I Hate Jill Zarin Big Brother / Housewives News July 26, 2010

 I Hate Jill Zarin                     Big Brother                         July 25, 2010

When last we left the houseguests they were all balancing on the end of a surfboard with ice cold water pouring down on them with nothing to hold onto.  The last one standing will take over the Head of Household from the raggedy Rachel. 

Rachel’s reign as Head of Household is coming to an end but not before she accomplished her goal of having either Brittney or Monet evicted from the house.  Brittney won the power of veto and of course removed herself from the block.

In a surprise move, Brigade member, Matt offered himself up as a pawn to put on the block in the hopes that he would have enough votes to stay in the house and Monet would go home.  His plan worked, risky as it was, he did have his three Brigade members so he was fairly safe. 

The women are quickly eliminated from the Head of Household challenge and then Hayden claims that he purposely jumped down because he didn’t want a target on his back.  The first five who fell can eat anything they like but the last four to fall (or jump) will be the have-not’s for the week and will sleep in the gross bedroom and eat slop all week. 

Regan and Matt are the final two left standing and Regan asks the other houseguests to leave them alone to discuss the circumstances.  Matt isn’t interested in a deal and everyone returns to watch the end of the contest.  Matt finally wins when Regan loses his footing and falls into the water below. 

Rachel and Brendon are worried because they betrayed Matt by announcing to the house that Matt offered himself up as the pawn last week.  Oops, Matt did ask them to keep quiet about that little bit of information.  Rachel decides to immediately go and talk to Matt to see how he’s thinking and to her horror, she is absolutely right, Matt is pissed at her and Brendon.  The only chance Rachel has now is to try to make Matt choose someone else to target for eviction by making him think there is a bigger threat in the house. 

What Rachel and Brendon don’t know is that Matt is part of the Brigade that includes Hayden, Enzo and the guy I call “the Bull” Lane.  Matt isn’t going to see Brittney or Kristin as a threat, what the Brigade doesn’t know is that Matt has a bit of a hard-on for Kathy since he knows she voted for him during the eviction.  He would be a little crazy to go after Kathy now, she doesn’t seem to be much of a competitor in challenges.   For a police officer, Kathy doesn’t have much luck with the physical challenges. 

Hayden’s secret romance with Kristin is heating up and the Brigade is coming close to finding out what is going on. 

Matt is also playing the sympathy card and lying to his housemates about his wife being ill.  I get that Big Brother contestants have to do whatever they can to win a million dollars, but there really should be somewhere that these people draw the line.  Saying his wife is ill, Matt has crossed my line.  His letter from his wife played right into his lie to his houseguests. 

Matt is trying to play the power game and send out some hints that he may not make the obvious choice of nominees of Rachel and Brendon.  Why?  Because he’s missing the sucking up, the begging and the offers.  No one is requesting meetings with Matt asking to be saved from the block this week because everyone is just assuming that he will put up the obvious two, Rachel and Brendon.  If Matt is smart, he will do just that, he will maintain any trust that he’s already built and the only two people who will be unhappy with his decision are the two who already screwed him over anyway and at the end of the day, one of them will be gone and the other will have no power. 

It seems so easy to play this game from my living room, why can’t these people in the house see things as clearly as we all can from our homes? 

In the end Matt nominated Kathy and Andrew.   He managed to piss off pretty much everyone in the house with these nominees.  The Brigade wants to break up the sickening couple Brendon and Rachel so they don’t understand why Matt nominated Kathy and Andrew, Kathy doesn’t have much power so I doubt she can do a whole lot of damage to Matt over the next 7-days but you never know.  Matt certainly made Andrew angry and I think we all know that if Rachel and Brendon stay in the house, they’re certainly not going to keep their word to Matt and keep him off the block.

This may be one of those turning points that can be looked back upon and seen as a really bad move made by a houseguest that screws up their own game. 

We’ll see later this week.

Less than 24 Hours until we are treated to another episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, more of the fight, the hair pulling, the court case.  The sad thing about all of this is that we knew about this incident 6 months ago when it actually happened, it was all over the news at the time and we knew that Bravo had filmed it all and that we would have to re-live all the trashy fighting again when the show airs.  So here we are watching it all unfold knowing all along that Ashley will get a mere slap on the wrist. 

Maybe knowing that Ashley gets off all but scot free could be the reason so many are so irritated with her ignorance.  The outcome could have been very different.  Simple assault was the charge and a small fine under $200 and probation was all that Ashley received as punishment. 

Another annoyingly long blog was posted by Ashley but even more disturbing than Ashley’s blog, are some of the comments.  Someone at Bravo is laughing their ass off as they post these:

dannell did not deserve the derespect or what yall keep doing to her all of you deserve to go to jail.teresa started it she ontinues to keep crap stired up she is a ugly person her eyes are on the side of her head. She is weird looking all of these women a two faced bitches, kim g it awful go away

Honestly, I did not alter one word, it is posted there!

Here’s another:





I really like this one:

When my daughter was 18, she yelled at me: “I am an ADULT!” I calmly told her: “I have many adult friends and none of them have to tell me they are ‘adults’. I just know it by their actions.” Ashley, we will know you are an adult when you act like one.

This one is pretty good too:

I had to crack up when you knelt by Andy on his show to explain what happened that night. It was obvious that you assumed you were going to be part of the watch what happens show but Andy dismissed you right after you spoke. I think Burger King is hiring…..just sayin.

An interesting article about Teresa:   http://post.ly/opjj

The first week of August is a big week for Bravo, they are premiering all sorts of shows:

August 3, Rachel Zoe returns for another season of Bananas!  I go back and forth with this show, sometimes I find it entertaining and interesting and other times I could take it or leave it.  There is no doubt Ms. Zoe is ridiculously over the top dramatic about clothes and accessories.  Come on Rachel, these are just clothes and accessories.  This is what created the Twitter war/drama between Rachel and Bethenny.  I get why Bethenny got annoyed and tweeted something about Zoe being ridiculous about her business.  She’s not saving lives here, feeding the hungry or housing the homeless but she sometimes acts as though her business is life and death.  It is a bit much! 

Note:  This is the Rachel that crazy Kelly mentioned during RHONY on the Virgin Islands when she was ripping into Bethenny. 

August 5,The Real Housewives of DC – in a future blog, I plan to dissect each of these ladies to the best of my ability with the information that is out there on the web. 

August  10, Flipping Out returns for a fourth season, This is just a fun show to watch!  Jeff and his employees are hysterical!  It will be interesting to see the changes without Ryan, Jeff’s former business partner .  I really liked Ryan but honestly I don’t think the show will miss him all that much.  The core of Jeff, Jenni and Zoila are what make the show so great!  

Andy Cohen Tweets this morning:

Happy Monday! Tonight is our “Goodbye til September” wwhl season finale featuring @Bethenny, Rachel Dratch, and Kim G! #Mondayfunday

There is our answer about the surprise guest from New Jersey….<everyone eyeroll together now>   Kim G?  Really?  Augh!

If there were still any questions about the Orange County cast, another tweet:

AlexisBellino    Filming starts today for season 6! Here we come San Diego! I packed 12 suitcases for a family of 5 for 4 days! I need help!!!

From Bethenny’s Facebook Page:

Bethenny Frankel hey everyone – have been taking a breather in the hamptons this weekend! if you are still up, im on ‘geraldo at large’ on FoxNews at 10:30! let me know what you think!

Did anyone see Bethenny’s appearance?  I missed it so I hope someone will post a link or at least let us know how she did!

I reviewed some of the posts on Jill Zarin’s blog (from her web site) and was interested to find out that holier than thou Maggie Reynolds, keeper of the keys and grounds at the Zarin compound doesn’t like negative comments, unless they are about Bethenny.  THOSE comments she will approve for posting, one comment even goes into detail about Bethenny’s breast implants, as if this Jill fan knows all about what Bethenny has had done.  Funnily enough she says that Bethenny has had a “breast lift” and criticizes her for it.  In fact, Jill readily admitted to having a “breast lift” on last year’s reunion.  Duh?

One post actually calls Bethenny “sad”.  That’s the last adjective I ‘d use to describe Bethenny right now, I think she’s the happiest she’s ever been in her entire life!  (just a guess) 

The point is Maggie Reynolds claims to want to keep the negativity off of Jill’s site and there are plenty of posts that profess their love for Jill Zarin and tell Jill their own life stories so why does Reynolds feel the need to post the negative and nasty comments about Bethenny?   Show some class Ms. Reynolds and take the high road for a change.  If you’re trying to improve Jill’s image, why not just be positive?  Dragging up the book nonsense and Amazon-gate coupled with the negativity you’re allowing on Jill’s web page are not improving Jill’s image, just adding fuel to the fire that was just dying out. 

One of Jill’s fans tweeted to her asking her what was fun to do in NYC as they were visiting the city soon.  Jill’s response?  “How about a trip to Zarin Fabrics?”  This isn’t funny, this is rude!  It would have been more courteous to ignore the question than answer it the way that she did!  That’s Jill for ya!

Some interesting articles / blogs:


Flipping Out – Videos – Bravo-Oh-Oh | Bravo TV Official Site:   http://bravo.ly/bAYA2T

  http://therhblogcentral.com/  I love this site because she puts all of the blogs there in one place, if you’re ever looking for a blog about Real Housewives, you can generally find it here!

One of the newest Atlanta Housewives apparently got married in front of Bravo’s cameras for the upcoming season, but Bravo seemed rather annoyed that word got out before they could air the wedding:


Until Next Time……….

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510 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Big Brother / Housewives News July 26, 2010

  1. Sue says:

    Hey Lynn. I had posted a comment on Maggie’s blog, and of course it wasn’t posted. It wasn’t a horrible comment; I just spoke the truth. I had said that my friend had Jill’s book, couldn’t finish it and I borrowed it. Even tho I no longer am a fan of Jill’s, I went into it with an open mind. It was so horrible; I basically had to scan through it. So my comment was why couldn’t the Amazon comments be true!!!??? If the book was well-written and not such an ego stroking piece of garbage, then I could see getting annoyed at comments!!

    On another note, I cannot believe that Kim G is on WWHL tonight. Give me a break. I wish it was only Bethenny.

    I cannot wait to hear all about Theresa’s auction. Supposedly in tonight’s episode, Joe gives her diamonds for their anniversary. How do these two people live with themselves??? I mean, come on, how does one get into debt to the tune of $11 million dollars! You would think once it hit a million you’d say to yourself, “Gee, maybe I shouldn’t be spending money like I have a money tree in the backyard!!” It is beyond disgusting.

    • DesertGal says:

      And the facts still remain: Jill sent the book to A. Chandler, asking her to review it. A. Chandler did. It wasn’t the five star review Jill expected in exchange for sending a free book, but it was honest. Jill posed as Susan Saunders to attack A. Chandler because A. Chandler didn’t sing praises about the book, and Jill also coerced friends and family into leaving phony five star reviews to counterbalance A. Chandler’s review. That’s it. Everything else sprang from that.

      All of the ensuing brouhaha could have been avoided if JILL had not attempted to manipulate the reviews of the book. Which is also why her fans repeatedly bringing it all up again does only further damage to Jill’s image.

      I’ve worked in publishing as a researcher for 2o+ years. I’ve worked with a considerable number of reputable, established authors. To my recollection, not one of them would consider stooping to respond in such away to a poor review. They accept that their books are not going to be liked by everyone, and that poor reviews are going to happen. So they take the bad with the good and they roll with it.

      Again, Jill would be better off advising Maggie and her other fans to shut the hell up about the damn book, because most people are laughing at her in contempt over the repeated pot stirring.

    • BamaBelle says:

      Right, Sue!

      And, how come those diamonds aren’t listed in the up-coming auction? Unless I missed something, there’s only 2 wedding bands, a watch, and costume jewelry listed. I’m sure Teresa has already stashed the good jewelry. They are DISGUSTING!

  2. cusi 77 says:

    Good morning Lynn! Thanks, 5 stars Blog!

    I did watch Bethenny last night. She was at the end of the program.
    B always fascinates me with her honest answers. She said She thought taking Chef classes were a hobby (something in that context) She did not chose that business, the business chose her. As I said, it was the general idea- I found that answer like taking out another veil discovering Bethenny.

  3. Char212 says:

    I got the feeling when Matt was reading the letter from his wife that they had her fake illness all planned out when they found out he was going to be on the show. What is going to bite him is he doesn’t know that there are doctors on the show who can call him out on it. I don’t like any of the Brigade but would love to see Enzo gone first before the others. I certainly don’t see what Kristen sees in Hayden. For a cop Kathy doesn’t seem to have much going for her. Personally I like Racheal, but I thought she might have shot herself and Brendon’s chances when she called Matt out.

    • That’s exactly what I thought too, that the wife new what he was going to say….. I hate him with the heat of 1000 suns…. I may even hate him as much as I hate JZ or TG. The Brigade is lame and I predict that between Hayden (ewwwe) and Kristen’s romance and Matt not being able to get out Brendon and Rachel, they will self destruct. It is rumored thtat the producers try to influence them throught the Diary Room sessions, so who knows?

  4. DesertGal says:

    AlexisBellino Filming starts today for season 6! Here we come San Diego! I packed 12 suitcases for a family of 5 for 4 days! I need help!!!

    12 suitcases for four days? You don’t need help, Alexis. You need to get a grip.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I hope she also packed some floaties in case her kids get near a pool. Remember Alexis, strollers are not babysitters .

      • I know….someone should tweet ‘but did you include the life vests?’

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Or that she should bring one of the nannies she allegedly stiffs on payment because we wouldn’t want her and her husband inconvenienced in their bids for camera time, drinking binges and shopping with having to care for the children they created.

          • vilzvet says:

            Ugh, they annoyed me. I was hoping they weren’t coming back, with their holier than thou attitude.

  5. MickeyMouth says:

    I have been watching BB since the beginning. This is the first season I just can’t get into it. Thanks for the blog though, it keeps me up to date in case I feel the urge to jump back in again.

    I’m thinking Kim G is via Skype to add snark or announce herself as the newest housewife. Either way, I still am not watching RHONJ. I wonder if Andy and Bethenny will officially announce a second season to BGM or that she is done with both RHONY and BGM. Someone posted she wants a cooking or talk show. I wonder if Bravo will accommodate her. She is their golden girl. I also feel that this plays a very large part in the Bethenny hate/jealousy. Out of all the housewives Andy Cohen seems to have real respect (friendship?) for Bethenny. The other housewives not so much.

    I am interested in D.C. and I will be watching. I find the Sahalis story interesting. I want to see what the cameras caught that may not have been reported.

    The Rachel Zoe shows is one of those shows I watch when the marathon them. However, they may make excellent Photoshop material what with the Hollywood connection and all. So, who knows I may become an uber-fan.

    Thanks for the blog 🙂

  6. Zoey says:

    Loved the blog Lynn!

    You guys may have already seen this, but if not, here’s the link to Teresa’s and ‘Guiseppe’s AUCTION ITEMS –


    • BamaBelle says:

      Thanks Zoey,

      I have seen it but forgot to save it to favorites so I can go back later and look everything over good. I have a question? Teresa is adamant that she IS living in her mansion, she says she isn’t going anywhere. How are they going to live there with with no furniture, light fixtures and appliances?

      I hope this comes up in the Reunion Show? Questions about the bankruptcy and auction should be fair game since the bankruptcy has already been mentioned in an episode. Wasn’t Danielle the first to mention it at the Country Club? Up until that I don’t think anything had been said about Teresa and Joe in possible financial trouble during the taping of the show.

      Bravo was taking questions for the Reunion on their website the other day. We should all submit one about the auction and bankruptcy… maybe that will force Andy to ask some questions about that since Teresa has looked into the camera and lied about what’s going on.

