I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef-Restaurant Wars August 12, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Top Chef – Restaurant Wars       August 11, 2010

Is everyone else as shocked as I am?  This happens every season!  There always seems to be one chef who is amazing yet gets eliminated too soon!  I don’t know if Kenny was destined to win necessarily but I definitely think he is better than some of the chefs that are left behind on the show and that is frustrating! 

In season two, Cliff was disqualified for his antics while trying to shave Marcel’s head as a joke.  I was really disappointed because I truly believe that Cliff would have been up there in the final two or three at the very least, if not the winner of Top Chef. 

In season three I definitely thought that Tre and CJ should have been in the top over Dale based on what we saw. 

Season four had Antonia who cooked with such heart and was sent home earlier than some of the chefs that I felt were not nearly up to her standards.

In Season Five I thought that Fabio should have been in the finale, maybe because of his personality and what a really nice guy he was, but he was clearly an outstanding chef.

Last season I thought that Ashley went home too soon and Robin stayed way longer than she should have. 

Well this season it is Kenny’s turn.  Who would have dreamt he would have been sent home before Alex or Amanda?  I don’t think that Kenny lived up to his potential, he was absolutely a forerunner when the season started.  He did become irritating when he was constantly commenting on Angelo and the other competitors rather than focusing on his own dishes.  That very well may have been his downfall. 

It is also Alex’s turn to overstay his welcome.  While it may have been inappropriate for the losing team to start bashing a member of the winning team, I could see why they were frustrated.  Knowing at that moment that one of them was going home and Alex was safe was irritating! 

I truly don’t understand how they choose the contestants for this show.  Shouldn’t they all be outstanding chefs to begin with?  Do they just take their word for it or does the audition include actual cooking?  Prep work is just as important to know as combining flavors and putting menu’s together.  The basics such as being able to clean a piece of fish and butcher a piece of meat should be basic requirements for getting onto the show. 

The producers have to realize how frustrating it is for viewers as they edit the show together and see what has happened.  Alex is completely useless and his integrity is being questioned by the other contestants and the audience.  Kenny goes home and Alex remains in the competition, really?  Let’s see how we got there…

The Quick Fire challenge was fun, I always like the tag team dish.  It is interesting to see what the original plan was from the first chef and the final dish from the last chef and see if it was the same dish that was conceived by Chef number one. 

The blue team started with their strongest chef, Kenny began to prepare prawns and a sauce, then the weakest, Amanda did have the sense to put the pasta in the boiling water, surprisingly Kevin went next followed by the finishing touches from Kelly.  Obviously a winning recipe!

The red team seemed to start off strong with Tiffany choosing a beautiful piece of fish and had the forethought to leave the head of the fish on the table so others could see what type of fish it was, Alex in the weak spot ruined the dish by seasoning it, apparently chef’s know that the seasoning comes last and that the other chefs would have no way of knowing he’d put so much salt on the fish.  Ed and Angelo finished up the dish and apparently it was acceptable but not the winner.

Now it is time for the one challenge that I believe they’ve held every season.  I  preferred it when it was an entire restaurant to be created from scratch.  They were given more time but they had to take an empty space and choose décor, lighting, utensils, table settings, everything!  That is a TRUE Restaurant Wars.  I enjoyed watching them put together a theme and colors, etc to make it close to something that they may do someday if they haven’t already, open a restaurant from nothing.  In any case, this is what this challenge has come to, it is now merely creating a menu and preparing it. 

Each team was to create two options through three courses.  We are then treated to many interviews with these chefs that show them channeling their inner 12-year old.  Kevin notes that the other team isn’t using Alex as they’re required to, Kenny tells us that Angelo is losing his cool but no one is talking about the food or what they’re doing for this challenge. I think that if the blue team spent more time focusing on their dishes and what they were preparing and sending out, rather than what was happening on the red team, maybe they wouldn’t have lost the challenge.

Alex is shown, once again, to be completely incompetent – he can’t clean fish and he can’t butcher meat, we also find that Alex is a complete and utter asshole to the wait staff!  Ironic since he can’t seem to get it together when talking to the judges table. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Alex is the weakest chef that Top Chef has this season, he has gotten lucky and possibly cheated throughout the competition so far this season.  Angelo and Ed carried Alex through this challenge because it was clear to all that he did not prepare a dish.  It is frustrating as a fan to watch because the one thing we can usually count on with Top Chef is integrity and it is questionable this season. 

Typically we see Chef Tom walking through the kitchens during prep, where was he tonight?  Why didn’t he see for himself what chaos there was in the kitchen and what Alex was doing?  Restaurant Wars has always been an important episode and we’ve always seen Chef Tom checking in on the chef’s. 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a losing team standing at the judges table demanding that someone from the winning team go home, but there it was!   I didn’t necessarily disagree with them, but they had to know that wasn’t going to happen. 

The part that I don’t understand is that Kenny was given credit for preparing two dishes, which was not required.  He was also given props for being the leader and there is no doubt that the kitchen ran smoothly under Kenny’s leadership.  Amanda prepared one poor dish, so why didn’t she go home?  I think that Kenny should have been given another chance.  Team challenges do tend to screw the wrong person and I wasn’t thrilled with Kenny’s attitude while talking in interviews and talking to the judges but I do think that he’s a talented chef.  Absolutely more talented than Amanda and definitely more talented than Alex! 

I truly believe that Alex took the Pea Puree from Ed a few episodes back, all of the other contestants believe it, the only ones who won’t even consider it are the judges and producers because they claim there is no footage on any of it.  In the past we’ve seen the cameramen pan in on a left behind dish or a mistake being made, are they trying to tell us that there was absolutely no footage of that container of pea puree being removed from the cooler, or footage of Alex preparing his own pea puree, gathering ingredients to make it or even if they showed us Alex at Whole Foods purchasing the ingredients, we may be able to buy his story and let him slide, but I am never going to believe that there isn’t any filming of anything to give us a clue as to what happened.  One thing I’m not buying is Chef Tom’s possibility that Alex used Ed’s pea puree by mistake thinking that it was his own.  If he didn’t prepare one, how could he have made that mistake? 

If Alex doesn’t go home soon, I’m going to have a bone to pick with Chef Tom!  Speaking of Chef Tom, apparently he’s on vacation and hasn’t yet posted his blog, typically his blogs do explain better why chefs were eliminated but this week, I’m disappointed either way. 

Yesterday Teresa Giudice had a book signing and our own Laura aka Just Done took one for the team and went just to report back to us on some of the details,Thank you Laura, what a great story!  Here is Laura’s account of her experience:

Laura aka Just done says:

August 11, 2010 at 8:03 pm  

Hey everyone…ok, I’m back, and I just poured myself a skinnygirl margerita. Needed it after that. First off, I got there and there was a line of girls (teens mostly) and some were early 20′s. All with big hair and god-awful tans. I waited to be escorted in, only to wait again. I was floored when someone from Chateau offered me a wine spritzer. they were offering them to everyone. Also, there was someone with a clothing store there, with her clothes set up inside of Chateau…very bizarre.

I began talking to a couple of women in front of me. One was a mom who brought her two teen girls, the other brought one teen girl. The first mom knew NOTHING about chewbaca…it was reallly funny. The other one, on the other hand, lives very close to me and had driven around to all of the houses (Caroline, Dina, Jac) before coming to Chateau. We were talking about the auction, etc. She is NOT a Teresa fan, thank god! I wasn’t the only one.

Now it’s my time to go up and meet the lovely Teresa. Ughhh…wtf was she wearing? It was a neon pink satin dress…god it was awful. She shakes my hand and says “no pictures?” (I didn’t bring my camera) I handed her the book and asked her to make it out to my sister. She asked why I wasn’t getting one even though “you’re soooooo skinny, you don’t need it.” I told her I wasn’t a fan, and this was a gift. This led to a full on conversation about why I wasn’t a fan, and how come my sister didn’t come with me for the book. I explained that they were at their house in LBI (Jersey shore) and she told me that she was going there on Friday. I asked who she was staying with. (She didn’t get the inference.) This woman is too stupid for words. 

She finished by saying that she hoped she had changed my mind about her, and I told her no, and that I was going to go home and write on Lynn’s blog about the experience. She looked at me kind of funny, and then she said “ok, hope to see you in LBI.” She is just a stupid woman, and guess what, she looks much worse in person if anyone can believe that. As I walked out, someone from Chateau asked if I’d like a menu…so Lynn, I have a menu for you. I didn’t think you wanted the book. I know I didn’t!

As I walked out the door, I heard someone whisper “she’s a hater.” I don’t know who said it, but I know it wasn’t chewbaca. You couldn’t miss her voice.

BTW, there were approximately 30-40 people there, but as someone had pointed out, she was on her home territory. None of the other ladies were there, and I kept looking for Kim G. She was a no-show.

Thanks again Laura, that was so great! 

If you haven’t yet seen this interesting tidbit about the RHONJ Finale, this is courtesy of @SassNSauceBBC :  (all links provided by @sassnsaucebbc)


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Finally, I wanted to quickly thank the person who got me started in blogging, (or should I smack him)  Terry Aley who Tweets as @rawveggies  I first did a guest blog for him many months ago and Terry suggested that I start my own blog because he was getting a lot of hits on his site from my blog.  There are a lot of housewives fans out there!  So just another acknowledgement and thank you to Mr. Terry Aley.  Follow him on twitter @rawveggies or visit his web site at www.TerryAley.com Thanks again Terry!  He’s a great guy!


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235 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef-Restaurant Wars August 12, 2010

  1. Olivia says:

    The hard truth about Danielle Staub lies somewhere within the testimony of both her ex husband and the guy who knew her “back in the day”. By all accounts she was a pretty shady lady.

    Why is Bravo promoting this woman and referring to her as a “star”? Her conduct both on and off this show merely backs up the theory that she is not much different than what she was 25 years ago. Why is Bravo glorifying this sociopath who earns her living by exploiting Bravo’s support of her dubious lifestyle by selling herself to the highest bidder?

