I Hate Jill Zarin Bethenny Gives Birth July 23, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Bethenny Gives Birth                     July 23, 2010

I would have expected to see Bethenny attending a Lamazze class in one of these episodes leading up to the birth of the baby but instead she goes to a class on CPR with the “Stepford wives of the Upper East Side.”  It seems as though she did well and completed the course with the basics and plenty of information to save the baby’s life if any chocking was going on.  Hopefully, none of this information will ever be put to the test.

Max had to be humoring Bethenny asking her for tips on how to ask a girl out for a drink.  Max strikes me as the type of guy who’s done plenty of asking.  Do you think this was Max’s way of getting out of the hard work of putting the nursery together?  Maybe someday we’ll find out the outcome of Max’s dating antics. 

Bethenny putting the baby into the car seat in the back of the car was hysterical!  I think it was funnier since everyone seems to have the same problem the first time they try to maneuver a newborn’s car seat.  Local police departments even have a baby car seat check a few times a year where new parents can bring their car in to have their car seats checked for proper installation.  Reports show that 80% of new parents install them into their vehicles wrong. 

Is Julie an unbelievable assistant?  I don’t know where Bethenny found Julie but she has to be the best assistant ever!  I either want her as my assistant or I want to BE her!  Julie has the perfect balance of personal investment as she clearly loves Bethenny, coupled with professionalism to get the job done under any circumstances. 

I don’t know how Bravo does it but they always seem to have the cameras rolling at just the right time!  How could they have possibly known that Bethenny’s water would break during the night?  Do you suppose they had a cameraman sleeping on the couch during the last few months of Bethenny’s pregnancy? 

What a great guy Jason is, week after week we see exactly why Bethenny fell in love with this man.  There is no over-acting for the cameras, there is just this amazing, supportive guy who is always there, always says the right things, always does the right things and once again Bethenny has the best support system she could possibly have.

Part of being successful in business is surrounding yourself with the best people you can find.  Bethenny clearly knows this and has practiced it in her professional life as well as her personal life. 

There were some pretty racy moments as Jason and Bethenny showered and got dressed for the last time as a childless couple, I guess when Bethenny told us that Jason was all in with filming this show, she wasn’t kidding.  Obviously Bravo fuzzed out (is that the technical term?) their private parts but they were clearly completely naked in front of the cameras and that film is in the hands of the producers.  They must have a really big bathroom to fit the camera and sound guys in there with them as they get showered and dressed. 

Only Bethenny could crack those jokes while in labor.  We know this was 5-weeks early but we didn’t see any drama about concern for the baby or for Bethenny ‘s health while going into labor so soon.  If the doctor discussed any concerns with Jason and Bethenny, we didn’t see it.  We know from the reunion that Bethenny did have some health issues and was on bed rest for some time during her pregnancy, but again, that was all hidden from the viewers. 

Some of the hospital film was identified as home video and others seemed to be filmed by Bravo.  I don’t think that Bethenny realized how lucky she was to get flavored Italian Ice while in labor, I only got ice chips and that got old pretty fast!  Bethenny certainly took advantage of her only sustenance; she was seen eating a lot of Italian Ice!   I could so relate to her when she was walking back to her bed yawning and shivering, I remember that feeling vividly!   Bethenny had such a great attitude throughout her labor (that we saw) and after 18 hours and with her support group all asleep, she still could not have been in a better mood. 

We obviously didn’t see all of the details of her labor and delivery since many hours had gone by before an epidural was discussed, I demanded mine before I got the hospital gown on but there was a required waiting period.  It certainly wasn’t as long as Bethenny’s. 

How hysterically funny was she after she got her relief in the form of the ingenious epidural?  Whoever invented that wonderful procedure deserves a parade!  It allows women to relax and provides less stress for the baby and mom, not to mention any family members who care about the woman lying there screaming.  Jason seemed as relieved as Bethenny to see her pain disappear.  (Thank you to Bravo for not showing the epidural procedure being performed, you could have spared us seeing Teresa going through that as well) 

Like being in a nightclub, quite the comparison from the agony of labor pains as described by Bethenny!  It was great to see her back to her old funny self again!  Again, we didn’t get any details about concerns, if there were any, about the length of her labor or the discussion that led to the decision to have the caesarian section. 

Back on the home front, Julie and Max are preparing everything for the new baby, shopping, putting the bassinet together and greeting the baby nurse.  Bethenny was very lucky to have a close friend who had just gone through having a baby and was able to refer the baby nurse to her.  What a tough job it would be to interview and hire a baby nurse, this was made so much easier knowing that your good friend was so happy with her services.  Gina just may be the next breakout star of reality television! 

Well luckily Jason “got some” prior to Bethenny giving birth because now the frustration sets in, although a new mother who gets no sleep and can be a little bit cranky is definitely not sexy, guys still complain! 

I wonder if we’ll ever find out if Bethenny returned that call from her mother.  I certainly think she made the right decision to not deal with it during labor but I have the feeling we’ll never hear of it again.  I think Bravo did a great job showing Bethenny’s preparation and labor, it was certainly way more entertaining than Teresa’s on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  There was no unnecessary screaming, no applying of make up and no mention of jewelry or gifts that Jason owed to Bethenny.  While I am assuming there was a little more drama than we were privy to being that Bethenny’s water broke 5-weeks prior to the due date and she did have other complications earlier on in her pregnancy, I think overall the episode was outstanding, and entertaining, exactly what we’ve come to expect from Bethenny’s Getting Married? 

Some tweets during the show:

@IvankaTrump: Watching Bethenny’s Getting Married…I kind of think that @Bethenny is the funniest person ever!  (ed:  this was re-tweeted over 42 times)

PerezHilton    @Bethenny Thanks for the shoutout on the show! xoxo

@Bethenny  So what did u guys think?burps&ices&epidurals oh my!!!thanks for watching!

Always!RT @KellieOMichaud: @Bethenny thanks for waiting for all us at the END of the line tonight!

@EMGaldo I do remember!thanks so much for waiting!

Thank you all so much for waiting!1600people&i signed every bottle&met everyone!RT @kseefr01: @kseefr01 waiting in line to see @Bethenny !!

