I Hate Jill Zarin RHONJ Preview/Housewife News August 23, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Real Housewives of NJ Preview/Housewives news   August 23, 2010

Well Kelly Bensimon of New York is at it again, her veiled attempts at slamming Bethenny are getting really old and are making her look ridiculous.  This is a grown woman who cannot keep her jealousy in check.  Kelly tweeted a photo of a random cover of Hamptons Magazine…


Kelly’s caption of “This is what a REAL cover looks like” is in reference to the cover that Bethenny appeared on during Season Two of the Real Housewives of New York.   The fact that Bethenny has moved on from the Housewives and Kelly can’t seem to keep Bethenny off of her mind is really sadistic. 

Kelly’s most recent antics also include tweeting a photo of several cases of vodka delivered to her home and sitting on her front stoop, just the same photo that Jill Zarin posted a few months back.  I’m sure that this is some publicity stunt, the vodka company says they’ll send you this vodka at no charge if you promise to tweet a photo of the delivery.   It doesn’t surprise me that Jill made the deal and Kelly followed along, Kelly doesn’t have an original thought in her head. 

The Vodka photo:  http://twitpic.com/2ha7uk

Kelly added:   @Kikilet:   @svedka did not pay me to tweet. I tweet who I love. Don’t u love svedka?

I don’t doubt that they didn’t “pay” her to tweet, but I’d bet anything she didn’t “pay” for the vodka!

Many of the Housewives have been supporting and Tweeting about Publicist, Jonathan Cheban’s new show on E! 


Rushing home to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians/SPIN Crowd premieres on E! @KimKardashian @JonathanCheban @SimonHuck

KhloeKardashian I am watching @jonathancheban @simonhuck #thespincrowd. Soooo good


Excited??? Good luck! RT @JonathanCheban Xo RT @lala And u have to check out @JonathanCheban and @SimonHuck on “SPIN CROWD” TONIGHT on E!!! 10/10:30(est) these 2 make for great TV!


@JonathanCheban Good luck tonite. You deserve all success!!


Spin Crowd w/@jonathancheban & @simonhuck 10:30 on E … U watching with me????

AlbieManzo  @JonathanCheban @SimonHuck Spin Crowd tonight! Good luck guys

(notice only Kelly’s mention the Kardashians, who by the way did not acknowledge Kelly)

Did anyone else watch this drivel last night?  I was mortified by the way this guy treats his employee’s, the ladies that work for him are singled out and judged by this moron simply for the way that they look.  The newest member of his team, a young lady arrived to work wearing flip flops, no make-up and her hair up in a messy bun.  Whether her attire was appropriate for Jonathan’s office is certainly his decision, however, the way he went about communicating his disapproval was a disgrace!  He ridiculed her and made some of the other ladies in his office stand up to be compared to her. 

In addition to that, he tells this girl that she needs to get injections in her lips to make them fuller but takes it a step further and makes an appointment and pre-pays for the procedure to be done.  The girl is torn over whether or not to have the procedure done and is in tears over the whole situation.  Right out of college, she clearly needs the job with Jonathan so she ends up having a “temporary” procedure done to see how she likes the outcome.  When Jonathan learns it is temporary, he has a childlike fit and storms off! 

This guy is a complete moron and I won’t ever be watching his show again, I thought I was watching a throwback to the 1950’s where women’s looks were all that mattered in Hollywood.  A woman with a brain, as in the girl with inadequate lips, had the only good ideas to promote the product that was featured on last night’s show.  Jonathan didn’t recognize that, only that her “look” was all wrong. 

Jonathan Cheban is the same man who Jill Zarin tweeted about that was lying in bed with her watching the RHONY reunion shows a few months back, he works with the Kardashian’s, some of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and other celebrities.  I watched because of his connection to the housewives, yet none appeared or were even mentioned among his client list.  This show should mark the end of his career, but it probably won’t. 

I don’t know what his exact relationship is to any of the housewives, personal, professional or otherwise but from what we’ve read about Jill hiring PR people to prepare her for the Reunion taping and the fact that Jonathan joined her in bed to watch it air, leads me to believe he may be at least partially responsible for her many apologies on the reunion show.  He fell short, however, if he is the one who continues to advise her because she’s made some pretty huge PR errors since the show ended.

In any case, clearly I did not enjoy the show, this guy who seemed fairly nice on Twitter is an absolute moron and I won’t be watching anymore.  I am surprised by the amount of support that he received from the housewives with his poor attitude toward women.

Today is Caroline Manzo’s 49th birthday.  Happy Birthday to you, the final episode of RHONJ airing tonight is your birthday gift from Bravo, let’s see how they paint you tonight. 

All season, Caroline has avoided Danielle, yet has talked about her endlessly, tonight Caroline is going to request an audience with Danielle, why?  No way of knowing, other than it makes for a good ending to a dull season.   Caroline strongly discouraged her sister Dina from having a meeting with Danielle, stating that there is no way it will go well and it won’t be well received, there is no talking to Danielle, no reasoning with a crazy person.  All of these comments were made by Caroline to try to talk Dina out of meeting with Danielle, we even got an “I told you so” afterward.  So how can Caroline defend her decision to do the exact same thing?  It makes for good TV?   Bravo needed a “big finish” to the season?   We’ll see how it goes, I’m not expecting any earth shattering resolution to come out of tonight’s meeting, or any of the rest of the show, to be honest. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Videos – Previews – Meeting the Boss | Bravo TV Official Site http://t.co/je78rYE

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Videos – Previews – Sick of Battling a Lunatic | Bravo TV Official Site http://t.co/7FLbrFS

Caroline and Jacqueline have still not posted blogs from last week’s show, no loss there as they never say much that is interesting anyway.  I’m sure we’ll get blogs from the entire cast after tonight’s finale.

Bravo has “leaked” out two photographs from the “explosive” reunion both showing Teresa acting like an animal.  Remind anyone else of Teresa’s talking head interview where she says, “I wanted to smack Danielle right in the face but since she’s so sue happy, it was best I keep my hands to myself”.   I almost wish they would have let her get to Danielle just to see if she had the guts to go through with it, and then to see her whisked off to jail in handcuffs…ah dare to dream….


Until Next Time…..

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678 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin RHONJ Preview/Housewife News August 23, 2010

  1. Ellabean says:

    Thanks for the update Lynn !

    R: Kelly’s weekend Tweet – her caption of “This is what a REAL cover looks like” is in reference to the [Hampton’s Magazine] cover that Bethenny appeared on during Season Two of the Real Housewives of New York.

    What a B-I-T-…..Ohhhhh – this just loaded with potential for Tweets back to her.

    Anyone? I shall go first: ” Your remark is not WEARING LOVE, Kelly.”

    Pls tweet to her – I don’t tweet.

    • Zoey says:

      I tweeted it to her but we know it won’t do any good. We’ll get something even more ridonculous back! She just tweeted someone and commended them on taking responsibility for their actions!!!!!!!!!! FTW??

    • kats2 says:

      that cover and photos of Bethenny during that shoot were the most amazing pictures of her I have ever seen. She’s a pretty girl but the styling, location and the natural look was just perfect. I mean that are many A list celebs who don’t look as good.

  2. Ellabean says:

    Another potential one to Tweet to her:

    ” Bethenny’s beautiful cover was REAL.”

  3. dumberries says:

    Thanks Lynn – another good blog!

    I actually wish Caroline had posted a Bravo blog. I would have liked to see her reaction to Teresa’s dig.

    Oh Kelly, I don’t think she’ll be asked back. If Bethenny doesn’t sign on for another season of NY, Kelly will be useless. She’ll just be her rude, boring, nonsensical self and I’ll use her screen time for bathroom breaks again. Don’t think any of the other HWs will indulge her at this point…

    Looking forward to your NJ Finale blog!!

  4. boston02127 says:

    Great blog Lynn, thanks. I too watched the Spin Crowd last night for the same reason you did. Jonathan Cheban is beyond discusting. If I were that girl I don’t know if I could have kept my mouth shut when he was being so awful to her, I hope she finds a new job soon. Leave it to Jill to have a friend like him.

    @Kat2—re: Spin Crowd—-I posted the lip scene on the last blog. It’s not that far up from the bottom of the page.

  5. AZ Girl says:

    I am still sticking with the idea that something also happens at the reunion between Caroline and Teresa. It is obvious that Caroline stops Teresa from hitting Danielle from the clips. Too bad I would love to see Teresa hauled off in cuffs.

    I may be wrong but Teresa’s blog this week was harsh on Caroline. Too harsh especially after Caroline watched her kids in Italy and has stood up for Teresa’s behavior all season long. You are right Lynn about Caroline, she will not lower herself to mention if there was a falling out with Teresa to the press. We will have to wait and see.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Is it a case of lowering herself or is it refusing to acknowledge that she was bamboozled by that grifter? Really, is she taking the high road or is she so set in her ways that she won’t ever admit when she’s wrong. Maybe her master mentality, allows her to only look forward and not regret her past actions. She is intolerant of foolish behaviour on Danielle’s part but has enjoyed Theresa’s antics in the past. Now that she knows the extent of Theresa’s duplicity, she is aware of how viewers see the shift of power in RHONJ. No longer will Theresa listen to the matriarch of the clan, but believes she runs the show. She uses Jac as a lackey and Caroline as a babysitter. What a difference a season makes hmm? Just saying. LOL

      • Night Light says:

        I think the the trip strained their friendship but the reunion might be what dooms it. I read somewhere that Caroline was seated next to Danielle but I don’t think because Caroline chose Danielle over Teresa; Bravo couldn’t very well sit three against one.

        • fashion42 says:

          If caroline was seated next to danielle- it is because she is mature enough to handle that situation. Out of all those women which one could tolerate sitting next to Danielle? Of course Caroline, she hates Danielle with quite a passion but clearly (especially after watching this finale) she can control her emotions around her. She isn’t Teresa (crazy, screaming, flipping tables, lunging, screaming- out of control) Caroline was the only one mature enough to handle sitting next to Danielle. That’s how I see it anyway!

  6. Those reunion pictures were disappointing. I heard that they got into an actual physical fight. I would really like to see Danielle rip out some of Teresa’s hair. Lol. Payback.
    Kelly is retarded. She was also tweeting that she is going to have her daughters use Pringles cans as pencil holders when they go back to school. Poor kids. Usually I laugh at Kelly, but yesterday she was making me mad. Especially when she posted the pic of her with the first place ribbons from the horse show. There is no way she won a blue ribbon in a legitimate category in any real show. Either she borrowed them from someone, or she was competing at beginners level or at a barn show (when people who ride at the same barn compete against each other for fun). They probably made a special category just for her like “funnest jumper” just to make her feel good because she probably spends a lot of money at the barn.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Real City Housewife – Love your comments. Can I ask a small favor? Please don’t use the word retarded in reference to people with low intelligence. I’m sure you mean no offense and it’s a common adjective but it is very hurtful to many people.
      I hope you won’t be angry at me for asking. I am doing so with absolute respect for you.
      I would encourage everyone to refrain from using that word as a figure of speech.

      • I’m sorry.
        You’re right, I’ll choose a different word next time.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Thank you so much for considering my feelings and for taking it in the spirit in which it was intended. You’re a class act. 🙂

      • Ellabean says:

        My compliments to both MamaZ and Real City for talking about that diplomatically and resolving peacefully. Cheers to you both.

      • harleysmom says:

        What a lovely, heart-warming exchange. You ladies are the reason I have fallen in love with this blog. I don’t post often because I always seem to be hours behind the conversations, but I am here every day if possible. I have “fallen in love” with all of you.

        Reading occasional angry and mean posts attacking ladies (and gentlemen) on this blog always surprise me, but my heart is lifted by the way you handle them and move on. I love the way we can respectfully disagree with one another and possibly even snark (followed by an apology).

        Mamaz, I know from your previous posts how important this issue is to you. What a respectful way to remind us all that the words we use can hurt. Real City Housewife, we all occasionally slip and say words we don’t mean (especially when posting on the fly). How sweet of you to accept Mamaz’ request with love and respect.

        I hope this goes in the right spot. Thanks to you all for letting me in your e-community – it feels like a family. You are all class act(s).

        • Kat says:

          I agree with you. You posted what I was thinking!

          • MAMAZ says:

            Aw shucks you guys, now I’m all embarrassed and stuff. *blushes*
            It has been sort of a mission of mine here and on other blogs. I also encourage people to not use gay as a derogatory term. Words are powerful and can be healing or hurtful. I knew Real City meant no harm but now I’m a bigger fan than ever because of the caring and courteous way she responded.
            Now can we get back to hating Jill Zarin already? lol

        • Look at the the love fest going on in here!

          I’m glad I checked back, because sometimes I post and then forget what / where I posted.

          ❤ this blog & everyone on it!

    • vilzvet says:

      Oh that was a “real” show she was in, The North Fork Classic. I looked up the book. In any case, don’t forget she PAID for that good horse she rode, the horsey most likely saved her a$$ over the jumps. By the way, I am planning to go to the Hampton Classic this weekend and I am almost positive Kelly will be competing on Local Day, Sunday. I promise to have my camera ready and will prowl the grounds for shots of her.

    • Zoey says:

      LOL, ‘funnest jumper’. Does the establishment post results somewhere of who won, and maybe pictures?

    • cusi77 says:

      ” I would really like to see Danielle rip out some of Teresa’s hair”

      Forehead… if possible.Lol.

    • alicia says:

      Seriously- my 12 year old son can ride better than her !

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      When I saw those leaked pictures of the reunion, for some reason an image of this …

      http://www.streetpeddler.com/cgi-bin/street/dynam?prod_group=toys&category=over_10&type=Charley%20Chimp entered my mind.

  7. Kat says:

    Thank you Lynn for the new blog and for continuing to blog and for providing us a place to meet, read, and share our thoughts. The time you put into blogging must be quite a lot and I hope not too burdensome.

    Kelly’s mantra must be, “I don’t want to grow up”.

    Teresa is an animal. But unlike most animals Teresa’s violence isn’t necessary to her survival it’s just a symptom of her lack of impulse control as are her shopping sprees. She seems incapable of using her words to settle disputes instead her limited vocabulary is a tool for starting fights.

    @Boston~ I heart you.

  8. LynnNChicago says:

    Someone Tweeted this to Kelly:

    Hey @kikilet I value your opinion so, and have a question for you. Is Chef Boyardee a chef or a cook? I just tried his ravioli for the first time, and feel as though I have been lied to about chefs. It was boy very good, and yet he calls himself a chef. Please weigh in w/your thoughts.


  9. boston02127 says:

    Lynn–What do you think of Patti Stanger wanting to be the next Bachelorette?

    • Ellabean says:

      Unless Patti is let go from her Bravo contract – I think there’d be a conflict there as Bachlorette is an ABC/Disney franchise.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      It reminds me of a saying I my FIL apparently used on my DH as he was growing up.

      “Want with one hand and shit in the other -and see which one fills up first”

    • BonBon says:

      Boston: Don’t you mean as the new Bachelor?
      Talk about mean spirited. Whoa. She’s the absolute Queen (or King) of mean. I think she’s in Jill’s Fab-u-lous circle of friends.

  10. Zipit Zarin says:

    Thanx again Lynn 😀 I watched a portion of the Spin Crowd. Blech. It’s just way too obvious that the show wants to let us in on the PR world but…it’s all sanitized of reality and wants that goofball ChittyChittyBangBang to be a star in his own right, along with the D-listers. They have shitty writers because they don’t set up a relationship between him and his partner before they have said partner sniping at him at every turn. I doubt the girl who dressed inappropriately did that by mistake. HUGH SNORE.

    On the photo of Caroline and Andy…what’s that thing between them???? It looks like a giant dildo! lol But it does.

    • lillybee says:

      It sure did, but it was T’s arm. I had to look at that picture for a long, long time to figure it out.

  11. Squirrels says:

    I caught this Kelly tweet from yesterday.

    “@xxxxxxx I am catholic. Most holy in east hampton”

    Most holy…. hmmm. At first I thought she was comparing herself to Jesus’ mother, Mary. Then I realize she was speaking about the emptiness between her ears. Translating her stuff is more fun than crafting pigeon earrings.

  12. boston02127 says:

    Kats2—(from the last blog) @kimgranatell What the hell r u going on about?Go take that private air transportation &fly urself somewhere 2relax.Ur out of control girl!

    I did see that! Also, she tweeted this when she was having dinner with the clan. Nothing says family dinner like ignoring one another and tweeting to the public.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      LOL boston. For a joke at a family dinner I told everyone to take out their phones and pretend to be on them for a photo of “family togetherness”. They know I have a wack sense of humor so they “humored” me. LOL

      Side note: If anyone attacks me for my opinions Imina say “You’re not the boss of me” ala Pee Wee Herman. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge 😛

  13. LynnNChicago says:

    Could Kim G Replace Danielle on The Real Housewives of New Jersey? : http://wp.me/pXhBd-id

    • Night Light says:

      Who is worse Danielle or Kim G? Jac has to be Jersey’s idiot to continue a friendship with Kim G. If Kim G has the nerve to reveal private information that Danielle confided in her she will do that to Jac as well. Disgusting!

  14. kats2 says:

    Hi Lynn and Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening Everyone!!! Love the blog Lynn 5 stars from me!!!!!!!

    I’m so happy the NJ train wreck is almost over! It’s hard to stop watching at this point, it’s almost done and since I finish even bad vile movies and books just to complete it, this is the same thing. However, if they come back for another season, it will be much easier to just not engage and stay away from this franchise.

    I was thinking about the promos for the big reunion battle and I’m willing to bet that the cliff hanger and how the reunion will end will be with the fight to entice viewers to come back next season to “watch what happens”. . Let’s face it the table flip put Chewy on the map, Danielle put all of them on the map. So the very calculated Chewy, who desperately needs money, needs another table flip moment. That is what they whole battle with Danielle is all about and if it wasn’t Danielle it would be someone else like Kim G.

    I also think there is a good chance that on Tuesday morning we will all being saying “that was it, that was big face-off between Caroline and Danielle?” Like the big Dina and Danielle confrontation, a lot of show and no go. There will be name calling maybe even tears; I don’t think it will shed any light on the situation of why the Manzo’s hate Danielle. Maybe, just maybe the dialogue and meeting with Caroline is what made Danielle drop the charge against Ashley before. So maybe Caroline falls on her sword a bit, and continues her role as the big family matriarch and martyr. That is correct; Danielle did drop the charges and just reversed that decision after watching it play out on TV, right?

    I just posted on the other blog that I wanted a recap of The Spin Crowd because I was never going to watch Jonathan the douche aka bidet EVER!

    Most of the HW’s have Jonathan on the payroll, Jill, the Manzo’s do for sure. Maybe even Teresa if she could afford him. This means his team of lackeys do the work on the message boards, blogs, interviews, etc. They consult with him before they make comments or write their blogs, he even controls the Twitter comments (I have seen him tweet to Caroline – don’t even comment on that during one of the shows). All he is doing is helping to keep these losers relevant and help them spin the BS they do on the show. So if you think these HW’s are pathetic, he’s just as bad. And if you needed any further proof, he is like an extension of the Kardashian family – need I say more.

  15. OneMoreinBoston says:

    Not sure if anyone is interested-but I paid for this astrology software and by gawd I’m going to get my $$’s worth!

    Caroline Manzo’s Personality Profile: Keep in mind it won’t be exact I couldn’t find her time of birth- an I shortened this considerably.

    Sun in Virgo, Moon in Capricorn

    Your approach to life is fairly realistic. You pursue your goals and high ideals ambitiously. A person with your solar and lunar positions approaches problems in life analytically, not crystallizing your ideas until you find a common denominator, a unity among things. You possess a gift for organization and arrangement, building fact upon fact. You tend to be overly cautious in your progress and seldom leave anything to mere chance.

    You have developed a harmony between your inner being and your personality. You are happiest when left alone to plan and do routine work. You should indulge yourself every now and then, and allow some frivolousness to put more animation and verve into your personality.

    In love you are modest and subdued, seeking a domestic life which will satisfy your needs for security and permanence.

    You see natural order in the universe, and your tranquillity is disturbed when there are ruptures in the system, in the unity of the world around you. Your native curiosity leads you to examine and pursue knowledge, but prudence restrains your ability to fully partake of life. You might try to give in to your occasional whims and follow a random caprice every now and then.

    Ascendant in Scorpio, Mars in the Eleventh House

    At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Scorpio was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Mars is located in the eleventh house.

    Your life will be marked by your shrewd, secretive, obstinate, clever, and reserved disposition. You remain an enigma: with these traits, your life events could be either very tragic or very fortunate. To which category of Scorpio do you belong? There are two types, the extremely emotional, attracted by those pathological aspects of biological relationship, or the highly mystical, concerned with spirituality.

    You are a person of extremes, very sensitive and desirous of attachment. There is some attraction to the occult or to psychic phenomena. You are active in the sense that there is a psychological struggle going on inside you between the positive and negative poles-those of affirming and satisfying or rejecting and repressing. You are very intense in your feelings and remain passionately attached to the person you love. Similarly, when you dislike someone you are very fixed in that feeling. However, there is room for optimism in that: whatever type of Scorpio you may happen to be, there exists a desire deep in your inner self for psychic regeneration.

    At some point in your life, after the occurrence of a major dramatic event that will affect you deeply, the goal and entire expression of your ego may alter entirely. The intensity and profundity of your passion, however, will always be constant. You have a tendency to go into the shadows and secretly plan the course of action you will take, reluctant to let others know the exact nature of your mood or feelings. In your sexual affairs you are full of passion and strong attachment.