    She had to be aware that her past would eventually come out by agreeing to film this show yet she placed her children at risk through this exposure for a shot at “fame” and to make money without ever having to actually work for it.

    Bravo should be ashamed of itself for allowing these less than honorable people an opportunity to make money at the expense of good taste.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Danielle is living in a dream world. I don’t think we will ever see the real Danielle. She is an actress playing the role of best mother, villian, wounded friend, force to be recond with, sex kitten, good Catholic girl, popular girl, and lonely girl. It is part of her pathology. Danielle gets upset because someone blabbed about her looking for her birth mom when she’s been talking about it on camera and to the press for two seasons. Danielle tries to get Dina in trouble for the contract signature and really sees nothing wrong there when she blabbed about Dina’s private stuff. She hates the ladies talking about her, but she talks about them non stop. It’s all bull shit.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Well said Quincy.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Danielle’s world does not include any one else, she even used her daughters! She will never make the connection between what she does/wants and what she does/says about other people!

        • When Danielle called herself the best mother in the world-I guess she was trying to upset people?
          OK- she has great kids. But “the best mother in the world”, would say that she has the best KIDS in the world-right?
          I don’t like either that Bravo is supporting what had to be and is continuing to be enormous embarrassment for those girls.
          What kind of even decent mother, if they were in Danielle’s place, which was someone who had apparently lived-down her past, and by some grace had managed to raise two children without that sordid past being exposed, …………what kind of decent mom would risk having it exposed, when she knew there was a book?
          (ok-just typing that out makes we want to slam the book down and flip a table!).
          That is why I consider Danielle to be a horrible mother.
          I actually have my doubts about if Danielle was actually abused herself as a child, and believe me, I’m not the kind of person who would normally doubt someone who says they were victimized.
          When Christine started modeling, Danielle monologued something about how she was doing this to give her children opportunities and how she had felt deprived of the same kind-of opportunities that she is trying to produce for her children.
          Mainly fame.
          I have a suspicion that Daniele being the narcissistic fame-whore that she is, could possibly equate the fact that she was raised as a “nobody”, to child-abuse.
          When she brushed-off the idea that Christine would ever want to have sex with that inane statement about how Christine has so much going for her that she would never have to have sex, at first I thought that Daniele had sex & love confused with prostitution & money.
          (in her own mind of course).
          But really it seems to me for Danielle fame is more important than sex, or love, or her children….more important to her than anything.
          And I resent the fact that Bravo would give Danielle exactly what she wants, at the expense of her children’s well-being.

          And somehow, this woman had the nerve to blame the Manzos for the book.
          Yeah-they gossiped. That is to be expected.
          If they hadn’t someone else would have discovered it, and Danielle was the only one who knew that when she signed-up for reality television.
          And she was the one who had the most to lose. So it was her responsibility to protect her children.
          Thanks Olivia for getting me started on my rant here-sorry if I hijacked your topic, but yeah I agree with everything you say and more.

          • IMJ says:

            Im not one to jump to someone like Danielle’s defense but all of those women (and alot of us in society as well) have our issues and our own set of demons to contend with. Her castmates never wanted to give her a chance; they were just interested in using her past as a springboard for a witch hunt. Im not saying I agree with most things she does, I truly dont. However, im sure all of those women have their own individual as well as family issues so who are they to sit in judgment of Danielle? Shes not the best parent but many parents arent. Shes incredibly selfish and dillusioinal. Despite those fact, her kids are just as well mannered and well developed as Caroline’s kids (or most other kids I have seen at their ages). She must have been able to make some distinctions somewhere along the way and know when to be selfish/selfless. Ive seen so called “better people” raise much worse children.

            • You won’t get an argument from me about her children. I agree, any parent should be proud to have such nice kids.
              And in Danielle’s warped way of thinking, I think that she did think that making them famous was a gift, just like balloon-boy’s dad probably did also.
              Maybe some people don’t get the difference between famous & notorious?
              Personally, I have a problem with any parent putting their children on reality tv, I’m a little over-cautious about the idea.
              When my children were little I received some advice about allowing my children to model, and it really wasn’t what I wanted to hear at the time. But it did convince me not to get them involved.
              In Danielle’s specific case, I think that her past is so scandalous, that a good mother would not risk having it exposed.
              -But they are her children and it is her decision. I hold Bravo responsible for broadcasting it and I think that was a terrible decision as well. They definitely lowered the bar. And I don’t think that children should be used for that kind of risk.

  2. OMG—Laura aka Just Done, Thank-you so much for taking one for the team and thank-you Lynn for posting that great report!
    I don’t think I would have had the guts to leave with my integrity intact like you did Just Done. Although I am extremely curious, I just don’t think I could even go in the first place.
    I love your report, and I feel like I was there with you.

  3. Char212 says:

    Great Blog Lynn! I’ll have to watch Top Chef again but if I’m not mistaken in one of the TH’s last night I swear I heard Alex say he didn’t know who made the pea puree. So if he didn’t know who made it then he knows he didn’t so why would he think he could just take it and use it? He should have gone home weeks ago. I was surprised they eliminated Kenny too. Kenny is a good chef but I’m pulling for Tiffany, I think she’s the best.

    • skogsstig says:

      Somebody on Alex’ team made pea puree … “Rate the Plate” is not up on Bravo yet, and I don’t remember who made it. I’m not surprised Alex didn’t remember who made it when he was at the front of the house – he called the lamb a pork chop, and presumably he was the one who made the lamb dish. Utterly pathetic.

  4. Ellabean says:

    Lynn, thanks so much for re-posting Laura’s trip to Teresa’s book signing last night !
    And great Top Chef blog.

    Heya Laura, aka Just Done~ Good recap ! And love the dig about “who will you be staying with at LBI” ! For those of you not fron NJ – thats Long beach Island – a section of the shore. Recall, Teresa had a house there. Uh, no more.

    Thanks for taking “one for the team” ! (I was one who nudged you to go !). So, 30 to 40 people? In my opinion , not an overwhelming number, especially as she was on her home turf and it was a Wednesday night with decent weather in NJ. I find it telling that there were teens and 20-somethings there – most likely enamored with T as a “TV celebrity” . Not being sarcastic here, but I can well imagine that NJ young girl demographic aspires to be like Teresa – in the future. All glammed up, New Jersey girl made good, “appearing rich” and famous.

    Just another thing: I am sick and tired of that stupid phrase “a hater”. So overused with ‘kids’. Cliche’ and easy to write people off in a way that allows you not to have critical thinking about others or self awareness. Just like “she’s just jealous”. That’s another one. Cliche’ – cliche’. Defense reflex phrases. Both Teresa and Kelly KKB use these all the time. Both are woman/childs in their thinking and lack of self awareness.
    And zero humility.

    • Sha2000 says:

      I agree! I don’t hate any of theses women, I just enjoy the irony! Their reality show doesn’t seem to mirror the reality of their lives.

    • klmh says:

      What is the name of this site? Look at past entries please, and note the hate word used over and over again, for many of the cast members of these housewives shows. Are you kidding?

      • Sha2000 says:

        No I wasn’t kidding. My opinion is that I can’t personally hate someone I’ve never met & that would therefore include all the Bravo “housewives”. The word hate is omitted from my posts to describe these women; I may hate (dislike is a better word) the hypocrisy of their stories of being fabulously affluent when in reality their irresponsible accrual of huge debit & other greedy people like them, helped spur the economic downturn of this nation…I do not dislike them personally, we are strangers. Yes I did see the name of this is; I do not own the url nor did I suggest the name for it; I just enjoy reading *some* of it; and yes some of it too I feel hits bellow the belt; in that case I either weigh in with my opinion or ignore the comment & move along.

        • klmh says:

          I wasn’t responding to your comment sha2000. I was responding to Ellabean. If you notice an indention to the right of your response, then it is for you. Otherwise, as in this case, the indention is to Ellabean, not you.

          • dumberries says:

            I understand your point klmh. Some of the blog posts and comments use “hate” a lot and in that respect, I can see being called “haters” as accurate. If you declare hatred for someone or something, you you should expect to be deemed a hater of that person or thing (but not a “hater” in general, imo).

            From what I’ve seen recounted on this site, when addressing the HWs directly via twitter or in-person, most of the posters on this site are in no way hateful to them, but get labeled “haters” by some of the less mature HWs if they simply challenge them or are not converted into fans. In those cases, I think the “hater” term is a cop out for the HWs.

            • klmh says:

              I appreciate your point of view, but this woman made it a point to go into enemy territory and declared she was not a fan. She also mentioned this blog, which is “I Hate Jill Zarin” so by association, those who post on this blog, including myself, are haters. Guilt by association. I don’t hate anyone either, never have, don’t know these people, and it takes too much energy anyway, but I love this site for all the great info and viewpoints given by the posters.

              • dumberries says:

                Gotchya! I didn’t understand that you were referring to “guilt by association”. I hear what you’re saying. Thanks for clarifying.

              • Quincy IL says:

                Lynn used “hate” in the blog title for hyperbole. Lynn Hudson points out the behaviors and statements of the various housewives and Bravo stars that are uncouth, illegal, and insane. Teresa and others think that Lynn and some of us are haters because we really hate their behaviors.

                I would not have gone to Teresa’s booksigning, but there was nothing wrong with the behavior of the person who did go and wrote about her experience there. It was open to the public and she followed all of the rules. There was no rule that you had to say something that is not true, like you are a fan of Teresa.

                I really don’t care what Teresa, Jill or Kelly feel about this site or the people who post there. It must kill them that there are people on the planet that don’t fall down on their knees adoring the Bravo stars. I watch people and note their behaviors. Teresa behaves badly and she’s doing a horrible job raising those four little girls. Do I hate Teresa, “No.”