WOW, 1600 people there to see Bethenny, that is unheard of!  The largest one prior to this that I’ve seen is Teresa claiming to have 600 at her book signing the other night.  That is HUGE!  Based on the tweets it looks like Bethenny stayed well beyond the time scheduled to ensure she met every fan and signed very bottle of Skinnygirl Margaritas! 

Here is an interesting tweet:

Bethenny:  Give me suggestionsRT @redsassypants: @Bethenny What’s 2nd season gonna be called since u r already married?How bout just “Bethenny Married”

Another interesting tweet that tells us that Max no longer works for Bethenny (and its funny!):

Bethenny:  my new 2nd asst jackie was driving skinnygirl car to PA for signing tomorrow.cop stopped her thinking it was me to meet me.she was panicked.

Someone asked Bethenny what the 2nd season of the show would be called.  So many have wondered if Bethenny would even consider doing a second season so her answer was pretty interesting.  She could have ignored the tweet but instead she’s asking for suggestions on the name of the show so clearly she is at least considering a season two!  That’s great news! 

If you haven’t yet read the Bethenny’s Getting Married? blogs, you have to take a few moments to read Shawn Rabideau’s blog, he refers to the other “celebrities” who chose not to give Bethenny her privacy while giving birth.  Clearly he is talking about Jill as he also mentions the confusion over the sex of the baby.  Shawn is classy and is very careful about his wording but there is no doubt what he is referring to in his blog.  Well worth the read!

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185 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Bethenny Gives Birth July 23, 2010

  1. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    I loved this episode Bethenny and Jason waiting for their baby to be born was just a beautiful moment so glad she shared it with us. I was smiling, and laughing the whole episode.

  2. Absurd says:

    Great recap as always, Lynn! I’m not nearly as diplomatic as Shawn, I followed the tweets of everyone that twitterific weekend, and wrote about it all. Jill Zarin still has mud on her face, as well she should!

  3. Olivia says:

    I love Bethenny and Jason but I am hoping they take a pass on continuing to allow themselves to be filmed for our amusement. There is too much pressure for having to “be on” 24/7 that could lead to a collapse of this fledgling marriage and her business ventures. How often have we seen Bethenny appear on a number of shows in the past few weeks and Bryn is only 12 weeks old? I understand that a baby that age only sleeps, eats, and poops for the most part but so far Bethenny has been all over the dial along with making public appearances at book signings to promote her career.

    Glad to see she is flourishing but am somewhat taken aback by her “availability” in lining up shows to promote herself. Even to agreeing to appear on “Huckabee” as an example hints at a surge of self promotion which is kind of disturbing.

    I admit to being somewhat old fashioned in a lot of respects but was a little taken aback by the unnecessary shower scenes where we were witnesses to a glimpse of Jason’s “ning ning” and Bethenny’s breast bearing which smacked of exhibitionism.

    I am sure I will be blasted for not getting fully onboard with the premise but it seems that we are getting a lot more than we bargained for with this “cute couple”.

    • HD says:

      I agree with you Olivia.

      I really used to like Beyonce a lot from Destiny Child. Then she emerged as the solo star. Then Beyonce was selling me makeup, shampoo, cable TV, Pepsi, perfume, clothes, purses, CD’s, movies and I had enough. Even as beautiful and talented as she is, I thought my goodness can I do anything and not see Beyonce? And this is coming from someone that likes her.

      It is okay to sit down for a minute and let people miss you and I hope that is what Bethenny does. After a while what is cute is not so cute anymore. I know this to be true and I am sure we have seen it time and time again. The tides will turn and as a person/entertainer/celebrity you need to know when to exit gracefully and still remain relevant to people. Overexposure can at times be the downside to a career. It has affected me already. I keep watching hoping my feelings will change but after I watched for about 15 minutes last night, I flipped the channel. My husband said, “isn’t your show on?” I said, “its boring.” He laughed. We hugged. I felt his ning ning. JUST KIDDING! LMAO! Slow day.

    • error404 says:

      I think the overexposure concern is valid. I can’t agree with the rest though, but that’s the flip side of putting your life out there I suppose.

      Personally, I’m just so sick of people telling women HOW to be mothers.

      Some mothers work. Been going on for centuries. Their kids grow up just as “normal” as the kids with stay at home moms. I swear, ‘mommy fascism’ has to be one of the worst by-prodcuts of our current culture.

      • HD says:

        Error404, I was just talking about the overexposure concern.

        I do agree with you about working mothers.

        I was and still am a mother that worked. I was in school when I had my daughter and took off until she was 4 months old and then went back to school. But other than that short break, I always worked. Hell, we gotta eat and I like to eat. 🙂 Bills have to be paid, daycare had to be paid. We can’t live off of imagination sandwiches. The world just doesn’t work that way.

        What does Jason do? Where does he work? How much is he pulling in?

        • error404 says:


          I heard somewhere that he was a pharm. rep.

          • Quincy IL says:

            I imagine pharm reps in NYC make more than around here. Here they make from 80,000 to 150,000. He’s been doing it for years and helps with conferences so I think at least 200,000.

      • Squirrels says:

        Hell, In China, women give birth in the fields, then go back to work. That’s according to my grandmother anyway.

        • error404 says:

          I have too, but I always wonder how much of that is “I walked to school uphill both ways” lol

        • Quincy IL says:

          I think a lot of them die in that field with not medical care too. If you look at the maternal and fetus death rate in third world nations, it’s high.

          I am so glad Bethenny and Bryn are healthy and happy.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      From reading Bethenny’s tweets she is doing everything so that she is with Bryn most of the time i.e. taking a red eye from CA to get back home. Remember that shows like The View, Huckabee, Today are all shot in NYC so it’s all done in her hometown. Many women work 9 hours a day, commute and then pick up their kids from daycare. Bethenny does an hour show and is probably out of the house for 3 hours. I’d take 3 hours over 9 hours any day. Plus, it sounds like between Jason and her support system that Bryn gets to stay home. That’s a plus too.

      Regarding over promoting herself. Yeah, she may be doing that, but this is coming from a person who only had to rely on herself from the time she was 15 yrs. old. It’s very hard to change that kind of mindset. She is going to take almost every opportunity that comes her way. If she didn’t stores would not be selling out of Skinny Girl margaritas. Though it may not always be palatable I understand where she is coming from.

