I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC / Big Brother

I Hate Jill Zarin   The Real Housewives of DC         August 6, 2010


What did everyone think of the premier of the new Housewives?  Personally, I think I may like them, I know I’m in the minority here, most people seemed disgusted by last night’s episode but I found most of the women to be quite likeable and honest. 

This seems to be true for most of the Housewife series during their first season.  The women don’t know enough to be diva’s yet, unless they already are.  We may have a few divas here but nothing like we’ve seen on subsequent seasons of some of the other cities.

We got a brief introduction to each of the ladies and their families, I found Lynda to be the bitch of the gang.  What exactly is a Second Tier Person?  Who the hell says that?  She is one of those women who seem to think that they’re better than some other people, but I have news for Lynda, you are no better than any of the other housewives and you’re certainly no better than any of the rest of us. 

Lynda has two ex-husbands and two children and runs a modeling agency.  She seemed to think that we should be impressed by this, the “top” modeling agency in DC.  Sorry, not impressed, I don’t think that DC is the fashion industries first “go to” city for models.   How exactly does she define “top”?  Does she make more money than any other modeling agency in DC?  How many can there be?  Let’s face it, top models go to Los Angeles, New York City and even Chicago where major marketing campaigns are filmed and photographed. 

Lynda told us that ambassadors and dignitaries use her modeling agency.  For what exactly?  How many times do these folks, in their lives as ambassadors and dignitaries have the use for a “model”?   Things that make you go hmmm.

I know I’m once again in the minority but I liked Cat.  I think she tells it like it is and I respected the fact that she readily admitted that her children wanted to come to the United States.  Many Brits will act like they are better than American’s and try to act like they wouldn’t live in the US if you paid them but the truth is, around the globe people are jealous of American’s and would do anything to live here, including Londoners.  I have first-hand knowledge of that.  I saw the preview where she said to Michaele’s husband “I know you’re an American, but show some manners”.  (something like that)  We could certainly hold that comment against Cat if it had been directed to anyone else, but since it was directed at the White House Gatecrasher, I’m going to forgive it. 

Cat’s husband is the White House photographer.  Yes, photos and videos play a role in the image of the President before during and after his term as president but I think it is a huge stretch to say that her husband’s photographs got President Obama elected.  Personally, I tend to believe that it is because he spent so much of his career in Chicago.  LOL  I know she offended some but I think she’s harmless.

Stacie seems to be the most down to earth and level headed housewife.  Her thriving real estate position and loving family with two great kids seems to be exactly what this series needs.  This is what I have in mind when people talk about living the American dream.  Stacie and her family!  It was clear a few times last night she was taken aback by some of the other housewives comments, Cat at her chef’s lessons and Mary at her birthday party but she handled both with class and style.  She is going to be the heroine of the series!  That’s my prediction.

I see Mary as the girl next door.  She clearly was raised with the finer things in life and never wanted for anything growing up.  (at the Kennedy compound)  I’m withholding judgment a little longer because I see a little bit of the overindulged children at her house.  If you have to put a high-tech security system on your clothes closet because of your daughter, something isn’t right.  You should be able to tell your child that they are not allowed to borrow your things without having to lock them up like fort Knox. 

Last but certainly not least we met the infamous Michaele and her husband.  She is a bit over the top for me, with all the “I love you’s” and hugging everyone.  When you overuse a phrase like, “I love you” it loses all meaning.  There is no way that she loves every person at that polo match.  Correct me if I misunderstood but did she inform viewers that her house is so far away from DC that the couple needs to spend several nights at expensive hotels?  Why not move closer to where you need to be every day?  Michaele tells us that the first impression she gives off is that there is no substance to her but she really does have substance and a heart of gold.  Sorry Michaele, but I have to see for myself. 

I can guarantee you right now that I will not be purchasing her book to find out what happened the night of the alleged gate crashing, obviously we’ll only get their side of the story which may or may not be true.  As this couple sat in front of a congressional committee and plead the 5th the country was disgusted.  The amount of time, energy and resources that were wasted on the investigation of this incident should have been paid back in currency to the country by this couple.  If their testimony in front of the committee couldn’t clear their names, they should have been prosecuted.  If this was a miscommunication, why plead the 5th?   The bottom line is that if they did nothing wrong, what are they hiding?  I could have given them the benefit of the doubt had they answered those questions.  Was this all an attempt to sell more books?  Did they already have a book planned before this incident?  Maybe the original title was going to be, “How To Sneak Into The White House”.  Sickening! 

I know many have criticized Bravo for airing this couple, giving them more publicity and I understand why but I’m going to take the unpopular route once more and forgive them as well.  From their perspective they chose Michaele as a housewife before this occurred and filmed for months and months not only Michaele alone, but her interacting with the other housewives.  To scrap all of that footage and re-shoot with another housewife would actually be unfair to the other four housewives.  As it was the airing was substantially delayed due to this couple and the legal mess they’d gotten themselves into. 

Yes, Bravo is coming out on top with the only footage of what went on during this incident and they’re cashing in on it.  That isn’t any different than any of Bravo’s other shows where they air what happened, good, bad or indifferent.  If Bravo had footage of one of the housewives cheating on her husband, do you think they’d air it?  I do.  Bravo is a business and they’re going to do what is best for business and in this case, the best thing for Bravo is to keep this couple on the air because like it or not, people are watching them.  Bravo’s alternatives were not really great options and I think I may have made the same decision as they did if I were in their position. 

As we’ve seen with many of the housewives, being on this show doesn’t guarantee that these people will come out on top.  Many have said that Michaele should not be rewarded by being on the show after what she and her husband have done, but is this really going to turn out to be rewarding?  Possibly, but possibly not, she could end up being completely hated by the public, she could end up filing bankruptcy, getting divorced or losing her home and belongings.  Some of those things are closer than we may know if we believe some of the rumors out there.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that she does not have children as we know who suffers the most when the parents are notorious. 

I read the ladies blogs, they’re all up on Bravotv.com, none of them said anything of interest really, just that they had all waited a really long time for this season to air and most of the taping was done almost a year ago so they’re anxious to see it themselves. 

