I Hate Jill Zarin Did Ramona Renew? June 23, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin     Season End Recap-Ramona Singer    June 23, 2010

The season is over and we will only see the dozens and dozens of repeats of the show and the reunion.  The final episode that Bravo put together of “lost footage” will be airing this week but I’m not expecting to learn anything new.  Typically they string together the scenes that were previously cut from the show because they weren’t interesting enough to put on television during the regular season. 

So let’s do a final review on Ramona before we say goodbye since the season focused quite a bit on Ramona’s “Renewal”.  Ramona opened the season explaining that her father passed away and it led to her renewing herself.  A new haircut, a new outlook, renewing her wedding vows and renewing her efforts to get us to buy everything she is selling.  She is selling a lot of stuff! 

The opening of the season was the first of many, many parties that we see the housewives attending, this one was hosted by Ramona.  This was definitely a ramonacoaster of a party for the newly transformed housewife. 

Luann decided that she would try to solidify her place on the show by causing problems at every party, every fashion show, every scene and Ramona’s yacht party was no exception.  Apparently 6-weeks prior to the scene we’re watching on the yacht, Ramona’s husband Mario, used the term “countless”. 

Luann decided that now, during a beautiful day on a beautiful yacht, would be a good time to bring up her broken heart about Mario’s comment to his wife, Ramona.  This makes no sense to anyone since it happened weeks ago and Ramona didn’t say it, Mario said it.  Luann was out of line and knowing Jill the way that we do, she is the voice of reason, we thought for sure Jill would try to put the fire out and appease Luann.  But this isn’t the Jill Zarin we know and love, this is also a renewed housewife.  

Jill fuels the fire with comments that make no sense, when we expected Jill to say something like, “let’s talk about it later” or “Ramona, talk to Mario about it, and have him call Luann later”, instead Jill takes up Luann’s ridiculous viewpoint as if it had been discussed prior to the camera’s rolling perhaps?  Jill actually said the exact sentence that she expected Ramona to say and she wasn’t going to be satisfied and let it go until Ramona said exactly those words.  What the hell Jill Zarin?  Would you apologize for something that Bobby did?  I highly doubt it!  Besides if you listen closely, Ramona actually did apologize but LuLu just wouldn’t let it go. 

Ramona really let the mean girls get to her and we saw rare tears but they seemed to be more angry than hurt.  Ramona calling Luann and Jill the “mean girls” was certainly a hint of things to come…

This set the tone for Ramona’s relationship with both Jill and Luann.  While Ramona seemed to remain neutral during the majority of the season, it was interesting to note that in reality the St. John trip had already happened, Ramona, surprisingly, kept her neutrality in blogs and interviews throughout the season.  The tension with Jill was there, but she kept it hidden until the reunion. 

Ramona tried to influence Alex to stay at her Labor Day party rather than going to Luann’s house, yet when Ramona sat and talked to Bethenny, she didn’t want to say anything about Jill, she wanted to stay neutral.  I think she did try her best to stay friendly with everyone for as long as she could.  Was that part of her renewal or was that Ramona trying to see which team was going to come out on top before making a decision? 

So has Ramona changed?  We saw quite a bit of the “old” Ramona starting in this first episode calling Luann “classless” and with both Kelly and Jill at the Kodak Event, she nailed Kelly at the Saks dinner about her breast surgery, tore apart Bethenny on the Brooklyn Bridge, but overall, I would say it was pretty tame in comparison to the “old” Ramona.  We didn’t see Ramona apologize to anyone except Bethenny and that was almost immediately after her insults.  Something clicked and Ramona realized that she was being extremely hurtful to Bethenny which seemed to turn her around and she not only realized what she had done, but explained to Bethenny what she had done and Ramona said she was sorry! 

Ramona “renewed” her relationship with Alex and Simon and I think she genuinely likes Alex and enjoys spending time with her.  They do have a lot in common being working moms with their own businesses, loving husbands and shooting a reality show. 