      • twoile says:

        It looks like the ol’adage “strike while the iron is hot” comes to mind….Beth certainly knows she needs to keep her marketing in gear until established…all to take care of the future.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I think Bethenny is an exibitionist. She was naked in NYC for Peta. She did the nude pregnancy photo session and filmed it for us. In a way, it’s a “in your face” to Kelly, Jill, and Luann. Bethenny was pretty quiet when Jill said, “spread eagle” to Alex. She was probably filming her pregnancy photo shoot and planning the bathroom prep for the hospital run that very moment.

      I am used to naked Bethenny and naked Jason. I’m waiting for naked Jill and naked Bobby so I can bloviate about how low class they are.

  4. tweatcyn says:

    It WAS great wasn’t it? They are so silly together. My suggestion I made for season 2 was “Bethenny Getting Hoppy”

  5. Great recap!
    I only get to watch the show like a week later when it comes up online so I read your blog to keep up to date. 🙂

  6. kats2 says:

    Hi Everyone, Happy (or should I say Hoppy) Friday!!!! Great blog Lynn!!!!!! 7 stars

    This show makes me smile! I hope they do at least another season (hopefully more).

    I have a feeling and it kind of looked like during this episode that perhaps cameras were set up (ala Big Brother style) in their home during the water breaking stuff and at the hospital. It had that feel/look. So while the cameras were there the crew was not. IDK for sure just looked that way in some of the really private scenes.

    I still loathe with every fiber of my being Teresa, Ashley, Jacqueline, Caroline, Kelly and Jill. But I won’t ruin this Happy Hoppy blog with comments about these lowlifes.

    • Beatriz from NJ says:

      Finally! A voice of reason! A few ppl on other sites have remarked how “convenient” that the film crew “just happened to be there for her water breaking”. I have to roll my eyes at these comments. It was obvious that most were fixed cameras (Big Brother style) and home videos too. This episode did have that type of film quality to it. Glad you brought it up.

  7. Gypsy862 says:

    Simion’s leaving the hotel and starting his own social media consultancy company. I hope it goes well.

    • Olivia says:

      What’s “social media”? I never heard of this before.

    • error404 says:

      It will be interesting to see how this plays out. SM is very hot right now, but likewise, many are too old fashioned to see it’s potential.

      The report says it was his decision and the hotel will miss him. I hope that’s true and not saving face, but either way, good luck to him. Having both parents starting new companies in this economy can’t be a picnic.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I asked him about it on twitter and he assured me that JZ had NOTHING to do with it (dispute all her attempts to make trouble) and that he actually was in the business before he worked at Hotel Chandler and is now just going back it.

    • dumberries says:

      It sounds like it’s a change that Simon initiated and that he is leaving Hotel Chandler voluntarily and on really good terms. I hope the new biz is successful.

  8. Dani says:

    Excellent recap Lynn thank you. Each week I say that the episode was my favorite only to be surprised by the current weeks episode as my favorite. I love this show it is truly real. If anyone has ever tried to put in a car seat or struggle with a stroller you could not help but think of those times watching Bethenny last night. Most of us on here have had babies so we knew exactly how Bethenny was feeling and what she was going through. It just makes her so real to all of us and the show real. It didn’t bother me to see the shower scenes I guess I thought exactly what happened is what we are seeing. I will say I like that so much better than feeling like it is all staged for the audience like HWONY or HWONJ. I truly hope there is a second season as this is my favorite show and I love Bethenny, Jason, Julie, Max ok the whole family.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      agreed and Bethenny will rock motherhood in her own humorous fashion! Thanks Lynn for bringing back the memories of our babies births. For those who have not had that experience, it will be as wonderful as you make it, as silly as can be and small in comparision to the joys of parenting by the seat of your pants. lol

  9. KirksvilleMo says:

    Lynn I read somewhere that Max still works for Beth and hired the second intern due to need.
    It seems to me that Beth is using her popularity to her best advantage striking while the iron is hot.The total hours per week can’t be even a normal 40 hours.The View and the like is probably 4 hours max with travel,hair and make up plus show time.The signings no more than 6-8hrs.She is securing the foundation to her business and I don’t understand why anyone sees her as neglecting Bryn.
    Personally I find the casual nudity natural an totally fitting in her story,todays culture,and her target demographic.But hey,I lived my life nude from the time I got my first apartment at 17 and if someone came to visit and was shocked then they were free to go….Nudity is natural,man makes it sexual.

    • Dani says:

      KirksvilleMo, I could not have said this better. I agree I am sure she spends far less time away from Bryn then if she had a 9 to 5 job. I also think with all of the articles that I have read that Jason is so hands on that it gives him that one on one time with Bryn while Bethenny is away. I also agree that now is the time for them to secure their future. As far as the nudity it does not bother me as well. It is part of life and the show is very real.

    • HD says:

      I don’t know who would see it as neglecting her child. She is a working mother just like other mothers and sometimes having a baby doesn’t mean you get the luxury of staying at home. Although I think Bethenny is a multimillionaire, right? If I was a multimillionaire I would stay home for a while with my daughter. I think Bethenny is trying to do a lot of things because the iron is hot with her new show and of course the big Jill vs. Bethenny scandal and her TV apperances sale books and liquor and her in store appearances sale these products. I guess she is in between a rock and a hard place.

  10. I don't have my notes says:

    Something about that baby nurse I did not like. She almost frightened me.

    Filming the shower scene even with the fuzzed out parts, I think, crossed a line. Bethenny said at the Season 3 Reunion Show that when they film her and Jason having sex, it’s time for an intervention. I’m afraid we are dangerously close to that point now.

    • BamaBelle says:

      I agree with that “Don’t Have My Notes”… I wrote something similar down thread. But-still love Bethenny’s show.

      • kats2 says:

        It’s one of those YMMV things, I saw nothing wrong to it or even close to them having sex. I got an opposite vibe from the nurse and just that she was doing the job that most Grandma’s do for new Mom’s to show them the rope. Thank God for her to fill that role and help B out.

        • error404 says:

          Urban Dictionary: YMMV
          Literally means “Your mileage may vary” but is often used in forum talk meaning that your results will vary.

