I Hate Jill Zarin Final Recap-Jill July 6, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Final Recap – Jill Zarin                     July 6, 2010

Well we know that people who don’t read my blog on a regular basis just assume that every blog is about Jill Zarin and how much we all hate her.   Those of you who actually read the blog know that it is far from that.  Occasionally, however, we do need to cover Jill’s antics because they are both frequent and fascinating.

Let’s go back for just a moment to the beginning of the season.  I can remember watching, for the first time, Luann and Jill walking down the pier to Ramona’s yacht party and having seen the previews of Jill saying how horrible Bethenny had been not being there for ill Bobby and Bethenny’s message to Jill with the infamous “Get a hobby”.  I was fully prepared to be on Team Jill prior to episode one. 

Bravo editors and PR people are pretty talented!  It didn’t take long to realize that Jill was on the wrong side of this argument and that she was being unreasonable.  I honestly thought that Jill would be the voice of reason during the argument between Luann and Ramona.  It was clear to me that Luann was holding onto this little tidbit in order to throw it at Ramona the first time the cameras rolled.  Jill, however, should have been the voice of reason, right?  Jill knows Ramona better than anyone and everyone knows that Luann not only chose a bad time to bring up her complaint, but was bringing it up with the wrong person.  Why didn’t Jill defuse instead of adding fuel to the fire? 

We know why now, but at the time I thought, wow, Jill has changed.  She’s never been on Ramona’s team but she used to be reasonable.  This set the tone and Jill Zarin went downhill from there.  She also began to gossip about Bethenny and her message to anyone who would listen.  She spent her time on a luxury yacht sniping in Ramona’s friend’s ear about how cheap Ramona is.  (look who’s talking)  This, from a woman who thinks Ramona should give her a free choice of any jewelry piece she wants from Ramona’s new collection. 

Everyone knows the rest of the story, how Jill treated Bethenny was beyond reprehensible.  Her facial expressions are really what stood out to me the most.  The horrible faces that she would make at just the sound of Bethenny’s voice, coupled with Luann’s constant eye rolls every time Bethenny’s name came up.  This really was like watching two high school girls bullying one girl. 

Bethenny isn’t perfect, we know that but she did not deserve the treatment  by Jill.  She seemed to at least try to do the right thing.  She sent flowers when she heard that Bobby was having a procedure and the last thing she heard from Jill was that Bobby was ok.  Further attempts on Bethenny’s part to contact Jill were ignored.   I do wonder what, if any, the differences would have been had Luann not been in the picture throughout all of this.  She seemed to feed into Jill’s plans to humiliate and destroy Bethenny. 

Jill fans will say “destroy” is too strong a word, but after everything we learned at the reunion and knowing what we know Jill has done off screen, I think it is appropriate.

This is from Jill’s very first blog of the season:

Will I cringe watching the show? Of course I will. Will I want to put words back in my mouth? Who wouldn’t (or lies if they say they never would). But I am human and not perfect. I strive to be a better person and learn from my friends and sometimes my foes (a Kelly word!). Please don’t be harsh on any of us. He who throws stones…

Jill was preparing us for what was to come and by this time already knew that Bethenny was engaged and pregnant.  She already knew that Bethenny had her own show and that she had burned enough bridges to be in a different state from Bethenny’s new show!  This was well before she decided to play computer hacker on Amazon.com to slam Bethenny’s book as well as Alex’s.  She wrote her own review of her own book under the name Susan Saunders and included saying that her mother had passed away as part of the review. 

She wrote the above after having hit all the talk shows with Luann and Kelly who all slammed Bethenny every chance they got.  She wrote this knowing exactly what happened all season. 

By the end of the season, after part two of the reunion, Jill sent this message in her blog:

  Self-reflection and growth is always important. I am proud of how I came full circle this season. I realized the things I could have done better and attempted to correct them or sincerely apologize for them where I could. But I ask you, where is the forgiveness? At what point are enough apologies enough? What else can a person do to right a wrong? Why some people’s apologies are fully accepted immediately, yet mine seem to be falling on deaf ears? I feel like the first two parts of this reunion all that you’ve heard me say is “I’m sorry.” While I certainly am sorry about many things, what did I do that was so egregious that these women just do not have in their hearts to forgive? Or at the very least put aside and move forward? Does it seem to you that there is more here than meets the eye?

If I’ve ever seen an apology that was insincere, it was this one.  I noticed that she was careful not to use the word, “but”.  If she had said, “I’m sorry, but…” she would have been criticized for an apology with an out clause.  What she did say was, “While I certainly am sorry about many things….”  That is the same thing as using “but” to me.  The bottom line is she went on to make excuses and complain that no one wanted to forgive her. 

Anyone who watched or was there would completely understand why her half assed apologies weren’t readily accepted.  When both Alex and Ramona talked about Jill telling them not to film with Bethenny, the first thing Jill did was deny deny deny!  Until she realized that with both Ramona and Alex saying the same thing and with all of the details, including Ramona revealing the producers calling her, Jill had every intention of lying her way through that.  When she finally realized it, she emphasized that Bethenny did the same thing to Kelly, (asking others not to film with her) then Jill added her, “I was wrong, Bethenny, I apologize”!  I really wanted someone at that point to point out to her that just moments before, she denied it…..Andy Cohen really was too easy on her!  Partially thanks to Bethenny.

Does anyone think that Jill’s never ending apologies were sincere?  When we hear reports of Jill hiring three PR professionals to “prep” her for the reunion, I tend to think that everything she said was scripted and/or lines given to her by these PR people.  I think that includes her screaming at Alex, “Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true” and “Spread eagle in the hallway of your husband’s hotel”. 

Just in case you still think that possibly Jill Zarin was truly sorry, she added this to her blog of the same date:

I have received so many letters from all of you that virtually beg me to stop apologizing. Well thank you for opening my eyes. I have apologized enough. I am going to be divine and forgive them for having such closed hearts.

Let’s explore who Jill may be talking about when she says she is going to forgive “THEM” for having closed hearts.  She apologized to Ramona for her remarks during Ramona’s Tru-Renewal Launch party.  Did Ramona say she didn’t forgive her?  Ramona was inappropriate at Jill’s Kodak party so I get it, Jill was returning the favor because she was also upset with Ramona, Jill also used the excuse that she was trying to be funny and throw out some one liners like Bethenny does so successfully.  Clearly Jill failed miserably!

Jill never once apologized to Alex, so she isn’t referring to Alex when she said “them”. 

Jill apologized to Sonja for her nasty comment at the Bachelor party, Sonja not only accepted the apology but opened it up to all the women saying it was ok to bash her anytime, she has thick skin.

Jill apologized to Bethenny many, many times.  Even with the multiple apologies from Jill to Bethenny, there were still more things that Jill needed to apologize for.  We never saw Jill apologize for the rude phone call when Luann was listening.  Since Amazongate never came up, Jill never apologized to Bethenny for leaving a bad review on Bethenny’s book.  I’m sure there were plenty of others! 

So if I get it right, Jill is referring to Bethenny and her closed heart.  I don’t know about a closed heart, I watched Bethenny talk about the love for her newborn baby daughter and the last thing I would call Bethenny is “closed hearted” . 

Since the season has ended Jill has continued her vendetta against Alex even throwing out a dare to Bravo.  If they bring back Alex next season, Jill cannot come back.  That is the best news I’ve heard all year!  Nobody believes it, but I hope she’ll be eating that crow that Ramona was talking about next season.

Jill has unleashed the Kracken on Twitter with some over-zealous fans who have decided that attacking some of Jill’s haters as well as Alex and Simon.  Since I’m enemy #1, I guess that makes me a target!  Ah well, such is life.  Jill’s people have not tweeted one word to Bethenny!  This lead me to believe that Jill still has some hope that she can salvage something of a relationship with Bethenny. 

There is also a nasty little dog that isn’t nearly as fun as our own @gingerzarin.  This dog just growls at me and talks like a 2-year old child.  I didn’t know that dogs talked like babies but apparently they do.  Jill follows this growling menace and the growling menace follows me, breaking Jill’s rule, per her own rule, she should be blocking this new dog!  I also noticed that Jill followed the dog before the dog tweeted anything, and while she says it is not her, and she said she isn’t paying anyone to do it.  Sounds like she certainly knows who is doing it…..her faithful whipping boy, Darren?

So as I said, my prediction is that the awful, hateful, mean, vindictive, materialistic, narcissistic, lying, vicious, self-absorbed, bitch will be back next season.  (I have more adjectives but you get the picture)

Note that when Andy Cohen was asked about the cast for next season, his response was, “hold tight until 2011”  I asked Mr. Simon VanKempen if he knew what that meant, he said, “No f’n idea”.  Since Bravo is adding two new housewife franchises, it is certainly possible that they may not film all of the ladies quite as often as they had in past years.  With Atlanta and Beverly HIlls being filmed now, and DC airing next month they may have a full schedule right now.  In addition Bravo has several other shows coming back, Rachel Zoe, Flipping Out, Disguisting Patti Stanger, and many others.  Based on what Cohen said, they may not film NY housewives beginning around Labor Day this year.

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1,475 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Final Recap-Jill July 6, 2010

  1. LynnNChicago says:

    A Former Jill Fan

    I don’t know how to thank you, I just reviewed Twitter and I notice after being at my son’s baseball game all evening that my name came up a few times, and not in a good way!

    I really appeciate you defending me and our little blog that is such a great place for all of us.

    So many just want to stay neutral and are afraid that Jill will block them but you got out there along with a few other Twitter friends and nailed the trolls!

    Thank you !! You’re a great friend! :)xo Lynn

    • You’re very welcome! It takes a lot for me to blow; asininity is one of them, but from someone who professes to be working in the criminal justice system where ethics should be the forefront of one’s professional as well as public decorum, it’s unconscionable!

    • Ashley’s tweets today were fighting words. I never have backed down from Jill, so certainly wouldn’t from a starstruck “criminal justice” employee spouting outright lies.

      Those @GingerZarin, @AlanasCat, and @bdonahueweedman tweets to @J_ashly and @palmer2007 are hilarious! With @GingerZarin, @AlanasCat, and @bdonahueweedman on the attack, I think they’ll keep those two hopping. I’ve laughed so hard that I almost had an asthma attack! LOL! I guess if you gotta have one, that’s the way to go! 😛

      I mean, is calling an imaginary cat “furball” or telling it to “go play in the litter box” really cutting edge vitriol? I think not! LOL!

    • Melanie says:

      Great blog again. I wish I could be as elegant as you are with your words. You are always direct and spot on. The truth hurts especially when you make the offenders look in their mirror! Ugly is as ugly does. Jill tries to control every aspect of the show, look at the mess with Kelly.Which I find really sad and sick.
      With all the chaos she has created, she now finds herself squirming like a worm in hot ashes. It’s time for her to try and bow out of the show and maybe show a little dignity for once. This is one way she may try to salvage her reputation. Just leave. She is done.

  2. DesertGal says:

    Great blog, Lynn!

    I’ve been following you and Jill on Twitter for some time, and she’s yet to send me any snarky messages. I feel so left out. 😉

    I don’t want Jill to keep apologizing, either. Her fake humility is nauseating. I would like to see her apologize and actually mean it, but she’s clearly incapable of that.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Have you tweeted to her? If she sees your name, she’ll check to see if you’re following me before she decides to block you or she may try to DM you to save your soul….from me! LOL

      • DesertGal says:

        I’ve tweeted to her a couple of times, but she still hasn’t picked up on it. I’m not all that active on Twitter, though, so maybe that’s why.

        It’s too late to save my soul. JILL. I signed it over for a pair of neon green stilettos months ago.

  3. Great blog Lynn! You said much of what I’ve been thinking. Don’t have anything to add to that except Jill’s an ass and her trolly fans, palmer, samples and ashley are even bigger ones.

    • anitabee says:

      Seriously, if anything her trolls go to show how UNPOPULAR Jill is.

      Let’s see there is a total of 3 Trolls which in reality equals one person making up different accounts and then tweeting themselves.

      How frinkin funny!

      Even dumbasses like Jill has fans. Thankfully they don’t care enough about Jill to go around defending her.

      It’s just too obvious to EVERYONE that Jill either has family or is paying someone to act like superfans that actually take up trolling for Jill.

      Jill — Give it up. Bravo isn’t falling for it. And the poor mentally challanged person twatting on your behalf makes you look even more desperate, more vile, more hateful, and more unhinged than ever before.

      Don’t worry Jill — Bravo will bring you back so Alex can wipe the ground with you. If you thought Kelly wasn”t up to par to argue with Bethenny — wait until we see Alex take the gloves off and outsmart Jill. I see a T.K.O. in Jill’s future.

      I bet $50 Jill goes down before the 3rd round.

  4. Olivia says:

    I have to admit that I am no fan of Twitter and think that most of what is put out there is utter and complete nonsense. Sitting around informing perfect strangers that someone is “about to make a sandwich” is about is dumb of a way of communicating that exists. But with that being said, had I been “banned” from receiving any of Jill Zarin or Kelly’s tweets I would feel honored. It just shows how self important these two weasels are in thinking that anything they have to say is being eaten up with a spoon by those “lucky” enough to remain on their ego trains. Who cares?

    Jill is so convinced of her own superiority that anything she would have to impart would be taken with a grain of salt and chalked up to the usual brand of inanity she is so eager to spew out. The same applies to that other non entity, Kelly, who seems to s spend precious hours each day relating some of the dumbest comments ever put forth by a grown up.

    But for those who live with the thrill of having received one more tweet from a total stranger, let me just close by saying “I am off to bed!”. That ought to do it!

    • mnsue says:

      I signed up for twitter only when I heard Conan OBrien was going to be tweeting.

      I swear it is worth it just for the laugh I get from what Conan tweets. About once a day he says something that makes me laugh out loud.

  5. MickeyMouth says:

    Lynn, you should really offer your services to Jill on how to rehab her image. Think of the money she could save paying PR people who obvioulsy have no idea what they are doing to hiring you 🙂

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I do wonder why she hasn’t at least reached out to me to say,” WTF? ” or “What can I do to get you to stop your blog”? Anything?

      Hell for months I have, and most of you have given her plenty of free advice, she just chooses not to take it!

  6. @twilighttwitti says:

    You say it best Lynn. I won’t follow Jill because I can’t stand her. She is a despicable woman of shallow character. I hate liars. I’m surprised that Bethenny still allowed her to hug her at the end of the Reunion and still mentioned getting together again.. It was all for our benefit. I hope Bethenny realizes and sticks with her decision to break the friendship with Jill. Bethenny has Jason now and doesn’t need a back stabbing mother figure like Jill, she already has a real mother that already does that. Stay the hell away from Jill, Bethenny she tried to bring you down. That behaviour is not forgivable.
    Jill’s apology comes with stipulations as usual, I’ll say I’m sorry but you must forgive me no matter what I do to you! You’ve been denied Jill. You are a social Pariah.

    • bethenny admirer says:

      Right; Jill said she was sorry but COULDN’T CHANGE. Jill that makes you shallow and limited; why should anyone want to have a relationship with you, when you don’t take responsibility to amend your ways. a

  7. amy17 says:

    I was blocked by Shill for stating the obvious. I was once a fan and now find her reprehensible. Why has’nt anyone sued her?

  8. Need a Hobby says:

    In retrospect, Jill hasn’t always been the reasonable one. There were more than just hints of what she was capable of in previous seasons, IMO.

    For example, Jill wasn’t reasonable at the end of Season 2 when she was “knew” Ramona was “lying” when she said she’d paid her contribution for the step & repeat at the arthritis benefit, although even the person who was keeping track confirmed to her that Ramona had paid. Her blow up at Bethenny because of the signage at the same event is another example. Jill was convinced Bethenny had done something underhanded and was badmouthing Bethenny to Ramona and the cameras. Jill eventually admitted that she was wrong at the reunion (IIRC she said some times she gets paranoid and goes a little nuts) but of course Jill blamed Ramona for that.

    In the first episode of season 2 we saw Jill who had trashed Simon & Alex to Cindy Adams IIRC, in retaliation for an relatively innocuous remark Simon had made in an article. (They hit me, I hit them back.) She went at them with far more virulence than was warranted as I recall. At that time Bethenny basically told Jill that she always had to have or create opponents and she needed to stop picking fights with others because there were consequences. At that time Jill listened to Bethenny and admitted it was true. It was essentially the same advice Bethenny later gave Jill in her “you need get a hobby rather than picking battles” voice mail.

    There are probably examples from Season 1 but I don’t remember that as clearly.

    Jill’s always been Jill. But this last season saw her unleashed and in full bloom, without any moderating influence, and in fact encouraged and supported by Lulu and then Kelly whose “truce” with Bethenny was short lived. This time Bethenny was her opponent of choice and Jill set out to virtually destroy Bethenny’s public image and reputation, knowing that Bethenny’s business endeavors were dependent on her image and popularity. I still wonder what else Jill may have done behind the scenes to try to interfere with Bethenny’s deal with Shed/Bravo.

    As for Andy’s comment, it could be a matter of changing the schedule or it could be simply that Bravo doesn’t officially announce the cast until they’re doing promos for the show. Last season word leaked out because of prolonged contract negotiations and cast members (Jill) talking to the press. But I don’t recall that Bravo made any formal announcement regarding the cast in 2009.

  9. error 404 says:

    Last season we got just a taste.

    Jill wanted to turn her charity event into a promote Zarin Fabrics fair. Ramona, very rightly, said it was declasse. Lulu agreed, but quickly backed down as soon as she saw Jill come out with both barrels. Jill made R look like a fool, making fun of her not knowing where the social register is. I can only imagine she meant the publishing office, as the social register is a book, not a place.

    When Bethenny included Skinny Girl signage along with the fra angelico booze she used her contacts to get donated, Jill flipped. Ramona saw an opportunity to get her revenge, and chided Jill about the SG signage. Jill went on a rampage. She removed all of the signs, including the poor people who gave her all that free booze. When B showed up, Jill exploded, and gave one of her famous “just leave” commands. It was all about her. Me me me me me. How could B be so cruel that she’d make Jill go ape shit crazy over nothing just before she had to give a speech. Blah blah blah.

    At the reunion, Jill again gave us a taste of reunion things to come. She teared up, she claimed never in her life to ever had felt such pain, she blamed others (Ramona made her do it!), she claimed to have no idea where the angry retrobution came from (I get crazy ideas in my head sometimes) and apologized to B, who this time was stupid enough to forgive her. At least on camera.

    Little did we know it, but this was just the teaser, a trailer to the entire plot of season 3.

    It does surprise me that Jill never threw Lulu under the bus this season. Many blamed Lulu for Jill orchestrated jehad on B, with a night of 101 stars coming to “team Jill”‘s aide. I don’t buy it for a minute. Even once Lulu smartened up and realized she was on the losing side, Jill was steadfast. Lulu immediately went over to B to congratulate her. Jill stayed away until the last minute. Lulu wanted to invite pregnant B to her Blouses and Booze partay, but Jill said not f#$king way. No, I don’t think Jill needed Lulu or Patty, or Ramona or anyone else to “get these strange ideas in my head” . This was all classic Jill. Get so jealous that someone has something that you don’t, that you vow to destroy them.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Exactly. I would bet that the story of her not speaking to her sister for many years has jealousy at it’s root… this is not behaviour one suddenly acquires in their 40’s.

      Slightly off topic, but not entirely. When I watched a rerun of Episode 1, Season 1, JZ said she had known Ramona for 5 years, but it sounded like a social friendship, not a close one. In the scenes in VI, she kept saying that they had been friends for 15 years. Friends? 15 years? This has been bugging me…. I need a life!

      • quincyillinois says:

        I noticed the difference in numbers too. It seemed like Ramona and Jill had just met in the beginning of the show. I think Jill said that they enjoyed meeting the Singers too.

        I think it depends on the meaning of “friends.” I know a lot of people and have few friends.

        I already miss the antics of the NYC girls. I guess that is why I look at their stupid twitters every few days.

      • Adgirl says:

        She also said they were “tennis” friends and didn’t hang out one on one (like have lunch). Jill and LuAnn were already friendly according to LuAnn.
        Jill was infurtated that Ramona invited LuAnn to her cooking party, but she wasn’t. Jill had a big bitchmelt over it.

    • HD says:

      Jill picks on those who she feels she is better than and who will let her get away with it.

      She will never throw Luann under the bus because she was a former “Countess” and got invited to a lot of events due to her ex husband and so Jill wanted to be in with that clique. Also as much as I dislike Luann I think she would tell it to Jill straight if she ever came near her.

      Jill will never bother Sonja because she is a former Morgan. Enough said.

      Jill picks on those who she thinks she can have power over. To her Alex is a nobody so it is easy to go after her. As soon a B started “blowing up” then she decided she was no longer her friend. Kelly is just too stupid but Jill won’t bother her because as CRAZY as Kelly is, she does know about the modeling industry and whatnot and Jill can FINALLY say she is with the pretty girls.

      Honey, I got Jill’s number. She will do whatever she can do to fit in and not feel like the ugly girl that eats her cheese and crackers by herself in the lunch room. She is still stuck in high school where I am sure she was not popular. For her to send her daughter to fat camp (she can call it whatever she wants but it was fat camp.) shows you how she is. She wanted a QUICK solution so her daughter could “look good” but never took the time with all that so called money to get her a trainer or whatnot. Her only objective was her wanting a skinny, pretty daughter that can hang with that type of young, preppy priveleged crowd of teens in NYC. If she was THAT concerned about her well being for real, she would not be doing quick fixes. Girl, I know all about Jill. She ain’t foolin’ no one!

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I agree with you…..When Ramona told Bethenny that Jill liked her because she was the underdog….I thought it was incredibly rude and off base…….BUT NOW! Jeez Ramona, nail, meet head! She was spot on about Jill. I have seen more layers slowly unfold from Ramona than I ever imagined. She has surprised me immensely in a positive way.

    • Maxine49 says:

      Well, Lulu’s “congratulations” to Bethenny on her engagement was still one of Lulu’s passive-aggressive, left-handed comments/compliments. Lulu got her dig in—she always does. Recall that Lulu brought up Bethenny’s “snake” comment at the time of Lulu’s congrats to Bethenny’s on her engagement—and then walked out the door with Coert (or whatever the heck his name is/was). I think Lulu has now seen the errors of her ways. That’s not to say she is sorry–quelle horreur–but that she realizes that she has been viewed simply as a JillZ patsy. For her survival, Lulu has to be seen as a “character” in her own right. Lulu is not the sharpest tack in the box, but she finally gets it….and she also gets how popular Sonja is with the viewers….and she wants some of Sonja’s “shine” with the fans. Well, it’s not going to happen, but you can’t blame Lulu for trying. Lulu is no Sonja–not now, not ever. But I think she’ll be able to repair her image to some extent—especially if she continues her quest for love with creepy dates with inappropriate men—she’ll garner some fan sympathy for that. Bottom line, though, Lulu is forever destined to be a bit player in the RHONY franchise….geez, even Crazy Kelly has eclipsed her….because, let’s face it—Lulu is just not that interesting….she’s got no game—even the singing “career” can’t engage us in caring about her. Money can’t buy you class, Countess, and money can’t buy you fans, either…try putting that one to music!

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Lulu is soooo passive-aggressive and underhanded I could never be bothered with her. She IS a snake. B got it right!

  10. Need a Hobby says:

    Oh yeah, at the reunion for this season Jill did a bit more than just deny that she had told others not to film with Bethenny. When Ramona mentioned it, as I recall, Jill was absolutely furious and shouted “LIAR!” at Ramona. And then within minutes Jill admitted it was all true.

    Classic Jill: she called Ramona a liar when it was Jill who was lying, not Ramona.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO the ladies were getting sick of all of Jill’s SOJM sayings, raising her voice, apologizing, crying and standing up and stomping off stage! It was fun to see both Ramona and Alex dish it right back – none of them are afraid of Jill and that really pisses her off.

  11. Jenni says:

    @Lynn- Great blog once again! If you ever get a chance, I would love to see the timeline of events as far as Zarin’s actions. For instance, I think her blogs on the Bravo site were very carefully worded, and she was still hoping things would go her way when she wrote the earlier ones. Remember, at that same time, the mean girls were out doing lots of interviews, happy with themselves, and spinning their tale of how horrible B is.

    It would be great to see the timeline of all the events that were filmed and shown as part of HW, in articles and other interviews, on Amazon, and on Jill’s blogs. I know it would be a lot of work, but it would be great to have it documented to better see the hypocrity.

    It seems that for all the things Jill has done, she really has had very few moments where she actually admitted a mistake and apologised. It seems she confuses people forgiving and people forgeting. I think B and other castmates have forgiven, but they would be fools to forget, and I hope they never do.

    It is astounding to me that Jill is not able to tell the truth, admit her errors, and apologise. If she did, that would make her HUMAN. Yet in her last blog, SHE claims divinity! (She will forgive the others for their closed hearts) Isn’t she just too good to be true, in her own mind? Deliberately trying to hurt others is evil, the lies and hyprocrisy are evil. Jill- you attacked and hurt others, how dare you imply that they are not as good as you are because they will not forget that and treat you as if it never happened? CLAIMING TO FORGIVE THEM WHEN YOU ARE ACTUALLY HOLDING THAT AS YET ANOTHER GRUDGE AGAINST THEM DOES NOT IN ANY WAY MAKE YOU THE BETTER PERSON OR IN ANY WAY DIVINE.

    • Katiecoo says:

      Snap on that last line! IT’s so distasteful!!!

      And let’s not forget the first episode where she said she had to cut Bethenny out “like a cancer” while professing that cancer was the worst thing that had happened in her life. To me, that’s where it all turned.

    • Jenni says:

      The thing is, that last blog of hers is really a very subtitle attack on her castmates, who are not as good as she is, have closed hearts, and are not able to forgive. Jill is still Jill, no changes here!

  12. WindyCityWondering says:

    And I still hate Jill Zarin!

  13. cusi77 says:

    Dear Lynn,

    Another 5 Stars for this one.

    Bethenny won my respect yet more during the Reunion. She really loved Jill like a sister, watched her back during 2 seasons, She continued to be loyal to Jill at the begining of season 3 – even when Jill rejected her several times. I think she could have been really harsh on Jill … she show more compassion for her than Jill NEVER show for Bethenny. She told Andy “we have beaten enogh this horse ” (I think that was the meaning).

    Jill response about comming for another season was plain childish! That woman never takes responsibility! Her answer -just paraphrasing… “I do not know if I will be back… for exemple, I can not film with Alex, since She clearly hates me! WHO HATES WHO?
    Alex was talking about an ounce of humility when she arrived to St. John. About B with her father diying (?) Alex told her “If there is 1% of chance, this is the moment to reach Bethenny”… “Where is the video! show me! show me!”

    She made foul of herself and nobody with a little common sense will beleive her apologies, The only thing Jill cares about… IS JILL! She wanted Bethenny back because she did not want to look ugly (as she is, btw). How dare Bethenny Fell in love, being called by Bravo, get engaged, get pregnant, married… When she was going to play the Bawbby cancer card and RUIN Bethenny!

    What rip me inside was 1.- talking to Bethenny with LuAnn listening and told her about being ungrateful with the man “who put food in her mouth” (disgusting)
    2.- After “You know Bethenny, WE ARE DONE!” She told Lulu “She doesn’t deserve to be with me in the same room”… There, I was done with her… and I found you Lynn!

    This place is the best place to congregate!

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      You’re awesome, Cusi! Well said!

    • fairydusted says:

      Great post cusi77. She sure did show her true colors. And now she can’t hide it. I betcha she cries herself to sleep on Thursday nights watching B’s show. I know B is not perfect but she certainly didn’t deserve J’s treatment.

