I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC / Jill Zarin Sept 11, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC

Thanks to @lakeshordrive for her guest blog on the DC Housewives, here is my take on this week’s show:
The show opens with the same scene we ended with two long weeks ago. By the way, I think it was a bad idea for Bravo to skip airing the show last week, the show needs to gain momentum, not annoy the few fans it’s got.

So Tareq, Michaele, Mary, Stacie and her husband Jason are enjoying a nice meal with a whole lot of wine at Oasis Winery. Slurring his words, Tareq decides to bring up an issue that it turns out was 2 years prior and accuses Mary’s daughter Lolly of being involved in a car theft that also included some polo gear.

I think that in the end, there clearly wasn’t any evidence of Lolly’s involvement, but in any case Tareq was out of line bringing it up at this dinner while the cameras were rolling. It looked as though he was waiting for just the right moment to bring this up in front of Bravo’s cameras for more attention.

Both Michaele and Tareq tried to tell us that Mary was pushing the issue and asking Tareq if something was bothering him. Clearly Tareq was chomping at the bit to bring this up so Mary asked him one time if he wanted to say something and through his wine induced haze blurted out some nonsense about the FBI and Facebook. It’s just a shame that they didn’t just laugh at him and continue talking about the weather!

Michaele and her idiotic comments reminded me so much of Kelly it made me want to turn it off immediately, but alas, something made me leave it on and continue with the fiasco. I think that everyone at the table had a bit too much wine which is why Mary began to cry and Stacie and Jason got a little too worked up over something that didn’t involve them at all. In the end, Tareq looked like an absolute moron….again!

Lynda must have had excellent foresight skipping the winery tour but instead took her family on a tour of their new home. Moving from the city to the suburbs is something I can certainly relate to, for your family, you’ll do just about anything that is best for them and while her kids are a bit older, moving into a larger home was the right thing to do. It certainly wasn’t my style but Lynda seems to love it and that’s all that matters.

Edwina Rodgers wants to be a housewife, huh? It sure seems like she does, with the horrible bright red lipstick and the hats with the string around her chin like a birthday hat, I doubt she’d ever be considered. It isn’t about being republican or democrat with this woman. I really find it hard to believe that she is a lobbyist. She couldn’t even hold up to Cat’s questioning. Cat was just being Cat and asking legitimate questions. Yes, Edwina the cameras were rolling so what better time to get up on your soap box and convince the world that you’re on the right side of this issue? Not a great time to freeze up, stutter and stammer your insecurities.

Edwina’s “Health Care” party looked like a business meeting with alcohol, it seemed to be held in one of those meeting rooms at hotels where we’ve all been dragged to for team building and corporate meetings.

Watching Cat with her two daughters trying to choose an outfit was pretty funny, I think after seeing what Cat wore to her wedding, I’d like to see the wedding photos. Those two girls are so cute and natural in front of the cameras. In the end, I didn’t really understand why Cat chose to dress up as Sarah Palin, but it certainly did breathe some life into that rather dull party. Cat agrees and adds that there are more tables than people at this party.

Cat was the only one who brought any interest to this party whatsoever. Michaele apparently felt the need to bring her rude assistant to the party, no idea why, but Cat decided she was going to call her out on her “bitchy” comment at the winery.
Michaele’s assistant reacts just as inappropriately as she did at the winery and apparently Michaele is ok with her behavior. What Cat should have received was an apology, instead the assistant from hell calls Cat bitchy…again! Cat went pretty easy on this girl, I think she’s got it in her to really let her have it but she held back and instead insulted Michaele’s shocking pink dress. Michaele seems to make a habit of dressing inappropriately for any event.

Only Lynda and Michaele have posted blogs on Bravotv.com, we haven’t heard from Cat for a few weeks now and what a horrible surprise to see Jill Zarin blogging for RHODC as of last week!

Lynda talks about Tareq, again, ok Lynda, we get it you hate Tareq and blame him for the change in your beloved Michaele. I’m not buying any of that, Lynda clearly never liked Michaele. I cannot stand when Lynda is all fake and tells Michaele she loves her and cares about her, then behind her back says she isn’t attending the winery outing because she wants to spend time with people she cares about. HUH?

Lynda seems to really like Cat, Mary and Stacie and they seem to like her as well, so I’m trying to find something likable about Lynda. I did appreciate what she said in her blog about racism and she is clearly a great advocate for equality in this country and I have to give her props for that!

She loses points for her constant comments like this week’s, “there is special etiquette for DC’s political parties”. I disagree, I think proper etiquette is required for any event, anywhere! Either you know how to behave properly in any environment, or you don’t.
Just a bit of advice for Lynda, a 5-page blog that ends in a poem of inspiration is a bit over the top, you’re a housewife on Bravo TV!

Michaele’s blog is clearly full of shit! Sorry but she is, one of her first paragraphs includes this:

“I was very sad that Mary kept asking Tareq about what was on his mind and probing him to say what it was.”

She was sad? Mary kept asking? What a crock! If something was on the man’s mind all day, something that happened two years ago then he is an absolute moron! He has seen Mary and even Mary’s husband several times over the past two years and suddenly on this day after drinking heavily all day, he needs to get this off his chest? Does anyone believe that Mary really cared what was on Tareq’s mind?