The good news about The Real Housewives of DC, I think they’re all on the up and up, with the possible exception of Michaele, they’re not pretending to be someone that they’re not, they’re not pretending to have money when they don’t, they are showing us the real deal.  (of course, I could be completely wrong)  I have seen the rumors about Cat and her background, I’m sure someone will dig up the truth with proof if it exists.  Until then, I’m going to keep watching to see what happens next. 

I know that many will disagree with this entire blog, or parts of it and for those that do, I sincerely apologize because I do not intend to upset or anger people.  I hope that whether you agree or disagree, you’ll leave your comments because I welcome debate and challenge others to try to change my mind with good arguments, not with insults.  So if you’re interested, please feel free to leave your comments here.  I think the DC housewives, probably more than any other franchise, will bring about debate among Bravo watchers.  Nothing wrong with that!    

WOW, a lot of new information has surfaced since I originally wrote this blog.  Amazing how many personal facts come out after one episode airs.  This blog was based only on the one hour episode I watched, I’m sure my next blog will be a whole lot different!

Until Next Time….

Big Brother Guest Blog:

Bohochickn             BB: Season 12;epi 13                   Air date: 8-5-10

This week’s live episode opens with Jules telling us that Hayden and Kristin’s secret showmance has been exposed, and one of them will pay dearly for it. Pay dearly for it? With their lives? Will they have to hand over their first-born child to CBS execs?? Who knows? Let’s find out!

On the previouslies, Andrew was shown exposing said secret showmance during the eviction ceremony. Hayden lets his fellow brigade members know that Kristin’s “great” but if she has to go, she has to go. Wow, way to stand by your woman, Hayden. Not that I blame you, just wanted to call you out on it. Rachel wins HOH for the 2nd time; calls Kristin a floater and tells her to grab a life vest. ha!

Britney won the veto comp, dressed stupidly (of course) as a wizard playing a huge foam pinball machine…sigh. Kristin got the wear the hippie-tard, adding insult to injury. Talk about bad karma, and we’ll find out exactly why in a few. Hayden goes on the offensive and tries to talk Britney into using the POV on Kathy; telling her that he and Kristin will protect her to the end, if she does so. Britney gets cold feet about the whole thing when Rachel suggests putting Lane on the block. In the end, the POV wasn’t used. We will also find out who America wants as the new saboteur. Personally, I voted for Enzo because I like to hear him tawk. Tonight’s HOH comp is being touted as the “most powerful” HOH comp yet.

Jules greets us and reminds us that it’s day 34 and Rachel is HOH for the 2nd time. Kristin has to decide whether to stay and fight or let Hayden stay. Eff that! I can’t stand Kristin, but at least go down swinging. Britney explains that she backed out of using the veto because Rachel wanted her to put up Lane. Rachel then explains that she threatened Britney w/ Lane because she didn’t want her to use the veto; she wants Kristin gone. Manipulation @ its finest!

Kristin and Kathy go cuddle and cry. Kristin’s devastated cuz either sheor Hayden is going; it’s not just a separation in the game, it’s fake tears and quivering bottom lips. Brenchel are talking about how wonderful life is when Hayden joins them to let then know everything’s groovy…brown-noser Hayden realizes w/ Brendon and the brigade behind him, he’s golden, man, golden!

Britney tells Enzo why she didn’t use the POV. Now Enzo is gunning for them..go! go! Britney then tells K & H the same story. Kristin wants to go rip Rachel’s head off cuz they had a great plan and Rachel de-railed it. Kristin and Hayden commiserate some more….blah blah blah…two months before we can see each other….blah blah blah. Kristin has no regrets (none??) She fake-tears again cuz she doesn’t want to campaign against him. She reminds me of that song, “Stupid Girl” by Garbage.

Britney, Ragan, and Matt are in the HOH room w/ Rach’s red extensions. THIS is why Britney is my favorite HG; she truly has a great sense of humor. “Floaters, grab a life vest! Kristin!” sounding exactly like her. Uh oh, who’s that clomping up the steps? None other than Rach herself….BUSTED!! Of course, the dimwit Rachel is, she yells that it’s hilllarioouss! Britney then verbalizes the exact thoughts running through my head, “I can’t believe that Rachel is so clueless, that she doesn’t even understand that we were making fun of her”. Then Rachel brilliantly states that she loves it and making fun of someone is the highest form of flattery. I can see the stupid oozing out of her red highlights….

The brigade is working out, while Kristin gives them all the evil eye from the couch. She’s now suspicious because Hayden told her it was ok to campaign against him. She’s started to suspect he’s in an alliance! Oh my! She appeals to Ragan and tells him of her suspicions; and that he needs to vote to keep her in so that he won’t be up against the “alpha males” of the house. He realizes if that’s true, his time is limited. Kristin tells Britney that her vote is really, really, really, really important. She tries so hard to instill fear in everyone, but it just ain’t flying, mama. Campaigning for Brendon’s vote, Kristin says if Hayden stays, he will probably form an alliance w/ Lane, Enzo.  Gee, ya think? She tells him to keep the weaker players (her) in the house, oh and that his vote is really, really, really important. She’s got a way w/ words, that one. Can he trust Kristin w/ his vote? Jules fervently tells us that either Kristin or Hayden will be walking out of the house tonight;  plus, crowning of the most important HOH EVER!

Jules speaks w/ the HG’s. She asks Hayden about his time in solitary confinement. It was brutal, he says. Awww, Jules is so sweet, she knows Kristin is getting ready to bite the big one, so she compliments her hippie-tard. We then see flashbacks of the obstacle course luxury comp. Enzo, Brendon, and Hayden “killed it”. Enzo says he was amped up, very emotional, he knew they had won, and that the others had better start making them some popcorn for the movie reward. Britney then loses a friend for life when Jules asks her who is the most difficult HG to live with. She hesitates before saying Ragan, because of HIS FLATULENCE…he’s really gassy, and it smells bad. Oh god, TMI! Ragan then turns red, orange, pink and a pretty shade of obtuse as he pulls his hood up over his head. Ragan then tells Jules that every fart has come from between Britney’s legs. I remember friends having this same argument (when we were in the 3rd grade) I swear I think they’re cracking up. Jules is embarrassed and it’s GLORIOUS!

