I Hate Jill Zarin RHONY Sonja Morgan June 28, 2010

We have a guest blogger for tonight’s RHONJ episode, it will be posted tomorow mid morning. 

Just a quickie blog about Watch What Happens Live. 

I was totally disgusted by Andy Cohen tonight.  The ham game is ridiculous and is no way for responsible adults to act, particularly with the economy the way it is and with so much devastation in the world, I’m sure the crackerjack writers at Bravo could come up with another way to make the audience laugh!

I’ve decided tonight that Albie Manzo has no sense of humor.

Andy, what makes you think that a young, hot single guy wants shot glasses with a gay guy’s picture on them?  I’ll bet his buddies can’t wait to drink out of those shot glasses.  Wake up Andy! 

Caroline looked amazing but her interview answers are dull and at times make no sense!  She claimed to have promised her fans that she would never mention Danielle’s name again, then decided she was going to pick and choose which questions about Danielle she was going to answer.

I don’t believe that Caroline couldn’t make the call on whether or not Teresa instigated the fight, we all saw it but Caroline says the jury is still out.  Come on Caroline! 

WWHL seems to be a completely different show on Monday’s than it is on Thursday’s.  It used to be fun and quick moving.  It seemed like it used to be over before we knew it, now it drags on like a boring NJ episode! 

Finally, I have to ask Andy Cohen WHY do you continue to push Kim Zolciak on us during the off season for RHOA?  Isn’t it bad enough that we are forced to tolerate her during the season but I think she may be the worst part of a new housewife recording a single!  We have to put up with Kim! 

Please check out the new page at the top of your screen titled “Feel Better About Yourself Here”  Just a few photos that should make you good! 

Repeating the same blog one more time….

I Hate Jill Zarin         Monday Preview /  RHONY Final – Sonja Morgan              June 28, 2010

Tonight is another episode of As New Jersey Turns.  I really do feel like this is a soap opera and not in a good way.  It has been many years since I’ve watched a soap opera and maybe they’ve changed but I found them to be really slow moving and include a lot of irrelevant discussions to fill time.  Five hours a week is a lot of time to fill for a soap opera.  New Jersey’s housewives filmed for several months and couldn’t come up with one hour a week worth of interesting content.

This week Ashley Holmes, Jacqueline’s daughter will pull Danielle’s hair.  The police will be called in to restore peace, Danielle will press charges against Teresa, Jacqueline and Ashley.   Later she will drop the charges against Teresa and Jacqueline and Ashley will pay a small fine for her bad behavior.  Did I save you the bother of watching the show tonight?  No, me either, it was all over the news, we saw clips but you know we just have to watch, it’s like a train wreck. 

I wanted to make one more comment about Luann from yesterday’s blog that I forgot to include.  When Caroline Manzo appeared on WWHL and was asked who her least favorite housewife was, she said Luann.  Caroline explained that Luann completely ignored her every time they were together at a Bravo function.  This does not surprise me, Luann is the type of woman who doesn’t waste her precious time on “nobody’s”.  Luann is so self-important and stuck-up that she wouldn’t think twice about completely ignoring someone that she thought wasn’t part of her world or in her “circle”.  I believe that Luann glanced at Caroline and automatically assumed that Caroline was a “nobody”.  Caroline doesn’t look like a typical Bravo Housewife and clearly Luann doesn’t watch any other Housewife franchises.  This is most likely why Luann completely ignored Caroline, Luann didn’t feel as though she was worthy of any attention. 

Luann apologized when she appeared on WWHL a few weeks later when this was brought to her attention, but the damage was done.  Hopefully Caroline will see Luann for the stuck up, rude, conceited bitch that she is and ignore Luann in the future!  Better yet, hopefully Luann won’t be in attendance!    

In my never-ending series final of the New York housewives, Sonja Morgan is up next.  Never have I seen a housewife be so quickly embraced by an audience.   It seems as though we want to hate the new one but there were already so many bad guys it was time to give the new girl a chance.  All the ingredients were there to give us reasons not to accept her.   The line, “I’m still the straw that stirs the drink” was bad enough, right?  She went on about sex and arriving late to make an entrance at her own parties.  Sonja told a story about what a shrew Ramona is for stealing the dress that Sonja was going to buy yet acting like Ramona’s long lost buddy when they had lunch together.  She was a drunken fool on the yacht in St. John, slurring her words and not making any sense.  She defended Kelly at the last supper when Kelly acted like a psychotic idiot, she refused to join the others discussion of Jill’s bad behavior and is actually a real friend of Luann’s.  Yikes! 

Off screen, Sonja got a DUI in the Hamptons.  This was talked about for a day or two and then nothing else was discussed.  Even in the discussions that did go on, many were in defense of Sonja.  If that had been Kelly who got a DUI, the story would have never ended!    

Reality Tea’s report of the incident:   Real NYC Housewife Sonja Morgan Arrested For DWI  http://retwt.me/1Nlw7

I don’t know for sure what it is about Sonja, but you have to like her!  She remained neutral during the majority of the season, as she admitted, she has no iron in the fire with many of these ladies.  Because she is intelligent, calm, elegant and the voice of reason, when she does speak out, people listen.  Sonja supports every one of these ladies with the same passion and warmth.  She is more like a mother figure to everyone than Jill Zarin ever was!  This is the lady that everyone wants to be best friends with, party with and be seen with! 

At the reunion, Andy Cohen asked Sonja for her opinion on whether or not Kelly had been bullied because he knew that the audience would find her opinion relevant.  Add to that, everyone already knew what all of the other ladies would say.  Andy also let Sonja question Kelly about her accusations that all four ladies bullied her.  This forced Kelly to back down and apologize to Sonja for lumping Sonja in with the others.  (I don’t think that any of them bullied her, but Kelly admitting Sonja didn’t bully her shows that Kelly’s word is unreliable.  Ok, it shows that she lies!)  Kelly would never have apologized to Sonja if Kelly hadn’t been questioned and confronted. 

I would have liked to see Kelly questioned the same way by Alex and Ramona, forcing her to come up with examples of how these two ladies “bullied” her.  But I digress…

Sonja was also allowed, very briefly, to give her opinion on Jill’s surprise visit on St. John at Luann’s  release party.  Sonja commanded enough respect from these ladies to get them all to shut up long enough for her to give her opinion.  A Sound opinion, that Jill should never have shown up without warning.  Sonja expanded upon that opinion at the reunion, a sound and logical opinion that was shared by many!