              • Laura aka Just done says:

                @KLMH – I take offense to what you have written. I did go to this signing, even though I wasn’t a fan. I did mention Lynn, but did not mention the name of the blog. AND, most importantly, I told her why I wasn’t a fan, not because I don’t like her clothes, etc. I don’t like how she lives, and I don’t like the fact that we, the taxpayers, have to pay for her overindulgences.

                Also, do not forget one major thing, Teresa took my money for her book. She put her herself out there, and I was respectful but disagreed with her and her lifestyle.

              • Laura aka Just done says:

                one more thing…did you see how I addressed that post to you, I prefer not being referred to as “this woman.”

              • klmh says:

                Laura,I have no problem with what you did. Please look up thread and notice Ellabean’s last paragraph. That is what I was referring to and I found your experience fun and interesting to read.
                This is Ellabean’s quote: “Just another thing: I am sick and tired of that stupid phrase “a hater””. And then read my first response. And Im sorry I called you “this woman”, I just thought you were female with a name like Laura. I’ve never heard of Laura as a male name, but anything is possible…

              • Laura aka Just done says:

                klmh, I’m sorry if I jumped down your throat. Yes, obviously I’m a woman – LOL. I don’t know, maybe it was the RHDC that rubbed me the wrong way. Anyway, please accept my apologies for jumping at you.

    • dumberries says:

      @Laura, I support you and believe your visit to the book signing was fun, appropriate and you handled yourself very respectfully and honestly. You paid for the book and didn’t misrepresent yourself. If some consider your visit hateful by association because you mentioned “Lynn’s site” and it has the word “hate” in it, I personally think it’s a big stretch and a minority opinion, but to each his/her own. Thank you again for sharing your experience!! (Sorry I couldn’t post under your comment, there was no “reply button” available)

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        Thanks Dumberries – that post just rubbed me the wrong way. I hope I didn’t sound like I was being bitchy, but I was annoyed especially because I felt I handled myself with class and dignity. Sorry, just needed to vent. 😦

        • klmh says:

          Laura,I responded to your post upthread because the reply button wasn’t available. I did enjoy your post about your experience. Teresa is the worst housewive for me as well, and none of this was directed at you. It was directed to Ellabean.

          • Laura aka Just done says:

            klmh, I got your response, and I also responded upthread. Again, apologies for jumping down your throat. I agree about Teresa being the worst, and it took every ounce of my being to handle myself with class and dignity. I made a point of speaking softly during our conversation. The phrase “hater” bothered me because the people that uttered it couldn’t have possibly heard what we were talking about, all they knew was that I didn’t have a picture taken. I dislike Teresa and her husband for their actions, and how those actions effect the lives of others. They don’t just hurt the economy, they hurt many peoples way of life, from contractors who don’t receive payment to the sales clerk at Neiman Marcus who loses her job because Teresa doesn’t pay her bill. I’ve seen it all too often in Retail, good people get laid off while others declare bankruptcy. The ones who get laid off have bills to pay too, so they wind up taking two jobs to compensate for the one they lost.

            As for Joe’s dui…I have no words. We have so many people on this site who have been affected personally by drunk drivers. I don’t care how many stories they tell…I know Jersey cops, they take this matter seriously and he still got a slap on the wrist. Even so, he’s fighting the community service. I guess Juicy is too good to clean trash off of the highway.

            Again, I apologize for biting your head off. I hope you accept my apology, and thanks for letting me vent about how I really feel!

        • klmh says:

          Thanks, glad that’s cleared up. Whew…. 🙂

      • felony stupid says:

        Just my two cents on the ‘haters’ conversation.

        When a person uses the word “hater” it is put down. It is a way of saying, “don’t be jealous of me and my fabulous car/face/house/wife/bank account. ” It is not a commentary on whether or not a person is actually hated.

        So I don’t think any of are ‘haters’ simply because of the title of this blog. Do I dislike Jill and Teresa and Kelly? Hell yes. Does that make me a hater? Not by the popular definition of the term.

        Off for winetime!!!

  5. Char212 says:

    Oh, thank you Laura! I loved that you had the courage to tell her that you aren’t a fan of hers. You go girl!!!
    Olivia, I agree about Danielle. I couldn’t believe my eyes last night. I was watching the tru tv network when a commercial came on. It said something like…See Danielle Staub like you’ve never seen her before. Evidently it’s her sex tape she made from the bits they showed and it was advertising for the Hustler channel.
    I’m not a fan of any of those women on the show. There isn’t one of them that I like. I hate Danielle just as much as Teresa and the others. None of them has one redeeming quality imo. What Danielle puts her daughters through is disgusting.

    • Olivia says:

      I would really love to have someone from Bravo reveal the “truth” behind these series. It seems to me that we are being “played” for the most part.

      Another example is the “hint” that the last show contains the possibility of a “sitdown” dinner that includes Caroline and Danielle. The idea makes no sense since the series was based on avoiding one another at any cost for 15 weeks!

      They smeared, insulted, degraded, and physically attacked one another for two seasons. But is it for “real”? Were they just hired to play a particular role for the benefit of created drama that did not exist? Danielle admitted to Andy Cohen that she was content to “play” the villain. She has managed very nicely to capitalize on her notoriety. Jill Zarin alluded to the fact that she was “encouraged” to behave in a certain way if she wanted to “maintain the apple”. Kelly basically hinted as much in her ramblings. Even Alex seemed to step out of character in her dealings with Jill and it may have been nothing more than holding her place on the show.

      Teresa may be intellectually handicapped but why did she agree to continue filming her spending sprees on camera when she had to know that her bankruptcy filings would become public? Her “character” was celebrated for her over the top indulgences but this certainly did not enhance her behavior by appearing to “thumb her nose” at the critics unless she was playing her role.

      None of it makes sense when viewed from that lens. From what little I have seen of DC, the stereotypes are already on display. Mary, who seems to like her wine and loses her ability to filter (Ramona). Cat, who can’t hide her vicious tongue (Jill). Michaele, the airhead (Kelly). Lynda, the snob (Lu Ann). Not sure what role Stacie plays so far.

      It seems like this “reality” is a lot of make believe.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Off topic. I have to say I like that Caroline is not trying to sell the public anything, not a book, skin cream, jewelry, margaritas, or anything like the rest of the ladies on the franchise.

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          Except the Brownstone…

          • Sha2000 says:

            But it was their business for years & years prior, not created for the Bravo viewer, plus no one is going to fly to NJ just to have dinner there. I’m sure they benefited someway from the free advertising, but you get my point.

            • Laura aka Just done says:

              Actually, they have had alot of parties at the Brownstone b/c of the “free advertisement” on Bravo. I live in close proximity and when I was planning my wedding (back in the day) the Brownstone came up as an alternative. Never in a million years would I have gone there. Don’t forget, it’s in Paterson, not a good neighborhood. If you need proof of that, just think back to Teresa saying “I’m from Paterson, remember?” She insinuated she was from “da hood.”

          • twoile says:

            & clean reputation……as I understand it the Brownstone has several judgements against it 4 non pmt etc.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Caroline is going to forgive Danielle for everything they caused her to do and to welcome her with open arms into her family……………lol…………… Seriously, why do we have to have a face to face when they really already made their feelings very clear!!!!

  6. -And those season-ending details are great. A surprise ending that we didn’t see coming.
    I have to click-on the Radar link, because there are some great details there that aren’t posted anywhere else either, even though I tend to avoid Radar unless I love the person they’re writing about because rumor has it that they pay-per-click to the celebrities themselves for exclusive details.
    For some good Danielle -hating, here’s a link to a DB1K that was over-looked when it came out but someone posted it here yesterday and it just made me hate Danielle all over again.
    I also got lost in some RHOOC-(the California girls), and I have to say that those women have been really bad girls too! Lynn Curtin posted on her Facebook yesterday a hint that she has been picked-up by somebody else since she was let go by the OC.

  7. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    I was also shocked that Kenny went home over Amanda. At the same time Kenny was a bit conceited and never came through with that which is the difference with him and the Voltaggio borthers from last season. Regardless I think Kenny is better than Amanda and did manage two dishes plus execution and order on his team. However Alex is awful no one wants to work with him he is just a big MESS. I am glad Ed won he is my fave.

  8. vilzvet says:

    Good going, Laura, you stayed the course and didn’t get “starstruck”. You walked out exactly as you walked in, and Teresa knew she didn’t win you over. Love it!! And yes, that amount seems like a perfectly routine number of show-ups. There is no way Teresa ever had hundreds of fans showing up. The Alex and Simon signing I attended had the same amount, around 40. Seems only Bethenny is pulling in the huge numbers, but maybe that’s because she’s selling alcohol, LOL!
    Rewatching Italy (ugh), boy, did Caroline sell her husband a bag of goods. Just like in the bsideblog photo recap (hilarious), she played dumb to get him to go. He wanted NO part of any kids going, and she lied through her teeth. At that point she must have known Teresa was going to have her kids and parents, oops babysitters coming along. I do look forward to the scenery next week because it is the countryside, and it may be interesting to meet their extended relatives. Just a mild interest though!

  9. I don’t have any links right now, but, that $3,333 per episode figure that was listed on Teresa & Joe’s bankruptcy forms might be a lie also.
    The reason I say that is, at first, it sounded about right since we had heard that the Jersey ladies got around a hundred-grand each-right?
    BUT!-what about the children, and Joe? The whole Giudice family has been featured heavily this season, and you know those children had to be paid something.
    (although whatever it is the parents are free to take every cent because of the law-skirting ways of reality tv, but that’s a whole other topic).
    And Joe of course. Plus now I’m even hearing hints that that hundred-grand figure may have been a guess.
    Since we already know that Teresa & Joe are accused of putting false info. on the bankrupcy forms, the $3,333 for Teresa is even starting to look fishy to me.
    Something I saw said that the whole reason for the hold-up for season one being on the air, had to do with the cast salary negotiations, and Danielle being a hold-out on the lawyer that was hired for the entire group.
    And that’s what really got me interested in Teresa’s Bravo $$.