We then see montages of K & H cuddled up, telling one another how crazy (yeah!) they are about each other. Tempe, AZ! Hayden’s family watching the show…his mom tells us that he’s charming, and all the girls want him…yadda yadda yadda. She’s shocked he’s in a showmance, then says Kristin’s crazy! ha! She says for Hayden to think w/ the head on his shoulders, and stay focused on his game. You go, mom!

Now, DUN DUN DUN, Kristin’s friends and BOYFRIEND watching from her Philly home. He’s furiously shaking his head as he watches his girl and Justin Bieber make out under the covers. Steve, is (was) Kristin’s bf. His title changes from bf to ex-bf as he’s talking, and I laugh and laugh. Thanks, show! She told him she didn’t want to be single while she was gone; Hayden’s a 24 yo kid; he’s a 31 yo man, ok? He feels betrayed (yep), lied to (yep) and disgusted (yep, yep). Kristin tells Hayden she couldn’t imagine watching them make out on TV. Steve says it’s over! ha! Take that, Kristin! Bring a mop and bucket, you have lots to clean up back in Philly. (There’s that bad karma creeping about that I mentioned earlier, kiddies!)

Jules teases the new saboteur angle before commericial break…and, we’re back! Last hour of Rachel’s reign as HOH; they’re talking “privately” w/ her. Rachel states that she and Brendon want to pull Britney into their alliance after this week. The camera catches Britney’s WTF? face; seeminly like she heard what Rach said. Hell, she’s so loud, she probably did. We review targeting Monet and sending her packing, now she wants Kristin gone; is targeting the women a strategy, Rach? Shit, she’s not that smart, Jules, she just doesn’t like the bitch. She lets Jules know that Matt is still on the top of her shyte list. Oh god no!! Now we get to discuss their showmance, I swear I only have the volume on cuz I’m doing this recap. See what I go through for y’all? Her laugh pierces my brain like a thousand tiny pins. We discuss how the honeymoon may be over…oh please! It’s true love! (yeah, ok)

Hayden then gives his speech to stay in the house. He’d never throw anyone under the bus, but some people do that and that’s what happened to he and Kristin. Hi to family and friends. Kristin says that Andrew called her the tin man, she has no heart (I think Steve would agree) but she’s been loyal, honest, and strong-willed the entire time. Is she job-hunting or trying to stay in the house? Live voting…Enzo votes Kristin out; Kathy tearfully votes Hayden out; Matt votes Kristin out; Lane votes Kristin out; Ragan votes Kristin out while being his usual dramatical self of voting out the “kindest, most compassionate person” in this house; Brendon votes for Kristin for Andrew. ha! Britney votes Kristin out, too. That’s it, she’s out! Jules tells the HG’s by a vote of 6-1, Kristin is evicted from the BB house. Hugs all around. She exits in that ridiculous wig and spandex. Isn’t she hot w/ that damn thing on her head? The HG’s watch Kristin’s pic go from color to black and white….cool!

Kristin joins Jules onstage outside the house. She asks her how it was to be on the block against her showmance partner. She says it was hard to campaign without saying one bad word about who she was up against. Oh, to be a fly on her Philly wall when she finds out where his priorities were. Jules talks Kristin up about how dignified she was; K says people didn’t vote for her cuz of the payback that could entail. Uh huh. Good-bye videos: Matt tells Kristin she fell curse to the hippie-tard, Rachel yells that Kristin is the definition of the word bitch; who does she think she is trying to talk to Brendon behind her back? Don’t EVER EVER try to get between her and her man; she’s taken down bigger, more trifling hoes than you, Kristin! Ragan lets us know that Kristin is gone because of Rachel’s insecurities. ha!  Kathy cries; Brendon tells her no one can trust her cuz she was trying to put the idea of Hayden being in an alliance in everyone’s head. Hayden then confesses that he, Matt, Enzo, and Lane were indeed in an alliance.Hahahaha. If he had to choose between her and the brigade, he would’ve chosen her. (bullshit) Kristen tells Jules that she suspected this week that was the case, hence the stone face when she heard the news. She doesn’t hold the fact that Hayden was in an alliance against him. Then she asks about Steve; wanna go back to him, K? No, Kristin just needs time to herself (knowing he’s seen all this) and needs time to “sort through” things. What things, you lost? And you played the game HORRIBLY…reflect on that, chick! Jules is again with the “dignity” geez, give it a rest already.

Jules explains the next HOH will unleash Pandora’s Box; Ragan is chosen by a narrow margin as the new saboteur. Aww, Enzo! The HG’s are standing on a cheesy set of a huge pain can, brushes, and spraying paint. I have to agree w/ Brendon on this one, the ledge on that paint can looks narrow as hell.  1st one to fall off is the only Have Not for the week. They then get sprayed..fun! Jeff and Jordan are coming next week, y’all! They then get brushed; Britney: “Oww!!”  And that’s how we end it, kiddies…

Thanks, Lynn, for letting me blog; it was a lot harder than what I expected, but FUN! (that’s what she said)



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152 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC / Big Brother

  1. MickeyMouth says:

    Thanks for the new blog.
    Inception – eh – it was okay.
    CYA all tomorrow.

  2. Wall St Lady says:

    What was Peace talking about ?

  3. Hey all, I wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and good thoughts. My surgery went well, and I’m on the road to recovery. I have to start teacher meetings Wednesday, so I’m really trying to be good and not overdo.

    I am giving the DC housewives a pass, but will still be checking in and giving opinions whenever I have one … 🙂

    Got up in the middle of the night to check in and am waiting for my meds to kick in again. I love meds … !

  4. boston02127 says:

    Good morning. Thanks for the chat blog Lynn.

    Jill’s tweet & Picture–Wow! What a setup and so many of u r here early!! http://twitpic.com/2ck8m3

    She tweeted this while she was at her book signing. “So many” came early??? Why is she tweeting if so many people are there?

    • vilzvet says:

      She probably confused the employees with paying customers.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She is looking out the window at the people who walk by – they count too.

