I Hate Jill Zarin RHONJ / Big Brother August 9, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin          Guest Blogs RHONJ – Big Brother       August 9, 2010

Below we have two guest blogs, @bethennyfans from Twitter has given us a few words on her thoughts about tonights episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I will be finishing up my blog on tonights show and posting it tomorrow.  (mine won’t be quite as nice as @bethennyfans blog)  I’m also adding a repost of the Big Brother blog provided by our friend Squirrels in case anyone has not yet read it.  More tomorrow!  Thanks everyone!

Real Housewives of NJ-Blog

Hello, viewers. Monday August 9th  at 10/9 Central the new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired. Mostly this episode they were showing the families in Venice, Italy. I want to start from the beginning of the episode though. It starts off with Teresa making dinner for Jacqueline, and her husband Chris. Jacqueline, and Chris bring up to Joe about the accident that happened. At the same time, Bravo shows Danielle talking to her friend Danny about the accident. Joe, explains to Jacqueline and Chris that he was driving at 1:30 AM, and he took a long yawn, then made a turn. He says he was riding through trees, and then his car crashed into the poll. Joe explains that he was right outside his father’s house. ‘’My father had like a heart attack!’’ Joe says. Teresa says ‘’He was lucky he got out of the car.’’ Joe, after getting out of the car goes inside his fathers house. Joe takes a couple drinks…. AFTER calling the police! Jacqueline’s face was like…Danielle’s face when she found out Kim G was friends with the other ladies! It then shows Danielle commenting on the accident to her friend Danny. Danielle says ‘’ Drinking and Driving is just disgusting to me.’’ Last time I checked, Danny was on alcoholic probation.. maybe something to do with drunk driving perhaps? Later Danielle mentions some strip clubs are open to that hour… Could she be implying Juicy Joe likes looking at other ladies.. and not in the friendly way? Hmm…

Now they are showing Caroline, Jacqueline, and Teresa eating lunch together. Teresa suggests the couples go away for a trip to get away from the drama. Teresa suggests Italy, and the ladies agree. Later on we see Caroline’s husband saying he wants no little kids to go, (implying no Giudice girls). Then we see Teresa’s spoiled brat girls starting to cry, because they want to go. What does rich mommy do? ‘’ Hunny we were just kidding! We’re all going!’’ Oh my, I feel bad for everyone on the boat/at Venice who saw/heard Teresa, her Chanel adventure, and her girls cries. Caroline was right when she said ‘’ There is nothing to do on a boat with little kids.’’ I felt bad for Caroline and Albert..They wanted quality time, and the spoiled brats ruined it. Be careful Teresa, when those angels grow up, it’ll be hell for you! Ha.

I felt bad for Jacqueline being sea sick. She looked awful. Poor Cj. He didn’t look well either.

I felt so bad for Milania. Let the poor girl sleep Teresa! Blow her candles out herself! I feel so bad for Teresa’s girls. They are being exposed to the camera way too early in their life. Mommy is preparing them for The Real Housewives Season…100?!

That’s really all I have for today viewers. I think I covered what I thought I needed to get out of my chest. I hope you enjoyed it. For me from me you can follow me @BethennyFans on Twitter, email me to guest blog for YOU at BethennyFans@gmail.com! Thank you Lynn for allowing me to blog again! Make sure you follow her @LynnNChicago!


Thank you to Squirrels for the blog on the most recent episode of Big Brother 12!  Enjoy!

Big Brother 12            Who’s the Boss?

Squirrels – Nature’s Little Speed Bumps

Once again, we return to the paint can teaser scene from the last episode. Taking paint balling to a new absurd level, the houseguests are required to stand with their backs to the can as it spins, spits, splatters and whack-a-mole’s around and around like a circa 1920’s poor man’s amusement ride. Not only is this ride ridiculous, it’s boring. My DVR had it spinning for a full 20 minutes, commercial interruptions included. Eight minutes in I was praying the crew would put that stupid can into overdrive and watch the contestants fly off like unsuspecting riders on a merry-go-round gone berserk.  At least then, I’d be exhausted from the action, not from having to stay up late.