Sonja just seems to command respect, while Jill made a crass attempt to slam Sonja, whom she had barely even met, at the Bachelor party it only served to make Jill look bad.  It just required another apology from Jill at the reunion.  The contrast between the class and elegance of Sonja Morgan and the trashy, rude behavior of Jill Zarin could have been one of the reasons for Sonja’s immediate acceptance.  The difference is like night and day!  RHONY audiences are intelligent, sophisticated and have a higher than median income, Sonja is the type of housewife that we want to see, not Jill Zarin!  (Yes, this information is in Bravo’s study of the demographics)

Sonja is the real deal, she is New York society filled with grace and style.  She has really been everywhere and done everything.  She isn’t pretending, she isn’t fake, we like her because she is real.  Her background as the wife of a billionaire who attended parties for celebrities, politicians and even royalty is evident in the way that she carries herself with confidence.   

Some of the other ladies name drop,(Jill)  Sonja doesn’t have to.  Some of the other ladies use their children to get sympathy (Luann), Sonja doesn’t need to.  Some of the other ladies want to tell you how “real” and “authentic” they are(Kelly), Sonja doesn’t tell us, she shows us. 

Many of the ladies like to ignore the fans, pretend that there are no comments on the internet, claim that they don’t read anything the fans write or hear anything we have to say.  They are above caring what the fans think.  Housewives like Luann don’t acknowledge fans existence, Luann claims to not read any fan comments at all.  Luann is not alone, many of the other  housewives don’t bother to respond to fans either.  Sonja is different, she is the epitome of down to earth!  She has not only responded to fans questions but seems to enjoy it.  I personally have gotten two extremely nice comments from Sonja. 

Sonja Morgan wrote “Lynn Hudson can write. And she is hilarious. Doesn’t miss a beat, this gal.“  (From her Facebook page)

After the final regular episode of RHONY in the Bravo Talk Bubble, I tweeted that it had been a great season and the NY Housewives did not disappoint, I received the following tweets back: 

SonjatMorgan :   Thanks Lynn. You too. @lynnnchicago http://bit.ly/bravotv #realhousewives

Bravotv    @LynnNChicago YOU never disappointed all season! Thanks for joining the Talk Bubble every week!

I threw in the Bravotv tweet because I think it may have been why Sonja noticed my tweet. 

Sonja makes a point of responding to fans if you look at her Facebook page you will see that while she doesn’t respond to every post, she is pretty active on her site.  She doesn’t tweet too often, seems as though she is more comfortable with Facebook but her Tweets are always upbeat and friendly with fans! 

Most recent tweet from Sonja:

My blog is up finally! My bravo girl took a long weekend. Yea!   http://fb.me/zwD16ec7

Here is the link to Sonja’s new 4 page blog:  The Real Housewives of New York City – Blogs – Sonja Morgan – Stay Real | Bravo TV Official Site:   http://bravo.ly/cbQ1IO

What a great blog Sonja!  Her blog is respectful but honest and she pulls no punches!   There are probably plenty of reasons to not like Sonja Morgan, but seeing her on screen, watching her style, and her interactions with the Housewives, you just have to like her!  I would bet that Sonja has more fans than 3-year veteran housewives, Jill Zarin or Luann de Lesseps combined.   How many women could make such a huge impact in one half of a season? 

I don’t think that there is any debate over at Bravo regarding Sonja returning to Season 4 of the New York housewives.  I think the decision is all Sonja’s.  I think that Bravo (or Shed Media) will offer her anything she wants in order to insure that Sonja continue with the show.  She certainly seemed eager to participate in next season during the Reunion filming.  I certainly hope she will be back! 

Thank you all for sticking with me as we transition from show to show.  As you know I welcome discussion on any topic in the comments section.  If there is a show you’d like to see a blog on, let me know.

NEW REQUEST / OPTION:   I would like to throw out there a request for guest bloggers!

It only occurred to me a few days ago when I saw a comment about Bravo’s “Work Of Art”.  If anyone would like to send me their blog about any show, any TV celebrity, or any topic at all, I’d be happy to post the blog here.   You can be anonymous or include your full name or just a “handle”.  Email me at:  LynnAHudson@aol.com with questions or just go ahead and submit your blog to me for posting! 

I have finally added my photograph taken yesterday, as I sat in front of the laptop and realized I didn’t have to search for a photo then cut or crop it.  All I had to do was turn on the web cam and press enter! J  Imagine my surprise at how easy it was. 

I also tried to use the poll tool that this web site has available.  I didn’t find that quite as easy as the photo but I’ll keep working on it. 

Feel free to open discussion of any topic…

Until Next Time…..

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147 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin RHONY Sonja Morgan June 28, 2010

  1. Ches says:

    Does anybody find it odd that the only time you ever see Danielle genuinely smile or laugh was during her sex video?

  2. RileyKitty says:

    I don’t understand why we give a rat’s ass what Kim Z’s opinion of everyone’s songs are????? Are we to think she has talent?

  3. anitabee says:

    I think I am starting to hate Andy. Why does he have a show where he can’t get a single housewife to answer a question? Or when they do it’s a lie?

    Like Danielle last week when she said that she wasn’t get a cent from her sex tape and that she had not leaked it. Why did he play the ham game? Gross? And why doesn’t Caroline just tell the viewers what Danielle did that made her cry on last years reunion?

    Dear NBC — ummm…there are thousands of people out of work. I’m sure you can find a better VP of whatever Andy Cohen is.

    His show sucks.

    • AFBravo says:

      “Jill graduated from Simmons College School of Retail Management. She began her career as Assistant Buyer at Filene’s and also held positions as Vice President of Sales at Royce Hosiery and National Sales Manager/Vice President of Great American Knitting Mills Jockey division.”

    • Quincy IL says:

      I zoomed through the recording of WWHL too. Nothing of interest. I’m tired of Andy.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      agreed on Thursday being a better WWHL than Monday version – plus his guests make or break the show – IMO none of the NJ crew are interesting and don’t make good guests! IF the housewife doesn’t make a good guest (Caroline, Danielle, Dina) then don’t have them on WWHL! And don’t have guests who don’t follow the shows or have opinions (Jerry).

  4. Teresa says:

    You ever notice that people who suddenly come into money like to show it? Think of rappers who where all there money on there body, such as vulgar jewelry and platinum teeth. Well, I think Jill fits into this category.