      • kats2 says:

        Boston you always find the best links and stuff and always share!

        Vilzet and WCE – very funny!

        • vilzvet says:

          Hey Kat and everyone, reminder! Two weeks from today!!! I got an email that the auction is still scheduled to proceed…

          • kats2 says:

            I love it! Vilzvet do you know what you’re going to buy yet from that list they had? Or are you going under cover as a pretend buyer with a hidden camera to report back the details?

            • vilzvet says:

              I would love to go! It’s really not too far for me…just may hit alot of NYC traffic on the way. I’m thinking about it, even though you can do the bidding on-line now. I would just like to see the property anyway and how it supposedly backs right up to that major highway.

    • kats2 says:

      Here’s what is really telling – so Jill and her inner circle are claiming that she had an “Amazing” turn out at this book signing. Let’s just say 30 people actually showed up (there are at least 100 books in this pic and I don’t know how you define “amazing”) but’s let’s just say 30 for the sake of my point.

      So it’s been pretty standard procedure for all HW’s who have done book signings that the people who actually showed up will send a tweet or leave a comment (hell some have even written blogs) about the experience and so nice meeting you blah, blah, blah!

      So where are all the comments to Jill based on this amazing turn out? Not on her twitter, facebook? I don’t do facebook so I couldn’t tell you maybe some there. But based on the 2 pics of Jill at the book signing on twitter There is a total of 3 comments. Yes only 3 comments and one is a person taking a shot at her book and none of them is anyone stating how nice it was to meet her!!!!

      Here they are:

      1. “Awesome”
      2. “who’s buying that crap anyway???”
      3. “Wow! indeed!”

      If I’m missing something please point it out, I have no problem with admitting I’m wrong. Even if there was an amazing turn out it speaks volumes that no one who showed up to the event is actually talking about the experience.

      Does anyone else find this very telling, strange and pretty sad?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Jill can use “amazing” if one person comes by and looks/talks to her. IMO, if any store will agree to have her there considering her book is a bust – that is amazing!

    • cusi 77 says:


      … and pathetic… almost feel sorry… nah! I hate Jill Zarin!

      • vilzvet says:

        Okay, I did a quick check. Not ONE comment on her twitter or FB who went to the signing and lived to brag about it. Nothing!

    • Kokuanani says:

      Those are stacks of UNSOLD books.

      Where’s the “after” picture that shows how many books were left?

  5. Quincy IL says:

    Things the different cities housewives have in common:

    1. Plastic surgery on the face (including injections and fillers)
    2. Housewives not paying good people the money they are owed
    3. Living in houses they mortgaged to the hilt
    4. Designer dresses
    5. Best friends are makeup and hair dressers
    6. Fabulous birthday parties for women in their 40’s
    7. Lack of civility
    8. Road trips on Bravo
    9. 4 inch heels and the bunions that go with those shoes

    Feel free to make additions to the list. I have to admit that the women around here don’t have anything on this list. We are the same age as the stars of Bravo, but our homes are secure because we never had that housing bubble and our taxes are low. No one puts 1500 bucks into a syringe of restilyn (sp?) that lasts six months. They pay their mortgage. We have a “dress barn” and a Bergners (division of Carson’s) which has great sales so you can buy a dress for 29 dollars or 59 dollars and it looks pretty good. A good restaurant meal costs 9 dollar, not 200 like the 4 seasons where Bethenny got married. You can get your hair cut, blowout and nails done for 30 bucks. Tip is 15% and everyone can calculate that in their head. People donate to the Salvation Army, their church and the United Way without extravagant events requiring three dress changes per 16 year old child. We work, many have hobbies like art contests or playing an instrument in our symphony (made up of local people,) and they walk, run, or garden. I guess we are boring, but people smile a lot of the time.
    Oh, many of us visit the cities and marvel at the buildings and museums, but come back to the stars at night. Andy Cohen would be bored with us, but not having the stress of being famous makes your life a little easier.

  6. boston02127 says:

    09—from RadarOnline:
    White House Crasher Tareq Salahi Trashes His Mother

    While attempting to make his wife the break-out star of the upcoming The Real Housewives of D.C.,” White House gate crasher Tareq Salahi did a taped interview with Dan McDermott, editor/publisher of the local Warren County Report.

    In the interview, obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com, Tareq made the claim that his mother “has been very jealous of Michaele,” even locking her in a room at Virginia’s Oasis Winery while they were trying to tape a segment for Real Housewives.

    “There is something between her and Michaele that my mom wants to disrupt,” Tareq said. “Whether it be locking the gate, moving stuff around or stealing her dresses. She actually locked my wife in this room, dead-bolted her in for three hours.”

    What Salahi failed to mention is that Oasis Winery no longer belongs to him. It had been owned by his parents, but in a battle of competing lawsuits with his elderly mother, Tareq gained control of the Virginia facility in 2007.

    He then destroyed it financially buying, among other things, an Aston Martin and a boat with winery funds. They’ve both since been repossessed and the winery went into bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court later sold it to the highest bidder to help pay off other debts.

    • klmh says:

      Oh, I thought I had read on this site there was a fight over the winery between he and his parents. Its now owned by someone else?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      SO you legal fight your parents for their vineyard/winery – use the assets to buy yourself expensive toys and then lose it all in bankruptsy – what a piece of work! Mama hates the daughter-in-law because she can’t hate her son.

    • klmh says:

      I’ve been trying to figure out who owns Oasis. I am really confused and can’t find any pertinent information dating later than Nov 28, of ’09. Even then there are conflicting reports on ownership, mothers involvement, bankruptcy etc. There is also mention of him partnering with another person to open yet another winery!
      Have you been able to find the true owner of Oasis today? You have great investigative skills. Thanks

    • klmh says:

      More information thru Dec 2 ’09.
      Still looking…

    • klmh says:


    • Sha2000 says:

      Locked her away in a room? Lol ! I doubt it!

    • Quincy IL says:

      This is a pitful saga. Tariq’s parent gave their lives to build the winery and now everything is lost. How could a court give Tariq temporary ownership? The judge should be recalled immediately. I hope he feels guilty.

