

    Before this season who would have thought:

    1. That Jill would break up with Bethenny and take on Kelly as her new BFF.
    2. That Bethenny, Alex and Ramona would grow closer and become REAL friends.
    3. That LuAnn would have a top Itune hit.
    4. That LuAnn would get busted out on the extramartial affairs she had.
    5. That Bravo could film Jen Gilber than ‘forget’ to include her in the show.
    6. That Alex would grow a set of balls and start standing up for herself and family.
    7. That Bethenny would fall in love, get engaged, get pregnant, get married and have a beautiful little girl (what a fairytale come true! and Jason is HOT!)
    8. That Kelly would freak the frick out on camera and pretend it NEVER happened.
    9. That Bravo did not mandate Kelly go check in somewhere – STAT!
    10. That Andy Cohen would have a show that win it’s time slot.
    11. That Ramona has a bigger heart than her big mouth. She looked beautiful this year and I find that inspirational.
    12. That Mario wasn’t a douche for going after Jill last season (I now understand)
    13. That even though Bethenny past damaged her, she has chosen to get the right help and has the strength to let it go so she can have the life she always dreamed of having. I find that VERY INSPIRATIONAL because sometimes when you got knocked down it’s hard to get up.
    14. That Andy Cohen should bring in Nany Grace in at the reunion she can get those slippery little suckers to answer the questions they don’t want to.
    15. That Sonja has a great sense of humor. She’s probably the only reason BRAS made it out alive at the Virgin Island trip.

    Lastly, I still can’t stop laughing at Jill’s act last night. Here her new BFF Kelly goes stark raving MAD on the trip but Jill somehow makes it all about her, and how mean and vicious BRAS were she got thrown off the island.

    We might have just seen the best season of all time when it comes to the RH series.

    Thank you Lynn for giving us this community where we can gather, post our thoughts, vent our outrage, and laugh our butts off. I’m for one am sticking around on this blog. I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

    Gracias Lynn!

  71. ali says:

    Great blog..I’ll be following you for infotainment on the other Bravo shows. One question. Do you believe Jill wrote that last blog herself? Or did her PR people write it?
    It flows well, no grammatical errors, no hate, etc. She’s never written that well before and it has no accusations in it. Totally unlike her.

  72. Ava says:

    I think Jill and Kelly have developed a co-dependency for each other. Kelly needs Jill to defend her and Jill needs another warm body for Team Jill.

    1. Jill defends all of Kelly’s crazy behavior. Even Luann knew better than to do that.
    2. Jill tried to quietly coach Kelly during the reunion.
    3. Kelly claims bullying. Jill claims bullying.
    4. Both have made “channeling the devil” and “haters are part of the ecosystem” comments, verbatim.
    5. Both claim to have moved on, yet continue to give digs to the other women both in the press and on twitter.
    6. Both have gone on rants about Andy.
    7. Both walked off on the reunion just to return moments later.

    I think in the beginning Jill befriended Kelly just to spite Bethenny. If I were her I would be careful though. She’s starting to become more like crazy Kelly everyday.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kelly copies Jill for sure! But I think that Jill’s silence when Kelly speaks gives Kelly the go ahead to fly her freak flag – Jill’s silence is because she doesn’t know what to say! I think they talk constantly and plot and strategize – Kellydefends Jill because she thinks Jill gets her. It’s like dumbstruck to clusterfuck at warp speed!

      • Ava says:

        It’s so funny that Jill was only able to recruit Kelly. I mean how hard could that have been. All of Jill’s antics and scheming and she ended up with poor pitiful Kelly. And she’s so in need of someone to yenta to she’s willing to ignore/actually defend Kelly’s craziness.

    • Quincy IL says:

      That was insightful. It seems that Jill does morph. Very good observation.

  73. PFinFL says:

    If Alex is OUT and Jill is IN next season…..I will NOT watch! I really don’t want to watch while Jill is on it at all! But I do have a fastforward button like I used with LuAnn this season….

  74. lillybee says:

    One thing that I thought was odd is Alex’s story in her blog about the Jill/Kate Grosslin bathroom incident. Does Jill really think she has the power to ruin Kate G. who I would think in reality show world is a much bigger celeb than Jill.

    Kelly said that Beth didn’t cook the dinner on the trip, that Beth was helping the chef, WTF.

    • Ava says:

      I think Jill is just that arrogant. She’s a legend in her own mind. And don’t get me started on that famewhore “mother” Kate Gosselin.

    • PantryViewer says:

      And it sounds just like something she would say, doesn’t it? I can hear it now. Just par for the course – barging into Ramona’s suite while she was getting ready for the vow renewal and making it all about Jill and her air time – blech. Jill barging in on Kathy Griffin and Paris Hilton trying to get air time. I’m sure being dissed by Kate G.’s body guard burned her up – LOL! I bet she was trying to suck up to Kate and would have taken a picture with her on the toilet if she could have.

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      Oh man, who do I want to see win that match-up? I hate both Jill & Kate “My Kids are my meal ticket so I don’t have to get off my ass & work” Gosselin.

      • Roslyn G says:

        It would be a toss up for me as well as I hate Jill and Kate.

      • error 404 says:

        Jill made a point of saying she was doing a charity show with Johnny Weir, another Reality TV star in his own mind, leaving off the names of all the other celebs involved.

        Johnny at the time was bashing Kate G all over the place, saying his cousins are her neighbors and she was trash.

        Nikoli Morosov, the famous coach heard yelling about Jill creating a dangerous situation on the ice, was also left unnamed.. as was his student, 2007 World Champion Miki Ando whom we see Jill repeatedly cut off on the ice.

  75. amy17 says:

    This show would be so fun without Luann Jill and Kelly. They’re losing me if they keep those buzzkills.

    • PantryViewer says:

      Seriously, me too. This year so far, I dropped watching NJ franchise, dropped America’s Next Top Model when it got disgusting and fake and simply filled with drama/mean stuff for TV and don’t bother with Young and the Restless anymore. (Not that I was an avid watcher, but lordy that show jumped the shark).

      I’m prepared to drop NY as well if Jill comes back. Not even my love for Sonja and the new Alex and renewed Ramona will be enough to counter that shrew.

      • Shannon says:

        Add me to the list also. I’m done if Jill stays. I’d rather have crazy Kelly.

        • Kokuanani says:

          That’s my point of view as well. Craziness i can deal with. Venal, loud, braying and narcissistic behavior, no.

          Also, from the point of view of the HWs, if they had to choose, I’d think getting rid of Jill would be a greater priority than getting rid of Kelly.

          Kelly they can ultimately ignore. Jill will just keep barging in, attempting to run their lives, heaping her criticism on them. I think they would all breathe a huge sigh of relief if they didn’t have to deal with Jill any more — sort of like Bethenny is breathing now.

  76. shamrockblonde says:

    Lynn – great blog as always – thanks so much for allowing me to spend my lunch hour with all of you – it has been an honor –

    I believe that the entire cast will be back next season – conflict and drama = ratings so the feud between Alex and Jill alone would be enough to whet the corporate appetites – throw in Kelly’s insanity and you have bonus ratings to boot – what is truly appalling is that Jill does not see that her true nature is being revealed to untold numbers of people – that it is out there and will exist for all time and worst of all – most unforgiving of all – that her children will have to bear the brunt of her behavior – to completely ignore the impact that her behavior on national television has on her children is one thing – to see it, played back, to be aware of it and to continue it is selfishness at its best – I am so very proud of Alex for standing her ground, but also for being the kind of friend that Bethanney actually needs. If you are going to agree to put your life on tv, accessible to everyone, better to do it with grace, courage and dignity, then with irresponsibility, rudeness and lies – as for Kelly – all I can say is that I hope she gets the help she so desperately needs – her children need her well – forget us, the viewers, they need to see her well – while we may find her behavior both entertaining and baffling, they have to live with the true reality that is Miss Kelly –

    again, many thanks for the laughs, the insights and the bonding that exists on this blog – ’tis a rare thing, as my Grandmother would say – *hugs the whole board*

    • Squirrels says:

      If Kelly is there B won’t be. If nothing else, that woman sticks to her guns. Thank goodness.

  77. Teresa says:


    Do you think Jill or any of the other housewifes read your blog? Just curious…

  78. Katiecoo says:

    Bravo probably won’t post this but this is what I wrote on Teresa’s blog:

    Ok we all know the Jill/Kelly camp (I think even Luann has flown that coop) needs some backing up for their strange and uncool ways and here you are again, aligning with that mentality. Do you know how this impacts YOUR fans? The ones who are dwindling? Evidently elegance can also be unlearned. Used to like ya Teresa.

    • PantryViewer says:

      Perfect, Katicoo. I have posted something similar each time she blogs her nonsense. The funny thing is during the first season of NJ, she was the only one I sorta enjoyed watching. But after her blatant Team Jill business, copying B’s book (seriously, how awful and weird is that?), etc., I just see her as foul.

      Of course, my comments have never posted on the Bravo blog. I think I will send this to Andy or Bravo from Alex’s link in her latest blog.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      They are actually removing comments they already posted. There was a post there this morning on Jill’s blog that said something like, Why isn’t Bravo posting any positive Jill posts. So I responded, Because the don’t like her either. The original post is now gone. hahahaha

  79. ElleNYC says:

    Hey Lynn, great blog and I am glad that you recommended reading Alex’s blog over at Bravo. She was right on the money and very clear with her facts. For me, the title of your blog here represents Jill Zarin and ALL of the many people in the world like her. My vote is to keep it as named.

    Here are my two favorite”I hate Jill Zarin” moments from last night’s reunion show:

    1. When Jill told Ramona that she was upset because Ramona didn’t offer her a glass of water or the bathroom after she had traveled so far to see them to St. John. Like, did Jill think that we all forgot that she arrived by private jet? No water on board?

    2. At the end of the show, when Bethanny didn’t even bother to get up from the sofa to give Jill hug. I love the powerful image of Bethanny keeping her ass sitting down and Jill had to come to her. After all the crap that Jill has pulled, I am impressed that Bethanny did not get up and meet Jill half way.

    I am tempted to say that Jill looks so bad this season that I am almost hoping that she comes back for one more – only so that I can watch the final nail in the coffin. Jill’s disgrace is so public, and she really has turned into the “bad guy” on the show. I may just want to watch her get what’s coming to her. Maybe all of the housewives stop talking to her, or she is left with just drugged-out Kelly as a friend?

    • I too made a mental note of #2. I gave B. a silent thumbs up as it happened. I thought that was awesome. And, Jizz’s dumbass did all the work on that one. Looking even more pathetic. Bethenny barely lifted her arms for that hug. Uggghhh!

  80. Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

    carried over from the last blog: Holy Mary, Mother of God, is Kelly crazy or what? The woman is a mental case & needs help now.

    Jill is a bitch, and there isn’t a cure for that. Lying sack of crap that she is, crying for days & days because of a fight she started with Bethenny, over NOTHING. And we’re supposed to believe now that ALEX made her do it? F-that, Jill. I am over you. Go away, you bottle-red troll. Get off my damn TV.

    Anyone else notice that LuAnn was inching further & further away from Jill & Kookoo? I swear she was sitting in a different zip code & if she could have made a run for the other couch, she would have. But, seriously, being thanked for “staying out of all the drama?” WTF show was that person watching? Luann was stirring things up for Jill the whole season long!

    If they do a new season of RHONY, I could live with Ramona, Alex, & Sonja, maybe Luann too. Bethenny’s show has proven that you don’t need contrived drama to keep a show popular.

  81. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    Jill is a menace to society and a stupid head! (Jackie Gleason)

    She has behaved horribly all season, trying to ruin peoples reputations, careers, shows and vacations. Yet at the reunion, she makes herself the victim once again. How can the meanest, envious, hatefilled panelist in reunion history demand sympathy from viewers and Bethanny? Easy it’s Jill Zarin. She can do as she pleases and any collateral damage must be forgiven. If you don’t accept her fake apology…she’ll make you regret it!

  82. Shannen says:

    Darting over to read Alex’s blog. Thanks for another great read

  83. Small Town Mama says:

    I’ve said it a million times, I won’t watch next season if Kelly is on it. She is not good TV or even a good train wreck. Which brings me to Jill, she is a train wreck that I could watch derail over and over again. I can’t stand her but I love to watch her sabotage herself. I would be shocked if Jill turned down next season. Shocked. I don’t think she could sit back and essentially let the “mean girls” have the last word.

  84. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    Regarding Bethenny staying seated, it could have been a physical issue – she gave birth 20 days before the reunion and had a c-section….. after sitting for so many hours, she may have not been able to get up gracefully.

    • ElleNYC says:

      Good point!

      • moriasheehan says:

        i seem to recall her standing up quite easily in reunion part 1, i could be totally whackadoo, tho

        • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

          But that was at the beginning of the seven + hours…. as a woman who has had 3 c’s – it’s hard to sit in one position for so long!

  85. jennifer says:

    My response to teresa’s blog should Bravo decide to post it-

    Honestly the fact that you think Kelly makes sense scare me….she outright refused to admit anything was wrong on that trip….Many plp knew she’d be escorted home by producers, that was not new, its been on other Housewives blogs. Jill DID NOT seem sincere, and I think it’s funny you think we should all forgive and let go when you can’t seem to let go of anything involving Danielle….

  86. k-ris says:

    I think the most telling thing is that Jill refused to talk to Bethenny on camera b/c she knew that it would be revealed that JZ tried to sabotage her show, the fight really wasn’t about cancer thus no sympathy for JZ and her so called change would have been even harder to seem credible. Now that the truth is revealed on the finale about the kind of ‘friend’ JZ is, as well as her constant nonsense in the press no wonder Bethenny wouldn’t even stand up to give her a hug. Remember the reunion this was right after the babies birth and JZ still tried to insert herself into B’s life by announcing it on Twitter, so having to relive the past and present was prob hard.

  87. Adgirl says:

    Jill brings out the worst in people.

    Look what happened to Ginger.

  88. makesyousayhmmmmmm says:

    I just finished watching watching part 3 of “The Real Housewives of New York City” reunion and I have to admit I’m very confused. Most of my confusion, which I’m not sure why I’m surprised about, revolves around Kelly Bensimon.

    It’s clear from the last twenty minutes of Monday’s (June 14) episode that Kelly takes no blame for what went down on Scary Island. Instead, she points the finger at others and says they’re to blame.

