I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of NJ Finale August 24, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin         New Jersey is OVER, you know O V E R    August 24, 2010

We’re finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel, just two more reunion episodes and most likely a lost footage one after that and we’re through with New Jersey, hopefully for an awfully long time!

This finale opens with a “formal”? Dinner party at Teresa’s house.  Teresa is serving dinner for her “one big happy family”.  Their six day Italy trip apparently started a regular meeting of the adults while the grandparents babysit, as it seems happens on a regular basis.  I’m not complaining as the kids are annoying, but why couldn’t the children be at this dinner? 

Caroline recaps everything that Danielle has done all season and wow is she stretching to find something to say about each person in the room.  Against Teresa, Danielle said that Teresa’s house was in foreclosure, (failing to mention that it was in response to Teresa verbally attacking Danielle) against Chris, Danielle’s “bodyguard” called him a “faggot”.  Against Ashley, Danielle is rightfully pressing charges against her for physically attacking her. 

What on earth is the big deal?  This table full of grown adults is talking about Danielle, who really had done nothing against any of these people, certainly nothing tangible with the exception of Ashley.  They sit at this table and discuss how to get this woman out of their lives.  Seriously?  She’s not in your life, Caroline hasn’t seen her since last season’s reunion.  Danielle can say anything she likes, it isn’t hurting anyone.  She is pressing charges against Ashley, who is getting exactly what she deserves and is getting exactly what Danielle would be getting had the tables been turned.  If Danielle had so much as touched any of these people, she’d be sitting in a jail cell.

Does anyone else see the absurdity here?  Teresa chimes in that Danielle won’t listen, Danielle runs when Teresa tries to talk to her.  Yet they say Danielle won’t leave them alone?  Why was Teresa trying to talk to her if she didn’t want Danielle in her life at all?  This entire thing with Ashley pulling Danielle’s hair is Teresa’s fault!  Danielle did nothing and even tried to remove herself from the situation.  (Just ask Kelly, that’s what you do when you’re being bullied)  Danielle was being bullied, Teresa just wanted to berate and make a fool of Danielle, she didn’t want to say “hi” or try to be nice at all! 

So how did this table of grown adults come to the conclusion that the “head housewife” Caroline, should set up a meeting to talk to Danielle?  If Teresa hadn’t started anything with Danielle, Ashley wouldn’t be in the situation that she’s in, that’s the bottom line.  In any case, Caroline sends the infamous text to Danielle asking for a meeting. 

I really like seeing Danielle’s daughter’s, I think they’re really great kids, I just wish that Danielle would have listened to them and not agreed to meet with Caroline.  I know there would not have been a finale without the “meeting” but Christine and Jillian knew that nothing good would come of the meeting and the girls were right.  Great kids!

Jacqueline and Chris try to talk to Ashley and explain what is about to happen.  Caroline is meeting with Danielle and her main purpose is to try to get Danielle to ease up on Ashley with the criminal charges that are pending.  Ashley, in typical Ashley fashion doesn’t get it and has no appreciation but continues with the eye rolls and sickeningly negative attitude. 

The meeting was a joke, plain and simple.  Caroline was right, Danielle came in with a wall up, but so would anyone else in that same situation.  Caroline sat there asking Danielle for something that she really had no right to ask for.  Did anyone else notice all of the contradictions that came out of Caroline’s mouth?   It was all about what you did to me and what I did to you.  First Caroline says that she, herself did nothing to Danielle.  That is true, yet then she says when she sits there it is on behalf of Jacqueline, Dina, Lexy and Ashley and the rest of the “family”.  So which is it Caroline?  On the other hand, Danielle did nothing directly to Caroline, also true. 

Caroline says that she’s puzzled as to why Danielle has to pursue this with Ashley.  What happened to “Iron hand Jacqueline, Iron hand”?   Facing the consequences is exactly what Ashley needs to do!  Caroline says that Ashley has the integrity to say she was wrong, when did that happen?  It must have been off camera.  Where was the apology?  Why wasn’t that offered to Danielle?  Do you suppose if Caroline brought Ashley along with her, and Ashley gave Danielle a sincere apology, things may have turned out differently?    

Caroline admits that Ashley was wrong and asks Danielle what happened when Danielle was young and made mistakes.  Who was there for Danielle?  Well, Caroline, no one was there to defend Danielle, she took her punishment just as Ashley needs to do.  Caroline’s arguments made no sense.  In the end Caroline turns into a gangster and calls Danielle a “clown” and again calls her “garbage”.  I can’t imagine why Danielle walked out. 

In the end, had Danielle agreed to drop all charges against Ashley, it would have changed nothing in the relationship between Danielle and the rest of the cast of this show.  Danielle knows it, Caroline knows it and we all know it.  Caroline wasn’t trying to clear the air, she didn’t go there with good intentions, she merely wanted Danielle to drop the charges against Ashley, nothing more. 

Danielle’s bodyguards didn’t bother me at all, who really cares?  Everyone made a big deal about her introducing them to her children, so what?  Were these men a bad influence on the girls?  I doubt they did any lasting damage. 

Back at the Brownstone, the family is all waiting for Caroline to return with a report on what happened at the meeting.  Chris Laurita orders a drink of half coke, half red wine?  That is the strangest drink I’ve ever heard of. 

Jacqueline and Ashley, once again, have an argument causing Ashley to once again roll her eyes and show complete disrespect for Jacqueline.  Jacqueline has asked over and over that Ashley stop with any discussion or interaction with Danielle, yet even to this day Ashley is tweeting about Danielle.  Her ridiculous $189 fine for pulling Danielle’s hair clearly did nothing to fix her attitude. 

Teresa is all but non-existent in this episode, thank goodness!  We still had to witness her forcing her husband to kiss her at the dinner table, it is so clear he’s not into you anymore Teresa, open your eyes! 

Caroline returns to the Brownstone with her version of the story to be told to the family.  The bottom line is the meeting was a waste of time and did not result in anything at all.  Teresa tells us that Caroline’s eyes are as red as her hair, we didn’t see Caroline crying but maybe in the car on the drive over to the Brownstone? 

The best line of the episode was Danielle’s message to Teresa, “When my daughters were that age, I dressed them in lace and crinoline, I dressed my dogs in leopard.”  I love that! 

Surprisingly, as the show ends as all Housewife series end with a small blurb about each person on screen, Teresa’s bankruptcy is revealed but was quick to include that her house is NOT in foreclosure!  Not yet anyway!

The remaining cast of characters final words appear on screen

Danielle plugs her book and has released a sex tape with an unknown stranger for Hustler

Christine continues her modeling with IMG and Jillian sang at a NYC street fair

Jacqueline is trying to lose weight and remains friendly with Kim G (she is exciting, isn’t she?)

Teresa continues to plug her book and has declared $11 million bankruptcy

Albie graduated from the police academy and is trying to get back into law school

Chris still works as Banquet Manager at the Browntone, but still wants to open a strip club/car wash

Lauren continues to work as make-up artist and is still dating Vito

Caroline’s says Albert cut his hours at work and she hasn’t seen Danielle since the meeting (another cast member that Bravo is keeping, exciting life!)

If anyone has been reading the blogs, you’ll know that Teresa has decided the blogs are a good place to get little digs into her cast mates, but not toward Danielle but Caroline and Jacqueline!  It’s funny because as you know, these ladies don’t know what is said in their talking head interviews until they see the episodes months later.  Teresa learned that Caroline was a tad annoyed by the behavior of her children and that Jacqueline made fun of Joe and Teresa for dragging all of their luggage off the cruise ship when everyone else left it for the Stuarts to bring out. 

From Teresa’s blog:

I don’t know why Caroline was so crabby. I know she was sick before we left and
in pain, but she could have stayed home like Dina. What did she think it was
going to be like with 20 people and babies? It wasn’t a romantic honeymoon for
her and Albert. I don’t know why that shocked her. And I’m sorry she felt
uncomfortable when we were all speaking Italian, but hello, it’s Italy! Her
Italian grandfather might not have taught her Italian, but I think she’s had
plenty of time over the years to learn it if she wanted to!

WOW, that’s some sympathy for a woman with kidney stones!  Caroline has done nothing but support Teresa and make excuses for Teresa from day one.  Nice payback Teresa! 

From Teresa’s blog:

It was hilarious that they showed Joe kicking the suitcases out of the elevator.
I don’t know if you’ve ever traveled to Europe with kids, but it’s not very
suitcase friendly! And I didn’t over pack! I packed for two adults and four kids,
including a baby! I don’t know why Jacqueline said we only took our luggage
because we thought it would get stolen. We were leaving the boat for good.
Everyone had to take their luggage off the boat and into the bus. I guess us
doing it with 4 small kids was just the funniest.

Where to begin with this paragraph?  First of all, no it wasn’t hilarious that Joe kicked the suitcases out of the elevator and knocked over a trash can.  Not even a little bit funny, it was a horrible display of his temper in front of his wife, children and Bravo’s cameras.  A temper, complete with F Bombs, that continued on for the rest of the trip. 

Teresa doesn’t know why Jacqueline made the comment about the luggage?  Sure you do Teresa!  As Jacqueline explained, the suitcases were to be brought out by the staff and taken directly onto the bus as is typical on a cruise.  Can you imagine those narrow cruise ship hallways if everyone was dragging their luggage around?   Joe didn’t want to PAY for the service of having the luggage brought out so he dragged it all out himself! 

As I included in a previous blog, Caroline and Teresa traveled to Los Angeles last week to promote the season finale of the show, Caroline tweeted regularly including Teresa’s name in every tweet.  Teresa, in contrast, tweeted what she was up to in Los Angeles as well, however, she never once mentioned Caroline.  I think there may be trouble in paradise! 

Bravo released some previews of the reunion show which will air for the next two Monday’s.  If you haven’t seen them yet, they are shocking!  There are three clips, one shows small snippets of the show, including Teresa standing over Danielle directly in her face and screaming “you will not break up my family!”  I can’t imagine what that is supposed to mean unless Teresa is referring to Jacqueline and Caroline when she says “family”.  Possibly Danielle said something to try to turn them against one another?  This clip includes Teresa shoving host, Andy Cohen down into his chair.  Wow, who does that?  Even more important, who does that to a network executive? 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Videos – Previews – The NJ Housewives are Under One Roof | Bravo TV Official Site http://t.co/72QbHMo

Another clip shows a break in the action after Danielle had walked out, due to Teresa’s aggressive behavior.  Teresa is screaming at the top of her lungs at Andy insisting that he get Danielle back out onto the set.  Teresa is an absolute animal with no self-control who needs anger management courses.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Videos – Previews – Teresa Hates Danielle | Bravo TV Official Site http://t.co/VbR7Gqq

Finally the third video discusses why Dina Manzo left the show, or rather the “official” story of why she left and the accusation of what Danielle did that was brought up at last year’s reunion…

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Videos – Previews – What Happened with Dina? | Bravo TV Official Site http://t.co/N0xPpVl

And so the finale was just as big a waste of time as the entire season was, the perfect end to a perfect season.  I really don’t understand why such high ratings for this show, there is no story at all and the majority of the cast are extremely annoying!  Strangely enough the episodes that I enjoyed most were Danielle’s daughter Christine’s photo shoot and her 16th birthday party.   Even as the producers tried to bring some life into the show by sending the cast to Italy, it only served to confirm to us the true colors of Teresa and Joe Giudice as horrible parents with out of control tempers and foul mouths.  The rest are as dull as watching grass grow. 

Rumors are that Danielle has already been canned and will not return next season but that Teresa, Jacqueline and Caroline have all been signed already.  This has not been confirmed by Bravo and is inconsistent with their typical procedure, so until I hear it from Bravo’s people, I don’t believe it.  Rumor also has it that Dina was invited back but only if she will bring her daughter back on board. 

Can you imagine how dull this show will be next season if any of this is true.  These are four true housewives who do not work, is Bravo going to film them doing laundry and cooking?  Making school lunches and driving them to soccer practice?  Seriously, what on earth are they going to make a show out of with this crew?  Maybe we’ll be treated to Teresa and Joe appearing in court to answer to charges that they committed perjury in their bankruptcy filing.  Maybe Bravo did sign all these ladies early so that they can shoot Teresa’s belongings being auctioned off to the highest bidder. 

Let’s hope that bidder is Kim G, who has tweeted that she is going to buy everything and sell it all with the proceeds going to charity. 

For the first time all season, I am looking forward to the reunion episodes coming up next week!  Talk about systematic bullying…wow!

Completely unrelated and it is old but since we have the Atlanta Housewives and Millionaire Matchmaker coming up in the next few months on Bravo, I wanted to post this in case there is anyone who has not yet seen it. 

Quick set up, Kim Zolciak is in Los Angeles and having lunch with Patti Stanger.  The clip begins with Patti Stanger on the phone with Jill Zarin talking about Bethenny Frankel. 


Until Next Time…….

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824 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of NJ Finale August 24, 2010

  1. PaganChick says:

    I think that video clip is hilarious because its so obvious that Patty and Kim just assumed that the audience would side with Jill against Bethenny. They really believed that Bethenny was A). Biting the hand that fed her with the RHNY. B). Gonna completely fall flat on her face with her own show. I love how wrong they were about everything.

    • Snarkella says:

      Hi PaganChick

      LOL! You’re right Patti. America can turn on you! LOL! What a cow. Another Bravo girl who is so obviously jealous of Bethenny’s success.

      Thanks for posting the link Lynn.

    • TLM says:

      I have concluded I don’t like Kim D, Kim G or Kim Z. They all can just go away as far as I’m concerned.

      Patti S. badly, badly needs a makeover/makeunder, as do her goofy staff. Her hair and makeup make her look like a witch, and she should never wear anything sleeveless, ever. She has also gained a fair bit of weight. I see her ripping apart other women for how they dress and how their hair and makeup is, and it’s time she did a major overhaul on herself as well. She looks ridiculous. I think she has gotten tunnel vision telling women how to tart it up for so long. She gives every single woman the same advice: Higher heels, straighten hair. Push up the boobs. She really does look the part of the haggard Madam who used to be a hooker herself, but got too old and is now directing the younger hookers.

      • MAMAZ says:

        What a lot of women don’t seem to get is that as you age you only make yourself look older by aping the styles of the young. I’m not suggesting that an older woman has to wear burlap sacks but wearing the latest clothes and hairstyles can make you look desperate. Patti S is a great example. I also think JZ looked much prettier in Season 1 before she started dressing like a woman half her age.

        • tuzentswurth says:

          So true MAMAZ! Another example of mutton dressed as lamb?????? Our own psychotic KKB. Yep, Jill, Patty, Teresa, Lynn Curtin, the list goes on and on………ad infinitum

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Please add Kate Gosselin to the list.

            Rachael Whelch has a body and beauty that beats these women (actually almost ALL women) hands down-but she doesn’t dress like she thinks she is 20.

            • Jules says:

              Patti Stamger is stupid and short-sighted. How can anyone be so stupid to underestimate the appeal that Bethenny has with the viewers. What an idiot, and I make a vow right now never to watch her show again. How classless to call Bethenny a cunt, and this is the kind of person that Jill Zarin has befriended. I knew Kim Zolziak was stupid, but Patti Stanger???? WOW!!!!

  2. Snarkella says:

    Great recap of a lot of boring New Jersey bullpoop Lynn. Thanks! You are so right in saying that final meeting was much ado about nothing. The three amigas were really working hard to come up with concrete reasons to be mad at Danielle and in the end, they had to blame her for situations that they caused themselves because there was nothing else. What morons.

    I have to confess, unlike most of your followers here, I actually like Caroline and her family most of the time. Even after last night’s episode I don’t dislike her. But she did make a big fat fool of herself. She tried to be strong at that meeting and probably thought she would easily have the upperhand against Danielle. WRONG! Danielle was pretty composed considering the situation and it was Caroline who lost it and resorted to name calling when she couldn’t get her way. No wonder Caroline was so shaken up. Her confrontation with the person she considered garbage made HER (Caroline) look like a piece of sh*t. Oh Caroline, stop defending your motley crew of assh*les and cut them all out of your life.

    Looking forward to the reunion and Teresa’s auction. What a train wreck!

    • Night Light says:

      I agree with you. I too like Caroline but she took the bait and looked poorly. I do like her blog because she took responsibility for her poor behavior unlike the other cast members.

      • Snarkella says:

        I’m going to read her blog now. It’s been raining steadily for two days here, so might as well waste another morning with the Housewives.

      • Snarkella says:

        Well, I’m not so sure I liked Caroline’s blog. She said she was sorry about calling names, but still blames the whole thing on Danielle’s lack of understanding. I know Danielle is no model citizen, but if you call me to a meeting and immediately start telling me what a trouble maker I am and how I’m always attacking you, and then I say, “When did I attack you?” and you look at me all dumbfounded and then say, “Well when you attacked her and her and her you attacked me.” And then I realize it’s all BS, because you’re accusing me of attacking a certain her by pressing charges against her for pulling my hair, and attacking another certain her by telling her that her house is in forclosure after she deliberately sets out to embarrass me in front of a large group of people, and another certain her who is so dull I don’t even remember how she’s involved in all of this.

        Sorry for all the boring run-on, incomplete sentences. This should remind all of you what it feels like to watch the show. LOL.

        Anyway, my point was that the meeting was BS. Caroline had nothing to go after Danielle with. She could have made peace by being a little more diplomatic, but instead she went on the attack and I don’t blame Danielle for getting up to leave. Good on her!

        Caroline was just trying to do Brave’s dirty work and give the show and ending for the season. There was no reason to try and defend her behavior in her blog. It was stupid. She should have left it at “I’m sorry I resorted to name calling.”

        • Night Light says:

          LOL!! yes you lost me with all the “hers”. Like I said Caroline took the bait and shame on her for it. I hope Caroline remembers next time to just pass up camera time.

    • JenD says:

      Yes I agree, Caroline was visibly shaking to the point of tears. Danielle did say before the meeting
      that she is not the same person as last year. I think Caroline cried after the meeting. Danielle really
      hit her about her friend being indicted…Caroline was like uh…uh… I’m rolling with Danielle. The thing
      is some people can’t handle a friendship with Danielle, you just have to put her in her place
      whenever possible.

    • Savannah111 says:

      I’m so happy to find a website that I can post on and not worry whether Bravo will post them as they hardly ever do. I’m watching the reunion show and as I expected it was 1 2 3 and Teresa turns into an animal.. I’ll have a lot to say after this show wraps..

  3. WindyCityWondering says:

    Good Morning Lynn – nice wrap up for a horrible season/show!
    Like yourself, I am waiting for proof of Danielle being let go and to see the “letters” the other wives supposedly got asking them back for another season.

    One thing that struck me last night was the amount of “filler” each episode had – driving to and from places, lingering shots of the front of their homes and my personal favorite – “look at my fabulous kitchen”.

    I am ready for the reunions/lost footage – and I sincerely hope that Danielle goes after Bravo for the dangerous conditions she endured during the reunion taping! Teresa should have been seatbelted into the couch (since the Guidice don’t use them in cars) and escorted off the set after she manhandled Andy (lol). The way they were all hopping off the couch one would think they contained electric shock devices!

    • Melinda says:

      LOL @ filler shots……..yea one of my best friends is a reality television personality (not currently on reality tv) and she also did some work behind the scenes on another reality show. That filler is called B-Roll 😉 every time i now see B-Roll I laugh. 😉 and it is interesting that you noted how MUCH B-Roll is being used ……… 😉

  4. Tootsie says:

    Obviously this is an older clip since Bethenny’s had her show and it was a huge success. At one point I watched Stinky Stanger’s show. Decided she is so phony and crude that I didn’t want to hurt my eyes and ears with that garbage. To use the “C” word as she does just shows how low, crude and uncouth she is. Congratulations Andy for getting out. Your mother must be thrilled.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I also noticed she has flabby arms. I wouldn’t have said anything but I have seen her shred girls for much less.

      I bet it burns her that Bethany’s show did well, she ‘closed’ the deal with Jason and has a kid.

      What’s Patti have other than possibly a pretty white dress she will never wear?

  5. RileyKitty says:

    I have already dropped DC from my DVR. I just couldn’t do it.

    As for Jersey… this will have to be my last season of this show. I hate all of them. I do not consider myself a violent person but I would have to jack Ashley in the face every time I came in contact with her. She is the most useless human being.

    I wish Caroline hadn’t went to meet Danielle, only because up to this point Caroline has steered clear of the Danielle crap. I respected that. I wouldn’t have defended Ashley.

    As for Danielle, I can’t get past the fact that she feels she needs to take ARMED protection with her to the sit down.. She is a nut job. You can’t demand people respect you.

    The more I sit & watch this crap the more I think I have to be done with ALL the HW shows. OC has been ridiculous for years. NY without Bethenny is going to be hard to stomach. Originally these shows were to be a glimpse into a lifestyle of Rich people, most of us working class can’t afford but these days these people are broker than a joke. Bankruptcies, foreclosures… sorry but I see nothing to envy there.

    • Kat says:

      Good to see ya RileyKitty!
      Teresa is the cast member that could drive me to violence and that is hard to do.

      • alicia says:

        Theresa really has a horrible temper and is unempathetic to anyone. If she ever has to seek employment outside a ” family” business it will be impossible. I really hate how she makes Italian -americans appear. My grandparents came over from Italy and worked in the garment industry from age 17-76 !!! This allowed her daughter to attend law school and she is now the CFO of a corporation in the northeast. This is a real story of hard work and success- not Theresa and Joe.

        • Kat says:

          Teresa getting in my face would trigger my fight or flight reaction. I would not run from her, not for money nor even possible legal consequences. Bet I could bait her to throw the first punch. She is a menace to society.

    • Night Light says:

      That’s exactly what attracted me to watch OC in the beginning. I don’t have that kind of money and I don’t hate on people that do either so it was fun.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Yes, OC first season or two, great entertainment. Nothing to hate on, pretty scenery……then a bunch of loser posers and other franchises “starring” crude, classless, trash,….fighting screaming, breaking laws of society and morality. I don’t DVR DC, couldn’t get through first 2 Atlanta shows, NJ watched somewhat but only to be entertained here. I could live w/o NJ for sure. NY? If more Ramona ( who I used to think was nutty, but she has grown on me) and Sonja-like characters, ok, I’ll watch. Sadly, I don’t think I can stand OC anymore b/c of Alexis, the new Alexis clone, Wretchen, and Tamra.

    • TLM says:

      I can appreciate Caroline wanting to protect her family. But as Jacqueline once said, “What’s right is right, and what’s true is true.” If Danielle lied to the court about a death threat from Ashley (and I think Danielle interpreted Ashley’s text message that way from reading between the lines, rightly or wrongly), that was wrong. But Ashley absolutely deserved the consequences of physically assaulting another person, whatever they may be. As it turns out, $189 was a pretty minimal fine. I did *not* respect Caroline for minimizing it (“she didn’t punch her”) or asking Danielle to drop the suit. This was a violent act. If a husband pulled his wife’s hair out the same way, would Caroline pressure her not to cooperate with a prosecutor? I don’t think so. Caroline had no business arranging a meeting to talk to Danielle for that purpose. I think she should have been charged with attempting to intimidate a witness. I would have had more respect for Caroline for just talking to Danielle to agree to end contact. Danielle also acknowledged that she, too, paid the consequences for her bad behavior. While Danielle flies off the handle way too often and has psychological issues, things could have been far worse had she not been arrested years ago; she says this herself. Ashley is in a dangerous place, and stepping in and making it all go away is the worst thing that could happen. It would just confirm to Ashley that Aunt Caroline will always take care of her problems. Even now that it’s over, I still think Ashley is in a dangerous place.

      I do think it was beyond odd that Danielle made her girls thank the bodyguards and even hug them. They should not have had anything to do with that. It will either frighten them because they believe their mother when she says she is in danger of physical harm, or frighten them that their mother is so delusional she’s hiring bodyguards with no reason to. Either way, nothing her girls should be exposed to.

      On a lighter note, Rachel Zoe has done an interesting editorial magazine spread in Harper’s. http://styledon.com/fashion/articles/rachel-zoe-dies-in-harpers-bazaar. I liked it because, well, who amongst us hasn’t at one point wanted to strangle Rachel Zoe, or hand her a poisoned drink? LOL.

      • MAMAZ says:

        TLM – I agree with you 100%. I hate they way Caroline says Ashley pulled Danielle’s hair as if it was some boy on the playground teasing a girl he liked. Ashley yanked out Danielle’s extensions which was probably very painful. It was a physical assault.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Hey good to hear from you!
      It dawned on me that I have not watched one single rerun of the DC franchise because they are boring! So I am done with that one too. NJ is almost done and it will be my last season unless there is a significant cast change because these women are nothing and I will learn nothing from them.
      As for Atlanta’s new season – same as NJ with a southern accent – no thank you! Basically Bravo has to raise the bar because I am not interested in tramps and thieves.

    • anniieee says:

      Couldnt have said it better. Way to go RileyKity. Miss you!!

  6. Kelly_Has_ Big_Shoulders says:

    New Jersey Show is just GARBAGE!!! How can New Jersey have higher ratings then NY? New York even had a 3 part reunion. Yuck just hate Jersey it is so boring and Teresa needs to go she is a Ghetto Princess just gross.

    • Hi everybody! Is that true? Does NJ really have better ratings than NY? I find that unbelievable?! Who and why and what would find NJ more interesting than NY?
      Its got to be the rub off fascination from Jersey Shore, right?

      • It is not just Jersey Shore. It is everywhere. Entertainment Tonight has even dubbed it JerseyMania. Jersey Shore, JerseyLiscious, the new one about the Jersey dress shop and the family that owns it, and there are a few more. It all plays in. America is having a “love affiar” with Jersey behaving badly right now. There has always been a fascination with the stereotyped image of “Jersey” Mob ties, crime, tacky clothes, longer than hell lee press on nails, fake tans, guidos with the steroid muscles, foul mouths and fights. NOT what the majority of Jersians I know are like, but people love to watch that. Right now, having Jersey in the name of a show will guarantee good ratings—for a while anyway.

        • MAMAZ says:

          The only Jersey show worth watching is Cake Boss.

        • Bonnie says:

          This Jersey mania has everything to do with the demise of The Sopranos. We miss them so much, tv execs are trying to make up for it with these ridunculous shows.
          I actually do like Cake Boss and Jerseylicious. The characters have some substance which is all we viewers are asking for. As far as these housewives, there isn’t one that accurately represents anything good about NJ. Not one. Not even Caroline; albeit, she is the only one I could stomach..up until last night’s idiotic display of nothingness. Sheer and utter nothingness.
          And now I must get back to reading Sartre’s “Nausaee”.

  7. Delia says:

    One of the best recaps I have ever read. I watched all the clips as well and my oh my….Teresa needs medication IMHO. I never have like Patti Stanger and think it speaks volumes that she can’t find a mate herself, yet professes she is an expert in the field. Yeah, whatever…

  8. Snarkella says:

    Hmmm. I just watched the reunion preview and my first reaction is that it might be hard to watch. They’re all screaming like out of control nutjobs. Can’t believe Teresa pushes Andy and equally can’t believe that Andy grabs Jac by the arms. Can’t believe Teresa stands over Danielle screaming in her face. WTF?

    • IMJ says:

      I cant believe Bravo didnt hire any type of security for the reunion. I guess they thought the “ladies” would be civil. They should have known that wouldnt happen with Teresa.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        So now Danielle’s need for security makes alot more since. She made a comment during the reunion preview One at a time – because they are a pack of rapid dogs and that should not have happened.

    • VIgirl says:

      @ Snarkella I was equally stunned at Teresa’s screaming spitting rage in Danielle’s face. I am telling you that could not have been me because Chewy would have gotten a new hairline that night.

      • Maryla says:

        I am still a little confused about the vitriol and hate towards Danielle. I mean, such hostility just because she is a skank?

        Honestly — is what it comes down to? She didn’t murder their children or key their cars or poison their pets. She didn’t send Tree and Juicy on a crazed spending spree forcing them into bankruptcy.

        But on seeing her, they fly into an uncontrolled rage. It is weird.

        This reunion seems like it is going to be so transparent and stupid. They are either uncivilized or have not matured beyond the stage of petulant children.

  9. Melinda says:

    I was VERY uncomfortable when Danielle came home with these two burly men………asking her daughters to THANK THEM!?!?! I have to say, Danielle is completely off her rocker……..as are most of the rest of them as well. But there is a personality type that Danielle is and it is narcissistic which essentially means she never sees her culpability in these issues with the others.

    Don’t get me wrong, they ALL are participating in this dysfunction. I agree that Ashley needed to be taught a valuable lesson and while Danielle could have worked with her to teach her, the only other alternative was the charges.

    All in all……..this is one train wreck of a show!! but i do look forward to the reunion…….I almost cannot believe Teresa gets that violent! but then I remember she is quite hot tempered and that a poor table felt her wrath last season! 😉

    • I am going to go smile now.... says:

      I don’t comment often but I had to write and say I agree totally with you…. I don’t think you have to be pro Manzo Clan to hate Danielle. To terrorize your children thinking that you are going into a situation where you may die… therefore you need armed guards is possibly the worse case of child abuse I have seen in any of these shows. Can you imagine the mental damage that does to a child. She is literally putting a fear in them that is totally unnecessary. The father should pack those kids up and run for the hills.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Who drags strange in the sense of unknown men into your house and has their daughters hug them??? Creepy!!! Poor kids.

  10. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Personally, I think bringing the bodyguards and then bringing those bodyguards to her house was ridiculous. Danielle acted like Caroline was going to pull a big ‘ol Smith and Wesson and shoot her. Mentioning the guard having a gun was pathetic. The reason I did not like the guards being with the kids is that Danielle is acting like her life is in danger. It’s not and was not. The kids see that have the “edge” you need to have a guard with you. Also, I really don’t think Tom Staub is going to like seeing his daughters around bodyguards with guns. Just my opinion.

    I think Danielle had a quiet spell when she was married to Tom Staub. Drugs, prostitution, kidnapping, etc. before and then you go into sex tapes, going after married men, etc. after. Because Danielle can reason and is reasonably intelligent she can twist the whole Manzo/Giudice/Laurita clan because she knows which buttons to push. I don’t feel sorry for her and I don’t feel sorry for the others.

    If you don’t want your past and present to be aired in the media then don’t do a reality tv show. You don’t want people to know about your past with a drug kingpin, then don’t do a tv show. You don’t want people to know about your financial problems, don’t do a tv show.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Danielle likes being the victim. I think she enjoyed pretending she was in danger. Maybe she misses the thrill of her past criminal life. But she allowed her children to believe she was in danger and to me that’s unconscienable(sp?). As a parent you need to make sure your children feel safe.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I think Danielle spent money with total abandon while married for a few years to Tom Staub. Her mania was invested in shopping during that time.

