I Hate Jill Zarin RHODC Guest Blog / Watch What Happens Live 9/10/10

I Hate Jill Zarin Guest Blog Real Housewives of DC / Watch What Happens Live September 10, 2010

Thank you to Katherine for her guest blog on the Real Housewives of DC:

Katherine from Lake Shore Drive (http://lakeshoredrive.wordpress.com) (@lakeshoredrive_ on Twitter) is this week’s guest blogger…
Lots happened this week. Thankfully, Bravo decided to pack in the drama, since we have gone an entire two weeks since the last episode.

Things pick up where we left them at the vineyard and Tareq, wearing his blue Heathclif Huxtable (“Cosby Show”) sweater, slurs out those fateful words: “I’m just going to say something…”

He goes on to explain that his “$90,000 car” along with “over $25,000 in polo equipment” (was there a horse in there?) had been stolen. He then continues to explain to Mary that her daughter was involved, citing a post her daughter had written on Facebook.
According to Tareq, the FBI had been investigating and monitoring suspects for the last 6 months. (Really, Tareq? I’m pretty sure the FBI has better things to do.)

Thankfully, Jason didn’t buy it, either. Stacie and Jason were stunned, Michaele looked confused, poor Mary was in shock and crying, and Tareq…WTF was that on your face? A red wine moustache and matching cold sores?

Poor Mary. Just as Jason said, it really was a “sucker punch”. To hit her with such an outrageous claim (a) with no warning, (b) in a group of people, (c) with no tact whatsoever – Tareq’s behavior was really inexcusable. Then, as if he wasn’t obnoxious enough, Tareq goes on to say “I care about what happened to that gear…It’s not about what happened to poor Lolly.” Saying the injustice has been towards the charity and the polo players, Tareq continued on his misplaced drunken rampage.

Thankfully, Jason jumped in, saying that because he doesn’t have a daughter, Tareq doesn’t get it.

“I am so uncomfortable with this line of conversation…if anyone was talking about my daughter I’d be over the top of this table on your ass so quick…” Jason said.

Tareq, unfazed by Jason’s mortification, goes on to say that Lolly had incriminated herself and it was “plastered all over Facebook…” He continued on, saying, “There’s a Federal Investigation going on…and everybody’s going to jail.”

The cameras flash over to Michaele looking tired, old and confused. Not sure if it’s OK to keep drinking her champagne, she feebly asks: “Are we done?”

Yes, Michaele. You are definitely done.

Back in the limo, poor Mary is still crying and Stacie and Jason agree that it was strange for Tareq to end a good day with something from left field. They all agree that this claim could simply be a lie made up about Lolly.

Spa-Time Summations

Next, we see Lynda, Cat and Stacie at Red Door Spa as the Stacie tells the ladies about Tareq’s accusations. Lynda doesn’t seem surprised but does say: “Would you do that in public…who does that? He is a whack job.”

Cat agreed, saying “This is quite a below the belt thing to do. In some ways I wish I had been there to look after Mary because it sounded hideous.” We all wish you would have been there, too, Cat. Odds are that Tareq wouldn’t have said a thing.

Lolly’s Reaction

Next, we see Mary and her husband, Rich, discussing the accusations with Lolly, 23. I have to say that I really wish I would have seen a little more outrage from Lolly. Obviously, this wasn’t the first time the parents discussed the claims with their daughter, but I would have been a little more upset about this had I been in Lolly’s shoes.

Mary does admit, “Lolly did post something on Facebook” but that it doesn’t incriminate her. (What?)

My favorite part of this discussion was when Rich referred to Tareq as having broken “man rules” by attacking his wife and daughter without him there. (Yeah!) Adding a dose of fuel to the fire, Mary asks if Rich wants to handle it. After thinking about it, Rich replied that his reaction would be relative to his alcohol consumption.

Mary does say “We’re going to make some calls to the police department and make sure these claims are false.”
A few minutes later, we see Mary and Rich talking, and no one was surprised to learn that after checking with the authorities, Rich was unable to find any type of investigation or charges with Lolly’s name. “It’s all made-up,” he says, as Mary agrees that “they make sh!t up to deflect their own sh!t”.

Dinnertime Drama

Next, we’re treated to a dinnertime meeting between Michaele and Jen, her assistant – but let’s just call her “DC (Kim) G” for short. Immediately, the two begin bashing Cat. Of course, Cat was being snippy that day at the vineyard, but calling Tareq a control freak (like calling the grass “green”) didn’t warrant DC G calling Cat a bitch.

Michaele seems to be trying really hard to be cute and chatty in this scene and she really just ends up looking old, wrinkly and confused. Michaele then goes on to rant to DC G, saying that she has done everything to be nice to the ladies and they are all just rude.

Clearly only believing what Tareq has told her to believe, Michaele did go on to say that it was Mary’s fault the whole incident came to conversation that night. She said Mary “pushed for what it was” and that’s why the situation was brought up at that moment.
Uh, no, dumbass. Your husband brought it up.

Bipartisan Brunch

Next, we see Cat meeting Edwina Rogers, Republican Lobbyist, at the Mayflower for lunch. After a few niceties and small talk, Edwina starts with rapid-fire questioning to Cat. “I heard you’re writing a book? That must be exciting. Does he (Cat’s husband) get to fly on Air Force One?”

The thing I love about Cat is that she’s almost impossible to fluster. Cat takes Edwina’s questions in stride, ignoring most and only answering a few. But she can make even a seasoned Washington Lobbyist uncomfortable, as we saw in her next dialog with Edwina, who brings up healthcare reform. Cat replies that a Republican working on healthcare reform is really an “oxymoron”, and goes on to reveal that she already has over $23,000 in medical bills, saying that the United States healthcare system today is “verging on criminal”.

The camera shows us a red-eyed, uncomfortable Edwina, who answers, after a long pause, “I know. We’ve got to fix it…is that a cucumber sandwich?” (Ah, my favorite political move: distract them with the finger food. It works almost every time.)
But poor Edwina’s discomfort doesn’t come to an end. Cat can’t be distracted by a cucumber sandwich. Instead, she goes on to ask Edwina about the last election. Edwina admits, when Cat asks if she voted for McCain, that she voted “a straight Republican ticket.”

Not satisfied with Edwina’s answer, Cat asks what Edwina thought of Sarah Palin. Now, let’s pause for a moment here… Even if Edwina thought Palin was a gun-toting, Russian-watching lunatic, she’s a Republican Lobbyist on national television. And Cat realized this, too, with a smirk, when she asks if she thinks Sarah Palin would have made a good vice president. We see another uncomfortable shot of Edwina saying, yes.

“Do you really?” Cat says with a laugh. “Well, there you go…”

Trying to move away from Cat’s line of questioning, Edwina invites Cat and her friends to a benefit she’s having. Cat, not ready to put down her guns, makes no hesitation in telling Edwina she has no interest in being a Republican. Edwina doesn’t seem to care at this point – she just wants to run for the door.

Uncomfortable Ramblings at Dinner

Next, we see Lynda and Ebong joined by Jason and Stacie at dinner. After small-talk about Lynda’s upcoming move to the suburbs, Stacie tells about her search for her birth father. She explains that her birth mother is white, but unwilling to reveal her birth father’s identity, since he doesn’t know that Stacie even exists. Stacie mentions to Ebong that her birth father is Nigerian, too, and he proclaims, “He’s my brother!” but she’s discouraged to hear that her birth father is a member of the Igbo tribe, one of the largest tribes.

Lynda surprises Stacie with a utopian story about how much her birth mother must have wanted her and longed to see her all these years. Stacie pretty succinctly sets the record straight, saying that her birth mother really denied her existence for a long time. Next, Lynda goes on to talk about how it was because of the race issue and that she, also, has experienced “reverse racism” in Georgia, even being refused service at restaurants because she is white.

Stacie and Jason both try to hide the surprised and not-quite-believing-it looks on their faces when Lynda talks about reverse racism. In his typical down-to-earth manner, Jason does ask about Lynda and Ebong as an interracial couple. He admits that if he didn’t know them and walked into the restaurant and saw them for the first time, he’d be surprised.

Lynda started saying something about “if you close your eyes” everybody’s the same. (Cue “We are the World” background music. Release the butterflies.) But then she makes a comment that once she feels Ebong and the “nappy hair on his chest” she’d know it was him. (W.T.F.?!?) This really surprised me, as it seemed like a pretty ignorant and, frankly, disrespectful thing to say. But no one else seemed to be taken aback by the comment and the dinner seemed to go smoothly.

Clean the Pool in McClean

Lynda takes her kids to McClean, Virginia to see the new house and show her plans for renovations. Not a whole lot goes on here, but I’m still a little curious about why she needs a big house for so many kids when they’re all seemingly older and on the way out the door. Maybe it’s a last-ditch effort to avoid the empty house?

Lynda shared her concern with the security of the home, since there isn’t the type of security she’d become accustomed to in the city. I wasn’t as worried about security as I was about the pool. Did you see that water?!? I kept waiting for an alligator to jump out of that swamp and take a chomp at her dog. Forget the security – get a pool boy STAT, Lynda!

Going to the Ball

I actually really enjoyed the next sequence, showing Stacie and Jason getting ready for Edwina’s event. As the cameras took us back and forth between Stacie and Jason, along with Cat and her daughters, it was fun to observe their confused and snarky moments as they decided what to wear. Jason commented about “stuffy conservative blue suits” but this didn’t surprise me as much as the vision of Cat pulling the silver trousers from the hanger as her daughter danced around, singing “get funky! Get funky!”
Cat and her daughters really are adorable together…mostly. But just when I start enjoying this warm, fuzzy mother/daughter(s) moment, Cat’s daughter suggests she wear an “insanely inappropriate wedding dress”, holding up a hideous pink, sequined dress. (Hey, Cat – the Ice Capades called. They want their dress back.)

Stacie and Jason both admit that they’re nervous about seeing Michaele and Tareq. Stacie sums it up, saying “We’re just going to rise above the drama.” Thankfully, the two do just that.

Edwina’s Party

Tareq and Michaele are the first to arrive. I was disappointed we didn’t see them floating in on a hot air balloon or escorted by the FBI (since they’re so busy investigating their stolen car). Stacie and Jason arrive later and Jason diplomatically says something about the food to break the ice. Next, Michaele and DC G join the group and they act as if nothing had ever happened last time they were together at the vineyard.

We were treated with an anorexic (sorry, Michaele – Lynda was right) interpretive dance number performed by Michaele, as she floats, bobs, dances and grooves around the party, still unable to fill the bust of her dress with its circa-1950 (empty) pointy bra effect.

Cat arrives a little later, dressed not in the Ice Capades dress, hot pants or granny bra, as she discussed with her daughters. Instead, she’s dressed in a stuffy suit and “Alaska” lapel, wearing thick black glasses and a wig. Yes, Cat showed up at a Republican event dressed as Sarah Palin. This is the point where the novelty of Cat wore off on me and she became ridiculous. It was rude. I still think DC G was out of line calling Cat “bitchy”, but the Sarah outfit was just in poor taste.

Of course, Michaele and DC G had something to say about Cat’s outfit. “It might be better for her to go undercover,” said Michaele.
“People might like her better,” cackled DC G.

Poor Stacie, who was observing the junior high lunchroom conversation between the boss and her assistant, admits later that she saw the “biting” side of Michaele for the first time.

Next, we abruptly saw Edwina being taken away on a stretcher and driven away in an ambulance. Her staff explained that “something extremely important unexpected arose and she had to leave”. (I think poor Edwina lost her lunch when she saw Cat’s outfit.)

Mean Girls: The Showdown

My favorite part of the party was when Cat saunters up to DC G who looked scared and lonely without Michaele next to her.
“Were you at the vineyard the other day?” Cat asked. “Were you the one who was saying I was being bitchy?”
“Oh, it’s just a bitchy comment,” said DC G.

“I made a bitchy comment?” Cat asked.

“Yeah,” she said, fake smile and scared shitless, eyes darting around for Michaele.

Cat says that she didn’t really appreciate the comment, especially since DC G doesn’t know Cat. DC G replied: “…you know what? It’s all in good fun. You should really relax.

“I didn’t say bitchy…I said it was a bitchy comment” DC G said. “You’re really taking it way too seriously.”

Michaele came over and joined the conversation. Armed with Michaele’s presence, DC G sprouted some confidence and explained to her boss, “She’s really upset about my comment last weekend, when I was protecting you.”

(Now, this was my favorite part…)
“Did you have a brunette wig on?” Michaele asked Cat, with absolutely no transition.

Cat: “Did you just have a shocking pink dress on?”

Michaele: “I’m still in it. Where’s your wig?” (nervous laugh)

Stacie (in interview later): “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Cat (in interview later): “You’re so full of shit, Michaele”.

The End

Can’t wait to see next week’s episode, as it’s promised to show Michaele’s “for better or worse” with Tareq being put to the test.
So, for now… Thanks, ladies, for an evening full of drama and comic relief. Thanks, Stacie, for being level-headed. Thanks, Cat, for keeping things interesting. Thanks, Bravo, for putting these ladies together in the same room.
And thanks, Lynn, for letting me share my thoughts on this week’s episode! 

Watch What Happens Live By: LynnNChicago:

Last night marked the return of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live with his guests, Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Stacie Turner of The Real Housewives of DC.

I don’t know who told all of these housewives that the one shoulder look is attractive on them but they’ve been sadly misinformed. Obviously they all think it is in style right now but you have to have a certain figure to pull it off and it is rare that it comes off as elegant on a woman. Teresa’s one shoulder black number with the sparkling crystals all over was passable, not great but she could have avoided the worst dressed list, just barely.

Stacie, on the other hand needs to avoid that style altogether. She’s a beautiful woman and I’ve seen her look really stunning on her show but the pink number she was sporting on WWHL last night was not attractive at all!