    • vilzvet says:

      Yes, if Ashley of all people earned money from the show, according to her mother, than certainly the Guidice girls did as well. Same with Caroline and Danielle’ss kids. Who is claiming this income, and has it been properly accounted for?

      • dumberries says:

        So, why doesn’t Bravo just say how much they make? When Jersey Shore was going into its second season, it was all over the trade magazines that the cast was negotiating and wound up getting $10k each per episode. I know the HWs are a little different because there are so many of them in different franchises, but I think I saw confirmation that OC HWs get $100k per season. Seems like Bravo must have a formula for starting season and subsequent seasons salaries. Oh well, I guess they’re not required to tell us, but I am curious. Especially, if the kids are getting paid to (which is probably required by labor laws). So, that horrid trip to Italy was probably a big payday for the Giudices. 7 family members each likely paid something to go on an all expenses paid trip…

  10. error404 says:

    I continue to be lost with all the “Kenny is da bomb!” talk.

    He went home because the team he lead lost, AND he created two awful dishes. The goat cheese think was about as close to inedible as it gets on TC. The guest judge all but spit it out! Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

    Sure, there are worse chef’s *cough* Alex *cough* but that’s the way these shows work.. the weakest person can stay as long as the team wins, etc…

    • babelony says:

      I agree. Plus the judges kept telling him he uses too many ingredients and needed to edit himself. Obviously his ego wouldn’t allow for that and, once again, he used to many ingredients in his final dish.

  11. Olivia says:

    There must be a sliding scale because they can’t be paying Trashley $100,000 a year. Come on!

    The kids might be paid “scale” as they do not have talking roles per se. And Danny Pro is not just hanging around to play the “bodyguard” for free. The very thought that Kelly is pulling in that much money is just to mind boggling to imagine! The so called “stars” must be paid more than the supporting players. Simon, Mario, Ali, Avery, Albie, the two Chris’, Lauren, Max, Julie, etc., must receive some form of renumeration but I doubt it reaches the level of hundreds of thousands. If so, then I have been in the wrong business!

    • dumberries says:

      I think you’re right. The major players get more than the supporting cast, but everyone that appears is probably required to get some kind of renumeration.

      Most of the time when we read about ensemble casts negotiating, they all pull together as a team (Jersey Shore, Atlanta HWs, Friends…). But, not the NJ HWs! Looks like Danielle is holding out for more – predictable. Will be interesting to see if she ends up getting paid more than the others. Danielle is a piece of work and definitely exploits herself, but she’s on a mission to get the most she can out of this ride…

      • Olivia says:

        She is probably demanding to see next season’s “script” before she signs on again.

      • error404 says:

        Well, she has a point. What would the show be about without Daneille? Oh, is anyone watching Rachel Zoe? Danielle, I mean Taylor is gone, but all the remaining cast does is talk about her non stop in every scene. SHE should get paid by Bravo, like $1,000 every time her name is mentioned!

        • dumberries says:

          I agree Error. From the two episodes I watched (and all the great recaps and comments on this site), it sounds like the show centered almost entirely around Danielle. Don’t blame her for at least trying to get as much as she can.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          If the next RZP is another Taylor, Taylor, Taylor fest then it is my last episode -Brad is starting to be really interesting as is the new assistant. Rachel has to let the Taylor obsession/energy go…..it’s tiresome

  12. skogsstig says:

    Here is my FAVORITE Top Chef re-capper, Minx Eats:
    She knows a lot about food and is hysterically funny. Her regular blogs about eating out and cooking (with recipes) are a great read, too. Enjoy!

  13. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Gail Simmons had tweeted about why Kenny went home:

    Re: Resto Wars Why did we do it, u ask? Simple: U make the worst food, U pack your knives + go! Read my blog @ bravotv.com 4 full details.

    So maybe making two bad dishes, no matter how smoothly the kitchen ran, you go home.

    Alex and Amanda should be home already. They’re both not very good.

  14. Bobbi says:

    Lynn, I fully appreciate and share your frustration with last night’s Top Chef! Obviously Alex wasn’t going to go home since he was on the winning team. But, I have to give credit where it is due too. That team worked around the Alex obstacle and minimized his negative impact to win. Chef Tom also tweeted “I also heard from at least three contestant who witnessed Alex making the pea puree ” about twelve hours ago. So, maybe there really is nothing to show. It is hard to prove a negative!

    In my opinion, Kenny did himself in by creating two bad dishes. He also didn’t do himself any favors going after Alex the way he did in front of the judges. If we believe what Chef Tom said a couple of weeks ago, at this point they knew nothing of the pea puree mess. All they would have seen were a bunch of whiny tattletales going off on a winning team member.

    Kenny is obviously talented, but he has a lousy attitude and has had it for quite some time. He has refused on multiple ocassions to accept the judge’s criticism of his dishes as valid. There was always another excuse. The prime example of this was when his peers were part of the judging.

    Anyway, in the end, I think they were justified in sending him home and I don’t think he has anyone to blame but himself.

  15. Anitabee says:

    Is it just me or is this Season of Top Chef being edited very badly. For example, last night they DID not show who made the pea puree. There has to be a behind the scenes story to that. Was this Ed’s way of proving to the audience and the judges that the winning pea puree from a few week’s ago was really his? It looked like that to me. I have no idea why the answer to that was edited out. BAD BRAVO!

    Also I missed seeing the reaction of the Blue Team when the red team was asked to go in before them. I mean, come on, the Blue Team thought that they had won the second they saw Alex assigned to the Red Team. They were so confident in every second of that challange? Why? You guys did have Amanda on your team? A little humiliating to say the least and Bravo — AGAIN-editted it out.

    Ahhh, Kenny…you still don’t get it. You are not as GREAT as you think you are. A hint might have been when you did not win challanges and placed in the middle. Another hit is you were in the bottom more than Ed, Alex, and Angelo. How about the time you were told your dish had too many ingredients, and you REFUSED to accept the critique from Michelle Bernstein. You did it again last night. Refused, again, last night to accept the same criticism from Gail.

    What I could not believe was Kevin and Kenny’s bitch-assiness when they lost. What the heck? They lost because their team dishes were not as good as the red team. Why and how would they EVER think that the judges would cast off Alex instead of someone from their own team???? Also Kenny threw Angelo under the bus. Waa! Waa! Waa! Angelo was mean to his team. Honestly Kenny did you think snitching like a little bitch would save you? Gross. And to go back and attack the Red Team for being smart enough to know that if they hadn’t carried Alex one of them could have gone home? For that Kevin AND Kenny should have been sent home.

    Kenny, at the end of the day — the judges almost spit out your cheese desert or whatever that was. Did you even taste it? Amanda and Alex will be eliminated soon enough but this is why the viewers LOVE restaurant wars. Something unexpected always happens.

    At this point, I predict Angelo goes all the way. Dark Horse – Kelly.

    And was anyone as suprised as I too see that Kelly and Nancy Pelosi looked so much alike?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      IIRC, in a voiceover during prep, Angelo(?) described who was preparing what. He mentioned who was preparing the pea puree. I noted it wasn’t Ed but don’t remember who it was. It wasn’t Alex either.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Editing has been sub par this season but then so have the cheftestants. I never had a clear favorite and don’t really care who get’s the title at this point but will finish the season.

  16. Anitabee says:

    Oh-My-God! I can’t take it ANYMORE!

    Someone has to take Kelly Bensimon phone away so she will STOP twittering. From today, “@Ikyth if you are having a bad day, just smile, then talk. anger is an ugly color to wear. wear love ”

    No you dumbass Kelly. You make love. You are in love. You do love. BUT you can NOT wear love. If she tweets it one more time I will have to officially hate her more than Jill Zarin. And we all know how almost impossible that is to do.

    In case you missed this I posted this last night. It made Squirrels laugh, I hope it makes you laugh too:
    Anitabee says:
    August 12, 2010 at 12:39 am
    Kelly needs to get laid ASAP. She may need to leave New York to do this. I betcha there are pictures of her in all the men’s bathrooms in NY with WARNING labels that read:

    “Chick with Dick”

    “Real Life Single White Female” (Jennifer Jason Leigh pales in comparison to Kelly “Kill” Bensimon.)

    “This Attraction IS Fatal”

    “If you ask her for a blowjob she sits in front of the mirror waiting for a blowout”

    “Sexually Anorexic”

    “Hates to “69″ because it sounds too much like 1979 and she doesn’t want to be free to be you and me.”


    “Tease who can’t please”

    Seriously, I can think of many more but that just wouldn’t be “Charitable” of me…

  17. Squirrels says:

    Awesome blog today Lynn.

    “I told her I wasn’t a fan, and this was a gift. This led to a full on conversation about why I wasn’t a fan, and how come my sister didn’t come with me for the book.”

    I’m beggin’ ya girl, give us the skinny on the “why I wasn’t a fan,” discussion. I can just see Teresa’s hairline recede during that conversation.

    As to TC, while I agree Kenny had talent, it was his backstory that attracted me to him. I really rooted for him. That said, he was never consistently “on top,” regardless of his protestations that he should have been the winner of every challenge. I think he handled the team very well, just fell short, once again X 2.

    Alex…. oh Alex. You really are a giant in your own mind. You can’t cut a slab of meat, clean a fish properly, treat staff with respect, or maneuver around a kitchen with any level of expertise. The shot of you “beating out” Kelly for a stew pot on the top shelf and laughing at her really brought home your message. Not only are you a lousy cook, you are no professional, nor a gentleman. Would it have killed you to hand this tiny woman a pot? There was no way she could reach the one behind it, yet you reveled in your “win” moment.