All of the housewives were cordial to the Salahi’s at the beginning of the season but it seems that one by one Michaele and Tareq have alienated each of the other housewives and their families.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about when I started the blog and why I started the blog.

Part of it was the extreme frustration with Bravotv.com’s housewives blogs. I remember posting time and time again on blogs for Vicki, Tamra and Gretchen from Orange County. It seemed as though no matter what my comments said, they wouldn’t get posted on the blogs. I tried everything from being nice to being mean to even writing directly to whoever the behind the scenes person was that was deciding what to post. Possibly 1 of 10 would get posted over the course of several weeks.

I later found out that Bravo doesn’t really pay a whole lot of attention to the blogs and at times it is an unpaid intern who will review comments and decide what to post. It is probably a different person every day and based on their own feelings about any given housewife, they’ll post the ones they want to post with no set criteria or rules.

I can just imagine the hundreds, possibly thousands of comments that come into the blogs every day, some could be several paragraphs long, others are just a few words and everything in between. Is it even possible for someone to read them all every day? Since this is a low priority job for someone over at Bravo, most likely they read the shortest ones and post the few that they like. At times you can tell someone with a sense of humor is approving comments because every single one will have misspellings or improper grammar. The next day you may see all supportive comments and the following day, all negative toward the housewife. It just depends on who draws the short straw and is put on blog duty that day.

For a time I thought that the author of the blog would at least have the opportunity to read all of the comments sent into Bravotv.com for their writings, but I was wrong once again. The housewives see only what is posted just like the rest of us.
And so I decided the only way I was going to get my thoughts and feelings about these shows out of my system was to write my comments anyway and post them on a blog. I knew that there had to be people out there who felt the same way that I did. Reading the comments was always so frustrating because more often than not, they were so agreeable and positive toward the housewife who wrote the blog. This couldn’t possibly be representative of all of the fans of the shows!

I wrote my first blog and it was printed as a guest blog for Terry Ally, a great guy that I met on Twitter. @RawVeggies He has a great sense of humor and I noticed that he had some similar thoughts about the Real Housewives of New York as I did. I asked him if I could guest blog for him about the show and he was great about letting me do a few. I named them right off the bat, “I Hate Jill Zarin”.

The rest is history, literally.

Lets talk about Jill Zarin

I think we all also need a reminder of why we hated Jill in the first place because before we know it, Bravo will begin airing the Real Housewives of New York and we need to be prepared!

Season three really brought out the ugly in Jill Zarin but in reality, she showed signs of the real Jill back in seasons one and two.

Remember Jill storming out of a fashion show because she didn’t have front row seats?
How about Jill having a fit over not being invited to Ramona’s dinner party?
What about Jill talking to the press and saying that Simon was a drunk?
Remember Jill making a fool of Alex and Simon for vacationing in St. Barts in the summer while she and her friends were in the Hamptons? (“We go during the winter when prices are double what Alex is paying”)

The many nasty things that Jill has said about Ramona and Alex are too numerous to mention, but we’ll get into detail in future blogs.

The real Jill Zarin came out in season three when she didn’t have Bethenny by her side to soften the blog of Jill’s punches.
Season three started with Jill’s horrible behavior at the party that Ramona held on a yacht. Jill added fuel to the fire of the argument between Luann and Ramona, called Ramona cheap (to one of Ramona’s best friends) then expected a free piece of jewelry, made fun of Ramona behind her back and gossiped about Bethenny telling everyone about a 3month old voice mail message.

That was tame and just the beginning…

Jill focused the majority of her horrible behavior on Bethenny, but no one was safe, Ramona, Alex and even Sonja got caught in the Jill rampage of Season Three.

From the rude snub during fashion week to her hanging up on Bethenny while Luann sits quietly listening in on the phone conversation, to the discussion at Ramona’s house where Bethenny practically begged Jill to be her friend again, Jill has been a horrible person! All season Jill would bring up the one thing she could point to in hopes of getting sympathy, her husband Bobby’s cancer scare. No one is doubting that it was a scary time for the Zarin’s but Jill using it to try to get sympathy and lying about the extent of Bobby’s surgery backfired on Jill. At the end of the season we learned that Jill never told anyone initially about Bobby’s condition and admitted that there was no way that Bethenny could have known the extent of his illness.

Months after the season filming was complete, about 4-5 episodes had aired on Bravo showing Jill’s horrible behavior and Jill’s book was being released. This was the week that Jill chose to publically beg Bethenny for forgiveness and even asked fans on Facebook how she should go about trying to apologize to Bethenny. Seriously Jill? Don’t you think the smart fans can see right through you? This facebook plea came just two weeks after Jill bashed Bethenny, once again, in her Bravo blog.

Off screen, Jill told her cast mates not to film with Bethenny, started the rumor that Alex was being let go from the series, we had Amazongate, banning her gay boyfriend Brad, recruiting other Bravolebrities to join Team Jill (Patti Stanger, Teresa Giudice, NeNe Leakes and others) and turn them against Bethenny. Talk about a puppetmaster, Jill was pulling the strings of both Luann and Kelly ensuring that they were firmly on Team Jill.