    For some reason, only known to her, she wants the world to know she is wealthy. Maybe its because she grew up in humble surroundings? Who knows, but I am curious to know what she did for a living before she met Bobby. LuAnn was a Nurse, but what did Jill do? I think I read somewhere she was a shop-girl at Saks. Did she attend college? You don’t work at Saks with a college degree in your pocket…she seems as if she is smitten with Bobby, or maybe shes in love with his money. I would like to know more about Jill’s life, before Bobby, and the Real Housewifes. Wonder what dirty little secrets she has hidden. She comes across as a gold-digger to me.


    I’m damn mad after watching THE RHWNJ. Last week we see Dina, calling Danielle to meet with her…only to tell her she wants nothing to do with her. Who does that???This week we see Teresa, sitting outside the restroom waiting for Danielle, cause she is such a NICE (being sarcastic here) person and wants to say hi…then we see Teresa call her a bitch 2 minutes later. If that wasn’t instigating…I would of walked away, and totally ignored Teresa. Then we see Ashley waving across the room at Danielle, while Danielle ignores her. Why didn’t Jackie slap her daughters hand and tell her to stop it? Little spoiled rich girl, you shouldn’t play with the grown-ups.

    So you tell me, who caused the drama?

    Danielle did not provoke these women, the women provoked her. Its time to call a spade a spade. These women are obsessed with Danielle.

    Then we have poor Caroline who is so lonely and bored…suggestion dear, GET A FREAKIN JOB!!! You need to make yourself happy, don’t depend on others to make you feel complete. Look inside yourself! I’m so tired of you bawling every episode…

    I cant stand this show, or any of these women!!!!

    What do you think ladies? Did Teresa instigate this fight with Danielle?

    • anitabee says:

      She clearly did. I wish Bravo hadn’t stretched it out. They should have shown the “incident’ tonite.

      This show is so BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRing now.

    • Jenni says:

      Of course she did, with the help of Kim G. hauling Danielle back to talk with her TWICE.

      • AFBravo says:

        “Jill graduated from Simmons College School of Retail Management. She began her career as Assistant Buyer at Filene’s and also held positions as Vice President of Sales at Royce Hosiery and National Sales Manager/Vice President of Great American Knitting Mills Jockey division.”

        • Ellabean says:

          Puhleeze: Jill’ s career resume is very thin – I think its greatly exaggerated and she was an assistant buyer for about 5 minutes in the 80’s at best. Vice President ? Probably for a company that a relative owned that went out of business in a few years in the late 80’s – early 90’s – like so many apparel manufacturers did . I know that world – the “garment district” in NYC – you either worked on 7th avenue or Broadway. Jill was probably Broadway (the cheap manufacturers). Better labels are 7th avenue.

          • Ellabean says:

            Teresa – People DO work at Saks with a college degree in their pocket. And Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor, etc. They all have buyer/management training programs. I was in one – it was a great starting point for beginning a long career in the fashion industry. I sense you don’t know that world and you don’t know what you’re talking about. Not everyone is a sales associate (“shop girl”?) if they work at Saks.

            • MAMAZ says:

              Not to mention not everyone graduates college and has a job in their field. Lots of people in retail have college degrees in business, engineering, art, ….

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Teresa started it, Jac supported her and Ashley jumped in because her family supports her bad behavior too! No way was Teresa being nice or cool or whatever she thinks she is!

  5. Teresa says:

    I agree about Andy’s show. When Dina and Ramona was on his show a couple of weeks ago, they spend about 10 minutes talking about Grandma Wrinkles, and Dina’s stupid reason for leaving the show. ALL I WANTED TO HEAR WAS FROM RAMONA. She was almost ignored on this show.

    The ham game is beyond stupid, and this 13 year old kid he has calling every week…whats up with that. Also, I’m not Jewish, and excuse me for my ignorance, but why do I feel that ANDY is pushing his religion down my throat? I have no idea what a MAZEL is…feel like I’m out of my element, I’m a Catholic. Maybe Andy can offer a few “Hell Marys” for his Catholic viewers (being sarcastic again).

    I wonder if Andy is drunk half the time. By the way, I was surprised at Kim Z…wow, she said she liked Danielle’s song. Kudos to you Kim, for being honest. Danielle’s song was the best out of the housewives so far. The NJ cast of course dissed the song. As well to be expected from those bitches…

  6. Jenni says:

    I did get a kick out of Andy’s comments a couple of times on WWHL.

    First, he didn’t let Caroline get away without answering the question about Dina’s decision to leave the show. Even though I am not sure I completely believe the answer she gave. Danielle is probably part of the reason she left, but IMO there is probably more to it as well.

    Second, when the caller said it was her birthday, and would what’s his name take his shirt off, Andy’s come back line was perfect! Ireally did LOL.

  7. I can’t believe how some of those women look without a ton of makeup! I didn’t know a few of the women at all, some I knew and didn’t recognize them without their makeup, and leading that group was Goldie Hawn!

    • error 404 says:

      who didn’t you know.

      • Some of the newer ones. Maybe from the past 15 to 25 years or so. I haven’t kept up with celebrities for a long time and there are a lot more out there nowadays. I’m almost 50 and lost interest in most tv and movies through most of the 90s. Didn’t have cable for most of that time. I worked a lot and read books and gardened. It’s funny because a lot of the tv shows in reruns are new to me. Not that they show a lot of different reruns anymore as the channels seem to show the same shows over and over and a lot of reality tv.

        • Let’s see…I don’t know Anna Kournikova, Eva Longoria (heard her name), Hilary Duff (heard name), and don’t know much about Beyonce except she’s a singer, I think. Don’t know much about Pamela Anderson except that she’s trashy, and of course the housewives, Lynn, Jill, Teresa and Danielle i don’t care for.

          I’ve seen a few of Cruz’s and Messing’s movies and Messing was on that tv show which i didn’t watch but a few times, and of course Goldie Hawn who is really the only one whose work I’m familiar with.

          • error 404 says:

            AK is a tennis player.
            Eva was a soap actress made famous as one of the “desperate Housewives”
            Duff was “lizzy mcguire” which was the Hanna Montana just before HM
            Anderson was “bay watch”

  8. KookADoodleDo says:

    Is it just me or has WWHL “jumped the shark”??
    Wasted time spent watching Andy throw ham at Albie & he seems to not be able to get his guests to answer questions! WTF kind of interviewer is he? I felt like I was watching a 18 yr old frat boy.