      I think Danielle Staub is a sociopath. I recently reviewed angels of devil blog:


      Caroline Manzo couldn’t reign in her family. Jacqueline was involved with Kim G, Dina tried to leave the family to get away from the harassment from Danielle, Teresa wanted to pick a fight, and Ashley was a complete moron who didn’t know when to stop. So Caroline decided to remove Danielle from the show. Thus, the OK Corral.

      I have had to deal with mentally ill employees and my mother was postmaster in Rodger’s Park, Chicago. We know that you can’t reason when someone is mentally unstable. I would not have had a sitdown with Danielle. I would have urged all members of my family to leave the reality show.

      • Bonnie says:

        To Quncy….Finally: The voice of REASON. I still cannot fathom why anyone of these losers would want to continue on this show except to promote a real and valuable product. In other words, Bethenny, Ramona and Kandi are reallly the only ones who have a real, honest reason to be on. The others have only their pure and utter narcissism to promote and what a price they have and will have to pay. Fools all.

  11. Laura aka Just done says:

    LuAnn just posted this on her twitter: Breaking news: http://fb.me/DuBdVH4f

    Article claims that all of the NY HW’s have been asked back, except Bethenny. It also claims that B is busy filming her second season of her show

    • RileyKitty says:

      if this is true I am out for sure… I can’t justify having Kelly back after her breakdown. To me it just feeds into her “all for the show” excuse.

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        I tweeted her back asking her to confirm that kelly was back. Nothing yet.

        • anniieee says:

          i just posted this :Well that does it… I’m over it. I refuse to watch meth head/bipolar/psycho didnt we have to take her off of scary island while snorting, sobbing and eating jellybeans, Kelly and the jealous yenta–who lies, post fake comments *(amazon gate) and trashes her best friend. Alex and Sonja are class acts and Ramona has integrity… that would be a nice show. Sorry Bravo… really scummy casting. Lost a fan. S

          Stick a fork in me… I am DONE with RHONY


    • Char212 says:

      I just don’t think I can take another season of Kelly. I was hoping Bravo would think she’s too much of a liability and keep her off. They sure don’t care what we think do they?

      • MAMAZ says:

        I can’t watch Kelly either. It’s far too uncomfortable. I cringe at the nonsense that comes out of her mouth. But I have no sympathy for her because she’s also so hateful. I’m out.

    • kats2 says:

      If it was true why wouldn’t she just say it vs posting some random link?
      Wishful thinking perhaps. . . . .

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I’m holding out until we hear something from Bravo. I would not be surprised if Bethenny was not on the show. She said that she didn’t want to do it so for it to be spinned that B. was not asked back was a crock and a half.

      • Char212 says:

        I don’t think that Bethenny wasn’t asked back as she made it pretty clear she wants nothing to do with Jill, Kelly and LuAnn so it was her choice. I’m sure if she wanted to come back Bravo would welcome her with open arms.

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I can’t take another season of Kelly. I don’t understand why Bravo would bring her back, especially after she lied and said that they forced her to go to “Scary Island”. I should also mention that she is a bore, except when she is going bat shit crazy. Are we going to be subjected to another season of Kelly being Jill’s bodyguard? I guess Kelly will protect Jill from Alex this season. *rolls eyes*

    • TLM says:

      Wow. Bravo must really have an insurance company that likes a challenge. I can’t believe they would ever ask anyone as demonstrably unstable as Kelly to return.

      • Squirrels says:

        What would Bravo care? They have iron clad contracts which absolve them from sin. Teresa will be back after displaying a nice battery on Andy, Kelly will be back after telling Andy he is a liar. Either Andy is just a front man or he has zero spine.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Really, this isn’t an official statement, it was just Luann reporting a rumor.

      I didn’t care for the way they phrased that Bethany wasn’t “invited back”. While I am not her biggest fan, I have no doubts that if she doesn’t return it would be of her own volition. Her show had higher rating than the RHWNY, she has more clout than the rest of the cast.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        None of them know what relationship Bethenny now has with Bravo – she is gold and very likely wanted to do a second season of her show and avoid the rats who are clinging to the sinking ship. The not invited back comment so sounds like she who we hate!

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I also thought it smelled a little like Jill Zarin but since the story seemed to suggest that Alex would be back I was a bit thrown off.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I can’t take Kelly OR Jill. Luann is an ass too. Too bad we are stuck with those losers. I’ll be watching 1/2 the show I guess!

  12. Night Light says:

    It was a losing battle for everyone. I like Caroline and I like her blog because she owns up to her bad behavior. Jacqueline doesn’t seem to speak of Danielle. If I were a Manzo I would steer clear of the Guidice clan. Remember Caroline, you hang around garbage long enough you start to stink! This all exploded in their face because of Jacqueline’s friendship with Kim G and Teresa’s outburst. If the Manzo’s are truly moving on they will not do a show with Danielle otherwise they have truly sold their souls. Bravo can find other housewives to add to the mix and it doesn’t have to be Kim G.

    Now regarding that clip with Patti and Kim: how trashy are they? Patti called Bethenny a c*nt? I hope somebody sent it to Bethenny and she can feel good that she made the right choice in moving on with her show and away from Jill.

    • Snarkella says:

      Right! Classy move Stanger. Call someone a c*nt with the camera’s rolling. What a lady!

      • Char212 says:

        Ya, I can’t believe she eats with that mouth. It’s a good thing she is single and doesn’t have any children.

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        And let us not forget the lovely tweet where she refers to Beth saying any cow can pop out a baby!

      • Dre says:

        Patti Stanger disgusts me. She clearly has issues with women who are equally or more successful than she is. If you watch her own show, when she has a “millionairess” on she bashes them from beginning to end and never has a nice thing to say about them. I can’t stand her or her show.

  13. Sha2000 says:

    “And so the finale was just as big a waste of time as the entire season was, the perfect end to a perfect season. I really don’t understand why such high ratings for this show, there is no story at all and the majority of the cast are extremely annoying!”

    Well said Lynn! Instead of going out with a bang last night, the show went out with a whimper because the was no real storyline. I do think for sure Danielle will not be returning due to the rumors & ending we saw last night.

    • Squirrels says:

      Danielle has bigger issues to deal with, like her ex suing her for defamation of character regarding her “tell all” book. She’ll most likely claim fuzzy memory, all that coke can cloud your brain.

  14. MAMAZ says:

    Nobody comes out of this season looking good.

    Caroline – Who the hell does she think she is asking a woman she hates for a favor? And offering nothing in return other than we will stay out of your life. That’s an insult. I think it is probable that Danielle has pulled a lot of crap off camera but if Caroline isn’t willing to say what those things are she needs to quit bringing them up.

    Danielle – I don’t believe she’s a victim of bullying any more than KKB is. She baits these “woman” then pretends to be shocked when they react. She would rather they hated her than were indifferent to her. She says so each week in the opening credits “you’re either going to love me or hate me.” That’s not a statement of fact it’s Danielle’s goal. Even her own child said no normal person would want to meet with Caroline. Out of the mouths of babes. Her veiw of Caroline as some sort of puppetmaster is insane. And bringing armed guards is an issue because it shows how she overreacts to everything that goes on around her.

    Jac – She feels the need to run down Danielle’s criminal history and offenses againsts the Manzo clique on every episode. Then after painting a picture of Danielle as the face of evil she tells Ashley to not to bother Danielle anymore. Mixed signals! I actually felt sorry for Ashley last night. She wants her mom to STFU already and so do I! Jac goads Ashley, who while legally an adult is obviously immature, into hatred then expects her to behave like a rational adult.

    Teresa – She is as so many other posters have said an animal. She’s violent, a liar and a grifter with a terrible fashion sense.

    But Bravo looks the worst. I think they knew all about Danielle’s rep as town tramp. And that Caroline and Dina would look down on her. That’s was the entire premise of the show . They set Danielle up and she was desperate enough for the money and fame that she fell for it. It was supposed to be the good girls: Dina, Caroline & Teresa against the bad girl Danielle with poor Jac caught in the middle. But Bravo got a lot more than they paid for. Both Teresa and Danielle are psychotic.

    Of the rest of the cast only Christine, Jillian, and Lauren seem like good people. Joe is a foul mouth drunk driver, Albie and Chris are mommas boys, Chris L talks big on discipline but does nothing, Ashley is a dim witted pawn with poor impulse control and Albert who I thought I liked encourages his wife to meet with Danielle.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Yes, I agree that they vetted theses women & selected a cast that would have the most friction among them.

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        I want proof of the behind the scene baiting.Why did no one file a police report if Dan has threaten every family member with bodily harm?I just don’t buy it.IMO it is an excuse to hate a single attractive available woman.If they are friendly with her she would be around their husbands and not one of them is secure enough to handle that.Think of bar scene after table flip.Teresa lost it because Joe bought Dan a drink.No matter Dan did not deserve a physical attack.
        Instead of admitting they are uncomfortable with her near their husbands they make up crap reasons to hate her.IMO
        I can see the puppetmaster in the fact that both Jac and Tre were accepting of Dan and a friend to her till Caroline forbid it.

  15. Olivia says:

    One of the most disturbing events covered annually is Spain’s “running of the bulls” which is violent and unnecessary. Bravo has come close to producing the same stomach turning reactions when it comes to the NJ series in particular.

    This series has crossed the border of decent programming by featuring women who have absolutely nothing to offer beyond their dangerousness. This is exactly how I see them: dangerous women with little impulse control who are “delighted” with themselves because they exult in their own viciousness.

    I took a look at some of the other blogs who cover this stuff and the overall feeling is that Danielle got what was coming to her by way of that senseless “sit down” with “the matriarch”. Caroline is featured as some level headed prima donna who knows how to “defend” her family against the paranoid sleazebucket, Danielle.

    While “sainted Caroline” is held up as a virtuous woman, much of what she “defends” is overlooked because it is so easy to dislike Danielle. What she is defending, in her self righteous, smug approach, is a “family of grifters” who do not pay their bills, who are awash in unnecessary debt due to personal overspending, who have been involved in numerous driving violations, who behave like animals, and are unwilling to tame their kids. The very things that the “Matriarch” expects us to believe are most important to her.

    She then goes on to excuse the antics of an out of control teen whose idea of “fun” is to harass and ridicule a woman 30 yrs her senior even when she is requested to stop. This teen shows little if any respect to the people who support her and continues to ignore the consequences of her actions because she is “family”. This “matriarch” would never condone this behavior from her own children yet we are led to believe that because “family” is the issue we should just accept her reasoning as valid.

    Bravo has attempted to sell us a bill of goods with its elevation of Caroline as some sort of “voice from the land of sanity” when she is nothing more than another low life whose very own principles have been stashed away in the hopes of being considered a “star” in her own right. Her willingness to continue filming alongside these psycho women is enough proof to underscore that she too shares the same value system as these nitwits when she continues to “defend” in what has become the indefensible behavior of these women.

  16. I think Patti Stanger is the most embarrassing thing that has ever come out of NJ. I cringe when I see her. I was shocked when her show got picked up for the second season. Talk about a classless act…. (who uses the “c” word like that?)
    in her old opener for the show”I have a 99% success rate”
    now she says”with an extreeemely high success rate”
    How many successful matches has she made, at least on the show? Does anybody know? If I’m wrong about that I’ll own it because I really don’t watch the show.

    Great blog Lynn, you really catch so many things that I miss the first time around. I would have to agree w/ you about Teresa acting like an animal with a terrible temper.
    Does she not watch these episodes, do any of these women watch themselves?
    That site”angelofdevs” that you turned us on to a while ago really has Teresa pegged..
    and now for her to be talking smack about Caroline in her blog?!
    I think Teresa is going to self-implode. at least this is my hope.

    • TLM says:

      Can’t believe Joy Behar actually ok’d Patti Stanger to sub for her last night on Joy’s show. Horrible. I watched for a couple of minutes and couldn’t take it. She was every bit as bad as I thought she’d be. Overbearing on the guest and a troutmouth.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Beverly -“I think Patti Stanger is the most embarrassing thing that has ever come out of NJ.”

        More embarrassing than Teresa?

        • Mamaz-I guess maybe I expected some sort of class out of Patti, perhaps because of her wealthy clientele(we all know money doesn’t buy class, but I thought she would fake it better?) perhaps i am most disappointed in her?
          I don’t expect anything out of any of the housewives’ other than amusement, and in Teresa’s case I’m beginning to think she is just psycho sick. I think Patti thinks she should get the same attention as the housewives’ and will behave any way to get it, so I guess, yes, I find her more embarrassing than teresa.
          I think Teresa should be pitied more at this point….. she’s losin it.

        • Dropping the “C” bomb didn’t help, either

    • Squirrels says:

      As to Patty S. She’d better change her numbers. Here in Cali, the attorney general

      “sued “tax lady” Roni Deutch for more than $34 million on Monday, alleging that her Law Firm regularly violates state Law by making false promises that it will help people resolve disputes with the Internal Revenue Service.”

      They claimed a 99% reduction in taxes owed to the IRS, when in reality it was more like 10%. Deutch et al preyed on desperate people. False advertising is still taken very seriously in this country. Sadly, reality shows are allowed to be 30% real and still get away with it, because its’ “Just entertainment”.

      SCORE Bravo.

      • Kat says:

        I’ve seen her commercials. Kudos to your AG.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        In another blog, a long time time ago I remember questioning her numbers. My first questions would be how does Patti define and measure ‘success’ ? Is it a second date? Is it a committed relationship? Is it a wedding?

        And even if we were to use the lowest standard out there, week after week we see customers not happy with their matches or her services. I don’t even think it would fall into a 10% success rate.

        We see her dole out advice and rules to which she can’t seem to adhere to herself. It took Andy 6 years to pop the question, for people who are in their late 40’s that’s an eternity. There’s noway it should take two people that age that long to figure out if they are compatible or not. If Andy was dragging his heels, the answer is he simply isn’t that into you or has no desire to ever get married.

        Patti is a bitter old lonely hag.

        • Maryla says:

          But isn’t her advice in line with the kind of advice that Jill offers in her horrible book? It is a sort of old-fashioned ideal that women should be phony and fake, superficial and shallow. Which, in the end, is what is wrong with nearly all of these housewives. There are only a handful that are strong and authentic. (Surprise! those are the ones that Stanger seems to abhor).

          And yes Patty, if you read this blog, I say this as a happily married (17 years) mother of two bright and beautiful daughters.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            IMO, Patti and Jill both epitomize many of the negative stereotypes about Jewish women, that they are demanding, overbearing and only interested in money. Those two do Jewish women a great disservice, in a culture as rich and wide spread as Judaism there are too many great examples to sit back and let these women take the microphone.

            If I were to seek advise of a Jewish elder, I would rather speak to a holocaust survivor or someone like Judge Judy.

      • moriasheehan says:

        a little OT….truth in advertising???? how does maybelline get away with mascara ads where the models are all wearing false lashes????? SJParker with smooth skin??? i have seen her live, she is way wrinkled. kathy griffin is only one who dares to show all her flaws, love her for it. i am sick of commercials that target women and LIE!

    • felony stupid says:

      I used to watch her show (yeah it’s embarrasing…..) and in all the episodes I watched NOT ONE match was made. Patty should have been begging them to stop filming her!

  17. Nika says:

    I still like Caroline, but I have a huge feeling Bravo put her up to that mess of a meeting! I even think Danielle was in on it too. It was so fake and phoney. Did anyone notice how the kept doing a close up on the “tear” that was in her eye? Why didn’t it ever fall? Visine…. that’s why.

    My prediction for next season is……Kim G. will be the new villian. Jac/Caroline will fall out with Chewbacca (whoever came up w/this….bless you), Dina will return w/ Lexi and her husband will appear in at least 1 episode, Chewy and Juicy will go thru their bankruptsy on camera and Chewy will make all the TV rounds to say “see I tolda ya my house wasn’t under foreclosure” while they are selling the house and moving into the uncleansy apartment.

    • Olivia says:

      No offense, but I hope you are wrong and Bravo decides to pull the plug on this useless piece of trash show. Celebrating the worst elements of human nature is not entertainment but an affront to the audience when violence among women is viewed as acceptable.

      • Sha2000 says:

        …as long as it’s a cash cow for the network, it will be moving ahead to season three.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Also, I agree it’s set up to a certain extent. How else is it that the cameras are there when Caroline decides to send the text & coincidentally when Danielle receives it? Set up or reenacted? My bet is on both.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            staged, staged, staged and at the dinner no one reacted to the text as you would expect them to react.

      • Quincy IL says:

        It’s the goose that lays the golden egg, Olivia.

    • Snarkella says:

      I do agree Nika, that this final wrap-up-the-season-meeting was Bravo’s idea and the ladies were playing along. Pretty pathetic but in all fairness, Bravo needed to tape “something.” They just weren’t able to find anything else worth putting on television in endless hours of footage of the ladies standing around the kitchen doing nothing — those poor editors — LOL! These New Jersey Housewives just don’t have interesting lives. There really is no show, but Bravo is trying. Are they succeeding? No. But trying.

      • Nika says:

        Olivia, I’m not offended at all. Bravo is thinking about the bottom line. They will bring this show back regardless of how we feel because of the ratings it brings in. I’m over all of them Caroline included. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave Danielle a spin off too. I could see them doing a dating show for her. Kim G. has the money and history w/the others that will bring the drama and a conflict is already established between her and Caroline who they have protrayed as the “Head” of the families.
        Danielle wanted to belong by being their friend, But Kim lives among them and has the cash to buy her way into the places they frequent. I think the other Kim will also have a bigger storyline bcause she’s the sister in law of Kim G.

        • MAMAZ says:

          OMG A dating show for Danielle! You could be right. I shudder to think .

          • dumberries says:

            Albie Manzo will be the lucky winner of Danielle’s affection. Now, that would be great!

            • MAMAZ says:

              Or the newly single Joe Guidice perhaps?

              • tuzentswurth says:

                Joey isn’t “acting” like he has such a great, happy life anymore. He seems miserable and seems to despise Teresa (who wouldn’t). I think he thought this would be a breeze, they’d make easy money, he’d be a star, maybe get a lot of girlfriends on the side too……you know, big star that he is. Instead, he is publicly humiliated, looks like a jerk and is stuck with someone that everyone can see is an idiot, plus 4 daughters dressed like carnival shows……….and he wants a SON!

    • I am going to go smile now.... says:

      Amen to that…

  18. KellitaM says:

    Great recap, Lynn!
    I’d just like to add that I feel a bit played, like parts of the finale were “staged.” The scenes with Caroline & Danielle and then the one with whole “big happy family” gathered for dinner at the Brownstone felt very set up to me.
    Regardless, I feel like Danielle came across the composed, more intelligent one in her scene with Caroline. She was absolutely right to press charges and hold Ashley accountable. How else is that girl going to learn from her mistakes if people keep cleaning up her messes? I hold my teens responsible for their bad choices when they make them, and they seem to learn and grow.
    And unless there’s more to the story behind the scenes, I really don’t understand all the hatred and obsession with Danielle, who in this season (other than the Brownstone charity event) seemed to be minding her own business. There MUST be more to the story, I’m guessing. But I think the Manzo/Guidices have come across looking like a bunch of bullying, hating goofballs.
    The Reunion looks wild. I don’t blame Danielle at all for walking out. No fair to have four against one the whole season. That’s cruel! If anyone were to scream in my face or make moves toward physically threatening me, I’d walk out of the room, too.
    But I think maybe Andy needs to keep a stun gun handy for the next reunion.

    • Snarkella says:

      LOL on the stun gun comment. Good idea.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Not only do I not blame Danielle for walking out the the reunion, I am disgusted that Andy the Ass Colon would tell her to sit back down.

      Chewy had to be physically restrained from going after Danielle, shoves Andy and screams like a lunatic.

      We have seen other housewife’s get up and walk for much less and Andy pandered to them. Yet Andy treats Danielle like she is the naughty school boy who won’t stay in his seat.

      I think what bother’s me most of all is that they other housewife’s think that Danielle is pulling one over on us when we address their faults. They don’t get is that many of us are intelligent and can assign blame where we see fit.

      Jackhole-lynn and her constant whining that Danielle ‘lied’ to the court when she said Ashley threatened to kill her at the fashion show. Maybe Ash said it- and maybe she didn’t- maybe Danielle did lie to escalate Ashely’s legal woes.

      No one cares- it was never about what Ass-ley said or allegedly said- it was about what she did.

      Jac also likes to weight Danielle’s past against Ashley’s….weight this dumb ass 5 years probation vs $189 fine. Get it now? Neither woman received the worst sentence they could have gotten and should consider themselves lucky. But my money is on dog pile Ashley finding herself into a fist-i-cuff with her now ‘ex-friends’.

      I am surprised Caroline have Danielle kiss her ring when she walked in for the sit down. Did she really think she was going to go in there and make demands veiled in insults and expect to come out with any sense of satisfaction?

      Caroline is no matriarch, if anything she is just the MC of a sideshow completed with Tersea’s as the bearded lady.

  19. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Though Danielle’s comment about how Teresa dresses her kids was amusing, at first, it really got my goat later on. No matter what Danielle’s beef is about Teresa she should leave the kids out of it. In this respect, Caroline was right about Danielle talking about their kids. Those little girls can’t help that Teresa does not have good fashion sense, but to bring them into it….not cool. Also, after seeing Danielle outfit that she wears at the reunion the phrase “those in glass houses” comes to mind.

    • JenD says:

      It was not about the kids. The dig was at Theresa since she wears a lot of leopard, hence ” i dress my dog in leopard”.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Yes, I understand that, BUT she is also equating Teresa’s kids to looking like her dogs. Anyway you turn it she brought the kids into it and for me, I just don’t like it.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I took it as she brought the way Teresa dresses her kids into it.
        The “custom-made” outfits they wore in Italy were side-show quality, just hideous. Then lets remember, these people are poorer than dirt. Someone quick, tell Teresa to dress her kids like normal human children. Sara Ferguson, Duchess of York, no stranger to the good life………. only managed to get herself $5 or 6 million in debt (I forget exactly which). AND, I think she could probably find some resources to dig herself out. I still don’t understand how these nut-jobs went $11 million in debt????? Some of their creditors probably deserve to be stiffed for their own stupidity, but sadly we are ultimately the ones who pay.

  20. Bella777 says:

    Your Blogs are Completely bias. Furthermore, I disagree with what you find acceptable. As in Danielle speaking to her children about adult issues. Danielle needs to try an find some friends to confide in. That’s just sick! He children are clearly prompted as to what they should say every single “scene”. Her sending the children over to the bodyguards was disturbing because they clearly looked uncomfortable in doing so. For her to try an convince her children she even needs bodyguards is disturbing. (who sends their daughters over to hug strange men? not normal mothers) There were no contradictions in what Caroline said. “MY FAMILY IS ME”, she said. In her mind Danielle has done plenty to her. Many close knit families stand up for their family members. That’s perfectly normal! Caroline made it perfectly clear that Ashley should pay for what she had done. Not what Danielle had lied about. There is a huge difference in pulling someones weave verses threatening their life.
    BTW.. Danielle never paid for her crimes. She should have gone to prison. Her crimes were serious in nature and presented her as TRUE danger to society.
    P.S many of these scenes are set up by production. You should know that.
    Again, concerning your blog. You have clearly picked a side. I also noticed in your tweets, you said: “Neneleakes even knows Teresa is bat shit crazy”.(junior mafia?) I read nene’s tweets and saw nothing of the sort. I saw plenty about Danielle, you tweeted nothing about that.

    you’re not doing your blog justice. It’s so grade school!

    • Kat says:

      I thought Danielle did do time just less time because she cooperated.

      • dumberries says:

        She testified against the main player, got 6 months parole, drug testing for xx amount of time… She plead out and served the sentence she received in exchange for the plea…

    • JenD says:

      First of all Dina, Caroline or Jac, Danielle did pay with probation, and i would have to say she’s a smart woman for getting
      to the prosecutor first for a deal, cuz i would do it. Second, can you please repsond to this post by listing all the “ill” that
      Danielle have caused the Manzos, because i can list what they have done to her. I am not defending Danielle, but don’t
      piss on leg then tell me it’s raining.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Calm down there Bella! Of course the blog is biased. It’sLynn’s opinion. She doesn’t claim to be a journalist reporting the news.
        Your comment is biased as well, just as mine are.
        I happen to agree with you that bringing the bodyguards to the house and letting her children think she was in danger is sick. Danielle is very disturbed. But you are wrong about her not paying for her crimes. Whether you like it or not the justice system allowed her to turn states evidence for a reduced charge. She received probation instead of jail time. Right or wrong it’s the way our system works and many criminals have benifitted from similar deals. If you don’t like it you need to lobby your legislature to be tougher on crime. Vote only for DA’s who don’t make such deals if you can find one.
        I couldn’t care less what Nene Leaks thinks of Teresa. My mind is made up. I watched her flip a table, chase a woman through a country club and scream in her face, also push the host of the reunion show. She may not be clinicly insane but she is OUT OF CONTROL. She has a serious anger management problem along with her spending problems. She needs therapy.
        Caroline did NOT make it clear that Ashley needs to pay for what she did. She said at the dinner that she was going to ask Danielle to drop the charges. If Danielle had agreed how would Ashley have paid? The deal Caroline wanted to offer was insulting: Drop the charges and we will ignore you. That’s not an olive branch! It was total self interest.

        • MAMAZ says:

          PS Bella – As to the grade school comment, it’s immature to expect everyone to see things your way. Lynn has every right to sympathize with whoever she wants. She respects our right to have a different view than her and voice it here on her blog. You can’t get much LESS grade school than that.
          Final thought. This is Lynn’s blog. We are guests here by her invitation and permission. It’s extremely poor manners to be rude to someone in thier own “home.” Show Lynn the proper respect or don’t accept the invitation.

        • Quincy IL says:

          NeNe Leake’s opinion…rotfl..

      • Zoey says:

        Word. Agreed.

    • Snarkella says:

      Uh, hello? Aren’t most personal opinions biased in some way? o9a90

      That last bit was added by my cat. LOL

    • Olivia says:

      Biased in what way? We diss all these cast members and call into question much of their awful behavior. Even Bethenny and Alex, whom we basically like, have been criticized by the commentators here.

      What you seem to overlook in your defense of the Manzo’s et al is their own inability to censor themselves when it comes to the care and feeding of their own children. Little CJ referred to Danielle as a “pig” while riding alongside both Caroline and Jacqueline who accepted this as amusing. Last night showed these kids dining along with the adults as Danielle was being blasted from all sides as they awaited Gladiator Caroline’s return from battle.

      Gia talked about being “too pretty to work”, something that was attributed to Danielle as well, which indicated that she has been privy to overhearing this talk somewhere along the way. Joe offers to kick his kids in the ass for not behaving, or calling them ugly, or threatening to throw them overboard, which is not a sign of good parenting.

      Danielle has not protected her children from the backlash of the drama she causes but let’s not excuse the sainted Manzo’s and associates for openly discussing their grievances in front of “the kids”. Ashley would probably never be as involved in this mess as she is unless she was subjected to hearing the worst about Danielle from her own home.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Wow, GMTA…I commented about gladiators below 😀

      • JenD says:

        Well i’ll say it, I don’t like Bethenny or Alex, but what i can’t stand is women bullying other women, example
        with Manzo Mob against Danielle. I will always root for the underdog, no matter how crazy and nutty they (Danielle) are.

    • myname2use4now says:

      Bella, I think it’s fair to say that the blog is Lynn’s opinion, and I guess if that makes it biased, then so be it. That being said, everyone has their own opinion and is free to express it but no, it’s not a “fair and balanced” source of unbiased news. I think the title of the blog should tell you that! lol.

      Also, I agree with your assessment of D’s kids. I wish to goodness that they would never have been subject to the show. They look really uncomfortable most of the time. I guess the bright spot is that Christine is modeling and she seems to be very happy with that.

      C’s comment about her family being her screamed of dysfunction to me. Ashley is not her child, if Jac and Chris can’t handle Ashley then so be it. It’s not C’s job to step in and do the job.

      Whatever D has done to the others is all innuendo and gossip. What the others have done to D has been caught on tape and played over and over again. It’s hard to sit here and say D has done anything when there is really no evidence shown to support that claim.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I don’t understand your point in telling Lynn her blog is bias, everyone’s opinion is shaped by their own bias. I don’t know why Lynn should be held to a higher standard and needs to be objective in her reasoning.

      If you want to criticize Danielle for dragging children into adult issue then you should at least appreciate that when her kids do weigh in, that they use rational and diplomacy that none of the other housewife’s and most of their offspring are capable of.

      Danielle’s daughters aren’t deeply enough invested in the drama to the extent they are assaulting others, calling them profanities or starting on-line community wars.

      Yet we have seen Gia and CJ take shots at Danielle- and Ashley take a swing at her. Who’s children are the worse effected and most consumed by this? Because from where I am sitting, it doesn’t look like Danielle’s.

      The last time Danielle was in the same room with these women, she was chased down and assaulted. So, it’s not completely far fetched that she would want some sort of assurance that won’t happen again.

      While you beleive it might be ‘normal’ for Caroline to stand up for family, Caroline can’t have it both ways. If any of Danielle’s transgressions against extended family are a person affront to Caroline- then she also needs to own what they have done to Danielle.

      Do you think Ashley paid for her crime?

      • JenD says:

        I’m so tired of people worrying about Danielle’s children, i think they will be O.K. I hate parents who are
        overprotective when it comes to having certain conversation with children, Christine is of age, and her sister can
        understand the issues going on. I think they are very mature children, and i wish they were mine. They are well behavve.

      • Bonnie says:

        It wasn’t D.J. who called Danielle a PIG, but her brilliantly bright mother who did. D.J. asked what kinds of animals they would see at the farm and Jax said something like, “Chickens and cows and Danielles.” Great example she is for HER children. I am still convinced that the WORST mother among them is Jacqueline, as she is constantly sending mixed messages to her children.
        Is it any wonder that Ashley is so messed up and doesn’t know right from wrong? J even named her Blog “Un-Be-Weavable”, after shouting at Ashley for using it on FB after the Country Club event. And of course, after Ashley exposed her for laughing when she did use it on FB, Jax was all up in arms. How many of these mixed, ambiguous and contradictory messages (words) do we NOT see….
        Jax needs to grow up, before she ruins the lives of her other 2 kids. Just my opinion here.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I tweeted Jac about her naming her blog “Unbe-weavable” and she said the editors pick the title. BS-

          Not to mention, she uses the phrase un-be-weavable in her blog, so even if she was telling the truth- the editor didn’t pluck it out of nowhere. It came from her blog.