      • TLM says:

        Exactly BamaBelle — you hit the nail on the head. I looked to see what was in the auction, and it’s clear they are gutting the place, and it shows their desperation. Ripping out a Wolf stove for auction? That and the chandeliers are normally considered fixtures, things you don’t remove from the house. They are really scraping to get every dime and then I suppose the gutted house will be sold at auction.

        What I even wonder is why things like a snowplow blade and earth-moving equipment are part of this auction. Aren’t these part of Joe’s “construction business”? Or is there no longer a construction business either? Or was there ever one? If he had an actual business, there should be far more than one vehicle to auction, shouldn’t there? The whole thing is extremely shady.

        It is all the more sickening watching the episode where Joe is showing Teresa around one of his slumlord buildings and saying, “Look, Tre, here’s our suite” and “Look, Tre, here’s where you’ll make pizza” in his new pizzeria. The whole time she’s laughing and saying she’d never live in a place like that, and she WON’T be working in the pizzeria, thank you. I wonder what she says now.

        I thought her apparent revulsion about the pizzeria was a more than a little odd, particularly since she has a book on Italian cooking to hawk. I would think Teresa would be anxious to show off her recipes and use the restaurant to promote what I thought was a fledgling food business. I heard somewhere that she was going to sell a line of tomato sauce. Instead, her attitude about the pizzeria was like she was touring a sewage station.

        If these two idiots had an ounce of sense, they would parlay their mild level of fame into a chain of Italian restaurants in New Jersey; that is the one piece of currency they have that could earn them a living. But they can’t even seem to figure that out. They didn’t even show the name of the restaurant on the tv show, which will probably just say, “Pizzeria” on the front door.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          If these two idiots had an ounce of sense, they would parlay their mild level of fame into a chain of Italian restaurants in New Jersey; that is the one piece of currency they have that could earn them a living. But they can’t even seem to figure that out. They didn’t even show the name of the restaurant on the tv show, which will probably just say, “Pizzeria” on the front door.


          Why did you just give those jerks a million dollar idea for FREE!

      • Zoey says:

        I was wondering the same thing! This is all pretty confusing.

    • PaganChick says:

      Why on earth do they have a suit of armor? What could have possessed them to buy something like that? Were they just trying to throw money down the toilet? Or did they want us to believe they lived in a castle?

      • Zoey says:

        Good question! It’s not an Italian thing, is it? Ha. Maybe they hide stuff in it…

        • jezzibel says:

          a sales person probably lied to Teresa telling her having a faux suit of armor in her house would make her seem worldly and sophisticated(and they probably wanted to get her and her kids out of the store before the kidlets destroyed the real valuable antiques)

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    Lynn – thanks for the play by play on the housemates. Your observation that they don’t see what we see is the main reason I can’t follow the show on a regular basis. What is with the reality shows this season – can’t find anyone to root for (including other networks in this observation)???? It is the economy? Is it the casting?

    As for Jill and her new bbf – sad is the only word I can use at this point. If you want a fan base then be fanworthy – stay positive, highlight the good and avoid the negative.

    Oh Andy, mystery guest from NJ – Kim G!? Well it could have been worse and actually it will be interesting because Kim G isn’t a moron, she tried to see both sides and isn’t buying into “you can’t be my friend if you are her friend” crap. She is articulate, intelligent, has some class and the cash of a real housewife, so she is probably the Kelly-raise-the-bar Bravo housewife. Her tweets and digs at Teresa have been fabulous and she may shed some up to the moment light on Guidiceland…..

    As for watching the smirking delinquent Ashley – not interested. As for watching Jacq’s tiny brain lightbulb moment that this behavior could hurt her Rhodes Scholar daughter’s future – not interested. As for watching Danielle talk about anyone’s parenting skills – not interested. As for seeing yet another scene of Teresa and bobbles from ill gotten money – oh so not interested.

    Considering the fact that we know the outcome of the drams and we are not satisfied with it – I will skip the wives and watch the live show – which may prove that Andy isn’t as big a bag of pig parts as he has been of late.

    • Fabulous Earth says:


    • tuzentswurth says:

      Danielle summed up her parenting skills for me when she said something to the effect of …I’m the best mother or best parent ever….instead of saying…..I love my daughters, they are the best kids ever, I’m proud of them….or anything that would make it about them, not herself.
      Very telling.

  8. MickeyMouth says:

    I started reading Maggie Reynolds’ blog. I couldn’t get fully through it. Which marketing genius thought this woman was a good idea, lol. She has a right to defend Jill if that is what she feels the need (is being paid?) to do, but how does this benefit Jill? It makes Jill look even more petty and immature and I really thought that was impossible.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      I think Maggie is making the situation worse for Jill.

    • anitabee says:

      MM- I did the same thing. I started reading it and it started to sound like gibberish so I didn’t finish.

      No way does Jill not know about this. IF she had a working brain or a decent PR rep they should ask her to take it down. Fans of the show just can’t take anymore of Jill’s stupidity. She looks worse and worse everyday. And with a fan like Maggie who needs enemies?

      • MickeyMouth says:

        But, they hired her “for a nominal fee”. Some fan off the street if I read the blog correctly. Fans are fickle and Jill has turned many a fan into a blogger of the I Hate Jill Zarin blog, lol. Whether they knew she wrote this particular blog, she’s on the payroll talking for Jill Zarin. If I didn’t dislike Jill Zarin so much I might actually start to feel sorry for her stupidity.

  9. Fabulous Earth says:

    Wow. SMH @ Theresa demanding 3k for a charity appearance. Damn shame.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Who does she think she is Snookie?

      Actualyl I have never seen Jersey Shore but I know what a Snookie is nonetheless, lol.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I just found the article on that story. It was a charity for abused women and children and others (Danielle) had waved fees. If this is true then this woman is truly despicable -http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/teresa_doesn_come_free_10Qaq3e8DZ9O9t6K10JmIK#ixzz0uodajwih

      Decline if you don’t want to go, but to ask for a fee = no shame.

  10. Squirrels says:

    Thanks for the recap Lynn. I forgot BB was on last night, so am quite glad you could fill us in. One question: what was the physical challenge? I get that it was balancing on something over water, but could you or someone elaborate for me?

    Thanks again!!

  11. About the obsession with designer fashion.
    Since it is Rachel Zoe’s business, I can understand why she is a little “bananas” over it.
    What I don’t understand is how people like Teresa, and her fans can overlook serious problems and focus on the fashion & styles.
    I found this style site yesterday while looking for photos from The Hamptons weekend
    I don’t know if the blog-author is a paid partner of Teresa’s or a fan of fashion, its kind of hard to tell.
    Personally, I like nice things as much as the next person. OK, maybe not quite as much as the next person, truthfully, I’m a little more crunchy-granola/Antiques-Roadshow/Hoarders, when it comes to style,(ha ha I’m sure that Bravo’s advertiser’s are not interested in my demographics), so I realize that ostentatious displays of things that I cannot afford, are not really my cup of tea, but that they have to be somebody’s cup of tea, or we’d all be wearing Prairie dresses like Morman’s or worse.
    So I get that the Housewives are a vehicle for trend-setting and showing-off style & fashion.
    What I don’t get is how someone like Teresa is willing to go to extremes, just to be able to wear a crazy chinchilla shrug, live in a mansion, and all the trappings that go with.
    Even for someone who’s serious about style & fashion, there has to be a connect somewhere with what one can personally afford to have.
    I don’t know if SWAG is an acronym for “stolen without a gun”, but it appears as-if Teresa’s entitled worldview is basically that anything she wants is her’s for the taking.
    What really gets to me is that there are people who actually approve of her excesses.

    • BamaBelle says:

      *SWAG is an acronym for “stolen without a gun*
      LOL… I love that Housewive-Hater!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        LOL- I love it too. I bet someone like Perez Hilton or Andy steals it and makes it their own.

    • error404 says:

      HWH I find this post highly offensive!

      How could you even think to use the words “Teressa” and “Style” in the same sentence, and not even have the common curtesy to soften the blow with cushioners like “total lack of” or “horrendous”?

      If TG is a style icon, than Rhea Perlman is a supermodel, Sherri Shepard is a genius rocket scientist/brain surgeon, Donald Trump is the sexiest man alive, Kayto Kalin is a billionaire business genius and Madonna is the greatest actress of our age!

      I don’t care how much money she stole, her Mc Mansion looks like one of those blow up castles you rent for kids parties so they can bounce around in it, and the interior was all furnished at Walmart!

      Love her style or hate her style, Zoe at least has talent. TG is the missing link.

  12. Squirrels says:

    Wow. Just read that last link Lynn posted re: the Atlanta wedding. The comments began discussing the dopey PR dude and turned into an Atlanta is a racist city argument. Not the Atlanta I visited in the late 70’s it seems. Who knew?

    • Quincy IL says:

      Atlanta was supposed to be the new Mecca for progressive young Blacks. I saw a CBS show on that.

  13. TLM says:

    No interest in whiny Rachel Zoe, and the news about Tay-Tay leaving has already been all over the Internet, making the teasers a giant yawn. Once this show went off the air, did anyone care about what Brad, Taylor, or for that matter, Rachel was doing? I just can’t deal with again watching the manufactured drama of her company having to get a dress to some actress in time for some event, nor am I fascinated by the fact that Rachel had a dream about turquoise, nor can I watch Brad cry (yet again) over the fact that he forgot double-stick tape in his bag or for some equally vapid reason. This show only made me happy that I’m not working in these jobs. I watched it only because I was so stunned at the self-absorbed way these people acted, and I guess the star factor made it more bearable than Miami Social, but when I think about it, they weren’t all that different. I think I would shoot myself in the head on day 2 if I worked for Rachel — and I love fashion. Not that it matters, but I also think Rachel’s taste sucks. Faux fur vests, giant sunglasses and piled-on junk jewelry do not a stylist make in my book, and I got really sick of her talking about how she imparted all her wisdom to Taylor. I could duplicate Rachel’s choices very easily. Her whole aesthetic appears to be based on costumes from The Sonny & Cher Show. I also think she needs to stop babbling about Armani Prive and finally check in to an eating disorders clinic. Enough with the bullshit about Rachel just being “stressed.” The woman is an anorexic and probably bulemic as well. Is everyone going to wait until she drops dead to finally address this??

    Jeff Lewis — I’ve had my fill of the neuroses. Jenny is sweet but I cannot stand to see her or any other employees belittled by Jeff, who seems to be his happiest when he is putting others down, making them do humiliating things, or laughing at their pain. Buh-bye.

    It’s funny that Big Brother was written about extensively above, because totally by accident I ran into it last night and watched for the first (and most likely, last) time ever. I think it was the surfboards that intrigued me. It seemed unfair, as some people were literally given no room to stand on their boards while others had plenty. They literally pushed some people off the boards by pulling them in unreasonably far. Other than that, I thought the Matt guy was unflatteringly smug, and that the redhead is probably being conned by the guy who told her that “at least they have each other”. Not knowing whether they came to the show as a couple or not, my guess is they met on the show and he’s playing her for his own advantage. I saw the same thing happen on the original Apprentice, when a really smart and attractive girl totally lost her focus and got booted. You’d think it’d be the girls playing the guys in this way, not the other way around.

    Back to BGM, I was surprised that Jason let slip the name of his hometown, Hazleton, on the show. I couldn’t figure out why the town name sounded familiar to me, and then I remembered: it’s where all PA attorneys have to send their annual fees. The Disciplinary Board of the PA Supreme Court is located there. It’s 66 miles from Harrisburg. I still don’t understand why they aren’t located in Harrisburg, the state capital, since that’s where the Court sits. As far as I know, that was Hazleton’s only claim to fame until Jason Hoppy put them on the map again. 🙂 Yes, Jason Hoppy, father, husband, and…businessman. LOL.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I don’t get the appeal of Rachel Zoe either and I think she looks atrocious in her hideous moo-moos draped around her skeleton-like self. I tried to watch her show-ONCE, fake over-drama indeed.
      I could pick a gorgeous gown out of a room full of beautiful gowns, duh.
      I’ve never watched Jeff Lewis, I’ll give it a try this season.
      I’ve never watched BB before, though Graham Norton seems to get a kick out of the GB version. I tried watching from “On Demand”, I don’t think I’ll become a fan. 2 shows in……..not “getting it”. Maybe I’m too old and jaded. Oh well, I can still enjoy the blog posts here and live vicariously through the humor and highlights provided by Lynn and her lovely following of posters. thanks guys:-)

  14. priscilla goodwin says:

    I just watched Bethaney on mike huckaby show and she was great Jill has to be exploding by now with all the exposure bethaney is getting. Racheal Zoe is a big yawn-she treated Taylor badly concerning the Paris trip. The gay guy is a cry baby-cant these celebs dress themselves? Did they lose all sense of fashion when they became famous?? Big brother is a bore also. Theresa,find another way to get out of debt-dont charge to go to a charity event,you are not Paris Hilton.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      lmfao @ “cant these celebs dress themselves? Did they lose all sense of fashion when they became famous??”

      • Quincy IL says:

        Do the celebs pay for the fashions? They must pay Rachel. She has to pay those employees.

        • DesertGal says:

          Celebs usually don’t pay for the red carpet fashions – designers loan them the clothes. But they do have to pay for the services of a stylist if they use one-and I imagine Rachel Zoe charges quite a bit.

          I always wonder the same thing. Why do celebrities need stylists? Seriously…if you know you have a red carpet event coming up, then haul your butt down to one of those fancy schmancy designer boutiques and pick something out, for pete’s sake. You know the salespeople probably fall all over themselves helping celebrities coordinate with jewelry, shoes, etc.

          • error404 says:

            I hear that you can pull a tooth by tying a string to a door knob too! who needs dentists.
            heck, let’s just fire obama and run this country ourselves!
            (oh snit! did I just accidentally join the tea party?)

            • sophie says:

              My dad liked pulling our loose teeth out this way. And then we got to play hunt for the tooth in the shag carpet. Super fun.

            • tuzentswurth says:

              No, seriously Error, this is dressing yourself. Something you learn at around 2-3 years old. I’ve seen fashion looks on red carpets by stylists that were grotesque and I’m sure you all have.
              And, yes, many people got out the pliers and pulled their own teeth for many years. It worked, but if you can afford it, a more painless dental procedure is preferred.
              Maybe the “stars” prefer to have someone to blame if they look atrocious, but really, don’t you ever look at one of them and say “Did she look in a mirror?”

          • Need a Hobby says:

            “Why do celebrities need stylists?”

            Two words: Cybill Shepherd.

            (Just an example for those who may remember some of her red carpet outfits….and the sneakers.)

      • error404 says:

        because all celebs are born with fashion sense? I must have missed that article in the NEJOM. lol

        • DesertGal says:

          Snit is right.

          I didn’t say that all celebs are born with fashion sense. But, stylists don’t choose gowns and clothes for the celeb-they pull together a small collection and the celeb chooses what they like. The celeb could just as easily do that in a boutique.

          I wasn’t aware that stylists are just as vital as dentists, I guess.

          • error404 says:

            Because Arts in the USA will always be on the bottom rung of the respect ladder.

          • error404 says:

            “I didn’t say that all celebs are born with fashion sense.”

            nor did anyone say you did.

            Perhaps you were confused by my reply to Fabulous Earths comment “Did they lose all sense of fashion when they became famous??” which seems to imply that celebrities had fashion sense before they were famous.

    • cusi 77 says:

      “The gay guy is a cry baby”


      With all due respect, in this forum we do not talk about sexual, religious or political preferences of “Reality stars”, for instance: we do not say “Teresa, the heterosexual, is one of the most unintelligent housewives”.

