I Hate Jill Zarin I love Bethenny! August 6, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   I Love Bethenny!!!                          August 5, 2010

I’m really going to miss this show!  I should have guessed that they would put together a lost footage episode, I don’t suppose a reunion is necessary but I could hope!   I look forward to next week’s lost footage. 

It was nice to see Ramona, no craziness just a friend visiting a friend who just had a baby, it was very sweet to see Ramona holding that beautiful little baby.  Somehow I just couldn’t imagine Ramona with a little baby, seems that since we met her when she already had a teenager, and we really don’t see the motherly side of Ramona, it was sort of cute to see her holding Baby Bryn.  They showed Bethenny opening a gift from Ramona but didn’t let us see what the gift was, dang it!!!  “Relations” Ramona?  Poor Mario, how long did you make the guy wait after you delivered Avery? 

It was hysterical how Ramona stuttered and stammered when the subject of sex came up.  What is it with this woman?  Clearly she has sex, Sonja was right, Ramona is a prude when it comes to sex.  Again,poor Mario.  At least Gina, the baby nurse didn’t blink an eye at the subject!  She seems like a fun lady!  We all know that Bethenny doesn’t let people into her life too easily, so it says a lot about Gina that after such a short time, Bethenny is referring to her as family.

This episode was jam packed, once again we saw Bethenny’s shower, a business trip, a vacation, guest shots of both Ramona and Alex, I really think that Bravo has done an outstanding job putting this show together.  I doubt any of the other housewives could have supported this kind of show.  Bethenny described it as a reality sit-com and it really is!  It is a one of a kind show that would be difficult to reproduce with any other reality star.

It was really awesome that Jason complimented his wife on her figure after giving birth, how did the conversation turn to what would happen if Jason ever strayed?  Bethenny, using Bravo’s liberal verbiage policy tells us that if Jason ever cheated it better be the best pussy ever because he won’t have a dick left.  Thanks Bethenny! 

OK who the hell has a cake shipped from Los Angeles to New York City?  It never ceases to amaze me when people have things that can be produced nearby, go far and wide to have something sent.  If you can’t get an outstanding (tiny) cake in New York City, where can you get one? 

It reminded me of the other day when I had a computer repaired and was told they were shipping it to Kentucky to be repaired.  HUH?  We’re in Chicago, the third largest city in the country and you’re shipping my little computer to Kentucky?  Seriously?  No one here can fix it?

Comeon Shawn, there are probably thousands of bakeries in New York City, there is nothing in Los Angeles that doesn’t exist in New York, that was over dramatic for no reason! 

What is with this Max kid?  I truly believe that he simply took this job to get a television gig, or maybe to pick up women?  Why would he answer an ad for a personal assistant to Bethenny Frankel?   I think we’ve found him to be as close to useless as you can get.  I was, and still am, confused as to his title, Bethenny said he was an “Intern who did assistant duties”.  So was he paid for the mess that he made?  Luckily, Bethenny doesn’t have the stress of employing Max any longer, she and Max both confirmed his internship has ended.  What on earth would make him think he was entitled to a massage in the first place, nevermind being ahead of some of Bethenny’s guests!  What a shithead!  I get the distinct impression that Bethenny is not all that impressed with him either and you’ll see what I mean if you read her tweets, listed below. 

Bethenny took a lot of heat over the past week or so on her blog and on twitter for planning her own baby shower, she was called tacky and crude.  Obviously what Bethenny did by planning her own shower was saving her mother in law and friends from the expense and stress.  Additionally with someone who has the schedule that Bethenny does I don’t see any other way.  Personally, I’d love to go to a baby shower that provided mani/pedi, facials and massages!  I think people just look for reasons to criticize Bethenny. 

There were also a few assholes in the Bravo Talk Bubble that were criticizing Bethenny.   (why watch the show, yanno?)  Anyway, you will see one tweet below that is an obvious response to the criticism of one of these morons, they had said snarked after Bethenny said on the show how difficult motherhood is, they made a remark about how hard it is to give the baby to the baby nurse every time she cries.  Sheesh, everyone needs a break now and then and she was visiting with a friend. 

I completely understand Bethenny’s feelings about leaving on a business trip.  I am sure many of us working moms can understand exactly how she feels.  Whether you’ve had to leave your child overnight or not, I’m sure you know the feeling of leaving your tiny baby for the first time.  Still it made me sad for her.  Bethenny is the kind of person that makes you want to take the pain away for her!  I sobbed right along with her because the memories came flooding back. 

Lists Bethenny, lists!  I was taught from a young age when traveling, you must have a list!  You will always forget something without that critical list. 

I could relate to the crying thing to, moms know, it breaks your heart to see your child cry, no matter what age they are.  Bethenny’s description was so dead on, especially in long car rides, kids are in their own little jail torture chambers with nowhere to go and no escape!  LOL 

I’m not familiar with the New York Hamptons experience.   I have heard of Montauk but not sure if it is considered part of the Hamptons or not but it seems like a nice place to get away but did not feel at all like we’ve seen the NY Housewives when they visit the Hamptons.  While we’ve heard Jill, Ramona and Alex talking about the Hamptons party scene and having to been seen at all the right restaurants, Jason and Bethenny’s vacation did not feel like that at all.  Lucky staff to all be allowed to join the happy family on their trip.  It looked like it was a nice relaxing trip.

Bethenny burned her book!  Hysterical when Jason said he was eating chapter two on his burger!  Now I understand why the release date was changed.  It was originally December but was changed on Amazon.com to May, but I believe it is back to December now.  Sometimes it is easier just to start from scratch than to go back and change everything when you have such major changes that happened in your life.  That was still a very brave thing to do, particularly when her editor had spent hours going over the book and Bethenny spent countless days and hours stressing over getting it done by the wedding.  It isn’t as simple as adding a final chapter that includes her wedding and baby, such a life altering change would most likely cause you to write everything from a new perspective, so I completely understand it. 

The ending of this chapter of Bethenny’s life was sweet and it was so nice that she said such sweet words about each person at the table.  It is clear to me that Bethenny struggles when she can’t snark or make jokes, it takes a lot for her to pull the emotion out and say those words.  I get the feeling that she doesn’t do it often so kudos to her for ending her show with such heartfelt sentiments to people who mean so much to her.  The look in her eyes when she spoke to her husband was very heartwarming! 

Ok, this has been the sappiest blog I think I’ve ever written but I truly do think that Bethenny is a great person, I truly enjoyed every minute of her show and I hope that there will be a Season two.

Luckily for all of you, Bethenny’s tweets during the show were not nearly as sappy, here are some of them (as always the time line is from bottom to top) 

It all comes down to the tip. I hope we gave the waiter a good enough tip. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

We’re those people now! #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

@Julieplake has really come into her own. she is family. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

ha @julieplake made a funny! #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

its so much better now! RT toriiFTW @BravoBethenny I cantttt believe you burned the boook! Ahhhh! #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

I’m now on chapter 4. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Book flavored burgers. I’ll type up the recipe. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

aw @julieplake is the cutest #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

En fuego=gay as balls #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Guy, I gotcha #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Um that was awkward #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Why does someone need sunscreen when they’re wearing a shirt? #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

RT pngwnbabylvr @BravoBethenny -I just peed myself!! Gina said 6 wkd is 6wk! No tip!

Um, it definitely got weird. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Does anyone else think it’s funny? #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

It’s french: moncock #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Um is there anyone who hasn’t seen my breasts yet? #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Crying over “just the tip” #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen my breasts? #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

We love the montauk yacht club! @MYC_Hamptons #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

best line – cookie and i had a conversation about it….

Cookie and I had a long conversation about it. Ha. My favorite line of the season. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

1st road trip. I hate how helpless you are with the baby trapped in a seat crying. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

wait till you hear the whole convo RT @nina8271 @BravoBethenny just the tip…LOL!!!

thank you! you are all my inspiration RT @shupette @BravoBethenny It’s great you made such changes in your life! You’re such an inspiration

Children’s place is so reasonable. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

What are we doing here? um, shopping for children’s clothes. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

I love the therapist. It is so truthful. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Maybe I’m confusing it with the gay pride parade. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

No one loves the parade more than I do, but it’s no place for a baby. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

We’re obsessed with Halloween. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

I love her so much. I can’t believe how tiny she was. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

How sweet is gina? #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

I wanted to die leaving for one night. Trauma. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

He is my intern who does assistant duties. The internship has ended. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

This poor woman at the spa trying to relax. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Watch Max intentionally move his towel down! #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

sometimes i think my mouth needs washed out with soap RT@maxgabor @BravoBethenny I love that you talk so openly about sexual body parts!

Max is always clueless and awkward. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

ha @mccordalex made a funny! #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Why am I obsessed with sexual body parts? #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Skinnygirl sangria recipe in my book skinnygirl dish. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

leslieachambers    @BravoBethenny you said “relations” to Jason like last episode

I mean @shawnrabideau faces are priceless. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Poor @shawnrabideau – he can’t get a break. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Holy boobs! #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Those stuffed peppers are delicious!!! #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Gina is the funniest. She’s the best! #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Should I have baby #2? #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Relations??? #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

what? @ramonasinger speechless???!!! #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

I miss her being so tiny. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

I put bryn down because I wanted to minimize her camera time. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

So funny that Ramona was so quiet b/c we’ve literally been jackhammering to get her used to noise #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv

Are you excited for the finale?? The fun is about to begin. #Bethenny http://bit.ly/bravotv


A few other tidbits…After Bethenny Getting Married? Finale I popped onto Twitter for a minute to see what the crowds were saying about the show and I was greeted by this tweet:

TotallyToonces    @LynnNChicago: dont know who u r but @dinamanzo said to say hi to you so “hi to you”…meow

I was a little shocked because truly, I do not know  @TotallyToonces, I’ve never seen the name, I don’t follow her and she doesn’t follow me.  Curious, I checked into what led to this tweet, here’s what I found:

TotallyToonces:  @dinamanzo but you come off as a braggart…sorry but you do.

