I Hate Jill Zarin Weekend Update Sept 6, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Weekend Update            September 6, 2010

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend, I know I am!  Busy but a lot of fun! 

Teresa’s most recent legal problems continue to be a hot topic of conversations all over the web.  Popeater and New York Daily News have picked up our post here about the filing in my last blog, you can read it in its entirety by clicking on “Giudice Filing Document” above. 



Teresa has hardly been quiet on Twitter but she hasn’t mentioned anything about this newest glitch in her legal case, she is in Las Vegas doing book signings and has been tweeting endlessly about her appearances and book signings.  Sell that book Teresa! 

A parody of the reunion:


If anyone still doubts that the housewives (and Bravo executives) read the blogs about the Housewives (not just mine, but all of them) this should remove all doubt. 

Last week I wrote about Kelly Cutrone, a Bravolebrity who hasn’t been mentioned in months by any of the bloggers that I’ve seen.  I brought her up because she seemed to be a bit bitter over her break up with Andy Cohen and the Bravo family.  The very next morning, Kelly Bensimon tweeted this:

@Kikilet:  @peoplesrev kelly cutrone is a good mom, so cool,real, and unproduced. We like that. Love her.

@Kikilet , peoples rev Kelly Cutrone said she never picks on someone with the name Kelly 🙂

Kelly also tweeted this:

@Kikilet:  @countessluann gave me great advice: no chewing gum on a date. I LOVE gum. It is going to be a deal breaker for Mr. Right

At 42 years old Kelly doesn’t know that chewing gum on a date is probably not the best idea?  If she needs advice on the fundamentals like that, maybe it explains why she remains single. 

@Kikilet:  perezhilton and I are friends. He knows I adore him and his snark. We’re good tks.

I think that says it all, someone really needs to provide Kelly with the definition of “friend” because I would bet that 90% of the people that Kelly calls her “friends” are acquaintances and/or people who have interviewed her.  The guy who feeds her horse, men she met for only moments at a party, if they’re well known could be considered a friend to Kelly.  (we know she doesn’t acknowledge or remember the women)  Any celebrity that Kelly has been in the same room with is a friend to Kelly.  It is actually very sad if you really think about it. 

Kelly posts dozens of photographs of herself every week on Twitter including photos of  magazine and newspaper spreads that contain her photo.  Kelly really thinks a lot of herself, she’s very conceited! 

She also posted another You-Tube video that makes no sense, enjoy:


If Kelly is the most frustrating housewife, Jacqueline Laurita of New Jersey is a close second.  Jacqueline is also addicted to Twitter just as Kelly is but Jacqueline likes to send private Direct Messages to people on Twitter as well.  I got this from Jacqueline after I made a comment on Twitter about the Country Club episode, as Jacqueline was running through the Country Club screaming Danielle’s crimes from 25 years ago.  I don’t remember exactly what I said but obviously it wasn’t a in support of Jacqueline’s behavior:

JacLaurita    Didn’t we used to be friends? What happened Lynn? Where did we go wrong?

I’m sure this works for Jacqueline on many of her fans, I’m not stupid enough to think that we were or will ever be “friends”.  I know many RHONJ fans will support their favorite housewives regardless of what they say or what they do, I was sickened by her and Teresa’s behavior on screen so I send a direct message back to Jacqueline telling her exactly that.  Her constant conversations about Danielle were getting old.  She responded this way:

JacLaurita  Yeah I know its bc during filming I wasn’t as bitter as I am now.  I’m almost done though. Then can we be friends again?

I didn’t feel the need to respond to the second direct message, that fake sweet Jacqueline talking about being “friends” really just sealed the deal for me.  This is just another housewife trying to manipulate fans and thinking that they’re smarter than their fans. 

Jacqueline tweeted at 3am yesterday morning about phone calls that she was getting from someone claiming to have information about Danielle, also claiming that Jacqueline and her family were in danger.  Imagine for a moment, if you will, that you got some strange phone calls at 3am, that you got this distressing information from some stranger.  The phone calls didn’t stop and you called the police to report these calls.  Now imagine what you would do next….  Is it Tweet?  No, I didn’t think so.  Maybe this jolted her to her senses as many fans asked her why on earth she is tweeting at a time like that…

Jacqueline’s most recent message:

@JacLaurita:  I need time to organize & sort some things out & make important decisions. Taking time away for a while to be with my kids and Hubby. XOXO!

This perhaps is in response to the dozens and dozens of tweets that Jacqueline is getting asking her how she can still be friends with someone like Teresa and why is she going to continue on doing the show with all of these issues. 

There is no way that Jacqueline is going to turn down an offer to be on next season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, I think that we all know that.  She can’t pass up the fame and the fortune anymore than Kelly Bensimon can, so what’s with the dramatic tweet Jacqueline?  Are you trying to get fans to beg you to stay? 

Less than 24-hours away from part Two of the reunion of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the episode that we’re told will blow us all away!  Surprises and shocking announcements to be revealed!  And Mr. Announcer claims one Housewife will leave the show forever.  WOW, I wonder who that might be? 

This may be the very first episode of RHONJ that I’m actually looking forward to watching.

Bravotv.com has posted a few previews and a few extra bonus video, this one is Andy providing quotes from the season and asking the ladies who said it.  It’s rather dull to be honest but he also asks the ladies about their blogs and the comments on their blogs, asking them each if they read the comments. 


If you watch you’ll notice that almost every quote that Andy asks about is all about Danielle!   Andy actually asked Teresa about her bedazzled baby pacifier for her baby, if the woman owns Swarovski crystal, she should be able to pronounce it….geeze Teresa, you just keep getting more and more trashy!

The frustration for me in this reunion is that, just like the season itself, it is all about Danielle.  Every question, whether or not it is presented to Danielle or not, comes back to Danielle, the other women continuously turn every conversation into something negative about Danielle. 

Are these other three women saints who’ve done nothing wrong?  Andy touched very briefly on Teresa’s bankruptcy but let her off the hook with her pre-planned answers and then dropped it.  Have we asked Teresa about her allowing her children to ride in the car without seatbelts?  What about the brand new birthday present for her daughter, an ATV!   Where were the girls helmets as they took it for a joy ride up and down the driveway?  Teresa screamed at them to avoid puddles so that they didn’t get dirty.  I guess splitting their head open isn’t a problem as long as they don’t get any dirt on their dresses. 

How about the cookbook author who talks about using frozen pizza dough, or her starting the fight at the Country Club.  Why didn’t he ask Teresa if she felt in any way responsible for Ashley’s legal troubles resulting from her chasing a woman through a country club? 

What about Jacqueline?  Why wasn’t she asked about her daughter’s behavior?  The hair pulling was just the tip of the iceburg.  Remember how Andy grilled Lynne Curtain on her daughter’s behavior?  Why wasn’t Jacqueline grilled the same way.  How many times did we watch Jacqueline tell Ashley to stay off of the internet and stop talking about Danielle on Facebook and Twitter?  To this day Ashley is tweeting about Danielle! 

Caroline isn’t perfect either, as she pretends to be.  If I had a dime for every time Danielle’s name was mentioned in Caroline’s kitchen, I’d have about a buck.  How can Caroline blame Danielle for these discussions?  Teresa, Dina and Jacqueline walk into Caroline’s kitchen and while Jacqueline’s eating, everyone else is talking about Danielle, including Caroline!  They even talk about how they’re sick of talking about her as they go on talking about her. 

Why didn’t we get details on her son Albie’s troubles at law school?  There were plenty of unanswered questions.  Was the law school informed in advance that Albie would need additional help?  Did they even know about his learning disability?  What steps did Albie take in ensuring he would have the grades that he needed to continue on in law school?  He claims he called a number that he was given and got no answer, but did he call back?  Did he make it a priority to get in touch with the right people?  How much effort did Albie put into his schoolwork?  Knowing he would struggle, since he knew about this disability since Jr. High School, did he put in the work that was needed to pass? Or did he spend his time partying, dating, tweeting and filming the show?  Does this family feel that someone with a learning disability can perform the duties required of an attorney?  Maybe they have all the right answers and maybe Albie did it right, but why didn’t Andy ask any of these questions? 

Well, it definitely mirrors the season, it was all about Danielle and the reunion continues to be all about Danielle.  We’ll see if there is any change tonight but it certainly doesn’t seem as though there is any change based on the previews and the bonus clips posted on Bravotv.com. 

The sad thing is, there are a few small hints that Danielle is still trying to get back in with these ladies, she gives a little smile to Jacqueline or to Caroline, even Teresa.  Danielle tries to agree with the ladies in regards to their own language and small subtle hints like that show that Danielle is really trying too hard with these ladies.  Either that, or she really does believe that she’s playing a character and they don’t really hate her, they’re just pretending to hate her on TV. 

These ladies really don’t know how really stupid they look during the reunion, Teresa with her animal-like outbursts complete with the most vulgar language available, Jacqueline with her little interruptions that all turn out to be digs at Danielle make her look so pathetic and Caroline who keeps repeating the same few words over and over, yelling over Danielle all while demanding an answer to a question that Danielle just answered but that Caroline can’t hear because she’s screaming.  Caroline’s buzz phrases like “buckle up” and “we’re in the OK Corral” are just plain stupid!  If Caroline thinks that the tough girl badgering makes her look good, she’s completely wrong! 

This season has been a complete bust!  I’m fully expecting a “lost footage” episode to be announced tonight that will air next Monday.  This will most likely be an hour of more of the same nonsense!

If rumors are true that Teresa’s sister in law, Melissa will be the newest housewife, then I will look forward to next season.  While I do want to see the final reunion installment, I’m more looking forward to it being OVER! 

Like all of the other housewives, just because they’re not on the screen every week, we haven’t forgotten about them and we’ll continue to follow Teresa’s legal woes!  Hopefully we’ll have some news from the New York ladies confirming the cast. 

Rumors are flying fast and furious that there may be “part time” housewives this season and that Jill Zarin may be considered “part time”.  If we can’t get rid of her altogether, part time is better than full time.  Could this be Bravo’s response to Jill refusing to film with Alex?  If I was a Bravo executive and Jill told me she refused to film with Alex, I would fire her ass so fast her head would spin.  We all know that Bravo executives have no balls, so maybe this is their response, cut her filming down to half of what is normally filmed and limit her air time to “part time”. 

 Hey, I can dream….

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898 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Weekend Update Sept 6, 2010

  1. Olivia says:

    I wonder just how much Caroline will be tap dancing around the latest news concerning Teresa and Joe. I suppose “lying to the FBI” is just “Teresa being Teresa”. They were all so eager to wine and dine Danielle’s ex husband with words of support, even going the distance of being photographed with him, that it is really amusing to watch the wheels come off.

    I have no sympathy for Danielle, but it just goes to show what goes around, comes around for people living in glass houses.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      When did Teresa lie to the FBI? When did she talk to the FBI? Source?

      • kit9 says:

        What’s really annoying about Andy completely letting T off the hook on Part 1 was that he said in an interview that he really didn’t want to ask about the bankruptcy-he said it made him uncomfortable. Gee, if it were Danielle spending like a lunatic and then filing for bankruptcy and having all her possessions sold at auction, think Andy would have a problem asking about it? He’d be grilling her until she cried. Ugh, the double standard. I’m torn, I want to watch tonight but am fairly positive it will just give me an outrage headache from the unfair one sided D-hatefest. Ugh.

  2. LynnNChicago says:

    Sha2000 Happy Birthday!!!

    I hope you have a great day!

    • Shari says:

      “Caroline isn’t perfect either, as she pretends to be. If I had a dime for every time Danielle’s name was mentioned in Caroline’s kitchen, I’d have about a buck. How can Caroline blame Danielle for these discussions? Teresa, Dina and Jacqueline walk into Caroline’s kitchen and while Jacqueline’s eating, everyone else is talking about Danielle, including Caroline! They even talk about how they’re sick of talking about her as they go on talking about her. ”

      I have to wonder if they think that we are stupid and haven’t noticed that? I remember saying as I watched it…If you’re so tired of talking about her, then stop it already!

    • Sha2000 says:

      Oh, thank you…you are all so sweet! My husband is flying out early today (connecting flights ugg) so he could be at a meeting early tomorrow morning…no choice : ( it’s the norm around here for the last 12 or so years & the poor guy is tired of traveling. I am here w/my two girls; we will go shopping & maybe lunch & maybe see a friend. I also plan on popping in here as I do, I am happily addicted. Thank you for this wonderful site Lynn & great blogs & today’s was no exception. Have a wonderful day!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Happy Birthday Sha2000! Buy something special! Have a great day!

        • Sha2000 says:

          Thanks Windy…I’m thinking handbag, it a serious expensive addiction that I don’t want to kick….but I’m sure I’m not alone here with that particular problem. Unfortunately the economy had me move away from charging them at Nordstroms or picking up a freak clearance deal at Neimans (insert your Teresa comparison here) but T.J. Maxx beckons & I have found some beauties there in the past…notice how they now moved them near the door so you have to walk past them on the way into the store? If I don’t find one today, tomorrow I’ll try another location, sans kids : )

          Have a great day too!

          • Anitabee says:

            Happy Birthday.

            Don’t forget to check out Marshall’s as they also have great deals on handbags.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Purses are a great investment and beautiful reminder of why/what was going on when you bought it – pick wisely, pick well.

          • truelifediva says:

            I have two great outlet malls in my area that satisfy my Coach and Dooney & Burke obsession! Have to limit myself to Christmas and Birthday indulgences 🙂

            • kk says:

              I have found some nice used designer purses at pawn shops and you can even do a trade instead of buy. The pawn shop I go to is in a college town, with no bad areas to worry about. The things college kids will pawn for beer money is great.

          • NoGrifterFan says:

            Happy BDay!

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Happy Birthday, Sha2000; enjoy it!

      • Shari says:

        Happy Birthday!

        • fairydusted says:

          Happy Birthday! I just bought my bday handbag, more than a month early, but hey Buckle had a great Guess bag.

      • Katie says:

        Happy birthday! I’m sorry your husband can’t be there with you today. You may have to celebrate a birthday month!

      • babelony says:

        Happy B-Day Sha2000! Enjoy your shopping.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Happy birthday, Sha! 🙂

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Happy Birthday!!!

      • dumberries says:

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHA2000!!! Sounds like a fun day, enjoy…

        • Sha2000 says:

          Wow! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It was fun; Ulta (got some over priced sparkly gloss…at my age, I know), hit TJ Maxx (no bags just cool doo-dads & a cute Halloween thingie-I’m a Halloween-A-holic) & ate lunch at a Greek restaurant w/my two sweet girls. My 7 year old purchased a surprise for me at TJ Maxx w/her OWN money…sweet,sweet,sweet! Now I’m off to visit a friend who’s been sick & her getting better is #1 on my birthday list; so her being up for a visit *really* made the day special…plus of course all your kind birthday wishes. : )

  3. Had Enough! says:

    Bethenny AND Tim Gunn on Regis today. I do not like Regis, but I will leave it on for Bethenny and Tim. Make it work! Carry on! Where’s our little Andre?

    (Sorry but Runway has not been very good since it left Bravo and I wasn’t even too thrilled about the last Bravo season, but the BloggingProjectRunway blog was great).

    • MickeyMouth says:

      PR was losing it’s luster even before it jumped to Lifetime. I find I keep forgetting it was even on. So sad it was one of my favs.

    • angelofdevs says:

      Andre is waiting for Tim at the nearest Red Lobstah! He’s our lost little lamb you know.

    • JenD says:

      Loved how Regis kept grilling Bethenny. She seemed frustrated with him, and he seems to wanna ask his producers why is this woman famous and why is she on the show. See Regis is used to interview real people with talent, so its a bit confusing. They had a screaming match, and Bethenny actually screamed at the guy, when he asked why she taped her counseling sessions WOW…Gotta love Reg, not a big fan of Bethenny though

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Oh Man!!! No Regis today, the Jerry Lewis telethon is on – hopefully I can catch it on line later 😦

  4. Olivia says:

    And just for the record, “Renewed Ramona” has been outed by the press for acting like a “prima donna” on a recent Maury Povitch show along with dumping some charity in the Hamptons that had Sonja filling in on her behalf.

    For someone who supposedly refused to be photographed with Dirty Danielle, she had few qualms about filming an entire show with her even if it meant appearing with awful Maury. All that talk about their commitment to charities is just talk.

    So much for turning a new page. Ramona is, and always has been, all about Ramona.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Go back one blog. She says she didn’t promise to be there and in fact told them she couldn’t be there. Sonja backed her up.

      Or….she found out that Kellamity was attending and she backed out. Can’t blame her for that!

  5. angelofdevs says:

    Calling it like it is, could not have said it better myself. Sorry but there are four disfunctional women on that show with varying degrees of different psychological disorders. Anyone who watches that show and thinks otherwise is sadly mistaken (yes this is directed at Jac’s comment regarding Danielle, glass houses honey).

  6. Had Enough! says:

    Bethenny right now. Looks great. She really doesn’t miss the other housewives. I laughed and cried for three seasons and I feel it was like a pyramid scam and you are lucky to get out at the top.

    Nothing really new so far.

    • Ellabean says:

      Just watched Bethenny on Regis too. She was delightful. And she was the perfect foil for the charmingly cranky Regis. I definitely could see Kelly and Bethenny doing the co-host thing together when they have subs on occasionally.

      I laughed out loud when a genuinely befuddled Regis asked her (paraphrasing): ” I just don’t understand – you just got married, had a baby, have a hot career – why do you need therapy ? ”

      Bethenny: ” Regis ! You have to change the oil in your car once in awhile just make sure nothing will go wrong.”

      • Ellabean says:

        “just to make sure”

        • Sha2000 says:

          I never watch Live anymore; if it wasn’t labor day I might have caught Bethenny on it as I’m on the elliptical…oh well thank goodness for you tube.

          • Ellabean says:

            I have to share that I never watch Regis and Kelly either – but caved in today just to catch Bethenny.

            Like people feel about the TV saturation of reality shows – well I feel much the same when it comes ot TV talk shows. Overkill and same old – same old – recycling of guests and tired formats. I hate it when talk show hosts go on other talk shows – gagh! Regis to The View – then Barbara Walters on Larry King – then Larry King on Regis. They recyle each other !

  7. Olivia says:

    No one can deny that Danielle Staub is a skank. She lies, invents, and her behavior is so out of whack that it would be difficult to defend. Also, considering that she has some genuine mental health issues, there is little about her to like.

    However, finding herself being tarred and feathered by this group is hilarious. Who are they to get up on their high horses with all that is happening in their own lives? Teresa Guidice calling Danielle names? Come on! Jacqueline questioning Danielle’s parenting with that slug of a daughter? Devout Dina and Commonsense Caroline defending the likes of Joe and Teresa is hypocrisy at its finest.

    I am wondering how they work this Melissa into the narrative when she is so much younger than the rest of them and their allegiance all along has been to the Guidice’s while the sisters in law are reportedly at odds. Might be a “job” for Kim G to once again act as the “bridge” between the camps!

  8. Had Enough! says:

    OK Bethenny answered the question I’ve been asking – how did it happen that the cameras were there when her water broke. She said that they were hanging around a lot more at the end of her pregnancy waiting for something to happen (i.e., they didn’t want to miss it). I guess you might think “right but FIVE weeks?” but remember, she’d had a somewhat difficult pregnancy. I am choosing to believer her on this one. Sorry Olivia, sometimes I just want to believe it.

    She’s also talking about this therapist and I don’t get it. What the heck does this guy do except look wise and ask an occasional question? And he’s supposed to be one of the best in NY.

    • Justanothermary says:

      That’s exactly what my shrink does (the one I had to start seeing because of my addiction to all thing housewives).

    • Olivia says:

      I think his role was there to “soften” her image a little. She is tightly wound to some extent and those sessions were designed to give her the opportunity to explain her background in greater detail. And find a cure in 8 weeks!

      The problem I have with that is if I were a possible patient of this man would I really want to consider him for therapy knowing his eagerness to be on camera? I realize he comes across as kind and sympathetic, but discretion is the name of game in therapy and a guy willing to be filmed while dishing out advice would cause me to pause before I agreed to treatment.

      But that’s just me.

      • JenD says:

        Thank You Olivia. If i was in a reality show, i would just said that i was in therapy, rather than taping the sessions. That still wouldn’t make me fake. My friend is a psychologist and said that the minute the camera is pointed at you, your behavior change, whether it’s good or bad. Audience might think it’s reality, but it’s not. The brain doesn’t permit it. For some reason many people don’t get Kelly Bensimon, but i get her. I actually understood her when she told bethenny “about i’m up here and you down there”, it was not about status at all, she meant to say were on different pages, or not communicating . Kelly need to articulate her words and feeling much better.

        • Olivia says:

          Kelly is stuck in her arrested development. I never thought she was clinically crazy, just a combination of stupid and intellectually challenged.

          I’m in the minority on this but I always believed that Bravo told her to get in there and “mix things up” in St John and she did. Although inartfully executed, I think she did what she thought she was supposed to do because she is too dumb to realize the consequences that has left her trying to amend that image through Twittering for months on end.

          It is her vapidness that comes out instead which was apparent since her first appearance.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            she may have done it too well as she had to be escorted home by Bravo…..

            • Olivia says:

              That is the story they tell us but how much of it can one believe since she has been resigned for another season?

              Surely if her behavior was so erratic that caused them to “lock their doors” against her it would stand to reason that she would be a goner.

              Apparently not so since Alex, Sonja and, Ramona have agreed to remain on a show that supposedly “threatened” their safety.

          • truelifediva says:

            Kind of like the “take your hair down” moment? Yeah, I tried to give Kelley the benefit of the doubt at first but she is an ugly mix of stupidity, elitism, and insecurity. She did act kind of “extra” this season….in hopes of getting her own spin off. She alluded to it in her final blog from last season.

        • KellitaM says:

          But feelings are so “1979!” 😉

    • Ellabean says:

      I am sure there is more to those sessions than just the few mild questions. Hopefully alot of “family of origin” work.

    • angelofdevs says:

      My therapist is much the same. Occasional probing Qs or pointing out something but mostly I talk. 🙂 The housewies did not send me to therapy but my therapist knows I blog about their psychological issues instead of my own LOL.

    • Vada-Marie says:

      It’s really hard to judge everything with therapy. Most sessions last 50min-1hr,
      So we only saw the tip of the iceberg. If it were me, I’d keep my therapy private. I’d assume she spoke on camera of issues we knew of & kept some private.

      Everything we see is a staged version of reality. We see the 2nd arrivals. The ppl arrive, set up the angles (literal & figurative) then we see what they want us to. If reality TV were real, there would be no directors.

  9. Olivia says:

    I don’t think tonight’s reunion show is going to offer anywhere near the hype being promised by Bravo. Unless someone comes up with more inventive ways to call Danielle a “whore” or scream “mothereffer” in her face for the entire hour or tell her to “shut up” one more time to drive the point home.

    We are all aware that she will not be returning so that “bombshell” will be nothing more than a dud. The outtakes of Trashy Kim G sitting her fat butt on the couch has already shown that “surprise”.

    The only real news would be if Andy turns to the cameras and declares that the entire franchise has been canceled for the benefit of the country. I may raise a glass to that.

    • Sha2000 says:

      I have to agree there is always a let down & the more they hype it up, the more it seems to be much ado about nothing. Keeping my fingers crossed there will be something to laugh about (more likely at). I bet all will be tweeting their side of the story before the show is over.

    • Had Enough! says:

      The only bombshell that would make me happy (apart from the damned thing being canceled entirely) would be for Caroline to stand up and say “Teresa, we’re through. You are garbage and I am beginning to stink from being around you.”

      Hey, a girl can dream…

      Others have pointed out that Teresa seems to be fairly new to the Manzo/Laurita clan. For instance, no one mentioned having been at her wedding, or at the coronations of the first three little princesses. When she said that they always dance at baptism parties, none of them seemed to know that or have seen it before. And she does live in a different town, some distance away. They didn’t know her parents prior to the trip to Italy. Dina had 600 people at her Big Fat Fabulous Wedding in 2006. Was Teresa even there?

      She’s much younger than Caroline and at a totally different stage of life. She and Jacqueline both have young children, so I’m guessing that Jacqueline brought this trash to the Manzo/Laurita picnic. She seems to have poor choice in friends, and may have been desperate for friends if, as some think, the Manzos were less than warm and open-armed when she showed up on the scene. However, Teresa fit in much better than Danielle, so they welcomed Teresa and had no reason to know at that time what Teresa really was.

      Either that or they were all casual acquaintances at that Chateau salon …

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I read that they were all customers at the salon – not really good friends but women who saw each other there and the usual gossip (and then the book gossip) that goes along with patronizing the same places in a small town.

      • Isharemymeds says:

        I believe the Brownstone is where Joe launders his dirty money for a fee. (This is easily done in cash bizness such as restaurants/strip joints) Why else all the Teresa ass kissing? She’s more in par with Danielle than the Manzos.

        Joe is a very shady businessman and a drunk. Why do Tommy, Chris, and Albert even give him the time of the day?

    • Snarkella says:

      I am really fed up with watching the other women mercilessly pick Danielle apart. And Andy allows it. Danielle is no saint by any stretch of the imagination, but what the eff did this woman do that gives them the right to just go at her relentlessly. It’s sick. As we saw with the NY ladies, even sworn enemies can have the occasional kind word, smile or smidgen of empathy for each other.

      WTF Bravo? NJ? Andy? Anyone out there? Why don’t we just bury Danielle in the sand and throw rocks at her head? Would that make you stupid effers happy?

      Sorry. I guess I’ll watch part 2 but I’m already dreading it.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      “The only real news would be if Andy turns to the cameras and declares that the entire franchise has been canceled for the benefit of the country. I may raise a glass to that.”

      I don’t always agree with you, Olivia, but I love your posts. I will clap for ‘for the benefit of the country.’ Priceless!

  10. The HW shows are entertaining and I love the gossip and rumors after the shows about the diva’s we love to hate and talk about.

  11. Jen says:

    RHONJ on Wendy Williams today- hoping she will nail Teresa for her lies and bankruptcy crap ( but this probably isn’t live huh?)

  12. Wall St Lady says:

    What time & network for Regis ? Not finding it ?

    • Ellabean says:

      Hi WSL – Regis is syndicated – so the locla network and time varies in the USA. In NY he is on at 9am est on the ABC affiliate – channel 7.

  13. Wall St Lady says:

    Pop Eaters on Today. “2 Celebrity” couples rarely
    One benifit of T& J celebrity status.

  14. Wall St Lady says:

    Lynn U should b on Today to explain T&J & Gov. attempts to
    Stop ch 7 Fresh Start.

  15. Jen says:

    Ok WW is live- and holy crap what is Teresa wearing, Jacqueline and Caroline look ok.

  16. Melinda says:

    as i was in NYC this past 5 days, i was sorry not to see Kelly jogging down the middle of the street or Jill flitting around shopping and spending money! Unfortunately, all of the housewives left the city for the Hamptons (or Montauk) and I didn’t get to see anyone! LOL……..

    I did pass right in front of Zarin Fabrics……..lord……it is in the heart of China Town and really not an impressive store at all.

    as for the NJ housewives……..only time will tell what will become of Teresa and her financial and now legal woes…….frankly, all of them should be ashamed of themselves for their behavior, but I can understand their frustration with Danielle. Plus let’s remember I am almost positive that the Bravo producers told the wives to talk about her constantly…..like I have said before, i have a very good friend who did reality (not dating shows & not on Bravo) and she said the producers would actually try to pick fights between her & hubby so they could get good tv……..so while they are constantly talking about Danielle, we gotta realize that it is because this is why the show is watched…….for the insanity between all of these women!