  14. dumberries says:

    Well said Lynn! There’s so much more you could say about Zarin’s foulness, but that would be a book, not a blog.

    Zarin could have made some real headway in repairing her image at the reunion, but she’s too small a person to make honestly make amends (or even hide her contempt for others). She said, “I’ve changed and you’ll see it today”. That was a the start of the reunion. How did she end the reunion? By saying, “I’ll be honest, I don’t think I can film with Alex, it’s clear that she hates me”. That wasn’t honest. If she was being honest, she would have owned up to the fact that she hates Alex, but she doesn’t have the balls to say what she really feels. She’s happy to perpetrate hateful acts and think she’s clever about disguising them, but rather than admit how she feels, she turns it around and labels Alex the hater. That was presumptuous and cowardly. It is she, Zarin, who is the hater. She was clearly trying to make it more difficult for Alex to come back. But worse, she set up Alex up to be the excuse for why she may not be back. She’s such an egomaniac, if she’s not asked back, she’ll probably claim that she decided not to return because of Alex. If she is asked back and Alex isn’t, that one final statement at the reunion laid the foundation for Zarin to claim a victory and demonstrate how much power she wields (in her own mind). Bottom line, even at the reunion where she was going to show us how much she’s changed, Zarin was planting the seeds for future unethical behavior. We all know she’ll come back no matter what, if asked. But she won’t accept any responsibility for her fate if she is not asked back and someone will have to pay for getting what she could not (Alex this time). She hasn’t changed a bit.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Another big flaw of JZ………Spouting off what Alex feels. Jill, speak for yourself. You aren’t divine enough to “clearly” know what somebody else thinks. You only know what YOU think. Own up to it, accept responsibility for your own behavior and stop blaming others AND playing the victim. You, Jill, are a dumb-ass, and I may as well add, your friend Kelly is a moron.

  15. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    You know, it is the height of arrogance to think you can manipulate the entire world to believe what you SAY, despite the proof of what you did! She somehow believes that 2 million RHONY viewers can be manipulated with false apologies???

    Thanks, Lynn!

  16. Katiecoo says:

    Great blog…and comments as usual!

    Hey did you guys see that Bethenny posted she has a big announcement to make in the morning? That she’s excited and nerve wracking?

    “Good night guys. Off to bed. Big news tomorrow. Exciting & nerve wracking. I’ll share first thing in the am. What did you do tonight?”

    What do you think it could be? I think she might be replacing Simon Cowell! (snort!)

  17. TT in OC (formerly An American Alien) says:

    Although I have been trying my best to keep up with reading all the comments, I was not able to participate in the discussion for the last few weeks. The truth is my husband and I just bought a “semi fixer” home. Between a full time job and endless remodelling projects (and researching on a possibily new commission job), I even had a tough time keeping up with watching the show. (Thanks to Bravo, I was able to catch the continuous reruns.) Fortunately, I was still able to enjoy reading Lynn’s blog and to keep myself updated of what’s going on behind the scenes on a daily basis.
    I was very impressed with the integrity of the blog and how objective everyone is. All posters here are fair, smart, rational and educated. I especially like the fact that posters (Lynn included) do not hate Jill blindly because they are Bethany’s fans, but they can cite precisely what qualities and behaviors of Jill that are not acceptable.
    I started watching the RHONY in late season 2 and therefore, I have little knowledge on the history of these ladies(?). That’s partly the reason why I did not jump on the “hate Jill”, “love Bethany” or “love Alex” wagon. Frankly, I remember not likely Alex especially at the season 2 reunion.
    I’m still not hating Jill as she doesn’t deserve such a strong feeling from me, but I do find her and her behavors disgusting. I gave up to try to understand what Kelly’s problem is. The thought of her make my head spin. Luann is simply boring. Now that she loses her Countess title, she is more grounded but even more boring than ever.
    I become to like Alex more as I am more like her when come to confronting people. Her new attitude is an inspiration. Ramona is very likeable this season. I wish I could be a good friend like she was (referring to her telephone conversation with Bethany whom was on the way to see her deading father). I enjoy watching Bethany getting married. Knowing more about her background, how she struggled and finally get to “a happy place” gives me hope. I bet a lot of us can share her experience as a working woman one way or the other.
    Lynn, thanks for giving us a place where we can share our views, feelings and experience freely. I may not be able to participate in the discussion, but I would definitely keep reading and wishing everyone well on the side line.
    P.S. I particularly enjoy error 404’s postings as he can always let me see things at a completely different angle.

  18. sophie says:

    Hey, whatever happened to Jill’s “gay husband?” I thought she couldn’t do without him. Did he opt out of the filming, or did she get a new hobby to replace him, too?

  19. knocknoc says:

    Stupendous recap Lynn.

    The only thing I would like to add: Jill is pure evil…..the devil has her in his grasp and doesn’t want to let her go.

  20. felony stupid says:

    Great blog Lynn! As usual, I completely agree with you.

    I believe that Jill felt justified – when she came up with her plan, while carrying out her plan and NOW. It has only made her angrier that she is in this PR nightmare and has been forced to apologize to the person she feels screwed her. I’d lay odds that Jill spends hours trying to figure out how her world turned upsidedown. In Jill’s mind, Bethenny started all this the moment she was offered and accepted her own show and because of that she believes her response was and is appropriate.

    So filming starts and she finally gets to flick Bethenny and get back at her for being a selfish beyotch. Then Jill finds out that Bethenny’s pregnant. OH crap. And then Jill finds out that Jason’s proposed. OH doublecrap. How can she get out of this? How can she continue to push her campaign o hate on a engaged married woman? The stuff she had ‘exposed’ was pretty weak and the real reason was pathetic, so she’s screwed. What to do? Start blogging straight away how everyone makes mistakes and how ‘everyone’ wishes they could take back things they’ve said sometimes. Because as usual WE ALL have to share blame with Ms. Zarin because she never does anything wrong alone.

    She’s still pissed at how this ended up because she KNOWS she was the wronged party, not Bethenny. And every time she is forced to apologize for her behavior it is through gritted teeth – she really wants to say (and sometimes does) but “you do it too!!” or “but you did XXXX”. She still wants the world to understand what Bethenny did to HER. She really believes she has a case here but the rational part of her knows how petty she will come off. She’s sick in the head.

    Jill has zero clarity about this entire debacle and considering a lot of it is on tape that is pretty freakin’ sad.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      You are so right, Felony!

      (And I wish I could go to sleep now!!!!!)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And we can clearly see that Jill Zarin has no real life! Think of all the time and energy she puts into destroying other people who have what she wants. What she wants she will never get – forgiveness and redemption for her deeds.

    • dumberries says:

      Felony, your perception of Zarin’s perception seems right on the mark~

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Funny too how 2 million people watched Alex try to approach Jill in a peaceful manner, to be gracious and be the bigger person only to have Jill practically run like an ass away as if she were in some kind of danger. I guess Jill thinks we are all too dumb to have caught that bit of rude classless behavior. She’ll never “get it” b/c she IS a dumb-ass.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I meant run away like an ass…. oh well, I had a good laugh when I read it….even thought I might be a dumb-ass for a minute.

  21. talltank says:

    I don’t know who I dislike more, Jill Zarin or Patty Sanger. Since they both seem to be made from the same mold, I guess I don’t like either of them. They’re both loud, obnoxious, shrill, shallow, vengeful, money-hungry, uncouth, and not entirely bright. Besides all that they’re both hasslich. If they read this they’ll know what it means and neither will like it…but truth be told, ugly is as ugly does and their kind of ugly is to the bone.

  22. LynnNChicago says:

    RT @nydailynews Dina Manzo on why she left ‘Real Housewives’: Danielle Staub tried to have my chil.. http://bit.ly/bqoDn0

    Is Dina finally explaining why Caroline broke down and spewed venom at Danielle during last season’s reunion?

    I only believe half of this story…… but the half I believe, I reported here in an earlier blog. I’m not buying her story about her Tommy being “happy as a clam”. Well, let me rephrase, he may be happy as a clam but not in Dina’s bed 🙂

    • quincyillinois says:

      Dina is alone all of the time, but she buys whatever she wishes and drives a nice car. I think she’s hiding the truth too.

      I would absolutely hate having people tell lies about me as Danielle and the two Kim’s do in NJ. The women who listen seem to be smitten with the tv cameras and are willing to do anything to be a part of this show.

      It does no good to try and stop gossip. It aggravates the bully and they gossip more. I don’t know what the solution is. Dina quitting the show was probably the best choice for her. Her personal life was open to everyone and news about her hubby’s activities might cause Dina to make a decision about what she can accept in his behavior.

    • bamabelle57 says:

      I only believe half of that story, too. Whether Dina’s ex gave permission or not-that isn’t grounds to have Lexi taken away from Dina. All these freaking women like to make “mountains out of moehills”!

      And, even if he did give consent, after seeing the content of the show I don’t blame Dina’s ex for not wanting Lexi on the show. Oh sure, I believe Danielle tried to stir the pot and cause trouble-just like the Manzo’s showed THE BOOK to anyone and everyone! What did they expect? Did they think they could spread rumors, out Danielle over a book her EX-HUSBAND wrote… flip a table at her, call her a “prostitution-whore” in front of her girls… AND, expect that Danielle would just sit back and take it?…. NO WAY!

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of Danielle. I did want to take up for her last year because she was the “underdog” so to speak. But, this year, Danielle’s just a nasty FOOL… still, that doesn’t make me like the Manzo Clan any better.

      I don’t think the little rumor about Tommy Manzo is Danielle’s doing. She probably read it online like the rest of us. It’s easier for Dina to blame the rumor on Danielle so people won’t believe it! I think Dina quit because Lexi isn’t on the show and there’s not much for her to do. Plus-I don’t believe for one minute Dina and Tommy Manzo are happy as clams, especially after seeing their Big Fat Wedding online. He’s cheated before, he’s likely to do it again!

      We’ll probably never know the real story with Dina… Like Jennifer Gilbert said… “There’s your story—My story—And, THE TRUTH”… LOL!

    • The quickest way to get me to believe a story is to have Danielle tell me the opposite. As my blog states, I believe anyone who would bring a mob to a charity event for a cancer-ridden child would definitely stoop to this level. I do believe she stoked some fires here trying to get back at Dina for whatever reason.

      As far as Dina, I know from experience that if she doesn’t want to see something about her husband, so won’t until she’s ready.

      Re the Manzo’s obsession, I think Caroline has tried to steer clear of her and Jacqueline went to the fashion show only because Ashley was walking in it. They certainly steered clear of the Brownstone the night Danielle showed her ass and tried to upstage the child. There was no reason for them to be there, and they didn’t manufacture one.

      The ones obsessed with Danielle are: Danielle (!), Teresa, and Ashley. Oh, and the Kims because that guarantees their appearance on the episode.

  23. harleysmom says:

    Hi, been here for a while, getting to know all of you, but spoke up for the first time yesterday.

    Jill defined herself for me this year when she told Bobby, “It’s easy to hate – It’s hard to have relationships.” I think that is the only purely honest thing she has said all season and I am surprised no one has mentioned it in their posts.

    I’m not really a “Housewives” franchise fan, but have watched NY since their beginning. I stopped watching OC when the other wives decided to get Gretchen drunk for the cameras. (Not a Gretchen fan at all, but I thought that was vile behavior.) Saw Atlanta a few times the first season, but it wasn’t worth coming back for – didn’t see anyone I could get attached to. At first, I thought NJ might be worthwhile because Jacqueline seemed torn between her family & her new friend – quickly discovered that I was SO wrong and haven’t been back since.
    For the most part, to me most of the housewives appear to be Extremely self-involved, mean, and not too bright. Compassion is something they emulate, not experience. I really wouldn’t put up with them for very long in my real life, so why bother watching them on TV. Sometimes they are funny, but it’s usually unintentional.

    The exception that has always brought me back to NY is Bethenny. She is perceptive, witty, funny, and hard-working. She understands their eccentricities (including her own), and accepts them for what they are. I have never felt that she is snarky because she clearly includes herself in her assessments. While it may be painful to hear yourself described, humorously, as the outside world sees you, I have always felt that Betheny viewed them all clearly and was point-on; she never said things just to be disparaging. She clearly dislikes Kelly (with reason) and doesn’t cut her any slack. She has always challenged Kelly’s behavior and words but has never attacked her personally. (I don’t put “wack-a-doo” in the same category as “ho-bag”.) When she grills Kelly, I always get the feeling that she is trying to “make sense” of her. This is probably based on a lifetime of trying to figure out why her mom is the way she is.

    I also enjoy Alex. She too is bright, articulate, astute, and driven to success. I have never seen her behave meanly towards the others. She has always been willing to embrace anyone who meets her half-way. As she said, “civility is always nice”. (Simon is hilarious – I love the fact that he is so content with being himself that the others’ rude comments just slide off his back.)

    Sonja is a charmer. She also sees all the housewives and their foibles clearly, but would never stoop to ridiculing them. Like Bethenny, she is a damaged human being and knows it. She seems to be filled with compassion. She and Bethenny seem to “get” and appreciate each other. I would love to see more scenes with just the two of them. Alcohol may be a problem for her, and I hope it isn’t her downfall.

    The other ladies are not in the same category.

    Jill is mean, spiteful, greedy, and disparaging to all. I believe that the meanness she has directed towards all of her cast-mates is a reflection of her feelings about herself. You can’t befriend others if you are always hiding from who you really are.

    Luann is ridiculous, self-centered, and isn’t willing to ‘reveal’ anything authentic about herself– five minutes spent with her in real-life would cause me to roll my eyes and walk away.

    Ramona is a mean drunk. There is a reason she and Jill have been “friends” for years. I believe that in the beginning of this season she believed Jill’s corn-swallow and was fully on her band-wagon. On the bridge, she intended to put Bethenny “in her place” & “tell it like it is”, but Bethenny stopped her cold with one comment. She told Ramona, “You ungrateful person. I praised your jewelry to thousands of fans.” (Paraphrase – I can’t remember the exact words or number of fans.) That hit Ramona where it hurts. Nothing gets in the way of Ramona’s financial success. She started backing down immediately. I could see the wheels turning in her head as they walked. Wait a minute – I think I backed the wrong person. I need Bethenny’s support for my jewelry line. If I hurt her, I could lose money. Without that cold dash of reality thrown in her face, Ramona may very well have had a completely different season. I hope she takes a cold, hard look at herself and does something about her drinking problem.

    Kelly has serious problems. Whether they are psychological or physical is not something I can determine, but I can’t in good conscience support her downward spiral by watching her. I have never understood why the TV & Movie world continues to glorify clearly troubled people and ignore the warning signs. How many could have been saved if “the industry” had set behavior boundaries and demanded treatment for those in need? Too often we have seen truly talented people die because all those around them pretend they don’t have a problem. Unfortunately, in Kelly’s case she may also be a danger to others. I don’t need that kind of “entertainment” or the personal guilt I would feel for being associated with it.

    I LOVE BGM? Any show that makes me cry AND laugh until my jaws hurt has won me over. I find that I truly care about what happens in the lives of Bethenny, Jason, Bryn, Julie, Max, and Cookie. This is a show that makes me feel better for having watched it.

    I’m probably done with the housewives franchise. I believe that Alex, Bethenny, and Sonja will succeed and I will be able to watch them in much happier situations without the “toxicity” of the others.

    That said, I will happily continue to follow them through this blog. Everyone (mostly) is bright, articulate, interesting, friendly, and compassionate. The “Hate” here is not the vicious variety. It appears that most of us don’t tolerate artifice, lying, or cruelty. You have shown that you understand and practice compassion with one another, always offering support in times of need. I love reading about your lives and opinions and can always tolerate the occasional troll (as I have come to understand the term) who is easily ignored in exchange for the pleasure of getting to know all of you. Thanks to all for creating a welcoming community.

    • quincyillinois says:

      I think you may have found the right site to post at. Your conclusions are the same as mine. LOL.

      Welcome. You will love Lynn and the Greek Chorus.

    • LiptonTB says:

      I love your comment (and this blog in general!). I have been MIA for a few days, but thought this link might be interesting to those of you wondering about Bravo’s decisions to capitalize on seriously damaged people.
      I know I won’t watch NYC next year if Jill and/or Kelly darkens the screen.

    • CdnFillie says:

      Great insight..took the words right out of my mouth. Love your style too.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      In the “pizza” scene, Bobby told Jill it’s not easy to just cut someone out of your life. Jill responded that it was easy to cut people out, growing a relationship is hard.

      It’s a defining comment, but Jill didn’t use the word “hate.”

    • bamabelle57 says:


      What a great post! I read it all and very much agree about Jill saying… “It’s easy to throw friends out-but hard to form a friendship”… or something to that effect. That really stuck with me because in my life I find it to be the opposite. I can make friends easy and long-term, but it’s hard for me to throw a real friend out of my life. I’ve had to do it before… with very good reason, but it was hard to do “NOT EASY” and hurt me to do it… even though she deserved it! Friendships should be cherished, sure we all have arguments or disagreements with friends, but usually we agree to disagree!

      Last week when watching Bethenny’s show, I did laugh and cry like you did. Then it dawned on me that Bethenny has been so vunerable most of her life. She did consider Jill a friend and was deeply hurt over what Jill not only did to her and her livelyhood, but did it on national tv.

      When Bethenny was asked if her family would attend the wedding-she started crying, so did I… I thought about Jill Zarin and how heartless she is to have put Bethenny through so much at this time of her life. Bethenny did consider Jill, Bobby and Gloria as family. She did love them!

      It’s just unbelievable to me that Jill was so jealous because Bethenny got her own show that she set out to completely destroy her. I have always been happy for any of my good friends when they succeeded at something!

      Isn’t that why we throw friends or family baby showers, retirement parties, anniversary parties, birthday parties, house-warming parties, graduation parties… congratulations on “whatever” parties such as new job, promotions, etc. Don’t we send friends and family food and flowers when they’re grieving or sick?… I just don’t get it? I don’t get why Jill Zarin was so jealous. She was on a reality tv show, too. She’s rich and seems to have a husband who loves her.

      I’ve never known anybody like Jill Zarin and you’re right, Harleysmom-I wouldn’t put up with someone like that in my life so why should I watch her on tv? That’s a good question!

      About Ramona… what she said to Bethenny on that bridge did bother me, alot! In the end, I do think Ramona sincerely apologized and meant it. Even Bethenny said at the end that she was surprised that Ramona and Alex were there for her and thanked them. I loved the scene with all three of them hugging!

      Anyway-thanks for your comments… I’m new too, and have found everyone here to be as you wrote.

      • harleysmom says:

        Thank you, bamabelle57. I also think Ramona sincerely apologized and she was much more likeable this year. I am sorry – it did sound like I don’t like her didn’t it? “What I meant to say was” until the moment on the bridge, I think Ramona had bought into Jill’s viewpoint. She and Jill have been playing a game of one-upmanship for years. They have been pushing and prodding and putting each other down routinely. Ramona saw this situation as a continuation of the game with a new, weaker player (remember Bethenny was the “underdog” in Ramona’s opinion last year.) I think Bethenny’s response jolted her out of that delusion and she began to question herself and the role she had been playing in the game, seeing it in a whole new light. Since she had already committed to renewing herself, this reinforced her commitment and helped her change her behavior towards all the women. I am still concerned about her drinking. Everyone on the show (except Sonja) jokes about Ramona’s constant drinking and how her behavior changes when she drinks. That’s a very strong sign of possible alcoholism. I hope Ramona continues to change and appreciate the other women. It’s just very hard to change the habits of a lifetime.

    • bethenny admirer says:

      Agree with your analysis; and well stated about Ramona and alcohol.
      can you imagine how steamed Jill is about that cover of People magazine? I get a warm feeling thinking about how Jz must seethe with the continuing realization of how she played her cards so wrong. AND again, recall that Jill said she was sorry, but couldn’t change. so her apologies do not change anything.

  24. boston02127 says:

    Good morning everyone, great blog Lynn. As always 5 stars. Another thing about Jill that got to me is that she used the “get a hobby” phrase as her reason to be angry at Bethenny. We heard it over and over. When she saw that wearing off and people commenting on how trivial it was she added in Bobby’s procedure.

  25. boston02127 says:

    I know this was on the last blog but I thought I’d post it here so we can watch Bethenny’s tweets to find out the good news.

    Bethenny’s tweet last night:
    Good night guys.off to bed.big news tomorrow.exciting&nerve wracking.i’ll share first thing in the am.xo

  26. boston02127 says:

    Hey Kelly and Jill we made you breakfest……………


    • Olivia says:

      Is little Bryn adorable or what? So cute!

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Thanks, Boston! The earlybird does catch the People cover.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Contrats to Bethenny! Now Jill and Kelly will really step up their game…after they throw up their breakfasts.

    • DesertGal says:

      Yay, Beth made the cover! Good. Looking forward to reading the article.

    • error 404 says:

      I wonder what’s up? As soon as I read the teaser, I thought ‘why is she suddenly talking about Bonnie?’. I wonder if Bonnie is trying to reinsert herself and this is a preemptive strike?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Bonnie follows the money and this time it isn’t a man it is her own daughter!

        • anitabee says:

          OMG — what is Kelly going to do now.

          This article is going to make Kelly and Jill looks like the biggest Chazas in the history of NYC.

          I wonder what Kelly will do know to try to get on the cover of People.

          Maybe she will finally get herself committed. And by that I mean to a mental hospital not that long haired 1979 greasy face guy she’s been hanging on in the Hamptons.

      • dumberries says:

        Could be a preemptive strike. I wish B could address the issues with her mom privately, but maybe her mom is just impossible.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Has Jill tweeted her congratulations yet????

    • bamabelle57 says:

      The People article said Bethenny’s moms name is Bernadette, but Bethenny told the doctor her name was Bonnie?

    • twoile says:

      Fantastic, thank you “Boston”. Would love 2 b a fly on the wall @ jz’s & k’s.
      Thank you Lyn 4 a great blog/community.

  27. Olivia says:

    There is just no end to Danielle Staub’s insanity. Bravo needs to rethink the future of this horrible show. Cast members threatening one another in various ways, fraudulent characters ripping off the system, delinquent kids, and sex tapes for sale should bring this atrocity to a quick end. Dina weighs in:


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Another story stated that Dina’s exhusband’s relative asked Danielle about the contractual agreement needed to allow a minor to participate in the filming. So maybe Dina misrepresented the show? The ex got mad and threatened to take her to court on child custody arrangement and that is what Caroline got all creepy, weepy about…. so instead of whatever relationship Dina and her ex have and what discussions and decisions they made are Danielle’s fault? No doubt Danielle stirred the pot on this one – but who is really responsible for the stew??
      New Jersey should sue these women for giving it a bad name. Oh, that’s right – they all have funny money issues!

      • Olivia says:

        No denying the truth of your statement, but these women are like rabid dogs, going after one another for the sake of a dumb show and how much money they can make as a result. Even if it means threatening one another along the way. They are all a bunch of “grifters” whose 15 minutes of fame are long overdue when stooping to the level that these ladies have done and for what purpose?

        I have lost the ability to actually describe the behavior of Danielle Staub. A completely amoral person.

        • bamabelle57 says:

          “Stooping to the level that these ladies have done and for what purpose”?… FAME and GREED, Olivia!

      • emt2 says:

        I think Dina is lying. If there had been no truth to the forgery claim then why isn’t Lex on the show?

        Also, we all saw the Big Fat Wedding Show when Tommy laughed in Dina’s face about cheating on her for the majority of their relationship. It’s not surprising that he might have a girlfriend.

        And if Dina left the show to get away from Danielle, why is she talking about her and bringing up things that have been discussed already. Danielle admitted last year right after the reunion that she gave the ex a phone number and regretted doing that.

        I’m sure Danielle did something to exacerbate the situation but Dina needs to be more responsible for her own actions and stop playing that victim card she loves so much. Also, STOP TALKING ABOUT DANIELLE.

        Dina is so simple. Just simple for the sake of being simple.

    • boston02127 says:

      It’s hard to guess who’s telling the truth. Why would Dina’s ex husband believe someone like Danielle? Why is he even talking to her? How do they know each other? Their all such scummy people, I should have my head examined for watching this show.

      • Olivia says:

        A question I ask daily of myself! Why, why, why?

        • bamabelle57 says:

          We should all stop watching so maybe, just maybe… they’ll cancel NJ or recast it!

      • error 404 says:

        I could be wrong, but from the only scene I saw for season 1 (table flipping) I got he distinct impression that Dina and Danielle had been friends and that Caroline had convinced Dina that Danielle was a bad friend/person and Danielle was pissed at having lost a friend. At any rate, I never got the impression that the other 4 women met Danielle on the Bravo set. So… Dina’s whole thing about she had to leave the show to get away form Danielle and Danielle talking to people in her life who aren’t even on the show is such a colossal pice of bs it’s unreal just how stupid people like Jill and Dina think the US public is.

    • error 404 says:

      haha Like every other word out of Dina’s mouth, I think this is just lies.

      None of it makes any kind of sense.

      “She told my ex’s family that I’d actually forged his signature on the contracts, which I did not,” Manzo said.

      If he signed it he signed it. End of.

      Basically it was just a chance for Dina to make a lot of unsupported allegations, get a dig in at Danielle, and avoid answering any questions on why she and her daughter really left the show.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I thought it was the exfamily member who said Dina forged her exhusband’s signature? Dina isn’t any better than the rest of them….eventually they will all get caught in their lies.

        • Char212 says:

          I agree that it’s hard to believe anything that comes out of the NJ wives mouths but I wouldn’t put it past Danielle to do what they say she did. She was obsessed with Dina at the beginning. She wanted nothing more then to be friends with her and when that didn’t happen she wanted revenge. What better way to get revenge then to have her daughter taken from her? With that said, if anyone should have their children taken from them it’s Danielle. What with the thugs she has around her and her kids is reason enough to take them from her. What I’d like to know is where her daughter’s father is and why isn’t he protecting his girls.

    • dumberries says:

      Thanks for the link Olivia! This article answered my questions about how much vetting Bravo does before they cast someone on a show. Basically, very little. They don’t know much more about them than what they get from the wannabe cast member and her family (but they do more checking for competition shows because they are throwing strangers together in a foreign environment). I run a small business and do more extensive background checks than Bravo. Maybe Bravo doesn’t want to be officially in-the-know about some of their cast, it allows them to plead ignorance when someone goes off the rails (and the ratings spike). Interesting read.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I have TRIED to watch this show even harder than I tried Atlanta (just gave up on that boring show, with characters that I couldn’t find interesting at all ). I am just tired of all these old ass broads running around thinking they are 18-21 and dressing like idiots……sitting at fashion shows watching 15-18 year old walk the runway in fashions much to young for these old broads. Then they ohhhhh and ahhhhhh thinking they could wear this stuff. And then they DO! Most of them have children who are or nearly are young adults. Again……mutton dressed as lamb. Pathetic!

  28. WindyCityWondering says:

    Morning all! The dogs decided to rise with the sun…..anyway after reading through all the great posts something struck me. Jill has done all these vile things to Bethenny because she wanted to be the “star” on a tv show. Obviously, in her real life, she does what Alex claims, which is to go after people and their career/livelihood with pure hatred and glee. I hate Jill Zarin even more than before!

  29. Olivia says:

    Danielle and the Daily Beast interview. Incredible that they are actually allowing this moron to spread her immorality to a larger audience. Boggles the mind.


