I Hate Jill Zarin Breaking News/Mid Week Sept 8, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin Breaking News – Danielle is Innocent! September 8, 2010

We all watched on the reunion show as Jacqueline pulled out her cell phone and confronted Danielle about her tweet to the crazy guy who wanted Ashley Holmes to kill herself. Danielle was accused of responding with “I hope all of your dreams come true”. Team Manzo/Laurita went so far as to show Danielle the tweet and demand she explain herself. Andy Cohen pushed the matter as well, clearly not believing Danielle as she denied the charges.

Well folks, Danielle Staub is innocent! I know I was shocked too, I saw what I saw on Twitter that day, but just as Danielle said, she wasn’t responding to the crazy guy wishing that Ashley Holmes would commit suicide. She was responding to his request that Danielle just send him a “happy birthday” tweet, here is the tweet, directly under the tweet, click on “in response to” and you will see what Danielle was responding to:

You may have to cut and paste the link, I’m having trouble getting it to post properly:


Let me be one of the first to apologize to Danielle Staub! In yesterday’s blog I was just as guilty in stating that I saw her tweet and assumed that it was in response to the creepy guy’s suicide tweet but here is proof that I was wrong, as were Jacqueline and Caroline! Hopefully Danielle’s cast mates and Andy Cohen will also apologize when they learn the truth. I’m not holding my breath!

Here is an interesting article about Danielle, she’s not a part of the Bravo family any longer so apparently she’s feeling ok about burning those bridges:

http://t.co/wK2V0GV Radar Online

Yes, there are tons of rumors around the internet about Teresa Giudice and whether or not she will return to Real Housewives of New Jersey. Rumors say she’s refusing to return to the show, demanding more money. Others say she is refusing to allow producers to film anything about her bankruptcy and clearly Bravo wants that footage. Rumors of her refusal to film with her sister in law continue and if those rumors are true, Teresa’s sister in law, Melissa Gorga has already done a week or two of test filming while producers decide if the footage is going to work for the show.

There are still rumors of Juicy Joe’s infidelities but still no proof or confirmation has been made public. A few of the newer articles about Teresa’s woes…



Oh the many rumors, Teresa tweeted this yesterday afternoon:

@Teresa_Giudice: I know there are tons of rumors today. Don’t believe everything you read. (except my “In Touch” cover story. That really was me!)xx

Jacqueline true to her word has not tweeted since September 5th, her last tweet:

@JacLaurita: I need time to organize & sort some things out & make important decisions. Taking time away for a while to be with my kids and Hubby. XOXO!

Danielle has tweeted a few responses to fans that supported and even a few who didn’t support her through the reunion airing:

TO daniellestaub You’re welcome. You have two beautiful daughters. I disagree with what was said, I absolutely see the light in their eyes. 🙂

@DanielleStaub: they were right there and heard that comment ~ it was difficult for them to hear that said about them twice now ~ they are amazing kids and all mine ~ Caroline should pay no mind to my business I do not respect or admire her in the least

TO DanielleStaub Anddd notice how @daniellestaub admitts to reading & responding to all her tweets than says she doesnt know if she read THAT tweet? #LIAR

@DanielleStaub: I never did any such thing They all know it as well Dina lies they swear to it ~ doesn’t make it the truth.

Danielle has made a few comments about getting her own “spin-off” and typically a spin-off would take place on the same network as the original show that it spouts from, but I cannot see Bravo providing Danielle with a spin-off, possibly she’s talking to another network? Or possibly she’s throwing that out there in hopes that some producer will see that she’s interested in filming and give her a call?

Would you watch a show that follows Danielle as she manages her children in the world of modeling and pop music? Danielle will appear on Access Hollywood tonight, check your local listings for times.

Alex McCord, Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo have both posted blogs on the RHONJ Reunion, you can find them here:

Alex’s Blog: http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey/season-2/blogs/alex-mccord-nj/i-need-a-mental-shower

It appears even Alex didn’t believe that Danielle’s tweet wasn’t in response to the hateful Ashley tweet, another one who owes Danielle an apology? I was a little surprised that Alex came right out and admitted that she doesn’t like Danielle, but she has been hanging out with the other Jersey girls so maybe she’s privy to some stories that the rest of us aren’t. In any case typically the ladies aren’t that blunt but I guess we have to give Alex kudos for being honest.

Caroline’s Blog: http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey/season-2/blogs/caroline-manzo/i-am-what-i-am

Sorry for you Caroline fans out there but this woman is full of shit! Her blog title “I am what I am” is really fitting, she is a “what” not a “who”. Caroline claims that Danielle continues to talk about her, and the other ladies on Twitter and on Facebook when in actuality Danielle hasn’t mentioned them at all this season. I’d love to see what Caroline is talking about.

Caroline doesn’t mention in her blog her attempts to control Jacqueline by yelling at Jac during the commercial break trying to convince Jacqueline NOT to end this war with Danielle. Caroline is a control freak and isn’t happy unless she is the puppet master!

Jacqueline’s Blog: http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey/season-2/blogs/jacqueline-laurita/an-epiphany

Literally just posted moments ago, Jacqueline goes on for three long pages, saying nothing at all but ending in this:

Thank you Dr.Kassir in Wayne, NJ for clearing up Ashley’s deviated septum and at the same time giving her a beautiful new nose and great lasers for great skin.

I had to laugh at this one, everyone knew that Ashley had a nose job and now Jacqueline is going to try to tell us that it was medically necessary? Oh please! And she calls Danielle a liar?

Moving on to Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny gets out of the house and here are the photos:
Bethenny Can’t Help But Grin at Baby Bryn | OK! Magazine – The First for Celebrity News http://t.co/UhWyLRB

Jill apparently watched the RHONJ reunion, here’s her tweet:

@JillZarin: Just watched NJ reunion. My favorite moment..when Andy asked Caroline if she would have lunch with Kim G. Look at Kim’s face!

What a masochist, she enjoyed watching Kim G squirm and be embarrassed? If the woman had a brain in her head she would have said she enjoyed when the ladies all seemed to bury the hatchet at the end of the reunion. Even if she didn’t mean it, it would have come off better in the PR sense. Nope, Jill hasn’t changed!

Here is an article about Jill recruiting bloggers and becoming their agent. If this is true, this is just another attempt at Jill trying to control bloggers and what they write about. She’s preparing for the upcoming season and doesn’t want to see a repeat of last season. Most of the bloggers had pretty negative things to say about Jill last season, if Jill is controlling the bloggers, obviously there will be a positive Jill Zarin spin put on all of the posts…


Here’s a bit of an odd tweet by Kelly Bensimon:

@Kikilet: @sensiblesitters you have the best baby sitters on the East End. My girls had a blast, & i felt safe leaving them with your reliable people

I wonder where the regular nanny’s where? Do you suppose Kelly got free babysitting services for tweeting about how great the company is?

@Kikilet: From StyleWatch.com: Kelly Bensimon on Her Coif: ‘Everyone is Obsessed With My Hair’ http://bit.ly/9sr9wW

Really? Everyone is obsessed with your hair? I’m only wondering why you refuse to brush it? It always looks dirty and un-kept. A good hairbrush would be a solid investment for Kelly! Also constantly pushing it off of your face is really annoying, why don’t you try styling it so that you don’t have to keep pushing it off your face, you look ridiculous doing that all the time! Or how about a cut that would keep your hair off your face? Put it up or pull it back and secure it away from your face? Get a grown up hairstyle!

@Kikilet: Just saw an ad for rhbh. @bravoandy give those women a style make over. Oof. Send @bradleyirion to fix their hair.

Kelly, you’re kidding right? The ladies of Beverly Hill’s need hair make-overs? Look in the mirror!

@Kikilet: #iftwitterdidntexist we wouldnt be able to clue people in to the cool things happening near them. go twitter, keep us informed on whats hot

Interesting hash tag, similar to a visitor to the blog yesterday….things that make you go hmmmm

@Kikilet: @carolinemanzo looked gorge on the #rhnj reunion. She’s an amaze woman/mother/friend

Wow, of all people for Kelly to give Caroline Manzo a compliment like that, after we watched a true bully that Kelly has been fighting against for months is quite a shocker. Apparently Kelly feels like she was bullied when she wasn’t, but can’t spot a bully when one appears on her screen.

And Kelly continues to tweet photographs of herself constantly, Kelly on the beach, Kelly lounging on her couch, Kelly in front of her pick-up truck…and on and on. This woman is 42 years old, it blows the mind!

I’m told that The Real Housewives of New York will begin taping in the next two weeks, let’s hope that Cohen has found some real New York ladies like Sonja Morgan to join the cast and minimize Zarin and Bensimon’s on screen time and eventually they can phase them out altogether. We need some new, fresh faces on the show!

If anyone is interested, I was interviewed on Monday for an internet radio program, you can hear it here: http://www.winningbeautypageants.com/

If you scroll down on the same site, you’ll also find an interview with New York Housewife Sonja Morgan. What a great lady!

GUEST BLOG – Rachel Zoe Project September 7, 2010

Thank you to Maria Teresa for her great blog on Rachel Zoe:
This episode starts in Milan, 5 days before the Oscars. Rachel has no options for her clients since some of her picks ( including that Marchesa gown I mentioned on my first blog ) are nowhere to be found.
Rachel, Brad and Roger are in their way to the Giorgio Armani Show. This is the very first time they are on time for an Armani Show but this time the show is going to start later. The trio decides to have a bite to eat before the show, and Roger complains that Rachel is all about work, that he is tired of listening about collections and dresses … blah blah blah. What is he expecting, they are there for work to see collections & pick dresses for the clients. Is not like that is an everyday deal!!! I really don’t know if all this drama is made up to add more “Roger camera time” or in reality he is a drama queen. Otherwise, why in the world would he complain on national TV about his marital private issues and a situation that he has been living with for the last 10 years, that only occurs once a year and that he is now part of since he became the president of the Rachel Zoe company!!!

On top of this pity drama, Roger does not get to sit on first row… poor baby! Instead Clive Owen (Mr. Eye Candy) gets the chair right beside Rachel.

Rachel explains that the Giorgio Armani collection is more for Oscar parties and premiers but not for the Oscar event. It is a beautiful collection mostly with short dresses combining black and bright colors.

Next show: Gucci. The place is super crowded and once again we have to listen to Mr. Drama Queen Roger: he doesn’t get to spend time with Rachel, he is tired of the fashion blah blah blah!

The collection is gorgeous. Lots of leather dresses, leather trousers and some 70’s reference.

Still no picks for the Oscars.

Last show of the trip is the Emilio Pucci collection, which also is the first collection of Peter Dundas for the firm. Rachel sees a dark blue gown that considers appropriate for Demi (dress 39) and right after the end of the show she runs to talk to Peter since she has lost so many dresses for the event.

Back to LA. Rachel finds out Ashley, her newly hired, is sick and will not be able to help during the Oscar’s.

Rachel gets a new client, Johnny Weir. He wants the team’s style assistance in order to attend the Independent Spirit Awards. The group has fun checking outfits and walking in 6 inch heels. Watching Brad and Johnny walk with such elegance and effortless in those gigantic heels made me feel clumsy J.

It is 48 hours before Oscars and still no picks for Demi. Rachel is panicking

Donatella Versace sends a couple sketches to Rachel and informs that Luccio will be in town doing the last touches to these gowns.

Finally a dress for Demi! A beautiful pale pink strapless.

On Oscar day, Brad takes care of dressing Cameron Diaz while Roger rides along with Rachel to Demi’s. Roger is having a bad time again … he says he is not having fun (poor baby).

Roger does not understand the stress on Oscar day. He says Rachel has 10 years doing the same thing and it always turns out right. Really Roger, you don’t get it?

Rachel and Brad run to watch on TV how their clients turned out on the red carpet, Roger continues with his endless crying.

The episode ends with Brad going to meet/rescue Johnny Weir who is at the Elton John dinner sitting at the table with someone that has the same outfit … now that is drama!!! LOL.

What I love about the show is to be able to watch the runways and all that gets involve in those 15 seconds on the red carpet. The Roger drama … not so much. It just doesn’t make sense to me. They have 10 years together, they are still together and no baby, and obviously this is not Rodger’s first time listening to fashion talk. Does he think that wining all the time will make Rachel less stress or make her want to be with him more? If he didn’t like the fashion talk why in the world he decide to become the president of Rachel’s company? Doesn’t he have other things to do as the President of Rachel Zoe Co.? I mean marketing, promotion, I don’t know, something different than winning like a spoiled teen? Is all this wining a sign of professional jealousy? Who knows, I just find it annoying.

Thanks for reading the blog and see you next week for the next frivolous and fashionable episode J.

and finally, a really great friend of our blog has two on line stores that she’s hoping you’ll frequent:
Online Rubber Stamps: www.rubbershow.etsy.com
Online Fabrics/Notions: www.peartreeroad.etsy.com

Until Next Time………


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501 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Breaking News/Mid Week Sept 8, 2010

  1. dubyaveeyou says:

    Wow. To paraphrase Steve Martin in

    wow. To paraphrase Steve Martin in The Jerk “If this is out there, what else might be out there!” Never been a Dani fan, but ready to apologize. I didn’t believe her denials either.

    • flippy says:

      yep. looks like she’s vindicated. Good for you Danielle. You needed some kinda break. I know, I know, she’s batshit but for crying out loud its nice to see her catch a little break.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        I completely agree.

        And thank you Lynn, for standing up to be the first one to apologize as well as to post the links.

        It would have been easy to go on to newer stories and let this die on it’s own.

        I’m glad you have the integrity to call it like you see it, no matter who the story is about.

    • PJ says:

      I never thought that Danielle would tweet something like that. I’m glad Lynne brought the truth out. When Danielle said at the reunion that they had no proof that she had replied to the tweet they were saying she replied to I knew she was right. These things can be manipulated to look different than they are. So Danielle was telling the truth about the tweet, what else is she telling the truth about? But this does means that someone manipulated things to make it look like Danielle did this. If you look at what appeared on Jacqueline’s twitter (the links in this post) it does not give you any opportunity to check and see what Danielle’s tweet was in reply to. Jacqueline being obsessed with twitter must know how to go and look at Danielle’s tweets and see what she was tweeting in response to. So any ideas about who made this up to try and make Danielle look bad? What other “evidence” has been manipulated and falsified or just made up to make Danielle look bad? Does anyone think that there will be an apology from Jacqueline, Teresa or Caroline for this accusation which was shown to be false? I’ve always felt that none of these “ladies” are innocent in this whole mess with Danielle.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an apology from them, they will deflect and say that Danielle has threaten them so much they can’t tell the difference between the truth and her lies.

        But I did tweet Caroline and ask her if she is going to own it.

      • Bea from NJ says:

        I doubt Jac follows Dirty D, plus Danielle has her tweets protected .. don’t know since when, which makes it harder to see what D tweets. I also don’t think Jac would have known to click on ‘respond to’ link … many of are just learning of this too. PrinceEdwiin (or whatever his name is) forwarded his original nasty tweet & D’s ‘supposed’ respond to it to Jac. I think that’s all she was working off of and in came the drama.

        • PJ says:

          I believe even the guy who tweeted the nasty stuff says Danielle was not responding to that specific post.

        • Zoey says:

          I can still see Danielle’s tweets. Also those that have tweeted her ( Google her twitter name, then click ‘updates’ in side column).

      • nathania says:

        I didn’t believe it either. She just isn’t that stupid. Plus it made me wonder, honestly, if this was a set up. Because the guy is apparently around Ashley’s age, and I can just see them sitting around, obsessing about how to ‘get’ Danielle, and one says ‘you tweet this, and see if she answers…’ and then we’ll GET HER….followed by creepy little Ashley cackles. Sigh….