          Jac is really stuck on stupid and thinks she is 20.

    • Little_Rhino says:

      Isn’t a blog biased by definition? That’s what a blog is all about. Noone’s pretending this is objective journalism.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Of course this is biased, it’s Lynn’s blog and it is what she thinks. You don’t have to agree. Some of us do, some don’t in varying degrees. This is what makes it so fun.

    • emt2 says:

      Everything that you read is biases. If you want to have Danielle bashing, you can look on any other blog because that is all everyone ever does. Lynn is brave to step up to the plate and talk about the other women’s behavior. Something you obviously have a problem with. We get it, Danielle is evil but that doesn’t mean that no one else is evil on that god forsaken show. Please don’t be gullible or stupid. You posts reflect the mentality of someone who is kinda stupid, sorry but it’s true. We are all smart enough on this blog to understand the complexities of what we watch and some of us think that it’s time to put the spotlight on other women besides Danielle.

      If you don’t like it, tell us why and if you do like it, tell us why. You behavior is very reminiscent of a troll. Just sayin’!

  21. Maite1964 says:

    I am so happy this show is over. Between the trashy Teresa, the sociopath of Danielle and the ultra annoying Ashley it became incredibly stressful and not worse watching.
    This show is so dumb you know everything that goes on in each episode by just watching the bravo clips … anyway that’s what I do, and after reading your blog I realize I didn’t miss a thing!
    Anyhow, there is public for everything and they have their fans and their loyal viewers.
    Maybe Caroline and Dina started the show thinking it was a good way to promote the Brownstone or the Lady Bug charity and truth to be told the first season was entertaining until the table flipping scene … so after Dina departure in the middle of the season Caroline was left with not much to show other than her kids and the dumb meeting last night.
    I started watching this show because it seemed fun. After a long day at the office I don’t want to watch highly toxic shows I just want to smile and relax… call me crazy but I don’t find anything fun about flipping tables, pulling hair extensions, old ladies pole dancing, bad parenting or psychotic behavior.
    So again, I’m its HAPPY IS OVER …

    • VIgirl says:

      Also speaking of the table flippling scene in s1. I remember Teresa saying that she is not a violent person and that her husband had never seen her act like this. Now after s2 I tend to not agree with that. Violence comes to naturally to her for me to swallow that crock of bull poop.

      • Ellabean says:

        Another poster reminded us of this yesterday. I’d like to revisit this scene:

        Teresa’s anger. Recall season 1 Table Flipping scene when Joe was holding her back – uh – standing behind her with his hands around her throat.

        Who holds a loved one back that way ?

        My money says that Joe & Teresa have been to this WWE ugly physical fighting rodeo before. I say they both are doing some nasty physical violence at home. Not good.

        • Ellabean says:

          wrong acronym: WWF – World Wrestling Federation.

          • harleysmom says:

            I think you were right the first time – the World Wildlife Fund legally forced them to stop using WWF and now they are called WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Don’t watch NJ or, but love reading all the posts. It’s nice to have info to contribute.

        • Kat says:

          Holding someone by the throat is a threat imo.

        • TrillianAlice says:

          Oh that was me. Yes, after Teresa flips the table there is chaos and she even knocks Christopher across the room and Joe runs up to her and goes for her throat and then her arms. So, yeah, that wasn’t just one out of blue moment as we are now seeing. Not sure of the correct sequence but I saw trouble right away.

          Then all the guys have a drink with Danielle, Teresa is angry and her talking head was how great the s*x was
          because Joe got so turned on.

          Heck, that make explain the strange “spank me, Joe” in Italy. LOL

          I wonder what Andy is going to say after the reunion.

  22. Olivia says:

    My cynicism has reached the point of no return. I don’t believe one moment of this travesty is even close to being “real”.

    What I do see is a group of women who agree to take on a certain “persona” for each series and play along with the producers directions. The same themes for the most part are played out in each city and Bravo attempts to hide the mimicry by providing different casts.

    The light at the end of the tunnel for these hideous women is that in 2 years from now few will remember their names.

    • jennifer says:

      Totally agree….

      Then they act surprised and get angry when their real life stuff becomes public and they are suddenly seen in a different light then their “characters”. I think Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline really thought they’d come off lookin innocent and as victims of crazy Danielle but they actually come off way worse in my opinion…

      Considering all that has come out I’m surprised Joe lets Teresa stay on show….but then I guess they need the $$$$

  23. Zipit Zarin says:

    This whole thing reminds me of the wildlife shows I watch. The Manzo/Guidices are hynenas chasing the wounded (mentally and emotionally) Danielle. Danielle is a survivor so they can’t quite make the kill so they send in the matriarch of the pack, Caroline, to finish her off. But Caroline can’t make the kill either…she’s past her prime and can’t finish off the younger and more adept at getting out of scrapes Danielle. Caroline tries to explain to the pack that she really did finish off Danielle but they know she didn’t but out of respect for her position and age they let her think they believe her…and also to fool themselves they they won this fight.

    Or I liken it to gladitorial games. They are the victims, Andy and Bravo own them. The victors are payed with fame, adulation and money just like way back when. We are the crowds who are complicit because without us it wouldn’t be profitable. Blood lust is a reality. Once, the crowds went so crazy with blood lust 1/3 of the crowd was murdered by the other 2/3. We like to think we are more civilized than those ancient people. I think not.

    • Olivia says:


    • Ellabean says:

      Very well explained, Zip It.

      Roman Gladiator Theater. See who will be the last wife standing.

    • Blue Sky says:

      Well said Zipit Zarin, that “we like to think we are more civilized than those ancient people.” And I do agree with you, sadly we are not. Even more surreal, this show RHONJ is populated by the descendents of ancient Rome!

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Thanx, Roomies 😀 I did think about that fact…that they are decendants of the Romans. I am an ancient Roman history nutball. Everything about them facinates me. Last time at the book store I got a Traveler’s Guide to Ancient Rome…If I could time travel this would be my companion. I was thinking how much I’d love to travel there now and how the trip was so wasted on this group. Gahh!

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Thanx Roomies 😀

        This is all so dark and depressing. Imina go cleansy my spirit and watch this show about Einstein on the History channel.

        Later Taters

        • The competitive aspect of this show has kind-of oozed itself in, and I guess Bravo pointed it in that direction.
          I agree with this assessment/analogy, and I think it was done in such a sneaky way that even the cast(s) didn’t realize it until they were so deep in it that they had to fight.
          I think it was Caroline who said “There are no winners here”, or something like that. I think they didn’t bargain for it either.
          Too bad the “Survivor/Jerry Springer” slant of this series has brought in the ratings.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Very nice Zipit. On a humorous note, it will be funny to see one of the gladiators leap up and attack the Emperor (Teresa putting the smack-down on Andy);-)

  24. Blue Sky says:

    Great blog Lynn! Reading this blog is my guilty pleasure, ashamed that I even waste my time watching RHONJ..but I took a stand and refuse to watch RHODC. So feel a little better about myself!

    I find it fascinating watching Jillian & Christine when they are interacting with Danielle…do you see the same fear in their eyes, the wariness when they are listening to their crazy mother? It’s so surreal. Some day, maybe they will realize they can get away from her….I hope! I see lots of therapy in their future. What will Jillian think, watching herself on this show, 10 years from now? Christine must know about her mother’s sex tape. What will Jillian’s reaction be to that? How could a mother do this to her children? And have it all played out on a sick “reality” tv show.

    The show down between Caroline & Danielle was, well, so predictable wasn’t it? Nothing gained, just shouting & name calling. Did Caroline really think this would make things better? Or was she just fulfilling her contractual obligations with Bravo? I did lose some respect for Caroline. She should not have called Danielle a clown. So much better to have just politely said her piece, then let silence speak her true thoughts about D.

    Danielle is such an actress. Watch her reaction to Caroline…I saw that she respects Caroline, in the beginning of their “showdown.” Caroline is tough opponent, and not so easily manipulated, eh Danielle? At least Caroline had the class to apologize in her blog for calling Danielle a tramp. Danielle has her sex tape, and if it is true, countless affairs with married men to remind us what she really is. I do feel sympathy for Danielle, but bitch please – if you are no longer a prostitution whore, then stop acting like one!

  25. Quincy IL says:

    Caroline gets a tear in her eye if someone mentions her father in law and the mafia, but she can easily call someone a clown and garbage. Contrived…

    I worry about Christine and Jillian. I want to take them into a safe environment and protect them from their own mother.

    • Blue Sky says:

      So true Quincy, imagine having Danielle as a mother. Will she have the sense to get therapy for herself & her children before it’s too late? Will D have the sense to get off of reality tv, before she destroys her daughters’ lives? D wants her own show, to prove to the world what a great mother she is…? ughh!

      • Quincy IL says:

        People who have mental illness usually can’t save themselves. They don’t know what normal or healthy is.

        • Blue Sky says:

          After watching Danielle for 2 seasons, she must be mentally ill. That’s the only explanation of her doing a sex tape, her crazy stalking, her odd explanations of how she’s always the victim, why she constantly puts herself out there. Or she’s crazy like a fox, going for the $ no matter how much she destroys her daughters. Tough call, but seriously, Danielle needs help!

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        I think those kids are terrified of their mother…IMHO

        • TrillianAlice says:

          I agree, you can see it in their eyes and faces. Even their body language, they do whatever Mama wants. Especially if she asks twice.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Danielle controls and rules with an iron hand. The girls are afraid to cross her. As a child, she probably obeyed no rules.

          There was something that really scared me in Danielle’s discussion with her kids. She said that they had prayed about it. I thought she was referring to her problems with the Manzo’s. We know Danielle goes to mass every Sunday and sends the kids to Catholic School, but she has affairs with married men, spends months on the phone with phone sex then goes to meet that man in a bar, and she has sex tapes on the internet. Yet, she is praying with her kids for something to happen with the Manzos? It’s very dark in her mind and she is dragging the girls in. I don’t like Danielle using my religion in this manner. It’s dark and dangerous to be in Danielle’s world.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Quincy – I agree. I wish I could say that Danielle’s daughters are living in unusual circumstances but I see so many children being raised in homes very much like Danielle’s. My own childrens’ friends tell horrific stories about their parents. While I always listen with a grain of salt, I see evidence of selfishness, substance abuse, infidelity and dometic violence in many homes. And I live in a very nice upper middle class neighborhood in a great city. My kids always tell their friends that ours is a safe home and a refuge. My house is always full of children who would rather be here than at home even though my rules are very strict. And I have had the phone ring in the middle of the night with children needing a place to go because of fighting of out of control drinking taking place. It’s heartbreaking. I even had a child “run away” and show up on my doorstep. The Staub is far too familiar.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I meant Staub home is too familiar.
        Didn’t mean to sound so bleak. My kids also have friends with wonderful parents who try to pick up the slack for the others just as we do.

        • Ellabean says:

          MamaZ, I’m glad those kids have you. Reading that made me tear up. When I think of my own childhood – always feeling safe and loved unconditionally. I shall never ever take that for granted.

          • MAMAZ says:

            I did too Ellabean and I base my open door policy on the way my mom ran our house. There was always room at the table for one more. I frequently found someone sleeping on the living room sofa when I got up in the morning. Nobody was turned away. We always invited neighbors with no families to share holidays with us too. And my mom considered EVERYONE a neighbor!

            • Ellabean says:

              If you write any more about that – I am going to be welling up with watery eyes again.

              just teasing and (((Hugs)))

          • Scorpiosue1102 says:

            Hear, hear.

        • Blue Sky says:

          MamaZ, you are wonderful to help those kids. Good to hear about good moms today!

          • Char212 says:

            MamaZ Our house was the same way when our children were growing up. The school even called me once and said a young girl was having problems at home and she was telling all the teachers that she wanted to come live with us. I was honored but of course I couldn’t just go get her. It turned out later that she left home when she was 16. I think about her often and pray that she’s ok.

            • MAMAZ says:

              Char212 – Angela(mom), is that you? JK
              This is the second time you reminded me of my mother! The first was when you said you wouldn’t want Kim G to tell people if you had dirty dishes in the sink, lol. I loved that. My mom and aunts would think that was just about the worst thing anyone could say about you.
              You sound like a great person.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I have the same kind of house and what amazes me is when someone comes over and one of my “kids” say it’s snack and homework first then we can play and the response is always the same….cool.
        Kids like to feel safe, like routines and need to have an adult who is present – willing to listen and give them the ability to make good choices. If a conversation raises a red flag I ask is there someone in their home they can talk to about the issue – if not I will listen and guide them to the appropriate adult to help them. Kids have alot to say and are dealing with a world so different from when we were young – we have to be a village.

      • TrillianAlice says:

        Yes me too, I had my son’s 16 year old friend show up with a battered face. Next thing 4 burly police officers with mace cans.
        The boy’s father said he could be dangerous that is why they showed up as they did. They soon changed their mind after talking to the boy and seeing his face. The father lost his temper because he didn’t think the backyard was as clean as he wanted.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Maybe after what Tom Staub has seen that is the reason he is going for custody of Jillian (don’t understand why not Christine too). There is no reason to bring people like Danny Pro into their lives. As a mom, I would NEVER have my son associate with someone like that. The man went to jail for breaking a man’s finger(s) because he owed money. He even bragged about it on Jimmy Kimmel.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        And apparently Danielle doesn’t use the child support properly if he has to pay their schools directly. It is weird that it is only Jillian he wants custody of.

    • Kat says:

      I agree with you Quincy that Danielle may lack a conscience.

  26. Olivia says:

    These women are all adults and make the decision to appear on this show by their own free will.

    It is the kids who will suffer from watching the antics of these morons when they are older and realize what failures their parents are. Watching their mother racing through a country club chasing down another woman and shrieking at the top of her lungs, tipping a table in a restaurant while screaming “prostitution whore” in full view of children, constant references to Mommy’s “chuckie” and her sexual habits with Daddy, spending money without regard to payment, and using obscenities and vulgarities to cover her inability to speak with any civility, will play on forever in cyberspace in place of the family album. Mommy’s love of her “bubbies” as she addresses the nation in her talking head shots should stand out forever as a lesson in “good parenting”.

    The other Mommy who is shown swinging from a pole, making sex tapes for sale, enjoying phone sex, propositioning a lover for a restroom interlude, inviting felons into her home, displaying her breasts, and flipping the bird at the camera has much to answer for her parenting skills as well.

    We seem to overlook the fact that though we may dissect the meaning behind the “reality”, these kids are the ones who will be left to live with the aftermath of watching Mommy and Daddy reveal more of themselves than was necessary in order to maintain a facsimile of fame without any regard toward them.

    It is the kids who must live with this example of poor parenting and despicable behavior that need never have taken place.

    • Blue Sky says:

      Totally agree, Olivia. No other housewife show can lay claim to being worse than RHONJ for the kids. Teresa & Danielle have no consideration for the future of their kids, when they grow up & have to shoulder the shame of being the offspring of reality tv famewhores.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I’d say that the kids of Kim Z and Nene L are in trouble too.

        • JenD says:

          This is the thing. You tell me Dina’s Lexi is better off…NO. She will become her mother and learn to stay with a
          a man who cheats and treat u like crap, just for the money. I think Teresa and Dina are very similar, Dina
          just know how to hide it and has a husband with more money than Greasy Joe.

    • Snarkella says:

      I do feel sympathy for all the children of Real Housewives everywhere. My mom’s not Teresa, Danielle, Kelly, Jill, etc, but I still wouldn’t want her antics up on screen to be discussed by all.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I have seen that look in the eyes of Jillian and Christine that someome mentioned above. I’ve noticed from the beginning that they know already how to “manage” their mother so she doesn’t go off in some pathological behavior. I’m thinking maybe it’s a blessing this got on tv so there is SOME kind of check on how far Danielle can go with them. Just a thought. How many children are out there living with psychopaths. Welp, how many serial killers end up in the population.

      Wow, this is all really dark and depressing…just like the show. Imina go watch this show about Einstein on the history channel. Later Taters

      • Olivia says:

        Christine comes across as rather naive but I have detected fear in her eyes more than once.

        It is Jillian who intrigues me the most. She seems to view her mother through a separate lens altogether and almost signals to the audience that she is not buying into any of this crapola. I always felt that the scenes between Danielle and her daughters which was supposed to display the “all for one, one for all” attitude was just for show.

        My belief has been that they are merely “trotted out” as props in order to soften the image of Danielle and get her to appear as human with maternal leanings. My impression is that these girls spend a lot of their time alone while their mother pursues “other interests”.

        They are lovely girls which is surprising under the circumstances but I think they approach Danielle with a great deal of wariness and have learned to survive by developing the coping skills it would take to tolerate the conditions they live under.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I got the impression that Danielle didn’t care for Jillian’s reaction to her meeting with Caroline.

          • Olivia says:

            Jillian’s eyes and reactions say it all. Christine appears pliable but Jillian is holding back a lot of what she feels. At only 12 yrs of age she seems to have the maturity that Christine has yet to acquire when living with this crazy person.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I am also intrigued by watching the dynamics between Jillian and Danielle. It kind of reminds me of the relationship between Kate and Mady Gosselin.

            To an outsider, they can look like a surly child but when you peel back the defiance- the truth prevails on their side.

            The both can correctly call their mothers out on their narcissism and won’t be pacified by their bullshit and lies.

        • jezzibel says:

          I think Christines feelings about her mom are mixed, because she remember how her mom was when she was with her dad, the crazy was kept under wraps, and the Danielle that we see before us is newish to her too, but with Jillian, to her that is the way Danielle has always been, so she’s developed a diffrent attitude towards her mother.
          I think Christine wishes her mom would go back to the pre-divorce days.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          If she didn’t have her kids in scenes Danielle would have no one to talk to besides hoods, bodyguards and the Kims (who she disposed of quickly)! Their family time seems very forced.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Oh these girls are getting grief now – from their peers. It will define them. Danielle’s kids will probably be nothing like their mother. Ashley is like her mother and it is so obvious that sooner rather than later Chris will take a stand that will not include either of them.

  27. Snarkella says:

    Bye Everyone! I could happily sit her all day but, you know, duty calls.

  28. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Danielle has been bullied by these women, even the “classy” elder statesman Caroline. Why can’t some see that? Probably because of Danielle’s past and her penchant for drama. Okay. But, the ManzoMob (3clans), claim she is over reacting, bringing security, yet she is attacked while she has security. They say she has lied all over town, saying she was attacked by the Mob, yet she was. While cameras documented it. What would happen during the off season, or non-filming days? Would Danielle be safe? She remained safe due to her vigilance of the Mob whereabouts and her litigious nature. After pressing charges, they knew to touch her would be a problem. This angers them to end. Especially Theresa, who would love to beat her beyond recognition. She would love an “old skool” brawl with Danielle.

    ClownyCarolineManzo, the matriarch of the clan, considers herself to be the boss. Any person, reasonably, would think if she condones the behaviour of her posse, and she is the boss, then she is giving the orders. If her clan continues to act against her wishes, guess what? SHE IS NOT IN CHARGE! These girls broke away from Caroline a while ago. Theresa seems to be running the show now. She has made a fool of Caroline. A clown if you will. LOL

    Speaking of clowns…Caroline’s behaviour at the sitdown spoke volumes. She tried to reason with Danielle, by offering to keep the Mob out of her life, in exchange for dropping charges against Ashley. Really? I think that was an offer Danielle readily could refuse! LOL Who did Caroline think she was, offering her respect if Danielle dropped the charges? I loved loved loved Danielle’s response of no longer needing their approval to validate her. AWESOME! Caroline’s look…priceless! Danielle no longer caring for her respect was most unexpected. When Danielle challenged her on her indicted friends, Caroline swallowed a huge frog in her throat. Once again, Danielle ate her up! When challenged for proof of personal wrongdoing by Caroline, Danielle challenged Caroline with the same, to which Caroline then claimed all wrong doings to her clan were personal. BullShit! Can’t have it both ways.

    Ultimately, when Caroline saw, that “vacant” Danielle, was unwilling to acquiese to her demands, she showed her true mantra. She resorted to bullying, calling Danielle names and trying to humiliate her, while claiming to never allow her to hurt them, the all powerful ManzoMob. Gee that Mob sure likes to play victim don’t they? Best lines were Caroline calling Danielle a clown, and Danielle responding I’m a clown yet you have red hair! LMAOOOO Woo! That was worth it!

    • MAMAZ says:

      Amber – I don’t agree that’s she’s bullied but I do agree that Caroline’s offer was insulting. She didn’t even offer RESPECT. She offered to ignore Danielle.
      Caroline has no power or none of this would have gotten this far in the first place.
      My reasons for disagreeing about the bullying are the same as with KKB. We saw Daniele in S1 trying to start trouble between Jac and Dina. She was interfering in the family. Caroline, Dina and Teresa didn’t like that. Should they have kept their mouths shut just because there were three of them? We saw her baiting them at the beginning of this season, the phone call to Jac, the empty chairs at “Christines” luncheon.
      Just like on St. Johns, Kelly was causing so much trouble the other women were just defending themselves and Bethenny. But Kelly and JZ call it bullying because there were four of them against Kelly. That’s not bullying.
      A few days ago a poster decided to attack Boston for no apparent reason. When other people defended Boston the commenter accused them of Gang Mentality.
      I see all these things as being the same. If everyone feels you are behaving inappropriately and they tell you so it’s not bullying. If you can’t maintain friendships and everyone you know turns against you MAYBE it’s you!
      I do think Teresa and Ashley have crossed the line and maybe it has actually turned into a bullying situation. But it didn’t start out as one and Danielle bears some responsibilty for all of it as well. And Bravo exploited and manipulated everyone. Andy is the real bully.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I agree about BRAVO being the ultimate bully, forcing these factions to interact, knowing there is bad blood. However, regardless as to who started what, Theresa and Ashley are bullies. Bullies who physically get into others spaces. You can disagree with others without getting violent. Jac goes with the mob mentality, and starts ganging up with the others, even when the conversation is not about her. She’ll stay away from the violence as she likes to throw rocks while hiding her hands. Caroline you saw, became ugly and insulting because she didn’t get her way. Ultimate bullying. I don’t believe Danielle is blameless in this situation. She indeed has done some trash talking and lots of dirt. However, so has the Mob. They started gossiping about Danielle informing others of her past. Danielle, in turn started gossiping about them and they don’t like it. While Danielle has lied she has also gossiped with truth which is more hurtful. One good turn deserves another.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Caroline’s proposal amounted to extortion, “either drop the charges or we won’t leave you alone”.

        I find it almost laughable how these women keep on giving Danielle clips of ammo to use against them.

    • Olivia says:

      Caroline wants us to see her family as somehow being “the First Family of NJ” or something equally as trite. No interlopers allowed into this sacred group.

      But the truth is that they are no different than any other dysfunctional family littering the landscape of the USA. Just that there are more of them.

      The Manzo’s have been attached to mafia claims because of Tiny Manzo and his “untimely death” in the trunk of a car. They have been trying to live that one down for years. Yet we see both Tommy and Albert running a banquet house and restaurant where they must be doing “fantastic business” since each live in million dollar mansions complete with expensive furnishings and drive a series of late model cars that cost a fortune. No questions allowed.

      We have been told that one of Caroline’s brothers passed away and that she was not invited to the funeral based on past episodes of bad blood and that they had not spoken for years. So much for her so called “solidarity”.

      The Guidice’s have been accused of fraud, forgery, drunk driving, and an assortment of legal complaints brought out during their bankruptcy revelations. They are nothing short of criminal in their respective behavior yet we are asked to overlook these facts because they are “family”.

      So as much as Caroline is “offended” by Danielle’s behavior, she has no business casting stones at someone else as she gazes down from her self appointed role as “matriarch” when her own lifestyle may be called into question as well.

      Someone needs to inform Caroline that “pride goeth before the fall” when she casts judgment on others.

      • Little_Rhino says:

        Don’t forget Caroline’s close relationship with convicted felon Bernie Kerik.

        • julieintexas says:

          Don’t forget that Caroline thinks it’s okay to let her son pimp strippers out while washing people’s cars! lol – I betcha some of his future customers are married – but since it’s her family – it’s ok that her son wants to own a carwash/strip jot (only if he keeps it classy)? Insert eye roll here!
          Although I just called his mommie out – Christopher is my favorite of the Manzo Mob!

    • julieintexas says:

      Amber – everything u said was spot on! Caroline is a bully and people who don’t see that are blind! Great post!

  29. Quincy IL says:

    I didn’t want Bethenny to go on NYC. However, that alert on Luann’s twitter is a definate snark to Bethenny. Obviously, Luann can be a bitch even if she’s not being filmed.

    • JenD says:

      I don’t think Bethenny should return. Her show is successful and she has the success she wanted. She should stay with her own show, or she can come in and out of episodes as Ramona or Alex’s lunch date.

  30. cusi77 says:

    Lynn “Chapeau” for this Blog… You are the best!

    Last night, after watching The RHONJ finale I was so confused and thinking “How Lynn will put together this fiasco?” You did it magnificent! Thank you!

    Why Danielle couldn’t answer Caroline question about what her family hurt her personally? The answer was there… If Caroline feels that her family extends to Ashley… then there is plenty for Danielle to complain. If Caroline’s family is her husband and children… there is nothing! As far as we could see.

    Thanks to Olivia’s observations, last night episode was taped before the Italy trip!

    The Christmas ornaments in the fireplace in The Brownstone and more telling… Audriana was younger than in the trip! Did you notice?

  31. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @MAMAZ. Your comments are spot on and on FIRE this fine morning! Ditto to everything you said 🙂

    • MAMAZ says:

      Thanks Diva 🙂
      Gotta go put in a few hours at the office.
      By the way, I’m a natural(more or less) redhead so I really didn’t appreciate that comment from Danielle AT ALL! lol

  32. error404 says:

    Thanks Lynn! I knew I could count on your recap without actually having to sully myself by watching it. LOL

    Yeah, Danielle is bat shit crazy, but without her, there is no show.

    What I’ve never understood is how people can defend the other 4 women’s insane obsession with the town kook. They’re all in love with Danielle. They can barely go an hour without mentioning her name. I’m waiting for it to come out that she and Dina had an affair, and Danielle tried to break up Dina’s marriage. It’s about the only thing that would make any kind of sense.

    Caroline will never tell the truth about anything, and her lack of self-confidence is troubling. She’s only whole when propping up others. She has no sense of self esteem at all. She cries if her family doesn’t spend every waking moment with her. She’s pathetic. She thinks that without “family” she’s nothing. Sad.

    • Anitabee says:

      Hi Error —

      So glad to see your snarky self back on this blog. Did you hear Cray-Cray Kelly was asked back on RHONY?

      • Ellabean says:

        WHAT ?

        Sorry for yelling Anitabee ! Is that true or are you just teasing error since he’s been gone awhile ?

    • MAMAZ says:

      Is it just me or does Caroline seem terribly uncomfortable anywhere but home? Think about her demeanor at the dance class, the spa party, Italy, even shopping at Barney’s. She looks so awkward anywhere but her own kitchen.

    • Kat says:

      I love your Dina/Danielle theory! lmao
      I was wondering if Danielle slept with one of Caroline’s sons? Maybe that is what had her so upset.

    • Snarkella says:

      You’re right about Caroline, Error. That’s her role in life — the protector. It’s like that’s the only thing that makes her feel important. Then she goes to that meeting with Danielle as the Big-Scary-Momma-Bear and falls on her ass. Ouch! That knocked the wind out of her sails. She was visibly shaken.

      But I still don’t dislike Caroline the way I dislike the Jill’s & Teresa’s of the world.

  33. Pingback: Soccer-Who Wants To Be The Next Millionaire?

  34. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi Snarkella. I am relatively new but I had missed ur great posts for the last week.
    I love to know about monikers(got that from squirrels & have no idea what it really means).
    Anyway yours is my favorite & I have actually taken to calling myself snarkella around my closest “laugh” buddies.
    What prompted u to take my very favorite name.

    • Snarkella says:

      Oh thank you Wall St Lady. I thought I had a boring moniker but you just made me feel a lot happier with it.

      My husband is from England and when he first heard me using the word snarky, he thought I made it up. Even though I insisted that it was a real word that I couldn’t take credit for, I don’t think he believed me. He has lots of nicknames for me, but he calls me Snarkella whenever I’m getting my snark on.

  35. Quincy IL says:

    Bethenny isn’t perfect when it comes to natural health and nutrition. She’s on a blackberry fast until Mon. Now, we have all looked at the Aug bikini photos and the news that Bethenny is 116 lbs again. Why would she have to go on a fast?

    She states in the “Naturally Thin” book that on occasion she does fast. I have taken physiology, nutrition, studied with a physical trainer and I think fasts are unwise. Eat a little less, exercise a little more… slowly control your weigh over time and for a life time. I think Bethenny has no need to be thinner.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I know people who fast for spiritual and even creative reasons. I know B isn’t spiritual but maybe her yoga instructor encourages an occasional fast?

      • Quincy IL says:

        Maybe, but who would tell someone to starve the cells of a Human body for four days on purpose? Not a science minded person. 5 small meals a day. Especially if you are doing a lot of yoga as Bethenny is tweeting. Lean muscle needs energy.

        Bethenny doesn’t have a degree in nutrition and they probably has never heard of the glycogen pathway.

    • Little_Rhino says:

      Are you sure “blackberry fast” doesn’t mean that she’s not e-mailing or tweeting?

    • Ellabean says:

      I think the ‘blackberry’ fast wasn’t referring to food/diet. She was taking a weekend break from communicating via her Blackberry.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      She turned off her blackberry for a day. No tweets on Sunday.

    • kats2 says:

      Quincy – not blackberry the fruit, blackberry the texting/phone device that uses to update twitter.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Blackberry …the phone… lol..

        She talked about fasting in her book so I thought she was eating only blackberries… We just finished blackberry season and we put up jelly. LOL…

        OK… thank goodness she’s eating.

    • emt2 says:

      i love B but I think she still carries her previous eating disorder around with her. She goes on these fasts pretty often and she breaks out, becomes cranky, etc. I think she is still suffering from an eating disorder. It’s what I see, sorry. I have a lot of experience with eating disorders and B is not immune. Sorry.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I think a lot of our Bravo stars have eating disorders. Tamara said that she never eats in summer, their filming season and bikini season. Alexis freeks out and rides a bike for three days if she eats a donut. Kelly eats 700 calories a day and works out or runs 8 miles after a cup of coffee. Jill dumps diet pepsi on her plate. Vicki G and Jeanne K drink their calories and then try to sell us diet aids.