  15. Olivia says:

    Cannot imagine anyone finding Kim G either interesting or refreshing. This is a woman who is nothing but a two headed snake who has slithered between both camps in her quest for facetime. Other than watching the dubious ending to this horrid series, I have no further interest in giving Bravo any ratings by tuning into a network willing to make “stars” out of the likes of Danielle, Theresa, Trashley or Kim G. Bad enough we must suffer through the “angst” of Albie week after week but this is aiming much too low for my taste.

    Rewarding unrewarding people who show such a lack of principles and integrity has finally come to an end.

    Kim G for heavens sake! Does it get any worse? I wouldn’t let that beast walk my dog. Shameless “famewhore” for sure.

    • BamaBelle says:

      I so agree about Kim G…. I hope and pray the announcement on the season finale of WWHL isn’t that Kim G. has been named the newest RHONJ-GROSS!
      But I do hope Bethenny has an announcemnet of a second season of BGB, renamed of course, or is getting a talk show/food show.

      I couldn’t agree more with TLM about Rachel Zoe, either. TLM said everything I wanted to say… there’s nothing to add except, I don’t know what Taylor did?… Can somebody fill me in?

      • Fabulous Earth says:

        She left for another gig (by her own free will, she wasn’t fired) – at least this is what I read. I also read on the web that there were “rumors” that she was fired because she “stole clothes” *insert eyeroll here*. I think that was “leaked” in order to generate interest for the another season. In my opinion, she was an integral part of the show’s interest. No Taylor, no “nemesis”, lol. In my opinion of course.

        • BamaBelle says:


          I did hear that she was fired and wondered if it was true because I can’t imagine Taylor stealing from Rachel. Taylor WAS the show. I’m not fond of Rachel and her “I died” over some freaking evening gown. I do watch for the fashions and I LOVE all things vintage, but Rachel Zoe is a nut-job in her own right.

          Stress my ass-I agree with TLM, more like anorexia was/is her “secret” medical problem last year, and from what I can tell-it still doesn’t look like she’s eating!

          • error404 says:

            they seem to be at a “she said/she said” standoff. Taylor says she quit, Zoe says she was fired. Either has a 50/50% chance of being true.

            I wonder if this season will bomb? Taylor was the Danielle of RZP. A total evil bitch, without whom there’d be no show. Even s3 seems to revolve around talk of Taylor no longer being there. I guess we now know the plot of RHONJ should Danielle ever leave the show. lol

    • Quincy IL says:

      Somehow the thought of Kim G in a luxury suite looking over the Coliseum while twittering insults to Teresa about prison cells intrigues me. Of course, I spent my morning watching kids wash their pigs.

  16. Zipit Zarin says:

    I’ll always think of Kim G.’s “sex hair” from on. LOL

    Danielle: “Don’t call me honey.”

    Kim: “And stop staring at my sex hair.” Too Funny!

  17. Gingers poo says:

    This is the worst BB cast EVER.

    The feeds have been boring, but a few things happened last night. You can see recaps of the live feeds in this thread if you want to know what’s happening behind the scenes. LOTS of spoilers though, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read.


    I only like Britney and Andrew at this point.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I have to agree. I just can’t get into to it this year. I was even bored reading the recappers at Suck’s and that is usually more entertaining then the show itself. Even Suck’s can’t make BB sound interesting this year and that is saying a lot! I don’t know, maybe they should stop hiring model/actors and put a few “real people” in their reality.

  18. viki55 says:

    The segment where Bethenny talks about Clinton wedding.

  19. moriasheehan says:

    OT….. anyone else watching Covert Affairs and Memphis Beat? 2 great new shows. i know they are not reality shows, but, i love crime shows, too. NCIS, NCIS LA, Bones, Law and Order, L&O CI, Masterpiece Mystery are my long time favorites.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Masterpiece Mystery is my all time favorite. What network are Covert Affairs and Memphis Beat on?

      • moriasheehan says:

        Covert Affairs is on Tues @ 10 on USA
        Memphis Beat is on Tues @ 10 on TNT
        i watch Memphis at 10 then Covert on USA online. Memphis is not available online as far as i can tell.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Watching Memphis Beat, I love it- while hubby thinks it’s dumb.

      We were both big fans of My name is Earl, I was really bummed out when the canceled that and Ghost Whisper.

      • jezzibel says:

        I kinda like Covert Affairs…I defo have White Collar stored on DVR…Matt Bomer definantly would, with the lights on.
        Geroge Clooney is one of the producers of Memphis Beat..totally random
        A&E’s the Glades is just awesome…well written, good actors
        and I adore TNT’s leverage..I never could get into the Closer though.

        • The Closer is one of my favorites, I will not miss an episode. The cast is awesome and I could not imagine anyone else in their roles. I thought the Glades looked interesting, but I didn’t have the time available to add it to my list of shows … maybe if they repeat them later??? 🙂

          • dumberries says:

            Me too – I love “The Closer”. I’m on the west coast, so I’ve got about an hour and 15 minutes til the second episode of this season. Counting down…

    • Ada May says:

      I am watching both — love them! Also watched The Mentalist and Castle.

    • twoile says:

      Love all of them, “Covert Affairs” maybe the award winner of the season. “Bones” is always entertaining, all time fav MP & M on PBS.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I have been trying to get into the Glades – sort of like it but won’t care much if I missed it. Waiting for Destination Truth to come back – Josh is a hunk. And one more week til Shark Week! Lame but true…..

  20. moriasheehan says:

    look at these pics and love yourselves

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      lol. A lot of these look photoshopped though.

      • LoveBeth says:

        I can believe these stars having cellulite. Excercise, food/diet are not enough to deal with the prb. I think Eva Longaria is not that bad. Many web sites have pointed out kelly’s mega-cellulite though. Kelly mentioned excercising 7 days a week as being “healthful” I thought most trainers recommend at least 3-4 days a week. I see why her feets hurt. Too much.

        • Fabulous Earth says:

          I believe 99.9% of them do! The only female personalities I’ve seen are certain athletes – and I mean marathon runners like at the ING marathon here in NYC.

          Nothing wrong with a lil’ cellulite anyway imo, it’s natural with us women. I just don’t want it to look too crazy on me, like I was wearing a cottage cheese legging costume lol.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      Also, I love the non-touched up photos of “glamorous” people! If I come across any links, I’ll post them.

    • Tootsie says:

      Once again Kelly looks terrible. I’m so sick of the news articles saying she is beautiful, I just don’t see it. She has no good side. There are lumps and bumps in the front, cellulite in the back a honker of a nose. Her hair is greasy but the back of her head is her best shot.

  21. viki55 says:


    I think this is a wonderful picture of Alex. I love her outfit!

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    • BamaBelle says:

      OMG-Alex does look fabulous. I love her outfit, shoes and hair!

    • LoveBeth says:

      Bethenny is #1 on the list. I agree Alex looked great. Bethenny, Alex, Ramona and Tamra are the only worthy people there. I do not understand why sleeping with married men and using your body for money makes you a “hot housewife”? I liked Nene in season 1 now she has become so fake and whiny. Sheree was fake all along, she toned it down in season 2 though. People need to stop calling Kiki a journalist cuz geez that woman is nuts.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      OMG Barbie is her stylist – she looks amazing, fabulous and just plain good!

    • cusi 77 says:

      She is a doll!

  22. Fabulous Earth says:

    Hey all,

    In your opinion, what do you feel is proper protocol or etiquette for public personalities when using social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc)? How much is too much? Shouldn’t folks respond to their tweeters and/or FB friends/fans instead of updating on every ‘fabulous’ move and asking a question at the end (of which they do not respond to even one)?

    What things should be relevant? What things do you find obnoxious, desperate and downright annoying?

    I really want to know what you all think cuz I’m starting to feel a lil’ jaded about some of it. Lynn, what are your thoughts?

    • Oooooo I HATE those stupid manipulative questions at the ends of the tweets!! It makes me think, ‘BITCH PLEASE!’ …..although since that’s one of my favorite phrases I do tend to overuse it at every opportunity. I just feel like, who are they clowning? Like they really would care if I tweeted back

      ‘Hieeee! Your weekend sounds fab!! I’ve been In bed for almost 2 months because I had a 13 hour operation’…… Yeah, I’m sure these celebs would be tripping over themselves to race to the keyboard to reply……NOT!

      Just tweet, don’t pretend to care!!

      • error404 says:


        They work my last nerve too. I know it’s just something one has to put to drive the comments up, which is another “ranker” in that world, but it’s so obviously fake.

        Yet it works. I’m actually way more surprised by the amount of people who respond. Like these people really care that you stayed in bed all WE with a cold! Who writes this stuff to famous people?!?! Are you a shut in, or do think they’re actually their friend? lol

        • Quincy IL says:

          Bethenny told people that she reads every comment.

          I don’t need to communicate with reality stars. I have my cats.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Yeah. Ditto on the fakeness. And tweeting the minute details as if every act or word is gold.

          Celeb tweets I’d like to see:

          “What should I have for lunch? Pork chops w broccoli or corn?”

          “Taking a dump. Think it was the corn. What do u think?”

          “Yes, definitely corn. Glad that’s over with.”

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      I’d like to hear about more normal people stuff. Quite frankly I’m getting depressed over the fact that they are having more fun in a week I’ll have all year.And damn if Ramona hasn’t made me feel terrible for my grandkids with all of her Avery reports.My grandkids didn’t get to go on
      any vacation.And the one big event of the summer,the county fair,got rained out 4 of 5 days.Church camp got ruined for my 12yo GD because of some middle aged man being inappropriate.She looks forward to going every year and now she never wants to go again.
      I tweeted Ramona a couple of days ago asking her to humor me and tell me about doing laundry.She never did.Guess someone else does her laungry.

      • Quincy IL says:

        We have satellite tv and satellite internet. There are a lot missing moments in my recorded shows.

      • I am so sorry for your granddaughter because of a pervert. My family has been in a similar situation, except it was at school. There is a verse that says (paraphrased) “It would be better for them to be cast into the depths of the sea than to lead astray/mess with a child.”
        Our big vacation was last summer, and it was awful not being able to go anywhere this year. I tell myself that you can build memories anywhere, and we’ll try next year.

  23. Sadie says:

    TLM- I’ve been watching the live BB feeds and you have it all wrong, “the redhead” (Rachel) is completly using the “the guy” (Brenden) for camera time neither are that into each other. They’re just trying to push an unwanted “shomance” on viewers.

    I do agree the competion was rigged but not in the way you viewed it. I believe it was rigged for the smaller HG’s, with smaller feet to have a better chance to win. This was a challange that Brendon was not suppose to win. ( and he didn’t) CBS doesn’t want this fake shomance any more than the viewrs do. – Just Sayin’

    I still Hate Jill Zarin!

  24. LoveBeth says:

    More pics of the ladies at the wkd Polo event in the Hamptons.

    Bethenny looked great. Check out the stains on Kiki’s dress. Kourtney looked like she was being forced to take a pic with Jill. The Jersey gals looked out of place especially Caroline. I like her hair though.


    • Fabulous Earth says:

      I just died from laughter @ kiki’s stains!!!!

    • viki55 says:

      Lordy, she (Kelly) looks like she belong in a sceen from Aliens! What is that about to erupt from her stomach???

    • boston02127 says:

      Bwhahahah—Is that duck poo on her dress?

    • error404 says:

      “Check out the stains on Kiki’s dress.”

      are they stains or shadows? Regardless, that fit is so unflattering, it’s insane! Did she fire her stylist, or is this proof of what happens when celebs dress themselves? Dittto for Caro Manzo!

      ” Kourtney looked like she was being forced to take a pic with Jill. ”

      I know ! Which is hysterical because, hello!, she’s KK not Helen Mirren or Kate Blanchet. LOL

      • tuzentswurth says:

        OK, I’ll admit, KKB DOES need someone to dress her, in fact make her over completely. What a sad look.

    • Tootsie says:

      Good Gawd, she looks like a gypsy. The dress is horrific and……there are those funny lumps and bumps on her mid-section again.

    • Zoey says:

      What the heck kind of dress is that Kellamity is wearing? Or is it a remnant of cheap Zarin fabric thrown over a peach colored shirt? And she always has that weird stomach pooch… If Sonya were tacky, she would have told her that when Kelly tried to make Sonya feel bad for getting her tummy sucked out.

      And what is Caroline wearing? Her husband’s shirt? Geez.

    • BamaBelle says:

      OMG! I can’t believe Kelly didn’t notice that stain on her dress, unless it’s part of the pattern. And, there’s that WEIRD thingy-bumpy-thingy sticking out of Kelly’s dress-what is that!?! Really, what is it? Is it part of her body? I’ve seen several pictures of her with whatever that is sticking out.

      That freaking boyfriend of Kourtney’s, that man is the most annoying, stinking arrogant, jerk-ass, I’ve ever seen. He makes my skin crawl! It’s rumored Kourtney is preganant again and marrying Scott, I don’t know if that’s true. What an idiot if she marries Scott!

      Caroline looks so “under-dressed” and out of place. I guess the poor thing doesn’t have Rachel Zoe to dress her, LOL!

      Bethenny looks GOOD. I love her dress and hat. I’m still wondering what that thing is sticking out on Kelly!

      • error404 says:

        Kiki’s karnage: she blamed it on her 2nd kid, I assume from the pregnancy. She remarked one time in passing something about “and then Teddy broke my sternum” or something, I forget. I remember thinking at the time of the hernia my nephew gave my sister, but also thinking that what kiki said didn’t quite add up. I know, big surprise, right?

        Caro Manzo: yes, I think she was going for casual and it misfired. RZ to the rescue! She saves fashion lives! lol Anywho, tis a pity since Caro looked really glammed up in the pic Jill twated the night before of them out on the town.

        • Zoey says:

          As far as Kelly, I see a sternal lump and a weird tummy lump. She said on her Twitter page that due to her daughter she can’t wear jumpsuits (??) because her daughter pushed her sternum out.

          Uh, I’m a nurse, and a mother, and no I do not know everything, but I do know I’ve never heard of a pregnancy having anything to do with your sternum protruding.

          I decided to tweet Kelly and give her my opinion…boy did she BLAST me!!
          I just told her that I know she loves her kids and she didn’t mean any harm, but I know how a child feels if a parent says something like that out loud. It can hurt the child or give them a complex, though unintended.

          She said some garbled mess like ‘Hurt children?? Anyone who hurts children is terrible….’ Just like the bullying thing, she went on and on about people who hurt children. She never for a second took to heart what I was saying. Oh well.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            I’m a nurse and a mother too. I can’t in my wildest imagination think how a child can push out or break your sternum….actually that is the xiphoid process at the end of the sternum. A pregnant uterus isn’t going to take the path of MOST resistance!

      • NormaJean says:

        I think the stains are from sweat.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Did you notice all the people around her are in shorts/casual whites? WTF is she wearing? Did she pin that creation together herself? And she spilled her Koodaide down the front of it???? What a hot mess!

      • tuzentswurth says:

        And for heaven’s sake, get some foundations or shape-wear on that middle-aged body. You’re not 19 Kelly and you’re not even a good 42. What a moron.

  25. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the new blog Lynn. 5 stars. I’ve been watching BB and I have to agree with the above post by WindyCityWondering. There isn’t anyone on the show I want to root for. I’m dying to find out who the two are that are life long friends. For some reason I think it’s Rachael and Brendon. I’m hoping Matt will back door one of them this week. I’m sick of them making out 24/7.

    re: Teresa– I can’t believe she is charging 3k for an appearance at a charity event. She really thinks she’s important. Apparently she doesn’t understand the word charity. She should watch her step, she may soon be standing in a charity line for a box of Ramen noodles and a big square of cheese. Karma is a b*&%$!

  26. boston02127 says:

    Nadya Suleman is on Oprah (octomom).