        I honestly think all of this stems from Danielle supposedly trying to ‘make’ Dina lose custody, a story that probably holds just about as much water as this one. As if anyone can ‘make’ another person lose custody by giving someone a phone number, assuming even that much is true. It’s really a shame what happened on this show this season…I put the blame solely on Andy Cohen and the Bravo minions, because they absolutely do not care what happens to these folks ones the gears start spinning.

        Another thing that bothered me from the reunion was the thing about the word “Bye!” being on the facebook message or text or whatever. In a certain context (like the ‘this person has access to mafia millions’ one) that ‘Bye’ could definitely be interpreted as a threat. It’s not all that far fetched.

        The more that comes out about this the more creedence it gives to Caroline indeed being some puppeteer on a mission to destroy Danielle, just from being obsessed about the thing that happened off-camera with Dina. And the depth of her obsession makes me wonder if it is some weird kind of jealousy thing or whatever. It’s inexplicable otherwise.

        If I had to guess it all seems like an attempt by Caroline to put the kibbosh on any talk at all about Tiny Manzo’s mafia ties, because, as she said, it somehow ‘isn’t relevant to the show’ (while every belch and hiccup Danielle ever produced is absolutely vital to it). Caroline married money because she DESERVES to be rich, not because of anything icky like racketeering or other unpleasantries a few decades back. Caroline has large breasts because GOD “gave them” to her (via a surgeons scalpel just like everyone else, as attested to by photos on the Bravo site). Caroline, above all else, is BETTER THAN YOU. I really can’t tolerate this woman…all her little machinations vs. Danielle just really make me wonder what on earth she herself is hiding. Who knows…as a lesbian, I have to say that Caroline is, well, a bit butch. So maybe…

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          It’s such crap with them trying to say she tried to get Lexi taken away from Dina. Unless she was calling CPS on her, she isn’t in a position to dispute custody.

          Jackie screaming “We seen the proof”. And what proof would that be? My guess is the reason they never seem to divulge anything is because whatever it is that would make Danielle look guilty, it makes them look even worse.

          Also, am I the only one who noticed that when they were talking about the sex tape and when it was filmed, I could have sworn I heard Caroline say something to the effect “Tommy said it was done in Aug”?

          • Savannah111 says:

            I don’t know about the Tommy comment that Caroline may have made but here’s the thing they filmed for over 10 hours or so and we only seen what 2 hours and 30 minutes.. They left out a lot obviously and there was not anything cleared up for me as far as why they all wanted everyone to believe that Danille was the big bad wolf.. The bit about she tried to have Dina’s daughter taken away, that had already been rumored before the taping this year, Danielle had said somewhere that she just gave out a phone #.. When the NYC reunion was taped they made it in 3 parts and lost footage.. And they taped in less hours.. I was very disappointed with this reunion..

          • CheriPie says:

            I heard a comment about August too. Unless Dina was an unfit mother there was nothing Danielle could do that would cause her to loose custody of her daughter. You don’t loose custody just because someone decides to try to make you, there has to be a valid reason. Danielle doesn’t have that kind of power.

            • Sigh.... says:

              If Child welfare didn’t pull Tamra’s kids after the naked wasted episode or Lori’s younger daughter when Lori’s drug addicted son lived in the house. I doubt that Dina was ever in danger of losing her daughter.

              If Dina was in danger of losing custody then there should have been a court filing by Dina’s ex for change in Custody agreements. The details may not have been public, but there would have been a court docket listing in the NJ court or a mediation/judge listing filed and that is open to the public.

              None of that happened hence the Cease & desist order on Dina for slander. If what Dina was saying about Danielle was true then the Cease & desist gag order would not be in effect.

  2. Meadow says:

    Great scoop! I can open that twitter link – is there something I am doing wrong?

    • Meadow says:

      Weird I cannot open any of the links on the page.

    • Brigid says:

      None of the links are working for me.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I had to cut and paste mine.

        Let’s see if my copy of it works.

      • TrillianAlice says:

        I thought it was just my computer.

        • TrillianAlice says:

          transpose these 2 responses. I am not saying my computer wrote the “wish. Gosh : )

          • MAMAZ says:

            I don’t see how this exonerates Danielle. All I see is the one tweet saying she hopes his wishes come true. Without seeing what preceeded it I can’t tell what her intent was.

            • Perjury, Fraud & Lies says:

              Click on the “in reply to” link.

            • phoney reality says:

              Read his tweets. He admits it was him and that he did send tweet. Here are some of his latest tweets. He and Danielle seem like two peas in a pod.

              PriinceEdwiin Every week is National Suicide PROMOTION Week if ur @_ashleyholmes. C’mon Ash! We’re all rootin’ 4 ya! Do it!!
              about 10 hours ago

              PriinceEdwiin @NU_CHANGE model.actor.socialite. Been in music vids. Been in mags. Been on #RHONJ. Stuff like that
              abouPriinceEdwiin Also, I’m currently in talks with NBC Universal who owns Bravo, and Life & Style Magazine, so expect big things to come!
              about 10 hours ago t 10 hours ago in reply to NU_CHANGE

              PriinceEdwiin @_ashleyholmes #FreedomOfSpeech is a lovely thing. I can’t wait until ,y birthday next year to re-enact this year’s!!
              about 11 hours ago

              PriinceEdwiin @_ashleyholmes what is ur purpose in life? 2 look like a bobblehead? Ur head doesn’t match ur body mama. GetItTogether.com

              PriinceEdwiin Yea, I told @_ashleyholmes to kill herself. That was me they were talkin bout. I said it once, and I’ll say it again..and again..and again
              about 11 hours ago

              PriinceEdwiin @_ashleyholmes #FreedomOfSpeech is a lovely thing. I can’t wait until ,y birthday next year to re-enact this year’s!!
              about 11 hours ago

              PriinceEdwiin @_ashleyholmes do u understand how much LOVE ur fans have shown me??!! I wld NEVER take what I said back..never, not in a million yrs

      • babykakes says:

        none of the links are working for me either! good to know it isn’t only me. wonder why?

        • Melanie says:

          Lynn the links aren’t working for me either and I wanted to visit you crafty friends sites.I’m a craftaholic.

  3. kats2 says:

    Caroline’s Bravo Blog is short and bitchy just like she is, so I will save you the click and traffic to her blog and you can read it below – I really do not like this piece of garbage and can’t wait to see Karma catch up with her.

    Hello again! 16 episodes have come and gone, and you’re still with us! For that I’m sending each and every one of you a huge hug! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’m really not interested in going over the whos, whats, whys, and wheres of the reunion. I think it’s all been said before.

    I want to address my behavior and how I felt throughout the filming process, and then I’m going to pack up my Season 2 feelings and memories and put them on a shelf where they belong.

    Week after week I watched someone accuse me of bullying, physical threats, stalking, defamation, and God knows what else. Week after week I watched that very same person do the EXACT thing she was accusing ME of to ME, MY HUSBAND, AND CHILDREN.

    The reunion was my time to clear the air. It was my time to call her out on everything she’d said and done. I was at times rude, immature, and overbearing. When the “apology” came along I knew it was fake and empty. If I thought for a moment, a millisecond, that there was any sincerity in it I would have accepted it. To accept her apology would have made me a hypocrite. I meant what I said when I told Jacqueline and Teresa that I hope they can step away from all the drama. That’s all I ever wanted. For those of you who believe I was angry at J. and T. for hugging her, you have it all wrong. I get why they hugged her — they wanted to end it. Good for them. I handle things differently. I wanted it to end too, but not on a lie. I’ve said it time and again; at the end of the day all you have is your name and reputation. I’ve been able to keep a pretty good handle on it for 49 years. I’m not about to give it up for “15 minutes” of fame. Whatever I do or say will always be on my terms and no one else’s. So if you think I’m a bitch, so be it. If you think I’m the best thing since sliced bread, thank you. At least I can honestly say I am what I am.

    Hope to see you next year….



    • boston02127 says:

      Uggg…Caroline needs to go have some good sex with her husband.

      • Meadow says:

        But Danielle doesn’t get to be “I am what I am” still hypocritical and she cannot even see that and I’m sure everyone around her is afraid to point that out.

        • Sha2000 says:

          “I’ve said it time and again; at the end of the day all you have is your name and reputation. I’ve been able to keep a pretty good handle on it for 49 years. I’m not about to give it up for “15 minutes” of fame. ”

          I get that & respect it.
          Meadow, Danielle can say it too if she wants, no one is stopping her; but I don’t think she knows how or is ready. Its about respect of ones self. When you say your “colorful” past is behind you & you simultaneously put out not one but two or is it three sex tapes while your a mom trying to show two girls how a woman should act…that’s not respect. I am no prude, but come on, Caroline is concerned about her reputation (self awareness-self respect) Danielle clearly by her actions no so much. Just my opinion.

          • Meadow says:

            First of all Caroline hangs with convicted felons (Bernie Kerik) so what reputation would that be?

            • Sha2000 says:

              Didn’t they know him prior his arrest & conviction? Who’s knows, maybe that upsets her too?

              • Meadow says:

                I doubt it upsets her, as a matter of fact she defended him awhile back but then he’s one of her crew. In addition she freaked when DS referenced him at their “meeting”

                Maybe someone should ask her if she thinks he’s garbage.

            • kk says:

              OMGoodness, I’ve been thinking about Caroline & Bernie alot. Yes, I need a hobby.

              Do you guys think it’s possible that the REAL reason Caroline hates Danielle is not her stripper past, but because she took a plea deal and turned state evidence 25 years ago.

              Bernie got snitched on and is in prison.

              Could it be that Caroline thinks Danielle is a “Rat” or a “Snitch”, not because of the crime she committed BUT because she turned state’s evidence and got off.

              I totally think this is the REAL problem.
              Caroline’s Hubby’s Dad was killed by the mob, so they are connected somehow even if it was decades ago.

              Holy Cow is this

              • kk says:

                Sorry my computer froze and I had to post as is.

                Anyway, I was just going to end it by saying that …

                is this some subconscious reason for all this hate.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                Maybe, I remember Jackie referring to Danielle as a ‘snitch’ .

    • Amber...Real Wife says:


      Now Caroline’s intro will be “If you think i’m a bitch so be it!” Protector be damned. She knows she’s taking a hit on her reputation and is willing to face it. With new castmates coming, there is no room for Dina on that cast. Everyone has filled her role, from Caroline’s uberbitch, to Theresa thinking she’s the pretty one, and Jac talking to herself. Bye Claudine! You had your chance.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      “at the end of the day all you have is your name and reputation”

      She tweeted the same thing the night of the reunion about her name and reputation. I guess her dignity isn’t that important. IMHO they all threw that away the day they decided to be apart of the RHONJ.

    • Again with the “she’s done that to me!” whining.

      Caroline, I do believe the term we are all looking for is E.V.I.D.E.N.C.E. We know you’re friends with local law enforcement. And since you got a lawyer to sue your son’s school, I’m pretty sure you know how to use the legal system. So, dahling, do us all a favor & instead of yammering about all the horrible things Danielle has done to you , take your E.V.I.D.E.N.C.E. down to your local P.D. &/or your attorney & do something about it. If you’re not willing to do that, then kindly STFU, you over-bearing, control freak SIL from Hell. Because it doesn’t matter how many quarters you have, we just really don’t care at this point so stop calling us.

    • Snarkella says:

      “Caroline’s Bravo Blog is short and bitchy just like she is”


      Thanks kats2! I no longer visit the Bravo blogs — snooze fest — so thanks for posting.

  4. BKAamia009 says:

    I sent a tweet to @bravoandy with the comment that Dasnielle was reffering too, I cant believe how he added fuel to the fire. Im sorry I didnt watch I would of just liked to see when Kim g was on, anyone have a site I can see where she was on?

  5. kats2 says:

    I knew Danielle never tweeted that response to that person. She is many things but stupid is not one of them. We have seen for ourselves that she has been repeatedly both verbally and physically attacked and she keeps her cool. No chance she would give some random stranger on twitter that ammo to use against her.

    • dumberries says:

      For the same reason you didn’t believe that tweet response, I don’t for one second believe that Danielle tried to have Dina’s daughter taken away. It’s absurd. Danielle is no dummy. Even if she wanted to do something like that, she would quickly calculate that there would be like retaliation and she wouldn’t risk her parental custody being challenged just to screw with Dina. Makes no sense.

      • Meadow says:

        She didn’t, that is why Dina is prevented from speaking about it, because a defamation lawsuit could ensue.

        • nathania says:

          yeah, i don’t know if I would have been that kind to just put her under a gag order…

          not sure Dina deserved just to be told to kindly zip it…

          I could understand someone going ahead with a defamation lawsuit in that case. Danielle always said she knew too much about Dina, probably with relation to the real circumstances of her marriage. Watching the vh1 fabulous wedding thing was appalling for me, that someone would marry someone who treats them that badly *on* camera, god knows it’s a million times worse behind the scenes. And the creepiest part, where Dina says ‘not alot of girls would put up with this’ and Tommy says ‘oh, alot of girls would, alot of them would, just get out the checkbook.’ that made my skin crawl.

          Dina sold her soul I guess, at Caroline’s urging…so for whatever reason they didn’t want the truth to come out about all that.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I am positive when this first happened- that one of the posters here pointed out that he had a another tweet to D asking for her to wish him happy birthday; and we had discussion at the time that there would be debate about which tweet Danielle was referring to.

    • PJ says:

      Exatcly what I was thinking she is way to smart to tweet something like that to a comment like that.

  6. Sha2000 says:

    Its always that damned deviated septum isn’t?

  7. justanothermary says:

    Did I miss something on the reunion show? Apparently Assly tweeted that she would not talk to her mother for at least a week after the taping. What did Jaq do to piss off Assly this time?

    • TrillianAlice says:

      Ashley did not approve of her mother hugging Danielle

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        or cuz Jac admited that Ashely would have been off the hook if she would have only apologized to Danielle.

        • Katie says:

          I doubt it. Ashley is such a moron, she is probably thinks that she really stuck it to Danielle and is happy jaq told the world about it.

      • Savannah111 says:

        Ha, I logged on about 6:00ish tonight and one of the first things I wondered about was what did Ashley and Chris think about the hug etc….

        As always you guys have the best info ANYWHERE and I always come up on blogs that have same questions I do and everyone has amazing insight and answers…
        I love your site Lynn and all of y’all are awesome… 🙂

  8. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    Can Jacqueline fix Ashole’s Deviated Attitude?

  9. Anitabee says:

    Teresa will come back, who is she kidding?

    She thinks she’s a celebrity and HOT and the best selling author of all houswives of all time (according to Rob @ popeater.)

    I don’t believe the reports that she is afraid to go to jail. She is so vindictive that no way is she going to let Melissa Gorga upstage her with her more beautiful house and more beautiful life.

    I still wonder if Grandma Wrinkles aka Peaceful Zen Dina will come back now that Danielle was let go.

    • jezzibel says:

      I think if Teresa’s SIL is cast, Dina still won’t be the star of the show, most normal people hate Teresa, and will be rooting for the SIL to lay the long over due smack down on her. If Dina(and her tacky cluttered house and smelly cat) does come back she’ll still be taking a backseat to the Teresa/SIL drama.

      • Savannah111 says:

        Dina is flat out BORING there’s nothing she brings to this show thats interesting at all…

        And I believe that Teresa will be back too, I dont buy that she’s going to not return.. I can’t stand her OMG and season 3 I would love for someone to give her a kick in the ass she deserves..

    • Sha2000 says:

      Its a paycheck, she’ll need to come back.