    Here are the facts as I see them:

    •She believes she didn’t instigate any fights while on the trip.
    •She believes that she’s the victim of “systematic bullying.”
    •She believes that Bravo forced her to go on the trip (which Andy Cohen denied).

    •Every other woman on the trip (and even Luann DeLesseps and Jill Zarin who weren’t there, but understand how shooting works as castmembers) disagrees with Kelly’s version of the events on the trip.

    And I just need to say to her: Kelly, if you’re so unhappy on the show and all the women are out to get you, and you feel so enslaved to Bravo, then why don’t you leave? Several women on the O.C. show have made that decision. And, in the latest episode, New Jersey’s Dina Manzo did, as well.

    If life outside the show allows you to eat jellybeans, do cartwheels, gather satchels of gold, surround yourself with only people who make you feel good and you can just be a mother to your girls, then why stay?

    Here’s what (as Andy Cohen would say), you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I’m pretty sure Bravo isn’t holding you down every morning to strap on a microphone. I (and I’m sure many other viewers, as well) would rather see you happy and not at all, then continue to watch you fall apart on national television.

    Quite frankly, if you continue to be on the show with the feelings you’ve expressed on the reunion, there’s only one conclusion I can make: You’re out of your mind.

  89. Smompy says:

    Oy, I figured if I didn’t expect too much, I couldn’t be too disappointed by Part 3. I was wrong again. Watching this thing was just maddening for me, Although it took us three weeks to see it all, I kept in mind this whole three part show was taped on a single day. So it’s not like Jill apologized one week and then changed her mind two weeks later. She claimed during Part 1 that she finally realized she was wrong to go to the island and that she really did understand the reaction she got from the other women. Then – what is it, three hours later at most? – she changes that in order to play the victim yet again. Her “heart was in the right place” and now she claims she was in fact shocked that they weren’t happy to see her, plus they were all being terribly mean to her. They didn’t give her a chance, and devil-woman Ramona didn’t even offer her a glass of water! Plus, suddenly Jill changes her story again and claims she’s NOT surprised by the way she was treated, considering the way they had bullied poor Kellly during the trip??? And not only does she no longer feel she was wrong for going there in the first place, now she’s claiming that she herself could not possibly have been more humble when she got to the villa. WTF??? Braying, “Hiiiiieeee, Surprise!” and pretending to be shocked that nobody is jumping up to kiss your fat ass is being HUMBLE? Really, you pathetic, lying cow??? There wasn’t an ounce of humility coming from that shrew and she knows it. And by the way, F.U. , Andy Cohen, for feeding ino Jill’s distortions and lies. When the monster pleaded for support from Andy by screaming, “Could I have been MORE humble to them? Could I???” he looks at her approvingly, nods and answers, “You faced a firing squad!” AND I noticed that Andy joined right in with the three evil hens on his left when they all started simultaneously cacking pver Sonja’s defense of Ramona’s actions on the island. Sickening! I felt like throwing a brick at my TV screen. Good for you for not letting that go unnoticed Sonja. Just drop dead Andy Cohen. I was starting to like you again, but now you’re dead to me. That weird 13 year-old fan (Ben is it?) could easlily replace you.

    Jill’s puppeteering of the stringy haired moron was a disgusting spectacle to watch as well. Is this woman STILL too dumb to realize that microphones tend to, you know, broadcast & amplify the words you utter? Jill verbally egged Kelly on throughout the taping and even told her “shut up now.” Naturally the mean-spirited dimwit follwed every command. And speaking of Kelly, why the hell did they keep giving her so much air time to waste? Did she threaten to sue, or was it just another case of Andy Cohen wanting to torture the audience? We all know she’s completely nonsensical, yet we MUST give her a chance to ramble on and on with whatever lies (and crazy or not, she DOES KNOW she’s lying) the woman wants to spew and nobody is allowed to interupt or question her? Granted, Kelly did look like something out of a bad horror movie about a haunted mental hopital when she was sitting there twirling a greasy lock of hair and staring vacantly at her fingers, but I noticed that her sanity always seemed to return for just long enough to allow her to belch out insults at her imaginary enemies on the other sofa, and they were timely and somewhat salient (albeit untrue) so obviously she does actually listen to what’s going on around her. I still say she’s more of a nasty, jealous idiot than a misdirected mental case.

    Last night sealed this for me: if either Jill OR Kelly comes back, I will not watch this show again. Period.

    Jill’s all-consuming hatred of ALex is just another sign that she has not yet and will not ever change. She is a vile human being and always will be. Since Jill does eventually start believing her own lies, I suppose it makes a kind of demented sense that she would hate Alex. After all, when Alex delivered Bethenny’s message, Jill told us this was was the worst, most painful thing that ever happened to her. And when Alex called Jill out on her deceitful, gossipy ways at Jenn’s apartment, Jill told us THIS was the worst, most painful thing that ever happened to her. And when Alex failed to enthusiastically and overtly welome Jill to Ramona’s vacation villa, Jill told us that THIS was the worst, most painful thing that ever happened to her. If I were a stupid, lying, hateful, insecure bitch like Jill Zarin and I felt that Alex was responsible for the three worst things I ever experiecnced, I’d probably be mad at her and call her a dirty whore on national television too. But thankfully I’m not a stupid, lying, hateful bitch like Jill Zarin, so I’m able to see how ridiculous this all is. And, thankfully, stupid, lying, insecure bitches like Jill Zarin are so blinded by their irrational hatred that they always do and say stupid things which end up making them look a thousand times worse than the innocent people they’re trying to detroy anyway. AND (thankfully again) Alex is easily able to outsmart, outclass, and outmaneuver the stupid, lying, hateful, insecure douchebag named Jill Zarin.

    LOL This show eally pissed me off for some reason and I still have lots more ire saved up, but I guess I’ll release it later…maybe after work:)

    As always, thanks for this blog, Lynn, and thanks to all the wonderful, insightful, hilarious commenters too! You’ve all truly been a godsend to me! Without the ability to come here and vent or jjust LOL at these crazy women, I might have gone postal or stuffed my face with chocolate or something:)

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      She’s jealous of Alex the way a jilted girlfriend is jealous of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. Alex was wrong. Jill is not in high school. She’s in JUNIOR high school.

  90. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    Ultimate revenge…RHONY S4

    Ramona friends with all continues to love and fight and forgive

    Alex friendly with everyone except Jill

    Sonja friendly with the world, never a harsh word from her but she’ll be tested

    Luann realizes what a snake Jill is, she and Sonja are now Laverne and Shirley

    Jill so lonely, kisses Q??? and Ramonas ass, pines for Luann, hates Alex and Sonja

    Q??? Newest housewife from QUEENS. Rich, young, political, vicious, a B fan

    Bethenny guest starring as the greek chorus and occasionally lunches with RASQL

    Jill is abandoned by Lulu in the Hamptons. Lulu is now partying with and surgically attached to Sonj. Jill frantically tries to befriend Q??, even though she’s from Queens. Q???, plays both sides, but is really a fan of B’s and is trying to do an All about Eve. Ramona jumps in and out of parties, dancing and drinking with Silex, itoldyousoing Jill all the while. Silex continue writing books and being fabulous until they discover Q???’s intention and try to warn Bethenny. Meanwhile Bethenny, pregnant again, already knew of Q???’s plan and willingly passes the baton. Or does she?


  91. Roslyn G says:

    This is from Jill’s blog on Bravo:

    I have a bedding line that I have designed that will be available this fall. I have worked on it for a long time and am working on Spring 2011 right now. I would love to hear ideas from you, so please sign up for my newsletter at jillzarin.com so we can keep in touch over the summer.

    I have some idea’s for the print on her new bedding line. It could be a woman’s back with a knife sticking out of it. Jill wants our ideas so I think that we should all give them to her. I mean truly think of the endless possibilities such as a print saying “we are done”, print showing Ginger pooping all over on it, a print showing Jill’s face yelling Bawbbbbbbbbby.

    • BamaBelle says:

      Roslyn G.,

      That’s so funny!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      To paraphrase Jill herself (at Ramona’s true renewal gathering), who needs another bedding line?

      • Dani says:

        Certainly not me, if it is anything like her book if you slept on it it would probably fall apart. Of course I am sure Susan will give it grave reviews.

  92. BamaBelle says:

    Here’s one of my favorite posts on Alex’ Blog at Bravo…

    06/18/2010 – 11:33am TX Tish
    Brava! “Systematic honesty.” How refreshing.

    I love that statement… Systematic Honesty… LOL! So true, Alex is honest and actually I’m worried that Jill will get her fired some how. I saw the look on Jill’s face at Reunion~3, if looks could kill… That woman has not changed and NEVER will.

    I wish Bethenny had not allowed Jill to touch her, but I understand why she did. We can pretty much figure out that Bethenny still doesn’t want Jill in her life because at the time of the Reunion taping, Bryn was almost 2 weeks old and Jill had not seen her in person, but Alex has, and there it is… out and out jealousy of Alex.

    Thanks for your blog, Lynn and I did go read Alex’ blog. I posted a comment, but as I said before, mine NEVER get through. I think y’all have read enough of my posts to see that I’m not vulgar. It’s NOT fair Bravo can’t let everyone have a say, everyone that doesn’t curse, threathen, etc.

    I hope Bravo doesn’t fall for “It’s me or Alex”… wouldn’t it be funny if they tell Jill… Alex is staying so… Buh-Bye! I don’t believe for one minute Jill Zarin would leave the show if Alex is invited back, she’s craves attention too much. As long as Bravo wants her, she NOT going anywhere. I read Jill’s blog, too. What a load of crap with all her wonderful fans, and all the people who showed up for her book signing, and blah, blah, blah. I don’t believe her… sorry, I don’t… that’s suppose to sound like Ramona, LOL!

    Ramona… I think besides Bethenny she’s the backbone of the show. Yeah, she can say mean things, but owns it and apologizes. Ramona seems to be the kind of person who’s truly happy for her friends. Ramona is interesting and the show wouldn’t be the same without her!

    Sonja… Love her and I hope she doesn’t buy into Jill’s shit… period! I find her life very interesting!

    LuAnn… well, I don’t really care what she says… I think she aligned herself with the wrong people, and it’s caused her popularity to slip. Her niece, Nicole, is on “Work Of Art”… did anybody see her?

    Kelly… She’s garbage! I don’t know what’s wrong with her and I wouldn’t doubt that drugs or alcohol are involved. I loved watching Jill squirm trying to defend that Nut-Job. I think Kelly is a monster that was created by Jill. No doubt Jill encouraged Kelly’s hatred obsession of Bethenny. It’s also funny that Jill is now stuck with Kelly, what can she do? The way Kelly defended her beloved Jill, can you imagine if Jill dumped her now?

    Bethenny… I love her new show, I just love it. I like her honesty and I understand her. It has to be hard (coming from the background she did) to let other people in. It has to be hard to share her life with another person after being on her own so long. I think Jason is really good for her, and I love she invited his Mom to wedding gown shop with her. I hope Bethenny’s finds a Mother and Daddy in Jason’s parents that she has been so desperately missing!

    I love Alex and Simon. I think their story is much more interesting than Jill’s. It was funny when Lisa wanted Jill to explain how she got to such a “high society” place coming from where she did, on her radio show. Jill didn’t seem to have an answer, she thought she had always lived this way. Lisa said, no they didn’t. I have an answer, umm, it’s because Jill married an older rich man who already had connections! I saw the clip of the lost footage where Jill was telling Bobby he was getting something “good” for the jewelry… YUCK… YUCK!

    I can’t wait to see who’s coming back for season~4.

  93. I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

    Kelly is such a copycat, she says that she will come back if there are cast changes. Gee, I wonder where she got that from. She thinks she has some power at Bravo. lol This is what she tweeted a few minutes ago:

    @nanaluvsreality I am def coming back if they change the cast. Dynasty with no money or power is over

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Kelly, Kelly, Kelly…..Bravo still likes Bethenny best.

      • Dani says:

        Kelly does not have an original thought in her head. She mimics what ever someone else says. I think that Jill did discuss with Kelly the comment she made after the Brooklyn Fashion Show about Alex channeling the devil. Kelly could not have come up with that are her own. I do think that Alex was on to something she was off on her timing. I do think that Kelly got channeling the devil from Jill.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I think this is how it works 😉

    • Squirrels says:

      Is she threatening Alex because she’s not a millionaire? It makes no sense. Then again, it’s Kelly.

  94. Tootsie says:

    Cattycat: Also, when Alex told Jill about Bethenny’s father Jill’s answer was something like “well, with their relationship as it is I don’t know if it’s that important to Bethenny”. Between all of us collectively, we don’t miss a word or a trick.

    • fairydusted says:

      I recall that as well because her statement came off as B shouldn’t even bother because of the past. She had no right at all to assume B wouldn’t want to see him one last time. I had the same situation with a JZ trying to talk me out of it. I’m glad I told her to bug off and went.

    • BamaBelle says:

      Jill wasn’t interested in what Alex was saying about Bethenny needing a friend. When Jill got Alex to admit it was ‘medical’ and about Bethenny’s dad, she said “I don’t know what relationship Bethenny has with her Father”. After going on and on about how Bethenny used her to get to the top and how she wouldn’t allow Bethenny to ‘brand herself’ at Jill’s expense, Jill finally sad “it’s sad… it’s sad”. That proves Jill KNEW Bethenny’s dad was ill.

      Plus, like everyone said… it was online and we all know Jill keeps up on gossip… hello? Google Alert!

  95. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    First, RHONY. If all the loose ends were sewn up, and no questions remained, then true closure would have been obtained and there would be less curiousity around next season. I noticed this last year–they give you CLOSE to a real wrap up, TOUCH on all the issues and then slide out until next year. What would be hysterical is if Dina joined the cast. She asked Andy about it on WWHL and he had this look on his face that made me go hmmmmm….! I say put Kelly on NJ and Dina on NY and watch what happens!
    Now on to my favorite moment of the entire night–BGM–She and Max are dancing to test the space for the wedding and he says “Does your generation grind?” I sat straight up and spit out my drink (Not very Duchess like, but hey, I am an honest babe!) Being 2 years older than B, I am definately of her “generation” and really had no idea I had been left behind! I was yelling at the t.v. “You dork, who the hell do you think INVENTED those moves! We come from the land of MC Hammer, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, YOU are a product of our grinding you little whippersnapper!” Then I realized the use of the term whippersnapper may just be part of the problem and died laughing! Also loved the bonus clip where B tells him his height and build make gay men want to mount him and he says “I am unmountable” This kid is a scream!