    Whether or not you survive next week, you will always be seen as a weasel in my eyes. The only reason I would ever go to any restaurant you were associated with would be to set the record straight. You are a lowlife to the nth degree and you proved it time and time again. Well done, way to garner a reputation in a world where reputation is EVERYTHING.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      When I told her I wasn’t a fan, she said “Oh, you don’t watch the show?” I responded with yes, I do, but I’m not a fan of hers by any means. She then said that alot of what I see is in the editing, and it makes people look bad to some people. I said that she should own it, a la Bethenny and that it is what it is. She said some people get portrayed differently and I said that is the beauty of the internet and public records. The truth lies in the court documents and public records. She didn’t respond to that.

      • dumberries says:

        Good job Laura! Sounds like you were respectful but stuck to your guns. Can’t believe anyone would call you a hater just because you are not a fan. I agree with Lynn, the term “hater” is overused by HWs to label anyone who isn’t buying their lies.

      • Ellabean says:

        Thanks Laura. You gave great responses to her.

        I gotta ask:
        Can you give us just a bit more of a Teresa- up-close visual ?

        Is her makeup as tacky and dated as it looks on TV ? The over made heavy looking lip and eye liner, too much blush, orange tan, and ….the….uh…..hairline? Any impressions?

        Just between us girls – and guy. Wink-wink.

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          @Ella, if you can believe it, her makeup is even heavier and more tacky in person. The only thing I could think was that maybe, just maybe she put on as much makeup as she would for filming, when we all know that filming requires more makeup. But then I realized, this is real life…she must do this on a daily basis! LOL 🙂 As for the tan, yes, she was just as orange in person but then again, so were most of the girls on line.

          She had the bangs going, and that look actually worked for her since you couldn’t see her forehead. I really wanted to ask her to pull the bangs up, but that would’ve been going a little too far. My only regret was not bringing Mickey’s picture with me. I printed it, but completely forgot it when I walked out of the house.

          Sorry Mickey! 😦

          • Ellabean says:

            Laura ! Thanks for delivering the up close visual. Zow. Forgot about those new bangs as seen recently on The View.

          • MickeyMouth says:

            LOL, thanks for thinking of it.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            IMO Teresa applies so much make up because it gives her more time in front of the mirror and she knew that people would be taking pictures with her or of her…..while I agree that makeup can do amazing things – it can’t really hide what is inside.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        WOW Impressive Laura! Tell it like it is, the Teresa worship has to end!

      • Squirrels says:

        DOH!!!! SMACK DOWN! Way to go!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        you are amazing, grace under pressure and I know how hard it is to actually talk to someone when you have so many negative visuals in your mind! you rock lady, really and truly.

      • Nice job Laura! There was absolutely nothing she could say to counter your “truth lies in the court documents and public records” statement. Truth also lies in what bravo had filmed and chose to air on national tv. 🙂

  18. Laura aka Just done says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words – I’m glad I went and said my piece. One other thing is kind of curious though, and I forgot to mention it. Everyone joked about a book signing in a salon, right? Instead of Barnes & Noble, etc. Very interesting was that they had a stack of books on the front desk, and they were collecting $20 cash per book. No sales tax, nada. Isn’t this considered “unreported income?” Just another one of the things that make you go “Hmmmm”

    • Ellabean says:

      heya Laura – I just posted to you right above – hope you see it. Never sure if I hit reply properly to correct poster …thanks. 🙂

      • jezzibel says:

        I could be the salons way of collecting what she owes them, by way of circumventing the court. One less debt to settle

        • I thought the book’s price was 16, or 17.99??
          So $20 would cover the tax.
          Anyone who has purchased a book recently, I’m still waiting to see if it has really made it to a 2nd printing which is usually noted by the numeral “1” not being in the line of numbers on the faceplate, and it not saying, “first edition”.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          that’s what I was thinking – she supplied the books and the salon gets the revenue to cover her outstanding bill

  19. error404 says:

    OK, after some debate I decided to blog Flipping Out


    Let me know what you think 🙂

  20. viki55 says:

    Morning all…opps…Good Afternoon even;)
    Can someone tell me about Facebook? If you go to someone’s page, how to do “friend them” or whatever it is called? I am so green on this stuff. I still can’t figure out who is talking to who on Twitter! LOL

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      When you go to someone’s FB page, right next to there name will be a box to click on that says “Add as a friend” Once they accept your friend request, you will be able to follow.

      • viki55 says:

        Dang, looking all around and don’t see it. What does the “Like This” “Don’t like this” do? I think I am hopeless at this!

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          Vicki – you are on a fan page, if you want to follow that person, click “like this” Hopefully it’s not JZ! LOL

          • viki55 says:

            How did ya guess? Nawww just kidding. I tend to think the evil might rub off if I visited there;)

  21. MickeyMouth says:

    I need to play catch-up in the reading department. Good blog. No Kenny shouldn’t have gone home before others but I think they may decide ahead of time their final chefs and remove them in an order to cause controversy. Not the Bravo would ever do anything to manipulate a “reality” tv program. 🙂

    Thanks for the Laura re-cap. So Teresa didn’t win you over, hard to believe, lol.

  22. error404 says:

    Work of Art vlog is finally up!


    new one will follow soon in a day or two 🙂

    • error404 says:

      OMG too funny!

      Mark put up pics of Miles and Ryan making out! Who? What? Where? When? Huh?

      • Quincy IL says:

        I looked. Mark must be unhappy with the outcome of the show.

        Artists have very strong emotions, but coming up with working pieces with a time limit and direction from the shows producers made a number of contestants give up. I think Ryan flaked and so did Jacqueline. Both were contenders. You have to learn how to take chances with art even if you fail and then learn from the failure. Picasso had a really blue period where he was looking for inspiration.

        I’m trying to work on a series right now. I know where I am going, but everyone around me is questioning the direction. Thank goodness, I won’t starve if I fail. LOL.

  23. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    I got this from Reality Tea. I just copied and pasted the portion about Jill. The rest of the article is old, recycled information about Bethenny’s acting career.

    Jill Zarin is baaaack! After an unfavorable season on the Real Housewives of NYC , the reality star has been slowly but surely making her way back in the limelight.

    When Jill is not busy inviting camera crews to go shopping with she and her daughter Allyson, she’s busy giving out interviews in an attempt to promote um ummm, oh who cares! She has herself to promote!

    In her latest interview with RadarOnline, Jill shares that she has yet to meet cast-mate Bethenny Frankel’s baby. “I’m not involved with her life anymore. I haven’t met the baby.” Jill also states she has yet to reconcile with Bethenny saying she called her after the reunion show taping. “I called and she didn’t call back. I do have a baby gift waiting for her when I do see her.”

    And when it comes to her actions on the Bravo hit show, Jill is still distressed that people got to see her true colors. “Why did [the storyline with Bethenny] last nine episodes or whatever? It was only two or three weeks in real time when I was mad at Bethenny and then I wanted to make up and that was sort of extended for six months or something.”

    When asked if she will be back for another season, Jill pretends says she has a lot of mixed feelings. “On the one hand I think it’s a great platform for my brand but also for my charities. But on the other hand, it really put my family through the ringer. Put me through the ringer.”


    • boston02127 says:

      If I read/hear “it’s a great platform for my brand and my charities” one more time, I’m going to throw my computer out the window. What is Jill’s brand? What is Kelly’s brand?

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        No shit- right? I never even thought about that…what the hell are they branding?
        Well, maybe Jill has Zarin Fabrics and the Creaky Joints Foundation. But she hasn’t done much work with Creaky Joints since season 1, at least that I can remember.

        • dumberries says:

          It seems like the HWs’ favorite words for explaining why they love the fame/infamy of doing reality tv is to claim that they are using the shows as a “platform” for “branding”. They are just mimicking terms used by Bethenny two years ago, who act. B is using the shows as a platform to brand her businesses (and she also likes being famous, she doesn’t deny it). I too wonder what the heck Zarin and Kelly are claiming to brand. The Zarin Fabrics brand was already well established before the show, so at best Zarin can claim she’s looking for free advertising (like the Brownstone). As for Kelly, I think she’s trying to brand Kelly, but she can’t stick to any strategy for more than a week so we all just brand her “Krazy”.

        • Jill Zarin has been proven repeatedly to be a big fat liar. Back in the spring (May?) she announced on her facebook that she would soon announce several new sponsors, but she never did make that announcement. LOL!

          She’s desperately trying to set up book signings to try to pump up sales of her book. The Amazon sales ranking at one point this week was over 200K for the hardback! Can we say “tanked”! Of course, the book was considered “tanked” months ago.

      • icantstandthetoxicity says:

        They don’t have a brand. Bethenny is the only “housewife” with a brand. Do you notice that Jill and Kelly sound alike? They must have the same Publicist.

        • error404 says:

          I actually disagree. Bethenny is the only housewife that has a work ethic! Her brand(s) have been all over the place and it’s hard to sell that “Bethenny Bakes” for example was a big hit. She just stuck with it until something won (Skinny Girl margeritas).

          Creeky Joints, Lady Bug, Tru Renewal, etc… are brands… but Jill and Dina just don’t put the time and elbow grease into it. They want fame and attention, not success!

          • Kukulet says:

            Well…I think Alex and Ramona both have work ethics, too. Alex’s work isn’t as visible, since she doesn’t promote a brand name, and the cameras don’t follow her at work, but there have been several hints through the last three years that Alex works hard. Same with Ramona – the TruRenewal brand and her HSN jewelry are just a small part of her workload – she still owns and operates her overstock/resale company, too.

          • icantstandthetoxicity says:

            @error404 You’re right, I was thinking about businesses instead of charities. Charities are brands. I can’t believe I forgot about Ramona. She has a successful brand and she was a successful businesswoman before RHONY.

      • error404 says:

        LOL nothing we want to buy!

        Both seem to be desperate for jobs in TV: Jill wants to be the next Joy Behar, and Kiki wants to be Martha Stewart meets Cindy Crawford.


        • Kukulet says:

          Kelly’s next gig will be as a spokesperson for Adderall and metaboliv steroids. She won’t even have to say anything – the photos from the numerous step and repeats say it all.

