I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC / Big Brother Update August 6, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin       The Real Housewives of DC         August 6, 2010

What did everyone think of the premier of the new Housewives?  Personally, I think I may like them, I know I’m in the minority here, most people seemed disgusted by last night’s episode but I found most of the women to be quite likeable and honest. 

This seems to be true for most of the Housewife series during their first season.  The women don’t know enough to be diva’s yet, unless they already are.  We may have a few divas here but nothing like we’ve seen on subsequent seasons of some of the other cities.

We got a brief introduction to each of the ladies and their families, I found Lynda to be the bitch of the gang.  What exactly is a Second Tier Person?  Who the hell says that?  She is one of those women who seem to think that they’re better than some other people, but I have news for Lynda, you are no better than any of the other housewives and you’re certainly no better than any of the rest of us. 

Lynda has two ex-husbands and two children and runs a modeling agency.  She seemed to think that we should be impressed by this, the “top” modeling agency in DC.  Sorry, not impressed, I don’t think that DC is the fashion industries first “go to” city for models.   How exactly does she define “top”?  Does she make more money than any other modeling agency in DC?  How many can there be?  Let’s face it, top models go to Los Angeles, New York City and even Chicago where major marketing campaigns are filmed and photographed. 

Lynda told us that ambassadors and dignitaries use her modeling agency.  For what exactly?  How many times do these folks, in their lives as ambassadors and dignitaries have the use for a “model”?   Things that make you go hmmm.

I know I’m once again in the minority but I liked Cat.  I think she tells it like it is and I respected the fact that she readily admitted that her children wanted to come to the United States.  Many Brits will act like they are better than American’s and try to act like they wouldn’t live in the US if you paid them but the truth is, around the globe people are jealous of American’s and would do anything to live here, including Londoners.  I have first-hand knowledge of that.  I saw the preview where she said to Michaele’s husband “I know you’re an American, but show some manners”.  (something like that)  We could certainly hold that comment against Cat if it had been directed to anyone else, but since it was directed at the White House Gatecrasher, I’m going to forgive it. 

Cat’s husband is the White House photographer.  Yes, photos and videos play a role in the image of the President before during and after his term as president but I think it is a huge stretch to say that her husband’s photographs got President Obama elected.  Personally, I tend to believe that it is because he spent so much of his career in Chicago.  LOL  I know she offended some but I think she’s harmless.

Stacie seems to be the most down to earth and level headed housewife.  Her thriving real estate position and loving family with two great kids seems to be exactly what this series needs.  This is what I have in mind when people talk about living the American dream.  Stacie and her family!  It was clear a few times last night she was taken aback by some of the other housewives comments, Cat at her chef’s lessons and Mary at her birthday party but she handled both with class and style.  She is going to be the heroine of the series!  That’s my prediction.

I see Mary as the girl next door.  She clearly was raised with the finer things in life and never wanted for anything growing up.  (at the Kennedy compound)  I’m withholding judgment a little longer because I see a little bit of the overindulged children at her house.  If you have to put a high-tech security system on your clothes closet because of your daughter, something isn’t right.  You should be able to tell your child that they are not allowed to borrow your things without having to lock them up like fort Knox. 

Last but certainly not least we met the infamous Michaele and her husband.  She is a bit over the top for me, with all the “I love you’s” and hugging everyone.  When you overuse a phrase like, “I love you” it loses all meaning.  There is no way that she loves every person at that polo match.  Correct me if I misunderstood but did she inform viewers that her house is so far away from DC that the couple needs to spend several nights at expensive hotels?  Why not move closer to where you need to be every day?  Michaele tells us that the first impression she gives off is that there is no substance to her but she really does have substance and a heart of gold.  Sorry Michaele, but I have to see for myself. 

I can guarantee you right now that I will not be purchasing her book to find out what happened the night of the alleged gate crashing, obviously we’ll only get their side of the story which may or may not be true.  As this couple sat in front of a congressional committee and plead the 5th the country was disgusted.  The amount of time, energy and resources that were wasted on the investigation of this incident should have been paid back in currency to the country by this couple.  If their testimony in front of the committee couldn’t clear their names, they should have been prosecuted.  If this was a miscommunication, why plead the 5th?   The bottom line is that if they did nothing wrong, what are they hiding?  I could have given them the benefit of the doubt had they answered those questions.  Was this all an attempt to sell more books?  Did they already have a book planned before this incident?  Maybe the original title was going to be, “How To Sneak Into The White House”.  Sickening! 

I know many have criticized Bravo for airing this couple, giving them more publicity and I understand why but I’m going to take the unpopular route once more and forgive them as well.  From their perspective they chose Michaele as a housewife before this occurred and filmed for months and months not only Michaele alone, but her interacting with the other housewives.  To scrap all of that footage and re-shoot with another housewife would actually be unfair to the other four housewives.  As it was the airing was substantially delayed due to this couple and the legal mess they’d gotten themselves into. 

Yes, Bravo is coming out on top with the only footage of what went on during this incident and they’re cashing in on it.  That isn’t any different than any of Bravo’s other shows where they air what happened, good, bad or indifferent.  If Bravo had footage of one of the housewives cheating on her husband, do you think they’d air it?  I do.  Bravo is a business and they’re going to do what is best for business and in this case, the best thing for Bravo is to keep this couple on the air because like it or not, people are watching them.  Bravo’s alternatives were not really great options and I think I may have made the same decision as they did if I were in their position. 

As we’ve seen with many of the housewives, being on this show doesn’t guarantee that these people will come out on top.  Many have said that Michaele should not be rewarded by being on the show after what she and her husband have done, but is this really going to turn out to be rewarding?  Possibly, but possibly not, she could end up being completely hated by the public, she could end up filing bankruptcy, getting divorced or losing her home and belongings.  Some of those things are closer than we may know if we believe some of the rumors out there.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that she does not have children as we know who suffers the most when the parents are notorious. 

I read the ladies blogs, they’re all up on Bravotv.com, none of them said anything of interest really, just that they had all waited a really long time for this season to air and most of the taping was done almost a year ago so they’re anxious to see it themselves. 

The good news about The Real Housewives of DC, I think they’re all on the up and up, with the possible exception of Michaele, they’re not pretending to be someone that they’re not, they’re not pretending to have money when they don’t, they are showing us the real deal.  (of course, I could be completely wrong)  I have seen the rumors about Cat and her background, I’m sure someone will dig up the truth with proof if it exists.  Until then, I’m going to keep watching to see what happens next. 

I know that many will disagree with this entire blog, or parts of it and for those that do, I sincerely apologize because I do not intend to upset or anger people.  I hope that whether you agree or disagree, you’ll leave your comments because I welcome debate and challenge others to try to change my mind with good arguments, not with insults.  So if you’re interested, please feel free to leave your comments here.  I think the DC housewives, probably more than any other franchise, will bring about debate among Bravo watchers.  Nothing wrong with that!    

WOW, a lot of new information has surfaced since I originally wrote this blog.  Amazing how many personal facts come out after one episode airs.  This blog was based only on the one hour episode I watched, I’m sure my next blog will be a whole lot different!

Until Next Time….

Adding to my post:  Below is a guest blog for Big Brother, Thank you so much for submitting … I had no time to blog BB and am so thankful!!!  Enjoy!

Bohochickn             BB: Season 12;epi 13                   Air date: 8-5-10

This week’s live episode opens with Jules telling us that Hayden and Kristin’s secret showmance has been exposed, and one of them will pay dearly for it. Pay dearly for it? With their lives? Will they have to hand over their first-born child to CBS execs?? Who knows? Let’s find out!

On the previouslies, Andrew was shown exposing said secret showmance during the eviction ceremony. Hayden lets his fellow brigade members know that Kristin’s “great” but if she has to go, she has to go. Wow, way to stand by your woman, Hayden. Not that I blame you, just wanted to call you out on it. Rachel wins HOH for the 2nd time; calls Kristin a floater and tells her to grab a life vest. ha!

Britney won the veto comp, dressed stupidly (of course) as a wizard playing a huge foam pinball machine…sigh. Kristin got the wear the hippie-tard, adding insult to injury. Talk about bad karma, and we’ll find out exactly why in a few. Hayden goes on the offensive and tries to talk Britney into using the POV on Kathy; telling her that he and Kristin will protect her to the end, if she does so. Britney gets cold feet about the whole thing when Rachel suggests putting Lane on the block. In the end, the POV wasn’t used. We will also find out who America wants as the new saboteur. Personally, I voted for Enzo because I like to hear him tawk. Tonight’s HOH comp is being touted as the “most powerful” HOH comp yet.

Jules greets us and reminds us that it’s day 34 and Rachel is HOH for the 2nd time. Kristin has to decide whether to stay and fight or let Hayden stay. Eff that! I can’t stand Kristin, but at least go down swinging. Britney explains that she backed out of using the veto because Rachel wanted her to put up Lane. Rachel then explains that she threatened Britney w/ Lane because she didn’t want her to use the veto; she wants Kristin gone. Manipulation @ its finest!

Kristin and Kathy go cuddle and cry. Kristin’s devastated cuz either sheor Hayden is going; it’s not just a separation in the game, it’s fake tears and quivering bottom lips. Brenchel are talking about how wonderful life is when Hayden joins them to let then know everything’s groovy…brown-noser Hayden realizes w/ Brendon and the brigade behind him, he’s golden, man, golden!

Britney tells Enzo why she didn’t use the POV. Now Enzo is gunning for them..go! go! Britney then tells K & H the same story. Kristin wants to go rip Rachel’s head off cuz they had a great plan and Rachel de-railed it. Kristin and Hayden commiserate some more….blah blah blah…two months before we can see each other….blah blah blah. Kristin has no regrets (none??) She fake-tears again cuz she doesn’t want to campaign against him. She reminds me of that song, “Stupid Girl” by Garbage.

Britney, Ragan, and Matt are in the HOH room w/ Rach’s red extensions. THIS is why Britney is my favorite HG; she truly has a great sense of humor. “Floaters, grab a life vest! Kristin!” sounding exactly like her. Uh oh, who’s that clomping up the steps? None other than Rach herself….BUSTED!! Of course, the dimwit Rachel is, she yells that it’s hilllarioouss! Britney then verbalizes the exact thoughts running through my head, “I can’t believe that Rachel is so clueless, that she doesn’t even understand that we were making fun of her”. Then Rachel brilliantly states that she loves it and making fun of someone is the highest form of flattery. I can see the stupid oozing out of her red highlights….

The brigade is working out, while Kristin gives them all the evil eye from the couch. She’s now suspicious because Hayden told her it was ok to campaign against him. She’s started to suspect he’s in an alliance! Oh my! She appeals to Ragan and tells him of her suspicions; and that he needs to vote to keep her in so that he won’t be up against the “alpha males” of the house. He realizes if that’s true, his time is limited. Kristin tells Britney that her vote is really, really, really, really important. She tries so hard to instill fear in everyone, but it just ain’t flying, mama. Campaigning for Brendon’s vote, Kristin says if Hayden stays, he will probably form an alliance w/ Lane, Enzo.  Gee, ya think? She tells him to keep the weaker players (her) in the house, oh and that his vote is really, really, really important. She’s got a way w/ words, that one. Can he trust Kristin w/ his vote? Jules fervently tells us that either Kristin or Hayden will be walking out of the house tonight;  plus, crowning of the most important HOH EVER!

Jules speaks w/ the HG’s. She asks Hayden about his time in solitary confinement. It was brutal, he says. Awww, Jules is so sweet, she knows Kristin is getting ready to bite the big one, so she compliments her hippie-tard. We then see flashbacks of the obstacle course luxury comp. Enzo, Brendon, and Hayden “killed it”. Enzo says he was amped up, very emotional, he knew they had won, and that the others had better start making them some popcorn for the movie reward. Britney then loses a friend for life when Jules asks her who is the most difficult HG to live with. She hesitates before saying Ragan, because of HIS FLATULENCE…he’s really gassy, and it smells bad. Oh god, TMI! Ragan then turns red, orange, pink and a pretty shade of obtuse as he pulls his hood up over his head. Ragan then tells Jules that every fart has come from between Britney’s legs. I remember friends having this same argument (when we were in the 3rd grade) I swear I think they’re cracking up. Jules is embarrassed and it’s GLORIOUS!

We then see montages of K & H cuddled up, telling one another how crazy (yeah!) they are about each other. Tempe, AZ! Hayden’s family watching the show…his mom tells us that he’s charming, and all the girls want him…yadda yadda yadda. She’s shocked he’s in a showmance, then says Kristin’s crazy! ha! She says for Hayden to think w/ the head on his shoulders, and stay focused on his game. You go, mom!

Now, DUN DUN DUN, Kristin’s friends and BOYFRIEND watching from her Philly home. He’s furiously shaking his head as he watches his girl and Justin Bieber make out under the covers. Steve, is (was) Kristin’s bf. His title changes from bf to ex-bf as he’s talking, and I laugh and laugh. Thanks, show! She told him she didn’t want to be single while she was gone; Hayden’s a 24 yo kid; he’s a 31 yo man, ok? He feels betrayed (yep), lied to (yep) and disgusted (yep, yep). Kristin tells Hayden she couldn’t imagine watching them make out on TV. Steve says it’s over! ha! Take that, Kristin! Bring a mop and bucket, you have lots to clean up back in Philly. (There’s that bad karma creeping about that I mentioned earlier, kiddies!)

Jules teases the new saboteur angle before commericial break…and, we’re back! Last hour of Rachel’s reign as HOH; they’re talking “privately” w/ her. Rachel states that she and Brendon want to pull Britney into their alliance after this week. The camera catches Britney’s WTF? face; seeminly like she heard what Rach said. Hell, she’s so loud, she probably did. We review targeting Monet and sending her packing, now she wants Kristin gone; is targeting the women a strategy, Rach? Shit, she’s not that smart, Jules, she just doesn’t like the bitch. She lets Jules know that Matt is still on the top of her shyte list. Oh god no!! Now we get to discuss their showmance, I swear I only have the volume on cuz I’m doing this recap. See what I go through for y’all? Her laugh pierces my brain like a thousand tiny pins. We discuss how the honeymoon may be over…oh please! It’s true love! (yeah, ok)

Hayden then gives his speech to stay in the house. He’d never throw anyone under the bus, but some people do that and that’s what happened to he and Kristin. Hi to family and friends. Kristin says that Andrew called her the tin man, she has no heart (I think Steve would agree) but she’s been loyal, honest, and strong-willed the entire time. Is she job-hunting or trying to stay in the house? Live voting…Enzo votes Kristin out; Kathy tearfully votes Hayden out; Matt votes Kristin out; Lane votes Kristin out; Ragan votes Kristin out while being his usual dramatical self of voting out the “kindest, most compassionate person” in this house; Brendon votes for Kristin for Andrew. ha! Britney votes Kristin out, too. That’s it, she’s out! Jules tells the HG’s by a vote of 6-1, Kristin is evicted from the BB house. Hugs all around. She exits in that ridiculous wig and spandex. Isn’t she hot w/ that damn thing on her head? The HG’s watch Kristin’s pic go from color to black and white….cool!

Kristin joins Jules onstage outside the house. She asks her how it was to be on the block against her showmance partner. She says it was hard to campaign without saying one bad word about who she was up against. Oh, to be a fly on her Philly wall when she finds out where his priorities were. Jules talks Kristin up about how dignified she was; K says people didn’t vote for her cuz of the payback that could entail. Uh huh. Good-bye videos: Matt tells Kristin she fell curse to the hippie-tard, Rachel yells that Kristin is the definition of the word bitch; who does she think she is trying to talk to Brendon behind her back? Don’t EVER EVER try to get between her and her man; she’s taken down bigger, more trifling hoes than you, Kristin! Ragan lets us know that Kristin is gone because of Rachel’s insecurities. ha!  Kathy cries; Brendon tells her no one can trust her cuz she was trying to put the idea of Hayden being in an alliance in everyone’s head. Hayden then confesses that he, Matt, Enzo, and Lane were indeed in an alliance.Hahahaha. If he had to choose between her and the brigade, he would’ve chosen her. (bullshit) Kristen tells Jules that she suspected this week that was the case, hence the stone face when she heard the news. She doesn’t hold the fact that Hayden was in an alliance against him. Then she asks about Steve; wanna go back to him, K? No, Kristin just needs time to herself (knowing he’s seen all this) and needs time to “sort through” things. What things, you lost? And you played the game HORRIBLY…reflect on that, chick! Jules is again with the “dignity” geez, give it a rest already.