While this travesty of viewer justice continued, we got the talking heads version of “Weeeeeeee……” Kristen is gone. Rachel illustrates she cannot change her mouse voice squealing patterns, nor the color of her wig, and Regan finally changes the subject by bemoaning the fact he was once a “Have Not.” I almost feel sorry for him, but can’t. This little dude is playing the game for keeps. He doesn’t give a rat’s tail about who went before him to the proverbial spring-loaded, cheese adorned trap. He just wants to eat a decent meal. I coughed up phlegm on that one.

Throughout this spinning wheel, minus the trumpets excitement, Enzo, the rough and tumble big man on his own, never been to college campus, spewed platitudes of his hatred of Brendon. Here I yawned, then took a squirt of my Cheeze Whiz to revive. It seems Enzo is only too happy to let the challenge do the dirty work to rid the house of the brainiac you want around if you are caught in an undertow. He follows through by using his monster brain, strategizing by taking a dive 26:16, knowing the other Brigade members will tow the line and have his back. Oh yeah, without you on the can, Brendon will definitely follow. Huh? What? Wimp!!! He even has the nerve to say, “My bad guys, my bad man.” Where’s a spork when I need one?

Meanwhile, Britney is mainly concerned that the paint infiltrated her pristine mouth and may stain her teeth. Kathy jumps ship, and at 12:55 becomes the only “Have Not” of the week. Sucks to be her right? Maybe not. Something tells me she’s not as weak as the others believe. We shall see.

Lane complains his biceps are beginning to hurt throughout the exercise and flashes his big muscles to show he really isn’t a weenie, but a force to be reckoned with. We’ll get to who’s the man with physical staying power in a bit.

Poor, sweet, altruistic Rachel. She’s alone in that she isn’t subjected to the oxygen deprivation muscles go through when placed in a singular position over time. Hey – I didn’t say brain muscle, just muscle, so relax. She begins to chant a mantra. “Go Brandon; you can do it, you’re the best ever. She so wishes it was she up there instead of Brendon. Yeah, sure. Her eloquent musings go on for another five minutes. At 36:09, Brendon takes the cheese and gets smacked down. The crowd roars. Rachel, who isn’t quite as dumb as dirt realizes she’s screwed. Way to go “man of my dreams”.

Regan continues to complain about Stevie Wonder and the wheel continues to spin. One by one, the contestants fall off the face of the earth. Brendon begins his hike along the trail of self-pity. Finally, at 1:10:26 Regan makes the strategic decision to jump for safety, leaving Matt, the other skinny dude, the winner. So much for muscle heads. BTW, that was not an endurance challenge, that had potential of doing major muscular/nerve damage. But it made for great TV, right? Ugh.

Moving on, PLEASE!

Rachel is not only pissed, she’s justifiably frightened for her own existence in this little $500K world. Woe is she, Queen Bee no more. I’ll skip the let’s see Matt’s HOV private bedroom revealing. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Meanwhile, back at the I love you more than life itself ranch, Brendon knows he’s in a spot. Rachel has pulled her weight and he’s done zilch but pluck her eyebrows for her, lovingly of course. Rachel is not pleased to have that target on her back. Seems big jugs don’t work in this game. Brendon is beginning to look like a hanger-on. Surprise!

Matt, get the chance to open Pandora’s Box. He does and discovers he has a zircon encrusted necklace, giving him Darth Vadar veto power to use within the next two evictions. He not only gets to veto, he is allowed to play Sampson by his right to choose the next elimination victim. I’m soooo excited. He draws a plan with Crayola red #2 and tries to bamboozle the house with, “I have no idea what’s coming and I think I may also be the brunt of it.” Genius! Matt should have been the new saboteur, but for the f’n lie he used with his wife’s nonexistent major illness. Can you spell S C U M?