DinaManzo:  TotallyToonces how sweet, it’s about raising awareness & inspiring people to give back. #simplemind

DinaManzo:  @TotallyToonces no problem tell Lynn I said hi 😉

TotallyToonces:  @dinamanzo who is Lynn? check who i follow and who follows me. no one named lynn

I don’t know where Totally Toonces has been all my life, she is hysterical and I wish I had been following her, we do have many of the same followers, but honestly, I’ve never seen her before.  Clearly, she’s never seen me before either.  Dina is getting a tad bit paranoid, it also shows she has quite a big head, if someone doesn’t like her, it must be my fault?  Sorry to break it to you Dina, but LOTS of people don’t like you and I don’t influence people’s feelings about you! 


I haven’t forgotten that the premier of the Real Housewives of DC were on tonight.  I really sort of liked it, I think it is going to be a good combination of bitches and drama with some insight into DC, a city I am completely unfamiliar with.   I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  I will be blogging on it, probably tomorrow but in the meantime, I certainly cannot be accused of not allowing alternate opinions to my own, as we have a guest blogger with their thoughts on tonight’s show.  Thank you to BethennyFans for the following blog, you can follow her on Twitter at @Bethennyfans: 

The Real Housewives of DC: Blog

Hello fellow Bravo fans/viewers. Yesterday, August 5th at 10/9 Central EST Bravo’s The Real Housewives of DC aired after long months of taping.

I’m sure like myself, viewers were expecting more from these 5 ladies…Yes, even on the first episode. I’m sure you all are asking yourselves: Do I like The Real Housewives of DC? Answer: Well I can only answer for myself. I hate it. Then again, maybe it will get more interesting as the episodes go by, but so far I’m not a fan. Will I watch? Answer: Yes, because I have nothing better to do since there is no more Bethenny Getting Married?. Who is your favorite DC housewife? Answer: By far Mary Amons. End of conversation. I’m glad I got that little questionnaire out of the way.

Back to my blog. As I was saying, it seems like these housewives were picked out from…from dog shit! Except Mary of course ;). I feel like they try too hard. Did you guys watch The View Wednesday? Did you see Lynda’s face?! She looks like a plastic Barbie Doll! I mean what the eff? What happened? She looks much better this season than on The View. Just sayin’. My opinion. Don’t get me started about Micheale or however the heck you spell her name! She’s denying that she and Tareq(her husband) crashed the White House Dinner? I’m sorry, what’s it called now? Getting in without an invitation? Is that better than saying crashing Micheale?

I don’t watch The View often, so I don’t know all the hosts names except Whoopie, but the oldish looking lady with short reddish hair was asking Micheale to tell the White House story, and Micheale said ‘’BUY THE BOOK!’’ or something like that. What the eff? Nobody is going to waste money on ‘’ Cirque Du Salahi-Be careful who you trust.’’ Okay let me get off of Micheale for now, and move onto Stacie. Stacie seems nice. She’s a VERY successful real estate agent. Bravo. Her kids are so cute! I don’t know what to say about her husband just yet…He seems like he is involved in some drama this season too… We’ll see.

Stacie is on my maybe list. Boy oh boy, can I just skip Cat? I hate her! She’s annoying. She is trying too hard. I can’t understand her! That’s enough. Let’s move on. Mary, love her! She seems like she’s a calm cool and collective housewife. She seems the most normal out of the bunch, and she doesn’t try too hard. That’s all I have to say for now.

Thank you all for reading this blog. I had a pleasure writing it. If you want more from me you can follow me on Twitter @BethennyFans. I’d like to thank Lynn for allowing me to write this blog. Make sure to follow her @LynnNChicago!

Until Next Time…..


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264 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin I love Bethenny! August 6, 2010

  1. Smompy says:

    Just wanted to check in and let you know, Lynn, that even though I rarely comment any more (this place moves too fast for me), I still read your blog faithfully and still enjoy you and your commenters tremendously.

    BGM was great tonight, but of course it was a little sad to realize I won’t be seeing any new episodes after this. I really grew to like these people and totally got hooked on watching them live their lives (even if some of it was set up for the cameras). It was one of the few Bravo shows I could watch all the way through without getting angry at anyone….I was just amused, entertained and occasionally touched. Bye for now, Bethenny, Jason, Bryn, Julie, Max, Cookie and Shawn. I hope we’ll meet again someday soon!

    I did check the D.C. Housewives tonight too, but although none of them seems particularly horrible, there was really nothing there that made me want to come back for seconds either. Plus how many Housewife franchises does Bravo think people can take before they become oversaturated with this formula? For me, New jersey was one too many.

    Oh well, keep up the good work, Lynn (and screw them trolls anyway!)

    • TLM says:

      Oh, there will be more BGM – last night they announced a “lost footage” episode, as with all Bravo shows. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a “reunion” episode also, even though the show only just wrapped in May.

  2. I am going out on a limb here and say……. I liked the DC Housewives. My jaw was on the floor half the time, what with biometric closet locks, hyper irritating Michaele and super rude Cat…..

    The reason I liked it is because I find the backdrop of politics and race issues fascinating, set up or not.

    My vote goes to Mary for my fave housewife ever….hope as the season goes on I won’t have to eat my words, I think she is adorable.

    Haven’t watched Bethenney yet….sounds like an action packed ep!

    • Snarkella says:

      Oh shana thank you! I’m not alone. I think I’m going to like watching the DC wives as much as I like NY. It might just be a love-to-hate-them kind of thing, but they look pretty, speak intelligently, and do interesting things in a fascinating city. Oh, and make big fat fools of themselves at regular intervals. What’s not to love?

  3. Good info with links to Washington Post article on Salahi’s…..looks like we have another Theresa on our hands…


    Interesting point @ the end re Bravo’s bio on the couple after they had knowledge of who these people are….Jeez Bravo, the show would be just as interesting without this loser!!

    • Squirrels says:

      RE: 1000 papercut article. Found this to be rather telling –

      “Some of my readers may remember Tareq Salahi telling Michaele to “Get my gun!” and threatening a tow trucker driver sent to repossess Michaele’s Audi. Others may remember the Salahis limo driver telling the Secret Service that Tareq regularly carries concealed weapons. The driver reached out to the Secret Service after the Salahis forged signage to sneak into restricted areas during President Obama’s Inauguration.” – Andrea Rodgers

      What? Forged? I’m guessing they made a phony window placard for the limo. The driver could have been arrested if discovered. I’d turn them in, too. Whether that or fake passes you wear around your neck, it appears these two are less than honest as a general rule.

  4. Wall St Lady says:

    U can google Skinny Margarita and get the recipe. I love them. My liquor store near the UN said all the NYC stores are waiting for their orders because the manufacturer is completely out. Yea for
    Bethanny !
    West Hampton is about 2hr out side of NYC,then South Hampton,next Bridge Hampton,East Hampton and last Montauk. There is only one skinny highway once you reach the Hamptons so it takes 1hr. To get to Montauk from S H. IF you are lucky w/the traffic. Bernie Madoff’s beach house was in Montauk and there are few restaurants and no nightclubs. But there are some bars mostly filled with the local fisherman. And yes like B said it is the quiet undeveloped tip of Long Island.

    • vilzvet says:

      Montauk is also nicknamed “The End” since it is the absolute very end of Long Island. You’ll even see the occasional bumper sticker with that saying. But yes, that car ride was about 3 hours, NYC to Montauk. Yikes!

      • jiggylicious says:

        Yes, Montauk is the very end of the South Fork, LI with Orient Point being the very end of the North Fork. I’m surprised more people don’t vacation in Amagansett or Montauk. It’s more relaxing. The Hamptons is too crowded.

  5. starman says:

    Watched DC Housewives. Don’t know what to say about it yet. Found it boring so far. Did google Lynda’s agency tho and it is not an escort service but a pretty huge agency that covers all aspects of fashion, styling, make up, models and designing events and photo shoots. Major client list.

    I just started commenting here. Before I did, I read many, many of the blogs and comments. Like all the great info and links to other sites. Very informative. Also got a chance to get to know some of you just by reading the comments.

    Near the end of the last blog, HD posted a farewell saying her blood was boiling. I do agree the the DC show can get people talking politics and race and that it may be uncomfortable for many. This is supposed to be free time stuff away from the news of the day and the state of the economy. My question is why are you going HD? Let’s assume that this blog being a microcosm of the world at large has fewer African American people writing their take on things. Why would you sign off? I want to hear your take on things. What made your blood boil? Was it the show or the comments? I think your commenting here can only make this blog more informative. Just my take.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I just left a comment for HD on the last blog, and it wasn’t as nearly as intelligent as yours.
      I am in complete agreement with you and I hope she reconsiders.

  6. I'm just visiting this planet says:

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a comment here but I have been following all the conversations. I didn’t watch the DC premier and have zero intention of watching the series. I find it absolutely disgusting that the ‘Crashers’ have been given a spot on national TV. Their little stunt-enacted for the film crew that was following them around Washington- ruined the reputations and careers of several people. People lost their jobs over this- and maybe they should have- but for the Salahis to have been rewarded for it by being chosen to be on this latest example of tackiness produced by Bravo is a disgrace. Shame on everyone involved.

    • Squirrels says:

      With any luck, by the end of the season they will be the “crash and burn” couple. Husband seems arrogant enough to write his own ticket to hell. Naturally, wifey will go in a Prada handbasket.