    Exert more control over your passions; don’t be so resentful of others. Use your strong will and character for favorable and beneficial things.

    You are attracted by research and investigation in general.

    This house signifies the most intimate and subtle aspirations of the native and is basically a house of friendships and acquaintances. People with their rulers here are individuals who, for better or worse, rise in life, supporting themselves by the assistance of friends. In any event, Mars is not an influence indicative of a person who has many friends.

    It is likely that you are going to be struggling in life for the realization of your most intimate wishes. Many of these have to do with securing a substantial livelihood. If you can exert a good degree of control over your passions, you may fully succeed.

    Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

    The conjunction of Neptune to the Ascendant shows that you are very sensitive and perhaps psychic. Your grip on the real world is loose; you need to grasp it more firmly.

    You are so physically sensitive to the injustices you observe in society that they can easily make you ill. Because your environment has such a powerful effect, you should try to make some contribution to relieve your anxieties about allowing these negative conditions to exist.

    You are sympathetic toward the oppressed, understanding of the emotionally disturbed, and forgiving to those who seem guiltless in their transgressions against society.

    You easily become distraught over conditions you are powerless to do anything about, and your feelings of guilt and failure can make you withdraw into a world that is safe from responsibility.

    You should associate with people who have their feet on the ground to compensate for your aimless wandering temperament. There is a great need for your sympathetic understanding, and you do not have the right to turn down anyone who extends a hand for help.

    Moon in the Third House

    The Moon appears in the third house at the time of your birth. Your intellect is very sensitive to external events always changing and adjusting to the situation.

    Memory is strong and of a pictorial nature. The mind, however, is liable to become too subjective and shallow with an overemphasis on superficial learning and with little practical use or lacking in intellectual sensibility. On the favorable side, there exists a vast reservoir of creativity which could be successfully applied to such pursuits as writing and poetry. Physically, the Moon will give you an intensely active life full of changes, mobility and fluctuations.

    The demands of this position are simple: exert yourself in acquiring better control of your unstable and persistent imagination, increasing, thereby, powers of concentration and you will find delightful improvements not only at a mental level, but also in the ability to communicate with others more realistically.

    Saturn in the Third House

    Saturn appeared in the third house at the time of your birth. This planet brings an aura of objectivity and contriving to all mental functions; the general attitude is reserved, serious, and lacking in dynamism, warmth and flexibility. You are a thinker and a slow, but determined planner.

    The struggle to realize your life plans might be difficult, and you will receive little assistance from persons close to you.

    You tend to worry needlessly or give excessive attention to plans which will yield very little in relation to the effort invested. We advise you to plan things carefully and realistically without overdoing it.

    Saturn here represents duties that you must comply with and which are of an intellectual nature. It also points to tests of character occurring at critical points of human relationship, which can only be successfully “passed” by developing an altruistic and compassionate nature that will make pardon and forgiveness feasible.

    Venus in the Ninth House

    Venus was found in the ninth house at the time of birth. Your mind appears as very adaptable, gentle, peace-loving and tactful. This position indicates that the secret for your ability to reach a state of harmony and emotional balance may come through the use of your higher mental powers. You have been born with an exquisitely refined, artistic mind which has a very subtle appreciation of all that has to do with culture. Your disposition is kind, congenial, gentle and sympathetic and you have a natural ability to assist other individuals.

    This position gives you much social intercourse with intellectual persons and success derived therefrom.

    Merely minor disabilities will affect you in your intellectual endeavors. The worst that could happen would be an overly inquisitive, indecisive nature that never seems to be satisfied. However, you have within you the ability to avoid these psychological obstacles.

    Sun in the Tenth House

    The Sun was in the tenth house at the time of birth. The Sun here promises honor, success, and prestige in adult life. Publicly you appear as a vital, proud, powerful person. Your individuality has the need to manifest itself publicly and often to foist its energy on others. You have come to life with a satisfactory physical and moral heredity and you are going to acquire the favorable disposition of many persons of power to assist you in your ascent through life.

    Your liabilities include an exaggerated pride, arrogance and a tendency to rely too much on your own resources.

    • Ellabean says:

      One More. Oh my goddness. I know ALOT about this subject. Been studying for over 20 years. Not a professional – but a strong hobby.

      Did you have Caroline’s birth place & birthtime ? You need that to do an accurate natal chart.

      I ‘ve looked up the birthdates of most all the wives. I am especially fascinated with the NY wives and how their planets are in aspect with each other. The connections – the blockages “scream” to me. They are working out some karmic debt. Jill clealry has heavy handed mother (Gloria) & self worth issues.

      There is a preponderance of Taurus wih this crowd (either sun or moon or saturn)- Kelly (sun), LuAnn (sun), Jill (moon) – while Bethenny is the exact opposite with several planets in Scorpio – plus a conspicuous Saturn in Taurus – thus conflict with the aforementioned 3 .(180 degrees apart ) I would love to know Beth’s birthtime to do an accurate chart on her. Her moon is also in Capricorn – thus the diligence and perserverence in work and restraint in showing emotions and even classic taste/clean lines in mode of dress. Transiting Pluto is going over her Moon in Capricorn – thus the “rebirth” of her emotions and motherhood and family /nurturing this past year. I suspect she is Leo rising. (her birthdate – 11/4/70)

      Ahhhh – I could go on and on ….I will stop now.

      • Jenni says:

        @One More and Ella

        Could you do a reading for my son? I would love it so! Birth information: 1/21/94 7:11 PM, Belton, Tx

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Astrological Data used for Short Report – Personal Portraitfor Jenni’s Son (male)
          born on 21 Jan 1994 local time 7:11 pm
          in Belton, TX (US) U.T. 01+11
          97w28, 31n03 sid. time 02:45:48

          As you read this short report, or any other astrological report, keep in mind that the energies interpreted here are the birth potentials. However, you may or may not choose to actualize these energies in the manner described. Your age, sex, socio-economic situation, education, environment, level of development, and many other factors contribute to the ways in which you express your natal energies. Remember, the planets do not compel you to do or be anything. They influence you, but you still have the free will to determine your own life.

          Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus

          This astrological combination gives you a steady, quiet nature that is, above all, resistant to change. Transformation and change are wholly foreign to your nature. You are a domestic person and find fulfillment in home matters. In love you rarely vacillate, remaining a sincere and faithful partner. Your thinking processes are solidly founded, and your point of view is conservative. Your level of endurance is high; only when something outrageously unreasonable is presented to you, do you display your temper. You are likely to have an active social life and good friends. Since you are content with yourself and your environment, it is no wonder that your attitude is a genuinely humanitarian one. You may be highly praised in your business or profession, because you receive such total pleasure in meeting responsibilities and commitments.

          Ascendant in Leo, Sun in the Sixth House

          At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Leo was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler the Sun is located in the sixth house. People with Leo in the Ascendant seem to possess a flair for the life of nobility and regality. Your life will be in many ways influenced by decisions you make that have been motivated by your pride, desire for power, for authority, and your need to convince others of your courage. In life you will act with a rather frank, generous, and amiable disposition. The course of events in your life will unfold themselves swiftly, and a life full of chance and circumstances will be the outcome of your desire to rule, to organize, to hold the keys of authority. You should be aware that as a result of overly strong impulses there is the danger of failures and upsets in life. You will be generally regarded as an amiable, sincere and generous person who, however, has much pride and sensitivity. Egocentricity is one of the prices of being born with the Ascendant sign of Leo. Another aspect of this zodiacal sign is that your personality becomes excessively charged with passion and sexual desire. On the other hand, these zodiacal signs grant in life a large dose of vitality as well as a fine physical shape and a strong, healthy constitution. Willpower is a characteristic of your personality. You seek opportunities and when you find them you go to it, using both your mind and your emotions to strive for success with zeal and determination. You are very self-assured and you implement ideas with a self-assurance that lets nothing get in your way of success. It would be beneficial to you, however, if you were not so candid and frank and if you did not expect others to act and feel as you do. Leo will grant you very sincere and affectionate relationships in which you desire to bring happiness and an overall feeling of charitable spirit and warmth to your loved one. In your sexual relationships you appear as happy, strong, playful and even a little innocent. You will always act better as a leader than a subordinate. This house denotes the external limitations of the eagle; obligatory work, sickness and servants. You should be careful with the utilization of your physical energy. In any case, matters of this house are going to be very important and they could include some medical work. You will definitely receive promotions while being employed by others and your work is to be dignified and very honorable. You are talented and apt in many ways and your profound and rational mind will be greatly appreciated by your superiors.

          Sun in the Sixth House

          The Sun was found in your sixth house at the time of birth. This position indicates that in all your activities you will be subjected to the impositions of the environment. The overall orientation of your existence is that of accomplishment through fulfillment of professional responsibilities. In matters of health, this astrological combination is not ideal, as the vital energies of the Sun here have less power, causing you to feel an occasional lack of physical strength. You are, however, inclined to be careful with your health. In your dealings with work associates and subordinates you will show dignified, strong, but open-handed attitudes. You work with a well-developed sense of pride in everything you do.

          Mercury Opposition Ascendant

          Mercury opposition the Ascendant means that whenever possible, you try to share the opinions of the people you associate with. Fearing you will be rejected, you wait until you have heard what your associates say before you express your views. Actually, you are trying too hard to be liked; you would be more respected if you were more sincere and less conniving. With your gift of effective communication, you would be most successful in an occupation that requires close, intimate contact with people. Though you really like and need people, you do not want to feel obligated to them. You are independent and resent having your freedom restricted, even temporarily.

          Venus in the Sixth House

          Venus was found in your sixth house at the time of your birth. You can regard yourself as a lucky individual. Your health throughout life has been either very good or you have had the capability of quickly recovering from illness. In dealing with others within your work environment, you may also obtain an increase in income. Your attitude to work is that it is a pleasurable thing to do. You are not a hard working individual; on the contrary, there is something of laziness in you. Destiny may put you into positions where you will work under the direction of extremely kind and attractive superiors. A love relationship could start due to this interaction.

          Saturn in the Seventh House

          Saturn was found in seventh house at the time of birth. In your dealings with others, you are going to present a very cautious personality and you will work slowly towards the achievement of security. The environment will be a very restricting factor in your life; the same limitations that hinder your relationships with others will emerge in a narrowness of reception to your ideas and emotions. This indicates that the key to more spiritual and material development lies in your response to the several tests destined for you which consist of patiently enduring difficulties through human relationships. You should remember that Saturn does not lend a propensity to be demonstrative in an emotional sense. It does, in those individuals with whom you will start a lifelong relationship, give a sense of duty and stability of emotions. Yet you are going to experience some sorrow throughout your life in a relationship. This is mostly going to consist of the several limitations that this state is imposing upon your personal freedom. The key to a better integration of your existence lies in the ability to view these obstacles and binds with philosophical resignation.

          Moon in the Tenth House

          The Moon was found in the tenth house at the time of birth. Among other things, this is an indication of your ability to adjust to varying conditions. Whatever your temperamental qualities may be, destiny will place you in situations where you will have dealings with the public. Some public note could eventually come your way. Yet you should remember that the Moon successes are rather ethereal and do not maintain a permanent state. Imagination, a tenacious disposition and ability to relate to the public are among your attributes. Outwardly, you will appear as one who reacts to emotions rather than to reason, yet you attempt a logical rationalization of your impulsive notions. You will better develop your potentialities in any professional circle where your natural inclinations can be reasonably manifested.

          Astrological Data used for Short Report – Personal Portrait for Jenni’s Son (male)
          born on 21 Jan 1994 local time 7:11 pm
          in Belton, TX (US) U.T. 01+11
          97w28, 31n03 sid. time 02:45:48
          Planetary positions planet sign degree motion
          Sun Aquarius 1°46’59 in house 6 direct
          Moon Taurus 25°45’10 in house 10 direct
          Mercury Aquarius 13°36’19 in house 6 direct
          Venus Aquarius 2°58’15 in house 6 direct
          Mars Capricorn 25°14’58 in house 6 direct
          Jupiter Scorpio 12°32’25 end of house 3 direct
          Saturn Aquarius 29°12’22 in house 7 direct
          Uranus Capricorn 22°49’22 in house 6 direct
          Neptune Capricorn 21°15’21 in house 6 direct
          Pluto Scorpio 27°38’32 in house 4 direct
          True Node Sagittarius 1°11’07 in house 4 direct
          Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.
          House positions (Placidus)Ascendant Leo 18°29’12
          2nd House Virgo 12°49’40
          3rd House Libra 11°27’38
          Imum Coeli Scorpio 13°54’26
          5th House Sagittarius 17°26’09
          6th House Capricorn 19°16’16
          Descendant Aquarius 18°29’12
          8th House Pisces 12°49’40
          9th House Aries 11°27’38
          Medium Coeli Taurus 13°54’26
          11th House Gemini 17°26’09
          12th House Cancer 19°16’16
          Major aspectsSun Trine Moon 6°02
          Sun Conjunction Venus 1°11
          Sun Conjunction Mars 6°32
          Sun Sextile Pluto 4°08
          Moon Trine Venus 7°13
          Moon Trine Mars 0°30
          Moon Square Saturn 3°27
          Moon Trine Uranus 2°56
          Moon Trine Neptune 4°30
          Moon Opposition Pluto 1°53
          Moon Square Ascendant 7°16
          Mercury Square Jupiter 1°04
          Mercury Opposition Ascendant 4°53
          Venus Sextile Pluto 5°20
          Mars Conjunction Uranus 2°26
          Mars Conjunction Neptune 4°00
          Mars Sextile Pluto 2°24
          Jupiter Square Ascendant 5°57
          Saturn Square Pluto 1°34
          Uranus Conjunction Neptune 1°34
          Uranus Sextile Pluto 4°49
          Neptune Quincunx Ascendant 2°46
          Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

          • Jenni says:

            Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

            It does resemble my son on many points, and offered some surprises as well, mostly as far as his future occupational aspects and possible challenges in his future love life.

            Very insightful and interesting, thank you again!

        • anniieee says:

          Dang, I lived in Killeen for 6 years.

      • Zoey says:

        That’s so interesting. Does it just tell you personality traits and how accurate have you found this to be? Can a person ‘do their own’ or is much experienced required?

        • Ellabean says:

          Anybody inteested in astrology – here is a good web site: stariq.com

          My other advise – do NOT read any of those monthy things in magazines. They have really bastardized a profound subject. It is not an exact science, by any means, but it enhances my own understanding of human behavior.

          One More – Very nice of you to do that for Jenni’s son. Well layed out and in detail. I need to get some software myself. I am old fashioned – use books and an empheris. But been talking to the same astrologer for 20 years – he teaches and has authored a few books on the subject.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Hi Zoey/Jenni/Ellabean-

          There are other parts of the software that makes predictions etc, but I’m not a fan of doing that for others.

          As Ellabean might agree, oftentimes, predictions can be a self full filling prophecy-the stars can guide but you must decide.

          I have been studying astrology for over 20 years, but am in no way an expert.

          I find though that it has trained my mind to sort of sit back and take note of patterns. And that “pattern noticing” has helped me through different life situations.

          IMO- there are no “bad” signs or “bad” planets or “bad” influences, everything is inter related.

          Anyone can read a chart- it is the level of detail that requires greater training. All you really need to know is the exact time of birth, where born, and of course the date. Again IMO, I also believe that men and women are different and the sex can sometimes play a role in a chart interpretation.

          The most important rule I was taught is that there are The 3 Lights of every chart. The Lights determine who you are and also you are perceived to be.

          They consist of the sun, rising/ascendant, and the moon.

          The ascendant is the face that you present to the world, and what others think of you- but your sun sign is who you REALLy are. The moon rules your emotions and is also tied to your mother.

          for example-jenni’s son has his moon in Taurus. Somewhere in Jenni’s chart there is a strong Earth placement-whether it’s Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, making her a nuturing homemaker who loved her house and garden- again JMHO.

          • Zoey says:

            That is so interesting. Sounds like you’re being modest, you’ve been at it over 20 yrs and sound quite knowledgeable.

  16. Laura aka Just done says:

    Hi all,

    Been away for a couple of days and trying to catch up. What happened with Dina’s tweets? Teresa has blocked her tweets? Kim G. is going to the auction to purchase everything and sell on e-bay? Wow, gone for 2 days and I miss sooo much! Glad to be back! 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      Hi Laura–Nice to see you back. You’re going to have to wear your running shoes to the auction to beat Kim to the Gucci goods. 🙂

    • kats2 says:

      Welcome Back!

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        looks like Krazy Kelly is taken to answering my tweets again today…”I live by accountability every day. I don’t allow mediocrity in my life. Never have never will.”

        She claims she’s accountable every day (new favorite word) so I told her to be accountable for the attack on B. That was her response.

        Can someone translate and pass me a xanax?

        • Squirrels says:

          I believe she meant “accounting.” She counts everything Bethenny has done with her life, completely on her own. She counts the times she wanted to be bigger and better than that low level wanna be with no best famous EX HUSBAND of the universe. She counts every time she believes she’s said something underhanded but in a nice way. She counts how many times she got caught being obnoxious, count-ers accusations with pure drivel, then recounts her words in her vocabulary, just so she doesn’t miss any. All six of them.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          accountability is the new integrity

          • Zoey says:

            LOL, thanks for the laugh you guys.

            Accountability was her word of the day, though I don’t think she has a clue what it means. She even got drug into court for hitting that guy, was found guilty, but still could not admit she did anything wrong.

            She says she was in a bad mood today. Mood swing is her middle name.

  17. KellitaM says:

    Love reading this blog and all the interesting comments! This is becoming an obsession for me the past few weeks since I discovered it. I’m supposed to be finishing up my Book Club read for the month…..instead I’m spending that time here. Lol. Did I hear of a 12-step group forming? Where do I sign up??;)

    Back to the Sonja vs. Teresa comments from earlier; I wholeheartedly agree that Teresa is jealous of Sonja. Sonja is beautiful, truly has money, exudes class (even when talking about having sex), and is very sweet and likeable. Those are all qualities that Teresa would probably love to have and how she wants to see herself. (“Ain’t I nice?) But we’re finding out that Teresa is just a big facade.
    I am looking forward to tonight’s finale. I just hope we’re not played with a staged Caroline vs. Danielle.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Help a girl out here…I can’t keep up! 🙂 What did Teresa say about Sonja?

      • Need a Hobby says:

        When T was blogging on Bravo for RHONY, she called Sonja an “old whore” IIRC. Totally gratuitous. ‘Cause yanno, Teresa’s so classy and stuff when it comes to talking about sex.

        Note: I think T is around 38 & Sonja’s about 46. Anyway, T herself is moving into “elderly” territory, based on her own comments about others. (And T’s “friend” Jill is 46.) T’s a vicious idiot, soon to be an “old idiot.”

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          @Need a Hobby – thanks! I do recall that. I thought something else happened this weekend. Good to know I’m not losing it.

          As for Chewbaca, she only WISHES she could compare to Sonja. Sonja has her beat in looks, money, class and apparently, the company she keeps.

          • Adgirl says:

            Yeah, and how long will Teresa and Juicy stay together now that the grifter gravy train is ending? She’ll be elderly (46!) with four monsterous children and a goon ex husband. Real attractive, dontcha think?
            Meanwhile Sonja will be gliding though NY and the Hamptons with her cougaree on her arm.

        • twoile says:


        • Zoey says:

          She really called Sonja that? No way? Omg.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      My guess is that the C & D mtg is “staged” in the sense that IRL Caroline on her own probably would never bother to meet with Danielle. But it’s also probably Caroline’s kiss off to Danielle. (Especially if rumors are true that D’s being dumped from next season because the other regular HW’s threatened to walk away from next season if Danielle was still on the show.)

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Bravo should have let them walk. In my opinion they are setting a very ugly prescient. Next season it could have been The Kims against The Cons and nothing would have really changed.

  18. boston02127 says:

    GTG—Have a good afternoon everyone. As Teresa would say “see yous later”.

  19. Amber...Real Wife says:


    What if Caroline, who now knows Theresa is a fool who takes no prisoners, doesn’t want to engage Theresa for fear that the loon will tell all? Stuff like what Caroline and Co. (ManzoMob) did to Danielle, or talk about the Manzo’s debts, their checkered past and alleged criminal mob ties. Maybe Caroline believing her own mantra re: ga-bage and ca-razy is staying away from it. What if in order to keep the turpike pass (not an apple/peach/orange) from BRAVO, Caroline and Theresa are starting a spat to remain relevant for next season. Ya nevah know!



  20. shamrockblonde says:

    I didn’t watch that show last night – I have seen him on the Kardashian shows and figured that the sisters were trying to get him an on-air gig – the promos for the show were boring so I didn’t waste my time – sounds like I made a good choice – what an egostical, snobby Beiber hair wearing idiot –

  21. Need a Hobby says:

    It cracks me up to see the social climbing, name dropping and pretentious Jill & Kelly sucking up to E Channel “celebs.” No doubt they’re both trying to keep their options open just in case Bravo drops their asses and wants nothing further to do with them. (Don’t think either of them are really E’s style, but who knows. Jill would bikini wax a Kardashian on camera if it got her air time on a show.)

    E Channel’s “reality” programming makes Bravo look like PBS by comparison.