        I think Sonja eats. She is willing to eat the left over crabcake so Bethenny’s feelings won’t be hurt. She also exercises with yoga. She makes dinner for her daughter and eats with her.

  36. AZ Girl says:

    From the reunion tapes it looks like Danielle’s is dressed like a hooker, Tree is dressed in carpeting or drapes and Caroline has the one-shoulder “fullback” look. Lovely….

    • Olivia says:

      Like the annual meeting of the “Hooker Club” and all boobs in attendance. Falling out, peeking back, shoved back in place. Classy!

      Danielle’s outfit screams of “prostitution whore”. Okay, Danielle, we get it.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        While Danielle’s skirt was too shiny – she was showing off her arms and legs! Teresa looked like she escaped from a drapery convention and both Caroline and Jacq looked boring. Kim looks excellent in that shade of blue.

    • Ellabean says:

      and Jac looks like a pink disco ball.

  37. Little_Rhino says:

    I think there’s a technicality that explains why Teresa’s house isn’t in foreclosure. Foreclosure means that the bank that holds the mortgage is taking the house. Because T & J have declared bankruptcy, I think the bankruptcy trustee will auction off the house and divide the proceeds among all the Giudices’ creditors, not just the bank holding the mortgate. Thus, they get to say the house isn’t in foreclosure, but they’re going to lose the house all the same.

    • Sha2000 says:

      So if it’s auctioned off in this economy they’ll most likely sell for less & then it’s technically a short sale. Unless they allow them to keep the property if they can meet the mortgage? As I said before the electric bill alone has to be a monster with that square footage.

    • Blue Sky says:

      By declaring bankruptcy, Joe & T are able to keep their principle residence. Not fair to the creditors that are left with close to $11 million in losses, but that’s how bankruptcy can help these crooks. Now consider that if it is proved that they lied on the bankruptcy documents, they will not be able to keep the house…it remains to be determined. Another twist is they may be charged with some crimes, like forging signatures (Joe did that to his partner…many past posts on that) and hiding assets (where did all that money come from, right after they claimed bankruptcy?). So the Giudice grifter saga continues.

      • Noreen says:

        In most states, people filing bankruptcy can keep their house. If there is a mortgage on the property, only the bank or individual holding the mortgage can move on the property and then, only if they are in default under the terms of the mortgage. The rest of the creditors would get the balance after the mortgage and costs are paid in full. And with the housing market what it is, I bet T&J are upside down in value v. mortgage payoff. Most people filing bankruptcy keep their house and cars (as long as they are making payments to the lien holder). This is nothing new. I can’t stand Teresa and Juicy, but the bankruptcy laws are in place for a good reason and we wouldn’t want to change them because of a-holes like them.

        • Snarkella says:

          Oh I hate it when people take advantage of the system and get away with it. Not that they’re getting away with it completely, but why should anyone be allowed to keep a house like that? How can they even afford the utility bills?

          • Noreen says:

            I agree. It should be for people to maintain their families in their homes, not their outlandish (not to mention hideous) McMansions. But in reality, the bank owns T&J’s house and I doubt there is a dime in equity for the creditors.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I wonder, if the contractors who worked on the house can claim there back their wears in lieu of payment. For example, can the railing guy go in with a court order to pull the railing out since they never paid him for it.

              They can repo car and furniture, what about other goods.

              • Sha2000 says:

                I priced out custom iron railing’s for our house (obviously pre-recession) & the starting price was about 7k , & I need less than Teresa would; point IS, they are EXPENSIVE & it’s labor intensive. There would be days of work just to pull them out.

    • Squirrels says:

      If there is a lien on a house, there is a pecking order. IRS is always first in line. Beyond that it depends on when the creditor filed a lien against the property. I highly doubt the bankruptcy court can alter that, though I may be wrong.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      There may be mulitple lenders (loans/mortages) on the mansion. In that case, one could take the property to satisfy their loan – the Guidice’s will be on the hook for the rest of the lenders amounts that they decide they want (full value to something less than full) and then payments will begin. IMO they will not be keeping that house – the bankruptsy isn’t completed and it will come up eventually. They can not pretend to be able to afford that house but not afford to pay their debts.

      • Kat says:

        That makes sense to me. They stated in the bankruptcy filing they receive 10K monthly from family. Certainly that could go to debts but is it even true?
        The filed documents seemed full of lies to me.
        To keep their home I’d think they would need to have real income that meets their mortage obligation and expenses.

        • TrillianAlice says:

          Teresa and Joe will not lose their home if everything goes through between the attorney, the trustee and Judge.
          They have shown on paper they can afford to pay the mortgage. If no one put a lien on the house then they are out of luck once everything is approved.

          Remember the wife of the man who made the iron railings for $190,00 was upset because she cannot afford tuition for her children this year (along with other things.)

    • Savannah111 says:

      Hi everyone, I’m Savannah Nichole on the Bravo site but I’m going to post here what I just posted there because I know Bravo will probably not post it. I’m not sure why I couldnt use Savannah Nichole on this website when I signed on it just indicated that it wasnt a good screen name. So some of you may have read 1 or 2 of my blogs I just have a difficult time getting Bravo to post them, I’m not cussing but at the same time its not about LOVE LOVE LOVE either.
      * I read page 1 of Teresa’s blog and couldnt take it anymore LOL without posting a reply that is so here’s exactly what I;ve submitted to be posted.

      Bravo be brave post this…

      Oh No you don’t Teresa, I couldnt even get off page one of your blog without replying I swear I’ve not seen page 2 or 3 yet, but lets make atleast 1 thing perfectly clear and that is you’ve done nothing BUT sit around and talk about her ( Danielle ) !! I’ve watched both seasons I’ve watched episodes over and over again due to re-runs so what your doing now is spewing lies okay..

      How did you get Andy back in his chair? Oh yeah you pushed him with your hands right? NO I don’t buy that you wouldnt ever put your hands on anyone either. IT was ONE TWO THREE SHOWTIME and you were in Danielle’s face Like a cave woman, you looked like one and sounded like one.. You better thank your lucky stars that it wasnt someone else you were in the face of because you would have been hurt, most people wouldnt put up with that you know Danielle will not go there with you and thats why you acted like garbage that America thinks you are. Now as far as all your teenage posters here I’m sure maybe they’ll give you a thata girl.

      Bravo if this doesnt get posted it’s because your biased, there’s alot of other boards/websites out there and thats why they are because Bravo will post only comments that are LOVING..

  38. boston02127 says:

    Thank you for the new blog Lynn. You notice everything. 5 stars!
    Do you think any of the housewives (NY, NJ, etc) have to sign some type of agreement with Bravo not allowing them to write a book about the show?

    • I would give anything to see the contracts they sign. One of these days I expect to see it on The Smoking Gun, or somewhere.
      I’m pretty sure that there is always a time limit to how long you can sign-away someone’s silence/confidentiality.
      When I worked for AT&T, I had to sign a 10 year “proprietary” information disclosure contract. At that time it was the maximum time-limit allowed.
      Also-they had scientific information, so it could be different.
      Another thing is that no matter what anyone says, no one can sign-away the children’s rights, and being minors, they can not sign-away their own rights.
      I hope that one of the children, (ha ha Ashley maybe?), breaks the silence and tells-all.

  39. Blue Sky says:

    There must be more to this Dina/Manzo mob vs. Danielle (re Caroline’s tearful rant against Danielle during the season 1 reunion show). I’ve been wondering, does Danielle have some proof that Dina’s husband cheats on her? Like maybe on video? Wow. That would be crazy.

    Maybe just the fact that Danielle knows the truth about Dina’s husband, whatever it is. Danielle being a “homewrecker” and spreading rumors is driving the rest of them nuts. Dina can’t stand Danielle, so she left the show…setting in motion the “let’s get rid of Danielle” storyline? Now it looks like Teresa is attacking Danielle for “breaking up her family.” Is that because Danielle knows about Joe’s cheating? Danielle should get out of town fast!!!

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      I still think Danielle and Juicy did the nasty at some point in time..even before the show started… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it

      • In the previews something was said about a nephew being in the hospital. I know that the Manzos lost a nephew, but also Teresa has a sister, so maybe Danielle brought Teresa’s personal family into it?
        I also head Danielle complain that it wasn’t fair that she couldn’t talk about whatever she wanted, but none of her “stuff” was off-limits.
        I agreed with her on that, but if it was about people who are not part of the show, they should be off-limits.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        It would explain alot! lol

  40. boston02127 says:

    Ashley’s mentality-
    Her tweet— there were just 2different commercials for vagisil…and then 2commercials for pamprin….in a row.. ew..

    It’s shocking that she 19.

    • Anitabee says:

      One day not too far away Ashley will have to apply for a job where her Manzos connections won’t be enough. Human Resources will run a background check on her and see her criminal record.

      She won’t get that good job. Unfortunately, it still won’t be enough to make her grow up and change. She will be a lifelong immature brat. Nothing Jac and Chris can do now to change it.

      • Olivia says:

        I was a recruiter for many years and interviewed quite a few Ashley’s in my time. They are all the same.

        Should they somehow pass muster with a hiring manager, they usually did not last very long since the job required that a) you are expected to show up on time, b) unable to do the simplest tasks, or c) calling in sick every month because you have your period which is not considered a health scare!

        Ashley looks like she might have a problem even completing an application without assistance (and I have seen plenty of those too) and the interview process is painful for both parties. Ashley would answer with a shrug and a smirk which would send her chances with me right into the circular bin.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Nor will she be able to explain it without sticking both of her scummy feet in her mouth!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I bet every time she hears the name Dick, she giggles.

    • boston02127 says:


  41. jennifer says:

    I haven’t watch RHONJ for the past few weeks only read this blog but I might watch the reunion. I did watch the clip and I don’t care how Danielle is or whatever Teresa is insane. She is an animal to act like that, and I can’t see how she can claim to be nice because she was out of control, even pushing Andy. Honestly if she is going to play “tough bitch” persona she should just own it…..not act out and then claim she is nice and classy and sweet….

    In reunion footage Caroline looked old in my opinion, like older then before, like she has aged…

    Jacqueline (who I actually believe has a touch bitch fighter in her waaaaaay more then Teresa) looked great! That is all I can say about her….She looked pretty, everything else major fail….

  42. Wall St Lady says:

    Duchess I was thinking the same “excuse” of general NJ Voyeurism.

  43. “steward” not “Stuart” (cruise junkie checking in) 🙂

    Lynn, you are right on with calling Caroline on her hypocritical BS. Yes, Danielle came in with a wall up—she’s been on the defensive against these people for so long, after all. And since Teresa told Jackie “See, I told you we shudda went” (gah!), Danielle’s intuition was on the mark & it was a smart move for her to bring security guards. Don’t forget, Ashley also targeted Christine (some twitter madness earlier this year), which is probably why Danielle introduced them to the kids. Otherwise, that was a bit weird.

  44. boston02127 says:

    I think Teresa’s life is falling apart before her eyes. She’s losing her home and everything in it. She has to be worried about where they will end up. She also has her parents living arrangements to be concerned about. Joe is awful towards her. I don’t think their marriage is as strong as she’d like everyone to believe. The embarrassment alone must be hard to deal with. If it’s true that she was kept in the dark about their finances and now she knows, that has to be stressful. I can’t watch the full clips of her at the reunion because of my computer but I saw a clip of her screaming on TV. It was kind of frightening.

    • Olivia says:

      I often wondered how Teresa reacted when told of their financial mess. Can’t believe she took it well.

      “No more spending, Tree” says Juicy Joe in his most articulate manner.

      “Does this mean I have to put the girls Bo Peep outfits with matching staffs and live sheep on layaway Honey?” she answers back in her “nice” way.

      “Just means that until I get called for another “job” in the middle of the night we are gonna have to cut back on those “dooches” you ordered for the 10 bathrooms. By the way, can I bum a ride witch you? I can’t find my license.”

      “Oh Honey, I promised to drive Gia to another photo shoot. Why don’t you take that ATV we gave Gia for her birthday. Don’t think you need a license for that. Or wait until my father finishes mowing the lawn and you can drive that to town or wherever you go when you disappear”.

      “Shut up before I give you the kick in the ass I promised in Italy!”

      “Give me a kiss Honey, you know how that just turns me on”.

      Fade to black.

  45. Joe didn’t want to PAY for the service of having the luggage brought out so he dragged it all out himself!

    Actually, that is part of the cruise experience. You don’t have to pay them to take your luggage to & from your stateroom. You *might* have to tip them though, so basically Joe is such a cheap ass, he stiffed his room stewards on their tips. God knows, with that circus, they deserved them!

    It’s good cruising etiquette to leave larger tips for your room stewards if they have to go above & beyond for you. Most cruiselines add tips to your sailing account, at the suggested amounts (usually $10/day, which covers everyone), but if you have, say, kids who act like animals, a husband who drinks like a fish & always wants a full ice bucket, & a wife who brings 20 suitcases full of crap, you should leave a bigger tip to make up for all the extra work you caused.

    • Snarkella says:

      I think they were just too stupid to know what was going on. They probably didn’t read any of the literature that’s left in each room’s mailbox to inform passengers of such things.

  46. Sha2000 says:

    “Will Kim G. be Jersey’s new ‘Housewife?'”

    Sunday, August 22, 2010 http://www.northjersey.com/arts_entertainment/Will_Kim_G_be_Jerseys_new_Housewife.html

    • Olivia says:

      “I’m an instigator and always been that way”. What a fabulous recommendation to gain entry onto this shipwreck of a show! Her kids must be so proud.

      She must be loaded with friends who appreciate her “instigations” played out against them whenever she is around. Another classic example of trash coming to us from the state of NJ. This woman is mental.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Seriously, I’d rather watch trash with money and I bet Kim could bring some serious bling to that party. I wonder why she didn’t go after Danielle the way she is going after Teresa?

        • Kat says:

          If D is off the show KimG has nothing to gain from a twitter attack. But going after T establishes a rivalry and suggests potential drama to Bravo.

          This assumes Danielle is gone and KimG’s tweets are actually from her and not an imposter.

  47. OneMoreinBoston says:

    To everyone who is offended by Danielle’s bodyguards:

    My dad was a Col. in the Military Intelligence division of the Army. We lived in army bases in a lot of places overseas . We always had armed bodyguards (and no they weren’t MP’s) when we left the base, because at that time there were many kidnappings.

    My younger brother and I had to go to actual kidnapping classes to know what to do in the event we were taken. My mother had to go to seperate classes on how to handle and diffuse dangerous situations. By the way I was 10 and my brother was 8.

    I know several people who routinely hire armed bodyguards to escort them in other parts of the country-(none that I know of in MA) The bodyguards are typically licensed, bonded and have some type of military background.

    My old boss who owns a huge company and is worth quite a bit of money hires a firm that is run by ex Israelie commandos to guard himself and his wife and children when they go out.

    IMO- Danielle’s bodyguards were in the house to do a night security sweep as part of their job.

    When Danielle told the girls that the bodyguards had protected her, I was very surprised that they got up and went not to hug Danielle like I expected, but hugged the bodyguards.

    Even the bodyguards seemed surprised. So much so that Danielle had to explain it away by saying we hug here or something to that effect. It didn’t seem to me that Danielle was prompting them, it seemed like she was trying in her own odd Danielle way to reassure the girls that she was ok and then the hugging was spontaneous.

    I’m still sort of digesting this episode because I found it to be rather unsettling. Sort of strange with no real resolution. Still thinking about it…

    • Sha2000 says:

      Why would you need bodyguards when your claim to fame is “bravo housewife” and you have a large camera crew of primarily men all around you?

      Answer: you hire them to staged for drama.

      & yes I agree, it was strange & it actually put me to sleep, had to rewind it on DVR to she what didn’t happen.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        Well, no I don’t agree with you.

        We don’t know what rumors about the Manzo’s mafia connections are being whispered in their town.

        Ashley attacked Danielle when she DID have an armed bodyguard.

        Since Caroline has said that Ashley was her family, if I had the financial resources, and I felt physically threatened I would also have hired the bodyguards.

        ALSO- why DID Danielle go? Maybe Bravo made a deal with her? Like if you go to the meeting that we have to have to end the show, we will have bodyguards for you?

        • Scorpiosue1102 says:

          Danielle did get her hair pulled by Ashley. The think I don’t understand at all is if Danielle had bodyguards why it happened at all?? I hope she fired them after that. If a true bodyguard saw this all going down they would immediately get them into a car or separate room.

          Also, even if there are rumblings of the Manzo’s having mob connections that being the reason for a bodyguard what about Danielle hanging around Danny Pro? His uncle Anthony went to jail for using local unions for mob money, was a #2 for Hoffa, and was convicted of murder for having the Local 560 treasurer killed. Danny is know to be a “made-man”.

          More about Danny:
          “Bellomo’s Provenzano-related problems began several years before the movie, when Provenzano was arrested on June 12, 1997, by a New Jersey state and federal task force and accused of trying to extort half an insurance company from its owner for a $40,000 gambling debt.

          Before his arrest, Provenzano had been tape-recorded telling his victim that his mob superior, Barney Bellomo, was a “stone-cold killer” with a dozen hits on his resume and that Bellomo had demanded a $100,000 tribute from the insurance executive……

          Meanwhile, the case against Danny Provenzano dragged on until November 2002, when on the eve of trial, he copped a plea deal and began serving a 10-year prison term the following year, just as “This Thing of Ours” was being released.”

          His talking about this on Jimmy Kimmel:

          The fact that Danielle lets her kids be around this guy is telling and dangerous.

          • Quincy IL says:

            Excellent information. As I said in the past, if the Manzos were tied to the Mafia, Danielle would be long gone. They don’t play games.

            • Just for the record, as far as I know, and I don’t really know much about it, but, supposedly there is a chance that if Tiny Manzo’s death was a mob-hit, that the reason for the murder may have been that he refused to “play ball” with organized crime.
              Besides the murder, I don’t know anything about the Manzo’s involvement in crime. Except that he does have an “old-school” mob-style nickname. (I’m assuming that he was huge, the nickname was usually the opposite of what they were. My Italian Godfather
              Danny P.’s record is more available and yeah, he really is a bad-guy. And an actor.

              • OneMoreinBoston says:

                Well- it has been reported that “Tiny”Manzo and an associate were skimming off the books of a mob owned casino. They were supposedly caught redhanded and then found murdered.
                I thought it was a message-like don’t steal from us or look what will happen.

            • Jen says:

              They also don’t allow plp go publically go on TV or take unnecessary risks like harming stupid drama queens like Danielle… The Manzos aren’t in the Mafia they just wantplp to think they are

      • Blue Sky says:

        There’s another reason Danielle needs bodyguards. The person in Florida, can’t recall his name, went to prison and never got the $100,000 she stole from him (she took some cocaine, whatever!). So yeah she does need “protection” from the real criminals that she testified against 20 years ago.

        Then there are all the angry people in town that have it in for her escapades with their husbands/sons etc…then of course the Manzo mob. It’s quite a list.

        • Kat says:

          That guy from her past did admit to wanting her dead at one time. But he then pointed out he can’t get money from a dead person and he wants his money.
          I don’t think he can sue her for payment on kilos of coke. 😉
          He should write it off and move on imo, but he must think D is rolling in dough. She also narced on him and that cost him prison time. It’s hard to guess his intentions.

    • RIerinFL says:

      I thought the same thing, that the girls were not prompted to hug the bodyguards. I thought Jillian looked relieved that she came home safely. I think her extensions getting pulled really upset them and they may now believe that their mom could be hurt physically by these people.

      They may be a little afraid of their mom but I feel they love her and don’t want to see anything happen to her.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        The girls have wanted the drama ala Manzo over for a long time. There has to be fall out at their schools because of the show and their mother is definately not the one people would root for or have sympathy for either. And we know Danielle (actually all of them) talk about the show/cast way too much because they have no lives – kids listen!

  48. Sha2000 says:

    Ashley still contact Danielle via twitter:

    “guilty people run”- @daniellestaub about 14 hours ago via UberTwitter

    • stalker!

      why am I not surprised that Trashely won’t leave Danielle alone?

    • Snarkella says:

      Honestly, there is something wrong with that girl. She is beyond obsessed with Danielle. You could see it in her facial expression in the final episode. When her parents tell her she needs to end all contact with Danielle, it’s like they were taking the crack pipe away from an addict.

      • Olivia says:

        Like they made her break up with her best friend. Pathetic moron.

        • Snarkella says:

          I think I figured it out Olivia. Her fight with Danielle is her only claim to fame. It gives her screen time on Housewives. It got her a blog. It’s why people read her tweets and follow her on facebook. If she cuts all contact with Danielle, she’ll have nothing left. That’s why she looked desperate as she listened to her family’s plan. They were pulling the plug on her “superstardom.”

  49. Anitabee says:

    okay – I finally forced myself to read the article at NYDailyNews about the RHONY coming back.


    Here’s my thoughts. The article was penned by someone named “Gatecrasher”. If by “insider” the writer “Gatecrasher” must mean the insufferable Jill Zarin. The article takes digs at Alex and Bethenny. Makes you say “Hmmm.” for a second before you realize that stupid ridiculous Zarin can’t keep that Chaza mouth on her closed for a second.

    Hey, Gatecrasher – you should be ashamed to take information from Jill. It is obvious that you either do not watch the show or you would know the following:

    1. Of course, Alex was asked back. She is now one of the most popular housewives on the show. I highly doubt that she was EVER in danger of being let go. That was Jill Zarin fighting dirty which is the only way that dim witted-trades-sex-for-jewelry-fuckface knows how to attack.

    2. Bethenny. Let’s see Gatecrasher, Bethenny ratings and demographics beats the RHODC. Did you believe your own bullshit when you wrote that she wasn’t asked back?
    Ummm, dumbass – Bethenny was the first one asked. She obviously chose to do her own show. She would NOT go back to RHONY since she’s been saying that months. She has her own show and guess what? It will obviously air before RHONY.
    Lastly, with Kelly “Kill” Bensimon on the show do you think Bethenny would take a chance and be anywhere near her? Kelly for months has been obsessed and stalking every move Bethenny makes.

    For the record- ” I HATE JILL ZARIN…Forever”

  50. Wall St Lady says:

    Boston I thought it was shocking that her mother let Trashley not clean up her room & had to beg her to do her homework in season 1. Then in 2 she is allowed to live with her boyfriend (while mom still is doing her laundry)& then come home & not be required to work !
    What a flounder & her mom is a mermaid !

    • boston02127 says:

      @ Wall St Lady–When my mother was well she use to say “don’t think the world owes you a living”. She would never have let me get away with what Ashley gets away with. That bag of laundry would of ended up in the front yard.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Flounder is a perfect description of Ashley.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        flounder with flabby fins!

      • Quincy IL says:

        My mom wanted to cook Flounder when we were kids. She put it in a pot of boiling water and it completely dissolved. LOL… It’s been 40 years and I still remember the look on her face. LOL>>> tears of laughter….

  51. boston02127 says:

    Jill Zarin of `Real Housewives of NYC’ on shopping frenzy

    Jill Zarin isn’t shy about telling it like it is. So it’s fitting the fiery cast member from the Real Housewives of New York City wrote a book packed with advice.
    The Long Island, N.Y., native was in Coral Gables and Boca Raton over the weekend doing signings of Secrets of a Jewish Mother. Cowritten with her sister and mother, the self-helper doles out tips on dating, parenting and marriage (Classic: “Who said your husband has to know everything?”)

    Zarin is loving the Sunshine State, hanging out with BFF Carole Rome, wife of governor/senatorial candidate Charlie Crist, and shopping to her heart’s content.

    “Mayor Bloomberg won’t be thrilled with me; I’m helping the Florida economy,” said Zarin from the Theory store at Town Center in Boca. “I’m here getting my basics — my black, my white, my gray. I’ll drop a few grand, but I’ll be done.”

    Zarin, 46, likely won’t have too many wardrobe issues in the near future — Season 4 of the hit Bravo show is in limbo, while frenemy Bethenny Frankel got her own spinoff, Bethenny Getting Married?
    The two don’t speak, but it sounds like they may eventually. “Sadly, I haven’t seen her baby yet but hopefully when the media goes way we’ll be able to talk.”

    In the meantime, plan on seeing more of Zarin.“Nothing makes me happier than going to the mall in Boca,” she said. “I have my little rituals like getting my frozen yogurt then having lunch at Neiman Marcus.”

    Being unemployed will also give the mother of four (one daughter and three stepkids) some down time. But don’t look for her tuning into the D.C. franchise.“I find it a little boring, a little pretentious and forced,” she said, adding, “but the jury’s still out.”
    What’s the appeal of all these Real Housewives? “I think people are just nosybodies. I don’t mean that in a bad way,” she said. “Also it’s the `better you than me’ mentality. You got that DWI and I didn’t.”

    Miami Herald 8/24

    • Olivia says:

      She is such a “joy” isn’t she? The unemployment rate across the nation is scaling new heights and this moron is bragging about spending a few thousand on a wardrobe at some high end stores. And that added crap about being “the mother of 4” when those stepkids aren’t much younger than she is is revolting.

      DC is “boring, pretentious and forced” just like NY, NJ, OC, and Atlanta if she wants the truth.

      I am so over these “housewives shows” and the dimwits they showcase as “stars” who do not even qualify as D listers. Monotonous drones living out legends in their own minds.

    • DC “too forced & pretentious?” Pot, Kettle. Kettle, Pot.

    • Ellabean says:

      “….hanging out with BFF Carole Rome, wife of governor/senatorial candidate Charlie Crist.”

      I call BullShevik on “hanging out with BFF”.

    • alicia says:

      I don’t go down to that mall anymore. There have been several robberies in the parking garage and two years ago a woman and her daughter were robbed and shot behind the Sears store. They had driven her first to empty her atm. This would be a good place to take a bodyguard .

    • error404 says:

      “You got that DWI and I didn’t.”

      she’s such a bitch!

  52. Anitabee says:

    (Pardon if this was posted 2x. I hit post then my comment disappeared)

    Here’s my thoughts on the NYDAILYNEWS article about the RHONY coming back:

    Ok, I have a bone to pick with the writer, “gatecrasher”. It is blatantly apparent that he doesn’t watch the show or is a friend of Jill Zarin.

    1. It is so frickin obvious that Jill Zarin is his “show insider”. Pls, Jill almost wrote the article as it takes digs at both Alex and Bethenny. Jill of course is still fighting dirty as it is the only way this dimwitted-trades-sex-for-jewelry-Chaza-Fuckface knows how.

    2. Please — Alex is one of the most popular housewives on the show. More likeable than Kelly, Countess, and Jill. I don’t believe that she was EVER in danger of being cut loose from the show. It was Jill’s handiwork and needs to let it go.

    Of course Alex was asked back- who is going to bring Jill’s crazed paranoria to a level where she has a mental breakdown ala Kelly?

    3. Ummm…sweet gatecrasher…Bethenny not asked back? How foolish are you? Bethenny has said for months that she was done with RHONY. She has her own show. She has a new baby. She has a new husband. She has a BOOMING business. She is still in the honeymoon phase of her marriage.

    Not asked back??? Wow! Bethenny was asked back but chose only to do her own show. And from the looks of it, Bravo is rushing a second season right now to air before RHONY even films.

    Bravo LOVES Bethenny, gatecrasher. In fact that should be the title of her show for next season.

    Oh and for the record, “I Hate Jill Zarin….Forever.”

  53. Wall St Lady says:

    Olivia you forgot that when Jo tells Trasha about their $$$ problems
    Trasha screams to Jo when he says he is going to kick her a$$ “SPANK ME JO” !

  54. Thank-you again Lynn for tying-up the loose ends, and posting your great insight.
    And, for, (once-again), validating exactly what I was thinking-its OVER!
    Since RHWONY, watching this show has become more like torture.
    I can’t remember the last time that I felt relieved to see a season end. (oh yeah RHWONY),
    But besides that? Never.
    I don’t think I can sign myself up for much more of this kind of entertainment.
    It almost appears that Bravo responded to the viewers by firing Danielle, but if its only Danielle, I’m not taking that as a “victory”.
    More like they had their own reasons.
    Yes, I’ll be glad to never see Danielle again, but I actually have a “list”. Not of characters that I love to hate, but characters that I don’t want to support or see on television.
    I started-out this season LOVING Teresa. She had such potential and in my opinion she really blew it.
    Watching her walk up that cobble-stone hill in stilettos, while she had an infant to take care-of, was the final straw for me with her.
    I guess that I’m the only one who has any sympathy for Ashley.
    I really don’t like the way that Jackie treated her all season. Jackie went to lengths to prove that she, (Jackie), was the HBIC. They constantly tried to put Ashley “in her place”. I thought it was degrading, and an extremely poor way to treat a young woman. Thank-God we had the example of Lauren, who appears to be ok.
    As for Danielle’s children, I agree that they also appear to be well-adjusted. But like someone up-thread mentioned, there’s something there-I think it is fear.
    I think that Danielle has remained true to her criminal past, she doesn’t have friends, she takes hostages. I think her children are her hostages also.
    I’m not sure if being in the public-eye makes it any safer for them, or not?
    I won’t watch Danielle’s spin-off, and I won’t watch next season of RHWONJ unless Teresa’s situation is portrayed realistically.
    I also don’t think would be right for Bravo to fire Danielle and allow the rest to get their way. I agree that Danielle was set-up to be hated, but she volunteered for it.
    And who-ever she let do her eyebrows sealed the deal.
    Sorry to be so long-winded here, but I’m wrapping-up my thoughts on this season.
    (I’m not saying “good-bye” ’cause we still have the re-unions 🙂
    I notice that some of us have concern for the children who are used for the show, and if it bothers any of you like it bothers me, there is an organization, the only one of its kind, that is at least keeping an eye on our “reality” children.
    The name of the organization is “a minor consideration”, and they are trying to advocate for all child performers.

    • MAMAZ says:

      housewifehater – I have some sympathy for Ashley. I think Jac egged her on. We know she talked trash about Danielle in front of her kids. CJ knew exactly who Jac meant when she commented on the pigs at the farm. Even after the hair pulling incident Jac giggled about the unbeweavable line. Ashley may have felt like she was bonding with her mom over the feud. Talk about throwing your kid under a bus.
      If anyone should have met with Danielle it was Jac. They had been friends. She should have explained to Danielle that it was probably pretty much her fault that Ashley had reached such a high level of aggression towards her. She should have told her she understood Danielle pressing charges. And asked for an immediate and permanent truce between the Lauritas and her.
      Then she should have gone home and apologized to Ashley for involving her in the first place, suggest she accept her punishment like an adult and honor the truce or move out.

