I Hate Jill Zarin Guest Blog July 23, 2010

Below is a guest blog from @bdonahueweedman (Twitter name)  She is a housewives fan and as you’ll find out in just a second, NOT a Teresa fan…lol  Follow her on twitter if you’re a member, she’ll make you laugh, she’s never dull!  Enjoy!  As always, if anyone is interested in Guest Blogging, I’m always happy to post. 

Guest  Blog from @bdonahueweedman 

The GUIDICE PIGS: “Ain’t They NICE??!!”

A Bit Harsh you ask? I don’t think so. RHONJ has become so boring it’s almost unwatchable.  I really don’t think the Manzo Mafia even “gets” that if not for Danielle, Love her or hate her, they would not be on TV. What are we going to watch Albie try and get into law school for the rest of his life? Or watch Caroline set whatever the Dad’s name is (and also the only normal person on this show)’s vitamins out for him every day? Yeah, I’m riveted. As I re-read this it occurs to me that I don’t know anyone who ‘loves’ Danielle, but if you like this show you better thank your lucky stars she’s on it because these shows thrive on conflict, and without conflict Bravo is not interested. Trust me people, television LIVES for capturing the worst in people, and they’ve got their work cut out for them on this show.


First let me Thank @LynnNChicago for letting me Guest Blog today. I have no idea where she, @RealOldHousewife and others get the energy. I am far too lazy, but this topic  I MUST have a voice on, so I appreciate the forum, Lynn.


Although Teresa probably has the most horrific grasp of the English language that I have ever heard from anyone outside of a bus station, Mack-Truck, Mother Caroline is a close second. This is an actual sentence, that came from her mouth on Monday night’s episode, which found Jacqueline once again dragging Nicholas to The Mob Kitchen.  This is WORD FOR WORD, and I quote:

“Cause I knew when I see crazy I know what crazy when I’m lookin at.”

If you are in any way defending this in your head? Just stop reading right now, because you are not going to like, much less understand the rest of this blog.  Teresa’s latest: “Our 5 million dollah house AINT UNDAH Foreclosha!!” Its “IN” foreclosure you jackass, not UNDER.  UNDER is the rock  which you and your Oompa Loompa Piggy Husband crawled out from under on Casting Day for this miserable piece of shit show.  If I hear Teresa scream “AINT EYE THE NYCEST POI-SON ?! AIN’T EYE?!” I’m going to put my head in the garbage disposal and turn it on. No, Teresa, you ain’t.  You’re the most low-rent white trash (or Italian Trash, whichever you prefer), rag that I have ever seen on television, and that INCLUDES all the girls from The “Rock of Love”, “Real Chance at Love” and “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.”


All of this hatred was just passive until about a month ago, when I saw something on television that I normally only see on an episode of Judge Judy  If you don’t like Judge Judy, STOP READING. I have no tolerance for people who make excuses for their bad behavior. The episode involved the usual Danielle craziness, and Gia’s Birthday Party.  Gia, Gia Gia. Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.  I seriously hope there is not one of you, even the poorest of the poor, that think for one second these children are privileged.  These four girls do not have a shot in HELL at growing up to be normal, well-adjusted young ladies. Their Mother learned her speech and manners on a pirate ship , and Joe is just…..bad. He does that thing that a LOT of dad’s from MY Dad’s generation do; the only way they know how to show love is to tease you and buy you stuff.  My Dad was never cruel in his teasing, and I knew from a very early age that he loved me, so I GET what Joe is doing; he showing them the only way he knows how, which is atrocious.  On the way to Gia’s first runway show he’s yellin in the back seat “You got an ugly face, ya know that? Who wants to look at your ugly face?” and instead of Mommy intervening she says “Daddy’s teasin, honey”, which means :This is how he shows his love for you AINT IT FUN GEEE-YUH? AINT IT!?!” These two need to get their asses into some family counseling NOW and learn how to talk to these kids. I have never once heard Teresa call them anything endearing.   And I never see her get down to their level and look them in the eyes. This bothers me a LOT. All she does is screech their names and tries to jam them into these clothes and ribbons and bows and brush on their hair until they’re crying. Yes the girls like to look cute, but there are times when you can tell they’ve had enough and she still insists on the brushing, brushing, picking out tights, shoes, coats (don’t even get me started on the manners when they go shopping-there ARE NONE. NO RULES. I know Mothers like this. They think their children are entitled to wreck a store just because Mom is throwing down a couple of grand in cash. Last night when Kim G walked into the Boutique (which seems to be the only store in New Jersey) Teresa says “What is SHE doing here?” She’s SHOPPING OR TRYING TO GET CAMERA TIME OR THE PRODUCERS TOLD HER TO GO THERE YOU IDIOT. SHUT THE FUCK UP! This is not YOUR planet, Teresa. Or your show for that matter. Sure you’re the mouthy, gaudy, nasty one, but is this REALLY how you parent your children? And this constantly begging for approval from EVERYONE! “D’ya LYKE it GEE-Uh? DEW ya? Ain’t it pretty? Ain’t Mommy Nice? Ain’t Mommy pretty? Aint you kids lucky to have this lifestyle? D’ya love me? Dew ya huney?” ad nauseum.  Every show, without fail it’s the CONSTANT need for “Camera approval”. I don’t even think you DO this OFF camera Teresa, so why do it ON? As you would say “Who TALKS like that? Who DOES that?”



Which brings me to the real reason for my blog today.


A month ago I watched in Horror (though not surprise) at this freak show you called a Birthday party . Of course it has to be pathetically over-the-top, as out-do-ing everyone at all costs is priority one. NOT what the kids want, what YOU want the world to see.  Guess What? WE’RE THROWING UP. IT’S NOT WORKING.  You really go off on Bethenny a lot. You think she doesn’t have troubles and problems? You know why no one exploits hers? Cause she’s a decent human being. Not putting on this Parade of Vulgarity you force-feed us every week.  Of course you could say, “Well then don’t watch!”  Unfortunately, Mainstream America, myself included, watch with glee to be reminded week after week that no amount of money, cookbooks, surgery (plastic or otherwise ) can make a truly putrid human being look good. 


So all of Gia’s “friends” are paraded in, gift after gift heaped on top of her, their Mommies so excited to see their little ones be ‘TV stars’ for a day, until the Limo pulls up to a new round of screams. Thank God you were able to interject and remind us how ‘expensive’ everything was, because we didn’t know that.  People who aren’t rich are stupid, right? AINT WE??


Talking about how you “bought out” the salon for the day, although I’m guessing your Bravo buddies got it all for free for the advertising, as well as the limo company (see folks, most of this shit is FREE because businesses know they can’t BUY the kind of advertising a 2 minute clip on this show will get them. Limo? Free. Salon? Free.  Yes folks Big T didn’t have to open her Dolce bag ONCE for that shit. The only thing that was actually paid for, was probably the ATV. Ah yes…and here we get to the heart of it.  As Gia is grabbing then tossing gifts with the lightning speed of the truly greedy (and don’t give me “youth” because my 6 year old niece knows you give everyone their ‘moment’ and say Thank You to the person when opening gifts), here comes Daddy Warbucks down the road and Gia can hardly breathe at the thought of another present. The BIG present. Yes I know this filming took hours, and editing, schmediting; with the younger two in tears we watched as PigDad unloads a Pink ATV!! Of course, we can’t even tell what Gia thinks because all we can hear is the familiar screeching  of “DO YA LOVE IT GEE-YUH? DO YA LOVE IT? AIN’T IT GREAT? Ain’T IT? Do ya LOVE IT!?” until Gia said (God Love her) “YES MOM I LOVE IT NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Okay maybe not the last part, but it was all over her face.  Well Gia wants on that thing NOW (“Daddee *I* want a Golden Goose!!”) so FUCK SAFETY, right T? Even your douchenozzle husband can’t connect enough brain cells together to say “No, you need a helmet”. HELL no! Gia needs it NOW!!!!  You could almost see the tiny hard-on in Joe’s crotch that his disgusting display of money was being captured on TELEVISION no less!!  Hell put the 5 year old on there too and let them zoom off into the sunset so Teresa can give Joe a well-needed hummer…he hasn’t had sex with her for 15 minutes and fuck it that she’s ten seconds away from her water breaking. Hell that’s just LUBE where Joe comes from! Yee-Haw! Our smart guys at Bravo know they have just filmed GOLD my friends, you think not one of those cameramen, handlers, stylists was going to step in and lose their job by saying “Uh…s’cuse me….isn’t this illegal?” Hell yes it is! But Fuck it that’s what Gia wants so off she flies with baby sister clinging on for dear life. Easily a quarter mile down the driveway and back again, and as one Tweeter pointed out those balloons get caught in one of those tires and BAM both of those kids are dead. INSTANTLY. How you going to find them cute outfits when they’re in little rhinestone wheelchairs Teresa? You going to put ribbons on the halo’s screwed into their heads because they are paralyzed? (It’s a medical device, Teresa. Not REAL Halo’s).  I immediately began Tweeting about this and to my surprise only a few women got behind me on this. I don’t even HAVE kids and I know Child Protective Services needs a copy of this tape TOOTS SWEET.


As long as they’re not dead, let’s get em to FIGHT each Other! EXCELLENT idea! Last night Joe watched in glee as once again the girls were crying and punching and kicking each other. I have no doubt the owner of the Tai Kwan Do school was the one who insisted on the protective gear and Teresa was there to assure us her little girls were ‘fighters’. That awesome, T! Great Job.


Lastly since you are so fucking DENSE, all of these people you re “following” on Twitter now? Yes, a few will be lured by your sick brand of ‘celebrity ‘ but most know you are just doing damage control. To the people you “Block” ? Even @BravoAndy isn’t stupid enough to block people. ALL PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY, YOU DUMBSHIT.  If You can’t take on your own haters, then HIRE someone to ‘only read you the good stuff’, a trick your dumbass buddy Jill Zarin and now the ‘Manzo_Team”  tried. You can dish it out but you sleazebags can’t take it. Take your $5 million dollar house and shove it up your ass sideways, I’m sure there will be plenty of room left over! ‘AINT I NICE TERESA? Aint i????”

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704 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Guest Blog July 23, 2010

  1. Lord woman.. tell us how you really feel!!! I KID I KID!!

  2. kats2 says:

    HA! I love you didn’t hold back. Great Rant and Teresa has earned! 7 Stars from me.

  3. Ellabean says:

    ~Recap Finis~End scene~

    Dear BDonahue Weedman:

    ‘That twas like poetry, pure poetry……as I wipe a tear away.

    That was so effing good.

    Eat your heart out Jane Austen.

  4. nancy says:

    Peeking out from the covers. Is it O.K. to come out? Dang that was some energy.

  5. What??? You don’t like Teresa? LOL

  6. Lisa says:

    I love you! You should be given custody of her kids.

  7. debbie says:

    If I hear Teresa scream “AINT EYE THE NYCEST POI-SON ?! AIN’T EYE?!”

    Thank you! I know what you mean by this quote, but ironically I’d have to answer Yes…She is the nicest POISON!! I’ve thought this all along. This woman is a class A , thoughtless, ignorant, asshole. Her voice, is irritating,her bratty kids are out of hand, her slob of a husband is the last person I’d consider sexy. God, he’s the typical goombah. This family has yet to demonstrate any redeeming qualities. The Gui-douches need to go.
    I truly question my sanity when I watch this train wreck of a show.. I think I’m fascinated by the constant and increasing stupidity that is RHONJ.
    As for the ATV incident,that was a horror show.. Never would I have put my daughters on a motorized vehicle without protective gear. I was horrified. I worried when they rode their bikes or skateboards.
    On another note, I remember reading that Kate+8 had a problem with child labor laws…kids can’t work more than a specified number of hours in her state.. I wonder if NJ has the same law..Maybe a children s agency should check them out. Money doesn’t automatically make you a suitable parent.
    I should stop watching this train wreck of a show and simply read Lynn’s blogs. That way I won’t get so pissed off at this cast, their ignorance or their assumption that the viewer’s are so addle brained they think that their garishness is anything other than what it is.
    I could go on and on so I’ll simply thank you for your outrage and congratulate you on job well done.

  8. Lucy says:

    OMG!!! I absolutely loved this, just loved this !!!I have not liked Teresa since DAY ONE. I could not stand her the first season but EVERYONE seemed to be on a TERESA bandwagon and I just wanted to throw up. I wrote a post about her too, if you have a chance read it you might enjoy it. It is not on my personal blog. It is over on RealFansClub!

    This was awesome!!!!!!

  9. HD says:

    Whoa! Well if you can’t say amen say ouch! That one hurt and I see you needed to get that off your chest! LOL!

    I write quite often and I am a loss for words….I don’t what to say. LOL! Did the guest blogger say shove your 5 million dollar house up your ass sideways? LOL! In the words of Rachel Zoe ,”I died.” LOL!

    Get it out girl, get it out!

  10. Trillian says:

    I love, love, love this blog. Really, I laughed so hard. You captured Teresa and the rest of them. Yes, Gia on the ATV would not answer Teresa finally she said sullenly,
    “I like it.” She was not going to give Teresa the satisfaction of “I love it”.

    You are right about the hair brusing, those little ones cry from her brushing so hard.
    Then that school day, making the little one say “Fabulous” she was crying from frustration. Oh, and Teresa thinking Gia could strut her stuff at the fashion show.
    She sure didn’t like the idea of a spech coach. Well, why should she, ain’t she the best speaker?

    Wow, I could write a blog on them, also, but I really enjoyed yours. Leaving blogging to the experts

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      You reminded me of the whole speech coach thing for Gia-and I would like to add.

      God it was so annoying especially with all the T fans saying how great it was that Gia was going to be herself ‘Don’t change for nobody honey’, ‘I just luv yer accent Gia, you’s the greatest’ ‘ ect. Idiots.

      What they are missing is the obvious, it’s called ACTING. They are so dense they can’t get how having a very distinctive and low brow “Joisy” accent ALL THE TIME might limit an acting career. Then it’s no wonder they follow the lead gorilla around like they are a pack of monkey’s and she is holding a bag of peanuts.

    • kk says:

      Write a blog for Lynn too. I hate Jill & Theresa. I’d like to read it

  11. MomsThoughts says:

    Oh, you have got her down to a “T”! LOL. This is a riotously funny blog but there is a very seriously topic that should be addressed. Allowing minors, young minors, to be put in harms way for the sake of the cameras is wrong. Some one needs to be the voice of reason here and protect these innocent children.

    Congratulations for “nailing” it. Pretty insightful for some one who isn’t from Jersey and doesn’t have kids! And thank you for the laughs – I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard.


  12. Quincy IL says:

    Could you please share your thoughts about Teresa and her family with us?

    I wish we could have had your blog on tape. I would love to actually hear you speak these words.

  13. Squirrels says:

    The ATV incident bothered me, as well. Allowing the kids to ride without helmets is negligence to the nth degree, but doing so without any instruction regarding operation and safety was in my opinion, just bad/low life parenting. That little brat took off at full tilt and it seemed to me they were inches away from either flipping it or the little one falling off.

    I don’t care how much money you have, you cannot replace your children. Period.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I notice Jason and Bethenny were sans seat belts on the way to the hospital. I didn’t look at the return voyage. I thought they might have filmed before the car moved. Perhaps, Julie filmed it…

      The seat belts are uncomfortable for pregnant women, but after Princess Diana, I know everyone should be belted even in the back seat. At least it gives you a chance in an accident.

      • debbie says:

        Teresa and girls have been shown riding without seat belts. They should certainly wear their belts..Or not ride with “Juiced”-Joe at all considering his driving record. (DWI’s)

    • Quincy IL says:

      I saw articles about Taylor leaving Rachel Zoe last fall, but it seems she was fired and there were missing designer outfits from Zoe’s closet. I think there may be a lawsuit of Rachel accuses Taylor. It would damage Taylor’s reputation. Zoe better have proof.


      • error404 says:

        I can’t wait!

        Oh, and from that same site: Liz Hassle need to either lighten up or go work for Fox. Jeez

        • Tootsie says:

          Error, the remarks made by Kathy were stupid and sophmoric. The trouble is we all just ignore her or blame those who call her out. She is a huge twit. Of course Elizabeth Hasselbeck would call her out, she’s the only one on that program who has a brain.

          • Ellabean says:

            A brain ? You gotta be kidding.
            Check out her her daily idiotic Word Salads. You can’t even diagram them. She is a jockette media broadcaster wanna be dolt.

            THIS – is verbatim E. Hasselbeck from The View on 7/21 :

            ” What about…even…sometimes a condom doesn’t always…work we’ve heard so many situations where this is the case…and this is…now just because you don’t want a child…means that if one…comes…then…you don’t have any responsibility for it I think this is awful I think it’s actually going to lead to more…deadbeat dads out there and that this…this…study or …uh..ha..idea theory that’s coming out… suggestion I think is more dangerous…than anything. -Elisabeth Hasselbeck

            • Tootsie says:

              sorry, compared to the others, she still is the only one with a brain. Actually, they talk over each other so much who knows what any of them are saying.

              • Ellabean says:

                That panel all has their weaknesses and annoying on-camera habits – but – Hasselbeck is …………AN IDIOT.

                Truly, she has no business being in show business. Go back to Boston College, Lizzie, and coach girl’s soft ball.

          • Trudie says:

            I have a problem with comics who think they can say anything and hide behind “it’s just a joke.” Some things should be out of bounds.

            • Quincy IL says:

              I think liking Kathy G or Elizabeth H is more politically tainted and probably not a good thing for this site.

              • Tootsie says:

                Thanks Quincy, well said. It’s best never to go there. I lost a good friend over politics and I prefer not even discuss the subject.

            • Maxine49 says:

              Actually, nothing should be out of bounds…nothing at all (if it’s not illegal). Everything in life, art is up for grabs…”we don’t need no stinkin’ thought police!”

      • Shana p says:

        Oh I absolutely cannot wait for this!!

        • Quincy IL says:

          Months ago, I looked at Taylor’s facebook and she had links to the businesses that she was advising. I hadn’t heard about this at Bravo, so I was shocked. Taylor hated having to take care of Zoe and do so much of the work. She didn’t go to the fancy parties after working all day while Zoe was getting makeup and hair either. I think Taylor had a good eye and actually did a lot of the creating aspects that Zoe would take credit for on the show. I wonder if Zoe is eating too. She’s Kelly without the exercise.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      There was another scene of Teresa driving Gia somewhere and neither of them had seat belts on – why, don’t want to ruin the fabulous clothes??

  14. tootsie says:


  15. amy17 says:

    I love you; now start telling us about Shill and Jelly!

  16. dumberries says:

    Well, there’s no doubt you made it abundantly clear how you feel about Teresa.

  17. Noreen says:

    Hysterical and true.

  18. Melinda says:

    LOL….i need a xanax just from reading that! 😉 don’t hold back girl…….hahah…..

  19. boston02127 says:

    Geez, I didn’t know that as guest bloggers we could be so mean and nasty & swear.
    I CAN WRITE A BLOG! I can let my inner Carrie Heffernan free! Hmmm. who shall
    I pick. So many choices…so little time. Great Blog bdonahueweedman! Thanks for the laughs.

  20. boston02127 says:

    Oh dear God Kelly has started a “secret community”.

    Kelly’s tweet:
    Who has the best fashion. Send me twitpics today. If its good, I will put it on my new ” secret community” send em. Today.

    • dumberries says:

      The secret community is the handful of people that still occasionally socialize with Kelly (but make her swear to keep it a secret)…

    • kats2 says:

      “Secret Community” I get the feeling that the “People” who are part of Kelly’s “secret community” are named Barbie, Ken, Skipper, GI Joe and whatever she calls that plastic horse in the middle of her living room.

      • dumberries says:

        Lol! All living in peaceful harmony in the Barbie Dream House and cruising around in the pink vet with flowers on the side…

      • LynnNChicago says:

        tWEET : @GingerZarin PlumTV is like YouTube but only for the Hamptons. In a nutshell, about 25 viewers~> “@aly25: @kikilet plumtv? what kind network is that?”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      The secret is a secret because there is no community that would have Kelly as a member!

  21. boston02127 says:

    LOL Ashley’s tweet:
    “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

    Oh dumb dumb Ashley, you should have that tattooed on your forehead.

  22. Char212 says:

    Let me guess…I take it you don’t like Teresa LMAO! Love the way you write! You seriously should think about having a blog of your own.

  23. WindyCityWondering says:

    The blame for this trash lies squarely at Bravo’s feet as the demographics of the audience was clearly ignored in the Jersey franchise. None of these women are educated or have common sense smarts, none can speak their native language correctly, none have any manners, none are aware or care there is a world outside their little town and they think it is perfectly alright to engage in criminal activities as long as you don’t get caught (but if you get caught is always someone else’s fault)! Sadly, they have not matured past their high school glory days and anything they do that is stupid is chalked up to “it’s the Jersey way” and you are just jealous of us! But Teresa can be proud because it would be her picture in the dictionary if there were a one word term for these losers.

    Teresa is a particularly sad example of all things “Jersey” that are pathetically funny in a person but that we shouldn’t laugh at because it isn’t nice to do so! She isn’t pretty and all the make up and flashy clothes don’t really hide that fact. She isn’t bright enough to realize that she isn’t smart either in the formal or informal educational ways but she has lots of shiny things that distract her from that fact. Her use of juvenile banter to hide her ignorance doesn’t work – making up words, putting down the vary place she came from (poor, working class neighborhood). And if her parents are living with them – she is obviously ashamed of them or we would see them on the show beyond smashing tomatoes in the garage – great family values Teresa! The teenage girl flirt she has down to a science – show Joe the bubbies, jump and jiggle and hint that things are like sex…..she has four daughters who are being taught that a man is interested in your body and not your mind and to always act like everything the moron says is brilliant and make sure you constantly let him know all the things he should buy you.

    Four daughters, this disturbs me alot! While Joe took them to martial arts (did you notice he has a black belt) it could be his attempt to instill some values or discipline in these out of control divas in training. I’d like to think it was Bravo’s suggestion to have an impromptu kitten fight. He also showed them where he works – which I give him credit for as well. He is trying to get them ready for a big change in their little world.
    I hate to say it but he may really love them more than Teresa.

    The thing about Teresa is this – she is too stupid for me to invest a lot of hate in. She is a nasty piece of work, but she is easier to laugh at than to hate. What bothers me the most about Teresa is that she believes her own fantasy fairy tale life. She needs to feel she is better than other people. She feels justified in hating someone (Danielle) who quite honestly doesn’t consider her worth fighting with! She is a Manzo hanger on and like Ashley – expendable, usable and not really “family” where family counts.

    When the filming took place last fall, she knew what their personal finances were like – today she still defends a position that was a possibility then but is now not going to be a reality. What I am not sure of is she really a liar or is she so dilusional that she still believes her fairytale castle and life are real?

    • kats2 says:

      Teresa is as dumb as a fox, she’s trash and is a thief. Yes she has a low IQ and is very ignorant, but a lot of the dumb stuff we see and hear her say on the show I believe is an act. Like the dumb routine with the police at the country club.

    • Amy says:

      I agree 100% with everything u said about T…I do feel it is just as low and unclassy for you to say what you did about Ashley concerning “not being family,when family really counts”.
      Ashley is a rude, disrespectful spoiled brat, that we all see and know. None the less, she had Zero control on if her parents divorced, who her mom remarried and it has been made VERY clear that her “step-dad” is the only dad she has.
      I am all for calling these people on their behavior and how sad they truly are but making a statement about not “being part of the family” is cold hearted and thoughtless.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I don’t think it’s been made clear that her step dad is the only dad she has. If you check out her FB she has tons of pictures of her bio-dad, step mom, brother and step brother including family from her dads side of the family.

        While I am sure and at least hope that Chris is very much a dad to her, he certainly isn’t her only dad.

        • Amy says:

          Please excuse me for stating incorrectly. I took from what her mother said on the show as true and should have known better.
          Regardless, Ashley is STILL a part of the family, not a “hanger on” as so eloquently stated. Teresa and her family may only be friends of the Manzos and definately up their rear ends but including a step-child in that reference is just as wrong, hateful and immature as the ones the blog is written about.

          • error404 says:

            see, I assume this was written as I see it: Caroline Manzo doesn’t really accept Ashley as true “family”. I also think there are more than hints on the show that Chris doesn’t jump at the chance to be a “father” to her, and that Jac would sometimes like to just forget her “mistake” exists.
            Knowing the people on this site as far as I do, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to assume they’re pushing some anti-stepchild agenda.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I think it’s hard to determine if the sour note that seems to be hit within the family at mention of Ashley, is because she is a a ‘step’ child and connected to the Manzo’s/Laurita’s that way; or because the kid is really just a little asshole.