  22. Earring Girl says:

    After not tweeting since Friday/8/20/10, Trashy Teresa started tweeting this morning and it has been non-stop. She tweeted to Caroline the following about 4 hrs. ago: A huge happy birthday to @CarolineManzo !!!!! Love you! xx
    about 4 hours ago via web

    Caroline has not tweeted back to her – Caroline has tweeted her thanks to others. Maybe she has a private tweet or maybe she texted her thanks but it does seem strange that she did not re-tweet to her. Yesterday they had the big birthday dinner that Lauren cooked at Jacqueline’s house and no mention of the “extended family members the Giudices”. Hmmmmm – something smells like garbage in New Jersey.
    Just MHO – LOL

  23. Laura aka Just done says:

    The last line of Alex’s DC blog “The Real Housewives of New York City starts on September 11th!” What does that mean? What have I missed?

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Forget it, it’s Season 3 going to Canada! As my son would say…My bad

    • Earring Girl says:

      She is speaking to the viewers in Canada – she says the 3rd season of RHONY starts on September 11. When and if the RHONY returns it will be the 4th season.

  24. Adgirl says:

    I’m sure I am in the minority here, but I find it sad that any of the NJ ladies that were friendly (not necessarily friends) prior to show are now fighting.

    These shows are down right destructive to most of the participants, and their families. Selling yourself to the devil for the possibility of becoming a D list joke is pathetic.
    Only strong women with a clear sense of purpose come out on top- Bethenny, Ramona, Kandi Buress (ATL) and maybe Vicki G (OC). Each of those ladies was already a self made business woman. The other “ladies” are drowning in catfights and increasingly embarrassing shinanigans brough on by themselves.

    I exclude Alex from the above. She is perhaps a too well balanced person to even be on reality TV.

    • Earring Girl says:

      I agree totally, that’s what I have been telling friends here in DC about the DC Housewives, I think the only ones that are coming out of this without their reputations in shreds are Stacie and Linda. I think Mary is a closet drinker (she seems tipsy all the time to me) and Cat’s husband left her right aftwe the filming stopped (I read somewhere that part of it was because of her embarssement to him and his job from statements she has made and the tell all book) and the “Salahi-Haw” were totally in shreds after the White House crime (I call it a crime because anyone else crashing a dinner without an invite would still be in jail) and they can spin all they want they are outcasts here in DC. After the White House crime – the more they talked the more they were investigated – check out the Washington Post/Salahi, every day there was a new revelation about those posers.

  25. RIerinFL says:

    I didn’t watch Spin Crowd and so glad I didn’t. I looked at the clip and think she is a beautiful girl. What an ass to make someone feel like less (less anything – good looking, smart, etc). I absolutely hate that. My daughter is in high school and going through it with some girls. He could turn into Mother Theresa from here on out and I wouldn’t like him.
    Thanks for letting me rant.

    As for Trashy Theresa, there is nothing of substance to her. She isn’t pretty, intelligent, classy, or even nice. Don’t get me started on her mothering skills. And her marriage. Maybe the problem is that she equates a good marriage with how often they are in the sack. I can’t recall a time of real intimacy between her and Joe. By this I don’t mean talk of sex. Does anyone else recall them snuggled on the couch talking about their days, or (like Caroline and her hubby in Italy) standing close and just holding hands not having to say anything? Those are just examples, but you get the idea. She really has nothing to offer. This should make me feel very sorry for her but she is such a using, manipulative, bitch that I just can’t stand her!
    Again, thank you for letting me vent.

    I think I do need a program. I am supposed to be cleaning but I keep running back to check in here! At this rate, I will never get done!

  26. Earring Girl says:

    Here is a funny tweet from Bethenny this morning:

    Bryn&i are watching @hodakotb & that hot man on the today show. We’re both drooling 🙂
    about 4 hours ago via UberTwitter

    • Ellabean says:

      Remember thta Hoda was at Beth/Jasons wedding (even on camera). I think they are very friendly.

      • Earring Girl says:

        They are very friendly, either on Wed. or Thurs. they do girls night out.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I like Hoda, can not stand Kathy Lee.

          • Ellabean says:

            Ditto. Although, Kathie Lee is not nearly as insufferable as she was at the peak of her Regis years. I think that incident with her husband, Frank, cheating humbled her. And I didn’t wish that on her.

            One last snark: Hoda & Kathie Lee are filet mignon to The View’s junk food.

  27. Wall St Lady says:

    Ok Ellabean I am Sept. 1 born 2:30 pm.
    Do me Do me !
    Just kidding.
    I subscribe to what Oscar Wilde said :
    “A woman who will tell her age
    Will tell anything”

    • Ellabean says:

      Would need year too – but understood if you don’t want to divulge !
      I am not a professional – but a prof astrologer would also need your birthplace to determine lattitude & longitude – to do an exact natal chart – and give you a good reading.

      But ! My dear Wall Street Lady blogger friend – I see you are a Virgo. Me too ! (Sept 21st ). With a 2:30 birthtime – you are either a Sag or Capricorn rising (Rising sign = 1st house of personality and physical body. 1st house is akin to looking at the outside of one’s home from the street. You get a first impression from the outside, beauty, structure, – but until you inside – you dont know the whole story.

      • Zoey says:

        I guess we all admire and want your services oh wise one!!! If it’s not an imposition and you have time, would you do my son?
        He was born Sept 18, 1988 at 4:45 PM in New Iberia, Louisiana. During a Saints game if that matters! Ha. No one was paying attention to me….just running back and forth to the Dr’s lounge TV, including the Dr!

        I’m afraid to know mine…not sure why. Isn’t that odd? Besides, I don’t know what time I was born!

        • jezzibel says:

          Sept 21st is the day when I put my feet down on the yellow boot prints on Parris Island and started the journey to become a Marine.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Hi Zoey- Not sure who your request was directed to-but here’s your son’s chart interpretation:

          Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius

          You are happiest when tending to chores that demand meticulous attention to detail. The active Sagittarian influence on your personality inclines you to hurry around, doing many different jobs. It is often difficult for you to reconcile your love of freedom and your liberal spirit with the caution and orderliness of your inner self. Your practicality and innate curiosity coupled with the philosophic bent of Sagittarius, creates the potential for profound scholarship. You are a fact collector. Your quest for knowledge and love of exploration makes you fond of travel. Your innate fastidiousness makes you charmingly modest in love. Sexually, you are inquisitive, but your ultra-caution prevents you from partaking of the sheer joy of love, life, and utter freedom. The key to a more harmonious self lies in striking a balance with your tendency to analyze everything. One with your solar and lunar positions can achieve happiness by channeling your diverse interests and enthusiasm into service for others.
          Ascendant in Aquarius, Uranus in the Eleventh House

          At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Aquarius was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Uranus is located in the eleventh house. You were born with a natural disposition to be humane, sympathetic, original and refined in your dealings with others. Among your features is the ability to understand human nature in a sympathetic manner. Unfortunately, you do not always act upon your intuitions and may become rationalistic at times when swift and prompt determination is required. The common Aquarian is good and kindly, but usually led astray by eccentric and bizarre companions. Your tastes are refined and your discrimination keen. You have a natural inclination toward the esoteric and mystical side of life and you could develop some clairvoyant abilities. Basically you are a lover of freedom; in the realization of this desire you may go to extremes. Although changeable in appearance, your life is guided by very definite and fixed principles, one of which is a constant demand for personal freedom. In love you are a strange character. You can easily be emotionally attracted to one person and yet unpredictably terminate relationships. As an inventor you have no rival; your problem is that sometimes you lack the practical ability to implement your creations. Professionally you will be successful in any of the following fields of activity: modern science, electrical work, photography, archaeology, astrology, radio etc. This is an indication that your existence will be centered around developing friendships and that the most decisive events will evolve through them. You are a fortunate individual: you always seem to win at bingo, sweepstakes, lotteries, etc. Your friendships will be rather unusual and dual-aspected in the sense that a great many of them will benefit you but still present you with considerable difficulty.

          Venus in the Seventh House

          Venus was found in your seventh house at the time of birth. Regarding marriage and other intimate relationships this is one of the best influences existing. You have been promised a happy relationship with a very attractive, lovely, and pleasing person. You have the potential to derive both emotional and financial gain through this connection. Your individuality is thrust toward the environment and this will lead to happiness as well as a psychological compensation for any disabilities. In your interaction with other human beings, there will be harmonious relationships. You will achieve balance through sentimental affection, aesthetics, art, and relationships.

          Venus Opposition Ascendant

          Venus opposition the Ascendant indicates that you are drawn to refined and sophisticated people. You are well-mannered, and generally people have a good opinion of you. You make concessions if it seems necessary to maintain harmonious relations. Although you appear self-confident and assured it is difficult for you to stand alone. You work hard, although subtly, to make sure that people feel warmly toward you. You hope no one sees your negative qualities and discovers how insecure you really are. Your best publicity agents are your friends, who freely extol your virtues when anyone asks them. On the surface you are docile, gentle, and charming, but underneath you conspire and scheme to make a better life for yourself through the people you deal with.

          Sun in the Eighth House

          The Sun was found in your eighth house at the time of birth. This inclines your individuality to be oriented, in one way or another, to the deeper sides of life. Your sexual feelings are long- lasting, intense, and vital. Your inner self seems attracted to unusual matters related to the termination of life-death and its mysteries. Traditional astrology indicates that near your middle age a crisis will rear its head in your life. If this period is successfully spanned you can expect a prolonged life with a gradual heightening vitality. Financially, there are definite chances for money inherited from either your partner or from another relative.

          Moon in the Eleventh House

          The Moon was found in the eleventh house at the time of your birth. You should be an individual with many friends and acquaintances, both from within and without your home and domestic circle. You are a person who can make friends in the highest social categories as well as with persons of an inferior status. This position may also increase the possibilities of having a satisfactory family life and a very congenial domestic aspect with the potentiality of easily fraternizing with other people.

          Saturn in the Eleventh House

          Saturn was found in the eleventh house at the time of birth. Psychologically, this denotes a rather hidden and limited view of your personal ambitions, your friendships, and of your future. You’re very ambitious, cautious, just, patient, responsible, but perhaps, too serious. You’re an individual with few friends and even there you may find that some of them will assist you with advice rather than with actual help in times of peril.

          Astrological Data used for Short Report – Personal Portrait for Zoey’s Son (male)
          born on 18 Sep 1988 local time 4:45 pm
          in New Iberia, LA (US) U.T. 21:45
          91w49, 30n00 sid. time 15:29:50
          Planetary positionsplanet sign degree motion
          Sun Virgo 26°10’56 in house 8 direct
          Moon Sagittarius 23°20’10 in house 11 direct
          Mercury Libra 22°28’21 in house 8 direct
          Venus Leo 12°20’28 in house 7 direct
          Mars Aries 7°54’11 in house 2 retrograde
          Jupiter Gemini 6°04’34 in house 4 direct
          Saturn Sagittarius 26°14’17 in house 11 direct
          Uranus Sagittarius 27°07’18 in house 11 direct
          Neptune Capricorn 7°25’11 in house 11 stationary (D)
          Pluto Scorpio 10°45’50 in house 9 direct
          True Node Pisces 14°00’31 in house 1 retrograde
          House positions (Placidus)Ascendant Aquarius 9°14’38
          2nd House Pisces 20°09’16
          3rd House Aries 26°21’02
          Imum Coeli Taurus 24°48’47
          5th House Gemini 18°43’19
          6th House Cancer 12°00’06
          Descendant Leo 9°14’38
          8th House Virgo 20°09’16
          9th House Libra 26°21’02
          Medium Coeli Scorpio 24°48’47
          11th House Sagittarius 18°43’19
          12th House Capricorn 12°00’06
          Major aspectsSun Square Moon 2°51
          Sun Square Saturn 0°03
          Sun Square Uranus 0°56
          Moon Sextile Mercury 0°52
          Moon Conjunction Saturn 2°54
          Moon Conjunction Uranus 3°47
          Mercury Sextile Saturn 3°46
          Mercury Sextile Uranus 4°39
          Venus Trine Mars 4°26
          Venus Square Pluto 1°35
          Venus Opposition Ascendant 3°06
          Mars Sextile Jupiter 1°50
          Mars Square Neptune 0°29
          Mars Quincunx Pluto 2°52
          Mars Sextile Ascendant 1°20
          Jupiter Quincunx Neptune 1°21
          Jupiter Trine Ascendant 3°10
          Saturn Conjunction Uranus 0°53
          Neptune Sextile Pluto 3°21
          Pluto Square Ascendant 1°31
          Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

    • boston02127 says:

      @Wall St Lady— We have the same birthday. I’m September 1, also.

  28. Night Light says:

    Its a reunion clip of RHONJ and OMG I don’t know if its editing but Teresa pushes or shoves Andy down to his chair! That is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Quincy IL says:

      She still has a contract with Bravo? Now way. They must not have sent out countract yet. It would be totally unfair to fire Danielle and not Teresa.

      • Night Light says:

        Teresa was seething in almost all of those clips and her voice was hitting those notes when she is loosing control. Who grunts like that when they are upset? I have never spoken of Teresa’s daughter but there is a reason why they are unable to show restraint. I was cringing when I saw this clip!

      • vilzvet says:

        This is what I got from that clip: Jacqueline clearly said “shut up whore!” to Danielle…is that actually going to be aired?? Such class. What Danielle pulled from the bag must have been the extensions?? What else could it be? Kim G. looked evil and cunning saying hello to Danielle. Teresa screamed “Stop breaking up my family!!” as she towered over Danielle. Does Danielle actually have that power?! Ooh, she’s needed in Washington! She could’ve stopped the BP spill! And yes for sure, Teresa shoved Andy down like a little boy. Looking forward to THAT reaction from the Bravo VP of Programming or whatever the heck he is.

        • anniieee says:

          whoa…. what a show………makes kelly look like a kindergartener in a psycho kind of way. You know they should have taken a page from Kelly’s primer…la la la la lalalalal (say while fingers are plugging ears) stop the white noise!

    • Kat says:

      Jac last statement in the clip was interesting. “It’s all fake…”.
      Everyone ganging up on Danielle is so old. I think Caroline sits next to Daielle because she is the only NJ HW that won’t physically attack D.

      • Night Light says:

        I think she was commenting on Danielle. I agree everyone ganging up on Danielle is old but I think it’s Teresa’s behaviour that’s going to have everyone talking. Nothing that they will be discussing will be new so Teresa should not be seething in this manner. She had time to get her shit and composure together.

      • KellitaM says:

        I agree. Four or five against one was never fair. And then Kim G shows up at the reunion? Ugh!

      • Wendy says:

        Now that’s systematic bullying! Wow this reunion is going to be crazy.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Crap..you guys have to STOP teasing me with the links to these clips..I can’t view thwm in Canada :<

    • RIerinFL says:

      Did anyone catch in the clip Trashy say to Dirty “Don’t break up my family” or something like that?
      I think I did. I’m gonna watch it again.

      • RIerinFL says:

        nightlight..so she did say it. What the hell? Wonder if D is going to dish about Joe

        • KirksvilleMo says:

          I thought Teresa said do not speak of my family.
          What did Danielle do to Christopher that Caroline speaks of?
          The biggest question I have is why do we never see what Danielle does to “them”?
          Why do we NEVER hear any details of what they accuse her of?If it were true wouldn’t it be mentioned somewhere?If not on the show then in the press or twitter?
          I just am not buying it.I think they hate her because she is single and willing to mingle and none of them are that secure in their marriages.Yes even Caroline. Al doesn’t fullfill her needs and after all these years he most certainly has the business to a point that it runs like a well oiled machine and he has Christopher and no doubt long term trusted management.
          Remember in the scene last week where Al and Caroline were laying on the bed and they looked all cozy?Did you notice that when she laid down she laid on top of him and he fipped her off of him without so much as a glance?That didn’t come across as very loving to me.

          • RIerinFL says:

            It has bothered me too that we never see or hear of D doing anything. I am sure she does but we don’t get to hear of it. Why is that? Wouldn’t it be beneficial for Bravo to air it? Yet, we see them starting with her and chasing her through the country club.

            I forgot about the bed scene. Al did move her off of him. Hmmm. The scene that stood out to me was when they were with T and J families and Al was standing with Caroline looking out over the scenery. He was holding her hand and rubbing it with his thumb. In the midst of all the crazy, they seemed to be enjoying just the two of them.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I think Caroline is talking about her son Christopher and not her brother. I think it’s in reference to telling Danny that Chris said ‘they had a surprise in store for them’ when they were going upstairs to the benefit being held at The Brownstone.

            Of course it was a totally benign comment, but Kim G pitched it ugly and Danielle ran with it.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I think Jac could really throw down if push came to shove. Caroline is all talk and Teresa is too emotional. If anyone is gonna kick Danielle’s ass it will be Jacquleine Laurita. And she looks ready in the clip!

          I don’t really see it as 3 against 1. I think Danielle does a lot off camera. She is more street smart than the other housewives. I think she probably pushes all the right buttons then lets them explode on camera so they look like the instigators. It’s sort of like Kelly claiming bullying just because Bethenny, Ramona , Sonja and Alex all agreed that she was out of control on St. John’s.
          While I am no fan of any of the NJ housewives I can understand how Danielle could realy get under your skin.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      As crazy as Danielle is you don’t see her pushing Andy back in his seat. That is just unreal. As for screaming to have Danielle stop breaking up her family…what the heck was that???? Hate to tell Teresa, but that’s all on her. She’s a pill.

      • boston02127 says:

        I think Teresa is doing a pretty good job of breaking up her family on her own.

        • kit9 says:

          That reunion looks ridiculously one sided and I don’t want to watch that. I don’t care how nuts Danielle is-it’s the others that have gotten physical-Teresa and Ashley. Also, Danielle didn’t start the war with Ashley-Ashley did by starting up a hate site against D. And, it was Ashley that started the Facebook war and sent the nasty emails. And, batshit crazy Teresa had to be physically restrained by 5 people, including men and they still couldn’t stop her from going after her.

          Not to mention that the Manzo’s history with the mob. And convicted criminal Bernie Kerik. So, I just cannot sit through 2 hours of what a threat and how awful Danielle is-as Caroline is seen saying. That preview didn’t show Danielle getting a single shot in. Also, interesting that Andy is now concerned with anti gay epithets.

          He didn’t say a word when Tamra used a gay slur in the finale. He didn’t take Teresa to task over defending Joe’s slurs, either. But, there he is attacking Danielle for something she, herself, didn’t say. So, the reunion looks like it’s 4 against 1, 5 against 1 including that fossil Kim D. I can’t believe these people are such raging hypocrites that I find myself defending Danielle’s crazy ass. I hate them for making me do that. lol.

          • kit9 says:

            And, I’m angry they let Teresa get all over Danielle like that. Where were the staff preventing her from doing that? She was literally on top of her! She could have struck Danielle before anyone could have intervened. Given Teresa’s violent past actions, that should have NEVER been allowed to happen.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      they needed to velcro their butts to the sofas!

    • twoile says:

      OMG She DID! (push Andy back into his chair) her bounced like a kid.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I saw Jac holding up her phone and saying “That’s you saying you want her dead” . I bet you that is in reference to Danielle telling a fan she wishes his birthday all wishes come true- with or without realizing that in one of his many tweets he wished Ashley was dead.

      I think they hate Danielle because she can play the game better then they can.

  29. Laura aka Just done says:

    Kelly’s tweets are getting wackier by the minute…someone call child protective services, save those kids. Oh, the humane society too…there’s a dog and horse that need saving!

    • dumberries says:

      Wonder how much of that vodka is left? (Welcome back Laura?)

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        Thanks! I’m trying to decipher what’s she saying to me…but I think you are on to something. The vodka!

        Someone else commented that in kiki’s world, only the mediocre are accountable. That makes sense, that’s why she’s telling me to not be mediocre. I need a drink now! LOL

  30. Veronica says:

    With the way Caroline has cooled towards Theresa, I am wondering if she and Joe didn’t pay for the Christening and owe the Brownstone money.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I wouldn’t put it past them.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I was thinking the same about the bill. Did Teresa expect Dina to pick it up? Or because they are “family” that it should have been written off? They may be thick as thieves but money is king!

  31. Earring Girl says:

    No wonder I have not seen him on any of the major networks or cable giving his reviews – WOWSA!

    Did Cojo just call me “the Italian Grace Kelly”???? Wow! You are my guilty pleasure too doll @CojoStyle … xx
    about 2 hours ago via web

    CojoStyle Of all the hideous Housewives on television only @teresa_giudice has stolen Cojo’s heart! Hear me out.. http://ow.ly/2sa9u
    6:50 PM Aug 19th via HootSuite
    Retweeted by Teresa_Giudice and 1 other

  32. vilzvet says:

    For your reading pleasure: Just rewatched one of the Italy episodes, and here are some transcripts from Joe, straight from the NJ Driver of the Year’s mouth:

    “Throw her on the deck!” (referring to Milania)
    “Throw her over-on-board” (trying to say overboard, GMAB)
    “How much f_cking luggage we got?”
    “Next time I ain’t going wit you!” (to Teresa)
    “This ain’t a vacation” (yeah it sure wasn’t)
    “This is bullsh_t” and then flings luggage and knocks over trashcan
    “This place is f_cked up”
    “It’s a little frigging hot”
    “Tell ’em to turn the f_cking air on!” (to bus driver)
    “I don’t give a sh_t” (to Teresa who chided him for cursing in front of every person on the trip)
    “Leave me alone” (one guess who he said that to!)
    “That’s retarded”
    “Shut up, Tree!”
    “You better learn a little respect!” (to Teresa)
    “I’ll kick you right in your little butt!” (to one of the girls as they walked)
    “Gia, go to bed right now before I kick you in the butt” (as she was laying on the floor when they got home)

    • Earring Girl says:

      He was missing his little blondie back home.

