I Hate Jill Zarin RHONY Final – Sonja Morgan June 28, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin         Monday Preview /  RHONY Final – Sonja Morgan              June 28, 2010

Tonight is another episode of As New Jersey Turns.  I really do feel like this is a soap opera and not in a good way.  It has been many years since I’ve watched a soap opera and maybe they’ve changed but I found them to be really slow moving and include a lot of irrelevant discussions to fill time.  Five hours a week is a lot of time to fill for a soap opera.  New Jersey’s housewives filmed for several months and couldn’t come up with one hour a week worth of interesting content.

This week Ashley Holmes, Jacqueline’s daughter will pull Danielle’s hair.  The police will be called in to restore peace, Danielle will press charges against Teresa, Jacqueline and Ashley.   Later she will drop the charges against Teresa and Jacqueline and Ashley will pay a small fine for her bad behavior.  Did I save you the bother of watching the show tonight?  No, me either, it was all over the news, we saw clips but you know we just have to watch, it’s like a train wreck. 

I wanted to make one more comment about Luann from yesterday’s blog that I forgot to include.  When Caroline Manzo appeared on WWHL and was asked who her least favorite housewife was, she said Luann.  Caroline explained that Luann completely ignored her every time they were together at a Bravo function.  This does not surprise me, Luann is the type of woman who doesn’t waste her precious time on “nobody’s”.  Luann is so self-important and stuck-up that she wouldn’t think twice about completely ignoring someone that she thought wasn’t part of her world or in her “circle”.  I believe that Luann glanced at Caroline and automatically assumed that Caroline was a “nobody”.  Caroline doesn’t look like a typical Bravo Housewife and clearly Luann doesn’t watch any other Housewife franchises.  This is most likely why Luann completely ignored Caroline, Luann didn’t feel as though she was worthy of any attention. 

Luann apologized when she appeared on WWHL a few weeks later when this was brought to her attention, but the damage was done.  Hopefully Caroline will see Luann for the stuck up, rude, conceited bitch that she is and ignore Luann in the future!  Better yet, hopefully Luann won’t be in attendance!    

In my never-ending series final of the New York housewives, Sonja Morgan is up next.  Never have I seen a housewife be so quickly embraced by an audience.   It seems as though we want to hate the new one but there were already so many bad guys it was time to give the new girl a chance.  All the ingredients were there to give us reasons not to accept her.   The line, “I’m still the straw that stirs the drink” was bad enough, right?  She went on about sex and arriving late to make an entrance at her own parties.  Sonja told a story about what a shrew Ramona is for stealing the dress that Sonja was going to buy yet acting like Ramona’s long lost buddy when they had lunch together.  She was a drunken fool on the yacht in St. John, slurring her words and not making any sense.  She defended Kelly at the last supper when Kelly acted like a psychotic idiot, she refused to join the others discussion of Jill’s bad behavior and is actually a real friend of Luann’s.  Yikes! 

Off screen, Sonja got a DUI in the Hamptons.  This was talked about for a day or two and then nothing else was discussed.  Even in the discussions that did go on, many were in defense of Sonja.  If that had been Kelly who got a DUI, the story would have never ended!    

Reality Tea’s report of the incident:   Real NYC Housewife Sonja Morgan Arrested For DWI  http://retwt.me/1Nlw7

I don’t know for sure what it is about Sonja, but you have to like her!  She remained neutral during the majority of the season, as she admitted, she has no iron in the fire with many of these ladies.  Because she is intelligent, calm, elegant and the voice of reason, when she does speak out, people listen.  Sonja supports every one of these ladies with the same passion and warmth.  She is more like a mother figure to everyone than Jill Zarin ever was!  This is the lady that everyone wants to be best friends with, party with and be seen with! 

At the reunion, Andy Cohen asked Sonja for her opinion on whether or not Kelly had been bullied because he knew that the audience would find her opinion relevant.  Add to that, everyone already knew what all of the other ladies would say.  Andy also let Sonja question Kelly about her accusations that all four ladies bullied her.  This forced Kelly to back down and apologize to Sonja for lumping Sonja in with the others.  (I don’t think that any of them bullied her, but Kelly admitting Sonja didn’t bully her shows that Kelly’s word is unreliable.  Ok, it shows that she lies!)  Kelly would never have apologized to Sonja if Kelly hadn’t been questioned and confronted. 

I would have liked to see Kelly questioned the same way by Alex and Ramona, forcing her to come up with examples of how these two ladies “bullied” her.  But I digress…

Sonja was also allowed, very briefly, to give her opinion on Jill’s surprise visit on St. John at Luann’s  release party.  Sonja commanded enough respect from these ladies to get them all to shut up long enough for her to give her opinion.  A Sound opinion, that Jill should never have shown up without warning.  Sonja expanded upon that opinion at the reunion, a sound and logical opinion that was shared by many!

Sonja just seems to command respect, while Jill made a crass attempt to slam Sonja, whom she had barely even met, at the Bachelor party it only served to make Jill look bad.  It just required another apology from Jill at the reunion.  The contrast between the class and elegance of Sonja Morgan and the trashy, rude behavior of Jill Zarin could have been one of the reasons for Sonja’s immediate acceptance.  The difference is like night and day!  RHONY audiences are intelligent, sophisticated and have a higher than median income, Sonja is the type of housewife that we want to see, not Jill Zarin!  (Yes, this information is in Bravo’s study of the demographics)

Sonja is the real deal, she is New York society filled with grace and style.  She has really been everywhere and done everything.  She isn’t pretending, she isn’t fake, we like her because she is real.  Her background as the wife of a billionaire who attended parties for celebrities, politicians and even royalty is evident in the way that she carries herself with confidence.   

Some of the other ladies name drop,(Jill)  Sonja doesn’t have to.  Some of the other ladies use their children to get sympathy (Luann), Sonja doesn’t need to.  Some of the other ladies want to tell you how “real” and “authentic” they are(Kelly), Sonja doesn’t tell us, she shows us. 

Many of the ladies like to ignore the fans, pretend that there are no comments on the internet, claim that they don’t read anything the fans write or hear anything we have to say.  They are above caring what the fans think.  Housewives like Luann don’t acknowledge fans existence, Luann claims to not read any fan comments at all.  Luann is not alone, many of the other  housewives don’t bother to respond to fans either.  Sonja is different, she is the epitome of down to earth!  She has not only responded to fans questions but seems to enjoy it.  I personally have gotten two extremely nice comments from Sonja. 

Sonja Morgan wrote “Lynn Hudson can write. And she is hilarious. Doesn’t miss a beat, this gal.”  (From her Facebook page)

After the final regular episode of RHONY in the Bravo Talk Bubble, I tweeted that it had been a great season and the NY Housewives did not disappoint, I received the following tweets back: 

SonjatMorgan :   Thanks Lynn. You too. @lynnnchicago http://bit.ly/bravotv #realhousewives

Bravotv    @LynnNChicago YOU never disappointed all season! Thanks for joining the Talk Bubble every week!

I threw in the Bravotv tweet because I think it may have been why Sonja noticed my tweet. 

Sonja makes a point of responding to fans if you look at her Facebook page you will see that while she doesn’t respond to every post, she is pretty active on her site.  She doesn’t tweet too often, seems as though she is more comfortable with Facebook but her Tweets are always upbeat and friendly with fans! 

Most recent tweet from Sonja:

My blog is up finally! My bravo girl took a long weekend. Yea!   http://fb.me/zwD16ec7

Here is the link to Sonja’s new 4 page blog:  The Real Housewives of New York City – Blogs – Sonja Morgan – Stay Real | Bravo TV Official Site:   http://bravo.ly/cbQ1IO

What a great blog Sonja!  Her blog is respectful but honest and she pulls no punches!   There are probably plenty of reasons to not like Sonja Morgan, but seeing her on screen, watching her style, and her interactions with the Housewives, you just have to like her!  I would bet that Sonja has more fans than 3-year veteran housewives, Jill Zarin or Luann de Lesseps combined.   How many women could make such a huge impact in one half of a season? 

I don’t think that there is any debate over at Bravo regarding Sonja returning to Season 4 of the New York housewives.  I think the decision is all Sonja’s.  I think that Bravo (or Shed Media) will offer her anything she wants in order to insure that Sonja continue with the show.  She certainly seemed eager to participate in next season during the Reunion filming.  I certainly hope she will be back! 

Thank you all for sticking with me as we transition from show to show.  As you know I welcome discussion on any topic in the comments section.  If there is a show you’d like to see a blog on, let me know.

NEW REQUEST / OPTION:   I would like to throw out there a request for guest bloggers!

It only occurred to me a few days ago when I saw a comment about Bravo’s “Work Of Art”.  If anyone would like to send me their blog about any show, any TV celebrity, or any topic at all, I’d be happy to post the blog here.   You can be anonymous or include your full name or just a “handle”.  Email me at:  LynnAHudson@aol.com with questions or just go ahead and submit your blog to me for posting! 

I have finally added my photograph taken yesterday, as I sat in front of the laptop and realized I didn’t have to search for a photo then cut or crop it.  All I had to do was turn on the web cam and press enter! J  Imagine my surprise at how easy it was. 

I also tried to use the poll tool that this web site has available.  I didn’t find that quite as easy as the photo but I’ll keep working on it. 

Feel free to open discussion of any topic…

Until Next Time…..

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395 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin RHONY Final – Sonja Morgan June 28, 2010

  1. desertgal66 says:

    Great blog as always, Lynn!

    I would have liked to see Kelly questioned the same way by Alex and Ramona, forcing her to come up with examples of how these two ladies “bullied” her. But I digress…

    To digress a little further, I have to say that Kelly would have come up with “examples” of how the other three bullied her in the same way that she came up with “we had an intervention with Bethenny where she was told to ‘lay off Kelly'”. That clearly wasn’t true, any more than Bravo ‘forcing’ her to go on the trip, so I have no doubt that Kelly would have come up with some lies about specific episodes of ‘bullying”.

    Kelly is a liar. We know it, the other housewives know it, her associates and ‘friends’ probably know it. The only one who doesn’t know it-or will never admit to it-is Kelly.

    • katiecoo says:

      She just can’t be invited back on this show. Period. it’s not even like the “drama” she brings is interesting remotely…it’s simply disturbing.

      • sophie says:

        If you have a different opinion, i.e. your OWN, and share this with Kelly…then you are ‘attacking’ her.

        If you nod, smile and agree with everything she says…then you are ‘real’ and ‘authentic’…just like her.

        I am so sick of seeing her twist her face to form words, listening to her pre-adolescent vocabulary, and watching her ‘groom’ her hair like a monkey. She is a 12 year old in a 40 something body. While there’s nothing wrong with being young at heart…there is something wrong in having reached only the maturity of a 12 year old by the time you are biologically old enough to be a grandparent.

        Please Bravo…get this woman off the show so she can get help.

        • tracylyn42 says:

          sophie, every word you’ve written couldn’t be more spot on. In the lost footage, her scenes with Sonja and Luann was like watching an uncomfortable child trying to interact with her mother’s friends. And the scene on Sonja’s bed was just ridiculous. Tell your daughter her mommy’s to lazy to work out? Hats off to Sonja though, for her gracious acceptance of Kelly’s attempt at , well i am not even sure what it was.To be friendly, maybe? to get more camera time? also a consideration. But kelly does not have any revelence on the show. She does give me some comic relief, at times, with her craziness, but for the sake of her children, she needs off the show.

  2. Michelle says:

    I guess I don’t understand WHY the DWI thing hasn’t been addressed at all. It’s as if it never happened, which is absolutely ridiculous. We’ve got Crackpot Kelly using her televised mental breakdown to blather on about make-believe “systematic” bullying, but Sonja doesn’t want to take the opportunity to speak out against driving while intoxicated? As a mother and purported “classy” woman, I would think she’d at least offer a mea culpa.

    • katiecoo says:

      She could still be in the legal process of it in which case her lawyer would advise to say nothing.

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        I agree. She probably shouldn’t talk about it until it has been tried.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          yes, true, I did see an interview that she did. She said exactly that, she wants to reveal the details but cannot say anything per her attorney. That doesn’t surprise me, its the public, the news, the bloggers, the articles… its as if they’ve all forgotten about it, which is good for Sonja! If it had been Kelly or really any of the other housewives, I think the discussions would be ongoing, don’t you?

          • twoile says:

            Absolutely agree, & I would like to add my kudos to this blog as excellent, thank you Lynn.

      • desertgal66 says:

        Absolutely. That’s the first piece of advice her attorney likely gave her. Until the case is resolved, no addressing the subject publicly. Especially since Sonja likely entered a standard plea of not guilty. An attorney cannot defend his client from the legal standpoint of “not guilty” if she is off admitting her guilt to the press and public.

        • error 404 says:

          everyone keeps bringing up the point that the hamptons are a virtual police state in the summer though. I’m quite sure it’s a response to all sorts of awful incidents, but I also know that many states are now cracking down on tickets of all kinds to make more money in this economy. We’ll see what happens, but I suspect they are making a case for false arrest or something. Sonja makes no effort to hide her love of drink, so if she really was DUI wouldn’t it be smart just to cop to it and throw yourself to the mercy of the court of public opinion?

          • Laurie in Detroit says:

            ABsolutely right… we are all living in a police state, as long as our economy teeters on the verge of Depression, it’s the one way to make money. The citizenry is being held hostage to idiotic laws (like .08 BAC) as a way to make money. How pathetic!!

        • sophie says:

          I have a feeling that as soon as Sonja is permitted, she will handle her DUI situation with grace and dignity…and honesty. If she does that, then I’m a fan for life.