  27. Kelly-Has -Big-Shoulders says:

    Could the life long friends be Britney and Kathy? Perhaps mother and daughter they are both from Arkansa. The life ling friends was something the saboteur said so it’s unsure if that was a lie or if it’s true.

    Teresa is so disgusting. Also People magazine has now posted the auction date they are a little behind since Lynns blog had that info week before. Soon the whole world will know what a con She is and perhaps she will need to start begging people for appearances not the other way around.

  28. Kelly-Has -Big-Shoulders says:

    I think those are chicken wing stains on Kellys Dress. She looks dirty unlike Bethenny who looks clean and put together Kelly is a MESS and not a HOT one.

  29. MrWestVirginia says:

    Did not see it mentioned, but there is a story about Teresa and Joe on http://dlisted.com/
    Nothing new but still funny to read.

  30. boston02127 says:

    Ashley started her intership today. Ashley’s tweet: taking a break from interning to go meet up with my mama, aunts, gretchen & slade for lunch 🙂 then back to my internship

    Ashley and Gretchen and Slade? Teresa and Jill. What is happening here? LOL, it’s a world gone mad.

    • MrWestVirginia says:

      Internship? To what? I did not that working as a waitress had internships!! hahaha.

      • MrWestVirginia says:

        In my zest to be witty, I erred–should have been, “I did not know…..etc., etc.” Dumb hillbilly boy!! LOL

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Damn, did Bravo give Ashley an internship??? What are all those characters doing together? Bravo’s F List?

  31. LoveBeth says:

    I feel sad for Kelly and her appearance, I think people are embarassed to be seen by her.

    I checked TV by the numbers and BGM did well last week. A total of 1.907 million viewers http://tvbythenumbers.com/2010/07/26/thursday-cable-burn-notice-on-top-futurama-slips-bethenny-stable/58198

    It did better than the previous week.

  32. Zoey says:

    On Flipping Out they are talking a lot about Jenni’s divorce. Anyone know if she is still single or has she found someone? Oh, and what about Jeff? Same question.

    • error404 says:

      well, he says in the promo “can you fire someone for being pregnant?” so…is he not talking about Jenni?

      • BamaBelle says:

        I think Jeff is talking about Sarah… is that her name? His new assistant he hired last year. She’s the younger sister of Jeff’s realitor. I love Sarah, so does Jeff… he was just being Jeff when he said that… I hope, LOL!

        • error404 says:

          Thanks. It’s hard to tell the way Bravo edits things. I’m sure he doesn’t LOL when the dog pees on her head. At least I hope not. I would have killed him.

    • twoile says:

      That was a rerun I believe b/c Jenni has beed divorced 4 over 1yr.

  33. Capiche says:


    Someone posted yesterday about a twitter convo and a bet made with Jacqueline about Teresa the pig’s home auction actually happening. Even Teresa the pig’s attorney confirming it in this article. He’s appealing though. Good luck with that!

    • error404 says:

      “I don’t think Teresa is happy seeing all her belongings displayed on the Internet,” he says, adding that she feels it should have been handled in court before being made public. “Clearly they are under the microscope because they are famous.”

      They’re more infamous than famous, but whatever. The lying bitch is pure evil. Everything that is being shown on the internet for auction is something she bought on the show… I’m beginning to think that house isn’t even where they really live. Her making out that the auctioneers posted pictures of her underwear drawer and are selling sentimental family heirlooms is just yet another reason to want to yank a hair extension out of her thick head with your bare hands.

      • MrWestVirginia says:

        Error, if you do yank out a hair extension of out of Teresa’s hair, PLEASE make sure it is near the forehead, as the poor dear doesn’t have one!! haha.

        • Zoey says:

          Lolol, good one.

          So what happens to all the jewelry? Is that sold separately? I don’t see any of that listed. Maybe they don’t take away jewelry or furs, etc.

          • error404 says:

            or maybe she doesn’t own them. for all we know everything on the show is borrowed from Borscht, or whatever Kim X’s store is called.

    • BamaBelle says:

      Obviously we have objections to what they’re trying to do,” he says, noting that many of the items listed were purchased after the bankruptcy filing with money earned post-petition, meaning they should not be included among the bankruptcy assets.

      You’ve got to be kidding me? They file for bankruptcy to wipe out 11 million dollars because they only bring in 79,000 yearly. Now, all of a sudden the Guidices have money and bought those things after filing for banlruptcy… what? If suddenly the money is flowing again then they should take some of that money and pay down their debts instead of buying extravagant, expensive things… ohhhh, I hope they don’t get away with this!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        This lawyer is skirting the judgement – which they can appeal, but the money earned post petition goes to paying what the trustee says gets paid. The Guidices undervalued many items, they didn’t list all items and they lied about income and other assets. They got caught doing so! So appeals are likely being denied and the train has left the station – they thought they could play the system and now the system has them! It will take time but $11 million is alot of payback karma!

        • MAMAZ says:

          “Clearly they are under the microscope because they are famous.”

          Ah, but aren’t they famous because they are under the microscope?

  34. 2Stupid says:

    Who do you suppose could of leaked this, if it’s true? I wander if Jill is still trying to make nice? http://blogs.glam.com/glamblush/2010/07/26/bethenny-frankel-primps-at-red-door-spa-in-nyc/

    • error404 says:

      3 guesses who leaked it:
      a. lisa wexler’s sister
      b. bobby zarin’s wife
      c. ally shapiro’s mom

      my guess: Jill gave B the gift before the feud. B is just finally getting around to using it. JZ found out about it from RDS.

    • Squirrels says:

      Who says it was a gift from Zarin? Most gift certs are done with swipe cards now. Zarin’s name wouldn’t be imprinted on the damned thing.

  35. Update I spoke to Tresa’s trustee who asked me who posted his # ? 🙂 I switched topics.I informed him MANY bloggs are full of people outraged that Trashy (I explained that is T’s blogg name)would stiff hard working NJ creditors
    & insult them then the next minute to say she can’t live in a pre used home. Any way he appreciated my call. So here is the info : call fax or email him: John W. Sywilok51 Main StreetHackensack, NJ 07601 Phone: (201)487-9390 Fax: (201)487-9393. Call fax let Trustee Sywilok know u won’t stand by quietly to be ripped off as an honest hard working tax payer by Juicy & Tacky. He can be influenced if you make it personal not just hear say from bloggs he is just learning about
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

    • Squirrels says:

      Could you please post his email addy? thanks. I’d advise him to get someone to watch the season and screen freeze shots with jewelry. Then ask T-man, ‘scuse me lady, please produce that three diamond droplet necklace for appraisal. TYVM.

    • klmh says:

      NYC Wall St Palm Beach Ladyl:
      This is just the best post ever on this site! Thank you, and all, who have contributed information concerning these liars and thieves, the Giudice’s. I can only hope Mr. Sywilok looks into this site for further information concerning Teresa’s properties, etc, under her maiden name. One blogger mentioned a misspell of her name in investments of hers as well.
      We have all been ripped by these people and you have to wonder, with over 2.5 million people declaring bankruptcy in the past two years, how many more are there that fit this profile?
      I will write to him as well and thank you again for your diligence and chutzpah, in the best possible way, concerning this important issue.

    • klmh says:

      Yes, please include his email address. I have my letter already written.
      Thanks again.

    • Capiche says:

      Well, I’m really surprised that you spoke to him, but I would caution all of us not to email him with the same info that’s all over the Internet. I think it’s already being done. It can be overkill and we should be careful since Lynn went through that whole sympathy card crap some months back.

      • klmh says:

        I disagree, and do not consider this as harassment. This gentleman has a job to do and any additional information he can find thru this site or other printed internet information or video would be helpful in his investigation. I see no downside to this at all.
        The decision some made to send cards to Jill was to make fun of her and rub her nose in mistakes she had made during this past season. It was a hateful idea in the first place. There is nothing hateful or demeaning in contacting this gentleman, its just helping him do his job, but thats just my opinion.

    • error404 says:

      OH MY GOD!

      Kiki will always be my pick for ‘hot tranny mess of the day!’

      “And you were just recently at The Mohegan Sun Casino – what was that about?
      I was at Mohegan Sun for the opening of their Mohegan Sun Days event, it’s their [monthly] GL — GLBT night. I always think that sounds like BLT”

      OMG! stop kiki stop! lol

      • boston02127 says:

        While reading I started to count each time she said “like” but I gave up. She’s freakin head aching.

        • tuzentswurth says:

          She says “obviously” so much too. If it’s so damn obvious, then don’t tell me, moron. It’ll be obvious.

      • dumberries says:

        Just wow. Kelly’s gonna set up live streaming in her office from her iphone so we can all watch her work, unedited. She’ll be doing some “suprise new job” as an editor – that she probably created for herself. Why does she think people will watch? Where have all these amazing and interesting people she knows been for the last 2 years of RHNYC? She is the least shy and the biggest media whore of all. Go save a duck Kelly, you’re making my head hurt!

    • Squirrels says:

      Good find Boston –

      “You say you get paid to entertain. So are those reactions absolutely real or is there some hyperbole to live up to those expectations?

      No, my reactions are incredibly authentic, but it’s like being in a bad improv class. I’m responding to something that I wouldn’t necessarily respond to but because I am getting paid I have to respond to it. Is it a normal occurrence to me? I would never engage in fighting.”

      Except, of course, when I’m beating the living crap out of my boyfriend, then all bets are off.

    • I got a headache from reading that….what a mess! KKB on a live stream…..ugh, just NO. Please go away.

      • Tootsie says:

        Kapow! Bang! Pop! That’s the sound of me shooting my brains out. The only thing more disgusting than Kiki is an afternoon spent in the men’s room.

      • error404 says:

        haha! The circular logic does feel like being lost in the car without a map. Didn’t we already pass that tree?

        She was bullied by the other 4 women on the show. Bullying is a really really serious issue, it does so much harm. No, the show wasn’t difficult for her, not at all.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      How can someone from Rockford, Illinois be a real New York Socialite? She was a model, who married a model user and is now a divorcee! And I have never heard of back door education before – fight and learn?
      Gotta say the interviewer had a blast! Kelly just continues to live in flowers and lollipop land……

      • Quincy IL says:

        Sonja said she was from a small town.

        Bethenny said that Kelly was in the stratta above Jill and Bethenny when she was in the pool with Jill at the beginning of season two. I have no doubt that Kelly is a socialite and the invitations to parties reflects that.

      • twoile says:

        I’ve been curious about KiKi assertion that she is a socialite. No blue blood anywhere near Bravo that I could see. Self appointed does not count (no pun intended) Finantially secure, as are Ramona, Jill & Sonia, is wonderful but my guess is that it does not open the blue blood doors or let you (them) play in their (ice skating rink);0)

  36. nancy says:

    Kelly has no clue that she is being mocked and laughed at by the person doing the interview. Get a grip, girl.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      OMG, Does anybody’s kids here refer to you (their parent ) in the third person?

      “And I’m like, …and They’re like……and you’d be like” What a highly edumacated obvious rocket scientist our Kiki is.

  37. boston02127 says:

    Teresa (before enhancements) Where’s this ring?

  38. OK I know I said that I don’t care much for style & fashion-for myself, but a family member is on her way back from the Delia’s special warehouse sale in Wildwood NJ, this afternoon, and they said it was definitely worth the trip.
    The ad said savings as great as 80%! I didn’t know what that would mean since today was the first day of the sale, they filled the car up with new clothes, and celebrated by having a late lunch at The Lobster Shack, so they must have done pretty good.

  39. boston02127 says:

    I can see Ashley’s not going to last at this internship.
    Her tweet: ps for my internship… kate hudson IS in it…anne hathaway IS NOT …my bad..

  40. Claire says:

    I’ve been to lots of auctions at homes (estate sales), but I’ve never been asked to put up $300 before being allowed to bid. Is this because there’s also commercial equipment for sale? I live close by and really want to go to this auction just to see it. Can anyone enlighten me?

    • Squirrels says:

      I’ve never heard of it either, except at tax lien sales. Due to the interest from the general public, it may be their way of making sure riff raff stays away (or doesn’t steal the silverware). Oh wait, they have no formal silver or flatware listed. They must use plastic forks. Yeah, that’s it.

    • klmh says:

      I have had to pay before entering an auction. It was for an estate of a very well known wealthy family member in our community and it was to keep out the gawkers and those just “kicking tires”. Im sure they want serious bidders and buyers, and with the popularity of the show, the entry fee will reduce the number of onlookers, but knowing about these people, do you think you will get your money back if you don’t bid??? Hmmm, I don’t know… might want to look at this as an “event” with an admission of 300 bucks.
      I certainly would not trust anyone or anything concerning this corrupt family!

      • Squirrels says:

        It’s an estate sale run by the court. They won’t keep the $300. Now, if Joe and T were running the auction? They’d definitely keep the dough.

      • error404 says:

        ITA I’d assumed it was the “rubberneckers” fee. ‘Stay home if you just wanna gawk’

        Anyone remember the scene toward the beginning of ‘Camille’ where they all go to buy up the friends stuff at auction? I wonder if any of the other HW will be there? I bet D will buy something just to rub it in T’s face.

        • Even if she didn’t buy anything, camera footage of Danielle @ the auction would be GOLD. I would watch on Pay Per View….

        • Quincy IL says:

          I’ve gone to auctions and you always know what is good because the antique store reps bid. I don’t think any of them will show for Teresa’s fabulous faux furniture.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I was curious about that fee as well so I called my favorite Auction house to find out….the owner has seen it done (but never $300) but it was done to make sure people didn’t inflate the bids and to keep those who are just curious out of the way of those who are actually there to seriously bid on items. I asked him to review what was online and he emailed me – this is basically junk (except for the stove, tools and fixtures) and he said that maybe the company doing this sale has had problems in the past with people not honoring their bids, payments, etc so they are trying to control the sale. He said all companies take your information when you register (driver’s license information – addresses can change but your DL number doesn’t) and that is all that is needed – so if you bid and book you can be found!

  41. http://allieiswired.com/archives/2010/07/real-housewives-star-ashley-holmes-gets-plastic-surgery-photos/?utm_source=Beatz4Life.com&utm_medium=twitter

    HuH? Third time trying to post this. Story about Ashley/nose job. I think she’s starting to look like Danielle. Too much Botox©?

  42. boston02127 says:

    Ashley’s tweet: look what my boyfriend and his parents got me for my first crazy day of interning! hahaha i love them! http://tweetphoto.com/35116344

    She got a cake for working one day.

    • dumberries says:

      She got a nose job just for securing the job. I’m starting to think it’s smarter to set very low expectations of yourself to others – then every mundane thing you accomplish seems like a victory…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So Gretchen and Slade are a super couple? Ewwww
      So is she interning for Bravo?? Inquiring minds want to know!

  43. CdnFillie says:

    Curious..I know bankrupcy laws are different here in Canada…but since it’s common knowledge that alot of the expensive things we’ve seen T wear on the show aren’t listed in the public auction document someone posted in an earlier post…how is it the powers that be aren’t chasing after it and forcing her and Juicy (excuse me I have to gag when I think that) Joe to hand them over..didn’t they do an audit of what they own before they announced the public auction? I know that’s the first thing done here closely followed by seizing and freezing any future earnings and bank accounts.

    • Squirrels says:

      He may be juicy, but as they owe $12K to an in vitro clinic, it’s apparent his juice misses the mark.

    • dumberries says:

      I think they did an inventory/audit, but T & J hid a bunch of assets. That’s what got them in trouble and why they will be forced to auction, rather than being granted the “fresh start” bankruptcy they’d hoped for. They undervalued the items in the inventory and they hid a lot of assets and didn’t declare them at all. That’s why Squirrels keep saying the auditor should freeze frame shots from the show and make T account for all the assets they see that aren’t on the inventory list.