    • toile says:

      Ditto!!!!!!!!You have said it so well. TY

  7. Denise says:

    Re BGM: I think Ramona hemmed and hawwed because she had Mario wait a long time for sex after having Avery, not because she’s a prude when it comes to talking about sex. She has said many times how hot she is for her husband (albeit she’s usually pretty loaded at the time.) Also, did anyone see how Bethenny said to Ramona, “Let me pour you a glass of wine and myself a half a glass…” but Bethenny’s glass looked pretty full!”

    Agree that shipping a cake from Los Angeles is just plain silly. Please, when NY has some of the best bakeries in the world? They could have ordered a cake from the bakery that B wanted her wedding cake from or the bakery she ultimately got her wedding cake from.

    Re burning the book: A nice gesture but it was just a draft. Bethenny is crazy (and we know she’s not) if she didn’t have another copy on her laptop, so that little display was for the cameras. She probably did another revision or two of the existing copy. Doubtful that she totally rewrote the book.

    @ Bethenneyfans: I couldn’t really follow TRHODC because I got held up on the telephone but I found, thus far, Lynda pretty much a snot, especially when talking about second tier people, etc. I think though when you blogged about Mary you meant, “cool, calm and collected” not “collective”. I thought Cat seemed nice; why was she bitchy? I was hoping she’d be “the normal one”. Oh, well.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I wonder if it’s the same bakery that Kim Zociak purchased a birthday cake from. I don’t like that kind of frosting. I took a cake decorating class and can make a cake just like the one they purchased so I don’t have to pay big bucks for shipping.

    • TLM says:

      It looked like Ramona just hadn’t had enough Pinot Grigio to talk about sex. LOL.

      Anyone tried her skin care line yet? I have to say, for 53 she does look great, including the skin on her chest and shoulders, which is deeply sun-damaged and aging on other women her age.

      • madison says:

        Ramona’s skin does look great. No doubt she gets help with things like IPL laser to remove sun damage on face, chest, shoulders – it gets rid of age/sunspots and freckles. If you have the money for IPL, fab for you! I’d do it in a NY minute. But it’s not “natural” to have such great skin at Ramona’s age. It’s not accomplished with just facial lotions.

  8. Jenni says:

    I loved Ramona last night! She was adorable, getting all flustered!

    Woke up this morning to the perfect B-day present: A new blog from Lynn 😀 THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS WONDERFUL BLOG AND PLACE TO COMMENT!

    (Happy b-day to me!)

  9. Jenni says:

    OH NO- HD please DON’T GO!!! You have been such a great commenter, and have really made me laugh and think so many times. Please don’t leave us! If you really do go, just know that we will be sad and missing you!

    Shadows- How are you and your son? I would love if you could find the time to check in. You both are still in our prayers…

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      That’s pretty funny coming from Kelly “I don’t lend my name to anything” Bensimon.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Kelly is in her normal contradiction mode! She wants so badly to be famous….last I checked crazy behavior is not something one should try to brand!

    • Kokuanani says:

      And haters are still, according to Kelly, “part of the ecosystem.”

  10. TLM says:

    For those wondering where Jason & Bethenny’s condo is, I’m fairly sure this is it: http://condos.wirednewyork.com/search/buildingdetails.aspx?bid=4816. Zillow.com says that a penthouse apt. sold in August ’09, and the penthouse has 3 bedrooms. We know there are at least 3 bedrooms in B’s apartment: the nursery, the master br and the office. Could August ’09 have been the date of sale? They were packing up and moving around November ’09. I saw on another site that the penthouse was over $4 million. I was surprised there is no doorman and no garage. Where does the Skinnygirl car go??

  11. boston02127 says:

    From Absurd to Sublime:
    Real Housewives of New Jersey: Elvira Grau Broke As Broke-Ass
    Bankrupt Teresa Giudice isn’t the only deadbeat on “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Elvira Grau — the snarky party planner who debuted on the show and boasted of a luxurious lifestyle replete with nannies, maids, cooks and drivers — owes nearly $300,000 to the tax man. Grau and her husband, James, were slapped with massive state tax liens between January and March on various properties, including their $3 million Cresskill mansion, according to New Jersey Superior Court re cords. Grau said she was the newest housewife to join the show, a claim Bravo denied, although she’ll appear in more episodes. And despite her boasts to Guidice about having a shore house, property records show Grau and her husband don’t own any thing near a beach. Meanwhile, Giu dice’s beach house was seized by the banks after she and hubby Joe Giudice filed their $11 million bankruptcy in October. Bravo wouldn’t comment and Grau’s reps didn’t return calls.

    • vilzvet says:

      Oh good, so T and J don’t have their beach house anymore? Good! It’s with the Escalade in a box somewhere. She did tweet earlier in the summer that they were there, along with Jacqueline, maybe it was someone else’s house, lol.

      • TLM says:

        Did anyone else immediately think of “Jersey Shore” when Teresa mentioned she had a shore house?!??

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I am definitely not surprised, it seems like 99% of the housewives are not living the life but living the lie- and the NEED for money and opportunities being a HW will provide is the driving force behind their quests to be on the show (coupled of course by an unhealthy dose of narcissism) .

      I am also suspicious of Kim G, I suspect she fears her circumstances will change- be it her husband is planning on filing for divorce or that like many others she is not recession proof.

  12. boston02127 says:

    Something to snark about ( I did) Ashley’s tweet & making fun of someone’s education. Her tweet—- The Situation is like the star quarterback who graduated H.S., failed out of college, and now only goes to high schoo …

  13. Pingback: Tweets that mention I Hate Jill Zarin I love Bethenny! August 6, 2010 | Lynnnchicago101's Blog -- Topsy.com

  14. NYC PB Wall St Lady says:

    Death BHPC posted the following refered to up stream. I could not resist a copy & paste. That being said I don’t want to deflect attension from Trashy who has played viewers for 2 years not to mention stolen from hard working people of NJ who live in uncleansy” homes. Please don’t lose focus on seeing Trashy & Jucy serve some time for stealing & then having parties to celebrate themselves

    “On December 4th, 2009, the Washington Post reported the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services had begun a formal investigation of the “fundraising practices” of the Salahi’s America’s Polo Cup.

    The Washington Post article i, reveas more of the phony claims made by Michaele and Tareq Salahi which included filing a false report to the police.

    According to Andrea Rodgers, Tareq Salahi carries concealed weapons.
    The Salahis limo driver told the Secret Service that Tareq regularly carries concealed weapons. The driver reached out to the Secret Service after the Salahis forged signage to sneak into restricted areas during President Obama’s Inauguration.

    In early December the Washington Post reported American’s Polo Cup was under investigation by the state of Virginia. On June 13th, the Post reported the investigation is still ongoing with the Salahi’s holding an America’s Polo Cup event on the Washington Mall:

    The America’s Polo Cup featured a match between the United States and India Saturday on the Mall, although neither government participated in the event. The event’s Web site listed its key sponsor as Kingfisher Beer, whose chief executive said the company was not a sponsor. The advertising for the event promised sponsors that it was the “best sporting experience . . . in the United States and considered the best in the world by the highest standards of polo.”

    On November 26, 2009, just weeks after Bravo began taping Real Housewives of D.C., CNN reported the Salahis were involved in 16 different civil suits, an “extensive paper trail in federal bankruptcy and state court filings”, and the the “affluent” Salahi’s Oasis Winery filed Chapter Seven Bankruptcy in February of 2009.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      They are arrogant posers and Mary called her out on it on the View – as to having charity events that benefit them instead of the charity…Wondering about Oasis Winery – real wine or a scheme with wine splashed on it?

  15. TLM says:

    Who wants to bet $1 that Simon Van Kempen is trying to buy those pink silk paisley pants Mary’s husband on RHODC tried on?!??!?

    • cusi 77 says:

      TLM__ I bet $ 2 Simon would make those pair of pants look better!

    • Capiche says:

      So funny! I thought of Simon when he had on the pants as well!

      • TLM says:

        Simon to Alex: “DAHling, I bought those pink pants so I can wear them when we go to St. Bart’s. And they go so well with my pink suede driving mocs from Blue and Cream!!”

        Alex: “I was going to buy them for you as a birthday gift, but now you’ve ruined the fucking surprise!” ;)~

    • spikeyweed says:

      No, because Simon is not the least bit preppy. It’s just not his style.

  16. Sha2000 says:

    I saw this today:


    Maybe she was busy w/her baby? I don’t get why people are so upset, she did after all show up.

    • Lovebeth says:

      I read the page six article, I do not believe it for one second. Something tells me it was a rumor started. Remember when NaughtyNiceRob said Bethenny came to the event did press and left? He never mentioned anything about being late. I am sure they started the rumor about Bethenny being late after being called Naughty “poor man perez for being wrong on everything Stat, HW salaries”
      Now other papers are picking it up. People are just jealous that Bethenny has had an amazing year not to mention a rating gold for Bravo. Maybe she left early but late I dunno.

    • TLM says:

      Things happen when you have a baby, and maybe there was an emergency that she couldn’t get there soon enough. God knows it probably takes close to an hour just to get across town in a cab in NYC. B prides herself on being on time and is not like KKB, who flits around from one party to another since she wants to be photographed everywhere, then blames it on her kids. The Larry King show can’t be moved since, hello, it’s LIVE. So unfortunately it sounds like B did the best she could.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Maybe she was late or maybe it’s just a rumor, but I haven’t seen anything to suggest that Bethany is a flake or a diva when it comes to attending scheduled events.

      There really isn’t a story here but that wouldn’t stop page 6 from trying to create one, especially given their relationship with JZ

  17. Olivia says:

    Sorry that the Bethenny show has reached its finale. It was enjoyable to sit back and watch her maneuver through the adjustment from single to married to Mommyhood.