  10. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Could Jac’s ephipany have anything to do with Danielle calling her a “Vegas whore”? Hmmm, do you think it could be that Jac came with so much amunition, slinging it anywhere she could, where it wasn’t even the topic, in order to deflect, or challenge Danielle if she brought up her stipper past in Vegas? Before the show even aired there were rumors of 2 strippers on the cast. Danielle was one the other Jac. I heard mention she was a cosmetics girl, car show model and a cigarette girl also. Is that what they call it nowadays? LOL Danielle kept her cool, and took many insults. Too many. Was it only going to be a matter of time before she blew? I think Jac heard a change in Danielle, and decided to cut off from the group. She knew Danielle loved her and if anyone was able to get Danielle to concede, it would be her.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I don’t think so. Jac didn’t look terribly nervous or threatened during the reunion. I think she was just doing what Bethenny did when dealing with Jill on the NY reunion. She said what she needed to say to get Danielle out of her life.

  11. MickeyMouth says:

    Wow, what took any of us so long to find that tweet. I remember tweeting to Jaq that she shouldn’t entertain the crazy.

    “I had to laugh at this one, everyone knew that Ashley had a nose job and now Jacqueline is going to try to tell us that it was medically necessary? Oh please! And she calls Danielle a liar?” –
    My guess, she got a discount for publicity and since Bravo didn’t air the footage she needed to throw it in her blog to honor her discount.

    “Here is an article about Jill recruiting bloggers and becoming their agent.” – Is that Popeater guy one of her clients?

    “Interesting hash tag, similar to a visitor to the blog yesterday….things that make you go hmmmm” – NY IP?

    Great blog and scoop! Did you tweet it to Danielle!

  12. MickeyMouth says:

    So does this mean that Jaqueline manipulated the tweets?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think it was more selective reading that manipulation.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I don’t think she deliberately manipulated or selectively read them. If you remember when it happened almost everybody thought that Danielle was telling the guy she hoped it happened. Including the press. Did we ALL manipulate or selectively read them?

        • MickeyMouth says:

          I saw the picture of her cell phone that Jaq posted on twit pic. So no, I didn’t manipulate anything.

          I wonder why Jaq never followed the source of the tweet and discover on her own that it was not in response to the suicide wish. She would have only had to click on “in reply to”.

          • BambiBaby22 says:

            from what I understood, Jac made it sound like a third party sent her the tweets from the birthday boy and Danielle. If it was in two separate posts sent to Jac, then it could have been purposely sent to Jac making it seem like the two tweets were in response to each other.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I distinctly remember there were two birthday related tweets from the guy to D- and we had discussion about if Danielle’s reply was some sort of double entendre.

          At best Jac and the rest of the pink ladies either didn’t read it (the twet where is asked her to wish him happy birthday) or as Mickey suggested maybe Jacs disregard of the other tweet was deliberate. Especially when they dismissed Danielle’s suggestion that her tweet had to be in relation to something else.

        • PJ says:

          Someone had to manipulate or selectively read those tweets. I would really like to know who.

  13. If Jill is talking about the same young bloggers I think she is, oh lordy! She better enroll them in a basic writing class, teach them how to use spell check, and forbid them to insult and harrass elderly women and people on Twitter or her image will be even further damaged.

    In case any of you missed Lynn’s interview be sure to listen to it. I am so proud of our Lynn! http://www.winningbeautypageants.com/2010/09/show-3-carly-hall-blogs-the-blogger-our-interview-with-lynn-hudson/

  14. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    You know what the scary thing is I’m starting to believe Danielle more and more. I may not like her, but I think she is telling the truth and really how can I believe the MGL clan???

    Andy is taking questions for the RHODC reunion on his Facebook page.

    Also, where did Bravo get the money to use Weezer’s “Beverly Hills” song for RHOBH? I like the song, but Weezer why oh why stoop to having your song used on a Real Housewives song?

  15. LynnNChicago says:

    I just added a guest blog of Rachel Zoe to the blog, I hope you’ll all take a moment to take a look! Thanks!

  16. boston02127 says:

    Could someone come to my house and hit me on the head with a frying pan! Why do I read the Bravo blogs? Blah blah blah on and on. Ugg….My daughter had a deviated septum! No Jac’s, she had a big hugh honker just like your old nose. Then there’s thug wanna be Caroline! On and on about (who else) good ole’ Danielle. Hey Caroline there are 27,420 men, women and children that are homeless in NJ! Stop being a hater and do something productive with your life. Go volunteer. These people are dumbing me down. Blech!

    • Perjury, Fraud & Lies says:

      Nothing about you is dumbed down. You’re sharp, think on your feet and quite intelligent. And more mature than these Real Housewives, yet less than 1/2 their age.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      be right over!

    • Little_Rhino says:

      I agree that Ashley should just own the nose job, but I disagree that Jac’s nose is a “honker.” It’s not a small nose, but I think it’s lovely. And now that Ashley feels like her nose is lovely, maybe those two can get to work on being beautiful on the inside.

  17. LynnNChicago says:

    Sorry the links are not working, I’m trying to fix them, in the meantime here is the link to the tweet that proves Danielle wasn’t lying and didn’t respond to the “suicide tweet”…


    • phoney reality says:

      and here are his tweets admitting that it was him and he did tweet that. I posted this above but thought it was worth posting again.

      PriinceEdwiin Every week is National Suicide PROMOTION Week if ur @_ashleyholmes. C’mon Ash! We’re all rootin’ 4 ya! Do it!!
      about 10 hours ago

      PriinceEdwiin @NU_CHANGE model.actor.socialite. Been in music vids. Been in mags. Been on #RHONJ. Stuff like that
      abouPriinceEdwiin Also, I’m currently in talks with NBC Universal who owns Bravo, and Life & Style Magazine, so expect big things to come!
      about 10 hours ago t 10 hours ago in reply to NU_CHANGE

      PriinceEdwiin @_ashleyholmes #FreedomOfSpeech is a lovely thing. I can’t wait until ,y birthday next year to re-enact this year’s!!
      about 11 hours ago

      PriinceEdwiin @_ashleyholmes what is ur purpose in life? 2 look like a bobblehead? Ur head doesn’t match ur body mama. GetItTogether.com

      PriinceEdwiin Yea, I told @_ashleyholmes to kill herself. That was me they were talkin bout. I said it once, and I’ll say it again..and again..and again
      about 11 hours ago

      PriinceEdwiin @_ashleyholmes #FreedomOfSpeech is a lovely thing. I can’t wait until ,y birthday next year to re-enact this year’s!!
      about 11 hours ago

      PriinceEdwiin @_ashleyholmes do u understand how much LOVE ur fans have shown me??!! I wld NEVER take what I said back..never, not in a million yrs

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        Question is, had Danielle blocked him like she said she was going to do? This guy sounds off his rocker!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Don’t get me wrong, this PriinceEdwiin guy is a nutcase! He did tweet that he wanted Ashley to commit suicide, but the fact is, that isn’t the tweet that Danielle responded to, and who knows if she read all of this tweets to Ashley?

        • NormaJean says:

          He himself said that she wasn’t responding to the suicide tweet. He tweets that to Alex and @Bravoblog also states the same thing.

          • LynnNChicago says:

            ah thanks, I missed those. Unfortunately, its been on TV for 3+ million people, most of whom wont see the correction and you KNOW no one is going to apologize to her. She’s certainly not perfect but there was plenty to go after her about, at least they should be sure before they accuse.

      • PaganChick says:

        No one is questioning what he tweeted. The issue is that Danielle did not respond to him wanting Ashley to kill herself. She only wished him a happy birthday just like he asked her to.

    • Queen Butter Bean says:

      This tweet doesn’t mean that the tweet in question didn’t happen. It just means that it didn’t happen during this particular tweet.

      Is there a way to look at his tweets and then see the tweets to him in reply instead of the other way around? I look at twitter online and I always look at the “in reply to” – mostly because of Kelly and the disconnect in her tweets. In any event, I remember seeing this tweet at the time and seeing Danielle’s reply. I could be mistaken though.

      I think this entire show has been a disaster. I don’t feel sorry for any of them except for Danielle’s girls. Seems like they sometimes have to parent their own parent and that should not be the case – at least not at their young ages.

      I’m not a frequent poster and I don’t always agree, but I love this blog and reading some of the more eloquent posters.


      • LynnNChicago says:

        No one is saying that this guy didn’t tweet that, he in fact did say he wanted Ashley to commit suicide. Even he admits that, but this link proves that DAnielle wasn’t responding to that tweet, she was responding to him asking for a birthday shout out from her…

        @daniellestaub I turn 21 today (7/30) & it would mean the world & beyond 2 me if u gave me a b-day shoutout Danielle.
        9:57 PM Jul 29th via mobile web

        @PriinceEdwiin HAPPY BIRTHDAY boo!!!! May Every wish come true!!
        7:31 AM Jul 30th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to PriinceEdwiin

        • MickeyMouth says:

          It looks as though he sent a few tweets to her that day all telling her it was his birthday (basically looking for a shout-out)

          I think he played them both.

      • Sue says:

        Try this link:
        http://www.google.com/search?q=“@PriinceEdwiin HAPPY BIRTHDAY boo!!!! May Every wish come true!!”&hl=en

        it’s the first link, here

        • MAMAZ says:

          I can see now that she wasn’t responding to his wish for Ashley’s suicide. I won’t blame her for things this idiot says. My apologies for thinking the worst of her in this sitation.
          Someone, I think it was Kats2 ,said at the time it happened Danielle answered him after the fact that she wouldn’t want wish that on Ashley or Jac. Why didn’t that come up at the reunion? Danielle acted like it was the first time she’d ever heard about it.

          • PJ says:

            You bever know what she said that didn’t make it into the reunion show. Maybe she didn’t know about the nasty tweet.

    • Savannah111 says:

      Hi Lynn, yep your right woop there it is..

  18. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    You know, the more I think about it, the more I can see why Danielle and Caroline could NEVER be friends.
    Both Caroline and Danielle see themselves as the Alpha female in any room they are in. Both feel that their opinion is needed and wanted by everyone else in the room. Both of them see black and white in the Friend or Foe department. Both have a need to destroy their percieved enemies. Both are fiercly protective of their children and their boundries. Both prefer to stay in the background and let others do most of the “dirty” work for them, the difference is in HOW they do this.
    In their own environments, they are in control. Caroline has her family and hearth and home. Danielle has her family (kids), her home, and her “friends”.
    The difference is the subtleness of Danielle. Caroline, as I have said before, in my opinion has had to fight for her position all her life. With so many siblings, she had to charge like a bull to be heard. She married into a large family and had to charge to be heard. She does not know subtle. She comes straight out. She uses others around her, but she TELLS them what to do. Then, if necessary she will exaggerate and manipulate the facts to defend her suggestion.
    Danielle has the same goals and attitudes as Caroline, but she weaves behind the scenes, hinting, suggesting, but never actually commiting. She plays for sympathy, manipulates and exaggerates the facts and let’s those who love her get outraged on her behalf and act for her. She allows others to TELL HER what she should do. The advice she gets is exactly what she wanted to do anyway, but it is NEVER her idea, so she is NEVER responsible.
    I really think when Caroline looks at Danielle she see’s some of herself, and vice versa with Danielle. They understand the other, but it is frustrating. With Caroline, her attitude of disgust comes from having no idea how to deal with the manipulation Danielle is the master of. If she can’t meet you head on then she can’t deal with you. Danielle can’t meet you head on. She is a side winder (no snake reference intended), she sidles up, then scurries away. (Very possibly there is some truth to her abuse claims, I have seen this pattern of hide, strike out, run away before) Danielle’s frustration is with Caroline’s “Pitt-Bull” tenaciousness, refusing to let the damn ball drop. Neither can figure out how to make the other do what she wants and this is alien to both of them.
    The reunion really shows this point. Caroline is determined to force accountablilty on Danielle. Head on. This throws Danielle into defense mode, and she tries to veer off to the side. Caroline calls her back. She tries to veer off again. This frustrates Caroline who cannot understand how to keep Danielle on a straight path, so she yells. Danielle can’t figure out how to get Caroline to turn right or left at her will so she yells “That’s Enough” or leaves, or drops her head looking for the sympathy of the audience, and her entourage.
    You would think they could find a small common ground to work from, but with such similar personalities working from polar opposite communication styles, there is no way they can talk to each other.

    • TT in OC (formerly An American Alien) says:

      Good observations and analysis.

    • dumberries says:

      I agree with your assessment Duchess; these two wouldn’t be friends under any circumstances. They have incompatible communication styles and refuse to see their commonalities.

      Also, I think Caroline is so concerned about how she is perceived and guarding her image that she is insulated; she takes no risks and has little excitement. She sizes up everybody and lets few in (and then is overbearingly protective). In contrast, Danielle doesn’t care enough about her image and is self destructive, especially when it comes to intimacy and sexuality. She seems to take risks, enjoys the excitement, and often pays the price later for diving in too quickly (people use her and walk away). On some subconscious level, I think there’s a bit of jealously on both sides. One thing is for sure, Danielle was the only intellectual equivalent (or higher) for Caroline on the show. I think Caroline would be quite happy to be surrounded only be followers and people she can push into following her lead…

    • PJ says:

      Interesting observations. I feel that Danielle was abused and because of that she is always looking for acceptance and love but can never quite find it to her satisfaction, or maybe she never really has had it. Even if she had what she wanted it may not be enough for her to feel whole. Like a lot of people who were abused as children she doesn’t understand proper boundaries and she does things she shouldn’t do because she was not given a proper moral center. When Danielle is hurt she fights back and she fights dirty. I’m not going to say Danielle is not manipulative. I think in a way she is kind of tragic though. But these women did reject her. Remember last season when Danielle tried to be nice to Dina. Dina said something like Danielle wanted to skin her and wear her. It was nasty and it showed that Danielle was never going to be accepted by these women. So Danielle did what she does when she feels unloved and rejected, she fought. In Danielle’s mind she is most likely defending herself. It’s a pattern I’ve seen in people who are abused as children. Danielle seems to keep putting herself in situations where she is the victim or can feel like the victim, and the people she is around abuse her. It is most likely all she is used to. Maybe she even provokes the abuse, I don’t know. Not to say every abused person comes out exactly the same way but I’ve seen these patterns. Caroline is never going to be able to control Danielle and Danielle is never going to manipulate Caroline, we agree on that. I don’t really think that makes Caroline a better person though. Caroline could stand to back off the judgement and soften up. Caroline is way too harsh and hard. Had these women just treated Danielle better they would not have had so much trouble with her. I’m not taking Danielle’s side, really I’m not taking any side. I think everyone of these ladies is responsible for what happened. No one has clean hands. I feel like they all need some mental care help, but that’s just my opinion.

      • Ellabean says:

        PJ, that was a very intelligent thoughful narrative on the origins of Danielle’s issues. I am aware of the dynamic of abused children replicating same situations as an adult – continuing the cycle.

        • PJ says:

          Thank you Ellabean. Look at all the things she has done they all scream child abuse. That said it doesn’t make Danielle a good person just because she was abused, but it does help in understanding what brought her to where she is. She may have identified with her abusers since they had the power over her and that helped shape the way she is today. Some people come out of these abuse situations and go on to lead good lives and some don’t. I do firmly believe though that no matter what a person’s past they are still accountable for what they do.

  19. kk says:

    Sorry, I posted this upstream, but I think I had an EPIPHANY.


    OMGoodness, I’ve been thinking about Caroline & Bernie Kerik (indited felon in prison) a lot. Yes, I need a hobby.

    Do you guys think it’s possible that the REAL reason Caroline hates Danielle is not her stripper past, but because she took a plea deal and turned state evidence 25 years ago.

    Bernie got snitched on and is in prison.

    Could it be that Caroline thinks Danielle is a “Rat” or a “Snitch”, not because of the crime she committed BUT because she turned state’s evidence and got off.

    I totally think this is the REAL problem.
    Caroline’s Hubby’s Dad was killed by the mob, so they are connected somehow even if it was decades ago. Or maybe Caroline’s father-in-law was murdered because of what a snitch said?