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      your 1st sentence sums up the strategy of these reality shows…at least the Housewives series.

      • moriasheehan says:

        hey, my generation did the grind too. first dance i went to at 14 guy started grinding and i so freaked out (all girl catholic school, nuff said) scared me, silly. that was 1968. we did the grind to retha and jim morrison

  96. lillybee says:

    I don’t see Sonja ever becoming Jill’s flunky. She knows that Jill hates her. Using Kelly’s words; Sonja is up there and Jill is down there.

  97. Rusty says:

    Lynn – how do I get unblocked?

  98. WindyCityWondering says:

    Holy Shitballs, Batman!
    Kelly’s Quote: “I want to be Robin to Batman” (in a relationship).
    Translation: I want a guy over 7 feet tall that I can look up to and has an important position in life, who has a keen fashion sense (go away PETA Bat fur isn’t really fur because bats fly) and does tons of charitable work. Batman will let me dress cutting edge (look at these boots! look at this cape and I can wear a mask too so no one knows it’s me!), will always tell me what to do and where to go, let me say fun things like seriously? like creepy? like I appreciate that, Thank you very much! and let me do charitable things and bring rating satchels of gold everywhere we go.

    Quick! Put out the bat signal or Kelly will find you!

  99. Dani says:

    I thought it was extremely rude of Jill, KooKooKelly and Countless to laugh at Sonja’s comment about Ramona getting up from her pedicure to talk to Jill. That is the only time that Sonja got a little flustered. She had a good point Ramona did try to sooth Jill’s ruffled feathers by going out and talking to her in the car. What she got from Jill is the whine “I thought you were my friend”. Goes to show you the three bitches are still sticking together.

    • Olivia says:

      I think they were laughing at Alex more than laughing at Sonja or Ramona. They were holding it in since someone had mentioned Alex’s reaction to Jill’s ill fated appearance.

      Speaking of appearances, Bethenny was on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night and had another appearance on Hoda and Kathy Lee Gifford’s broadcast. If this does not send Jill off the rails once again nothing will.

      Jimmy mentioned knowing and seeing Bethenny “hustling” her buns over the years and mentioned how he was glad to see it finally paid off. Jill must have been reaching for her own bottle of “skinnygirl” about this time.

    • BamaBelle says:

      More like ‘The Three Stooges’!

  100. Olivia says:

    I don’t know if this poster over at Gawker is another TweetMaxine, but according to the poster Bravo is already casting next season’s show with Sonja, Kelly, Lu Ann and Jill. Both Jennifer Gilbert and Alex are gone. Bethenny too.

    This poster says she has the “inside information” from a friend who works at Bravo. If this is the truth then Bravo can shove it as far as I am concerned. Sonja has her attributes but a show dedicated to the likes of Jill, Lu Ann, and Kelly does not tempt me in the least.

    This could be just another “plant” to someone who just wants to be noticed, but it is troubling to see Alex booted off in place of Jill and Kelly. The show, if it continues, needs more than just liars and fakes to play off of. NJ has more or less enjoyed that theme from the beginning.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      that won’t happen and that person is probably Tweetmaxine as you suggested…

    • lillybee says:

      I think the unnamed source is probably Jill. It is her dream cast and she has been known to leak stuff that is untrue. I don’t think Bravo has asked anyone back yet.

    • I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

      It sounds just like the article that was in Page Six(NY Post) earlier this week. I suspected that Jill planted that story and I bet you she planted this story too. As of last night, Bethenny said she hasn’t decided if she is going to come back yet. She said she would come back if there are cast changes.

    • I don’t believe it for a minute. Bravo still has the lost footage to air next week then Bravo said it would begin market research. Or at least they said that they would being market research after the airing of part 3 of the reunion. Bravo hasn’t even done their market research, so they very well can’t have selected the cast for season 4. It’s just another lie from you know who–take your pick and you’d probably come out right. These certain ones who keep spreading the lies have been disproven so many times it’s a wonder they can even show their faces to any media person, let alone anyone in the media would give them any credence still.

    • LosingtheRunofMyself says:

      It’s b.s. they would never go without Ramona

    • lillybee says:

      I am waiting for Jill to start her vendetta against Kate Grosslin. I don’t think it will work. But it would be fun to see her try and then crashing and burning.

      • Kokuanani says:

        That would certainly be a “[pox on both their houses” feud.

        I want a cage death match between these two fools [Jill + Kate Goslin]. And don’t let the “winner” out of the cage.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      The poster at Gawker also added that it was speculation, not fact: “I also meant to add this is all “inside gossip” not absolute incontrovertible fact.”

  101. Fabulous Earth says:

    I have no words for Bravo and the reunion right now.

    All I can say is that I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for Kelly to be interviewed by Oprah or anyone else that could get her to face up and answer a question. Oy!!!

    I would actually love all of them to be on Oprah but mainly Kelly. If Oprah was privy to the entire footage of that trip I’m sure we (the audience) could know what went down as Oprah confronts Kelly on her behavior.

    That is all.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      and btw, I was really hoping Jill would redeem herself but since taping of the reunion and her tweeting/blogging thereafter AND watching the last show, she disgusts me and I just won’t refer to her any longer.

      I can’t seem to get Bethenny’s show out here where I am so I can’t watch it until I return home to the states next month.

      Love reading the responses on here, thanks Lynn again for all of your hard work and everyone have a lovely summer! 🙂

  102. error 404 says:

    OK, I finally got around to my BGM? recap.


    hope you guys like it.

    • moriasheehan says:

      see you next week. good questions

    • Anitabee says:

      Very well written.

      Come on, dontcha think Bethenny looks like Carol Channing in that picture. I expected her to burst out singing, “Hello Dolly”.

  103. moriasheehan says:

    ok, i keep reading where Alex developed a set of balls to stand up against, jz. now i’m no raging feminist, but with all the brilliant people reading and posting and lurking at this blog, can’t we come up with a better description that “celebrates” womanhood rather than equating strength of will with a male descriptive. tho i keep seeing Alex developing “satchel’s of gold” rather than balls. i don’t know which way to go, help me out, suggestions???

    • Shadowsnomore says:

      I like to think Alex grew a spine! She also threw away the doormat and became the doorbell (finding her voice, announcing the truth of who Jill is and what she has done, announcing to the world she has a voice and it will be heard).

    • Kat says:

      She found her G-spot.

  104. Ava says:

    I wonder how much the producers/crew are praying that Jill isn’t asked back. It sounds like they had to spend a lot of time undoing her actions. And I’m sure she tries to take over everything and run things the way she wants them done. She probably treats everyone behind the scenes like crap. I’m tired of bad behavior being rewarded and I wonder how low Bravo is willing to go to gain ratings. Jill, Kelly, Danielle, the Whitehouse party crashers, etc. I hope they don’t go too much farther. The lower you go to get ratings, the lower you have to go to keep them. I don’t think you have to have crazy to have entertaining television.

  105. LosingtheRunofMyself says:

    Just some random (like celebrating a 17th annivesary) thoughts:

    * Kelly actually said to Andy something like “see, when you let me speak, it is PERFECT” after making her rambling, nonsensical speech

    *Jill said “that’s a good line, that’s a good line” after Kelly said Ramona’s bloodtype was pinot grigio

    * Right after apologizing to Sonja, Kelly went off on her again saying that she (Sonja) didn’t know what happened because she was drunk the entire trip and had to be helped onto the boat, even though we all saw that she was only drunk one night of the trip

    * Kelly finally played her jealousy card! They don’t like her because they are all jealous. We’ve seem glimpses of this before (“I’m up here, you’re down there,” “if you had it like this you wouldn’t have to give it away”). It’s easiest way out when you don’t really want to know why someone else doesn’t like you and it’s bullsh*t.

    Kelly is nothing but an egomanical, shallow, hypocritcal, name-dropping, star f***ing, wanna be. She is as desperate to be envied as Jill is to be liked

  106. Adgirl says:

    What is the pattern on Jill’s new bedding line – Ginger poo marks?

    • Kokuanani says:

      I think there’s a picture of a fat, red-haired skank getting hit in the face with a pie.

  107. anutha hata says:

    Count me in with everyone here who made the decision NOT to watch IV if Jill and/ or Kelly are on it.
    Also, count me in as feeling un-satisfied with the THREE re-union episodes.
    I feel so strongly about not watching, that I posted it on my blog. nyhousewives.blogspot.com even though, obviously if they keep them, I won’t be able to blog about them any more.

  108. Kokuanani says:

    Jill has announced that she will be releasing a blog but only to those who have pre-registered on her web site and it will be sent out in an email to “fans only”.

    Well I’ve got two or three “spare” e-mail addresses lying around [from the days before my kids went off to college and got “independent”/school-based ones], so perhaps I’ll hop on over there & sign up as a “fan.”

    Are there other sources among us for Jill’s shit?

  109. Kokuanani says:

    It is eating Jill alive, even today that she hasn’t seen Bethenny’s baby, that she isn’t free to stop in to visit Bethenny or that she can’t even call Bethenny any time she wants to.

    I hope Bethenny, Jason & Bryn have gone into the equivalent of the witness protection program, because, as Kathy Griffin remarked last night, Jill can evade anyone’s security, and you know that she’s planning her very own “surprise!!!!” drop-in right now.

    • error 404 says:

      at the time, people were confused on why Johnny would suddenly just start ripping on Kate. Well, it seems he is/was a friend of Jill’s (much different than being a friend of Dorothy. What? I was talking about Dorothy Hamil!) and we all know that Jill loves to get other people to do her dirty work. So Jill and Kate had a uselessdivaoff and Johnny spent the next month slagging off Kate to every media sight he came in contact with.

  110. Kimberly says:

    Love this blog. Regret I’m just finding it, but I’m here. Brava Lynn!

  111. anutha hata says:

    You know, I was wondering if Bravo tried to sabotage Jill’s sneaky move to get her bedding line free advertising by including the scene with Luann & “Ginger’s” farts?
    Who would want to purchase a set of bed linens that they associate with stinky old lady farts?

  112. kats2 says:

    My two cents –

    Please keep the blog name but add Kelly – Jill and Kelly are in the gutter together so why not snark on them both with a blog that includes their names.

    I will not watch or support anything that these two vile people have any connection to. If someone has Andy’s email or some sure way to get the message to Bravo I’d like to know.

    The reunion solved nothing for me with these two vile people and I’m sorry I wasted my time. The two things that happened that confirmed my gut is right about Jill and Kelly is that A. Bethenny will still not have anything to do with them and B. The attack on Alex.

    The 3 part reunion was a total waste of time and it is disgusting that Bravo is giving people like Kelly a platform to act out.

    Bethenny’s show is a breath of fresh air and I hope you keep your family as far away from Jill as possible. As you know she can’t be trusted and I hope you and Ramona will continue to support Alex.

  113. Houswife of CT says:

    We should not forget that Kelly was arrested for domestic violence. That is very scary and I am sure a thought which runs in the head of the rest of the cast (not Jill-she will stir the soup). Not too mention she is trying to make a living for her girls? Did she not receive 15 million in a divorce settlement? Plus the home in the Hamptons? I would like to see her try to raise children on $500.00 a week like most woman.
    This woman insults my intelligence…then again i spent 15 minutes watching the train wreck that she is try to make sense…so my intelligence is already in question.

    • Brianna says:

      She was convicted for ASSAULT.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Kelly plead out and was sentenced to community service and if she stayed out of trouble for a year, her record would be expunged.

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      And very typical of an abuser to blame everyone else for their problems. Abusers always see themselves as victims. You would not believe the crying I see in court when they are called on their crap. It’s quite pathetic.

    • error 404 says:

      I read somewhere that Kiki tried to sell the house on LI, but when it came out that she didn’t hold the deed, the Realtor just walked out.

      • vilzvet says:

        I had figured the net worth figures INCLUDED the real estate they live in, meaning Kelly’s suppoed 15M would include her apartment plus Hamptons spread. That could certainly eat up a big chunk of the amount. We know there’s no way in hell she banked anything modeling, since no one seems to remember her!

    • BamaBelle says:

      That’s right! Kelly DID NOT deny being escorted off the Island by a producer, did she? Even LuAnn was surprised by this, she actually believed what Kelly told her about ‘leaving to be with her girls’!

      Jill sat there and didn’t say one word about that, yet she still insisted that the ‘4 of them’ were the problem because SHE saw what they had become at the end.

      When Jill was lying about why she ‘surprised’ Ramona and denying how she didn’t know Kelly was that bad, AND, then changing her story that she also came to check on Kelly… When Andy or somebody asked if she saw Kelly at the airport… you could see Kelly over there saying… yeah, we waved hello and good-bye. I could tell that aggravated Kelly, YET… she still defends Jill… WHY?

      • Squirrels says:

        “Even LuAnn was surprised by this, she actually believed what Kelly told her about ‘leaving to be with her girls’!”

        If Luann’s response was genuine, it means she doesn’t read this blog, that’s for sure.

  114. ms molly says:

    What I was most impressed with was when Bethenny told Jill to her face on national TV that basically, she was on to her whole “let’s cut Bethenny out of the loop plot” and when she realized her shit had backfired – the old “Oh, I miss Bethenny so much, I’m so worried about Bethenny” made her look like a devious, down dirty famewhore who thinks that “I run this”. And I think I “threw up in my mouth a little”(sorry for the ref to NJ) when Jill actually turned to Kellamity and said that she could relate to what she had gone through with these women. Could not believe it!!!!!! I can’t even comment on Kelly- there’s really nothing to say to try to make sense of her.

    To Lynn- Thank you for this blog, it is so much better to be able to read the same thoughts that are going through my mind at the time. Up until I found u, the only outlet was to sit and talk to Molly, my Chow Mix, who has now learned to act as if she really understands, agrees and is really thinking the same thing. Luv ya and looking foward to many more blogs.

    • BamaBelle says:

      LOL, MsMolly… I also have a chow mix. She’s chow and rotweiler (spelling?). She’s use to me screaming at the tv, but my husband comes in the room and asks “who are you screaming at”… I point to the tv and he says… Oh, why do you watch that crap if it upsets you so bad? Hmm, good point!