    I still like Caroline as my favorite…….the rest? eh…….I like to watch Teresa, although I would never trust her as a friend (nor Jacqueline either). Danielle is still the most yuck in my book because i have encountered people such as her in life……..always the “victim” yet always causing their own problems as well.

    love your blog!!!

  17. WindyCityWondering says:

    Lynn – thanks for the excellent blog.
    I was surprised by the comments on the Guidice document page too. Some people don’t seem to understand that when people behave as criminals they lose the blind support of fans.

  18. KellitaM says:

    I’m going to watch the reunion tonight, because I am a “finish what I started” kind of girl, but I’m about excited as when I go to the dentist. It looks like more of the same stomach-turning theme that it’s been all season: Everyone picking on Danielle because Danielle is All Bad and responsible for every evil in the world, with even Andy biasing his questions to continue the theme. And now they’ll blindside her with one more enemy to the mix: Kim G. I really think that’s been cruel.
    Caroline said (in one interview or something) about how it’s getting old that Danielle is saying they’re all ganging up on her. Well, it’s getting old because it IS old! That’s exactly what they’ve been doing! And not one of the rest of them is above reproach.

    • Snarkella says:

      Thank you Kellita. I couldn’t agree more. As I posted further up in the comments, this dynamic they have going sickens me. How can they base the entire show around pummeling one person into the ground? I keep hearing people say Danielle loves to play the victim, but holy eff word, I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.

    • Olivia says:

      Again, without Danielle what else did they have to offer? Nothing by way of a narrative that was going to bring the audience back week after week.

      Segments of the ham game, Jacqueline trying to instill some motivation into Trashley, Dina, the cats, and the spiritualists, Albie flunking out, Caroline and Albert choosing a suit, pumpkin picking outings, none of these events add up to more that a few minutes of interest. Danielle hating was the glue that kept this mess from imploding after 5 weeks and they dragged it out for 15.

      If Melissa is chosen to replace Danielle as the “nemesis” doesn’t this pit this family against one another for no reason whatsover? What exactly is the point? The answer may be in the ratings but this does not make Melissa any less despicable for agreeing to sign on to this travesty.

      The “shame” button seems to have all but disappeared from this franchise. Teresa may be a supersided moron but look for the “love, love, love Melissa” theme to rise up forgetting that she is putting her family relationships in jeopardy not to mention the example she is setting for her own children just because she does not get along with her.

      • KellitaM says:

        I’m wondering, too, how much responsibility falls on Bravo if a cast member were to really spiral down into depression or try to hurt themselves or have a breakdown. I take responsibility for watching the show, I know I’m contributing to the ratings and I own that, but it seems to me like they are really messing around with some real darkness.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Interesting. I had that same thought when Danielle went missing.

          What if GOD FORBID, she gave into depression and realized that “good things” aren’t coming and committed suicide?

          Would Caroline finally be happy?

          Would Bravo replay her scenes over and over to make money off of her death? I wouldn’t put it past them.

          You know if they are putting women with mental issues on the hot seat, then there may be a price to pay down the road.

          IMHO, Bravo is just cruel to Danielle and seems to view her as collatoral damage in the rush for ratings.

          • kk says:

            I don’t think Caroline or any of them would feel the slightest bit of guilt, remorse, or conscious.
            It’s not in them to have empathy.

        • kk says:

          Didn’t something like that happen when the talk shows started to spiral in the gutter? Didn’t a former guest of Sally Rapheal (sp?) or that blonde talk show host (was it Lisa Gibbons) had a guest that later committed suicide and site the show as the reason why. After that the talk shows were canceled or cleaned up.

          Or am I remembering it wrong. It was problem 10-15 years ago.

          • KellitaM says:

            I think it happened from the Nancy Grace show, too.

            • dumberries says:

              A young man who was presented with a “surprise” guest and homosexual declaration of love (on Jenny Jones) committed suicide a few days later.

              Nancy Grace interviewed a mother whose toddler was allegedly stolen from her apartment; she had a history of mental disorders and had been grilled hard by local media before going on Nancy Grace. Her story didn’t add up to a lot of people and she was feeling unfairly treated. The mother killed herself shortly after the NG interview and the family is suing NG. The young father (who was estranged from the mother) is still searching for his son…

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Jennie Johns had a guest murder another guest because of a gay storyline.

            • dumberries says:

              Yes, that’s right Windy. The guest didn’t kill himself, he killed the friend that confessed to being in love with him. (My post above is incorrect in saying he killed himself)…

          • TrillianAlice says:

            No, you are right, it happened after Jenny Jones’ show. People were supposed to come out and meet the person that had a secret crush on them. When the man walked out there was another man he knew sitting there. He had a bad reaction and went home and something bad happened. He did cite the show as the reason, he had thought it was the girl that came along.

            • kk says:

              Thanks for the clarifications. I really couldn’t remember how it went & I guess I got Jenny Jones & Nancy Grace stories confused.

              I still think it just shows bad things can happen when networks get out of hand. I am actually worried about Danielle. I don’t think she is that stable and I would be a wreak with all the hate mail and scrutiny.

              I fear that she could have hurt herself or some crazy Teresa fan is after her or that ex-husband went nuts. I read somewhere that the judge ordered security when D & her ex met at court.

              I hope she is just on vacation.

  19. Jen says:

    Caroline says she size 6 so at least honest in that but claimed all natural-

    Ugh! Wendy is letting Ashley talk – Caroline claims she learned Danielle had driven past the house day of reunion filming….. Lying they mentioned in blogs about her driving by-

    The replayed Teresa screaming and even Wendy thought she said break up- Wendy is pissing me off because she not calling out Teresa on lies and also Jacqueline and Teresa telling different nephew stories…..But Teresa did say ‘SHE is not on show’ in refernce to nephew, not he- She….. My guess is Teresa meant Mellissa was not on show at that time and what pissed T off was that Danielle got her info from Mellissa

    Williams asked Teresa if we will learn more about bankruptcy in coming months and she literally went speechless and mumbled ‘ah well uh you know’ and Williams stopped her to end segment-

    Dam was hoping for more from Wendy- who claims to tell it like it is

    • Shari says:

      Damn, it seems as if all these talk shows are in cahoots(sp) with Braov. Bad journalism if you ask me.

    • Ellabean says:

      Re: The NJ Wives on the Wendy Williams show this morning. Another talk show I don’t watch but I caved in again. Grrr. A wasted beautiful September morning.

      Misc Observations:
      – They all looked tired – especially Caroline.
      – Yes , what the heck was Teresa wearing ? It was gawd awful. A very busy printed tunic top over lace leggings. Oh my – it was bad. My bet – she bought it in Las Vegas. She surely spent money there and bought some clothes.
      – Not being snarky mean – but Caroline and Jac’s hair looked – dirty. Like they slept and had it re-styled this a.m., and heavily sprayed to try and spruce it up for the show – but it looked very un- washed.
      – Jac did it again ! The exact same behavior as their Today show appearance last week – dang. When Wendy asked Teresa to explain her wild reaction at Danielle for the nephew question, Teresa was grasping for words – and Jac was babbling endlessly at the other end of the couch to answer for her. Trying to rescue her resulting in ridiculous cross talk.
      – Jac’s upper lip was the 4th wife again today – very botoxed and puffed up.
      – I think Jac’s weight loss and manic TV behavior on these recent TV shows may indicate she is getting a little ‘chemical’ help.

      • Jen says:

        Good call on the hair, you’re right their hair did look very greasy and Jacqueline did try to jump over Tree

        Also agreed Jacqueline has some happy pills going on

      • KellitaM says:

        I think Jac is a classic co-dependent. She’s always trying to rescue someone, and doesn’t seem to know where the other person ends and she begins. That’s my non-professional observation.

      • The WW show was taped last week before Tree’s trip to Las Vegas. Teresa was probably still trying to formulate her answers to the latest BK debacle and “Melissa” situation.

        And no….I am not “THAT” Melissa. I am the real one. LOL!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Agreed Jen, this is a joke! Now they’re going to do NJ trivia? This may be interesting to the population of NJ, but not to the rest of us….

      Jacqueline just can’t stop talking over everyone, as Teresa was telling her lie about the nephew birth, Jacqueline continued talking and talking telling the exact same story as Teresa, now they have their lies straight!

    • Katie says:

      Geez I may need to move to the east coast, because this 3 hour delay in action is killing me. I am sure Teresa made a better appearance on Wendy Williams than she did last time. She actually corrected Wendy about the kind of diamonds Joe buys her, blood diamonds she proudly boasts. How can anyone be so ignorant? Acquisition Whore!

  20. Jen says:

    Hahahaha – sorry 1 more

    They are reading questions about Jersey off their cards and Caroline, Jacqueline, and Wendy go, no problems- Teresa Couldnt read her card, she stumbled over the fraction 2/3 and mispronounces corn- how in the hell did she graduate college?

    • Ellabean says:

      Jen, I was going to remark on the very same observation! Yep, Tree could barely read that one simple question.

    • Katie says:

      You guys! This was not Teresa’s fault. Perhaps the producers did not reference the jersey to English dictionary. Or maybe they forgot to bedazzle the cue cards. Most likely Danielle was in the audience with her legs in the air and blocked the cue cards.

    • Sue says:

      You asked how Teresa graduated college.

      Teresa claims she went to Berkeley College for Fashion Merchandising.

      While the have an expanded program now, back in the 80s & 90s, it was a ‘matchbook cover’ school. The program she was in was, at that time, was likely a 1 year certificate program. For a long time, Berkeley was a business/trade school. Before that, it was known as a very good secretarial school.

      In short, she spent as much time in actual college courses as my cat.

      • Katie says:

        And it doesn’t even show! 🙂

        In her bio on bravo, it says she earned a degress in Fashion Marketing and Management. It also says she was an associate buyer for Macys.

        Has anyone confirmed this? Who is their right mind would put her in charge of buying(for their business or home Joe?) in charge of selling, maybe, she sure has sold a load to many people via bravo.

      • Sherry says:

        I’d believe it when I saw a certificate that she got through the program. The woman is dumb as a rock. The poor thing reveals her lack of intelligence every time she speaks. I can’t believe she finished high school. Must have been one of those students they just keep pushing through the system to get rid of them.

        • Isharemymeds says:

          you are right, Sherry, trade schools are notorious for passing people to get their tuition money. It’s not like regular college where a lot more money is raised.

          This trade school makes more sense for Teresa. Wow, is she dumb!

  21. Wall St Lady says:

    I knew I liked Regis. Can’t wait to tell Kathie If Regis can be mean to Miss B it is open season on the even more talentless Trash a.
    Yip peeeee !
    I was worried that it may b out of vogue or off limits to probe Reality Starlets !
    Go for more Shows T. They will
    Love Love Love U !

    • JenD says:

      I’m with you all the way, let’s go apeshit on these bitches. Love when Regis said you have a cooking book, his facial expressions were priceless…i laughed B seemed frustrated.

  22. Meadow says:

    I was “priviledged” enough to receive a direct message from Jac as well!

    When asked how she got private info on Danielle’s girls (trips to nurse’s office) she tweeted that she knew someone who worked at the school. I then tweeted that children’s school information ( academic, disciplinary and medical) are protected by Fed Law and hoped the school would be looking into whoever leaked that info – possibly the school nurse/staff, Jac tweeted that it wasn’t the school nurse and there were many witnesses.

    I’m hoping that Danielle goes after the school which would result in an investigation of Jac’s “friend” and that appropriate action will be taken.

    The hypocrisy of the Giudices, Manzos and Lauritas is absolutely amazing.

    • Shari says:

      I’d save that DM if I were you. Maybe even pass it on to Danielle. I would.

      • Meadow says:

        Yes I already tweeted to DS re: violation of Fed law – I hope she follows up on school employee/Jac friend.

        Def saving DM.

    • Katie says:

      Speaking of jac’s direct messages, does anyone remember when she was asked about Teresa’s jewelry and said that a bracelet costs several thousand dollars? That wasn’t costume jewelry.

    • Jamie says:

      How many witnesses could there be? I don’t believe that. People don’t stand around the nurses office all day waiting to see who goes in and who comes out; and what happens inside the nurse’s office would not be known by any witnesses, only the persons inside the office would know. If someone saw one of Danielle’s daughters crying how would they know what it was about? If the girls told the school nurse why they were crying and she repeated it either to Jac or to someone else who repeated it to Jac this is a problem. This could be made up gossip but Jac had to be either digging aroung looking to get some dirt to use against Danielle or at the very least she was gossiping about Danielle. Danielle should pursue this because the rights of her children have been violated by whoever told this to Jac and Jac also violated the girls rights by repeating the gossip on national TV. I think this was very damaging to Danielle’s girls. I have no respect for Jac for doing something like this. But it does show the nature of these women. Don’t mention my family but I’ll mention your family and that’s perfectly ok, although I never talk about you unless it’s on camera I still manage to get dirt about you to talk about on camera and I’m not obsessed even if in reality I can’t really stop talking about you and by the way I am also so much better than you are.

      • Sherry says:

        Jac is a douchebag. She claims to get all upset if someone talks about her kid, but she turns around and talks about Danielle’s. She could care less about the welfare of the kids when it’s a chance to attack Danielle for some tv air time. They’re all cut from the same crappy mold.

    • truelifediva says:

      Ha! You’re assuming her daughters quietly go to the nurses office to cry. Maybe they have been seen sobbing in the hallways also? Maybe they cry in class and the teacher sends them to the nurses office. It’s only private if NOBODY sees it. Maybe other students witnessed these occurances and that’s how the word spread. Danielle needs to work on getting her life together so that her daughters are not subjected to ridicule, not filing more lawsuits. You guys kill me sometimes…

      • Jamie says:

        Yes all teenage girls cry loudly for their classmates to see and hear because they want to be seen and heard so they can cause more drama in their lives and have more children teasing them. I don’t think so. Even if that was the case (which I doubt) what business is it of Jacqueline and Teresa so that they should bring it up so the entire country will know and so will all the children who go to school with Danielle’s girls. Since when is protecting your rights or those of your children wrong? What’s wrong is for Jacqueline to be so cold hearted as to say that about Danielle’s children.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Jac never should have made that comment on TV. But most schools have lots of parent volunteers. Who see plenty and gossip about it freely. I volunteer at my childrens school and I can assure it this goes on all the time. And regardless of federal laws most of the teachers I know are more than happy to discuss their students with you. It’s wrong but it happens everywhere.
          Also many of the school “nurses” aren’t trained medical professionals at all. Their responsibilty runs mostly to callling a parent to pick up a sick child. Budgets don’t include real nurses anymore.

          • Jamie says:

            I volunteered at my daughter’s school for years and later worked at her school. I also worked at a private school. Not once did I or anyone I volunteered or worked with gossip about any child in the school and not once did a teacher give us any private information on any child. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen but it never happened in my experience. In fact once when a boy at my daughter’s school had some serious behavioral problems and I had to go to the principal about it, I asked if the boy was getting help. I was informed that any information about this child was private and could not be disclosed. This was in a situation where my child and other children faced danger from this boy. I just think that any teacher who would disclose private information would really be out of line and the same for any employee of the school. These days a school failing to provide a safe environment for a child can be met with a lawsuit. Bulling is something that leads to an unsafe environment. If Danielle’s children are actually crying everyday from the children teasing them then the school has a responsibility to do it’s best to try and stop this from going on becuase isn’t that very close to bulling (in my opinion it is bulling)? It’s difficult for me to believe that a school would be fine with an employee revealing this kind of information. If this was my child I would pursue it. It simply is not ok for an employee of the school to have revealed this information to Jacqueline.

          • buffywood says:

            We are in a very good district and I can tell you that a group our volunteers gossip frequently. A group of them are their own little “clique” and have been that way for years. You can tell who their children are as they are the exact same way. It is actually very sad and their kids feel that can get away with a lot at the school; and unfortunately they do.

            Teens and Tweens will find any ammunition they can to tease and put others down, and when it doesn’t exist they simply make it up.

        • truelifediva says:

          Crying doesn’t have to be out loud, merely being seen with tears running down your face is evident enough. Teenage girls ARE dramatic. Maybe she cries after the episodes of her mom on the stripper pole, etc. are aired so that people will feel sorry for her and not laugh at her behind her back. Everyone in the school knows she’s on t.v. now, they are most likely watching every move she makes. The kids at her school are gonna talk when she farts, let alone if she gets caught crying . You sound like you don’t know too much about teenagers at all. Teenagers by definition are dramatic. If people want to blame Jackie for bringing up Danielle’s kids and causing them to be ridiculed, then hold Danielle’s feet to the fire for her nasty Facebook war against Ashley. In the end it’s all a bunch of nonsense and not serious enough to bring lawyers into the picture. EVERYONE’S hands are dirty.

          • Jamie says:

            I’m sure I know at least as much about teenagers as you do. Things that would have once been considered shameful are now just not looked upon the same way. I doubt that the kids at school would really have a big problem with Danielle’s children being on this show most likely they would think it was cool. I think Danielle’s children are most likely very popular at school. I never said anything about Jacqueline rearing Danielle’s children–not sure what you’re talking about. Jacqueline’s daughter is not a minor and she is involved in the facebook/twitter war. In fact she is still going at it on twitter. What did Danielle’s children do to Jacqueline, except exist of course? You just can’t compare the two things they aren’t the same. Jacqueline certainly has dirty hands in this, on that we can agree, for bringing this up on TV. If what Jacqueline said about Danielle’s daughters is true then Jacqueline, Teresa and Caroline have all had a hand in this, in my opinion. Bulling is not nonsense at all in fact it is very serious.

            • truelifediva says:

              I didn’t say “rear” I said “bring up” as in mention. If Danielle’s kids are off limits, then so are everyone else’s. Ashly was 17 when Danielle called her fat on facebook. I’m confused by your thinking that Danielle is probably thought of as “cool” by her daughters friends. They probably thought it was cool until she appeared on screen, then the humiliation began. I can see we will have to agree to disagree. Danielle is a reptilian, slutty embarrassment to her kids. The other housewives didn’t make a sex tape of Danielle, she did, twice. Danielle’s action and her actions ALONE are causing her kids to be the object of ridicule.
              But I still hate Jill Zarin 😉

              • Jamie says:

                LOL yes we do have some areas of disagreement. I didn’t say they thought Danielle was cool. I said they probably think her kids are cool and these days things that would have been considered shameful aren’t considered that way anymore. I don’t agree with anything any of these women do. I think these other three women are just as bad as Danielle. How cool is it to be like Teresa and what do her kids have to put up with at school? Out of control, chasing people through country clubs, table flipping, swearing using every nasty word she can think of, screaming in people’s faces. Then blaming Danielle for her behavior as though she has no will of her own. Who started the war between Danielle and Ashley? Why is Ashley continuing it? Again I ask what did Danielle’s daughters do to Jacqueline? Wouldn’t you think that Jacqueling only brought that up to hurt Danielle? So how does that make Jacqueline any better than Danielle?

      • kit9 says:

        ‘Maybe they have been seen sobbing in the hallways also?’

        Seen by who? Obviously an adult that works at the school is the only way Jac could have gotten such information. She didn’t get it from her own kids(her kids aren’t that old or young) so it’s obvious that an adult had to tell her these things and any adult that would gossip about a student is wrong and should be disciplined or fired. Period.

    • Isharemymeds says:

      ALL the girls are suffering, Jack’s, Tre’s, and D. So, sad because it was their own Mothers who put them in such tough situation. Kids are cruel. These girls didn’t ask for none of this. The kids need less airtime.

      The way Kim G is behaving I’m sure her kids are horrified as well. Same for Lexi bacause of her Aunt. Now, we can figure out a bit why Albie flunk out. Perhaps, he was not attending classes due to teasing. He seems really sensitive.

  23. WindyCityWondering says:

    While these NJ women make the talk show rounds it is becoming more and more apparent that they are not well educated, can not articulate the answer to any questions and when in doubt blame Danielle! Teresa can not answer a question to save her life and her buddies jump in to answer for her IMO not to help her as much as to protect themselves because she may say something that makes them look bad.

    If the bankruptsy is not discharged then that is the end of Teresa – her fantasy world is her shield and to continue to claim you can’t believe what you read when there are legal documents being cited just makes her look like a liar not a victim.

    • KellitaM says:

      They all travel in a pack, too. Let’s see how well they’d do in the hot seat by themselves. I’d especially like to see Teresa have a tough interview without her “pitbulls” right there by her side.

      • Isharemymeds says:

        she already did! They nailed her ass on the View. Did you watch? Very much worth the You Tube if you missed it.

  24. LynnNChicago says:


    This is an interview that was done with Sonja Morgan last month, these same great folks just interviewed me, of all people, and are in the process of editing it so it will be available to hear soon! I’ll post it when it’s officially available to hear…yikes! LOL

  25. Wall St Lady says:

    Snarkella ur post about Dungelle being buried in the sand up to the neck so we could throw rocks at her head reminded me of something said by Jesus,
    a historical figure at least,
    Profit to Muslims,or God to Christians

    “He who is with out sin should throw the first stone”

    I think the circumstances were around a law saying if you are caught in extra marital Hanky Panky it is punishable by stoning. Jesus didn’t throw a stone if u r w/o the acussed sin. He said w/o sin.

    But I would build a rock pile up to Teresa’s neck & let all the people she hurt or stiffed come by to give her a peace of their mind

    Not proselytizing I promise

    • KellitaM says:

      That’s exactly my point (upstream). All of them have skeletons in their closet, shady backgrounds, etc. They give Danielle ground rules: “Don’t bring up my family!” but then they can talk about Danielle’s kids and past history and whatever else they want. It’s completely been a double standard the whole season. Ugh!!
      Okay, feeling my blood pressure rise already on this beautiful Chicago-area Labor Day. Going to go workout for a bit. Oy!

  26. WindyCityWondering says:

    NBC has started the promos for real housewives shows. A whole new crop of viewers will be chiming in once they get hooked. Wondering what this will do for the regular Bravo shows?? Will the increase in exposure mean an increase in the bad behavior? Will the new viewers demand a better class of housewife? Everything we have complained about will be “new” again in a larger audience……deja vu???

  27. Say it ain’t so!!! According to the Twitterverse, Trashly and her Blockbuster boyfriend have broken up.

  28. tuzentswurth says:

    Good for you! Talking about D’s children was low class and uncalled for. I hope that poser (jac) gets what she deserves. She is a mindless trouble-maker and really ought to concentrate on her own very poor mothering skills. While she’s at it, she should GROW UP! I see Danielle’s faults and problems, I have no love affair with her behavior, but she has been pounded by these idiots enough. I hope she looks into this business at her daughters’ school. That should NEVER have been allowed on the air and shame on Bravo for allowing that remark about minor children. Just because Jac is stupid doesn’t mean the network should let that slide by.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      This was in response to Meadow’s post about tweeting with Jac re: getting info from the school about D’s children. I don’t know why it posted down here, sorry for the confusion:-)

    • kk says:

      I’m amazed with all the people that came out of the woodwork for Danielle that some ex-stripper co-worker or client hasn’t come out with pictures or something on Jac from her time in Vegas.

  29. Laura aka Just done says:

    Not sure if this has been posted. If so, I apologize for the repost: http://www.kmeg.com/Global/story.asp?S=13067208

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      sorry, should’ve said this is an interview Danielle gave with TV Guide re: reunion and coming back

  30. Wall St Lady says:


  31. MickeyMouth says:

    “These ladies really don’t know how really stupid they look during the reunion, Teresa with her animal-like outbursts complete with the most vulgar language available”

    On Wendy’s show, after they showing a clip of this scene, the camera returns to Teresa – smirking. She knows how she looks and she thinks she looks fine.

    • babelony says:

      Last year she said the Italians loved her table flip. Someone should tell her that they’re laughing at her, not with her.

  32. Minton says:

    Teresa is smirking because by now she knows every appearance earns her money. It is certainly in her interest to continue to be the center of attention. Especially now that Juicy’s business has fallen off….. ( I mean his stone business, heh)

    I think their bankruptcy filing was also modeled on the bankruptcy filing by the Gorgas, Teresa’s brother and SIL. She saw how they were able to discharge their debts and continue on living in that huge home. I think the Juicy’s just thought they’d do the same and fudge a few numbers here and there. Their BK is not going to be allowed to proceed, but it’s the IRS that they really need to be afraid of. If they “declared” an income of $500K on those 3 tax reports with the BK filing, then they owe about $270-$300 in tax on that alone. Add in the other undeclared incomes and some penalties and I can easily see a $500K debt to the IRS. I think Teresa thinks she can scream, grunt, and table turn her way into making that from Bravo. I really despise these two for what they have done to their creditors, but also to their children. What am I saying- these kids had no chance from the start with an imbecile for a mother.

    • dumberries says:

      I think the bankruptcy you’re referring to is actually that of Joe’s brother and his wife (not the Gorgas). Joe’s brother is the one that had the biggest bankruptcy in NJ history, reportedly. I suspect you’re right; there were probably a lot of questionable claims in that filing and Joe’s bro is likely living well off hidden assets and new “income” since the bankruptcy. A template for Joe and T?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Peter GUIDICE, Joe’s brother, did file and complete bankruptsy in Morris County.
      Where is the documentation on the GORDA (Teresa brother and sister in law Melissa) ever filing bankruptsy? From reading here it sounds like they might be headed towards it but I haven’t seen any proof that they have filed.

  33. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Okay, furniture polished, baseboards wiped down, 2 load of laundry done, dog hair vacuumed (for the moment 🙂 ) Kitchen cleaned and floor mopped and bathroom scrubbed down. I am ready for a guilt free evening of watching the reunion and reading this here blog. Whoooo Hooooo!

    • Had Enough! says:

      Me too, girl. My house is super-cleansy right now. In fact, why don’t you all come over for the reunion? My house is hardly ever THIS clean. Emptied and cleaned all the cabinets, washing off the bottom of all jars. Emptied and cleaned all the utensil drawers. Even cleaned behind the refrigerator, which I usually do only once every six months (to vacuum the coils).

      Same in the bathrooms – emptied the vanities, cleaned everything, put it all back. Medicine cabinets.

      I even washed the windows.

      It is too funny. I was going to ask this a.m. if I am the only nutjob who wipes down the baseboards. Everyone tells me that no one notices them, and here I am on hands and knees, wiping them down. I love when there isn’t a speck of dust and they look so white and clean!

      I have to admit that I haven’t done any yardwork, though. That’s something I mostly leave to my husband because he has a green thumb and I don’t.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        My area is the house. I take care of it. What happens out the door is the hubs responsibility. I don’t look, don’t get involved and don’t comment.

      • truelifediva says:

        I shampoo my white carpet once a month (the hallway more than that), my living room set every few months and I touch up the paint on my baseboards and doors at least once a year. I got a few things in common with Jeff Lewis for real 🙂

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          OMG- Are you a Virgo too?

          • truelifediva says:

            No, I’m a Gemini ;-). but I have a book that shows you how to do your own charts and I have a lot of Virgo rising going on. Made a lot of sense to me. My Gemini side is creative and hippy-dippy but the Virgo in me keeps me organized money-wise. It’s an odd combo, creative and organized 🙂

            Anybody remember the name of the person doing zodiac charts a few weeks back? I wanted to ask to have mine done but was too new and mostly lurking at the time.

            • kk says:

              Anyone know how I as a Sagittarius can be so anal about money & not about housekeeping (I’d rather play with kids).

              How do you know what sign is rising?

              Thanks for any info.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Mine is clean too but I have to pack for an 8 day business trip to Seattle – leaving tomorrow morning! Hubby has to do my job and deal with two teenagers for the week – guess which one I am more excited about! lol

      • dumberries says:

        Lol! Have a good trip and good luck to your hubby!!!!

