I Hate Jill Zarin Mid-Week Update August 18, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Mid-Week Updates                        August 18, 2010

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

Bravo aired a new episode of the Rachel Zoe Project and I must say, Bravo to Rachel and Brad, I don’t think I heard the name Taylor once all evening.  That being said, is probably the only good thing I can say about this show. 

I used to enjoy the show and I certainly do not miss Taylor’s whining at all!  I just don’t see having such a nervous breakdown over clothes, shoes and accessories.  Rachel makes her life all about these things, she takes them so seriously and it really is over the top ridiculous!  Would it really be the end of the world if some shoes had to be switched out for other shoes or if one bracelet was out of place? 

Rachel Zoe is like a cartoon character, she really is!  I want to like her, I want to root for her to be successful (and I know that she is) but she makes it really hard when she acts like she’s going to rip someone’s head off over a belt or a scarf! 

I keep remembering what Alex McCord (RHONY) said, she’s a fashion risk taker and she has FUN with it!   Possibly if Rachel wasn’t so intense and actually had fun with it, maybe the show would be more enjoyable. 

Brad spends the majority of the show complaining that he can’t do what he’s been asked to do.  If he spent the time doing his job rather than complaining about the work, he’d most likely have plenty of time to do it.  The guy moves in slow motion and hesitates with everything that he does, he’s negative, has a bad attitude and always wants to take the easy way out.  He complains that he doesn’t get enough notice to get the clothing during this episode.  What should Rachel do Brad?  Jump into her time machine, read minds and inform you that Naomi Campbell is going to have an idea for a fashion show to aide Haiti?  I want to shake this guy and scream at him, “just do it!” 

Rachel’s husband really gets the shaft in this relationship.  He quit his regular job to become part of his wife’s company but nothing has changed for the viewer, the man still walks on egg shells around his wife whenever there is a big fashion event coming up and let’s face it, there is ALWAYS a big fashion event coming up.  Whether it is awards season, fashion week or styling models and celebrities for fashion shoots, this is a year round job for Rachel Zoe.  Rodger wants a baby, Rachel says she’s too busy but as Rodger correctly pointed out, when will Rachel not be busy?  Everyone is busy, a baby isn’t an inconvenience or something that you fit into your busy life and it is something that you want with all of your heart and soul.  If Rachel doesn’t feel that way, she shouldn’t become a mother. 

If there is anyone out there who is into fashion and enjoys Rachel Zoe Project, you are more than welcome to guest blog the show because, needless to say, it is not one of my favorites! 

I finally got around to reading Chef Tom Colicchio’s blog about last week’s Top Chef.  He posted it pretty late, as he is apparently on vacation and wasn’t going to submit one at all but due to the uproar about Kenny being sent home, Chef Tom felt the need to do some explaining.

Explaining he did, along with scolding and reprimanding.  It is clear that he is annoyed with viewers who questioned the outcome of the last episode but isn’t that what we’re here for?  If no one gave a damn, Chef Tom would not have a job with Bravo, would he? 

Let me start by saying I’m a huge fan of Chef Tom but I was pretty annoyed reading his blog as he is extremely condescending and rude to be honest.  Maybe he was annoyed that his vacation was interrupted by the need to explain himself about this episode or maybe he is just at the point where he doesn’t feel the need to explain anything to viewers? 

See for yourself…  http://www.bravotv.com/top-chef/season-7/blogs/tom-colicchio/we-killed-kenny-we-re-bastards

The title is funny, yes, but the blog is most certainly not funny at all!  I’m insulted that he felt the need to talk to people the way that he did.  I don’t know where all of this anger is coming from, I don’t know if he was inundated with emails or tweets or comments on his previous Bravo blog but he really needs to relax a bit.  Here’s the thing though, if Tom was upset by the 600+ comments on his previous blog about this, maybe he should take it up with the idiots at Bravo who posted them all getting people even more riled up.  Tom posted a quickie blog saying he was on vacation and his blog will come later, apparently Kenny fans submitted comments about his dismissal there. 

I think in order to put the pea puree fiasco to rest, Tom is telling us now that he has heard from some of the other chef’s that were there who saw Alex purchase and blanch the peas.  What?  Where were those same chefs when THEY were accusing Alex of stealing the puree?  Viewers didn’t make this stuff up, it was the other chefs who were accusing Alex, and now these same chefs are telling Chef Tom that there is proof that Alex DID NOT steal the puree?  Sorry, I’m not buying it!  This is an attempt to make this pea puree nonsense go away.  The integrity of the show has been brought into question and I know that has to make Chef Tom insane, so he’s trying to put it to rest.  There is no way that all of this is coming out three weeks after the show aired and Chef Tom threw it into his blog almost as an afterthought, as if he was uncomfortable including that in the blog because it is a fabrication of the truth!  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

As for Tom’s explanation of Kenny’s departure, I get it, both of Kenny’s dishes were poor and worse than the rest of his losing team’s dishes.  That’s the bottom line.  Here is where he loses me, Chef Tom repeats a dozen or so times:  “We judge only on the current challenge.”  Ok I get that too, but he goes on to say that when Gail Simmons said that they judge only on the food that they are eating, she was absolutely correct.  Here’s where the problem lies, why then do they discuss outside issues other than the food during judges table?  I’ve heard them talk about organization, sloppiness, time management, teamwork (or lack thereof) and attitudes to name just a few things outside of simply the food they’re given. 

Tom also repeats a dozen or so times: 

“Alex was on the winning team; he wasn’t up for elimination.”

Yes we know that, but does anyone else remember a season ago when Mike Isabella was a member of the winning team yet was brought back in with the losers to face the judges once again.  He was furious because as part of the winning team, he should have been safe, right?  He wasn’t sent home but the fact that he was brought in to be judged with the losing members was unheard of at the time.    Inconsistencies will ruin a show like this, you can’t change the rules when millions of people are watching and expect everyone to just settle down and accept it.

This is similar to Chef Tom saying that Ed should have stood up for himself and complained about his feelings that Alex may have stolen a part of his dish.  Any fan of Top Chef knows that Chef Tom has absolutely no patience for complaining or excuses whatsoever.   Chef Tom has never allowed anyone to make an excuse of any kind.  We have seen equipment failures and others leaving refrigerators ajar causing dishes to fail, we’ve seen people turning ovens and stoves off or turned up, we’ve seen many things outside of the contestants control and we’ve seen Chef Tom reprimand and belittle anyone who tries to bring these issues to the judges attention.  He refuses to look into any mitigating factor if brought up by a contestant.   Ed most likely knew that coming forward about his fears that Alex stole his puree would fall on deaf ears and probably get him a stern talking to from Chef Tom.

Chef Tom says that the producers were unhappy about the judge’s decision to cut Kenny loose, surely because Kenny was a fan favorite,  Tom says, “Believe me, the show’s producers were not happy with our decision”

In the next breath, Tom says, “And for the record, I’ve always thought it odd that the show puts two chefs out in the front of the house and have long begged the producers to change that aspect of Restaurant Wars.”

 I agree with Chef Tom, it never did seem fair for a contestant to be responsible for a dish yet not be allowed to be in the kitchen to prepare it.  However, if they’re going to have someone in the front of the house, why don’t they look at the footage of their behavior?  Why didn’t the judges know that Alex treated the wait staff so poorly?  Front of the house isn’t just about greeting and explaining the dishes, it is about organizing and ensuring food is arriving in a timely manner as well as leading the front of the house team.  The judges simply see the few minutes that the front of the house contestant is at their table only. 

Here is a final concerning statement, Tom says, “We don’t have time in the shooting schedule to halt production and go watch the dailies to see how much of the dish Alex claimed as his he’d actually cooked.”

So cheating can go on and if it did, it would go unchecked.  I’ve seen challenges where the chef’s were required to use a certain number of ingredients, or to stay with a certain number of calories.  If no one was watching and checking up on the chef’s during challenges, how do we know they stayed within the rules?  If someone cheats, they just judge on the food in front of them and move on.  Peers are discouraged from saying anything because to Chef Tom, it is just excuses and sour grapes. 

Inconsistency is the quickest and easiest way to lose credibility and integrity and it seems to be happening this season to Top Chef and that could be why Chef Tom is so angry these days, I think that he prides himself on his integrity as head judge on Top Chef and he puts his name on the final decisions that are made.  This season is, in many ways, calling the show’s integrity into question.

Overall this season has been a disappointment.  I don’t think we’ve got a whole lot of talent here this year, particularly compared to the high quality and upmost integrity, team work and sportsmanship we saw last season.   With the possible exception of Angelo, who appears to be able to put his money where his mouth is, I see very little talent here this season.  We have good chef’s, but not exceptional chefs as we’ve seen in past seasons. 

I don’t know how they could have possibly maintained the high standard and quality of chef’s that they had on last season’s show but the eliminated chef’s from last season could probably beat the pants off of any of the contestants from this season. 

Chef Tom says it is the food, just the food, only the food but I think in any job, it is more than just the one job that you’re hired to do that you must display expertise in.  A good chef needs to lead the team, be organized, have knife and prep skills, be able to handle disputes between team members, order and maintain inventory, menu planning, time management, customer service and communication skills.  So for Chef Tom to keep insisting that it is simply the food, just the food and only the food is ridiculous!  Why is it then, that every past winner of Top Chef has displayed a lot more than just preparing really good food?   The contestants who are rude, crude, use improper grammar and do not “look the part” of a high end chef, never win, do they?  Is their food substandard or is it the other things that cause them to pack their knives? 

I’m still predicting Angelo for the win, I chose him from day one and he still maintains the highest consistency of being in the top or winning each of the challenges.  Not only the food, Angelo has the right attitude, look and class to be a Top Chef. 

Ok folks, it’s time to vote for the First Annual Twitter Housewife Awards, here are the final categories:

  1.  Best Book
  2. Tackiest Housewife
  3. Most Inspiring Housewife
  4. Which 2 Housewives would you like to see in a cage match?
  5. Which Housewife would your mate find attractive?
  6. Best Housewife appearance on Watch What Happens Live?
  7. Best / Worst Swimsuit body
  8. Best Backstabbing Housewife?
  9. Housewife you believe is under the influence of drugs while filming
  10. Farthest Fall from Grace?
  11. Most Evolved Housewife?
  12. Housewife you would least like to see in a Sex videotape?
  13. Sexiest Housewife
  14. Worst Voice
  15. Most Ambitious Housewife
  16. Housewife who has abused her 15 minutes by overselling their wares
  17. Best Blogger
  18. Housewife/Husband that would make a perfect match
  19. Best Fake Crying
  20. Who’s better, Perez or Andy?
  21. Best Reunion Argument
  22. Worst Friend
  23. Worst scripted scene?
  24. Best Grandparents?
  25. Housewife you want to return / stay gone
  26. Housewife who loves to tweet
  27. Housewife you wish would disappear
  28. Best Pet
  29. Best Pet Poop scene
  30. Ugliest Pet
  31. Best / Worst Home décor
  32. Sickest kiss / intimate scene
  33. Best Vow Renewal
  34. Biggest/worst Liar
  35. Smartest / Dumbest Housewife
  36. Hottest Housewife huband
  37. Best / Worst Dressed
  38. Most Likely to Succeed / Fail
  39. Housewife who is a plastic surgery fiend
  40. Best / Worst Breast implants
  41. Housewife with Saddest Childhood
  42. Best Gay Husband/Friend
  43. Funniest Housewife
  44. Best Catch Phrase from any show
  45. Best Introduction line by a Housewife
  46. Richest / Poorest Housewife (financially)
  47. Housewife most likely to be a lesbian
  48. Most adored Child
  49. Most hated Husband
  50. Most likely to Divorce
  51. Divorce we saw coming
  52. Housewife who just doesn’t makes sense
  53. Housewife who keeps it real
  54. Who’d beat the crap out of whom?
  55. Best Vacation?
  56. Best / Worst Mom
  57. Best / Worst Talent
  58. Worst Song 
  59. Team Jill or Team Bethenny?
  60. City/State you’d like Bravo to take over?

