I Hate Jill Zarin Teresa Giudice on The View August 2, 2010

 Hate Jill Zarin                     Teresa Giudice on the View        August 2, 2010

If you missed Teresa Giudice’s appearance on The View, you missed her scripted answers to questions that she anticipated, however, there were clearly others that she wasn’t expecting. 

It was obvious that she was prepared to answer the reason why she and Juicy Joe had to file bankruptcy.  The View hosts and guest hosts didn’t allow her to recite her speech as prepared but she was eventually able to get her TWO REASONS for the bankruptcy on the air.  I’m going to go into more detail about her two reasons but first let’s talk about the chaos that was the show.

First of all it was crystal clear to me that Teresa had not seen the “introduction” that was read by Elisabeth Hasslebeck prior to sitting her ass in the chair.  Elisabeth said “Teresa never had a problem spending money from lavish homes to plastic surgery until now, turns out her family is $11 million dollars in debt and she claims she had no idea…. Let’s ask Teresa” 

This was not the inviting and charming introduction that we typically see on The View.  When Bethenny was introduced, for example, she was described as a new mom, star of her own reality series, etc.  Teresa’s introduction was a slap in the face from the start and Teresa’s face reflected that.  It was all she could do to smile when the camera hit her face.   

Missing on the show were Sherry Shepard and Whoopi Goldberg which was probably a plus for Teresa, however, the two men who served as guest hosts, Mario ____ and Bryant Gumble had done their homework.  They didn’t sit quietly not knowing what was going on, they knew the score and asked the right questions, particularly Gumble, this guy is no dummy and he’s interviewed hundreds of celebrities. 

The first question that was presented to Teresa by Elisabeth was whether or not Teresa knew about their financially problems.  Elisabeth said, “You had no idea?”  She didn’t answer that question, she went right into her pre-planned speech about WHY they filed bankruptcy.  Question two was from Joy Behar, “Is your husband a slumlord?”   Teresa said, “Slumlord?”  Quite honestly, I find it hard to believe that Teresa doesn’t know what a slumlord is, instead of being outraged by the reference to slumlord, Teresa was stumped! 

Bryant Gumble was even more brutal in asking how they got to $11 million and after Teresa’s first response that it was all in the buildings, her response changed and Teresa tried to say that amount is exaggerated.  (sorry Teresa, everyone has seen the breakdown of the dollar amounts, it all adds to almost $11 million) 

Teresa contradicted herself and was actually let off easily.  Why didn’t they ask her what became of these huge apartment buildings?  Did they go into foreclosure?  What about the beach house she talked about during Season One?  No one asked her about her expensive housewarming party, her shopping spree with her daughter ($2,000) or her daughter’s birthday party, all lavish and over-the-top expenses that were not necessary if there were money issues. 

Teresa told the panel that she “always lived within her means”.  She claims that the money was coming in from the apartment buildings and that is why she was spending only what was coming in.  Mario asked Teresa if she is currently watching what she is spending.  Teresa tells us that she’s using a debit card now and no longer uses credit cards.  Why do you suppose that is?  When you file bankruptcy, your credit card holders tend to cut off your credit Teresa, most people know that. 

Unfortunately, an $11 million dollar debt does not hit a business overnight.  The home that we watched her move into just last season along with the furnishings that she bought and paid for in cash were only months before filing the bankruptcy (October 2009).  A year at the most. 

Teresa had two reasons that she provided for filing the bankruptcy.  The first was that she and Joe owned four huge apartment buildings and that the residents of these buildings all lost their jobs and stopped paying rent. 

Bad news for Teresa is that Residential Multi-Family Real Estate is my business!  The apartment industry did take some hits due to the economy but were more than made up for by the increase in apartment rentals due to people losing their homes and downsizing into apartments.  For every person who lost their job and were no longer able to pay their rent then vacated the apartment, we would get a renter who just lost their home to a foreclosure.  Additionally, when people lose their jobs, there are lots of government programs to help out and it is against the law to discriminate against people who utilize government aid or social security as a source of income.  Therefore, the apartment industry was one that took the least amount of hits in the Real Estate industry. 

What is the status of these buildings now?  Did they all go into foreclosure?  Did the bank take ownership of these buildings?  Who managed these huge buildings?  What about this Partner that was partial owner of at least one of the buildings?  Teresa’s appearance today actually left more questions unanswered than she explained. 

Teresa’s reason number two for filing the bankruptcy was that they were involved in a lawsuit with Joe’s former business partner.  Again, The View crew didn’t explore that question because reports we have seen indicated that Joe signed his partner’s name on a legal document.  Joe has indicated that he had permission to sign the loan documents.  Why didn’t they ask Teresa about that? 

Let’s also explore how Teresa can announce that she has always lived within her means, yet she also claims that Juicy Joe never told her about their financial problems until it was too late.   Too late for what?  The genius Teresa was going to fix the financial woes of Joe Giudice?  Damn, if only she’d known!  She doesn’t know what her “means” are, it is pretty obvious that she wasn’t spending within her means since she spent a fortune on parties, clothes and breast implants.

One thing I wanted to clear up is about the ring that Teresa wore on The View.  She was asked if it was real and the stone was at least 15-20 carats and clearly it was costume jewelry which is what Teresa said, she also tried to sneak in there that it was for sale on her web site.  This is NOT the same ring that Juicy Joe gave her for their anniversary.  

I think Teresa was probably hoping she would be able to plug her web site where she sells costume jewelry, t-shirts and girls hair accessories as well as her book.  I don’t think the folks at the View had the same ideas. 

Here is a little interview with Teresa that one of the View producers did before the show where you can see that the ring is not the same one as the Anniversary fake diamond:


It was clear to me that Teresa’s attorney or PR person  gave Teresa scripted answers to certain questions, whether she’s telling the truth or not, we know it wasn’t in her words. 

Tonight is a new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey and Dina is back for the Christening of Teresa’s fourth daughter.  As Godmother, I suppose we couldn’t avoid Dina.  Some of you may have seen my Twitter war with Dina last night.  She actually started it for a change, I was tweeting with another person on Twitter when Dina jumped in and attacked us both calling me an ass and saying that I needed to be put in my place…yes sir re!  Dina is just the person to do it too! 

In another blog I’ll go into the detail of my original argument with Dina, suffice to say for now that Dina Manzo is a coward, she tweets her mind, yes, but then she goes back an deletes what she says.

Until Next Time…..


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336 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Teresa Giudice on The View August 2, 2010

  1. kats2 says:

    Great blog Lynn as always!!!

    I was thinking about the introduction and treatment Teresa got on the View today and I have to say I think it is because the whole purpose of her brief visit was to discuss this topic, she was like a normal guest at all. She might have asked (begged) or maybe they did to have her come on the show, but it was not the same as when Bethenny visited for good reason. It was hot topic day and this was all they wanted to discuss with her and nothing else. I don’t blame the View for this and I have seen them hae other people on and they have been treated the same way. I only wish Teresa used the platform to finally own her mistake and would stop with the excuses. Perhaps someday she will learn this lesson, unfortunately I don’t think that day will come any time soon.

  2. They really let her get away with too much. The should have held her accountable and not let her spout all her rehearsed lies.
    I say let Lynn host the reunion!

    I can’t wait to see the Dina blog.
    I witnessed part of the war last night. Would love to hear the back story.

  3. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Lynn I love your blogs. I think the ladies get upset because you speak the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

  4. Smokee says:

    Spot on, at least Joe is changing his attitude towards it. Did u see him on tonights episode. Teresa acts like it’s not happening. Maybe she’s with Kelly on another planet.

  5. Maryla says:

    Teresa definitely seems uncomfortable in that producer pre-show interview (and during the live View interview). It looked like she was really trying hard to hew to the script, but as an inexperienced actress couldn’t quite make the words come out of her mouth in a natural way. Syncopation was a little off or something.

    Plus she copied the same phrases in both the pre-interview and during the show. It must be hard to not blow it and expose your family to a boatload of secrets that could eventually be used in court. That is a tightrope. But as with most liars, at some point, the lies all begin to unravel and the only way to survive day to day is to just keep repeating the same tired phrases over and over, and insinuate that those who don’t believe are simply “the haters.”

  6. I saw someone on Reality Tea say she was “systematically bullied” (they forgot the word systematically, but readers knew what she meant) by the hosts on the View. I don’t believe that is the case, because:

    1. She put herself on that show, accepting the invitation.
    2. They spewed intelligent facts and questions and rebuttals to her rehearsed statements. Calling her out on incorrect or incomplete answers does not make them bullied … it makes them intelligent.
    3. To be bullied implies that through no fault of your own others attack you. She is definitely not innocent in the position she finds herself and her husband in.

    She put the blame on Section 8 renters who have lost their jobs and couldn’t pay the rent on however many apartments owned by the Teresa/Joe. She also blamed Joe’s ex-partner, who is suing Joe for forging his name on legal papers, for not living up to whatever he was supposed to do. Finally she was definitely living within her means, even when she wasn’t.

    Kelly, Teresa … you have something in common. Both of you are unarmed combatants in a battle of wits. Let it go.

    I still do not care for the people on The View, but this time I didn’t see where they did anything wrong.

  7. kats2 says:

    But don’t you think in Teresa’s twisted world where she is always trying to compete with Bethenny that she watched Bethenny do great on the View and asked to be on the show?

    • Yes, and sadly for her it didn’t turn out the way she had it planned.

      Teresa’s Dream of the View:
      The View: Welcome Teresa!! Your book, “Skinny Italian” is the absolute best book of all the Housewives, especially Bethenny’s.
      Teresa: Thaank you. Ain’t I a great arthur??
      The View: Can you tell us please how this awful financial difficulty came to pass?
      Teresa: Yea, it was all about the ecology and our apartment dwellers lost their jobs and couldn’t pay rent so that cost us $11 million. I mean, it wasn’t that much although I don’t know what the real amount is.
      The View: How can you not know? Does your husband love you so much he keeps you in the dark about finances so you won’t have to worry about it?
      Teresa: Yes, Joe didn’t tell me until he had to, because I’m supposed to be his “Happy Wife”.
      The View: To Donate to Teresa’s Bankruptcy difficulties, please call this number 1-800-SaveHer . She’s amazing and so much better than Bet … other Housewives with cookbooks on the market.

    • Lisa01 says:

      Yes, it is really pathetic how she wants to be just like Bethenny. Why? Bethenny named one of her books Skinnygirl, then Teresa copies and names her book Skinnt Italian. Bethenny goes on the View, Teresa wants to go on the View for the sole purpose that Bethenny was on the View. Next, she wants to do DWTS because Bravo hasn’t asked her to do a solo show. So she feels that doing DWTS will be a leg up on Bethenny. I have a feeling that Teresa was a BIG fan of Bethenny until she called her unintelligent. I mean she really is copying everything Bethenny. She is sooo envious of her.

  8. boston02127 says:

    Squirrels—Marie Antoinette! A while back didn’t you post that all that’s missing in Teresa’s house is Marie Antoinette. LOL–Good call.

  9. MickeyMouth says:

    I am finishing up some chops I started and never completed. Here is one: http://wp.me/pWaBw-cQ

  10. boston02127 says:

    Danielle is a freak. A big ugly freak. I feel so sorry for her kids. She makes such a spectacle out of nothing. So what…. somebody talked about you. Get over it MS Mafia wanna be.

    • Squirrels says:

      I have to agree to disagree here Boston. I have experience in the adopted world. I cannot begin to express what it feels like to never know where you belong. Not where you came from, but where you belong. My BF was adopted and to this day he has no idea who he is on an ethnic plane. He believes he is Scottish. Who am I to disagree? At 51, it still remains a back door issue. I wish I could discover his lineage, alas, I cannot. He’s decided to never delve into the search engine. For those who do, it must be a painful experience. For my BF, I can see his pain when we show up at my family reunions with 150+, all who know who I am.

      No matter the circumstance, it is extremely personal and no one has the right, nor invitation to blab. Period.

      • janie says:

        I absolutely agree. I am adopted and met my bio mom at the age of 35. It was a very long search filled with a lot of angst. Unfortunately the reunion did not go well, but at least I got to meet her.

        • Squirrels says:

          I cannot imagine your experience janie. Then again, you did what you had to do, and that in and of itself is a sigh of relief.


          • boston02127 says:

            @@@Squirrels & Janie—My post had nothing to do with the adoption matter. I can’t imagine going thru that. I was posting about when Danielle was in the resturant with her kids and she was acting like a mafia woman and went outside to make a call. She was over acting so much.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              That was painful to watch- especially again seeing her kids trying to talk her off the ledge.

              I felt bad for poor Jillian when she suggested that maybe someone just over heard the conversation and that Kim G might not have told anyone. Danielle snapped, I saw a flash of true CRAZY and then she did the whole gangster thing that T did with her at the country club.

            • Squirrels says:

              Thanks for the clarification Boston. I obviously read it wrong.


          • MAMAZ says:

            It is an exteremely personal issue and Kim G should have NEVER divulged that info to anyone. But did Danielle tell her to keep it private? Don’t ever assume that people feel the same way about an issue as you. If it’s private say so. It wasn’t a betrayal unless she agreed not to speak about it. Although it still would have been insensitive.
            Danielle claimed Christine was upset to learn the news from a friend but we saw Christine relaying the story to Danielle pretty matter of factly. She didn’t appear upset. She even suggested that Kim G didn’t tell out of malice but is just a gossip.When Danielle got upset Jillian gave her sister a “here we go again” look. She didn’t seem upset either.
            IMO Kim G told Jacq about looking for Danielle’s birth mother. She probably was explaining what a good friend she was to help. Jacq told Teresa and the others.
            Danielle will not tolerate any mistakes on the part of her aquaintances, very JZlike. She treats them like employees. It’s all what can you do for Danielle.
            I do believe Kim G did a lot for Danielle. But she is a user also. She bought and paid for her camera time. And Danielle knew it but as long as she was getting something from it herself she didn’t care. There was nothing genuine about the friendship from either side.