          We all make mistakes. It’s when you continue to make the same mistake with no guilt or regrets and take no responsibility for the action…that it’s not okay.

  3. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    Great blog, Lynn!

    I just wrote a 5 paragraph comment, and realized that I was just re-iterating what you said!

    I think Sonja is truly kind, not fake kind, like many of her other castmates. Even writing about Kelly and the liposuction scene – she doesn’t say anything bad about Kelly, she just makes her point that she isn’t lazy as Kelly claimed.

    She doesn’t feel the need to belittle someone else to make herself look better – and we end up admiring her for her honesty and her gentle way of making her point without being accusatory or ugly to anyone.

    I’m looking forward to seeing her in Season 4!

    • katiecoo says:

      I really hope she doesn’t suffer the likes of JZ’s abolishment campaign to change her innocence. It’s like people just need to steer clear and not *bond* with Zarin to survive it. When you look at early seasons Alex was REALLY trying to bond with JZ and look where that got her…in her sites! Hope Sonja just steers clear and doesn’t get caught in that trap.

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        Sonja out-classes Jill and Jill knows it. She would be crazy to take her on – of course, she can’t get out of her own way sometimes, so it should be interesting to see if she tries to come between Sonja and everyone else. When asked about Sonja and Jennifer Gilbert, she didn’t respond about Sonja at all.

      • twoile says:

        To quote/misquote /paraphrase “krazie” Sonia is up there & J is down here….etc

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Sounds like you may be a good candidate for a guest blogger? hmmm?? 🙂

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        I may try to write something for the Work of Art show, I really liked it. If I can write anything worth printing, I’ll send it to you. Do I email it to you in word format and you can cut and paste?

        • kats2 says:

          I love that Art Show on Bravo and would love to hear your recap/blog of the show. It is truly interesting, smart, and refreshing.

          Catching up from the previous blog:

          BGM – of course I hope you keep the blog going

          Kathy G show – totally blog away love it.

          BB – sure why not, it’s light easy snark

          NJ HW – continue to blog it will keep us (well me) from actually watching it. I want their ratings to tank.

          HW DC – you have to at this point

          That Double Exposure show is contrived garbage and really boring. IMO they are not even interesting enough to snark about – Don’t waster your time.

          • Sha2000 says:

            Keep including your comments RE:WWHL Lynn!

            BTW, thanks for the picture…dare I ask; is you hair the same color as JZ?

            (Just teasing!)

  4. AlternateReality says:

    Sonja delivers the same honest evaluations that B does only without the snark.

    Do want Jill back. I’d love to see these two interact.

  5. error 404 says:

    OMG I’m the victim of Bravo’s editing. LOL I feel like I’m being cast int he role of Lulu apologist. Believe me, Lulu is a clown and deserves to be laughed at. But some of the insults thrown at her lately are unfair IMHO.

    RE; snubbing Caroline Manzo.

    CM isn’t a nobody. She’s a somebody. Somebody who thinks she hot shit and it don’t stink either. She is the Jill of RHoNJ. The thinks it’s her show. She thinks she’s the star. In reality, she could cure insomnia just be being herself.

    She’s rude. She’s fraudulent. She’s mean. She’s vindictive. She’s crass. She’s petty. She’s immature. She’s ill mannered. She’s a blow hard know it all. She’s manipulative, underhanded and small. She talks like a truck driver all the while schooling others on how to behavior, weather they want her advice or not. (quite like Lulu that way). She’s a bully who uses her husband’s money to throw her weight around like she’s actually someone worth listening to.

    In short: If Ms Manzo were my neighbor, I’d refuse to say hi to her too. Then I’d probably move.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Ha ha… I watched my first full episode of NJ last night and that was the conclusion I came to. Who made her the arbiter of taste and style???

    • Olivia says:

      Caroline Manzo would cut anybody else dead as well since they have to first pass muster with her as she herself has said on a few occasions. But with that being said, it just goes to show Lu Ann’s high opinion of herself that she could ignore a fellow member of the Housewives society in a mutual setting.

      I like Sonja but I will be curious to see how she handles the aftermath of her court appearance. She is probably under orders by her attorney to not discuss the case at this time. But I have little sympathy for anyone who drinks and drives from my own experience. However, there are always two sides to an argument and I am willing to listen to hers as long as it is relevant to the situation.

      My fear is that she will “befriend” that loudmouth Jill and it is beyond me why anyone would. When you have shown your true nature to the nation, and have been outed as a royal troublemaker who lies and manipulates, then I have difficulty understanding how anyone would want to be in Jill Zarin’s company at all let alone filming a series with her. But that’s just me and my own moral compass in sorting out who I want in my inner circle.

      Let’s hope that we are not wrong in our Sonja applause. Jill will forever be a pain in the @ss and I am hoping that Sonja is able to dismiss her.

      • error 404 says:

        True. Lulu is the ultimate hypocrite. But, I just personally feel that there is no need to be all lovey-dovey just because you’re another housewife.

        I once had a job with like 30 people, many of whom became close friends. i was what I would say as “popular” but there were 3 guys I just didn’t talk to. One was jealous and mean to me, another was weird and often said inappropriate things, the third was nice but dull as dirt and got paid like twice I did for doing the same job. When there were 30 of us, my “snubbing” of them went unnoticed. But when we had massive layoffs and then it was just me and the 3 guys down to part time, I was like “well, I haven’t said hi or good morning to them in years, so isn’t it kinda of fake to start now?” so I continued to ignore them even though it now couldn’t go unnoticed.

        I also think that CM outing Lulu on nat TV was another sign of her big ego. It was like “I will NOT be ignored!”

    • Sha2000 says:

      Maybe she just doesn’t want to be seen & possibly photographed with the Jersey girls, just like Ramona wisely does not want to be seen w/Danielle. Overall RHONJ is an embarrassing group; it’s Luann’s choice & I generally would have to agree although I don’t think Caroline is as bad a Danielle.

    • dumberries says:

      Error, I agree completely. I would watch Luann over any of the NJ clan any day of the week. I only got through one episode of the NJ HWs this year and called it quits. I too see a lot of parallels between Caroline’s behavior and Zarin’s behavior. Ellen Barkin lost a few respect points from me when she was fawning all over Caroline on WWHL a couple of months back; Caroline is definitely not someone to be idolized (Barkin actually called Caroline her idol – wtf?)

  6. kats2 says:

    I won’t watch NJ HW’s tonight.

    But Luann actually scored a few points with me for ignoring a NJ HW. However, I do get what you’re saying about Lulu’s attitude. I see it with how she will distant herself with Alex and Simon (she will be nice to their faces at social events but would never go their home or invite them over). Lulu has her work cut out for her if she is back next season because Sonja is a GEM. I just tweeted to Sonja after reading her blog this morning that she is the one who should write a book about class. Bravo needs to follow the same Sonja blueprint and do some major recasting on all franchises.

    As far as NJ HW’s – I don’t care for any of them on that show, there is something shady about each of them (of course some worst than others but all seem like they were cut from the same cloth and some of them just got lucky).

    Getting past a weekly visit to the NJ gutter each week is one thing, but good lord they are so boring! I said it before I will say it again – We all know Danielle is scum but these other HW’s have nothing else to talk about or do. They are the ones who keep going back for more (In my book this makes them just as bad). Hell Dina couldn’t even leave without making it all about Danielle and I really don’t think Danielle had anything to do with why Dina left.

    This should be the last season for this whole NJ cast. I won’t watch the show tonight, but I will check out Lynn’s blog tomorrow to find out how they weasel out of the contrived Saint Albie drama they have created and I wouldn’t mind reading about any repercussions for Ashley. Will her family ever realize that she has an anger management issue and really needs help?

    • Sha2000 says:

      “….there is something shady about each of them”.

      Agreed! Caroline can be funny when she’s not try & Dina was too & I respect that she tried to give Danielle “a second chance”; that’s the only nice thing I can say about that group. I will watch tonight; but I’ll sure I’ll have that uncomfortable squirmish feeling I always get from that group. The fun is in the reading of the blogs like this one the following day & the jokes that will follow; the over all experience, not their show.

  7. Scorpiosue says:

    I have to say that Sonja has completely won me over. The St. John’s trip really tipped the scales. We saw Sonja be witty, vulnerable, fun, sexy, and the voice of reason. She really tries to see the best in everyone from Kelly to Bethenny. Speaking of Bethenny, I’d love to see scenes with just Bethenny and Sonja…that would be a hoot. Even though Sonja has been in the best of circles she still seems so real. Hey, she even cooks with her toaster oven :). In closing, I’d really love to see MORE Sonja Morgan on RHONY.

    • anitabee says:

      I think the reason I like Sonja is that she is REAL. She puts her business out there and do not relish in using people as target practice.

      She is a real socialite BUT still a single woman, single mother, and has everyday problems that even I can relate too. And believe me, my name will never be on the social register.

      Doesn’t Sonja have another great friend that wants to be on the show? I’d enjoy watching that.

  8. MickeyMouth says:

    I hope when Sonja addresses the DWI, she does it head on. I would like to hear her explanation and apology. It’s a serious issue and it requires a serious response. I agree if Kelly had the DWI now it would be big news because the audience has seen Kelly as unstable and will assume that alcohol played a part. However if it was season one for Kelly with the audience really not knowing her, IDK? Kelly’s boyfriend beatdown didn’t get that much press in the beginning either. I think people take a wait and see attitude when it comes to these things. Kelly doesn’t have a reputation for being honest (no matter how many times she says honestly) so people believed the boyfriend. Plus, even though the domestic violence complaint was withdrawn she still got community service. I think in the end if Sonja is honest, people will accept her apology and move on.

  9. Olivia says:

    Lynn: Since you are doing a bang up job by analyzing the NY housewives, can we look forward to one about Ben Weiner too? Since he has been made an “honorary housewife” by Andy Cohen I think it is only fair to critique them all.

    How about it?????

    • boston02127 says:

      Other than the fact that he’s a pain in the ass, I don’t think there’s much to say about him.

      • error 404 says:

        Either it’s really weird that a kid his age is allowed to do what he is doing, and encouraged, or it’s like Paul Reubens or someone pulling our collective leg.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        and I don’t want to bash a kid!

        • iwannabeanarchy says:

          I agree. There’s nothing to say about him, and it’s wrong because he’s a child.

      • tracylyn42 says:

        What is a 13 yr old boy\child even doing calling in to wwhl and getting through, week after week? Has anyone on here ever made it through to ask an adult revelent question?
        We are the real fans that should be making the cut. Do we care what Ben Weiner has to say? I for one, thought, okay, the first call to Betheny, kinda cute, but that was it. Kind of cute, Once. enough already!!

  10. Squirrels says:

    Great blog Lynn. What’s not to love about Sonja? That said, I do want to touch upon her “not” name dropping.

    On her first Bravo blog, she dropped names like bread crumbs and was immediately taken to task by viewers. She got the message loud and clear. Now mind you, I don’t believe she was trying to schmooz here, I honestly think she was trying to give credit to those events and people who made those events possible. It’s what any of us would do.

    For ex: I head out to the firehouse where in our local men in rubber boots hold a charity to support those who lost their homes to the SoCal fires. (and trust me, you think earthquakes are destructive?) Anyway, it shows up in the paper the next day and guess what? There are NAMES! Those who coordinated, donated, etc. Just like in the Hamptons.

    Thanking those who help others is what we do as a culture. Was Sonja’s attempt overkill? Yeah, a bit. I suspect she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so she went out of her way in an attempt to mention everyone. Still, the key to Sonja is she learns. She was chastised on the blog for it and got the cease and desist memo. Kadooz to her.

  11. katiecoo says:

    Is this in Kelly’s house? A Gum Berry Chandelier…oh wait forget that, in her house it would be a bunch of strings hanging from the ceiling.


    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      She would have it on a pulley – it’s her completely genuine design aesthetic. (To be honest, I really do like her interiors, or did until that silly “decorating with jellybeans youtube video!)

      And to think you can get one for only $9,500.00!

      • error 404 says:

        Re; Pullgate. I have no idea why they all acted like that was weird. Most chandeliers are on pullies, especially old ones.
        1. to clean it. I know, I know… Lulu would have Rosie up on a 12′ ladder on slippery tile, but whatever.
        2. the antique ones, like Kelly’s were originally candlelight or then later gas, and had to be lit and then estinqueshed everyday, as there were no switches back then. Many are retrofittted now, but keeping the pulley isn’t like “crazy” or anything.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          In my creepy old house the foyer chandelier goes up two stories and has a pulley to lower it for cleaning the crystals and changing bulbs! No way would I hang over the staircase bannister to do either of those things – it came with the house and I am really glad it did! NOW if Kelly just put it in to be eclectic then she is goofy.

        • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

          I haven’t actually seen it. And I wasn’t putting it down, just snarking about KKB and her amazingness.
          When she was describing it at dinner (i think) she made it sound like a delicate 18th century chandelier on an industrial pulley, or that’s what I pictured, from what she said. And I see nothing wrong with that, especially in a loft type space where the juxtaposition could really work.
          And the Gummi Bear chandelier is perfect for her and she should get it!

          • error 404 says:

            I assume she means the old looks one over the dining table, just above the famous fish “complaint” bowl. lol It does look like an antique with a pulley. The ceiling is quite high, and I’d assumed it came with it. Especially since we now know that Sonja had been to the house, it’s odd that she questioned it at the VI dinner.

    • error 404 says:

      OMG I love it, and I actually think it would fit in perfectly with Kiki’s decor!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      someone should tweet KiKi this site – she will get one ASAP! or even better she will make her own!!