Jill didn’t just persuade people to be on her team, she also had to turn them against Bethenny to the point where these people would go onto the social networks bashing Bethenny.

Teresa Giudice was a guest blogger during Season three of the RHONY and her first blog was entitied ‘Team Jill”. Patti Stanger took to twitter with her disgusting mouth saying, “any cow can push out a baby”. A video released also included Patti talking to Jill on the phone and calling Bethenny a “C U Next Tuesday” which is vile! Not once did Jill even attempt to defend Bethenny, whom she called her friend.

Never forgetting Jill’s nasty comments about Sonja Morgan, who Jill admittedly didn’t even know and met only very briefly at her Kodak event. Jill told Sonja’s friend to stick his tongue down Sonja’s throat then maybe she’ll let him join her table. Jill, you’ll never be funny, you’re just rude and crude!

Over the next few weeks as we wait for Atlanta to air and New York to begin filming, I think we need to follow Jill’s off air antics and have some reminders of her past behavior in preparation for her debut next season.

Our favorite @GingerZarin is back for more fun! From Twitter:

Mommys life on the D list ~> RT ‘Jill’s Choice’ at Olsen Twin Karaoke: Jill Zarin had a dilemma on her hands, and it wasn’t just figuring… http://bit.ly/bWlQNR

notice @jillzarin refused to stay behind and let both nieces go backstage. Noooo if mummy caint go ain’t nobody goin. Tantrums didn’t work either.

As today is September 11, I wanted to share with you a really sweet tribute to those who passed on that tragic day:


Thank you to @Prettyplusmore for sharing it with me.

Until Next Time….


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234 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC / Jill Zarin Sept 11, 2010

  1. lillybee says:

    I can’t wait to see Jill’s reaction to Alex walking in 5 fashion week shows.

    • emily says:

      Jill will be so overcome with Jealousy, BUT of course she will try to spin it to make it look like those designers only asked Alex to walk in their show to get their show on Bravo. “She has the body of a model, but not the face”. Look who’s talkin.

      • firepainter says:

        Yeah, Jill has neither.

        • Dré says:

          Jill may have the money of a upper-class elite, but she has the class of a guest on Springer. No wonder she and Patti Stanger get on so well. Two horrible, jealous, insecure women who deserve eachother.

          • Maxine49 says:

            Whoa, Dre, Jill does not have the money of upper class elite…not even close…she lives in a shit 2 bedroom apartment in NYC in a crappy building. She’s a middle class wannabe from Long Island. Bobby owns a discount fabric store…he’s got a little money…but just. The real society woman in NYC would barely let her in the servants entrance….seriously!

      • Melanie says:

        My all time favorite compliment to share “you have a face for radio” Jill anyone???

    • DWandM says:

      I am hoping to see the footage of Jill Zarin pretending that she is happy for Alex.

  2. dreemz says:

    I’ve watched interviews (weeks ago) with slimey & skinny salami and they both seemed excited about the episodes unfolding … what could they possibly have been excited about..they look hideous. Her with that fake smile & passive aggressive bull-shit, his drunk abusive ass…I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think they have almost out-done k00k00 Kelly.

  3. OneMoreinBoston says:


    beautiful little video, tears streaming down my face.

    When my first business failed I had to go back to being a freelance makeup artist. My 2 best customers were on the flights, and of course graduating from a HS outside of NYC and working as a recruiter for some of the smaller brokerage firms, I knew many, many who died on the ground.

    It seems like every year the tributes are less and less.

    So I thank you for remembering all affected by that horrible, horrible day.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I’m really sorry for your loss…OMIB, I think we’ll find next year will be a bigger tribute being 10-years but you’re right, it does seem to fade and that’s a shame

      • Sha2000 says:

        I don’t think it’s faded. Driving home yesterday I started crying remembering. Most of the times I can remember & keep a distance with that memory, but sometimes it feels fresh when we allow ourselves to go to that place of pain. It’s some sort of psychological response to being exposed to a great & horrendous event as we all witnessed that day. It’s okay because it helps us cope. Forget? No its not possible. BTW, I am a New Yorker who was living in TX on that day…it’s doesn’t matter where you are from, we all feel it.

        • rawhideaz says:

          I agree with you Sha. 9/11 hasn’t faded for me. Hopefully we’ve moved on in a healthy way but my memories are there FOREVER. I remember that time so well. At Day 10, I was outside getting the mail and a neighbor walked by with her baby in a stroller. I started playing with the baby and realized . . . my God . . . I haven’t smiled in ten days. We lived in between NYC and DC at the time. Huge military planes were busy in the skys due to the military base in Dover. No one knew what was going to happen next. People were stockpiling water/food/batteries, etc. The entire electricity went out at 1:00AM for hours in our area. Black for as far as I could see. Nothing. Dead silence and pitch black. No television to get any info. I thought it was another attack as how better to paralyze a nation that to cut off all electricity and communication. Sorry I went on so long. Thoughts just came flooding back.

        • jean says:

          now i cant even find how to reply on this site and i just came from new site and couldnt figure that either. i guess i will just be a viewer till i can figure this out.

    • debbie says:

      My daughter found this poem yesterday. It honors some of the fallen working in Windows on the World at the Trade Towers. Worth a moment or two to read. Published in Poets.org ” for the 43 members of Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Local 100, “

  4. Anitabee says:

    Thank you for the reminder of why we all came together in the first place.

