I Hate Jill Zarin Bethenny’s Getting Married III June 25, 2010

 Hate Jill Zarin                     Bethenny’s Getting Married III  June 25, 2010

Poor Bethenny!  Wow does she have a lot on her plate, with only three weeks to go until the wedding, she really hadn’t finalized anything at all!  Talk about stress! 

Luckily, there’s Costco!  What a stressful book signing, only three people showed up?  Where the hell was this book signing?  Was this in an area where televisions don’t exist?  Or maybe there’s no Cable TV yet in that area?  I can’t imagine a book signing with only three people, unless it wasn’t advertised? 

Bethenny doesn’t push her wares as much as some of the other housewives, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her publicize a book signing on Twitter or Facebook.  Feel free to correct me if you’ve seen her do it, but maybe she wanted less people so that she could SHOP!  It was really cute seeing her getting so excited over grocery shopping! 

Shopping for maternity clothes, especially one of the first times can be emotional.  Who am I kidding, what the hell, she wasn’t crying about the clothes, she was crying because there was only three weeks until the wedding and nothing was done! 

Poor Max had to choose a pair of panties for Bethenny, I doubt that is in his job description and he really didn’t seem to like that part of the job.  Was it just me or did they seem like skimpy little G-string undies for a pregnant woman?  Max seems like such a nice guy!  

The wedding planner, Shawn, however can only be described as a “bitch”!  Here are his Tweets during the show, as always with Tweets, read from the bottom up…

  time for some rest…chat in the am. Cheers!

@Eforeventsbywe thank you! hope you enjoy!

@adorabletrace you are too sweet! we should connect! cheers!

@mdawsonphoto Thank you! Cookie is a tough…cookie…

.morrowland    @BravoAndy Funniest line came from Shawn: “Cookie turned into Cujo. I don’t like that bitch.” @SRabideauEvents

@maxmeisel I think #cookie is on her mom’s side!

@maxmeisel what are your thoughts?

until next week…thoughts? let em rip!

uh oh…do I see #dickripping in my future? Forget the balls all is gone…did I lose all the jewels?

#jason is a pure saint…he is a doll and perfect match for @bethenny

#jason poor thing is hurting…too much fun?

@julieplake sorry Julie! No more #balltalk

I am ready to snatch @bethenny’s #maidofhonors zanax

@EricHildebrand thanks doll!

I think #lisa is the perfect maid of honor! She is perfect for @bethenny!

@LosingForty #drink…lots and lots of #drinks

@maxmeisel I think I saved my left nut!

.maxmeisel    Wow @srabideauevents, forget Bethenny taking your balls, Cookie almost ate them!

@StacySays7 I wish I could be your planner!

oh THANK GOD I think i got my left ball back! you @maxmeisel?

so scared of #cujo aka cookie

@bethenny GOT the #FourSeasons!

#cujo just attacked my boob…she IS a #bitch!

oh @maxeisel I feel for you and the #panties

@LIAMJSMIT you know it! I was scared #formyballs

@BravoAndy she’s cracking me up!

@maxmeisel do @bethenny’s panites scare you? sans va-jay-jay…

maybe I should give @bethenny a break…what’s a planner to do when I have a wedding to plan?

wow, I am in therapy with @bethenny…

.maxmeisel    Isn’t Jake a good friend?

@ bethenny and her poor pits…or should I say pour pits?

@bethenny needs to chillax re wedding!

um can you say #bridezilla!?

I always wear my #bigboypanties!

.maxmeisel    hahahahah Big boy panties!!!! @srabideauevents

Just trying to do my job…sorry!

wow…tons of questions…too many?

so what do you all think? do I hover? or am I just doing my job? Were hormones running?

@mag_guy yes, but I am sure she comes around…I hope! :-/

@SRabideauEvents hello bridezilla! I am glad I was not at that consultation 🙂

awww…thank you @bethenny for thinking kind thoughts…hormones SUCK

Wow…thank god her hands were tied otherwise she would have choked me

@bethenny is so OVER me?! Wow…so birds? I’m a bird

@maxmeisel You know it! Ssssnap! Gay?!

so I am on @bethenny? Gee I am on you like white in rice?

having heart palps…

LOVING the banter btwn Jason and @bethanny!

Jason is so sweet with the fat girl platter! He takes care of the baby mama! I love Jason!

@bethenny crazy in @Costco?! OMe Lawd!

Im queer…didn’t know @bethenny was?! Costco is queer?

@maxmeisel I am not sure max…can we? Are on the right or left of the bedstand?

maxmeisel    @srabideauevents Alright Shawn, let’s see if we can keep our balls attached on tonight’s episode.

Have I ever planned a wedding in two weeks…nope! can I actually do this?!

And Max Tweeted during the show:

Thanks for tuning in for tonight’s live tweet session!

@SRabideauEvents I think things are getting interesting. Cookie is up your ass as much as Bethenny.

The woman falling in the hotel lobby and bringing her friend down with her was so funny.

I wish the Panty Picker was in Atlantic City.

Bethenny took my balls with her to Atlantic City @srabideauevents

Wow @srabideauevents, forget Bethenny taking your balls, Cookie almost ate them!

Uh oh. That’s all.

Isn’t Jake a good friend?

hahahahah Big boy panties!!!! @srabideauevents

@SRabideauEvents I actually think you would be good at doing Bethenny’s hair hahah

@srabideauevents Alright Shawn, let’s see if we can keep our balls attached on tonight’s episode.

Another round of live tweeting for BGM!

Sounds like the perfect time to go to Atlantic City for the weekend, when you have a million things to do.  It looked like she tried to relax and enjoy the Bachelorette/ Bachelor weekend but who could when you have so many more important things that need to be done?

It sure looked like Jason enjoyed his Bachelor party!  I thought it was so cute when he kissed Bethenny’s belly and was telling baby Bryn that Daddy was still drunk! 

I don’t think there is any doubt that this show’s ratings started high because it followed the reunion shows but it has proven to be worthy of all of the hype!  Bethenny can and does carry the show on her own extremely well.  It is jam packed with constant on the go activity!  It never gets boring and it makes for great television!  What a wonderful breath of fresh air after months of Housewife horrors!!! 

It includes the “down time” sessions with a therapist that helps us to understand what Bethenny is really going through, what she is thinking and how her past is affecting her future.  I don’t know how real these sessions are or if they’re truly helping Bethenny, I originally thought that they would be dull and repetitive but they’re really not.  We’re getting some real insight into Bethenny, and it is interesting! 

Bethenny didn’t tweet during the show, she explained that her dog, Cookie had some sort of procedure and was now wearing a cone, poor Cujo! 

 @Bethenny   Sorry I didn’t tweet.cookie had surgery&is traumatized by this cone.she wears for 2 weeks.so upset.thanks for watc   http://twitpic.com/1zskky

Don’t you just LOVE Teri the drunkin Maid of Honor?  It was nice to see that Bethenny has real friends, not TV show friends, not fake friends (Jill Zarin) just a true friend who is genuinely happy for her! 

I thought about it last night, if things had played out differently with Bethenny and Jill, would Jill have been present for this weekend in Atlantic City?  How different would the entire show have been if Jill had continued to be a friend to Bethenny?  I wonder if Bravo would have included Jill in many of the scenes, shopping for wedding gowns, and searching for venues for the wedding, all of the things that typically friends do together while planning a wedding, would Jill have been there?  It would certainly be a different show if she had.  I won’t deny that Jill and Bethenny were funny together but there is no doubt about which one brought the funny, Jill was always the straight man in the comedy routine.  Obviously Bethenny can bring the funny with anyone! 

Here is a tweet from Ellen during the show:

@TheEllenShow: Is anyone watching Bethenny’s Getting Married? She makes me laugh.

Bethenny and Max have both posted their blogs on Bravotv.com


The next blog will be all about our FINAL (hopefully) Real Housewives Of New York lost footage episode.

Until Next Time…

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362 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Bethenny’s Getting Married III June 25, 2010

  1. Melinda says:

    First off, YAY…..i love your blogs…….look forward to reading them! now onto the show…..I think Bethenny can carry a show all by herself as well and hope that she can move into more seasons with a tweak to the name. THANK THE GOOD LORD that Jill is not in this show……..I think it would have been ruined………she would have tried to steal the spotlight, constantly told Bethenny what she should wear, do, etc……..it would have been AWFUL! Praise Jebus that Jill picked a fight with Bethenny due to her jealousy and now is gone gone gone! yay!

    Love this show, love the blog…….gushing love all around! except for wedding planner….;-)

  2. Olivia says:

    Jill must have been spinning on her famous bed if she watched last night’s show. I agree she would have made sure to be in all those scenes “assisting” Bethenny as she makes her way through all those commitments she piled on her plate. Wedding planning, maternity clothes, Atlantic City trip. We were spared!!!

    In the last few minutes of the lost footage episode Jill mentioned how she was now “co hosting” on the tv show in NYC, WLLX or something. So it looks as though she is managing to get a foothold on the cohosting job she craves even if it is only a small cable outlet. She is just itching to get up there to the big time by appearing to do likewise on the View or the third hour of Today.

    Can’t imagine tuning into any show that she would be on, watching her commandeer the entire show by interrupting, talking over, and acting like the diva she thinks she already is.

    • Stephenie says:

      I live in the NYC area and Jill says she cohosts on WNBC 4 on a show called LXTV..It! Kinda of like the KLG&Hoda hour on the Today show, but from 5-6pm. I’ve seen her on it twice in the past 2 months or so (though I don’t watch religiously). She was on for like a 3 minute segment. Haven’t seen her since, again, I don’t watch EVERY day but I do see it at least once a week. She is NOT a cohost, by any stretch of the term. And the actual hosts of the show seem annoyed by her.

      • vilzvet says:

        I think she said “guest” co-host, which would probably only be here and there. Yes, there is a God! (I don’t watch it even though I’m in NY).

  3. janelady73 says:




  4. Olivia says:

    Got to cut the wedding planner some slack as he is being asked to do a huge event in a matter of weeks. And let’s face it, Bethenny is high maintenance what with all she has going on besides a wedding.

    You can tell that Bethenny is definitely a Type A personality. Kind of a control freak and somewhat of a perfectionist as well. Throw in her inability to “suffer fools gladly” and sit back and watch her collapse under the weight of her new life.

    In a few short months she has managed to get engaged, become pregnant, pack up an apartment and move to a new one, adjust to living with another person, be cast in her own show, prepare for a wedding, and meet a book deadline! Holy guacamole!

    The best part is that she recognizes these traits and feels bad about her attitude when she gets a little out of control. The scenes with the psychiatrist show her trying to figure out why and where she is coming from and it is a healthy approach to her new circumstances. All this stuff is very new to her and she is doing her best to make it work.

    • SusanS88 says:

      Brava Olivia! I love reading your take on things as much as Lynn’s. I love the new show. Honestly, I watch it and laugh out loud at times, usually wishing that I was there. Even though they don’t show everything, I can imagine, for instance, the fun they had in AC. I totally get it. It’s something my hubby and I and our friends woujld do as well. Another thing that strikes me about the show and Bethenny and Jason is how compassionate they are. You see it in how they take care of their friends, even tho those friends are drunk and maybe nonsensical. Yea, they play with them (chide them, laugh and so on) but you can clearly see that they CARE. I can relate to this so much. My husband and I like to party when the occasion arises and sometimes friends can imbibe too much, it happens. When it does, sure we have lots of laughs, but in the end, we take care of that person. We have done this many many times. We have literally driven folks home and tucked them in bed. Recently, on a long MC trip (from MD to New Orleans) we stayed with a friend whose bike broke down (a potentially fatal accident!) put him and his bike in a UHaul (along with another older guy who was having some health issues from the stress of riding) and we stayed with them for the whole ride home. That’s the kind of impression I get from Jason and Bethenny. Watching the show, I feel like I get a totally new impression of them. And by the way, I cannot even imagine Jill as part of this crowd. Has anyone ever seen her having fun? Seems to me that she goes places to be seen and to scout out affiliations, as it were, that will advance her own egotistical needs. I absolutely cannot see her as part of this new and fun dynamic that Bethenny’s show is. Oh, and where the hell is my Ramoncoaster? I would have loved to see her partying down with these guys! I hope she shows up in some episodes. And Alex too! I guess, in summary, I like the show!!! And I love Lynn’s Blog!!!!

    • Maddiegirl says:


      “The best part is that she recognizes these traits and feels bad about her attitude when she gets a little out of control. …”

      Your last paragraph explains exactly why Bethenny is such an incredible person. Very few people acknowledge their problems and work to make themselves better. Perfect example is our own evil Jill Zarin . Her attitude is “this is who I am and I’m not going to change.” That goes for coocoo Kelly too.

      Love that Bethenny.!

  5. AlternateReality says:

    B has unsurprisingly has trust issues with men. She seems a bit emasculating with all the male cast members.