    • RIerinFL says:

      I knew he was bad, I even watched the episode and heard him say these things, but when you put them in a line like this…all I can say is Wow.
      Ya know what I mean?!

    • Wendy says:

      What a charmer.

    • Zoey says:

      And that was what, only about 10-15 minutes of the trip? What a prize he is.

      Wait til those girls start bringing home Prince Charmings just like daddy! Wonder if he’ll like them if they’re jerks just like him, or send them to the curb. Or under the SUV…

  33. Given that she’s shown a propensity for violence & being insane, I don’t think it was wise to take photos of a vodka delivery & post them on the internet for all to see. Plus, I thought she didn’t drink. I’ve given up keeping up with Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs. That kind of crazy is too much work.

    As for the RHONJ clips, yeah, it looks like 4 to 5 on 1, with Teresa going wild, Caroline accusing D of making threats against them all (what, NONE of you called the cops? Really?), just really dog-piling on Danielle and that’s not right or fair. D might be crazy, but all 3 (4 if you count Kim) have continually harassed Danielle & trash-talked her, including intentionally causing a scene at the Country Club & excusing the violent behavior of J’s daughter, blaming Danielle for the whole incident. It’s as if they went about to create a situation that she would look bad in, then had to up it a notch when she ignored them & tried to walk (then run) away from them.

  34. Quincy IL says:

    I watched an episode of the Kardashian while ironing last night. I was hardly paying attention, but they still were able to bore me to death. Yes, they are beautiful. There was not a single moment where they were not self centered and totally lame. The baby was a cutie.

    • Ellabean says:

      I soooo agree. Don’t follow the show – but I can’t help but know some stuff about it. That baby boy, Mason, is so very cute. My heart breaks for him with that dufus father, Scott. I don’t understand that “arrangement”.

      What the heck does that “kid” do for a living ? Dresses like he is David Niven – one of these days we’ll see him in an ascot, riding crop, smoking jacket, and pipe.

  35. boston02127 says:

    OT—Red Sox claim Johnny Damon. (glup)

  36. stlgal says:

    Teresa has issues with non-traditional families.

    She thinks low of Danielle b/c she is adopted and divorced. The fact that Danielle was having sex as a divorce is “not classy.”

    Teresa made a big deal complimenting Bethany when she got married before her baby was born and on the current blog praises how all the parents/grandparents are still married.

    Teresa is very, very traditional. Of course, her marriage was somewhat arranged with her and Joe’s parents being best friends. They were not forced but definitely encouraged to marry. This is a very common tradition in first-generation Italian-American households.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      What offends me the most is all of Teresa’s “old school” references. How can she justify who and what she is today? She is a disgrace to “old school” values which are pretty much universal.

      • MAMAZ says:

        No Teresa was not encouraged to marry Joe. She claimed on one episode that her parents warned her to stay away from him while they were growing up. Then when she started dating him as a young adult she was initially afraid to tell them.

        Of course like everything Teresa says it could be BS.

        • stlgal says:

          I don’t believe this is true. Like most ethnic groups, Italian-Americans are incredibly insular. Her parents encouraged her to marry a nice, Italian boy from the same hometown.

          Italian boys are encouraged to sow their wild oats when single so she was probably told to stay away b/c boys will be boys.

          I grew up in this type of community and the parents of the bride/groom are always happy at this type of union b/c of shared traditions, values, and language.

        • ShyAsrai says:

          t & j just had their 10th anniversary. she’s around 38 now. so what did she do between 18 and 28?

    • I don’t believe Teresa is as “traditional” as she claims.
      If she was a virgin when she got married, it was only because no one else could stand to touch her.
      But for some reason, I can totally picture her giving blow jobs in the back of the mall parking lot in high school.

  37. Jen says:

    Theresa tweeted about how a hurricane is heading towards Gulf tonight called Hurrican Danielle and isn’t that a coincidence? Then someone makes fun of it possibly hitting the coast and she laughs-

    So is Teresa laughing at a hurrican possibly hitting Gulf Coast? Who cates what the name of it is? Considering Katrina and the oil spill tragedys I think it’s tacky for her to laugh at it, even if it’s just a tweet laugh

    • MAMAZ says:

      Yes Teresa HAHA. People may lose their home, their lives, their way of life but it’s ok because the name of the hurricane amuses you.
      Katrina was a real hoot. New Orleans is still laughing.

    • Earring Girl says:

      Teresa = S.T.U.P.I.D.

    • Zoey says:

      This weekend coming up is the 5 year anniversary of Katrina, and people here are not only still traumatized by all that happened, but there is Danielle out there. So no, it’s not funny at all. It’s a pretty solemn time.

      I wasn’t living here in New Orleans at the time, but the stories I’ve heard are just heart breaking. These are some strong people. Even those that didn’t lose a lot of material things, which are few people, just had the rug pulled from under their lives.
      Imagine the stores, restaurants, and most things you used and saw every day just gone in a second. And the schools you and your kids went to- gone. And your job, gone. Coworkers-gone, spread out all over. Neighbors, same thing.
      When my friend came home he saw that his house was fine, though surrounded by water with dead bodies floating by. He was lucky, but will never be the same.

      • Squirrels says:

        Last night on Dateline, Williams did a recap of what happened, how devastating it was, including people in their wheelchairs dying right on the street outside the conference ctr. It was very difficult to relive. The main issue seemed to be, dying masses and not one single airdrop for days. No water, medics calling out for insulin to save one woman. Completely lethargic babies who could no longer take a bottle.

        If the next hurricane to hit that area is amusing my dear Teresa, you have solidified your place as the queen of ignorance and self centeredness.

        Shame on you.

    • actually, it’s in the Atlantic, & could take a right turn & hit NJ just in time for the reunion.

      Stranger things have happened.

  38. Olivia says:

    What a disgraceful clip promoting that disgraceful show. Words cannot express the disgust in watching these women behaving like “ghetto whores” just for the sake of selling themselves as celebrities.

    One question always left unanswered seems to be why. Why would any of us buy into this nonsense that has a show built around a feud that makes no sense? Don’t like Danielle? Easy enough, don’t bother with her. Afraid of the Manzo’s, then why film this crap? To build a show around this senseless material can be laid at the feet of Bravo.

    Two things bother me more than I can articulate. One, that this is all “staged”. The yelling, screaming, violent word games that come straight from the mouths of a cast who are following Bravo’s instructions to heat up the drama and are willing to allow themselves to be filmed acting like horrendous pig women.

    The second part is equally disturbing in that if this garbage has any validity, or close to being “real”, we are watching truly horrible human beings so addicted to fame that they would permit their lives, reputations, and self esteem be hijacked by a network clearly intent on showcasing women in the worst possible light.

    Either scenario is truly sickening beyond any explanation offered when women can sit around calling one another “bitch, whore, c*nt” and be praised, rewarded, and renumerated for doing so. It is hard to get much lower than this.

    Bravo has just created a new low in broadcasting and needs to be admonished and thoroughly investigated. It is a blow against women and a true testament to misogyny by a network that can’t seem to drift much lower on the humanity scale than what these shows offer by way of entertainment.


    • MAMAZ says:

      Olivia – Staged or Real? I think it’s a combination of the two. I think there was some genuine animosity between the Manzo clique and Danielle Staub. Bravo has added fuel to the fire by arranging interactions, encouraging Ashley by giving her a blog of her own and Andy treating Danielle with disrespect.
      Bravo thinks they control the drama but once these things start they have a tendency to take on a life of their own. As we’ve seen with the charges against Ashley Holmes and Teresa’s ever growing rage against Danielle.

    • twoile says:

      Bravo has outdone the Springer/Maury style shows with this garbage.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      “horrendous pig women”

      so much to love about this phrase- The Horrendous Pig Women of New Jersey


      Again @Olivia, I bow before your greatness.

    • anniieee says:

      Amen… well said. My thoughts to a tee. The exploitation of these “women” is horrific and sadly for me, as a teacher, I watch my kids emulate this kind of behavior. We now have a network that thinks this is okay and a public with the attitude that this is the way it is. This is the way the world is coming… and as long as we just sit by… we change our standards. It is a slow disease..this spreading of a lack of civility and manners. I miss Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch and Gidget.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO, when the women are less real – then the franchise is more staged.

      We are interested in seeing women who are educated, worldly, professional, charitable, fashionable and have managed to fit all this into a framework that includes their families and a little dash of drama is fine.

  39. boston02127 says:

    Has anyone ever watched who tweets Kelly, Teresa and Jacqueline & Dina? I’ve been watching their tweeter fans for some time and it’s all the same people tweeting over and over. They come and go in spurts but it’s 85 per cent of the same people who are tweeting. I wonder if they keep track or they just tweet back to people willy nilly.

    • Earring Girl says:

      These same fans also tweet Bethenny, Ramona and Jill. I noticed it one day when one tweeter asked Bethenny a question and I look at her tweets and she had been tweeting B like 20 times at least. I cannot see all of their tweets until I click on their name. I noticed recently this person who tweeted B 20 times tweeted Jill saying that she was not going to tweet B anymore because she did not answer her tweets. I do not tweet but I look at the tweeters daily just to see the stupid responses for that day. Why do people want to be that accessible?

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      I was thinking the same thing Boston. What are the odds that she’s answered me numerous times? Am I one of a few who does tweet her so she responds? I find it really odd.

    • Ellabean says:

      I wonder if its their PR firms doing the tweeting and that add that to their list of client services.

      It known that political candidates and their parties do hire bloggers (I am referring to regular people bloggers not professional internet columnists ) to inundate their counterparts’ blogs with comments.

  40. Pat Johnson says:

    And just for the record for those “Housewife stars” who we kind of suspect of reading this blog simply because it contains their names:

    Teresa, Danielle, Caroline, Jacqueline, Ashley, Dina, Kim G, Lynda, Jill Zarin, I find you equally repugnant.

    Kelly, Cat, Micheale, Mary, Lu Ann, you are equally stupid and thoroughly boring.

    Get off your soft butts, get a life that has some meaning besides looking for your name in Page 6, put away your weaves, Botox, p.r. reps, agents, and do some actual good in this world beyond flapping your plumped up lips and telling the rest of us how to live. Turn the cameras off and put whatever “talents” you have beyond kissing yourself in the mirror and put your money toward something worthwhile.

    If you weirdos can Tweet all day admonishing the rest of us to become like you than I think you deserve a little payback from me. Your irrelevancy is beginning to wear thin.

    And for those morons from NJ who invite us to share tonight’s “gladiator ring” you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  41. MAMAZ says:

    Did anyone notice on the Bravo reunion fight clip that when Danielle says she’s done and starts to walk off Andy says very firmly, “No you’re not.” Both JZ and KooKoo walked off and Andy didn’t speak to them that way. He urged them to come back and acted all sad that they couldn’t take the pressure. When it’s Danielle he treats her like a brat throwing a tantrum. Which of course she is, but shouldn’t Andy maintain some sort of professional neutrality?
    It makes me wonder if the problem is Andy just being a snob or is Danielle really that insufferable? Even if she is dreadful to be around I don’t think Andy should show such obvious partiality.
    Any thoughts?

    • Olivia says:

      Andy is clearly a sexist pig. His constant smirking, giggling, and the cheap shots he takes at women are pretty obvious.

      He probably has some he prefers over others. Bethenny for one and Dina for some unexplainable reason is another.

      He treated Caroline with some form of respect but kept making goo goo eyes at Albie who IS NOT A HOUSEWIFE!

      Danielle may be low on the totem pole for having an ounce of integrity but Teresa and Jacqueline are a couple of jackholes that he found amusing. They behaved like two 13 yr olds on holiday which probably reaches his inner age group quite well.

    • Kat says:

      A reunion show without Danielle would not be… interesting. Maybe he panicked?

      • Olivia says:

        Why would any one of them agree to sit through this travesty? Contract or not there must be a limit to how cheaply you are expected to sell yourself. Even genuine “prostitution whores” have a price.

        • Kat says:

          I think that wanting to be on tv outweighs any other needs they have. Caroline might just be there to fulfill her contract.
          Narcissism is stronger than common sense. Or maybe it’s blinding.

      • Earring Girl says:

        Without Danielle – what would they talk about?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Oh Jacq could again scream her fantasy about being kidnapped and beaten with a 9mm pistol……..
          Oh Teresa could give an economy lesson………
          Oh Caroline could go on and on about Albie, I mean all her children and hardworking hubbie…………
          Oh and then there is the missing Dina chant……..

    • RIerinFL says:

      I did notice how harsh he sounded. I thought he has been rude to her when she was on WWHL. (He put the ugly grandma wrinkles as her boobs in a picture. That’s rude!)
      He wasn’t that rude when Jill was on his show and would only answer “It’s in the book” to every one of his question.
      Even when Kelly claimed that she was forced to go on the trip and he said she wasn’t, he didn’t say it so harshly.
      So, yeah, he definitely doesn’t like Dirty D and he doesn’t try to hide it. Again, we are missing the why. Why doesn’t he like her?

      With all the why’s we may never know:
      What’s with Andy and Dirty D?
      What has D really done to deserve the wrath of the ladies on the show?
      When are the conmen Teresa and Joe going to get what they deserve?
      who wants to take a trip to the Wizard of Oz with me?

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      IMHO, I think that Andy learned from the RHONY that the fans do not take kindly to a) letting these ladies walk all over him and not answer his questions and b) from a production stand point, I’m sure that they learned from RHONY again that someone walking off can take a lot time to just get them back on stage. I doubt that for Jill she came right back….editing.

      I am curious to see how Andy does handle all of the questions. It’ll be a train wreck I’m certain of that, but I’ll gawk and shake my head the whole time.

      • Squirrels says:

        I would have love to see him get knocked right out of his seat. If anyone deserves it, it’s misogynist Andy Cohen. He’s a jerk.

        • AZ Girl says:

          I think Jeff Lewis should moderate the reunions. He was great with Danielle on WWHL. He turned to Danielle and calmly said “Well Danielle where do I find your sex tape?” “I looked on Bravotv.com and it was not there” HA!
          Danielle’s reaction was priceless. She just stared at him not knowing what to say.

        • I have a theory—–Andy has a big issue with Danielle this year because last year he took up her side in the whole “Joe said dancing was Gay” thing and both he and Danielle made a huge deal about him being a gay man and How Danielle was so right on as an advocate for gay rights. He told Teresa how offended he was and made a big deal about thanking Danielle for standing up and calling Joe out over the statement.
          Now this year, the woman he promoted to all his gay friends as a real advocate who will defend them, allowed Danny (Felony Frodo) P. to go off in that incredibly offensive, vitrolic and vicious rant and she simply stood there and nastily smirked through it—She showed herself to be a hypocrite, and than made him look stupid in his community of gala friends. So, he is not so nice to her now.
          Make sense to anyone but me?

          • Kat says:

            Makes a lot of sense to me.

          • anniieee says:

            I think that hammer just hit that nail. That’s it… cause he is downright ugly to Danielle.

          • AZ Girl says:

            Andy really took that scene at the fundraiser personally and it shows. I am not sure if that is good for HW or not.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            While it makes sense, then I have a hard time reconciling myself with the fact that he is still really nice to Teresa.

            Given the pig she is married to obviously makes that are not kind to gays, I am also reminded of Gia’s anti-semtic remark that she wouldn’t marry a Jewish man because ‘they all think they are Kings’- and it was clear that she learned that from her disgusting father.

          • kit9 says:

            Andy never said a word to Tamra who used the gay slur. Danielle never said the word. Her excon body guard did. Should she have said something? Yes, but I understand why she didn’t-he was the only person in the building that had her back. Still, she didn’t say it. And Tamra did..so if that’s the reason Andy is a hypocrite. Also, for all the crazy Danielle is, she’s an amateur liar compared to Kelly and Andy couldn’t have been nicer to Kelly even when she accused him of lying. He never called her on all her lies. Yet, with D he’s all over her.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Danielle acted like a jerk on his show – she wouldn’t answer questions, she was a horrible guest. Pay back is a bitch.

  42. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I don’t twitter but can someone who does do me a favor? Today there are pics of supermodel Kimora lee Simmons (who Kelley refered to as a joo-ry client but called her Russels wife) on the beach in a fab bikini with her hunky husband Djimon Honsou, one year old baby, and two daughters. Someone please twitter a pic and say, “This is a REAL model, mogul, mom!” Thank you in advance 😉

    • MAMAZ says:

      Doesn’t Kelly claim to be a friend of Russell Simmons? If she’s a friend you’d think she’d know they got divorced and Kimora has moved on to a new husband and new baby. Oh Kelly, you sad, pathetic, delusional creature.

      • truelifediva says:

        Kelley knew all of that. She just refused to acknowledge a successful female. So she minimizes her to no name status “Russell’s wife” only men are worth remembering!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I can’t stand Kimora. I don’t find her attractive on any level and I beleive she needs a lesson in humility.

      • truelifediva says:

        I disagree but with all that being said she is still 10 times better than Kelley! 😉

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I agree she is better than Kelly…but that’s not saying much. But I am sure we can still be friends 🙂

  43. Char212 says:

    Teresa acts like she was born under a rock. She has no skills at all, she doesn’t have a clue as to what etiquette is & forget about manners. I really don’t see that marriage lasting much longer. I can almost hear Jo yelling at her about wanting to be on the show and having all of their problems come out for the world to see. Then again, maybe he thought they could make an easy buck while sticking it to their creditors. I could almost tolerate that show better without them on it. They are the worst of the worst imo.

    Jill is blogging about the DC wives on her web page. Would it be a surprise to anyone that she said Michaele is her front runner so far? I guess the fact that they don’t pay their bills is a non-issue for her.

    • Earring Girl says:

      Saturday I ranted on that blog to Jill about her writing skills, not giving correct information and compared her skills to Alex and told her that Alex was a writer and that was why Bravo and People Magazine has asked Alex to blog. I also told her my opinions about the Micheala and Tariq, I told her that she needed not to be concerned about DC housewives and she needed to reflect on herself and if she was asked back to NY housewives she would be lucky because all summer a petition was out to get her and Kelly off the show. My post stayed up for about an hour and than it was gone. LOL!

    • Jen says:

      Wait by frontrunner does JZ mean she likes her best?

      If yes, that’s awesome publicity Jill- align yourself with WH crashers who 90% of America find repugnant! Good job!

      • Jen says:

        (above post was said in sarastic voice) Sorry just wanted that clear, do NOT want to be mistaken as JZ lover….ew

    • Adgirl says:

      Hey. Jill.
      It takes one to know one. I mean you must be in awe of the Salahi’s media placement skills. Sure blows that the best you could do is get bitched out by Johnny Weir’s coach. The Salahi’s crashed the White House fer God’s sake!

      Hey. Teresa.
      It takes one to know one. I mean you must be in awe of the Salahi’s flair while being broke. Where’s your trip to Paris, champagne ala saber, white limo-ness??

    • For all the yelling we do about T’s parental skills (as in none), when I watch her, I wonder wtf *her* parents were doing?

  44. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    Danielle Staub’s Daughter Makes Her Underwhelming Debut:

    • MAMAZ says:

      I don’t know if I agree. I thought a couple of the shots were quite beautiful. I don’t think it was a complete success but I wouldn’t call it underwhelming. She shows promise.
      Poor thing has so much riding on this. Her mother probably rides her ass about buying her a house on a daily basis. She’s probably so afraid of screwing up that she can’t realx.

      • Upper WestSide Dude says:

        I agree. You really got to hope her girls turn out okay. I think she looked better on the show than these pictures. It is more of an issue with the photographer and not her.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        We know from seeing her on the show that she is a beautiful girl – this photographer did a horrible job and the lighting is bad as well.

    • RIerinFL says:

      I think she is a beautiful girl.

      • Char212 says:

        I think she’s a beautiful girl too but her eyes are so haunting to me. I don’t know who the photographer was but he sure didn’t do her any favors.

        • I think Kelly did them. Seriously, what was up with the feather jewelry? Anyway, I think she’s beautiful, & with someone (who knows what they’re doing) guiding her, she should do well.

        • Squirrels says:

          If you look closely, she is missing the catchlights in both eyes. This is what makes the eyes “pop”. In the B/W shot, her left eye is fine, but the right eye looks flat and dead. Just wanted to point out why catchlights are so important.

          Not impressed with the photog, but she did the best she could under direction.

          • Quincy IL says:

            She’s a beautiful young girl. That makeup was awful and the poses were terrible too.
            Why not rejoice in your youth?

            Danielle must have liked them, but my daughter would not pose like that.

          • I was hoping you would chime in here! Couldn’t figure out why the girl who we have seen is soooo pretty suddenly looks dead! And the angles the shots were taken from? What about those—am I wrong in thinking there is just no way to get a flattering look from those odd angles? Or would lighting have helped there as well?

    • CdnFillie says:

      awww…there’s so much wrong with this setup. Poor Christine is getting tarred with the same Danielle brush..those pictures were not that bad..in fact 2 couple of them were awesome. If that hoebag sees this writeup hope she gets a clue

    • _therealmelissa says:

      This was a pictorial done by 14 yo fashion blogger/stylist Tavi Gevinson. http://www.stylerookie.com It is a shame that Christine is taking the heat of the tabloid bloggers, when the real subject of the article is Tavi’s talent.