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          Travel safely and may you return to a husband who now appreciates your dual roles in the house. And here is to hoping you get at least 1 phone call from him out of frustration of dealing with everything so you can giggle when you hang up! I know, I know, I am evil……but evil is only live spelled backwards, so I am okay with it 🙂

      • Cheri says:

        It’s raining right now

  34. Cammie says:

    Lynn! Thank God someone agrees with me about Caroline! How can people say she’s their favorite? She is nothing but a thug in a skirt. Who appointed her head of the family? Why is her word law to the rest of them? I certainly wouldn’t want her speaking for me-and I also thought her catch phrases were silly. “Buckle up” indeed. Her meeting with Danielle was just so she could tell her what she’s wanted to all season-NOT to listen to Danielle or have a true discussion. She could have done the same in a text or an email. For some reason Caroline thinks she’s above reproach. I think any woman who cries over their ADULT children moving forward with their lives, and asks her husband to work less JUST so she will have company is pathetic. Maybe she’s afraid with her children gone and her hubby at work she will have to spend more time with her sisters in law and Theresa-and that doesn’t seem like something she is looking forward to!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Caroline’s behavior at the reunion made me almost think she was on some kind of drugs. She probably wasn’t but she’s is no saint, thats for sure!

      Did you notice that she finally admitted that her husband had the lap band surgery, but she’s still maintaining that she did it by portion control alone.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        Hmmm…Lynn, what drugs do you think she’s on? She and Jac did seem a little “speedy”. Maybe diet drugs like Adderall or Phentermine?

        Bravo is starting to remind me a little bit of the old studio days, with infamous studio doctors in white lab coats and casting couches. Just chew them up and spit them out…and I’m sure
        Andy would love to get Albie on his casting couch…

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          And I found Caroline’s remark that Danielle needed to be medicated funny – since D was the calm and answering Andy’s questions amid their rabid pack attack on her.

          • dumberries says:

            I thought the same thing. Danielle was the only one that was remotely composed throughout. Caroline was calm at the start, but as soon as she started talking to Danielle, she became irrational and overbearing… Teresa and Jac were hyper from the start…

      • Savannah111 says:

        No Caroline is no saint thats for sure, I don’t think it’s a far stretch either to think she could be maybe taking a xanax. She is NOT perfect, but you know the one most people thought was so sweet in season 1 Jacquline I have always said there is something about her that I just didnt trust or like.. I always thought she was fake. I know that a lot of people may not agree with me but I just feel so strongly theres something thats just not right about her and it frustrates me because I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is that makes me feel this way.. Dina is a big bore she’s not perfect either, I will however say that she made a good move by leaving I dont buy it being all about Danielle though if you remember she met with Caroline and Jac to let them know her ZEN or what ever gave her the advice to meet with Danielle and Caroline said why would you do that to expose yourself to her craziness and Dina said that she didnt need all of their craziness talking about Jac and caroline I wonder if she knew the agenda for upcoming shows that involved teresa the wild animal and Jac.. hmmmm

    • truelifediva says:

      I’m positive the sit down with Danielle was just to satisfy her obligation to film at least ONCE during the season with her. She didn’t go to the fundraiser, or the fashion show. They had to come up with an excuse for them to be in the same room. This way, everybody is in at least one scene with all the others. Done.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I never liked Caroline. She pretends to be above all the fighting but boy how her eyes light up whenever anyone bashes Danielle.
        Like at the Sheriff Dept. Fundraiser when Kim D.’s drunken idiot of a boyfriend called Danielle a pig. She was grinning so wide I was afraid her head was going to split in half.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Cammie–I’ve never liked Caroline. I don’t think she’s had much of a “girly” life and she’s now clinging to anyone who will finally pay attention to her. She’s pretty much a beast woman.

  35. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    And gooooood Morning Everyone!

  36. LynnNChicago says:

    Hi everyone!

    You all know I don’t usually do any advertising here but I wanted to let you all know about a GREAT friend of our blog who has two web site shops. One is rubber stamping which is really making a comeback, my family and I enjoy using the stamps in photo albums but there’s a lot you can do with them, visit this site for a TON of choices:


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    Shopping at either one or both of these sites is a huge help to a great friend of our blog, and we both appreciate it! Thanks everyone!

  37. Yasmeen says:

    To know that the housewives reads this blog, let me say something. I live, and unlike many of these ladies, I WORK and make an honest living in Bergen County. It takes money to live here, so its complete BS that Teresa and hubby pulled in $70,000 and got anything paid. How dare you march out to the mall, when you aren’t pulling enough salary for even ONE single person??? They are really ballsy to show up to court and expect them to believe and understand they get a $10000/mo allowance from family. They are definitely taking that money from under the table, and thats what needs to be uncovered. Is so damn obvious its like, really? There are laws that limit unearned income from family.

    My mother was bugged by women liked these, as she worked as an executive in Franklin Lakes for years. As a teenager, obsessed with shopping and driving my car back and forth to the mall, I thought it was cute that they shopped all day and dressed their children up in crazy designer clothes. She and my father pulled in $200K per year combined, thru blood, sweat, and tears, the HONEST WAY, and paid taxes, and it wasn’t enough at times to do everything they needed to do. To see these people in NJ, that are so uneducated, IGNORANT, and cheating other hard work Bergen County NJ taxpayers SICKENS me. I work and I live here, and to see that these pigs are wasting money, not reporting their true income, and paying the taxes, and stealing from honest New Jersey business people by declaring bankruptcy, is CRIMINAL and despicable. No, not everybody is stealing money; I know you guys think everybody is cheating the government, and taking out millions they don’t intend to pay back.

    I watch the show, which is fun, because I get to see my area in the background, as well as places I go to from time to time, similarly to the Sopranos. However, no, I don’t relate to the “characters” in either show. I understand why Italians I know, would be embarrassed by these trashy New York transplants. (No body brings that up, just like the Jersey Shore, these people didn’t grow up in the suburbs of New Jersey originally, most of which are not trashy, uneducated, and unrefined). There are so many elegant, intelligent people that are proud of their heritage, that are cringing as they watch this stuff. Its entertaining at times, to watch the psychology of these people, but to know they are breathing and drinking the same resources as me, is really disturbing.

    I want justice served. There is such thing as karma, and i think all of it will be sorted out soon enough. I hate to be so serious, but, I guess it bothers me more than I thought. I know they aren’t the only ones out there burning through credit cards, taking out loans they cannot pay, and evading taxes, but to see her be so blatant about it, with no consequences, is really irritating. There are people who need money for small businesses, and need to keep a plain old roof over their head, that will be turned down for loans, because of wasteful, arrogant, insecure, jealous people!

    I really hope this talk about her sister in law materializes. She looks Latina, which would make me happy to see on a housewives show. I hope this chick has her ducks in order, as its not smart to put up a facade that can be easily torn down. I understand what it is to want a better life for yourself, but if you can’t do it, you don’t beg, borrow, and steal to get it. You work, and continue to work and earn a living honestly.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Yasmeen – if I am not mistaken, this was your first post here. If so – WOW – great post.

      I don’t think Melissa is Latina. Her maiden name was Marco.

    • dumberries says:

      I can understand your frustration – thanks for sharing! Please be assured, commenters on this site do not think that the majority of people in NJ lie and live beyond their means, at the expense of others. Quite the opposite – that’s why the Giudices are so very unpopular here….

    • flippy says:

      Well said Yasmeen. Clearly you have been raised right and I know your hardworking parents are proud of you.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Wow, VERY well put.

      I am also unapologetic about making good money, because I have worked my *ss off to get here.

      But like you, when I see these grifters it makes my blood boil. Not just because I have had to work so hard when they are just cruising, but because when my father declared bankruptcy, he paid back EVERY SINGLE PENNY that he owed. It took him years, and my parents had plenty of macaroni and cheese dinners to do it.

      He had an option to make a “fresh start” but didn’t take the easy way out, in large part because he wanted to teach his children integrity. If you bite off more than you can chew: there ARE consequences.

      I thank God in a way that this show is here, because now America can see a financial morality play in real time and the repercussions of irresponsible choices and out and out lying.

      • babelony says:

        @OneMoreinBoston People like your father are one in a million nowadays. You must be very proud of him.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Welcome aboard – please know that we respect all the hardworking, honest posters from New Jersey and ask them questions from time to time so we understand and have facts. We are also embarrassed for all the hardworking folks from all ethnic backgrounds in New Jersey and know they are nothing like these housewives. And like you, we want to see some real justice for these criminals too. Glad you are here and a great post by the way!

  38. Had Enough! says:

    Worlds colliding. Alex and Simon with that freak, Paul Wharton (any friend of Michaele’s is a freak).


    You have to scroll down pretty far.

  39. Grace Charles says:

    I have to comment on the subject of learning disabilities. There are many different types of learning disabilities. My son has dyslexia, so as his mother, I have learned everything I can about dyslexia.

    Carolyn tries to project this image of the all knowing, nurturing mother. WRONG! It was very obvious that she has not invested much time to have her son properly diagnosed, on the reunion she said that Albie does not have dyslexia, he has trouble reading and comprehending, that he has to read things several times to comprehend.
    If Carolyn had her son properly diagnosed, she would know that extensive reading and comprehension difficulties are a form of dyslexia! Dyslexia is not “seeing letters backward”, it is a “decoding” disability. Meaning that the dyslexic person has trouble “decoding” words in written form.

    I’m not trying to write a blog about dyslexia, I’m pointing out how uneducated and to a point, uninvolved Carlolyn is with her childrens needs. Just the fact that she had to state that “Albie isn’t dyslexic” shows her ignorance. It’s obvious that Carolyn is most concerned with how her children are perceived.

    Had Carolyn taken the time to have Albie properly diagnosed, she would have seen to it that he was provided with the proper learning tools. Most dyslexics are very intelligent, and with the proper learning tools, they will be very successful in their careers. If you research dyslexia, you will see that many historical leaders and scholars have dyslexia. Albie very well could have fulfilled his dream of becoming an attorney.

    OK, now I will get off my soapbox and go back to snarking. Carolyn sucks.

    If Carolyn had taken more

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      My brother has horrible dyslexia, but his affects him with mathmatical skills. He literally cannot make change at the cash register, and has had to learn many tricks and tips to overcome it.

      I read once, that dyslexia is how our ancestors used to think and it was how our species survived. If I remember correctly it was a way to take in at a glance the whole landscape and to make quick decisions. As we “evolved” we lost the filter that helped us escape woolly mammoths, and that dyslexia is a throwback to that survival mechanism.

      I wonder if Albie’s dyslexia will give him an unknown advantage if he decides to become a police officer.

      • kk says:

        My son has the opposite of dyslexia, it’s called hyperlexia and it reminds me more of Albie. When my son was diagnosed he was only child in 17 years to get a diagnosis it’s real rare. It’s related to dyslexia only because it is affects the same region of the brain.
        I can’t remember which way it is but in dyslexia I think has too many neurons and in hyperlexia they have too few or it’s vise versa.

        Anyway, in hyperlexia you can spell & read words and say words perfectly (even in other languages) , but you lack comprehension. You don’t know what the words mean. For example, the word relate or relative (re–late) to my kid means being late more than once (not it’s real definition of connected to someone or something). Ex. Re-more than once or over again, late-not on time, tive-some suffix meaning past tense.

        I guess my point even if my kid didn’t have autism & ADHD too, the hyperlexia alone he could never be a lawyer–he wants to be one too.

        I do know a police officer with mild dyslexia and he is very quick thinking on his feet. Sometimes it is really amazing. I agree with the above poster that most dyslexics are extremely intelligent.

        I think Caroline is either ashamed of his disability or was uninvolved in it. What a different show it would be, if she was an advocate for the whatever LD Albie has or just Learning disabilities in general, advocate for all of them while protecting Albie’s privacy. Why is she not taking the time to do that? If I was on that show, it would all be about the challenges we face to make life better for all people affected with the same disabilities. Then again, i get real touchy about this issue too and may not see it clearly.

        I read this blog twice a day via phone usually as I wait at the clinic during my son’s therapies in the waiting room and it has been so much fun to read. Thanks Lynn & everyone. I’ve been here since Jill lost her mind this season and just started posting more frequently.

    • dumberries says:

      I’m glad you posted this and shared your firsthand experience Grace. Your experience with your son is inspiring. You know the details of his learning disability and the tools to help him succeed in navigating it. This is what a good mother does. Caroline, on the other hand, always sounds so vague in speaking about Albie’s learning disability. Why? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful opportunity to help other mothers and do something positive with the public spotlight?
      Her ambiguity about it and the fact that it’s only come up as the reason that Albie failed out of law school makes me question the situation. I’ve wondered if the learning disability doesn’t actually exist, or if she just hasn’t invested much effort into it (seems like it’s one or the other, from what we’ve seen). From the get-go, Albie was presented as the Golden Child, in my opinion. If he truly has a learning disorder and she somehow believes that it will reflect poorly on her/his image to share the details, it’s very poor mothering. If she is only claiming that he has a learning disability because he didn’t devote the time and effort to his education, it’s very poor mothering. This is one of the reasons I have little respect for Caroline.

    • M293131 says:

      Hi Grace:

      I had to read your comment. My son has auditory processing disorder. Same problems – main problem is having to read material over and over. He is in college now and there are many tools available to compensate and help. Books on tape and other programs that enables him to have his texbooks read for him. He is able to run and listen to his i-pod. His latest tool is a pen to record lectures for him. My son’s college has a fantasic regional center that has really helped him. The main thing is to stay on top of waht tools are available to help. I became my son’s advocate in Pre-k and he has a scholorship today. It is a never ending journey. My sons path is long but you learn some professors are very helpful and other cant be bothered

    • Abby Someone says:

      More proof that you can’t fake sincerity. You can’t fool a mom like you who would make themselves an expert regarding their child. Thank you for an informative well spoken post.

  40. WindyCityWondering says:

    Hey Grace – I’m glad you chimed in because Caroline and all her “help” through the years didn’t add up to an honest answer about Albie’s disability.

  41. Grace Charles says:

    Thanks for reading my “blog” about dyslexia! I wish Caroline would have seized the opportunity to portray leaning disabilities in a factual manner.

    I just read onemorinbostons comment. Wow, what a great perspective on dyslexia. I always tell my son that this country uses “standardized education”, meaning we teach the way the majority of people learn. If the majority of people were dyslexic then I would have a hard time learning in school.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Just so interesting, isn’t it? We are taught in school to pass tests, and dyslexia is trying to teach us to survive in a way so of course there will be clashes.

      • MarineMom says:

        Caroline just posted on Her FB..”Thinking about becoming an advocate for learning disabilities” … Hmmmm .. I think she maybe reading a certain blog 🙂

        • Char212 says:

          I think you might be right about that 🙂

        • dumberries says:

          I wish someone would ask her to define what learning disability she’s referring to. She said it’s not dyslexia – what is it?

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            It’s “special” dyslexia for her “special” boy. It can’t be what we commoners have right?

            Because if it was just your run of the mill dyslexia, it will come out that if Albie had actually tried and really studied instead of playing the ham game for the TV cameras he would have made it in school.

            BTW, my very learning disability challenged brother graduated valedictorian of his class with a major in…are you ready? LATIN.
            It can be done.

          • boston02127 says:

            @dumberries–I think when she said he had a learning disability she was in defense mode because he was failing. I still don’t believe her. Most mothers would have been able to explain on the spot what their child has. She was too wishy washy about the whole thing. I think Albie is pampered and lazy.

            • Isharemymeds says:

              hehehhe! So, true! The Manzos are BS liars. Everything is at their disposal and they use nothing. Gym and Trainer at home and they don’t use it. Can have the Brownstone chefs cook healthy meal but their fridge is full of ham. The other boy is slaving at their restaurant, but now, why not go to college, and then come back to work or open your stripjoint/carwash. hah!!!!

              Albie’s solution was to sued the school because they did not provide him with adequate ‘learning disability’ support. WTF? Get Mama to hire you tutors or speak to the school. Nobody messes with her boy, lol!!! Hey, wtf! It’s Danielle’s fault you flunked!

  42. buffywood says:

    Now the new has finally hit the fan I keep thinking how Teresa is going to try and talk her way out of this one. She has already shown that she is willing to toss her husband under the bus to keep in the good graces of her fans. I really think she is so narcissistic that would be willing to sacrifice Joe and her marriage all together to keep her fame. I am waiting for the press conference with Teresa standing next to Gloria Allred or Gloria’s daughter Lisa Bloom and T is crying how she had no idea about anything. How Joe is physically abusive man who controlled everything. T swearing she wanted to tell the truth but she was scared for herself and her daughters. Maybe she will even throw in that he has a drinking problem too and felt she had to help cover up the lies of the DUI. I swear this would make me physically sick; as many of her “fans” would buy the whole story hook, line, and sinker. She would basically become “Saint Teresa”.

    • dumberries says:

      I can see that happening Buffywood. After her Saint Teresa act, look for her to launch a marinara sauce or a line of frozen pastas… Nothing would surprise me…

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        yummm…getting hungry for Italian.

        You know if Theresa wasn’t morally bankrupt this would actually be a great idea. Too bad that the news of her lying to the IRS will start to pick up steam after the holiday and no company would touch her with a 10 foot pole.

        Bethanny should do it-market some type of frozen diet dinner that was really good, if they can’t keep her Skinny Margeritas in stock what would happen to a Skinny Girl Dinner? Or a Skinny Girl desert?

    • Snarkella says:

      Damn Buffy you just laid it out for her. She’s probably on the phone to Gloria Allred already! Don’t give her anymore good ideas. LOL

      • TEB says:

        Buffywood- Off topic- but I responded on the post the other day. I was at ODU from 89-93. Started at Gresham. Then on 49th and Colley. Finished up last two years on 42nd street across from BAL. How cool we FINALLY have a football team!

        • buffywood says:

          Yes, I did see that be ran out of reply buttons. That is so cool. I started at Mid-Rise and then lived on 48th and Hampton Blvd (big blue appts accross from the 7-11). After that I loved at 40th and Powhattan, in that horrible neighborhood. After my dad came down and saw it I moved off campus out to Willoughby Spit. My best friends lived at 49th and Colley. Maybe we knew one another? I played lacrosse there and use to hang out at O’Sullivan’s on Thursday and Sunday nights.

      • dumberries says:

        Except that Gloria only works for people that stand to get a huge payout. And, Gloria won’t work under a payment plan. The well is dry for Teresa. I can see Buffywood’s scenario playing out, but probably with a Jose Baez type lawyer – working for peanuts to represent a shady client and establish a name with a high profile case…

        • buffywood says:

          You may be right. I used to like her but now I feel she has become a fame whore herself and I wouldn’t put it past her to do it pro bono. Of course for her it may be an investment to get “In” with the housewives in general as it looks like many of them from all locations have legal issues now or will in the future. The whole franchise could into a cash cow.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Oh, we all see this coming because Teresa is so transparent – she will sacrifice all those “old school” principles, her marriage and maybe even her children and play the I was a devoted wife, love is blind and I don’t understand how JOE could do this to ME!!!! We all saw her “innocent” act in front of the officier at the country club – sorry T you can’t act. Besides, high profile lawyers need high profile MONEY to pay their fees and you don’t seem to have that either.

    • truelifediva says:

      But you know what? I think that pretty much is what happened. I don’t think Joe beat her or is abusive. What I do think based on her comments and action is that she knows ZERO ABOUT BUSINESS. I think Joe put papers in front of her and she signed them, trusting that her husband would “take care of things”. If she ever questioned him about it, he probably shushed her, served her some of that hot sex she’s always bragging about, and then told her not to worry her pretty little head over it “I got this taken care of”. A NORMAL woman would want to know details and be a part of the process. Not our headgear queen. She just wants to shop, play dress up, and be rich. Teresa is one of those women who have a blind undying faith in their man. He has always worked it out somehow in the past, so she believed him when he told the same B.S. this time around. What Joe didn’t count on was the popularity of this little cable show and the inquiring minds of viewers like us 😉 . I’ve known too many women like Teresa. She’s not an evil genius, she’s a dumb wannbe Stepford Wife.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Could be true but she signed her name to whatever and she is legally responsible. Again, I think the bragging and boasting fools that they are – she is totally aware they were ripping people off!

        • truelifediva says:

          ‘Member when they toured the pizzeria? In her voice over she said, “I have a lot of properties under my name.” or something like that. Not “I own businesses and rental properties.” I already had a gut feeling but the way she said it kind of sealed it. I could just envision Joe handing her a pen and saying, “This is gonna be under your name so we can get the first time buyers discount. I got too many loans under my name and we’ll get a better price this way. Everybody does this. It’s how business is done. For tax purposes, no big deal.” And then Teresa says, “Oh, okay.” But you are correct, she signed the documents and will have to pay the price in the end.
          As for the bragging, I’ve seen a lot of women like that too. Grew up poor and then gets with a man who’s a wheeler dealer hustler type and suddenly they’re “classy”. Wearing Gucci, Prada, and Chanel(s) but wouldn’t know a cashmere scarf from acrylic if you slapped them with it.

  43. dumberries says:

    This is irritating. US Weekly featured the on-line article about the latest BK docs yesterday. Here is a quote from the article:

    “Giudice — who is currently facing $11 million in debt from failed real estate ventures — vented about her situation in a July blog post.”

    It’s irresponsible for the writer to declare that the debt is from failed real estate ventures. That’s not the case if you look at the actual BK docs. That US Mag statement reads as if the Gs can legitimately blame the economy for their irresponsible and illegal financial activity. I guess US Mag wants to keep getting interviews with Teresa, or entertainment magazines just don’t care to do even basic research. Frustrating. But, the comments under the article are still pretty scathing…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Once other “news sources” start picking the documents apart – the picture will change and the questions will get harder and harder to answer! No credible source has challenged them yet but it will come.

  44. lillybee says:

    Changing the topic back to hating Jill Zarin. I am wondering why she hasn’t posted on her facebook since Aug. 30th.

  45. Don’t pick on my friend Jacqueline!
    Re: Kelly’s youtube videos. I really think the person who films them hates her as much as we do and encourages her to make a fool out of herself. I cannot believe that there is another person out there as crazy as Kelly and that they found each other.
    I think these videos are the person’s revenge on Kelly/gift to the bloggers, and they are secretly reading the comments and laughing.

    • myname2use4now says:


      I think you’re on to something! lol!

    • And also – in the Bravo clip Teresa says that her and Joe don’t have sex everyday anymore because she’s working too much, but then in the magazine interview they just did the other day Joe said they still have sex once or twice a day. Maybe he has sex once or twice a day.

    • And in the other Bravo clip they are talking about the guy who twittered Danielle that his birthday wish was for Ashley to kill herself and Danielle tweeted back that she hopes all his birthday wishes come true. At the reunion she is saying that she never sent that tweet. But she did send it, I remember seeing it.

      • Sherry says:

        I just found your blog–interesting stuff and it’s a great site like this one. These people are unbelievable.

      • truelifediva says:

        That’s what kills me when people claim Danielle “owns” her mistakes. No she doesn’t. Someone will have to pay her to admit it.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        I saw it too! She had a few months to come up with a good lie, denying isn’t an option on Twitter, we’re not blind! 🙂

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          agreed – she should have said she didn’t read the whole thing and only responded with her standard birthday tweet.

          • “Did I say that?”-(Danielle)
            she’s what’s known as a good liar.

          • truelifediva says:

            Also agree, a good lie, but a lie nonetheless. She likes to do her dirt thru other people. Kinda like how she said SHE didn’t place Dina under a gag order, her lawyers did. Huh? Your lawyers don’t do anything unless you tell them to… on your behalf.

      • kats2 says:

        I remember this too, but have to say I also recall a follow up tweet from Danielle regarding it. If you read how she tweets back to people, I don’t think she reads the whole message. All her tweets back are very brief. The guy said it’s his birthday and went on about the gross Ashley wish stuff, which I don’t think Danielle actually read. I don’tthink we will ever know for sure.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      When I saw KKB’s video, I pictured her roadside, setting up a video camera on a tripod, turning it on, then walking back to her car, driving up slowly and starting to talk. I think this was done ALONE.

      Moving on to NJ…I was 1/2 watching today and catching things I had missed (cause I don’t pay close attn to these idiots)…a few thoughts: 1. Why wasn’t the Laurita baby christened with all the pomp and circumstance of baby Guidice? and 2. Why don’t I ever see big T holding that baby of hers? Notice the hair all rubbed off the back of Audrianna’s (or however you spell it) head like she lays in seats all day.
      I heard people criticize Bethenny for having a baby but continuing her career and leaving the baby, but no one ever objects to these NJ ladies all over the place w/o their babies.

      • truelifediva says:

        Because Teresa is “Over The Top” as always (insert chuckle here). In Jacq’s intro she says, “But I don’t like to brag about it.” That’s why you didn’t see her baby christening on the show. Matter of fact, has Jacq done anything BIG on the show? Just big dinners….

  46. momsthoughts says:

    I wonder where you found that parody video 😉

  47. Sherry says:

    The Low Life
    These low life grifters Teresa and Joe flaunt their spending in the tv audience faces, laughing, because they think they are above the law. Variety shows have T as a guest? And then she doesn’t have to answer any hard questions?

    The Reunion Show
    Andy is a fool who clearly sides with Teresa, Jac, and Caroline against Danielle. Danielle may not be a saint, but Andy should be neutral and ask the hard questions to all of them. He lets Teresa shove him? Why’s he kissing her butt? He’s in cahoots with them and I wonder why. He looks as ridiculous. And he’s an exec? Creepy exec (the whole Ben Weiner thing was just creepy and the kid shouldn’t have been aired).

    Jac needs attention and a storyline, that’s why she kept digging at Danielle on Part 1. No doubt we’ll see more of it since she’s so desperate for attention that she claims getting mysterious calls in the middle of the night about Danielle (oh brother lol) and then TWEETS about it. Caroline will again try to act all “I am above such yelling and nonsense” while she growls something about the OK Coral and calls Danielle trash. Caroline, you are just as ridiculous as the other two (Ter and Jac). And you’ve anointed yourself head of the clan, so that makes you Head Low Life. Aww, I bet you actually think people admire you….I know Jac and Teresa do lol. Not the brightest bulbs, you know?

    And we’ll get to see Kim G dive into the gutter with Teresa-Jac-Caroline to attack Danielle. Amazingly Bravo didn’t have to travel far to find someone else willing to show how ignorant and foolish they can be for the sake of being known to the public. Scumwannabefamous. I don’t say “celebrity” because real celebrities and stars are laughing and shaking their heads.

    They should thank Danielle for all the drama and ratings. If she’s gone, what are they all going to thug around town about now?

    Back to Low Lifeville
    It is a slap in the face to hard working people to see low life people get paid money for being low life. I can’t wait for the Housewives franchise to end. The worst is Bravo giving Teresa income and air time. She and Joe underreport income and completely leave out income from multiple sources. Outright criminal. They shouldn’t be on tv, they should be behind bars. If Bravo execs had any character, she would be yanked off the show. (Oh right–they don’t have any character–they created these shows..what was I thinking. One even lets an underage kid on his show and lets Ms. Grifter shove him.)

    What planet do we live on. Cannot believe what garners tv attention with a paycheck to go with it.

  48. New York Housewife says:

    Hi lillibee,
    I was wondering the same thing about Jill’s silence. I think she is in Europe now, but I am sure she could still use FB and twitter. I was wondering if maybe she read all the negative comments on her guest blog subission on Bravo for DC. I am still wondering why they have 2 guest bloggers on DC. I know she was trying to write her input on DC each week on her on Jillzarin.com blog. Maybe she was pushing for this position.
    Perhaps she is pondering her coming back to RHONY. I read that Bethenny said No.
    I read somewhere that Jill was holding out for more money which irritates the crap out of me since she keeps saying she doesn’t need the money and I did not hear her say she is donating her salary to creeky joints or whatever the name is. I know I am going off in tangents here but I also heard her on an interview saying that the best thing about being on RHONY is the ability to push her “brand”. I ask you what brand is she talking about?
    The idiotic book, her husband’s store, I don’t see a brand. Am I missing something.

