I Hate Jill Zarin Weekend Update August 21, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Weekend Update                            August 21, 2010

I hope you’ll all indulge me while I take just a quick minute to thank everyone who reads and posts comments on this blog for the support that I feel from everyone!  It has been a wonderful Saturday, and I returned to some really great Tweets and always supportive comments on the blog.  The people who comment regularly on the blog are an amazing group of people and if you get the chance, I highly recommend reading through as many as you can.  The people who read and comment on the blog are intelligent, funny, insightful and amazing research experts.  Yes, experts! 

So many people on Twitter have been so supportive and a ton of fun to chat with, which has added so much to the blogging experience for me. 

So from the bottom of my heart to all of you, thank you for your support! 

The Real Housewives of DC have posted their blogs on BravoTV.com, all except Cat, but we did hear from her this week, here is a link to an interview that she gave, if you get the impression that she doesn’t like Michaele much, it’s because she doesn’t….


In fact, it doesn’t appear as though any of the other DC housewives have much positive reaction to the Salahi’s and I think this past episode gave us the first of many more reasons to come. 

More bad news out of New Jersey, Juicy Joe appeared in court last week at his own request in order to contest the sentence that he EARNED for his recent DWI.  Joe Giudice’s attorney argued that the 30-day community service and the 1 year suspension on his driver’s license were “excessive”.  WHAT?   Surprisingly the judge agreed saying the was no Dillinger, reducing his license suspension to 7 months and completely eliminating the community service that Joe was supposed to serve.  I’m sickened!   Score another one for the Giudice’s, they were successful just a few days ago in getting the court ordered auction of their belongings delayed by two months as well.   Attention all criminals, move to New Jersey!   (Nothing against NJ but someone needs to check those judges)

It all does explain Teresa’s complete disrespect for police officers.  When you play on the wrong side of the law, you tend to disregard law enforcement. 

Caroline Manzo, on the other hand, seems to have a lot of respect and admiration for law enforcement.  We saw her hold a fundraiser for the Sherriff’s department at her home early on in the season, Teresa and Joe did attend the fundraiser but if you recall, were completely and very obviously underdressed in comparison to the other guests.  Was that their way of showing their disdain for the police as well?

I do not see that Caroline and Teresa have anything at all in common and I believe that deep down, behind closed doors, Caroline secretly detests Teresa and Joe Giudice.  Caroline has too much class to say or do anything that will show the public how she feels, but look at these recent events and tell me what you think. 

Caroline and Teresa recently made a trip to Los Angeles to promote the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Caroline tweeted several times what they were doing, which show they were going to appear on and general updates.  Every Tweet that Caroline posted included Teresa’s involvement.  Teresa, on the other hand, also tweeted everything that they were doing but never once mentioned Caroline.  That is odd.

Earlier in the season, Teresa and Joe were invited to Caroline’s house for dinner and were 90 minutes late.  In Teresa’s interview she explained that the baby needed her diaper changed, yet the kids didn’t join them for this dinner at Caroline’s home so whoever was babysitting surely could have changed the diaper, but even if it was Teresa who changed the diaper, does that take 90 minutes in the Giudice household?   At the end of Teresa’s interview, referring to being late,she looked directly at the camera and said, “Too bad!”.  Not, “I’m sorry”, but “too bad” and that would have been directed at her hostess, right? 

In Italy, Caroline was in pain with kidney stones throughout the trip, babysat Teresa’s kids and rarely complained.  She tolerated screaming kids at a birthday dinner, trekked up a steep hill to meet Teresa and Joe’s relatives, was gracious to everyone and kept a positive attitude.  Teresa’s interview was once again rude to Caroline, she acknowledges that Caroline has kidney stones and in pain but Teresa has absolutely no compassion saying that she’s not responsible for Caroline’s bad attitude.  Yet it was Teresa’s kids and husband who were being obnoxious and annoying everyone on the tour bus.

Teresa never has a nice thing to say about Caroline, yet Caroline has always been complimentary toward Teresa or she says nothing at all.  Caroline has called Teresa “family” and has embraced Teresa saying “she always makes me laugh”, at least on camera and in public. 

I personally think that these two women cannot stand one another but Caroline is much better at hiding it because she has the good sense to know that it is best to have a united front.  Teresa is a wild card and can’t hide her feelings as well, she has shown plenty of disrespect toward Caroline. 

I think that their common denominator is their hatred for Danielle and that is the reason that these two haven’t already gone at each other.  That, coupled with the fact that they both do seem to love Jacqueline and out of respect for her, possibly they tolerate one another. 

Another one of my crazy theories, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  What do you all think?

One of Kelly Bensimon’s tweets today

@kikilet  I would never use a cleanse. Its unhealthy to screw with ur metabolism. Eat light for a few days, drink tons of water

Really Kelly?  Aren’t you the one who gifted a “cleanse” to Sonja after her liposuction procedure?  Yes, I believe you are that person, I even recall Jill telling you to never give her the same gift.  It’s so nice that you’d give a gift of something that you feel so strongly about.  Sonja must be touched! 

From Jill Zarin:

Jill Zarin:  Absolutely!RT @KatieBman @Jillzarin @mccordalex I think a lot gets blown out of proportion for ratings, wouldn’t u agree?

Jill Zarin:  I do NOT hate alex and never have. Ever. We filmed that in February and we actually had a nice day together in my opinion. RT @DanalynnD @Jillzarin why were you on Who wants to be a Millionaire with Alex if you hate her?

Alex remembers it differently…

McCordAlex  @KatieBman out of context, yes – out of proportion not really.

McCordAlex  @kaybee711 we filmed Millionaire on November 13th actually, and that evening was Kelly’s party – that wasn’t a particularly nice time, no.

McCordAlex  @KatieBman You can’t change the words that come out of their mouths and JZ is very much “do as I say, not as i do” @Jillzarin @mccordalex

Now this is just freaky:

DinaManzo:  Thinking of waxing my back, thoughts? Oh, & I have a new hair do http://tweetphoto.com/40485037

DinaManzo:  I don’t ever want to hear that @grandmawrinkles is a freak again ; )

Sorry Dina but Grandma Wrinkles is still ugly, maybe she is a cat and cannot help the way she looks but I don’t have to like it.  I don’t like the way tarantulas look either.  Creepy!

Until Next Time………..


