I Hate Jill Zarin RHONJ Preview / Jill Zarin August 16, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   RHONJ Preview / Jill Zarin             August 16, 2010

Thanks for all of the positive feedback on the last blog, I really am fascinated by Kelly Bensimon, she’s frustrating, funny and infuriating all at the same time.  Shortly after posting my blog yesterday that was about all things Kelly, we had a little twitter conversation: 

@kikilet:  @lynnNchicago I am so flattered than any nonpress person would take the time to blog about “reality”. $1 for meantweets. Get mean, give

@LynnNChicago  @kikilet lets see, calling @bethenny a ho-bag will cost you $10 and saying she’s not a chef will cost you $20 shall I go on? 

@kikilet:  @h8l8 yes I want @lynnNchicago to start a charity for all the housewives. She will feel good to give back. Go, lynnnn

It is interesting that Kelly is telling others to give to charity when all she does is tweet all day, she really does think that if she tweets the name of a charity, that charity is suddenly benefitting with a boatload of cash.  At not quite 39,000 followers, many of whom are most likely not on twitter on a regular basis, the few that may see her tweets most likely wouldn’t give to Kelly’s charity of choice.

Kelly’s idiotic idea of telling people to give $1 to charity for every mean tweet to her is just plain moronic but even if Twitter did charge $1 for every mean tweet to Kelly, it would be well worth it.  What do you suppose her goal is?  To get people to stop mean tweeting to her? Or to make money for charity?  Neither will be the result! 

Kelly’s newest endeavor, she’s got some poor graphic designer creating t-shirt designs that say simply “creepy” on them.  She’s asked for lime green and the designer has sent her several choices which are basically just different fonts of the word “Creepy” on a lime green t-shirt.  I’m not sure of the details but

@Kikilet:   XXXXXX   I could make 100 “creepy” tees and donate proceeds to charity. Give me graphics, and I’ll credit u and do it

One of the proposed graphics:  http://www.customink.com/designs/creepy5/wts0-000f-d5y3/twt

I know you all will be first in line to buy a Kelly “Creepy” T-shirt! 

A few more fun links about Kelly:



Tonight is part two of the ugly Americans from New Jersey take Italy by storm.  Again, people of Italy, I apologize for unleashing these people on your beautiful country!  Previews show that their behavior is no better off the cruise ship than on it but at least they were contained and only annoyed fellow cruise ship passengers who, given the size of that boat, could avoid the Giudice, Manzo and Laurita clans if need be. 

Previews show the New Jersey clan on a bus and we see another temper tantrum from Teresa’s 5-year old and more snipping between Teresa and her husband, Juicy Joe. 

You absolutely positively have to watch this preview video to really get just how utterly and completely STUPID Teresa Giudice is, from the volcano discussion, “it erupted hundreds and hundreds of years ago, or was it sixty?” to her trying to explain to her daughters what a bidet is in the bathroom, she can’t even pronounce it and Juicy Joe in his infinite wisdom calls it a “douche”.  Takes one to know one Joe!   I guess since Teresa is in Italy and cannot bash on Danielle, she chooses to attack her “friend” Caroline. 


There is another one (video on Bravotv.com) of Teresa and Joe getting a couples massage, then Teresa excuses the masseuse to give Joe a “sex massage” but I don’t want to sicken any of you so I’m not posting the link, nope, don’t ask it is never going to happen!  Teresa, please, we do NOT want to hear you talk about or see anything remotely about sex from you again!  Why can’t you get that?  You can never un-see something, remember that!

The ladies blogs are full of nonsense, Teresa tells us all about the night of Joe’s accident and how she was with him at dinner earlier but her car was at Jacqueline’s house, blah blah blah.  I don’t believe a word of it.  I believe that Joe was drunk driving and slammed his car into several trees and flipped it over.  Maybe Joe was feeling left out since his wife flipped a table last year.  Teresa goes on to say how much fun the trip was, then to make excuses for all the crabbiness and crying that went on. 

Jacqueline’s blog returns this week after having gone missing for a few weeks making it even longer than usual, if that is even possible.  That woman is long winded….nothing shocking and no new information there.

One odd thing about Caroline’s blog, she included, and I quote:

“I need to address the babysitting scene. Teresa wanted to give her parents a break, and quite frankly, I understand where she was coming from. The trip was exhausting to say the very least, and even though they were there to babysit they needed some down time too. The girls were tired and cranky, and so was I! (Just as a side note, I was suffering with kidney stones throughout the entire trip, so my mood was far from pleasant.”

What?  “Even though they were there to babysit”?  Teresa’s parents were brought there just to babysit?  What about Teresa’s statements about them being from Italy and going back to their hometown and the family reunion?  These people were brought just to babysit?  I’m disgusted!  I don’t think it was Teresa’s parents who forced her to have four children, why the hell should they babysit?  Teresa goes on and on about how she does everything with no help, no nanny’s and no cleaning people.  Of course, that’s because she has the slaves that are her parents!  In the end, Teresa has a lot of nerve expecting anyone, much less Caroline with her kidney stones to watch her screaming brats!  It is one thing if the children are respectful and do as they’re told but Caroline was nothing short of abused by these kids!  Talking back and even trying to slap Caroline was absolutely inexcusable! 

No one is going to convince me that this was a fun family vacation!  Joe was a crab ass, most like for a whole slew of reasons, bankruptcy, drunk driving charges, unruly children, loud obnoxious wife, apparently sea-sickness, probable mistress in an apartment near the pizzeria, but I digress.  Caroline had kidney stones which are extremely painful and was rightfully crabby!  The four couples that were apparently brought along to babysit had to be a little cranky with the fast pace of the trip and having to babysit every time Teresa wanted viewers to think she was having sex with her husband.  (And that traumatic massage scene, seriously, don’t look directly at it) 

We see Joe and Teresa yelling at each other from the front to back of the bus making every person on the bus uncomfortable, Teresa’s 5-year old having another melt-down and I’m betting anything that the Manzo’s and Laurita’s were wishing they’d gone without the Giudice family.