    Anyone notice how many people are following Melissa Gorga now on twitter? However when I last looked she has not tweeted since yesterday. Also yesterday on Teresa’s FB page there were numerous negative comments and some even stating they are looking foward to seeing Melissa added to the show. Today all the negative comments are gone along with all the ones mentioning Melissa. Very interesting. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that house today.

    • momsthoughts says:

      “Skinny Girl” is Bethenny’s brand.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      JZ’s “brand:” First she was promoting Zarin Fabrics, then the book. Next she’s got a bedding line coming out. But above all , Z promotes herself.

      • truelifediva says:

        I understood hawking Zarin Fabrics at every turn. I was on board for the Creeky Joints charity. I think she over estimated the demographic for her book and that’s why it tanked. People are hating Teresa right now but her book is a cookbook so it still has some appeal. Naming her book “Secrets of a Jewish mother” makes it appear to be targeted towards Jewish people only. It’s not fiction, it’s an advice book. Maybe “Secrets my mother told me” would have been more successful. Think about if the Duggars had written “How to give birth to 15 kids vaginally” vs “The Duggars: More to love each year”. I hope Jill gives up trying to sell new products and sticks to hawking curtains from now on.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          U r on a roll right now, and you are really making me laugh today!
          “How to give birth to 15 kids vaginally”

          • truelifediva says:

            I don’t watch the show but once was channel surfing. Caught an episode where she was visiting her ob/gyn . Baby #19 was going to be a VBAC. The fact that only FOUR of her kids were c-section had me counting up the number of kids born vaginally. Gross 😦

    • Had Enough! says:

      Do you ever wonder who would miss you if you disappear for a while? Maybe she’s hoping that everyone will clamor for her and she can prove to Bravo that everyone wants her. OK, JillZee. I’ll play. You go away for …. let’s start with three months …. and I promise that if I find myself missing you, I will personally start the petition drive to bring you back.

  49. Sherry says:

    Maybe Jill is quiet because she put two brain cells together and realized less is better.

  50. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Ever since Caroline’s vile behaviour at the reunion, once again claiming the vacant, empty or sad eyes of Danielle’s daughters, I’ve wanted to scream what about your kids!!! I am not a professional to diagnose Albie’s condition, however, I am of the opinion that ALL of Caroline’s children have empty, vacant and at times sad eyes. Don’t blame it on ADD, or lack of dyslexia, etc. The Manzo kids and Ashley, all look simple. Nothing more. Nothing less. Dumber than a box of rocks. Last season we saw Lauren refusing to go to Cosmetology School, as it was too hard. Chris, has many fly-by-night schemes ready to make a quick buck. Street smart…maybe, book smart…hell no! Albie, the “pretty one”, had so many expectations placed on him, for the viewers to find he has learning issues that would make his goals difficult to achieve. Ashley, her eyes are vacant and empty. She doesn’t have a clue, can’t buy a vowel, can’t call a friend. She is stupid.

    Danielle’s kids, on the other hand, facing so much adversity with the actions of their mom and her castmates, appear to be intelligent and well behaved. They speak softly and properly and best of all…don’t have a Joisey accent! Go figure!

    • kats2 says:

      I adore Lauren unfortunately she will be just like her Mom unless she gets out of that house soon. Carolines son specifically Albie need to grow up. They are way too attached to their Mother. Albie is 24 it’s time to find a GF or BF which ever he prefers and start being less dependent on his Mommy.

  51. Katie says:

    Where is Laura? Is she still going to the auction if it isn’t private? That would be far more entertaining than any episode I have watched this season. Hopefully she has video on her phone so she can be convert.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      I’m here, and I’m going as long as it’s still a public auction. Who knows, with the recent turn of events, there might not even BE an auction. We shall see. I will be tweeting from my phone, and yes, it takes videos! LOL. I’ll keep you apprised.

      • MichellefromNY says:

        I’m going too! And dragging my husband along lol. I’m kinda hoping it will actually happen this time though cuz I’m actually looking forward to seeing that tacky monstrosity in person

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          @Michelle – I’ll meet u there! We’ll have others coming, you’ll see.

          @Kats (down below) – gonna go out and get a metal detector JUST for the occasion, then wrap it up as a X-mas present LOL, JK

      • kats2 says:

        Laura and Michelle don’t forget to bring a metal detector and a shovel. All the good jewerly is buried in the backyard.

  52. Sherry says:

    Yeah what brand? The I Am A Mean Selfish Person brand? Oh, that one has certainly been helped.

    • lillybee says:

      I wonder if Jill is begging the producers of PR to use Zarin Fabrics instead of Mood.

    • dumberries says:

      Zarin really believes that she herself is the brand that the world can’t live without. This how I imagine Zarin sees herself:
      -Jill Zarin, wealthy wisecracking New Yorker.
      -Jill Zarin, devoted wife and mother.
      -Jill Zarin, successful daughter that is a cheerleader for her mom, sister and friends.
      -Jill Zarin, cute starlet.
      -Jill Zarin, figure skater and tennis phenom.
      -Jill Zarin, author and bedding designer.
      -Jill Zarin, controversial reality tv star…
      -Jill Zarin, size 0 fashionista…
      My fingers are mad at me for making them type that name so many times!

      • truelifediva says:

        Jill Zarin, inventor of tight fake smile that makes you look constipated 😉

        • dumberries says:

          TLD: lol! Now that’s one she can actually claim in good faith…

        • Sherry says:

          lol glad I am not the only one thinking that…like she’s grunting

        • boston02127 says:

          @truelifediva– I laughed at your post about Jill’s fake smile. When I see her smile it reminds me of something embarrassing but funny. When I was about 7 yrs old, my great grandmother lived next door to me. She was getting new fake teeth and I begged her for her old ones. Literally bugged & begged her until she said I could have them. There are pics of me with them (yes I wore them over my teeth) and I looked like a mini Jill in the old pictures!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Jill Zarin poster woman for spanxs
        Jill Zarin inventor of the waste your food diet
        Jill Zarin model employee of Bravo
        Jill Zarin the reason to hate!

        • truelifediva says:

          Jill Zarin so petite they had to invent size 000 for her, she’s tinier than Eva Longoria size 00

  53. Adgirl says:

    RHNY- part time?? How can Bravo predict how much footage they will want to broadcast before it is shot? Sounds more like cracking the $ whip on the Divas.
    I’ve been looking forward to (my predicted) confrontations between Sonja and Jill ,with former bestie Countess on Sonja’s side!

    Oh, and Kelly with her friends (anyone celebrity who breathes her direction). That just makes her stupid proclamations about her friend Gwyneth lamer.

    • truelifediva says:

      I thought the part time thing was a rumor that got started after Bethenny/Bravo announced she would only be appearing part time. I haven’t seen any news source stating this, only posters on blogs.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        TLD: I thought the US mag story about B also included the “part time” rumor about Kiki and Foghorn? Think it’s in the print edition, not online? Citing unnamed “sources” of course. Thought someone posted about the US mag story here.

  54. Peony says:

    I am not sure if this is even going to get read…which is kind defeats the purpose of posting this. Before I get into it, I don’t like Teresa at all and I think she blatantly intended on over-spending and going bankrupt was all part of her and Joe’s plan…which is criminal. I think they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Furthermore, I’m over Caroline’s high and mighty attitude…as if she’s all knowing and the sun shines out of her family’s ass. I know it does for her–but not to the extent that she can steamroll people to do what she wants and what is convenient for her family. Jac for me is a non-issue and so is Dina for that matter.

    Now that I have set my perspective…here goes my info. Word on the street is that Danielle gets let go from the show tonight. I have a decent inside track that says Bravo is over Danielle and her antics (I might add my info is from Danielle is someone who knows D–poor thing she has more “Kim G.’s” that she knows). I know she’s bullied, but behind the scenes she is in fact the aggressor and instigator. Bravo PR and Danielle’s own have to babysit her…something they don’t have to do with other cast members. My source has also told me that she doesn’t feel safe when with D because she has dramatic and unpredictable tendencies. I understand the sympathy D receives from this blog–and I started to feel the same way from the country club episode on. D’s girls are beautiful and well-adjusted, and from my source, D’s saving grace.

    Most interestingly, and what will get best received is this: the whole nephew thing that D mentioned at the reunion has nothing to do with Melissa Gorga. Tara (the mother of Joe Giudice’s illegitimate son) is a good friend of D’s. The baby was born 6 months ago.

    Take it from what you will..

    • Had Enough! says:

      Apologies to you, Peony, if I’m wrong, but the BS detector is pinging like crazy.
      All of a sudden, Tara is a good friend of Danielle’s and yet Danielle has never said one word or managed to get the word out through others?

      Could we have some details, please, and again, apologies if I am wrong, but you are new here and out of the clear blue sky, you bring this little nugget to us? And also, if you are on the up-and-up, then (a) spill and (b) THANK YOU.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      @peony thanks for posting, those are my feelings exactly. I also think the SIL joining the cast and the ensuing drama was leaked by T herself to keep us from digging in a direction she doesn’t want to go IMO

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      oh no you don’t!!! can’t post that and then leave…

      OK- so I’ll take the bait on this- So TaraG is a friend of Danielle’s? How and for how long?

      What is the baby’s name?

      I believe that Bravo is over Danielle, everyone can see that with the way that Andy treats her. But what exactly has she done?

      Why oh why, is there constant Danielle bashing yet NOTHING ever comes out about what she actually does?

      If “she is in fact the aggressor and instigator” what in God’s Green Earth is she doing?

      I’ve said it before, this girl has mad skills. She manages to piss off everybody and their brother but no one can actually pin anything on her?

      • Sherry says:

        In the world of coincidences, I just can’t see Joe hooking up with friend of D’s. Unless he didn’t know it was a friend.

        I don’t doubt he plays around just from that strong reaction of Teresa’s at the reunion. I think she said the word “break” and my bet is on an illegitimate kid of Joe’s.

        I just can’t see it being a friend of D’s.

        And, what grand manipulations has Danielle pulled off screen that miraculously haven’t made the news? She’s that devious and no one has leaked anything to the press? Really?

        She not a saint, but the attacks on her just seem like overkill. I still think she was the scapegoat to get ratings until I’m shown otherwise. All that overkill made all the other housewives look like bigger train wrecks than they tried to portray Danielle to be.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      If Tara is a friend of D’s and she did indeed have a child with Joe D would be screaming it from the rooftops. Until we actually see a Tara with Joe and a DNA result saying Joe is the father I’m not believing it.

      • Peony says:

        Sorry…just sorta busy!! I am new, but I’ve been a obsessive lurker since the beginning. I think I posted once or twice…perhaps not under “Peony” but that’s neither here nor there.

        Look…I didn’t really expect people to believe me and my BS detector would go off too. Sigh…I don’t know what else to tell you.
        I can’t tell you the baby’s name. Danielle knows better than to shout it from the rooftops. She’s a nuts, but not stupid…not by a long shot. Tara and D have been friends for “a while.”

        I started something here and I can’t finish it. Sorry guys—my mistake. I mean…there are so many stories and I didn’t post to mislead anyone. All I can say is, add this info to what is out there,

    • truelifediva says:

      I understand Danielle likes to play games on the down low, but why not have this Tara chick on camera along with her crew of flannel wearing friends at her house? Hhhmmm? Why didn’t Danielle have Tara over for dinner and have Tara name her the godmother of her then unborn child? Ya know, just to start shit and then say, “What did I do? Who me?”

      • MAMAZ says:

        Peony – I think you are right about Danielle’s off camera antics. BUT, if the Manzo clique isn’t willing to reveal them they they shouldn’t keep bringing them up.
        Also I doubt there is any truth to the Juicy/Tara somebody love child rumour. If TMZ, Radar Online and Reality Tea can’t find anything, and they have been looking, then it isn’t there. Also why wouldn’t Danielle shout it from the rooftops? Joe Guidice isn’t some powerful, mobbed up guy. If he was they wouldn’t be on a reality show and he’d have better financial advice.

      • Is Danielle registered as a student in a college in Ohio?

    • Dawn says:

      “I am not sure if this is even going to get read…which is kind defeats the purpose of posting this.”

      Anyone who starts a post with this sentence is spewing BS.

      • Katie says:

        Agreed. Very transparent. It is kind of like “I’m not trying to be rude but…”

        • Peony says:

          Or maybe…I just wrote it because I’m unsure of how it’s going to be received….I’m full of BS-you’re right! I think I’ll just go back to lurking.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            oh don’t go!

            Peony-if you’re a lurker, you know that people have tried to play this blog lately.

            So no one is trying to give you a rude reception, or say that you are full of BS, but you’re not really helping your own cause by being so vague.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            Peony, just to say a kind word and thank you for posting. Lynn’s blog welcomes all and you should feel free to post what you know or think. Thanks for your info. It adds to the discussion. Please don’t get yourself into trouble if you know the players, but I for one am glad to read as much as you can post. Thanks again. (I also lurk and rarely comment.)

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        little rude don’t u think

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I can well believe Bravo got fed up with Danielle being a loose cannon and a PR nightmare. The sex tape (logic says she must have had a part in distributing otherwise she could sue and win $$), her book, the litigation against her (and likely also her threats of litigation against others….including other cast members), her rumored attempts to get other production deals behind Bravo’s back, etc. As others have mentioned, Andy’s behavior toward Danielle has been distinctly different and more harsh than how he deals with the other HoWives, even if they are pains in the ass.

      Don’t doubt Danielle was a behind the scenes shit stirrer, manipulator, and tried to dig up dirt on the Manzo/Laurita/Giudice clan. And that she would cosy up to and cultivate anyone that might have something on them.

      I can also believe that Juicy may not be a paragon of a husband and may have a bimbo or more on the side. Perhaps even with a little juicy toddling about. (It happens sometimes.) And that Danielle maybe wouldn’t mind that getting out, as long as she wasn’t seen as the one behind it. That she would taunt others with her actual or just pretend “knowledge,” I can see that. But that the “Tara” story and baby story would only come out as internet rumors? If l that story were true and known by more than a couple people, what is hard to believe IMO is that someone wouldn’t be giving/selling that story to the tabs. Just saying.

      • Katie says:

        I agree with you that Andy seems hostile towards Danielle. But I don’t think it is because of the sex tape because Gretchen has pornographic material out and it doesn’t seem to affect their relationship.

        Danielle may be a shit starter but Andy has described himself as one. “I’m a sh*t-stirrer. I am a legendary sh*t-stirrer. If I go to a dinner party and it’s kind of boring, I’ll be like, “Let’s all say who we would want to sleep with in this room.”

        I suspect that Danielle may have been too labor intensive and emotionally draining for the production staff. I don’t think any outside publicity bothers Andy in the least.

    • boston02127 says:

      Why is it that over the past couple of days we’ve had such shocking juicy info dropped so easily on our laps? Right out of the woodwork! One extremely informative post and zap the poster is gone for ever.

  55. Had Enough! says:

    Do you think Kikilet thinks she is writing to a person called SkinnyPop?

    @theskinnypop are u kidding. I am a popcorn addict. Khardasians and popcorn. Perfect night. Did I mention the corona?

    Or does she get paid a few bucks for this shit? Posing with cases of Svedka vodka, tweeting about name-brand products…

    Does someone actually believe that people will buy stuff because KooKooBigBird likes it? Not me. If anything, I would run the other way!

    • truelifediva says:

      Once she tweets a brands name she can take credit for ALL national sales of that product. Along with being the most charitable person in her area, she is also the most hawkable 😉

    • kats2 says:

      She doesn’t get paid, she is dying to get an endorsement deal. She is the creepiest and sadest HW out there.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Corona is piss water. IMO. Figures Kiki thinks it’s all that. She thinks she’s living out a commercial….cartwheels on the beach, etc.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Kelly thinks she is the lime in the corona!

        • cdnfillie58 says:

          her thought process is kinda like the lime squeezed in the bottle 😛

          • NoGrifterFan says:

            She’ll make your eyes water that’s for sure.
            Other than being green (with envy), acidic and making eyes water I can’t see what she has in common with limes? Maybe she wants to be the Ambassador of Fruit?

  56. Peony says:

    I forgot to add…which is why I really didn’t like this season of RHONJ. I won’t be watching next season. Although the addition of Melissa does interest me. I don’t think these women don’t speak to me or the way I would ever want to live my life. They don’t even have that “Jerry Springer” quality where the drama is so explosive is funny/ridiculous….I’m just bored by it.

    When is NY coming back?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      NYC’s next season will be shown next year. Dunno if they’ll keep the schedule and show it in the spring like this year.

      I haven’t watched NJ this year. But if Melissa’s being on the show is a major source of aggro for Teresa, I just might watch it next year.

      Heh, Teresa’s said in an interview that they’re cutting back on spending and wearing hand me downs now. (Yeah, like I believe that.) Maybe Melissa can give T some of her family’s cast offs. LOL. T would implode.

  57. Wendy says:

    Although I don’t know Albie, I know about his learning disability because I suffer from the same thing and I am now 52 yrs old. It is an inability to comprehend certain material. It may take longer to understand either by reading the same thing over and over, or have someone explain the material in a less complicated way. I was 6 yrs old and in 1st grade when me and my parents were made aware of my “problem”. The teacher told my parents my eyes weren’t fully developed to understand what I was reading because I was one of the youngest in my grade (late birthday) and that I should be held back a year. I wasn’t held back and from then on I had to take special reading classes all through elementary school, which didn’t help. In high school I was told I wasn’t “applying” myself and was basically lazy with my studies. I asked for help and never received it until college where I was accepted only if I attended special classes on reading and study skills. The reading portion consisted of speed reading and I don’t even remember the other class. I ended up dropping out of college after 2 yrs. 8 yrs ago I went to real estate school in the Chicago area and had a lot of trouble. My teacher wouldn’t help me so after many tutoring sessions with a wonderful and patient person, I passed my state exams on the 1st try. I have since moved to Az and just took the class here. I really pushed my instructors to help me understand the material by asking TONS of questions and not giving up until I understood what I was asking. When I don’t understand something in business or in life, I ask and most people don’t believe I need help. I’ve been called lazy, been laughed at etc…I think what Caroline wants to do is great and I’ve offered to help her. People like all of you need to realize there are all types of learning disabilities, not just the types that are well known, such as dyslexia and that all kids should be taken seriously and not dismissed when asking for help. To this day, I don’t understand mortgages and I’m grateful to the lenders who are glad to help my clients, because I can’t. (Sorry for any typos, imdoing this on my bb).

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Ok- I agree with you and respect your position. But didn’t Caroline specifically say that it was NOT dyslexia?

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        I’m reading it as Wendy saying that there are more disabilities like hers and Albie’s that are not dyslexia and they are not as well known.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Ok- I agree with that.

          But sorry, I just don’t buy it with Albie. I think he’s lazy, and doesn’t work at anything including the Brownstone because he’s arrogant.

          Instead of going on a rant about this mysterious non-diagnosis, I would think you’d want to go on a rant about how the people who have REAL disabilities are not helped by our educational system. Not some spoiled, coddled kid of a star wannabe that’s trying to put a positive spin on her precious child’s failures.

        • dumberries says:

          That’s my understanding as well. Wendy has taken the time to explain it and to raise the awareness of those reading this blog. Caroline has a wonderful opportunity to reach millions of people, but she’s been very vague about something important – like she was avoiding the topic. If she is now ready to share and advocate, it’s great. I simply think she would have been wise to do so while Albie’s law school challenges were a focus on the show – that would have been much more productive than the hours of discussions about Danielle….

      • boston02127 says:

        @OneMoreinBoston –Yes, Caroline did say it is not dyslexia.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      All children learn differently – some visual, some audio, some oral – there are curriculum that rotates through all the the learning styles – when I was on my local school board I fought to have it accepted – it took ten years, four contract negotiations but it is in place now. Learning can happen in so many ways.
      Children with learning diabilities are normally diagnosed in elementary grades but that isn’t enough. A parent will always be the strongest advocate and unless they are willing to fight for special instructions it will not happen on the level the child truly needs. You can’t throw money at it. You can’t blame the school district. You can’t wish it away or think your child will outgrow it.
      Being an advocate would be a wonderful thing for Caroline to do – she is passionate, she is visible and she has lived it.

  58. Wendy says:

    I apologize for my rant, but it upset me when I read the comments about Caroline and Albie. It sounds like Albie does what’s expected of him and I understand his frustration as well as Caroline’s. My parents weren’t as supportive of me as she is of him. They thought they were protecting me and didn’t support my dreams. This last time in real estate school, I passed my exams on the 1st try after working my butt off. FYI…Caroline has stated that Albie was diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD, don’t remember which one…

    • MAMAZ says:

      That’s ok Wendy 🙂
      It’s always good to get another perspective. I think Caroline just comes off as insincere because she is so vague as someone else has said. she’s got a great platform she should be specific: Albie was diagnose with blank during blank grade. We did blank and got him the help he needed through blank. I don’t think he’s lazy though. Didn’t he graduate from Fordham University? Excellent school.

    • kats2 says:

      Wendy, I get what you’re saying, but I have a hard time giving them a pass. The thing that is still bothering me is how did Albie just magically and so quickly get into that Sherriff/police program? This has been pointed out here before bt many others, that there are only so many spots and it’s usually a long wait. I think some calls and favors were cashed in. I don’t like people who play by a different set of rules and act like thugs.

  59. Need a Hobby says:

    The “part time” thing rumored for Kiki and the Foghorn doesn’t make sense to me either….unless it’s planned in advance that their roles will be minimized. Guess we’ll see. I bet like you that it’s not coincidental that the “part time” rumor came out shortly after JZ’s media campaign for more bucks backfired. Her low media profile right now may be due to the alleged Bravo “hand slap” over the media stunts she pulled.

    Remember Jenn Sale’s marvelous slap down of the “Foghorn” on her blog after receiving a condescending and insulting email from Foghorn & Co.? I think after that public smack down, Sale tweeted to the effect that she received subsequent emails from that same source saying it was all a misunderstanding, blah, blah. LOL

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      part time may be the reward for pushing her own agenda instead of the one Bravo gave her. part time mayb be a reward for saying she won’t film with another cast member. part time may be part way to the exit for Jill……

  60. RHAnalyst says:

    LMAO Jac L messaged, then blocked me. I actually think Ashley gave birth to HER, not the other way around.

  61. cdnfillie58 says:

    Nothing better to do so I decided to check out what people are posting on T’s bravo blog…not good. Whoever is supposed to filter over at Bravo is obviously taking the long weekend off..lmao

    • momsthoughts says:

      I read in the NYPost that Teresa is not happy with Bravo and not coming back – could be the reason Bravo is allowing negative posting. I have to leap on this opportunity and try to get a post up!

  62. ilovelynn says:

    been watching the rhonj for the last three hours(it’s 4:30 pm here in nj) the episodes are ones that I have never seen, the baby’s christianing etc. and it’s very interesting to watch how joe acts and how he talks to teresa knowing what I know now thanks to lynn and all you great “sleuths”. he just told teresa “good night” at the party because he said he was going home because he didn’t want to see the bill! he also told her on the way to the church that he HATED when she gave parties, no MORE parties! she just glared at him. they also panned the room at the brownstone and at one of the back tables was melissa the sil. interesting, when all the “housewives” had tables in the front. the plot thickens!

  63. Katie says:

    I don’t usually go to the bravo blogs because it usually is such a censored load of bullpucky, but there are many amusing posts on Teresa’s. Not such a lovefest this week.

    • Sherry says:

      Will have to check it out. Gave up on that site. Seemed like a big lovefest and my posts never showed up because I was negative. LOL, maybe the screeners are at a BBQ today.

  64. Wendy says:

    To OneMoreinBoston, yes she did say it wasn’t dyslexia. Maybe I missed something recent…is she now claiming it to be dyslexia?? By the way, I am so happy to have found this blog. I love reading it and all of the comments, good or bad. This is my 1st time commenting and it’s a nice place to discuss. None of my friends watch Bravo. At least they won’t admit to it. Lol!

  65. Adgirl says:

    Anyone watching Austin Scarlett and Santino’s show? I just caught the one were they are in a dinky town to make a wedding dress. Hilarious wataching them drive to the fabric store which is located on a country lane in what appears to be a shack (no Mood here!). It’s actually a pretty large store. They find what they need and make a wonderful gown in one day.
    I just loved seeing them in the country and out of the city. It was very cute.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I’ve been watching it! It’s really cute. I love the interaction between Santino And Austin. They are so different.

  66. cdnfillie58 says:

    btw, I’m watching a rerun of RHNJ..the christening. Odd but just noticed, when they were having the “1st” dance, camera pans out to a woman sitting at a table then to another with long dark hair who quickly looks away when she realizes the camera was on her…looked like the SIL Melissa..anyone else catch that?

  67. So I hooked-up the special receiver that Comcast forces me to use to watch Bravo, (I protest it since it costs extra money AND uses electricity 24/7), and I landed on TCM—-God these old movies are great. So many great professional actors & actresses.
    So many times this season, and in reality television I’ve seen our “reality” stars & “villains”, and thought—“this famewhore would do ANYTHING, just to be on television.”,
    And, “why didn’t they just LEGITIMATELY break-into show-business, and ACT??”
    And, certain people, or characters, seem to be doing more acting and less realing and visa-versa, to the point where you have REAL judges, real courts, real police…..
    It just goes back to Bravo “crossing the line”, and being edgy-breaking the “fourth wall”, and blurring the lines.
    Take Angelina Jolie for example; there’s a good chance that she could be a complete fruitcake. And Madonna, and other celebrities. They ARE public people, yet they are allowed to control a certain amount of their privacy. Bravolebrities are not, and in my opinion these people are making a deal-with-the-devil when they enter into a pact with reality television.
    People do not like being lied to. When you say that its “real”, you’re asking the audience-no you’re challenging the audience, to prove that its not real.
    In the Star~Ledger article posted up-thread, a commenter there even suggests that Bravo is helping the government to set-up, trap & prosecute the Giudices. That’s how unbelievable, confusing, and bizarre the entire spectacle has become.
    Maybe some Bravolebrities think they’re getting-over on the system when they gain fame & notoriety, and in the process sell-out their children and themselves for what amounts to worse than nothing. Heck—Jill, NeNe and Teresa, Lynn, and others, all of them really are even willing to PAY to be a “housewife”.
    How could it possibly be worth it?
    I heard that TWOP, (owned by Bravo & NBC), shut-down the RHWONJ topic once again lately-(I don’t know if it re-opened or not). Until Lynn’s blog, THAT is how they controlled “us”, but we finally got smart, and unfortunately, Bravo gave us they gang that couldn’t shoot-straight to practice our new-found freedom.
    I think that there is a critical mass, like a formula, where the media starts-out having 100% credibilty, ok, maybe 90. Internet starts at zero.
    At some point, the critical mass, when the www becomes loud-enough, or where the material concerning a subject, topic, or person, becomes so diverse from what the mainstream media is portraying, and I’d say that it would have to be about 70% or more, when the www is 70% different, THEN we start to get the truth.
    I’m rambling. Oh well, I’m battling menopausal insomnia, (the kind where you wake-up in a cold sweat), and getting ready to say goodbye to RHWONJ, even-though there is a “lost footage” next week.