  115. anutha hata says:

    I just Googled© the key-words, Jill zarin +backstage, and almost a hundred-thousand results came up!
    For anyone who didn’t see Kathy Griffin last night, she told a story about Jill barging-in backstage while Kathy was taking a break between a double-performance in Atlantic City, and then planting herself there pretending to be helpfull.
    Also, in Alex’s Bravo-blog, Alex tells a story about Jill being, (physically), blocked from approaching Kate Gosselin backstage at an event, and how Jill threw a fit over it.
    A Hundred thousand results popped-up on my search, including on page one, an item that says that Jill met Lynn Spears, “backstage”.
    I SO hope that Kathy has black-balled Jill from her little “trick”.

  116. Need a Hobby says:

    Last night I muted the sound for much of Kelly’s repetitive rambling. She had prepped (or had been prepped) and had essentially said the same things over and over before. She had her story about the VI getaway and was sticking to it. Andy let her ramble on and let the viewers decide about Kelly for themselves. And Bravo did not edit out, which they could have, Bethenny’s comment that Bravo sent Kelly home, escorted by a Bravo producer. (Kelly’s leaving the island was not optional and no doubt Jill had been told that by Ramona & B when they called her from the island. Funny how J continued to gloss that over and still claimed she had expected to see Kelly there.)

    If anyone expected some acknowledgment from Kelly that she was BSC on the island, of course that wasn’t going to happen. Kelly’s the same, it’s simply a matter of degree and whether circumstances bring out her issues to full bloom. As Sonja pointed out in the island, you cannot discuss things rationally with Kelly, it’s like talking to a brick wall.

    Kelly and Jill share a characteristic: they create their own conceptual reality and that’s it. Kelly because I think she genuinely has mental issues, whether assisted by chemicals or not. Bravo/Shed may weigh the “entertainment” value of keeping Kelly around vs the potential liability of dealing with someone with such issues.

    Jill, unlike Kelly, recognizes an external factual reality which occasionally confounds her own self-constructed scripts, but her investment of self in the show, in the spotlight is such that it’s inevitable that she will continue to defend herself and self-image by whatever means possible. Including lies and defaming of others, regardless of facts. Jill’s always trying to game, manipulate events, situations, people. We saw that on the show, when the whole season was a set up by Jill to “punish” Bethenny for having an existence independent of Jill’s control and influence. We saw that with Jill’s pre and early season media assault on B where she tried to prime the viewers to see B as the bad guy. We saw that on Amazon when Jill blunderingly tried to game the reviews under her Susan Saunders alias and with the assistance of friends and family. Even Jill’s tearful apologies are part of the game. Then she’s back on the attack. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Bravo/Shed no doubt have noted the ratings associated with Jill & Kelly’s “storylines” on the show. Both J & K have liabilities: J is high maintenance and will even undermine her own show, production company and network if and when it suits her; Kelly’s unstable and unpredictable…and not really an interesting character IMO unless she’s overtly BSC and then it’s uncomfortable and disturbing to watch.

    Lulu might be interesting if she loosens up on the show and drops the boring “countess” character. (Ramona, B, & Silex have said Lulu can be a lot of fun when she’s just herself.) Audiences likely want to see more of the “renewed” Ramonacoaster. Sonja is definitely a keeper and Bravo knows it. And Jill’s attacks on Alex have actually elevated Alex’s status on the show as a protagonist. Good going, Jill, welcome again to the world of unintended consequences. And Alex has bonded with Ramona, and also offscreen with Sonja. And next season don’t doubt that if she’s around, Lulu is gonna be one of Sonja’s BFF’s. Jill’s already trying to game the casting for next season and also have an out in case she’s not asked back (she’ll likely lie and say she declined to return because of a, b, c, etc.).

  117. Brianna says:

    Amazon gate was the nail that sealed Jill’s coffin. After that, she had no chance of blaming editing, or “trying to be funny like Bethenny.”

    Boo to Bravo for NOT bringing that up, although, in a way, I am glad they didn’t, since Jill would have simply vehemently denied she was “J Samples” and shouted Alex down over the REAL issue, Susan Saunders, and the masses of fake reviews Jill had people write.

    She might have been able to “sell” the TV version of herself being screwed over, but there were no cameras to blame for Amazon-gate. That was the REAL Jill, unedited, with her ass flapping in the breeze for all to see.

  118. Squirrels says:

    ala Ginger Zarin –


    Reoccuring dream: I used to live with a girl named Dorothy and @jillzarin took me in a basket on a bike in a tornado. True dat”

  119. Housewife from TX says:

    Okay, I never post…but I have always read your blog. Brilliant. Love it and I am obsessed. Btw, I hate Jill Zarin. Had to post link to Jill’s sister, Lisa’s radio show from June 11th show. http://www.lisawexler.com. Jill is on, about 48:42. I cannot believe that woman can say she has changed. She is also on today’s show but it has not been posted yet. The drama continues. Now that I have posted and stopped lurking, I have to say Kelly is 2 cups of crazy and she needs medication. Love the blog. Love the comments. Watched Bethenny’s show last night, it really made my daughter and I laugh. So nice to laugh at the TV instead of yelling.

    • Housewife from TX says:

      Guess I should have typed what was so annoying. Jill told her sister that according to a “reporter friend” of hers, Bethenny was told by BRAVO to tell Andy during the reunion to say “lets quit beating up on Jill” or however Bethenny said it. Also they are bashing Bethenny’s new show. Jill has not forgiven or forgot anything.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Was that “reporter friend” ace journalist Kelly?

        J’s shown herself to be a serial fabricator. But please J, do continue to emphasize your “friendships” with reporters so your denials of planting items in the media against the other HW’s sound even less credible.

  120. HD says:

    I HAVE AN ISSUE-I have been on this page since the Hubpages…no I have not joined as a member because I am on facebook, myspace, blah blah blah and this would just be another site with another passoword so since I could post freely without joining I have and will continue to do so. However, to me, EVERYONE (except two people) is ignoring this nutcase DLA and her cussing me out REPEATEDLY on a few blogs. She has continued to harass me and I am big girl, I can take it but I am letting you know Lynn, I can only take so much. She just called me an asshole not once but twice, yet I am TRYING to be nice in accordance with the rules of the board but if she wants me to get with her for real, I CAN AND WILL. If you are not going to say anything to this poster, PLEASE let me know and I will give it to her straight. I have sat back politely for THREE blogs now and nothing has been said. If we are allowed, so to speak, for lack of a better word, to cuss one another out, PLEASE let me know and I will unleash. She doesn’t know me for real. I am not one of those viewers sitting at home sipping lattes. I can get with her VERY EASILY!

    • Char212 says:

      HD Gosh, I hadn’t noticed but lots of times I just zip through pretty fast and don’t read everything. Whoever it is I hope she stops the silliness.

      • moriasheehan says:

        i saw it on yesterdays blog, i believe. should i have made a comment?

        • moriasheehan says:

          i just scrolled thru yesterday’s blog and found 2 instances of cursing towards HD.
          not right. if it were me, i would be upset also.

    • Barb says:

      I noticed something last night but I thought you two were going at it…

    • fairydusted says:

      I hear ya HD. I’ve been seeing the comments but can’t for the life of me figure out this persons deal.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        When I went to bed it looked like they were apologizing because they were drunk when they went at you—Just went back and saw the rest, What is up with that? Raping Children? Ummmm, this is one I would email Lynn about. No WAY she is gonna want someone who talks that crap up on her blog!

        • HD says:

          I don’t have Lynn’s email address or I would have. I have ran forums and been an admin at forums so I know about bringing drama to the board (not that you are saying I was doing that) I am just saying, I know when you can address things behind the board you should do so. But I don’t have Lynn’s email address so I brought it here. But you are correct, Lynn would not stand for that from what I have seen which is why I am baffled that it has not been addressed.

      • HD says:

        Thank you very much, fairydusted, Barb, moriasheehan, Char212. To be clear, her and I were never going at it. I would post something about the show and she comments on whatever I say. She is offended because I called Kelly crazy but Stevie Wonder can see this woman is crazy and EVERYONE is saying it so I am not sure why my comments bother her. I honestly think she is mental. She reminds me of Kelly. But I am curious why this has not been addressed by Lynn. This is not a dig at Lynn but if I cussed people out on the board I am sure it would be addressed. I can cuss like it is a foreign language. I am curious why this woman is allowed to CONTINUE to call me an asshole, an ass and stalk my comments and NOTHING is said? If we can cuss people out that we disagree with PLEASE let me know. I got a few lines of cuss words heating up in the bullpen. The more I tell her to leave me alone, the MORE she post. Anyone can see it, so why it has not been addressed baffles me.

        • MickeyMouth says:

          Hi HD. I saw it and responded. My guess is Lynn isn’t monitoring the blogs right now and hasn’t seen it. I just emailed her links to the offending posts. Here is Lynn’saddress if you want to take it up personally with her. LynnAHudson@aol.com

          • BamaBelle says:


            I didn’t see any of it. But, this kind of thing happened to a bunch of us on another site several years ago. I was new and the best advice I got from someone else was…

            Don’t feed the Trolls! If you ignore, they’ll usually go away. Most Trolls have no reason to hang around if everyone is ignoring… they have no one to fight with. Maybe that’s what most people here were trying to do.

            BTW… I found this site recently and I haven’t joined either because like you said, I have so many passwords to remember as it is, and you can post freely here… sorry you were attacked!

    • @HD I came across this posting on the last blog after reading your post. Looks like an apology:

      DLA says:
      June 18, 2010 at 2:09 am

      I watched that woman (thanks to recordings from DISH) until late tonight. To HD sorry don’t know what I was mad about but took it out on you. Really am (not in a Jill way but in a really feel bad way for being an ass) I am sorry.

      Seems like she will be back. She got the ratings.

  121. Brianna says:

    The best part of last night was watching Luann, she SO wanted to jump to that other couch, even if she had to sit in Sonja’s lap to do it.

  122. Squirrels says:

    Body language surely speaks volumes.

  123. anutha hata says:

    So I was looking for the link to the fire Jill petition, and look what I found-> http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/BringJillZarinback/
    35 signatures.
    The REAL petition has thousands.

    • kats2 says:

      I’m looking for a Bravo Fire her Vile Ass Petition. I will also take a Bravo Fire Kelly one too.

      Can anyone help me with that?

  124. LynnNChicago says:

    Rusty you’re not blocked! I don’t know why your post ended in spam but its fixed.

  125. Squirrels says:

    Seems to me Jill’s PR people are trying to fight fire with fire.

    I hate Jill Zarin site = I do not like Lynn site.
    Remove Jill Zarin petition = Keep Jill Zarin petition
    Amusing Ginger Zarin Tweets = Accuse “haters” of trying to insult said pup.

    They are coming from a good defense is a good offense. Hope it’s working out well for them.
    Feel free to add to the list.

  126. Squirrels says:

    Bethenny Won’t Return to Housewives — Without Some Changes


  127. kats2 says:

    Gawker – must read recap – they don’t think Alex will be back, they shred Kelly and say Jill is nice when she is not on camera. enjoy


    • error 404 says:

      I’m actually surprised how many bloggers are predicting Alex’s axing. I don’t know what to make of the commenter’s “insider info” either, although I certainly have a different interpretation than him/her of “loose canon”

    • Squirrels says:

      Wasn’t Jill a Gawker 24 hour intern? She brought them all goodie bags when she showed up for her one day of training. Seems those bags were enough to buy Gawker?

  128. Brianna says:

    The I hate Lynn blog nonsense has been taken down. Anyone know why?

    Jill’s PR people get bored?

    • Squirrels says:

      Hmmm. Guess they didn’t have a strong enough fan base. Either way, they got their say.

      • Brianna says:

        It had a LOT of comments, so I doubt that is the reason. One hysterical comment about how someone was in trouble with the law for sending in a sympathy card and it WAS ALL LYNN’S FAULT AND LYNN DIDN’T SUPPORT HER WITH HER LEGAL ISSUES!

        I mean..seriously? Ha.

        • Squirrels says:

          Yikes. WTH is this world coming to I ask ya?

        • Char212 says:

          I saw that and it made me LOL. She blames Lynn for HER sending Jill a sympathy card. Someone got on her for not taking responsibility for her own actions and she still says it was Lynn’s fault because it was here where she got the idea. On top of that she blamed her kid for putting a return address label on it. So according to her nothing was her fault. It was all Lynn’s because she read it here and it was her kids fault because she got caught. I’d be willing to bet she was stupid enough to put the return label on it and was too embarrassed to admit it. I suppose if we told her to go jump off a cliff she’d be dumb enough to do that too.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            That poster IMO is a “plant.” Amateurish enough to be “Susan Saunders” herself.

      • Anitabee says:

        Jill’s flying monkey that posted it had her say.

        Too bad it was all make believe AND all the comments were written by the same flying monkey that posted it.

  129. Brianna says:

    Interesting…Cleo’s blog just disappeared too.

    things that make you go hmmmmm

    • Brianna says:

      Cleo’s was the “Lynn in Chicago hates Jill Zarin and me too” blog.

      So interesting that they both disappeared on the same day.

    • Squirrels says:

      No kidding? hmmm is right.

      • Brianna says:

        No longer published

        The article you are looking for is no longer published. The author may have chosen to unpublish it, or it may have been unpublished by a moderater because of a violation of HubPages rules.

        If you are the author of this page, sign in and you can edit or republish your hub.

        Back to HubPages

    • Squirrels says:

      Lynn, any insight?

      • Quincy IL says:

        It looks like Jill’s employees are going on summer vacation. I’m sure Jill hopes that we will all disappear too. I hope that we all follow Jill on her summer journey as she eats hash browns all over the Hamptons.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      That would be an interesting, uh, “coincidence.” They could have been genuine blogs by ordinary viewers, but then why would they both be taken down around the same time? Or taken down at all?

      We know Jill & Co. are not above “astroturfing” on the web. The Amazon reviews are a major example. And remember the Reality Tea blogger busted an “Amanda K” IIRC who admitted being a publicist (perhaps one of J’s PR people?) as a multiple sockpuppet posting comments on that blog.

      So far J’s pr reps appear to be “the gang who couldn’t shoot straight” much like J herself. (They send a pic out of Jill & her daughter with suggested narratives and one of the outlets they sent them to revealed the PR ploy.) And yes, there is such a thing as bad PR. As much as those blogs, for example, may have been a strike back at J’s critics, they also gave more attention to the criticisms of J herself and her bad behavior. Jill’s attack mode mainly results in blowback, thus reinforcing the negative image she’s already created.