Tonight’s episode is hopefully the end of the Italian vacation and we’ll see just how much fun these people had. I hope that Bravo feels that they got their money’s worth out of this group.  Is this series almost over? 

 Thanks again to @SassNSauceBBC for this link..

‘Real Housewives’ star’s bankruptcy auction rescheduled for October http://bit.ly/aE3eSG

Just posted by @Real_Housewives  real_housewives

  #RHONJ Danielle Staub fired from season 3! http://bit.ly/9ZEmJz 
Lynn:  Personally, I don’t believe it, Bravo doesn’t even consider the cast for the following season this early in the game.  The new Season (3) will most likely happen due to the high ratings of RHONJ but there is no way they’ve decided on a cast yet.  (In My Opinion)


Our old friend Jill Zarin is at it again, she’s been giving interviews and instead of just plugging her book and providing her take on what will happen for the next season of Real Housewives of New York, Jill decided to bash Alex McCord….again!  Take a listen:

Jill Zarin says she IS NOT a ‘mean girl’ http://t.co/MxVwwiE   as she goes on to be a mean girl right before our eyes!  Read the comments! LOVE IT!

Jill says that Alex started a rumor that Jill is a mean girl.  Is she kidding?  This isn’t a rumor, this is a fact and Alex certainly doesn’t get credit for saying it first!  We’ve beaten to death all of the mean things that Jill has done, Alex illuminated us even further in her final blog after the reunion show’s aired making it even worse for Jill.  On and off screen, this woman is the epitome of a mean girl! 

At this point in time when her future on the show is not secure, you would think that Jill would have some modesty and try to make things better with fans.  I don’t think she should kiss anyone’s ass in interviews, she doesn’t have to say she wishes she could be friends with Alex, I think we would all see right through that, but why even mention Alex?  If Jill had a tiny bit of sense, she would stop bashing Alex because Alex has fans, that is the bottom line and why would Jill want to further alienate Alex’s fans? 

I really don’t understand what Jill is trying to do unless she thinks that pissing everyone off, again, is going to secure her a place on the show.  Maybe it will, maybe she is an evil genius and she’s bashing Alex knowing it will get fans all riled up again and talking about her again.  She’s never done a mean thing to anybody?  Shall we pull out the list again? 

Hey Jill, do you know what would make headline news in the Real Housewife world?  A public apology to Alex along with an offer to make amends! 

Jill apologized to Bethenny and even in recent interviews has said that she continued to try to make up with Bethenny after filming the reunion and even has a gift for baby Bryn that she’s holding onto.  Bethenny all but told Jill at the reunion that she had no place for her in her life and Bethenny’s husband doesn’t care for you.  Without being anymore blunt than she already has, I think Bethenny is trying to spare what little dignity Jill has left and falls just short of telling Jill, “Go away!” 

Jill must know that Alex gained a lot of popularity last season, her fan base has grown and meeting fans in person with their book tour has only strengthened Alex’s reputation as a really nice, down to earth person.  Simon’s way of telling it like it is and his sparkling personality has increased the couples’ great reputation with fans! 

Jill says, “There are a lot of fun things I can do on the show that will make people laugh”.  This is the same Jill that thought the best scene of the whole season was the photo shoot with her mother and her sister.  She also thought the scene where she was making noises in the kitchen while her daughter was trying to study was funny.  She thought her snarky, vicious remarks that she made about Alex and Ramona at Brooklyn Fashion Week was funny.  So, do we trust Jill when she says she can make us laugh? 

Jill, do your homework and get a better PR person because you’re not helping with your horrible reputation the way you’re going at it right now.  Is this all a set up for next season where the feud de jour will be Alex and Jill?  Quite possibly, I guess we’ll have to watch what happens.


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194 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin RHONJ Preview / Jill Zarin August 16, 2010

  1. jezzibel says:

    when I was small we were living in a apartment in Greece that had a bidet..never usued but my mom’s cat Bagheera liked to sleep in it…needless to say the highlight of my 4 yr old life was when I would slip in to the bathroom and turn on the bidet..up went the water and up went the cat….it was practically a daily ritual with us.

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  3. Night Light says:

    Alex didn’t start the rumor that Jill is a mean girl. Didn’t Alex tell Jill to her face that she is a mean girl? That’s not starting a rumor that’s telling someone how you feel right or wrong to her face. I think Jill is counting on being called back and her guns are loaded and are aimed at Alex; especially if Bethenny doesn’t come back. I don’t care for the tit-for-tat but Alex better get ready. Alex will be back you can take that to the bank if only to serve as Jill’s punching bag. You know Bravo they love the drama! Now I don’t know if Kelly will be asked back. I think Bravo is realizing that they better be careful with their fan based. I don’t see much support for RHODC. They had to make another statement on Salahi’s police escort and were exposed to their dubious editing techniques. Andy is on vacation instead of supporting their newest addition. If they bring back RHODC it will not be with the Salahi’s; Bravo loves drama and the ratings but when Kelly has a breakdown and accuses Andy of being forced to go on the trip and when the Salahi’s continually reveal themselves to be cross the line, Bravo has to question how much legal exposure are they willing to put up with. Salahi’s already have a book to push?! Talk about being very self aware.

  4. Penny says:

    Hi Lynn. I admit I’ve been kind of a troll here for a while. Some days I enjoy your blog, others, it makes me uncomfortable. But whatevs, I always come back! Anyway, One question has been nagging at me for a while. Ok, so we all know that Bravo brings back the ladies who get lots of buzz time online, right? So aren’t you are doing these god awful women (Kelly, Jill, any of the NY ladies) a favor be creating a forum where people read it and are driven to comment (even when driven by hate)? I just wish we could start an “Ignore the crazies” movement, thus ensuring we won’t have to “endure the crazies” for another season. Because really, I don’t think I can watch another NYC season with Kelly and Jill. It’s just too much. (And now I’ve just done the thing that I said people shouldn’t do – talk about those two loon balls! Dammit!)

