I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef and Housewife Updates August 19, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Top Chef                              August 19, 2010

Bravo ran a new episode of Top Chef last night and I must say, I continue to be disappointed by the quality of the show this season.  I think last season most defiantly spoiled us with the extremely high quality of chef’s in the group.  With a few exceptions, this group seem like they’re really just pretty good cooks and not “top” Chefs. 

Not being a chef, I really don’t know for sure, but the quick fire challenge looked extremely difficult.  The mystery box challenge is used quite frequently in cooking competition shows but to kick it up, Top Chef kept bringing in new mystery box ingredients every few minutes.  Every ingredient had to be used in the final dish.  Every contestant struggled with this challenge but we saw Angelo actually sweating, he seems to be losing his confidence.  We’re not hearing the cocky Angelo in interviews anymore and even the other contestants noted a change in him. 

For the second time this season we see Ed interview stating that he hopes that Angelo will go home because he’s their biggest competition.  What a pussy!  If we learned nothing from last season, it is that you want to go up against and beat the best chef or what are you doing there? 

Tiffany comes out on top of the quick fire and wins $10,000, this woman is a class act!  More about Tiffany later. 

I can only imagine how difficult it is for Top Chef producers to continuously come up with new and fun to watch challenges for these chefs, they do sometimes repeat challenges from past seasons but most are original challenges that we’ve not seen before.  Tonight was no exception, the chefs are to create a dish “disguising” a classic recipe so that it has the flavors but maybe not the same composition.  It is a bit odd but since they’re cooking for members of the CIA along with the director, I get the pun!  

Each chef pulls a knife to decide what dish they’re going to reconstruct, and they’re off. 

The first two to serve their dishes are Angelo and Kelly.  These are the kinds of challenges where we can see if the chef’s have integrity or are just competitive assholes.  Kelly is plating her Kung Po Shrimp dish that is actually a soup and she asks for help, Tiffany is right there beside her helping her get that dish out.  Tiffany interviews that she wants to win, yes, but she wants the other chefs at their best to compete against.  Now THAT is a Top Chef attitude!  (Take a lesson Ed) 

Angelo pulled Beef Wellington and choked serving frozen puff pastry that turned out to be hard along with over salted beef.  The judges really liked Kelly’s soup.

Next up is Tiffany who pulled Gyro out of the knife block and the judges are impressed even Eric Ripart says it was the most elegant Gyro he’s ever been served!  Kevin’s cob salad was good but was served as a salad, therefore no “disguise” so not impressive to the judges.

The next pair to serve is Alex and Amanda.  Strangely, Amanda gushes over Alex and tells us in interviews that she loves him, respects and admires him.  A crush maybe?  It certainly can’t be his culinary skills!  Alex serves his version of Veal Parmesan and Amanda, French Onion soup, the judges are not impressed with either dish.  Finally Ed the pansy serves Chicken Cordon Bleu and while the judges like the taste, Ed didn’t disguise his dish.

The whole idea of “disguising” the dishes was sort of stupid, but it didn’t really come into play in the final outcome, best I could tell.  It was all about flavors and execution. 

Tiffany is once again the winner and now has a honeymoon package trip to Paris!  Her excitement at the win was contagious, you just have to root for this woman! 

In the bottom three we found Angelo, Alex and Amanda, the curse of the “A’s” tonight.  Amanda’s French Onion soup was simply a French Onion soup that the judges actually described as “too sweet”?  Angelo’s use of frozen puff pastry and over salted meat brought him to the table and finally we have the man who should have gone home weeks ago, in my estimation, Alex.  Alex served little pasta tortellini’s and a chunk of tough stringy veal and was finally sent packing!

Chef Tom Colocchio, head judge was on Twitter during the show and first announced a spoiler alert and that West Coast viewers should not read his tweets.  That came to nothing as he only tweeted three or four times with short responses to some fans.  His annoyance that was reflected in his blog was mirrored in his tweets as people continue to slay him for not only Kenny going home last week but they’re still harassing the poor guy about Hosea winning in Season Four.  

He is fascinated with a young woman on Twitter who he has had a long back and forth conversation with before last night’s episode aired and has even continued the argument this morning.  I tweeted to him asking him WHY he would get into this with a young, rude and disrespectful girl and his response to me was simply:

@Tom_Colocchio   LynnNChicago   Sport

Chef Tom is tweeting this morning again to this young lady who simply thanked Chef Tom for the additional followers that his attention has brought to her, she’s been rude and disrespectful, but she hasn’t tweeted in over 9-hours, yet Tom continues to tweet to her this morning.  Amazing!  The funny part is they’re discussing chefs from two season’s ago, Hosea and Stephan.  I don’t get it! 

I got a few tweets last night from a follower who lives in New York City and is a big fan of Top Chef.  She had been tweeting with Kenny and some of the other cheftestants while the show aired in past weeks and was surprised to wake up last Thursday morning to an invitation to dinner from Kenny.  It’s a great story and you can read about it here:

@lexistential @LynnNChicago here in NYC- I got spontaneously invited by Kenny to join them at dinner! Wrote about it here: http://is.gd/enzhc

So we’re down to six chef’s and I still feel that Angelo, if he can get his confidence back, is a frontrunner but I’m really impressed by how Tiffany is emerging as an outstanding and classy chef and woman!

In other news:

Real Housewives of DC cast member Lynda Erkiletian was on Twitter last night and interacting with many of us who are Housewife fans.  She seems very friendly and down to earth, we’ll keep watching.  I made a suggestion to her because I felt her Twitter name (@LyndaErkiletian) was difficult for fans to remember since the spelling of her last name is not a simple or classic name, I suggested she make it something simple and easy to spell like LyndaDC or LyndaRHODC.  She was paying attention, here is her response…

@LyndaErkiletian  LynnNChicago I Like that

So if you’re looking for her on Twitter, her new name is now @LyndaRHODC

She also put out there that the next five people to tweet back to her with the #RHODC tag, she would follow them.  Bless her heart if she didn’t end up following over 40 people last night!   She started the evening following about half a dozen people and now follows 51, including me but we’ll see how long that lasts when I give my  honest opinions.  LOL  So far, while she seems pretty uppity and nasty on screen, she’s been very nice on Twitter, I guess time will tell with all the DC ladies.

Teresa and Caroline made a short appearance on Lopez Tonight last night with George Lopez.  If you didn’t see it, you didn’t miss a thing.  George did a “bit” about responding on screen to some Tweets that he receives.  One of them asked why he doesn’t speak more kindly about New Jersey.  He brought out Caroline and Teresa to respond.  No doubt that the entire thing was scripted and awkward,  Caroline seemed more at ease and delivered her lines smoothly.  Teresa was like the worst actress you’ve ever seen in your life, times 10!  She was constantly starting her line, then going back to the beginning, always looking to her left at what was clearly the cue cards.  She made a complete ass of herself!   She should have stuck to her original idea and told good ole George to “go scratch!”  I was really hoping that George was going to bring that up, but all he did was make fun of her blowing kisses at everyone! 

If anyone missed it, Teresa’s tweets:

And I’m not doing George Lopez. He wanted us to do a skit about the mafia. Not happening. He can go scratch.

George Lopez is so cool, he changed the skit b/c it upset me. So now I’m going. No hard feelings George…

I really appreciate George Lopez reaching out to me. Very classy. Love love love you George!

The Dr. Phil Show was so great. Really interesting discussion. He is a doll. Airs in a few weeks. ~

@georgelopez love your green room best ever… about 18 hours ago via mobile web

The @georgelopez show was great! What an awesome guy. We’re on TONIGHT! “Lopez Tonight” 11/10c on TBS. Watch!! http://www.twitpic.com/2g086o

You may notice that after Teresa tells George Lopez to “go scratch”, she changes her tune but still does not apologize.  George Lopez did see Teresa’s tweet as he retweeted a fan’s (and twitter friend) tweet to him discussing Teresa’s rude ranting:

@GeorgeLopez  Via @Twilighttwitti ” The BROKEBACK BAGLADY @Teresa_Guidice dished you, have her thrown into debters prison on your comedy skit” a Chicano never forgets !

Note that Teresa taped an episode of Dr. Phil as well while in LA, notice that she never mentions that Caroline is with her.  It is always, “I am going to be on the show”, she doesn’t say, “Caroline and I or WE will be on the show”  I think Teresa and Caroline are not as close as they’d like for us to believe.  However, in contrast, Caroline Tweeted:

@CarolineManzo  Dinner then sleep. Dr Phil and George Lopez shows tomorrow w/Teresa

@CarolineManzo  Don’t forget to watch @lopeztonight Teresa and I will be on! So much fun!

@CarolineManzo  @Paramount Studios w/Teresa & @laurenmanzo taping Dr Phil

Caroline mentions Teresa in every Tweet, Teresa didn’t mention Caroline at all! 

New Popeater article:

Bankrupt ‘Housewives’ star @Teresa_Giudice blames Bravo for her financial woes! http://bit.ly/agpnlL

Until Next Time……


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490 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef and Housewife Updates August 19, 2010

  1. Lovebeth says:

    Great blog again Lynn, you are a very good writer.

    If the firing of Danielle is true, We can expect Teresa and Caroline to go at each other.

    I do not think Teresa likes sharing the spotlight with anyone. Shame on her.

  2. If Teresa is saying that Dr. Phill is a doll, then that means he kissed her ass and didn’t hold her accountable for all of her bullshit.
    I can’t stand Dr. Phil. I watch his show sometimes, he is so full of crap.

  3. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the new blog Lynn.

  4. Sue says:

    Really hoping Tiffany wins. She is a total class act. I am sure that Angela will be gone very soon.

    So now Teresa is blaming Bravo???!!! Yeah, they told her and Juicy Joe to get $11 million in debt!!! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think that once I hit that first million, I’d be curbing the spending!!! They are a joke and an embarrassment of riches to the viewers.

    Teresa thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Far from it! I really enjoyed her season one, but this season, knowing what we all know about her, I despise her. Right up there with Jill.

    • dumberries says:

      In the article where Teresa’s friend blames her Bravo fame for the public backlash, the friend also says that Teresa is upset about everyone getting all up in her finances. It’s a private matter – it’s not fair!

      Boo Hoo Teresa. One of the very first scenes you did in the very first episode of season 1 was to open up your wallet for everyone to see. You bragged and bragged about how price wasn’t a factor as you threw massive amounts of cash around. You took us all with you on numerous shopping trips for expensive impractical children’s clothing (decorations, not necessities) and gaudy home renovations. This is how you chose to define yourself from the get go – Teresa, the fabulously rich big spender. You invited us in to your charade Chewy – YOU, nobody else! I have no pity for her embarrassment – she has no shame about it and takes zero responsibility.

  5. Capiche says:

    I actually enjoyed last night’s Top Chef. Was very happy that Tiffany won and even more pleased to see Alex, Amanda and even Angelo at the bottom. Thrilled that Alex has finally left the building. I thought the quickfire challenge was great. I know some people didn’t like the concept, but the Top Chef needs to be able to use varying ingredients and come up with a tasty dish. And even when Padma announced the challenge, I was already thinking soup/stew. And there is a show on Food Network that uses this challenge as their whole show.

    Angelo seemed to have lost his focus. (And we won’t talk about the Russian fiancee! LOL!) But I think he saw himself and Kenny as the two top competitors and now that Kenny is gone he doesn’t have anyone he can direct his competitiveness towards. Btw, I read Kenny’s exit interviews last week and he said that he and Angelo are pretty good friends and they always tasted each other’s food and gave each other advice on their dishes. Editing conveniently left that out.

    As for Tom’s twitter battle, I actually follow Tom and I started reading the conversation between him and this woman last weekend. I actually didn’t think she was rude as you said. She challenged him, he threw a little fit and was snarky and then she apologized, gave her opinions on Top Chef, he told her she didn’t taste any of the dishes and then they started discussing sports. I’m not sure why he singled her out because he was getting a whole lot of smack talk on twitter following Kenny’s ouster.

  6. Ellabean says:

    Teresa is really quite a lousy shit for trying to dupe readers of her tweets that it’s only her being asked to appear on the Lopez and Dr. Phil shows – no mentio nof Caroline. Then when you read Caroline’s tweets, with mentions of Teresa, with Caroline writing about it in an honest and sincere manner ….well, what a contrast in character.

    Teresa is a nasty piece of work. Her ego is on steriods.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Caroline who?

      • Ellabean says:


        I think that Caroline lady is a bit player on The Teresa Show.

        • Anitabee says:

          I’ve been wondering this since that over-the-top baptism….did Joe/Teresa pay the Brownstone for that? The bill had to have been huge. Unless Dina picked up the tab because she’s the godmother.

          Even with the family discount, two people who just filed for bankruptcy wouldn’t have the money to pay for that.

          • Ellabean says:

            With all the obvious foo-foo extras – some of it had to be paid for by the Guidices. Surely a discount for them – but a Godmother had to have given cash for the child.

            Unless – – and I said this at the time we all were talking about the Christening party episode – – – much of the predictable Christening gifts of money collected actaully went to pay for some of the event itself – and the balance into Teresa’s and Joe’s pockets.

            No way gifts of money went to a future college fund or bank account for the baby.

        • twoile says:

          I second!!!!!!

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  8. boston02127 says:

    I’m so sick of good things happening to crappy people. The housewives have everything and they just keep crapping on the world.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      easy there girl.

      I know it’s frustrating to struggle (well, I don’t know if you are but I am) and then see others that are so undeserving do so well.

      The only thing I have on you is I’m a lot older and I have a lot more experience in watching little pieces of sh*t fly up the ladder and then fall right off once they get to the top.

      Life hands to you whatever you put out into the Universe WITH interest.

      But you can’t be the Karma police. They will get whatever is coming to them, good or bad.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        Also wanted to add- that does not mean that if someone is going through a tough time that they “deserve” it because of something that they did.

        **Disclaimer: these are my beliefs- if you don’t agree that’s OK- many rivers lead to the ocean.

        I believe EVERYTHING, even illness and death, happens for our higher good to help us evolve and to bring us closer to enlightenment.

        To paraphrase Kelly: Karma is part of the ecosystem

        • MAMAZ says:

          Good advice OneMore. As my grandmother used to say “Every dog has it’s day.”

        • Anitabee says:

          Sweetheart Boston:

          Here’s some things the Housewives DON”T have:

          Jill: A heart and fashion sense

          Kelly: Ability to speak properly, think properly, eat healthfully, and dress appropriately – oh yeah, and everything Bethenny has.

          LuAnn: Class

          Ramona: A filter for her mouth at times

          Bethenny: A Mother

          Dina: Peace and faithful husband

          Teresa: Seriously???? The list is too long

          Caroline: A husband who makes times for her

          Jac: Ability to steer clear of psychopaths.