    I Hate Jill Zarin. I still do. And for those that have a problem with the word, Hate, while I understand, come on, we are adults here so let’s wear our big girl pants and say what we mean and mean what we say.

    Lynn does. I read this blog everyday for the smart snark and all the GREAT info found here that is quoted elsewhere.

    Great Job Lynn!

    • DWandM says:

      Lynn I too believe you do a great job. Thank you.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Did anyone else read Jill’s blog about DC? She had the unmitigated gall to announce her annoyance at mentions of the vineyard. Maybe now she knows how the rest of us feel when she goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, about the stupid fabric store and her stupid book. When I want to hear from an a**hole, I fart. And how dare she sit there and run Cat down calling her rude and insulting. Did she not watch her own show this season? She was nothing but a whiney bitch the whole time. I like Cat. She reminds me of me. Say what’s on your mind, if they don’t like it oh well, at least you have been honest. Just when I forget about Jill and her holier-than-thou attitude, she pops up and ruins another one of my days. I think that woman needs a reality check, and I am not talking about the ones she already gets for being on the show. Someone needs to tell her where the bear poops in the buckwheatr. I too HATE JILL ZARIN and thanks for letting me vent.

  5. Wall St Lady says:

    I hope my friends on this blog know
    1st & Foremost I hate griftor numero uno : Trasha & Juicy.

    But I really enjoyed the ill recap. The problem w/ill is that I find 20% of most women in NYC just like her. I have learned to deal w/her type.
    I left her an un posted post after the 1st show. I said :
    Hi Jill last time I saw ur husband he was in my bedroom.
    Call me or I will call u at work 🙂
    Next just a few months ago I called Zarrins & asked for Bobby Zarrin & told the person answering my name & said tell him the last time we got together it was in my bed room. Well needless to say he got on the phone FAST !
    He said he remembered my name & we had a nice chat.
    BTW He was hanging curtains & his dad Harry bought stocks from me so I schleptd to their scary neighbor sometimes. Actually in 1977 Orchard St was in its hay day. In the summer I wore Diane Von Firestenberg dresses. U could get them 1/2 price
    (Damn I was cute ! Hey Quincy 37. 25 35 )I had enough (real) to compete w/Loretta Lyns wigs. Southern accent that made em melt.
    And I took advantage any time I could to make,an always honest & appropriate sale. Sometimes I had to get control by saying “U have the manners of a field hand “. For some reason that stopped em in their tracks. Ha ha. Didn’t mean to digress.

    Ill has the manners of a field hand too!

  6. TEB says:

    Today is my 6th wedding Anniversary. My husband and I decided to never forget 9-11-01, but to also try and do something good on that day. (It helped that no one else wanted to get married on Sept 11 so we got the caterer we wanted, church time, reception venue very easily). We will celebrate tonight our happy day but we always remember the tragedy and the lives lost.
    Thanks for the great blog Lynn!

  7. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi TEB
    I like ur thinking. Happy Anniversary & manny many more !

    I got married on Halloween 18 years ago. We got engaged on our 4th date & I had 4 months to plan a wedding. My husbands 1st wedding was shotgun on his 20th b Day & he wanted a big Do. I had a large debutante Do & had my “queen for a day”
    & didn’t care.
    Back to the story.
    WSM wanted a grand ceremony & the grand NYC churches r booked 1yr or more in advance.
    NO one wanted to b married on Halloween so we had our 1st choice , next to the Waldorff on Park Ave.
    I usually tell people that my bridesmaids wore orange & black & carried lit pumpkins. Some believe me.

    • TEB says:

      Too funny WSL! I bet you get the same obnoxious comments I do about “why would you pick THAT day to get married?” I find those people to be so rude! I keep trying to come up with a snarky reply, but haven’t quite found one yet.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      WSL I would love to just sit down and have cocktail with you. You have great stories and make me smile every day.

  8. Wall St Lady says:

    WSM constantly tells me to say Oct. 31st (like that would make a difference).

    I think ur explanation is wonderful.

    U celebrated a beginning
    of life together &
    I am sure all who fell don’t mind a bit
    nor do their families.

  9. Had Enough! says:

    Noelle – are you here? Tell your husband you are RIGHT and he is WRONG about “For the love of Mike” –


    Submitted April 29, 2004

    From: a British Columbia reader

    Dear Bill:

    Do you know where the saying, ‘Oh for the love of Mike’ comes from? Someone I know remembers it as a child in Edmonton in the Thirties, where he thought it was related to Mike’s Newsstand (The Sponsor of a Boys’ Band in Edmonton for decades and the local bookie). I remember hearing it when I came to Canada in the Fifties in either Toronto or Vancouver.

    Enjoy your books!
    A reader in British Columbia

    “For the love of Mike.”

    In word study this kind of phrase is called a minced oath.

    To mince your words means ‘to choose words so as not to offend anyone.’

    This particular expression began as a substitute for an outcry of surprise or anger, namely, “for the love of God!” But the speaker decided that using God’s name in this way was blasphemous and therefore decided to substitute something else for the word God.

    In this case, St. Michael.

    The phrase began as “for the love of Michael.”