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  1. Dreemz says:

    Well, les just hope ole leather head didn’t “regift” that enema!

  2. Lovebeth says:

    Jill tries so hard to talk and be seen with anyone that Bethenny hang out with or interview with.

    Here is what Johnny Weir tweeted:Rocking the most amazing Ted Rossi cuff for tonight’s festivities. Thank you so much Ted!! Love you http://twitpic.com/2h10va

    Jill tweeted back:I luv them too!RT @JohnnyGWeir Rocking the most amazing Ted Rossi cuff for tonight’s festivities. Thank you so (cont) http://tl.gd/396ath

  3. babelony says:


    Thank you for providing this wonderful blog for us. And yes, the commenters here are the BEST! I don’t comment as much as I should, but I usually find that someone else has said it better before I get here. Still, I really enjoy reading everything.

    Thanks to all!

    • Zoey says:

      Ditto. I saw Jill’s tweet about not hating Alex so I tweeted her and asked- if she doesn’t hate Alex why does she act like she does in front of us, and that surely she realizes she behaved rude and disrespectful, no?

      I would ask Kelly about the cleanse thing but it would do not good. She would just say something twisted and irrational.

      • babelony says:

        “twisted and irrational” is all Kelly’s got. She’s a walking contradiction.

        Jill can’t admit to hating Alex, it wouldn’t go over well, but it’s so obvious that she does.

      • Squirrels says:

        Jill left the library benefit after being 20 mins late and within 10 mins. Silex were there. She left bawby to hawk the book.

  4. Abby Someone says:

    Great blog Lynn! I have only been around for the last few blogs but I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and all of the posts that follow. In just the short time that I have been tweeting and participating here, I have had so many laughs. It’s a great place to visit.

    As for Teresa, I think it’s safe to say she does not like Caroline because she doesn’t like anyone or anything outside of her tacky bedazzled scope. She is a spoiled complainer and I don’t think it’s a stretch for the imagination to see her as overindulged as her children are. I am not just speaking monetarily. She is someone who never had much expected of her and it shows.

    I’m sure if you asked her she would say she loves loves loves Caroline, however just like her children who love her, if you meet with any opposition you have a fit. She is not going to throw herself to the ground because she is grown but when faced with the possibility of being in the wrong she simply says, No I am not! TOUGH. I get to be right! Caroline should have stayed home. This is the attitude of someone who was never required to show respect or a shred of humility. On top of that, she’s too stupid to know how dumb she is. Her blogs show what kind of a ridiculous human being she is. Can you tell, I don’t love love love this airhead?

    I would not be surprised if Caroline did not like Teresa behind closed doors. If she does like her, I am certain that will not be permanent. Teresa will eventually go too far. She can’t help herself. She judges everyone and everything. The fact that she needs to label everyone is a symptom of her stupidity.

    • I would love to see Caroline and Teresa get into it! I tweeted Caroline a couple times asking her what she thought of Teresa’s disrespectful blog. No answer, obviously. I’ve seen a few people tweeting her the same question.
      Maybe Caroline is going for the “united front” thing like Lynn said, but it’s only to her detriment in the end. Its her constant defense of Teresa that is causing me to stop liking her. But now Teresa is attacking her. How is she going to defend that?

      • dumberries says:

        Agreed! Caroline should be having a sit down confrontation with Chewy. Chewy actually touches her life directly and has now challenged Caroline, imo. I’d have a lot more respect for Caroline if she put Teresa in her place. That would make much more sense (and be more fun to watch) than Caroline confronting Danielle.

      • _therealmelissa says:

        Has Teresa realized that on Season 3 she will be the “New Danielle?”

        • Kim Grandmatell says:

          Gorilla in the Midst of bankruptcy can’t even grasp that Gia isn’t the new Dakota Fanning, so I doubt she has the insight to see how she will be portrayed in season 3. I can’t stand the ape, but I also can’t wait to see Bravo and the Manzos tear her to shreds!

    • Honestly I think if anyone is going to say something to Teresa, it will be Jacqueline. Yes, she will be friends with anyone, but she is also more honest than the rest of them. I remember her saying something like one of the reasons her friendship with Danielle ended was because every time she tried to talk to her about her behavior she would freak out. She also called Dina a liar about the book thing in front of everyone, she called Kim G out when she tried to say she had been a good friend to Danielle, she even made fun of Teresa when she was telling the story of how she was “just trying to be nice and say hello” to Danielle. She said it in a nice way, but she basically called her a liar in front of the cameras.
      I bet anything Jac will be the first to have a problem with Teresa, and then Caroline will just follow suit.

  5. Very late blog about NJ’s last episode … school started and I teach 5th grade so I have no time !! 🙂

    Just wanted to ask … Does anyone remember a picture of Teresa when she DOESN’T tip her head to the side? It’s like someone told her back in the 80s that it looked cute and she’s done it for pictures ever since.

    I believe that Caroline has too much class to tell Teresa what she really thinks of her and of her husband’s antics. Sadly, Teresa does not. I think once Danielle is really off the show and the focus is back on the Manzo/Laurita clan, guest starring Guidice clan, we may see some hard truths come out about Caroline’s views on paying your debts. I’m hoping anyway… 🙂

  6. audrey lasalle says:

    Lynn loved the blog as always see you in Flordia in January bring the kin

  7. dumberries says:

    Thanks for another good blog Lynn!

    I agree with your theory about Caroline and Teresa. I don’t think they are friends, nor have they ever been. Caroline has tolerated Teresa and been very complimentary. She tried; I think she’s now at the end of her rope with Teresa. Teresa has no respect for anyone – not Caroline, not her own parents, not her husband, not law enforcement, not the general public. She is the epitome of selfish, and she’s vulgar and violent to boot. Much like Zarin, it’s clear that Teresa believes it’s her show and everyone else is supporting cast. Caroline and Teresa were, as you stated, united against a common enemy in Danielle. That’s all they have in common.