          Thanks kats! I feel like I learned something new today. lol

          My take: I’m still reeling from the information that the Manzos throw food at the wall for entertainment while people in the world starve to death! Please, compared to that, a personal trainer showering on camera is like a philanthropic endeavor.

      • Quincy IL says:

        The nurse was fine. She’s Haitian. My sister’s nanny was a Hatian nurse who did was unable to tranfer her credentials. She was wonderful. I’m sure this lady was a little unsure on TV. She also knew that environmental diaper plan for Bryn would last a few days.

  11. dickens says:

    Could someone post Shawn’s blog, please? I went there but couldn’t see how to find the one Lynn referred to.

    Thank you.

  12. error404 says:

    The epidural was classic! How could I forget that one. She’s so funny.

  13. vilzvet says:

    Yes, what a beautiful difference between Teresa’s hospital scenes and Bethenny’s. Joe’s indifference: “Name her what you want, I don’t care.” T’s absolutely wretched screaming that they played over and over during the promos, puhleeze. Her ridiculous packing of an entire jewelry and makeup bag?! To quote Teresa, “Who DOES that?” Anyway, another great episode. And someone here did have a nice suggestion for the show: “One Hoppy Family” I believe? I think that’s cute. P.S. Still going along with the majority that if Kelly and Jill return I probably won’t watch NY again. Kelly did comment on that photo shoot page that she would “definitely” return, ugh! REALLY looking forward to seeing Sonja again though! She is going to be the star next time, I think.

    • kats2 says:

      Great points about the differences of Bethenny vs. T-Man. There are so many differences that come to mind. For example I’m sure Teresa has to shave her face at least twice a day.

  14. BamaBelle says:

    Tweatcyn… I love that name… Bethenny Getting Hoppy! You should send that to Bethenny and Bravo.

    I LOVED the show last night. It was just right! Just look at the difference between Teresa and Bethenny as Lynn noted. Bethenny didn’t demand expensive diamonds, she didn’t have all that gawdy make-up on, she didn’t scream like some kind of idiot… just a complete difference in class and trash! Plus, this was Bethenny’s first baby and Teresa’s 4th…

    I think Bravo edited out the dicussions with the doctor about the baby being early and small, as not to worry the viewers, especially since we already knew everything turned out okay. As for the camera’s at Bethenny’s house, either they called them to come right away because her water broke or Bravo had camera’s already set up in Bethenny and Jason’s apartment.

    I love the interaction between Bethenny, Julie and Max… they seemed to work so well together. I wonder why Max is no longer with Bethenny? I did think it was ridiculous to send Max out to buy Bethenny’s underwear-what would he know about women’s underwear, especially what she needs after having a baby or for the hospital. Julie didn’t even give him her size. I think Jason’s mother would of been a better choice for chosing underwear.

    Speaking of Jason’s parents… I just love them. They’re so sweet and loving, and thank goodness they came right away to help Bethenny and Jason with setting up the nursery. But, it does surprise me a little that Bethenny with only 5 weeks left hadn’t finished the nursery. I had mine done at least 2 months before.

    Yes… Thank Goodness for epidurals… it’s way better to be able to relax and enjoy the birth of your baby. I think Bethenny had to wait because she wasn’t dialated enough to get hers… I didn’t have one with my first baby because I wasn’t dialated enough-then when I started to dialate, the nurse waited too long to check me and I was past the stage of an epidural… OMG! I had epidural’s with my other 2 children and YEAH-it definately makes a difference!

    I’m so happy for The Hoppy family and I can’t wait till next week when they tell Jason’s parents they named their little girl after Jason’s brother… that is so sweet. I felt so sorry for Jason when he was thinking about his brother.

    I don’t know what I think about Bethenny’s mother calling? I’m sure she heard Bethenny was in labor from the internet. It’s a sad situation for sure.

    I saw Bethenny on one of the morning shows recently-when asked what Jason thought about the cameras, she said, he doesn’t love them or hate them… but when Andy asked her what she would or wouldn’t put on camera-she said if I ever let them film me and Jason having sex then somebody better intervene… LOL, but I did think Jason’s shower scene was a little much. I guess I’m old-fashioned! But I do LOVE them together… they’re the cutest couple on TV anywhere!

    Lynn, I love this site… thanks for your blogs-I really enjoy them and all the people here. Everybody have a GREAT day!

    • Quincy IL says:

      It’s nice to have a doctor that didn’t want the free advertising. Those plastic surgeons were really aggressive.

  15. Rabble Rouser says:

    Just watched BGM.

    The scene with them getting ready to go to the hospital reminded me of when my last baby was born almost 5 weeks early and all the running around you do. We didn’t even have a name picked yet and settled on a name someone suggested the day before.

    I think the show can do without following them into the bathrooms. I have to take DD1 potty and have DD1 and DD2 follow me into the bathroom all the time. It would be nice if bathrooms could once again be a place of sanctuary.

  16. Rabble Rouser says:

    Kind OT-

    That twit Ashely just posted her blog on Bravo. I posted in reply to it- as we know Bravo doesn’t post 99% of it so here it is.

    I know Bravo probably won’t post this. Their comment section is obviously as jaded, slanted and bias as their fake polls. (Just so you know Bravo, everyone is hip to you)

    Just STFU kid.

    It’s bad enough we have to suffer through your mothers 6 page blog where she mentions Danielle almost a 100 times but now we have you blathering on with the same nonsense- and inserting your mother’s blog to boot.

    The way you and your mother go on ‘analyzing’ (and I am using that term loosely) the footage of you assaulting someone, you think we were debating the JLK assassination and the magic bullet theory.

    You charged up behind her and pull her hair.

    We all saw it. It was a punk a** move if I ever saw one.
    It’s also illegal.

    Just own it.

    People don’t care if you think extensions cost $10 or $10,000. The offensive is, you pulled her hair/extensions out then had the audacity to point out that she shouldn’t have had them in the first place.

    You think your mother ‘would be confused’ by Jeff’s comments that don’t support your criminal act because they had dinner together’? Really?

    And- 80% of the public doesn’t REALLY think you shouldn’t have been charged. Shame on Bravo for feeding into your delusion.

    • BamaBelle says:

      BRAVO to that, Rabble… too bad it won’t be published. Maybe you could put that on Ashley’s FB or Tweeter?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I think it has too many characters for twitter.