Regan makes another appearance with his Marlon Brando, Streetcar Named Desire, wounded macho man …. Oh never mind. He’s the new saboteur and he’s doing it for the American public, not for himself, Mr. Sincerity, nor the $20K he’s promised if he can survive two eliminations. More to come on that I suppose. Gee, I can’t wait.

Down to the nitty gritty. It’s time to make alliances. Any guesses who begins the game? I know you all win. Ding, ding, ding….. you got it – Rachel. She’s sweating the bullets Jill Zarin closed her eyes to at the shooting range. ( I still hate Jill Zarin, but I digress). Rachel corrals Matt with her massive tatas, but doesn’t notice Regan is sitting on the same sofa. She begins to deny she is there to bully, but gets right into bullying. Defensive with no concept of strategy, she continues to dig a quick sand hole. Way to go girl. She couldn’t fight herself out of a paper bag, never mind a discussion with any intelligent human being. Cheez Whiz gone, I begin to suck down what’s left of this can of Whippit. Someone save me now from the 70’s. Brendon gets involved and nothing good comes of it. Just more platitudes and Matt gets a voyeur woody over the entire experience.

OMG…. The saboteur makes an appearance. Matt is convinced he screwed up by opening Pandora’s Box. Poor booby. Eyes dart around the room and no one has a clue. Saddly, Regan looks like the proverbial deer in the headlights. I think the nitrous oxide has gotten to my head.

After suffering through yet another commercial for Lego Land, CA, we get back to the good stuff. Nominations! Matt is eloquent in his I’m going to screw you but want you to look at me as a good guy speech. Brendon calls Matt a weasel. Oooo, that hurt. After a long drawn out 56 minutes we are treated to Rachel and Brendon being hauled in front of a crowd of hundreds as the lambs to slaughter. What shall the housemates do? Tune in next time, same bat shit time, same bat shit channel.

Thanks again Squirrel for the great Blog! 

Dont forget to keep watching for all the great Housewives blogs and articles by stopping by often to:


Until Next Time…


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53 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin RHONJ / Big Brother August 9, 2010

  1. Amber...Real Wife says:

    What is it… Sleep with dogs wake up with fleas? I’m glad Caroline constantly defends Teresa’s bad behaviour as just “Teresa being Teresa” backfired here. Keep laughing and encouraging Teresa, Caroline, and you’ll end up being her bitch, watching her kids while she’s screwing Juicy in her cabin on a vacation getaway in Italy! Impossible you say? Teresa wouldn’t impose on her friends to watch your brats while she has a nooner. That is so declasse and so….Danielle maybe? LOL Good for you bitch! Keep playing with a neanderthal, and you will see how basic her instincts are. She can’t just screw JuicyJoe at night, quietly, with the kids nearby. NOOO. She has to make sure they get real loud and dirty in the cabin, while her kids harass and annoy not only Caroline and Albert, but all the other passengers and ship employees. Life would’ve been wonderful if Gabriella would’ve slapped the punk shit out of Caroline. LMAO But alas, Caroline stood up to the systematic bullying that is the Guidice tribe and said “don’t you dare!”. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! ROFLMAOOO

    Notice how…
    1. Jac’s a terrible actress who was supposed to say Juicy wasn’t drinking
    2. Caroline is a housewife who will lie to get her husband to go on a trip
    3. BRAVO has cheated other franchises by not paying for extended family vacations 4. Albert is over everyone and everything, rolling his eyes within his head to himself
    5. Both Jac and Teresa wanted to use the parents as sitters for the children
    6. Juicy Joe hates Teresa and her money squandering ways
    7. Without mentioning, wanting or having sex the Giudices can’t exist in normal society

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I could beleive how bad Jac’s ‘acting’ was during that scene where claimed Joe wasn’t drinking. I am surprise she didn’t high five Joe after and say ‘I did good hun- didn’t I?” much like his Gorilla wife.

      • KellitaM says:

        That whole conversation about his accident seemed very contrived. How dumb do they believe the viewers are??
        And I’ll put out there that I’ve yawned many times on the highway and managed to keep the car on the road.