    I think this is her subconscious hate for Danielle.
    I seriously need a hobby or I’ve watched WAY too many movies. LOL.

    • Perjury, Fraud & Lies says:

      Valid point! I had not thought about that. It makes sense.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      That’s a really interesting theory, it certainly could be a big part of it because we really have no good explaination for Caroline’s deep hatred, she’s had it from the beginning and as Danielle said, she’s never done anything to Caroline, Albert or C’s kids.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Probably hates Danielle because…

      Danielle outed them as backstabbing gossipers on season 1.

      Danielle wanted to get Dina after the book scandal broke.

      Danielle looks better, body wise, facially and they’re the same age.

    • kats2 says:

      Makes sense. Since the reunion and lack of any proof that Danielle has really done anything wrong to them. I think the hate is all about Danielle’s past and they think they are better and Danielle was the center of attention on the show vs. the Manzo/Laurita family, which I think made Caroline’s head spin.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Maybe someone snitched on her father in law stealing money from the mob which got him and an associate killed.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I really do think a lot of the motivations for behavior we’ve seen really have been, as has been indicated elsewhere, based on things that did not happen on camera….the whole backstory of the RHNJ, the intereactions/disputes between the cast members. And since this stuff is off camera, not on the show, all we see are behaviors and attitudes never fully explained and that will not be explained.

      Remember, at the beginning of Season 1, there had already been drama between Jac & family, Dina & Danielle….that”s never fully been explained. All was off camera, even before the show was shooting. That’s always been a problem with the show….all this aggro and for why? All you can see on the show itself is a bunch of stupid stuff that makes no sense. Just people behaving badly.

  20. katlg says:

    Rarely post but check in almost every day!

  21. Katie says:

    here are the tweets for anyone who couldn’t open the links:

    @PriinceEdwiin HAPPY BIRTHDAY boo!!!! May Every wish come true!!
    7:31 AM Jul 30th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to PriinceEdwiin

    @daniellestaub I turn 21 today (7/30) & it would mean the world & beyond 2 me if u gave me a b-day shoutout Danielle.
    9:57 PM Jul 29th via mobile web
    Retweeted by 1 person

    Edwin Arocho™

    • Wait a minute, that Edwin guy Tweeted that his birthday wish was for Ashley to kill herself.
      And, I’m not sure about this, but I thought that he Tweeted his wish to Danielle, than she either replied to that, or sent him a Tweet that said she hoped his Birthday wish came true?

      I can understand what’s been said about not knowing for sure if Danielle intended to reply to the guy’s wish about Ashley killing herself, and when I looked at it the first time it actually looked like something got mixed-up, like she might have been sending a general, “Happy Birthday”, so who knows, but if you leave out the Tweet where the guy posted his “wish”, it really doesn’t make any sense.

      • Katie says:

        Oops someone already beat me to it upstream. Sorry for the repost.

        At housewifehater… The guy sent more than one tweet about his bday. The tweet from Danielle above is a reply to his tweet above, not the one that mentions Ashley.

        • Katie says:

          Oh I guess I was first chronologically. It is daunting to try and keep up with the posts that are in the beginning of the thread, versus those in chronological order. I may need to hire an assistant.

        • fairydusted says:

          Saves her place to do laundry. Cuz I’m a REAL Housewife.

      • PaganChick says:

        Housewifehater, Daniel didn’t reply to his tweet about wanting Ashley to kill herself. Daniel wished him a happy birthday as he asked her to. I think you are asking why she would say “may all your wishes come true” if it wasn’t about Ashly committing suicide. If that is the case, every birthday card I’ve received for the past few years has those exact words in them somewhere, its a fairly common expression when wishing someone a happy birthday.

        • http://www.lifeandstylemag.com/2010/08/1033-cover-inset—housewives.html

          OK-that story has the nasty Tweet. The “suicide” Tweet happened on July 30th. It does look like Daniele was responding to a Tweet from July 29th. In the thingy that Lynn posted, “this Tweet is in response”, is click-able, and Danielle’s Birthday wishes, appear to be, “normal”, happy birthday wishes, in response to the request for a shout-out.
          Also, note the time, 7:31 am, (Danielle’s reply).
          I dodn’t know what time the “bad”-Tweet was sent, but Danielle may not have even seen that one before she sent the Happy Birthday.

      • Sue says:

        Edwin tweeted a ton of birthday tweets.

        The guy seriously cannot shut up! ) I had the displeasure of reading some of his stream.)

  22. vgirl511 says:

    You know, I may have missed something along the way, and if I did please correct me, but for months and months the Manzo/Laurita/Guidice clan have been making claims that Danielle has been harrassing, threatening, stalking them, etc. but I have yet to see one bit of proof of any of it. If all of this went on for all this time, there would have to be one shred of evidence. Jacqueline was quick to provide proof of the twitter comment about Ashley, saved it on her phone and brought it to the reunion. I have to think that if these women had any sort of evidence against Danielle they would be happy to have the opportunity to prove it to everyone! Yet, we have actually seen evidence of what has been done to Danielle at the country club.

    • kk says:

      Yeah, why isn’t the stalking on the Manzo’s security cameras? They could post them to Youtube for goodness sakes.

    • kk says:

      Why is it that EVERYTME I go to Stepping out magazine to find the original article with Danielle (not radaronline) I can’t find it.

      • kk says:

        O.k. unless someone else can find the REAL Stepping Out magazine article, I’m calling B.S., because I can’t find it.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I can’t find it in the Stepping Out Magazine either – but WOW what a classy publication.

        Sorry I gave you a link to Out. I thought I copied it directly from Radar so maybe they are still working out the kinks of the site for the link.

        • kk says:

          Oh, that is o.k. MickeyMouse. I appreciate the Out magazine article. It was very informative. Thank you! 🙂

          • kk says:

            Thanks, but I’m referring to Radar Online’s article that says Danielle called Teresa an ape in Stepping Out magazine.

            Even in the Out article Danielle never called T an ape and there is no Stepping Out magazine article.

            • NormaJean says:

              I can’t find anything in Stepping Out either.

            • Need a Hobby says:

              Perhaps radaronline is citing an interview that is going to appear in the other mag?

              If it was already published, radar’s sneak peek wouldn’t be billed as an “exclusive.”

              • Karen says:

                I think this is BS too. I don’t think Danielle gave that interview. They are trying to goad Danielle into responding.

              • dumberries says:

                @NeedAHobby, I think you’re right. It’s probably a print article that’s available not online yet. I’d believe it was BS if the report was coming from one of the reality-oriented blogs; we’ve all noticed major errors and embellishments in those lately. But, RadorOnline is much broader in scope with a larger audience, especially since their Mel Gibson exclusives. I don’t think they’d publish something without seeing the source material that they’re referencing. JMO.

  23. I don’t know why, but I can’t get ANY of the links to work.
    The twitter link signs me out. When I sign back in it takes me to the home page. When I click the link again it signs me out again.
    The other links won’t even open at all.
    Is its just me? Going to go try on firefox see if that works.

  24. Katie says:

    Can anyone find the tweet from edwiin (king douche) that mentions the birthday and Ashley?

  25. Sherry says:

    I feel the same way, scorpiosue1102. From the very beginning of the show I’ve always had this question in my mind–why the hell is the Manzo clan (includes T and then Jac) so out to destroy Danielle? What did she do to them? I never saw anything from Danielle that convinced me she was some kind of evil force going after the other housewives.

    From the very beginning it seemed to me that they found out about Danielle’s past and held it against her. Claude was a big ring leader back then–she got some juice on Danielle, and Claude was out to use it in whatever way would benefit Claude.

    Claude was the initial ring leader out destroy Danielle–not the other way around. Caroline the Godmother obviously gave her blessing for this operation, joined in and quickly established herself head of familia, because ya know they’re all tick as tieves.

    Danielle reacted to being attacked by them. I never liked the rest of them because ALL they did was talk trash about Danielle, pick fights with her (sub-human Teresa), and try to get the whole world against her. Even the husbands talked trash about D.

    I remember thinking Dina was just like some girls I went to school with–very pretty on the outside, family had money, but mean oh so mean, sneaky and phony. People always kissed up to those kind and I never understood why–maybe to swim in their built in pools?

    And in the beginning I got the impression that all Danielle wanted was to fit it with them and be accepted by them. Danielle, I hope you now see them in their true light–they are not the kind of people you want to be associated with–they are just a few ignorant loud mouth thugs who have some dollars. Their behavior is so bad that I can’t believe any of them can really look at themselves in a mirror–I mean really take a good look at themselves. They’re beyond that point. They never had much character in their make up to begin with, and that little bit was sold to Bravo in exchange for 15 minutes of spin.

  26. kk says:

    Does anyone know if Caroline or her husband Al Manzo are related to Louis or Ronald Manzo of New Jersey who were also indited? evidence gathered from an informant?



    In relation to my upstream snitch/rat Caroline hate theory, both Manzo brother were caught by an FBI informant & undercover sting.

    I will research. I guess I have a new hobby.

    • dumberries says:

      @kk, I don’t think there’s any relation. Albert and Tommy were Tiny’s only sons. It’s possible that they have uncles on their father’s side, but I have’t seen anything to that effect (and I think it would have been mentioned in the articles if the 2 recently indicted Manzo brothers were related to NJHW cast). You’ve got me curious; keep us posted if you turn up anything. It does make me wonder about Danielle taking Caroline by surprise at the clown dinner when she said, “what about all of your friends that are under indictment?”. That could have been in relation to Bernie Kerik and company, but maybe there is some kind of connection with these new indictments…

  27. Adgirl says:

    I’ve always said that Kelly tweets incessantly because she thinks it’s her job.

    Obviously all of her “check out the super cute & cool Stylin’ Sue’s hair clips at Head’s Up boutique!” are paid sponsorships. So it is her ” job”. I suppose she has an agency that places these sponsorships for her to tweet. As a Taste Maker she is nothing more than a shill.

    Shhhh Sea and Teddie! Mommy’s working!!!

  28. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    I am cracking up with the Claude. LMAO!!!!!

  29. BelliniMartini says:

    No one knows the truth with the tweet response except Danielle. His excerpt proves nothing. It still say’s Happy Birthday Boo, and may all your wishes come true in which one of them was that Ashley kill herself. It’s still a wish.

    I clapped for Jacqueline. She can stand her own with Caroline, at least some one should. Caroline likes control and when she doesn’t have it, it makes her crazy. That’s why she gets worked up and frustrated with the “non responses” with Danielle.

    She likes to be the fixer in any situation. She’s a Virgo for Christ sake.

    I think Teresa is trying very hard to do damage control on her life, and tell everyone that she’s the one to believe, when she’s the one that is not coming forward with yes, we over spent on this house, me, the girls etc….. Spoiled rotten those girls.

    There’s a lot we don’t know and will never know. So that’s life in Reality TV

    • MAMAZ says:

      Yes but if he didn’t make that vile wish until after Danielle hoped for all his wishes to come true we can’t really blame her for that.

      Still I wish these people would shoulder some responsibility for their fans behavior. JZ should have told people to stop writing 5 star reviews when the hadn’t read her book. She should have told her friends to stop pretending the didn’t know her when they wrote their reveiws. It undermined her integrity. Likewise Danielle should have flat out told this guy when it happened that it was a disgusting thing to wish for and that she wanted no part of it. Then she should have said the same thing to Jac and Ashley at the time. Likewise Jac should have immediately apologized to Danielle when Ashley pulled her hair.

      When they don’t acknowledge that they disapprove of these things they gave tacit approval of them.

  30. Olivia says:

    I can’t help myself, I just have to chime in here.

    Danielle Staub is not a “victim” by any stretch of the imagination. Trying to determine which one of those idiots from NJ has more good qualities on exhibit is like trying to decide which is deadlier, a scorpion or a starving mountain lion.

    She may have come with a shady past that they made it their business to dig up for whatever purpose suited them at the time, but in no way did she dispel their hesitancy when she freely admitted to Jacqueline that she engaged in “phone sex” over a 2 year period with some guy she made a date to meet one night. She is shown “propositioning” Steve, her boyfriend 20 yrs younger, to engage in sex in the bathroom of a restaurant. She invites a convicted felon to share an evening at a charity fundraiser and thinks nothing wrong with his inviting several Hell’s Angels along for the festivities. She is seen giving him permission to do whatever it takes to stir things up at that affair as she makes her way from table to table declaring herself a “victim” of the Manzo’s as this poor family sits by in anguish.

    Rumors abound of her bedding married men and their sons from the same community and bragging about her exploits and the gifts she claimed were given her. True or not, her own reputation makes it easier to believe much of what has been said about her.

    She sent raw pictures of herself to Steve that were then put up for sale and for which she had to seek a court order to ban. Let’s not forget the infamous sex tape put on sale via Hustler that had to require her signature but for which she then said was something she “could not fight” because she had little resources left. This piece of trash is available for all to see and can be purchased which gives her some form of royalties in return. God bless her little girls who must live with this insanity.

    In other words, there is little about Danielle Staub to defend when she herself has done little to change the shabby image she maintains by her own actions. The Manzo’s may be creeps in their own right but Danielle has done nothing to enhance herself in trying to overcome past failures. She has given them the opportunity to withhold any form of “friendship” just by her actions since this show was originally produced.

    She is a very disturbed woman whose lack of morality speaks for itself. To suggest that she is “protective” of her children flies in the face of the facts when she has done nothing to prove that point by exhibiting herself in a selfish and degrading manner. I would have defended her from accusations made 25 yrs before when it could be suggested she was in her youth. But as a woman of 47 yrs of age with two young impressionable daughters who must live with the follies of this woman there is little defense I could offer on her behalf.

    The problem is that within the Manzo “family” that consists of Teresa Guidice, there is plenty of dirt to go around. But to uphold Danielle Staub as a “victim” throughout is overlooking her own behavior that has permeated throughout this series as well.

    She has proven herself to be a liar and her “bio” suggesting her true origins is just another example of fudging the truth for the sake of a dollar. She claims to be the product of a 15 yr old girl taken advantage of by a priest who was “murdered” in another country yet she is filmed declaring that she has little evidence of her parentage to a private investigator asked to locate her roots. Which is it?

    Her packet of lies have tripped her up and I would hesitate to put any credence on whatever she has to say, good, bad, or indifferent. The woman is a manipulator.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I feel the same way but you are so much more articulate than I am.
      Just because Caroline is rigid and controlling doesn’t make Danielle goodhearted. Just because Teresa is a grifter doesn’t make Danielle any less amoral. Just because Dina is a liar doesn’t make Danielle truthful. Just because Jac wavered between protecting and persecuting Danielle doesn’t mean that she didn’t have her own aggressive agenda.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Agreed and Vice Versa.

      • Sherry says:

        I do agree that Danielle has questionable character for sure. I just couldn’t see the justification for the Manzo clan to go after her. Why did they decide to be the judge and jury over Danielle. Who are they to judge, and why do they feel the need to have the whole world hate Danielle?

        I didn’t mean to convey in my prior post that I thought Danielle was a saint

        • Olivia says:

          I think when approached this bunch expected to have “fun” but the Danielle rumors just would not go away. When they found themselves “stuck” with having her included in the series, they went to work to find an excuse to get her out of there. Bravo saw otherwise and found a handy “storyline” to work with.

          Caroline held out and I don’t think Bravo had any idea of the depth of Danielle’s mental issues. I think the others agreed to play along until a lot of this got out of hand. And Teresa was just a bonus waiting in the wings to explode.

          I would imagine that Danielle was very busy behind the scenes e-mailing stuff about the Manzo’s that we were never privy to. In one of her many interviews, Danielle tells of a year and half relationship she has had on e-mail with Teresa’s brother which supposedly has “fed” her information inside that house that were unknown to the public.