    • SusanS88 says:

      Got to disagree with you there love. I’m similar to B in a lot of ways, The snark (wittiness in my family was a survival skill, trust). Respecfully I would say that the lack of trust does not equate to emasculating men. My impression is that B is attracted to men that can hold their own and engages them on purpose, which actually brings out their masculinity. I think she likes that (as do I) and Jason, I feel, is up to that task. You can see it in how he responds and that fact that he does so, holding his own ground mind you, but playfully and with a loving spirit (versus anger or jealousy), is freaking awesome. Adorable Max has potential, he just has to find his legs. He’s a doll and I think he’ll do it 🙂

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        The line Jason spoke to Bethenny when he wanted to get to know her was sooo perfect! “SO!, are you going to get that stick out of your ass or what?” Anything less and they never would have gotten together. How absolutely hilarious when they tell Brynn some day. Of course she’ll find it great too because she’ll be raised with the best sense of humor.

  6. desertgal66 says:

    Great blog, Lynn!

    I think even if Jill and Bethenny had remained friends, Jill would not have been present for the weekend in Atlantic City. I don’t think Jill would have fit in with the friends that were invited-not her kind of crowd, since none of them could do anything for her-and, I think, in B’s mind, J would have been a downer in that gang. Jill isn’t that much older, but her attitude is very different.

    I noted that Bethenny only invited her friend from Florida-the rest were Jason’s, I think?-so it was clearly, for B, an opportunity to bond with her oldest friend, just the two of them.

  7. Bravo fan says:

    We had a blackout on Long Island and I missed the lost footage show. I will have to read through your blog comments today and see what I missed. My neighbor gave Jill’s book and with a flashlight I read the entire book in an hour. I was seething with anger by the end of it. Jill says to maintain a friendship the number 1 NO NO is criticizing the kinder or children. Isn’t that what she did to Alex? This B—– is pushing book that she doesn’t even follow. None to the chapters would have even made it in a magazine article. I think it was very poorly written. Jill kept saying she helped Bravo find people for the show and looked for people who wanted to be famous. Is that what she really thinks she is – famous? If people think this is a good book than our society just dropped about 40 points in the intellegience department . I am sorry but publishing books just to make a buck is really starting to irritate me and don’t even start me on songs they are pushing. This debotury and perversion is making any civility we have left a thing of the past.

    • vilzvet says:

      Whereabouts on the Island? Nothing happened here at all. But the high school decided to hold the entire graduation ceremony indoors at the last minute, even though NO rain was forecast, we checked weather.com.
      I am heading to the library today to get that book, I just have to read how bad it is for myself. I am finishing Patrick Swayze’s book which was so sad…

      • Bravo fan says:

        Manhasset, there was talk that there was a tornado seen. The schools here still don’t have phone or internet service.

  8. Olivia says:

    Looks as if Jill Zarin is spending her summer vacation battling the world. With her constant Twittering and Facebook comments she has yet to shut up for 5 minutes as she trashes the others and defends herself nonstop.

    Her hatred of Alex is pathological. It is clear that Ramona has done more harm to Jill over the years than Alex yet she has cast her beady little eyes on Alex for reasons that seem tame by comparison. Jill and Ramona have spent the last 3 seasons apologizing and making up to one another for one faux pas after another yet it is Alex who has drawn Jill’s wrath for two events that did not appear to be any worse than what Ramona has done to her.

    It is difficult to understand where this hatred is coming from but it appears very real judging from the content of her comments that just keep coming.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMHO, Jill recognizes that ALEX could be the next breakout star – either on RHONY or a spin off (Alex’s book is a wonderful jump off into the wacky world of parenting). Jill must destroy this threat and history will repeat itself next season with Alex vs Jill drama!

    • sophie says:

      I feel that Jill focuses her ‘hatred’ onto Alex versus Ramona because she NEEDS to remain on semi-decent terms with Ramona. They run in the same ‘fabulous circle of friends’ and she is aware she cannot turn them all against Ramona.

      However, she views Alex as beneath her in the societal tier and easy to pick on. To her, Alex is an easy target. She’s also pea green jealous of her. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t waste her time hating her or spending one moment of thought on her. She feels the world is unjustly picking on her, and she’s taking it out on Alex.

      I just saw a brand new blog: “I Hate Alex and Lynn”…and I swear the two posts were written by Jill. There was only the most vemon filled criticism leveled at Alex and the writer of this blog. Immense praise for Jill, hate for Alex. If it had been written by anyone else, surely there’d be some criticism for at least a couple of other people. Jill, you’re so obvious.

      I also enjoyed the fact that she’s got a mere handful of replys…I assume self-composed or by some of her friends/daughter/daughter’s friends/employees under direct order to do so.

      Jill…..GET A HOBBY!!!!

    • toile says:

      IMHO Jill views Alex as unworthy to be on the show…income=worth to Jill, as well as useful (to Jill) I.E. connected to influential people etc. Several bloggers have linked to a site that gives net worth of the W’S & Jill (Bawby’s $) is listed @ $34 mil…..Silex $4oooo. That is the crux of it as Jill sees Alex as an upstart who has NO right to question Jill’s behavior ever! Ergo Jill scapegoats Alex b/c she can, & she cannot afford 2 alienate any other HW.

  9. luloobelle says:

    i enjoyed seeing that jason has a witty sense of humor. i found myself laughing out loud throughout the show.

  10. WindyCityWondering says:

    First and foremost – Thank you Lynn! Your blog has made watching RHONY more fun than it should have been. Your followers are different in they bring information, insight and humor everyday. I will miss your wonderfully wicked insights. I will miss your dedicated followers. I will continue to hate Jill Zarin….

  11. AlternateReality says:

    just sent this to lxny.

    I am a New Yorker. I will start watching your show as time allows when I feels assured that Ms Zarin will no longer appear.

    I find her representation of New York women highly offensive.

    Thank you.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Beautifully written – don’t slam her behavior, just state you won’t watch the show with her on it! This is what rating people react to and viewership is the name of the game.

  12. Olivia says:

    I look forward to a new series that has Sonja in the cast. She seems to be the most real and shows a great deal of compassion underneath her designer duds. The way she handles Kelly is like one would handle a child; with a great deal of patience. At least for now she does not come across as a backstabber or someone who flaunts her wealth as Jill does. Nor does she seem as pretentious as Lu Ann.

    She also appears most comfortable in her own sexuality and makes no bones about it. Unless there is a sex tape lurking out there, she could easily be my favorite character.

    It appears that Lu Ann may be turning her attention to “acting”. If her acting is as good as her singing I don’t think Meryl Streep has anything to worry about.

    • Cheri says:

      I also don’t think Jill would mess with Sonja given her background. She’s alot higher up on the social scene than the jealous one

      • cccharley says:

        Actually Bethenny’s show has been consistently falling in the ratings every week. I think she’s quite mean and blaming the hormones too much. Just my opinion of course. I also think the 4 seasons was booked all along and it was all fake . They really need to create drama – it’s a reality show.

  13. Zee says:

    Just saw on Amazon a five star review for jillousy’s book and one star for Silex’s was placed last night. Author does not have verified name nor purchase nor any other reviews (go figure) Alana responded to the five star so far. This doesn’t surprise me, what does is that the authors name is not a very common one and in a two second google search shows that she lives NOT in Texas as placed on Amazon, but in NY.
    : Paula, Honch. New York, New York, US, 10128, (212) 427…. Really?!
    Blows me away, I read Little Kids, and though my literary review writing skills are totally lacking, I took my time and gave it an honest review. I have not read Jills crap, nor do I ever intend to, but I’ll be damned if I’d hop on Amazon and put a one star on hers just because I hate the whiny dirtbag.
    Ending this on a positive note, can feel the blood pressure rising: Lynn!! Love your blog, thank you SO much for this venue. You rock.
    Still hate Jill.

    • I feel exactly the way you do Zee. It sure is tempting to leave jill a 1-star review, but I haven’t read her book yet, so can’t do it. I won’t stoop to jill’s and some of her trolly followers’ level of leaving reviews without having read the book.

      But, don’t let it bother you that much and be proud of your integrity! After all, if you don’t have your integrity, you have nothing, just like jill and those trolls. What’s in a name if it cannot be trusted?

      • Zee says:

        Thank you, I needed that. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend. Just counting down to happy hour now. ;p
        Still hate jill.

  14. Bravo fan says:

    Alternate Reality -I live in NY also, thanks for the email address. I will be writting them also.

  15. Bravo fan says:

    excuse the spelling error above

  16. AlternateReality says:

    That’s great Fan.

    I hope all here write.

  17. Olivia says:

    The irony is that Alex’s book has gone into a second printing. Bethenny seems to be enjoying high ratings for her series. Lu Ann (talented or not) has been signed with a record company and offered bit parts to showcase her “acting”. And Ramona saw her own Q factor rise this season with her “renewal” project.

    Yet Jill’s book seems to have tanked and there is nothing substantial on the horizon which indicates that she is not being sought after as news has spread of Amazongate and she is stuck with Kelly as her new “girlfriend”.

    My advice would be for her to go the beach, dig a hole, and wait until Ginger digs her up!

  18. Pantry Viewer says:

    Wouldn’t Bethenny’s and Jason’s bachelor/bachelorette party been ruined by Jill’s “I’m the stah” fake acting? Ugh. Just the thought makes me ill. So glad she doesn’t get to pollute up BGM. I love little B’s show. I laugh. I cry. I’m kinda breathless watching it because we have such a ridiculously similar story and I’m really rooting for her!

    Lost footage: Very disappointed in not seeing more from VI, although the workout scene was nutty. Did laugh at the camera crew’s shot of Kelly’s messy bowls of olives and gummies. The gummy thing is soo ridiculously overused. Maybe it was cute when she was 20, but at her age it is cringe-inducing for her to keep talking about them trying to be cute. Blech! What a waste of leathery skin she is.

    Did enjoy the scenes of BRAS with the men! More of that, Bravo. Enjoyed having very little Jill, except another couple of glimpses of how obnoxious and self-centered she is. I fast-forwarded through the jewelry scene. I’d rather give myself a colonic than watch her.

  19. AlternateReality says:

    I just can’t wait to see what Jill comes up with next.

    I am sorry. Please do know that I cannot stomach this woman, but I so do want to see her back.

    I will giggle myself silly everytime she goes crosseyed when inwardly fuming.

    Everytime we watch her interact with Kelly who if we had any doubt about her mental state, had all doubts flushed away with the lost footage episode. She is ALWAYS nuts. The VI thing was a breakdown but regardless, she is always riding the crazy/jealousy train. We all know the Kelly cannot be Jill’s cup of tea. She freely admits she doesn’t understand her and has given up trying…Some friendship!

    Everytime she is in the same room with Alex. Want to see her relationship with Ramona (know they are attending events in the hamptons) when Alex is involved.

    Need to see her and her machinations, her spin, her awful accent, the charities that won’t have her, the endorsements she will not get…And please, please write another book…I do so want to watch that one take also.

    I want Jill Zarin back so badly…Please Little Baby Jesus.

  20. Zipit Zarin says:

    I love everything about BGM! Can’t say it with more enthusiasm! It’s funny, poignant, nail-biting (wedding deadlines), insightful (therapy) and I just plain CARE about everyone in the show! I found myself sitting there with a big fat grin on my face in delight. I never want it to end. Bethenny is definitely star quality and she works SO HARD for everything she has. I guess what’s really thrilling is getting to see a good person have things turn out good – and a bad person get kicked to the curb.

    Everyone in my house said “And we don’t have to hear “That HORN” LOL

    • SusanS88 says:

      Ditto Zipit! What she said 🙂

    • Me too Zipit! LOL! It’s so nice to have “a big fat grin on my face” instead of being so tensed up and stomach in a knot from watching jill and kelly!

      Bethenny’s show does have the drama, too, but in a way I can empathize with!

  21. Capiche says:

    Truth be told, I wasn’t sold on BGM? the first two episodes, but I really like this last last episode. I love any scene with Cookie in it. It was too funy when Cookie jumped up and snapped at the wedding planner. She protects her mommy! I do think that Bethenny is too much of a control freak and she needed to let go…especially with the wedding planner. He was hovering because you wouldn’t let him make the little decisions, Bethenny! He had to ask for every little thing. It was almost like why hire him? He was her wedding planning assistant, at best! That being said, I do like him on the show and his THs are funny!

    I also love B’s therapy sessions. I don’t know why but it’s maybe as you said, you get a little insight into what makes her tick. And it seems like it’s for real, not done for the show.

    The scene in Costco was so funny and reminded me of me. Whenever I hit up a Costco, it’s madness. I walk away with so much stuff. It’s funny that with the samples they hand out, you ending up buying bulk packages of something you tried two minutes ago. Oh, well…the store is pure bliss for me. I also loved how she handled the whole dilemma when no one showed up for her book signing. I couldn’t help but think if it was Jill, she would have pitched a fit and “done” something about it. Probably throw her books in the customer’s shopping carts as they walked by on their way to buy bulk toilet paper. I mean, B can be hardcore but she has her laidback moments that I like. That was one of them.