    It was a soldier’s mild curse. St. Michael is the patron saint of warriors and soldiers and he looks after them on the battlefield. St. Michael the Archangel is the chief of the heavenly host, the celestial army that defends the Church. He fights the rebel angels and the dragon of Revelations. He is patron saint of knights and of all trades allied to the production of weapons and scales.

    Indeed, the word archangel in its original Greek means literally ‘chief’ (Greek, arkhos) + ‘angel’ (Greek, aggelos literally ‘messenger’ of God). In later ecclesiastical Greek the two roots meld to form arkhaggelos ‘angel of the highest order.’

    Note that in the currently accepted transliteration of ancient Greek the digraph gg stands for a nasalized syllable, so that aggelos would be pronounced approximately like anglos with a hard g. In precise and fussy enunciation the e would be sounded too.

    Posted by Barney on July 12, 2000

    In Reply to: Re: Love of Mike posted by ESC on July 12, 2000

    : : : A friend of mine and I were just pondering the expression “For the love of Mike” that we hear often in old movies.

    : : : Do you have any idea where it comes from?

    : : I assert – in the light of past experience – that someone will respond with the statement “this is a ‘Minced oath’ and refers to Saint Michael”. Just wait.

    : For the love of Mike. This is a “minced oath” (a substitute for “for the love of God”)that refers to “Mike,” meaning an Irishman, aka Mick. Variations: “Holy Mike” and “mother of Mike.” “Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Volume 1, H-O” by J.E. Lighter, Random House, New York, 1994.

  10. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I watched CNN this morning before hitting the gym and felt kind of blah about todays coverage. However, something I saw in my own neighborhood brought a tear to my eye. As I was rushing down the street, I saw what I thought was a bunch of landscapers working in someones front yard. Upon closer inspection, it was really a family planting a tree and saying a prayer in honor of 9/11. Something so simple and yet they were teaching their children to honor heroes AND the planet. It was so beautifull, no need for a lot of fuss. 🙂

  11. Wall St Lady says:

    Thank God u r here !
    I thought I was the only person posting while watching the stellar football line up on TV that all the men in my fam r glued to, & I am NOT watching but sitting with them cuz I love them.

  12. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I’m here :). It’s a lazy day in my house since my son is with my ex-husband.

    I like the retrospective glance at why we hate Jill Zarin Lynn. I’ve sat and thought about why people like Jill Zarin bother me so much. I don’t know her and boy, I wouldn’t want to. But I kept thinking. In the past we’ve JR Ewing or Alexis Carrington to hate on television before we had reality television. A scripted character is so easy to hate. You can make them the worst of the worst because it’s not real; they’re just characters in a tv show.

    Then reality television came and we got “real” people showing us their everyday lives. We’ve gotten the good i.e. Bethenny or shows such as Top Chef or The Amazing Race and then we’ve gotten the bad like Jill Zarin, Michaele Salahi, Patti Stanger, Teresa Giudice, and more. We see that these real people are narcissistic, mean and rude. They are not redeemable at all and they are REAL people. They are not scripted characters. They throw around the “c-word” as if it was everyday vernacular to them. These people are out there living in what are supposed to be upper echelon society yet my middle class friends and family act 100 hundred times better than any of these ladies.

    The best thing about the Real Housewives is to show it to people that want to learn how to not act in society.

  13. Adgirl says:

    I thought it was horrible that Cat intentionally tried to embarrass her host and the expected repub guests by punking them with the fake Palin ensemble. It doesn’t matter what your politics are. Be reepectful. I wonder if she would arrive at a benefit hosted by Prince Andrew dresses as Sarah Fergueson. Not that I think Sarah is a huge embarrassment, my point is Cat’s intentions were unkind and disrepectful.

    • Sha2000 says:

      I think she likes to ruffles feathers for fun!

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        But for being in a country not her own, she sure is disrespectful. The comments about her medical bills, well, perhaps she should get a job that pays benefits like the rest of us!

    • kit says:

      Cat’s costume was idiotic. And, I strongly disagree that M’s assistant was rude. Cat was being her usual insufferable antiAmerican uber rude self and she got called on it. I love how the assistant handled Cat at the party, too. Cat had the nerve to be angry about the ‘bitchy’ comment. Hey, I thought Cat was all about telling it like it is. Hates phoniness and all of that. Hmm, well not so much it turns out. The assistant was especially good at the party by making Cat look and sound like a whiny drama queen-in effect trivializing Cat’s anger. She said Cat needed to lighten up! LOL! Cant’s stand Michaele but love love love the assistand. Oh, god and don’t get me started on Cat’s typically ignorant rant on health care. Sooo British. Just one very obvious point-why the hell has she amassed thousands in medical bills? Too stupid to get health insurance, apparently.

      • Adgirl says:

        Exactly. I don’t care what anyone’s political leanings are, but pluuuuzeee it is beyond to a) accept a lunch invitation just to smirk and make nasty remarks b) accept yet another invitation from the evil lobbyist just so Cat could cavort around in her Palin costume (all on camera of course). I think Cat was disappointed there weren’t more people present to insult. That’s because it wasn’t an authentic event, just a Bravo set up.

        Beyond that I like Cat. I just wish she’d find another outlet for her need to be noticed.