    • sayhi2eva says:

      Ignore Kelly cause she is crazy but Jill is in control of her faculties so I like bashing Jill and reading about people bashing Jill. She must really think we are all a bunch of idiots if she can just blame Alex for calling her a mean girl and then being “the mean girl.” Really Jill is an idiot. Jill is giving Alex more power cause whatever Alex says, goes, right? Did Jill think about it that way? No cause she’s an idiot who doesn’t take responsibility for her own actions and thinks no one else knows better.

    • Oh no, you are not a troll! A troll is someone who posts to stir up trouble. Reading and not commenting is called a “lurker.” It is the best thing for someone when first discovering a blog/forum/email list to learn about the “culture” of a group. Welcome!

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Welcome Penny! Melissa is right, you are not a troll! 🙂

    • I believe the word you are looking for is “lurker.” 🙂 A troll is someone who posts stuff just to cause trouble. 🙂 Welcome to the blog!

  5. Zoey says:

    First I’ve seen of a picture of Kelly’s parents. Scroll about half way down the page.


    • Ellabean says:

      Wow, Zoey. That’s some detective work. Yep thats KKB’s twin brother in the pic too.

      But when you scroll down – it was very hard to get past the picture of Kelly’s wonky awful boobs posing with the gorgeous Gabby Reese and her family. And Gabby is such a contrast to Kelly in so many “authentic” ways.

    • Melanie says:

      Well Danielle knows a great place in a strip mall, which could really help with the reworking of that chest nightmare.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I think Kelly’s breasts are better now. Ramona told us that she had them repaired. In the Virgin Islands, Kelly said some nasty stuff about the size of Bethenny’s breast, but Bethenny was pregnant. Kelly had two kids, you’d think she would know that breast get larger during pregnancy and while nursing.

  6. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Was Danielle fired from RHONJ? According to Life & Style Magazine, Danielle was not invited back for a third season.


  7. Zoey says:

    Love the link Lynn. All the comments I read are negative and all hate Jill!

  8. Dwight Schrute says:

    Ordinarily I don’t think Bravo would be telling someone they’re not on next season. We’ve only just heard about the OC Housewives recasting, nothing on New York, and NJ isn’t yet airing so it’s a little premature. If, however, Danielle is shopping around a show, especially if it has been shopped to competing networks, I can see them going ahead and giving her the boot.

    My comment to Theresa about having the Manzo’s watch her kids because the parents are too tired? How about taking some responsibility and watching your damn kids yourself instead of pawning them off on everyone else to watch. After all, these kids were not even supposed to be on the trip. The other adults did not want them there and you originally agreed to that. To pawn them off on the exact people who did not want them along is just clueless and clasless.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Ditto re: your comments on the Danielle thing. Whatever the case, it’s not like Danielle to not comment….imagine we’ll hear from her soon.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        And actually, it’s the production company…in NJ’s case Sirens Media…that is their employer. The women’s contracts are with the production company, not Bravo directly.

        Allegedly per Rob S the online gossip guy, a “former NJ housewife” claimed that they were all locked into three year contracts with the production company. (Of course there must have been some clause that allowed a housewife under contract to “quit” and become a former NJ housewife.) And of course the production company not obligated to keep cast members.

        We’ll see. This NJ season the real drama, such as it is, hasn’t been anything actually on the show itself.

  9. The Giudice’s arrive at court:

    Do ya think Teresa could have found a shirt that fit?

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      LOL Melissa, I was thinking the same thing! That’s a shirt from before the boob job!

    • temporarilyme says:

      All I kept wondering was, “How much did she pay him to pose for ‘happy’ pictures with her? He has not been too kind to her on the show and if the rumors are true that there’s a girlfriend (which I wonder if that was where he was at the night of his accident), then coming to court together would be unusual. Not that they wouldn’t both appear, just that they would come together and be photographed together. But, of course, Theresa’s book and merchandise rely on a happy marriage being perceived.

      • Ellabean says:


        Teresa Guidice in a tailored suit. No sequins, frills, etc.

        That’s a good job hunting outfit.

        Yes – blouse was ill fitting – probably from back of closet – circa 1996 – when she “worked for Macys”. Ah hem.

        • anniieee says:

          IMO juicy was with Tamara… she is skanky enough and I bet he loves the blondes….he definitely does ditzy and dumb.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She’s hiding her couture from the judge! She is wearing a “Hand Me Down” shirt! She looks like a dog next to a fire hydrant…..

  10. Stephb says:

    In this instance I really wish Teresa would get a nanny. Her kids would benefit from a stable, rational, well mannered adult unlike her. With everything she’s “trying” to accomplish with her book and the show etc. it seems better than just having her parents always watch them. Doing it “by herself” is obviously not working.

  11. Maryla says:

    Thank you lynn, for posting the blog on RHoNJ — I am in my 4th week of “recovery” from that show, and I feel somehow a little cleaner in my mind. I feel like you take one for the team by watching and blogging.

    And by the way, I love reading about them — esp. Tree and Juicy. What a couple of fools. It will all catch up to them someday, the awfully-behaved children, the money woes…

    As for Jill Zarin, I can’t believe she is already ratcheting up the rhetoric on Alex. I think that she is a bit of a sociopath. She seems to fake her way through “getting along” in normal society, but not for long. At some point, just about everyone she befriends starts to see through the veneer of normalcy, and then she lashes out and assigns blame to everyone else. Unlike most normal people, she seems to never take a moment for self-reflection or to evaluate her own behavior. What is so curious to me is why Bawby is still around.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I wonder if Jill is trying to force a dialog with Alex…she hasn’t been with any housewives since the beginning of the summer – LuAnn and Kelly in Hamptonville…..Ramona was there briefly with the Jersey crew/Jill at one event. But is seems Sonja, Ramona and Bethenny have been keeping their distance. I hope that Alex doesn’t respond to the mean girl salvo – hard to have a war when no one will play with you…I still hate you Jill.