How to vote:  Tweet one or all category votes to @followinyoazz final results August 25 so vote now! 

Teresa is in Los Angeles taping the Dr. Phil show, which is surprising, hopefully he’ll take her to task for her behavior of spending so much money when she owes so many people money!  Her attorney announces that she is “legally within her rights” to spend the $60,000 that she received as an advance for her book but after she filed bankruptcy.  She may be within her rights but how do her creditors feel about that?  Why wouldn’t she use that money to pay some of her bills, pay some advanced payments on her mortgage or even give some to charity if she is such a “good person” as she keeps announcing to the world.  “Ain’t I a good person?  Ain’t I nice?”   No Teresa, your creditors don’t agree that you’re a good person or “nice”!

Today’s tweet from Teresa Giudice:

“And I’m not doing George Lopez. He wanted us to do a skit about the mafia. Not happening. He can go scratch.”

Telling someone to “go scratch” is just about as classy as him asking you to do a skit about the mafia.  Where’s your sense of humor Teresa?  It’s all in good fun, right?   Maybe George should have asked you to do a court scene about a bankruptcy?  At least it would have been familiar territory!

Danielle has maintained radio silence since she announced that she’s not even thinking about Season 3 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Reports are that she didn’t get her walking papers but she also didn’t get an invitation to return while three of the other NJ ladies did.  I’m not sure if I believe it, Bravo has its procedures for producing and casting these shows and I suppose they may have deviated from that just this once, but I don’t understand why they would unless it was to ensure that they secure these three ladies into a contract before some other producers swept them up for show’s of their own.  (yes, that was sarcasm) 

On the other hand it could all be rumors! 

I just wish that Bravo would get moving on the New York Housewives, and I bet they do too!  Typically they would be getting ready to begin filming around this time of year and Jill Zarin did mention in an interview that she was expecting to be notified any day now about a new season.  I do recall, however, Andy Cohen telling everyone to “hold tight until 2011” when asked about NY Housewives casting.  Keeping in mind that Bravo has two new housewife franchises with DC and Beverly Hills their schedule must be stuffed.  Atlanta is in the can and should begin airing in October, Beverly Hills is done or finishing up filming and Orange County is in the thick of filming right now.  Maybe there really isn’t any room at the moment for airing NY Episodes.  I’m just really anxious to see who is coming back and who isn’t.  Someone knows something but while we keep getting “insider” rumors about NJ, we’re hearing nothing at all about NY!

Update:  Teresa’s Tweets:

  •   I really appreciate George Lopez reaching out to me. Very classy. Love love love you George! about 2 hours ago via mobile web
  • George Lopez is so cool, he changed the skit b/c it upset me. So now I’m going. No hard feelings George… about 2 hours ago via mobile web
  • Could Teresa be a bigger TWIT!  She tells the man to “go scratch” instead of keeping her mouth shut or politely saying that she wasn’t up for doing a mafia skit, then has to put her tail between her legs – Where is your apology Teresa?  Yes George is classy, you are not!

    Until Next Time…….


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    426 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Mid-Week Update August 18, 2010

    1. boston02127 says:

      Thanks for the new blog Lynn. 🙂

      I don’t believe Teresa’s story about the George Lopez show. She’s such a fame whore, I think she’d do anything to be on any TV show.

      • cusi77 says:

        Boston_ How did you do to vote you like this Blog?

        I Like this Blog as well!!! Thanks Lynn!

        Oh! My Lord! As I was reading the vote categories I realized that everyone of my answers were with The RHONY! What a gold mine Bravo has with those Housewives!

    2. Squirrels says:

      “I want to root for her [Rachel Zoe] to be successful (and I know that she is) but she makes it really hard when she acts like she’s going to rip someone’s head off over a belt or a scarf!”

      Miranda Priestly complex perhaps?

    3. ramonacoaster says:

      Holy moly that’s a lot of categories! @followinyoazz has a lot of tweets to keep up with. Amen to you dear if you’re reading this. I’m curious also as to who Bravo are keeping regarding the NY cast. Bravo’s smart keeping Jill, Luann and Kelly at bay. I’m sure they’re smarting at the bit more than anyone else.

    4. I found it so strange that Teresa objected to the mafia skit. When she had that grotesque house warming party she made a point of saying the staff were all dressed in black to look like the mafia. That comment would lead one to believe she was into the mafia persona. I agree- that scratch saying that Kim G started and Teresa is now using is tacky- but then look at the the women who use that term. I had never heard it before.

      Poor New Jersey- will they ever be able to repair their image after RHONJ and Jersey Shore?

      • Abby Someone says:

        I was going to make the same point. If she is offended by the mafia image why does she go out of her way to look like a scene from Married to the Mob?
        Her life is like the set of Tony and Tina’s weddding but she gets indignant if you notice? What a twit.

      • Ellabean says:

        I want to move. Seriously.

      • Beatriz from NJ says:

        or Jerseyliscious (were did they get those 2 orange Oompa-Loompas?)

    5. Kat says:

      Squirrels I left you a question on your page. Thanks.

    6. Squirrels says:

      One other thought re: TC – Could it be that Alex was getting payback for the previous time when he and Ed were partners during the breakfast/lunch/dinner challenge and Ed forgot to put the breakfast patty on one of the judge’s dish? They then had to move on to the lunch portion of the challenge.

      Alex seems self absorbed enough to pull a stunt like that. JMO

    7. Abby Someone says:

      This was my reply to Tom’s blog:
      Although I will miss him I fully understand why you eliminated Kenny, I hope Alex’s poor treatment of the staff comes back to bite him in the arse. I liked your blog but let me just say….
      It’s obnoxious and condenscending to repeat a point.
      It’s obnoxious and condenscending to repeat a point.
      It’s obnoxious and condenscending to repeat a point.
      It’s obnoxious and condenscending to repeat a point.
      It’s obnoxious and condenscending to repeat a point.

      • Squirrels says:

        I’m sorry, could you say that again please? 😀

      • Kat says:

        Great comment to Tom, he earned it. 🙂

      • Maryla says:

        Agree completely Abby Someone! What an arrogant and patronizing tone for Chef Tom to take with fans of Top Chef. I’m sure Bravo won’t be posting your comment any time soon, so glad you shared over here.

        Thanks Lynn, for providing this forum

    8. RIerinFL says:

      Great blog Lynn!
      I like Chef Tom too but his blog made me so angry. He came across so arrogant.
      I thought the guest judge was nicer than they expected him to be. Gayle has gotten to be a really tough judge. In past seasons, I thought of her as the nicer one.

    9. Squirrels says:

      Ok. Kill-her-en is at the You Tube thing again. Here’s the cool part. click here and read how many responses she gets for her own videos v one other people post.


      • Squirrels says:

        The real beauty? KKB tames the wild beast. Views? zero, zip, nada. Love it. Could it be nothing registers if you click on it from a separate site like this one? That would be golden.

        • Kukulet says:

          She’s also recommending fashion trends for Fall ’11…and she’s doing it with clothes that are in stores NOW for Fall ’10.

          Like anyone is going to remember what KKB recommended a year from now? (Not that many folks would care to wear what she recommends THIS fall.) Does she not understand that, by next year, fashion trends will have shifted and no one is going to base their selections on the current season?

          She’s seems hellbent on making a complete ass of herself repeatedly. Let’s happily watch and laugh.

          • Abby Someone says:

            I watched this. She thinks this fall is 2011!!! lmao
            She says “I’m gonna show you my super hot tips for Fall 11. I know it’s 11.”
            She says it like, can you believe it’s 11 already. hahahah This begs the question does she think January comes during the Fall or does she think the New Year comes around Thanksgiving?
            Thanks, I needed that laugh.

          • LuAnn says:

            I really don’t like hairspray. But I use it anyway. Watch me use it. I mean, I didn’t like it 2 seconds ago, but I like it now. I’m entitle to change my mind.

        • Kat says:

          But “Kelly Bensimon is like very dumb and stuff” has over 45,000 views. Shows “fans” would prefer to laugh at her than learn from her. I’m assuming “tames the wild beast” is instructional to some degree.

        • Abby Someone says:

          I also noticed almost all of her videos now have comments disabled and the ones that don’t, well good luck finding a fan among the brutal posts. I love it.

      • Noreen says:

        What is wrong with KKB’s mouth? She has new lines in her jaw. Is it from losing weight? And why would she post a video that no one can hear? The taming the beast video was hysterical.

      • alicia says:

        The “zip it” comment is totally tasteless and you can’t “spin “it to make it better. She slices the red bell pepper and throws the rind, seeds and pepper slice in the pan… yuck ! Cooking does not come naturally to her and it shows !
        During my ride season w/ my horse I will do 25 miles with him on the weekend.
        I like to eat quinoa pasta, chopped cooked tomatoes, onion and fresh basil.Quinoa is a complete protein, but you can add tofu or cooked chicken, also turkey sausage ! Eating this the night a training ride before really keeps my legs strong.

      • Ellabean says:

        Oh my gawd. Kill me now.

        I just watched the video recorded yesterday – the cooking segment. How freaking transparent can she be? Pasta with peppers – she says to cook “turn on the heat”. (I never thought of that. No wonder my food tastes so raw.)

        Salad : argula & mint (greens in a salad?)- oh and add chicken (so inventive!) and olive oil and lemon (never heard od that !)

        I wnat to hit my own head with my palm ! This is psychopathic – she is totally modeling Bethenny’s youtube cooking videos – trying to copy simplicity and even meter of speech.

        I almost want to smack her – I really do. Or smack the person holding the camera.

        This broad does not cook a whit.

        • Abby Someone says:

          She is really trying to erase that pancake episode from our minds but it’s not working. I have never seen a woman try so hard to be a super woman.

          Something that escapes Kiki is that you can’t fool everyone with this “Hiyee, biyeee” 5 min appearance crap. With all of the cooking shows on tv and the countless cooking videos on youtube, what makes her think she has something to contribute with these amateur kitchen tips?

          She knows we know her nemisis is 100 times more qualified in this area. She knows we know she called the woman a fraud. So I’m gobsmacked that she would make videos for this field. The woman redefines brainless.

          • Meg1964 says:

            Last week, I actually tweeted something to her about that pancake episode. She had tweeted something about one of her girls cooking an amazing meal. I tweeted to her that the child must have gotten lessons because after watching Kelly attempt to cook pancakes, we know YOU didn’t teach her how to cook. I tweeted her again that maybe she should ask Bethenny to give her kids cooking lessons, since she’s such an amazing cook. Kelly tweeted me back and said:

            kikilet @Meg1964 my kids/ girls and I are learning to cook meals together. They love it and it gives them responsibility.

            • Abby Someone says:

              lol Great tweets Meg. I wonder who is going to teach Kiki responsibility.

              We know her definition of cooking “together”. That means a chef is there teaching the girls while Kiki flits in and out.

              I noticed since we’ve all been posting how she is never home, she has been tweeting more about her girls. Try again kiki, you’re not going to fool the people in this group with that mother of the year image you are trying on like a shoe.

    10. RIerinFL says:

      Has there been any news about the Countess? It seems strange that she wouldn’t be promoting her …I don’t know what to call it. It’s not music by any stretch of the imagination!

      • Squirrels says:

        She posted on twitter earlier today about her advise on how to pack just a carry-on bag for a 3 week European trip.

        • RIerinFL says:

          How DO you pack a carry-on bag for a 3 week Eruopean trip?
          Buy clothes when you get there?

        • Quincy IL says:

          It all depends on whether or not there are washing machines and dryers in Europe. My best friend told me that in Greece people hung their clothes to dry outside of their windows. She has photos of tattered underwear blowing in the wind.