Jules explains the next HOH will unleash Pandora’s Box; Ragan is chosen by a narrow margin as the new saboteur. Aww, Enzo! The HG’s are standing on a cheesy set of a huge pain can, brushes, and spraying paint. I have to agree w/ Brendon on this one, the ledge on that paint can looks narrow as hell.  1st one to fall off is the only Have Not for the week. They then get sprayed..fun! Jeff and Jordan are coming next week, y’all! They then get brushed; Britney: “Oww!!”  And that’s how we end it, kiddies…

Thanks, Lynn, for letting me blog; it was a lot harder than what I expected, but FUN! (that’s what she said)



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426 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC / Big Brother Update August 6, 2010

  1. Squirrels says:

    Great job Lynn. Honest and it’s just possible they are being earnest. Just one clarification Charlie is not an official WH photog. He is employed by Newsweek. His beat/access is the White House.

  2. kats2 says:

    Lynn – another great blog! Two blogs in one day!! And this one is right in time for Cocktail Hour!!!

    Boston – just posted the following gem on the previous blog, it made me laugh out loud so I needed to paste it here. Where do you come up with this stuff?

    “Poor Jac Jac, since she announced that she’s “moved on” from tweeting about Danielle, she hasn’t tweeted in 18 hours. I’m going to buy her a pair of earrings that say “space for rent” on each of them.”

  3. DesertGal says:

    Actually, “second tier” and “first tier” are fairly common terms in DC circles. “First tier” are those who are high up enough in political/power circles to cadge repeated invites to the White House and events that involve the First Family and the political ‘elite’.

    “Second tier” is everyone else, I guess.

    It’s snobby…but DC is snobby. It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know and what you know about them.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Why would the head of a modeling agency be first tier? You have top journalists and elected officials in DC. There are top military people. Plus, there are probably some very rich people.

      I, like Lynn, don’t understand why an ambassador would need a model. If they do, I don’t want my tax dollarys paying for that.

      • Jen says:

        Lol maybe she is first tier because her ‘models’ know more about some high ranking politicians and plp then those people would like them to know! Wink, wink!

      • TLM says:

        The head of a DC modeling agency would not be first-tier, but the head of an escort service catering to diplomats and dignitaries, possibly.

        Was the rumor about at that she used to be a man? Cause I’d believe that one. How dare she attempt to school anyone on manners. If I were Stacie, that would be the last time she was invited to my home. Fuck off with your insults and self-important bullshit. None of those women cared that her husband was in a car with Biden – that’s his job. Wasn’t Biden talking on his cell in the car in the photo she was showing everyone? If Cat’s husband is anything like her, he probably wanted to talk to someone else — anyone else. LOL.

  4. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet & picture — Sexy Bobby with a gun at the gun store! http://twitpic.com/2c84c4

    Yes Jill that loaf of bread in his shirt is very sexy.

  5. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the new blog Lynn. You’re a busy bee today. I’m still on the fence with the show. I thought it was a little boring. During the RHONY I don’t blink. Last night I was falling asleep. I’ll give it a couple of more weeks.

  6. Gina says:

    I’ll be honest I don’t like Tyra Banks. But I never liked the Ricki Lake Show either. We shouldn’t be afraid to have an opinion just because the person we are talking about is of a different color. Not liking someone does not make you a racist. Some of you don’t like Cat after one episode. Does that mean you are anti-England?!!

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      I have to agree…I don’t like Tyra either. Now, if Cat was going to be a racist as Stacie insinuated in her TH, then she would have said that she didn’t like Janet Jackson too. After all, he is Janet Jackson’s personal chef, right?

      I think she’s opinionated, a snob, and tells it like she sees it. That doesn’t make her a racist though. At least not yet. Who knows, time will tell if there is more to it.

      • tee tee says:

        Hi everyone,
        I a read this blog weekly and I too happen to be a woman of color. I am not a Tyra either for the record. I don’t believe Stacie was calling her a racist, but implying that C may be uncomfortable around black people. I know it may sounds strange, but I can not tell you how many times a (white) person will discuss people of color just for the sake of a conversation. When I have been around people like this, I have often thought the same thing.

    • kats2 says:

      For me it was not a race thing at all, it had more to do with having some manners. I don’t want to get all Countess Luann over this. But if you’re invited to someone’s home and there is a special guest (this chef, yes Kelly look he is a chef) who is preparing a meal for you and when asked he shares some of the other famous people he cooks for (his clients and livelihood), to me it is VERY rude to share your opinion at that time if you have nothing nice to say about his clients. I felt bad for the guy. Who cares what she thinks? And BTW no one asked her to sit next to Tyra. I think this is when we invoke that rule we learned when we were 5 years old, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Or better yet save it for the talking head commentary part of the show. Stacey (the host) in her blog said she did not think Cat was a racist. I personally think Cat has diarrhea of the mouth and we’re in for a season of her sharing many opinions for the sake of hearing herself talk.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I was uncomfortable when she spoke about high government people in the way she did. I see squirrels stated that her husband works for Newsweek. It sounded like his worked for the President himself. Kennedy had a full time photographer and I thought Cat was saying her husband was like that Kennedy photographer. It seems he is not.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Cat seems to talk big because she is uncomfortable with the other ladies. She definately didn’t seem to have any manners or act like a guest should act when invited to someone’s house that she didn’t know very well. Someone needs to tell her that American fought it’s war of independence and that her team lost! IMO she needed a couple of shots of sake and a good old Kelly Zip it!

    • tee tee says:

      I do not believe Stacie was calling Cat a racist. There are people that are racist and make no secrets about it and then there are the kind of people that make comments which unknownly makes the intended audience uncomfortable.

      I think you should go back and look at the episode. It was clear that Stacie was offended and not because Cat did not care for Tyra.

  7. jezzibel says:

    I liked Mary the most, she seems to be the type that is more normal.
    Cat, meh
    Lynda, deffo the queenbee type
    Stacie, meh
    Gatecrashers..nope I don’t like either one of you and I hope the bravo cameras are rooling when they haul your @$$e$ awayto jail( for whatever crime. I’m sure there is more then one they have going against them).

  8. Jillousyness says:

    Good blog Lynn. It’s your honest feelings about the show. I personally didn’t like it. It just turned me off but maybe that’s because it followed the season finale of Bethenny Gets Married. To go from a feel good, fun show back into the trenches of another snippy House Wives franchise just felt like a drag and downer to me. Maybe it’s just that three House Wives shows in a row has me burned out. I only liked two of the wives, Stacie and Mary, and the others I didn’t find any redeeming qualities about. I think I’ll pass on this one but still read your blogs to see if anything changes.

  9. Melinda says:

    I agree with you…….I loved Cat……she has the right to her opinion and she isn’t afraid to say it!! I was thinking that those who thought she was rude should instead re-examine themselves to find out why they can’t hear a difference of opinion from someone else. I personally can’t stand Tyra either! 😉

    That “second tier” stuff that Lynda is spewing better stop……..she will be the uber bitch of the group I sense and frankly, unless she is “royalty” where does she think SHE is???

    Guess only time will tell whether these ladies are the “real deal” or just putting on airs too! 😉
    OH LYNN!! I thought the same thing about Michaele’s use of “i love you’s” to everyone!! I was like, um, really? you LOVE all these people? I doubt it! We know a bit about her and her husband and whatever THEIR story is, I really couldn’t care less!!

    • DesertGal says:

      I was thinking that those who thought she was rude should instead re-examine themselves to find out why they can’t hear a difference of opinion from someone else.


      I did not see anyone on the previous blog arguing about Cat was rude over being outspoken. Some posters thought she was rude, some posters thought she was outspoken…none of us made an issue of it, and no one condemned anyone else for having a different opinion.

      You are suggesting that anyone whose opinion differs from yours is wrong and intolerant of different opinions. Perhaps you should practice what you preach?

    • Squirrels says:

      What is the definition of an “uber” bitch? I hear it allot but am a old clueless non housewife.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I was one that thought Cat was rude. I can understand Cat not liking Tyra Banks. Fine, but didn’t the chef say he worked with her and liked her. He has actually met Tyra and is not basing it on opinion. Maybe it’s not that I think Cat is rude, but I think the is self-important like all the stuff about her husband’s photos helping Obama win. It’s my opinion that her husbands photographs didn’t win Obama the election, but maybe, just maybe his policies did that. It’s also been said that Cat herself went to the paps in England to let them know about her kissing Prince Harry. Then she complained that she couldn’t go anywhere for 6 wks. I don’t know. I’m holding out opinions on everyone except the Salahi’s for now. I really can’t stand them.

    • kats2 says:

      She was rude and above I explain why I thought it was not appropriate in that setting to say it (look above to read if you care).

      • Char212 says:

        I also thought Cat was rude, snobbish and insensitive to her hostess and guests. I think she’s going to be the Jill of DC. If she was a guest at my house and behaved the way she did she’d never get invited back. I know it’s early and I’m open to changing my opinion of her but if she continues to act the way she did in this first episode I don’t see me changing my mind.

        • Raquel Papel says:

          I love this place and often read, but do not comment. I must say that as a minority, I did not think Cat was being racist. But, I did think she was being rude. She is trying to make new friends in this new country she is in. Stacie was kind enough to invite her to her home, she should have been polite and gracious. Much like her host and the other ladies were being. Eveyone else was being well manered. So, yes I too would never invite her to my home. This lady needs to know that its okay to have an opinion, its not okay to be rude

    • Squirrels says:

      I stand by my original thought. Cat was rude. She embarrassed her hostess, who she had only recently met. That’s just plain arrogance. All could clearly see the Chef was more than uncomfortable. He even dropped over the counter trying to get away from the conversation. The room went silent. Cat should avoid the show Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader. She isn’t even smarter than a kindergartener.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        I’m no Emily Post, but yes she exhibited extremely bad manners.

        She has her social pretentions, but in real society where conduct counts, she would have been tossed out. (And likely was, which is why she escaped to the US.)

        • spikeyweed says:

          So true. Cat also strikes me as a very insecure person who is just trying way too hard. She comes off like a mumbling name-dropping fool. She needed to take a breath at Stacie’s party. I don’t blame Stacie at all for wondering at her behavior.

      • She was totally rude! You can be outspoken yet still know acceptable dinner party behavior ESPECIALLY when you are just getting to know people…..

  10. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    My primary interest in this franchise is due to the fact that I lived in DC for 10 years – still work there but live in Manhattan now. DC is like no other city in the U.S. It is very small but does have a big city feel. The lack of skyscrapers alone is enough to make it different. DC has no vote in Congress but they do have Eleanor Holmes Norton as a Representative – she is awesome and always had my vote! I worked on K Street and at lunch time you would always see someone politico walking down the sidewalk – Donald Rumsfeld, James Carville, Ben Bradley, Jackie Kennedy’s Social Secretary – Leticia Baldrige to name a few.

    This is what makes this RH franchise unique from the rest. The proximity of power does bring a different storyline. Unlike the sad cows in Atlanta and Jersey – those women are crass and lower-middle class. I wish Bravo would pull the plug on both and especially Jersey!

    I knew someone who ran into the Salahi’s a few years back at opening of an art gallery on 14th St. She said when she read about their escapades at the White House she wasn’t surprised in the least. They were incessant name droppers and and they droned on and on about the “fabulous” things they were doing…

  11. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s new blog.
    Hi everyone! After a relaxing Summer in the Hamptons I am back to work and busier than ever! I will write more in my next newsletter about all of the exciting projects I am working on but I wanted to let you all know where I will be in this month. Please come visit me if you are nearby! I will be traveling all over the country in the coming months so please don’t forget to follow me on twitter, http://www.twitter.com/jillzarin, check out my website http://www.jillzarin.com and facebook http://www.facebook.com/jillzarin for updates and current information. Also, if you want me to visit a city near you, please make the request at http://www.secretsofajewishmother.com.
    Wishing you all a safe and happy August!
    This month I will be at the following locations: Blah Blah Blah, I deleted this part.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Do you think I should go onto the site and request that she come to Chicago? She’s been threatening to come here but as each new schedule comes out, Chicago is never on it. I really want her signature on my copy of Little Kids Big City and Naturally Thin. 🙂

      • kats2 says:

        HA! Well the response would be interesting. Would you offer to host an event for her or just toy with her? All of us local peeps should go and sell Bethenny and Alex stuff.

      • boston02127 says:

        Lynn—-A big hugh YES!!!! Please do! See Lynn this is why we heart you!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Oh Lynn – Jill won’t come to Chicago because you are live here, she knows better than to mess with you…..but it would be wicked fun if she did…. I will bring my bottle of skinnygirl for her to sign – we could all bring Alex and Bethenny items for her to sign.

    • Upper WestSide Dude says:

      Oh please… This woman doesn’t know the meaning of real work. Unless you call incessant air kissing and hustling fabric a hobby, errr… I mean job.

      • Quincy IL says:

        or jobs… I have a hospital position and the farm. It’s non stop work. I don’t know what I would do if I had to sit on the beach with Bobby all day long. Even my vacations are packed with learning experiencs…

    • Squirrels says:

      Oh damn. I thought Jill was inviting us to visit her fabulous apt. I’m so disappointed. Double damn.

    • Gypsy862 says:

      Jill’s always talking about fabulous new projects she’ll tell us about later but I don’t remember hearing about specifics.

  12. KellitaM says:

    I recently happened across your blog, Lynn, and I’ve been enjoying it very much!

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about RHODC yet. I wasn’t super entertained, but I’ll give it more of a chance. Lynda seems to be quite the snob, and I didn’t care for Cat. (I think. I really couldn’t understand half of what she said. I wanted to say, “Spit out the marbles, dear.”)

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I really liked Michaele. I found her sweetly sunny and lovable. She seemed to be the outsider of the group, and I always have a heart for the underdog.

    • Squirrels says:

      I hear Lizzie Borden was sunny and lovable, too.

      Just kidding.


    • Upper WestSide Dude says:

      Cat’s way of talking reminds me of Camilla Parker Bowles Windsor. She sounds like a smoker and her elocution is an affliction common amongst the British aristocracy.

      • Quincy IL says:

        That’s who she reminded me of..

        I kept thinking that I have seen this woman somewhere…

        Yes, ..the adultress… that who Cat looks like.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        I suspect poor Camilla (“the rottweiler”) is far more appealing that this Cat person.

        I think Cat’s faking her manner somewhat. It’s over played. To impress the colonists no doubt. She comes across as if she’s playing some fictional role…..and rather badly.

        Can we mix & match the NJ and DC casts? That might liven things up.

        • Upper WestSide Dude says:

          She did make out once with Prince Harry – Dianna’s son. I don’t know if it’s true but it has been in the press.

          • Quincy IL says:

            It seems Cat is free to meet men again so be careful upper west side dude. She loves America and is looking for a ticket back for next years filming.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      The Salahi’s are grifters just like the Giudice’s are. The more I read about them the less I like them.

      -named in over 30 lawsuits
      -have not paid many, many people from lawyers, Uncle Sam actor to her hairdresser that flew in extensions and stayed late doing said extensions. Michaele did not pay for them yet hugged him like a best friend at their next meeting.
      -she claims she was a former Washington Redskins cheerleader. They have no record of her ever being on the squad.
      -their Audi was repossessed. The tow-truck driver was threatened by Tareq. He threatened to get his gun. The tow-truck driver called his dispatch to let them know what was going on. The the Michaele called 911, 10 minutes later, saying the tow truck driver was threatening them.
      -the Salahi’s Oasis winery have over charged many weddings and events that were held at their winery.
      -The Salahi’s are also in a power struggle over the winery, that his parents founded. Nothing says family like a good lawsuit. “The family tensions are exposed in a civil suit in Fauquier County Circuit Court in which the parents allege that their son has interfered with the winery’s sale and falsely advertised on the Internet that Oasis was closed. The parents also sought to evict him and his wife from an apartment on the property. The son responded in court documents with allegations that his parents’ attorney assaulted him and a request that he be removed from the case. ”
      -lied about the event with President Obama. “President Obama, we did an event for him for Rock the Vote…” (FIRST BIG LIE OF THE SEASON! The Salahis did indeed get themselves into a Rock the Vote party, way back in 2005, and they managed to get themselves into a grip-and-grin with the new Sen. Obama — also, the Black Eyed Peas and Randy Jackson, but they were just guests there, like however many hundreds of folks.)