      • Sha2000 says:

        If she was locked in a room & Bravo was there to film her; wouldn’t they be looking for her?

        Wow, making crazy claims seems to be their M.O.

  7. boston02127 says:

    09 from RadarOnline
    White House Crasher Wife Posing As Redskins Cheerleader

    White House party-crasher Michaele Salahi has proven herself to be a master of disguise, adding credentials as a former Washington Redskins cheerleader to her past, but President of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association, Terri Crane-Lamb, tells RadarOnline.com that they have no record of Michaele ever cheering with their organization. “She came to us five years ago and claimed she was a Redskins cheerleader,” Terri explains. “She said she was a cheerleader in the mid-80’s but wasn’t on for a full season. In the 80’s we used paper rosters, so that might explain why we have no record of her.”

    Terri says Michaele and her husband Tareq attended various Redskin alumni cheerleading events and describes them as “having a certain way with people”, being “well-connected and believable” and being good at “acting like they fit in”. Eventually questions were raised about Michaele’s experience with the Redskins cheerleading program. “During a halftime show she wasn’t a very good dancer and that raised some red flags that led some of the alumni to question her claim,” Terri said.

    Michaele claims she has proof that she was a Redskins cheerleader and Terri says she’s still waiting to receive it before releasing Salahi from the organization.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      What do these nitwits had a box with all the “proof” they have?
      Would there be a paycheck stub that proves she was a cheerleader or a picture of her on the field with the squad? Is this where the White House Invitiation and/or email confirmation is being kept too????

      • Sha2000 says:

        RIGHT WCW!
        Funny how much of what they claim (invites to several high profile events & the cheerleader thing & lets not forget the Whoopi-gate tape) comes around to bite them. It makes me wonder what haven’t we heard?

      • Quincy IL says:

        a tax form stating she paid income taxes from being a cheerleader for the Redskins…

        • Sha2000 says:

          Right Quincy! Or at least one person out of x-many cheerleaders to step forward & say I remember her. If they actually wanted to prove any of their claims they could but the don’t because it’s apparently untrue.

      • Squirrels says:

        I don’t think they get paid. They just get face time and a resume booster.

      • There would definitely be an Official Squad Photo for whatever season it was, taken BEFORE the season started, so whoops, there goes the “I dropped out half-way” bs.

        • anniieee says:

          Redskin Cheerleaders are NOT paid. My daughter’s cheerleading coach in HS was a Redskin’s Cheerleader and was not paid. They are given a uniform and MUST attend practice and then MUST do Charity events, etc. @squireels–you are absolutely right..facetime and a resume booster and entrance into a lot of fun things…but NO money.

  8. boston02127 says:

    Jill acting like an idiot…..

    • kats2 says:

      She is such a fake. I’m sure she acted all too fragile to shoot a gun but I’m not buying it. Jill proved this past season if she doesn’t like you she will try to take you out and she has a mouth and is as trashy as the NJ HW crew.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Given her stance, she doesn’t appear to have much experience with a firearm; she should have been leaning forward and not backwards.

    • DesertGal says:

      WTH? I hate that “I’m so girlie I’m frightened of shooting a real gun” crap.

      Jill is so high school, it’s nauseating. Everything she does is so juvenile. Incredibly unattractive in a 50 year old woman.

  9. boston02127 says:

    Governor Charlie Crist stayed with Jill-RHONY in the Hamptons
    From the NY Post.
    The Hamptons are an intense hive of political activity this summer. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Paterson were busy raising funds at private homes over The weekend, while Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who’s running for The Senate as an independent, stayed with “Real Housewives of New York” star Jill Zarin. Pelosi spoke at a fund-raiser at The Bridgehampton house of au thor Donna Stanton attended by Paterson, while Crist and his wife, Carole, met with deep-pocketed environmentalists unhappy with BP’s response to The oil spill.

  10. boston02127 says:

    From Brad’s post—–

    • Lovebeth says:

      Jill is something else, she cannot do anything without leaking it to the press. It is very obvious she is worried about not being invited for season 4.

      Bravo will probably announce that Bethenny is not coming (means BGM season 2) and then announce the cast. She would be second or last pick.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Since Bravo said no RHONY announcement until 2011 – maybe Bethenny is getting a second season and it will be on instead of RHONY. With DC on deck and NJ winding down and OC filming, Bravo may be giving NY a rest to retool……

        • Lovebeth says:

          I think Bravo will learn a hard lesson with DC HWs and the drama. The premiere had 1.6 something million viewerships while BGM had almost 2 million without drama. That speaks volume, if DC housewives sucks throughout, they will indeed retool and maybe listen to viewers for once and give us shows like BGM and Top chef.

          • Sha2000 says:

            @ Lovebeth, Yeah they can’t all be winners & so far DC sucks…I’m giving it just one more chance & hoping the politics will keep it interesting.

      • icantstandthetoxicity says:

        @Lovebeth I agree with you, Jill is worried that Bravo might not invite her back for a fourth season. We all know that if she is invited back, she would accept whatever offer Bravo throws on the table.

        • vilzvet says:

          How could there no announcement til 2011? With all the twittering these people do, like Alex and Simon or Ramona could refrain from leaking the filming once it’s begun? We know they film NYC beginning late summer, which is almost NOW. Well, maybe you’re right, the show will be rested for a bit…

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Bravo doesn’t announce casts of their HW shows until they start doing promos before a show begins its season.

            One reason for that, Andy C has said, is that sometimes women are filmed who don’t make it into the final cut and cast. For example, Sonja came in late to filming but was definitely a cast member in the final cut. Jen apparently filmed throughout the season, but most of her was left on the cutting room floor. If she hadn’t been in some scenes that were central to the stories of the other women, she might have been cut out entirely.

            Of course casts are usually known before Bravo announces them from leaks and reports that people have been seen filming.

        • Squirrels says:

          With her new found approach to naysayers on twitter, I can see the spin cycle now.