Ramona has absolutely done something very right with her marriage and her daughter.  She is clearly in love with her husband and whether the vow renewal ceremony was her idea or Bravo’s idea, the vows that these two people said to each other were real and loving.  Sure, the whole ceremony was a little like watching Days Of Our Lives but it was still sweet! 

Avery is a great kid, it was evident in Season One when Ramona seemed to be pushing a little bit  to get Avery into acting or modeling and the child made the adult decision to focus on her school work and not allow anything to get in the way.  Each time we’ve seen Avery she has been polite and respectful.  Sure, she rolled her eyes at her mom every now and then but what teenager hasn’t?   It seems as though Mario is the primary care-giver as in the past, Ramona has explained that Mario is the one who prepares Avery, gets her breakfast and takes her to school every day.  It is nice to see two great parents! 

Ramona was actually cute that she was so nervous before walking the runway at Brooklyn Fashion week, she got so excited when Bethenny told her that she was engaged, was loving and caring on the phone with Bethenny discussing B’s father, she seemed to be gracious and patient with Kelly (for as long as she could) on the Virgin Islands trip.  These are some of the things that I couldn’t see Ramona doing in the past two seasons. 

I think Ramona has changed, and I think she has absolutely secured her place on The Real Housewives of New York next season.   

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Here’s a link to a little tidbit about Rachel Zoe if anyone is interested:  http://shar.es/mEPOC

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  1. Kokuanani says:

    Right now I’m watching an episode of “Judge Judy.” [Hey, anything until that “lost footage.”]

    Anyway, the defendant is a confessed meth addict. Her behavior is exactly like “our girl” Kelly!!!!

    ** non-nonsensical, non-sequitor talk
    ** unable to follow a line of reasoning/questioning
    ** speedy, speedy talk

    Convinced me of the “Kelly is a meth addict” argument.

  2. Jenni says:

    @Squirrels- Just now left you the link on the old blog under your comment…

  3. Jenni says:

    Thanks Lynn, I was having a DOH! moment…

  4. CdnFillie says:

    Thought I would bring this over from the other blog..just in case the flying monkeys missed it

    CdnFillie says:
    June 23, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    LMAO…I think I just got my first block…on that other site that shall remain nameless..

    Gwen: Your last blog started with:

    Hello. My name is Gwen and I really DO NOT like Lynn Hudson or Alex McCord! If you have not read my prior blogs, allow me to explain. Lynn Hudson loves to use the word hate. I will not use the word HATE. I am not a negativity spreader.

    So I posted in her new blog “I HATE ALEX McCORD”…


  5. dumberries says:

    I agree with Lynn – Ramona has changed. She still tends to say rude things occasionally and can be a bit hyper at times, but she seems to understand when she’s crossed the line, then tries to make amends. I never saw that in the first 2 seasons.

    I don’t think Ramona was waiting to see which “team” was on top before taking a side, I don’t think she takes sides (nor did Alex in the past). This season, B, Ramona and Alex chose to rebel against the evil one and stick up for themselves and each other. In so doing, they created a sort of support system (which Zarin sees as the “opposing team”) and became better friends

    So, yeah, Ramona has definitely earned her piece of the apple next season. The old Ramona shocked me (not easy to do) and amused me, but I didn’t like or dislike her. The renewed Ramona shocks me and amuses me, and I like her.

    • Squirrels says:

      You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Avery had more to do with Ramona’s renewal than was shown on the small screen. Avery doesn’t pull punches. She’s carefully respectful on camera – smart kid, but I wouldn’t put it past her to watch the show and tell her mom exactly what she thinks, including discussions on Ramona’s own behavior.

      Ramona would now have the strength (post father passing) to take that loving criticism to heart, begin a new chapter and embrace the opportunity to move forward. That’s my theory anyway.

      Go Avery !

  6. Hello everyone.
    I have amazing (in my mind) news! Kelly FINALLY responded to my daily tweets asking her to explain “satchels of gold”.
    I don’t know if anyone remembers my comment a few days ago, but my theory was that satchels of gold was a reference she was making to the fact that people think she doesn’t work for her money and has “satchels of gold” just lying around. And I was right!
    Here is Kelly’s tweet to me:

    @PutYourHairUp satchels of gold was on the show. it inferred that money grows on trees for me. i work hard, i just dont talk it.