    • DWandM says:

      She is immature. She has a camera following her and documenting a time in her life. Does she really want that to be how the viewers, her family and her friends to remember her like?

      My hope is that she isn’t blogging because she in upset and possibly embarrased at how she acted during filming. Then their is hope. Or, it could be that she is sad seeing her husband on screen in happier times.

      She, as well as all these reality housewives and husbands, should realize that it isn’t a sitcom that they are filming; it’s their lives. Think women, think…tsk tsk tsk

  14. Wall St Lady says:

    Much insight captured in ur post. Only one correction.

    I remember calling a woman I met ,that my dad didn’t know a lady. Daddy said: sugar u don’t know that woman & she may not be a lady. We know your Mama is a lady but until u know better ,that woman is a woman”.

    Trasha ill etc. Aren’t ladies & we KNOW that.

    Sorry sorry Sorry ; just a pet peeve of mine.

    I can tell Scorpiosue1102
    U R one classy Lady 🙂

  15. Adgirl says:

    My husband and I were in Paris on the fifth anniversary of September 11.
    Surprisingly, all of the Paris papers had photos of the World Trade Center on the front page.
    That evening on local tv we watched the documentary “9/11” filmed by the Naudet brothers (french men living in NY). The film, originally about a rookie firefighter, captures the first and second crashes into WTC. The filmmakers accompanied the actual first responders to the scene and into the building.

    I was terribly moved to be in a foreign country watching a film about the most American of events.
    I know I don’t post often, but this has been on my mind all week.

    To learn about this tremendous film http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9/11_(film)

    • Sha2000 says:

      Thanks for the link AD Girl,.

      “Surprisingly, all of the Paris papers had photos of the World Trade Center on the front page.”

      Of Course! Yes the have a bad rap & can be rude at times (more so in Paris, cutting queues & things like that), but they are not heartless, of course they would report on it! I remember being in London & hearing the reports of the Oklahoma bombing & in Florence right after the Waco compound…American news is well covered in Europe & most people are interested & emphasize. I remember when Tony Blair gave he speech right after 9/11, how he moved me to tears, the world felt our pain.

  16. Wall St Lady says:

    9 & 1/2 yrs ago WSM & I were asked to host a conference for the Economist Magazine.

    The venue was the top of the World Trade Center at
    The Windows of the World conference Center

    I “threatened all our wall St friends
    “B there or b on my 🙂 $hit list 🙂
    but I meant it
    We prepared & planned for months.

    We were the opening presentation.

    All of our employees would naturally b there early to set up.
    Thank God

    the date was Oct. 13th !

  17. Wall St Lady says:

    Meant to Say Sept. 13

  18. anniieee says:

    OT and sorry– but saw this and wanted to post….

    It is an article about Jill at some Olsen karoke place–but look at the comments below…

    Lynn, The comments on the link about Jill…please notice…Someone is using your name or you are spoofing us….

    By LynnNChicago on 09/11/2010 at 1:49pm

    You see this is why I love Jill Zarin. Knowing that those mean people would not let all the girls go in Jill could not choose just one girl, because she has a heart of gold! She did the diplomatic thing and left. I do believe it was probably very hot in there. Because let’s face it, at least a thousand or so people must have mobbed her as well.
    This is why everyone loves Jill Zarin so much. She is kind and sweet and the ONLY Housewife worth watching.

    Lynn Hudson
    By LynnNChicago on 09/11/2010 at 1:50pm

    Once again Jill Zarin shows style,class and grace. Always thinking of everybody but herself. What a wonderful woman she is.
    TEAM JILL forever!
    Lynn A. Hudson
    By LynnNChicago on 09/11/2010 at 1:51pm

    Any blogs saying negative blogs regarding Jill Zarin using my name are frauds!
    DO NOT READ! Lynn A. Hudson loves Jill Zarin.

    September 11, 2010 2:47 PM

    very strange==I put it up on the new blog …which I can’t figure out.

    • Kat says:

      If you are TeamLynn WTG! I added a comment also.

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I heard that somebody was impersonating Lynn on some websites but that NY Magazine article was the first time I actually witnessed it. I don’t know what “Team Jill” is trying to accomplish. Is this their way of trying to shut down this blog? Originally, I thought they were some of Jill’s nutty fans but I am starting to think that Jill hired somebody to impersonate Lynn.

    • lillybee says:

      This is so Jill Zarin. If she doesn’t get her way, she leaves. Just like she did at the fashion show when she wasn’t seated in the first row.

    • DWandM says:

      Jill is a sad woman. She is so immature. If she wants to clean up her image, she should start with herself. She doesn’t fool anyone. The really sad fact is that when something relating to her looks childish on the internet, like this imposter, most believe it’s her.

  19. Wall St Lady says:

    Is everybody on the new blog ?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Do you mean the new blog site? I saw many of us post on it, I am sure once Lynn officially moves we will all be there

  20. suebhoney says:

    Lynn…I remember the very first time I posted to this blog and got an almost immediate reply post from you and I felt so welcome and like someone was actually listening to me! You do a super great job! And you should move the blog to where you can make some $$$$ (I didn’t answer on the last blog). Thanks for keeping us tuned with all the “juice”! Did you ever imagine that you would be this wildly popular?