          “Yes, I said I wouldn’t participate if Alex was on, but I took what Caroline Manzo advised me to heart. I don’t have to tape with her. I can simply continue on with my fabulous circle as if she doesn’t exist and since I don’t want to dismay my fabulous circle of fans, I’ll bite the bullet I stole at that Vegas shooting range and accept my role as star.”

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            sorry, I just puked in my mind! I hate Jill Zarin and she will have an appropriately lame answer either way it goes -Bravo get rid of her please!!!

    • Kokuanani says:

      Who is the “Brad” nimrod who wrote this drivel?

  11. boston02127 says:

    K, done hogging the blog & talking to myself. Have a good day everyone.

    One more tweet from Jill’s ——– With my biatches!! http://twitpic.com/2cqiiu
    Jill’s a little too apple pie to say “with my biatches”.

    • skogsstig says:

      You’ve been busy, Boston! 🙂 Thanks for sleuthing for us.
      Heaven help us if there’s a NYCHW season 4 with Jill and Brad involved in a Hamptons pad – we’ll need eye bleach.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      @Boston – you always bring the goods! Thanks.

    • kats2 says:

      Sorry slept in this morning and still catching up with all the stuff that has been posted already. Wow you start early!!!

    • Squirrels says:

      Don’t forget, she love, love, loves Jersey Whores. She watches it every Thursday, opposite BGM. Ally makes her. Personally, I think Ally is sensitive and doesn’t want to see mom melt into a puddle of regret by watching Beth rise like cream on fresh milk.


  12. WindyCityWondering says:

    Wondering why Jill is still doing book tours?
    The book isn’t a best seller and she isn’t an author in demand, so who is arranging these store stops and paying the associated espenses? Is this just a ploy to show Bravo she had (oops has) fans? Is there a way to find out how many books the author actually bought………by now a good author would have another book out instead of beating a busted piece of tripe beyond death.

    • vilzvet says:

      I have tried to get the book at my library to see how really bad it is, but the one copy is currently on “hold”. Guess I’ll have to reserve it….

    • kats2 says:

      Because Bawby has a warehouse full of all the books he had to buy to shut her up about her poor book sales so she either tries to sell them or they keep paying the monthly rental fees (and it’s a big mo-fo warehouse).

      • DesertGal says:

        You said it, kats. And we all know the “free Zarin tote bag with book purchase” on the ZF website didn’t go over. Bawby’s probably been screaming at her for a month to get all those damn books out of the warehouse.

    • Lovebeth says:

      It is just a ploy, did you see any fans or buyers in those photos she posted on Twitter? ha she wants Bravo to think she is relevant.

      • moriasheehan says:

        if there had been people waiting, there is no way jill zarin would miss that photo op as proof. the 2 of them standing there hoping someone comes in and smiling like idiots. made my day.

        • vilzvet says:

          Heheheh, Kat just posted the same thought upstream. Where are all the twittering fools who went??

    • Quincy IL says:

      She planned a vacation to Israel and bragged that Bobby was giving it to her. Soon, she’s asking about bookstores in Israel. She goes to a booksigning and then the vacation is a write off on taxes. She wants to go to Boca to see Gloria. She needs a vacation. Suddenly, there is a book signing near Boca..and a tax write off.

      I wonder if there will be book signings and write offs on the next Virgin Island trip, all she has to do is show up even if no one comes, right?

  13. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Boston, thank you for the sleuthing. It makes me dislike the Salahi’s just that much more. 🙂

  14. Wall St Lady says:

    How about a new Bravo show called The Grifters. Salami & Missy r so discussing they would probably jump at it so they could document all their law suits. Juicy & Trash a could represent local grifting with an entourage of children who sing & dance.
    Please add to my cast !

  15. boston02127 says:

    @kats & WCW–on the blog yesterday you guys were wondering if Ashley tweeted. She did. She tweeted this the first one then deleted it within seconds.

    1. i fucking hate this whole state and everyone in it
    2. sorry bad mood
    3. hamburger phone = mine. http://tweetphoto.com/37475772

    She’s a loose cannon.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      thanks @Boston – I have this feeling she is going to spill the beans on what happened at the reunion taping and I think it has to do with her mom (whom she isn’t speaking with) and Danielle…..

  16. DesertGal says:

    boston02127 says:
    August 8, 2010 at 5:44 am
    09 from RadarOnline
    White House Crasher Wife Posing As Redskins Cheerleader

    White House party-crasher Michaele Salahi has proven herself to be a master of disguise, adding credentials as a former Washington Redskins cheerleader to her past, but President of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association, Terri Crane-Lamb, tells RadarOnline.com that they have no record of Michaele ever cheering with their organization. “She came to us five years ago and claimed she was a Redskins cheerleader,” Terri explains. “She said she was a cheerleader in the mid-80’s but wasn’t on for a full season. In the 80’s we used paper rosters, so that might explain why we have no record of her.”

    Uh…Michaele Salahi is the same age I am-in the mid-80’s, we were both graduating from high school. She was no more a Redskins Cheerleader than I was – and I wasn’t.

    Michaele claims she has proof that she was a Redskins cheerleader and Terri says she’s still waiting to receive it before releasing Salahi from the organization.

    This always makes me laugh, when people say “I have proof!” and then produce nothing, because they generally follow that up with “I’m not trying to scam anyone!”.

    • Sha2000 says:

      There should be some photos. Also, professional (lol) cheerleaders usually would use that position as a jumping off point for a career in dance, entertainment, etc; wasn’t it on her resume?

  17. boston02127 says:

    @WCW & kats—Ashley’s tweet yestersday. (from last post) Ashley’s tweet—- i fucking hate this whole state and everyone in it. She quickly deleted that and posted, sorry bad mood. Within the same minute she tweeted a pic of herself with a hamburger phone, smiling away. She’s a loose cannon.

  18. boston02127 says:

    @kats2 & WCW—Ashley’s tweet from yesterday.

    i F..^%ing hate this whole state and everyone in it. She typed out the F word and within seconds deleted the tweet.

    • kats2 says:

      Wow that can’t be good news. My first thought is that is has something to do wtih the revised law suit with Danielle (but I could be totally wrong, could just be she got lost or something random).