    As for the DC group, another “cookie cutter” series made up of the same types of behavior we have witnessed over and over again with this franchise. They are also in production with yet another OC season followed by Atlanta group followed by the Beverly Hills ladies and I am so over the repeated formula that my interest has faded. They are all pretty much the same. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

    The series is much too crowded and it is not surprising to hear Andy Cohen asking us to wait until 2011 in announcing the cast of NYC. I guess what caught my attention was the appearance by Bethenny overall as she provided the “snark” that was roiling around inside our own heads when it came to the others and without her the “fizz” had pretty much died out as far as future interest is concerned. How many fashion shows, charity events, and back biting sessions can one watch before reaching for the remote? I am only speaking for myself, but I found myself switching over to the ballgame during the DC outing out of sheer boredom.

    • Wow!! This will show JUST how much tv I’ve been watching….but they made it sound like the Versace couches were moved to LA on one of the eps of her show…. Her show is like watching paint dry so I doubt I will see it again…

  18. Olivia says:

    What is wrong with Bravo that it keeps featuring “losers” like the ones they select as “stars”?

    Danielle Staub, the Guidice’s, Trashley Holmes, the Two Kims, Elvira, the Salahi’s, and a few others who have either had brushes with the law, cheat on their spouses, or are headed into bankruptcy court? Most of their behavior has already been exposed before they sign those contracts so you have to question the integrity of the producers who seek to inflict these people onto the public and refer to them as “stars”.

  19. cusi 77 says:

    Good Morning Lynn! Good morning to everybody!

    Thank you for this thoughtful Blog Lynn, appreciated!
    I like The title “I hate Jill Zarin I love Bethenny”!!!

    It just hit me! Bravo producer have cheated on us, the viewers, presenting Jill Zarin being what SHE IS NOT! Then RHONJ largely demonstrate how fake reality TV can be. Bravo insulted their viewers intelligence.

    Reason enough to suspect Bravo producers are still trying to play games with their public and the wives of DC…

    BGM? Is the real deal! Not because of Bravo, but Bethenny! Bethenny destroying her book, which she wrote in the middle of preparing wedding, pregnant, personal issues with trust and commitment, not to mention deceived by her best friend and the death of her father… says a lot of her integrity! What she wrote is not her reality after Baby Bryn was born. She wants to give to her fans what she has become.

    My two cents.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bethenny had a major shift in her priorities after Bryn was born – she said she had to write the book over because the first draft felt wrong. That is integrity and honesty and apparently the publishers agreed.

  20. Capiche says:

    Well, I’m not sure where the majority here stands but I liked RHODC. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. And quite frankly, I always give myself three episodes to see whether I’m gonna like any of Bravo’s reality shows. Come to think of it, I didn’t love any of the RH shows on their first episodes, except perhaps Atlanta because the craziness that is that show cannot be denied and it is mesmerizing! I also think the housewives on ATL “put on a show” if you know what I mean!

    I also like Cat. I think it’s hilarious how, now that we all know she’s divorced, she name drops her husband every other second. To use a british term and to agree with Stacie, how daft is she that she says on national tv that her husband prefers Bush when he works for Obama!??! Not smart. I also don’t like Tyra so I agree with her there.

    Michaele came off too fake and empty-headed for my liking, Stacie seems cool and down to earth, Lynda is deliciously bitchy (and I want to see her bf in real life. I am sure he has a beautiful skin color – reminds me of an African friend of mine who lives in Paris), and Mary is the DC’s Ramona. LOVE HER! And her closet door biometric lock? Only in DC!

    Don’t like the stylist, or as I’m calling him, imitation Dwight (from ATL). There can only be one Dwight. Let’s leave it at that Bravo.

  21. Char212 says:

    Morning everyone! I will certainly miss Bethenny’s show. It was a huge relief from all the drama, backstabbing and the pretending to be something you’re not from the other HW shows. What was Max thinking? I can see why he’s no longer working for B. Why he would think that it was okay for him to get a massage is unbelievable. I loved it at the end when Bethanny told them all how she felt about them. I definitely see a softer side of her.

    I’m on the fence with the DC housewives. My favorite’s so far are Stacie and Mary. Stacie seems very nice and I loved seeing her and her husband with their kids. Mary seems pretty down to earth too despite her lifestyle. She looks too young to have 5 kids too I thought. I laughed at her having that lock on her closet. I didn’t like Cat at all!!! She’s rude and a snob and I thought she behaved terribly at Stacie’s party. She certainly didn’t do her husband any favors and put his job at risk if you ask me. Micheal is a ditz, I don’t like her at all. She’s just too flaky for me and reminds me too much of Kelly. I hate that Bravo rewarded her by giving her a spot on the show and I won’t be buying her book either. I think Lynda is okay and her boyfriend is kinda cute too. I laughed when she called the Polo match a goat rodeo lol. It was a boring start for me but I’ll wait and see what happens.

    • DesertGal says:

      I liked Staci and Mary, too. Cat…wow. Have to agree that she put his job at risk. I doubt the Obama’s watch Housewives (although, who knows? They might, since this one is set in DC) but her negative comments about Obama could still get back to him. The world isn’t that large when it comes to gossip. She was also really tactless at Staci’s cooking party.

      Michaele…bah. She needs to cut down on the Adderall. She was so hyper, she was making me edgy just watching her on television. And it’s disgusting that she has a place on the show. IMO, she disrespected the White House, the Secret Service, and the President. And her husband is like the vanilla version of Juicy Joe.

      Don’t have an opinion about Lynda yet, except she and Danielle look almost like sisters. She seemed kind of snobbish, but that may have just been the “second tier” comment…I’ll wait to see how she plays out.

      Oh, wait…just read above. Cat and her husband are divorced? Since the show was filmed? I’m confused.

    • Squirrels says:

      Her flashing the photo of Joe Biden via her cel phone wasn’t too bright either. Those photos are not for public consumption until the White House releases them. I’d divorce her, too.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:


        Check out this comment left:

        ” karma on August 6, 2010 at 03:08

        Cathy is a Ex “Hostess” who worked at a lapdance club in London. She has a UK criminal record for theft. Has a reputation for stealing from friends and ripping partners off in business etc.
        Despite the full power of the internet….. Lets see one example (AND PROOF) of her “Design” work . She just lies and lies. She has left very few friends in Marlborough, Most will remember her for her drug taking and dating local drug dealers. She stole off close friends there. In LOndon she became a social climber who will sleep with any man to get up another “run” on the ladder.

        US immigration should check her visa forms and see if she declared her criminal record as she is required to do. If she has failed they should revoke her work permit etc .

        Her Daughters and better off without her. She is a “trash” mother who cares only about herself.

        Her Father is not a ” entrepreneur” he was a sport teacher , then made some money in a “bluff” with “ENglish heritage” . He owned a small gift shop . Once again Cathy wants everybody to think she is from a “Grand Family” .
        During her time married to Charles she has been having a affair with a married man in DC . This man has $$$$ and Cathy hoped he might open a few more doors than Charles. She married Charles to get her foot into the US. Once there Charles did not have the money to support her wishes.

        Charles is a very lucky man to be rid of this lady.”

        • lina says:

          Ooh wow, I knew there was I reason why I did not like her. She just rubbed me the wrong way; I really don’t care if you don’t like Tyra Banks, but President Obama? I almost screamed when she said Obama didn’t rsvp to my wedding, but Bush did.

        • cusi 77 says:

          Where did you find that comment?
          Those are serious accusations and not prove has been offered.
          It seems to me those kind of comments tweetmaxine would do.
          I did not like Cat bad taste to talk her mind. But I would not take that comment as truthful.

        • cusi 77 says:

          Where did you find this comment?
          Those are serious accusations and not prove whatsoever, I wouldn’t take as truthful.
          It seems like the kind of comments tweetmaxine would write.
          Cat, at fist glance, seems to be rude when talking her mind. The rest needs to be proved.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            Hi Cusi-
            I followed one of the links that took me to the Washington Post’s website. This was a comment that was left to them in regards to a story about her divorce.

            Perhaps you are right, maybe I shouldn’t have reposted another person’s opinion without checking it out more carefully.

            I was just “gobsmacked” at the accusations, but probably because I really don’t like this chick.

            Good reality check-thank you

        • Holy Schneikies!! Well I’m not surprised re the divorce….if she were willing to run her mouth like that ON camera, how did she act when off? And yes, please check her papers, she needs to be escorted straight back to Merry Ol’ England!

      • Squirrels says:

        Ok, I made an error. He is not a White House staff photog. According to the W. Post, he works for Newsweek. Still, his access to the man at the top could be jeopardized with his wife pulling shenanigans like exposing images not yet published.

        Just keeping it real.

  22. NYC PB Wall St Lady says:

    Well here I go. I don’t like B any more she has become a total Diva. 5 weeks after birth who needs 3 helpers & 2 cars to travel” 3hr away from home. I am tired of seeing her very fake boobs. She is like Cookie who she raised , cute but an OUT of Control Diva. Do you think she will say Di*’k & pu**y in front of her daughter. Well not to worry I am sure by 10 Bryn will see via the internet. I mostly watched BGM to follow u guys cuz I lover your posts & only found Lynn since I have been on vacation for a month. Back to 9-7 Mon. I hope I can keep up. Bogging in general is new to me. I will probably only comment on Trashy & Juicy. Best vacation in years.
    Thanks to the coolest peps I don’t know.
    Buckets of hugs (unlike Mich ella or what ever her name is, I mean that in spirit not a sloppy grope! )

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      I have to respectfully disagree with you about Bethenny being a diva – she has a life that is very different from mine, but she seems pretty real to me. Bethenny has a sharp tongue and a quick wit and a potty mouth – which makes ME laugh, and is part of the reason that I really enjoy this show. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I can understand that. While I never had a baby nurse or two personal assistants, I don’t think having those things makes you a diva. I thought her toast to Gina, Julie, Max and Jason was the anti-thesis of diva – she was genuinely grateful.