  55. Char212 says:

    I was just thinking about last weeks NJ episode when Danielle met with the private investigator to help find her mother. Do you suppose she also hired him to do a little side job outside of the camera’s to follow Juicy Joe? Could that be what all the yelling and hollering that Teresa was doing was about? Maybe Danielle brought up what the PI found out and it wasn’t pretty lol.

    • GMTA. I can see her telling the PIs “Well, since you can’t find my mom, can you find some really good stuff on these people?”

    • Ellabean says:

      Char, I think you’re onto something.

      The extreme hysterical screaming we see in the previews where Teresa stands up and yells at Danielle: “You are not going to break up my family !”

      I suspect that Danielle threw out somehing to T about Joe’s alleged infedility. True or not – I think D. knew exactly what hot button to push with Teresa. No, not foreclosure and money. That’s old news. It’s Joe’s rumored infidelity.

      • Olivia says:

        Or she may be just referring to the supposed tie of “family” now that Dina is the godmother to whatever the name of the 4th kid is.

        They are just like Sly and the Family Stone now. “We are family. I’ve got all my sisters with me”.

    • kats2 says:

      Could be or she got information from that Steve guy Danielle was dating and is a friend of Joe’s. Who knows what kind of information Danielle got out of him and has been waiting to use against Teresa. I hope it’s something really bad, anything that is true and can further knock the Giudice’s down (if htey can go any lower) I love.

      But I thought it was a nephew or something that Teresa for whatever reason has nothing to do with. (Where did I read that or hear that, one of the clips or something).

      • dumberries says:

        During the episode that discussed Juicy’s 2 a.m. accident, Danielle commented about strip clubs being open at that time and insinuated that’s where Juicy had been. If so, there would be witnesses (and Danielle has friends in the clubs). Teresa never countered that dig (that I recall) and we still don’t have any story as to Juicy’s whereabouts before his meeting with the trees. Could be something that comes out at the reunion?…

        • Jen says:

          Teresa’s story was that he was at dinner with her Jacqueline Caroline and family in city…..

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            and Joe got lost in time and came out of it into a row of trees and a pole…….yeah right! These people think if they don’t answer the questions their fantasyland stays intact!

          • dumberries says:

            But no one has answered the question or volunteered info regarding what time they left the restaurant. All of them leaving at 1:30 a.m. seems highly unlikely; probably left much ealier. I hope Danielle knows where he was after dinner and before the crash!

  56. Katie says:

    Hi all. The aspect that bothered me most about this episode was the fact that Danielle was being pressured into dropping the charges against that wretched adult/child, which isn’t even a plausible scenario. It isn’t a civil case. Once the state gets involved, it is out of an individual’s hands.

    If Caroline wanted the charges dropped, she should have spoken to Joe and tre’s connections.

    • Snarkella says:


    • dumberries says:

      I thought it was arrogant for Caroline to ask Danielle for a favor in the first place (especially such a big favor). And, in return for a promise that the MLG gang would leave her along in return. Caroline, that was you admitting that it is your “thick as thieves” band that was pursuing Danielle. They can’t start leaving her alone if they never bothered her in the first place.

      Ashley is just a bad bad bad apple. She wouldn’t say she was sorry about the incident, wasn’t sorry for all the worry and embarrassment she caused her family, and still pokes at Danielle. Danielle was right to press forward with the charges. And, Ashley’s bf was right when he said that Ashley enjoys the whole mess. I will say that I agreed with Ashley when she told her mother to stop the canned “Danielle is a convicted felon, she beat someone with a 9 mm, and she has the nerve….”. How many times does she need to say the exact same thing? She’s basically saying that Ashley is a little thug, but it’s not as bad as Danielle was 20+ years ago. Stupid rationalization.

      As for Danielle and the armed body guards, way over the top, imo. There is a whole camera crew following her. I know, there was also a camera crew and a bodyguard at the fashion show where she was attacked, but I still think it was overkill. If Caroline tried to pull Danielle’s hair or slap her, would one of her armed guards have taken a shot at Caroline – don’t think so (but it is Bravo, who knows). Private security I could understand given past events; armed bodyguards not so much…

  57. Olivia says:

    Typical conversation heard between Jacqueline and Trashley:

    “And how was your day, Ashley?”

    “Not bad, I Twittered for 4 hours about Danielle than took a break to rearrange my hats by size.”

    “Good girl! At least I expect you are improving your spelling and learning how to condense your thought process with 140 characters. Should help you in about 5 years when you actually apply for a job. Or school. Or foodstamps.”


  58. dumberries says:

    Alex’s blog of the RHNJ Finale is up on the Bravo site. I agree with her take on this episode more than the past few…

    • Quincy IL says:

      It’s better, but I don’t think that Alex knows that Danny is married. Why is a married man calling Danielle and going to lunch, dinner, and having meetings with her. Divorced women shouldn’t be best friends with married men.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        I read somewhere that Danny’s wife left him after the whole
        Danielle thing and he and D are not so close anymore….

  59. sydney says:

    Caroline, being mafia affiliated by marriage, (Tiny Manzo killed & left in his car trunk) was just trying to carry on the family tradition of making Danielle an offer she couldn’t refuse. However our little Danielle, being the streetwise ex-“escort” that she is, saw the forest for the trees and walked away instead of ending up being a statistic. If anyone were to “beg” Danielle for forgiveness re dumb ass Ashley’s hair pulling it should have been the bigger dumb ass Jaqueline, her MOTHER, not that wannabe intimadating biotch CAROLINE. I cannot stand her with that “we’re family, we’re thick as thieves” mentality……it’s such a cliche, but then she’s too stupid to know that.

    • Olivia says:

      I have a sneaking suspicion that Ashley may have a very low IQ and they all know it. She does not respond in an age appropriate fashion. A good example is her still endless twittering involving Danielle who we now know is long gone from this show and has been, if the calculations are correct, for about 6 months. It also seems to be very one sided.

      Though she may be “typical” in some areas of teenaged behavior, she does spend a great deal of time twittering meaningless volleys for no apparent reason.

      She behaves more in line with a 13 or 14 yr old middle school child than a young woman on the verge of her 20th birthday. By this time in life she should be looking at her second year of college, or at least working at a full time job that would be helping to support herself.

      She must be currently living off her Bravo earnings but this is not going to last forever. Her responses to the predictment she found herself in were telling. She laughed, shrugged, and giggled at the most inappropriate times and still was unable to digest that perhaps she may have been in the wrong.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Who’s parents would tolerate that behavior for more than a day? Jacq said she told her not to but she kept doing it because there are no consequences for Ashley period. Everyone knows it and pretty soon Chris is going to call them both out on it.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Jac and Ashley could get their own show called “Dumb and Dumber”, no wait, I think there was already a movie…..

  60. Pamela Dee says:

    I like them all, but not Danielle. She seems evil to me. But the poster her is right, it was absurd for these folks to constantly talk about her and plot how to get her out of their lives. Real people (you know the kind, they are normal) if they don’t like someone, that someone doesn’t exist. But I guess in Bravoland, that can’t happen or no show. I ge a kick out of Theresa and her girls. My only real comment on the Italy trip is the kids should NEVER have gone. Anyone hear of a babysitter? They are too spoiled, particularly Milania, although she’s young you can see the writing on the wall for her if Joe and Teresa don’t start to discipline. Caroline is spot-on. AND PLEASE stop with the obnoxious clothes and bows. The kids look ridiculous. A little glam, sure but it is sickening to parade those kids around in those silly clothes and outlandish bows. Who DOES that anymore?

    Let Danielle fade into the sunset. Although entertaining, the WO-MAN is a bit “off”. Her kids are smarter. God help them if they survive her.

    • kats2 says:

      I personally won’t be happy until they all “fade into the sunset” they are all garbage and have a lot in common. Caroline is no better than Danille and she is delusional is she thinks she is. When the news of this show taping got out on the web, the things said about all of them was very telling information that all turned out to be true. They should all be BFF’s.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I hear the clown car, I mean garbage truck coming down the street now……then Jersey can be free of the stench, I mean wenches of Franklin Lake!

        • dumberries says:

          Haha! Danielle’s retort to Caroline’s clown remark was the best part of this whole season. It took Caroline by surprise and was the only time I smiled during the episode…

  61. kats2 says:

    Sorry for the long post and rant but I think I figured something out about Ashley, it’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Obviously Ashley is very insecure little girl who is dying to be a star and this show is her only shot at fame.

    For the most part there have been two types of situations where we see Ashley go off – the scenes where she feels uncomfortable in her own skin – like the mall modeling last year and when Jacqueline said she looked like some relative that I guess is overweight so of course Ashley can’t handle this stuff, she gets embarrassed so she lashes out at her Mother and looks like the horrible kid she is.

    But I could never understand why Ashley was getting all defensive or upset in all the other scenes. Most of the time Jacqueline and Chris were just defending Ashley and trying to protect her and a big part of this was staying away from Danielle. During almost all these scenes Jacqueline would pull out Danielle’s past and called Danielle all those names and would cry. While this was all being done to defend, protect Ashley and her Mother feeling bad for Ashley – yet Ashley would still freak out (like she did in the episode last night) and be so frustrated over all it.

    So I connected the dots and figured it out – it’s all about the fame, screen time, and using this situation Ashley purposely created so like Chewy – Ashley can have her table flip, and it’s her time to shine – Ashley didn’t realize her family specifically her mother would be stealing the lines and scenes so often and that is why Ashley gets so frustrated and lashing out at her Mother and has such a hard time explaining it when she comes crawling back to apologize for it (which is not sincere, just another shot of her having a scene and camera time).

    IF anyone is going to have the big finale confrontation with Danielle in Ashley’s mind it should be her (not Caroline), this is why her response to Jacqueline and Chris when talking about Caroline’s plan was more crap from Ashley vs. something like “of course I will follow the rules that is so great of Auntie Caroline to go talk to Danielle for me. I really hope I don’t get arrested or have a record or whatever else a person should be worried about.” Caroline was stealing the spotlight from Ashley.

    When Danielle comes up in conversation which is every other minute on this show – like last night when Albert was talking about Danielle at the finale dinner – cue Ashley it’s time for Ashley to have camera time and say her lines. BUT her Mother responded, not giving Ashley her chance. So Ashley goes to the bathroom and pouts about it. Lauren in her talking head doesn’t get why Ashley can’t see that her Mother is actually defending her and sticking up for her. Oh stupid Lauren who I actually adore, Ashley is not like you at all.

    Boston will remember this one – remember when after the reunion taping Ashley tweeted she was mad at her Mother and was not going to talk to her for a week??? IF Ashley makes an appearance at the reunion or better yet if she doesn’t get to go! IF she goes you know she will have limited time and I bet her Mother steals some of it or it was her Mother you didn’t let her go.

    Following this logic, I can explain every scene and situation with Ashley. It all makes sense to me now. Ashley wanted in on the show, the fame, the losers who follow her on twitter and all the things she sees happening for her Mother as a result of being on HW’s. While other kids who appear on the show use it to further their real career goals, this show is Ashley’s career and her Mother is getting in her way. Ashley “worked” harder at this then Albie worked on law school. Anyone who gets in the way of Ashley being on this is equivalent to the Professor who told Albie Law is not the career for him.

    I don’t doubt Ashley had something planned all along going into this season; she knew she needed a table flip moment which makes me think the attack on Danielle was actually to some extent premeditated. And her prize for all of this is a nose job to help further her delusions of fame. What a sick, sad little girl and family.

    • Olivia says:

      You could be onto something. I just did a response to Ashley but I was coming from yet another perspective.

      Whoever noticed Ashley before? The few scenes she was in had her catching hell for one reason or another: failing grades, refusing to clean her room, not doing her homework.

      But when she went after Danielle it ramped up the drama and gave Ashley a “place” on the show. A personal blog followed and she went on Twitter to challenge and harass Danielle. The only reason for any interest whatsoever in poor, underachieving Ashley.

      Remove Danielle and Ashley has little reason to be featured. For the first time in her life the Manzo’s were having to pay attention. It also answers the question as to why Ashley is still obsessing over Danielle who is no longer part of the cast. To let it go means the end for Ashley’s relevance on this show.

      No wonder she was pissed off after the reunion. She must have felt she belonged on that couch as well. Hadn’t she been given a blog and hadn’t she built up the following on Facebook? If they could make room for two faced Kim G why not Ashley who caused a lot of this mess by pulling hair?

      I think you have summed her up perfectly.

    • dumberries says:

      kat2: Makes perfect sense to me. There seems to be a painful sense of competition between mother and daughter. It doesn’t help the situation that Jacqueline continues to chastise her daughter for obsessing on Danielle when she keeps doing the same thing…

      • Olivia says:

        I think kat2 nailed it! Ashley wanted to be seen as a “heroine” but instead of treating her like a grown up they all continued to castigate her “performance” rather than gather her into their bosoms of “acceptance”. They continued to refer to her as a child.

        Danielle gave Ashley the visibility she longed for. Without Danielle Ashley reverts back to the “invisible child” once again. She can’t compete with Caroline’s kids who are better behaved and seem to be carving out a place for themselves careerwise. Ashley seems to be going nowhere.

        All she had was Danielle and it became an obsession. Danielle’s departure leaves Ashley in a vacuum as the storyline will have vanished along with her. By obeying her parents in ignoring Danielle, she would be passed by for holding any interest by the audience.

        Pretty sad situation when you consider that this is Ashley’s idea of what passes for achievement.

        • Ellabean says:

          From Olivia: “Without Danielle Ashley reverts back to the “invisible child” once again.”

          Ashley = The Invisible Child

          Ashley has never quite found her appropriate place and her necessary childhood validation needs met . There’s some classic blended family dysfunctional stuff going on there, plus mom Jac having girl child (same sex) so young. No parental boundaries. They are “sisters”.(error is right). Mom Jac was still a “girl” trying to grow up . Be cool, look and act young in Las Veags. Jac meets Chris Laurita around Ashley’s age of 6? Finds an east coast Jersey nuveau rich life. Along comes a new baby BOY (CJ) – with new father and his new family. All attention is on the new boy. Then along comes another new baby boy. Why did Jac try so hard to have another baby (years and several miscarriages) when she already had Ash and one healhty baby? I know that is not unusual – but it can send an emotional message to 1st marriage child (Ash) – that he/she was not good enough. Kids pick up on those things. Maybe vibes from Chris all along. He had to have his own.

          Ashley looking for her place – her validation. She has no idea who she is. No direction ; no discipline; no special talents/skills of her own. But given inappropriate un- earned rewards ( cars). Mom Jac was too busy with her new life – her new love – making new babies – now getting this cool TV job – new body – new facelift that validates her (Jac).

          Now a 19 year old Ashley is a woman /child. Big and clunky. She is neither. Making kiddish jokes abot Vagisil. Ashley was lost in Mom Jac’s shadow her whole life. So Bravo TV Ashley is acting out. She is now getting long overdue attention all right. But for the wrong reasons.

          Ashley Holmes is exactly like OC’s Tamra Barney’s son – Ryan. The Lost Child.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            Yes- I agree, in looking back at the frustrating Ashley, you have hit the nail on the head.
            good call

      • error404 says:

        there is no parent child relationship there. They act like sisters.

        • dumberries says:

          Yep, and overly competitive sisters at that…

          • I think I have to agree with a lot of this.
            There was a competition between Ashley & Jackie every time that Ashley walked-off, (or was thrown-out).
            Jackie stepped on Ashley’s “moment” every time.
            And used her financial power and authority over Ashley to “win”, every time.
            At first I thought it was because Jackie was embarrassed over the backlash that she got over raising a brat.
            No Ashley isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but you’d think they would be more protective of her because of that.
            If you watch the whole season, this happens repeatedly. They don’t let Ashley have her moment, a punch-line, or the last word, and they threaten her with homelessness if she goes too far trying to get it.
            Ashley being in that fashion-show had Danielle furious. That was Ashley’s “moment”.
            Too bad she couldn’t have left it at that.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      It’s the Real Housewives’ affliction I call the Jill Zarin Syndrome (after her notable performances on and off the screen). Desperate for fame, however it comes, whatever it takes. Making fools of themselves or worse. Always ready for their close ups. And when they don’t get the spotlight, or someone gets more attention, they’re not happy.

      At least, as far as we know, Jillz & Bawby pay their own bills. JZ’s not doing this for the bucks. Bet Bobby’s shelled out a lot of bucks to bankroll J’s new “career” as a “celebrity.”

    • boston02127 says:

      @Kats2–Excellent post.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      All very interesting comments.
      But are we forgetting that it is a real housewives franchise not immature, teenage girls who lack any motivation to get a real education, job and/or goals in life franchise????
      Ashley was raised to be a punk and a punk is a punk……and her continued punk behavior will only lead her to a life just like her obsession.

  62. Wall St Lady says:

    MamaZ” Show Lynn the proper respect or don’t accept the invitation” That is the most lady like way I have ever seen to tell some one to F#?k off.
    Love Love loved it !

    • MAMAZ says:

      I felt sort of bad after saying that. I hope it wasn’t too much.
      I don’t want anyone to think I am speaking for Lynn. And she doesn’t want us to tell people to leave. I just think we can all disagree without being mean.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        It wasn’t so much the disagreement on the show it was the stereotyping of Lynn’s blog that was out of line – you addressed it very tactfully. (Back in the day we used to say, “If you didn’t come to party, take your dead ass home!”)

      • Kat says:

        You were polite, addressed your issue and then moved on.
        I wish I possessed such tact. 8)
        Oh and I totally agree with your points.

  63. lillybee says:

    This season has been very boring.

  64. Wall St Lady says:

    Quincy But we know Danielle doesn’t subscribe to Nene s cry :”Keep yo legs closed to married men !”

    Why is Danielle the only one we don’t have a snarkie name for ?

    • Snarkella says:

      Maybe because Danielle is such an easy target, and even though she’s a little on the vile-side (sex tapes, etc) the others go after her so hard it makes us feel a little sorry for her. Hey, we are nice people here. We don’t kick people when they’re down. The others all think they’re superstars. All they do is brag and deny. Open Season!

      • Kat says:

        I don’t love Danielle but I’d like to have a conversation with her. I think she might have some interesting things to say sans cameras and Bravo. I think she was bullied.
        Bethenney would be great to have a conversation with too.

    • Quincy IL says:

      That’s true. No one came up with a name for Danielle.

      • Kat says:

        The Manzos called her so many names wouldn’t it be piling on to add more? Maybe it was a sense of fair play that stopped us?

  65. Wall St Lady says:

    Olivia do u wear hats regularly?

    • Quincy IL says:

      I don’t know about Olivia, but I wear hats all of the time. I have a cowboy hat for riding (it has a helmet inside,) I wear a baseball cap while mowing (I mow 5 acres and it rained a lot this year,) I have a wide brimmed straw hat for gardening, I have a variety of hats and hoods for winter as you go out to feed and shovel manure in 20 below zero temps.

  66. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    It looks like they have already started filming RHONY. A camera crew is at Jill’s NYC apartment today. This is a tweet from Darren, Jill’s assistant:

    Darrennyc: Jill filming….hope I don’t get in trouble for posting these pics…shhhhh! http://tweetphoto.com/41121874
    about 2 hours ago via UberTwitter

    • error404 says:

      I hate these people and their false sense of modesty. In trouble? Jill MADE you post that picture!

      And she films things all the time, as does Kiki. None of it is any indication that she is on s4 of RHONY or even if there will be one.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Heh. I have visions of Bobby paying camera crews to follow Jill around, just to keep her “happy.”

        • That actually happened. Jill had professional “society” photographers on her payroll before anyone ever heard of her. If I find the link to his portfolio I’ll post it here.

    • RIerinFL says:

      I tried the link and the photo can’t be found. I wonder who took it off and why? I hope Jill got into trouble for leaking the filming!

      • icantstandthetoxicity says:

        Darren probably got in trouble for posting the photo. He deleted his tweet, which included the photo of Jill with the film crew. There was also a picture of Ally with the film crew.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      picture is missing

  67. Squirrels says:

    Lest I forget….

    I hate Jill Zarin.

    This update has been brought to you by the Giudice Gravy Train.

  68. Squirrels says:

    Compliments of Kelly

    “Chief got trained, and I rode “bill” who is a brilliant horse. Pickin’ up starbucks and off to help ted with math. Oof”

    Then have Bill help Ted with her math. Any horse is more intelligent than you.

    • Olivia says:

      LOL!!! One plus two equals? Stomp, stomp, stomp.

      • Squirrels says:

        I’d love to put a dab of peanut butter in his mouth a la Mr. Ed and an audio unit behind his ear and just have a frank chat with her.

    • dumberries says:

      In one tweet, Kelly confirms to all that she is an animal lover, an athlete, a dedicated mother, a coffee drinker (no alcohol @ Starbucks), and a scholar. She’s so multi-faceted….

    • Kat says:

      I wonder if Kelly ever sees knives on Chief’s tongue? Or if Bill looks like a vampire to her?
      Who knows maybe Kellamity actually has math skills. Her brain is miswired and her mouth misfires but basic math might be her niche, charity and communication are not.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Wonder if Starbucks is underwriting these shows and “stars.” Do none of these people own a coffee maker? Or know how to use it?

      Shows: Rachel Zoe with Starbucks cup in the morning at her home. (OK, I can see RZ trying to deal with a coffee maker in the morning. It would be like bananas. She would call Brad. As if that would help. Eventually she and Brad would wind up screaming like a couple of little girls and have to call Rodg to save them. They would die. Like seriously. Die.)

      Sonja’s help had the day off so she has to pick up coffees from a coffee shop for a visit from the Countless. Huh? She can figure out a toaster oven but has to go out to get already made coffee? I’m confused. Ask her about fur lined hand cuffs and where and how to attach the chains for a fun filled evening, she’s your girl. Make a cuppa? Maybe not so much.

      Bethenny we know can cook (and chef) and is not a stranger to the kitchen….but even sometimes in her show, they’re at home with the Starbucks. (And somewhere Juan Valdez’s burro weeps.)

      Kelly: well not surprising really that Keeks hasn’t mastered the art of coffeemaking. (It puts the ground coffee in the filter, it puts the water in the silo, it pushes the button. Aiiiieeee! Keeks would be calling Jill while cowering behind a sofa: it’s trying to kill me, like literally kill me. I’ve had nightmares. Jill: oy, this again? First it was the vacuum cleaner, now it’s the Mr Coffee?) But its really lame nonetheless. And we know Kelly’s tweets are just for show. Helping Ted with her math? Please, that kid probably does Kiki’s taxes, manages her investments, and has been building an offshore account of her own for years.

      • MAMAZ says:

        And somewhere Juan Valdez’s burro weeps.
        My favorite line of the day!

      • Ellabean says:

        Brilliant !

      • Quincy IL says:

        So many people pay for coffee. I make it at home and there are wonderful blends out there to try.

        Pennies on the dollar.. I bet Teresa runs out to buy coffee for Joe too.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Yeah, obviously I don’t get that. Maybe for the shows in the morning the production/film crew brings in coffee? But you can get great coffee and make it yourself and make it better too.

          I’m lazy….it’s more work for me to go and get coffee than for me to make it at home or work. (Not to mention cost.) And coffee drinks too. It’s not like all those baristas practice a secret mystical science open to only the select few.

          What a strange bunch. Knowing Kelly, she probably put out a restraining order against her household appliances….

          • Speaking as someone who drinks a pot of coffee at a time, making it at home is the only way I can afford it!! Also, to have to run out everytime I needed a refill—no way!

  69. OneMoreinBoston says:

    There really aren’t enough words in the English language to express how unsettling and strange this final episode of RHONJ was to me.

    I feel sort of depressed by the whole show from start to finish.

    These people are just animals, ANIMALS!

    And the one animal that has tried to change her spots is attacked over and over and over. Just nauseating. The comments from Caroline at the sit down, the unbelievable vitriol just dripping from her mouth, every word, every inflection designed to seek a reaction and to find a bull’s eye to inflict pain. WHY?

    There was no way that Danielle could get the charges dropped anyway…just sadistic…

    All of this DRAMA over absolutely nothing, the shots of Caroline getting ready and putting on lipstick like she is going into battle, complete with heavy sighs and knowing looks into the mirror. Good Gawd.

    Coming back to the Brown Stone like she was returning from the war when meanwhile we have real soldiers returning from a REAL war…

    Such a WASTE of time and energy! I don’t know whom I’m madder at, the Housewives, Bravo, or myself for getting sucked into it.

    • Olivia says:

      An unanswered question that I put to myself every day. More so when I know full well I am being “played”.

    • Snarkella says:

      You made some really good points OnceMore.

    • Blue Sky says:

      So true, so true. Makes me embarrassed that I actually watch this mess…sigh!

      It would help if by watching the show, we were helping people in Haiti or returning soldiers from Iraq/Afghanistan. Instead we are helping that twit Andy go on vacation in an exotic location.

    • kats2 says:

      OneMore – totally! If I think of the time and energy wasted I will seriously cry, so I don’t want to go there.

  70. Two women, (Jill & Kelly), and producers that emotionally abused a pregnant woman?
    (I hold the producers responsible also because they could have let Jill know that Bethenny was expecting while Jill was going all “drama” on her.)
    I’m sorry, I want to see how things turn-out for Sonja and Alex, but the rest of them are not worth my attention.
    Recently Ramona gave some interviews where she said that her dad loaned her the money to start her business. In the first interview, she said that she paid it back in a month, with interest. In the second, it was four months.
    She recently Tweeted about Avery being involved in that snotty debutante charity that the cast on NYC Prep were involved-with.
    I’m not impressed with Ramona either.
    I won’t be watching.
    I’ll watch Bethenny’s show though. I just hope they take it easy on Max.

    • Olivia says:

      I don’t understand this. I thought that Andy said there would be no decisions until 2011?

      And much like you I am beginning to lose any interest in this series altogether. I loathe Jill, despise Kelly, find Lu Ann useless, Ramona annoying. Tuning in to just catch a few episodes of Sonja or Silex isn’t all that enticing.

      Another 15 weeks of female bashing, unkind comments, dumb fashion shows, ice skating parties, boring lunches, excessive spending, product pitching, and non stop competition from all these franchises has kind of put me off any interest.

      My days are winding down. My house breathes a sigh of relief.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Bravo doesn’t announce the casts of the HW shows until they’re doing promos for the shows, before the season airs. RHONY, assuming there’s a season 4, won’t be shown until 2011. So Bravo won’t announce the cast untl 2011.

        • Scorpiosue1102 says:

          Though it really does depend on when they start filming. We already know Lynn is gone from OC and there is a new housewife, but nothing really from Bravo.

  71. RIerinFL says:

    I am not a fan of D but I am impressed with the level of composure that Danielle was able to maintain during that sit down with Caroline. I would like to think that I would be able to get up and walk out but I’ve never been in a situation like that.

    It’s funny to think that the “prostitution whore” has enough class to stand up and walk away, while the ones who are supposed to be superior to her are the ones shown taunting, name calling, hair pulling, getting dui’s, grifting, chasing people through country clubs, etc.
    These people are all crazy.

  72. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    I agree with this blogger, I think Jill leaked the RHONY casting information to the press.


  73. OneMoreinBoston says:

    Ladies- (and the couple of gentleman) I think I’m done. I’m out.

    Ever since Scary Island, I have been disturbed by the direction that Bravo is going in.

    There just seems to be a new…DARKNESS that wasn’t there before.

    The table flipping incident, Kelly being escorted from the island while armed guards are stationed outside the other housewives doors, a pregnant Bethany crying uncontrollably, alone on the street, the rage and anger directed at Danielle with little to no credible explanation as to WHY, Ashley’s temper tantrums and stalking, the vulgar and crude Kim G. screaming “square tits” in a parking lot…

    It’s not cute, it’s not funny, and I find it all incredibly depressing and disturbing.

    I just can’t stand the cruelty pouring out of Bravo. If I wanted to witness this- all I have to do is look out my window. There’s is enough dirt out there that I don’t need to turn on my TV only to have it start gushing into my own home.

    I have enjoyed my time here, thank you Lynn, for having me!

    All of you are wonderful, funny, amazing writers, and I really like all of you. But last night I found myself almost on the verge of tears at the end of this show. It just isn’t fun anymore.

    I’ll check in from time to time- but I’m out.

    • Squirrels says:

      Don’t abandon us girl. If nothing else, treat it like an episode of South Park.


      • MAMAZ says:

        I understand why you won’t watch anymore but we will miss your posts. Stop in to say hello now and then.

    • Squirrels says:

      What other shows do u like OneMore? Once this fiasco is over, attention will turn to those. Big Brother is the one I’m hooked on, along with Proj Runway. I’ll be happy to guest blog BB if Lynn is too busy. Those guys crack me up.

    • Olivia says:

      I am with you. Not only has Bravo traversed the line of decency, it has managed to “reward” the most hated members of both casts by inviting them to return.

      Jill Zarin wore the label. Teresa Guidice follows suit. Kelly Bensimone not far behind and yet they are rewarded with another paycheck and another opportunity to show their wares once more which feeds their insatiable addiction to fame at any price.

      I am not about to feed into that addiction by watching make believe people appearing in make believe shows with make believe scripts that I absolutely detest.

      Just wondering what “fabulous” storyline they have invented for this upcoming series that would satisfy those members of the cast who have displayed their own dislike for people like Jill and Kelly and how much was it worth it to them to re-sign on the dotted line.

      To be perfectly judgmental, I question the integrity of those who are willing to perform alongside these posers when it is obvious that they despise one another as much as we have seen.


    • RIerinFL says:

      OneMore – I’m with Squirrels, pick another show. It won’t be the same here without you.

    • dumberries says:

      OneMoreinBoston: I will miss reading your regular posts, but look forward to seeing you here occasionally. You contribute good insight and smiles; take good care.

    • Kat says:

      OneMoreinBoston, I hope you come here often and post. You have a unique style and voice and I would miss it.
      Real life isn’t like the HW franchise. I don’t think any economic demographic displays such… bullpucky. These women signed up for this eyes wide open by now.
      As Squirrels said, think of Southpark.
      Bravo has gone gutter. For certain.
      This blog has not.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      OneMore – I agree with all of the above. I’ll miss your posts, don’t go

      • Ellabean says:

        OneMore – fellow Astrological buff. Dang, I was just getting to know you. But I so respect your departing words above. My Housewives’ clock is ticking too…..

        But I just love Lynn’s blog. It’s not the show anymore. It’s the bloggers here. Honest to God.

        Hugs to you.

        • Kat says:

          I agree it is about this blog and all who participate!