    • error 404 says:

      RHoNJ has jumped the shark (which btw is named Danielle)

      WWHL when RHoNY was on had actual stars on – SJP, Kelly Rippa, Jerry Seinfeld, etc…

      Now, no one in their right mind will be associated with RHoNJ. Not even the other HW shows will even be filmed with them, or say hello to them.

      Cohen is desperately trying to at least cut his losses with the bomb that is RHoNJ season 2, but it’s all going down in flames.

      • Ellabean says:

        You are sooo right , error.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Having 2 WWHL a week is too much overkill. When RHONY got crazy/scary it was nice to settle down with Andy aftewards. Andy isn’t comfortable with some of his “guests” and it shows….plus if you are guest and you aren’t going to answer fan generated questions you don’t belong on the show!

  9. Teresa says:

    Thanks AFBRAVO, so now we know Jill wasn’t a millionaire. Exactly as I thought, she is what you call NEW money.

    Definition: “Persons or families that have recently become wealthy”. This explains her actions with her obsession with things…such as the Sak’s credit card, designer purses, LuAnn the Countess, (have to laugh here, am I getting snarky?)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill married NEW money – which is different from earning it yourself! Jill is a parasite.

  10. Teresa says:

    In total agreement…ERROR

  11. error 404 says:

    P.S. who is crazier? Andy Cohen for trying to keep his sinking ship alive by throwing ham and taking calls from a “home Alone” teen who’s parents went away for the summer and forgot him, or us for watching and then blogging?

    I say we copy Caroline Manzo and just refuse to even speak RHoNJ ‘s name! Don’t watch it. Don’t talk about it. Pretend it doesn’t exist.

    • Jenni says:

      LOL, I think I can do that, NP!

      nite all….

    • anitabee says:

      I have a fantasy where Bravo promotes Andy to Executive VP of NBC early Saturday programing.

      Then they bring in Nancy Grace to host WWHL and all housewives reunions. At the reunions Nancy Grace calls out each housewife on their B.S. and won’t let go until they admit and explain their wrongdoing.

  12. Teresa says:

    Thank you “skogsstig” for your information about what MAZEL means. I was in the dark…

    Im often confused with Andys games, for example: “good for the jews” vs. “bad for the jews”, what exactly is he referring too? I’m aware that Andys Jewish. Im aware that Jill & Bethenny are Jewish. Andy questioned LuAnn about her ex-husbands distaste for the Jews…why does he always bring up his religion into the show?

    • error 404 says:

      he likes to poke fun of his religion, sorta like Father Guido Sarduci.

      the good vs bad game was funny because Jill wrote a whole advice book about being a jewish mother, which is just stupid. Like mother’s of other religions don’t give good advice. He was making fun or her and gloria, which is why they called him anti-semetic afterward.

      it’s also a funny game with any group who takes itself too seriously. Madonna: good for the catholics or bad for the catholics? etc…

      the LoAnn thing is totally separate. She made a borderline prejudice remark and I think he would have asked her about it if it was about any other religion or race or group. It was a weird comment and I am sure Bravo was flooded with complaints afterward.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        There are some subjects you can have fun with and some you can not and LuAnn took it too close to the “you can not” have fun with! Andy looked truly shocked and knew it was time to get away from that subject!

  13. celeste says:

    KIM D. and KIM G. are sisters in law? Weird!!

  14. Teresa says:

    Error, I’m sure Bravo was flooded with responses. But, like anything…we all have our own personal issues with race & religion. I’m sure there are unhappy people (meaning parents) when you marry outside your race, same with religion. Why couldn’t Jill name her book “Secrets of my mother”, does a Jewish mother have more insight than a Christian mother?

    I couldn’t care less what Jill named her book actually, cause I don’t like the bitch. I will never read it…she doesn’t practice what she preaches. I’m a German who happens to be a Catholic, but I don’t shout it out from the rooftops to every person I meet, “Hey, I’m a Catholic!!!” Is the fact that Andy’s Jewish suppose to be of importance? It has no relevance to me any more than he’s gay. Anyways, I’m done! (said with Jill’s nasal twang).

    BAwwwby, has anyone seen BawwwBy?

    • Noelle says:

      Thanks for the laugh.

      Being from an interfaith marriage, I’m doing okay, as well as my brothers and sister.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I think Andy is poking fun at jewish cultural not at the religion. Many Jewish people, like Polish, Russian, Irish, etc – do poke fun at cultural things that may or may not have anything to do with the religion they practice. Jill likes to announce she is jewish – her choice – but by naming her book Secrets of a Jewish Mother – she limited the appeal it could have had in the marketplace! ALL mothers have not so secret SECRETS for raising children…..and if what she really wanted to do was pass down her mother’s sage advice to her daughter then there are less expensive ways to do so!

      • Squirrels says:

        A rabbi, a minister and a priest walk into a bar……

        Religion has been a subject for humor for eons.

  15. felony stupid says:

    Danielle must be exhausted from identifying every slight.


    • Quincy IL says:

      TV in the summer is the pits. My tv recorded NJ and Selling NY last night. I actually enjoyed the realators going on vacation to Boca with three small dogs and several small children more than that fashion show in NJ.

      Ashley as a model in a Fashion Show….as Danielle says…”She wanted unprofessional.” At least Ashley didn’t gag while showing the clothes. Was that one of the girls from the New Jersey shore house hotub on the stage?

      Teresa was trying to lure Danielle into a fight. Who sits outside a restroom waiting for your enemy? Oh… Teresa and Jacqueline do. Jacqueline is not the nice person that I thought she was in the beginning of season one. She wants to be on this show and she knows that she has to fight with Danielle in order to get the perks from Bravo. The Lauritas may need the monthly check from Bravo right now too.

      Anyway, I found a nice house in Boca for just under 4 million. It has hurrican proof windows and an alarm system. All you have to worry about is the gardener and the pool while I away in NYC. You all are invited to stay with me. I also have this bridge that I’d like you to buy.

    • SusanS88 says:

      LOL, thank you Felony 🙂

  16. I love the new banner. Jill makes that ugly face quite a bit. she must thinks it’s cute or endearing. It’s not! It actually makes her look like a fool and not only does it make her look uglier, it shows the ugliness in her soul since she seems to be making fun of others when she does it. Seems like her mother would have told her about that by now.

    • Squirrels says:

      That banner must have Jill seeing red as she pokes herself in the eye with a fork.