    • boston02127 says:

      Daniell states:
      Staub insists that the network hasn’t ever wavered in its support for her. “Bravo has never judged me for anything,” she says. “I’m part of their family. I’m a Bravo-lebrity. There’s never been a ‘How could you?’ questioning day.”
      She’s a walking STD. I wouldn’t even use a pen after she touched it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Danielle “speaks for equality”? For whom – me, myself and I?
      This woman is delusional – Bravo supports her? Sadly, she is still a prostitute whore and they are just making money off her. Somethings never change!

      • quincyillinois says:

        Equality for ex felons who meet in parking lots and at bars to protect Danielle from a housewive who live in New Jersey.

        Do any of these people work?

    • error 404 says:

      As creepy and delusion as Danielle is, this story wasn’t filled with lies, unlike a certain other HWoNJ. Bravo does support Danielle, which is pretty disgusting. The more these shows delve into sensationalized bad behavior the less and less respect I have for Cohen. Yes, she’s kidding herself if she thinks they like her, but believe me, every time she acts deplorably, $$ appear in Andy’s eyes.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I have watched Andy smirk at these women and my take on Andy? He thinks they are idiots and mostly detests them but LOVES making money off of them. The stupider they are, the better. You are right about the $$ in his eyes. Andy, too is a passive-aggressive.

  30. Night Light says:

    I have been out of the loop and will have to read what’s going on. Had a full load: 4th of July, son turning 18, and family from out of town! Anyway, before all of this, I went to Bravo’s website and read previous posts of season 1,2,3 of RHONY and looked at some of the video (there is a trivia video) and I am really happy to say that I had pegged Jill right from the beginning. So I knew when the season started this last time around Jill was flat wrong. ANYTIME anyone has to keep count on your friends/loved ones mistakes you are wrong and she did that from the beginning. Go back and look at the footage. Also, Bethenny for all her flaws never takes herself to seriousely and is ready to apologize for her sarcastic remarks. I do think Jill is trying to salvage her “relationship” with Bethenny if only to appear on her new show. Did anyone catch Bethhenny say towards the end of the reunion that her relationship with Jill happened on the show? I believe it because the footage of the reunion show the seating was: Alex and Jill on one sofa and Bethenny, Ramona and LuMan on the other. Interesting!
    I am sorry I am all over the road since I have been out. LOL must catch up.

  31. Olivia says:

    The “Housewives” franchise is clearly typical of the “dumbing down of America”.

    Making “stars” out of cheats, ho bags, frauds, uneducated, immoral characters is an exercise in how low we can go to describe what constitutes “entertainment” these days. Plucking willing morons to agree to showcase themselves in the most unflattering displays of behavior, then establishing blogs to attract comments of “we love you!” for reaching these new lows and enriching their coffers, is an example of the times.

    A large segment of the population is unable to identify the meaning of the Fourth of July, but are “experts” when it comes to where Theresa shops for her goodies, is illustrative on how far we have come as a society. Creating “stars” out of Kelly, Jill, Danielle, and Theresa are prime examples of where our priorities reside.

    Just look at the likes of the two Kims who are willing to take their places alongside these frauds for their own shot at “stardom”.

    • suebhoney says:

      I saw this on Reality Tea…2nd story…

      OMG! Who the hell would leave 2 year olds by themselves ANYWHERE let alone poolside???!! Unbelieveable….

    • boston02127 says:

      @jennifer–What an arrogant ass their father is! Instead of being extremely grateful and thanking the life guards for saving his daughters life, he disses them. Also, I don’t even have kids but I wonder why they were left alone, let alone left alone by a pool?

      • error 404 says:

        Are we referring to other articles? The one linked above never said the kids were left alone, it just said the parents weren’t with them. Nanny? Aunty? Older cousin? The possibilities are limitless.

        It’s also telling (re: the husband’s rep) that everyone seems to be taking the word of an anonymous “witness” over that of the husband/father.

        To me it was just an excuse to take a non-serious incident and just twist it around to make the couple look really bad.

        • jennifer says:

          Apparently someone said they didn’t have the brake on the stroller….Not sure where or if nannys but early Alexis put up photos of herself and daughter in bikkini on facebook and implied (who knows if it’s true or not) that she was there with no nannies….

          • jennifer says:

            Oh sorry, should have also said it’s on TMZ…..

            It may have been an accident that just looks bad but Jim should have said oh thank you lifeguards because witnesses say lifeguard dove in too, so……why deny lifeguard was there?

        • boston02127 says:

          @error404—-This part of the artical made me assume they were not near their kids when it happened:

          Security at The Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, Calif. tell TMZ.com that Alexis, 32, and her husband, Jim, were off “doing something” when a stroller carrying 2 1/2-year old daughters Melania and Mackenna rolled into the water. (They are also parents to 4-year-old son, James.)

          Who knows…maybe there was a nanny there. If so, shame on her. I think it’s odd that nobody saw the carriage rolling and nobody was not close enough to catch it and stop it from rolling in the water.

          • boston02127 says:

            I just re-read that last paragraph. Wow! Let me rephrase it: I think it’s odd that nobody saw the carriage rolling and nobody was close enough to catch it.

            Yeah..I’m doing good. LOL I’m off to class. Believe it or not it’s a writing class!

            Have a good day everyone.

            • mnsue says:

              You are so funny! I can relate. I look at what I wrote and think “wow” because I know I do english good and I can spel.

    • dumberries says:

      Whatever really happened, I’m glad the kids are okay. I always feel nervous when children are left in the bathtub or around pools without full undivided attention.

      • anitabee says:

        Yes — let’s be glad that the twins are unharmed. Last week, I took my 10 month old niece to the pool. I had her in her baby floaty when a big blast of wind pushed her umbrella stroller into the pool. Thankfully it was empty but it is amazing what a gust of wind can push.

        And it even had its breaks on. Oh well…

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Where were the two nannies she needs to be a good mother?? These people are so foolish.

      • quincyillinois says:

        It was a national holiday….

        Wait… I’m sure they made both nannies work.

  32. Delia says:

    You hit another one right out of the park. Great blog and SPOT ON!!

  33. WindyCityWondering says:

    Lynn – too many great points showing us why Jill Zarin is not a person to like!

    I’ve been wondering what season three would have looked like if LuAnn hadn’t inserted herself so firmly between Jill and Bethenny. On one hand, she was “being a protective friend” to Jill – Jill loves feeding off of other people’s emotions. On the other hand, if Jill had second thoughts about her vendetta against Bethenny, LuAnn did everything possible to keep Jill from acting on those second thoughts.

    Editing is taking what is useful to propel a story forward – so of all those countless hours of taping did those editing people see anything substantially different than what we were shown? Was there ever really an honest attempt by Jill to make amends with Bethenny any time during the season or was it all just more of Jill’s continual attacks on Bethenny? LuAnn supporting Jill’s decision to cut Bethenny out of her life (her show) seemed genuine – so was LuAnn aboard the don’t film with Bethenny strategy (which she never fessed up to on the reunion shows) as well? IMO, Jill used LuAnn but LuAnn hasn’t been held accountable for her role in Jill’s slaying of Bethenny.

    So to my question of could season three had a vastly different outcome if editing had been different? I have to ask another question – did we finally see the monster that is Jill Zarin? Or is she a victim of a biased editing job to propel the story forward?

    • error 404 says:

      Are you serious?

      • HD says:

        Jill has to own her actions and her words. She said those things, she did those things and it is what it is. I can’t stand people that don’t take personal responsibility for thier stuff.

        • dumberries says:

          Agreed. I actually think Zarin’s true colors were shown this season (strongly validated by her off-camera antics). If editing has anything to do with our perception of Zarin, it’s more likely that Bravo was overly kind to Zarin in their editing of the first 2 seasons.

          • bethenny admirer says:

            also the looks on Jill’s face throughout the season and during reunion are very telling;all of them snide, hateful, gloating, false, etc. mean girl faces; she calls Ramona a liar and then admits that she did ask others to avoid Bethenny; she was the beneficiary of editing for the 1st and 2nd season; 3rd season we got to know the real Jill .

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Alex said that they filmed many hours with her kids but nothing was on the show. Jenn said about the same but none of her “life” was on the show. So if other filming was done that didn’t include the FEUD as Jill stated, why was there nothing except that annoying token Ally’s SAT prep scene and her lame family skating party in the total of the Zarin storyline?

        Season three was very dark and the darkness came from Jill – so did editing decide to make her into a super villianess a la Danielle? What if we saw more nice Jill stuff (yes I know that would be a stretch!) would the season have ended differently?At the reunion she was hell bent on getting Bethenny’s forgiveness and friendship back because that would have made her less a monster and maybe have led to her redemption. IMO, Jill is past redemption so I wonder if editing took her over to the point of no return.

        • error 404 says:

          Omarosaitis: I’m not a bitch, I was edit that way. They how come every single thing said or done by Omarosa since she left Apprentice just confirms that she’s a bitch?

          I actually think the Lost Footage show was partly to milk another day out of the popular series, and partly to prove that what was edited out was mind numbingly dull and did nothing to show anyone as “nice”.

          What Jill has done off camera is actually more damaging to her rep than anything Bravo ever showed. Any shred of doubt the public may have had, was erased by her interviews where she continues to insult the people she is claiming to be seeking forgiveness from, from the evidence of her continual attempts to cause her cast mates financial loss with bad book reviews, etc.. etc.. etc…

          She was using Bravo to ruin Bethenny’s rep, and it backfired. They knew ratings gold when they saw it, but there is no way she was edited to look worse than she was.

          Did she run into Jen’s pantry to get maple syrup and be helpful and they just made it look like she was an OTT drama queen trying to get sympathy for her own bad actions? I highly doubt it.

          • Judy says:

            Also, in confessions of a rebel debutante, the woman confirms Jill is quite a bitch.

            • If You Had It Like This says:

              Did you find and read that book? I’ve been curious as to what she had to say? Didn’t look positive…

    • KookADoodleDo says:

      “Or is she a victim of a biased editing job to propel the story forward?”

      IF this were the situation, what did Jill due afterwards to counteract the possible “bad editing”??
      Her actions, since the season filmed, are proof enough for me of who the “real” Jill Zarin actually is!

    • DesertGal says:

      Was there ever really an honest attempt by Jill to make amends with Bethenny any time during the season or was it all just more of Jill’s continual attacks on Bethenny?

      I would have to say that it was all just more of Jill’s continual attacks on Bethenny. And here’s why…

      I have to ask another question – did we finally see the monster that is Jill Zarin? Or is she a victim of a biased editing job to propel the story forward?

      Well, I have little doubt that editing plays a huge part in moving the story long. But, these women are still, in essence, honestly portrayed, because their true characters ARE reflected in the footage, regardless of editing.

      In other words, editing can’t be held completely responsible for making Jill look mean without her behaving in a mean way that contributes to the editing process. (I hope that makes sense.)

      I don’t believe that Jill was a victim of editing, or that she was ‘misrepresented’ in the way that she is now claiming, because her character has revealed itself in outlets beyond the show and that aren’t connected to the show. Her Tweets, her Facebook posts, the blog on her website, interviews that she has given-all of those have exposed her ‘monster’ side. She can’t blame Bravo or editing for that-especially the self generated Tweets/FB/personal website posts. Jill has revealed her true character, of her own volition.

      The three most damning, and revealing, moments of the entire season were, in my opinion:

      Jill walking away as soon as Bethenny entered at the shindig when Bethenny announced her engagement, and then Jill clearly saying to Bobby that she would look like a pile of shit if she didn’t congratulate Bethenny. You could literally see the gears turning in Jill’s head-she realized that her efforts to play the victim was going to come back and bite her on the ass, and she was scrambling to change that.

      At the reunion show, when Ramona said that Jill had called her at her office and tried to get her to not film with Bethenny, Jill made that terrible mocking face, and said, “Are you kidding me? You are SUCH a liar!” and then turned around two seconds later and admitted that Ramona was telling the truth. That just clarified that Jill will lie and attack to cover her ass at every opportunity.

      At the end of the reunion, when Jill said that she didn’t know if she would come back for season 4, because she doesn’t want to film with Alex, because Alex clearly hates her. That was such a blatant attempt to manipulate the situation in her favor and try to redeem herself. While I’m sure that Alex isn’t all that fond of the shrew, Alex doesn’t hate Jill – Jill hates Alex. She’s made that painfully apparent to every viewer.

      Good questions, btw. 🙂

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I disliked Jill season one, I was disgusted by Jill season two and I hated Jill season three. She doesn’t deserve another chance, her actions on and off the show are the sum total of who she is! We sat at the table Bravo set, the RHONY menu was of their creation – no substitutions allowed. We all got sick on the Jill!

      • dumberries says:

        Agree 100% desertgal! Good points – those 3 examples were crucial in determining how we perceived Zarin – and they were all her own words and actions. (And also think WindyCityWondering’s question of editing is a valid one – it definitely play a role in how the story unfolds)

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Jill wants to use the excuse of producers editing to make her look bad in Season 3. If as Jill claims, producers gave her a “bad edit” in this season, does she think they gave her a “good edit” in previous seasons? If so, who knows what Jill may have done or said that was left on the cutting room floor in previous seasons. As it is, there are hints of Season 3 Jill in the previous seasons.

      Jill cries editing now, but at the time of filming Jill gave the cameras what she wanted them to have. Jill claims she didn’t want to take her fight with B on camera….but that’s a lie. She had an agenda and made sure it was on film: for example, Jill specifically saved Bethenny’s voice mail for months just to talk about it and play it for the cameras. From the very beginning Jill made sure there was film of her telling how terrible Bethenny was, etc. Jill wanted the camera time and she got it. What Jill doesn’t like now is that the editors did what she wanted….they put what she gave them on air and the audience figured out precisely what she was up to. The audience concluded that after what Jill did, lying and trying to manipulate everyone, Jill is the one who doesn’t deserve to be in the room with them.

      And of course there were no editors controlling what Jill said to the press in print, online and TV articles when Jill was on her bash Bethenny promotional tour before and early in the season. No editor forced Jill to contact Wendy Williams’ show to complain that she had Bethenny on her show in February and that Wendy “took Bethenny’s side.”

      That was all Jill. She didn’t back off until just before her book was published and public backlash against her was growing with each episode of the show. Jill’s not particularly apologetic, she’s just pissed that things didn’t work out the way she wanted them to. And as usual she blames others for how they react to her own bad behavior. She’s not despicable to have plotted the destruction of her best friend’s public image and business; no, and those who think she is are just “haters.”

      When Jill was on WWHL this season, she told Andy that one reason she went on the show was for “self-reflection.” Andy asked “How’s that working out for you?” Not very well, evidently.

      • dumberries says:

        More really good insight! I seriously believe that Zarin would benefit a lot from reading these kind of comments with an open mind and a willingness to change. So many posters here have hit the nail on the head as to why she is so despised, it should be fairly easy to determine what needs to change. I know, I’m dreaming…She still wants to change our minds instead of changing her ways.

    • twoile says:

      Your proposal isn’t based on historical “literal” fact…..jz is, however she displayed herself unfortunately was/is immature at best, &/or vitupretive (sic?)……etc. TOXIC is the word for jz!

    • Bosandi says:

      Hi All,

      I’m catching up and I love to read everyone’s comments. I rarely comment b/c you all sum it up so well. I agree with Windycity about the editing – they take what’s necessary to move the story forward. My husband is an editor/photographer (he’s done news and now does film). He said that yes, editing can shape the audience’s perception. They can make someone look bad if they want to. I wanted to quiz him a little more using specifics from the show but didn’t in fear he’d tell me to get a hobby!

      Now, is Jill a victim of editing? Hell, no! If nothing else, her off-screen antics support what Bravo chose to air.

      Jill doesn’t take responsibility for anything. Instead she lies, feigns memory loss, blames someone else, and then when backed against a wall, apologizes just to diffuse the situation. I love how she blames Bethany for her cruel comments by saying she was trying to be funny like Bethany. What grown woman does that?

      And no, LuAnn hasn’t been held accountable for her role in the Bethany situation. She loves to stir the pot without getting the spoon dirty. I’ll take Jill’s nasty behavior over LuAnn’s passive aggressive attacks any day. At least with Jill you know what you’re dealing with.

  34. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweets: Last night—-gaga was amazing. i love how she draws inspiration from so many cool icons and even fembots. be a pioneer. boredom is devils playground
    This morning—-Getting ready to go on Judith Reagan show on Sirius today 1130-12
    Another day for “all about me” for Kelly! Kids are back at camp, Kelly pats herself on the back for taking them out of camp early and taking them surfing the other day. I guess that’s enough mom time for her.

  35. ShelleyT says:

    I just read on FB that Miss Jill, publicity whore, sell-out, is going on Sean Hannity show tonight. If you even thought for a minute that she was taking time off this summer to reflect on her past mistakes, spend time with her family, blah, blah, blah,
    you are delusional. She is determined to sell the crap out of that worthless book and boost her TV presence. And Fox News, no les…really!!

    • HD says:

      Sean Hannity? Birds of a feather…

      • Dani says:

        Can’t stand Sean Hannity or Jill. They make a good team they both think they are wonderful people. To bad no one else thinks so.

        • tuzentswurth says:

          Hahahaha, and she should marry Glenn Beck. Let’s really pair up the dumb-asses.

    • KookADoodleDo says:

      Hmm, PEOPLE cover vs 2 mins on Fox News………I say Bethenny WINS!!!

      • KookADoodleDo says:

        Sorry the link didn’t work before….I’ll try again

        • DesertGal says:

          You’re using the wrong HTML code-WordPress formats a little differently. You shouldn’t use line brackets – [] – but the pointed brackets

          Also, remove the backslash from the first “img” tag – only the end “img” tag should have a backslash, because the backslash closes the tag.


      • WindyCityWondering says:

        And will continue to win in every hair salon, doctor and dentist office, etc for months to come!

        • error 404 says:

          so true!

        • tuzentswurth says:

          IMO people can actually care to read about B and she has an interesting life and seems basically a decent human being. But, omg, spare us from JZ. Who cares? And Kelly? Get that moron some help.

  36. DesertGal says:

    FOFL!! Bethenny gets the cover of People…and now we see Jill and Kelly pimping themselves out to Sean Hannity and Judith Reagan in arm waving attempts to draw the attention back to themselves.

    Those two women…they are such jokes.

    • dumberries says:

      Lol – I can actually Pinky and the Brain waving their arms, screaming “look at us, look at us – we’re over here!”. If these appearances don’t draw enough attention, Kelly can alert the media that she’s going for another jog and Zarin can tip them off that she’s going shopping again.

  37. Pantry Viewer says:

    I emailed the Hannity show to tell them of my displeasure having Jizz on their show and asked them to look at Amazon.com where she threatened the reviewer.

    Those more articulate and able to include links may wish to email the show as well.

  38. anitabee says:

    Hmmm…not that we need yet ANOTHER reason to hate Jill Zarin but People’s article is information that Jill must have known about. I think in Season 1 and Season 2 there were conversations where Bethenny’s and Jill’s friendship revealed a tiny bit about Bethenny’s upbringing.

    I don’t know but one thing I can NEVER stand by and watch is when a person goes down and someone kicks them. Jill knew about Bethenny’s upbringing but still went after her even when Alex told Jill that Bethenny’s father was really sick. Considering that Jill knew the extent of their “riff”, I find Jill’s actions to be completely unforgivable.

    Bethenny is 1000% doing right by keeping Jill away from her family and her show. And for the record — RHONY is also Bethenny’s show. No one is tuning in to see that disgusting beast aka Jill Zarin or that unhygenic badly-need-of-a-bath-and-shampoo Kelly Bensimon.

    • error 404 says:

      and that was back when Jill was apparently at he height of anger. Right now she is on a spiritual journey and hoping that the cold hearted and unforgiving Frankel will be friends with her again, yet recently said in an interview that unlike certain cast mates who have no family to speak of, Jill has a very loving and supportive family and that’s how she can survive the attacks she endures doing the show.

      Jill was, is, and always will be a psycho bitch from hell.

      • DesertGal says:

        …yet recently said in an interview that unlike certain cast mates who have no family to speak of…

        Revealing her monster side yet again…

        What a horrible thing to think, much less say.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Bethenny knows better than to believe anything Jill says. Bethenny also had a hugh shift in her priorities – marriage and motherhood will do that! No way will she let Jill anywhere near Bryn ever. Which has to be eating Jill alive!

    • dumberries says:

      Yep, I think Zarin befriends people who she sees as vulnerable and acts like a nurturer. When they piss her off, she uses those vulnerabilities against them.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      At the reunion, Jill said a death throws all rules out the window for her. SHE KNEW how bad Bethenny’s father’s health was and ignored Alex’s advice to reach out to B and stuck with her agenda.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        You can’t be a conniving psycho bitch to a “friend” and then run to support them when they have a family death. Those are the hateful people you DON’T want around you in a time of grief and shock.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Don’t you mean …”unhygenful”?

  39. Olivia says:

    So thankful I don’t watch Fox News or Sean Hannity for that matter. And what, pray tell, would she be doing on there in the first place? Discussing the failure of the European economy, the Gulf oil crisis, Elena Kagan’s nomination, or the Arizona immigration law, the Tea Party movement? Jaybus!

    • dumberries says:

      I’m curious too as to what possible relevance Zarin would be to a political discussion. Not curious enough to watch her though.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Peace in the Middle East??

    • Cheri says:

      Probably the same thing Danielle did when she was on it just sit there. I cannot believe another one is going to be on his show. I thought it was stupid when the nasty one was on there now the mean one. Next the crazy one will be there.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Jill won’t sit there silently…it’s not in her nature!

        • Ali's Mom says:

          I have been a lurker here for awhile….enjoy all the intelligent comments. Jill on Hannity will probably on his “Great American Panel” which discusses political and current events. Now don’t shoot me as I watch this show fairly often because I like his guests and the conversation. Even dummy Kelly was on once but she added nothing to the conversation! I believe that Bethenny has been on several times as well. I’ll be watching tonight and will count every time she says”it’s in the book”.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Thanks Ali’s mom – it will be interesting to see what she has to say.

            • Ali's Mom says:

              Well I was right about the segment she was in. She pretty much got talked over and did not have a whole lot to add to the conversation. I wouldn’t say it was a great showing for Ms.Zarin. Just didn’t come off with any intelligent comments. All and all, fun to see her look ignorant and not as important as she likes to think she is.

  40. dumberries says:

    Off to work, but curious. Was the People magazine cover B’s big announcement or is there something else coming later? (I don’t tweet)

  41. Lynne,

    I am wondering if Bravo is delaying filming RHoNY and not capitalizing on the current fueds are due to so many ultimatems on who wont film with who. I am wondering if they are wanting to put some time inbetween seasons to heal a few wounds so housewives may come back? Not sure.. just a guess.

    After the first season of RHoNJ, they quickly began filming the second season after the reunion show to keep the momentum going.

    NYC gals dont need the money as badly as the NJ woman, so NYC can be more stand offish.

    I DUNNO????

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Oh, I think every one of those women would jump at the chance to be a “stah” in their own minds! Except for Bethenny who has her own great thing going, every one of them will want to come back, I have no doubt.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It will take awhile for Bravo to figure out who they want back and all the ultimatum stuff sorted out! IMO, whether nor not BGM gets the green light for a second season is a big part of the scenerio for RHONY’s next season. Bethenny has the power not Jill. Bethenny won’t film with Kelly. Jill (LOL) won’t film with Alex. IF we hear about other women being vetted for the show then we can expect either some women are not coming back or they need to have more housewives so it doesn’t turn into the New Jersey lopsided mess.

    • scorpiosue1102 says:

      I honestly think part of it is them having so much no programming. Not only do they have RHODC and RHOBH, but a list of new shows, shows coming back or shows in development:

      Room Service
      Commander in Chef
      Million Dollar Decorators
      Pregnant in Heels
      Fashion Masters
      Miami Social Club
      The Fashion Show
      Tabitha’s Salon Makeover :):):)
      Million Dollar Listing

      That’s a lot of programming to be jostled around. You can find info here: http://www.bravotv.com/blogs/the-dish/bravo-announces-pick-ups-and-series-in-development

      • katiecoo says:

        Pregnant in Heels sounds like a Bethenny show! 🙂

      • Well, of the shows in the list and that bravo is advertising as upcoming this summer/fall, I’ll definitely watch

        1 show: The fashion show
        and maybe 4 shows depending on how they go,
        with 2 probablys (fashion masters & Jeff lewis),
        3 probably nots and
        the rest “NO” (about 9, I believe).

        Guess I’ll be reading more this year. 🙂

        Patty Stanger no
        Workout’s Jackie no
        Jeff Lewis probably
        Rachel Zoe probably not (it’s so boring!)

        THE FASHION SHOW 2 yes
        TABATHA’S SALON TAKEOVER 3 probably not (love Tabatha, but her show gets on my nerves–working with all those flakey salon owners & employees).

        MIAMI SOCIAL CLUB (wt) no
        MILLION DOLLAR DECORATORS maybe (tired of million-dollar crap. I’ll start watch HGTV for shows dealing with real people)
        PREGNANT IN HEELS probably not

        AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 PLATES (wt) maybe
        COMMANDER IN CHEF (wt) maybe
        FASHION MASTERS probably
        HITMAKERS (wt) no
        MIA MICHAELS no

        ROOM SERVICE no

    • Ellabean says:

      hey Ails ! 😉

    • Need a Hobby says:

      We have in fact no idea if Bravo is delaying the filming schedule or that anything has changed.

      Bravo typically does not confirm cast until they are virtually promoting the new season. For example, although it was known that RH DC had been filmed and picked up by Bravo & the cast leaked long ago, still up to a couple or so weeks before the official press and promos started, Bravo spokespeople would not confirm anything to the press about the show, not even that it had been picked up, much less the cast.

      So I wouldn’t necessarily read too much into Andy’s comment about “wait until 2011.” For example, when did Bravo actually officially announce the Season 3 RHONY cast?

  42. teamb says:

    Lynn,,, I dont tweet or twat,,or anything,,but if I did,,I’d fight to the battle for u,,,I love a good fight..lol…please keep on,,,I love your blogs,,,again tried to leave a message on the I hate Alex blog,,,but that effing Gwen won’t let me,,,26 comments,,laughable…
    Jill thinks it is her show,,,I pray to the patron saint of reality tv,,,Alex,,Ramona,,Bethenny all come back,,,and Zarin is sitting in the corner of a room pulling on a table lamp chain,,uh oh,,guard your bunnies!!!!!

    Bravo..oh hear my pleas…ans get rid of Patty Skanker!!! Umm,,,,,did u see the nite on Andy’s show when Ramona gave jewerly from her collection to Dina to be auctioned for the Ladybug foundation? I felt Dina was not very gracious,,,then found out Caroline is frinds with Skanker,,hence they prabably are pals with Jillousy,,,6 degress of seperation…ya’ know.

    • Jules says:

      I here you about the I Hate Alex McCord Blog. Did you see her entry for 7/8/10. What a pathetic list of complaints agains Alex and Simon. I responded, but of course she did not have the guts to print what I said, so here it is verbatim. I copied it because I knew she wouldn’t print it

      1. Jules says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      July 10, 2010 at 5:42 am
      Leave it to you to resort to lies inorder to write your blog (Alot like Jill herself). Alex never said she climaxed, she said she had a rush of endorphines. Boy, you are taking one heck of a lot of creative license in interpreting the contents of Alex and Simons book – I guess you figure people will just trust that what you are saying is the truth, but it is not. You start with a grain of truth, and do what ever you feel like with it. Shame on you.
      Yeah, isn’t it horrible that they take their children out in sub-zero tempatures? No, not really, it is not like they took him out naked, and exactly what do you think people do that live in cold climates, not have children, or never take them out in winter. No, they carry on normally, and bundle their children up appropriately for the cold weather. Perhaps, you are not intelligent enough, or resourceful enough to figure that out.