              But all the speculation on the blogs about her ‘family connection’ is clearly getting to her since she goes out of her way to defend it in her latest blog.

              And hey, the kid deserves to be annoyed- maybe now she can start to understand how the rest of us feel having to suffer through her smug ass attitude and her delusions of grandeur.

            • Amy says:

              I think it’s more than a bit of a stretch for you to assume or even try to twist what i said as anything close to an “anti-step child agenda”. Really? How in hell do u pull that out of what I said… I simply and clearly said I think it is just as wrong and immature to say that a step child is a “hanger on”.
              While Ashley may be a rude, disrespectful and snobby brat, J is her mother and she is part of that family through her. I did not argue that it is obvious many of the family may not care for her.
              Any how, it’s called a blog, there is a spot for opinions for a reason and that’s mine. I read everyone elses to gain perspective that at times helps me see things in a different light.

              • Chief says:

                I agree that sometimes in a blog people try to stifle those with differing opinions.
                That being said did anyone notice Caroline’s comment? Something like “Ashley calls me aunt but I wasn’t around for most of her childhood.”. Is she relinquishing all responsibility or what?

      • I didn’t mention Ashley at all….she’s just a dumb kid who digs being on TV, even though that constant insecure grin is getting kind of old. I really like Jacqueline….but who amongst us knows how to raise a teenager? The kid is going through everything we all did except in front of a camera. I love how Danielle keeps saying ” If she’s doing THIS at NINETEEN…..” …doing what PULLING HAIR? Thats like 3rd grade stuff! I think Mom should thank her lucky starts hair pulling is ALL she’s doing. In 4th grade you cry and go home, you don’t try and make a lawsuit over it. Then again a little ‘scared straight’ experience in the courtroom never hurt any teen. Having said that, I’m sure one of the Manzo galoob-Lawyers will get her off so it’s all just an incestuous waste of money.

        • Amy says:

          I’m not sure if the reply of “I didn’t mention Ashley at all” was directed to my rely or someone else’s but in this blog Ashley was mentioned:

          She is a Manzo hanger on and like Ashley – expendable, usable and not really “family” where family counts.

          I absolutely loved the blog and thought it was great!!! You said so many things I think we have been feeling and it was perfect to see someone write it out as perfect as you did!
          My comment that I thought it was wrong to say that one part about Ashley stemed from us having. Step child and knowing how devestated they would b to read something that said they were expendable, usable and not family when family really counts. It made me mad and sad both to think they may b the case so I jumped to defend. I do agree with the new part you have said as well as the rest of your entire blog. Ashley was completely wrong for what she did, and looks like she will b held accountable, maybe…but you are right that at 19 if that is the worst thing Ashley ever does, they will b lucky.
          So, in closing, I think u are a gifted writer and very much enjoyed your blog. I guess the step child comment hit close to home and I allowed my feelings to out sideways. I apologize for that.

  24. boston02127 says:

    Lauren Manzo to Jill— @Laurenmanzo: On my way to the hamptons to meet up with @allyzarin & @jillzarin for a fun weekend with @carolinemanzo!!

    Why didn’t Aunite Caroline invite sweet Ashley for the girls weekend? I’d like to be a fly on the wall to see Jill & Caroline and Ally & Lauren yapping away.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Fly to @Boston:
      Caroline says to Jill, “Jacq wanted me to bring Trash, I mean Ashley along but hey, blood is thicker than water and those two can’t even swim.”
      Jill replies, “Oy, how do you put up with that garbage? You need to cut them out of your life like cancer!”
      Lauren to Ally, “Jacq tried to get my mom to let Ashley come out here with us. She is such a trashy whore, and she is always after my brother Albie!”
      Ally replies, “Thank God! Your mom rocks – she would have ruined the whole weekend!”
      SWAT! Jill hits the fly and eats it’s remains.

    • kats2 says:

      Interesting combination. The daughters are nice and I can see them hitting it off, but I can’t imagine what Jill and Caroline have in common to discuss. Oh wait could it be how to get rid of the dead weight they are carrying Kelly, Teresa and Jacqueline?

      As far as Ashley and “Aunt” Caroline – I was appalled at what Caroline said about Ashley during one of her talking heads during the last episode. “I didn’t see how Ashley was raised and she calls me Aunt Caroline” Are you kidding me? That was so cold, what a bitch. How about “she’s my family and I will defend her like anyone else in my family.”

      Don’t get me wrong I can’t stand Ashley I think she is totally wrong about everything. But can you imagine if an Aunt of yours said that about you and your Mom? They both deserve a good smack but that was just an awful way to word it.

      And by the way – why in the hell did they have to go to Caroline’s house to discuss this? I think it should have been Ashley’s Mom and Dad talking to her not Caroline.

      • BamaBelle says:

        I know, kats2… I thought Caroline was cold, too.

        Last season, Caroline couldn’t stand Ashley and got on to Jacqueline about her discipline. Remember when she said… “Iron-Hand, Jacqueline… Iron-Hand”?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Didn’t Jacq have problems with fitting into the family which was part of her reason for her tentative friendship with Danielle? Maybe Caroline didn’t like her brother’s new wifey and excuse me but isn’t the older son five or six years old? How could Caroline not know Ashley or how she was being raised???
        Caroline gives me the creeps.

    • Maxine49 says:

      ” ‘Cause if you ain’t blood, you ain’t really family”…don’t underestimate that credo in the Italian American community. I loved my Italian boyfriend, but my sons from first marriage weren’t family and never would be…and therefore the relationship could not survive. The Manzos are merely tolerating Ashley, it’s obvious to all. Did you hear Caroline point out in last show “I didn’t raise her”…and what she didn’t say is loud and clear—“she’d be different if she were one of us.”

  25. boston02127 says:

    I just read Ashley’s blog. (scanned) She states Joe is a black belt. With that pumpkin body of his, I’m surprised he can raise his arms above his head.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      He is wearing one on the show (which surprised me) and you can’t wear one unless you earn it! Now we know why he hasn’t strangled his idiot wife – he has inner discipline!!

    • kats2 says:

      Can you buy one? I get the feeling that showing off the black belt and Chris (Jac’s Husband) showing off all the guns he has in the house is the Guido way of saying don’t mess with us. I think they have a lot of haters.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I have two black belts in my closet. My sons earned them, but left them behind years ago. If Joe keeps eating pizza, he might buy one from me (cash only please) to use as an extension.

    • debbie says:

      Ashley states Joe’s a black belt. Joe wore a black belt. Big deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if that too is a lie.

  26. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Kim G. and Teresa are going back and forth with each other on Twitter. I posted one of Kim G’s tweets earlier. This is what they tweeted so far. lol

    Kimgranatell going to Rome for a out of control shopping spree. Too bad Teresa can’t come. sorry no money. sad but true….
    about 5 hours ago via web

    @Kimgranatell = Desperate Housewife, not Real Housewife. PS– Isn’t it 9:30 at night in Rome? Shouldn’t she be in bed by now?
    about 4 hours ago via web

    Kimgranatell that bed in rome is so so comfortable. i know i’ll never be sleeping in a 6 by 6 cell in the the near future.
    14 minutes ago via web

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Oh snap……Kimmy got her with that last one.

      But I have to wonder if some of these ladies (for lack of a better word- well at least a G-rated word) are just doing this on purpose as part of a ploy to market themselves, the show and the drama.

      • icantstandthetoxicity says:

        I get the feeling that Kim G. was offended that Teresa said she was elderly in the last episode. lol

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          I don’t think Kim G is impressed with Teresa at all! The in need of anger management and coming right out and saying she started the country club brawl…..she isn’t buying Teresa’s crap! And she is smart enough to really push her buttons!

      • Quincy IL says:

        They won’t send Teresa to jail. Just Joe.

        • Maxine49 says:

          Well there’s no “debtor’s prisons” anymore….this isn’t Dickensian England. However, Joe is alleged to have forged his partner’s name to a loan application and pocketed the $1M proceeds….so he could very well go to jail if convicted. I sure am hoping they throw the book at him. The Manzos and the Giudices are soooo mobbed up, puhleeeze.

    • kats2 says:

      No way! I. Love. It.

    • Shana p says:

      While I think Kim G has a screw loose AND even though this smacks of more manipulation to try and stay on the show, this cracks me up!

  27. Lmao at “oompa loompa piggy husband” and “pirate ship”.
    U actually had me laughing out loud a couple of times.

    • BamaBelle says:

      Real City Housewive,

      I just looked at your blog and it is very nice and sooooo funny! Is there a place to make comments?

      • Thank you. For some reason the comment box only shows up if you click on a specific post on the right side of the page.
        If you are on the home page it just shows all the posts one after the other with no comment box.
        I dont know why its like that.

  28. WindyCityWondering says:

    Teresa’s kids are supposed to be a hugh part of her life. I have been making a point of really watching them instead of her in reruns. Gia doesn’t like her and her annoyance with Teresa’s acting is showing. Gabrielle doesn’t like anyone and just wants to be fed. Millania is a pantry thieving junk food junkie stair rail climbing monkey and the littlest is used like a doll she dresses like a hooker. I wonder if they all have some brain damage because of all those tight bow things she is so found of bounding their heads with? What cracks me up is that she is going to have a decade of teenage girls gone wild in her future and it couldn’t happen to a NICER person! lol

    • kats2 says:

      I try to keep the small kids out of the snark but those kids are brats. They are always yelling and barking orders. It’s not cute and I have many little kids around me, kids might do it occasionally but as much as they do and the little kids around me don’t get away with talking that way to their parents.

      • Upper WestSide Dude says:

        I agree with you about children and snark but those “girls” are hideous. Gia looks like an Olsen twin or a troll doll.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          IMO that’s a bit mean. I think it’s one thing not to approve of behavior but it’s not really necessary to make harsh comments about an 8 year old child’s appearance.

    • debbie says:

      did anyone notice her tweet this week that said she was spending time with her girls?

      T Tweet: Hi baby dolls! I’m hanging out with my girls today. My Bravo blog on last night’s ep is up! ~ http://tinyurl.com/22v9khy
      6:00 PM Jul 20th via web

      why does she need to tweet this when she claims she’s a full time mom? I take that to mean she’s with her kids all the time. After all she has no “help”. The tweet makes me think it was out if the ordinary, otherwise why tweet it?

      • PaganChick says:

        I think when T says she has no “help” she means she isn’t paying for someone to baby sit. Remember her parents live with them. Her parents probably do most of the babysitting. Its the only explanation I can think of for how T is able to go out and spend so much time with the Manzos without the kids.

  29. moriasheehan says:

    bdonohueweedman, i always read and enjoy your tweets, and now you have shown us you are a very talented blog writer. here’s hoping you get mad enough to do it again.
    it looks like jac is trying some PR repair for assley. i haven’t the stomach to watch, let me know what it says.

    http://twitvid.com/QXCGS – Old myspace video Ashley made me. LOL! Memories!

    • BamaBelle says:


      I broke down and watched it. It’s pictures of Jac, Chris and Ashley, mostly. There’s a rap song playing… one of the verses is… “if you don’t have any money-take your broke ass home”… LOL!

    • Waslurking says:

      I tried………but 11:44 minutes of that tripe? No way… I managed about 30 seconds.

  30. Quincy IL says:

    There’s a WWHL with Bethenny and a mystery NJ entity next Thurs. It’s the end of Bethenny’s series so I’d expect her to be there. We have had Caroline, Teresa, Jacquline, Dina, and Danielle several times in the last few weeks. Kim G is in Rome tweeting Teresa because her life is boring. Surely, Kim D isn’t going to be there. My guess is the party planner, Elvira. Max recently dated someone from that Jewish Ladies party. Elvira might have a bone to pick with a few of the comments that Andy Cohen makes about who will be a New Jersey housewife. When Andy has a real celebrity or one of his creations (Bravo celebrities,) they really advertise the visit.
    So, Elvira is my guest….

    Just thought of something… Max is from NJ…. It’s Max… I’m sure of it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Hoping it is not someone stupid! Bethenny is alot of fun so dumb would not be good – maybe it is another NJ celeb who is into the shows???

    • Waslurking says:

      Wait………there is going to be a WWHL on Thurs. instead of, or in addition to Mon. after the morons of NJ?

  31. BamaBelle says:

    @bdonahueweedman… I LOVE IT! I want MORE… can you do a blog on Jill Zarin, please… PLEASE!

    And, Lord Have Mercy… ain’t all that the truth! That freaking party made me so mad, especially when Teresa said… “GIA! Don’t you LOVE it”… GIA, don’t you LOVE it!… GIA!… GIA! Don’t you LOVE it!”… Finally Gia replies in an unappreciative, aggravated way… “I LIKE it”. She wouldn’t even say she LOVED it.

    And, you’re sooooooooo right, even my young grandchildren know to open each present one by one and… give everyone their moment and a thank-you!

    They don’t wear seatbelts, either. Gia didn’t have one on and neither did the very pregnant Teresa. One more thing, why did Teresa say “why does it hurt” when giving birth to her 4th child? I thought she should of figured that out by now, right?

    • Mary Jane says:

      If you watch the scene again Gia did say she loved it when her father first took it off the trudk. “Oh daddy I love it”, but Teresa was too busy asking her if she loved it to actually listen for once in her life. After Teresa asked her like 90 times Gia finally gave her the exasperated “I LIKE it” just to shut her up. She is constantly harping on those kids to pose and say Fabulous, you can see they’re sick of it. They’re not barbie dolls Teresa they’re living human beings. I can’t imagine how they’re going to be once they hit the teen years.

  32. cusi 77 says:

    Good afternoon Lynn! Great to have you bdonahueweedman as a Guest blogger!

    You made me laugh… and think.
    When I saw that scene in front of Teresa’s with Gia and Milania on the ATV without helmets and the BALLOONS so close to the tires… I swear I was hyperventilating. How irresponsible! Teresa was worried for the girls to get dirty!!! What about danger, Teresa?

    Teresa’s world big example: When talking to Kim G. (the elderly) “Believe me I am INTELLIGENT, have you seen I have 4 beautiful daughters?” Uh? Intelligence=having 4 daughters ? Where? Oh! Yes! In TG’s world (tiny, little world).

    • BamaBelle says:

      I think she called Kim G. “elderly” being a smartass. I can’t stand the way she talks to us the viewers… she makes faces, rolls her eyes, and is so ” F-U” if you don’t like what I say or do!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Don’t forget about the WATER PUDDLES…..what other kind were on the driveway?

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        The really disturbing thing about the ATV incident was that Teresa was more worried that the girls would go through the water puddles instead of the fact that they are on an ATV without helmets. Looking fashionable is more important than being in a wheelchair or dead.


  33. BamaBelle says:

    I forgot to agree about Caroline. I know some here like her and I respect that, but I can’t stand her. I think Bravo or somebody has tried to soften her up this year-wanting her to NOT be so Mob-like, but I don’t buy it.

    Last year, a viewer left Caroline a comment on her Bravo blog. They said… Let me tell you something about my family… “we ARE thieves!” I thought that was funny and surprised Bravo let it through. Was it any of y’all?… LOL!

    • JenD says:

      OMG…U made my day, because i wrote that. I looked for the comment for days on that blog, but gave since there were like 500. Thank You, Thank for reading. I read Lynn’s blog, but i have never commented. O h wow this is so random.

  34. kit9 says:

    Hey, wasn’t there a poster who was actually going to go to Teresa’s auction? Come on, we would all love to hear the humiliating details!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      It’s not scheduled till Aug- and if the bankruptcy filing gets chucked out of court- it won’t happen at all.

  35. Blue Sky says:

    Lynn, love your blog, and the people who comment on it too!

    Always learn a lot from this blog, about what is really going on with the housewives.

    Theresa is going to appear at a restaurant in Hazlet, NJ soon…there’s a big banner across it. Don’t know if I should go, or stay as far away as possible!

    Since I live in NJ, here’s some inside info for you, about Teresa’s property taxes. If you buy a property with an existing house on it, then tear down most of the existing house (maybe just keep 1 wall) then you can bend the rules & call the new home an “addition” to the old house. It’s a trick to get the property taxes lower, but not fair to other taxpayers. I think their property taxes are way too low for that glittery house. They may have done lots of things without proper permits too, who knows.

    Another thought…doubt if they were that dumb to put the pizzeria/apartments in their names. So, could be they will wriggle out of losing the big house yet. Their “family” if you get my drift will help them out, whatever happens. Just another corrupt Jersey deal/fraud. The first time I saw this show, I was hoping the IRS, et al would go after these grifters. They & their ilk belong in jail. It’s why property taxes are so high here, there is no limit to the greed/corruption in this state. Check out the FBI “Operation Bid Rig” conducted in Monmouth county a few years ago. Sorry I don’t have a link, but it is the Sopranos times 100!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Love when real Jersey ladies visit – your information is always welcomed!

      • BamaBelle says:

        Thanks for the info, Blue Sky…

        I bet anything Joe had the Pizzaria/Laudermat/Apartments put in his Dad or a family members name so they won’t have to claim it as an asset. Someone should investigate who’s name it’s in to see if they would have the kind od money to remodel and operate places like that, I bet they don’t.

        The Guidices knew at the time of the remodling of this building that they were BROKE and filing bankruptcy. I think they had already filed for bankruptcy. Teresa said it was Joe’s business, where did he get the money for all the remodling, and to set up for a restuarant? Isn’t it expensive to open a restuarant?

        Yeah, he gave CASH to somebody to put it in their names, that way… they don’t have to claim it as an asset-just as income. CROOKS!

        • Jules says:

          There was an article where Joe and Teresa’s attorney responded to the action being taken by the trustee. It said the pizzeria was in the name of Joe’s father.

          • Buffywood says:

            I don’t think this is true. If you google the address you can find an LLC under Joe’s name as the sole owner. I don’t believe said Sr. On the same site I found this listing, it also list all relatives of Joe. I will try and find it again.

            • Buffywood says:

              It is owned by 1576 MAPLE AVENUE ASSOCIATES LLC and Giuseppe Giudice is listed as the Principal; with a link to Teresa’s husband.

            • Jules says:

              I didn’t say it was true, I simply said that was what their attorney was asserting.

    • MomsThoughts says:

      There is a guy involved in operation Bid Rig with the last name Manzo. hum…

      Do you know what restaurant in Hazlet? I know where Hazlet is.

      People like the Guidices who openly flaunt their abuse of the system annoys me like no other. They go on tv and flaunt their unethical and most likely illegal lifestyle – do they think no one will mind? Why don’t they understand their scams cost everyone else? Don’t they understand we don’t want to have to pay for there lifestyle? It really hacks me off. Or are they really that dumb and raised in that culture so it seems normal and right in their minds? or is their addiction to fame to intense they don’t stop to think what it may cost them?

      probably all of the above. 😦

  36. Teresa treats her daughters like life size dolls.
    She has more concern for their looks than for their safety. She spends a lot of time making sure they look cute, but we don’t see a lot of time spent teaching them values, or manners, nor do we see any real mother-daughter bonding. I don’t think Teresa is capable of operating on anything but a superficial level.
    She reminds me of those ghetto mothers you hear about that spend $200 on Gucci shoes for their one year old, but then forget to feed them. That’s Teresa. It’s all about looks and appearances. She wants to have cute perfect little daughters, she wants to dress them up and buy them pretty things, but isn’t that interested in being an actual mother.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She is so fugly!

    • BamaBelle says:

      Boston, did you leave a comment on Ashley’s blog? Somebody named Boston did, LOL! And, Miss Ashley is getting it! I can’t believe some of the posts Bravo let through. Of course, mine or Rabble Rousers didn’t made it. Rabble’s was better than mine. But-some are tearing into her!… Hahahahaha!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I’ve never had a post make it through, I wounder if they have black listed my name or email- because even my nicey-nicey posts never make it.

        • BamaBelle says:

          I’ve had one-last year, to Caroline. I ripped her a new one. At the beginning of my post I addressed Bravo and named every freaking show I watched… all of them. I said it wasn’t fair that I spend so much time watching their programs-then my comments are never posted. That’s the only one that was ever posted. I think I have been blocked because now it doesn’t even say “your post is pending approval-come back later…

          I just checked Ashley’s blog again and now she has some supporting her, but they did let some really mean ones get through. I’m done with the bravo website and I’m going to tell them so!

        • Trillian says:

          I have never had a post show up on any of the blogs.
          Usually nice sometimes a little snarky but never posted. I wonder why.

      • boston02127 says:

        @BamaBelle–That comment wasn’t mine. I usually have my zip at the end of my name.

    • BamaBelle says:

      O-M-G!… I can’t believe their taking the kids furniture and toys, including Gia’s birthday ATV. Here’s some “funny business”, all that’s listed for jewelry is a watch, 2 wedding bands and costume jewelry… hmmm? What happened to all those diamonds Teresa has?

      Sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for them, maybe the kids. They should of never run up millions in debt apparently knowing they couldn’t afford this stuff. Reality TV show or not, they need to live within their means like everybody else has to. I didn’t notice all the items that said “faux”… LOL!

    • shesacrazybroad says:


      I looked all over that auction list for that bean-bag thing you have been wanting, but never saw it (did you?). Guess T-man stashed that somewhere else just so you couldn’t get it. Ha! Maybe one of the posters here that live in NJ and said they were going can still look for it and get it for you. (If any of you NJ ladies go and can get it, I will personally pay for you to ship it to Boston)…I REALLY want her to have it. I’d even be willing to chip in on the cost of the chair for her.

      Completely OT– I normally read and comment (the very few times I have commented) from my blackberry using the name “WTF was she thinking?”. Can’t believe that after all of these months of reading/lurking that this is the first time I’ve ever registered on WP. I had to get off the blackberry and on the computer so that I could see the pictures of the auction site. BTW, after actually reading this blog from my computer (versus the blackberry), I won’t be reading from my BB much anymore, if at all possible. After actually seeing it this way, I realize that I’ve been missing out on all of the funny pictures (Mickey Mouth) and other things (links) that I couldn’t see.

      Even though I don’t comment often, I have become very fond of Lynn and all of the commenters on here (not in a creepy way). I usually start my day each morning by going out on the deck and reading (from my Blackberry) all of the new posts. It always makes me laugh. I would comment more, but by the time I get ready to someone has already taken the words straight out of my mouth!

      Hope you all have a great weekend.

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        @shesacrazybroad – I’m going, and I’ll be looking for the beanbag chair for boston. I’m also looking for those Gucci glasses! LOL

        • klmh says:

          It will cost 300.00 to get in…

          • shesacrazybroad says:

            I did read that it was $300 to get in, but it’s refundable and then used to go towards your purchases, if you make any. (If I read correctly). If I was in NJ, I would definitly pay that just for all of the laughs I would get.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              Personally, I hope the auction doesn’t happen because the bankruptcy gets chuck out of court and those snakes actually have to PAY what they owe.

              We all know they have shit hidden everywhere.

    • Maxine49 says:

      Here’s the list of goods to be auctioned:

      Click to access GIUDICE%20INVENTORY.pdf

  37. Kelly_ Has-Big_ Shoulders says:

    I can’t stand Teresa especially after she started guest blogging on RHONY and was clearly on a mission to be PRO Jill and Anti Bethenny even though all the episodes proved Jill to be the Bitch. Teresa is CLASSLESS!! TASTELESS!! AND DISGUSTING!! Especially naming her book Skinny Italian her next book is going to be called “Class with the CUNT of new Jersey”. (sorry for cursing but this blog has brought it out). All the Shit she has talked about Bethenny all the lies she has spread regarding the naming of the book, the way Bethenny treats people, and regarding her finances. All of that has come back to BITE HER IN THE ASS!! KARMA IS A BITCH !
    I wonder if she will be serving Belinis at her “MANDATED GARAGE SALE” LMAO!!!

  38. KirksvilleMo says:

    Teresa and Joes shit is on AJ WillnerAuction site.Link is on the Babble/famecrawler site.
    What a happy day!

    • BamaBelle says:

      Kirksville–Are you joking or is their stuff on an auction site? If so, give us the link PLEASE!