            • BamaBelle says:


              You’re giving Kim G. too much credit maybe talking about what a good friend she was! Danielle never expected Kim G. to tell Teresa or Jacqueline anything about her life. She didn’t know Kim G. was friends with them, especially since she appeared to be on Danielle’s side and went to court with her.

              I can understand Danielle’s hurt. Kim G. saw Teresa and Jacqueline chasing her through that Country Club. She saw Ashley pull her hair out. I don’t believe Danielle ever suspected that Kim G. was running to Jacqueline and Teresa with private details of Danielle’s life.

              Kim G. is all about gossip, but it’s malicious gossip, especially talking to Teresa about Danielle’s search for her birth mother. Can you imagine what a great big laugh they all got out of that?

              There’s NOTHING innocent about that back-stabbing Kim G. She used Danielle to get on the show and is the biggest snake of them all!

              • emt2 says:

                co sign!

              • MAMAZ says:

                BamaBelle – Don’t misunderstand. I’m not giving Kim G any credit at all. I was referrring to an earlier episode when she was telling Jacq how she feels sorry for D and wants to be a good friend to her. I don’t think that was an isolated incident. Im guessing she does that a lot. It’s her justification to Jacq for playing both sides of the fence. Everything she does is to earn(buy) a spot on the show.

      • emt2 says:

        I agree completely with you, Squirrels.

        It seems that people hate Danielle so much that she gets attacked for no reason. Kim G should have never disclosed anything about Danielle to the other women and she did so in order to start problems. Point blank.

        There’s a reason why Danielle is so crazy. Look at the betrayal from so-called friends. I’m sure this has happened her entire life and that is just one of the reasons why she became so narcissistic and troubled.

        • boston02127 says:

          @emt2–Glad to see you here. How is your mom doing?

        • MAMAZ says:

          I don’t agree emt2. If everyone in your life turns on you then you must be doing something wrong. Like Someone on here (HD I think) said, What part did you play in it?
          No question that Kim G is a two faced witch. But I think Danielle was fully aware of the kind of woman she is. It was ok with her as long as she was going to back Danielle up with the Manzo clique. She was using Kim G as much as Kim G was using her.

      • twoile says:

        So sorry 4 the vaccum this leaves in Ur BF life……..can’t imagine the sense of loss……I know a portion as my Mother died when I was 10 & very little (truth) only idealized memories were ever shared by sibs & at that very little maybe once a yr (thanksgiving) along w/dessert wine…. The sense of not belonging/be longing must be overwhelming at times, very glad he has you to whom he belongs…..take care

  11. MickeyMouth says:

    “Twitter war with Dina last night” Seriously?

    • Can you please elaborate?? I don’t have Twitter, so can you summarize? I’m curious! 🙂

      • kats2 says:

        Mom2 – I think Lynn will be blogging about it with her NJ HW blog tomorow. I only caught the tail end of it and after Dina deleted all her comments so I’m waiting to find out the details too. Not sure what started it.

  12. kats2 says:

    Perhaps you all read Teresa’s blog from July 27th (I didn’t). She compares her filing for bankruptcy like so many great American companies and goes on to name them (Disney, Wal-Mart, Macy’s.etc). Who is feeding her this crap?

    There are so many offensive things in this blog but the following I thought was a low low even for her “I also really liked seeing Christine’s Sweet 16 Party. She is a beautiful girl, but you can tell she’s counting down the days until she can leave that house. Poor Jillian has a little longer to wait. We finally got to meet their dad, and I think it’s obvious where they got their good looks from!”

    Oh Teresa – should you really be talking about anyone elses kids? Danielle’s kids might want to leave as many kids do, but Ashley actually did leave and if you don’t get your act together your kids might not have their home soon. I’m shocked that with all you have to worry about you still find the need to take shots at Danielle.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Karma is a bitch Teresa and you will have a couple of decades of teenage diva mayhem starting in about five years…….Ain’t that nice?!?

    • Squirrels says:

      “Who is feeding her this crap?” Apparently an attorney. He was kind enough to respond to my email, saying….. and I quote,

      “Wow Lisette good eye!

      Teresa is actually a friend of mine and while I didn’t realize that she had used that line, I’ll give her a pass :)”

      The dude is savvy enough to send me a smiley face. Now that’s a lawyer I want in my stable. NOT.

      Thanks for looking out…


  13. Kelly_Has_Big_ Shoulders says:

    Does anyone have a link to her on the View???

    • Ellabean says:

      Best web site to go to to catch entire re-reruns like yesterday’s View is:
      hulu. com. Only drawback is: shows stay up for only 5 days. So yesterday’s View will be up til this Friday.

      Easy to pull up – you don’t have to sign up for anything (passwords, etc)

      I hate going over to the ABC site – and helping their sponsor revenue.

      The gossip sites: Absurd, Reality Tea, etc – only have a partial segment of Teresa’s View appearance.

  14. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks Lynn for a spotlight on The View with Teresa!
    IMO, Teresa probably thought she was getting an opportunity to hawk her book and baubles on NATIONAL tv…. This was a foolish thought by a foolish woman who continues to take no responsibility for the $11 million debt incurred by risky investments and who feel no one has to get paid for the services or goods acquired. Equally reprehensible is the canned excuses she borrows but still couldn’t quite get out of her mouth in any logical way – it’s the economy, it’s other people losing their jobs so they can’t pay their rent, it’s always something or someone else’s fault! What is wonderful about bankruptsy is that measures are put in place so that living within your means is what you will have to do for a number of years so you really know what that means.
    We can likely expect the same canned crap at the Reunion. What I would really like Andy to ask her is how does she feel about all the people they ripped off who are now in a hugh financial mess because the Guidices don’t pay their bills!

    I hate Jill for very different reasons than I hate Teresa, but both will go down in the history of Housewives as women with no souls, who take no responsibility for what they do to other people and who sadly still think they are wonderful people.

  15. boston02127 says:

    !!!!!! Jacqueline has a hugh neck. That’s it!

    • kats2 says:

      Boston you must be watching the episode?

    • moriasheehan says:

      you are right, i noticed it before, thinking it looked like she did weight lifting or steroids. it is also pretty long and runs right into her bubbies, like John Travolta in Hairspray. head, neck, bubbies, no chest.

      • Ellabean says:


        Jac’s face is “off” – I’m still trying to figure it out too. I think its the combo of the LONG face + the LONG neck + the scooped out “ski slalom” nose job + the long straight hair with a teased almost Snookie-poof* at the crown. And now that she has apparently lost some weight (noticed this summer in real time pics)…the whole “look” is more pronounced.

        *Snookie better trademark her hair poof soon to cash in her 15 minutes.

  16. kats2 says:

    I hope Dina’s husband and daughter attended the Christening with her? I’m sure they were not on camera but I hope they were there as a family.

    • vilzvet says:

      In her Bravo blog Dina said that Lexi was there but her ex does not want her on camera. She also claims that she doesn’t want her on camera either, but that seems like a lie because last season she certainly didn’t have a problem with it. As far as Tommy being at the event, he was not at the church because Dina said he was at the Brownstone finalizing the party details. Again, Tommy just doesn’t want the limelight, too bad because I thought he was a hoot on that Wedding show.

  17. boston02127 says:

    The receptionist at the OBGYN “Oh Hi Danielle” acts like she knows Danielle well. Wonder why….

  18. boston02127 says:

    Jacqueline and Ashley are tweeting away about Danielle. Their lives are pathetic.
    And BTW Jacqueline, you weight 112? OK Slenderilla…. and I’m a rock star.

    • Totally pathetic, I needed a shower after this episode…. What 16 year old wants to be filmed going to the ob/gyn with their mother who released a sex tape? As fo Kim G, I have no words, she is really disgusting.

    • MAMAZ says:

      That’s a Jill Zarin 112. You know a JZ size 1 really means size 6 and a JZ 112 is really 135.

  19. lillybee says:

    If people on Section 8 lose income, then section 8 pays more of the rent. I have seen renter’s share go from 350.00 to 0.00 if the renter lost a job and didn’t qualify for uib. I am definitely calling Theresa out on this one.

    I think those buildings lost their Section 8 eligibility due to lack of maintenance and no utilities.

  20. Capiche says:

    Well, so much to talk about after this episode. But I have to go to sleep…big meeting in the morning for work. Unlike Teresa, I pay my bills. Try to catch up on the morrow.

    Also, RH DC starts this week! Already!!! Looking forward, but the reviews are bad. We’ll see.

    • Melanie says:

      I really think this was the most cohesive show this season. Producers seem to be trying to tie up all the loose ends and hopefully call it done.

      • Squirrels says:

        Bravo should call it a day. My own personal disgust is personified in Danielle’s search for her biological mom. She told one person on camera. Enter Kim G. In response, Kim G. whines that she hates Danielle, swearing up a storm in Jac’s home.

        Kim G. alleges Danielle told others, “Do not be friends with her, stay away from her.”

        Jac was right. Jr. High. Add to the mix, Kim G. is upset that Caroline won’t have lunch with her. Gag me with a fork.

        I have never been a Danielle fan. If Kim G. let the cat out of the bag, she deserves to be whipped.

        • felony stupid says:

          I’m with you Squirrels.

          Feels like a set up by Kim G to finally get her “in” with the Manzo/Laurita clan and claim that lunchdate with Caroline. By pissing off Danielle (not to difficult to do) she gave herself the opening to flip out and jump fully to the side she has wanted to be on for YEARS. For some reason we are not privy to, Caroline has refused to befriend this woman for a very long time…long before we knew who this mixed up bag of jokers were. This is Kim’s one-two punch: camera time on this stupid show and a way to weasel her way into a friendship.

          I’ve said it before, I’m no Danielle fan, but this Kim G is a disgusting pig of a woman and needs a muzzle. Her chasing Danielle and screaming obsenities (not to mention those shoes) is so completely undignified for a woman her age she should be mortified. She nauseates me. Somebody needs to take a Midol and hot tea break.

        • I agree with this! Let’s put a fork in it, Bravo. This isn’t fun anymore, it’s dark and depressing.

          • vilzvet says:

            Great recap, felony. I too hated every single second of this eppy. From the entrance to the doctor’s office, I almost died. I thought, they are NOT going into a gyno, are they?! Poor Christine!!
            Then the entire christening-disguised-as-a-wedding scenes knowing what we know now, and seeing Joe’s pissy and telling mood throughout, was the capper. 200 people at a wedding facility, even with their friends’ discount that you know they received, was easily 30 grand. Did they pay this bill?!?!? I think this debt did NOT slip through the cracks, does anyone else?? This question needs to be asked on the reunion! Kim G was just mortifying. Nothing else to say. Who would put on a show like that at a nice restaurant?? Yes, to get camera time. Well, I don’t want to see her anymore. Go away, Debbie Reynolds.

            • MAMAZ says:

              Kim G is a pig. But Danielle is also a pig. I’m not sure I believe Kim G is the only person she told. She did write in her book that she she knew who her birth mother was and was considering contacting her. Danielle seems like the type of woman who tells everyone a secret and tells each person,”shhh, YOU are the only person who knows!”

              Taking Christine to the Gynocologist on camera was stupid. But what really upset me was her advice to Christine to NEVER have sex because it’s gross. Way to disscuss sex with your daughter Danielle. I hope my daughter waits to have sex until she is old enough to fall in love and old enough to deal with the possible and likely heartbreak that comes with a first love. Really, how many of us marry our first? But I do want her to have healthy sex life as an adult! I don’t want her to think it’s gross, something to be avoided as long as possible.

              • felony stupid says:

                Mamaz – Completely agree!

                IMO this was all a ruse to get Danielle heated up enough to open the door to Kim’s preplanned rant. Kim is plenty old enough – plenty – to not enagage, hell, even Caroline figured that out a season ago. Kim could have just as easily been anti-Danielle from day one but that wasn’t getting her airtime or an “in” with Caroline and Co. Something happened long before this show ever saw the light of day that has kept Kim from this inner circle. Wonder if we’ll ever find out what that is. Maybe it is her fat ugly mouth and anti social behavior?

                Anywho, Danielle was her door to the show and once she was in she needed a way to kill that relationhisp and prove to the Lauritas/Manzos that she too had been duped by snake Danielle.

                Kim is a POS and should hobble back to her Geritol filled mansion and wither away.

  21. momof6 says:

    Teresa is really simple-minded and thinks her answers make simple sense.

    To accuse even a fraction of her debt of 11 million on section 8 tenants, one needs to appreciate HOW section 8 works.

    It is a government program where a pretty significant portion of the rent is paid for with government funds (state, I believe). The rest of the rent is paid by the tenants….correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that guaranteed money in your pocket every month? And if a tenant is responsible for…lets say 30 percent of their rent and didn’t pay, how does losing 30 percent of your rent contribute to a 11 million dollar debt?

  22. momof6 says:

    I posted my comment before I saw yours. 🙂 definitely in agreement with you about losing section 8 eligibility. That makes more logical sense. Than T’s suggestion…

  23. moriasheehan says:

    Well done Lynn. I really agree that they (the view hosts) could have asked all those questions and more but they only allowed four minutes at very end of show. She will never agree to return so they missed out wasting time bitching about how much the Clinton’s spent on Chelsea’s wedding. Here’s hoping Kathy Griffin guest hosts at the reunion. It is very obvious watching her pathetic Sizzlin’ commercial, the girl cannot act. When she tried to discuss the “2” reasons, it sounded as scripted as her commercial. How pathetic she would be if she wasn’t such a ho’bag IMHO.
    I am now 4 weeks without watching RHONJ. Squirrels….another star????
    Join in my self intervention and we will call it RHONJ Anonymous and watch Rizzoli and Isles or tapes of BGM and RYONYC.
    I am a RHONJ aholic. It has been 5 weeks since my last viewing.