    Guys, don’t call me crazy, but I think I’m actually beginning to understand Kelly. The more I rewatch episodes the more I comprehend her language.
    I’m working on a Kelly translator. I think I may be able to make sense out of her words after all. Lol.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      You could write a book A Kelly to English dictionary!

      • iceNfire says:

        How does this apply to the breakfast topic?
        Cook not a Chef. Satchels of Gold!

        • felony stupid says:

          Ok, I know this is going to sound crazy but please stick with me.

          I think she mixed up Al Sharpton with Johnny Cochran. And for some reason in that mushy brain of hers she attributes “you can’t handle the truth” to Johnny Cochran circa OJ trial. Don’t know why but it just feels right. I suspect she hasn’t even seen A Few Good Men.

          I know it sounds insane but it has been chewing at me and I just had to get it out.

          • dumberries says:

            I figured she mixed up Sharpton and Don King, the boxing promoter. Only because she yelled, “put up your hair” a few times after the Sharpton nonsense and King is famous for that big hair sticking straight up. The mysteries of Kikinese…

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            On the first viewing of “Al Sharpton, Al Sharpton”, I thought Kelly thought Bethenny was projecting a preacher style on the subject of truth! Then Kelly said, “put your hair up!” and I realized Kelly wasn’t saying anything of importance – she was just spouting disruptive nonsense.

    • Lynn I feel like a detective trying to solve the mystery of the meaning of Kelly’s words. Lol.

      IceNfire – I though about that too. I think it could possibly be the editing. If it’s not the editing the only other thing that makes sense to me is the fact that a few minutes earlier in the conversation Kelly had brought up the fact that she is an “author”. And maybe in her mind she was jumping back to that earlier part of the conversation and just forgot to tell them. That’s the best I know how to make sense of it. Even if there was no reason for her to say it at that moment, I feel the tiniest bit better knowing that there is actually a meaning behind that statement.

      felonystupid – That’s so funny bc that exactly how I imagined her brain must have worked it out too.
      I spend more time than I would like to admit trying to make sense out of Kelly’s ramblings.

      • felony stupid says:

        RCH – Woohoo! I’m not alone in the world of Kelly’s addled brain. Thank you!!!

    • dancekrazy says:

      You do understand Kelly…….God bless you!
      What the hell did she mean by”it inferred (I assume she meant implied since we would “infer” from her implying) that money grows on trees for me”
      I’m not that good at Kelly-speak yet and still cannot make hide nor hair of anything the poor girl says.
      Oh, I definitely want Ramona back on the show. I think that girl has had it with Jill’s manipulative behavior. I think Ramona has seen the light and hopefully we’ll see her with Alex and Sonia this coming season, and Bethenny (if she crosses the show lines).

  7. CdnFillie says:

    bracing for another tornado watch …and we already had an earthquake today. :<

    • dumberries says:

      We had a big earthquake a few days ago her in San Francisco too. I blamed Zarin!
      Seriously, take care – hope it’s not too bad.

    • Alana's Cat says:

      Sounds like you might live close to me. I’m in N.E. Ohio. The quake was big and now we are having more severe thunderstorms. it just won’t let up on us today.

    • Hey who else felt the earthquake?!
      I did. They r doing construction on my building so I thought that’s what it was. My friend told me later it was an earthquake and I didn’t believe them until I saw it on the news. Lol.

      • boston02127 says:

        It was reported on the news tonight that it was felt here in Boston and through out the New England area.

    • Squirrels says:

      5.2 I think? Not to worry. Once you get to 7.0 + then you can worry. The 7.2 Easter Sunday quake in Baja, Mx, sent us a shockwave this week of 5.2. No big. However, I have nothing on the wall over my head board. Why invite trouble?