          • Anne Jacques says:

            me 2, love the participants and Lynn’s writing, but totally understand your feelings. /reward crapola with exposure and infamy. I just wanna drink too much and puke on Jill’s red and green ugly shoes, or Kelly’s pigeon feathers. I’m over it.

    • Tootsie says:

      Onemoreinboston: I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m older, have raised 4 children, buried a 14 year old daughter, a mother and father, a grandchild and am a caregiver for my husband, all this I can handle (with the grace of God), but I can’t take the incredible mean spirited , hateful broads any more. Life is just too short to fill it with crap. I watched BGM, I laughed, I cried, it was better than “CATS”. Each day we should be a blessing to someone and fill our life with joy and laughter. We’re not going to get that from any of the wifey shows.

    • boston02127 says:

      @OneMoreinBoston–Don’t leave. 😦

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I can respect that – just remember that out of that depressing mess you found this place and all the people here. Something good to hold onto when you kick yourself for watching the Bravo housewife formula go horriblly wrong.

    • kats2 says:

      I’m going to finish the NJ train wreck, I totally understand if anyone chooses not to. I have already stopped watching DC HW’s, I have no plans on watching Atlanta HW (I will miss Kandhi) and I will not watch OC HW’s. I will not watch NJ HW’s ever again and I’m on the fence with NYC.

      Any of the shows I do watch will not be in the traditional way. From now on I will not watch the show on it’s original air date (ever) this is when ratings are calculated and I don’t want to give them the stats. I also will not follow them on Twitter. You can still see what they tweet without following them, you can watch the full episodes on the internet and best of all you can get the gist of what happened from Lynn’s blog and all the comments here – and coming here is the best part.

      I’m trying to find a list of sponsors for the HW shows, I have had no luck finding a list on the internet. If you know how I can get a list I would appreciate the help. I will devote my time and effort to writing each and every sponsor and will STOP using any of their products. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        sounds like a good plan!

      • Blue Sky says:

        Kats2, I’m with you! So disgusted with the way Bravo inflames the drama, ruining people’s lives and just to get us to watch. Would they show a real murder on tv, just to get the ratings? Sometimes I wonder!

        How about making a list of all the companies that are advertising while the HW show is on? Then finding out where to send an email, and posting it here. I remember sending an email to a beer company, asking them NOT to use Kelly as their spokesperson. Someone had posted a link (think it was Lynn’s blog).

        I’m so over Bravo and their crap. Project Runway on Lifetime is a gem to watch, and has anyone seen the new show about “on the road with Austin & Santino” – it is really cute.

        • _therealmelissa says:

          If someone has a list, please post it. There really isn’t much you can do short of voicing displeasure to sponsors and turning off the tv.

          I happened to do a Nielsen ratings survey during July. I didn’t watch anything on Bravo the week I had to do it -not even Bethenny.

      • Kat says:

        IceNFire and AFormerJillFan have lists I think.

      • kats2 says:

        Excellent let’s do it! If anyone has a list or knows the people who do please contact them.

  74. RIerinFL says:

    1. it was leaked that D was fired and the three NJ witches invited back,
    2. the ladies in NY, except Beth, have been asked back
    3. a photo is leaked of Jill filming
    do we believe all this or do we think that Bravo is letting these women scramble for their jobs in order to get the feel for what the viewers want?

    And, did someone say that D has a new place in New York?

    • kats2 says:

      Well RIerinFL very logical and great points. I for one do not believe it. I don’t know why people see a film crew at the Zarins and automatically assume it’s a Bravo film crew or did I miss that proof in the pictures.

      Let’s get real, an assitant to Jill the bitch is someone to do her dirty work.
      I smell a rat and this rat is Jonathan the PR spin douche. All they are trying to do is get some of time in the news.

      That film crew could be for some commercial advertising dog shit cleaner.

      Remember the NYC HW quote of B and J – “Just because you say it doesn’t mean it’s true” That applies to posting crap on Twitter too my friends.

  75. audrey says:

    hi lynn,

    I thought the final was kinda borning . Great blog as usual, funny how out of the mouth of kids love Danielle’s kids. Hate that Bravo made this bigger than what was,
    thought that it was weak of Theresa to attack her “castemates” when all but Danielle stood by her and dumb of her not to acknowledge her bankrupcy or husband’s DUI sentencing perhaps she might in blog (not) in show or more indepth would of made for a great story line instead of hideing or no comment or this case denial.

  76. Olivia says:

    I understand perfectly where onemoreinboston is coming from.

    After watching the NYC reunion where the hatred flowed without recourse, how is the audience supposed to maintain an interest when some of these women are so unwholesome to begin with? Bravo spent three hours filming these women “trash and bash” one another as the viewers looked on with amazement when two decided to flounce off in a huff and had to be coaxed back onto the set? Both Kelly and Jill were standouts in this regard and yet it appears that they will be brought back and at whose expense?

    It is maddening to think that Teresa is to be rewarded along with someone like Kim G who have each shown a level of behavior that is unsavory and should never be emulated to any degree. But here we are again.

    We have watched them lie and cheat and behave like animals yet contracts are waived under their noses and more than likely salary increases that would make an average worker blush with envy.

    Something stinks in Bravoland.

    • Snarkella says:

      I get that Bravo if falling off the edge of decency. And I know situations are staged to some degree. But I am endlessly fascinated with the individual reactions to the setup situations and other cast members. It’s not very often that you get an opportunity to just sit back and study human behavior like this. It might be ugly at times, but human beings often behave horribly. I usually try to stay away from those ugly people in real life, so this is my chance to understand a little bit of what’s going on in their dumb-ass heads.

      Yes, it is unsavory. But from the safety of my happy home, I don’t have to look away.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        good point – in real life we stay away from the type of people we see on these shows. but they are fascinating in a weird way and I can own it – I watch because they are nut jobs!

    • Quincy IL says:

      Since I read that all of the NYC girls were welcomed back sans Bethenny which I think decided not to go back a few days ago when she tweeted that she was up all night suffering and trying to make a difficult decision; I have had a pain in the pit in my stomach. I feel like bad people are being rewarded with fame and money.

      I guess there are bad people in sports like the man who tortured dogs and he got to play again.

      Apparently, I am unforgiving. I think Teresa, Jill and Kelly should have been dropped off the Brooklyn Bridge, not given another season. My only solice is that Olivia feels the same way that I feel.

      I don’t really watch Atlanta. I’ll read about their antics here on the blog. I’m sure someone will look at that show.

      I do have another question. If I ride my exercise bicycle during “Intervention,” can I eat desserts during “Top Chef Desserts?” Input …output…I’m hoping for a positive response.

  77. Squirrels says:

    Kelly hasn’t twit headed in 2 hours. Little Ted must have some major multiplication/division stuff keeping mom occupied.

    • Ellabean says:

      You’re proabably right.

      Ted is teaching KuKu long division.”Guzzintas” (2 Guzzinta 8 four times). And the wise Ted is using Jelly beans as examples.

        • Ellabean says:

          BTW – that was not me disrepecting the surely patient and wise Ted. It was me imagining what teaching methods little Ted must use to get thru to the big K.

      • Zoey says:

        So funny!
        Well Kelly’s last tweets were arguing back and forth between some guy who says she can’t ride, and she says she’s going to report him to the ‘HC’. I guess she’s talking about Hampton Classic since she mentioned that earlier?? Why would they care what this fella tweets? Are they the Tweet Police?

        • vilzvet says:

          I saw those tweets, he actually created an account just to rag on her riding. Kinda extreme even if he’s right. And yes I don’t know what reporting him to the Hampton Classic would accomplish, he did not threaten her in any way. What a dumbo!

          • Kat says:

            When Kelly doesn’t know what else to do or how to respond she threatens to tell on you. She threatened to tell twitter police and facebook authorites before iirc. She is insane.

  78. Waslurking says:

    Great blog Lynn, as always.

    For those of you watching Project Runway, here is a link to Tim’s video blog per
    episode. Quite interesting!!!!

    • Squirrels says:

      DANG! Now I have to go back and watch the rest of his vblogs. Not only about what he thinks of the judging this season, but being ditched at Parsons? Me thinks there is dissension in the ranks.

      • Waslurking says:

        I didn’t think I’d care for a vblog but after watching the ‘latest’ one I was, OH WOW! Had to watch the earlier ones too.
        Big time Rut Ro…lol
        Bummed that he is out of town so epi 4 and 5 will be late but I’m
        sure they will be well worth the wait!

    • _therealmelissa says:

      Thanks Waslurking for pointing these out. Tim Gunn doesn’t hold back does he? Love PR!

    • Blue Sky says:

      Thanks for this great link! Love Tim Gunn, and it adds a whole extra layer to hear his recaps of the episodes.

      • Waslurking says:

        You are very welcome. Totally agree about the extra layer and it’s great hearing the real scoop as opposed to the sanitized press releases. I love me some Tim Gunn too!

  79. Quincy IL says:

    I wonder if NYC will be allowed to film at the fashion shows. Also, Bethenny goes to a few designer shows, will they just ignore her?

    It’s weird that Bethenny will be filming her show in the vicinity of the other show. I guess Ramona and Alex will have drinks with Jill and dinner at Bethenny’s.

  80. Kat says:

    For those questioning why we watch Bravo’s HWs and if we need help please see:

  81. lillybee says:

    Thanks for reminding me of all the reasons why I hate Jill Zarin.

  82. Wall St Lady says:

    EXtra. Now on WNBC is going to show The reunion clips if any of u want to see it big screen.

  83. error404 says:

    the weirdest thing in all of this is that Bravo allows the HWs to walk all over them.
    T actually shoves Andy Cohen. Who pushes their boss and gets to keep their job? And after throwing down that she won’t return unless Alex doesn’t, Jill is now leaking casting against Bravo’s directions. Have they never heard the word insubordination? These women think they are actually stars. It’s so sad.

    • Squirrels says:

      Which is why I’m beginning to lean towards Andy’s true role in this franchise. Here he is a la Alex Karras in Blazing Saddles, “Don’t know. Mongo only pawn in game of life.”

      • Ellabean says:

        Screamin’ with laughter here, Squirrels. Know Blazing too well.
        H ey you’re to young to know this movie !

    • Here's the thing says:

      Andy is not their boss. They are not employees. They are contractors of sirens or shed.

      Everyone leaks things to press. The media world in new York is incestous. I could work at bravo and have friends at the post, and let something slip. Or Bethennys people could have tipped them off.

      All of these women pay the game…

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Or people could notice camera crews following certain people about in public places. Or other business related happenings would be a tip off that filming had begun.

        Months ago, maybe around June, there was a report that a new woman was being filmed by Bravo as a possible addition to the RHONY cast. Apparently there was filming at the Hamptons and in Manhattan. Sort of an extended audition.

        What’s surprising is not that there are leaks; what’s surprising is that there isn’t much, much more “behind the scenes” info out in the public domain.

  84. MomsThoughts says:

    Just a couple observations…..

    In my opinion, Danielle DID NOT accept punishment for her outrageous crimes as a youth – instead she turned states witness, rolled over on her co-conspirator and got off with out the punishment she should have served.

    Also, I have a BIG problem with Danielle introducing armed body guards to her kids – she is misleading her kids to think they are in grave danger. Danielle and everyone else knows there is no threat of physical harm (besides hair pull). They are not in any grave danger and to make the kids think they are is sick. Why should these kids live in fear when there is NOTHING to be fearful of! Introducing those men makes this fake fear thing very real to those kids – which is sick and cruel.

    I also take exception to your thought that stay at home mom’s are boring. I don’t know why working women think they get to make this assumption – its not fair. Because we do not GO to work, doesn’t mean we don’t work. A lot of stay at home moms do very very productive volunteer work which can be far more complex and demanding than paying jobs. Also being a real housewive can be hilarious and interesting and always changing and not just laundry. Please don’t judge woman who have made a choice to care for their family and community. Its not fair.

    • error404 says:


      1. Danielle’s past is in the past and none of the other HW’s business, yet they bring it up as a means to justify their own current bad behavior.
      2. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t care how crazy Danielle is, leave her alone. Why am I the only one who thinks 4 grown women constantly picking on the town looney is unacceptable social behavior?
      3. I missed the whole stay-at-home-mom bashing, so have no idea waht your refering to or whom.

      • Kat says:

        You aren’t alone on the Danielle bashing. It’s repugnant.
        I didn’t understand the stay at home mom thing either… Lynn mentioned something in her blog but it was in regard to the Bravo HWs.

      • Kat says:

        This is what Lynn wrote: “Can you imagine how dull this show will be next season if any of this is true. These are four true housewives who do not work, is Bravo going to film them doing laundry and cooking? Making school lunches and driving them to soccer practice? Seriously, what on earth are they going to make a show out of with this crew?”

        She was not putting down stay at home moms.

        • MomsThoughts says:

          ““Can you imagine how dull this show will be next season if any of this is true. These are four true housewives who do not work, is Bravo going to film them doing laundry and cooking? Making school lunches and driving them to soccer practice? ”

          To me, this is a dig at SAHM’s. We do not spend our days doing laundry and packing lunches – it is not boring and there is plenty to film and amuse. Going to a job doesn’t guarantee excitement any more than staying home does….have you seen RHODC?

          Danielle’s past is relevant to the conversation – she is now pressing charges against a girl the same age she was when she was arrested and claims to have paid her debt to society. I disagree with that. That doesn’t mean I don’t think Ashley should be prosecuted – she should be. But Danielle, in my opinion, did not suffer the consequences she should have. That is my only point there.

          Danielle’s nutsy is part of the show and open to commentary. This doesn’t mean the others aren’t just as nutsy and also guilty of stupid things.

          • Kat says:

            Danielle used the options provided to her by our justice system. At her age or any age who wouldn’t try to avoid a long prison sentence?
            She did comply with the courts sentencing.

            I don’t condone what she did, but she has not had further court contact and seems to have been clean for 20+ years.

            Ashley assaulted Danielle and she has earned a court ruling as did Danielle.

            I think the Manzos are too hard on her in this regard and use it as a stick to beat her with.

            As for the SAHMs subject Lynn was addressing tv. I think you took the comment personally.
            I may be wrong.

            And I do not watch DC. 8)

          • I am going to go smile now.... says:

            I agree with all of your thoughts and comments. Just because the MGL are deplorable does not excuse Danielle crazy or not…

    • Squirrels says:

      I was a stay at home mom. I was boring as hell. My kids? Not so much. Ran me ragged. That said, the HW franchise is supposed to be about the lives of women who have it all and do good things in their lives, all the while living large and loving life.

      Please someone show me where the NJ women rise to this standard?

    • Squirrels says:

      OH and btw, put yourself in Danielle’s shoes as a 20 something year old. Offered a deal to turn state’s evidence or go to jail. Let me guess? You would stand on your principles and go for the gold in the orange jumpsuit? I think not. Deals within the criminal justice system are made every day. Unless and until you can convince me A) You’ve been there and done time because it was the above all other’s thing to do, or B) You have never jay walked, then accept that the justice system is what it is. If she paid her debt to society via probation, kept herself clean, rose above it (regardless of her personal demons), who are we to continue to make her pay?

      Oh right, Teresa is. Little Miss I’m Nice, ergo I should get a pass. Not to mention Caroline, Little Miss you did nothing to me, but I defend my family so therefore you are guilty of harming me.

      What drivel.

      Off to a Bday party.


      • Squirrels says:

        keep the lights on for me

      • MomsThoughts says:

        I didn’t say I wouldn’t take the deal! WTH? I am just saying she really makes a thin argument saying she paid her debt to society for her crimes and Ashley needs to do the same. She really didn’t pay her debt – she made a deal.

        And I think Ashley should be prosecuted. She committed a crime.

        I am not on either side – mistakes were made all around. I am simply taking exception to Danielle’s argument in this instance.

        Calm down.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Just love you Squirrels! We think alike. I too was a SAHM, televising it would have been quite boring, like now, would someone want to watch me typing away like Woody Woodpecker on my laptop while drinking a nice cold beer from a can? Think not, but I’m happy anyway, and my grown kids are law-abiding, bill paying contributors to society.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      You seem to not only disagree with me but have taken offense and none was meant.

      I do all of those things that a stay at home mom does, laundry, cooking, cleaning as well as sitting at a desk working, all of those activities are dull to watch on television, that is probably why you don’t see those things on TV. I wasn’t judging stay at home mom’s, I was one for a while and its hard work but not TV worthy, that’s all I said.

      I didn’t think that those two men being introduced to Danielle’s daughters would be damaging to them, thats all. The fact remains is that Teresa and Jacqueline did chase Danielle through a country club and Ashley did get physical and pull her hair. Maybe pulling someone’s hair isn’t a big deal to you, it is to me, it is the start of someone thinking that they can put their hands on someone else. What’s next? Where do we draw the line?

      Finally, Danielle served 5-years probation for her crimes and hasn’t done anything (that we know of) since, that is what the judge decided and I accept that. If you think that turning states evidence was an easy thing to do, you’re mistaken, it isn’t. Was it better than serving jail time, sure but probation isn’t a cakewalk either. (well it might be in Jersey, we’ve seen their soft on crime attitude with Joe Giudice) In any case, I accept that Danielle did what the court decided was appropriate. We also have to accept that Ashley’s ridiculous fine was appropriate for what she did.

      I know that you had a rough day today MomsThoughts but I hope that you don’t take what I say personally. I never judged you personally, simply said watching a housewife do their job all day long would be dull for TV, just as watching a woman sit at a desk and work would be similiarily dull for TV.

      • Squirrels says:

        Yatzee. Hope your son is well on the road to mending.

      • Squirrels says:

        Although, with the stories I got from my mother in law, watching her chase my then 10 yr old husband around with a flat iron for physically fighting with a girl in the neighborhood, would have been a hoot.

        BTW… she never caught him, but he got the message loud and clear.


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  86. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I was trying to think about when each of the ladies were with Danielle this season. We know that Dina and Caroline both had sit downs with her and then Teresa, Ashley and Jacqueline saw her at the infamous fashion show. Other than that we have not seen them together at all. I may have missed a time, but that may have been at the beginning of the season. Otherwise we see them all talking about the other side. They are all obsessed with each other. Danielle with the MGL side and the MGL side with her.

    I would like, if anything, from the reunion to know what, again if anything, that Danielle has done that maybe hasn’t been on camera. It would make sense the level of obsession. I think Danielle’s obsession stems from hurt. I don’t know….I think they are all obsessed with the drama.

    My biggest wish would be to dump the whole cast, but that will never happen.

    • Kat says:

      I so agree with your last sentence!
      I’d like to know what Danielle has done to deserve the hate and disrespect she has gotten from the clan. Who wants to feel like a pariah? Is it all about her past or is it about sex, lies and videotape(s)?
      I hope the truth comes out.

      Even if D is a sociopath, so are 3-5% of the population according to some academics.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I bet there are more than 5% because there are a bunch living in my town.

        I wonder if Danielle is manipulating the gay icon Lauri. Surely, Laurie is a grounded person.

        • Blue Sky says:

          Hah! So many sociopaths, so little time. Love your comment!

          Sure Danielle is using la gay Lauri, can’t wait to see what happens with that relationship. Umm, thought for awhile maybe Lauri is “helping” Jillian with her singing career?

        • Kat says:

          At first I thought she was manipulating Lori. But then I starting thinking they may be using each other for publicity. Lori Michaels is smart and has plenty of experience in these matters (I’d bet) as does Danielle.

          It raises their music profiles and sex sells.

          I personally have a problem with Lori and Danielle as a couple because I don’t buy it and I think D is pandering to the gay population. Cher she is not.
          Maybe it is real as in ships passing in the night.

    • Blue Sky says:

      May be going out on a limb here, but since moving to NJ 25 years ago, and being around more Italians than where I grew up, and experiencing having managers & friends that are Italian….well have to say this about them, they do not forget a slight. “Vendetta” is what some (most? in my small experience) are about. Instead of ignoring a slight, or letting it pass, they (again, not all — ) will instead make a huge deal out of being “disrespected.” So whatever Danielle did, they will never forgive or forget it.

      Did it strike anyone else as sad & poignant that Caroline went from the showdown to a huge family gathering, while Danielle just went home to her daughters, no huge family for her. Is that all Danielle really wants, a large family to belong to? That is why I do feel sympathy for Danielle. If she would just stop using sex (especially the sex tape, how desperate is she for money?) I would like her the most. And maybe act a little less crazy! Her kids are great.

      • Ellabean says:

        Hmmmm…..very interesting Blue Sky.

        Me too. Moved ot NJ 25 years ago. And ditto to all of your above observations.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        OMG, I’d rather come home to my kids than that “family” any day. If I had to deal with all those dysfunctional morons………

  87. Wall St Lady says:

    One more can’t u pretend the HWs r a comic book & Lynn’s is a chatt room for intellectual intercourse ? Ok Bethanny is Wonder woman or Betty then ill Z would b Veronica. Etc. Etc.
    They r a joke but sadly a true picture of the underside of the belly of the new reality star world.
    I will be back at work after Labor Day but until then I haven’t laughed as much since Jr High school.
    I bet u r addicted like me & won’t go too far away.

  88. stlgal says:

    The other NJ housewives feel that they are superior to Danielle b/c she is divorced and they are “happily married.” Remember when Dina said that she was treated poorly when she was divorced & Caroline took her in? Everything changed when she got married.

    Also, as Chris said, Danielle has no family so she is a nobody. There is strength in numbers. It is not Danielle’s fault that she is adopted.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I didn’t hear those comments but they are interesting. To label someone as a nobody because of family ties shows you are a judgmental moron and an idiot. It makes your women look DUMB too. I have heard of successful, happy single women. Get over you your patriarchal nonsense you big dumb twit.

      • dumberries says:

        You’re directing your comment at Chris’s statment, not @stigal, right?

        • tuzentswurth says:

          OH absolutely at Chris’ statement!!! Not stlgal……so sorry. I’ve become like KKB, I’m reading, thought pops into head, out comes reply. Yes, Chris is the big dumb twit that angered me.

          • dumberries says:

            I figured it out, but it took me a couple of reads! Agree that Chris’s statements were cold and uncalled for…

  89. lillybee says:

    I wonder if what Danielle said about her adopted family molesting her is true. If it is I can see why she has no contact with them.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It is doubtful that all her claims are true (in reality) but it sounds like she had a very unstructured childhood with minimal support. It sounds like as a young adult she got in with a very bad crowd and the consequence of having no education, no goals and no family support gave her minimum options. Her whole journey to find a birth mother makes sense as she still seems to be looking for unconditional love.

    • Kat says:

      I believe she was abused.

  90. Mel says:

    I understand that Lynn has her own favorites on the show and her blog reflects her point of view, however I am completely put off by her assessment of Danielle. I am pretty much on the same page when it comes to Jill though LOL.

    In the beginning of the season Danielle drive by and stalked the Manzo’s event, of which she was not invited to. Worse of all she took her two daughters, who had to basically talk her down and advised her to turn around and how crazy she was behaving.

    Next we see her with KIM G. She is fully aware that Kim’s son is good friends with Caroline’s son and uses Kim D, who is her sister-in law to get connected to Kim G. I guess Danielle assumed that Kim G was a friend of Coraline’s since their son’s were close…..WRONG….Caroline has never connected with KIm G as a friend! So I guess trying to flaunt her relationship with Kim G didn’t work. Now don’t get me wrong, Both the KIMS are snakes and users, but so is Danielle. In the end they used each other.

    The charity event at the brownstone was heartbreaking. I feel that Danielle used this poor family and the sick little girl as her entry to the brownstone to start drama. NOt only did she bring her entourage filled with ex cons to the event to make a scene, she did not even pay for all of these people and expected to have a table for her unexpected number of creepy guest. This took away from this charity and the poor family looked visibly uncomfortable. When that episode aired the Father of the sick child gave an interview stating how upset he was for being USED by Danielle and how she failed to even really donate anything. It is one thing to go toe to toe with your enemy, but how could she justify her behavior at this event? I watched this episode twice and it was just disgusting.

    Next is the hair pulling. Ashely should pay for her actions. she an extremely disrespectful and obnoxious teenager. However, making false statements that Ashley threaten to kill her while pulling her hair is absolutely out of of line, not to mention perjury. That is exactly why it was dismissed.

    Danielle is vindictive, dangerous, and narcissistic. I think both the Manzo’s and Danielle are obsessed with each other!!

    Danielle admitted giving a number to Dina’s ex husband and she also paid a visit to Dina’s ex sister in laws salon. I think that Danielle was intentionally trying to hurt Dina in the deepest way….through her daughter. I think the venom that these women have for D involve a lot of things behind the scenes. There are probably a lot of things We don’t know, so the reunion should be interesting.

    Lastly, i find it strange that Danielle has no friends really. Her ex con Danny and the two pathetic Kim’s are the only people in her circle. I just find that a bit weird. Anytime that she has to talk adult matters, she only talks to her daughters. That is a bit sad to me.

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      I agree with you 100% Mel. The Manzos are fairly boring and Teresa is a gorilla but Danielle is certifiable. All you have to do is look at the youngest daughter’s eyes. She looks shell shocked. Like she knows her mother is crazy and is resigned to it. I read that the father is trying to get custody of the youngest daughter and I hope that happens, for her sake.

      Who makes their young daughters thank strange men for protecting them? To quote kookoodoodlekiki…it’s gross.

      • Squirrels says:

        When did Ashley’s charges get dismissed? I thought the record showed she was guilty of battery. $189 fine.

        Is Danielle a woman on her own planet? Hell yes. Was she accosted? Hell yes. Did she try to make it out to be something beyond? Maybe. It was shown in a twitter rampage that Ashley wished her dead. In Danielle’s delusional mind that meant she wanted her dead at any given moment. I’m being kind here. I know Ashley didn’t mean it, she just messed with the wrong person, who in such a state of mind would connect those odd dots. Did Danielle lie? To us, yes. To Danielle, maybe not.

        It is impossible to be rational with the irrational. Kelly Killoren has proven that time and time again.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I beleive she was talking about the other charge of harassment(?) or maybe it was uttering death threats.

          But yes, she was found guilty of simple assault.

      • bambibaby22 says:

        Another thing I noticed besides the shell-shocked eyes in the younger one is that she seems to be eating in a lot of the scenes. Even when she was sitting in bed. She may be using food as a pacifier. (I am no psychiatrist, but just an observation). It will be interesting to see her in a few years and see if she ends up chubby.

  91. nanaluvsreality says:

    Did anyone else notice when Danielle was cleaning out her closet while talking to Danny, she turned around and the back of her head and you could see the bald spot she talked about. I saw it several times. It’s a small patch but Ashley had not right to do that. Just wondered if anyone else noticed it.

    • lillybee says:

      I did.

    • cusi77 says:

      nana_ I noticed that as well. I thought perhaps her hair was not washed lately or it is common when a person has extensions for a long period of time (in her case, at least one year) or… Ashley’s damage. I frankly do not thing it is because of Ashley actions, because this “hole” is close to the crown and the place were A pulled D’s hair was down below. Just my observation.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I saw that and thought it was TOOO obvious. The hair was separated right around that spot and she kept turning her head so the camera would focus on it. I wondered if a bald spot was shaved there.

  92. Wall St Lady says:

    I am exhausted trying to keep up all day (started @ 8AM). For me suddenly the new blog appeared w/over 100 posts already up. I am finally caught up but did skip some posts that were long or had monikers I didn’t know. Am I alone ?

    • cusi77 says:

      WSL_ Not, you are not alone… that happens. It is really difficult to keep up with all the comments, links, etc. I work at home, I leave the computer on while working and when I take a break, I come to have a good laugh with all this great commeters. To laugh is healthy, don’t you think?

    • Snarkella says:

      No. It’s always like that Wall St Lady. I check the blog when I have time and the names change frequently. Most times I check the blog on my phone, but I never leave comments when I’m on my phone because it’s just too much hassle. I have to admit, like you, it’s unsettling when I don’t recognize any of the names. Then I think, “who are all these people?” But I’m sure they’re thinking the same about me.

    • Kat says:

      Trying to catch up is a biotch!

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      nope, did the same thing!

    • Squirrels says:

      Don’t ignore me WSL… I’m special. Just ask Kelly. She keeps calling me a hater. That in and of itself makes me special… no wait… makes me the norm… no wait… makes me a wanna be… no wait…. makes me smarter than a fifth grader… no wait… Oh. I give up.

      Have a great nite. Hi to WSM.


  93. Veronica123 says:

    I really don’t see what is so bad about Danielle.

    • dumberries says:

      I think it’s a matter of what you believe and your personal opinion. The whole mess is confusing to me.
      -Danielle has a sordid past and did some terrible things. On the other hand, she served her sentence and has not been in trouble with the law since.
      -She is the mother of two impressionable daughters and she has a sex tape on the market. On the other hand, she seems to have raised good kids so far.
      -She doesn’t seem able to connect with people and is always in the midst of drama. But, we don’t know if she is unable or unwilling to form healthy bonds, or if she is unfairly shunned.

      When it comes to her feud with the MLG tribe, it’s hard to tell what the heck is going on. Danielle seems to hate confrontation and causes drama behind the scenes (sneaky), positioning herself as the victim (which may be true). Jacqueline and Dina seem much like Danielle in this respect. Teresa is the opposite; totally in your face. Caroline can handle direct confrontation (though I think she got stomped last night) and can also contribute to drama from behind the scenes. Considering all of this and the lack of specific details being revealed, I don’t know if Danielle is so bad or not. I don’t care for her, but I don’t care much for the others either. I hope we learn some more specific details at the reunion…

  94. WOW Lynn, another spot-on excellent blog as always. I am happy to see, (and I say this with hands gnashing like Mr Burns from The Simpsons) that many of you are starting to see what I have been screaming about all season: WITHOUT DANIELLE THERE WOULD BE NO SHOW.!! HELLOOOO! I was DYING at the dinner as Caroline (another one I have been warning everyone about) says “She stays away from us and we stay away from her.” Yeah, Uh huh, and then what? We watch Alfred or Arthur whatever his name is (and the only normal person on that damned show) play golf as his empty nester wife makes him stay home for the rest of his life? Jacqueline and Tea-Bag will have no more reasons to drag their kids to Caroline’s Kitchen anymore. Maybe they’re hoping for a spin-off: “Caroline’s Kitchen: Where Everybody Knows Your Name, and It Sure As Fuck Better Be Manzo!”. Riveting stuff. Bravo is LOVING it that people are actually believing this “Danielle is fired” rumor, hell they probably started it.
    I particularly loved the statement from the Big C: “I have Never, EVER started a fight with Danielle.” She said this AFTER she texted her. MMMMmmmkay. But the clear winner of the Koo Koo Pre-Fight was of course Big D, with Danny (Who, if you’re not following, has obviously slept with her at LEAST once, wants back in BAD, and will agree with ANYTHING ON THE PLANET SHE SAYS AND REINFORCE IT on the off chance he can tap that square tit one more time. Of course this will never happen, but Big D loves to Dangle that Carrot in front of the only guy in America that wants her BAD even if it is Charles Manson.) Danielle makes it VERY clera that THIS is a WHOLE NUTHER Danielle from last time and Caroline WILL NOT call her garbage again. No siree. She can stand up for herself this time. (maybe she just meant stand up.)