    I’m having a hard time getting in to the DC girls… The Salami’s are crappy people and I can’t relate to anything about them…Lynda is a little strange. I can’t put my finger on what really bugs me about her but it’s something. She’s sort of fake? I dunno…something.

    I do really like Stacie and her husband. They seem like really grounded people with good common sense, manners, etc. I like Mary too but she’s a little flat.

    And Cat…whoa!!! I like that she tells it like it is but I just want to polish her up around the edges a little. I think it’s sad to hear about her divorce as she and her husband seem really good together thus far…it’s a shame. He blames it on the show and wishes he never signed up for it. That’s too bad.

    Lynn…loved your recap on JZ. I too think we saw the real JZ in seasons 1 and 2 but you are right…she and Bethenny made a pretty good duo and she was easier to like when she had B in her life. I just can’t get over the fact that she continues to make the same PR mistakes over and over again. Good GAWD woman! Don’t you learn?

    Love you and the blog Lynn! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks Sue! 🙂 I’m glad everyone made you feel welcome, including me, I try to catch all the newcomers but I know I miss some, I hope any lurkers out there feel free to post!

  21. Comanche_Black says:

    Did I miss it being stated or has anyone else noticed both Michaele and Tareq seem to be the older East coast version of Speidi? Excepting the plastic surgery on her part. Tareq will be growing out all his body hair and dressing like a bum to advertise their non-existent vineyard. I wish they would let this series die off.

  22. Michele says:

    WSL- where is the new blog? I will be lost without Lynn and her readers!

  23. Wall St Lady says:

    I give up ! I just spent the last 30min. Trying to sign in, use my existing
    Gmail,or creating a new g mail , carefully following Krazydance’s kind instructions, etc. Etc. & couldn’t reach my goal to post.

  24. Need a Hobby says:

    Eh, blogspot doesn’t want to take my wordpress user id. Boo.

    • Kat says:

      It would not accept my wordpress id either.
      What I did was sign up for a blog. Then you can choose a display name for posts.
      Also there is a box to check to not display your blog link. I believe this is in the section where you can edit your profile, after you have created your blog.

  25. nancy says:

    I can not post either. Have tried for 2 days. I’m sure Lynn will give us more info later. I saw just two posts there. So the majority of the Lynnfam is still here.

    • Kat says:

      Nancy look to the top right hand side of the page on blogspot. Lynn has posted more than 1 blog. There are 4. Look for the Jill Zarin Memories link and I believe that is the newest post and has more comments.

  26. nancy says:

    Tried again. Nothing. This time I saw 19 comments so the others and Lynn are posting on the new site.

  27. Hey Lynn. It’s funny reading your DC blogs, because with NJ we always agreed on everything and now our opinions are different. I can’t wait to see how we both feel by the end of the show…. that’s if I even make it that far. I’m pretty bored by it already. I think they need to send the ladies to Scary Island. We already know who will play Kelly’s part! I know I’m in the minority, but I like Michaele. I just can’t dislike her when she’s always happy and smiling and cheerful. I think she may be what Kelly would be like if you took away the narcissism and the jealousy.

    I haven’t forgotten why we hate Jill. In fact, they were just playing season 1 episodes on tv here and I was watching and thinking “how could I have liked her?” All the signs really were there from the very beginning and we all just over looked them. Especially her treatment of Simon and Alex. It was always bad, but I think no one cared because no one liked them. But Simon and Alex really were pretentious and unbearable in the beginning. I like them much better now that they are acting more real and not trying to something they aren’t… or maybe the show got them to the point they wanted to be and now that they achieved it they are happy.

    • Kat says:

      Your Reunion blog was the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Too funny!
      Thank you for that. 😉

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I suspect Michaele has better meds than Kelly. 😉

    • DWandM says:

      Honestly, I never did trust Jill Zarin. On Season One, Jill said she was friends with Ramona and she treated her badly. That told me she wasn’t a good person. This was on television, why would you behave that way if you are filming with your friend. She was and still is immature all throughout the season. The other reason she seemed unlikeable was in the first episode, when she took her mail in the cab/car service and read her social invitation and said in passing that “these are just a few.” Tacky. She never attended to events during filming. So it seemed fake and she is. She isn’t what she pretends to be on screen. She is a wanna be. She married someone who inherited a business and he has some money and she bought her way into New York Society or is still trying to.

      • I noticed things like that too. The invitations etc… she did a lot of questionable things that made me pause for a minute but in the end I over looked it. Funny how you can justify a persons behavior when you like them.

        • DWandM says:

          I agree. It’s good that we want to only see the good in people.

          The love is blind saying is so true. When we are in love we ONLY see the good, even though the bad is present all the time. Its only when we are with the person for sometime, and we nolonger jaded as we were in the beginning, that we start seeing the bad in the person.

          The viewers are nolonger jaded, we are seeing the real Jill Zarin. Not the one that she wants us to believe she is.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      After the whole White House thing I knew that I couldn’t really like the lady. It’s one thing to want to be a social climber and crash a hoity toity dinner, but it’s another when it involves a Presidential state dinner. Not only is it low, but it is completely disrespectful to the office of the President and the respect it deserves (whoever the President is. I may not like some of the Presidents we’ve had, but I wouldn’t want their for anything). It’s all one big game to them. I’d be truly happy if they ended up being indicted….sorry, whew! Rant over.