      • Quincy IL says:

        She could be referring to the NJ court system. I’m sure she’s spending time with it.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Im thinking her mom said something nice to Danielle and that set Ashley off…..

  19. cusi 77 says:

    Good Morning Lynn! Good morning peers!

  20. kats2 says:

    Here’s some professional snark to get your Sunday going.

    • moriasheehan says:

      i just love love love kathy griffin

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        “Caroline is built like a Mack truck” ROFL

        I thought I’d join in in sunglasses wearing gravatars using my all time fave photo of Catherine Deneuve 😀

    • alicia says:

      Thanks Kat ! That made my Sunday morning . Aside from the fact that the Salahi’s don’t have children-THANK GOD- I truly hope this guy does not own a string of polo ponies. I live very near Wellington, fl which is the winter polo capital.Every spring when these “wanabee” polo players like tareq are done running their horses into the ground they dump them on the local horse rescues
      to rehabilitate and find homes for. It takes big bucks to own polo ponies and most of the players from argentina and england support their horses. However, I don’t have a good feeling about this guy.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I had the same concern. I have four rescue quarterhorses. I don’t want to say what their condition was when they arrived. They are happy campers now. Horses are expensive to keep.

      • Squirrels says:

        I used to volunteer at a horse rescue (race horses and hunter jumpers) here is SoCal. Took pics of those adoptable, mucked stalls, etc. So many are so beat up it breaks your heart.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        He probably sells them to the glue/dog food factories. He is a toad!

    • lillybee says:

      Very funny.

    • Shana p says:

      Omg, can you imagine what she would have to day about them now?? Esp Ashley!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      LOL- Love it.

      Life on the D-list is one of the few Bravo shows my hubby actually likes and will watch with me without complaining.

  21. Pingback: Lynn’s «

  22. Pingback: Lynn’s «

  23. OneMoreinBoston says:

    Happy Sunday Lynn-

    I saw this in today’s Boston Herald and after reading it I’m scared to even post anymore!


    This seems lika a form of censorship-making bloggers too scared to repost articles, even with proper credit given, without fear of financial reprisals.

    What is your take on this? Do you have a lawyer to advise you?

    • Sha2000 says:

      I think if you give proper credit & a link & reprint only a small portion as a quote from an article, you should be okay but I’m not a lawyer.

      • DesertGal says:

        The industry standard is 10%. Always give proper credit, preferably with a link back to the original text, and only copy/paste 10% of any published work. Anything over 10% is considered a copyright violation.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      As Sha2000 noted, there’s “fair use” which allows posting of links to an article and usually a small excerpt of an article. Reposting an entire article, without permission of the copyright holder, isn’t considered kosher.

      Associated Press a couple years back became hardline about use of their copyrighted material. They claimed for a time that posting a very small excerpt of one of their articles with a link was a violation of their copyright. IIRC, AP even claimed that quoting an AP title of an article with link to the story was a copyright violation. They particularly targeted bloggers of news and politics especially, as I recall. Likely, I speculate, because that’s where most higher profile fair use of AP material was going on. Not a political issue: bloggers both left and right attacked AP’s policy as draconian, ridiculous and abusive. AP’s stance also was a tad hypocritical, since I’d seen some of their writers on the political news beat incorporate the original work of some bloggers/internet news sites in their articles without any attribution. It wasn’t exactly word for word plagiarism but AP “broke” some stories that investigative bloggers & news writers had first written about. AP writers also quoted bloggers’ work without permission or payment, which by AP’s strict standard constituted theft of copyrighted material.

      As a result largely of the publicity and backlash, AP backed off their draconian stance. These guys in the article you linked to obviously are just out to make a buck and using the law to do it. It’s an extreme example, but as long as it’s within the law, it’s legal.

      Best practice: follow fair use by posting a summary or quoting a small excerpt of the article, provide attribution to the source, link to the source and don’t repost entire articles. (Reposting of an entire article, original work is legally permitted if you have permission of the author/copyright holder.)

  24. Quincy IL says:

    Katz, Brazilian blowouts start at 320 dollars in Chicago. However, I am told that Redken has two products that can help you. One lasts 3 months , the other lasts 6 months. You put the products on and then blow out. I hope this helps.


  25. Squirrels says:

    I started humming Barry Manilow as I read that article on Charles and Cat Ommanney Earring Girl.

    O-mmanney, hubby split
    look like shit
    are you better?

    O-mmanney, love to hook
    wrote a book
    you’re a terror

    etc, etc, etc.

  26. Squirrels says:

    For those of you who have been following and kind enough to help me edit (TYTYTYTYTYTY), Chapter Two is ready in draft form.

    Thanks Lynn for the platform!

  27. Squirrels says:

    retweet from shawn

    RT @Joan_Rivers: Breaking News! Turns out it wasn’t a broken pipe that caused the BP oil slick. It was just the cast of “Jersey Shore” skinny dipping.

    • Kokuanani says:


      The City Paper is an “alternative paper.” The writing is MUCH better than the stuffy Washington Post.

  28. Buffywood says:

    This may have already have been posted… served at their own party?


    In other news, the Salamis cried assult for someone”touching her” before….

    Her own attorney?

    A man who was suing them for non-payment?

    I wonder if her husband gets to touch her? She is a wacky bitch.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Maybe all those poor folks who have to endure her hugs should sue her for assault!

    • Quincy IL says:

      The Salahis play the system. There are others like them out there.

      One of their many lawyers was sued for touching Mrs. Salahi on the arm just as Whoopie did. It was thrown out of court, but not before he was arrested, charged and forced to pay a lawyer. Arrests do go in the paper and are embarrassing even if they are discharged.

      Here is the statement from her lawyer and it’s very telling:

      “The attorney said, “What they do is they take the assault charge and go after the opposing council in the other side; they want you to barter their criminal process with a civil process going on. That is their whole m.o (modus operandi).”