    The only thing I see differently from your theory: Caroline does not really love Jacqueline, imo. She loves her brother, and therefore wants to have a good relationship with his wife (whom she probably does care for at this point). But, Jacqueline attracts trouble and drama. Jacqueline is Teresa’s friend. Jacqueline and Teresa were the ones that were hanging out with Danielle at the start of the show (Teresa even set up Danielle with Juicy’s skeevy friend Steve). Jacqueline created a monster in Ashley…. Jacqueline opened the door to Kim G…

    I am undecided about Caroline. Maybe she’s a bossy know-it-all. Maybe she’s just smart and trying to avoid being pulled into the gutter, without cutting off family members. Maybe both. It’s one thing not to care for you sister-in-law’s friends if they’re just annoying, or shallow, or not your style. But, Danielle and Teresa go way beyond the normal tolerable character flaws – they are both insufferable and crazy. I wish Caroline had her own friends, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen any (I haven’t watched much of this season – so maybe I’m wrong?). It would probably do her well to to get involved with charity work or get a job and meet new people that are not connected to her family or her family’s friends. Seems like she needs to find her identity outside of being a mom, a wife, and a sister. But, she should stay away from Zarin at all costs!!!!!

    • babelony says:

      I agree. I don’t think Caroline would have anything to do with Jac if she weren’t her sis-in-law. I believe Caroline finds them both to be fools. It would be good for her to find other “hobbies” other than her family.

    • Bosandi says:

      I agree, Caroline needs to find herself outside of her family. I bet that’ll put a spark in Albert. It’s hard to tell if she has outside friends b/c they may not want to be filmed or maybe her outside interests have been overshadowed by the other drama drivel.

      At first it didn’t sound like a good idea for Bravo to cut Danielle b/c she brings the drama but as mentioned with Danielle gone we’ll really get to see who likes whom. I actually feel sorry for Danielle b/c if she has been cut then she’s lost some of her income. God knows what she’ll do for money, lol. That said, this is the very reason I stopped watching NJ – I now view Danielle as the victim.

      I think Caroline put up a good front pretending to love Teresa but I guess it’s running thin. Teresa is only capable of liking people who adore her. Clearly Caroline doesn’t fit the bill anymore.

  8. Noelle says:

    Thanks Lynn for a new blog and updates!! You’re a love.

  9. babelony says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Here, have a cookie.

  10. Compassion for Everyone says:

    Directing your hate at defenseless animals, such as Dina’s cat, is cruel. Your comment is not funny, it’s cruel. The Real Housewives have put themselves out in public knowing they subject themselves to criticism, it is unsportsmanlike to comment on anyone else. I hope that you are at your core a sensitive person that realizes that some people who makes these types of comments towards animals also act on them and will refrain from making these types of comments in the future.

    • Noelle says:

      Comp for all,
      I agree.

      First you must tell this to the little man behind the green curtain ,before you reprimand anyone….As Glenda (good witch) say: “It’s good to start at the beginning…..” (I sooooo love Glenda, don’t you?)
      Sidetracked…my apologies…seek out little man behind the green curtain @AndyCohen.com, Bravo Andycohen.com or twitter him@bravoandy. He doesn’t respond often(ever) but best of luck to you.
      This is where you need to focus your energy…as Lynn just provides a haven (wonderful and honest) to trade thoughts on what we really think of posers, grifters and criminals! IMAGINE……
      We love Lynn, you don’t, PERIOD. So move along on your merry way..
      Cause next time I won’t be so cordial.
      Have a great day!

      • Compassion for Everyone says:


        Don’t kid yourself, you weren’t cordial this time.

        Don’t make assumptions about my “love” for Lynn, I simply “love” animals more !

        Cheers to hoping you have more understanding for the people and pets in your life than you have shown here.

        Take care,

        Compassion for All

        • dumberries says:

          I understand and appreciate your love of animals. I post here regularly and have never seen anyone suggest harming an animal. If you are suggesting there is hate directed at animals because Lynn wrote that she thinks Grandma Wrinkles is ugly, I don’t equate that to hate or encouraging animal abuse. A hairless cat is an interesting choice in pets; not many people find them physically appealing or cuddly. (People don’t generally warm up to my boa either!). I understand that your compassion for animals runs deep, but I don’t think most people would consider calling an animal ugly is hateful or encourages abuse, but I respect that our opinions differ.

          • Compassion for Everyone says:


            One day ago Lynn tweeted “wondering how @dinamanzo’s cat Grandma Wrinkles would look under the tire of Dina’s SUV?”.

            Delighting in the harm to a cat is equated “to hate or encouraging animal abuse”.

            I am simply asking Lynn, for entertainment purposes, not to comment on the Real Housewives minor children or pets. They are defenseless and targeting them is poor sportsmanship.

            • Quincy IL says:

              I think Dina made us dislike that cat with the stains from cat oil, smell, and the leaky intestines. Normally, I like animals, but not that one.

            • Noelle says:

              Enough already! Let it go….
              You OTAY with that…TWEETY….

              Cause BIRD, Stalking after 50ish is SOOO wrong! I agree…bordering desperate!?!!
              Leave Lynn Alone!
              Enough…You’ve been banned from almost everywhere and you still come back.

              “Compassion for everyone” , that’s OTAY’s m.o. POSER!!
              I’ve been here long enough to know she’s a TOOL! And not welcome. (Fellow poster stated she’s banned from Reality tea)..just sayin

            • LynnNChicago says:

              I do not “delight” in animal abuse, I volunteer at Save A Pet my local animal shelter. Please use some common sense. Dina Manzo created a Twitter account for this animal, she has it on screen any chance she gets and even forced it onto Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. I hear your request, I respect your right to ask me but I would suggest that you not read my blog if you’re so sensitive about this cat because the sight of it makes me want to gag especially when I remember Caroline talking about it leaving an “oil stain” wherever it goes, sorry I don’t like this cat. This isn’t about “sportsmanship”, this is a blog about a TV show, not a sporting event. I notice that you failed to post the lovely response that Dina Manzo posted to me via her cat! How’s that for sportsmanship?

        • Noelle says:


          My original point was don’t judge Lynn by a comment. She isn’t the first person to comment on that cat…try Andy Cohen.
          Your “Cheers to hoping…understanding..for people and pets….than you’ve shown here.”
          You lost me. “Assumptions” are inclusive to you?
          Spent 6 weeks in Haiti with doctors without borders.
          (2 minor children @home..because I had(ME) to.)
          BTW if you live in the (586) area(code) There’s a lovely shepard/collie? mix in my garage. Called both numbers on tag..crickets.. Her name is “Lovely” and seems to be well taken care of.