      Glad you had a nice vacation!

    • Char212 says:

      I appreciate your opinion NYC but I can understand why they needed two cars, they all wouldn’t fit in her skinny girl car lol. Besides, with everything you need to take when you have a baby plus all of your own things and the car seat taking up room there wouldn’t be room for all of them even in an SUV. I also don’t think she took her helpers along because she needed help. I think she took them along to give them time away too and some time to relax and have fun. Again, nothing wrong with that. I do agree that she could tame it down on her language though. It’s one thing in the privacy in your own home but not on TV. It’s just not cool and she could tone that down for sure.

      • Lovebeth says:

        Lots of the HWs drives expensive cars like Benz, BMW, Escalade, Range Rover to name a few. Bethenny has a Ford and Volkswagen lol. I am sure both cars do not even equal the price of a Benz or Range Rover so she is a smart woman in my opinion.

        Bethenny is not a diva at all, divas do not give thanks to people that work for them.

    • kats2 says:

      Of course I don’t see Diva at all in Bethenny.

      Two cars – They all couldn’t fit in one care and it is possible Julie and Max might need to reture to the city while Bethenny and family stayed or extended the weekend or get away.

      Baby Nurse – this has been discussed to death the whole Mom thing is a touchy subject when it comes to getting help and all of that. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it, specifically if I didn’t have a Mom around to help me.

      My take on Julie and Max going with them –

      Bethenny runs a multi-million dollar business her team is actually bigger. Julie and Max are just part of team and the closest to her and the people around on a daily basis to work. While this was a get away, work was still happening, just a change of location. I also thought it was really a very nice way to thank them by treating them to the trip. Max even said he was never there.

      As far as the language – see my other post below, it includes a tweet from Bethenny. She agrees with you on this point.

      There is nothing Diva about Bethenny.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Yeah! I’m a driving diva – we have 4 cars and only 3 licensed drivers in the house!

  23. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    I thought this was pretty much “right on” with the analysis of reality tv and the HW franchises in general:


    • error404 says:


      “Michaele Salahi is the beginning of the end.”

      Truer words were never spoken!

      • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

        She is like Kelly and Theresa combined – when she was talking politics while getting her hair done (and her talking head was indicating that showed how smart she was), everyone in the room was rolling their eyes.

  24. Kelly_Has_ Big Shoulders says:

    Happy Birthday Jenni.

  25. Sha2000 says:

    Old baloney:

  26. Kelly_Has_ Big Shoulders says:

    Thanks again for another wonderful bolg Lynn.
    I just want to say that I love Bethenny and this show has had everything except Drama and I like it that way. I am sad it’s over. 😦

    I will be giving the DC ladies a chance. Still haven’t formed an opinion yet but did notice that I can barely understand Cat and she is a bit rude, also Mary seems the sweetest but did also notice her drinking. I guess with five kids one needs a drink here and there. LOL!!

  27. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    It is sad to see this season of BGM? come to an end. It was such a breath of fresh air, especially after the violatile season of RHONY. I hope BGM? comes back for a second season.

  28. kats2 says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Lynn – Great blog! I sent you a tweet please reply or let me know if you got it (trying to test something).


    Absolutely delightful, I’m running out of words to describe how much I like this show. The whole cast is amazing and each person delivers. Bethenny really has surrounded herself with great people. I can gush and gush for days about BGM, for me it’s an hour of quality viewing pleasure. I hope they do at least one more season and I hope Bethenny makes Bravo pay big for this whole cast of characters.

    Baby Shower – I wanted to see more of the baby shower.

    GingerZarin tweeted this last night during the show and it is so true (if you’re not following this hysterical person/dog you need to). https://twitter.com/GingerZarin

    “Tells me all I need to know about @bethenny that she kissed the baby nurse goodbye too #thatsgoodpeople”

    Montauk Footage – so nice they shared this with us, nice to see where they escape to and still how real they are. They don’t need some mega estate and social parties, they go to be together and spend time as a family in nature, like normal people do (People, food, drinks and some activities). So relatable.

    The Cake – that top part that was flown in looked more like decoration or the part B would save and take home. That was not big enough to feed or be desert for all those women. So maybe there is more to it on why it was flown in and something special about it. Just a guess.

    The book burning – based on comments I have read on other sites I guess there are some people who are trying to make a big deal about this and are focused on the technicalities of Bethenny having another copy, the publisher had a copy, it was on her laptop, etc. . . I find this very funny. It was a symbolic act (starting over or from scratch), right? The release date of the book was officially pushed because of the rewrite. But if this is all people can come up with, I think that’s really stretching to find something to complain about. But I admit I’m a glass half full person when it comes to Bethenny and the show, not everyone will like B or have the same feelings about the show.

    This is the thing I like and appreciate the most about Bethenny- my only negative thought after watching this episode last night was that she needs to cool it with the language it was nothing to unusual and parts of it is what makes her so funny, but I could do without some of it (just smooth out the rough edges).

    So look what Bethenny tweets this morning –
    “Bethenny On vacation!!!off to yoga.I need to cleanse my body soul&MOUTH after watching myself last night.”

    My light bulb moment watching last night – What I love the most about Bethenny is how honest Bethenny is about herself and has the character to admit she’s wrong, fixes it and is on a continual path of improving. This to me is class. I think this quality is what makes Bethenny a great partner to Jason, wonderful Mom to Bryn and great business woman.

    No one else in the history of this whole HW franchise has ever been honest with themselves or with the viewers. ALL of the other HW’s have an excuse for every little thing (they do wrong or their family does wrong) and continue the bad behavior. This is why they will NEVER achieve what Bethenny has and will continue to watch from the sidelines and whine about why it’s not them and blame everything around them.

    HW DC

    I’m on the fence, I will watch again to see if there is anything worth my time and if it creates any good energy or just more of the same HW bad energy (I guess I’m feeling very Zen this morning)

    The Brit Comment about “Big Americans” – While I loathe sweeping generalizations I have to say touché! We’ve been dissing them for their horrible teeth for decades so I guess its payback time. But be careful Brit HW your daughters are young and the food here is really good, nothing like an American greasy cheeseburger and fries when you’re PMS-ing. You’ll see.

    I really like how there is what seems to be (so far at least) a very sweet normal African American family and an intelligent African American HW. Yes she may have some attitude (she’s on the show, she has to bring something) But she is far from Nene and the whole Atlanta HW cast which is a disgrace to all human beings.

    One major surprise for me in this episode – EDWINA ROGERS!!! (She was the person at the polo match with the strange hat and way too much makeup). Yours truly had to endure sitting next to this creature on an 8 hour flight from DC to London. I don’t trust her and regardless of your political views, Edwina and people like her is what’s wrong with DC. I hope this was the last time I see her clown face on my TV. If anyone is a fan of hers you will know you can catch her on Fox News as a random talking head when they need someone to spew BS.

    • TLM says:

      I’m glad Bethenny tweeted that this morning. I was going to say that last night’s show should have been titled “Cock Talk.” I’m no prude, but holy crap, every other second it was “dick,” “schlong,” “cock,” and then jokes about cock tips and Jason’s sexual interests being blurted out by B in front of employees, her mother-in-law, and of course, the viewing public. Can B really still claim hormones are the cause? Jason said she’s changed, but I think fundamentally, your personality is still your personality. B was always loving to Cookie and not as if she didn’t have that side to her, as some people have said. I have said in the past that Alex seemed and seems far colder to me, and I couldn’t picture her being maternal at all. But enough with talk about dicks, and ripping someone’s dick or balls off. It’s just trashy. Sometimes I truly wonder how B and Jason ended up together, but then I remind myself that his opening line to her “in da club” was, “Are you going to get that stick out of your ass?” It just seems Jason has a filter on what he says when, and I think if only for her daughter’s sake, Bethenny is going to have to develop that muscle as well.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I have to say I agree with your whole post.

      Bethenny is so honest….maybe too honest sometimes, but I say kudos to her. She doesn’t go back and say “I didn’t mean that,” or go back later and say “Yes, I did mean it,” after denials a la Jill Zarin. I love Jason and his honesty too. What more can you want in a relationship than being honest and loving to one another???

      It was great seeing Ramona and Alex on the show. Just girlfriends supporting their girlfriend. No agenda, just friends.

      I am someone who also had a hand in their baby shower because like Bethenny I had my son early. My sons birthday was the day of my shower. Needless to say it had to be changed! 🙂 Because of that I got to be part of planning and doing some other stuff for my own shower. It’s not a big deal in my opinion. Bethenny likes thing done how she wants it done well then, let her do it and not complain about it (attention B haters).

      Can I also say that I love Bethenny’s therapist? He is kind and thoughtful and you can tell he has truly helped Bethenny in her quest of self awareness.

      I am going to truly miss her show. It is so refreshing to watch a happy show on Bravo.


      I have to say that I kind of liked it. I’m a bit of a political junkie (I admit to watching State of the Union with Candy Crowley every Sunday and I miss Tim Russert) so this has me a bit intrigued. So far I’m liking Mary and Stacie. I’m on the fence with Lynda thought the “goat rodeo” line cracked me up. Do NOT like Cat and Michaele. Cat is just rude and very opinionated in front of people that she doesn’t know and Michaele seems to be the DC version of Teresa regarding grandiose and spending. I’ll keep watching.

      • kats2 says:

        “Can I also say that I love Bethenny’s therapist? He is kind and thoughtful and you can tell he has truly helped Bethenny in her quest of self awareness.”

        Yes I love him.

        That Brit Cat is either just a very rude person or is so desperate to get some fame from this show this Brit superior angle and pointing out of the errs of Americans is her lame attempt to make it happen. But it won’t work.

    • Tootsie says:

      Agree with you all the way kats2. Bethenny is beginning to realize that she has to curb her talk because children see and hear everything. The first time Bryn’s teacher sends home a note saying that Bryn threatened to rip of little Bobby’s balls Bethenny will realize.