      There is a huge article on the Salahi’s. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/12/22/AR2009122203520.html

      Yeah, I already dislike the both of them.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She will probably be the only one who provides comic relief. I just hope we don’t have to suffer her odieous husband too much.

  13. boston02127 says:

    Jill and Kelly both at a gun range? How odd. Up thread there I posted a link from Jill’s tweets at a gun place. This is Kelly’s tweet & pic, also at a gun place.

    http://twitpic.com/2c8e94 – At american shooters. I have a new found respect for cops and the armed forces

    • boston02127 says:

      re: above post—– Up thread “there” up yonder! (sorry) I don’t know where “there” came from. I need sleep.

    • Gypsy862 says:

      Holy shit! The idea of Kelly, Jill and even Bobby armed and carrying, scares me and I live on the left coast!

    • kats2 says:

      What is with the gun thing, could this be the NJ HW getting to them or just for sport? IDGI

    • Noelle says:

      LOL! I love the comment a poster left: “Oh great a nutjob in a bikini with a gun!” Damn funny..but sadly true.

    • kats2 says:

      And now I can’t get that Aerosmith – Janies got a gun song out of my head.

      Kelly’s got a gun, Kelly’s got a gun Her dog day’s just begun Now everybody is on the run Tell her now it’s untrue . . . . .

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      The one person on this earth that does NOT need a gun is Kelly.

      • kats2 says:

        You’re all more creative than I am but I took a shot (no pun intended) at the conversaion that led up to the big gun event. Feel free to add to the conversation.

        Jill – How are you? I’m so busy I have so many projects, but I can’t talk about them now.

        Kelly – I’m great I’m doing a lot of running for charity and I have so many more amazing projects, I’m so busy everyone wants to work with me but I can’t tell you about my projects.

        Jill – did you watch?

        Kelly – Of course I did, I need to follow what Bethenny is doing so I can get my own show. She really did burn that book I drove to Montauk to see if I could copy, I mean save any parts of the book. . . . She is so mean to Bryn she has not changed at all. It’s like she is bullying Bryn and that poor little sweet Max. How can Jason kiss her with that tongue, its like knives.

        Jill – Andy said the show is a big hit. . .What ev er! I just don’t even know who she is any more. It’s over, she picked Alex and Ramona over me. I will never talk to her or them again. Luann has left me for her BF and I had to hang out with Bawby and the Jersey HW’s! ME Jill Zarin with people from Jersey!

        Kelly – I know they don’t deserve you, I’m authentic you need to stay with me. When I have my own show I will let you watch it.

        Jill – What. . . Well the reason I called is that I still have a lot of haters how bout you?

        Kelly – Awww I think they’re cute they are so interested in me.

        Jill – More people hate you Kelly you need to protect yourself. When I was with the Manzos they said the best thing to do is show the haters you know how to use a gun and you’re not afraid to use it on them. You have to scare them. That’s how they keep Joe and Teresa from breaking in and stealing their stuff. And the Manzo’s know what they’re talking about they are connected. Even Albie is becoming a Sheriff. Bawby and I are going to go to the Gun place next week. You should come, more people hate you than me and Bawby needs the exercise.

        Kelly – Oh I sent Albie my Playboy, 50 million people bought my Playboy magazine. Guns are sexy, Guns are so authentic just like me. Cops are hot. I’ll go.

        Jill – I think I’m going to wear my black leather moo moo with diamonds or maybe Gucci.

        Kelly – I’m going to wear something short, you should always show your best assets and just be yourself. Something I can move in and do cartwheels and just be free to be you and me.

        Jill – We can go out after, Bawby is in bed by 9 pm now. I know you haven’t been on any dates this summer we’ll go out and I’ll help you meet a nice guy.

        Kelly – Jill you’re embarassing me! I was married to Gilles the greatest photographer in the world, I was the Editor for Elle, a super model, voted the most charitable by my girl scout troop.
        I can’t just go out with any one.

        Jill – Ok Kelly I will see you next week.

        and scene

  14. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Kelly with GUN? OH LORD?

  15. boston02127 says:

    Tapped out Teresa’s tweet—Yes, the Reunion was CRAZY. If you bet on what you think happened, you would lose. 😉

    • kats2 says:

      What? I don’t get it. So it was crazy but perhaps not what we think like people attacking each other, so in other words boring?

  16. Pingback: Tweets that mention I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC August 6, 2010 | Lynnnchicago101's Blog -- Topsy.com

    • Squirrels says:


      REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DC: Hail To The Bitches
      Aug 6th, 2010 by B-Side.

      The Photoblog. Insert pic of Cat here doing her I’m fabulous pose.

      “I’m taking photos for my new book titled ‘Inbox Full.’ It’s about all the men who’ve been in my vagina.”

      • Noelle says:

        @Squirrels..you are on a roll! Damn you’re funny…Do you do parties or loan yourself out for family gatherings??

        If so, I get first dibs! LOL

  17. MickeyMouth says:

    Good blog Lynn. I don’t cosign every comment you made, but that would be boring. I can’t hate Bravo for “putting them on” either, because gatecrash came after and from what I have read a lot people where in the dark about just how in debt and cunning these two are. I think this kind of exposure in a way is great. I wouldn’t let my kids sell them a glass of lemonade without a marker scratch to the bill first. Now if after every thing comes to light, and the truth is they are as ugly as their press and Bravo invites them back for a second season, I will promptly tune out as I have with the RHONJ series.

    I personally find most congressional hearings to be a waste of time and money. If the FBI were able to make a case against the Salahis they would. Is my understanding correct that the investigation is not complete? This may be a reason or maybe it hasn’t come to trial because the case is weak (prosecutors don’t like to take on lame ducks) or it could be professional courtesy. There may be another case that is further along in the judicial system that has asked to take precedence. And after reading the Washington Post article that is not too far out of the realm of possibility. Anyway I am interested.

    I have no clear favorites in this franchise, however none are shrinking violets. They are all very opinionated. Thanks for blogging your thoughts and opinions. I always look forward to your blogs.

    • Capiche says:

      I agree with you there MM. The wasted taxpayer money came from silly Congressmen and women thinking they should investigate someone gatecrashing a WH State dinner. Like, seriously??!! If I were the Salahis, I would plead the 5th as well. The only governmental agencies that should have been involved in this nonsense is Secret Service and possibly the FBI. Crazy.

      Also, I don’t hate them for trying to get into a WH State Dinner. If someone gave me a foolproof way of attending…I’m there! I still believe it was blown out of proportion by the media due to the sheer audacity of it all. And how do we know no one else ever crashed a state dinner. I feel like it had to have been done before.

  18. Lynn! Love u and your blog as always.

    But I disagree with one thing:
    “If their testimony in front of the committee couldn’t clear their names, they should have been prosecuted.”
    The burden of proof is on the government not the individual, they don’t have to clear their names. I understand why it makes them look guilty, but it is their constitutional right as Americans to basically say “F U, prove it”. Also, if they aren’t being prosecuted, there is a reason. They caused a huge embarrassment for the white house and I have trouble believing that the government wouldn’t prosecute in a millisecond if it were possible.

    Another thing that I feel like people forget is that you can’t simply sneak into the white house. They passed multiple security checks and their names were supposedly on the list. Maybe they weren’t originally or officially invited, maybe they pulled some shady shit to get their names on the list, but the bottom line is that the secret service cleared them and allowed them in, it’s not like they snuck in a back window.

    I find it really unfair that so many people are so against them when they have not been found guilty of anything. There is a constitution for a reason. And it is in place to protect EVERYONE. I’m very surprised/disturbed that so many Americans want the government to ignore their rights as citizens and throw them in prison, like the lady on the view said.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      My problem with all of this is if the Salahi’s were really invited why didn’t they sit down for dinner? It was completely disrespectful to the Presidency that these hanger on’s got so close to the President. There’s only one to two state dinners a year with a guest list that is gone through with a fine tooth comb. The failing here was with whoever in the Secret Service let them in and possibly, not enough info, the person that “e-mailed” them an invitation. From what I read an “invitation” to a State dinner is on embossed paper with a Presidential seal. The Salahi’s did not have this. If anything it shows how easy it for anyone to slide up to a staffer, get an “invitation”, get through multiple security checks and have your picture taken with the President. Very scary if you ask me.

      • I don’t really find it that scary because they are known around DC, they run the Polo Cup, it’s not like they arrived on a plane yesterday from Iran and barely speak English.
        I’m just not mad at them like everyone else seems to be. The white house needs stricter security. Lesson learned. Maybe we should be thankful that it was learned this way, rather than when something truly dangerous happened.

        • Upper WestSide Dude says:

          Exactly! People like Desiree Rogers were not doing their job. She for one was let go because of the whole fiasco. Never in the history of White House Social Secretaries have they been seen hobnobbing with the guests. She was supposed to be working and not mingle with guests and pose for cameras. The knives were already out for her in the West Wing because of her Vogue photo shoot in the White House. One would have thought she was First Lady! What happened with the Salahi’s was the final nail in her coffin. When you are in a position like that, discretion and duty are priority.

        • Scorpiosue1102 says:

          My point is that it’s scary that anyone, the Salahi’s included, could have gotten so close to the President. We can never say we really know people when hedge fund moguls end up going to jail for being pedofiles i.e Jeffrey Epstein. Who knows if someone else that people know may have an agenda to kill the President and get an “invitation” because they know someone in the administration???? The fact the Salahi’s got in, IMHO ;), is still a problem.

          • I agree its a problem. But I blame the white house more than I blame the Salahis.

            • mnsue says:

              I think its a case of you all being right. I think they convinced themselves they had an invite out of wishful thinking. I read at the time that there were pressured phone calls made on that military lady who was in contact with Desiree Rogers (who wasn’t doing her real job as she should have)
              I believe Andy Cohen that Bravo had no idea but I’m not thrilled they’re on the show.
              In the end the Salahis have a history of crashing and general social climbing (apparently), misrepresenting their background and means sooooo
              IMHO it falls on the Salahis with yes, problems at the WH.
              I’ve been laughing at how much they accuse people of assault. What the hell do they call those hugs Michale accosts people with? I don’t even care that she has a sunny personality, that’s great but the hugs are assault.

        • mnsue says:

          no offense but they run the polo cup because he made it up. From what I hear they don’t pay bills, its not like he was appointed head of some time honored DC institution

    • Squirrels says:

      I must take issue on the White House shindig. First reason they may not be prosecuted could be lack of information to make a case. Got it. However, be practical here. Obama was just sworn in and the last thing the admin would want is some stupid yokels to get press time better spent on his policies, etc.

      As to the congressional inquiry, they love a good scandal, especially if it A) doesn’t include themselves in the hot seat and B) if they can f*** the other side. It’s business as usual for them. Dems may have hoped these two are Repubs. Repubs may have hoped to embarrass the White House. None of those clowns are altruistic.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      This isn’t the Guidice’s housewarming party we are talking about. It is a State Dinner at the White House where our president lives – you get a printed invitation! This would have been simple to clean up – just show the INVITATION which is all the proof that would have been needed. Oh, if it was an e mail invite – again it would be so easy to show that as well. The fact that they can’t produce either speaks volumes, but the fact that they don’t care enough to clear this up makes it worse.

  19. TrueLifeDiva says:

    RealCityHousewife, not to hash or re-hash the whole CrashGate thing… But the reason they got in was security was cut back, there were no “multiple” check points to get by. They said they were on whatsherfaces (the lady who got fired over this) personal list and used her name to get in. E-mails revealed they begged for an invite but she never gave it. They lied and said she did anyway and knew just enough details to snooker their way into the event.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I didn’t know about the lack of multiple check points. Grifters of the worst kind.

    • If that’s true then I think the blame lies on the white house. Their security should be better than that. The Salahi’s didn’t put the president in danger, they are harmless social climbers. But white house security did put the president in danger by not doing their jobs properly. The Salahis just brought light to what was likely an ongoing problem.

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        Because of those social climbers someone lost their job too.

        • mnsue says:

          and they were somewhere they weren’t invited. Its an honor to people who are really invited.
          Whether they were harmless or not and even with lax security and cutbacks , in the end the Salahis knew they didn’t have a real invite, they had pressure put on that military lady who didn’t know how to say no and they knew she had asked Desiree Rodgers so they had a name to drop.

        • Cheri says:

          As she should have

        • ShyAsrai says:

          actually, i don’t blame the Salahis for anyone who lost their jobs because of that particular breach of security.

          it was the breach of security, regardless of who did the breaching, that got people fired – and rightfully so.

          whether the Salahis are deserving of punishment, indignation, investigation or condemnation is a separate issue. 😉

  20. Dreemz says:

    When I finally found you, in May or so, I was so happy! Finally! People that were hashing over and disecting the Housewives! I’ve been looking forward to your blogs ever since then and love to read over the responses.

    I’m with you, a bit early to tell on the DC bunch. I’m sure we won’t be disapointed-there will be enough jealous, backstabbing, 2-faced bitch slapping to keep us entertained! Unfortunately, it is somewhat a reflection of what women really do to one another at times. I watched my mother work herself up the ladder in a “man’s world”, and now shake my head in disbelief at what women do to one another instead of banding together. I guess that makes us our own worst enemies!

    Ok, back to the DC cesspool. It goes without saying, a pre-requisite for application for a spot on the Housewives is extreme narccisissim with delusions of some sort of superior intelect. It also seems that many of them believe that they just don’t need to have manners, tact, ettiquete or even know just when the appropriate time is to keep their mouth shut! (OK, that’s why I watch) Take for example, Cat. Is she really that clueless?? She HAS to be! She’s kinda like old Kel’, sure as hell ain’t smart enough to get any awards acting. How the HELL did she even learn how to TIE HER OWN SHOE not to mention WIPE HER OWN ASS? Then there is Lynda, she must have lucked out and picked the right men to marry & divorce OR had old family money because, honey, there just isn’t anything that special about you. Michaele (come-on her parents pronounced it Michelle, you just know it) enough of the “I love you”, kiss, hug, flit from person to person-did you notice some of the expressions(duh…who…wha…wtf..?) LOL She really insulted this woman “Regina” (a lobbyist/worldly type person)I think it was. Mic. just left her standing there with no other choice but to turn around and introduce herself to Cat. Of course this made Cat happy, she could talk to someone about London in her best nasal British snobby voice. Mic. went on to hug-hug, kissy-kissy some other chicks.

    I heard earlier that Lynda’s “concern” over Mic.’s anorexia is more about people looking closer into the Solahi’s marriage. I don’t think she looks any skinnier than lots of others we see on TV. It’s just Lynda stirring pot, IMO. (duh, of course she’s not concerned)

    Ok, just one last thing. Lynn, in theory, yes, I totally agree about the closet lock thing. You should be able to say NO and that be it. I raised 2 daughters-it would have been damn nice to have a lock on my closet, maybe not as elaborate as Mary’s! My daughters were 8 years apart, lots of years in there of saying NO!! Lol (they gave me wrinkles)

    Wow, I’m long winded. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, this is my first time on. I love reading your blog and your responders are insightful and smart, too! Thanks

    • boston02127 says:

      Welcome Dreemz. 🙂

    • Quincy IL says:

      I think we may be looking at the beginning of an Ashley story line for Mary’s daughter. In the promos, it seems that the Salahis gave Mary’s daughter’s name to the police. I thought it might have something to do with the gate crashing, but now, with all the information about the Salahis and the lock on the closet, I think Mary’s daughter may have taken some dress. We’ll see.