    The only part that rang fake to me was the whole Max picking out her underwear. It seemed too contrived and he abandoned the task halfway through. It was almost sort of “let’s see the crazy stuff assistants have to do” moment. Overall, good show. I’ll continue to watch.

    • Snarkapalooza says:

      I agree about the panty picking set-up. Bethenny can manage 5-inch heels while pregnant but can’t get up off the bed to grab some clean undies?

  22. Olivia says:

    As much as I love Bethenny, I really, really love Jason. If Bethenny ever needed a calm, cool, collected kind person in her life, Jason is it. He fits her like a glove even though they come from different worlds. And I think her biggest fear is losing him as she seems overwhelmed at the idea that all these good things are happening to her at once. Those sessions with the psychiatrist show her need to be told that yes, she is deserving of finding the contentment in her life she has sought for so many years. She is essentially asking for permission to be happy.

    I get Bethenny. She appears fearless but underneath is again that little girl thirsting for something to call her own. She is a survivor and placing herself in the position of trusting someone completely is scaring the sh*t out of her. Jason is no pushover but he knows how to handle her which is a big bonus for Bethenny. He is a keeper.

  23. Pantry Viewer says:

    I did so enjoy Alex saying on Lost Footage that the book was going into its second printing, while Jill just had to sit there and burn.

    And that LuMann’s “singing gig” turned into a parody of herself on D-List show “The Dish” making fun of herself. Not what she had hoped for, I’m sure.

    I’m trying to find some justice.

  24. AlternateReality says:

    Justice for what Pantry Viewer? Just curious and asked with the utmost respect.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Sorry, Alternate. I am scanning and posting quickly in between work 🙂

      By “justice” I meant that I wanted to see LuAnn’s feet held to the fire for her ridiculous behavior this season. She is a snake and condescending and … well, you know. Anyway, by “justice” I meant I was looking for things to “put her in her place” that I didn’t really feel we got from the reunion. Does that make more sense?

  25. AlternateReality says:

    Why in the world doesn’t jill take a few of Bobby’s bucks and invest in an elocution coach.

    Her accent is an assault to the senses. Where in the world did she get it from?

    I am a New Yorker, born and bred and sound nothing like her. If I did, I would do something about it.

    She cannot conjugate her verbs. She uses don’t when she should use doesn’t…I so hate that.

    What’s with the clipped unfinished sentences. Soooo Tacky.

    And what’s with her use of the words..”I want” constantly.

    I am going here for this and that and give me suggestions, ” I WANT to combine”…bespeaks illiteracy.

    This broad is such a clown…please bravo, please bring her back.

    • Sofi says:

      Jill’s accent is a product of her time and place. Her parents moved to Long Island from Brooklyn and brought that accent with them, as did many others who lived in that suburb. A lot of people from the Five Towns speak that way. My family background is not very different from hers, but not having lived in the Five Towns, I didn’t have reinforcement of the Brooklyn way of speaking to the extent that she did and ended up speaking in a much more generic accent.

    • eviebklyn says:

      I sooo agree, i can’t take the way she speaks!! that is why she hates Alex , because all her money and Alex has more class and the “Dumb Broad” can’t figure out that she can have voice lessons, I’m sure the Countess is annoyed by her!…….As we all are!

  26. Maryla says:

    Lynn – love the post (and the blog generally), but after watching BGM last night, I hadn’t really thought about how it would have been different if Teri were Jill (or Jill were Teri) in the “role.”

    That is, until you made me think about it today. It is stomach-turning.

    Bethenny better be glad she washed that girl (Jill) out of her hair. B is not only better off on her show, but in her life! Even if the cameras weren’t rolling. I can’t imagine the kind of advice Jill would be pawning off on her about engagements, marriage, children. Her influence on B would lead B down a path to be bitchy and snarky and have more stress and strife than she (or anyone) needs.

    Friends like Teri will allow Bethenny to see the humor in life’s foibles. To be able to live life without a bunch of manufactured drama (“team jill” and all of that nonsense). Life is too short. If B ever has thoughts of revisiting her friendship with Jill, she should push them right out of her head and not feel any remorse at all.

    And one more thing. The more I see Mr. Zarin on TV, the more I want to send him a sympathy card for having to live with that harpy.

    • Olivia says:

      Bobby does look beaten down doesn’t he? As if living with this witch wasn’t enough, he has to watch it play out on t.v. as well.

      Bet there are many people who know the Zarin’s who have had to put up with her abuse over the years that are chuckling like crazy watching her implode. It’s obvious she does not listen to him anymore than she would listen to anybody else. He is her own PlayPal button while he stands in the corner out of harm’s way.

      Not sure if I feel sorry for him or not but at the same time, living with that hateful woman has had to have some effect on him.

  27. AlternateReality says:

    Absolutely Pantry Viewer. She did get a pass. To give you some justice, she is one boring individual.

    Recently read some old articles of her being drunk with her husband at charity events and she getting up onstage and grabbing the mike and start singing songs to horrified attendees. Also the she likes to grab crotches when drunk. Her husband always came out to deny that he was publicly cuckholded….

    Please don’t make me find these articles again…anyone out there want to post the links?

  28. AlternateReality says:

    meant “her” getting up on stage.

  29. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    I was trying to explain to my brother the fascination I have for this show – he was horrified. I think you said it very well, Alternate Reality – Jill is just a “broad”, yet she is privileged and spoiled and the dichotomy is what is fascinating. She has zero self-awareness. Same with Luanne and Kelly. What is amazing is that Luanne is the opposite of classy, Kelly is the anti-thesis of well-educated and genuine – she insists that she be celebrated for what, exactly?

    Ramona, for all her crazy, rings true – she owns her contradictions (unlike Kelly). Alex and Simon seem genuinely in love and they admit to their quirkiness. (An aside – if they really were the social climbers that they were portrayed as in the first season, they wouldn’t have lived in Brooklyn in the first place. ) Sonja is charming and funny and doesn’t mind laughing at herself – we want her to be happy and we want to share in that. Bethenny is just a fascinating character – who wouldn’t want her to “have it all”?

    • Olivia says:

      I know what you mean. We are obsessed with this show for so many varied reasons. The pretentiousness, the backstabbing, the viciousness, the lack of awareness on the part of some. It’s a bad soap opera at best but we are drawn to it.

      • floridagirl88 says:

        In this forum, we can luxuriate in our obsessiveness because we are among friends similarly obsessed. Here, we don’t have to explain when in a sudden fit we scream I HATE JILL ZARIN!!!!! and someone says, “Amen.”

  30. SusanS88 says:

    Wow, without sounding kind of stalker-ish, I so wish I could talk to Bethenny. I did not get married until I was 41 and it was likely because I was such a “career” girl. I was very focused on what I did and was very successful. But I was also abandoned by my real father, who when I met him many years later actually said to me, regarding why he hadn’t been in my life, was “well, you just didn’t seem interested.” WTF. I was a kid! As you can imagine I have real issues with this. He has a new wife and a daughter, who, by the way, was and has never been interested in me (even though I am her half sister and she is an only child). Whatever. So I can feel B’s pain and I totally understand her going to see her dad on his deathbed. My own sister (one I grew up with -different Dad – Mom was married 4X) did this exact same thing (my stepdad – had major issues). She never knew him but wanted her chance to be face to face with him b4 he passed. I get that.

    Back to my original thought. I finally met a great guy. In fact, he keeps evolving into an ever greater guy as time goes on, despite my neurosis. Big difference with me tho is that I wasn’t doing the rush to have a kid at 41. And he had 4 boys of his own. Long story short is that I had, and went through, some extremely difficult adjustments, the least of which was 4 stepkids when I didn’t want to be a mom anyway. Yea, take that with a teaspoon of sugar then call me in the morning!!! It’s a long story and I won’t bore you with it but I lived through that. We are married now for 6 yrs and it’s getting better all the time. I recognize that the lack of father in my life caused a great many trust issues. But my instinct to “run” is getting less now because time and a great guy have shown to me that sticking with something has value. And it gets better. If you hang in there. I guess I have a great deal of compassion, already built in, for Bethenny, because of my own personal experience. I’m glad that she got her resolution with her father. Not sure if I ever will. Thanks guys, for tolerating my totally depressing rant!

    • Squirrels says:

      I appreciate your candor and insight. Thanks

      • anniieee says:

        I don’t think it was depressing—it has a wonderful ending-no- a new beginning. We all evolve as we move along on this crazy train called life. We are part of each one that we meet and take baggage with us that we try to change-leave behind or drag it kicking and screaming with us. Our stories are varied, but I think from reading everyones thoughts, we are all trying to do the best we can with what we have been dealt. (Unlike Jill and Smellykelly-who take take take advantage of everyone and haven’t learned shit about themselves.) Nor do I think they care about anyone but themselves. It can be a great ride, we just have to enjoy the moments. Little moments make great memories and make the baggage less heavy.

        • SusanS88 says:

          Thanks Squirrels and Anniiee for your kind words. One (of many things) I love about this site is reading everyone’s personal stories and the outstanding feedback from all of the truly fantastic posters here! This site goes so far beyond just “hating Jill Zarin” (even tho I still do..haha). Isn’t that funny? We get criticized for being “haters” yet this group of folks are some of the nicest, most compassionate people I’ve ever cyber-met! (ok all, pat yourselves on the back!) Lynn, you should be so proud! Props girl!

          I really hope that Bethenny hangs in there. It’s going to be tough. Having male abandonment issues is tough enough, I know, but it is also difficult to go from being single and independent for so long (for me up till 39!) to living with someone. In my case, I hadn’t even had room mates since I was in my late 20’s. It’s almost like I should have posted the sign “does not play well with others” lol. I mean, I literally “mourned” the loss of my own space and free time. And then there’s the whole man role/woman role maneuvering that I was NOT prepared for and caused me a great deal of grief over the years. But I am happy to say that since the last stepson moved out, my hubby does just as much housework and cooking as me!! (maybe more now, I think, since I am addicted to this blog…lmao!!) What a wonderful surprise. Like you said Anniiiee, we all evolve as we go along. If I’d given up on my man during some of the tougher times, I would have never gotten to see this new partner. To me, that’s profound. Oh and btw, my hubby is a Marine and in no way any kind of emotional buttercup. If there’s a conflict, once it blows over, he won’t say a damn thing, but will thenl start doing things differently (like cleaning every Friday or cooking dinner on some nights!). Men…lol! I think B’s got a good one too!

          • Zipit Zarin says:

            Thanx for sharing and it wasn’t depressing at all! Very inspiring in fact. 😀

    • kats2 says:

      use twitter to talk to her.

  31. boston02127 says:

    @Lynn–You’re right about that date. I’m sorry. I was rushing because I had one job to go do and was trying to get in that site to see if she had posted on there. Do you know if she blogs on there? If she does, do you have a link where I can get in?

    Also you’re right about Bethenny’s show, it is a breath of fresh air.

  32. Olivia says:

    Just read Bethenny’s blog and that, along with a few of her earlier statements in seasons past jumped out at me in understanding her.

    She makes mention of how much she wished to succeed to prove something to her father. The same man who apparently rejected her from the age of 4. Obviously there was some emotional tie there, with her at least, that desired more from him and that he withheld. The comment she made to Ramona in one episode in Ramona’s kitchen brought out more of her past when she admitted to her that she was on her own from a very early age and had to “call the police” at the age of 5. What the hell kind of existence was she living in at that time that forced a baby to dial the police to quell the violence in her home?

    She also indicated in one segment last night when she was pointing out a shirt to Jason, telling him that the design was worn by a man who tried to entice her at the age of 7 in a store. I see a child wandering the streets, completely unsupervised, possibly waiting for rescue from the man she called father and it never came. She also said at one time that she basically left home at the age of 15 when she was sent to boarding school in Florida (this is where she met her friend Teri) and apparently moved in with Teri’s family. This was more than likely during holidays and school vacation when returning to live with her mother was something she did not relish.

    I know I am basing much of this analysis on speculation but I have a feeling that whatever bonding she may have felt up until the age of 4 with her father is something she never got over. He rejected her, went on with his life, and she was left with a parent who obviously had little interest in her. The loss of her father and the pain she experienced, IMHO, was based more on what was lost rather than what had been.

  33. AlternateReality says:

    You are more than welcome Pantry Viewer…love your tag. The only reason she was not condemned on the reunion is that she is just so booooring. Who cares about a woman who writes a book about manners and exhibits so few herself?

    Have you watched her dine on the show? She dines as tho she is a cow chewing cud…

    Anyway, the poor soul received next to nothing for a 16 year marriage and two kid later… She got so screwed it hurts. Next to Alex and Simon…two working people, she is the financially most screwed person on the show….

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Well she was the third (or fourth?) wife of the count and I have to believe he has a really good prenuptual agreement. Money can’t buy you class and a title can’t buy you gas!

    • Bosandi says:

      The reunion show and the lost episodes offered no satisfaction whatsoever!