  12. Olivia says:

    Here is the problem with these “Housewives” shows:

    In order to film 15 weekly episodes they become utterly boring very soon. Ten weeks of some of this footage is bad enough but trying to fill 15 weeks of the same tedious drawn out drama is stifling. How many times are we supposed to sit through Alex’s birthday tributes offered by Simon without falling asleep? Or how many luncheons are we asked to sit through featuring NJ or NYC groups bashing Bethenny or Danielle before we die from the boredom. Or watch Jill and Teresa shop until they drop, week after week, before we give up in frustration. Or Dina staring into the far distance while consulting crystals before we reach for the remote.

    Take the “drama” out of any of the 3 ongoing series – Jill/Bethenny, Danielle against everybody else, and the latest venture, We All Hate the Salahi’s and what’s left? More invited chefs cooking for someone. More fashion shows that do not feature fashion. Lunches that end up in brawls. Albie crying over his grades. Jacqueline and Trashley in yet another “come to Jesus” meeting. Kelly jogging through traffic. Jill belittling everyone. Ramona reminding everyone of her business acumen. Someone scooping up dog doo. And Caroline channeling Al Capone with the “family” crapola. B.O.R.I.N.G.!

    This junk could be reduced to about 6 episodes, long enough to hold our interest and short enough to remind us what phonies these people are. But dragging it out for months at a time is just another example of overkill that Bravo indulges in as they promote morons who call themselves “stars”.

    “Less is more” but Housewives has become a never ending parody of women behaving badly and they are neither remotely interesting or slightly entertaining considering the immorality some of these people bring to the show.

    • Night Light says:

      I would agree with a slight difference with that typically the viewer roots for at least one of the character to keep them engaged in the show. If you don’t then yes the show is not for you. But I would agree Bravo is running the same set ups into the ground.

      • MAMAZ says:

        That’s why I liked the short season of BGM? It was over before I got tired of it.

        • Olivia says:

          Keep it short and sweet and they will be begging for more. As it is, this season of NJ has been dragging on unnecessarily forever.

          Put a fork in it Bravo! Another night of those horrible screamie meemie kids and beyond stupid comments by Teresa. Awful!

    • klmh says:

      Why do you and I keep watching this crap?

      • Olivia says:

        Ridiculous isn’t it? But I do have a sort of lame excuse: the Red Sox don’t usually play on Monday nights. And then there is this blog itself: the comments are often so laugh out loud hilarious that it is difficult to resist tuning into another hour of crap just to be part of the “group”.

        But I hate myself in the morning!

        • mnsue says:

          I figure its summer but not sure that’s enough rationalization to watch.

          Maybe we could/should pledge to hit mute during all commercials and pray. Pray for the gulf region ,Pakistan, our troops etc…

          Hope I didn’t just offend anyone.

        • klmh says:

          Yep, I agree. I don’t feel quite as guilty as I used to with hangovers, but a bit of that queasy feeling still lingers in the morning…
          And I agree with you about this forum, its just fun!

    • twoile says:

      Olivia, You have said it so well & I agree the series is boring; same formula 4 all the hw shows, tacky in so many ways it is insulting to the audience resulting in fewer numbers each show imho.

  13. vilzvet says:

    Yes, so correct Lynn, not only did Caroline state in her blog (I caught that too but forgot to bring it up) that the Guidice grandparents were brought along JUST to babysit, but I just rewatched the episode and even JACQUELINE said the same thing, about how even HER parents were on the trip as built-in babysitters! It’s as clear as day from her own mouth. These two idiot chicks were BARELY with their own kids on that trip.

    • temporarilyme says:

      It would probably scare her and make her think gummy bears were lurking around ready to attack her. Delusions are hard to fight.

  14. Katie says:

    I’m wondering why there has been no announcement about the next season of RHNY. The past two seasons both started with everyone in the Hamptons, so shouldn’t they be filming now if they are going to have another season? I’m not as up on this stuff as some of you, but it seems odd that it’s high season in the Hamptons, and we haven’t heard a peep about the next season shooting. Any idea on that?

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Andy said to sit tight until 2011 regarding RHONY so maybe this time filming will be done at a different time.

      • Ellabean says:

        I get that. Quite plausible to me. I think that :

        1) Bravo wants the audience to wait for any announces to build suspense
        2) may still be in cast negotiation
        3) simply may want to aleternate the filimng to another season for a differnt backdrop, vibe, story line

        I am not surprised. Althought I LOVE autumn in New York.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Different birthdays… winter fashion shows.

        They all go to the islands in winter.

        Ah………slushy streets in NYC… should be fun.

  15. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    The filming of this season of RHONJ has me scratching my head. We start the season with Jacqueline having baby Nicholas which was June 11th. Teresa had Audriana in September. Then Joes’ DUI was Jan. 13th of this year and the DUI was talked about on the trip to Italy. So Bravo filmed these ladies for over 7-8 months and this is all we get?!?!? Interesting enough is that we do not see anything about Christmas on the show. You would think with it being Nicholas’s and Audriana’s first Christmas that we the viewer would see something about this. Even a smidgen of Teresa shopping for Christmas would have gotten air time. So I wonder if the Italy trip was a desperate attempt by Bravo to make something of this season. I truly cannot see that all 4 ladies decided not to shoot through December. It may be the conspiracy theory personality in me, but it truly makes me wonder.

    • Ellabean says:

      “…..the Italy trip was a desperate attempt by Bravo to make something of this season.”

      I really think you’ve got something there, Scorpiosue. This NJ cast and their family members are otherwise B-O-R-I-N-G.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Which makes me wonder at the Danielle firing rumor; without her there is no show. Perhaps there is hope for a revamping of the whole show.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      They can’t go out in public without causing a ruckus and now they have shown us they can’t go out of the country without becoming an embarrassment. Do you really want to see these women gathered around the family hearth?? They are boring posers and Bravo would be smart to disband this franchise.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Ok, I’m watching the Teresa’s daughter being baptized and the diner Danielle is in does have snowflakes in the window. 8 months of filming to get the crap that we got. I truly do not get it.