    • twoile says:

      Hence the use of cash…..question is where R they getting their cash & how much……is their reserve (hidden assets). Remember T paid $125,000 in cash 4 her LR + furniture. The question is how can they have that amt available when they declare the total family income per yr is $79,000. My guess is there isn’t anything in Bank accts unless it is someone elses name I.E. grandparents.

  44. Zoey says:

    Someone mentioned that Teresa couldn’t give Joe an heir, meaning a male. Just know that the determination of whether a baby will be a boy or a girl comes from the father’s side of the family, so Joe is the one putting out girls!

    • error404 says:

      It was said in the context of the Tudor dynasty.

      For all we know Guicy has a boy by his “Tara: The Paris of NJ” named Guicy Fitzwilliams. lol

      • Squirrels says:

        lolol…. I miss the Tudor’s series and have read in depth about the family. If ever you want a well researched set of books, I suggest Allison Weir.

        • error404 says:

          i’ve heard that but haven’t tried yet. the Julia Fox one was good but dry, and Filippa Gregory is too Jackie Collins for my taste.

        • mnsue says:

          I love Allison Weir too! I read 3 or 4 of hers years ago and just picked one up again today because I just watched season 4 of the Tudors. I used to wait for the dvds but realized I could buy showtime for a month or 2 and then cancel.
          Weir’s writing is so good because you really get a sense of the setting and it reads like a novel even though you know its fully researched.

  45. Squirrels says:


    @Ladyluv_25: @_ashleyholmes hi .. can u RT my daughther Mimi who’s 8 is a huge fan … and luvs u ..thanks

    • error404 says:

      probably the same woman who took her little girl to a Lady Gaga concert and then complained it was inappropriate for children and tried to get her money back.

  46. HD says:

    While I do think Danielle is taking the charges a little to far for having her hair pulled, I can’t stand how everyone wants to make excuses for Ashley and her behavior. No one is telling Ashley she should have NEVER pulled Danielle’s hair. This is why Ashley acts the way she does because they condone it by making this all Danielle’s fault. This is not Danielle’s fault. Ashley should have left her alone and none of this would have ever happened!

    • dumberries says:

      HD, I agree!

      As a smart person, you naturally assume there’s an inherent level of common sense and basic parenting skills involved. These people are less than common; they have no sense. They will continue to enable and reward bad behavior and blame others. Some solace to be taken: long after Ashley’s 15 minutes have expired, Jacqueline and family will be dealing with the monster they’ve created.

  47. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Seriously…..Teresa is starting to make me sick. She has no money, but she wants something special for their 10th anniversary. Really. Really??

    • HD says:

      If that is not pissing me off I don’t know what is!! Do you think she is one of those women who just have no clue about the finances or is she really just that damn selfish and irresponsible?

      It seems like Joe is stressing this gift thing but doesn’t want to really tell her that.

      • error404 says:

        I think she thought the bankruptcy wouldn’t go public. She probably expected to return everything once the camera stopped rolling. In fact, I think whatever she gets tonight is probably already back at the store, thus not on the auction list.

        Her wealth is about as real as her boobs. I wouldn’t be surprised to find she’s only slept with Guicy 4 times. The tramp doth protest too much.

      • dumberries says:

        She’s just that stupid, irresponsible, greedy and hairy. Period.

        • Scorpiosue1102 says:


        • WindyCityWondering says:

          And she knows where the money is coming from and how it is coming as well…..she signed mortgages, she has investments, please they steal and now they just can’t stay ahead of their own crimes…..

      • error404 says:

        I think it’s more like this:

        Guicy: “T, biznezis not so good. I think we auta cut back some.”
        Terra: “Honey, Caro sez she gonna git me on this show on da tv, and I got us a plan. See, we borrow somes moneys see, and then you gonna build us dis great big place of a house, like just for show right, and then we’ll get famous and everybody will wanna buy da house and hire yous and then we be rich baby.”
        Guicy: “Geez T iddano. We borrow from for everysbody already like”
        Terra: “trust me honey. I’m da brainz in this family. yeah we gotta borrow somes, but baby, once people see us on tv, they gonna be throwing moneys at us. and besides, we gonna return all the crap to the store aftas the show over anyways.”
        Guicy: “well I guess. Yous are a looker.”

  48. Capiche says:

    Ok. Being totally serious here. Watching RHONJ. Anyone remember the last time Jacqueline did anything on the show that didn’t have anything to do with Danielle? I’m remembering the state farm (?) episode but then she called the pigs Danielle. I want to shake her out of it. But I know it’s in the past.

  49. HD says:

    Danielle needs to stop pretending like she is letting her daughter sing like this is something so innocent. She just wants to sit back and take credit and talk about her great and wonderful she is a mother. Get over yourself. Obviously the girl doesn’t want to sing!

    • Sadly, I was not impressed with her singing. I was listening to all the hype about it, and was let down when it happened. She was not horrible, she was just not star quality.
      This is my opinion, and my daughters.

      • Squirrels says:

        Agreed as to star quality. So what? For me the fact she wrote a song for her sister and performed it made me smile. A memory made. Mommy Dearest be damned.

        • MAMAZ says:

          It was sweet. A young girls writing and singing a special song for her sister’s 16 birthday party. BUT, she is releasing a single and Danielle is clearly pushing the Jillian as a pop star thing. And I have to agree with mom2shelbyshae. It wasn’t professional quality. But then again neither are Tardy for the Part and Money Can’t Buy You Class.

        • I just don’t want mommy dearest to push her into an industry that will not accept her. Fortunately Christine has excelled in modeling, perhaps Jillian’s talent lies in songwriting instead of performing.
          I agree that she was tons better than Tardy for the Party and Money Can’t Buy You Class.

  50. Capiche What sympathy stuff did Lynn go through in the past. I am new to, not only this sight but to any sight. But no
    w I am hooked & I really like all those of you who want justice for people who steal & even worse put down people “too ugly ” who who must work for their money !

    • Squirrels says:

      In a nutshell Ladyl – a commenter suggested sending sympathy cards to Jill Zarin for losing her integrity. I expect she got a few, but hardly an onslaught. For the most part, it was humor. Some agreed, some did not. That’s what keeps us together. We can agree to disagree.

      That said, Zarin went ballistic and claimed she called the FBI because she got death threats. Can you say… WTF? Can you say… DELUSIONAL? Can you say… I WANT ATTENTION?

      Close nutshell.

    • Capiche says:

      Oh well.

      • dumberries says:

        I agree with what Capiche posted upthread. Certainly the folks in charge of auditing the Giudice’s assets are already onto the fact that they have undervalued and hidden assets, hence the public auction and public statements about the Giudice’s questionable filings. We don’t need to tell the financial experts what they’ve already figured out. If a bunch of people from this blog start emailing them what they already know, it doesn’t serve a purpose and results in unwanted drama here, IMO. Having said that, I respect any individual who feels strongly that their voice needs to be heard in this matter. I just think the system is working in this case; don’t mess with the IRS!

  51. IMJ says:

    Joe with his shirt off….I just threw up a little in my mouth. Short and chunky…gross.

  52. mnsue says:

    Teresa gets more studpider every time she opens her piehole. Stupider, studpider studpideeedoopidee

  53. Squirrels says:


    From Italian slang fugazi, “fake”; perhaps also slang version of Fugacious derived from Latin fugax, fugac-, “ready to flee, flying”, hence, fleeting, transitory
    fugazi (not comparable)
    (slang) Artificial, fake, false. Can be in reference to a thing or a person. If a person it is usually in reference to a superficial person.
    (slang) Something that has no substance.

    • Capiche says:

      I thought so! You think the ring is fake? Teresa’s, that is?

      • Melanie says:

        You are spot on, I told my husband she sure doesn’t seem very excited about that “Canary Yellow Diamond”. If it’s fake why would she be? If I received a piece of jewelry (REAL OF COURSE)
        I would have been either screaming or fainting.

        • Squirrels says:

          Sorry, but my response to that rock in chocolate would have been … quite different. (Insert tongue here) . Sorry again, but geez, we are women, not nimrods. Give me a yellow diamond that would feed a small country? DUDE… xoxo

          I stand by my slut standard.

    • As a fellow Italian, that was the best line of the night, I was lolling hard!!

  54. heathful_pioneer says:

    Jezebel just did a list of Kelly Bensimon’s 10 most insane quotes.


    • anitabee says:

      Thanks for the great link.

      I’m just throwing this out there but I have to think that at some point maybe in 2009 Kelly suffered a stroke and perhaps did not realize it. Women over 40 have to be very careful with their health.

      Regardless of how healthful Kelly thinks she is — I do believe she consumes less than 1000 calories a day. And I’ll go out on a limb and say her main diet consists of patron, beer and candy.

      Bravo please get her some medical help.

      • MAMAZ says:

        And that fact that she obviously has an eating disorder would make a stroke a very real possibility.

    • Waslurking says:

      It’s hard to pick………but I think #4 has my vote!

      “Why do we have to be all flowers and lollipops. Why can’t it be like fighting but we are actually learning. That’s called back-door education.”


    • dumberries says:

      Too funny! And these are the 10 Most Inane Quotes – FROM ONE RECENT INTERVIEW ONLY… Imagine someone trying to compile a list of all of her inane quotes from the show and all of her other interviews. It would be difficult to narrow it down to the Top 500 list..

    • LoveBeth says:

      I could not stop laughing ! I hope her family and loved ones can stage an intervention before she goes over the edge. I hope bethenny will not return if Kelly is back. She is not well at all.

    • CheriPie says:

      my head is spinning after reading that.

      • MAMAZ says:

        #1 – Now I really want a BLT.
        #3 – Alternative lifestyles? This is offensive. She is saying that heterosexuality is the norm and homosexuality is alternative. And I don’t really think of sexuality as a lifestyle. More of a genetic predispostion.
        #7 – I also don’t find what she does interesting.
        #8 – Real NYer. Unlike Ramon and Bethenny who grew up in NYC.
        #9 – Grateful to Bravo for exposing and expoiting her? They exposed her as CRAZY! Does she know what exploit means? Does she know what anything means?

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Omg, why didn’t she just use RHNYC as a vehicle to show how amazing the other women were? There she had her dream show handed to her and she missed the opportunity. Instead she was too busy creating content and like, not getting what was going on so she looked like an airhead? huh?
      I would love to hear what Basil Fawlty’s under the breath comment would be if he ever dealt with KKB at Fawlty Towers.

  55. boston02127 says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny when Teresa asked Joe to recite a poem to her if he said: Roses are red, violets are blue, when they were giving out brains, where were you? Or!
    The roses are wilted, the violets are dead, sugar is lumpy and you have no forehead.
    (sorry I’m overtired & goofy tonight)

    • error404 says:

      or maybe he could sing the classic Hamlet set to the music of Carmen from Giligan’s Island.

      Never a lender nor a pauper be
      do not forget
      stay out of debt

    • tuzentswurth says:

      If they do a RH of Boston, you need to be on it. You have part of your book of poems ready!

  56. Capiche says:

    Love how Danielle decides to wear her engagement ring when her ex-husband brings his new wife. She’s too crazy by half! LOL! You know she just wants to flash it!

    • HD says:

      Okay! Now all of a sudden she wants to pull out her old engagement ring. Okay. And then to talk to her kids about it? She keeps going on and on about what a wonderful mother she is and I am thinking, do you not see the looks on your their faces?! They look like, “my mom is crazy and I am just tolerating her.”

      • Capiche says:

        You know what? I think those kids love her. And I know it makes some of us feel better to think that Danielle’s kids think the same way we do, but that’s their mother. They know everything about her. We know what’s shown on TV. And that’s the same way I looked at my mother when I was younger.

        • HD says:

          I think they love her because she is their mother. Do I think they think she is crazy, yes, I do. Kids are not stupid. Any time you have to talk your mom out of doing a drive by of a house, you know something is not right. Kids are very smart. JMO

          • Capiche says:

            I once talked my mom out of going to her sister’s house and giving her a piece of her mind. Mainly because she was my favorite aunt. I didn’t think then, nor do I now that my mother is crazy. Let’s take a deep breath and be a little real here. I think those kids love Danielle, crazy or not. And she seems to be doing right by them. All we can ask for in today’s society.

            • HD says:

              Thank goodness we are all allowed our OWN opinions on this blog. I clearly know my mom has issues. I love her but she got issues. That’s life. Knowing your parents have issues has nothing to do with whether you love them our not. The two are not equated. You can love them and STILL know they have problems. Danielle CLEARLY has problems, at least to me she does. And this is my personal opinion.

  57. I don’t believe the 10th anniversery ring Juicy gave Trashy is real. But if the Trustee does : they r in deeper dodo !

    • klmh says:

      Do you have the trustees email? I asked upthread…
      Thanks again. If not, I’ll fax a note.

  58. Squirrels says:

    LMAO…. Call the TRUSTEE…. right now!!

  59. BamaBelle says:

    WWHL should be GOOD… When Andy told Bethenny (during a commercial) that Kim G. would be joining them, Bethenny said, “Oh, she’s the little meddler”… Ha! I can’t wait!

  60. Zoey says:

    Jac is a terrible parent. She certainly doesn’t set a good example. She criticizes Ashley and argues with her like a kid, which is why Ashley has no respect for her.

    • Capiche says:


      • HD says:

        Man oh man, I wish Ashley was my daughter! Danielle would be the LEAST of her worries! I am telling you!

    • boston02127 says:

      She’s so wishy washy. It makes her look dumb & weak.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        SHE is dumb and weak!

        • Jules says:

          I can’t help but think whenever I see Jacass with Chris that he treats her like he is her father, and not her husband. No wonder Jacass acts like a child – Chris treats her like one. I must say that I don’t really get the impression that Chris has insisted on playing this role, but found he married someone that was emotionally very immature. Occasionally she asserts herself (ie, when she stayed friends with Danielle for awhile) but when she does, to me she comes off more like a defiant child than a woman making her own decisions. Plus, it seems like she always has to consult someone before she makes even the simplest of decisions.

          Just my opinion.

  61. Capiche says:

    What did people think of that scene with Danielle’s ex?? How funny/weird/touching was that? I don’t know. Of course, Danielle is too much and trying to be all over him but I do think she wanted to make an effort for her camer, er…daughters!

    • CheriPie says:

      He seemed uncomfortable with all the fawning she was doing. It seemed like she was trying to get his approval.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      He was trying to irate the new wife, especially with wearing the old ring. She may as well have say “Na na na na na- my ring is bigger than yours”.

  62. Dani says:

    I can’t believe I am watching this show. Last week I said it would be the last time, but, here I am again tonight. Ashley and Jac are just disgusting to watch. Ashley continues to think she is so cute and her mother does nothing to let her know that she was out of line with Danille. I can’t wait for WWH with Bethenny that is why I haven’t changed the channel lol.

    • Squirrels says:

      I thought Christine and Jillian were wonderful, regardless of their surroundings. Looks like they had a great time, and that is what it is about.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I do the same thing. I even missed a couple of weeks but I’m back to watching again.

  63. Zoey says:

    To WWHL – I wish I could text ‘None of the above, I’d rather be an orphan’.

  64. cusi 77 says:

    I have never seen a more stubborn person than Ashley!

    • error404 says:

      how old was Jac when she had Ashley? They fight like sisters. There is no parent/child relationship there. I half expect Ashley to shout “You’re not my mother!” their fights are so juvenile.

      • Zoey says:

        I think Jac should take some parenting classes. It’s not too late…maybe.
        Ashley is no angel, but Jac should set the tone. They start talking and then both lose their tempers. One of them has to be the adult!

  65. Squirrels says:

    LMAO…. Sponge Bob Square Tits?