          • _therealmelissa says:

            Just a quick aside…have Lovely scanned by the shelter or vet for a microchip on the off chance she has one. Many pets have them now…done at the same time as vaccinations.

            • Noelle says:

              Thanks for that reminder….If I don’t get a callback, I will have her scanned for the chip tomorrow. (She may not want to leave….I moved my car out of garage…put old futon pillow with sheets and huge bowl of water and big bowl of baked(boneless) chicken. My doxy is giving me dirty looks..I swear.

          • Compassion for Everyone says:

            Your reply to my original post “”We love Lynn, you don’t, PERIOD. So move along on your merry way.. Cause next time I won’t be so cordial.””
            Taking for granted or supposing that I don’t “love” Lynn is the very definition of an assumption.

            “hoping you have more understanding for the people and pets in your life than you have shown here.” is just that …… a hope.

            I commend you for keeping Lovely safe, I pray she finds her way home.

            • Noelle says:

              OY!! My blood is boiling!
              You absolutely took my words out of context therefore lending to your whacked out shit credibility….
              Step off..

      • Noelle says:

        A bit harsh I was.
        Comp for all,
        Andy hates Dina’s cat…so all I’m saying is it would be better if you took this discussion up with him.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Please think about what you’re saying, you really think that I would make an attempt to harm Dina’s cat? Don’t be ridiculous! Maybe if you kept reading my tweets, you would see that I did take responsibility for my comment (and didn’t DELETE it like Dina does) about her cat.

      I don’t have to like Dina’s cat just because it CHOSE not to be on a show, are you insane? Unsportsmanlike? This isn’t a sport, its a TV show, and I didn’t happen to find Dina’s comment funny. You didn’t find mine funny, no big deal, lets move on.

      • Quincy IL says:

        The Grandma Wrinkles twitter cat isn’t as cleaver as GingerZarin. I believe that Dina was trying to copy GingerZarin like Jill Zarin tried to copy the whit of Bethenny Frankel. Both Dina and Jill failed because they are too invested in their own feelings. To be a Mark Twain like whit, you have to be able to remove yourself from the battle. That’s what we have done here. We are not emotionally invested therefore we can create humor.

        Stand back, Lynn. Stand right next to us. Dina’s accusations are absolutely ridiculous. Turn it around. Throw Dina for a loop. Have fun with Dina because she won’t see it coming. Dina isn’t very intelligent. Dance around her.

        • Kat says:

          Wisdom and perspective. Great advice is timeless.

          • Quincy IL says:

            @Grandma Wrinkles: my Dina is looking as shiny as her car now that she has waxed her back.

            Dina says she’s looking for inner peace, but that’s a crock. Call her on it…..

          • Zoey says:

            I can’t believe the time and energy being wasted on this person discussing whether or not you can makes jokes about a cat on TV. A cat that was obviously brought into the show because it’s so ugly and unusual. Duh.

            Compassion person, get a life. Stop looking for trouble where there isn’t any. There are plenty of animals to be defended, so get busy doing that where they actually need it. They are safe from the evil blog!

            And I think the comment about the cat and the SUV was funny! It’s called humor. Humor is often exaggerated and out there. Lighten up.

  11. Noelle says:

    Manners much?? Hell NO… Loser often. Hell to the YES!!!
    Go slither back from the rock you came (underneath) from and we’ll call it a day!
    I know dear…truth hurts…TOUGH! Buh-BYEEEEEEEEEE! xoxox

    • (singing) “the freaks come out at night……the freaks come out at niiiiight…..”

      • singing to “oh yeah,” not you Noelle! LOL

        • Noelle says:

          I so know that silly!
          I am LMAO @”the freaks come out at night”
          HEE! good-one!!

          • Quincy IL says:

            Who are the fans of Dina? Why aren’t they out there making clever comments on the “I love Dina and the cat ” blog?

            • Quincy IL says:

              I watch people as a hobby.

              I looked at Dina’s twitter list. Then, I took her link to grandma wrinkles account. Hmmmm. Dina is sweetness and light about her friends, her mother’s new account, zucchini bread (which has a boat load of calories so eat the whole thing, dear,) and she doesn’t want to hear mean things about her kitties. Go to the cat’s account and wham …. in your face, cat shit….post after post on what is dripping from her cat’s back zone. She even wants to take that dripping stuff and use it on people she doesn’t like.

              I think this is more than passive aggressive. It’s a split in personality. The members of the NJ cast call Danielle garbage and filth. Caroline uses “garbage” and if you google you will see that Dina used “filth.” I have never observed Danielle threatening to put cat poo on Dina’s body. (I suspect that Grandma Wrinkles does that for Danielle.)

              Why all of the hatred coming from Jill and the Manzo women? Honestly, I have never seen that language here and we have been together for quite a while now. I think that the Manzos are on the Teresa Guidice level of sophistication. They don’t know satire, hyperbole, or good old fashion humor. I don’t think that any of them looked at a book in high school. NJ has to offer literature in high school, right?

              I would like to add one more thing about Caroline being angry that her parents failed to teach her Italian. Your kidding, right? For goodness sake, learn it. I speak Farsi and my parents didn’t. I speak Spanish too. My parents didn’t. My children speak French, German and Farsi. We had teachers and we studied. Caroline, stop whinning and take classes. Take your husband to Italy and see the sights. You are supposedly rich, you can afford a vacation with Albert. Why have anger at your beloved parents, when you can take action on your own?

              • boston02127 says:

                @Quincy IL–well said.

              • kats2 says:

                Well said Quincy! Totally agree. When it comes to Dina and the Manzos I go back to their first TV reality show – that eye opening Wedding mess where we got to see the real Dina, Caroline and Tommy. Where Tommy treated his wife like trash and she just crying and kept taking more of his abuse, while Caroline and Al sat back and watched Tommy treat Dina like crap in front of Lexi. When Dina admitted on camera that Tommy had cheated on her multiple times but we are love and planning our big tacky wedding – this moment was the last time any Manzo was honest in front of the camera.

                Where were the tough girls Caroline and Dina while all that was going on?

              • Kim Grandmatell says:

                That is true, but did you read Ape’s blog about the issue on Bravo? Makes me hate her even more.

                In fact, I am thinking about starting a blog devoted to my hatred of this vile creature!

              • WindyCityWondering says:

                Jersey seems to talk a big game but that is all it is – except when the ape decides to bob n weave and charge her prey….IMO one well aimed punch to the nose would stop that cow in her tracks.