      I know that Whoopi didn’t tug Mrs. Salahi’s hair or punch her in the nose. However, to touch a person that you are angry with is a very dangerous thing. Then, to aggravate the situation by calling Mrs. Salahi names and using obcenities is just plain old stupid. Good luck Whoopi, you will be joining the ranks of other Americans attacked by this couple. The Salahis should be shunned by all tv stations. That would be a good outcome of this incident. NBC liked interviewing them the next day. I guess they don’t like their competition, Whoopi, on ABC very much.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        And of course, Bravo is part of the NBC/Universal so they cross promo all the time. So no surprise NBC featured these “real” bozos and gave them air time.

  29. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet:
    Shopping day in Vegas. Wolford has stupid policy. Can’t open package,can’t try on and can’t return if on sale. How can I know if it fits or us damaged? Hello??

  30. LucyHPotter says:

    New article about chewbacca and the ‘slumlord’

    “Bravo Did Not Know About Teresa Giudice Bankruptcy, Plus Joe’s Shocking Driving Record”


    • kats2 says:

      “CHEWBACA” – I love it! Well done Lucy!!!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Joe & T had dinner with Tamra Barney that evening before he had the wreck. I think I recall Tamra on WWHL saying he didn’t appear drunk, but he had some wine with dinner. So IIRC, he wasn’t exactly teetotalling at that dinner or whatever it was. (And who knows if he stopped off somewhere afterwards to have a drink or more?) The “I just had a car accident so I got drunk at my neighbor’s house before the cops saw me” is another of one of those Giudice ploys that doesn’t pass the laugh test.

      Also, when he was picked up by the local cops, reportedly they turned him over to Clifton cops because he had outstanding warrants there. http://www.nj.com/entertainment/celebrities/index.ssf/2010/01/real_housewives_of_new_jersey_40.html

      • kats2 says:

        For me and totally YMMV on this one, since they have a history of criminal behavior (stealing and lying), I don’t trust them or anything they say. Add that to the fact that I deplore people who drink and drive (and I have lost people who both were the cause and innocent bystanders in DUI situations) they should do jail time PERIOD! (There are far too many repeat offenders killing people.)

        The Giudice luck has run its course it’s time to do some time in jail and start paying people back.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Plus the officer said he didn’t believe the neighbor who alledgedly got Joe drunk after the accident.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          T & J apparently think laws are for “little people,” not them, because they’re so smaaaht and special. And of course, they’re obviously neither.

          Thankfully, J being so “tired” didn’t result in him killing anyone with his truck. It’s a nice irony that the show’s season is running in tandem with the Gs’ various court cases. Aug 16, court date on the Gs’ attempt to stop the auction. Aug 20: Juicy appeals the 30 day community svs portion of his DUI sentence. Aug 22: auction of their personal possessions in their bankruptcy proceedings. Aug 23: RHONJ finale.

          I wonder what happened to Juicy’s construction business. In the first season, wasn’t he supposed to be in “construction?” (Even SJP used air quotes around that one when she was on WWHL, IIRC.) And now his bankruptcy allegedly is based on his misfortunes as a slumlord, I mean real estate mini-mogul? And he stiffed contractors working on his mcmansion?

          The sleeze is strong within these two.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Good article. Also notes how the T & J’s bankruptcy attorney cringes at T’s representations of their wealth in the show.

      As I recall, there’s an Aug 16 court date regarding the Gs’ challenge to the Aug 22 auction.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        August is busy for the Guidice family – bankruptsy, auctions and Joe’s return to court to challenge his dwi….. it will be interesting to see if they have a vastly different income level come time to apply for a mortgage on the mansion…….

  31. boston02127 says:

    kats2–My friend got a hair straightener last Christmas. It’s the best on the market that I’ve ever used and I’ve tired a lot of them. I ended up buying one in Feburary. I love it. It’s expensive but it is really worth it. My hair goes from friz to Jennifer Annison hair and stays that way all day. My hair length is in the middle of my back and thick but I can straighten quickly because the tool is big. I use it everyday after I dry my hair. I use a tiny dot of hair serum when I’m done. Even on hot days when I know I’ll be wearing a pony tail I use it. I never thought my hair would come out so good until I got this straightener. I bought on HSN.com. Here is the link.


    • kats2 says:

      Thanks Boston! Looks like a flat iron? So you dry your hair first and use this?

      • boston02127 says:

        Kats–it has little ceremic coated pins on one side when you open it. It combs thru your hair as you straighten it. When you get to the end of your hair length, you press a button and give it a blast of steam.
        It comes with a plate to use on one side but I’ve never used it. I like the “pins part”/ comb going thru my hair. Also, HSN is really good with their returns. If you don’t like it you can always return it. ( I sound like Jill)

      • boston02127 says:

        kats–yes, dry first

    • I live with the frizz. I can’t use anything in my hair (electric wise) as I’ve tended to just get anything tangled up in my hair, or burned my fingers or head. 😮 So, I gave up long ago of using anything other than a blow drier, and I still hit myself in the head sometimes with it! LOL! I’m barely able to brush and blow my hair at the same time. Usually will put drier down then brush. 🙂

      Same goes for hairspray. Well, I don’t like it anyway, but gave it up long ago when I got tired of spraying my eyes.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        any silicone based serum will help with the friz part….I am hair challenged in the dryer, iron, etc department and gave them up a couple of years ago – air dry all the way! to deal with the waves I have gone back to curlers (1 1/2 to 2 inches) and when combined with the silicone I get straight hair even in humid conditions.

  32. boston02127 says:

    Sorry for the Ashley tweet posting so much. It was not showing up so I posted it 3 times. 😦

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Quit hogging the board 😀 But seriously, I love all your links…thanx for sleuthing!

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Thanx to everyone for all your links! And pithy comments. It such fun reading them all. 🙂

  33. boston02127 says:

    From Albie’s tweets—–We’re having so much fun!!!! Just so you know, @albiemanzo and @chris_manzo, just about every woman backstage is talking about how they think you’re hot #BeatstockKTU

    Every woman back stage thought little Albie and dorky Chris were hot??? Blech!
    If the world was full of pee and Albie owned the only tree I wouldn’t go out with him. Ick. It goes for Chris too.

    They were all at some concert last night. Albie, Chris, Caroline, Jac, Lauren. Not sure if Tapped out Teresa went. She probably couldn’t afford it.

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