          Danielle: Mental Health

          One thing I have learned in my life – Karma truly is a Bitch.

        • Ellabean says:

          You’re speaking my language, OneMore. Beautifully said.

          Bad people will get appropriate equal justice either in this lifetime or the next. The Universe has a perfect working order to it.

      • RIerinFL says:

        I agree. Karma will come to get Teresa, all of them. What is truly frustrating is it will probably be a long time from now and we won’t get to see it. (after having to sit and watch them deserve it so much)

        • Melanie says:

          This is Karma! Last night at the store in the parking lot was this huge truck on the back window a ticker that quoted Karma is a bitch…Their personalized plate on truck
          “IMCARMA” My son and I just started laughing!

  9. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Great blog. Sure seems like Magical Elves got the Bravo menu to make drama at all costs this season. I just want to see these people cook. I’d love to hear their conversations about their restaurants or see what they make at the house.

    Tiffany has become my favorite. I think she’s hitting her groove and may be hard to stop. Nice to see that she’s a class act too.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I LOVE Tiffany! She is creative without going overboard. She has a wonderful personality, it really looks like she’s having fun during the challenges. I hope she wins.
      Angelo is much more likable now that he is doubting himself. Maybe the earlier arrogance was really just bravado to hide nerves.
      Thanks for the link about that lucky woman having dinner with the cast of Top Chef DC. Angelo was dressed like a douch, lol. Glad he didn’t act like one. It sounds like they were a nice bunch of folks with the exception of Alex and Amanda. Maybe they were uncomfortable because they know the other contestants have no respect for them professionally.

      Why in the hell are Caroline and Teresa doing the Dr. Phil show? I never watch him, he’s a hack that is more interested in self promotion than in helping people. I’ll bet Caroline is going to talk about Albie and his learning disabilities. Teresa will talk about her financial troubles and how unfair it is that she has to go through this in the public eye. Yawn.

      Lynda E – Perhaps she comes off nasty because she is just soooooo sick of the Salahis. She said she has known them for years and has mentioned them not paying their bills. They probably stiffed her or someone she knows. She was warm and gracious with Stacie’s family at the dinner party.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Lynda has a low tolerance level for posers, people with bad manners and it shows! She seems aloof but I think she hangs back and watches what is happening and isn’t inclined to jump into “nonsense” situations.

  10. cusi77 says:

    Great Blog Lynn. Thanks so much.

    I feel sorry for Teresa (Do not kill me yet!)… She is so naive that she thought going into a reality show it was all about being famous, loved and liked while another reality was happening in her personal life.
    Teresa when you sold your life to be put in the public eye… your life is not private anymore!
    Paraphrasing W. Churchill:
    Teresa has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Cus177 you use the word “naive” for Teresa, when I think you mean she is uneducated, ill mannered and not interested in learning anything beyond what she knows about or thinks she knows!
      To me, naive is someone who is innocent and can be taken advantage of because of their lack of social manners and expectations. Teresa bullys and lies her way to where she believes she should be and has no regards for other people or their feelings/needs because she thinks she is entitled to do so.

      • cusi77 says:

        Windy_ Check what I copied from the dicctionary Spanish to English… the right word in Spanish for her is “ILUSO”,at the end it is just my opinion…


        iluso, -a
        adjective1. naive masculine or feminine noun2. naive person, dreamer
        Copyright © 2006 Chambers Harrap Publishers Limited

        iluso [e-loo’-so, sah]
        adjective1. Deluded, deceived, ridiculed.
        2. Bigoted.
        noun3. Dreamer, visionary. (f)

        Velazquez® Spanish and English Dictionary. Copyright © 2007 by Velazquez® Press. All rights

  11. Adgirl says:

    Where has Anthony Bourdain been??? Miss his judging.

    Issues/Suggestions I have with TC:
    1. Return to NYC. Whenever a show slides they need to get back to NY (ala Project Runway)
    2. Something is wrong at the judges panel. Is Tom phoning it in? I wish they would talk more about the food.
    3. Too many TC now – stop TC Masters. That is when TC stated sliding. I think the producers are too busy with the new shows (also TC desserts).
    4. Maybe we can have an all stars edition – with prior non winners.

    • Capiche says:

      The All-Stars TC edition is a great idea!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravo’s formula for franchises is alittle ahead of itself in the TC world.

    • Ellabean says:

      Love Anthony too.

      Maybe there is a legal/contractual conflict with him appearing on TC/Bravo and Anthony’s own show. I get his show on the Travel Channel.

      And I agree with your other post about him, Adgirl – he is sexy !

  12. Lovebeth says:

    Bethenny should teach a class on reality tv:

    Beginner: How to get on reality tv and get you and your brand noticed
    Intermediate: using reality tv to promote your brand
    Advanced: Playing them instead of them playing you, know when to get out.


  13. Capiche says:

    Another thought on Top Chef: I am beginning to wonder if Angelo is one-dimensional. I can’t remember all his dishes, but the beef wellington deconstruct was one of his first non-Asian dishes, no? Some cheftestants alluded to that in their confessionals, but I didn’t really pick it up until now. We’ll see if he can pull it back together.

  14. Maite1964 says:

    Girl I don’t know how you do it, how can you keep up with the night shows and everything else that is going on with the Bravolebrities? You must have tons of energy!!! I’m jealous 🙂 … I was thinking about offering myself to blog about the Rachael Zoe Project, but I am a fashion freak myself, and in spite of agreeing with you that the show does not follow any logic and sometimes is over the top with the “fashion drama” … I have to say: that is what fashion is all about, it doesn’t have to make sense, and sometimes it doesn’t have to be practical and unnecessary drama is a given … have you seen the shoes of the latest collections? Who can walk on those? And yet critics say they are AMAZING? … For me is just hilarious and super entertaining, especially after a long day at the office, so I don’t think I could be a good critic of the show, I would be bias at best. I also agree that not having Taylor this season is great. Her awful attitude was like a dark NJ cloud :). Any chance she is related to Teresa’s girls … there are some real similarities there LOL

    Back to Top Chef … I thought that the dinner was sort of weird, even the faces of the judges and the guest were somehow odd, it was the most awkward of all challenges so far. It seemed like something else was going on. Like the guest didn’t want to be there and the judges felt totally out of place. Did Tom say anything about that?

    I agree Tiffany is a class act. I hope she wins Top Chef. Although this season has been awkward & boring some of the recipes seem very yummy, can’t wait for the book to come out to try them out. Most of the recipes from the first book are doable and very tasty.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      It sounds to me like you’d be PERFECT to blog about Rachel Zoe Project, someone who is passionate and enjoys the show is what a good blogger should be! I am way too jaded when it comes to this stuff.

      I like nice, classic clothes and have my favorite designers but I don’t have the passion and love for fashion that others do, I hope you’ll reconsider, someone who loves the show is what is needed. Whatever you decide, I respect that and thanks for visiting and commenting! 🙂 Lynn xo

      • Maite1964 says:

        Ok, I’ll take the challenge now I am excited. I’ll try to come up with review after the show next week. I hope I don’t disappoint you.
        I confess I have no idea how to post it or send it to you, so I might need some guidance on that matter. Is there a limit in words? Should I do a recap of the entire show? Should I go straight to the “meat”?

        • Squirrels says:

          Wooo Hooo! Another guest blogger! Not to take anything away from Lynn. Her take on all things reality based is spot on. Still, to give her an hour or two away from the keyboard is too cool for school. She does have a life outside our own-keep it coming blog-a-sphere.

          I don’t watch the show. With Maite, I may never have to tune in. Yeee haaawwww!

  15. Sha2000 says:

    My Aunt just sent me this email & it reminded me of the RHONJ cast:


    01. You have at least one relative who wore a black dress every day for an entire year after a funeral.
    02. You spent your entire childhood thinking what you ate for lunch was pronounced ‘sangwich.’
    03. Your family dog understood Italian.
    04. Every Sunday afternoon of your childhood was spent visiting your grandparents and extended family.
    05. You’ve experienced the phenomena of 150 people fitting into 50 square feet of yard during a family cookout.
    06. You were surprised to discover the FDA recommends you eat three meals a day, not seven.
    07. You thought killing the pig each year and having salami,
    capacollo, pancetta and prosciutto hanging out to dry from your shed ceiling was absolutely normal. (Wow, that’s really Italian!)
    08. You ate pasta for dinner at least three times a week, and every Sunday, and laughed at the commercial for Wednesday is “Prince Spaghetti Day.”
    09. You grew up thinking no fruit or vegetable had a fixed price and that the price of everything was negotiable through haggling.
    10. You were as tall as your grandmother by the age of seven.
    11. You thought everyone’s last name ended in a vowel.
    12. You thought nylons were supposed to be worn rolled to the ankles.
    13. Your mom’s main hobby is cleaning.
    14. You were surprised to find out that wine was actually sold in stores.
    15. You thought that everyone made their own tomato sauce.
    16. You never ate meat on Christmas Eve or any Friday for that matter.
    17. You ate your salad after the main course.
    18. You thought Catholic was the only religion in the world.
    19. You were beaten at least once with a wooden spoon or broom.
    20. You thought every meal had to be eaten with a hunk of bread in your hand.
    21. You can understand Italian but you can’t speak it.
    22. You have at least one relative who came over on the boat.
    23. All of your uncles fought in a World War.
    24. You have at least six male relatives named Tony, Frank, Joe or Louie.
    25. You have relatives who aren’t really your relatives.
    26. You have relatives you don’t speak to.
    27. You drank wine before you were a teenager.
    28. You relate on some level, admit it, to the Godfather and the Sopranos.
    29. You grew up in a house with a yard that didn’t have one patch of dirt that didn’t have a flower or a vegetable growing out of it.
    30. Your grandparent’s furniture was as comfortable as sitting on plastic. Wait! You were sitting on plastic.
    31. You thought that talking loud was normal.
    32. You thought sugared almonds and the Tarantella were common at all weddings.
    33. You thought everyone got pinched on the cheeks and money stuffed in their pockets by their relatives.
    34. Your mother is overly protective of the males in the family no matter what their age.
    35. There was a crucifix in every room of the house.
    36. Wakes would be held in someone’s living room.
    37. You couldn’t date a boy without getting approval from your father if you were a girl. (Oh, and he had to be Italian!)
    38. You called pasta ‘macaroni’.
    39. You dreaded taking out your lunch at school.
    40. Going out for a cup of coffee usually meant going out for a cup of coffee over Zia’s house.
    41. Every condition, ailment, misfortune, memory loss and accident
    was attributed to the fact that you didn’t eat something.

    Lol, thank God I can only relate a bit…I’m happy I’m a mutt : )

  16. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    That Popeater article about Teresa made me sick to my stomach. Teresa’s friend, Rob Shuter, wrote that ridiculous ariticle. When did Teresa become famous? I must have missed something. Teresa claims that she doesn’t know if she is going to come back next season. Give me a break! She sounds just like Jill, she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions and she wants us to believe she that she might leave the show. I hate Teresa and I hate Jill!!!

  17. WindyCityWondering says:

    It’s like a built in excuse for the fact that they may not get asked back! Then they can say they were and are so busy that it is a relief not to have to do the show……the only folks buying that load of manure are the ones saying it!

  18. Anitabee says:

    Lynn – Thank you for two things:

    1. The Blog where you mentioned Kelly’s odd and strange use of her phrase “Wear Love!”. Even though she’s been hating and mean tweeting nonstop for days — at least she hasn’t tweeted that.

    2. Hoping there is chance you change your mind about Lynda. I really enjoy her and Ebong on the show. So what if she’s bitchy at least she directs it to the Salamis. I don’t think any of us would want to “have to” deal with those two sociopaths.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks Anitabee! I am definitely changing my mind about Lynda, after last night reading her tweets that I talked about in this blog, she is growing on me. She did not make a great first impression by talking about “2nd tier people” but she did explain it in her blog so I’m keeping an open mind on Lynda.

  19. Zipit Zarin says:

    Housewives of NY is on Bravo now. Bethenny just found out that Perez Hilton announced she’s pregnant. I forget…did she ever find out who told him??

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Nope, still a mystery. She may know but no one is sharing it with us

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Thanx Lynn! I really hope Bethenny writes a tell-ALL book about her experience at Bravo….full of truth and plenty of snark…when she’s done using them to launch herself. My dream is she gets her own late-night talk show. Chelsea Lately is the only woman doing that and Bethenny would be FAR better at it.

        And thank you Lynn for your blog and your memory 😀 You seriously rock at not being a power-tripper like Strega

        Mwah Mwah <—HW kisses lol

    • Ellabean says:

      Yes -Bravo is running New York Season #3 all afternoon as a lead in to DC tonight.

      Dang – I was kind of hoping they’d re-reun NJ – this past Monday night’s episode in Italy. Haven’t see it yet. I admit to saying on this blog that I wasn’t going to watch any of NJ this season – but I caved at the Italy trip and the Christening at the Brownstone.

  20. RIerinFL says:

    What does everyone think? Do you think that Caroline, Jacq, and Dina are still as tight as they make it appear now that they realize what posers Joe/Teresa are? I think that T asked Dina to be godmother so she could always have a tie to the family. After Dina stated that T’s bankruptcy could not be true because she didn’t know about it, she looked like an idiot when it was proved to be true. Has she said anything else about it?

    • Anitabee says:

      Personally I think they have always treated Teresa like the village idiot. They let her slide on everything because they know how ridiculous she is.

      But I have to say – no, I don’t think they’re as tight as Bravo editting makes them out to be.

      • RIerinFL says:

        Out of the cast, I like Caroline the best. But it drives me crazy the way she is always making excuses for that twit. Now that Dina is godmother, I hope that doesn’t mean that Caroline wont call her out.

        • For me, there was a lot explained during the Baptisim and that “first dance with baby” scene.
          Tears were shed, and Dina made comments in narration, and maybe Caroline did too, about how she had NEVER SEEN this, “first dance” business, and Teresa explained that it is a TRADITION that they do for ALL of their babies.
          (sorry to yell)
          THAT, led me to believe that these “close family friends” had not celebrated the other girls’ Baptisim with the Giudices. The other girls are not that old. Milania just turned 4, so how come the Manzos were so surprized about this, “tradition”?

          • RIerinFL says:

            And not knowing them that long, isn’t it odd that she was chosen as a godmother. Someone that will be associated with the family forever. In my family, godmothers are someone you are really, really, really (you get the idea) close to. I wonder if Dina is regretting accepting the honor.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            I noticed that too, and thought it was a little odd.