      • dumberries says:

        We don’t hear much from Luann between seasons; she’s smart enough to stay away from the Facebook and Twitter and does her own thing. I’m not a fan, but Luann is just not loathsome to me at all. I know I’m in the minority (crouching), but I’m rooting for Luann. I think she trusted Zarin and got misled. I also think she had some legitimate gripes against Bethenny insinuating personal things on camera (even B said she regretted it later). Luann has never once bashed any other HW’s business pursuits – on camera or in interviews. She’s only supported them. She’s somewhat detached and snooty, but everyone has character flaws, her’s just don’t offend me as much as they do others (especially in comparison to some of the atrocious personalities of the other HWs). I honestly think Luann accepted the idiocy of the timing of her book graciously and she’s doing the song bird thing because she wants to have fun again. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Perhaps she should care a little more, but she’s not backstabbing others or committing crimes. I’d like to see single Luann next year…

        • RIerinFL says:

          I don’t hate her either. With Jill and now Teresa, there is only so much hate a person can hold!
          I was curious because we have heard from KooKoo, Jill, and Sonja.

          • dumberries says:

            I agree and you didn’t seem like you were suggesting you hated Luann – sorry if my response suggested that. Here’s what I’ve heard about Luann in the last few weeks (besides the occasional tweet post):
            –A few weeks ago, there was a press announcement that Luann had been cast in a Broadway play (or off-Broadway?) with an ensemble cast of women talking about life, love, sex, etc… Actually sounded right up her alley.
            –Someone else posted that she had a guest role on USA’s Royal Pains this season. The show is set in the Hampton’s, so, again, might be a good fit.

            • jezzibel says:

              it was like a split second shot of her on Royal Pains, if there was more to that seen it wasw heavily edited out

            • RIerinFL says:

              Thanks dumberries. Not you definitely me. Just starting joining in the convo.
              I just thought I may have left that impression because I really do hate her singing.
              I’m happy she is finding things to do with herself (no not just because it is not singing lol) but because I have felt bad for her. Her husband and title seemed to be the only way she identified herself. When he left her and it came out that it was by e-mail, I was kind of mortified for her. It was bad enough that she was getting a divorce, left for another woman, and countless. No woman deserves to learn that her husband is divorcing her through email.

              • dumberries says:

                No worries – very good posts! Luann’s singing is atrocious – you’re right. But, she seems to enjoy doing it and knows that she’s no Mariah Carrey, so I think it’s hysterical and say “go for it!”.

            • boston02127 says:

              @dumberries–The guest spot of LuMan on Royal Pains is on YouTube.

    11. Squirrels says:

      Of course this one, we’ve all seen and enjoyed has gotten 49,679 hits.

      Kelly Bensimon is like very dumb and stuff.

      • Ellabean says:

        Yes – this clip from Season #2. This moment was the definitive Kelly – language barrier – doesn’t understand idioms – eyebrow raising – first revealing moment.

        LuAnn: “…let your hair down, Kelly”

        Kelly then takes the rubberband out of her hair and lets her hair down.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        It never gets old!!!

    12. Need a Hobby says:

      TC: Alex told others the night before the pea saga that he had “a thing with peas.” It’s on camera. When he said that, that’s when the others told him that Ed had a pea puree.

      Pretty sure the producers get the groceries receipts from the contestants to document expenditures. So there shouldn’t be any mystery over who bought what.

      As much as Alex appears totally clueless, he perfectly prepared his protein…..something quite basic but even better chefs on TC have failed to do so. No real reason, despite the others’ dislike and dismissing of him, to assume that Alex is completely incapable of turning out a decent pea puree and therefore he must have taken someone else’s. As Tom pointed out. It’s really not that huge a challenge.

      So all there is to support the allegations that Alex actually stole Ed’s dish is some of the other chefs’ vocal dislike of Alex and their view of his skills. If any one of them had any more than that to go on, they would have said something at the time. And none of them did.

      What’s not in doubt is producers playing up the drama for the show.

      • Squirrels says:

        Regardless of who may or may not have done what to whom. Ed didn’t get eliminated. I think what riled folk is that Alex won the challenge and his dumbo eared mug will be on the wall of a highly respected restaurant. To even have his integrity questioned should have sent him into overdrive to prove otherwise.

        Alex has proven to be uncooperative, backstabbing and self absorbed. I still recall the scene where he and Kelly were racing for the top shelf to grab a stew pot. Being taller, he got there first, grabbed it and laughed at her. The one left was on the same shelf but in the back. She would need go get a step stool to grab it and in this competition every second counts. What also counts as previous seasons have proved, is working well with others and sharing when applicable. Would it have destroyed Alex’s grand stew pot plan? No. Would it have portrayed him in a kinder light? Yes.

        After the last episode whereby he vies for the reputation of becoming the new Soup Nazi, he has proven yet again, he has no concern with anyone else but himself. In a viewer’s eyes, this in and of itself can place his integrity into question.

        • Squirrels says:

          And I for one, would not want to be anywhere near a restaurant where the staff is treated like crap. Not only for reasons of morality, but because if those in the back get pissed off at him, they just might piss in MY soup. One thing is clear. If you don’t get along with your kitchen staff, a whole lot of steaks could end up walking out the back door. Alex isn’t enough of a cook, never mind chef to toss caution into the wind and expect everything would be fine.

          I would never set foot into an establishment he was in anyway a major participant.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            No question Alex comes off as an ass with questionable skills. Playing petty tyrant to the wait staff on top of everything else and the way he ran things would not bode well for any restaurant he worked in. I think I saw he’s an exec chef at a restaurant? Not exactly good advertising for him or the establishment.

    13. Lovebeth says:

      If Teresa’s Bk debt is discharged, there will be public uproar with all the latest evidence of spending pre and post BK filing.

      • RIerinFL says:

        Can you believe that she has followers? That there are people out there that believe her crap. It’s crazy.

        • Meg1964 says:

          You’re right.. Teresa has plenty of people that “want to be just like her”. Just go to her FB page. It’s sickening. Why would anybody want to be just like her? She’s a thief and a liar. She’s tacky and gaudy. Her voice is obnoxious. She thinks she’s better than everybody else (“I would never live in a house someone else has lived in”). I could go on and on with a list of reasons I DON’T want to be like Teresa. Oh.. and she’s $11million in debt! She’s married to a neanderthal, knuckle dragger that says the “F” word in front of his children, women and elders. Ugh.

      • dumberries says:

        I agree 100% Lovebeth. I think the trustee is smart and has been using the media strategically. Even if the Giudice Grifters are technically entitled to their bankruptcy request and within the law with some of their post-bankruptcy spending, the court of public opinion is definitely against them. It’s no accident that the auction announcement found its way into the rag mags and blog sites. They are rightfully being used as examples of egregious over-spending and manipulation of laws (and moral misconduct). No one but the Giudices themselves (and perhaps Bravo and cast) want to see these vermin walk away from this without repercussions.

    14. boston02127 says:

      Kelly Bensimon, I know you read this blog, maybe you can answer some questions for us. Thanks!

      What happen with your Navajo jewelry line. Did Kitson or Intermix pick it up? Do either stores carry your line now? Is there a name for your line?

      What happen with your owl jewelry collection? What were the results of the lawsuit with Celeste Greenburg? Do you own the rights to the owl jewelry? Do you still design owl jewelry?

      In terms of jewelry and clothing, do you have any formal design training?

      Systematic bullying—You came out with guns blazing about systematic bullying. You made minute long YouTube videos and spoke to anyone who would listen to you about systematic bullying for months. Did you ever put an anti bullying program together? Did you ever go to any schools and speak to kids about bullying?

      Exercise videos—-When you posted the YouTube videos about exercising were they doctor approved?

      Dieting—When you posted your “healthful” diets on YouTube, were they doctor approved?

      Speaking of YouTube, did you ever get a Kellyaide off the ground?

      Do you get paid to endorse anything?

      Who are your two closest girlfriends?

      Can you answer the above questions using ten words or less?
      Thanks Kelly & check in on Lynn’s blog tomorrow. I’ll have more questions.

      • anniieee says:

        Your words were too big… she won’t understand , i.e., doctor approved, endorse. She just won’t get it…just air between the ears..and she needs a fill-up. I have 75 cents for the machine at the gas station. Now we just have to watch her tweets. Her middle school mentality — (that means, Kelly, where you are mentally) will make her respond. She can’t help herself. It’s the nanny nanny boo boo response.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Kelly’s response: Zip it hater! lol

      • Lovebeth says:

        Boston you are a riot! lmao.

      • Ellabean says:

        Well done Boston.

        Yes Kelly – if you are putting yourself out there via tweets and your web site and interviews and stuff – then you’ve got to answer some questions, dear.

        I guess you are trying to brand yourself …..yet your brand is not clear.

      • Abby Someone says:

        What I love is that Kelly says “I took Pocahontas out of the kyaks and into the disco so she could have a little fun”. lol I kid you not. She goes on and on about her American Indian inspiration but what does she call the line?…wait for it…..KELLY.

        Her Puke-ahontas jewelry line is called Kelly, her lame-onade is called Kell-ade. Her underwear for charity has a picture of her on it. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

        Kiki also claims all of her ideas are original. She should call her line “Lying Sacajawea”.

    15. Squirrels says:

      Interesting stuff from the New Jersey Law Network re: Bankruptcy
      Note the following –

      #4, #5, #6, #9, and lucky #17


      • RIerinFL says:

        #17. What problems can arise after the petition is filed?

        Problems can arise if information on the petition is inaccurate or if material information is withheld. Submitting false information to the court or withholding material information can lead to dismissal of the petition, or even to criminal prosecution.

        Problems can also crop up if creditors or the trustee suspect fraud. This can occur where debtor living at poverty level runs up large debt on luxury goods or an expensive vacation shortly prior to filing for bankruptcy. Suspicion may also arise if the debtor transfers assets to relatives or friends in the days leading up to filing. A creditor suspecting fraud may commence an adversary proceeding, which can lead to full-blown and costly litigation. Prior to filing a petition, the debtor should make sure there are no signs of fraud that would likely trigger a denial of the petition or an adversary proceeding.

        I hope the trustee finds everything and does everything he can to these scum.

      • Kat says:

        From #4 A debtor contemplating bankruptcy should avoid purchasing luxury items worth more than $1000.00…
        The 60,000 in purchases for furniture may seem like luxury ependitures to me but how do you define luxury as it pertains to furniture and draperies?

        Ugh! I hope she goes to jail or the bankruptcy is not approved and they have to repay everything.

        • Lovebeth says:

          Kat, I do not want her or Joe to go to Jail, making them pay for everything is a better punishment. She will need to book many appearances and sell many books to pay it off. A’in’t that nice?

          • Kat says:

            But if they have lied about their income how could anyone get a proper amount from them in a judgement?

            • Lovebeth says:

              To do that, I think the state should hire forensic accountants to uncover hidden assets to pay off creditors. I think deposing their friends and families and force them to tell the truth would help as well. I do not think they are broke, they have money. They need to be grilled at a deposition not at a court or trial to save tax payers money and then take it from there.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        sounds like they did everything they shouldn’t have done and had a lawyer they didn’t listen to either! I hope he realizes he won’t be getting paid…..lol

    16. anniieee says:

      Hope everyone had a great day…off to play Trivia. Miss everyone and will catch up with all of you later. @Boston–hope you knew I was teasing 🙂

    17. Kat says:

      Thanks for the new blog Lynn. 8) Hi again, anniieee!
      I may need to get a twitter account so I can vote.

      So now Teresa will be on G. Lopez, after she twittered he could go scratch himself.
      She is classless. Demanding. Childish.

    18. WindyCityWondering says:

      Wondering if the Guidice’s are making their payments on the mcmansion. Seems I am reading more about it being foreclosed upon in internet articles….so is it the homestead property or an investment property (as Teresa has called it)? And if the other homes/houses have already gone back to the banks are they that stupid not to keep current on the mcmansion? IF Teresa spent her advance on accessories and drapes instead of what they would be going into, then Joe’s behavior makes alot more sense…..hope the new pictures, mirrors and drapes look good in the “suite” above the pizzeria T!

      • Squirrels says:

        The trustee has good cause and good reason to try to grab everything he can to sell it out from under that tag team. He gets a percentage. 😀

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          The trustee is lucky in this case – he is being handed evidence via a tv show and the internet! Part of proving their case is submitting six months of income/expenses….then once they filed they started spending large amounts of money that would exceed what they claimed as their annual (poverty level…) income! So maybe the trustee is getting what he can and then will turn around and not discharge the remainder of the debt.