  24. @Duhresa_Giudice posted some pictures of Teresa and Joe’s rental properties. Lol:

    Renoed bathroom by Joe. #rhonj http://www.megaphonemagazine.com/files/images/page%2012-17%20-%20balmoral2.png

    After Joe renovated: http://img117.imageshack.us/i/1550bricke012nt8.jpg/ #rhonj #teresa_giudice

    Joe put in BLOOD, Sweat and Tears says Teresa! Newest renoed completion: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2056/2199119508_3214372529_b.jpg

    • Robin says:


      PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN CLICKING THE IMAGESHACK JPG ON THIS POST.It froze my computer and then bumped me off.A very brave friend tried it too and it happened to her also.All that for a pic of a door!..

      Virus scanning now..


      • Robin says:

        VIRUS!!! A virus called “ransomware” took over my computer mins after posting the warning.I knew something wasn’t right.Then I got a fake virus protection screen that said I was infected and to “click here” I knew it wasn’t my virus protection.The icon didn’t even look the same.The virus “ad” directed me to pay $49.99.As if everything would be ok…yeah..I immediately turned the power off to my computer because it wouldn’t allow me to power off in the normal way.I couldn’t go back,forward,use my pointer in any way.

        Thankfully MSN is my provider.I called them and they took over my puter and removed the virus.Again,they call it “ransomware”.Apparently they have been getting alot of these calls,some poor folks actually buy the $49.99 deal! re;ransomware.

        In any case,be very careful of any links that you may click on here.I have learned my lesson.I was told that links should be screened for virus’ before being posted on any group.This format of course makes that difficult for the site owner so extreme caution should be taken.You can always screen them yourself before viewing.A step that I will never miss again.After all,I was the dumbass that just got a virus!

        If anyone doubts that I got a virus within mins of viewing and I am just trying to stir up trouble (tho I have never done it before) you may request the email that I recieved after I was put back together again from msn.

        I just don’t want other folks to deal with the sweat’s,rapid heartbeat,heart sinking feeling of a virus attack 🙂

        Take Care,Robin

  25. boston02127 says:

    @cusi–I just looked up what Bethenny wore on The View 6/10. You’re right about Teresa’s dress looking so much like Bethenny’s. You have a good memory! 🙂

    • Ellabean says:

      I thought the same thing !

      Bethenny: wore a strapless printed dress – with brown, whites ina geometric pattern.

      Teresa: also – wore a strapless printed dress – in browns, black, white in a geometric pattern.*

      (my former life – chapters ago – was as a dress buyer – so I notice this kind of detail!)

  26. No Disrespect says:

    A few comments:

    1.) How many tenants do the Guidices’ have: 5,000? That’s a lot of debt to be placing on those por (so poor they can’t afford the extra “o”) suckers with linoleum floors… Skeevy.

    2.) The fact that she even mentioned her husband’s business partner makes me think that she knows more about his business than she lets on… ya think?

    3.) Too much extravagance has been shown on the show. I’m sure Bravo didn’t pay for that ugly chinchilla stole… or the jewe-y… or the house… I can go on. Nice try trying to explain that away.

    She’s just too dumb for words. Luckily, I don’t have any hair extensions or a table nearby for her to take her anger out on… *wipes brow*

    Thanks for the blog, Lynn!

    • Cheri says:

      Who paid for the upcoming trip to Italy?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I am sure Bravo did- or got it comp-ed in lue for advertising, just like Ramona’s renewal party was taken care of.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Who paid for the Brownstone Christening/baby wedding?

        • vilzvet says:

          That’s the million dollar question! Was this debt satisfied. There is no way Bravo footed that bill. Teresa already had her housewarming only a few weeks prior, plus we know about the upcoming Italian trip, which most likely is the event that Bravo does pay for. I thought each HW gets a stipend for ONE event during the season, not multiples.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Here are my guesses…(my brother in law is a GM of a banquet hall- and is Italian so I have some familiarity with this)

          Obviously the Brownstone waved the room rental fee and probably discounted the plates- but my guess is the way the booze seemed to be flowing and all the food stations they had, it was still at rock bottom minimum $60 (and that is with a generous discount) but more than likely it was about $80. It would probably be as high as $125 for anyone else.

          So- we can guess it was about $12,000 to $16,000 for the food and beverages.

          The other stuff Dina probably got a discount on, she gave the vendors a shout out in her blog. I also suspect given her work she probably gives them with paying clients and the work the brownstone probably gives these companies, it made it more affordable but I can’t imagine it would ALL be for FREE.

          Now as far as the bells and whistles…did you notice that the chairs were the gold plated ones and not the standard ones the Brownstone uses.

          They are about$5 bux to rent per chair x200

          The center pieces looked to be in the $200+ price range x20-tables of 10 guests

          The ice sculptures would be at minimum $250 a piece x 2

          The DJ, videographer and photograper could have bene a package deal and depending on the package and services purchased would run anywhere from
          $2,500 to $5,500 .

          So, I think it’s safe to say even with discounts and freebies I am sure they had at least $12,000 out of pocket but I am sure it’s probably more than that.

          But, like big Italian weddings it’s also customary to give a busta (envelope of cash) at a baptism- and typically people know to give enough to pay for their plate (the cost of the meal) plus at little extra for a gift. So, it’s possible after all was said and done, they had enough to cover the expenses.

          • kk says:

            Really? I’ve never been to a baptism or an Italian Wedding/baptism. Do you really give the cost of the meal plus gift? Is that the standard gift or custom for all those kind of events? Heading to a Wedding on Saturday and am wondering if I’m doing it wrong.

  27. (so poor they can’t afford the extra “o”)


  28. Olivia says:

    Tonight’s trashy episode was just another in a long, tedious season of “we all hate Danielle”. I do as well but I don’t spend every moment of ever day in every situation discussing her with my spouse, kids, babies, neighbors,nail lady, or the mailman. This entire series is such a wasted effort that is becoming comical.

    That christening was so over the top as bordering obscene when considering where these two grifters are at the moment. To compare it to a wedding celebration with all the elaboration that went into this party was ridiculous. They haven’t a pot to piss in or the window to throw it out of yet this event held with 200 guests had to have cost at least $10,000. At least.

    Juicy Joe is beginning to show his true “mob colors” as he snaps and insults his wife as she goes about making proper fools of each of them. The outfits worn by the three other children were very, very expensive for starters. Having been to my share of Catholic christenings, the priest alone was given $100.00 to baptize the baby. Working out from there, the cocktail party, followed by the sit down dinner accompanied by a live band, a roving photographer, and a very pricey cake added greatly to the cost. And for what? They were in bankruptcy at the time this treasure was filmed and apparently too dumb to realize how utterly foolish they are.

    Juicy Joe is not a nice man. He is not a good father. He is a liar, a thief and a forger who should be sitting in jail instead of indulging the fantasies of his greedy, grasping, stupid wife.

    I wouldn’t trust one word out of either mouth and the Manzo’s should be ashamed of upholding this charade as though it were “cute”. It’s not.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Olivia–You’re right about Joe. He’s also disrespectful. I’ve noticed in the past few episodes that the husbands, Joe, Chris & Al Manzo don’t seem too happy.

    • kats2 says:

      Bravo Oliva Bravo – standing O to you my friend.

      No need for me to say anything else about this episode, so thank you for this and please copy and paste it to Lynn’s NJ HW blog tomorrow or submit this as the blog.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      You know what bothered me the most at that christening? The cross ice sculpture. The ice sculpture was just the cherry on top of how overdone this event was. You have no money yet you spend needless money on ice that is just going to melt. I know it’s crazy, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

      • boston02127 says:

        @ Scorpiosue1102 -The glitter binky got me.

      • Jules says:

        Did anyone besides me notice that Teresa kept telling Joe she loved him, and he didn’t say it back. Finally, he said goodbye, because he didn’t want to see the bill. He has not seemed very affectionate to her this season, and it really makes me wonder if the rumors of him having a girlfriend named Tara are true.

        • Cheri says:

          It seems to me she is always trying to get his approval which he doesn’t seem to give. It makes me wonder exactly what type of marriage do they have

    • surely the Manzo’s knew. can you imagine????? here is terror(teresa) ordering a party that costs at least 150.00 a person. and they KNOW she cant pay for it.
      good God. I bet the Brownstone is owed a fortune!!

    • Squirrels says:

      When I was baptized, it was a personal celebration. Time marches on and from what I have learned in the new world, children are baptized in groups. Leaving me to believe, the Catholic Church is alive and well. If you pay enough, you too will get a private ceremony. I’d love to hear what the Church has to say. Even Joe saw it as a BS extravagance.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I am guessing this, but I think Joe might have started taking the rent from the poor and paying personal bills like Teresa’s parties and trips. He doesn’t seem very intelligent and all the money was his, right?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      A christening is not a reason to have an over the top party – but Teresa must be such a fabulous Catholic that it was alright to turn it into a wedding (first dance with the baby?)/circus! And it was so obvious that Joe didn’t want to be there (or on the show even) – guessing he was thinking about the expenses he could no longer cover…. it was sad when it should have been a joyous celebration.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Squirrels – You can still arrange a private Baptism if you choose. Most of the time they are done publicly during Mass. And it is called a BAPTISM not a Christening in the Catholic Church. Both Teresa and Caroline called it a Christening. I don’t know if they spend so little time in Church that they don’t know the names of the Catholic Sacraments or they think Christening sounds “classier.”
        The Brownstone is possibly the tackiest place I have ever seen. The Marie Antoinette serving sushi was so bizarre. I would have loved it if it had been done ironically.
        And I thought Teresa wanted it to be all authentic Italian? Marie Antionette was the Austrian queen of France and sushi, well not so Italian,lol.

        • Blue Sky says:

          Maybe having Marie Antionette there is a sly way of implying that Teresa is going to lose her head…did anyone notice the vanity next to the huge mirror in the master bedroom at Teresa’s house? Like a gaudy Louis XVI style! In my view Teresa has already lost her head. Have her book sales slowed down? She is going to be at a Barnes & Noble not far from where I live. So tempted to go & see just how many people really show up!

        • jillz68 says:

          The sliders weren’t very Italian either!

        • Squirrels says:

          Yes, baptism. my bad. In my defense, I was only 3 mos old at the time. lol.

  29. boston02127 says:

    Great blog Lynn. 5 stars & TY. It took me a while to read it. I watched the NJ show, I can’t concentrate with their big mouths blabbing. I’d like to find out about the apartments too. I wonder how many rents he collected and does he still? If he still owns 4 buildings they shouldn’t be that broke. I think if I owned one apartment building I’d pretty much be set. Also, I wonder why they listed that they recieve $10,000 a month from family?

  30. Dani says:

    I loved at the end of the interview with Teresa on the View. She was shaking Joy’s hand and as she was shaking it Joy was talking to Bryant. It was like she was dismissing her. How funny, I didn’t like it when Joy was nasty to Bethenny, however, I loved it when she was nasty to Teresa.

  31. Lynn- thank-you so much for the great recap. I truly appreciate all the work you put in to keep us all up to date. I love your blog and really, really, appreciate the intelligence of the the people who post here. This is my favorite place to be………..if circumstances would only allow me more time……… i just miss being here more often

  32. Jenni says:

    Well, no matter what happens from here on out, no one will ever be able to take Teresa’s memories from her. She will always be able to think back fondly at the fabulous parties and high rollin’ times.

    Ain’t that great?

    (Sometimes I wonder who really are the stupid ones, those of us that actually think about our actions and try to make sure that we do no harm to others, or the people that feed on us like parasites)

    • Squirrels says:

      I’m afraid a bit of both is the answer.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Yes, on the Bravo recording, we have Joe treating his wife like she was a spendoholic/idiot.

      I have worked really hard and been very careful with money. It just infuriates me that Teresa owes people money for their products and work, yet she goes on buying designer clothes for kids. Now, a trip to Italy? I am so angry.

  33. Katie says:

    Best part of their trip to Italy, is when Joe says: ” tree, sit down with that crap already”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Joe

  34. Olivia says:

    Another cringe worthy moment was Danielle dragging poor Christine to the OB/Gyn and constantly pushing her by asking “are you a good girl?” as opposed to “or are you a slob like me who has no boundaries but will jump into bed with anyone who asks and that even includes Danny Pro because we are soulmates?” The poor kid had to sit through this more than embarassing moment once again to shore up Danielle’s creds as “the best Mom in the world” crapola. This scene alone should go over big time with her teen peers, if I am not mistaken, and make life that much more “interesting” for a 16 yr old saddled with that old bag as a parent.

    But the interesting piece was in the diner with the two kids where Christine, showing that she really is not a very good actress, informs her mother of Kim G’s deception (which of course only helps to set the next scene for Kim G to outdo herself once more in the Department of Reality Snakes) . Danielle leaves the two kids sitting there as she rushes to the phone to tattle to Danny Pro who then asks “what WE should do next”. WE? Meaning what exactly? Killing Kim G on a ride by? Throwing stones at her numerous windows? Disinvite her to the next pole dancing contest? The two girls have her number down pat. “Another family dinner” moans Christine as Dirty Danielle makes a bee line to inform her best bud Danny. Little Jillian has so much disdain pouring out her eyes and in no way can one proclaim she is “acting” as she shoots daggers at the woman she must spend the next few years with and bear the brunt of her insanity.