        I could do FB- but she has a kooky following on there that from what I read totally spam anyone’s account if they say something not so nice about her.

        • error404 says:

          It makes me sad to think she has a following at all. I try to be open minded, but really, how could someone possibly defend her actions?

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I totally don’t get it either. I can only assume they are people just like her, snot nosed brats who think they can say and do anything and get away with it.

            • error404 says:

              What confuses me is that Ashley and Danielle seem to be two peas in a pod. I mean, doesn’t Danielle act like a snotty brat who thinks she can do and say anything and get away with it? So who’s side is a snotty brat who condones such behavior suppose to take?

              What’s most sad about Ashley’s obsessive Danielle hate, is that we can all see she’ll BE Danielle in 25 years. Getting a police record for assault at 19 is a good start down that road honey.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                It seems like Ashley’s internet army is a younger crowd.

                Although, there are a few older women who either don’t have kids or must have problems with their own kids because they claim that this is ‘typical’ behavior.

                I don’t know what kind of kids those people are raising and who their children’s peers are but where I came from ‘typically’ most of us made it to 20 without criminal records.

                In my parents house, myself or siblings complaining ‘that’s not fair’ or ‘but why?’ was considered back talk and it wasn’t tolerated. I can’t even imagine calling my mother a bitch or getting uppity with them when they were having a ‘discussion’ with me.

        • Beatriz from NJ says:

          You can use twitlonger.com -it lets you post “for when you talk to much for twitter”

      • kats2 says:

        Ashley and the NJ HW crew, Jill and Kelly are just like a trolls – best thing to do is not give them any attention (good or bad) specifically on her web, blog, Twitter, FB, etc. Here its safe – Snark away, get it out of your system. I check out what they but I can do that without following her and they are all counting the number of followers they have, it helps them with the Bravo gig and with other crap they want to sell. The assholes at Bravo track the traffic/attention each person is getting. And we know Bravo loves to go dumpster diving and can careless about quality. As long as Andy the Dickless Wonder Cohen can get attention and get his drink on during WWHL it’s all good with him.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I just noticed that Bravo has already started to delete comments they approved.

      Someone wrote in response
      “Good, are you done talking about Danielle now?”

      It was there earlier and now it’s gone.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Bla, never mind. I must have been viewing it in a older browser and didn’t refresh.

  17. MickeyMouth says:

    “Another interesting tweet that tells us that Max no longer works for Bethenny (and its funny!):”

    I’m not keeping up on the outside stuff on BGM, did Max leave or was he fired?

    • error404 says:

      his facebook page still has him listed as her assist.

      • 2Stupid says:

        I read in an interview with Bethenny that he interned last year and has now been hired full time. I think the intern is called 2nd asst. and really reports to Julie for direction.

      • Quincy IL says:

        He might end up on a sitcom. He’s very funny and smart. Max should stay on Bethenny’s show for a while and get his face and name out there.

  18. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    I don’t think that Bryn being 12 weeks old means Bethenny can no longer take care of her brand and her family’s future. I had to go back to work when my baby was 8 weeks old and I think she has a flexible schedule which allows her to leave for appearances for a couple of hours and go back to Bryn.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Babies are transportable and for the personal appearances (in NYC) she likely has the option to take Bryn along or not be gone for too long! Bethenny is establishing her brand and alot of what she is doing requires the public to see her, hear her and like her enough to purchase her brands. Once Bryn goes mobile things will shift again and Bethenny will adjust. Jason is hands on and her extended family of Julie, Max, etc are all about supporting her too.

  19. bjm90 says:

    I have to agree that every episode is better than the next. I like that Bethenny doesn’t sugar coat things. When you are in labor having a baby–that’s what you look like–I love her for being real. She did hit the jackpot with Jason–he’s wonderful and has such a wonderful family. Julie and Max are perfect–if Bravo would have had a casting call for characters–they could not have picked this great a cast–oh–and I forgot–Cookie–she’s great!! I can’t wait for next week!

  20. PaganChick says:

    How about Bethenny’s Hoppy Family?

  21. Squirrels says:

    Hate to put a damper on the party, but WTH is PlumTV?


    Goodmornin. Big run today. And I start filming my show on plumtv. Woooo

  22. moriasheehan says:

    kelly looks chubby in this pic, may be just outfit. had same top in 1979

  23. Katiecoo says:

    Hello everyone! Back from my magical week in Spa-land. 🙂

    My first thought on the mother phone call was “she read about this online thanks to JILL ZARIN inappropriately announcing Bethenny’s baby ‘boy'”. So she called…would like to know the real timing on that. But what a great episode..I’m dying to see little Bryn and Jason’s parents full reaction to the name. Wow!

  24. 2Stupid says:

    She is all holds barred now. I mean she starts out guns blazing. I can’t believe some of the very harsh remarks she makes. She is clearly taking it very personally how people came after her last week. However, she did in fact allude that Jason had left Bethenny. She is the one that must be a very unhappy lonely person. If she really watched RHNY, she would know that Lauren appeared on there in the 1st season. What a B**CH!

    • moriasheehan says:

      not going to read her blog again. sad person.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        no hit from me either!

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Yep, been there, done that, chose not to get the T-shirt! Why give the woman what she so clearly wants: attention for her sour take on life, her own as well as BGM?

    • error404 says:

      We’re talking about a woman who blogs about how horrible her date was. Good luck getting someone to date you now Ilana. Although I’d love to see a rebuttal blog from the poor guy! lol

      I didn’t make it past the 2nd paragraph this time, but i do have to thank Ilana for the Levistol news. Somehow, them getting their own tv show is the only thing that makes their engagement make sense.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        I read it. Now she’s begging for responses she says she probably won’t post. What a nimrod.

      • Quincy IL says:

        There are two types of people in this world: people like Jill, Teresa, and Illana Anger are from a “Place of No,” and people like Bethenny who are from a “Place of Yes.”

    • Dani says:

      This is a terrible blog and she is just downright ugly. That is the last time I will go to her site. Last week she was so concerned that her son would read the ugly comments people submitted. I guess she doesn’t care that he reads her blog that is nasty, rude and hateful.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      She doesn’t like BGM – her opinion.

      “I welcome your hate filled letters” – WTF?

      I thought in the original version of her blog she was emotionally hurt, her child was scared and people were anti-semtetic. Now she welcomes it?

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I learned my lesson last week. I will not visit that blog again. I don’t care that she doesn’t like BGM but she crossed the line, in my opinion. She is so hateful!

      • BamaBelle says:

        Who is this woman “Ilana”? What kind of blog does she have? Can somebody tell me what’s going on… I don’t want to give her website a hit, if it’s not necessary. Thanks!

        • error404 says:

          she has a regular blog at a site called “jewish journal” where she blogs about being a single jewish mother.

          she has decided to do recap blogs of BMG? every week, but seems to just hate everything about the show, mostly it’s star. since the show is a big hit, she gets lots of negative feedback.

          like anyone giddy on success, she’s high on the high hits and milking it for all it’s worth. she apparently believe’s in Kiki’s pr101… bad publicity is good.

          she openly refuses to post comments that don’t agree with her, so unless you’re hungering for a good rant about how awful Bethenny’s mere existence on the planet is, I wouldn’t bother visiting.

          • babykakes says:

            i think this Alana person demeans & degrades the good reputation of “The Jewish Journal” & the Jewish people also. we should all contact the people who are behind the Jewish Journal & tell them how negatively her column affects their paper. i know i am going to. Alana is a disgrace & an embarrassment to the Jews too.

    • Shana p says:

      To give it a scathing review ONCE…… Well, ok. But if you out there that you hate something or someone so much and then give it more of your attention (are you listening Theresa, Ashley and Jacqueline?) makes you look crazy.

      If I hate a show/character that much, I ignore it. Life is too short to continually engage in things that anger or annoy me. I am getting close to not watching the NJ Houswives for that very reason.

      • Shana p says:

        To give it a scathing review ONCE…… Well, ok. But if you put out there that you hate something or someone so much and then give it more of your attention (are you listening Theresa, Ashley and Jacqueline?) makes you look crazy.

        If I hate a show/character that much, I ignore it. Life is too short to continually engage in things that anger or annoy me. I am getting close to not watching the NJ Houswives for that very reason.

    • kats2 says:

      She’s just another Troll looking for attention.

      • babykakes says:

        one important thing i forgot to add in my previous & 1st comment on your site Lynn..i am so so so glad that i found your site. i now go on it everyday & cannot tell you the enjoyment i get from reading the blogs & comments. you are a wonderful & talented writer with a great sense of humor & insight into human behavior. cannot wait for the “i hate Teresa Guidice”
        blog to start, (how long do we have to wait?). oh, & btw, “i hate Jill Zarin” too!

    • babykakes says:

      this Alana person is obviously a very jealous female with no friends & no life.
      it is said, & i so agree, that people put others down to make themselves feel better about themselves…don’t waste our pity on her, she just isn’t worth it!

      • BamaBelle says:

        Thanks everybody for explaining who Ilana is… another question… is she friends with Jill Zarin… LOL!

    • twoile says:


    • floridagirl88 says:

      Ilana is what jealousy looks like.

  25. Char212 says:

    I had a hard time watching BGM last night because we were having sever weather and I kept losing my satellite. I then tried to watch the replays but I kept losing signal. I had to watch 3 replays to get the whole show and see the parts I missed previously. So frustrating!

    I loved the show. I agree, we could do without the bathroom scenes but other then that I laughed and loved the interaction between all of them. Max cracked me up.

    I can’t wait for next week. I loved when they showed Jason’s parents and how excited they were when B told them they had a girl and named her Bryn.

    I had a thought about Jill…When she tweeted about not working anymore and why would she want too it made me wonder if she isn’t returning to RHoNY. We can dream.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Also wondering if her bad public image is huring Zarin Fabric sales?
      Jill needs to disappear, reinvent herself and then disappear. I don’t want to hear her, see her or support anything she is involved in!
      I won’t watch RHONY if she is invited back.

    • error404 says:

      just FYI that fuzziness during the shower scene was Bravo, not poor cable service due to weather. lol

      I didn’t hear that about Jill. Hmm… she seems desperate to work to me, she and Kiki both seem to be getting their “resume” out there and I’m not sure if it’s because they want more work, or are afraid Bravo won’t keep them. At any rate, an emptynester quitting work seems dubious.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Yes it should be the time an emptynester looks for new things to do – but Jill really turned alot of people off with her behavior last year (nationally and in that fabulous circle of friends) and may not be getting the acceptance or inclusion she needs – so the excuse to take time off makes perfect sense.

      • kats2 says:


  26. Bugmom22 says:

    I was at Bethenny’s signing in PA yesterday and luckily was in the first 100 people of the 1600 that showed up. Wow! The shame of it is they were terribly unprepared for so many people, but who could have been, right? Normally, B will personalize your bottle and take pictures with you, but yesterday there was no time for that. The store also didn’t limit how many bottles you could buy/get signed initially and then after the first half hour with people buying anywhere from 4-10 bottles a piece they limited it to 1 bottle a person. That being said, B was wonderful. When she greeted my son with a big “Hi! Are there really still people lined up outside?” , he just giggled, blushed, and stared at his feet. (He’s 16 an I had enlisted him to take pictures which he bitched about the entire time we were in line.) When I told her she should get comfortable, that she wasn’t even 1/4 of the way done, she laughed and said it was great meeting us and thanked us for coming. What a trooper! 1600 people and remember some had more than one bottle! Glad I went and looking forward to getting my SkinnyGirl drunk on this weekend!

    • BamaBelle says:

      Wow-Bugmom… I’m jealous… did you get a good picture? Does Bethenny look the same in person?

      • Bugmom22 says:

        I got a good picture and she looks fabulous in person. She wore a cute red shift dress. I think red is her SkinnyGirl uniform, which with black hair, looks great on her. She’s in great shape, not TOO thin, which some accuse her of. When I went to Alex’s signing, how thin she is is striking, but B looks toned and healthy.

        • kats2 says:

          Thank you for sharing this with us!!! So happy to hear it was worth the time. I guess you owe your son for coming with you.

  27. WindyCityWondering says:

    Bethenny has alot more freedom with what she allows to be filmed on her show – she calls the shots! I am not offended by what she chooses to show or tell us because it is her life. As for Jason in the bathroom – that man is gorgeous! Bethenny circled her wagons and Jason, Julie and Max was what she needed and got. She didn’t show us doctors and nurses and epidurals oh my! because she is good at keeping what is truly personal to herself. It had to be hard to name their little girl Bryn but they are thankful, thoughtful and work together to create their life and to celebrate it too. Both Jason and Bethenny show vulnerability and personal sorrows – but they also show how they get it and are there for each other! So bring on the sleepless nights, the bags the size of Texas under their eyes, the snappiness that comes from the shift in your life when a baby comes into it. Bring on the juggling act of work, baby love and maintenance and keeping it real as a couple.

    SO I don’t want to see everything, I don’t want to pull apart what they choose to show me or judge them for the paths they have chosen. I just want to say thank you for sharing and I want to celebrate with you too!

  28. BamaBelle says:

    Ooohhh that Ashley makes me soooooo MAD! I gave in and left the “Little Juvenile Deliquent” a comment on her blog, which I could only read the first page of. I know Bravo won’t publish it, but at least they’ll know what other viewer’s think!

    Here’s what I wrote…

    Look Here Little Girl!

    I believe THE POLICE! The officer said he saw THE HAIR, okay? So, you can get over yourself. You even admitted that you pulled Danielle’s hair out… rewind the tape yourself!

    I’d be so ashamed of a daughter who has no remorse for criminal behavior. And, for the record, Bravo doesn’t let most negative comments in… everybody I know thinks you should of been arrested and had a more severe punishment.

    I thought your Mother and Chris told you NOT to make anymore comments about Danielle? Look what you’re doing! Stay out of adults business-Little Girl, and if you decide to pull anybody elses’s hair… you’ll have charges brought again!

    So, if Danielle had snuck up behind YOU and pulled a clump of YOUR hair out, are you telling me that YOU would not press charges?… Yeah, that’s what I thought!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Ashley can’t even get her blog done in a timely fashion! In the real world – your JOB comes before partying with your friends (three birthdays? combine them and get your assignment in on time)! I didn’t read the blog because this girl is stupid, stupid, stupid!

    • Shana p says:

      I wish Bravo would post some of these comments!

      I raised a child who is bipolar and was a single parent for the first 6 years. Parenting is such a difficult job, but you really harm your child by not setting proper limits and by letting them make excuses because of a disability.

      It is patently obvious that Ashley is paying the price for her lack of parenting but thanks to Bravo and Caroline’s reasoning she is getting the wrong kind of support. At least Caroline’s kids are expected to have goals or go to college—you would think that Ashley would be embarrassed to be floating around sponging off her parents while her cousins are working or studying. She is a poster child for what happens when you don’t teach a child ‘no’.

      • error404 says:

        This is how the mob works. Oh, sorry, I mean this is how a catering company works. Yeah, catering company, that’s it.

        Anyway, Caroline needs stupid malleable people like Ashley to do her dirty work and take the fall. The Manzos don’t give a shit about Ashley, but they are pleased as punch that their nemesis got smacked.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I love it…too bad the dumb kid will probably never see it.

      Bravo is Dr. Frankenstein and Jac is his bride- and they have created a monster. She keeps proving week after week that she is totally incapable for ‘getting it’.

      I think of one of comments in her last blog ‘I just don’t go around pulling the hair of everyone who pisses me off. I would be in jail by now’….yeah in jail or punched in the throat sweetheart.

      I think violence is wrong, but having seen MTV’s The Jersey Shore, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of idiots ready and willing to start a fight with other idiots just so they can be on t.v. I have a sick feeling, especially since girls that are supposedly her friends told Wendy Williams what a big head she is getting, that there are people inching to knock her down to size.

  29. Kelly_Has_ Big_ Shoulders says:

    @ WindyCityWondering , what you wrote was beautiful. 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Ah shucks! Thanks you all for letting me say what I feel and for appreciating that we all come together and play nice together! You all inspire me and “frankely speaking”, of all the topics we tackle – Bethenny is easy and fun!

  30. IMJ says:


    I couldnt agree with you more. She thinks people wont be able to read through her little blame game. The viewers and their comments will speak soon enough, if Bravo has the balls to post them.

  31. MickeyMouth says:

    If this has been posted before HOW DID I MISS IT!

    So cute: http://www.babelgum.com/5007094?action=share

  32. ShelleyT says:

    How about renaming the show:
    The Happy Hoppy Hour
    I know…lame

  33. Noreen says:

    Great recap Lynn! I loved how goofy Jason got calling everyone after Bethenny’s water broke. He was adorable. And on another note, I really enjoyed his shower scene!

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Ha ha ha….I concur! The man has a rockin’ body and he can show it off to us viewers anytime.

      • 2Stupid says:

        I bet kiki is probably pretty jealous of Bethenny having such a stud, also. I know she has dated alot of people, but let’s face it Jason seems to opitimze everything that kiki has said she wanted. Someone that could drink beer and play pool and also go to the Met with her. I think that describes Jason pretty darn close, add it he is really easy on the eyes and that may be part of kiki’s green eyed monster.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Yup and he married her without hesitation and his daughter is not an accessory to his life! Kelly has to be so sad that Bethenny is Robin and she is still the Joker!

        • Quincy IL says:

          Nope.. Kelly needs a guy like Giles..rich and famous. She wouldn’t give Jason Hoppy the time of day.

          When Kelly told Jill that Bethenny was engaged, I thought she was happy for Bethenny. Later, I realised that Kelly was happy to have “news/gossip.”

          • Not that crazy says:

            Thank you – I thought the same thing. Her words were “First of all, I’m dressing feminine and second Bethenny is engaged.” She couldn’t just say Bethenny is engaged she had to put herself first.

      • Bugmom22 says:

        I second that! I thought it was great. Can you believe they shower naked?! LOL! Come on people, we all have the same parts.

  34. Kelly_Has_ Big_ Shoulders says:

    ok everyone is coming clean ( no pun intended) on Jason’s shower scene. Let me just say that Bethenny is one LUCKY girl.

  35. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    This is a tweet from Kim G. She is bad! lol

    Kimgranatell going to Rome for a out of control shopping spree. Too bad Teresa can’t come. sorry no money. sad but true….
    about 1 hour ago via web

    • 2Stupid says:

      I still don’t even understand why she is even relevant (not that any of these morons are relevant!) It just seems these Kim’s have been give free reign over this show, and we really don’t even have any background on how they even got involved! It’s just another glaring example of how they had nowhere to go with this show. None of these people are interesting, unless you find wathing a narcissitic sociopaths interesting. I watch these shows as my guilty pleasure, but I kind of feel like I need a shower after NJ.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Truth be told – Kim G has $$$$, enough refinement to pass as class and can snark with the best of them. Like Kelly maybe she is there to raise the bar…… I don’t find her two faced – I find her to be reasonable enough to see both sides but not to play the “if you are friends with her you can’t be friends with me” crap. Her latest video interview shows her in non regulation guidette attire and she looks so much better. Now I don’t care if she is a regular and/or replacement because I will not be watching NJ next year.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Money, but she seems lonely.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I don’t see her as all that refined.

          I see her as bored and lonely with money to burn.
          I also agree with the PP that said she was two faced, by her own admission she said Danielle didn’t know she talked to Jac. She also isn’t consistent in her her opinions, when Danielle and Ash were having some crazy txt war she said that D should involve the police- then she tells Jac that D is wrong for wanting to involve the police.

          I also think The Kims have a LOT to do with went down that night at the Fashion Show. I can’t remember who the poster was in another blog but they spelled it out perfectly.

    • kats2 says:

      Kim just earned some points with me.

  36. LynnNChicago says:

    We have a guest blogger, coming in a few minutes….don’t miss it if you’re ready to do some Teresa dissin’ lol

  37. moriasheehan says:

    i haven’t watched this, weak stomach, but if anyone has stronger gag reflex, jac has posted an old video assley did. let me know how bad this attempt of PR repair, is.

    http://twitvid.com/QXCGS – Old myspace video Ashley made me. LOL! Memories!

    • error404 says:

      I got bored quickly. It’s a slideshow of pictures of the family set to music that Ashley made her mom. Cute if you knew them, but ZZZzzzzz otherwise, and very low-rent for a “celebrity” to be showing personal stuff like this.

  38. Adgirl says:

    What I learned on BGM last night:
    1. I should have demanded an epidural immediately when I was in labor.
    2. I probably needed an epidural for the root canal I had last week. Ouch.
    3. Kelly Bensimon will post a youtube tomorrow on how to administrate epidurals at home.
    4. Bethenny is awesome for letting everyone see her without make up and her hair a mess.
    5. Bethenny wears only thong panties. At least she does wear panties, I think.
    6. Jason is awesome.
    7. I think jason likes Bethenny’s zingers because she talks like a frat boy.
    8. Bethenny literally has knives on her tongue. She hides them in her chef/cook Birkin mouth knife sheath. Just ask Kelly.
    9. Bethenny and her friend Lauren make me sick. Look how wonderful their bodies are post pregnancy. I’ve been trying to lose the last 10 lbs for 23 yrs.
    10. Cookie sure barks way more than I expected.
    11. I need a bigger bathroom to accomodate a film crew.
    12. This Bethenny is completely different than the screaming banshee of RHNY.
    13. Please do not call the show next season “Bethenny Married”.
    14. Or “The Happy Hoppys”
    15. Or “2 Hoppys and a Frankel”
    16. Maybe “Life with Bethenny”. Or just “Bethenny”.

    She sure seems happy. That’s a nice change of pace for Bravo.

  39. Waslurking says:

    When Beth was discussing whether or not to have the epidural I screaming at the TV….
    do it….. just do it!!!
    When I had my first son I was in labor a long time and they ended up offering it to me basically because my blood pressure was so high. This was my first child, I was scared to death and hubby was out to sea… I was on my own.(this was 30+ years ago in a navy hospital…..not the most compassionate of personal) As they explained the procedure I was a bit scared….but then I had another contraction. Bring it ON! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
    It wore off……I had to push, and push….and push for hours.
    Not to bore anyone but the entire experience was horrid. Mean nurses telling me stop yelling, if I put as much effort into pushing as I was screaming I’d have had the baby by now. Yeah right! I weighed a whole 87 lbs at 3 months, docs kept telling me that I’d prolly have to have C-cection which scared me but 12 hours in I’m thinking not a bad idea. Knock me out PLeaaaase! 19 hours later they had to take him out with forceps. 7lbs 4oz. Normal size baby…all was good with him but OMG! I swore I’d never go thru that again, ever!
    Fast forward 14 months….. sigh! Didn’t want him to be and only child (and in all honesty I wanted a girl) This was back in the day when having a sonogram (?) was only done if there might be a problem which they did because I was small at 7 months (doh) but no sex was visible. Almost 9 months hubby out of the navy….2 weeks before his time is up. I cut that close let me tell ya! lol Luckily his home town was more than a 100 miles to a base so reg hospital. Seemed to me I was treated like a queen in comparison. But….. and there is always a but… there is a ‘window’ of time that you can have an epidural which I didn’t know. Hell I didn’t know shit really, especially after the first go around. So by the time I said ENOUGH bring on the drugs it was too late. AURGH! I had my tubes tied the next day. Which I ended up regretting……but what ya gonna do?
    Ergo……why I was screaming at B to just do the epidural!!! Now before it’s too late!!
    Please let it be as happy a time as possible not a trauma you never what to face again.
    ……..hell as long as I’m typing, I was back in my size 0 clothes in 3 days after my first son. I had no clue that was a big deal? Took a couple weeks with the second one. Can’t believe all the BS Beth is getting about weight loss! I breast fed both…..again I didn’t know it was a big deal as it worked well for me but everyone is different!
    Good lord….I’m rambling!
    You go Beth and J….. you are both awesome. Much love to you both and precious baby Bryn.
    I love this show!!!!!

  40. dsc60 says:

    FYI: when bethany was a guest on the view a few weeks ago, she said she assumed there would be a second season of BGM?. i got the impression that she was coming from a position of yes but it’s obviously up to Bravo to make the final decision. she also stated that Bryn would have limited airtime.

  41. Aunt Neti says:

    I don’t know if you have seen this blog yet, but I thought I would share. Jill never stops!


  42. no one says:

    test test

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  45. no one says:

    done testing

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  47. no one says:

    Guess anyone could be anyone?

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