Andy’s three things that he’s obsessed with this week were asinine as usual, Kim G’s mother of the bride dress from the New Jersey reunion along with the 46 second hug that Danielle gave to Jacqueline. (yes, he timed it) and Cat dressing like Sarah Palin at the Republican party during last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of DC.

Not completely ignoring the fact that he was man-handled by Teresa Giudice on the reunion, he jokingly made her wear a seat belt in her chair and joked about it, even allowing Teresa to say, “I would never push you Andy, I love you”. Yet there it is on tape, Teresa pushing Andy down. Repeating the question that many viewers have asked Andy, why he did not eject her from the show, his answer was that he just wanted to get through the taping. Still no consequences for Teresa. Andy Cohen must be one of the very few people who find this funny! Bravo is setting the standard for which they must remain consistent. Congratulations Bravo, you’ve made it acceptable for housewives to become physically violent, I hope the others are paying attention.

Even with a 6-week break, Andy hasn’t improved the show in the least, even a phone call from Naomi Campbell was of poor quality leaving viewers barely able to hear what she was saying. Not so surprisingly, Naomi was just fine with Teresa shoving Andy into his chair saying, “That’s what you get!”. With allegations Naomi has faced, I can see why she would be ok with physical violence:

In 2000, Campbell pleaded guilty in a Toronto court to a 1998 assault on Georgina Galanis, her then assistant
In March 2005, Campbell allegedly slapped assistant Amanda Brack and beat her around the head with a BlackBerry personal organizer.

On 30 March 2006 in New York City, Campbell was arrested for allegedly assaulting her housekeeper with a jewel-encrusted mobile phone, resulting in a bloody head that required several stitches, On 16 January 2007, Campbell pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless assault against her housekeeper Ana Scolavino.

On 3 April 2008, Campbell was arrested inside Heathrow’s Terminal 5 on suspicion of assaulting a police officer after one of her bags had been lost.

On 2 March 2010, Campbell’s limousine driver filed a report with the New York City Police Department claiming that Campbell had slapped and punched him. She then allegedly fled the scene.

Naomi seemed impressed with Teresa’s ability to care for her home and her family without any help, as Teresa continues to claim. Apparently Naomi hasn’t been reading about Teresa on the internet or she would know that Teresa has plenty of help in the form of her parents, who live in their home yet are hidden when the cameras are rolling.

Teresa is traveling all over the country promoting her book and the show, obviously she has help!
Naomi also wanted to ask Stacie why she was told Michaele that everyone was talking about her, obviously stirring up a firestorm over in DC, Stacie simply said, “I like to keep it real”. Okay!

Andy’s need to promote the fact that a 13-year old boy is a huge housewives fan was sick and wrong, just sick and wrong! The visual of Andy handing the child $50 bills didn’t improve the scenario. The fact that Ben Weiner could answer the housewives trivia questions better than the housewives themselves, was creepy, he really does watch the shows! I’d love to have a chat with his parents, not to mention the person who was yelling out the answers to the Housewives trivia game! Andy didn’t seem too happy about that either, was he afraid little Ben was going to wipe him out of cash?

Andy seemed to be trying to make up for the fact that Teresa’s book wasn’t highlighted on the show as was promised to her, he mentioned her “best-selling” book Skinny Italian three times in 27 minutes.

The “Mazel” of the week went to a 7-year old boy from Memphis named Peanut who liked to rap, Andy was sure to tell the audience that he didn’t think the kid had much talent but gave him the Mazel because he was named Peanut. Maybe you should go back to getting viewer suggestions Andy?

Teresa told viewers on Watch What Happens Live that Caroline was angry with Jacqueline after the reunion show for her truce with Danielle, Caroline couldn’t let that pass without response:

CarolineManzo: I was never annoyed with @jaclaurita, I understood where she was coming from and I told her that… ) love her, always will.

Jacqueline also tweeted responses to Teresa’s comments on Watch What Happens Live:

@JacLaurita: Honestly, Caroline asked me to come to dinner with her right after the reunion but I was too exhausted! My head hurt! Lol! I went to sleep.
@JacLaurita: I don’t think T lied,she misunderstood where C’s anger was directed. C couldn’t believe the act by D & wasn’t buying it.Mad,yes, at me? NO!

We all know that is a load of bull, Caroline told Jacqueline to be strong and to stop it when Jacqueline began talking about letting everything go with Danielle. It still isn’t clear why Caroline hates Danielle so much. Caroline accused Danielle of threatening her and every member of her family including Teresa and her family. No one called Caroline out on those charges why wasn’t she required to prove those accusations? How exactly did Danielle threaten them all? Is she still referring to the comment that Danielle made about showing up at their door, and not being alone? That was already brought up and spit out last season on the reunion show.

This year all Danielle threatened to do was “speak louder” when she was shushed. I don’t know about you, but she scared the hell out of me!

Next week’s Watch What Happens Live will feature Ramona Singer of the Real Housewives of New York and Cat Ommanney of DC. As of now only two blogs are up on Bravotv.com, Lynda and Michaele have posted.


An older article that explains the background of the feud between Tareq Salahi and his mother from the Washington Post:


Another Washington Post older piece on the Salahi’s regarding their gate crashing and mounting debts:


A few days back I included one of Kelly’s tweets about everyone being obsessed with her hair, apparently I’m not the only one who noticed:

@NaughtyNiceRob: Off to bed! But laughing so loud that @kikilet told people everyone was obsesssed with her hair! Her PR people pitched that story! We passed

@Kikilet: @NaughtyNiceRob awww cutie. dont hate the player, hate the game. Xoxoxoox
@Kikilet: i love @naughtynicerob he just wants some attention for his magazine. its all good. i still like him. freedom of voice, gab away

Oh Kelly, you never fail to do something annoying enough to make it into the blog, but I’m sure that’s your goal so…way to go!

Until Next Time….

p.s. Hi Everyone!

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419 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin RHODC Guest Blog / Watch What Happens Live 9/10/10

  1. Olivia says:

    Paraphrasing Kelly, there is just something “creepy” in featuring a 13 yr old boy who is obsessed with watching a show geared to a primary audience consisting of women over the age of 35. Where are his parents?

    To allow a kid that age, a boy especially, to be so caught up in this stuff is weird. These shows are loaded with such sexism and misogyny, along with violence and vulgarity, that it seems these parents are shirking their duties by allowing a child of that age to view this junk. At 13 he is still a child.

    I am an adult and even I was taken back at the constancy of the “f” word and the liberal use of whore, bitch, c**t, and pig in describing a woman by other women in a classless display of verbal violence. Yet it seems that these parents are quite comfortable in Ben’s viewing habits that leave little for the imagination when “swollen chuckies” are the topic of a luncheon tryst. I would guess that Ben and his parents have become another set of “famewhores” who find nothing odious about these series and Andy’s off the wall interest in their son’s obnoxious need for the spotlight. It’s what makes Andy an even bigger creep as the weeks go by.

    Have already had my say about the DC franchise on a prior blog. Needless to say I remain unimpressed if Bravo believes that this latest group of famewhores are to be seen viewed as conduits for race relations and political think tanks. What falls from their ignorant mouths is embarrassing from every angle and my hope is that this series is not renewed for the sake of intelligent life everywhere.

    • Karen says:

      I got the impression that the boy was home alone a lot. I doubt his parents even know what he’s watching.

      • oopsy says:

        I believe WWHL has on the screen you must be 18 to call, at least I’m sure they used to. I doubt Andy or Bravo would risk discussing a show with adult content (chuckies, boobs, blow jobs, sextapes, as well as the ‘f’ word constantly thrown about) without the consent of boy’s parents. He is a minor child so I’m sure Bravo talked to his parents, especially since Andy has disclosed his full name on TV. Oh I’m SURE they are aware of what’s going on! As a mother myself it pisses me off to see Andy talking to a boy about this stuff. It is wrong. Someone said kids are exposed to worse but that doesn’t make it right. Adults should not condone this. Andy’s aware that his viewers are primarily women and we would not want to talk about this with kids. I can’t stand Andy anymore, he disgusts me.

        • dancekrazy says:

          Absolutely right. Can anyone please explain to me what the hell Andy’s importance to BRAVO is? He is a damn superstar over there and I don’t get why.
          Great guest blog, Lynn. Will check out your other blog site as soon as I’ve been through these posts.

    • oopsy says:

      well said Olivia. Andy has crossed a line with this boy and it isn’t cute or funny, it is disturbing. He is still very young and impressionable.

      • kit says:

        Totally agree. Way back to just putting him on the phone week after week.

        • oopsy says:

          I know. I would be PISSED if someone talked about this stuff to my boys when they were young. Heads would roll. Our kids could discuss anything at all with us but we were never crass and they always knew some things were discussed discreetly. Something can be private without being shameful.

  2. vilzvet says:

    Andy honestly had no business mentioning the cookbook at all! We now all know according to COURT DOCUMENTS that Teresa did not include the over quarter million bucks from this book as part of her income! She spent the advance money and now wants to be praised and honored that it’s a best seller?! Come on! She paid no taxes on it, hello! She should be embarrassed and ashamed to even be speaking about it and doing stupid signings. NO ONE should be putting any more profits in Teresa’s pocket.

    • teresa says:

      I agree with you 100%, how can Teresa and Joe get away with all the crap they seem to be getting away with? Is there no end to the laws they are breaking? Are they really going to get away with all this crap? teresa

    • Maxine49 says:

      The Giudices will not get away with anything…rest assured, the hammer is going to fall on them big time.

  3. vilzvet says:


    There are no words for that…she needs to grow up and pretend she’s not 25 anymore.

    Also, Alex twittered that she has booked FIVE shows this week in NYC for Fashion Week! Way to go!!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I think they’re making fun off her:

      “In this exclusive, hilarious video, the free-spirited star gives her DIY fashion tips at the massive retailer — rocking an “extra-small” sweater, “hot, hot” super-tight jeans and much more.”

      The video is actually not bad. I think Kelly does OK in small doses, it’s sustainability she has a problem with.

      oh and just in case anyone was wondering: according to Kelly, ankles are the new cleavage. I’m sure Hef would disagree but that’s the world of fashion according to our Kikilet.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Please tell me they threw that hat away after KKB had it on her greasy head!

    • TT in OC says:

      I tried very very very hard to watch the whole video. Unfortunately, I can only tolerate so much, 15 secs, that was my limited. I just can’t stand Kelly the idiot ….. ankle is the new cleverage, really?????

    • oopsy says:

      HOW many TIMES did she say ‘smoking hot’ and ‘actually’. This woman is an idiot! She said she took her OWN belt and tied it to make the look her own but you could still see the tag on the belt! Arrrg! Kelly, go away!

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I was hoping that she got those wonky fake ( as in not authentic) boobs fixed. Does she ever look in a mirror? I too wish she would realize that she is a middle-aged mother, the 25 yo look isn’t working for her. The too many, too long extensions in her hair look like crap too. I’d be ashamed to admit being her hairdresser.

  4. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Edwina’s bright red lipstick and baby teeth scare me. How is she a “power player” with all that blinking and stuttering? And who told Missy Salami those hooker platforms were the right choice to go with that bridesmaid dress?

    Kelly is just mad that she got put on blast. Her replies are kinda smart-ass, where’s the “everythings amazing” she tries to B.S. us with? But no one is fooled. 100% of the comments I see on the web all agree her hair is gross. Some think she is pretty and has a nice body (must be blind) but no one wishe they had her hair, let alone want to touch it. NO ONE IS JEALOUS OF YOU!

    I’ll be back later with more 😉

  5. MAMAZ says:

    Katherine – Thank you for the indepth blog. I couldn’t muster up enough interest to watch for myself. Nice job.
    Lynn – Same goes for WWHL. Why would any 13 year old, male or female be interested in the Real Housewives? My teen daughter is mortified that I watch. My son doesn’t know it exisits. How could Ben Weiner relate to any of this? My theory- he loves to hear them talk about their boobs and chuckies.
    Even stranger is why Andy is so fascinated by this kid. A KID obsessively watches TV, *GASP*. Who knew they did that?! I’m thinking Andy doesn’t know many kids.

    • nathania says:

      if anyone saw the train wreck WWHL when Danielle and Jeff Lewis were on there, Andy really got sensitive when Jeff Lewis told him he was dressed like a pedophile, he even mentioned it in his blog after the show, whining about what a bad night it was for that show because Danielle was so standoffish (she’s gotten wise at that point about her ‘villain’ status and wasn’t giving him anything to work with…)I remember commenting on his blog that night that he was wrong to title it ‘crazy dance’ as there was nothing ‘crazy’ about Danielle’s behavior that night, including her little dance that was actually subdued…which needless to say the comment didn’t make it past the censors. It was major tension between them that night so apparently this was probably around the time she found out that the Manzos were petitioning for her to leave and he was going to roll over for them. It’s funny that the blogs were saying he didn’t want to ‘recast the whole show’ but I honestly believe that would have been the wiser choice, because the precedent he has set by letting the ‘cast’ dictate who goes or stays could come back to cause alot of trouble in the end, if other women get wise to this garbage.

  6. New York Housewife says:

    It was so uncomfortable watching Ben on WWHL. I wrote to Andy several times hoping he would see one of my messages on how disgusted I felt having Ben on as a guest.
    I felt a little sorry for Stacie since there was very little attention paid to her on WWHL. Was it me or did Stacie look somewhat perplexed when playing that stupid game for that kid.
    Have you guys noticed that Melissa Gorga is gaining many followers on Twitter. She seems to be taking on her role already. I was hoping they would tell us last night about Melissa being added to the show, but I kind of knew they wouldn’t.

  7. LynnNChicago says:

    Hi Everyone!

    If you wouldn’t mind, when you get a minute, would you please take a look at my proposed new blogging site at:


    This is the exact same blog as above but I’m considering moving because this one doesn’t allow any ads and Blogspot does, it would help me out just to make a few bucks on the blog.

    Please feel free to leave comments there, or here to let me know what you think.

    thanks everyone!