      • Squirrels says:

        The Salahi’s rep claims Lolly (I think) stole from them. Holy Channel! But what did she steal? Tune in next time, same crap time, same crap channel.

        • Squirrels says:

          dammit, I screwed up that joke. Chanel. It’s Chanel!

        • kats2 says:

          Clothes? I mean if your own Mom has to have that kind of lock on her own closet, me thinks the daughter has a sticky finger problem when it comes to fashion.

        • mnsue says:

          The list of people who have wronged the Salahis grows exponentially every hour! Assault, theft, libel
          even people saying the “F” word around them.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Nice post!

      • skogsstig says:

        Mrs. Salahi’s parents pronounced her name Missy. It is her given name. Michaele is her own invention.

  21. Squirrels says:

    Bohochickn –

    Great recap. I laughed the whole way through.

  22. Adgirl says:

    Hi Everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. I just wasn’t interested in the NJ show or the off screen antics of the cast. As my late father the epidemiologist would say “combined I.Q. 22.”. If I wanted to watch idiots on this level I’d tune into Cops.

    DC – Whoa!! I can’t believe Bravo started the first episode of a new franchise by focusing in on bad behavior. I thought it was Bravo’s MO was to build them up then tear them down. Now it’s let the ladies preen on about how important and connected they are, then AH-HA they are instantly expose as fakes.

    Michaele – Sort of a combo of Kelly’s vacuous social skills (hugs = hiiii!) + Teresa G avaricious spending (watch me spend while I stiff everyone in town) + Sheree’s awesome in your face daring (Who’s gonna check me, Boo?).
    Hysterical, how Bravo already has talking heads of Lynda outing her as a fraud.

    Cat – is she related to Heather McCartney? Wow, what a colossal bitch. Bet her newly ex husband is mortified. I don’t care about her politics (Bush vs. Obama) but puleese shut the hell up at your new acquaintance’s event!!
    At least she owns it. I thought I noticed a smirk on Cat’s face when she got the rise out of ladies she was obviously seeking.

    Did Bravo decided a few seasons ago that they secretly hate most of the RH and now purposely casts and exposes them as huge assholes? There isn’t much admirable about most of the ladies in any version. They are for the most part vain, diva want-to-be’s who haven’t the talent or means to rise to the level of fame they desired in their own little worlds.
    I think Bravo is helping them hang themselves.
    Jill, Nene, Kelly, Teresa, Lynn Curtin and now the DC gals Micaele and Cat …. Bravo must be having a ball editing the shows.

    • Squirrels says:

      Good to see you Adgirl! Welcome back to the fold.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Hey great to hear from you! I also started making housewife combos to describe the DC crew. Cat = Danielle (questionable past), Teresa (using other people’s money), Ramona (uncensored opinions) and LuAnn (pretentious Europeanism).

  23. Quincy IL says:

    Bethenny has a huge fan base on facebook. 4 hours ago, she asked what you would do if you know someone was cheating and over 4,000 people have commented. She is really popular

    • Upper WestSide Dude says:

      I really like how they ended last night’s episode. It almost sounded scripted – “we are those people”. It’s a refreshing change from all taht contrived Real Housewives drama…

      • Squirrels says:

        When my kids were young and cried in a restaurant (and I don’t mean Burger King), I would immediately remove them. My children learned very early on, if you want to go someplace special, tow the line. To this day don’t even sit me near kids.

        • Squirrels says:

          My point being, B is apoplectic when Bryn cries until it interferes with her dinner plans. Ergo, they have “become” those people.

          • Quincy IL says:

            I would leave too. When my husband finished eating, he would switch with me.

            My granddaughter was frightened by the loud pilot on a plane from Miami to Hartford. She cried most of the trip and could not be consoled. I want to apologize for being the mother of one of those people.

    • Tootsie says:

      Could she be in a dilemna about the Jill cheating on Bobby rumor? Remember the rumor stated that Bethenny and Brad knew all about it and did not condone it. I’d say “leave it alone”. Most people do not appreciate hearing such a heart breaking thing.

      • _therealmelissa says:

        It probably has more to do with the topic of a Larry King interview she participated in last week. It was about infidelity in marriage and relationships. (Larry was not the host, it was a woman standing in for him.) Was it the Larry King show or something else? Help me here. It was Bethany and two other women, one Brit, and an Aussie….

  24. Dani says:

    That is why I love this blog we can agree to disagree. I was so up after watching BGM as always it was funny and heart warming. I loved the toast that Bethenny gave at the end and of course had to shed a few tears. I just don’t think mentally I was ready for HWODC. It was like here we go again same personalities, same egos, same talk about what they have and what they do, just different faces. I could pick out the Jill, the LuAnn, the Nene and the Caroline out of the bunch. I didn’t like Michaele at all it was like watching a blonde version of Kelly with the hugs and the kisses and the hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee. I guess I enjoyed BGM so much this season that I would rather watch a fun show and not all of this drama.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I will miss Bethenny very much. At least we have facebook and twitter.

      • Dani says:

        Quincy IL I will miss her also. I do get her news letter but don’t follow her on twitter. I was missed her on Larry King the other night. Did you see the LK show?

        • Quincy IL says:

          Yes, I recorded it. Bethenny and the hostess filling in for Larry King had an extremely difficult time with the two women who were on satellite. They talked over each other and the two other women had wacko theories. One was a admitted other woman who was angry that she was abandoned after six years and one had written a book stating that it was ok for men to cheat because they are animals.

          Bethenny was in the “not ok to cheat” camp. She asked why anyone would make a committment and then cheat, but the two women in the sky would not give an inch.

          I thought Bethenny was respectful, thoughtful and stunned by the two other women’s intransigence. I was not stunned because they are out to make a buck in whatever way they can and people like permission to do whatever they want. Personally, I don’t care what people do, but I always feel badly for the kids when this happens.

          • Dani says:

            Thank you for the recap. I am glad that Bethenny did well. I would love to see her as a host for her own talk show, but I still want her to have her show BGM or whatever the new name will be.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bethenny is Bravo’s golden girl – we will see her again. For now I am happy we got the chance to see her life through her eyes! She is leaving us alot via her website, books, etc – so while we don’t have a weekly tv dose, we will celebrate her achievements, defend her antics and continue to wish her the best.

      • Dani says:

        I am happy that we got to see Bethenny’s beautiful new life, husband and baby also. I love her website. It has all of the retailers listed. I really liked the cover up that she had on last night. I always go to her website the next day to see where she bought the clothes that she wore on the show. It is great because she shops at places like Old Navy, The Childrens Place that I can afford.

  25. Char212 says:

    Great recap of BB Boho, thank you! I’ve changed my mind about Racheal, I don’t like her anymore. I think she treats Brendon terribly and she doesn’t deserve him. Now I hope it comes down to him and Brit. I thought it was hilarious when they were making fun of Racheal, loved it! I don’t like any of the Brigade bunch and hope they all get picked off one at a time.

  26. MBDEA says:

    Going to jump right in and go on the record with I DISLIKE Cat. Just not a fan of someone who sponges off the success of another (her spouse and a misrepresented success at that). I mean thus far, I have no knowledge of her personal accomplishments but doubt their weight as all she can boast about is her husband’s relationships and accomplishments. We shall see.

    Also, she has the social graces of a, well, Kelly. To have an opinion and to lack tact or diplomacy (especially in a town like DC) when expressing an opinion is just RUDE.
    To top it off, she is either incapable or doesn’t CARE to pick up on the facial and verbal cues when she has clearly made those around her uncomfortable, to say the least. Again, perhaps she lacks those social graces (tsk, tsk for a Brit) or she simply doesn’t care. Don’t know which is worse. Thus, “I am not a fan.”

    As for Michaele, something about her just whispers “victim” to me. I suppose its the way the other women roll their eyes at the mere mention of her name or the guest spot on The View (raked over the coals). She just seems like a desperate social climber, too stupid to realize or understand the boundaries. Thus far, I find her as pathetic as Danielle.

    Mary, seems to be the most likable with potentially unlikable children. The jury is still out for me.

    Lynda, also a bitch who thus far has given me the impression she runs a high priced brothel for ambassadors and dignitaries and calls it a “modeling agency.” Just saying.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      You nailed Cat purrfectly! And she will definately need to remove the marbles from her mouth because she isn’t interesting enough to try too hard to understand her pithy comments.

  27. DesertGal says:

    Well, I won’t go so far as to say the Salahis deserved to be jailed for crashing the White House party, because the fact remains that they should never have been allowed to get as far as they did, so the fault lies primarily with the Secret Service. And let’s face it-they aren’t terrorists and they weren’t looking to harm the President or anyone else, so at least the security failed with them and not someone who could have done some real harm. Hopefully, the WH has tightened up things up since it happened.

    I just found it disrespectful. Most of us wouldn’t think of crashing a party at the White House-or anywhere else we weren’t invited. And the Salahis seem to be making a habit of party crashing. I don’t get that. But that’s just me.

    • Squirrels says:

      The Secret Service was thrown off by the five $100 bills the Salihas passed them. They were running a counterfeit-checker pen over them.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      They are special people, like the Guidices. They value themselves too much – they feel entitled and they are too stupid to realize what they really are…..

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Agree that it was very disrespectful to the office of the President.

      • Quincy IL says:

        It was disrespectful, but there is something more. They have no remorse for gatecrashing that event or the Black Caucus event. They don’t seem to have an understanding of right from wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone like them and I’m glad. They abuse the courts with frivolous law suits. They don’t pay for the things they buy. The husband has violence issues in that he throws his drink on a woman who verbally disagrees with him. It’ s really over the top.

      • Quincy IL says:

        This blogger had similar thought to ours and he got threatened by Lynda Erkeletain’s people with a law suit.


        Real Housewives of DC Lynda Erkiletian Modeling Agency Innuendo
        August 6, 2010
        By LBG1
        Questions and innuendo in reviews

        :Update: The original post has been revised, more details later!:

        In several Real Housewives of DC reviews there’s been, possibly, innuendo about Real Housewives of DC’s Lynda Erkiletian’s DC modeling agency after Lynda stated the agency catered to ambassadors and dignitaries.

        Definition of innuendo:

        An indirect intimation about a person or thing, esp. of a disparaging or a derogatory nature.

        The following are quotes from the Washington Post, TV Guide, and Entertainment Weekly about Lynda Erkiletian’s modeling agency. Do the quotes contain innuendo? We let our readers be the judge:

        Lynda runs “the top modeling agency in Washington.” How many are there? “There are only so many fashion clients in Washington,” she notes, explaining that she caters to “the ambassadors, to the dignitaries.” Dignitaries need models? So many questions.
        Lisa de Moraes – Washington Post

        Lynda Erkiletian runs “the top modeling agency in Washingotn, D.C.” (How many others are there, Lynda? We’ll never let her live that down!) We see her auditioning some models, and she explains that “we cater to the ambassadors, to the dignitaries” (Note to self: At next embassy party, ask what they’re hiring models for.)
        Reliable Source, Washington Post

        Lynda Erkiletian, who owns a modeling agency, says she caters to dignitaries and ambassadors, leaving one wondering why, precisely, such VIPs need to rent models.
        TV Guide

        Then from the comments section: a threat….

        Michelle Delino on August 6, 2010 at 19:51
        I am an official representative of Lynda Erkiletian, owner of THE Artist Agency in Washington, DC. Your blog headline implying that my client operates an escort service is false and defamatory. We demand that you remove this posting immediately. If this is not removed within 24 hours we will pursue our legal options.

        Michelle Delino


  28. OneMoreinBoston says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Loved your blog! But I have to respectfully disagree with some of your statements. (our first fight!)

    I have a client that stiffed me out of $8713-close to 10 K. The check bounced, Boston’s finest were brought in and I sat in court three seperate times and still have not seen a dime of my money.

    So I cut Lynda some slack. If she did work for these grifters and they never paid her, I wouldn’t just be on national TV telling the country about it or explaining that they are 2nd tier-the mood I’m in I would have probably burnt down their house.

    Stacie is my rave fave so far, Mary I’m just not so sure about. As far as Missy/Michelle/Micheala is concerned, I also thought she was sweet and somewhat endearing. Now that I have read some articles about her- ok not.

    Other posters have defended Cat’s statements by stating that she is outspoken but not racist. As far as that debate goes-yep in my book she is racist.

    I can’t stand Tyra Banks either, and if Obama’s manners are not her cup of British tea then she is entitled to her opinion.

    But no one is entitled to pull a black face routine like she did to imitate the way Tyra talks, particularly if your hostess is African American. Offensive much?

    If she doesn’t like Lucy Liu does she pull back the corners of her eyes and and pretend to speak “ingwish wit a aschent”? C’mon, that’s just bullshit.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Gotta agree about Cat – she is a snobbish, inarticulate boor with no manners and we will learn alot more about her as we detective our way through RHODC…..since her photog hubby is divorcing her toot sweet – I’d say her” tell it like it is” tag probably was hurting his career.

    • skogsstig says:

      Bravo, OneMoreinBoston! You put into words what made me queasy about Cat.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion; but as the other woman wisely pointed out, when it comes to leaders policy is what counts & not who is more of a “gentleman” in her opinion. Bush took an excessive 1020 days off as president, perhaps it was all those weddings he RSVP-ed? If she (British-lady-whatever-her-name-is) is going to give her opinion fine, she should remember it can also make her look stupid. And yes Americans can be fat but you know what? I’ve been to the UK many times & they aren’t exactly a skinny country either (bangers & mash, shepherds pie, fish & chips, pints, thats not low cal food) Why would she say that to her child? She seemed rude & pretentious & mean.

      I will watch one more episode to see if the show gets better, but so far it sucks.

      • ShyAsrai says:

        please stop making derogatory comments about President GW Bush. i find them extremely offensive and am myself quite aware that anything derogatory I might state in regards to President B Obama – or, for that matter, any other President – would likely be found offensive by others on this blog.

        isn’t this site supposed to be a ‘politics-free zone’? the latest batch of HWs being in/around D.C. doesn’t, I think, change that.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      @onemoreinboston – I missed that part of her shaking her head…you are absolutely right. I also agree with the comments saying that she was extremely rude to her hostess.

      My opinion of Cat is that she is a snobbish bore, and she needs to go back to London.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Hi ShyAsrai,

        As I replied regarding your first comment to me, I will repeat the same here. We are all entitled to freedom of speech as guaranteed by the first amendment; both you & I. If you were offended I apologize but then again it wasn’t directed to you was it, nor was it an insult. Its just my opinion which is based on FACTS btw:

        I did not see anywhere on this blog that it is “a politics free zone” & I doubt that it can be when talking about the DC show (WHICH I WAS) on a political comment made by a cast member of RHODC….my comment was in context of the show. I also see on this blog that you gave your opinion of the party crashers at the WH & how it was not really their fault and I quote:

        “actually, i don’t blame the Salahis for anyone who lost their jobs because of that particular breach of security.

        it was the breach of security, regardless of who did the breaching, that got people fired – and rightfully so.”

        I disagree somewhat & have a feeling that you think this because of your political leanings (as you admit above you prefer the previous administration), but you know what? SO WHAT, THAT I DISAGREE WITH YOU, YOU ARE ENTITLED TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH AS MUCH AS I.

        ….get it now?

        Hope that settles it; if not please give me the respect of skipping reading my comments next time or do not criticize the words I chose & respect my right to free speech.

        • ShyAsrai says:

          no, that doesn’t settle it. what a silly response.

          A) this is Lynn’s private blog and here, it is SHE and not the US Constitution, nor you nor I, deciding our right to speech here.

          B) nothing changed with RHWDC in that this nice blog avoids real politics, real racial issues, real sexual orientation issues, real religous issues and that’s how it stays ‘nice’ and all people can feel welcome here to discuss the HWs and their antics. just think: if someone didn’t agree with the gay lifestyle and casually dropped a sweeping derogatory statement about gays, you’d probably see that as a major breech of blog etiquette. i would, and would call that person out on it. and that could have easily happened when discussing Jill, whose assistant Brad is gay. there’s your ‘context’, right? but guess what? no one went there. because it would be offensive and wrong. the same goes for religion or race.