      • kit9 says:

        Read it and cry with laughter how many times the word ‘faux’ is used. Man, they even took that children’s table from Teresa’s kitchen! And, they lost every single tv in their now very empty home. No more naughty porn for Tre and Juicy! Man, even things like picture frames are listed. Wow. I’d give anything to see this auction. I’d watch it on PPV, seriously. I just keep thinking of that moron Teresa pulling out the stack of bills to pay 100 cash for her tacky furniture. What’s sad is these two morons probably haven’t learned a thing. The first chance they get they’ll be out buying more crap on credit. For your reading pleasure…

        Click to access GIUDICE%20INVENTORY.pdf

          • shesacrazybroad says:

            I was looking at those pictures and 2 things really stood out to me. 1-in one of the rooms that just had a chair (by a window) there was a telescope there pointed out the window. What are they using that for, peeping into their neighbor’s house? Don’t get me wrong, I know plenty of people have telescopes in their house that don’t do that. BUT, I can see it now…T-man peering through the telescope into the house next door:
            T: JOE…you are not gonna effing believe this. That damn prostitution whore Nancy next door just got a new Gucci bag. I have to go get one that’s bigger and costs more right now before anyone sees her with it. I can’t have anyone thinking that that uncleansly bitch Nancy has something nicer than I do.
            J: Okay babe. I’ll go over to Al’s house and pick up some of that cash I put in their safe so my girl can go get her one that’s even bigger.
            T: Oooooo Joe. You are the bestest husband ever! {SQUEEEEEEL} I told moms and pops that they didn’t know what’s they was talking ’bout when they way sayin’ you would never be able to make me happy or provide the life I wanted.
            J: You’s moms and pops said that? Well, in that case, I’ll get you’s the cash so you’s can buy two.
            T: Aweee {SQEEEEL}…you really are the best! Wanna go play with my fun-bags that weeze got for free?

            Also, the 2nd thing that was REALLY strange was on the picture of the dining table, there was a scale there. Why would anyone have something like that on their kitchen table? Is that how he makes his cash? Where is the dope bags? I tried to tell myself that it was maybe something that the auction people set down, but I can’t think of any logical explanation of why they woul d bring a small scale with them.

            Maybe it’s just me…

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              If anything I would guess the telescope is there because Joe thinks the FBI is doing surveillance on him; and he is watching them-watching him.

              I have heard about scales in the kitchen for the purpose of measuring portions for cooking.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            By the looks of the photos, it doesn’t seem like Teresa is the great house keeper she makes herself out to be.
            I admit it’s not only of my strong skills but even I manage to make the bed.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I would have hated to be the person who had to go in and take those pictures. I keep thinking of how Teresa dove deeper into her dumbness (since I can’t really say she was ‘acting’ dumb and apply it to how she would have behaved when he/she came to the door.

        • BamaBelle says:

          I read it Kit… Thanks!

  39. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Here’s the link to the auction:

    Click to access GIUDICE%20INVENTORY.pdf

    dang! They’re even auctioning toys!

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      I just got back from viewing.I didn’t see anything but home furnishings.They must have left the house in a huff when the auction guys showed up the bed is unmade and dresser drawer open.

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        Hmmmm….interesting. How was all that onyx and marble? 🙂

        • kit9 says:

          Holy crap-their wedding rings are listed.

          • BamaBelle says:

            Just 2 wedding bands, a watch and costume jewelry. You know good and well that Teresa is hiding her very expensive diamonds…

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I wonder how wedding bands are up for grabs but the engagement ring isn’t?

            • Squirrels says:

              If the trustee is smart, he’ll get someone to watch the reruns of the shows, take screen shots of what she’s wearing around her neck, etc. and demand to know where those items are in order to prove they are indeed costume.

              (rubs hands together with glee)

    • Gypsy862 says:

      Talk about a huge amount of expensive bad taste!

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        Exactly!Faux antique,faux marble top,faux leather,paintings by unknown artist and nothing except one hall scroll legged table is listed as antique so far.They filled that house with an abundance of nothing special and alot gawdy trying to look like old world handed down from the old country yadda yadda.Their figgin mattress doesn’t even fit the frame…Who DOES that??lol
        Even the linens/towels are for sale,now that’s cleansey!
        Must admit the contents of the baby room made me sad,but I’m over it!
        How fitting this got posted on the day of our special I Hate Teresa blog!

        • vilzvet says:

          Wow, how did you get a hold of this! It seems so REAL now! Times, map, everything. And just try to put a price tag on all that stuff! Take out a calculator and even just make an attempt to come up with the retail value…it just boggles the mind.

          • kit9 says:

            I’m SO tempted to buy something. I love how they reference that stupid flat screen in their cavernously tacky great room and say , ‘too high to measure’ lol!

          • KirksvilleMo says:

            I just happened to check back to an article on famecrawler to see if anyone has posted anymore replies and someone had posted this link 15min.earlier.My disgust for all things Giudice has me reading everything.Glad it finially paid off.I’m almost scared of feeling pleasure from this.I doesn’t feel right.Not to sound like Teresa but I’m generally a good person.KWIM?

            • kit9 says:

              Bedroom furniture is listed from both the master and kid’s rooms including beds. How long can Teresa keep up the charade. They are obviously going to lose the house, unless they plan on sleeping on the floor for a long time.

    • Shana p says:

      Wow!! So, if all the stuff is gone are they going to be rattling around in that house with nothing??? I can picture the house being empty with a few sleeping bags in the corner and Theresa still refusing to leave! The amount of crap is really shameful, I hope that people at least get paid the money they are owed from the proceeds.

      • Shana p says:

        I just looked at all the photos……I have to say, I feel bad for the kids. Even toys are on there!! They’re too little to learn a lesson from this and while I shed NO tears for Theresa it’s not the kids’ fault they’re spoiled an have idiots for parents.

      • error404 says:

        can someone who actually watches the show explain something to me? They built this house during season 1, and furnished it during season 2, so what happened to all their old stuff? Where’s their house and beds and toys from before the cameras showed up? Is that where they went to live every night once the cameras stopped rolling?

        So they had this house for like what, 10 months before they lost it?

        • Capiche says:

          I don’t know all the details but I do remember the infamous table flip was sort of their first “housewarming party” done at a restaurant instead of the house. That should have been the first clue that something was amiss.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Which is why I don’t think they can call this the “homestead” house (the one you get to live in after the bankruptsy is discharged) because their stated income would not qualify them for the mortgage it would require. I read a case in Illinois where the petitioners had a $250k home, then bought a $500k home and moved there, plus had a condo in Florida valued at $190K. They were ordered to sell the $500K home and condo (at a loss if necessary so the remaining mortgage debt could be identified) and the $250K home was declared the the homestead even though they had been in the bigger one over a year. Then their combined income was used to set the payment amount needed to pay for all the property loans/posessions/credit card balance/cars, etc – to make a monthly payment in addition to what living expenses they estimated they would need. Needless to say, they didn’t qualify for Chapter 7 and the trustees kicked them into Chapter 13 and the appeals were all denied. Once you go into this system – it quickly goes out of your controll!

          Guidices lived somewhere before and during the construction of the McMansion……. and that is likely where they will go back to if they can afford it! If they had a lawyer, they didn’t follow the advice because the system now controls their financial future. We know they have been accused of hiding both assets and income – so first the stuff gets sold to satisfy some debts, them the property goes to satisfy more debts and at the end of the day they will have a payment due every month for several years to satisfy the remaining debt.
          Teresa was hawking her book before the filing so I am curious as to whether or not they changed the contract date….. maybe Teresa doesn’t understand that all income (current and future) will have to be used to satisfy debt repayment – it isn’t excluded just because they didn’t disclose it at the initial filing!

          Chap 7 is a fresh start for those who it was created for – poor/low income with hugh medical and credit card debt and limited income for food, utilities, rent. The bankruptsy gives them the chance to live within their means without debt – it also limits what they can qualify for in terms of credit/loans in the future.

          So like you, I wonder when the McMansion goes into play because if they own it outright it will be sold to satisfy a portion of the $11 million dollar lifestyle they lived.

          • Quincy IL says:

            I have a feeling the McMansion has no equity. I wonder how many mortgages are on this palace.
            This is going to be interesting.

            • Buffywood says:

              The actual filing is out there some where and I believe it said there were 2 mortgages and this house but 4 on on of the others. The 4 mortages on the other house was $600,000 which far exceed the true value of $200,000.

            • Maxine49 says:

              The mortgage on the McMansion is $1,780,000 or something close to that…so there may be some equity in it. I don’t know anything about where they live, although I heard that the house sticks out like a sore thumb and surrounding houses are in the $700K range. Anyone know anything about Towaco?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          You bring up a good point, I also wonder where all the furniture from their beach house went.

      • Squirrels says:

        By law, it is a first come to court and file a lien, first serve. Naturally, the IRS is first in line, whether or not you are #1 on the Lien list.

  40. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    You know what gets me while I am reading all of the stuff that is to be auctioned is the amount of excess these two amassed. Not only did they have an exercise room, but a game room. They have no money yet they are filling up these rooms with so much crap. Pool table, foosball table, chess set, dart board, game set, home theater…..it angers me so much. Me, I did not go to downtown Chicago this week with my friend and her family because I know I have to get school supplies, buy my son gym shoes, backpack’s, etc. It’s ridiculous how these people feel free to bilk partners of money, overspend and then don’t put all their assets out there. Unreal!

    The worst of it is that they don’t have enough class to say “mea culpa”. The arrogance is disgusting.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Arrogance and ignorance don’t pay the bills! A life lesson being learned the hard way.

  41. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I looked up the AJ Willner Auctions LLC and it was quite interesting regarding bidding. From the site:

    Auction Terms:

    1. A 25% deposit in cash or certified funds is due at time of succesful bid.

    2. In order to attend this auction, interested bidders will be required to present a $300 refundable deposit at time of registration. These monies will serve as the required 25% deposit until a bidder’s balance exceeds a $1,200 threshold. At this point bidders will be asked to increase their deposit in order to satisfy the 25% requirement.

    You need some $$$ to even bid on stuff. Learn something new everyday.


    • Quincy IL says:

      If the Feds auction Teresa’s phone and computer, she won’t be in twitter wars anymore. Finally, the government is doing something to better our lives.

      • vilzvet says:

        She is still tweeting in all her happy glory about her next book signings but her original Facebook page is now deleted, hmmmmm….it wasn’t a fan page for sure anyway.

      • Squirrels says:

        Lol…. Teresa with a prepaid phone? OOOOO…. It’s just too good.

  42. Brianna says:


    Posted on July 21, 2010 by maggiereynolds

    By Maggie Reynolds

    Hello my name is Maggie Reynolds and let me begin this blog with full disclosure. I am a fan of Jill Zarin’s but I am also paid by Jill Zarin, a nominal amount, to administrate her Facebook page. I contacted Jill as a fan a few months ago as I was very distraught at the treatment she was receiving by people especially on Facebook. We spoke a few times and I virtually begged her to allow me to help her with her Facebook page. She generously offered to pay me for my time. I accepted. We have no other professional affiliation other than Facebook. The blog I am about to write is from Maggie Reynolds, the Jill Zarin fan. Jill knows nothing of this blog, but I do hope she will approve of it when she sees it.

    I am writing this blog to express my utter shock and dismay at what Amazon.com is allowing to happen to Secrets Of A Jewish Mother, the book written by Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler and Gloria Kamen. I want justice for this book, and I’d appreciate it if all of you as fans of these authors or as book lovers would help me fight this injustice. At the time of this writing, there are 122 one star reviews on Amazon for this book. While I respect a persons right to review a book, it is upon reading these reviews that you will see that the reviews are written by hateful people, most obviously never having read the book. The reviews include mostly distasteful insults and MOST violate Amazon’s review policies. Yet they are allowed to remain, hurting the rating and the sales of this book. Why is Amazon allowing this, and why does Amazon site review violations if they don’t enforce them? Let’s begin with the history of this problem.

    On April 15, 2010 Amazon’s #1 reviewer, A. Chandler, gave the book a scathing one star review. If you read the review in it’s “orignal context” two things become clear. Ms. Chandler does not like Jill Zarin very much and she has not thoroughly read the book if at all. Many of her facts are incorrect. I said “original context” of the review; this is because since writing her review Ms. Chandler has added seven paragraphs of what she calls “updates.” Updates that feature unfounded claims and accusations regarding Jill Zarin and her fans writing “fake” reviews about the book and claiming that she was threatened because of her review. First of all, I don’t understand how a fan can write a “fake” review. Secondly, if such threats existed, why hasn’t Ms. Chandler brought them to light? The truth is, Ms. Chandler is not only Amazon’s #1 reviewer she has become Amazon’s #1 literary bully. I question Amazon right here. How can a review with seven updates that include slanderous statements be allowed to stay up as a review? Not only has Amazon not removed this review they have alloted her prime position as the first review seen when you go to this book!

    If you have the time and patience to go to the comments section of Ms. Chandler’s review, you will see that she has turned it into a Jill Zarin hate board. Amazon guidelines state that a comment section of a review is strictly intended to be used for discussion of the book or review only. Yet the comments section of over 3000 posts, very few discussing anything close to the book, is allowed by Amazon to stay active to this day. I have taken the time to read these posts. What I discovered was the following. Ms. Chandler has recruited a small yet ambitious group of people to destroy the credibility of this book. Over and over you will see posts calling for a boycott of this book, encouraging people to refund the book, applauding themselves for writing one star reviews and consistently laughing at Amazon sales numbers, while taking full credit for the lack of success the book has had on Amazon; although successful elsewhere. Perhaps more appalling is the consistent posting of Anti-Semitic comments, petitions to have Jill removed from her show and dropped by her sponsors, and hideous wording such as “Vigilante Justice” and insults to Jill Zarin and her family that I choose not to repeat.

    These same people in their desire to hurt the book’s rating also go through great lengths to contact Amazon as a group to have five star reviews removed simply by overwhelming Amazon with complaints. And they succeed. This is key to my blog.


    You may be asking yourself why Ms. Chandler would be going through such great lengths to destroy this book. I can only speculate through facts. Which are the following.

    * Amazon rates their reviewers not by quality of reviews nor quantity of reviews but by the amount of times people deem a review helpful. On A. Chandler’s review for Secrets of a Jewish Mother, she has 1190 “helpful” votes. Did Ms. Chandler choose a popular side to prop her ratings? Ms. Chandler has recently been awarded membership into the Amazon Vine Program. This program allows highly rated reviewers to receive items of all price ranges for free in return for a review. Very interesting.

    * Do Ms. Chandler’s actions have Anti-Semitic undertones? I would never bring this up without reason as it is a very sensitive subject. However, within my research I have found the following. Recently Ms. Chandler reviewed what I consider to be a very offensive book of “dark Jewish humor”. Also throughout her so-called message board Ms. Chandler seems greatly amused when her followers write comments such as “Jill has toasted her own bagel” and “don’t waste your shekels on this book”. Makes for a compelling argument.

    * Ms. Chandler could be a fan of Real Housewives of New York and got a little too caught up in the drama of the season. If you look at her other reviews you will find rave five star reviews of Bethenny Frankel and Alex McCord’s books, once again giving her many helpful votes towards her rating. I reiterate, did Ms. Chandler find a popular side of an argument to prop her rating?

    * A further fact that helps establish my suggestions is after looking into Ms. Chandler’s review history, other than her reviews of “Housewives” books, Ms. Chandler reviews very few fiction/non-fiction books. Out of her 381 reviews, 75% are reviews of cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and work out DVD’s.

    While I find Ms. Chandler’s actions horrific and uncalled for I cannot fully put the blame of this situation on her. AMAZON IS ALLOWING THIS TO TAKE PLACE. Yes, Ms. Chandler is the problem but Amazon is supposed to be the solution and they are not.

    So what can we do?

    I believe it is time for fans of Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler and Gloria Kamen, as well as book lovers to take the same group action that these people have with Amazon, yet do it with good intentions. This is why I entitled my blog “Justice for a Book”. I plan on writing to Amazon customer service and reporting the one star reviews that blatantly break Amazon’s review policy. But I can’t do this alone. They will not listen to one person. But as it has been proved by the Chandler gang, they will listen to many people. So I am calling on you to help me in my quest for justice and for what is right.

    What to do. Below you will find the following: a link to Amazon Customer Service. If you do not have an account with Amazon, it is very easy to create one. You do not have to make a purchase to contact customer service. Below that, you find I have written a basic letter to send to Amazon. Please feel free to copy it or use it as a guide for the letter you write. Below that, you are going to find the names of 56 one star reviews along with a quote I have pulled from each review so you can see the depths of the violations. Complain about all of them, complain about a few of them. Complain about Ms. Chandler. Everything helps! Finally, under that you will find Amazon’s review policies.

    I am asking you to use the letter, report the violating reviews, and if you’d like, quote them their own policies and demand as a consumer and as a fan that these reviews be removed and this madness stopped. Only as a group can we do this. Will you join me?

    I cannot express how strongly I feel about this and how deeply I urge you to join me and take this action. Secrets of a Jewish Mother will not be A. Chandler’s last victim. I am sure there will be other “A. Chandlers” that will follow her precedent and injure another book for personal gain. Amazon must be shown that we as consumers will not stand for this and will not purchase from a company that condones and endorses this type of behavior. At the end of the day, Amazon is responsible for the content that is on their website. The one thing we have is our voice. Please join me in using yours.

    Please feel free to email me at maggierey7046@hotmail.com if you’d like to discuss this further or if you have any questions. Thank you for reading this and thank you for helping. Hopefully the next time I blog it will be to celebrate our success!

    Maggie Reynolds




    I am writing to you in regards to the book Secrets of a Jewish Mother written by Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler and Gloria Kamen. As a fan of this book as well as an Amazon customer I am writing to inform you that there is a serious situation taking place within the review section of this book. I have read your review guidelines and policies and I have found many, many of the one star reviews written about this book violate many of your policies. I find it deplorable that this is being allowed on Amazon and I am requesting Amazon look at these reviews and remove them, in fairness to the authors of this book as well to the customers who visit your website. I should not have to read such horrible things when I am browsing through a review section of any book! If Amazon chooses not to take action, I will reconsider where I make my future purchases.
    Below you find a list of reviewers that are in violation of your review policy, as well as a quote from each review. I would also like to draw your attention to the review and actions of your #1 reviewer, A. Chandler. Her review of this book is not only in violation of your policies, it also contains slanderous accusations towards one of the authors as well as a few fans. The comment section of her review currently tops 3000 comments and contains very little discussion of the book, but instead has turned into a Jill Zarin hate board. How is this acceptable? I request this review and comments removed as well. Shame on Amazon for letting this take place.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    A. CHANDLER Reasons stated in above letter.
    “The book is actually very negative though as well. The authors fight amongst each other and use personal stories to illustrate points…all which seem to be laced with martyrdom.”
    Allana Lee “NOTAJILLFAN”
    “Her tips on dieting are just DUMB. And her ideas about snagging a husband border on RETARDED.”
    “Jill Zarin and her frozen faced mother need to ‘GET A HOBBY’ “
    “The entire reason for its having been written in the first place, however, is to satisfy the ego of Jill Zarin.Every week we see our beloved author constantly degrade and demean former friends, turn up her nose at the lower classes, and in general act like an entitled snit. “
    N. Frazier “bookworm”
    “The “Life lessons” Ms. Zarin keeps wanting to give only apply to rich, egotistical people like the authors.”
    J.M. “Jilly in Idaho” –
    “Common sense will serve you better than to listen to someone that acts in such a mean and hateful manner. It’s written to take advantage of her quasi-celebrity and to make a fast buck.”
    “I wouldn’t even line the bottom of a bird cage with the pages of this book. Clearly written as a money maker.”
    “They do not give Jewish Women a good name.”
    Y. R. Wu
    “Perhaps the title should be “Secrets of a Jewish Mother: how to make sure you and your daughters are attractive and financially secure but still as miserable and petty as you are.”
    A. Moore “Amanda”
    “This book was a complete waste of my time, I could not even finish it. Their advice is a joke and I am telling you all spend your money on anything other than this book. “
    tobb delow
    “Is this supposed to be a parody of antisemitic cliches?”
    “It was difficult to make it through but fairly easy to toss it in the fire. I guess in the end you can say the book wound up making me feel warm after all. hahahahahha “
    Smart Reader
    “Just look at the price of her book now. It is starting to reflect it’s true value. It has been literally cut in half by major retailers everywhere! And, that’s just the beginning. It’s that bad!! No wonder. Who wants to buy a horrible book by a hypocrite. “
    “I wouldn’t even buy it even if it were $1! I would only take a free copy of your book to wipe my ass with!”
    Roslyn G
    “I did read a few reviews and the only people that could write a good review on it has to either be employed by Jill or a really really good friend (if she has any.”
    Political Junkie
    “This book should be placed in the $1.00 bin and marked down enough that people could use it as toilet paper or a door stop.”
    “She tells lies, she tricks people, she is mean, hateful, petty and very immature.”
    “Jill needs to go back to what she does best. Sucking up to Gosselin, Lohan and other cheesy noncelebs and spending Bobby’s money.”
    “This is a horrible horrible book, so bad I am at a loss for words.” (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
    Craig Davidson
    “These women are a disgrace. “I wouldn’t even illegally download it”
    Tadzio Taylor
    “It really should be titled: “Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Really bad advice, really fake stories, and really, really bad plastic surgery.”
    “She’s cruel to her friends, obsessed with money, and talks about everybody behind their backs.”
    “And a disappointment to Jews everywhere. “
    Max’s Mom
    “I wish JillZarin (one word) kept her secrets to herself, and never wrote this book. What a waste of my money. Oh, and next time please leave “Jewish” off of the title. Haven’t our people suffered enough?” (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
    Sweet LJ
    “Please do not waste your time or money- this is pretty awful. Letters from a hypocrite is what is should be called.” (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
    Linda Toon
    “This is worst piece of dreck! Life is too short and this book wasted my time!” (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
    Cactus Cook Sunday
    “I thoroughly believe that this book was written to boost the ratings of both Zarin’s and Wexler’s respective shows. “
    Bob “Book guy”
    “This book is as obnoxious as the people who appear on the show. A straight money grab by so-called writers. “
    R. Gordon
    “I was very dissapointed after reading this book. I found it self indulging and cold.” (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!!!)
    A. Harman
    Elise McDaniel “Princess Elise”
    “The book should be boycotted.”
    Robert C. Brueckner “Bad Book”
    “This book should be entitled, Secrets of a Maniac.”
    T. Welikala
    “Don’t waste your money or time, I read a few pages and put it back where it belonged- on the shelf” (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
    Michael J. Cuneo
    “What’s really awful is now Jewish mother’s will be associated with backstabbing, conniving, ignorant trash. “
    S. Obrien
    “Written by Jill and her crypt keeper mother”
    B. Shirts
    “I found this book for 50 cents at a local thrift shop, and, because I do watch the show I bought it. Heck, it was cheaper than a cup of coffee so why not?”
    M. Hinden
    “Get anything! But don’t get this silly book. Its a complete waste of time and money.”
    Mark Twain “Ang”
    “Do not waste your money. This book is is a joke and a slap in any body who was raised Jewish’ face” (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
    R. Schumann
    “Stop milking the cow Zarin.”
    Cathie Mulholland “Cath127″ (Lynn Hudson Author of the I Hate Jill Zarin blog.)
    “What a shame! What could have been an opportunity for Jewish families to come together and non-Jewish families to learn another facet of life turns out to be full of nonsense, absurd advice and embarassing text.
    I feel for those folks that were duped into buying it at full price.”
    J. Lyons
    “Don’t waste your time or money. If you have the money to throw away, donate to a charity instead.” (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
    Jayne Shoda
    “I have many Jewish friends and if they behaved like the author, I would have NO Jewish friends. “
    Plaid Pantsuit
    “Anyway. It’s a bunch of dreck, obviously slapped together for quick profit. Save your shekels.”
    C. Angley
    “If you are curious and want to read the book, it will be in the bargain bin at Dollar General soon! What do they do with the books that don’t sell at Dollar General? “
    Daughter of Viet Vet
    “Where does this yenta get off giving anyone advice? She’s a reality-show famewhore.”
    H. Rafferty
    “Jill should write a book about lying, thats something she is a good at “
    Sara J. Stricherz
    “She deserves the debt she’ll be in when the publishers demand their advance back.”
    “Jewish Mothers teach their daughters to be money-grubbing, shallow gold diggers.”
    Em Rowe
    “Jill’s scheming hands were behind this and she benefited from it financially, of course.”
    Laguna Niguel proud parent
    “I get the feeling the three of them collaborated to write this crappy book just to make a quick buck.”
    Lindy loo
    “It’s amazing they actually found a publisher; they must have paid someone off to have that thing printed.”
    “Shame on them for using the title “Jewish Mother”, seems more like a book for hookers on how to snag a man for money not love! False eyelashes, bright dress, big bright hair….need I go on. OH and let’s not forget getting advice from women who are so insecure with themselves that they have had about as much plastic surgery as Joan Rivers!
    Skip the book unless you’re a ho and want to sell your soul for some dough!”
    R. Theobald
    “Opinions of a fame addicted late aged women trying to make a cheap buck and lengthen her 30 minutes of fame. This book shows that the main author is a hypocrite.”
    J. Lyon
    “What kinds of ‘values’ is she attempting to teach? Basically golddigging 101. She has set the womens movement back 50 years.”
    a customer
    How much do you think these “authors” are paying for those totally fake 5 star reviews? Probably less than they pay for a pocket book! “
    C. Baldwin
    “The only thing this book is good for is firewood.”
    Guy in UWS
    “It should end up on the discount rack at Walmart in record time.”
    “I found this in a thrift store for 50 cents.
    Purchased it…flipped through it…and threw it right in the garbage….where it belongs. “
    M. Roberts
    “These three women give all Jewish women a terrible name”
    “I don’t need to learn how to marry an old rich man. I would never steal money from my husband while he sleeps.”