  12. desertgal66 says:

    One of the things I really loved about Sonja was her admission that she is “pretty vain” when Andy was asking her about her liposuction during the reunion. She didn’t blame social pressure, or trying to live up to a certain standard of perfection among the New York elite. She just said flat out that she did it to satisfy her vanity and that was it. Go, Sonja.

    Far cry from all the OC housewives who whined about how it is just so hard…sob…to live up to expectations in Orange County, hence all their cosmetic surgeries.

    Oh, and I also loved that, when Andy asked if she’d come back for next season, Sonja said that she would consider it cool if even one viewer felt better about their own life because, even with money and luxury, she’s such a basket case. I thought that was a very warmhearted response that showed Sonja isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself, and that she looks at herself in a very grounded and real way.

    I love Sonja!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Sonja owns her vanity and doesn’t apologize for it! She has more inner beauty than she realizes.

  13. Lynn,
    You already know you’re my favorite blogger…. but I’m telling you again, anyway. : ) You have ALways supported me with having my own blog, from day 1, and you didn’t know me well… it is easy to accept you, and call you a friend. I admire you for being able to really say how you’re feeling… and you are honest.
    My close friend Melinda, (she posts on here often as well) introduced me to your blog, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since! Mel and I share your opinon on the ladies, and their behavior on the show. You read people well, you really know how to evaluate each lady, and put it into your own words. It really inspired me!
    I’m sounding like a sap, so we’ll move on…. lol
    I LOVE Sonja… she’s classy, true to herself, honest, confident, outgoing, down-to-earth…. the list goes on and on. Of course she’s said a few things that make me cringe a little, but for the most part, what you see is what you get with Sonja! What I really admire about her, is her ability to stand up for how she feels. The moment I really started to like her, was when she stood up to all the other ladies about the VI trip, she was straight-up with them, and told them to be quiet and listen because SHE was THERE! It was a great moment to watch, the look on Jill and LuAnn’s face was priceless…
    I wanted to share with you the tweet exchange between Sonja and I. She really cares about her fans, and we think… and I wanted to show proof of that!
    (Below is my comment TO Sonja)
    @Sonjatmorgan do what u want w/your body, who cares what any1 says, it’s not like people are going to ::gasp:: about plastic surgery! lol
    (Below is her comment to me)
    SonjatMorgan RT @carriesweets: @Sonjatmorgan do what u want w/your body it’s not like people are going to ::gasp:: YES-WHAT CENTURY IS THIS??

    I love that she interacts with her fans!
    I can’t wait for the next housewife you talk about…. I like your insight on each of the ladies, we have similar opinions!
    This was a great blog, Lynn! I have your email, so I would love to submit one of my blogs… xx

  14. Char212 says:

    Jill would be really stupid to go after Sonja. With the people Sonja knows and the connections she has Jill would like nothing better then to be invited and get to meet and hang around with Sonja’s (to use Jill’s own words) fabulous circle of friends.

    • dumberries says:

      I don’t think even Zarin would be that stupid (but she never ceases to surprise us with her stupidity). Sonja is the only one of the HWs with almost as much $$$ as Zarin and Sonja does seem to have more powerful connections. Can’t imagine Zarin seeing Sonja as the “underdog” type, so she really has no way to worm her way in with Sonja. Zarin is probably as jealous as hell, but too intimidated to open up her bag of dirty tricks against Sonja.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Jill’s jealous could definately get the better of her because Sonja was a fan fav right from the start and she is still rising! While I don’t think Sonja would ever publically call her out, she has the ability to close doors………..

  15. boston02127 says:

    Does anybody know the date the Zarins were married?

    • kats2 says:

      No but what are you up to? Spy work?? I’m in! I will try to find out.

      • kats2 says:

        Here’s what I found so far –

        Seven years ago. I don’t know the exact date.
        Bobby was born in 1946, making him 63.

        Lived in Great Neck. Jill is listed has having lived in Great Neck and being born in 1946, but that is Bobby’s birth year, not Jills.

    • dumberries says:

      Hey Boston, it’s kinda strange that no where in Zarin’s endless stream of self-promotional bs is there any anniversary date posted. We do know it’s around the Christmas holidays because she bitched about presents being lumped together for her b-day, Christmas and anniversary.

  16. kats2 says:

    Here’s an oldie but goodie

  17. anitabee says:

    If anyone deserves a spinoff show it is Sonja.

    I don’t understand Kelly and Jill rallying for their own spinoffs. Don’t they know they don’t have the fan base needed? Doesn’t Jill know that whatever polls they take mentioning her name it is always a landslide AGAINST her?

    Kelly doesn’t understand how a locked door works so I’ll let her slide on this one.

  18. kats2 says:

    Can you imagine a show with just Jill and her obnoxious family, I get sick just thinking about it. All the bickering, talking over each other and how they all think they are so funny and have so much to teach all the viewers. Just gross!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      already been done, think it was called the Addams Family or maybe it was the Munsters…………

  19. boston02127 says:

    @kats2–I was reading this article about Bobby in the NY Times (June 14, 1998)

    Bobby Zarin, 51, a real estate investor and owner of Zarin Fabrics in downtown Manhattan, who is separated, said supper clubs like the Rainbow Room satisfy the refined tastes of some boomers, but it plays big band, not disco.
    ”Most clubs are like Life in the Village, which has a very crowded dance floor,” he said. ”They have V.I.P. rooms for stars and actresses, and you just sit back on a sofa and have drinks. At Decade, you have food, plenty of people in my age bracket that now have money to spend. This club is not dealing with kids who have no money. You have the music of my generation in a nice atmosphere.”

    Here’s the complete link if you want to read it.

    I was wondering how long they were married and trying to figure out how long they knew each other before they were married.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      You’ll have to buy the book! Or just look up that part from the remainder bins at Barnes and Noble.

      • kats2 says:

        Thanks Boston. It is interesting that there are very little details on this stuff, I bet it’s not in the book or very limited content.

    • Channeling Curiosity says:

      This link was originally posted June 19, 2010 at 2:23 pm.
      While I do not doubt that Boston found it on her own. (She is smart and amazing and I hold her in high esteem.)
      I’m surprised that now it becomes part of the conversation.
      Then, it was swept under the rug.
      Was it because it was in support of a statement referring to Bobby’s real estate holdings?
      Just curious as to how this conversation works. Not trolling. No flames.

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        I think different things draw a response at different times. I did check out the item when it was posted before…. don’t think it was “swept under the rug”, it just didn’t draw any comments at that time. 🙂

        • Channeling Curiosity says:

          Certainly, that makes sense,
          I was interested in following the train of thought, but thought that no one would be interested. I am very curious about the length of their marriage.
          Here is what I have so far.
          Bobby was single in 1998.
          Jill was a Zarin by 2002.
          Jill said that all her holidays occur at the same time of year. Birthday, (Nov 30th?)
          Anniversary and Christmas (Dec 25th) I can not remember what order she stated this. So we know they were married Oct Nov or Dec of 1999, 2000 or 20001.

          This article from 2002, Jill states that her three year car lease is up in Nov.
          Bobby might have leased the car for her birthday after they got married, so….
          A possibility for a wedding date might be Oct or Nov of 1999. So 11 years this fall ?

          Article from Tuesday, August 20th 2002, 8:06AM
          It’s outrageous,” said Jill Zarin of Manhattan. “My three-year lease is finished this November on a 740il. I think we’re going to consider another car.”
          The company was the target of a 1998 class-action suit filed in New York that sought reparations for its use of Jewish slave labor during the Holocaust. BMW later agreed to contribute to a German compensation fund.
          Hope this posts ok.

  20. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet: Just had the most amazing massage with Lisa at naturopathica in east Hampton. Heaven!
    Can you see these two coming in for a massage? I can see the employees in a back room flipping a coin to see who’s stuck with thing 1 and thing 2.

    • error 404 says:

      yes. they flip the quarter that Jill gave as her tip the last time she was there.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I bet Jill negotiated a free massage if she tweets the name of the place. Thats what she did with the spray tan in California

    • Quincy IL says:

      I just gave my 33 year old mare an amazing massage, and brushed out her tail and mane. She has the same color hair as Jill. Tia, my old horse, is a gentle soul and so many children learned how to ride on Tia’s back. Tia would teach the children better than I could.

      Hearing about Jill reminded me of my horse.

  21. Squirrels says:

    HEY… I want to know why they gave that pimp the shot with the tiger in the Bravo summer commercial?

    Patty relates to animals?
    Patty clearly knows how to dress when petting a 400 lb cat who could with one blow take her out?
    Patty is so narcissistic she wants to be portrayed as the femme?
    or… Bravo had to pump her up because her show sucks?

    You be the judge.

    • error 404 says:

      I’d assumed it was suppose to be a cougar, but the store was all out that day.

      Bravo is quickly becoming “Cougar TV”.

      btw: who’s feeling in a betting mood?

      Half the women on Bravo shows get divorced mid show. Who’s next? My gut says Rachel Zoe.

      • dumberries says:

        Haven’t seen Rachel Zoe’s show. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if that bubblehead Lynne from OC HWs is next up in divorce court. Now that she and her hubby have been exposed as “grifters” and she’s all nipped and tucked, I could see her setting her sights on a new man with real money.

        • error 404 says:

          Zoe is surprisingly cold, and if the couple has chemistry, it fails to show up on TV.

          Oddly, in season two her metrosexual husband started playing the role of ignored spouse to workaholic wife despite being a business man himself. It came off as whinny. At the end they decided that the solution was for him to get involved in her business. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me, but we’ll see.

        • janie says:

          I’m wondering if T & J Juicy’s marriage will make it now that the money tree has dried up. I can’t imagine Theresa being being able to live on a budget.

          • error 404 says:

            I think women like T are as loyal as a dog. He could probably cheat on her and even smack her around a little, and she’d stay. And with 4 girls and a broke Ex (no alimony/child support) how would she live?

      • Adios Lunatic says:

        RZ getting divorced wouldn’t surprise me a bit — I just cringed watching her last year. Her husband seemed like he had about enough of her, but who knows? The woman is literally a bag of bones.

  22. Chattycat says:

    And thank you, Lynn, for all of your hard work in keeping this blog posting. I have no idea where you find the time. Great post about Sonja. She is the epitome of class. Class with the Countless doesn’t hold a candle to Sonja Morgan. I join you in hoping that Sonja will be asked back. She brought a breath of fresh air to the show.

  23. boston02127 says:

    Feb 22, 2010. From newsday.com

    Jill Zarin is a woman of many talents. The fabric company owner, reality TV star, soon-to-be published author and charity maven is also, apparently, a real estate genius.
    In the Hamptons-heavy season premiere of “The Real Housewives of New York City” airing March 4, the Woodmere native mentions to the other gals over lunch that she’s been staying with fellow cast member Countess LuAnn de Lesseps’ at her Bridgehampton hideaway. “We sold our house in the Hamptons,” Zarin says. “I mean, were we the smartest people in America?”
    “That was just a coincidence that we sold at the top of the market,” she laughs.
    She and husband, Bobby, sold the 5,200-square-foot Sag Harbor house, pictured here, in 2007 for $2.850 million. They had asked for $3.395 million for the five-bedroom, six-bath home, but came up with a deal where they could stay at the house and its 1.98 acres for the months of June and July for two years.
    The Zarins bought the then-nearly new home in 2003 for $1.850 million.

    This was written in Feb of 2010. When did Jill’s book come out?
    They have her listed as a fabric company owner??? Is Bobby that dumb?
    I’m dying for Luann to get sick of Jill and Bobby in her house. I wonder if Bobby stays there all week or goes back and forth to work.

    • boston02127 says:

      This is a link to all the home sales in Sag Harbor in 2007. Their home was on Deerfield Rd., nothing is listed as sold at the address.

      • kats2 says:

        Very interesting – You’re making me curious about how much money they really have. So they sold the house in the Hamptons and I assume they own (?) the apartment. But sorry that apartment is not much to brag about. It’s very small 3 bedroom?

        I thought all the really rich people were going crazy getting great deals on all the people who bought more than they could afford. I would think they would at least have an amazing apartment and they really don’t.

        • error 404 says:

          they’ve been looking to trade up. She says they are looking for both a new house and a new apt. The old apt hasn’t sold because she’s asking too much.

  24. WindyCityWondering says:

    When Sonja made her debut, my immediate thought that she was a replacement for LuAnn! Sonja is American high society while LuAnn is European lower status royalty society – so she would be assuming the role of the society dame!

    Sonja has everything the other women are lacking -old money, connections, philanthropic success, playful nature and can speak with both dignity and tact! PLUS she has a good heart, a sense of humor and she is a good listener! She isn’t a team player, she isn’t trying to be the center of the circle and she isn’t snarky either in scenes or talking head time. Her blogs are always upbeat and thankful. The two times she has spoken up on others behavior (at the LuAnn nightclub and on the couch when the other side was laughing) she did so with sincerity – she will be able to hold her own when the drama starts flying!

    Why I like Sonja the most is easy……….she is not taking this as anything but a lark the girl just wants to have fun!

    • I completely agree with you, WindyCity… Sonja is who she is, what you see, is what you get with her!

    • error 404 says:

      NY more than any other HW show is hard to understand as far as casting. Why oh why Bravo are there 8 housewives on NY when every other one has 5. Why?