      At least I hope so 😀 Great job Dessertgal

  17. jean weeks says:

    Its interesting that Cohen keeps getting away with his suspect BS. Constant Jewish statements and engaging an underage young man. Tim Tebow is constantly criticized for his religious statements yet they are his answers to media questions, not a statement from an network official yucking it up on his own networks programs. WHY isnt the media on andy like a dog on a bone while they are constantly on any answer to a religious question that they have in fact asked of Tebow?

  18. I was looking at Jill’s latest “happy in the hamptons” blog on her website because in her facebook she said someone (or 2 people) were spamming her. LOL! Alana thinks it was her own troll. Anyway, there was no spam at all-zip! But I did see this victim card still being played by Jill:

    jill z Says:
    June 25th, 2010 at 12:18 am

    Hi Rusty..thank you for asking. The authorities have all the evidence and it is out of my hands. They were wonderful to me and will be forever grateful how much they cared. Internet bullying is sometimes criminal, depending on what it is. There is alot of information on the internet if you are interested. I hope this never happens to you or a loved one. It can be scary. This is just a TV show but some people take it too far and think that everything they see is “real”. I am happy that we were able to help alot of people and raise alot of money and awareness for so many charities. Many of them recommended by you, the fans. Sometimes is can affect the charity work we are all trying to do and is a sad distraction. Thank you for the love and support! XO Jill

    • Noelle says:

      Thanks for posting this,

      “Internet Bullying”…oh STFU Zarin….Zip-it!

      Do we now KNOW, (if ever) wonder where “Systamic(?) Bullying” came from???

      Bravo’s going to keep her, That’s my gut opinion. They’re keeping the ho’s in DC, Jill has yet to bring herself up to that range.

      • Noelle says:

        And I swear by all holy that I’m NOT watching the DC version.

        My kicks are over with.

        Maybe/maybe not?!! LOL

      • jennifer says:

        That almost sounded like Kelly could have written it….just hers won’t have been as clear. JZ seems to be taking a page from Kelly’s PR book……..

    • Jenni says:

      Have to be careful about stuff we read on the net, especially on sites where the people running the site may not be as ethical as Lynn. Just for an example, on the site that shall not be named there is a post as follows:

       George says:
      June 27, 2010 at 3:14 pm
      You have intentionally changed my post without my approval, that is very rude and deceptive. I did not say Jill was great nor did I say Alex and Simon were rude. You are not portraying a truthful blog.

      Then there is also a post from our Teresa. I am pretty certain that her words were edited. My guess is that what she actuall said is, “Jill has failed, We love Alex…” But what appears in the comments is:

      1. Teresa says:
      June 28, 2010 at 8:21 am
      Alex has failed. We love Jill…

      I don’t know what the truth is, but I do take what I read on suspect sites with a big crystal of salt.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Thats why I would suggest that no one post on that site, she can’t change a post that doesn’t exist.

        • Jenni says:

          True! I would consider Jill’s site suspect as well….

        • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

          Despite the troll(s) attempts to tweet the other blog at every opportunity, to put it on Amazon, FB and Bravo, they have only managed about 20 comments (that all agree with Ms Bridges) in a week

          Great idea, troll!!!

      • Yeah, posting on suspect sites isn’t a good idea as they can manipulate the comments.

        But what I posted was Jill Zarin’s comment on her own website. I wanted to make that clear just in case. 🙂

    • AlternateReality says:

      I see RUSTY is at it again.

    • AlternateReality says:

      It’s out of your hands right jill? So now it’s ok to post all your whereabouts and THE AUTHORITIES never told you to shut down your web page…NOOOO, nothing like that. Who did you turn your imaginary case over to?…THE EFFING KEYSTONE COPS!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      “Internet bullying” is that like emailing someone who didn’t like your book and saying someone should take their pet?

  19. liptontb says:

    “Jacqueline is not the nice person that I thought she was in the beginning of season one..”
    Jac has rubbed me the wrong way since the early days. She reminds me of Jill, only sneakier. She stirs up shit, then backs off and does the “Who me?” innocent act. And, wasn’t there some story about her hitting Caroline at the infamous table-flipping party? What adult woman hits another adult woman? Or anyone for that matter? No wonder Ashley is such a mess. She looks and acts like her mother, and I think they’re both dumb as hoe handles. Like Jill. She’s not smart enough to get away with plotting and scheming any more than Jill is. I’ll bet my last dime she filled her former friend Danielle in on Dina’s personal life before Jac turned on Danielle. I think Jac is a total snake and wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. I don’t doubt the Manzos can be difficult inlaws, but I really think Jac has caused more drama than may ever be revealed on the show.
    I only follow the show via this blog now. I quit watching and recording after the first episode this year. In the words of our least favorite NY Housewive, “I’m done.”
    (Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll quit reading this blog. LOL)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Agree on your take on Jac. If she thought at the beginning that all of them were supposed to get along and when her sister in laws said no she was out on a limb…. so together they steered the show into all against one – which doesn’t make for good tv. For all the hate and venom, their reunion show will be interesting and should be the end of the failed franchise. Both Jac and her daughter are a hot mess – Manzo’s protect their own but behind the scenes we can only hope that they are taking J and A to task!

    • SusanS88 says:

      Liptontb – I am a grown woman and I must confess – there is another that I would hit. If Kellamity had pulled some her sh*t we saw on me, it would’ve been on. I am just sayin….

  20. Jenni says:

    OH, one other thing I really enjoyed on WWHL last night was when Andy pointed out that the best way to defuse a situation is probably not to scream in a person’s face, “CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN!”. That was LOL funny for me as well… Just my opinion, but he did have some good moments.

    • Yeah, he does have a few moments every now and then, but he’s largely been a disappointment the past few weeks, at least for me.

      Go back to Thursday and follow bethenny’s show, Andy! We don’t like NJ and don’t want to watch your show after it because it’s been dull!

      We don’t like how the housewife shows have become so sensationalistic and sleazy with too many unlikeable women and some with definite problems. don’t want to watch them anymore! Find women who are positive and interesting, like Bethenny, Alex, Ramona, Sonja and Kandi from Atlanta! More variety in their activities too! Shoot! Doesn’t NY have more than just fashion shows and stupid parties? Show more of the arts events, museums, zoos, excursions to interesting places. No stupid, petty women causing drama so they can stay on the show, like Jill, Kelly and LuAnn!

      Only Bethenny’s show appeals to me now. If you fire Jill and Kelly, I’ll continue watching NY too.