      • Squirrels says:

        The plot thickens? Of course, we know there are great researchers on this site who will sniff out the Ginger. (no offense Ginger)

  130. anutha hata says:

    I found the fire Jill petition, but it says that it will expire and be pulled & sent to Bravo after the last re-union ep.
    Is there another one?

  131. Brianna says:

    call into 203-845-3044 if you want to speak to me LIVE on http://www.lisawexler.com radio show!

    jill tweet

    • Squirrels says:

      I just can’t do it. The thought of hearing her voice live might make my brain slip out through my ears.

    • Anitabee says:

      I think Jill would crap in her pants if Lynn called and Lisa put her through.

      I can just hear it:

      Lisa: On the phone we have Lynn Hudson calling from Chicago.
      Jill: WHAT THE F*CK LISA – that’s LynnNChicago!!!!
      Lisa: Duh, I know.

      I have no idea what Lynn would say to Jill but I’d love to hear it.

  132. lillybee says:

    Jill wants fan’s organizations to invite her and her sister and mom to speak at their events. I wonder what the fee and requirements would be. I doubt that it will be for free. I think that she would want a pp.

  133. Dwight Schrute says:

    I’m nervous that Jill and Kelley will be back. I stopped watching Work Out when Jackie Warner made fun of the breast cancer survivor, refused to acknowledge her poor behavior, and threw her trainer and client out of the gym and acted the victim. That show has been off the air for a while and I had hoped it wasn’t coming back but, lo and behold, she’s in the Bravo promos. If they’re bringing Jacking Warner back they’d have no problem bringing these two back.

    I’m still confused by Jill’s vitriol towards Alex. All she did was relay the message from B and it became all out war. She so wants to make up with B but have no part of Alex who hasn’t really done anything other than call her on her shit as others have. One think Kelley said earlier in the season which turned out to be true is “don’t kill the messenger, they always kill the messenger.” Truer words were never spoken. During the reunion Sonja or Ramona mentioned Alex hyperventilating and all Jill could do is roll her eyes, look at LuAnn and repeat “hyperventilating.”

    Jill constantly puts other people in the position of having to make a choice between her and another person and is shocked when they don’t choose her. Ramona has apologized repeatedly to Jill about kicking her off the island, while on the island, at Jill’s ice skating party, and again before Ramona’s vow renewal. Of course with all the times Ramona has apologized Jill still had to get in the dig on not being offered the bathroom or a drink, as if she and Bobby and hiked 10 hours across the Sahara instead of traveling first class.

    I wished they had more prominently quizzed Jill about yelling at Ramona about not letting her know about B’s father when Ramona clearly and repeatedly state she didn’t get the message until later. Jill obviously knew about it already because she had already texted out the information and should have been called on it.

    • cc in Miami says:

      Jill hates Alex no so much because she delivered the message, but because she did it in front of everyone and in front of the cameras. Jill comes off as a fool and Alex comes off as having balls. And to make matters worse for Jill, the moment when Alex called her out at the party and told her she was in high school was one of the most anticipated events of the season. Alex took her to town in front of America and Jill can’t stand it. And finally, although Jill arrived in St. Johns and ignored Alex, the rest of the crew stood up for Alex. These three public events are seared in the mind of Jill Zarin and her unjustifiably oversized ego won’t allow her to get over it.

  134. Scorpiosue says:

    Boy, Kook-a-doodle-doo is tweeting and talking crap like usual.

    @BravoTVfan2 I value hard working people with strong ethics, not fabricated reality tv stars.
    about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to BravoTVfan2

    @nanaluvsreality @jillzarin and @countessluann are the only ones with any class or cash.
    about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to nanaluvsreality

    @TashaL1976 I am working on upgrading the show. I want america to LOVE my NY.
    about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to TashaL1976

    @mhsbarracuda I don’t blame editing. Its tv, I am there to be whatever they want. Bullying and rude behavior crossed my line
    about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to mhsbarracuda

    @annbransom I am officially bored discussing what u watch on tv.
    about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to annbransom

    @tabbycakes @peta is grateful for the amazing exposure.
    about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to tabbycakes

    @mhsbarracuda new summer rule: no swearing. Its really ugly and sounds cheap.
    about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to mhsbarracuda

    @lushfuls I am actually the opposite of what they portray. Its hilarious.
    about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to lushfuls

    @BlondeStylus plumtv and Behind the Hedges is real ny. Sorry. No faux celebs on plum.
    about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to BlondeStylus

    @TashaL1976 I am helping them find real Yorkers who inspire, not made for tv “fax celebs.”
    about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to TashaL1976

    @annbransom ah? No. Its called bored with filming with fake “reality stars,” ahh hello. Are we not watching the same show!
    about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to annbransom

    @nanaluvsreality I am def coming back if they change the cast. Dynasty with no money or power is over
    about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to nanaluvsreality

    Only Jill and LuAnn have class??? Right, a dog licking your nose is SO classy. Kelly also does not blaming editing yet says that she is opposite of how she was portrayed. The Dynasty dig is absolutely towards Bethenny because Bethenny tweeted that she thought here dress was something between Dynasty and Falcon Crest.

    Delusional as usual.

    • Rusty says:

      Kelly has just created her “out” and spin for when she will not be invited back . . . she didn’t like the cast members. I vote coke. Her poor kids. Does she ever do anything but twitter in her amazing life?

    • Squirrels says:

      “@nanaluvsreality @jillzarin and @countessluann are the only ones with any class or cash.”

      Ok, I get it. Ties in with this one…

      “@nanaluvsreality I am def coming back if they change the cast. Dynasty with no money or power is over”

      What I absolutely adore is she is now helping them find “real” women to join HW’s. What a horse’s ass.

      • Rusty says:

        I imagine PETA is thrilled about the AMAZING exposure . . . only in Kelly’s mind. I just checked PETA’s twitter. Nope. No shout-outs to Cracky.

        • Scorpiosue says:

          I was thinking the same thing. Cracky (great nickname by the way) is the only person that would think that PETA would love her talking about not liking animals being abused while wearing fur.

        • moriasheehan says:

          she is wrong about the no cash, check out celebrity income site. i don’t have the link, sorry

        • Anitabee says:

          I’m wondering why Peta hasn’t weighed in?

          Peta, aren’t you watching? You have a New York Socialite state several times that wearing fur is fine on National TV!!! Where is the backlash?

          Also Bravo showed Kelly wear fur coats, jackets and vests on the show.

          I am really surprised no one is defending these animals slaughter so Kelly’s shoulders could look bigger.

  135. lina says:

    i would love it if Kathy G and B became best friends. can you imagine what they would do to Jill.

    • Squirrels says:

      I figure B is a fan of Kathy’s. How could she not be with her sense of humor?

    • Anitabee says:

      Jill would “destroy” Kathy.

      “As if”…

      • Squirrels says:

        Jill is smarter than that. Get on Kathy’s snipe side and she can make your celeb life a living hell.

        Oh wait. PR 101. go for it Jill.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      Okay, I’m lost. Who’s Kathy G?

      Thanks in advance.

      • AndHowisWatchingSportsNotaWasteofTime? says:

        Kathy Griffin.

        Watch Life on the D-list and you’ll see the gold standard for how reality tv should be done.

  136. Scorpiosue says:

    I know I’ve seen this site before on Lynn’s blog. Elizabeth West has a degree in psychology and “diagnoses” the Housewives. Here’s Kelly’s “updated” diagnosis: Schizoaffective Disorder. A lot of the symptoms are Kelly to a T:

    Negative symptoms which can include

    Loss of interest in everyday activities
    Appearing to lack emotion
    Reduced ability to plan or carry out activities
    Neglect of personal hygiene
    Social withdrawal
    Loss of motivation
    Problems with making sense of information
    Difficulty paying attention
    Memory problems


  137. Anitabee says:

    Last night on WWHL, Andy and Kathy played a round of Marry?, F*CK?, Kill?with all the housewives from all the houseswives crews.

    I think we should play too BUT limit our picks from only the RHONYC.

    I’ll go first:

    Marry?: Hand down – Bethenny. She makes her own money and would keep me laughing.

    F*ck?: Damn, I’d have to say Alex. You know the quiet ones always turn out to be wild in bed. Lucky Simon.

    Kill?: Andy Cohen because he lets Kelly and Jill lie to the viewers and won’t put their feet in the fire to account for what they did.

    • LosingtheRunofMyself says:

      I love this!

      Marry? Bethenny, for the same reasons as you and because I sometimes feel like I’m going crazy when I have to deal with jerks

      F*ck? Sonja because she could give a person (man or woman) a good time in the sack

      Kill? Kelly because at this point it would really be a public service (plus she always thinks people are trying to kill her so what the hell)

  138. Ches says:

    You walk into a room where there are four women who seem happy, relaxed and getting pedicures, and as soon as you walk through the door, the first woman’s face turns to stone, fighting tears and won’t even acknowledge you, the second, looks defeated yet at the same time like she is going to vomit, the third starts shaking and breaking out in hives and the fourth started looking a little panicky out of concern over the reaction of the other three.
    Now wouldn’t, that alone, give you a clue that there is something fundamentally wrong with you and your actions? And you need to genuinely change the way you treat people?
    I sometimes think Jill is more clueless than Kelly.

  139. Agulojn says:

    This is my first post and English is not my first language but anyway here is my thought:

    WHY Kelly can slag off everyone by saying loads of rubbish (eg. everyone is acting, “systematic bulling” whatever that means, scary island, and the list goes on) and none of the houswives can make any comment>

    I know Kelly is dumb, but why, whenever a housewive is telling that Kelly is wrong, she is accused of being a bully????!!!!!!!!

    I mean, come on, Kelly was slagging off 99% of the housewives and is perfectly fine. But when any of them address Kelly, ITS SYSTEMATIC BULLYING IN LA LA LAND

    • error 404 says:

      Because she is “up here” and they are “down here”.

      Because they should celebrate her, not hate her.

      Because she is a former model and former wife of a rich man, and this is the first time in her life she has ever met 4 articulate strong women.

    • Squirrels says:

      nice job.

      seems you prefer the king’s english? lol

    • It’s true. Here’s what Jizz’s assistant tweeted in response to Ramona (who’s post re Kelly is awesome):

      @Darrennyc You r bullying her now RT @ramonasinger:to set the record straight Kelly was NEVER bullied its a desperate PR spin and she should be ashamed

      He has also been going back with Simon telling him “they’re going way to far” reagarding calling Jizz out on her lies. Simon has been on a mission in defense of Alex. Simon posted they haven’t gotten word yet from Bravo about returning. I believe Jizz has said the same…

  140. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    Ok, something serious from me, and only because I really need to vent. Please ignore. I am, at this moment, undergoing what I could consider “systematic bullying”. By my 17 year old daughter. She graduated from high school at 15, smart as a whip…. but with a serious problem with drugs and alcohol. At this very moment, I am afraid. She is angry, and vengeful, and today I am her target. I could call the police, absolutely, but her future would be fucked. Who wants to do that to her child?? She is a freshman in college, has a bright future…. if I call the authorities, she loses her scholarship and her bright future. So what do I do? I cower. I cry. THAT IS WHAT REAL BULLYING IS.

    KKB has trivialized the subject, in a way that equates bullying with being disagreed with. Am I angry? Yes. Do I know what real bullying is? Yes. Was Kelly bullied? Absolutely not!!!!! Do I give Andy Cohen a pass? Absolutely not! How in the world does it make sense to allow that woman to claim that she was a victim?

    Thanks for listening. I needed to tell someone.

    • lillybee says:

      I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through with your daughter. Take comfort that many children can and will outgrow that stage.

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        Thank you, lilybee….. I am so thankful that someone responded. I feel so lost at this particular moment, and I appreciate so much that someone out there cared enough to recognize me.. xo

    • Squirrels says:


      I’m sorry to hear of your trials. Raising teens is no picnic, as my mother reminds me. This whole dumbing down to Kelly and allowing her to get away with BS none of us would be allowed to skirt is systematic of the rating’s is everything tv world.

      I’m sure you’ve already checked, but if she can be leave for a semester for med reasons without blowing her scholarship, it may be worth the emotional rollercoaster ride that will come with such a decision. I wish you both well.

      Overall, it seems allot of reactions have been against Bravo and NBC. Mental health/drug issues are serious and far too prevalent in this country. Treatment takes so much out of each family, that to have it trivialized like the “ha ha ha” Andy seems to portray is not merely insulting, but enabling. And who the hell needs that in our TV lives, never mind our real lives.

      Wake up Andy. This one could really come back to bite you in the ass… sorry, I meant wallet.

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        The one question I wished he had asked? WTF are “Satchels of Gold”?

        Thanks, Squirrel – I’m in a bad place this evening, and I feel “at home” here.


      • anutha hata says:

        I think that she means that her daughter will not be able to recieve any financial aid/scholorships because having a drug conviction on your record takes it away, and you have to pay all tuition in cash.

        So, turning-in her daughter to police could have that taken away. There are still options coco-puffs. And, you do NOT have to be a target, or victim of abuse. One thing that I would advise is not to be alone with her as much as possible, and never be alone with her when you have to put your foot down about something.
        A domestic violence charge will not take-away the financial aid, so don’t worry if that’s what you have to do. If you show her that you’re serious, and file a domestic violence complaint, she might pay more attention if you give her an ultimatum about substance abuse, but then again, only you know what is risky in your situation.
        You can get domestic violence counsuling, and I think it is confidential. In many places in the US, you can get a referral by dialing 211.

        • Squirrels says:

          If she is a full time student she should have student insurance. she can go into treatment under the ins. the ques is can she keep her scholarship. the bigger ques is … does it matter? That’s a very personal family decision. I don’t envy your experience.

    • Scorpiosue says:

      It’s so hard because all you want is the best for your kids. I hope this only a stage for your daughter, but if she does get violent she needs real life consequences. Thinking of you.

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:


        • Char212 says:

          Why is it that it seems the exceptionally bright people lack common sense? I know where you coming from Cukoo in a way. My nephew is also a very smart person and when he was your daughter’s age he went through the same thing. He did it all! He even started breaking into places to steal to support his habit. He was too smart for his own good and he had absolutely no common sense. He thought he knew it all until the day he got caught. Today though he’s a happily married man with two beautiful sons of his own. So no hun, you are so not alone. There is hope! That age is so hard, on everybody!