  16. Abby Someone says:

    Excellent blog Lynn! Such a joy to read. The fact that kiki is glued to your blog is what’s creepy. Hasn’t she has been a bit too accesible for a …(cough) star. Is she going to be obsessed with your success too? It’s getting…. stalkward. (hehe I made that word up)

    The t-shirt idea is another hair brained charity scheme that makes the jaw go slack. Is she serious with this word creepy? ugh why do I even ask, of course she’s serious. She actually tries to capitalize on incidents where she made an ass of herself. Case in point the lemons into lemonade misuse, became a REAL DRINK for her, “Kell-ade”. (aka Lame-onade)

    I remember when Alex gave Jill Bethenny’s message Kelly used that term. “That’s creepy.”
    No ..it’s not! The words you would use if you protested that kind of thing would be “inappropriate, cold, passive-aggressive”. Anything from the standard pool of words. No, she goes with creepy. Does this “writer” have any grasp of the vernacular? Her t-shirt should read “I’m with stupid.” with an arrow pointing up to that toothy saddle bag she calles a face.

  17. Lovebeth says:

    Jill has been following a lot of chefs on twitter such as Kathie lee, Carla pellegrino.

    Kelly has been posting the names of the brands she is wearing. I noticed Bethenny always posted everything she wears from BGM on her website. SOmeone asked kelly why she name drop, she said “I want you to know what I am wearing so you can go get it” or something like that. Sad

    • Adgirl says:

      I think Kelly mentions labels because it’s her JOB. She gets paid to frequently twitter the product/designer/store name.

  18. TrueLifeDiva says:

    If Danielle were fired or quietly “let go”, that would be a gift from baby Jesus :-). All the gossip site are picking up the story but Danielle’s reaction seems to me the most telling. I say give Danielle/Beverly/Angela, Kelley, Jill, Kim Z, Tamara B, Sheree, and Vicky G a spin off. Air that show once then cancel them bitches! ;-)Problem solved, tv safe to watch again.

  19. Quincy IL says:

    I remembered that it’s Monday. Our Danielle called the police on the blackmailer/stalker who wanted his 100,000 bucks on Monday, just about the same time as the “she got fired” rumor popped up. Danielle isn’t get much Italy trip time, is she?

  20. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    I think the Housewives contrivance has become so formulaic that it is nauseating to say the least. One thing that irritates me more than anything else is the token gay best friend. These flaming idiots are always on hand to give sage some advice like Jeanna’s Frankie, Nene’s Dwight, Jill’s Brad, Danielle’s Tommy, Alex’s Derek, Kim’s Derek, Sheree’s Lawrence, and last but not least Michaela’s Paul or does he really belong to Lynda. They are paraded about like a new purse and they do not seem to mind one bit. All are fame whores and especially that Dwight who is now has matching noses with Nene thanks to her recent rhinoplasty.

    • Quincy IL says:

      How do stylists like Paul Warton get paid? They seem to live well. Perhaps, they attach themselves to wealthy women and get some benefits from that.

      I wish I had a gay male friend. They are a lot nicer than female friends and they help you decorate your nursery.

      • Noelle says:

        I do and he’s my best friend.

        He’s more loyal, dependable and so much nicer than most of my girlfriends. That’s jmo..

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      These “gay husbands” are like an accessory for some wives and frankly are more real than most of the women on the shows!

  21. ramonacoaster says:

    Happy Birthday Lynn! Saw it on Twitter. Fellow Leo. Hope your day is a happy and stress free one. You deserve it.

  22. Quincy IL says:

    I see Jeanna Keough will be in “Thintervention.” Jeanna, Tamra, and Vicki hawked a diet aid for a while. Tamra, “I never eat in summer,” didn’t seem to need the product.

    I would like to contact Jackie Warner of Bravo’s “Thintervention” to tell her that the shorts she wears in the promo are not flattering to her shape. Perhaps, one of our sylists from Bravo could help her.

    • 201MaryF says:

      I agree with you. On the promos, the 2 piece outfit Jackie Warner is wearing looks just plain odd. Her torso seems to be extremely longated, and the little shorts add nothing to her shape. Glad I was not the only one who thought she looked odd.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      OMG Quincy, I was thinking the same thing! Her torso looks horrible, doesn’t it?

    • Kat says:

      I thought she looked ill, maybe it was just her clothing. I hope she didn’t design what she was wearing it looked ugly on her.

    • ms molly says:

      You’re right, those shorts along with that top make her waist look a foot long!

    • ms molly says:

      You’re right, those shorts along with that top make her waist look a foot long.

    • Ellabean says:

      Oh my goodness – I thought the same thing ! Agreed on the hipster shorts making her torso look very long and oddly shaped – but her belly looks so large and white too. She is tan everywhere else but her belly

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  24. Maybe Caroline calls Teresa out on her bad parenting and ruining the Italy trip for EVERYONE. Telling her that she is responsible for her kids’ bratty behavior and there is no way in Hell that anyone who watched these episodes would ever travel with her again, even if someone else paid for it. That would be unexpected and I would adore Caroline for it. (How many times are you out to a nice dinner – not talking McD’s ! – and someone else’s kid(s) ruin the atmosphere because the parents deliberately do not remove them? This chick doesn’t get that no one else thinks her kids’ whining is cute. Teresa is both clueless and classless.)

    Kelly, delusional, please join Danielle and get fired.

    I’m hoping that Danielle did get fired, so many reasons to choose from. I’m trying to stay in the positive here … “love and light, Bravo made it right!”

    Jill … desperate mean girl fool. I believe I heard many people call her and her sidekicks mean girls way before Alex did on camera. Please listen to the majority of America and join the FIRED HW club, Jill. (And Bravo … we’re beggin’ ya.)

  25. Adgirl says:

    Jill /Alex. I dunno. Sounds like Jill is trying to set up her future on air cat fights. If she can stir up interest in Jill vs Alex then she stands a better chance of being resigned for next season.

    She would have been smarter to go after Sonja, LuAnn or Kelly. That would ignite viewer interest. Right now it just looks like Jill is dumping on Alex with no real life social blow back.