    • Noelle says:

      You so deserve it, IMO!

      xoxo 🙂

    • Noelle says:

      Tried posting a comment and was difficult. I’m not totally computer illiterate..did I post wrong??
      My apologies..

    • TT in OC says:

      Looks great. I will follow you anywhere.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Hi Lynn,

      This a great idea, I’m so glad this blog can turn into an opportunity for you! You work so hard at it-why not use it as a vehicle for profit?

      I tried to post a comment and I am unable- I guess I don’t understand the profile thing?

      Maybe you could post a short tutorial until we all get the hang of it?

    • Wallflower says:

      The new blog site looks great, but I didn’t see a way to post without some kind of profile/account (no posting occasionally as a lurker?). I am just a lurker, though, so I’d keep reading anyway 🙂

      • Good move! I think that Blogspot is way more intuitive to work with. They have a way to export your entire blog over there, I think? It would probably be easy to move your documents over there too? I followed you from that hot-mess at Hub-pages, so you’ll never get rid of me.
        You deserve the ad-revenue for putting up with us. I’ve been running Google-ads since February and still waiting to hit the threshold where they, (Google©) send a check. (10.00). I’m thinking that it would be worth it to find someone who knows how to tweak the ads, ’cause it is a little complicated.
        Don’t waste your time too much with Amazon monetisation. Its worth having it, but I’ve been running Amazon affiliate ads for a decade, and I have yet to recieve $$ from that.
        My prediction? Unless you already have an “outside” advertiser, just running the DIY-ads that come-with Blogspot, OR you have it tweaked by a pro.you could see a check within 8-10 weeks.

    • Sue says:

      Does the test version of the blog thread posts so people can reply to a particular post and have it appear beneath that post. It keeps the conversations more coherent when topics branch off.

      Your current blog looks great on iphone/ipod as it automatically shows the mobile version. The Blogger site doesn’t seem to do that. Still, I’m not sure how many people access the site through mobile devices on a regular basis.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Sue, no, I’m sorry it doesn’t. That was one of the big negatives about the new site. I used to post on Hubpages and it had that same problem. I’m hoping that they’ll make the change eventually.

        • boston02127 says:

          Lynn–Remember when we moved here the “reply” was new to us. We didn’t have that option on your old blog. We were all confused but we laughed a lot. iceNfire made a practice blog for us. Everything will fall in place on the new blog. We’ll get use to it. 🙂

        • quincyillinois says:

          It’s fine, Lynn. You should try to make a few bucks on it. I think we should have a diet cookbook and exercise dvds for Lynn’s girls too.

      • truelifediva says:

        I use my BlackBerry 75% of the time to post here 😉

    • fairydusted says:

      You can move your blog wherever and we will still follow, post and *hate* Jill Zarin.

    • Delia says:

      Not sure how to post there, dont get the options re: Google ID/Aim/etc…

      Guess I will have to settle with being a lurker and not a poster. :*-(

    • dancekrazy says:

      You got it! Just as soon as I read tonight’s posts here.

    • oopsy says:

      Good for you, Lynn! I, however, am having trouble posting there. (I’m technologically challenged) I’m not sure what ‘select a profile’ means. Do I have to have an account or somthing? HELP!!!

    • Maxine49 says:

      Go for it, Lynn. I was wondering why you has no ads—you need to make some moolah on this great blog…why the hell not.

  8. lillybee says:

    Go for it, Lynn. The only problem with Blogger is that sometimes if you post a lot, it will fill up and you may have to move again. But I think that takes years.

    I wonder how Jill and Kelly feel about Alex walking in 5 shows. They must be suffering.

    • Sha2000 says:

      I enjoyed the guest bloggers recap; DC Kim was clever & cracked me up!

      • Sha2000 says:

        Okay, now I see what you are talking about! It looks okay, I think I prefer this one but you are the person who has to do it daily not me. Word of advice; my husband changed the template on our site recently; it threw us off with Google (even though the tags were all in place) & did not appear well in all browsers (even though we thought we had covered that). My husband is a technical guy & it gave even him quite a headache ! The end result was, it was fixed after a LOT of work & a LOT of re-work was done with my husband & an programmer that we had to pay by the hour… the worse part was traffic was lost.

    • fairydusted says:


  9. lillybee says:

    Another nice thing about Blogger is that you can have tabs which makes it easy to find posts on different subjects and allows for pictures and probably screen caps.

  10. Brigid says:

    I think the new blog is a great idea Lynn. As much traffic as you get – it can be a great revenue source from ads. You deserved to get paid for all your hard work!

  11. Noelle says:

    Anyone else having trouble posting?

  12. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Noelle, not having trouble posting on either site and I’m doing it from my BlackBerry.

  13. lillybee says:

    No problem here, but I signed in from my Google account and I am Lilybee1984 on it.

  14. Noelle says:

    Evidently, I’m a dunce.

    • oopsy says:

      You’re not alone! I don’t know what the heck I’m doing…I was lucky to stumble onto Lynn in the first place.

  15. TrueLifeDiva says:

    You can post as a guest and use your screen name that way. Other wise you have to create a google account and go that route, which will allow pics, ad libs, etc. forever after. I am SO computer illiterate, if I can do it, ANYONE can 😉

  16. Noelle says:

    Have I told you how much I love you!?!

  17. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Noelle, are you trying to pick up on my woman? 😉 You do know we are dating on Lynn’s blog, right? I’m starting to think OneMoreinBoston is a floozy…

  18. Little_Rhino says:

    “Freedom of voice”?

  19. I posted a link to a RHWONJ bus tour on my blog. http://njhousewives.blogspot.com/
    I’m still working on my post about the HW–but I wanted to get that out there in case anyone is interested.

    • Noelle says:

      I’m interested..didn’t know you had a blog.
      Will check it out now…

      • I’m passenger 20 on the bus. I hope that I can complete the reservation but I have to save-up a little $$. They even have directions for taking a local NJ transit bus from Port Authority to get to the pick-up spot, but I have to check the weekend bus schedule-I might have a friend drive me to the departure point.
        I’m definitely planning-on trying to go. (they will hold reservations)

    • Noelle says:

      I adore your page!! LMAO Where do I comment?
      It led back to you and tab stated unable to contact.
      I added you as a fav and I’m sure we’ll be in touch.

      • Thanks for visiting Noelle–there’s a reason why I have comments turned-off.
        I moderated a political board for about ten years and there is no way that I have the fortitude or patience that Lynn has to baby-sit Housewife comments. (seriously, I bow to her skillz in managing this Goat-Rodeo). I didn’t have any trouble on Blogspot, but I just don’t go there every day & I would probably have-to if I had comments on just to check and respond. Plus I like to comment with you guys, so I purposely blocked comments. I have my email there but I don’t think its click-able.

  20. ShyAsrai says:

    it would serve dumbassed Andy C right if all the HWs took a page from Teresa’s book and visited violence upon him.

    • Sha2000 says:

      It has been said that “violence is the last refuge of the incompetent”, I completely agree. I think Andy (like him or not) handled himself like a gentleman by not lowering himself to her level, with a shove or a public reprimand. Each persons actions, in this case Teresa & Andy, speaks volumes of their true persona’s…violence, even in the form of a shove is NEVER acceptable & indeed the impulse for those less intellectual (to put it nicely).

  21. TrueLifeDiva says:

    How about a large emerald cut topaz or a bright green carnival glass grape cluster ring? No?…

    But you still like the shoes, right? 🙂

  22. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I plan on buying it at the auction;-). What could be better than “celebrity jewelry” from Italy no less!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      well if it’s going to be used, might as well be the “fambly jewels”

    • Sha2000 says:

      “I plan on buying it at the auction;-). What could be better than “celebrity jewelry” from Italy no less!”

      Something from “Chanel’S” (lol) ?

  23. Noelle says:

    @OnemoreinBoston and TrueLifeDiva,

    Love you peeps equally!! xxxx

  24. boston02127 says:

    If you’re having problems posting on the new blogging site you have to join/sign in before you can post.

  25. Wall St Lady says:

    Ok Diva & One Mo Bo when is the album coming out. Can I sing background ?

  26. boston02127 says:

    A guy name TeddyMcDonald tweeted Kelly and sent her a copy of a pic he painted.

    @kikilet ha ha… You’re the first person lost for words at one of my paintings!

    This is the pic he painted— @usweekly … and see Kelly’s bottom on canvas! @kikilet … 🙂 http://yfrog.com/n3u6mlj

    Kelly’s respond to that picture—@TeddyMcDonald wow. That’s hot. Did I pose for that?

    • Zoey says:

      Ew. Maybe I don’t have an eye for art, but I see two beaty crawfish eyes, and a face. The pooh color is not too flattering. If this is Kelly’s buttocks wouldn’t they be a bit flatter? She’s not exactly curvaceous. But hey, if she thinks it’s hot, that’s all that matters!

  27. Wall St Lady says:

    There r no yellow sap hires or white or pink. ____ sap hire means man made. It sounds good. But if it isn’t deep blue & even then it is fake.
    BtW Ramona’s stones r fake w/vernile or dipped in gold or silver. They look great &if u mix w/real u can’t tell the difference. If u don’t wear them every day they will last a long time !

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      but I have a black star sapphire? and I’ve seen red star sapphires? are they fake?

      • klmh says:

        Be careful when buying from anyone other than a gemologist or reputable jeweler and be sure to have papers on the stone.
        Enjoy your lovely black sapphire…

      • oopsy says:

        I have white sapphire. I believe they do occur in various colors.

    • klmh says:

      There are many colors of natural sapphires! They can range from clear white to yellow, pinks, greens, thru dark blue. Just google, or go into a good jewelry shop. The best color is Kashmir, but that particular mine was played out long ago. You can find them in antique jewelry maybe but their prices are extreme… And yes, there are star sapphires in blue, red, and black, maybe more and natural. Its really interesting, but you can go to Ebay and put in star sapphire. You will get a great variety of prices, but the old lighter blues in cabochon shape can run into the 10’s of thousands. You will probably find them in elegant platinum settings.
      Many sapphires have been heated to enrich their color.


  28. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Wall St. Lady, I’m waiting for Kim Z. to send me a few wigs, Lynne C. to send some cuffs, Gretchen promised some purses and make up, Jill promised background fabrics, and Kikilet promised her ex for the album cover photoshoot. Haven’t heard back from Kandi if she’ll loan us her auto-tune, so imma have to get back to you 😉

  29. Wall St Lady says:

    Don’t forget the kelly Seagull feather earings ; they r the best

  30. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Seagull feathers would clash with my Lucite heels. I’m so classy, aint I?

  31. Wall St Lady says:

    Here comes the Diva
    all dressed in sparkles & spandex
    Wall Lady singing Loudly !
    Now can I sing Back up (back up Noelle I throw pillows & cuss real mean)

  32. Wall St Lady says:

    If it was an unpolished stone in blue or red its real. I never herd of black but if it was un polished or cabishon(sp ?) Mayb.

  33. boston02127 says:

    The latest crazy to be picked off the streets and thrown into the Real Housewives franchise, Real Housewives of Washington DC star and notorious White House crasher Michaele Salahi, was allegedly up to her skinny ass in a legal battle against her mother-in-law over lost wages from their family’s ‘winery!’

    The reality star reportedly filed a complaint with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry two years ago when she had yet to see any income for her time spent working at the Oasis Vineyard, which has been featured on the series – although we’re not sure there was any actual wine there. She asked for $14,880 plus interest.
    Her equally-if-not-more-insane husband Tareq’s mother, Corinne, however, claims that Michaele “added no value to Oasis Vineyard, Inc. and, even if she did, the claim for wages we reviewed is grossly inflated.”

    She also asserts that the wack-a-doodle was never employed by her, and a court-appointed receiver “did not authorize the hiring of Ms. Salahi and has previously rejected her claim. At the time, Ms. Salahi was working for a competing organization owned by her husband, Tareq Salahi, Oasis Enterprises, Inc, and/or for her own wine distributorship, Virginia Wine Country Distributors, Inc.”

    Michaele responded with the following letter:
    “I am sorry that they are not being honest with you that I worked EXCLUSIVELY for OASIS and there WAS NO TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE…I have added Great Value to that company and to the expense of my own well being. My day’s [sic] there from July – to January were LONG – just restoring the place from all the damage Corinne Salahi had done.”
    Michaele claims that although it was ruled in her favor, she STILL never received the money, but eventually gave up.
    She says:
    “I told the Labor board she wasn’t worth it to me, so I said I am not playing her game and walked away. She wanted me to fight and took me through the embarrassment of giving me a check and taking it away. It was a game that not only she did to me but many others. I decided the way to win is walk away!”

    (from Perez Hilton)

    • Sue says:

      Perez got it from a Radar Online ‘exclusive. I looked at the documents, and there’s no indication it ever went in Michaele’s favor. Just her, um, word. 🙂

      The papers are not in date order, so can give the impression that the first page is enforcing her claim, when it’s not.

  34. Butters'Mom says:

    How do you post on the new blog if you do not want to create an account. It looks like I have to create a blog just to comment on someone else’s. I don’t want to create an account and do not have a google account and don’t want to create one. Can someone help/advise?

    • boston02127 says:

      @ButtersMom–I just went and looked to see if you could post as a guest but I didn’t see a spot to do that. I think you have to join to post.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I signed in from my Google account. While I’m signed in to Google I can post no problem to Blogger.

      I’ve seen some blogs that have the “anonymous” feature and boy does it get nasty. People hide behind anonymous more than a screen name.

      • In my opinion, allowing anonymous comments is the way to go if you’re monitoring comments.
        Its not too much trouble to set-up new accounts for anyone who wants to cause trouble anyways.
        Allowing annon. comments makes it easier for people to say what they really think without fear of pay-backs or harassment, and to drop interesting items.
        Also-I think that by allowing anon., the jury is still out on this, but I think that the moderator or site owner is given more leeway as far as liability if it should ever come to that.
        (I’ve seen cases where the defense is, “I have no control over what is posted, or who posts it because anon. posts are allowed”)
        The drawback is spam. I’d rather have to log-in than have to enter capchas if there is a choice.