    • BamaBelle says:

      “While I loathe sweeping generalizations”… Kats2, you made that remark in an above post. But, twice now, you’ve made “sweeping generalizations” about Foxs News viewers. In an earlier post you said something about if Foxs News announced that Jesus wore orange (or something like that) you insinuated that every single Fox viewer would believe them!

      I take offense to this because I am a Foxs News viewer and I would never believe any such thing! Just because I watch Foxs News doesn’t mean I’m stupid or will believe anything. I do, however, happen to be a Republican, and I’m proud of it. This is the United States of America, where people have the right to have different views, but that doesn’t mean if someone disagrees with you that they’re wrong or stupid. I have respect for other peoples views and that’s why I would never say mean things about the people who BELIEVE every word the “liberal news media” puts out there.

      I came here to talk about the Housewives, but like HD, a few comments on here has made my “blood boil” for different reasons! Those who bash President Bush. I know HD and I are on the opposite side of the political fence, but I do agree with her that this country is heading in the wrong direction, and there’s plenty of blame for both parties!

      Unlike HD, I’m not popular here. Most people ignore my comments and I’m positive I won’t get any posts begging me to stay. I’ll probably get blocked from this site for “speaking my mind”… so be it.

      No hard feelings here, Lynn… I’ve enjoyed most of the comments and I do hate Jill Zarin. And-Kats2, as much as you think Fox News spews BS… that’s exactly the way I feel about the Liberal News channels, especially msnbc.

      God Bless Y’all! Again… I’ve enjoyed this site and for the record…. Those party-crashing FOOLS digust me and the more I hear about them, the more I think they belong in jail. But, the security at the White House CAN NOT allow uninvited people inside for any reason and should have lost their jobs. I don’t like President Obama… NOT BECAUSE OF HIS SKIN COLOR… -because I don’t agree with his policies, however… he IS The President of The United States and his live, the lives of his wife and children (plus other cabinet members) should have never, ever been compromised.

  29. BethennyFans says:

    This was my first blog, so I was a bit nervous. If there are some errors, I apologize.


  30. NYC PB Wall St Lady says:

    Some how I didn’t copy & paste correctly & my lead in to my past post was left off. So here goes
    B’s Gladd fund raiser. I would certainly be mad if I paid $250 to be star f*** by BGM & she didn’t for fill her expected obligations. Personally I wouldn’t dream of paying $1 to beet BGM when for free u can meet her 1on1 at a book signing
    The reality show won’t go away. They are replacing soap opera stars. Like kids want to grow up to be hedgefund managers today because of fame & great fortune. Next kids will want to grow up & be reality stars ! I think it is a sad commentary on today’s society.That being said my hat is off to B. For all her successful businesses. She & Ramona have taken the business world by the tail & r role models for sure.

  31. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Alex’s People blog on RHODC:


    Sorry if this has been already posted. I love Alex. 🙂

  32. NYC PB Wall St Lady says:

    KTs2 small world !

    • Squirrels says:

      I just love the video recap –

      “I think it was the meth…” lol

    • felony stupid says:

      Kelly, still an insufferable moron.

      My favorite quote:

      On her costars:
      “Whether it’s my nail color, my hair color, or the shoes I’m wearing, everything about me bothers them. They want to go to the parties I go to, they want to hang out with me, they want to do the things that I’m doing.”

      Satchels of golds man…satchels of gold.

  33. NYC PB Wall St Lady says:

    Maybe I was over reacting to her choice to dic Gladd ove Lary King. I once sat behind him DC to NYC.He was with his then wife now X and her sister. He made my skin crawl. I couldn’t at the time tell which was his wife cuz he was soooo familiar w/both. He is a great host but he is gross in person. So I guess I brought some baggage to my thinking. And I think u r correct that this was a “vacation” gift. So I stand convinced I over reacted on most points.
    BTW everybody in NYC that drives a car knows it will have wear & tear unlike any other city in America & only dummies have expensive cars. That’s why there are so many Limo services.

  34. DesertGal says:

    Kelly on Kelly:

    On her mental state:
    “I am not crazy. I am unpredictable. I’m not in therapy.”

    You are, unpredictable isn’t always a good thing, and you should be.

    On her costars:
    “Whether it’s my nail color, my hair color, or the shoes I’m wearing, everything about me bothers them. They want to go to the parties I go to, they want to hang out with me, they want to do the things that I’m doing.”

    That is so inane, it’s just laughable.

    On her March 2010 Playboy cover:
    “With Playboy, I think I superseded Housewives. It was huge.”

    Kelly still thinks that 23 million people bought that issue of Playboy. [insert eye roll here] The woman is just dumber than a bucket of hammer handles.

    On moving forward:
    “I’m 42, and I have this new life. Yes, I’m more mass market. And that’s okay. It’s my job….I’ve worked so hard. It wasn’t always lollipops and unicorns.

    Snort. We’ve all seen how hard Kelly “works”. [insert eye roll here]

    I tell my girls, ‘Your mom gets paid to engage in inappropriate behavior.’

    Yep. Systematic bullying and inappropriate behavior is never okay, girls…unless you are getting paid to do it. Same with one night stands.

    • DesertGal says:

      P.S. I think Bethenny, Ramona, Alex, and Sonja would prefer to have their eyes gouged out with sporks than “hang out” with Kellamity.

      • Squirrels says:

        Yep, they are jealous. That’s why they were and continue to be all over the press talking about Kelly.

        Oh Kelly, someday you’ll figure out you put yourself in that fishbowl and once the oxygen is depleted, you will float to the surface, tail up.

        • Noelle says:

          “Oh Kelly, someday you’ll figure out you put yourself in that fishbowl and once the oxygen is depleted, you will float to the surface, tail up.” LMAO!! Brilliant!
          Thanks so very much Squirrels for providing me with the wittiest line I’ve heard all day.
          I may have to borrow it from time to time! lol

  35. Squirrels says:

    The lovefest for M. Salahi has begun on the Bravo blogs. Shocking, eh?

    Included is my favorite thus far; “You are are my Bethenny of DC!” I can’t even begin to wrap my head around that comparison.

    • kats2 says:

      Ha! There is no accounting for taste. Makes you wonder if they are a fan of Bethenny if they post or are lurking around here.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I have trepidations about Bravo comments- Teresa Gorilla Guidice also has glowing commentaries on her blogs yet when I visit the Bravo message board, she only seems to have one supporter, and I have not come across ANY in the other blogs I visit.

      Where do this people come from? Is there really that many people with obvious cognitive and emotional impairment? Or are most of them the creation of some intern in a attempt to create a facade of adoration where there is none.

  36. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Loved BGM? as usual. Max actually pissed me off. After getting ripped a new asshole he was all, “She didn’t actually say NO.” And what made him think it was okay to get a massage in the first place? Ahead of the guests at that? I wouldn’t have been as nice as Bethenny.
    DC Housewives was weird. It wasn’t laid out like the usual introductory episode is and seemed to jump ahead. I need more time to memorize names and personalities. I did like that this cast of women along with friends and family is actually diverse racially, financially, and sexually. Cat is a bitch who doesn’t pick up on others vibes and will probably offend everyone as time goes by. The Salahi’s are an older Heidi & Spencer. I was irked by CrashGate, upset by the wine tossing incident, and now disgusted by their accusations against Whoopi on The View. I may start a “I hate the Salahi’s” blog if they get any worse. But at the same time I’d hate to give them any more fame. Will give the show two more episodes to interest me.

  37. lillybee says:

    I liked the fact that Lynda called out Michaele and her hubby on not paying her bills.
    Kat said that her husband is the best photographer in the world, hope Kelly doesn’t find that out.
    Mary’s hubby and Simon should be BFF’s

  38. Olivia says:

    I think the DC Housewives have done for me what I was unable to do for myself: drag me away from this ridiculous franchise and the glorification of these women who do not deserve a second glance.

    Watching groups of women who sling their odious brand of morality all over the place in the most pretentious manner with virtually nothing to back it up has become overdone to the point of boredom. DC wives have succeeded in forcing my hand (and remote) to go elsewhere.

    I will allow myself to finish the NJ series since it is like a bad novel that one must see through to the end but as of today I am officially through with Bravo and this formulaic brand of stupidity.

    Liars, cheats, strippers, lapdancers, forgers, dimwits, soul stealing vipers, and backstabbing comments have done me in. I refuse to accept any of these ninnies as “stars”. This network can count on one less viewer to puff up their ratings.

    I’m done.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I hope your resignation from Bravo won’t mean that you will no longer post here. You will be missed.

    • Tootsie says:

      Agree with you, Olivia. Did not watch RHONJ this season, and I’m better for it. Read Lynn’s blog and even that made me sick. I’m totally done with all housewives. Will follow Bethenny to where ever but that’s it. These women are not normal.

    • Wallflower says:

      I hope you keep posting too, Olivia! You’re a wallflower’s best friend–I can just point to your posts and nod in agreement 🙂

      I stopped watching RHONJ after two episodes this season. I was on the fence about RHODC until all the nonsense on The View and more info about these jokers was published. I deleted the first episode unwatched. I won’t miss it.

      I’m going through Bravo withdrawal. They used to be one of my favorite networks. It’s like watching your best friend get mixed up with the wrong crowd–you see how much they’ve changed (and you wonder what happened to the friend you once loved). Sigh. We just can’t hang out anymore.

  39. Squirrels says:

    OT. The Apprentice is coming back in the fall. Guess the candidates are those who have lost their jobs. It’s a good premise.

  40. error404 says:

    My BGM? blog


    It’s actually sad to think it’s the last!

    • Gypsy862 says:

      I really enjoyed your blog, error404. Good insights!