        • Sha2000 says:

          “And I’ll put out there that I’ve yawned many times on the highway and managed to keep the car on the road.”

          Lol! Good point! A sneeze makes more sense.

  2. lillybee says:

    Did Theresa get the headband and hat ideas from the Duggars?

    Theresa’s eye make up in her talking heads is way over the top.

    Even with Juicy not drinking at dinner with Jaq there is the question of where the hell was he from the time dinner ended and the crash.

  3. Squirrels says:

    OT. I’m so seriously pissed right now. Some twitter felt it was her right to diagnose one of Teresa’s kids with “Downs syndrom”. I took it personally to the point I put it on my blog. Sorry Lynn. Don’t mean to jack your site. I just didn’t have anywhere else to vent.

    Delete if you need to. I’ll understand.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      nope, all opinions are welcome, you know that

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I can understand why you would be upset. I don’t like the idea of little children being ‘made fun of’ in that regard- and I especially don’t like adults using the diagnoses of downs syndrome in a derogatory fashion.

      • Squirrels says:

        She claims she wasn’t making fun. Still, she made a medical diagnosis of Down syndrome without merit or any professional expertise. What she did do was open the door for others to grab hold and go down the “retarded kid” road. To that I took great offense. She had no right nor any obligation to do that to anyone’s child.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I have a with developmental delays as a result from a rare seizure disorder, fortunately within the spectrum of her diagnoses she is doing fantastic and is one of the very rare cases where they can get seizure control and a normalized EEG. I’m not sure what your circumstances are- but I can completely understand why this would be a sensitive issue for most people.

          Why does this woman think she knows more than the child’s pediatrician?

  4. Earring Girl says:

    Please read the full article, I heard this when the accident happened from TMZ or some news outlet I can’t remember but I found the article – below is just the opening sentence:

    Joe Giudice and Tamra Barney? Joe’s DUI –
    According to Ramona Singer of the Real Housewives of New York City, Joe Giudice , husband of table-flipping Teresa Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey had dinner with Tamra Barney of the Real Housewives of Orange County last night and had some sort of an accident!


    • lillybee says:

      OMG, this has the potential to be fun.

      • Earring Girl says:

        Isn’t it strange how they keep saying it was good that Teresa was not with him, so what was he doing in New York, if this statement is true that Ramona said that and you know Ramona was not in New Jersey! LOL

        • Squirrels says:

          Regardless of where he was, the fact remains he has a bad DMV record, License suspended and yet he still drove during this season of RHONJ. Was he legally driving at the time? If Bravo was left in the dark as to this family’s legal shenanigans, the lack of legal driving status would have been left out, as well. At what point do these people call it a day. Will these two cry uncle already, please?

          • But was Joe’s license suspended at the time most of the series was filmed or did it happened near the end of filming? His court date and sentencing might have been after the series was wrapped.

            Regardless, I did found his excuse flimsy at best, and probably a bald-faced lie. Even Jac and Chris looked on in disbelief. I find it hard to believe he was not drinking at dinner with the group since if there are more than two cast members in any scene, there is always bottle of wine opened.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So let me get this straight – Joe and Teresa had dinner with Chris and Jacq but Joe did not drink at dinner. Somehow Teresa got home (Chris and Jacq? or with Joe too?). Then Joe went out again, didn’t drink again and was sleepy while driving home at 2AM and hit four trees, a pole and flipped his vehicle? Then he conveniently found himself near a friend of his father’s house (or was it his father – I don’t hear/speak NewJerseyese well). Someone (his father’s friend?) almost had a heart attack because he heard the horrific crash and then Joe is pounding on his door at 2am? Instead of water/coffee Joe pounds 3 or 4 scotches and then the police are called/just show up? The officier doesn’t believe the witness that Joe was not drunk before but after the accident? And then he goes to the hospital and is alright?
      Jacq tried to help during their “dinner” but the looks going around that group were anything but honest……the stories just didn’t add up. Why didn’t Jacq ask Joe how come he didn’t stay home? Or what he was doing out at 2am? And Teresa just stood through the conversation with a blank look on her face!