      KY Jelly is not a household cleanser, or poison – it is not something that a normal human being would feel the need to hide under lock and key. Although I did not drink during either of my pregnancies, most doctors with tell you that drinking a cocktail, or two is of no harm during pregnancy. What you are siting in your blog as bad parenting is pathetic.

      If what you sited here is your example of blowing the lid open on an Alex and Simon scandal, I am more than under impressed. Give it a rest. You can’t even manage to be original with your I Hate Alex McCord blog. Exactly how are you related to Jill Zarin?

      As I said, of course it never got posted, but I wasn’t surprised, and that was why I copied it, to post here.

  43. realoldhousewife says:

    I can’t believe @J_ashly and @palmer2007 are still stalking you. I wonder if they are on Jill’s payroll? How pathetic they have nothing better to do with their summer than harrass you for weeks at a time. I’ve noticed that the more despicable a real housewife is the more despicable their fans are. Guess that old saying is true- like attracts like. Jill’s fans are just as stupid and nasty as she is.

    Life is just a bowl of cherries and it seems a lot of people have gotten cherry pits up their asses making them irritable and cranky

  44. lillybee says:

    Last night I watched a rerun of Law and Order. The episode was about a murder on a reality show that was similar to Real Life. The producer was prosecuted for depraved indifference. The reason was that they did focus groups and discovered that the fans wanted more conflict. Conflict was encouraged and led to a person on that reality show being pushed off the roof.

    The reason I brought this up is that I think that is what is happening on Bravo.

    • dumberries says:

      I’ve seen that episode. It does seem like Bravo is headed in that direction. Also reminds of that song Dirty Laundry written by Don Henley. At the time, it was about how news was becoming less factual and spun more for shock value. Now, it seems prophetic and appropriate for reality tv too.

  45. Jennifer Kleine says:

    Uggghhh, I so agree with you on all accounts Lynn. You and everyone else at the Chicago party know how I feel. I’m just sooo “ova” Jill and her bullshit, I don’t even want to talk about her anymore. I almost feel talking about her anymore, at this point, gives her what she wants. More attention. She is nothing more than a foul mouthed, needs a new stylist, underwear sales person, husband stealing, piece of trash. As I’ve said before, I liken her to the “Crystal” character in the Women… the original version. Instead of “jungle red nails” she has her “jungle red hair”. Lets be done with this has been and move onto more relevant people.

    She is last seasons new, as far as I’m concerend.

    Love ya and your blogs!


  46. knocknoc says:

    Now that it listed that this is the final recap in reference to Jill.

    You know if I had to imagine what animal might resemble Jill…I would have to believe she would be a porcupine which has over 30,000 quills, whenever it gets near something that it fears/challenged it lifts its quills to scare the enemy. You never know which quill or in what direction it will come at you.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill is a porcupine crossed with a skunk (who thinks she is a peacock!)…..

  47. Dani says:

    Love the picture of Bethenny and Bryn on the cover of People. She has worked hard to get where she is at and I am thrilled for her. Unlike Jill she has real talent and she has a story to tell.

    I also think that Bravo is holding out negotiations with the HWONY for next season. Just to let some of them know (ok Jill) that they are not the one that will make the decision for Bravo. When Jill was on WWH, and she told people to contact her for the bitch Patty, you could tell it made Andy mad. I think they want Jill to know that she is running the show (no pun intended).

    • Dani says:

      Sorry, meant to write she is NOT running the show.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I think Bravo is holding out too. There are other new RH franchises coming out to give Bravo & the audience fresh new blood. I can’t believe Jill has gotten her claws into Patti Stanger, RHONJ & now Indrani & Klinko. She must really thinks she’s running Bravo.

  48. viki55 says:


    Dang, even Deshawn’s husband is a jerk. I thought when she left the show there was hope of them. I thought they showed some class. Wrong again.

    • quincyillinois says:

      College sweethearts …no more.

      She was really spending money with absolutely no money sense. I hope she gets a good settlement.

  49. MickeyMouth says:

    A new photoshop: http://mickeymouth1.wordpress.com/

    This one was also suggested by error 404 🙂

    Enjoy Bethenny Off To See The Wizard
    PS. I really like this one.

    • viki55 says:

      That is wonderful! WOW! Bethenny is great as Dorothy! Max fits perfect! Only thing missing is Cookie.
      Your dad doing okay today?

      • MickeyMouth says:

        Yeah, maybe when I have some time later I’ll put cookie in the basket 🙂

        My Dad is still in a lot of pain. They are transferring him this afternoon to a rehab center for about a week. I wish they would do it at home (afraid of the mrsa). Thanks for asking 🙂

        • error 404 says:

          my cousin had this done. It’s along time heal, but it’s does get a lot better. good luck.

    • Zee says:

      Finally caught up, love the blog Lynn as always – – and LOVE THIS!! You are So talented Mickey. Your post has been bookmarked next to Lynns in my favs. Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. Going back to work is always so flippin painful. Still hate Jill.

    • Katiecoo says:

      You kicked it outta the ballpark! Wow, mad skills!

      • Katiecoo says:

        PS I still can’t figure out why my avatar keeps bouncing back and forth between my photo and the jelly beans….do do do doooo Twilight Zone.

    • I totally love your photo shopped pics!! Fantastic!!

    • HD says:

      I loved all of them! I have no clue why am just now seeing them all but they are hilarious! Teresa’s was hilarious! LOL! You are good!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Mickey you did it again! Wow. Can you do Jill as the Joker?

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I’m trying but it tends to look like Jill with too much makeup. Which really isn’t out of the ordinary for any of these housewives.

        Oh – Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, or Heath Ledger verson?

    • dumberries says:

      Excellent!!! It looks like an original photo. (Maybe it’s just me, but B kinda has that cool JudyG/LizaM whimsy when you put her in the costume)

    • twoile says:

      Great job, wish I had the skills 4 photoshop….hell 4 doing anything on the “puter” other than reading.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Great stuff! Thanks.

    • LucyHPotter says:

      Bethenny posted this on her Facbeook page! You are SO awesome! She LOVES it!

  50. quincyillinois says:

    Jill is at another photo shoot. This one is for the Bravo show with the photographer…Double Exposure?

    She has fat arms, but she must be cinched in like a horse.

    Why does everyone want a photo of Jill? Straight on, she looks ok, but her profile is horrible.

  51. viki55 says:

    I am leaving for a little vacation at the Texas coast to celebrate my B-day tomorrow. I will miss Bethenny’s wedding but hope to catch a rerun soon! I will miss ya’ll and the snark and know it will take me days to catch up! See ya’ll next week:)

  52. error 404 says:

    for anyone who’s watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys, check it out


  53. boston02127 says:

    Ashley’s all over the map with her tweets:

    just found out that i am most likely going to be getting an internship starting this fall in nyc ❤ YESSSSS omg… love life..

    it's a casting company, they cast for like.. tv shows, commercials, seat fillers for mtv & vmas and concerts! :] i'm so excited

    is it sad that i still have my LIM acceptance letter saved? lol :/

    So, Ashley quit high school, got her GED then got accepted into LIM fashion school and is getting an internship in NYC for a casting company. All in one year!

    She posted this one and deleted it within seconds:

    • error 404 says:


      and so are we sweetheart, and so are we

      • felony stupid says:

        Did anyone watch Kelly on Earth? I ask because one episode reminds me of this stupid Ashley tweet.

        They were interviewing interns and one was a shoe-in, they offered her a position on the spot. Immediately upon leaving the interview she began tweeting that she did so well and basically had the job. Since the people who work in PR (and casting companies) are completely plugged into the ‘grid’ they saw her tweets almost live, called her and rescinded the offer.

        Kelly’s folks said it was a privacy risk because of the type of work they do and who they do it with. Keeping your fat trap shut is a must and if you can’t keep the fact that you might be working at an industry related job, how the heck you gonna keep what star you’re working with off your twitter?

        Oh Ashley keep f’ing yourself. Its fun.

        • dumberries says:

          I don’t see why any company in any industry would hire Ashley (proprietary or not). She can’t keep her mouth shut and she has nothing intelligent to say. I suspect that “Kell on Earth” woman would eat her for lunch!

          • Ashley wouldn’t be able to get a foot in the door with that Kell on Earth crew! They look for sharp, hard-working people and don’t put up with any crap.

            • vilzvet says:

              Yes I watched that show as well and hope it comes back. Kelly is now being seen all the time on her original show “The City”. I was going to buy her book because I like her no-nonsense approach to life.

        • MannysGrammy says:

          Yes, I know what show you’re speaking of & i saw this exact one!
          LOL, i was just thinking of that same show after reading her tweet!
          I can’t imagine ANY company wanting to hire her even as an intern. I think a lot of places would fire her after seeing any of her tweets or fb talk even if it didn’t have anything to do with her job. She would make a company look bad if they were to hire someone like her..
          I’ve been watching Kell on Earth, Kelly herself since she was on The Hills, & she would never put up with any of Ashleys antics….but oh would it be SO fun to watch Kelly have at Ashley face to face!

  54. Robin says:

    Please accept my appologies in advance.I know that this is somewhat off topic.

    On the Bravo site there is a video titled “Danielle makes a break for it”.Does anyone else see a lady toward the end of the video say “this is f#cking bullshit”? And if so,is that Kathie Lee Gifford? I could swear it is her.


  55. Brianna says:

    Palmer is bragging the he shut down the Amazon discussion on Alana’s review. Anyone check that?

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      looks like it is still there 😉

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Yes, they are in fact currently discussing in it in the comment section of Alana’s review.

      Apparently reports of the shut down of that discussion have been greatly exaggerated.


  56. TraceyK says:

    Hey gang, I think I’m getting a glimmering of a clue as to how Jill is positioning herself for the next season (I’m assuming she’ll be back). Take the ‘I’m spending the 4th with the family’ endless tweets and the Fox News slot, I think she’ll take the ‘Oh, I’m just too busy with my family, family, family and did I mention my family, to take part in any gossip nonsense’.

    • error 404 says:

      because, unlike certain other Bravo stars who have no family to speak of, she’s got a close and loving family? lol

      I really hope she does show more of them, as Lisa and Gloria are loose cannons, and Lisa has already spilled the beans that she and Jill feud for years. And how much did you love the blog Lisa wrote about how she was so used to be “the successful one” that Jill’s celebrity took her off guard.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It looks like the family angle to me too cause she is such a devine and loving person! Add how she is popping up with other Bravo stars and she is going for a popularity vote!

  57. cusi77 says:

    Hello Lynn! Good afternoon to all!

    Any news from Bethenny? I’ve just arrived home…

  58. cusi77 says:

    Thank you Vilzvet. Thank you kindly…

    Somebody knows about Shadows’ Health?

    • boston02127 says:

      @cusi–I haven’t seen her on. Maybe Lynn has heard from her. Hope she’s doing ok.

  59. sweet pea says:

    Interesting article. The first and last pages discuss Bethanny. : )


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Interesting how Bravo gets it’s marketing information. Since they lurk on the web – I hope they come here. We have thrown around alot of possible story lines and opinions and how relateable the housewives are. It sounds like Bravo has christened Bethenny as the golden girl. Jill has to be so pissed!

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  61. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet:
    Thank you for all the book signing requests! Planning to go to LA, Minnesota, Chicago, Dayton, Detroit, Atlanta so far. Still confirming.

    LOL, all the “requests”…my ass.
    Ha ha Jill, Bethenny wins with her cover on People!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Is she doing this book tour on her own dime? Most authors go on a tour when the book is released not when it is circling the drain.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Yes, Americans all over the country are just lining up and begging for Jillz to visit. Right.

      She’s “planning” to go to these places. Did anyone really ask her to? Or is she just threatening?

      At this rate, Jillz will be making personal appearances at your local Waffle House.

      • LOL! Jill is threatening to show up at these places? Oh, gosh! Hide your cats, dogs, and Silkies! 😛

        Let’s keep a tally and see which ones fall through. Wonder how long Bobby will put up with Jill spending his money to support a lost cause?

        note: for those who haven’t heard, Amazon’s #1 reviewer, A. Chandler, whom Jill attacked for giving an honest, albeit 1-star review of her book, threatened Chandler and her “cat”. Chandler is now raising baby Silkies (chicks).

    • Bethenny wins without having to even try! LOL!

  62. Jenni says:

    This event probably hit the cutting room floor this season:

    What a party! Real Housewife of NYC, Alex McCord, and her husband Simon help us launch our Upper East Side location of Second Time Around in November of 2009. Visit our store at 1040 Lexington Ave or online at http://www.secondtimearound.net

  63. Jenni says:

    Gearing up for the third season of “Real Housewives of New York,” Alex McCord dishes on her new gig with NYC resale shop Second Time Around, her relationship with Simon and what really goes on behind the scenes in reality TV.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Alex is so articulate and has an attitude about reality television that is positive and she knows what she got into! Perception turns into reality is a double edged sword…..looks like Jill fell in it big time in season three!

  64. MrWestVirginia says:

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but this site is what Television Without Pity strives to be. No wonder they keep shutting down the RH threads, I noticed that their slogan is “Spare the snark, spoil the network”. In other words, only let NBC know that you love everything about their shows, no matter how you really feel. BLECH!! Screw that.
    At least on this site, everyone can say what they want, as long as one is mature and doesn’t start trouble, and everyone looks out for each other.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      True – there is so much to say about the shows and the cast members! Why a network doesn’t want to know both the positive and negative views of their “products” doesn’t make sense and will lose them the audiences they need. Never having been at the other site, I can’t compare it to Lynn’s blog. But I don’t make a habit of going to places where other posters are attacked for their opinions.

    • lillybee says:

      And we are not limited to posting about the show and only what was on the show.

  65. iceNfire says:

    Hello Everyone – I’ve had enough “google alerts” anyone know how to turn them off?
    Please click my name to leave info on my non-blog.

    I’m heartbroken with the showing of Captain Phils’ slow demise ( and the heartache of all who loved him ) and really don’t care about the fake reality shows anymore. Please help me disconnect.



    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IceNFire – I’m right there with you. Yeah, it was hard watching last night’s show and the After the Catch too. I don’t know if I can watch next week’s episode. It was heartbreaking when Phil passed so seeing his final days kind of brings it back. We really got to know the captains and crews – real life and death, real problems. I wonder if this is the last season for Deadliest Catch.

      Did you see the People Magazine cover with Bethenny and Bryn – it is beautiful and sure to make you smile!

      • iceNfire says:

        Thanks Windy – After The Catch was very hard. Seeing Freddie with his head hung low and unable to speak brought me to tears.

        Still looking for a way out of google alerts, anyone?

      • harleysmom says:

        I hope it’s not their last season. Discovery channel really knows how to do reality TV. I feel like these men are part of my family and I will watch them as long as it’s on TV. I feel so sorry for Josh and am glad he has Freddie and the other men to support him. I checked the internet and can’t find any mention of Jake going to rehab like his dad wanted. Does anyone know?

    • scorpiosue1102 says:

      Just knowing what the outcome regarding Captain Phil makes it that much harder. You couldn’t write a script about this stuff.

  66. boston02127 says:

    How to have dirty ratty looking hair:

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      They look alike, they talk alike, they are like amazingly alike! Creepy…..

      • lillybee says:

        Is he the guy she was running in the streets with?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          looks like the same running dude – guess they were running to Kelly’s to make that exciting how to have beachy hair video

      • Char212 says:

        She is so full of self-importance! Why she thinks we care how she does her hair, what she eats during the day etc. etc. I guess it’s her way of having her own spin off show lmao.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Kelly has told us that television isn’t real – so are her UTube How To videos real? She seems to be very lonely with a lot of time on her hands…..

        • icantstandthetoxicity says:

          Kelly is sucking up to Perez Hilton on Twitter. I don’t recall Perez Hilton ever saying that he loved her Youtube channel.

          kikilet @perezhilton you are an angel to love my kellykbensimon channel on youtube.com

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            He is going to have a field day with her……

          • felony stupid says:

            She’s all hot on stupid ass Perez because he has an anti-Bethenny post about her People cover.

            You can actually see Jill’s handprints and tears on this one – she must have been eating chocolate during her crying jag earlier today. Perez is an moron and Jill is a manipulative bitch. Kelly is just empty.

    • DesertGal says:

      Kelly: “Bradley, superstar best friend (that no one has ever heard of), how do you get my hair to look like this?”

      Bradley: “Oh, Kelly, my darling, it is so easy. You just don’t wash your hair for two weeks, and run your greasy fingers through it at every opportunity, and then I pile all sorts of gunk on it. Voila! I call it the “I can fry eggs in my hair” look. Very special.”

    • myname2use4now says:

      Oh please, it’s over 100 degrees in NY with a bazillion percent humidity (yes, that’s a technical term). You want hair like that, just stand outside for 30 seconds.

      But let me guess…you already knew that. You’re really watching this cracker jack team’s video for the high production quality. Yep, I’m right aren’t I? :)~

    • Melanie says:

      I really did spit out my beer;(!

    • ches says:

      He’s not a hairdresser, he’s a hairbrusher.

    • twoile says:

      OMG this is the NEW MAN in her life!

  67. Zipit Zarin says:

    Just watched Zarin on Hannity. She was in waaaaay over her head. Someone might think that she couldn’t get a chance to speak since the others spoke over her but as WE know, Jill is the world champion talk/yell-over-your-opponent when she wants to be. She just didn’t have the capacity. It was great to see her having to STFU. LOL

    • felony stupid says:

      ohhh… I need a link! I wanna see!

    • Cheri says:

      I agree. They talked over her most of the time but that didn’t stop her from trying. It appeared the 2 males were just ignoring her for the most part and righty so as itcwas so stupid to have her one there. After all she really is a nobody but then he did have Danelle on there

    • lillybee says:

      What were they talking about? Healthcare, mid eastern policy, the defense of Israel?

  68. quincyillinois says:

    OK, I rode that exercise bike while watching Hannity and waiting for the Jill Zarin segment. I liked her dress, her hair, and sadly she was correct on the issue of Iran including mentioning the three young Americans being held in prison (Evan Prison.)
    She also said that the NASA top guy should not have been instructed to make the Arabs feel better by telling them of the achievements of the Islamic governments during the Middle Ages.

    The Arabs and Persians have no problem in feeling proud of their ancestors’ advances. Trust me, I hear it from Arabs and Persians all of the time.

    So… being a reasonable observer…. Jill was fine on the Hannity segment. I still hate her, but we are supposed to be fair here.

    • NT says:

      by persian, are you referring to the cats? because people who live in iran are called iranians. i doubt your “reasonable observations” are based on a large pool of arabs or iranians.

      lynn’s blog isn’t about politics so i’m not going to get into an argument with your point. however i should say, it sounds to me like jill’s pettiness clearly extends to her opinions on international politics.

      • lillybee says:

        Iran was once known as Persia and some Iranians still refer to themselves as Persians. I may be wrong but I think the British renamed Iran.

        • quincyillinois says:

          oops. I wanted the response to go to the person who said that I had a limited knowledge of Iranians and Arabs.

          BTW…. a grand uncle in law was the top Ayatolla in Meshad’s holiest mosque and. a brother in law was in the Majlis in the early 80’s when they took our people hostage. I was on that phone constantly telling that air conditioning engineer from Birjand that he had to help our Embassy staff. I really gave him a horrible year and his wife, my husband’s sister was on our side too.

      • quincyillinois says:

        Wow, are you dead wrong on this one. I am married to an Iranian American, had so many Iranian friends and Middle Eastern friend in college and in my real life, plus a huge family in Iran….

        Two of my closest friends are from Syria.

        I speak Farsi and understand quite a bit of Arabic.

        Oh… having gone to Iran twice and visited four cities should count too.

        That said, many Americans who don’t have my life experiences know a lot about the Middle East especially after 9/11. Educated people made it a priority to study the issues.

        I think what Jill said was valid and she knew what she was talking about. New Yorkers have a sense of the world that some in farmland USA might not have, but this farmer knows her stuff.

        • NT says:

          certainly people in iran don’t consider themselves “persian” at all. that term may be used by certain iranian-americans to distance themselves from the stigmatization around iran in western countries. it’s a debated and politicized term used by certain members of a minority to describe themselves. i don’t think that makes it ok for everyone else to start using it. especially while making a broad statement about a large group of people. (that said group does such a good job of representing their past achievements, so why help their PR campaign? presumably because we’re not meant to be on the same side?)
          so my correction still stands.

          however i didn’t mean to imply anything about who you are or what you know in general. just this one point. please don’t read anything deep into it regarding your background or world view. and sorry if it upset you.

      • kitkat says:

        My best friend is “Persian” and refers to himself that way. So does his family. He gets offended when someone refers to him as “Arab”. So, no, saying someone is Persian is not offensive. You are probably confusing calling people Persian with calling people Oriental instead of Asian. THAT is a no-no.

  69. Zipit Zarin says:

    I thought Hannity and the guy in the middle did most of the talking and she just pretty much agreed with them. When she didn’t agree about the war Hannity said “You were doing pretty good up to now.” hehe

  70. boston02127 says:

    I heart Lynn!!!
    Lynn’s tweet: @kikilet @jillzarin have you seen the new cover of People Magazine this week? WOW Isn’t Bethenny amazing!!! THAT Ladies is A-List!

  71. Katiecoo says:

    How on Earth is SHE considered some kind of political expert? Geez, what’s next? A guest spot on Dr. Oz talking about her opinions on brain surgery?

    She is obviously doing anything and everything to keep herself in the public eye, selling herself to anyone who will let her fill a slot.

    Nevermind about her fal-de-rall, I just got home from purchasing my bottle of champagne…CHAMPAGNE to toast Bethenny’s wedding tomorrow night with one of my bff’s. And goat cheese spinach pizza which I’m sure is NOT on the Skinnygirl diet. But the frozen yogurt might be. 😀

    • dumberries says:

      I watched the last two episodes of BGM last night; excited for tomorrow night! I don’t know how some of the write-ups can say Jason is boring, I think he’s really great. Loved him shirtless with the “Bride to Be” banner after the bachelor party. Enjoy the champagne! I’m gonna try to my hands on Skinny Girl Margarita somewhere.

    • anitabee says:

      Bethenny has a low cal skinnygirl mojito on her site. I’m going to make that to celebrate her wedding.

      It’s so frinkin hot in Chicago — this drink will be a very nice way to cool off.

  72. boston02127 says:

    Each time Kelly attaches her name to something “kellylocks” “kellyaid” I want to slap her.

  73. Zipit Zarin says:

    I found an article about the book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.


    It’s very thought provoking and the comments section is too. (Not trying to start a discussion about it here…just thought since so many here talked about reading it some might like to read it. Hope that’s ok 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      @Zipit Zarin—Do you remember when Kelly met some guy for an interview at a small coffee shop. He asked her what she is reading. She said she reads what her kids read. He says, “I just read this great book called The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”. Kelly jumped in and said “Noooooo I don’t have any tattoo’s”. He just looked at her totally dumbfounded. She had no clue that he never asked her if she had tattoo’s.

    • Katiecoo says:

      “I don’t have any tattoos”. -Kelloony

  74. boston02127 says:

    Bethenny’s tweet: CBS Morning Show….
    Good night guys.up early tomorrow for the cbs early show tomorrow.making skinnygirl summer cocktails.who is ready to drink at breakfast?

  75. boston02127 says:

    G’ night all.

    Big Brother starts tomorrow night. If you’re new to BB don’t let the first show disappoint. It gets good!

  76. anitabee says:

    Finally some answers.

    To those that have been spellbound into watching RHONJ, here is a very interesting blog about what probably went down with Dina & Danielle.


  77. Marie Laveau says:

    Hello All,

    I just came over from the Reality Tea blog. It seems that some poster over there wanted to fight and engage in an unnecessary and inconsequential “pissing match” with me. Let’s just say she and I had vastly different opinions about Jill Zarin.

    That, however, is not what’s interesting. This poster claims that one of Jill’s castmates engineered the sending of DEATH THREATS to Jill and that this would all be revealed in a year once certain investigations and/or other procedures were completed. This same poster also claimed that, in a year, all of Bravo’s machinations and calculated editing to damage Jill and her reputation will also be revealed.

    Have you guys heard about any of this? What do you guys thing?

    If you want to read about it, just go to Reality Tea’s article about Bethenny’s People magazine cover. I posted there under the same handle I use for this blog.

    • Katiecoo says:

      I think is more of the entertainment on the Zarin Train to Self Destruction. In a YEAR this will all be revealed? Ok so we will have gone through another (excrutiating) season of RHONY with Zarin scrambling for *whatever* and THEN all will be revealed about the “death threats” etc.? So she has a year to pile on more accusations like Bobby getting kidnapped, President Obama hitting on her and what else? An assasination attempt on Ginger?

      In a nutshell? I think it’s just a buncha bullshit! 😀

      • cusi77 says:

        Does that mean Jill will be back for another season?

        I will not see RHONY with such a manipulative character as Jill Zarin is. Now she wants to hang blame on Alex even if ginger has indigestion… That woman never learns!

    • It’s Zarin’s crack team of image repairing sharpshooting braggadocios. LOL!

      Aka, trolls. 😛

      • Marie Laveau says:

        Probably so. I’m just really wondering where this person (Scarlette Begonia) got her information. She made it sound like she was some type of “insider” with behind-the-scenes information, you know?

        Maybe she got it from Jill’s personal blog or something. Who knows?

        I was just kinda wondering who this castmate — that allegedly orchestrated this death threat campaign against Jill — is. I mean, is that going to be Jill’s new “spin.” Was it dear Alex who organized this campaign? Laughable. Was it Bethenny?

        When will Jill stop?

        • Katiecoo says:

          Maybe it was Kelly…striking back for a new paranoid delusion that ((((eek eek eeek knife chopping hand)))) Jill Zarin “has tried to kill” her!

          Kelly is a victim of attempted murder and now JZ has “death threats”. Where’s Miss Marple when we need her?

          • Silly String says:

            Jill’s crack PR team again.

            They think everyone is blind and stupid.

            It sure gets old, doesn’t it? I thought it was an anti-Semitic attack from an “arab” but now it’s death threats from a “cast member.”


        • icantstandthetoxicity says:

          Scarlette may be one of Jill’s Publicists. Jill’s publicity team went to the NY Post last month and claimed that one of Jill’s castmates may be behind the “threats”. I think Jill’s “team” is trying to insinuate that Alex is behind this campaign and they are trying to get her fired. Jill and her team are grasping at straws.

    • This is just another of Jill’s trolly fans trying to use scare tactics to shut people up.

      This person seems to have inside info, but said she doesn’t know Jill, lives in CA, and isn’t a lawyer.

      Defaming comments like this only serve to hurt Jill’s image more. Jill needs to make a public statement telling her few crazed fans to stop spreading these malicious rumors. But I doubt she’ll do that as she’s bedazzled by her own “stardom” and doesn’t believe that this type of negative comments and false accusations will come back to bite her in the ass.

      That’s ok, too. Time will prove these people are liars and truly not many people will believe them. Despite what jill and these few idiot trouble-making fans of hers believe, credibility means all. And Jill’s flew out the door long ago!

      #Scarlette says: – July 7, 2010 at 7:44 pm
      For this, she has gotten two death threats, a mass email campaign to Zarin Fabrics sending sympathy messages regarding the death of Jill Zarin’s soul. The death threats have been traced by law enforcement to another cast member who has yet to be named.
      Scarlette Begonia

      • Marie Laveau says:

        Thanks a lot for responding. I still can’t get to sleep for some reason. So, I hopped up on the internet and checked this board.