          I could, as anyone, list a million links for sources to back up any statement of this type i could make about any of these four topics: would that render sweeping derogatory statements okay on this blog? no, it does not.

          C) your implication that i think the Salahis weren’t at fault because of what you perceive to be my political leanings is entirely incorrect, as can be discerned by anyone who cares to read my entire statement upthread.

          i never said the Salahis weren’t at fault: i clearly said their fault and the fault of the security apparatus that failed were separate issues (not convenient for your agenda to cut & paste my entire statement, eh?).

          the fact is, it just doesn’t matter who breached security. it could have easily been some nutjob wanting to harm the President instead of a couple of apparent fame-whores on a reality tv show and for that, heads SHOULD have rolled.

          further, i also can’t imagine what my political leanings have to do with my opinion that the POTUS’s security is never to be compromised and responsible parties should be held accountable… i can’t wrap my head around your thought process here. are you somehow implying that anyone not supporting Obama would applaud security breaches? and if so – since you state i support the previous administration – why then would i severely condemn security breaches? what the heck?

          D) I’ve got to apologize to HD, who was correct in her assessment of what was to come with the D.C. franchise. I was wrong, and she was right.

          My thanks to Lynn.

          • Sha2000 says:

            “A) this is Lynn’s private blog and here, it is SHE and not the US Constitution, nor you nor I, deciding our right to speech here.”


            #1. Lynn has remained silent & so has everyone else, the only person looking to argue is you.

            #2. Lynn is located in Chicago (LynninChicago)therefore US law dictates & protects a posters rights to freedom of speech on her blog, PERIOD. As long as I am not insulting an individual that is here, I am being nothing but respectful. It’s hypercritical of you to find fault in MY assessment of the previous administration yet have no problem with the “I hate JZ” comments all over this blog. We lived through 8 years of GB good, bad or indifferent we can all form an opinion as we actually lived through it…not so with the housewives; by your argument we would have no right to make comments on any of them. FACT: we can all comment on any public figure whether you agree with my assessment or not. period.

            #3. I provide a link that backs up my claim of 1020 days off on the US taxpayers dime; no “sweeping comments” just facts : )

            #4. If you don’t agree with my comments, your problem. Just scroll on by next time.

            • Sha2000 says:

              FYI from the Aug 9th blog and I quote:

              LynnNChicago says:
              August 10, 2010 at 12:59 am

              “…all opinions are welcome, you know that”

              Hope that settles it for you ShyAsrai.

  29. Squirrels says:

    Twitter is all a-twitter with allegations re: Dina Manzo. Cameraman told a twitter’s BGF, you know the drill. But it was amusing.

  30. DesertGal says:

    Quincy IL says:
    August 6, 2010 at 6:38 pm
    Why would the head of a modeling agency be first tier? You have top journalists and elected officials in DC. There are top military people. Plus, there are probably some very rich people.

    From what I saw, Lynda wasn’t invited to the White House, either, so I don’t know where she claimed she was first tier? But, I didn’t watch all of the show, so I may have missed that.

    I, like Lynn, don’t understand why an ambassador would need a model. If they do, I don’t want my tax dollarys paying for that.

    Yeah, I don’t get that, either. I guess some politicians might want models to look good on a dais, or for campaign commercials, although I don’t know how anyone would build an entire modeling agency out of such a limited demand, though. Maybe Lynda’s “top modeling agency” is tiny? But an ambassador needing models? I don’t see it.

    • cusi 77 says:

      @Desertgal_ When I was 27-28 years old in my native Country, my sister and I were invited for a friend to work as “Hostess” in a Summit of Economy where The President of the Country received Ministers of The Treasure from numerous Countries. A Model Agency provided the Hostess service, we just have to be size 4 (we were wearing uniforms), be bilingual or more. I think that “maybe” this is the kind of service Lynda provides. I remember we got to be present, first, at the International Airport with the ambassadors to receive the Ministers from their Countries – we were representing our Government. then during The Summit conferences, bringing coffee, water, etc. Even going to a concerts, sites of interest, etc. We had two uniforms, one during the day and a gown at night. This most be used in D. C. When Dignitaires come to visit President Obama. I did not felt in any instant somebody could ask me for more than information… Didn’t my sister.

      Thank you Lynn. 5 Stars as always.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Thank you. I really enjoy sharing with you.

        Still, I don’t want my government having beautiful young women greeting foreign guests. They should be there because that is their job.

  31. WindyCityWondering says:

    RHODC – “I am not a fan” to quote Stacie.
    Maybe it is because we knew so much about them before the show even aired. Maybe it is because of the disaster on the View the morning of their first episode. Maybe it is because we are getting too good at seeing through the HW veneers and have too many other HWs we can compare them to so they aren’t fresh canvas so to speak. Maybe because we understand real time vs episode time. Maybe it is Bravo’s formula – it took three seasons for RHONY to get to true colors, but NJ was there before season one was halfway finished. DC seems poised to go Defcon 5 sooner than NJ.
    Hoping the other housewife (DC) is interesting because for now I don’t like any of them enough to root for or hate on.

    • Noelle says:

      I love your description and feel it’s beginning to apply to the HW franchise as a whole. Quite frankly, I’m a hair away from tuning out entirely. Don’t get me wrong, loved the RHOC (even though I was late to that party)when it first started, now, not so much. With Gretchen and Slade(GTFO) and Alexis and Blob. Girl please…

      Next came RHONY, and I really enjoyed it until NASTY reared it’s ugly head.

      Then came Atlanta..bar lowered, then NJ, bar set even lower. Now DC, I watched, barely, and won’t be back…too low for even my simple taste.
      As in life, everything in moderation, which Bravo has clearly not adhered to.
      Over-consumption is never good. JMO..

    • mnsue says:

      I don’t think I was ever even self aware about why I watched. I started with NY and only watched NJ after but was sort of horrified with myself that I did. There was something about NY for a while…. (not knocking the ones I never watched)
      Teresa sucked with her wads of cash and she sucks worse now.And you have to hand it to those losers for looking worse than Danielle in their obsession with her.

  32. GREAT BB blog!!

    I was FLOORED when they revealed Kristen had a boyfriend and it took a solid minute to pick my jaw up off the floor when she said she was a ‘stand-up’ person. I am glad she is gone, though – her personality grated big time. I can’t find the link, but I saw some of her bikini modeling pics and they were gorgeous, which surprised me because I thought she was a bit of a butterface.

  33. Lynnrd says:

    Lynda fell into the old ism “ethnocentrism” ie “My country, place, home, lifestyle or whatever is better than yours.” We are all guilty of it but in her case it was just rude, rude, rude. This show really put me off.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I agree with you. I didn’t like the way she looked at the models either. There was a sexual aspect in her interview of the young male models that was inappropriate. In “Miami Social,” there was a gay man who asked the male models to show more flesh. Lynda’s comments, though not as egregious, had the same effect on me.

      Perhaps, we will learn things about the behavior of people in the DC that need to be exposed.

  34. Lovebeth says:

    I am very happy that BGM? ended very well even had a higher rating than HW of DC. Here is the BRAVO press release, you may even go to tvbythenumbers.com for more info.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Wondering what Kelly would say to that? She might have brought drama but Bethenny brought real and authentic – numbers Kelly numbers – they just don’t lie!

      • Noelle says:

        Windy.. Like Duh?! Kelly put Bethenny on the map don’t-cha-know! Without Kelly being “real and authentic” Bethenny would still be a “nobody.” Unlike NY trendsetter Kelly!!
        Thanks Kelly for bringing Bethenny out of her shell!! (Turtle-Time anyone..lol)
        (In jest, but I’d bet my last dollar this is how Kelly justifies Bethenny’s success.)

  35. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    Why is it when I drink I usually end up here on this blog? 🙂

  36. Anitabee says:

    Ok, I guess I am taking an unpopular stance but I really liked Lynda. She runs a modeling agency in DC, who cares if it is or is not the top agency. At least she is not running up millions of dollars of debt and dumping it on the average Joe and Joan. Even if it turns out she runs an escort service I wouldn’t care. Sex and Power always go hand-in-hand.

    The reason I really like her is that FINALLY there is an interracial relationship on TV that is “real”. You can tell that they care for each other and are a real couple. They go everywhere together. And hey – I give her a HUGE – “You Go Girl!” for dating a hotty that is years younger than she is. Damn, that man is FINE. I applaud Bravo for not calling her out as a cougar – I loathe the term (as I am engaged to a man 10 years younger than myself).

    I understood her second tier people comment. I think that people might have misunderstood it as second class people which she DID NOT state.
    I liked Mary and Stacie. Cat is a bit odd – I appreciate real but rude is a quality I vastly dislike. You can tell it like it is without offending everyone in the room. I think she is a bitch, she knows she’s a bitch, and relishes in the fact that she is a bitch. Kudos to her, at least she is real and owns it.

    The Salamis suck ass. I’m sure they will suck more ass as the weeks go by.

    I have to say I will be tuning in next week.

    • cusi 77 says:

      I have to agree with you! You made me laugh out laud! The salamis… ha!

    • kats2 says:

      Anitabee – “The Salamis suck ass” this made me LOL. I have a potty mouth from time to time and “suck ass” I think is very funny and it sure makes the point.

  37. kats2 says:

    Gawker recap – the writer at gawker disliked the DC HW’s so much he doesn’t want to do any further recaps of the show.


    • mnsue says:

      His stream of consciousness or whatever with all these shows is fascinating and funny. His readers seem mixed on wanting him to continue. They seem to not want to subject him to it, don’t they?
      Tons of them always say they don’t watch the show but love reading his recaps. I think they may be right.
      Housewife fatigue…….

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      you know- every time I read anything from this guy I want to marry him:

      “(God almighty, I’m so upset that these shows have invented the new sacred pastime of dumb, new money women sitting in soft-lit bad expensive restaurants, hurling wine around and yelling. It’s increasingly insufferable to watch. “Oh ladiesssss! Wiiiiiiine!!” they say, then clap and giggle, as if they’d just thrown off the corset for the first time, just pulled their first lever in the voting booth. No, ladies. You’ve had decades to assert yourselves and be proud and independent and you have frittered and pooped it away for fashion and money. Saying “Ladiessss, wiiiine!!!” does not make up for that, it is microscopically too little, far too late. “Ladiessss, wiiiiine!!” No, shut up. You’re not sassy fierce independent women. You’re drunk idiots standing in a room embarrassing yourselves on national television. You wanna do that, fine, it’s a free country. But don’t look at the camera as if to tell younger audience members, “This is what success looks like, girls.” It’s not, girls. That’s what failing up looks like. And people who fail up may have fun for a while but when they die they go to San Diego, and they work in offices for eternity, and they never see the ocean. It’s a banal kind of hell.) ANYWAY.”


      • Squirrels says:

        San Diego is the pit of all vipers who fail? I take offense. We have a great city. Although I admit I work for myself. (sniff, tear…)


    • Oh I hope hope hope he recaps it, I adore him!

      • kats2 says:

        Me too, I actually might not watch but keep reading his recaps and of course all the blogs and comments here. I try to do that with NJ HW’s too.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I think I am in love with the author of this blog.

  38. lillybee says:

    I wonder if Jill will friend any of these women.

  39. mnsue says:

    Don’t know if anyone else is in the Twin Cities but Bethenny did a REALLY nice thing today and called in to a local radio show. The host has great ratings and has been an entertainment reporter locally for years on tv and radio.
    His 2 favorite people are Katie Couric and Bethenny. Katie Couric learned about him and has called his show and they tweet back and forth.
    He started talking about wanting B on his show months (?) wks(?) ago. Some other guy started tweeting B every day and encouraged others. She rightfully so said the guy was twitter stalking her BUT

    she said today she did tell her publicist to arrange a call in to the show.

    Apparently she is on vacation right now so the host who loves her thanked her very much. They only talked for a few minutes. I was REALLY happy with him because all his questions were asking her how she feels about the success and margarita sales etc.
    No questions about Jill or Kelly or any crap.
    It was pretty ineventful but nice because of it.

    • cusi 77 says:

      When I saw BGM? last night I thought “Jill Zarin was never mentioned… what a great program!” I am sure that killed JZ! Her name never came!

      • Lovebeth says:

        when Bethenny was talking about the “breast friend” thing, she kept saying, “I am bad friend or left the bad friend for dead” or something like that. I thought she was referring to Jill indirectly lol. What a season finale it was. It had 1.9 something million in ratings. Jill, take that!

    • mnsue says:

      Can we all stipulate for all time that people understand that typos happen?!?

      It is great to see B with no damn Jill Zarin. It is funny to watch some scenes like a shower and imagine if loud mouth bitch Jill was there. Yuk with a capitol Y

  40. mnsue says:

    We just got Gayle King’s radio show locally and Andy was on last night. Gayle acknowledged they are friends but said she didn’t like Salahi being on the show.

    He said they don’t like this press. (The View, Today show etc)

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Bravo doesn’t like this press? I find that difficult to believe. I would think it’s PR 101 as far as Bravo is concerned. Considering the parade of people behaving badly that Bravo proudly produces and promotes, how is “this press” any different?

      What Bravo may not like is that the Salahis are loose cannons they can’t control, but then who gave them the platform?

  41. Lovebeth says:

    Jill wanted to blog HWs of DC but looks like Alex is blogging it for People mag. Awesome must be killing Jill!

  42. Blue Sky says:

    Egad this is disturbing, no doubt RHONJ will be back (thanks to Lovebeth for the link)
    from tvbythenumbers.com:

    “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Pulls In 3.29 Million Viewers, Series Highest Rated Non-Finale Episode
    Posted on 13 July 2010
    “Watch What Happens: Live” Hosted by Andy Cohen Scores Series High 2.4 Million Viewers

    BGM? scored 1.9 million viewers, RHODC came in at 1.6 million for yesterday.
    One of my favorite shows, “American Pickers” had 4.4 million viewers. It’s on the History channel. Top show on non-cable last week was “America’s got talent” on NBC scored 9.76 million. Gives you some perspective on these numbers, doesn’t it?

    • Lovebeth says:

      Yeah NJ will be back unless Bravo pulls the plug. It does not matter, its stars are making a fool of themselves while Bravo is becoming rich.

      I did not know the Rachel Zoe Project highest ratings in the history of the show was almost 1 million! Actually it is 0.9 something. BGM will do even better for season 2 because they will have time to go over things and make changes if necesary.

    • Noelle says:

      That’s disturbing, the ratings for RHNJ, Bravo knows a cash cow when it has one. It’ll for sure be back..unlucky us. This to shall end, eventually.(Hopefully sooner than later.)
      Great numbers for BGM, especially a cable one with Bethenny carrying the show. Kudos to her!

    • kats2 says:

      It’s the Monday night summer – time slot, there is nothing else on TV and even in the summer it’s a night most people stay in. They would not get those ratings on Thursday and it has been said that Thursday night is the toughest slot on TV. If Bethenny was on Monday night her ratings would triple. If the NJ HW were on during Monday Night Football or on Thursday night going against Project Runway, they would not survive.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Good point – nothing else to watch on Monday evening….and I have to also wonder where the voting is taking place for the ratings to come up with the numbers.

  43. cusi 77 says:

    G-Night girls!

  44. lillybee says:

    Despite the ratings RHONJ is a horrible group of people.

  45. Adgirl says:

    Re: Bravo ratings vs any other station. I believe Bravo owns or partly owns most of their reality shows so the profits for Bravo are huge even compared to stations with higher viewership numbers – becuase most of the other stations have to purchase the shows from an outside company.
    Once the investment is paid for by commercial revenue (what, the first or second showing of the episode?) then it’s all good times. Lost footage, reunion & WWH shows are cheap. I’m sure Bravo is very happy with their numbers.
    Too bad about NJ ratings being so good. Honestly, I think it must be a bunch of 20 year olds laughing at the middle age antics of those slatterns.

  46. boston02127 says:

    Good morning…. 🙂

    From the Washington Post
    In the most recent Salahi stunt, their lawyer is saying they are considering their legal options in re Whoopi Goldberg and “The View.” The Salahis are unhappy that the show called them “White House gate crashers” when Michaele and the other housewives were on the ABC daytime talk show and are also mad that Goldberg touched Michaele Salahi during the show and yelled a four-letter word at then backstage.