      Sorry, if I was in an accident and capable of making a phone call – first one would go to the police and the second would be to my home!!!!!!

      • Sha2000 says:

        I found it funny that Jacqueline said, “you weren’t drinking”; like she was with him all night & knew. Interesting that he never said why he was out at that hour? Run to Walgreens for something to help you sleep & some milk for the mornings coffee or what???

  5. Shana p says:

    Love love love your BB blog, Squirrels!! Great job 🙂

    Sorry you had to read what an insensitive asshole wrote about one of the Guidice kids.

    I am getting so sick of these candid reality shows…. I will pop by, but I am starting to get so aggravated watching I am going to take a break from all things Housewives…. I doubt I will ever be able to quit BB though 🙂

  6. Zipit Zarin says:

    I think we’ve all been had. I hate Jill Zarin but at least it wasn’t boring to hate on her. I don’t know which came first … the chickens – housewives or the egg-Bravo producers but it’s a sick symbiotic relationship. They are using each other of course but willingly/knowingly. I don’t resent them both using ME because knowing what I know from reading everything about them-and I still watched it last night? Oy freakin vey! I’m just going to stop thinking of them all as reality tv because it’s not. It’s some hybrid that’s been spawned between reality and acting and the only sane reaction from me is to laugh at the whole thing like b-side blog. I feel sorry for the kids being drug into it all but if the authorities can see what goes on as well as I do and do nothing?? Welp…what can a person do except stop giving them ratings so they will die out. There’s something in us humans that wants to witness bad behavior …Maybe this is our modern day Collosseum. I know I’ve been thinking “thumbs down!” on for awhile but they won’t kill it off! LOL So, I’m just going to laugh and stop thinking that these are real people. Except Bethenny Frankel.

  7. Obsessed with RH says:

    Wow, this was by far the worst episode I’ve ever seen. It was like the Teresa show. That voice, my god it is like nails on a chalkboard. I would rather listen to Fran Drescher for an hour than her, my god. Explain to me how this woman, who had previously declared bankruptcy decides she can afford Chanel and harasses all 20 members of this trip to fly through Venice so that selfish bitch can buy a handbag (inevitably one of their gaudier ones). Did she not sign her name to the bankruptcy papers? Did Joe forge them as well because if not, then she knew EXACTLY what was going on and this bullsh*t excuse of not knowing is just that…bull. Will someone please tell that Gorilla that Chanel is SINGULAR not plural? Also, if she DID know that she was bankrupt, where the hell was she going to get the money or credit cards to pay for Chanel? I am PRAYING that the IRS dig so deeply into these two that she will never ever be able to buy anything ever again. Enough if enough, she is making a mockery of people who get into a situation where they actually NEED to declare bankruptcy and did not squander anything.

    Don’t even get me started on her children. I will only comment on their behavior because their clothing isn’t their choice, apparently Teresa was setting them up to audition for the cruise’s rendition of Tony and Tina’s Wedding because that’s the only explanation. Those children are horrifically behaved, are obviously over-indulged and the moment they don’t get what they want they scream and cry and instead of disciplining them (which never happens), they indulge the behavior. All I have to say is that they may find it cute right now (lord knows I do not), but that is going to get VERY old VERY quick and those girls will have no friends and difficulty in school since they’re clearly incapable of sharing or accepting anything other than their way.

    Jacqueline I think may have a drinking issue….notice that she ALWAYS has a drink in her hand, every episode, practically every scene…interesting….

    Poor Caroline is all I have to say, and usually I’m not a gigantic fan of hers but taking care of those monsters was a punishment that didn’t fit any crime….

    Finally, look at the parents’ faces at that dinner…..that says enough. I can’t believe there’s more of this trainwreck to come.

    • _therealmelissa says:

      Source of the coats….