  66. error404 says:

    Danielle is an evil genius!
    Next week on RHONJ, yet another woman has a seemingly unprovoked fit and just attacks Danielle like a pitbull on steroids while Danielle stays calm and just removes herself from the situation.
    If they want to prove this woman’s wanton ways, they better start getting something down on film, because so far, it’s just 2 long seasons of them attacking her non stop. Fowl mouthed and violent, they throw things, flip furniture, pull her hair, and she does… nothing.

    • dumberries says:

      I totally agree! Danielle is an evil genius, and proud of it. She’s not pretending to be June Cleaver. Evil people can be victimized too – and she bates the morons into it every time – by doing nothing! The other ladies are trying to play the playah – they are out of their league. Bottom line – she has made the show all about her and without her, there is no show.

      • BamaBelle says:

        I think Danielle is going to find out Kim G. has been playing her like a fiddle, and if I was Danielle… I would be pissed off, too. I think that fight happens when Danielle confronts Kim G. about her back-stabbing with Teresa and Jaqueline.

        I don’t believe Kim G. when she said Danielle did stuff to her off camera… she’s just covering her ass because everybody knows she a 2-headed, back-stabbing snake. Even Bethenny said she was a meddler.

        • ShyAsrai says:

          thinking about how ALL the NJ freaks constantly bray about how ‘classy’ they are, yet under stress – they all revert to gutter antics and foul mouths.

          most of the others are exactly the same way.

          it’s how you cope under stress that shows your true grasp of poise.

    • cusi 77 says:

      I was thinking the same!

    • Capiche says:

      And unlike some posters, I kind of like Kim G. She’s deliciously two-faced! I love it on the show. But Danielle knows when the red lights are on. You can bet your ass she does. When it blinks off, all hell breaks loose! They have nothing on Danielle!

    • Jules says:

      I believe wholeheartedly that Kim G. reaction was 100% contrived. She so desperately wants a place on the show that she is just trying to bring the drama. Did you notice that when Andy was asked point blank if Kim G. would be a new housewive he just plain didn’t answer the question? Yeah, he acted like no one had even said anything.

  67. error404 says:

    Love Kara Janx!

  68. Squirrels says:

    OMG…. I adore Bethenny….. “So go kick her ass”. re: T and the Skinny Italian v. Skinny Girl books.

    • HD says:

      I am off to bed but Bethanny looked wonderful tonight, loved the dress and she was funny about the whole Skinny girl issue.

  69. cusi 77 says:

    Somebody said that fans can change their feeling “in a flip of a coin”… I have now more symphaty for Danielle (since last week episode) there is comming… BUT somebody agrees that when Danielle hugs, or just gives her hand, she seems like “devouring” the other person? Yikes!

  70. boston02127 says:

    Good night all. ♥

  71. HD says:

    FINALLY satchels of godl means something!!

  72. Squirrels says:

    Best WWHL of the season, and not because Andy is moderating. The women are on their own merit. “JILL ZAAAARRRRINNNNN”.


  73. ShyAsrai says:

    great GOOGLY MOOGLY! was not expecting horrific views of Shirtless Guiseppe or Neaderthal Teresa’s Cowgirl antics! blehhhh where’s my eyedrops??????

  74. error404 says:

    OK, did Andy once have drunken sex with his hag ala “next best thing” and Ben Weiner is the result? Just send them the support payment Andy and spare us all.

  75. Squirrels says:

    My mouth dropped when he mentioned the Weiner. He’s a child and has zero business being thrust into such drivel. Andy remains my Jack/asshole of the year. What a publicity seeking putz.

    • Squirrels says:

      No father would allow his son to be exploited …. unless he has a stake in his kid’s fame, ala Michael Lohan.

    • error404 says:

      I love how Andy/Bravo patently refuses to answer even the most basic of questions.

      “So is Kim G being groomed as a future housewife?”

      “er, um… so who’s your pick for best mom?”

      And I love you Bethenny! “Kelly is crazy, but Danielle is pre meditated crazy.” Don’t hold back girl!

  76. Squirrels says:

    Bethenny not only held her own tonight, she rocked. Got to love a woman who isn’t afraid to call it like it is. You may not agree with her take on the other housewives, but I admire her for tossing caution to the wind and calling them all out. She did it without animosity, but she did it all the same. She said allot of what we’ve all been spewing.

    Good girl.

  77. http://njhousewives.blogspot.com/
    I know the repeat is on right now, but I have my quotes from tonight up. I tried posting something about Ashley’s nose job before, but it would not go on, I’ll try to find & post in a minute.

  78. Dani says:

    This was the best WWH of the season. The reason that I love Bethenny is because when she is asked a question she answers it. Good, bad or ugly she lets you know what she thinks. It is none of that “I would rather not answer that question.” Like so many of the housewife’s do. With B what you see is what you get. I loved the answer to the question about who was crazier Danielle or Kelly. Bethenny is a class act and would be great on her own talk show. I am hoping this is in her future.

    • BamaBelle says:

      Bethenny was funny when that woman called in with the question of “do you think Teresa copied your idea about the cookbook. The woman said, she named her cookbook “Skinny Italian”. Bethenny said, then you need to whoop her ass-LOL, I loved that! Boy, Miss Teresa is going to be pissed off!

      Bethenny already got a good dig at Teresa on a morning show when she said, she didn’t have to “flip tables” for drama on her show. Ha!

  79. Zoey says:

    Maybe we should all go to Kelly’s Twitter page and apologize for not understanding the satchels of gold reference. Just to mess with her head. She might still yell at us. Or love us? Or not know what we’re talking about!

    • kats2 says:

      I think she’ll be thrilled she is getting attention and have new people to invite to her secret society.

    • So what is it?
      I didn’t see the show, but everyone on twitter is talking about it and I can’t get an answer. Lol. Pls someone explain!

    • U guys r killing me. Where is everybody?
      I need to update my Kelly Translator!

      • Zoey says:

        So on WWHL Bethenny said although Kelly is totally nuts, just this once she actually understood what Kelly meant because at some earlier time B had said something to the effect of ‘We can’t all live in lollipops and leprechauns and satchels of gold’ world. So at the table on the yacht Kelly was referring to the tail end of B’s comment.

        • Ooooooh ok. That does make sense.
          Wow. Why didn’t Kelly just say that? I (and I’m sure tons of other ppl too) asked her on twitter and she gave a very different answer.
          Does she WANT people to think she is crazy?

          Thanks for clearing that up! It was driving me crazy. Lol

    • Squirrels says:

      I wouldn’t give Kelly the time of day if it was raining satchels of gold.

      • Zoey says:

        Haha, I know, nor would I, but it would be for MY amusement. But you guys are right, she loves any and all attention, so why give her any.

  80. OK, found it again. I was trying to post this earlier but it would not go up.
    Photos & story about Ashley’s nose job.

  81. MickeyMouth says:

    New chop. Hope you like – off to bed now 🙂
    Bethenny Married With Children: http://wp.me/pWaBw-7I

  82. BamaBelle says:

    Teresa’s getting stupider by the minute… what was that she said? Something about beauty and an eye. It’s suppose to be “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”… what a dumbass! Joe didn’t even know he was looking at Central Park… “Oh, look-there’s a park in the middle of the city”… DUH!

    OMG, Teresa is just nasty TRASH-she’s the garbage of the show. Look how much better behaved Danielle’s kids are? I know they’re older, but I can’t seeing Gia working as a model at 15/16 and giving to charity for her 16th birthday. Teresa is a HORRIBLE example wanting something big and expensive for her anniversary when they’re in such bad financial shape. She should teach her kids when times are tough they should work harder and save money to pay their bills. NOT nag their husbands for expensive gifts when their husbands are having a hard time making ends meet. Teresa is a selfish, greedy, BITCH!

    I also wonder if that ring was real? Still, Joe complained Teresa wanted something big and he didn’t have the money. Teresa pressured him into spending money they don’t have. The helicpter ride, the dinner in New York, staying at a Hotel. I would be ashamed of myself.

    Another reason Danielle is going to be hurt by Kim G. when she finds out next week what Kim’s been up to, because a few episodes ago-Danielle told Kim G. I know what we talk about goes no further. Kim G. acted like she was zipping her lip. What a freaking snake!

    • That’s the whole problem … you and me and any other sane person would be ashamed to demand things that are beyond their means. Teresa has shown her character yet again.

      I am a believer that Joe has told her how broke they are several times, and while Teresa has heard the sounds coming from his mouth, she has yet to listen and woman up about it.

  83. Zoey says:

    One more thought before I hit the hay. I thought it was very telling of Joe’s mentality when in the scene getting ready to play Monopoly he makes two comments back to back, both (joking) about violence. Is that the only thing he knows? Remembering when he teased Gia and made her cry on an important day, he seems like a big, dense bully.

  84. TLM says:

    What was the charity that benefitted from Christine’s party, and who donated to it? The kids who came to the party? Aside from that, the party was beautiful & uncharacteristically elegant for north Jersey.

    Ashley is countersuing who? The state? For all their trouble with the law, these people need to learn more about it. Danielle COULD have sued Ashley civilly, but she did not. A civil suit is the only place you can countersue. This girl needs to learn what it means to be criminally charged by the state. Ashley desperately needs to be taken to a scared straight program at Rahway prison. This little giggly spoiled brat needs to have the shit scared out of her. And she needs to get kicked out of the house again. She never once thought anyone hit Jacqueline, and admitted as much. That was a lie. She thinks she can do whatever she wants.

    Finally Andy asked what satchels of gold meant, never mind that there were 3 reunion episodes where he ignored it. Who would have thought this question would be answered in a random WWHL about NJ??!?

    Teresa must be seething after B said imitation was the highest form of flattery, not to mention that B appeared not to even know the name of T’s book. T has been screaming from the rooftops that she NEVER COPIED BETHENNY, thank you very much! Now B casually says it’s fine if she copied her. Hilarious!! Can anyone guess what Teresa’s next blog will be about?!?

    • Zoey says:

      Good question about money being raised for charity. They left us high and dry on that story line!

      • IMJ says:

        Danielle said in her blog the money was collected for Cystic Fibrosis. Danielle did raise some very well developed and giving children. I dont know how many 16 year olds donate their gifts to charity.

        • Squirrels says:

          I cannot tell you how many times I had people tell me.. “poor you for having a son born with Down Syndrome”. To which I replied, “Down Syndrome is nothing compared to Cystic Fibrosis. Then you get to say, poor me.” I know a family who lives with this most heart wrenching disease. I cannot express my own sorrow for what they face.

    • Squirrels says:

      And therein lies the rub. Bethenny tells it like it is. She no longer has to tip toe through the Bravo maze of tulips. With or without this cable network, she is her own woman and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion. Love her or hate her, she’s real. Can’t say that for any other “pay attention to me” housewife. I leave Ramona and the Countless out of this fray. They are” Bethenny” smart as well.

      For the rest? Allow me to pass the hand baskets to hell.

  85. cusi 77 says:

    I am sorry to ask… what that was explanation of satchels of gold? Sometimes our Bethenny speaks too fast for me…

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      @Cusi –

      Zoey says:
      July 26, 2010 at 11:15 pm
      So on WWHL Bethenny said although Kelly is totally nuts, just this once she actually understood what Kelly meant because at some earlier time B had said something to the effect of ‘We can’t all live in lollipops and leprechauns and satchels of gold’ world. So at the table on the yacht Kelly was referring to the tail end of B’s comment.

      • cusi 77 says:

        Thank you! …. Ha! I just remember all the dozens of theories that were discused in this forum weeks ago!

  86. Squirrels says:

    Being the take no prisoner type, I had to respond to Kelly.

    @kikilet Watched WWHL. U were addressed only in context of crazy. Not that I’m surprised.

  87. I don’t have the email but will call the trustee & get.
    John W. Sywilok51 Main StreetHackensack, NJ 07601 Phone: (201)487-9390 Fax: (201)487-9393.

    • Squirrels says:

      NYC Wall St Palm Beach Ladyl

      You offered addys including a promise of an email which you did not deliver. I and others asked for an email addy for the atty. You handed out permanent addys which connected to perhaps your own business website (shoot me now), but no email addy. . I’m not one to ask three times..

      FYI. This site does not salivate over rumor. We demand from one another lab rat reports. It’s what makes this blog relevant.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        holdup…how is it NYC Wall St Palm Beach Ladyl’s responsibility to get anyone an email address?

        She went way above and beyond what any another poster here has done-which is to get the name, address, phone number, and fax number of the Trustee for the Guidace’s bankruptcy case.

        She has claimed that she spoke personally to that Trustee and has encouraged all to reach out to the Trustee to express our disgust over their bogus attempts to hide their wealth, therefore evading the system that we all a part of.

        If you want the email address and you’re not going to ask 3 times -then call the trustee and get it.

        It’s just incredible to me that you are going to insinuate that NYC Wall St Palm Beach Ladyl is spreading a rumor when the trustee’s information is available on other sites and blogs.

    • klmh says:


  88. Melanie says:

    What was up with that cheesy looking furniture in that (den) where the monopoly game was being played? Is that in the basement?Is it the grandparents area? Everything in that house has looked so underwhelming since they moved in.They have never had any artwork etc. on the walls, no warm touches. Mausoleum of nothing. There is nothing to sell except bedroom furniture, 2 formal couches and a round dining room table set is all that’s been seen. That cheesy den furniture will be perfect over the Pizzaria! RENTAL!

  89. Am I the only one who noticed that little Jillian was off-key, tone-deaf, and probably does not have a future as a “popstar”?
    Is everyone supposed to agree with Danielle’s delusion, just because Jillian is a sweet little girl?
    Personally, I think what Danielle is doing to Jillian is cruel and mean.
    She just doesn’t have the kind of musical talent that she would need to be able to compete with people who actually do have natural abilities.
    Plus it looked like she had zero in the way of voice lessons. If Danielle really wanted to help her kid achieve her dream, she could have at least arranged for lessons instead of letting the poor kid try to figure it out on her own, which is obviously what she did.
    And, because she is so far off-key, I don’t know if any amount of training could help her. Maybe stage, or Broadway style singing, with really careful selection for tunes that don’t have much range.
    Usually, kids with real talent are willing to take honest criticism and do whatever their coach or teacher tells them to do to improve. A real voice teacher would not have allowed her to get out there with that amount of buildup & bs, without having the chops to deliver.
    Jillian is very cute, very sweet, and I’m sure that she has some special talent of her own, but a natural ability for singing is not one of them.
    Actually Jillian is my favorite character on the show right now, I love how she is quietly fighting to maintain her integrity with the insane amount of pressure that she’s getting.
    She doesn’t need people lying to her just because they’re afraid of her mother, she really deserves better than that.
    Also, how could it be possible for Danielle to have a professional singer for a girlfriend, and for that girlfriend not to give Danielle an honest professional opinion about Jillian’s musical talent?
    I have to disagree with Lynn here. And a lot of other people.
    Danielle received a lot of compliments tonight on Twitter about what a good mother she is.
    Was it because she announced that she was the greatest mom in the world?
    What kind of good mother brags about that?
    There is no way I would ever compliment that woman for that.
    A good mom gives her children credit for being good children-they don’t cackle to the world about what a great mom they are.
    Her children both are very cute & talented, but I’d have to say that is despite having that narcissistic loon as a mom.
    I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Danielle for dragging her children into the limelight along with her sordid ugly past. What kind of good mother would ever do something like that?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      No, I don’t think you are the only one who noticed. My husband actually looked up from his video came to comment that is was ‘horrible’ . Hopefully Danielle will take some money from this show and invest in some lessons.

      I know that people talk about D’s kids being nice and polite, but Jillian has often at times come across rather surly when D raving on and on about Christine.

      • boston02127 says:

        Danielle left out–Porn, stripping, stealing, lying, kidnapping, fighting aside, I’m a good mother!