    19. Squirrels says:

      MICKEY MOUTH…. IF YOU CAN HEAR ME…… you must, absolutely must do a movie poster of Brokeback Baglady!!!


    20. Squirrels says:

      Am watching rerun of TC. Why does that show always make me hungry?

    21. RIerinFL says:

      I found this in the notes section from the link above.

      3. Luxury goods and services do not include “those acquired for the support or maintenance of a debtor or a dependent of the debtor.” Nevertheless it is still a good idea to stop using a credit cards in the 60 days before filing the petition.

      I bet Teresa thought that whatever she wanted would be for her support and maintenance!

    22. Zoey says:

      I saw Kelly’s video about fall fashions, and I think she actually intended to convey that it’s this fall 2010 she’s talking about, but she thought that 2011 was when we next have a fall season. You can see how she stops and looks up to double check herself, then says yeah, 2011. Now that is ding bat material fo sho.

    23. Ellabean says:

      I have a Kelly question – for anybody that might recall this one:

      Didn’t she admit awhile back that she was supposed to go to South Africa and join Russell Simmons (they’re “friends”, you know) – for some event – but she missed the plane so she didnt go. Yep – she admitted to missing the plane so she just didn’t go.

      I somehow recall seeing her say this on camera (not in print) – in a talking head segment on the NY wives show?

      Aybody recall this and the details of it? Was she supposed to go for …..(drum roll) a CHARITY event ?

      • dumberries says:

        Ellabean, sounds like she missed the plane for the charity event, and then ended up at the Venetian in LV with Russel Simmons? Sure Kelly, we believe you missed your flight unintentionally…

        • Ellabean says:

          Thanks much for finding that db !

        • dumberries says:

          And, this is a direct quote from that article:

          “I really had wanted to see the country and all the turmoil that is happening over there; it’s so trendy in the news, but I was hoping to see it firsthand. Coincidentally, the minute I missed my plane, my BlackBerry started buzzing off the hook and next thing I knew, I was on my way to Vegas for a diamond convention at the Venetian hotel with Russell Simmons.”

          She finds turmoil to be “trendy” and is excited to see it firsthand. WTF? In the first paragraph, she name drops Angelina and Bradd Pitt, then moves on to Russell Simmons, and ends it with Nigel Barker. Totally unbelievable level of shallowness.

          • Ellabean says:

            I just read the whole thing again too. Mindboggling.

            Shallow – oh my gawd. No truer words.

            Somebody – anybody – you gotta Tweet Kelly and ask her if she still thinks turmoil in South Africa is “still trendy”. Becuase she is the expert on trends.

            While your are it, also ask her to : Define empathy.

            • Ellabean says:

              One last word on this for me (for now – tee hee):

              ….not so hard to believe that KuKuloco- late- for- everything – because she is a large child ….
              …..also missed her flight.

              • dumberries says:

                Ellabean, you are a much nicer person than I! I don’t believe, for one second, that Kelly would really go to South Africa and work for others in the trenches. She never intended to go, imo. Instead, she claims to have missed her plane and winds up in Vegas marveling blood diamonds, one of the country’s biggest sources of turmoil. She is truly off-the-charts ignorant.

            • Quincy IL says:

              Diamond convention in the Venetian also…

              I think Diamond mining is a problem in Africa. People are forced into the mines as slaves and some are murdered in the process. There was a movie…Blood Diamond? Yes, I googled


              Officials take diamonds as pay for arming rebels who slaughter the opposing tribal members. Mandela is involved in South Africa, but I have read about it happening in Nigeria and Uganda.

              When you think about Africa, you have to remember that there is no law and really no governments to protect you. I don’t think I want to go their and see the trendy (Kellyism) stuff.

          • MichellefromNY says:

            What’s unbelievable is that page six in the new york post actually gave this moron a column. All her posts are about herself and her amazing life where she gives us sage advice while telling us lowlives the amazing people she knows.

            Honestly, I think her whole rainbows and butterflies thing is to distract from the fact that she is a fraud. She has no sense of fashion as you can see from the stuff she “recommends” in her youtube videos. A belt that looks like a fanny pack? Ummm, sooo NOT a DO. If you ever look at her books on fashion, you can see that she merely repeats what actual fashionistas and culturally savvy people have already said on the matter. She, unlike other fashion commentators, does not appreciate the depth and beauty of the fashion industry. Even Tavi, the 13 year old wunderkind blogger has more to say of substance when it comes to fashion than 40 year old kelly “rainbows and butterflies” Killoren.

            I remember her commenting in an interview on one of her so-called “books” on fashion(they’re more like magazines with pictures and captions) and she said something like her book was one of the most influential and comprehensive books on fashion. Umm, really kelly?!?

            I also don’t understand how she has any money or that she is an actual socialite. Please someone help me understand?? I know she married a famous photographer, but that doesn’t mean he was wealthy enough to get her two homes– one in the city and in the hamptons. And her dubious steps into “branding” herself doesn’t seem like she’s making any significant cash to pay for her couture. Just saying.

            So kelly is a fraud, plain and simple and she uses “real housewives” to allow herself to still be called a “socialite”. She doesn’t even come from money she married into it and once she divorced she lost her status as a true socialite so I think she joined real housewives to gain her socialite status back instead of being a washed up ex-wife of Gilles.

        • Squirrels says:

          I suspect we can now just refer to her as “The Fraud.” This stunt makes me physically ill. I’m going to tweet it to her, and everyone else on my list.

          • anniieee says:

            She makes me physically sick. Her stupidity is beyond belief. She is shallow to the point of —-I can’t even come up with the words. I wonder if she thinks female mutilation in Africa is “trendy.” I hate her more than Jill Zarin. At least Jill has HALF a brain.

            • MichellefromNY says:

              Kelly is definitely evil. She wants us all to think she’s just nice and sweet and all about love, peace, happiness and rainbows. But she’s hiding her dark side that she doesn’t give a sh*** about anyone or anything, she’s completely self-absorbed, tottally full of herself, and a total beeyotch.

              And I don’t think she’s really unintelligent, she totally uses her “ignorance” to do whatever the hell she wants just like a little child.

              She’s worse than Jill and possibly even Teresa. She’s just pure evil.

    24. error404 says:

      Rachel Zoe episode was classic! A stupid model decided to spend a ton of money to have a stupid fashion show, ne: two stupid competing fashion shows!, with some stupid celebrities, to raise a few bucks for Haiti. Give me a @#$*ing break! RZ is not the only one on the planet that needs to get a grip, the entire industry is full of twits. *cough* Kiki Bensimon *cough*

      The best part is not watching RZ act as if the wrong shoe will implode the planet and kill us all, but it’s them acting like bad weather is a catastrophy and people like Naomi Campbell getting on the phone and pulling strings so that some poxy fashion show can happen. Why didn’t they just call up The Brownstone? I’m sure Danille and Ramona would have walked int he show. LOL

      • Ellabean says:

        nice to read your post error!

        So…that is what the Rachel Z with Naomi C promos were about (didnt see the episode). Give me a break. Like that Naomi Campbell is the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of kind and decent celebs doing charitible work. Not.

      • dumberries says:

        Aww, Ramona on the catwalk… That scene and Turtle Time were classics. There are no hysterically innocent moments like that on RHNJ. I don’t watch RZ, but sounds like she could use a lesson on how to loosen up from Ramona – who never lets her fashion business interfere with party times…

        • NormaJean says:

          Isn’t it interesting that Kiki wasn’t in the show that her “good friend” Rachel styled?

          • MichellefromNY says:

            It’s because she’s a FRAUD. I bet Rachel barely knows who Kelly is and it’s probably because they both work for Bravo, NOT because she’s a socialite.

    25. Wall St Lady says:

      Who is George Lopez?

      The Trustee gets a percent of what he recovers.

      Someone mentioned Lu ann & I have a brief story. Remember 1st season she goes to a homeless charity & helps a gal prepare for a job interview. 1st u see her w/ the founder Henry B. Well I almost died when I saw this on TV cuz I helped found the charity. Mater of fact I met my husband at our 1st gala which I co chaired w/Henry B. I called immediately & asked Henry when did Lu ann get involved & Henry said she just called up & said she needed to show some charity work & could he help. The rest is history. So I asked about her & he said he met her around SH & she was an American Indian ,tall. gal from a really big family but of very modest means. Last he said her husband had. A fake title that everyone snickers about & was older,married many times & never around. She did come to our Spring Gala. At the very last minute we didn’t go. But she has never volunteered again. I will find out if she paid for her ticket. I would bet she did. BTW We only have a party every other year. The off years we ask for a donation on the savings incurred by not having a party ! Its a cool idea & w/ little effort we raise a happy amount w/o having to deduct for food,band ,cocktails etc so 100% goes to the charity ! Henry B is an amazing man & has completely changed So Ho’s homeless past problems.

      • boston02127 says:

        @Wall St Lady—It’s nice to see you back. It doesn’t surprise me that LuMan never volunteered again. She just need to “look” good for TV.

      • Ellabean says:

        Absolutely dee-lish Wal Street Lady. Thanks for sharing this very inside tidbit. Love it. Best wishes to that charity. Good on you for your fine work.

      • jezzibel says:


      • Squirrels says:

        WSL –

        You never cease to surprise me! Hi to WSM! 😀

      • RIerinFL says:

        Every other year and 100% goes to the charity is a great idea!

      • dumberries says:

        WSL, George Lopez is a stand up comedian who had a sitcom for about 5 years. Now, he hosts a late night talk show on TBS.

        Thanks for sharing the Luann story! Sounds like Lulu. I bet she bought the ticket too. Don’t think she’d stiff anyone, but could definitely see her volunteering time for the sake of the camera only…

      • Quincy IL says:

        It’s wonderful that you helped the women try to make better lives. I think helping them get jobs is the key to making them whole Human beings.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        George Lopez is a comedian who has a nightly talk show on TBS at 11pm/10 central

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        WSL-I’m so glad you are back!

        You have turned out to be a wealth of juicy little nuggets of gossip! Thank you for sharing with us.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Thanks for another look behind the curtain of the reality behind “reality” shows.

        At least one hopes the publicity of having the charity featured on the show helped promote interest in it and more assistance to it.

    26. boston02127 says:

      @cusi–After you check off 5 stars for the blog keep scrolling down a little and keep looking to the left side of the blog. You’ll see the blue highlighted box with Lynn’s picture in it, keep scrolling. You’ll see a tiny yellow highlighted box with a star that says “you like this”. Check that tiny yellow box.

    27. Squirrels says:

      Killoren tweet – Taking kidlets and chief for a bike ride. Have a great night

      Doesn’t she have like two like other like dogs? Did she abandon them like all her other projects?

    28. boston02127 says:

      Ashley’s tweet—i had to take my lip ring out… it got infected or something… idk my lip just wasn’t having it

      Ashley, I’m sending you my condolences in your language.–ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    29. boston02127 says:

      Albie Manzo’s tweets—-
      Tomorrow we will be part of a panel during a relationship segment of the Today show called Guys Tell All. Girls will be submitting their questions live so it looks like a lot of fun. Pretty nervous but excited too, check it out! 10:20 tomorrow morning!

      Chris and I will be live tomorrow at 10:20 and 10:30. Very excitedddddd

      Kat2—I just leave this here for you. You snark on him so good!

    30. Sha2000 says:

      In other news…….

      The last combat troops just pulled out of Iraq! Whoo Hoo!!!!!

      Thank you Pres. O!

      • dumberries says:

        Huge news – awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Abby Someone says:

        It is a very positive step in the right direction. I read: 56000 will remain for now but only 50,000 are set to stay past August 31, when the United States declares an end to combat operations and switches to a training and advisory mission.

        • Meg1964 says:

          Now THIS is news! I’m sitting here with chills and tears in my eyes. I’m a very proud Navy mom.. and I want to see all of our troops home with their families.