      • anniieee says:

        I agree… photographer doesnt seem to have a clue. He made her look depressed and lackluster and she is a beautiful young lady. This is the photographer’s fault.

      • Upper WestSide Dude says:

        No wonder the photos look amateurish. A 14 year old blogger? I bet if Giles had done the shoot the outcome would have been quite different. She is a beautiful young lady.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think that it’s probably more due to the photographer than the subject.

  45. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @MamaZ, Kimora is everything Kelley wants to be. A famous model (considered part of the supermodel clique), owner of BabyPhat clothing (and accessories), three kids, and a handsome well respected actor for a husband. When Kelley was pretending to be designing that owl jewelry, she had a meeting on camera. She was name dropping clients but couldn’t bring herself to say Kimora, instead merely called her “Russell’s wife”. That’s when I knew she hated other women and everything Bethenny felt about her was true. And since she is slamming Bethenny’s modeling, someone should tweet her the FABULOUS and REAL pics of Kimora, hubby,and kids being everything she HOPES to be 🙂

    • aliand says:

      two daughters and a BOY!!! hmmm…where have I heard that one before?

      • MAMAZ says:

        TrueLifeDiva – Kelly keeps talking about her modeling career but honestly I never heard of her until she joined Real Housewives. I am however very familiar with a lots of models in her age group. She has said she was never really a runway model so we know she wasn’t in Kimora’s supermodel league. What did she do JC Penney catalogs?

        • truelifediva says:

          I was thinking the exact same thing during the Scary Island episodes when Kelley questioned Bethenny’s chef status. Even when in NY the other women said they knew of Bethenny’s work and KKB wouldn’t let up. I kept saying to myself, “I’ve never heard of YOU either!” I am Kelley’s age group (40) and from 1987-2003 was a busy freelance makeup artist and hairdresser in southern Ca. I did a lot of work with modeling agencies, photographers, etc. Never heard of KKB. She is not as famous as she tries to portray and I think she needs to get off Bethenny’s bra strap! YMMV

  46. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Teresa is the most selfish and disrespectful person I have ever seen. All the RHONJ ladies just make an excuse of “that’s just Teresa” yet would Caroline put up with Albie being an hour late to a family dinner? Um, no. Her disrespect has no bounds whether it’s:
    slamming Caroline in her blog
    relying on her parents to watch HER kids on the cruise
    to starting something with Danielle at a country club
    table flipping
    being late to every function
    spending $ that she doesn’t have so that the tax payers can pay for it
    pushing Andy back in his chair at the reunion
    getting in Danielle face while yelling. Add a so not classy to that one too.

    What I don’t get is how people still love this person?!?!? She is everything I am trying to teach my son not to be.

  47. stlgal says:

    Joe and Teresa pretty much have an arranged marriage. She will never leave him and he will never leave her. He may (ok, will) cheat on her but she will ignore. They will not break up the family.

    When he talks about how she needs to respect him, how she does not talk or respond back when he barks at her, how her parents live with them, how she explained in her last blog that she had a curfew until she was marriage are all examples of how she lives a very traditional, old-school marriage.

  48. Wall St Lady says:

    Boston 1 ; hi birthday Buddy !
    Boston fellow Virgo ;isn’t it hard being so all female.
    Virgos ROCK !

    Thanks Ellabean my Jazz & lab soul mate. Why do u like Virgos?

    • Ellabean says:

      Well every sign has its yin and yang, sort of speak – it’s assets and negatives. Of course you can’t divide the whole world into 12 different type of poeple (the 12 signs) – that is why an astrological chart takes into account the location of all 9 planets at the exact moment of your birth.

      Virgos? Pluses: – detail oriented, analytical, organized, loyal, lover of pets, neatnik, earth sign. Minuses: too fastidious (ala Felix Unger), perfectionist.
      Try thinking of the signs and their qualities as “principles.”the planet needs Virgos or there would be chaos – but the planet needs dynamic people too – that are unfettered by the need to organize.

      My husband and I are both Virgos. I swear – he is more Virgo than I. He has 3 planets in there. I only have one. I always tease him: that he is so fastidious and neat with our recyclables – as in like tying up our newspaper bundles perfectly. Our recyclables are neater than some people’s prized possessions.

      If you happen to have 3 or more “personal planets” (sun, moon, venus, mars) in a certain sign – you may be more like that sign than you’re actual birthdate sign. I’ve got 3 planets in Cancer – even tho I was born in Virgo.

      Pls all – forgive the astro -talk . I appreciate it may not interest everyone . Dont mean to hijack the convo. Appreciate Wall St’s interest and OneMore’s skills at this too. Thx.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        wow- that’s a little weird-I’m a Virgo with Cancer rising and Moon in Leo. but my Mars is in Scorpio so kinda cancels out sweet Cancer. My astrology teacher told me I don’t suffer fools gladly.

        • Ellabean says:

          So that puts your Virgo Sun in the Third House: communication, teaching, work in media – generally what they call “propagation of ideas” should be your life’s goal.

          I am a Capricorn rising (tall, slimmish); Moon in Cancer in my 7th house – I crave emotional (moon) comfort from deep relationships; and my Virgo Sun is on my 9th House of higher mind – also teaching related, interest in religion, politics, world cultures,philosopy, legalities. Thus – my interest in astrology and other things off the beaten path! Don’t get me started on feng shui!

      • RIerinFL says:

        I’m a Virgo too, Sept. 20. I was reading through the pluses and minuses and saying check to each one.
        Thanks for sharing because it’s interesting and I just don’t have a clue about it. For example which planets I have.
        What does being an earth sign mean?

      • boston02127 says:

        @Ellabean–I’m so much of a Virgo that I drive myself crazy with things in their place, cleaning and organizing. If I’m on the couch watching TV and the windows are open and the shades aren’t even with the windows, I’ll get up and fix them. Nutso!

        • felony stupid says:

          I find this stuff facinating…wish you had more aries on here so that I’d hear more info on my sign!

        • Ellabean says:

          LOL ! I totally get that !

        • MoDee says:

          Fellow Virgo here, and fully understand you Boston. Same way with the window shades, but will add…lamp shades, wall hangings, dish and hand towels. I guess I know now why I’m so OCD over such things. lol. I even obsess over the paper towels not ripping right. I need to lighten up a bit, I think! Oh, BTW , b’day on the 29th next week.

  49. stlgal says:

    Ganging up and bullying someone does not bring out the best in your opposition. Particularly if she does need medication, shouldn’t they just back off?

    She is supposed to just sit there and allow them to tell her that she is just garbage?Bottom line, as crazy as she is, Danielle is a human being and should be treated as such.

    How do they think that Ashey is going to turn out? Would they approve of Caroline’s kids and Teresa’s daughters calling her trash?

    • Kat says:

      Exactly. I’d kick Teresa’s ass if she came at me like that… if she touched a hair on my head I’d have to knock her back to Paterson.

      • stlgal says:

        I don’t feel that Kelly was bullied.

        But Danielle? Absolutely. I agree with the other posts that Andy never talked to Ramona or Jill with the same disrespectful tone when they got up and walked away.

        In the preview, Caroline made an issue of Danielle threatening each and every one of them. But Andy doesn’t call out Teresa, who screams “I’m going to pin you down.” And she is the “classy one” right?

    • Quincy IL says:

      It’s hard to deal with irrational people and both sides in this NY saga have gone overboard. Danielle was given a red “A” to wear on her chest by her entire community. The New England Puritans and Pilgrams would force an Adultress to wear a red cloth “A” on their clothes. Perhaps, the word Caroline used was “garbage,” but she meant adultress. Jacqueline used “husband stealer,” which is so grammatically wrong in so many ways.

      The Puritans lived by their version of the Good Book and in a way so do the Manzo Clan Manzos accept adultery from men, abandoned marriage when the husband didn’t make enough money, gay brothers and friends, friends who drive drunk and rob their creditors…. but they don’t accept adulteresses
      Why does this seem like Sharia Law to me?

      • Quincy IL says:

        I think it’s like Sharia Law in that it is impossed on others, but we can do whatever we like because we are in charge.

  50. lillybee says:

    I wish Caroline would stay away from that one shoulder look. It doesn’t work as well for her as it does for Lulu.

    • stlgal says:

      ITA. Caroline’s boobies are too saggy.

      I can’t help think that Mary of rhodc will lose 20lbs next season as well. Don’t get me wrong–she looks great. But reality stars always seem to go these insane diets.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Mary’s boobs were in need of a good bra in the black dress at the dinner party. I don’t know why these women want to show us their breasts so badly. Most of the viewers are women and we have seen breasts before.

    • Squirrels says:

      That one shoulder look is going to go the way of the over the top shoulder pad. I hope.

    • boston02127 says:

      Caroline Yamaguchi!
      🙂 Remember that on Bethenny Getting Married.

  51. Squirrels says:

    Here she goes again….Kelly the wonder horse.

    “@xxxxx i am real, but i am def not a housewife. you dont need to bait me, i know your game. i wrote the bait book. writer, remember?

    If she’s a writer, I’m Queen Eliz II.

  52. Olivia says:

    My blood pressure has just reached new heights. One of the morons from Jersey Shore is expected to make 5 million dollars this year alone from the show and endorsements. 5 FREAKEN MILLION DOLLARS FOR BEHAVING LIKE A THUG WITH NO EDUCATION, JOB, OR MANNERS!!!

    I have never watched that show as the NJ wives seem to be filling in all the blanks for me but this is utterly outrageous that this much money is being paid to some jerk whose only claim to fame is sleeping around, getting drunk, and starting fights.

    What kind of a cultural wasteland are we living in when bad behavior is considered a badge of honor? It is this type of tv “entertainment” that is being pushed into our homes when the average kid today has no idea of what is included in the Constitution but can easily name Snooki’s latest “hook up”.

    And just how many people across the USA will find something “amusing” about this reunion show that has all the elements of a bar fight?

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      just a clarification (trying to defend Jersey a bit)…the toad you are speaking of is actually from NY. Only one member of that show is actually FROM New Jersey.

      Sorry, just wanted to clarify…the NJ HW’s (and their husbands) make us look bad enough already! 🙂

    • Kat says:

      It’s about money. And it gives new meaning to the phrase “bottom dollar”.

      • Char212 says:

        Another show that is just as bad if not worse is the Bad Girls Club. I was channel surfing the other night and caught an episode and I was appalled and mortified. What is the point of that show is what I’d like to know. If my daughter behaved like those girls do I’d have her home and in therapy or something so fast her head would spin. I wouldn’t care how old she is either. Those girls are not thinking of their families and how embarrassed they must be by them. I’d be so ashamed that I’d never show my face again.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Don’t worry Olivia the cash will be squandered on booze, drugs, tanning and legal fees. The person in question will be left broke and unremembered accept as a punchline.

          • Kat says:

            The squandered part makes me ill.

            • Quincy IL says:

              5 million…

              2.5 million to state and federal taxes

              So that leaves 2.5 million…. private planes, luxory suits in hotel, first class restaurants, designer clothes, limosines, entourage, women…

              He will be 10 million in debt in no time.

          • MAMAZ says:

            Sorry that should have been except.

            • anniieee says:

              @ Olivia— I put this way up but posted it again for you. We are in a fine mess as far as society is concerned. We have stopped asking for civility in the name of “rights.” We have degraded ourselves to the point where we just turn our heads and sigh. Road Rage, parents beating up coaches, kids beating up teachers, fights like this on TV and then we reward them with big paychecks. The exploitation of these “women” is horrific and sadly for me, as a teacher, I watch my kids emulate this kind of behavior. We now have a network that thinks this is okay and a public with the attitude that this is the way it is. This is the way the world is coming… and as long as we just sit by and do or say nothing… we lower our standards. It is a slow disease..this spreading of a lack of civility and manners. I miss Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch and Gidget.

        • Quincy IL says:

          My kids seemed to respond well to discipline and they self regulated by high school. These twenty somethings act like animals. Why is that? I bet it has something to do with how their schools and their community expected them to behave.

          • Tootsie says:

            and the entitlements they feel they should have? Why? Who in the hell are they. I know, I’m getting mighty old and cranky.

            • Quincy IL says:

              “Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.”
              — Socrates 469-399 BC

            • Ellabean says:

              careful there – I get a whiff of politics

              you scolded me a few weeks ago for the same thing

    • kats2 says:

      I’m so happy for him/them! These are kids and the but of the joke. These kids are smart enough to know they are being laughed at and unlike the NJ HW’s they are getting paid.

    • Squirrels says:

      I often wondered how long it would take for faux reality TV to cross the boundaries of movie magic. First we had the likes of Bruce Willis’ Die Hard, or Keano Reeves The Matrix, followed by play station and nintendo rated R games such as the one where pimps murder hookers.

      Seems to me, this is the last bastion, or should I say bastardization? Pay attention here Teresa. A bastion is defined as a structure that protrudes from the main walls of say, a castle. It is designed to help protect said castle against assaulting troops. The FCC seems to have less and less control over what our children watch. Up to the 60’s, a man and woman could not be in a bed together, unless one of the actors had a foot firmly planted on the floor. While that’s a bit much by todays standards, the censors had a very firm idea on what was sexually explicit. Maybe this is why I adore old films. I have an imagination and get to use it once that bedroom door slowly closes or the room fades to black. So too, were flicks given R and X ratings for sexual content (recall Marlon Brando in Tango in Paris).

      As to violence, the censors began to free up their iron grip because violent films decided and R rating would be a draw. They were right. Kids craved it. Gone were the John Wayne westerns, where even though the bad guy was gunned down, you never saw the carnage a bullet creates.

      Today, we have cable with zero censorship because people pay to watch. Networks are still under the thumb, so to speak. You can’t watch “Get Shorty” which is laced with obsenities and silly beat em up scenes without the bleeping. Do they think the teens and pre-teens can’t figure out the words? Kids of all ages are either sneaking around purchasing (with a wink and a nod from the video vendors) some of the most violent video games ever concocted. Resident Evil 4; Grand Theft Auto; God of War; Narc, the list goes on.

      The FCC no longer has any clout, which brings me to the point of bastardization. Debasing the english language, corrupting our youth while 11 year old girls find in their own sizes, skirts meant for the over 18 set, get oggled by less than well meaning prepubescent boys. This culture is all up in arms about Democrats v Republicans. Left v rightwings. I believe if we came to the middle, we could cover a lot more ground and try to turn back the tides of complete and utter degradation that faces young girls and boys today.

      Gone are the days of chivalry, respect for others as well as respect for one’s self. Now, with the game shows like RHONJ, that pit fully formed women against one another in order to keep their place on the pyramid, the line has not been crossed. It’s been decimated. Why is the US the most major contributor to the dumbing down of our youth?

      By demanding the money grubbing likes of Bravo to wake up, it is the only way we can try to begin saving the next generation from this media blitz. Nothing good can come of this type of women on women violence programming. NOTHING.

    • Quincy IL says:

      In the Old West, there was usually a good size gathering for the shoot out. Those bullets sometimes hit the spectators, but they still went to see the show.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I really don’t think he will make anywhere near 5 million dollars. It seems like most of that money is just projected. The only things that are guaranteed are whatever he makes on the show, and I somewhat doubt it’s in the 60k bracket but lets assume it is.

      He can ask 25k or 25 million for an appearance but unless he is booked- it don’t mean squat. I don’t think they are beating down his door, I am not seeing pictures of him at events or hearing about him being here or there.

      I feel sorry for any publisher what would give him a 6 figure advance given that his ‘rap single’ was totally laughable. And really, how many pages in a biography can be dedicated to his mantra of GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry). Years from now, he will be a bigger laughing stock than Leif Garret.

      Anna Nicole Smith also had endorsement deals and still died broke- and her estate and the company she was promoting are being sued.

      I can’t wait for all those losers to fade away.

  53. Quincy IL says:

    Isnt’ it unusual to show the preview for the reunion before the last show. Bravo must have gold in that footage and they are going to do everything they can to get the huge ratings bonanza.

    Danielle said that she was going to the reuinion with ammunition. I think she had the goods on Joe and his liazons. She has all of these “friends” from the seedy side and I bet she had Joe followed. Did she have anything on her lap? I bet she had photos of Joe and the girl. She made have had information on Dina’s husband and that is why Dina refused to go to the Reunion.

    Watch for the release of all of Danielle’s stash of information after Bravo says, “NO!,” to her new reality show. I have a feeling that the Manzo’s choice of toilet paper will be on line after Danielle’s rejection. She knows everything about everyone and it she doesn’t know it, she is going to make something up.

    • vilzvet says:

      I guess that’s going to make it to air, Jacqueline saying “Shut the fu_k up, whore” to Danielle. And get a load of that lion’s growl from Teresa when she lost her cool with Danielle, yikes she has the worst voice/yells/cries/screeches. She also definitely said “Don’t BREAK up my family” not “SPEAK of”, it seems pretty clear upon hearing it again.

  54. Waslurking says:

    Damn on my way out the door but all this about astrology has peeked my interest big time. My “go to” book many years ago was Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs”.
    …. drat gotta run!!

  55. boston02127 says:

    Has anyone heard from error? It’s been days.

  56. boston02127 says:

    Albie Manzo’s tweet—-albiemanzo and @chris_manzo r chatting LIVE during tonights East Coast finale!!

    • Quincy IL says:

      I am sure they will be supportive of their mom.

      Is Danielle missing from Tweekdom or is she all sweetness and light again?

    • kats2 says:

      Of course they are, their pitbull mother is going in for the kill and the little Manzo boys need to be front and centered cheering her on.

  57. Wall St Lady says:

    Olivia , I know its ur granddaughters name but I always think of Olivia De Having as Melanie in GWTW. Upstream ur commentary to me was full of kindness & wisdom.

    • Olivia deHavilland. And I was actually, in real life, named for that character. Melanie. and Elizabeth for Elizabeth Taylor. My mom wanted me to have the integrity and strength of Melanie and to strive to be the true “lady” she was, and to have the beauty and survival skills of Elizabeth Taylor (but not the morals! she made that very clear! Stay away from married men! LOL) So Melanie Elizabeth. That’s me!

  58. boston02127 says:

    Dina’s tweet—–Picking out chandeliers for my closet. Why does lighting excite me so much?

    Because you have no life Dina!!! None, ninth, nada, ninguno, zip, zero life!!!!!

  59. boston02127 says:

    Kim G’s tweet—-
    sitting on one of my many outside decks Cristal flowing. There never will be the stinky smell of a pizzeria below where I live. Love it! yes

  60. Earring Girl says:

    Jill eat your heart out – I know you wish you were here:

    LuAnne tweets:
    Tonight I’ll be appearing on The Joy Behar Show guest-hosted by Patti Stanger, of the Millionaire Matchmaker, 9 PM… http://fb.me/EeqAf2QM
    about 9 hours ago via Facebook

  61. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    Teresa and her little gargoyles are scary to say the least. Gia will be an obnoxious potty mouth like her cro-magnon mother. They will always be considered upstart nouveau riche trash who cannot pay their bills.

    • Olivia says:

      I am also not one to be convinced that Teresa of Paterson, NJ was a “good girl” when she got married just because someone suggests she is from the “old school”. B.S.!!

      She was close to 3o yrs of age when she married and with a mouth like hers, and her tendency toward violence, this is a woman who clearly knows her way around the projects. You don’t automatically turn from being a “virginal madonna” overnight into a lusty, loudmouth, table tipping, obscenity strewing “ho bag” just because someone “put a ring on it”.

      Teresa has been around the block more than once, believe me. This type has always been ready to “roll” unchecked for a long time. She is the type that would go for the jugular simply by someone not giving her the “respect” she feels entitled to.

      Her parents did not keep her under lock and key during her maiden years. They probably did not know where she was half the time.

      • Upper WestSide Dude says:

        On that note, and this is coming from guy’s point of view, what guy would date a girl like Teresa with absolutely no chest? I mean her tits were no-existent and it looked abnormal if you ask me. She reminded me of a drag queen. Furthermore, she kept saying Joe was an “ass man” so it makes you wonder what sort of kink he has going on. Did she let him in via the backdoor? I would be willing to bet you anything he has a gumar on the side. 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Oh the joy of knowing puberty is just around the corner in the Guidice house – and it will go on and on and on and on!

    • kats2 says:

      I’m hoping they have good teachers in school and they will learn the life lessons and manners they are not getting at home.

  62. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I had tweeted Kelly earlier:

    @kikilet re: mag cover. I don’t understand the need to have thinly veiled digs at Bethenny all the time. It’s not hard to see it as it is.

    She actually responded:
    @Scorpiosue1102 if I don’t like you, there is a very specific reason. I am an excellent judge of character. #be selective

    So I had to respond:

    @kikilet But to constantly give little digs kind of makes you look stalkerish since it’s been months since filming the reunion.

    From Kelly’s response to me it is obvious that the digs are towards Bethenny since she did not refute these being about Bethenny. It’s kind of obsessive.

    • Kat says:

      Kelly really puzzles me. I had safely put her in the crazy box but she doesn’t quite fit there anymore. She is so much more dynamic. I think she has grown super powers. Baffling.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        she is enjoying her summer vacation….wait until fall and she starts flying her freak flag again on the streets of Manhattan!

  63. Wall St Lady says:

    Wow Duchess. I grew up loving Scarlet. It wasn’t till 17 (started watching GWTW at 6)that I realized Melanie was the angel& Scarlet the meAn girl. U r blessed ! They r having a E Taylor night on TCM. I just watched Butter field 8. Ur parents R COOL

    • Squirrels says:

      When my daughter was about 7 yrs old, I took her to see GWTW playing at an IMAX theatre in San Diego. Got to tell you, it’s a completely different movie on that larger than life venue. I noticed things I never had before on our TV.