    .and I’m thinking about following the DC wives. The reason for that is because I have peeked, even-though I’m boycotting the series. I saw Kat in the limo and at the winery, and I LOVE HER. Her husband, or future ex-husband recently made critical public comments about her and her appearance on RHWODC, and I felt sorry for both of them. But from that one episode, I feel like screaming-“She’s RIGHT!. WTH are you people doing?” You have security protecting you from your elderly MOTHER????” BULLOCKS! (I don’t know what that means, but I think it means BS). Kat may in fact redeem reality television if she stays true with her no nonsense, reality-checking, “Just what is going ON here?”-attitude.
    OK-sorry for being so long-winded and taking up valuable blog real estate here.
    I can’t wait for the last ten minutes tonight-and don’t forget its a “supersize” episode, so those last ten minutes, the shocker will probably be after 11pm on the East Coast.

  68. Wendy says:

    OneMoreinBoston, this is a”real” disability!! The educational system in my youth dismissed it as me not “applying” myself and because there is no name for this, it sounds like schools still don’t get it. We don’t know Albie and whether or not he’s lazy, but my own experience tells me he’s not. Maybe Caroline is trying to bring awareness to the folks who don’t get it. I had 3 great teachers in my life who did get it. Thank God for them, but all teachers AND parents need to “get it” as well!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Ok I agree with you, but do you really believe (and I’m not being an *sshole when I ask this, I am truly curious) that what you went through is what Albie is going through?

      When you tell you’re story, there is a ring of truth, a veracity, that I am just not getting from Albie and Caroline.

      But you have convinced me to reserve judgement for now. If this kid is being honest and this is a legit disability than I’ll feel terrible about it.

  69. Wendy says:

    Did anyone notice a retweet by Caroline yesterday that she has since removed, a quote along the lines of everything happening in our lives, good or bad, we have attracted? A reference to Teresa’s current legal issues?????

  70. Wendy says:

    OneMoreinBoston, help!! What does “up thread” mean? Lol! I’m new to this.

  71. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Teresa is going to host a table flipping contest on September 25 in Delaware. LOL


    • OneMoreinBoston says:


      This is hilarious:

      “Teresa will appear at the Funky Monkey in Wilmington, Delaware, where she’ll hold a meet-and-greet with fans and invite women to flip a table for a prize.”

      Either she’s desperate for $$$ or she has no shame at all.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Yeah – I noted yesterday the name of the bar – The Funkey Monkey

      I wondered if she got the irony.

      • I have to steal Rachel Zoe’s & Taylor’s line here. “I die.”-(said in monotone, but really meaning I’m dying that she would stoop so low).
        Please God, let no one show up for this.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          I’m wondering if her garbage will play as well outside of her little world…. if anything this event is to make fun of her. But money is money and she doesn’t have talent or a skill set to fall back on.

  72. Grace Charles says:

    It sounds like you had a tough time in school and are still having difficulties. I am guessing that your disability was never properly diagnosed. Dyslexia is kind of an umbrella term for most reading disorders. It is very important to have a proper diagnosis because you need specfic learning tool that will help you develop skills to overcome your disability. For example, my sons dyslexia stems from visual processing disorder, so we have discovered that he needs auditor tools to assist him (like books on tape).
    He still struggles with certain teachers who don’t get it and they assume he is just lazy. That is where I step in and set them straight.

    • lillybee says:

      Back in the day, no one was diagnosed. I have a mild form of Asperger’s and all I was told was that something was wrong with me and that it was all my fault.

      • NoGrifterFan says:

        Ouch! Lillybee that’s terrible.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        My son, an adult now, struggled with reading text books in school too despite being quite intelligent and now very successful. You are right Lillybee, this was back in the day. When I discussed this with the school they said they would test him, they brought in the school psychologist who administered her tests. They called me for a conference and told me…..Your son doesn’t qualify for special ed.

  73. MAMAZ says:

    Happy Birthday Sha2000. I didn’t get on until late in the day and was afraid if I replied along with the earlier posts you wouldn’t see. 🙂

  74. LynnNChicago says:

    Ashley was just asked if she and Derek broke up, her response:

    Yes, for now

    • Sherry says:

      He came across as way too mature for her. She is very immature and has big entitlement issues. It is very easy to see she’s Jac’s daughter. The apple didn’t fall far.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Wondering if he waited until now because he was afraid of what she might do to him…..or maybe she thinks she can do better now that she is a star!

  75. Wall St Lady says:

    Upstream the Duggers were mentioned which reminded me of Joan Rivers screeching that Kate & Mrs D. Need to b told that their vagina is not a hotel. Then Joan yelled : Go home Kate & learn ur children’s names. They don’t know who u r !”

  76. Wall St Lady says:

    Re the dyslexia posts.
    Caroline said Alby has has these problems since he was 14. U r born w/learning disabilities u don’t catch them at 14.

    • rawhideaz says:

      I’m always kind of reticent to post for fear that someone will jump down my throat about something. I have an M.Ed in the field of Reading. Dyslexia is another name for a problem with reading. It’s a skill like piano playing. If you have trouble in first grade and don’t take care of it, there will be more problems in second grade, third grade, etc. It’s not magic. It’s a skill. Think of yourself learning Russian. If you miss weeks 2 and 5 of the lessons . . . you are going to be behind the class. They are on Week 6 and now you’re even more behind. Really . . . you need to have the student diagnosed from the beginning skills to see exactly where the gaps are. When you figure that out . . . you teach those skills to fill up the gaps. The best advice I could ever give anyone is to make sure your child is solid in first grade. If he/she is having trouble, address it immediately with a program (like Sylvan Learning) that does exactly that.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Not here, sweetie. We are always respectful of one another. You are always welcome to post and we look forward to your contributions.

        • rawhideaz says:

          Thanks Had. You and I were both there during the old days when that wasn’t always the case. Scared the heck out of me.

          • rawhidez–really good point but the only problem that I have is, could you be a little bit more specific?
            First grade, is a big year for learning, and I, (stupidly), sent my own to a special school that had them reading at 3. They are still pissed at me for that.
            Yes, I guess a child should be able to sound-out C-A-T by first grade, or at the very least sight-sound the alphabet, but I’ve been a speed-reader all of my life and it really didn’t click until second grade.
            I’m not arguing with what you say, but in my opinion, 2nd grade would still be considered on-track as far as reading?

            • rawhideaz says:

              I don’t really understand what your question is? BRAVO if your child was reading at age 3. That’s very rare. Normally they just aren’t mature enough. I once had a doctor’s wife who would have paid a million dollars (kidding) if her 4 year old could read. She wanted to do anything she could to help him get ahead. He just wasn’t ready.

              • Bravo?—-There is a way to teach very young children to read. In my opinion, they are not ready for it at that age, or most of them are not ready.
                Its basically intensive phonics with a little Dick & Jane thrown in.
                The founder of The Initial Teaching Alphabet (may be spelled with strange letters), has passed-away, and with her went the method, but in my opinion, 2nd or 3rd grade is the right time for “chapter books”.

            • rawhideaz says:

              housewifehater – I just tried to email you via your link at your website – gmail acct – but it didn’t go through for me.

      • truelifediva says:

        I work with mentally challenged adults. Some are not aware and some are VERY aware they’re retarded. The aware ones know the stigma many in society place on their disability. Some developed a very canny ability to “fake being normal”. They will mimic slang and phrases they see on t.v. in order to appear higher functioning than they really are. One client I work with does this often and has fooled new staff into thinking he was been incorrectly diagnosed. He would eavesdrop on conversations among staff and at one point added the word “autistic” to his vocabulary. He began to declare that I was “autistic” when I asked him if he had done his chores. No one knew what he meant. My boss explained to him that it was not nice to call someone that, just like he didn’t like being called the “r” word. He told her she was wrong, Autistic means a person who is picky about things. This is what he deduced from over hearing conversations about Autistic clients needing routine in their lives to feel secure.
        What I am saying is Albie may have been faking and therefor hiding his learning disability out of shame. May be that is why it wasn’t diagnosed until the age of 14. Just a thought.

        • kk says:

          I’ve seen more parents in denial of their children’s obvious Asperger or high function autism then i can count.

          You can also not be in an MR mentally retarded range of the IQ of 60, but instead have an IQ of 80-85, which is low but not MR. the 80 IQ’s can fake it better.

  77. Grace Charles says:

    Exactly…he would have shown signs since kindergarten.

  78. Wendy says:

    MAMAZ, thanks for your help! I’ll catch on…it’s also been great to hear from people who know so much about Dyslexia. Given my age, I KNOW I was never properly diagnosed, but now I want to get a diagnosis. It’s never too late, maybe going forward, my life can change given all the tools used today. I always thought of Dyslexia as reading letters and numbers backward and never even entertained the possibility this is what has held me back for so long. As far as Albie’s struggle beginning at age 14, maybe nobody bothered to bring awareness to him or his parents until then. Who knows. I like Caroline and her family, the others, not so much. I am looking forward to part 2 tonight. I hope it delivers on the “shocking” revelations!! I’m tired of false advertising…

    • MAMAZ says:

      You’re very welcome!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Caroline said they got him help, tutors, etc so she should have been able to explain Albie’s learning disability much better than she did. I was just thinking about how emotional (and unhelpful) she got when she was talking to him about the law school letter….maybe she feels she didn’t do enough when he was first diagnosed or she really didn’t understand exactly what his challenges were. I’d love to see her step up to the plate and be an advocate – she could help alot of people who may not even be aware their children have a problem.

  79. klmh says:

    For those who hate JZ, you might enjoy the majority of posts to her blog of the DC housewives:


  80. Wendy says:

    MAMAZ, thanks for your help! I’ll catch on…it’s also been great to hear from people who know so much about Dyslexia. Given my age, I KNOW I was never properly diagnosed, but now I want to get a diagnosis. It’s never too late, maybe going forward, my life can change given all the tools used today. I always thought of Dyslexia as reading letters and numbers backward and never even entertained the possibility this is what has held me back for so long. As far as Albie’s struggle beginning at age 14, maybe nobody bothered to bring awareness to him or his parents until then. Who knows. I like Caroline and her family, the others, not so much. I am looking forward to part 2 tonight. I hope it delivers on the “shocking” revelations!! I’m tired of false advertising.

    • rawhideaz says:

      Wendy . . . I don’t know your age (adult?) but it’s never too late. In fact . . . once you get a proper diagnosis of where your gaps are . . . I would assume you will learn quite quickly. If something like Sylvan isn’t possible (super expensive but excellent), check out Adult Learning classes through your local school district. Hopefully I will be teaching exactly that two nights a week within the next few weeks. I wish you only the BEST. You can do it! No magic – just skills.

  81. Grace Charles says:

    Go Wendy! I’m thrilled to hear you are going for a diagnosis! Let me know if I can do anything to help.

  82. Wall St Lady says:

    Wendy. I remember being tested in first grade. I still rember the old man w/& w/o a hat & u were supposed to say this shadow is wrong cuz he has no hat on. Anyway I over herd them saying I was dumb & I should repeat 1st grade. My southern mother said “no way it would be social suicide for her to b older than the boys in the class!”
    When I made all Ds & Fs my mother told me the teachers were stupid & it was them that were failing to teach me & failing at their job. Every year my mother refused to let me stay back.
    It didn’t hurt that the School Superintendent worked for my grandfather She always said u r pretty u r from a good family u will b a debut ante , so what if u make Ds!
    In sixth grade when they discovered I couldn’t tell time I was made to get a tutor.
    My teacher stood up to my mother & refused to let me go to Jr High unless I got tutored all summer.
    I made all As & Bs for the rest of HS & went to my tutor till I went to college

    • You know WSL-your mother was right. With the one-on-one, your tutor probably figured-out the best way to help you learn, you probably had a different way of learning. And I was hoping for much more with the Albie story also.
      Caroline admitted on her Bravo blog that Albie took Adderall© to try & keep-up.
      To me that’s overkill, and apparently Adderall© has no effect on admissions committees.

  83. Wendy says:

    Thank you, OneMoreinBoston for reserving judgement for now. Given the little we’ve seen and heard from Albie himself, I do believe him. It would be great if both Albie and Caroline did an in-depth interview regarding his diagnosis and struggles before and after. I think editing on the show and time restraints during their WWHL appearance raised more questions than answered them.

  84. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    I am gonna call this one!
    Andy will bring up the hair pull heard round the world.
    The Fambly will then begin to berate Danielle about how she lied to the judge when she said Ashley was screaming she would kill her, and that she could have been love and light and dropped the charges because hair pulling does not compare to pistol whipping. And after all, why hold anyone accountable for their actions but Danielle?

    Danielle will then loudly assert that she was ATTACKED and pull out that damn maniken head to demonstrate her near fatal hair pull. Every detail of each strand of the weave (it’s individual name and relationship to her life) will be brought up as well as all the other possible injuries she did NOT sustain.
    Will I laugh or cry at the utter ridiculousness of this visual aid—tune in later to find out.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      When I saw the online pic of that head that D pulled out of the bag, I actually guffawed out loud.

      How can any of these women get on a “high horse” after voluntarily appearing on this show and behaving the way they do? Professional wrestlers have more dignity.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        I think they’re paid more too.

        So…no class and no money, but yet lines around the block to be the next housewife. Go figure.

      • Duchess you have me in tears! I’m waiting in suspense for the hairball-reveal. Has anyone heard the rumor that Danielle has a large visible bald area on her head?

        • truelifediva says:

          I for one am on pins and needles waiting for this shit to unfold. I was a make up artist and hairdresser for 15yrs (still keep my license up). I offered the kind of weave Danielle has and let me tell you, pulling out a hunk of it would be harder than pulling out teeth! She keeps saying “It’s beaded in” like that’s some exotic process. It’s a glue resin that’s attached to the roots of the fake hair, clamped to the clients hair 1/8″ from the roots, then melded together by melting the resin with a device similiar to a flat iron. I know that the yank hurt, but that WAS ALL!! I can’t feel sorry for her when she lies. Any bald spots would have been documented and paraded for all to see by the “victim” If she has a bald spot it is from her boyfriends yanking her hair during sex 😉

          • I think Lynn did a detailed blog or had a guest blog about this very subject. Thanks for reminding us. I hope whatever it is isn’t gross or bloody. But if it is, Danielle will go down as the winner.
            I didn’t even see an ice-pack, so if they kept this a secret, they did a good job.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            When I had extensions they braided little sectiond and then sewed in hair. If that had been pulled it probably would have ripped out my own hair and left bald spot.

            • truelifediva says:

              That’s an older method. The method with individual sections of hair (think Dina’s little red piece), are attached using Fusion glue. You can pull one piece out if you REALLY try but a section or a whole track (like you had) would be impossible to pull out manually. Think about it, you had to have your weave professionally removed when you were ready to get rid of it. You cannot yank out a whole section at once. If you grabbed a section you could drag someone up and down the street by the hair, like a ponytail. That hunk of hair she waved during her talking head was fake! It did not come from Ashly pulling her hair. A few strands yes, a hunk no.

            • lillybee says:

              I thought that I saw a bald spot on the crown of her head in the episode where she was cleaning out the hallway closet.

    • emt2 says:

      You know, I have a friend who has the same weave situation that Danielle has and she had her hair pulled out (by a jealous ex-girlfriend of her current boyfriend) and she does have a bald spot. She said that it hurt like hell and it looked like it hurt like hell. If someone pulled my hair like that, I would cry, as well. And then start throwing punches! Weaves are expensive and it takes A LONG time to regrow pulled out hair. So, I sympathize with Danielle.

  85. Wendy says:

    Wall St Lady, WOW! It shocks me that you were put through that. That’s great that you were able to pull through and achieve so much:) I remember crying to my parents begging them not to hold me back. They and I were afraid it would affect me emotionally because kids may have made fun of me. Oddly enough, we moved before I started 3rd grade, which would have been a good time.

    Does anyone know where I would go to get a proper diagnosis?

      • I know one in South Jersey. You could try your local board of education and ask to speak to the child study-team.
        You may be an audio-learner, or visual…just different ways that you learn and process information.

        • rawhideaz says:

          I hope this is my last comment because I know there are a lot of opinions out there on this subject and many, many horror stories. It doesn’t much matter if you are an audio learner or visual learner or whatever the most current catch phrase is. You have to be able to function in the world by reading. IMHO – it’s all skills. If your foundation of skills is strong like the foundation of your house . . . then you build on more in-depth skills of comprehension, etc. It’s easier than most people think. Honestly – it’s one reason why I’ve never taught in public schools. Too much unnecessary mumbo-jumbo. Unfortunately, the student-teacher ration in schools doesn’t normally allow for such individualized instruction. OK – that’s enough from me on this topic.

          • I’m shocked that you call different ways of learning mumbo-jumbo.
            I don’t know what Sylvan does, but I would hope that whatever they do takes into account each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses when it comes-to processing information.

            • rawhideaz says:


              I don’t work for them but am very familiar with what they do. It’s all about pinpointing strengths and weaknesses but not the different “learning styles” someone was referring to – audio – visual – that’s the mumbo-jumbo part to me. We can email directly about this if you’d like. I tried emailing you at your Gmail acct and the link on your website didn’t work for me.

              • Sorry I said that I am shocked that you said that.
                I should say that I am shocked IF it is “mumbo-jumbo”.
                I feel like we were cheated out of something with Albie’s plot-line.
                I had hoped that we would actually see methods, practical stuff, about different ways of learning if someone has comprehension problems.
                All I got out of it was that Albie took Aderall©, and that didn’t help get him admitted.

      • rawhideaz says:

        No not a doctor. Sylvan Learning does this type of skills testing.

        • Char212 says:

          Children show signs at an early age. When my son was 3 and he wasn’t talking yet I took him to the school psychologist to be tested. They diagnosed him as EEN (Exceptional Educational Needs) and told me what he needed. The problem was the school didn’t have anything in place to give him what he needed. They tried to tell me I had to go out and find the help for him and told me I should put him in the Head Start Program. It just so happened that a friend of mine was a teacher and she told me that if they diagnosed him EEN then the school has to supply what is needed to help him. The school argued with me over it so I went to the library and copied the state law that clearly stated that it’s the schools responsibility to make available or create programs for any child with exceptional needs from the ages of 3 to 21. When they still argued with me I eventually had to call the State Superintendent. After I explained to them what I was going through they actually drove down to our town and told the our Superintendent, Principal and the Psychologist that the law is the law and they had better do what they need to do or be held in non-compliance. They then made the speech therapist available to my son and even had to pay me to drive him to his head start classes. This was 37 years ago so you can’t tell me Carolyn did everything she could do for Albie. Because of me and my son the school has a wonderful program in place for children who have a rough start. The psychologist ended up getting fired and the one who took her place made sure that my sons IEP was done every year first thing. The teacher who was my friend said it was because I had the nerve to fight and went so far as to call the State Superintendent. You have to fight for your kids, if you don’t, who will? Granted, laws differ from state to state and I live in Wisconsin but if N.J. doesn’t have laws like that she could have taken him to someone else to be tested. Surely she must have noticed that he was having problems LONG before he was 14.

          • rawhideaz says:

            I’m sure she did notice . . . and probably believed what the teachers told her . . . “Oh boys are just slower than girls . . . he’ll catch on.”, etc, etc. He’s a darling kid and everyone probably just kept “hoping” the problem would go away . . . until it didn’t.

          • Caroline admitted to helping Albie with his college homework.
            We have those same laws in NJ, but I will say that Caroline is not the only mom who has helped their kid in school-even done their homework for them.
            It seems to be a practice that goes way-back, but mommy can’t take the test for you!
            (maybe that has changed now too–there is a lot of cheating that goes on).

    • NormaJean says:

      Wendy look for a Speech and Language Pathologist who has her “Cs”. Her credentials will read SLP-CCC. He/ she will be able to determine your exact disability and provide the appropriate therapy.

  86. Wendy says:

    I wonder how many pretty girls are told all they need are their looks to get by in life now?!

    • truelifediva says:

      Many still are unfortunately. When I worked for local modeling agencies, many a parent thought that their beautiful (average) looking daughters had it made and wouldn’t even need college.
      My grandmother’s generation taught girls to value looks over smarts and she passed that along to her daughters as well. I have the unusual situation of having an aunt 4 mos. older than myself. My grandmother had kids 25yrs apart. My mother was 22yrs and my grandmother was 43yrs when we were born. My youngest aunt Ann was an early bloomer and my grandmother told her she was beautiful, had a great body, and would have lots of men pursuing her. I was told I was short, fat, ugly, and it was a good thing I was smart because I was going to have to work for a living. Well, I was a late bloomer and Ann stopped growing in the 6th grade. She is 5’1″, 200lbs, and broke because she doesn’t know how to manage her money. She is cute but no beauty and mad at the world for not giving her everything she wants. It hurt me as a child to be called ugly, but at least I know my true worth as an adult.

      • truelifediva-well if your icon is you, you overcame your ugly-duckling phase, so you’re doubly blessed as they say.
        This discussion has taken an interesting turn, and even-though it is drifting off-topic, there is something that applies.
        I’m talking about, make-up, looks, clothes…”maintenance”, plastic surgery, (more dots), -and, oh yeah fake eyelashes. And Boobs.
        AND. Age.
        Where-else but in Bravolebrity-land, can a middle-age woman be given the up-and-coming starlett treatment?
        And why would WE as women, (most of us?), want to take that away from them?
        The truth is that these women are proving that we’re NOT invisible.
        Bravo is giving these women, and in-kind inviting ALL women, a second chance to “make it” in the entertainment business.
        We all know what Danielle did 25 years ago, but for about 12 years, it looks like she was a pretty damm good soccer mom.
        Do I think that for her children’s sake she should have stayed a soccer-mom? Yes.
        But only because-of the lie that is reality television. I don’t think that any woman should be forced to make sacrifices of her children & her family to be afforded the incredible opportunities that Bravo has to offer with the Real Housewives franchise.

        • truelifediva says:

          Thank you for the compliment 🙂

          I was so pissed off when Danielle looked at the camera and said, “Someone needs to save me and my girls.” or whatever the quote is. So sad! If you remove the whole Fambly feud aspects of the show, Danielle is still a loser because she does nothing but promote herself as a sex object.
          1. looking for a rich husband, not just a good provider, a rich one.
          2. inviting BlowJob Steve for sexual relations in a public toilet on camera.
          3. shopping for lingerie and modeling for her homely girlfriends
          4. pole dancing class for “empowerment”
          5. sending BlowJob Steve cellphone porn, thinking he would keep it private.
          6. immediately after fighting BlowJob Steve in court over cellphone porn, makes more porn with another friend and claims surprise when this hits the internet.

          I think her song is a joke but that is a better move than the low budget porn. I know most of these “woman” come on the show to shill a product. I just want Danielle to shill something other than her vagina. That would be real “empowerment”

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            Very well put. I see now why you seem so anti-Danielle. And looking at it from that viewpoint you are absolutely right.

            Coming out of the closet or faking that she has,whatever is going on there, seems as though it’s given her more acceptance of herself and maybe now she’ll work harder to have more substance and less fluffy sexytime innuendo.

    • kats2 says:

      I still see way too many men in the power positions and unfortunately most of them still like to have pretty girls around them. I think pretty people in general are still given an edge, but it’s not just about looks you have to have some proven success. But sadly, if there were two people going after the same position with like qualifications Male Vs. Female – I think the man would get the job. Take the same situation with two people one nicer looking than the other but both have the same qualifications the prettier one would get the job.

      What’s that saying “the more things change the more they stay the same”.

  87. Wall St Lady says:

    I don’t think many ! I didn’t mention I tried like hell. I came home from school & hid in the basement doing my homework when my Mom thought I was playing in the neighborhood. After dinner I started again & I still couldn’t get it.
    The good part I’d that I developed an unwavering determination & discipline that has never stopped serving me well. I also was teased & left out of sports (sooo uncoordinated). When I did succeed in my career I had a sensitivity to others I thank God for. I don’t take success for granted but I do not “cotton to” lazy or mean people !

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I will indeed clap for that, WSL. Clearly hard work and determination enabled you to meet and overcome your challenges. 🙂

  88. kats2 says:

    Sha2000 – I hope you have a great B-Day! I love handbags so report back on what you bought for yourself. My job sounds similar to your hubby’s the routine can suck and you get sick of airports and hotel rooms.

    WCW – what did you mean when you said to click on blog name to see comments on Teresa’s papers??? You posted this way up there ^ and I can’t figure it out. Thanks!!!

    Reunion Part 2: I’m not looking forward to Part Two of the reunion tonight. Andy said in some interview previously posted here, that the big shock for tonight is some epiphany Jacqueline has. Given the lack of intelligence with this cast, it’s hard for me to believe that Jacqueline is able to connect any dots. But if that article is true and it is some epiphany she has, all I can figure out that would be worth the “shock” build up from Andy is that Jacqueline realizes that the “love” Danielle had for Jacqueline was not the typical BFF kind of thing, but closer to the Lesbian variety. This would explain why Danielle won’t go away, trying to come between Jac and Chris, going after her daughter, blah, blah, blah.

    I’m positive what Danielle pulls out of the bag is some prop to show how major the hair pull attack from Ashley was.

    There will be more from Caroline the pit-bull thinking Danielle owes her some answers and while the attack on Danielle continues by all of the HW’s I really hope Danielle doesn’t waste her time and I’m sure she will just deny, deny, deny. While I’d like to see Danielle called on some of shit, I don’t think Caroline, Teresa, Jac or Andy deserve it. So let it end with unanswered questions and a very frustrated Caroline who is just a control freak.

    I’m already bored!

    Most of all, I really hope that people are still spending time with family and friends and too busy to watch or just forget to watch tonight. Low ratings please!!!!!

    • Had Enough! says:

      Kats2 – go all the way up to the banner picture of JillZee sneering (if you can stand it). Now look just below that. Directly below it says Blog Record Number of Hits. Then look to the left of that. It says Giudice Filing Document. Click on that.

      I missed it a few dozen times before I figured it out. I always try to avoid the Zarin pic. Gives me the heaves.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Jaq—twirling her hair and staring in to space. Cut to close up of her eyes widening, then a little more, pan out to see her siliconed lips form a perfect “OHHHHH”—she speaks “Wait, so, If I had disciplined my daughter, she wouldn’t be a thug? And she would wash her hair and stop wearing a sock on her head?” Discipline—wait, how do you spell that? and can I get a prescription for it?”
      Caroline falls back on the couch rolling her eyes, Danielle is quietly talking to her maniken head while stroking it’s fake hair, and Teresa purses her lips and wrinkles her forhead—“So, whaddya saying, Milania could be like Ashley? Joe, Joe, You hears me Joe? we gotta start beating the girls, Helllllll no, aint no kid of mine gonna be like Ashley, we are classy, aint we nice? aint we?”

    • Sha2000 says:

      Thanks kats2 ,fun day today. No luck w/the handbag search but that’s okay : )
      Better luck for me next time.

    • julieintexas says:

      I will be watching THE CLOSER and RIZZOLI and ISLES episodes! I will watch Real Trashy (teresa/jaq/kim/caroline/trashley) Housewives if I don’t fall asleep first. I will give my viewer ratings to talented classy chicks who deseve the spotlight!

  89. Wendy says:

    Developing sensitivity to others is a great quality too many people lack today, especially in business. When I watch the Housewives of any city, I’m shocked at how some of these women treat other people as well as each other and they get paid for this!

    • truelifediva says:

      I’ve noticed this as well. Remember when Vicky thought she was being nice and gave her assistant a beauty day? And then she humiliated the girl by making her get a “Brazilian”. On the reunion show she giggle that the girl,”Didn’t know how to properly groom down there!” like it was cute. I wanted to slap Vicki thru the t.v. screen.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        God, the thought of Vicki “properly grooming” her hoohah area is maybe more than I can take.

        Unless she’s trimming it like a hedge and making animal figures, I seriously don’t wanna know. Maybe not even then.


  90. Had Enough! says:

    Ciao, Beppe e PetitePosie,

    Noi non siamo i lupi ci sono avvoltoi e noi amiamo l’odore di carne putrefatta. M/M Juicy Gorilla marciscono molto velocemente ora, no?