          Lying about this or not, I bet she has driven a deeper wedge into that family that was ever suspected. My belief is that much of the hatred stems from what happened off camera as opposed to what we viewed onscreen. This woman is capable of anything.

          • PaganChick says:

            Here is the thing for me.
            1. Dina was the one to get BRAVO to include Danielle because she had heard about the crazy lady that frequented the same salon.
            2. The Manzo/Laurita/Guidice women all had the option to say “NO” to participating in the show.
            So, if they were “stuck” with her it was their own doing. And yes, Danielle is crazy. She has some really deep mental issues. But, and this is key, Danielle is in no position to harm them and any thing that she did was in response to their poking the crazy that they ALL knew about before the show started.
            Let’s think about this for a minute. All of these women are in (in theory) stable marriages and are known throughout that community. Danielle is a divorced crazy woman with two daughters who doesn’t even live near them. There is nothing that Danielle could possibly do to that that should have any say whatsoever in how they live their lives or in dividing their families. All Danielle can do is lie and hover in the background. Any issues they have with Danielle are because they allowed her to have an influence in their lives. All of this drama with her could have easily been avoided by simply showing a united front of “we will not talk to or about her.” They chose to poke the crazy and then cried foul when the crazy exploded all over them.

            • dumberries says:

              Exactly, well said.

            • KirksvilleMo says:

              I totally agree!
              Also as stated just because Danielle is a lose woman etc. does not negate the sins of the others.
              Their gossipy hateful mouths have done more to hurt Danielle’s girls than her sex tape.Millions of porn stars,tittie dancers,and call girls have children.It is the reaction of society, ie.Manzo clan,that makes it difficult on the children not the actual sex the mothers are having.
              Unless Danielle was fucking Tommy Albert Joe or Chris she has done not one damned thing to hurt them.Not ONE!!!
              Can anyone count the endless two years of damage done to Danielle?
              One more thing.Supply and demand Baby,if there were no men wanting to have sex with someone other than their wife then there would be no women having sex with married men.Wives and girlfriends and society in general blame and shun the woman involved and not the men.Fact is if it is true that Danielle had sex with married men it is also true that if not with her the men would have been with some other woman.
              Who did more damage to the community,Danielle or Teresa and Joe?
              Who is more morally bankrupt someone who hurts themselves or someone who hurts others?

              • nathania says:

                that was my thought when Caroline said ‘I have a man who has loved me for 26 years’. Doesn’t mean he’s not out ‘loving’ the pro’s and strippers as well. Albie or Droopy or whatever the goofy looking one’s name is that got the idea about opening the car wash stripper thing got the idea it was a ‘cool idea’ from somewhere. maybe from dad…

            • PJ says:

              I agree. I think Caroline and Jacqueline are just bored, they have nothing important to contribute, nothing important to do. What do they do lunch and shop? So their obsession with Danielle gives them something to do, something to think about, talk about, a reason to feel important. Let’s face it it takes a certain kind of personality to go on a show like this in the first place. There is nothing Danielle could have done to these women if they didn’t allow it. All they had to do was ignore her and she would have had no power over them. These women surrendered their power to Danielle by allowing themselves to become obsessed with her and allowing her to have such a big impact on their lives. But there was some kind of pay off for them (C, J, T) in this or they would never have allowed it to go this far with Danielle. They can cry all they want about what Danielle did to them but they actually did it to themselves.

    • Sigh.... says:

      She’s bi-polar. Their brains have more white matter in the area that lies and have no moral compass for sex & sexuality. She’s no saint, she’s ill.

    • kats2 says:

      Victim in General No Way, Victim on this show – YES

      I’ve always said, I hate these people for making me feel like I should defend her, there was a whole different way they could have handled this situation and they climbed right in the dumpster with her.

    • Penny says:

      Olivia, well said.

      Danielle Staub, in my opinion, provoked such negative feelings in viewers because she’s a mother who involved her minor children in her craziness to the degree that she did. I think this alone set her apart from all the other housewives throughout the franchise.

      I’m a mom and it became excruciating for me to watch scenes involving Danielle with her daughters. It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to know that no good could come to Staub’s children from Danielle making her past and present so public. There’s no doubt in my mind that her girls are paying the price for this and will carry the burden of their mother’s reputation for years to come. Why? What’s the justification of a mother who would do this to their children? Danielle Staub didn’t do it to feed her children or put a roof over their heads. I’m pretty sure that her girls would have rather moved out of the mansion and into an apartment than have the whole world learn about their mom’s criminal past and sex tapes, if given the choice. Danielle did this so that Danielle could buy herself Chanel and experience fame of some sort.

      I could care less about her past or her sexuality. I would have enjoyed watching her and her antics the same way I enjoy watching the other housewives if it weren’t for her kids. I think her children were the real victims in all of this and watching them made me feel like I was victimizing them along with their mother. I know that there are a lot of Danielle fans that read this blog…this is just my opinion.

    • nathania says:


      It’s Hester Prynne all over again.

      Anyone who saw this reunion noticed it was three jackal hawing and cawing at Danielle ‘she did..she did…she did’. It was a ridiculous scenario, and of that I do believe she was a victim. She was a victim of her childhood and attacked by people who never knew the misfortune she has, but give her no quarter for her suffering. I cringed at the irony of one of them, I can’t even remember which one, bragging during the Italy trip that all their sets of parents were still married, soon after Chris went on his spiel about how Danielle has ‘no family’. Whatever happened to counting your blessings…

      I object because I have a different version of obscenity. I don’t care in what way or with whom Danielle Staub had sex. I care that the Giudices overspent by eleven million, committed all manner of fraud and that Teresa has the gall to sit there and join in the vs. Danielle gang-bang, when to me her behavior is far more contemptuous. I care that Albert and Tommy Manzo inherited their wealth from organized crime dealings which were doubtless destructive to many, many people, and Caroline and Dina whistle and skip around like Mary freaking Poppins. People need to get over it about Danielle’s kids, county services will definitely take action if they feel there is a need to do so. The truth is Danielle’s daughters are the most sensible, polite, and well-behaved of the bunch of offspring on that show.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Sorry but drawing a Hawthorne reference to someone who’s signs to have a sex tape i promoted by Hustler is a stretch. As Olivia pointed out above; she has done nothing to dispel her bad girl image, just things to reinforce it. Her daughters seem lovely & she’s done a good job, maybe she needs to take her own advice it & mother herself, seriously.Yes there maybe pain from her past but since she did so well with her girls there’s hope, so why the delay & in cleaning up her image? At least for them? As far as the Giudices; most people here too feel that their self inflicted problems are equally perverse. As for the Manzos, the jury’s still out…we don’t know what happened in their relatives past, we only know they seem to be working hard for their money.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Lol, correction to typo:
          sex tape promoted..

          what can I say its late!

        • nathania says:

          when a local attorney goes on record in the press saying it was ‘very well known’ that Tiny Manzo had ties to organized crime, that’s pretty convincing to me.

          your suggestion to Danielle about mothering herself is brilliant. I wonder if anyone has ever put it to her that way. I hope she finds her real mom and doesn’t get disappointed. I really don’t see the need for her to ‘dispel’ anything, honestly, I drew that reference in particular because it’s very ‘american’ for people in this country to make such a ridiculous deal about sex. She is over the top, and it’s sad, but I see it more as an addiction for her and not a moral issue. It’s very common in people who have had their need for love as a child exploited by predators looking for gratification.

          • Sha2000 says:

            “I see it more as an addiction for her and not a moral issue. It’s very common in people who have had their need for love as a child exploited by predators looking for gratification.”

            I can see your point. It fits; she must be mistaking sex with love & validation. Sometimes they coexist but not every time & with every partner. Do you have that link to the attorneys statement? I haven’t seen that before.

          • Penny says:

            Americans aren’t uptight about sex. We might be uptight about lack of discretion, though.

            Danielle comes from the point of view that no matter what she does or how publicly she does it, she should be unconditionally accepted regardless…or there will be hell to pay!

            The problem with Danielle’s way of thinking is that it doesn’t leave room for her to respect anyone else’s needs or boundries. Not her castmates or her own children.
            Danielle is way to self absorbed to understand the concept of mutual respect.

            • nathania says:

              honestly, sometimes it breaks my heart to watch her.

              I think she has no knowledge of how to be a ‘woman’s woman’…she is a ‘man’s woman’ so to speak, the same thing was said about KKB on NY. With a history of sex work, a severe former cocaine addiction, nymphomania self-professed, she’s obviously compensating. It just seems typical to me, behavior that a young girl who is simultaneously neglected/abused and receives zero validation of her humanity but is attractive enough to get improper attention from all manner of creeps that might have been around might be so hollow as to be looking to fill the abyss with anything that call dull the pain, whether it’s drugs or sex or ‘drama’ or whatever. And never really develops any other coping mechanisms, and of course is drawn to the attention a show like this could generate, and gets thrown to the wolves.

              Americans are notoriously uptight about sex, the impeachment of Clinton made us a laughingstock the world over for this kind of thing. I think it comes from influence of having our country initially populated by so many zealous religious sects that no one else wanted.

              • Penny says:

                Considering we have an infidelity rate of 50% to as high as 80% in this country, sexual uptightness, despite the victorian era, isn’t a modern day American problem. The Clinton impeachment hearings was a political thing not a nationwide witch hunt.

                Danielle may or may not have had a bad childhood but I’m not inclined to believe that her behavior on the show and in public had anything to do with her past. No, I think there’s a more simple reason than family of origin issues.

                Staub has said in interviews from the beginning of season 1 that she took on the role of villian because it’s what the viewers wanted to see. She saw how much attention she was getting in the public with her antics and poured it on. The problem was that she poured it on until she became a character so far left of not only her castmates but all the other HW’s in the franchise as well. Her way of life, her way of living, her way of parenting, her way of just being, no longer resembled anything in the entire franchise!

                I believe that if Danielle had played the same role in any of the other HW series, it would have ended for her the exact same way.

                The question I’m interested in is WHO was there trying to reel Danielle in? Did she have an industry pro in her corner trying to help her achieve a balance that would prolong her life as a castmate on the show and if so, was she just not listening??

                Whether or not Danielle was a victim of bad advice from her staff or whether she developed a really big head and became a victim of being an inexperienced celebrity know-it-all and made her own misguided career decisions, time will tell.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        Very well said-very well put.

        I WILL CLAP

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        Thank you Nathania!
        I love that you said what I said only 50 times better.
        Maybe in my next life english will be my first language!

    • truelifediva says:

      Truer words have never been spoken 😉

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      You get a standing ovation!

    • quincyillinois says:

      Mentally ill individuals aren’t necessarily victims. We have no evidence of the sexual abuse of Danielle/Beverly as a child. From what we know about Danielle, she would be screaming the name of the men who abused her. The reason that she is so candid about her abusers is they might object as her first husband is objecting in the courts. I believe that some mentally ill people make up abuse claims. She may have instigated the sexual events as she did with Steve.

      I wash watching Danielle when she was offstage at the union. She has so much hatred for Caroline and she wanted us to compare Carolin and herself and she would be the winner. She said so much in articles where she stated that Caroline would not have men interested if she was a stripper.

      How do you deal with someone as sick as Danielle? I don’t know. I certainly would not believe her apology with or without the death grip hug. Dina said a truth. Danielle is more dangerous to those who believe that she has changed. Jacqueline and Teresa have the intelligence of the average door knob. I’m not surprised that they fell for her apology.

  31. Need a Hobby says:

    Bottom line IMO, it was as stupid for the HoWives, Andy to spend as much time on this twitter “who said/meant whatever’ as if it was serious and really actually was significant as it would be to spend the equal amount of time and energy seriously discussing D’s assertion that the others were seriously threatening her life and that she needed protection to go out for a bleeping pannini. (B-side blog was right on in lampooning this nonsense.)

    It’s all BS and the fact they spent so much time on that shows how little substance and matters of interest/import there were on the show. All boils down to a bunch of whiny school girl type petty arguments about name calling, hair pulling. (In the words of the Foghorn, “Are ya kidding me???”) This bozo parade had/has all the credibility of professional wrestling. And that’s actually an insult to professional wrestling.

    • Perjury, Fraud & Lies says:

      I agree with you. There wasn’t much material to work with. Ugh…
      I hate Jill Zarin, but I think I miss her crap… Sanity check and tea for me.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I had to go back and double check, because what I remembered sounded so whacked, I thought I must have mistaken a parody for the actual reunion happenings or I had dreamed it all.

      Danielle actually argued that “Bye” was/could have been a “death threat??” That’s what I mean by stupid and ridiculous. Why not spend a whole hour on that, Andy?

      Or did they spend an hour on “bye” and I dozed off and missed it? My point, these arguments were all stupid & about nothing really. The show itself was such a snoozer they spent more time arguing about who said what on twitter than they did about the whole effin season on the show which was btw just as stupd. (I wanted to at least hear about the “pannini assasins”–thank you B side—another bit of overwrought nonsense.)

      And then Danielle with the effin head….that was another “are you effin kidding me?” moment. Talk about clown college. If I had been on the couch when that happened, I would have been laughing to the point of falling off the couch and wetting myself. Who could keep a straight face through that?

      Did you see the face was made up to actually resemble Danielle???? Oh when I saw that pic I was like roaring. So nuts it would have been brilliant if they played it for laughs but they didn’t. Seriously, Andy? Seriously you were behaving like this was a serious thing? Like it wasn’t one of the more bizarro nutcase whacko things that’s ever happened on a reunion show? That it wasn’t one of the few things that in contrast could make Kelly Kelloren Bensimon appear like a rational, well adjusted person?

      Wowza. It’s one thing to put all this asshat nuttery on TV….another for them to act like this is really serious shit. Bravo should have played the things for laughs because the best, most entiertaining part of the show are the blogs & videos making fun of it.

      • Perjury, Fraud & Lies says:

        Your comedy angle would have been great! Instead they play down to their audience, an audience more intelligent than the cast, and more intelligent than Bravo gives us credit for.

        I’ll never take the Real Housewives franchise seriously again.
        But I do love the blogs!

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Well at least on NYC there was Bethenny to act as the peanut gallery, to kinda step outside the action and make make fun of stuff (perhaps as we would have if we had been there). OK, maybe not everyone would agree with her comments or take on things, but sometimes she was right on pointing out when something was nuts, over the top or something to laugh about.

          NJ doesn’t have that…no one on the show who steps back and provides another take on the action with humor. That’s a big lack after NY. So on NJ all you got is a bunch of women acting like effin nuts and all taking it so seriously. When it’s just nuts and the only rational response to their pretentious melodramatic behavior is a satiric take down and laughter.

          Which is why the RHNJ bloggers/commenters are so popular…they (we) provide what the show doesn’t.

          • MAMAZ says:

            need A Hobby – You really touched on something here. The lack of humor. They all take themselves so freaking serious!
            The head was laugh out loud funny.

  32. error404 says:

    Housewives: it’s amazing how many articles are written about nothing. For months now we’ve know that B may only be on the show in a limited capacity, but that won’t stop anyone form writing another “breaking news!” article tomorrow just regurgitating the same old crap for the 1,000th time. Sigh.

    Danielle is amazing. How one crazy bitch with a checkered past managed to make utter fools out of 4 women and a entire production company is amazing. There is no one who walked away from this season unblemished, and that includes Bravo.

    • Perjury, Fraud & Lies says:

      Danielle played for keeps. She made sure anyone who threw mud at her wore mud themselves for taking the shot. She played the game, won it in my eyes and left. Actually there were no true winners, just Danielle looking much better than the clan/wolf pack that attacked her.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Amen, brother, amen.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Error404 “no one who walked away from this season unblemished, and that includes Bravo.”