  8. Lulu's bare shoulder says:

    Satchels of gold makes no sense in the conversation where she started screeching it though.

    Need further translation please.

  9. felony stupid says:

    I get tvgasm updates on my fb acct. I did a spit take when this came up:

    RHONY: Excruciating Pontificating | TVgasm
    Jill’s still a c word. A C WORD
    …about an hour ago
    Comment ·Like Unlike · Share

    LOVE tvgasm. Here’s the link…its pretty funny.


    • Lulu's bare shoulder says:

      My favorite part!

      Alex asks Jill for her reaction to Alex’s newfound voice and take a deep breath, Gasmii, here come the lies. First up, when Jill says she’s happy for someone, she’s not. She’s as pissed as a chubby chasing Bear with an anorexic boyfriend. How do I know this? Because she turns around and calls her a coward for delivering Bethenny’s message instead of her own.

      A coward. Alex is a coward. Let’s examine the heights of Jill’s incredible feats of bravery for a moment, shall we? Yes, I think we shall. Just for comparison’s sake. I like to be fair, as you all know.

      Let’s start with how incredibly fearless it was for her to put people on speaker phone without their knowledge of who might also be listening. It was also super gutsy of her to play all of Bethenny’s hobby message for the entire world to hear. Oh, she didn’t? My bad. On to the next.

      She showed pluck and gallantry of the highest order when she hid behind a false name and impugned the reputation of Amazon’s number one reviewer, calling her an anti semite for dissing her book. She then heroically planted false, anonymous and patently vile stories about Bethenny in every gossip column from here to Tennerife. So dashing and daring, don’t you think? And that’s only the beginning!

      She also bravely asked others not to film with Lady B and hid her bitchiness and evil behind her own husband’s cancer. Not brave, you say? Maybe even a wee bit dodgy and yellow bellied? Well, surely no one can disagree that it was incredibly gutsy of her to recruit Leather to do her bidding in St. John. She’s lucky she’s not in jail for aiding and abetting in Bethenny’s possible murder.

      • Cheri says:

        I’m not sure what you are talking about but I hope it is the reunion because I want to add “don’t forget she was a victim of bullying on the island and she knows what poor Kelly had to endure at the hands of those horrible bullies, it was the worst thing in her life”. Sorry if this doesn’t fit in but like I said I might be missing what you are referring to

    • KookADoodleDo says:

      GREAT recap of the reunion!!

    • This is the best part:

      every time Jill says, “that’s not true,” in that ‘I dare you to catch me in a lie’ spoiled bitch voice of hers.

      It’s so true. It does sound like that!

      • felony stupid says:

        I like this one…these are the paragraphs immediately following what Lulu’s Bare Shoulder posted:

        “But Jill thinks Alex is a coward and she says so, so we should all believe her. She then goes on to tell Alex how she should have handled the situation by approaching her with her own issues, ignoring the fact that she tried to many times. You ignored her, CUNT. And when that didn’t work, you talked over her!

        Bethenny sticks up for Alex and old Slim Jim opens her mouth to prompt Alex to close her legs. Really. This from a woman whose skirt was chosen because it flatters her pubic bone best and highlights the faint outline of her labia.”

        Sorry about the C word….but this made me laugh so hard it woke the kids.

        • dumberries says:

          That write-up was hilarious, start to finish. Love how the writer has about 6 nicknames for Kelly. Faves: Leather and Slim Jim. The … “highlights the faint outline of her labia” line was classic. Lol…

          • BamaBelle says:

            Since the “cat pee” comment from Sonja and the poster with “cat pee” in their screen name… now when I see Kelly or hear her name, that song that Lisa Kudrow sang on Friends… “Smelly Cat” comes to my mind… I can’t get it out of my head…

            Smelly Cat… Smeeelly Cat… What are they feeding you?… LOL!

            Somebody finish the lyrics to that song if they know them, please.

            Kelly-Smelly-Cat… that would be a good screen name for someone!