    Danielle is a piece of work. And coming from a cast that practically equals her in disgusting behavior, she has every right to consider herself the overall “star” of this piece of porn.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I know it’s been said before Olivia but you truly have a way with words. Are in a profession that showcases your ability?

      I think Bravo should hire to to write a weekly readers blog.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Jill Zarin and Danielle have to share the Nobel for Embarrassing Mothers. Both wanted to discuss sex with their teen daughters on national TV. Let them duke it out.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Jacq too but she waited until her daughter had moved in with her boyfriend to have the discussion. Always too little too late with Jacq.

        • felony stupid says:

          Poor Christine.

          No offense to anyone…but in this day and age, I’m thinking that if a parent waits until their child is 16 before both waiting to have a discussion about sex and the first ob-gyn visit, that bus has a pretty good chance of having already left the station.

  35. I forgot about the trip to Italy. so sad. It’s because of people like these that i pay real estate taxes that would make you cry, she builds a house 4x the size of mine and gets to stay there….in debt more than 11 mill. my house completely paid off and i pay more per month in taxes than the average American pays for their mortgage. IMO these people should be (no i cant say it)…………………..

  36. Squirrels says:

    Bryant Gumbel. Sorry, as a journalist I’ve been bitten on the ass for misspelling more than once. I’ll now go and read the comments.

  37. lillybee says:

    All these women make me cringe. That includes Dina. What is she thinking casting a play with those shanks?

  38. ImaJillHater2 says:


    As a landlord who accepts section 8 tenants in NY State, I can tell you that *IF* a tenant either loses her job or experiences a decrease in income ( ie. new job; loss of job; reallocation of hours; paid hourly – time lost due to illness, etc.) the portion of rent paid by S8 is IMMEDIATELY reallocated. Sometimes, within a one month timeframe I receive several notices (seemingly conflicting, as tenant & S8 continue to hash out financial responsibility) from S8 indicating the amount due from a tenant & the remaining due by S8. Sometimes, by the time the rent is due I’m not sure what portion of the rent S8 or tenant is responsible for.

    On a $1550 rent, I’ve had a tenant go from being responsible for $1385 to $92 within a one month period b/c she lost a job.

    The only time S8 withholds rent is when a unit fails to pass basic safety & occupancy standards – and only upon MULTIPLE CONSECUTIVE failures. *IF* a unit fails inspection, landlord is generally given at least 2-3 months time for unit to be brought up to standard before rent is withheld. (With a phone call, time may usually be extended).

    Even though I’ve had a unit fail inspection two times consecutively (b/c the tenant refused to allow routine maintenance to be made) I still rec’d rent. (Of course, since tenant engineered 2 inspection failures & continued to allow routine maintenance, she got the boot asap!).

    Section 8 tenants are among the least risky tenants. The rent is guaranteed by S8, and the tenant MUST abide by the rental areement or risk being KICKED OUT of the S8 program FOR GOOD. Few tenants are willing to gamble a LIFETIME BAN from a widely accepted, federally funded program.

    Lastly, to reiterate, section 8 is a FEDERAL PROGRAM. Its admin rules are same across USA/ALL STATES. Can’t imagine any situation in which a S8 tenant who lost his/her job in which his/her housing allowance was not immediately reallocated.

    That just doesn’t happen. S8 doesn’t work that way.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Interesting! I learn more and more from this blog. Each thing that comes out of Teresa’s mouth makes her look worse than before.

    • ShyAsrai says:

      Very informative.

      Do landlords ever get kicked out of the S8 program for life? If Juicy & T lost their S8 certification/approval, that would certainly explain the financial dive.

      • ImaJillHater2 says:

        Yes, a landlord can also be “blacklisted” from the S8 program if he/she violates the administration rules.

        I know one reason landlords are kicked out is if they accept money “on the side” from tenants. Meaning, they accept additional rent on the down-low from the tenant, above and beyond what S8 has agreed to pay.

        Some landlords do this if S8 is unwilling to pay the market rent on a unit. On the side, the tenant agrees to make up the difference in order to get the apartment b/c landlord would just rent to someone else who will pay market rent…

        I believe this occurs in areas/neighborhood in which the rent is on the higher side.

        Didn’t appear that Juicy J’s rentals were in an upscale ‘hood, did they?

  39. lillybee says:

    The Doctor’s scene was totally cringeworthy. Why would a mother make something like that public?

    • vilzvet says:

      The cameras should not have been in that office. Period. Why Christine allowed it (I am sure she had a say in the matter) is beyond me. The only saving grace is that is aired during the summer vacation, so Christine is not in the school halls right now getting her fair share of comments. No need to ask why Danielle allowed it, she wants to be portrayed as “great” mother and she can now crow about how she is concerned about her daughter’s activities and wants her to be protected.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      While I feel bad for Christine, the message from the OB/GYN was a good one for all viewers with daughters regarding the vaccine. What bothered me was Danielle’s constant prying about Christine’s “sex life”- knowing that Danielle has an active and well documented sex life…….nasty whore!

      • felony stupid says:

        ditto Vilzvet and Windy

      • Squirrels says:

        My daughter did get the vaccine and ended up with Pavloma virus anyway. There are more than one strain of this disease. She’s ok now, cancer free, but it did cost her a child as it was discovered when she was pregnant.


        • vilzvet says:

          Wow that does suck. So sorry for her loss….

        • kk says:

          Supposedly, the vaccine only prevents 3 strains of the virus and there is over 20 different versions of the virus.
          It’s like the flu–there is a ton of different flu viruses.

  40. Jillousy Hater says:

    I can’t even believe Jill is so delusional that she does not see the hypocrisy of what she just posted on her FB. It looks like people are letting her have it, which is good because I just discovered she must have blocked me from posting on her FB. This what she wrote and some how she does not even realize that she is EXACTLY like KIM:

    Jill Zarin : Just recovering from RHNJ. The beef between Team Manzo and Team Danielle..I got it. Kim G? How badly does she want to be a housewife? WOW…the “square” comment? So mean..so low class…with all the money she has..she can’t buy class. She counted EVERYTHING she ever gave or did for Danielle. Danielle gave her a place on the show since Team Manzo wouldn’t.

  41. wall St Lady says:

    BTW did anybody see “I Hate Jill Zarin” on the Fox money show last night ? Did she snark Teresa ? You know she rents in SH & lives in a 2 bedroom apartment in a kids area of NYC. I remember going to Zarrins when Grand St.was dangerous to buy 2nd fabric in the 80’s. Now I don’t slum down to Grand.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Bethenny is in SoHo according to the show. Was Jill saying that Bethenny rents her apartment and that is bad?

    • ShyAsrai says:

      SH = South Hampton?

      • Maxine49 says:

        JillZ rents in Sag Harbor, not in Southampton. The Zarins owned a house in Sag Harbor, then sold it and rented it back for the season.

  42. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Teresa’s appearance on “The View” has been posted on Youtube. Here is the link:

    • Melanie says:

      I just can’t make myself watch this. I have tried twice and each time I try to hit play I start cringing in horrific pain. Yechhh. Must be skeeving me out.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I think Theresa looks pretty here. But why am I seeing part of her aerola on national TV?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Yeah I saw that yesterday too! When her face is not animated (rage, laughter, etc) she is quite normal looking until you look at how low her hairline is, how far apart her eyes are and how short her neck is…then you think ugly.

  43. ShyAsrai says:

    Teresa’s even asking the baby “do ya like it? do ya like it? How many times during this show did she screech that question to various people?

    I was surprised the priest didn’t ask for a special blessing to protect Audriana from the evil Danielle.

    And what kind of father leaves his own child’s Christening because he’s got bad news on his mind? Who does that, Theresa? WHO DOES THAT?

    Juicy was a straight-up prick all day. Teresa’s father (which one was her mother?)didn’t seem all that excited that morning and at the Brownstone, if those were Teresa’s sisters they sure didn’t seem impressed or thrilled with the occasion. (none asked to be a godmother/very strange in a Catholic family especially if Dina is not a practicing Catholic)

    Danielle deserves to be punched exactly 16 times in her skeletor face for this egregiously unnecessary display of Christine at the gyno. Something else her mother didn’t teach her were boundries; the application of.

    Kim G – you knew the jig was up and decided the best defense was a good offense. No one cares if you have a driver. You’re still just a skank who has a driver.

    Caroline – you do well by keeping your distance from Kim G, but you fail at keeping your ‘clan’ accountable and yes, we all notice.

    Jacqui – good for telling Kim G she comes off as two-faced. Too bad you didn’t tell her she was two-faced.

    • ImaJillHater2 says:

      ShyAsrai – LOL!!!

      “A’lls” I’ve got to say is, “AMEN SISTAH!”

      (Oh, and “money can’t buy you claa-aaasss” (mahh frenz))

      • ShyAsrai says:

        EVERY time I hear “mahh frenz” I get the giggles. The Gong Show was hilarious, too! LOL

        I still think that song was written specifically as an inside joke on the ‘Countless’!

    • felony stupid says:

      ShyAsrai – Brills!

      IMO Jac didn’t go all the way w/Kim G. because she is now on the “right” side. As long as you hate Danielle, Jac is willing to overlook the two faced stuff.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I see Jacqueline’s behavior in the real world. It’s the “team Jill” mentality. Danielle isn’t my kind of person, but she does get the shaft from the other women. Kim G is rich, a gossip, and a fame seeker. I think the one person Kim G wants to be close to is Caroling Manza. Kim must have pent up anger from years of being told that Caroline wants nothing to do with her.

        • ShyAsrai says:

          i agree with you there and i’m enjoying Kim G’s frustration. it must gall Kim G to know that she’s barred from the Manzo family just like Danielle! even her rejection of Danielle will not gain her entrance into the hallowed halls of Caroline’s family life.

          i also predict the ‘new conflict’ will be a repeat with Kim G taking the place of Danielle – complete with Jacqueline being friends with Kim G and the ‘family’ insisting Jacqui drop the friendship.

          i think Chris Manzo must have been sworn to NEVER reveal family business because you know Kim G would be all over that.

          Kim G is a complete idiot. if she’s trying to manage friendships with people in opposite camps, the only way is to maintain a strict confidentiality and NEVER speak of the ‘other’ camp and NEVER offer any information – even the seemingly innocuous.

          of course, that wouldn’t fit the ‘bring the drama’ narrative, would it?

          • felony stupid says:

            ShyAsrai – agree again.

            Yup, if Kim was just trying to be a good friend to all she would have kept her old skanky dirty rude mouth shut. IMO her goal from day one seemed to be to find a way to infiltrate both this show and Caroline’s camp, who for years has kept her at arms length.

            Great prediction about Kim G taking Danielle’s place as the next target. Fine by me. They are all animals.

        • kk says:

          What I can’t figure out is WHY does everyone want to be Caroline’s friend? What is the big deal about her? What power does she have in NJ and these women? She doesn’t have some high powered job, social status (like NY), what is such a big deal about her.

          What does she have that makes people want to be her friend?

    • klmh says:

      How exactly would you like Caroline to keep her “clan” accountable? Are her relatives accountable to her and why do you think she has that kind of power? What I see is a woman who councils and warns, but she isn’t their mother and cant influence them further. Have you been successful in telling people what to do, and them doing it??? All you can do is all YOU can do… my thoughts anyway.

      • ShyAsrai says:

        i disagree. I didn’t say Caroline can or should be able to force anyone to behave a certain way. I was speaking of her making excuses for bad behavior.
        for instance: Ashley had a ‘good motive’ for committing assault.
        It wasn’t Albie’s fault he didn’t get required grades so get a lawyer to force the school to make an exception.

        • klmh says:

          “Caroline – you do well by keeping your distance from Kim G, but you fail at keeping your ‘clan’ accountable and yes, we all notice. ”
          This is what you posted and your explanation of this sentence now makes sense. I understand what your intended post was in reference to. Thanks.

  44. lillybee says:

    It could be that T’s sisters are godmothers to the older girls.

    • ShyAsrai says:

      Hmm. That’s true. 4 kids and 3 sisters. But still, different godparents for each child are not necessary/typical/traditional and it also seems to me that an Italian/Catholic family that is supposedly closerthanthis would be unlikely to recruit a non-family member.

      I speak from personal experience.

      • kats2 says:

        Interesting to learn about different traditions. In my world (Irish/Italian Catholic) it is very common to pick a different set of God Parents for each child (no repeats, never the same).
        I have some gaudy Italian relatives but I have never seen anything as tasteless and over the top as the party Teresa had for her daughter. Some of the things that Teresa claims as Italian tradition I have never heard of before.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I have definitely heard of the godparents dressing the child- as well as buying or getting the baptismal gown. Dina did say in her blog that she and her mother made it- they did a fantastic job as it was exquisite.

          I have also seen the personalized bread but I don’t know what the purpose behind it is behind it.


          • Robin says:

            Hi Rabble R,

            The bread signifies that the child will never be hungry.

            I have said this before and I will say it again.The reason Teresa picked Dina to be Godmother was so that she could be forever intwined with that Manzo clan.Remember too,this was about the same time the shit was hitting the fan financially on the homefront.


    • moriasheehan says:

      i believe T actually said she asked D cause sisters had already been godmoms, when she was in hospital and she was getting ready to ask D

    • Nika says:

      In Teresa’s book she says she only has a brother. No sisters.

  45. Melinda says:

    I actually felt sorry for Joe on the episode last night. He clearly was agitated that Teresa was spending an insane amount of money…….he was so unhappy. I don’t think he tried hard enough to get her to stop, but honestly, he probably felt embarrassed that the cameras were there and that, in his mind, they would look bad if they didn’t spend the money.