      Like Pantry Viewer, I was hoping Luann would be held accountable for her poor behavior. Just because you say something mean in a nice laughing tone (haughty) doesn’t make the statement less mean. Heck, I know. I grew up in a family full of “laughers.” In fact, it’s worse than Jill’s approach which is just aggressive and mean. Passive aggressive behavior, in my view, is much worse b/c the victim looks like the aggressor when they confront passive aggressive behavior (e.g. Bethany calling Lu a snake).

      I’m starting to believe that nothing gets resolved or clarified in any of these reunion shows. Maybe Bravo feels if too many issues are resolved, there would be no reason to tune in the next season.

    • Sofi says:

      What about her house in the Hamptons? Isn’t that worth multi-millions? Couldn’t she sell it if she needed money?

  34. AlternateReality says:

    Personally, I think we should start a petition for Jill Haters that want her back because We Love to Hate her so Much…

    I so need to see cross eyed again.

    Love you icenfire!

  35. Roslyn says:

    I love, love, love BGM. It is funny, enjoyable to watch, insightful and has scenes that I can truly relate to. I loved Bethenny shopping at Costco and when she got excited over the great deals. I also liked how she handled the book signing no big deal that only 3 people showed up. Can you imagine Jill, she would have complained about everything at the book signing and of course she would have been wronged by Costco for not advertising she was going to be there.

    I think Jason is fantastic and is just what Bethenny needs in her life. It is so refreshing to watch a show and laugh, cry and feel the emotional connection with Bethenny. I also loved the scene with her TRUE friend Teri. You can tell that she and Bethenny have a good relationship. Unlike Jill she is happy for Bethenny and wants the best for her.

    I really like the wedding planner also and I think that Bethenny will appreciate him after the wedding is over. Talk about stress in your life, I don’t think she can take on anymore. I am truly a Bethenny Frankel fan.

  36. dsc60 says:

    as much as i love bethany, i didn’t know if she could carry a show on her own… well all doubt is removed. i love this show! both my boyfriend and i have a little tv next to our computers in our family room. i had the show on and was laughing. my boyfriend was hearing bits and pieces and asked me “what channel do you have on”? he wanted to watch BGM! he thinks she’s funny as hell! a bit of a bridezilla but funny as hell! i explained to him how much she has on her plate. don’t know how much he understood or even cared to understand, i just thought it said an awful lot about the show that he wanted to watch along with me. i so hope they continue with this show. especially if bethany is no longer on RHoNY. i’d be very sad without some bethany in my life. she can be a little snarky but that’s what i love about her. she could be a stand up comedian. do people complain when comedians make snarky comments? NO! well to me, that’s bethany. hope Bravo does the right thing. who is their right mind would pick jill and/or kelly over bethany? IMO only someone as pathetic as jill or kelly.

  37. error 404 says:

    loved the look on everyone’s face when in AC she admitted how much was undone for the soon to be wedding. If I didn’t know she had Bravo helping, I’d think she was crazy. She should have had this stuff sorted MONTHS ago. lol

    My recap: http://www.poptalkers.com/blog/2262/bethenny-getting-scary-take-3/

  38. error 404 says:

    also the Costco scene was funny because it highlighted how in denial she is. She was gleefull over more hearts of palm that anyone could eating a life time, but ket wanted to put the baby wipes back because there were too many? D E N I A L, it ain’t just a river in Egypt. lol

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Truth be told – I get the same way at Costco! But over the years I have put the breaks on, somewhat, but it still is fun to shop there!

      • anniieee says:

        I call it the $400.00 store… I buy stuff I KNOW I need…and never have.. always $400.00… and then I eat cans and cans of green beans and granola for weeks. 😦

  39. @twilighttwitti says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. I especially like the very last part of it. If Jill Zarin had been a part of BGM and done all the wedding dress shopping, Atlantic City, etc. It would have been a very different show, more like RHONY. In this show Bethenny seems more natural mixed with Jason’s family and both of their mutual friends. The show feels lighter. If Jill were in the mix it would have weighted down and killed the natural flow of the show. It’s a great show and I love it.

    • kokuanani says:

      Jill would have CONSTANTLY been figuring out what she had to do to get the camera focused on HER — and then doing it.

      Jill just CAN’T let anyone else have the spotlight. You can see her discomfort on the WWHL shows. During the regular season, when there’s no “referee” [aka Andy], she bullies in, talks over folks, interrupts, and does everything in her power to keep the camera focused on her.

  40. Adgirl says:

    OMG wasn’t that BGM unexpectedly episode great?

    Got to love that Bethenny let’s it all hang out. No one shows for her book signing – show it! Her talking head with no make up and a swollen face – show it! being bithcy at her planner – show it! I can’t imagine the other HW’s who would have some control over their own show allowing that.
    I am really impressed with Jason. He has some major cojones to deal with her wiseass remarks and to laugh with her at them. Most men would be terrified of her. He is extremely cool. I think her really likes that Bethenny is extremely busy and doesn’t seem to be a jealous woman. Good catch Bethenny!

    Thank God Bethenny and Jill had a falling out over the show. Jill doesn’t fit in with Bethenny’s friends. If Jill had been on the show I think she and Bethenny would have had fights over who is in charge of the wedding and spoiled the fun.

    RHNY Lost footage – pretty boring except Kelly was not as crazy as I expected. Just a weirdo. She acknowledges her Kelly-world thinking and is quite proud of it. Maybe she isn’t crazy or doped up? I now think her VI melt-through was alchohol fueled combo & extreme her anger/fear/jealousy of Bethenny.
    Kelly enjoys her random thoughts and thinks they make her cool and quirky. She is plainly excentric.
    Kelly babbling away at Sonja and later Ramona was pretty funny. After a while both ladies gave up trying to follow Kelly’s thought pattern.

    Who else was upset that Ramona completely talked over Alex’s attempt to tell a story? I think Bravo has taken note that most of the HW do not pay the slightest attention to Alex and are plainly dismissive.

    BGM 4 stars!
    RHNY Lost footage 2 stars

    BTW- the PETA billboard in Times Square had the text covering Bethenny’s butt crack! Haha.

  41. WindyCityWondering says:

    Bethenny can carry BGM? but I wonder about after the wedding/birth/settling into married life if it will be enough for an hour show? Maybe not, but I do enjoy the Jill free environment.

    • error 404 says:

      oh, our little multi-tasker will surely have 1,000 other pokers in the fire. It’s like 5 seasons of Tori&Dean all rolled into 1 season as it is.

  42. Pantry Viewer says:

    One of the scenes where she is just at a breaking point and crying – at the maternity clothes store, I believe – it just pissed me off even more to know the absolute hell that Jill, LuAnn and Kelly had bulldozed her with. With all the positives she had going on in her life, it is just astounding to me that Jill was doing and had done all the things she was doing to her. I think of it sometimes and am just speechless!

  43. WindyCityWondering says:

    The Lost Footage could have stayed lost! The only way Bravo could have topped a three part Reunion was to actually show BRAS reaction to Kelly’s breakdown. Maybe this will be saved as a teaser into Season 4 (should Kelly be returning) or one of the survivors of that trip may just get so annoyed that they spill the beans! The only rationale reason I can come up with is that they kept it so general to not to get the other side of the story is a legal one we are unaware of.

  44. boston02127 says:

    At the end of this video Jill talks about her image. Big Yuck~

    • kats2 says:

      Yuck! I do feel sorry for Ginger no chance of escape.

    • I am going to go smile now.... says:

      I think Andy needs to see this… Jill states at the very end that if she comes back she is going to be fake. That she will need to edit herself… This shows that she knows she is a bitch but doesnt want anyone to see anymore of it… This alone shows that she can’t be nice.

      I find it interesting that when she speaks of her relationship with B, she says gives the whole forgive, forget, and move on crap and the it’s in the book. I wish they would have said “Why can’t you do that with Alex?”

      God I hate that woman.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Vomitous. Is that a word? All joking aside, I really do think it’s horrible to keep that little dog balanced there in her smelly crotch for what had to be a long time. It had to be uncomfortable for that dog and not somewhere she should have been subjected to being.

      Bethenny, call PETA for me and Ging, would ya?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill’s 50/50 chances of coming back?? 50 percent no if they don’t ask me and 50 percent yes if they ask me back…… now she talks about behaving and editing herself?

    • Maryla says:

      JZ: “I might come back, but I would have to quash my real personality. I recognize that it isn’t simply me that viewers abhor, its also everything i do and say.”

      • desertgal66 says:

        “I recognize that it isn’t simply me the viewers abhor, it’s also everything I do or say.”


        Everything you do or say IS simply you, you halfwit.

        • felony stupid says:

          I didn’t catch the “…viewers abhor…” stuff…did I miss it?

          What I did catch is classic Jill spin class. Still trying to rewrite history and write off the entire season as a bad edit.

          JILL: “…I gave them my person and I don’t like how they destroyed my image this year. You know some people might say I destroyed myself, certainly the words came out of my mouth.”

          Instead of some self-reflection on this last statement or just staying “next question”, she goes into defense mode and follows immediately with this:

          JILL: “Believe me if I come back I will be so careful about what I say…would you even want to see me this way? ‘Cause I will so edit myself and behave myself, that I’m not gonna really be me. How could I be? I’m so judged.”

          OK. So, Bravo editors are to blame for taking totally innocent words Jill uttered and transforming them into something that destroyed her image. She has no culpubility other than actually having used the spoken word format in front of a tv camera. And she goes on the threaten Bravo and the viewers that due to our reaction to this terrible edit, we will be punshed as she must now edit herself for self preservation purposes.

          So bottom line, we (Bravo, the viewers, John Q. Public) are to blame for what we think we saw this season along w/our response to it and we all owe Jill Z an apology.

          Her logic is so twisted I simply don’t have a strong enough simile to describe it.

          PS – Confidential to Jill – Whatcha gonna do about all the horrible, awful, mean, spiteful, bitchy stuff you did w/o a Bravo camera in sight? Going to you castmates BEFORE filming began to ask them not to film w/Bethenny, holding on to that stupid VM for months, Amazongate, Twitter & FB wars, planted stories w/your moronic “reporter” buddies at page 6, perez and others, unleashing your silly minions (including your nephew..seriously?) & PR team on not only Bethenny & Alex but viewers.

          Jill not only made her bed, she set it on fire.

        • Maryla says:

          I was trying to satirically translate Jill-speak (thus the JZ: “…).

  45. kats2 says:

    The NY HW Lost Footage episode was a total disappointment. Show the complete Kelly breakdown.
    What they did show only reinforced my support for the HW’s I like (BRAS) and made me dislike Jill and Kelly even more. How dare Kelly talk to Sonja that way! But nothing new and like someone said almost all that stuff was on the Bravo site at some point.

    Oh and it finally clicked – for the first time I really saw a key dynamic of Jill and Bawby’s relationship – Jill is Bawby’s trophy wife. How Jill acts when shopping with Bawby is no different to when Gold Digging Gretchen was in a jewelry store with terminally ill Jeff pointing out all the trinkets she wanted him to buy her – it’s disgusting how these lame women act for their sugar daddy’s!

    BGM – is a totally enjoyable show, no stress for this viewer, funny and while I think some things are staged for humor and some drama (IMO no more or less than any other reality show) the foundation and love between Bethenny and Jason is real and they just work as a couple. I also think B’s approach is what makes it work, she has no issue with showing the good, bad and ugly. There is no other HW in any franchise that could handle the Wal-Mart fiasco as elegantly funny as Bethenny did. The other HW’s would be panicked, making up excuses and paying people to stand in line. BRAVO and other HW if you’re reading this, this is why Bethenny is the most popular HW and why we love her!!!!

    And I for one, love how strong Bethenny is, for me it is far more interesting than watching some spoiled brat shopping with her sugar daddy or having to listen to a mindless Amazon lecture an intelligent woman/mother on how to raise her daughter.

    Based on Kelly’s rant while working out with Ramona during the trip, I do think she was on something during that trip, but I still stick the main reason she acts the way she does stems from being a spoiled rotten self centered brat and not a real medical brain disorder.

    • error 404 says:

      But Gretchen’s a pretty trophy. Even with the money there’s no way Jill could pull a Slade.

      • kats2 says:

        I don’t think there is anything attractive about Gretchen anymore. “Pull a Slade” like he’s some prize??? Slade is the biggest loser ever, even Danielle is too good for Slade. I don’t care for Gretchen but I think she can do much better and should run away from Slade.

        • RileyKitty says:

          I nearly threw up thinking about pulling anything on Slade. YUCK!!!!

          • felony stupid says:

            Kats2 – Had the same thought about trophy wife…she sure acts it eh?

            So I got curious like most of the awesome folks on here and looks around to see if maybe she had been some hot little trophy wife #3 at some point.