    • Katiecoo says:

      This was one of the best reads of the season! Can’t wait til this writer serves up the next 2 parts. 😀

  10. boston02127 says:

    @iceNfire~Sorry about that. When the blog is full my computer really slows down.
    I had to log off and do a sweep clean to it. I went to the baboon acct and there are no messages.

  11. kellyhannah says:

    Real Housewives of New York City Lost Footage: Jill Zarin’s Baffling Hatred of Alex McCord


    • anutha hata says:

      So Jill always had it out for Simon & Alex, but is it saying that the reason is because Jill did not choose them to be on the show?
      Is Jill that controlling?
      I wonder if there is anyone that Jill suggested as a HW, that Bravo didn’t select?
      That almost makes sense. Really, besides being competition for screen-time, and friendship w/bethenny, I don’t get what they could have possibly have done to Jill.
      I had a girl at a place where I used to work and every day she would write long long nasty letters to our boss about me.
      The boss would leave the letters on the top of the garbage can when I came in for my shift.
      I had never done anything to this girl!
      I found-out after I left, (ha ha no, not fired), that the girl wanted her sister to have my job.
      About a year after I left there, I had a waaaay better job & who should show-up as a trainee? (I was her new boss ha ha ha ha ha)
      I was in charge of about 250 people and since I had set the whole dept. up I wasn’t going anywhere.
      It took her two days to figure that out, then she quit.
      The look on her face when she reported to “her new boss”, (me), was priceless, I’ll never forget it.

    • Squirrels says:

      Hang on…. isn’t this the same billion paper slivers that just finished trashing Alex on Jill’s behalf?

      I may be delusional. Just don’t ask me to room with Kelly.

  12. felony stupid says:

    Just funny – love the soundtrack.

  13. boston02127 says:

    I really want to know about the “missing” brother of Caroline, Joe and Chris. Does anyone know anything?

  14. boston02127 says:

    From the site fansofreality:

    Christopher Laurita owns Signature Apparel Group with his brother who has been estranged from Caroline and Dina for a decade.

    Jacqueline straddles the fence between those two women and Danielle, but I think her husband must be in the same place (in the middle) between those sisters and his brother. Chris’s nephew (the son of the brother he is in partnership with) died suddenly last fall, which would have been after the taping of this show. (Tragically he was only 25. He also worked for Signature). Half the family (inc. Caroline and Dina and possibly their parents and a few other sibs) were left out of the memorial. I am guessing Chris and Jac’s newborn son’s middle name is in memory of their nephew. table flipping day:
    It’s terrible when a family falls apart like that, and it happens far too often, but Caroline’s bemoaning the fact that Jacqueline would cause their parents’ to suffer because she sided with a “friend” is pretty incredible, when you consider just how dysfunctional that family really is. I’m not the least bit surprised Chris stood up to side with his wife against his bullying sisters.

    • Sadie says:

      I don’t want to post it here because I want to delete it.

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      I just loved how Caroline cooed to Jackie that she was “really” part of the family now that her baby was born. W.T.F. She’s your sister-in-law, you moron, she already *IS* “really” a part of your family!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        What about the older kid with Chris? Doesn’t he count? Caroline is such an ass……

  15. CdnFillie says:

    I’m being followed…tweet tweet LOL

  16. Adgirl says:

    Kelly- when was asked about her Playboy shoot as to why didn’t she show her yoohoo (down there).
    She said because her “down there” isn’t evocative. Evocative = to inspire an emotional response.
    Did she mean emotions inspired by her boobs are expected but her nether regions will not inspire an emotion from the reader?
    Which emotion is she referring to? Lust? Mommy longing? Confusion? Revulsion?

    Should we ask Bobby?

    • RileyKitty says:

      Maybe because it isn’t a HooHoo but a Mr. Winkie?

    • Olivia says:

      Kelly was probably searching for the word “provocative” and this is what she delivered. The word “evocative” in the context she is using makes no sense.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It’s all a matter of Satchels of Gold – she did it for the money even though it goes against her moral code. She is also disingenious because she used old pictures – not those of her fabulous 41 year old body! The cover with the Ribbon was to suggest what – unwrapping a present?