    He was so uncomfortable and it made me sick that Teresa just didn’t think for one moment to dial down the madness!

    • HD says:

      I did not watch last night, the Sandman was calling my name but that is good to hear! Finally someone wants this money spending madness to stop! All for a baptism?! I believe in baptism but not all that other stuff that has to go along with it. This was basically a party for Teresa and oh yeah, we’re gonna baptize the baby too. I am glad Joe showed his frustrations!

    • ShyAsrai says:

      i don’t feel the slightest bit of sympathy for Joe. HE created this monster by apparently essentially robbing others. He deserves every bit of discomfort and humiliation he might be feeling.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        And then some…

        I can’t imagine the folks living in his buildings with out heat, water and electricity while they are off spending money on rubbish.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Joe’s not a social creature like Teresa. He likely was thinking about the financial situation (maybe uncomfortable with her family because he has used them in his schemes) and wishing he was with his mistress. He was barely civil to Teresa – loved the $5 family shoes comments!

      What really, really steams me is these deadbeats are getting a free trip to Italy for their bad, criminal, lowlife behavior! Way to go Bravo!!!!

      • kats2 says:

        So true about Joe socially he is awkward at best. He’s aleady $11 million in debt what’s another $100k for the party?

        He does have a temper, it really showed last night. Not that I feel sorry for Teresa at all, but I can see him smacking her. After the phots stuff did you see how she chased after him like a little puppy dog with that odd waddle run of hers?

  46. Lovebeth says:

    I noticed everything bethenny does something with a celebrity, Jill mentions them and follow them on Twitter. I remember when Hoda appeared on Bethenny and Jason’s wedding, she followed Hoda I think next day. Bethenny mentioned Swagg mobile and they mentioned Bethenny as well. She started following Swagg mobile and say thanks to them on twitter for the tent. Bethenny had a radio interview with Gayle King recently, Jill is following her now. Geez.

    Why can’t she understand that people like leaders and not followers? so sad.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She is still stalking Bethenny but there is no longer the excuse of a high risk pregnancy…..creepy Jill, very creepy!

      • Quincy IL says:

        Very similar to what the NJ girls are doing, right? They stalk and pay attention to Danielle constantly. Danielle does that with the Manzos/Lauritas/Guidices also.

        Jill stalks Bethenny and probably Alex. She may be stalking us too. I wouldn’t put it past Jill to be here right now….LOL

    • kk says:

      Jill and Teresa’s crazy Copy-Cat behavior should be listed in a spread sheet fashion so people can remember it all.

  47. Olivia says:

    At one time I would have gladly placed the “crown of thorns” onto the head of Jill Zarin since she worked so hard to achieve it. But Kim G, hands down, has wrestled the crown from the grasping hands of Jill with her incessant need to be a reality star on her own. Her actions are even more deplorable.

    I truly cannot stand this woman. She has managed to make herself available in the most underhanded and hypocritical ways. There is nothing even remotely nice about this woman and judging by the look on the face of her son when she was proposing another dinner through Chris with Caroline, it is clear that even he doesn’t like her either. This woman is so lacking in character or depth that it is surprising that even she is unable to correctly judge her own behavior.

    Since Crazy Danielle “invited” her to the celebratory luncheon on behalf of Christine who was not invited, she has managed to wedge herself into almost every scene. To intimate that she had no idea of the depth of Danielle’s insanity is a lie. That was pretty evident as shown at that first luncheon when Danielle launched into yet another tirade of “victimhood” by showcasing two empty seats that were to have been occupied by Dina and Jacqueline. If that one gesture alone did not send out smoke signals nothing else could.

    Kim G saw this as an opportunity to get herself included by “befriending” Danielle, thus ensuring herself a place on this show. She is filmed dishing out two faced advice to her by encouraging Danielle to seek legal means in fending off Trashley’s text and pushing her to bring in the law. She seeks out Jacqueline at the beauty parlor to discuss ways for her to “handle” Danielle. She throws her a birthday party. She is present for the pole dancing lessons. She is seen at Teresa’s fake “housewarming” party seeking out Caroline who prefers to keep her distance. She is present at the Brownstone where Danielle is accompanied by a parolee and a handful of Hell’s Angels. She stands by when Danny accuses Chris of being a “faggot”. She is photographed accompanying Danielle to court after she has helped in the instigation that took place at the country club. She is seen attending Christine’s Sweet 16 followed by a visit from Danielle where they swear their allegiance to one another and is then seen over at Jacqueline’s defending her hypocrisy but hoping to gain foothold with the Manzo’s by maintaining her suspect “neutrality”.

    Kim G is nothing if not a “shit stirrer” who revels in herself and the chance to be asked to come onboard as a replacement for Tiresome Dina. She has no loyalty but to herself as she now has “unfriended” Danielle, which was her primary objective from the outset as long as she enjoyed camera time and the “rush” that came with being discussed. The latest episode of her chasing Danielle out of the restaurant and flinging curses at her in front of other guests was appalling.

    She is not about “friendship” or “peacemaking” or “neutrality”. She is all about herself. The Manzo’s are just another step up the ladder for this piece of work for the sheer purpose of being tagged a “Housewife” sometime in the future. And as loathesome as Jill Zarin is, Kim G has overtaken her at every turn. It is a masterful performance as she fluctuates between both camps with her “eye on the prize” and a mouthful of vulgarity that even Jill declines to use.

    I am unable to accept that any one of us would open the door to Kim G and invite her into our homes. She is a nasty woman without any redeeming qualities, a filthy mouth, and an questionable sense of right and wrong, capable of damaging others and creating chaos wherever she goes. Her outrage at Danielle is uncalled for since she had to have been aware from the outset that this woman was seriously suffering from a mental condition unsuitable for any form of “friendship” let alone a shady past that was made evident in Season 1.

    Kim G’s appearances top Jill Zarin’s sense of entitlement and that says a lot. We can chalk up Jill’s demeanor to jealousy but Kim G has no other overriding factor than to be chosen as another “Housewife” and is prepared to ride this out to the end. She is so desperately seeking her own Bravo blog that it is head spinning to watch.

    I hate Kim G.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I don’t hate Kim because she has a different outlook on these women. Kim believes she can be friends with anyone without the restrictions of juvenile peer pressure – “you can’t be friends with me if you are friends with her”.
      She tried to be friends with Danielle and probably footed alot of her bills in the process – and she probably was paying for the search for Danielle’s birth mom. IMO, Kim likely told Jacq about the search, who told Teresa and they both blabbed it at the salon…..if Danielle told Kim not to say anything is one thing but we don’t know about any pinkie shake, spit in the dirt, slice your finger blood sister oaths….
      And as for Danielle’s daughters – I doubt they care and they tried to stop her rage but couldn’t. And Danielle calls Danny? WTF? Why didn’t she call Kim and get the story? If Danielle’s birth mom is watching this show I hope she has gone underground never to be found – who wants a daughter like her!

      • HD says:

        I don’t hate Kim G.

        Kim G by far is no Jill Zarin.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I think Kim G is a total famewhore. She hung with Danielle to get on the show. Danielle used her too. They are a perfect match.
          I think Kim G will be on S3 as an official houswife, if there is a S3. The show needs conflict that is not based on the Manzo clique against Danielle. In S1 Jacq was the bridge as well as the source of the conflict. Now that she is firmly in the anti Danielle camp they need a new cast member to drive a wedge in the family. Look for Kim G to fight not only with Danielle but Caroline also. Conflict between Chris Manzo and John G. Caroline needs to shed tears on camera for her kids. That’s her role.This season it was Albie’s acedemic troubles. Next season John G. Kim G and Jacq will remain friends in spite of Caroline be against their friendship. Jacq will whimper about having to choose sides. Kim G will cause lots of trouble for everyone.

          • kats2 says:

            Kim G wants on this show and she will take down any of these HW’s to make it happen. She is playing the “I Bring the Drama” card and will even go toe to toe with the self proclaimed Queen Caroline if needed. Kim G could give a shit about her son, if she did I can assure you she would have stayed off the pole!

          • Blue Sky says:

            This show is so obviously scripted, you can figure out season 3 already, lol. ITA with your analysis. Kim G exploited Bravo to get on the show, & she will do anything (as we saw!). The refusal of Team Manzo to film with Dirty D left a big hole for Kim G to fill. So is Bravo going to deal with juicy joe & T-man’s bankruptcy? If they don’t, I will never watch another Bravo show again.

            • MAMAZ says:

              Kim G will make a better villain for RHONJ. Danielle isn’t really a part of the social scene in Franklin Lakes is she? Kim G has money and connections. I don’t like her but I’m not against her annoying the Manzo/ Laurita/Guidices. I don’t think they can gang up on her the way they did Danielle. She will supporters in their town. Like Kim D. It might be fun to see her take Caroline down.

              • felony stupid says:

                IMHO Kim G has wanted in to the Laurita/Manzo clan for a long time and she sees hating on Danielle as her ticket in with the show as the icing on the cake.

                Her actions do not display a mature woman befriending whom she chooses without worry of reprucussions. She is desperate to be accepted by Caroline and Co and is doing what she can to make that happen.

                Now she seems to be caught up in her new found ‘fame’. Whatever, she is coming off as an old foul mouthed pig.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Sorry, but I think you are WAY off the mark with this one.

        People who are truly in the middle and go between the two camps can not tell tales from one side to the other. She is the equivalent of a spy with no loyalty to anyone but at the service of the highest bidder, in this case Bravo. Everything she say and does, doesn’t show neutrality but rather conniving deception and a ploy to be in every scene.

        While Kim doesn’t need Danielle’s blessing or permission to speak to the Manzo’s and Co., she not only was not forthcoming about her involvement with them but downplayed it.

        The bottom line is she betrayed Danielle.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Kim was likely given the assignment of being the bridge between the camps. Clearly that was a mission impossible. Jacq said it right, Kim is a people pleaser and doesn’t buy into the you can’t be friends with me if you are friends with them (Danielle) or does she feel she has to choose a side (Caroline). She does give the advice/support each woman is looking for in their conversations. What is funny is that her opinion or her point of view is totally discounted by whomever she is talking to! Guess she passed her fighting in public test – but Danielle didn’t run away from her…so IMO Kim G is going to sue Danielle for something in the future.

  48. Olivia says:

    Save the pity for Juicy Joe who spent the better part of last night’s episodes walking around with a pained expression while his bride, The Missing Link, continued to spend, spend, spend as their creditors hammered on their massive front door demanding payment.

    This is the same Juicy Joe who bled the banks, walked away from his obligations, stiffed the locals, and stood by for years while his blushing bride got her boobies fixed, left a fertility clinic holding the bag, spend enormous amounts of money that did not belong to them in fashionable boutiques, paid in cash to furnish their unnecessary monstrosity of a house, and maxed out credit cards like the Russians were beating a path up the NJ turnpike.

    Joe has been charged with forgery for crying out loud! It is safe to assume that most of his financial dealings have been pretty shady from the get go as they both indulged their hunger for fancy cars, homes, jewelry, furnishings, clothing, and other ostentatious examples of over the top greed. We have yet to discover the possible devastation incurred upon his tenants through his lack of attention as they are now the reasons given as to why the Guidice’s are facing bankruptcy.

    Did the kids who lived in those buildings find their water shut off? Were the families given eviction notices because this fool failed to pay the expenses on these holdings? Did these properties even meet the code as these two Neanderthals spent themselves silly with the lavishness they surrounded themselves with? The banks will manage to survive. They always do. But what about the small business owners in that community who were given the shaft by these two morons who instead threw parties for themselves that outdid Trump?

    Her denials do not ring true. If my husband handed me thousands of dollars in cash to pay for furniture I think my first question would be “why?”. The christening was just another reminder of how little these two care about what the rest of us think. He could have demanded that she put a stop to this excess but instead we watch as he surly reminds her of the lack of cash flow as she puts the finishing touches on those stupid headbands she insists those girls wear while the Manzo’s sit on the sidelines and applaud.

    They are undeserving of any sympathy. Teresa must have felt that her appearance on The View would be populated by the same nitwits who write “we love you Teresa!” on her blog and Facebook page, and that whatever excuse she offered would be eaten up by a spoon. Instead she was in for some grilling concerning her odious need to buy and spend in the face of their combined criminality.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      “Did the kids who lived in those buildings find their water shut off?”

      Thank you yet again, Olivia.

      That has been bugging me since I first read about their apartment buildings in People.

      How can a woman who has self described her job as to “take care of her family” turn a blind eye to the families of her tenants?

      The Marie Antoinette serving sushi at the christening/baptism/wedding should have been handing out cake.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Damn those poor people for losing their jobs and ruining Teresa’s fabulous life!

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Imagine a whole building losing their job- her excuses are so pathetic it’s insulting to listen to.

    • Jules says:

      Furthermore, it was Juicy Joe that coined the phrase “Happy wife, Happy life.” I don’t think he realized Happy wife could turn into jailed husband, but it is his own fault. He should have put the stops on her a long time ago.

  49. boston02127 says:

    Squirrels—I left a post for you up thread. When I commented on Danielle being a freak it had nothing to do with the adoption matter. I was commenting on when she was talking to her girls and started acting like a mafia mother. She was so dramatic. I think that must scare her kids. I’d never comment on her adoption, I couldn’t say anything about it because I don’t know how that personally feels.