        Especially Bravo. If there was a puppetmaster it was Bravo.

    • KellitaM says:

      I hope it’s true that Bravo didn’t walk away unblemished.

  33. kats2 says:

    You know, now I’m just pissed!

    Jac’s bravo blog claims there is 12 hours of footage taped that would answer our question, prove all the lies Danielle was telling. But Bravo couldn’t air it because it didn’t happen on the show. I call Bullshit!

    Bravo aired your twitter crap that didn’t happen on the show and guess what you were wrong and there is proof Danielle didn’t lie about that.

    Dina blamed Danielle as the reason she left the show, but we learned that was not the only reason and the other HW’s even stated this in some interview.

    Why do I get the feeling that there is just as likely of a chance that the girls who do your mani/pedi’s are actually the ones who are the sources of all information you get on each other. I bet Monday nights at the salon are a blast as your nail techs laugh at all the BS they told you and you believed.

    Dina tweeted the bravo paperwork/contract was not forged and she was NEVER in risk of losing Lexi. Yes Danielle got a gag order so that means Dina must have been spewing some BS that a judge allowed the gag order. But if Dina did nothing wrong and you were never at risk of losing Lexi, what exactly is the problem?

    Caroline all you got is some neighbor who has seen a car just like Danielle’s driving by your house (not Danielle but a car like Danielle’s)? I wonder how many Italian brunette girls have that same car? Could they be driving by to see your “handsome” son who lives in your ass crack? ALBIE or maybe it’s for the other one who wants to open up the strip joint.

    All the rage, vile language and disgust directed at Danielle – over what? If I was that mad at someone and I had all this proof that you all claim to have, I can tell you one thing people would know my side of the story and if I had proof I wouldn’t be shy about showing it to back my story up. But no it’s a big secret; it’s the Reality TV world equivalent of Who shot President Kennedy?

    What did Danielle do and where is the proof?

    Caroline could it be, that Danielle had a very flawed past and some current garbage that you could use to your own advantage? You know direct all the bad attention and focus towards Danielle so all the skeletons in the Manzo closet wouldn’t be the main focus? You know things like cheating or gay husbands, mafia ties, best friends that are criminals, corruption and deals with the Sherriff.

    Or were we just being played by all of you and there is really nothing more to the story?

    What did Danielle do and where is the proof? Let me guess Danielle is gone now, the past is the past and we will never know the truth.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I’m intrigued by your first paragraph. If Jaq is telling the truth (about the discussion not why they didn’t air it), could that be why Andy personally asked Danielle if she was willing to drop the “whatever legal process” she had against all of them. It would serve his interest. If she did (or does) could we be in store for a lost footage episode sometime later?

    • vgirl511 says:

      kats2, I totally agree with you! I tried to say something similiar upthread, but the way you say it sounds much better and makes more sense! If they had any proof, we would have seen it!

    • Olivia says:

      Gossip is as hard to pin down as it is to nail Jello to a wall.

      But consider that her reputation around town of sleeping with married men and their sons was true. Small town talk gets around and she may have been “involved” with people they knew. Or were related to considering the size of that family.

      There is also “talk” about her visiting Teresa’s beach house with Steve when she reportedly came into the family room and threw herself on top of him. It is supposed to be embarrassing enough that Joe asked them to leave the room for the sake of the kids who were present. I read that awhile back and it is attributed to Teresa who complained about the loudness coming from the bedroom and the fact that they left “dirty sheets” in their wake.

      Considering how Danielle herself indicated that she “gets loud in the boudoir” to a group of friends, that may not be so far fetched. Her very own behavior may have been enough to want to reconsider any form of relationship with her. If true, this is sleazy behavior on the part of any guest especially if there were children present.

      Supposedly she was never overly discreet about her affairs and it is possible that perhaps some member of the extended “family” had been involved with her. Teresa, in a head shot interview, admitted that Steve went to Danielle’s house daily for a “b.j.” in Teresa’s quaint words.

      Enough of that behavior would suggest the distance they wished to put between them.

      • MAMAZ says:

        If the 12 hours of footage was taped by Bravo then didn’t it technically happen on the show? Bravo shows lost footage of the other Housewife franchises.
        I am tired of hearing all these vague allusions to what Danielle did. I think she’s more than capable of plenty of off camera highjinx but if you’re not going to say what they are then STFU about them already!
        Why won’t they just say what Danielle did? Did Bravo tell them not to? If so the paycheck must be more important to them than having the truth come out.

      • kats2 says:

        Olivia – I don’t see how Danielle sleeping with a million people has any thing to do with all the claims of personal attacks and accusations they claim about Danielle. Makes me not want to go to lunch with her, but I could totally being in the same room and at the same event without anyone needing to hurl any comments and create a riot. All I’m saying if Danielle did anything to them personally, tell us what it is and show us the proof. Or admit that we got played.

        • Olivia says:

          Just my guess is all.

          Think of me as the atheist critiquing the Sunday sermon.

          • kats2 says:

            But do you think it’s just over the Danielle gross sex stuff and nothing else to it?

            • Olivia says:

              IMHO, yes. I think that all they do is talk, talk, talk all day long. And let’s face it, would you really and truly want to be a “friend” of Danielle knowing that some of what they heard was true?

              Danielle is a liar regardless of anything else and it is just my suspicion that things got way, way out of hand with each side trying to out hate the other.

              • kats2 says:

                Got it, makes as much sense as any of the other speculation. I guess we will never know for sure.

              • Perjury, Fraud & Lies says:

                Danielle is still growing on me. I don’t know what to make of that?

              • OneMoreinBoston says:

                I actually have a friend who is a Danielle. Her promiscuous behavior has driven off just about every friend she ever had and has reduced her to a complete laughingstock.

                Her reputation is that of the town pump-and no man of quality would be caught dead with her.

                So why am I friends with her? Well, she’s been pretty loyal to me, has helped me out financially when I was in a jam and held my hand and let me cry on her shoulder when she came with me to my fiance’s funeral who had committed suicide. Yes -that will make you figure out who your friends are.

                Sadly, her promiscuous lifestyle has taken a toll, she has Hep C but can’t get a transplant because she’s also contracted HIV.

                Maybe that’s why I can’t hate Danielle, I just see her sad and doomed. But I know if someone could put up with the cray cray she would be a loyal friend.

        • Sherry says:

          That’s what I was saying. Throughout both seasons, I just couldn’t see what horrible things Danielle was doing to them. All I saw were things done to her and then she fought back.

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        I think Danielle said “not calm” referencing sex witch could mean active not noisy.In fact she isn’t noisy on the sex tape at all.But ofcourse they are talking about Danielle so whatever they can think of to make her look bad is encouraged.
        If Danielle is being outcast because of her sexual behavior then why the hell are they still friends with Steve? And are all those married men and their sons being treated like skanky no good whores that no one will associate with?
        Is the community harrassing them and their children spreading the news of their sexual romps and adding lies to the story?
        Let’s face it even if Albert,Albie,Chris M.,Chris L.,Tommy and Juicy gang raped Danielle for 3 days it would ALL be Danielle’s fault.
        I hate the hypocrisy of this bunch!

        • dumberries says:

          I agree. The big deal they made about the vacation house sexcapade was just to further defame Danielle at the reunion; to prove to us that Danielle is promiscuous and sexually indiscreet. Duh. We already knew that – even Danielle never implied otherwise. Maybe what happened that night with Steve and Danielle was exactly as Teresa claimed (J can’t say, she wasn’t there!). Even if it did, we watched Teresa, Jac, and Danielle go to dinner and hang out several times after that incident with Steve took place. We watched Jac console Danielle when she broke it off with loser Steve (who should be viewed as worse than Danielle – he tried to sell private sexy images and had to be legally blocked from doing so). We watched Teresa and Jac follow Danielle to a bar out of supposed concern for her well-being, and then comfort her when her blind date didn’t show up. Why the delayed reaction in being so appalled by what happened 2 years ago? Pure defamation, nothing more…

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      Right,the sex tape wasn’t on the show and they spent plenty of time on it.That is nothing more than an ongoing excuse of why none of them will talk about it.I also have thought that is why Jac went awol on twitter because she is one who replies to tweets and she didn’t want to answer this.She also would have to answer to why she has tweeted all the shit she has about Dan right after taping and beyond. Some epiphany Jac lots of us have your DM’s saved where you spew your hate for Danielle.
      Danielle was being sincere with Jac and Jac was only attempting rescue PR.

    • truelifediva says:

      Most salons are closed Sundays and Mondays. You do know that, right? Nobody is at the salon on Monday nights laughing at them. Maybe at home laughing, but not at the salon….

  34. error404 says:

    Zoe boring. I don’t know what Roger’s deal is, only that I would feel the same. Sure, I would never have married Rachel or had I, I would have never gotten involved in her biz, but please, after 5 minutes in a room with RZ and Brad creaming their collective pants over a cowl neck, or worse, freaking out like it’s the end of the world because a dress has feathers on it… I’d have gone postal long ago.

    And I think he does have a point: I don’t think RZ could order a latte without acting like she was curing cancer while rocketing to Mars.

    • kats2 says:

      Ha! I agree. I have a hard time watching the show, I have to be in the right mood or it becomes annoying.

    • truelifediva says:

      And can they please stop with that “having a baby” talk? I don’t think Rachel has had her period since before I started getting mine ;-). Her low percentage of body fat would make getting pregnant and carrying the baby full term impossible. Just cut the crap and start discussing surrogates. Keep it real for once, please!

  35. dumberries says:

    Thanks for another great blog Lynn! Lots of good investigation and analysis in the comments today too… All the discussions about Danielle got me wondering about what she should do next – she needs to stay away from the pole and doing porn if she’s ever going to get the respect she desires.

    If I was Danielle’s agent (tough job!), I would encourage her to be brutally frank about how her lack of self-control and/or good judgement regarding her sexuality plays a big factor in her current problems. She hasn’t really denied that, but also downplays its significance or seeks to profit from it. She should own it 100%. Forget about what the MLG tribe did to her and focus on what she’s done to herself. She still wants to be on reality tv, but she’s a hard sell given her image. But, the VH-1 show, “Dr. Drew’s Sex Rehab” might be a perfect vehicle for her. The producers had a very hard time lining up even d-list celebs for this season of the drug rehab version, so Danielle would probably be a great catch and might be able to negotiate a hefty payout. If she took it seriously and really embraced the therapy, it might help her personally, while also improving her public image and keeping her relevant. Plus, she would be introduced to an expanded audience of younger viewers – which could be an advantage if she’s still trying to push the “momager” angle. Personally, I think Danielle should walk away from the cameras altogether and privately seek serious counselling (and keep her children out of the spotlight). But, if she’s hellbent on staying in the public eye (which is likely), I could see something like this being a possibility for her…

    • dickens says:

      Dumberries, your name deceives. You’re genius!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      you know what? That is brilliant!

      I wonder if E! could buy her contract from Bravo?

    • truelifediva says:

      Wow, very good post! I mean really, how many 47-48 yr old sex kittens are there out on the scene? You can’t BECOME a vixen/sex kitten at her age. She’s at least 20 years too late for that. I could have went an entire lifetime not knowing her hoo-haw is pierced. Dr. Drew and then re-emerging is the best game plan. Stop with the sex shit, it’s just gross!

    • nathania says:

      you know, that is absolutely brilliant. because if you are ever going to be a sex addict now is the time. strike while the iron is hot. Tiger Woods, Jesse James, etc etc.

      That would be an incredibly shrewd move. And if anyone out there can help Danielle to heal a bit it would be Dr. Drew because I think he is a truly compassionate and non-judgemental person. “Sex rehab” would be the perfect vehicle for her.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Who wants to take bets that Danielle will end up on Dr.Drew’s Celebrity Sex Rehab- but only she will say she is a ‘love addict”.

    • That is a great idea!! The audience crossover would be amazing.
      Berries(cant call you dumb) i think you’re entitled a finders fee!

  36. MAMAZ says:

    Micky Mouth – There’s GOT to be something you can do with Danielle and the head. A horror movie still or something?

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      Could be worked into the scene from the Godfather with the horse’s head in the bed…..

  37. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Andy Cohen just tweeted that Teresa will be on WWHL tomorrow night with Ben Weiner and Stacie from RHODC.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      can’t wait


    • Need a Hobby says:

      And the only tolerable one of those three is, by contrast, Stacie friom DC. Major ugh at the thought of that Ben kid. Why not have Ben on with Gloria Kamen and some old guy talking about his goiter? Irritating, aggravating and boring. Now that’s entertainment.

      The only reason for Teresa to be on at this point…would be for her to announce whether she’s leaving or staying on RHONJ. Instead, my guess is she’ll what, again respond to the rumors (me loves juicy, he loves me, don’t believe all those rumors about us having money problems….this as the furniture is being carried out of the house). And maybe, after the NY Post article, she’ll get a clean plug for the Italian cook book that she didn’t actually write but is profiting from.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      OMFG was that funny. (still wiping tears from my eyes)

      On the last blog @Katie said I had a crush on @TrueLifeDiva.

      I think I’m breaking up with her, because now I’m in love with @RealCityHousewife.

      Sorry, @TrueLifeDiva-but I still expect to borrow those shoes.

      • truelifediva says:

        Damn it! And I just got some extensions “beaded in with teeth” so you could pull it while singing “Real Close” to me as I “engage and then suggest” in my new Lucite heels 🙂

      • Katie says:

        I actually was implying that Beth had a crush on Caroline. Sarcasm doesn’t always translate in blogs. 🙂

        • dumberries says:

          @Katie, you did good (even if unintentinally). You helped kick start 2 relationships. That’s something Patti Stanger hasn’t been able to accomplish is 3 seasons and with millions of dollars spent.

          TrueLifeDiva and OneMoreInBoston – you’re killing me, lol! I think RealCityHousewife is hysterical too and love her shades. But, OMinB, I give the edge to the Diva – check out those shoes..

  38. boston02127 says:

    Ashley got another internship. Should we place bets?
    Her tweet—
    I GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!!!!! YESSS!!! i start on tuesday!!! i love life!! thank you @AlbieManzo !! 🙂

  39. I am going to go smile now... says:

    Danielle Staub Says She’s Had Six Girlfriends
    September 8th, 2010 4:55 pm / Author: Nicole Eggenberger SHARE

    Danielle Staub may be done with The Real Housewives of New Jersey but that doesn’t mean she’s done talking smack about her co-stars or that she’s done with women!


    While the rumors are whirling that Danielle is dating Lori Michaels, the reality star is keeping coy about it, but she’s not unfamiliar with relationships with other females.

    In this week’s issue of OK! magazine, Danielle discusses her rumored relationship with Lori saying, “If I am dating [Lori], this would be the sixth [girlfriend].


    And the New Jersey housewife says she even prefers women!

    “I will tell you women kiss better than men,” Danielle told Steppin’ Out magazine. “That’s very, very true. I remember each and every one of them.”

    “I don’t really like labels,” Danielle explained to Steppin’ Out when asked if she calls herself a bisexual. “I’m trying to keep that part of my life as private as possible. Let’s just say I’m interested in sexuality.”


    But she will put a label on her former Real Housewife co-star Teresa Giudice.

    “She needs a hairline revision,” Danielle said. “Planet of the Apes has nothing on her! She reminds me of Cornelius from Planet of the Apes. Could you imagine if her face is that hairy what her body hair must be like?”

    Sounds like Teresa definitely won’t become Danielle’s lucky number seven!

    • I am going to go smile now... says:

      D doesnt like lables…. Of course she doesnt….

      • boston02127 says:

        Wonder if Jac Jac was one of them?

        • nathania says:

          there is something going on there. I thought it was interesting when she said “I loved you…you know what we were to each other.”

          And then that lonnnnnnnnnnng hug.