    31. RIerinFL says:

      I just looked up James Kridel, Joe and Teresa’s attorney. I looked at his web site and he lists 28 areas of practice! Isn’t that alot? If I was $11 million in debt, I would want to hire an attorney with one area of practice……bankruptcies.

      • dumberries says:

        With all the illegal activity they engage in, a one-stop-shop is probably most convenient for them!

        • RIerinFL says:

          Your right! It’s easier but is it smarter? I know smart and T/J don’t mix! Hopefully this way works better for the rest of us! We can only hope.
          Wait a minute. Do you think that they may have thought some stuff would of come up and had their criminal lawyer represent them with the bankrutpcy for that reason?

        • RIerinFL says:

          Your right! It is easier but is it smarter? Yeah right…Smart and Joe/T do not go together!
          Wait a minute. Do you think that they knew some stuff would come up so they had their criminal attorney represent them at the bankruptcy?

        • Quincy IL says:

          I burst out laughing at your post.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          I’m sure you meant to say “allegedly” but left it out in your excitement to post. ;

          (h/t to Kathy Griffin.) 🙂

      • RIerinFL says:

        I meant if I couldn’t pay and would file for bankruptcy and well forget it because I wouldn’t be in their predicament. So how about…If I were Teresa and Joe, I would have an attorney that practices only bankruptcies. Whew.

        • dumberries says:

          Sounds like you might be on to something. They may have been advised that some other accusations (like forgery, hiding assets..) could arise during the process of their bankruptcy process. Maybe they wanted a lawyer who has experience in criminal defense as well. Or, maybe they went to high school together and we’re giving these morons way too much credit! Lol…

    32. Wall St Lady says:

      Squirrels Ditto
      Thanks to all for support & prayers. WSM just dropped by & was truly touched & surprised & amazed that he was just mentioned. He is fascinated by our world (that I am new in but grateful to b included in !)
      I needed an extra “push”
      & my Lynn family got me through ! Thanks incredible ones !

    33. Shelli (Lotusflowah) says:

      I have another angle from the Danielle/Bravo flap. Consider that Danielle is threatening to sue to other Housewives. Although contractually she cannot during this season, I doubt there is a contingency clause enjoining her from doing so after the expiration of her contract.

      So, I’m Danielle and I tell Bravo that they secure me RIGHT NOW for Season 3 (probably with a pay increase) or else I will walk and with my walking papers comes the chance of litigation against the HWs and possibly Bravo (for lack of security). I will then make a media stink of it all and still be the focus of Season 3, even if not on the show. [I take this from her statement “I’ll stil be the girl you love to hate”.] The mindset being that I can probably find some shlupp who will give me a reality show for $$.

      Now, I haven’t seen the contract but from what’s on the web, Bravo would have a pretty air tight release built in and they call her bluff and tell her she’s off the show and they’ll take their chances in the courtroom. This could be the reason Bravo is breaking from normal protocol and dumping her now and frankly she’s batshyt crazy enough to want to have these convos now…..RIGHT NOW… impulsive asshat that she is.

      • RIerinFL says:

        Do you think that they will release unseen footage for this? If so, then I say go girl sue away!

        • Shelli (Lotusflowah) says:

          I think if they released it in Pay-Per-View they’d make serious bank.

          I have to say though, when I watched the “Prostitution Whore Redux” episode, I was surprised to find Danielle genuinely scared. Immediately I thought that her PTSD (or whatever defect she has) was triggered from the perceived verbal assault and being “chased”. She looked genuinely terrified standing outside of the country club with Kim G.

          IMO, I don’t think it would take much for a psychologist to testify that she was traumatized by the incident…even if they only testified in a deposition, it would be enough to force Bravo to settle for a large sum.

          • RIerinFL says:

            I don’t like that they (meaning everyone but D) should feel like they won because D’s off the show now. T started the fight and Assley pulled her hair out. Yet they get invited back. D never physically harmed them. Hell, all we’ve SEEN is she has an awful past. It is just through Dina that we hear of stuff she may have done off camera.
            I would like to see more of what was supposed to have been done.
            I would also like them to show more T shopping for the trustee!

          • KirksvilleMo says:

            Thank you for pointing that out about PTSD.Most people think Danielle was just being dramatic but I can testify from personal experience that when you have PTSD and are in certain situations the trauma and pain and fear from all your past comes front and center so you experience it all at once.

            • Squirrels says:

              Bingo. I know it well.

              • Shelli (Lotusflowah) says:

                I know what you guys mean. I read a couple of blogs mocking her dramatic behavior, yet when I watched it she looked truly terrified, as if she was triggered from her past. You can’t fake that.

                At that moment, hell opened, pigs flew out (with Assley not far behind) and I actualy saw Danielle in a different light. I saw her being traumatized earlier in light and believed that she was. Also saw JacLaurita and Teresa as really behaving like entitled assholes. Ungrateful at that.

                • Shelli (Lotusflowah) says:

                  I meant to say “traumatized earlier in life” … Maybe a freudian typo of love and light? Ugh, if so I need therapy.

      • dumberries says:

        I was thinking along the same lines. Danielle has a case and was using that as leverage for more money or a spin-off. Bravo (or Sirens Media) doesn’t want to set a precedent, so they make a point by calling her bluff and securing the others for next season before they offer Danielle a spot. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. I swear, with RHNJ, the show is a bore, but the real drama behind the scenes is quite fascinating!

    34. Adgirl says:

      Rachel Zoe is incredibly boring … name dropping and stupid suggestions (wear chucky jewelry!).

      Kind of like the embodiment of Kelly’s twitters.

      • Quincy IL says:

        She dresses like the 1980’s.

        The designer clothes looks great on models, but awful and cheap on the racks at the Haiti event. Is it the lighting?

    35. boston02127 says:

      Squirrels—I continue to love your story. Parts of chapter three made me laugh. I didn’t read it earlier because I’m always rushing and wanted to take my time reading it. Can’t wait for 4. Thank you for sharing.

    36. Capiche says:

      Lynn, Thank you for addressing the Top Chef issue again. I actually got a comment posted on Bravo’s blog last weekend that took Tom C to task for that insulting blog and it was up for about two days before it disappeared into thin air. Hmmm. And then a bunch of “tell it like it is, Tom” posts came in its place. You’re absolutely right Top Chef is losing it’s credibility. I can deal with a season of subpar contestants. And honestly, because last season was so great everything pales in comparison. But is it because the contestants are lacking or are the challenges lacking? I don’t know.

      In the future, Top Chef may need to make the rules of the challenge clearer to the viewers. This is the third time this season where I was left wondering what the hell happened at the end of the episode. And what the red team did seemed like cheating to me. This is a cooking show and Alex didn’t cook. Period.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Look at the comment by Wietog, spot on.

      • dumberries says:

        Thanks for the link Sha2000! Check out the sixth comment. The commenter speculates on the HW formula and attaches names from each of the HW shows. Funny..

      • TLM says:

        She is cuckoobird, but then we all knew that already.

        Not watching Top Chef. All I know is there’s some scandal about a “pea puree,” and that nothing sounds less appetizing to me than pea puree anyway. In England they have “mushy peas”, and I was never tempted to eat anything so described anyway. I ran into the show today and was delighted they finally did something vegan, but the judges’ comments show how dense they are about vegan food generally. They gushed about what one chef did and then one said, “God knows what vegans get to eat.” Huh?? Didn’t you just see an example of what they eat? I wanted to smack that woman.

        Back to RHONJ. If you want to see the Ugly American, watch the footage of Duhresa and Juicy Joe in Italy. Truly embarrassing. Dumping their kids on other people, Teresa packing so much crap and wearing heels to walk up cobblestones. I was waiting to hear her again announce how normally, the only exercise she gets is sex; thank God we didn’t hear that. Jacqueline was runner-up idiot, getting so drunk she was in bed with a hangover next to her young son. Great example to your kid. I felt bad for Caroline and Albert, and I’m sure they wish they had traveled separately. I only watched these Italy episodes to basically ignore Teresa & Co. and see what I could of Italy.

    37. Lovebeth says:

      I love the lists by wietog lol. Yes our Bethenny is the winner!

    38. Amber...Real Wife says:

      After all that we’ve seen this season, can anyone really believe that Joe kept Teresa in the dark re: their finances?

      Absolutely not! She allows Joe to wear the pants in that family. She literally rides JuicyJoe to get everything she wants. She will not listen to reason. She keeps shopping and spending, without a care. Consequences be damned. She makes him apologize to his misbehaving kids, furthering their bad behaviour. She is now usurping his authority, as breadwinner, claiming she’ll make lots of money, to fix the Italian property. Likewise, she believes that she can freely continue to spend because her minions are purchasing the ghost written cookbook and her $25 monkey hair accesories that can be purchased at your local dollar store. What a racket! What a pair! Theresa is the destitution whore and Joe is the pimp in a thimble.

      No thanks to any wares these two are selling. I’ll keep cooking fat italian meals, order pizza and get my fab tees and accessories elsewhere.

    39. Every Tuesday, I beat myself up for watching RZ. What a pretentious, vapid, uneducated moron! I think I watch it because I just can’t believe how awful she is & how could she possibly top the awfulness of the week before! She can’t even comb her hair!!

      Ok, everyone who watched, raise your hand if you think Rachel even KNEW Haiti existed, much less where it is (jury’s still out on this one), before this event. All that gushing about how much she LOVES LOVES LOVES OMG I COULD DIE LOVES Haitians & has *ALWAYS* said she can pick them out of a crowd because they are the nicest people ever. OMG, I could die (just ask Roger, who conveniently isn’t here; he’ll back me up.) My bullshit-ometer hit nuclear at this point.

      But still, can’t believe I watch this crap. It’s not even fun to chisme about, but like a train wreck, I just have to.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Rachel is vapid, but she does seem to know a lot about fashion history. Her company seems to be surviving in the fashion world where many people are going under.

      • Ellabean says:

        “My bullshit-ometer hit nuclear at this point.”

        I do love this line, FreeG. Kelly makes me feel this way and I am so lacking for new ways to describe those feelings !

    40. Quincy IL says:

      When Jeanna Keough left OC, she told the press that there was interest in a new reality show based on her family. Apparently, the original producer was Jeanna’s neighbor and he was fascinated by the people that would come and go from her home. I think she felt OC was her reality show and she didnt’ like it when Bravo was firing her friends and bringing younger women into the mix.

      Lynn Curtin also said there were new offers in the reality realm for her family.

      I think Danielle can shop her stage mom reality show all over the planet and it isn’t going to fly. Is there anyone who wants to watch her push her kids and then sit back and tell us that she is the best mom in the world? I think this is the end of the Danielle Staub show. She must be crushed. The women who are not asked back to Bravo disappear from the limelight. I don’t think Danielle will be asked back for the final dinner of the year at the Brownstone either.

      • Adgirl says:

        The local newspaper OC Register ran an article at the time quoting Kara saying Bravo hadn’t offered Jeanna the new season even though it had already begun filming. I had the impression it that Jeanna wanted to continue on RHOC. They showed her on a few epis for her farwell (I don’t anymore drama).
        I think she would love to be back on the show.

        • Ellabean says:

          I so agree. She needed the money bad as we all saw – she was the first one to admit a hit from the real estate market down turn plus her own poor judgement in spending. She def misses the HouseWife money.

    41. klmh says:

      Up thread there was a discussion of conflict or “blood diamonds”. Thought some might be interested in the countries involved in this practice. This is quite interesting and sad…

    42. Sha2000 says:

      Oooh! Heres one for you Lynn:

      “Housewives” Starlet Jill Zarin May Not Return for Next Season”


    43. TrueLifeDiva says:

      Am watching Nancy Grace right now. She has a lawyer on her panel with the last name Guidice. And guess what? He doesn’t “americanize” it. The whole panel is pronouncing it Jew-de-chey. That’s always bothered me about Teresa and her so-called Italian pride. Jew-dice bleh!