            Not so much. Looks like they’ve been married about 9 years which would have made him 54 and she 38 when they got married. (assuming I got the math right…). So yeah, although there is an age diff this doesn’t exactly run into sugar daddy/hot piece territory, especially when we’re talking about Jill Zarin as the piece.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kelly likely finds her “childlike” qualities to be better than , more real, and therefore more genuine than the mature ladies she is dealing with on the show. She works out too much because she isn’t capable of doing much else. No way could anyone put up with the yipee….babble, babble noise she constantly produces for very long – Ramona has a dial too! It is set on “Mute Kelly”.

  46. Adgirl says:

    Oh. And. Kelly is still a babbling moron.

    Jill is so full of herself the sewers must be empty. Don’t hug her too tight Bobby, she may explode.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Could you believe that stupid idiot Kelly on Sonja’s bed, getting her rancid meth breath in her face saying all dramatically, “You NEED to talk to your kids about this”?

      WTH? You need to talk to your kids because you are not healthy and won’t work out? In that tone of urgency and concern? W.T.H. That rude idiot weirdo.

      I had so wanted Sonja to tell her to F off and go wash her hair.

      • kats2 says:

        Totally agree! That scene really pissed me off plus the moron didn’t even pronounce Lipo correctly. She called Sonja out for being lazy and of all things brought her the Cleanse/Detox thing. WTF is right!

        Too bad during one of the previous episodes Jill’s big fat mouth ran on about Kelly using the word “Like” too much and we couldn’t hear Kelly talk about her visit with Sonja and what Jill had to say.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Wonder how Kelly explained her assault charge to her kids?

  47. I am going to go smile now.... says:

    Does anyone know if there is a “How to give blow jobs for jewelry” chapter in “the book”? My anniversary is coming up…

  48. boston02127 says:

    When Jill and Bobby were shopping and Jill made that classless statement to Bobby all I could think about is poor Ally. She must be so embarrassed by Jill.

    • vilzvet says:

      BOBBY was embarrassed! It was written all over his face. And did she really think she was getting that 3 million dollar necklace or whatever it was that was multi-million?

    • anitabee says:

      OMG I laughed when that beast left the store without her necklace and the $3.5 million dollar 10 caret flawless diamond ring.

      AS IF Zarin’s chucky is that great…HA!

  49. error 404 says:

    going out on a limb here….. but I don’t get what people expected from the “lost footage” that they didn’t get.

    We already saw off the hook footage of Kiki losing her mind on paradise island. Why would anyone want to see more? I have no hunger to see more detail of a woman losing her mind on TV. What for? We’ve already been warned that it’s horrific, so either is something totally unpleasant to watch, or they were exagerating. Neither is something I care to have proven. I saw enough.

    If people think more footage will force Kiki to admit she had a breakdown, I can only think that you are fooling yourself. She was there, lived through it, and was escorted off the island. If she hasn’t admitted to anything yet, she never will, and no additional footage shown is going to change that.

    As for BRAS, they have had more than enough opportunity to get their side of the story out. Why do you think we know that it was worse than what was shown and that Kiki was escorted away, and that they were all scared and are all convinced she had a breakdown. What else is there to know?

    Considering that the press runs a story every time one of them farts, if any of the BRAS felt the “real story” wasn’t out, all she has to do if pick up the phone and dial 1-800-page-6 and it would all be out int he open.

    I think it s all out, so I really don’t get this yearning for gritty details. For what? Knowing that Kiki left at 10:oo pm vs 6:00 am is going to change something?

    • kats2 says:

      I think it’s because we know there is a lot more of the breakdown, Kelly got off easy during the reunion and I was hoping for the “nail in the coffin” moment.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      You are a better person than I, Error… I would have loved to see more Kelly-isms, more proof that the reactions of the others were tame in comparison to their provocation. Would it mean Kelly would admit anything? Probably not, but I would have enjoyed it anyway.

      And I could have gone my whole life without seeing the armpit fat sucked out. WHY DID THEY SHOW THAT?????

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Andy’s not to subtle jab at Ramona for not fessing up on the Reunion about her “injectables/procedures” is my guess.

  50. janelady73 says:

    meet kelly live

    Press and Photo Opportunities – Sunday, June 27

    Kelly Killoren Bensimon will be available for interviews and photo opportunities on Sunday, June 27, 11:00 am to 11:30 am on West 39th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues (closer to 6th Avenue). Look for the GMHC/Whole Foods Market contingent in magenta teeshirts.

  51. boston02127 says:

    Jill tweeted this about Bethenny/ PETA. Jill is so jealous.

    Not everyone is so thrilled with the ad, however, including Frankel’s co-star Jill Zarin, who tweeted: “I wouldn’t throw stones at glass houses, my love.” Apparently, this comment refers to the fact that Frankel’s cookbook, Naturally Thin, contains several chicken recipes. Zarin seems to be wondering how someone could say they are against animal cruelty but then actively encourage people to eat chicken.

    The article is from cafemom.com.

    • error 404 says:

      B served steak at dinner on paradise island. We all know all the HWs eat meat and wear leather. PETA’s primary message is anti-fur, not vegetarianism. All of their ads and actions are anti-fur. Everybody knows that. Jill’s a moron.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        PETA’s message has been about not wearing fur and the cruelty to the animals in harvesting their fur. Kellyland threw in all animals and I believe fish too.

    • Katiecoo says:

      So if you are in to PETA you have to be vegan? I didn’t know that.

      • error 404 says:

        “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), with more than 2 million members and supporters, is the largest animal rights organization in the world.

        PETA focuses its attention on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods of time: on factory farms, in laboratories, in the clothing trade, and in the entertainment industry. We also work on a variety of other issues, including the cruel killing of beavers, birds and other “pests,” and the abuse of backyard dogs.

        PETA works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, legislation, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns.”

        Says absolutely nothing about being against free range chicken consumption, so again, Jill’s an idiot.

        • kats2 says:

          Thank you for sharing this information. I wonder how Peta feels about Kelly’s bird feather jewerly???

        • Katiecoo says:

          Yes thank you, because if that were true, it would be pitting PETA against all the organizations that are for humane treatment of animals for consumption such as outlined in the films Food Inc and Fresh. Somehow I thought they were all in the same camp. JZ just can’t control her vitriole. It must be KILLING her seeing B’s show and all the accolades it’s getting. Can you imagine if she gets an EMMY?

          • Pantry Viewer says:

            OMG! I never thought of that – Just the little nugget you placed in my head just now makes me squeal with glee at the thought – LOL! That would be so fab 😉

            • kats2 says:

              Hey if Kahty G got one why not? They are both funny and not afraid to show their flaws.

      • iwannabeanarchy says:

        PETA does encourage vegetarianism and veganism. I know that if you want to work for PETA they require that their employees lead a vegan lifestyle. They don’t require their celebrity spokespersons that model for their ads to be veg though.

  52. jillz68 says:

    The lost footage episode was interesting to me. I think Kelly takes Ambien. She says WAY crazy things, acts wasted, and cannot remember jack about what happened. Very typical of folks on Ambien. Think about it, she can say she doesn’t take drugs because they are possibly prescribed to her. She takes them because she loves how they take her on a vacay to Kellyland and she can more easily filter out that pesky whitenoise. Mix it with booze and you have the ‘breakthrough’. Not that I think she is playing with a full deck completely sober but I think she is popping these things like chicklets.

    Ramona’s friend at the purple event was a total shrew. I am glad they don’t give her screen time on a regular basis.

    • kats2 says:

      Yes good catch that friend was very rude.

    • error 404 says:

      Marla? Wasn’t she basically reading Jill’s lines in her absence? Alex isn’t a model, she can’t walk, blah, blah, blah… jealous much?

      • Pantry Viewer says:

        Yes, yes, yes. That’s exactly what it was like – Marla in Jill’s jealous bitchy place. Ugh! These shrews, I swear. And that is not interesting to me in the least to watch some jealous bitch.

        • Katiecoo says:

          ME EITHER! It’s such a downer and so NOT Bravo. Can you imagine if any of those Queer Eye guys were nasty and bitchy? That show was so popular cuz those guys were so nice and supportive to each other and the guys they were making over. THAT is the Bravo vibe, not the likes of Zarin.

      • She was awful bitchy. I agree, she was probably jealous. Ramona did well to stay and support Alex. Proud of her! If Marla was my friend though, I’d have politely told her to shut up.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      At the reunion kelly said she doesn’t do drugs when Andy asked if anyone took anything before the show. Many people who do prescription drugs do not feel they are doing drugs (illegal or someone else’s script)….so if Andy didn’t name Kelly’s particular drug – she doesn’t do drugs! But in the lost episode, Kelly did describe perfectly a mood elevator and/or relaxant – the leveling out and tuning out effects.

    • I just about choked on my tea when I read your comment, jillz68! You’re right about Kelly, she is a mess and the only thing that makes sense to me with the behavior she’s displayed on the show- she’s taking something. I don’t know much about Ambien, I thought it was prescribed to help you sleep… but with any prescription, the dr. usually tells you NOT to drink with it. Her behavior on the VI trip really did look like she did these things, I haven’t witnessed someone behave as badly as Kelly, but I have seen adults act really disturbing while on drugs/alcohol, and it WAS similar to Kelly’s behavior.
      I hope this woman isn’t on next season.

  53. kats2 says:

    Gawker recap on the Lost Footage – this one is kind of boring and they do not mention Jill at all which is surprising to me because I would think they could come up with some good snark on the watch shopping.

    My favorite part is the youtube video of the jumping, singing jellybeans.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      it was interesting that Jill’s jewelry for sex was left out………….

  54. MickeyMouth says:

    I probably missed where this was posted. I am about 4 blogs behind but can someone offer an explanation? I do not have my Kelly to English translation guide available today:

    In response to this tweet @kikilet Hi Kelly. U respond 2 everyone but me. It rly hurts my feelings. I just want 2 know what satchels of gold means. Pls. I’m begging u

    Kelly reponded: @PutYourHairUp satchels of gold was on the show. it inferred that money grows on trees for me. i work hard, i just dont talk it.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      I clicked on something on the left that gave his “recap” of the reunion. He dogged Bethenny and gave totally useless info, which commenters pointed out, btw.

      What a loser.

  55. bamabelle57 says:

    I have an IMPORTANT question!

    I know everyone has seen the Bravo commercial “Kissed It”… okay, there are several different versions… it looks like it’s the people who have upcoming shows or their shows are airing now… the NJ wives are in it… Atlanta wives… Kathy Griffin, Jeff Lewis and his castmates… Patti… Bethenny, etc.

    Last night during BGM, Bravo showed a different version of the “Kissed It” commercial… I swear I thought I saw Kelly in it, in a silver dress… dancing! No other NY wives are in it because their show is over…

    Somebody PLEASE tell me that wasn’t Kelly… everybody watch all the different versions carefully… I thought for a split second they showed Kelly! If Kelly is in that Damn commercial-that means she’s getting her own show! What else could it mean?

    Please tell me my eyes are decieving me… PLEASE…

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I just watched it to see. The girl looks too young if I am looking at the same person.

      • bamabelle57 says:

        Thanks Mickey… it’s the one they played during Bethenny’s show that is a little different than the rest. I did see another younger girl in a silver dress. Can you go back and look at it again and watch when that girl is dancing in the middle of everybody, sort of a sexy hips back and forth with her arms around her head… then it goes off… can you look at that girl right before the commercial ends!

        • MickeyMouth says:

          The only one I see is the faux Lohan lesbian ex-model photographer girl from the show on Bravo I have no interest in watching. However, her resume sounds eerily similar to Kelly. Ex model, ex wife of a photographer.

          • bamabelle57 says:

            Thanks MickyMouth… OMG… I’ve been calling you MickeyMouse… I’m so SORRY! That proves how good I can see!

            Thank-Goodness it wasn’t Kelly… I watched the video (up close) and I could see it was that girl from that new show!… Whew! I have no desire to watch it, either.

    • bamabelle57 says:

      Kelly’s jewelry is called… “Kelly by Kelly Killoren Bensimon”? That Wacko sure likes the sound of her name!

      By the way, after the lost footage, when Kelly was exercising in the gym with Ramona… I am convinced Kelly was definately on something… she rambled on and on and on… about nothing. I’m also confused, I thought the whole trip was just horrible, horrible… Kelly was systematic bullied the whole time. She didn’t look like she was or had been bullied then… freaking WACKO!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        kelly reminds me of a hamster in it’s wheel – mindlessly wheeling away! poor Ramona probably drew the short straw on checking in on the hamster….

      • Squirrels says:

        I think you’ve nailed it. The trip was so distressing? Skelly is a master of spin. She should bottle and sell her rewriting history skills to Jill’s around the world.

        Naturally, she hasn’t said a word about her lovely time with Ramona? Not to mention she didn’t look frightened. Talk about slight of hand… I mean slight of mind.

        • Pantry Viewer says:

          And said how she loved spending time with Ramona because she was so real!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Kelly has chosen (and she is a woman with perogatives) to only remember the bad things from the trip! I have to believe she went down there to make it a bad trip for Bethenny and hit everyone else with her personal brand of crazy too. Jill wanted no part of the monster she created, which is why she came after Kelly was removed. Together they thought they would bring down those mean girls and it all exploded in their faces.