  35. Maryla says:

    Andy asked Teresa a question on WWHL about her finances and that there were charging docs accusing her of fraud. I am now convinced that she is a sociopath because the way the she lied was (stealing a vocab word from kelly here, sorry) CREEPY!

    She smiled casually and said, “don’t believe everything your read on the internet.”

    Well, my darling Teresa (maybe that should be “honey”), if that charging document was an internet forgery, then someone has WAY too much time on their hands, because it seemed exceedingly thorough and authentic.

    Many thanks to Lynn for posting those docs. And for running this blog. I’ve been busy at work and reading regularly but not posting. Will follow to the new site as soon as i can make the right profile.

    • nathania says:

      She freaking kills me with this crap, it’s so exasperating. Those bankruptcy documents are a matter of public record. She is the biggest liar. WHAT on earth is Andy Cohen getting from this association with her that he lets this stuff go? Does he have a fetish for bushy forehead growth only she can fulfill? Is he schtupping Joe and agreeing to keep her around if she looks the other way?

      By the way there was a blind out several months ago about two reality stars in love and one was married and ‘coming out’ for the other one. It was widely thought to be about the Housewives franchise but I haven’t heard any more about it. From the hug the other night I seriously wondered if it was Jacqueline and Danielle. It would make Jacqueline’s demeanor more understandable…as well as Caroline’s since Jac is married to her brother.
      Just speculating, I expected that blind to have been solved by now but so far no surprises.

  36. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I think clicking on the OpenId option is the way to post on BlogSpot without joining.

    • Butters'Mom says:

      I tried the openID thing as ButtersMom and I got back this:

      Your OpenID credentials could not be verified

      What are they asking for when the ask for URL?

      • boston02127 says:

        @Butters’Mom–Web sites are found by their addresses. Each web site has a URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, assigned to it. You don’t have to fill that in. Ignore it.

        • Butters'Mom says:

          Thanks Boston02127. When you use the openID thing on the other blog they ask for your url so since I don’t have a website does that mean the openID isn’t an option for me? Sorry to be so tech ingnorant. I live with a NASA engineer and he takes care of all the tech stuff and he’s not here. Also he is a security nut on our pc’s and hates me doing any kind of signing up on websites. I haven’t told him about my commenting here.

  37. lillybee says:

    I am so happy for Alex. But I am waiting for the steam to come out of Jill’s and Kelly’s ears.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Can you imagine if RHONY is filming while Alex does these fashion shows? That would be freakin’ awesome. Just add Bethenny in the fashion show crowd and we just may see a mushroom cloud over NYC.

    • dancekrazy says:

      Well, put it this way as Kelly does not have a brain cell in her head……if smoke comes out of Jill’s ears then the moron will copy with “pixie dust” (she doesn’t know how to make smoke).
      I am so, so, so happy for Alex. She is one fabulous lady.

  38. TrueLifeDiva says:

    When are we switching over to the new site?

  39. boston02127 says:

    All day Claud has been tweeting this message—– Please Follow @abolishcancer TODAY!, @delprado agrees to donate $1 to @projectladybug for every new follower to @abolishcancer! DO IT!!

    She’s tweeted to people like Shaq, Pink, Regis & Kelly, Jill, Alex, Kim K.,Teresa, Cindy Crawford, Kim from ATL, NeNe Leakes, Heather McDonald. The list goes on.

    I find it odd that she has not tweeted and asked Caroline, Albie, Chris, Jacqueline, Ashley. (the whole ick gang) Nobody got asked.

  40. teb says:

    I live in the DC area and can say with confidence that these ladies are an embarassment. Also- Who the hell does Cat think she is chiming in about the US Healthcare system. She’s not even American. She didn’t even marry an American! And I seriously doubt she has $23K in medical bills unless it was plastic surgery.

    • TEB says:

      Why do I have a different avatar and my name is in lower case? Must have been Danielle.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      All you need is one surgery and your bill is way over $23k. 7 years ago my c-section was $18k and that was just the hospital. I was one of the lucky ones and had medical insurance. So the fact that Cat has $23k in medical bills is completely believable.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Doesn’t her husband have insurance from Newsweek?

      • dancekrazy says:

        I think she was just trying to yank Edwina’s chain…….maybe that’s what put her in the hospital (or her face went into spasm from smiling and blinking).
        I think Cat is going to be the snarky one in this bunch.

    • nathania says:

      I had to go into the ER for gallbladder and my bill was 40k, because I went in on a weekend and the didn’t do the surgery til monday.

  41. Butters'Mom says:

    Kelly says ankles are the new cleavage? Well since her boobs are so far apart on her and not at the same latitude she cannot make real cleavage.

  42. boston02127 says:

    Older story but interesting about the insurance company.

    • Wow–great find Boston—did the teeth come out? Hope you are feeling ok.
      He got the policy in July, then murdered in August?? And WHY were his arms & legs wrapped in plastic?? WTH?????

      • boston02127 says:

        @housewifehater–Thx, yes my wisdom teeth were pulled this morning. I look like a chipmunk and I’m hungry but I feel ok.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          oh poor baby!
          When I had all 4 out at once, I lost 15 lbs. on a diet of soup and yogurt.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Boston, ouch, feel better soon! I’ve had that done, its no fun!

        • oopsy says:

          hope you feel better soon!

          • Dani says:

            Is it really bad Boston? I go on 9/20 to have mine taken out. The dentist gave me something to relax me before I go in and I am hoping it works. I am dreading having it done.

            • boston02127 says:

              @Dani–I got knocked out while they pulled them because my top ones were impacted and slanted towards my nasal passages. It wasn’t half as bad as I thought thou. It doesn’t hurt now, it’s just an uncomfortable feeling.
              It’s 9:30 P.M. now and I have 2 black eyes. It’s an attractive look along with the chipmunk cheeks. Buy food you can eat before you go for your appointment. I wish I would have thought of that. Good luck.

        • dancekrazy says:

          hi, boston
          I had all four of mine out when I was 17 and it was brutal. I really feel for you. Hope you are better real soon.

          • anniieee says:

            Hope you are feeling better Boston! Use frozen peas as an ice pack… you can refreeze and keep using – just don’t ever cook them! Hope today is a good one for you.

  43. Wall St Lady says:

    Go teb ! I like ur logic

  44. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    OMG!! I almost had a heart attack I was on the new blog trying to test it out and when I clicked on open id nothing happend so I clicked on subscribe to blog and it said all emails will be sent to my BOSS I freaked out, thank god it allowed me to unsubscribe. LOL!! So I am also having isses commenting over there. 😦

  45. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    @ boston again you crack me up with the Claude ( I keep thinking who the heck is Claude then hits me) LOL!!

  46. Wall St Lady says:

    I am surprised if I am the 1st to mention this.

    One of the most popular grifts
    Out there is the insurance scam
    Fatty Salami didn’t lose his vehicle or horse stuff (all probably insured but borrowed)
    He did a GRIFT !

    I am very surprised he hasn’t burned up the vineyard too.

    Mary need not worry about her daughter except Fatty is trying to make her part of the grift.

    I bet Fatty Salami has a big policy on Missy Salami.
    She better be obedient & give good B jobs on his teeny weeny
    Or she may just happen to get trampled by that horse she can’t ride that ain’t paid for !

    • nathania says:

      extremely plausible, if you google the Salahis they are being sued by pretty much every associate they have ever had and anyone who ever was employed by them at events, their former employees have complaints plastered all over the internet. I agree with Rich, about the ‘man rules’…Tareq started that when Mary confronted Michaele about the gossip. That was clucking hen stuff. And then Tareq goes postal and brings up this far-fetched story, to defend his wife (this is mean but she reminds me of a terradactyl in a blond wig) against Mary, but he went way too far. This is a couple that Cohen needs to ditch, right now, just like the Giudices. Viewers don’t mind people who have problems but I don’t understand keeping around people who create problems, massive ones, as a matter of course in daily life. Cat is already gone from DC and not coming back…I love stacie but I don’t like entertaining the Salahi garbage one bit, I am starting to switch channels just like I did on NJ whenever the Manzo and Guidice were on there.

    • Zoey says:

      Wow, you’re feisty this evening WSL! Love it! So true, never thought about the points you brought up. We might see them on Justice Files one day.

      • dancekrazy says:

        Por(e)k Salami gives me the absolute eeby-geebies. Michaele is his BARBIE doll, except on strings. Another moron to add to the Kelly list.

  47. Wendy says:

    Quote from my 13 year old son when I was watching RHONJ: “Mom, why do you watch this crappy show?” LOL
    Here are some suggestions for Ben W of shows my son and I have watched together and enjoyed:
    Burn Notice
    Friday Night Lights
    We have rented them thru netflix.
    Any other suggestions for Ben?

    • Noelle says:

      “LOST”…sniff..sniff…*taking a moment*
      and *taking another moment*..sniff….GREAT SHOW!!

      Watched it with my 14yr old daughter, I loved it! 😉

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Burn Notice is awesome. 🙂 I think Ben’s parents need to get him to a library before he should be watching the highly addictive crap television called Real Housewives. Yes, I admit I watch crap television :p.

    • dancekrazy says:

      I hate to say this, but your son has more sense than I do for watching this nonsense (but I’m addicted). Does he need an older girlfriend? I need someone mature enough to ground me.

      • Wendy says:

        I’m addicted too!! Can’t wait to see the Beverly Hill ladies!
        I’d be the last to know about any girlfriends. LOL!

  48. Noelle says:

    I take a break and all hell breaks loose…good way!
    @Boston…”Tink” as in Tinkerbell…you remind me of her…I adore her! I digress. 🙂

    @TLD & OMB…HEYYY?!! Seems like this twosome is exclusive…NOT!
    I adore you both!

  49. lillybee says:

    I have a feeling that young Ben would probably enjoy Project Runway and the Austin and Santino show.

  50. Angel says:

    I noticed what a kook Andy was when he insulted Danielle about not being a gay-advocate bcuz of her friend saying”f*ggot”. First, you’re right, Lynn, she is NOT responsible for his comment. I use to love Andy, I literally can not stand him anymore. He is a self-serving hypocrite. And for someone that is gay, and most likely bullied at some point in his life, he sure does love condoning bullying. He picks and chooses what is wrong and right when it suits HIS needs, shady character, he is!( It’s okay to push people too, according to him, as he did nothing and Teresa never apologized) She ignored his question, showing her lack of respect.

    (little does she know with her arrogance is clearly HER LACK OF RESPECT FOR HERSELF! TERESA HATES HERSELF.

    I sided with Danielle from the very beginning. Why? It was obvious to me, long ago, it was all about “shame”. Danielle has a criminal past and sexual history, women in general are the biggest abusers to women in society. I saw through all their sh*t from Day 1. Most of America hated the Underdog, Danielle. It was so disturbing to watch them all gang up, month after month, with sheer hate and vengeance. I knew it was projection and judgmental B.S. You can NOT have mind progression without compassion. Why don’t people understand this? As I read comment after comment, seeing most Americans side with violent, hateful women, the first thing I thought was how sad our society is and how cruel women are to women. As if men don;t beat us down enough. Hating and bullying your own gender is deplorable. The second thing I though was, WOW…I am a genius. Would have been good to know earlier in life! Outrageous was an understatement when I describe the venomous and cowardly behavior by grown women. The third thing I thought was, OMG these women are Mothers!!! Danielle is the only one whose kids seem well adjusted which says a lot considering a divorce, finance problems, sex tape etc..










    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I agree. They hated her from day one. Dina and Caroline started the whole hate fest and wouldn’t stop until Theresa, Jac, the townspeople and the world joined in. It was based on vengeance, superiority, fear and envy. But as we know, Karma is a bitch!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      remember those Friday the 13th movies? the girl that Jason always got first was the girl who took her shirt off. The girl that made it was always the virtuous girl next store.

      I always thought that the horror movie genre was trying to enforce a code of morality on women. You know if you enjoy sex, without (as my mother used to say) benefit of clergy, well bad things will happen to you.

      I feel the exact same way watching the RHONJ. No one can tell America what Danielle has done that warrants this level of abuse.

      I cannot help but notice that Danielle has broken every nice girl rule there is.

      This determination that these “woman” have to take Danielle down is borderline fanatical.

      According to wkipedia.com: “Fanaticism is a belief or behavior involving uncritical zeal… according to Winston Churchill, “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject”…the fanatic displays very strict standards and little tolerance for contrary ideas or opinions.”

      umm..Caroline much? Hello Theresa? Dina? and to a lesser degree Jacqueline?
      Even Miss Andy is guilty of this.

      Their fanaticism is to “punish” Danielle for failing to remain within the norms of polite, civilized society.

      • nathania says:

        the more I read these comments the more I feel like I have ‘found my people’. I have also noticed that about the horror movie genre, it is always about sexuality, female sexuality being punished and destroyed.

        I think what it is is, these ‘ladies who lunch’ (no matter if from the dregs of Jersey and the lunch is salami or corned beef) all make their ‘deals for dough’. They all know their husbands fool around on the side, it’s a transaction of wife/maid/mother for cash, with the unspoken agreement to look the other way when hubby ‘steps out’. And maybe Danielle wanted to be one of these ladies, but the truth is, Danielle is from the other side of female cultural experience. Danielle is a former sex worker. Danielle is one of the women who service the men and enable them to stay in these sham marriages and continue to prop their wives up with jewels and cash. So probably it’s all their collective resentment at knowing they didn’t quite get the fairy tale they ordered up in childhood, coming out on Danielle at once. Caroline has 26 years of Albert being ‘not home a lot’ (and we are told it’s because he’s a workaholic but who really knows), rumors are flying everywhere about the true nature of Dina’s marriage, as are the rumors about Joe and strippers and blonds on twitter, etc etc etc.