        I did get the impression that this woman was trying to threaten me, and it pissed me off. I mean, “SERIOUSLY!!! Are you really trying to subtly threaten me on an entertainment blog??”


        • It’s just like standing up to the bully in the schoolyard. Bully keeps bullying until someone knocks him down. Who in the hell do these people think they are that try to intimidate like this? This isn’t a communist nation where people’s opinions are kept in check by intimidation tactics, torture, and even death! People like this don’t realize the louder they threaten and harder they try to intimidate us into silence, the more we will speak up and voice our opinions!

          This person is at the least pompous in trying to lead people to believe she has inside knowledge and spread rumors about a coworker of Jill’s. We know who hates Alex to have badmouthed her on tv and in the press. Like Jill twists reality to suit her purposes apparently some of her followers do too.

          Because the rumors and false charges they spread are based on lies, people will continue to blame Jill for starting all of these attacks on Alex and Lynn and anyone else who doesn’t like what Jill has become and have voiced their opinions.

    • ches says:

      It was Kelly in the library with a candlestick.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I think that perhaps one of Jill’s proxy socks got loose again and was posting at Reality Tea.

      Jill’s machinations have already been revealed and editing had nothing to do with it. Jill publicly admitted she told and lobbied the others not to film with Bethenny so as not to let her “ride” their coat tails to her new show. (Thus Jill’s claim at the reunion that she always wished nothing for the best for her best friend Bethenny and she was happy that she had her own show was of course a lie.)

      Jill also publicly admitted she never told Bethenny that Bobby had cancer so Bethenny had no idea and was completely blindsided by Jill’s claims (on and off the show) that Bethenny callously abandoned her and Bobby in their time of need. Jill manufactured that fictional scenario solely for the purpose of harming Bethenny and her business endeavors.

      After filming Jill continued her vendetta against Bethenny in the media…in interviews, in print, on TV, on radio. She didn’t let up until the eve of her book’s publication and the public backlash against her was already evident.

      That’s just a sample of how Jill all on her own, by her own behavior, words and actions have damaged herself and her reputation. She’s worked at it. She just won’t own it. She blames everyone else when her ugly machinations are exposed and they blow up in her face.

  78. Marie Laveau says:

    Oops, I meant to ask, “What do you guys THINK?” (not thing). I’m sorry. It’s late, and I’m tired.

  79. dumberries says:

    About Bethenny’s People cover and how she might be headed for a fall (and some notes about the blogger fascination)

      • dumberries says:

        BTW, I don’t think the writer makes her case. So many celebs want to get the cover of People. They aren’t gonna give it to someone who wants it for (imagined) damage control, imo. It’s a huge accomplishment that B made the cover – she earned it.

        • Katiecoo says:

          Yup, I agree. People doesn’t care about the impact the cover has on the cover-ee….they just want to sell magazines and Bethenny, right now, is golden.

          But I agree, some (like Ilana Angel) want to capitolize on Bethenny’s fame by tearing her down. I just am in the “celebrate it” camp. And I’m not gonna give the rest alot of energy anymore. I’m enjoying my Pollyannaland! 🙂

          But I’m a SUPER loyal Scorpio.

        • error 404 says:

          well, it’s also based on Ms Sale’s assumption that most people are turned off by B’s on-air personality, an assumption that I can’t get behind. Just because a few bloggers snark, doesn’t make her unpopular with the general viewing public. Damage control from what? Ms Sale’s personal dislike of her?

          She makes some good points about B’s show having an initial boost from RHONY and an expected downturn from summer, etc… all of which TV execs know without the help of bloggers. The only #s that matter, are the ones that Bravo expected vs what they got. Even if only 10 people watched, if Bravo only expect 5, then she’s got a hit. Even if 1 million people watched, if Bravo expected 2 million, she’s got a bomb.

          If they sign a 2nd season, both Bs won. If they don’t, but SG products sell, then only B won. No 2nd season and SG products tank, well then maybe Ms Sale can do her “told ya so” dance.

      • error 404 says:

        personality based product sales have been around forever, from May Kay to Colonel Sanders, and even when there isn’t a real person, they make one up to help boost sales, like Ronald McDonald or Betty Crocker.

        The real test is in the sales. B’s books are best sellers and her SG drink mix is flying off the shelves. Jill’s book has tanked and Zarin Fabric is probably just the same as it always was.

        Lenora Helmsley was a famous bitch, and even Trouble was trouble, but people still stayed in their hotels. All this personality dissection is just fog, it’s all about the sales $$. It’s $$ that will make or break SG. End of.

  80. Jill’s new crack negative comment deleter is doing a very poor job! Or is it that there are so many negative comments that she just can’t keep up?

  81. Adgirl says:

    If you like or love Bethenny you should show your support and buy the People mag with her on the cover!!!

    Everything in the magazine/tab business is about the number of sales based on who is on the cover. That’s why Jolie/Aniston are still on the covers – they sell! Princess Di was on the cover of most mags nearly every week because she was a huge seller (I know I bought them!).

    • Katiecoo says:

      I already went a huntin for it..but still the Sandra Bullock one at my Tar-jay. But I will be picking one up in the airport this Sat. as I head off on my weeklong spa retreat…kickin it off in style with Bethenny in the air! Can’t wait to see photos of that baby!

    • harleysmom says:

      I’m just hoping the stores stocked enough magazines so I can get my copy. Bet they go super fast!

    • Jenni says:

      I tried, but discovered it does not hit the shelves until Friday. Will pick it up then!

  82. suebhoney says:

    It occurred to me (at 2am because I cannot sleep – again) that JZ reminds me of that woman on SNL…(when you say you have a cat, she says she had 100 cats)…she totally trys to “one up” everyone and she ends up looking so stupid.

    I don’t think SNL ever did a spoof on the NY wives but I bet that would be really funny!

    Oh why oh why can I not sleep? So annoying…

    • Katiecoo says:

      OMG yes Kristin Wig should play her…and Andy Samberg should play Kelly!

    • tuzentswurth says:

      The creative genius on this site is mind boggling. Thanks again to you, Lynn for this blog. It is so entertaining and fun! (Oh, spot on too)

  83. whocares says:

    Byrn has Bethennys jawline.

    IS it just me, but Jills lips look old and shriveled? She looks like shes a smoker, with thr wrinkles around her mouth.

  84. boston02127 says:

    From: Famecrawler
    re: Zarin & the Sean Hannity Show
    People, I get it now. And I’m referring to why Real Housewives Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon have become fast best friends. How do I say this not entirely unkindly… they are not the sharpest knives in New York City’s drawer. In a move I have to assume both Zarin and Sean Hannity are regretting, Zarin was part of Hannity’s “Great American Panel” on his Fox News program this evening. If you’re not familiar with the format, three pundits of varying political affiliations discuss the news of the day, much of it political. Let’s just say Zarin was not in her element. Meaning she wasn’t with husband Bobby in a jewelry shop picking out her own birthday present. Here’s what went down, including her one relatively shining moment: her passion about saving a mother unjustly facing a death sentence.

    Zarin started out on a bad note, trying to joke about President Obama’s vision for NASA by making an unintelligible astrology reference. Ba da bum! When Hannity asked her to weigh in on new financial regulations she waved over to the other two panelists and said, “I’ll let them have it out.” Ouch.
    However, Zarin seemed passionate about helping an Iranian mother who has been sentenced to death by stoning for adultery. She correctly categorized the situation as “horrible,” and even though she said “horrible” at least three times in a seeming loss for other descriptors, she also encouraged viewers to write their Congressman and the President. Well, three cheers for her encouraging Americans to contact our public officials regarding the woman in Iran.

    However, and I bet she agrees, if she leaves Real Housewives of New York City, she best not pursue a career as a political commentator.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Jill Zarin Does Sean Hannity Show, Should Stick to Reality TV | Famecrawler http://bit.ly/cUDboV Here’s the link in case anyone’s intereted in the whole thing. Someone here posted a positive review of Jill’s appearance s I was interested to see what the other reviews were. I didn’t see the show. Thanks or the find Boston! 🙂 Crackerjack reporter!

      • LOL! From Jill’s FB. Can a put down be any more couched than this:

        Gloria Johns Jill, sorry, but political commentary is not your forte. You should stick to the fluffier side of news. 🙂
        about an hour ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Flag

  85. Olivia says:

    Not that Fox has ever been accused of having any “standards”, but choosing to feature Jill “Too Big To Fail” Zarin as a guest “pundit” is just reaching an all time low in broadcasting. Even for them.

    Will she soon be seen on the Sunday Morning talk shows expressing her political beliefs as well? Jaybus!

  86. DesertGal says:

    Jeez…went to sleep and woke up to find that Jill’s crack PR team is now implying that law enforcement has discovered that one of Jill’s castmates issued death threats.

    Snort. I guess the crack PR team wasn’t in the room when law enforcement also advised Jill not to discuss it publicly?

    Seriously…Jill’s desperate machinations are just getting stupider by the minute. And if she isn’t part of this latest claim, then she needs to learn to shut up for a while so her ‘fans’ will shut up as well.

    I also have to laugh at how Bravo is now completely responsible for Jill’s downfall through editing. Damn that Bravo. Always forcing some cast members to go on luxury vacations and others to reveal their nasty side via Twitter, Facebook, and their own personal website blog.

    (Insert Twilight Zone music here…) You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. Next stop, the Bravo Zone

    • error 404 says:

      I think there are two faces to Jill Zarin.

      There must be a good face, because how else does she keep getting these gigs and public shout-outs. I doubt she threaten fox news.

      But the question is: which face is she showing the Bravo execs. Cohen and Co seemed as surprised as us to witness Jill’s demonic actions this past season. You can almost hear the “Oh no she didn’t!” gasps from behind the cameras.

      • Apparently she did piss off the Bravo execs during the filming of season 3 (maybe before and after too), at least a majority of them since they sure did throw her under the bus with the edits they gave her! LOL! If they still liked her and wanted to kiss her butt, they would have shown her in a better light by editing out all the bad behavior.

        That must really sting Jill. But she’ll swallow that pride for another season in the limelight! She couldn’t help herself despite saying she wouldn’t come back if Alex was back for season 4.

        • error 404 says:

          no way. The feud was a big storyline, and if they edited it all out, Jill would have no story and everyone would be flooding the site with questions on why Jill and B aren’t friends anymore. Plus, Jill made it the focus. She brings up the feud in each and every scene. She is never at a single group event where she isn’t making a huge scene in front of the other girls about her feud with B. She crammed that feud don Bravo’s throats and now she’s blaming them for showing it?
          She’s the one who went public with the feud first. Even scenes she isn’t in, like the bklyn bridge massacre, are about Jill’s feud.

          Editing is when they twist something, like making Jill changing seats at Ramona’s bday party a bigger deal than 2 minute aside it was. Unless Bravo photoshopped Jill into Ramona’s VI villa for a fake “surprise” while Zarin was really at home in her bathrobe, then she’s full of bs about the editing.

        • Kokuanani says:

          If they still liked her and wanted to kiss her butt, they would have shown her in a better light by editing out all the bad behavior.

          This assumes there would be anything left after editing out the “bad parts.”

          You see, Jill, editing can take “bad parts” out; it can’t put “good parts” in if there aren’t any!!!

      • DesertGal says:

        There must be a good face, because how else does she keep getting these gigs and public shout-outs.

        Notoriety sells.

        • But not her books! LOL! 😛

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          IMO Jill initially comes off very well – it is only after awhile the veneer gets too thin and her true colors shine through. So getting a gig, with all her connections is easy but she then gets into her total control mode and we know what happens then!

  87. Olivia says:

    I’m late to the party but just which castmate is being accused of “threatening” that moron? With the exception of dimwit Kelly I can’t think of another person on that show that would be capable of this.

    Just when you think she has reached the bottom of the barrel to remain relevant, she does it again. And on the supposition that this is really the case, why would Bravo continue this franchise when it seems clear that they could never film as a group together again?

    Would we be seeing Jill dressed to the nines on her way to another “fashion show” with a contingent of “Danny Pro” wannabe’s lurking in the background?

    • error 404 says:

      It’s still the same old shyte:

      step a) Lynn has this site: i.e. “sympathy card gate”
      step b) Lynn met with Alex at their Chicago book signing and said nice things about Silex
      = c) Alex is behind a fiendishly orchestrated plot to assassinate Jill and take down the whole government.

      Isn’t it obvious?

      • So obvious! Jill’s an idiot! Doesn’t she realize that she’s really not important enough to get threats in the mail? Seriously! She’s a laughingstock but keeps going on and on with the same drivel.

      • Olivia says:

        Got it! That horrible Silex Team is at it again!

    • Wallflower says:

      Isn’t Ginger technically a castmate? I wouldn’t put it past the dog….stress can bring out the worst in anyone 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      “unidentified castmate” so IMO it is her because if it was one of the BRAS they would be saying something!

  88. Adios Lunatic says:

    Bethenny was really cute on CBS This Morning making the SK cocktails. Jill and Kelly are probably boiling mad that the attention just keeps on coming.

    I’m really looking forward to BGM? tonight — I’m a sucker for a happy story.

    • Bravo will find that they’ll attract more viewers with “happy” than with “dark”.

      • Adios Lunatic says:

        I certainly hope that’s the case. I would love to see BGM? set another record tonight with viewership — the wedding episode has certainly been hyped enough by Bravo.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Im gonna turn on every tv in the house for BGM?. And tell all my friends who don’t watch to put it on too.

      • scorpiosue1102 says:

        Hear, hear. BGM? proves that it’s not just nastiness that sells. Also, good quality shows like Top Chef get nominated for Emmy’s as does hilariously funny like Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D List. Get rid of the “toxicity”!

    • Kathi says:

      I agree – so natural and likeable. Direct opposite of Jill on Hannity last night.

  89. Do we get a blog on Work of Art? 😮

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Did you watch it? I am having a tough time, was going to submit a guest blog, but every time I think about Jaclyn wining with her completed work, vs. what we know to the the thought process involved, I start typing unprintable epithets!!

      It seems to me that they casted this show by personality rather than real talent….

      If I ever finish, I will submit to Lynn!

    • moriasheehan says:

      i watch it, too. the lady who won last night was saying how she felt scared and powerless from men looking at her……well then, quit wearing low cut mini dresses, is my response. don’t want the looks, dress more modestly.

      • error 404 says:

        she’s such a poser! If I saw some person, man or woman, with an entire film crew behind them staring out a storefront window, I’d glance up as I passed by too. I feel her work is so staged, like she come sup with the feminist idea first, then makes the event happen, and then the judges all drool over her idea, not her product or process.

        • moriasheehan says:

          big drops of bird poop on her head!

        • moriasheehan says:

          you are so on top of it, i didn’t even consider that the film crew and cars would draw looks, too. i always look in windows when i pass, especially if they are nice cars.

        • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

          You give her more credit than I do, error. I don’t think she is nearly as political as the judges seem to…. the farce was when she said something like how the gazes were threatening to her – I call BS. She stood in the window with a camera (and a film crew) and there wasn’t anything uninvited going on….

        • quincyillinois says:

          Great figure and gorgeous eyes. I think men tend to notice that.

          It was a good idea and it fit the theme.

          Luanne’s niece is listed as a waitress. I wonder if she went to art school because her ideas are quite sophisticated.

  90. Good Lord, Jill! Where is your negative comment deleter! LOL!

  91. Squirrels says:

    Geez. Gone less than 48 hrs and wham, 300+ comments. I’ll never catch up.

    OT = off topic

    Lynn, could you set up a page where initiallisms can be explained ? I’m not so savvy and there are allot I cannot decipher.

    Peeps can just add to the list?

  92. error 404 says:

    OT but woo hoo.. My Life on D List got another Emmy Nomination!

    Top Chef looks like the only other Bravo nod.

  93. Just done says:

    For those of you who missed the first season, the first episode of RHONY is on Bravo right now. Just thought some people might want to catch up! Have a good day everyone!

    • HD says:

      THANK YOU! I have been wanting to see if Jill was always like this or I missed it or what! Finally I can watch knowing what I know now….

      • HD says:

        Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I remember this scene with Simon and Alex shopping…

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        It will be eye opening because it has always been there in Jill’s behavior – she just smiled alot more in Season 1….. which is where she establishes the whole “Bawby’s wallet”, we are richer than everyone else.

      • Buffywood says:

        Too funny as I have it on in my office and they just showed the part where Ramonna didn’t invite Jill to her small dinner party. Jill called her on it and said “I thought we were friends”. After they hung up Jill said to herself “This is gonna be war”. She said it quitely and they had the words at the bottom so you could tell what she said. Yep, I would say was always like this.

        • HD says:

          It is so weird to see Ramona and Jill because on the last season they kept saying how they have known each other for years and watching this first season Jill acts like they hardly know each other.

        • moriasheehan says:

          media whore,
          you want a picture of me, jill zarin..gag

          • HD says:

            I am sooooooooooooooooo glad Bethanny did not stay with Jason 1.0. He seems way too seriously and certainly does not seem like her personality which is carefree and funny!

  94. Bravo fan says:

    Hi All,
    So glad others felt the same way I did watching Jill on Hannity. It is so obvious that she does not know anything about what is going on with the world. It was uncomfortable watching her on this platform, she was so out of her league. I do not think Hannity liker her either. He will usually ask for imput from his guests. Notice he left her out in the cold and there was no talk about her book other than him mentioning she wrote it. I bet Jill thought it was going to be a love fest.

    • Adios Lunatic says:

      Who in their right mind would book Jill Zarin for a show like that? She must have called in some big favors and lobbied to get on that show although for the life of me I don’t know why she would want to be on something she clearly is out of her mental league on.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        But she is a “stah” and she does know how to sell herself!

        • Adios Lunatic says:

          LOL, agree. But think of the producer’s sales pitch to Hannity:

          Producer: This will be great, Sean, we have a Real Housewife of NYC as a panel guest.

          Hannity: WTF???

          Producer: Uh, I got nothing……………..

    • TLM says:

      WTF was Jill on Sean Hannity’s show for??!?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bethenny is in all the right places doing the right things. Jill and Kellytube are scrambling to get the A list spotlights, but B is scooping them us!

  95. vilzvet says:

    Oooh, some good episodes being rerun now for those of you who never saw Season 1. Coming up is the episode where Jill was PO’d she didn’t have a “great” seat at a fashion show, and you can get to see Jason 1 as well.

    Cannot wait for the wedding tonight! B looked stunning when the doors opened! Hope we get to hear all the vows.

  96. MickeyMouth says:

    I added Cookie (The star of the show) to the basket 🙂

  97. vilzvet says:

    Not for weight loss my butt! The very first thing out of Jill’s mouth was all about Ally’s stomach, the arthritis question was asked way later. We got the proof in the pudding again, thanks Bravo!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And they had to FLY there? Please……but we see Bawby hasn’t changed – wandering off, texting and on the phone alot. Hmmmmm

    • TLM says:

      Exactly. Jill asked Ally why she wanted to go, and Ally said, “I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT.” End of story.

  98. JazzNightOut says:

    Mickey, you should send this to Bethenny. I really love it!

    • JazzNightOut says:

      This is supposed to be a reply to your chop, Mickey.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I tweeted the first one without Cookie to Bethenny the other day, but who knows if she saw it or not.

        I sent the Bewitched ones to Alex and she responded back, “Those are so much fun!

  99. Silly String says:

    Awwww, Jill and Kelly are going to freak at Bethenny getting a weekly People blog.


    As far as web speak, here you go: http://www.webacronyms.com/

    another, if you don’t like that one: http://www.web-friend.com/help/lingo/chatslang.html

    There are several others, or simply googling the acronym will usually bring up the definition for you. There is a cute one to take a quiz and see how well you do as well.

  100. shamrockblonde says:

    Mickey – those were great!!!I was absolutely shocked to see a twitter from Lynn this morning saying that JZ was on with Hannity! His shows are informative, and always have a good cross representation of views – what on earth was she doing there? I’m sure it was not her intent, but from what I have seen, she came across as phony and completely out of her league – what a ninny that one is!! and Sean and I are going to have to talk………

  101. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    How did Gloria get to be considered “St. Gloria”? Not so nice in this first season episode!

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      You know, I never understood the Gloria thing. I never found her interesting in the least from the get-go. Must have been Jizz’s mechanations off screen to try and get her more on the show, etc.

  102. MickeyMouth says:

    Ok, I’m supposed to be doing something else on my lunch but instead I made Sonja Mona Lisa Morgan. 🙂


  103. shamrockblonde says:

    oh my gosh!! – that is perfect!!!! – I just went through all of your work – absolutely amazing!!! I love Jill and the flying monkeys – I have enormous respect for those who have talent like yours – you should send the Mona Lisa one to Sonja – something tells me she will love it – great job, Mickey – thanks for sharing it!!

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Thank you. I love sharing them here first since a lot of inspiration comes from the postings on this site. Lynn has such a great blog ❤

      • Jules says:


        Your work is great. I was thinking that it would be great if you did Jill, Kelly, and Luann as the three ladies from Grant Wood’s piece the Daughters of The Revolution, or Jill and someone else like Kelly or Bobby in the American Gothic. I am related to Grant Wood, so if you needed a copy of either of these I have copies I could send you. If you did Daughters of The Revolution, you could call it Revolting Daughters. These ladies from the original painting are so ugly, Jill would blow a gasket.

  104. Katiecoo says:

    omg watching this rerun and Jill’s stomping out of the fashion show because she didn’t get in the front row and was seated behind Ramona…in the second row. She LEFT. As Ramona said “she insulted Luca Luca” by her stomping out..with cameras on her no less.

    I’m telling you this is CLASSIC Narcissist behavior.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      so maybe we can start a list of reasons by seasons that make us hate Jill Zarin!

  105. Silly String says:

    So good Micky! We need one for the Ramonacoaster.

  106. WindyCityWondering says:

    Seeing season one is so much fun knowing what we know now about all the ladies and their initial meetings and alliances ! Never realized how full of BS Bethenny thought the Countass was right from the beginning. What is really nice is NO KELLY!

    • Katiecoo says:

      I’m now convinced that the ONLY thing that made JZ tolerable was the validation she got from being BEthenny’s friend. She’s HORRIBLE but when you see that Bethenny likes her, she gets a pass. But on her own? She’s awful. Blech!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        It was so telling when her sister was getting ready to interview her for the radio show. Clearly Jill has done nothing – except snag a wallet with her life!

  107. MickeyMouth says:

    Has this been posted: http://ow.ly/28Dpf

    And is Jill on suicide watch now?

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Cool! Thanks for that link! Good for her!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      NO she is trying to figure out how to get Children’s Services to take that baby away from Bethenny! How dare Bethenny be a good mommy that other mommies want to blog with!

    • Jules says:

      I read her first blog for People, and had even said to my daughter during the Reunion shows, that Bethenny had a certain softness to her that had not existed prior to the birth of Bryn.

  108. Katiecoo says:

    OMG I just saw the video where Bethenny is talking to her therapist about her vows and being ready for the wedding.

    First off, I ADORE her therapist…he just is so kind and supportive. I want to go to him!

    Secondly, I’m SO TINGLING as she says there she thinks she’s just gonna impromptu her vows and not write them out in advance. WOW! Even the therapist says he’s never heard of anyone doing that and she’s got her whole explanation why.

    Go see it…on Bravotv. http://www.bravotv.com/bethenny-getting-married/videos/its-a-potty-emergency

  109. scorpiosue1102 says:

    Oh, hear is LuAnn’s niece that is on Work of Art. They were out together and then saw a band. Interesting how she shows up on RHONY before Work of Art.

    • scorpiosue1102 says:

      *here not hear 🙂

      • Jayce says:

        This is why I no longer comment on this site. I type fast and don’t always read what I have typed and people on this site always want to correct people’s writing skills and grammer. It takes the fun away from posting. I was so concerned I was going to have an error on my comments I just stopped commenting and now I just read.

        • MickeyMouth says:

          I believe scorpiosue1102 was correcting his/her own typo.

          I say screw ‘em Jayce. If you have something to add then typo away! 🙂

          • Jayce says:

            You are so sweet thank you. That makes me feel better. I appreciate your sincere kindness MickeyMouth.

  110. Silly String says:

    Lulus niece got booted last night. boo.

    Maybe Ramona as Tinkerbell or Pete Pan with a glass of wine? Or a impish fairy?

  111. Squirrels says:

    At Logan. Waiting for flight. Just so you know Lynn. This blog is worth at least the $7.95 I paid for internet access.


    I hate Jill Zarin.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Happy Trails, Squirrels! Have a safe flight!

      • Squirrels says:

        Thanks!!! Red eye to Beantown Tues nite. Met up w/ a doz relatives for lunch yesterday. Heading home to San Diego.

        I haven’t pulled an all nighter since I was like 20 something. This shit HURTS. I plan to sleep for 3 days. (If only I could).

    • CdnFillie says:

      Squirrels..thought all airports had wifi..?

    • quincyillinois says:

      LOL…. I looked at buying the net while in Miami last Jan., but I didn’t know about Lynn’s blog so I kept my $7.95.

      I hope you had a good time in Boston. Did you ride on the Ducks like Silex?

  112. quincyillinois says:

    Lynn asked for comments on Jill and Hannity. I think that Jill has been vocal about international politics in the past. On NYC, she went to a rally against President Ahmadinejad’s visit to the opening of the UN and then had a nice lunch because she was very hungry after waiting in the protest area. She also is pro Israel and pro Israeli soldiers, if you read her twitter from her spring vacation with her sister and Ali in Israel.

    I bet Jill is into international politics and we just don’t see it on Bravo. There has to be a reason that someone thought Jill was a good person to ask on the Hannity show.

    • DesertGal says:

      Interested in international politics she may be, but Jill needs to do her homework.

      The USA ended diplomatic relations with Iran in 1979. On the Hannity show, Jill encouraged Americans to write to President Obama and/or other elected officials. To what end? This would accomplish nothing other than to encourage these officials to protest publicly – and the USA had already expressed outrage over the situation.

      Jill should have encouraged Americans to contact Amnesty International and other human rights organizations who are more effective in dealing with international situations like this.

      In any case, Iran halted the execution today, so Jill’s point is moot. But, Iran has the second highest execution record in the world. They put 388 people to death in the last year alone-and not all were by fair judgment. Where is Jill’s outrage over that? Sharia law has existed in the Middle East for centuries-do we see Jill protesting that?

      • quincyillinois says:

        Oh, I didn’t know that they cancelled the stoning. I hope that is a permanent cancellation. Jill also mentioned the three American student/world explorers that got arrested by Iran.

        Jill has a “best” friend that married the Governor of Florida. He is trying to become a US Senator. I think Jill may be into politics and we may see her morph into a TV personality on shows other than Bravo in the near future.

        • DesertGal says:

          Well, Iran halted the execution by stoning…but it remains to seen if the woman will be executed by other means.

          The fact remains, though, that Iran hands down death penalty judgments constantly, and not all of them are fair. Stoning may be considered barbaric-I don’t disagree with that-but, when you consider it, what method of execution isn’t barbaric? Even lethal injection isn’t completely painless.

          And no, I am not an advocate for or against capital punishment. It depends on the individual case. But, unjust executions are carried out in Iran quite often, so to protest one should be to protest all, regardless of the method.

          • quincyillinois says:

            All methods are barbaric. I have my animals put to sleep by vets when they are too sick to survive rather than have them die slowly. The vets seem to help the animals die calmly as I pet them.

        • twoile says:

          I question jill’s definition of friend. Recently waved to, noded at, shopped in the same store as, liked the same shoes/bags etc.

        • TLM says:

          Jill’s friend married Charlie Crist? She does know he’s gay, right?!??