        • CdnFillie says:

          Hi Cuckoo..I feel your fear. The thing is, if she continues to do drugs and alcohol, she will get worse. Your fear of doing anything in case it hurts her future is hurting her more now. She will continue to behave as she does now because she knows she has you over a barrel. You need to really think if you are doing her any good by enabling her this way, and not holding her accountable for her actions. I was there once upon a time, I lived your fear, it took me kicking my 17 year old nephew out of the house and calling the police on him. He was the smartest kid I knew, with a very bright future, but when I kicked him out others tried to save him by covering for him so he wouldn’t lose his chances, he ended up attacking his boss at work with a hammer and spent almost 12 mo in jail. He was eventually diagnosed schizophrenic caused by drug use. It’s not a pretty sight. I don’t want to scare you anymore than you are already, but there is help out there for you. Good luck but you will get through this.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      Well given the fact that last year Kelly was charged with attacking her then boyfriend she sure knows about bullying.

      A lot of people have gone on and on about Andy letting Kelly get away unchecked with some of her comments.She’s an irrational person. Trying to make her rational and responsible for her own comments simply won’t work. My beef with Cohen and Bravo is they wasted so much airtime on this when they could have been addressing something else.

    • fairydusted says:

      I’m really sorry to hear that Cukoo. I went through a similar situation eons ago with lil fairy. I called the police one time for both our protection. She did grow out of it but until she did and I learned how to better deal with the situations it was awful. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending fairydust your way!

    • Ches says:

      My heart goes out to you. I had one child (the others no problem) like your daughter, and like you I had no idea what to do. She was living at home and was mean as a snake, to everyone. No one in the family could stand being around her. I was at the end of my rope.
      Switching the channels one day I saw a rerun of Archie Bunker and I remembered an interview with Carroll O’Connor, a few years before, where he talked about his son who died of a drug overdose. He said he didn’t want to call the police, because he knew it would get his son in big trouble so he let things go hoping they would change. He then said, if he had it to do over again he would do everything possible to get him away from drugs, even if it meant the cops. That might not be everyone’s choice but I was so fed up I felt it was my only option.
      To shorten an already long story, I decided that day not to take anymore crap and would do whatever it took to get her to quit. And it was a struggle.
      But the good news is, that was a good 6 years ago, she is now married, with a good job and just had her first baby. The guy she married is great and once the drugs were stopped she became a totally different person entirely. She is mortified over her actions and just wants to forget it ever happened. If you saw her today you would never guess she ever had a drug history.
      So there is hope, don’t give up on her, and get some advice from somebody who knows how to handle addicts. If you ever want to talk, please let me know.

    • ms molly says:


      I just got a chance to read your post. Sounds serious, but I can relate – have a son with similarities- if you want to vent to someone who has been there, reply to this and we can xchange emails. I am writing this because I often wished that I had someone who was going thru or had gone thru this to talk to. Hope you will.

    • BamaBelle says:


      I’m so sorry you’re having trouble with your daughter, but please, please get her HELP/REHAB/ because if you don’t, no matter how smart she is, she won’t have much of a future.

      My friend is going through this right now. Her son is FINALLY now in rehab after almost dying. He stole everything his parents owned that was of value. Was abusive to them, also. They looked the other way, made excuses, thought he would grow out of it. Finally after giving him chance after chance, they had him arrested. He had no choice but to get a job and rehab or go to jail.

      They didn’t have the money for rehab, he still would not work, they put their foot down and said it’s rehab or the highway. They found a free place. He has to work there to pay for his rehab. It takes a lot of research, and maybe a waiting list, but there are places out there that you can afford, or the addict has to be responsible for.

      You can’t ignore this, or think she’ll out grow it. Drug addiction is a serious thing. I don’t believe addicts should go to jail for personal use… drug dealers–a different story. But sometimes tough LOVE is the only way!

      God Bless, and I hope you can find your daughter the help she needs… thanks for sharing, I’m sure that was hard for you!

  141. KellyKillorenBensimon says:

    From GAWKER…

    CRAZY KELLY! Ohhhhhh lawd was she crazy last night. I was watching with my friend and I turned to her and said “It’s like talking to a kaleidoscope.” And I think I was pretty accurate! You ask her, “Hey Kelly, what’s the weather like today?” and she replies “The thing about me is, like, I don’t really, like, think in those terms, I just like, like, one thing when I like one thing and, like, sometimes the other will make me happy but, like, I don’t really care. I am who I am. Like.” And your eyes do twirls in your skull and you say “Come again?” and she launches into another bizarre Beadworks make-your-own-necklace string of a monologue. She’s impenetrable! It’s actually kind of a genius defense system. It’s like squid ink. “No my weird beak mouth isn’t going to hurt you, but if I shoot this black goo everywhere and confuse you for a while, I can swim away to safety.” Except Kelly’s beak mouth is the source of her power. I will pay someone five spacebucks if they can tell me what Kelly was trying to say about PETA and wearing fur. Could anyone out there follow what that dodo bird was trying to say? I don’t think she could even follow it. She was all “I like chicken one day and the next I like beer, but there’s also candy to be considered, and you shouldn’t forget General MacArthur. Have I ever shown you my collection of gummi worms that doesn’t exist? Look, a turtle. Oh no it’s just Ramona dancing. I love animals in my belly and on mah skin. I hate it when people kill animals. Andy, why did you force me to go to the Bahamas with Nene and Vicki Gunvalson?” And by the end of it all everyone is so confused and upset that they’re just like “OK, let’s move on to a new topic.” It’s brilliant! Good work, Kelly. You should probably do less cocaine and maybe take some more brain pills, but other than that, you’re doing just fine. Persecution complexes are totally in this season.

    Hahahahahahahhahahahahah, Im dying over here!

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Richard Lawson is my absolute favorite… Kaleidoscope Kelly makes perfect sense, although “word salad” was also very descriptive!


    Love this blog. So glad I found it.

    Okay this season was a psychotic, mean girls etc. etc. Jill Zarin at the front of the pack with her horns blazing. What planet did she come from? CAN WE PLEASE SEND HER BACK! There is nothing attractive about this woman she a coniving(spelling) jealous woman and anyone (friends or not) who betters themselves she wants it. She will go to any level to get it.

    Her apologizing so much actually made me dry heave several times. I don’t buy it and really she thinks the rest of little people are going to forgive her. Sorry the Walletsniffer made her bed (i am sure with 50000 count sheets) and now has to lay in it. Hopefully Bravo will not renew her contract and boot her and Kelly both off.

    Kelly is beyond crazy. I have never seen such a stupid woman as her. The most pathetic is it isn’t an act.

    I could go on for days but have to get a life now.

  143. Tootsie says:

    CuckooforCocoaPuffs: My daughter was much like yours in her teens and early twenties. Now we are the best of friends, we speak every day. I am no longer stupid, I’m wise according to her. Keep the faith, others out here know what you are going through. Can you find a support group? A church group? A pastor? A good friend who will listen and not blab it all over town? Take good care of yourself and stay healthy. Read good books. You are not alone and you are not insane. However, you may have to stand up to her at some point. Mine ran away from home at 16 and I wouldn’t let her return without a signed contract stating that the next step was jail. She reluctantly agreed and her return to life began. If you are a religious person pray, pray and pray some more. The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. The one who kneels to God can stand up to anything. He will keep you in the palm of his hand. Keep us informed, we will pray for you and her.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Thank you. Jail has’t work yet, but this is the first time that she has actually wanted something – she is loving college. So far, I am only a conduit to help that happen. Someday, if I survive this, she will appreciate the lengths I have gone to to make it happen for her.

      My mother, who is 89, feels really bad for me – but I occasionally get a glimpse of her smirk, when something C does to me reminds her of my childhood…..

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Thank you. I haven’t been this afraid of her in a long time. My youngest child and I are locked in my bedroom!


      • lillybee says:

        That is so not right. Has she seen any counselors? I wonder how much is going on is because of peer pressure. I remember when my daughter was that age she was drinking with her friends. When the friends changed, the drinking stopped. She found a different crowd when soccer season started.

      • moriasheehan says:

        is she armed?

  144. Ava says:

    I can’t believe Andy didn’t ask Kelly more about the Playboy shoot. Like if the pictures really were taken a long time ago and if not, why didn’t Giles make an appearance since he did on RHONJ.

    • Squirrels says:

      It was Kellyland for sure. But I think they are just going to dump her. If that happens I don’t care if he asked her to sing the National Anthem (with sheet lyrics of course). Just make her go away.

  145. kit9 says:

    I’m literally furious at Andy Cohen. In past reunion shows, he as always challenged any of the housewives who were being less than honest. Yet, at this reunion he let Kelly, who has firmly established herself as a pathological liar, spew her absurdities without comment. Why didn’t he ask for examples of Kelly being bullied? Why didn’t he call her out on her hypocrisy? She started every fight, she was the one insulting and berating. SHE was the one doing the bullying! Why didn’t he ask for her to explain her comments that Alex was channeling the devil and Bethenny was trying to kill her? Why didn’t he challenge her…on anything!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      You seem to think Kelly is a rational person who has the capacity to acknowledge factual reality, especially when it pertains to her own mental state.

      IMO it’s not so much a matter of Kelly not being “honest,” but that Kelly’s perception of events is radically different than the facts and no amount of arguing with her is going to change that. It’s like arguing with a person blind from birth about the color blue. With just about anyone else, you can have a rational argument. With Kelly, no—you are bullying her and she starts to flip out under pressure. I don’t think Bravo wanted to go that far. Bravo didn’t send her home from the VI trip and paid a producer to go with her in first class because they thought she was a model of mental health.

      Earlier in the season Kelly was so upset that she wanted to come on WWHL to tell her side of the VI story. That didn’t happen. So Andy at the reunion let her get her side of the story out. It wasn’t as if it was going to change the viewers’ minds about what they had already seen. Kelly did not come off looking good in her disjointed rambling.

      • desertgal66 says:

        I have to agree. I think Andy deliberately refrained from asking Kelly pointed questions because he knew it was hopeless. As it was, he sat back and attempted to let her spew her irrationalities, which was more revealing than anything he could have asked her. I also think that was why Andy was trying to shush the other gals from interrupting Kelly – he wanted her to spew unchecked and let her gibberish stand for what it was – gibberish.

        If Bravo elects not to ask Kelly back, her behavior at the reunion cements their justification.

        • cc in Miami says:

          I was pissed that Andy didn’t play back the scenes where Kelly berated Bethenny and the other ladies on the trip. I was also mad when he agreed with Jill saying that she faced a firing squad.

  146. kit9 says:

    And why didn’t he ask Jill about Amazongate? We know from WWH that he knows about it, but he didn’t say a word. The comments from the Daily Beast writer has removed all questions that Jill did it. Still, crickets.

  147. Tootsie says:

    CuckooforCocoaPuffs: You can’t let her threaten you and frighten you like this. Your other child is watching and living in fear also. You must get help. She knows that you are frightened of her. It’s time to place your other child and yourself ahead of C. This is bullying to the max. Get to a safe place, I’m concerned for you and your family.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Thank you, Tootsie. We are sleeping somewhere else tonight, and HOPING that she is more rational tomorrow. My 10 year old mentioned sleeping with a bat next to the bed, and I realized we have reached a completely different plane with this situation. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers, and xoxo.

  148. Adgirl says:

    CuckooforCocoaPuffs: This is awful. I’m sure you’ve been a great mom. My ex-husband became addicted to meth and he literally wasn’t the same person. I had to perform an intervent at a couselors office with no help from friends, co-workers or family of his. We just reviewed the facts (missing money, behavioral issues). He agreed to rehab then reniged after we arrived home. I played hard ball and moved the kids and myself out to parts unknown.
    I’m only telling you this because it worked out fine. he went to rehab and it took the first time.
    Do the right thing – you know what it is. And she is a minor so I don’t know how much the authorities at her school will find out. Alanon is a fantastic secure resource.
    Be strong my friend. Sometimes you have be harsh to be kind.

    • anutha hata says:

      Please don’t let the financial aid dilema stop you from dealing with the problem.
      Getting help or treatment for a drug/alcohol problem does not disqualify a person for financial aid & scholorships, only convictions, and only for drugs, not alcohol, or domestic abuse.
      I’m also wondering if your daughter is getting a little fed-up with her own behavior at this point?
      It is possible that she’s in some kind of rut or bad habit with her bully act & behavior, and maybe she’ll get as tired of it as you are?
      I had some smart-aleck teens telling me that they could quit smoking whenever they wanted to so I said, “then why don’t you try to quit for a month right now, at least that way you’ll know how to quit when you really want to?”-one of them was able to do it, and they all found out how hard it is to quit.
      I hope that she isn’t addicted to anything except being a brat. And she’s the one risking her future by fooling-around with drugs, not you, so don’t feel guilty about whatever you decide you have to do.

  149. lillybee says:

    Can anyone figure out Lulu’s new facebook photo. It looks like she has tape on her mouth with something written on it.

  150. Adgirl says:

    Patti Stanger and Bravo sued

    ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Suit: Your Show is Trash!

    Some guys who own a building are pissed off that it was featured on “The Millionaire Matchmaker” … they say because the show is “trashy.” As for the host, they say she’s “crude and sexist.”

    The owners of the Venice, CA building claim in the lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ … the prior owner made a deal with the show in 2007 to shoot the exterior, to make it look like the action on the show was happening there.

    The plaintiffs say they bought the building in 2008, painted it, and were shocked to see their fresh facade on Seasons 2 and 3.

    The new owners say they don’t want their building associated with “a trashy show.”

    To prove the show is trash, the plaintiffs quote host Patti Stanger — also a defendant — making lewd comments, such as, “The penis does the picking” and “One good orgasm, and it destroys the entire bunch.”

    The owners — Abbot Kinney Partners — are suing Stanger, Bravo and Green Bottle Pictures for unspecified damages.

  151. Katiecoo says:

    Jill, “I thought we were friends. I know we’re not now”. Now it’s time for you to LEAVE. Go anywhere. Hollywood, Park Avenue, Timbuktu…anywhere. We’re done.

    Now let’s start having some fun with Sonja, Alex, Bethenny, Ramona and maybe even Luann but anyone else they might find with the exception of Jen Gilbert.

  152. Katiecoo says:

    Jill, the Liar, to Alex “I never saw you this Season…I never saw you!”.

    Um shall we count the ways? Gotham party, Cocktails and Couture, Ramona’s product launch, Sonja’s party….shall we go on?