            Milania just turned 4 and isn’t she the 2nd youngest one?

            So that means no one from the show, Jac, Dina, Caroline knew Theresa well enough 4 years ago to go to her christening.

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              IMO Teresa and Joe have used family members to be godparents for the first three but used Dina for Audriana because of the show.

          • Ellabean says:

            Astute observation.

            And perhaps the Manzos suddenly came in handy to give a discount for the use of the Brownstone.

        • BambiBaby22 says:

          I like her too, althought I do see her as Pinky Tuscadaro and the other two bimbos as the Pinkettes.

  21. I’m gagging from Rob’s article too. As-IF “everyone” had 11 mil to piss-away.

    About Lynda from DC. I’m still not watching, but I have peeked at the show, and she intriques me the most. Is that large black man her husband?
    I’m not sure about her concern for the party-crasher’s weight. And on that issue, I hate to say, I’m a skinny person myself, (usually/currently), and although I have been heavy at times, and I understand fat-prejudice, skinny-prejudice can be just as bad.
    Some people really have no control over their metabolisim, (heavy or thin), and it really is a personal thing between a person & their doctor.
    I have had people make remarks to my face about being “too thin”, when I weigh 135 pounds, which is my low-end, and it just isn’t nice to feel like people are telling you that you look sick just because you are thin. (ha ha-and if they say that to your face, you imagine what is being said behind your back).
    Aside from that, Lynda stands-out for me in this bunch.
    -OH-the reason for my post, I’m posting on Thursday. Simon has been posting Twitter-teases for a few weeks now about an “announcement” that Alex will be making soon.
    Something was supposed to come-out last week, but it was postponed ’till this week.
    I’m keeping an eye on Simon & Alex’s Tweets, and from what I can tell, the “announcement”, will be posted, or announced by sometime tomorrow. (Friday)
    I don’t know if we’ll have to wait ’till Friday or not, and I’m wondering if it has to do with RHWONYC?

    • RIerinFL says:

      Now I’m on pins and needles! I’m not kidding, I feel like a kid. RHWNY is the show I feel most vested about and can’t wait to hear that Alex and Simon are going to be back on. I will be beyond livid if that moron T is asked back to NJ and A/S are not asked back.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Silex travel to Britain and to Australia for the advertisement of the show. Two markets that would not like having Silex fired.

    • Ellabean says:

      Oh sweet justice. Please please. Let Alex be asked back first and let Jill squirm.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Maybe Bravo will make Jill publically apologize for what she did last season before they will invite her back!

        • RIerinFL says:

          I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an apology from the Queen of Bitches. See Luann your just a Countess, Jill is a Queen!

  22. Lovebeth says:

    Wouldn’t it be gold if Alex twittered that she has been asked back to NYC? which means she is the first one that Bravo asked back? I think Boston mentioned something like that a while back and Jill will say “I am the bigger person so I will just not film with Alex cuz we are not friends” lol

    I would love that!

  23. klmh says:

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but it made me smile:


  24. Teresa just Tweeted the url of the custom outfit that produced the hidious dresses.
    What IS it with Teresa and, “let them eat cake”-Marie Antonnette?
    Consider yourself warned, here’s the link: cillasebastian.com

    • MAMAZ says:

      WOW! I just looked at the site. What a tacky waste of material. Did you see the price for the Marie Antionette monstrosities?

    • IMJ says:

      Those have to be the tackiest clothes ive ever seen. I have a headache from that eyesore.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Fantasyland clothes on crack! I will admit that someone is an excellent seamstress but the designer needs a reality check stat! Who would pictures their daughters in these circus couture creations? Who??

    • Ellabean says:

      I thought of them as 1940’s drapes meets Madame Alexander dolls on LSD.

    • felony stupid says:

      OMG. That stuff is just awful. Curtains hanging on children. Just gross.

  25. skogsstig says:

    Another great blog, Lynn! Love reading your take on Top Chef. 🙂 At this point, Tiffany’s got my vote… While this season might not be as great as the last one, at least it’s a break from the less than stellar housewives.

    Here’s another take on TC from Minx Eats – I read her blog for both entertainment and food inspiration. Luv her blog. Have a taste!

  26. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Has BRAVO made an announcement officially firing Danielle? It has been posted and spinned everywhere, but all information is attributed to “a source”. I am truly hoping that this is PRJILL, that the housewives of NJ are using. If they banded together, refusing to film with Danielle, they should have all been fired. Without Danielle, their story lines are boring, annoying and disgusting i.e. Caroline, Jac and Theresa.

    Hopefully they have started these rumours to see if BRAVO will actually pull the plug on Danielle. I know the show is popular, but I believe they could have cleaned house and still gotten viewership next season. I bet you Theresa would have dumped Jac and Caroline if they offered to bring her back with new wives. She needs the pizza dough!

    • dumberries says:

      I don’t believe Bravo has confirmed any NJ HWs for next season. Everything that’s being written seems to be from “sources” unidentified. In other words, rumors. Remember Zarin’s planted story about Bravo not asking Alex and Simon back for season 3? It didn’t get as much exposure because they weren’t the stars of the show (like Danielle), but could be the same type of strategy.

      What I do find curious is Caroline and Teresa hitting the talk show circuit together, without Jacqueline. Makes me wonder if Teresa is in damage control mode and been advised that she needs a buffer (especially after The View disaster). And with Ashley playing the rebellious teen, getting piercings and tattoos (and tweeting about not talking to her mom), seems possible that Jacqueline decided to pull the plug for her family. But, nothing is ever what it seems to be with the NJ gang, so maybe the reunion will shed more light on the future status…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I’m disinclined to believe any of this firing and letter business until Bravo does make an official announcement. The “source” information could be totally accurate and Bravo is looking at the viewer feedback before they make it official….

      • icantstandthetoxicity says:

        I agree with you WCW, it’s too soon for Bravo to make these type of decisions. I think Bravo would wait until the RHONJ season was over before they make decisions about the cast. Someone mentioned this earlier, the “source” reminds me of when Jill planted the information in the newspaper about Alex and Simon being let go from RHONY. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the “sources” of this information about Danielle is Teresa.

  27. shamrockblonde says:

    I had so hoped that the announcement would be that Alex was pregnant, but Simon confirms that this is not the case – and thanks Lynn for keeping me current in the drama that is RHONJ and RHODC – that English woman is horrid and the blond gate crasher is a devious manipulative person, whom I suspect has been eating too many of Kelly’s gummi bears – dangerous combination that – as for the rest of the cast, there is one woman that I can tolerate so far, but I don’t know her name – very good with kids, and very quiet – maybe that’s why I like her – as for the rest – I’d rather follow their exploits here than slowly be brought to a boiling point watching them on tv – as always, you rock Lynn – and not just because of your name!!!

  28. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    This is one of Kelly’s funniest tweets. She is calling other people crazy. LOL

    kikilet Taking a break from the crazies on twitter. Off for a run with chief and ted. Then surfing. Byeeeeeeeeeeee
    3 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    • Ellabean says:

      I think the crazies in Twitter just got dialed down to a level 2.

      • Zoey says:

        LOL, so true. She’s tuning them down, AND out! Someone must have struck a nerve. I didn’t think she had any feelings.

        I sure wish Twitter were set up different. I find it hard to follow, and you don’t know what the response is to that you’re reading!

        • Ellabean says:

          I’m with you Zoey. Reading tweets is often confusing for me too. Glad we have an astute group here to translate !

          But check out my post below as to why I think Kelly tweeted this particular message – at this particular time – today.

        • Squirrels says:

          “Someone must have struck a nerve. I didn’t think she had any feelings.”

          Oh please please – I hope it was ME!

    • felony stupid says:

      Oh Kelly…no matter how far you run, there you are.

  29. WindyCityWondering says:

    Have the RHONY on as background while doing paperwork…..I hate Jill Zarin!
    For all the months we have not had to watch her, she is still and will always be the woman who’s words and actions irritate me beyond belief…… She had all summer to make amends with her castmates and she didn’t. They avoided her even in the small confines of the Hamptons…..while none said they would not film with her, I suspect that if they did it would be tense and forced and get boring real quick for us who view.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I have it on too. Sonya is the one who keeps talking about having sex, one night stands, “Have you ever thought about having sex with women?” to Kelly
      …I mean constantly talking about it around Kelly. The only time Bethenny said anything about it was in answering Sonya’s question if she’d ever had a one night stand and she had to think about it for a minute. Kelly JUMPS on that and from then on Bethenny is a ho-bag. Never attacks Sonya for all her talk about it. All the tweets copying Bethenny’s life. If I were Bethenny I’d get a restraining order against her. Just to be safe. SHE is the creepy one! …in so many ways but her obsession with Bethenny is over the top weird.

      obsession (əbˈsɛʃən)

      — n
      1. psychiatry a persistent idea or impulse that continually forces its way into consciousness, often associated with anxiety and mental illness
      2. a persistent preoccupation, idea, or feeling
      3. the act of obsessing or the state of being obsessed

  30. Quincy IL says:

    I was meandering through our posts and taking a stroll with links when I saw a comment on another blog about debtors’ prisons. We don’t have debtors’ prisons anymore. We let them off the hook for their debts and give them a “new start.” I think that we should consider bringing back debtors’ prisons or make it really painful for people, like Teresa or Lynn Curtin, to spend 60,000 dollars when they are trying to walk away from their debts. I think what Lynn did when living in homes without paying the rent and allegedly stealing furniture was worth a few years in prison learning that you can’t steal without a penalty. I think Teresa’s spending should be punished when she has lavish parties, trips and buys clothes without the money in the bank account to pay immediately.

    I think women like Lynn and Teresa don’t understand that a credit card is a monetary transaction. They don’t think about the payment for the items they take from the store. I didn’t want to say purchase, because they don’t pay.

    Lynn got canned. Were her crimes as bad as Teresa’s? Both were terrible mothers when it came to disciplining their kids. Both spent their husbands into the proverbial poor house. Teresa threw that table and chased Danielle for viewers, but we had our fun times with the delivery of the eviction notice. Bravo got income from all of those antics.

    From the tweets, we learn that Teresa doesn’t know if she is going back to NJ. I believe that she would be singing from the roof top is she had gotten that invitation. There still is hope that she will be fired. Let’s hope she goes on a lot of interview shows without Caroline. Teresa does a better job of digging her own grave when she is alone.

  31. Ellabean says:

    Oh Oh Oh ! Light bulb moment about Kelly’s recent tweet (thx Windy!):

    kikilet Taking a break from the crazies on twitter. Off for a run with chief and ted. Then surfing. Byeeeeeeeeeeee”

    Do you realize what is airing on Bravo at this very moment ?

    3pm EST – Part One – of Scary Island.
    4pm EST – Part Two – Kelly’s breakdown.

    I think Kelly tweeting about “crazies” just now is no coincidence. Either she is : 1) trying to get the child Ted out of the house away from the TV, or 2) projecting again that “everyone else” is crazy, not her, especially as the well known evidence about her craziness is about to be on TV any minute.

    • Zoey says:

      Good thinking you guys. She must be having flashbacks.

      Here goes Bethenny giving everyone the dreaded bag of horrors. How dare she!!

      • Ellabean says:

        Yeah – I’d hate getting a cute totebag full of useful gifts on a nice vacation…..duh!

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        When Kelly opens the door and jumps back upon seeing the “impersonal” personalized bags <—-ROFLMAO

        • Ellabean says:

          That is so wacked – then laying on the bed crying.

          • Zipit Zarin says:

            Can’t re-watch the photo shoot tho. Kelly yelling out her crazy random instructions to the women. Nope, can’t bear it again.

        • Zoey says:

          I was cracking up too, she jumped like she was scared. So stupid.

          As far as the photo shoot, I’m sure the bikini she had on is by a wonderfully talented designer and cost a pretty penny, but I’m sorry- it looked like a diaper with some sort of sash around the waist. I didn’t find it flattering on her/him AT ALL!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Good catch – Kelly watches Bravo alot and when her behavior (Scary Island) is on she is out of there!

  32. Ellabean says:

    oops – credit to icantstandthetoxity for heads up about Kelly’s tweet !

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      @Ellabean I forgot they were doing a marathon of RHONY. Kelly’s tweet about “crazies” wasn’t a coincidence. She decided to sign off of Twitter because she realized that they were replaying the “Terror On High Seas” episode. People are probably tweeting Kelly and telling her that she is crazy. She decided to get out of dodge. LOL

  33. Quincy IL says:

    Lynn, I suspect that you have insider information that you have to keep secret in order to protect your sources. I hope that you give us hints now and then.

  34. housewifehater says:

    Now I’m worried about one of Bethenny’s Tweets. Hoping that it has NOTHING, (why am I being so loud today?), to do with RHWONYC.
    It said something about doing the right thing but feeling bad about it-I’ll try to find it to C&P. I SO hope she doesn’t mean that she’s not coming back to NYC.
    When the season ended, I thought about my perfect line-up, and it would not include Jill, or Kelly, of course, but it would include Bethenny & her new crew.
    That Tweet made it sound like she was coming from a place of “no” about something????

    • housewifehater says:

      OK-I’m including the latest one. Bethenny & Kelly BOTH at the beach. They sure have been at the same time & place lately…………unless it is just copycat Kelly again.

      (copied Bethenny Tweets)
      # @Artisticsha thanks.everyone have a terrific day.I’m going to the beach to swim in the ocean&snug in the shade w bryn! about 6 hours ago
      # Isn’t it dreadful when you have to make the right yet difficult decision&you literally lose sleep over it? about 9 hours ago

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        It’s more dreadful to tweet that cryptic message and have us all wondering WTF. 😛

        • Quincy IL says:

          Bethenny has a few things she has been pondering… baby number two, her current show, NYC housewives, and staffing issues.

          My guess is…. she is going to have a second baby because she loves Jason, she will be on part two of Bethenny Got Married and she won’t be on NYC because Kelly got a green light for the show…

          • Squirrels says:

            I don’t think B will go back to RHONY, simply because she is too busy. Brand taking off like a skyrocket, new hubby, new baby. More going on than a congresswoman in the throws of a campaign. To take on NY would seriously jeopardize her already nutso life.

            Don’t do it B!

            • felony stupid says:

              As much as I would like to see B back on RHONY, why would she? IMO that ride is over for her and she has moved on both personally and professionally. It would be a backwards move to deal with Jill and Kelly’s catiness on a regular basis. If I were B I would let them have RHONY so they could turn on eachother.

              I just feel badly for Alex, Sonja and Ramona since they may get stuck with dumb and dumber. At least they will have eachother.

              • dumberries says:

                I’d feel bad for them too Felony, but I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that Kelly will be invited back (I sure hope not!)