  21. Debbie says:

    Don’t forget that as soon as Sonya said, Kelly was not bullied, Kelly turned on her, saying that Sonya was drunk most of the trip.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Good point! It was an ugly thing to say. I bet she was coached on that, and on the snark about Ramona’s blood type. She isn’t clever enough to come up with those responses on her own. Or is she? I go back and forth between thinking that she is mentally ill or developmentally delayed and thinking that she is really clever at PR. For those of us who really watch the show, we see her as crazy, but if you didn’t watch the show, she has managed to make herself a “celebrity” in a pretty short time. I read or saw an interview when she was first on the HW and she said her goal was to be known outside of NY – mission accomplished!

      I think that PR101 and PR102 are all that really matter to her.

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        correction: mentally ill/developmentally delayed or STONED OUT OF HER MIND….

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Kelly is clearly on her way to being boxed out of the group – like Danielle. Kelly threw mean remarks/names at all and they all sounded like something JILL would have said…..

    • AlternateReality says:

      why do i have a feeling the blood type remark came compliments of jill…she had to point out to andy that it was a great remark.

      To make me feel better, all I have to remember is that Jill and Kelly have both made their names mud to the very people that matter to them most. The movers and shakers of Manhattan Society and Hamptons Society.

      Neither will get endorsement deals. Neither will ever write a book again that will sell. Neither is cute or a starlet. Both are viewed as pathetic, ill advised, fame mongers of the worst sort. hahahahahaha

      • Need a Hobby says:

        The pinot grigio blood type remark sounds like something Bethenny would say. She may have actually said it sometime during the course of the show, I just don’t recall.

        Agree that it doesn’t sound like something Kelly came up with on her own. Perhaps part of her “strategy” she was publicly asking help with before the reunion was filmed.

        • jennifer says:

          Bethanny did say she wanted to suck the buzz out of Ramona’s veins/blood. And Kelly would have seen theat episode by reunion, maybe she got it from there and tweeked (no pun intended) a little

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          B referred to it in her blog….sucking the PG out of Ramona’s veins. It was funny. Jill and Kelly twisted it into a hurtful remark.

  22. AlternateReality says:

    ps…so glad I went to bed early last nite and missed the joisey frumps. sounds as though I did not miss much.

    • viki55 says:

      You sure didn’t. This show can’t compare to RHNY. You could just compare the fashion shows of RHNY and RHNJ and see what a low class group of women they really are. Dina was the only one I found interesting but even she was creeping me out with the fake spirital crap.

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        Besides, on NY and OC there are beautiful settings and surroundings – on NJ all I’ve seen is strip malls and generic country clubs/banquet halls

        • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

          and gaudy McMansions

        • error 404 says:

          Bravo fixates on the Danielle story because otherwise, it’s one long boring infomercial for The Brownstone. “If you’re planning a wedding, retirement party, class reunion, or just a girls night out, we have six well appointed halls, on site catering services, and valet parking. In house staff can also help you with your arrangement.” 😛
          The Manzos never leave a 4 block radius.

  23. AlternateReality says:

    The poor, pitiful “other blog” just again utilized the post by “george” to make it appear that he is speaking of Lynn’s Blog. What a mess the blog host is. She is Jill Zarin. This is a person who is in fact doing what she is accusing others of doing.

    These con artists never get anywhere in life. Feel sorry for their families to be trapped with such people who live in a convoluted world of right and wrong. Both are stains on the gene pool of a civilized society…ho hum…getting boring.

  24. Snarkella says:

    Hi Everyone

    I enjoy reading all of your comments.

    I find the New Jersey drama very strange. There is no story whatsoever, as these women do not seem to do anything (of interest). The only drama is the Danielle feud, and when both sides decided to keep away from the other, it seems like Bravo employed the two Kims to keep dragging them together. The two Kims could not be more obvious in their efforts and I’m surprised than any of these women are falling for it. The only one with enough sense to stay away is Caroline, but I find her weeping over her empty nest situation pathetic. Sorry, I just have no sympathy for that. The kids aren’t dying they’re just living their lives and if Carline’s only life is taking care of them, she should be crying because she’s such a pathetic loser, not because her kids are growing up.

  25. JoMo says:

    When will they put us out of our misery soon and tell us who is going to be re-signed for next season? I thought they filmed in the summer. Do you guys know of an e-mail address we could write to and express our deep desire to not ever have to see Kelly on tv again? It would be great to see Jill get the ax, but I think they will let her come back. If Kelly is on the bubble–I want to let them know my opinion, and that I don’t welcome her back!!

  26. error 404 says:

    RHoNY always starts with Labor day (early Sept)

  27. AlternateReality says:

    So Jill rode this from last sept thru june of this year. she is just now letting up a little. She goes away for july and aug and starts all over again end of aug. she does live in her own shit, doesn’t she.

    Can’t wait to hate her on season 4.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      @AR – Jill doesn’t stop, she plots and she snarks – and I doubt she can redeem herself next season because she can’t change. The only difference is now the majority of wives are onto her game and what will be interesting to see is them shutting her down!

  28. HD says:

    Yesterday was my birthday so NJ was the last thing on my mind however, I read the blog and Danielle is apologizing for something she said about Ashley. What did she say?

    • AlternateReality says:

      Happy Birthday HD…I missed it also…

    • Zee says:

      Happy Birthday HD! I’m guessing she’s referring to the calling Trashley a ‘coke whore’. Just my guess.

      • AlternateReality says:

        Not nice. She must always remember that she is a mom and should not verbally attack another’s child (or in this case, Spawn).

        • HD says:

          Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a nice time yesterday and I sitting down watching Danielle’s paranoia was the last thing on my mind.

          She should not call Ashley names. Although Ashley is grown I think it is apparent that she is not a mature 18 year old. She doesn’t even know about opening a checking account. What has her mom been doing for 18 years? I do fault her mom for a lot of her behavior. I’m from the old school. Ashley wouldn’t even have a chance to think about disrepecting me.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Ashley is clearly putting herself out there as an adult. Her parents and extended family and even her boyfriend can not control her mouth or her actions. Ashley is a young adult and is now legally responsible for her actions. NO sympathy or excuses for this jersey devil!

  29. moriasheehan says:

    WOW OMG it has taken me hours but i am finally caught up with all the posts since thursday. unfortunately, i got pretty sick with bronchial pneumonia and a kidney infection and haven’t watched any shows since the lost footage and obviously i was too sick and missed a bunch. vis a vis, kelly getting hit with ball, missed BGM?, rhwnj and wwhl. sounds like i didn’t miss much, but i am back and happy to be here. i wanted sonja to slap kelly’s smug healthful face and demand she tell her children that their mother is a bully and mean and creepy.
    BTW, has anyone seen the new commercial for Top Shot the shooting show? it shows someone throwing knives that cut ropes and slash open ….are you ready? SATCHELS OF GOLD!!! hugs to rileykitty’s ryan.