  91. Wendy says:

    After sharing my woe, I forgot to mention, I held my own daughter back going into 1st grade. The school tested each student prior to 1st grade and determined she was too immature. Rather than repeat kindergarten, they had a wonderful pre-first grade program. It was basically 1st grade, but slower with more play time included in their day. The following year, when she entered 1st grade, she was ahead in terms of reading, writing etc, and did great going forward!

    • Waslurking says:

      too sweet!

    • NormaJean says:

      Wendy, you asked earlier who you should go to to get diagnosed. I responded to you upthread. My daughter is a Speech Language Pathologist. This is what she does.

    • cusi77 says:

      Hi Boston! Thank you for your email.

      Do you know where is Teresa NOW? I am in Las Vegas, whant to see her, not to disrispect in any way… ask about anything is a waste of time because we know she will lie!

      • Had Enough! says:


        Cusi! You are back!

        • Had Enough! says:

          But it was just Sept. 5. She probably is back in NJ by now.

          Holy cow. If this is the real Joe Mastropole, the business partner whose signature Juicy supposedly forged, look what he wrote on her FB:


        • Had Enough! says:

          From her twitter

          # At Abbey Beach in the gorgeous new hotel Vdara in Vegas with my new bff @eduardoLV & his bf Maurizio. Hot hot hot! http://yfrog.com/jdp5j 31 minutes ago via web

    • kats2 says:

      Thanks Boston! Looking at those pics 3 things I thought

      1. Hot family and very much in love.
      2. She’s carrying the baby and is going to trip in those shoes.
      3. They are so going to have another baby.

  92. Waslurking says:

    Do you know what I find amazing, that so much can be found via internet on these
    people. I googled myself once…….all that came up was my mothers obit, which was
    a bit unsettling to say the least. Guess I’m a generation (or two) too old to find
    things about myself in younger years……..Thank Gawd! lol

  93. Katie says:

    I obviously don’t know if Albie’s struggle is real. But it is sad and ironic that his situation has encountered so much skepticism because it is primarily Caroline who articulates it. Her credibility has been compromised by her unrelenting desire to defend those in her family and extended family who act like a-holes! She set herself up with the family as thick as thieves shtick. It would have been more effective for Caroline to say I love and value my family and no one is above making mistakes. You are not more loyal because you defend family members who lie, cheat and steal (ie Teresa.) You become an accomplice.

    • kats2 says:

      @Katie I agree, well said. They all had a chance to just be normal, no one is expecting perfection, put a normal person admits their mistakes without any BUTS or finger pointing. Stop acting like tough thugs and show us something normal and real. Example: Bethenny

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      oh gawd yes- completely agree-VERY well written!

  94. cusi77 says:

    Hello everyone!

    I live in Las Vegas… Somebody knows if Teresa is signing this afternoon and where?

    I would like to go see how is she doing…

    • Had Enough! says:

      # At Abbey Beach in the gorgeous new hotel Vdara in Vegas with my new bff @eduardoLV & his bf Maurizio. Hot hot hot! http://yfrog.com/jdp5j 31 minutes ago via web

      • cusi77 says:

        Really? I will be there in 10 minutes, reporting later! Bye!

        • dumberries says:

          Go Cusi, go!!!!

          • Teresa got her plug in there that she wants a hundred grand to fight Danielle.
            I think I’m with Mamaz—-
            Notice in that article linked about business clamoring, the plastic surgeon is waiting ’till next season for “the new Ashley”-script.
            Speaking-of Ashley, ha ha-they gave her car away??? Wow. Was it the hug that caused her not to speak to her mom?
            The gang-up on Danielle was worse than last week. I hope they paid her extra for that.
            I wish Andy would say who is leaving.
            CUSI77–are you ok???

        • Need a Hobby says:


  95. Wendy says:

    I remember that episode of RHOC. Can you imagine if a man did that to a female assistant? Same issues would apply. Wasn’t it last season she gave her staff Botox as a thank you for their hard work and loyalty? That’s nice. I’m sure they were thrilled as well. Vicky is a class act.

    • cusi77 says:

      Wendy_ I would prefer cash…

    • truelifediva says:

      Yeah, it was a choice of Botox or spray tan, neither of which are needed by me. 😉 A more thoughtful gesture would have been a gift certificate for the service of your choice for that $ amount. She would still look generous, get to holler the spa’s name and get her freebies, and not put her staff on the spot at the same time. And money is ALWAYS the prefered option for employees.

  96. sydney says:

    I’m sure Danielle’s keeping her P.I. busy trying to dig up Jacqueline’s “shady” (stripper/escort?) past in Vegas and as soon as Caroline, the judgemental matriarch, finds out Jacqueline’s life will be hell. And even though Danielle won’t be on next season you can be sure she’ll tweet, email and blog all about it…..payback’s a bitch. You know what they say Jacqueline……don’t live in glass houses if you have something to hide. Let the games begin.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      What makes you think Caroline doesn’t know?

      Not for nothing she didn’t like Jacqueline in the beginning. It wasn’t until Jacqueline had her last bambino that Caroline finally thawed- oh and throwing Danielle under the bus. That always helps with Caroline.

      I think that’s what Caroline was referring to when she said I never said anything against strippers, or prostitutes for that matter they’re only hurting themselves. So in Caroline’s mind, strippers and prostitutes are the same .

      I think she/they know that if Danielle is digging up the dirt that there’s going to be some explaining to do. Since “we’re thick as thieves” and Jac, the former stripper, is married to her brother, hence there’s nothing wrong with stripping.

      See Jacqueline, I have your back (wink wink) because we’re family- as long as you obey me and toe the line.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        oooh, so here’s a quote straight out of the horse’s mouth:

        “When I told Andy that I didn’t find anything wrong with stripping and prostitution I simply meant this: A stripper puts herself (or himself) on stage and takes off their own clothes, no one else’s. A prostitute sells his or her own body, no one else’s. When someone goes to a strip club, or visits a prostitute, they do it voluntarily. It’s an individual’s choice.”


    • dumberries says:

      Oh, I think Caroline already knows about Jac’s past. I believe Caroline did her own investigation before Chris married her and that’s why Caroline and Dina had problems with Jac (and that’s what Jac shared with Danielle). IMO, this is why Jac empathized with Danielle when Dina and Caroline decided to spread the word about the book. She knew exactly what it felt like to be outcast because of your past, by women who have no right to be judging anyone.

      I know it might sound crazy, but I think Jac’s constant digs at Danielle are partly due to the fact that she misses having a friend with an edgier side – Jac represses a lot of her wild side to fit in with hubby’s judgmental sisters. Jac was forced to choose between Danielle and the family – we still don’t know why Jac and Chris went from being Danielle’s supporters to being part of the anti-Danielle gang…

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        I think Jac turned on Danielle because her husband started badmouthing her.

        Which was weird because at the table flip episode he assured her she would always be welcome in his home and then 1st episode he saying he doesn’t want Jacqueline to be friends with her.

        Maybe he found out she was the town pump, and didn’t want Jac to be associated with the gossip. Or Caroline turned him against Danielle.

        I think it was just easier for Jac to go along with the Manzo Mob than to stand up for her friend.

  97. sydney says:

    Excuse me for being ignorant but how is it that a “learning disability” doesn’t rear its ugly head until junior high school? Shouldn’t something like that have been obvious by the 2nd grade? Sounds like Excuse City as spun by the controlling Caroline manzo…..kinda like “portion control”.

  98. Wendy says:

    Wasn’t Vicky surprised that some of them didn’t want the Botox?

    • truelifediva says:

      Which surprised me since most of her staff looked to be college age. Apparently the new trend is to start getting it done before the wrinkles start in places you think you might get them. When I was a child I heard the saying,”Don’t make an ugly face, it’ll freeze like that.” I believe keeping a pleasant, non-puckered expression on my face is the reason I don’t have wrinkles at 40yrs old, even though I drive a convertible. 😉

  99. OneMoreinBoston says:

    I need to check what time this goat rodeo starts. Maybe head over to Bravo.com’s blogs before they delete the nasties.

  100. emt2 says:

    Hi ladies!

    Happy birthday Sha2000!

    I have good news. My mom and I took a walk today! Granted it was to the corner and back but that is pretty good for someone who had a stroke! And I painted her nails red! It’s the little joys of life that make it all worth it. And wonderful people to share it with!

    • Char212 says:

      That’s great news em2. One step at a time, slow and easy!

    • Had Enough! says:

      Yay! Kadooz to your mom!

    • cusi77 says:

      Congratulations emt2! Wonderful news!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Oh that’s awesome, so happy for your mom and her red nails! When I used to volunteer at a cancer hospice, when the patients wanted help with their hair and makeup that was a sign they had turned a corner.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Congrats! It all starts with a few steps. Best wishes for her full recovery.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Hooray! Step by step and savor them all!

    • boston02127 says:

      @emt2–That’s great news. My prayers go out your mom.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Congrats!!! Such good news.

      • emt2 says:

        Thanks you guys. This is exactly what I love most about this blog, the wonderful community.

        I have to admit that I am often overwhelmed and stressed out but I try not to show that to my mom. Cool as a cucumber! lol

        You guys are wonderful. Really, thank you so much! I really look forward to reading this blog and finding out about everyone’s life. And I admire all of you!

        And I still hate Jill and I especially hate Teresa “everyone who is critical is jealous,” really, Teresa? I wish that I had a bankruptcy and the embarrasment of having everything in my house up for auction! I am espeially jealous of not having a forehead and being a drunk and having a drunk as a husband who flips over cars and could have possibly killed himself and other people! I am especially jealous of the ability to be in DENIAL of a situation and of acting like a gorilla at the zoo. I’m so, so, so jealous!

    • NoGrifterFan says:

      That is wonderful!

  101. Sherry says:

    I forgot how Caroline plays the Hero/Martyr at the end of the last episode. Blah blah blah I met with the Evil One and I spoke up for All Of You because I am the GoodMother of the Family and All Of You must bow down to ME for risking everything by meeting with the Evil One. I do so much for my familia and it is exhausting to set a good example for my underlings…

  102. Wendy says:

    I just had a great idea for a new Bravo show, but we have to wait until the Giudices are released from jail; “The Real Ex-Cons of New Jersey” starring Teresa, Juicy Joe, Dirty Danielle, Danny and his silent friend. Just had to share:)

    • NoGrifterFan says:

      How about, “Real Mad Housewives”? Starring Kelly and Teresa with the remaining cast to be announced.

  103. I’m watching the repeat of Reunion part 1 & it’s obvious that T was intentionally talking smack about sleeping around, to get a rise out of D. When D didn’t respond, T kept at it, until finally D was forced to say something.

    T, C, & J are despicable. While D’s no Princess Perfect, at least she was trying to maintain decorum (at that point).

    • julieintexas says:

      It is so funny how Jaq conveniently(sp) has a imaginary person/cop/bodyguard/teacher/family friend that always backs up her BS story or claims of Danielle’s bad deeds/parenting etc.! Jaq will even deal with a backstabbing biotch (Kim) to find out what D is up to! This woman and her daughter are really obssessed – Hey D – I think there is a law that could protect you from these stalkers!
      Also, can someone tell me if Dina would be considered as a prostitution whore when she married her husband for his money? Does that make Caroline her Pimp? Will Caroline’s son be a pimp when he is selling sex at the classy carwash?

  104. OneMoreinBoston says:

    No one’s minding the Bravo.com store:

    “Submitted by Joanna Willis on September 2, 2010.

    I hope these comments are printed this time….Caroline, you truly acted ugly in the reunion show—baring your teeth like that I could almost feel your hate. If Danielle is such a thorn in your side, why not take the high road and say nothing to her. You three (you, Theresa and Jacqui) acted like a wolf pack in your insults and mean spirited bullying demeanor , spewing venom. You talked about Danielle raising her children in a manner you and your two roadies do not agree with but your children are also watching. Why is your way the better way?????

    Submitted by A viewer with class on September 2, 2010.

    Bullies are always cowards at heart! That is you in a nut shell. Plus you are a hypocrite. If you can still consider Teresa “family” after her behavior on and off the show you have lost all creditablity.”

    You can fool some of the people all of the time, or you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  105. MBDEA says:

    No sure if anyone already posted or bothered but here are some pics of the “newest” NJHW…Melissa Gorga (hope this works as it’s the first time I try to post images –eeks).

  106. MarineMom says:

    Wondering how wasted I can get in 25 minutes to make watching this train wreck bearable ??! Not enough alcohol in the world..LOL So I will wind up watching and talking to myself about these “ladies” like a sober crazy person 🙂

  107. OneMoreinBoston says:

    oh Danielle
    “always engage..and then suggest”
    her own worse enemy

  108. Had Enough! says:

    I have a question. How does Kelly grin like that all the time? Doesn’t it hurt after a while? I tried doing it for five minutes. My face ached!

    • dumberries says:

      @HadEnough, when I used to do a lot of trade shows, my face would ache from talking and smiling for 5 or six hours straight. A few hours after the show ended (plus a few cocktails later) and the ache was long forgotten.

      Something tells me Kiki only smiles when the cameras are pointed her way; sadly, I don’t think our girl Kiki is smiling much unless there’s someone there to witness it, which isn’t often….

    • truelifediva says:

      And why aren’t her gums drying out too?

  109. I can’t stand it any longer. I’m putting Bravo on.

  110. lillybee says:

    West coast here, so I will be looking forward to all of your great comments.

  111. boston02127 says:

    Well…Jill’s alive. She tweeted 10 min ago.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Huh? On August 31 she was in London, then she went to Australia and now she’s back in NY? Earliest she could have arrived in Australia was Sept. 1 and so she was there for what? 4 days? WTF?

  112. LynnNChicago says:

    Andy just tweeted:
    @BravoAndy: Heading home from dinner (perfect weather in nyc btw), gonna livetweet nj reunion at 9 est.

    Andy NEVER live tweets during a show, he’s never even joined the talk bubble … this could be interesting

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      That has me really curious. It has to be pretty juicy for Andy to be doing that.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      hmmm…on hand for damage control? 9 minutes to open a bottle of wine for this one.

    • dumberries says:

      I bet he’s buzzed too. Could be interesting. It so sucks to be on West Coast right now. 3 hours behind most of you; wish I could be watching it at the same time. Since this part 2 is supposed to contain shockers, will log off and check back after most of you have called it a night. I hope the end to this horrid season is as “shocking” as advertised.

  113. Sherry says:

    It’s going to be tough to watch Kim G, awful wannabe housewife. What was up with those terrible hot pants she wore toward the end of last season? Remember wearing hot pants in the 70’s? Kim got that confused – she thought it was wear hot pants in your 70’s.

    She kissed Danielle’s ass and the Jac’s ass so much it made me ill. Played both sides until the end–she must not have been sure which way to sway–maybe she got wind of Danielle leaving the show, so that meant she could finally take a side and unleash the mean girl in her….yeah, the side that would get her more air time next season…

    She has to keep trying with Caroline though. She’s not in like flynn yet. Maybe we’ll see Caroline be all huggy, new bff’s with old lady Kimmy tonight.

  114. OneMoreinBoston says:

    This reunion re run is really making my blood boil. What difference does it make who shot the porno tape, and when when it happened of it happened off the show? ARGHHH!
    I can’t stand these people-hate them all!

  115. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Can I say that Danielle’s weave looks so cheap? I can? Good, it looks cheap.

    • truelifediva says:

      But it is an improvement over the weave at the first reunion. That one was so dry and crispy. The final shot was a close up of her haggard face and horse hair weave, I wanted to puke 😉 . At least this one is silky and cheap. Channel Cher much, Danielle?

  116. Sherry says:

    Wonder if T will froth at the mouth and growl like a rabid dog again

  117. boston02127 says:

    If I were a Manzo (spit spit) I would never EVER let go of the fact that Jacqueline was once Danielle’s friend. On the reunion (part 1) Jacqueline laughed when Teresa said to Danielle that her house smelled like dog. Not long ago it didn’t bother Jacqueline one bit. Everyone knew Danielle was nutso and that didn’t bother her either. I wouldn’t trust Jacqueline. Caroline tries to come off as such a street smart person and she’s dumber than a box of hair.

  118. KellitaM says:

    Okay, I’m ready to watch Reunion Part 2. Got a big plate of pasta and a glass of vino by my side. I’m buckling up at the OK Corral (or whatever she said). Here we go………

    • dumberries says:

      Send in the clowns…

    • Sha2000 says:

      Leftover lunch, Greek salad & 1/2 chicken gyro for me, I may wash it down w/a skinny girl margarita & defiantly juju bees & old fashioned licorice swirls for dessert…already had b-day cake. Can’t wait!!!! I am sure we will be using that dvr rewind button tonight. Enjoy all, this is like the female equivalent of superbowl & just as silly! Thanks for all the great birthday wishes today, it made my day extra nice!!!! Can’t wait for your recap Lynn, enjoy!

  119. Okay, Danielle’s delusional because she doesn’t take responsibility for what other people do. Um, hello Caroline? “I stand by my family no matter what, we’re tick as tieves?”

  120. boston02127 says:

    Teresa to Danielle–bitch i’m gonna pin you down. keep going, keep going you’re gonna pin yourself down.

    Caroline won’t shut up.

  121. Sherry says:

    Andy the wimp. Why isn’t Andy calling out Teresa for Joe’s remark? If D is responsible for someone in her camp’s remarks then Teresa should be responsible for someone in her camp’s remarks. As if that argument would hold anyway–neither one could control what comes out of another person’s mouth.

    This whole show is going to be one sided. What a rip off.

  122. boston02127 says:

    Ohh, Jac called D a whore and D gave her a smirky look. ??? Hmm.
    It’s all been about D. All at the same time yelling at her calling her names.
    D walked out. In back room called Jac a LV whore.

  123. boston02127 says:

    While D was in the back T said: now we have to wait for the C…Caroline said: Teresa that’s not a nice word.

  124. Had Enough! says:

    Really Caroline? The only thing you call T-man out on is the C-word? How about the violence, the screaming, the stealing, the lying…? Well at least you finally said SOMETHING to her.

  125. Sherry says:

    ooohhhhh mean ol Jac “I never back down to anybody” oooh I’m gonna go after Danielle backstage cuz I am so badass!! I am!!! Honest!! Look at me!! I’m bad!! Look look look!!! LOOK AT ME CAMERA

  126. MarineMom says:

    Teresa – you kiss your 4 little divas with that mouth? The “C” word?? Really??

  127. Sherry says:

    Andy the principal scolding the children T and J ROFL
    Yeah, you’re so in control Andy

  128. boston02127 says:

    Andy said to T: will you calm down. then said: seriously calm down

    Recaps of fund raiser at the brownstone
    Dina and J’s meeting

  129. boston02127 says:

    Is Caroline on drugs? Why is she twitching her mouth so much?

  130. Sherry says:

    They spent the first 17 minutes of the show attacking Danielle

  131. Sherry says:

    Now we’re watching J’s great parenting skills, and the product of those skills, junior.

  132. boston02127 says:

    Their showing clips of the crappy side to Ashley. (her only side) Questioning J.
    It’s a joke listening to her answers.

  133. Had Enough! says:

    Cusi? Did you find Mrs. Juicy Gorilla?

  134. Had Enough! says:

    Snooze fest so far.

  135. Recap thus far: lots of yelling at Danielle, demands for her to take responsibility for everyone else’s actions, the hypocrisy of which flies completely over the heads of the Mafia Manzos. More yelling about some idiot on Twitter & how Danielle is responsible for that too.

  136. Uh, what? Danielle started that fight? Oh T, I.don’t.think.so.

  137. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    I’m sorry but I have to take Danielle’s side. Of course, Danielle is batshit crazy but these hypocritical cunts are too much. I wish someone would smack Caroline. This 3 against 1 is ridiculous. You can say what you want about Danielle but she holds up pretty well…

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Hey there- Upper WestSide Dude-just because Miss Andy let Theresa use that kind of locker room talk on national television doesn’t mean you get a pass on it.
      You’re better than that, pumpkin.

      • Upper WestSide Dude says:

        If you are watching the Jersey winches then your ears are not so virgin. I call it like it is and I make no apologies. If you want to hear hear some “blue” language then standby.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Blue language is not a problem for me. Misogynist gynecological ranting from a random blogger sure is.
          I am offended by your use of the word c*nt on this blog. Cut it out.

          • Upper WestSide Dude says:

            Get over it already. It’s the internet. I’ve called my boss a cunt and he’s a man.

            • Had Enough! says:

              Years ago I worked for a guy with a heart of gold but a terrible temper and no self-control. One day he called one of my female co-workers a C. I picked up the phone and said “Excuse me. The preferred term is T-W-**. ” Needless to say he was stunned, then he cracked up. He never called me a name. He knew I’d give it right back to him.

            • OneMoreinBoston says:

              like I said, I am offended by the use of this word, and no I’m not getting over it because I am not as weak as your boss.

              This blog is not the internet, it is on the internet.

              have respect for someone who doesn’t want to see that type of misogynist bullshit here. if I don’t let construction workers speak to me like that without speaking up, I’m certainly not going to let someone who hides behind the anonymous name “dude” here.

              • Had Enough! says:

                OneMore – I am agreeing with you. I don’t like the word and I don’t use it and I don’t think it should be used. I did that the one time to shut this guy up.

              • Upper WestSide Dude says:

                Yeah I am done. If you are offended by the word cunt then so be it. I am done with this blog anyway. I am not annoynous and I’vebeen on this blog a lot longer than you. You silly twat. 🙂

              • MAMAZ says:

                I’m with OneMoreInBoston on this one. We’re asking nice. Please don’t use that word here.

              • toile says:

                I agree & support your position….to bad the blogger”Dude” isn’t as classy as “Buffywood” & gracefully excuse himself. It is an offensive term…which I’m not aware of there being an equivalent offensive one for a male. Ergo not fit here where equality reigns.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Lets recap shall we?

          @8:29 you call Jac, Theresa and Caroline c*nts

          @8:40 I nicely ask you to refrain, and give you my reason why

          @8:47 you replied that because I am watching RHONJ that I am used to hearing that word, and there is more to come

          @8:52 I ask you again to stop using the term, in a stronger voice.

          @8:56 you tell me to get over it, and offer two strangely random justifications, that it is the internet so everyone does it, and you have called your boss that term And just o to further clarify, your boss is a man so obviously I am wrong in being offended (?)

          @9:01 I tell you again that I am offended, and again tell you exactly why, oh and that I’m not buying into your justifications.

          @9:06 you call me a silly twat, and then through in the towel, claiming that your not anonymous (um ok there, I don’t see your name posted but then again my silly twat doesn’t have eyes) and you’ve beenposting longerthan me so it’s OK (I guess) to insult me.

          UpperWestSideBoy, it took you all of about 26 minutes before you crumbled and resorted to childish name calling.

          But didn’t quite have the cahones to actually call ME a c*nt now did you? So instead you substituted another misogynist gynecological term, so enlightened of you.

          I notice that you often use crude and vulgar terms to basically call women “vaginas”. You even admit to calling your male boss that as well.

          I wonder why you want to diminish my self worth by calling me derogatory names? Or is it not just me but all women? oh and evidently men too.

          I encourage you to seek therapy. I’m sure talking through your mommy issues will help with your displaced anger.

          Good Luck!

          • Jenni says:

            @ Upper WestSide Dude – Please don’t leave the blog. I have so enjoyed your comments and insights for so long now! You have really brought up such excellent points so many times, and I love your sharing your point of view!

            Please don’t go! I am sure there are many people like me that look for your comments and read them with joy.

            Not sure where to post this to make sure that you see it, so will post here and at the bottom of the blog as well.

          • Jenni says:

            I am offended that you would call Upper WestSide Dude “UpperWestSideBoy”. Of course you are not racist, but why would you do that to a black man who has graced us with his point of view in a civil way for so long?

            We all have our own connotations attached to certain words. Your meeaning for a word is not necessarily universal. As was pointed out some time ago, some people use the F word so frequently that it is more like the word “wow” to them. I am sure Upper WestSide Dude meant no offense.

            That being said, when you are on a blog, you may sometimes be offended by something. It is not the world’s responcibility to amend it’s behavior to be acceptable to you. If you don’t like something so minor as this commonly used (in some circles) word, then try to ignore it. Put on your big girl panties now, PUH LEASE!

            • OneMoreinBoston says:

              I did not and do not know his color or anyone’s color here unless they have self identified as TrueLifeDiva has. If he has identified himself as black it was before I lurked here.

              I called him WestSideBoy because of his childish behavior. You are trying to make this into a racial issue where there is no such issue. Period.

              And while you are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. I will NOT ignore a term that I do not believe is benign.

              I have not asked the world to take responsiblity for something that offends me, I have politely asked that a term that I find to be mysogynist to stop being used by a poster. Others on this blog also asked that he stop.

              He used random illogical justifications why I was wrong and then childishly called me a “silly twat”.

              How is that gracing me with his point of view in a civil way?

              I have on my big girl panties, and my big girl bra too. That’s why I stand up for myself against misogynist nonsense, no matter where it comes from.

              Oh and when I’m called a twat I typically don’t respond well. But that’s just me. If you don’t mind that type of abuse and will put up with it, well ok, but don’t think for one NY second I will.

              • Had Enough! says:

                Back to back you up again, OneMore. I think he aimed the T word at me but I ducked at he hit you.

                Something wrong here anyway. Guy says he’s not anonymous. How is he not anonymous? Then someone fairly new comes along and accuses you of racism even though you don’t know this guy’s melanin content. So apparently she knows who he is. Something tells me we are being set up.

  138. Sherry says:

    Watching T tell everyone “my house is not in foreclosure” after she picked a fight with Danielle

  139. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    Ashley is a whinging twat.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      They let Ashley off the hook too right along with her mommmy, Ashley is a “child” when Danielle is pressing charges against her but an “adult” when Jacqueline can’t control her behavior.

      Can’t have it both ways folks!

  140. Sherry says:

    I’d like to smack the laugh right off Caroline’s face. She laughs as if to minimize Trashley’s hair yanking while D explains how it happened.

  141. boston02127 says:

    Recap at the country club. Andy–who started that fight to T. She answers not at all.
    The head is out of the bag. (kinda funny) Danielle is showing a demo. Andy is trying to pull hair from the fake head! LOL

  142. Sherry says:

    This show should be renamed The Attack of Danielle Part II

  143. Upper WestSide Dude says:

    Now we have 4 against 1…

  144. Had Enough! says:

    Andy is beginning to sound like Strega:

    That Twitter convo went on verrrry long and had just happened a few days before taping. I was anxious to get back to the actual show…


  145. MAMAZ says:

    Teresa was the big loser last week but Danielle’s not looking so good on reunion part 2.
    Lie #1 She doesn’t speak to Danny P anymore because of the f****t word. Hmmm, didn’t they just show her taking him suit shopping after the fundraiser at the Brownstone?
    Lie #2 Lori knows I don’t sleep with men. Well she has two children by Tom Staub, a man and made two sex tapes with two different men. One one of which was made just before this season taped.
    Lie #3 She didn’t tweet that she wanted the guys birthday wishes to come true. Jac has them saved on her phone.

    • None of those people are winners, but I really despise bullying & that’s exactly what we’re seeing & have seen on RHONJ.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Just curious, why does everyone think Danielle is bullied but Kelly is not? The Alex, Bethenny,and Ramona all spoke at the same time when confronting Kelly and they even raised their voices.

        • They didn’t gang up on her like this crew has. Plus once they realized she was nuts, they stopped confronting her & tried to calm her down.