    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Can just add another lawsuit to the 30 they already have. Whatever you think of Whoopi she has more clout than the Salahi’s could dream of. Also, do they really want to sue The View and look like a bunch of idiots??? I guess they do. They are the lowest forms out there.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Be careful when you are furious and you touch someone. It’s going to end up badly for Whoopi. You cannot tap someone or pull their hair. Going back stage to shout obcenities at the Salahis just shows how angry Whoopi was. I’m not kidding, she should never have touch that woman.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Quincy take a look at Whoopie’s video tape; the tap was more of a soft touch on the arm, nothing different than any other person has done in their lifetime.

          • Scorpiosue1102 says:

            Exactly. There was nothing malicious about it. Whoopi went off on the Salahi’s backstage because the Salahi’s told the producers that Whoopi hit Michaele (and we’ve seen the footage that that statement was a lie). I’ll take Whoopi’s lawyers over the Salahi’s. Considering the Salahi’s owe about 6 law firms money we’ll see how that goes. Just another way to waste the courts time.

            • Sha2000 says:

              Why does this woman think she can hug at will but Whoopie can’t touch? It was the question the ruffled her feathers, period. Did she really think the world forgot they crashed a WH party uninvited?

              I’m glad Whoopie opened a can of Whoop-ass on her backstage; I am now a re-newed Whoopie fan!

              • WindyCityWondering says:

                Me too! Tarqe filmed it on his phone for later use….but Ms Whoopie will not be their meal ticket today.

    • Sha2000 says:

      What idiocy! IF they were were invited to any of these events (which evidently they were not) how is it that they are never on the list & cannot produce an invitation or their own RSVP? And how is it that it happened at least twice to them? They seem to think everyone is stupid when really its them, but sadly the event planner at the WH “resigned” because of these selfish fools.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      since they have a habit of not paying their attorneys – maybe they will stop being taken on as clients! It sounds like they sue just to sue whether or not there is a valid reason.

    • ShyAsrai says:

      ‘considering their legal options’ = their attorneys are trying to ascertain how in the hell they’ll get fees out of the Salahis before they take the case.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Isn’t that the same magazine that was on the show? The one that the husband & the modeling agency VP got an award from & the wife knew someone there well? Lol.

      • Anitabee says:

        I’d love to know if this was all comped by Bravo? I wonder how many people attended?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          I imagine that once these “wives” have BravoTV status it will make a difference in awards, event entries, etc. Mary said she knew someone on Washingtonian Magazine so that would influence as well.

  47. boston02127 says:

    From Michaele’s Facebook :
    Check out the new “Us Weekly Magazine” that hit the stands this morning with a special feature on Michaele Salahi, the Primary Star of the Real Housewives of DC! News to be announced soon about the World Premier Party for the most anticipated Television Show in TV History. Real Housewives of DC premiers August 5th, 9PM EST / 8 PM Central.

    From Michaele’s tweets—Salahis will address on Thursday Morning LIVE on National TV the outrageous abuse and exchange that took place on… http://fb.me/EzzSgMXm

    She doesn’t finish this sentence. I wonder if she’s talking about The View. In other interviews she’s claiming she was “attacked” by Whoopi. I saw the clip, Whoopi lightly nudged her!

    Another tweet — Hi Friends – the fun premiere parties I will be appearing at Thursday night for the Show, will be EFN Lounge and… http://fb.me/DRiCAgQq

    The “primary” star? She’ll be “appearing”. Who is this low life? LOL She thinks quite highly of herself.

    Shanna’s (me) new hate list:
    Michaele Salami for brains.

    • kats2 says:

      Hey Boston (Shanna) Good Morning!

      You forgot Teresa on your list!

    • Sha2000 says:

      Finally got around to watching DC last night. What a snooty-snotty group! The only person that seemed nice was the realtor but that British woman ugg…maybe if GB ran her country into the ground she might feel differently; what an idiot!

      • ShyAsrai says:

        aren’t we trying to keep politics out of this discussion??

        please don’t assume everyone else agrees with your statement on GB and/or the state of our nation. what you wrote can really make someone’s blood boil.

        • Sha2000 says:

          @ ShyAsrai , FYI I wasn’t the only one on these threads to disagree w/Cat & there is much evidence to support my claim if you care to debate politically : ) We are both allowed to voice our opinions as guaranteed by the first amendment whether on a blog or in person, period. The show is about DC & I’m willing to bet that one of the only things interesting about the show will be politics…the subject will come up here too.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill’s bio on Zarin Fabric calls out Star of RHONY, husband to Bobby and mother to Ally and Ginger…. some women have to hold the title of #1 star, which likely doesn’t go over too well with any other one who thinks she is the real star or with those who don’t care one way or another who is the primary star – they forget they are an ensemble cast.

  48. Olivia says:

    There must be a question on the application for those “Housewives” that goes something like: “Are you willing to set aside your self respect and agree to be filmed in the worst possible light in order to become “famous”? I think we know the answer to this.

    Having viewed the last NJ episode it becomes clearer to me that the the entire series is a sham product.

    Case in point: Danielle at the diner with the girls. Christine “casually” refers to her mother searching for her bio parent that she heard through a classmate. Danielle, naturally, “overreacts” to this latest “betrayal” by Kim G and heads to the lobby to inform hideous Danny Pro. How was this scene set up? Are we to believe that the cameras are also filming Danny 24/7 just waiting for the opportunity to record the “drama” when Danielle calls with her latest “dust up”? If this was to be the first time the girls had been informed of the mother’s latest publicity attempt to locate her bio mother they sure appeared unfazed by the news.

    The scene between Danny and Danielle was a “bridge”. It was a set up for the next scene of Danielle “confronting” Kim G in the restaurant. It is there to “keep the ball rolling” so to speak as it served no other purpose than to offer another “treacherous moment” led by Kim G which only set the stage for another fake “showdown”.

    It also convinces me that the scene in St. John where Jill just happened by was another example. Does anyone honestly believe, bad as they are, that Bravo would place Bethenny’s health in jeopardy when she had just buried a parent and was in the early stages of her pregnancy just in the event that she may have suffered emotionally as a consequence of Jill’s unexpected arrival?

    My belief is that Bethenny knew in advance of Jill’s appearance but perhaps not all the cast did. It would explain Alex’s overwrought reaction. The same for the scene where Alex informs Jill that Bethenny is “done with her”. Alex continued to deliver the message even when the others, up to that point, talked over and around her. It may be that the others were unaware of what was coming next but Alex’s insistence on delivering that message kind of sealed it for me. It was the “bridge” needed to keep the drama flowing.

    Another scene that was rather transparent was Dina meeting with Danielle in the restaurant just to deliver the message that she was “done” with Danielle. From any other perspective this could have easily been accomplished by either a text message or a phone call. But this scene was created to offer an exit for Dina by suggesting that she was “fearful” of any future encounters with her “enemy”. It was yet another “bridge” to maintain that fiction since lately Dina has been actively “tweeting” which puts those “fears” to rest.

    The dialogue may not be scripted but I kind of think the producers set up the scene, perhaps encourage one or two of the castmates to behave and improvise in a certain way, and what follows is a version of their”reality”. Kelly the Dingbat, and even Jill Zarin, have hinted as much.

    This is simply my own “analysis” of what I have perceived in watching these shows. It also explains some of the “insanity” of Kelly’s actions since none of these women are actually trained actors and their abilities are severely limited in that area. Kelly may very well have been “prompted” to stir the pot without the others having full knowledge of the consequences of just how far Kelly was willing to go. It also explains the scenes where she kept “pushing the envelope” to incite the furor that her actions caused.

    It also explains some of Kim G’s behavior because otherwise it makes no sense otherwise.

    • Sha2000 says:

      “The dialogue may not be scripted but I kind of think the producers set up the scene, perhaps encourage one or two of the castmates to behave and improvise in a certain way, and what follows is a version of their”reality”.

      Of course they do; just like on BB the cast is often called into the DR so the production people can stir the pot. Good or bad there has to be something happening or else “reality” would just be plain boring. As far as the St. John trip; remember Bethenny said at the reunion that she had spoken to Jill the night before regarding her concern for Kelly’s behavior? Perhaps that’s why she go at “feeling” that Jill might show up.

      • Olivia says:

        The “bunk” began for me with the scene filmed between Bethenny and Jill where Bethenny called Jill from the street corner hoping to get their friendship back on track. The double viewing of watching Bethenny appeal to Jill as Jill fought off the attempt with Lu Ann lurking beside her never sat well with me.

        How was this scene set up? Bethenny riding in a car just happens to spontaneously suggest that the driver pull over to the curb to place a phone call to someone who may or may not be at home to take it while the cameras roll? And Jill being ready to accept the call on the other end as the cameras do the same? How convenient was that?

        It may be that Bethenny, owing to her emotional response, was not aware that Jill would “rebuff” her but Jill was surely ready to land the blow as Lu Ann looked on which again advanced the “feud” to even greater heights. The same could be said for the “showdown” filmed at Ramona’s. Jill may not have been made aware of Bethenny’s “surprise” appearance which did seem to catch her offguard even if she did behave like a total bitch. The cameras were all fired up and ready to go!

        There may be actual jealousy between the members of both of these casts. But much of it, IMHO, is “amped up” by the fake storylines that are presented and it evolves from there.

        Taking note of the cameras has dimmed my interest since so little of it makes any sense when looked at close up.

    • Lovebeth says:

      From what I have read online, none of the casts knew about Jill showing up in St. Johns. I think Bethenny was emotionally drained with the whole Jill fiasco and when you are emotionally drained, nothing surprises you. Remember Ramona said she had a premonition about Jill showing up?

      Also, the whole Jill vs bethenny feud I read Jill and Bravo knew but left Bethenny in the dark which explains why Bethenny was shocked and crying all the time. They said it was supposed to be like the Nene/Kim fight and then go back to being friends but Bethenny had no idea all of these. So sad that is why Bethenny did not want to be friends anymore because Jill out of line big time and the friendship was over.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I believe certain situations/topics are created by Bravo – the reactions are real to the extent of each cast members ability to react/act. NJ can’t act. NY has a cast who can act but remain classy in doing so (except Kelly). These women are not friends but more likely acquaintances or relatives – it too NY three seasons for true colors to come out. DC first episode showed us who doesn’t like whom from the start – they came with built in drama.
      What will make watching DC difficult for me as a viewer is all the facts we know about them now in real life. An example: Cat – first the photog is her boyfriend, do we have to see them get married on the show? and we know they are now divorcing! So we as viewers have to sit through a relationship that exploded – do we suspend what we know and accept this “love story”?

      • Yeah and there just happened to be a camera crew at Danny’s house when Danielle decided to interrupt her dinner at the diner with her girls?
        I’m pretty sure that the scene cut from Danielle to Danny on the other end of the phone.
        Why would there be a crew waiting to tape Danny???????
        I think you caught them red-handed on that one!

        • cusi 77 says:

          I think Danny person was not with cameras. Danielle went out of the cafeteria to “make an important call” to Danny… I am pretty sure we just got to hear his voice.
          Even more! He made a comment implying what she wanted him to do to… Kim G? He wasn’t aware Danielle was on speaker phone in front of cameras!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Bethenny’s streetside phone call to Jill scene: Jill was filming with Lulu at her apartment, so the producers knew where Jill was and that cameras were rolling. In the scene, before she answered the phone, Jill noted the call ID was from “private caller” & she didn’t like that. Later she said she had no idea B was going to call, which was likely true. (Remember Z said the producers “ambushed” her. Just as in the scene where she was at Ramona’s with Lulu picking up cast offs for the second hand shop and Bethenny shows up to talk to her.)

      Another unit was filming with Bethenny. She was on her way to something (which they probably filmed, but we didn’t see it). During the Bravo Talk Bubble as the episode was on, Bravo producer said they had suggested Bethenny make a call to Zarin to set up a meeting so they could talk. So she stopped and made the call. Producer said they had no idea the conversation would go the way it did.

      So the RHONY producers do set up situations and don’t tell the participants all they know. Producers knew Z was planning to drop in during the VI trip…they filmed her talking about it. (They didn’t pay for her to go, Jill was probably doubly pissed because she spent her, well Bawby’s, money to go.) Producers didn’t tell the others….how better to get a response and a scene?

      IMO Bethenny didn’t have to be told Z might appear, she knew Jill. Here was a major filming event for the show and Jill was missing it? Jill had tried to stop the VI trip and when that failed, she was going to completely miss being on scene and having her “close up” with the cameras? Knowing from Ramona that Jill was going to the VI (another island) , who wouldn’t suspect that Jill might to stop by to get some camera time? I think Alex & B have said if they had actually known for a fact that Jill would make an appearance that day (the last day of the trip), they would have made other arrangements to not be at the house when she arrived.

      B has said that the RHONY production company (Shed Media, which doesn’t produce any of the other HW shows) are less “interfering” in the action than those of the other shows. Presumably meaning they don’t direct the cast or the action. And with these loony toons, they don’t really have to. Can anyone imagine “directing” Kelly? Like anyone but Kelly could come up with her dialogue and behavior? On and off camera? Zarin had devised her own script for the season, as we know. JZ’s anti-Bethenny agenda even conflicted with the producers trying to film the show….Jill wanted B shut out, and no one to film with her. When that didn’t work, Jill had an alternate scenario: she had her script of how her visit to the VI trip would play out. Jill’s just pissed that her own scripted scenarios didn’t work out the way she planned….and the cameras showed that.

      Of course there’s artifice in the making of the show: producers together with the women do set up situations to be filmed, but the producers don’t always tell the cast of all the elements (and cast members) potentially involved. Since it’s not a “candid camera” show, of course cameras and preplanned events and filming schedules are involved. But the women do their own thing, how they behave is on them. No surprise that it’s those who came off the worse this season, JZ and Kiki, don’t want to own their own behavior and claim that everyone but them is responsible for what they said and how they behaved.

      • here's the thing says:

        In the contracts the women sign (and this is typical of all reality shows), there is a clause that states that the producers can misrepresent things to cast members in order to drive the story. So yes, while the situations aren’t ‘scripted,’ all the setups are just that…set ups.

  49. Trudie says:

    “Lynda told us that ambassadors and dignitaries use her modeling agency. For what exactly? How many times do these folks, in their lives as ambassadors and dignitaries have the use for a “model”? Things that make you go hmmm.”

    Pretty much word for word what my 16 year old daughter said.

    • Olivia says:

      The only thing I could come up with is that these “aspiring models” are actually the wait staff that work at these events. They are required to look good as they pass the canapes and drinks. Other than that, what in the world would induce an ambassador or a diplomat to phone an agency requesting the services of models? Waiters, bartenders, hostesses, yes. But models? Not so much.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Hope she explains that because unless they are having “fashion shows” then this agency is supplying interactive eye candy…………don’t like the implications of that.

  50. boston02127 says:

    Salahi’s Crashed CBC Dinner Through Catering Entrance


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Since Lynn Curtain will not be back on the OC most likely because they are busted broke, kids were a mess, she didn’t have a brain and housewives should have money, maybe we can hope Teresa goes down for the reason and takes her little monkey divas with her.

  51. cusi 77 says:

    Good Morning Lynn and pals!

  52. boston02127 says:

    Can anyone tell if this is Michaele Salahi?

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      LOL!!! Love that one.

    • cusi 77 says:

      Mickey_ good job, just be careful with this nut case… she doesn’t have sense of humor like Sonya… please, be cautious. I am a big fan of yours.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        agree be careful – these people are offended easily and they like to sue!

      • Quincy IL says:

        The could sue for “Salami” too. It seems that there were lists of lawyers owed money from their many suits, but that won’t stop them.

      • Squirrels says:

        Parody is not against the law. If it were, SNL would have been off the air long ago. So, too would Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.

        Once she considered herself a “celebrity,” the rules for libel and slander change dramatically. In essence, the Salamis put themselves into the public eye. Carry on!


    • Oh God, that is soooooo funny!!