  12. Hey Gang! Great blog, as usual Lynn! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, there has been sooooo much going on around my world, but I am caught up now LOL (took about 6 hours but worth every minute!) And I have a new blog chapter up! Thanks again, Lynn, for letting me post the link here as I finish the stories! As always, your comments can be left on the new blog and are appreciated more than you know!

  13. And Lynn, does anyone know what that picture Dina tweeted actually IS? Good Gravy and Giblets, that is just frightening!

    • boston02127 says:

      @duchessofdryerlint–It was her baby picture.

    • kats2 says:

      Duchess – I haven’t seen you for a while, where have you been? Missed your humor and fabulous sayings. Welcome back, hope all is well. . . .

      • Boston, hee hee hee. But I seriously want to know! LOL
        Kats2, (blushing) Awwww! Thanks! Yes, things are stressful, but good. Just a rush of stuff that had to be dealt with. Crazy month!
        Everyone, I really love love loved catching up on the snark and humor! This is such a great group.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I have no idea who or what that is but it is pretty creepy, as Kelly would say. Dina is a very strange woman, I told you she was the creepy cat lady! No one believed me 🙂

  14. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Jill is all over the place. Last week she accused Alex of starting the rumor that she was a mean girl, now she is pretending that she doesn’t have any issues with Alex. I am glad that Alex set the record straight. I suspect a PR Rep. told Jill to stop bashing Alex in public because Jill got a lot of negative feedback about her comments about Alex.

    • MJ says:

      I love how Jill says that “Alex started a rumor”! Is that what it’s called when you’ve been filmed saying nasty things behind other people’s backs, a “rumor”? There’s tons of RHNY footage with Jill acting like a mean girl, saying rude things about people, and basically acting like a total jackhole. Jill forgot to act nice on film, now we all know the real Jill, and Alex called her out on it. But if it makes Jill feel better, I guess we can call that a “rumor”.

  15. Kat says:

    Lynn, Thank You! 8)
    Your blog is wonderful and spot on.

  16. Squirrels says:

    With all the animal love in the air….. I WAN’T A PONY….dammit.

  17. Kat says:

    @oh_yeah__ ~ You are moronic and lack the ability to express yourself in a civilized manner. You are showing your lack of tact and class by posting such tripe. I suspect you are less than a pig -they are intelligent creatures. You are just a gutless troll.
    It takes all kinds I guess.

  18. lillybee says:

    Back to Kelly, if I remember correctly, the idiot gave Sonja two cleanses. The first was at the cocktails and couture party and the second was after Sonja’s lipo.

    • Adgirl says:

      At first I thought you meant Kelly administrated them.

    • dumberries says:

      Poor Sonja! Knowing Kelly, she truly loved cleanses back then. Now, she finds them unpredictable and dangerous. I wouldn’t be surprised if she changed her mind after Demi Moore (a former cleanse advocate) recently denounced them on twitter. She probably thinks they;re friends because they once attended the same event.

      Nite all….

      • Quincy IL says:

        Bethenny used one and it made her skin break out. She told this to Ramona on screen at the beginning of last season.

        I think the cleanse is a model’s thing. They probably use them before a shoot.

        • _therealmelissa says:

          Your doctor will prescribe one before a routine colon cancer screening, too. I suppose the pharmacy would wrap it up in a gift bag if you paid extra. 🙂

          I will go back and stand in the corner now….

          • Quincy IL says:

            Had that test and that was a difficult night. Everyone has to have it. Colon cancer is a silent killer. Please, everyone do it because your life if important.

      • Jen says:

        A think plp use the word clense to loosely….

        As for Demi she is full of it- she claimed to not be starving on a clense but was doing the Master CLEANSE which is lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne pepper, if that’s not starving yourself not sure what is….

        Sorry I just hate celebs who are full out liars but advocate some thing so dangerous

  19. Adgirl says:

    HI LYNN!!! Thanks for the awesome environment for us to talk about anything!! Nobody will ever call you “Strega” that’s for sure!! (Lil joke for TWOP refugees.)

    Dina’s tweet “Thinking of waxing my back, thoughts? Oh, & I have a new hair do” What. The. Hell. Is that a pix of her love child with Juicy Joe by way of Grandma Wrinkles??
    Strange. And Dina has a strange sense of humor.

    Caroline and Teresa – I’d probably hate anyone I appeared on a reality show with. Especially an aspirational based bitchfest like RH. No upside there.

    The True Teresa emerges. Weird isn’t it that the ladies we like in the 1st or 2nd seasons we HATE later because we feel played.
    Jill? You hearing me?

    • Squirrels says:

      I’m sorry, maybe its because I’m chinese, but waxing a woman’s back? That’s a new one. How many Robin Williams women are out there?

      • Quincy IL says:

        Iranians are very hairy. When my daughter was born her long hair on her head went all the way to her shoulder. I kid you not. Dina obviously has some Middle Eastern traits. It’s probably from one of the invasions of Italy in the 1400’s.

    • fairydusted says:

      Gotcha Adgirl. They closed they NJ thread late last night as usual. They are killing that site. But hey, Love Lynn’s blog. Freedom at last.
      I think Caroline tolerates Teresa because of the Jax and Dina. I know most find Caroline boring ,but to me me she much mirrors my personal life so I tend to give her some slack.

  20. Noelle says:

    I bow down.
    To fricken hilarious…
    Dying here..LMFAO!!

  21. Quincy IL says:

    Since Lynn is not allowed to twitter Dina, how did this conversation take place in cyberspace. Dina must have started it.

    • Kat says:

      @grandmawrinkles has an account. Apparently the account is an alter ego alias of Dina’s if I understand correctly.

      • _therealmelissa says:

        Oh no….Grandma Wrinkles is actually typing. 😉 Or at least the Dina fans probably think that. In fact is it Dina’s evil twin getting out her frustrations.

        I have a number of friends who show Chinese Crested dogs (hairless) and although their skin feels a bit odd, it is not oily nor do they stink. They do need regular baths and a quick scrub with a loofa, but that is it. Dina needs to learn how to take care of her cat.

        Don’t get me going….

        • Kat says:

          I’ve lost all respect for Dina. I hope her cat ruins everything it touches. 😉
          May the bird of paradise fly up D’d nose.