          • MAMAZ says:

            Rewatch the NY reunion. They confronted Kelly and were loud and united in doing so.
            The only difference is that the whole NJ reunion is about the Manzo clique versus Danielle but that is what the whole show is about. The NY women had other things to discuss.
            I think people just dislike Caroline, Teresa and Jac and they like Bethenny, Alex, Ramona and Sonja. So they see Kelly as not a victim but Danielle as poor Danielle.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          The NY girls weren’t bullying her, but responding to her immediate actions. She was confrontational, insulting and provoking. She was intent on ruining their dinner, and was intent on harrassing a pregnant woman.

          The Joisey crew, is bullying by not allowing her to answer, talking over her, and actually cursing, threatening, and invading her space. Of course they use the excuse of what she’s done off-camera as the common wrong that bonds them.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            I agree, the situation with KKB was very different. She was such an aggressor on the VI trip. She alone was rewriting history. I don’t think that the other NY women were consistently out to get her.
            These NJ broads are just all crazy, each one more so than the other……..no wait, Teresa is craziest.

      • tee tee says:

        C, J and chewbacca make Danielle look like the sane one. I can not believe Andy allowed D to get bullied all because of the F comment someone else made.

        • MAMAZ says:

          She wasn’t bullied because of a statement someone else made. She made a big, and valid point last season about Joe making a gay slur. She called him out on it at the time it was made. Danny made an equally ugly slur but Danielle said nothing at the time and on the reunion claimed to have stopped speaking to him because of it. That was obviously a lie.

  146. kats2 says:

    If you want to get sick go read @CarolineManzo tweets as she watches this disgusting show. I guess fame for being part of this disgusting situation is a good time for the Manzo’s.

  147. KellitaM says:

    Wow. Kim G goes from 0 to 60 in about 10 seconds.

  148. boston02127 says:

    Total suckfest. Going rollerblading. 🙂

  149. OneMoreinBoston says:

    Kim G. has something seriously wrong with her skin. Laser peel without enuf time to heal.

  150. kats2 says:

    Where’s the big surprise or shock?

  151. CRH216 says:

    Love ya Lynn, but I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone as faking their resume without a fact check like in the case of Kyle.

    Kyle was a child actress. She may have not have had Gary Coleman success, but she has some notable credits such as Little House on the Prairie (she played Mr Edwards daughter Alicia) the movie Halloween, and guest roles on shows that were popular then, like Chips, Fantasy Island, etc.

    Here’s the link on IMDB.


    As far as her being a friend of Bethenny, that is more than likely true because Bethenny worked for Paris and Nicky’s mom as an assistant which she talks about in her first book.

    Kim also has creds as well I looked her up on imdb and she had role on a lot of tv shows in the 70s, like Diff’rent Strokes, Wonderful World of Disney and others.

    Maybe I watched too much TV as a kid but as soon as I looked them up I knew what they played. LOL

    Here’s her link:


    I respect opinions, but a google search would have given you an answer of whether or not Kyle and Kim were credible in their boastings.

  152. Had Enough! says:

    What the eff is with this annoying buzz in the background? Sounds like a bunch of vuvuzelas turned down to low volume. Is it supposed to be heightening the drama? Bloody annoying.

  153. ImaJillHater2 says:

    These Jersey “wimmens” behavior is so low class they make the Flavah of Love girls look like summa cum laude graduates of etiquette school.

    In my opinion they are ALL garbage. Trash, trash, TRASH!

    • Had Enough! says:

      Ima – haven’t seen you in a while. You are so right – they are ALL trash.

      • ImaJillHater2 says:

        I’ve been here – quietly lurking! Only post when something really grinds my a$$!

        And these Jersey Ho’wives are gettin’ on my last nerve!!!

        • MAMAZ says:

          Maybe Bravo can do a cross programing thing with VH1. Charm School for the Real Housewives. Sharon Osbourne would kick all their asses.

  154. Had Enough! says:

    Yes, Caroline. This is stupid. The whole reunion is stupid. RHONJ is stupid. You are all stupid. Every one of you.

  155. Wall St Lady says:

    Kim G had a face lift. She looKs good

  156. Had Enough! says:

    Jac – you don’t want to do this anymore? Good. LEAVE and take that Gorilla with you. And don’t come back. Good riddance to bad trash.

  157. Zoey says:

    Ha! Danielle bested Caroline, I love it!

    Caroline demanded an answer to her question, and didn’t like the answer she got. Good job Danielle.

  158. ImaJillHater2 says:

    You can take the wimmons out of the trailer park, but, well… you know the rest…

  159. KellitaM says:

    Caroline and Teresa looked ticked off that Danielle and Jac are actually making peace.

  160. Ok, Caroline, you’re a bitch. Own.It.

    Psst, Caroline’s pissed off because Jackie decided she doesn’t want to fight with Danielle anymore AND said she liked the times they had together when they were friends. That’s really gotta burn.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I just think Jac has multiple personalities or something. The woman is a loon, no disrespect meant to loons. She is so wishy-washy she doesn’t know who the hell or what the hell she is, she flies by the seat of her pants, whatever way the wind is blowing. Same for Danielle somewhat.
      Teresa is just clueless trash and Caroline is a dumb bitch.

  161. kats2 says:

    Andy just tweeted
    “BravoAndy Jacqueline had a breakthrough at some point on the couch, and took the room by surprise……”

    What is this about?

  162. ImaJillHater2 says:

    Caroline looks like she just sucked a lemon. She’s sooooo not liking Jac’s attempt at peace w/ D.

  163. tee tee says:

    I thought C eyes were gonna pop out when Danielle gave T and J a hug

  164. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    What the hell…this is sooooo strange.

    • tee tee says:

      Not really when you think about it. All Danielle has wanted since the show began was to be accepted. I believe she still cares for J and still looks for acceptance with C and T. I wish D had some friends so she wouldn’t this group’s approval.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      very…intimate? with Jacqueline and Danielle? shaking my head- very odd. I have to say I didn’t know what the hell Danielle was going to do when she slinked up to Theresa and hugged her.
      So all this time all she wanted was an apology?

    • Tootsie says:

      Were we played or were we played! Beginnning to believe it’s all bad acting.

  165. KellitaM says:

    Stay bitter, Caroline. Stay stuck in the muck. The Puppeteer isn’t liking the way her little puppets are moving.

  166. ImaJillHater2 says:



    WHAT THE?!?!

    • Savannah111 says:

      LMAO, that I didn’t expect, my mouth is still opened, what was that about??
      If I had to bet on what I thought would happen tonight I would have loss big time.. Of course we all know it won’t last, wow wow wow my mouth is still opened…

    • myname2use4now says:

      Haha…ImaJillHater2, you win for best response so far. Exactly!

  167. Had Enough! says:

    Night night all. And to think I could have been reading a book.

  168. ImaJillHater2 says:

    The last 5 minutes of this reunion were the best 5 minutes of the WHOLE season!!!

    My belly hurts from laughing so hard!!!

    Oy vey! Whatta’ joke!

    • JazzNightOut says:

      I kept saying ‘this is such BS; this is such BS’ outloud. Andy said via twitter that hugging it out is a valid way to communicate; ‘this is more such BS.’

  169. BambiBaby22 says:

    Caroline is so full of hate and has a heart of stone. There she stands alone. I don’t think she could ever apologize for any thing …ever.

    I hate her superior attitude.

    • KellitaM says:

      The best part about the whole show was her facial expressions when Danielle was hugging the other two! LOL. Priceless.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Wow, someone actually got some self-awareness. Jaq has always been the weak one but at the table flipping dinner she stood up to the family – She backed Danielle and said Dina was lying about the book. Now, she owned her part in being weak by going along with the Puppeteer in hating Danielle and apologized for doing so.

        Unless this WHOLE thing is scripted.

  170. Dawn says:

    The big announcement about a housewife who will not be returning? Where was that???

    • Savannah111 says:

      I was thinking the same thing Dawn, previews said one person wouldnt be returning and would be leaving for ever??? hmmmm

  171. Zipit Zarin says:

    So, has Jaq left Danielle alone since the reunion?

  172. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I really don’t believe Danielle, but she did something brilliantly smart. By her apologizing to the all she looked like the better person. Again, I really do not believe that Danielle is sincere. Caroline also looked petulant and unrelenting.

  173. Maryla says:

    I thought that someone was leaving the show for good on this episode of the reunion. Did I miss something? I didn’t see anyone step away from the show.

  174. kats2 says:

    Why is Kim G is mad at Teresa?

    • MAMAZ says:

      Cause Teresa called her elderly, lol.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      because it gets her attention? Just kicking the odd man out when they’re down. Danielle was the victim because of the sex tape and now theresa is because of the bankruptcy.
      well, one thing that’s good about her, if you’re her friend and she starts on you , you know you’re in trouble and better check yourself!

  175. tvbrat says:

    No wonder Caroline doesn’t want to return next year. What a load of crap that ending was. Complete and utter BS and the worst acting I have seen since high school.

  176. Need a Hobby says:

    It’s professional wrestling, only tackier.

  177. MAMAZ says:

    Caroline doesn’t have a lap band. The pole she’s got shoved up her ass it goes all the way to her stomach. It leaves little room for food and you could see how uncomfortable it makes her by all the eye rolling and mouth twitching going on.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      OMG Brilliant! ROFL

    • JazzNightOut says:

      This is genius!

    • Zoey says:

      Hahahaha, love it. What this show needs is a dose of humor, a Bethenny-type character. I wouldn’t mind the snark and drama so much if we had some comedy relief, although the storyline is quite boring.

      Can we get a trade Andy? We want to trade out Caroline for a housewife with humor. Imagine the funny stuff someone with a quick wit could come up with about Teresa!

  178. kk says:

    Wow. I think Caroline is full of hate. I would hate to be married into that family. I feel for Jac now. Since this reunion taped has Danielle kept her word & not talke about them? They all did some lying tonight.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      IF Jaq was sincere she’d move outta that state. Like back to Vegas or the moon.

    • MAMAZ says:

      No, someone posted a link to an interview Danielle gave following the reunion and she rips them all. None of these “woman” are victims. They are all willing participants in this melodrama. It really is like wrestling. I can’t take it seriously at all anymore.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Well, if the are all playing us…isn’t Danielle doing it too? What’s she bitchin about if it’s all an act. OH, the continuing bitching is part of the act. Oy

    • KellitaM says:

      Caroline was tweeting madly: Couldn’t sit there and listen to the nonsense…. guess what…. I was right!!!! she hasn’t changed at all…..

      • Earring Girl says:

        Caroline keeps saying on twitter tonight that Danielle is still talking about them on facebook and twitter. Danielle has not used facebook from what I could see since July 15 and she was asking people to be positive and not post negative on her facebook page. From what I could see none of her tweets are about them-she sent a smiley face Sunday 9/5/10 at 7:10 a.m. to someone and has not used it since. Caroline is “cray-cray”!

        • Zoey says:

          Cray-cray the clown, that’s what I’ll call her.

        • I thought Danielle hadn’t said anything on Twitter since 8/31 (what I read here); don’t know about FB cuz there’s only so much of this train wreck I can stand to follow. But if D has kept her word & not said a peep since this was filmed (and I wouldn’t put it past her, look how she played T in the first few minutes of Part 1), & J has, well that’s game/set/match for D.

    • Caroline stands around that kitchen all day long, spraying the mystery green product on her counters plotting her maneuvers.

      God help any woman or man that marries her children. They will be have to live in the mausoleum of home with her and be damned to play in the basement playroom for the rest of their life.

  179. Paulie says:

    I felt for two seasons that all Danielle ever wanted was to be treated decently by these horrible people. It’s like teenagers when they fight and they say all kinds of horrible things to each other and about each other and when it’s over they are best friends again. That’s what I felt was going on between Jacqueline and Danielle. Not that I feel they will ever be best friends again. Caroline appears to be the real problem. What a B**** she is so self righteous, so I’m better than you are, so hard hearted, so unforgiving, so haughty, I could go on and on. I still can’t stand Teresa. Teresa took no responsibility for what she did at the country club and it clearly was Teresa who started things at the country club. As for the no table at the Brownstone that clearly was the Manzo’s fault. Danielle had tickets entittling her to a table and they should have had one ready for her. It became clear that Caroline probably is pulling the other ladies strings. It’s funny but these three make Danielle look really good. I am not going to miss these people. I will never watch RHONJ again.

  180. lillybee says:

    So is there finally peace in NJ?

  181. MAMAZ says:

    Goodnight all. Long day tomorrow.

  182. kats2 says:

    Based on all I heard I’m back to we’re getting played mode. I don’t believe any of them and I wouldn’t put anything past them to make a buck and get fame.

  183. Zipit Zarin says:

    I bet they don’t feel there’s anything to be ashamed of if they are not really like this but merely acting.

  184. Oh, and sour-lemon face is right! I’d like to see Caroline’s re-union game-face on the header with Jill-it would balance it out nicely.

  185. jean says:

    Thanks to all you all for watching this crap so I didnt have to. I have been a real housewives addict for a while, but tonight after the first 5 minutes i couldnt take it anymore and found anthony bourdain and then fell asleep. Thank God. It was too frustrating to watch the lot of the andy and the mafia wannabes. What a legacy for their children and grandchildren to have this footage to see someday.

  186. cdnfillie58 says:

    well I just got kicked off the Caroline band wagon…there are no words. I want her alone in a room right about now 😛

  187. Olivia says:

    Speechless is the only word I can find to adequately express what I just viewed by way of the reunion show. Completely lacking the words to describe this horror show.

    Teresa, that foul mouthed moron, calls Danielle one of the worst names ever to be attributed to a woman by referring to her as a c##t, and gets a big hug at the end? Jacqueline, who only moments before got off the couch for another “chase scene” and who did nothing but insult her to her face, gets a great big tearful hug? WTF???

    Utterly ridiculous. I have never seen anything as absurd and less sincere than what we have witnessed tonight. Fifteen bloody weeks of non stop threats, moments of violence, smack talk, obscenities, personal revelations, over the top vulgarities, and it ends up with hugs! What does Bravo and that whole miserable cast take us for? They must see us as much as the morons who inhabit this piece because I am left with such distaste in my mouth from this exhibition that a bottle of Scope isn’t going to do the trick.

    Sheer awfulness all around. And I hate Andy Cohen.

  188. tvbrat says:

    They good cop/bad copped Danielle to get her to drop the litigation.
    The viewers weren’t the only ones who were played.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      oh no my friend, out little Danielle didn’t promise anything. She very vaguely said she would contact her lawyer to see what could be done to bring peace. Then Caroline rolled her eyes…again.
      So when there is no peace, she’ll just say that her lawyer couldn’t see a way to bring peace- it had gone too far, or something like that.
      No one puts baby in a corner.

  189. Jenni says:

    Forgive this second posting, I was not sure where to leave it so our Dude would see it:

    @ Upper WestSide Dude – Please don’t leave the blog. I have so enjoyed your comments and insights for so long now! You have really brought up such excellent points so many times, and I love your sharing your point of view!

    Please don’t go! I am sure there are many people like me that look for your comments and read them with joy.

  190. Olivia says:

    The only highlight for me was watching Kim G get the heave ho right off the couch. It is clear that most of them view her in the same way as I have done right from the beginning. A two faced hypocrite sleazing her way onto the show by the back door and hoping it worked.

    She is a very disturbed woman whose moral compass is set in the same direction as the others. She makes my skin crawl.

    • Anitabee says:

      Every time I see her I think back to tat stripper pole. She makes me puke!

    • KellitaM says:

      I wonder how she felt about her appearance? She came out, dropped F bombs, fought with Danielle and then fought with Teresa. The only one that showed her any kind of acceptance was Jac. Then she was ushered right out the door.
      I bet her kids are mighty proud of their classy mama.

  191. IMJ says:

    It was a good show. Take a bow ladies. You played your parts perfectly.

  192. Olivia says:

    I know that I am probably the biggest skeptic on this blog. I own it. But seriously, does anyone else not question the basis for this series? What was it really about?

    After watching tonight’s cheap and cheesy display it just makes me more convinced that none of the “drama” spit out by any of these shows is “real”. From Jill Zarin and her shenanigans right down to the NJ group. The more I see the more the questions just keep coming.

    But tonight sealed the deal. How could any one of them end up with “hugs” as a finale? How? Only last week Teresa was spitting in Danielle’s face, told to shut up by Jacqueline, called whore, bitch and pig and then gets up and hugs the two women who hurled these insults at her for 2 1/2 hours. If anyone can find the sense behind any of this I am more than willing to listen. Because right now I am more convinced than ever that we have been mightily “played”.

    • tvbrat says:

      You’re not the only one. I will never believe another thing that comes out their or Andy Cohen’s mouths. I never miss a second viewing of any of the reunions. Currently I’m watching American Pickers instead of that lie infested drama.

      Major backfire Andy. I don’t think he’s ready for how pissed people are going to be about it.

      • Olivia says:

        I feel like I lower my IQ points whenever I watch these shows.

        For the amount of money Bravo expends on these various unsettling, dimwitted franchises, they would be better off paying trained writers to write and develop shows that at least test our intellect.

        From the Sopranos, to Mad Men, to 30 Rock, to Nurse Jackie, to the Tudors, it shows that intelligent programming can be done and that there is an audience out there willing to watch.

        This stuff is just crap.

        • tvbrat says:

          It’s finally all starting to make sense. If they didn’t ask Dina back it’s probably because she wouldn’t play ball and be a fake. Caroline has always been the hardass and they don’t mind that-it’s her role

          Teresa would sell her soul right now to stay on this franchise. She’d do or say anything Andy asked her to do. Jacqueline isn’t ready to give up her 15 minutes just yet.

          I feel like such an idiot for falling for this and the other franchises for so many years.

          I’ve had an epiphany too, Andy

        • Zoey says:

          I agree with you, and I’m laughing because I tried to explain to my son earlier why I was watching this show, and I really couldn’t! He’s 21 and is reading a book on the Greek alphabet, for fun. He wants me to watch things to expand my knowledge…Hey, I’ve learned a lot about bankruptcy, and cities in New Jersey, and about hair weaves.

          I had the TV on in the kitchen as I cooked, and he heard this show on. Actually he just heard a lot of yelling… He looked over at me with a strange look on his face and I of course began to defend my choice while embarrassed to be watching it at the same time! Anyone else feel that way?
          I said well yes, I know it’s a stupid show but, but…you see there’s this blog and all these ladies, and we talk about the show but most of us don’t really like it. We think these women are nuts and we just enjoy talking ‘about’ the show….That sounds soooo lame, ha, but he actually sort of understood.

          Then my roommate walked in and I blamed my son for having the TV on that channel! (Jokingly). I may have issues….lol

        • Waslurking says:

          Again I ask with all respect………why do you watch??
          I don’t get it.

          • Diana says:

            Agree! Don’t watch it if it’s so offensive. It’s like watching little kids pee in the sandbox and blame it on the other kids.

            And for the ages those “woman” are, It is rather kinkily hysterical.

            Comedy! Look it up!

          • Zoey says:

            You tell me and we’ll both know! Lol

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Here’s my take: It went wayyyy too far. I think Bravo lost control of this crew.

      And the powers that be felt the backlash from this blog and others. (I think they are very tuned into what we say)

      So what can they do to wrap this all up with one big pretty bow? and make everybody love the HWs again? OK let’s plan a big hug fest! And we’ll put Andy on standby twitter so he can tweet the plot developments! (because you know we might not get it otherwise)

      Andy turned into the narrator both on and off camera, everyone hugged, except Caroline who called this a crock of sh*t, so now she looks bad when she was only being honest.

      And Bravo probably has the highest ratings ever. sigh.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Hi, Olivia,

      We need a skeptic. We all need to be skeptical. For me, I just don’t know which parts are real and which are BS. I would guess 70% BS and 30% real. For instance, the look on Caroline’s face was real. The hugging was manipulative BS on Danielle’s part.

      Pretty much all the scenes are set-ups but I think a lot of what is said is real. Bethenny said that some of the women play it up for the cameras but they are just exaggerating what is really there.

      I think Teresa’s losses of control are real.

      But overall, yes, I agree. We are being played.

  193. Jenni says:

    @ OneMoreinBoston – As I posted above, I am offended that you would call Upper WestSide Dude “UpperWestSideBoy”. Of course you are not racist, but why would you do that to a black man who has graced us with his point of view in a civil way for so long?

    We all have our own connotations attached to certain words. Your meeaning for a word is not necessarily universal. As was pointed out some time ago, some people use the F word so frequently that it is more like the word “wow” to them. I am sure Upper WestSide Dude meant no offense.

    That being said, when you are on a blog, you may sometimes be offended by something. It is not the world’s responcibility to amend it’s behavior to be acceptable to you. If you don’t like something so minor as this commonly used (in some circles) word, then try to ignore it.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I did not and do not know his color or anyone’s color here unless they have self identified as TrueLifeDiva has. If he has identified himself as black it was before I lurked here.

      I called him WestSideBoy because of his childish behavior. You are trying to make this into a racial issue where there is no such issue. Period.

      And while you are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. I will NOT ignore a term that I do not believe is benign.

      I have not asked the world to take responsiblity for something that offends me, I have politely asked that a term that I find to be mysogynist to stop being used by a poster. Others on this blog also asked that he stop.

      He used random illogical justifications why I was wrong and then childishly called me a “silly twat”.

      How is that gracing me with his point of view in a civil way?

      • Jenni says:

        LOL, I think he made a fairly good point!

        • boston02127 says:

          @Jenni—Respectfully, I have to say I’m in shock you’re asking (begging) him not to leave. He’s been asked by many not to use the C word. It’s low class and offensive plain and simple.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Whatever, Jenni, do you mean by that? Are you also calling me a “silly twat”?

          I see.

      • flippy says:

        Gotta stick up for OneMore. C word is not an average word and not acceptable in my book. I can think of one time I’ve used it in 20 years and I apologized (as well I should have). All thats needed here is an apology. Given what I have seen on this blog, I have no doubt it would be received graciously.

        • Olivia says:

          That word is offensive and degrading and should no more be used by anyone including Teresa Guidice.

          And Caroline supporting her through all this is just beyond infuriating.

          • Zoey says:

            I think this thread is more interesting than the reunion……

            • Katie says:

              I agree this is interesting. I understand that this word is very offensive to some. It infuriates my mom and she doesn’t blush easily. I am personally not as bothered by it. Honestly, I don’t view the c word as more derogatory than pussy. I know Lynn has used pussy in her blogs and maybe there were objections, but I never saw any.

              • Zoey says:

                Good point Katie. Actually the ‘p’ word makes me uncomfortable and I don’t like that it’s being used much more casually these days.

                Having said that, I don’t think I would go out of my way to tell someone what words to use or not use But, there’s nothing wrong with asking someone else not to use a word or phrase.

            • Jenni says:

              My main deal is that I do not like to see posters on this blog taken to task (and sometimes chased away) for minor things like their choice of words or punctuation. It has happened so many times.

              One More feels that she addressed Dude respectfully, but in her first post to him, she called him “pumpkin”. It struck me rather like Teresa calling Danielle “Honey”. I believe he may have taken it that wat as well. If posters here have asked him not to use the word several times, and he is still using it, then the posters should just skip over his posts.

              I know that One More did not mean to call Dude “Boy” as a racial slur, as I stated when I made the point. However, she did do that. And he is a black man. Imagine how he might interpret that, especially after calling him “pumpkin” and picking on his language. And then, to make things worse, the family here implies that he is not welcome and does not belong.

              I am very sad.

              I find many things that have been said in the past on this blog’s comments offensive, comments on politics and religion that should not have been said. However, I just skip over them most of the time, because I know how easy it is to say something that just doesn’t come out right and does not read as it was intended.

              I spoke up this time because another poster was hurt (Dude) to the point where he left the blog, and no one spoke up for him. His merits, in my opinion , outway any mistakes. I do not want people to be run off the blog for such a small offense.

              • OneMoreinBoston says:

                You seem to be forgetting that after I politely asked that he refrain from using a word I feel is offensive, that he then attacked me by calling me a twat.

                you then chimed in with how he made a good point or some such stupidity.

                I am 46, so I’m younger than you , but old enough to know better than to insult anyone here.

                I don’t know of any merits that allow some a pass because they decide to be rude.

                You are also rude and ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    • Jenni says:

      I find it amazing that we consistantly pat ourselves on the back for being so accepting of one anothers opinions, and we still attack other’s over such minor things. It is obvious from Dude’s response that he felt attacked. I understand that many of us find the word offensive. Dude was asked not to use the word any longer. Obviously, his response to the request is “No”. We cannot control the behaviour of others.

      Being a 53 year old white woman, I have lived, for the most part, in a segment of our civilization which interprets certain words in certain ways. But I have learned that not all people use the same words meaning the same things that I may think they mean.

      Dude was obviously not trying to be offensive, he just used the same word that had been used on the show!!!!! Are we writting Bravo, Teresa, and everyone else in the world that has ever used that word now and asking them to apologize and never use the word again?

      As has often been stated, if you don’t like the posts of a certain commenter, you should just skip over those posts.

      Dude’s veiwpoint is refreshing and I find him very interesting. He has brought us a lot of information we would not have had otherwise.

      BTW, where is One More’s appology for unintentionally calling him Boy instead of Dude?

      • Tootsie says:

        The ‘C’ word. Perhaps you are young and that word doesn’t bother you but I am older and find it condescending and insulting. I would certainly let someone know how I felt if it was said to me. A little decorum and manners go a long way. BTW just where have our manners gone?

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        You’ll probably attack me too Jenni, but I also find the word offensive. What is especially offensive to me is that this blog is comprised mostly of women, and any “gentleman” would not use that word around women he regularly converses with. Even if it slipped, a “gentleman” would have apologized and asked that the post be removed.

        I agree with all that stated they were offended. As for your assertion about race, do not try to stear an argument elsewhere to score points. I never knew this person was black, nor did it matter. I also read “boy” as “childish, immature, etc.” There wasn’t any racial connotations. You will see what you will see. It really doesn’t matter. Do me a favor though, to you and Upper West Side Dude, if you see me post, please pass by it.

        I think, because of certain posters, I’m going to make like Squirrel and leave. Certain posters here do not know the meaning of common courtesy.

        • Jenni says:

          Dude is leaving, and now you are also? I am very sad.

          • Dude-I wish you would stay. Personally, as a woman, I have to say that the “C”-word is the dirtiest, foulest, most vulgar word that I know-of.
            I used it when I was in labor once and I’m still hearing about it.
            (the nurses are still mad at me , but they didn’t make me “go natural’ for that one!)
            I’m just saying all this, in the hopes that you will understand how truly offensive that word is.
            I really don’t think that you meant to be that offensive, but then again I really don’t know what your intentions were.
            That being said, I hope that you will reconsider, especially since we don’t have that many guys here-and I always like to see your messages.

            • Had Enough! says:

              Ya know, he could have just done as BuffyWood did the other day – say, hey, I am sorry.

              I think everyone needs to be considerate of other people. The endless friction in this society is so tiresome and most of it could be avoided if we would just be more considerate. Maybe we need some good old-fashioned Southern manners.

              Just so much easier to say sorry than to argue about it. I would bet that Dude actually didn’t mean to offend, but he just couldn’t bring himself to retract and apologize.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        You seem to be forgetting that after I politely asked that he refrain from using a word I feel is offensive, that he then attacked me by calling me a twat.

        you then chimed in with how he made a good point or some such stupidity.

        I am 46, so I’m younger than you , but old enough to know better than to insult anyone here.

        I NEVER asked anyone for an apology, I asked him to stop with the c word already.

        I don’t know of any merits that allow some a pass because they decide to be rude.

        You are also rude and ought to be ashamed of yourself. The only reason that your upset is because your friend couldn’t act like a gentleman, resorted to name calling, and then left in a huff.

        Don’t bother responding, I will be passing your posts by. Oh unless you’re posting to try vilify me. Go ahead, you are only revealing your true colors.