      • quincyillinois says:

        OMG…I google Reality Tea and Kelly Bensimon to see a photo of…

        Kelly’s doppelganger.

        I read about him above, but seeing that shocked me. Is he like Max from Argentina? Will we find out that he is Sonja’s Tues. Stay tuned for “As the Kelly Turns (into a man.)”

    • twoile says:

      I have not seen the 1st yr of NY since it was on originally, but I clearly remember my impression of Jill as 2 the “protest”, & that she appeared 2 have been “placed” there as in staged & wasn’t convincing in her commitment or knowledge of the event. Shill was very interested in getting lunch!

  113. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    Having never seen anything but the first episode of season 1, these re-runs are really enlightening.

    • quincyillinois says:

      I saw the show back then and the reruns are enlightening. Every thing Bethenny said about the friendships developing on the show for the purposes of Bravo was true.

  114. ilovelynn says:

    have to disagree with the poster upthread who said sean hannity is fair and has a cross section of opinions on his show. I’ve only seen it a couple of times, but I’ve never seen “both” sides of a question and I listen to him on the radio(mainly just to roll my eyes) when I am on the road for work and I can tell you for an absolute fact that he has taken so many things out of context that obama has said and when he plays any of obamas comments he cuts it off and makes it sound bad. this guy is an asshole in the 1st degree! I hate him! in fact, I think I’ll start a blog called “I hate sean hannity”(and that racist hate monger glenn beck, who by the way, is laughing all the way to the bank!) sorry, anyway, I turned him on just to see our little jilly and not only did she look ridiculous, that hair, that hair, someone please tell her she is too long in the tooth and too unattractive to have long straight hair like that, but she just sat there making little greek chorus noises when the men were talking and they basically totally ignored her and never looked at her.(I think she said something coherent once) who the fuck put her on that show and why? it was the same when she was on joe scarborough’s show in the am a few months ago, but then she was hawking her book.

    on a much lighter note, bought the people magazine and the article and pictures of bethenny and bryn and jason are wonderful. there is a picture of her mom with her and parisella when bethenny was a teenager and she looks younger than bethenny. everyone, go buy it!

  115. ilovelynn says:

    omg, I just wrote a huge comment and I don’t know where it went!

  116. harleysmom says:

    Just came home with my Bethenny People Mag. The cover photo of Bryn gazing up lovingly at mommy is adorable. Occassionally, when they expect a big seller, our local store puts the People out on Thursday so I took a chance. There is an interesting pix of Bethenny with Kelly. Bethenny appears to be sitting back in a defensive body position looking stressed with Kelly leaning leaning in agressively. Let me know if it looks like that to you. The caption reads ” Though she clashed with fellow Housewife Kelly Bensimon, Frankel “has really evolved.” explains costar Alex McCord. (Obviously Kelly hasn’t evolved. She thinks it is something you do on a merry-go-round.) I haven’t even had a chance to read the article yet. Gotta go read . Everyone have a great evening!

  117. KookADoodleDo says:

    New article at Reality Tea…..
    “Preview Bethenny’s Getting Married Plus Is Bethenny The Villain Of Her Show? ”

  118. KookADoodleDo says:

    Bethenny Tweet:
    RT @lxnewyork: Real Housewife @Bethenny Frankel on @lxnewyork today!Check out WNBC at 5! Here she is backstage! http://yfrog.com/6ztitrxj

    Isn’t this the show Jill claims to be working for???
    Today is a great day for Beth!!!!

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      LOL! I posted the same thing below. Jill does work for that show and I thought she was their guest co-host on Thursdays. I am watching it now and Jill isn’t on, thank goodness.

  119. emt2 says:

    Not sure if this has been posted yet. I found on Reality Tea in the comments section of the blog about Bethenny and her People Mag Cover. Warning! It is so obnoxious and hateful towards Lynn:

    StringTheory says: – July 8, 2010 at 10:56 am

    For Marie and Samantha.

    Sam…Marie is a repetitive poster on Lynn N Chicago’s blog. You are trying to get a different opinion through to the brainwashed.

    Just go to the site. She is continuing the discussion there where she can get people on her side.

    Lynn Hudson aka Lynnahudson@aol.com is a repulsive fat bleached blond from Chicago who began the whole hate writing campaign on her blog. Just go back and read her blogs. It was discussed and her 45 or so wacky minions were on board. She is yet again rousing her (what she referrs to as her “fans”) illiterate posters to send Jill Zarin more threats and hate mail.

    You are fighting a losing battle. The “fans” as Lynn likes to call them are nothing more than homebounds who do nothing all day and night as does Lynn Hudson, who lives off a husband who looks like her son. She is on Twitter all day and night and monitors her website like a nazi.

    She is a low life trash, double wide living food stamp collecting nobody who fancy’s herself a writer and a dear close personal friend of Alex and Simon. Both Alex and Simon will rue the day they ever even met with Fat Lynn and her Hog Friends in Chicago and hatched this scheme.

    Lynn Hudson and her “fans” are a bunch of losers who will constantly troll all sites and post their opinions and fight with others who do not agree with them and then report back to Fat Lynn Hudson on her site so they can get credit for doing the right thing.

    How incredibly Crazy that see all people who do not agree with them as enemies worth attacking then fall back to Fat Lynn Hudson’s site to lick their wounds and be consoled.

    No matter. Lynn Hudson’s site that began the entire…Send threats to Jill Zarin Campaign and she did in fact post her home address (anyone still doubting Lynn Hudson is the worst of Cretins?), has all of maybe, tops 40 posters at best that continually and obsessively “refresh” the page 24/7 to continue a conversation style thread of posting.

    She reports these as posts to her site. She is a Liar who spins the truth constanly and consistantly.

    So Samantha…IGNORE MARIE FRENCHIE…WHATEVER HER NAME IS. She is as insignicant as the some WHITE TRAILER TRASH BITCH CALLED LYNN A HUDSON…lynnahudson@aol.com

    To all posters. Post your opinions. Do not allow Lynn Hudson to silence you.


    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      String theory has posted here before. Boston, do you remember the day that the poster seemed to be pretending that english wasn’t their forte, and claimed to be at university in Antwerp and you posted “hmmmmm” and several of the rest of us weren’t buying either?

      And we’re supposed to be the crazy losers! Ha!

      • gypsy826 says:

        emt2, I’m not criticizing you for posting that. However, I’d rather just see a link and decide if I want to go there. I think reposting rants of loonies just continues their defamatory rants.

        Obviously that person hasn’t read this site, but hey….reading is haaaard, especially when they have to move their lips while doing it.
        People like that yelling about America and free speech make me laugh. The first amendment guarantee of free speech prohibits the government from abridging it, with some exceptions. It doesn’t stop a blogger from deleting posts and, of course, if someone posts defamatory statements about someone then s/he might be liable in a civil action. That also has some restrictions, such as posting about public figures, unless the person knew their comments were a lie and did it emotionally.

        I’m sorry if anyone takes offense to what I said. It was not my intention.

        • emt2 says:

          I see your point about the link but the comment was kinda buried with a bunch of others. I was shocked when I saw it because I don’t really see such comments written about Lynn (except for that dumb blog). Lynn, I didn’t post it to hurt your feelings. I hope you aren’t mad at me.

      • dumberries says:

        Cuckoo, I remember that. She crept quietly in and engaged; was warmly welcomed. Then got a little rude (because of the language barrier) and was still treated nicely – then exited quickly to meet her friends. Many of our antennas went up. Studied at Antwerp, remember? Twerp – uh huh. Oooh, quite the covert operation.

    • DesertGal says:

      Speaking of white trash, that is such a flawed argument, it’s actually funny. Sad, but still funny.

      I di’n knows I is ilerite…illitarate…don’t speek wehl, tho. 😉

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      Sounds like that Twitter troll palmer2007, who harrasses Simon, Alex, Lynn, Alana Chandler and anyone who is anti-Jill.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Someone needs to get laid.

    • LOL! Troll stamping foot! Why do all of Jill’s trolls lose control like this? Could it be they are all the same person? Doesn’t Jill go off like this and stamp her foot a lot? Just saying…

      Jill and her trolls have zero credibility and anyone who believes them, well, a fool is born every minute.

      You know your words re Jill are really stinging when the trolls start their whining and foot stomping! LOL!

  120. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Interesting, Bethenny will be on LXNY today, the show that Jill co-hosts occasionally. I don’t think Jill is co-hosting today.

    lxnewyork: Real Housewife @Bethenny Frankel on @lxnewyork today!Check out WNBC at 5! Here she is backstage! http://yfrog.com/6ztitrxj

    • KookADoodleDo says:

      Just watched Bethenny on LXNY & wanted to share what I noted:
      -No desire to see Kelly or Jill (Hasn’t seen them since the reunion)
      -No amount of $$$ to return to the RHNYC. She said she is happy now!
      -Held up the beautiful cover of People magazine. (Eat your heart out Jill!)
      -The show presented Beth with a gift basket to baby Bryn. (Including a little pink apron!)

      Short & sweet appearance but was great!

      • gypsy826 says:

        Thanks for the report, KookADoodleDo. It sounds like it was very good. I wish I could see it but I live way too far away.

      • quincyillinois says:

        Good for Bethenny. Isn’t it refreshing to see someone not do the same crazy thing over and over again?

      • scorpiosue1102 says:

        Good for Bethenny. I absolutely LOVE that there is not enough of money for her to film with Jill or Kelly. Let them deal with that info. What do you need RHONY when BGM? has the best numbers of any show????

    • lillybee says:

      Jill must be as green as her shoes.

  121. WindyCityWondering says:

    Season One is about setting boundries with each other – getting to know each other (and families) and finding common ground with each other.
    The whole Ginger and the trainer is sooooo telling – Jill doesn’t get it because it is not what she wants to hear! Ally expressed her dislike for Ginger and Jill clearly chose the dog over her own daughter.

  122. 2Stupid says:

    Someone posted this on the People comments website under the preview piece about BGM tonight.
    I would be really disappointed in Bethenny if this turned out to be true. Drinking while pregnant is very dangerous and can result in low birth weight. I know in moderation most doctors say it’s ok, but to me, the chances are too great to endanger your child.

    • DesertGal says:

      This pregnant reality star was chugging glass after glass of white wine like she was dying of thirst.


      I could start a “Blind Items Revealed” blog and claim that “pregnant Bethenny was cooking herself up some heroin”, but that sure wouldn’t make it true. Easy to claim anything if you don’t have to provide proof.

      • 2Stupid says:

        It was originally posted in Feb and she supposedly was drinking at a party after a fashion show. It has been removed from People. I am going to believe that it is not true, but when things like that get stuck in my head they stay there.

        • quincyillinois says:

          My mother’s generation drank alcohol during pregnancy and her 7 children are fine. I think it was rum in Pepsi on Friday night with popcorn made with oil on the stove top. I feel fine…. I think.

          • 2Stupid says:

            My mom smoked and drank with me. I always use that as my excuse for being a little “eccentric.”

            • quincyillinois says:

              Oh. ….. I may be a little “eccentric” too.
              That’s why I like this place. Maybe, all of our moms had a nip or two while pregnant.

  123. DesertGal says:

    Top Chef question – did anyone watch last night? Did Alex really say that if he won the $10,000, he would “buy a hooker and an 8-ball”? (I didn’t Tivo it, so I couldn’t back it up and double check, but I’d like to know if I heard that correctly.)

  124. 2Stupid says:

    I posted this earlier apologize if it posts again. I found on People’s site.
    I would like to know if anyone else is upset at reading this. I would really be disappointed to find out this is true. Drinking while pregnant can result in low birth weights, and while most physicians say it is ok in moderation, it can still be risky. Does anyone else have any thoughts?

    • gypsy826 says:

      I don’t think Bethenny would do that and if anyone saw her alleged “tossing down the wine,” what’s the source. Also, she could have been drinking water, club soda, or whatever. I didn’t drink much when I was pregnant, if at all, because two sips of white wine got me loaded. Back before people started screaming about pregnant women drinking, everyone I knew drank very little for that reason, and doctors recommended very moderate drinking

      The cases I’ve seen involving fetal alcohol syndrome involved women who drank a lot, often daily, and were often alcoholics,

      • 2Stupid says:

        Yeah, I know she was cognizant of being high risk. Maybe we can pin this on JZ and she leaked this to someone. It was pretty low to post this link on the People site when she just made the cover. I should have been more suspicious and less gullible.

    • scorpiosue1102 says:

      My question is who does the blog Crazy Days and Nights?

      Here is what Bethenny said about drinking alcohol during her pregnancy:

      I love how two glasses of wine during an entire pregnancy ends up her drinking like a lush.

      • DesertGal says:

        A bunch of posters said the same on the Amazon comments about Alex’s book because she revealed that she had two glasses of wine during her last pregnancy.

        But, that is exactly what doctors consider very moderate drinking. And, as Gypsy noted, “fetal alcohol syndrome” and “fetal alcohol effect” require far more than sipping at two glasses of wine over nine months.

        • Brianna says:

          Heck, my friend was an RN and her OB/GYN recommended a 1/2 glass of wine a few times a week.

          I can’t believe they just posted Marie’s resume over there? Is that really her’s? If so, that is REALLY LOW. Post number 155

          It looks like Jill’s flying monkeys are full-court pressing that Bethenny caused her own baby’s premature birth by being an alcoholic and saying how unhealthy Bryn looks now, implying Bethenny has her on a “skinny” diet because she is so obsessed with weight.

          So now, attacking babies is cool, as long as they think it somehow makes JILL look better?


          • ShyAsrai says:

            i suppose people could start questioning HOW and WHY Jillzy’s child is overweight with a serious medical condition….

            but sensible people don’t go off the rails like that, because it’s just vile.

          • Char212 says:

            That comment was deleted by Reality Tea. Jill’s fans have hit a new low. They are disgusting and despicable just like she is.

  125. quincyillinois says:

    I was looking up outside and I think I saw a flying squirrel jetting across the skies of the Midwest.

    • gypsy826 says:

      Was Kelly, er Bullwinkle with him/her?

      • quincyillinois says:

        I think it was our squirrel.

        Jill may have flying monkeys, but Lynn has one flying squirrel and a lot of eccentric posters who need to get laid.

  126. moriasheehan says:

    that awful post from sillystring, was far nastier than any post i have read here. i will know better next time and just not read it.

    • quincyillinois says:

      We have to take everything with a grain of salt when it comes to the net and real life.

    • boston02127 says:

      @moriasheehan- I agree that it is super nasty and I didn’t even read that whole thing.

    • Silly String says:

      I didn’t post anything awful!

      That other person used the name STRING THEORY or something similar to my name. Or maybe they used my name?

      Do you know the post number?

      • boston02127 says:

        @Silly String—I’m sure you didn’t. Some of our names have been used before. I’m sure you wouldn’t be here explaining if you did. 🙂

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        It was String Theory!

      • moriasheehan says:

        silly string, i am so sorry, my mistake. it was silly theory.

        • moriasheehan says:

          wow, i still got it wrong. StringTheory was the poster. i have been up over 48 hours with sick kitty and make silly mistakes.

  127. boston02127 says:

    If anyone is having trouble sleeping tonight, Jacqueline just posted her blog on Bravo. Quite the blow hard. Five pages loooooooong.

  128. boston02127 says:

    Kelly is adding comedian to her resume. Her tweet: sorry but i am not jealous of anyone on #rhnyc. its a show. no more no less. i envy super talented people, only. sorry.

  129. lillybee says:

    Watching Season one. When Beth had her fight with Jason1 and wanted to go to Miami for a few days, Jill’s reaction was something else. She didn’t want Beth to go. Could it be because she was jealous and didn’t want Beth to hang with one of her best friends? The faces she made even back then were quite ugly. I hate Jill Zarin.

  130. Silly String says:

    Reposting this here, so it’s at the bottom.

    Someone said I posted something nasty on that Reality Tea site? Do you have a post number?

    Was someone using my name, or did you mean that vile “string theory” person? I didn’t post anything bad over there, and wouldn’t.

    • DesertGal says:

      I believe someone confused “Silly String” with “String Theory”, and that no offense towards you was meant. 🙂

      • Silly String says:

        Well, I wouldn’t put it past the trolls to start using my name, or any of the other names here.

        I didn’t take offense, just wanted to know if I missed a post, supposedly from me.

        Reality Tea just took down Marie’s resume. I wish they would do an IP ban of Scarlette, etc.

    • Melanie says:

      in the words of kim1 or kim2 my hands slightly shaking you…calm down calm down 😉

    • twoile says:

      152 String Theory

  131. boston02127 says:

    Is anyone going to watch Big Brother tonight at 8?
    ps/Silly String I posted to you above. 🙂

  132. Silly String says:

    Yeah, post 152 was string theory, not me. I have used this name for a long time here, and didn’t want anyone thinking it was me doing that crap over there.

    Those people are sick.

    No worries, just wanted to clear it up.

  133. cusi77 says:

    Hello Everyone! Are you ready for Bethenny’s Wedding tonight?

    I prepared a plate of fresh fruit… peaches, strawberries, blackberries, oranges… Yummy! Full of color!

    Lots of tissues… ha! I really feel I have a special event this evening! My hubby is enjoying my preparations. Lol.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I got myself a slice of cake because if Bravo shows the wedding cake on the show and people are enjoying it -I’m gonna want me some cake too, pronto! And then swallow it down with a Bacardi Silver Mojito. I’ll work off the calories tomorrow.

  134. Marie Laveau says:

    O.K. I’m late to the party.

    I know Lynn’s posted her E-mail address before, but I never took note of it. Can someone provide it to me? I’d appreciate it.


    • Marie Laveau says:


      Is anybody out there?

    • Jenni says:

      So sorry about what happened on that other blog!!!!!!!

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        Me, too. Crazy people make it safer to use a screen id that doesn’t match your real name.

        • Jenni says:

          Marie Laveau was the queen of Voodoo in old New Orleans. I don’t think it is our Marie’s real name?

          • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

            Oh! I’m a dummy. Something I know nothing about… how did they find her resume?????

          • Marie Laveau says:

            Great! Thanks you guys. Just checking back in. I completely missed anything going on over at Reality Tea because I haven’t been back on that website since late last night.

            I just happened to notice someone here saying that me resume’ was posted which,

            1) I find hard to believe (not that it was posted, but that it is MY actual resume). First of all, my real first and last name are very common in southern Louisiana. I had 2 girls with the same first and last name as me (not middle, though. I have two middle last names) in my graduating class and another one two years behind me. So, maybe they had my resume’. Maybe they did not. I did not even see see it. I AM going to contact Reality Tea to figure out what the hell is going on.

            2) I find that type of behavior (going to the trouble of looking up someone’s resume’ and posting it on an entertainment blog) to be completely NUTS!!

            I guess I hit a nerve with a commenter or two over there. I am going to get the bottom of it, though. And if any resume’ posted on there claimed that I was lying about my profession or credentials it is 1) either bogus; 2) or the resume’ of someone who is NOT me.

            And I still hate Jill Zarin!

            P.S.: Marie Laveau was the great Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. I don’t practice voodoo, but considering the insane behavior of 1 or 2 commenters over at Reality Tea, I may have to START.

  135. Capiche says:

    Ummm….No Top Chef blog today?

    • error 404 says:

      I was shocked by the ending. I think the spare rib guys shoulda gone home, but they have such big egos and they probably did better in past challenges I didn’t see, so….

      all that alpha male posturing gets my goat though. Or as Denise Fallon would say: “She gets my goat and she like puts it over here” lol

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        Part of the challenge was to make a menu item that would be popular with hotel guests and could be served in hotels all over the world, though – squid ink pasta didn’t quite fit the bill, IMO.

        • Capiche says:

          I was actually a little pissed at the ending. I agree with Cuckoo that the undercooked squid ink pasta was kind of too “strange” for a hotel menu, but how is it that those two women, who failed in the two previous challenges, walked off with a trip at the end? I feel like something wasn’t explained. And I didn’t like the challenge. I liked the concept, but not how it was executed. It seemed to reward one-off good dishes and not consistency, but I guess that’s what a reality show is all about!

          And I kind of like Kenny. I think he threatens Angelo and hopefully that will bring out good food from the both of them. I hope. I really do.

          • Adios Lunatic says:

            I agree. Last night was very confusing. Why did the people who didn’t have the best breakfast or lunches win the trips with dinner? I thought maybe I just missed the boat.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Oh I just love the Real Housewives of Late Night!!! LOL!

  136. quincyillinois says:

    If I could tweet Kelly, I would ask her if the new boyfriend was her doppelganger.

  137. Buffywood says:

    I just wanted to say as an “outsider” who has been lurking for a while and made a few posts over the past two weeks; that other than 1 particular poster (now gone and not worth naming) I have seen nothing but nice people here speaking their opinions. When opinions differ there is no nastiness, just good open communication. I was made to feel welcome immediately and enjoy reviewing the comments periodically.

    I typically enjoy reading Ilana’s blog as well. Sometimes I am amazed that a Jewish Mother from the West Coast and myself (a Catholic mother from the East Coast) share similar views on so many things. On Ilana’s view on Bethany’s show our opinions differ, no big deal. Hey that is why they make so many flavors of ice cream. I will continue reading her blog as I like to see her views on things. What I can’t get over the nastiness of so many of the comments left on her site over her views, she definitely doesn’t deserve that.

    The comments on Ilana’s blog went to Bethany’s childhood and how she has lied about it. People are discussing how her family always had money and she had it so easy. I certainly have no knowledge to comment on her actual childhood, but why do people make that assumption that if you grew up with money that you had a good easy childhood. I would think that Kelly’s children are a pretty good example of how that is NOT true. I can tell you personally that assumption is not true, I would not want to be in their shoes for any amount of money.

    Thanks Lynn again for giving me a place to “play” while I am at work or bored, and a “thanks” to everyone else for making me feel welcome while doing it. More of the sites should be like this, where people can agree to disagree and if anyone else come to check it out for themselves, unless they are a complete idiot (insert Kelly reference here), they will feel the same as I do.

    • quincyillinois says:

      We have a saying in our Irish family: “If you are going to be miserable, be miserable in luxury because it’s a lot harder in poverty.”

    • No amount of money can make up for having a father that doesn’t love you and doesn’t want to have anything to do with you and having a mother that may or may not be present, but is really nonexistent in your life.

  138. Silly String says:

    BTW, here is what I did post over there.

    Silly String says: – July 7, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    Bethenny has accepted Jill’s apology. That doesn’t mean she wants to let that vindictive viper anywhere near her, her adorable new baby, or her smart husband who can’t stand Jill either.

    Food me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    Bethenny is no fool.

    There is no reason for Bethenny to “condemn” Jill’s imaginary death threats either. Bethenny has wisely just gone about living her own life, after someone she THOUGHT was her friend, tried to ruin her, and gossiped and made things up about her. WHO NEEDS that in their life?

    Certainly not a new wife and mom, with a new show and people in her life who don’t compete and are genuinely happy for her when something goes right.

    Jill hasn’t tweeted ONE TIME to “watch Bethenny’s show” or say congratulations to her. She is a bitter, jealous, aging old yenta who absolutely doesn’t know the temperature of the room.

    Here is the deal Jill. BE NICE. Genuinely NICE, with nothing in it for you. Just quit talking about what a good person you are and BE ONE. You can NOT fool people, we DO see you. What we see has made us sick.

    Oh, and when you apologize for the entire Susan Saunders debacle, and your behavior on Amazon? MAYBE, just MAYBE, a few of us might start to believe a few of the things coming out of your mouth again.

    Bethenny, congrats on a great new show! So GLAD Jill wasn’t on it to make it all about her, and her nastiness! Her trying to hurt you and your show backfired and just made BGM so much better than it would have been had the toxic Zarin infected it, even a little bit here and there.

  139. MAMAZ says:

    Anyone here? Is everyone watching Big Brother?

  140. Earring Girl says:

    @ Boston – Brad is talking Kelly up like he is her PR person 🙂 Devorah Rose had Bethenny on the cover and did a photo spread on her for RHONY when she was in the Hamptons with Jill last year see below:

    Also take a look at this article from NY Post on Kelly in the Hamptons –


    Got to go watching my summer favorite reality show – Big Brother!

  141. Char212 says:

    OMG I’m so MAD. Big Brother is on and Dish Network keep losing it’s satellite signal!

  142. MAMAZ says:

    I have a confession to make.
    I have never watched Big Brother before. I don’t know anything about it. I’m giving it a try since everyone on here seems to like it.

  143. error 404 says:

    looking forward to BGM? tonight!

    in the meantime, I got another vlog of the Beekman Boys up.


    Still working on the latest Work of Art.

  144. Silly String says:

    The best part of Big Brother is the live feeds. The TV show itself is only fair.

    24-7 cameras on these people? GOLD.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      So this is happening in real time? They are really in the house for weeks, it’s not just edited to 10 shows?

    • MAMAZ says:

      Hmm, I’m not sure if I like BB. I will have to watch a couple of weeks before I decide. Gonna watch the rerun of last weeks BGM? now. I missed it last week.

      • lillybee says:

        I am not a BB fan at all. Sorry to say.

        • teamb says:

          ooo,,the BB season of Brady..mmmmmmm and then when Bravo had that show,,I had tolook again it was BradY!!! sadly it wasn’t picked up

  145. The defamatory and harassing post by String Theory was deleted with this message attached:

    StringTheory says: – July 8, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Comment Deleted – Please do not attack others or post people’s personal information on here – Reality Tea

  146. Silly String says:

    It happens unedited and in REAL TIME on the live feeds (to your computer) which cost about $35 for the entire season and give you other movies and free music downloads and other goodies.

    I am not getting the feeds this year, but I will miss them. I have too much to do this summer!

    Anyway, the feeds show it all, people having sex, drunken rampages, huge fights, all kinds of stuff, it is VERY “real” and they really are locked in that house with no TV or books or music for the entire time.

    The TV show is HIGHLY edited, 3 times a week highlights and cleaned up versions of stuff that happens in the house. Also, Showtime has a 3 hour show late night every night if you get Showtime, but they are usually on pretty good behavior for that. All of the really juicy stuff seems to happen at night.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I could go w/o TV but no books would be a real problem for me. It would be tough to be locked in with friends and family let alone strangers!

  147. rawhideaz says:

    Can anyone give me the link to Illana’s blog? I’ve heard you mention it and don’t know where it is. Thanks!

  148. ilovelynn says:

    just read the “I hate alex mccord” blog. if you don’t believe that it’s jill zarin writing it, I have a bridge in brooklyn I’d like to sell you!

    39 minutes to go for the wedding…..

  149. boston02127 says:

    @Mamaz–The first show of BB usually isn’t that good. It does get better and better as weeks go on. It’s an addictive show. I hope you keep watching so you can post with us. 🙂

    • MAMAZ says:

      Boston-It usually takes a couple of weeks to get to know the people or characters on any show so I’ll keep watching. I’m just not sure I understand it yet, lol. But I trust the folks here, if you all say it’s good I’m sure it’s worth watching.

  150. error 404 says:

    vote for Bethenny at People mag poll for who deserves an Emmy!


    • Thanks for the link Error!

      • Well, right now, Kathy is winning the poll, but Bethenny’s in 2nd place.

        Never heard of those other 2 women.

        I’d say it would be hard to beat Kathy, though she’s not my favorite and I don’t watch her show all the time. Love her mom though!

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      IMO, the fact that Jill Zarin isn’t in the poll makes it a WIN for Bethenny!

      • error 404 says:

        I know right!

        But I did vote for Danielle just to spite both Kiki and Caroline! lol

        Some of them I didn’t vote on because I didn’t know any of the 4 in the category, or didn’t care.