    Amazon is pleased to provide this forum for you to share your opinions on products. While we appreciate your time and comments, we reserve the right to remove reviews that include any of the following:

    Objectionable material:
    * Obscene or distasteful content
    * Profanity or spiteful remarks

    • Waslurking says:

      More of Jill’s PR peeps? YAWN!

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      Maggie you write to Amazon like they are unaware of A Chandlers comment section and this amuses me.What you need to understand is Amazon has removed hundreds and hundreds of posts from this very section.They have also removed bogus posts and reviews made to Bethenny’s and Alex’s books and banned 20 or so names that went with them that all linked up to Wexler(nephew) or a friend of Jill’s or Lisa’s every single time.It is a fact.
      And the threatening e mail has been turned over to authorities IIRC.
      So,tell me if/when this is proven in a court of law will you be able to accept it as truth or will you accuse Amazon of having it out for Jill?
      I suspect the latter considering the Susan Saunders mess is in simple to grasp black and white and you chose to deny it.

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        One more FYI.
        You mention SoJM is not the norm for AC to review and the reason behind that is comical.Jill Zarin or her publisher sent the book to AC with a request.

    • Quincy IL says:

      It appears that Maggie is a paid lobbyist for the Zarin/Wexler Clan so why would anyone trust the argument of this Maggie.

      I would like to comment on the insinuation that A Chandler is predjudiced against Jews because she reviewed a book with “Jewish” in the title and made a comment on a bagel. Jill’s sister wrote the book and the entire book is about the superiority of the Jewish mother over all other mothers. The book states that the Zarin/Wexler women are not allowed to consider any non Jew as a person worthy of a date. To me, this is the real evil in this argument. The Wexler/Zarin clan considers themselves to be special. The treat all other people as non entities.

      I am not paid by Amazon, A Chandler, Jill Zarin or the people on this blog. I have Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, and Catholic family members. The truth is Jill Zarin created a false identity on Amazon and the owners of Amazon know this. They allowed the 3,000 comments because they know the truth. I’m shocked that Jill denies what the evidence clearly shows. If she was not Susan Saunders, Amazon would not have allowed the mess to stand.

      If I was A Chandler, I would take Jill Zarin to court and sue her designer pants off.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Justice? IMO justice (sales, reviews, amazongate) was served and now Zarin wants a do over? The contents of the book is still the same. I read it, it was trite, it would have embarrassed me had my mother raised me with these secrets and as a women – well Teresa has a nice descriptive phrase for the type of women this would be! So Jilly follow your own advice pour a glass of water on it and walk away from the table!

    • mel2 says:

      Maggie, my name and review are on your “Hit List.” I am so proud.

      • LOL! Badge of honor isn’t it? I can’t wait to read this book and write my own review. Only problem is, I don’t want to buy it, my library doesn’t have it and I have to wait a year before getting it thru interlibrary loan.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Don’t most Barns and Nobles have a coffee shop and lounge in them? I would just ‘review’ the book there…

          Unless of course it can’t be found in any mainstream outlets anymore because space is money- and the book is pitiful.

    • Squirrels says:

      I’m getting a bit tired of the Jill is innocent routine. As far as I’m concerned Ms. Reynolds can go suck and egg.

    • Big deal. This is only what this Maggie person believes. Just because she says something doesn’t mean it is true.

      However, as far as the reviews are concerned, I do feel that Amazon should require the review to be about the product being review and not just someone’s opinion about the product’s creator. I’ve looked through quite a few of the reviews and think there is way too much personal opinions on Jill with nothing really being said about the book much or at all. But that’s just my opinion on the matter. What really exists is what Amazon allows according to their review writing guidelines, not what I or this Maggie or Jill wants.

      As far as I know (from talking with different reviewers and through my own observations), the only reviews that have been removed are either clearly defamatory or are linked to multiple or faked identities. Those linked to multiple identities may not necessarily be faked accounts by one user, but rather people in the same household. Not necessarily fair, but that’s what Amazon is doing and in my opinion, this could be challenged. In fact, I was looking at a few of the writers’ profiles of reviews Amazon recently deleted and found what seemed to be connections between standing review writers and writers of deleted reviews. That could have been two people in one household using the same credit card for different accounts, or it could have been one person using a faked account to write another review on the book or some other circumstance that signals to Amazon that two reviewers may be in the same household.

      This Maggie person is largely guessing at most of the things she wrote about above. It’s the same old, same old, Jill whinning, trolly accusations they’ve always been spouting.

      I do know that a few days ago, Amazon deleted about 10 1-star reviews, 1 5-star review and 1 3-star review. However, before this point, I know they deleted a few other reviews, including a few 5-star reviews, not only on Jill’s book, but on some of the other housewive’s products also. So, probably to Jill/Maggie’s horror, Amazon is not only looking at the 1-star reviews, they are looking closely at all of them! LOL! Be careful what you ask for! LOL!

      So Jill, via Maggie, can go on and whine all she wants. Complain all they want. Amazon will do what they need to to remain compliant with their own review guidelines whether we all like it or not, and whether or not it’s fair to all involved.

      The bottom line is, if the product sucks, people will say so.

    • Cheri says:

      In the words of another “great author” ZIP IT

    • Jules says:

      Boy, I am trying to see things from Maggie’s point of view, but I can’t get my head that far up my own ass.

    • AmyW says:

      Um do you know your on IHATEJILLZARIN.COM and not jillzarin fan page U DUMBASS! I read the book, it sucked, get over it.

  43. Brianna says:

    I checked on Amazon, apparently A Chandler isn’t aware of this latest BS.

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      Where was this posted?I didn’t read the whole thing but I can answer her main question plain and simple as I have been up on this since day one.

      Maggie,IMO Amazon allows Achandlers review to stay because they know the truth.They are privey to all the behind the scene info on Jill/Susan Saunders account along with many other bogus accounts.It isn’t rocket science you know?IP addy’s,writing styles,patterns of behavior.Computer forensics I would call it.
      Jill/Susan account was clearly in use in 1995 IIRC and linked to Zarins mailing addy and credit card.One more easy answer for you.I gave a negative review because it is totally bogus to believe a person who behaves in the manner Jill so clearly does on and offf screen could have anything I would find worthy of reading concerning friendship.What I know of her is not from a rag mag or on the show editing but from what I know of her from real life.If you can’t see what she is then nothing I can tell you will matter.
      Wish you would put your energy behind a worthy cause,

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        And Maggie? I want to Thank You ever so much for putting all this negative and honest info on the web in a nice compact account of the sad,empty,coniving,envious,pretentious,ugly,lying,mean fake friend for millions more to see.This will travel in circles beyond the RHNYC and Amazon and catch the interest of people who have never heard of Jill or Zarin.I wouldn’t count on Jill being too happy if I were you!

        • Shana p says:

          Took the words right off my keyboard!! Even though I’m in bed most of the day (recovering from a spinal fusion) I don’t have the will to go through 3000 posts……thanks for compiling the best ones- I think my fave is the ‘i wouldn’t even download it illegally. Gave me a few giggles 🙂

          • Though I’ve said that I would prefer reviews to be more centered on the book/product, I must say that there certainly are quite a few 1-star reviewers of ample wit with some pretty good one liners. 😛

      • I’m pretty sure Amazon leaves the reviews up because it is free publicity for their site. 3,000 comments on A.Chandlers review? Like they say; you can’t buy that kind of publicity. I admit I stopped by Amazon just to read up on this “Amazongate” I kept hearing about. I have never been on Amazon before that. How many more people do you think have been to that site simply because of the drama surrounding this book?
        I doubt they are going to take down the reviews.
        Also, Jill and her 5 (paid) fans are not going to be able to make that big of a difference.

        • Waslurking says:

          I had no clue Amazon had any kind of message board so to speak until I started reading Lynn’s blog. Went and checked it out a month or so ago….too much nastiness for me. So I ordered Alex’s book, which I enjoyed very much! Thank you Lynn.
          RCH… 5 fans…………LOL LOL

        • I don’t know. Five seems a bit high. LOL! 😛

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Amazon had been deleting some reviews (both positive and negative), presumably for violations of various sorts, for some time prior to the appearance of Maggie’s blog.

          • So true. Way before this Maggie person started blogging as Jill’s mouthpiece. But a possible unintended consequence of Jill’s whining to Amazon is the removal of all possibly bogus reviews, no matter what the star rating. 🙂 Miss those 5-star reviews don’t ya?

            Jill simply cannot take the bad with the good and has to hide behind just another star struck fan.

            Whine, whine, whine. Jill is consistent in the whine department. And I’ll consistently repeat: if you can’t take negative comments/press because of your own bad behavior, then you certainly don’t belong in the public eye.

            Star or “starlet”, Jill you are not. For one, being way too old to be considered a starlet! LOL! If “star,” then it’s a falling star. Now, the term media whore…

    • Quincy IL says:

      Maggie is a sycophant of Jill Zarin. She should be ignored.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Except for the potential unintended consequences….for one example, keeping Jill’s acct’s not so excellent sockpuppet on Amazon adventure alive.

  44. Waslurking says:

    Guess it’s moved onto NJ here as the BMG blog has been forsaken…. 😦
    Beth’s blog is up on Bravo….. love her!
    That is all……….

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      You can tell Bethenny is in the baby zone! I imagine her blogs will be short and sweet for awhile – and if Bryn hasn’t been in a vehicle how are they getting her to the doctor, etc?? I am glad she gave a shout out to Julie – cause that is one incredible lady!

  45. Jenni says:

    Brianna- Thanks for finding this blog and letting us know about it. I searched and found it posted right here on wordpress. Here is the link:\


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I’m inclined to think this is alittle too late but it fits the delusional Jill thinking. Calling A Chandler a BULLY is stupid – a review is a review and it is subjective and to say it is not in the genre A Chandler reads is really grasping at straws! If there are negative reviews or reviews based on the author’s personality/public antics – they are valid. Who reads crap from people they don’t like or admire???

      • Squirrels says:

        Not to mention, Ms. Chandler had never seen RHONY and the book was sent to her with a request to review it. She receive the book UNSOLICITED. It was Jill and her PR team who requested the review.

        They got it, didn’t like it and tried to skew reality. They got caught. Poor poor little rich girls.

  46. Jenni says:

    BTW, we gat a second chance at the RHoNJ poll question about who is to blame for the fight at the country club! Here is the link for you to vote:


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      How can Teresa and Danielle be so close in the polling? Teresa attacked and Danielle reacted to her behavior….what did we miss?

      • BamaBelle says:

        People hate Danielle so much that she will always be the one to blame. Teresa started that fight… even if I don’t like Danielle, I can’t be honest about “who” did “what”!

  47. Quincy IL says:

    I think it would kill me to have my wedding ring up for auction by the feds. Taking children’s toys is hard to imagine too. Season 3 will film Teresa living a trailer after having lived for the 90 days at the Salvation Army family center. Her hair will be tangled and her fingernails will be chipped. Teresa will be wearing a stained tee shirt and old tattered jeans. The creditors hopefully will have been paid something. Justice is a good thing.

    • moriasheehan says:

      they probably went to a pawn shop and bought the cheapest bands available and claimed them as theirs. the real stuff is stashed elsewhere.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        gotta agree – anything of real value is stashed – isn’t that what parents are for – use them by putting property in their names, hide your Gucci glassware, all the sex diamonds, etc

      • error404 says:

        at this point, I’m not really convinced it was even their house, and not something they used to show off on the show. allt he other HW do it: Jill’s cars, Lulu’s houses, etc..

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          agreed – whoever holds those loans owns the house. Considering Joe’s track record and sterling financial management skills I will not be surprised when it comes out his dad owns it!

    • BamaBelle says:

      They’re like cats… Joe and Teresa will land on their feet… those kind always do. I do wonder where they’ll live, though? Teresa says she won’t live in those apartments or somebody’s used, nasty house.

  48. boston02127 says:

    I want to feel sorry for Teressa and Joe and their unlikable kids but it’s hard to when Teresa has been so awful. I’m wondering if when this auction is over if they will be able to stay in that big house? You’d wonder how they are going to handle this. Sooner or later they are going to have to say something about it. I imagine Teresa will make up a lie.

    • Wendy says:

      I think she is living in Kelly land. Denial. She’ll have to wise up when she is sitting on a plastic lawn chair on her marble floor.

      • Capiche says:

        At this point, are we sure it is real marble?

        • BamaBelle says:

          LOL… especially since the word “faux” was used alot to describe their things. Even if they get to keep the mansion, how will they afford the payments and taxes?

    • I actually kinda feel sorry for Joe. I dont think he is the greatest husband (the way he acted while Teresa was in labor) or the greatest father (the way he talked to Gia on the way to the fashion show) but he appears to be a regular guy and I wouldnt be suprised if he created this financial mess in a desperate attempt to make his bitchy demanding wife happy. You dont see him wearing Gucci suits or Prada sunglasses or AP watches. He is usually in jeans and a t shir. And its her, not him, who drives the Maserati. I could totally see her as the kind of woman who would try to make him feel like less of a man if he couldnt afford her all the luxuries she thinks she deserves. Happy wife happy life, remember. So i guess unhappy wife = misery.
      He seems like the kind if guy who would be fine living in a normal house and shooting pool at the local bar instead of his basement.

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        I totally agree.Joe seems comfortable in his skin while Ter is all show like she has something to prove.
        I think she has run ripshod over him since they were teens.

        • BamaBelle says:

          He’s a grown man that is capable of saying “NO”!

          I did wonder that the beginning of the sesaon why he was acting “weird”, like he was worried about something and doesn’t seem happy at all. He wasn’t excited about the baby-didn’t care what Teresa named her… something didn’t seem right. Now we know he is millions in debt.

          • I agree, he is a grown man. Im not saying he is totally blameless at all, but I don’t think he would be in this mess if it weren’t for Teresa.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I kinda disagree with you. While Joe might not be as overly flashy as Teresa, I think he certainly gets off with a big wad in his pants- badda bing! Not to mention a wad in his wallet.

              Joe is the mastermind in the shenanigans going on. He has a criminal mind and I believe the inclination to use it- no matter who he is married to.

          • Squirrels says:

            Another mouth to feed, bringing it to a total of seven, considering T talks through both sides.

  49. jakey's mimi says:

    Here’s a post I got from another site about Teresa and the current state of her marriage. I thought you all might find very interesting … lipstickalley.com

    “my girlfriends that reside in new jersey said that teresa and joe are seperated. According to her all the locals are aware. Joe has a blonde girlfriend named tara, he introduces her to everyone as petite. Not sure if teresa is aware. The locals dub her as paris hilton jr.”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Happy Life, Dump the wife?!

    • Capiche says:

      I’ve heard this Tara name a couple of times in the comments on other websites. I don’t know. Those who have access to Teresa the pig on Twitter and such, have you heard her talk about Joe recently? And I wouldn’t be surprised if they broke up. He seems like a hardworking man and he probably blames her for putting him in debt and blasting it on national tv.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Someone also hit Ashley’s facebook with talk of infidelity by both Jacq and Teresa’s husbands. Makes you wonder what the trade off for nice things for the wife and a happy life for the husband includes….. RHONJ is blowing up and I wonder if there will be a reunion!

      • Quincy IL says:

        I read the name Tara before too in comments.

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        Joe is just as bad as Teresa. He’s a crook that signed his partners name on a $1 million loan and pocketed the money. He lost the judgement against him and was told to pay it back. Then he files bankruptcy. Crooks the both of them.

  50. Ellabean says:

    Holy crap on that auction list.

    No words.

    Just shaking my head.

    • Wendy says:

      Wow. Me too. Unreal the amount of crap they have. I just hope it brings in alot of money to pay people back.

  51. jiggylicious says:

    This is Brilliant!

  52. DesertGal says:

    I find it interesting that Maggie Reynolds avoids both the fact that Jill Zarin asked A. Chandler to review her book, and that Jill Zarin attacked A. Chandler when she offered an honest review. That alone makes her blog and her attempts to manipulate Amazon completely worthless.

    Don’t any of these people approach anything with honesty?

    • DesertGal says:

      I’m also giggling at the commenters on Ms. Reynolds’ blog who declare that A. Chandler’s review violates the civil rights of all Jewish people, and that anti-defamation leagues will be contacted.

      No, baby. Adolf Hitler violated the civil rights of the Jewish people. An honest review on Amazon, which one can certainly choose NOT to read, does not.

      What a joke. All this over a crappy little book that no one will remember five years from now.

      • icantstandthetoxicity says:

        Maggie Reynolds works for Jill. She deletes the negative messages on Jill’s Facebook page.


        • Brianna says:

          yes, and the link was posted on Jill’s Facebook page.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I have to wonder, maybe she really isn’t on Jill’s side after all.

          People had almost forgot about Amazongate- but Jill’s hired help not only dredges it all up again, but spends hours and hours attempting to make a case against A. Chandler but ultimately paints Jill and her her cronies into a corner.

          Way to go Maggie! There is a saying about folks like you. ‘With friends like you, who needs enemies’

        • Squirrels says:

          Her job came complete with a set of blinders.

  53. DesertGal says:

    Some of the furniture being auctioned from the Giudice’s home is is ugly enough to make Ray Charles flinch. I mean, seriously, would you buy this?


    Note the hutch in the background that doesn’t match the table and chairs. Ugh.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Faux furniture for a faux life – on the bright side maybe now Teresa will learn what life and family is really about – those poor children will need strong loving parents now that the castle has been sacked!

    • Squirrels says:

      LMAO @ Ray Charles. Reminds me of the scene in the Blues Brothers in the music store. He “sees” everything.

    • ShyAsrai says:

      the hutch ‘matches’ the fabric on the chair backs. that’s good enough for T!

  54. Wendy says:

    Great blog. Just a wealth of information from people on this site. Love it.

  55. Olivia says:

    Good grief! My mother always said that “taste is all in your mouth” but it looks like Theresa’s “decorating” was an imitation of the layout in the Addams Family style! Talk about garish! “Faux crap” is what this stuff adds up to.

    And where do they go from here? Living in an empty warehouse? The house itself is so “over the top” that to furnish it would be an uphill battle to fill those empty chambers.

    Those early scenes of her purchasing this stuff in cash and grabbing everything that was not nailed down are going to be on tape for the rest of their lives. Karma sure is a bitch when you are exposed as frauds and con artists with nothing to back up your spending.

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving couple! Looks like shopping at Target in the future will be nothing more than a dream come true for these shysters.

  56. Olivia says:

    Dear God in Heaven! A grand piano and a marble chess set? Are we supposed to believe that these two play either one? Holy guacomole!

    I love the bedroom mirror taking up an entire wall! Jaybus! How can these people hold their heads up when we are reminded that only 7 months ago they were throwing a house warming party, complete with a fire eater of all things, and gifting their 8 yr old with an ATV that is now on the auction block. Too funny for words!

    There is excess and then there is Theresa. My only advice is to go into the Witness Protection Program and be thankful that they don’t do jail time. And the irony of the whole thing is that apparently Danielle, the skankiest of all, is actually shopping around NYC for an additional apartment while these two pack up their “treasures” and head for the hills.

    And apparently this week on the “Housewives of NJ” they are throwing themselves an anniversary party! Hilarious!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Love the teeth marks on the piano bench and the juice box by the Wolf stove/ovens – as for the accessories/decorative items – fugly stuff. I did notice the beautiful crown moldings and custom drapery – it’s the details that are amazing (hope whoever got stiffed on those things get them back!).

    • BamaBelle says:

      OMG–An anniversary party? Where are they getting the money? I know with Gia’s birthday, the party was probably free for advertising, but what about the house-warming party? Surely Elvira didn’t spends thousands on rentals/food/intertainment on that spectacle for FREE!

      Aren’t other people suppose to throw you an anniversay party? Hmmm… I wonder why Caroline or Jacqueline didn’t offer?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Maybe Bravo is paying for the parties so they can finish the season – Teresa is a fan favorite – or was until recently.

    • debbie says:

      I wonder what they’ll be telling their children when they no longer have their bedroom furniture, toys, ATV”s etc. Will they teach them a life lesson about greed, conspicuous consumption and entitlement?

  57. Capiche says:

    Wow. Just wow. Wasn’t it this season that Teresa the pig was admonishing Danielle for spending or her money problems and telling her to “get a job”? Danielle’s home may have needed to be “revenovated” (Teresa’s words, not mine) but at least it was paid for and no one’s auctioning stuff off. In fact, they were the ones worrying where Danielle got the money to buy a new condo in some hi-rise development on the river. Please, everyone, let this be a lesson that before we disparage others on national tv, we make sure our own homes are in order. Karma is not slow-moving like it once was. It whips around fast and slaps you twice as hard!

    And no, I don’t feel sorry for the kids. This may be the most important lesson their parents teach them yet.

  58. Olivia says:

    Sorry, but I just can’t contain myself after looking at those items they are forced to sell when we now realize what horrible people they are. They had to have known what was going on with their finances even as far back as the original filming of the series since it was less than 2 years ago. It takes time to prepare lawsuits and this does not happen in the space of a few months so my assumption is that going forward they knew they were already facing some heavy financial problems even then. Probably hoping that their “fame” on a reality show would help bail them out.

    Is Theresa still making Caroline laugh? Are her antics still amusing to the others? Are they as shocked at the disregard for creditors and the lavish spending on things they cannot afford just another hilarious anecdote to that clan? Does being accused of forgery produce chuckles from Caroline as just another feature of “Theresa being Theresa”? Does watching the Cavewoman torpedoing her way through boutiques and spending thousands on kids clothes make them “love” her even more? Amazing!

    Danielle is shocking in her presentation because she epitomizes a lifestyle none of us are drawn to. But Theresa and her brood have been showcased to represent the “good mother and wife” with a penchant for shopping which far outweighs Danielle’s transgressions as it is now up to the pubic to bear the costs of her thievery. It is what makes what she did far worse than what Danielle has accomplished as we can easily ignore her whereas the Guidice’s transgressions are inserted into the fabric of what is lacking in our culture. Accountability.

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      Best damned post ever! I’ve argued on the Bravo boards that I’ll take a whore over a thief anyday.I will never understand how women view Ter as superior to Dan.But I do know some women despise loose women where I find them a necessary part of society.But that is a whole other discussion.

    • Wendy says:

      Good point. I wonder if the other women will stick by their good friend Teresa after all this? Maybe next season the ladies will all be hanging out at Danielle’s house, drinking wine, and calling T the skanky bitch! Better watch out Teresa. The tables may now turn, I mean flip on you. Look what happened to Jill Z. No more fabulous circle of friends.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      This is a wonderful post, I don’t think I could say that enough.

      I hope you try to post it on the Bravo blogs- if not the bravo message board where they don’t hold them in moderation. I would also take it over to GWOP too. It’s just too great of a post not to be shared with other forums.

  59. Olivia says:

    All I can say is that it was a good idea to prepare those 180 jars of tomato sauce.

  60. Rawhideaz says:

    Can someone add the link to the auction items? Am trying to catch up with all of this. Thanks.

  61. Olivia says:

    There is also a telescope on display. Must be for keeping watch on Danielle lurking in the bushes. Unbelievable when we know how utterly stupid these people are and most of that crap is for appearances only.

    I wonder how many of the small vendors, like the boutiques, beauty salons, voice teachers, dance instructors, party planners, photographers, got stuck without payment. I would love it if it comes out that Kim D and Posche had to take a loss since she just “loved” Theresa so much. Serves her right at least.

    • DesertGal says:

      I imagine there is going to be a number of small vendors who are SOL when it comes to getting any payment from the Giudices. And those little specialized businesses are the ones that are really struggling these days. The bigger creditors can better afford the hit.

      The really sickening part is that Theresa and Juicy Joe aren’t sparing any of the people they have stiffed a single thought. They are feeling sorry for themselves, not for the people who are going to have to absorb their debts. Nauseating.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I’m still reeling over Teresa saying that she should introduce Elvira to her ‘railing guy’. It’s like everything that comes out of this woman’s mouth is one big thinly disguised “FUCK YOU”.