    • I agree, but the problem is that both Sonja and Luanne are in a higher social circle than Jill and wouldn’t hesitate to hand her her butt on a platter if she tried that with them. Kelly wouldn’t be an option because she’d be bullying a mentally challenged person and would come out even worse than she already is. The only one left … Alex. While Alex is as smart – if not smarter – than Sonja and Luanne, she’s in a different social circle and not as much of a risk.

      To bad she can’t think things through, suck it up and sincerely apologize for her horrendous behavior on and off screen, and start fresh. That’ll never happen, because someone must be blamed and Alex is the only viable target.

  26. Adgirl says:

    News story about Danielle’s “firing” via the NY Pst via FoxNews.com via Life & Sty;e magazine. Seems premature since Bravo usually is very quiet about casting.


    • Adgirl says:

      sorry about the typos above!

    • Squirrels says:

      ““Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Staub has been fired from the Bravo reality show, FOXNews.com reported Monday citing Life and Style Weekly.”

      All this is merely repeating what Life and Style said. No quotes nor anyone going on record to confirm it. I’ll wait for the movie.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Don’t we love how rumors get started – because until Bravo makes a statement that is all that is getting reported. This sounds like an Ashley/Jacq/Teresa hairbrained scheme.

        • Squirrels says:

          Yes, my new rumor is that I won the lottery, which is true, except I only won $3.

          oh well.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Perhaps, Danielle’s involved. She’s trying to get press these days.

          I don’t think Bravo would work in this way.

          • Squirrels says:

            Although I wouldn’t put it past her, Danielle runs a big risk by advertising her shopping for a spin off. If it falls through, Bravo may be less inclined to let her stick around, now that Teresa has replaced her as the evil doer. Danielle seems to be high maintenance.

  27. kats2 says:

    I thought I read on Twitter today that Andy is on his way to Fiji. Not a short trip if he’s on a plane or different time zone maybe he can’t comment.

    Happy B-Day Lynn!!!!!

    Laura I’m so mad about the Giudice garage sale delay. Why do people like this always get away with so much crap and get so many chances?

    Squirrels will have to wait for her fish bowl wine glasses.

    • Squirrels says:

      If I don’t win more than $1 more than I paid for those dayum lottery tickets, I may not be able to afford them by then, lol.


      • Quincy IL says:

        I never play the lottery or keno, but I do gamble 25 dollars a day while in Vegas. I will do the same in Sept in Taho. I like video poker, because I enjoy thinking about the cards.

        • Squirrels says:

          Tahoe is lovely. Much prettier than Vegas. No doubt you’ll have a great time.

          • Quincy IL says:

            I like to walk in Vegas. Great exercise. My daughter used to babysit for a wealthy family so she would stay in the special floors at the Belagio. She was with the kids at the private poo with Meg Ryan reading her book for several days. Meg was impressed that this family hired a Brown Med Student as a nanny. LOL

      • kats2 says:

        You could just get one of them and use it as a fish bowl or when you have people over you use the fancy Giudice goblet while you wear your tiara and make your guest drink from styrofoam cups and make them call you princess 😉 Just a suggestion

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      @Kats, I’m mad too, but it’s going to be on my birthday weekend, so that’s a plus! And you’re right, Andy was going away, to Tahiti I think I read.

  28. Gah! I just watched the christening episode & omg, was that Jackie “I can only have friends pre-approved by Caroline” L calling Danielle immature for telling Kim G who she could be friends with? Oh these people are disgustingly hypocritical.

  29. Adgirl says:

    Haha. For some reason I’ve been wondering if the Danielle being fired rumor/story can somehow be traced to Jill Zarin or her acolyte Caroline Manzo.

    Pretty handy talent to have!

  30. Lovebeth says:

    Kelly tweet:

    @xxxx I would NEVER pose for @peta for a tv show. If I cared,I would support them silently. Don’t ever confuse my efforts.
    31 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to xxxx


  31. Lovebeth says:

    happy birthday lynn!

  32. kats2 says:

    Dina is spending time keeping up with Lynn’s blog. There is a lot more to why Dina left the show and Danielle was just once again used as the excuse and the easy person to blame. If Danielle was so evil and her life is so full why would she want or care about being invited back for next season?

    “yes, I’ve heard the news, don’t know if it’s true. Rumor has it I may not be invited if I don’t put my daughter back on air. Can u believe?”

    Dina – it sure sounds like you want back in. Yes I can believe Bravo will not have you back unless you show there is more to film than you wondering around your kitchen with your cats and Buddha statue while you pretend you have a normal marriage and that you are happy and at peace. I hope you won’t be back and I applaud Bravo for finally cutting the dead weight from the show.

    • kats2 says:

      btw – the above part in quotes is a tweet from Dina.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Ah…. Dina has a lot going on. She could eat lunch, shop, eat dinner, shop, get her hair done, shop…. Lexi could just call out from her room once in a while. Non reality show teens do that all of the time.

  33. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet—–I would only pose for @peta if I was truly committed to a life of supporting the cause for a time. Not for tv. NEVER. Not my game
    Kelly, you can’t pose for PETA. You wear leather. Oh wait, that’s your skin.

    • Squirrels says:

      Not to mention, her statement makes zero sense what so ever. Tool City Mayoral candidate is our Kelly.

      • Jen says:

        I think she is implying B isn’t 100% committed and posed for TV – and who did we hear from before say B wasn’t committed to PETA? Jill

  34. MrWestVirginia says:

    Another Jacqueline observation, ya ever notice that when she supposedly cries, she put her hand in front of her mouth? Everyone I know, or have noticed, including myself, when crying in public shields their eyes, because one doesn’t want everyone to see us cry, so why does this slug put her hand in front of her mouth? To me, it looks like she is laughing and trying not to be noticed laughing.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I saw the napkin to the face. Maybe, her nose runs when she cries and she wants to hide that.