      • Ellabean says:

        Don’t worry – Bethenny is in Montauk. Kelly is in the Hamptons – about an hour away.

        Whatever Bethenny is tweeting, I feel very sure that there is no way that she will ever film with – or choose to be around Kelly ever again. Maybe if she had not had Bryn, and it was just her, she might. But clearly and understandably Bethenny is in vigilant protecting her child mode – forever more.

  35. Adgirl says:

    I’ve noticed something this season on TC – many of the contestants were smoking cigarettes (maybe the 1st or 2nd epi).
    On Hells Kitchen most of the competitors smoke, the producers probably prefer them so the cast sits together drinking and smoking and hopefully flirting or fighting.

    Anthony Bourdains book Kitchen Confidential mentions many kitchen staff smoking/drinking/snorting.

    Doesn’t that ruin their palette???

    • felony stupid says:

      You know Adgirl, I’ve always wondered the same thing. I don’t know if it is an industry thing and a lot of chefs smoke or if it just coincidence on these shows but it does seem odd.

      • Zoey says:

        What an interesting question. How can they truly taste anything as is actually is, if what we hear is true, that your taste and taste buds change if you’re a smoker.
        I’d like to know more about this.

  36. JenD says:

    Good point Lynn, although Teresa never mentioned Caroline on her twitter. Caroline only wrote teresa’s name on her twitter, she did not actually tweeted the whole name, something is wrong.

  37. Wendy says:

    Great blogs, Lynn. Thanks for all the updates. I haven’t posted in awhile but have been reading everyday.

    Re: Rachel Zoe
    This woman is so self-centered and materialistic. I find it hard to believe there is a single charitable bone in her anorexic body. I think this fashion show was done just for her show. Heck, she probably charged Naomi C for her services. She just seems so phony to me. The way she gushes all over the celebrities and designers. No way these people are really her friends. Gwen S most likely wanted to plug her clothing line.
    Also, accusing Taylor of stealing when she has no way to defend herself. That’s BS. I dont even believe Taylor was fired. Most likely, she couldn’t deal with Rachel and just quit.

    Thanks for the rant. Feel better now.
    Oh one more thing, Thanks Tom Colluccio for repeating the same sentence 10 ten times on your blog for those of us who aren’t as smart as you are!
    Get over yourself.

  38. Wall St Lady says:

    Hummm ? New blog coming ? Where is everybody ?

  39. Squirrels says:

    I taped the BB after dark last night. It’s really interesting what goes on beyond the show. There is this voice from the sky that says things like, “Hayden, please reattach your microphone. Ryan, you are not allowed to talk about things you say in the (whatever) room. Enzo, please go to the (whatever) room.

    I cannot believe what these people have to put up with. They discuss who gets to take a shower and at what time. It’s nutz!

    • Squirrels says:

      Diary room… sorry, I just couldn’t remember the name of the “whatever” room.

      • felony stupid says:

        Hey Squirrels you mentioned on yesterday’s blog something about that silly robot. Any inside info on whoooo was inside that costume??? 🙂

  40. Wall St Lady says:

    On the wall
    Whose a media wore
    After All ?
    I am watching Kelly & decided to share this:

    On Ramona’s trip Kelly attacked Bethanny & called her a
    media Wore along w/ some other unfounded accusations. This was particularly revolting cuz Miss B had just poured her heart out about her fathers death & ANY human being deserved to b comforted not abused. So I have proof Kelly is the media Wore. Remember how Kelly has said several times that when she was contacted by Bravo she had never watched any HW show ? Well my brother’s girlfriend worked for Rubenstein Associates and Rubenstein was Kelly’s PR firm before she became a Bravo Starlet (yuck yuck). Many rich people in NYC want to seem important so they hire a PR firm to PROMOTE them by getting their picture in the social picture spots. It costs $3-10 000 /month depending on what the client wants. Having a PR firm is something people deny like people USED to deny a boob job. I have even been accused of having a PR firm but in reality a college class mate is one of the most powerful society columnists in the USA & she always “promotes” me. (Yawn Yawn)
    I wouldn’t dream of wasting $$$ this way. Its done by VERY insecure people & it really makes them think they r MORE IMPORTANT than the rest of the world. (Can’t resist this I buy beautiful 2nd hand party clothes cuz I wouldn’t dream of wasting thousands of $$$ on new gowns ) Back to Kelly. My friend who worked on Kelly’s account came said Kelly came in one day & announced “Get me on the NYC HW TV show. Then she went further & DEMANDed that they get her a audition ASAP ! & would tolerate NO Excuses! My friend was a little taken back because previous to this Kelly had been very sweet. My friend said Kelly’s husband Gilles was also involved w/Kelly’s promotion/account & was a very nice man but wasn’t there the day she demanded to be a HW. The Rubenstein Kelly team got right on it & got her an interview & went whew !
    Net Net : Kelly lies & she is the media Wore. Bethanny may be in the lime light but she deserved the buzz ! BTW Miss B. Probably has a PR firm now but not to promote but to coordinate & to try to protect untrue statements & it is possible her assistant handles 80% of the PR & an outside firm covers the rest. I close in saying it was so sweet when Miss B was so surprised & grateful outside the 4 Seasons for her wedding when the press lined up & waited for her in the rain. It shows that unlike I Hate ill , Kelly & blowing Kisses Trasha , Miss B is humble yet delighted & loved by the press. 🙂

    • Squirrels says:

      wow! the hits just keep on coming. I have no clue as to what it must be like to be in the midst of the hoopla that is NYC, although I love that city.

      What I find intriguing is the notion that these “reality” shows perpetrate a ruse on the viewers. Your discussion on the Countless and a charity you pour sweat into seriously chaps my @ss, and this is why I think they would $#!T can Danielle from RHONJ. She’s a dangerous woman in the sense she could blow the lid off the whole Genie in a Bottle gig and do it under the guise of a court of law. Even Bravo cannot escape that potential reality.

      Bravo does not want their own dirty laundry aired. They make contracts to be sure that doesn’t happen in the land of viewership or public opinion and they most certainly don’t want to see their outlandish tactics play out in a court, where they have zero control.

      I for one would love to see this cable channel completely exposed and humiliated. After all, isn’t that what they do to women? Misogyny may rule in the board room, but it won’t play well in the legal system.


    • RIerinFL says:

      Wow Wall St Lady! Thanks for the information. They asked her because they didn’t know she was f’n crazy.
      Or knowing Bravo, they did know and thought it would be fun to see her wreak havoc on the rest of the cast.

    • Ellabean says:

      Oh Oh Oh ! Dee-lish Wall Street Lady. No I am not channeling the diner scene in When Harry Met Sally.

      Thank you -Thank You- Thank you. I heart you. 🙂

      Was watching the NY re-reuns this afternoon too – as I mentioned upthread.
      I had to re-watch Kelly closely. Your post was my pay off for the guilt that I felt.

      …Please don’t hold back if you feel more urges to vent !

      • jezzibel says:

        Wow…so Kelly was nice and sweet up until that point and something happened that switched her crazy switch on.

        WSL..I love secondhand clothes…well I enjoy the hunt for treasures found at Goodwill,thrift town, estate sales, garage sales…I think the only thing I’ve brought at full retail price in the last 2 yrs is my reebok runtones…and I felt very guilty about it.

    • Anitabee says:

      Tell us more…tell us more…pretty please with sugar on top.

      Did Kelly go psycho after being on the show? I mean at the start of this past season she had just assaulted her financee. She looked kinda cookoo from the beginning.

      • Tootsie says:

        and another thing! It has ticked me off no end the way Krazy Kelly judges others, like calling Bethenny a ho-bag. Kelly was married for 10 years and she never had sex before or after the world famous photographer. Also, she criticizes others yet wears skirts, fur things, shorts, whatever, so short her “kutchie kutchie” is there for all to see. I suppose she’s hoping everyone is so interested in h er displaying her “kutchie kutchie” they don’t look at that horrid face. I’m getting mad now.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      You know what- you’re a pretty funny writer.

      I snorted out loud at the “yuck, yuck” and woke up my cat sleeping on my desk.

      By the way, that’s usually my litmus test of humor, the cat wakes up=your good.

    • Quincy IL says:

      WSL, do you know Jill?

      • housewifehater says:

        Jill had her own society photographer on her payroll for years.
        There is a company in Philly that will act like they are paparazzi and follow you for a big night out for a starting fee of about $600.
        (they charge extra for flash-bulbs etc.)

        I love the juicy details WSL! For some reason, the part about Kelly’s ex not being there when she demanded to be a HW is extra interesting. I already guessed who your friend is. Initial “H”?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      What you say is in the same vein as Lizzie Grubman’s father’s remarks in an article I read where IIRC he was quoted as saying that for years whenever Kelly saw him she would ask him how she could become famous.

      Kelly’s fame/media whore who wants to be famous for being famous.

      Bethenny’s been working on establishing a business for years uses the media to promote her business.

  41. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweets—-
    With chief at the barn. I love this new horse. He’s dreamy

    Not sure who likes going to the barn better, me or chief. Amaze ride. What a horse. Wow.

    Is Kelly dating a horse?

    • Squirrels says:

      We already know Kelly is LEASING that horse.

      We also know Kelly is a Bat Shit whacko.

      What WSL brought to light is clearly going to send Kill-her-en over the edge. What will her PR team do now? Stay tuned. Same BatShit baloney time, Same BatShit Channel.

      Or is that Chanel?

    • felony stupid says:

      I thought kelly was a horse.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        A RH blogger’s mom—the blogger writes down her mom’s “reviews” of the shows—refers to Kelly as “Mr Ed.”

    • Ellabean says:

      Kelly – Stay in the barn.

      Bravo – Put the horse on the Real Housewives of NY.

  42. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet—-
    when I get my own show. I will be happy to show you all of me: good, bad, ugly. I make a lot of mistakes. So what?
    Kelly, We’ve already seen the bad & the ugly. What will your new show be about?
    Let me guess. Hmmm… People that live off of others? People that talk in circles?
    People that do nothing with their lives? How to avoid your kids? How to dress like a bum? How to beef up a resume?

    Kelly do the world a favor and disappear. Get a job. Soon your girls will be 18 and no more kiss in the mail for you. Stop talking out of your ass and do something productive.

  43. Adgirl says:

    @ Wall St Lady: I love you!

    Bestest story ever. I think we ALL thought something like this about poor little ambushed KKB!
    Oh. Wait. Jill was ambushed. Kelly was systematically bullied. Sorry.

    How unfortunate (and odd) that BOTH of these two besties have been the target of planned, intentional mischief!! My God they must be important to garner this level of female pack behavior!!

  44. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet—-
    I don’t think of myself as a “housewife.” I love @jillzarin. Keep hating her, and make her more famous. She rocks.

    Kelly, Give your bff Jill a call and ask her what she thinks of all your tweets.
    ask her about this one—- I am using the ridiculous anger from #rhnyc as a vehicle to generate money for charity. Get mean, give

  45. jezzibel says:

    she acting like its already a done deal

    @ElizabethPort when I get my own show. I will be happy to show you all of me: good, bad, ugly. I make a lot of mistakes. So what?
    about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to ElizabethPort

    • dumberries says:

      Kelly can’t leave RHNY – she has a duty to “legitimize the brand”. She’s so full of crap. She pretends that Bravo begged her to join the cast to “raise the bar”. Those are direct quotes.

      Her new show? Yep. It’s Kelly pretending like she’s an editor and live streaming herself from her home office over the internet, using her iPhone. Remember, the Out interview (a must-read classic). It will never happen, she never sticks with anything. But, there’s no way anyone but Kelly is focusing a show around Kelly,

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      She’s delusional – maybe she really believes that she can just become Bethenny. Does this remind anyone of “single white female?”

      • dumberries says:

        Yep, I just watched SWF two weeks ago – good movie! I’m waiting for Kelly to pull up to a Bravo event in a SkinnyGirl convertible, her newly dyed black hair blowing in the wind, and a car seat with a primi baby doll in the back seat. Creepy…

  46. felony stupid says:

    I’m still in shock over those ‘clothes’ on the site upthread. I can’t take this horror alone. Teresa should be in jail just for dressing her children in these frocks.


    My eyes!

    • Ellabean says:

      I’m here felony. You’re not alone in your shock. My eyes still hurt.

      • felony stupid says:

        Thanks Ellebean! I just dont know how anyone gets away calling these clothes. They are like clown outfits. Just terrible.

        • felony stupid says:

          I’m so upset I typo’ed!! Ellabean Ellabean Ellabean. 🙂

          • Ellabean says:

            Quite okay, felony ! Hope you see this .:)

            I’ll answer to any variation of my name – I ‘hear’ them as friendly endearments.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      They must go to garage or estate sales and buy old drapery for these hideous creations.

    • KellitaM says:

      Such tacky ridiculousness. I’m surprised her 9yo wants to dress like that. By the time my daughter was 9, she was done with the bows and frill.

      • felony stupid says:

        I have to let this go…but at least if these were little princess dresses or something I could understand why a little girl would want to wear them. These are clown clothes…they are ruffles of horrible ugly fabric…they make the girls look like the neck of a Jack in the Box.

        Okay…I have to move on. I’m so glad I have boys. haha

    • boston02127 says:

      Those dresses are zip away cloths. After the auction they go back up as Teresa’s curtains.

  47. Ellabean says:

    “Kelly’s tweet—-
    when I get my own show….”

    Uh – did she really say that? The word….. “when” ?

    The ego and lack of self awareness and narcissism is truly astounding.

    I know, I know. What more can we say about her. I shake my head.

  48. Ellabean says:

    Wait !

    Kelly is tweeting this crap about “her own show” – – once again – – becuase Bravo is airing the NY re-runs this afternoon. Again – these tweets are for a reason – today of all days.

    She is on major defense. I fear for anyone around her this evening. Cat pee smell and all…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Do you suppose that Kelly thinks Bravo is going to give her her own show? It makes Kellysense – Bethenny had one and now it is her turn? She has kept herself in the media (whore) all summer, she has made utube public service messages, exercise and cooking videos – so hasn’t she worked hard and shouldn’t she get a show of her own???

      • felony stupid says:

        Maybe she demanded her PR team to get her own show. Let’s see how that works out. IMHO she may want to keep on with her youtube vids.

  49. Ellabean says:

    Boston – or anyone:

    Question: in your opinoin , is Kelly the Real HW that seems to do the most tweeting?

      • Anitabee says:

        Of course she does.

        She’s under the delusional that tweeting is considered “working”. You know she works hard everyday for her girls by tweeting, riding horses, making Youtube videos, eating one meal a day, running in traffic, putting sea salt in her hair and wondering how she can copy Bethenny so she can get a man too. You know, like the ones on “Mad Men” who lived and worked in NY over 50 years ago.

        Oh and by night she does charity work by letting commoners take her pictures on step and repeats.

      • Ellabean says:

        Thanks Boston.

    • dumberries says:

      I don’t tweet, but we sure see more postings of Kiki’s tweets than anyone else’s. Plus, I think she totally drinks (and/or drugs) & tweets. She deserves a TUI – tweeting under the influence..

      • jezzibel says:

        but..if she does’nt tweet how are we going to know how real, authentic and chritable she is.

  50. WindyCityWondering says:

    While watching the scene when Joe tells Chris and Jacq about his “accident” I noticed that Chris is looking at him like he can’t believe the bull coming out of Joe’s mouth!
    I hope the court/judge has been shown this farce explanation of that night and also the scenes of Joe driving (with his kids in the back without seatbeats on while going to the christening). I hope that tomorrow in court he is given double the community service because he is not sorry, not honest and a horse’s ass!

    • dumberries says:

      I know Windy, I don’t think one single person believe’s Juicy’s story.

      Well, tomorrow he’ll be in court to appeal 30 days of community service. What an axxhole – he can steal from the community, but don’t try to make him give something back! We’ll see if the judge thinks he’s too pretty to work for others. I hope he gets the 30 days in jail instead…..

    • RIerinFL says:

      Does anyone know what the harshest thing the Judge can do tomorrow? I want him to do 30 days community service and 30 days in jail for thinking he is above it.

      • dumberries says:

        That would be great! Or, how about 30 days community service and 30 days house arrest. He would have an ankle monitor and be prohibited from leaving Teresa and the little angels for even a minute. Okay, maybe that’s cruel and unusual – wouldn’t want taxpayers to pay for a suicide watch team.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Juicy’s already been sentenced to 30 days community svs or jail. (He had to pay a fine also.)

        Juicy’s appealing that portion of his sentence. If Juicy wins on appeal his sentence is reduced. If he loses, his sentence remains as it was.

  51. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet—Going surfing at the beach. Stay glued to #rhnyc. It only gets better.

    Kelly, I looked up the tide chart in your area. How do you surf in low tide?

    • Squirrels says:

      DOH…. SERIOUS SMACK DOWN!… Of course you realize she has no surfing skills, but for the 10′ board which is like riding a sofa in any circumstance. Other than that? I so adore Killoren.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Kelly putting on a wetsuit, carrying a surfboard and looking at the ocean = surfing!

    • Anitabee says:

      She’s surfing the LSD high tide…I’m sure she’ll have a great “trip”.

    • felony stupid says:

      But how is that possible? Kel is so real and authentic. Oh wait, I mean she is so transparent. She thinks its cool to say she is doing stuff…riding, surfing, dining, cooking…whatever.

      Oh Kelly, we all know you are sitting on that big plastic horse, jelly beans in one hand, iphone in the other, watching RHONY reruns. Go to sleep!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      OMG-I’m falling in luv with you! LMFAO!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Remember….Bethenny’s actually a surfer. Doesn’t make a big deal about it but has mentioned it occasionally over the years.

      Didn’t B recently mention surfing while on her vacation?

      So now Kelly of course is going surfing and has to tweet about it. Kelly’s going surfing whether or not there are any waves (or water) to surf in.

  52. Squirrels says:

    BRAVO… BRAVO… I have a new show idea for you..


    Top of the list? Pick one….

    Jill (I’m now well past the I hate my sister to her dying day, so kiss my @ss life) Zarin

    Teresa (I cannot pronounce my own name correctly, never mind the name of a sanitary object) Giudice

    Kim (can’t even remember what I drank never mind what I said last night) Gantrell/Cant-tell…. whatever.

    Danielle (Someone save me now, or I’ll bring a man with a loaded weapon) Staub

    Kelly Kill-or-en-kill-me-now (I refuse to allow her the dignity of using her ex husband’s name) Dipshit

    Michaele (my name is a joinder of my parents names Ted and Alice) Salami

    All votes will be taken into serious consideration while I pour one more glass of Pinot.

  53. Sha2000 says:

    “Will you shop at ‘Real Housewives’ star Teresa Giudice’s bankruptcy sale?”


    • RIerinFL says:

      Did you see the comment from someone saying that they wanted to buy stuff and give it back to J/T because they feel bad for them? Nice but doesn’t have a clue about these two losers. And how can you not have some incling of what grifters these two are after all the press they have been getting?
      I consider myself a nice person but I wouldn’t offer T/J the time of day!

      • Sha2000 says:

        Yup, that’s why I posted it.

        I do hope the toys are not for sale,

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        I will search that person out and anything they bid on, even if it’s the tackiest item in the house, I will outbid them. No Matter What. It’s a mission for me now.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Eewww; the though just occurred to me what if you bid & win their bed? Yuck!

          • Laura aka Just done says:

            ewww…bad visual! Now I need to bleach my eyes! LOL

          • RIerinFL says:

            It might be worth donating it to Daniel and who knows she may just be in need of it come Oct.
            Ew, just had a thought:
            Think of Teresa watchin D’s sex videos featuring her bed and Dina’s hubby!

            • housewifehater says:

              Someone somewhere (sorry) posted how this kind of auction works. Its actually pretty complicated.
              The highest bidder/winner has a right to refuse, and then it passes to the second bidder, and third.
              Supposedly, there is a way to “game” an auction by having your highest bidder be a shill, and they drop-out, and then you also have a friend as second-highest, I’m not sure how it works, and it is not fool-proof because someone could legitimately be the highest bidder & take it at that price.

      • twoile says:

        I expect it was writen by a “special friend” 4 pr .

    • Sha2000 says:

      Olivia, are you in NJ? You can meet Kim D at that event & ask for an autograph. Don’t forget your camera! Lol.

  54. Pingback: Systematic Tweeting | Kelly Is Loco

  55. Ellabean says:

    Kelly’s tweet—Going surfing at the beach. Stay glued to #rhnyc. It only gets better.”

    “Stay glued to #rhnyc.”

    THIS. is the telling phrase in her tweet. One more time. She is having a Thursday afternoon Bravo meltdown due to the reruns – and not just any re-reuns – but the Scary Island ones.

    Classic deflection. As if to dupe us all into believing that the re-run meltdowns were planned – and leading up to something great for her. It ‘s like saying – no look over here – not at the train wreck.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Horseback riding, surfing etc; it must be nice.

      • Kukulet says:

        Has anyone else noticed how little time Kelly spends “doing” all these things? ‘Going riding” – and she’s back tweeting in an hour. “Going surfing” – tweeting again inside of two hours.

        I have to agree with the poster above who noted that Kelly is probably just sitting on her plastic horse, tossing down jelly beans and Adderall, and glued to herself on television.

    • dumberries says:

      If history repeats (the last 2 times the full season was aired), Kiki will be downing some Patron shots soon, and the manic tweeting will commence…

      • Ellabean says:

        Manic. Thats the word I’ve been looking for.

        Kelly = manic. She is ‘cycling’ (not bikes) for those of you that know about that stuff. If she is bi-polar, or even on an Adderall high, she is on the High part. Pls forgive my caps. I am not screaming – just using inflection in my voice.

      • boston02127 says:

        @dumberries —Then my job here is done.

  56. jezzibel says:

    JKHayden1066 @kikilet so verbally abusing a bereft pregnant woman is your idea of fun television..
    my response to her..fairly civil I think

  57. boston02127 says:

    Laura — How did everything go today?

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Thanks for asking Boston – it went well, but it’s not a job for me. He told me I was overqualified, but does want me for another job. I’m not really interested in that job though. Maybe part-time, we’ll see. It felt good for him to tell me that I was too qualified to do the job, and that he couldn’t see “wasting my talent.” LOL That was his way of saying “we can’t afford you!” 🙂

      Made me feel better about myself at least. Thanks again! Hopefully another one next week. That job I’d like.

      • dumberries says:

        Glad you went and did well Laura! You sensed that it might not be right for you, but I admire that you scoped out the opportunity. And, like you said yesterday, it’s always smart to build on your interviewee skills. The right position is just around the corner…

      • Kat says:

        I hope you get the job you want.
        I hate interviews.

    • Ellabean says:

      thinking the same thing…..

  58. Laura aka Just done says:

    OH NO SHE DIDN’T – Kikilet just tried to smack me down on twitter

    kikilet @baileyslaura ??? Go enjoy summer. Leave the snark to tv. Lol

    responding to: @JKHayden1066 having a good day? Looking forward to Friday sipping my SG Margerita! loved ur comment to @kikilet I think I love u too

    • felony stupid says:

      Isn’t she supposed to be surfing? Guess her iphone is waterproof.

      Laura you are awesome.

    • jezzibel says:

      today was a not great day for me, so I feel slightly bad for lashing out at Kelly because lets face it she’s a few tacos shy of the full combo platter.

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        yes, she is…but her arrogance is sooo annoying! Don’t feel bad, just give to charity! 🙂

        • jezzibel says:

          Laura I think your are her chosen bete noir for this evening

          • Laura aka Just done says:

            I think you are right! I’m waiting for an answer about what she does…bet that goes unanswered 🙂

          • Laura aka Just done says:

            No I just want to drive out to the hamptons and punch her…

            kikilet @baileyslaura i will explain “working hard’ if u explain ‘ raising children.’ never judge because people are different.

            My response: baileyslaura @kikilet I’ll explain “raising children” Try being a single mom, no child support to a child with special needs. Oh yeah, work full-time 2

            I’ll beat the bitch…don’t get me going

    • dumberries says:

      Is she tweeting you from the surf board, horseback, while running?…. So hard to keep up with all of the healthful activities she does in a half day’s period. Talented tweeter, she is…

  59. Quincy IL says:

    Bravo wouldn’t give Danielle her own show, right?

    The article says the Bravo people grin when asked about Danielle’s show and that there are many leaks about the new show with Danielle starring as Lyndsy Lohen mother and father.

    • housewifehater says:

      Yeah–not only that, Danielle’s girlfriend Tweeted that very article today. The article has the GF’s photo in it, but also says that she, (Lauri?), will be in the “new show”….so I was wondering if the girl-friend’s Tweet was confirming the story?????
      I’m @housewifehater on Twitter, I RT it this afternoon.

  60. RIerinFL says:

    I don’t know if I believe Danielle or not about her relationship with Lori. I know one woman who was married then divorced her husband for a girlfriend. She said is was like a switch was flipped. Another, a close friend of mine, declared she was 100% lesbian and is now married to a man and has a child.
    I personally don’t have a switch to flip but I guess it isn’t unheard of.

  61. Wall St Lady says:

    housewifehater she was right out of college & is now training w/ the military to be a pilot. I would have reported earlier but I wanted to verify the PR firm. She was in training on Paris Island w/only contact via the US mail till very recently.

    • jezzibel says:

      Paris Island sucks this time of year. My fondest wish it that there is a hurricane strong enough that wipes the cursed island off the face of the earth. and takes those damn sand fleas with it!!

    • housewifehater says:

      OH-thanks! Ha ha, I incorrectly guessed that it was a national reporter so I guessed, “Huffington”….this blog is getting mixed-up a little?

  62. Jen says:

    Kelly demanding to be on show actually makes crazy island make more sense to me, she wanted to be famous and after S2 realized no one cared about her so she ratched it up. I don’t think she meant it to go into her real crazy but I see now she went to get camera time and maybe why she started shir

  63. anniieee says:

    Great blog Lynn… awesome comments and observations..all. Wanted to comment, but wanted to keep reading more. Writing copious lesson plans for ART? because we are an urban-inner city school that got a D…so now more paperwork instead of teaching. So tired..oh well….. Keep on keeping one and I love the kids… hate the moneymakers who havent been in a classroom in 25 yrs. AND I LOVE YOU GUYS. Sweet dreams. *kisses*

  64. anniieee says:

    Great blog Lynn… awesome comments and observations..all. Wanted to comment, but wanted to keep reading more. Writing copious lesson plans for ART? because we are an urban-inner city school that got a D…so now more paperwork instead of teaching. So tired..oh well….. Keep on keeping on and I love the kids… hate the moneymakers who havent been in a classroom in 25 yrs. AND I LOVE YOU GUYS. Sweet dreams. *kisses*

    • dumberries says:

      Right back at you aniieee! Good luck the art plans.
      P.S. I liked the double post, a double dose of positive words is nice…

  65. anniieee says:

    now that is tired sorry about the double post.

  66. Sha2000 says:

    Lol, I just showed my 7 yr old the dresses and clicked on order & she grabbed the mouse & started screaming “no it’s ULGY!”

    I wonder what she had to bribe them with to wear it?

  67. Sha2000 says:

    Kim G tweeted this:

    “dying in Arizona Heat 109 degrees. missed 3 Red Carpet Events last night with Tom Murro from the Celebrity Magnet!! I am not happy!!”

    “oh! looked at a chandlier last night 4 my foyer. OMG! gorgeous 100 k but worth it!!”

    Now usually I like her & her pot stirring; but her tweets (at least those two), shallow!

  68. dumberries says:

    Anyone else hoping some great snarker will start a twitter account like “chiefkiki”? “gingerzarin” is a gold mine of laughs. Imagine what Chief would say if he (or she) could! Crossing my fingers…

  69. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    I hope I am wrong but I have a BAD feeling that Bravo invited Kelly back for a fourth season. Somebody asked her on Twitter.

    @kikilet Have you heard from Bravo yet? Did they invite you back for another season on RHONYC?
    15 minutes ago via web

    kikilet @(name deleted) everyone will know soon enough the big news. can u stand it.
    10 minutes ago via web in reply to

    • dumberries says:

      I hope they haven’t asker her back! I really don’t think they’ve decided on the NYC ladies yet, a lot to research and consider with all of the other shows on the menu, plus Bethenny factor.

    • Am I the only one who WANTS Kelly to come back?
      How can u pass up the possibility that she might have another “break through”?
      That was reality tv gold.
      I wouldn’t object to her making a fool out of herself for another season.
      Gives us all something to talk about.

      Personally, I think they should make a new show called “Scary Island” and it should be Kelly, Teresa, Danielle, Nene and Jill trapped in the Island mansion Big Brother style. Maybe through the Countess in just for laughs.

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          and make them search the island for food, no showers, nothing…then they can vote each other off survivor style

      • dumberries says:

        RCH, I really don’t won’t Kelly to be invited back. I agree, she is sadly funny and total snark bait. But, the only time she was interesting on the show was when she was completely whacked out. I think that was real. Without Bethenny to obsess over, she’d probably just be her standard fake, rude and incomprehensible self all season – the Kelly that we fast forward over. She has more in life than she’s earned, imo. I’d rather see her accept that she doesn’t deserve the kind of good immediate fame she craves and get real.

  70. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Wow! The Salahi’s are cheap and tacky human beings. I could not believe that they would not go to Paul’s birthday party unless there was a signed agreement that they were not monetarily responsible for his party. Your name is on the invitation you PAY for the damn thing. Hate them even more.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Are those people really the movers and shakers of DC? I never heard of them before. Same goes for everyone in NYC except Bethenny.

  71. boston02127 says:

    I don’t think I can stomach this English lady thru a whole season.

  72. moriasheehan says:

    Hi everybody, we’ve had flu here, took me 3 days just to read all the blogs and posts to catch up. much earlier, this link was posted, i was looking at the furniture payments and realized someone just dropped $810.00 off the bill. check it out
    the last payment on this was almost 90 days before they filed and the first was in sept of 09, and a second on 10/27. doesn’t the descriptions sound like the stuff up for auction? maybe they bought this stuff to put in house for the trustee to take and all the big buck stuff is hidden. also, maybe the reason the manzo’s put up with t & j is cause they know something the manzo’s don’t want known.
    then again, maybe not.
    good to be back in real time again. missed you all.

    great blogs

    • boston02127 says:

      @moriasheehan–nice to see you back, hope you’re feeling better.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      being sick is never fun but it always seems to be worse in the summer! glad you are feeling better and back! i have always wondered why the manzo clan has been so accepting of the guidice grifters. when you are thick as thieves then there has to be secrets involved…..

      • moriasheehan says:

        actually, it was mr sheehan who was ill. he doesn’t get sick often, (thank the goddess) but when he does, it is all i can do to keep up with him. he is a poor patient. nuff said. 🙂
        i am watching project runway. some pretty cool outfits, tonight. they have to make a dress that goes with these really outrageous hats.

        • Ellabean says:

          Glad to see you back Moria – all the best to Mr. M.
          Most men don’t do “sick” well . Hang in there – all the best.

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          Glad he’s feeling better, both for him and you! Also glad you’re back. I know it takes some time to catch up…been there 🙂

        • cusi77 says:

          Morias_ I would also prefer to have flu myself than my hubby… It is always easier to deal!

  73. CdnFillie says:

    IMHO…if I was B I would do one more season of RHNYC. To me that would ramp up the public interest in another season of BGM or whatever they decide to name it. That would be what I would do 😛

  74. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Teresa is claiming that she doesn’t know who the source is for the Popeater/Rob Shuter article.

    I don’t know who this “friend” is. Not blaming Bravo. Love love love them! Xx

  75. boston02127 says:

    DC/ Between different opinions involving politics and the sensitive issues the housewives seem to be hung up on in the year 2010, I’m not sure if I want to keep watching.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I am uncomfortable watching the interaction too. Erica is jealous that she’s not an official housewife so she slams people and gives the title “racist.” That term is destructive and just as horrible as some of the terms we should never use.

  76. cusi77 says:

    Somebody watching the rerun of RHONJ?

    I just discovered Christine Staub bites her nails! Her hands look exactly like my younger sister’s hands… I think that is the way a child covers her suffering… somebody knows about?

  77. cusi77 says:

    … or her necessity for protection… nourishment…

  78. Olivia says:

    Third episode of the DC Housewives and the needle remains stuck in the same time machine.

    How many times are “birth mothers” searches going to be played out? We have Danielle and now Stacie and though I did not watch Atlanta, wasn’t someone on that show doing the same? Tamra sought out an absent father to drain a few tears and this stuff is getting old.

    Cat is insufferable since half the time I cannot figure out what she is saying. But of course we now find out that she too has “a book” to sell! Fancy that!

    Mary must be the DC version of Kelly/Jacqueline since all she seems to do is “react”. And what’s the story in that she hardly wears a wedding ring in most shots? Seems like all these “Washington elites” do is throw parties for their gay hairdressers, stylists, and make up people.

    I am trying to like Stacie but am still warming up. No surprise that she and her husband are Obama supporters but his name comes up often enough to rival the mention of Danielle amongst the NJ crew.

    The Salahi’s are more than annoying. The fact that they sponsored Paul’s party then refused to pay seems to me like a “totally fake” set up just to add to the drama. A good friend would never reveal that information to Paul who then pouted all evening at the end of the table. Come on!

    But the worst of all is Lynda. Who the hell does she think she is? Another Sally Quinn? No. Just a harsh plastic surgeons dream patient with a nasty attitude that conjures up Jill Zarin in an even nastier way. A group of supposed invited guests sitting around a table snickering, whispering, and taking gibes at those surrounding them. Welcome back to High School High.

    Hard to name one character on this show that does not mimic a character from another franchise. They are all playing the same role against a different background.

    Their parties are stultifying. Their dialogue trite. Their “friendships” suspect. The women pretentious bores.

    Give me a Bethenny series any day of the week. This crapola is beginning to require a shot of Febreeze.

    • cusi77 says:

      I adore you Olivia! You tell it what it is! Kudos girl!

    • RIerinFL says:

      If the season keeps going the way it’s going, Cat’s book won’t even sell as well as Jills.

    • klmh says:

      Olivia, I enjoy and even envy your writing skills, but I haven’t read one positive comment you’ve made about any of these housewives. You have such a wonderful way with words yet continually gripe and complain about why these shows shouldn’t be on the air. Why all the negativity? If you can’t find a redeeming quality about anything or anyone on these shows, if you don’t learn or have fun with them, if it takes you to a place of “no” at all times, why watch? I asked you a question a few blogs back, why do we watch this crap? I watch it for its entertainment value, learn some lessons, find some fascinating information from other intelligent bloggers about bankruptcy law etc., and actually enjoy some of these characters. Thats why I watch it.
      I am going to get lambasted for this by some posters. I am a fan of yours and agree with you on some points but I just don’t understand why you criticize every show, every character, and every event.
      Well, here it comes…

    • Kukulet says:

      In fairness, Stacie isn’t searching for her birth mother. She already found her.

      • Quincy IL says:

        and Stacy said in the promo that it was a scandal because her mother is white. I don’t know why that is scandalous.

    • Kat says:

      I love rading your posts Olivia! 8)

      • Kat says:


        • MAMAZ says:

          To be fair there doesn’t seem much positive to say about these people.
          I think some of us watch out of habit. We got hooked on RHOOC or RHONY and watch the others because we are hoping for the same level of entertainment. Most of the networks have tired, cookie cutter dramas and sitcoms on so it’s not like we are missing anything special by watching the cookie cutter Housewives.

  79. CdnFillie says:

    nite all … can’t believe I’m caught up with the blogs and the posts…you guys are contributing to my addiction…luv it 😛

  80. cusi77 says:

    Nite Boston and Cdn!

  81. jean says:

    What was up with that Erica bitch? She had a nasty look on her puss way before linda made her diana ross comment.

    • Olivia says:

      The only missing at that table was Dr. Laura.

      This episode was so bad that even though my Red Sox were getting creamed by LA at Fenway, I found myself switching over to that channel and finding relief.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I just saw a CNN show about Dr. L. She’s always negative to the callers. Which ever way you’d think she’s react, she does the opposite and usually blames the caller. Why would anyone call Dr. L?

        • Ellabean says:

          And you know she is not even a psychotherapist or has any degree in a related field. She has her doctorate in physiology. I know alot about this fraud – too much in fact.
          Google: Deryk Schlessinger – her son . Scary stuff.

  82. jean says:

    ps. sorry forgot to add- what about that gut and butt on teresa on the final toast in italy?

    • MichellefromNY says:


      Guess she’s not so Skinny Italian is she?

      See Bethenny you can actually believe what she says cuz she’s a STICK. Theresa on the other hand wears clothes that are waaay too small for her, thus extremely unflattering on her and making her look fatter than she already is. She is the tackiest most hideous dresser I’ve ever seen

  83. Wall St Lady says:

    Quincy I have never met ill Zarrin only Baw bee. But ill does hang out at the store & I am inspired by Laura & could go stalk her. I could. Demand to have her help me & place a very large order for curtains in my 5th Ave office & waste 2 hours of her time. Then the next day call & tell her I googled her & found there was an entire blog by Lynnchicago called I hate Jill Zarrin & after reading it I couldn’t possibly do business w/because I HATE Jill Zarrin

    • Squirrels says:

      As much as I would love to see that happen, I know you know better. Low lifes have no soul. We cannot change that. On the other hand, I’d love to see someone mail her a dead fish.

      ouch… did i just say that out loud?

    • Adgirl says:

      @WallStLady: someone upthread mentioned you shared news about Countless and charities. I must have missed that. Could you repeat it for us poor posters who can’t read all of the messages or let me know what date you mentioned the info?

      I’m nosey.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Thanks for your answer WSL.

      • Ellabean says:

        Adgirl, hope you also got to see Wall Street Lady’s post with inside info on Kelly B and her pr team and how she came to be on Housewives – she “demanded” an interview to get on the show. The post is on this August 19th thread, maybe half way thru – afternoon time. Wall Street has some GREAT tidbits ! (a stand alone post – not replying to someone else)

  84. Wall St Lady says:

    I was joking & actually ill doesn’t really bother me except that she really believes she is a starlet. Who truly discussed me is Trasha & now Missy Salamied because they r common thieves. I am obsessed w/seeing Trasha & Juicy caught in specific fraud. BTW I am equally obsessed w/ seeing another 10 or so people who were accomplices of Bernie Madoff & made 100s of millions in fees, GO TO JAIL & hopefully near Trasha & Juicy !

    • Quincy IL says:

      Would you believe that a trust fund from our town was affected by Madoff’s theft? His family worked with him and didn’t know? I don’t believe that.

      I enjoy your information very much. I have visited a condo on Park Ave a few years back and walked the streets of Manhattan. Unfortunately, all of the Broadway stars were on 4th of July vacation so I saw no one famous at the shows that we paid for.

      I have the painting from our Chicago Art Institute memorized so I would enjoy spending time in the NYC art museums if I could.

  85. Kim Grandmatell says:

    First off, I love this blog! Lynn, I was a regular Television Without Pity follower,
    Understanding that it was the best blog around. I do enjoy it, but the posters seem
    Caught up in one-upping each other a little bit. Anyway, Teresa doesn’t seem to
    Know how to apologize ever. ‘Gorilla in the Midst’ of Bankruptcy, I like to call her.
    Ain’t I nice? No honey, you aren’t nice. And you ‘re possibly a criminal. I agree with
    Posters that Danielle is certifiably mentally ill, and for that I do think a life off TV is
    Excellent for her. In my book, though, these other women are horrible to her, most
    Seriously ‘Tre’ – but then again we know it is hard for animals to show compassion.

  86. Teresa never fails to amaze me. After a day of nothing but news of the dangers of tweeting and driving here is her Tweet at 3AM EST –

    RT Teresa_Guidice: Still in the car driving home from book signing about 1 hour ago via mobile web

    Note that it says “driving,” not “riding.”

    • MAMAZ says:

      Not surprised. She is inconsiderate of others and thinks the rules don’t apply to her. And if she hits and hurts herself or someone else it will be their fault of course.

  87. Wall St Lady says:


    Countless Comments

    Mid Week Up Date
    Aug.18 5:43 pm

    Blush Blush
    Maybe I should be throwing Kisses (just kidding)

    • LynnNChicago says:

      She thinks the bus should have waited for her? The driver told her “2 minutes” clearly not enough time to go get a coffee, come earlier or skip the coffee LUANN! What no private jet to the Hamptons?

    • RIerinFL says:

      I can only imagine how badly she treated that bus driver. How dare he leave HER stranded!

  88. Wall St Lady says:

    I really keep up with every bodies name & know each of u by name. I am fascinated by the choices. I was a virgin blogger b4 Lynn. I had created a Google Alert on Trasha to follow to news on her theft of the good people of NJ & Lynn was of the same mind set & the rest is history. If is isn’t poor blog etiquette could YOU tell us how u came u with your blog name ?
    I came to NYC from the South 30 years ago & have workedd on Wall St my entire career. I am also dyslexic & can’t spell worth a damn. I do use spell check but I still would like to ask forgiveness in advance for my future “fooo paws”. Thanks Lynn family I do
    love love love u All

    • boston02127 says:

      Good morning WSL, My blog name–I live in Southie, near Castle Island (Massachusetts), I guess I took the easy way out when coming up with my blog name. My email name is incahoots (plus some numbers). I did that because I’m a twin and my mother always use to tell us “the two of you are always in cahoots with each other” and it use to make me laugh.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Hello WSL
        I have a long standing habit of being discreet about my identity. I don’t have a facebook account and I don’t Twitter. Even my personal email address is in the name of a friend. I don’t use my professional email address on any blogs. A little paranoid but I had serious reasons for being so careful a while back and old habits die hard.
        The Z comes from a family name several generations back. I started using the Mama when commenting on all the JZ book conversations because Jill seemed to think their was something unique about her being a mom. That she, the crypt keeper and her sister had some sort of special insight into the world because they gave birth. Well so have many of us and while I have learned a lot by having two children it has also raised many questions.
        I almost forgot how much I hate Jill Zarin.

    • Kat says:

      I chose Kat because it is my name, it wasn’t taken, and I lacked the urge and imagination to create a housewives related moniker. 8)
      But if I get another kitty I might name it JellyBean in honor of Kellamity… but only if the kitten is crazy as Kelly.

      • kats2 says:

        Hi fellow Kat – I’m actually Kats2, there is always more than one of us, but I knew you were here first (if your the same one, will assume you are that I’m thinking of) and added the s2 on the end. I hope you don’t mind. My real name is Kathy but have been called Kats forever. It has nothing to do with real cats, I actually do not like real cats (I’m allergic). So that is my boring name story.

        • Kat says:

          Yep I’m the same Kat. 8) I’m so glad you’re here, I really like your sense of humor. You post what I’m thinking quite often and put it to words better than me.

    • Ellabean says:

      Hi Wall Street Lady ~
      Happy to answer – my screen name is a combination of my beloved yellow Labbie girl pup’s name and the endearment we call her. “Ella” + “bean”.
      And she is named after the late great Ella Fitzgerald because my husband and I love jazz – and music is part of his biz.

      Your typing is just fine. I am always embarrassed after I hit post comment and am too late to catch my terrible typos. Me too, hope people forgive me and still find them worthy of reading. Such good writers here.

      Enjoyed your story – keep ’em coming. All the best~
      And you do have GREAT inside info. Dee-lish !

      • Kim Grandmatell says:

        Uh oh…I just joined last night and started posting….not sure if anyone else thought of this name 😦 Hope I didn’t steal it (like Teresa stole from her creditors)….

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Hi WSL

      I started on this blog as Just Done (as in just done with JZ’s antics). I found it looked funny when people were responding to me, so I threw my name in there. For me, it works better like this. Loved your story about the Countess, and your typing is fine. (LOL, I just spelled typing wrong and had to correct it) 🙂 It’s a Friday!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Morning to all! WindyCityWondering came from the fact that I live in Chicagoland and I do wonder alot about why these womans do what they do – plus I used it when I posted on Bravo. It is fun when we see a name we recognize on another site too. And the shame I bear is that my given name it Teresa……lol

      • vilzvet says:

        Hello all. Mine was actually my license plate back in the day. My name is Vil and I used to have a ‘Vette. (Dad bought it from me and still has it…it’s still in great shape, sigh….)

      • jezzibel says:

        Jezzibel is a misspelling of my cat Jezabels name, since we mostly refer to her as Jezzy

      • Pantry Viewer says:

        Let’s see. I was at work, but wanting to blow off steam about the previous night’s episode where Jill just kept up the mean girl business beyond my belief or inability to comprehend. I felt crazy watching her and was so glad to find others with the same mindset.

        Anyway, I was at work one day posting on a break, but had to hurry. The only thing that came to mind was I was being sneaky posting at work, like I felt Jill was being sneaky with her fake drama fit she threw and ran into what’s-her-name’s pantry after Jill and Alex’s confrontation at the party-planner’s house. Thus, Pantry Viewer popped in my head in a rush 🙂

    • RIerinFL says:

      Hi WSL,

      I found Lynn’s blog right before it moved to wordpress and loved her and it. I have been following her ever since. At first, I would just read her blog and then I started reading the comments and became attached to the wonderful community that started here. Unfortunately, I was too shy to say anything till the other day when I said to myself “what the heck”!
      It was spur of the moment, so I hadn’t thought of a name. I decided to go with what I am a Rhode Islander living in Florida.

      I think this is a great question!

      • Kat says:

        I found Lynn’s blog on the hub pages….
        Dang you’ve been able to lurk a long time.
        Glad you decided to come out! Welcome 🙂

      • RIerinFL says:

        Thanks so much.
        I feel like I was already a part of the community because I would agee with everyone (disagree sometimes too) and talk to the monitor…”Great comment!” “That’s exactly it!” mostly “I HATE her”.
        Now it’s nice to actually be a part of it.

        • viki55 says:

          Welcome RI:)
          My name is just my name, I have no imagination! Actually, too busy at work to even take the time to come up with a good one! Like you, I started with the Hub pages and didn’t comment for a long time but dang, sometimes you just have to put your two cents in;)

    • Wallflower says:

      Hi WSL. I love your question. I’m another long-time lurker who found Lynn’s blog when it was on Hub Pages. I defected from TWOP. I love the community here even though I don’t have much to say.

      I chose Wallflower as my name because that’s how I feel when I’m here. I’m the shy one in the corner listening to everyone, but not quick enough to comment.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        Hi WSL-

        Love your question!

        I originally came here when I first started my business and had nothing but stress and insomnia. I lurked for weeks until @ShadowsNoMore’s son was in a horrible car accident. I finally tried to post some words of comfort but used my real name!

        So I had a complete paranoid breakdown because like @MAMAZ I have a real reason to stay anonymous. So I chose to post under @OneMoreinBoston to differentiate myself from @boston02127.

        I was just going to post once but…got addicted.

        I’m not originally from Boston (toonie not a townie), I’m an army brat who grew up everywhere, but I did go to HS in NY and when you piss me off…well, the New Yorker comes out.

        I’m so glad you are posting here, you have given us some wonderful glimpses into the ugly underside of these “reality”shows. Thank you!

        • Kat says:

          I think I remember the posts under your real name. Didn’t Lynn Fix it? That seems so long ago! I’ve already forgotten your real name… dammit. 8)

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            well, my real reason for staying anonymous committed suicide a few weeks ago, but not after putting me in the hospital.

            So while saddened, not as paranoid as before

            • Adgirl says:

              Wow, that’s nuts. We have a crazy stalker person too so I can’t use FB or LinkedIn the way I’d like to. We live in totally deep cover (house/utiliies not in our name, use PO box etc)
              Hope you will feel relief soon. Strange how we are learning the “anonymous” web is actually a freeway to find us.

              BTW I’ve been considering using the handle Kabuki Vampire b/c it was so funny when KKB called Alex that (VI epis) but I don’t know if anyone would get it.

            • Kat says:

              Sorry you went through that OneMoreinBoston and that Adgirl still is. It’s sad.
              LOL @ Kabuki Vampire
              Lynn has a new blog up fyi

    • felony stupid says:

      Great question WSL. I wish I had a great backstory but I don’t… 🙂

      My friends and I always say that when something is just really ridiculous it is ‘felony stupid’ so I thought that when talking about Jill it just fit!

    • Shocker … I’m Shelby and Shae’s mom. 🙂 I love reading how everyone came up with their handle. (I was mom2, but when I had to register it was already taken.)

  89. boston02127 says:

    Good morning Kelly Bensimon. Just a few questions today.

    You stated that Bravo “forced you against your will” to go to the Virgin Islands, why would you want to go back to work for Bravo if they were so abusive towards you?

    After your “breakthrough” on Scary Island you stated that you were upset about the way you were portrayed and upset about your edit. You demanded to appear on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens the following week to explain your actions but your demand was rejected. Again, why go back to Bravo if you have were treated so unfairly?

    After being rejected on Andy Cohen you then wrote in your Bravo blog. “Always follow your instincts. I knew I should have never gone on the trip. I am incredibly embarrassed by how I acted. Yet, within a week you said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, “I am not crazy. I am unpredictable, I’m not in therapy. I don’t have any regrets. I’m glad I went on ‘Housewives’ because the show has made me more known”. Known for what Kelly?

    You were quoted saying: If you Google search “crazy Kelly the search engine will go bananas” But if you Google search “sweet Kelly you are going to go nowhere”. Are your daughters proud of that?

    When you publicly assaulted and was arrested for punching Nichlas Stefanov in the face and cut his face do you use that story as an amazing platform to teach your girls about bullying?

    You stated that you grew up in Rockford IL with a lot of famous designers. I didn’t realize there was a hugh fashion thing going on in Rockford IL, What famous designers are from Rockford IL?

    You state that you are were an editor for Elle and currently are an editor for Hamptons Magazine and Gotham Magazine. In the third season of RHONY you ran around NYC with a camera crew in tow while you were working/asking people if they were wearing underwear etc, You had a itty bitty piece of paper that you were writing on. Do you think on your next important assignment you will remember to bring a notebook?

    Thanks Kelly and know that we’re not all haters, we just watch and wonder.

  90. boston02127 says:

    Have a good morning everyone. You too Kells!

    • Ellabean says:

      Quick story – hope this relates and makes sense:

      I used to work in an office with a very nosy lady named Sarah. She also happned to be the self made I.T. person – very clever with computers. She netwoked the office.

      A co-worker and I were convinced that she could occasionally read our emails. So we’d email each other – we’d sometimes close the email by saying:
      ” oh and hi Sarah.”

  91. vgirl511 says:

    At People.com Bethenney gives a tour of Bryn’s nursery. Should we take bets on what Kelly’s next youtube video will be about?


    • Kim Grandmatell says:

      5 cents says that Kelly decides ‘Sea’ needs a room revamp- its going to be all the rage in junior high!

      Maybe with gummy bear wallpaper?

    • Ellabean says:

      Did you know this?

      Kelly really has a YouTube video about re-decorating her kids’ bathroom. It’s been up for awhile. But all she says she did was buy a new shower curtain and rug at Target. I swear to God.

  92. Wall St Lady says:

    I am sorry if I am being a blog whore. I am on my terrace & just so happy to be alive !

    Today’s NYT chronicals the ancient history of Media whores going back to the Titanic. One of my 1st one was Lilly Langtree who had an affair w/King Albert & hung out w/ Oscar Wilde & was scandalous for making soap adds ! Anyway we r reminded Kim Kardashian,the high priestess of red carpet parasites, after starting as a porn fool, will now rein as an executive producer of what is expected to be a smash hit “The Spin Crowd”. Don’t miss getting a BIG Kiss thrown at you !

    • Kat says:

      Paris Hilton comes to mind…
      I’m not sure what a blog whore is, but the term made me lol.

    • Guess who was hanging out w/ the stars of “The Spin Crowd” Tuesday night? None other than Caroline and Lauren Manzo and Teresa Guidice!!! And this was not their first meetup. They have been tweeting back and forth with the 2 head honcho’s of this So CA PR firm since the beginning of the 3rd season.

      So, do you think we will see the RHofNJ on The Spin Crowd???

  93. Olivia says:

    I think it is only fair that I answer klmh since she has posed the question of why I respond to the overall “Housewife” series in what is suggested in a negative way.

    It was the NY group that brought me to this site with Jill Zarin’s actions during Season 3. The title of this blog was a haven for those of us who felt that her betrayal of Bethenny was mean spirited and unnecessary and we had no other outlet that afforded us the opportunity to express our displeasure. The NJ series followed and showcased an even “trashier” cast and story outline and it became evident to me that though they were taking place in other locations, the themes used were basically the same. After awhile I began to question the “reality” of these shows and the “quality” that Bravo was presenting in casting these women and calling them “stars”.

    Was there something to admire about Teresa, Danielle, Jill, Kim G, Ashley Holmes, Danny Pro, Kelly, Cat or the Salahi’s that I missed? Each of these “stars” has behaved in ways outside of their shows that have become public knowledge and have opened themselves up to scrutiny beyond their “acting” ability that leaves much to be desired yet they are made to appear worthy of the attention by taking to the airways in one form or another that, it seems to me, makes them open to criticism. We have even witnessed Dina Manzo “take on” Lynn Hudson via tweets that has managed to “smudge” the spiritual pathway that she espouses. Kelly has been on a nonstop campaign for the past few months to “diss” Bethenny at every opportunity. Trashley Ashley has been granted a blog on the Bravo site as if she has done something of value to earn it.

    Bravo seems to expect that we take these women seriously. They seem to suggest that we accept them as “stars”. I will admit that I am often confused regarding these women, whether what they do and say is scripted for effect, or if we are seeing them as they really are in life. Either way, they have shown that they are “up” for anything as long as the camera remains static and feeds their addiction to “fame”.

    I do like Silex. I think a show build around their lives in the big city might be interesting. I also like Bethenny because she owns who she is and her show was a bright spot on an otherwise dull summer. But I can only speak for myself when I post and I am unimpressed with most of these women who display a willingness to demean one another for the purpose of being filmed in order to reap the rewards of “stardom”.

    No one is forcing me to watch. There is no reason other than offering a different version of what Bravo produces by way of “entertainment” to question the validity of why they choose people who, in some instances, are lawbreakers and liars, and who they have catapulted into “stars”, enriching themselves along the way.

    This is the only answer I have to offer. My cynical view of this series and the shameless promotion of these people is what eggs on my responses. It rests more on the “celebration” of the bad behavior and questionable “storylines” that are presented as “real” when they are nothing more than repetitive themes.

    Perhaps klmh is correct in asking why I do watch and perhaps it is a question I seriously need to ask of myself.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Olivia – I replied up thread but will repeat it here.
      I think many of us watch out of habit. We got hooked on either RHOOC or RHONY. We started watching the rest of the franchise hoping for the same level of entertainment. We continue watching mostly because we enjoy participating in the discussions here.
      I also like Alex, Bethenny and sometimes Ramona. I don’t have anything postive to say about any of the other Housewives with the exception of Stacy and the jury is still out on her. I can’t get interested in DC enough to determine if I like her or not. I didn’t watch last night because Project Runway was on and I’d rather watch people create something instead of destroying each other.

    • Kat says:

      Olivia, I really enjoy your posts.
      There isn’t much postive about the “stars” of these shows to say imo.
      I like to visit and take part in this blog because of Lynn and commenters like you. I hope you don’t take anyone’s negativity to heart.
      Just like people offended by the word hate I just smile and pass over posts that take this site more seriously than it takes itself.

      Keep posting lady! 8)

    • Laura aka Just done says:


      I too love to read your posts. They are well thought out, well-written, and informative. Your opinion is your own, and you own that, even tho most times I agree 🙂 Please don’t stop posting. I enjoy your wit and snark.

    • kats2 says:

      I’m actually surprised at the question and your response. I thought it was pretty obvious why Olivia or anyone else here watches the show. I think there are a very smart group of people who gather here and share thoughts, ideas and humor about the people on these shows. The show itself is not the real entertainment or attraction; it is coming here to talk about it with all of you. If you don’t watch or follow it to some degree it would be hard to participate in any meaningful dialogue or really good snark. The show and the people depicted on the show are disgusting, it’s nice to come here and confirm it is not acceptable, take a break from the daily routine and confirm civilization as we know it, is not coming to end. And think about it the environment Lynn has created here for us with people (mostly females) sharing things they have in common and learning about each other, is exactly what the HW’s show should be doing (it’s why I originally started watching the show) but as we know it failed miserably. YMMV

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Olivia – if a castwife has any redeeming value, I think you would point it out! That said, what you post is accurate, is your opinion and IMO what many posters/lurkers feel as well. So, I enjoy how you put the words together and agree – we are being had, we are being fed crap and we will continue to call Bravo and the individuals who behave as they do OUT!

      While I consider myself a postive person, I do have negative thoughts and reactions – love that you keep it real! And today as everyday – I hate Jill!

      • Pantry Viewer says:

        Windy, I just had to tell you I laugh out loud when I look through posts and then, no matter what the subject of the post was, “I hate Jill” at the end just cracks me up! LOL! “And today as everyday…” makes me laugh. I have never had such a reaction to a person on television in my life as I did watching and feeling my loathing for her unfold last season!

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I do love your posts and anyone’s opinions are welcome here which is why I like Lynn’s blogs.

      I have to say that I do like Silex, the Hoppy’s, Ramona and sometimes Tamara Barney. I know, I know she can be abrasive, but I like her for some reason. Of the DC cast I do like Mary. She does seem to be a nice person. Stacie and Lynda I’m on the fence, but from Lynda’s tweets…I like her. We’ve had only a handful of episodes and I’m trying to not judge anyone quite yet except for the Salahi’s. I hate them :). Atlanta I do not watch. As soon as I saw Kim Z. ugh….not enough money to watch her.

      As much as I complain about some of the Housewives and how nasty, bad or mean they are I can look at people in my own family and say the same. They’re kind of an upscale replica of so many people in our lives. RH is like a train wreck that I cannot look away from.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I love your posts. I think you watch people as I do. When I see a good person, I rejoice. Jenny Pulos is a good person. Alex Mccord is a good person. Bethenny is trying hard and she has changed for the better. I think Sonja is going to be a good person. Mary from DC has the potential to be one of my favorites. The rest I just watch and wonder about.

    • viki55 says:

      Your writting is excellent. You do make your point very clear. Some of the post are just too long for me to read while checking in.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:


        I am very impressed with you. I sometimes feel like my writing style is no where as clever or witty as yours, yes, sometimes you actually intimidate me-and is you ever met me you would know that’s not too easy to do.

        I found this blog because my umpteenth email to Bravo’s blogs wasn’t posted and it really frosted my cookies.

        It finally dawned on me that they were trying to manipulate the blog and thus their audience (yeah sometimes it takes awhile)

        I remember thinking at the time, oh no you don’t! I watch only to catch Bravo in their hypocrisy and their lies.

        Maybe this is too grandiose an idea but I sort of believe that Bravo’s world is a microcosm of of world. And they are trying to shove their own brand of mysogynist agenda down all of our throats and change our world into theirs.

        It is my moral duty to watch (ok-kidding-but not really)

  94. Ellabean says:

    Today “The View” is re-airing the show that Bethenny co-hosted from July 20th. I hate promoting that crappy show – but Beth was delightful on it when she could get a word in edgewise. Christine Baranski was the guest.

  95. Wall St Lady says:

    Funny u should mention me!

    In the 1st season we saw Alex go through this. Unfortunately all housewives of NYC have. Bethanny eluded to this when she was moving but she may need to read this article & probably will today.

  96. kats2 says:

    OT – Blog Pet Peeve and all of you (specifically Lynn) can tell me to deal with it or get lost. Perhaps it’s my OCD.

    I really try to follow all the conversations here, if someone starts an interesting topic I will go back and follow it to read the replies even if it’s all the way at the beginning (or up top). More and more I see people are responding by entering their comment so it appears at the bottom (like a new topic would be entered). I know why this is being done, they want people to read/see their comment. I get it. But the lack of order when trying to follow the original topic with all the replies is driving me crazy. So I wanted to put it out there that I and I think most of will go back to the original topic and read the responses. Make sense? Regardless thanks for letting me rant.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      I’m with you on that! I remember WHERE topics are that are of interest, or that I have responded to. I hate when someone responds down below b/c (a) I miss it, and (b) if it’s directed at me and I miss it, I feel as tho I’m being rude.

      Not just you ranting.

      Sorry everyone

      • kats2 says:

        It’s also not fair to the person who started the topic, it’s like a blog topic high-jacking. 😉

        • Quincy IL says:

          Yes, but you can’t get too picky about this stuff. I have been on sci fi board where they blasted you over this kind of thing. There are a lot of busy people visiting and they sometimes can’t find that original topic. In the grand scheme of things and taking into account the Second Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy, I think we should try, but not get upset if everything isn’t exactly Jeff Lewis.

          • Kat says:

            LOL, are you talking about chaos?

            • Kat says:

              Perfect randomness = order.

              • Quincy IL says:

                Actually the Chaos Theory is a fascinating concept and the mathematics behind it is incredible. Entropy is the tendency of nature to move from order to disorder. It was show in 1862 when scientist watched ice melting in a warm room. The molecules in ice were locked in a fixed pattern and when the ice melted the molecules danced in the liquid water. Nature trends towards disorder and man must work (use energy) to resestablish order. This is far less complicated than the Chaos Theory which looks at dynamic systems using mathematics, physics, economics and philosophy.

              • Kat says:

                @Quincy~ Thank you!

          • kats2 says:

            LMAO @ Jeff Lewis

            point taken, some are doing it pretty much all the time. Just trying to watch it would be nice.

            • Ellabean says:

              hey Kats2 – I do see both yours and Quincy’s well made points on this. I’ve done both – replied where I should and then lose the spot and reply in a new thread. Part of the reason for this – is because there are so many comments here – which is a postitive testament to Lynn ‘s interesting blog and the good comments. It is chock full of good stuff.

              I know there are different blog templates. Wish there was a numbering system here of some sort. But avatars do help too.

    • viki55 says:

      And sometimes, you try to hit the reply button but end up in the new comment section without realizing it. And there are always the times when the blog just goes goofy;) Sh*t happens.

    • dumberries says:

      I agree. Not a huge deal, but good to have a general rule of thumb. It’s more fun to read and easier to keep up if replies are posted under the original post. I too skim up and down the site to read new replies to previous posts of interest. Sometimes, someone references a previous post as a platform to introduce a new post on a related topic, that makes sense. Occasionally, we try to reply and it posts as a new topic – no big deal, stuff happens. But, I for one, will try to use the reply button whenever responding to someone else’s post.

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      How the heck do you remember? I do enjoy the posters here but I’m much better with the message board format.I asked Lynn if she still has the MB up and she does.When she first introduced the MB format it was ill recieved and thought to be too complicate to navigate.Personally I am keeping my fingers crossed that we are able to evolve to the MB one day soon.

  97. Olivia says:

    I think most of us laugh out loud by the attempts made by these people to appear relevant and who want us to see them as spokespersons for one thing or another.

    Being “lectured” to by Kelly is downright laughable. Being “talked down” to by Dina is much of the same. Or Jill reminding us of her “star power” and ability to rub elbows with the rich and famous. And Lu Ann or Lynda handing out “advice” on manners. Throw in the “idiocy” of Teresa and the excuses for her financial meltdown, and there is every reason to throw it right back into their faces.

    They somehow find time to preach about “charity” yet fail miserably in practicing the same in their daily lives. The hypocrisy is astounding.

    • Quincy IL says:

      But Olivia, they are Bravo Stars and we are peons or worse…haters. I thank goodness that in these 57 years, I have developed the ability to not give a s*** about what other people say. I, like Kelly Bensimon, have the amazing ability to shut off white noise even if it comes from a Bravo Star.

      I really only care about the thoughts of people I respect and you are one of them. So… remember those old tv sets? Dial down… and watch the silent pictures go by.

      • Olivia says:

        Admittedly, the problem lies with me. I have no trouble separating Edie Falco from Carmella Soprano or Nurse Jackie. But when it comes to these “reality shows” I have no idea of what’s “real” and what isn’t by way of how these women conduct themselves.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Well, I think court documents tend to be real. Children tend to be real. The rest is up for grabs. I think these reality shows reveal the underbellies of marriages and that is fascinating to me. The happy wife, happy life is a sham and not for the Guidices alone. Do you think Bobby is happy when Jill pushes for the 3 plus million dollar diamond ring? Think he likes having his sec life on national tv? The Count from NYC and Simon from OC flew the coop quickly. What goes through the minds of Albert and Chris from NJ when they listen to all of this Danielle stuff? Our NYC Simon gets red with fury at times, doesn’t he?

          I think some people have a inner need to be in the lime light. Jill and Teresa need to be on stage every moment of their existence. Why does Patti Stanger hang out with Kim Z? Do those two rocket scientists have discussions about the solar sunspots and climate change? Doubtful. They meet at a restaurant hang out for the stars so they can be recorded saying vile things about Bethenny. They are riding on Bethenny’s trail of star dust.

          Well, I have to go out in this heat and clean stalls and wash horses. They love the drying part, but for some reason a few of them don’t like their faces spray with hose water. Go figure.

        • klmh says:

          The problem might certainly be me at this time in my life. I have been dealing with my dearest friend who is fighting depression/alcoholism and its consequences. The negativity is so thick you can be cut with a knife. Her problems are monumental and I’m involved because she needs me.
          I didn’t mean to criticize you at all Olivia. My writing skills pale in comparison to yours and I enjoy your take on so many things. You are better than to live in a place of “no” and maybe this just is your venting system, a good way to get out the demons, so to speak.
          I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

  98. Laura aka Just done says:

    Reasons why I hate Teresa Guidice – yes I said HATE

    A little background, I was married to an a**hole who spent money we didn’t have (and didn’t tell me about it), did some “creative” bookkeepin and changed our income tax return AFTER I signed it and had his mother sign my name, ran up astronomical credit card bills that I hadn’t co-signed for (mommy did that too.)

    When I was going through my divorce, he stopped working so that he wouldn’t have to pay child support. All of these creditors (including the IRS) came after me. I hadn’t seen these bills (he used a P.O. box) but b/c he wasn’t working, they wanted to garnish MY wages. Now, I could’ve claimed bankruptcy and/or “innocent spouse” but who would that hurt. It would have hurt my credit (even though I never signed any of these applications) and it would’ve hurt the people who issued the credit. The IRS is a whole other story.

    Needless to say, I went on payment plans with everyone. I paid them ALL off, even though they weren’t my debts. These lenders didn’t make the mistake of marrying him, I did. So I took care of it.

    I also could’ve filed charges against my future ex mother-in-law. What would that do to my son though…mommy put grandma in jail?

    As you can now understand, after paying all of this back for 5 years, it urks me when someone tries to shirk their responsibility. Difference between me and Teresa, I didn’t spend the money. I lived a rather modest life in an upper middle class community. All of that was gone.

    T&J are the lowest form of garbage to me. There, I’ve said it. Been wanting to say it for awhile now.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

    • vilzvet says:

      What a story…glad you’ve made it through, you have a lot of integrity.

    • kats2 says:


      Thank you for sharing this with us, so many people can learn from the high road you took. So easy play the victim and make excuses. You are such a great role model for your adorable son. I can see why you hate the Giudice clan, I do too for many of the same reasons. I have to believe that they will pay and it’s just a matter of time before karma catches up with them. October will be here soon! 🙂

      • dumberries says:

        And if justice is truly served, Juicy will be in an orange jumpsuit picking up trash outside the auction tent!

        P.S. Laura, thanks for sharing – I feel the same sense of loathing for the G’s…

        • felony stupid says:

          Laura – What you went through is incredibly unfair and you handled it with the utmost dignity and class. Far more than many others (including myself) may have been able to dig up. You are to be applauded. Thank you for sharing.

          ps – I hate T & JJ FOR you. xoxo

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Thanks everyone! I did just want everyone to see the real reason why I hate Chewy so much. No consequences for her actions and even worse, no remorse. It’s everyone else’s fault that she’s in BK, not her own lavish spending.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Kudos to you Laura, many decent people do the right thing..struggling along to live within their means. I always have too, I couldn’t sleep at night if I knew I was spending massive amounts of money I didn’t have. I too hate the Guidice’s for this stupid, irresponsible behavior. To think they are raising kids….4 of them no less! Idiots!!!!

    • julieintexas says:

      Teresa is the lowest on the totem pole – lower than any other housewife (including Jill)! I find myself rooting for Danielle if anyone can believe that! I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that Caroline defends and makes excuses for this moronic criminal! I mean really what did Danielle do so bad to the Manzo MOB family that is even remotely close to what Teresa and her husband has done to hard working Americans????? Oh that’s right Dina hated her so Caroline and her bullies did everything they could to destroy a this woman! And Jaq needs to control her demon seed – she stalks and harasses this woman daily (facebook twitter blogs)! Jaq could control her (taking away everything) but let’s face it she secretly loves the drama /hate her daughter spews!

  99. Olivia says:

    OMG Laura, much of what you experienced happened to me as well! Even to having the gas shut off mid winter because “Wonderful Hubby” refused to pay up. And I had 4 kids.

    I went 8 years without a new coat because I too carried the burden of having to raise these kids without much support and I agree that watching Teresa spend, spend, spend to her heart’s content is deeply disturbing. And I hold as much contempt against those who wish to apologize for, excuse and defend this massive cheat with “we love you Teresa!” comments pouring forth.

    I’m with you!

    • Quincy IL says:

      I started working at 13 and put myself through grad school and post doc. I went hungry when I had no money for food and I never bought clothes. I bought a 10 dollar dress from Lerner’s for a blind date that my friend insisted I go on. My future husband would take me to a grocery store rather than out to dinner because he thought I was too thin.

      To see Teresa spend that money when she knew they were never going to pay, bothers me so much. I hate Teresa too. There, I feel better.

  100. vilzvet says:

    The Pancake Update: Kelly’s tweet flavor today is chocolate chip. Probably trying to insinuate that she MADE them for the kids but let’s just assume she bought them at a local diner.

    • Kukulet says:

      She claims to be using a Bisquick recipe, but I’m betting that even Bisquick is beyond Kelly. Can you imagine how they must have tasted? Yuck. Her maid must hate her guts-having to scrape burnt chocolate chips off the bottom of a high priced skillet repeatedly.

      I especially like how she emphasizes using organic almond milk in the recipe…and then adds chocolate chips. Very ‘healthful’. 😉

  101. boston02127 says:

    Has anyone read any news on Joe Giudice’s court hearing today? Is he in the clinker?

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      no news yet…I’m dying!

    • dumberries says:

      I just did a search Boston – no news yet! At today’s hearing, I understand that the judge will only tell the Juicy one if the court reduced his penalty, or if he still has to choose between 30 days community service or 30 days in jail. But, I like to fantasize about him in the old black and white striped jail garb, with his bloated face squished between the bars, and a ball a chain (other than Teresa) attached to his ankle!

    • kats2 says:

      Oh Laura!!! If he gets community service I think I have another project for you. 😉

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      FYI, he might not have his scheduled appearance until the afternoon. I know in Morristown, they work the schedule with the morning dockets, break for lunch, then afternoon dockets. That might be why it’s so quiet. I have NJN on now, waiting.

      • dumberries says:

        Checking out.. Since you’re local Laura, love it if you keep us posted when you hear some news. Obviously, his objection to community service just infuriates me (too much). Have a good day…

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          Chewy just got off the redeye from LA 25 minutes ago according to her tweet. I asked if she was heading over to the courthouse or if Juicy was going it alone. Things that make you go hmmmmm

  102. kats2 says:

    Anyone watch Big Brother last night? It was really good I love it and I’m getting into it more and more.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      I haven’t been able to get into it this season so I missed it last night. I’m going to try again next week. Love the recaps though

    • Squirrels says:

      Yep. Matt’s speech certainly had jaws dropping. He’s still a sleeze though, faking his wife’s illness? That’s just low man. I suspect he’ll get his eventually.

    • felony stupid says:

      Yup….I’m into it now. Took me a couple weeks but now I’m hooked. Matt’s a POS and since he has had to use that silly superduper POV he has no safety net. I hope he is gone in next week’s double elimination.

      Oh jeez….I’m doomed. I need to step away from the Tivo.

  103. Kat says:

    I haven’t seen RileyKitty or IceNFire or AFormerJillFan recently.
    I was off a few weeks. I hope they all still post.

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