    • ImaJillHater2 says:

      Good blog Error. I do agree with you about Max. I’ve always felt he was a Bravo “plant”. I’ve had a hunch he is personally connected to Miss Andy (think JZ is as well).

      Don’t think that’s the last we’ll see of Max (unfortunately b/c I found him very fake & irritating).

  41. kats2 says:

    Just figured it out the Salahi’s are just an older version of Heidi and Spencer.

  42. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    A usual Kats2 love your recap OF BGM.

  43. moriasheehan says:

    I am looking forward to the reruns of BGM. Warm fuzzy moments. I am not surprised at CluelessMax at all. I thought he was an idiot from the first episode. When I heard him say he spent $40, 000 per year for 4 years in college?????? How could he not know that he was an “employee” and does not get a massage. Not ever, NOT before B’s guests, and not unless B said so, not a spa employee,who didn’t know he was an intern/asst. I know that and I never went to college. What a waste of $160,00.
    The DC crowd?
    Well, I watched it, kept dozing off, so I missed the pink pants, sounds like I missed the best part. The poison that is MSillyass, I can only hope the government catches up with her. I agree with who ever said her husband sounds like a dangerous man to be around. In every report I read by people at the event, Lynda threw WATER on him after he threw wine. MSillyass, said on the view, TWICE that scotch was thrown. Wow, another lie. I spent a good 2 hours just reading news about the Sillyasses and they are not nice, not honest and I can only pray that after this season, they both retire to a cell in Guantanamo Bay for people who are a threat to our country. Cat…..has the worst fake Brit accent I have heard since my imitation of Bridget Jones. Really really bad. She is trying to sound like a toff and comes off like Sophie Thompson as Dora in Relative Values, with Colin Firth and Julie Andrews. Watch it & see what I mean. The other HW’s have not impressed except for how much Mary’s daughters look like her. I will watch again, as it was the best sleep I’ve had in ages.

    • Squirrels says:

      I loved that flick!

      • moriasheehan says:

        It’s a keeper, isn’t it. It has a very genuine retro feel. The fashions and make up are spot on. William Baldwin’s best role. Did you know that The lady who played Miranda, Jeanne Tripplehorn was the girl in Waterworld? I didn’t until I wiki’d her. I did see her in Grey Gardens as Jackie Kennedy, she was good in that, too.

  44. Capiche says:


    Great information about DC Housewives from a reliable news organization. We have to start our information gathering somewhere!

  45. Lovebeth says:

    Jill is not having a good morning lol. People are tweeting her calling her a jealous B for tweeting nonsense about HW of DC and some other chef during BGM. Haha Now she is talking and following Michelle Salahi or is it Michaele?

    • error404 says:

      it’s spelled Michaele but pronounced “poser-wannabe”

    • Squirrels says:


      @cbyers81 I am flattered people take an interest in what I have to say and think. I don’t expect everyone to agree though.

      She does care, she just knows it’s a losing battle to match wits with any number of folk on twitter.

  46. moriasheehan says:

    I also read that MSillyass says her name is from her parents first name, Michael and Michelle. Her parents are Rosemary and Howard Holt. Another lie.

  47. Gypsy862 says:

    I found the RHODC to be very shallow for the most part. As more info comes out about the women, it seems most of them are pretty tacky. Either BRAVO didn’t research them enough before casting them or knows all about them and cast them because of all the stuff that will come out.

    Michaele Salahi seriously looks like a rabbit with her white hair and central incisors just a bit too long. That was my first impression of her and then all her jumping around made me think of the Energizer Bunny but I think the Energizer Bunny is much smarter.

    Good old Tareq not only has a temper, as has been reported, but imo is probably abusive. I laughed and laughed when he gave Michaele that tacky looking bracelet, bragging that it was 8 carats, because Taliban Jim gave Alexis from OC something similar, a gaudy necklace, and bragged that it was 7 carats. Talk about klassy.

    I loved BGM? and agree that Max was just a distraction. I won’t miss him.

    • Quincy IL says:

      4 pages of suits, countersuits, accusations, fraud, and theft

      These people should be placed on an island and abandoned forever.

  48. Squirrels says:

    From Amy Argetsinger of the Wash Post –

    “One unlikely name jumped out. It was the college-age daughter of one of the other D.C. “Housewives”; the [Salahi] rep claimed she stole from the Salahis. That was intriguing, I thought — a sign of an ugly rift between these families brought together by Bravo. Couldn’t wait to write about that.

    And then I saw an extended preview of the new show. The hot tip evaporated: There, on the screen, Tareq Salahi was making the same accusation to the mother’s face, in front of the camera, for the nation to hear. The Salahis weren’t giving me a story. Just a preview of coming attractions.”

  49. MAMAZ says:

    I loved BGM but agree with everyone that she needs to watch how she talks. It was a little too much.
    As much as I enjoyed it I’m not sorry it’s over. The short mini season only reinforces that Bethenny has a real life, a real career and needs to spend time with Jason and Bryn. She opted for that instead of more camera time. I hope there is a S2 and I hope it is also short.

    RHODC – I didn’t really watch. I jumped in when Project Runway was on commercial. I did happen to catch the part where Mary was waxing eloquent about the need for integrated salons. Brother. Does this lady even know any African American women? Put two women of any race together in a room and eventually the talk will turn to hair. I’m Italian, my hair is thick, somewhat coarse and VERY curly. It’s hard to find a stylist that know how to work with my hair. (Thank God for Brazilian Blow Outs!) African American hair requires stylists who know how to work on African American hair. There have been 2 documentries on the subject. Just watch Oprah for goodness sake. She talks about it. I was embarrassed by her and for her. It was obvious that she has no African American friends and was sucking up to Staci with her ridiculous, phoney we-are-the-world patter.

    • She was really tipsy……it was her b-day. I mean it was an asinine comment, but she came off much better in the rest of the show.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I recorded it and will watch later. Everyone on here seems to like her so she must redeem herself.

    • kats2 says:

      Mamz – Ok at some point we need to talk about Brazilian Blow Outs. I’m not African American but my hair didn’t get the memo. I get relaxers and go through major frizz frustration in the summer and frankly I spend way too much time on my hair. I watched the hair documentaries and of course I have watched Oprah, so I know my plight with my hair situation is not as bad or expensive, but it still sucks.

      Mary’s drunk comment about the need of integrated salons and now that we have the first African American President who might make this dream possible was one of the funniest things I had ever heard on TV. What a great idea Mary, I’m surprised President Obama didn’t campaign on that ground breaking issue. Mary you drunk silly little girl with the kind of hair that I bet looks great when you just let it air dry. I hate the bitch 🙂

      Mary actually owned the drunken state and silly comment in her Bravo blog. She was rightfully so embarrassed by it all.

      • I have 2 friends who have Brazilian Blowouts….they both look fantastic and they both love them, say they’re worth every penny.

        • felony stupid says:

          I have the Brazilian Blowout and I love it…worth every penny. I have naturally frizzy hair and now I don’t have to blow dry it straight….best $ I ever spent.

      • Quincy IL says:

        My nephew in law works in the salon in Chicago where Mrs. Obama’s mom still visits. He’s coming tomorrow night for a couple a days. I will ask him what to do. I once ignored my sister’s instructions for my niece’s tight curled hair and let he my niece swim for two weeks without the treatment and braiding. They had to cut her hair off so I know the problems.

        I don’t know what she means about integration. I have gone to black salons and a black beauty salon school many times. There is no problem getting your hair done there. Just call them and they will give you an appointment. Honestly, they like customers.

        • kats2 says:

          Thanks for all the information! I’d be interested in the price, from what I have read it only lasts 10 weeks and it is around $350. That’s crazy.

          I think (and I’m no expert) on the integration part is that many salons don’t have the skills or staff to manage the more complicated procedures for frizzy, curly, etc hair. There are many people who can give me a great cut but because my hair is naturally curly and gets frizzy they are clueless when it comes to styling or treating it.

    • SavingGrace says:

      Ladies, this is the reason I love this blog. I learn about other stuff outside of the reality show realm that helps me out day to day.

      Can anyone tell me what a Brazilian Blow Out is? Is it like the Japanese Perm Rave from a few years ago? My sister has super curly hair and it is the bane of her exsistence. This sounds like it would be good for her.

      Thanks in advance!

      • moriasheehan says:

        I have heard of a brazilian, but that involves removing hair. i have pretty straight hair, but gkids have curly. i would like to know, too.

      • kats2 says:

        This site had some basic FAQ’s and pics


        • Nika says:

          To anyone thinking about athe Blow out. Try going into a reputable AA salon in your area. ALL stylist are trained to work with a silker hair in beauty school so most know how to do different types of hair. My stylist has a number of caucasion women she does on a regular basis. One lady gets a perm to straigten her hair for $100 and it last her 4-5 months.

  50. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    For the record, people who live in the District of Columbia proper avoid venturing into the suburbs of Northern Virginia – much like people in Manhattan going to Brooklyn. Rightly or wrongly, we tended to look down our noses at soccer moms who inevitably venture into the city and clog traffic like in places like Dupont Circle – traffic circles terrify them! Although McLean is just over Chain Bridge from DC, it is a completely different world. Granted, there are a lot of important people who live there but it still does not warrant a visit for a city dweller. I lived in Washington for 10 years and I only ever ventured into suburbia for shopping or going to the airport and that was it! The only cast member in the RHODC I would consider a true Washingtonian is Stacie due to the fact she lives in the city. The Salahi’s live at least an hour outside of DC, which explains why they made mention last night of the enormous sums they spent on hotels. Thank goodness, I traded the doldrums of DC for Manhattan in February…

    • DesertGal says:

      I lived for several years in Warrenton, VA-in the same county where the Salahi’s live-but I’m glad to say that I was never one of the soccer moms clogging up DC traffic. It was simply easier to take the train when I had to venture into DC, which I didn’t do very often. 🙂

  51. MickeyMouth says:

    Teresa and Alex’s kids photoshoot for back to school clothes.