  17. m293131 says:

    I luv this blog. I don’t have to go any place else for the latest info. Jill just tweeted that she know nothing about new amazon that she is in south hampton

  18. boston02127 says:

    G’Night all.

  19. Amy says:

    I heard Jill just got a huge endorsement. I wonder what it is. Does anyone know? PR 101 according to Kelly…keep talking about her..she only gets bigger and makes more money. Maybe all this Jill Zarin talk makes her even bigger!

    • I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

      Where did you hear this from? Who in the world would want her to endorse their product with her image in the toilet. *shakes head*

  20. Sadie says:

    Riley I found it and emailed it to you.

  21. Olivia says:

    Regarding the question concerning Ramona’s “change and renewal” campaign, I will have to withhold judgment until the next season of this series. Ramona has been a “flip flopper” over this series run and I am unable to overlook a lot of her past behavior with many of the cast members in the past. And her constant running to Jill to make amends makes no sense. Particularly when she herself has been the target of much of Jill’s behavior.

    It seems when Ramona gets tanked up on her Pinot Grigio she lets loose than informs the audience that she is “telling it like it is” so we should all just get over it and make room for the next time she decides to stir it up.

    It may be naivety on my part, but it seems as if there should be a little rebellion coming from within the ranks of the NY cast, and not just Bethenny, to withhold their own participation of filming with Jill herself. She “poisoned” the well at every opportunity and managed to offer enough ammunition to the others for not wanting her back themselves. We may not want to see her return but why would they?

    Time will tell just how much Ramona has “renewed” herself. As Jill has commented, “just because you say so does not make it true”. This may be the one statement made by Jill that has seeds of truth sewn in.

  22. Kotagirl says:

    I don’t know who’s idea the vow renewal was, but I think it was a poke at Luann. Her marriage of 16 years breaks up and Ramona gets to show everyone that hers is still going strong for that long, and longer. I thought it was funny that shortly after we see Luann talking about her marriage ending we see Ramona bragging about how amazing it is that hers is still going strong. Even if it was just a coincidence, it made me stop and think. I am all for seeing the pompous Luann get her faced rubbed into the dirt a little. She really needs to be taken down a peg or two.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I think deep down, our Ramona is a frightened child cowering while her father abused the entire family. She’s afraid of being dumped like all of those other fabulous women in her social circle and she wanted a public sign that her husband loved her. She included Avery too. She wants to keep her family.

  23. Garden says:

    A hate Jill Zarin counter off to the side.
    A page off to the side that has all true meeting stories (not Alex, Bethenny or Simon); upper westside corona dude went to school with NeNe, had some D.C. gossip. Another person had a inside scoop on D.C. Someones long time relative works for NBC.
    A page off to the side about meeting Bethenny, Alex and Simon. Everyone does not have time to read the whole blog, comments and all. Everyone would like to read about how Alex and Simon were so cool at the baseball game.

  24. CdnFillie says:

    Hey just so everyone knows…Jill is following me on Twitter too…for whatever reason…I’m not one of her flying monkeys

  25. Brianna says:

    Nice article about Luann’s niece on the art show, and a few comments from Luann herself.


  26. Brianna says:

    Troll, I hope Alana sues your ass off. Pathetic.

  27. iamrogue says:

    hmmmm…Interesting. Don’t these people know that A Chandler is taking legal action.

  28. Garden says:

    Really do jills PR people work in the middle of the night/early morning, that’s nuts.

  29. iamrogue says:

    Yeah…pretty crazy considering this is coming on the heels of Ms Chandler making it clear she will be taking legal action.
    Perhaps Lynn will be able to forward this to Ms Chandler with the IP Addresses and let her fellow blogger over at “absurd” know so that she can write about it…this is news!…unlike zarin plants.

  30. boston02127 says:


    Once again someone on Jill’s crew is forging names/signatures.