          And, if she ever gets help, she can add psychotropic drugs to the list.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          If Kiki didn’t have money and some social connections due to her ex, she’d just be the nutty lady in the park talking incoherently to the squirrels and chasing pigeons.

  24. ilovelynn says:

    I just bought my weekly copy of the star, etc. (Iknow, I know, I have no life!) and there is a one page article about theresa and” juicy” joe and the fact that they are spending more time apart these days and he was seen with a young teresa look-alike named nicole. they were eating sushi and he was stroking her arm. he is also supposidly verbally abusive to theresa telling her all the time that he is going to “kick her ass”. she soothes her sorrows by doing more shopping. oy. this is if you can believe anything in that rag. he also comes home in the “wee” hours of the morning. dui, anyone?

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      You never know what to believe in the tabloids but I believe this story. I get the feeling Joe has been “dating” for a while, even before RHONJ aired it’s first episode. Teresa tries too hard to convince the public that she is happily married and that makes me think that the marriage has been on shaky ground for a long time.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        He tries to keep her barefoot and pregnant so he can be footloose and fancy free!

        • dumberries says:

          That’s what I was thinking Windy. I think she knows it too. She really is old school after all!!

          P.S. Explains why they would get fertility treatments to have another child when they have 3 so close in age, and their finances were shaky. He wants her stuck and preoccupied, and she wants to please him and keep on spending…

    • error404 says:

      actually, it sounds believable!

      I’d find it hard to live with T and not be “verbally abusive” but you can just tell he is anyway.

      This doesn’t sound at all like the “Bat Boy pregnant with Big Foot’s baby!” that these mag’s usually run.

      • Butters'Mom says:

        error you are too funny! (bat boy). I always cringe when Joe talks to T’bacca. It is clear he doesn’t even like her. Almost makes me feel sorry for her but I don’t.

    • IMJ says:

      Who would date Joe? What is remotely attractive about him? He is short and stubby.

    • Well, that’s no surprise to anyone who watches the show. The man verbally abuses his own daughters, calling them “ugly” & such, then laughs when they cry & scream.

  25. viki55 says:

    He is pretty verbally abusive to her on the show so I can imagine it is only worse off aire. He is a player, you can just tell. Teresa is so stupid she just doesn’t notice or she is very naive. I think he is the big insecure macho man type (excessive body building) that has to have women fawning over him to make himself feel like he is worth anyting. All the sex talk coming from Teresa tells me there isn’t much of a sex life there. It has been my experience that people who talk about it all the time aren’t doing it.

    • dumberries says:

      Agreed. Excessive sex talk usually means no action. If Joe is a philanderer, I think it’s more likely that Teresa knows it (and I’m sure his buddy Chris knows it), but she just chooses to accept it. If those comments from NJ.com (the ones from the locals, written before the show began) are to be believed, it appears that everyone in town knows it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Good observations – IMO, Joe has something on the side, which is hard to hide in a small town, Teresa knows it and can’t stop it. The next best thing for her is to be on tv saying they are going at it like bunnies so the side dish thinks Joe is still having relations with his wife – small revenge for Teresa.

  26. Capiche says:

    Lynn, read your blog but haven’t read all the comments. I didn’t think Kenny performed as we were promised but I think his and Kevin’s frustration had to do with Alex NOT preparing a dish. I think the rules of the challenge says everyone had to prepare a dish. Because Ed and Angelo didn’t trust Alex to cook, they just made him do prep work and cooked a dish and credited it to him. It was, in fact, cheating. And it was done twice this season by Alex. What’s the point of having restaurant wars if everyone doesn’t cook a dish and then why aren’t they taking into consideration how the kitchen is run and the front of the house is run in judging in this challenge? Then this challenge is starting to make no sense. This is a shabby season in every which way…from contestants to judges, from challenges to editing, from food to producing. I have had it with Top Chef DC!!

    Went over to read Tom’s blog but he is conveniently on vacation! Ha! Everyone is giving him hell in the comments though. There needs to be some fairness in the competition, not a shrug shouldered whatever from the judges when someone blatantly cheats.

    Glad Abdi won on Work of Art though! Anyone knows when his Brooklyn museum exhibit debuts? I’m gonna go see it.

  27. OneMoreinBoston says:

    I am of the opinion, just my opinion, by the way- that Jac is telling he truth about the night of the DUI.

    I don’t think Juicy was drunk when they left the dinner. I believe her when she says that he only had 1/2 a glass of wine or whatever the foolish story is now.

    I think he headed out on his own (“Tre, I have to take care of sum bidness”) so Chris and Jacqueline drove Teresa home.

    He then went to “Tara” or “Nicole”s house and had a little action and also had plenty to drink with his girlfriend.

    I think it’s an open secret that he has a girlfriend(s) on the side and T-man looks the other way. I think all of the scrambling isn’t to protect Joe from the DUI charge- it’s to protect Teresa from looking like an even bigger fool than she does now.

    The way that Teresa goes after Danielle, the way she is compulsive about spending money, the way that she is absentminded with her children (“mommy, you’re hurting me!” when she brushed her one daughter’s hair) the afternoon glass or 3 or 6 of wine, the auction pictures that show the unmade bed-with only one side slept in, the increasingly snide and snarky comments from Joe, has all made me think that Joe is cheating and she has become an angry, bitter woman.

    After all what does her tag line say? “I just think they’re jealous” Sure they are.

    It’s the last refuge of the jilted wife. All of these “other” women are so jealous of Juicy Joe and her faboo-lus life that they just throw themselves at him. It’s not his fault!

  28. Olivia says:

    Possibilities for the next NJ “storyline”:

    -Teresa runs off with Danny Pro.
    -Joe begins a “relationship” with Trashley.
    -Jacqueline becomes a contestant on “Biggest Loser”.
    -Caroline, suffering from “empty nest syndrome”, adopts Teresa’s 4 kids.
    -Albie accepts his destiny and becomes Kim G’s driver.
    -Albert enters the Witness Protection Program.
    -Danielle and Dina together open a “spirituality store” in a corner of Kim D’s Posche.
    -Chris announces his future engagement to Gia promising to name his carwash/stripper business in her honor.
    -Kim G becomes a “couples counselor” along with the proper use of “mothereffers” in social situations.
    -Danielle discovers that she is not Italian but Jewish since Glam Gloria has been outed as her actual birth mother. (Jill demands a recount!)
    – Christine vows to never have children or sex.

    The last scene of the series shows Teresa and Danny Pro paddling in a canoe on the Hudson River with cries of “slap my ass!” playing on the soundtrack.

    Fade to black.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Love it Olivia! Now that is a show to watch – someone call Andy Cohen, we have a new writer for the housewife series! 🙂

    • Kukulet says:

      -Caroline, suffering from “empty nest syndrome”, adopts Teresa’s 4 kids.

      And gets her own show about taking 4 spoiled brats and raising them the Caroline way.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Caroline opens the Diva Undoing Bootcamp ….knock it off or I will let that bear eat you!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Olivia- I may be falling in love. You made me snort my coffee right out of my nose-“Jill demands a recount”

      I Will Not Clap

    • dumberries says:

      I will clap! I am clapping. Too funny. My favorite is Danielle finding out that she is Gloria’s daughter and Zarin’s 1/2 sister. I can see Danielle then filing a petition to get 1/4 of the profits from Secrets of a Jewish Mother – only to find out that she would literally be entitled to one shiny quarter.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Too funny and sadly could be true!
      What if Caroline reveals to Danielle that she knows her birth mom/dad and in fact it was one of her older siblings – so they are related……and welcomes her to the family!

  29. Ahhh I was wondering why I got so many extra hits today.
    Thanks for the shout out Lynn!
    I always get extra hits when u post my link

  30. Laura aka Just done says:

    A bit of gossip I heard while standing in line last night –

    1. We all know Ashley is trash, but according to “the locals,” she is serious trash!
    2. Dina and Tommy have split up (don’t know if it’s true, again – it’s a rumor)
    3. Danielle has until September 1st to get out of her house, by order of the county sheriff. She is apparently still there. A woman in front of me drove by the house, assuming she no longer lived there. She pulled up that long driveway only to see the garage door open with the Range Rover in it. She immediately pulled back down and “pretended” to take the phone number for the real estate agency when Danielle came barrelling down the driveway in the Range Rover. She said she flew right past her and out of the driveway. This woman was a little shook up and left. She saw a CVS pharmacy and decided to get a prescription filled. Who was in the parking lot but Danielle, covering her face and talking on the phone. She must have thought she was being followed! LOL This woman (who’s name I didn’t get) said she went into CVS and was telling the people who worked there the story and they said that they knew Danielle and she was crazy and to be careful going out to the parking lot.

    Now, as I said, this is stuff I heard while waiting…also, that same woman who had the run-in with Danielle…her best friend owned the house that Teresa & Joe bought and tore down (at least most of it.) From what I heard (and I haven’t looked this up yet), it was listed as belonging to the Guidice’s, then a foreclosure list, and now it is in someone else’s name. IDK…thought that was interesting. Maybe that is how they stayed there. This woman was also shocked when I told her I was going to the auction. She loved that idea! 🙂

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      oh, one more thing: this same woman claimed that she new people at the North Jersey Country Club, and according to the Board of Directors there, Kim G. is persona non gratis, as well as Kim D. Kim G. has tweeted that she is going there though, so I don’t know how reliable this information is. She said that the Board of Directors was appalled that this was shown on TV, that they pay alot of money to belong to the country club, etc.

        • Doesn’t look like they get re-assessed very often does it?
          It really looks like they’re due for a new property tax assessment.
          Somehow, I think, “I live in a five million dollar mansion now bitch.”, is gonna haunt someone.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            THIS IS THE LOOP HOLE one of our Jersey sisters mentioned. Leave a wall and it is a rennovation, which is totally different than a new build. If you look at other properties around the Guidice Mansion – values are around $500,000…… SO Teresa saying 5 million dolla mansion is interesting and should be investigated.