      It’s my favorite all time love story and I know just about every word of the script. Such a goofette.

  64. Wall St Lady says:

    One M0 Boston. I should have known u r a Virgo.

    I drive those who love me crazy as I expect perfection & annoy when I say “I told u so” !

  65. LynnNChicago says:

    People.com has THREE clips of the reunion, Teresa is batshit crazy folks! Sorry if this was posted already but you have to watch the original one that you’ve probably already seen that is on Bravotv.com but then there are two more if you wait until the “related clips” comes up.

    The NJ Housewives are Under One Roof: http://bravo.ly/95KYhJ
    via @Bravotv All Three clips here

    • Upper WestSide Dude says:

      It looks as if all of them have been on some weight loss program. I wonder if what transpired during the reunion had anything to do with Danielle not being asked to return.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Whatever Danielle said sure ticked off Teresa. Did I catch something about her nephew or something? They’re all crazy.

      • Upper WestSide Dude says:

        We all know Danielle is batshit crazy and I think we are all fine with that. Nobody is fooled whe she plays victim and say “oh poor me”. HOWEVER, the others are not that far off, especially Teresa. She looks like a hooker in those short skirts and fur jackets. Say what you will about the Sopranos analogy but it is dead on. NOBODY can refute that fact. I wish someone would do some digging into her past.

        • Kat says:

          Atleast Danielle would be interesting to talk with. I bet she has plenty of stories. I was a troubled teen and was lucky to have taken a different path. And I think it was luck as my judgment was questionable.

  66. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    Now for something that has gone viral and extremely funny. :

    Remixed version – thank god for autotune:

  67. Olivia says:

    A little history:

    It was a Sunday afternoon last summer when, because it was raining out, I was stuck in the house and while scanning with the remote, came across a marathon of the RHONY playing on Bravo.

    I had heard of the series but since I never pay attention to “reality shows” I began to watch. It was featuring the second season of NY and “Kellamity” was being introduced as a main character. So I began to watch. (Boredom will do that to you.)

    The show was pretty tame then, the most fun was watching Bethenny’s talking head shots when she “let loose” and it cracked me up. It was also about the same time that Bravo was running the NJ first season and the contrast was startling. However, to be perfectly frank, I was, shall we say “hooked”. Thus began my Housewife viewing and I did play catch up with the NY group through Seasons 1 and 2. Looking back now, they seemed nothing more than rather innocuous outings of women who had more time on their hands than was good for them but when we go to Season 3 the knives were coming out full bore.

    But NJ season 1 was also in full swing and when it got to the “table tipping” episode I was astounded. When season 2 was aired there was no denying that Bravo had lost all sense of proportion and allowed this series go from bad to worse. Jill Zarin demonstrated that she was quite capable of going overboard to deliver the final blow to any sense of fair play, but NJ was even capable of going even further to bring us the vilest form of tripe ever to be produced for national consumption. It has become one step up from watching cock fights interrupted by commercials.

    I despise myself for watching these sorry excuses for entertainment because of the level of disgust it brings out in me. Much of the time I have no idea if what I am watching is real or imagined but it has produced the sorriest groups of women ever to be seen be portrayed on tv.

  68. KirksvilleMo says:

    I wonder if Milania ever got more than that cake on the cruise for her BD?
    They sure show favoritism even if she got a present later.At 4 she’s old enought to remember what Gia was given for her BD.

  69. boston02127 says:

    On the Joy Behar show Patti is asking for advice. She said she’s new to the market and needs advice. (wear a bag over your head Patti) She’s also saying her ex-boyfriend wanted kids at the beginning but he changed his mind. (maybe he didn’t want to bring kids to this earth and have them go thru life looking like her).

    LuAnn said she has found someone and is very happy.

    • boston02127 says:

      LuAnn looks very pretty. Patti….not so much.

      • dumberries says:

        @Boston, I was astounded by how much Patti cut off the other women in the next segment (and didn’t even seem to know what the in-house guest’s book was about). And, just the fact that she is supposed to be this great matchmaker and she’s asking everyone for dating advice and trying to get on the Bachelor (or Bachelorette?) seems like she’s admitting that she’s a sham. Every since Katicoo posted that video of Stanger calling Bethenny a c-word and acting like the queen of the world, just watching the woman makes me gag. (Agree, Luann looked great – I think she alway does)

    • felony stupid says:

      Wait…a super successful matchmaker is asking for advice on how to get back into the dating world? hahaha

  70. Olivia says:

    For months here in my part of NE there was nothing in the news for days and weeks following the suicide of Phoebe Prince due to the bullying tactics from her classmates.

    But Bravo is going to run for two separate weeks in a row, 4 women attacking 1 woman as the cameras roll. I have yet to see the outpouring of rage and moral indignation at this imbalance from the so called “fans” of these uglies on the Bravo blogs.

    Is Danielle a lunatic? Yes, but 4 against 1? Especially when two of those beauties, Teresa and Kim G, are just as loony and without any moral decency themselves. We are supposed to be teaching that “bullying” is a bad thing (here is where you come in Kelly) but Bravo is presenting this variation of the same theme as “entertainment”.

    Any wonder why these kids today are living with mixed messages?

    • Quincy IL says:

      It’s been a while since that reunion taping. I’m surprised that Danielle acted as if nothing had happened. When was she on WWHL? Before or after taping the reuinion? She acted very strangely with Andy that night.

  71. Earring Girl says:

    Wow – I went to Google under Teresa Giudice name where I got the access hollywood web address about the reunion that I posted up-thread earlier today. Under Teresa Giudice there is no mention of the reunion and that is where I got the web address before, I ended up putting in “Teresa Giudice reunion fight” and only print copy came up all video clips from all the gossip mags are gone! Wow – Bravo can pull strings!!

    • Quincy IL says:

      I just googled “Danielle Staub” and got a video.

      The article stated that Danielle left in the middle of the reunion. So what did the others talks about after she left?

      I think that Bravo was hoping for 4 hours of reunion material and Danielle cut that back to two hours. They will lose money…

      • Earring Girl says:

        @ Quincy – thanks, I don’t understand why they fired Danielle, why didn’t they get rid of Teresa she was very threatening and scary acting. Did you hear Caroline say something about Lauri being there on set and they had to hold her back. Wow – maybe they need to stop with the reunions – someone is going to get hurt.

        • kats2 says:

          But do we know for sure that Danille was fired, did Bravo confirm this yet?

          • Earring Girl says:

            No I guess I should not go by the gossip mags. Bravo has not said they fired her. I really feel for her – why would she want to go back on that show and just be tortured by those women???

            I have broke my promise and I am looking at this final show – UGH!!!!!

          • Quincy IL says:

            I saw that TIME magazine reported it. I really think she’s out.

      • RIerinFL says:

        I think she should have left. I don’t know if I could put up with three to four woman attacking me all while changing the stories to make it look like they are innocent. I am not a D fan but NOONE deserves to be treated like this.

  72. boston02127 says:

    I’m guessing wing nut Kelly cracked open her Vodka boxes. She’s all over the map with her insane tweets.

  73. Wall St Lady says:

    Patty S. Is making a fool of herself hosting the Joy Bahear Show. She competes w/her guests & acts offended if referred to as an OLDer woman. Hell o Patty ! The show is not a failure because her 3 woman panel has 3 smart & lovely ladies who ignore Patty’s a$$ like behavior & rise above it to herald their own agenda. Each has a cool book. Patty had not read any of the books. She mentioned that she was the #1 matchmaker & was a smart ellic. Typical Patty !

  74. emt2 says:

    I think that Bravo bullies Danielle. Andy treats her like shit and she brings the ratings.

    If I were her and Teresa got in my face, Teresa face would have been swollen for a good coupke of weeks.

    Danielle should just walk off the stage during the reunion and say Peace out, bitches!

    She has nothing to gain by continuing a false sense of responsibility to Bravo who has exploited her to the oint of encouraging violence towards her and they still fired her!

    Its so disgusting. Teresa is pure Trash. Pure and simple. She thinks everything is about her. I hope that Joe’s girlfriends become public information and I would love to see Teresa’s ugly face when she sees pics of Joe kissing a younger and more beautiful girl. This is my dream. I hope it comes true!

    I am worried about Danielle’s safety bc a lot of people (aka the Manzos) wish her great bodily harm. She has no protection now that she isn’t on Bravo. If she is killed (I’m totally serious, btw), I hope Bravo and Andy get sued and are involved in so much litigation that the whole network becomes bankrupt. They encouraged, created, manufactured and publicized this whole hatred and violence towards Danielle. I feel bad for her. I really do.

    • Kat says:

      I agree with so many of your points! Well said.

    • kats2 says:

      emt2 – How are you? I hope all is well. I agree with all you said and miss your comments.

      • emt2 says:

        Hi! I’m fine. How are you? I’ve been really exhausted lately with all the changes but hanging in there.

        You guys still make me smile and laugh!

        I totally agree with you, btw, that Teresa has a rage problem. She reminds me of Kelly, except Kelly’s rage seemed to be bubbling under the surface and was only released on a few occasions whereas Teresa wears her rage like a red badge of courage.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I agree too. I hope things are going well with your mom:)

  75. Wall St Lady says:

    All that said above about Pattie S. She is very good at hosting;particularly since I think this is her 1st time. Since she can make lots more $$ as a host than a matchmaker I predict she will loose the matchmaking (3rd generation looser !)& torment a new guest.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I thought she was an excellent host too. She also looked nice. I am not her fan, but this is my opinion of her performance on that show.

    • Squirrels says:

      I thought she was too wordy. Ask the question. Give the guests time to answer. Less is more when you are a host.

    • dumberries says:

      Funny how tastes differ when it comes to interviewers. I only watched the first two segments (about 20 minutes), but I thought she interrupted too much, she wasn’t familiar with the in-house guest’s expertise or marital status, and she was overbearing. The look on the 3 women’s faces during the second segment, when Patti was making it about her issues, said it all. Thumbs down to seeing her as a talk show host from me.

  76. emt2 says:

    I think that Bravo bullies Danielle. Andy treats her like shit and she brings the ratings.

    If I were her and Teresa got in my face, Teresa face would have been swollen for a good coupke of weeks.

    Danielle should just walk off the stage during the reunion and say Peace out, bitches!
    No more using and abusing me!

    She has nothing to gain by continuing a false sense of responsibility to Bravo who has exploited her to the point of encouraging violence towards her and they still fired her!

    Its so disgusting. Teresa is pure Trash. Pure and simple. She thinks everything is about her. I hope that Joe’s girlfriends become public information and I would love to see Teresa’s ugly face when she sees pics of Joe kissing a younger and more beautiful girl. This is my dream. I hope it comes true!

    I am worried about Danielle’s safety bc a lot of people (aka the Manzos) wish her great bodily harm. She has no protection now that she isn’t on Bravo. If she is killed (I’m totally serious, btw), I hope Bravo and Andy get sued and are involved in so much litigation that the whole network becomes bankrupt. They encouraged, created, manufactured and publicized this whole hatred and violence towards Danielle. I feel bad for her. I really do.

    • AZ Girl says:

      May I remind you that Danielle beat the hell out of a hostage with a pistal on a drug deal forcing the young boy to call his father for ransom money. This is documented.
      Don’t worry about Danielle, she can hold her own. As far as I am concern she deserve (along with Teresa) all the karma coming to her.

      • kats2 says:

        AZ I hear ya. I can’t stand Danielle but she gets points from me for owning and however it turned out she was punished and has lived with it. I don’t doubt she had a messed up life growing up, it doesn’t excuse it but I also don’t hear her going around make excuses. I can’t stand that I feel sometimes the need to defend her, but while no doubt disgusting past, I never seen or heard any facts on what she did to Chewy or the Manzos for them to treat her like a dog. Specifically when we know for a fact that the life they portray and try to sell us on the show is complete BS. This is why it’s not enough that just Danielle is gone, they all need to go and specifically Teresa who is a criminal and is getting away it and it’s Teresa and Ashley who have displayed very violent behavior. Danielle might have had a violent past but she does a great job of controlling it now. Can’t say the same for the others.

        • Earring Girl says:

          I agree Kats, she did have a past and she was much younger and dummer. I think she regrets her past and now she is being forced by into defending herself against these crazies. I really would like to know what did she do and did she ever threatened them on the show and if not why didn’t they go to the authorities.I appreciate the fact that she did walk out of that reunion and I personally think they should stop reunions or make a rule that you cannot get up in a persons face hollowing and screaming.

        • RIerinFL says:

          Kats2- that is so well put. You took the words out of my mouth and put them down so much better than I could have.

      • emt2 says:

        I don’t know what exactly happened 25 years ago with that poor kid. But, she paid her debt to society, did she not?

        But, I do know that Bravo exploited Danielle and encouraged violence to happen to her in order to get ratings.

  77. cusi77 says:

    ah! The uncle said: Audriana, bella fiore! Beautiful flower!

    • Earring Girl says:

      She is a beautiful little girl she looks so peaceful to have come out that beast of a woman or whatever!

  78. Greg B. says:

    Here is a question. Remember Juicy Joe whinging on the bus about the hotel? I thought Bravo paid for the trip. If not, I wonder how much of the actual trip they did pay for. Something to ponder…

    • Jenni says:

      Let’s see, it was after they filed bankrupcy, sooo- clean slate (or so they thought). So all that cash they had hidden in the suitcases, and stashed with their family to hide, oops, I mean for safekeeping, oops, I mean to repay loans they had made to TerJoe was probably used to pay. After all, after the bankrupcy, the credit cards would no longer be valid, and when travelling overseas no one would accept a check, so it had to have come from the suitcase cash, right?

  79. cusi77 says:

    My gucci glasses! Do not break them!

  80. boston02127 says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny when Joe answered the door to the Manzo’s and asked for a cover charge.

    • dumberries says:

      A cover charge Or an alibi for his most recently committed crime… He’ll take either form of payment…

  81. dumberries says:

    After watching the reunion highlight video, I’m thinking Dutchess of Dryer Lint is right: Andy is unprofessionally rude to Danielle because of Danny’s gay slurs at Christopher. He seems genuinely annoyed with her when he calls her out on losing her gay advocate title. He praised her for her support of the gay community last year and gave her a platform. She truly did blow it there – nobody else’s fault. But, Andy needs to decide if he is a moderator, a judge, or a housewife. He seems to switch between the three and it’s ineffective…

    • AZ Girl says:

      That scene with Danny at the fundraiser was the breaking point with Andy.

      • Kat says:

        I thought her “relationship” with Lori was a sham. Apparently it is real. I think she is using Lori Michaels. Maybe Andy is offended by that as well?

      • truelifediva says:

        Plus, when Kim Grannytelya admonished her about it, she said “He wasn’t calling a GAY man a faggot! And he was defending me when he said it.” As if that makes a difference. But in her mind there are rules to homophobia.

  82. AZ Girl says:

    Wow..watching Jillian. She so wants to be away from her crazy mother and her drama. That pour child.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I feel very sorry for those kids. They clearly do not enjoy this and did not want their self-absorbed mother to go meet Caroline. The mature thing would have been to answer that text by saying “Leave me alone, go away”
      Caroline was all sweet until she didn’t get her own way and manipulate D to get her to drop charges. Then HER true garbage nature came out quickly. What a phony.

  83. boston02127 says:

    Too bad Ashley doesn’t have any good girl friends that would let her know that the hats she constantly wears are equivalent to wearing knee socks.

    • RIerinFL says:

      I don’t care if her Grandma makes them, they are horrible and do nothing for her face. Seriously, the girl is hideous – personality and looks. Maybe her Grandma thinks we will look more at the hat than the girls head!

  84. julieintexas says:

    I just watch the previews for Reunion – which they filmed a couple of weeks ago right? So Caroline had a chance to watch all the episodes – ya know the ones where T J and A went to a country club, chased down a person , yanked her hair out, while screaming what a coke whore she was! She has known about Trashley harassing Danielle on internet facebook twitter tv (before the reunion). She knows about Teresa’s debt, kids, and husbands drunk driving (before the reunion). She knows that Jaq secretly loves how her daughter tries to bring down Danielle, even going as low as to keep Kim G as a friend because she knows she will get the 411 on D because she is dealing with a two-faced bitch (before the reunion).
    I have yet to see what D has done to these animals. Maybe D was too needy, dramtic with the payback for them trying to take her down, sexual. They keep saying D is doing all of these things to destroy thier family but I have yet to see the proof. I have seen D do things to hurt herself and her children – but them – I think not! To me I have seen more of D trying to defend herself from these animals! She tried to befriend these people since episode 1 season 1, but because Dina didn’t like her so no one could. Good god, D was gonna have to film and work with these people for a show but they didn’t want her and was dead set on destroying her! Jaq knew the truth at the table flip dinner and that is why she took D’s side. She tried to cover for Dina and Caroline at the reunion by spinning it into that she was mistaken (lying for the Manzos) to make them look as if they did nothing to D. I know I may be in the minority here but I just can’t stand watching these people bully this woman anymore. This 4 + Trashley against one is getting old. And Andy is a jerk for participating and letting this bulling crap keep happening!
    I find Caroline the most Disgusting of them all – just because she knew (before the reunion) what really happened by seeing the footage – and she keeps defending these broke ass, drunk driving, hair pulling, backstabbin, trash talking, lying, thieving, excuse making, stalking morons that the Guidices and Laurita’s are. She should be ashamed she called the meeting with Danielle in the first place (with the morons version of the stories). But she still defends these people at the reunion? – DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Caroline it’s okay for your son to pimp out girls in a strip club/ carwash but D is a trash whore because she was a stripper in her past? Caroline you started this nonsense – and Danielle doesn’t owe you or your (mob) family NOTHING – especially for D to drop charges against the Obsessed STALKER TrAShley! D needs to bring a army with her – I wouldn’t go alone – watch the previews of the reunion if ya don’t think so – They can’t be trusted to be civil – they are a bunch of animals! Done ranting now – lol

    • Kat says:

      Nice rant. 8)

      • julieintexas says:

        thanks – lol – I can’t just sit back and just read the blog and comments anymore – these people are really pissing me off – Geezzz – I gotta stop watching this crap!

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Tell us how you really feel Slugger! LOL That was so on point, and I heartily agree. Caroline is a “clown”. She has been made a fool, by Theresa, Jac and Ashley, yet she continues to defend those whores. Danielle who has been attacked by all of them, is supposed to “respect” Caroline, and follow her orders when Caroline can’t even control her own crew. WHORE-RIBBLE!

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          I asked Caroline the same thing on twitter…exactly what did D do to your family. I got no response. So many other people asked her the same question. Hmmm

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            The funniest thing about that Caroline said to Danielle- exactly what did “I” do to you? When D turned it around and said “Well, what did I do to YOU?” Caroline ranted on with- “I am Dina, I am Jac, I am ….ect- we are one….” BS.

            Danielle should have said, “Well then, YOU started a face book hate page about me, chased me through a country club and assaulted me. Is that reason enough?”

            • myname2use4now says:

              Perfect response. Comments on this blog are right on the money. Danielle might not show the best judgement in the world, but we haven’t seen one single thing that she has done to the others. Not one! The more I see of this show, the more Danielle has my sympathy (but I still think she’s off her axis a bit) and the rest look like stark raving mad lunatics…and grifters. They are bullying D and it’s getting really uncomfortable to watch.

              And can I also say, to the Manzo’s, Lauritas, Guidices…when someone is acting in an inappropriate manner, the number one thing that you can do to stop it and remove yourself from the situation is to WALK AWAY. It is a sign of good judgement, to taunt them and say they are ‘running away’ is immature. Danielle was right to walk/run away from these nutjobs. It would be my first piece of advice to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation. Morons.

              • myname2use4now says:

                PS…when Caroline started with the “I am Dina, I am Theresa…” bullshit. Was anyone else thinking…”CODEPENDENT”

                No Caroline, there are boundaries, you are not those people. You are you and they are them!

              • KellitaM says:

                Good morning!
                And what was up with that little speech, “I am Dina…..”?? Talk about a highly enmeshed, dysfunctional family system! The Manzos could be a case study.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                While she did the smart and right thing by walking away- the smarter thing would have been never to show up in the first place.

                Even her 12 year called it- and corrected stated ‘Who the heck in their right mind would show up to for that?’.

                I think Jillian is the smartest of the lot.

    • dumberries says:

      In the reunion highlight video, Caroline tells Danielle that Danielle has threatened “each and every one” of the M,G,L tribe with bodily harm in the past. I sure hope they give us details, SPECIFIC DETAILS, at the reunion. Otherwise, there’s no way we can believe it. Nothing was caught on camera, no details spilled to the press, no charges filed against Danielle. Just more vague innuendo…

    • emt2 says:

      I agree with you. Caroline and co. are huge hypocrites.

      Andy is a morally bankrupt circus ringleader whose penance seems to be his reliance on alcohol to get him through his very own garbage that he spews out with a certain panache. What an ass. lol

      They all, including little Miss Fake Dina, are like wild animals.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      You don’t mix your words lady 🙂


    • tuzentswurth says:

      REALLY good rant! Thanks, I enjoyed it!

  85. Wall St Lady says:

    Trashley’s hat looks like one of Snow Whites dwarfs :Dumbo. Some one should tell her she looks like she has a load (of dump) on her head

  86. Hold it, whoa! WTF—-It’s ok for Caroline to have EVERYONE at the Brownstone, but Danielle brings her own security & SHE’S PARANOID???? No, they ARE out to get her. She would have been a fool to show up alone.