  22. Quincy IL says:

    Stacy’s husband, Jason, is making blunders on DC. He calls the Salahis, “White folks.”
    He goes what???? When Michaela says that Obama wants to bring the red and blue together to be red, white and blue. The latter refers to the pre-election claims of Obama to represent all Americans, red states (Republican) and blue states (Democratic.) What Tareq said about the two state solution was accurate also. It seems that Washington born insiders might not know what they are listening too because they aren’t aware of the campaign promises.

    About the “White folks” designation. I think that the people who are very “tuned into” race in the DC show are what Jason might call “Black folks.” Just following Jason’s lead. In the introduction to Stacy and her family, I loved them. They were shown as great parents and a couple in love. I hope they go in that direction and forget about race entirely.

    • Jen says:

      I agree 100% ….. MS may be stupid but I didi get her red white and blue comment too and it’s exactly a Obama campaign promise/slogan….

      I think Bravo is trying to play up race to much and I believe the Turners are too ( or in last episode Erica) … I understand it’s a reality but I think it should happen organically on the show not be forced….

  23. boston02127 says:

    Lynn–Thank you for the great blog. High five to you. I feel asleep last night and now see that I missed the troll, sorry you have to put up with that. You don’t deserve it. I agree with what you wrote about Caroline and Teresa and I wonder if Jacqueline has anything to do with Teresa’s disrespect for Caroline. I don’t think Jacqueline really cares for Caroline. Jacqueline seems disrespectful and sneaky and I wouldn’t put it past her to quietly talk about Caroline to Teresa.

  24. Kat says:

    Damn that troll, replies and posts are wonky because it.

  25. Noelle says:

    Happy to inform you that Lovely was picked up by her owners. They were vacationing on the lake we live near and Lovely heard dogs barking and took off. (She loves dogs…really loves other dogs.) She was happy to see her masters and came back to lick my hand. Then she sat down next to me and wouldn’t leave. Awkward…..??
    We’ve all exchanged cell #’s, cause they say Lovely will be back. My boo(doxy..and by the way..boo-boo kitty cat was huge in the 70’s..late) is already hating on me!
    Boo is sniffing around me like I committed a crime!
    can’t win.

  26. jiggylicious says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Just wanted to say that I just love reading your blog!

  27. Noelle says:


    Again?…..My best to Lynn 🙂

  28. boston02127 says:

    Good morning Kelly Bensimon, I was wondering if you could answer some questions.

    Why is it when I Google your name the following words come up on the search engine. Breakdown, Crazy, Nervous Breakdown, Tweeter, Ex-husband, Blog, Facebook, Drugs. Nothing about charity. Not one word.

    In 2009 you stated that the name Kelly Bensimon is too valuable to lend to charity. Really Kelly? Too valuable? I don’t think the world would agree with that statement. If the name Kelly Bensimon is so valuable, why wouldn’t you WANT to help any charity that you possibly could? (Help as in giving your time & money)

    In May of 2009 you attended a charity auction and donated a photo shoot. Yet, you failed to follow thru. You never made good on it. You left a charity high and dry. Not only did you screw a charity, the auction had to pay cash back to the poor soul that bid on your bogus donation.

    You continuously talk about the NYC food bank and Feeding the Hungry. You preach about clean water for everyone, help for educational needs, education for everyone, internet for everyone. The list of your “talked about” charities goes on and on, you’re relentless when it comes to “talking” about charity. Do you realize that is insulting to these charities and the people that work so hard for them?

    Can you name one dedicated charity that you have given your heart and soul and cash and time to? Just one. I’ve noticed in photos of you that you wear TOMS shoes. I’m aware that for each pair of shoes purchased that TOMS donates a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Is that your idea of great charity work? Is that your “one” dedicated charity that you have one hundred per cent followed through with?
    Shoes for yourself and one needy child…..not impressive.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      @Boston, remember the saying “Talk is Cheap”? well that is all Kelly can afford to give to any charity.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      OMG- I think you might make a really good lawyer. You have an organized mind and dig for the truth.
      I would most certainly want you with me and not against me!

  29. Olivia says:

    I have no sympathy for Caroline; she agreed to be part of this messy show knowing full well that she had nothing in common with the others outside of their bloodline. She has sat there in her headshots, fully judgmental and “holier than thou”, as they went about their foolishness and ill mannered behavior like some Queen of the Mount.

    She has played the game of “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” when it came to Teresa, even willing to appear alongside her following the table tipping and screeching “prostitution whore” in front of a roomful of kids. She laughs when Kim D’s drunken boyfriend refers to Danielle as a “pig”. She rolls her eyes and giggles when little CJ refers to Danielle in the same manner when they went pumpkin picking. She finds Teresa’s constant referrals to her “chuckie” hilarious. Teresa’s arrogance in always showing up late to the party is treated as just “Teresa being Teresa” as she keeps everybody waiting.

    We are supposed to view Caroline differently because she has chosen to remain distant from the chaos that surrounds Danielle and the others as she slings out the advice that nobody ever takes. She has found excuses to defend Ashley even when there is little evidence to support that assault. Her reasons for remaining on this show that exudes violence and threats is puzzling since she is featured doing little more than waxing her countertops as the others bitch and moan about Danielle.

    For a family that has supposedly tried to disassociate themselves from the specter of Tiny Manzo and possible mob ties, you would expect her to want to put as much distance between her family and the Guidice’s whose lifestyle and habits call that association to mind. For someone whose son is headed toward a degree in law, and who supports law enforcement by hosting fundraisers on their behalf, it is rather questionable to find her defending, supporting, and continuing to appear alongside another castmate who does just the opposite.

    If Teresa is currently putting the screws to Caroline, then Caroline should have expected nothing different from this vulgar woman. It is been fairly obvious from the beginning that Teresa was a piece of trash herself. Caroline is far from the “classy” character some wish to portray her.

    I do not fault anyone who would not wish to include Danielle in their daily lives but when she has agreed to sign on to another season of this “garbage” to pretend that she is “above the fray” is ludicrous. She is in it for the money, fame, and stardom that Bravo promises and she is quite willing to sell out her own “principles” for the opportunity. You get what you pay for.

    • ShyAsrai says:

      i find i quite agree with your assessment of Caroline.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I agree completely.