      • I spent my Summers as a kid in the country clubs of North Jersey.
        We were a member at our “home” club, and we had swim-meets with the others.
        I think the North Jersey , (NJCC), had a different name at the time, I know that Trump took-over one and named it after himself of course, but yeah, membership was extremely expensive.
        And if you were not a top executive, you had to wait for someone to drop-out or die, for a spot to be open.
        There actually was a written rule that Jews were not allowed to be members. We were not Jewish, but some of the best swimmers and golfers, and tennis-players in our town were so we had some creative ways of having our Jewish swimmers as guest-members.
        The rule was ridiculous of course, but out of respect they had to wait for some old-timers to die-out before abandoning it.
        As far as I know nobody ever sued over it & it was common knowledge that the rule had to be changed.
        Some clubs will rent to events, like a fashion show, but usually someone has to be a member or guest to use the facilities.
        In our club, cash must have been considered not-classy or something because you signed your name for everything in the bars & restaurant, golf etc. and they just put it on your bill, like room service used to be.
        Except at the pool we had little ticket books to pay for our snacks.
        I have a family member in the Cherry Hill area who had to wait on a list for a swimming-club membership, and they tell me that the club parking decal is a big status-symbol in their area.
        The funny thing to me is that when I had my own family, it never even occurred to me to join a country club.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Small towns are great – the stories they can and do tell….. I would have to think most of these women look better in their everyday lives than they do after being styled for the show.

  31. OneMoreinBoston says:


    just got off the phone with an old friend from NYC. She got married, and now lives…drumroll please… down the street from the BrownStone.

    She says that her husband is friends/aquantainces with the Manzos, that she believes that Dina’s husband is bisexual or maybe “half-gay” whatever that means, he does own a condo/house across from the BrownStone, but that it’s not for trysts but so he won’t have to drive home if he’s had a few drinks after work.

    She says that Caroline is teeny, tiny in real life, and that you wouldn’t recognize her in the street she looks so different.

    She has met Dina-and doesn’t like her. Says they have been at a few social events together and Dina is very quiet and standoffish. Her husband defends Dina by saying that she’s been sick lately (???) My friend says she is very thin, almost too much so.

    But my friend did go to the LadyBug Foundation’s last event-it was some sort of Girls Night Out that had a Morrocan theme. She said thousands of women were there and that she had “a blast”.

    Has never met Danielle, but has seen her outside of the gym and that they go to the same nail salon. She says she’s VERY pretty in real life and that my friend “wants” to hate her, but has no reason to-she seems very pleasant.

    Says Jacqueline’s husband is gorgeous and SUPER cute, and they both seem to have a good reputation in the town, but their daughter not so much.

    well, that’s all I was able to get-my little brush with the HWONJ. I couldn’t wait to share!

    • Capiche says:

      I also know someone who works for – let’s just say an unnamed morning show – and they watch Housewives and was very suprised how beautiful Danielle looks in real life when she came there to promote her book couple months ago. Her co-worker – a guy – said Danielle had a great body! And while she obviously looks like she’s had work done on television, I never thought she looked THAT horrible.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Interesting OneMore…I’ll bet Tommy spends alot of time at that apartment. As for Danielle, I can believe that she looks better in person. Heck, T looked worse (if that were possible). Too much make-up makes you look older, and when it’s not applied properly, it’s even worse. I think Danielle would go the softer route (on makeup at least) LOL

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        remember when Teresa was feeding the baby her bottle and Joe was sleeping the morning of Milania’s birthday on the cruise ship?

        Teresa looked as though she had just woken up, had on a bathrobe and no makeup, her hair was loose, she seemed relaxed and happy with the girls – and I thought she looked very, very pretty.

        And I put myself through college as a “Chanels” makeup artist-so I usually prefer more-LOL!

        • dumberries says:

          I think Danielle alternates between looking terrible and way over-worked, and looking pretty darn good for her age (on the show). But, I always think she looks best in photos that aren’t from “photo shoots” (more candid photos). Maybe the heavy tv make-up makes Danielle look worse and Teresa look better. With Danielle, it could also be that she has so many injections and touch-ups that she simply looks better when they settle in. She really does resemble the grinch a lot of the time though.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        it’s hard to put makeup on in the dark! pay your electric bill please!

    • Quincy IL says:

      So it’s true that Tommy has an apartment near the Brownstone. I think that is a cover for a bachelor’s pad. They don’t live that far away from the Brownstone that he can’t drive home to be with his beloved wife and step daughter. Tommy admitted cheating on Dina while they were engage and he’s probably stepping out with other women or other men and using that apartment. Dina knows that and she wanted the house, car and lifestyle.

    • Sha2000 says:

      I never thought Chris or Danielle were attractive; I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  32. Kukulet says:

    The Smoking Gun says Teresa’s tacky junk is only worth $51,000 (surprising, I know):


    (Apologies if this has already been posted)

    • I don’t think it was, but there’s a link to the pdf where everything is itemized, and I found it odd that Joe’s wedding ring was listed as, “could not be located”.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      going through the listing for the auction without adding everything up – seemed low and given that there was very little quality/named items I would not think they will get very much for their junk! It will not make much of a dent in their debt. I am wondering if the trustee called for the auction because he isn’t happy with their lying under oath???

    • Maryla says:

      Then they have just $10,950,000 to pay back if they sell everything for what it is “worth.” What a joke and a mockery of what it means to be a hard-working American. They will never in their lifetimes be able to pay back that kind of money.

    • dumberries says:

      I know that something like half of the debt is tied up in real estate and spent on services, but that still leaves a few million in purchases of material items. Can jewelery, clothing, furs, cars, housewares, etc.. depreciate that much over a couple of years? Or, are the real valuables just hidden somewhere? Or, was a lot of what we saw props provided by Bravo? I’m confused, She spent almost 3 times the estimated sales value on the furniture alone. I sure hope they are forced to sell the house to pay back some of the businesses they stiffed. After all, they have alternative housing available to them if they get to keep the pizza/apartment building that’s under the parents’ name.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Who leases a Maserati when they make $79k a year?

  33. Off-topic, can we start a countdown to the most wonderful time of the year?
    I just walked-in on a group of teenagers smoking a hookah-pipe.
    I think that image is gonna be burned in my retina for a long time.
    What I don’t get is what the bucket was for?

    • OK-I’ll answer my own question here-the bucket they said, was for “accessories”.
      What really didn’t make any sense is that they told me not to worry because they were smoking strawberry tobacco.
      Seriously, I think weed would have been less dangerous.
      I did manage to convince the innocent ones that if they ever smoke any kind of “tobacco” again, that they could activate nicotine-receptors in their brains and be addicted.
      The not-so-innocent one asked me if I would buy them a nicotine patch.

  34. Laura aka Just done says:

    From FB: Bethenny Frankel: You guys MUST watch tonight!!! the lost footage episode is totally absurd, moronic & hilarious. I have my most crude scene of the season( if u can imagine it being any more crude)! Cannot wait to hear what you guys think!

    Tonight should be really funny! Can’t wait for BGM?

  35. MAMAZ says:

    Laura – You are a hoot! Can’t wait to hear your stories after the auction.

    Top Chef – I wasn’t really surprised to see Kenny go home. The judges have told him week after week to edit his dishes. He hasn’t taken any of their criticism to heart. I think it’s another indication of his arrogance. Amanda and Alex will be the next to go but no necessarily in that order.
    I’m afraid Angelo will win although the preview for next week shows him using bought phyllo dough so maybe not. I would like to see Ed or Tiffany win. They seem like lovely, talented people. And they seem to have a genuine caring for each other. A first time TC tie would be amazing! After which Tiffany would break up with her fiancee, marry Ed and they would open a restaurant together and live happily ever after.

  36. MickeyMouth says:

    Lost Bethenny Footage tonight.

    Bethenny tweeted – ” Oh no.tonight I have my most crude scene of the season(if u can imagine it being any more crude). ”

    What Now? She poop on camera?

  37. cusi77 says:

    Good afternoon Lynn! Thank you Laura.

    I am watching the RHONJ the episode of Christine sweet 16th’s.

    The man who reached Teresa at the door in The Country Club (the one who told her to not go there, to behave like a Lady…) IS the same doing Danielle’s hair before the party.

    I guess He most be also part of the filming crew. He is not Kim G. chauffeur or the body guard…

    • dumberries says:

      Interesting observation Cusi. If your guess is right and he’s part of the Bravo crew, it means that Bravo not only didn’t encourage the fight, but that crew members actually tried to avoid it. That would surprise me, but you never know with Bravo and the NJ gang!

  38. Laura aka Just done says:

    Here’s the dress Teresa wore…this was on her twitter: http://tweetphoto.com/38363626

    • Ellabean says:

      Thanks again Laura !

      ‘Ja ever notice how she tips her head to one side when posing for a picture?

      No snark. Jus’ noticin’ thats all.

      • Laura aka Just done says:


        I watched her take photo after photo, and you are 100% correct, she tipped her head for every photo. It was hilarious!

        • dumberries says:

          @Laura – I agree with your assessments. The bangs are definitely working for her, but the dress is a miss!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Gotta wear em before they are gone! Maybe you can get one and wear it for a costume party!

    • Lovebeth says:

      that dress is ugly looks like pink trash bag.

  39. julieintexas says:

    omg – my daughter just told me she answered the phone and hung up cause they were going to poll questions – the phone number was a Washington D.C. number – we were pick randomly for the poll questions – I was watching the RHWODC – coincidence – i think not!!!!

    • julieintexas says:

      sorry – ask some poll questions.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Its primary season; my bet it’s the DNC or the RNC.

        • julieintexas says:

          lol – I betcha your right – I wouldn’t know – I spend to much time on Lynn’s blog reading comments about how disgusting Teresa, Jill, and Kelly are! Watching BGM! I just love Bethenny – she bringing back all the fun memories of what I went through raising my kiddos – plus she is just a cool and funny girl – love her show!