    • boston02127 says:

      she should put a bag over her head–crying or not.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I think Jacqueline has a classical face. I think she’s pretty. Danielle was probably a beauty when young. She has huge eyes.
        Dina has really blue eyes, but that might be contacts.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Speaking of beautiful… our Lynn is gorgeous and if that hunk is her husband, wow…

          Their son is a handsome lad too.

          Great looking lot, those Hudsons.

      • cusi77 says:

        Boston_ I almost choke when I read your comment!

        You sang so nice this morning. Excuse my singing like a cow!

    • kats2 says:

      MrWV – “slug” LMAO

      I don’t know why she does this, I noticed it too and thought perhaps it was a habit of covering bad teeth? I have a feeling she has had a lot work done and maybe she used to have bad teeth. But also she has that silly stupid girl thing going on, so I think when she cries she also laughs. It’s like her daughters nervous obnoxious giggle thing she does.

    • klmh says:

      I thought it was botox injections weirding her mouth out!

  35. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Maybe Jac covers her mouth because she knows she has an “ugly cry” face?

  36. boston02127 says:

    A blind man tweeted this to Jill— @Jillzarin just saw your gorgeous mug on a billboard for housewives in toronto..you’ve gone global!!


  37. Lovebeth says:

    Boston how do you see what tweets theses stars get? I usually go on their page to see their response and then click on the person they are replying to. I just went to Jill’s page and did not see anything. thanks.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Lovebeth—-I was reading Jill’s tweets and read this.

      @DavidCaplanNYC no way! Take photo!

      I wanted to know what she was talking about so I clicked on his name.
      Jill’s tweet was 9 hours ago, so I read his tweets 9 hours ago to see what he was tweeting to Jill about.

  38. Bosandi says:

    Happy Birthday Lynn!!!!

  39. boston02127 says:

    I think it’s gross that Chewy let her kids play in the toilet.

  40. boston02127 says:

    How does Danny know the gossip?

  41. boston02127 says:

    Ashley tweeting about Danielle.

    D at the market—– “wanna explode it?”
    hahahaha OKAY danielle
    bitch be wearin my bracelet…

    Squirrels, glad we didn’t make bets when she said she won’t talk about D anymore.

  42. cusi77 says:

    Oh! My Good Lord! If we thought St John’s with Kiki was a nightmare trip… lets try Italy with the Giudices! I feel for Caroline, Albert and Parents!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      They are ruining one of the most beautiful countries in the world – this is so wrong!

  43. boston02127 says:

    I hope there is a hospital at the top of the hill for that gang.

  44. Jen says:

    Why didn’t Teresa’s parents go if their family and did Teresa say they own a house in Italy? Is that on bankruptcy filing? And one last thing Joe complaining about money, notice no one else did?

  45. Jen says:

    Sorry correction – they’re !

  46. dumberries says:

    So, Danielle’s rumored new spin-off has her playing the Kris Kardashian momager type. Yikes.
    I wonder if Sirens Media realizes that Danielle has some fans simply because she’s the lesser of two evils on RHNJ. If this report is true, next season of RHNJ will be about the Manzo’s and Laurita’s bashing Danielle’s new show (and Caroline telling them all to take the high road and not watch). Maybe there’s a reason for Dina to return after all – she can be filmed with Grandma Wrinkles on her lap, tweeting shit about Danielle’s show. The Real Housewives world is really getting surreal…


  47. boston02127 says:

    Each time Jacqueline opens her mouth she confirms her stupidity. She’s pretty insensitive and rude too.

  48. Blue Sky says:

    While visiting their hometown near Naples, Juicy & Tree mention they own a house there, that they want to fix up some day. Hmmm, is it possible for their creditors back in the USA to force them to sell this previous unknown asset & use the proceeds to pay off some of that $11 million debt? Just wondering…if those grifters owed me money, watching the RHONJ would be very very bad for my blood pressure!

    Plus, notice the jewelry Tree wears in her twitter pictures. Unbelievable, so many diamonds. Remember when PutYourHairUp had a twitter exchange with Tacky Jacky about the $5,000 (or was it $10,000 ?) diamond bracelet Tree was wearing in another twitter photo ? She must have close to a million in jewelry. Their creditors should employ private investigators, IMO to perhaps locate the jewels.

    And wasn’t it a laugh to hear Juicy complain about the hotel expenses in Naples? Ha, too late you jerk to complain about your idiotic uncontrollable spending, not to mention nauseating! Wonder if he paid cash ?

  49. cusi77 says:

    Teresa looks pregnant in that pink dress…. Skinny Italian?????

  50. Squirrels says:

    Dang, T looks a big pudgy in that dress.

  51. WindyCityWondering says:

    Did Teresa have Zarin Fabrics make those circus outfits the girls were wearing at her family dinner? OMG that poor baby was getting jabbed in the eye by that flowery growth on her head!

  52. Jen says:

    And the kids outfits in dinner scene were hideous and so was Teresa’s – waaaaaay to tight. Hey she just had a baby 4 months before this was filmed so that’s ok but don’t wear something so tacky and tight

  53. boston02127 says:

    Why would Danielle tell the private investigator that’s she’s paying that she waited 10 years to find her mother and can wait another 10. Ka-ching! If he’s as shady as everyone else on this show he’ll be dragging the investagation on for years.

  54. Jen says:

    Sorry that next episode- Is this the Godfather? What a bullshit set up- Too staged Bravo- I over this

  55. Lovebeth says:

    The confessional at the end of the show was current-probably last month not sure. But during the bus ride, you could tell that Caroline was sick of Teresa. LMAO when joe was cursing too funny.

  56. cusi77 says:

    Did you notice Teresa in that pink dress looked like 5 months pregnant? What about skinny Italian?

  57. boston02127 says:

    I smell a friendship crumbling.

  58. Lovebeth says:

    is anyone seeing their posts?

  59. Squirrels says:

    The one constant on this and the last episode is the ill behaved kids. Hitting one another, taking a swipe at Caroline. Screaming at the top of their lungs. Gia was the only sane one of the bunch, the baby doesn’t count. However, with Joe’s constant barrage of language and threatening not only Teresa, but the kids, I can see where this is coming from. It’s one thing to indulge your kids, it’s quite another to feed them the notion that foul language and physical threats are OK. I thought we got past that as a civilization. How wrong was I?