    Big disgusting LIAR.

  153. Chicklus says:

    I have never posted before but I am finding my voice too. I think that Jill is so very angry at Alex, not only because A stood up to Jill, but because she has taken ‘Jill’s place’ with Bethenny. i.e. A & B talk everyday on the phone, A went to the hospital to see the baby, A makes appearances on B’s new show. I think that is Alex’s biggest and most unpardonable sin in Jill’s eyes, especially since Jill looks down upon Alex. The second thing is that after Jill’s threat about not doing the show with Alex, I think that Bravo HAS to ask Alex back for another year. By giving in to Jill’s demands not to rehire Alex, Bravo will be giving Jill power, which we all know is a dangerous thing. This is especially true if Jill was one of the housewives who was holding out for more money last year. I cannot believe that Bravo is dumb enough to want to make Jill a more powerful monster than what she is now…what else will she demand??

    • Katiecoo says:

      Right on! But here’s what will happen…Alex AND Jill will be asked back and Jill will backpedal and say some kinda bullshit like “I want to be a rolemodel for young women such as my daughter by showing them that you don’t allow yourself to be bullied out of your dreams!”. Then somehow find a way to blame Alex for each and every slight that comes in to her life.

      God this show would be so refreshing if the toxicity called Zarin and Bensimon were detoxed from it. Seriously.

    • error 404 says:

      I think this goes both ways as well.

      When Jill started her character assassination against B, B kept trying to talk to her and getting blocked by Lulu, Jill new bff. Then B just lashed into Lulu at the fashion show like a maniac. This wasn’t just about them, or these passive aggressive remarks.

      Then when Jill had a change of heart, which was really just her husband telling her to cut the shit, and wanted to talk to B, Alex blocked her by delivering the message.

      Once B decided she needed Jill’s friendship like she needed AIDS, she was able to forgive Lulu because she was no longer keeping her from what she wanted.

    • emt2 says:

      Honestly, I think that Jill hates Alex because Alex embarrassed her in public when she delivered that message.

      The real reason behind Jill’s hatred for Alex is that Alex challenged/disgraced Jill and Alex is supposed to be the lowest on the totem pole.

      I wish that Alex had included more positive things in her final blog about the whole season. I’m glad she called Jill out and used specific examples (not sure she should of brought up the Kate Gosselin thing, though) but the overall tone was pretty negative if you aren’t an Alex fan (but if you are a fan, you feel satisfied!). Jill’s blog was a lot of fluff and insincerity but people who used to like Jill will begin to like her again because of the “nice” blog.

      We know the truth, though. Jill is still being vindictive and targeting Alex. We can’t allow Jill to sway public perception about Alex because a lot of people do think that Alex was trying to get camera time and is being hypocritical about forgiving Ramona and Bethenny but not Jill.

      • Adgirl says:

        I think Jill was just using the message as an excuse. She already had it out for Alex & Simon.

  154. Squirrels says:

    When all is said and done, the chips fell where they belonged. No amount of press pimping, self congratulations or Ouija board play with one eye open is going to change the outcome. Viewers got it. All that is left is watching JIll scramble on the casino floor, looking for lost chips.

  155. CuckooforCocoaPuffs,
    I just hopped on and I read your post. I know that you don’t want to call the police. I understand you don’t want to ruin her future opportunities. Try these sources instead. Call your local woman’s shelter or abuse line. You can remain anonymous but they can possible link you to sources to help both you and your daughter. You can also call an area drug treatment program. I’m not saying you have to seek treatment for your daughters’ drug use but they may be able to offer advice and help. If your child is abusing drugs and alcohol then I’m not surprised by her abusive behavior. You MUST, at all cost , protect yourself and your 10 year old child. We hate to think that our child could hurt or kill us, but when drugs and alcohol are involved you must be prepared for the worst. You may have to call the police. Don’t hesitate if you are in physical danger! You can also contact you community hospital. They maybe able to link you to help. Don’t forget Alcoholics Anonymous. You can call all these places and remain anonymous. My heart and prayers are with you. At all cost STAY SAFE!

  156. RileyKitty says:

    It is storming here & it left me without internet all day long!

    I want agree with the desertgal66 who said Kelly did something (got a fix, ate a jelly bean…) when she left the set. She leaves situations & then comes back like nothing occurred. I am beginning to think time out means get a fix.

    I just wanted to repeat (I don’t want to keep bogging Lynn’s blog down with this. Sorry, Lynn :)) that some of us are going to be making lifestyle changes (diet, stop smoking, etc.) & I set up a We Can Do It page on my blog to support each other. I just want to make sure that someone who might be interested doesn’t miss it, we talked about a few blogs back.

  157. Jenni says:

    I have this really weird theory that popped into my head, and I can’t get it out of there! I really shouldn’t say this, but I just can’t seem to stop myself.

    You know that 13 year old boy that keeps calling into WWHL? I think Ben is his name. Could it be possible that Ben = Otay?

    • moriasheehan says:

      what is your reasoning, grasshopper

      • Jenni says:

        I am not sure I am reasoning more than just a weird feeling I can’t get rid of. The young fella seems pretty involved in housewives, is up and about rather later than most 13 year old kids, so maybe… It is strange that I just have this weird thought.

    • Jillousyness says:

      I don’t think so – Andy Cohen met the kid, Ben, on the street one day and the kid knew who he was, probably from watching WWHL. I agree it’s strange that a 13 yr. old boy would be so into Housewives. What’s that all about?

  158. moriasheehan says:

    hey riley, put me down. i need to make changes and support from others would be great.

    • moriasheehan says:

      welll said, simon!

    • desertgal66 says:

      Good for him!

      Own it, Jill. Apologize. You did it, we know it, and you look even more foolish pretending it didn’t happen.

    • Squirrels says:

      So, in the final analysis, money can’t buy you Jill. She’d rather dig a hole to China (pls say hi to my fam when you get there) than drop a self induced grudge for the good of the team.

      Of course, if she had, she’d have done a service to herself as well. But nooooo….. she still just has to dig.


    • emt2 says:

      The real issue that hasn’t been brought out explicitly is that Jill called a reviewer Anti-Semitic for disliking the book and threatened the reviewer’s pet. Throwing around Anti-Semitism cheapens a real issue. No one has said this to Jill’s face and that’s frustrating. If she wants to write a good review of her book, that’s fine. If she wants to write a negative review of Alex and Simon’s book, that is obnoxious, but fine. However calling someone Anti-Semitic for not liking you book? That is crazy talk.

  159. Anitabee says:

    Does anyone have Lynn’s email address?

    Thank you!

  160. girlygirlnyc says:

    I have been reading this blog for weeks now. I found it the same way most people did, I googled “I hate Jill Zarin” and voila! Now that we don’t have the pleasure of watching JZ and KBB “systematically self-destruct” I propose the following as possible New blog names:

    1.) Dear Andy Cohen,
    2.) I run in a FABULOUS circle of paid PR reps.
    3.) Why won’t Bravo post my comments?
    4.) Seriously Bravo? WTF?
    5.) Satchels of Gossip

    Lynn I have enjoyed all of your blogs and have really enjoyed reading all of the comments. THANK YOU!

    • Katiecoo says:

      OMG I LOVE Satchels of Gossip!

    • Squirrels says:

      Satchels of Gossip…

      ding ding ding. we have a winner !

      But only if Lynn actually changes the blog name, and that’s a big if! It must be hard to change names. Even more difficult for casual readers.

  161. desertgal66 says:

    I wish all these critics would get over Bethenny not standing up to hug Jill. She’d just had a C-section, for crissake. It’s not so easy getting up and down when you’re still tender from major surgery.

    • Katiecoo says:

      Jill asked her if she could give her a hug. Bethenny relented. This does not mean Bethenny wanted or needed a hug herself. This was a mercy hug. She was damn lucky didn’t just say (probably what she was really feeling) “no thank you maybe another time”.

      C section or not…she owed Zarin nothing. Zero.

      I asked the idiot Teresa on her Bravo blog (not that it will be posted) if she’d stand up if Danielle asked her for a hug. No difference.

      • desertgal66 says:

        I agree with you, completely.

        I’ve just seen several criticisms of Bethenny today, not because she submitted to the hug, but because she didn’t stand up for the hug. Which is an unkind and unfair criticism-and really unnecessary, imo.

        Like Scorpiosue, I’ve had a C-section (two, in fact), so I’m speaking from my experience. Even 12 days later, the muscles are still healing, and getting up and down is uncomfortable…and Bethenny had already been sitting there for hours, which didn’t help. Even if she had wanted to stand up, it would have been hard for her to do so easily and quickly.

        I mean, really? People like Teresa Giudice have to nitpick because Bethenny submitted to the hug, but didn’t stand up? Seriously, she’s nearly as dumb as Kellamity.

    • Scorpiosue says:

      Hear, hear. I had a c-section and people don’t get that it is major surgery. It took weeks for me to feel better.

    • Squirrels says:

      Richard Lawson likes Jill Zarin. Remember, she did the 24hr (whatever) internship at the Gawker.

      Ahem? Do I smell a new JZ grubby hands trail?

  162. moriasheehan says:

    watching transformers, thought it was RHNY, starscream looks a lot like jz

  163. zoekayla says:

    Reading Adgirl’s comment near the top of the last blog gave me an idea…


    covers everything, don’t you think?

  164. desertgal66 says:

    Olivia says:
    -Walking out of a fashion show because she had to sit BEHIND Ramona in the second row.

    You know, it just hit me…at the reunion at the end of that season, Jill said that the reason she walked out of that fashion wasn’t because she had to sit behind Ramoner, but because she was “having a really bad day, because she had just dropped Ally off at school and was really emotional, and wanted to be there when Ally got home…”

    Obviously, she was “emotional” because it was Ally’s next to last first day of school…

  165. katsc says:

    Great blog Lynn! I am enjoying reading your thoughts and everyone’s comments.
    Jill is obviously a vile and misguided person who would do anything to obtain her evil goals.
    Jill really showed her true colors during the reunion show. Her true intentions became even more transparent as she tried to apologize and defend her actions.
    Jill must have some sick need to constantly have a target to attack with her poisonous arrows; unfortunately Alex seems to be her new target. I think Alex handled Jill’s attacks well, but I am sure it was stressful for Alex. I am concerned that Bravo is fearful of Jill and will not take action to ensure that she does not continue to injure coworkers’ lives. I wonder if Jill realizes she is one of the most hated person in America? (right up there with the CEO of BP) I feel Bravo should refuse to continue to give Jill an opportunity to launch attacks on others and remove her from the show. I enjoy watching NY Housewives, but I don’t think I can watch another season of Jill’s misguided, hurtful, and evil attacks on others. Why doesn’t Bravo replace Jill?

    • Squirrels says:

      I believe it is a blackmail issue. Jill has had Andy’s nuts in a jar (in a secret location) for two seasons. Still, the clock is ticking. Now they’re talking turkey.


  166. Scorpiosue says:

    I don’t know if this was addressed, but why didn’t Andy really stick it to Kelly regarding her blatant lie about Bethenny going to the press. In St. John’s Bethenny completely denied ever putting anything in the press about Kelly or her girls. When Kelly met up with Jill, LuAnn and Jen she said that Bethenny ADMITTED to going to the press and giving them those stories. We, the viewer, saw what was said. Why didn’t Andy bring up her out and out lies???

    That’s what was so frustrating. I wanted Andy to be a real moderator and get to the truth and not just read the questions. I think Andy was freaked out that day.

    • Great point!That is one of many things that didn’t get addressed.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Well, there’s always the fact that trying to pry a straight answer out of Kelly Bensimon is like trying to pry a satchel of gold off Howard Hughes. It just ain’t gonna happen.

      Andy: Kelly, do you have evidence that Bethenny went to the press about you “every single day” and/or “went after your little girl” in the press?

      Kelly: Aaaannnddyy. Hiiiiii! Thank you very much, I appreciate that. That isn’t what I said. This show has been such a great platform for me to Tweet about the Gulf oil spill and save all the little sodden ducklings with the power of my words alone. PETA is very grateful for the press that my Tweets have given them. When I was fifteen, I was given the Nobel Peace Prize, you know, for selling the most Girl Scout cookies and, like, working with Dennis Hopper to raise money to paint a park bench green. It was a classic case of systematic bullying, but our neighbors, were, like, you know, constantly evolving and they were able to use it as a platform to teach their children how not to sell cookies door to door. And, I just, you know, like want to be me. Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Mother of Sea and Ted…(gets up and wanders off.)

  167. Here is the TV GUIDE 20 things Learned from RHONY-
    Not sure why some can’t see responses so I copied all to here.

    Friday, June 18, 2010
    Last updated 7:51 a.m. PT
    Watercooler: 20 Things We Learned From The Real Housewives of New York City

    Now that The Real Housewives of New York City’s three-part reunion smackdown is done, we’d like to take this time to reflect on the lessons learned — for they were many. As for how many are actually useful, well, good luck with that.

    1. Hate is part of the ecosystem on Kelly Bensimon’s planet.

    2. Systematic bullying is never OK. Nor are incoherent YouTube videos.

    3. Gummi Bears are narcotics.

    4. But they aren’t a processed food. Again, on Kelly’s planet.

    5. Ramona Singer is “a little bit” psychic.

    6. Sonja Morgan is made of awesome.

    7. Women in their 80s shouldn’t wear ice-skating outfits.

    8. Or crash island getaways.

    9. Brooklyn has a Fashion Weekend.

    10. A chef is a cook.

    11. Gotham magazine will hire anyone.

    12. Making lemonade out of lemons is hard.

    13. Alex McCord is a better woman when Simon is off-camera.

    14. Bethenny Frankel has no poker face.

    15. Andy Cohen has the patience of a saint and the skills of a lion tamer.

    16. A monogrammed gift bag is a sure sign that someone is trying to kill you.

    17. “Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,” is music-producer speak for “we’ll just Auto-Tune away that soul-killing sound that keeps coming out of your face.”

    18. Posing nude is a good way to teach your children…something. Possibly shame.

    19. Jennifer Gilbert is either too sane or too dull to be a real Real housewife.

    And finally…

    20. Money can’t buy you class.

    Did we miss anything? Please, add your own RHONY life lessons below!


    GothamTomato: Fri, Jun 18 2010 at 11:54 AM EDT

    21. Wearing fur is the humane way to help animals. It would be cruel to expect the poor animals to wear all that fur themselves. It interferes with their cartwheels. Peta agrees with this.