    • bonbon says:

      Way funny! All of yours are wonderful. but this one could be in your top 3!

    • kats2 says:

      MickeyMouth – That is so funny, you’re going to be busy with the DC franchise. We have to get you in the Washington Post.

  53. boston02127 says:

    Michaele Salahi & husband…. Owners of Oasis Winery.” not really; his parents, still alive, founded it, and he’s been battling them in court over the property for years.


  54. boston02127 says:

    Washington Post.
    Catherine Ommanney the British one. Split from her second husband and sent the girls back to the UK to live with their father.

  55. boston02127 says:

    The DC wives are on again. To put this as nice as possible, Michaele’s mouth looks like another body part. If you’re reading this your probably sitting on that body part.

  56. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    From Reliable Sources @ Washington Post….the Salahi’s thinking they deserve an apology for Dinnergate:

    As in other interviews, the Northern Virginians continued to insist (without proof) that they were invited, but this time they also accused the Obamas of bad manners. “I certainly wouldn’t treat anyone this way that comes to my house, even if there was a question about an invitation,” said Tareq — never minding the fact that the White House did admit him and his wife without an invitation, and that’s what started this whole mess. Added Michaele: “Even if they weren’t on the list at Oasis [Winery], you’d find a spot for them….The American way is to love people.”

    • boston02127 says:

      Scorpiosue1102–They really need to shut up. They more they talk the more stupid they appear. They act like they are talking about Chucky Cheese instead of the White House.

    • Blue Sky says:

      I want the U. S. (that’s all of us) to sue these people, and if they don’t pay up for all the costs of the congressional hearings, FBI, Secret Service, IRS etc. multiple investigations of these idiots well then they should be deported to an island surrounded by shark infested waters. No wait, that’s too good, send them to a prison in Afganistan, or Siberia.

      Whoopi should sue Bravo for having the slimy salamis on the View, under false pretenses, or whatever. Really, Bravo has gone too far this time.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Good point Blue; they have clearly wasted tax dollars that are needed elsewhere.

        I think its a laugh that a self proclaimed “hugger” wants to sue Whoopie & ABC when the video tape shows clearly that all Whoopie did was touch her arm.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Proof where is the proof? Show us the official White House invitation! Or the email that invited you!

    • Sha2000 says:

      The burden of proof is on them. If you were invited somewhere produce the invitation, period. Who throws away an invite from the WH? NO ONE. Furthermore you would need to RSVP, wheres that????? And why does this keep happening to you at several events? How stupid do these people believe we are to buy their stories?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        The fact that they didn’t sit down to dinner would imply there were no seats for them because they were NOT invited!

  57. Olivia says:

    My take on these “housewives” is the reason for bowing out. I am seeing too much of the “fakery” to be able to justify commenting.

    Someone on yesterday’s thread provided a video showing Danielle and Jacqueline hanging all over each other prior to the NJ series premiere. They did indeed appear to be “friends”. It was said elsewhere that the friendship had been ongoing for a year prior to filming and it was through Jacqueline that Danielle was introduced as a possible castmate.

    Which leads me to believe that Danielle’s nasty past, up until that time, was largely unknown. I think she probably “confessed” to Jacqueline after she was signed, probably questioning how long this would remain secret when the show aired. My guess is Jacqueline, privy to the knowledge, revealed it to the Manzo’s after the contracts were signed and the trouble brewed from there. I can’t say that I would be in disagreement for putting distance between themselves and Danielle to be honest.

    Caroline has kept her distance from any meaningful filming with the others but when she does they are shown coming to her house and not the other way around. She probably placed “limits” on her participation which shows her either scrambling eggs, counseling Albie, or listening to the whining of the others as she remains above the fray. As a fellow cast member, and a long time acquaintance of the Guidice’s, she probably feels compelled to excuse their behavior which is abhorrent in their greed.

    It also calls into question the episode shown last week where Chris and Kim G’s son were shooting pool. That scene once again showed the “set up” for Kim G to once again attempt to insert herself into the Manzo’s lives by appealing to Chris to make it happen. Is this Bravo’s way of not only making Kim G a replacement housewife, thus finding her in the “embrace” of Caroline who insists that this will not happen as long as Kim G befriends Danielle? Where is this storyline supposedly going?

    It just seems to me that Caroline, out of all of them, would have refused upfront to doing this show had she known full well of Danielle’s shady past. My belief is that the revelations come after the contracts were signed and Bravo was stuck with having to invent a storyline around the defection of the others who refused to film with her. The drama escalated from there. It also explains Jacqueline’s “reluctance” to cut ties with Danielle even when faced with the insistence of the others which we all chalked up to her stupidity. Jacqueline was used as the “bridge” between the two camps and more than likely holds a great deal of responsibility for the information she passed on to Danielle regarding the Manzo’s themselves. As an in law they cannot shut her off entirely. Kim G has now stepped forward to fill that role.

    But for Bravo, the show must go on. Teresa and Juicy Joe’s financial meltdown was an unintentional publicity bonus.

    • Sha2000 says:

      “But for Bravo, the show must go on. Teresa and Juicy Joe’s financial meltdown was an unintentional publicity bonus.”

      Or who knows, maybe they do a background check & look for scandals?

  58. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Oh and let’s not forget that the “gate crashers” were most probably trying to crash the State dinner for the Mexican president.

    “Alleged Obama ‘gate crashers’ stopped near another state dinner”

    This was 4 months after they went before Congress to testify on Dinnergate.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Okay so that makes 3 attempts we’ve read about. Do they really think people still believe them?

    • Squirrels says:

      I’m lost. Can someone explain this part of the article?

      “The couple accused of crashing the India dinner in November got stopped last night a few blocks from the White House at the same time President Obama hosted his second formal state dinner, this one for Mexico.”

      I know about the Black Caucus Dinner and the WH, but no clue as to the India dinner.

  59. Amber...Real Wife says:

    On DC…

    Show will be interesting. I’ll watch but will probably catch the second show as Jersey Shore is the winner that hour.
    All the ladies seem full of themselves, but the clear winner for ahole of the episode and worst dinner guest is… Cat/Kat. Her ability to ruin a lovely cooking demonstration with her conversation was amazing. She was a wart on the evening. Dousing the event everythime she spoke, and manipulating the converation. First she criticized Obama. No RSVP. Then she rudely disparaged the chefs resume by attacking Tyra. She doesn’t have to like Tyra, no one does, however, when she started to do her impersonation of her, full of stereotypical behaviour, she’d gone too far. Sake anyone?
    Thank goodness she left Oprah out of it. Bookclub wannabe ya think?

    The Salamis( thanks original poster), are con artists who enjoy getting people. Sponsors, investors, family, stiffed employees, anyone. They will do anything for publicity and Michaele seems to be a willing partner in all the shenanigans her husband is involved in. Michaele is a total PR pro deflecting questions and redirecting conversations to her agenda. To turn a touch by Whoopi into an attack is very telling. The husband demanding apologies to further agitate Whoopi, then filming it for future use proves these folks are charlatans and pros.

    Stacie seems nice enough, but her nerves will be put to the test as the “african-american/black friend” for some of these women. She’ll be annoyed as this cast learns what is and isn’t culturally accepted. Hopefully no one asks to touch her hair.

    Speaking of hair… Mary, quite contrary. Will she be the Jac, KKB, or Lynn of the group? Her desire is to integrate hair care so whites and blacks get their hair done together. WOW, what a battle to pick. Multi-cultural salons are like WTF? In order to become licsensed you must be able to wash, color, perm, straighten, and cut all hair types. Fine hair is made curly, coarse hair made pliable etc. Courses on braiding and extensions are also taught. Salons remain segregated probably due to familiarity. Salons also remain exclusive due to price. People tend to go places where they will feel invited and enjoy the time spent waiting. Folks also want to get their hair done professionally, however, not pay through the nose for it. Extensions for 500-1000 vs. 3000-5000 is enough to remain local or make others take a walk on the wild side.

    Now Lynda is a menace. She does not suffer fools and SHE is the one who tells it as it is. I find her to be the greek chorus, this season, without the laughs. Her TH’s will cut to the bone and we’ll probably like it.



    • Sha2000 says:

      and don’t forget #7.

      I might think my house is fabulously decorated when in actuality it’s tacky.

  60. Blue Sky says:

    Does Bravo go & find the trashiest, bound to make trouble people to be on the cast? Sure seems that way with the Slimy Salamis! Really, could it be that Bravo thinks in order to mine reality gold, they have to come up with a cast member to be the big villain, so that the drama will be guaranteed? Maybe they just went too far with the Salamis. 1.6 million viewing the debut episode is not that great, especially with all the publicity the show got after the Whoopi incident. Most of the viewers were from the DC area, according to tvbythenumbers.com. I cannot watch this trash, so am boycotting the DC housewives show. Wendy Williams trashed them on Thursday too, so you know lots of people will be not watching. Ya hear that Bravo producers? You went too damn f%%$$$ing far this time. I hope it’s true that Bravo is paying these trashy people $50,000 per episode, & I hope they lose big bucks on this one!!

    Really, who sues their parents to get them off their property, destroys the family business (Oasis Winery in bankruptcy)? Tareq the f%%@@ing piece of slimy salami.

    • Squirrels says:

      You know? Without the beard Tareq reminds me of Toulouse Lautrec. Short stature, decadent lifestyle and often mean spirited. In a word….


  61. boston02127 says:

    @Scorpiosue1102—I was just re-reading the posts. I posted a link that you had posted yesterday. Sorry.

    Have a good afternoon everyone. 🙂

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      No worries! I’d put an “I Hate the Salahi’s” blog out there, but they’d probably sue me *insert eyeroll*.

  62. viki55 says:

    Hi all! Just checking in while I cool of for the next round of yard work. Trying to keep busy. I am confused. If HWDC just started this week, why are there 3 episodes on right now?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravo scheduling with repeats strikes again! I watched DC again today to make sure I heard what I heard. lol And I just came in from getting my kids’ passports renewed costed me $240!

      • viki55 says:

        WOW! How many kids?

        • vilzvet says:

          And more important, where are you going!!

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Planning for winter break – some place warm, with an ocean (hotel has to have a spa). Any suggestions?????

            • Quincy IL says:

              Well, the Virgin Islands had nice homes for rent. The hotel suite from Bethenny’s honeymoon was cool. Someone here went to Aruba and saw Bethenny in a hotel elevator.

              I went to Miami and Key West last year in Jan. It was 45 degrees and the hotels had no heating systems. They ran out of blankets so bring some from home just in case. I like Key West very much. We walked for days and the ocean was beautiful. Miamo was fun too, but my granddaughter didn’t like the cold win so I spent 5 days looking out of a hotel window while mom and grandpa were in a converence.

              My daughter told me that there are great deals on cruises out of Fort Lauderdale right now. She likes that port better than Miami.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          two! can you believe that!? Then the woman at the Post Office tried to tell us we should get Passport Card (these are for traveling on the ground not flying).

          • Squirrels says:

            My favorite island is Tobago, of Trinidad and Tobago. Pristine reefs, splendid wildlife, slow pace, etc. However, if your kids are young, not much for them to do activity wise. More like honeymoon material.

            Oh, and btw, the elec goes out at least 4x a day.

  63. viki55 says:

    Oh, my cable listing channel shows two more past the 1st, “Disloyal to the party” (right now) then “Foreign Relations” but they are actually showing HWNJ.

    • My Direct TV listing shows the same, but the satellite signal for that channel (all others fine) is out – I am getting a black screen with the ‘searching for signal message’

      Boo! Looks like a mistake 😦

    • kats2 says:

      NJ HW’s and Foreign Relations – that is a very scary combination.

  64. WindyCityWondering says:

    So now that I have watched RHODC a second time – I still don’t like any of them and don’t know that my opinion will change. The Salahi crew and the Cat – dislike alot. Stacie seems too sensitive. Mary is a control freak. Ah Lynda….our queen of snark – she is somewhat interesting and her BF is a hunk, so I am mildly interested in her story! What is disappointing is that if DC is about power and who you know – frankly this group so far is just not impressive. The only housewife I am curious about is DC herself.

  65. cusi 77 says:

    Thanks Lynn for this Forum!

    Good afternoon Girls. Have fun. Catch you later!

  66. Dawn says:

    I’ve watched all of the Housewives shows since their inception and didn’t tune in to D.C. Just not interested in any of the women (especially Missy).

    I read enough about the Salahis during the time that they were accused of crashing the White House dinner to know that I’m not interested in contributing to their fame. I’m ashamed that I’ve helped to create the notoriety that Jill and Teresa currently enjoy. Of the latter two, Teresa is the worst. Unlike most viewers, I had her pegged for the the classless individual that she has proven herself to be.

    Love this blog and glad that I found it. I left the TWOP forums due to the constant closings and posturing of Strega and its’ ilk.

    • kats2 says:

      TWOP and Strega Suck Ass! (kadooz to the previous poster early this morning or later last night that wrote a comment with Suck Ass in it. I’m sorry I can’t remember but it’s way way up there!!!!)

  67. Adgirl says:

    I wonder if Obama RSVP’d to Cat’s divorce?

  68. moriasheehan says:

    anyone remember Popeye stranded on island and the natives bowing in front of their king saying….salami, salami, bologna?

  69. boston02127 says:

    Trouble in Ashley land? Her tweet—i fucking hate this whole state and everyone in it

  70. boston02127 says:

    Is anyone having a problem with the blog rolling? I posted and it didn’t show up. When I tried again it said it was a duplicate.

  71. LYNN—don’t know if you’ll get a chance to read all the comments here, but I just wanted to say for the record that I finally deleted MAXINE.
    Lynn very nicely asked people to delete Maxine from Twitter, and I have to say that Maxine finally shocked me the other day when she posted an “invitation” from Jackie of RHONJ to go to Borgata in Atlantic City where the reunion was being taped.
    Jackie did not invite people to the taping. She posted a photo of her hotel room.
    Andy & the women were taping what will be three or four, hour-long reunion episodes, in long stretches with breaks, but still they were working.
    I work at Borgata a few days every week, and I had already talked to someone there who said that there was no way anyone who wasn’t working on the show was getting in
    So what Maxine did was really stupid, (as usual).
    It wasn’t fair to send people there under false pretense, or to the people who work there who had to deal with people who were disappointed because of Maxine’s “invitation”.
    What is kind of ironic, is that this all happened on the same day that the DC “party-crashers” premiered. Gee- I’m sure they could have got the invite to The White House from Maxine if they wanted a good excuse?
    When I un-followed Maxine I wanted to see how many followers she had left, but for some reason I could not see that information.

  72. boston02127 says:

    From Absurd to Sublime—-
    Got Two Mortgages? Must Be an Orange County Housewife
    They bought their house for $1.3 m in 2006. They have 2 mortgages totaling $1.3 m so they’re already underwater and looks like out of their financial league. They’ll probably get foreclosed on in the next year.
    If you guessed the latest Orange County Housewife, you’re a rocket scientist. Peggy Tanous, another blonde and a friend of Alexis Bellino, just signed with Bravo to replace Lynne Curtin. The couple live in Irvine, he’s an “internet marketing entrepreneur”

    Lynne Curtin Not Returning to Orange County Housewives
    Rumor has it that I will not be returning for “season 6″ That rumor is true! Further rumor has it we will be back somewhere else on our own show! Hmmmm! “Watch what happens” Life is so unpredictable! Enjoy!
    Lynne Curtin and her spawn will not be returning for Season 6 of the Real Housewives of Orange County. We watched Lynne struggle through one and a half seasons on the show, with disrespectful daughters and evictions from three rental properties being the highlights of her tenure.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Lynn is so stupid and self absorbed and to then show what a poor parent she is on top of it (underage drunk daughters being filmed at the party). What made me stop watching OC was the scene where the girls answered the door to a summons server for the eviction…..that had to be set up and why the Curtains agreed to do that was beyond me. And for as long as that show has been on – I really never identified, liked or cared about any of them – bored tv.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Gosh, will the “fans” still buy those hideous bracelets?