  60. Capiche says:

    Wow! So much to catch up on! First, Danielle got fired/leaving the show?!?! LOL! Bravo: Can you fire the rest of the NJ Housewives while you’re at it? Start from fresh! Can’t say that I’m surprised though. There were stories in the NY Post about her buying a condo in the city so I was wondering how she was gonna keep being on the show and not living in New Jersey? And isn’t her home for sale or something?

    Ok. So no Teresa auction until October? Bummer.

    This recent episode was a little dull for me. But next week’s looking up! 😉 I didn’t care about Danielle’s search for her mother or a panini. And there was just one too many Jew-dices for me to care. By the way, I thought that whole meeting up with the old family segment was worth about five minutes, but it went on and on and on….. Even the Danielle-country club chase scene was only 10 minutes. Bravo had nothing from that trip. Nothing!

    Except that I am now concerned that Joe is an abusive father and husband. What was up with all that kicking of butts/people/hotel employees? And that mafioso did hit them up big time if they got such a huge bill on incidentals. I guess they were boozing it up thinking Bravo was gonna cover it. Oh well!

    And…Happy Birthday, Lynn! (Hope I’m not too late!)

  61. LynnNChicago says:

    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes, I’m going to re-post this same blog so that comments can be refreshed. Thanks everyone!!!

  62. Capiche says:

    Wow! So much to catch up on! First, Danielle got fired/leaving the show?!?! LOL! Bravo: Can you fire the rest of the NJ Housewives while you’re at it? Start from fresh! Can’t say that I’m surprised though. There were stories in the NY Post about her buying a condo in the city so I was wondering how she was gonna keep being on the show and not living in New Jersey? And isn’t her home for sale or something?

    Ok. So no Teresa auction until October? Bummer.

    This recent episode was a little dull for me. But next week’s looking up! 😉 I didn’t care about Danielle’s search for her mother or a panini. And there was just one too many Jew-dices for me to care. By the way, I thought that whole meeting up with the old family segment was worth about five minutes, but it went on and on and on….. Even the Danielle-country club chase scene was only 10 minutes. Bravo had nothing from that trip. Nothing!

    Except that I am now concerned that Joe is an abusive father and husband. What was up with all that kicking of butts/people/hotel employees? And that mafioso did hit them up big time if they got such a huge bill on incidentals. I guess they were boozing it up thinking Bravo was gonna cover it. Oh well!

    And…Happy Birthday, Lynn! (Hope I’m not too late!)

  63. Capiche says:

    Wow! So much to catch up on! First, Danielle got fired/leaving the show?!?! LOL! Bravo: Can you fire the rest of the NJ Housewives while you’re at it? Start from fresh! Can’t say that I’m surprised though. There were stories in the NY Post about her buying a condo in the city so I was wondering how she was gonna keep being on the show and not living in New Jersey? And isn’t her home for sale or something?

    Ok. So no Teresa auction until October? Bummer.

    This recent episode was a little dull for me. But next week’s looking up! 😉 I didn’t care about Danielle’s search for her mother or a panini. And there was just one too many Jew-dices for me to care. By the way, I thought that whole meeting up with the old family segment was worth about five minutes, but it went on and on and on….. Even the Danielle-country club chase scene was only 10 minutes. Bravo had nothing from that trip. Nothing!

    Except that I am now concerned that Joe is an abusive father and husband. What was up with all that kicking of butts/people/hotel employees? And that mafioso did hit them up big time if they got such a huge bill on incidentals. I guess they were boozing it up thinking Bravo was gonna cover it. Oh well!

    And…Happy Birthday, Lynn! (Hope I’m not too late!)

  64. sydney says:

    It’s really sad when you realize this crap was the most interesting crap they could get out of almost a year of filming.
    ****That’s because they can’t show us their ‘real’ lives = nefarious wheeling and dealing they’re ALL involved in….from the self righteous Manzos on down. Sadly they all epitomize the Jersey stereotype and that’s EXACTLY what BRAVO knew would sell! Our discussing this ad nauseum is unfortunately what the TV execs want. Can you say symbiotic?
    On another note here’s an interesting link which I don’t believe I’ve seen posted but plz excuse if I missed it. It’s Alex, Simon, Jill and various authors at a book signing in the Hamptons. I hesitate to call Jill an author as she’s a joke on sooooo many levels. You can bet BAWWBY is sorry he married her now. MEOW.
    ****You’ll have to scroll about 1/2 way down.

  65. moriasheehan says:

    this is what i posted at the link provided by Tod1963 on yeterday’s blog. I don’t know if they will allow it so here it is:
    I will be watching to see how all of this develops, however, I will not be watching the RHODC as I do not wish to line the pockets of the Salahi’s in any way. They are the people that give the American public a bad name. I am very interested in more information from Mahogany Jones. I also feel someone should be held fiscally responsible for the cost that we as taxpayers have to pay, for the investigation into the White House crashing, where the Salahi’s, with self satisfied smirks on their faces, proceeded to plead the 5th Amendment to all questions, yet they proclaim their innocence on TV. They are fame-mongers who think any publicity is good publicity. Now, I am reading that Bravo may have been involved in a much more significant manner with this and the Black Caucus crashing. i have been a great Bravo fan, but this last year has decided me to boycott all Bravo shows and all Bravo advertisers. Their New Jersey franchise has a speed spending housewife who continues to spend on air like she has the money of Donald Trump, yet filed bankruptcy for 11 million dollars and claims an income of $79,000 per year. I hope other disgusted viewers show their disgust, too. The only way we can stop this type of behavior is by hitting Bravo and their advertisers, in their pocketbooks.
    Thumbs Down, Bravo.

    Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/blogs/yeas-and-nays/A-fun-and-easy-guide-to-Salahiland–490097-100740109.html#ixzz0wrgyN6y2

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