      • Perjury, Fraud & Lies says:

        …and she’s trying to keep her sex life private. Uh, so tell an online mag, I’m sure me and the rest of the web can keep a secret.

    • Karen says:

      I still can’t find Danielle’s inetrview in Steppin Out Magazine. I don’t think she really made those comments about Teresa.

      • Sha2000 says:

        “I’m trying to keep that part of my life as private as possible. Let’s just say I’m interested in sexuality.”

        When you tell the world your interested in sexuality, how is that keeping that part of your life private? Stupid statement. Karen there is an interview link posted on this thread where it is claimed that she said that. If I remember were I’ll post it!

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Oddly enough, I somehow don’t think Danielle is really into sexuality. I suspect sex is a tool for her for various reasons and purposes: need, control, manipulation, means to an end, etc. Whether it’s BJ Steve (she exploited him as much as he her…she’s not stupid, it was for the show, story line, getting a connection to T and Joe, not anything serious) or her currently alleged maybe, who knows, who cares “girl friend.”

          I have no way of knowing of course but my armchair guess is maybe Danielle doesn’t regard sex primarily as an end in itself or something she actually enjoys just for itself. It’s for another purpose rather than the thing, the experience in itself. Just my speculation.

          In contrast, there’s Sonja. Who doesn’t doubt that she not only knows how to have a good time, but how to enjoy herself and the company of her uh, beaus? That she’s both sexual and sensual? And when Sonja mentally goes to her “happy place” one can only imagine what puts that “Mona Lisa” like smile on her face. 😉

          (Cneck out Mickey’s marvelous Sonja as Mona Lisa on her website if you haven’t seen it before.)

  40. ImaJillHater2 says:

    It is said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Yeah, and sometimes its just a rip-off!

    Check this out… I subscribe (via e-mail) to Daily Om (dailyom.com) & on a daily basis usually receive a lovely, thought-provoking little essay.

    Look what I rec’d today:

    Skinny Thinking: Taking Off The Weight & 2 new courses!

    ” Dear DailyOM Friend,

    We’re honored to share with you three life-changing on-line courses on DailyOM this week:

    Skinny Thinking: Taking Off The Weight – You can lose excess weight and get the body you’ve always wanted—but not just for a month or two—for life! Gain a simple, new perspective on food, permanently change your diet, and never again regain your lost weight.
    more ”

    Hmmm… sound familiar?!?!?!

  41. boston02127 says:

    Teresa’s tweet—-I’m going to be on the Dr. Phil show on Sept 16!!! xx

  42. katie says:

    Does anyone remember clicking on Danielle’s birthday tweet (when this was originally tweeted) and seeing it as a reply to the popcorn/suicide message? Maybe I’ll check the archives for this blog.

    Because I thought clicked on the link via twitter and saw it. It is very possible that I am incorrect, but I am more interested if tweets and replies can be altered retroactively.

    • kats2 says:

      I remember it, but there were quite a few bday wishes and thank you’s she was obviously catching up and doing quick replies and messages to get through them all. At the time I actually thought I bet she doesn’t even read half the stuff.

    • Sue says:

      Tweets cannot be altered after you hit send.

      That’s why so many politicians get in trouble on Twitter, and why the rest of us hit ‘delete’ if we said something that doesn’t quite reflect what we mean.

      BTW, this is Danielle’s Happy birthday tweet:

      • MAMAZ says:

        kats2 – When this first happened someone, I thought maybe it was you, said Danielle tweeted the guy later scolding him for the tweet.
        Now that’s great but then why did at the reunion did she act like that was the first she’d heard about it?I know she propably gets many tweets but I would think that one would be memorable.

  43. Butters'Mom says:

    I have to share this with all of you. I was just grocery shopping at Giant Eagle in Lakewood OH and as I passed by the wine section what should appear? Skinnygirl Margaritas!!!! I am so excited and have the bottle chilling. I cannot wait to try it.

  44. I’m really not all that shocked that Danielle is innocent of responding to such a hateful tweet as they accused her of. They needed much more proof before I believed she had done that. I’ve got to get off and finish dinner. Can’t wait to get back on & read more!

  45. momsthoughts says:

    I think Danielle did write the the snarky twitter response to the sicko -it sounds like her. That is my opinion. I have seen enough of her rhetoric on camera between scenes…this sounds like her – to me. But what is more important than what I think, is that it is what Caroline, Ashley and Jac thought. They, like us, believed Danielle responded inappropriately. That is what they thought. They didn’t make it up, they saw it, like I saw it. It was an honest assumption.

    The fact that Danielle continues to this day to converse with this psychopath is proof positive to me about her character….the fact that she has blocked a lot of us and not him…again confirms what I already know instinctively – she is a disturbed individual who has potential to be dangerous.

    I do not think she can shop a spin off on another network for spinoff. I do not think her contract allows that. And Bravo would be hyping the hell out of it if it were on Bravo. I don’t think she really has anything going on….That is why she is doing all the negative press…to stretch her 15 min and convince Bravo to bring her back. She believes she is the essential component to the success of the show.

    • KirksvilleMo says:

      Are you saying the tweet was a fact or an assumption?

      • momsthoughts says:

        I am saying I think its a fact – and that it doesn’t matter – it is what the Manzo’s believed and most people believed – so they were justified in their horror based on what we all saw (or what we thought we saw) I still think its fact.

        • MAMAZ says:

          But it DOES matter. You can’t blame her for what they thought! I agree that still conversing with him sends a bad message. Danielle associates with some low life types. And of course people will judge you by your friends. Birds of a feather and all that.

    • Penny says:

      The minute the birthday tweet was written, it was all over the internet. Why didn’t Danielle come out at the time and defend herself? Danielle doesn’t impress me as the type of person to sit back and not defend herself when she’s being accused of doing something evil…especially if she’s innocent! It’s not like she didn’t know that tweet was all over the internet. She waited to see if Andy would bring it up at the reunion and then she acted as if it were the first time hearing about it. Doesn’t sound right to me.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        She DID!!!

        She came out the day after and said that she didn’t realize there were 2 parts to his tweet and she only responded to the first, not realizing there was a second.

        And I remember thinking to myself “girl, you are so screwed, no one’s ever going to believe that”

        It seems completely true to me.

    • PJ says:

      She didn’t respond to that tweet. How much proof do you need? This is the trouble when people spread falsehoods some people will always believe the lie rather than accept the truth. How do you know whe continues to communicate with this guy? My understanding is that she isn’t tweeting right now.

      • Penny says:

        According to Danielle Staub in an interview back in early August when this happened, she said that she did reply to the tweet. Her excuse at the time was that she didn’t read the whole tweet before replying.

        The tweet caused such a stir that it’s hard to believe that her staff wouldn’t have immediately done their own investigating to clear Danielle with more evidence than just Danielle’s word. If her staff neglected to do so then someone probably should be fired.

  46. Zoey says:

    Kim G in a bikini (5 pics). What a strange little youngish body/old head she has.


    • dumberries says:

      Kim G is not a bad looking woman, imo. What makes her look “elderly” is that she’s always somewhat hunched. I don’t know if it’s bad posture or a physical condition, but it ages her a lot. If you look at her face, body, and clothing separately, she has youthful qualities (inappropriately so with the clothing). But when you look at her holistically, she carries herself like an old woman.

      • Zoey says:

        I agree. I certainly wouldn’t call her elderly as Hairy-T did, but she just seems old. But in a bikini, hell, she doesn’t look bad!

  47. buffywood says:

    Danielle is going to be on Access Hollywood in a minute.

  48. KirksvilleMo says:

    Why is Danielle the bad guy for every thing even assumptions,half truths and lies?
    She associated with thugs because of Danny but the Manzos don’t because of Kerik or Guidice?
    IIRC Danny broke a mans fingers that owed him money.That is harming one person.
    Read up on all the shit Kerik is convicted on and only got 3 years!Ha even at that the pussy appealed saying the sentencing was too strict.Prisons are filled with women who answered the phone call to their drug dealing boyfriends,husbands and sons.These innocent women are doing 10yr mandatory minimum but Kerik abuses his respected high level government position and gets 3 years.
    Caroline calls him her husbands closest friend.Someone asked on twitter if that was before the indictment.Assuming a best friend wouldn’t know.Ha! Check when Kerik gets out and see if they are still buddies.My bet is on yes.
    Let us not forget all the charges against the Giudice’s and they are consided family even tho they are not.
    No big deal for Caroline or her supporters,right? Then why is Danielle so guilty of being a horrible person because she,she,she,let me get this straight,she DIDN’T UNFOLLOW after an ASSUMED negitive tweet about her ATTACKER!!!! OMG!!!
    The injustice is dumbfounding!

    • nathania says:

      I just think it’s nice that here people are allowed to point this stuff. I have posted and posted to bravo and I think I’ve been passed through the censors twice. Once in Caroline’s stupid ‘bit of remorse’ blog I asked her where was her remorse for parading that book about Danielle around (which she admitted all thuglike, ‘look at me…I showed da book’) and getting the ball rolling that ended up with Ashley having a simple assault charge. That one somehow made it through, amongst about seven hundred ‘caroline I love you will you be my new mommy, you are so great we are firing god and hiring you’ nauseatingly worshipful posts. And one positive post to Danielle about Jillian’s singing debut and Christine’s modeling taking off. That’s it. I don’t think I’ve been anywhere else on the internet besides here where there are other people who admit to finding Caroline as gratingly annoying and hypocritical as I do.

      What I resent most about the Danielle thing is Bravo thinking we are all so stupid that we need to be told how to think via editing on the show and on the website, like their referring to Christine as ‘poor girl’ and editing to make it appear people in the scene disapprove of Danielle’s parenting. Here’s a clue, Bravo: those girls are minors. If you really disapprove so much, stop the exploitation and take them off the air. In fact, take all the kids off the air. That is not the point of the show anyway, and then we won’t have to be subjected to Caroline’s knuckle-dragging underachievers ever again (not to mention their stupid ‘ham game’).

  49. Katie says:

    Below is a link from realitytea about the Danielle/Ashley Twitter fiasco. If you open the link “tweeted” it takes you to Danielle’s happy birthday message. When you click on “in reply to” link it shows the benign birthday request, not the one with the suggested suicide. I’m surprised no one caught that before on realitytea. 
    Most other sites simply show a frame of  jac’ phone with the tweets. Kind of scary really how fast information travels, even if it is false. 

    Go Lynn. 

    I am sure Danielle has done many uncleansy deeds, but this wasn’t one of

  50. boston02127 says:

    If someone can tell me Jacqueline’s middle name I’ll give you a nickel.

  51. kats2 says:

    Anyone watch BB tonight, it was good.

  52. kats2 says:

    Do you think that @JoeKerik on twitter and following the Manzo kids is the son of Bernie? Did someone ask if the Manzo’s were still friends with Bernie? I think they are. . . .

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Caro’s friends with the Kerik family, including Bernie’s much cheated upon wife. Guess they have an arrangement that works for them (Bernie & his wife).

      Bernie’s a liar, thief, bully, thug and crook….but what’s that between friends? He was shacking up with his bimbos in an apt paid for by the city near ground zerio that was to be used for ground zero workers IIRC. Not for Bernie’s nooners. Funny: Judith Regan, his publisher, was fooling around with him. Didn’t know that Bernie still had his steady (married) girlfriend of many years until the girlfriend found something of Regan’s in the apt and gave her a call to let her know that he was “cheating” on both of his mistresses. Regan didn’t mind that Bernie was cheating on his wife, but that he was two timing her, that did it. That was another story.

      Sleaze in an expensive suit with a good address is still sleaze.

    • Little_Rhino says:

      Did you forget Kerik was from Paterson? Did you forget?

  53. boston02127 says:

    @kats–I typed in Bernard Kerik on this link, there is a relative named Joseph age 25 listed.


    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      ok -you guys are scaring me! I’ll tell you what- I will NEVER go on a reality show! Then again no one’s knocking my door down either.

      • boston02127 says:

        @ OneMoreinBoston –YES you will go!!!! When they come to town we’ll both sign up for the show. They can follow me around on the smelly T and I’ll lift the sidewalk grates and show them how to ride for free. LOL My friends and I use to do that. We’ll give them a run for their money.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Ok, and then we’ll take them to Fenway park and show America the seats blocked by poles!

          And then to the old gah-den to watch the Celtics and then off to the pizza shop across the street that deals the coke in the pizza boxes: check your order!

          Then off to Fanueil Hall to Clah-kees until last call, and then in the morning we’ll have ham and cheese omelets at the L St. Diner and walk off the hangover around Castle Island.

          Hilarity will ensue!

    • dumberries says:

      What is it with all the Joes connected to this family? We know Teresa’s husband and brother are both named Joe (well, Giuseppe). Claude and Caroline have a brother named Joseph Laurita (I learned this snooping around for Jacqueline’s middle name). The Manzos great buddy Bernie Kerik has a son named Joe.

      Maybe Danielle mentioned to Kim G that she slept with Joe and not to tell anyone in the judgmental MLG tribe. Boom, everyone knows and each assumes a different Joe. Teresa tells Melissa that Danielle shagged her husband. Claude tells Jac that Danielle slept with Teresa’s husband. Caroline tells Bernie Kerik that Danielle slept with his son. Jac asks her brother-in-law why he slept with Danielle. This explains why everyone hates Danielle for prostitution whore-type sins against the entire clan, yet no one will spill any specific details – they are each protecting a Joe…

  54. Olivia says:

    The problem I have with the story of Danielle’s “childhood abuse” is that it comes from Danielle. Just as we take Bethenny’s word for her childhood, we have nothing more to base it on than what is told to us. I happen to believe Bethenny because I have yet to see her lie. She seems straightforward and is in need of coming to terms with herself and I have no reason to not believe or trust her at her word.

    Danielle is another story. We have seen lie about things that were clearly on camera and she even felt the need to embellish the assault by Ashley by bringing charges against her where she accused of her saying she wanted to kill her. The Danny incident where she said that she had gotten him out of her life because of his slurs against Chris was an out and out lie. We know that she maintained a relationship with him right up until almost the end when they went out “hunting” pannini’s together.

    Her supposed heritage that she was born to a 15 yr old mother from Italy who was involved with a priest who was later “murdered” is hogwash. She herself had to admit as much when she sought out the private detective and admitted she knew very little of her biological parents outside of the fact that she was Catholic. The ex husband Kevin is seeking damages from what she wrote, and though he may be self serving, this is another reason to cast doubt on her claims where she says she was raped on a bed covered in glass.

    She did not own up to the fact that those pictures that Steve had in his possession and was looking to sell were actually only of her in provocative poses that she sent to him and did not include him yet she is telling her friends that he may have hidden cameras in the house which ended up being a big fat lie.

    She also made it appear that her ex husband was not living up to his financial obligations but we find out that not only was he paying her child support but had to make arrangements to pay directly to the school for the girls tuition because she was not. At the time the program aired she had been separated from him for 6 yrs yet she still remained in that mansion so he must have been contributing as she was not working at all.

    There are too many holes in her stories. Too many times when she has either embellished or over exaggerated her claims. She has indeed conducted a war of words with a young woman 30 yrs younger yet she denies this on camera when we have all read the blogs. Whatever she says is suspect which is attributable to her mental instability but I would be hard pressed to accept her at her word since we have seen how often she employs lies to bolster her case.

    About the only thing I find myself agreeing with Caroline is in her inability to own up to her own actions. She would rather lie than commit to the truth.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Olivia–I agree with you about Danielle. She’s the type of person that goes with what ever the way the wind blows. Her story results depend on who’s listening to her.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I believe she was sexually abused as a child or young adult.

      I believe that from her behavior as compared to other survivors of sexual abuse at a young age that I know, not from what she says.

      I’m not an expert, but I am a longtime observer of human nature and behavior.