    • twoile says:

      Thank you 4 the link.

  151. This was posted to Jill’s FB about that String Theory’s rant and that Scarlette’s harassing post on Reality Tea and asked Jill if she condoned any of her fans doing stuff like this. LOL! Holding Jill’s foot to the fire, I’d say. 😛 I didn’t include the 2 posts with String Theory’s and Scarlette’s rants as they can be seen here or on Reality Tea.

    Gloria Johns Jill, I doubt you condone your fans posting things like this. Sorry for posting here, but thought you’d want to know what this person
    is doing. You’re certainly welcome to delete this post after you’ve
    read it.

    This was posted to Reality Tea today and Reality Tea has since deleted the first comment because the poster… included personal info. Also, someone named “Scarlette” has been speaking for you and accusing a coworker of yours of being behind the “sympathy cards threats” and is harassing and threatening others.

    I’m sure you do not condone this type of behavior from any of your fans and would want to know when instances like these occur because it could very well come back on you. The link to the article is here

    See More
    17 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Flag

    • Marie Laveau says:

      Thanks for posting that. I’ve E-mailed Lynn, and I’m looking into what action I should take with regard to this Scarlette Begonia lunatic over at Reality Tea.

      It all looks like desperate (and possibly defamatory) actions by desperate people.

  152. Silly String says:

  153. MAMAZ says:

    I’m watching the rerun of last weeks BGM? I don’t understand why anyone thinks Bethenny is the villain of this show. Her interaction with Max is cute. They obviously enjoy each others company. Every bride I’ve ever known has felt like the groom wasn’t helping enough. And she is pregnent and facing a deadline with her book. I’d say she held up surprisingly well!

  154. kats2 says:

    Dam I forgot BB was starting tonight!!! Got caught up in all the LeBron madness.

    • dumberries says:

      Miami must be celebrating right now. I was kinda hoping LeBron would choose the Clippers, for selfish reasons. Should be a very interesting NBA season next year!

      • kats2 says:

        I was hoping for Chicago. Did you see the bar scenes from Cleveland? He is killing that city. Really too bad.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I know, I feel sorry for Cleveland 😦

          • dumberries says:

            I feel bad for the Cavs and Cleveland too. Didn’t see the bar scene there, but can imagine the fans are very unhappy and throwing a few back tonight. Huge loss. Maybe LeBron’s absence will encourage the other talent on the Cavs to really blossom (looking for a silver lining for Cleveland).

  155. realSChousewife says:

    Love your Blog and all the reguar commentors!

  156. boston02127 says:

    I bought a mini Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with the build in spoon in the cover. I wanted to have a treat for tonight. It’s 10:03 and it’s gone.

  157. boston02127 says:

    Hoppy, Hippy hoppy, bunny hoppy. Jason’s gonna be the babies poppy. It’s doesn’t stoppie. LOL

    • MAMAZ says:

      LOL, so cute.
      When the doorbell rang I thought OMG it’s Jill Zarin!!!! Whew, I was glad it was Julie.

      • Dani says:

        MamaZ that is so funny because I thought the same thing. I thought it is a replay of Ramona renewing her vows and Jill coming to her room right before the ceremony so she could complain. I could just hear Jill saying to Bethenny “why wasn’t I invited to your wedding? Can I come anyway?”

  158. cusi77 says:

    Cookie is bridezila! Oh My! I can’t stop tearing… Jason Mom’s is adorable! What a beautiful Family for Bethenny!

    • MAMAZ says:

      I know. I think Jason’s mom is so happy to have Bethenny join the family. It’s sweet. and Cookie is so cute! I know I’m going to cry.

  159. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    Thank god Jill Zarin wasn’t a part of this special day. She would have made the whole affair about her.

    • MAMAZ says:

      She tried to anyway! Waaa Waaa, I wasnt invited to the wedding, I was so hurt!

    • Synda says:

      Yep, so glad Jillzilla wasn’t there. This show made my cold, cynical heart warm up and I actually cried. SO SWEET!

      • Synda says:

        P.S. Lynn
        You should start a new thread for all of us to comment on the wedding show. All of Jill’s trolls will be so jealous.

  160. sweet pea says:

    Okay, I watched Big Brother because the ladies here are watching. Want to be able to continue with your dialogue. I lurk more than I comment. Basically because y’all say what I’m thinking. However, not sure about BB. I’ll give it a chance because I trust y’all.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Same here Sweet Pea. Never watched before. It may be an aquired taste.

      • sweet pea says:

        @mamaz Guess we’ll talk about it some other time. Seems to be a feeding frenzy for BGM. I don’t have cable anymore (laid-off) so have to wait until Bravo posts it or one of my other free-link pushers. Anticipation!

  161. cusi77 says:

    Holly Heavens! Alex is The Queen of the night! Galliano Dress…

  162. Silly String says:

    Nothing really happens on BB until the scheming starts and fear and being closed in takes over, then? GOOD!

    Aw, I am loving Bethenny’s show!

  163. Capiche says:

    Watching BGM? That peeing scene had me ROFLMAO!! OMG! I actually thought it would have been a little creepy from the previews but that wedding planner made the whole sequence soooo funnnnyyy!! The things he had to do to make sure that wedding went off without a hitch.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I officially LOVE Sean! He put up with so much and managed to pull off an amazing wedding in such a short time. He looked so happy when Bethenny loved the room. I think he really wanted to please her. And he didn’t want her to rip his dick off, lol.

      • mnsue says:

        I agree. I hope his business benefits. He showed he has stress mgt skills, creativeness, business saavy etc etc

        It is amazing how quickly this was pulled off.

        And he does seem to really care about her.

  164. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    Not a dry eye in the house. 🙂

  165. boston02127 says:

    sniffle sniffle

  166. ilovelynn says:


  167. boston02127 says:

    I want to call my b/f at his work and tell him I want to get married. Stop me!
    I loved their vows.

  168. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    So, I think we all have to agree there needs to be a Season 2 of BGM. We are hooked and I want to see what happens next. There is no question that Bethenny can her a show on her own. Perhaps they will do Lynn a favor and give the show a new name. 🙂

    • MAMAZ says:

      Yes to season 2!
      Good night all. Sweet dreams.

    • A wholehearted “YES!” to that! We have to see what happens next!

      How did you all fare? I held it together pretty well; first sniffle was when Jason’s mom gave Bethenny the locket. Of course, as soon as those doors opened for Bethenny to walk down the aisle, I really started boohooing and there she was grinning ear to ear! 🙂 I was alone watching this and embarrassed myself by starting that insipid squeaking and wheezing when you try to breathe and hold back crying at the same time. LOL!

      Bravo did a beautiful job of filming the ceremony.

      • dumberries says:

        Still got 90 minutes left before the show airs in my neck of the woods. Based on all the comments, I’ll need to grab a roll of TP for the coffee table (no Kleenex in the house). I cried at Ramona’s renewal ceremony (seriously), so I’m sure I’ll be a complete bawl bag watching B and J’s vows.

  169. Marie Laveau says:

    Hi Lynn,

    When you get a chance, can you please check your E-mail? I sent an E-mail to LynnAHudson@aol.com. I hope that is the correct E-mail address.


  170. DesertGal says:

    Oh, my, that was a beautifully done wedding. Elegant and sophisticated, yet personal and unstuffy. Very Bethenny.

    Her wedding planner really pulled it together. And in just four weeks. Amazing job.

    And didn’t Alex look gorgeous in that Galliano gown? Very glam.

    • Shawn did a wonderful job didn’t he? Kudos to him!

      Alex was gorgeous and so was Ramona and Jason’s mom, and Julie, and … they were all beautiful, especially Bethenny! 🙂

  171. boston02127 says:

    Bethenny is the modern day Cinderella story.

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Yup – she built her own castle and bought her own shoes – Prince Charming was simply the icing on the cake.

      • That’s nice Cuck! And it’s so true! 🙂

      • cusi77 says:

        Great comment CuckooforCocoa! So true!

        She deserves everything She has “And at the same time”!!!

        She has worked hard, never sold herself for a comfortable life and loosing her integrity on the way… Now we can see how dreams come true when you keep trying even when everything seems impossible. She said “It was worth to wait”. She has the Family she deserves, don’t you think?

        • cusi77 says:

          btw: Kudos for her therapist! We got the entire picture of Bethenny thank to her therapist questions… and, of course, Bethenny’s honesty.

  172. WindyCityWondering says:

    What a touching ceremony – Jason was more nervous than Bethenny! She was a beautiful bride with a million watt smile. Bravo does love stories so well.
    Another season??? HELL YEAH

  173. boston02127 says:

    G’ Night all.
    Good night Jill and Kelly–ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  174. twoile says:

    Beautifully exicuted by Shawn, photographed by Bravo & thoughly enjoyed by the very important Bride & Groom. Elegant, non fussy & joyfull!…..sniff sniff lovely vows.
    Alex & Ramona both looked marvelous. I must be out of date bc I was always told that “one never wore black to a wedding”. There were many women in black, looking stunning I will add, when did that change? ps I wanted to wear black to my own wedding (upon reflection it certainly would have been appropriate) ;0)

    • rawhideaz says:

      I think that black thing is old now. I think the only rule is not to wear white.

    • error 404 says:

      Oh, it’s been all the rage here in the northeast for a few years now. More than half the female guests at a wedding will be wearing black.

  175. Dani says:

    I am still crying and I am watching the show again. What a beautiful wedding.

  176. sweet pea says:

    Just read B’s Bravo blog. She did not mention her wedding planner Shawn at all. Wow. Max had tons to say about what a wonderful job Shawn did, under tough circumstances. What’s up with that?

  177. A toast to Bethenny, Jason and little Bryn for a life together filled with endless happines and joy! 🙂

    I’m getting off here as a thunderstorm has erupted!

    Good night all!

  178. Squirrels says:

    Who says travel can’t be filled with potential. I’m sitting on a plane homeward bound from Bawston to San Diego (sorry, my hometown accent is rearing its Yawkey Way head since it only takes one day to comfortably slide back into the pahk my cah in Hahvad Yahd dialect). I’ve had near to zero sleep on this worldwind 48hr tour. Inhaled a Logan Airport sandwich, begged for Chardonay so I can grab a catnap or pass out, whichever comes first and paid yet an additional $60 to upgrade to a legroom seat befitting Yoda. Low and behold, I’m happy in my aisle seat, with a very nice young lady at my port side window and the middle seat EMPTY. What a coup. Wicked pissah!

    Ok, big whoop. I swear this is not off topic, just serendipity. I’ve got a copy of March 2010 Cosmo that had been taking up space next to my bed for that long and promises to hand me the Holy Grail of male pleasing tricks of the trade. What is my temporary companion reading? ONE GUESS. ….. wait for it…..

    PEOPLE Magazine.

    Since I’m stuck for 6 hours with plenty of legroom, once she tucked it away in the seatback, I asked if I could read the article on Beth. She graciously handed me the rag. Soooooo, since I know not everyone would run out and slap down $3.99 plus tax, I decided to hand pick a few nuggets for you and will post as soon as I fall face first through my front door.

    “I never had a true childhood,” Frankel says, sitting barefoot on the sofa in her roomy downtown apartment after nursing Bryn and settling her down for a nap. “There was a lot of destruction: alcohol abuse, eating disorders and violent fights,” she says. The only child of legendary horse trainer Bobby Frankel and his first wife, Bernadette, Frankel was 4 years old when her father walked out, leaving her with a mother who was “extremely volatile. She was never a mother to me.” She temporarily moved with her father to Los Angeles, but Bobby Frankel “lived a very hotshot life –drugs, young girls,” she recalls. “It wasn’t a life for a little girl. I never watched cartoons. I was always at restaurants or the racetrack.”

    ….. “Sometimes a young Bethenny would hide in the closet to escape. Other times she was the one who called the police to stop it. The next day however she’d often hear them reconciling—in the bedroom. “I heard everything,” she says quietly. “It would make me so angry. It would kill me.” Despite all the chaos, she still calls Parisella “the only father I’ve ever known.” Though it was Parisella, she says, who taught her how to gamble at age 13, “he took care of me when my mother wasn’t around.

    It was Frankel who often ended up looking after her mother, who she claims was a severe bulimic. “She was someone you needed to take care of,” she says. She recalls helping clean up the bathroom—and her mom—after severe bouts of purging. “My mom would say to me, ‘Don’t tell your father’ ” Frankel says sadly. When contacted by PEOPLE, Frankel’s mother, Bernadette, now 59 and divorced from Parisella for more than two decades, confirmed that arguments with her husband sometimes resulted in calls to the police but denied ever smashing anything and further said she never had an alcohol problem or bulimia. Parisella, however, told PEOPLE that Bernadette showed “signs of bulimia” and that she drank heavily. As for any violent behavior toward his then-wife, Parisella admitted that on one occasion, “when she was in a frenzy, I slapped her,” but denies ever physically beating or harming her.

    The article mentions RHONY five times, always in context that does not include Zarin. Ex:
    “When Real Housewives of New York City launched in 2008, Frankel, a healthy-food chef, was the only single gal on the show—……..”

    “Beyond quoting Jason, Beth’s mother and stepfather, the only other outsider information is via Alex McCord. ‘One of the refreshing things about Bethenny is that she always owns what she says,’ notes McCord. “Bethenny has always copped to anything we’ve been a odds over.’ ”

    Beyond Alex, the only other cast mate mentioned is GUESS WHO!!!!! Yep Kelly. Here ya go….

    “In 2008 Frankel returned to reality TV on The Real Housewives. Suddenly, while interacting with costars like the often-loopy Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Frankel found her painful upbringing was a secret weapon: ‘I was able to have some perspective on all the drama.’ ”

    Ok now, here is my happy dance (enter young children in tap shoes shuffling off to Buffalo) … Jet Blue has video screens on their seatbacks. They have flics you can rent for $6, a ton of XM radio stations and live stream TV. I’ll be watching Bethenny’s wedding mid air within the last hour of my flight. WHAT A WORLD. The only question yet to be answered is should I wait for that 3rd glass of wine in order to toast the happy couple? How cheesy and/or desperate for liquor am I? Anywho, I’m stoked that I won’t miss the entire episode tonight. As I glance about the cabin, my row 4 window seat companion is watching BGM?, as are women in rows 2, 3 and 4. So, out of 24 people, 8 of whom are woman, BGM? Is on 6 screens. TAKE THAT ZARIN. The guys are watching Law and Order and ESPN.

    BTW – OT…. The China Pearl in Quincy is bomb bomb for dim sum. Also the Kam Chinese market next door has the best prices I’ve ever seen on EVERYTHING from herb tea to tee shirts. It’s the closest thing to a Chinese Walmart complete with herbal apothecary, I swear. I smuggled fresh baked chao sui baos (chow sue bow like bow wow) on board the plane… shhhhhh. These baked soft sweet bread rolls filled with glazed pork and veggies are to drool over.

    I was very disappointed in Legal Seafood this trip. Skip Jacks in Natick was closed so since they are next door, we toddled over to Legal. NEVER SERVE ALL OF EIGHT $15.50 FRIED CLAMS LUKE WARM (and that was the lunch size). Geez, they’ve been in biz since 1904, think they’d know better. Like Rubbah. At least they don’t make you pay as you eat anymore as they did at the Chestnut Hill and Boston proper locations. That seriously sucked. You can’t run a restaurant like you did your seafood, picnic table take out. Chowda was good. Not as good as mine, but worthy of a shout out. Their motto, “If it isn’t fresh it isn’t Legal”, has been replaced in my mind with, “If it isn’t served fresh out of the fucking fryer, it should be illegal.” Ok, I made that up, but $15.50 for 8 fried rubber bands with bellies, fries, and 3 oz of slaw?

    I apologize for this comment running like a nose with a winter cold, but I’m out of reading material and sans a parachute.


  179. Jules says:

    I guess at the end of the day that what really bothered me about the Reunion shows was Andy Cohen. Clearly as a top exec with Bravo Andy knows exactly what happened at St. John. (I mean all of it, even what did not air). So for him to sit there and remain silent while Kelly levels accusations at the girls, like they had a sit down with Bethenny the first day after lunch asking her to lay off of Kelly, and all the while he knows it didn’t happen, I find unforgivable. Honestly, I found it even more unforgivable when you stop to consider the fact that he did argue with Kelly when she leveled accusations that Bravo forced her to go to St. John. So clearly, Andy only cares when Kelly is victimizing him or his employers, but the hell with the ladies even when he knows better. He sits there and acts like everything the ladies reveal is news to him, and that is bull.

    So while we are upset that the ladies were talking over one another making it difficult to understand what was being said, I also understand how hard it must have been for Bethenny to sit there having Kelly claim there was a sitdown, and nobody was denying that it happened. I would be incensed too. If I were the Alex, Sonja, Ramona, or Bethenny, I would be incensed that Bravo never spoke up, and said flat out THAT NO BULLYING EVER HAPPENED. As a viewer the ladies did not look like bullies to me – they looked like a group of ladies that were looking around for some support that they were not getting from people that knew better. Andy also never once stopped Kelly from throwing out snide remarks to Ramona, Bethenny, Sonja, and Alex when the were speaking. She in fact interrupted them alot.

    I for one would also have refused to give a hug to Jill especially after Jill supported Kelly in her claims of bullying. The majority of Kelly’s complaints were against Bethenny, and considering that Jill professes to want Bethenny back as a friend, she shouldn’t have distorted the facts to support Kelly’s bullying claim as a means to show herself as a victim at St. John. Jill was also hoping to get Bethenny in trouble when she said that Bethenny wasn’t suppose to tell anyone when she got her show, but she told Jill, the same way she was trying to cause trouble for Alex when she said the nude photos were at Simon’s hotel.

    Yeah, definitely no change in Jill. Still and always a vindictive, cold hearted, selfish, bitch.

    • dumberries says:

      Yes, it was aggravating that the ladies weren’t given more screen time to defend against Kelly’s ridiculous bully claims. Hopefully, Bravo just let Kelly have control of the floor at the reunion because they won’t be asking her back and that was her farewell rant.

      Agree that there seems to be a conflict of interest having Andy host the reunions – getting frustrating for some of us viewers. A few of us here on Lynn’s site would like to see Tabitha from Salon Takeover take on the moderator role for the reunions. No partiality and no bs allowed on her watch, I bet!

    • error 404 says:

      this is what it is. Bravo just sits back with a camera rolling and captures the women interacting. The reunion show is about them getting a chance to explain and/or confront each other, not about anyone being forced to cut the bs. Like Bethenny said, we the viewers are the judge in this court of public opinion.

      • dumberries says:

        True error. But, it did seem like some of the ladies were on the edge of the couch trying to confront Kelly more about the bullying bs and weren’t give the chance (that we saw). Not that big a deal, but wish Andy would have let them respond instead of agreeing with Zarin that continuing the subject wasn’t good for anyone (I wanted to hear more from someone other that Kelly). Seems like Andy might be juggling conflicting priorities – that’s all.

      • Jules says:

        You know, it is not that I don’t understand your point, or even Bravo’s for that matter about letting the viewers be the judge. But I personally felt like this was thrown out the window when Andy repeatedly defended Bravo by saying Kelly wasn’t forced to go on the trip. He responded just like the 4 ladies started to, but were stopped from doing so. Even after 3 times saying that she was not forced to go on the trip – he later piped up, and said that Jill and Luann weren’t forced to go on the trip.

        So, I guess my point is that it is human nature for the ladies to have been outraged by some of the things that Kelly said about them, and I think that it was next to impossible for them to keep their mouths shut when she was making some of her statements. Yet, when they treid to defend themselves when Kelly was talking, he said it made them look like bullies, but he did the same thing.

        I also thought that the only way at the end of the day that I could be happy with the way it played out with Kelly, was if she didn’t come back. I am hoping they handled this the way they did, because they were afraid she would have another breakdown right there at the reunion, and they were trying to avoid this. Still, if this is the case then there is no way she should be allowed to come back.

        Andy is so sensitive when it comes to things people say about him, there is no way he himself would be able to handle the grilling these ladies take.

        • Cheri says:

          First of all I don’t like Andy I think he acts like an idiot on the watch what happens show. I don’t care for people who act childish like that. That said maybe he let kelly talk was so everyone could see how crazy she relally is for themselves. That way the ladies really didn’t need to try to explain what she was like. If you watch bethenny you will notice her kind of trying not to smile. When I saw her doing this I thought she was probably thinking to herself “here we go again, now the whole world can see how crazy she really is”. Justy thought on why they let Kelly talk. After all who better shows the world how crazy Kelly is than Kelly herself

  180. LynnNChicago says:

    Sorry for the delay with the new blog, I’m waiting on a guest blog for tonight’s show and then I’ll post mine later on or over the weekend.

    In the meantime I hope everyone can hang in there, have a great night! 🙂

  181. Silly String says:

    Sonja loved your Mona Mickey!

    # Sonja Morgan SonjatMorgan

    RT @windysea: @SonjatMorgan Sonja as Mona Lisa & other fun ones http://mickeymouth1.wordpress.com/ 33 minutes ago via UberTwitter

    * Reply
    * Retweet

    # Sonja Morgan SonjatMorgan

    WOW. Who made that? V cool “painting”. RT @MickeyMouth1: @SonjatMorgan Something fun. I hope you enjoy 🙂 http://xrl.us/bhq929

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Yeah! Thanks for showing me that! I haven’t been on twitter long and not sure if anyone is seeing my tweets. I was worried it was another place I was talking to myself. 😉

  182. Silly String says:

    AND, Sonja loves Big Brother!

    The feeds are already getting crazy tonight, lots of chaos in the house, a guy was inappropriate, two women are fighting, one guy masturbates every night, and everyone thinks the Jewish guy is the mole.

    • Waslurking says:

      Hope they save some of that for after dark….. 23 minutes and counting…lol

  183. lillybee says:

    It was so nice of Beth, to have the stylist help get Mama Hoppy ready for the wedding.

  184. cusi77 says:

    Congratulations Micky Mouth! You are so talented! Great Job!

  185. Brianna says:

    If you want to read live feed reports of things happening in the house, this is the best place.


    it’s for REPORTS only, not discussion, there is a different discussion board. We already know who is nominated for eviction, I won’t say it here, since it’s technically a spoiler, but you can read it there.

  186. lillybee says:

    Air on a G String is one of my favorite pieces of music. It can make me cry when I am not even at a wedding. Pachibel’s (sp) canon always makes me cry. Kudos for chosing such beautiful music.

  187. Dani says:

    Do you think Jill watched the show tonight?

    • Don’t really know or care. 🙂 If she did, it would have been the first time she saw the wedding footage. Too bad she had become such a horrible shrew and was excluded from all things Bethenny! Nobody needs Jill’s kind of toxicity in their life!

    • rawhideaz says:

      Without a doubt. She cried during all of it too. Hopefully she will reflect and improve . .. instead of getting jealous and mean.

  188. jean says:

    where is the betheny gets married recap and blog. i am lost. help

    • Waslurking says:

      Lynn needs to sleep sometimes. 🙂
      It will be up as soon as she can get to it I have no doubt.

  189. Waslurking says:

    west coast throwing in here.
    Just watched Beth Got Married! I laughed I cried…. you all know the rest.
    It was wonderful on so many levels! Can’t believe how mushy I’m feeling.

  190. jean says:

    I watched twice and cried both times. I bet Jillous did too cause Ramona and Bethenny and Alex looked amazingly beautiful. Eat your heart out bitch!!!

  191. Tlm says:

    Saw bgm tonight & thought wedding was beautiful. Did not understand the choices of cake, which to me looked so cheap & boring (it might have looked less so if the red ribbon were silver) nor the dress. The first 2 dresses B tried on were SO much more flattering than that ruched mermaid dress nightmare.

    The peeing scene was actually not as much of a nightmare as I thought it would be. However, how much of a disgrace is it that The Four Seasons didn’t have a private bathroom in the area where a bride would be getting ready, or a way to escort her privately to another bathroom outside the restaurant?

    It looks like Shawn may have fibbed again to B about the quickest wedding he ever planned. I think he told her 2 or 4 months (I forget which) and last night he said nine months was the low end of weddings he had planned. But KADOOZE to Shawn! I confess I did not have faith in him, but he did it, and it was great.

    I loved Ramona’s dress and hated Alex’s. Alex looked like death in that black dress. She may be the only person I’ve seen for whom black is NOT flattering. I know she goes out of her way to promote designers, but I can only think of a couple of things I have liked on her. Most are terrible.

    During the marathon yesterday with rhonyc season 1, I saw how much b’s style has evolved. Gone was the jet-black hair with Bad bangs. And her clothing became a lot softer. She tends to stay away from the pink and pearl-colored eyeshadow that was so unflattering, which danielle still uses.

    Speaking of the Big D, no, I don’t think she deserves sympathy just because Teresa is a lying, childish, skanky piece of trailer trash in a chinchilla wrap. D has been a psychotic spinning out of control all season, using her daughter for her own gain & imagining feuds that aren’t there and doing drive-bys of parties, and ruining a charity event by bringing thugs. Sympathy?? No way.

    • MrWestVirginia says:

      When did Bethenny ever wear her hair with bangs on the RHONY show? I don’t remember that.

      • anitabee says:

        Bethenny does have bangs. I also saw the Season 1 Marathon. Bethenny has a long layered hair style. The first layer frames her face. I wouldn’t call it bangs.

    • DesertGal says:

      The first 2 dresses B tried on were SO much more flattering than that ruched mermaid dress nightmare.

      Yeah, have to agree with you there. Those first two gowns suited her far better. Did love the crystal waistband on the one she picked, though.

      It looks like Shawn may have fibbed again to B about the quickest wedding he ever planned. I think he told her 2 or 4 months (I forget which) and last night he said nine months was the low end of weddings he had planned.

      Where is the fib? Bethenny asked him what the shiortest time he had spent planning a wedding was, and he said he had once planned a wedding in two months. He did not say a two month wedding was a routine occurrence in his business.

      Alex looked like death in that black dress. She may be the only person I’ve seen for whom black is NOT flattering. I know she goes out of her way to promote designers, but I can only think of a couple of things I have liked on her. Most are terrible.

      On that, we’ll have to agree to disagree, because I thought Alex looked beautiful-and I’m not really a fan of Galliano. I do agree that I’ve only seen a couple of things I have liked on her, too, such as the leopard gown she wore to the Met opening in the second season. She does look her best in casual wear, I think.

      • I agree, Alex couldn’t have been more beautiful and elegant looking, in my opinion. The gown was gorgeous!

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          I like Alex’ hair better when it’s big and blown out…she looks like Catherine Deneuve then. She did look divine and so did Ramona 🙂

      • anitabee says:

        DG – you are so right about Shawn. He never said 9 months was the shortest time. He said the amount of work that he did would usually take on average over 9 months.

        Shawn’s vision looked so dreamy.

    • anitabee says:

      My comments on Bethenny’s dress and the cake.

      1. Bethenny said she wanted a dress that showed off her bump. She wanted it to scream pregnant bride/shotgun wedding. The dress she chose accomplished her goal. Personally I thought she looked gorgeous.

      2. I think Bethenny chose Red Velvet Cake because that meant something to her and Jason. Red Velvet Cake is so delicious. If the cake had had a silver bow than that would have looked odd as the cake is traditionally red and white.

      3. I love red velvet. In fact at lunch time I am going to go get a red velvet cupcake from Deerfields Bakery (for anyone in Chicago, Deerfields is awesome). Last night I wanted to crawl through the TV for a slice.

      • scorpiosue1102 says:

        LOVE Deerfield’s. There’s one about 10 minutes from my house and …heaven.