        It’s really not even Danielle personally probably, it’s just that universal madonna/whore divide and the bitter and greedy madonnas ganging up and spitting on the whore. Because she was overtly sexual, god forbid and became the focal point of their rage at all the women their husbands entertain on the side. That’s my guess, anyway.

        • oopsy says:

          Hey, how come it is ok for Chris to open a strip club but Caroline bashes Danielle for being a stripper? Will she disrespect the women her son employs? Hypocrit

          • nathania says:

            I’ve asked Caroline that at least two or three times on the Bravo blog but I haven’t seen where my comment was ever posted. I did notice that she recently made a comment that it was ‘okay’ (thank you mother Mary) for women to strip, etc., which is a reversal from when she was taking cheap shots at Danielle when her history as an exotic dancer first came out. Apparently somehow it was pointed out to her than once again she was being hypocritical to endorse Chris’s idea while slamming and trying to destroy Danielle on issues of faux-morality.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          BINGO!!! well said

    • vilzvet says:

      Yep the blog was not worth reading, just like I figured. “Garbage” and “if it’s not from me, it’s not true” is how she addresses her latest legal woes.

  51. Noelle says:

    WTF? HUH!??!!

  52. Wall St Lady says:

    I was partly wrong about
    sap hires.
    Wikipedia says there r real pink,yellow & black
    besides blue.
    Real yellow sapphires

    There also synthetic sapphires which also have some important commercial uses.

    I am also not wrong that it is very common, for some,
    reason that costume jewelers refer to fake stones as blue ,pink ,yellow as sapphire on the theory that folks know (incorrectly) that there r only deep blue real sapphires.

    • Noelle says:

      I am for one taking notes…
      Two of my famuly members invested in stones….lost a lot.
      I love taking your notes..as stones are a risky business to begin with.
      Wow…sorry to be a downer.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I think that the real stones have an identifying mark a jeweler can see with the magnifying thingy.

      The fake ones have to be identified at point of purchase. And they are so perfect as to be suspect.

  53. Noelle says:

    @Wall Street Lady,
    I adore you more each day!!!


    • Noelle says:

      I assure you that I’m a good person. I just felt awkward. My Mom is sick. Thanks for all your help.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        Anyone can see you’re a good person. No reason to feel awkward, you’re among friends!

        I’m sorry to hear about your mom, I hope she’s feeling better soon.

        • Noelle says:

          I understand the mess…it often happens…espc. placing
          Richrod as head coach of UofM…Love you BO!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Noelle, sorry to hear about your mom, hope she is better soon!!! :)xo

        • Noelle says:

          I love you Lynn…as my Zay!(Gama)

          We all do!! Go take a BITE of Your due!
          We’re behind you!


          • anniieee says:

            Noelle– hope your mom feels better. I had an antique capashon (sp) sapphire that was a little over 10 carats. It was set in white gold. I took it to a jeweler to have it appraised. It was “flawless”. Because it was flawless-he wouldnt do the appraisal as it could be man-made. We sent it to the Gemological (sp again) Society for an appraisal. Came back man- made from the early 20’s…but still valued at $3,800. The setting was valued at $500.

  54. krone says:

    This episode made my opinions of the ladies go all topsy turvy. Previously, I was prepared to detest Michaele for the State Dinner crashing thing but now see her as a rather pathetic ditz a la Lynn Curtin (O.C), which someone else here has mentioned before; she was a very pretty girl who sold herself to a flashy, obnoxious, controlling, egomaniac who presented as a very wealthy man. I can’t sustain the energy it takes to detest her & find myself almost feeling sorry for her at times. Go figure. I also did a complete turn around re Cat. She really got on my nerves with her,” I know you’re American but please show some manners” and her attempts at self aggrandizement e.g. “George was like a father figure to ” whatever hubby’s name is and flaunting the photo with Joe Biden as if they were BFFs;how I enjoyed watching her with the odious Edwina (this woman makes my skin crawl although she’s been sticking to FauxNews lately so I don’t have to listen to her much anymore.) I thought Cat was masterful in the way she handled Edwina and showing up as Sarah Palin was genius; Stacie’s right,- that woman has balls of steel and I love it! I didn’t know what was going on with the Lolly thing especially knowing how Bravo loves to edit to fit its own story line, but Mary seems to always be just a tad tipsy and prone to misty eyes. Lynda’s growing on me; she’s one strong woman and I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. Stacie’s the one I can relate to for now. BEN WEINER! Will someone please call child protective services?!!! Is Andy so far gone that he thinks this perverse relationship he has with him is amusing? I didn’t think my opinion of Andy could go much lower, but it has; the man’s CREEPY!!! I’m technically illiterate but am off to try your new site Lynn. You have to put so much time into this, it would be great if you could get some compensation. I’d be lost without you; even though I don’t post often, I ALWAYS stop by and read when I can. I’ve spent a lot of time here and thoroughly enjoy it. Thank you, thank you. Isn’t it exciting that Alex is modeling? I envy you the time you spent with her; I think that she and Simon are the Bravolebrities I’d most like to meet.

  55. Amber...Real Wife says:

    In the case of the Stolen Car and Polo Gear, I found that while the scenario was indeed embellished by TurnipSalami, re: FBI involvement they could have been robbed. That said, I think Lolly’s non chalant attitude was not the appropriate response. Regardless if one is innocent, when accused of a crime, or as an accessory to a crime, I would think the normal reaction would be outrage or fear. Not a eye-rolling, shoulder shrugging response. Like so what or who cares. Obviously the grifting Salamis reputation proceeds them, and they can indeed be targeted. The criminals could believe that it wouldn’t be reported or if reported it would be ignored. Many of the upper crust kids, have robbery rings, where they get information about parents or rich friends vacationing, or security breaches and are robbed. What if Lolly is in with a bad crowd? She wrote something on Facebook that appeared incriminating? I think the lady doth not protest enough.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      omg, “TurnipSalami” I luvs it!

    • krone says:

      Mr. Machaele’s timing re Lolly sucked but there was something off about that whole scene. A car and other things were stolen yet all of the adults ( actually, the other adults shouldn’t have been there, )so, Mary goes weepy because he’s “implicating” her 23 yr. old child in something? It has to be the editing; wouldn’t most parents be concerned that their adult child apparently stole, or was with people who stole a car? It seemed to be all about protecting Lolly and no shock at the action. If someone told me my daughter stole a car I’d be shocked, angry, demand the details, find my daughter and figure out what the Hell was going on. I really am getting old; seems like none of these HW kids are held accountable for anything. Yeah, I know a lot depends on the editing but Mary seemed more upset by the accusation than the possibility her daughter stole something. I agree with you Amber that Lolly’s demeanor was wayyyy off. Can’t explain exactly what was so off-putting; shady.

    • Sue says:

      ‘Ol Turnip Salahi was lying like a rug. First, the FBI couldn’t care less about a car theft and theft of polo gear unless something else is involved and it relates to a federal issue. This was investigated by the local police, according to the Washington Post, and nothing came of it.

      He said the FBI ran 6 months of electronic surveillance, phones, etc. Didn’t happen, nor would it. What I found amusing is that if the FBI Really did that, it’s slmost guaranteed they were watching him, too….

      The car that was ‘stolen’ was actually left in a valet parking area and ‘found’ in the same valet area, a short distance from where it was claimed the car was originally parked. Apparently, it happened during their 2008 polo match.

      Shockingly, although the case is still open, the local police, as well as the imaginary FBI, InterPol, the CIA, the Justice League and the SuperFriends have all moved on to other investigations.

      Heartless bastards!

    • ches says:

      Good points Amber but I don’t think I entirely agree.
      This is a true story….a few years ago a family friend was suspected of murdering his girlfriend, who had gone missing. Apparently this guy had a whole different life that no one really knew about. The FBI was called in, for various reasons, to help the local cops. They were looking into different scenarios and suspected he had help, or maybe even another GF did it, but they really weren’t sure. The FBI compiled a list of women who were also suspected be having an affair with this man. A couple of months later, at a party, in a group of people, my husband proceeds to tell me I’m on the list. WTF???
      At that time I was lucky to get the baby puke wiped off of me, and if I had any energy at all it sure as hell wouldn’t be wasted having an affair or killing someone. So I laughed. The first thing out of my mouth was, “I’ve got to tell my sisters this one.” I knew I had no involvement with a crime, or another man and the thought was so ridiculous to me I couldn’t even get upset over it. All I could think of was, if the cops want to question me, come on over and we’ll see who’s head is spinning by the time it’s over.
      Needless to say I was cut from their list before that ever happened. But I felt no outrage or fear.
      So I can see how Lolly Amon, or any person in that kind of situation, can react that way.
      I’ve found, for the most part, the people who get defensive and fearful are usually the ones who have something to hide.
      Yet I have to agree with Krone, if somebody made accusations like that against my daughter I would be a blur getting on that cell phone. Plus, I would have pinned Salahi down with a barrage of questions. Like exactly what the Fb post said, the date of the post, his FBI contact with phone number, etc. I wouldn’t have allowed him to say a couple of vague accusations and get away with it, without asking about every little detail. But I agree, the editing job was strange and seemed like quite a few things were missing.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Different take yet we agree. You would be alarmed if your child was accused of a crime. And if you were accused of an actual crime, you would be outraged wondering who the hell is accusing you of doing something, or who said you did it. However, if you or any other exhausted housewife were suspected or accused of infidelity, our immediate reaction would be laughter. After we got the stitch in our side to subside, we would ask more questions and bust into other rounds of laughter and call anyone who needed a laugh. Like my mother would say “One, you kidding me I’ve got 5 on the side and still looking!” This in response to my 71 year old dad accusing her of wanting a new husband!

        • ches says:

          It’s nice to know at 71 your father still worries about things like that. Kadooz to your mother for still being able to keep him on his toes.

    • dancekrazy says:

      Por(e)k Salami is a “piece of garbage” and I’d love to know what the hell the FBI would be doing investigating an auto theft!!!! More total bull>>>>>
      But I sure hope we don’t have another Ashley in Lolly.

  56. Wall St Lady says:

    I forgot to mention if anyone
    selling to u says this is a yellow pink blue etc. Sapphire , b sure to ask if they mean synthetic.
    If it is expensive be sure to ask for a certificate.
    I guess its always good to know ur jeweler.

    • Noelle says:

      Can I get an “AMEN!!”

    • eastwest says:

      Wall St. Lady, I love your comments on these crazy shows! I’ve never posted on a blog before, but you’ve inspired me, so I hope I do this right!

      Natural, untreated Sapphires do come in all colors. Like most stones, Sapphires can be junk or very valuable. thenaturalsapphirecompany.com seems very informative.
      Given Teresa’s history of lies and fruad, I have been wondering about the ring given to her for her 10th anniversary. First, on RHWNJ, she said the ring was a yellow DIAMOND. Then on the View she said it was COSTUME JEWLERY. Then for her THIRD story she said on WWHL that it was a SAPPHIRE. Well, a diamond, even of poor quality would be of at least some value (at auction to repay her debts). Costume jewlery would be worth nothing, but a Sapphire’s value would be the hardest to determine since there are few true experts on Sapphires and a lot of misinformation about the stone in the general public. If that ring is in fact a Sapphire, it could be worthless or worth 10s of thousands of dollars. I hope the people who are auctioning off the Giudice’s stuff take a good hard look at that ring.

  57. KellitaM says:

    Great blog recap of DC!
    I just watched it this afternoon, and here’s what I’m finally concluding: They are all just……odd. I can’t put my finger on what it is. The whole cast just seems a little “off” to me, with the exception for Stacie & Jason, who strike me as the most “normal” couple of the bunch. I am struggling to watch this show. Their lives are not interesting, their conversations are not interesting, and half of the cast per scene appear to be liquored up. (Which actually IS a little interesting.)
    And to address Tareq bringing up Lolly’s possible involvement in the thefts: Who does that at a pleasant dinner party in front of the other guests?? Awkward! I cringed just watching from my sofa!! A normal person with an ounce of social competence would call Mary, or stop by her home to have this conversation privately. Did Bravo direct Tareq to do this for the show? Hmm.
    Anyway, so far I vote this the most boring of the Housewives shows.

    • boston02127 says:

      @KellitaM–I agree, totally boring. I like Stacie but I’m a little iffy on her husband and his penis enlargement invention???

    • Sue says:

      He was drunk, mean, and on his home turf in front of cameras he knew would be riveted on him if he made the allegation. He also knew it would be juicy enough for the editors to use. It made him feel important.

      He said something like, “everyone’s going to go to jail,” referring to the incident, as though it was a done deal, when no arrests have been made to date.

      He was careful to say that the pictures or statements were on the Facebook page of a “Facebook friend” of Lolly’s. They weren’t on her page. As for whether she even knows that person in real life, I don’t think anyone has said.

  58. anotherlynn says:

    During the reunion, I noticed that they left out Danielle’s clown comment toward Carolyn. They played everything but that. I thought that was a funny comment. It is another example of Bravo’s dislike toward Danielle. Also, Carolyn states she owns everything. When she was asked if she would have lunch with Kim G, she said “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”. Why can’t she say yes or no? Her sayings seem to never fully answer the question. Just saying. p.s. first time posting and I love this blog.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      That tasty bit of editing, saved Caroline the embarrassment of her insult being turned on her. I was shaking my head, wondering would Danielle ever be able to get a good edit at all. Only the hug at the end. And even there they gave the final word to Caroline. Assanine!

    • Sha2000 says:

      I think after last years “thick as thieves” comment, Bravo now looks for that stuff from Caroline & possibly even encourages it, she does have some flavorful quotes doesn’t she? I also think that Danielle’s “round them up!” comment was a late response to the Caroline OK corral (or whatever it was exactly) comment.

    • dancekrazy says:

      Welcome. I’ve been away for awhile and am basically re-new to the blog also.
      I enjoyed your post.