  31. iamrogue says:

    Idon’t know much about law, however I am wondering that if it is uncovered by Ms Chandler’s attorneys that this is in fact originating with lisa’s spawn if other’s may join the suit such as Lynn and the absurd column writer and Simon. Lynn and the other blogger have been threatened and Simon has been harrassed.

    Many years ago, I worked for a dot.com company and they were always receiving requests from detectives and court orders to reveal the person behind a certain cyber tag for making threats. They never responded to the detective’s requests, but they had to acknowledge and cooperate with all court orders to reveal information.

    It can be costly to bring a lawsuit. I hope Amazon will supply their legal team to Ms Chandler. It would be in their own best interests to do so.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It will be a very interesting family dynamic if Jill’s family members are involved and exposed via a lawsuit. It will definately hurt her sister’s career. And mother Gloria….so silent now?? IF this blows up over the summer – Jill can kiss her Bravo gig Good Bye!

    • Squirrels says:

      I’m going to ramble…. fast forward if necessary 😀

      “I hope Amazon will supply their legal team to Ms Chandler. It would be in their own best interests to do so.”

      I’m sorry, but it would so make my fucking day to see Jill squirm like the squid she is on a level that gets her where it hurts her husband the most. His real estate ventures may be happy as hell, but the Zarin Family Business? It’s not just Bow-over-Bowby, it involves his blood relatives. So Jill, how much power do you have over bro-in-laws that wouldn’t touch your … never mind.

      Bobby Zarin is either admitting he’s never going to find anything better and is willing to watch all the while munching on a pastrami sandwich as his wife keeps fucking with his family’s LIVELIHOOD – or he is really, really lazy. (burp)

      Connect the dots….

      Perhaps that’s why she isn’t wearing her wedding rein… um ring. I’m sure it’s just at the cleaners … ehem…. put it in storage… stone was loose…. Bawby is mean…. ehem…. I’ll talk about that when my PR consultant arrives to show me how to project myself in the best light.

  32. boston02127 says:

    Last night Jill tweeted that she was hosting a birthday party for her 13 year old niece and 13 of her friends. She posted a couple of pictures of a bon fire on the beach then she proceeded to tweet most of the night about herself. As usual it was all about Jill.

  33. iamrogue says:

    Whew, thanks. Will you forward this info on? Again, under the name of A Chandler, this poster made statements in the body of the post claiming to be and amazon reviewer.

  34. boston02127 says:

    I am blown away by the fact that nobody in Jill’s family thinks she’s wrong in
    anything she does. Bobby, her sister and her mother (the crypt keeper) are all alike.
    What a rotten bunch of people.

  35. Brianna says:


    be sure to read to the end, lots of NY stuff after NJ and DC.

    great photo caps!

    • Jenni says:

      Thanks for the link, great blog and pics! I am going to have to add it to my list of favorites…..

  36. Bravo fan says:

    Good Mornin- Wow so much happening – Alana’s fake twitter account did u see the fake Alana sent tweets to Andy and several other anti Jill people. I support the real Alana to the max! Jill is not helping herself. Did you guys see the bonfire picture on her twitter page? My family makes bonfires on the beach in the Hamptons all the time. Based on the picture she took that fire would be considered dangerous and the beach patrol would ask them to put it out. The police out there are really strict. Lets give Alana our support. I wrote a comment on the other blog but it didn’t get posted. She must have to delete so many comments because there is only a few comments each day.

  37. moriasheehan says:

    i missed it. wish they would quit harassing Lynn.

  38. Viki55 says:

    The absurd to sublime link above doesn’t work for me. Anyone else have problem with it?

  39. Olivia says:

    perez hilton has posted an outtake of the infamous sex tape featuring “ho bag” Danielle Staub that is being marketed by Hustler. It is absolutely disgusting! Why would Bravo want to be associated with her or anything she does is the key question. Only a very sick mind would consider this as a way to earn a living at the expense of her kids.

    The kindest act would be to cancel the NJ franchise, or at least get her off the show since she is going way beyond the boundaries of decency in self promotion and Bravo seems to be capitalizing on the worst of the worst in seeking ratings.