    • moriasheehan says:

      I was adopted and until my adopted mom died, all i knew was that i was irish and born in chicago. after she died, my brother gave me my adoption papers, i was 51 years old and had NEVER fit in with adopted family. out of 5 kids me and older sis were adopted, other 3 were natural born. sis never fit either. we always knew and i have to say, i would never tell a child cause everything that happens becomes an issue of not belonging. after mom died my family has basically shut me out, they don’t feel the need to stay in touch as they have never felt i was one of THEM. my older sis died before mom so i don’t have her either. i would love to meet any family but it seems they’re not looking for me. my birth mom named me moria sheehan and i have been using that name in the hope someone might recognize it. btw ALL INFO ADOPTED PARENTS GAVE ME RE: HOSPITAL BORN IN, DATE OF ADOPTION WERE ALL LIES. i was born in a home for unwed mothers and not adopted out for 10 months. i will never know why and it eats at me. did she want to keep me? i am unable to sustain relationships. i think it’s cause i am not a complete person. now that i have unloaded. i will probably be too em bare assed to post again. this blog saved me. i don’t feel like i really belong, but at least you let me be a part of it.

      • dumberries says:

        @moriasheehan Thank you for sharing your experience; very touching and enlightening. I can understand your struggle to feel like you fit in. I think you fit in very well here and always enjoy your posts. Don’t stop posting!!!!

      • moriasheehan says:

        one more thing. mom and dad always said the only reason they adopted was cause mom couldn’t carry to term. after she had 3 by c section, they didn’t need us anymore. so don’t tell your adopted kids till they are adults and won’t feel like they are unwanted guests who overstay their welcome.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Moria – That’s terrible. I’m sorry your family hurt you so much. Please don’t be embarrased and leave! We have all revealed personal information on here at one time or another. And you do belong! You have posted comments with real insight. We would miss you if you left.

      • boston02127 says:

        @moriasheehan — I’m glad you’re here. And I’m sure many others are too. I’m sorry that you have gone thru so much. It must be very difficult and personal feelings can’t be stopped, it’s normal. I hope you find happiness and I hope you stay here and keep posting.

      • ImaJillHater2 says:


        My best friend from childhood was adopted and spent her whole life feeling “less than”. I know she was tortured by the same questions you have surrounding your adoption. Why did my mother give me away? Didn’t she love me? Didn’t she want to keep me? Etc…

        Well, a few years ago she did make contact with her birth father & half-siblings (birth mom had just recently passed away). What she found was that her birth parents wanted very much to keep her, but were young & unmarried and unable to care for her. Her birth mom was HEARTBROKEN at having to give her up for adoption due to pressure from her parents.

        She was born in 1967 and it was quite shameful back then to have a child out of wedlock. You’re a few years older, so just imagine what your birth mom went through. I’m sure your birth mom would have loved to raise & care for you. Unfortunately, times being what they were back then…

        It must’ve tortured your mom to have to make the decision that you’d have a better life with another family.

        I think a lot of adoptees think, “if my mom loved me she wouldn’t have given me away”, when in fact the truth is often “mom loved me so much that she felt she had to do whatever it took to give me a better life”.

        Hope you are able to find your birth family and also find some peace & closure with your situation.

        And, you DO belong – here with us chickens! We luv ya’!

        • cusi 77 says:

          ImaJillhater wrote:

          ““if my mom loved me she wouldn’t have given me away”, when in fact the truth is often “mom loved me so much that she felt she had to do whatever it took to give me a better life”.”

          Moira Dear,
          I agree a 100% in this. We are happy to have you around!

        • ShyAsrai says:

          Ima, you said exactly what I was thinking.

          Moira, I know that doesn’t help much since having been shunted aside WILL inform your outlook on life.. how could you help feeling the way you do? I want you to know that we believe you and acknowledge your pain.

          Just TRY TRY TRY to remember that the number of mothers who surrendered their children voluntarily is historically miniscule.

          hearts and hugs to you

      • Blue Sky says:

        Moria, you brought tears to my eyes. Please don’t feel that you are unloved, you are! If it is your desire, start a family of your own. Your adopted family siblings are horrible to treat you so badly.

        My son is adopted, he knows, from the time he was a toddler. My husband I love him more than our own lives, he is the greatest kid. From the time he was little, we used to tell him this story: “Mom & Dad prayed to God for a very long time to have a baby. God found you for us, and from the moment you were born, you were meant to be with us. So you are our gift from God.”

        • Blue Sky says:

          Started crying so much, I couldn’t finish…just wanted to tell you Moria that your birth mother must have loved you very much, and due to circumstances, had to give you up. You too are a gift from God, and you will find peace and happiness. When you put love out there, it will return to you a thousand times over. Wishing you peace & happiness, keep blogging & let us know how your jouney in life is going! I am looking forward to Bethenny’s next book, “A place of yes” (something like that). Look how Bethenny’s life turned around; it gives us all hope to improve our lives.

          • janie says:

            So very sorry about your story. As an adoptee I’ve struggled with the need to fit in and never have or will fit in with my adoptive family. I do, however, know that they love me as much as they are capable of. Upon meeting my birth mother at the age of 35, the one thing she said that has stuck with me is, “Letting you go was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. If I loved you any less I would have kept you.” She simply could not give me the life she wanted me to have. Although the life I’ve had has not been perfect, I know in my heart it’s better than the life I would have had with a teen-aged mother in the ’60’s. Most people will never know the pain of not fitting anywhere in life.

      • Ellabean says:

        Dearest Moria ~

        It’s okay that you opened up your pain here. That’s healthy.
        I must share that I never had children – married for the 1st time in my early 40’s – tried and tried to conceive – but it was too late. I regret not having adopted. It’s too late now ( too old). My hub and I would have loved to have had a little Moria. Truly.

        So you are a blessing -just because you exist…..

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Please do not be embarrassed to post again. I feel you will be greatly missed, especially after opening up and sharing with us in a very real way.

        If anything, I pray that by sharing with us that maybe opportunities and resources you were not aware of will become available to you. There are some very talented and capable people here that can come up with much information.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        @Moria – I was adopted at 11 months from a foundling home in Brooklyn, NY. My adoptive mother was and still is an ass and never let me forget how lucky I was that they adopted me! I left home at 18, got a college education and never looked back.
        I have always prayed that my birth mom went on to have a good life but have never made any attempt to find her.
        Your life is yours to make with no regrets or excuses.
        My youngest son is adopted (we were there at his birth) and he has known that since he was very young. Our adoption attorney keeps up with his birth mom and her life isn’t a good one (which I don’t share with him). The one thing I do share with my son is that we are both pretty luck to have birth moms who were selfless and couragous enough to do what they thought was best for us! So please know that you are important and no matter how you came into this world you are here now contributing whatever you can to it! It takes alot of courage to admit something about yourself that you are not comfortable with, so know you are not judged here by the circumstances of your birth. You are welcomed here and I hope you stay and play for a long time.

  50. boston02127 says:

    This is kind of shocking. Jacqueline tweeted this to Danielle’s thug friend Danny.

    Jacqueline’s tweet—- Hey Danny, are you still keeping tabs on my daughter? May I ask WHY pedifile?

    Why would she egg anyone (esp him) on like that? She’s crazy.

    • HD says:

      I cannot believe she called that man a pedophile. And hello, her daughter is 18 which means she is an adult which means Danny would be fine talking to her. I love how Jacqueline loves to pull the “my daughter is an adult card” and then in the same breath pull the “my daughter is still a child card.”

      If I was Danny I would be highly offended. She needs to delete that. Not that I like Danny in anyway but Jacqueline crossed the line on that one.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Yes but Ashley does have the intellect of a 10 yr old so in a way…

      • janie says:

        Does it bother anyone else that Jaq referrs to “my daughter” much more often than “Ashley”. It’s like the name makes her gag so she keeps saying my daughter, my daughter, my daughter. Drives me NUTS. It’s not on the same level and D not knowing how to pronounce women, but close!

  51. Nika says:

    Watching this episode gave me a lot of insight into a few of the cast memebers. Jac is a passive aggresive person who kept Kim G around just to get the goods on Danielle. Who do you think told Teresa about Danielle looking for her birth mother? This makes me believe Danielle when she says Jac confided in her about her inlaws but when the “friendship” with Danielle bothered them she dropped Danielle like a bad habit.

    Kim G. has wanted to be a part of the “clique” ever since her son and Chris were little. Caroline is like the person that everyone wants to be their friend but her circle is super small/consists of mostly family. Caroline knows Kim G. is a snake and has kept her distance for over 10yrs……why? I think we are starting to see why now. Caroline is a good spotter of BS when it is outside her family or she is just choosing to let Jac/Ashley/Teresa off the hook for their BS.

    How creeping was the GYN scene with Danielle & Christine. “Are you a good girl?” Ewwww they could have talked about that before they arrived at the Dr.’s office. Danielle reverted right back to her batshytcrazy self with that phone call to Danny. Even her kids were over it. All that just because Kim G. told your business? I really thought her and Danny were going to go to Kim G’s house and kick her azz lol.

    Kim G. Kim G. where to start? First to borrow from Teresa her and her friends do look like a busted Sex & The City cast. I think she is the girl in HS who had $ but the popular kids didn’t let her join their “clique”. That has to explain why she’s all on Caroline’s saggy tits. She played her self with that scene in the resturant. How she let Danielle come off looking like the sane one…..there’s no come back from that none. To mention all what she did and that she let her borrow her driver…..he needs to drive her azz to the nearest rest home so she can check in.

    Now to the best part! Teresa and Joe. Joe is PISSED…….and I don’t blame him. It is clear he has told Teresa that they are having $ issues and she is still spending like the fucktard she is. Joe was doubly pissed because he knew he would have to pay that Brownstone bill because the Mazo’s don’t play that lol. I think that Teresa likes to pretend that all is right in her world even if it’s not. She will spend her last dime to showboat to others and that’s what she did for that Audriana’s christening. Joe will continue to be snarky because he’s thinking of how all this is going to look to his debtors we they see it on TV. Joe should have put his foot down and told her NO! We are broke fucktard! Have the Preist come by that tacky empty mansion and do it in the livingroom.

    I for one can’t wait for this trainwreck to end. Looking forward to DC housewives.

  52. boston02127 says:

    I don’t like anything about Danielle. Sometimes I think that forgivness is important and maybe she’s trying to better herself but she always says or does something that makes me continue not to like her and think she’s really not a good person. The way she’s treated by Jacqueline and Ashley is beyond awful. They don’t have to like her and can walk away. Both of their tweets are awful.

    Here is one by Ashley —Real housewives of NJ: Danielle taking her daughter to her 1st gyno appt? Why doesn’t she just show her her sex tape?

    Does Jacqueline think that everyone forgets that she was once friends with Danielle? Apparently they had something in common.

    • HD says:

      I cannot believe she said that. Like mother like daughter.

      I do have to say though, why in the hell would Danielle take her daughter to the OBGYN on camera?! What an idiot! I mean really! Does that girl need to have her friends all up in her business like that! And I remember last week someone was going on and on with me because I said Danielle was crazy. Okay, we are ALL women here. Grown women. How many of us would want our FIRST trip to the OBGYN on camera for the world to see or better yet, how many of us would take our daughter’s to the OBGYN on camera.


      • kats2 says:

        I agree it was not a good move and the irony of Danielle doing this was just awkward to watch. However, I do think the Doctor’s discussion regarding HPV was not only valid but IMO very good info for all females to hear.

  53. boston02127 says:

    I don’t know who Ashley tweeted this to but apparently she thinks RHONJ is “her” show.
    hahaha ew i hate her… so immature.. her poor kid… her and danielle from my show should go out to lunch and compare notes on who’s more insane

    * I can’t wait for Ashley to get life’s reality wake up call.

  54. Olivia says:

    I am standing by my assessment of Kim G: she is a snake!

    How many times has she run to Jacqueline with stories about Danielle hoping it leaks back to the Manzo’s? To be friends with someone, you don’t share information with her “enemies” and pretend to be seeking “peace” between the parties. You remain out of the fray and let them sort it out. She merely adds fuel to the fire as she runs between them, falsely “advising” one while telling tales to the other. Her actions highlight the duplicity of this addled brained opportunist at every turn.

    While the camera is filming Danielle, Kim G can be found lurking somewhere. She is there merely to get on camera. With Dina’s departure, Bravo must fill in the gaps and who better than willing and able Kim G to provide the “bridge” between the two camps. She is like a rat in a maze, running back and forth with her breathless announcements delivered with the most vulgar of perjoratives as she lays claim to the “famewhore” label in the bargain.

    Danielle is a mess. She is easy to dislike. But to seek approval for doing so, a la Kim G, is an easy shot and does not deserve approval. Had it not been for many scenes featuring this ho bag, much of the “drama” would have died on the vine.

    To witness this woman spewing invectives in the most vulgar way as she does tells us more about Kim G as a person and she is evil.

  55. Olivia says:

    Danielle is seriously disturbed. However, her children are fascinating to watch. Christine appears to be somewhat naive but little Jillian has my attention.

    Her interactions with Danielle make me think that she has many times fashioned scenarios in her mind of doing away with her awful mother and escaping from that circus of a life that Danielle has created to assuage her massive ego.

    Little Jillian could be a serious contender in the future. I can easily picture her holding a packet of “something” in her hand while preparing a cup of tea for Danielle and humming as she does so. Another “Mommy Dearest” moment.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Did you see the look she gave Christine when Danieel had to go outside to make her phone call? It was a very knowing smirk. This kid knows exactly who her mother is!

      • Olivia says:

        This is why I am drawn to Jillian. She has Danielle’s number and it would not surprise me in the least that the most interactions they have with their mother is strictly for the cameras.