  30. Char212 says:

    Loved where Caroline said “This is a recipe for disaster” No truer words were ever spoken, the whole show is a disaster! Even their blogs on bravo are boring especially Danielle’s. She never owns up to anything. She could have said she over reacted to the receptionist at Posch but she didn’t. She did apologize for calling Ashly a crack whore though. Sorry Danielle…too little too late. I can’t get over what a sleeze bag she is.

    As far as the rest of them there is nothing they do that would make the show interesting. If it wasn’t for the feud with Danielle there would be no show. I hope Bravo does the honorable thing and drops these loser’s so we never have to see or hear about them again.

    • HD says:

      So true. This show went downhill FAST. They need some new blood quick or just cancel it. I watched a clip online of the fight that is really not a fight because pulling a little hair was never a fight in my neck of the woods. However, Teresa sure did seem like she was instigating stuff. Why even talk to Danielle and pretend to have a sincere conversation? She is stupid. And Kim pulling Danielle back over to talk to Teresa, she drives me nuts. Another snake in the grass. I will have to watch the whole show to see if my thinking is right because I just saw a clip but Teresa should have shut up and Kim is too damn old to act so immature. Danielle as always is crazy but for some reason I think it is so interesting to watch her overexaggerate everything.

      • Char212 says:

        Oh Kim G. is waste of space as well of the rest of them. I couldn’t believe the dress she wore to the fashion show. I think being on the show has gone to her head and she thinks she’s hot shit. A women her age has no business wearing a dress that short and I bet she was the laughing stock of the night.

        • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

          Why do the Kim’s have initials instead of last names?

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            So we don’t confuse them? Both are trying to bridge the gap between the Manzos and Danielle and both are failing miserably.

  31. shamrockblonde says:

    just read Sonja’s blog – she should ghost write for Luanne’s etiquette books – then again my twin grandaughters could probably manage a book on proper manners better than her – thanks for the blog, Lynn – your insight is spot on as always –

  32. shamrockblonde says:

    and Ryan is still missng – I’m trying to have patience but I would love to see his little face in that square *sigh*

  33. Zipit Zarin says:

    I was watching Talk Soup and they showed Andy’s face in freeze frame (his sheer glee) when Danielle was singing her fake lesbian duet. I had the thought HWNJ is the Jerry Springer Show out in the world instead of in a studio. Andy is laughing at all of the wives and us the audience. It’s obvious Bravo couldn’t care less what we THINK of the shows as long as they get the ratings. WWHL never delivers but we watch it. Jerry Seinfeld was the only guest that has been honest because he has the fame/shield/integrity? to do so. I loved that one!

    And what’s the deal with the upper lips on so many women?? It looks like a duck bill! Sonja has it, Kim D. has it, Danielle has it. Is that supposed to make you look younger???? WTH

  34. moriasheehan says:

    shamrock, did you click on wordpress up at top of blog, then click on my account then on left side it has place to change gravatar. click on that then click on upload from your computer find the pic and save, then crop and confirm

  35. Earring Girl says:

    Has this been posted – IMO – RHONJ=Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Will someone please take out the TRASH!!!!!!


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      seriously, do you think there is a landfill or barge headed out into the Atlantic ocean that could contain this trash????

  36. moriasheehan says:

    oops, sorry chNGE GRAVATAR IS ON THE RIGHT

  37. Pantry Viewer says:

    Tuned in for the last part to see the “fight” they’ve been showing clips of all season. Teresa totally instigated that whole bit to get herself more fame. What a loser she is, seriously! Teresa is so very ugly, as well. I used to overlook her ugliness when I thought she was just a fun girl. Now that I know she is a grifter and a mean “Team Jill” girl, her ugly features stand out so much more.

    That hairline, ugly droopy eyes, big ol’ brows and big honking nose, she is just in no position to be talking bad about anybody. I normally wouldn’t say these things of people, but she has made a habit of being so openly mean for attention she totally turns me off.

    Trying to re-live the table-flipping thing that got her “famous” by picking at Danielle last night was just gross.

    Danielle is so ridiculously awful, ugh, who cares. Loon. The whole thing with the receptionist was ridiculous.

    Cancel this crap show. Not even interesting.

    • error 404 says:

      the only way they are going to cancel it is if you stop watching that crap.

      Danielle is crazy and the other 4 are just pigs. Gutter trash who pick on the town crazy lady.

      It’s like watching bored school kids taunt the crazy cat lady down the street. They all need a timeout.

      • Pantry Viewer says:

        Very good summation in your last two paragraphs.

        And it was freeing to not watch this crap this season of NJ. Had to tune in to what I thought was the ridiculous fight, all dressed in heels and furs. Other than that, I’ve dropped them like a sticky gummy bear with hair and lint stuck on it.

        • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

          Amen I watched it because so many people on this site were talking about it, but I’d rather get a root canal than watch it again!

      • Squirrels says:

        Ok. would someone please explain the Neilson Ratings for me? Do they count who’s watching what with a special box in their house and then extrapolate from there to get averages?

        If so, seems to me the folk who need to stop watching are those who have those special boxes.

  38. Scorpiosue says:

    I have never seen a more immature bunch of women as I have seen on RHONJ. Last night’s fashion show reminded me of a high school cafeteria where two groups of people hate each other yet can’t stand to look away from each other. Caroline was right to stay away from that debacle. The only part of the show that I enjoyed was Caroline asking her husband to retire because she was feeling the empty nest. It was heartfelt.

    Danielle…….unbelievable how she was acting at Posche (seriously Kim D. a Posche sticker over a Yankee Candle label does not make it yours). Danielle was rude besides acting like a diva. She made a point that Kim D. was not getting any of her money yet she has complained that she has no money.

    Teresa………sh*t stirrer to the nth degree. All she had to do was leave Danielle alone. Teresa is giving Danielle all the power in this relationship because Teresa still obsesses over Danielle.

    Jacqueline……..Listen to Caroline. Firm hand Jacqueline. Jacqueline proves a point that when you are lenient with your child and try to be a “nice” parent you raise a selfish, narcissistic child. Also, if I was Jacqueline there is no way Ashley would not leave my side. She knows the feud going on between Ashley and Danielle. Backbone Jacqueline, find it.