      • error 404 says:

        Bethenny’s color was red, the flowers, the napkins, Simon’s tie! lol So it made sense to have a red bow on the cake.

        • HD says:

          I disliked the cake too. I thought it would look different. I guess I have been watching too much cake wars and stuff on Food Network and have seen cakes that are unbelievable!

          Dress-ehhhhh…I didn’t hate it or love it.

          Peeing in the bucket-I didn’t like. Come on now. Who the heck wants to see Bethanny pee in a bucket? I understand you do what you gotta do but did that REALLY need to be on TV? I don’t think so.

          Ramona and Alex-I don’t think I like either one of their dresses. I have to see the show again. I did think Alex looked the best I have seen her face look. She looked rested or something but it was the best I have ever seen her look.

          It was just typical Bethanny to me. No huge fanfare…

        • TLM says:

          Just thought a silver ribbon would have looked more elegant. It was right in front of water with silver balls, and silver tablecloths. I thought the red fondant ribbon didn’t look rich; it looked like Play-Doh. I could have seen it at a celebration for the The Red Cross, but not for a wedding.

          I’ve never understood what the fascination is with Red Velvet Cake. It’s colored cake. No special flavorings like being soaked in alcohol, or a nut paste or raspberry or chocolate spread between layers, or any of the many interesting flavors you could have in a cake. I also thought the color was glowing and made it look super-cheap. The ones I have seen that are a very deep red at least look a little more elegant. HD, I agree that with all the resources available to B, we would have seen the type of sophisticated cake design that Sylvia Weinstock or Charm City Cakes are able to produce. I am never a slave to tradition; I like things that buck trends. But I didn’t care for many of the wedding choices here. I think I wrote before that it looked like they got married in a room where corporate conventions are held. It felt very cold and sterile to me.

          Re: the dress, no matter what she wore, it’s not like people weren’t going to notice the baby bump. It was very obvious. The shirring on the back of her dress was all distorted in order to make it fit her, which wrecked the line of the shirring. It was was not a design that worked for a maternity alteration IMO.

          I guess my interpretation of what Shawn said was different. I thought he was saying the quickest wedding he did was in 9 months when he told B it was 2 or 4.

          The only thing that matters is that Bethenny and J loved their wedding; it was their day, and they didn’t have to please anyone but themselves. I am just giving my opinion, since this is a place to discuss.

  192. Zipit Zarin says:

  193. moriasheehan says:

    I posted up above but i wanted to repeat
    SillyString, i am so sorry i used your name, it was a mistake. i meant StringTheory.

  194. Pantry Viewer says:

    BRILLIANT IDEA, Dumberries, having Tabitha conduct the reunions. That would have been delicious her holding Jizz, Kelly and LuAnn’s feet to the fire and none of that disingenuous blather from Andy.

    • dumberries says:

      Thanks Pantry, but one of the other posters here suggested it right after the reunion aired (dang, can’t remember who). I and a few others just jumped on the bandwagon! It’s fun to imagine that same reunion scene with Tabitha as the moderator….

      • MAMAZ says:

        I love Tabatha. She would be much better than Andy for the reunion show. Someone else mentioned Jeff Lewis. I’d like to see him confront JZ, LuAnn and Kelly.

  195. WindyCityWondering says:

    Bethenny’s wedding surpassed my expectations – Shawn did a wonderful job with the venue and with keeping Bethenny calm and focused on the moment. It was great to see Bethenny so happy.

    The only thing that bummed me out wast the constant commericals for the skankfest fight of RHONJ next week!! I hope that Jill and her minions were puking all over her bed in jealous rages while they watched Bethenny’s dreams coming true! And I still hate Jill Zarin….

    • dumberries says:

      It really was a beautiful ceremony and fun to watch. Shed a few tears.
      B’s Maid of Honor (Terry?) is a kooky one. Not in a bad way, just kooky.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I am so glad that Jill was not involved in any way with Bethenny’s wedding….can you imagine Jill vs Shawn??

        • dumberries says:

          Shawn would probably have renegotiated fee if he to deal with Zarin during the planning process!

          One thing I liked best about the wedding was how they honored Jason’s brother. Very cool. His parents seem like dream in-laws and I bet that meant a lot to them.

  196. Squirrels says:

    I posted this when I got home last night, but can’t find it, so here goes again. It’s long, forgive me in advance.

  197. Squirrels says:

    Jeebus. I am tired. would be nice if I included the actual post. Duh.

    Who says travel can’t be filled with potential. I’m sitting on a plane homeward bound from Bawston to San Diego (sorry, my hometown accent is rearing its Yawkey Way head since it only takes one day to comfortably slide back into the pahk my cah in Hahvad Yahd dialect). I’ve had near to zero sleep on this worldwind 48hr tour. Inhaled a Logan Airport sandwich, begged for Chardonay so I can grab a catnap or pass out, whichever comes first and paid yet an additional $60 to upgrade to a legroom seat befitting Yoda. Low and behold, I’m happy in my aisle seat, with a very nice young lady at my port side window and the middle seat EMPTY. What a coup. Wicked pissah!

    Ok, big whoop. I swear this is not off topic, just serendipity. I’ve got a copy of March 2010 Cosmo that had been taking up space next to my bed for that long and promises to hand me the Holy Grail of male pleasing tricks of the trade. What is my temporary companion reading? ONE GUESS. ….. wait for it…..

    PEOPLE Magazine.

    Since I’m stuck for 6 hours with plenty of legroom, once she tucked it away in the seatback, I asked if I could read the article on Beth. She graciously handed me the rag. Soooooo, since I know not everyone would run out and slap down $3.99 plus tax, I decided to hand pick a few nuggets for you and will post as soon as I fall face first through my front door.

    “I never had a true childhood,” Frankel says, sitting barefoot on the sofa in her roomy downtown apartment after nursing Bryn and settling her down for a nap. “There was a lot of destruction: alcohol abuse, eating disorders and violent fights,” she says. The only child of legendary horse trainer Bobby Frankel and his first wife, Bernadette, Frankel was 4 years old when her father walked out, leaving her with a mother who was “extremely volatile. She was never a mother to me.” She temporarily moved with her father to Los Angeles, but Bobby Frankel “lived a very hotshot life –drugs, young girls,” she recalls. “It wasn’t a life for a little girl. I never watched cartoons. I was always at restaurants or the racetrack.”

    ….. “Sometimes a young Bethenny would hide in the closet to escape. Other times she was the one who called the police to stop it. The next day however she’d often hear them reconciling—in the bedroom. “I heard everything,” she says quietly. “It would make me so angry. It would kill me.” Despite all the chaos, she still calls Parisella “the only father I’ve ever known.” Though it was Parisella, she says, who taught her how to gamble at age 13, “he took care of me when my mother wasn’t around.

    It was Frankel who often ended up looking after her mother, who she claims was a severe bulimic. “She was someone you needed to take care of,” she says. She recalls helping clean up the bathroom—and her mom—after severe bouts of purging. “My mom would say to me, ‘Don’t tell your father’ ” Frankel says sadly. When contacted by PEOPLE, Frankel’s mother, Bernadette, now 59 and divorced from Parisella for more than two decades, confirmed that arguments with her husband sometimes resulted in calls to the police but denied ever smashing anything and further said she never had an alcohol problem or bulimia. Parisella, however, told PEOPLE that Bernadette showed “signs of bulimia” and that she drank heavily. As for any violent behavior toward his then-wife, Parisella admitted that on one occasion, “when she was in a frenzy, I slapped her,” but denies ever physically beating or harming her.

    The article mentions RHONY five times, always in context that does not include Zarin. Ex:
    “When Real Housewives of New York City launched in 2008, Frankel, a healthy-food chef, was the only single gal on the show—……..”

    “Beyond quoting Jason, Beth’s mother and stepfather, the only other outsider information is via Alex McCord. ‘One of the refreshing things about Bethenny is that she always owns what she says,’ notes McCord. “Bethenny has always copped to anything we’ve been a odds over.’ ”

    Beyond Alex, the only other cast mate mentioned is GUESS WHO!!!!! Yep Kelly. Here ya go….

    “In 2008 Frankel returned to reality TV on The Real Housewives. Suddenly, while interacting with costars like the often-loopy Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Frankel found her painful upbringing was a secret weapon: ‘I was able to have some perspective on all the drama.’ ”

    Ok now, here is my happy dance (enter young children in tap shoes shuffling off to Buffalo) … Jet Blue has video screens on their seatbacks. They have flics you can rent for $6, a ton of XM radio stations and live stream TV. I’ll be watching Bethenny’s wedding mid air within the last hour of my flight. WHAT A WORLD. The only question yet to be answered is should I wait for that 3rd glass of wine in order to toast the happy couple? How cheesy and/or desperate for liquor am I? Anywho, I’m stoked that I won’t miss the entire episode tonight. As I glance about the cabin, my row 4 window seat companion is watching BGM?, as are women in rows 2, 3 and 4. So, out of 24 people, 8 of whom are woman, BGM? Is on 6 screens. TAKE THAT ZARIN. The guys are watching Law and Order and ESPN.

    BTW – OT…. The China Pearl in Quincy is bomb bomb for dim sum. Also the Kam Chinese market next door has the best prices I’ve ever seen on EVERYTHING from herb tea to tee shirts. It’s the closest thing to a Chinese Walmart complete with herbal apothecary, I swear. I smuggled fresh baked chao sui baos (chow sue bow like bow wow) on board the plane… shhhhhh. These baked soft sweet bread rolls filled with glazed pork and veggies are to drool over.

    I was very disappointed in Legal Seafood this trip. Skip Jacks in Natick was closed so since they are next door, we toddled over to Legal. NEVER SERVE ALL OF EIGHT $15.50 FRIED CLAMS LUKE WARM (and that was the lunch size). Geez, they’ve been in biz since 1904, think they’d know better. Like Rubbah. At least they don’t make you pay as you eat anymore as they did at the Chestnut Hill and Boston proper locations. That seriously sucked. You can’t run a restaurant like you did your seafood, picnic table take out. Chowda was good. Not as good as mine, but worthy of a shout out. Their motto, “If it isn’t fresh it isn’t Legal”, has been replaced in my mind with, “If it isn’t served fresh out of the fucking fryer, it should be illegal.” Ok, I made that up, but $15.50 for 8 fried rubber bands with bellies, fries, and 3 oz of slaw?

    I apologize for this comment running like a nose with a winter cold, but I’m out of reading material and sans a parachute.

  198. Squirrels says:

    Who says travel can’t be filled with potential. I’m sitting on a plane homeward bound from Bawston to San Diego (sorry, my hometown accent is rearing its Yawkey Way head since it only takes one day to comfortably slide back into the pahk my cah in Hahvad Yahd dialect). I’ve had near to zero sleep on this worldwind 48hr tour. Inhaled a Logan Airport sandwich, begged for Chardonay so I can grab a catnap or pass out, whichever comes first and paid yet an additional $60 to upgrade to a legroom seat befitting Yoda. Low and behold, I’m happy in my aisle seat, with a very nice young lady at my port side window and the middle seat EMPTY. What a coup. Wicked pissah!

    Ok, big whoop. I swear this is not off topic, just serendipity. I’ve got a copy of March 2010 Cosmo that had been taking up space next to my bed for that long and promises to hand me the Holy Grail of male pleasing tricks of the trade. What is my temporary companion reading? ONE GUESS. ….. wait for it…..

    PEOPLE Magazine.

    Since I’m stuck for 6 hours with plenty of legroom, once she tucked it away in the seatback, I asked if I could read the article on Beth. She graciously handed me the rag. Soooooo, since I know not everyone would run out and slap down $3.99 plus tax, I decided to hand pick a few nuggets for you and will post as soon as I fall face first through my front door.

    “I never had a true childhood,” Frankel says, sitting barefoot on the sofa in her roomy downtown apartment after nursing Bryn and settling her down for a nap. “There was a lot of destruction: alcohol abuse, eating disorders and violent fights,” she says. The only child of legendary horse trainer Bobby Frankel and his first wife, Bernadette, Frankel was 4 years old when her father walked out, leaving her with a mother who was “extremely volatile. She was never a mother to me.” She temporarily moved with her father to Los Angeles, but Bobby Frankel “lived a very hotshot life –drugs, young girls,” she recalls. “It wasn’t a life for a little girl. I never watched cartoons. I was always at restaurants or the racetrack.”

    ….. “Sometimes a young Bethenny would hide in the closet to escape. Other times she was the one who called the police to stop it. The next day however she’d often hear them reconciling—in the bedroom. “I heard everything,” she says quietly. “It would make me so angry. It would kill me.” Despite all the chaos, she still calls Parisella “the only father I’ve ever known.” Though it was Parisella, she says, who taught her how to gamble at age 13, “he took care of me when my mother wasn’t around.

    It was Frankel who often ended up looking after her mother, who she claims was a severe bulimic. “She was someone you needed to take care of,” she says. She recalls helping clean up the bathroom—and her mom—after severe bouts of purging. “My mom would say to me, ‘Don’t tell your father’ ” Frankel says sadly. When contacted by PEOPLE, Frankel’s mother, Bernadette, now 59 and divorced from Parisella for more than two decades, confirmed that arguments with her husband sometimes resulted in calls to the police but denied ever smashing anything and further said she never had an alcohol problem or bulimia. Parisella, however, told PEOPLE that Bernadette showed “signs of bulimia” and that she drank heavily. As for any violent behavior toward his then-wife, Parisella admitted that on one occasion, “when she was in a frenzy, I slapped her,” but denies ever physically beating or harming her.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Glad you made it home!
      Bethenny is an example of someone who was shown the worst life had to offer and made it her mission not to go down those roads ever again! She is a role model and may not know that she will inspire others to make their lives better because of her honesty, her determination, her will to survive and that there is alot out there that is good. Bethenny’s dreams are coming true at lightening speed and she shows how thankful she is for her new family. While she is definately Bravo’s shining star – she is so much more than that!

      • MAMAZ says:

        Thanks Squirrels. It’s interesting that the article has the people from Bethenny’s life confirming her turbulent past. That seemed to be a big issue with the commenters on the Reality Tea site. That there are two sides to every story. Her own mother admits to police involvement and Parisella agrees that her mother was bulimic and had an alcohol problem. I’m going to get it when I go out later today. Looking forward to reading the whole article.

        • quincyillinois says:

          I think a book about Bethenny’s life is coming. Remember the final appointment for the Bridal gown?
          I think she said something about her father.

          I love Bethenny. She survived and wants to be a better person. That is my kind of heroine.

        • error 404 says:

          It was classic divorce at it’s worst:

          kid: “Dad was abusive and mom was a drunk who threw up.”

          Dad: “I wasn’t abusive, but that bitch I married was a drunk and threw up.”

          Mom: “I never threw up, and certainly wasn’t a drunk, but that bastard I married was so abusive”

          Hmm.. who to believe?

          • tuzentswurth says:

            Gosh, sounds like mom was 19 or 20 when she had B? Babies having babies. If she had no strong hand to guide her (B’s mom) , sounds like she never grew up. How unfortunate for Bethenny and so many others, just heartbreaking.

          • DesertGal says:

            Believe the kid.

            I grew up with an abusive alcoholic for a mother, and a father who deserted the family when I was two.

            My mother never stopped drinking. Large shots of bourbon in her breakfast coffee, beer at lunchtime and during the afternoon, and eleven martinis or so at night to “calm her nerves” (and, for “martinis”, see “glasses filled to the brim with straight vodka”). And we were often dirt poor, because her alcoholism hindered her ability to hold down a job-but you can bet, when she went grocery shopping, booze was the first thing to hit the cart, even if we kids had had to eat potatoes for months on end. Mom died last year and not once, in the previous sixty years, would she admit that she abused alcohol or that her alcoholism had such a negative impact on all our lives.

            Bonnie denying her issues and her treatment of Bethenny is not uncommon, and probably to be expected.

            If the child of a true alcoholic reaches the point where they are no longer willing to protect the parent (usually when they have reached adulthood) and they want to confront what happened so they can put it behind them, you’ll find that they generally remember even small details with clarity and rarely make any of it up. In fact, most of them would probably prefer to create a better fictional childhood than the one they actually lived through.

            • tuzentswurth says:

              I do believe you and B and my heart goes out to you and every child who has been neglected and left feeling unloved. I hope as adults these children do understand that it wasn’t about them and there was nothing wrong with them (the child). The parents are damaged for whatever reason and it is truly sad that children suffer the fallout. I don’t know who is worse, the depressed self-medicating parent that is left unable to cope or the deserter that never looks back and could care less?

          • twoile says:

            Classic s/he said, they said…etc

  199. Squirrels says:

    The article mentions RHONY five times, always in context that does not include Zarin. Ex:
    “When Real Housewives of New York City launched in 2008, Frankel, a healthy-food chef, was the only single gal on the show—……..”

    “Beyond quoting Jason, Beth’s mother and stepfather, the only other outsider information is via Alex McCord. ‘One of the refreshing things about Bethenny is that she always owns what she says,’ notes McCord. “Bethenny has always copped to anything we’ve been a odds over.’ ”

    Beyond Alex, the only other cast mate mentioned is GUESS WHO!!!!! Yep Kelly. Here ya go….

    “In 2008 Frankel returned to reality TV on The Real Housewives. Suddenly, while interacting with costars like the often-loopy Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Frankel found her painful upbringing was a secret weapon: ‘I was able to have some perspective on all the drama.’ ”

    Ok now, here is my happy dance (enter young children in tap shoes shuffling off to Buffalo) … Jet Blue has video screens on their seatbacks. They have flics you can rent for $6, a ton of XM radio stations and live stream TV. I’ll be watching Bethenny’s wedding mid air within the last hour of my flight. WHAT A WORLD. The only question yet to be answered is should I wait for that 3rd glass of wine in order to toast the happy couple? How cheesy and/or desperate for liquor am I? Anywho, I’m stoked that I won’t miss the entire episode tonight. As I glance about the cabin, my row 4 window seat companion is watching BGM?, as are women in rows 2, 3 and 4. So, out of 24 people, 8 of whom are woman, BGM? Is on 6 screens. TAKE THAT ZARIN. The guys are watching Law and Order and ESPN.

    BTW – OT…. The China Pearl in Quincy is bomb bomb for dim sum. Also the Kam Chinese market next door has the best prices I’ve ever seen on EVERYTHING from herb tea to tee shirts. It’s the closest thing to a Chinese Walmart complete with herbal apothecary, I swear. I smuggled fresh baked chao sui baos (chow sue bow like bow wow) on board the plane… shhhhhh. These baked soft sweet bread rolls filled with glazed pork and veggies are to drool over.

    I was very disappointed in Legal Seafood this trip. Skip Jacks in Natick was closed so since they are next door, we toddled over to Legal. NEVER SERVE ALL OF EIGHT $15.50 FRIED CLAMS LUKE WARM (and that was the lunch size). Geez, they’ve been in biz since 1904, think they’d know better. Like Rubbah. At least they don’t make you pay as you eat anymore as they did at the Chestnut Hill and Boston proper locations. That seriously sucked. You can’t run a restaurant like you did your seafood, picnic table take out. Chowda was good. Not as good as mine, but worthy of a shout out. Their motto, “If it isn’t fresh it isn’t Legal”, has been replaced in my mind with, “If it isn’t served fresh out of the fucking fryer, it should be illegal.” Ok, I made that up, but $15.50 for 8 fried rubber bands with bellies, fries, and 3 oz of slaw?

    I apologize for this comment running like a nose with a winter cold, but I’m out of reading material and sans a parachute.

  200. Squirrels says:

    The article mentions RHONY five times, always in context that does not include Zarin. Ex:
    “When Real Housewives of New York City launched in 2008, Frankel, a healthy-food chef, was the only single gal on the show—……..”

    “Beyond quoting Jason, Beth’s mother and stepfather, the only other outsider information is via Alex McCord. ‘One of the refreshing things about Bethenny is that she always owns what she says,’ notes McCord. “Bethenny has always copped to anything we’ve been a odds over.’ ”

    Beyond Alex, the only other cast mate mentioned is GUESS WHO!!!!! Yep Kelly. Here ya go….

    “In 2008 Frankel returned to reality TV on The Real Housewives. Suddenly, while interacting with costars like the often-loopy Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Frankel found her painful upbringing was a secret weapon: ‘I was able to have some perspective on all the drama.’ ”

    Ok now, here is my happy dance (enter young children in tap shoes shuffling off to Buffalo) … Jet Blue has video screens on their seatbacks. They have flics you can rent for $6, a ton of XM radio stations and live stream TV. I’ll be watching Bethenny’s wedding mid air within the last hour of my flight. WHAT A WORLD. The only question yet to be answered is should I wait for that 3rd glass of wine in order to toast the happy couple? How cheesy and/or desperate for liquor am I? Anywho, I’m stoked that I won’t miss the entire episode tonight. As I glance about the cabin, my row 4 window seat companion is watching BGM?, as are women in rows 2, 3 and 4. So, out of 24 people, 8 of whom are woman, BGM? Is on 6 screens. TAKE THAT ZARIN. The guys are watching Law and Order or ESPN.

  201. Pantry Viewer says:

    Thanks for the travel fun and mag/movie tidbits this morning! A fun and informative romp as I’m at work right now! Enjoy the rest of your travel.

  202. Squirrels says:

    I’m home again. Would still be asleep, but the lump that at times shares my sheets woke me @ 6:30am. “I’ve got to get going.” Gee, thanks. Sometimes I wish he’d just sneak off and leave a 20 on the bedside table.


  203. BamaBelle says:

    Good Morning, Everyone!… It’s already 90 dregrees here!

    I have a question I hope somebody can answer before I comment on Bethenny’s wedding. Was Jill Zarin invited to the wedding or not? I’ve heard that she was and refused to attend because Bravo was filming it for Bethenny’s show. Or, did Bethenny’s NOT invite her? Either way, I’m glad she wasn’t there… I can’t imagine hearing her shrill voice and trying to over-shadow Bethenny!

    On the wedding… OMG! It was beautiful and romantic. Bethenny looked amazing, Jason is so freaking handsome and I’m so happy Shawn understood what Bethenny wanted and delivered! I know he’s worked with famous people, but I thought he was a smart-ass and I personally couldn’t have worked with him. All those faces he made with the crazy eyes were funny-especially when he found himself inches from Beth’s “cooch-cooch”! I loved it when Cujo/Cookie bit him 2 times, LOL!

    I’m having trouble with this site-anyone else? I’ll finish my comments later. I have so much to say about last nights episode.

    • error 404 says:

      She was not invited.

      • Yep, Jill was not invited.

        • BamaBelle says:

          Thanks Error and Former Fan!

          My answer to that is… GOOD FOR BETHENNY!

          I loved both Ramona and Alex’s dresses… they each looked beautiful. I liked the red bow on the wedding cake, it picked up the theme of red-I don’t think silver would of been pretty at all. Beth wanted a simple cake-all that mattered was it tasted like real red velvet with real cream cheese icing and had a red bow. Red velvet cake is a classic here in the South, and ohhh sooo GOOD!

  204. cusi77 says:

    What I found odd was that Sonja was not there… Somebody knows why?

    • error 404 says:

      I think that in addition to the VI trip, B bonded with Ramona over recently deceased abusive dads, and despite what everyone says, I’ve seen B and Alex be close and have 1-on-1 bonding moments since the start of season 1. I think they’ve been close for years. B never said anything about Silex she didn’t also say about everyone else, including her “bff” Zarin whom she dissed mercilessly all through their supposedly “sisterly” relationship.

      It’s hard to figure out who to include to your wedding, and I doubt I’d have invited a very recent friend like Sonja either, no matter how nice she seems to be.

      • BamaBelle says:

        I agree… Since they wanted a small and intimate wedding, Bethenny and Jason’s guest list had to be paired down to include family and close friends only, plus some business associates. I don’t think Sonja was a close enough friend.

  205. ilovelynn says:

    there’s a small blurb in the new US mag about jill zarin and husband trying to get into russell simmons’ july 4th party and the door being slammed in their faces because they were not on the list. zarins pr people said “didn’t happen” ha ,likely story! bethenny=People’s cover, jill=1 negative paragraph in US. karma is a bitch!

    • error 404 says:

      hehe.. I thought the Zarins hosted a very famous candlelight supper, sorry, I mean July 4th pool party? I know they’re currently homeless, but don’t they rent? Or are they crashing with the countess again?

      • error 404 says:

        hey.. could “Crashing with the Countess” be another spin off show?

        Lulu: “Dahling, guests are like fish, after 2 days they begin to stink”

        Nicole: “But Aunty, you said I was welcome any time, and you know I have to stay hidden until the winner of Work of Art is revealed!”

        Noel: “Cool, there’s a snake on the lawn!”

        Lulu: “Did you hear that? She called me a snake! The mouth on that one!”

        • cusi77 says:

          Ha! Good one!

          BTW: I thought in WOA I thought the winner had immunity and that was shocking to see one of the artists win one week and been dismissed on the folowing one…

          Did I miss something?

          • cusi77 says:

            excuse my spelling… I need to re-edit completelly… Is it understandable Error?

          • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

            They don’t give immunity each week. I think he didn’t have immunity because 2 “artists” went home the previous week. Just guessing.

            I sort of hate when they change up the format each week – I hated the “double elimination” on Top Chef this week and hope they never do it that way again!

            • error 404 says:

              no. He didn’t have immunity because, unlike other challenges, he actually won something valuable. His book cover design will actually be published on penguin classics next addition of The Time Machine.

              They do this on PR too, like when Anthony won the cover of Marie Claire.

      • KookADoodleDo says:

        I believe the Zarin clan is renting in E.Hampton this season.

    • lillybee says:

      Is there a link? Thank you.

    • Squirrels says:

      can you quote the article or send a link? thanks

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I thought Jill threw her own parties in the Hamptons. I remember that infamous Cindy Adams article when Jill bashed Alex and Simon, she disinvited them to her annual 4th of July party. She has to resort to crashing other people’s parties now. lol

  206. quincyillinois says:

    I think they only had 85 people and Sonja was a casual friend from the show. Bethenny had business associates and friends so the people who got invitations were few.

  207. I don't have my notes says:

    Bethenny posted Mickey Mouth’s Wizard of Oz photo on her Facebook page!


    • MickeyMouth says:

      OMG I’ve been trying to figure out why I suddenly have over 10,000 hits on my site today, lol. Thank you for letting me know!!!!

      • I don't have my notes says:

        You are welcome. Great Job! I was excited for you when I saw it.
        I thought, “Hey, I ‘know’ this! “

      • cusi77 says:

        We are soooo proud of you Mickey!!!!

        “She is with ME!” lol!

      • Silly String says:

        Micky, Sonja posted your chop of her as Mona Lisa on Twitter last night and re-tweeted it to everyone. Bethenny must have seen the chop of her and posted it on Facebook.

        A little birdie sent Sonja the chop.



        Do some more! I am thinking of Ramona as a dancing fairy hugging a bottle of Pinot Grigio? (something like that!)

        Simon might be good for a few chops too.

        • MickeyMouth says:

          Windy? I sent it to her too and she re-tweeted both. Thanks for that 🙂

          Someone sent the Wiz one to Max who tweeted it and then to Shawn who tweeted it as well. I sent it to Bethenny but she never responded. I sent Shawn the Wiz one without Cookie this morning that said something like in case you want one without Cujo, lol.

          I was going to do a turtle time one, but I am supposed to be packing for vacation tommorow.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Finally, the recognition you deserve! Glad for you, Mickey.

      • Char212 says:

        Congrats Mickey!!! That’s quite an honor!

    • Squirrels says:

      Way to go Mickey !!!!