  59. Wall St Lady says:

    On 3 issues up stream

    One Mo BO

    “U So Smart”

  60. Rabble Rouser says:

    I’m glad I didn’t watch WWHL, I was put off enough by the thoughts of watching a usually half lit Andy Cohen stoke his ego and elevate himself to the status of Oprah, but then to find out that we were going to be asked to further indulge his fetish for a young school boy- count me out.

    And now I find out that Gorilla Teresa was on and they kibitzed about assault and made light of perjury- not only to think it’s really nifty that another narcissistic bitch who can’t keep her hands to herself gives the Chimp a ringing endorsement.

    For a while, I have been thinking Andy was a mean drunk- then a ‘bitchy gay’ – and now he’s just a sick A-hole.

  61. knocknoc says:


    I don’t post much but I love your blog and all the fantastic
    responders to your site. By all means switch to your new
    site …….. you go to the head of the bloggers and hopefully
    you will be compensated plentifully.

    We will follow you no matter where you post.

  62. clevelandgirl says:

    Does Cat realize that she offended a great many people last night with her caustic comments about Republicans? She is so rude and I don’t find her amusing at all. I hope that she realizes how distasteful and nasty she comes across. But maybe she is as deluded as Kelly in thinking people love her. I know things have not gone well for her lately—karma is a bitch!

    • krone says:

      I think Cat not only realizes she’s offending people, but delights in it. I was really offended by her Americans/ no manners comments. It’s taken me this long to enjoy anything she’s done or said. This week I laughed but I’ll probably go back to disliking her next week. I think she’s an equal opportunity offender.

    • myname2use4now says:

      Cat reminds me of an ex-friend of mine. She’d say anything, regardless of how rude, insensitive, or just plain old mean, as long as it was “clever” or made her laugh. Cat was really rude to Edwina (who honestly, seems like a pretty nice and interesting person and no, I’m not a Republican), and it was just plain nutty to dress up as Sarah Palin and even though I hate Turnip or whatever his name is, she didn’t have to blame his rudeness on being an American.

      So yes, she’s offensive but what I find most offensive is how much personal attention she needs and what she’s willing to do to get it.

  63. Wall St Lady says:

    BlackBerry POSTERS


    Is there a way to a post a response comment under the comment ?
    Or is the only option to post at the bottom of the page in Lynn’s blog ?

    • truelifediva says:

      I post most of my replies via my BlackBerry. No reply button option. That’s why it put @blahblahblah to alert the person I am replying to and hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

      • truelifediva says:

        I just remembered, you can do a Select- Copy- Paste thingie and show what you’re replying to also in your post when using BlackBerry.

  64. Wall St Lady says:

    I certainly think Andy asked the many times arrested Naomi to call in as a slap in Trasha’s face & a to be a foil of Trash’s equally low class, un lady like ,ho ,bit#*, cu*#,prostitution, whore, OK WSM is telling me to stop

  65. AZ Girl says:

    Great Guest Blog. Well done Katherine.

    I am actually enjoying HWODC. I did not think I would but last night was interesting.
    First Tareq and Micheale are fools. Bringing up FALSE accusations towards Mary’s daughter about an incident that happened 2 years ago in front of another couple is disgusting. Tareq looked totally wasted. I wish it would have been Jason’s daughter he was talking about and watch Jason lunge over the table at Tareq and whip is ass. That would have been great. Instead, Stacie and Jason were appalled. Rightly so. Poor Mary.

    I love Cat. She see people for what they are and will not play the game. She is smart and very self-assured. Nothing phases her. I am not offended by her dressing up as Sarah Palin. She was invited to a Republican event by a Republican lobbiest. She is taping a reality show. I thought it clever.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I liked it too, more than I thought I ever would. After initially not liking Cat, I thought she was brilliant last night. Mary & hubby and Salami……get to a 12 step program right away. You have a problem.

  66. Wall St Lady says:

    It seems to me lots of the housewives r Republican ? But why did Cat go to a Republican event ? I guess it is possible I have friends on both sides.
    Did u know Silda Spitzer is from NC ?

  67. Rabble Rouser says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I checked out the new blog, it looks great. I don’t have an account for any of their approved formats but if you move over, I will get an account 🙂

  68. nathania says:

    I think it’s a great idea for you to host ads, I am sad it has taken me this long to find the ‘sane’ housewives fans, I was beginning to think there weren’t any. Even though there are folks here that have favorites I haven’t sensed a lot of blind devotion which is pretty much all there is on the bravo site.

    Someone needs to check teresa, who is likely going to end up in jail for fraud. It is beyond offensive to me that she’s still on this show with all her dirty deals, tax fraud, mortgage fraud, etc etc etc. I am not sure how it is that Cohen can expect people to be invested in a character this conscienceless. A grifter is a grifter, give me prostitution-whore any day over this mess, because compared to Joe and Teresa, that is an honest way of making money. When Alex said to Jill ‘while you’re in high school, I’m in Brooklyn, trying to survive in this economy’ it resonated with a lot of people…and out in the ‘real world’ it’s quite clear that Teresa is universally despised because of her excesses…I have no desire to watch this show any more because of that kind of thing. Between the inherited mafia millions the Manzos live off of and the fraud perpetuated by the Giudices (the worst of which is probably hidden or buried in offshore accounts) it’s completely disgusting and I’m kind of confused about how it isn’t even a blip on Bravo’s radar.

    I did notice in this season’s episode with Elvira great stress was placed on the word ‘live-in’ when referring to teresa’s non-existent help. I had no idea the parents lived there. But the reference to ‘live-in’ makes me think she does have maids that come in and clean but don’t live on the premises.

    I had an about-face concerning Cat last night too. She was hysterical. She’d do better on NY where her frankness wouldn’t raise an eyebrow but in the south it’s just not understood. That ‘assistant’ creeped me out completely, when she said ‘when I was protecting you’ to Michaele i almost expected Michaele to reach over and pat her on the head.

    I really adore Stacie, I think were it not for her i would just abandon the whole franchise altogether. I love hearing them talk about politics, councilmen, caucus dinners. Alex said once in her blog that housewives and politics don’t mix but from the death spiral that NJ ending up being I think that a higher purpose (beside hosting galas that cost exponentially more than the actual pennies they do raise for charity) is exactly what these shows need. I can already tell that Beverly Hills, whose ‘wives’ look the most Stepford and manufactured of all, is going to be the same kind of train wreck as New Jersey, because all it takes is one look at these women to know how self-absorbed they are. Beverly Hills is veering into the ridiculous and Andy just needs to do what he so obviously wants to from the looks of the BH ladies and make a show about The Real Housewives of Chelsea or Castro or something and use drag queens because that would be a hell of a lot more interesting in the end.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Nathania –
      I’m glad you found us! Welcome! I don’t think you’ll find a lot of blind devotion here LOL We all speak our minds about the housewives.

      Thanks to everyone for your support of the move, It will most likely happen over the next week or so, I’ll post on both sites for a while then phase out this one. I’m sad to leave it because its been great but they won’t allow ads…bummer.

      I appreciate everyone going along with us…and if you’ll all click on all the ads, that’d be great (just kidding) LOL

      Rabble Rouser, I’m still fairly new at that site but I did choose that anyone can post with or without an account on Blogspot, but I think your post will show as “anonymous” if you don’t create an account. Thanks for the kind words 🙂 xo

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          The blog will probably be moving to another site that allowed banners/advertising. With all traffic this site generates, it could be a good way to compensate Lynn for her time and efforts.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I tried to post with the open Id but it didn’t work. I just signed up but I think I must have had an account since it seemed to remember me- abet with a different user name 🙂

        I will also be sure to click on some banners 🙂

    • krone says:

      Welcome Nathania!
      I’m pretty new here myself and love that people disagree without being disagreeable. I sometimes check out links that are posted but this is pretty much home base for all things Housewives. It seems we share the same opinions about Stacie and Cat; hope you stick around!!

        • krone says:

          Damn! just wrote a response to you Lynn and it disappeared. Just want to say that you’ve welcomed me before but there are so many people here that U couldn’t possibly remember everyone who’s stopped by. You run a great site: encouraging different opinions but, it seems to me, U wouldn’t tolerate flagrant disrespect which has encouraged me to kick my inner lurker to the curb and dive right in. Greatness starts at the top and filters down,- those who don’t want respectful interaction toddle off when they get no pleasure. I don’t know how you do it woman, but this is the only site I actually feel comfortable on and am convinced it starts with you. Besides, you’ve spent time with my favorite “reality” people, Simon and Alex and I Loooved your first hand report.!!!!!

  69. Veronica123 says:

    I loved the way Cat questioned Edwina. This “seasoned” lobyist looked like a deer in the headlights. Like Stacy said, Cat has balls of steel. Will be interesting to see
    her personality play out in the coming weeks.

    Next week looks interesting w/ Michaele talking about her marraige. Does anyone know of any previews on the web for this?

    • Dani says:

      Veronica123 I agree I loved Cat’s questions to Edwina. I wonder what Edwina’s medical bills were for that night? I am sure as a lobyist she has great health insurance.

  70. If you have a profile here on wordpress, you can select it as the “user id” on the new site, and it will let you post. Sign in on here, then go over there. 🙂

  71. Sara says:

    Cat is so entertaining. I think she is literally unable to act fake- everything she says and does is real. Obviously there’s a negative side to that. But I’m happy they cast her for the show.

    • BKAamia009 says:

      To bad they could dind someone who was from DC she is from the UK and lives in the UK now since she got divorced. she was right in her opening line, “Im not here for a long time Im here for a good time.” She was back in the UK b4 the show started to air.

  72. BKAamia009 says:

    Who ever wrote this Blog GR8 job you really covered everything and said everything just about that I was thinking except that Teresa of course was upset that Danielle came in second place for the WWHL pole. I do think Danielle handled her self extremely well considering how she was bullied by the woman. Of course Teresa behaved like an animal and of course lied about hiding $250 G’s um COURTS DONT LIE TERESA, We are not stupid like you think! Lynne where is that link you posted about the $250g’s? I know dont believe everything you read that why I dont believe your blogs Teresa!
    However I do disagree with one thing on this blog. (Great thing about Lynn’e blog is you can agree to disagree and no one walks away hating I hope!) Please know I am not a fan of Michale’s at all I think she is controlled by her husband and I do think Cat was spot on when she made the comment to Tareq you feel the need to control everyone with a whistle when your amongst of group of friends you are a control freak! I agree with that, I also agree that by the Salahi’s calling them in the limo before hand telling them about he situation with his mom (I dont need to explain that we all know ) then when they arrived they shouldnt of acted as if it didnt need to be talked about. However Cat was being rude regardless of that and I do feel that regardless of what ever etiquette is unwritten in stone (Mary seems to know all the etiquette in DC) that Jen was right when Michale said lets all love or whatever when Cat came on with her 20th sarcastic comment I do feel Jen was right when she said “Its better than being bitchy towards everyone” I feel she was right, As Jason said its not nice to call your guests out like that BUT CAT WAS BEING A BITCH. Its also not nice to behave that way when your a guest. I think the first 10 comments were ok but I think that everyone had enough at that point. So Im sorry Guest blogger I do disagree but you got everything else spot on. I hope you understand why I feel this way. One more thing Lolly is 23 an adult not a kid but this shows no matter how old our kids get mothers will always protect, I know Mary did keep saying to Tareq “Say it whats on your mind” but he shouldn’t of even if it was true (something tells me its not) cause it is breaking man rules. He should of said something like ” I cant believe Bill Cosby let me wear one if his sweaters or something.

  73. BKAamia009 says:

    LOL I just thought of something, Ok Tareq’s mother previously b4 the famous white house incident had called the cops and claimed all these times that there had been wine missing, i wonder if that is the wine that they take to parties The ted Gibson etc. I wonder if someone can match up the dates from when the parties were and she called the police. Think about how else would they be taken? You would have to know your way around the winery. Plus his mother was confused and couldn’t understand how it happened.

  74. quincyillinois says:

    I didn’t get to see the DC show last night, but I was surprised to hear that Cat felt it was appropriate to dress up as Sarah Palin for a Republican event. I remember being surprised when Alex and Simon did it for the Halloween event with Kelly too. I guess you can make fun of your Republican political rivals with immunity if you live in the Democratic bubbles in DC or NYC. I would not advise that behavior in the rural Midwest or Texas. I heard some Texans talking about how much they enjoyed seeing Glenn Beck at a wedding last night. Cat should try her dress up routine with that crowd and we could see what happens.

    I think it is best for celebrities to steer clear of politics. Bethenny did not respond when Jason said that she respected Obama and he did the fist pump. She knows.

    • myname2use4now says:

      I really think that dressing up for Halloween is really different (everyone expects to see people in costume and the more newsworthy your costume, the better). Dressing up in costume for a private party when everyone else is taking it seriously is just a desperate cry for attention. But I do totally agree with you on having Cat try that in the mid-west or Texas. Now that’s something I’d be sure to tune in for.

      • KK says:

        I live in the rural midwest and I dressed as Sarah Palin. I look like her. My republican friends thought is was hilarious and took photos with me to play pranks on FB that they actually met her. I even posed with our hunting rifles.

  75. babykakes says:

    i have no problem with your new ‘blogspot’ Lynn, but what does ‘select a profile’ mean & what exactly do i hav to do? if anyone can help me out? please & thank you,

    • boston02127 says:

      @babykakes–I think that option is if you are going to start your own blog. If you’re going to only post you can ignore that. If I’m wrong someone plz correct me.

  76. truelifediva says:

    Just wanted to remind everyone who was asking about a gay version of The HouseWives series… LOGO will be debuting The A_List on October 04, 2010 😉

  77. MAMAZ says:

    Sorry if this has already been posted.
    From an interview with John Hamm in Details magazine. Great photos too.