      RT @DinaManzo: Love seeing T’s girls in the FAUX furs I gave them for their bdays! Aren’t they cute? (Not watching but saw on previews) they look adorable! about 11 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

      • Olivia says:

        Nothing “cute” about those brats no matter how they are dressed.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          So Dina buy all of them identical faux furry outfits for a birthday present – doesn’t that make the one who is actually having a birthday so less than special???

    • Sha2000 says:

      Fran Drescher; lol she sure seems to be channeling her! Yes I agree that the girls behavior seemed bratty (I have two girls myself I’m an expert on brattyness), I do have to say in their defense that I am sure jet lag, shopping in Venice, being on a ship with nothing for them to do, dragging along a group of 20 PLUS a camera crew slowing things down; got the best of them. And I agree if I was just turning four an “eat” birthday party w/adults is not fun. I’m glad I wasn’t on that trip : )

  8. desertgal66 says:

    Well, if Juicy Joe and Neanderthal Woman were ever going to redeem themsleves with viewers, as unlikely as that is, they just blew it. They are the only two people who can make the scandalous boring to watch, though. Kadooz.

    Great blogs, bethennyfans and Squirrels!

    (Updated my Kelly Is Loco blog at http://desertgal66.wordpress.com/)

  9. Olivia says:

    I guess I have to admit that I must be a part of the demographic that Bravo depends upon for viewership. This demographic includes people like me who are suffering from a serious case of “stupid”” by even watching this wreck of a series that has pawned us into thinking that what we are watching is anywhere close to “reality”.

    There is nothing even remotely redeemable about any of the franchise series but the NJ cast so far is a standout in what Bravo puts forth as “entertainment”. And by stretching these series into 15 interminable episodes is beyond comprehension. Last night’s episode, featuring Shrieking Teresa in all of her gaudy glory, lack of general knowledge, and vulgar behavior, enforces my theory that this crapola is basically aimed at the lowest common denominator. Apparently my zip code.

    We are supposed to believe that Joe’s “accident” was a result of an untimed yawn. That Teresa’s usual out of control spending is just “Teresa being Teresa” as the lawyers line up and the feds hand out more documentation of fraud. That the ill behaved kids are “cute”. That going to Italy was a self paid event that was planned to ease the “Danielle” factor that drove them all to distraction and required time away to recoup.

    It may be unintentional on the part of the producers, but Teresa has now surpassed even awful Danielle in the department of sleaze. Having her screaming across a canal in an open boat begging Joe to “slap her ass” equaled Danielle hanging from a pole with her legs spread. And how many times must we be informed of her sexcapades with that brute of a spouse which comes fully equipped with the “ick” factor?

    Each series requires one member to be cast in the role of villainess. Jill Zarin answered that call in NYC. Michaele Salahi takes up the mantle for DC. But try as they might, even though she is a sleazebag, Teresa Guidice has managed to out do Danielle in that regard hands down.

    Bravo take note. You have managed to make even Danielle Staub appear more sympathetic than she deserves by putting the spotlight on this money grubbing, illiterate, forehead craving monster that is Teresa Guidice. Nice work!

    • Sha2000 says:

      We were talking about parts of the show being possibly scripted and or set up. Caroline & Albert baby sitting was obviously a set up scene. Where where the three sets of grandparents to help out? The only thing not scripted last night seemed to be the behavior of the little girls; seemed like jet lag got the best of them.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        The grandparents were likely in their cabins sleeping because the trip was exhausting and they needed to get away from the screeching monkey clan! Poor Caroline didn’t look up to watching them either but the show must go on! I will say that Albert was a trooper with those hellions – he has always been a good sport and a breath of fresh air during this season.

    • vilzvet says:

      Perfect summary. I did think this edition had promise last year, oh well. It’s completely in the toilet now. Worst episode ever last night, and that’s says alot! We thought they couldn’t sink any lower with the Country Clubbed show. We learn something new every week it seems.

  10. MickeyMouth says:

    Thanks for blogging Squirrels and BethennyFans 🙂

  11. lola says:

    I love your blog Lynn! I do not always agree with your opinions but I love your honesty and ability to put it out there. I look forward to your blogs and even when I do not agree, I find them highly entertaining. :o) The Guidice girls scare me and are my worst nightmare as a single mid 20s woman, how are they permitted to slap each other and scream without any repercussions?? I do find Teresa amusing at times but I find her crass, her husband repulsive and her children overindulged.