      • dumberries says:

        Raymond Giudice is on NG’s panel a lot. He pronounces his name just as you described! OT: I sure hope they find out what happened to Haleigh Cummings. Wish she was stashed somewhere, but doubtful. Poor kid – have watched the story since day one, along with the subsequent family circus. The Croslin and Cummings clans make the Giudices look like the pillars of society. Ughh…

        • RIerinFL says:

          Sometimes we get a peek at what a sick world it is. Last night on the news they spoke of a young mother who suffocated her two toddlers and then staged a car accident to have it appear to be a drowning.

        • anniieee says:

          I am in Jaxville Fla… not too far from this sad story. They are the backwoods scum that give people a bad name. Crystal meth, oxy, married at 14…can you hummmmm Deliverence. Pray for that little girl.

    44. boston02127 says:

      Kelly’s tweet— my interests are: different cultures, languages, the arts, athletics, and rearing kidlets. Urs?

      *This tweet is just too easy to make fun of.

    45. Kat says:

      From link: There was a surprise appearance of her “Real Housewives” nemesis, Kim “G” Grantell, before Staub arrived at Scores. Grantell was escorted from the premises before Staub walked the red carpet.

      “She [Grantell] just really needs attention and that’s why she showed up here,” Staubs said. “She was nobody when I met her, she’s nobody tonight, and she will never be anybody.”

    46. Jen says:

      If they all ( the RHONJ) hate the Mafia thing so much that they refuse to go on Lopez and cry at reunions ( Caroline) then why do they allow themselves to be on the show that has scenes like next week which are set up to portray them as Mafia? Can’t wait till this season ends- hope Teresa goes away or to jail or jumps in a lake

      • boston02127 says:

        I hope they all jump in a lake.

      • I think they LOVE being called part of the Mafia. But they pretend to be insulted by it because that’s what the Mafia wives in the movies do. They like to channel Carmela Soprano and act all offended. Then people get talking and start asking questions like “Why are they SO offended if they have nothing to hide?” and they just love it. No real Mafia wife would be on RHONJ.

    47. klmh says:

      There are some interesting photos of some of the housewives on this site. Jill and Caroline look fabulous, imo. You will need to scroll a bit to see Jills picture…


    48. boston02127 says:

      Teresa’s tweets—George Lopez is so cool, he changed the skit b/c it upset me. So now I’m going. No hard feelings George…

      The @georgelopez show was great! What an awesome guy. We’re on TONIGHT! “Lopez Tonight” 11/10c on TBS. Watch!! http://www.twitpic.com/2g086o

    49. Jen says:

      Also B on Life and Style cover! But hate how article claims ‘eat everything taste nothing’ is her NEW motto…. It’s not new, she been saying forever it’s in her books…. JZ learned it from her

    50. boston02127 says:

      I’ve never seen Kelly tweet so much about her kids. It must be her week in 2010 to have custody of them. I bet if her phone rang and someone asked her to appear somewhere she’d be running out the door.

      • Squirrels says:

        I have decided she is no longer worth the effort to antagonize. She hasn’t worn me out, it’s just bad joss to engage her. I’m taking the Bethenny high road here. Killoren (and that’s all she is, a Killoren) will end up a who? has-been, eventually, something I have no power to create or even help along.

        Feet don’t fail me now.

        • Kat says:

          What does, ” bad joss” mean?
          I’m a bit slow. Thanks.

        • klmh says:

          Im not sure what bad joss means, but I agree with you. When someone has a deficiency especially a mental one, why exploit it in cruel criticism. Why stir the pot? Let her destroy herself. She’s doing a fine job so far…

          • boston02127 says:

            I don’t think Kelly has any type of mental problems. I think she’s a drunk that can hold her own.

            • anniieee says:

              “stupid is as stupid does’..an she lost her box of chocolates to Bethenny.

              Oh god, the gma of Haleigh Cummings is on NG. Please put your teeth in!

            • klmh says:

              Well, to each their own, but I’ve been around hundreds of drunks in my lifetime and she doesn’t come close to fitting the bill of an alcoholic. She is not stupid, but has terrible cognitive and behavioral responses in all aspects and at all times in her life.
              I seem remember there was one person who reported on this site they knew her in her youth and she was weird even then.
              I have no idea if hormones or meds have helped to exacerbate her problems. Maybe so…

              • klmh says:

                Oops, his not their.

              • ShyAsrai says:

                sometimes people are just plain, old, garden-variety dumbasses, yannow?

              • Ellabean says:

                Agreed. I do not think alcohol is her problem. Not saying there have been times where she drank to manage anxiety caused be much bigger mental & behavior problems. But alcohol is not at the core.
                I still think there are learning deficiencies and narcissistic disorders – never diagnosed.

            • JazzNightOut says:

              Absolutely agree!!

    51. boston02127 says:

      Squirrels did you watch BB tonight?

    52. boston02127 says:

      So far this week Ashley has gotten her lip pierced. Has an appointment for a tattoo on the 25th, signed up for boxing and changed her tweeter background picture to skulls. She keeps improving by the minute.

    53. Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Great blog as usual Lynn.

      My biggest problem with the Bravo blogs is that they pick and choose which comments they want on there and then take down comments that is not kissing someone’s ass. Either put all the comments (no swearing, etc. of course) or don’t let anyone post.

      • boston02127 says:

        @ Scorpiosue1102–I agree and that’s the reason I don’t read the Bravo blogs anymore. I remember when OC housewives first started blogging. At the time you could post anything. I read it was Vicky of the OC who complained about all the negative posts. After that Bravo cleaned it up.

    54. Buffywood says:

      Interesting that I just saw that Caroline and Teresa are going to be on George Lopez. Did T mention Caroline? I bet it wasn’t T that had an issue with the Mafia skit, it was Caroline… yet again total bullshit from T.

    55. cusi77 says:

      Is there some news about when they are airing Teresa G. with Dr. Phil? If my memory serves me well, I remember when Anna Nicole Smith’s “Half sister” who wrote a book about Anna Nicole, was invited to talk about with Dr. Phil… That poor woman was in tears b/c she never thought she was going to be called out that way.

      I am not a big fan of Dr. Phil BUT I know he will let Teresa know what he really thinks!

      If she thought in The View they were though… wait to see one hour with Dr. Phil!

    56. Upper WestSide Dude says:

      Oh Jesus… Countess Lumann is on the local Fox news here in NYC discussing the etiquette of breast feeding in public.

    57. boston02127 says:

      Cusi—I left you an answer about how to comment on liking this blog. It’s about half why down the blog. 🙂

    58. Olivia says:

      I just went to the Jezebel link that is showing outtakes of Danielle and suggesting these are perhaps some of the reasons for her “firing”.

      Don’t get me wrong, Danielle is seriously disturbed. A normal person just does not behave that way, or put their young daughters in the position she has exposed them to by her behavior.

      But Jezebel could as easily extrapolate scenes of Teresa that are equally as troubling as reasons to fire her @ss as well. She is shown essentially telling the rest of us to “kiss her butt” with her spending habits and her verbiage, matched against Danielle’s, is equally disgusting.

      They each lie with the ease of “pros” and have managed to insult the sensibilities of the viewers by claiming to be something they are not. Teresa has been shown more than once actively engaged in violent behavior that could have caused harm to some hapless person who managed to get in her way.

      If we were to assess this entire “cast” they are a group of liars attempting to pull the wool over the eyes on the rest of us. From Devout Dina to Trashy Ashley, not one of them can be counted on to tell the truth. Just for the sheer disregard they have for the audience at large, the entire cast should be fired en masse. For Bravo to continue to support and showcase this audacious assemblage of carnival barkers is a crime. We have sat through 15 weeks of drunkeness, fornication, forgery, nudity, and fraud and Bravo should be ashamed.

      • Kat says:

        They laugh at us, all the way to the bank.

      • Jen says:

        The rumor on some blogs is Caroline/Teresa/Jacqueline band together and refused to return if Danielle stayed so Bravo decided easier to recast 1 then 3.

        • Olivia says:

          Danielle’s own actions did not help her either. But Teresa is equally as offensive for other reasons that are unlawful so it is puzzling why they would only get rid of one grifter and allow another to remain. They have just “rewarded” the same behavior.

          Bravo should read the various blogs out there who snarkily review these shows as they show about 90% of those commenting hating Teresa as well.

          • Kat says:

            I still think the reports of her being fired are premature. Until Bravo or Danielle makes a statement it is just a rumor to me.

            • Quincy IL says:

              Maybe, but Danielle is probaby vicious behind the scenes. Can you imagine how her film crew must walk on pins and needles?

    59. Kat says:

      Squirrels that happened again. You may want to check it.

    60. Ilovejillzarinthemostest says:

      After reading all this stuff.. especially watching DC and Jersey..I still love jill zarin the most. I was hating her for a while..but i miss her and the show wouldn’t be the same without her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she told them to kiss her ASS. It is so obvious now why she looks SO BAD. Lynn…I think you really love Jill and want her to call you. Hate and Love are so close. I think you really loved her and she did something that hit a nerve. Maybe call her and talk to her.

    61. Squirrels says:

      Please send Amanda home. She constantly tries to apologize for her dishes.

      Please send Alex home. He has poor chef skills and always excuses his poor workmanship with I was trying to do something different.

    62. Laura aka Just done says:

      Hi all…I am just trying to catch up with everyone’s comments, my brother was here today so I had to entertain.

      I need a favor. Please be thinking about me tomorrow at 1:30 ET…job interview. I really need to do well. Not even sure if it’s the job for me, but I need to do well for my own self-esteem. Wish me luck! 🙂

      BTW, has anyone told you lately that you guys are the best!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Kat says:

        Best of luck to you Laura! 8)

      • boston02127 says:

        Laura–1:30 I’ll be sending you lucky radar. Good luck.

      • Squirrels says:


        Your ability to speak clearly and soundly on this site gives me all the confidence in the world you will succeed. We be cannibals, but we be friendly cannibals. You fit in perfectly with a team mentality. GO GIRL GO!

      • icantstandthetoxicity says:

        Good luck Laura!

      • cusi77 says:

        I will be think of you. Best of lucks girl!

      • Lovebeth says:

        good luck Laura xo

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        Good Luck…I just went through this myself and I finally landed a job on Monday. Just remeber to listen and not interrupt the interviewer….you are a team player as well as comfortable working alone….you are looking for a place to make a career for years to come…..dont fidget……and the most important thing…ASK QUESTIONS. At the end of the interview when the interviewer says “do you have any questions” think of a good question or two, it shows that you are interested in the position and the company. Oh, and why do you want to work here? Because I have the skills that would benefit the company such as….blah blah blah.

        • Squirrels says:

          Congrats Bambi! Well done. Enjoy your experience.

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          Thanks everyone! I’m nervous but I’ve been told I interview well. I guess we’ll see. I don’t know if I even want this job (pay might be too low) but it’s worth it for the interview practice. I hate the pins and needles though.

          Bambi – congrats! So happy for you.

          I’ll keep you all posted! Thanks again! (((((HUGS)))))

          • Ellabean says:

            All the best Laura. Squirrels said it well. You write very articulately here (so unlike me). You will intveriew fine.
            Central Jersey beaming good vibes up to you !

            Very wise tips, bambi.

      • felony stupid says:


    63. dumberries says:

      Go get ’em Laura!!!

    64. Jen says:


      holy crap what is Krazy Kelly wearing? Who would trust this woman’s fashion sense? And Jills dress makes her look dumpy

    65. Squirrels says:

      I won’t be a spoiler, the human under the zing bot? hmmmmm.

    66. Lovebeth says:

      saw saw Teresa and Caroline on George Lopex, it was like a min or two that I missed it while watching dishes. It was a quiz on NJ geez, she wore the same outfit she wore to dinner with the Spin crew

    67. cusi77 says:

      The Dr. Phil Show was so great. Really interesting discussion. He is a doll. Airs in a few weeks. ~ http://www.twitpic.com/2g071c
      about 4 hours ago via web

      Check Teresa’s boobs in this pic. With Caroline and Dr. Phil!

    68. Lovebeth says:

      Jill’s tweet 3 hrs ago, I think she is trying to send Bravo a message since NYC usually films around that time.

      Going to London for Labor Day. Does RHNY air there? Should I do a book signing? Any suggestions? Please email me at jill@jillzarin.com?
      about 3 hours ago via web

    69. BambiBaby22 says:

      I just saw Teresa on George Lopez (I had to sit through his NOT funny monologue) and Teresa screwed up her line! She fumbled her words about Thomas Edison. Caroline did great…..but no Academy Award for Mrs. Juicy.

    70. Wall St Lady says:

      Laura I hope they deserve you. Hang in there till u find someone who does deserve u.
      I will b thinking about U & know if u perform half as well as u did at the book caper U will knock their socks off !

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        Thanks WSL…glad you are doing better. WSM is a real treasure…I have one of him myself and I am blessed also. I’ll keep u posted. Thanks again!

    71. Squirrels says:

      I just watched the George Lopez monologue about New Jersey banning the word retarded. I just found the new intro to my book.

    72. vilzvet says:

      I just finished rewatching the latest Jersey episode. OMG too funny, but you all have to check out the restaurant scene again when Teresa the Sausage was doing her toast and Joe was holding the baby…did anyone notice that the poor baby’s wretched headpiece fell off her head and was completely in her face?! She was so distressed, I did feel bad. The baby was pulling at the headpiece (can’t even call it a simple headband) and it was poking her in the eye. Teresa the oblivious mother didn’t even notice, Joe only noticed when the baby started wimpering. Teresa, here’s a clue: When the headthing is BIGGER THAN YOUR BABY’S HEAD, you are now in a weird area.

    73. Squirrels says:

      I most likely won’t publish this in this format, but had to get it out.

      George Lopez’ monologue. NJ Bans the word retarded.




      It is now August of the year 2010 and the state of New Jersey has banned the word “retarded” from their official vernacular. The comedian George Lopez had a small field day with this news. I’m here to tell you those who denigrate mentally retarded people are all “stupid” and here is why.

      Retard is a direct derivative of the French word, which means åslow. It’s really quite simple and not one I would argue with. My son is mentally retarded. He is indeed “slow.” He does not learn as fast as mainstream children. We accept that, but he learns. We deal with that. What my son is not is stupid, and that is what the word has come to denote. He is not without a working brain, or the capacity to feel, or love, or live life to it’s fullest.

      We all know stupid people. They have IQ’s higher than 70. They function within society and get away with a lot. People of so called normal intelligence are called stupid every day. To place any person with mental retardation in that same boat is a complete and utter insult. My child born with Down syndrome didn’t ask for this existence. He also didn’t blame anyone for it. He is the most caring, fun loving, altruistic person I know on this planet.

      Yes, my son is “retarded.” He is a slow learner and has limitations as to what he will learn, but I assure you, he is far from stupid.

      All I ask is people who bandy the word about get it right.

      And that is all I have to say about that.

      • Squirrels says:

        Ok, maybe the epilogue.

        • dumberries says:

          Very well put!

          Banning words is just ridiculous, imo. George Carlin would be rolling over in his grave. Instead, we should strive to educate (like you’re doing Squirrels) and encourage greater sensitivity.

          • Squirrels says:

            To be honest, sensitivity has never been my goal, only to use the word correctly. I have no problem with anyone who calls my son retarded. He is, but in the truest sense. This word has taken a life of its own and casts a shadow on all those who are mentally retarded through no fault of their own. It has become a joke, a way to insult anyone who doesn’t fit one’s way of thinking, and it simply isn’t fair.

            Think about it. When someone calls you, your sibling, your best friend a “retard,” children like mine pay the price. It races through the schools, but to be honest, my biggest battle has been with adults. I cannot count the times so called grown ups have used the word inappropriately (in that they really didn’t meant retarded, but stupid) in front of their own children, further perpetrating the ruse. Guess who pays? The retarded kid who by no fault of his own gets labeled. It’s not the kids who make “fun” of retarded kids that infuriates me. It’s their parents who have never dealt with the consequences of all that follows and blow it off as, “so what.”

            • dumberries says:

              I totally agree Squirrels.
              Personally, I find those adults that throw the word retarded around as an insult are insensitive and, in some cases, uneducated. Their children then follow suit. Whatever the reason for it, it has harmful effects and it offends me too, for various reasons. Banning the word from public documents and political speeches is not going to change that, imo.

        • Kat says:

          Epilogue would be better than the introduction imho.
          I agree retarded shouldn’t be used as an insult.
          Nor the word gay for that matter.

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        I completely agree Squirrels! As a resident of NJ and a mom of a special needs child, it’s difficult because it’s been my experience that people throw that word around, and at my son’s age, it can be very hurtful. He has ADD, is extremely bright, so he knows that when someone makes that comment, he is being called “stupid.” I personally hate the word “stupid” but I wouldn’t say people shouldn’t/couldn’t use it.

        We are so busy trying to be politically correct, we are no longer teaching our children and/or adult friends what is MORALLY right.

        As for your epilogue…I love it. Tad is so lucky to have u (but not half as lucky as u are to have him) 🙂

        • Squirrels says:

          Thanks Laura. My button got pushed big time tonight, and that hasn’t happened in quite a while. Still, I recall my sister’s advice. If you are going to take it on, be prepared to go the distance.

          • Laura aka Just done says:

            It’s funny you mention your sister. In your last chapter, you talk about potty training. My sister gave me some sound advice when my son was delayed with potty training (and pretty much everything else.)

            She looked me dead in the eye and said “do you think he’ll still be wearing a diaper when he gets married?” That was the point I stopped worrying about it. Sisters are good that way, huh?

            I would say don’t let people push your buttons, but sometimes that has to happen for us to be pushed forward instead of being held back. I’ve had it happen so many times that I’ve become really good at saying “when does God decide ‘ok, enough is enough – we’ve given her enough to deal with to make her stronger'” Yet, I have spent the last 15 years learning some great lessons from my son about myself, never realizing just how strong I was or the fight that I had in me.

            Your book is inspiring me. Keep it up. I’m proud to say I “know” you! 🙂

            • Quincy IL says:

              I had two very intelligent sons. We discussed potty training and they both agreed by the third birthday, they would be trained. I’d say the birthday is coming up and we would knod that that was the day. It happened both times with no mistakes. My daughter was 2 1/2 and she was brilliant too. Don’t worry moms out there. They will train and be ok no matter when their day is.

          • dumberries says:

            Squirrels, I hope I didn’t push your button. I was expressing complete agreement and praise for what you wrote. If it was misinterpreted, my apologies.

        • Squirrels says:

          I completely hear you Laura. It is so easy for kids to be confused and attack what they do not understand. Parents should explain it to them – Not all kids are as fast runners, as pretty, as clever as you. Sadly, it is not the world we live in, but with strength and fortitude, we’ll get there. If not for our own, for a child who will benefit. Don’t give up educating.

      • Maryla says:

        In Maryland, state PTA worked with legislators to get the words mentally retarded changed to intellectually disabled — that way parents wouldn’t have to check a box on their student’s IEP that labeled them a term that has come to have a separate and derogatory connotation.

        As part of our research into this, we learned that the word retarded was brought in to replace the previous clinical references of “moron”, “idiot”, “cretin”, and “imbecile.”

        My point is, this is not impossible to change people’s minds about using the word retarded. It is not some modern ‘Politically Correct’ movement. You would never think of calling someone who’s child was autistic or had downs a “moron,” and yet as early as the 1950s, that was the common term for someone with those forms of intellectual disability.

        The good news is that the Maryland law, “Rosa’s Law,” named after a girl in my daughter’s elementary school, just passed the Senate last week, removing the word retarded from all education and health documents at the federal level. Sen. Mikulski of Maryland named that federal law after Rosa as well.

        • Squirrels says:

          There is a Pepsi Challenge thing going on via TV. You get to offer your idea and they may fund it if it gets enough votes via their website. I seriously thought about a nat’l ad campaign to illustrate how the word “retarded” is used flippantly in this country. I have the whole video in my head, but don’t think it will play to the masses, nor to pepsi.

          oh well. someday when I’m rich and famous like Kelly, I may still do a PSA.

          • Maryla says:

            i think that sounds like a great idea! you should get going on that right away. I love the idea!

    74. Wall St Lady says:

      The George Lopez/Trasha /Carolina show is on again at 2AM East Coast time

      • Squirrels says:

        you still up girl? I would have thought you’d be snoozing by now. I know I should be. Where is my anti insomnia med? Oh chit, that’s right, I don’t have one… you’re stuck with me till u face plant into your pillow.

        Meanwhile back at the ranch…. Teresa is blowing off the world with her golden ticket. Did no one remind her, it’s only paper?

    75. Squirrels says:

      Sorry Lynn. Didn’t mean to jack the convo. We be passionate cannibals.

    76. Adgirl says:

      Top Chef tonight:
      This season is kinda dragging. Tiffany is emerging as the dark horse. Angelo was uninspired therefore disorganized. It was nice to see Len Pinetta at the CIA. He looks just like my uncle Bill who also has that sweet smile (hard to believe Len Pinetta is the top spy!!).

      My favorite contestent ever was Casey from Dallas. She lost to Huang. The contestents that season were really tight together. This season seems ho-hum.

      • Squirrels says:

        Agreed AdGirl. This season has been less than last season. My hope is with he/she who shall remain nameless for those who haven’t watched the episode yet, and one really bad chef to go, the contest will pick up.

        Those who decide what challenges to hand out need to step it up as well. The secret box thing was nothing short of let’s screw with their minds, one more time. While I agree chefs need to be challenged, this should not turn into a “Worlds highest, most insane hair design.” Let these people do what they do and let the chips fall where they may.

      • Noelle says:

        So busy with work…Who went home?

    77. Squirrels says:

      To Lynn: I didn’t mean to jack the blog. I am very sensitive as to what this blog stands for and it isn’t side issues. This is one reason I have requested all responses be left on my own single minded blog. That said, I cannot apologize for taking on a subject that is out there in the real world, with yet one more comedian at the forefront. Were I writing on the subject because Lopez brought up or not, I’d have taken it on right here, right now. It wasn’t about my personal experiences, it was a subject that hits so many, and we all have a say. Thank you Lynn for your tolerance . I pinky promise to never jack your blog again.

      Nite all.

    78. Ashley is making YouTube videos now!

    79. Wall St Lady says:

      Trasha & Caroline’s 3min appearance on the George Lopez Show was designed to reaffirm his past behavior of ignoring NJ. A tweet in his Tweet segment asked why & he introduced C & T. When introduced Trasha waved & started ThROWING/BLOWING KISSES as if she was Marlin Monroe. George made FUN of her & mimicked Trasha & blew kisses in the same mannerism as T. This making fun of her threw her & she was embarrassed.Trasha’s white dress looked like a pillow case. George didn’t even allow them on stage. So from the stage door they explained why NJ is a famous state. Again George designed the skit to make fun of them & they mentioned untrue things NJ has like the Grand Canyon. Then as quickly as they appeared it was over w/o any personal interaction w/George. He obviously doesn’t
      like Trasha.
      I bet a la Tresha she will say she
      love love loves George cuz she is too stupid to know he trashed Trasha !

      • Noelle says:

        Didn’t see it, but thank you for the update! (I need more hours in a day:)
        I believe earlier, a lovely posted, Teresa walked off the Lopez show and told him to scratch?!

        That’s ONE classy chick. (Move over jill, this beotch is making me ILL!)

    80. Kat says:

      I didn’t see the show. Thank you for the great description of the segment.
      I agree with you, George’s humor flew over T’s head. She did tweet something close to what you thought she would.
      Throwing and blowing kisses, I can see Teresa doing that. She should have been throwing IOUs and apologizing for blowing millions of dollars.

    81. Adgirl says:

      You know, Top Chef has always been a favorite at my house. It’s been the Cadillac of cooking competition. TC has the most impressive judges with the most gravitas (professional chefs with Michelin star ratings rather than their own TV shows).

      When someone wins TC you know they will have a line out the door of their restaurant.

      What’s different this year?
      It’s lost it’s fizzle and it’s unbelievably high standards seem to be, well, just OK now.

      Should they go back to NY like Project Runway? BTW- I hated it when they were in LV last year. The contestents were good, but the environment was not upscale.
      The chemisty between the competitors has not been exciting – so is the problem the casting director’s fault?

      Where has Anthony Bourdain been??? God help me, he is the best. Love his snark. He’s sexy too.

      Are the producers distracted by Top Chef Masters and the new Top Chef Desserts?

      I’m sad. It’s just not very anymore.

      Lynn, help us fix the show!!!

      • Noelle says:

        Top Chef has definitely took a tumble this season. These chefs don’t compare with (those) seasons’ past.
        TC is why I started watching Bravo to begin with.

      • Ellabean says:

        Adgirl, you summed up the caliber of Top Chef well. In contrast, I cannot stand the Food Network’s annual competition show “Next Great Food Network Star” (or whatever it is titled). Oh that panel of judges is awful. The competitors are so mediocre. As good as Boby Flay is on other food network shows, I cannot stand him on that judging panel. And the recent winner? Aarti? Can’t stand her already and I don’t know why. I usually love a British accent. There’s something so pretentious about her. I could say more….but I will stop rambling about it.

      • RIerinFL says:

        I forget what season it is from, but I still remember and laugh at “I’m not your bitch, bitch”!
        I want to go back to loving the show and not be able to wait until its on again. My husband watches it with me and has noticed something is wrong this season. Whether it’s the people they chose, the competitions, the editing or most likely all three, it needs to take note and change it for next season.

    82. zoekayla says:

      hi there all you sleepless in _________ ladies! Great blogs the last few days. It took me until just now to catch up, and I must say that this blog continues to be a “must” for me…even when I have to read three days entries in one looong evening. Worth every minute. I feel so at home here and share your opinions….right now my pet peeve is the general degradation of TC. I think Tom needs to recalibrate and the show needs to re-tool… G’night for now from Austin, TX!

    83. Quincy IL says:

      Danielle tweeted finally. She thanks a tweeter that sent a message to Bravo about the firing. To paraphrase: Why are you firing Danielle when keeping Teresa?

      That’s the truth. Teresa is a monster, a thief, and just as sexually repulsive as Danielle. I think putting your boobs on a pool table is icky. I don’t enjoy hearing about Teresa’s vagina either.

      NJ is making too much money for Bravo to be thrown out. I am beginning to wonder if there was or is a way to create a NJ show without this mafia/stripper stuff.

      Every time I see Teresa and the girls in a new desigener outfit, my blood boils. Perhaps, Teresa has fans that just care about celebrity. Madonna was a horrible person and people went to see her drama.

      It looks like Danielle sold the house and was buying a condo. I would have been filling in holes, painting, and trimming bushes in that yard; buy Danielle was too pretty for that.

    84. Noelle says:

      I thought the NYHW’s haven’t been asked back…why NJ..when the season 2 hasn’t even ended?
      Just wondering….

    85. kk says:

      I bet bravo wants to film Theresa’s auction & court issues
      I’m sure that is why they are filming b4 NY. Theresa actually makes me sicker than Jill at this point because as a taxpayer we will have to cover her unpaid debt. I’m sure after watching that country club chase scene she Is just as crazy as Danielle off camera.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Probably Teresa is crazier than Danielle off camera – how true! Her ignorance plays right into great scenes for Bravo…..the rest of us would be embarrassed to have our personal financial business known by even our family and close friends – not Teresa. IMO, she doesn’t realize how many people really think she is a criminal and “ain’t nice” either. So I wonder – does Bravo plan to show her reversal of fortunes in order to keep this franchise popular with viewers? Think about it – Teresa is both an underdog and a villain at the same time!

      • klmh says:

        I bet bravo wants to film Theresa’s auction & court issues
        I’m sure that is why they are filming b4 NY.

        That makes sense… good point.

    86. WindyCityWondering says:

      Wondering why Bravo asked Caroline/Jacq/Teresa back before this season has ended. Did something that unexpected happen during the reunion taping that in order to have another season of RHONJ this had to happen now? Rumors swirling around the internet about Danielle having a spin off – a spin off would mean that Bravo has another platform for Danielle in the works. SO who is playing who?

    87. Olivia says:

      Not sure what they are thinking at Bravo by resigning the” three fates” of NJ to another season before this one has come to and end.

      DC has just begun and probably will go at least 9-10 episodes. Orange County is up next with another 15 shows. This will be followed, I am assuming, by the Beverly Hills series which probably signals another 10 episodes. It is also assumed that Bethenny will more than likely return for another 10 or so shows. We are still awaiting word on the NY franchise which Andy told us would not be announced until 2011 which will more than likely feature another 15 episodes. Somewhere in here will be the NJ franchise for another 15 shows.

      It appears, with only 52 weeks in the year, that we are looking at a weekly outing of “Housewives” that may or may not overlap one another depending on scheduling. This is a complete saturation of a franchise that has become boring in its formulaic approach to programming.

      My original point is that where and how will the NY and NJ shows actually see the light of day when the network manages to crowd the schedule with one after the other? When does the interest begin to really drop off?

      Aside from the various cast members who seem to be cut from the same cloth, there is really little difference going from show to show. The same “events” occur in each and every one. Dislike for at least one member followed by weeks of discussion. Most of the casts are “models” of other cast members who have gone before them.

      It has us trying to sort one blond, over Botoxed, cleavage bearing famewhore from another. Not exactly riveting t.v.

    88. Holy Crap! Teresa’s is pimping out her girls to advertise for the designer. Although, I really hesitate to call her a designer. This stuff is more over-the-top and eye-popping than kiddie pageant dresses. The girls will hate their mom for this in a couple of years! LOL


      • Olivia says:

        These pics give a whole new meaning to the word “crap”. Who in their right mind would buy and dress their kids in these hideous outfits? And the headbands are ridiculous.

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        Those outfits were $240 each!!! Guess money can’t buy you class! http://cillasebastian.com/marie-antoinette

        • MichellefromNY says:

          Ughhhhh tacky mctack tack. Is it just me or do those clothes that she forced her kids to wear in italy look–gasp–CHEAP?? I can’t believe it cost 240 dollars to make these hideous dresses. The material is the cheapest looking material I’ve ever seen.

          The rest of the clothes on the site are the same–tacky, ugly, and tottally impractical. Even if you need to gussy up your daughters for an event, at least TRY to get them cute clothes. Don’t make them look like idiots GAWSH.

      • Ellabean says:

        Holy Bad Taste Batman – RealMelissa – how’d you find this ?

        You know what a shame it is? That baby Audrianna is very sweet and pretty all on her own. She doesn’t need headbands and such busy clothing. Her darling face would shine more without all the crap.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Just a couple of years? Lol,

      • RIerinFL says:

        Who dresses her kids in costumes from a bordello in the old west? Teresa, that’s who!

    89. Zipit Zarin says:

      Teresa blames Bravo for her financial woes. Who didn’t see this coming?


      • Olivia says:

        She has already blamed Bush and the economy along with the tenants housed in Joe’s apartments. And if it weren’t for the Gulf crisis she may still be living on easy street. Not her fault!

    90. Lovebeth says:

      Teresa is blaminh Bravo for her financial woes ha


      • Zipit Zarin says:

        It’s Andy’s fault she is an ignoramous with bad taste hehe

        • Olivia says:

          So where did she get the $120,000 in cash to pay for the furniture? Oh wait, the tenants went without heat and hot water on her behalf. Bad tenants!

          Must be the fault of the credit card companies who shut her off when she maxed out that drove her to it. Glad we got that straightened out.

      • Teresa doesn’t need to blame Bravo. While a public figure should expect a reasonable degree of privacy, her claim to fame is her FABULOUS lifestyle. Therefore her lifestyle and finances are the “story.” The “story” is NOT Gia, nor her and her boobies.
        The blame lies with her husband’s shady business dealings and her own ignorance. A quick check into the county clerk online records in Morris and Orange County, NJ show that Joe had her power of attorney and was signing her name to many of those commercial real estate “investments” she talked about ad nauseum on Bravo this season.
        A quick look at a few of the signatures recorded at the above mentioned court cleck office’s show Joe (Giuseppe’s) signature is identical to Teresa’s on the paperwork – with notes pointing the power of attorney also on file (It is there). I really wonder how much she did know before Humpy Dumpty took his big fall. At any rate, Joe was not worthy of her blind trust. I suppose that can happen to anyone, and is a cautionary tale.

        I hope this makes sense!

        PS: It would take me forever to find the links to all of this now, but it is in the archives of this blog.

    91. boston02127 says:

      Kelly Bensimon/Occupation: Beef jerky drying in the Hamptons

      • Kukulet says:

        Dumber than a bag of hammers.

        Recently on Twitter:

        AT: You know there’s something wrong with the tweets from @SarahPalinUSA start to make less sense than the ones from @kikilet.

        kikilet: @A— T— if u have ever shot a gun, u will realize how truly amazing cops/ armed forces are. #haverespect

        AT: @kikilet Not sure what you’re talking about since I didn’t comment on police or our armed forces. #haveperspective 🙂

      • dumberries says:

        Thanks for the link Boston! Big laugh, good way to start the day…

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        ROFL —-> Attention all undecided college bound students! Kelly graduated from Columbia University. Apparently, the exorbitant cost of an Ivy League education buys one an inability to use idioms correctly. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make lemonade out of a leather-skinned elitist molehill.

      • Lovebeth says:

        a very disturbed woman. where are the friends and families?

      • vilzvet says:

        Actually Salami photographs better than I thought, she is so damn thin in clothes, but she looks pretty good here. But I gotta go with Bethenny by a nose. And it’s still too bad we never saw Jill in a bathing suit in the V.I.s if she had gone. She probably would have worn a huge cover-up for sure to sit next to Alex, Sonja, Ramona and Bethenny!

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Being a red-head, it’s great to see people with really white skin in bathing suits not being made a laughing stock. Too bad when I was growing up you’d be laughed off the beach if you weren’t sun damaged.

    92. Olivia says:

      There is some speculation that Danielle was looking at NY condos during this season which also leaves room for some speculation regarding her “firing”.

      It may be that she herself was planning on leaving this series if she was thinking of moving to NYC and this is what led Bravo to “fire” her since she would no longer be a resident of NJ. We know that she has been “stalking” a career for Christine on the fashion runways and we don’t actually know how far along that path Christine is.

      According to Kim G, Danielle was eyeing a condo some months ago in NYC so this could be the actual reason for Bravo to cut ties with her. We have to keep in mind that what we are watching was filmed months ago so things have changed somewhat in the interim. Other reports have her being told she must vacate the NJ mansion by Sept 1st, just prior to school opening and she may have been planning on getting the girls enrolled in a new school in the city as well.

      Hard to tell since Danielle is so nuts, but it may be nothing more than her desire to build a career for herself in NYC.

    93. dsc60 says:

      teresa’s mcmansion is not an investment property nor could she ever get away with implying it is. at the country club when danielle mentioned that teresa’s house was in foreclosure, jacqueline stated “no, that’s her investment property” meaning her investment properties were in foreclosure and NOT her residence. i think that’s where the confusion lies. not even teresa could get away with claiming her residence is an investment property… it would never fly in the bankruptcy court.

    94. Abby Someone says:

      This may seem a bit random for this page but allow me to vent something. It is really obvious to me why Patti Stanger and Jill Zarin are pals. They are both idiots. I’m sure it seems obvious but I’ll expound. They both believe to the core of their being that they are sharing pearls of wisdom, yet everything out of their mouth is some platitude. They are two Yentas who are on reality tv for their big mouths but they think it’s because they are oracles.

      Both Jill and Patti spew lame advice with such gusto, it makes me want to go NJ HW on them and snatch the weave AND the real hair.

      These two nitwits are about as profound as gum under your shoe and twice as irritating.

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