    Cut to the oft-mentioned ‘Wine-and-Coke’….hmmm…where are Lynn’s Nurse readers? Is this the drink of a man with a bad liver? These 3 galoofs at the bar tellin Derek How To Keep His Woman in line is just….so….I can’t think of the word for it. Its very Goodfellas. Which is great if you’re…..Insane? Don’t even get me started with Ashley. Lynn was too kind. Jacqueline needs to drop kick this one into outer space. Galoof Chris apparently has gobs of money, get this doomed wedding over with, spit out the baby and get divorced so we can GET ON with growin this kid UP and for god’s sake DON’T HELP HER. Talk about ENABLE. Actually, though I have never seen anything on his face other than SEETHING, I do find Jacqueline to be a pretty cool chick, but she lost control of this one Loooonngg ago, I’m guessing during a bad divorce when New Daddy-Chris was trying to win her over, buying her everything on the planet, and Mommy was saying ‘Yes’ to everything out of guilt for splitting up the marriage. So this is not entirely Ashley’s fault. That said, Dear God this kid needs to be dropped off at some High Risk Jesus Camp in the middle of the Andes Mountains with a pair of underwear, 2 matches and a stick and told to figure it out. Lets see you roll your eyes out of that one, Smarty Pants. Ashley to Derek “Like I know she’s my Mom like and everything, but like, I’m like 19.” Kay, you get thru a sentence without inappropriately using the word ‘like’ MAYBE someone over the age of 6 will take you seriously for more than 60 seconds. A side note, who does this much partying with their family??????? Good lord I’d be rolling my eyes too. I roll em at my husband just watchin this. Joe does a lot of eye rollin, but that’s probably because he doesn’t get a fresh free drink every 45 seconds as ordered. Talk about a LIVER. Cirrhosis, Party Of Two?

    Okay, THE Meeting/Fight/WhatEV

    First of all, when Caroline pulled up, another tid-bit I don’t think anyone else has mentioned that cracked me up is the shoddy Christmas tree car freshener dangling from the steering wheel of Caroline’s $80,000.00 Escalade (or whatever Look-How-Rich-I-Am-Firetruck rich broads are driving these days.) Seriously I spit out my Diet 7-Up across the room.

    Caroline started off well enough. She even smiled, and for a few seconds I got that feeling that I used to get before I realized Jill Zarin was the devil. Back when I liked Caroline. Before she handed me a poison apple. And Big D was all Walls, Balls Up, Yosemite Sam and Shaft waitin in the background talkin into their watched with their headsets.

    All went as expected, but the best part of the night is when Caroline said “When have I EVER attacked you?” and Big D says “REALLY” silence. Smirk. Nothing. Silence. Another “Really.” Nothing. Then “When have *I* ever attacked YOU?” etc etc. Never got an answer from either one. Caroline shoots off the age old Garbage line and up she goes (The Danielle who can defend herself). I DID like the “YOU walked out on ME” line. Then up D is in the parking lot saying “NOBODY calls ME Garbage. Not once. Not Twice.” Pretty sure somebody just did.

    For those of you still “hoping Danielle will ‘get fired’, please, because I am wildly interested, where do you expect the ‘conflict’ that these shows thrive on, to come into play? The Reunion looks like a keeper. The ever-calm T-Bag oozing with class as always. I can assure you that Dina will not be coming anywhere NEAR this pig-fest. Smart girl, that one.

  95. skinnygirl2b says:

    I am grateful to you Lynn. Your blog is my go to place when I need clarity about the crazy Housewives and Bravo shows. Which means I’m at your blog everyday. Thank you XO Arl

  96. Wall St Lady says:

    Cusi77 what caused u to pick your posting name. (I have worked on Wall St 30 yrs)

  97. boston02127 says:

    From One Crazy Housewife To Another! Kelly Bensimon Defends Danielle Staub!
    Kelly Bensimon from The Real Housewives of New York is coming to the defense of one of the most controversial housewives in the franchise’s history. We don’t know what came over her, but we imagine it went a little something like this:

    Kelly was home last night, patching up the holes in her strait jacket, when she heard a familiar cackle coming from her living room. She realized she left her TV on and it was tuned to Bravo, as it always is per her contract. A sip of gin and crackle of lightening later, she was settled into watching the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

    Riveted was she as she watched the epic showdown between Caroline Manzo and the only other housewife that equals her crazy brilliance, Danielle Staub. When the credits rolled, Kelly knew she had to do something and quick. So she dialed up the telephone to do an interview and immediately made sure she got on Danielle’s good side. She told sources:

    “If Danielle gets her own spinoff, I think that’d be amazing for her. She makes for great TV. She’s out of the box and has no inhibitions. It’s not my place to say whether someone has issues or not. I will say she has a lot of fun with what she’s doing. I don’t know what her real life is like, but I honestly don’t think that she’s well matched against the rest of that cast for that show. Still, she definitely is fun to watch. I love seeing her. She has no limitations and that’s great.”

    You know who would be a super match for her? YOU, Kelly!

    Oh em gee! Let’s get you ladies together for a spin-off show! It will be like the Real Housewives meets Simple Life meets Intervention.

    • lillybee says:

      And that would be something I could avoid watching.

    • Kat says:

      ROTFL! Boston your comments are gold.

    • Squirrels says:

      ” I will say she has a lot of fun with what she’s doing.”

      FUN? FUN? Is that what it looked like to you Skelly? Oh don’t get me started. I think it’s best I scurry up my tree, eat a nut (no not Skelly) and chill with a bottle of the vodka i squirreled away. I hope the bitch didn’t notice one was missing.

      • dumberries says:

        She watched someone come much closer to being systematically bullied than she was, and now she thinks it fun. The hits just coming with Kiki….

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      So Bethenny is a ho-bag, but Danielle “she has a lot of fun with what she is doing”. What she is doing? She’s doing a SEX TAPE Kelly!!!!! Once again another contradiction.

  98. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    This is an article about Kelly. She confirmed that she received an offer to come back to RHONY next season. 😦


    • dumberries says:

      Oh no, say it ain’t so! I don’t think even Kelly would definitively state she got the formal offer it weren’t true. Combined with Zarin’s assistant’s planting the story about her filming today, it’s looking like they’re all coming back. Ughh…

      • icantstandthetoxicity says:

        I don’t think I am going to be able to watch RHONY anymore. I am not surprised that they invited Jill back but I am shocked that they invited Kelly back.

        • dumberries says:

          Me too – I was 95% sure that Kelly would not be back. For the life of me, I can’t comprehend what the producers are thinking. Could all of the reaction to her youtube videos, twitters, and stupid interviews have actually worked in convincing them that people are interested in her? Do they not care if the response is overwhelmingly negative? Are they actually looking to have an unstable negative cast member to ensure conflict? Mind boggling…

        • Quincy IL says:

          I’m miserable too. I understand that Alex needs the show for her businesses and Simon has changed jobs too. I think Jill actually damaged Simon at the reuinion when she brought up the hotel hallway and nude photos. Where is her punishment for being that vile.

          Bad people do get ahead. It makes me sick.

          • Okay why is everyone so surprised, sick, and stunned that Jill and Kelley are back? Here’s how it works guys. Its called ratings. The show gets ratings based on conflict. The confict in this show last year was caused by Jill and Kelly. Ching-Ching, let the cash register ring. This is why Danielle and Teresa will be back, and whoever next year turns out to be the craziest, most unstable people on THAT season. Only until someone is killed, and I mean that literally, will Bravo *maybe* re-consider someone’s contract. Until then, ANYTHING GOES. Drunk, mental illness, being UNDUH foreclosuh, nasty divorces, cheating, lying, fighting, all of it…..Little Andy Cohen has his dick in his hand EVERY NIGHT at his good fortune, ladies. I don’t know the story yet behind T-Bag pushing him down into that couch, but anyone in their right mind would get fired for doing that to one of their bosses. Andy will find a way to make it okay because T-Bag is his MONEYMAKER right now. So please do not be aghast when these women are back front and center next year. Ever occur to you that Caroline could back out if SHE is so miserable? These shows thrive on conflict and I would bet ten boxes of girl scout thin mint cookies that Jill, Kelly, Tbag and D-Bag make more money than the rest of em. At least they do if they’re smart. They certainly SHOULD. They take more abuse from the public, (self-inflicted though it may be), and the whole show we wait for their scenes. You guys really waiting to see where the Countess is going to sing next? Or dying to watch Ashley and Jac have another Kitchen throwdown? Nope. We want to watch T-Bag act like a douche so we can come on here and talk about what a shithook she is. So can we stop with the “shocked” business? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; every e-mail to Bravo asking for Kelly, Jill, Danielle or Teresa to be “fired” is another dollar in their contract, I guaran-damn-tee you THAT.

            Lynn has graciously asked me to Guest blog after the Finale’s, and y’all know my style by now, so if you’re not into it, don’t read it, dig? LV @bdonahueweedman

  99. tuzentswurth says:

    Please somebody that TWEETS! Send a message to Jill and call her out. She said at the reunion that if Alex comes back, she wouldn’t. I can’t wait and I hope she is good for her word. She should decline the offer to return!!!!! It is a matter of personal integrity. Ergo, Kelly will have to not come back too because she is real, has loads of integrity and is authentic. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  100. boston02127 says:

    I finally found a link to the reunion show that I could play on my computer. I am shocked that Al Manzo and Chris Laurita are not appalled, mortified and revolted by their wives behavior.

    • dumberries says:

      If Al and Chris are half as normal as they appear to be, they have already taken to wearing disguises whenever they go out in public. Al won’t be able to use the clown disguise anymore though. Damn that Danielle…

    • vilzvet says:

      Joe too!!!!!!

  101. boston02127 says:

    Tweet from “Ginger Zarin”—Kelly says insanity is the bar for sexiness? Is One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest her porn?

  102. Adgirl says:

    I probably could deal with Patti Stanger’s weirdness if her “Millionaires” were of interest.
    So far they are a bunch of “Millionaire” misfits. Who knows if they really have cash? For the most part they were uncouth, selfish babies.
    My God, the “girls” were scraped off Sunset Blvd (or a Russian restaurant) and that was Patti’s thoughtful, expensive pairing?

    Patti: Billy is a video game designer who loves fast girls with big boobs but needs someone to bring home to his mother and raise his babies.
    So, I stopped by Hooters and found Ambrosia who grew up in Bakersfield and can cook grits. If she wears long sleeves over her tats Billy’s mom will love her. Billy’s pecker will pick her and the babies will be popping out.
    Another Patti success!

    Just a stupid, boring dumb show featuring drooling idiots of both sexes. It could be fun if it were treated a little more seriously, but maybe real singles don’t want to be on TV?

    • dumberries says:

      Adgirl, I don’t think real singles looking for a real relationship would ever want that pursuit televised. But even if they didn’t mind that part, would anyone seriously looking for love turn to Patti Stanger? Seems more like her “clients” are just looking for tv time. She’s such a sham, imo..

  103. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    The season finale of RHONJ drew 3.4 million viewers. I thought the season finale was boring. It was the most boring season finale that I have ever seen.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      that’s the thing, we didn’t know it was going to be boring..so Bravo sucked all 3.4 million of us in to this joke. Wonder how many of the 3.4 million even liked it..interesting hmmmm?

  104. Denise says:

    Re Teresa blogging about Jacqueline and Caroline: Jacqueline is no mental giant but I think even she is amused at just how stupid Teresa is. Remember when Teresa was telling Jacqueline that Joe should buy her something fabulous for their 10th anniversary (despite their huge financial problems) and Jacqueline quips, “The Crown Jewels?” and T says something like, “No, I’m not Indian”. WTF??? Does this loopy bitch exist just to utter inane comments?

    And when they were planning to visit T’s family in Italy Jacqueline asked Teresa if her side of the family wore leopard prints. A nice, snide little dig at how tacky Teresa dresses that went right over T’s head.

    On the cruise ship Teresa had no problem dumping her kids on Caroline and Albert so she and Joe could have some alone time (and she let us know in no uncertain terms that she meant that they were going to have sex) and she should have put her ill-mannered kids into their care of either set of their grandparents. I don’t blame Caroline for being frustrated at being forced to watch those little hooligans.

    Eventually Teresa is going to piss off Caroline and the gloves will come off. Can’t wait for THAT episode.

    • Squirrels says:

      Sad but true, it won’t happen. Caroline lives to be the matriarch. She won’t give it up lightly. She’ll sit on her own tongue v admit her loving family is guilty of any sin.

      • Anitabee says:

        Ahhh, but Teresa ISNT family. Teresa is starting to act like that once-good-family-friend who now needs to go.

        RHONJ will bring in 2 more housewives. One of them has to interact more with Teresa. I wonder who’d they’ll get.

  105. Quincy IL says:

    Well, Jeff Lewis is a weird guy. He takes you to the home of an ditzy, older sweetheart of an woman. He cares about her and doesn’t want someone to take advantage of her, but…. he also delights in taking Trace for the woman’s long hugs when he knows Trace hates to be touched. It’s dangerous to have this older woman be the center of the humor because she’s really in the older category, but Jeff isn’t afraid to drag everyone to the cliff and ask them to put their tootsies over the edge. The urine stuff and bathroom stuff is getting old Jeff. We need more Jenny time. Honestly, she’s the heart of the show.

    Now, for Rachel Zoe. One week off from Taylor bashing and we have returned to it with venom. Brad is a nasty gay man. He insults all of us because he comments on women who complained that Rachel stepped on them by saying that the buy on sale at Saks. Heck, I buy on sale at the Dress Barn and I would bet I have a lot more money in the bank than Brad does. Of course, I am saving money for grandkids college education and Brad is buying bow ties. We all have different value systems, Brad. Some of us give to the Salvation Army and Red Cross. I bet you don’t.

    I don’t know why I am watching Rachel Zoe. She’s not someone that I would spend time with in real life. I think I need to take that show off of the recording device.

    I looked at Jeff Lewis’s web site yesterday and there are links to his Beautiful Kitchen and it was beautiful. I love his sleek look. I wish I could give away all of these Iranian gifts and have clean counters and shelves. My husband wants white walls as they have in Iran and all of the knick knack stuff. He doesn’t do the dusting.

    • I just loved their sense of entitlement in that scene. They blew off front row seats at the show, showed up late, & then bitched when no one would get out of their way. I mean, really, didn’t they know they were Rachel & Brad? I’m stunned that they couldn’t find a way to blame Taylor for all that, cuz God knows, they blamed her for everything else that went wrong.

  106. Quincy IL says:

    Danielle Staub continues stalking and threats against the other cast members.


    She’s driving around Franklin Lakes taking people to the homes of the other cast members, slowing down and pointing.

    That’s stalking and threatening. If I were those women, I’d get orders of protection and have the courts involved right now. I knew that Danielle was seeting inside and there wasn’t a chance in hell that she would take the firing in good spirits.

    It’s not just Danielle, it’s the entourage that she has as followers. People willing to carry guns in parking lots. Felons willing to go back to jail for Danielle.

    No wonder Andy went to Tahiti. He’s scared.

    • Anitabee says:

      Good thing that Albie is a police academy graduate AND Caroline throws those benefits for law enforcement.

      Time to call in a favor, Caroline!

    • I think this may be the actual reason Danielle got canned and Teresa is still on the show. It is 1 thing to “bring the drama” get in peoples faces, even fight 1 on 1, these types of low brow shows will always find room for that. But to begin bringing ex-cons, guns and making the veiled threats on camera involving these men with guns, and the behavior of “stalking” methods is different. It is a whole ‘nother level and could lead to more than Bravo wants to deal with. Jerry Springerish violence is one thing, actual hit man style behavior is crossing a line. If this is true, (the article) and we have seen this behavior on film, perhaps these type of actions are what Carline was referring to when she said “You have physically threatened every member of my family” Danielle is not going face to face, she is hiring her fire power and then saying ” I wasn’t the one” “I didn’t have a gun.” No, but you hired the guy that did.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Do we have anything but Danielle’s word that these guys were armed? Danielle’s the sole source of that “revelation,” isn’t she? If so, I’d take it with a big grain of salt.

        All of a sudden Danielle is a reliable source? She’s built her persona on the show and this claim is in keeping with it. Danielle talks real big, she’s loaded for bear, she’ll knock on people’s doors and won’t be alone, but then she can’t go out for a sandwich for fear of the Manzo-Giudice family?

        This show is like professional wrestling in the suburbs, accessorized by Gucci, etc.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        We don’t know that the bodyguards Danielle brought to the meeting with Caroline are con men or thugs. For all we know they could be paid professions with concealed weapons permits; for all we know their services could have been paid for by Bravo.

        If Danielle was axed, it would be because none of the other women would not be filmed with her and probably said they wouldn’t film with anyone associated with her. There would be a huge disconnected between the cast.

        While I wouldn’t put it past Danielle to drive by someone’s house, unless there is a restraining order in place, it’s not illegal.

  107. Quincy IL says:

    Do you think that Jill, Kelly and Luann are happy that they pushed Bethenny into the gutter on NYC Housewives? Kelly seems over the top with joy over her new gig. She doesn’t watch tv in the summer because she is outside so she thinks Danielle is really nice and she should get a spin off. Kelly’s spin off will be about movers and shakers that Kelly finds interesting. I suggest that the first interview of Kelly’s new show be Danielle Staub. We can tour her new NYC condo and visit the gar bars where she sings.

  108. Had Enough! says:

    I haven’t been here in quite a while, but I’ve been reading and laughing … and now it is time to come back out in the open because I want to encourage everyone to BOYCOTT RHONYC. When I read that Jill’s Trained Sasquatch had been invited back, my heart sank. This will mean giving up Sonja and Ramona and Alex, but I am not about to watch that nasty, stupid, sick, ugly woman for even one second. It isn’t because I am a Bethenny fan, though I do enjoy BGM. Even my husband, who hates all HoWife shows, enjoys BGM. We both cracked up at the stroller scene. He watches me do that “random button pushing” routine every day with one appliance or another. I’ve had my car 10 years and I still can’t figure out the ventilation and AC button combinations. Anyway, Bethenny’s smile and her laugh are infectious and it is wonderful to see someone happy. I love Julie, Carol, Jason. My reason for not watching is entirely about that horrid Kelly. The darkness of these shows was already wearing on me and that was the final straw.

    On another note. I have seen the nasty comments about Lynn and all of you on other blogs. It is obvious where most of them are coming from. I get a big kick thinking about how people read those comments, get curious and come over here to see this terrible blog. They must be very confused. Here they expected something really awful and what do they see? A group of happy, interested, bright, funny people having a lot of fun and supporting one another. The shows are just an excuse to get together. I have been inspired by many of you (Boston!) and my heart aches for many of you (Shadows…). Mickey Mouth and Real City – brilliant. Squirrels is a woman I’d like to drink with. Squirrels – thank you so much for sharing your life with us. And Lynn is a woman who truly does celebrate other women, unlike that awful…well…I can’t even write her name in the same sentence as Lynn’s name. I look at Lynn’s photos and see a woman with more heart that all the HoWives together. Lynn is a woman whose life is full of love.

    Does anyone know what happened to Hooked On Housewives, Adios Lunatic, and Patsy’s Boys?

    In closing, I Hate Jill Zarin. Now. Forever. But it doesn’t matter because RHONYC is dead to me as long as that freakazoid Never-Been-Nobody-Never-Will is part of the cast.

    • Kat says:

      It is great to see you! Patsysboys posts as Ilovelynn.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Had Enough, wow! What a pleasant surprise! Thank you so much for your kind words! I feel the same way about all of you who post here! I’m really happy to see you back posting, so many have asked about you and missed your wonderful posts.

      I feel exactly the same way as you do about Kelly returning and sad that it is under these unfortunate circumstances that you’ve posted again, but happy just the same that you did return!
      Bravo should be ashamed for bringing Kelly back, we know she brought the ratings but for all the wrong reasons, she’s not mentally stable but Bravo doesn’t seem to mind at all as long as the ratings are there.

      Had Enough, you’re a very special person and my life is better because you and I met , thank you for staying in touch with me through all the ups and downs 🙂 XOXOXO

    • Squirrels says:

      Dang Had Enough!

      You like me? You really really like me?

      Got to admit, when Sally Fields played Gidget, she and my sister looked like identical twins. At that point, I hated my sister (she never let me borrow anything).

      Thank you for your kind words. This project has been difficult, but necessary and I’ve received so much in terms of advice and empowerment. It’s difficult to describe.

      Yeah, me with no words to say? Somebody bitch slap me quick!


      • Had Enough! says:

        OK, enough of the sappy stuff (but yeah, I really do like you and your book). Who’s buying the first round? I am ready for my first SGM of the day.

        And I would venture a guess that we are all as different as night and day and most of us would never cross paths IRL but because of these stupid, awful shows we all came together. So I guess for that I should wrote Andy and Lauren a thank-you note.

        Yeah. That’ll happen. After enough SGM.

    • babelony says:

      So good to have you back! I always enjoyed your comments.

  109. WindyCityWondering says:

    Good morning to all! Question: Bravo says they do alot of research regarding the casts of their shows. So with the ton of very negative feedback on Jill, Kelly, Teresa, etc – which is likely more than the positive feedback mean nothing? So its just number of comments but not content? So does Bravo think they will have the same kind of ratings next year when so many are repulsed by these individuals?

    • Anitabee says:

      By research they must have meant studying which housewives are mostly to offend the audience, kill a costar, go bankrupt, leave their spouse, and be involuntarily committed to Bellevue Hospital.

  110. boston02127 says:

    Now that Bethenny isn’t going back to RHONY, Jill is going to think she’s the cat’s meow on the show.
    Kelly will be more cocky that ever. She’ll probably revert back to her “I’m up here” and “If you had it like this” attitude.

    I’ll be smiling away knowing that Bethenny did so much better.

    • Anitabee says:

      Jill can gloat all she wants but she is no longer “the” housewife on the show. That goes to Sonja. Sonja won’t take Jill’s crap AND Sonja is a a much higher socical status than Jill can ever dream of being.

      Kelly still has mental health issues. It will be sad watching her try to cope with everyday llife with her inabilities to process thoughts, words, concepts and what she said a minute ago.

      RHONY Season 4 will be the changing tide of the dynamic of the show.

      Personally, I hope Alex kicks Jill’s trades-sex-for-jewelry-live-your-life-as-a-kept-whore butt!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Jill will always think she is the star of the RHONY but I agree that Sonja will be the focal point next season. She gets along with boring LuAnn, she pacifies krazy Kelly, she gets along great with Ramona and Alex – and the jury is still out on Jill!
        My problem – I can’t watch either Kelly or Jill! So maybe the jury still isn’t in and if in fact they are filming other ladies maybe Bravo is still not satisfied with the current line up.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Agreed Boston. Do these women not realize that yes, Bethenny may not be on RHONY, but by having her own show she’s probably making more money than them? Bethenny’s show was a bit hit for Bravo. Unless they have some real drama on RHONY the show is going to lose viewership because many people watched just for Bethenny.

  111. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet to Ali Lohan (Lindsey’s younger sister)
    u r so sweet to say that. I would love to show my real life. Its hilarious, fun, and never boring

    Kelly would love to show her real life. What have we been watching all along? How many times has she cried she so real and authentic?

    • boston02127 says:


    • Kat says:

      No kidding! You can’t believe a word she says if you can even understand what she is saying.
      Imagine Kellamity with armed guards.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Ah Kelly still the legend in her own mind!

        • dumberries says:

          I’m still reeling from the fact that she succeeded in securing her spot. That’s a pretty low bar they’ve set at Sirens/Bravo…

    • Squirrels says:

      Stop the presses. Kelly is now reaching out the the Lohan family? Talk about desperation.

      I can see it now, Kelly advising Ali Lohan, who’s family is in shambles at this point. Ali reaching out to a known cartwheeling lunatic. Connection?

      Advice. Ali? Run like hell. Kelly? Leave that girl alone. You are no pillar of motherhood. Don’t harm her beyond what ever pain she has had to endure. Your unicorn and lollipop therapy will be completely off base. All you will accomplish is face time for yourself. Oh wait, that’s already what the Lohan parents do, you’ll fit right in…. and potentially destroy another human being in the process.

  112. Anitabee says:

    Unfortunately, yes.

    People can’t take their eyes off this trainwreck. Kelly gave them their highest rating with her unhinged behavior. She hasn’t changed. She’s gotten more bizarre with stalkish behavior towards Bethenny.

    I wonder if Jill is going to demand a raise this year like she did last year?

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      You are right about the stalking Anita. Kelly usually responds to me on Twitter. I asked her why the thinly veiled digs a Bethenny and she responded that she’s an excellent judge of character so she did not deny that she is digging at Bethenny. I may have responded that her actions are a bit stalkerish :D. She says she’s an excellent judge of character yet she praises Danielle. Go figure. She makes my head hurt.

  113. TLM says:

    Star Magazine article on Bethenny which ran in July 26, 2010 issue:
    http://twitpic.com/2i143i (page 1)
    http://twitpic.com/2i14eu (page 2)

    I love the ombre dress B has on. Her mother proves in the article that she’s every bit as nuts as B always said she is.

    • Ellabean says:

      TLM – Thanks so much for posting these pics. I knew about the recent Star Mag article that interviewed Bethenny’s mother – but had not seen it.

      All the little girl pictures of Bethenny (link #2) growing up -were so poignant. Recall Beth just did a People mag tour of Bryn’s room – and showed us Bryn’s Raggdy Ann doll. Beth said she herself always loved Raggedy Ann. And here in the Star srticle – we see a pic of B at age two with her own.

      All: do check out TLM’s link’s above if you get a chance. Wonderful pictures. The article – well – what can you say. It’s what Beth has told us all along. A little girl with a sad childhood.

      It’s all come full circle for Bethenny. A new chance to make a childhood right.

      • Ellabean says:

        And love Bethenny’s ombre dress too. Wow – somebody else that knows the fashion term ” ombre” stripe . Love it !

      • TLM says:

        Hopefully these photos will put an end to anyone claiming B had a nose job. You can see she always had the same nose as a kid. It looks like her mom has the same nose as well.

      • TLM says:

        Thank you Ellabean! I got this magazine and was shocked to see the article, since it wasn’t advertised on the cover. Star apparently does not show achived articles on its site like People does, so I wanted to put it here for all the other fans who may have missed it. I think we all were wondering when B’s mom would respond in the press, and thankfully it hasn’t blown up into anything. B doesn’t need to deal with that. I wasn’t happy with Star for putting the title, “Bethenny’s Lies.” It was ridiculous since when you read the short article, it becomes obvious Bethenny never lied about anything, and that her mom is unfortunately still a mess.

        And yes, I am very into fashion. I even have a folder on my computer where I’ve saved whatever photos I can find of B!! I really like her style. It has been interesting to see it evolve since Season 1. I always liked her style, but she has gotten progressively better and better.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      I have a feeling that Jill will insert herself in this story at some point to make herself look good and Bethenny look bad.

  114. boston02127 says:

    Well…I just read the Bravo blogs. I’ve decided that I’m going to write a blog. There will be a few rules for everyone.

    You can only respond with positive remarks.
    None of my friends can tell me what I’m doing wrong.
    Everyone must agree that everything I do is great and fantastic.
    If I rob a bank, cheer me on and tell me how cleaver I am.
    If I throw kittens in the river, tell me the they probably deserved it.
    If I steal a car, tell me how great I look in it.
    If I lie, let me loving know that you believe anything I say.
    Continuously compliment me on my bony legs and flat chest.
    Remind me that my OCD is quirky.
    Let me know that you enjoy second hand smoke.
    Tell me how cute you think I am when I swear like a truck driver.
    Always agree with me.

    Thanks, I should be ready for the Real Housewives of Boston by 2012.

  115. viki55 says:

    I have been so busy that I feel totally out of the loop!
    So was it all true that Danielle was fired? They should fire them all and stop this stupid show.
    And has Bravo offically confirmed Jill & Kelly will be back? If so, I won’t be watching. Not watching DC was/is easy, this addiction can be broken!

    • Quincy IL says:

      I do think Danielle has been fired from NJ. I don’t think Bravo will hire her for another show.

      I really don’t read other blogs, but I find their fascination with Lynn and the people here interesting. We just share. We review what happened on the various shows and give our opinions. Personally, when someone disagrees with me or has a point to make that I never considered, I feel enriched by their input.

      I love the mix here too…Older, younger, a few very intelligent men and a huge cast of intelligent women. Lynn is a wonderful person to do the work of making the site for us. Thank you, Lynn and thank you everyone who posts here.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      We have seen no proof of any of these claims from Bravo. All are disheartening if true.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      If she wasn’t fired Danielle could have easily said, “They haven’t brought anyone back yet,” or something like, “As far as I know I’m still on the show,” her evasive answers and then plugging a show with just her, to me, presses more into the she got fired vein.

      I think Bravo could handle a lot, but the armed bodyguards may have sealed her fate.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Danielle is always evasive – IMO she thinks it adds to her mystic and is tre sexy. In the Pantheon of NJ Liars – she is only second as Teresa holds the title.

    • Ellabean says:

      Reading this actually depressed me.

      I – – am – – – shocked – – that – – – Kelly – – was asked back.

    • viki55 says:

      Two things are suspicious here:
      “Bravo is even bringing back Alex McCord, whom the cable network was close to cutting last spring”…….Did anyone every hear Alex was almost cut last season?
      And: “Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, and LuAnn de Lesseps (if all the ladies accept their offers, that is)”……….Why the questions about accepting offers?

      • Had Enough! says:

        Can you say, “Jill’s grubby little fingerprints?”

        Jill floated gossip that Bravo was going to cut Silex and even Bravo came out publicly and denied it because it was, of course, long before any casting decisions had been made or offers extended. Everyone knew it was Jill then and everyone knows it is Jill this time, too.

        Why can’t that woman be happy with her own life and leave others alone? I’ve never understood why really, really rich people don’t just get out of the public eye and go do what they love to do, do good works, enjoy the peace of privacy and the freedom from the daily grind that so many of us would love to have. Like Jackie Onassis did. Zarin of course isn’t as rich as Onassis was, but she has plenty of money and she could spend her life much as she has this summer – enjoying her family and friends. Why on earth does she want to be on television, exposing herself to constant ridicule and scorn?