    22. When you tell someone to get a new hobby, you should always specify that the new hobby should NOT be posting to Amazon under fake names.

    23. When you try to ice people out of your social circle, (or your tv show), you should first make sure they aren’t the most popular people in your social circle because it will only come back to bite you in the ass.

    24. Don’t behave like a hateful, dishonest shrew when you’re about to start shilling your new advice book that’s supposed to be about the wisdom you & your sister got from your mother.

    25. Being the 4th wife of a bigot is OK: Money may not buy you class, but it will buy you a title-seeking gold digger who’ll overlook such details.

    ksider: Fri, Jun 18 2010 at 12:26 PM EDT

    26. It’s ok to call yourself a supermodel, even though no one has ever heard of you and you’ve never been on the cover of a legitimate fashion magazine. If you believe it then everyone else will.

    27. Dynasty dresses never go out of style.

    28. When in doubt about what the conversation is about, just say “satchels of gold”.

    29. Al Sharpton coined the phrase “you can’t handle the truth”.

    30. A**holes, everybody has one.

    31. Horses love burnt pancakes. PETA said so.

    32. Teddy Bensimon needs her own Bravo show or at least a book deal featuring all those notes.

    33. At Columbia they teach that, in ,the messenger always gets killed. Because that’s not fiction. So clearly they were supposed to kill Alex.

    and finally:

    Surgeon General’s Warning: Listening to Kelly Bensimon causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, Cerebral Hemmorhage, Aneurysm, and may complicate normal thought.

    bobby-j: Fri, Jun 18 2010 at 7:02 PM EDT

    35. Marrying/dating European men, speaking in a foreign language and adding “darling” to every sentence does not make you sound sophisticated. It makes you sound like a dumb drag queen.

    36. After spending weeks maligning the character of your former BFF just make her some latkes, throw in some crocodile tears and pretend that you’ve changed.

    37. No matter what the clock says, you never turn down “Tuuuuuurrrrrrtle Tiiiiimmmmeee!!!”

    38. When you disagree with a statement made by a woman you dislike, feel free to call her a hoebag. Just ignore the fact that her father just died.

    39. When you’re trapped on Scary Island with a bunch of bullies suggest an impromptu photo shoot.

    40. When you’re on your second marriage or currently divorced, you’re allowed to make snarky comments about the insignificance of 18 years of marriage.

    41. If you’re a chef/cook, never talk about what you do. It’s creepy.

    • Squirrels says:

      A Keeper !!

    • RileyKitty says:

      That is AWESOME!!

    • 42. For the right price, even you can have a singing career and be on itunes
      43. Feelings belong in 1979
      44. The island of St. Johns has been renamed Scary Island
      45. When you divorce a Count your title becomes Countless
      46. Literally, anyone can write and publish a book.
      47. “Get a hobby” is a worse insult than “fuck you whore”
      48. PETA doesn’t care if you wear fur
      49. If you sit next to someone who enjoys one night stands, it makes you a ho-bag
      50. Columbia University accepts applicants by a randomly picking their names out of a hat.

  168. ms molly says:


    For your own safety you may have to involve the police rather than hide and wait for the situation to escalate. This is your child and you must do WHATEVER NECESSARY to protect her and most of all yourself and your other child. This is a situation that is not going to go away – not unless you take action. Education is a must and while commendable that she has taken an interest in college – she couldn’t be giving it 100% if she is indulging in drugs and alcohol. I suggest the police, because with this being the weekend you probably won’t be able to find help with your social services agencies until Monday. Please post so that we know that you are alright and most importantly safe. Will keep you in my prayers.

  169. LynnNChicago says:



    HD – please accept my apology, I have taken care of the problem, I”m sorry it took me so long to get to it. I hope you’ll accept my apology and I hope you’re alright. I really am sorry!

  170. lillybee says:

    The TVguide item is amusing.

  171. jean says:

    I am personally fed up with Andys behavior as well as jills and kellys and as much as i love rhnyc i will not be watching anymore bravo products if they do note fire these lying bitches. also coocoo dont let your out of control older daughter rule your life and feed into the corruption of your younger child. i know you do not want to have your older daughter to lose her opportunities, but she is doing that to herselt. you have to protect your entire family and if she choses that behavior, then its on her, not you. call for protection of your family, she choses not to care, why should you?

  172. tracylyn42 says:

    I was very disappointed in the Reunion part 3. I think Andy let Kelly off way to easy. No one ocud understand anything she was talking about, as usual, and he jsut kept letting her talk, and even explaining to viewers what it was that Kelly was trying to say. Why his loyalty seemed to be with the couch that called him a liar on national tv, not once, but three times, and with another that tried to saboutage one of his new tv shows.? I don’t think he asked many of the tough questions that i wanted to know the answer to. I guess i would have liked some resolution to what really happened on the island but i dont think we will really know that whole story .

    • Squirrels says:

      I guess when the host has to decipher your comments for the audience it’s fairly obvious Houston has a problem.

  173. CdnFillie says:

    I too was upset at Andy for not digging more at Kelly and her behaviour on the island. I especially wanted to hear what the “cat pee smell” was all about. But then it dawned on me that maybe he was scared to cause another “breakthrough” episode worse than in St John’s. Which leads me to believe they have already decided not to bring her back next season. And really the only reason he quit giving Jill the gears was because of B. What do you guys think?

  174. iceNfire says:

    Rusty – Funny how you show up here after the “I don’t like Lynn” blog has been removed and it cannot be proved that you were there. But I for one did see you spouting insults about Lynn. You and Cleo’s mommy go hand in hand.

    HD – DLA is also known as deelovesalex. I did see her go after you but by the time I read it 4 hours had past and I didn’t want to stir the pot.

  175. Adele says:

    Did anyone see Watch What Happens with Kathy Griffin.
    Andy said Luann and her ex-husband did not own the NYC townhouse they rented.

  176. Kokuanani says:

    Just got my Entertainment Weekly and wanted everyone here to know that we are all hip and relevant.

    On “The Shaw Report:”

    Out – Feeling bad for Kelly
    Five Minutes Ago – Mocking Ramona
    In – Still hating Jill

    They didn’t cite you, but Lynn, take a bow!!

  177. Gina says:

    Before this season everyone thought Bawby was such a quiet sweet guy who was in way over his head with his fiery red headed wife Jill. Well yesterday I happened to catch a rerun of the very 1st episode of RHONY. And I could not believe how awkward the relationship was between Bawby and his step-daughter Ally. It was so uncomfortable to watch. Jill had to keep pushing each one of them to communicate or hug each other. You could tell that Jill had to work so hard to make them be a “family”

    Then we find out that Bobby has been Ally’s stepfather for 7 years!! You would have thought that they had just met. It is so obvious that Jill put her love of the money Bawby could provide her over the feelings of her daughter. You can tell that Ally is just a ghost of a person living in Bawby’s world.

    And then I could not believe what I saw and heard next…

    In Jill’s own words she says that Ally is going to go to a Detox center on Martha’s Vineyard to “detox” and…LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Remember how hysterical Jill became when Bethany brought up the WEIGHT LOSS CAMP?! “It was NEVER a weight loss camp!” she exclaimed. Oh yes it was Jill.
    Some of Jill’s first words to Ally, when she returns from the camp, are “Wow look how flat your stomach is!” Poor Poor Ally. Being an only child with such a narrcistic, selfish, materialistic, and hateful mother and such a cold and undemonstrative stepfather who wears dark sunglasses rain or shine must be a living nightmare.

  178. Susan says:

    Did anyone else notice that Jill doesn’t thank BRAD, her alleged gay husband? He totally disappeared and when ever anyone asked about him, she made up an excuse about him being busy and travelling, etc. Wonder what happened to that friendship.

    Also, I’d bet money that Bravo (and maybe Andy) want all the housewives’ outside ventures to be successful b/c it’s a beneficial press situation. Hence, Andy supports Luann’s singing career, doesn’t question Jill about Amazongate, etc. He didn’t ask Alex about her book or Ramona about her jewelry and skincare lines. But, all of this is small potatoes compared to how much interest they have in Bethenny being successful. I’m not blaming Andy for laying off Amazongate, just a little disappointed. At least this season’s airtime was less dedicated to tooooo much free airtime to Zarin fabrics or even Mario’s family business.

  179. Denise says:

    I absolutely adore this blog. You are the best.

    I have disliked Jill since Season 1, the second row at the fashion show was all I needed, don’t get me started on the first tennis match.

  180. sweet pea says:

    Don’t know if this was posted yet. Update from B.


    • Squirrels says:

      Well, she finally said it out loud. She was worried for her safety add the production crew was very nervous.

      What to say now Kelly?


    I was mad with Andy Cohen also. He always stopped with the questions to the wallet sniffer (Jill) when she started her drama stomp off. I would have loved to hear her excuse about amazongate, babygate. She probably would have said she was having a bad day or constipated. boohoo.

    Okay now the fat camp. I saw through Jill from that moment. You could see how uncomfortable Ally was thanking Bobby. Once again Bobby has money, walletsniffer sniffed it out. Married the money. Daughter doesn’t matter. I hope Bobby’s business keeps bringing in the money otherwise walletsniffer will be sniffing elsewhere.

    Notice how walletsniffer is always dropping names. Would you tell anyone that you know the Lohans and Spears families? They aren’t even on the D-List anymore, its more like the Z-List for zero.

    Andy not asking Kelly any other questions. Why waste his breath. Kelly would of came up that because she ate the gummie bears that ompa loompas(spelling) invaded her brain. Can you imagine her talking to her kids teachers. Whew!

    • Squirrels says:

      At this point, Jill couldn’t get a free cupcake, never mind a date. New Yorkers are not stupid and they do read.

    • Squirrels says:

      And let’s take this one step more. I’m guessing there are many NY social households who quietly watched the fiasco. Everyone who’s anyone knows you never let squabbles go beyond the social circle and certainly, no upstanding megabuck family would go to the press to air grievances.

      Enter JIll Zarin

      Exit Jill Zarin

      How’s that for f’ing with your livelihood?

    • Squirrels says:

      Jill did it to herself, therein lies the beauty.

  182. Squirrels says:

    Ok… this one is foking hilarious…. Cap the H.


    @SimonvanKempen U know what would really bug her? If her dog got loose. Make it happen, my man. I’ll be by the door tonight. 7pm. Wear black

    • Squirrels says:

      I can see it now, Ginger runs away to Silex’s house. Prefers the cats to Foghorn Leghorn. Jill’s brain melts.

  183. Adele says:

    Simon asked the question what’s with Kelly and 1979.
    She would have been 11 yrs old in 1979.
    Maybe she got her period that year and had a mother who wanted to discuss her feeling.

  184. MannysGrammy says:

    from Kellys Twitter land~A follow told her she should make “kellys jellys” to which kelly replied~


    i love the idea of making a kelly’s jellies @bertbad. all of the proceeds could go to charity just like Paul Newman did with his popcorn.

    LMAO, popcorn???? I THOUGHT he was famous for his DRESSSINGS?

  185. IMJ says:

    Whats up with Kelly calling Ramona and Sonja alcoholics at the Reunion? She said Ramonas blood type was Pinot Grigio and Sonja was drunk. The ironic part of that is that they are way more coherent drunk than Kelly is when is she not drinking (she may be high so I wont say sober).

  186. Laurie in Detroit says:

    From the BravoTV website from Maria in NJ (I think she’s spot on!): It’s all so obvious at this point: Kelly went on that island trip in attack mode, ready to fight, most esp. w/Alex and Bethenny, per JILL’S request…if you notice on the reunion, many of the phrases Kelly used throughout the trip, Jill reiterated during the reunion; therefore, Jill had put all of those mean, horrible thoughts towards her OWN hatred of the situation and the fact that she wasn’t on the trip, for Kelly to deliver the message for her. Let’s face it, Alex had delivered Bethenny’s message to Jill and now, Jill was using Kelly to deliver her vengeance while on the trip. All throughout the trip, Kelly was in constant contact with Jill (although, Kelly repeatedly says she doesn’t gossip), with Jill causing Kelly to become incensed and then lash out with JILL’S words, to JILL’S victims. That entire trip reeked of Jill and her agenda. Kelly should wake up to Jill’s sick and twisted meangirl games and, frankly, all of the women should cut Jill out of their lives like the ‘cancer’ that Jill accused Bethenny of having been. It only takes one bad apple to destroy a number of relationships, and Jill is that apple, rotten to the core.

  187. Erin says:

    This comment was left on Jill’s website early this morning, after her June 11 blog. I stumbled across it after looking at Alex’s blog for the first time. I thought it was hysterical enough to post it for you all. Maybe she’ll have her assistant delete it when they come into work today?

    “ndreantexas Says:
    June 22nd, 2010 at 12:46 am
    You let a whole lot of us down this season. You were my favorite for a long time. But even when I think Bethanny is a bit over the edge, you pop up as the evil doer of the entire group. Kelly is sick. The Countess is a joke, and I am sorry for you and your daughter, because you came off, even if what you say is true, as the most evil, vicious person I have ever dealt with. It confirms my belief, as a long time professional, that women friends are always your worst enemies. Open up to a female friend and you get screwed. You have made me lose faith in women – again – after you initially made me believe perhaps I was wrong after being stepped on in both my personal and professional lives as a high level executive in marketing for years. It all boils down to jealousy. Your actions made me decide that men are the best friends a girl can have.”

  188. Jon Y says:

    first off, im so glad this blog exists!!! i loved jill in the first season but by the third i was so done with her. JILL FIGHTS DIRTY and we all saw that this season. She befriends only those that she thinks will forward her socially, which is why she never was friends with Alex. Honestly, the show has taken her over. Everything she does in the press or just in her regular life, is for the show. It’s a big popularity contest for her. Remember when she posted an anonymous book review on amazon saying how Bethanny’s book sucked and her book was better? C’mon! She’d totally be fine with RHONYC become the Jill Zarin Show. Which is why she’s so pissed now that Bravo offered Bethanny her own series. OUCH!
    I used to think Jill was the HBIC of the NYC housewives, and that’s clearly how she sees herself now. Unfortunately, everyones fed up with her games. There’s a certain honesty to each of the ladies to some degree but i see none jill. SHE HAS LET THE SHOW CONSUME HER. SHE REALLY IS A FAME MONSTER.

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