      Why did they add Kelly?
      Why did they keep Kelly?
      WTF were they even doing with Jen G? Was she a HW or not?
      Why did they add Sonja? Was she a replacement for “the Countless”? Was she a replacement for B with her dying dad, pregnancy and spin off show? Was she a replacement for mentally unstable Kelly? Was she a threat to boring Alex? Was she a threat to over stepping control freak Jill?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        NY has a lot of types of society – in trying to represent as many as possible Bravo made mistakes and the women don’t mess easily. I think Kelly was to be Bethenny’s running mate – single, careers, etc. I think Sonja was brought on because American High Society wasn’t represented and/or to replace FauxAnn. Jill married a wallet, Romona and Alex have fun families and are entreprenueral. AS it appeared that Bethenny was leaving, Jenn was brought in as a bridge between Jill and the working women.

        • here's the thing says:

          Last summer, the women all made power plays to get more money and Bravo hired others to show them that they could be replaced. Jen was intended to be a HW, but as it turned out, she really only fit into Jill’s storyline. I think this is why the series became so dramatic, everyone was scared for their jobs, especially Jill and Alex.

          Anyway, it seems common to look for new housewives with every cycle, on every franchise.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Wondering if Bravo knew about Jill’s strategy to film without Bethenny in real time – hence two new housewives brought in at the same time??? Alex volunteered to do the intro scene with Jenn but Jill probably got her because she didn’t do the SJVI trip (and got the holiday skating skank event)….but maybe it was a message to the misbehaving housewives.

            • Quincy IL says:

              In this reunion, Ramona said that Jill called her to tell her not to film with Bethenny and then Ramona added that Bravo producers called to see if Ramona would go with Jill. Bravo knew all about Jill’s boycott and manipulation.

          • error 404 says:


            It’s funny though, because it’s like “What? You want $10,000 more? I’ll show you! I’ll hire an additional housewife for $45,000. That’ll teach you not to ask for $10,000!” LOL

            I think you are right about them all being scared for their jobs (well, except for B). Ramona and Alex proved cool customers. Lulu had a bad start but sorta rebounded. Jill and Kelly proved themselves panicers. Oy vey. They may have saved their jobs, but at what cost.

      • Squirrels says:

        Could it be that Jen’s determination as a housewife was based on how the fans felt throughout the course of the season? Not about her, but about all the others?

        In essence. If we only get rid of one, we can nix Jen, since we’ll still have six women. If we get rid of two, we may need Jen for ballast. Oh to be that fly…..

  25. Zee says:

    Quick tidbit – apologies if it’s been posted already, looks like Jz will be in attendence as failed author at this shindig with 2nd printing fantastic authors Silex in August. Pics show Beth and LuAnn with their books from last year. Wonder who would pay to eat with Jill and discuss her miserable book? (Doesnt look as though Gloria or Lisa will be there, just shill)

    • Squirrels says:

      I left a message. Don’t know if they’ll like it though.

      • kokuanani says:

        If you look carefully, you’ll see that they’ve scheduled a dinner with Silex, but NONE with The Terrible Zarins.


  26. boston02127 says:

    I’m trying to find Jill’s anniversary and I keep running in to little tidbits I didn’t know about. This is a link where Jill has her cloths up for auction.


    • kats2 says:

      That’s kind of gross and sad. Most celebs or rich people would give it to a charity. But I guess in this case all the profits are going in her pocket vs. some charity? Maybe there are money issues???

    • iwannabeanarchy says:

      I guess she’s trying to sell it because she can’t return it to the designer, like she does with her clothing from Saks or Intermix.

    • error 404 says:

      isn’t this the dress from creaky joints charity party? why didn’t she give it to Lulu for her “booze and blouses” party?

      • Adios Lunatic says:

        Good question – why didn’t she give it to LuAnn? It is the dress from the charity party that I’m sure she got gratis from the designer since he was prominently featured on the show.

  27. kats2 says:

    The fact that Sonja got a DUI/DWI and hardly took a hit and all the love peeps are showing is very telling.

  28. pixytrixter says:

    Now that the RHONY is over I probably won’t watch be watching anything but BGM? and Work of Art. Which is a shame cause I really looked forward to the shows. The downfall kinda began with RHOA, and since then it seems like the wives have been getting trashier and trashier. Not skanky-trashy but like Luann would say “manners-poor”. It’s a sad reflection on society when even the people who are supposed to be classy could take lessons on manners and common courtesy from a pre-schooler who has just learned that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravo also missed with the related to and pro athlete wives formula. IMHO RHODC will go down the same slide at these two have.

  29. dumberries says:

    The idea of changing housewives every 2 years came up a few times in comments over the last few weeks. I like the idea, but kind of like seeing the ladies exposed (good or bad) for who they really over time. If Zarin hadn’t been on Season 3, she would have left on a high note and probably getting tv gigs elsewhere; I’m glad time revealed the truth and it didn’t happen. Along the same lines, Alex didn’t really hit her stride an open up until this last season, so she probably wouldn’t have had the opportunities that will be open to her when she leaves the show if she’d only been allowed 2 season. Hoping LuAnn’s getting out of a bad marriage and reflecting on past mistakes will help her become less haughty and a more likable person next year.

    Another idea to keep it fresh: Have 5 or 6 ladies from different HW shows thrown together on a Virgin Islands-type vacation for 6 episodes. It would be interesting to see how they would come across with a new group of women in a different environment.

    • kats2 says:

      What about casting real people vs. famewhores? People who are really in some way, shape or form – accomplished, established, have money and/or a lifestyle that is attractive for the RIGHT reasons?

      I’m not interested in watching gold diggers, bankrupt people pretending they have money, or people who are dying to be famous and will do anything to make that happen. (You can also make a case for Alex (current Alex not S1 Alex) and Vicki, hard working self made moms. I know Vicki is crazy and could be a mean girl but if the show was focused on good vs. rewarding evil that stuff would not be tolerated)

      The show used to be fun because we got to be a fly on the wall and observe a life either that we could relate to or aspired to have. Lynn said it best in her blog about the daytime soap opera comparison.

      • error 404 says:

        This is exactly why the shows are tanking.

        “Real” people won’t be on it. Sonja is a good example or someone semi-real (she’s genuine, but did marry into society) who was too afraid to go on for two whole seasons and is now only kinda half on. It’s just her. Not her kid. Not her ex. She actually downplays the whole Morgan thing.

        No, so far only the most fame-whory exhibitions will be on it as they think it will make them “society” like baseball fantasy camp or something. It’s no coincidence that half the “rich and fabulous” housewives have gone broke with the economy. Most are phonies trying to play at being society.

        Bravo has zero sympathy for it’s cast. The whole show seems to exist to poke fun at them. The fact that DC includes the gatecrashes means it’s dead before it even began to me. With the economy the way it is, no one wan’t to see wannabees.

        Jill thinks it’s 1930s depression and people will flock to see her as Joan Crawford. Sorry, all of her spending and selfishness only makes us hate her more. We’re not interested in escapism. We only tune in in hopes that someone will slap her.

      • Squirrels says:

        Hey. Those wives that took the show and ran with it like Donald Trump and succeeded? Kudos. Those who saw the show as a reason to go beserka? Dumb twits. (and I’m trying to be nice here)


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      All the villianesses/queenbees – woo that would be hilarious!

      • dumberries says:

        Can’t you just see Ramona on a yacht with Alexis (the co-dependent stepford wife from OC)? And, how tough would Caroline look without her sisters there to follow orders? Can you see her trying to chastise Ne Ne? There could be some good interactions too. I could see Vicki and Kandi and Alex maybe having some decent conversations about work and family…

        Just think it would be fun to see wives we already know outside of their comfort zones.

  30. Squirrels says:

    I think the hard part is the fact that they all married into money. Perhaps that is what makes this work. A fan base of those who love to see what those with money can do with it, along with those who want to see how to do it on your own.

    Meanwhile, I’ve yet to see, with the exception of Ally’s project, anyone buck up for charity. After that episode it seemed to be all about who gets photographed. Maybe the women said… no more $$ comments. It’s too personal. We demand those who watch us believe we are giving, not just our hearts, our souls, but a banknote.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      We share a curiousity about the moneyed few – but the wives have to be varied in backgrounds, that we can relate to on some levels and entertaining together without teams! I would love to see a smaller market version (and a midwest city).

      • Zee says:

        I’d love for Andy to take my idea of “Dirty Biker Housewives of Columbus” seriously. We all work, we have kids, we ride, we organize and participate in charity events/runs – we have integrity. Just not near as much money, but I guarantee we’re happier than ol crusty jill.

  31. MrWestVirginia says:

    Am watching the RHONJ and something dumbfounds me–it is the episode where Theresa is taking her three daughters shopping and Gia says that she is too pretty to work. The camera shows the total due–which is $1963.00 and the next line is the sales tax and it is only $2.80 !! Is sales tax that low in NJ??

    • kats2 says:

      Good catch, I’m going to go check it out. I bet it was all staged she either got a lot for free or didn’t buy much of anything.

      • kats2 says:

        Just checked it out and it does say the following
        Total = $1,963.00
        Tax = $2.80
        Discounts = $60.00

        • m293131 says:

          In NJ we have 7% sales tax but we don’t pay taxes on clothes

          • error 404 says:

            I guess it’s possible she only paid tax on “non clothing” items. Didn’t see the show, so no idea if there were any phone covers or keychains or whatever in her pile.

          • Sofi says:

            No tax on clothes in NJ, but things likes belts and purses are subject to tax

        • I’m not a clothes horse so I don’t buy a lot. I know that almost $2000 would buy me enough clothes for probably at least 10 years or more! Seriously! The most I buy is a couple of pairs of shoes each year and add to my clothes a little bit every 2 to 3 years.

          Of course, if I bought at regular prices, the money would last about half that time. And I try to buy only on sale/clearance and not at Walmart because I think their quality has gone way down. Buying only sale/clearance items saves a lot! You can get some nice things at the department stores (Penney’s, Sears, etc.) really cheap on clearance!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      doubtful it’s that low but it makes you wonder what Kim’s books look like! betting the discount was tacked on cause Teresa didn’t have enough CASH on her that day…….

      • Zee says:

        Sales tax should be 7 percent or in some cases 3.5% for NJ. I couldnt make it add it.

      • kats2 says:

        It wasn’t Kim’s stor it was some tacky kids clothing store. I can’t find the name of it.

  32. LiptonTB says:

    I liked Sonja from Day One, and then I read this in her blog about the lost footage show and Jill and Kelly trying to rearrange the seating arrangements at Ramona’s birthday lunch: “Guests are expected to bring something to the party other than complaints.” Now, I flat-out love the woman.
    Jill is not smart enough to take Sonja on (although I fear she just might be stupid enough to try). Speaking of lunch … Sonja will totally eat Jill’s if Jill tries to pull that crap with her.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Gotta agree with you! Sonja is smart, quick witted and knows manners better than the FauxCountess every will! Jill won’t even see it coming or realize what happened until long after the fact. Sonja is sweet but she is also capable of taking on a bully like Jill.

  33. boston02127 says:

    I’m not even going to comment about this. I’ll just leave this right here.

    Jill tweet:
    Just got new @spanxinc bathing suits. OMG…sick. Hot pick, electric blue and Black. Feels like I lost 10 pounds.

  34. cusi77 says:

    Great Blog Lynn! You crack me up… I laugh out laud!

    I like your photo! You are a beautiful woman and intelligent as well.

    I like Sonja Morgan. I like how she portrays and holds herself. Like you said Lynn, “She is the real deal”.

    At the reunion when she was asked about the lipo… she just aswer -something close to this “I am pretty vane…” more honest you can’t find! I trust and respect a person like Sonja. I have no daubt she will be back in season 4 of RHONY.

    Thank you for your insights. Always spot on and lots of great humor!

    I will watch NJHW just to laugh after reading this blog!

  35. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet:
    #unclerush i loved filming with you and your amazing assistants. the show is going to be so cool, and show how awesome you are. xoxoxo


  36. Stella says:

    Lynn- Thanks for the pic. Fun to see what you look like. Pretty!

  37. ilovelynn says:

    well lynn, as one of the first “32” followers of your blog, I just want to say thank you! for the last couple of months, this blog has been the highlight of my day.(mr. ilovelynn would constantly say, “what ARE you laughing at?) I would like to wish you and all your followers a wonderful summer, especially dark sonnet, had enough(what ever happened to had enough?) et al. I don’t watch the shows you will be blogging about, but I will be reading you. btw, your picture is BEAUTIFUL, actually, you are beautiful! love you and see you when rhony resumes. patsy p.s. I love, love, love bethenny’s new show. I smile through the entire hour.

  38. WindyCityWondering says:

    Did anyone notice Sonja’s body language at the reunion when Jill kept going after Alex? It was interesting that she stated in LuAnn’s disco flashback episode that she was just starting to get to know Jill “as a friend” and then stopped the entire hatefest in it’s tracks. But at the reunion she was looking down at her lap (in disbelief, sadness, disgust???) while Jill was spouting her venom. So do you think Sonja knows Jill now and do you think she would be friends with her?

    • Scorpiosue says:

      I noticed that too.

      I think Sonja truly wants to see the best in people and will be their biggest supporter, BUT as we saw with Kelly she will tell you like it is regarding behavior too. Jill touts that she has a fabulous circle of friends….you know Michael Lohan and Jon Gosselin 😉 yet Sonja is at such an upper echelon that probably just kills Jill. Sonja could do serious social damage to Jill.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        IMO Sonja doesn’t strike me as the type to hurt people socially, economically, etc. Jill could never be in the circle that Sonja is – Jill would be considered a merchant’s wife. So if she really pisses Sonja off, she would likely not recommend Zarin Fabrics if asked.