  116. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweets—

    August 18—
    Going to London for Labor Day. Does RHNY air there? Should I do a book signing? Any suggestions? Please email me at jill@jillzarin.com?

    August 21—-
    Wait till book comes out in chinese, russian and japanese soon! Bobby, can we go and set up signings? RT @Darrennyc Love these pics http://bit.ly/cAcoRD
    Next @jillzarin goes International book signings in Australia + London!

    In three days Jill went from vacationing and not knowing if RHONY airs in London to being an international author.

  117. Had Enough! says:

    So. I’ve been reading the comments about how Andy Cohen hates women. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. But I don’t think he is the source of the programming that displays these awful creatures to make women look bad. I think the source is Lauren Zalaznick. She’s the big kahuna at NBC Universal’s Women and Lifestyle Entertainment Networks. Here’s the big wet kiss on the tushy from the NYT: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/02/magazine/02zalaznick-t.html?pagewanted=10

    Now read that article. Look at the photo. Here’s a very bright woman – Brown Phi Beta Kappa, degree in semiotics. She started her career in the cerebral indie film world. She’s a homely member of the NY intelligentsia. I am guessing she was the nerd outcast at least until college (Brown being a very accepting kind of place where nerdiness and brains have always been cool). I am guessing she was never popular and always resented the pretty, popular girls with lots of money and looked down on the shallow, vacuous types. I think the Housewives concept/choice of cast is little more than Lauren Zalaznick sneering at those who didn’t invite her to their parties.

    “With Bravo, Zalaznick has created for herself the luxury of making television for an audience, in effect, of her co-workers, her dinner-party guests, her successful, liberal neighbors in Manhattan’s West Village. “What do all the shows have in common?” asks Fenton Bailey, a producer and longtime friend of Zalaznick’s. “Lauren.”

    In other words, she is just like us. Well, like me, anyway. I look at these horrible women; as a measuring stick, they are invaluable because (ugh, it hurts to say it this way, but…) they are way down there and I am way up here. As are all of you. Way up here.

    • Kat says:

      The link took me to an ad. But I’ll take your word for it. Your last paragraph gives me pause. Or paws? 8)

      • Had Enough! says:

        Sorry about that. It is taking me to page 10 of the article. Well if anyone wants to read it, just go to nyt.com and enter lauren zalanick into the search box. The article was published on Nov 2, 2008.

        You know I meant all of you are way up here, right? We, the people who are thought of as “haters” are actually the women who have our lives together, who are contributing to society, who really matter in this world. Whose lives aren’t all about spending money, one-upping everyone else, and getting botoxed every five minutes. I think that’s the reason I originally cottoned to Bethenny, Ramona, and Alex. They have their flaws, of course. Don’t we all? But they work (they work hard), they got where they are because of their work, they struggle to balance work and family, they have real lives. They aren’t shallow and vacuous. They have self-awareness.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      it’s not about money that is a backdrop – it’s about extreme personalities….so by that standard the worst housewives franchise are the golden ones.
      Bravo beware – you are not entertaining or listening to your viewers and that will hit you in the ratings/sponsors sweetspot sooner rather than later. Viewers will go where they are entertained.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      hear hear….love u guys…but ya killing my work ethics….::shutting down web and going back to crunching numbers:::

    • viki55 says:

      Wow. Disturbing. I looked up the independent films she was associated with. She specificially mentions a connection to her film “Kids” to the housewives series.
      “She offered a comparison between the delinquent protagonist of “Kids” and a character on “Real Housewives”: “Here’s this kid, you have no idea what’s going on with him, and this woman, you have no idea what’s going on with her and her friends and what they all do, all day every day, and you don’t know … and now you do. And they’re both kind of disturbing, and they’re both kind of amusing, and they’re always really interesting.”

      “Kids” is about a boy who believes the way to avoid sexually transmitted disease is to only have sex with virgins. Then one of his conquest (a virgin, her only partner was him) test HIV positve and tries to stop him from spreading it.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Yes, the “man behind the curtain” at Bravo is a woman. Bravo reports to Zalanick of the mothership, NBC/Universal.

      Andy’s not the top of the food chain at the network. And recently, a long time Bravo exec was made President of Bravo…..another woman, Berwick who previously was Bravo’s GM.

      Andy’s made himself highly visible to the network’s audience, but he’s not quite the evil mastermind of some nefarious plot against women that some here fulminate about….even as they keep on watching. Surely none of us tuned into the RH mistaking it for Live from Lincoln Center.

      As for Bravo “exploiting” these loony toons who want to go before the cameras, sure….but these women sign up for that. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Participation in a reality TV show is not compulsory. Dina left. (Left the show, but apparently not the game entirely. And may return if the big D is indeed off the show.) Jill bitched, moaned and blamed Bravo for showing her doing what she did and not giving her a “puff piece” edit. But if the reports are true, she’s back and ready once again for her closeup.

    • Squirrels says:

      Holy Hand grenade!

    • Squirrels says:

      Wow. Just what we need. A female misogynist among the powerful (what will show up on TV).

      I’ll be waiting as she rockets her $100K car around an unsuspecting corner. I’ll then High Five Quincy, Kat, Kat2, Boston, Had Enough, WSL, WSM, WCW, dumberries, Ellabean, Viki, Vgirl, cdnfillie58, Scorpiosue1102, Anitabee, TLM, vilzve, every other commentator here I haven’t mentioned and Lynn if she’ll allow me.

      It’s the small stuff that gets you in the end.
      Lovingly said. 😀

  118. Kat says:

    The blog is wonky for me. It makes it hard to find comments.

  119. Ellabean says:

    From 8/24/10 – New York Magazine online.

    “Why The Real Housewives of New York City Will Stink Without Bethenny”


    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Good article. The last sentence cracked me up. “Not only because we really want to believe Bethenny can make friends without employing them, co-starring with them, marrying them, or dredging them up from her deep past; it’s also because we very well may have to find a new ensemble show to watch when Real Housewives becomes simply too traumatizing.”

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Without a Bethenny type then I also have to say that NY will sink. Too many people dislike/hate Jill Zarin and have no interest in anything she does or says. Kelly’s disturbing behavior last season brought alot of people together because of it, because she denied it and because to this day she has gotten no help. LuAnn is boring and now that she is single she will be portraited as even more needy and insufferable than last season. Ramona, Sonja and Alex will be the ones to bring the fun and this will just set up the same old tired assed them vs us!

  120. dumberries says:

    Kelly’s coming back. I needed to state it definitively – working my way out of denial. So disappointing. I wonder if the rumored new HW from the Hamptons is a friend of Kelly’s, but that assumes she would bother with a female friend, unlikely. I’ll still watch RHNY, but I really can’t watch any scenes with Kelly. Why is this so very disheartening to me?

    Have a good day all!!!!!!

  121. boston02127 says:

    Kelly responding to someone that told her she is unstable and should not be giving out advice.

    Kelly’s tweet—— “mentally unstable” lol. ‘methhead, unstable, crazy,’
    you guys are hilarious. spell the name right: kelly killoren bensimon.

    *Mom of two young children doesn’t care what you call her as long as get her name right!

    • Had Enough! says:

      Huh. And here I thought it was spelled Kellamity Kookoolet Never-been-Nobody.

      Bethenny Facebook: 369,199

      Zarin Facebook: 78,290

      Sasquatch Facebook: 8,511

      • vilzvet says:

        I am trying superhard to get out of Dodge this Sunday and go see her compete at the Hampton Classic. It’s an all-day affair but damn I need a break and I would like to see her go against the other riders who actually own their own horses. She supposedly just started leasing this new horse and it’s rather dumb of her to think she’s ready for such a prestigious show so quickly. The guy who’s been slamming her on twitter for her riding skills was warned by her that she’s going to “report” him, for what I don’t know…

  122. Wall St Lady says:

    2 examples that burn in my.

    I remember as a child my grandmother. & her “maid” stopped every day at noon to watch “Guiding Light” for over 50years. GL had a Jill a Kelly & a Danielle who stole husbands, murdered, escaped from insane asylums ,incest etc etc. All the while wearing designer clothes & living in a “Pine Valley” mc mansions.
    This is no different than our HWs. The more awful the “mean girl” like Ericka of” All My Children” the more hope/redemption opportunity.
    Andy prays for the Kelly & Daniels. Andy doesn’t want Dina or Caroline unless the Manzo brothers cheat or are gay !

    2nd point In 1916 my other grand mother started a book club when she came home from college & named it for O’ Henry who attended their first meeting. They met every other week for 55 years. There was always a waiting list to join. The 13 members felt it would b wasteful to have 13 of any one book so 13 different books were chosen & passed around (books were read & then donated to the Rowan county public Library).
    Each meeting was a little like this blog. 25 volumes of notes document the 55 yrs of discussing not only the books but society, fashion ,food, politics & gossip. There were various serious disagreements ,some that lasted for years & bled into future discussions. They almost had a war discussing if the husband stealing Scarlet had any redeeming qualities & did she really hope to kill Melanie via the trip back to Tara !

    My point.

    NOTHING Changes !

    So one more don’t go away .
    Thank God we have a safe place to go vent & maintain our sanity & act like 2010 ladies doing it.
    The Kellys & Danielles who are certifiable ARE NOT Going Away ! For the sake of Bravo K & D will be fed gummy bears so they can continue to entertain.

    We can all discern good from evil. For me having a place to vent & be supported is a great reality & I thank Lynn for having us as invited guests !

    Luv u All , my Lynn family

  123. kats2 says:

    Can someone please help save me the time and energy – Did Bravo confirm or state that all these vile people are coming back or is it just various blogs and “news” sources? Have we heard it from any reliable sources?

    • vilzvet says:

      Nothing from Bravo….

      • kats2 says:

        Thank you V! Keeping my fingers crossed it might not be true but just the pathetic fame whores putting it out there so it might happen. They need this show so bad, it will be a delight to stick a fork in it.

    • kats2 says:

      Oh and I should add, if any of this is true and all of the same vile people are coming back – sure we can keep complaining and nothing will change. OR while we complain we also get a list of sponsors and really hit Bravo and these pigs where it hurts. My preference is the combo approach.

      • vilzvet says:

        Well we can look on the only bright side, that if all the Hated Ones are coming back we know we still have this place…and Lynn is going to have a TON of material to work with 🙂

  124. Olivia says:

    I am going to openly admit that yes, I am a “hater”. I absolutely hate what Bravo has done by portraying these women in the most unflattering of ways, and I hate the women who stand “hand in hand” with them in this collaborative effort. From a feminist point of view, and a gender who screams about the patriarchal practices that prevents women from attaining the equality some of us have long fought for, this combination has brought us the likes of “fame addicted whores” willing to surrender their gender to the ridicule that comes with these shows.

    I spare none of them but certain ones stand out as the most egregious offenders since they have put commonsense, self respect, and decency aside to achieve whatever it is that feeds their massive egos.

    The fact that some of them have been invited back once again shows how little respect the network and they themselves have toward women in general. Fighting, threatening, name calling, treachery, lying, pretending, bullying, conspiring, and defaming one another is what these series are all about. Without those elements there is little if any value in tuning in. Bravo has brought their own level of gender bashing to a whole new element but they are unable to do this unassisted.

    We have sat through the NY series appalled at the antics and verbal abuse that was rife throughout the season. Yet the two worst offenders from what we know have been invited back once again as if their behavior should be easily dismissed. From what I have seen, neither one feels any sense of shame or regret for having been presented in the worst possible light. What is equally troubling is that those who were given credit for enjoying some commonsense have also willingly agreed to go along with this charade and offense. I am addressing both Alex and Sonja here.

    NJ has shown us that just about anything goes when it comes to the ratings game. We have watched 15 weeks of non stop abuse hurled by both camps at one another and again, rewards are handed out to women who conduct themselves as nothing more than thugs to put it mildly. As someone else pointed out in an earlier thread, they seem to be engulfed in “the darkness”.

    DC is warming up to be another “hotbed” of ridicule as race and fraud creep into the storyline both created and acted out by women eager to get them names published and acclaimed. We argue over who the most and least relevant when it should be clear that it is Bravo calling the shots and the puppets comply.

    I won’t lie that I will more than likely watch the two remaining reunion shows just because I have followed the Pied Piper from the beginning. But that’s it. I am no longer interested in watching women portray, either for real or invented, roles that demean the very essence of our gender while Andy Cohen sits back grinning and smirking at these invented “celebs”.

    Another season of Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, Teresa Guidice, and the members of other franchises that elevate the crass offerings put on display by Bravo has me heading for the exit.

  125. Wall St Lady says:

    BTW lynn how/why do u start a new blog.
    Remember when u knew if u lit a cigarette the waiter would appear w/ ur meal ? I post a long (copy & pasted) post & immediately a new Lynn post appears.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I try to post a new blog every morning, today I’m waiting for a guest blog which is why I haven’ t posted yet, but noon is my deadline and there are almost 700 comments, so its time….Honestly I don’t wait until someone posts a long comment, I just try to post a new one before noon each day. (try being the key word)

  126. kk says:

    Anyone notice the big GULP Caroline made when Danielle said her friends were indicted? WHO ARE THEY!! I know it’s true by Coraline’s reaction. Manzo’s and Theresa are dirtier than Danielle I think.

    • kats2 says:

      yes, bernie kerik plus i’m sure many others.

      “hang around with garbage you start to stink”

    • viki55 says:

      Yes, I was wondering the same thing. There is so much we don’t know.

    • Had Enough! says:

      She was probably referring to Bernie Kerik, the former NYC police commissioner who was later nominated by Bush II to head the Department of Homeland Security and had to withdraw the nomination due to revelations that he’d hired an undocumented person to take care of his kids and a variety of ethically questionable business deals. Kerik actually appeared in one episode, IIRC. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years in prison.

      Don’t know of any others.

      • kk says:

        Thanks. I knew there was one guy who worked for Guiloni (spelling?) former New York mayor that did something shady.

        But she said Friends–plural–there is more to the story.

        Theresa makes Dina Godmother, she’s part of the family now. Manzo’s hold benefits and fundraisers for judges & politicians, Kerik being one of them.

        Theresa gets an extension for her auction, isn’t in jail, and Ashley gets 189$ fine for assualt.

        I’m just saying…

        • kats2 says:

          Yeppers and Big Fat BINGO! This has been my main issue with the Manzo’s and why I do come to Danielle’s defense when they constantly trash her. They are not the people who should be judging anyone else.

      • kats2 says:

        Don’t forget this part Kerik was married 3 times and has a long list of cheating on his wives. I beleive he is the person who was renting an apartment across from the 911 site and it’s there were he was fooling around on his wife with the personhe is now married to.

        BUT HERE IS THE REAL INTERESTING TIDBIT FROM HIS OWN BOOK – In 2001, Kerik published a memoir, The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice, a New York Times best seller. In this book, he revealed that his parents divorced when he was three years old, and that his mother, an alcoholic and a prostitute, was murdered when he was nine – possibly by her pimp.

        So the Manzo’s have a BEST FRIEND that had a mother who like Danielle was a prostitute. Small world, see how much they have in common?

        • Olivia says:

          Kerik cannot be held accountable for what his mother did but he can be held accountable for what he managed to do as Guiliani’s pal when they were both “in charge” of NYC. He is paying the price for those actions as well he should be.

          There is no real difference between the Manzo’s and Danielle except for the power that Bernie Kerik held. There were many who knew that Bernie was “dawdling in the sewer” for years which should not have come as any surprise to the Manzo’s.

          Danielle is small potatoes compared to Bernie Kerik.

          • kats2 says:

            I’m not holding him accountable for what his mother did. I’m pointing out they have a best friend who happened to have a mother who was the same thing they constantly trash Danielle for being. Double standard I believe applies here and with all things Manzo’s. I would think given the fact they have a best friend who’s own mother was a prostitute that they could cut Danielle some slack and at least stop bringing that up all the time. I am not condoning prostitution at all, I ‘m just sick of the double standards the Manzo’s live by.

            • Olivia says:

              I think you may have misunderstood my respones: I was not defending Bernie Kerik at all just pointing out that his current activities, and the fact that he held “power” trumped anything that Danielle has done.

              They chose Bernie Kerik to be friendly with because of what that association could do for them. Overlooking his background came much easier than Danielle’s because they had nothing to gain.

      • Ellabean says:

        Yep – Bernie Kerik was in one scene in NJ Season # 1. The scene where Caroline takes her German Shepards to be trained.

        Did you also kow that Bernie Kerik dated Judith Regan – the book publisher (published Howards Stern’s 1st book – “Private Parts” among others)- who just guest hosted the Joy Behar Show last week. Judith also knows Jill.

        Pretty incestuous – these relationships, huh?

        • kk says:

          Lynn, can we have a blog page that connects all the dots of these relationships. I believe we are being left clues and we just need one spot to connect the dots.

          What is Caroline’s, Theresa’s, and Jac’s maiden names? Wasn’t Jac a stripper in Vegas?

      • _therealmelissa says:

        Caroline is partners with Bernie Kerik’s wife in her business venture 4mymom.com. Don’t have a clue what it is about since the website has never worked.

  127. Wall St Lady says:

    Olivia How r the HW any different from the Soaps. I may b wrong but they aren’t known to elevate or encourage women in the workforce. Maybe I am jaded cuz in my wall St experience there is a very successful male Kelly,Jill & Danielle that I have had to maneuver around. And proudly I can say I did eventually.

    • Olivia says:

      The difference is that they were paid actors and the idea of it being a daytime “soap opera” was never in question.

      “Reality tv” has blurred the lines. These are not “actors” defining their craft but unknown names willing and eager to subscribe to a show that is totally manufactured to appear “real”.

      The only “reality tv” I know when I am watching is a live baseball game. Anything that can be edited is the opposite of “reality” and becomes “photoshop tv”.

  128. Wall St Lady says:

    BGM is all about redemption. We all know years ago Miss B did a topless lesbian movie. 2 years ago she couldn’t pay her rent. She was rejected by the “ugly” 1st Jason & snarked at her cast mates during solo interviews. Now when she snarks (it is her personality) it is seen in fun not as mean.
    What’s not to say Kelly & Danielle say through their kids & therapy become REDEMED women who make a contribution to society. (I On purpose left ill out cuz narcissism is unfortunately not cure able only tolerable)

    • Kat says:

      See narcissism for K & D among other disorders. I don’t think you can get on a RealityTV show without having personality issues and an inflated ego. But some people manage to become quite successful.
      Danielle is … a hurt soul willing to hurt others. Kelly is just nuts imho. Both are a bit paranoid and over react.

    • error404 says:

      Sorry, I don’t get the comparison, like AT ALL

      I always saw Bethenny as funny, likable and productive, way back to the MArtha Apprentice days, so she never hit a low that I could tell. You’re really stretching it to say her financial struggles even come to close to what Nene, Lynn or Teressa are going thru. B’s snark may have ruffled her too-full-of-themsleves cast-mates, but the audience ate it up from day 1. And puhlease… unlike D and Kiki, she was never arrested or ordered to do community service, so you’re way out in left field with this one IMHO.

      B is one of reality TV’s most popular “characters”, so sorry, but I find the idea of BGM being about redemption way off the mark.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        agree – Bethenny’s personality and/or sense of humor may offend some people but she is real as it gets and she hasn’t resorted to any criminal activities to achieve her goals. I’d rather have Bethenny as a friend or covering my back than any of the NJ/NY casts combined.

  129. shamrockblonde says:

    the one and only true reality show was the very first season of The Real World – it was the first time this format was attempted and no one knew what to expect including the “cast” and the crew – immediately after that everyone tried out for the show attempting to be the “crazy” one, the “gay” one, the “slutty” one and so forth and a formula was established – and so it has been ever since – in that first season, the reactions and dramas were quite real – after that – not so much – in all of the HW franchises there are the standard crazies, slutties, snobs and down to earth ones -I do beleive that the personalities are hyped up to some extent to up viewership though

    • Had Enough! says:

      Well, now we know that you are not old enough to remember a program that aired on PBS in 1973. An American Family was the first reality show. It featured a dysfunctional family known as the Louds. Believe it or not. Yes, on PBS, believe it or not.


      So we have our tax dollars to thank for launching this kind of programming.

  130. Wall St Lady says:

    Come on Kats I a trying to get u & Olivia not to leave !

    • kats2 says:

      Hey Wall St – are you referring to me Kats2 or Kat? Sorry I’m confused by your comment.

      If you are referring to me leaving the site, I have no plans to leave, but I also have no plans to watch HW’s. I posted way above that you can still join the discussion without watching the show, Lynn and everyone here provides great details and it helps to already know the behavior we’re dealing with and I’m sure will not change.

      Cheers! Have a great day everyone!!

    • Olivia says:

      As much as I appreciate this blog and all the people who contribute, sitting through these hideous shows and the hideous women who populate them, would be as close to having a hated “homework assignment” that would only guarantee participation.

      I see myself differing all too frequently with the “reality” of what is presented as opposed to the “manufactured drama” that Bravo produces. I find myself “examining” the scenes and wondering how the cameras just happened to capture that particular moment rather than just sitting back and taking it in.

      It has also become more than apparent to me that I honestly dislike most of these women. Having arrived at that conclusion I don’t see much reason to come here and spoil the fun of recapping and analyzing when I honestly don’t believe in any of it.

      I would be spoiling it for everybody else by remaining and kvetching and seriously, who needs that?

      • Kat says:

        You don’t spoil anything for me and you cause me to rethink some assumptions I make. If you enjoy the blog know we enjoy you. I feel comfortable saying that after seeing posts supporting you from many people.

        • Sha2000 says:

          “I would be spoiling it for everybody else by remaining and kvetching and seriously, who needs that?”

          But we enjoy your kvetching! Stick around don’t you want to hear if Laura bid on something from the auction? Or we can always talk about something else.

        • Sha2000 says:

          “I would be spoiling it for everybody else by remaining and kvetching and seriously, who needs that?”

          But we enjoy your kvetching! Stick around Olivia, don’t you want to hear if Laura bid on something from the auction? Or what next ridiculous show Bravo sells? Or we can always talk about something else; pick a topic.

        • Olivia says:

          I am beginning to sound like someone who insists on telling people how hot dogs are actually made. Better to stick with the taste than to know the ingredients.

          The fact is that I don’t buy into the storylines and question the women who agree to participate. If I feel they are “pulling the wool” over our eyes then why would I bother to watch? The old “fool me once” meme.

          It could be that the Jill/Bethenny “feud” was nothing more than the opportunity to launch Bethenny’s show.
          It could be that the NJ series was nothing more than a set up to drag more viewers into a “drama” that never made any sense in the first place.

          I just don’t know but I stopped “believing”.

          • Kat says:

            I don’t believe most crap shown on TV including the news. You don’t have to buy into it to participate here, most of us question the veracity of these shows.

          • Olivia says:

            Here’s another point:

            We sat through Kelly apparently “losing her mind” in St John and the blogs went wild discussing her mental state. From drugs, to alcohol, to mental disorders. The agreed upon theory was that she was seriously disturbed and needed professional help. Does she?

            Yet it appears that she will be returning to another season of NY which begs the question: is Bravo “exploiting” her problems or was she merely “acting” in the role of instigator in order to hold the “apple” once again”?

            It calls into question what is real and what is not. Escorted off the island for the “safety” of others yet brought back for another season as if nothing has happened? Hard to swallow.

            • Kat says:

              I do believe she is nuts and had a breakdown. Bethenney is believable in my eyes and I accept her version of what happened.
              Sure stuff is staged and set up but the interpersonal interactions are not complete farce. jmo

            • Kat says:

              And Olivia, the casts off screen stories and antics are truly entertaining.

          • error404 says:

            I think the feud was not to launch her show, but a failed attempt to destroy it. It was real IMHO.

            I also think Kiki’s breakdown was real, and don’t for a minute believe that she’s not in therapy. Kiki thinks she’s a fabricated public persona, like Judy Garland or Lana Turner, and thus she lies to our faces on a daily basis.

            • Olivia says:

              Then why would these fellow cast members who felt so “threatened”, and who claim that it was “much worse” than what we saw, agree to return if she is so “scary”?

              And now it is being reported that Bethenny is supposedly in talks with returning as well.

              Someone needs to explain the “toxicity” of these decisions since it is beginning to make little sense to me.

              • Kat says:

                I think the need to be “famous”, publicity, exposure and potential lucrative side deals explains some of it.

              • dumberries says:

                In my opinion, some of the NY HWs always knew Kelly was crazy and might be dangerous. But, they were always filming scenes with others around and then leaving. The V I episodes were scarier because they were somewhat isolated, couldn’t leave the “set”, and Kelly had lost her marbles in front of their eyes. They most likely don’t want to film with her again, but won’t let her ruin their gig (and won’t agree to be trapped for any length of time with her again!).

              • Kat says:

                @dumberries~ Well said!

              • WindyCityWondering says:

                Just because they are asked back doesn’t mean they will come back – IMO Bethenny was asked back and decided she was done with RHONY. What if the majority say they will not film with Kelly? There are too many variables and no official anything!

  131. Sha2000 says:

    Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ Join ‘Ghost Hunters As Special Investigators

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I like that show but won’t watch that episode lol

      • Need a Hobby says:

        It’ll probably suck, but I”ll probably DVR it in the hopes that the three stooges of Atlanta might provide some entertainment value. Those women are far scarier than any mere apparition or bump in the night.

        They probably won’t do it, but would love to see Kim tottering on heels through some dark haunt with a cig in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Maybe a ghostie will try to “shift” her wig.

  132. Quincy IL says:

    Bravo must think that Kelly is normal when not around Bethenny. In a way, that is blaming Bethenny for Kelly’s behavior and an insult to Bethenny.

    • error404 says:

      nah, Bravo must think that the viewers tuned in to see scary island, and they’ll do it again for more Kuku Kiki. But I suspect they’re wrong. Rev your engines, this shark is about to get jumped.

      • dumberries says:

        I think you’re right error. I was truly shocking when I first watched the V I episode. My jaw was on the floor. After seeing a few of the NJ episodes this season (and reading about the off-screen behavior of some of the HWs), I don’t think it would have nearly the same impact if I saw it for the first time today. Sadly, I’m becoming immune to the ultra disturbing. If they’re keeping Kelly for more of the same incoherent nuttiness, the shark will definitely be jumped. It’s old and tired.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Bingo. In truth, Kelly’s usual schtick is boring. Even her kind of crazy gets old….she doesn’t change or grow. Except for the VI episodes, I fast forwarded through her scenes on RHONY. If the producers try to duplicate the VI kind of crazy in a next season, they well might be headed into RHNJ territory. Which would be a mistake for RHONY in my view.

        Without Bethenny as a foil, KKB and Jill are themselves not particularly interesting. Reportedly there’s a new mystery woman who may be added to the show (supposedly seen filming in the Hamptons and NYC around June IIRC).

        I think the producers went more “upscale” with Sonja and it seems apparent that Bravo likes her, really likes her. I would think they’d want more along those lines. “Upscale, classy and fun” are not words I’d associate with JZ and Kiki.

  133. Sha2000 says:

    It gets worse:

    Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ Join ‘Ghost Hunters As Special Investigators:


    • Kat says:

      That is funny. lolol They’re getting spiritual. 8)

      • Adgirl says:

        Maybe they will find the missing Fashions from Sheree’s first show, or Kim Z’s voice, or Nene’s bra???

        Talk about the idiots leading the ignorants…. I don’t know if I could watch that without my tv blowing up.

  134. OneMoreinBoston says:

    Hi all-I’m back, because I just can’t stay away.

    I was being a little bit of a Missy Pissy.

    And of course you’re right @Wall St Lady, this modern day morality play has all the archetypes and stereotypes of a good old fashioned soap opera.

    And I DO believe in the power of redemption. Maybe Bravo cuts these cast member down to size, so the ones that have the wherewithall will crawl out the primordial ooze to achieve more than they would have before Bravo?

    Is Danielle the new Erica Kane? is that why I secretly root for her? and wince at her mistakes, and cheer her successes? So @Olivia was right all along, I/we ARE being played to become emotionally involved with 2 dimensional characters.

    I read through the NYT article that was posted above-how interesting that ONE woman is branding all of these Bravo shows with her own morality, ethics, politics, and her religion: consumerism.

    When I studied marketing 101 at Boston Univ, we were always told to find the Influencer (s) of each group we were marketing to, and then sell to them first. They would then spread our message throughout their demographic.

    So is this whole debacle just a big marketing pitch to move products to women? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that why soap operas were originally started?

    Wow- I feel pretty stupid to get so sucked into what’s basically an advertisement.

    sigh- or maybe I’m just grasping at straws and our society really is teetering on the brink of collapse and destruction.

    Proverbially. 😉

    • boston02127 says:

      @OneMoreinBoston–You’re back, I will clap for that!

    • Ellabean says:

      OneMore – Me too. Glad your departure was short.

      You say you were just being “Miss Pissy” ? I acutally held that title from 1999 – 2005. It’s okay – I understand.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Glad you are back!
      The funny thing about marketing, especially on tv – most people who are above 15 don’t watch commercials, are swayed by commericals and are usually aready on their way to brand loyalty.

  135. Olivia says:

    I have no pity for this woman and the lies she continues to spew. Apparently ex hubby has her in his crosshairs.


    The only “sympathy” I have for her is that the rest of her former castmates have no business being on national tv either and should be dumped as well.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Great picture they chose, lol. She looks like shes had a lot of work done & reminds me a bit of this guy (especially the lids) just not as cute:

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Hmmm I thought Maher was her ex partner in crime..was she married twice?

  136. Wall St Lady says:

    Talk about unscripted EVIL
    Tonite on CNBC’s 9pm eastern
    American Greed an update of
    Bernie Madoff behind bars.
    I met Bernie ,Ruth & the sons via business & socially. I can see the lipstick building full view from my terrace. Madoff changed Wall St. For the better but he sure hurt a lot of people along the way. Many more people will go to jail. The gov’t just wants to make sure they get a slam dunk. His jail is near my home town. He has a cushy job. I would like to see him on a chain gang in the swamps of Georgia.

    • Had Enough! says:

      I am guessing/hoping that it is a limited role with limited direct, individual interactions with the rest of the cast. She’s got her hands full already with her own show, book, products … and BABY. It is probably a contract that calls for some crossover for things like fashion shows or other public events. I hope. For her sake. And we can all hope that if this is true, Jill and/or her trained Sasquatch will not return and we can have our show back.

    • Olivia says: