I Hate Jill Zarin RHONJ Reunion Part 1 August 31, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   RHONJ Reunion Part 1   August 31, 2010

Sorry for the delay, it is a little bit long but I hope you all enjoy the blog. 

Well amazingly enough three out of the four ladies made fools of themselves on the reunion already and we’re only half way through the process. 

Right out of the gate when Andy asked the ladies about the reputation of the State of New Jersey and they proceeded to solidify the negative stereotype of New Jersey women.  Please understand that I know very well that this is NOT a good representation of the fine people of New Jersey, Bravo has a gift of choosing the worst of the worst to represent on their Housewives series. 

Teresa has to open the show by somehow turning her distaste for the show New Jersey Shore and the fact that the angel Teresa judges Danielle’s sexual antics with her nasty remarks.  Teresa of all people, this woman who talks about her “juicy” husband, her “chuckie” and how horny she is all the time.  Teresa is trash! 

Danielle tried to speak several times but was interrupted almost every single time.  Even as they tried to defend the reputation of New Jersey, they showed their true colors.  Teresa is proud of the way she butchers the English language, and she’s not changing it for anyone!  That shows us her lack of education, lack of wanting to improve herself and lack of wanting her children to be well rounded and educated young ladies.  Congratulations Teresa, you win mother of the year!

When Danielle was asked why she didn’t acknowledge Jacqueline’s new baby boy, she tried to answer the question and was actually starting to make some sense but Teresa insisted on interrupting once again, even though the issue had absolutely nothing to do with Teresa, she chooses to go absolutely ape shit and scream in Danielle’s face.  I think it’s clear now that she was screaming, “Don’t bring up my family!” 

That wasn’t enough for the raging beast, Teresa screamed and threw pillows as Danielle rightly walked off the set.  Pushing Andy Cohen onto his chair as he attempted to hold her back from running after Danielle, Teresa continued to scream and when Caroline tried to calm her, Teresa literally screeched like an animal complete with grunting. 

As Caroline adds fuel to the fire telling Andy that Danielle’s friend was attempting to come to defend Danielle, Andy laughs and tells Teresa how strong she is.  He thinks this is funny?  I am absolutely disgusted with Andy Cohen for not taking this seriously.  What happened to a zero tolerance for physical violence?  Why was a contestant removed from the competition on Top Chef for physical interaction?  Does Bravo have two sets of rules for its “Bravolebrities”?  

Teresa still wasn’t done, as Andy goes back to try to coax Danielle out of hiding, Teresa beings to scream at Andy, “you better get her ass back here, Andy!”  Again at the top of her psychotic lungs! 

I’ve never seen a temper like this woman, certainly we’ve all gotten angry and we’ve all been infuriated with someone at some point in time but there is no way that normal people react the way Teresa did.  This woman is truly a menace and needs medication.  What happens at home when she gets angry with her children and the cameras aren’t rolling?  Who acts like that? 

So what set her off?  Danielle saying that Teresa didn’t acknowledge her nephew.  Rumors of what this means are flying all over the internet, some say it is this mistress of Joe Giudice, Tara’s baby that Danielle was referring to, I strongly doubt that.  If that were the case and Danielle had that kind of information, we would have heard it last night.  More likely it is the son of Teresa’s brother that Danielle was referring to because rumor has it Teresa and her brother’s wife do not speak.  Whatever the case, Danielle obviously hit a nerve because we were treated to a special kind of bat shit crazy when Teresa realized what Danielle was talking about.  We’ll get back to Teresa…

Jacqueline spent the entire time with her little snarky remarks, even when no one asked Jacqueline for her opinion, issues had nothing to do with her, she jumped in with her foolish remarks at every turn.  She told Danielle to “shut your mouth” and I found that ironic because I wanted to say it to her so many times, not to be mean but to save her from embarrassing herself even more than she already had.  

The bulk of the questions went to Danielle and Teresa so I’m sure Jacqueline’s turn will come, but really, what is Andy going to ask Jacqueline?  She did nothing, she was a bystander all season, the only thing she can speak to is the horrible behavior of her daughter, let’s see how she explains that away.  We’ll hear the standard answers that we’ve heard before, they’ve tried everything to straighten Ashley out, taken away her cell phone, grounded her, taken away driving privileges, blah blah blah, something went seriously wrong while Jacqueline was raising that kid. 

Jacqueline has a habit of repeating the same thing over and over and it becomes the famous “white noise”.  The true definition of white noise (not what Kelly speaks of) is what Jacqueline spews out constantly.  Her repeating Danielle’s crimes from 25 years ago constantly only makes her look small and silly, and her repeating the same thing to Ashley over and over becomes the same thing, white noise that means nothing anymore.  Even Ashley talks about how her mother keeps saying the same thing, it becomes ridiculous after a while, heard, understood and acknowledged, move on! 

Jacqueline also has to ensure that she is giving credit for having a full term successful pregnancy to Dina for a bracelet that she bought her from an Energist rather than giving credit to Danielle for introducing her to her fertility doctor.  That makes perfect sense!  Does Jacqueline think that it makes her sound more sensible and sane by giving credit to a piece of jewelry rather than to a doctor?

The “beaten to death” subject of what Danielle did to Dina has to be brought up again and once again all three ladies snarky remarks in the end make Danielle sound more sane and truthful than the rest of them.    Jacqueline and Caroline both tell Danielle to shut her mouth and not talk about Dina?  I thought Andy just asked Danielle about the issue with Dina?  Danielle wouldn’t have been able to get a gag order if Dina had been telling the truth and had proof of it, plain and simple.  The fact that Jacqueline brought up the gag order was actually pretty funny and the smirk on Danielle’s face said it all!  The gag order was the one piece of the puzzle missing for those of us who learned all about this situation on the internet and Jacqueline did Danielle a favor by telling us that.

Andy asked Teresa about her finances and her pre-arranged responses were as fake as her hair and her boobs.  She continues to claim that her house is not in foreclosure but any attorney will tell you that it is only a matter of time, Teresa skirted around the question of whether or not she’ll be allowed to keep her home in the future.  Her response that they are self-made and they did it once and they’ll do it again tells us she fully expects to lose that house. 

It’s all well and good that they’re self-made, I think the majority of us are and earn our own money, with a few exceptions.  That doesn’t explain the $10,000 monthly income that the Giudice’s get from family members, this was confirmed on their court documents.  Self-made? 

Here’s the best part kids, Teresa pretends not to know about the auction, she says she’s never seen the photographs of all of her belongings on the internet (that the whole world has seen).  Even Jacqueline admits to seeing them.  http://realcityhousewife.wordpress.com/

Why didn’t Andy press Teresa about the spending and the $60,000 book advance that she spent, the court appearances, the spending on the show, her losing her children’s beds in an auction, Joe’s going from an “Entrepreneur” who owns a construction company to a pizza maker? 

Andy was sure to press Danielle about the sex tape and the affect it has on her children.  Danielle tries to explain the best way she can, she didn’t ignore or try to change the subject.  She presses on with her answer while every single one of the ladies interrupt and while speaking over her Caroline begins to yell “answer my question” several times.  If Caroline had shut up herself long enough, she would have heard Danielle answer the question.  Jacqueline chimes in with her own questions (apparently she has questions on a card just like Andy) about Danielle’s daughters being in the nurses office crying every day. 

While Danielle didn’t deny that, I cannot see this happening every day, I don’t know a teenage girl who hasn’t cried in middle school and/or high school, whether it is because she is being harassed by other girls, hurt by a boy or just having a teenage meltdown.  I also don’t see how on earth Jacqueline could possibly know anything about what happens at Danielle’s daughter’s school. 

Andy pressed Danielle again when the subject of the Charity Event at the Brownstone came up.  Andy announces that the father of the ill child claimed that Danielle never gave any donation to this charity.  Danielle denies this but she did talk about this subject in her blog back when the episode aired and she did admit that she couldn’t afford to give much.  I truly believe that Danielle regrets that entire situation, I could be wrong but I would bet if she had it to do over again, she wouldn’t have brought that motley crew with her.  That doesn’t excuse what happened but I do believe what Danielle said that Bravo does create characters and does edit to ensure the highest level of drama.  I also don’t think that the charity suffered one bit, if nothing it brought attention to that child and most likely got more donations than they would have if it had not been featured due to Danielle’s appearance.

Caroline uses this once again to interrupt Danielle as she tries to answer a question by blurting out “lie” with every word that Danielle tried to say.   Telling Danielle not to turn her head and points her stubby little finger barking at Danielle once again.  Not one of these women act like adult ladies!  I expected more from Caroline. 

Caroline may call it a cop-out, she may say that only 1% of the show is editing, but I think that we all know that isn’t true.  These women are in full makeup and hair, arrive “unexpectedly” at venues where other housewives just happen to be, and are never filmed just relaxing and watching television (as we know by their tweets they do a lot of) so please don’t try to tell us that 99% of the show is all real, unplanned and unscripted. 

After Teresa is grilled about her finances, and we learn that the yellow ring that was given to her for her anniversary was a yellow sapphire, Andy let her off the hook for her spending immediately before and after the bankruptcy filing, the subject of her husband Joe’s Driving While Intoxicated charges.

Once again Andy lets Teresa off the hook because the details were ignored.  We all know that they all went out to dinner, we know that Tamra Barney from Orange County joined them, we know that Teresa rode home with Jacqueline and her husband Chris (they say because Teresa’s car was at Jacqueline’s house) and so we know that Joe drove home alone. 

The questions that continue to go unanswered were why did they leave the restaurant separately, what time did Jacqueline and Teresa leave the restaurant and how long after did Joe leave?  Did Joe stay later than the other dinner guests?  Joe says he yawned, Caroline and Teresa say they don’t think he yawned, who the hell cares?  Danielle is asked by Andy for her opinion, she politely says that she is glad that no one got hurt but repeats what we’re all thinking, “I find it hard to believe that right after you get into a car accident, and you go and get wasted”.  Haven’ t we all said that?  Caroline chimes in that Joe was “shaken” up but Teresa says “shooken” up OMG could if this women had a brain she’d be dangerous!   In any case, we all know that nobody in their right mind would do what Joe did particularly when you know that the police are in route.  It just  isn’t plausible!  The courts knew that he lied, we all know that he’s lying but again, Andy lets Teresa off the hook! 

Teresa adds to her argument that they received a ticket in the mail a week later for Joe’s DWI, who cares when he got it?  The fact remains that he was charged, convicted and sentenced for Driving While under the Influence of Alcohol. 

Andy really spent a good 75% of this episode questioning Danielle, about Danny Featherbangs, who doesn’t offend me as much as some others, I think he was merely there for Danielle to talk to because she literally didn’t have anyone else to talk to.  We couldn’t have read Danielle’s mind and she could only talk to her children so much before it really became inappropriate for her to talk to them.  I really think that Danny was brought in for that purpose only.  Again, as Andy was talking to Danielle, Jacqueline jumps in to say that Danny is no longer married and that she “heard” that Danielle had an affair with Danny.  Again, who the hell cares?  I really didn’t see any sexual chemistry between these two people during filming.  They talked as if they were two girlfriends talking and making sure the viewers know what Danielle was thinking, feeling and planning.   Another reason I really feel that this show is “produced” a lot more than they will admit. 

The discussion of Danielle’s sex tape again brings out the animal in Teresa, Danielle really does try to answer questions, unlike her appearances on Watch What Happens Live, she didn’t deflect any questions, yet Teresa continues to have to jump in with her fowl filthy mouth calling Danielle names  like “skanky ho” which adds nothing to the show, and if Teresa thinks it makes her more endearing to viewers, she’s dead wrong! 

Same conversation and Caroline has to jump in once again interrupting Danielle as she tries to answer all of the questions, including Caroline’s question all while Caroline talks over everyone and doesn’t listen to the answer.  Danielle admits that her daughters do hear things from their friends at school, good and bad including Caroline’s hateful comments about the girls having no light in their eyes.  WTF?  I completely disagree with Caroline because while we saw little of them this season, we did see them last season jogging with their mother, a pillow fight and sweet heart to heart conversations.  Danielle may tell them too much but at the ages of 16 and 12, I don’t see any damage there.  Maybe it is from the stability of their father but whatever the reason, I think they’re two of the best behaved and well mannered children on any Housewives series.  I will tell you one thing, Jacqueline is NOT one to talk about being a parent with a daughter like she’s got! 

Danielle is certainly no saint, but this show is tough when there is really no one to route for, I would have hoped that Caroline would have been the sane one with some sense during this reunion.   I just don’t see how Danielle harmed these woman at all!  You could point to the fiasco at the Brownstone but Danielle didn’t hurt any of these ladies, they weren’t even there, short of that, what did she do to them? 

The previews look like more of the same, Danielle harassed by three other women and to add insult to injury, they bring Kim G onto the show?  That is just sickening!  It apparently isn’t enough for Bravo and Andy Cohen that three women are ganging up on one, not allowing her to speak and slamming her at every opportunity, they have to bring this moronic Kim woman to add to the mess!

Granted Caroline’s storyline this season was covered by discussing her son Albie’s situation with Law School and Jacqueline has nothing really, only Ashley’s horrific behavior but we don’t see previews of that so who knows if they even discuss it.  So Caroline and Jacqueline are dull and have nothing to discuss except Danielle.  Teresa should have plenty to answer for with her bankruptcy, spending, children’s behavior and her husband’s DWI, but she’s already been let off the hook for all of that! 

What is left?  More Danielle bashing to look forward to next week.  It really is getting old!  Particularly when they’re throwing things in her face that really are none of their business, are decades old and don’t affect their lives whatsoever. 

And so 75 minutes are over and another 75 to go, personally I was disappointed at times, infuriated at times, embarrassed for these ladies at times.  They certainly did release the most interesting bits on video previews so the rest really didn’t entertain but rather just ended up pissing me off that I wasted an entire season on this show.  I’m mad at myself for even watching at all, to be honest.  It really is a train wreck!

My personal opinion is that something needs to be done about Teresa Giudice and her temper, she needs anger management classes and should not be allowed to be alone with her children until she completes a course or has proven she can control herself.  She should have been reprimanded by Bravo, including being fired for man-handling a network executive.  Would an ABC executive allow that from one of the Desperate Housewives?  Hmmm? 

Some of the Bravo people had fun on Twitter during the broadcast, Andy Cohen, for the first time that I’ve ever seen actually tweeted during the show, here’s what Andy had to say…

The suit is Hugo Boss, the shoes, shirt and tie are Ralph Lauren. Tx for askin

Responses: My tie was royal blue but reads purple. Yes you can call me Raggedy Andy. The ending of (supersized) Part 2 is a shocker.  

Btw – “Thintervention with Jackie Warner” is Awesome! So happy @Jackiewarner10 is back on Bravo

Half of you think I’m too tough on Danielle and half think I am too tough on Teresa. I try to be fair to all..

Never seen a bigger space on a couch than the one between Caroline and Danielle..

We go from finances to a porn tape. Oy! I give it up to all the women-they take the tough questions and do their best to answer them!

I can’t say I was looking forward to grilling Teresa about her finances…

I LOOOOVE a convo about leopard baby clothing.

My main goal became keeping Teresa on the couch.

I didn’t enjoy jumping back into the baby convo after that mishigas!

Little behind the scenes look at me doing my day job…

I can’t believe how strong @Teresa_Giudice is. She was very ANGRY which was fueling her strength. This was all in t …

This all happened in the first half hour of taping.

The “women/woman” convo cracks me up

Teresa and Jacqueline started out the day with guns blazing. I was surprised by their immediate intensity

Danielle’s original outfit (purple) arrived midway through taping, so she went with the tank and sequined skirt combo

Caroline Manzo tweeted during the show as well…

Have to finish my blog. look for it tomorrow on Bravotv.com.  

that was nasty Caroline…… give me pass

YES!!! 🙂 RT @Vanessa_Gyan Is that a @SACHIKATWINS dress on @CarolineManzo on the reunion??????

@BravoAndy lol, at least I sat there!!!!

I felt like Judge Judy…….

aaand she says to the clown…..  

liar liar pants on fire….

we were together.. Swear, I would have never let him drive drunk…

Albie, you have WiFi on the plane???

Jacs telling the truth here too

okay, I need to explain this…….. it will be in my blog..don’t have a stroke!

I’m proud of my Albie…….

Those gorgeous faces…. they make me smile :o)

Look at my baby, he’s so handsome!!!

I’m sure there are millions of Caroline’s all over the place. I just happen to be on TV….. but thanks for voting 4 me! xoxo

Jac is telling the truth  

I meant what I said to Teresa………

Poor Andy, he was really trying to calm everyone down.

oh God…….. I can’t……. I was in complete shock…… you have NO IDEA

I hate this clip…. hate hate hate

Lauren did Jac’s makeup, mine too!!!! she did a good job, right???

At this point I knew we were in trouble.

just watched the reunion….. oh brother….. time to write my blog. will you be tweeting/Facebooking with me?

Teresa, as usual said nothing of interest:

Alright, blog written. Off to bed. Night Tweet♥s! xx

Love it! RT @Loughly_Azriel “I’m talkin about you now cos I’m on a tv show with you bitch!” #rhonj =) @Teresaisms

Not a lot, but I’m going. 😉 xx RT @justwitt do you ever sleep!? GO TO BED GIRL!!!!!

 I like @bravoandy trying to correct @Teresa_Giudice for her outburst. You can tell he wanted to give her a high-five. Hysterical!

ME TOO xx RT @stephanieolesen i heart @BravoAndy

I’m writing my blog now. What questions do guys need answered?  

Here’s a video Andy taped us all before we started filming: http://tinyurl.com/29nhjpn

I watched the #RHONJ reunion live here in Jersey and it’s killing me not to Tweet, but I don’t want to ruin it for the West Coast… xx

Danielle did not tweet during the show but got up in the morning and responded to some tweets:

                they were right there and heard that comment ~ it was difficult for them to hear that said about them twice now ~ they are amazing kids and all mine ~ Caroline should pay no mind to my business I do not respect or admire her in the least

@SPrice80 I never did any such thing They all know it as well Dina lies they swear to it ~ doesn’t make it the truth.

@Jroybuchholz thank you Sue ~ it was worse than it showed even

Danielle tweeted a lot of “thank you sweeties” from people who apparently had good things to say about her during the show.

Jacqueline had a few things to say as well..

Of COURSE she aknowledged her nephews birth. She ADORES him.

Our expressions on all of our faces are hilarious

OMG I am SO surprised you all are loving my fiesty side. Me…. not so much.

no I haven’t, I’ve always been this way, you just have never seen me mad at anybody. I get mad too 1ce in a great while.

I know someone who works there and also have friends kids that go there

Wait until you see part two…..just …wait…

she thought T didn’t acknowledge T’s nephews birth but T was @ hospital the day AFTER cause we were in Ca. the day OF doing press

        @MsFran53 No, there is no Tara or love child.Lol!Tamra from OC HW was out 2dinner w/us the night of accident,maybe that’s the blond pple saw

@jayneb She didn’t want her bringing up her family who had nothing to do w/ the show & 2try 2cause trouble 4 her family w/more lies

Why is Jacqueline answering these questions?  Why doesn’t Teresa come out and tell the truth, tell us why she went completely ape shit crazy when her “nephew” was mentioned?  There may or may not be a Tara, there may or may not be a child that this Tara person has, and I believe that when Danielle talked about Teresa’s nephew, she wasn’t referring to Tara or her child, but there had to be some truth to Danielle’s words or Teresa wouldn’t have flipped out the way that she did. 

Throughout the show I saw small indications of Danielle still trying to get these women on her side, she chimed in with her approval of Teresa’s own language, was nodding her head in support of Caroline as she wept over her son even asking for a tissue for Caroline.  I really think that Danielle was hoping that the four women could at least ban together on a few issues.  I think she wanted just a little bit of solidarity in support of New Jersey and the children, it seems to me that while she talks a big game, she still wants approval and/or support from these women.  She quickly learned that no matter what she said, there would be none forthcoming. 

I think that Caroline surprised me the most, I fully expected to see the Caroline that we saw at the “last supper” when she at least allowed Danielle to speak.  Caroline was out of control and irrational, she’s completely lost any respect she had, including self-respect.  She was rude and crude, maybe she’s been hanging out with Teresa too long. 

Bravo has posted two new preview video’s for next week.  One talks about the Twitter conversation and I remember seeing that tweet from Danielle.  A sick viewer tweeted that it was his birthday and his birthday wish was for Ashley to kill herself, videotape it so that he can watch.  Sick right?  Danielle tweeted back that she hopes all of his birthday wishes come true.   Danielle took a lot of heat for that from people on Twitter and later deleted that tweet. 

The other preview video shows Kim G and Danielle arguing about who did more for the other, just another person to gang up on Danielle.  Danielle is told once again, this time by Kim, to “shut your mouth”.  Caroline, once again, feels the need to butt into a conversation that has absolutely nothing to do with her. 


How the hell does Kim G get away with telling one of the Housewives to “shut your mouth”?  This woman isn’t a housewife, shouldn’t even be there and for Andy Cohen to allow this after saying he treats all of “his housewives” exactly the same is ridiculous!  The whole idea of a reunion show is for the women to speak up about what has been going on, at this point everyone on the couches have told Danielle to “shut your mouth”?  WTF?

Next week isn’t going to be any less infuriating to watch…

Finally there were a few comments on the blogs that warrant mention so I am reposting them here:

  1. Had Enough! says:

1. I do not like Danielle but the only thing she does that bothers me is her disregard for her children. She is delusional if she thinks her oversharing, public display of her overactive sexuality, and dumping her problems on them doesn’t hurt them. Jillian in particular seems like she is hurting. I don’t know how any of the Manzos can know what happens in school. Only Ashley overlapped with Christine, and Ashley has been out of school for two years.

Gia is also old enough to hear blow-back. Do you think for one minute that her friends’ parents don’t comment on the Giudices and this program? And if they do, the kids hear it and I am sure they repeat it to Gia and tease her about it.

2. I can’t have one ounce of respect for Caroline Manzo as long as she continues to back that animal, Teresa Giudice. She has now seen the shows. She has seen what happened at the country club. She has seen the disgusting spending. She has seen the grifting. She’s been mistreated and disrespected by Teresa. Publicly. I know you defend your friends, family, employees in public, but enough is enough. There is no way any decent person can find Teresa Giudice’s conduct to be acceptable.

When Teresa came off that sofa and threatened Danielle, Caroline should have said ENOUGH.

Condoning that behavior means that that you are not worthy of one ounce of respect.

I don’t believe for one second that Teresa doesn’t behave this way unless Danielle is around. But even if that is true, so what? It is 100% unacceptable. What did Caroline say about Trashley? “You don’t put your hands on another person.”

3. About that foreclosure. It may be true that no foreclosure proceedings were filed before the bankruptcy. I read the bankruptcy petition and it is true that the petition does not mention a foreclosure on the principal residence. They may have been negotiating for a loan mod. And it is taking the banks forever to get all the foreclosure proceedings underway, so it may have been that the bank hadn’t gotten to them yet. And once the bankruptcy petition was filed, all actions to collect debts would by law be stopped. So even if a foreclosure petition had been filed, it would be stopped. But guess what? If the trustee succeeds in persuading the bankruptcy court to dismiss the petition, all proceedings can go forward and it is possible, if not probable, that the house will be foreclosed on at that time.

Further, the homestead exemption in New Jersey is actually the federal exemption (i.e., New Jersey has not exercised its right to increase the exemption) which is $125,000. Of equity. Not value of the home. They also have to keep the mortgage current during the time the bankruptcy is pending and demonstrate that they will be able to keep the mortgage current. They also have to reach an agreement with the lender(s) to make up delinquencies. We know that they claim that family members are pumping $120k into the system (just how did their parents make that kind of scratch?) but how long can that go on, even assuming it is true.

  1. Zipit Zarin says:

The sky opened, the angels sang ( its the only way God can get T to comprehend anything:) <—–FABULOUS! Loved your take on it all!

Caroline’s smug mug and over the top sanctimony raised my blood pressure too. AND she’s as much a moron as Jaq and Tree…saying the curt remark about Danielle’s dog wearing leopard print was equating Tree’s kids to animals? YOU MORON she was talking about her TASTE IN CLOTHES. Gawd.

I can’t WAIT for Jaq to get on the hot seat about her child-rearing skills…cough. She’s a cheer leader for a gang bang and that’s what this whole series has been. A gang bang of Danielle. We keep witnessing these thugs go at her, chase her out of a building like a pack of wild African dogs (i picked them cuz they have that scary yip when they hunt:), actually ASSAULT her and now they have Andy helping them. OH and next week they get to add Kim G. to their gang bang.

I am officially TEAM DANIELLE. She was grace under fire! When SHE cried it was real and seeing her buck up and go back out there to face those maggots I nearly teared up myself. Ok, I didn’t but that was pure courage! Going there in the first place was courageous. I think she did play a bad person “role”, Caroline. No, it wasn’t editing…she was cast in the role and played it to the hilt. I hope she finds happiness with her new friend who she may or may not be sleeping with and it’s NONYA BIZ what she’s doing in her bedroom now. I thought you harpies were so upset that Danielle is too open about her sex life and now you want her to go on about it on the highest rated tv show. Ya fargin bitches! She didn’t put those sex tapes out there, remember? One she got stopped and the other one is sounds like someone tried to extort her “I couldn’t afford to pay them NOT to put it out”. HEY ANDY, that’s a point you should have grilled her on if you had to pick one. Ya think maybe? Huh?

I could rant on but I gotta be up early. I wish I had the time and energy to start a I heart Danielle blog lol. No I don’t.


  1. Olivia says:

Disgraceful. Demented. Dirty. Demeaning.

I am sure there are more apt adjectives to describe this unsavory hour but these are the first to come to mind after wasting my time following this horror show for 2 seasons.

What the Manzo clan failed to fully understand from the outset was that they were dealing with a full blown sociopath that is Danielle Staub. They figured they were dealing with another woman just like themselves that they could bully and shutdown because they only considered she wanted to enjoy their “sainted” company and they banned together to not let that happen.

By overlooking her true pathology, and she is seriously disturbed no matter how much you wish it otherwise, they were too stupid in their own smugness to accept the simple fact that they were up against a person determined to do whatever it takes to remain relevant in their world even to the point of absurdity.

These women have attempted to show themselves for something they are not. They want so much for the rest of us to see them as content, secure in their marriages, and capable of living large. Much of that is an illusion as we have come to learn.

For these women to feel a sense of importance, they must have someone else to look down upon. Danielle fit the bill. A convicted felon, stripper, possible prostitute, a proven liar, they had found a reason to feel good about themselves and she came fully equipped to fill that bill. But they overlooked her sociopathy to their own detriment. Danielle was not going peacefully and was bound to take a few scalps along the way.

I am convinced that there was much going on behind the scenes that we were unaware. Little bits and pieces began to emerge but not enough to cover the entire picture. Something happened with Dina. Something they are not willing to discuss. Danielle is quite capable of lying and she did so again tonight during much of the questioning that was put to her. That being so, I am sure that she spread many, many rumors about this “family” and the truth was not necessarily something she relied on to make a point.

The Manzo’s never took her seriously and for this they will pay the price. She has managed to rip away the carefully crafted facade they created. They simply believed that by ignoring her and shutting her out she would just go away. Unfortunately for them, Danielle’s mental illness was what they were up against all along yet in their moral righteousness they failed to recognize it.

The “nephew” comment alone is justification for that diagnosis. He is either the child of this Tara, or the son of her only brother whose wife is rumored to loathe Teresa. The cat is out of the bag and they owe it all to Danielle who just took them down from their collective pedestal since she managed to “trump” them with a lift of an already permanently sculpted eyebrow.

Good to see that entire mob having to explain this one.

Thanks for the great comments!  I hope you’ll all consider doing a guest blog! 

Until Next Time……

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516 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin RHONJ Reunion Part 1 August 31, 2010

  1. error404 says:

    thanks to you too Lynn for the recap. It saves me form having to watch and be horrified/angered. LOL

  2. error404 says:

    It’s beyond me why anyone liked Caroline and Dina to begin with. What’s to like?

    Dina is spoiled and stuck up with a sense of entitlement who’s origin is a mystery. Her sense of style is a joke and her marriage is a sham.

    Caroline is a blowhard bully. Her children are spoiled ingrates, and she has no life of her own, all she ever talks about is others..her kids, her husband, her “family”… she’s like the invisible woman. Insanely loyal, with no sense of self-worth.

    Chris seems like a nice guy, but who knows. Two of his sisters are horrible and his wife, I’m sorry, but she’s a idiot. She better not go on “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” because I really don’t think she is. I think she’s dumb as a bag of rocks.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      You are correct sir! I never understood fans undying support of these two shrews. Dina, the decorator, her style is laughable. She isn’t eclectic she’s a mess. It is most likely that she’s been a mean girl all of her life, and when confronted had the support of ClownyCaroline as the defender and protector. She was able to instigate situations and when trouble came knocking here came linebacker Caroline to the rescue. Caroline is a bully who protects her family from danger. A question…who will protect her family from her? She doesn’t accept outsiders, looks upon all with suspicion and has two veritable momma’s boys, who will never find a woman that their mother will accept. Add to that, her uncanny ability to TRUST outsiders who are grifters and officials under indictment and it turns out she’s the menace to her family!

  3. boston02127 says:

    Lynn—Thank you for the new blog.

    • kats2 says:

      I love how you always find the links that have the information I want.
      Thank you Boston!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Nice link but I have a hard time believing Liar1 and Liar2 about anything. Someone last night who needs closed captions which are approved before aired said that Teresa said don’t BREAK up my family. That is what I heard from the first promo – I trust my own ears over the word of Liar2.

  4. katie says:

    Jacqueline is a duplicitous, immature, angry hag. It is ridiculous that she condemns Danielle because her kids are in tears, when Jacqueline has been the catalyst for Ashley’s tears on many occasions. Last season when Ashley had her photo shoot, Jac made passive aggressive comments towards her. Jac also said that Ashley resembled a relative, who obviously was not attractive and probably someone who Jac ridiculed. Jac is insecure and I believe that Ashley is privy to the unfiltered nasty remarks and becomes angry when Jac tries to become Ms. Manners and tries to punish Ashley when she emulates her behavior.
    Danielle is a piece of work, but her daughters although much younger than Ashley, are more articulate and have more common sense than Ashely will ever have.

  5. Colibrimoon says:

    Andy Cohen was positively stoked about the women and their out of control behavior. Now I understand why the more even keel cast members are challenged to turn it up a notch or they will be let go. Andy loves the screaming, he gets turned on by it.

    The high energy, intense behavior gets old after awhile. I think Andy will be surprised that the viewer numbers will not be sustained if each HW franchise is expected to deliver only chaos and confusion.

    I know that the NJ ratings are proving me wrong; but, I have a tendency to tune out people who yell and scream all the time. I’m certain I am not alone.

    Forgot to say….good blog Lynn. You always deliver.

  6. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Okay, here goes. (she takes a deeeeep breath) this is gonna the first reallllly long post I have ever made! Lynn, feel free to delete, if too long. Not trying to hijack, just want to make this point and need to use examples to do it.

    Putting aside any Mafia or no Mafia issues, and taking this reunion for what it is intended to be—a chance for the women to come together and answer our questions about the past season, and an opportunity for them to explain their actions and question each other— I feel like for the first time, I would step up in defense of Caroline. I get her attitude, I get her intentions, but she is going about things the wrong way.

    First, about Teresa, when she came up off the couch, she went into Danielle’s face and said quietly “Don’t bring up my sister” then she screamed “don’t bring up my family”. The nephew is apparently her sister’s kid. Watch it again, and you can hear her if you listen close. I missed it the first time because I was laughing at the pause before the storm, the second time it was on I “paid attention, puhleeze” (LOL) and caught it.

    Now, onto the main event.

    Caroline strikes me as a woman raised in a large family who had to fight for her voice her entire childhood. Then she married a strong, old-world man and fought for her voice in her marriage as well. She comes off as tougher than she needs to be because she feels like she is fighting to get her voice heard again. It is very obvious from her body language, facial expressions and tone of voice that she seriously goes beyond hating Danielle. She feels pure contempt, and considers herself “above” dealing with what she sees as a waste of oxygen. Because of the show, she is “forced” to deal with her, and the other women’s obsession pulls her into the drama as well, because in her mind she must protect her family no matter what. She seems to honestly feel this woman is a danger to herself, her children and her extended family, and would crush her like a bug if she could get away with it. Since she can’t do it physically, without drawing attention immediately to her family thanks to the show, she came to this reunion determined to hold Danielle’s feet to the fire, force her to admit her manipulations, and stress the “heinous” behavior, once and for all to make Danielle admit her “crimes” and motivations.
    Also, we have all seen how Danielle and Danny have called her the puppeteer, the one pulling the strings and telling the other women to go after Danielle, after she, in her own words, “tried to stay out of the fray” this season, damaging her own story line in the process. (I am not saying she succeeded, just that SHE thinks she stepped out) She is just fed up. She is coming from an attitude of exposing EVERY lie Danielle tells, forcing her to OWN her behavior and deflecting focus from her family. Then she wants Danielle to go away, permanently. If she can’t risk destroying her physically, she is determined to drive her from her life by “showing everyone( in the viewing area) what a “snake she is” and ruin Danielle’s reputation using her own actions as the proof. If she could make Danielle ashamed to show her face in public, she can force her out of her world.

    And Danielle IS a sneaky little so and so, who tries to get in her jabs without having to answer for them. (again, not saying any one is better than the other, just stating that we can see Danielle’s tactics clearly) Just like when Andy asked Danielle what she meant by the “my dogs wear leopard print” (which was funny as hell, by the way) comment and she copped out with “I was simply saying my dogs have leopard print clothes” instead of admitting it was a dig at Teresa and the way she dressed her girls, Caroline is NOT going to allow what she sees as a snake (she used the term) slithering away after a bite. She wants Danielle to admit what she had done, thereby explaining the actions of her family as simply a reaction to the horrible actions taken by this “crazy” woman against all of them.

    Danielle does have the tendency to try and work behind the scenes, and then slide into the background with that smirk on her face to watch the damage ensue. She is gleeful to the point of almost laughing when Danny brings up Joe’s accident. She is smug and self righteous when she sees herself as wronged, and plays the victim role every chance she gets. Even at the reunion, after Teresa got in her face, she calmly strutted, (slow and deliberate, swinging her hips and hair all the way) and said “Fuck you, Teresa” smiling all the way into the back room, and then, when her hairdresser cued her she immediately switched on the tears, I am so victimized, routine. She did not run. She was not afraid. She had gotten exactly the reaction she wanted, and THEN, at the appropriate moment turned on the fake fear. And all the while, her girlfriend is making a move for Teresa off camera. She does not have the balls to go one on one, she cries to her friends, and uses them as her heavy armor. The same thing happened with a different hair dresser last year. She was calm and collected until her hairdresser (and another best friend that has mysteriously disappeared) came on the set to do her hair, then the tears and he got into it with Teresa for making Danielle cry. It is the same issue with the gag order, cease and desist or whatever you want to call it. Danielle did admit she spoke with Dina’s family regarding Lexi being on the show, then, when that opened the door for Dina to tell her side of it, she gets her attorneys to “shut her down” so that only Danielle’s version is in the media. And when she is confronted about doing it, she deflects by saying “I did not do that, my attorneys did” multiple times. As Teresa pointed out, attorneys do not do things for “shits and giggles”. You told them to do it. She never responded to that. It is always “the guy with the gun” “the boys in her entourage” “her friends”, never ownership of her actions. Even her past shows this tendency. Rather than own her part in whatever the debacle she got involved in all those years ago, she cuts a deal and turns on her supposed friends to get out of the jail time her actions warranted. In that one respect, I have to give it to Caroline. She may be bulls horns on you, but she does her own fighting—she is not relying on body guards, friends, and she DOES own what she says.

    Case and Point, the issue with strippers. Caroline did not have an issue with Danielle stripping, what pissed her off and got her to comment was Danielle downplaying her stripping as “Burlesque” dancing with no nudity. She was a stripper flat out, no one throws 50’s (her own claim) for a dance. They throw it for the view. And she later admitted she was just your run of the mill stripper, in a good club. She could be the best stripper in the world, who cares! But don’t try and spin it into what it wasn’t. That is what Caroline said and commented on, and immediately Danielle tried to make it like she was attacking all strippers. Caroline called her on it. Was it necessary to take it as far as she did with the whole “Your opinion means less than nothing”? and other crappy digs, no, it was not. But she did make her point that it wasn’t the stripping, it was the spin. And does anyone else notice that when her feet are held to the fire, and her “that’s enough” card does not play she whines her answers to Caroline like a kid? The entire tone of her voice changes. The charity event at the Brownstone is another one. Caroline wants Danielle to finally admit she went there hoping for drama and looking to cause trouble. Danielle wants to spin it that she was wronged, and even the father of the child who was the reason for the event saw how gross Danielle’s behavior was, and called her on it. The frustration of Danielle not owning that and other events breeds the contempt Caroline feels for her, right or wrong. Exactly the issue she brought out about the “psychological F-you to Chris”, Caroline called her on it and Danielle immediately tried to alter the definition of psychological to mean that she was being gracious. “A PSYCHOLOGICAL F-YOU, CAROLINE, saying that I was glad we could put our differences aside and honor that baby”. What? No, it was saying “you have to be nice to me right now, and I know it is killing you and your mom that I am here, so let me get in your face and force you to acknowledge me to dig it in deeper.” But lay off MY kids, right?

    The pain in the butt fact is that ALL of these women are trying to spin the season to come out smelling like roses, but the fertilizer around all of them is just too deep. I am not saying I love ANY of them, but I can see why Caroline is being the way she is. Again, her feelings for Danielle are beyond hate and into the contempt zone. Contempt is far worse than hate, because it means you really no longer care if that person lives or dies, and so what you say to them and how you treat them is tinged with superiority, dismissal and “Shit on my shoe” attitude. This is where she is going all wrong. That is the one thing that will drive a personality like Danielle into the danger zone. Love her or hate her, fine. But dismiss her—and you will find her doing things that force you to acknowledge her presence in your life.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Phew—that was a chestfull unloaded. thanks for letting me rant.

    • zoofeedingtime says:

      Wonderful! Thanks so much!!

    • jezzibel says:

      Thank you…I watched it twice(sober) and I agree
      Why bring up the nephew at all, but to antagonized Teresa

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Totally agree with you. I don’t like any of them either, but I understand Caroline and where she’s coming from. Also, I understand Danielle too. All Danielle had to do was act calm at the reunion and it would look like she’s the one who is sane. I think Danielle is very cunning and is given way too much of being the “victim”. Absolutely agree that she was assaulted by Ashley and truly was a victim there, but my cousin was a shrewd “victim” player. I’ve seen the behavior before. Nothing is their fault.

    • degroohj says:

      I cannot agree more with you post…very well done.

      I have been reading Lynn’s blog since she first started writing on her original website and I haven’t commented in a long while. I tend to agree with Lynn’s recaps and opinions, but I had to post and say that this is the first time that I am almost in complete disagreement with Lynn, particularly from what I perceived was in defense of Danielle and her actions.

      I literally gawked at my computer screen when I read the following from Lynn:
      “Danielle said that Bravo does create characters and does edit to ensure the highest level of drama…Caroline may call it a cop-out, she may say that only 1% of the show is editing, but I think that we all know that isn’t true. These women are in full makeup and hair, arrive “unexpectedly” at venues where other housewives just happen to be, and are never filmed just relaxing and watching television (as we know by their tweets they do a lot of) so please don’t try to tell us that 99% of the show is all real, unplanned and unscripted.”

      So…other housewives like Jill Zarin (whom I despise) and Kelly Bensimon (whom I also despise) are criticized on this blog for blaming editing, but Danielle is praised? WHAT…?! Please explain how come it is acceptable for Danielle to be edited “into the villain) as she puts it? Wasn’t it Bethenney Frankel who dismissed other housewives for blaming editing (yes it’s a different franchise, but still?) What’s with the double standard here?

      IMHO, Danielle is a woman who obviously struggles with instability in her mental health, a victim of an apparent personality disorder (though my goal is not to diagnose this woman). Anyone who empathizes and defends with her actions and behaviors on this show is playing into her manipulative antics as much as Teresa and Jacqueline.

      It pains me to say this Lynn, as I love your blog, but just don’t agree with you on this one.

      • degroohj says:

        BTW…this post is in response to Duchess of Dryer Lint original comment. And I apologize for the typos…

    • PJ says:

      I have to disagree, Danielle did walk away slowly but not because she was not afraid or upset by what Teresa did. She walked slowly because she didn’t want Teresa to see how upset she was. I once was chased by a big dog who didn’t come after me so I could pet him, I turned around and walked away very slowly and calmly just like Danielle did. That’s what I was thinking of as Danielle walked away. It was like Danielle saying I choose to walk away you aren’t chasing me away. It really was a proper reaction on Danielle’s part and it felt very human and real to me in the face of her being confronted with such agression coming from Teresa. I also felt that Danielle’s tears were real. You know Danielle is an actual person with actual feelings. Just becasue the three nut jobs tell us that Danielle does not deserve any human compassion, that Danielle is indeed sub-human does not mean that they are actually telling the truth. These three are far worse than Danielle. I think it took great courage for Danielle to show up knowing what she was about to face, and face it alone, and it also took courage for her to come back after being confronted by Teresa in her face. Teresa could have injured Danielle, look at what she did to Andy and she likes him. I for one am tired of all the Danielle bashing.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        I can see your point. Appreciate the input. You made me think, and I can honestly say my opinions are not because the other 3 told me to think that way, none of them impress me enough to allow them to think for me. I watched and saw what I saw. You seem to have seen something different and I totally respect that. To your point though, while I see walking slowly away from an animal that is watching or stalking you, but in a danger flight or fight response situation like someone that close in your face, if you feel threatened you will usually 1. reflex punch (fight) or 2. take off fast (flight). Also, I will bet my world famous chocolate chip cookie recipe that you did not turn around and yell “Fuck you, Doggie!” or further acknowledge the dog in any way! If she was so damn afraid, she would not have continued mouthing all the way off set, ending with the big F-bomb, then continued to snark off set (no tears), talk to Andy (no tears), yell somemore stuff (no tears), hug her girlfriend, begin to get her make up touched up (no tears), her hairdresser friend kneels, gently takes her hand and cries for her, telling her how sorry he is feeling for her and BAM! she cries and chants. Can you see where I am coming from? AND she had already gone here with Teresa once, so she knew this reaction was not only possible, but probable. When she pushed the buttons, she knew it was coming. Teresa has shown Danielle and us that she is no class and possibly prone to violence, why poke the pit bull with a stick if you are afraid to get bitten?

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          And just for the record, before anybody goes on the defense because I used pit bulls as the example, I love the breed, owned 2 of them. I used it because they don’t let go of a stick, toy, etc. once they get it and that reminds me of Teresa not letting go of an issue. A pitty will go quick to the stick and tug your arm out of joint while you play tug of war with them. You will give in first, they do not lose that game LOL

        • PJ says:

          I do see your point but I still see it a bit differently. Not everyone reacts the way we think they should. Sometimes people can hold it together until they have a person they trust with them and then they let go. I’m not a fan of Danielle but I am sick of the way these women treat her. None of these women is deserving of praise. Teresa in my opinion is dangerous because she lasks self control and she lacks self awareness. She would blame Danielle for her violence but violence has to be in you in order for you to act on it. In my opinion the real garbage on this show is Teresa. Imagine what could have happened if Danielle had not removed herself and let Teresa cool down for a minute or rather let Andy try and cool her down. Teresa is bigger than Danielle what if it had been Danielle she had pushed? Teresa sent Andy flying like a rag doll. What would she have done to Danielle? Caroline is self righteous, I felt the same way about Dina. I’m right you’re wrong, I’m good you’re bad, I have integrity you don’t, you’re garbage………..on and on and on and on. Jacqueline has no business judging anyone over their parenting skills. The way I have seen Jacqueline interact with Ashley I have felt was abusive but on a level that is so subtle that perhaps others don’t always see what she is doing. How on earth would Jacqueline know what goes on in the school Danielle’s children go to? She has a friend with children in the same school? How would they know what Danielle’s children do everyday? Danielle’s children are lovely and yet these women can’t even give her that she could possibly be a good mother. Jacqueline would have us believe that Danielle’s children just turned out like that with no help from Danielle. Or that it’s all their father. Caroline even insults the girls, there is no light in their eyes. I don’t care what Caroline says that’s an insult to the girls. How do you think those girls feel hearing Caroline say things like that about them? If they go to the nurse’s office everyday perhaps it’s because of what these women say about their mother. It’s so obvious that these girls love their mother and she loves them. Children don’t turn out like that by accident, no matter what Jacqueline says. Then Caroline has the gaul to say don’t you dare mention my adult sister. What a witch. Just listen to these women and the things they accuse Danielle of and then listen to the things they say about Danielle. They are guilty of the things they accuse Danielle of. They say Danielle tries to find out things about their lives, but they seem to think they know a lot about her life. They say don’t bring up my family but they bring up her family. See what hyprocrites they are? That’s what I’m sick of . There is no even playing field here. No one deserves to be treatred the way they treat Danielle. Every one deserves to be treated with a certain amount of dignity. I’m sure Danielle is no saint but then neither are any of these women. All in all I feel Danielle acted with a lot more dignity than any of these women. She was much nicer to them than they deserved and I have to say much nicer to them than I would have been. I don’t care what she brought up about Teresa. Teresa richly deserved much more than that. Jacqueline needs to get off her high horse and stop telling us what Danielle did 25 years ago. As if no one can change. As far as I can see Danielle has not been involved in criminal behavior since then and she paid the price so who is Jacqueline to make her pay the rest of her life?

          • Cheri says:

            Well said. You put my thoughts into words. I agree with every thing you

          • Denise says:

            I agree with much of what you have written. But I’d like to point out that I believe (based on what we’ve seen on the show, as that’s all I have) that Danielle’s girls appear to be turning out well in spite of what they’re exposed to by their mother. I’ve seen it firsthand with several children. Despite poor parental role models, I know several young adults and children alike that have had to grow up way before their time. It seems like D’s children have no choice but to sink or swim, and are choosing to swim. Maybe because they have each other to lean on, I don’t know, but don’t think D can take a whole lot of credit for it (again, based on what we are privy to on the show and in the media).

            • PJ says:

              That can happen but it is also common for people who are bad people to have their children turn out as bad as the parents. Parental example does matter in how your children turn out. I think Danielle does a lot of things that seem to work well for her children. You don’t really hear her going on and on saying bad things about people like we see Jacqueline doing. When her daughter was upset after the country club incident you see Danielle telling her not to do anything because she has a future. She asked her daughters if they want their Father at Christine’s birthday party and she respects their decision. She then acts very classy not giving her daughters any reason to be embarassed. She does not seem to be a stage mother like Teresa. She gives encouragement true but not over the top. Her girls are not like Ashley and they aren’t like Teresa’s girls. They seem to be real ladies and girls get that from their Mother. They also have good manners and that comes from the Mother as well. I don’t think Teresa or Jacqueline should give anyone child rearing advice. Does anyone concern themselves with what children say to Teresa’s children at school ? I would think that table flipping and screaming obsenity filled rages would not be good for one’s childrens social life.

          • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

            And I am with you that the other women treat her wrongly. First and foremost because of the human being factor and secondly because of the reason I stated in my original post. So, we do agree on some things and your points are taken and respected! Thanks for making me think about it a bit differently! Look forward to what else you see on the next one! 🙂

            • PJ says:

              I realize that my opinion of Danielle has a lot to do with the fact that the other three completely disgust me. Danielle looks good in comparison to Teresa, Jacqueline and Caroline. Even criminals are allowed to defend themselves in a court of law. But these three treat Danielle like she has no human rights and in my opinion this speaks more about who they are than it does about who she is. I could never take the side of people like Teresa, Jacqueline or Caroline. Had they given Danielle the same treatment they expected from her I would not see the situation the same way. I want to let you know I do not defend Danielle in any way, I’m not a fan of Danielle. But I like the other three even less than I like Danielle. I actually was so disgusted by Teresa, Jacqueline and Caroline that after part 2 of the reunion I don’t think I will ever watch this show again. I will post my thoughts on part 2 though.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      good post…it’s how I feel but you said it better than I ever could

    • ImaJillHater2 says:

      Wow! You really nailed it with your description of Danielle’s behavior. You have definitely got her number.

  7. Tootsie says:

    Since I refuse to watch this mishegas program I count on all of you to fill me in. According to what I read the Manzo’s and Guidice’s are now a level below Danielle. After this year, I won’t even come here to read about this bunch of crazies. This is NOT entertainment.

  8. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    I left a response that is rather long, probably ended up in spam folder. If you would, please take a look and, if you are cool with it, post it if it will let you. Thanks!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      hey me too! i posted something about a jillion times- post it if you want-no worries if you don’t

  9. boston02127 says:

    Why did Teresa freak out over talk about a nephew but didn’t even flinch when Danielle spoke of her girls and how she dressed them.

    When Jacqueline and Teresa were yelling at Danielle about her having sex at the shore house, Jac said “her” (meaning Teresa) kids heard you. Why do these children know the sounds of sex?

    • kats2 says:

      Good questions, too bad Andy was too busy calculating the money he was making off of the wreck to ask.

      Lynn – thank you for the new blog and calling out Andy who is just as bad as the HW’s.

    • Denise says:

      Because “Juicy” and “Tre” are their parents, and according to Tre they have sex, like, all the time. I guess Tre’s not “demure in the boudoir” either if her kids know what having sex sounds like.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Are you kidding? These are Teresa and Joe’s kids right? If we are to believe the queen of the trash mouth, she and Joe are bopping every spare minute thay have. If she tells the truth, then those kids are more familiar with sex sounds and have probably been scarred for life with what they have heard as well! LOL

  10. boston02127 says:

    And in old news…..Kelly’s still stupid.

    Her tweets– you are so sweet to think I would be good for noxema, creat, prell, and wrigleys. I actually love to chew gum

    pssst Kelly—You may want to learn how to spell “Crest” and “Noxzema” while begging for a spokesperson job.

    • Ellabean says:

      She took that tweet as a compliment? Those are very antiquated products. (well except for Crest). Clearly – someone was poking fun at her.

      Prell shampoo is so 197— – no not even 1979. It’s so 1966.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        noxzema still rocks. Cleanser, sunburn, face mask, love love love it! It is the only cleanser I have used since I was 14 years old, and at my reunion last month everyone kept asking me what I did for my skin, no wrinkles yet! I told them, Noxzema to clean, Oil of olay to moisurize. That’s it!

    • Ha! I hope you’re not one of my haters cause that was really funny.

      • Not a hater. I find it hard to actually use the H word. I just ignore and/or educate.

        I got such a long dose of hatred from the RHoNJ last Monday, this Southern gal had to review my “Sweet Potato Queen” bookshelf to get my head straight again. I will be ready with a “knock you naked margarita” at reunion pt2.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Pet peeve of mine is when people don’t capitalize proper names or items. How hard is it to hit a shift key even if you are on Twitter????

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I find Kels Mr Ed size choppers kinda frightening as it is. Brushing or chewing? Oh no, no, no. Why would she do that? (Lies down on bed and cries. The horror, the horror.)

      Now that the Foghorn’s perfected her Cheshire Cat grin (in the NY Post), maybe she’s got a chance for commercials….toothpaste, polident, whatever. Or how about a nice heart to heart talk about incontinence? I’m sure there’s some market out there for her somewhere….

  11. Dani says:

    Thank you Lynn great blog as always. I hate this show but each week find that I am watching it. My biggest problem with last nights reunion: Teresa does not want Danielle to bring up her family, however, it is ok for the 3 loosers to bring up Daniell’s constantly. Why is it their business about Danielle and her family? Also I don’t think that Jac has any business bringing up the fact that Danielle is not going to be mother of the year because watching Ashley this season has not been a good reflection on the way that she parents.

    All and all I am not a Danielle fan, but, I did feel sorry for her. You could tell that Andy was perfectly fine with the 3 bitches going after Danielle and he didn’t have any problem with that. It was certainly not a fair interview and the women did look like bullies (where is Kelly when we need her lol).

  12. Marcy says:

    Are you related to Danielle ? You say you don’t believe her kids were crying in the Nurses office and what teenage girl doesn’t cry at school from time to time. Are you serious?
    I don’t know about you but when I was in high school nobody teased me about my mother being a one time prostitute, girl friend of a drug dealer, an accomplice in a kidnapping and ransom demand, stripper, star of 2 sex tapes and now a lesbian lover.
    Those girls are being tormented every day, believe me.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I see.

      And are you related to Danielle? How else would you know that her children are tormented every day?

    • kats2 says:

      Wait, Marcy are you related to any of them? And I’m not being sarcastic, the way you ended your statement reads like you might have some inside scoop.

    • error404 says:

      so let me see… horrible kids like the ones the other 4 women raise are tormenting 2 girls.. and it’s their mother’s fault? SMH

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I doubt that her kids are tormented every day, but kids are cruel. I would not doubt that all of these kids are hearing stuff that they should not about their sorry excuses for parents.

  13. boston02127 says:

    I think that this person on twitter @hamptonskevin is Kelly. I think she tweets to herself. http://twitter.com/hamptonskevin

    • zoofeedingtime says:

      Do you think Kevin was her real name before the sex change operation?

    • kats2 says:

      No way! Wow that would be creative of Kelly, didn’t think she had it in her.

    • jezzibel says:

      he/her has only been twittering since Aug 15th,

      putting together major non 4 profit beneift concert here in hamptons aug 2011 alzheimers/jdf local charities
      3:41 PM Aug 17th via web from Kevin’s Room, East Hampton
      Reply Retweet .
      @kikilet http://twitpic.com/2feje3 – oh stop hatten cause she’s in east hampton i live 2 min from that place im local were not rude just
      3:17 PM Aug 17th via Twitpic
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      @kikilet http://twitpic.com/2eggot – one of my fav places the nature trail was there alst week
      3:11 PM Aug 17th via Twitpic
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      @kikilet http://twitpic.com/2fo7ag – i got cut off lol oh so you can get back to me hamptonskevin@aol.com also fb > kevin ackley concert
      3:06 PM Aug 17th via Twitpic
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      @kikilet http://twitpic.com/2fo7ag – hi kelly kevin 47 east hampton would you be interested in possibly co-hosting non 4 profit benefit
      3:04 PM Aug 17th via Twitpic
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      hi all my first time here kevin 47 east hampton ny
      7:57 PM Aug 15th via web

  14. Denise says:

    Have been reading the blog all season, but first time posting. The RHs are my guilty pleasure, and I want to thank Lynn for the great blogs and links to other HW sites and the other loyal posters who love watching and dissecting/discussing the HWs as much as I do (since apparently none of my ‘real’ friends watch I enjoy all of your opinions and info!!). Have spent many a late night reading, laughing, talking to the screen, and at times crying (for your story Squirrels) while getting to ‘know’ all of the regulars. That said, here’s my take….

    Danielle wouldn’t know the truth if it pulled her hair. Talk about spin and contradiction…which is it, you’re daughters are unafected by all of this and don’t watch the show or they are hurt by comments made by the other HWs (during episodes)? And can someone say “Drama Queen”? Like she could “have quite possibly gotten hurt” if Teresa had hit her. Puh-Lease quit it with the hysterics – just sayin’. Teresa is an imbecile incapable of intelligent discussion and the only time she seems calm is when regurgitating her financial history (because she has to concentrate so hard to get the rehearsed wording right she can’t even make a facial expression except the one that looks like constipation). She has a “Smear Danielle Agenda” for the reunion, and takes every opportunity to make a nasty remark to take some of the heat off herself and her finances (which was one of the 2 biggest confirmed RHoNJ stories out there during this season’s airing; the other of course D’s sex tape)…turning the Jersey Shore discussion towards D? WTF was that??? Jacqueline appears to be the one who was hurt the most by her relationship with D (which appeared like a ‘real’ friendship last season) and she’s striking out at her. Often inappropriate and childish, but I understand her ‘snarkiness’ and where it comes from. Caroline is usually the calmest/most rational of the bunch, perhaps because she has stayed out of the fray mostly, except when she perceives someone is trying to ‘get one over’ on her. Unfortunately a couple of times she could have caught D in a lie, or at the very least contradicting herself, C decides to get all riled up and start yelling at her, effectively drowning out D’s responses and making herself appear to be a bully.

    I thought we might get more ‘substance’ from the reunion episodes, but guess that was wishful thinking for a season without much substance whatsoever.

    BTW a “REAL” New Jersey Housewife here (please don’t hold that against me – I’m from South Jersey if that makes it any better!!). But I love my state and wish it would get some good press for a change instead of endless notoriety for shows like Jersey Shore, RHoNJ, Jerseyliscious, etc.

    Well, thanks in advance for reading my rantings, hope to share occasionally with a (mostly) great group who value differing opinions and agree to disagree in a civil manner.

    • buffywood says:

      In order for a show to have substance, the characters need to; and clearly not a single one these females (you certainly can’t use the term ladies) has an ounce of it.

      • buffywood says:

        BTW, I was also once a “Real NJ Housewife” like several that are here. I was about as South as you could get (Cape May County). I’ve never encountered anyone like them in my “real” life.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Denise – thank you for speaking up! None of hold any of these creatures or the shows you mentioned against you or anyone else from your state. From time to time we ask for the real Jersey ladies to help us understand Jersey related questions – hope you will help in the future!

    • Laura aka Just done says:


      Great post…from another “real” Jersey housewife! 🙂 I hate to ask this question, because it’s so cliche but you said you were South…what exit? My sister is south, exit 4 off of the turnpike.

      • Denise says:

        No problem, Laura. Honestly, I don’t hear the question all that often, believe it or not. I am just a bit further south…Exit 2, though I avoid the TP altogether if I can since route 295 gets me almost everywhere I need to go from Delaware to up as far as the Trenton area (unless I have to respond onto it for work).

        Gotta say, I am Jersey-born and bred, and don’t know anyone who acts like these women. Maybe it’s because we all have jobs and/or other real concerns to deal with in our lives and families and don’t have time for the high school antics since becoming adults. Also part Italian (grandfather from Sicily) and know my relatives don’t behave this way either. We have our shortcomings, and we’re not perfect, but we’re not the “stereotype”. Seems that is all that the “reality” shows are looking for.

        Thanks for the welcome.

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          Hey Denise, u r approximately 2 hours from me. I know that trip well. I hate to admit it, but I’m more local to Teresa. I’m all the way up North, but it’s considered North/Central (Morris County).

          I’m glad you joined in and I look forward to reading more posts! 🙂

  15. Dre says:

    Judging by the looks on the faces of Teresa and Jacqueline, I think that Danielle is telling the truth about Teresa not acknowledging her nephew. Teresa was caught completely off guard and not expecting it. If you think back to the incident at the fashion show, Danielle caught Teresa off guard mentioning her foreclosure and got a similar reaction to last night. In both incidents, Teresa went completely crazy. I think in those two cases, Danielle got her information from someone close to Teresa (maybe this estranged sister in law of hers?) and it’s all true.

    • Dani says:

      Dre I agree with you. Teresa would not react like she does if what Danielle is saying is not true.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Well said. Danielle has the dirt on all of them and she has nothing to lose exposing them for what they are.
      Another “gotcha” moment when Danielle was meeting with Caroline in the finale and brought her friend (Bernie Kerick) who was convicted and sent to jail. The expressions on their faces when she bring stuff up that they don’t want to be exposed is priceless.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I agree – the truth has a very negative effect on Teresa.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      I will be upfront and tell you that I am passing on unsubstantiated gossip. There are a few blog commenters suggesting that the nephew is bi-racial, that Teresa stopped speaking to her brother because he married a black woman. I don’t know if this is true and I have been trying to find something credible that states it, but no luck so far. You super-sleuths may have a better go at than me.

      Now having said all that, Teresa’s over-the-top explosion so early into the reunion taping may have been a diversionary move designed to stop the discussion.

      • Denise says:

        Watched again tonight, and seems that she paused quite a while before the explosion. Initially trying to deny and deflect, then BOOM. Don’t know what that was about, but definitely appeared delayed.

      • AutumnLeaves61 says:

        TG’s sister-in-law is an exotic-looking gorgeous woman with giant bubbies and a slinky figure. She is Godmother to one of the Giudice’s daughters. I don’t think “bi-racial” is accurate, or relevant. She and her husband appear to live in a large mansion that looks oddly similar in style to Teresa’s.

        She is friendly with Caroline and Dina and Tara (is it the Tara? ::don’t know::), was at Project Ladybug Charity event, The Brownstone events, etc…..

  16. boston02127 says:

    Food for thought: How long ago did Danielle’s lawyer file against Dina to be quiet? Could this have contributed to Dina leaving the show? Did Danielle give her a little push out with the daughter controversy and the lawyer?

    • Di says:

      It sounded to me like Danielle’s lawyer sent Dina a cease and desist letter after Dina made comments about her in an article after leaving the show. Those kind of letters just usually say stop or I’ll take you to court. Doesn’t prove anyone right or wrong.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I think it was right after she left the show. I seem to remember that Danielle had some responses to Caroline’s comments in the first year’s reunion. Teresa and Jacqueline encouraged Dina to set the record straight and then after an article Dina disappeared from the planet. I think she didn’t want a huge slander suit from Danielle.

  17. NYCer says:

    Teresa is an animal. I can’t imagine DWTS putting her on after that display last night.

  18. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Off Topic: This is an interesting article about Patti Stanger. Her rant that was caught on tape was not an isolated incident.


    • kats2 says:

      Thank you for sharing this link, after her use of the “c” word, you just knew that there was something off about her. Never liked her, will never watch, I think she is another one you can stick a fork in.

    • Dre says:

      I saw this the other day. Repulsive. If her ego gets any larger she’ll have to buy a second seat when she flies.

  19. boston02127 says:

    I hope Joe does have a love child. I’ve been dying to say it! I hope it’s a boy and I hope his name is Giuseppe Giudice the 2nd aka Little Joey.

    Now I’ll go hide.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      no- I have to correct you. His nickname is “lil juicy”

    • kats2 says:

      The two things I keep going back to –

      1. All of the very early internet comments (even before the first episode aired) on all of these people. Financial Issues, Mob Stuff, Women on the side, etc. . .This was all called out very early.

      2. Danielle spent enough time with Jacqueline while Jacqueline was not getting along with Caroline and Dina to find out information she can use. Danielle also dated Joe’s friend and I’m sure he had some interesting stories to share about Joe and Teresa.

      Danielle knows things and they need to keep her from talking. I think anything Danielle said to Chewy would have been recieved with the same response back.

  20. Rabble Rouser says:

    Thanks for the new blog- the other one was getting kind of hairy. Sometimes our group only needs a fresh page to start off back on a friendly note 🙂

  21. skinnygirl2b says:

    Lynn, I will tell you that I was so uncomfortable watching this show that it took me 3 trys to see it all. I was up trying to catch up. I don’t know if I want to see part II. Maybe I will just read your blog. You do an incredible job everytime and I want to thank you again. I was one of those that thought that “the nephew” was referring to a child Joe had with her sister… LOL after tweeting this I remembered that she only has a brother. Then I thought like most that it was a child Joe had with another women that they call “the nephew.” Today you clarified it for me and make sense, she probably didn’t like her sister in law and ignored / or continues to ignore her nephew. Thank you for that. Until this morning, I liked Andy. After a few of hours sleep (I have a 6 month old) I realized my error (he was wrong allowing that to continue “the first 30 min. of taping”).

    Thank you again and again. I love the blog and I’m a everyday visitor – I just don’t comment often. I would sound like a gushing fan, I am a fan.


    • buffywood says:

      lol… I like the optimism is your user name. Mine would be more like skinnygirlonce

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Joe’s children regardless of who their mother may be, are a “nephew” to his brother and sister-in-law…….. It really looked like Teresa had a moment of clarity and realized which “nephew” Danielle was really talking about. And that would have taken the whole big happy family fantasy down.

    • twoile says:


  22. MickeyMouth says:

    I keep wanting to find someone to like in this series and it just isn’t going to happen. Let’s wrap up this series quick and move on to the next train wreck!

  23. Marcy says:

    I not related to Danielle or have any inside information. But I was in Middle school and high school once upon a time and kids can be cruel, particularly girls.

    • Sha2000 says:

      I agree. Yes they can. Stories from school often make it home to the moms.

    • lori024 says:

      Marcy, I could not agree with you more. Danielle’s disregard for the effect her RECENT actions have on her children infuriates me! I believe her craving for the spotlight surpasses any love and empathy she may have for those girls. Whether or not the girls love and or approve of her behavior, she is their MOTHER, and it must be incredibly painful to whether the media storm about this woman’s questionable integrity.

      I also agree with the poster who said that this media storm about the Giudices will also have an impact on their oldest child in school. Putting the state of the economy aside, it seems to clear to any reasonable adult that the Giudices spending was not done with the long-term security of their children in mind. How can they believe that the stress and tension they are feeling as a result of their money mismanagement is not impacting all of the children?

      In my opinion, while I watch these shows, I’m not sure that it is ever a good idea to be a cast member, unless you have not had children and are trying to promote your company…i.e. Bethany.

  24. Had Enough! says:

    Even Lawson was defeated by Reunion, Part I:


    It was just all too grim.

  25. Had Enough! says:

    A few blogs back someone asked about Brazilian keratin treatments. I just had my second and I have to tell you: MIRACLE. I have had bad hair all my life and I’d given up. You (of a certain age) know the drill – iron it, roll it on beer cans, wrap it around your head, spend a small fortune on products that never work (except Living Proof – it really did make a big difference). Going to the dentist – without novicaine – was less painful for me than going to the hair salon. Then I find this new salon where the woman who cut my hair was an absolute genius. She talked me into trying the Brazilian keratin, which I did the following week. My hair looked and felt fantastic. It lasted four months and I just had it re-done today. Expensive but worth every penny. It takes about 3 hours and at first your hair seems too straight. You can’t wash it or tie it back for three days. After you wash it, the body comes back but NO FRIZZ. Just sleek, shiny, light hair that moves beautifully. Someone once tried to talk me into the Japanese, but I saw the results on someone else – stick straight. Not for me.

    • kats2 says:

      That was me! Thank you for the follow up. Can you share the costs and how long it last? Also where you had it done?

      Thank you!!!!

      • Had Enough! says:

        With tip – $500 ($80 for the girl who did the 3 hrs of work and $20 for the shampoo lady who honest to god gives shampoos/head massages that are better than sex). I live in a major metropolitan area, so things around here are very expensive. Look for any salon that offers Coppola Keratin Complex.

      • Dani says:

        Could you explain to me what this does for your hair. I have the worst hair and am constantly spending money on hair products that don’t work.

        That is why I love this blog..we discuss all kinds of great issues.

    • zoofeedingtime says:

      May I ask what you mean by “bad” hair? Is this a treatment for frizzy hair?

      • Had Enough! says:

        My hair is very thick. Underneath, it has great texture but on the top it is coarse and frizzy. When I started going gray, it got worse. It looked really awful. The keratin smooths the cuticle so it eliminates 100% of the frizz and makes your hair shiny and silky. After the first three days, you wash it and the natural body comes back but it stays shiny and silky.

        • Justanothermary says:

          I sigh because my hair is gone. For all it’s obnoxious curls, red streaks and attitude, I miss it!

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            awww… when the chemo is done it will come back, promise

          • Jenni says:

            Wishing you all the best! Hope you are doing well…

          • kats2 says:

            From my own experience there is a good chance it will come back better than it was before.

            • MAMAZ says:

              One More – It will grow back. And then you can treat yourself to a Brazilian blow out as a reward for all you’ve gone through.
              Like Had Enough I have very coarse, curly, ok NAPPY hair! The keratin treatment leaves some soft curl in mine but no frizzies at all. It is very pricy but I don’t know how I ever lived without it before.

              • cdnfillie58 says:

                LMAO..everytime you guys talk about the Brazilian Blowout, I get a VERY different visual 😛

          • boston02127 says:

            @Justanothermary ♥

            • MAMAZ says:

              Oops, JustAnotherMary, not One More.
              Sorry about that, tough day.

              • vilzvet says:

                To keep this on topic, I think Jacqueline had this treatment done. Didn’t her hair look pin straight last night? I believe she tweeted about it…

        • I believe jacquie had one done between the season and the reunion. I think the difference was was noticeable. I have seen my own stylist do it with better results (better hair to work with) and it was amazing. It took time. And because of the time was expensive. I didn’t chech cost because it didn’t apply to me.

          Your chemo hair will come beautiful probably with curls. My best friend used brag that it was a $150,000 perm! Hugs!!! You are a warrior!

    • kats2 says:

      I have to say Teresa’s blog makes sense.

      • NYCer says:

        Teresa and Jacqueline are contradicting each other on the nephew story. Jac on twitter said T wasn’t there the night of the birth; t says in blog that she was. Weird

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          I thought the same thing. Didn’t Jac say that T was in California so she couldn’t be at the hospital? Also, one thing that bothered me…Teresa needed to be held back. She says something like she hates being held back. Why? How many times has she been held back b/c she is an animal? Just sayin! 🙂

          • kats2 says:

            Happy Hour yet?

          • Jennifer says:

            I think Teresa and Jacqueline’s blog don’t match because Jacqueline has no idea about the love child- I think Caroline and Jacqueline actually thought D was talking about a nephew and Teresa knew she wasn’t so her back story to cover up isn’t true

            also if it is true why would such a simple reference make someone so mad? I am perplexed by this- that’s why I still think Teresa purposefully choose her freakout moment to gain more attention- hell the table flip in S1 got her a book, wonder what this will get her ( oh please let the answer be thrown in jail)

            Also if D walks off and quits after next part it just proves the BS to reports she was fired because this was filmed before those came out- I think someone in NJ took a page from JZ’s publicity book

          • Raquel Papel says:

            True, in my lifetime, I don’t think I have ever been held back from someone…and I have been through some things in my life…I also have never called anyone else garbage or a clown

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I hate reading Teresa’s blogs because I just can stomach the comments on them.

      While I get get that their is a segment of the population who might delight in antics, I just don’t get the glowing adoration. e.g. She is an inspiration? Huh……really?

      While I can see the pause then the berserk shrieking as a relation that Danielle was digging around for info on her, it certainly wasn’t worthy of that caliber of insanity. They gossip and try to gather info about Danielle (as much as Caroline likes to protest the name Danielle passes her lips way too much for her to be completely disinterested. I think she in a sad way kind of relishes the problems the others feel Danielle causes because it keeps them running back to Mama Caroline to pull on her apron strings and tell what the mean girl a few counties over is doing) and Danielle gossips and tries to get info on them.

    • zoofeedingtime says:

      Good for her! And for me ’cause now I don’t have to watch RHWNY!

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I’m glad that she isn’t coming back to RHONY on a full-time basis because I’m not interested in another season of Bethenny versus Jill. She should concentrate on BGM, which has become my favorite show on Bravo. I didn’t realize that she was contractually bound to make appearances on RHONY next season. I get the feeling she doesn’t want to come back at all but she has to come back part-time because of contractual obligations.

      “Though a Bravo insider reveals that Frankel is contractually bound to make a few appearances on RHONY next season, the network is still hoping that she’ll come back full-time.”

  26. buffywood says:

    The title is Go Big or Go Home. I simply replied “GO HOME. Plus, you should enjoy it while you can”.

    • vilzvet says:

      Hah! Too bad that comment will never see the light of day unfortunately.

    • AlsoinChicago says:

      My comment was

      Go big or go home? Since you can no longer afford to go big, here’s hoping you can hold on to your house so that you CAN go home!

  27. buffywood says:

    Wish list from last night…

    When Andy quoted the NYPost in referring to T’s credit card debts she said “You can’t believe everything you read”. I wish Andy replied “Well actually I am quoting the official bankruptcy filing you signed your name to swearing it was true and accurate. Based on the state’s settlement attorney’s accusations of fraud against you and your husband, I guess you are right… I can’t believe everything I read.”

    • vilzvet says:

      You’re wishing for the moon and the stars!

    • This question was as set up for effect as everything else about the Reunion show. Andy didn’t want a real answer so therefore he didn’t ask the obvious question. Instead of referencing the actual court document that Teresa signed (the primary source), he referenced a news report.

  28. Wendy says:

    Does Tamra from RHOC use twitter? If so, can someone ask her if she was at the dinner with these losers the night of Joe’s accident? I have no clue how to use twitter…I’m so stuck in 1979.

    • nancy says:

      Wendy I don’t twitter either but on one of Andy’s shows he had Tamra on and she said she had been out to dinner with them on the night of Joe’s accident.

  29. Sigh.... says:

    I feel very ripped of by NJ.

    Where are the yachts, boats, summer homes, charity events, galas, parties, and really where is the FUN!! It’s Jerry Springer on steroids. I hate them all on that show, including Andy.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      be nice we get big fugly cars and lots of scenery shots! oh and kitchens, we get fabulous kitchens! oh and shopping in strip mall stores!

  30. kats2 says:

    I can’t believe that the big shock in part 2 is Danielle quitting. How is that a big deal and so shocking? All of these women should quit.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Maybe Caroline is? The announcement about Danielle came well after the taping…could be someone else.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I was thinking it had to do with Ashley because of her tweet about being pissed at her mom…..

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I wonder if she said she doesn’t want Ashley on the show anymore.

          Poor Ashley, she might have to run out and get a real job.

  31. Honey you did a beautiful job as always. How come I get all of the nuts clutching their pearls at their throats gasping in horror? Did I not say 600 times to skip over my posts if you dont dig the salty lingo? Hell at least I can spell, which not all WOMAN can. Tee Hee, Love you, BDW

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Beth, honey?

      What are you talking about?

      No one is or was gasping in horror.

      No one is clutching their pearls.

      Nothing that you stated was really all that outrageous and has been said at least a million times through out this blog.

      • Quincy IL says:

        We have a number of people here with dyslexia. We have no problem with their spelling. I do have some pearls….though… I need to go into the safe and get them out and wear them again. Thanks for the reminder.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Did she say someone was clutching their nuts? Well I imagine one would gasp if they suddenly were firmly in hand.

        “Salty lingo.” Now that’s dirty. Had to pay extra for that in Antigua back in the day.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I am so sorry if anyone hurt your feelings. I guess you can dish it out, but can’t take it with a smile.

    • sarah says:

      Right…..it was the spelling that turned people off. LOL, If you spew it out, best prepare to receive it 10 fold.

      • anniieee says:

        Whatever Beth… Been reading right along… nothing said… then Boom… You have to say something derogatory? You even forgot to preface it with OT.

  32. AZ Girl says:

    Sometimes I don’t think Andy is as prepared as he should be. He does not call them on any of their BS. You would think with the question cards he has in his hands that some references would be listed with the facts.

  33. JKW says:

    I agree, Andy just creates more confusion. He doesn’t get any clarifications or answers to the questions. Why didn’t he ask about the nephew ? More about the bankruptcy and that those were court documents ? Viewers send questions to have them answered…not to hear half ass answers, evasions or everyone screaming while someone does actually try to answer. He enjoys the drama and violence and really doesn’t care if the questions are answered. I call Bullshit on Teresa and her blog. I truly think in that state she would have physically attacked Danielle. She shoved Andy out of the way. Does she really think Danielle would have sat there and let her get in her face ? First thing any normal person would do is to put out your hands to stop her…and she already stated she doesn’t like to be “pulled back”. Either that or just deck her.

  34. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks Lynn for the two parter blog. While I don’t think the reunion was supersized the blog is! It was a very disappointing reunion and sytematic bullying came to mind more than once. While I don’t like Danielle – she held her own and I wish we could have heard some of her answers without interruption from the peanut gallery. Caroline didn’t surprise me because I have never seen a bigger poser – her true colors came out and it was not the nicest of rainbows. Jacq is even boring when she is taking her insipid little licks, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Teresa should not be on this show as she is out of control and can’t even lie well enough to make me think about what she says. This show didn’t jump the shark – it killed, filleted it and left the rotting mess for all of us to smell.

  35. Had Enough! says:

    Teresa::Danielle as Trash::Garbage.

  36. Jennifer says:


    her excuse seems pretty flimsy- sorry no just mentioning a fam member which u claim to have been there for isn’t enough to get a person that pissed- I think Teresa delibratly (sp?) went for her table flip moment

    Ps…. If these ladies say everything D says is a lie then why do they get do mad? If someone was lying about me but I knew the truth I would just be confident in the knowledge I was right- might be peeved but not want to maim/scream/yell pissed ya know?

  37. Jennifer says:

    Wait… I thought Teresa said on the View the ring was fake- now it’s a yellow sapphire (never heard of that stone by th way) – so am I confused or is she lying again?

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      She was saying that the ring she was wearing THAT day was a fake. She didn’t get into the anniversary present IIRC.

      • kats2 says:

        Laura bring a shovel on your Oct trip and see what you can dig up in the backyard!!!

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          that’s not such a bad idea (but I’ll probably be arrested and go to Jail, unlike Tre and Stump)…are there any other jersey girl’s here up for a road trip in October?

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            get a metal detector…….

          • Denise says:

            Was entertaining the idea. Also would have gone to ‘gawk’ the other week if I had known T was going to be at my ‘local’ Barnes & Noble, but didn’t find out about it til the next day when the article was in the paper. However, I understand you had to have a wristband and buy a book if you wanted to get close.

      • Jennifer says:

        Thank you- this is why I like coming here, if I can’t re
        remember or get confused by their stories you ladies help out! Thanks 🙂

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          anytime…can’t tell u how many times it’s happened to me. And I have a pretty good memory but these ladies got me beat! 🙂

  38. Mookies1mom says:

    To everyone that responded to my post yesterday I want to say: Thank you! You made me feel very welcomed! I really did appreciate all of your comments, especially during the wild reunion show. I sincerely want to thank justanothermary for sharing your story. I have always had a great deal of respect for all birth mothers, including my own. I just have so much respect for someone who makes that horribly difficult choice. It just sent me over the edge when Jill made all these comments while not having any understanding of what it truly feels like to be the adoptee or birth mother. My birth mother told me that it was one of the most difficult things she has ever done. But she put my needs before her own. (Something Jill will never be able to comprehend!) I posted comments to both Jill and Stacie on Bravo and big surprise (not!) neither of them showed up. My comments to Jill were extremely, um, edited and not dripping with the true venom I would have liked. So again, thank you all for the welcome and for sharing your stories.

    • Dani says:

      I was going to ask you this yesterday and then chickened out. My 3 year old grand-daughter is adopted. My daughter is struggling with when to tell her and how to tell her. Everything that she reads says that she should tell her at an early age. Please share with me how you were told and when. My daughter is agonizing over this and it breaks my heart to watch her. I love my grand-daughter more than life it self as well as my daughter and want what is best for them.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Was your daughter present at her birth? I ask because I was present at my youngest son’s birth and he loves the story of how he was born and how the doctor put him in my arms and I brought him to his birthmom and said thank you for the greatest gift one person could give another. He loves all the details and I have always said how brave his birthmom was and she is my hero. Most of all telling him that I couldn’t love him more than my natural son and that he is and always will be loved and he knows he can ask questions whenever he wants to about adoption.
        Three is a good time to start telling this story. It was a little rocky in kindergarten and until other kids understood what adoption is. And he also had a period of what if my birthmom comes back to get me (which I reassured him I would never let happen). He knows our family would not be our family without him! Today he is happy, confident and has no qualms about saying he is adopted and hopes that one day he can adopt too!

        • kats2 says:

          WCW this is going to make me cry!

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          So sweet.

          I watch Teen mom and their is a young couple on that show that decided to give their baby up for adoption. Even through they are relatively nice kids, their home lifes are chaotic because their parents suffer from addiction and are financially ill equipped.

          While they still struggle with their choice because they obviously miss her and sometimes feel guilt- it’s easy to reaffirm that they made the right choice.

          Because the adoption was semi open, they still get to see pictures of their daughter- and how much she is growing and flourishing under the stable love and care of her new parents.

      • Di says:

        Hi Dani,
        I know this wasn’t addressed to me, but please allow me to respond as I was adopted and I would recommend she tell her right away. Tell her not to be afraid, this will be a special bonding story for them. Both my brother and I always knew we were adopted–chosen. I have a friend who found out as an adult because her mom never found the right time to tell her and it was devastating to them both, they no longer have a relationship.

        It was explained to my bro and I very young. I don’t remember a time not knowing. We were told our parents couldn’t physically have their own kids so they asked God (but no need to bring in God if that doesn’t work for your family) for the gift of children and adopted us from families who could physically have children but couldn’t take care of them for whatever reason. When I asked why, they told me they didn’t know that info but they knew we were loved by them because our birth families made us just for them so we could all be a family. They told us about how old we were when they got to pick us up from the adoption agency, how excited they were, etc. It made us feel really special.

        I hope this helps!

        • Di says:

          Btw, if your daughter wants to know a good way to bring the subject up, my mom and dad and I would discuss it when we looked at my photo album and baby book. They would show me my first pictures of when they picked me up and tell me the story of how happy they all were and how long they all waited, etc.

        • Dani says:

          Thank you both so very much for sharing your stories with me. My daughter was not present at her birth and let me explain the reason why. The first daugter they adopted after 30 days of having her the birth mother changed her mind and our beautiful little girl was taken back. Writing this brings tears and sad memories. We prayed and 8 months later we got the wonderful news that my daughter and son-in-law had been chosen again. Hope was placed in a foster home for the first two months until they went to court and the adoption was finalized. I am sure one of the reasons for this was because the agency did not want us to go through what we had gone through before. The first time was a devasting experience. My daughter agreed that the birth mother would see Hope each year on her birthday which she has. Hope of course has been to young to understand. My daughter has a hard time before the meeting. She is so appreciative for the birth mother and I think her anxiety with meeting with her is because she has not told Hope.

          • Dani says:

            My daughter bought a childrens book about adoption it was about a mother bird that had to many birds in her nest and gave one of the little birds to a mother bird that could not have babies. She read it to Hope when she was about two and Hope was upset because the baby bird was not with the other babies in the nest. So my daughter hasn’t really done anything since, but worry about how to discuss it with her.

            • Di says:

              Yikes! I don’t like that story either!

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              Thank You for sharing this.

              I wish I had some personal experience to share with you on this issue but I hope that you can find the right way to share the news.

          • Di says:

            Of course Dani, If your daughter has the strength to just tell her her story, they will be even closer. Mom and Dad are the ones who raise you, are there for you and love you day in and day out. Birth mom is the great lady who helped bring you to them because they couldn’t physically have you. Just tell her that and she’ll understand.

            • Dani says:

              Thank you I will share this with my daughter and thank you so much for sharing your stories with me. I can not tell you how much we love this little girl. My daughter is an only child and she was married 14 years before they got Hope. I thank God each and every day that he has blessed our family.

            • Di says:

              sorry, just thought of one more thing. don’t be afraid of the questions you can’ t answer. if you don’t know why her birth mom couldn’t take care of her then you don’t know, and you tell her that. you explain she was meant for your daughter’s family so that’s where she ended up.

              • Dani says:

                Thank you this is great advice and I appreciate your help.

              • twoile says:

                Just a lovely note this reminds me of a family friend who adopted & subsequently became pregnant….when thoughtless people would inquire as to which child was the adopted one ..her reply was always “I forget” !!!!!!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Unless your comments are some weirdo praise for Teresa don’t expect them to be posted. I saw one woman on twitter than names her baby after one of her kids.

  39. Mookies1mom says:

    Oh, I forgot my take on last night. I think I need to re-watch it before I comment directly. What can I say, I was still seeing red! But I’ve read all the comments so far and agree with so much that has been said.

  40. PJ says:

    You managed to write everything I thought. This reunion show was simply about ganging up on Danielle. This gang of three (Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresa) are self righteous and holier than thou. Teresa made a complete idiot of herself, but that is nothing new. Jacqueline harped on what happened 25 years ago, that’s nothing new either. Caroline demanded answers from Danielle that she then made it impossible for Danielle to answer by talking over her. Danielle acted with class and she was the only one to do so. These women sit in judgement of Danielle and accuse her of things that they do themselves. How dare she (Danielle) get involved with or comment on their family or lives or things that are none of her business, when clearly they are involved with the very same things regarding her. These women are such hypocrites. Still I do not see one real thing that Danielle has done to them but there is plenty that they have done to her. I’m not saying I’m even a fan of Danielle but I have to say she came off way better than the gang of three did. I especially think Teresa is a real nut job and I don’t believe for one second that only Danielle brings this out in her. Wait till they don’t have Danielle to kick around anymore and see what happens to their friendship. Why did Bravo allow this to go on? I honestly don’t understand, it seems wrong to me.

    • MBDEA says:

      ITA! ITA! I am now to the point where I would love…no…relish seeing all this Jersey chemical garbage trashed from the show.

      Better yet, a less appalling image than the reunion show would be to see them writhe and foam up like slugsin salt if they got canned from the show and replaced by an all new cast –all except Danielle because clearly she has been the main focus (and obsession of those 3 Shakespearean stregas) of the show.

      PS …and would equally enjoy knowing Bravo Heisman-trophied the busted tired Kims’.

  41. OneMoreinBoston says:


  42. OneMoreinBoston says:

    Oh, that Prostitution Whore really did it this time! Shiz is getting REAL!

    For those of you who live under a rock, the first portion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s much anticipated reunion episode aired last night, and from the first 30 seconds on it was pretty much a shit storm of Danielle Staub denying that she said things six seconds after she said them, crazy coke fucking whore delusions, and our personal hero Caroline Manzo keeping it real (and FIERCE) without losing an ounce of class!

    However, what’s gotten everyone talking is something that happened relatively early on involving our favorite loose cannon, Teresa Giudice!

    What started off as a mildly bitchy cat fight between Danielle and Jacqueline Laurita over Jafar not congratulating her former friend over the birth of her son turned borderline INSANE when the Prostitution Whore set her sights on Teresa, and this little gem of malice and instability slithered out of her lips:

    “Did you acknowledge your nephew? Did you?”

    That shiz sent gurlfriend OFF THE WALL and into a serious rage blackout, but before it could get physical, host Andy Cohen pulled the plug!

    Everything had to be halted.

    Teresa cooled her cooter, Andy Cohen changed out of his soiled pants, Caroline rolled her eyes, poor, sweet Jacqueline wondered what her life would have been like if she never left Las Vegas, Danielle pretended to be a lesbian and did some ridiculous mantra backstage for attention, and the show moved along without acknowledging the situation further.


    Everyone is now wondering what the eff kind of crazy Miz Jafar was talking about, so we put our sleuthing hats on and get investigating!

    There have been MANY rumblings in the Housewives’ town that Teresa’s bankrupt husband, Joe Giudice, has been seeing a lady on the side, and may have even fathered a child with her!

    The woman, who is only known thus far as Tara G., apparently lives in a condo, is supported by Joe and openly displays photos of the two together.

    All of this was uncovered by the evil Prostitution Whore, who allegedly used the Private Investigator she pretended to employ on the show to locate her birth mother – whom we’re still PRAYING, in a brilliant twist by BRAVO, is actually her nightmarish frenemy Kim G. – to ACTUALLY dig up dirt on the Manzos, the Giudices, and Laurita!

    Out. Of. Control.

    Of course, this could be another crazy, out of control fantasy that trickled out of whatever is left of Danielle’s unstable, drug and STD addled brain, but either way, we could certainly understand why Teresa lost it the way she did – especially if it’s being falsely spread all over their town!


    We knew that Coke Fucking Whore would go out with a bang! We LOVE it!

    Certainly makes for interesting television!

    But at the end of the day, we’re thrilled this psychopath will be off the show! She clearly has no conscience or empathy for anyone or anything beyond what services her immediate needs!

    Bitch needs to be locked up! ASAP!

    Thoughts?? What do U think actually went down??
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    Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

  43. Tara F says:

    All of the women were disgusting – Danielle’s smug little “victim” act is infuriating, Caroline’s self-righteous indignation is unfounded, Teresa’s judgmental potty-mouth is classless, and Jaqueline can’t seem to command any attention worthy of acknowledgment.

    But for you to trash the three of them, and NOT Danielle?!?! Were you watching the same show as I was? For Danielle to sit there and talk about how she can’t imagine how her having a sex tape would POSSIBLY affect her children, or that her children don’t watch the show but were DEEPLY hurt by Caroline’s comment (that there’s NO way they could have possibly known about without watching the show), or that she had no ability to stop the sex tape from being distributed (when legally, she HAS to give the okay and HAS to be receiving payment – gotta pay those legal fees, right?), or that she’s full of “love and light” makes me NAUSEOUS. Her fake-lesbian, sad-ass singing career, and constant need to travel with an armed entourage makes her pathetic to me.

    Don’t hate on the other women for call this bitch out, from her interactions with the Kim’s it is apparent that she doesn’t allow anyone to call her out on any of her actions — she runs away. Danielle’s a coward. And it’s sad that she has two kids – if you’ve read anything from kids in that school, Christine is a total witch and had to beg people to come to her Sweet 16 party.

    No one’s perfect.

    The only “Team” to be on in this drama is “Team Andy” — just because he allows the drama to happen (which, HELLO, he’s a network exec and is going to benefit from it) doesn’t make him unworthy of respect.

    I don’t think this blog’s for me anymore…

    • jezzibel says:

      I’m sorry to see you go, but before you leave…you are entitled to state your opinion here..even if it does’nt coincide with Lynn’s. Thats the beauty of this board, you are free to state your opinion of what you think happened without fear of reprisal.
      No two opinions are exactly alike.

      • MAMAZ says:

        You are free to voice your opinion here but I’m curious as to why you would make that remark about Christine. She has behaved like a young lady on the show. Better than most of the adults.

        • floridagirl88 says:

          I agree. Both of Danielle’s girls seem disciplined, sincere and love that old crazy mother of theirs.

  44. MAMAZ says:

    Whew. It seems like people had a really strong reaction to the reunion show.
    I tend to agree with Anitabee and Scorpiosue. I think Danielle came off every bit as bad as Jac and Caroline. NOBODY looked as bad as Teresa!
    The sex tape – If you have read anything recently about Spencer Pratt trying to sell a sex tape of his “estranged” wife you will have seen the porn industry saying that nobody will release anything anymore without signatures from everyone on the video. Danielle was an active participant in the release of that tape. And has since bragged about how well it’s selling. I also agree that if she could hire a lawyer to have a gag order issued against Dina she could have hired a lawyer to sue the company who was supposedly releasing a tape against her will. The deep pockets of the porn industry would have been more than enough for a lawyer to take it on for a cut of any settlement.
    Her kids hearing talk about the tapes/her behavior – She really danced around this one. First they were in a protective bubble but then Carolines words hurt them. Danielle uses her kids. Remember how upset she claimed Christine was to hear she was looking for her birth mother. She didn’t appear in the least upset and we were supposed to be seeing her reaction as it happened.

    Still Caroline had no business bringing up Danielles kids at all. She, Teresa and Jac all think it’s ok to say whatever the want about Danielle but she can’t talk about Dina, Teresa’s family. WTH? I wouldn’t play by those rules either. And as for saying she had an affair with Danny P what are they basing that on? I agree with Lynn that there was no chemistry there. Marriages break up all the time. Danielle isn’t responsible for all of them. Danny P wants to be a TV star just like he wanted to be a movie star. That was the reason he agreed to play enforcer for Danielle on RHONJ. Too bad he looked like such a wimp doing it. His wife probably left him out of embarrassment.

    There isn’t one decent person on this show. Personally I think they deserve each other!

    • kats2 says:

      I get a kick out of the varying degrees of trash and how one type of trash is better than another type of trash. It’s all trash, it’s all the same. You’re right they totally deserve each other.

      There are moments when I wonder if the joke is on us. Yeah they might not like each other but they all know if they play it up and create the drama it will bring them fame. The strong desire for fame is just another things they have in common.

  45. kats2 says:

    I wonder how pissed Ashley was that Kim G was on the reunion show but she was not? I bet that was not a pretty scene.

  46. boston02127 says:

    @Beth Donahue-Weedman —-I wasn’t “holding my perils”. I chose not to post anything on your blog due to the face that I find you offensive. Much like I do Teresa Guidice. I didn’t appreciate your last blog either. Many of us don’t appreciate that you use the word “retard” or the “C” word. I won’t try to explain because I know from your last comments that you don’t give a crap and try to intimidate others who don’t find you funny.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m 18 and appreciate a good joke, love a good snark and was born and raised in Southie where swearing pretty much comes before the English language. We have a choice in life and mine is not to offend and hurt others early on in life and not wait until I’m in my mid forties and realize people can’t stand me due to plain ignorance.


    • Di says:

      great post.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      If I were a man, I would move to Boston, woo you and make you my wife, Boston! If my son was still with us I would drive him to you and arrange the wedding! I swear it!

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Well said Boston – I was thinking the same thing but you put it so eloquently, I’m just going to say:

      “Ditto” Oh, and I’m in my 40’s and I’ve heard it all. What is more offensive is when someone says something knowing you are repulsed by it. As with my son, I don’t reward bad behavior.

    • kats2 says:

      @Boston you are wise beyond your years. Your intelligence and adorable personality comes through all the time. Once again your Mom would be proud!!! (I hope that doesn’t sound condescending, I’m not that old but yeah I guess old enough to be a Mom, if I had you at a very very very early age)

    • boston02127 says:

      @correction —fact not face

    • sarah says:

      “@Beth Donahue-Weedman —-I wasn’t “holding my perils”. I chose not to post anything on your blog due to the face that I find you offensive. Much like I do Teresa Guidice. I didn’t appreciate your last blog either. Many of us don’t appreciate that you use the word “retard” or the “C” word. I won’t try to explain because I know from your last comments that you don’t give a crap and try to intimidate others who don’t find you funny.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m 18 and appreciate a good joke, love a good snark and was born and raised in Southie where swearing pretty much comes before the English language. We have a choice in life and mine is not to offend and hurt others early on in life and not wait until I’m in my mid forties and realize people can’t stand me due to plain ignorance.”

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Primarily on 2 points.

      1. Intimidation of others who do not agree.

      2. The mid-forties assesment. You’d think that someone who went through what she has been through would be less judgemental. I hate to say this but relapse is certainly more likely due to the fact that she has displayed time and time that she learned nothing about forgiveness, respect, or self control. You can’t make your demons go away Beth by ragging on others so viciously. That to me shows an underlying personal problem that can be helped by talking to your counselor and finding the root to all of the bitterness. Especially towards people with a different point of view.

    • Char212 says:

      Boston, you are wise beyond your years and I’m proud to know you!

      • anniieee says:

        I love you Boston!! What an amazing young lady you are. Your family must be so proud of you. I teach High School and try to get them to be compassionate, empathetic and realize that we are one race..The Human Race. We need to support each other, instead of tearing each other down.. YOU understand that. It is their time to make the difference, my generation has helped some and messed up more. That was eloquent and wonderful. I would never have thought you were only 18–you are wise beyond your years and I, too, am proud to know you. Thank you for saying what I wanted to say…so nicely- I was about to shame myself. 🙂

        • anniieee says:

          Sara–missed your name. Excellent comments and very well said. It was rattling around my brain..but I could only get out ew ew ew ew.. Thanks!!

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Boston, the inclusion of http://www.r-word.org/ was perfect. I admire you.

  47. iceNfire says:

    Hello Everyone – would love to comment but I see that I have a lot of reading to do 1st.

    Good Job Lynn

  48. Wall St Lady says:

    I left the 2nd comment on Teressa’s blog (I hope it posts)

    I hope one day when someone tries to keep u From stepping infront of a car u don’t behave as u did w/ Andy.

  49. boston02127 says:

    Mack truck Manzo must be proud of her self righteous self. Her tweet—

    Bravo Scores Best August Ever With Double Digit Increase In Total Viewers


  50. Furalis says:

    From the previous blog with comments.

    Third post and scared:

    I agree with Donahue-Weedman.

    Skip her posts. I didn’t realize she would be so crude – never read her prior to today. I assumed Lynn’s host bloggers would be based on her audience, but I am wrong. This is her blog and she has every right to post who she wants to do a guest blog. We all came together in a diverse atmosphere and we need to see it through and make our own choices whether to read and contribute.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I think variety is the spice of life. Her blog doesn’t bother me. I read it. I don’t care that she insults people. This is her form of humor. There is a place for it here too. She breaks one of Lynn’s golden rules to live by in the land of this blog. She insults the posters. It’s like having Kathy Griffin here. We are the celebrity targets of the comedian. LOL…. I think Lynn Hudson is trying to enrich our experiences and make us better people. LOL.

      I am so old that when I was dating that old man who is the grandfather to my granddaughter, we used to go to Second City. The people on the stage were John Beluchi, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd and Ted Danson. I, being a bubbly young college student told the waiter that my last name was Chase. When that show started the waiter, Chevy Chase, dragged me into the improve show as his sister. Best night of my life. LOL… I love comedians, especially when they are funny.

      • Waslurking says:

        @ Quincy, all I’m gonna say is that I concur as I don’t want to get bum rushed. I like all types of humor but to each there own.

  51. iceNfire says:

    Okay, a quick overview of comments ( hope I didn’t miss this ) does anyone wonder why the 3 shrews get so worked up?

    If there is no truth, no reason to care right?

    *I need to be excused from all grammar and spelling for awhile. I’m coming off of BB feeds.

    • boston02127 says:

      @iceNfire–Nice to see you back. Sorry I made such a mess on your last blog.
      Who do you hope wins on BB?

      • kats2 says:

        @Boston I will give you my take and but in here on BB (I’ve been hoping there would be blogs on BB here but it didn’t work out, so sorry to interrupt). I was hoping Ragan and Brittney would wake up and get rid of the guys but I think Hayden is going to win this one.

  52. Smompy says:

    From Teresa’s blog:

    “When we were talking about Danielle not even acknowledging the birth of Jacqueline’s new baby Nicholas – which is part of the show – Danielle jumped in and accused me of not acknowledging my own new nephew. Did you see my face, how confused I was? At first, I had no idea what she was talking about because I WAS there and my 90,000 Twitter followers were kind of at the hospital with me that day too. But then I realized what she was saying – that she had been digging around my extended family and trying to find dirt on me and defame them. And I just had it. I will not stand for that (or sit still anyway).”

    OK, does anyone else get what she’s saying here? Because I don’t. When Danielle questtioned Teresa’s supposed failure to acknowledge her own nephew, Teresa suddenly realized that what Danielle really meant was that she had been digging up dirt (on Teresa) and defaming her extended fambly members??? What does the one thing have to do with the other and why would Danielle’s mentioning the nephew cause Teresa to believe that she actually meant something other than, well, “nephew”??? Teresa couldn’t possibly have been pissed off solely because Danielle dared to mention something which happened OFF the show being that Teresa talks about things that happen with Danielle OFF the show all the time…almost CONSTANTLY.

    I wouldn’t really expect anything Terresa writes to make a lot of sense, but I noticed that one or two commenters have said that after reading this explanation from Teresa, they now understand why she flew into that rage….that it was justifiable. But I still don’t get it. Is it just me?

    • kk says:

      mad–sure. Homicidal rage–NO

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      don’t feel alone – watching Teresa’s behavior, reading Teresa’s blog (Jacq’s blog has a different explanation……) and still no closer to the truth. We don’t know now and probably won’t know why Teresa went ballistic. Maybe she just isn’t as fabulous as she thinks she is and her family has no problem saying so and she knows that! Judging by the way her parents are treated – I doubt she has a big, wonderfully loving extended family……which is why she is always with Jacq and Caroline.

    • Waslurking says:

      No, you are not alone. I’d take the contradictions apart sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph if I was a words smith or even a good writer but I’m not so …..

    • PJ says:

      Is it posible that Teresa did it just to bring drama and keep herself on the show? I wouldn’t put anything past her.

  53. TLM says:

    First I have a technical question…every time I come to the blog page, May 8th’s entry pops up. Is there a URL to bookmark where the blog will just show the latest entry??

    Ok, to Round 1 of the insanity known as the Real Housewives.

    Teresa is flat-out, stone crazy. She obviously came with an agenda and was ready to fight out of the gate. Who the F takes a question about Jersey Shore and turns it into a zinger against Danielle?? These were just preliminary questions, the equivalent of small talk from Andy. Ironically, I think Teresa and Joe remind me the most of the Jersey Shore kids. I always think that’s what the Jersey Shore kids will be in another 10-15 years. The Situation will be in a tacky giant house in north Jersey, will have blown through his vodka endorsment money, and also gained weight so he can’t do any more endorsments. He’ll be subsisting on appearance fees from The Hair Club for Men and Joe Giudice’s pizza shop.

    I had previously suggested Bravo have a Steve Wilkos on set to handle Teresa, but I have changed my mind. They should have Jim Fowler of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom on set with a blowdart in his mouth, seated behind Teresa so that he can shoot her with a sedative in seconds if needed. I thought Kelly was the most nuts we could ever see on Housewives, but I hadn’t yet seen Exorcist Teresa. The animal growls and grunts, the Rain Man-esque repetition of, “She is…she is…she is” while two people tried to restrain her, and all the shrieking and name calling, all because Danielle said, “Did you acknowledge your nephew?” Huh? Why wouldn’t she just have said, “Of course I did,” and left it at that, even if Danielle was telling the truth? It really wasn’t something anyone was going to pursue. I used to think Danielle was a danger to people, but now I really think Teresa is more of a threat to anyone she doesn’t like.

    This does not mean I like Danielle in any way. In all of her “confessional” interviews, I think she has always been melodramatic and gratingly sarcarstic, always portraying herself as the victim in every situation. Maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. But I lost any possible sympathy for her when she started dragging Danny P (aka the Sweathog/Mr. Kotter/whatever he is — good one Caroline!) around with her like she required armed guards whereever she went.

    I disagree with Lynn that Danielle did nothing to Caroline. She made such a scene at the Brownstone that it could have threatened her family’s business and livelihood. D said hello to her son and made it clear that in her mind, it was a “psychological F-U” to him. She stood by while Danny called him the f-word. Caroline was right — her son acted pleasant and was nothing but a gentleman. Her husband and staff went out of their way to make Danielle happy and meet all her demands, and she still wasn’t happy. She came there to make a scene, she came there not with “love and light”, but with anger and revenge on her mind. And as always, she has shown she has delusions of grandeur, like that the Manzos “can never have the kind of love she feels when walking into a room.” The Manzos run a private facility, and they had every right to ban Danielle from there for security reasons (much like the Wayne Country Club has banned the RH), but they did not. To the contrary, they instructed their staff that she was to be treated like any other guest. But Danielle did not want to have a calm evening. She would not have been happy unless she left in a huff. I believe Danielle is conditioned to seek drama, and she cannot live without it. It has become a way of life for her — if things are going too well, she has to stir the pot. I really think she needs psychological help to deal with her anger. She may not be violent like Teresa, but she has daggers coming out all over whenever she speaks. A normal person doesn’t flip out like she did because someone at the front desk of a clothing store asked her to wait a moment and told her the owner wasn’t there at that second.

    As to Andy — Lynn, he probably sent her a muffin basket for that shove on the reunion!! Andy knows it’s ratings gold. I’m not saying he necessarily wants violence, but he wants a show, especially for the reunion, and Teresa delivers the fireworks like no one else.

    Ding!! Onto Round 2!!!!

    • vilzvet says:

      Me too, May 8th always pops up first…don’t know how to fix that. But that was the awesome blog about Bryn and how Jill falsely scooped it so I like to read it over sometimes. As for Teresa’s response to that nephew comment, I still can’t get over that…don’t tell me she hasn’t acted out like that in her own home when those spoiled brats act out. Her mouth was disgusting, she was spitting all over the place, yuck, and she did not care who witnessed it.

  54. KellitaM says:

    Great recaps! I enjoy reading all the comments, as always. I don’t post much, but love visiting.
    I felt sick to my stomach watching the reunion, and felt like I needed a shower.
    Danielle, IMHO, showed great composure under so much attack. I really admired that. I thought her tears back stage were genuine; that she was really, really upset, but able to pull herself back together and finish taping. I have always hated the 4-5 vs. 1 thing, and the betrayal by her friends. I know she is no saint and I realize that there is a backstory we’re not hearing about, but I’m Team Danielle because the “game” has always been so unfair. I have a heart for the underdog.
    I’m not even going to comment on Teresa’s deplorable behavior, other than to say that I’d call it abusive, and I think she crossed the line several times.
    Caroline needs to learn to resolve conflict without resorting to immature name-calling and cutting the other person off. She comes across as such a nasty, domineering bully!
    The only thing I could think about after the show was, “I wonder if they are mortified when they see this aired?” I’m guessing they’re too self-absorbed to be.
    That’s my Two Cents. I’m off to my book club! Have a good evening.:)

    • kk says:

      I think the 4-5 against 1 mentality is why Danielle has to fight behind the scenes either legally or however. Physically, she can’t beat them she’s out numbered. She has to out think them.

      I think Danielle would have fought Dina alone, but either the table flip put T on Dina’s side or Dina did some maneuvering to get monster T the fighter on her side.

      What was Dina’s original beef with Danielle in season 1 to have Caroline investigate Danielle and bring up the book. Who investigates their co-workers.

      What is the original deal that started this all. it’s crazy.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Caroline said something during the first season about checking out anyone who will be close to her family. Interesting way to start a friendship and it is surprising that the CTJ crew was shocked and outraged that Danielle had them checked out in return. Tit for tat. Guessing their secrets are bigger than Danielle’s and they were worried about what she would do with them. Silly me – I wouldn’t put pissing that person off on the list of options!

        • KellitaM says:

          Caroline is incredibly co-dependent. Who has friends of their family investigated?? The Manzos have a very unhealthy enmeshed family system, imho. Personally, I don’t even know most of my adult brothers’ friends, and I sure wouldn’t have them investigated! Oy. Crazy sauce.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            If my father-in-law was found naked, hogtied, and shot through the back of the head in the trunk of his car, and my husband and father of my children took over said father-in-law’s business and employed my family and extended family, I possibly would employ the services of a private detective.

            Whether you’re a fan of Caroline or not (and I’m not) I think we can all agree she has had violent crime affect her family.

            I gave her a pass. I’ve seen violent crime tear families apart, and I think she’s trying to control her little world as much as possible.

            Who knows…I might do the same.

  55. kats2 says:

    I thought these tweets from Dina during the show were very telling and makes me still wonder what was Caroline crying about at last years reunion? According Dina she never had to fight for her daughter, which I assume means there was never a chance that her daughter would EVER be taken away from her (when you think about it that is absurd). So still no answers.

    Read from bottom up. She might just be the sane one in this group.

    “This show is absurd Bullshit and I am so glad I left. THE END
    about 21 hours ago via web”

    “Reply Retweet . Really just wish they would ALL leave my daughter out of this. I asked them to NOT bring her up at all. Not cool about 21 hours ago via web”

    “Reply Retweet . just to be clear ~I NEVER HAD TO FIGHT FOR MY DAUGHTER…EVER”

  56. TLM says:

    I also want to add that I think Danielle’s daughters have succeeded in SPITE of Danielle, and not because of her. I think these girls have been exposed to way too much that they should never be exposed to, not to mention that Danielle is every bit a stage mom looking for attention for herself. She chose to be on this show, which she should have known would have dredged up her past whether it was the Manzos or not, and in fact, it was her Wayne friends who told everyone about Danielle’s past.

    Even if she did her sex tape 3 years ago, her older daughter was 13 and the younger one what, around 6? Obviously they are being teased by other kids, who I’m sure have yelled at them that their mother is a whore and a slut. She has introduced every guy she sleeps with to her kids, and it’s been like a revolving door. She has shared adult information with them they should not be burdened with. She has constantly given mixed messages to them, being hypersexual yet telling her older daughter sex is disgusting and that it’s only something “bad girls” do. She has said she’s all about love and light, and yet they are fully aware of her anger and need to get revenge and show up these women she picks feuds with. When she “travels the word” with Christine, who is going to look after her younger daughter? I truly feel sorry for these girls.

  57. AZ Girl says:

    Teresa’s reaction to Danielle’s reference to her nephew was so extremely violent that her response on her blog is not good enough for me. Teresa knows what Danielle was referring to. Something greater than Teresa being upset that Danielle is talking to people about her family.

    • boston02127 says:

      @ AZ Girl—I agree because why didn’t Teresa strike out when Danielle said something about how her girls dress.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Teresa didn’t have near the ballistic reaction when Danielle gave her opinion on Joe’s DUI…..one would think husband trumps nephew. Or the stupid dogs wear leopard left field long foul comparing her daughters to dogs. No the nephew thing is the real deal………

  58. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:


  59. Wall St Lady says:

    Duchess I haven’t even seen noxema on the shelf since I was 14 ! I am like u I have only used regular Oil of Oley since I was 20 (nothing b4 that) I stepped it up when SP 15 was added use that for day. My best NY friend is a famous plastic surgeon & every one assumes she is responsible for my nice skin. She constantly tells me w/non surgical procedures she could do this or that & mind u for free. I would rather have a drill w/o novicane than a shot in my face. Dr. R is always saying she knows I love her cuz many of her other friend want free stuff & I run when offered a treatment.
    Now I do believe in treatments but only if I am out like a rock ! That’s a whole different topic. Mean time I want to get a Brazilian treatment.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      can you even imagine what it feels like to get a shot in your lips?! (Shudder).
      No, I am an aging German woman. It is not graceful for the women of my heritage. We all end up looking like bull dogs (with the smile lines and jowells), the nose keeps spreading and the eyes seem to shrink. My husband is stuck with me because I have given him my last thin years and soon he will have my last jowless years. I shall blow up a picture of my younger self (looked good back then, I did indeed) and post it on the headboard, LOL! But I will not put a needle in my lips. or cheeks. Priscilla Presely scared the urge right out of me.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I use Tiger Masque from Redken on my hair. I swim for over an hour a day in a salt water swimming pool so you know my hair takes a beating. You wash your hair and put a dime size drop on your hand and work it up into the hair. Then you dry with heat and I use a flat iron. My hair is really great and this is not expensive.


      I don’t do botox or fillers as my Brown Med/Harvard trained anesthesiologist daughter with plastic surgeon best friends thinks that there are new treatments on the horizon that are going to knock our wrinkles into outer space. She doesn’t want me to damage my face before the new products hit the market. I do take fish oil, use lutein which is good for your eyes and your skin, and calcium with Vitamin D.

      We have daily saunas here in summer with 110 degrees and 70 % humidity so we don’t need expensive spas. You just go for a walk and the sweat pours out cleansing your body and soul.

      This is called beauty on the cheap…. LOL

      • anniieee says:

        Can’t wait for those new treatments. Was a baby oil person and our radio station…WKKO860 am, would say every 15 minutes-time to turn so you won’t burn. Good ol Cocoa Beach… now I look like a sharpei.

  60. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    Wahoo! xoxo

  61. kats2 says:

    I might have missed this last night, did they address what Albie is doing now is Law School happening?

    • Char212 says:

      No I don’t think so. Carolyn said that it isn’t looking good for him.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        The kid needs to make up the credits that didn’t transfer. Send out his applications and wait like the rest of us mortals! It’s called a set back and how you handle them is the measure of your worth.

        • kats2 says:

          Char and WCW thank you for the response! I was never a fan of Albie’s but that is kind of sad. I think his tweet yesterday said he was in LA maybe looking for a gig in Hollywood or visiting schools???

        • Had Enough! says:

          Credits can’t transfer until you are accepted! Caroline either doesn’t know what she is talking about or she is full of shit. And no school won’t give you credit for courses you failed. Some won’t give you credit for courses for which you received a “C” or lower. Look. Albie went to law school part-time. So he took what – four courses? There isn’t much there to transfer.

  62. Mookies1mom says:

    Hi Dani,
    Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond. I think others have had great answers and I don’t have a problem answering any questions you or anyone else may have. So please don’t be afraid to ask any questions. Please just remember that I only speak for myself and my experiences. Anyone can feel free to disagree but again I am only speaking about my personal experience.

    I honestly don’t remember the first conversation about me being adopted. I have always just known. My parents kept the blanket that they brought me home in and it was my first blankie. (I still have it.) I remember my mom telling me that they got to pick me out and that I was special because of that. My mom never said anything negative about my birth mother. I was always given the impression that my birth mother couldn’t take care of me and that was why I was placed from adoption. I don’t remember if that was stated out loud or not it was just what I always remembered. She (mom) also told me that they (my parents) got to pick out the little girl they always wanted. Both of my parents had been married before and had sons. During the delivery of my mothers son there were complications that resulted in her having a complete hysterectomy. My mom always told me I could ask her any questions and not to be afraid to ask.

    WindyCityWondering makes a good point. I think those details are important because everyone usually hears the stories of their birth. But your daughter doesn’t have that to share with her daughter. So, her story is how she became part of the family. How excited they were to pick her up from the adoption agency. When I was adopted most people did kinda sweep it under the rug. But we made it a family joke. We had his, hers and somebody else’s. I know some make take offense to that but it was always with love that it was told, especially since everyone said I had my dad’s side of the family’s sense of humor. Someone once said that the joke was sick and I said “welcome to my family!’. I don’t recall ever having any fear of my birth mother coming back for me. Dani, I can’t begin to understand how painful your daughters first adoption experience could have been and my heart truly goes out to her and her/your entire family.

    Adoptions now are open or closed. Mine was closed and your daughter’s is not. If I were in the situation, I would tell her as much as she can comprehend at such a young age. That way in the future she is not hit with it and that the woman she sees every year on her birthday actually gave birth to her. I don’t have children so I can’t give you suggestions of what words to use. I’m sure she’ll have questions as she gets older and my suggestion is to have them answered as honestly as possible. Since her birth mother has contact with her she may not have as many questions as opposed to a closed adoption. Mine was closed and I didn’t have much information at all. It was frustrating to tell doctors “I don’t know my medical history”.

    I can understand your granddaughters confusion with the bird story. I don’t think I like that one either. I agree with Di, that your granddaughter ended up in the family she was supposed to be with. In my family we had another saying “the ones that go through the mud, blood and beer are your family”. (Yes, I was a piece of work during my early teens.) But the sentiment behind it holds true. The people who hold you hand and rock you when you are scared, the ones that hang in there with you during the good times and especially the bad times….that is your family. I wish you, your daughter and granddaughter all the best. If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I will answer as best I can.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bottomline – adoption is a celebration of a family.
      Everyone has a place in it and she will have questions – I don’t know could be followed with what do you think (this way you know what she is thinking about and you can help her understand). As long as she knows she is loved and she belongs she will be happy. Everyone has a story so help her find the one that makes her feel as special as she truly is!
      While I know about my son’s birth mom what she told me about his birth father is nothing I would ever tell him – it would hurt him now and forever forward. If your daughter follows her heart she will be fine.

      • Dani says:

        Thank you so much Mookieslmom, WindyCityWondering and Di your comments have been very helpful and I have printed them off and am going to share them with my daughter tomorrow at lunch. I appreciate your heartfelt answers and advice. I know that my daughter has researched on line, however, from Lynn’s blog I feel that you are all dear friends and knowing you have lived this through either being adopted or adopting it is your experience that is truly helpful. Our first experience with adoption was devastating. Now 4 years later we look back and know that Ava had the most loving home for the first month of her life that she could have ever had. Our family believes that God sent her to us to love until her birth mother could decide what was best for her. We now have Hope who is a beautiful delightful child that we all adore. Thank the three of you again for the encouraging advice and sharing your stories with me.

        • Blue Sky says:

          I did a lot of reading (how to tell your child they are adopted etc.) but the best advice I got was from a gal that I worked with. I was generally asking the ladies I worked with that I wasn’t sure how to tell my son he was adopted, and wasn’t sure about telling him. This gal told me he absolutely had to know. I asked her why, and that’s when she told us that she was adopted, has always known, and always thought of her adoptive parents as the only parents she would ever want. That did it for me, so my husband & I told our son from the time he was a baby this story: mom& dad prayed for a baby, and when God found the right baby for us, that’s when you became ours. So he was a “gift from God” and he is the reason we have a family. As he got older some of his friends had the cutest reaction, when they found out he was adopted. Two of his close friends (around the age of 5) decided that they too were adopted! Another good friend (around age 14) thought that he really was adopted, because he didn’t think he looked like either of his parents!

          Jamie Lee Curtis wrote a book about how to tell your child he’s adopted, and this book helped me. The story I told my son had more to it, filled with lots of love, and it was his favorite story when he was little. “Mom & dad were so sad because we couldn’t have a child. So we prayed every day, until one day God saw you in your birth mom’s womb. She wanted to keep you, but she couldn’t, so she asked God to find the best people in the world to raise you…” My son was born in India. We knew about him almost from the day he was born, so we have pictures of him as a baby. The happiest day of my life was meeting him when he was about 5 months old.

          Wishing you much love & happiness!

          • Dani says:


            Thank you Blue Sky for sharing your story. I am going to look for the book by Jamie Lee Curtis. You all have been so helpful and supportive. I hesitated to ask about this and I am so thankful that I did. What wonderful friends I have on this blog.

          • KellitaM says:

            My three were adopted internationally as infants. We’ve told them their story from Day One and said, “We searched the world until we found them.” Now they are beautiful, well-adjusted 19, 16 & 8yos. Adoption is such a wonderful way to form a family. I couldn’t love my children more, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

  63. boston02127 says:

    New Jersey Housewives Reunion: About A Boy

    Once you get a small amount, people give you more and more. Thanks, blogosphere and twitter friends. You know who you are.

    Remember the nephew comment that made Teresa Giudice go ballistic on part one of the New Jersey Reunion? Danielle says” Did you ever acknowledge your nephew?”

    Turns out Joe’s girlfriend Tara had a baby boy by him 6 months ago. Tara thinks Joe is about to leave Teresa, and, as you can see from my previous post, makes sure everyone knows about the baby.


    • Need a Hobby says:

      And sometimes a nephew is just a nephew…..

      Someone mentioned a long ago rumor, that T’s got a SIL who doesn’t get along with her? Mebbe the idea of D getting in with a part of her fambly doesn’t go down so well with Tre. There can be a thing about the family & nephew (sil?) and D sticking in nose in, and another thing with an alleged mistress and a baby. Not mutually exclusive

      Eh, they alla bunch of garbanzos. And I say that with a great deal of respect to this one of our esteemed and most treasured legumes. But like the garbanzos, ehhhh…they no rocket scientists if ya get my drift.

    • kats2 says:

      @Boston as usual you find the gems O. M. G.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Teresa’s life must be hell – unfortunately I have little sympathy for what she has done. What has always struck me about Joe is that he adores children.

        • kats2 says:

          I know and me too, but think about IF any of these people actually took the high road and injected some humor on this show, they would be as famous as Bethenny. I don’t get why they choose to this way on camera and just add to the bottom feeding that is done.
          I don’t get why they don’t see it.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            They think they have such serious big lives – sadly a ham game is the best they could produce in the way of humor! Oh and clowns with red hair!!

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Interesting point. Instead it’s just a big three ring circus of lunacy. With Kim G mugging and behaving horribly for the cameras to try to get a spot on the show just as others appear to behave horribly to try to keep their spots on the show.

            Yeah….there’s no “Greek chorus” or peanut gallery point of view that the audience can sorta relate to. Instead they’re just all effin nuts. Not a lot a laughs or humor. (The ham game? Please. Stupid, not funny.)

    • vilzvet says:

      Well if this is true this would be a doozy…I can’t believe Teresa would tolerate something like that but who knows?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Teresa barely has control of herself – how could she even begin to think she can control anyone else?

  64. Mookies1mom says:

    Wow! I didn’t mean to be so long winded!

  65. Veronica123 says:

    Lynn: I gave up on the train wreck about 1/2 way through. I can’t stand the way they ganged up on Danielle. I know she has her faults but I really don’t think it warrants
    the levels they sink too.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      A fair fight is tolerable – what this season showed us was a nightmare.

    • Dre says:

      I completely agree. I am no fan of Danielle’s but the way the Manzo’s just sat around their kitchens and griped about Danielle was pathetic.

  66. emt2 says:

    Look at what I found:


    June 11, 2010 4:12 PM
    Anonymous said…

    Theresa as a person is very sweet. I must say too that I don’t like the comments posted here about the children. All children are beautiful. But I also don’t like that she/he overspends and puts out so much debt and then bankruptcy court has to take care of it. Which means it effects everyone when people do this. I do hope they have to give up that Franklin Lakes home instead of we the people paying for the debt. His brother did the same thing. You can look it up. Pete Guidice. He had the highest foreclosure in Morris County to date. Kinnelon home. Same thing… overspending… living above their means. They even stripped the house I hear before they left. Theresa has the heaters in her home from that house that really belonged to the bank. Yeah realitors talk… lots of info around about that. They say one or both brothers actually bragged about it. I guess they must have or how would anyone know. Livin’ large has it’s price!

  67. tuzentswurth says:

    Thanks for the blog, Lynn. It is obvious most everyone here is like-minded and indeed though we know that Danielle should not be held in high regard, the rest of that motley crew managed to land well below the low standard Danielle set. I think Danielle has severe self-esteem issues and is terribly immature. She needs a very good therapist. Andy was worthless at that goat rodeo and T screaming in D’s face should not have been tolerated. He should have tazed her ass.

    Jac shouting out about Danielle’s kids crying in the nurse’s office everyday…..Just b/c you say it doesn’t mean it is true. How would she know? Don’t federal HIPPA laws apply to NJ? I agree with so many of you, she butts in when it is “nunya bizness”. She is a worthless moron and why does she tweet to explain T so much? She needs to parent her kids better and quit explaining T’s life and behavior to everyone in her tweets.

    Caroline is an asshole and a bitch who doesn’t realize how transparent she is.

    And then comes Teresa. WTF As another poster pointed out, I think it is scary that Teresa is in charge of 4 small children. She was more off the rails crazy than KKB!!
    Caroline looked like she was trying to calm her down so that Teresa didn’t turn into a WEREWOLF! Think about it, seems possible to me. What with all that snarling, growling, snorting and inability to focus or hear anything, Ima just sayin”. That explains the hairline. Reacting to a question about seeing your nephew? Seemed a little…oh hell … a lot out of proportion. I think what T actually said was “Don’t brink up my family.” She was just frothing at the mouth as the transformation was taking shape and she couldn’t form words very well.

    Hey Andy, get serious and control that beast or throw her OUT!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And I used to like werewolves – now I will see Teresa every time I watch a movie!

  68. I found this little jewel of an article about the perks (or not!) of having your business featured on a Real Housewife show.


    After all the discussion about Danielle’s breast reconstruction surgery at the strip center mall, I found it interesting that Ashley had her rhinoplasty done by the same Dr. Kassir. In addition he mentions further storylines for Season 3. Amazing!

    Another interesting tidbit, Kim D is no longer allowed to “liquor-up” her clients with Mimosa’s while shopping by order of the local law enforcement. I always wondered about Jac and Teresa hitting the road in their SUVs after a shopping trip at Posche!

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      They were giving out glasses of wine at Chateau during one of Chewbaca’s book signings. How is that allowed?

    • kats2 says:

      Realmelissa – this is a great article! Thanks again.

      A real North Jersey business was responsible for bringing the New Jersey housewives together in the first place. Victor Castro, owner of the Chateau, The Art of Beauty salon in Franklin Lakes, learned Bravo was scouting the neighborhood for housewives and said he knew some good candidates. He invited eight women to a meet-and-greet with Bravo at the salon.

  69. Mookies1mom says:

    TLM I could agree with you more. D’s daughters have done well despite their mom not because of her. Plus, don’t they see their dad often. IIRC they do. Yet D wants to take all the credit. Wonder if they were ever to get in any trouble if she would still take all the credit? Or if then it would be their fathers fault?

  70. emt2 says:

    I just read this on a message board from jezebel.com

    About the nephew comment:
    03:18 PM

    I read elsewhere that the actual story is that Teresa has a brother who, after marrying a black woman, was disowned by the family. Apparently said brother recently had a child with his wife which the family refuses to acknowledge, hence the nephew comment.

    Read more: http://jezebel.com/5626341/we-have-the-scoop-on-housewives-secret-lovechild#ixzz0yEWywBTK

    • emt2 says:

      I just read this on a message board from jezebel.com. Not sure if it’s true or not!

      About the nephew comment:
      03:18 PM

      I read elsewhere that the actual story is that Teresa has a brother who, after marrying a black woman, was disowned by the family. Apparently said brother recently had a child with his wife which the family refuses to acknowledge, hence the nephew comment.

      Read more: http://jezebel.com/5626341/we-have-the-scoop-on-housewives-secret-lovechild#ixzz0yEWywBTK

    • emt2 says:

      I’m not sure if that story about the interracial marriage/being disowned is true or not.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I don’t know how reliable Reality Tea is but they say it’s not true. According to them Teresa’s brother is married to an Italian American woman and they have two children, a daughter and a new son. They also claim there is no proof of Joe having a love child
        Maybe these are examples of the rumours Danielle spreads around town. Regardless, Teresa needs to learn some self restraint.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        In a previous comment, I wrote about my friend’s husband who’s “uncle” was a NYC godfather who got his stripper mother pregnant.

        His mother was African American-and absolutely stunningly beautiful-like take your breath away beautiful.

        His mother left NYC with him as a newborn and moved to Boston where she continued to see his father frequently.

        He has said that both of his parents told him he was PLANNED and WANTED by both, and his mother moved to protect him from being kidnapped by enemies of his father, not because his father was embarassed or ashamed.

        Now it could be that this is his justification to himself why he was born out of wedlock-who knows. But I have often thought of him when watching Juicy Koe.

  71. boston02127 says:

    The woman in the middle is comedian Heather McDonald.

    (pic from Ashley’s tweet)

  72. MarineMom says:

    Good Evening everyone ! I want to thank you all for being so welcoming last night ! First times can be very intimidating , you all made it fun ! And Thank you to all who expressed appreciation for my sons service, he is indeed home and safe and stationed in Quantico VA expecting his first Baby with his Marine Wife and we found out yesterday – Its a BOY ! I thank you on his behalf because he would say – “I am proud to serve for all of you – no thanks needed” That’s why I would get so crazy when Caroline would blubber about her grown “babies” leaving the nest for the unknown.
    Even today I could not get that reunion show and those “ladies” out of my head..I sat watching the Weather Channel from the East end of Long Island and decided to go out and pick all the ripe tomatos from my garden so I wouldn’t lose them if the hurricane hit. As I was peeling 25 lb of tomatos to make sauce I had a horrible thought..”OMG ! what is todays date?? Should I being doing this – will I poison my family?” Then it hit
    me – I’m Irish so who gives a shit and T is a moron anyway..LOL And then I did something I never thought I would – prayed for just a little bit of the storm – just enough to knock out my cable for a few days so I don’t have to wrestle with my moral compass on Monday night and wind up losing 🙂 Love your blogs Lynn, and am glad I got up the nerve to join in you guys are a blast !

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Welcome! And thank your son for me! My father was a marine…special place in my heart for Marines! 🙂

    • vilzvet says:

      Congrats on your son’s great news! And the rest of your post was too funny, especially with the tomatoes. How far east are you by the way? I’m also wondering if we will get any kind of storm…

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Hmmmmm……since I am German, I wonder if the rule applys when making beer? LOL! I was not here last night long enough to say hey and welcome! On behalf of my dear Father who is no longer with us, may I say SEMPER FI to you and your son. Marine families are cradle to grave so I bid you a double welcome!

    • kats2 says:

      You should join in more often! Congrats!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Welcome aboard! Congrats on your almost a grandmother status!

      • boston02127 says:

        @MarineMom –Thanks for posting and welcome. 🙂

      • MarineMom says:

        Vilzvet – I am in Port Jefferson – almost 1/2 way between the LI Sound and the Atlantic

        Thank you all for the Welcomes ! And Semper Fi’s to the Marine families – and we really are that – Family.. and not in the Caroline Scary family kind of way 🙂
        Windy – Thank you for the Grandma congrats – I am still trying to figure out what I want to be called – my ego is having a hard time accepting Grandma..LOL So I have asked my son how he felt about Aunt Kat or Miss Kitty:) It didn’t go over real well .
        You all are very witty ; insightful and fun.

        • anniieee says:

          Congratulations!! And so very glad your son is home safe. I’m called G’ma pronouced geema. Those little christmas cards on packages??? Grandma was just toooo long to write and fit in that small space.

        • twoile says:

          Congrats on the new expectation ….I too had a difficult time trying to define my G’parent name as there were 3 generations on the maternal side & I did not want to distance myself by G’…….last name. I settled on Yana the meaning 4 me is “you are not or(never) alone” . This is unique yet not out of the ballpark when thinking of other cultures…my heritage is Irish & Yana is not irish sounding;0) at all but works…….as small children there were no quest re my chosen name, now that the grandees R teens there is the introduction “this is my grandmother whom we call Yana”…..some puzzled looks but no prob. Just a thought that you can make up a name etc. Enjoy your new grandson!

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Congratulations about the new addition, and many thanks to your son and dau-in-law for their service. You’ll find the greatest people here, glad you joined in. I lurked here for a very short time after discovering this at the height of KKB’s idiocy and JZ’s terrible behavior and found myself “literally” bursting (what a mess on the walls) and in agreement with so many here. I couldn’t contain myself. I have never followed a blog before nor posted on one. I sort of jumped in out of nowhere , and people couldn’t be nicer here, even when disagreeing. Thanks to Lynn for a great site. She should run the reunion shows, Andy doesn’t have a clue.

    • dumberries says:

      Welcome MarineMom! Congratulations, love hearing about a truly happy and proud family, with a child who actually leaves the house and makes a huge contribution on behalf of others.
      Albie: are you reading?

      • vilzvet says:

        MarineMom, I love Port Jeff! It’s the ferry town! I’m in Kings Park…when you said East End I figured you were wayyy out!

        • MarineMom says:

          Port Jeff is incredible ! But the funny thing is we don’t hang out there during the summer – all our favs – (Taras, Billies ,Tommys, and all the great places to hang on the docks ) are taken over by tourists.. the same reason we don’t go to the Hamptons 🙂 And by tourists I mean JZ and KKB and Countess 🙂 Keep a watch though – I am a weather junkie and its looking a little scarier than they first thought !

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Stay safe!

            • vilzvet says:

              Yeah but those ladies are really not tourists, they are summer residents. In fact from this year didn’t we learn that LuAnn has made it her MAIN residence since she “lost” her town house? I just went to the Hampton Classic, one and only trip out there. Was hoping to see LuAnn and her daughter but did not. Got some pics of KKB, who I believe is competing again today (heat wave today and tomorrow, I hated competing when it was too hot, you still have to wear the jacket, gloves and of course helmet).

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            Congratulations @MarineMom!

            I like Miss Kitty!

  73. kats2 says:

    emt2 and realmelissa – thank you both for posting the links for us!!!

  74. Wall St Lady says:

    Sugar sugar sugar !
    I have been on the wrong blog by mistake. Two blogs is a lot for WSL & I have lost my place.

    Any way I miss squirrels so I emailed her this & more :

    I hope u know u r missed ! !
    The unwanted bugger did not mention the R word.I think see was forewarned in honor of u.

    I spoke w/ another poster who explained she was gone for months due to the troll’s ugly fights that made her upset.

    I hope it does not take that long for u to return as u r the squirrel that jumps all over the place leaving delicious nuts while at the same time hiding nuts to be discovered when u least expect but need them most. Nuggets of wisdom r needed by all.
    We need u summer winter spring & Fall.
    Chummy Chummy ! (When speaking to a loved heart beat that means : come here ,come here !
    If u wish to let Rocky know u need nuts :

  75. Mookies1mom says:

    Thanks Boston0212! After my rant about JZ and then the reunion I was starting to wonder about myself. I haven’t expressed it here yet but it’s all still there in my head. Everyone here just beats me to it! LOL

  76. vilzvet says:

    No one has commented about Teresa not being on Dancing with the Stars. In her tweets she went from “I’m thinking about doing DWTS” to today claiming her “loyalty” is to Bravo and Housewives, that she simply would not have had the time to do both shows. I want to tweet her “You were never asked!”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Teresa probably wanted to be on DWTS but seriously!, really? they learned from their Gosslin disaster to stay away from the wackos. lol

  77. Wall St Lady says:

    WSM wanted me to pass this Fraud alert on but don’t get excited I am the darling!:)

    Darlin’. Be careful of this. I received a phone call from Montana the phone # appeared on our “caller ID”. So that was better than the usual no ID. Thinking it was an old friend from Montana I answered instead of screening it to voice mail. A man with an Eastern European accent said…. “I’m calling about your Master card that starts with 5466 ( accent somewhat irrelevant but I’ve read Russians are big on credit card/identity theft so I was on alert). Also BTW ALL Mastercards… to my knowledge… begin with 5466. He went on to say: “we are lowering your interest rate to 6% because you pay on time. Correct? I replied. Yes I do. Being suspicious, I said which master card are you calling about. I said “I have several which one are you calling about” (which I only have one). He didn’t answer. He Just said the one beginning with 5466. “You are (my name) aren’t you and you live at (gave address). I said yes. “Well Mr. X we want to lower your rate. Don’t you want that”… Yes I do…. Well We need to confirm that you are the card holder to continue. At this point I thought I would have fun. I asked him if he was calling about my “Wells Fargo” master card which I don’t have one. He said…. yes. Yes Wells Fargo. That’s the one. I said what information do you want. He replied we need to confirm your expiration date. And the card number. At that point I said “why not just lower my rate and send me a letter and I will send you a thank you note (I was laughing inside). He said we are doing it over the phone to make it faster for you. WOW. At that point I wanted to get off this grifter’s merry-go-round and said “I don’t have a Wells Fargo Master Card”…….CLICK!!!! I called the number back and got a message “this number is an invalid phone number. Please try again”….So darlin be careful. XOX.
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

    • vilzvet says:

      And sadly people will fall for that…

      • Quincy IL says:

        I have been receiving a Michigan call for a while now. The lady with what I think is a Nigerian accent is very aggressive. I have reported that telephone number to the IL State’s Attorney.

  78. Jennifer says:


    this is a pretty accurate celebrity gossip website- the answer has to be Teresa and Joe lol

  79. kats2 says:

    So I’m curious are most people here not on Twitter?

  80. ches says:

    All of these “woman” are irritating beyond belief.
    I first thought I was watching an attack by a Skunk Ape in an episode of “When Animals Go Bad” on Animal Planet.
    (In my Steve Irwin voice) ….“first, we hear it’s whining roar and then the mighty skunk ape turns, and brushing the black fur from it’s eyes, sets it’s vicious sights on the poor, unsuspecting little Andy, pushing him down, exposing his soft underbelly and massive genitals”…..
    And nothing bothers me more than someone who makes a statement, obviously meaning it to be nasty and insulting, and then denies it. Danielle said her kids wore crinoline and her dogs wore leopard. She meant it as an insult. Own it as a freakin’ insult. Don’t deny it. If you’re going to wimp out when you’re called on it , then don’t say it to begin with. And she really needs to keep track of what comes out of her mouth. Saying something is one way and five minutes later saying it’s another, totally different way, makes you look like a liar.
    Why am I always waiting for Caroline to make Danielle “an offer she can’t refuse”? (Cue the Godfather theme). I read a rumor that Caroline is the one leaving. If it’s true she probably won’t last long. She be back on the show saying, “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in”.
    And after the amazing job Jacqueline did raising Ashley, I can’t even take anything she says seriously. Even when she tries to be somewhat combative and assertive, it’s like watching an enraged teddy bear hamster. She’s a joke.
    I read on Perez Hilton, that Juicy’s nephew is also rumored to be biracial. Considering the only colors you see on that show are white and slightly white, I wonder if this is a problem with some of Juicy’s family, helping to fire T up.
    Finally, as someone stated earlier, Danielle must have signed off on those sex tapes. In the US if you have a reasonable expectation that a tape of your “intimate behavior” with another person would remain between the two of you, and that person sells that tape you have a viable claim against them for “invasion of privacy”.
    Most celebrities act like the person just went ahead and distributed the tapes without their consent. But the truth is they could fight it in court costing them big bucks and even if they won it would still show up free on the net, or consent and make big bucks. Don’t believe for a second that Danielle didn’t make $$$ from those tapes.
    My rant is now over. Feels good.

    • dumberries says:

      Good post! Laughed at your comparing Jaclyn to a an enraged teddy bear or hamster – so true..

  81. Laura aka Just done says:

    @Boston – are you on Twitter?

    • boston02127 says:

      No Laura I’m not. 😦

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        Oh…u have to go on Twitter. I’m hooked now. Didn’t think I would like it. Glad I did it. After all, I got to tell Kelly everything I thought of her, she responded, and it only took about 2 weeks for her to figure out how I was dissing her. Can’t beat that when you need a good laugh!

        • kats2 says:

          Yes Laura and Kelly are good friends now they are having lunch on Thursday or is Thursday the day you run in the street?

      • kats2 says:

        How can you not be on Twitter? That’s just. . . . wrong.

  82. Mookies1mom says:

    Congratulations MarineMom! That’s a whole lotta great stuff for you, your son and family!

    I’m off for the night. Hope everyone has a great night! See ya’ll tomorrow!

    • dumberries says:

      I’m a little late arriving to the party! Loved your posts – thanks for sharing and welcome..

  83. kats2 says:

    Hey Wall St Lady – some place up there ^ you mentioned that you have a great connection I think it was a very well known surgent in NYC who would give you free procedures but you’re not interested. So here are my questions to you.

    1. Would he still do it for free for a “very good friend” of yours?
    2. Do you want to be “very good friends”?

    And all you other biatches out there who weren’t clever enough to ask – back off while I get hooked up! 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      @ kats2—LOL 🙂

    • Char212 says:

      LOL Kats. You biatch. It never crossed my mind.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Hey Kats – I’m more local to WSL…

      Hey WSL – wanna be my best friend? I’m newly single so I’m going to be looking for a good guy. A girl has to look her best and at 40+, I need some botox.

      I’ll be your new best friend AND I’ll edit your personal letters for free. You won’t need to ask your assistant anymore.

      Kats, you do not need it as badly as I do. Trust me

      • kats2 says:

        I can’t believe you’re bogarting my hook up? Yes you live closer but come on, I thought of it first!!! All of you out there are my witnesses. Come on WSL!!!!

        Botox!!! I have a square tit that needs to be fixed! You have no idea the pain I’m going through. Come on WSL, I need you. Don’t make me go to some strip mall hack.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          I am so not going to clap for you! Besides my friendship check is already in the mail to WSL – I’m calling DIBS!

          • Laura aka Just done says:

            Sorry guys – I’m the closest AND I’m an executive assistant. She can use my skills. WSL – DO YOU HEAR ME! Give a girl some help. You have WSM. I need help here.

            Kats – you can do well all on your own. I need major work!

          • kats2 says:

            Unbelievable! How can you call dibs when I so clearly called it first? That’s just wrong.

            • Laura aka Just done says:

              What can I tell you, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Can u beat my offer to WSL?

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              I didn’t hear the specific word DIBS!
              Just remember this my friend – botox will give you tuna breathe!

              • Laura aka Just done says:

                ok, then I’ll have to go under the knife. She’s good, so why not. I can be like Trashy Teresa and get new boobs too! LOL 🙂

    • Melanie says:


  84. anniieee says:

    Too funny. You want to look better? Have burned out light bulbs in the bathroom. I really really thought I was looking better. Dang.

  85. anniieee says:

    Night all. Sleep well and don’t let those bedbugs bite. (I check every night lol)

  86. kats2 says:

    I’m setting a deadline, everyone has until noon on Friday to get set up on Twitter

  87. Wall St Lady says:

    Mu friend is a woman & any great looking black star/singer has probably had Dr. R, as I call her,do work on them. Women of color are harder to “fix” & she is a leader. I only once let her use fillers & I yelled so much she said I scared everyone in the waiting room. She says I don’t need Botox.I got a $3000 thermage & that doesn’t hurt & tightens neck & over eye lids. She also bought a $150 000 lazor just for me (she says) that she forced me to use once that removes brown spots & also doesn’t hurt.
    Her husband who speaks 5 languages & has a voice like Barry White is an amazing deal guy. He is negotiating a possible reality show about them. They also know Laura & Jerry from Sugar leaf Vineyard. Quote from Dr. R “there is 6 degrees of separation between the wealthy black community”
    Anyway Dr R would b a perfect Dr. If u want needles in your face. Me, I am going under the knife surely in the future. And trust me so have all the Ho wives. The needle stuff is for up keep !

    • kats2 says:

      Excellent, hook us up! So how should this work do you call her or do we call her and mention your name???

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        I’m ready…One more thing WSL, since I seem to be pretty pushy tonight (thank you skinnygirl margeritas) You seem to have alot of contacts in the city. I’ve worked on Wall Street for Shearson Lehman (wow, just aged myself) and then moved onto McKinsey. I’ve been working in consulting for quite some time.

        Do you know anyone who is looking for an executive assistant? My company just layed off 85% of staff (they’ll close in a month) and I’m looking for work but there is nothing out there. Seems you have to know someone to get in anywhere. Do you think you could help?

        • kats2 says:

          Oh Laura I didnt know that, so sorry to hear about that. Hopefully WSL can leverage her position and many contacts to help, wouldn’t that make for a great story? How two random strangers met on a blog about the gross NJ HW’s and help each other out! Maybe something good can come of this after all. Very Cool!

          • Laura aka Just done says:

            gross NJ HW’s? Let’s not forget Jill brought us together. WSL, we can go over to ZAAARIN’s and thank her personally! LOL

            • kats2 says:

              Oh that’s right, so sorry. I’m now jealous thinking about the great day you two are going to have in NYC together. I want to come, after all it was my idea first!!! Let’s make it a group thing, Hey WSL how big is your terrace? WSL Man can come too.

            • Laura aka Just done says:

              In all seriousness WSL, if you or WSM knows anyone, I would really appreciate it. I could forward you my C.V.

              Problem is that my ex is not paying child support, so it’s all on me. I’ve been to the child support office, and their response is “it’s a recession, there’s not much we can do.” They revoked his license, that’s it.

              As you can see, while the plastic surgery is fun..the job is a necessity. thanks for your help.

              • kats2 says:

                Oh Laura, I had no idea, so sorry to hear about this.
                Oh I do hope WSL can work all her connections to help you out. That would be so wonderful. I’d even give up the free botox hook up for you.

                God Bless and keep positive thoughts.

              • Laura aka Just done says:

                Maybe that’s why I was brought to this blog. I’ve lived this for so long, no one has ever been able to help. I’ve always done it on my own. I need to ask for help b/c you never know if it’s right under your nose.

                WSL, let me know if you want my C.V. I would be forever grateful.

  88. dallaschick says:

    I don’t care how comparatively calm Danielle was on the reunion show. I don’t blame the other women for wanting nothing to do with her, and in my opinion Danielle has only herself to blame for that. I wouldn’t want her as my friend, and I think she’s a horrible role model for her daughters. I don’t base my opinion on the accusations of the other women–they each have their own issues–but I am surprised by how many people are championing Danielle. Even forgetting the frightening crime she was convicted of 25 years ago, she is still happily associating with ex-cons and is fine with them being around her young, beautiful daughters. I doubt many of the moms on this board would do the same. She appeared to get some kind of perverted glee and a big power trip out of her ex-cons intimidating people, even innocent bystanders. Those guys were so hyped up that if a fight had started, people could have gotten hurt and her “protectors” would have been locked up again. I bet she wouldn’t have minded and would have absolved herself of responsibility, as usual. It’s inexcusable to me that when Danny used the f-word numerous times in her presence, the smirk never left her face, and she’s supposedly a gay advocate… Also, her loose sexual behavior modeled for her daughters caused me to lose respect for her. Without Teresa’s or the others’ judgments about her, I could see for myself how many questionable men she had in her life. And there’s no way she didn’t have a sexual relationship with that little idiot Danny. No straight man listens to the same drama over and over and over without being compensated sexually for his trouble. He was like a little stupid puppy on a leash around her and there’s only one way a woman makes a man that stupid.. Plus the two sex tapes and her presenting herself as 100% the victim with that jerk Steve when there’s no way for him to fake explicit videos she’d sent to him. Her life is a mess, so many people in and out, first men, now a woman, although that’s probably just another phase. And all of the lawsuits she’s involved in?? Her kids probably don’t know which end is up at this point. I don’t blame her ex for seeking custody.

    I could go on and on, but my point is that Danielle’s behavior has been grossly irresponsible, manipulative and frankly frightening these past two seasons. After housewives when she is no longer in the public eye, the drama will surely continue and I don’t see how any of it is her castmates’ fault.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Make no mistake – Danielle is a hot mess for all the reasons you stated.
      IMO, Danny likely got neutered in prison and he was brought on the show so that Danielle would have an adult to interact with instead of her kids. But in the arena of the reunion part one – Danielle did better than the rest of those cackling hyenas. Last night was pure entertainment – and brings us one or two more rounds closer to putting this Liarfest to rest. But you are likely right that this will continue long after the cameras leave town.

      • dumberries says:

        DallasChick and WCW: I agree with both of you. Danielle is a total piece of work, of the worst kind. But, the fact that she is not clearly considered by all to be the villain says a whole lot about the other NJ HWs’ attitudes and intelligence.

  89. cdnfillie58 says:

    Hey ladies and gents..quote a section of Lynn’s wonderful blog..
    “Danielle may tell them too much but at the ages of 16 and 12, I don’t see any damage there. Maybe it is from the stability of their father but whatever the reason, I think they’re two of the best behaved and well mannered children on any Housewives series.”
    I agree that they are the best behaved and well mannered children, but why do I instantly think of Mommy Dearest whenever I see them on the show? In particular the scene where she was telling them about Caroline’s text requesting the sitdown…the look Danielle was giving Jillian, (as she was wolfing down her pasta) and Christine looked like she was bracing herself for something bad to happen.
    I still fear for these girls…I don’t think we are seeing the true relationship she has with these girls. IMHO

    • Blue Sky says:

      Totally agree, Cdn & I aways watch their eyes…they seem to be afraid of what she is doing, but try not to react. The kids watch her, looking for clues on how they should react. It’s freaky, & like you I think “mommie dearest” all the time when D is with her children. There will be therapy in their future!

      Must be hell at school for those 2 girls. No way they are not getting things whispered about them. Danielle is the worst mother ever.

      • dumberries says:

        I see your point too. I don’t think Danielle’s girls act like they fear that Danielle will hurt them (like Mommy Dearest). I think they fear Danielle will (yet again) do something self destructive and they’ll have to pick up the pieces and suffer the drama…

    • kats2 says:

      Keep in mind they are on camera and most likely not always comfortable about being on camera.

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        realize that, but what got me was Danielle’s body language, chowing down on her food glancing over at Jillian…looked to me like she was trying real hard to filter her words before addressing Jillian. Maybe Jillian covering her face with a pillow was her being uncomfortable in front of a camera (although she was able to stand in front of 300 people and sing) but my gut tells me she was scared.

  90. Raquel Papel says:

    I mostly read this blog and hardly ever post. I enjoy what you ladies have to write and don’t feel the need to voice my opinion. After watching last night, I have to say something. I strongly dislike these ladies and feel bad for Danielle. I have never liked Caroline because I always viewed her as a bully. She proved me right last night. A classy lady, never has to tell you she has class, she simply just lives it. Caroline must always tell us how classy she is, really would a classy person be friends w. Teresa the Hun. She told Danielle that she D went after the children…but its okay for her to say that D children are not innocent and have no light in their eyes. that was wrong. She should not ever talk about those beautiful girls. ever. even if Danielle did say something wrong, she should rise above it all. Yet, Caroline wants us to feel bad for her son and his alleged learning disability because he can’t cut law school. I want to be a rocket scientist, but cannot make the cut, my parents then had to guide me to something a little more realistic. I would never hire him as a lawyer and hope you all do not let me put a rocket together.

    Teresa, is disgusting. I cannot believe she actually have fans. Her excuse for the bankruptcy and the DWI shows that she has no regard for rules, laws and the court system. I venture to say that the reason her and Joe”made it” in the first place, was because of illegal activities.

    • Olivia says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much about Albie. I think he has been pushed, preened, and pumped for a t.v. career from the beginning of this series. I think once he got in front of the cameras all thoughts of becoming another Perry Mason disappeared.

      Doesn’t he do some blogging with his brother during the show? And isn’t he set to appear on that horrible show featuring Patti Stanger? And isn’t he out in LA now doing something along the same lines of following the road to fame?

      I think Albie loves himself almost as much as his mother does.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      so totally agree that Caroline is a bully and a poor example of class in action. maybe if she didn’t have the “sit down” with Danielle and would have been more ladylike at the reunion she would have continued to fool alot of viewers. but last night she showed us who she really is…..

      • Olivia says:

        Caroline has always come across as a smug, self satisfied, braggart.

        Her wonderful marriage, her fabulous children, her incredible home, her untouchable family, and her teary eyed weeping and unending defense of the “thieves” she is thick with are a turn off.

        Surprising how many viewers can’t see through the subtrafuge in her agreeing to be cast on a show that is this close to bloodshed.

  91. boston02127 says:

    Does the Skinny Girl margaritas have alcohol in the bottle or is it a mix that you have to add alcohol to?

    • kats2 says:

      Oh it’s in there just ask Laura!!! No mixing needed.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      LMFAO – it’s in there! Trust me! Boston, u have to come to Jersey – come for the auction. We’ll bring some skinnygirls with us!

      • boston02127 says:

        Laura —here’s the test 🙂

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          that’s how I look after an episode of RHONJ and that is without the aid of Skinnygirl Margaritas!

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          I think I need another drink…I was seeing double! 🙂

          • Laura–the reply button is not working upthread. If you can set-up an email for job-leads that may be a good idea? I just talked to someone this morning who quit their job in NYC in finance.
            They also worked at Sherson-Lehman at one time.
            I don’t know if they are looking for a replacement there or not, but it wouldn’t hurt to send a resume.

            • Laura aka Just done says:

              thanks Housewife! I will talk to Lynn about it as I don’t want to make this blog my personal “monster.com”

              Hugs to you for caring though!

  92. Olivia says:

    I just watched a sneak peek about the BH Housewives that I think is supposed to air in October right after the last episode of the horrible DC one concludes.

    This one too features marriages that are officially over, one that seems to be tottering on the brink, a “housewife” with 4 nannies to 2 kids, Botox lips on one that would rival Daisy Duck, a British know it all, verbal smackdowns, fashion shows, and what looks to be a physical assault taking place in the back of a limo. All this crap was crowded into a 3-4 minute preview. Oh, and vulgar language that seems to take the place of actual “dialogue”. Sound familiar?

    In questioning why Andy Cohen would allow the level of both verbal and physical abuse to be part of the reunion segment it is best to consider that this is their staple offering. Women behaving like total and complete fools. Of course he would not address those concerns since his bread and butter is riding on the assent of these phonies to gin up the ratings bonanza for Bravo and if it means behaving like unleashed Dobermans and spewing language that would make Scarface blush, he is all in favor of more and more and more as evidenced by what the ladies of BH have to offer.

    They are seen wallowing in their riches and I only know of two of these women so far. One is of course Mrs. Grammar and the other is Paris Hilton’s aunt. Enough said. There appears to be a sister duo who don’t get along. How creative!

    Bravo knows that much of its audience is made up of women. Blogsites are alive with what appears to be an influx of women viewers. Therefore, and I can only speak for myself, I will refuse to allow them, or the women who agree to film on these scurrilous shows, to define women in the most horrendous broadcasts that are put out there as a presentation. This goes for any woman, no matter how benign her role seems to be, who agrees to be showcased in a franchise who makes women appear in the way these shows have become.

    It would not surprise me in the least to find someone as contemptuous as Kim G. being offered a place on this series no matter how incredibly vulgar or shamelessly disingenuous she appears. There has to be a reason why Bravo has invited her to make an appearance on next weeks sorry mess as the next villain of the piece. Apparently 3 against 1 just wasn’t enough!

    Whatever the “storyline” created for a possible season 3 of the NJ “sewer cast”, the possibility that Ashley Holmes being herself rewarded and gaining a berth on this telecast is Bravo flipping the bird at its audience. Teresa Guidice should be the example of just how low this network can plunge in its quest to for ratings. Enough already!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      The quality of Bravo programming has slipped noticeably this season. I have no plans to watch BH, am not watching DC and thought Atlanta was the joke until NJ rode into town.

      • dallaschick says:

        NY is without doubt the best. It’s so hard for me to believe that NJ gets higher ratings. Nothing ever happens! And Atlanta is truly a hot mess. It’s so insulting to watch all of the materialism in the other franchises from women who are actually broke. At least that doesn’t look like the case with the BH women. They look horrid but also like they are legitimately wealthy.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Everyone has made lists of the “standard roles” on housewives. Here’s mine:

      Wonky boobs: Sasquatch, Danielle
      Boob reductions: Shrill, TamRUH
      Duck lips: Alexis Bellino, Kim D.
      Tranny: Sasquatch, Danielle
      Fried hair: Sasquatch, Lynn Curtin, TamRUH
      Fried brains: Sasquatch, Lynn Curtin
      Plastic surgery tragedies: Sasquatch, Lynn Curtin, Danielle

      (Sorry, I don’t watch Atlanta. Can’t stand what little I saw of Kim Zolciak. She turned my stomach. Kandi Burress and Lisa Hartwell seem cool, but I couldn’t deal with Kim Zolciak and Nene. If any of you are from Hawaii, you know that Nene is the name of the goose species that is native to the islands, and every time that woman opened her mouth, I thought of a loud, honking goose).

  93. Wall St Lady says:

    Hey Boston2 I think I want to adopt u. U r way cook for ur years. I have read ur posts for weeks and am also u r soooooo
    Young. Bless U & ur future !

    • kats2 says:

      Hey Wall St Lady – I feel like the cute little puppy you didn’t pick, you’re hooking Laura up with jobs and you want to adopt Boston. What about me? I will give up my botox fix if you can hook Laura up with that job, look up thread in case you missed her situation.

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        Thanks Kats…that was nice. I hope she can help. It would make a good story too. This blog has always been my refuge from these problems. Hopefully it will bring more than just laughs and great new friends.

  94. vilzvet says:

    Teresa’s Bravo blog has been up for hours but not ONE comment has been added…whatever does that mean except they have all been negative! Not one comment that says how wonderful she is and we love, love, love you! Hopefully the tides have started to turn…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      For months now my posts have not even registered except those sent to Andy’s blog. IMO the NJ show/blogs went toxic and Bravo doesn’t really want to put up comments that aren’t nice.

  95. After what we saw last night, does anyone really think that if there was a “Tara” creature, that this Tara, and Joe for that matter, would still be breathing?-I don’t.
    Seriously I have wondered if Joe G. could possibly be the target of domestic abuse from that insane bully of a woman.
    I would never count myself on team Danielle like Lynn does, but unfortunately, I have to say that when Caroline told Teresa that she just gave Danielle what she wanted, she was speaking for everyone there.
    In the Bravo bonus interviews online, Andy asked the women if they had prepared for the re-union. They all said, “No.”—HA HA-I don’t think they could have been any more obvious that they had rehearsed their “squeeze plays”, if Jackie would have had note-cards like Lynn imagined.
    And Danielle slipped right through almost every instance where they tried to catch Danielle in lies. The only one that they got her good on was where Jackie brought-out that Danielle had told people that she had been to all of Jackie’s OB appointments, when in reality, Danielle had accompanied Jackie to an introductory appointment.
    (kind-of like she did with Christine? Does Danielle get commissions from the doctor?).
    I think they got some satisfaction out of that related to their friends at home, but it didn’t translate on TV as a major victory.
    That bit where Teresa was asking if Danielle had short or long hair in the porno, was another obvious set-up. Like that was supposed to prove something, but it didn’t quite go-over.
    The thing is that these women were playing a loser’s game. You never win with a pathological liar, which is what I think Danielle is, and it just made them look foolish & like obsessed bullies.
    I could honestly understand the frustration, but everyone vs. Danielle is too much.
    And I have a confession to make. One of my favorite lines in the NY wives was when Jill said, “Whaddaya want me to do-jump out the window?”-I know that Jill’s not a Jersey Girl, but neither is Danielle really, but that’s a more “Jersey” reaction than Danielle’s.
    The thing is that in Jill’s case, she admitted to everything at the re-union, and agreed with Alex somewhat when she was being told-off. Danielle admitted to nothing much that I could see. When she got backed into a corner, she shut her mouth. When she walked-off the stage, she looked exactly like a street-walker doing the stroll. She had “engaged” & enraged them without doing a thing.
    I think that Danielle is nasty and even though I hope that her children are OK, even without her past-life/the book coming out, she used her children and abused them by being in this show in my opinion, and that makes her a rotten mother .
    Even the homosexuality thing is something that just shows that she has no respect for her children’s feelings. Her kids may be fine with it at home, but to broadcast something personal like that on TV-well that’s something I could see her girls crying about at school. Even children who grow-up with 2 mommys, or 2 daddys, have issues with it at some point, but their parents prepare them for it and expect it. There is no way that Danielle could have prepared them for that & been sure that they were secure enough with it to have it broadcasted.
    What Danielle & her “partner” (?) did there, actually set a really bad example for any gay parents, because seemingly the girls appear OK. There are probably a lot of right ways to handle something like that with kids, and a lot of wrong ways, and the way Danielle did that is one of the wrong ways.
    I was mystified about Lori, because I couldn’t understand how a talented singer would let herself get pulled-into something like that, but the performance on WPIX, where the auto-tune© wasn’t working, proved to me that Lori is just as tone-deaf as Danielle really is when the Auto-tune© isn’t on. (which apparently is very tone-deaf)
    I just don’t like Danielle at all, but I sure didn’t get any enjoyment out of how Andy & Bravo & the people on the couch handled it.

    • dumberries says:

      I kinda liked it when Jill said that too! I wondered how many people watching the show screamed “yes” (in jest) at their tv screens!

      Agree about the sexuality thing with Danielle. I don’t care who does what with whom; and mom’s get to be sexually active too. But, it’s gotta be confusing for her girls to see mom go from dating lots of men & releasing a heterosexual porn tape to having an intimate relationship with a woman. Hopefully, Danielle has prepared them for it is handling it sensitively and smartly. Still, a lot of us have survived situations where our moms are way too edgy and unpredictable for comfort. Many of us have some difficulty with “the norm” later in life, but we are rarely surprised or unable to handle anything that’s thrown at us as adults (I’m looking for a bright side for her girls, from personal experience!).

      • Dumberries—exactly what you are hoping for those girls is what I am hoping, that they’re so used to the unpredictability that nothing phases them and they can find their own balance & way.
        I had the experience of watching someone who was having a breakdown because they were having a flashback from the way they found out that one of their parents was gay when they were young, and how the whole affair was handled-(selfishly I thought by the parents), and I’ve been interested ever since in how it affects children.
        Not asking the kids to keep your secrets seems to be the best way, but when its a sudden change like that, and putting it out there on television, is too much in my opinion.
        I can see the logic of being honest about it, but flaunting it is another thing. Also, I think that by the time that a person becomes a parent, they usually know if they are gay, and if the child grows-up with it, its normal for them.
        I don’t have any problem with gay couples raising children, unless the parents don’t expect the child to have issues, because they will and for everyone’s sake it is better to be aware and let them get through it.
        Somehow Danielle’s kids, and Kelly’s, who all have nutball, totally deranged mammas, know how to behave respectfully, unlike those grown women we saw last night, so maybe there are advantages that come with the territory?

        • dumberries says:

          Yes, Christine and Jillian will have very different views on “normal” than children with more conventional mothers do, imo. You really don’t know how weird your reality is until you leave the nest and see how most other mothers relate to their children (at least I was unaware). I’m with you; hoping their experiences with Danielle as children make them interesting, tough, flexible adult women. They seem to be aware that mom is “off” a bit and hopefully won’t go the other way and emulate the worst of Danielle’s conduct. Love goes a long long long way. Knowing your mom really loves you, no matter how extreme or self destructive she may be, is the key. I hope Danielle has the ability to really give and receive love from those girls, hopeful.

  96. Wall St Lady says:

    Chesley Lately just did a funny skit featuring staff dressed as T ,C & D. T screamed & pushes Chesley. It was a hoot. Wish u had been there.

  97. Blue Sky says:

    Looks like the violence gets more viewers. RHONJ is getting over 3 million, while shows like Flipping Out & The Rachel Zoe Project get 1.2 million to just over a 1 million for Zoe. I’d rather watch these shows, TYVM, don’t like the violence of NJ hw’s at all.

    Oh great, this just in – RHONJ scored 3.9 million viewers, the most ever for a housewives reunion show, for last night’s slugfest…


    Ragdoll Andy must be shitting his pants with glee. Both RHONJ & RHONY are to be renewed for next year, according to tvbythenumbers.com


    • Olivia says:

      The only way to defeat this assault is to not watch which is exactly what I intend to do. I have been feminist for much too long to sit and watch the inroads made by women to achieve parity and watching these women tear it all apart is not enjoyable under any viewing circumstances.

      It is no longer “fun” when lying cheats and low class behavior is considered worthy of attention.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I think I am done with the HW franchise too. I will watch Bethenny’s show, but I don’t have it in me to give time to these women and let them promote their brands.

        I hate…really hate seeing Teresa.

  98. Wall St Lady says:

    Go Olivia !

  99. dumberries says:

    Great blog and posts. It was truly like watching a bunch of clowns at the goat rodeo with a very weak ringmaster. I never thought I’d say this, but Kelly is not the least intelligent or authentic HW in the franchise, imo. I think Teresa has her beat. As bad as Kelly is, her meltdown and reunion babbles had us speculating whether she was schizophrenic, on drugs, drunk, spoiled and selfish, narcissistic, unintelligent or some/all of the above. Kelly has a limited vocabulary which she regularly uses out of context, but most of the time she uses actual words! Teresa is an open (coloring) book; no speculation required. She’s a lying, selfish, bull dog of a woman with no self control and very few cultivated brain cells. She has a limited vocabulary; most of the words she uses don’t actually exist – she just bastardizes the English language (but, she’s only been speaking it since kindergarten, wth?).
    So, last night had me missing the NY HWs. During the NY season and reunion, I was invested. There were 4/5 women who generally supported each other and I liked and rooted for (plus one mean axxhole and one cuckoo). Last night, I wasn’t invested at all – I felt like a spectator watching the worst possible representation of women possible. 3 mean axxholes ganging up on a very damaged cuckoo. Ashamedly, I felt proud of Danielle Staub. Danielle Staub. Sad state of affairs. I’d like Caroline more if she would at least indirectly acknowledge that Danielle is the only one on the show that is equipped to hold her own in a battle of wits with Caroline. They are polar opposites in lifestyle, but neither Caroline nor Danielle is dimwitted. Caroline looks down on Danielle and won’t let the “garbage” speak, meanwhile she bands together with the tacky duo of dumb and dumber. I think Caroline is so stubborn and a such a martyr, she won’t ever back off publicly. But, I’ve gotta think she’s truly embarrassed by Teresa and Jac. I’m starting to think it might be Caroline who is leaving the show (unless Dina comes back).

    • Olivia says:

      And Caroline’s constant use of “okay?” after every fifth word highlights her lack of education when it comes to speech. We should be counting the number of times she employs “okay?” along with the “F” word in a drinking game.

      • kats2 says:

        Have you ever hear Albie talk for a more than a few seconds? When explaining something he actually says “tis and tat and other ting” I’ve heard at least 3 times this season.

        • dumberries says:

          Kats2: I haven’t seen Albie talk much at all, you’re right. I noticed that he listens, says a few words, & let’s someone else (mom) finish or change the thought for him. He also, stops, blinks, puts his head down, and then does his practiced “adorable smile and slight head shake” move. I said it before, I really don’t get why anyone finds him hot. He totally reminds me of Eric Menendez…

        • Melanie says:

          I think his tongue is tied. He needs to see an oral surgeon for a frenectomy.All 3 of my kids had to have this done when they removed their wisdom teeth.One stop shopping:)

      • dumberries says:

        We will be drunk as skunks, okay?!

        • Olivia says:

          Example of Caroline speaking:

          My son Albie is wonderful, okay? My daughter Lauren is a great make up artist, okay? I told Albert, okay that we need okay more time together okay? . My family, okay are as thick as thieves okay? Don’t mess okay with me okay?.


    • ches says:

      My bulldog is offended by being compared to Theresa. He is prettier, much more articulate and has less fur on his forehead. And now he’s pissed.

      • dumberries says:

        LOL!!! Many apologies to your pooch.
        With that, I’m really calling it a night. Thanks for the last laugh!!

  100. kats2 says:

    The big deal or news in Part 2 better be more than someone leaving the show. That is not big news or a big deal, they all should be leaving. I want something major!

    • Olivia says:

      They keep “hinting” at bigger events for next week. Other than perhaps Teresa biting off Andy’s ear, I am not sure what that means since we all know Danielle is heading for the last round up.

      But let me guess and see if I am right:
      1. Danielle announces her own termination when asked if she would consider returning.
      2. Kim G will be added for season 3 since I have no clue why else she would be there. (I seriously loathe this woman.)
      3. Dina will return as well. (Her “fans” will weep with joy!)

      Any bets?

  101. lillybee says:

    I would be surprised if Theresa has one fan left. I can’t imagine how any reasonable person could admire this greedy, out of control, foul mouthed bitch.

    • kats2 says:

      You would hope, but there are many people who relate to her and she has a following. Lot’s of girls out there with rage issues.

    • MarineMom says:

      Lilly – you need to go to her fan page – they admire her , praise her , love her . Granted they can’t spell or complete a sentence but they are out there and think she is a wonderful mother and wife. It is very funny if it wasn’t so sad .

      • sugarmagnolia10 says:

        no kidding…her fans really are not the sharpest tools in the shed. If anyone posts anything negative, even if it’s done respectfully, they attack (shocking) and tell the poster that they are jealous and need to get a life.

        Jealous…hmn….I actually have a forehead, and I am not in $11m in debt. I also use words, real ones, when I have something to say. Oh, and I have a life….so no. I am not jealous of Teresa. Stupid “fans”.

        Oh, and BTW, I am not a FAN of the rh’s….I am a VIEWER.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      It’s repugnant, but people truly love her. Really quite scary.

  102. WindyCityWondering says:

    Know what the funniest part of last night – Andy was the best dressed there!

  103. boston02127 says:

    Good night everyone.

  104. Wall St Lady says:

    Ii did a long post on Al by at the bottom of last blog.

    Carolyn said since he was 14 Al by had the learning disabilities which is a lie ; u don’t catch the learning “differences”. U r born with them !

  105. Wall St Lady says:

    GOOD NITE All !

  106. ches says:

    Blind item on dlisted tonight. Truth will come out sooner or later, I guess.

    • WOW!—–ok, the only thing is that this was posted online already. I like it better as a blind-item. One mystery was solved for me in the comments.
      The, “nephew”-thing. So apparently, Teresa’s sister-in-law, is not Italian, and her race is the reason why Teresa doesn’t like her?
      This just makes Teresa’s “proud to be Italian”, look more like anti-American, I hate to say.
      No wonder she doesn’t want this to get out.

  107. Wall St Lady says:

    That frigging thing just happened where my BB just jumps & I loose my post. Bad words !

    Dr R gives new creams. One retails for $150. I can’t tell ant difference except for texture & smell. Dr R is making 3 products for a co. U would know. Me ,I prefer my Oil of Oley. I would like to get up & look at the bottle but I am too lazy. So I am going to pull the learning disabled cuz spell check is “empty” on that word.

  108. Wall St Lady says:

    I Kent to say the learning disabled card.

    Is anybody here ? Noelle ?

    Am I spelling ment correctly ?

  109. Waslurking says:

    I’d be up all night trying to get through all the comments before posting anything. I did pipe in a couple of times up thread but I’m sure they will be way past ‘current’ by the time I check in here tomorrow. Couple hundred posts by then I’m sure….. lol
    My opinion about the whole debacle pretty much agrees with Lynn and I’m not about
    to nit-pick anyone’s ‘side’. Think the only new perspective I have to offer is this….
    The reunion did nothing to change anyone’s minds nor will it with part 2. Those that hate D will continue to do so. Those that hate the gang mentality will continue to do so. NOTHING was or will be resolved! She said, she said…some where in the middle is the truth but we’ll never know. It’s all beating a dead horse and it’s ugly no matter how you look at it……period!
    Thank you Lynn for both blogs on the reunion.

    a I hate Jill Zarin fan forever— 🙂

    • lillybee says:

      It is a good thing that we don’t have TWOP’s 15/15 rule.

      • Had Enough! says:

        It’s a good thing we don’t have ANY stupid TwoP rules like not going OT. People keep it to a minimum voluntarily so it works out fine. And Strega (the TwoP Strega) can’t seem to get it through her dim brain that when you are talking about a reality show, the reality is both on-screen and off. So when you are talking about what Jillsy did on Amazon, well the damned book is a big part of what she did on-screen, so talking about THE BOOK and Jillsy’s unethical BS is part of what was on the show.

        Thanks for reminding me how much I hate Strega. Almost as much as….I HATE JILL ZARIN.

        • I stopped going to TWOP when I made ONE post & got a warning that I would be banned if I violated a “major infraction of the rules” again. The “major infraction” I violated? I “signed” my post. Dear Lord, I don’t need to deal with control freaks who get all bent out of shape over a couple of initials at the end of a post.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        What is the 15/15 rule?

        • Had Enough! says:

          Idiot STREGA objected to people repeating things so she had a rule that you had to read back 15 pages or 15 messages, or some BS like that, before you could post. It didn’t dawn on her that we were smart enough to scroll past repeats. Plus someone might repeat but add something. It also didn’t occur to her that new people might come along and ask questions that weren’t addressed in the past 15 pages. Stuff that might have been addressed in a prior season, or 60 pages back.

  110. Wall St Lady says:

    Ok 3rd try
    I ment to say learning disabled.

  111. Wall St Lady says:

    Ok 3rd try:
    I ment not kent to say…

  112. Wall St Lady says:

    Waslurking what does that mean v and thank u.

  113. Waslurking says:

    You are very welcome WSL. Very seldom that I can’t help with a word…lol
    I was a lurker for a very long time and the couple times I spoke up I used the
    ‘name’ lurker. Then realized I’d have to change it as that was no longer true. Was a few
    ladies that mentioned Waslurking. It stuck.
    Sweet dreams…………. I’m nodding off!

  114. Wall St Lady says:

    Sweet Lady
    Happy Birthday
    Birthday Buddy!
    Virgos Rock
    Particularly U !
    U r appreciated
    & admired ! ! !
    I am glad to know
    YOU !

  115. Wall St Lady says:

    I am really tired & stupid.
    The birthday wish is for Boston02!

  116. Wall St Lady says:

    One Mo Bo
    I am crying on my pillow thinking of u know who. I am thinking of all the sweet B days he shared w/me. & the childish presents he always came up with.
    I am also remembering the sweet & sad post from u that burns in my memory.

    • Anne Jacques says:


    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      oh WSL-

      I guess my philosphy is God/the Universe/Fate/whatever you believe in… puts situations in your path that challenge and defy you so you’ll learn to make the right choices to put you on a higher path and bring you closer to enlightenment.

      I guess
      I hope

      thank you for thinking of me

  117. Did you guys see this? http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey/season-2/live-chat

    Its a replay of the Twitter/chat transcript with Chris & Albie from last night. I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but it looks interesting. I found it via a link that I found from Caroline’s Bravo-blog. She had a link to her new site there. -Weird photo of her on her new website, with a scowl on her face.

    • Had Enough! says:

      MORE BS. As many have pointed out repeatedly, the buildings were Section 8, or mostly Section 8. That means the rent is paid by the government directly to the landlord.

      And spending 60 grand on drapes? Go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

      And I don’t feel like wasting the time reading the petition again, but at least 4 mill is related to the mausoleum – 1st and 2nd mortgages, construction costs, etc.

      I hope the trustee brings a metal detector to her house and the homes of all her family members and finds the jewelry she’s got buried. Probably has a ton of cash stashed somewhere, too.

      • Quincy IL says:

        My guess is that the house in Italy has a safe in it’s basement.

        I do remember the cash in the bird feeder at the Soprano’s.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Hopefully the trustee is coming to the same conclusion that these thieves have stashed of money/jewelry and that they have yet to disclose honestly their income and/or sources of income. Joe’s parents do not look or act wealthy, yet he gets $10,000, $5,000 or $3,000 a MONTH from them……sorry this doesn’t make sense and I wonder if they will be investigated as well. Nice ting to do to your parents Juicy.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        “It was the tenants not paying rent”- yeah if I got home after a long day to find out I had no heat, water or electricity I wouldn’t pay you rent either bucko.

        Who the hell do these people think they are?

  118. Had Enough! says:

    TMZ is reporting that Gorilla Woman will walk if her pay isn’t doubled. I think the original contracts were three years, so if they pull the threatened no-show, she’d be in breach of contract and badda-bing – Bravo can sue her from here to eternity. The bankruptcy petition wouldn’t protect her and buhbye mausoleum and tacky paste baubles. Maybe they can even attach her bubbies.


    • Quincy IL says:

      I think she’s worth the money. Who else can stir up this much trouble?

    • zoofeedingtime says:

      Yes, back to the zoo:)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She can walk – we have seen the extent of her playbook and we are not amused. Actually, she can take Caroline and Jacq with her and Bravo can give us a new cast or shut the NJ franchise down – they are polluting the gene pool!

      WGN news just announced that Bethenney isn’t coming back to RHONY but has signed for a second season of BGM?…….yeah!

      • Char212 says:

        I’m with you Windy. I hope they demand so much that Bravo tells them they are done and new HW’s will take their place. Fire them all and start over or drop it completely. I wouldn’t miss it at all.

    • I hope Bravo is smart enough to say “Okay, walk. Bye. See ya. So long, suckers.” It’s really not good business to cave to an ultimatum (not good in your personal life as well; I’ve shocked many people by taking them up on their “offer”).

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        And Bravo has enough housewives franchises in the pipeline – DC is going, Atlanta is around the corner, BH is around the courner and OC is filming. NY will be coming back and my favorite hybrid BGM! is going for a second season.
        While NJ has high ratings, the content quality is the poorest and IMO, viewers tuned in because of the antics off the show….

  119. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    was totally disgusted with the reunion and doubt i will watch another season of RHONJ
    If i wasnt a fan Of Dani’s before this i may be one now I couldnt believe how much she took before she tried to leave and as much as I adore Andy i am dissapoimted that he sat by watching one person be ganged up by 3 “ladies”
    the only positive thing i saw was how proud Caroline is of Albie and she has ever right to be Albie is so young and shows more class then all the other people involved in the show combined

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Caroline’s kids are older and were obviously parented well as they are articulate, well groomed and show their parents the respect due them. The other children are too young and their parents are too stupid and should not be featured as much as they are on the show. As for Lexi, why would she have to come back for Dina to come back? That is a stupid excuse for not bring back the boring Dina – don’t you love people who use their children as an excuse for their behavior? Yeah I’m think about you Jill Zarin!

      • dumberries says:

        As much as I like to joke about momma’s boy Albie, I agree that he, Lauren, and Christopher seem like respectful and considerate young adults. I don’t doubt Caroline is a good parent, I just hope she didn’t put Albie on such a pedestal (he seems like the anointed Golden Child) and coddle her first born so much that he has trouble functioning without her. And, I hope she encourages him not to seek a career in reality television; really don’t think he has the personality or the thick skin for it.

    • sugarmagnolia10 says:

      Isn’t it funny how these 3 “ladies” make you a fan of Danielle? Seriously, I have got to give Danielle props. I have never been in a physical altercation of any kind, but if Teresa got in my face like she did to Danielle, I would’ve pushed, punched, whatever…I would not be able to sit quietly, as D did, while that Gorilla was in her face.

      Teresa is truly disgusting. It seriously amazes me how she has “fans”. How anyone can think she is a good person is beyond my understanding.

      One thing I would like to comment on…When they brought up D sleeping with Steve at the shore house. D said, “I don’t appreciate my private life being discussed in public.” J said, “you talk about your private life”. D said, “so does she (pointing at T). She’s always talking about how much sex she has.” What D should have said was, “I have every right to talk about my private life. It’s my private life. YOU are not entitled to talk about my private life.”

      Also, Andy Cohen is a jackhole. Fuck him….He should have had the legal printed docs in front of him. If it was Danielle, he would’ve had a freaking audio visual show, highlighting her debt. “Just don’t cross me.” I believe he was referring to his physical place on the stage, not a euphamistic “cross me”.

    • I don’t consider myself so much as a “fan” of Danielle’s, but what I do not like is watching someone being ganged up on & bullied while those in charge (presumably) do nothing about it. I do know that she’s nice to those who treat her nicely, like Sarai.

  120. Wall St Lady says:

    Boston02 I hop u saw ur HappyBday wish up stream (12+AM)

    As for the OK article
    +What else would Juicy say but that he wasn’t having an affair

    +As for having hanky panky 2X a day, pass me the trash can.

    +As for keeping the beach house; under bankruptcy laws that is just impossible .I am sure this statement will incite furry among the creditors.

    +Last she says there is NO auction. The poor girl is delusion al. The trustee just postponed so he had more time to prove their fraudulent conveyance

    I hate
    LAST they make me sick & truly think the fresh start is in the bag.
    +as for the value of the house its a roving # from Trasha. She said $5mil at the CC & now $4. Is that because she fraudulently removed $1mil out of the Mc Mansion ? The trustee valued the house at $1.8 mil.

    + Teressa mentioning that her wedding flowers & dress both cost $10 000 each is talking out of both sides of her mouth. She speaks of spending lee’s but can’t help but BRAG about her excessive wedding costs. If her family house was the dump seen in pictures she put them in debt too unless Juicy paid for the whole thing. That debt is probably on a credit card they are not paying.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Teresa seems to need to spend large quantities of money to validate herself. Her need to have others believe she is rich and fabulous comes at the expense of other people who just want to make a decent living, live in a decent apartment and provide the essentials for their families. Some who come from more humble beginnings do this to prove they are whatever it is they need to be, while others quietly go about building their financial security.
      IMO, Teresa knows to the penny how much they stole and how much they spent and pretending to be dumb or claim she didn’t know is too transparent to even be funny. It makes me wonder what her parents really think of her or her husband. On some level they know what these two do is wrong and the fact that Teresa’s parents alledgedly live with them and are rarely seen indicates to me this isn’t one big happy, extended Italian family!
      Oh Caroline, you can’t pick your family but you can certainly pick your friends, so take a big wiff….don’t you smell the garbage????

      • Had Enough! says:

        Seriously. Was Joe running home every day to grab the mail out of the mailbox so the She-Gorilla wouldn’t see the overdue notices? Tell me she was never around when the guy who did the ironwork on the staircase called to ask when the bill would be paid. There had to have been lots and lots of clues – phone calls, mail, etc. long before the shit hit the fan with as many creditors as these people had. They owed Dan Ban construction 85k since February. I’m guessing the guy called or stopped by a few times. I can believe he didn’t tell her about the defaults on his slum apartment buildings or the personal guarantees he signed for his business (idiot), but plenty of these debts were consumer debts that he couldn’t possibly have been able to hide from her. I opened a new account and charged $140 but they didn’t bill it until the next billing cycle. Believe you me I got a call the day after I received that bill asking why I hadn’t paid the bill. Me, with my sky-high, never-once-paid-a-bill-late in my life! record. I told them the bill had just arrived and it was the first bill. They looked at their records and said oh you are right, apologized, and removed the finance charge. But my point is that they called over $140 when it was (or so they thought) 30 days late.

        Here’s a JUICY tidbit for you. Mr. and Mrs. Gorilla claimed that Maserati as an asset. Guess what? It was leased, and the owner has asked the bankruptcy court to to allow it to be sold. The attorney for Mr. and Mrs. Gorilla have agreed. Meanwhile, yet another lie under oath on that bankruptcy petition. I guess we could blame their attorney for being careless, but come on – how did they not know that the car was leased?

        OTOH maybe her attorney is just sloppy. For instance, on the summary sheet, he checked the 1 – 10 mill category for estimated liabilities, even though the total stated in the schedules is more like 10.850 mill.

        Also of interest is that they are claiming virtually all the personal property including the go-carts as exempt under this provision of the bankruptcy code:

        (3) The debtor’s interest, not to exceed $400 in value in any
        particular item or $8,000 in aggregate value, in household
        furnishings, household goods, wearing apparel, appliances, books, animals, crops, or musical instruments, that are held primarily for the personal, family, or household use of the debtor or a dependent of the debtor.

        As we could see from the trustee’s auction, he isn’t allowing most of it.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Happy Birthday, Boston. You are a wonderful person.

      I have a friend who wore a Sari in India that costs 110,000 dollars it had diamond chips sown into it. I have seen it. It’s red…

  121. Wall St Lady says:

    Beth Donahue-Weedmani

    Was that the name of the guest blogger so many of u were upset about. What ever we need to send prayers for her Mom & for dealing w/the loss of their home in Nashville

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Her blog yesterday was tame compared to the previous one that offended many here. She is a writer for bawdy stand up comics so that explains her style, which IMO does not translate into a blog very well. I am glad she explained her current circumstances with her mom and family home – it doesn’t make her blog any better but she is a person and she deserves our prayers.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I must have missed that post- but certainly I would hope everything works out okay for her.

        • Quincy IL says:

          I wish her mom better luck too. There is one form of humor for druken night club patrons and others for other occasions. They key is to address your audience.

          The audience here can take a joke. We laugh all of the time. A lot of the humor is self deprecating, but we don’t laugh much when it hurts another board member.

          I miss Squirrels.

  122. Wall St Lady says:

    I just did a blow up of Ashley
    She bought her Mother’s same nose !

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I was under the impression that both Ashley and Jacq got nose jobs at the same time. IMO their faces are too round or oblong for such a small thin nose – it makes them look symetrically unbalanced and when you add the botox (Jacq) it looks even worse.

  123. Char212 says:

    I was just on T’s fan page on FB and someone put the link for Lynn’s blog on there lol. I wonder how many of her “fans” came here to read it. If they didn’t I don’t imagine they are too happy with Lynn or any of us.

  124. Char212 says:

    Shoot…meant did not didn’t. 😦

  125. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Looks like Real Housewives is coming to syndication here in Chicago. The NBC station has showed a commercial of it. I just happened to catch some of it. I noticed NY and Atlanta and possibly OC in the commercial.

  126. boston02127 says:

    Wall St Lady—– ♥~Happy Birthday~♥

  127. amy17 says:

    I think now the Manzo’s would have been wise to have chosen Danielle as the friend and Theresa as the enemy in light of her recent behavior. Danielle, while being a detestable sociopath, made each and every woman look like idiots at the reunion. I don’t get the Juicy/Tree loyalty at this piont, they are worse than Danielle.

    • Anne Jacques says:

      oh Wow @ Boston and Wall St. Lady… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH OF YOU! Do something fun for yourselves! Make memories!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I hope that Caroline looks at Teresa through the same microscope she uses for Danielle – Teresa is a bigger liability than Danielle could ever be (look at Ashely). I never took Caroline’s “Teresa will be Teresa” as a compliment.

  128. To everyone on this blog who is on the East Coast: I hope all y’alls are safe from Hurricane Earl. Check in & let us know you’re okay. We’ll keep the lights on for ya. 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Definately – watching the Weather Channel – be prepared and check in when you can! Stay safe.

  129. dumberries says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Boston and @Wall Street Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. buffywood says:

    I just realized that there is one good thing that came out of the reunion show. This episode had record ratings, which means there were many people who watched this train wreck without knowing anything about this group of trash. There is a whole new group of people who now know Teresa, Caroline, and Jac are total bitches!!! Can image how bad their behavior would appear to people who know nothing of the history?

  131. humbruh says:

    I just ran across this article on TMZ that states Tacky T is demanding more money from Bravo or she will walk. While that is not a surprise, I had to do a double take when I read comment #81:


    In short, a poster said that the reason T & her brother’s wife don’t get along is because she happens to be African-american & the “family” disowned her brother because he married & had a baby with her. I hadn’t read this on any other sites & wondered if anyone else had heard about this being true or not. If it is, it would explain why the “nephew” question was such a Trump card for Danielle to use on national tv & why T would have such a strong reaction to it.

    Even though I can’t stand her, I hope to God T is not a racist & this is just a rumor. What are y’alls thoughts on this?

  132. KrisL says:

    Wow, I tried to get to the bottom of this “Huge” response page and called it quits at the Dutchess somewhere, lol. (guess that will happen to me too)

    Close race and…they all lose!
    Each person’s losing point for me…

    C: “No light in their eyes” you have a child with a disability, you know words hurt. And those girls have never done anything to you-Bad taste! I hope a million mom who feel the same post on all your public sights, just plain wrong and shameful.

    D: You think Tree’s daughters dress?… well leopard for an infant…any girl under say 18 is tacky, I agree…so own up to it. Ya seem a little lonely and needing cash. sure. drop the ladies. They love hating you. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Maybe clean it up for the kids sake or they’ll spend years in therapy blaming you and the show.

    J: You fight when you have a possie and…you do what they say. You turned on a friend that played an important part in your son being here (small or not), your daughter attacked her, you trash her and you wanted her to drop charges?

    T: My gosh, it’s all been said. Sad part is that you’re so dense you’ll never understand and grow because you think your IGNORANCE is right. YOU are the stereotype that Jersey and Italian people fight against being portrayed as and you talk about the other show?

    A: Why isn’t Tree kicked off. So anytime she gets hot under the collar she can push, shove and toss ppl and things around. physical violence=ratings. Where do you draw the line. It’s not WWF. At least reprimand her publicly instead scoff at her strength?!?!

    Bottom, bottom line: ACTIONS speak louder that WORDS.

    -Entourage at event (silly)Pole dancing. (not innocent)
    -Bathroom Ambushing/Hallway chasing at Fasion show. (Tacky) oh yeah and flipping tables and people. (anger mgnt.)
    -Hair pulling at Fashion Show. (Juvenille and Criminal)
    -If your kid has to ask someone else (her boyfriend) how to say I’m sorry…what have you taught her about taking responsibility and respect? (those who live in glass houses-“your kids cry”…yours fight?!?!)
    -Call the cops, then START??? drinking shotS ????? (yeah right)
    -You’re the head of your own mind. People don’t just drop charges because you tell them to. (you’re not that powerful)

    Bravo what’s up with all of the SINGERS?!?!? LOL

  133. Waslurking what does that mean v and thank u.

  134. Michele D. says:

    I LOVE this blog! I finally found someone with some sense! I’m in 100% agreement that these other women are huge hypocrites and bullies. Danielle is no angel. Sure she may cause some trouble, but these women are going for the jugular. Why don’t they file some type of lawsuit or peace order if Danielle is so bad? Why wait for the show to react? One has to understand that when you are backed into a corner then you come out swinging. The other castmembers should not be shocked when they get hit!
    KUDOS on calling out that fake Andy Cohen…he puts the screws to the villains but lets off the “favorites” easy. He should have thoroughly asked Teresa about her bankruptcy, the claimed incomes, the foreclosures, the spending sprees, etc.

  135. This is a wonderful post and may be one that you should followed up to see how things go

    A close friend emailed this link the other day and I’m desperately hoping for your next put up. Proceed on the fabulous work.

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