        • MAMAZ says:

          Yes Jillian is a sweet girl. And it was cute that she wrote and sang a song as a gift for her sister. But she is not a talented singer. She is good enough to be in her school choir maybe but that’s it. This happens to be an area I know a lot about.
          She is releasing a single. It will make a few bucks because she’s on Real Housewives. Just like Kim Z LuAnns and Danielle’s songs. They are novelties.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Or I take my children’s successes (Christine modeling at fashion week) and use it as a reason to throw a party for myself.

    • Zoey says:

      I agree, Danielle is being cruel in pressuring her daughters so much. She said she didn’t want to tell Jillian there would be over 300 people at the party to make her nervous, yet she kept constantly reminding the girls that this night was momentous, it was historic, it was soooo important, it was monumental, etc. No pressure at all!

      Then after J sang, she told her it was the beginning of her career! Now that is sick. What a manipulative old hag. Career? The kid is 11. Let her be a child, stop trying to cash in on her and put her to work in the direction YOU want her to go.

      These kids will have no choice but to go into jobs that include being in the spotlight because Mommy Dearest needs attention! She can never go back to being an anonymous whore now that she is a well known whore!

    • jillz68 says:

      Am I the only one who noticed that little Jillian was off-key, tone-deaf, and probably does not have a future as a “popstar”?

      Nope. She sounded like any other 11 year old girl singing. I don’t want to bag on a child since she got up on stage and did her thing but she is not the next popstar. Parents need to stop telling their kids they are the second coming. Support yes, blowing smoke up their behind? NO!

      D’s daughters are very pretty and seem smart. Good thing since they will be taking care of D once they reach adulthood because you know D is too pretty to work.

  90. Squirrels says:

    I see your point and do not discount it. However, no matter what Danielle’s agenda is, the fact remains. Her daughter sang a song about sisterhood. Christine knew it would not be award winning, but supported her. Neither child is delusional. Mom? Yes, with a capital D for delusional.

    I cannot express my fondness for these two young girls. They live through a hell many of us have no concept of. Leave them alone. Let them be. Period.

    • Squirrels says:

      BTW… I also cannot contain my disdain for Ashley wanna be special because I have a right to bitch slap some woman. Regardless of the fact I have no clue as to the real argument… No… wait.. what argument? Ohhhhhh. of course. The high school argument of who said what to whom… no wait… who did what to whom… no wait… the rumor someone fucked someone’s lover….

      Yeah…that’s it.

    • emt2 says:

      Thank you. It was the gesture that counted more than the actual performance. I think people should stop criticizing the girls because what is really happening is that some are transferring their hatred of Danielle onto her children and that’s not fair. They are cute little girls and they act like little girls and the song was sweet. The end.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I respectfully disagree, it stopped just being a gesture when Danielle packaged the child up as a PROFESSIONAL singer/song writer with recorded singles coming out.

        The gesture got lost in Danielle’s marketing scheme.

    • I agree. I had to watch that part and thought Jillian did a fine job. She never claimed to be a great singer; only wanted to sing her song for her sister as a special sweet 16 gift. At least she had the wherewithal to get up there and sing the song that she wrote for her sister despite her butterflies. That takes some guts.

      These are children and very well behaved ones. Danielle has done a great job with them despite the way she has lived her life. I both admire these little girls and feel sorry for them for what they have to endure with their mom’s bad behavior. I hope any bad experiences with their mom only make them stronger individuals.

      As children, their behavior will still be immature at times. Children need to be built up, not held under a microscope and critiqued.

      • MAMAZ says:

        They are lovely children. Nobody is criticizing Jillian for her gift or for her performance. We are criticizing Danielle for pushing such a young girl into music career that she does not have a natural abilty for. Jillian has a single coming out soon.
        Before you cite this as proof of her talent please remember that anyone can release a single. You just need the money to pay for the studio time which usually includes the engineer/producer. And it’s not nearly as expensive as you would think. Distribution used to be the expensive part of the music industry but with computers that’s not a problem anymore. And I’m sure Bravo is picking up the tab.
        If you think the modeling industry is tough try the music industry. It’s heartbreaking. And sadly Bravo’s connection to this child will only hurt any chance she has at a real career someday, if she is genuinely interested in one.
        The singles these Bravolebrities reales are a joke. They are novelty songs. Nobody takes them seriously as talent. I lost all respect for Kandi Burress when she participated in Tardy for the Party.
        This is an area I know something about. I have many, many friends that are successful professional musicians. Some whose band names you would recognize. Some who are well respected sessions players. I know people who work for major labels.

  91. dreamer2 says:

    Lynne, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do but in the mean time I’m wondering if you have blogged about the problem with Ashley’s ‘fan’ pages & her being a spokeperson for TWLOHA? I find this very unsettling that she is promoting hate to thousands of young impressionable teens & young adults while doing work for this charity. Tonight on her Twitter she was actually disgusting enough to discuss Danielle’s 2 daughters & divulged what they confided in her in privacy when Jacqueline & Danielle were friends. I know you have a large following so I’m hoping by putting it out there something can be done about this. Thanks, Lynne.

    To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

    The vision is that we actually believe these things…
    You were created to love and be loved. You were meant to live life in relationship with other people, to know and be known. You need to know that your story is important and that you’re part of a bigger story. You need to know that your life matters…….


    • Squirrels says:

      I for one understand your goal. Been there, done that. I also refuse to tattoo my arm, back, or ass for any cause. I am my own woman. I make my own choices. I have no need to fall back on a be like me propaganda org. I teach by example through my own children. If that isn’t good enough? Go fuck yourself.

      Love and light.. or light and love.. or love the light you’re with…

      • Zoey says:

        Tattoo yourself? I don’t get it. That’s what they want you to do, this organization? That sounds whacko.
        ‘Know that you’re important and unique, but now do what we say’. Hmmm, cultish.

        • Cmoody says:

          There’s no mention of tattooing yourself in order to support this organization. There is no cult behavior that I can see unless buying a t-shirt or sending a donation is considered cult behavior – in which case all of those charities for AIDS and Breast Cancer need to be on the look out for being called cults.

    • boston02127 says:

      @dreamer2–I think Ashley picked it up from reading Posts Secrets. She’s half assing the cause.

  92. dreaming46 says:

    It’s been so long since I posted I actually forgot my username!! I don’t know if my previous comment will get kicked back so I’m going to post it again. Sorry in advance for the double comment if both get posted.

    Lynne, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do but in the mean time I’m wondering if you have blogged about the problem with Ashley’s ‘fan’ pages & her being a spokesperson for TWLOHA? I find this very unsettling that she is promoting hate to thousands of young impressionable teens & young adults while doing work for this charity. Tonight on her Twitter she was actually disgusting enough to discuss Danielle’s 2 daughters & divulged what they confided in her in privacy when Jacqueline & Danielle were friends. I know you have a large following so I’m hoping by putting it out there something can be done about this. Thanks, Lynne.

    To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

    The vision is that we actually believe these things…
    You were created to love and be loved. You were meant to live life in relationship with other people, to know and be known. You need to know that your story is important and that you’re part of a bigger story. You need to know that your life matters…….


    • Squirrels says:

      I wrote a long response to your diatribe. Unfortunately it got shit canned as soon as i posted… I blame myself for not writing in Word and then cutting/paste.

      That said, in essence I said you are worthy of your own belief system. For me? Fuck it. I’m no one’s fool. Eleanor Roosevelt said it best. “A little simplification would be the first step toward rational living, I think”.

      With all my own personal wisdom that went down the drain in cyberland, the First Lady still has it all over me and I applaud her a thousand times.

      Now… Go away.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Squirrels – Just curious. Why such an intense hatred towards this particular post and this particular charity?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I’m curious too, it seemed like their had to be a history there since it didn’t seem like the OP’s post warranted that type of reaction.

        • Squirrels says:

          In a nutshell… I’m so sick and tired of organizations trying to tell everyone how to feel, how to be, how special we are. I lived thru the 70’s. Love, love, love. How about personal responsibility? How about not falling over oneself reaching for reasons to excuse our behavior? I for one don’t need some BS organization telling me how to live my life. Frankly, I see stuff like this as a crutch for ignoring personal responsibility.

          Amazing that our parents not only survived, but thrived without all the psychobabble. It isn’t the charity per se I object to, it’s the mentality of “poor pitiful me, not my fault” complete bullshit.

          No wonder this country is in the toilet. It’s not my fault, it’s yours. This society raises children who are only too willing to play the victim card with the blessing of their parents.

          Hope this answers your question. If it doesn’t? Not to worry, it’s not your fault.

          • Squirrels says:

            Oh, and let’s not forget, with structured orgs such as this, there is a payroll. Someone is actually getting paid for this crap and that means getting others to pay so you can continue down your road of la la la. I’d rather donate blood to the Red Cross.

            • MAMAZ says:

              Got ya. Just wondered if you had a knew someone involved in the organization. They do TWLOHA days at a lot of the local HS’s. I see things in the paper about it.

            • tuzentswurth says:

              Well said Squirrels!

          • Cmoody says:

            I respectfully disagree with this. I don’t see anything here that says “lets excuse our behavior”. Its saying lets get help for depressed and self mutilating kids. Maybe I missed something in the explanation of the organization, but your rage seems very unwarranted.

  93. Squirrels says:

    Fucazi. I’ve tried twice to respond to aloha. Both times giving great thought to the subject. Both times wiped out when I hit reply.

    Fuck it.

  94. Squirrels says:

    I have attempted to reply three times, not short responses mind you to twloha. I’ve been dumped each time. Color me done. I actually have a life.

    • Rabble Rouser says:


    • Quincy IL says:

      Just watched the NJ show. When stores and caterers donate to the very expensive fundraiser, can they take tax breaks? I think so. It just seems to me that these over the top fundraisers are an excuse to dress up. I think the daughter’s intentions were great, but Danielle really knows how to work the system. I’d like to know how much money went to the charity vs. costs of the event. I bet the costs were greater than the donation.

      • Fabulous Earth says:

        I’m starting to feel the same way about fundraisers. Unfortunately, these shows are really cheapening the meaning of organizations, true philanthropy and fundraising. I mean really, how much of money “raised” actually goes to the “cause” or people who they are suppose to help? I’m starting to feel jaded on this too (DAMMIT TV!) cuz I believe most of the money raised goes to bigger budgets for the organization and it’s admin costs (nicer furniture for the office, fancier publication packets, more staff – instead of actually helping MORE PEOPLE). Whatever happened to Jill’s Creaky Joints?

      • HD says:

        I always wonder about that because I have always thought by the time you do all this stuff you may as well just give the organization the money you spent on this event. I really thought that with NY since they seemed to be at a fundraiser every other day. I am beginning to think this is the rich people’s way of partying but making it appear as if they are doing something charitable. Why not just write a check and call it a day instead of all the dressing up and endless cocktails? I think at some point you have to call it what it is which is simply a party and some money will go to a charity from the party. I think it is a way to see and to be seen and to drink. All these “fundraisers” I am not buying.

        • Fabulous Earth says:

          HD: “I am beginning to think this is the rich people’s way of partying but making it appear as if they are doing something charitable.”

          Hi-five! I so friggin agree with you! All the fundraisers are starting to annoy me. Do you realize that with all the organizations and fundraisers out there that “the world could be fed, clothed and educated”????? Puh-leeeease!

        • error404 says:

          let’s not confuse rich with fame whore. Who ever heard of Kathy Hilton before Paris and Niki came of age? Remember when Jenner was a name connected only with Olympic achievement, not olympic sized addiction to attention?
          I’m sure the charity appreciates the name recognition, as who even knew half these diseases even existed, and between all the charity events, what do these people even do? Tweet “I just had an amazing burrito and then burped”. Thank God for the occasional duck saving to spice up the onslaught of LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!!!

  95. Zarout! says:

    Sorry if this has been posted already:
    For those interested in keeping up with what’s going on in the Big Brother house from the live feeds, here is a link to a blogger who updates (with pics) as the live feeds run.


  96. boston02127 says:

    Last night Jacqueline and Ashley tweeted thru out the show. Once again they have proven they have no life. Jacqueline is a rotten mother and she has Ashley to prove it. When Kim made the Sponge Bob comment Ashley tweeted this: YOU BITCH KIM. THAT’S MY LINE. YOU KNOW IT. She quickly deleted it and replaced it with this: so are we all in agreement that Kim G tried to take credit for my “square tit” line?… The two of them are so trashy. I don’t know how Jacqueline’s husband puts up with either of them.

    re: Teresa–the ring. I don’t believe for a split second that ring was real. Who puts an expensive ring in a dessert goo? Did he do that because it didn’t come with a box? Later at the hotel when Teresa was on top of Joe in the bed (barf) they looked like two beached whales.

    Caroline–The know it all. If she knows what’s best for Ashley why doesn’t she take her in under her roof for a while? Oh wait, she’s too busy concocting lies for her loser son Albie.

    Albie–A cop? Albie explained that police training was just like law school only spread out over a longer period of time. Seriously? Stay tuned….next week Albie is an accountant! Someone needs to tell him to hang it up and get a job.

    • cusi 77 says:


      “”re: Teresa–the ring. I don’t believe for a split second that ring was real. Who puts an expensive ring in a dessert goo? Did he do that because it didn’t come with a box? Later at the hotel when Teresa was on top of Joe in the bed (barf) they looked like two beached whales.””

      I have my reserves about the ring being NOT real… Probably this time Joe an Teresa were more cautious showing off “The bucks” they don’t have… By the time He gave this yellow diamond ring (so trending now) they had already filed bancruptcy, they are thieves remember?

      • cusi 77 says:

        Oops! Trendy…

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        It could be real. Joe is not smart. The man forged his partners signature on a $1 million loan and pocketed the cash. Did he not think that the mortgage bill wasn’t going to go to the partner??? Joe and Teresa are the type of people that think they will get away with everything and not smart enough to think that they may get caught.

  97. moriasheehan says:

    when i read this up thread, it says…that the auction site with t & g’s stuff, has been taken down. i didn’t save the auction link. can someone check?

  98. vilzvet says:

    LOL at Bethenny referring to Kim G as a termite! Also interesting B saying she saw Kelly in the Hamptons but did not talk to her, but why on earth didn’t spineless Andy ask if she spoke to JILL at the polo event last weekend? We know they were both in attendance.
    Eww, who in their right mind would put a diamond ring in a gooey cake? Sorry, that would never get cleaned properly. And hmmm, was it real or not? Joe is a complete idiot to NOT recognize Central Park. Also, children of 3 and 5 do NOT know how to play Monopoly, please! Their is a version for very small children though. I did laugh at the play money, that is what Joe wishes he had now! And finally, is there ever a scene where Jacqueline is not chewing like a cow! Enough is enough with that!
    Did Rachel Dratch have a sperm donor? I didn’t know she is 44 already.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I don’t believe it was real but I don’t understand why everyone is reacting this way about the ring in the cake. I personally think it’s silly and too cliche but lots of people put engagement rings in gooey desserts. As long as only the band is in the goo it would be simple to clean. If it got into the setting any decent jewelry store could clean it no problem.

      • Fabulous Earth says:

        I can’t believe some folks have never heard of “rings in desserts” before either, lol – especially for engagements and anniversaries.

        I was scratching my head reading folks questioning that antic. Yes, it’s cliche but I could swear anyone over age 10 has heard of that before, lol.

        Oh well, you learn something new everyday.

    • Zoey says:

      I love Rachel Dratch! Just looking at her makes me laugh, and I mean that in a nice way.

      Ok I’m gonna say this, then run and duck and hide, but as much as I like Bethenny, I found it quite snobbish for her to put down Kim G more than once for ‘trying to be a housewife’. She commented that she kept trying to get in, trying to be a part of the show, weasel her way in, dying to be a housewife. ‘Does she think she’s a housewife?’