    • Butters'Mom says:

      I don’t think C and D are at the Brownstone but somewhere else.

    • truelifediva says:

      No, she was a fool when she insisted on pursuing friendships with low grade women who wanted nothing to do with her. You would never catch me sucking up to someone who clearly hates me. I only go where I am welcome. Danielle would be much happier not forcing herself on other people. (sorry, posted instead of replied)

      • Quincy IL says:

        Danielle had a reason to pursue the relationship. She wanted to be on the show. That is the fact that we can see, but she can’t tell us on camera. It’s a faux reality, because we are a part of the reality.

        Danielle wanted to be a Bravo star and the others discovered a past and probably some aspects of Danielle’s current life, like the phone sex and married men. They rejected her and that put Danielle’s dream of stardom in jepardy.

  87. kats2 says:

    After watching the reunion clips (thank you Lynn for pointing them out). I am convinced more than ever that Teresa has a problem with rage, when confronted with the truth. There is no way how she reacts is normal.

    • Kat says:

      That was a polite understatement.

      • IMJ says:

        It appears that Theresa pushed Andy down when he got into the cross fire between her and Danielle. Theresa really does need to control herself. She really is trash and one day she will try those aggressive moves with the wrong person and end up in the hospital.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          If Theresa shoved me the way it looks like she showed Andy, I would punch her in the throat.

        • tuzentswurth says:

          I thought I saw her shove him down into his seat like “get outa my way you little punk, I gots bizzness”. I came here specifically to see if anyone commented/saw that. Can’t wait to see that on the reunion show. Surprised big T didn’t get fired! I’m going to go watch that in slow motion and laugh myself to sleep.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Absolutely Kats – didn’t realize the danger I put myself in when I went to the signing alone 🙂

      She does need anger management classes tho

  88. truelifediva says:

    No, she was a fool when she insisted on pursuing friendships with low grade women who wanted nothing to do with her. You would never catch me sucking up to someone who clearly hates me. I only go where I am welcome. Danielle would be much happier not forcing herself on other people.

  89. Caroline wants to split hairs with Danielle, but then claim everyone is “her” family. Puh-leeze.

  90. boston02127 says:

    Caroline to Danielle—you know what you are, you know what you are
    you’re a clown.

    Danielle—You’re the one with the red hair and you call me a clown?

  91. julieintexas says:

    Damn – I am loving Danielle right now – She just put the Big BAD wolf in her place!
    lol – Caroline u look like a fool – u r vacant and TOLD! Pssshhhhhhhhhhh!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I am wondering why these women say Danielle runs away. Why would anyone stay in a situation they feel unsafe in or in a conversation that is not sincere? I don’t and I don’t apologize for the fact that leaving is the smartest thing to do!

  92. Butters'Mom says:

    I repectfully disagree. I don’t think either one “won”. I honestly think though that C came off slightly better than D.

    • cusi77 says:

      Agree 100%!

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        Danielle owned Caroline at that meeting.She came off as honest and secure and calm.
        Caroline wants D to cut Ashley some slack because she is young but none of these women will cut her any slack after 25 years and she was only 3 years older than Ashley.How does that make sense?
        The biggre point for me is when Caroline says all the “stuff”Danielle has done and when D calles her on it and she just says you know what you’ve done bla bla bal.Then D says what have I done to you Caroline and Caroline says that she is her family.Meaning that everything that Danielle has done to any family she did to C.Then Caroline asked what did she ever do to D totally failing to see that acording to what she had stated a moment previous that Caroline had attacked her along with Ashley and Jac and Teresa.
        Danielle clearly won again when she let Caroline know she didn’t need her approval to validate her life.Dan is clearly the wiser and more articulate of the two women.
        Caroline had to resort to low down name calling,not Danielle.
        Danielle was composed enough to calmly walked away and Caroline was pissed off big time.

        • IMJ says:

          I agree. Caroline is used to manipulating the other ladies. She cant do that with Danielle.

        • Rabble Rouser says:


          To me it looked like Caroline was trying to choke back the tears. I think she really believes her own hype and that she would go in and have a ‘sit down’ with Danielle and come out with everything she wanted.

          I think I would have laughed in Caroline’s face if she asked me to drop the charges against Ashley.

          Seriously, what is so bizarre in charging someone who criminally assaults you? The can bring up Danielle’s past all they want but it still doesn’t diminish Danielle’s right to seek justice. They also probably beleive that prostitutes can’t be raped.

          I think they are afraid that 25 years from now, Ashley will be confronted by people just like them- people who dredge up the past to hurt others. Caroline should have been a lot more humble in her approach with Danielle and owned their own shortcomings in their treatment of her and her past as a way to try and build empathy.

          Instead she once again, scolded Danielle for her mistakes and that because she made mistakes and paid for them, that she should want to pardon Ashley. Ummmmm- how about NO.

          When Caroline said ‘You can’t hurt me’ , I would have said “Really, because last year you were crying on the couch uncontrollably and as far as anyone is concerned, I didn’t do a thing to you’

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          LOL- I just read your post. We said some of the same things….great minds 🙂

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I don’t know why the above comment ended up belong my long post- but the comment was meant for KirksvilleMo. I was commenting on how I just noticed I echoed many of her remarks.

        • Quincy IL says:

          I think tugging hair and pistol whipping a kidnapped 23 year old boy for randsom are a little different. Also, being a drunk laden prostitute is a little more than an idiotic twitterer.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Sure but “Beverly” had three years over her then. Let’s give Ash three years and see what direction she is headed in.

  93. kats2 says:

    I didn’t see one pro comment for Danielle durign the Bravo talk bubble thing, just all positive comments for Caroline and of course the two trained seals she has for sons. But none of my comments that were against the Manzos made it through, Gee I wonder why. . . .

    All I wantedd to know is if Albie and Chris ever plan on crawling out of mommy’s ass, if Albie has failed any more classes and if they are afraid to have the Giudice clan come over becasue they might steal stuff.

  94. IMJ says:

    Caroline is so calculating. She acted very briefly like she was trying to make peace with her and Danielle. What she wanted was Danielle to drop the charges. The moment she discovered that wasnt going to happen, she started to attack. She really is a bully.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Caroline didn’t even make an attempt to get to the Ashley issue once she realized that Danielle wasn’t buying the give the kid a break ruse because of the behavior of the dynamic duo could not be explained away.

  95. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    OMG! I am dying here. The whole red hair/clown and crinoline/leopard by Danielle was awesome!

  96. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    Huzzah for Danielle!

  97. boston02127 says:

    Some of Asshley’s tweets during the show—-
    kick some ass aunt caroline!! ;]

    Does everyone like my new nose?
    **FUN FACT: i did my makeup like that that night because my eyes were still black and blur from surgery haha

    Danielle was really channeling Joan Crawford just now. “THE RESPECT THAT I AM ENTITLED TO!”. My gays know what I’m talking about.

    Dear Danny, you definitely Wear dirty underwear and smell like old hot dog burps… Love, the puppeteers daughter

  98. Wall St Lady says:

    Did u see that Trashley was only fined $180. Boy if that’s the only punishment I may stalk Trasha at a book signing & then pull her hair.
    Laura would u go with me ?
    & upperwestside dude would u b my body guard ?

    • kats2 says:

      True but Ashley has a much bigger punishment that life has handed her. She does not know what it means to work, she is uncomfortable in her own skin, has no confidence, she has anger issues and she is surrounded by reality tv and will do anything for fame. Her life is living on Twitter and hoping someone will notice.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      I’ll drive the getaway car! 🙂 But then again, we don’t have the connections the Manzo’s do…we’ll wind up in jail for 30 days

  99. Earring Girl says:

    This is just my opinion – I really think the Manzo, Laurita & Giudice ended up wanting only them on RHONJ. I think that Caroline wants Dina back on the show and they have all plotted and plan to get Danielle off of the show and make the show only about them. I think that reunion was a setup because Trashy-Tree came out the gates ready to do a smack-down. It is strange to me how Andy calmly told her she could not get off the couch again and when he spoke with Danielle it was a whole different attitude even though he did try to get her to come back. I do not know any job that you can strike your boss and continue working! I hope that Danielle finds sucess in life – I really wish her and her daughters well.

    I notice Caroline came home and lied about how things went down with Danielle.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Earring Girl–I knew she would lie. I think she was more upset that she couldn’t go back to report things went her way. So much for the mack truck.

    • Quincy IL says:

      That was her perspective. Whenever you have a confrontation, you have the perspective of the people involved and then our view of the situation. We are not in her place to get the whole conversation or receive the impact of the inflections from Danielle.

      I think she gave her truth. When Danielle went home, she knew that it was over forever.

  100. lillybee says:

    I guess Caroline is the Manzo enforcer.

    • kats2 says:

      Well those two little sons of Caroline can’t do anything so . . . . Lauren probably could be an enforcer, but Albie and Chris not worth much.

  101. boston02127 says:

    L…o….n….g…..e…..s….t show of my life. UGH, the only good thing about the show was the jar of green olives I ate watching it.

  102. Butters'Mom says:

    I respect C for trying to end the nonsence and if my niece had charges filed against her I’d try to get them dropped too. D was asked point blank what C or her family had ever done to D and D couldn’t answer it. I am sorry I really dislike and have no respect for D and cannot take anything she ever says as truth. Don’t get me wrong I really dislike Chewy too and the only one I even remotely care for is Caroline. She is the calm level headed one and she thought she could get through to D but D is never going to admit she brought the toxicity on herself and is indeed now a toxic waste dump.

    • Yes, but then C changed the definition of her “family” to include T, J, & A who HAVE ACTIVELY gone after D, chased her, assaulted her, harassed her, etc. C can’t have her cake & eat it too.

      • Butters'Mom says:

        Agreed she did change her definitions which is why I said upsteam I don’t think anyone actually “won”. But again C herself nor her kids ever did anything to D yet D did allow someone she was using as a protector to verbally harrass and trash her son at her family’s place of buisness. And of course remember back to last year when D did threaten by saying she would knock on their doors and she wouldn’t be alone. She does have a history of violence.

      • ShyAsrai says:

        i was going point out JUST that exact thing! either “they are her ” or they’re not.

    • Jenni says:

      I thought it was rather funny that C asked D to name one time that she (C) had ever attacked D. Then the next thing C talks about is how she meant it when she (attacked D and) called D garbage….

  103. Earring Girl says:

    Good nite all – I guess this was worth me breaking my promise to myself and looking at this “garbage”!

  104. Lovebeth says:

    I watched the show and I felt so bad for Danielle and everything this family has put her through. She held her own with Caroline and I think she won that battle at the table because she stood up to Caroline. Caroline did not say anything we have not heard before. Danielle does have the goods on the family.

  105. what? No white at the Oscars? Kill me now. <—Preview of Rachel Zoe tomorrow

  106. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Cuzzi77, answering for my san diego neighbor @Squirrels. We are on the west coast, we got 1 1/2 hours to wait 😉

  107. kats2 says:

    So this whole Dina/Lexi thing comes back to the stupid signature thing? Still nothing learned or nothing new. I guess Albie still didn’t find a law school they can pay off.

  108. Squirrels says:

    Caroline had a great opportunity to reason with Danielle. As soon as Danielle put up her modus operandi wall, it was the cue for Caroline to attack. Had Caroline continued with her original plan, placate her. tell her she is right, appeal to her own past and better judgement as a favor to her, it may have gone better. What Caroline did do however, was jump back on the thick as thieves bandwagon, which she knows she had no right to do.

    While it is fair to say Caroline had never done anything personal to Danielle, Danielle had also never done anything to Caroline. tit for tat did not exist. Caroline blew her chance to be a true matriarch. Danielle is not without complete reason. If she’d made her feel good about herself, understanding what she went through was horrendous (everyone is entitled to their reality), she may have gotten what she wanted all along. Get Ashley off the hook. So, was that the true reason Caroline asked to meet with her? Or was she looking to pull the Vito Corleone act?

    • Quincy IL says:

      Caroline in her tribal position as matriarch of the Manzo/Laurita Clan took every insult, threat or allegation against any member of the clan to be against her. That’s why she confronted Danielle at the table flipping dinner and why she confronted Danielle tonight. Danielle and Danny agreed that Caroline was the puppet master. It’s hard to master those wooden headed puppets, but Caroline tried to put them on strings tonight telling them that this was it.

      They all have known that it was over with Danielle last Feb. when the shooting ended. I think Danielle did show up at a couple of events in March, but soon she was not a part of promoting the show with the other women.

      Dina went with Andy to the Kentucky Derby this spring for an entire weekend. He was probably trying to lure her back.

      • Quincy IL says:

        It seems the women relive the reality events with us. Jill did the same with the series last year. They are up with the up shows and down with the down shows. This is the feeling of a sci fi time warp to the entire reality genre.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Caroline DID call D “garbage”. I don’t think that is very nice, level-headed or mature.

  109. Olivia says:

    I am weighing in and you are all free to dismiss me but I have to say it. This was a complete “set up” from start to finish.

    This last episode seemed to have been filmed sometime around the holidays. Note the evergreen arrangements over the fireplace at the Brownstone. The trip to Italy was sometime AFTER Juicy Joe was arrested on January 13th or thereabouts. So if you follow my logic, what happened tonight took place PRIOR to the trip where Danielle was discussed and they all played along with “aren’t we happy to be away from Danielle” theme. The series was delivered out of order.

    It would appear from tonight’s episode filmed at least 6 months ago that Danielle’s departure was already in the works. The finale was based around Caroline’s “sit down” to put the Danielle matter to rest. It was finished and over at least as early as January. So Bravo had either “let her go” at that time or she chose on her own to leave the cast. The finality of the scene itself set the stage for this week’s announcement. Which may have played a part of why Danielle was so cold and quiet during that show with Andy and the only intention she had of making an appearance there was to introduce the song with Lori Mitchell.

    There has to be a finality to the ending of Danielle vs the Others. How could they begin another season without some half baked excuse for her absence? The “fans” would be screaming for an explanation and tonight one was offered. Caroline was to be “credited” with seeking some closure and Danielle would be able to claim that she was once again “disrespected” and leaving with the mantle of “victim” intact. Both camps “win” if you examine the reasoning.

    For me the exchange between Caroline and Danielle was “scripted”. Danielle appeared almost “rational” in her response and Caroline took on the role of the family “protector”. There was hardly any reason for this meeting to take place but for the final ending of this “feud” which sets them all free of one another.

    Because nothing much has changed since this non event took place, we do know that Trashley has kept up an unceasing harassment toward Danielle and both Teresa and Jacqueline have fed the hatred right up until this week. Danielle has been “gone” from this series as far back as January and they all knew it.

    (Jillian is still my favorite. I see the makings of a possible serial killer in that kid’s eyes and if so there will be no doubt as to the why.)

    • kats2 says:

      Olivia is there proof or confirmation from Bravo that Danielle is gone?

      • Olivia says:

        No, but it is being reported all over the place without any mention from Bravo or the others that there is not truth to the rumors. I think it is safe to say that she is out.

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        nothing from bravo, but I think the NY Post listed it as fact today

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Until Bravo says Danielle is gone she really isn’t. And since those other three alledgedly got letters inviting them back – we have seen those either! I like to see proof….

    • CdnFillie says:

      Totally agree with you Olivia

    • cusi77 says:

      Olivia_ I watched for second time with this new light your insight gave me… the only thing that confuses me is in the Babies months… Looked at Audriana and Nick… Maybe you are right! Audriana looks younger than in the trip to Italy!!! You got it Girl!

    • _therealmelissa says:

      There was one out-take by Teresa (to pimp her book) about how everyone who was on the Italian vacation a week didn’t gain a pound, BUT those out-takes are filmed months after filming and are there just to tie up story lines in editing.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think there is lots of proof this meeting took place a lot earlier than they tried to make it appear.

      Did anyone else notice that when Danielle getting the message from Caroline- and they showed a shot of Christine that it listed her age as 15 (and Jillian at 11).

      Also, there are two other time factors. The sit down was filmed between after Dec 1 09, since Danielle made a point of saying that Ashely was 19 (12/1/80 is her birthday) but it had to happen before the end of Jan since she was convicted by then- and the whole point was they wanted her to drop the charges- by then it would have been moot.

    • If so, Olivia, then the Mafia Manzos come off looking even WORSE, because for all their blather about leaving Danielle alone, they still haven’t left her alone.

  110. Squirrels says:

    Caroline blew it.All she had 2 do was allow Danielle 2 vent, nod her head and then ask what she came 2 ask.Give young, stupid Ashley a break. Chances are, once Danielle fell she was not being attacked, her mother side would have kicked in and she may have acquiesced.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Squirrels–totally agree

    • CdnFillie says:

      don’t think Danielle has a mother side…her daughters have more mothering instincts than she does…as in they didn’t want her to meet with Caroline..they are very smart little girls

      • kats2 says:

        Yes the same little girls that Caroline and Teresa called socially awkward and that there was something wrong with them. Even Jac thought that was low. Too bad Danielle didn’t know about that comment before they met or all the family gatherings where Danielle was made fun of and called a pig.

      • Squirrels says:

        I think they are in constant defense mode. I hope dad gets custody of Jillian. Christine is of age to decide for herself. Yet, here is the rub. Christine is so indoctrinated to her life with mom, it will be difficult to separate. Mom got her the modeling gigs. Dad has a new wife and a baby on the way. Jillian is young enough to not see that as a concern.

        Just my take.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If Caroline would have mothered Danielle then there would have been a different outcome.

  111. Quincy IL says:

    I look forward to Lynn’s observations and conclusions.

    At this point, I feel that Caroline should have dealt with Danielle. They are coworkers. In our places of work, we have to deal with all kinds of problems and being organized and trying to find resolution is impossible with some people.

    Caroline lost it when she went to the clown insult. Silence would have been the best choice at that time as the conversation went South.

    Danielle likes to speak of Karma biting you on the ass. It does. She had a criminal background and a checkered present because she went crazy after the divorce and had numerous affairs with married men in a community that gossipped a lot. There was no way that this would not have been shared with the other costars.

    I think Dina’s mailbox was damaged and threats were made against Dina. I think there were harassing phone calls made to Dina in the middle of the night from a drunken Danielle as was claimed by Dina. I, personally, was online when a post went up on another blog, and it appeared to be from a drunken Danielle. It was over the top and there was venom. That post was deleted later, but everyone on that blog thought it was the real Danielle that night. This was just about the time that show was wrapping.

    Bethenny knew a lot about this. She told Andy that Danielle was dangerous in WWHL. Jill called Danielle and told her to tone it down too. Ramona won’t take a photo with Danielle. Bravo people share hairdressers and makeup people. There’s tons of information that we haven’t heard.

    Here’s a question. Why is Danielle going quietly into the night? You’d think she would be howling at the moon over the enormous wound that she received when she was dumped by Bravo. If Lori, the gay singer/girlfriend, is so angry that she was willing to attack, why is Danielle holding it together. Because…Danielle fights dirty. She goes behind your back and makes up lies. She goes to the grocery clerks and claims that Teresa damaged her car so Danielle has to park her car in the handicapped place in front of the grocery store. Danielle tells the judge that Ashley said she wanted to kill Danielle when we listed and watched the tape and we know that didn’t happen. Danielle tries to play us like a violin. She controls the information that comes to us while sending out false accusations in all directions behind the scenes. I liken it to buck shot.

    The Manzo clan are no angels, but they aren’t the mafia either. Danielle’s mafia is real and it’s in her mind. That is a very dangerous thing. She could step over the line and pistol whip the kidnapped 23 year old or harm one of the NJ Bravo stars at any point.
    Danielle should not be a part of the reality show.

    • Olivia says:

      I am sure, just like with the Salahi’s, that Bravo was probably unaware of the tawdriness of Danielle’s past when they signed her. It seemed that she was living her life in that small town and few were aware of it until the series was set to air.

      Bravo was then stuck with this revelation and the other cast members decided to put some distance between themselves and Danielle. My guess has always been that Jacqueline, once a friend of Danielle’s for over a year, knew of her past and revealed to the others which sent them all scurrying when it began to come out.

      What Bravo could not have counted on was the level of vitriol that followed and the increase of ratings that came with the table tipping episode. So they found themselves stuck with a cast member who had a horrible past and castmates themselves who wanted no part of her.

    • Char212 says:

      I think you nailed it Quincy. There’s a lot more to this story then we’ll probably ever know.

    • IMJ says:

      Yes Danielle is manipulative but so is Caroline, Theresa and Jacqueline. Danielle is crazy also, the same can be said about Theresa and she clearly has anger management issues. Theres no telling what kind of past they all have. The only difference is the things they did 20 years ago werent written in a book. Im not making excuses for Danielle, but the other ladies arent that much better than her and they love to sit in judgment of her.

    • kats2 says:

      Quincy – the only problem I have with this is that we watched Jill and Kelly try to ruin Bethenny this season, they didn’t like her blamed her for everything, Jill and Kelly acted like Bethenny killed someone. While Danielle is disgusting these women could not stop talking about, asking her to meet with them, phsically attacked her and yes they started trouble by hanging with the two Kim’s when they knew Danielle considered them her friends. I hate defending her, but I see many similar things with how Jill and Kelly treated Bethenny. (Of course NJ took it to a new low and extreme level, and no one in the cast was there to side or support Danielle).