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      I noticed the telescope but didn’t see it listed,did you?
      Also odd that no fridge was listed in kitchen but 2 listed in garage.
      And wasn’t the bar cheap and small for the space?
      Another odd thing is the counter on the right of stove has a piece that jutts out maybe 10 inches and is 6 or so wide.Not big enough for anything and good for knockin a noggin.And all the ornate wood all around the stove seems impractical to clean.
      Piano looks like it has been in storage with drywall dust all over.
      Did anyone notice all the photos of Teresa and none of the girls?
      One more thing.Look at the bed and tell me if only the left side was slept in.
      Lord help me I’m stuck in this crap!

    • BamaBelle says:

      The bankruptcy list includes “thousands” on several different credit cards. I bet Teresa paid Kim D. in cash or with a credit card. It would serve her right if Teresa did owe her money becaue both Kim’s used Danielle to get on the show-then switched to the other side… LOL!

      I bet Caroline is still standing beside her precious Teresa, she can over-look lots of things and blame it on the economy if you’re her friend or family. But, they never gave Danielle a chance. They found that book and showed it to anybody who would listen to them. Now-I’m very sure the Manzo Clan thinks poor Joe and Teresa should have their privacy!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Someone posted the other day that there were 30 odd judgements against the Manzo for not paying vendors, medical bills, credit card balances, etc. so this isn’t so shocking. Remember they are thick as thieves!

    • Squirrels says:

      Now days, dance / gymnastics studios demand a credit card on file. If you pay in cash, no prob. If you don’t pay when it’s due, they take it out of the card automatically. If the card is declined, your kids are left at the front door.

      • IMJ says:

        There is an old saying “There is no honor amongst theives”. There goes that Holyier than thou attitude that Theresa and Caroline have about Danielle. I bet D is somewhere laughing her ass off about all of this.

  62. Olivia says:

    I am on a tangent this morning but Bravo must be held accountable as well. Featuring these hustlers as “stars” turns my stomach as she made the rounds of other t.v. shows acting for all the world like someone who “earned” this status when all the time the creditors were pounding at the back door.

    Bad enough that they placed Trashley in a position of undeserved merit but allowing these crooks airtime is more than a rip off as the unemployment rate and mortgage foreclosures spread across the land while they were showcased as “legitimate”.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      @Olivia – I have to agree Bravo did not vet these women because they do not come close to the profile of REAL HOUSEWIVES – they have no class, education or style. Now we know they have no money, fight like school yard bullies and use their children to further their agendas and are criminals. TV shows (and backstories on casts) are all over the internet – the illusion that these are the best NJ society has to offer is offensive.

      • Squirrels says:

        Unfortunately Windy, they are real housewives. Just not the type I would aspire toward. US Banks allowed this BS, not only allowing high risk loans, but then in turn betting against them. All the big boy speculators made a bundle. We got left with the mess.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I’m trying to remember an article on an event that Ramona, Alex and Simon attended with movie and television actors. A prominent male actor made a comment about faux reality stars. I need to google some and find it because it’s interesting and fits this topic.

    • BamaBelle says:

      I agree, Olivia…

      Teresa has been featured in Good Housekeeping or RedBook, something similar to that type of magazine about her healthy Italian cookbook… I read the article but don’t remember which one it was. I know it was a legit magazine. It just makes me sick that we were ALL duped! They’re phonies/frauds/crooks… Yes, they knew what kind of financial shape they were in when agreeing to do the show. I wonder how much Bravo knew? Does Bravo even check people out they sign for their shows?

      Her cook book should be renamed…

      “The Not So Skinny Italian CROOK-Book!

  63. Olivia says:

    No wonder she wouldn’t use credit cards: she was already maxed out and probably being sued even then. The cash was probably from that forged loan signature that Juicy Joe is now being charged with which only shows how devious this couple really is.

    Spending money you don’t have, and especially with the excess she did, shows such a lack of character that it would be difficult to describe. They are trash.

    • moriasheehan says:

      we are on the same wavelength, i was thinking same thing about the CC’s.

    • BamaBelle says:

      YEP… it’s a lack of character for sure! I even wonder if she got a 100,000 advance from the cook book, and spent that on furniture instead of paying her bills. Around here, when there’s a choice to pay bills or buy new furniture-the bills will win every single time!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        When you max out your available credit then you have to use cash. You also use cash when you don’t want a record of what you are purchasing. Kinda think cash is easy to comeby in their world…..but putting your spending habits on TV – stupid, stupid, stupid!

  64. moriasheehan says:

    that is some of the ugliest furniture i have ever seen. those chairs with the brass pins and paisley? WTF, the makeup table and mirror as big as her opinion of herself, looks like she thinks she’s marie fu**in’ antoinette.

  65. Kansas Girl says:

    Fresh back from the auction site. Wondering about a few things.

    Power tools? Have we ever seen Cave Man build or fix anything. Sure, he owns a “construction” business (or something), but we’ve not seen him do anything constructiony, have we?

    Nothing is listed from the parents’ rooms. Were T&J too chintzy to buy the folks new furniture? Did the folks bring their old stuff? And how easy it would be to move a little this and that into those rooms that were declared not T&J’s property!

    Remember that there is a wine cellar in the house? We see some wine-making tools in the garage, but wasn’t the cellar shown fully stocked when they moved in and Dina complained of the smell? (I think we surmised he kept the bodies there, LOL.)

    Someone above commented about paying to get in to the auction. That $300 charge is to keep out the riff-raff (like us!) — basically they just take a card number and refund on exit. I’d pony up, just to watch the show. (Knowing I would get it back.) I wonder how much profit this sale will bring. Used furniture doesn’t sell well at all. In fact, it’s shocking how little very nice furniture brings at auction lately. (Like under $100 — way under.) The TVs, the nice stove, etc will bring in something, but the castle furniture is not going to help them much. The one thing it’s got going, in my opinion, is the seen-on-tv factor. But that’s fleeting fame. Good luck to their creditors, squeezing much out of this junk.

  66. So Teresa had to know that people were in her home photographing her things?
    How do you explain this to your kids?
    Did anyone else get the feeling that it looked like the contents of a film set?
    A film set belonging more to Bravo?
    Bravo got the use of the “set”, but Teresa & Joe are responsible for the debt?
    Not that I feel sorry for T & J, just thinking out loud here.

    • Olivia says:

      She probably told Gia they were there to advance her “career”. Gia then went on to appear “fabulous” while the photographers scratched their heads.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Gia is on to Teresa’s crap – in recent filming she appears withdrawn, quiet, etc – me thinks Gia resents her mother’s famewhoring persona!

        • vilzvet says:

          I think the Teresa left the bed unmade was just to say “Eff-U” to the photographer. Same with the juice box by the stove…

  67. Zipit Zarin says:

    Who is going to even want to bid on this crap? Most of it looks like it belongs in a funeral parlor…from hell. Seriously, it all gives me the creeps.

    • Olivia says:

      The furniture reminded me of the sets for the movie “Sunset Boulevard”.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        YES! Teresa’s already had her close-up, Mr. DeMille LOL

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        or a bordello, whorehouse – pick a word! Who wants their house to look like a prostitution whore palace? Who does that???

        • BamaBelle says:

          Teresa said when buying that junk-she wanted a French Country look, well she didn’t get it. Plus, when furnishing a whole house like that she should of bought some real antiques, and not have everything so matchy-matchy and gawdy.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      A funeral parlor for hookers!

  68. Earring Girl says:

    I wonder what the aristocrats in the Hamptons are thinking today, since Jill & LuMann have invited the NJ Skanks (Caroline, Jacqueline, Dina, Teresa & Lauren) to the Hamptons this weekend. Teresa is doing a book signing – from her Twitter page – Come see me today in the Hamptons at Shoe Inn from 2-4pm. Shoe Inn is on 121 Main St in West Hampton….Cant wait to see you!
    16 minutes ago via web

    I guess she is trying to beat Bethenny’s 1600 guests book signing. So these are Jill’s fabulous circle of friends?????

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I predict that Teresa will claim that she had 2000 people at her book signing. Teresa THINKS she can compete with Bethenny but she will always end up on the losing end of that competition.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill’s new circle of friends are NJ’s housewives? Maybe she is trying to convince Bravo to send her to NJ to add class and real money to the mix….. LuAnn must be beside herself having to entertain these morons!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I have a feeling that Teresa in the Hamptons will go over about as well when Micheal Lohan and Jon Gosselin showed up. The funny thing is, I am sure the Hamptons is crawling with Bernie Madoff types of crooks and thieves, prehaps they can school T in on ‘hiding your assets 101’.

  69. Olivia says:

    I need to get some work done and end my rant. I am just curious as to what happens next. Is Juicy Joe actually with someone else? Is Theresa about to find herself living in a NJ tenement? Is Auntie Caroline going to find room in her home to offset the empty nest? Are they actually going to live in an empty house? Are they going to jail? Is Bravo prepared to pull the plug on this travesty? And who is actually footing the $10,000 monthly tribute?

  70. Zipit Zarin says:

    People with real class have probably never heard of any of these people. Since I have, I must have no class. hehe

    “Call me when you have no class.” Rodney Dangerfield 😀

  71. WindyCityWondering says:

    @Olivia brings up a good question – where are the relatives who are giving them $10,000 a month in “gift”. That’s $120,000 a year! Don’t these morons realize they are opening up their family members to IRS scrutiny or worse – money laundering/RICO Act, etc ? And if these relatives are so wealthy why haven’t we seen them on the show – the Italian extended family fits so well into Teresa’s version of her pseudo life!

    • Quincy IL says:


      You can give an indivual $13,000 per year. Over that, there are issues of tax that you will have to consider.

      The family is giving $120,000 a year. In the case of gifts. the person giving is liable for the tax.

      In the past, I wondered about Kim Zolciak and big Daddy’s expensive gifts. It seemed that it was income to Kim for being big Daddy’s play thing. So to me, it was income from an activity. I read a lot on the subject and it’s the giver that has to pay the tax.

      Teresa’s family could be in trouble with the IRS. You can’t dispense wealth by writing a check for the “kids” each month if it’s over the limit.

      • Blue Sky says:

        Okay, here’s how they pulled this one. It only takes one set of grandparents to accomplish this. So there are six in the family, right? Juicy joe, T, & 4 kids. That’s $60,000 from say T’s dad. Now T’s mom gives $60,000. There’s your $120,000 all legit. Guess they could have given more: 6 x $13,000 = 78,000 then double that to $156,000 and again, it’s all legit. Now let’s say joe’s dad gets in on the action. He could “donate” another $78,000. Where are they getting all this money? From the proceeds of the fraudulent mortgages. And don’t forget, there are so many ways to hide income in pizzerias, car washes, rental properties, etc. Just keep in mind how many people pay rent in cash! Pay cash for pizzas, car washes, etc.

        • Quincy IL says:

          There have to be some laws protecting children. If someone gave a child, $13,000, it just doesn’t seem right for dad to use that money to buy a pool table or mom to go to the beauty parlor. Child actors’ incomes are protected now because parents took the children’s money.

          • Blue Sky says:

            The truth is, these crooks are trying to account to the IRS how they were able to live, since their stated income was obviously too low. Did they think to show the money coming out of their parent’s bank accounts? Probably not, and by the IRS following the money, that’s how their web of lies will trap them.

      • Squirrels says:

        Apparently, they need more kids to make this scheme work.

        • Quincy IL says:

          No wonder Joe wants a couple more. I think Teresa is tired of being fat. I know how she felt about that. Bethenny had one month of ugly… Teresa had a year now.

          I looked great during and after baby one. Little worse for wear on baby two…. Bloated beat on baby three ..10 lbs 5 oz… I saw two kids for Bethenny is just about right.

    • BamaBelle says:

      NOBODY is giving them money! They had to say that to cover their ass because they reported only 79,000 yearly income. They had to have a reason they were livng so large. I’m positive nobody is giving them money. It’s cash they’re hiding from the IRS! Teresa and Joe may get a relative to LIE for them, surely that relative will have to PROVE their wealth, that they could afford to give 10,000 a month!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        agreed -no one gave them the money, but they have to testify under oath where their income that is supporting their outragous lifestyle is coming from! They are stupid people so they named family members – who will now be under the microscope too! They all came from Patersen – and the real Jersey ladies on this site said it is a low income, low opportunity ghetto…..stupid crooks are the worst kind!

  72. Blue Sky says:

    Do not be fooled into feeling sorry for these grifters! Their fraudulent scheme thankfully got noticed, and they grifted far more than we will ever know. Every property they “owned” was mortgaged to the hilt, in fact over the real value of the properties. This is how they got the money – $11 million dollars. Where is all this money? Don’t laugh when I suggest it’s buried (yup, in dirt) where the feds will never find it! The house did not cost $5 million, yet how much was it actually mortgaged for? Way more than what they spent constructing & furnishing it (especially since they didn’t even pay the sub-contractors, decorators, etc.!!!).

    These crooks scammed you & me, the taxpayers. They got the mortgage money, the properties & their crap is not worth what they scammed, so guess what people…that’s right, the U.S. taxpayers are the ultimate losers. When all the properties & goods are liquidated, no way is $11 million going to be regained. There is fraud all over this, and here’s how they did it. By getting bogus property appraisals, they obtained bloated mortgages. Now the properties are worth far less than what is owed…how many false mortgages do you think juicy joe signed? $11 million, and they will get a fraction of that back. There are marble loaded gawdy mansions all over NJ in foreclosure. Not saying the mob is responsible for all of them, there are crooks of every ethnic origin out there.

    • Squirrels says:

      If they are forced into Chapter 13, won’t what they spend be monitored? In essence, if they begin to accumulate more “stuff” or buy a new home with a big down payment, wouldn’t a red flag be raised?

      Unless they use someone elses SS# that is?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        They will be watched by the Bankruptsy trustee, the IRS and likely other Federal “agencies/departments”…. IMO this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Guidices’ activities!

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      The trustee etc. can clearly see that all the money had to go somewhere.Will they be made to account for it? Will they be watched to see what they spend in the future?Or is NJ so corrupt that you just pay people in power off and they all get rich ripping off the working man.
      As in Operation Big Rig……crap.CRAP.CRAP.
      Why work when crime pays?

  73. There’s just something so weird & surreal about seeing the stuff that we saw on television itemized on the auction site.
    I don’t get how Teresa can continue to show her face in public, (the book tour), for one thing.
    And they are all in The Hamptons this weekend, who’s watching the kids, and what does Teresa tell Dina, Caroline…?
    I know that the set-up is different, but something about this whole story smacks of Dr. Zhivago to me.
    The scene where Zhivago returns to his family mansion & his family has been relegated to an attic room and the rest of the place has been taken over by Bolsheviks, or maybe Zhivago was the Bolshevik? I’m not sure about that, but the scene is burned in my brain.
    (yeah, I know that in the movie Zhivago’s property actually belonged to him in the first place, big difference).

  74. dumberries says:

    Teresa’s going down, at least in terms of lifesyle. I’d be surprised if she can wiggle her way out of this well-publicized mess.

    So, who’s worse -Zarin or Teresa?

    Zarin is legitimately rich and seems fiscally responsible. She probably overspends on useless luxury items, but I do believe that she wouldn’t spend what she doesn’t have. She pretends to be her friends’ biggest cheerleader and a good caring person. Instead, she schemes against those friends that achieve success without her and tries to bring them down. She attacks strangers for honest criticism of herself and her works. She uses guilt, lies, manipulation and sympathy to try to pull herself out the bottomless pit she’s dug for herself. She has no conscience. She’s a rich, disloyal, narcissistic piece of work.

    Teresa has no money and pretends to be rich. She is a con artist. She spends other people’s money on useless props, with no regard for the financial pain she’s inflicting on others. She goes beyond that by flaunting her excessiveness on television and in magazines, thereby rubbing her victims’ noses in it. I believe she is probably pretty loyal to those she considers friends and family, but she could care less about business associates, vendors and creditors. She isn’t smart enough to scheme behind the scenes, she publicly goes into the gutter to get even with those she feels have slighted her. She’ll swindle anyone outside of her circle because she’s selfish and greedy and she believes she’s entitled to get whatever she wants. She has no conscience. She’s not rich, she’s mob-style loyal, and she’s a narcissistic piece of work.

    I didn’t think it was possible to despise someone I’ve never met as much as I do Zarin. I was wrong. Teresa is equally despicable, imo.

    • Jenni says:

      I think Zarin still takes the prize for evil queen as far as I am concerned. What she did, she did for no other reason than to hurt others. She did not benefit in in any other way. She was attempting to use her “power” to deliberately cause trouble, and the only thing she stood to gain was her own personnal satisfaction at the results.

      On the other hand, I think Teresa just doesn’t “get it”.She paid cash to many of the vendors that she dealt with, so they got their money for what she bought. Their is still a shadow of doubt in my mind that she really does not understand the shady way the money was obtained. Scamming on the morgages, etc. is probably a bit to complex for her to fully understand. The end result is that we all pay for what they did, but I am just not sure that their actions came from the completely evil place that Jill’s did…..

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        Oh no!Make no mistake about Ter knowing she is/was spending money they did not have.I agree she did not understand the complexities of the shuffle/hussle but she knows it wasn’t all on the up and up.
        What she obviously didn’t know was that she couldn’t pull it off over the long haul.
        Jill is by far the more evil empty greedy and jealous person from the core of her being.But she basically hurts one or two people at a time and she isn’t very good at completing the take down.
        Ter and Joe no doubt ruined lives with their careless selfcentered spending but I don’t think they started out 10 yrs ago to make the big score.I think their lifestyle snowballed and they lacked the integrity to get off the mountain.
        Characterwise Jill is worse.Damage incurred T&J are far worse.

      • Squirrels says:

        Well, I know an prospective employer can request your financial records. Seems to me, contractors may want to do the same. If any of the venders had done so, they may have discovered the Guidice’s credit rating tanking.

        It doesn’t take long for your credit score to catch up with you if you are not paying your credit cards.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Even after judgements in your favor, it’s hard to get money from a turnip. I have known people that just ignored the judge’s orders.

          Will people still come to Teresa’s house to do he hair and makeup? We have savings, own our home and own our vehicles. I don’t have someone come to my house for hair and makeup. I do my own hair and makeup.

    • error404 says:

      Jill attacks those whom she feels attacked her first.

      Teresa attacks those whom she feels attacked her friends.

      If this is how T acts toward someone who may or may not have done something to a girlfriend’s grown daughter, I shudder to think how she’d act toward someone who she felt was going after herself directly.

      • Jenni says:

        I don’t see how Jill could have thought Bethenny “attacked” her. B did not include her in her life an success as much as Jill wanted her to, yes. But how did Jill feel “attacked” by B?

        • error404 says:

          Jill thought that B was leaving RHONY, thus causing the show to be less popular, and was jumping ship to start her own show, a competitor to RHONY.

          The fact that Jill sees totally minor incidents as full on attacks is pretty well documented. The whole signage at creeky joints bruhaha is just one example.

        • dumberries says:

          I see Error’s point. Narcissists believe that the world revolves around them and that everyone should put them first. I think Zarin truly believed that B had betrayed (or attacked, if you will) her by guest hosting shows on her own, getting her own show, etc.. In Zarin’s warped mind, B was being disloyal and “hitting her” by surpassing Zarin’s popularity. So, she felt justified in defending herself against the imagined attack by hitting back harder. She used the “getta hobby” and cancer cards because they would make her a more sympathetic victim to the public. That’s my take anyway.

        • Shana p says:

          I think people like jill feel attacked when they feel slighted. As Bethenney’s star rose and she fell in love with Jason she had less time for Jill. Jill, instead of understanding and wishing her friend well, didn’t like to not be needed anymore and went on the attack.

          Yeah, Theresa is a menace. They both deserve each other.

          • Quincy IL says:

            In the first few episodes, Ramona didn’t invite Jill to a cooking lesson and Jill said that she was going to get her back for the slight.

            • dumberries says:

              Yep, Quincy – good example. Same concept as when she told Cindy Adams that Simon was a drunk and viewers didn’t connect with Alex and Simon. She said she released that to the press because Simon had been quoted as saying that Zarin had a Lawng Island accent, so she “had been hit and she was hitting them back harder”. Crazy rationalizations.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill is morally bankrupt while Teresa is both morally and financially bankrupt!

      • dumberries says:

        Windy, that sums it up in one sentence! I think Jenni was probably right – while they’re both morally bankrupt, Jill’s moral bankruptcy probably exceeds Teresa’s (but it’s a close call for me…)

  75. boston02127 says:

    What happens if the furniture, etc doesn’t sell at the auction? Do they get it back?

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      Usually they take stuff low enuff that is sells.If not then the left overs are purchased by the auction house and put in with a hodgepodge of other left overs to make a new auction.That’s how they do it in small town USA.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Around here, everything sells. Nothing is left. However, the auction house has people working for them who buy when the price gets low. Then the auction can sell it at another sale and make a bit of profit. Often the items that are not selling are lumped into lots with other stuff, which then sell. So they get it at low, low, low prices.

    • Squirrels says:

      They use it for fuel in the fireplace during the winter? Sounds like a plan to me.

  76. boston02127 says:

    Is Jacqueline getting nervous? There is an artical here about her being a “real housewife” doing her own cooking and cleaning. She posted it on her twitter.


    • dumberries says:

      Interesting, thanks for the link Boston! Looks like Jac is a paid spokesperson for Mr. Clean products now?

      O/T, but Alex McCord was on the Joy Behar show last night with two other guests to talk about the Mel Gibson fiasco. I’d never seen her look better and she was able get in a word in and make her points articulately. I hope she gets some product endorsements to help support the family income with both parents running new businesses independently. I think she would be good at it.

      • Quincy IL says:

        They will probably replay that tonight then. I think she’s on at 8 central. I’ll look.

      • BamaBelle says:

        I saw Krazy-Kelly on E! talking about bikini’s, yep, she’s an expert because of her Bikini Book… GAG!

    • cusi 77 says:

      @Boston_ this comment was posted:

      “”cyottee said…
      Lovable Teresa?
      Yes she loves all the people who were laid off when she didn’t pay her bills and they love her back!
      Ain’t she nice?She’s nice ain’t she?Ain’t she the nicest person you ever met?
      Carolyn was laughing cause Ter is sooo funny….till she found out from Al that she owed them money and her sister and her uncle Harry.

      July 24, 2010 10:07 AM “”

  77. Earring Girl says:

    I see I am not the only one questioning Jill’s weekend guests – here are some tweets and retweets with someone named PutYourHairUp and Jill, also Jill begging people to come to Teresa’s booking signing. Teresa better be careful because if Jill doesn’t get her props she will say Teresa is attacking her and not her friend.
    .@Jillzarin Wow. From running with a fab circle of ppl to hosting events with broke NJ trash. What a long fall it has been, huh?
    about 1 hour ago via web in reply to Jillzarin

    .RT @Francescax93: @AllyZarin @Jillzarin @CarolineManzo @Laurenmanzo come visit teresa at the shoe inn in west hampton!!!!!!!!!
    3 minutes ago via web .

    @PutYourHairUp why do you want to follow me?
    about 1 hour ago via web in reply to PutYourHairUp

  78. Earring Girl says:

    I see I am not the only one questioning Jill’s weekend guests – here are some tweets and retweets with someone named PutYourHairUp and Jill, also Jill begging people to come to Teresa’s booking signing. Teresa better be careful because if Jill doesn’t get her props she will say Teresa is attacking her and not her friend. I think Jill is just trying to get back at Bethenny by supporting Teresa. I have a question – I have never seen Kelly or Teresa being interviewed on any TV show by themselves. Has Kelly ever been on WWH with Andy?

    .@Jillzarin Wow. From running with a fab circle of ppl to hosting events with broke NJ trash. What a long fall it has been, huh?
    about 1 hour ago via web in reply to Jillzarin

    .RT @Francescax93: @AllyZarin @Jillzarin @CarolineManzo @Laurenmanzo come visit teresa at the shoe inn in west hampton!!!!!!!!!
    3 minutes ago via web .

    @PutYourHairUp why do you want to follow me?
    about 1 hour ago via web in reply to PutYourHairUp

    • Ellabean says:

      Good points, Earring.

      Kelly was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy around mid April – but she was on with the fabulous Patti LaBelle – who overshadowed Kelly due to her real talent, real charm, and real authenticity. I am sarcastic here – but I thought Kelly “lucked” out to be on with a real talented lady who took the light off of Kelly’s craziness and lack of everything that Patti has.

      That appearance, by the way, was just before the St. Thomas – Scarey Island episodes – so Kelly did dodge a bullet by not having to be questioned about her outrageous behavior there. Her appearance was also a pre-emptive strike to get in some on-camera rationality. She knew what was coming.

      • Earring Girl says:

        @Ellabean – I saw that show w/Patti – wow Kelly really has no personality because I do not remember her being on there!! LOL

        • dumberries says:

          I saw that WWH too. Kelly repeated her brilliant justification for supporting PETA while wearing fur – classic. The funniest part was a caller question – the caller said they heard that she’d just had vaginoplasty in San Diego (and had the doctor’s name). Kelly laughed and said “whaaaat?”. Andy tried to act appalled that the call got through….

          • Ellabean says:

            Oh my gawd – that’s right ! Firgot about that vaginaplasty caller ! And yes, she actually repeated the nutsy- cookoo answer about PETA.

    • Hey that’s me! @putyourhairup
      One little comment and now Jill doesn’t want me to follow her anymore :”(

      Jacqueline sent me a dm about my photoshop pics. She said she LOVED it, I thought she was being sarcastic, but she wrote back again and said she honestly laughed. But she didn’t find my pics funny enough to respond publicly. Wonder why she doesn’t want to share the humor with her fans?
      Wouldn’t it be funny if the one she laughed out loud at was Teresa’s?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        What pics? Do you have a link to them?

      • Earring Girl says:

        @Dumberries & Real City Housewife – Thanks for the reminders about Kelly being on WWH w/Patti, I seem to remember that but to me Kelly is so boring and at that time I really was not feeling her so I think I blocked her out of the interview and focused on Patti only. I seem to remember Patti looking at her a couple of time like “Pulease shut up or who is this strange woman”.

        @Real City Housewife aka PutYour Hair Up – I don’t have Twitter but I follow all of the housewives and I notice that when Jill ask why are you following me she usually follow with blocking the person. I have other names I use on different blogs but when it is in reference to posting about Jill, Teresa or Kelly I usually use “Viewer BGM?” just to be snarky to them. 🙂

      • MomsThoughts says:

        I got totally distracted here and caught up in your blog. VERY funny stuff!!! 🙂 And another new favorite……

        I also started a little blog – it is too hard to resist with the material Teresa provides…..but I don’t have pictures and graphics like you!

        Nice job!


  79. Brianna says:

    I thought the bankruptcy was being denied, and if it was Theresa would lose everything, not just the items up for auction now?

    What’s going on? Are they being allowed to proceed with the bankruptcy and get that protection of so many of their assets that way now? Without the bankruptcy protection, EVERY SINGLE THING they own is sold to repay creditors, and then they will continue to have to pay them (from earnings) for the rest of their lives, right?

    So, why are they being allowed that protection when they tried to defraud the court? Shouldn’t it be jail time and losing everything, including the house and cars now?

    • Jenni says:

      Such good questions! I wish I knew more about how all this works, but I will be checking back here (in this spot) hoping one of our pro’s on the subject can fill us in 😉

    • Squirrels says:

      The court will be less than thrilled to send them to the pokey, because they won’t be able to earn a living and pay off the dept. Of course, if the crime is egregious, a judge just may dress them up in orange and tell them to bend over.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Once you petition you are in the “system” and while they asked for Chap 7 and are being denied they are being forced to pay back creditor – hence the Personal Items Auction coming up. Property is handled seperately because if their are multiple mortgages then all those have to be satisfied – one could take the property and be done while the others would establish the amount they want paid back to satisfy their claim.
      The Guidices can’t say no I don’t want to do that anymore – they petitioned looking for an easy way out instead of actually paying back those they have borrowed or bought from – it failed! Now the courts/government is calling the shots. The Guidices either had a bad lawyer or they didn’t understand the gamble or they didn’t take the advice given them or they truly believed that since they have been beating the system all along it would just be another victory (wink wink).

  80. Buffywood says:

    I am getting closer in confirming the true owner is Joe (age 44) as one website already said.

    Here is the write up about the property sale on April 15, 2008. Note it was an ALL-CASH-TRANSACTION.

    HILLSIDE– The Kislak Company, Inc. recently completed the $575,000 sale of 1576 Maple Ave., a 10-unit, mixed-use building in Hillside.
    Sales Associate Jeff Squires represented the seller, a private individual, and Vice President Joni Sweetwood represented the buyer, a private individual, in this all-cash transaction.
    1576 Maple Ave. is a two-story, mixed-use building that is comprised of five retail units and five apartments and includes a lot that will be paved for parking. Many future tenants await the completion of this project located in the center of town.
    Attorney Fred Roughgarden represented the buyer in this transaction. Attorney Michael Rasso represented the seller in this transaction.

    • Brianna says:

      is that the pizza place?

    • Squirrels says:

      ALL CASH TRANSACTION? Well, now we know where the scamming his partner came in. Isn’t that near the same amt he claims was owed him by Joe?

      • Quincy IL says:

        All cash, when the other properties were mortgaged to the hilt?
        I think the government is going to look at the person with the cash.

        I don’t know it this stands for using cash buying properties, but after 9/11 there were rules about moving money in banks. Over 10,000 dollars, the bank has to notify the feds. There were a lot of 9 thousand something movements and then the feds ordered banks to notify them if there was a patter of movement under 10,000 dollars. The benefit of the anti terror law was that small criminals were being watched. There was a doctor going through a divorce here that got noticed and his wife was happy to read the government’s inquiry letter.

        So… someone walked into the realtor with a suitcase of cash? Seems odd, but paying for that furniture with cash was odd too.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          So… someone walked into the realtor with a suitcase of cash? Seems odd, but paying for that furniture with cash was odd too.

          According to Teresa they pay in cash because there is a recession. I kid you not.

          • debbie says:

            I don’t think they walked into the closing with 575k in cash.. Most likely they transferred funds or paid with a check (certified if from a Guidice). Depending on who the seller was, the private individual may have preferred the cash, so he/she
            could bury their profits..” birds of a feather…”just sayin’.

        • MomsThoughts says:

          Not that it is important – but reporting cash deposits/withdrawals over $10k has been around way before 9/11.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Reportedly, Mastropole (who owned property with Joe) loaned him $586K, of which Joe paid back $300K. The balance was due in Dec 2007. But Joe didn’t pay, according to Mastropole who went to court to get the rest. Mastropole alleged that Joe forged his signature, without his permission, in June 2007 saying the debt had been paid and then used that doc to get another loan.

        Following the money in Joe’s case requires forensic accountants.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          The deed should be public record as should be the tax record for this property – find the PIN number and the rest will be revealed!

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Man, I would never want to cross one of you ladies/gentlemen. Your detective work is stellar.

            It makes me wonder why anyone goes on these reality shows knowing that once you are out there, there are no limits to what people can and will find out about you.

  81. Earring Girl says:

    Sorry for the double post – I wanted to add my question about Kelly and Teresa being interviewed on TV alone and Kelly being on WWH.

    @Boston – I think Jill finally sees that Kelly is on the “Crazy Train” and she and LuMann are slowly cutting her a loose. I think this NJ Skank visit is going to put Jill on a whole different list in the Hamptons.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Have you all seen this?

      GretchenRossi First day of filming!!! Here we go!

      • Ellabean says:

        Whats’ that about Lynn – and do you have a link?

        Does that mean OC Wives are back? It can’t mean that Gretchen has an acting gig.

        You know what? As much as the OC wives and that franchise had run its course – doesn’t it feel “fresh” to possibly have that back in comparison to the Jersey trash we’ve been witnessing? It’s kind of like fresh fruit is replacing the stale garbage in the frig.

        Pssst – I will admit to wondering what is currently going on with the West Coast Grifting Franchise: The Lynn Curtin Family.

        • Quincy IL says:

          I wonder if Vicki Gunvalson will film with Alexis this year. Vicki seems to have a defect in that anything that pops into her head, she says. She had no filter. Alexis, on the other hand, is a super duper Christian so even if she makes a mistake God and her fellow castmates should ignore it. These two should not live in the same county or state for that matter.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Sorry should have been more clear, that was a Tweet from Gretchen. Assuming she means they begin filming RHOOC today. I wonder which housewives are returning, and which are not, if any? Personally I was hoping that Vicki would hang up her Housewives apron but I seriously doubt it. I can’t take another season of watching that woman sell insurance!

      • dumberries says:

        Hey Lynn, is there a link?

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        Just checked and it was a tweet. Looked it up and it says they start filming late July so it would make sense that this is for RHOOC.

        • dumberries says:

          Whew – thanks Scorpiosue! I was hoping it wasn’t referring to Gretchen getting her own show.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Gretchen was on Good Day LA the other day, she is a spokes person for a company that does ‘tanning parties’. She must need the money.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Speaking of tweets, apparently Maggie Reynolds, Jillz facebook cleaner and anti-amazon.com blogger, tweeted Rossi earlier this month to DM her re: the recently published housewives book. Odd. One would think Jillz has other means to get in touch with Rossi if she wanted to. Maggie started a new twitter account just for this?


        1. @GretchenRossi Please “follow” me so I can reply back to direct messages. Thanks! 1:17 AM Jul 15th via web
        2. @GretchenRossi you can verify me on Jill’s facebook page or email me at maggierey7046@hotmail.com It is in regards to the housewives book. 8:40 PM Jul 14th via web
        3. @GretchenRossi Hello Gretchen, my name is Maggie and I help out Jill Zarin on the internet. Could you please direct message me? Thank you 8:39 PM Jul 14th via web in reply to GretchenRossi


        • Need a Hobby says:

          And our friend “GwenBridge” apparently started a new twitter acct on July 18 flogging “her blog.”

          Somewhat late for an appearance on twitter, considering the Jillz net PR campaign has been ongoing for months. But then the other proxies had been doing all the heavy lifting, hither & yon and amongst themselves.

          Perhaps it was decided it was time, for appearances’ sake, that the “author” start flogging the blog, since strangely this great “fan” of the HW previously had no net presence under that identity in HW social media until suddenly appearing with a specific agenda that just happened to follow Jillz talking points.

          • icantstandthetoxicity says:

            Where were all of these Jill supporters when RHONYC was on the air? That is when Jill really needed them. They started to come out of the woodwork after the season ended. Did Jill and her supporters get nervous when they realized that Bravo may not ask Jill to come back for season four? Jill’s supporters are hurting her image instead of helping her.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          And Maggie’s attack on Amazon blog, created she said totally without the knowledge of her “nominal” employer, Jill Zarin, made its appearance on July 21. (She signed up for the blog on the 20th.)

          Jill’s book and Chandler’s review were published in April. It took Maggie, Jill’s ardent fan, three months to be utterly shocked and dismayed and blog about it? Perhaps.

          Ironically, WordPress automatically generated a related blog link to Maggie’s blog. The related blog is titled “Real NYC Housewife Jill Zarin Caught Reviewing Her Own Book On Amazon.”

          • Need a Hobby says:

            On the other hand, Jill may indeed not have known about Maggie’s blog in advance.

            While Jill might appreciate such an attack on Amazon and Chandler, at the same time Maggie’s anti-Amazon campaign also keeps alive the “Jill as Susan Saunders not only reviewed her own book on Amazon but also verbally attacked the Amazon reviewer she (or her publisher/PR reps) sent the book to for review” story.

            Jill previously publicly tried misdirection to distract from the Susan Saunders angle, but besides what is already documented on the net, Amazon has its records of who’s who and who posted what on its site and under what nicks and IP’s.

            So just as the Amazon and “Susan Saunders” saga has wound down, Maggie (Jill’s nominal employee) stirs it up again.

            • KirksvilleMo says:

              That’s why I told her to not expect Jill to be happy when she finds out.But what if it is all an attempt to get her name buzzing again? It’s not like she has any positive news to circulate.Could be.Look how dumb she was trying to be Susan to begin with.Definately not smarter than a 5th grader!

      • I don’t know why I’m surprised. Why did I think they weren’t coming back?
        The ladies are boring in comparison to NY, but I’m curious to see Tamra single, Lynn living in a box, and Alex and Vickie scratch each others eyes out.
        I think the good old fashioned bitchiness will be a welcome change from the freak show insanity that is RHONJ.

        • Squirrels says:

          They all live within 50 miles of me and I have zero interest in any of them.

        • vilzvet says:

          I’m looking forward to OC. I watched from almost the beginning. They replayed a bunch of episodes yesterday from when Lauri was on, planning her wedding. I guess she is still married to George…haven’t heard otherwise…

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I have all kinds of dirt on Gretchen (all of which can be found on the net on various sources) but I can put it all together.

  82. Buffywood says:

    I am not sure this link will work, but if it doesn’t you can see 4 Mortgages listed for a GIUDICE, GIUSEPPE; with some other LLC Companies tied to him including 1601 MAPLE AVENUE LLC, 470 PARK AVENUE ASSOCIATES LLC, and 1576 MAPLE AVENUE ASSOCIATES LLC. Still digging but you’ve gotta love public records!


    • Jenni says:

      Woo Hoo! You GO, lovely lady!

    • dumberries says:

      Thanks for the research and sharing the info!

      • I’ve been all-over the records too Buff-did you happen to notice the business records? Did you notice a mortgage company owned by a Giudice? I’m wondering if its related to the liar loans?

        The LLC is a tough one, but the info. is online somewhere.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Find the property PIN numbers and go to that county’s website and you should be able to see owners, taxes, etc. There are also alot of properties in the name of Teresa Guidice (probably some in her maiden name as well).

  83. Buffywood says:

    Here is their Tax Information for the Tawaco house. What seems odd is that it doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2/02 when the land was purchased sans “mansion”.

    Land Value $169,700
    Improvement Value $255,200
    Net Taxable Value $424,900
    Prior Year Taxes $13,966.47
    Current Year Taxes $14,285.14

  84. Buffywood says:

    This Joe Mastropole?

    Joseph Mastropole and Best Choice Realty Associates, Inc., real estate brokers, formerly of Clifton, N.J. On July 30, 1996, Joseph Mastropole was found guilty of violations of N.J.S.A. 45:15-17(o) (commingling) and N.J.A.C. 11:5-1.12 (failing to maintain trust account records and ledgers and failing to make quarterly reconciliations of his trust accounts.) The Commission’s audit of Best Choice Realty uncovered extensive and continuous churning of escrowed funds, i.e. disbursing funds which were to have been held in trust on transaction C to a party to transaction B, whose funds were previously disbursed to a party to transaction A, etc. In addition, the audit disclosed over $14,000 in shortages in the escrow accounts. Mastropole’s broker’s license was revoked for ten years. After July 1, 1997, he will be eligible to hold a salesperson’s license. However, he must first requalify for same by completing the salesperson pre-licensure education requirement and passing the state license examination. Mr. Mastropole was also fined $20,000, which must be paid before any license is issued.

    • Quincy IL says:

      This it too much. rotfl

      Albie Manzo’s female lawyer seemed to have lost her license to practice and Joe’s investor/realtor lost his license.

      My daughter was getting a hair cut in Providence, RI in January a while back. The mayor of the city came in a limosine and entered the salon. He struck up a conversation with my then medical school age daughter and asked her if she wanted a ride in his limo… She declined and walked home in a terrible storm. The next day the mayor went to prison for ties to organized crime. Thank God, she didn’ t get in that car.

    • laurie finizio says:

      Mastropole call me 301-712-0893

    • Laurie Finizio says:


      Whats up…. call me laurie


  85. https://accessnet.state.nj.us/GatewayWatchNameSearch.asp

    Here’s a good database for snooping. You have to choose business/entity name, and then where it says “text” spell Giudice. 4 pages of various business names come up.

    I also like the Melissa-data “people”-look up for finding identity scams.

  86. oops, that s.b “officer/director name” to get it to work

  87. Squirrels says:

    Ramona’s latest tweet:


    “Today is the opening day of polo. I’ll probably see 100 friends! What should I wear??”

    If Teresa is coming, I suggest she wear hoves to go along with her costume bridle.

    • Quincy IL says:

      After looking at the photo of Bethenny and Ramona, I think Ramona should wear the same hat as Bethenny.

  88. BamaBelle says:


    That looked like a “promo” for Mr. Clean products. Hmmmmmm, I wonder what she got paid for that. The Mr. Clean bottles all in front of her on the table, and the mention of the “Magic Erasers” made by the same company… whatever! And, those things don’t work like the company says. I hate Mr. Clean… it leaves a sticky residue. Lysol-Lemon Breeze All Purpose Cleaner is much better, not to be confused with Pinesol-which is another cleaner that leaves a sticky residue… LOL!

    Jacqueline also called Teresa “Loveable”… Loveable? Are you kidding me? I have a thought, since Teresa is so “cleansy” maybe she could clean houses for a living? She ain’t too pretty to work!

  89. Another thing that’s been bugging me since I looked at the auction photos, Teresa’s home never seemed, “real” to me anyhow, but, how could they still be living there?
    (if they really ever did).
    If the stuff is for sale, would they really still be living with all of it?
    I lived in a house that was foreclosed at some point, (before I lived there).
    The person who had been foreclosed went kind of crazy & we were finding crazy stuff that he did for years.
    He ripped-out an entire bathroom.
    Dumped dirt into the heating & plumbing system, just crazy stuff.
    And we didn’t find out until we were like, “why would someone dump dirt into a heating system?”
    My point is, how can they advertise the stuff and be so sure that it will be in the same condition by the time the sale comes unless they have taken possession already?

    • Squirrels says:

      Now days, you can be prosecuted for that shit. The FBI actually got involved in extreme cases over the past two years. Mainly for systematic looting of the properties in question.

  90. Earring Girl says:

    @Real City Housewife – the photos are hilarious – all of them. Lots of imagination 🙂

  91. OK my mind is spinning with ideas about just what is going-on in the Hamptons with Jill & Teresa.
    How about this idea, What does Teresa seem to need more than anything right now?
    A new husband. If Jill is attempting to apply her match-making skills to Teresa, and actually pulls THAT off, you can sign me up to be Jill’s new BF.

    • Squirrels says:

      HA! Just the mere thought that anyone in South, never mind East Hampton would get within a McMansion’s length of that swindler Teresa amuses me. I see them showing up at today’s polo match, and everyone giving them a wide birth-style fabulous circle.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Just wondering, since publicly at least Jillz “fabulous” circle now appears to primarily consist of bravolebrities and other reality show folks (people she previously probably wouldn’t have given the time of day much less socialize with), if Jill’s social climbing has appeared to take a hit as a result of her public behavior.

        Months ago Christopher London, an observer of the NY/Hamptons social scene, seemed to suggest that would be the case.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I recorded a show called, “Royal Pains.” It’s about a concierge physcian to the rich and it is set in the Hamptons in summer. I love the houses. Maybe, that is why I started watching the housewives series because I watched “Flipping Out” for the houses. Size doesn’t matter to me as design and the art the houses hold.

        When I go to the East, I tour the houses that are open to the public. I love historical home like those in Quincy, MA, belonging to John Adams. When I read about Sonja Morgan and that her daughter was descended from John and Abigal Adams, I was hooked.

        • Buffywood says:

          Quincy IL, you would probably like my “house”. I live in a converted barn that was built sometime around 1717, but it has been difficult to get the exact date because it is a barn. I recently found the glass tax records from 1798 and a deed of sale from 1777. It is not fancy at all, but it is big and open and I love it!

        • Need a Hobby says:

          “Royal Pains” is a fun show. USA network, for those who haven’t seen it: http://www.usanetwork.com/series/royalpains/

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          LuAnn is supposed to be on an episode of Royal Pains.

          • Quincy IL says:

            I hit record all…on the dvr. It would be wild to see Luann on that show.

            One of the actors said that there was a lot of royalty in the Hamptons. I’m not that into royalty as they are a dime a dozen, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some of those houses.

        • boston02127 says:

          @Quincy–Luann did a guest shot on that show.

    • dumberries says:

      Zarin thinks that only Jewish men are worthy husbands – I can’t see Teresa successfully converting. But, never fear. Zarin has connections. If she can talk Teresa into a divorce, she’ll refer her over to her great buddy Patti Stanger to get all hooked up with a millionaire. Then, Zarin will have 2 friends indebted to her and she’ll remind them of it every time they try to do anything without her. That’s her m.o.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Zarin should just take Teresa to the Bronx Zoo – the gorillas will fall in love with her!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Hey, you just reminded me of something. Jill goes off on a reviewer accusing her of being an anti-semite.

        Yet, she is gallivanting with Teresa despite the fact we all her her child make a remark about not wanting to marry a Jewish man because they all think they are kings- and from the look on Joe’s fact it seemed that she heard it from him.

  92. I just read Beth’s guest blog and must admit I was thinking a few times “is that ok on a public forum?” then remembered this is a private blog. LOL! Let’s not mince words now! LOL! Thanks for the blog, Beth!

    Lynn, can Beth address a reply here to that Maggie, aka Jill’s mouthpiece?


  93. Buffywood says:

    Here is another great link. It is all of the public records of Morris County. It shows all of the mortgages, deeds, liens, etc for the Giudice’s. Including what appears to be a property seizure of one of Teresa’ properties in 2009 for Unpiad Municipal Liens (I think the address was 87 Pine Brook Road in Lincoln Park. Right now I don’t have the time to really read through everything but there is a TON of information.


    • My county uses that same style database so I can work it like nobody’s biz. I plugged-in “Gorga T”, why the H was Teresa using “Gorga” as recently as 2007? 8 hundred + big ones from the FHA-wow?

      • And WHY does a legal document, NOS-“Notice of sale”, from 2007 say that Teresa & Joe are, “an unmarried couple”?

        • Buffywood says:

          Wow, I didn’t see that. Very interesting.

          • Buffywood says:

            I see a record of Deed in 8/07 that refers the them as married but later references some hte property “being the same premises conveyed to Giuseooe Guidice (spelling?), unmarried and Teresa Gorgoa, unmarried, by deed from …. in 1999. They took posession in 1999 when the were not married BUT the dumb asses spellled their name wrong and the deed had to be reissued.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Maybe, Teresa checked the wrong box.

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        The doc I viewed from 2007 was signed by Lou and Teresa L Gorga .Is Lou T’s dad? If so then perhaps T is named after her mom and on the “unmarried couple” doc it is Joe and his MIL?

        BTW how did you find maiden name?
        And how can I find how to search for documents in Missouri.I’m mostly interested in criminal records and marriage/divorce.Daughter has a new bf that I want to check out.Thanks!
        Tou women are sooo smart!

        • jakey's mimi says:

          Good luck in your search for info on your daughter’s new beau. I wish I would have done the same to my now ex-husband. What a loser!!!

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I just hope that then end up using a forensic financial analyst to find every bit of crap that they owe. Then they can arrest them.

      • Squirrels says:

        I still say, get an office worker to screen shoot all the jewelry she is sporting and demand to see it so it can be appraised. Junk or not, the court has the right to know, since the Guidices started all this.

  94. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    A tweet from LuAnn yesterday:

    Tomorrow, bring your teens to the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton for “Manner and Charm with the Countess”, 11:30… http://fb.me/FoWtU7BL

    She should have added “Jill bring Teresa Giudice. She needs a crash course in manners.” Remember when LuAnn corrected Bethenny in season 2 about telling the driver to call her LuAnn or something like that. She even gave Kelly a talk down about calling Bethenny a “ho-bag”. I don’t think LuAnn would tolerate Teresa and all her “prostitution whore” crap.

    • Squirrels says:

      I think Lu will just keep a wide birth. No one is actually staying at her house are they? I just can’t see that happening. Lu knows having Teresa there would not be seen as a kind gesture, like feeding a single homeless guy @ thanksgiving on the back porch. Zero up side for Lu.

  95. Squirrels says:

    Has Jill even READ her sister’s book?

    “Some people love their grudges. They love holding on to them. They nourish them with bitter commentary, and they nurse their grievances like they would feed a bottle to a starving infant. We all know people like that. Eventually, those people end up with lives that are like very small rooms. There is no space for anyone else to fit in.—Secrets of a Jewish Mother.”

    • dumberries says:

      It sounds like Wexler used her sister as inspiration of “what not to do” when writing the book. I bet Zarin has been a grudge-holding pain her whole life.

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      Reading this leads me to believe she was writing about Jill. It is the picture of her behavior.Lisa and Jill didn’t speak for 6yrs. and I bet this is how Jill treated her.Some have wondered why Lisa signed on to do the book,this may be it.What better way to let Jill know you see her for what she is? Is this what they call ironic?(I always have trouble grabbing ironic)

  96. Char212 says:

    Wow, go shopping for a couple hours and come home to find out how busy you guys have been today (I paid cash for what I bought too btw lol). I don’t see how T can show her face anymore. I would be so embarrassed that I’d want to dig a hole and crawl in. I’d not only close my facebook but I’d close my twitter account and never write another blog for bravo ever again. The problem with that though is Teresa’s too dumb to be embarrassed. I can tell you this, there isn’t one thing that I saw from the pics of her stuff that I’d want in my home. That is the ugliest gawdy stuff I have ever seen. You can sure tell that she really put herself on a pedestal. Only now her pedestal might end up being a stainless steel one.

    I too am happy OC is coming back. I’m starting to think after what we’ve been through with NY and NJ that OC is tame compared to them. I can live with Vicki’s WOO HOO all the time though I can tell you that.

  97. Squirrels says:

    Well, well…. Seems Teresa is getting testy. Not only am I blocked from her twitter, but she added this little gem.

    Teresa Giudice FUN | New Jersey, NJ
    Don’t follow @momsthoughts!!! she trashes Teresa on her blog!!! We don’t like haters!!! about 2 hours ago

    You know what THIS means? Time to say hi to @momsthoughts

  98. Squirrels says:


    FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2010

    Its All Fun and Games Until Someone Goes Bankrupt

    • Squirrels says:

      This was a good read. No wonder T doesn’t like her.

    • HD says:

      I enjoyed it! I am just blown away by Teresa. It is like she lives on another planet. Most people in debt like this are not skipping through the lillies. If my stuff was being auctioned off I would not be all over Twitter. It is just strange to me. Joe is probably somewhere about to blow an artery and Teresa is skipping around in the Hamptons. I just don’t get it.

      • dumberries says:

        Skipping around the Hamptons pretending like the whole world isn’t aware of the crap she’s brought upon herself. Teresa seems to have copied moves straight out of Zarin’s and Kelly’s brilliant “PR for Dummies” handbook.

  99. HD says:

    Wow! I just looked at the list of auction items. I felt bad the kids things were on there. I just can’t believe it. Who lives like this? We all have debt but to this extent? Come on. And now they are auctionin off the kids toys. Joe and Teresa should be ashamed of themselves. And what gets me is she continues to keep up this front like everything is wonderful and grand.

    • Squirrels says:

      They dump the kid’s stuff, but hide the gemstones. Classic.

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        T’s attitude has been bugging me.Forget the shame and humiliation she should be feeling.What about plain old devistation and heartbreak and worry and confusion?
        Then it hit me!
        Maybe she knows 1)that the stuff she really wants will be bought and given back 2)she is secure in knowing all money they have squirreled away?
        Her carefree behavior makes her look even more shady.IMO

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Had the same thought about T having people bid and buy her treasures back – but the major ones don’t seem to be on the draft list…..can you say Gucci gone?

        • kats2 says:

          IMO the Teresa has the attitude of a criminal. Dishonest, Smug and entitled to take what they want. While we would be hanging our heads in shame, they go on and make a fresh start. They are never wrong and have every lame excuse in the book.

  100. Buffy, that Morris County database is a goldmine. Just for fun I entered Staub D. Boy did she get socked from the IRS! I wonder if they, (IRS) still have liens against her?

  101. Okay you guys are BLOWING MY MIND!! I don’t check Lynn’s Blog nearly as often as I like, but of course I found the time today since some comments were about MY Guest Blog. Then I see here there is this 24/7 Crew of Info Diggers here and I am totally freaking on the constant barrage of information here! Holy Crap! My hat is off to you guys, especially Lynn (of course I’m kissing her ass… I want her to let me blog again in the future). Seriously, I had no idea the work that goes into this thing, and how many people have all of this crazy info! I need to figure out how to just keep this streaming on my computer….you all are way ahead of me. I just go for a few months until I have to vomit my frustration somewhere, but you guys are hard core , man. I do so love the Internet.
    Thanks everybody for your comments….my Mom lost everything in the flood a few months ago here in Nashville, and she and my sister have moved in with my Husband and I, and my stress levels….my husband has to peel me off the ceiling when he gets home from work. My point to all that is that I really appreciate all the comments good and bad from my Guest Spot yesterday. It was REALLY fun, I got to blow off a LOT of steam, and you guys really gave me a boost yesterday that I needed more than I knew…so Thanks a Lot to Lynn and to all of you….you Made my Day!! LV Beth

    • Nothing like a place to blow off steam when the stresses of life keep piling on you.

      Here is a fun life stressors chart. 🙂


      Here’s my results, but I don’t agree with it as I stay stressed because of different things including my and my mom’s health. I’m an insomniac, but there’s been no major changes in the past 2 years. I am sleeping a bit better of late though. 🙂 Stress free life my ass! LOL!

      You have mentioned that the following events had
      happened in your life:

      * Death of close family member (my 18 yo blind and deaf kitty, Baby, last year)

      * Personal injury or illness (ongoing)

      * Change in the health/behavior of a family member (my mom–ongoing)

      * Gaining a new family member(ie.,birth,adoption) (adoption of new kitten, Lily, 3 mo)

      The Medindia Life stress calculator indicates that you are leading a stress free life

      Read more: Result – Life stressors chart http://www.medindia.net/patients/calculators/life_stressorResult.asp#ixzz0udW2ilRq

      • Ellabean says:

        Beth – You hang in there with the family housing arrangements – please just stay strong – it will pass.

        Now in the meantime – us here whenever. Lynn has a very open door policy and the gang here is terrific.

        One more time – so I hope you see this: I will repeat my comment about your blog that I said way upthread:

        Jane Austen – EAT YOUR HEART OUT. This gal can write !

      • Jenni says:

        @AFJF- I think the calculator must be broken, I got the same result as you did with the following inputs:

        You have mentioned that the following events had
        happened in your life:
        * Personal injury or illness

        * Major business readjustment

        * Major change in responsibilities at work

        * Revision of personal habits (dress manners, associations, quitting smoking)

        * Trouble with boss

        * Major changes in working hours or conditions

        * Major change in usual type and/or amount of recreation

        * Major change in social activities (clubs,movies,visiting,etc.)

        * Major change in sleeping habits (a lot more or a lot less than usual)

        * Major change in number of family get-togethers

        * Change in eating habits

        * Major holidays

        The Medindia Life stress calculator indicates that you are leading a stress free life

        Read more: Result – Life stressors chart http://www.medindia.net/patients/calculators/life_stressorResult.asp#ixzz0udz9XzYy

  102. Squirrels says:

    OT…. but a cute pic of both ladies.


    With@Bethenny at opening day polo we both have similar hats can u believe??!!?? http://twitpic.com/28bln6

  103. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Ramona and Bethenny are hanging out together. Here is Ramona’s tweet with a picture of the two of them.

    ramonasinger With@Bethenny at opening day polo we both have similar hats can u believe??!!?? http://twitpic.com/28bln6
    less than a minute ago via Twitpic

  104. Earring Girl says:

    @ Squirrels – The Jersey Skanks seem to be staying with Jill here is a tweet for JZ –
    I don’t think they are going to the Polo match either, seems like Ramona and Jill are not traveling in the same circles in the Hamptons. I have to give them credit for even being outside it is HOT as hell today on the east coast – it is 103 in DC and they say it feels like 110-115.

    Early rise to get breakfast set up for houseguests. Nothing fancy but delicious! Not sure what to wear today since same outfit till evening.
    about 5 hours ago via web

  105. Capiche says:


    Not sure if this was posted here already. It was published last month. But worth another gander!

    • Squirrels says:

      Nine credit cards? Nine?

      • Capiche says:

        I couldn’t believe she opened lines of credit in her parents name! That’s why I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for her, Joe, Mama, Papa and the kids. They are all in this together. They all deserve the consequences.

        • Squirrels says:

          It’s apparent she doesn’t give a ratz tail about the folks. Let’s destroy their credit, too.

          • Quincy IL says:

            Joe’s home with the kids including an infant. Let’s hope grandma is there too.

        • dumberries says:

          I don’t remember seeing her parents in the first season and don’t know anything about them. From the comments posted today, it appears that they have money (or they have been used, or they are in on the scams). They’ve possibly been supplying supplemental support to the Giudice’s, funding lines of credit… But, I though they were from a relatively low income area. I wonder what the true story is with her parents?

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Teresa’s parents were in the making tomato sauce in the garage. Think about it – they didn’t show off the new house to them, they were not at the birth of Audriana or Gia’s birthday bash… IMO they are not wealthy (you’d hear about their trips, etc) and Teresa treats them like servants. Come to think of it, Joe never has mentioned his parents…..

          • moriasheehan says:

            i saw a mortgage on the link up thread, it was in her parents name. taken out in 2003 for $800,000.00, paid off in 2007. that’s a lot for people without money.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        So they do use their relatives’ names to open lines of credit and misspell their names slightly so the tax man can’t put 2 and 2 together. They don’t maintain their rental property and are slumlords and don’t pay utilities that are likely included in the rent. So they surrendered a couple of houses and cars, but that won’t be enough for all those waiting to be paid. Now they want a “fresh start”, puleeze, who does that?!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Teresa & Joe seemed pretty positive in that article about bankruptcy giving them a new start. It’s “so sad, too bad” to their creditors, but T & J could now reap the post bankruptcy proceeds from the book and other business interests without concern.

      That article, however, apparently was published only days before the trustee of their estate filed a complaint with the bankruptcy court demanding that the Giudices be denied bankruptcy protection due to their false statements, hiding of assets, etc. in their bankruptcy filing.


  106. Earring Girl says:

    This is what Kelly says she is doing today – I wonder if she will interview Ramona and Bethenny??

    “Starting to film for plumtv. Anything u want to know about the Hamptons? ”
    about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Looks like her “healthful” diet is shot to hell 🙂 I thought she ate this stuff on the 7th day – not on the 5th day. I guess beer is not an alcoholic drink – because she does not drink right?

    “Eating chicken wings, caesar salad and drinking beer. U?”
    about 21 hours ago via txt

    Looks like LuLu skipped out on Jill & the Jersey Skanks –

    “Heading to the 11th Annual Art for Life Easthampton benefit at Russell Simmon’s! Should be a good time!! ”
    29 minutes ago via Facebook

    • Quincy IL says:

      Does she ever get tired of chicken wings and beer?

      • Earring Girl says:

        That’s why she runs like a fool in all this heat!!! Beer & chicken wings are fattening and definitely not “healthful”.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        They are part of Kelly’s Ecosystem so they are healthful.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Is that the same Russell Simmons’ place that Jill couldn’t get into last week?

      • Squirrels says:

        I believe you are correct Windy.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          SO LuAnn is doing the Countess cultural circuit solo, Ramona and Bethenny caught up at Polo, Kelly is working the Polo event for PlumTV and Sonja was also interviewed by another PlumTV reporter at large and Jill is schlepping around the Jersey skanks! Now all we need is for Teresa to misbehave at her book signing and Jill will be kicked out of the Hamptons!

        • dumberries says:

          LuAnn sure doesn’t let friendship get in the way of a good party or social connections. LuAnn does strike me as a bit of a snake, but a smart snake! Zarin’s sweating her size 1 butt off in her backyard with the Jersey clan, while LuAnn attends a gala social event that Zarin is banned from. Zing!

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I don’t think Bethenny would let Kelly interview her.

  107. Wow Jacqueline is responding to everything I write today!

    • Earring Girl says:

      @Error404 – Great recap – so my thoughts about last weeks show were not crazy 🙂

    • Quincy IL says:

      I saw some famous Jackson Pollock Paintings at a Manhattan Art Museum. It was shocking to look at the damage on the canvas. I talked to a person who studied art restoration at Oxford and who works at the Smithsonian in DC about it. She said that he didn’t prepare the canvases correctly and the paint he used is failing. I guess it’s possible that he didn’t know the he would be one of our great artists and didn’t care about preservation, but his wife surely knew.

      • Earring Girl says:

        Wasn’t he an alcoholic and drunk when he did his paintings?

        • DesertGal says:

          He was an alcoholic, but whether his alcoholism effected his actual painting is open to debate. Pollock’s life and work began to suffer after 1951, so it’s surely possible that that was the point where his alcoholism really began to take over even the most mundane aspects of his life and making inroads on his reason and his sanity. Before that, who knows? But I would guess that his lifelong drinking, if not directly effecting his actual painting process, most likely did make him overlook prepping his canvasses correctly and taking the steps to preserve his work.

          That’s interesting, Quincy. I didn’t know that about Pollock’s paintings – I’ve only seen images of his work, but never an actual painting up close. That’s too bad-and it’s a shame his wife didn’t do more to preserve his work, even if he didn’t.

          • Earring Girl says:

            @ Desert Girl – I thought I saw an interview with him years ago on CBS Sunday Morning or 60 minutes and I thought he said was usually drinking when he did his work. I have always admired his work.

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        Hey Quincy!
        Do you have your paintings online anywhere?
        Why not show off a little?

        • Quincy IL says:

          These are really old. Each year I get better. I took lessons from three teachers and they had college degrees in Art. I also read…

          Right now… I am doing some corn stalks in fields with light behind them. I had a winner last year with just a line of trees….

          • dumberries says:

            Quincy, I’m awed. Your colors and imagery are exactly the type of art that attracts me. They are serene and powerful at the same time. Wow – you are very talented.

            • Quincy IL says:

              Thanks… everyone gets better over time. I study Art and paint as a hobby. Microbiology/Immunology is my trade. LOL

          • Wow! I love the purple tree!

          • MickeyMouth1 says:

            Very good. I like them a lot. Do you mostly paint in watercolors?

            • Quincy IL says:

              I jumped in a watercolor class not knowing a thing about art. I struggled while other adult classmates did well, but I didn’t give up. I paint in watercolor, oil and acrylics. I study how to books and great artists.

              I have a burning desire to sculpt or create large items so I took my wagon to a limestone creek and picked up large rocks. I bought two grinders with extra masonary wheels and built a stone wall worthy of Cezanne over a 30 ft long 5 ft high cement retaining wall. I put plants and lights on it.

              I took a stained glass class in a teacher’s garage. Then, I made a Chagall window in the home of a friend. That was 30ft by 8 ft. I talked to professionals about the support within the glass structure before I started.

              I like to create..

              • MickeyMouth says:

                I think everyone needs an outlet creatively. Sculpting, wow. That’s some real talent you have there. My mother paints and my father is a photographer. Me, I manipulate other people’s images. I appreciate someone who can make something out of nothing.

    • Great vlog error404!!

    • cusi 77 says:

      Thank you Error! As always, I enjoyed very much your insights guys! Great comment on Jac!

    • dumberries says:

      Error, you’ve got me intrigued. I haven’t watched this show before, but just found the listing and gonna catch the next episode!

      • dumberries says:

        Dang, looks like it’s not on Discovery Channel, but on Planet Green (owned by Discovery). Josh and Brent seem like a smart couple that I’d enjoy watching. I hope I can access the channel for the 4 episodes airing tomorrow afternoon…

        • boston02127 says:

          @dumberries–I feel in luv with the show. I don’t know if you have Comcast but if you do they put all the shows their “on Demand” channel. You can watch it there after the show airs. I never knew I had this but one day not long ago I found the channel. I luv it. You can watch shows you missed with no commercials.

          • dumberries says:

            Thanks for the tip! I do have Comcast. I didn’t see it on OnDemand, but I was looking under the Discovery Channel tv listing. I’ll try by program name instead.

  108. Earring Girl says:

    @Windy City – yes it is the same – I guess since LuLu is a “pop/rock star” now she gets all the cool invites 🙂

    • Squirrels says:

      I see Jillz made other arrangements for this evening. Guess she won’t be trying to wiggle into The Simmons’ home? She’s hanging with her scabulous circle of people.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        lol scabulous lol – @Squirrels. Jill will be giving them tips on how to get rid of Danielle cause she is the Mistress of Evil Plotting. And best of all she will look so thin compared to Teresa Thunderthighs.

      • Earring Girl says:

        Jill is at the polo match – this should be interesting with Ramona and Bethenny there also and maybe Kelly with PlumTV. Jill is with some other women (friends????) she has photo on twitter. LOL

        • Squirrels says:

          Wide birth. In Jill’s case, double wide. I notice Teresa isn’t in the shot. Hmmmm…. Wherever could she be? Having her hooves shined at the barn?

        • Need a Hobby says:

          If that’s the same pic I’m looking at (someone needs to learn about light and how to take pics outdoors), the other women appear to be Dina & Caroline Manzo.

          • Earring Girl says:

            The photo is so bad I could not tell who it was is Caroline that short? Probably Teresa took the pictures, I stop watching the NJ skanks after the table flip – no reunion last year and I have not watched one episode this year. I keep up with the blog here and other places.

  109. WindyCityWondering says:

    So if Teresa is in the Hamptons, where is Juicy Joe this fine Saturday evening?

  110. Squirrels says:

    With his new alleged squeeze?

    • Earring Girl says:

      Who – Tanya the one he call “his petite blond”? It’s mentioned on every blog talking about this bankruptcy mess.

      • Squirrels says:

        Until it is confirmed? It’s alleged in my book. He’s due that much. Not much else, but that much.

        • Tootsie says:

          I agree with you Squirels. If we believe all these rumors with no evidence we are as bad as those horrible housewives.

        • Quincy IL says:

          People can make up things on the net. That’s why I like the documents and links with stronger evidence that we see here.

    • kats2 says:

      Well that would not surprise me at all.

  111. boston02127 says:

    Great posts everyone. So much info from all of your posts. I can’t for the life of me imagine Jill, Jacqueline, Teresa and Caroline together. They may as well invited Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. What a rotten group of people. Jill is dumber than I ever thought. Teresa is a thief, Jacqueline is ghetto and a liar and Caroline condones it all and is one of the biggest snakes on the show. These are the friends Jill picked and let’s stay at her home. Wow. Trash hangs with trash. I can’t wait to see what Jill’s next low point will be.

    As far as Teresa’s belongings….far from cozy in my eyes. Talk about horrible taste.
    Their like the Beverly Hillbilly’s. All that money she wasted and never thought to hire a interior designer. She should of bought a forehead while the money was flowing in.

    Does anyone know where they lived before they moved into the mansion?

    • kats2 says:

      @Boston – WORD! Totally agree. She said she lived in Patterson.

      You know they really never had a lot of money, if they did they would have a pool, they would have paid help with the kids, and they would have be paying someone to come in at least once a week to clean. I’m not buying the BS of Teresa being “Old School” Like you said they are trash.

      • Squirrels says:

        Actually, many old world cultures don’t want strangers watching their children. It stays in the family.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Her bio says that she and Joe used to play house when they were kids – so the families know each other…..they are not seen on the show but IMO they are all working the scams together. That house is big enough for both their parents to be living there……

  112. Need a Hobby says:

    “She should of bought a forehead while the money was flowing in.”


    (But it’s true, who wants to look like an escapee from a Smithsonian exhibition on pre-homo sapiens hominids?)

    • kats2 says:

      LOL! so true. I hope Teresa will at least consider shaving her forehead and selling the hair to some weave place to help pay off her $11 million debt.

  113. Squirrels says:

    Date nite…. nite all.

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  115. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s Hampton House:

    Jill & Bobby in bed–

    Bobby–Jill did you notice how big Teresa’s purse got since she got here? And that ring she has on looks familair. Do you think she’s stealing from us?

    Jill–Bobby she’s one of my new bff’s. Whatever the press said about her is all lies. Just like they lied about me! Now on another note, I’m intrested in some new jewelry so take off those boxers.

    Dina in bed–Hmm…I really love animals but this dog of Jill’s is really discusting.
    Caroline in bed—I wonder if Albie is studying for his law degree. I miss him.

    Teresa & Jacqueline sharing a bed–
    Teresa—-What do you think Danielle is doing right now?
    Jacqueline—-Shut up and fork over some of that food you stole from the kitchen.

    Ally in bed—In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Dear God please tell me why you give me her for a mother?

  116. WindyCityWondering says:

    I’ve been wondering about Jill’s new friends too. Do you think she is trying to be the popular girl at Bravo (as if) so they will tell the executives to hire her back? Or maybe she is giving them the dirt on Alex because they are doing a book signing event with her? I’m guessing she is pissing in someone’s cornflakes – but whose????

    • Earring Girl says:

      I don’t know what’s up with these ladies just saw this tweet from Ramona:

      Stopping by a dinner in Bridgehampton 4 the The MacDella Cooper Foundation. @jillzarin @dinamanzo @teresaguidice @carolinemanzo c u there!!
      44 minutes ago via HootSuite

      I thought Ramona & Bethenny were together? You are probably correct about the Alex thing but knowing that Jill is involved means there is drama, gossip and I also thinks she wants the 411 on Teresa. Also to spite B because T was having her book signing and Jill was on twitter begging people to show up. That woman has so many knives up her sleeves you just don’t know where they are going to land.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Jill’s working all the angles to keep her media profile/connections going. At this rate, if her media exposure doesn’t significantly qualitatively improve, she’ll wind up on the E channel giving one of the Kardashians a bikini wax just to get on camera.

    • boston02127 says:

      Every picture I see of Danielle, I think she looks more and more like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

      • Earring Girl says:

        lol – yes very scary faced!

        • Earring Girl says:

          Poor Kelly seems so lost this is her tweets:

          Just saved a duck in sag harbor
          about 2 hours ago via txt .http://twitpic.com/28cgkq

          Aurielebidermann at urban zen. Soo cool
          about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

          I hope this last tweet shows up so youn can click on it.
          Its one of those teenage bracelets that are braided together – it’s so 1990 when I assisted at a summer camp all the girls were making them. This 42 year old “Wendy” just refuses to grow up!

          • DesertGal says:

            Snatching a duck out of the water to steal some of the feathers does not count as “saving a duck”, Kelly.

            • dumberries says:

              Lol! I can see her creeping up on the duck at the edge of the harbor, coaxing it with gummy bears. “Come here little ducky, I’m gonna make you famous and sought after as part of my taste-maker collection”

            • cusi 77 says:

              Desert_ I was thinking the same! Ha!
              “Hiiiiii! here is my new erring!!!”

              • debbie says:

                I think she saved Danielle , The Prostitution Whore duck, that Real Old Housewife shooed out of her flower beds.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Danielle looks like a rat, Jacq looks like a horse, Teresa looks like a gorilla….e i e i ho

        • BamaBelle says:

          “Danielle looks like a rat, Jacq looks like a horse, Teresa looks like a gorilla….e i e i ho”

  117. OK-now Ramona is Tweeting the NJ Housewives—–>

    # Stopping by a dinner in Bridgehampton 4 the The MacDella Cooper Foundation. @jillzarin @dinamanzo @teresaguidice @carolinemanzo c u there!! 57 minutes ago

    • Earring Girl says:

      Look up thread I sent that tweet from Ramona – what is up with them? Why would she want to eat with any of them????????

      • Need a Hobby says:

        It’s a fund raising benefit dinner they’re attending.

      • dumberries says:

        Ramona’s smart. She’ll go to a benefit dinner and interact with everyone there. But, she wouldn’t invite them to stay at her house! Zarin, on the other hand, is trying to develop a new fabulous of circle of friends because she’s blackballed from the old one and her choices are limited. She thinks any circle is fabulous if it’s “her” circle. I think she sees the NJ HWs in the same way she saw Bethenny. Not up to her level, but they’ve got potential, a following, and ratings. She’s just repeating old patterns, imo.

  118. MickeyMouth says:

    Jules I tried, but nothing is working well with American Gothic. So, not my best work but I think some will enjoy. http://wp.me/pWaBw-7y

    And to the guest blogger – don’t hold back!

    • dumberries says:

      Very professional – likes an original, as usual! I just think somehow this picture legitimizes them more than they deserve. You’re way too good Mickey!!!!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      love it and the auction sign peeking over Teresa’s shoulder is excellent!

    • error404 says:

      ha! I guess they are the complete opposite of American Gothic, aren’t they.
      Did you try The Fool Progress by Hogarth?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      No offense, certainly….T & J look like they’re about to appear in a JibJab animation. And that would be so cool.

      You’ve done some fine work, but I still think your Sonja as Mona Lisa is a masterpiece. Seriously. And the BGM cast in the Wizard of Oz, of course. My personal favorites, I guess. 🙂

      • MickeyMouth says:

        No offense taken. Those two certainly blend the best. I want to continue with the masterpiece series however it’s hard because these ladies give the same fake smile and pose over and over again. There are rarely candid shots taken so every step and repeat picture looks the same.

        Jules asked for a Grant Show painting. She has a relationship to the painter. I found his technique and subject matter to be the hardest to blend and compliment. I actually started this painting with Alex and Simon. None of the head swaps really worked so I went for more of a caricature of the piece then a real blend.

        I still do them just for fun and practicing technique, however I do try to limit my time and I think sadly that shows. Thanks for the input. I have been doing this a while but like everything in life I am still learning. 🙂

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Well thank you for sharing your work with us. The Zarin collection is a hoot. And JZ as Norma Desmond was inspired…I think you captured something there.

        • Jules says:

          That’s Grant Wood. I was thinking the heads might be a problem because in the portrait, American Gothic, both of the faces are long and narrow. However, I use photo shop a little bit myself ( well actually alot, but am still not very good), and I thought perhaps you could compress the width of the heads a bit, but just little enough that the faces would still be recognizable for who they really are.

          Anyway, thanks so much for trying.

          • MickeyMouth says:

            I must have flashed back to Melrose place, lol. Grant Show was a hottie though.

            Sorry to disappoint, but I’ll try again another time. It’s cool that you are related though 🙂

    • Quincy IL says:

      Mickey, I went to a lecture at the Chicago Art Institute as one of my young friends is now a student there. The topic was the Art of the 22nd Century. Your art, computer and the internet art, is the future. I have looked at exhibits that are Avant-garde and your art was there too.

      I loved Sonja as the Girl with the Pearl Earring so much.

      Thomas Gainesborough has a painting called Mr. and Mrs. Andrews. There is a lot of discussion that Thomas knew and disliked the new Mrs. Andrews and he put that into his portrait. The portrait is unfinished most likely because Mrs. Andrews figured out that something was up. That kind of mystery comes to my mind when I see paintings like Vermeer’s.

      I really like your concepts and look forward to being happily surprised in the future.


      • MickeyMouth says:

        Thanks Quincy. Right now my kid loves the fact that I zap his zits out of family pictures. But I have been working on some art for my home. I have been using some of these same types of concepts. Putting us as a family in various paintings and pop culture. My Dad gets a kick out them if nothing else 🙂

    • Jules says:

      Bumber. Thanks for trying!!!

    • Jules says:

      Oh my God. I just read your post the other day, and thought you didn’t do one at all, and then tonight I was going through the posts and saw the link. Yes, the auction sign is a good touch. Thanks so much for doing one – I suspect the lighter pallet used in the piece made the blend just that much harder. Sorry to have asked you to do one that clearly must have been dealing you fits. I hope it didn’t cause you too much frustration.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        Not at all. It’s a challenge and I haven’t completely given up on it yet. I still think Alex and Simon would look good in the picture. So I may try again 🙂

  119. Maxine49 says:

    OMG, this F’ing hilarious—and I agree with you 1000%. The human Chia Pet, Teresa, is revolting…and that stumpy Joe with the 2 inch penis….uh, excuse me while I go bar……

  120. SueEllen says:

    The more I read your blog the more I realized I still Love Jill Zarin. I think this blog has gone on too long and we should leave her and Bobby alone. Just my thoughts.

    • boston02127 says:

      Not me! I still hate Jill Zarin and always will.

    • dumberries says:

      Sorry Su3Ellen, she hasn’t made any sincere attempt to redeem herself with so many of us former fans. Respect your feelings, but don’t share them.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think your reading is rather selective, Jill Zarin and contempt for her aren’t the only things being discussed here.

    • Get with the program. The majority of the comments here have been about NJ and Teresa.

    • DesertGal says:

      So…go find a I Love Jill Zarin blog.

      • HD says:

        Okay! So you come to an I Hate Jill Zarin site to remind us that you love Jill Zarin. Okay. And the Smart Person of the Year Award goes to SueEllen. *Major Eye Rollage*

        Coming to this site is not even logical. Real bright. You are right, you and Jill are in the same league. GTFOH!

    • Ellabean says:

      SueEl….formerly Sch….?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      You post that on a guest blog about Teresa of RHONJ? Lynn’s blog includes a variety of subjects. Guess you missed the Top Chef blog to post your dissent.

      Lynn blogs (and has guest blogs) on various subjects and then posters take it wherever they want to go. Lynn apparently doesn’t have a need to control others’ views and comments. (Trolls are not appreciated, but that’s a given on most sites.) So was it some of the posts here that got your goat?

      Lynn’s blog is like so rad, you know, and like authentic? (h/t to Kelly for “authentic” & hip like talk) unlike the heavily moderated pretend “grass roots” blogs one might find at oh, JZ.com and the alleged gwen’s site.

      And really, what’s up with complete strangers who “love” reality TV participants? Really. Like Jill Zarin really gives a shit about her followers. They’re just tools to her. Bethenny for example, on the other hand, is really building her brand in the marketplace. She gets that a lot of folks won’t take to her. She doesn’t attack those who don’t; she just appreciates those who do. That’s smart. Very smart. It’s good “bidness” and Jill still really doesn’t get that. That’s a significant difference.

      Jill, unfortunately for her, is just not that smart. She rails against “haters” and nods as her “attack dogs” roam the internet.

      Speaking of “attack dogs” & back to RHONJ, what happened to Bernie Kerik, Caroline’s friend and neighbor? Oh, isn’t he currently serving a prison term for tax fraud and lying to the Feds, among other charges?

  121. Erica says:

    This blog is poorly written and every other word is a curse word. I understand people need to vent, but your poor grammar and lack of articulating frustration into cognative sentences proves you are no better in the speaking department. I laugh when I hear people talk about the party. My sister who is nowhere near rich had my niece’s bday party at Sweet and Sassy. http://www.sweetandsassy.com The limo is included in the package and they run from 175-500 for groups of 6. It’s 20 dollars per addt. child. It amazes me how people talk so much about what they do not know. The other thing that got to me was the correlation between reality tv/ dating shows and “I didn’t know I was pregnant” one has nothing to do with the other. You are comparing a show that re-enacts unexpected births to the modern day Flavor of Love. Uhm…I don’t get it. Your blog is so filled with insults and Teresa jargon, that I think you confused yourself. I’m not sure if you wrote this while upset, but that seems to be the case. Often times when people are angry they don’t take the time to clear their thoughts. This is just a heated “I hate this person so let me compile my jumbled thoughts into writing” which is fine but I believe it’s better suited for a diary, I’m assuming you wanted to be taken serious. At the end of the day research and a time out would have made this an actual blog. Take a couple notes from Real Old Houswife. Her writng is clear and well read, it’s mot just a bunch of mumbo jumbo even when she expresses her disgrace and dislike on a subject. You crticize Teresa, but your “blog” sounds like something that would come from her “Patterson” mouth (insert neck roll here).

    • When you tell people off like that you might at least want to use your spell-check?

    • nancy says:


      • HD says:

        Yeah, the thing is, when you are trying to check people on their grammar, your grammar should be flawless. We see it is not. This blogger, just as I did when I blogged and let it be known, wrote it like she would speak versus write. If that makes any sense to you. No one is claiming to have a Ph.d in English. She wrote what she felt and it is real and honest. I can understand that. No one here is claiming to be some GREAT literary genius. This is not an English 101 blog, it is a Real Housewives/Teresa blog. Honestly, get over yourself and you can insert a neck roll there and a snap.

        • Erica says:

          She attacks Teresa on how she speaks, I attack her for how she writes and you attack me for my grammar. Seems like a fair deal to me. I pointed out what was “real and honest”.That makes perfect sense to me, that was actually my point. I can understand that she wrote it how she would speak, hence me saying you sound just like Teresa. Which is un-edju-macated.

          • HD says:

            Okay. Thanks for your comments. I would also like to add that I did not attack you, Kelly, I mean Erica. (satchels of gold) If you see that way, so be it. I still believe, if you want to comment on someone and their way of speaking/typing out a blog, make sure your comments are flawless.

            mot =not
            nowhere near rich= nowhere near as rich

            Go back to the drawing board and get it right. The foundation you based your comment on is flawed which makes your comment laughable at best. Try again. I do not claim to be an English scholar so I type it how I feel it and if anyone doesn’t like it, get over it. Thank you and goodnight!

            Pause…wait…catch your breath…guess what? The world is still turning. Wow!

          • Quincy IL says:

            The people who occassionally stop to rant don’t bother me one bit. I think I’ve been online long enough to figure out whose opinion I care about. There are researchers, lawyers, photographers, artists, young women taking care of their families…. and so many others that I do listen to and I do care what their opinions are. Perhaps, it’s true that wisdom comes with age, but the drive by attacks by the Sue Ellens, the Maggies, or the Angels don’t phase me one iota.

      • Earring Girl says:

        Huh???? I was gone for a while – who dat???????

        Nite all

    • ShyAsrai says:

      Teresa, is that you? Welcome, and we’d love you to share your thoughts about the ATV-risking-your-kids’-health and/or lives incident.

    • <>
      The blog has 1,959 words in it. There are eleven curse words. If that is your idea of 50% then I will mark you off the list of people who I’d ask to do my taxes.

      Sorry lady. My grammar if perfect, except when deliberately quoting or doing an phonetically slanted version of an accent. Also, you misspelled ‘Cognitive’.


      *I* wasn’t the one who said it was expensive. TERESA did. Put the Martini down. (Talk about do your homework! )


      Okay, let me ‘Splain it to ya, Lucy. I was referring to the bad choices and behavior that floods our televisions. Go get a piece of bread and a crayon and connect the dots. Its not brain surgery.


      The insults are a direct result of Teresa’s behavior, the jargon comes from her own mouth, and there are about, oh, a hundred women agreeing with me before you? And no I don’t want to be taken seriously dear. This isn’t a presidential speech it’s a ridiculous television show.


      MMmkay. “Expresses her disgrace” is not a sentence, Housewife has an ‘e’ in it, and ‘writing’ is spelled writing’. Real Old and I are buddies. But by all means, even tho I told you twice to STOP reading if you weren’t diggin it, you felt the need to continue, thereby confirming my theory that the Haters give you as much play as the lovers. Go watch NPT and have a mint julep, Grandma. Your turn.

      • And yes I deliberately misspelled “if” to see who was paying attention. And stop over-using the word “attack” 9/11 was an “attack”. This is a spirited debate at best. Calm down.

    • CryMeAriverJill says:

      I noticed the same thing with the Sassy Girl party. They do that a lot here in Nashville. Saw the pink limo on Church street downtown yesterday morning. All I heard were screams LOL

  122. dumberries says:

    Hi all – I hope all of you in Chicago are well. I’m in San Francisco, but I was watching a movie on WGN based in Chicago when the news came on. They’re showing some pretty horrific flood damage from the storm. Wow, 8 inches of rain fall – stay safe!

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      There are some really bad spots around here. Problem was that we had no rain for weeks and then terrible storms last night. Luckily, we’re a little higher up, but one street over was flooded.

    • Quincy IL says:

      The Mississppi and tributaries have been flooding on and off for weeks. I think we have gotten 12 inches in one week with one storm of six inches alone.

      The corn is 18 ft high. I kids you not. The soybeans are so lush. If it stops rainging so they can get the large combines into the fields this fall, America will feed the planet.

  123. Dani says:

    SueEllen that is the great thing about Lynn’s blog we can all have an opinion and it is respected. I have to say that Jill is still the nasty, self centered and arrogant witch that she has always been. She certainly hasn’t changed and I don’t think she ever will. I still hate Jill Zarin.

  124. LoveBeth says:

    Bethenny tweeted this today:

    at polo in the hamptons at the @swaggmobile lounge. they let me preview the swagg mobile. its pretty cool! #swagghamptons #spon
    about 6 hours ago via HootSuite

    SwaggMobile re-tweeted Bethenny’s post and replied:

    @Bethenny you were definitely representing for the Housewives of NY!!! Your hat needs to make the list for ‘best accessory’ #swaggHamptons
    about 3 hours ago via Echofon in reply to Bethenny

    Jill Zarin tweeted this less than ten mins ago to let us know she was there as well:
    @swaggmobile Thanks for the tent today. We really needed it! HOT!
    about 2 hours ago via web

    Grrr, that woman!

    • error404 says:


      She has no idea what a comedy she is, and that makes it even funnier!

    • dumberries says:

      Thanks for the text posts @LoveBeth! I think it’s more funny than frustrating. Zarin’s always a day late and a dollar short – running to keep up with the “fabulous” people she used to run with. Lol.

      • LoveBeth says:

        Plus it must be killing her to know that Bethenny was in the lounge while she was out in the tent! I dunno the set up in the Hamptons but the lounge sounds like VIP while the tent is for those party crashers.

    • It’s hilarious how Jill and Kelly try to keep up with Bethenny. Grab ahold of that rising star girls, you both need any help you can get! LOL!

      • dumberries says:

        Seems that Zarin has begun the predicted detaching from Kelly, no? She has no use for her anymore and is trying to build a new fabulous circle of people that aren’t Kelly-friendly.

      • LoveBeth says:

        No hope for that at all. They messed up big time doing everything they did to Bethenny. Bethenny has moved on to bigger and better things. Real stars admire her show e.g., Ellen, Ivana Trump, I am sure there are more. Zarin “fab circle of friends” are Britny Gaustineua who is best friend with sex tape Kim, no fore head NJ thug. Do you really want to be seen with people like that? So sad.

        Bethenny is A-list star in my book not she cares about being a celebrity.

  125. boston02127 says:

    @ Erica wrote: “I laugh when I hear people talk about the party”. Erica, One question. Do you “hear” people “talking” often on this blog?

    • LOL! Not only do they not hear us talking, they don’t even read what’s there and just make a bunch of incorrect assumptions with no basis in fact. That is the major factor that renders their arguments and rants ineffective. No credibility.

  126. boston02127 says:

    Pic from Jill’s tweet: http://twitpic.com/28camr

    Jill you’re not a 12 yr old girl. Rid the dress. Oh and tell your friend on your left to unroll his pants, he looks like a goof.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Boston, the guy in the rolled up slacks is the designer from Brooklyn’s Fashion Show with Alex. I think he’s one of Kelly’s trend setters and ten years from now Walmart will be selling pants with rolled up legs.

      I know we all love to hate Jill, but she does try new styles in clothing. The metallic alien dress from the Sachs dinner is an example of Jill going out of the box. It’s brave. Evita from Argentina dressed well, but we all know she was a dictator. See, I redeemed myself after complimenting Jill. LOL

  127. boston02127 says:

    Pic from Jill’s tweet & pic: Who wants to see the inside of the new rolls ghost? 300k and up. @Carolinemanzo looks real good in it! http://twitpic.com/28cac7

    Jill, Unlike you, we’re not impressed with the rented car. There a dime a dozen at most weddings.

    Since I seem to be the only one here I’ll just keep picking apart everyone’s tweets.


  128. dsc60 says:

    was gia seat belted in when they were on their way to the fashion show? it didn’t look like it to me. actually, i don’t think any of them were wearing seat belts, also illegal in the state of NJ.

    i also even felt sorry for danielle last season, however, the comment about the linoleum floors during that last episode turned me off completely. THEN this year, the infamous night at the Brownstone for the benefit of a poor, sick child, danielle turned it into a horror fest. horrendous.

    i can’t find anything endearing about any of them now. no bethanys to love. no ramonas to laugh with, no alexes to embrace, no sonyas to enjoy, no one. not a one. all jills and kellys and luanns. why do i watch again?

  129. Kelly-Has-Big- Shoulders says:

    @Boston in the pic the guy with the rolled up pants is he not the fashion designer from Brooklyn? The one that Alex, Ramona & Kelly modeled his designs? It looks like him.

  130. Kelly-Has-Big- Shoulders says:

    I got it his name is Loris Diran

  131. boston02127 says:

    In an above post it says that Kelly saved a duck. How does a duck need saving? Was it drowning? Was it choking on a piece of Wonder bread? I live a stones throw from the beach/harbor and have never in my life seen a duck, crane, seagull, etc. that needed saving. The poor duck was probably scared to death to see Kelly with her size 14 feet and her big man hands barreling towards it.

    • Gypsy862 says:

      Maybe she killed it and saved it for her fabbo jewelry line! Feathers….whee!

    • dumberries says:

      If anyone can spot a duck on the brink of suicide, it’s Kelly. After all, she was voted the most charitable teen in the Midwest AND she supports PETA.

      • kats2 says:

        The Kelly Duck situation and your commentary is very funny. There’s so many jokes you can make about her it’s giving me a headache.

  132. Kelly-Has-Big- Shoulders says:

    If Teresa and Joe are putting on documents that they are not married then perhaps that is another of their illegal deeds. Lots of people who cheat the government do that. They put that they are separated so that they can collect more money from Tax returns. I hope that if that is the case that they get BUSTED!!! It is not fair for people who follow the law to never get any breaks but people who cheat, lie and steal get all the perks.

  133. boston02127 says:

    @KellyHasBS—-It is Loris Dorin. I googled his name and saw other pic’s of him. You have a good memory.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Yes, that’s the designer whose work was at the Brooklyn fashion show Jill trashed. I guess he’s now worthy enough to be seen with.

  134. lady pratt says:

    You forgot to mention that she refers to herself as “A Lady” Really???



  136. debbie says:

    And you sound familiar..(like that fool that tweets nasty, juvenile comments) . After reading (?) this blog and all the comments, that’s the reply you mustered up? Get a grip.

    • Sarah says:

      My comment was deleted. About Beth’s husband looking like the creepy Courte guy. Struck a nerve huh? Dish, but cannot take. I thought I heard someone blabbing on Twitter about this blog being able to handle all forms of critique. If someones not kissing ass they’re deleted, but you criticize other people for doing the same. I’m only saying what many have said to me but are to scared say. Two people in particular who act buddy buddy with Beth. I said it before and I’ll say it again. He looks like the creepy courte guy, right down to the crazy hair. Man up people, you two said it before me but get offended when I bring it to the light.

      • Lynn, where is Miss Sarah’s Comment? I’m dying to see it if she’s LEADING with how my husband LOOKS. Ive been in rehab three times lady. Going after family is just shitty, so I’m sure I have quite a brilliant comment coming from you. I’m waiting. By the way, Lynn, can I post a picture on here?

        • Jules says:

          Okay, I have been posting here regularly for a little while. I also have zero problems with the guest blog, profanity and all. I am a grownup and words have no more power than what you give them. But, honestly this continual volley of insults is exhausting, boring, and immature. To quote Bethenny “Go to Bed!!!!!” This pissing contest is not necessary, and it is getting on my nerves. I subscribe to the posts here on an individual basis as the topics interest me, but this fight between two grown women is not what I signed up for here. Enough already!!!!!

          • I agree with you 100%. I emailed Lynn last night and told her to feel free to remove any or all of that garbage. You are absolutely right that this is not the place. But start in on somebody’s husband? My judgement went right out the window. Thanks for stating what others were thinking, Jules!

      • debbie says:

        People who agree with you are too scared to post a comment on this blog? Don’t be absurd. There are others here that don’t agree with some of the comments..They simply post and if someone thinks it warrants a response, they reply. No hatred, no vitriol until you showed up. Your comments were just plain nasty. And they get nastier each time you add something. Instead of being clear and thoughtful, you get down in the gutter and retaliate with base comments.
        By the way, I’ve read that same excuse (people to scared to reply) on another hater’s blog. That person claimed many people agreed with her but, again, were to scared to reply.. they requested that their posts be kept private. I think that’s bullshit..no one needs to be afraid of posting an anonymous comment. Are you familiar with that blog? You write just like ‘her’.

  137. HWTN says:

    “if you can’t take on your own haters then hire someone to only read you the good stuff” and “you can dish it out but you sleazebags can’t take it.” I find those quotes to be funny, seeing how if someone doesn’t agree with what is said in this blog they are deleted or bashed. pot meet kettle

    • No No….I’m starting to see the folks that don’t like it and I assure you they are NOT deleted. Lynn doesn’t operate that way. Plus she knows I ADORE haters. I just wish I could line-by-line it, as I tried to do with Erica, but it doesn’t show that way on the system. Trust me kids, anyone wants to fight me I assure you I can handle it. Just pop some popcorn and watch the fun. You guys are great! LV

  138. Sarah says:

    Been in rehab 3 times ehh? Explains a lot. It’s okay for u to attack someone elses family though. Creep plus recovering addict. Great combo.

  139. Oh boy Sarah is full of all KINDS of gems isn’t she? I like this one: *About Beth’s husband looking like the creepy Courte guy. Struck a nerve huh? Dish, but cannot take*. Oh yeah Sarah, you got me with that one. I’ve been laying on the ground crying you got me so good. What’s yer husband look like? Ya got one? And where are you finding pictures of my husband? I guess when you have nothing of your own to throw in for debate you have to go look people up. Everyone on this board will tell you that I use my own name for a reason, cause I got nothing to hide. In fact, I threw you the rehab bit so you’d have something to play with. Hey my Mom just lost everything in thew flood 2 months ago and her body is shutting down from the stress, how about you run with that one for a while? Go ahead! Everything’s fair game, yes? What’s YOUR last name, Sarah? How about your first name? Yeah you got lots of game sitting in the dark weighing in at 300 lbs while you answer your “Fuck-A-Fat-Bitch” 900 line while doing this with your other hand hiding behind computer identities. You’re a real literary pistol.

  140. Let her hang herself, Debbie. This kind of rag is my strong suit. Isn’t it weird how she knows what my husband LOOKS like? I gave her the rehab so she’d have something to play with. Hey Sarah, my Mom lost her house in a flood 2 months ago and she’s almost dead from the stress. Why don’t you dig up a picture of her and comment on that? How about posting YOUR real name and some photos?

    • debbie says:

      Have at her , Beth. I can’t tolerate people like her. She’s vile.

    • Sarah says:

      Okay Southern Fried chick “People either love me or love to hate me. And if they hate me it’s because Im speaking to some part of themselves they don’t want to look at” this was so fitting for your behavior. Your words not mines.

  141. Sarah says:

    Who the flip are you?? Who is Beth to judge when she ruined her career by being a crackhead and alcholic. If anything she should be sympathetic, based on what she’s been through. Tell me something when you were on drugs and boozed up, how did it feel to be kicked while you were down. Pay attention Puh-lease to your next AA meeting. Criminal Court Records are a B, u have a bad rep in Nashville don’t act as if you don’t know. Kinda why you don’t show your face here. Maybe Starbucks should deliver, that way no one would have to see you. Oh sweety I have dirt on u for days. To the girl above. NASTY, so I guess you can disregard her nasty things about people as long as you’re defending her. Once again dish but can’t take.

  142. MomsThoughts says:

    What is a “creepy courte guy”? I don’t know Beth’s husband…unless he shares a reality show with her, I am not sure what he has to do with this blog entry either….

  143. Oy. Here we go: “Dish But You Cant Take” is this ones Big line. She’s used it now 3 times. And I believe I’m “taking it and dishing it” right back you idiot. The best part folks, is I GAVE her Rehab, (which is common knowledge as I’ve written about it several times in many articles) now she’s running with it like she just stumbled onto something. Good FIND Sarah! Excellent work. My face is all over the place ya douche. No ones face’s are shown here. I’m one of the few people I know who DOES use my face on my Twitter account. Your detective skills…Not so hot, dear. Spelling, equally bad. Its’s ALC-O-HOLIC. Trust me, I know the signs, you’ll need to know how to spell this some day. Crackhead? Hey Sarah, 1996 called, they want their slur back. “She has dirt on me for DAYS” . I seriously doubt you can post one single thing I have not already posted FIRST. My entire show is about all of my past mistakes and how I owned up to and fixed every one of them. Spending an AWFUL amount of time talking about ME. As to “Who ARE you?” I would think you would know that since you’ve seen my Twitter and studied my Timeline (Starbucks….sneaky!) , and know what my husband looks like you already know that. Tell us about you dear. And I hereby announce: anyone who can produce a criminal record on me I swear on my Mother’s life I will give you a thousand dollars. Like I give a rats ass. You’re going to have to do more than scour the internet for info sweetie, (sweetie is IE, not Y). So we’re all dying to know, who are YOU? Sittin there in the dark all Brave and Powerful. Actually, I will ask my pals: You guys are the detectives, is this one of our usual rags or a new one?

  144. God she is not cutting and pasting my bio stuff from the Internet. Thats really creative, and yet keeps dodging stuff about herself. Hmmmm…wonder why?

    Lynn, feel free to clean up all that crap if you want….anyone who has time to Google me all night knows, as Ive stated many times, all of this info, which can be had with just a few clicks and 3 connected brain cells. This is probably the chick who was POSITIVE she had discovered my “real name” is Gloria…LOL. Night everybody. Have fun with Sarah-Palmer-Ashly-GwenBridges-or whoever the hell it is. New rule should be if youre going to talk shit you gotta use your real name. I do, Teresa does, but not…Sarah. Nite everybody!

  145. jane says:

    Sarah sounds like Ashely, Hey how is your nose , Loose some weight too and go to college,PUHLEASE!!!!!

  146. AmyW says:

    getting advice from Jill is like getting advice from a fat dietitian on a good diet to follow.

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  148. Perla says:

    I love to hear you impersonate Teresa because you got her down.

  149. @TweatCyn says:

    Holy Shitballs, there are a lot of comments!
    All I want to say is:
    This has been circulating in my brain since I first heard their last name. “just sayin”

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