        • Sofi says:

          Remember when Jill said, “why don’t I know her?” when Sonya was first mentioned. It’s because their worlds are so far removed from each other. And it’s not JZ who’s “up there”. True that Sonya married into real society, but she wasn’t born into that kind of wealth or status. She married a man more than 30 years older to get there.

  39. jillz68 says:

    I have been highly amused by what I have been reading over at Amazon. There are several ‘posters’ who are probably all the same person and many posts have been either deleted or you have to click to show the post. I clicked on one by Joe Cabruzzi that said

    “Danielle, please, I beg you, I can’t watch smart women get shot up on TV anymore. I like my Botox too, but does anyone really want to see the needle go in? Let’s agree to let Dr. 90210 do the plastic surgery on TV. The producers wanted me to do my breast reduction on the show last season, but I chose to keep it private for a reason. I hope ”

    This person sounded like a man until the above post. Who do we know that had breast reduction surgery???? I have no idea if this is Zarin but the post had me scratching my head.

  40. ilovelynn says:

    oops! I will be watching BGM!

  41. ilovelynn says:

    here I go again, ZEE: started reading up and saw your comment about the sales tax. N.J. is 7%, thank you very much. I wish it was 3.5%!

  42. boston02127 says:

    Kelly is the queen bee of the parade!
    Oh wait…nobody is even looking at her.

  43. WindyCityWondering says:

    OMG she looks like a guy, check out the “package” in the front of her 80s shorts!

  44. WindyCityWondering says:

    OK, RHONJ (which I can only do in little increments) – watching Gia’s birthday party – OMG those little girls are monsters! Teresa is going to go insane when they are teenagers (and without money to keep them quiet for a couple of seconds)! She can laugh it up now with her little divas but she will have no one to blame when the turn on her and Juicy Joe…….

  45. Nice blog Lynn. Sonja is so personable. Totally different than jill. Sonja is knowledgeable though not pompous and her caring about people shows in her actions.

    I did notice that Sonja does speak the truth bluntly at times when needed. She won’t hold back. Has anyone noticed that too? Surely you have and I’ve just missed any discussion on it. I’m sure that’s the case. She did so a few times from the time they were on the boat through Kelly’s breakdown. I thought it was great. But her tact in speaking the truth at other times and in her blogs shows real class.

    I will watch NJ tonight to see the fight, but only to clarify what happens. LOL! If Bravo canceled this show tomorrow, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Im tired of the name calling, girly word fights……..I want a cat fight! Danielle vs Teresa – saline bags popping, extentions flying, botox oozing! Tired of the big talking it’s time to represent! LOL

  46. Sick of the Trolls says:

    The fake Alana twitter account is gone, as are 5 more fake 5-star reviews on Amazon, and a couple that bashed Bethenny and Silex books.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Amazon must be thinking twice about carrying a certain person’s book!

      • Sick of the Trolls says:

        A new threat to Alana was just posted.

        D. Mitchell says:
        Hello Alana. I have one question for you. Do you know who Steve Willows or Jeff Bezof is? Well they have recently become aware of you. It has come to their attention that you and a “helper” have been possibly costing them sales due to your actions regarding this title. If it is decided that this that your actions are flagrant enough, legal charges will soon be filed.

        Tell your followers any lies you want but you know exactly what I’m talking about and this is my message.

        Watch what happens.

        • kats2 says:

          Where was that posted, I know on Amazon but for what book?

          • Sick of the Trolls says:

            For Jill’s book.

            Link is below.

          • kats2 says:

            Forget it I looked at the link. That whole Amazongate I never really got –

            I can’t tell if this is good or bad for Jill?

            If it is resulting on people buying other products there why would Amazon greedy bastards care?

            • kats2 says:

              In not On

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              @Kat2 I haven’t been following it closely either. Hope they catch and arrest whoever is doing whatever is bad and Jill get’s in trouble for it!

              • Sick of the Trolls says:

                Amazon gate was the downfall of Jill Zarin.

                She posted there, using an old account, changed her screen name to “Susan Saunders” and posted glowing reviews about her own book. In the review she said her mother was dead.

                She then proceeded to, in Alana Chandlers review thread (Alana is the #1 Amazon reviewer) threaten Alana, and call her antisemitic, just ranting. She also sent her threatening emails. All because Alana didn’t like her book.

                Additionally, several fake other reviews were uncovered and removed by Amazon. We then found out that Jill did the same things on sites that reviewed Zarin Fabrics.

                When Susan Saunders name was clicked on, the account for Jill Shapiro, with a wish list “for Bobby” and “for Ally” came up. Also her friend was Wexler, her nephew. Also, her birthday and daughters name were the same. It went back to 1999. You CAN NOT FAKE THAT.

                At that point, screen caps were saved, Gawker and several other sites still have them up.

                Another reviewer went nuts, that is Samples/Gwen/Palmer2007, and several other names. His/her fake reviews have also been removed by Amazon, including trashing Bethenny or Silex books.

                It continues with current threats and trolling on that site.

                Check out Alana’s updated review here: http://www.amazon.com/review/RA5UPKPM4DJAK/ref=cm_cd_pg_pg264?ie=UTF8&cdPage=264&asin=0525951792&store=books#wasThisHelpful

        • Amazon deleted that post by the D. Mitchell identity within minutes.

          • kats2 says:

            Sick of Trolls – thank you so much for that recap.

            I had no idea that Alana was a legit person so that was throwing me off and the whole dead mom thing is just creepy.

            I get it now, again thank you so much!!!!

            • kats2 says:

              OMG I just read some of the excerpts Alana writes about and I can’t believe this is the stuff they wrote in this stupid book. WOW. JUST. WOW

            • Sick of the Trolls says:

              Forgot to say, Lynn was the first to blog about Amazongate. Also, that is what shut down TWoP’s RHNY thread.

            • twoile says:

              Wishful thinking?

  47. AlternateReality says:

    thems thar fightin’ words.

    Please keep us posted if Alana answers…

    • AlternateReality says:

      He posts the oldest news. He was a Behar and sounded like a blithering idiot.

    • kats2 says:

      Nene and Danielle should hang out together, they both make me physically ill.
      Who else would ever go near them? Walking STD ads.

      • kats2 says:

        And Nene and Kelly should tweet each other they share the same IQ

        • MickeyMouth says:

          I think my brain would implode if I ever had to read or listen to that conversation.

          • Adgirl says:

            NeNe and Greg separated months ago. I listened to a webcast of a radio interview Greg gave in ATL weeks ago. he saud he wants $300K from NeNe because that’s what he spent to have her on RH. I gather that was for the luxury items purchased so they could appear wealthy.
            She was reportedly shacking up with a former NFL ATL Falcon player who is considerably younger than she. He sounded a little “troubled” which may have lead to his NFL retirement.

            I think I found all of that on MediaMistro.com a site that focuses on AA celebrities.

            NeNe & Jill were the viewer favorites their first RH seasons which made their falls from grace all the more spectacular.

      • boston02127 says:

        @kats2–I think we could throw Kelly in the mix. I think she’s a secret bimbo.

    • error 404 says:

      gossip is funny because it really is low risk gambling. Plant a seed and if it comes true you look good, if it doesn’t, eh most people will forget you ever said it.

      split rumors usually do come true IMO, but the whole “no ring” theory has been proven bogus many a time IMO. There are tons of reasons why married people may not have a ring on. At this point, just the idea of “who could stand being married to Nene” holds more weight as a theory. LOL

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I rarely wear my rings and I am getting close to the Ramona wedding renewal anniversary. I just remember there was that tape that leaked recently of her husband calling her a diva and stuff. Perez is unreliable (probably the kindest thing I could say about him) but I thought it funny after seeing that after you made the query of who would be the next Bravo star to divorce.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        “who could stand being married to Nene”

        There’s a game we could play. Who could you be married to out of the housewives or house husbands.

        • error 404 says:

          Sonja! Mario. Maybe Alex.

          99.9% of them I don’t think I could even be friends with. In fact, if they were coworkers or neighbors, I’d avoid them as much as possible. LOL

          • MickeyMouth says:

            Sonja , but I think I would have to jump to the OC and choose Vicki’s Don. I like a good man and if he can put up with her shit he’ll love me!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          got dibbs on Mario!

        • dumberries says:

          Jason, and maybe Simon. I like laid back and confident men who work hard and seem to really enjoy being around women. These two seem to shar those traits (even though they have very different personalities).

        • boston02127 says:

          @MickeyMouth–I’d be a nun. 🙂

          • MickeyMouth says:

            You are young enough to choose the kids. Will you still be maintaining your celibacy?

          • Really Boston? But you’re still so young. What is your ideal man?

            I’m afraid I’m too old for them all (NY, that is, except Bobby). But if I had my choice, it would be Simon, Mario or Jason and if I were a man, Alex, Sonja, or Kandi (sp?) from Atlanta.

            • error 404 says:

              I guess those currently on screen. De Leseps, Bensimon and Morgan are older than God! Bawby could be the son of any one of them. lol

            • Squirrels says:

              I really liked Kandi. She is a classy girl with a head on her shoulders. Seems like she would be fun to hang with.

  48. Sick of the Trolls says:

    Forgot to include the link.

    Jill’s book has dropped like a bag of anvils. It’s ranked at about 70000 now, and more people are buying Bethenny’s book after clicking on Jill’s book than are buying Jill’s! AMAZING. They never learn. 22% buy Silex book when viewing Jill’s too.

    • Adgirl says:

      Wiley E. Coyote needs to watch his step or the roadrunner will drop Secrections of a Jewish Mudder on his head!

      • LOLOLOL! 😛

        I tell you all what! I have laughed more since the troll breakdown on Amazon last night and today than I have all year, I think! My cheeks are actually starting to hurt! LOL!

        Laughter is so good for this old soul! 🙂

    • Wow! I hadn’t checked that lately. Thanks for posting that info! That’s the worst ranking I’ve seen so far. See, we tried to tell that troll what he was doing was hurting jill. Maybe I’ll go buy another copy of Silex’s book from jill’s page again. LOL! And Bethenny’s book too. I got her workout DVD the other night. 😛

      • Squirrels says:

        Hey former…. tell me bout the dvd please? Is it more yoga based or aerobic? Do you like it? If I try it, will I collapse in a puddle on my living room floor?

        Thanks much.

  49. Sick of the Trolls says:


    Amazon must really be watching that thread. “Deleted by Amazon” on that post I quoted, and that was only about a minute after it appeared!

  50. desertgal66 says:

    New banner possibility for you, Lynn:

    (Again, if you choose not to use it, I won’t be offended. 🙂 )

  51. WindyCityWondering says:

    Sonja makes me smile – that is what I really like about her. In this season of darkness – she continued to bring the light! She comes prepared to enjoy herself and the other housewives and wants to have great adventures and slumber party banter.

  52. Dwight Schrute says:

    Posting the pic of yourself? BIG Mistake! Huge. Now all the Jillbots have your image to come after you!

    As for Sonja, from my recollection she is the one cast member who didn’t really attack another cast member this season. Her self effacing and ability to laugh at herself instead of at the expense of someone else is truly refreshing. I love Bethenny’s biting snarky humor as much as the next person but I still find Sonja’s attitude a great role model for treating others. I hate myself for saying this but I do agree with Kelly a bit that Sonja goes on a little much about her former life.

    As far as Kelly and lying. I think that’s a little strong. I think she’s crazy and is contradicting herself, not intentionally lying. I do think she has been bullied some by some of the others, justified or not. Bethenny has certainly bullied her some in defending herself. C’mon, Bethenny versus Kelly is not a fair fight. Ramona did bully her a bit about the boob job. Again, I’ll give her a bit of a pass as I think Ramona can be socially awkward and inappropriate at times but I don’t think malicious intent was there.

    As far as Alex, however, I never saw bullying from her. On the island she was able to get across to Kelly if she was telling everyone to “zip it” then she needed to zip it too. Also, from my recollection when Sonja was making the point that Kelly was crazy and they were all attacking her, you could see Alex was the quickest to have the light come on in her head in agreement. If Kelly thinks that Alex was attacking her, well that is probably the result of seeds that Jill has planted in her.

    • desertgal66 says:

      Well, I have to slightly disagree about Kelly and lying. She knows that Bravo didn’t force her to go on the trip. She knows that the producers never held an intervention with her and Bethenny to tell Bethenny to ‘lay off’, which is what Kelly strongly implied.

      Yes, I agree that Bethenny has been aggressive towards Kelly in the past. But, I also think that Bethenny was operating under the mistaken assumption that Kelly is a 42 year old woman, not a child-and if she can dish it out, she can take it. I think it’s fair to say that Kelly and Bethenny have both treated each other with disdain, so while I agree that Bethenny vs. Kelly is not a fair fight, I’d say they both about even in the being critical of each other department.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I’m not sure that the wires are connected correctly in Kelly’s brain so she may not know what is true.

      • dancekrazy says:


        I’m an R.N. who worked in psych for half of my career, and in the O.R. for the other half. In my opinion, just from what I have seen of and heard from Kelly, I THINK SHE IS TRULY MENTALLY ILL. I don’t think she realizes that she is lying, it is her truth; she doesn’t think she is mean; she PROJECTS all of her feelings onto others around her. I have said many times that Kelly and reality have become unacquainted. This is not depression, this is not a personality disorder. I believe that Kelly has what is called a “THOUGHT DISORDER”, OR PSYCHOSIS.
        THE SYMPTOMS OF PSYCHOSIS: delusions (thinking that something is true that is not, eg. paranoia, or thinking that a radio is talking to you specifically, or feeling that you have special powers, or thinking that you get messages from God or the devil or that someone else does, etc.) Also, hallucinations like hearing voices or seeing things. Another symptom of psychosis is the inability to “ABSTRACT”, which means that when someone says to you, “Let your hair down”, you literally let the hair on your head down (as Kelly did when she met Luann at the bar with Luann’s neices, and Max showed up). A person with a thought disorder often takes expressions literally and cannot “abstract” that thought. The psychotic person lacks insight and judgment; cannot plan in advance, does not see that they are ill, refuses help, etc. And, in the worst case scenario, cannot care for/or becomes dangerous to herself or others.