      I also have to go back to the now infamous Wedding Show with Dina and Tommy. Tommy who cheated on Dina 3 times before they were married. They were and still are white trash. That was not editing. And my point is I bet there are many drunk, upset women around Jersey who are pissed at Dina and Tommy. I know Dina wants all to believe she is some princess and living a happy life but that is not the case at all.

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        And let’s not forget Tiny Manzo – so you can’t really say that the Manzo’s are not Mafia for sure…Albert’s father definitely was.

        • kats2 says:

          Yes and the close friendship with Bernie Kerik and the whole police conections they have.

          They are never wrong, the police are wrong, college professors are wrong, the list goes on and on and on.

          • Quincy IL says:

            I was listening to the radio while driving in Chicago when a Tribune reporter was interviewed about the death threats directed at him and his family because he reported that Mayor Daley had lunch on the South Side with a known king pin in the Mafia. He went public in the attempt to save his family.

            My own father’s life was threated by the Mafia. He was an operating engineer working on the highways with big equipment who balked at handing over money to a man standing outside the worksite every week. That man was Mafia. My dad was the father of 7 who tried to say, “No.” You have to understand how you have to live in that environment.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Being a restaurant owner probably put Manzo is the arena as we know the Mafia loves the big Italian weddings and baptisms. Tiny crossed someone that he shouldn’t have crossed that is for sure. His sin could have been that he didn’t want to become involved with the mafia.

      • Olivia says:

        But Damned Danielle was all they had. Extract her presence from the show and you are left with an ugly cat, the ham game, Albie failing his exams, more useless shopping before the FBI stepped in, and Teresa and that boatload of rotten kids.

        Zero. Zilch. Nothing of any interest outside the us vs them theme.

        • IMJ says:

          Maybe the bankruptcy will cause Theresa and Joe to have to clean trash from the turnpike. I would watch that.

      • RHONJ is what RHONYC would have been had everyone else jumped on the Bash Bethenny Bandwagon. Think on that. Erk.

        Also, yes Danielle has a criminal history, but that was 20 years ago. You can’t even bring that up in court anymore, because she’s had 20 years of living (relatively) straight. She’s obviously doing something right, as her daughters are the best behaved, & dare I say, most successful of ANY of the other RHONJ kids. (Don’t forget that Ashley was bullying Christine as well when setting up your “Danielle is crazy” calculus.) Does she need help with interpersonal skills & how to handle her ex? Oh boy, she sure does.

  112. CdnFillie says:

    I think Bravo told Caroline to arrange the meet as a finale. I don’t believe for one second she would have done it otherwise. Which leads me to believe she also knew Danielle was out long before anyone else. They both looked stupid at that table with D having a slight edge on that stupidity.
    We’ll never know what D is doing or saying about that family…that’s not part of the game…but I tend to believe that she is doing things off camera,. If you listen to what Danielle says, she sounds crazier than ever, talking in circles, talking over Caroline. That whole sitdown made me sick…mostly watching Danielle.
    I want to hear what Caroline had to say when Danielle said something about C’s friends under indictment..Bravo edited that out and that’s what pisses me off about Bravo.

    I have never been more pissed at an episode of any of the HW’s.

    PS that remark at the end she directed to T..I have a feeling her and Juicy did the nasty..IMHO

    • RIerinFL says:

      Okay, I must of missed that comment to T. Please tell!

      • CdnFillie says:

        Danielle at the end directed a remark to Teresa..for whatever reason…something about her kids wearing lace and crinolines when they were young and her dog wearing chinchilla too..with a pretty wicked smirk on her face. Like “he” bought those for my kids too..maybe..just saying 😛

        • kats2 says:

          The way I heard it was she was dissing Teresa’s taste and how she dresses her kids.

          • CdnFillie says:

            ur prolly right Kats2
            I replayed it…/
            .and here’s a little message for Teresa..my kids wore lace and crinolines at those ages..k..my dogs wore leopard…just a little message there//

            oh snap she was calling T’s kids dogs ROTFL

            but i still think her and juicy did the nasty

  113. kats2 says:

    Caroline and Jac’s blogs are up more BS placating Teresa based on her blog last week and all the nasty things Chewy said about them. Why do these women put up with her crap? And of course just a lot of nonsense, Caroline is who is. . . . blah, blah, blah. The world one way her way, you’re either on her team or you’re garbage.

    • Quincy IL says:

      LOL.. the world never goes one way, does it?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Teresa will be Jacq and Caroline’s downfall. They know it. They sugar coat it. And I bet they are afraid she will lose it in a big way and they will get hit in the crossfire.

  114. WindyCityWondering says:

    This franchise is populated with liars, some with violent tendencies and no moral center. After watching a meaningless episode that is supposedly the big showdown, this franchise needs to be flushed because it isn’t garbage – it is the poo.

  115. Olivia says:

    I am beginning to think that the worst of the worst out of this lot is Jacqueline.

    According to what we know about this friendship with Danielle, it was ongoing for about a year before the show began. Now if the rumors about Danielle are true, that she was “stealing” other women’s husbands and sleeping with their sons while accepting “gifts” from these same suitors, does it not stand to reason that her “good friend” Jacqueline had to have known this?

    One scene from the first series shows Danielle discussing quite openly with Jacqueline the fact that she had an ongoing 2 yr relationship with some guy involving phone sex. That night, as a matter of fact, she was to meet him at some lounge. That scene showed both Jacqueline and Teresa following her to the lounge to get a look at the guy who never showed up. They then, all 3, spent the rest of the evening drinking and having a good time.

    If Danielle was this scuzzy from the beginning, then why would Jacqueline continue a relationship with her but now, all of a sudden, she is calling her names?

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      Right.T and J enjoyed and approved of D till Carol stepped in.Maybe because of something with Dina?Seems maybe Dan did Tommy.D did nothing that I remember to lose her friendship with TandJ.

    • Quincy IL says:

      There were on a reality show together? These were faux friendships imposed by Bravo. Think Kandi wants to be friends with Kim Z? Think Vicki G wants to share a table with Alexis?

    • Because she has to get Caroline’s permission first. I remember the 1st season reunion where Dina & Caroline had J sit between them & lecture her on who her friends could be & who they couldn’t. Something along the lines of “your family is your friends, you can’t have any friends outside the family.” This, from a control-freak who didn’t think J was a “real” part of her family until she pushed out a baby. Caroline lost me right there.

  116. Zoey says:

    Jill said she is flying, and saw that she just hit 90,000 followers on Twitter and is so excited.

    Quick, if anyone here is following her, go and unfollow! Steal that quick swell of her head that is taking place. Ugh.

  117. Squirrels says:

    I stand by my post above. If Caroline is a true matriarch, she should know how and when to pull punches. Let Danielle feel superior for the moment. Read the riot act to Ashley to back off. At that point it’s a win win. If the desired result was to get this woman out of your life? You coddle them with understanding and kindness, whether or not you agree due to your own prejudice. You plant the seed and nurture it. You get the job done. At this point its business, not personal.

    Now as we have seen, Ashley is not worthy of anyone’s attempt to get her off the hook. She’s sinking her own vessel. $189 be damned. The family’s focus was on the lies Danielle told about the death threat. Ashley saw that as a go ahead signal. Who’s going to tell her differently? No one, since now the entire clan has dug its own hole.

    Now let’s investigate this. Danielle is a damaged human being. Lying is not outside the realm of reality for her. For the rest? All they had to do was swallow one small section of pride pie. DONE. But, oh no….. we Manzos are too important in our own minds to allow that from a crank whore. We want complete vindication now, just because Danielle won’t follow the band?

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Kat says:

      I’d never play chess with you!

    • boston02127 says:

      Caroline showed her true colors. When things were not going her way she pounced. I think she’s a fighter when she doesn’t get her way. I think Caroline is use to everyone rallying around her and cheering her on likes she’s the queen bee.

      • kats2 says:

        I’m a female and I have to say I’m shocked at how these “women” are so ready to fight, like really fight. I don’t get that at all. Did I miss something in Gym class?

        • tuzentswurth says:

          No, I don’t think you missed anything. They are just plain trash. Not much more to say.

    • Hey Squirrels, I think Chris (J’s husband??) actually made sense when he told A & J to just back off D, stop talking about her, leave her alone because the only thing their antics were doing was causing more drama they had to deal with. But of course, that’s too logical for A & J. I’ll give him (some) props for trying, but they let this thing get way out of hand when it should & could have been nipped in the bud a long time past.

  118. boston02127 says:

    Does anyone remember the scene with Teresa and Jacqueline having lunch in a restaurant and Jacqueline was telling Teresa a story about Ashley threatening Danielle. They ended up calling Ashley and told her to come to the restaurant. When Jacqueline asked Ashley if she had threatened Danielle, Ashley had a little smirk on her face and she quickly changed the subject away from the question asked. She never answered the question and it went right over Jacqueline and Teresa’s heads.
    Previous to that scene. Danielle was at her house (upest) and was showing Kim her phone with messages from Ashley and said that Ashley threatened her.
    If you watch the repeats watch that scene closely, Ashley lied.

  119. Olivia says:

    My personal belief was that this series was derailed before it even began when the revelations concerning Danielle’s past began to emerge.

    I think the show as supposed to be built around Devout Dina with the others taking ancillary roles to showcase her wonderful life. But the stuff about Danielle, and their possible reluctance to go along with filming with her, brought it to another level.

    No one could figure out what Dina meant when she said that Danielle “wanted to be her” but what I think it was in the beginning was that Danielle, who barely knew Dina, was told that the show was to feature Dina and Danielle wanted to establish a relationship. Unaware of the displeasure they felt for her, she kept trying to get in with the family.

    I am sure her departure, which I would guess to be sometime around December or January, was based on the fact that Dina had left owing her departure to Danielle. Either Bravo pushed her out or the others pulled the strings to make this happen.

    However, no Danielle, no drama. Watching someone stroke their ugly cat, or people throwing meat at the kitchen cupboards is not my idea of “drama”.

  120. Squirrels says:

    OK. here is one other pet peeve. The whole Brownstone conversation is completely adult, yet here are 9 yr old Gia, 7 yr old CJ, not to mention the 5 yr old.

    WRONG on so many levels.

    • Olivia says:

      Absolutely. This is what makes it so hilarious and hypocritical when they cry about taking care of “my family”. They discuss this in front of the kids.

  121. Olivia says:

    I think the NJ show premise was built originally around Dina. If you look back she was the mother of a young child and at that time she worked as an event planner. This job was supposed to keep her so busy that she decided to quit because she was not spending enough time with Lexi.

    But I would bet that they planned on showcasing her doing these events, tending to Lexi, and visiting back and forth with the others who would be the supporting cast. It is important to keep in mind that Dina had already been exposed to “reality tv” by her wedding and the planning that went into it. Caroline made brief appearances throughout along with one or two other sisters. Lexi was there as well. This would explain why Husband Number One had no objections to Lexi’s being on the show when she was even younger.

    Dina got her nose out of joint from being overshadowed by Dastardly Danielle. This was the theme of the two seasons so far. Get Danielle. And Danielle made it easy since she is so nuts.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I couldn’t watch a show with Dina and Jac. Too much deadpan botox. Hello, knock, knock, any personality in there. I still think Trashley can’t understand any point her mom tries to make because Jac can’t make an expression. Hilarious to watch…here’s my happy face, here’s my mad face……..oooops, same thing.

    • Ellabean says:

      Good point about Dina. Agreed – I think they thought they had something interesting to showcase with her – and she’s spretty on camera. Also, she was a “decorator” by profession. What happened to that career?

  122. Squirrels says:

    Andy so sucks.


    Sun sets over Hauhine, French Polynesia… #Allswellthatendswell #cocktailtime http://tweetphoto.com/41018175

    Me –
    @BravoAndy no wonder U R not around. Misogynists often scatter like rats off a sinking ship

  123. Olivia says:

    The closing credits indicated that Jacqueline is still “friends” with Kim G. Wonder if that is still holds true today what with Kim G announcing her every move and gloating over her wealth as she puts the stinger into Best Friend Teresa?

    • boston02127 says:

      @Olivia–Jac tweeted the following to Kim yesterday.

      @kimgranatell What the hell r u going on about? Go take that private air transportation & fly urself somewhere 2relax. Ur out of control girl!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I actually responded to Kims tweets- I basically said even though she was taking a swipe at T- she also insulted everyone who lives above a restaurant.

      I also responded twice to her ridiculous tweet about her 80k chinchilla coat.
      In the first one I said if she knew a chinchilla was a rodent and asked if that was like a second skin for her.

      Then in another I basically said she was full of crap and the most expensive coat in the world mink sold in 2004 for 150k- so there is no way she spent 80k for rat fur (in a recession no less).

      • tuzentswurth says:

        People who kill, skin and wear an animal are stupid and disgusting. There just is no need for it.

  124. boston02127 says:

    If the Manzo’s are so Mafioso why haven’t the men stepped up? Why don’t they hire someone to do their dirty work?

    • Olivia says:

      Joe has to put in so many hours at the pizza shop or his father gets angry.

    • kats2 says:

      @Boston, these kids today they phone it in. No respect for old school. It’s all done differently today, I miss the old days when people got their hands dirty. You got a call to meet with the boss, you didn’t come out in one piece.

    • Quincy IL says:

      If they were Mafiosa, Danielle would never step out of line. Neither would Ashley.

  125. lillybee says:

    I really hate the Bravo edits after the show has run. I distinctly remember Jill saying I don’t care, over and over, when Alex told her how sick Beth’s father was. But on the rerun, this was gone.

  126. Squirrels says:

    Here is yet another quick observation. D says, “Teresa’s husband is a drunk.”

    For some reason, I believe her.

  127. boston02127 says:

    good night everyone

  128. Squirrels says:

    According to MADD, it takes 87 times of driving drunk before you get caught.

  129. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Squirrels, I thought about you having HD-EC channels after I posted. 😉

  130. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    I stopped by Jill’s Twitter page this evening and I noticed that she made a change to her bio. Her bio stated that she was the “star” of RHONY, now it says she is on RHONY. She finally realizes that she isn’t the star of the show. LOL

    Bio: On Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City, wife of Bobby and mommy to Allyson and Ginger!

  131. dumberries says:

    Just saw the show here on the west coast. I gotta say, I didn’t have a favorite going into this showdown, but I think Danielle totally came out on top. Caroline got nothing out of her, called her garbage again (which is totally low class), and came across as pissed off for not being able to manipulate Danielle. JMO.

    Ashley is a real piece of work; why is her boyfriend not running for the hills?

    Nite all…

    • tuzentswurth says:

      totally agree

    • julieintexas says:

      ditto! Caroline should just keep her mouth shut! Teresa Jaq and Trash will be her downfall! Danielle is living in love and light and Caroline will have darkness reign upon her! lol – she deserves it if she is gonna keep making excuses for those 3 morons!

    • Quincy IL says:

      I think it’s called sex.

  132. lillybee says:

    Ashley’s bf seems to be the only nice person at the table. Lauren also seemed to be ok.

    • ShyAsrai says:

      to me, he was the only one there who uttered a single sensible thing: “you need to know your place.”

    • Jenni says:

      “Nosybodies”? LOL, “But in a good way”? She is really working hard to stay in the press…. News Flash: Jill Zarin is shopping!!!!!

      Thanks for the link!

  133. felony stupid says:

    Just have to say something. Did Chris order a drink at the Brownstone that consisted of “1/2 coke, 1/2 red wine and a lot of ice”? Who cuts wine with anything? Let alone soda and ice???

    Okay…back to watching…

    • Jenni says:

      They really do do that in Italy, but usually it is just a splash of wine in the coke. When I tried it, I was really surprised by how good it tastes!

      • felony stupid says:

        Well now I’m curious! I’ll have to try it. Thanks Jenni! 🙂

        • myname2use4now says:

          In Germany they have a drink called the “beer-cola” and it’s basically 3/4 dark beer with 1/4 cola (not sure it it has to be coke or if pepsi is ok).

    • Quincy IL says:

      During the show one of the Manzo sisters who aren’t regulars ordered that in a restaurant and said that it was Italian to the waiter.

    • healthful_pioneer says:

      Its delicious, they also do that in Spain. I’ve also had red wine mixed with orange pop–delicious!

  134. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Geesh, all those close ups of Danielle’s lopsided mug were making queezy 😦 . Her back pedaling on the fundraiser incident was classic. What happened to, “That’s how I roll!” And I guess Love and Light includes holding grudges along with overlooking friends homophobia in your defense. Whatever became of the homely, flannel clad women who took Danielle lingerie shopping? All her friends are rented. Someone please come charging up on a white horse and rescue her disgusting ass.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      All of them take no responsibility for what they cause/incite other people to do! Danielle is not responsible for Danny’s behavior/words at the Brownstone. No one seems to be responsible for Ashley’s continuing bad behavior. But what is really sad is they never take personal responsibility either!
      There is no doubt in my mind that they have spent countless hours plotting against Danielle – it is their obsession and it consumes their passion and overshadows their lives.

      What really cracked me up last night was when Ashley gave Jacq crap about the “I read your court record Danielle – kidnapping and beating with a 9mm!” Jacq is really got a kinky fantasy going on there my friends……

  135. Adgirl says:

    I posted this a few days ago so I won’t copy the whole thing here.
    Essentially this blogger claims that Danielle infuriated the Manzos & everyone in town by professionally “servicing” the men (husbands, sons). If Danielle couldn’t bed them she still claimed she had and tortured the women with “proof ” – text messages or voicemails etc.
    The result was a lot of messed up marriages and some pissed off Eyetalians.

    • myname2use4now says:

      If the article is true, D’s behavior is awful, however (and no, I’m not defending her if it’s true) last I remembered it takes two to do the horizontal mambo. If they guys weren’t stepping out on their women, then they shouldn’t have anything to worry about, right?

      If the story is true…I wonder which housewife’s husband/son she bagged. Ewww….the thought of that alone..ewwwwwwww.

      • Squirrels says:

        Is that what could be the “What she did to Christopher” remark? Danielle claimed to have slept with Caroline’s son? That alone would be reason enough for Caroline to go after her.

  136. tuzentswurth says:

    Wow, I watched the clips on the Bravo site 4 the reunions show. What a bunch of crazy dumb ass bitches. Teresa looks like an ape gone wild.

  137. kit9 says:

    Kim G is truly vile but I have to say I love that she intends to buy all of Teresa’s crap at the auction and then sell it on ebay. Love her for that.

    • Quincy IL says:

      She certainly flaunts her wealth. Her son seems balanced. He does not seem to respect his mother.

      • kit9 says:

        Poor guy. Can you imagine the grief he got when she was hanging on that stripper pole with her g string hanging out?

  138. Maryla says:

    Loved that Bravo put up alongside Teresa’s face (at the end of the show) that she is $11 million in debt — despite her protestations that her finances aren’t all that bad off. She must be seething at the network for posting that up as the last words about her at the end of the season.

  139. WindyCityWondering says:

    Morning to all!
    Can’t wait for the reunion shows – then this will be OVER!
    Just the clips of the screeching, sneering, finger shaking, hair flipping lunatics will prove once and for all that these people do not belong on tv. They can have another season but I won’t be watching.

  140. Wall St Lady says:

    Quincy u r correct if “they” were mafia the women & children would NOT b disrespectful more than one time ! Teressa would have long ago been house bound with a Danny type watching her every move. I have observed a very old Italian family for 20 years & disrespect is NOT taken lightly !

  141. Olivia says:

    One of the most disturbing events covered annually is Spain’s “running of the bulls” which is violent and unnecessary. Bravo has come close to producing the same stomach turning reactions when it comes to the NJ series in particular.

    This series has crossed the border of decent programming by featuring women who have absolutely nothing to offer beyond their dangerousness. This is exactly how I see them: dangerous women with little impulse control who are “delighted” with themselves because they exult in their own viciousness.

    I took a look at some of the other blogs who cover this stuff and the overall feeling is that Danielle got what was coming to her by way of that senseless “sit down” with “the matriarch”. Caroline is featured as some level headed prima donna who knows how to “defend” her family against the paranoid sleazebucket, Danielle.

    While “sainted Caroline” is held up as a virtuous woman, much of what she “defends” is overlooked because it is so easy to dislike Danielle. What she is defending, in her self righteous, smug approach, is a “family of grifters” who do not pay their bills, who are awash in unnecessary debt due to personal overspending, who have been involved in numerous driving violations, who behave like animals, and are unwilling to tame their kids. The very things that the “Matriarch” expects us to believe are most important to her.

    She then goes on to excuse the antics of an out of control teen whose idea of “fun” is to harass and ridicule a woman 30 yrs her senior even when she is requested to stop. This teen shows little if any respect to the people who support her and continues to ignore the consequences of her actions because she is “family”. This “matriarch” would never condone this behavior from her own children yet we are led to believe that because “family” is the issue we should just accept her reasoning as valid.

    Bravo has attempted to sell us a bill of goods with its elevation of Caroline as some sort of “voice from the land of sanity” when she is nothing more than another low life whose very own principles have been stashed away in the hopes of being considered a “star” in her own right. Her willingness to continue filming alongside these psycho women is enough proof to underscore that she too shares the same value system as these nitwits when she continues to “defend” in what has become the indefensible behavior of these women.

  142. Wall St Lady says:

    Danielle at the end directed a remark to Teresa..for whatever reason…something about her kids wearing lace and crinolines when they were young and her dog wearing leopard.
    D was saying that her daughters wear lady like clothes not leopard like T’s girls wear & T’s kids wear leopard like her dog does. I thought it was priceless

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