    “I don’t know,” Hamm says. “When you try to learn how to act, you approach it with respect. But if you just want to be famous . . . that’s not that much different than porn. ‘I’m a movie star!’ Well, no, you’re not. You’re a porn star, and that’s completely different. And you know, hey, mazel tov—porn probably built half the houses out here, but you’re selling your dignity in a way that I feel I’m not. And once you sell it, it’s gone. You ain’t getting it back.”

    Read More http://www.details.com/celebrities-entertainment/cover-stars/201010/mad-men-actor-alpha-male-jon-hamm?currentPage=2#ixzz0zB4TfYeS

  78. Hi Lynn! Thanks for recapping WWHL bc I didn’t get to see it.

    I disagree with a lot of things the guest blogger said, but specifically about the FBI/facebook comment. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies do monitor facebook. And if you are fb friends with a person of interest, chances are they will monitor you too – at least temporarily. This is not conspiracy theory. It’s public information.
    I don’t know if the FBI was the agency that investigated Tareq’s car theft, but it’s not crazy to think that they would, especially if the car thief took the car from DC to Virginia or Maryland. And it was Lolly’s fb friends who stole the car. I remember reading about it in the paper around the time that it happened.
    Also – Mary’s husband calling the police means nothing. If they were investigating Lolly they sure aren’t going to tell her parents about it!

    I’m trying to write my own recap right now, but it’s hard because I really don’t like this show.

    For now I have Teresa’s BS Bravo Blog if anyone wants to laugh at the lies she tells.

    • Buffywood says:

      Love it, Love it, Love it! I don’t even read their blogs anymore until your version comes out. One day when you have some extra time on your hands you so do some of their comments as well, as we know they only post the “Love ya” ones most of the time. Teresa’s “fans” are dumber than dogshit.

    • quincyillinois says:

      The FBI monitors facebook and websites If you have a concern about something, you can report it to the FBI website and they will respond. I had concerns about things I read on a Farsi site and the FBI responded and asked me to alert them when I read things that seem odd.

  79. BKAamia009 says:


    • truelifediva says:

      Don’t need to follow her on twitter to know she is crazy. I figured that out when she thought it was a good idea to be seen in public with Danielle. And EVERYONE figured it out when she tried to slide her wrinkled butt down a stripper pole 🙂

    • I think Kim’s tweets are funny.
      She’s just making fun of Teresa.
      And now she’s trying to get the situations attention. Someone should tell her you need to put @ in front of the name if you want the person to see it.

  80. jezzibel says:

    test test…testicles

  81. truelifediva says:

    Gonna go eat dinner ya’ll, let me know if I miss anything…

  82. sydney says:

    I have a feeling that young Ben would probably enjoy Project Runway and the Austin and Santino show.

    ******That’s a given……..even Helen Keller knew that.

  83. Zoey says:

    Great blog, I enjoyed it, and thanks Lynn. Well I signed up with my Twitter account and moved over to our new house/your blog, and it was quite easy. I haven’t tried to post anything yet but I do see the concern someone raised about there being no ‘reply’ button. How strange.
    While I will follow you wherever you go except to a cold climate, I wonder if that will pose problems. It will be hard to have a conversational tone without being able to reply to any one comment.
    I did a very brief Google search and there is a lot of ‘how to’ info out there about adding a reply button to that particular blog, but who knows what all that is about and if it’s legit! Not me for sure.

    I’m not really watching DC but I am reading about it here and watching the commercials (does that count?), and I have to say I don’t want to get attached to Stacy because they could be pulling a ‘Jill’ on us. I mean, they could be editing out comments and ‘making’ us like her only to pull the rug out from under us next season! One thing we DO know for sure, we know Bravo ain’t gonna tell us the whole story!

    • lillybee says:

      I don’t think that they are playing a Jill on us. I disliked Jill even in the first season. It started with her being upset at not being invited to Ramona’s small cooking party even though she told us that they weren’t really friends.

      • lillybee says:

        Not to mention her leaving a fashion show because she didn’t get a front row seat.

        • Buffywood says:

          I feel the same way. Watching Season 1 now; if you take Bethenny’s commentary trying to make Jill seem likeable out of the equation “She is like black licorice”; you really do realize she was a bitch from day one.

    • Everyone thinks Stacie is so nice, and I don’t know what it is about her but she does seem nice. But if u actually listen to the words that come out of her mouth – she is a huge judgmental bitch, she just delivers it nicely.

      • Zoey says:

        Hm, differing opinions here. Love it! I can’t remember actually ‘loving’ Jill, but she was popular. I certainly didn’t hate her in the beginning. Then I began to see all the snide comments she really makes that obviously were cut out of the first season(s) and it was easy to detest her.
        So many people seem to think she changed but I think they edited out the bitchier things she said and did.

      • boston02127 says:

        @Real City Housewife —You’re right about Stacie, she gives sharp little digs and acts sweet.
        Loved your blog. Very funny!

      • nathania says:

        So far I like Stacie and Jason both because they can’t be moved, so to speak. Watching that confrontation between Terradactyl Barbie and Mary, I was pretty impressed that even though she was put on the spot Stacie still stuck to the truth and was even-handed about Lynda and Mary both. I think she has some integrity. And Jason is on the money so much, I’d like this show alot better if husbands were included more. Then Tareq went all mean girl on Mary, and it went down the bunny hole…but up to that point it was interesting watching Stacie.

  84. RubyNewbie says:

    Who exactly is allowing Andy Cohen to run wild @ Bravo?? I mean, he has a boss, right? He’s making a tawdry mess. Bravo used to be classy. I’m guilty of watching. It really is like a car wreck. You rubberneck a little…

  85. boston02127 says:

    Albie’s tweet—- I used to think that you needed to be successful to be happy. I’ve learned now tho that you need to be happy to be successful.
    Ohh Albie…. get a job.

    • Noelle says:

      You’re to good for him.
      Honestly…he sucks!

      • boston02127 says:

        @Noelle–I wonder if Caroline talks to her kids like she talks to others. I’m thinking she does because her kids don’t seem like strong or confident people. I think it’s one thing to be firm with rules but I wonder if she called them names while they were growing up. Remember when Lauren was talking to Ashley and she told Ashely to swallow her cry?

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          So funny that you mention that, I also thought that was very interesting. Lauren kept saying don’t let them see how upset you are, or something like that. I remember saying to the TV- I do that sometimes- um, why?
          Why can’t your mother see you’re upset? I didn’t get it and thought the Manzo house might not be as loving as Caroline wants us to believe.

          I mean if Ashley actually talked about her ffeelings and they were actually addressed instead of being lectured to, maybe she wouldn’t act out in such self destructive ways.

          She’s still wear those fugly hats though…so I don’t much care about her feelings if she’s got those god-awful things on.

        • Zoey says:

          Swallow her cry? Wow, that’s kinda mean. Sounds like her.

      • boston02127 says:

        Noelle–yuck to Albie, ewww & shiverr~~~

    • Noelle says:

      Get a real mother f’n job jr.
      Do u work in real life?….Have u ever?
      Get your real degree Albie. You so need it!

  86. boston02127 says:

    Between Danielle and Teresa, Jill must be sitting back with a smile on her face. I miss hating her. She was fun to hate. Teresa pisses me off because she’s a thief. I can’t wait for Jill to mess up and we know she will!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      OMG-how bad is the RHONJ if it makes you miss Jill? We’ve sunk even lower than I thought possible!

  87. Wall St Lady says:

    Sue where did u get ur info that the FBI doesn’t care about the Salami “theft” which I too think is balongi ?

    • Sue says:

      The Washington Post said it was investigated by local police. Also, having worked in both law & media for a long time, the first question would be why a federal agency like the FBI would have any interest in what Salami called the theft of a $90,000 car and several thousand in polo gear. That’s a matter for police in the jurisdiction in which tje thefts happened. As described, it’s not a federal crime.

      Also, Salami forgot to mention that the ‘stolen’ car didn’t go anywhere. During one of his overrought polo events, the car was parked in a valet area. It’s claimed that when they went to get the car, it wasn’t where it was originally parked, but rather a short distance away, in the same valet area.

      Apparently some polo gear turned up, but most did not. Roughly two years later, the case is still open, with no arrests.

      Salahi relished saying the FBI had been monitoring Mary’s daughter’s communications for 6 months (!!!!!) and that EVERYONE’S going to jail.

      Tareq is so sleazy, it’s hard to look at him when he’s on.

  88. boston02127 says:

    Tareq Salahi’s tweet to Patty the pork chop Stanger.

    Patty – I’m a millionaire @pattistanger

    Pork chop tweeted back to Tareq—- @TareqSalahi Are u lookin to date? Aren’t u married?

    Tareq aka Pumpkin Head tweet back to her—- There is plenty of me to go around @pattistanger

  89. Wall St Lady says:

    he first time I laid eyes on ill on TV (NEVER saw her at NYC parties ,even D list ones)
    I thought she was a typical NYC female type. When she threw a nasty fit cuz a B designer disted her ;it compounded my initial “get her away from polite ladies” opinion.

  90. Wall St Lady says:

    Zoey I like U & ur comments. Why r u Zoey ?

    • Zoey says:

      Hi WLS, and thanks! I like yours too. I wish we had a ‘like’ button here sometimes. I would use it a lot.

      The first dog I ever had, my baby, was named Zoey. She was with us for about 11 years then she passed away. She was a sweetheart. So, it reminds me of her.

  91. Wall St Lady says:

    Noelle I was sorry to read ur Mom is ill too. Boy when it rains it pours!
    How is Elle ? Thank God for dogs & children who just want to be in ur lap & have ur attention. They don’t understand sick they just love u. I was happy to hear u have 2 ,9 & 14 ?,children. I never had any but I do have regular short term adoration when I visit God children & nieces. Anyway, please tell me more about ur children.

  92. Zoey says:

    Here’s an article I just came across. You might need some anit-barf medicine before you read it. It’s Teresa talking parenting, ha!


  93. dancekrazy says:

    I am electronically challenged. I’m already registered with wordpress, but can’t seem to get onto your new blog. Can you go through it so that a moron like Kelly can understand how to read and post on the new one?

    Thank you,

  94. Wall St Lady says:

    Thanks for sharing. Zoey.
    Did u know the Bean in Ellabean & the elle in Noelle is From a beloved dog too.
    There r also 2 grand daughters honored Lilly & Olivia.

    Also JazznightOut ,Ella (Fitzgerald)bean & WSMan & Lady love jazz

    Sadly Jenni,Noelle &Eva r not we’ll & we in Lynn must remember them in prayer every day.we do it better together !

    Love love love
    Our LynnFam !

  95. Adgirl says:

    I actually enjoyed DC this week. I like Stacie, Mary and Lynda. I like Cat sometimes and I also want to slap her face. Michaela, does she have Stockholm Syndrome?
    Arrrgh Cat, what the hell does she know? Wasn’t she living in England in 2008? So, she is now a great authority on American politics?
    The party was obviously a set-up just for RHDC, probably the production team was desperate to make it look like the ladies were actually part of the company town culture. No way would a lobbyist have risked themselves professionally having the RH at a real function.

    Cat was extremely rude to arrive in the Palin outfit. Would she have gone to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser dressed as White House intern? Hilarious. Oh. Right. That would have been rude.

    • cyotteeflower says:

      Palin is to a republican lobbiest as a mistress is to Hillary??
      Okay you lost me there.

      • Sha2000 says:

        I’m sorry Adgirl but I agree w/cyotteeflower. Monica was an embarrassment, are you saying so is Sarah?

        • Adgirl says:

          I’m saying Cat’s intention was to embarrass her host and the expected Repub guests. Regardless of the prop

    • Sha2000 says:

      “Wasn’t she living in England in 2008? So, she is now a great authority on American politics?”

      Well yes as they say “all politics is local” but you can turn on the tv & watch the house of commons if you love the intricacies of politics & see how it is done in the UK. Anyone living in the UK & can do the same & watch the workings on the hill on C-span & get the low down from watching the various network coverage, access the Washington Post, NY times, WSJ, etc online. I for example would have discussions over at the Times of London & other British papers re: BP spill & found that I could debate (which btw I love to do) American politics with there…interesting to get their perception & find some times our political culture does not translate fully there even though we share the same language. Point is, we’re all in the information age & have full access including Cat. Ms. Rodger’s is a **lobbyist** (I don’t care what party), she makes money pushing agendas for corporations whether it hurts the taxpayer or not, I feel NO SYMPATHY for her. Also, besides being a lobbyist she is an attorney, why she didn’t display the mental fortitude to have a true conversation with Cat, reflex’s on her (not Cat); it was akin to Palin being asked the simple question of “what do you read?” and not being able to answer. Cat IS bitchy, she IS rude, but she’s smart.

  96. Adgirl says:

    I think Tareq and Micheala get a thrill out of these capers. He probably gets a woody every time they pull something. Then he lets Micheala eat a piece of lettuce.
    The Salahi’s are really desperate people. The Salahi’s are such posers that they see everyone in a distorted fashion. When you pretend to be something you are not, spinning and embellishing your stories constantly to CYA, after a while I guess it’s a short drive to Paranoia Town with a quick stop at Gilding the Lily.

    It was cruel to upset Mary like that. Grifters like the Salahi’s are sociopaths they don’t care who they hurt. They’re in it to get the reaction out of you! Mary cried! DING DING!

  97. Adgirl says:

    Project Runway: Mondo gave a whole new meaning to Staycation.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Don’t you hate that term? I want a vacation, a “staycation” doesn’t cut it. It’s like craving really fine chocolates, when the only sweet left in the house is an old mint at the bottom of your purse….doesn’t satisfy the cravings.

      • Zoey says:

        Lol, that’s a great analogy! I have to say I actually love a staycation only because sometimes a real vacay can be exhausting. Getting there, getting back, hauling stuff, etc.
        Give me a fancy, schmancy hotel with a view and room service and I’m in Heaven. When my little staycay was over this summer I was excited to be going home, I was ready, and then I realized I only had to drive 10 min, and that felt soooo good.

        Ideally you’d be able to have both!