    Caroline…….She really did not bother me. Smart of her to not go to that fashion show. I understand her feeling lonely in her house, but Albert likes what he’s doing. Caroline needs to find something to do that fulfills her loneliness.

    • Bosandi says:

      I think you give a pretty fair assessment of Caroline. I’m only a drive by viewer but if I was forced to choose a favorite (an I use that term loosely), it would be Caroline. She seems normal (whatever that means) which is probably why she’s so boring. Why even choose to be on the show? I guess it’s for Brownstone advertising like others have suggested.

      I don’t know her background but it’s obvious that her entire adult life has been childrearing. The unfortunate thing for homemakers is that the job is term limited. Raising kids is busy work and mothers often have little time to develop outside interests – even more so for women who married young or were just empty vessels to begin with. This of course is not true for all just IMO.

      I don’t think Caroline’s children are the geatest humans on the planet but compared to Jac & Ashley they are saints. It’s too late for a firm hand with Ashley.

  39. Olivia says:

    Bravo should just call these series “Trash T.V.” and be done with it. The pretense that these shows are more than what they are is fooling no one.

    Reading the NJ blogs (I need my head examined) is illustrative of what these women are after. Each blog is loaded with their links to other sites promoting their crap. No sign of any self awareness appears in the inanities and excuses they throw out there for review. And the comments posted border on the insane. People giving approval to either Danielle, Theresa, Trashley or Jacqueline share the same sentiments of women who line up to marry convicts!

    No one rebukes Theresa for calling herself “nice” or questions the fact that she is a proven fraud. Danielle with her “love and light” crap is absurd yet there are morons out writing in praising her for her “courage”. Jacqueline’s fans are boosting her creds by remarking on her parenting skills while her skanky kid is writing her own version of the truth on another panel. Who are these people who just “love” these famewhores with nothing to offer beyond vulgarity and behavior that is equivalent to junior high?

    And I am more convinced as time goes on that Bravo will consider a series featuring the spawns of these cretins that will include the likes of Albie, Chris, and Ashley. Anyone willing to take me up on that? Since Andy was willing to have Mr. College Student on last night to entice the female contingent, it would come as no surprise that the “Albie Show” is possibly in the works. If Bethenny can be seen as the break out star of the NY franchise, chances are they are looking at something to promote his appeal and bring in the ratings.

    Yikes! Put a camera in front of these people and they are instant “stars”.

  40. shamrockblonde says:

    Caroline should get a hobby – you know, my Grandmother used to have a plaque on her wall in her room that read “the greatest gifts we give our children are roots and wings” – it’s true – I know how it felt when my two daughters spread their wings and went out into the world – I can’t say I blame her, but she needs to realize that she has gifted her children with the two most precious things a parent can give their child – a sense of belonging and the freedom to grow – as for Teresa -she needs to stop kidding herself into believing that she is the NJ Bethenenny – not even close –

    and thanks Moira – I thought that was what I did – saw his picture and hit the crop button, but I will go back and retry –

  41. emt2 says:

    What can I say except that this show is gutter trash? Every single one of the women and these contrived storylines and over dramatized scenes. In the words of Kelly “It’s like watching a bad improv class.”

    I can see why Danielle is so paranoid because let’s face it, the other women are out to get her as was illustrated when her wolf in sheep’s clothing friend Kim helped to stir the pot and Teresa thought that it was a good time to recreate the table flipping scene and Ashley was just itching to fight Danielle.

    IF you listening closely to the language and actions used by Teresa and Danielle, it is almost verbatim taken from last year’s table flipping scene. It’s scary and contrived how closely they want to recreate the scene that drew the highest ratings.

    This New Jersey show is pure gutter trash. Everyone reeks and the show leaves a sticky film on everything it comes into contact with. Everything and everyone becomes tainted. Better yet, the show is like a strip of fly trap with flailing and dying flies that are stuck. Don’t get sucked in and become too curious because you too will become trapped and unable to escape and your brain cells and self-respect will die gruesome deaths.

    Anyway, I’m not watching, reading or commenting about that show anymore. It’s just too gross and I feel like I need to take a shower.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I already quit watching. There isn’t one likeable person on that show. I can’t relate to them at all. Not their irresponsible spending, their clique mentality, their “leaked” sex tapes or their table flipping.

  42. jennifer says:

    My answer to Teresa’s blog on Bravo

    Bravo probably won’t put this up but…

    Teresa we say what happen…it’s on camera…YOU started it. You should have left well enough alone. Who cares if she want event or why? If you didn’t want to see her, don’t go….YOU started it…..the viewers saw it…

    Also, Ashley is NOT a teenager when she acts like she did, eyeing Danielle and waving…staring at her, again we SAW it…it’s on tape….she did NOT ignore Danielle…

    I am no Danielle fan but you and Jacqueline are becoming as dislikeable if not more…You can’t claim you don’t want to talk about her and want her gone and then always talk about her and talk directly to her…Again Teresa, YOU started it…….

    • vilzvet says:

      Well put but it’ll NEVER make the Bravo board….the comments are NEVER worth reading, it’s all a fake love-fest.

  43. shamrockblonde says:

    YAY!!! Ryan finally made it!!!! – and Ashley has one hell of a role model in her Mother – Jaq needs to grow a spine and she better do it fast – that girl is rapidly getting beyond any kind of guidance from her parents –

  44. WindyCityWondering says:

    Was going to watch RHONJ til the end of this season – see the reunion, wrap it up and throw it in the trash – neat and complete.
    These women have never been interesting to watch – their lives seem so pointless (goals and ambitions are missing and none have a professional career) and their high school girl wars stopped being entertaining a long time ago. They care about material things but not about the people in their lives – Ashley is a beautiful example of out of control yet supported in her bad behavior, no job, no education, no rules, no responsibility and no maturity. They talk about things in front of their kids that are so inappropriate (calling Danielle a pig in the car going to that snoozefest farm outing or discussing her square tits at family dinners). Then throwing in two new characters that just further the feud – one trying to be miss manners and one pretending to be a business woman) don’t even begin to get this train back on the tracks. We know their money is fake, we know their lives are uninteresting and uninspiring and we know hate is the currency of the show. But if that isn’t enough, there is Danielle in all her repulsive glory providing relief from all things Manzo. This formula and cast fails on too many levels and hopefully Bravo buries it soon!

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