          • bamabelle57 says:

            I think Jill was still keeping with her “no filming with Bethenny” and that’s the real reason she didn’t go on Ramona’s trip. When Jill couldn’t talk Kelly out of going (Kelly wanted a free vacation to the Virgin Islands)… Jill wanted her to bate Bethenny so the camera’s could catch Bethenny going after Kelly! That didn’t work, so Jill decided to come on the last full day KNOWING after her talk to Ramona and Bethenny they had had it and wouldn’t be accepting of Jill!

            She showed up hoping the camera would catch Alex, Bethenny and Ramona telling to leave… so viewers would finally feel sorry for Jill… BOO HOO! “Fake tears crying on Bobby-they’re so mean… BOO HOO… poor Jill!

            I’m sick of Jill saying she was thrown out… NO! She offered to leave after seeing Ramona’s face! I’m mad that Jill got away with saying “I saw what THEY had became in the end”… BULLSHIT! What had they become? They were lying there resting having their pedicures trying to get over what had happened when in walked Jill… I don’t know what she means about “what they becaome”?

            Isn’t it funny that Kelly says all Jill did was wave to her at the airport… she did not come there to help Kelly, make-up with Bethenny or Alex… she had her chance to do that when asked to go on the trip in the first place!

            When Ramona asked Alex and Bethenny… they said yes, they didn’t have to say… I’ll only cone if… I feel like Bravo will reward Jill with a new contract because she causes CONTROVERSY!

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              Wasn’t Jill avoiding Alex after she called her out at Jenn’s apartment? She wanted to sit with Bethenny on the beach like two little girls…. And IMO she knew Kelly was being escorted off the island and to toss in that statement of Kelly said she was staying was a LIE. Jill wanted to be the center of attention and to be welcomed with open arms! She said she was leaving – she didn’t get tossed out – no one stopped her.

    • celeste says:

      She should call her line Feather Brain.

      • Squirrels says:

        hahaha… love it.

      • Pantry Viewer says:

        LOL! Good one!

        • kats2 says:

          Wow the comments attached to that are brutal. Not one person saying they like her or the jewerly.

          • Squirrels says:

            Yeah, but remember, Kelly will thank them all for their support, thereby deflating any unkind remarks.

            This tops it for me. She may be popping pills, but she is bat shit brilliant when it comes to waiting out her opponent. Everyone finally gives up and leaves her to scamper off into the sunshiny day.

            • Squirrels says:

              I’m convinced. Kelly really does believe her own bullshit. It amazes me because I have never met anyone like her. Hope I never do.

          • Buffywood says:

            I was frustrated with the Lost Footage episode when the flashed back to the reunion show and started talking about putting each other on speaker phone. They mentioned the “Two” times Jill did it, with Ramona and Bethany. They discussed the Ramona episode but yet didn’t talk about the Bethany episode when Jill LIED about why and who was in the room. There is a difference between saying nothing and outright lying about it. Both Jill and Luanne should have been called out on that one. I would have loved to see what they had to say for themselves.

            • Pantry Viewer says:

              Oh, that just irritated me, too, Buffywood. I drew in a breath when Andy said it and thought, finally, Jill and LuAnn will get called on that mean girl business.

              But no!! LuAnn turned it into victimization of her – OMG! So irritating.

          • kokuanani says:

            Yeah, I thought the comments were pretty funny/brutal, and were an accurate reflection of Kelly’s reputation.

            And just think: those comments weren’t a result of direction on this blog or any other — just regular folks expressing their opinions.

      • Maddiegirl says:

        How ’bout Bird Brain?

    • Noreen says:

      Did anyone notice in the Bravolebrities Photo Log that there is a picture of Kelly at the Grown Ups Premiere (I think) and she is holding her two books that she wrote? Can anyone say inappropriate! She is all over the place promoting her crap and this after she made fun of everyone else on RHONY for doing the same thing. I hope both she and Zarin are fired from the show.

  56. shamrockblonde says:

    YAY!! another great blog – I did not get to see the show last night as my cable company decided that channel 44 (Bravo) would not be in working order last night – hopefully I will catch a re-run over the weekend – I have to say though, I admire Bethenny more and more – it is very difficult to handle all of that pressure, not to mention baggage from her childhood, privately – that she can do it with such grace, humor and compassion is a tribute to her own spirit – Kadooz to her and Jason!!!

    I find I cannot watch Jill even in these little video clips that are linked here – something about that voice, the lies, the smugness….so so glad it is nowhere to be found on BGM – for her sake, and selfishly, mine!

  57. Bravo fan says:

    On Jill’s facebook page there is this guy named Brian who posted twice about supporting the “other” blog. Ha Ha! It appears there is never more than about 10 comments for each of the authors blog posts. She posted a hate fest about Alex today. So much for her not wanting to “hate”. She can’t compete with Lynns blog. There is 10 comments in less than 10 minutes on this blog.

    • kats2 says:

      Can you please post (copy and paste) it here so I don’t have to give her the web hit?

    • I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

      Team Jill has been trying to recruit people to join their “team” and to read their blog on Twitter. I don’t think they are going to attract a huge following. lol

    • felony stupid says:

      On her 1st and 2nd blog there was a ‘quilt’ watch because there were 5 or so posts out of maybe 7 that were the same person under diff names. That blog is just sad. Said it before somewhere here – they should email eachother for all the good it is doing them.

      Her latest is more of the same Alex hating crap w/some Ramona hating thrown in. Bottom line she says that she will be here to fend off all the Jill haters until we stop. Um OK. Somebody buy her a cape.

      Just as a general fyi – don’t bother trying to post there, she has blocked many folks from here and any non Pro-Jill posts she wont approve. There is also a rumor that she is collecting IPs for someone (?).

      • kitkat says:

        I tried to leave 2 posts there, 1 for that idiot Eddie who asked for some advice in handling the Anti-Jill bloggers and one for the head Stoopid in charge over there. I said if she doesn’t post my 2 comments (which were NOT at all offensive) I will NEVER hit her site again. She didn’t and I haven’t. NEVER will I give her traffic again.

        • felony stupid says:

          Edie/j samples/jill’s minion is posting all over the place. Ignore ignore ignore.

  58. mom2 says:

    If Jill is a trophy wife … you can just hear Bobby channeling Frank Barone “You’re a Trophy Wife??? What contest in Hell did I enter?!?”

  59. kats2 says:

    Something was bugging me so I just tortured myself and watched it over again. Why does Kelly keep talking about Haiti, right that is what she is saying Haiti?

    She keeps calling things Haiti as to compare it to hell. I get Haiti is no picnic but what does Kelly have against Haiti and why not just say hell? Talk about kicking a place when it’s down.

    • Buffywood says:

      I don’t know how she is actually saying it but she means Hades (sounds similar). He is ruler of the under world in greek mathology and it is another word for hell. I think Hades was Zeus’ brother but I don’t remember.

    • felony stupid says:

      I think she meant Hades…as in hell. She is a moron.

    • kitkat says:

      She thinks that saying “Hades” instead of “Hell” makes her sound smarter…you know, like when idiots try to fluff up ordinary, everyday words to appear to have such great intellect and wisdom.

    • error 404 says:

      what I don’t get about Jill bs press is that it’s so short sighted. I get it during 1 on 1 altercations… change the subject, make counter accusations, bring up ludicrous topics.. all to just confuse the other person and dispel a direct attack … but why do the same bs in print where it’s just doesn’t work? I suppose if 1 out of 1,000 people don’t see thru the lies, it’s a success maybe?

      • anitabee says:

        Jill has surrounded herself with family and hired help. She has no real friends. Look at her Hampton pics. What she is hanging out with little girls?

        There is no one to call her out on her B.S. I believe she thinks that her lying triad is working. Too bad Jill is about to get a huge dose of some ugly reality.

    • Squirrels says:

      Such a Jill Fest. Next she’ll be a talking head for Fox News. OY !!

      • bamabelle57 says:

        I couldn’t even read the whole article. I stopped after Jill said she wasn’t sure she’d stay over night-just wanted to have lunch with Bethenny to make-up. NO WAY, Jill Zarin knows it could not be possible to talk through everything that happened over lunch… I don’t think she really believes that herself.

        Jill said to Ramona, “I don’t want to bring bad energy” when she turned down Ramona’s invitation. She also said, “Is there anybody you WON’T invite”? Making it clear if Alex goes and probably Bethenny-she won’t! I think she was still sticking to not filming with Bethenny-now Alex!

        Blaming Alex for Jill leaving is just about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Surely she saw Bethenny’s face, too… she was fighting back tears!

        I do not believe either that Kelly told Jill she may stay… Ramona said Kelly was definately leaving in the morning, so why would Jill believe Kelly (who Jill admitted wasn’t making sense) over Ramona?

        After everything Jill did this season to Bethenny and Alex, plus saying Ramona wasn’t her friend-she’s lucky she didn’t really get kicked out! Jill deserved a good thrashing from all them, and I thought they all too nice!

        And what a WITCH wanting all the viewers that Ramona trip was “Bravo-Paid”… so what? I don’t care if Bravo paid for it or not… just shows how classless Jill is!

        Another thing… How many woman do y’all know that’s in a classy jewelry store… saying to her husband… if I feel jewelry, you may feel something good later… GROSS! No REAL LADY would talk that way… you speak that way to your husband in private… Ohhhhhhhhh… that WITCH infuriates me!

        • bamabelle57 says:

          I wish we had an edit button… I hate it when I don’t re-read my posts and they’re full of mistakes!

  60. viki55 says:

    Is Kelly doing this feather thing because of Bethenny getting attention on the renewal episode for wearing a dress that had feathers? She seems to have to copy Bethenny in any way she can.

    • Char212 says:

      I’ve noticed that too. Every time Bethanny does something Kelly turns around and (try’s) to do the same thing. I wonder when Kelly will come out with her own skin care line. Unless she has already and I haven’t heard about it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kelly learned to make feather jewelry while attending summer camp with her daughters – Kelly excels at crafts!

  61. Noreen says:

    LOL – that is one my favorite lines from Frank Barone!

    • error 404 says:

      well, it explains why she’s hanging out at the supermarket on sun. lol

      I just don’t see Kiki as a gay icon though.

    • Char212 says:

      Ok, this has been driving me nuts. It says in there that she’s a “tastemaker”. What the hell is that and what does a tastemaker do?

      • error 404 says:

        somebody who’s taste you’d like to copy.

        I actually like her overall taste in decorating, very 9 By Design.

        I hate (yes, HATE) her taste in clothes and accessories, which is a laugh since that’s what she supposedly known for.

        And despite her babble, I think her taste in food is pedestrian and girlfriend couldn’t host a kiddie party for blind orphans. I actually think hostessing is a crucial part of being a “socialite” . Just compare her to someone like Sonja. Yikes. Even having Lulu and SOnja over for drinks was like someone out of college’s first failed attempt at hosting.

        • HD says:

          You know what got me about that cocktail hour was that she said Luann made her nervous and reminded her of her mother. I wonder if her mom is highly sophisticated and criticizes Kelly a lot? What do you think?

          • error 404 says:

            one of the oddest things Kelly ever said was in the Obsessed interview she said that she was a twin and that with twins, the boy always gets all the attention, like it’s a fact. Huh?

            • bamabelle57 says:

              Kelly has a twin? You’re kidding!

              That’s not true that a boy twin gets all the attention.

              I don’t find Kelly believable about not knowing how to date… nope, she’s trying to act innocent… it’s an act! She’s been with plenty of men.

              I think the reason her little cocktail hour with Sonja and LuAnn looked so cheesy is because the cook was off or had gone home. Kelly did say she invited herself to dinner and decided to have them over first for drinks. She’s used to everything being done for her!

        • Char212 says:

          Well I sure won’t be copying Kelly in any way shape or form. Another thing, how do you become a tastemaker? I’m thinking Kelly heard it somewhere and started adding that to her resume too lol

      • boston02127 says:

        @Char212- I’m trying to figure out why she’s the Ambassador of Wool and what the heck that means.

        • error 404 says:

          LOL apparently there are a lot of negative feelings toward wool out there and Kiki’s job is to educate us on wool’s good sides. If I was on twitter, I could tweet her if its true what I heard about wool smelling when it gets wet.

          • MAMAZ says:

            error 404 – I agree that being a good hostess is a big part of being a socialite. And Kookoo fails miserably. She claimed to be having them over for cocktails but served wine. Wine is not a cocktail. And for someone with “sensitive taste buds” her selection of nibbles was dreadful. And it looked like they just stood around in her kitchen! she is so weird.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          As opposed to the Chancellor of Cotton? I wonder how many spokesperson jobs she has had. And after this season of insanity, I wonder if she will get anymore???