        I remember when she fled the kitchen after telling her mother not to make another phone call to Jacqueline after the flower delivery for Christine. She knew at the age of 11 that this was not a good move. She also was vocal in suggesting to Danielle that they return home from that fateful ride past the Manzo home at the time of the charity event. Something also tells me that it was Danielle’s dumb idea to have Jillian perform that song at the Sweet 16 party and that it was never Jillian’s plan in the first place.

        My interest is on Jillian. She by far seems to be the “smartest” one out of this whole sorry group. Jillian is just in a survival mode at the present but I would not be surprised to learn that she studies the bus routes out of Franklin Lakes just in case.

        • HD says:

          Thank you, thank you and thank you! I was trying to say that last week but I came off as the bad guy. I can’t remember who it was, they were not a regular, that tried to put me in my place about how Danielle’s kids interact with her. I can tell how her kids interact with her they CLEARLY know their mom has issues! This does not mean they don’t love her but it means they know she is one sandwich short of a picnic basket!

          • MAMAZ says:

            A couple donuts shy of a police force.

            Just kidding, I have a lot of respect for law enforcement!

  56. If Teresa & Joe are such great friends with the Manzos, how come Dina said that she never saw that “first dance with the baby”, that Teresa said she did at every Baptisim?
    Dina’s Bravo blog mentioned that Dina bought the dress, it was beautiful.
    Poor Joe must have been thinking ahead about paying for four daughter’s weddings?
    I really didn’t like the glitter-binky either. It didn’t look like something safe to put in a baby’s mouth.

    • moriasheehan says:

      i can just see the stones coming loose and poor kid swallowing them. i wouldn’t treat my cats so recklessly.

  57. Pantry Viewer says:

    OMG, Jill dogging out Kim G on her Facebook page – is she serious? It is like she is talking about her own behavior last season, doesn’t she see that? And it says there are 200 comments. I only counted 33. She must have deleted 160-some comments pointing out the irony of her post??

    • Olivia says:

      The old adage “it takes one to know one” is alive and well. Jill and Kim G, birds of a feather. It is apparent that Jill must have been told by the NJ crew over their shared weekend in the Hamptons that they do not like Kim G.

      Had they not then you can bet that Jill would be full of praise as her earnest hope is to maintain a friendship with Caroline. And Caroline must not like Kim G (who could?) which explains Jill’s comments.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Pantry Viewer—Jill is so stupid. You’d think after all the trash that has gone on with the NJ wives that Jill would be quietly sitting back and taking a much needed breath and be happy the heat is off her for a short while.

      • Oooh good catch on the deleted comments PV.
        I wonder if Jill had permission from the Manzo clan to let Kim G. know how they really feel?
        Caroline is pretty diplomatic about Kim G. on camera.

        • Nika says:

          I think she is diplomatic because their son’s are friends. When she was talking to Chris…you can see he knew what was up and was trying to word it “PC”.

    • Lovebeth says:

      Pantry Viewer, I read the comments on Jill Facebook page when I couldnt sleep around 3am and they were giving it to her they were like “Jill, who are you to talk, you did the same thing to bethenny, u count everything and!” It was so funny I guessed they deleted most of it. So sad.

  58. boston02127 says:

    Last night I was bothered by Kim. When she got to Jacqueline’s house and said F…Daniell and mother f….. Jacqueline had her son in her arms and said nothing .
    I don’t have kids so I’m not sure when they talk or start picking up what others say but that bothered me. I think I would of said something about her language in front of the baby.

    • Boston, if you watch it again you’ll notice that Jackie does a pretend kick in the butt to Kim G. when she walks in the door.
      She mentioned the bad language in front of the baby too in her narration.
      I can’t remember seeing Jackie’s baby without a hat & I’m thinking that’s why Ashley always wears one too?
      I can’t believe a grown woman would act like that in front of an infant either.
      Kim G. is kind of a hot mess in my opinion.

      • boston02127 says:

        @HH–I saw that kick but Kim also said M/F while they were in the kitchen. Their all trashy. Jacqueline probably talks like that all the time in front of her kids. Look at Ashley.
        I wonder about the hats too. The baby always has that black hat on and last night had a matching black binky. I never knew they made black binkys. But then again I never saw a sparkle binky until Tersa’s baby had one.

    • Olivia says:

      Kim’s vulgarity is startling coming out of the mouth of a woman. She uses that language most of the time judging from her YouTube interviews and thinks nothing of it.

      I think Jacqueline made a half hearted attempt to caution her about it but she was much too anxious to find out what Kim G had to say in relation to Danielle.

      Of course this baby is also exposed to Trashley on a daily basis, and the fact that little CJ referred to Danielle as a “pig” reinforces the image that these ladies don’t much care to censor themselves even if the kids are present.

  59. I also noticed that Danielle mentions a lot of people in her Bravo blog, thanking them, but she doesn’t say a word about Danny.
    Danielle is a user. She used her own personal adoption search as a plot device, and was caught lying about her children being, “very upset” about it when we all saw they were not.
    Obviously Danielle was furious because she figured-out that Kim G. is a two-face, but she had to act like it was all about her.
    Getting her search on TV is a good idea if she wants help finding her birth mother, so acting like it is a secret was stupid.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Housewife Hater—Last night I read on Ashley and Jacqueline’s tweets that Danny was married when he was hanging out with Danielle. One of them tweeted “noticed I said was”. I wonder if hanging out with Danielle hurt his marriage? I’d think so.

      • Yikes! And then Jackie tweeted something about Danny stalking Ashley, maybe something else will come out about this?
        I wish Danny’s wife would talk. She didn’t have to sign a release, so she probably has plenty of things to say.

        • Olivia says:

          You have to admit that Bravo has chosen to “showcase” the worst that NJ has to offer.

          A former felon. A fraudulent “businessman”. An immature teen. A drunken “socialite”. A “made man”. An illiterate spendthrift. An ugly cat.

          A first rate novelist would not have the imagination to create these characters.

        • twoile says:

          Danny was on Fallon pm show……was going bk to jail 4 5-10…..4 beating up man who owed him $$$……2nd offense ergo jail X for the convicted felon.

  60. boston02127 says:

    From NY Magazine—-Kelly Bensimon Asked for Advice on How to Become Famous

  61. Olivia says:

    I read somewhere, not sure where, that Danielle met Danny at a kids softball or soccer game that he was “coaching”. It began to rain and they took refuge under the bleachers where they discovered they had a lot in common (jailtime?) and formed a “friendship”. Most troubling was the fact that this guy, who was on parole at the time, was cleared to coach young kids but that was the story that she offered.

    At the time he was married and the “friendship” blossomed with her much repeated comment that “he has my back”. Whatever that means in Danielle’s murky world. Anyway, the article also went on to suggest that the “friendship” was no longer and Danielle denied any sexual relationship with him but many believed otherwise. His wife apparently took it seriously since a divorce ensued.

    Whether this “friendship” ended as a result of the rumors, or is just another typical ending to those so called “friends” she ends up discarding along the way, is open to conjecture. But this article was written only a few months back so it is probably safe to say that Danny has more than likely “disappeared” out of her life.

    Jillian was observed “taking notes”.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Unless he was convicted of a sex crime there would be no legal reason to keep him from working with children.
      I wouldn’t put it past Danielle to fool around with Danny P while he was married except that I don’t think he has anything to offer her. Danielle is looking for money and power. He has neither. He wants to be on TV. He wrote a script for a movie once and was in it along with James Caan. I can’t remember the name but I believe it only received a lukewarm critical response. She wanted someone who looked tough to play bodyguard on camera. It looks like a deal was made. he would bring the entourage she would get him in front of the camera. I don’t believe any of Danielle’s friendships are genuine.

      • HD says:

        Very true. Ex-felons, unless it was a sex crime, can work with kids. So that is not troubling to me. I work with an ex-felon and she doesn’t bother me one bit. She got a felony trespassing charge so anyone can get a felony. A lot of ex-felons actually go speak to kids and try to get them to walk the straight and narrow.

        I think Danielle teases Danny like he “might” get some of her goodies just to keep him around and Danny like a little puppy loves to hear her say good boy so he tags along behind her doing whatever she wants all under the hopes that one day she might sleep with him.

  62. boston02127 says:

    From Radar Online.com
    EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewives Star Danielle Staub’s Intimate Birthday For Two

    • Olivia says:

      She will do anything to remain “relevant” even if it means disgracing her kids and causing harm to the gay community with her false claims for publicity. She is capable of just about anything but I tend to think this is all done for “show”.

  63. emt2 says:

    Good morning everyone.

    Thanks again for all the well wishes.

    My mom had a bad day yesterday but everyday is a new start, right? Hopefully today will be better.

    I can’t wait until this show is off the air because it gives me a headache. I don’t even know who is the worst: Teresa, the Kims, Jaqueline and her deliquent daughter, Danielle, Joe, Caroline, Danny? They are all just so messy and gross.

    Well, I’m going to the hospital now. Hope you all have a good day!

    • MAMAZ says:

      I hope your mom has a better day today emt2. Caring for a loved one can be very stressful. Remember to take some time for yourself. Eat well, get some exercise and sleep. Good thoughts for both of you.<3

      • Char212 says:

        I just thinking of you this morning emt2. Hope today is a better day. Wasn’t it Shadows no more whose son was in an accident? I was thinking about her too and hoping things are better for them as well.

        I just read Caroline’s blog where she said and I quote…”As much as I’d like to think that you’d tune in week after week to watch us during these moments, I’d have to admit that you probably love the drama and crazy just as much” She couldn’t be more wrong about that. At least not the scummy drama that they bring.

        I was so embarrassed for Christine. Why Danielle let them shoot her taking Christine to the ob-gyn is beyond me. She’s the last person who should be giving advice about sex to anyone imo. She claims to always put her daughters first but if she did she wouldn’t do half that stuff she does.

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      @emt2 I hope today is a better day for your mother. I am keeping her in my prayers.

    • Squirrels says:

      Glad to see you back emt2 and yes, each day is a new beginning. I’m glad you are near to your mom. I’m sure just “being there” helps her tremendously.

  64. boston02127 says:

    GTG, Have a good day everyone.

    Stay tuned–Next week 4 deep rooted trees mysteriously uproot and blow in front of Juicy’s Joe’s car. Causing him to get a DWI. How unfair!

    • MAMAZ says:

      I bet poor people had them cut down then lost their jobs and couldn’t pay to have them hauled away!

  65. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    This is an interesting blog that was originally posted back in January, right after Joe’s DWI. Joe went out to dinner with Tamra Barney. I never heard this before.


  66. VIgirl says:

    @Boston… They listed that they got $10,000 from family monthly because that’s the max amount you can get or deposit into your account a month without the IRS becoming suspicious

  67. sickofliars says:

    T&J’s bankruptcy filing lists three commercial properties and three single-family “residences.” All of these, except for the McMansion, have been surrendered back to the creditors (and each has several mortgages which in total far exceed the underlying property value–but I digress). Teresa keeps talking about FOUR “huge” apartment buildings. I think this is a slip. The fourth commercial property is the one we saw on the pizzeria episode (not exactly a “huge” apt bldg, but close enough in T’s tiny mind), and it is not among those in the bankruptcy filing.

    So what’s the story? Well, clearly, this one is in someone else’s name. It wasn’t acquired after the filing since the pizzeria episode shows Joe at the tail end of renovations that had to have taken months (easily verified by checking local building permits). Where did the money for all of the renovations come from? Have these vendors been paid? (Incidentally, Joe claims an income of $3,250/month in his 10/09 filing–is this what someone else is paying him for all the “blood/sweat/tears” he has put into this building? Seriously? How do you afford a Maserati on that?)

    It would be interesting to know who owns 1576 Maple Avenue in Hillside NJ (the pizzeria and future Giudice residence), and what the relationship is to the Giudices. Hard to fathom any “disinterested” owner allowing Joe to run a business out of his/her building while he is in the midst of a financial meltdown–credit check, anyone? The bankruptcy trustee is clearly on to this scam, well ahead of the TV episodes, and we have T’s big mouth to thank for that. No wonder Joe looks like his head is about to explode.

    Teresa likes to talk about the bad economy but seems to forget the degree to which FRAUD has played a role in her family’s misfortunes. Is it too much to hope that someone goes to jail?

    • janie says:

      I wish I could remember where I read it, but something said that the pizza place is owned by Joe’s father and thus was not subject to the foreclosure proceedings. Sorry I can’t remember where I read this!

      • Buffywood says:

        1576 Maple Avenue Associates LLC is the property of Joe. They have it listed on their filings as both debts and current businesses. What I believe they are trying to claim is the Pizza shop itself belongs to Joe’s parents. It is not uncommon for the property to be held by one entity and the operating of the business to be held by another.

        In this case though the motive is what the courts will question. In my opinion it looks like they did all of the construction, renovation, and furnishing of the place under the LLC, then the business itself would pay “rent” to the LLC. This rent I am sure is WAY below market value to 1) keep the expenses down on the Pizza business AND 2) keep revenue down on the LLC for both repayment of debt (as they don’t on paying it) and tax purposes. Better yet, the lease may be designed to give the LLC a % of net revenue as rent. This would allow Joe to cook the books or adjust his “salary” accordingly so the business shows a very small “net” profit. If they were smart this is how the operating lease would be written. In many cases this is a very legitimate way of doing business, but it doesn’t appear so in this case. Issues arise when evaluating “market value” of rents and if there is clearly an attempt of “deception” through the use of related parties posing as two separate entities. It will be interesting how this property and the business alone are scrutinized.

    • Katie says:

      Joe’s father owns that.