        Those symptoms are being exhibited by Kelly, and if I had to make a diagnosis, I would guess that she is Manic.

        Mania has the hallucinations and the delusions, but also “pressure of speech” (speaking so quickly that you cannot understand her sometimes), “flight of ideas” (jumping from thought to thought WITHOUT any connection), paranoia (we all know what that is), speaking and making no sense at times, the need to keep the body moving (can’t stay still), often needing sensory overload (having the TV, radio, CD player all on at once), and sometimes layering of too much clothing, often hypersexual behavior (excessive flirting, sexual acting-out).
        Mania doesn’t have to have every symptom, but Kelly does have most of them.

        If untreated, and in the worst case, she may become violent.

        Is she mean? Yes
        Is she lying? In a sense, yes
        But I really don’t think she is aware of this. These things have become her reality. The whole thing about Bethenny’s intervention and Bravo’s forcing her to go on that trip is called a “well systemitized delusion”, and you will never talk her out of it. Just as is her obsession with Bethenny’s title (chef/cook).

        The very unfortunate thing about this is that Kelly has latched onto Jill, and Jill just feeds into her sickness by saying things like, “I know what you must have felt because I saw the worst of their mean behavior the day I got there (St. John).” I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Jill is being instrumental in making Kelly more paranoid, and more dependent on Jill. Jill needs to keep her sick, doesn’t she?

        I know people will vehemently disagree with me, and probably be mad at me, but this is what I see from my experience and knowledge.

        Either way, the last thing that Bravo should be thinking about is putting her on a show again next season. She should, at the very least, be evaluated by a psychiatrist as part of her contract for renewal.

        Sorry for the diatribe.


        • LynnNChicago says:

          No need to apologize, I found this post fascinating. It seems that Kelly’s symptoms and/or behavior can be attributed to a number of things. This, to me, makes the most sense.

        • Squirrels says:

          Very interesting take. The notion she is manic has been bandied about, but your post broke it down most effectively. As I am not a professional in that field, I wouldn’t even venture a guess as to what is wrong with this child, but there is definitely something WRONG. If you are correct, the most critical point to your post is she will never seek assistance. There in lies the rub. Meanwhile, I can’t help but be concerned for her children, regardless of any diagnosis.

    • dumberries says:

      I agree with some of your comments, but am disturbed at what is being labeled as “bullying”; it marginalizes the pain of those who have truly suffered from being bullied. A smart middle-aged woman defending herself against repeated and unprovoked insults by someone “less smart” is not bullying. Someone asking someone else an inappropriate question is not bullying. Even screaming at someone that they are acting insane (when they are) is not bullying. So, maybe Kelly isn’t a liar and is instead confused and has something of a persecution complex – maybe. But, saying that she was bullied implies that she was threatened Or that things were taken away from her by force Or that she was physically assaulted Or that she was berated and demeaned to turn others against her…. Never happened.

      • Sick of the Trolls says:

        I think Kelly was thrown from her horse a few too many times and is brain damaged.

        She is also a huge bully, using her own definition. The only bully on that boat or island was Kelly.

      • Dwight Schrute says:

        Well from the number of responses I see that I could have been clearer. Personally, no, I don’t believe that she was bullied. But I also attempt to look at other people’s perspective and I did see some examples where I think someone could make the argument that she was bullied and I could see their point (based on their own definition of bullying, not mine).

        With respect to Kelly, and the standard we’re holding to, it I think we’re all asking for rational thought from an irrational person. It just isn’t going to happen. I’m all for letting her go from the show to go off and get the help she most definitely needs away from the cameras and the blogs

        • Dwight Schrute says:

          And from rereading my original post, boy, did I contradict myself on the bullying issue. My apologies.

      • error 404 says:

        Bullying: No one was bullied. Kelly tried to bully the other women, but it didn’t work. i.e,. she tried to stop them from speaking, so they just spoke over her, etc…

        Lying: it’s hard to tell with Kiki because I always get the feeling there is some middle man. Like, did her agent lie and say he spoke to the producers and they told B to lay off, just to calm Kiki down off the ledge. I also get the impression that someone convinced Kiki that they saw B bash her kids in the press.

        It’s the only way that makes sense. Kiki is so convinced she’s right, but can offer no proof like she could if she saw such things first hand. I don’t think she’s like voices-in-her-head, visions-of-things-that-never-happend crazy. I think she trusts someone who is lying to her.

      • Squirrels says:

        Did anyone notice B’s reaction during the scream heard ’round the world bit? Her eyes flash from Kelly to Sonja, back to K, back to S. Her face clearly showed she was concerned, imo almost fearful.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I’m intrigued about Kellying not lying. Are you saying she is so crazy and/or delusional that she isn’t capable of lying? What I find sad is that I see her lying and she won’t stop doing it or acknowledge the untruth or accept the truth (the whole being forced to go on the trip) – just because she won’t take responsibility doesn’t make her crazy.

      I like your take on Sonja as a role model. And I agree that Alex was trying hard to understand what was happening with Kelly and how quick she accepted Sonja’s take on the situation.

      • desertgal66 says:

        Well, I guess “crazy” depends on Kelly’s true state of mind. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that she knows she is lying. She may not. Or she may have wholly convinced herself that the lie is the truth, and can no longer differentiate between what is real and what isn’t. “Created memories”, so to speak.

        Although I don’t know if Kelly suffers from schizophrenia, one symptom of schizophrenia is an inability to recognize truth from fiction.

      • RileyKitty says:

        My issue with labeling Kelly as anything (crazy, mentally challenged, etc.) seems like we are lookign for an excuse for her behavior. Is she the brightest crayola in the box? hells no! But she brought all this shit on herself. She provoked every lady on that Island. She was not forced to go. If I was having nightmares that someone was trying to kill me, you wouldn’t have been able to get me to go on that trip. Bravo could have kissed my ass. Kelly wanted to go, because she felt the need to police them. It really takes some balls to sit in front of 4 witnesses to your behavior & outright lie about it.

        I do wish Andy would have said that no “intervention” took place between Bethenny & the producers, instead we got that HUH? look on his face. Which told me it was a lie, but I wnted a verbal confirmation from Andy. A scroll across the screen as Kelly was talking saying “all statements from Kelly Killoren Bensimon are not true” would have been great as well. LOL

        • desertgal66 says:

          No, I’m not looking to excuse her behavior. Even if she is mentally ill, I think Kelly has a vindictive, supremely arrogant personality that is emphatically unattractive.

          That said, though, Kelly clearly doesn’t process information in a “normal” way. Whether it is mental illness, or drugs, or she’s just plain dumb, everything seems to go into her head, get chewed up by malfunctioning gears, and spit back out as completely unrecognizable from what it was going in. I’m not saying that excuses her, but her thought processes are a little intriguing because they are so baffling.

        • kats2 says:

          I totally agree. Kelly said it herself with her PR101 crap any press is good press (translation any attention is good attention). Kelly knows exactly what she’s doing and she could careless about anyone else. No passes or excuses.

      • Dwight Schrute says:

        I tend to run on and on in my comments so I’ll try to be brief on this one. For me, on the charge of lying, Kelly gets to use the not guilty by reason of insanity defense.

        It doesn’t mean we let her back out to roam the streets and our airwaves, we ship her off to make sure she gets help to protect herself, and the public.

        • dumberries says:

          Dwight, you got an interesting topic and exchange of ideas started.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          There has been no evidence that Kelly has any mental defects or disabilities. While she may have problems, there is no proof that she is anything more than a rude, mean, lying, contrary, socially inept bitch who is very insecure when around women who should be her peers.

          • error 404 says:

            Her lack of self evaluation and the extent to which she buys her own bs is troubling to me.

            It’s one thing to pad your resume, it’s another to believe your own exagerations.

            1. Columbia adult ed classes. I think she actually thinks she went to Columbia U.

            2. Magazine Editor fake job her hubby gave her. I think she actually thinks she was a real editor. God knows how many similar jobs she tired to get afterward, only to assume she wasn’t interviewed because of jealousy or politics.

            3. Author. She actually thinks she worked hard on these books, and that they are quality products. Truly.


            • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

              Does anyone know if you can get an actual diploma from Columbia for the general education program she was enrolled in?

          • LynnNChicago says:

            Playboy Bunny Kelly Killoren Bensimon most certainly does lie!

            The photos that appeared in Playboy magazine were taken YEARS ago by her husband and were submitted to Playboy but rejected at the time. Playboy decided to print them when Kelly landed a spot on RHONY.

            The photos taken in her Halloween costume in front of Bravo’s cameras were not taken by Gilles and never appeared in Playboy.

            Kelly says “at 41 years old, I’m honored …blah blah blah” is a LIE!

            • error 404 says:

              eh, really it’s more Kiki resume padding. She was on the cover at 41, so that’s close enough for Kiki. The fake shoot was probably Bravo’s idea.

            • dumberries says:

              This thread has been interesting. Seems like everyone agrees that Kelly says things that are absolutely not true. But, few are sure whether she’s knowingly lying or so demented (for whatever reason) that she believes it to be true. If you make statements that are utterly false but believe they are true, are you a liar?

          • desertgal66 says:

            So…Bethenny, Ramona, Alex, and Sonja are wrong? They’ve all suggested that Kelly has psychological issues, to the extent that they all hoped she would check herself in someplace and talk to a therapist…and they’re the ones who have spent time with Kelly in person.

  53. RileyKitty says:

    @ellabean (from the last blog) Apologies if someone already posted this but the kiss off line from the interior design show was “see ya later, decorator” from season 1 anyway.

  54. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    Ok, since yesterday was my first full NJ episode, can someone tell me if Danielle was a friend/acquaintance of these people before the show started or is all this drama from the first season?

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      Danielle said on the Reunion last year that she and Jac had been “friendly” for about a year. So, I assume she was the only one known prior to filming.

    • dumberries says:

      I don’t watch the show this season, but last year I got the sense that Danielle and Dina traveled in some of the same circles as new divorcees in the area (years ago). Always felt there was insinuation they both knew some “things” about the other when they had confrontations on the show.

      • cusi77 says:

        @Dumberries_ What Danielle knew about Dina was that when Dina was 17 she used to work at her fiance’s (now ex-husband) Beauty parlor, doing manicures, staking boxes, Etc. “Big Deal”… Dina has been a hard working gal all her life! Danielle must think that hard honest work is something to be ashamed…

        • dumberries says:

          You’re probably right – I don’t know that much about the NJ women. I just remember in Danielle’s talking head interviews in season 1 that she said a couple of times, “I know waaaay too much about Dina…”, as if she had the goods on her. Maybe she was just referring to the fact that Dina actually worked for a living. I really don’t understand the NJ broads.

      • kats2 says:

        I think there is a lot that has happened and dirt that they have on each other. For Jac to have been on the outs with both Manzo sisters tells me something was up and the Manzo sisters are not as pure as they would like us to believe.

        • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

          Thanks…. not sure I can stomach watching the new one tonight, but I really didn’t understand why everything on the show seemed to revolve around her….


          • WindyCityWondering says:

            lol the show is revolving around the toilet bowl and Bravo needs to flush it!

        • bamabelle57 says:

          kats2… I totally agree. I would love to know why they haven’t spoken to their brother who is in business with their other brother Chris-Jac’s husband. Whatever happened I’m sure has something to do with why Jac wasn’t that close to them.

  55. sydney says:

    YES, Sonja out classes Jill. Why? Because Sonja has ‘old money’ versus Jill’s ‘new money’. Sonja’s $$$$ is her ex-hubby’s old MORGAN MONEY whereas Jill’s just nouveau riche. Yes I know the saying ‘any riche is better than no riche’ however you can’t get the social climber, money grubbing Long Islander out of Jill….she loves to brag about receiving a Black Saks card because she spends sooooo much. People with real wealth play it close to the vest. Jill’s desperate to be seen as someone who has ‘arrived’.

    • dumberries says:

      Good overview. I get the sense that Sonja is the type Bravo had in mind for the Housewives shows from conception, but no one that was truly considered high-class in society (especially old family money) would typically have any desire to have their lives and their family’s lives exposed to the world. The salary certainly wouldn’t be a motivator for a housewife who is already filthy rich. I love Sonja so far – think she seems wonderful. But, I do wonder what her motives are for appearing on the show. Probably to generate interest in herself before she finishes/releases her Sexy Society book. Seems like being on a reality show (other than those that are talent competitions) has huge costs associated with it, even for the smart reality stars who effectively use the exposure to sell their brands or products.

  56. anniieee says:

    Another wonderful blog, Lynn. Aces up! …can only lurk–am painting patio furniture and packing for DC to see my daughter. Maybe I can see a DC Housewife? Take good care everyone…see you in 2 weeks….. I may lurk on my daughter’s computer.

    I think Sonja is wonderful and she seems to have “everyone’s ” number. Smart lady–I see Alex and her and Ramona shop shop shopping in the future!

    Stay safe!