          • bamabelle57 says:

            Yeah… She’s the new spokesperson for “systematic bullying”, remember?… LOL

  62. error 404 says:

    whenever I read harsh review http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2010/06/bethenny-getting-married-review-oh-the-scripted-stress/
    I try to imaging the show with one of the other housewives instead. Considering how freaking out Ramona got just form the small seat change at her birthday party, I can’t imagine her handling the “scripted stress” as well. In a way, it would be funny in a train wreck kind of way.
    Or imagine LuAnn at a casino being confronted by drunken fans! “A medium? I don’t think so darling!”

  63. Sofi says:

    I was at Barnes and Noble today and saw Jill’s book in the Self Improvement section.
    I leafed through it and was surprised to see that her mother, Gloria, really was a beauty when she was a young woman.
    But I won’t be leaving a review on Amazon, it would be cruel.

  64. AlternateReality says:

    A Chandler posted this on absurd to sublime.

    I just busted a gut laughing at the post above that the new spin is I bitched to Amazon to give me a prime position and they listened in order to “shut me up”?

    Right, because that’s what enormous corporations do. If someone “bitches” the entire corporation will do whatever they want in order to “shut them up”.

    Do Zarin’s flying monkey’s and PR spin control team process their thoughts or just post to purposefully make Zarin’s case worse?

    You can’t write comedy this good.

    And they need to learn the laws of what slander is because they don’t seem to get it. If you can show monetary damages by someone lying about you and defaming you, like I can via Zarin’s “antisimetic” comment and the new fake Amazon account they created in my name to try to convince people it’s me saying I am a liar in the review where my clients read it…Oh, and let’s add that I gained top reviewer status by threatening or “bitching” to Amazon…

    THAT is slander and libel.

    Because 1. It is a lie and 2. I can show monetary damages as well as proof of it being false

    Keep it up.

    Karma wins.

    p.s. This is also why my review is still up. I was honest in what happened to me. No slander.

    Are they just trying to help me out here and hurt her? IT’s like candy from a baby to build a greater case the longer I let them do spin control.

    The other PR spin is they use my name on various websites saying they are me, all from the same IP address, saying I admit to lying.

    Candy from a baby.

    Zarin doesn’t like to lose even to someone simply being an honest reviewer with no malicious thoughts. She likes to get even. She is still trying with me and also with Alex merely for “delivering a message”.

    Has she changed? I can tell you from the inside of the tornado, no. The problem is…is that this season everyone knows the game she plays so they see through it and it isn’t helping her cause.

    Sit back and watch her implode.

    Good lord who in the heck did I get in the midst of reality tv drama for reading a dang book?

    Not what I signed up for…but I guess that depends on whose book you read.

    • felony stupid says:

      Jill and her crack PR team need to get out there and shut this down. I know that there is prob some lawyer telling them not to comment, but lordy it’s gonna rain.

    • That Paula Honch who just left jill’s book a 5-star review and Alex and Simon’s book a 1-star review posted a threat to cause more trouble in the comments section of her review of jill’s book. LOL! Go ahead! It will only hurt Jill’s reputation more as people are blaming her for all this harassment. Please do, nobody is holding the rope with which you will hang yourselves and jill. LOL!

    • anitabee says:

      Gooooooooooo Alana!

      Jill Zarin is beyond foolish at this point. Is Zarin a bravo employee? Can Bravo be sued for Jill’s illegal actions?

      I understand Bravo wants high drama but this illegal nonsense makes Bravo look really really bad.

  65. AlternateReality says:

    so hope this goes to court and little jonny wexler and his wacky aunt get theirs.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      maybe now that names are being named they will move away from doing this type of stuff for Jill. Lisa’s career could really suffer from this type of scandal!

  66. boston02127 says:

    After reading about Kelly for weeks, it seems as if someone (Jill) told her to grab any attention you can get. Everything Kelly is affiliated with is pretty much D-List.
    She self promotes herself on tweeter all the time with such rinky dink things, it’s sort
    of comical.
    It looks like the “I’m up there and you’re down here” theory she so happily told Bethenny about came back to bite Kelly in the ass.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I think Kelly escapes her handlers and runs around the streets twittering until they track her down and haul her home. For all the places and events she goes to I really wonder how much time she spends with her children?

  67. boston02127 says:

    Does anyone watch 18 Kids and Counting?

    • viki55 says:

      No, what channel is that on?

      • boston02127 says:

        @viki55–It’s on channel TLC.

        • viki55 says:

          Thanks….I will look for it!

          • bamabelle57 says:

            I watch “18 Kids and Counting”… it’s 19 kids, now. Their season just ended several weeks ago after their 19th child was born 4 months premature. She’s doing really well now.

            I don’t know when The Duggars new season begins… I noticed today that TLC was running re-runs. Who watches Kate Plus Eight on TLC?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill belongs in the Mutter Museum – a talking asshole

      • viki55 says:


        • vilzvet says:

          Here’s what popped out at me:
          “I went to St. John to make peace, and if I did that, it would have hurt Alex. Because if I made up with Bethenny, then Alex would feel threatened. Alex feels if she has Bethenny all to herself and keeps her from me, it gives her a place on the show.’
          Also when she claims that Kelly is “completely recovered” from the VI trip. How did she recover? We know that Kelly spoke to noone as far as therapy and flat out denied that there was anything to recover from!

          • felony stupid says:

            Funny, Alex has maintained the opposite. That Bethenny deserved an apology from Jill and that if they patched things up that was good.

            Jill’s projecting again. This was always her biggest fear and now that it is realized she’s freaking out.

          • error 404 says:

            How come Jill doesn’t feel the need to make sense? Seriously, all of her spin is nonsense. Bethenny is 99.9% off the show. The assertion that Alex needs the friendship to stay relevant and keep Jill from reuniting with a character who’s got one foot out the door is idiotic. As is Jill herself, I used to think she was a smart bitch, but the longer this goes on, the more she looking stupider and stupider. Stupid spelled with a k!

    • error 404 says:

      Ha! The Women. Jill is definitely the Rosalind Russel character Sylvia Fowler. Kiki is Joan Crawford’s Crystal Allen. Ramona is the one who had all those girls. No wait, maybe she’s the Countess de Large. Bethenny is Mary Haines and who is Alex? The dykie author or the Joan Fountian character?

  68. AlternateReality says:

    She’s too much. She just can’t shut up.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      My theory is that if Jill just keeps repeating her nonsense and lies long enough then people will accept it as truth.
      Bethenny cut her out with good reason. Alex said what she needed to say. Ramona isn’t going to let her spin shit anymore. LuAnn is inching away from her as fast as she can. Sonja is trying to get to know her and won’t like what she finds. And Kelly needs attention and Jill is the only one who gives her any.
      Jill made a fine mess for herself, all by herself and hasn’t the tools to clean it up! A good start? Shut your damn mouth!

    • MAMAZ says:

      Loved it, thanks!

    • boston02127 says:

      Kelly’s hugh feet are hanging out of her shoes.

    • kokuanani says:

      I loved the “introduction” to Kelly:

      . . . a few bitches who don’t belong at the opening of a toilet bowl let alone the opening of a movie. You decide who I’m talking about. [Lists names and remarks “in order”] . . .and an escapee from the nearest mental ward.

      [The last picture is of Kelly, and thus corresponds to “escapee from the nearest mental ward.”]

  69. Brianna says:

    The interesting thing about the troll(s) is, and thanks Alana for the IP information, that whomever is writing the actual BLOG is certainly not the troll.

    I think Jill’s PR person is allowing “gwen” to publish a professionally written “blog” or at least the last one certainly seems to be. Which means, Zarin team is fully aware of the vile things her trolls post on the internet, here, Sucks, Bravo, Amazon, and twitters with at least 1/2 dozen fake names, who all happen to be on the computer at the SAME TIME.

    I was giving Jill a bit of a pass, because completely vile fans didn’t seem to be something she could control (although, a message from her would go a long way to curtailing some of the worst stuff perhaps.) BUT, after reading this one? http://idonotlikelynnhudson.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/i-hate-alex-mccord-4/

    Not a chance that samples, palmer, gwen, fake lynn, fake alana, or any of the myriad of other names being used (and often banned from Sucks or Amazon) wrote that. NOT A CHANCE.

    • boston02127 says:

      Jill has totally ruined herself. Bravo!

    • viki55 says:

      Sorry, don’t mean to offend, but can’t we stop posting links to that other site? Why give it more attention?

      • Brianna says:


        I only posted it because, to me, this was written by a pro, trying to sound like a “blogger” which means JILL’S GRUBBY LITTLE FINGERPRINTS ARE ALL OVER IT.

        • felony stupid says:

          One last thing on this and I promise to wipe my hands of THEM.

          One of the comments includes this charming nugget:

          Warmblonde says:
          June 25, 2010 at 10:19 pm
          If only life were as simple as you post.

          FYI, Jill Zarin has received two criminal death threats and one internet personality seized upon the sad Episode 3 events to orchestrate a mass mailing of sympathy cards to Zarin Fabrics for the death of Jill Zarin’s soul.

          So apparently, someone out there is taking this stuff seriously.

          I view this site as an attempt to calm things down and get viewers thinking about what really has happened. imo, there has been a sick, twisted storyline, promoted by BravoTV in order to cheerlead Bethenny Frankel’s new show. Its all about potential advertiser $$$$.

          There are reality TV and celebrity news sites out there fomenting a sick hate of Jill Zarin. Not to mention the BravoTV message boards where readers are schooled in Jill-hate.

          This site is an attempt to deprogram those who Bravo editing has deceived or who are self-deluded. Bear in mind that Jill has APOLOGIZED PUBLICLY numerous times for her crass and rude conduct on the show. No question that she made social errors and made regretful remarks on the show and we are not debating that issue.

          What we do take issue with is the non-stop HATE and MISINFORMATION leading to criminal conduct and libelous, defamatory remarks against one cast member (to the exclusion of all of the others) and the dissemination of false and malicious information against that person.

          That spin machine is working overtime tonight.

          OK Moving on promise!!!! 🙂

          ps – isn’t it a little mitzvah that I posted this here so that you guys don’t give them any business there? xoxo

          • felony stupid says:

            Oh and Lynn…you’re an internet personality!!! This is soooo not written by your average joe.

  70. adioslunatic says:

    I just love BGM. Bethenny’s always been my favorite HW, but I have to say I love Jason. I’m a psycho-Type A-workaholic, too and my late husband was just like Jason — he provided normalcy and balance in my life. This show just makes me feel good. Thanks Bravo for giving us a show that is based on people working on a relationship together.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I love BGM? too. It’s light and entertaining. Just what I need at the end of a long day. Watching RHONY makes me tense and anxious.
      I like that Bethenny is willing to be herself on camera warts and all. At least she has an “and all”. JZ and Kelly on RHONY are just warts. Huge, oozing, pustulant carbuncles.

      • adioslunatic says:

        Amen to that! I would much rather see B building a life with Jason than watch LuAnn and her assignations and goodness knows that whole Kelly/Max thing was a train wreck to watch. Ewwww……..it was just plain icky.

  71. AlternateReality says:

    freedom of speech rubs both ways.

    However, pretending to be someone else and going after that persons character and livelihood and tweeting threats is illegal.

  72. boston02127 says:

    @viki55~~I agree with you. Posting on those sites is exactly what they want.

  73. Matilda says:

    My comment is about Jill ( sorry!) I was watching season 2 of RHONY and i just have a questions for you guys: am I seeing things or did Jill Zarin have an upper eyelid surgery ( or a brow lift)???? Check out her droopy eyelids in season 2 and now. It looks like she had some work done besides just breast reduction. What do u think?

    • viki55 says:

      I haven’t seen the other seasons in a while but I did notice her wearing alot more eye makeup this season. Too much, it made her look mean. Duh! Guess it was done just right!

  74. AlternateReality says:

    She’s had work but it looks good.

    Danielle’s work is a mess. People keep asking why she looks so different…she definitely had a mid face lift. She’s pulled way tight and had more done to her lips especially the upper one.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      did you see the bad botox shot of Kate Gosselin? Same surprised feline expression as Danielle’s! once you start messing around with that stuff you are asking for trouble, ridicule and I wonder do they really think they look better? Younger? Sexier?

  75. WindyCityWondering says:

    I know Bethenny really doesn’t get her wedding planner but he does get her. When I saw B pull the cotton candy out of that gift bag…..I immediately thought woo hoo! he did it! He got her what really mattered the most to her – the fabulous Four Seasons!

  76. AlternateReality says:

    just took a peek at absurd to sublime and the article about Krazy and the Gay March does not have even one comment.

    Poor Kiki…no one cares.

  77. kats2 says:

    I agree we should only copy and paste the content and not the link.

  78. Ava says:

    This is a little bit off topic…I’ve been resistant to twitter but would like to get a message to the women of the View. I would love if those of you with accounts would tweet them if you feel the same way. When Bethenny was recently on I was annoyed at how rude the women were to her. I think the comparison to Omarosa was out of left field and unnecessary. They were the ones who started the crap between them and then promoted the “feud” by promoting/discussing it the next day. They were basically dissing Bethenny for being on tv and being a reality star.