      Caroline and Dina are, IMO, very much the daughters of a mob figure killed in a “gangland” murder.

      They now as adults are married to two men that own the Brownstone. The Brownstone brings in a lot of business, and would be, IMO, an ideal place to launder money. I am not implying that the Manzo’s are doing anything illegal-far from it.

      These two couples have really put themselves out there into the public eye. With Dina and Tommy’s million-dollar wedding filmed for Bravo (?) and now the RHONJ, I think they are very aware that they are being scrutinized.

      I think that they are carefully trying to distance themselves from the family’s illegal and sordid past, so they both are very careful about whom they “let” into their lives.

      Caroline’s only friends seem to be her family-because she can trust them and relax her guard around them. With others she seems very guarded and quiet to the point of appearing morose.

      I think originally Caroline knew Theresa and Joe and really liked them, particularly because Dina liked them.

      But midway through the season I think Caroline started to see them for who they really are, particularly Theresa. But now she can’t call them out on it because she’s included them in her family and she’s very much the Mafia’s daughter-insofar as the belief that blood is thicker than water.

      Has it ever occurred to anyone, that except for the Italy trip, Caroline isn’t filming with ANYONE-unless they come to her house, and only a select few are coming to her house?

      In this season’s filming at least, she’s definitely gone into siege mentality and is circling the wagons.

      • Olivia says:

        Just a correction: Tiny Manzo is the father of Albert and Tommy, not Dina and Caroline. Their parents are very much alive and traveled to Italy.

        And I think that Caroline must have “stipulated” that she would only be filmed in certain areas like her home or a restaurant but on her terms.

        I also question that “friendship” between Teresa and Dina when Dina indicated that she knew nothing of the “first dance” at the christening party which seemed odd to me. If they were such good friends, it would seem that she would have attended the prior christenings of at least one of those kids.

        Just a thought, but I think that Jacqueline and Danielle were supposed to have become “friends” from visiting the same beauty parlor. Teresa was not supposed to be a customer at that time since she lived outside Franklin Lakes. Jacqueline’s ties to Dina and Caroline are apparent as they are related.

        How and where they picked up Teresa is not clear. I got the impression that Teresa and Jacqueline were friends and acted as the go between link for Dina.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Yes of course you’re right.
          I was remembering how upset Caroline and Dina got at the Reunion show because it had been brought out int he media, and assumed that it was their father not their father-in-law.
          Correction: they married into a family trying to distance themselves from the gangland hit.
          But I stand by the rest of my statement.

        • BonBon says:

          Maybe they met her through the EYEBROW lady.

      • BonBon says:

        Albert’s father, Tiny Manzo, was allegedly in the mob..Tiny Manzo’s “remains” were found in the trunk of a car. Not Caroline’s father. Her father was on that revent awful trip to Italy. So, no matter what you think of Dina and/or Caroline, their father/ family (ne: Laurita) is/was not part of the “mob”.

  30. Wall St Lady says:

    Squirrels I tried to post on ur site & it is acting very crazy. The comment space is jumping around like a Ko Ko Kelly bean. I wanted to know what “Gotta go shoot a gig. Nite”. I figured if u had yet another talent I wouldn’t embarrass u & I also like to see new comments.
    I am on a (new) BB so I thought it was me but this comment space is still waters vs a tornado. Btw I made myself feel dizzy posting anyway cuz us dyslexics r used to it being our fault & have lots of discipline to keep trying & after I finished the rejection explanation said I was “posting too fast”

    • Squirrels says:

      Hi WSL. I had a dance party photo shoot last nite. Great time. Fun group of about 150. My college degree is from U of New Mexico, emphasis on photojournalism. I still shoot on occasion but loved the teaching aspect. Am working to create interest in “photo education” tours. Reading like a fiend on the tourism ins and outs.

      We’ll see. I my fall flat on my lens.

    • anniieee says:

      WSL… I so understand that… I am also lysdexic… oops…dyslexic…and the jumping around is confusing me..

  31. kats2 says:

    I didn’t see this link/pic posted here yet


    Caroline looks nice in this picture (I think she has looked ever). The other two morons in the picture I would like to use as chum during shark week.

    Caroline must not have read Chewy’s blog this week

    Why does moron criminal Chewy always tilt her head in pics, is one side of her brain missing? Does she think this looks good? Does she think we won’t notice she doesn’t have a forehead?

    • Kat says:

      Her conscious is missing, thus the tilt.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Tilting the head elongates the neck, plus she probably think she looks sexy.

      • Quincy IL says:

        A while back, I read an article from a producer of the OC that talked about how the women changed after their first season on the show. They learn camera angles. Notice Tamara always stands to the side so you can see her small waist. Jill Zarin probably hates having her profile on camera. They shots she pays for are always dead on.

        I want squirrels to take the photo for my passport renewal. She has a lense that will make me look good and wrinkle free.

  32. WindyCityWondering says:

    Good Morning to all! Great blog Lynn – always interesting points to wonder about.
    I have always thought that Caroline just tolerates Teresa. She uses humor to cover up her distain for Teresa’s tackiness, nonexistant child rearing skills and unbridled hatred of Danielle. In some ways, it would appear that she frowns on Jacq’s friendship with the nut job and blames Ashley’s behavior on her as well. It also seems that Caroline is more tolerant of Teresa than she is of Jacq (even though she is legitimate family).
    But then, Caroline comes from a different generation, has raised her children and wants peace in her life – so watching the three idiots (Teresa, Jacq and Ashley) continually play into Danielle’s web and disregard her sage advice has to be difficult.

    As for Dina – she is an ass with a very ugly attitude and too much time on her hands.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Caroline laughs at Teresa and it’s condescending. Dina does it too.
      I think Jacqueline has problems with both Caroline and Dina. She senses this attitude and doesn’t like it. Teresa didn’t see what is going on until she read a few blogs and looked back on the interviews that Caroline and Dina give. Looks like we will have enough material for another season. The Manzo clan plan to blow themselves up.