  68. MAMAZ says:

    I mentioned this upthread but nobody responded. It bothered me enough to bring it up again.
    I am the only person here who was revolted by Danielle telling her daughter to NEVER have sex because it’s gross? I’m all for encouraging a teen to wait until they are older and emotionally ready for a sexual relationship. I hope my daughter will. I also want her to have a healthy attitude toward sex as it’s an important and beautiful part of a relationship. I sure as hell don’t want her to think it’s gross and something to be avoided as long as possible! Why would any mother give her daughter such Victorian advice?
    Danielle telling Christine that while she herself was in the past a paid escort(protitution whore),has not 1 but 2 sex tapes and a rep as the town tramp was the first time I gave any credence to her claims of sexual abuse as a child.

    • HD says:

      The fact that Danielle was a piad escort probably has clouded her mind a bit on sex and relationships. This is a 40-50 year old woman that is still making sex tapes and sex videos on her cell phone.

      She may have the wrong attitude and honestly most parents don’t know what to say when it is time to have the big talk.

      If she was molested this only further shows why she may think sex is gross. She should have explained it differently but her thinking may be broken in this area. I am confused on why she is even doing all this on TV. Those moments to me are not TV moments with your daughter.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Some people do have a sickness when it come to a very natural activity like sex. From the first introduction of Danielle in the bikini, I thought she had issues. I hope that her illness won’t be passed on to her daughters. I don’t care if Danielle becomes a lesbian. She’s an adult. The gay community is very accepting when it comes to people with problems. If they help her, that is a good thing.

    • vgirl511 says:

      I agree completely MAMAZ. I am the mother of a 13 yr old and an 11 yr old. I certainly don’t want them having sex now, but I don’t want them to think it’s gross either. I think that was Danielle’s way of overcompensating for the camera. She has this ‘born again virgin’ act going on, and I think her acting that way is just to make people think she has been reformed from her prostitution whore days.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Danielle is a mess with her sordid past and her constant visible sexuality (dressing, talking, mannerisms), coupled with her need to be wanted/desired make her not the parent to have an honest open discussion on this subject with her daughter! “The only acceptable sex is abstinence” doesn’t make sense! Weirdest of all was her bringing up oral sex with the Dr as it sounded like she was asking it for her own information not for her daughter!
        The topic was not one for TV and her daughter was getting really pissed about the whole thing. I felt sorry for her and at the same time I really wished she would have just got up and left the building!

  69. VIgirl says:

    Maybe she thought in telling Christine that sex is gross that would turn her off from ever doing it because mommy dearest said so.

    • What was weird is when Danielle said something about Christine not having sex, (ever?), because she had a lot going for her.
      I guess Danielle equates sex as something one does for money if they have to?
      Like she was saying that Christine won’t “need” to have sex…just WARPED!
      I’ve seen her call the other housewives basically monogamous prostitutes before.

      • jillz68 says:

        I was bothered that it was on camera and that Danielle was in with Christine and the doctor. Christine was old enough to see that doctor alone. The vaccine talk was good but aren’t you supposed to get that shot before you have sex? Perhaps Christine wasn’t comfortable saying she wasn’t a virgin around her mother AND the cameras. Either it was editing or the nurse seemed very uncomfortable listening to D talk at C.

        The party was disturbing to say the least. These people have no business throwing a party like that and living their lives like nothing has changed. They are broke ass liars and I will not be satisfied until someone does serious jail time. I REALLY want some of their past tenants to spill the details. I don’t understand how they have filed for bankruptcy and can spend money still without having that go to those you have screwed.

        I wanted Behar to pull out the debt paperwork on The View and start listing off what is on it. So Teresa, you are so jacked up your kids beds are being auctioned? Your stove is being auctioned? So Teresa, here are the Section 8 rules and we see that your story is full of shite so tell us really what happened? Perhaps Danielle knows some gentlemen’s clubs that are hiring

        • Squirrels says:

          The Pavloma shot does guard against one form of uterine cancer, but not all. My daughter had the shot, yet contracted the disease 3 yrs later. She’s cancer free, but lost her baby this past January. Being pregnant actually saved her life IMO.

          The point is, yes teen girls should get the vaccine. However, they should also be sure to visit their OBGYN annually. PAPs are vital in this day and age.

  70. Olivia says:

    The “birds and bees” talk should be saved for off camera. No need to sit by and witness this poor kid being “prepped” by this Horror Danielle just for the sake of camera time. This woman is such a lying bag of crapola that it is more than difficult to even suggest she is acting in good faith in whatever she does.

    These kids are nothing but “props” to her. Something to tether her disgusting tendencies to exploit herself and to massage her ego. Without her the show is nothing but with her it devolves into a massive offering of porn.

    If these two kids make it out in one piece it will be a miracle for sure. Even the father, who also looks like he has had many hours of plastic surgery, is now married to a woman almost 30 years his junior and is closer in age at 28 to his teen daughter.

    Perhaps poor Christine needs nothing more than to look at the habits of both her parents to consider ever having sex if this is what she has to look forward to in her own future. With these two as role models she may want to consider becoming a nun!

    • HD says:

      I’m watching this online now. Danielle is so stupid! I can’t believe she did this mess on TV!

    • Char212 says:

      I agree with you 100% Olivia. She obviously doesn’t care about her girls as long as it gets her face on TV.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      It was painfully awkward to watch- yes.

      BUT I learned something from it and I’m 47. I didn’t know you could get HPV from oral sex, nor did I know that you had to have multiple doses/shots(?) of the vaccine to build up an immunity to it.

      I am a little sheltered in the sex department, and admittedly not as out there as I used to be, but I am newly single and found the scene to be insightful.

      Besides, Danielle claims to be the illegitimate daughter of a 14 yr old. She claims she was molested as a young girl. Her documented “escort” past involves prostitution. Her relationships with men are, at best, troubled.

      Now you have Danielle’s absolutely breathtakingly beautiful 16 year old developing into a mature young lady before Danielle’s and our very eyes.

      I also remember some very ugly tweeting where Ashley claimed that Christine was “being passed around” in a hot tub.

      What mother wouldn’t be worried and concerned?

      I found the information relevent, and I think in her twisted way, Danielle meant the best for her daughter and perhaps wanted to try to turn the dr’s visit into a type of platform for safe sex or for abstinence.

      Or it may have also been a stab at redeeming her own reputation. To loudly proclaim that she thinks sex is gross does not quite match up to her enthusiastic…um…performance in the sex tape.

      Whatever the reason or reasons, Danielle is clearly a broken person. So all of her interactions with her daughters don’t quite ring true and feel a little “off”.

      Personally, I think she’s trying too hard to TELL them what the example of a good person is instead of SHOWING them by her actions.

  71. error404 says:

    great blog!

    Wow, Bryant effing Gumble! That’s hard core. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes beyond the top top surface on The View.

    If Mario ______ = Mario Lopez, well at least he’s eye candy. 😛

    Nice to see they didn’t kiss Chewie’s hairy ass, even if this wasn’t 60 Minutes, it sounds liek they did seem to give her The View’s version of a hard time.

    • jillz68 says:

      It was Mario Cantone. Hilarious and if he had been armed with the proper paperwork on the Guidices prior to the taping and was able to speak without getting interrupted it could have been great. He totally would have called them on their conspicuous consumption and criminal ways :).

  72. error404 says:

    Finally got my Beekman Boys blog up!

    Hope you enjoy it, and hope I can find my inner Stella and get my groove back. lol

  73. Nightlight says:

    I want to start off by saying that I am furious and I will try not to curse but might fail. I just finished watching the view ( I didn’t watch the entire show) and there’s Whoopie the “I know everything” speaking on how a battered woman SHOULD respond after being beat! I typically don’t speak in blanket statements but it must be said that it’s because of ignorant people like Whoopie that people like Charlie Sheen get off ( first words out of his mouth is that he’s going to Disney Land). It’s disgusting! I don’t need to lecture anyone on how a woman or man is broken down and humiliated and made to feel like they are alone. Not even to mention if the”victim” comes from a troubled home or past. I take GREAT offense at Whoopie’s stand and her vilification of Oksana (my apologies not sure if I spelled it correctly) I speak on this subject that is very dear and close to my heart because I experienced it. I have said it before if everyone had the same experience in life then maybe everybody would react the same. But we come from all walks of life so we react differently! Shame on Whoopie, shame on Charlie and shame on anyone who excuses this behaviour! No one deserves it period.

  74. Lovebeth says:

    Jill Tweet:

    finished cohosting huckabees new daytime talk show with @lisawexler. Fun fashion for less segment. On fox Friday ! 12 in NYC.
    about 1 hour ago via Twittelator

    Geez, she is always doing something after Bethenny does it.

  75. HD says:

    How old is Kim G? She looks soooooooooooooo old. Someone upthread said she probably drinks and she probably does because that is the only reason I can see her face looking so old.

  76. HD says:

    Please excuse me for commenting so much…I am watching and thinking of things to say…okay…they had the baptism…why couldn’t they just simply go over to Teresa’s huge house afterwards and eat and drink wine there?! Why the big fancy showing. I mean what is this REALLY about-the baptism or Teresa wanting to throw a party? I see why Joe is all pissed off. They had a party for a baptism that unless Audrina has some special magical powers, she won’t even remember.

  77. MAMAZ says:

    Nightlight – I don’t watch The View so I’m not sure what Whoopie said but an abused woman is never at fault for staying with her abuser. There are numerous reasons a battered woman stays. It’s an extremely complicated emotional and psychological relationship between the abuser and victim. Your right that Whoopie should be ashamed. This doesn’t make my angry as much as it hurts my heart.
    Domestic violence is a serious issue worldwide. It’s shocking that in this day and age anyone would make excuses for a man to verbally and physically abuse a woman.

    Don’t forget to donate to womens shelters when getting rid of old clothes and toys. Many women flee with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and their children. I have a friend who makes up dozens of Easter baskets every year and takes them to her local womens shelter. The first year she did it the staff cried. They now try to let her know in advance how many kids are staying with them. She always makes extra. Sadly there are never too many.

    • Nightlight says:

      I truly try to put myself in the other persons shoe and respect opinions but you lose me completely when blanket statements are made. The world is not black and white; in fact it’s mostly gray.
      I work but I sick at home today and I decided to watch tv. Serves me right!
      On a lighter note, I am sorry but I can’t watch Rachel Zoe’s show. Just can’t relate. Must sleep meeds kicking in again. Zzzzz

    • kk says:

      Shelters always need bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, lotion, shampoo, soap, products for all ethnicity’s (not just white women), deodorant, razors, toys, books, and sanitary pads & tampons.

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  79. CdnFillie says:

    This Danny guy has no clue…he belongs with Teresa

  80. TLM says:

    Mario Cantone was the other host. Kudos to The View for putting Bryant Gumbel on instead of those idiots Whoopi and Sherri. Sherri, you’ll recall, threw Omarosa’s name at Bethenny when the 2 had nothing to do with each other, which started a whole feud because Omarosa will do anything to get attention. And Whoopi defends Mel Gibson. I think she also defended Christian Bale when he went off for 5 minutes cursing out a lighting director in a taped tirade. They are a mess.

    In Teresa’s defense, her outfit was one of the least skanky I’ve ever seen her in. I also think the tenants her husband has probably didn’t move there from foreclosed nice homes; I suspect they are people who could never afford a house to begin with, or even a nice apartment, and that’s why they are living in those hideous buildings. So I would not be surprised if a fair number of those tenants defaulted, even in a good economy. Sidebar: I could not believe that Joe tiled living room floors as if they were bathroom floors. I was so depressed at those apartments when they did the walk-through that I wondered if they lost many tenants to suicide. I thought it was also interesting that Joe, being in construction, referred to a skylight as a “sunroof.” It’s a building, not a car, and one would think Juicy Joe the Contractor would know the difference in terms. But I digress.

    Teresa did the best she could, considering that she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. She can say they are appealing the auction of her belongings all she wants, but if they’re taking her stove, doesn’t that pretty much mean they are going to be forced out of the house? Are they supposed to live there with no lighting fixtures, no furniture and no stove? What she is saying makes no sense.

    I don’t think Teresa knows the meaning of the word “slumlord,” and that’s why she was taken aback by it. She wasn’t even sure of the meaning of “entrepreneur” when she told Bravo that’s what her husband was. (“That’s someone who owns all their own businesses — right?”). She really is quite dumb, almost to the point that I want to feel sorry for her, except that I can’t, because I’ve seen what a vicious bitch, bully and spoiled brat she is. Look out for those girls she is raising… if you thought Linsday Lohan was bad, God knows what’s going to happen with these four. Teresa brags that she doesn’t have a nanny, when that actually might be worth investing in, if it were a good nanny. At least the kids would have a fighting chance and a good example of parenting. Better to have a modest house with excellent child care and education.

    I really think that Teresa is going to raise these girls to just find rich men to marry. Neither Teresa nor Danielle have ever stressed education to their kids; everything is either modeling or acting. Caroline is the only one I’ve seen who wants her kids to focus on their long-term futures in a realistic way. She wanted her daughter not just to be a hairdresser, but to have an end goal of owning a salon, and for Christopher to own a business as well. I used to be afraid of Caroline, but in the end I agree with Bethenny that she is the only one she would ever leave her kids with. Caroline is tough but I think she has the best head on her shoulders, and she really does love her kids.

  81. Wall St Lady says:

    Did anyone else hear Juicy tell Trashy he was going to kick her butt when she was putting lotion on Jo’s face before leaving for the Christening ? In the car Juicy pointed out a store advertising $5 shoes & told Trashy she should shop there. My NYC born Italian husband (Pres. Of NYC Bank) said Jo behaves like an Italian mobster befor a HIT ! Watch out Trashy !

  82. Seymour says:

    List of Juicy’s items being auctioned August 22…no homemade tomato sauce this year!


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