  98. Sherry says:

    Ok, am a bit under the weather, insomnia has gotten me too, and had to work half the night. I’ve got lots of reading to catch up on so I’m only going to post one or two thoughts: I really think Blandy Andy is a real creep for having the 13 year old boy on his show. Some adult themes, cursing, and extremely bad behavior are the focus on the housewives franchise, and there’s no way a kid should be watching it.

    I had the channel on when all the WWHL reruns were being shown and I wasn’t paying complete attention because I was working. BUT, I noticed that (or did I?) Blandy mentions kids too much for my comfort now. When it wasn’t about Ben Ben Ben, it was about some camp with kids, and something else that I can’t remember at the moment. Way too much kid stuff. If he wants kids, then wow, Blandy, learn what is age appropriate, and learn all about boundries.

    I really don’t know what to think about Blandy’s preoccupation with Ben and children in general, but it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

    I’m going to call KelliKilloranBensimon (sp?), NeedyNarcissiticKookyKelli. Maybe Kooky for short. Yeesh…obsessed with her hair. LOL, is it was a story being pitched, you mean to tell me of all things to attempt to get press on, THAT is what they came up with? Oh my…maybe she doesn’t like to hire people who are smarter than her.

    • Sherry says:

      meant to type ‘IF that was a story’ not IS that was a story’

    • cyotteeflower says:

      I don’t think the housewives shows are ideal for a kid his age but there is much worse all of our kids are exposed to.
      There are several posts about Andy’s interest being creepy but do you really think if it had anything to do with sexual attraction Andy would have it so front and center?
      If Andy were female would you feel the same?Or more importantly if he were straight would it bother everyone as much?Personally I can see him comming to an age to want children in his life.
      Innocent natural interest,IMO.

      • Sha2000 says:

        cyotteeflower well said I couldn’t agree more. Why do we no accept that children listen to totally inappropriate music (a good example is Rianna singing “come on boy are you hard enough, can you get it up, give it to me”, on all the big radio stations but, a boy watching the housewives is such a big deal? Yes I turn that song off if it comes on in the car & no I do not let my girls watch the HW’s, but my point is, kids are exposed to the wrong things now & the HW’s are the least of it.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Kids hear and see MUCH worse at school every day. But I can’t understand why any kid male or female would be interested in the HWs framchise. How could they relate to it at all?
          I also don’t think Andy has any sinister interest in Ben. It’s weird but in a non sexual way. Maybe Ben reminds him of himself at that age and he’s trying to help the kid. Maybe he knows the family. Maybe like Jeff Lewis he is yearning for a child of his own.

    • Zoey says:

      Sorry you’re having insomnia, I can relate. I remember thinking when I was young, when I’d hear my mom say she couldn’t sleep, I just couldn’t understand why she just didn’t go to sleep when she was sleepy. Boy do I get it now.

    • vilzvet says:

      Yuck, I’d much rather see Fran Drescher than Jill at a book signing any day! By the way, came home yesterday with my library’s copy of Jill’s book, so that is my dreaded project next, to see what all the one star ratings are about! Actually looking forward to it now that I think of it!

  99. Sha2000 says:

    Finally watched DC last night; at last a good episode! I really like Stacie & Jason (he’s my favorite Jason), Mary & her husband seem cool, and I hate to say it…Cat brought a few smiles & made me laugh. She trapped that lobbyist at lunch w/her Palin question & I LOVED IT! It was like watching a cat play w/a mouse…now we know where she really gets her name!

  100. Sha2000 says:

    Oh!….And she really knows her stuff 44,000 unfortunately is the number of Americans that die each year from lack of access to health care aka insurance:

    Also interesting:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXj-oQm-NbE (only a lobbyist ugg!)

  101. boston02127 says:

    “The Dish’s” parody for the former housewives’ spin-off:

    • Sha2000 says:

      Who is that? She looks just like D.

    • Anitabee says:

      Wow, I am shocked. This actually made me laugh. Good find Boston!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      This is hilarious!

      It’s Danielle and I love, love, love it!

      So ok, let’s look at this. It’s been reported that Danielle has a non-compete with bravo and one of the stipulations is she can’t bad mouth Bravo or any of the cast.

      Supposedly, she did in the OUT magazine interview so Bravo is pulling her settlement, because she can’t keep her mouth shut.

      So a girl’s gotta make money somehow-right? And if Bravo stops paying her than she is under no obligation to keep her mouth shut about ANYTHING.

      This was a cute little spoof- loved her polishing the pole-the FLAG pole that is!

      Just earned a little grudgingly given respect from me.

      • Olivia says:

        Danielle is an idiot if all she had to do to obtain that settlement was to hold back criticism of Bravo and the other castmates with the stipulation that had she broken that commitment the money would be withheld. But in her quest to remain “viable” she goes right out and does just that.

        Aside from everything else, she is more than likely about to deprive her own children of the security this money would have given her to provide a living for them since she is surely unsuitable to be hired for a job that pays anywhere near what this settlement would have given her.

        Once again, Danielle has shown that she is all about herself. Look for this Lori person to disappear as soon as it becomes evident that Danielle will not be getting her own show and the fact that Bravo owns her butt for the next two years and will hold her to that contract.

        Only an egomaniac would look a gift horse in the mouth by breaking an agreement offering money for remaining silent and for performing a role that required zero talent or abilities. Bravo may be the network of sleaze but Danielle walked away from a sweet deal under the delusion that she would be a sought after “performer” by pushing her own show.

        Her 15 minutes are about up and long overdue.

        • MAMAZ says:

          OnMoBo -“And if Bravo stops paying her than she is under no obligation to keep her mouth shut about ANYTHING.”
          No neccessarily. It all depends on the terms of the agreement. IF, and we don’t really know for sure that it is, the settlement story is true it’s obvious that she won’t honor any agreement anyway.

          • Olivia says:

            Exactly. And I am sure her antics offscreen with reference to Bravo played more of a role in her “firing” than any lack of storyline they are using as an excuse.

            True that without the “Danielle hating” theme the series itself holds little interest. But Bravo has brought back Jill Zarin who supposedly tried to undermine the producers by asking the other members of the cast to not film with Bethenny. That alone, you would think, would be enough to fire her @ss but they did not.

            Danielle must have done some other serious things in relation to Bravo’s decision to let her go and as we have seen, she is quite capable of doing just about anything to achieve her goals.

            Protecting her own kids, either emotionally or financially, has never been a priority. It has always been about her and her own twisted desire to be a “star”. As soon as the last reporter has asked her about her dismissal, we will have seen the end of her.

            Hopefully this also applies to Teresa. Enough of these ho bags.

            • OneMoreinBoston says:

              geez @Olivia, I was just sayin’ I liked the video

              • Olivia says:

                You know me. I go ballistic when it comes to these women earning money for behaving like fools when so many in this nation are having difficulty just holding it together for one more day.

                Especially when they have absolutely nothing to offer beyond these shows.

              • LilyLynn says:

                LOL 🙂 that was funny – I liked it too! And it was lots more entertaining than watching a video of Kelly copycatting an outfit off a mannequin — (although have to admit that made me laugh out loud too!)

    • lillybee says:

      That hair-do was so flattering. I hope she changes her hair.

    • Cheri says:

      Lol. Great

  102. boston02127 says:

    Ben Weiner now has a twitter account. He only follows one person. Andy!

  103. Dawn says:

    Interesting article on McLean, Va vs. Georgetown, the type of people who populate including Edwina Rogers. It’s from 2006 and even postulates about what would happen when the economy goes south. Very prescient.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Good find-thank you.

      Best line of the article: “I’ve got no problem with people getting rich — I’ve got a lot of problems with people doing it by stealing money from the taxpayers while wearing a cross and condemning others’ morality.”

      can I get a what what?

  104. Dawn says:

    Andy confirms that Danielle was “let go” due to lack of ongoing storyline…..

    • cyotteeflower says:

      I call bullcrap on that excuse.All they had to do was hire someone who didn’t hate Danielle.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      What a bunch of b.s.

      Where was the storyline going? there at least was a story! What the hell is there now?

      Interesting comment from Andy about Caroline “I was really amazed by the stuff coming out of her mouth — she’s great TV.”

      So there you have it. Doesn’t matter if it’s lies, if it hurts other people, if it is malicious and mean spirited, if it’s great TV, well then I guess it’s OK in Bravoland.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I can’t believe I’m going to defend Andy Cohen but I agree with him on this.
        Think about it, they could have gotten rid of Caroline, Teresa and Jac and found three new HWs. But Danielle doesn’t seem to get along with anyone for very long. Prettty soon it would turn into the same show. Instead they got rid of one HW. It makes more sense.

  105. vilzvet says:

    Lynn, will this site be not accessible once you switch over to the new place? Just wanted to know because I want to save many if not all of the blogs! I always like to go back and read them when I need a belly laugh.

  106. Michele says:

    I love this blog. If it moves, I hope I know where to follow it!

  107. Wall St Lady says:

    I think we should ask Dungella to call the kid police to determine if Andy is out of line. Mayb Ben’s parents didn’t sign a waiver.
    Kids r exposed & its a “bad” world but encouraging “bad” on national TV is a poor example in my.
    Just wait when ur child asks to watch hoWives & U say No & ur child responds : well Bens parents let him & now he is famous. U just don’t want me to b famous. Frown frown frown.!

  108. vilzvet says:

    The October 3rd Giudice auction date is still up according to the auction house website A.J. Willner. But it does say “tentative” and to check back.

  109. Wall St Lady says:

    OMG who is being checked by
    Brother ?

  110. dancekrazy says:

    Can anyone out there tell me step by step how to get onto and post on Lynn’s new blog? I am an absolute idiot when it comes to this stuff. I don’t have a google acct., do not tweet, but am registered on wordpress. I am really getting exasperated but want to follow this blog. HELP ME.

    • clydethetervuren says:

      I’m not very good at this either, but I went to lynnnchicago.blogspot.com. That got me to the new blog. Next I scrolled down to the bottom of the article and hit the comments thingy, which allows you to use an exisiting ID from wordpress. It is an option in the dropdown menu thingy. Hope that kind of helps, as I mentioned, I’m not very good at the techy stuff either. Try not to get frustrated, someone here will eventually be able to help you.

  111. clydethetervuren says:

    I was a little worried about the move to the new home, but as it turns out I already signed up for that to follow something else. I will again be Wilted Zebra, not Clyde the Tervuren (I was wilted zebra at our original home at hub pages). Hooray, I get my name back! See everyone over there! Thanks Lynn for making sure we all know where to go and how to get there. I am glad you’re able to get some compensation for all the work you put into entertaining all of us.

  112. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet—- Happy New Year everyone. This is the week we reflect on the past and pray to be written in the book of life.

    Tweeted to Jill—-What happened to your religious holiday? Guess Fashion n celebrity won out.

    Jill tweeted back—-@crooke exactly! On way home..all stores were calling my name!

  113. boston02127 says:

    @dancekrazy—click on this link —-https://www.blogger.com/start

    —-Click on where it says “Create a Blog”. (you won’t be creating a blog)

    You will be on a new page. You will see “Create a Google Account”. Fill in that page.
    then click on the bottom where it says continue. It will walk you thur it.
    When you’re done filling that in, you will get a new name & password for the new blog.

    Once you have done that you can get on Lynn’s new blog. You can log off and log back on to Lynn’s.

  114. Wall St Lady says:

    Move Over Trasha.

    Pesto Rotini w/Peas & sundried. tomatoes & bacon

    That’s pretty much it

  115. Wall St Lady says:

    Diva Which BB do u have. I have the newest cuz my old one was so old it couldn’t be fixed on my replacement plan. It has a flat ball & is awesome for scrolling but very sensitive w/in the post box.

  116. Wall St Lady says:

    I Love it when someone says

    I Respectfully Disagree.

    I say Goody !

    Let the Intellectual Intercourse

    Round em up Baby

    The OK Coral ain’t exclusive for the
    Ho Wives

  117. LynnNChicago says:


    New Blog on the new site, I will also post it here in just a second.

  118. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Wall St. Lady
    Diva Which BB do u have. I have the newest cuz my old one was so old it couldn’t be fixed on my replacement plan. It has a flat ball & is awesome for scrolling but very sensitive w/in the post box

    I think I have the Curve? Its a very sexy purple ;-). No ball, it has a tiny screen that’s very sensitive. I can float my fingrtip over and it scrolls. My last BB had a ball and it constantly jammed up with gunk. When it broke it would only scroll down and left. 🙂

  119. LynnNChicago says:

    Stats from the new blog, started yesterday, WOW thanks for all of the support, you all are the best!!! XOXO

    Pageviews today

    Pageviews yesterday

    Pageviews all time history

  120. Wall St Lady says:

    Ok I guess I will elaborate on my recipe.
    I love this one because it takes 15 min. & u can have all main ingredients in the cubbord for ever for a delicious meal.
    U boil water & cook (any pasta). U take frozen peas & put them in ur strainer. When u strain pasta peas will thaw & b crunchy for a better texture.
    Add pesto sauce (or just oil & Italian seasoning if u have no pesto ) I love Carnation pesto found in the refrigerator section but u can find it in a jar w/ the red sauce.
    I love sun dried tomatoes. Again long shelf life). I cut them up w/scissors. Fresh tomatoes r great too.
    This is a pasta stoooo !
    Last u throw in any meat.
    Chicken (boil & cut in chunks w/scissors)
    Stir & serve.
    Great cold too.

  121. moriasheehan says:

    i went to the new blog site, but was unable to sign in as moriasheehan. wordpress kept saying i don’t own that identity, so i signed in under google and it posted as just “moria” other than that ok with me for the new site.

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  123. Amy says:

    I love Cat! She is my DC Bethenny. I loved her lunch with Edwina and her recognition of our inferior healthcare system. I’m a physical therapist of 11 years. No money No healthcare – we live in a third world country.

  124. krone says:

    amen Amy!!

  125. fashion game says:

    that`s great! thanks for us

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