      • I think the last season of the OC is what forced me to jump into blogging about these shows.
        I think I could have started an “I hate Viki” blog, with how much I couldn’t stand her.
        (but I love the rest of Viki’s family, specially her daughter).
        In my opinion, Viki is a really bad imitation of Suzi Orman, and her judgmental crap really rubbed me the wrong way.
        Alexis should stick to being pretty. There was a scene she was in that I spent hours trying to find-out where I could buy the lipstick she was wearing. (she uses M.A.C and others, but I never got the exact shade).
        The Holy-roller stuff is probably going to haunt her, along with her husband’s business. Same with her new friends, I smell another Teresa & Joe. Another Bravo set-up to knock them down & throw them to the wolves.
        I’m not (too) jealous of these women who are on just because they’re cute, but I really think they should just stick with that because any attempts to do otherwise are a disaster.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Bummer, I was looking forward to Lynn and family living out of their car.

    • kats2 says:

      Talk about lack of creativity in the casting process. “Let’s just go for another deadbeat” Andy Cohen you Suck Ass!

    • Shana p says:

      A reality show with Lynn may well be the only reality show I won’t watch!

  73. boston02127 says:

    Does anyone know if this is the picture Bethenny gave Jason? Thx.

  74. Lovebeth says:

    Jill is posting pics of herself and Ally at the signing and make it sound like there were lots of customers. Judge for yourself lol.


    • boston02127 says:

      @Lovebeth–Looks like she’s going to have to lug all those books back home.
      hee hee 🙂

      • kats2 says:

        I was thinking the exact same thing, but you know she’s going to make poor Ally carry all those books to the van, Bawby will be driving the van and will drop them off at the warehouse he rented to store all the books he bought to shut her up.

  75. boston02127 says:

    Ashley is a little looney. Three tweets she sent within one hour—
    i fucking hate this whole state and everyone in it
    bad mood. sorry
    hahahah happy birthday!!

  76. zoekayla says:

    Whew! I finally caught up! This time of year is the busiest for me, and my blog reading occurs late at night…after Lynn typically posts her new links, so making comments seems sort of self-serving. I haven’t missed a comment, though, and still love seeing my favorites posting and sharing great links (hi, Squirrels, Boston, Kats2, Quincy,IL). Lynn has created a really valuable place for me to go to to unwind and “virtually” visit with funny, bright folks from all parts of the country.
    The DC group is a little too easy to figure out…I wonder if there’s a chance our feelings might change as they did with the NY group (remember how many of us really disliked Alex in the beginning, but then came to appreciate her honest friendship with Bethenny and Ramona)? At first Jill seemed sharp-tongued, but witty and really looking out for Bethenny…then the real woman behind the curtain was unveiled.
    I don’t think my initial reactions will change dramatically (they are like most of yours), but I have learned that over time, certain events have a way of clarifying my thoughts about who people really are. So…like Lynn….I am going to wait just a bit and see.
    One thing that will not change:
    I still hate Jill, Kelly, Alex (from OC), Teresa, and Missy (can’t spell her other name she is currently using).
    Thanks, everyone for doing the heavy lifting for those of us who cannot- don’t know what I’d do without this site 🙂

  77. boston02127 says:

    Lynn–Can we get a new blog for chat? Posts aren’t posting. Thank you.

  78. Quincy IL says:

    So all you have to do when being served with court documents is drop them and all is well?


    Another company trying to get their payment for services and products from the Salahis who were having a premier party for their friends. The rest of the ladies were at a hotel for the official Bravo party and none of them want anything to do with the Salahis. I don’t think Mrs. Salahi will be in season two DC.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She could get served while filming a scene for Bravo!

    • Squirrels says:

      I served one person and one company. All you have to do is place the paperwork in their hands. Period. Dropping them after the handoff is not a valid excuse. All the server would have to say is, in your hands or on the floor buddy, “you’ve been served.” No judge would accept that lame excuse, like the 3 second rule for dropping a grape.

  79. Dreemz says:

    I’m back! Thanks for the welcome boston02127! If I missed anyone thank you, too!

    I think I figured out what bugs me about Cat. It’s not that she doesn’t like Tyra, who gives a rat’s ass. It’s that she exclaimed, drawled out nasally “poor you”! As though Chef’s association with Tyra is something to be ashamed of or pitied? It’s not that she prefers G B over Obama, it is a free country, it’s that she makes the subtle (?) implication that Obama is not a gentleman! It’s not that she is proud of her husband, it’s that she is a little overboard about showing pictures on her phone of Joe Biden, also claiming her husband got Obama elected! It’s not that she hates saki, it’s that she could have politely declined instead of behaving as though her hostess was forcing her to drink a cup of hot piss.

    I think I figured out what bugs me about Mary. The photography session was so rehearsed. They walked in with a bottle of wine, she told the photog, he shrugged ok, she kept on & on & on…I guess he didn’t read his lines. The kids had all rehearsed, cameraman was on-cue, cute little antics I guess..just kind of ho-hum..yah, ok, you have a cute family, but I would really rather see the real stuff. So, hopefully on the next episodes we can see the real drama-like someone forgets their backpack and calls her from school while she’s getting her nails done-SOMETHING. I’m talking spontaneous stuff here folks. I’m not real crazy about LuMan but at least her kids & Rosie were comfortable in front of the camera, the kids were pretty nonchalant. I hope Mary and her family loosen up.

    I’m pretty sure Mary & Lynda have a pact to say nice & cute things about each other in there talking heads. It’s pretty clear they have each others backs-so far on camera and in the THs. (pinky pact?) SORRY couldn’t resist!

    Very curious to know the dirt on Cat’s husband, does he still have a job? After watching the episode again, she does clearly state he is the white house photographer.
    This was taped a year ago? Didn’t they get married in ’08? He HAD to know she was a loose cannon by then and yet he agreed to be a part of RH? Some pieces of the puzzle are missing here.

    As with the salami’s as well as t & jg, I scratch my head and wonder just WHO is it that they think they are impressing?? WE ALL KNOW!!!

    Another thing I noticed when I watched again, I think Missy(?) humiliated the woman lobbyist to tears. I know we all think Washington people have no feelings, but if you watch Missy(?) she pretty much dumps her. The lobbyist then to save face turns to intoduce herself to Cat (of all people). Bravo, of course, zeros in on the lobbyists eyes
    which look as though they are filled with tears. She is explaining to Cat that she works for important people and travels to London. This is after M. compares her one time visiting the courthouse (let’s dance, you don’t have time to dance? you work?? well, i’m a lobbyist too!!) to this woman’s professional life.

    I’m really looking forward to DC. Dreemz

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Cat’s husband was/is a photographer for Newsweek. He was assigned by Newsweek to cover the White House, didn’t work for the White House or politicos as Cat implied.

  80. boston02127 says:

    Interesting interview on YouTube.com, There are four parts. On YouTube type in
    Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi interviewed by Carol Joynt, Pt 1

  81. Dreemz says:

    Hi, Need a Hobby!

    I wasn’t very clear up there. What I meant to say was she was lying to us about him being the White House Photograhper, and that I had to watch it again to make sure that was what clearly came out of her mouth.

    Do you know if there have been any ramifications with his Newsweek position over her behavior on or off camera?

    • lillybee says:

      Maybe that is the reason for the divorce.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        kind of thinking the same – she said things she shouldn’t have and he got in trouble – like the Joe Biden cell phone picture – and who knows what crap she will let slip as weeks go by.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        More likely it’s because he married someone he really didn’t know (reportedly they had a “brief courtship”) and over the course of the next two years he found out.

        Reportedly, she has a history and it’s not exemplary.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I wouldn’t know. But I don’t see how Cat’s on camera behavior would have had much if any impact on his job. He’s a noted award winning photog. The show just premiered. Screeners of the first episode apparently weren’t available until late June. Reportedly, they had separated before then.

      He’s been on contract to Newsweek for years, but not exclusively. He also does work for other mags/news outlets.

      • DesertGal says:

        True, the show just premiered. That doesn’t mean that hubby didn’t hear about his wife sharing photos she shouldn’t have and badmouthing the Obamas before the show aired, though. Granted, those two little tidbits of gossip probably wouldn’t affect his job, but it certainly might have affected his view of his wife.

      • Squirrels says:

        Beg to differ. Those images, may or may not be his property. When I work for local mags/papers, I am allowed to keep my copyright, it’s no big deal. He on the other hand works for a very powerful mag, etc. His contract may demand Newsweek owns the copyright of all images (or all those they publish), or “first use,” which is a very common practice. This means the publication gets to use the image first, then you can sell it to whomever.

        The problem lies in her sharing an image that had not yet been released by Newsweek, regardless of the photog’s contract. Please remember in real time the shots were taken the same day as the cooking class dinner. That alone could get anyone shitcanned.

  82. WindyCityWondering says:

    Wondering has Ashley been tweeting? Wondering about her tiff with mommy after the reunion filming…..if anyone is going to dish on the action it will be Trashley.

    • kats2 says:

      Last I checked she’s still tweeting but I have not seen anything with her Mom. But I really want the scoop on what happened at the reunion. They all described it the same “crazy and the unexpected happened.”

      • Anitabee says:

        Maybe Andy came to his senses and cancelled the series at the close of the reunion.

        Instead, he greenlighted the “Brothers of the Brownstone” featuring the dynamics of Tommy & Alfred Manzo where Al tries to get Tommy to stop running around town wearing women’s clothing. AND Albie and Christopher Manzo where Albie trys to get Christopher to stop running around town trying to open businesses featuring naked women.

        Dina will guest star as a fraudulant Zen believer that twitter attacks tweeters that don’t even know who she is.

        Caroline will guest star as a empty nester that stalks her sons to the point they ask Danielle if they can pay her to kidnap and pistol whip their mom.

    • boston02127 says:

      Ashley tweeted this today—i fucking hate this whole state and everyone in it

      She quickly deleted it and tweeted this—sorry bad mood

      Within the same second she tweeted this——
      hamburger phone = mine. http://tweetphoto.com/37475772

      I think she a little looney.

  83. Dreemz says:

    That’s the first I’ve seen of Carol Joynt, her interview of the salamis was great! Someone please come up with a nickname for mrs. salami? The only thing I can think of is “teeth”, “veneers”, “whitening strips”,”Zoom”,”recessed gum tissue”

    • kats2 says:

      Hi Dreemz – since her real name is Mrs Salahi and you and others are already calling her Mrs Salami that sounds like a good nickname for now. I’m sure she will provide more material for us to come up with something fancier (you know like Ape or Prostitution Whore – Hey Teresa and Danielle)

    • boston02127 says:

      My nickname for Michaele is dog butt mouth.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She had to have her papers in order to work – Bravo isn’t that stupid. Then again who vetted Kelly or Teresa or Danielle…..

    • Squirrels says:

      I started humming Barry Manilow as I read that article Earring Girl.

      O-mmanney, hubby split
      look like shit
      are you better?

      O-mmanney, love to hook
      wrote a book
      you’re a terror

      etc, etc, etc.


  84. Wall St Lady says:

    Upper WestSide Dud I agree w/u. DC ladies minus Micky may b real top tier socialites. I thought Cat was funny;I laughed at her. I am a scenery lover & have not grooved on tacky NJ & liked the DC backdrop.

  85. boston02127 says:

    @WindyCityWondering & kats2—Ashley tweeted this today—i fucking hate this whole state and everyone in it……….she quickly deleted it and tweeted……..sorry bad mood. Within seconds she tweeted this with a pic of herself smiling….hamburger phone = mine. http://tweetphoto.com/37475772

    She’s a wacko.

  86. sydney says:

    The Salahis are GRIFTERS. They’re already turning out to be like Lynne Curtain and her sheister husband who owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to various people in Orange County, but I digress…..it warms my heart that they were served in front of their “friends” while having a viewing party Thursday night.

    According to Steve Winter, the PR firm’s president, the Salahis hired BWF back in 2008 to help promote their America’s Polo cup. Then they allegedly skipped out on the tab. “It was an affidavit for debtors interrogatory,” explained Winters. “It means they’ll have to appear in court to discuss their financial means — how they are capable of paying off the debt

    [see offsite link on voices.washingtonpost.com]

  87. sydney says:

    Sorry here’s a correct link to the WASHINGTON POST article re THE GRIFTERS.

  88. sydney says:

    Link to WASHINGTON POST article re THE GRIFTERS.
    P.S. Michaelea has already tried pretending to be a Redskins cheerleader and got caught. TRASH, JUST TRASH!

  89. Wall St Lady says:

    Fun read from Teresa’s home town news
    What happens when reality intrudes on “reality”?

    For Teresa Giudice of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” — and the Bravo cable network — bankruptcy is proving to be an inconvenient truth.

    Over a season and a half, the Bravo star has been a poster girl for conspicuous consumption. This is the woman who, last year, was shown plunking down $120,360 (cash) for furniture. This season, we’ve seen her throwing extravagant housewarming and christening parties, bragging about her “$5 million” house in the Towaco section of Montville Township and pressuring her husband into “wowing” her with a 10th anniversary diamond. Monday night’s episode will follow them on a fabulous-looking trip to Italy.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, on Oct. 29, Teresa and husband Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice jointly filed for personal bankruptcy, listing nearly $11 million in debt on their Chapter 7 petition — which came to light only  in June. Their creditors include banks, credit-card companies (owed more than $83,000) — and local businesses, including Dan Ban Construction in Ringwood ($85,581) and the Excelsior Lumber Co. in Butler ($91,266).

    Season Two was filmed last fall and winter, before and after the filing. And yet, 13 episodes in, there has been no mention on the show of the word “bankruptcy” — nor will there be before the Aug. 23 season finale, a Bravo representative says.

    “We had no idea about any of that,” says the representative, who was certain no one at Bravo knew about the bankruptcy until a New York tabloid broke the story two months ago.

    “We just follow the ladies. They tell us what they’re doing and we decide if we want to film them that day. So, if Teresa [had] said, ‘Hey, guess what, guys? I’m going to file for bankruptcy today,’ we probably would have followed it. But it’s easy for them to not give us that information.”

    As a result of Giudice’s selectivity, there’s a strange discrepancy between “reality” and real life on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” this season.

    The same day that Bravo showed Giudice angrily denying Danielle Staub’s claim that the 10,000-square-foot Towaco house is in foreclosure — at an event held on Nov. 11, post-filing — court-appointed Chapter 7 trustee John Sywilok filed a notice of proposed public sale of that home’s contents, slated for Aug. 22.

    On June 30, Sywilok, a Hackensack attorney, also filed a complaint objecting to the discharge of the Giudices’ debt — a move that Hackensack bankruptcy attorney Ron LeVine says is very rare, occurring in maybe 1 percent of bankruptcies.

    Sywilok, who said he could not discuss the case with the media, alleged in that complaint that the Giudices made “false oaths” about income, expenses and assets; concealed documents; and failed to disclose their interests in several businesses, including the Hillside pizza parlor that the Giudices showed off on the July 19 episode (and that she called “Joe’s pizzeria” in her July 20 Bravo blog).

    “It’s really a disgrace,” says Paterson Realtor Joe Mastropole, a former business partner of

  90. Wall St Lady says:

    A twat is a c#*t and very derogatory & I hope both r left off this blog. They offend me.

  91. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi Noelle ! How is ur sister ? I have been missing u !

  92. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi One MO BO !
    U have been “singing” great/fun posts all day today. U know I have read every post for the last month & I have seen West Side boy b4. I also know the tone of this blog & he is always is a little rougher around the edges than most. I took it as he was a guy most of us r gals.
    Once a dude at EF Hutton called his assist en the C word & I found her crying in the kitchen getting the dude coffee. I said let me deliver the coffee. He was on the phone & I interrupted & hoped his client herd me yell at him. I said what did u call
    Your ast. He said the C. Word & I told him if I ever herd him use that word not only would I help sue him but I would pick the phone up & shove it in his mouth unless he apologized immediately. Of course he was stunned at my outrage but he did apologize.
    Go girl !
    Hey Dude I hope u don’t call ur wife,girlfriend,daughter ,mother or female friends the C word. Seems the ladies here don’t want u to even call our Howives that!

  93. Wall St Lady says:

    Dumberries Why ? Is it because I admitted I take gummy bear vitamins ? Seriously why

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