    Sounds like Teresa is raising fiscally responsible children like her self.

  52. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Teresa has been quiet this week, for her. I wonder if it is because of her appearance on “The View” or if Bravo discovered that she is probably the source for that article about the “Housewives” being used.

    • Squirrels says:

      I think her blackberry was repossessed. She now claims to have a regular old flip phone, thereby displaying for all that she can live within her means.


  53. MrWestVirginia says:

    I have a question that has been bugging me all day long–okay, what do you call a black person from another country?? I mean, they would not be called African-Americans, would they, as they would be from England or France, or whereever and not America, so just what do you call black people in these countries, African-British or African-Italian?? I am not trying to a smart aleck, but got to thinking about this all day long.

    • Upper WestSide Dude says:

      That whole hyphenated American thing is an American anomaly. People in Britain refer to themselves as either black or use the country of origin.

  54. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Here’s an article just on the Salahi’s. They’re just as ballsy as the Giudice’s….maybe even worse. They have a trail of debt and over 30 lawsuits going from law firms, hair stylists, etc. Heck, they didn’t pay off duty officers acting as security or Uncle Sam! These people are on my “hate” list.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      doing her one broke down model pose………………..

      • TLM says:

        I swear to God, that dead-arms-with-chest-sticking-out pose just makes her look like a tranny. Aren’t models supposed to know their most and least flattering angles?

  55. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Hey MrWestVirgina, most Africans identify themselves by their country of origin. People from Kenya call themselves Kenyans. People from Ethiopia call themselves Ethiopians, etc. Africa is a continent with many countries. Just like there is more than one kind of Asian (Chinese,Japanese, Vietnames, Laotian) more than one kind of Latin (Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican) there is more than one kind of African and everyone likes to be acknowledged.

  56. TrueLifeDiva says:

    OMG Boston! I am forever puzzled as to how she was ever a “model”. Kelly looks like an aging drag queen in those pics. What happened to the curves she said she got from eating chicken wings n beer?

  57. Jen says:


    All the proof u will ever need that B didn’t lie about boob job- they just got pulled up! It’s from her movie

    • Squirrels says:

      I didn’t see her nude, and while we are at it, it was a thriller, not a porno flick.

      So, who’s pants are on fire now?

      • Lovebeth says:

        Exactly my point. This is different from spreading your legs in playboy. I think Bethenny has been so successful that people are looking for something bad to write about. We do not care about those pics, we have seen her on BGM and her blurred boobs, and it is no different IMO.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          We know Bethenny has breasts, yeah we have even seen them complete with breast pumps hanging off them! don’t it make you wonder why some people have to dig up stuff just to dig it up????

          • TLM says:

            I liked seeing the photos to see the comparison, and I am surprised B was ok with going topless under the circumstances. Obviously she got married and engaged 3 more times, so it never affected her love life. BUT, none of those photos prove that she did not have implants put in. That is often done in connection with a “lift.” Her breasts were unusually far apart prior to surgery, and almost look like she had implants and then had them removed, causing the drooping skin.

            • Jen says:

              Sorry yes my point was B is telling the truth and Kelly is full of it when she was screaming about her fake DD boob job! I didn’t calll B a liar the blog did but not about that- I just thought it was interesting Love B!

              • moriasheehan says:

                she said she POSED naked. being in a film with a nude scene is not the same. yes, io’m knitpicking, but so what. i am a bethenny fan

  58. Jen says:

    Did anyone ever think maybe they rented the car? I know plp in NYC who have no car but rent one when they need to go somewhere out of city – just a guess because when they came home from hospital car wasn’t a Ford

    • kats2 says:

      good point, i live in the city and rent when needed. less expensive and no maintenance and parking fees.

    • Upper WestSide Dude says:

      I haven’t had a car for 11 years. I’ve always used Zip Car http://www.zipcar.com or taken a cab. There’s no need for one unless you have to commute log distances.

      • Squirrels says:

        Same in Boston Dude. Public transportation is everywhere. Parking spots? Not so much.

        • Quincy IL says:

          LOL… We have two taxis for 100,000 people in our area. There is a city bus on selected routes, but it doesn’t leave the city. There are fans for the infirmed.

          We have five cars and two trucks.

    • Ellabean says:

      I totally thought that big SUV was rented because I noticed when the camera was on Jason at the wheel – the keys hanging from the ignition – and the standard white plastic rental tag also hanging down with the key . I can’t believe I noticed those silly details – but alas – I did.

  59. boston02127 says:

    Poor Jac Jac, since she announced that she’s “moved on” from tweeting about Danielle, she hasn’t tweeted in 18 hours. I’m going to buy her a pair of earrings that say “space for rent” on each of them.

  60. lillybee says:

    These guys make Juicy and Teresa almost look good.

  61. sugarmagnolia10 says:

    Lynn…thanks for your blog! I love it….without you, I would not have been blocked by Dina! I wear it like a badge of honor! 🙂

    I also like B’s show….but I think a lot of it is canned and scripted. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it, and I laugh in the right places and cry in the right places. But I think much of it is bull. B made her reputation being authentic, but I feel there is so much fabrication. First, I don’t believe for a minute they couldn’t get that baby out of the car. You have to actually snap the kid in with the same lever to pull it out. To get carseat in, you use the same levers to get them out. Worse case scenario, you unsnap the baby from the straps INSIDE the car seat and take her out. That whole carseat dilemma was either a product of 2 parents who are completely incapable of using their resources and common sense, or made for the cameras. Since I do not believe B to be of the former, I have to go with the latter.

    Second, that whole pitter patter of dialogue in the talking head interview of the last episode….? What, did they give her a timer and said “you have to talk for 60 seconds straight with funny Bethenny banter” ? I didn’t think it was funny, or genuine in any way. And the forgetting stuff going to Montauk? Big fucking whoop…you forgot the pack and play, on your way to a resort. OF COURSE the resort has a crib or a pack and play=that is a hotel standard. But, god forbid Bethenny calls herself. She calls one of her two assistants to make the call instead. I get it that she pays them, but this is leading up to my whole point.

    I liked Bethenny when she was a go getter, thought people who couldn’t do things for themselves were ridiculous. She has no graduated to a woman who can do almost nothing for herself. Plan her wedding, keep her schedule, shop for her own clothes, return a phone call, take care of her baby, take care of her dog, edit the book, make coffee, take a shit on her own, or take care of HERSELF. Granted, B surrounds herself with great people (Jason, Julie, Shawn), but I am tired of her whining! Seriously, if it’s not the perfect wedding venue, it’s the red velvet cake, then I have to pee, then the hospital crap, then the baby nurse, then the car seat….I have never seen one person who needed soooo many people to run her life. AND, she wont even let them! Most of the damn dialogue is about how the people she’s hired to do a job are doing it.

    So, in closing, I am over BGM, because I am tired of watching B fabricate ways to show us how (this overwhelmingly smart and independent woman) cannot take care of herself. Yeah yeah yeah, her business is booming, but last I checked, she doesn’t work at the plant that bottles skinnygirl margaritas, nor does she print books, or actually cook for people anymore. It’s all PR….and I’m just not buying it.

    • Jen says:

      Respect where you’re coming from but I always thougt Max was the only scripted part…. I think Bravo said we need a small source of fun conflict and he has to be good looking- I never got the vibe her actually really works for her

  62. xoffenderps says:

    The Salahis are deluded. Michaele has this inflated sense of self and just thinks she should be famous because. Well we all know she is famous because she crashed the White House state dinner and that is it!! She wants everyone to move on and now that we know her we should just be wanting more.

    Join our Facebook page: Tell the White House Party Crashers to Go Away http://www.facebook.com/WhiteHousePartyCrashers

  63. Wall St Lady says:


    Has any one looked at Alex Mc Cord’s new blog where she critiques the DC wives. Please ! Read my post. The majority of posters praise Alex. Please go post ;micky mouth did

  64. ilovelynn says:

    hi guys, been lurking again for weeks. so many new posters! I would like to address this to bamabelle: honey, lynn never ever deletes anything! so you can say what you want, however, I watch msnbc every am from 6 until 9 with joe scarborough who happens to be a CONSERVATIVE republican. he is very fair and unbiased and has on not only conservatives like himself, but opposing views. that to me is the difference between the two networks (fox and msnbc) I am on the road every day and I tune in to glenn beck and rush limbaugh and I want to tell you that not only is glenn beck a “hate monger” but he twists the truth around constantly and so do rush and that asshole sean hannity. I would advise you to take anything fox says with a grain of salt, unless you prefer to believe everything they say, and google “fact check.com” to see what the truth really is on every issue. that’s what I do. as a follower of lynn’s since #32(like those amx commercials “member since…”) we all value everyone’s opinions and always listen to both sides of the story. I disagree with alot of things obama is doing, but I think we should cut the guy some slack. where were all these people when the goverment starting growing out of control when reagan was president up to the present day. no one was screaming “lets take our goverment back” until now. that said, please don’t go and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. p.s. I STILL hate jill zarin, will always love bethenny, no matter what, but I think lynn should start a blog, “I hate michaele salhid” until rhodc is over! enjoy the rest of the summer, guys!

  65. Wall St Lady says:

    Did u get a load of Alex McCords blog judging the DC housewives. She is soooooo insightful it almost makes me forget that she lied about her crummy house in Brookyn, Simons job, the french maid,& her Opera connectiopns.

  66. MickeyMouth says:

    Been out all day and heading out again for a movie. Anyone seen Inception? Any good?

  67. Wall St Lady says:

    sugarmagnolia10 u r right on. Thanks for your perSpectoive.

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