    All this and now they are having Kate Gosselin on to guest host next Friday. They’ve previously kissed her ass when she’s been on and I expect more of the same Friday. If anyone should be questioned about being on tv, it should be Kate Gosselin. She basically pimps out her kids and the women of the View can’t seem to get enough of her. I think dumbass Sherri even promoted Kate when she was on DWTS.

    So it’s not okay for Bethenny (a grown woman) to be on tv but it’s okay for Kate to exploit her children on tv? I can’t stand the hypocrisy!!

    Sorry for the rant.

  79. kats2 says:

    Or better yet, ignore them!

    • Squirrels says:

      That’s the best advice. Who needs a headache, which is what you’ll end up with after reading that drivel. Supposition upon supposition.

  80. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  81. AlternateReality says:

    I agree. I still don’t get what the heck happened on the view. It’s as thought they never watched the show, took a call from Jill and then went after her with info supplied by jill.

    Never liked sherri in this venue. I’ve seen her in a couple of movies and thought she was good with her characterizations. But as a talk show host on topical subjects, she just loses me sometimes…

    • error 404 says:

      apparently, Joy is one of the “teammates” Jill recruited when she started her orchestrated feud to make B down. Kadooze to B for entering the lion’s den and getting her name buzzed despite their agenda against her.

      • felony stupid says:

        and isn’t sherri the rocket scientist who says she is not sure the earth isn’t flat?

        nothing she says is of interest to me.

  82. Zipit Zarin says:

    Count how many times someone says “You know what?”. I didn’t want to point it out during the season because if you didn’t notice it before it might ruin your watching experience lol. It would be a good drinking game phrase if you want to get plastered. I love Ramona but holy cow…she said it 3 times in one sentence last night in the lost episodes.

    Bethenny doesn’t have that tic 😀

  83. AlternateReality says:

    Did anyone watch Omarosa’s new show? Anyone know the ratings?

  84. luloo_belle says:

    can someone explain something to me?

    i have posted i believe three times on this site. nothing very exciting.

    i just clicked on the link to another website that is the same format as this one, and at the bottom is my name and email address. this is unnerving at best. i have never posted at the other site, so HOW do they have my info?

    • boston02127 says:

      @luloo_belle– Is the other website wordpress?

      • luloo_belle says:


        • boston02127 says:

          Lynn’s blog is on wordpress. You’re logged in with your password here.

          • luloo_belle says:

            i never signed up or had a password. i just posted and put my name and email at the bottom of the page. i am feeling very dig-batty about now…

            • luloo_belle says:

              that would be ding-batty….

            • boston02127 says:

              I think it’s because you put in your email address you’re now linked to that name on wordpress.

              I’m dig-batty 80 per cent of the time, don’t feel bad. 🙂

              • luloo_belle says:

                thanks for the info. i actually was worried i was being tracked by the JZ police!! hehe

            • desertgal66 says:

              WordPress has an “autofill” mechanism-if you’ve filled in your name and email address even once before, then those boxes will be automatically filled in in the future. It doesn’t mean that any site has retained your name and email address-it’s just a convenience that WP provides.

  85. Brianna says:

    It will automatically fill in the space for you. But you can change name and email at will.

    I don’t recommend posting on any blogs where you don’t trust the blogger though, as they can access your IP address, no matter what email address you use. I would never post on Jill’s site, or one of her flying monkey sites for that reason. However, if I am just reading it? They can’t see my IP address, or yours.

  86. Squirrels says:

    Good God, before this is finished it’s going to end up in front of a select committee of Congress.

  87. boston02127 says:

    @luloo_belle– I really have no idea.

  88. Hey Lynn
    The Kelly translator isn’t totally done but I posted what I have so far. I included your suggestions.
    I just wanted to say a little thank u to you for having the best place on the web for real housewives discussions.
    My blog is a place where I can write my opinions. But your blog is a place where I can interact with people with similar interests. Thank you so much for creating this space. It is truly appreciated.

  89. AlternateReality says:


  90. boston02127 says:

    I’m going to have grab my $3400 pocketbook and dog and go for a walk. Wait that’s Jill. I’m going to throw on my flip flops and bring my dog who is much cuter and nicer than Jill’s dog and go for a walk. Byeeeeeeeeeee!

  91. Squirrels says:

    Geez. Bravo won’t even post a way to go to Bethenny. I give up.

  92. TraceyK says:

    I couldn’t even get past the first page of the Advocate interview with JillZ. Unbelievable. I think that all that time with Kelly is frying her brain cells. JZ easily and brazenly compares Kelly being ‘bullied’ (gag me with a jelly bean) to cyberbullying and suicide. You have GOT to be kidding me. Not only is Jill’s reasoning so twisted but this whole thing begs the question of a 42-year-old fashion model and writer (hahahaha) never having come in contact with successful and assertive women? Whaaa????

  93. Adgirl says:

    I am suprisingly relieved this season of RHNY is over. Frankly, Jill’s media blitz has exhausted me.
    It’s the same interview to any media outlet possible on her talking points:
    1. Alex was being mean to Jill just to get more screen time.
    2. Jill was shockingly ambushed & sabatoged during her suprise appearance in VI.
    3. Kelly was set-up by the same meanies in VI.
    4. Jill is being harassed & threatened via Facebook, Twitter & USP mail.
    5. Jill has changed/or she can’t change.
    6. It’s all real/or it’s fake for TV.
    7. Bethenny broke her heart, but Jill is being the bigger person and begging for Bethenny’s forgiveness.


    This season was amazing because we were shocked by Jill’s behavior. Next season, we won’t be shocked – we’ll be sick of her in 10 minutes. It will be just like NJ, it was fun the first time. Now – we are done!

    BGM is very fun. Much better than I expected!

  94. Lilbit says:

    I don’t normally post but I just got done watching Reunion and it struck me that Jill blatantly lied on the show and Andy never nailed her for it. It was when B and Ramona were confronting JZ about why she came to the island knowing about Kelly’s mental state and she stated she wanted to surprize Ramona, makeup with Bethany, but foremost she wanted to diffuse the situation with Kelly and she didn’t know Kelly was coming home since she talked to Kelly after Ramona and Bethany and Kelly told her she was staying. Yet, just a few minutes later when they were trying to force Jill to take responsibility for not being a good friend to Kelly by seeing her she says she actually did see her at the airport in passing and Kelly immediately did a childish wave to “recreate” the scene at the airport. So that means that she KNEW Kelly wasn’t going to be on the island , right? so why didn’t she stay in New York and take care of her friend?!? and most importantly why didn’t Andy jump up, uncrossed his eyes, point a condeming finger at Jill and say AH-HAH you are sooooo busted! One of the many disappointing moments in the reunion show.

    • Squirrels says:

      Because for Jill? It cannot possibly be all about Kelly. OHHHH NOOOO. Not while the jillster has even a remote plot to rule the world.

      • Lilbit says:

        So true, but its still frustrating that when she was stupid enough to put her neck in the noose, tighten it, and stands on the stool on her tippy toes, no one kicked the stool out from under her.

  95. Squirrels says:

    330 responses today in this room.

    others? – 10

    nuff said

  96. Beckett says:

    It dawned on me last night while watching BGM that I don’t get tense between scenes like while watching RHNY. I realized that I had a subconscious tension anticipating the next scene being Jill or Kelly or even Lumann, especially after the “singing” started. On BGM every next scene is Bethenny – Yay!

    Something about Kookoo that I don’t get. She appears to be unbelievably stupid, so how does she make and market her jewelry? How can she get stores to sell her junk when she can’t even speak in intelligible sentences? Does she just think she wants to make feather jewelry and other people do everything for her? Seriously, does anyone know?

    I’ve been watching Top Chef since the first season and have enjoyed all but S2. Okay, I hated the Hosea win (S4?) but liked the show that year otherwise. It always takes me a while to get comfortable with who’s who in the beginning – too many cheftestants – but I always have a tentative favorite right away. This year, I don’t really dislike any except maybe Angelo (which is extra too bad because he’s the only one that brings even a little bit of the pretty (yes, I am shallow that way) guy-wise), but don’t really like any of them either. Where’s my Harold or Kevin or Bryan or LeeAnn or Stephanie or whatshisname cute Italian guy or even Stefan?

    As far as Pudding Lady – she’s a chef and doesn’t know that bananas are overly starchy until ripe? Fine for eating raw but not for cooking. Something any decent home cook knows. And Sherry Lady – really? Sherry for kids? Not to mention that she bought, as far as I could tell, cooking sherry which is disgusting and heavily salt laden. If she had bought chicken stock for her braise instead, Pudding Lady could have had the money to buy her chocolate and both dishes could have been much better. Here’s hoping this season gets better because I love me some Top Chef. AND Eric Ripert!!! Now that I think about it, who cares about the cheftestents – we have freakin’ ERIC RIPERT!!! WOOHOO!

    Love your blogs, Lynn, and thanks for this great place you have created.

  97. dancekrazy says:

    In the early previews of BGM?, did anyone else see Jill’s fingers on Bethenny’s belly when B. was speaking about a “big, hairy line”?
    I notice that they (Bravo) have cut it out of the previews after the first two or three weeks.


  98. mariareads says:

    Have to say I really like BGM?. So far it has delivered some good laughs, sweet moments and I give credit to B for putting herself out there without make-up, wearing rollers, in pajamas and crying with a runny nose! Hell, this is fun TV for hot summer nights! I’m no freaky fan who fawns over anybody, but this show is much better than I thought it would be.~Now for Jill krap. What is wrong with that woman? Get off the internet and stop acting like you are not YOU running around posting idiocy or having one of your tools doing it for you. What a jackass! This has gone far enough and she is looking like a petty, childish bitch. Think Bravo intended to show us just how shallow she is with that little bit of her in the lost footage (my ass-all the good stuff is sealed in a vault somewhere and I KNOW there was good stuff on tape from the VI and Kelly’s breakdown (break dance?) (break out?) ) on Thursday with her dragging BAWWWBBYYY to the jewelers and lusting over outrageously priced baubles? Did she not look like the greediest child on Christmas morning? This is a woman who likes “THINGS” and needs lots of them. Fill that hole with stuff Jill because you are not made of anything that has substance or integrity. Didn’t Bobby look stressed? I thought he was going to keel over when she tried on that giant diamond. “What can I have?”
    Do you believe she said that? Like a child in a toy store getting ready to pitch a fit. Then the “I get gypped” line comes out. I was so glad that Bobby just let her have the watch. She really needs a slap of reality. As I have said before, if she didn’t have Bobby she would be sitting in some corner somewhere talking into her (imitation) handbag.

  99. Smompy says:

    It was quiet at work tonight so I finally got a chance to watch and enjoy the most recent BGM?. I must say this show has gotten better with every episode. I hope the ratings are decent because I’d really like Bravo to renew it – even though they will probably have to change the name at some point in time. There were so many laughs for me, but I suppose seeing that drunk lady falling on her ass was probably my personal favorite.

    That reminds me:
    By the way, F.U., to all you haters at TWoP!!! I hate to complain about another unrelated site here (especially a site where uber-BEE-YOTCH Susan Strega lurks) but I gotta vent and I can’t do it there. There are people there who do like the show, but every time the BGM? thread starts to get slightly enjoyable to read, the haters come along and suck all the fun out of the room. According to some of these humorless freaks, it was terribly cruel of Bethenny to make light of that helpless woman who fell at the casino. After all, the woman was likely an epileptic, or she may have been having a fatal heart attack at the time! And evidently Bethenny didn’t REALLY write any of her books and they weren’t REALLY on the NY Times bestseller list either. It was all a big PR trick from Bethenny’s handlers. And evidently Bethenny was a complete and total C-U-Next-Tuesday toward sweet Innocent Elvira. (Whaaa?) And evidently Bethenny is being mean to her husband by “constantly” referring to him as an idiot – and she even expects the poor guy to help plan HER wedding! (What a bitch!) And Bethenny was evidently being a jerk by refusing to take a phone call from her own saintly, devoted mother while she (Bethenny) was in labor. And evidently when Bethenny makes cracks about her own chubbiness during pregnancy, this only proves that she hates her own baby and will never be a good mother. And evidently Bethenny is completely exhausting to watch therefore nobody in their right mind would ever sit through this fiasco of a show. The list of stupid, untrue and obsessively malicious kvetching goes on and on relentlessly.

    OK, I realize Bethenny’s personality is not for everyone, and different people find humor in different things, but Jebus Effing Cripes, IF everything she does or says enrages you, and if you really find her totally UNfunny and exhausting as well, then why the hell do you keep watching the damn show week after week?!?!? Do you watch it just so that you can later flood the forum with so much angry, inaccurate nonsense that any enjoyment of the show (by us non-haters) will be ruined forever? Because frankly, your tireless eforts are doing just that for me. A-holes! I swear, it’s like there are a bunch of Jill Zarin clones stumbling around and their zombie mantra is “MUST DESTROY BETHENNY!”

    Whew, now that I got that off my chest, I feel a tiny bit better. Thank God (and Lynn) for the existence of this funny and truthful blog.

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