  12. WindyCityWondering says:

    RHONJ has crossed the line from a housewife franchise to a criminal sitcom. Bravo rewards this pack of lying thieves with a trip to Italy?? Did they not learn from prior episodes that these people are a menace to the general public?
    The villain Danielle is the only one asking the questions fans are interested in – Joe’s dui, why was he out alone at 2am, where all their money is coming from…..And the other side is making lame excuses for the Guidices continued spending of money and think saying Teresa is Teresa means anything to those of us who want to see characters who have a soul, who take responsibility for their mistakes and who have family values? Declare bankruptsy and then go to Italy on vacation – on what planet is that possible?????

    My biggest disappointment was the realization at the end of this episode that there was another one to follow!!

    • Olivia says:

      I am sure that Bravo included that trip to Italy long before the show aired since it only makes sense when booking 20 people for a trip abroad. The logistics of just getting them from one place to another had to have been challenging.

      The show was in production when the supposed news of the Guidice misfortunes became public so I doubt that Bravo was “rewarding” them with this trip. It wouldn’t be a surprise to discover that both Dina and Danielle had been originally included but as things began heating up between the camps this made it impossible to achieve. This may also explain why those 4 brats were included since the number of reservations that would have included Danielle, Dina, her ghost husband, and their three daughters would have accounted for those 4 kids and perhaps Jacqueline’s two.

      • Ellabean says:

        Olivia, I think you’re right on the money with this. Bravo booked a package for a specific “x” number – then some cast members fell out/declined (Dina, Danielle & families). So extended families – grandparents etc. were put in.

        I did not watch last nite’s episode – yet – just saw the previews – but have been reading everyone’s comments. I am aghast.
        She was looking for Chanel ??? !!! In Venice????I shake my head.

        “Schlepping” that stereotype “ugly American” clan around that beautiful European treasure. The horror.

        Has Italy broken off diplomatic relations with us yet ….?

    • tee tee says:

      I agree WCW.
      You know what gets me the most? As much debt Tre and Joe created for themselves, T still makes time to get a dig in at D (on her blog). Tre -we get it. You hate Danielle. Now go focus on more important things ( your debt).

  13. vilzvet says:

    FYI, still no new Bravo blogs…all erased since June. Although the twits on Twitter Jac and T are asking viewer opinions of the episode.

  14. boston02127 says:

    Good morning.
    Thanks for the blogs BethennyFans & Squirrels. 🙂

    I don’t feel sorry for Caroline at all. She knew exactly what she was getting in when she agreed to go. She then convinced her husband to go against his wishes. He predicted exactly what the vacation would be like, kids! Weeks ago she cried on TV telling the world she’s bored now her kids are grown and wants her husband to retire. She complained that they do nothing together because of the Brownstone. If he has so little time to himself due to his work, plan your own vacation.
    I think Caroline is one of the biggest bullshitters on the show. It doesn’t matter if something is illegal or immoral or a blatant lie, if one of her family members are involved in it, she finds a way to justify it. She can act as self righteous as she wants, I’m not buying it for a second. She’s just as bad as the rest of them. The only difference is that Caroline can speak well, well enough to make some people believe her.

  15. moriasheehan says:

    I didn’t watch RHONJ, I am still resisting, BUT…………the gondola scene sounds like something I would love to hate. As far as J&T needing a babysitter for a nooner? Well, IMHO, T is lying cause J doesn’t want her sorry ass anymore. It’s a case of I think she doth talk about it too much, cause it ain’t happening!!! I also don’t think Tamra would want anything to do with (sexually) juicy joe.

  16. Kelly-Has-Big- Shoulders says:

    Yikes I have not watched last nights episode of NJ I taped it. But after reading the blog and comments all I have to say is YUCK, I think I will pass.

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