      Her story is so far fetched that it is just pathetic fiction. It has become a vehicle for her to gain attention and pity.

      And I agree that at a certain point, it’s time to put away the victim mentality and accept responsibility for your actions.

      But nothing occurs in a vacuum. I think Danielle is warped because warped things were done to her.

      At this point, after watching her shenanigans and sexual acting out, she’s just got to seek therapy, it’s so disturbing to watch her self destruct. And of course what is even more disturbing, her self destruction directly impacts two other young lives that need a mother to focus on them.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I agree. I think she lies about what happened, but not about the abuse itself. She reminds me of a much crazier version of a really good friend. Sadly people carry the scars of their childhood throughout their life.

        • kats2 says:

          So true Mickey, but the only think I don’t get and this goes for all the HW’s, they get to see how they act on TV, how can they ignore the fact that they need help, like seriously professional help and this applies to all of them. One bad season Ok, but come back for a 2nd with no improvements or changes??? Something is wrong.

          • MickeyMouth says:

            I don’t know. My friend and her sisters were all sexually abused by their grandfather for years. She can see the crazy in her sisters but she cannot see it in herself. She thinks, for example, her promiscuity is her in control of her sexuality. She sees her sisters’ promiscuity as being damaged. It really is a skewed vision.

          • Pat Johnson says:

            I would only ask any of these women who lend themselves to this exploitation: are you really proud of what you see and how you come across?

            What value do any of them offer or what do they actually derive from this awful show?

            Speaking for myself and someone who even hates to have their picture taken, I would die of shame from watching and listening to much of what these ladies are filmed doing and saying. The desperation to remain on camera is amazing.

            And we laughed at Octomom for doing the same.

            • OneMoreinBoston says:

              But Pat, I assuming you weren’t sexually abused as a child.

              IMO based on the women know that have, they just cannot see themselves at all.

              It’s almost like they are out of body or something.

              If we were to tell Danielle about a woman who behaved like she did she would be outraged, yet can’t or won’t see that in herself.

            • dumberries says:

              These women are all narcissists, even the ones we like. No one would clamor to have their lives televised for so little money unless they think they are watch-worthy and they love to be the center of attention A couple of them are borderline narcissistic, imo. The rest of them are full blown. A narcissist doesn’t see herself as other’s do; it’s her world and we’re all just living in it. They probably watch the show and think they’re wonderful, truly believing their “haters” are all just jealous and wrong.

  55. boston02127 says:

    This is Jacqueline’s fathers twitter account. He tweets to President Obama.


    • Perjury, Fraud & Lies says:

      Kelly stuck to her talking points script. GRR

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Those pants are unfortunate. She looks like she has a package.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Why does this woman have something odd with her crotch no matter what she is wearing?

    • Anitabee says:

      I knew that Danielle and Kelly would start hanging out.

      My prediction these two will evitably be featured on Discovery’s Investigation ID channel on the show “Wicked Attraction”. Or “Deadly Women”

      Or “Women that wear born men”

    • dumberries says:

      More recycled statements that mean nothing… I don’t think she’s ever done an interview where she hasn’t called herself “charitable”. Kelly, Olivia Newton John called, she wants her “Let’s Get Physical” pants back. Ughh, not a good look…

      • Anitabee says:

        Why are they so shiny? IS everything on Kelly greasy? Hair, skin now clothes?

        • nathania says:

          that’s it! that is the perfect word for her. It’s so weird. Certain things make one sweat a lot, and sometimes cause psychotic breaks where one says strange things to no one in particular. I saw a guy at a former job have one one day, cursing out his reflection in the glass loading dock door. And then after work he paced up and down the sidewalk preaching to oneself. If that happened on an island, even in front of a group of four female friends, it would be even scarier. Hmmm.

    • oopsy says:

      Boston, you find the funniest things! And the responses to the interview are too too funny! Can’t anyone please shut Kelly up? Please? “And let’s face it..every one deserves a birthday” Is she on crack? Kelly stop…just stop!

    • she makes me sad. does she read her own interviews?
      she just makes me sad.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I love how the first season of NY that Kelly was on, Kelly pissed everyone off at Jill’s organizational event for Jill’s charity by saying she (Kelly) doesn’t lend her name to anything, bla bla effing bla….and now she can’t complete a sentence w/o saying how “charitable” she is. What a moron.

  56. Olivia says:

    Two articles from reality tv. A nice one featuring Bethenny. Another showing Danielle’s phony sincerity from Monday.


  57. MickeyMouth says:

    Have a good night everyone 🙂

  58. boston02127 says:

    Kelly stated: “People are constantly coming up to me and touching my hair”

    Dear Kelly, It’s not your hair that people care about. Their feeling their way around for a brain.

  59. Just want to say that the more I think of what Caroline said to J when she had her baby, the more pissed off I get. “Now you’re a real member of the family.” Excuse me, but WTF? J had a couple of miscarriages, tragedies in anyone’s life, but she’s not a “real member of the family” until she pushes out a live one? And I’m supposed to think that Danielle is the really crazy one? How messed up is that attitude?

    • ches says:

      Never thought of it that way, but you are right. That is so nasty.

    • myname2use4now says:

      Good catch. Like others have noted, I think that things between the “fambly” aren’t as cozy as Caroline would have us believe. I think she can hardly stand Jac and Ashley and it must come out a lot more than we see. Maybe J’s epiphany was more of a slap in the face to Caroline rather than an olive branch to Danielle. I’m sure Caroline was livid with J after that.

      • flippy says:

        It would add alot of weight as to why Ashley acts the way she does towards Danielle. She sees it as a way to get in good with the family.

    • Katie says:

      Chris isn’t the middle boy’s father ?

    • oopsy says:

      WTF is right. She already pushed out a live one. Did Caroline forget CJ? Doesn’t he count? When he gets older and watches that, and he will, how will that make him feel? Caroline was playing up to the cameras and didn’t think about what she was saying so she came off sounding like an idiot…or maybe she really felt that way. She’s a ‘Godfather’ wanna be hag. Who is she to say when Jac becomes a member of the ‘fambly’? Doesn’t the fact that Chris married her count for anything? I hate Caroline as much as Jill Zarin

  60. Adgirl says:

    With all of the interesting straight shooter types in NJ (women who call it as they see it) why can’t Bravo find someone to be the “Bethenny” who calls out the bs in a fun way?

    In fact all of the RH could use a bs detector cast member. It would certainly make the shows funnier and less infuriating.

    • MAMAZ says:

      You’re right. There is no balance on this show. It is heavily tilted to the self absorbed, crazy side.

  61. housewifehater says:

    He really IS naughty & (too) nice. I loved this Tweet that Naughty Nice Rob sent out-

    Off to bed! But laughing so loud that @kikilet told people everyone was obsesssed with her hair! Her PR people pitched that story! We passed

    • Sha2000 says:

      Incriminating herself?

      #1 I think the damage of incriminating herself has already been done.
      #2 If you don’t plan on hiding anything, whats the problem?
      I think she will be back because she needs the money. As much as it can be argued that she doesn’t need the exposure, the same case can be made that she does. How else will she get paid? Its a rare book that stays on the best seller list long & it usually not a cook book unless maybe the spirit of Julia Child comes back & writes one for her. Her best bet is returning to RHONJ, getting paid to show your struggles on Bravo (aka a totally opposite lifestyle),
      show good faith on TV that you are paying back what you *can* (actually do it), get paid for interviews, etc. Hey if she shows a sincere effort I’m willing to bet the tide turns in a positive direction again for her , public favor can equal a spin-off. I really feel this is the path she should take, its good advice. And Teresa if your reading this (although I doubt it) take the advice.

  62. jean says:

    So caroline didnt give j a family pass after she had cj? Kelly also tweeted one time she keeps beach sand in her hair during the summer. yuck, bet that along with sweat and hairspray stinks to high heaven.

  63. jean says:

    So caroline didnt give j a family pass after she had cj? Kelly also tweeted one time she keeps beach sand in her hair during the summer. yuck, bet that along with sweat and hairspray stinks to high heaven. maybe why she is always pushing hair, she is really batting flies away.

  64. boston02127 says:

    from : therealoc2nyc2atl.blogspot
    Everyone take cover, because the world may just be ending soon. Pigs might as well have flown because Teresa Guidice just told In Touch that she forgives Danielle.

    “After watching the reunion special, I realized that I am a much better person,” Teresa tells In Touch after Teresa threatened to beat Danielle up and charged at her like an NFL linebacker, having to be held back.

    Teresa is willing to forgive despite everything Teresa claims Danielle has done, including befriending the wife of Joe’s former business partner’s lawyer to gain confidential information about Teresa’s affairs.

    Teresa is ready to move on from the Danielle drama (finally!) after flipping a table, chasing Danielle, cursing her out, screaming at her at the top of her lungs, and throwing Andy Cohen down in the process like a rag doll. Teresa’s motivation is her girls, Gia, 9, Gabriella, 6, Milania, 5, and Audriana, 11 months. “Danielle has been digging around my extended family, trying to find dirt on me and defame them, but I want to set the best example for my children,” Teresa says. “I just want to move on with my life.”

    We guess it’s easy to forgive once you force a person off your show. Caroline, your turn!

  65. Olivia says:

    Now if she can just “forgive” the FBI, the banks, and all of those creditors she stiffed over the past 5 years all will be right in the world.

  66. Olivia says:

    It cracks me up to see Danielle being interviewed by every outlet available as if she were some critical head of state who has just stepped down from office. What this ho bag has to say about anything is about as relevant as asking Lindsay Lohan to weigh in on the jail conditions in LA.

    And Teresa declaring that she “forgives” Danielle is right up there with Paris Hilton’s explanation that they just don’t make handbags like they used to. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    But for sheer stupidity, don’t forget to set your dial for tonight’s interview with Ben Weiner who will offer his opinion of which “Housewife” is his fave! Riveting t.v.!

    • Sha2000 says:

      “What this ho bag has to say about anything is about as relevant as asking Lindsay Lohan to weigh in on the jail conditions in LA.”

      Or a better analogy would be Lindsay & Joe Giudice giving a course on safe driving. Paris, I’ll cut her slack on the handbags…bet she could give good advice on buying those, hey everyone has a specialty : )

  67. Zipit Zarin says:

    Chewy wouldn’t be pretending to forgive Danielle if she hadn’t seen all the press Danielle is getting for doing the same. If she’s ever had an original thought her head would explode.

    I never believed Danielle intentionally egged on that Twit about Ashley killing herself.
    And even if she did I wouldn’t care. He didn’t say he wanted to kill her…now that would be scary. It was just a stupid snark. Big Wup.

  68. KK says:

    In the end, what I’ve seen is:

    RHOOC: Tamra & Vicki badger Gretchen to get her to Quit and drove off Jenna (sp?)

    RHONY: Jill & Kelly badger Bethanny until she quit & now are after Alex

    RHONJ: Manzo Clan/Teresa badger Danielle until she quit

    This isn’t the lifestyles of the Rich. It’s some pseudo-reality-docudrama on female bullying, female power trips, and female to female jealousy & hate on hyper-speed.

    I think this should be the lead in to all RH series: what happens to female co-workers when money & a small amount of fame goes to their head. The ugly side to celebrity.

    Or How wealth corrupts. Many of these HW’s had some wealth then blew it all. If this is the wealth of our society and they control 95% of all the resources in this country…They don’t deserve it. If this is how they treat each other no wonder our environment & economy is in shambles.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      OC: Jeanna had a contract dispute with Bravo which is why she wasn’t on the show.

      NJ: Bravo dumped Danielle. She’s another one who wouldn’t willingly walk away from a camera.

  69. RubyNewbie says:

    Hey everybody! This is my first post. I’ve been reading and lurking, lurking and reading. I love your blog, Lynn. Keep up the good work.

    Ok, my two cents: I wonder if Bravo is reconsidering dumping Danielle altogether since the backlash against her isn’t as great as they’d expected. I think people pity Danielle more than anything. She’s seems to be a drama queen, woefully misguided, desperate for validation, etc. Her daughters are a big plus for her–they’re sweet little ladies. On the other hand, the Manzo/Laurita/Giudice clans just seem to be petty, snobby (why?) and cringe inducingly vicious. Caroline has major issues of her own. Mean as a wet hen but melts into a puddle of tears when her family faces any challenges. Why so extreme? Can I just say Dina (good ol’ Claudine) is a huge liar and totally sneaky. Her sense of entitlement must be at least partially born of the fact that her family is willing to cover for her. That makes her feel somehow justified in gossiping, lying, forging signatures, etc. Jacqueline has actually been sullied by her association with Caroline and Dina and Teresa. I think on her own, she’s naturally affable and accepting. Her parenting skills need work though. Ashley is a creep. And Teresa…good Lord. There are few bigger messes in reality tv. Another huge liar. A thief. Egotistical. Greedy. Dumb. Snarky. Violent. God bless her kids, but they are brats. If she returns next season, you can bet Andy Cohen will televise her reaping everything she’s sown. She’ll be the Jill of RHONJ. Bet on it.

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  71. Sadie says:

    boston? you here?
    we did a people search before…plz remember me.
    really need site for finding people and phone numbers.
    aka – icenfire

  72. MBDEA says:

    So aside from the obvious personality flaws we’ve seen in Danielle, I really am wondering exactly why ANDY (yes, he’s actually the clumsy little puppeteer) decided to really go out of HIS way to manipulate, direct EDITING, prompt and orchestrate the Reunion so that it becomes the “Rake-Danielle-Over-the-Coals REUNION show.

    Danielle must have slept with someone Andy had his cockeye on or somehow crossed him the wrong way in order for him to PAY the other housewives AND the two Kims to gang-up, bully, set-up, THREATEN (Teresa with “I’m gonna pin you down…Did you forget I, from Patterson, bitch..etc.) and overall paint Danielle in the worst possible light.

    Clearly the other women are just as flawed, tacky, stupid and ignant’. Andy had enough material there to make the Reunion show an equal opportunity raking yet HE, and he ALONE, chose to:
    – relinquish the line of questioning to Caroline
    – serve-up such fluffery to the other Jersey Chemical Waste Gang I could have sworn Cool-Whip was a major sponsor of that segment
    – become personally aggressive in his manner mostly and OVERTLY directed at Danielle
    – become lazy even in his most contrived let’s-bring-out Kim G “surprise”
    – contradict himself like a sloppy drunk stating he does not bring up what happened off the show, yet haranguing Danielle mostly on hearsay, conjecture and exaggerated allegations of events that happened off the show
    – basically, allow his slip to show by erroneously buying his own BS in thinking he is sooo clever and pulled the wool over the viewers’ eyes

    The only thing that cockeyed little shit (he has really pissed me off) managed to do is show how much he has to learn about being a real producer, a savvy interviewer, a legitimate program executive and a decent human being. Andy you’re a hack and I’m no longer buying YOUR bitchy little scorned manipulating…DC, Georgia, Beverly Hills, I AM OUT. Enjoy that.

    • nathania says:

      I feel this way too.

      And he had Terrorista on Watch What We Make Happen Live tonight and that seals it. I love Stacie from DC, she is about my favorite housewife now, having just about edged out Alex, so I would have loved to have seen her on there but no way am I watching the forehead-eating fungus and it’s human host, unless someone knows of an edited out version. I mean, unless Danielle paid eleven million for that rumored genital piercing and then filed a bankruptcy on it I totally don’t get his moral code at all. Even if she did stand next to someone who called someone a gay slur, she’s having a gay relationship so don’t they kind of cancel out somehow…he absolutely does have some kind of weird grudge against Danielle.

  73. These user names suck says:

    This blog is full of guesses and theories, and you all actually invest in this nonsense which none has been actually proven or factual. Not one of you has actually met any of these women. You ladies have way too much time on your hands.

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