      Puh-lease, tell me B is not getting a swollen head and ego, like her boobies!

      So what? Kim G’s not trying to get into some important organization that you deem she’s not qualified for. This is not the FBI, or a spot on an Olympic team, or something where one has to have immense talent and qualifications! You’re on a reality show! We watch you laugh and cry and pee.
      Get a reality check!

      I am not saying B doesn’t have other talents that emerged and is now successful in her own right, apart from the show. But this is where she started, a nobody, just like Kim G.
      She can criticize her for whatever reason she wants, but to mock her in this area is big time hypocritical.

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        I had no problem with Bethenny there because Kim isn’t a “housewife” yet she has had more airtime than Caroline and she is a “housewife”. We see Kim G. with Danielle. We see Kim G. with Jacqueline. Kim is making sure that she is not only with these women, but stirring the pot so that what she is doing is not only being filmed. Her tape is being aired. I’m sure Kim G. knows that Dina left RHONJ I would not be surprised if all this calculated two timing is just a way to be the next “housewife” on RHONJ.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Wasn’t the skype set with pink everywhere great drama? Kim must has spent a lot of money getting ready for her appearanc on WWHL last night. Even the drink was pink.

          Was that Kim G’s husband at the birthday party? I read that they were separated, but there were no plans for a divorce. It’s amazing that these women have so much money and absolutely no work ethic. They just spend. It’s wild.

        • Zoey says:

          While I don’t have any use for either of these Kim people, and this Kim G is hard to look at or listen to, I just don’t get why everyone is so angry that she’s trying to be on the show. Why wouldn’t she? Seems she’s a fame whore like the rest. Not so different to me.

          How dare she try to be ‘A Housewife’! A housewife is a nobody on a reality show, trying to be a somebody. And it’s the producers who give her air time.

          Maybe it’s more that we just don’t like her. Even less than the other ‘real’ NJ housewives! Wow, that’s pretty bad, ha.

          • Scorpiosue1102 says:

            I could care less if Kim G. wants to be a “housewife”. It’s her desperation to be a “housewife” is what’s not palatable. She literally is a desperate housewife…..desperate to be a “regular” on the show.

  99. Zoey says:

    Well after a little Googling I found this email address for those of you who want to contact the trustee in charge of T &J’s ‘stuff’! I found this on a public court document, so I can’t vouch for it one way or another, just passing it on to my new buddies here!


    • klmh says:

      Thanks so much. Bankruptcies declared by others have affected my family in the past, and I hate being taken advantage of, as the Giudici’s have done to all whom they owe money. They could give a tinker’s damn about their creditors, let alone those who are holding their unsecured loans. Oh my God…
      They need to be in jail for lying about their assets. They need to have everything liquidated to pay their debts.
      I just hope my email makes a difference…

  100. Speaking of spineless. Why didn’t Andy mention T&J’s new activities. I can see leaving out the criminal accusations. But certainly he could have asked his guests if they know of any one going to the auction “party”.
    As for the ring it is another example of Trashy
    Tv lies

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      That’s a bit much for a 14 year old. But that’s just my opinion. I may be losing my “hipness” being over 40 and all.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I think the average runway model age is 14 to 19. Most of these “women” are too young for the clothing and the attitude they are representing. However, having a teenage boy you should see the pictures and comments I regularly delete from his facebook page from girls as young as 13. Parenting sucks in the digital age.

        • Quincy IL says:

          My youngest son is a consultant for a computer architecture and security company that service the Fortune 500 and governments. I was worried that he would hack into the Pentagon when he was a boy.

  101. Rabble Rouser says:

    I was wondering if I should reserve this comment when the new blog goes up, but I figure if it’s active enough we can always move it over.

    As mentioned Ashley the twitter twit wouldn’t shut up last night, she was talking more smack on Christine saying that the only reason so many people showed up to her party is because they totally flyer-ed the school and bragged that it was going to be on TV.
    Ash is just so stupid that she misses the point of it being a charity event- and the more people in attendance the more money would be raised.

    To make it all the more vile, then she posts the name of Christine’s school…..for any looney to see. I tweeted her to tell her how dumb and out of line that was and asked her how would she feel if people posted where her little brother went to school.

    • Fabulous Earth says:

      Ashly wants to be a “model”. She’s probably jealous of Christine and her antics are lil’ digs at her.



      I’m not a feminist but goddamn if that doesn’t bug the hell out of me as a woman!

      • IMJ says:

        Ashley is so jealous of Christine and its so obvious. Shes a very insecure young woman.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Did you see the blog where Ash said if she took ‘lessons’ how she thinks she could be a decent model?

        While is a reasonable attractive girl, she doesn’t have the ‘look’ or the height and there are not enough lessons in the world to help to develop those traits.

        She is very jealous of Christine, she tweeted that Christine also says things about her but you don’t hear about it because it’s not online or on camera. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t-none of us really know….but if she does- then obviously she is a hell of a lot smarter about it than Ash.

      • Zoey says:

        I agree. I also think it’s a sign of the times that every little girl has to be a friggin’ cheerleader from kindergarten on up, go to cheer camp (vomit!), etc.
        I hate that my little niece (she’s 9) thinks this is so cool. Dance camp, cheer camp, and gymnastics. The latter is fine, I like her doing that, but isn’t there more for girls to focus on?

        She’s now in softball, I take them to the library, and hopefully guitar lessons soon. I don’t criticize her likes and ideas, and try to keep my face expressionless, like when she said she wants to be a babysitter when she grows up (those teen girls are the coolest you know), but I try to expose her to what’s out there and the possibilities.

      • error404 says:

        teens are very insecure about their looks/bodies, which are going thru a major change. Modeling is a way of validating that you’re attractive.

      • moriasheehan says:

        ditto, well said

      • MickeyMouth says:

        Most of these parents pushing their kids into careers in modeling, singing etcetera are delusional. However, I actually think Christine could be a model. She reminds me of Mariel Hemingway.

  102. 2Stupid says:

    Did anyone hear Bethenny’s explanation of satchels of gold last night on WWHL. I could of sworn after she explained that she understood Kelly, but wanted everyone to see how crazy she was so didn’t explain at the time. Please tell me someone else caught that and I’m not cookoo for cocoa puffs!

  103. IMJ says:

    Regarding Theresa and her bankruptcy case. I was looking at the auction items and it seems like too few to auction if you ask me. If you owe $11 million, shouldnt you have to sell/auction everything you own to cover your debts?

  104. anitabee says:

    Ashley looks and acts like a self absorbed immature bratz. I wonder how she will act when life knocks her down and mommie and daddy are no longer around to pick her up.

    I understand that she has a “way too cool” internship in NYC. I don’t know why Derek’s parents had to celebrate Ashley’s first day with a red velvet cake. Who the F**k does that? She worked one frickin day.

    We should start a pool to see how long Ashley last at her internship. I say less than 2 weeks.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think the cake thing is hilarious. Up until now, I always thought when people bragged about meeting some type of minor expectation was met with the response “Great! Do you want a cookie?” that is was sarcasm, I guess I was wrong.

  105. Olivia says:

    The Bravo “con” marches on. After viewing last nights latest entry to the “House of Horrors” that raised my cynicism level up yet another notch, I would like to thank Bethenny Frankel for her frank, direct, and honest approach to basically labeling Kim G a “meddling weasel” in so many words! For once, someone refused to play the “company line” (Bravo) for stating the obvious.

    And how many were “taken in” by Danielle’s “loving mothering” instincts? That whole episode devoted to the Sweet 16 Party was especially loathesome from this perspective. Bear in mind, this “ho bag” has been complaining of not having the money to do even the most modest of repairs to her about to be sold home. Yet here we are, Party Planner and all, planning an event that includes a guest list of 300! Yes, I know she later suggested that much of this was “donated” because of “charity”, but I am not buying it for one fake minute. When she basically wrapped herself around the ex husband I almost lost it. Who is she kidding here? She has spent most of the past two seasons bashing this guys brains out and we are now supposed to believe that “all is well”? Give me a break.

    Christine seems to be a lovely kid but I also believe the “charitable donations” from her party were urged upon her simply to boost Danielle’s questionable parenting skills in that she raised this model child aside from the horrible image she projects in that department. And poor little Jillian was dragged into this scam by supposedly “writing and performing” a song in tribute to her sister of whom it is not difficult to determine she holds as a rival. The kid is rightfully “jealous” and Danielle is managing to “push” this innocent 12 yr old into the music business against her will. Those “mothering” scenes with Danielle and her girls take on the flavor of “bogus” particularly when she drags out that “engagement ring” and assures Christine that it will be hers when she becomes engaged, ruling out the fact that perhaps her future husband might want to give her one of his own when the time comes. Little Jillian, sitting there and relegated to the backseat with promises of “seconds”, couldn’t look more morose. An clear indication of Danielle’s lack of sensitivity when it comes to these girls emotional needs.

    Monopoly game with 3 and 5 year olds? Come on. That is a game of numbers and critical thinking which neither of these two idiot parents have ever demonstrated. Does anyone actually accept Juicy Joe ever sitting down to an age appropriate board game, let’s say Candyland as an example, with his daughters let alone a game that was far above their limited abilities at that age to understand? No, no, no. This was yet another scene to play “let’s pretend”.

    And how much did the helicopter ride cost? A lot. And here they are, already in the throes of bankruptcy when this particular “anniversary” scene was filmed “dazzling” us all with their “bling bling” and attempts to appear substantial. Two uneducated morons pulling the wool over the rest of us as their lawyers struggle to keep a roof over their undeserving pointed heads.

    Do they come any dumber than Jacqueline? She walks around with seeking advice and heeding none of it. Her daughter is a walking disaster and I would be damned before I drove that brat to the Post Office to pick up her court summons. Let her walk, bum a ride, or hitchhike for all the gratitude she shows and, aside from the gravity of the situation, this Dumbbell has yet to “get it”. Seven months later and this immature moron is still tweeting endlessly about “bad Danielle”. Stupid beyond belief.

    As for Kim G, Bethenny hit the nail squarely on the head when she asked how this woman was able to “weasel” her way onto this show. Remember, it was Kim G who originally “reached out” to Carolyn to do lunch when the season began, hoping to ingratiate herself onto the show. Carolyn refused which then led Kim G to “strike up the music” with Danielle, thus assuring some form of connection and made sure she was featured in most of the episodes that showcased the skank. Birthday parties, lunches, the Brownstone charity event, pole dancing, the country club debacle, kitchen conversations urging Danielle take action against Trashley, court appearances, etc. Wherever the camera, count on Kim G to be there! And next week we are promised a scene where Kim G essentially “let’s loose” on Danielle by screaming obscenities and chasing her out of a venue and into a waiting car while yelling about her boobjob! Another sign of the ridiculous premise of this empty wasteland of a show which has not one member worthy of applause.

    Time to pull the plug. This show has gone far beyond ugly.

    • CdnFillie says:

      Olivia..you are so right. The only true and not fake thing I saw last night was the interaction between Christine and Jillian..kinda reminded me of my squabbles with my 9 other siblings when I was young..those were the days 😛

      • vilzvet says:

        Great post as usual, Olivia. We could use this as the latest blog for now (tapping toes…). That is a perfect word to describe Danielle’s mothering skills: bogus! I always get that same impression. It never feels real. Stop with the baby doll nicknames too, please. And who announces to a crowd what a great mother they are! They are good kids DESPITE being Danielle’s daughters.
        I also posted upstream about how absurd it was for Joe to break out Monopoly for pete’s sake. GMAB!!! I played Candyland with my kids also at that stage, thank you very much. Too freakin’ funny.

      • Olivia says:

        Christine seems to be sweet but rather naive. Jillian, in some of the past shows that have featured her, seems to be carrying some resentment and shows Danielle that she is wise to her.

        Some see Danielle as having some form of redeemable values as these two kids appear better balanced than Trashley (which wouldn’t take much!) but Danielle’s actions of allowing herself to be featured as a paranoid psycho with the morals of an alley cat cannot be having a good effect on these kids no matter how they are presented.

        Does she love them? Probably. Does she nurture them? Absolutely not. A nurturing parent is not making sex tapes with dubious partners, or indulging in phone sex with total strangers while inviting convicted felons into her home with two young girls in residence. It doesn’t compute.

        Does anyone know if Christine actually traveled to Italy or Japan owing to her modeling contract? Danielle lies to much it is difficult to take her word for anything.

        And seeing Danielle’s ex last night just fortified my belief that this man just does not care. Otherwise he would be quick to get these kids into a better environment especially when Danny Pro is part of the woodwork. Absurd.

    • anitabee says:

      I too am a bit fascinated on how Kim G. came to be on this show. What a horrible addition. Last season Dina and Caroline were my favorites because Teresa came off as dumb, Jacqui came off as jealous of the Manzo sisters and Danielle was and still is pure evil.

      This season Caroline refuses to film with anyone. It is Jacqui and Teresa that come to her. With Dina gone I wonder why Caroline is even on the show. Yet this brings us to the disgusting Kims.

      Kim G. is the worst of the two. Seriously woman ACT your age! She acts as if she is Ashley’s age showing her thong while taking stripper class. And last week it was just SAD to see her shuffling along instead of jogging to Jaqui house to deliver the newspaper. And what is up with her weird wardrobe? Again it is NOT age appropiate! It’s so odd to see someone with so much money choose to do nothing worthwhile with their time and wealth.

      Once this season closes out on RHONJ it is off my DVR recording list. I can’t take these nonsensical women who are such utter boobs that they can’t even realize how bad they come across to the public.

      Well Dina did. Kudos to her. Caroline should have done the same.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I love Bethenny’s direct comments. A ray of sunshine, that’s Bethenny.

      I enjoyed reading this site today. I love all of you, even the trolls.

    • I just want to point out that these women don’t pay for a lot of the things that are filmed. Parties, vacations, boob jobs, etc…
      If Bravo paid for the VI trip, I’m sure they paid for Christine’s little party, with some things being given for free in exchange for the publicity.

  106. Zoey says:

    Teresa G’s mind – Why does the news just keep reporting all these things that are not true?


    So I wonder if they’re still living in the McMansion?

  107. cusi 77 says:

    I would like to expose once again JILL ZARIN for planting stories about her and Bethenny being friends again:

    “” 2Stupid says:
    July 26, 2010 at 4:15 pm
    Who do you suppose could of leaked this, if it’s true? I wander if Jill is still trying to make nice? http://blogs.glam.com/glamblush/2010/07/26/bethenny-frankel-primps-at-red-door-spa-in-nyc/“”

  108. anitabee says:

    Bravo — NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! For the love of God please do NOT bring back Kelly Bensimon. She is utterly off her frinkin rocker!!!

    How could this possibly make sense to anyone? http://www.realitytea.com/2010/07/27/new-interview-with-kelly-bensimon-she-talks-housewives-safe-sex-new-show/comment-page-1/#comment-34240

  109. Olivia says:

    The “Two Kims” are raging alcoholics from what I have witnessed during their scenes.

    And Andy Cohen is without questions, one of the most despicable characters on tv, and this includes the entire cast of Jersey Shore which is saying a lot. Bringing back that horrible kid Ben Weiner? Who the hell cares what a 13 yr old has to say on a show that caters to the worst attributes of women? No wonder his parents sent him away for the summer. He sounds much too insufferable to live with.

    It cracked me up when Andy announced this because it appeared that when he looked over at Bethenny she must have registered her own unfavorable reaction judging by his demeanor.

    I was hoping that perhaps Ben’s campmates would take him out to the middle of the lake for a lesson in “long distance swimming”. There’s still time boys!

  110. Trustee for Trashy & Juicy’s theft of the good merchants & & Dr.s of NJ : sywilokattorney@sywilok.com LET HIM KNOW YOU WILL NOTTOLLERATE this PLANNED

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