  57. Zee says:

    Didn’t know where to post this – out of curiosity after finishin up supper, dishes, laundry, I thought I’d peek in on the the whole FalseIdentity Twitter accounts & Blog names. I do NOT know how to Twitter effectively and honestly I have trouble following the ebb and flow of the messages that are shared here. That said it appears that there are several false names out there for Alana and Lynn all over everything and its still going strong with multiple messages every hour. Am I seeing this correctly or are original messages just getting resent? ADVthanksANCE ;p

  58. cusi77 says:

    Oh my…!!! Everytime I have chance to come here and read some of the comments and I see the new banner… It just crack me up! It puts me in the right mud to enjoy your site LYNN! Thank you so much! You all make my day!

  59. bamabelle57 says:

    Great Blog, Lynn… Thanks

    I still don’t like LuAnn even though she seemed to distance herself “some” from Jill and Kelly at Reunion~3. I don’t believe and NEVER will that LuAnn met Bethenny at that bar for a drink to straighten things out between them. She cancelled the first meeting with Bethenny, I feel because Jill didn’t want her to film with Bethenny. After LuAnn and Jill schemed up a reason for LuAnn to tear into Bethenny-she decided to meet her. Hopefully causing Bethenny to rip LuAnn a “new one”, thus making Bethenny look like the monster Jill was going to betray her as soon as the camera’s were up. Like Lynn said in another blog-it almost worked.

    So, I don’t believe LuAnn filmed with Bethenny against Jill’s wishes, they had the whole thing planned. Just like Jill complained that Bethenny abandoned her in her “hour of need”, only sending Bobby flowers. LuAnn had a similar story saying, I haven’t heard from you all summer Bethenny, while I was going through a divorce. Bethenny said I sent you a gift basket. LuAnn complained “A gift basket”? I wanted a hug… BULLSHIT! Bethenny was busy and I think sending LuAnn a gift basket was very nice. I’ve NEVER complained about getting flowers or a gift basket-NEVER. LuAnn went along with Jill’s scheme to “take Bethenny down”.

    LuAnn wouldn’t have gone to Ramona’s Labor Day party even if Mario hadn’t called her “Countless”, that was just an excuse not to film with Bethenny. Jill would of had another excuse not to go to Ramona’s if she wasn’t able to use “I’m staying with LuAnn so I shouldn’t come, either”!

    I agree with Lynn about when Mario called and invited LuAnn, he said they could discuss it, Jill said something like… He’s saying “F-YOU BITCH”! LuAnn said “you think so”? LuAnn made her bed, now she can lie in it. I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same about her.

    Sonja, I love Sonja. I also agree with Lynn, Sonja did give us some reasons Not to like her, but she’s one of my all-time favorites because she is REAL. She’s the type of high society woman I thought I would see when the Real Housewive series started. I find her life to be very interesting and can’t wait to watch more of her. However, if she aligns herself with Jill next season-I will change my mind!

    I do believe that Ramona “renewed” herself. She’s still Ramona but a little softer, kinder and more open-minded, especially toward Simon and Alex. I think her Father dying did have an impact on her life and she was able to let some things go. What surprised me the most about Ramona this year was how she was there for Bethenny when Bethenny needed a friend. I loved the season finale when Bethenny thanked Alex and Ramona, and they all hugged. That seemed real to me.

    The New Jersey wives… I just don’t have the time or energy to sit here and write my disdain for each and everyone of them. I did see some re-runs today and can someone tell me why Chris (Jac’s husband) needs all those high-powered weapons? Why didn’t Jac know what he kept in the safe after being with him so long? I thought she looked like an idiot holding and aiming all those guns and putting that bullet belt on. I liked her last year and now looky-looky her true colors are showing, too. Danielle is not the only piece of shit on that show.

    One more thing, LOL… this is why I didn’t want to start talking about them… did anybody she Teresa’s baby in the hospital? Poor little thing has that same LOW hairline as her mother… my goodness, I almost thought Teresa had a kitten or something… she was a hairy little thing! I’m sorry, I’m not making fun of Audriana… I just couldn’t help but notice all the hair on that baby!

    • error 404 says:

      OMG ITA with everything you said about RHoNY. It’s like you stole ideas from my head and typed them out. LOL

    • dumberries says:

      “kitten” lol. Never fear, I’m sure the girl will be beautiful. Juicy’s receding hairline + Teresa’s low hairline = normal.

      • kats2 says:

        Start shaving the forehead now. Sorry T-Man makes me sick and I feel I can make fun of her kids. I don’t make fun of the others – go figure.

  60. boston02127 says:

    Caroline had 10 brothers and sisters. Wow.

  61. DD says:

    WARNING: Okay, my ADD is in hyper drive tonight and my comments are all over the place.

    LuAnn is an inveterate snob, as she shows by refusing to give up the title of Countess (after insisting to use it in the United States where we do not use titles). Please bitch!

    I remember the episode where Bethenny introduced LuAnn to their driver and LuAnn was appalled that she wasn’t at least introduced as “Mrs. DeLesseps”. Please! As if the driver knew or even cared who she was! She’s a jumped-up, pretentious snob.

    Sonya is like a breath of fresh air. She’s warm, kind, and funny. Yes, she’s a little too fond of the vino (much like Ramona) but she’s by far the classiest HW.

    I like Caroline for the most part, but I do think she can be somewhat of a hypocrite when it comes to her family. Like when she smiled and laughed benignly when Jacqueline’s thug of a daughter, Ashley, told everyone at dinner how she’d verbally attacked Danielle. She condemns that behavior in Danielle, yet it’s cute when a member of her family does it. “Ashley is protecting her family.” No, Ashley is acting like a trashy little thug. She is foolish to mess with Danielle has a criminal record, hangs with bikers and Mafiosos, and could kick her ass any day of the week. I certainly wouldn’t mess with Danielle. She’s as mean as a cornered rat. (Incidentally, someone on IMDB posted a link to a 15-minute Danielle sex tape and yes I watched it and yes, it was pretty vile. It was a graphic and crude as any porn movie. Danielle has two children and should be ashamed of herself for making a tape like this.)

    Oh and if anyone is going to do some spy work, Teresa from TRHONJ is claiming to have a college degree in fashion merchandising from Berkeley College. I refuse to believe it. She makes up words (cleansiness) and uses the word ain’t all the time and is as dumb as a box of rocks.

    Damn, is that Kelly’s house in those pics? Wow… Gilles Bensimon made some serious money!

    At TRHONY reunion they showed a clip of Jill, who was being a real kiss-ass bout Sonya. “When I first saw Sonya I thought how pretty she was.” I call bullshit, Jill! You were sizing her up like you do with every other female you view as a rival or threat. As far as when she married poor Bobby, I think Jill is shown on Amazon as being Jill Shapiro when she registered in (I think) 1999, so she married Bobby sometime after that. I agree that Jill probably got a free massage for mentioning the place in her tweet. Delusional cheap-ass. Did you all see the press release she wrote about shopping with her daughter in which she referred to herself as a “starlet”? Get a grip, Jill!

    • dumberries says:

      I loved that “starlet” reference in her self-penned press release. Totally cracked me up – it was so Zarin! The release also said that “she looked so cute”. I just can’t see anyone but Zarin herself (with her PR people) referring to Zarin as a cute starlet. Even funnier, a site like “The Dirty” wouldn’t run it except to call her out for being a pathetic fame monger. But, “People” actually ran with it; must’ve been a really slow week there.

    • error 404 says:

      Is Sonja too fond of vino? All I know is, if I’d been trapped on scary island with Kiki, I’d be slamming back the booze like a frat boy during pledge week.

  62. boston02127 says:

    Lynn take the night off. I’ll write your NJ Blog for you.
    Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle
    Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle
    Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle
    Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle
    Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle
    Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle Danielle

    • error 404 says:

      I missed the show. Did the other women discuss Daniele at all?

    • cusi77 says:

      Good job Boston! Great blog. I think you cover everything! Lol!

    • Isn’t that the truth? Lord, this show is so boring! I have it on for background noise waiting to see the fight. And I only want to see it to see what actually happens.

      Who wants to watch a demented crazy woman and others who obsess about her?

      • babelony says:

        FYI: Just to let you know I saw your name and started following you on twitter. I don’t comment much and I promise I don’t bite 🙂

        I just love reading here and on twitter.

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        I just don’t get it… Danielle is clearly an f*ing crazy person – a woman puts her finger up to indicate that she is on the telephone and she makes a federal case out of it? (Unfortunately, I have seen this behaviour in real life – my ex mother in law who was certified crazy would react like this to the most innocuous of events.)

        So this show is all about a crazy woman and the people who hate her??

        • error 404 says:

          “So this show is all about a crazy woman and the people who hate her??”

          and THAT my friend should be the title of your weekly recap blog! lol

    • kats2 says:

      Ha! You crack me up.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Boston you crack me up baby!!! Love you!

  63. I Can't Stand The Toxicity says:

    Jill is dying for attention, I think she wants Andy Cohen to mention her name AGAIN on WWHL. *rolls eyes*

    Jillzarin @bravoandy say hi to @carolinemanzo and albie!

  64. boston02127 says:

    Danielle is so dumb. Instead of just pretending she’s on the phone, Danielle announces she going to pretend she’s on the phone.
    Did she just call Ashley a coke whore?

    • cusi77 says:

      Boston- Yes, she did. Danielle said her friend PARIS HILTON told her to do like she was at the phone??????!!!!!

      • boston02127 says:

        cusi77–I think Danielle wants everyone to think she is friends with Paris Hilton. I had to listen to what she said twice. She leads us to believe she’s friends by saying “Paris Hilton taught me this” I think she’s just copying what Paris does.
        I could be wrong but I can’t see her and Paris being friends, can you?

        • bamabelle57 says:

          That’s the way I understood it. Danielle was copying what Paris Hilton does when ignoring people when she said “I got that from Paris Hilton”…

        • anitabee says:

          She must have meant Perez Hilton.

  65. cusi77 says:

    I am watching WWH … I never vote, but this time I want to vote Teresa is the big snake… somebody has the phone please?

    • bamabelle57 says:

      ME TOO!

      I turned the channel because I couldn’t take anymore of Andy Cohen. Who won the poll? If I voted for anybody it definately would of been Teresa!

  66. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet: (and LOL LOL)

    It is on kindle!RT @wendysully @Jillzarin Jill, I’m still dying for the Kindle version to come out so I can always have the book with me. Any word on the release date?

  67. cusi77 says:

    LOL! Comic!

  68. ShyAsrai says:

    was Theresa-Clanofthecavebear jonesin’ for a fight? as far as i’m concerned, she’s just as icky as Danielle. i hope she got her ass beat. Danielle did attempt to cut short the b.s.

    whyyyyyyyyy did i watch this?

    i’m beginning to really really get the creeps from Andy.

  69. DD says:

    Well, just watched TRHONJ and Danielle’s paranoia knows no bounds. She thinks everyone is plotting against her. Every comment is a threat or a diss. She’s totally cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

    They showed us a clip from next week’s ep and the Fashion Show (which was pathetic, btw) ends with a brawl. Will I be watching? You betcha!

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      I think I should change my name!!

    • error 404 says:

      I think Danielle is an evil genius.

      At any rate, it reminds me of the expression “just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t really after you”.

      She is sick. But so are the other housewives who are so obsessed with her it’s creepy.

  70. kats2 says:

    Ok someone tell me what happened?

    • boston02127 says:

      Not much kats. Most of the show they were all talking about an upcoming fashion show. There was a lot of talk about who’s going (Danielle vs everyone). Danielle is totally paranoid. They showed the fashion show, everyone went except Caroline. Ashley was in the show. The big fight is next week. They showed the beginning of the fight with Danielle and Teresa arguing. Danielle has a new body guard that looks a lot like her daughter Christine. They could be twins. I’m wondering if he’s a relative.

      • error 404 says:

        again. She has a body guard because she’s crazy. But….. Teresa fights with her cause she crazy too. I mean, who the hell fights with town nut? No one but the other town nuts!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          ah they aren’t really bodyguards, they are left overs from her porn videos!

      • kats2 says:

        Thank you!!!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Ashley was definately pushing Danielle with the faces…..and Teresa went from hi to prostitution whore in 10 seconds flat. These women are all jokes.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      This is the high school level version of RH – you can’t be friends with anyone but me (Danielle) if you even talk to any of those girls (Danielle to the Kims) you can’t be friends with me. Danielle’s talking head never says anything nice. Ever. Ever! And of course, St. Caroline wants everyone to stop saying Satan’s name.

  71. cusi77 says:

    If that wasn’t staged… I am from Pluto!

  72. boston02127 says:

    Someone needs to tell ALL the housewives that less is more. The make up has become horrendous & scary. Their starting to look like circus people.

    And with that being said: good night 🙂

    (I’ll probably dream of clowns dressed in leopard prints)

  73. kats2 says:

    I actually think T-Man is more dangerous than Danielle. I think T would start a fight and physicaly kick the crap out a person. I have never seen Danille physically start anything.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Yeah I’d put money on Teresa! But I think Ashley is the one who would do the butt kicking.

  74. Gee, I thought the fight was tonight. At least i was busy through most of this trash.

  75. dickens says:

    Forgive me if it’s already been mentioned. I’m watching NJ just now and wonder if anyone else noticed during the lunch with Jac, Teresa and Kim D (first 10 mins of the show), Teresa’s necklace changed. Did I imagine that? Seems she was wearing a big cross (or a big T) and then she was wearing a short round one.

  76. MickeyMouth says:

    This picture cracks me up. Look at the height difference. I have to come up with a chop for it. Is this a time when Kelly felt bullied by Ramona. lol http://www.life.com/image/91929007

    If Ramona landed that punch maybe she caused Kelly’s weird sternum problem.