          • Sha2000 says:

            No such thing as too much time here, its fun. Bravo shows aren’t my only addiction; MSNBC too. I can literally watch & debate politics from 6am (Morning Joe) to 12am, online love it, lol. This blog has been Betty Ford clinic from political blogs : ) lol!

  40. Anitabee says:


    From Ms. Kreepy, on today’s twitter:

    “@dcestates I went and shot guns in vegas, and realized what a feat it is. I have a lot of respect for cops and the armed forces. ”

    Who let this idiot shoot a gun?

    All I can say is RUN BETHENNY…RUN!!!

    • Kukulet says:

      Fortunately, it was just a loaner at a shooting range. What’s funny is that Kelly only posted that AFTER Jill had posted pictures of her and Bawby target practicing.

      Is there anyone Kelly doesn’t copy?

  41. cusi77 says:

    What a brezze of fresh air is Bethenny’s life!!!
    I feel ful of love! Maybe this state of mind I am experiencing now is how Kiki’s world looks like! Hmmm

  42. cusi77 says:

    Bravo: we want more people on reality TV like Bethenny!!!!!

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      I agree Cusi – we need more shows like Bethenny!

    • dumberries says:

      I’m watching the Bethenny Lost Footage right now. Really funny. I love how she’s not afraid to show her love for the cheeseburger, despite being a healthy chef. The wedding reception looked like a blast! And, I officially love the Hoppys, Julie, Gina the baby nurse, and Shawn. So happy Bethenny is surrounded by good fun people.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Probably the first Bravo “lost footage” show that was really worth watching for me. I found myself laughing out loud. Fun show.

        Plus the food….I wanted to taste it too.

  43. cusi77 says:

    What was the shocking thing B said on FB this morning? I found so much fun, smile, tearing, but not shocked…

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      I was thinking the same thing, waiting for her to be “crude.” I didn’t see any of it, unless she meant when she was sitting with Shawn with the deserts…but I thought that was FUNNY!

  44. WindyCityWondering says:

    Well I gave RHODC a second chance – still not feeling the love, the like or even the dislike. They are insipid, pretentious, uninteresting and don’t play well with others. Trying to take each other out of their comfort zones (horseback riding – no pretend polo practice, invite to dinner because it is important for others to see you in the family environment – oh, too busy to cook the dinner then palm it off on a relative) for what purpose? It’s snarklite, it’s posing, it’s humorless and what they call drama is not!

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      ITA….I watched DC last week as well as this week and I think I will pass on the rest of the season. It is boring and none of these wives even pique my interest in the least….buh-bye DC HoWives!

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I’m going to continue to watch. I’m liking Lynda, Stacie and Mary. The Pretenders ugh and Cat, rolling eyes.

      I laughed at the scene in the basement with the men. I find Lynda’s running bullshit talking head to have some real potential. Don’t hold back (cause you know she is), tell us how you really feel about the Pretenders.

    • I agree. I went ahead and watched the first 2 episodes and think it’s boring as hell. I don’t like 3 of the women’s personalities from the start. I’ll stick with Bethenny’s show and the shows like Work of Art, and any fashion competition they have upcoming. No snotty Patty matchmaker or just plain mean whatshername–the exercise/sports woman–for me. Oh, and Flipping Out, I guess, but it’s getting a bit old too.

  45. Adgirl says:

    OMG! OMG! I love this show. My husband and I argue ALL of the time about it (!!!) especially, when Marcel was on a few seasons ago. My husband would always say Marcel should have won this or that “He made the best dish! “. I say the audience can’t taste their food so how could we know who should have won??? Just because someone is a braggart and uses fancy advanced techniques (foam anyone?) does not mean that the food will tastes better!
    Restaurant Wars
    Kenny went home because of an acute case of hubris.
    To wit:
    All season he compared himself to Angelo and continually bragged about how great he was – we bought it. Kenny’s comments were occasionally validated by positive remarks by the judges, so we felt confident placing Kenny as a potential winner.
    Kenny was obviously very competent in organizing his group in this week’s Quick Fire and Restaurant Wars. (I wonder how he would have handled having Alex on his team?)
    Kenny continually made disparaging remarks about the red team (aimed at his nemesis Angelo).
    What Kenny failed to do in RW was: 1. Cook a wonderful dish. 2. Cook two wonderful dishes. 3. Taste and critique the other team member’s food – maybe they would have won if more of the dishes were better. 4. Take responsibility for his mistakes.
    I though he showed his true colors by trying to distract the jusdges with the Alex issue.
    So talk over talent is what brought him down. I say good riddance. The judges smoked him out.

    Alex – so agree he should have kicked the can a few weeks ago. But hey whatever. The Pea Puree scandal is weird. Tom C said he didn’t know anything about it when judging happened. He thought Ed didn’t say anything because Ed wasn’t sure what happened. I saw a shot of Alex with his bag of peas at one point – so who knows? Maybe Alex made puree and added Ed’s in?? Too bad Ed didn’t confront Alex about it. Also, Alex’s protein was cooked perfectly that day so does have some skills.
    I think just like RH Bravo does bring in some less talented but quirky people to create tension and drama. Or else it would be a bore with all of the chefs acting like the Top Chef Masters – all polite and respectful of each other (zzzzz).
    PS – My husband and I saw Elia from season 2 walking down the street in San Francisco. She is a lot taller than I thought. Very pretty woman. She let her hair grow after shaving it.

    • Noelle says:

      I’m really disappointed in TC this season. It just doesn’t feel like the same quality show I’ve come to expect. Last season was one of the best seasons and now I feel like it’s gone down hill totally. I’m losing interest fast and if I want backstabbing, gossipy drama, I’ll watch the HW’s..thank you very much! 😉

      While I think Kenny had the potential to become the next “top chef,” his negative attitude and severe ego did him in. He was given a boatload of constructive criticism from experts, IMO, and chose to not only ignore it but blow it off rather then use it to use it to his advantage. Ciao Kenny.

      That’s cool you saw Elia, I just loved her.

  46. lillybee says:

    I had no problem with Stacy having the dinner at her parent’s house. She said that she wanted to show her castmates where she came from. I did have a problem with how completely rude Kat was.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Me too…Kat was extremely rude. I don’t know how she was raised, but she needs some very obvious etiquette classes. Can someone call LuAnn for an intervention?

    • Noelle says:

      She’s a rude cat!

  47. dumberries says:

    Just watched the RH DC. I’m kinda liking it. No one really irritated me tonight, except Catty. I didn’t agree with Stacie’s assumption that she’s racist based on tonight’s episode. She might end up showing herself to be a racist, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think she’s a straight up snob, regardless of she’s interacting with. I do hope Stacie (who I really like so far) reconsiders her generalization that all people from London are not house-trained and are brass. That’s not the case based on my personal experience. Many of my English friends have dry wits and can be direct, but they are also very hospitable. Catty does not represent all Londoners.

    So far, I think the men on this show are a pretty great group. I think the Salahis are grifters in a Svengali type relationship, but that’s based on what we know from the news, not yet the show.

    Paul, the stylist, is my early favorite on the show. Really like his vibe, sensitivity, and look.

    I’m with MickeyMouth – gonna watch what happens…

  48. Laura aka Just done says:


    I know it wasn’t a “proper” guest blog, but thanks for reposting my experience with Teresa. I had fun, and all of you make me smile. Lynn, thanks for giving us this place where we can agree or respectfully disagree, all while getting in a few laughs. We need more places like this in the world! 🙂

    Thanks again!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thank YOU Laura, your experiences made us all laugh! You certainly painted a great picture so we all felt like we were right there with you! We all need more fun in our lives!

      I’m going to re-post with the additions that you included as well, we need to make sure everyone gets to read them, hysterical!

      • Jenni says:

        Totally agree! Based on these wonderful reports from the book signing, your skill is quite unique!

        1) Your writing style which transports us to the scene,
        2) Your ability to stay cool and calm and not get tongue tied with Teresa,
        3) Your ability to befriend and “get the scoop” from the people you meet….

        I am finding it hard to wait for your trip to the auction already!

  49. JKW says:

    I think last season of Top Chef really spoiled us. I would have rather seen Kevin or Bryan V win. I think Jen or even some of the other chefs sent home would have wiped up this group. I do like Angelo. He has been gracious to the winners and seems to help out the other chefs. I also liked Carla alot. I still laugh when I remember her talking about her and her husband in a store. When they didn’t know where the other was she would yell…Hootie and he would answer with Whooo.

  50. Lizzie says:

    Lynn — I read just a bit of a few entries cuz I’m short on time (that pesky job).

    I don’t know why you would ever give a shout-out to http://www.realitytea.com. The people who post there talk shit about you ALL the time, and in fact when I asked that they cut it out and get back to the topic, I was BANNED from posting.

    Don’t believe it? Go read the threads about the NJ Housewives’ trip to Italy … and the one about mid-week pictures … and so on, and so on.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I believe you but I chose not to read the comments over there, I haven’t posted their link in a while since I heard they’ve got nothing better to do but bash my site.

      I’m really disappointed in Reality Tea for allowing that to go on since I’ve been nothing but cordial and supportive to them but its their loss.

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  52. Shelli (Lotusflowah) says:

    I felt the same “hohum” about the revised Restaurant Wars. It’s not the same freaking concept. I remember in Season 2 or 3 the chefs getting creamed for using scented candles. I found that facinating because I never considered thatas a flaw and would have done hte same, learned something.

    As a foodie… I will always watch. But I thought it was a great touch to add the stress of putting together not just a fabulous menu but providing the correct atmosphere to express your concept. Hope they bring it back.

    As for Alex… YOIKES! You know he five-fingered the puree. Disappointing TC is brushing is away … to me it’s a big freaking deal. Now, for the second time, a chef has gone home when Alex should have been on the chopping block or at least put under a stronger microscope than his eyeglass prescription.

  53. Shelli (Lotusflowah) says:

    Typos are abundant… it’s late. My apologies.

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