    The NJ group as a whole are outrageous but she is beyond explanation for a storyline that is within the boundaries of acceptable behavior. To promote this trash is bad enough but to glorify a woman close to the age of 50 with two impressionable kids is horrific. It is just sickening to suggest this woman is a “star” by any standards.

  40. Viki55 says:

    I feel like I am in a time warp again:( Nothing is moving.

  41. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMO Ramona’s renewal is the real deal….it will take time but she seems very committed to being a better person. She will still be Ramona and say off the wall things from time to time, but she is coming to realize other people have feelings and that some respect is due for other’s point of view. She doesn’t talk behind their backs – she just says it! She is a happy and joyful person and it shows. She has thankfulness for her husband, child and now her new friends. She will defend and help them when they need her and will call Jill out when she starts the pity party twist on history rants. It will be interesting to see if Kelly returns – because Ramona is so done with her and it shows. Overall, Ramona IMO is the sparkler with a side of firecracker in the NY lineup. I totally agree she will be asked back for the next season.

  42. boston02127 says:

    blogs not working

  43. Buffywood says:

    Good Morning! I was catching up this morning and I was totally confused. I was trying to follow the converstation and I had no idea what was going on. I scrolling up and down trying to figure it out and then I realized 1/2 of the conversation is missing. This is how Kelly must feel all of the time (as my dad would say She is dumber than dog shit)!! Why do I have a sudden urge to yell Al Sharpton!

    • Viki55 says:

      Yes, there are some big gaps in the conversation that leave things making no sense. Makes me curious though!

  44. TLM says:

    Does anyone have any additional info on JZ’s claim that she & Jason worked out together and had a great time? I have my own theory about this.

    Although we still have not gotten the full story on Jason’s job, one thing I heard was that he was a personal trainer, and seeing his body, I would believe that. It even could have been a second job for him. I suspect that when she and B were still talking, and she heard B’s bf was a personal trainer, Jill immediately suggested they “work out together.” Why pay for a personal trainer when you can get one for free, I’m sure Jill thought. Whether she flat-out asked him to train her or Jason figured out that was the real purpose of the workout request when they were at the gym, I can understand why Jason thought Jill was “grabby.” She figured she missed out on the Turks & Caicos trip B & J took, and she was going to make up for it by getting a free personal trainer.

    • I Like Lynn and Alex says:

      Jill said on Lisa Wexler’s radio show that “he didn’t mind taking my money”… so she did pay him. And of course he was polite – who wouldn’t be to their client?

  45. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    Jill’s twitter account is down today 🙂

  46. Sofi says:

    I had insomnia last night and was reading this in the wee hours. There was a link to Danielle’s sex tape and I clicked on it. In over 60 years I have never seen anything so graphic. I thought you had to pay to see this kind of porn. She has several piercings “down there”. She made a couple of comments about getting a better angle for the camera, so there is no way she didn’t know this was being recorded. She has a c-section scar and her breasts appear to be pre-corrective surgery. Why, why, why? How could she do this to her children?
    There were also some pretty crazy posts by someone pretending to be Alana, also Lynn, which I didn’t realize was fake.
    Thank you Lynn for removing all this, but unfortunately I probably won’t be able to forget having seen it.

  47. Ellabean says:

    Me too. I clicked onto the link from yesterday with Danielle’s video.

    Oh my friggin’ Gawd. Totally graphic. Every lady part exposed for the camera up close. Actually I found it disturbing. Totally XXX porn . Horrifying.

    The is NO WAY that Bravo will or should allow her back. I don’t even know how she could be on a reunion show – as the video will have been out there in real time for all to see. I can imagine that the other Jersey wives – will definitely NOT want to film with her.

    And she has 2 young daughters – – – ??!!! Child Protective Services may step in – or family – and the father – where is he?????

  48. Sha2000 says:

    I found this laugh out loud funny:

    Scroll down for funny photos!

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  50. Amy says:

    Why does Lynn keep taking my comments down? I thought everyone can talk and not be edited?

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