    • error 404 says:

      I love that Ramona’s waistline and Kiki’s hemline are both at bar rail height!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      OMG they both look like freaks! Maybe Kelly’s problem is a lack of oxygen because she is too many feet above sea level………….

    • dumberries says:

      I actually think Ramona could take Kelly out, if it came down to it. Ramona’s scrappy and could work herself into an adrenaline frenzy. Kelly would try to skip away as Ramona kept delivering rapid jabs to her knee caps. (I’m not advocating violence, just a little fantasy…)

  77. DD says:

    When Kelly showed up in that short, white dress Bethenny made a comment about Kelly wearing a dress that barely covered her vagina. LOL. Good times!

    • error 404 says:

      she actually said that they were all dressed skimpily.. her boobs were hanging out, Alex’s ass was hanging out and Kelly’s vagina was showing. She included herself and her friend in the joke, as opposed to someone like Jill who just makes fun of other people.

      • cusi77 says:

        Error_ to the best of my recolection… Kelly’s vagina was hanging out… B cracks me up! True, she made fun of her first, then Alex, and then Kiki… about selling body parts.

  78. DD says:

    The Bravo commercial with the Macy Gray song just came on and it struck me that Jill is nowhere to be seen. She would have loooooved to be mugging the camera at a Bravo event. Everyone is there (even the blonde lesbian who had the workout show more than a year ago). No Jill in site. That must be killing her.

  79. MickeyMouth says:

    Only the people who have summer shows are featured. Yeah Jill free summer! It’s Bravo’s special gift to us. 🙂

  80. Olivia says:

    I am into a bit of self loathing right now because I watched the NJ show followed by that grinning rictus Andy Cohen. I need an intervention. What I learned:

    1. Just as I predicted, Albie is being “primed” for a show of his own. He is being touted as a “sex symbol”.
    2. Trashley needs a slap in her flat face. Sitting at a table making faces and wig wagging her fingers at Danielle (who is loathesome!) is not only stupid but a sign of total disrespect. No need of it.
    3. The storyline is worse than desperate. Theresa and Jacqueline working out? Theresa and Jacqueline shopping? Theresa, Jacqueline, and Caroline discussing Danielle once again? Boring beyond belief.
    4. Kim G is a tramp. A woman that age wearing a dress that barely covers her “hoo haw” is more than ridiculous. Looked like something Kelly would wear.
    5. Jacqueline is a total moron!
    6. Kim D is a total drunk! What exactly is her game anyway?
    7. Caroline needs a hobby. Not sure where all this angst is coming from but from what I can see those 3 kids are still living at home and she is crying over an “empty nest”. Expecting her husband to retire to keep her company is rather selfish. He told her to get a job. Exactly!
    8. Danielle needs a bodyguard? Give me a break.
    9. Danielle is seriously disturbed. Her headshots are completely crazy and her rants make absolutely no sense.
    10. Her table full of “friends” sending out the “warmth” were themselves a scary looking bunch.
    11. Theresa was itching for a fight and apparently she gets her wish. No reason on this earth why she had to call Danielle out at that fashion show. They could have all gone to their cars and headed for home but instead they decided to strike back at one another in front of a crowd and the cameras and I have no idea why.

    As for Andy Cohen, if there is a dumber person holding court on t.v. these days (with the exception of Jill Zarin) I have yet to see one. This show is utterly useless, answers few questions, and wastes a half hour of time as he sits there getting drunker by the minute with that sh#t eating grin plastered all over his stupid puss.

    The whole thing is ridiculous and I hate myself for tuning in.

    • kats2 says:

      Thank you for the recap!

      But wait a minute – Albie is getting his own show? No Fucking Way!

    • dancekrazy says:

      Hi, Olivia
      Great comments, and with regard to:
      #2. Ashley: Too late for a slap in the face. She is spoiled rotten, and I suspect this began long, long ago. At 18 y.o., it’s too late;
      #4. Kim G(ranatelle)—how does she have a mother-in-law who looks younger than she??? JUST A QUESTION;
      #8, #9, #10. Danielle: What is wrong with her face? Truly. What is with her upper lip always looking as though she just come from the dentist’s office having had shots from a root canal? If you want to plump up your lips, do both of them if you are going to look deformed just doing the upper. She is absolutely a “sociopath”, just as DINA said. She constantly is asking someone, “Do you love me?”, or saying, “I don’t want anyone who loves me being friends with the Manzo’s”, or saying, “She can’t be happy for me.” These comments are so narcissistic. Bodyguards are for attention and a feeling of self-importance…..she has no true fear for her life. Look at who and what she was involved with: Drug dealers, kidnappers, extortionists…I’m sure she had no remorse about what happened in her earlier life, just that she got caught. And look who she surrounds herself with now??? She is a sociopath. As far as her table acting just as childish as Ashley was, absolutely! Kim G. made a feeble attempt to have everyone just be happy and have a good time, but who, at that table, would dare go against Danielle and support “POSCHE”, Kim, or Ashley. I wouldn’t, who needs the drama? But I would have left her there by herself and gone home.



      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        RHONY was a train wreck that I didn’t hate myself for watching. This is something comepletely different. It’s disgusting and I feel like I need to shower….

      • Ches says:

        #2 That obnoxious Ashley gets on my nerves, so I can just imagine what it does to Danielle. I want to smack her too.
        #4 The last thing I want to see are Kim G’s roast beef curtains…thanks but no thanks.
        #5 J is a moron. I don’t care if my daughter was 18 or not, I would release the Kraken on that girl. She needs a lease and a muzzle.

  81. dancekrazy says:


    FIRST ABOUT THE N.J. WIVES: I get the same impression as you have expressed. Even this evening’s episode seems so contrived; almost “directed” by the BRAVO team. I find it hard to believe that Teresa, having just given birth, would intentionally try to get under Danielle’s skin without some serious suggestions from BRAVO on how to keep the show going. And Jacqueline just sat quietly by allowing this to go on, or got into the mix (next week)…..I just don’t buy it. Why not just walk out as you walked in, like ladies. But without “Danielle drama”, where is that show going?…….unless one of the other “possiblilites” (Kim Granatelle., Kim DePaolo, Elvira “Lunatic”, or Derek’s mom, Jamee) has something interesting going on in her life…..that show is sunk without Danielle (and not for a good reason, but for interest purposes.) You are correct, it is like a train wreck or auto accident that we just can’t stop watching!

    NOW, ONTO MY GIRL, SONJA (RHONY): SONJA IS JUST FABULOUS IN EVERY WAY! She was feeling the waters last season, but I truly doubt that she’ll not speak her mind when this season starts. She has already “gone off” on LuAnn for interrupting her at her CD party, and she keeps saying that she is “just getting to know” Zarin…..that tells me she knows where on this chessboard she belongs. She will be great to watch because she is sexy, yet classy; has tons of money; yet doesn’t throw it in everyone’s face; is beautiful; yet is not conceited about it, nor does she lie about plastic surgery; drinks enough to say, “Kelly, I just don’t believe you”, yet she does not get sloppy drunk. She’s great.
    Zarin seems to have hated her since the “Bethenny’s pregnant” phone call when Luann and Sonja were in the garden planning the “Cocktails and Couture” party. Plus, and I do hate to get personal, but if I had that miserable expression that Zarin always does, I may dislike Sonja also (and Bethenny, and Alex, and Ramona).
    I will definitely be watching rhony next season because of Alex, Ramona, Sonja, and, hopefully even Bethenny from time to time. I do have a strange suspicion that LuAnn may just dump Jill, for the most part, to hang out with Sonja. Luann knows where the class is, and it “ain’t” with JILL.



  82. cusi77 says:


    This is a silly question… Was Caroline wearing the same outfit in her previous appeareance in WWH… or… why it seems to me I had seen that on her?

  83. tuzentswurth says:

    Once again, great blog Lynn. I read Sonja’s Bravo blog and wow. She is a very good writer and very smooth in her delivery of pointing out Jill’s rudeness and poor behavior.
    I do enjoy her, she is classy without being pretentious.

  84. RileyKitty says:

    Danielle needs to get over herself. I just can’t believe how everything is all about her. (no, I don’t like anyone on this show & I know the others spend too much time talking about Danielle, but this particular post is about her :)) Danielle acted like a fool at Posche. Sometimes clerks are taking care of business & you have to wait a fucken minute. She is bordering on psychotic in her talking heads.

  85. bamabelle57 says:

    LOL, Boston…

    I did watch tonight and yep, you’re right. I’m no Danielle fan by any means what-so-ever-ever! But, that damn Teresa Bitch started the fight with Danielle. Why, why, why would Teresa say “oh, I was mad then, it’s been months, I can say Hi, I’m a nice person, I can be in the same room with her… yes I am, I’m a nice person”! Then she sits in the hallway waiting for Danielle to walk by and says “Danielle… Hi”! Then Teresa starts asking little questions like… I haven’t talked to you in a while, I saw your daughter at the fashion show, did you see Gia? So, what’s going on? Why can’t you talk to me?… When that didn’t go over well, Teresa starts with the “Honey”, is Bitch better? Is Bitch better?

    Then it’s back to the table flipping, how all that was Danielle’s fought! Well, everybody knows the rest… next week is Ashley pulling Danielle’s hair!

    I could not watch all of Andy’s show… what an Idiot… throwing ham all over Albie? Why don’t you have ANOTHER drink, Andy!

    Caroline says she knew Danielle would start something, just wait… it’s not over yet, she said to her girlfriend on the phone! I think Caroline needs to watch that episode again… fair is fair, it’s was that TRASHY, CLASSLESS TERESA who started that fight! They talk about Danielle as much as Danielle talks about them… again, I’m not a Danielle fan. Danielle is digusting… so is Teresa Guidice… who is also broke. I’m sick of Teresa telling Danielle she’s not too pretty to work… Teresa isn’t either!

    One more thing… Teresa pans to the cameras more then any other housewive. When she was going to the hospital… Miss Super Mom had to stop and make breakfast for one of the kids… HELLO, her mother was there… she did that for the cameras, and of course she had to pack her last minute things for the hospital… her jewelry… whatever… most hospitals tell you to leave your jewelry at home. That whole seen was so ridiculous… I wanted to throw-up!

    Her comment “I don’t get much exercise except for having sex with my husband” then she makes that face for the camera. I don’t know… she sure seems to want us to know how much her and Joe have sex… WHY?

    I didn’t watch all of WWHL… I turned the channel. Who won the question of the week? Who was the biggest back-stabber, or whatever it was?

    • RileyKitty says:

      Teresa’s comment about exercise/sex with Joe made me throw up in my mouth a bit. guess what people?… I have sex with my husband too…. shocker, I know!! I don’t go around talking about it, I just assume my married friends have sex with their spouses & assume they know I have sex with mine. It makes me think Teresa & Joe’s sex life isn’t all that she wants us to believe it is, maybe Joe’s boat floats in another direction (not that I care or have a problems with that ;))

  86. Teresa says:

    You ever notice that people who suddenly come into money like to show it? Think of rappers who where all there money on there body, such as vulgar jewelry and platinum teeth. Well, I think Jill fits into this category.

    For some reason, only known to her, she wants the world to know she is wealthy. Maybe its because she grew up in humble surroundings? Who knows, but I am curious to know what she did for a living before she met Bobby. LuAnn was a Nurse, but what did Jill do? I think I read somewhere she was a shop-girl at Saks. Did she attend college? You don’t work at Saks with a college degree in your pocket…she seems as if she is smitten with Bobby, or maybe shes in love with his money. I would like to know more about Jill’s life, before Bobby, and the Real Housewifes. Wonder what dirty little secrets she has hidden. She comes across as a gold-digger to me.


    I’m damn mad after watching THE RHWNJ. Last week we see Dina, calling Danielle to meet with her…only to tell her she wants nothing to do with her. Who does that???This week we see Teresa, sitting outside the restroom waiting for Danielle, cause she is such a NICE (being sarcastic here) person and wants to say hi…then we see Teresa call her a bitch 2 minutes later. If that wasn’t instigating…I would of walked away, and totally ignored Teresa. Then we see Ashley waving across the room at Danielle, while Danielle ignores her. Why didn’t Jackie slap her daughters hand and tell her to stop it? Little spoiled rich girl, you shouldn’t play with the grown-ups.

    So you tell me, who caused the drama?

    Danielle did not provoke these women, the women provoked her. Its time to call a spade a spade. These women are obsessed with Danielle.

    Then we have poor Caroline who is so lonely and bored…suggestion dear, GET A FREAKIN JOB!!! You need to make yourself happy, don’t depend on others to make you feel complete. Look inside yourself! I’m so tired of you bawling every episode…

    I cant stand this show, or any of these women!!!!

  87. Maxine49 says:

    Hi, Lynn. LuAnne has no business dissing Caroline–after all, Lu Anne is a nobody from blue collar Berlin, Connecticut. I notice LuAnne trying to milk her Nativce American heritage with all the turquoise and silver jewelry and the fringed buckskin jacket she’s always wearing. It won’t be long before LuAnne is hired to at the Mohegan Sun casino to hand out coupons for the $1.99 “all you can eat” buffet while dressed as Pocahontas (or should I say, “C@ntahontas”–sorry, I could not resist). Furthermore, LuAnne would not be giving Jill Zarin the time of day if they were not on the show together. I really think it is telling even more about LuAnne than the Count when LuAnne said he would be “shocked” that she is dating a Jew. Yes, I think he’d be shocked because he knows how anti-Semitic LuAnne is…and my gut tells me that they both feel the same way. Crackerjacks, indeed!

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