  194. Earring Girl says:

    If this has been posted please ignore:

    Looks like Teresa is “parroting” someone we all know – watch out Kelly you have competition!

    At Abbey Beach in the gorgeous new hotel Vdara in Vegas with my new bff @eduardoLV & his bf Maurizio. Hot hot hot! http://yfrog.com/jdp5j
    about 5 hours ago via web

  195. mom2 says:

    Caroline was correct. That ending was total BS. I still love Caroline, she does not put up with BS at all, and most of that reunion was nothing but. I realize I’m in the minority here, but I’m Team Caroline.

    No wonder Ashley tweeted she’d never speak to her mom again … ! Mom and enemy made up and hugged it out.

    If the almost all group hug was “the shocker” … how pathetic. Where was the “someone leaves forever” scene? This was ridiculous.

    Kim G … I knew the bad feelings came about because of Teresa calling her “elderly”. Love that Caroline had questions directly for her and stood her ground about lunch. I hope Kim G is on next season, she is a pot stirrer and much as I wouldn’t be friends with her, it’s fun to watch her in action. (Note: as long as it never again involves a stripper pole. )

    Danielle is sly and does things off camera. She wouldn’t even own up to the things that were caught on tape/texts/emails … she sure isn’t going to confess to stalking off camera. She was already guilty of that on the first episode, not a huge stretch to consider she’d do it time and again. She says she dropped Danny because of what he said … but the next episode she’s buying him a new suit to ‘smarten him up’ and mentioned the charity event. No matter how low Teresa slinks … Danielle will always be Danielle. Neither one of them win, and to me there is no comparison, they both stink.

    Glad that Teresa is not getting off easy … she’ll have to deal with her sister in law competing for camera time “IF” she’s not in jail by then … wonder how the Manzo/Lauritas will accept Melissa?

    • Jen B says:

      You may be in the minority here, but you’re not alone. I’ve been lurking for months now and have always enjoyed the Jill bashing, but never understood the propensity to jump on the Danielle bandwagon simply because Caroline and the others appear to be friendly with Jill. On WWHL Caroline expressly said she liked both Jill and Bethenny and tried to stay out of the fray. Ramona still talks to both of them and people are actually starting to like her more than they have in past seasons.

      Caroline doesn’t like fake. Neither do I. I have more respect for folks who can’t stand me and are up front about it, than for people who smile at my face and eviscerate me when I’m not around.

      I respect Caroline for not making nice when she doesn’t truly feel kindly towards Danielle. At least that’s honest, which is more than I can say for the rest of the cast.

  196. Olivia says:

    It is impossible for me to give Caroline a pass on any of this.

    How can this woman who sets herself up as the sole judge and jury continue to support the likes of Teresa Guidice who just called another woman a c**t, pig, whore, slut, bitch and who is involved with some pretty serious fraudulent charges with the government? How can anyone stand by and continue to make appearances with someone who has shown not only their violent side but whose mouth is equal to a sewer?

    For all the airs that Caroline puts on, by constantly standing by Teresa in whatever she chooses for her “lies of the day”, it only verifies for me that she fully supports that behavior regardless of how gutter worthy it is. Caroline has no credibility nor any reason to hold herself out as being “above” it. She is wallowing in this trash equally by her consent.

  197. This episode confirmed for me: Caroline Manzo can lose weight all day long, a Pig Is a Pig is a Pig. She said last week to Tree-Bag: “If I knew you were like this all the time, I wouldn’t be friends with you.” Well? What else do you need Caroline? They showed the fight at the fashion show, and there’s your fat ass on the couch giggling at Teresa. In fact they are ALL giggling at the hair-pulling demonstration. Caroline is the pushiest, most obnoxious bitch I have ever heard on television in my life. She interrupted Danielle about 30 times. And in the middle of conversations that didn’t even INVOLVE her. She LEAPT in to answer for Jacqueline regarding the Facebook fight. It sickens me how many of you “just love” Caroline and think she’s “so classy”. Makes me wonder what on earth you grew up with that that’s your idea of class. THIS is a woman you admire? You think it’s CLASSY to verbally berate another woman on television? A woman who isn’t even speaking to you directly? Just to jump in with hurtful details, or to say “STOP” or NEXT” or LIAR”? This is classy to you?
    I heard Danielle say “I shouldn’t have done it and I am sorry” SEVERAL times in BOTH episodes, and I haven’t heard ANY of the rest of them say that in EITHER episode. NOT ONCE.
    And Andy never stopped. Just GLOSSING over Jacqueline and her fresh-mouth little bitch daughter, who should have been sent off to boot-camp YEARS ago. Lets just get the wedding to the mouth-breathing boyfriend over with, have the baby, get the divorce and MOVE ON. Go live in the attic with your love-child, Knit your ugly Rastafarian hats while mom drags YOUR baby over to MommaManzo’s Kitchen of Shitty Advice, and drive around town in your pajamas chewing your fingernails and get a job as a hostess at the Olive Garden.
    And I will always admit when I am wrong…..I swore up and down the pressure would get to Kim G and she would do something to that Godawful head of hair of hers…I swore she would get some extensions but nope. Here she comes, looking ridiculous, like she’s on her way to audition for “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane” in her teenage Blue Cocktail Dress and diamonds and horribly outdated hair style. Folks, this woman can afford to buy a whole new HEAD, but won’t cave in and get some extensions or a stylist? I will say I woke up for a second when Kim G told Teresa off…maybe she’s not so bad after all. All too quickly she was gone. So far, Kim G has been the best behaved person on the show, INCLUDING Andy, who I’m sure will now go back to beating up on Danielle and softballing the 3 little pigs.
    So now we get to the end, and Jacqueline has her epiphany. Its about damn time, lady. You just barely squeaked by with your life on that one. You are LUCKY Danielle is still so needy that she not only forgave you, but that inky haired train wreck of an animal next to you. And then…oh then….Bless her heart. She had to try, didn’t she. My heart broke for Danielle when she said “It would be an honor if you would shake my hand” to that Manzo Pig and that’s when it all came to me, clear as a bell. ALL of the problems on this show? ALL of the shit we’ve been blaming on Teresa, and Danielle, and Danny Bagadonuts, and Jacqueline and her daughter Bob Marley…all of these problems lie squarely at the Feet of Caroline Manzo. She WILL NOT FORGIVE. She WONT LET Danielle have a clean slate. When Danielle got up to go over to Jacqueline you could SEE Caroline bristle like the whiskers on her face. Even earlier, when Caroline said regarding Tree-Bag and Jacq: “I tried to Counsel them” …she’s got to be running the show….she makes me VOMIT. She WILL NOT LET THEM HEAL. For all of her “Lipstick on a Pig” references, that’s all I could think about as Caroline is glowing on Wendy Williams today about her weight loss: Doesn’t matter sister. Lose all the weight in the world and you’re still a big, pushy, obnoxious, Interrupter Extraordinaire BULLY. As to Caroline and Danielle’s Big Dinner, with Caroline saying “If Danielle will disappear out of our lives, we’ll disappear out of yours”. Guess what Grandma, then YOU AINT GOT A SHOW. Do you really, REALLY think we give a rats ass what you do all day? That we want to watch you weep about your empty nest? How about you go volunteer? Be a Grandma for a child without one. I can think of about 50 altruistic ways for you to fill up your days that don’t involve Danielle. And guess what? They might, they just MIGHT, make you look and feel like a decent human being, instead of an old rich pushy, controlling gossip, void of ANY ambition in life.
    THE RHONJ DISEASE KEEPS BEING RE-INFECTED BY CAROLINE MANZO AND NO ONE ELSE. If you can’t see that then enjoy your ride on Mr-Turtle’s-Ride- Mr Kelly-Wild-Ride” or whatever Caroline opened with tonight because you have SHIT-For-BRAINS. Where is Koo Koo Kikilet when there’s a REAL Bully in the House? This crew needed Jill Zarin, maybe they could get Danielle to commit suicide, would you like that Caroline? By the way, do you guys KNOW how easy it is to FAKE a Re-Tweet?? They has some Lame-ass Twitter evidence. The As I said the whole thing fell together for me when Danielle turned to shake ManzoPig’s hand …..Evil incarnate. Sicker than all the rest of them put together. Ive been saying it from the get-go and she had so many of you fooled, drinkin that Manzo kool-aid. I hope you regained consciousness tonight, I really do because this is one Twisted Bitch.
    PS) To all of the Pearl-Clutchers….not ONE f-Bomb tonight. Happy? Didn’t think so.
    PPS) Bravo again Lies to us all week with their “And THIS time..ONE..Housewife…..Will…..walk…away….FOR….EVER!!!!!” Anybody see anyone walk away forever? Wish it would have been Caroline. Off the Brooklyn Bridge with a pair of lead boots shoved in her big fat fresh mouth.

  198. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    The maniken head. Oh the humanity! And then Andy is just pulling for all he can pull and can’t yank anything outuntil he takes 1 bead only! I am dying, DYING! Priceless!
    And then Danielle, who was bragging in the limo about meeting a Hells Angel at the brownstone suddenly had NO idea that ANYONE but Danny was coming! Bwahahahah!
    Then Caroline’s sphincter mouth pucker! I can’t take it! Brilliant!

    • NoGrifterFan says:

      Rotflol! From “Oh the humanity” through “Caroline’s sphincter mouth pucker”.
      You’re killing me!
      Thank you for the belly laughs. 😉

  199. TallulahLoo says:

    Good gawd. That was frustrating! What a colossal waste of time this season has been.

    Nothing has changed. Nothing is resolved. These are awful people and that ending was highly frustrating.

    Some people are actually commenting on the Bravo message board about how Danielle was the bigger person to have apologized, hugged, shook hands… it made the other women look bad… blah, blah blah. Caroline was right (sorry to say it) but that apology was BS. Don’t believe it? She apologized to Caroline for anything she’d done, IF she’d done anything. What kind of apology is that? IF she’d done anything. She doesn’t acknowledge what she’s done when evidence is right in front of her.

    I really hate Danielle. I don’t like any of them at this point, but Danielle is a major operator. She is a manipulative, passive aggressive, shit starter who has been scorned by these “woman.“ The people who believe she was sincere in her apologies have remained blissfully unaware that people like Dungelle (thanks, WSL) do actually exist and they live to f**k with other peoples lives – just behind the scenes. She pretends to be going out on the high road and wishing them everything good when in reality she’s leaving scorched-earth and chaos in her wake in retaliation for their rejection of her. Dropping lawsuits my ass.

    I wish she’d go away forever. Actually, I don’t want to see any of them again. Well, I do want to see Teresa go down in flames and end up in jail, which means tuning in for season 3. Christ on a cracker! I think I need an intervention.

  200. Noelle says:

    Caroline is a bully! No two ways about it…..She sees things only from her own throne, someone thinks might highly of themself!!?…OY

  201. Noelle says:

    I’m really liking Jac. Am I wrong???

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I like her…to a point. I thinks she’s ridiculously wishy washy. She was getting scared little puppy dog eyes when Caroline and Danielle were yelling about her right after the hug, and I don’t see her “epiphany” lasting.

      • Noelle says:

        I see your point..am no fan of D, but could see how Jac would want to move on…(they all claim it to be true) but when Jac actually tries, LOOK @Caroline..Teresa has not a paid clue to what’s happening! LOL..T looking stupid..hee.. my favorite part!!…I digress..

  202. Noelle says:

    Poor Caroline..STFU!! Enough already!!!

    • Noelle says:

      I am saying “Poor Caroline” tongue n cheek!!
      Am I the only one that wants to give Andy the What For?!?!!…
      Really now…

  203. SillyMe says:

    Hi Lynn! I have been reading your blogs for MONTHS now since the night I no longer could stand Jill on the real housewives nyc season 3 and googled “i hate jill zarin” and your site popped up and i’ve been a fan of your site ever since! I can’t stand Jill and Kelly from the nyc series and I can’t stand Teresa from new jersey…Since season 1 i never could understand why people thought she was cute when she went all psychotic flipping that table at the dinner table! Anyhoo…finally decided to drop in to say hi to you and all these ladies here for having and commenting on this blog, i enjoy the posts very much! Thanks and always looking forward to read more from you! 🙂

    p.s. i LOVE Bethenny and Alex! Looking forward to Bethenny’s next season! 😀

  204. Olivia says:

    No wonder Trashley was crying and whining on Twitter right after this fiasco was filmed. Remember her comments about hating all of NJ and something about her mother thrown in?

    Her mother has spent the better portion of 2 insipid seasons bashing, trashing, digging, slamming, and portraying Danielle as a loony tune but for the last 15 minutes of this vile show she somehow gets an “epiphany” and all is well once again. Trashley has been receiving mixed messages from day one. She is either referred to as a “child” or as an “adult” depending upon the temperature in the room and takes it upon herself to get involved in the “hatefest” only to have Dumb Dora Mom end the show with a splash of Kumbaya!

    No wonder Trashley is as messed up as she appears. Must be difficult sorting out the vibes from day to day in that household.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      “a splash of Kumbaya”!

      Luvs it!

    • boston02127 says:

      @Olivia–I think Ashley was also upset because when her mother and Danielle made up there would be no reason for Ashley to be in the show. Danielle was Ashley’s only connection to the show. It gave her something to talk about, tweet about and blog about. She never became a model or finished her internship and has never done anything worthy in her sad little life to talk about.

      • Noelle says:

        @bosten..ITA!! They(Manzos’/Guidices’) want it OVER..right!?! Jac did it (as of now)…I kind of like her more because of of it..I’m sure it’ll be short lived.. ; )

    • ShyAsrai says:

      yeah. The Smirkette went and invested herself in all that horse puckey even to the point of getting herself a nice criminal record on behalf of her mother’s feud with Danielle and then Jacqueline goes and makes up with Danielle? If I was Smirkette I’d be furious, too.

      PS: i think Jac & Danielle had more than a friendship – maybe not physical but definitely more than just good friends.

  205. Zoey says:

    I’m loving being able to read all sides of the tweets since you guys clued me in on the Google update feature.

  206. Amber...Real Wife says:

    OMG That was pretty anti-climactic. I expected so much more, like a resignation, or if there was a reconciliation, for it to audible.

    ClownyCaroline is a vicious, hungry, ugly, haggard bitch, who has to control everyone and everything. From her castmates to the reunion show. She has dictated the pace of this show. Andy could have phoned this one in.

    TerribleTree is whore-ribble broke bitch, who loves confrontation in order to further her bad girl status. Keeping the drama on her bravado, takes the focus off of her finances, which we know are in the sewer, much like her mouth. Dont’ say the F word i.e. Foreclosure because, watchout, the fur will fly! Off her arms!

    JacbeSimple, is really dumb. I mean like can she really have an original thought, or is she always going to follow others? When she does go ROGUE, haha, much to Carolinebackers chagrin, it is to be contrary of the Manzo policy of outside friendships. She seems to enjoy being friends with those who annoy Caroline.

    KimG is an old ugly dog, with a filthy mouth, who cannot be trusted. Her manipulation of Danielle, Jac and Crittoffer, in order to further her storyline was digusting. The best part of her interview was her hopeful look that Caroline would want a friendship with her, only to be denied and embarassed. Yaaaay! Good Ole TrustyBustyCaroline! No lunch for her!

    Danielle… I hope she comes back. I was a little disappointed that she didn’t insult the others as much as they insulted her, but I am sure there was a method to her madness. They came off much worse than she did.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Maybe that’s why Caroline looked so pinched! Maybe she’s just plain old HUNGRY!
      Poor thing probably hasn’t eaten since the last show.

      • Noelle says:

        HUNGRY will sometimes make you that way! LMAO! 😀

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          She’s drinking lemon water instead of creamy lattes, she is absolutely furious and pinched. Grapefruits, lemons and limes OH MY! And dont forget the rubberband!

          • Noelle says:

            I’m borrowing that line…”g-fruit, lemons and limes..oh my!!” I promise I’ll credit you Amber or @ least give you credit in my head! jk LOL

      • boston02127 says:

        She’s pinching her lips together to hold all that extra skin on her face in place.

        • The Digger says:

          Good one B. Seriously. Good one. I could not take my eyes off her lips. Looked like a photo they take from a colonoscopy, her insides are showing on the outside. Sphincter face.

    • CheriPie says:

      I don’t know anything about her new girlfriend but maybe she is giving her sound advice and she’s following it. Maybe she is surrounding herself with a better class of people now and it’s rubbing off on her. Just a thought.

  207. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @OneMoreinBoston, I logged off my desktop earlier and reading posts via e-mail updates. Saw the exchange with Upper West Side Dude. Then I saw my name and have spent the last 15min scrolling down on my BlackBerry. I agree with the way you handled yourself and everything you’ve said. You asked nicely, he was VERY nasty in return, and no racism was involved.
    My name is TrueLifeDiva and I approve your message 😉

  208. lillybee says:

    I kinda liked the mini-showdown between Kim G and Theresa.
    She threatened to spill some dirt if Tree didn’t step down. I wonder what it was.

  209. boston02127 says:

    I just played the make out, I mean make up session. A bit creepy. While Danielle, Jacqueline and Teresa were making up, Caroline looked a little worried that her imaginary don position is coming to an end.

    • Sherry says:

      LOL…exactly. darn, what will she do now?

      • dumberries says:

        She’ll write her weekly on-line advice column, cry/laugh (hard to tell which) into her pillow about the fact that her 20-something year old children might someday leave the nest, and become an advocate for the learning disabled. All of which I think are positive. But, she will do these positive things between filming RHNJ Season 3, visiting her convicted felon friend Bernie Kerik in jail, and making excuses for her soon-to-be convicted felon friend Juicy Joe Giudice and his lovely wife… Sorry to be harsh. I think Caroline has some good characteristics and I’ve been on the fence about her for some time. But tonight Caroline convinced me that she only wants good things if she is the one defining “good” and she is in control of everyone and everything. Her superiority complex really showed itself tonight – she’s worse than Dina. So not cool…

      • Not much more than she does now – perch on the corner of her kitchen counter, cook breakfast for the family, or scrub the kitchen counters with the mysterious green stuff.

  210. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Bravo has confirmed that the reunion was Danielle’s last appearance on RHONJ.


  211. dumberries says:

    Ok, just finished watching on the West Coast. I’ll keep it short.

    1. Where was the promised “someone will leave the show”? I didn’t hear anyone get kicked to the curb or resign.
    2. I totally expected the “epiphany” from Jac to be a realization that she’d jumped on a bandwagon and had ridden it way too far – the Caroline/Dina “we are the champions” bandwagon. Caroline looked like a hateful unforgiving shrew. I thought all she wanted was peace and an agreement from Danielle to call a truce. Well, she got it, but she was pissed because Queenie Caroline didn’t dictate how it went down. She is a puppet-master to brain dead Teresa, above it all Dina, and wishy-washy Jac. But, she’s so ineffective that they made peace (at least momentarily) despite her, not because of her. Caroline was definitely fuming because she wasn’t calling the shots – I don’t think Bozo was acting – she was shocked. Hee hee.
    3. Kim G – If it’s even possible, she’s worse than any of the “real” housewives.

    After that last 75 minutes, I’m kinda looking forward to work tomorrow.

    Night all…

  212. boston02127 says:

    ¡dןǝɥ ‘uuʎן ˙ʎʞɔɐʍ ןןɐ buıob boןq ǝɥʇ

  213. Sherry says:

    Now I know Caroline is cut from the same cloth that Teresa is from. They are trash. You just don’t hang around someone who has the language Teresa has, the criminal/immoral actions she has, without being just like her. how could a decent person stand to be around it?

    Teresa showed her true, ignorant, crude self because she never learned any self control. Caroline condones it by hanging around her and defending her and she looked pissed at the end because she wants the back and forth war to keep going. What else does Caroline have to do? The kids are grown and gone, and the husband is a workaholic. She’s bored and lonely and needs to control something…

    I can’t even call Teresa a woman. She is an insult and embarrassment to all females. Women had to fight hard for equality, which we still don’t have. I hate to hear women call other women “bitch” and the “c” word, which is just deplorable. Men have always used those terms to denigrate women, which is bad enough, and I find it sad to hear women do it. It’s hard to explain. It’s like giving men a pass. Especially the “c” word, but I hate to hear both words.

    I guess when I consider Teresa’s IQ, I wouldn’t expect her to “get it” but she at least knows it’s very mean and rude. Or am I still giving her too much credit?

    The whole show was a joke. The franchise has jumped the shark. Andy needs to be replaced–he is not a likable character when his job is interviewer but he can’t stay neutral.

  214. Waslurking says:

    Just finished part 2 here on the west coast so I haven’t read anything yet.
    I’m not going to get into major details….. one, I’ve only seen it once and
    two, well first impressions and all. I don’t know how many times I screamed
    at the TV for C to STFU or how many times my son asked me if I was ok…lol
    My blood pressure was up but kept telling myself…relax don’t scare the kid.

    >it’s just a tv show, it’s just a tv show, it’s just a tv show<

    Like everyone I'm sure I was anxiously awaiting that last 10 minutes. I don't think I
    would have watched it at all if not for that little quip re the previews. NJ is not "my" show so to speak, I've only kept up with it via Lynn's blog and all you wonderful posters.
    Imagine my effing amazement when tears started streaming down my face when D and J came to terms. Maybe because I was already emotionally worked up, the few
    "beverages" I'd had by then, or knowing from personal experience how hard those revelations can be. Regardless, it hit me full in the face and I was astonished to say the least!!! In a nut shell "we were close/loved each other..it went wrong and we were both stupid. wow!
    Course then C had to stick her big 'puppeteer' nose into it and call it all phony
    but I'd more than had enough of her by that point and wasn't gonna let her piss
    me off again. lol
    Could be why J has been so 'up' via twitter and D has been so silent. aye?
    The whole D being fired got shot to shit too, aye?

    I know my current sense of peace is gonna get shot to shit with all you sleuths.
    Let me have this moment…………. for a minute or two. Awwwhhhh……
    Thank you……

    Carry on

  215. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi One MO BO !
    U have been “singing” great/fun posts all day today. U know I have read every post for the last month & I have seen West Side boy b4. I also know the tone of this blog & he is always is a little rougher around the edges than most. I took it as he was a guy most of us r gals.
    Once a dude at EF Hutton called his assist en the C word & I found her crying in the kitchen getting the dude coffee. I said let me deliver the coffee. He was on the phone & I interrupted & hoped his client herd me yell at him. I said what did u call
    Your ast. He said the C. Word & I told him if I ever herd him use that word not only would I help sue him but I would pick the phone up & shove it in his mouth unless he apologized immediately. Of course he was stunned at my outrage but he did apologize.
    Go girl !
    Hey Dude I hope u don’t call ur wife,girlfriend,daughter ,mother or female friends the C word. Seems the ladies here don’t want u to even call our Howives that!

  216. Waslurking says:

    Holy cow!
    Guess I’m alone in how I reacted to the show so I’ll got back to lurk mode.

    carry on….. lol

    • dumberries says:

      @Waslurking – I’m getting ready to log off for good. Just want to let you know that I too was glad to see the truce between Danielle and Jac. I never thought Jac’s heart was into driving Danielle into the dirt like the rest of them. That’s why she was so vocal about her complaints against D and wrote 9 page blogs about it. She had to choose a side and she kept trying to convince herself. All that talk probably affected Ashley to go too far too – they’re both easily influenced, but resent anyone telling them what to do or think. They have very contradictory aspects of their personalities. So, they’re pretty much screwed with the the single-focused stubborn-as-all-hell Manzo’s…

      • Waslurking says:

        Why for good? NOOOOOOO!!
        I thank you for your take on things I thought I was very alone.
        Don’t leave me…………….. not now!!

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Oh don’t log off for good, dumberries. There’s always something going on. At least visit when you can and say howdy.


      • Diana says:

        I’m with you “smartberries”, something is just not right here. I feel we were duped.

    • Diana says:

      I don’t think you are wrong. Something was up there.

  217. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi Noelle. How is ur sister. I have been missing u.

  218. Wall St Lady says:

    Dumbberrys don’t go. Why ?

  219. Diana says:

    I’m over this site. I totally defended Wall Street Dude’s use of, in my view, appropriate language when referring to these ahem, “ladies”, and my post vanished. Whoever called him “boy” which as we ALL know is another word for … grab your pearls girls….n***r, well that was even more horrid than the silly twats who clutch their pearls reading or saying the word “cunt”. (Especially when it is spelled without twee shit like a “slyly” placed asterisk, or the even more juvenile and painful “C U Next Tuesday”. Ugh.) This place has become way too TWOP for my tastes. No fault of Lynn’s I would like to add.

    Losing Squirrels from this blog was horrible, and I think that is when it jumped the shark. Ironic, for she had strong feelings for certain words being used here, and I have the opposite, albeit different words. Yet I have tremendous respect for her.

    • Jenni says:

      Please don’t go! All this is making me so sad. Please don’t go….

    • Had Enough! says:

      Diana – how do you know that UpperWestSideDude is black? How do you know that OneMoreBoston knew that? To the best of my knowledge, none of us know his skin color. It could only be racist if she knew or thought she knew his skin color.

      I took it to mean childish or immature, just as she said.

      Think about it. It makes no sense for someone to use a racial slur against someone who may or may not be white, black, purple, or polka-dotted.

      Think about it. It makes no sense for someone who is highly offended by sexist terms to use a racist term.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:


      Diana- I never clutched the pearls. Go back and read what I wrote. I asked this guy to stop using a term I find offensive. and I asked him politely.

      He then called me names.

      Immature, childish, and stupid. Not a “dude” but a little boy.

      How do you know he’s black? How do you know I’m white? because someone upthread said so? whatevs

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I didn’t see the exact exchange, but there is nothing wrong with asking another poster to chose another word. When RealHouseWife used the word ‘retarded’ someone asked her to please stop from doing so. RHW was fine with it- and the two had a pleasant exchange.

        I’m no shrinking violet either but to me the “c” word is one of the worst words you can say and it’s on the same vocabulary refrain list as the ‘n’ word.

        I don’t understand how Jenni can object to the word ‘boy’- but seems indifferent to the ‘c’ word.

  220. Diana says:

    Sorry, I meant Upper West Side Dude. I think we ALL could use an “edit” button. WordPress does not allow it? I know Blogger does as well as a few others.

  221. Joy says:

    I need to rant a little. I know a lot of us originally found this site because Strega closed down RHONYC and now she’s closed NJ??!!?? And yes, I know it happened a few days ago…I’m in Afghanistan and was so looking forward to reading people’s initial reactions after the reunion (in addition to here and other blogs). I won’t get a chance to see the show for a while–they just showed Atlanta finale last week (or was it two weeks ago) on AFN and out of respect of my co-workers/fellow users, I try not to download videos. I’m very picky about sites, because it’s like being on really slow dial-up sometimes (and sometimes it runs great). So I piece together what happened in my mind.

    God, I hate Jill Zarin and I hate TWOP Mod Strega. Thank you Lynn!!!

    • Noelle says:

      Who the F is STREGA??

      • Joy says:

        Strega is a moderator on the TWOP boards (televisionwithoutpity.com). I wrongly assumed everyone was familiar with the notorious Strega, my apologies.

        (I read below about your and your sister’s cancers–sending prayers out for both of you!)

  222. Noelle says:

    My name is Eva and I’m Noelle’s sister. We both have cancer and are going through chemo. (Still dislike doxy..) Tell WSM Hello 🙂 …xxx

    • Diana says:

      Wow, my strongest healing thoughts are being sent your way. If you don’t already know about her, I encourage you to visit Jeanne Sather’s blog at http://www.assertivepatient.com/ She’s amazing, with great advice and attitude. She knows where to point you for all of the best treatments as well as other super helpful tips. She’s been dealing with this for literally years, so she knows all of the tricks.

      Best wishes, diana