  33. Jen says:

    Ok I would like to mention that last night Showbiz tonight covered Bethennys weight lose and if her saying ‘eat nothing, taste everything’ was sending a wrong message. Here is my issue with that…. They left off the second part completely and covered the whole story as if B was saying eat nothing…. ever…. starve yourself. First that’s just wrong and the media if it is reporting on things like this should be more accurate. Secondly B’s saying is clear in her book- the point is if you are say craving a twizzler eat 1 twizzler, taste it enjoy it but you don’t have to down the bag. Her point is if you enjoy what you’re eating no need to eat a whole ton of it to be satisfied. I actually wrote the network and email stating how I found this half assed reporting to be gross. I am sure nothing will come of it but still I felt better…. B is not advocation starving which is clear in book and everything she says. I think it is harmful to both her business and consumers to imply she is without actually showing the whole message

    sorry for the rant- Thank you 🙂

    • LynnNChicago says:

      You’re absolutely right Jen, unless someone read the book, they wouldn’t understand the phrase, “taste everything, eat nothing”. She didn’t mean that literally and it is only one of ten points in her book.

      • Quincy IL says:

        It’s a play on an Italian proverb. I loaned my book to my physcial trainer, but the phrase is in the book.

    • Kat says:

      These TV “news” mags reach for viewers with outrageous headlines and teaser stories. (I hate the tease and immediate commercial break.) Their “expert” panelists are as qualified as Luann was on Fergie during her Larry King appearance.
      Slow entertainment news day I suspect. It does jeapordize Bethenny’s public acceptance/confidence and thus her sales/brand with this type of reporting.
      I bet she learns from this.

      I question most tv/cable news reports. I think stories perceived as having the most public interest get more air time. And news that is a “downer” is either not broadcast or quickly and summarily reported. They don’t want to upset consumers with the truth. Advertisers rule. YMMV

  34. Wall St Lady says:

    I have had cats all my life & stinky oily GM Wrinkles is gross
    My brother & I have a cat. Luke acts more like a dog. We like to say he is a lover not a fighter. Any way 4 the 2nd timeh he has been severely bitten(large tooth puncture wound) around his tail & the vet says he is not engaging (or he would have frontal wounds)but running away. He is in paine & he will heal in weeks. I have never encountered these by the tail bites has anyone Elise ? Luke is a normal size 2yr old & typically not a coward. If I figure out what cat did this if I am strong enough I will take a broom scream obscenities & chase him.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Has the vet told you that it was definately another cat who bit Luke?

      The reason I ask is I had a cat in NY that was bitten in the face by a racoon, who lived, yep-right in the city on top of a garage with his big racoon family.

      A 2 yr. old male is trying to protect “his” property-so it’s unusual that he would turn and run from another cat-unless he was far out of his territory.

      Is he fixed? Sometimes male cats will roam for blocks and blocks if they smell a female cat in heat, and end up in a dangerous place.

  35. WindyCityWondering says:

    Is Teresa the only one who blogged this week?

  36. LynnNChicago says:

    This is a test, if the comments are posting funky again, I’m going to re-post the same blog again.

  37. Zipit Zarin says:

    Thanx again for your blog, Lynn! We are so spoiled (ok I am) that you sum up what’s been happening out there in HW world so well!! I’m everso grateful and don’t take you for granted. You handle trolls with graciousness AND an iron fist. It’s amazing to see and I’m jealous I don’t have such skill. I tried to Twit but just can’t get into squeezing a thought into such a tiny space. It reminds me of chat rooms on AOL when I went there years ago and that was bad enough. Plus I’m old and don’t want to learn a new trick. There, I said it. LOL Anyway, that is why I appreciate you and everyone else who takes the time to bring that world here. I get the benefits without the work!

    Mwah Mwah Lynn, and allaya 😀

    P.S. I seem to come and go randomly cuz my wireless goes in and out randomly.
    So maddening. Plus when I sign on at my nanny job everything depends on when the baby is sleeping and whatnot.

  38. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet—being friends with someone who has serious issues is so hard. wear love, and hope they will be selfish enough to be strong. Love

    Kelly Beensomeone, Seems you’ve been pretty selfish all your life, what’s with your serious issues? Also, if you “wear love” all the time why don’t you have a husband?

    • Squirrels says:

      I had to not only read that quote twice, I had to shake the cobwebs from between my ears. Is Kelly promoting selfishness? Is she equating selfishness with strength?

      I feel my college education slipping away every time I try to make sense of her ramblings and I still owe money on it, dammit!

  39. Wall St Lady says:

    Forget to say Luke is in NC & is an in & out door cat.( NYC cats live inside only unless they r abandoned)
    Not to “beat a dead cat” but any experience w/near tail base deep bites.

  40. dumberries says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Good morning! Is this the new blog for comments?

  41. boston02127 says:

    Does anyone else find it odd when Jill talks/tweets about her mother she calls her mommy?

    Her tweets—So happy to my mommy is ok. A little too thin but feeling better thanks to all of your prayers. I am so grateful to all of you.

    Ashley does it too—Her tweet–
    http://tweetphoto.com/40558678 my daddy just sent me this picture of my little brother Gavin..”65 yard run (cont) http://tl.gd/394lln

    I don’t call my parents by their first names, I call them mom & dad. For some reason I find “mommy” and “daddy” coming from an adult sounding odd.

    • Zoey says:

      I agree and I told Jill that I found it strange and creepy that a grown woman calls her mother ‘mommy’.

  42. Wall St Lady says:

    Talk of Juicy dumping Trasha, is not going to happen cuz Trasha(the major starlet) is Juicy’s meal ticket. Remember Juicy’s only job is a pizza maker for his Dad(yea & I have a cheap bridge to sell u).

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  44. Wall St Lady says:

    OnemoreBoston Luke is fixed. I hadn’t thought of a raccoon. I did think of a snake but happening 2Xs seemed unlikely. Thanks for ur in put.

  45. temporarilyme says:

    I think Jill is trying to detract attention of her hatred towards Alex because on the reunion show she basically told Andy that if Alex were asked back to the show next season she would not participate.
    Obviously Alex will be asked back. She has more fans, is kinder to viewers and cast mates alike and has a best selling book. Opposed to Jill whose books wouldn’t sell even half off, who has created tension in the cast and who has become generally hated by the public. Now Jill is realizing she is about to lose $$$$ and the freebies she loves.
    So Jill has to start creating this impression that she doesn’t hate Alex, that everything said in the past were just nasty rumors by people who don’t like her and that she has been only kind and gracious to Alex and Simon. (gag!) She needs the publicity for their store, the $$$ and the freebies. So the “great” (said with an eye roll) Jill PR team has started.

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