      • anniieee says:

        I have a weird opinion. Michala doesn’t bother me…kind of an airhead..trying to be nice to everyone—trying to get thru the day. She definitely has insecurities and is completely scared of her husband. But Mary–At first I liked her–now I am not quite sure what to think. I do think that every time I have seen her — she is completely zanaxed out…. she is on major prescriptions or else totally in an alchoholic fog. These are not like any neighbors or people I worked with when I lived in DC 1988-2000.

      • I agree I do think it is all a big game to them. They are just having fun and doing what they want and they don’t care what anyone thinks. But that doesn’t bother me. I say live your life have fun.
        About the White House thing – they made it through security and had their names announced as they walked in. I don’t consider that crashing. Maybe they pulled some shady shit to get invited, but their names were on the list, it’s not like they snuck in a back window. It was the White House’s fault, someone there made a mistake and that’s why people got fired and the Salahi’s were never charged with anything.

        I don’t think Michaele is scared of her husband exactly, but I think she doesn’t want to make him mad or get in a fight because she doesn’t like to deal with drama – and he looks like a dramatic person. I think she is a people pleaser and wants everyone to be happy and doesn’t want confrontation. Everyone keeps grouping her in with her husbands bad behavior, but even during the dinner when her husband was making accusations she kept saying things like “well I don’t know about that” and “I didn’t hear that”. And I thought her defense of her husband and his polo gear to the others was more because she was trying to make them see his point of view so that they would stop arguing. She knew that she would never make him understand where they were coming from, so she tried to reason with them instead.
        That’s how I saw it at least.

        • anniieee says:

          Yeah… I can see that. Total people pleaser..but will not stand up for herself–well she did with Linda. I agree with the crashing….somebody let them in. They got fired and for good reason. He is just a pig. I do like her more and more and I like Cat’s snarkiness. The realtor (can’t think of her name) does remind me of my neighbors up there. Always trying too hard, then gossiping behind everyone’s back…stirring crap and running. Then smiling with the “I am so nice, attitude.” Linda–she seems okay…worked hard, nice family, nice boyfriend…kind of driven. Mary is the puzzle..I do think her brain is addled with something.

  28. Wall St Lady says:

    I am lost & CRANKY !
    I only saw 2 posts on the new blog. I will try one more time.

    • Kat says:

      I wrote above to nancy, Lynn has 4 blogs posted. Top right hand side of page are links to the different posts.

      • Sha2000 says:

        I got in, but I don’t like that there isn’t a reply link…the thread can get mixed up. Is Squirrels ever coming back? I hope she can see where we went.

        • Kat says:

          I hope Squirrels comes back, I miss her too.

          On the new site if you want to reply to someone you need to remember to put their name in your reply.
          I like wordpress but if Lynn can make a dime for her blogging efforts more power to her. 😉

  29. ramona_coaster says:

    Thanks for reminding us why we hate Jill. Over time we forget.

  30. nancy says:

    Thanks so much, Boston. I believe I have done it. Wall St. Lady if you follow Boston’s instructions I think this will help. Look up thread.

  31. nancy says:

    Kat Thank you. also. I just checked my e-mail and confirmed so I am heading over to the new site to do a test.

  32. TT in OC says:

    I just signed up with Lynn’s new blog.

    One question: What does the “Follow with Google friend connect” on the right hand side do? I clicked on it and it took FOREVER to link.

  33. Savannah111 says:

    Lynn I hope that you dont mind that I post this letter to Teresa here.. In my hopes that she’ll get a chance to see it not that she would care but Bravo won’t post it and well I’ve watched re-runs of the reunion and just got pissed off..

    So Teresa just a couple of things about season 2
    You actually said on national T.V. live on Andy’s show that you thought the polls results from viewers would vote you as the one that showed more class?? !! I can’t believe that you would actually say that and seem to mean it.. I got to tell ya, the results spoke the truth in the way almost everyone see’s you, Danielle beat you and Jacquline by miles.. Bravo viewers got it right no question about it.. After watching re-runs today both parts your behavior is disturbing. Your goal this whole season was to set out to hurt damage and humilate Danielle ! You clearly didnt care about how your behavior would look on national TV or more importantly who else would get hurt and embarassed by the methods you used in your war of the words or where. It all backfired on you, hence the poll results.. Perhaps you thought Andy asked the question who would come out on top as the housewife with the least amount of class, or maybe the least amount of money at the stage of the game.. How could someone that’s been married for what 10 years have some much debt? Your greed makes me sick, and if you are lucky enough that your chapter 7 actually goes through due to a F**K UP legal system you’ll get yourself right back in the same mess your trying to get out of. You may as well make a sex tape yourself the only thing missing is seeing the act itself ( Gross ) lord knows you talk about it in almost every episode.. Trying to send someone a message hmmm?

    Don’t get me wrong I certainly don’t agree with how Danielle has lived her life,but one thing is for sure as far as this season goes YOU are not any better than she is, she has conducted herself in a more respectful manner than any of you.. I have to also wonder if your part of the reason Dina left the show, I think you had a clear agenda on how you were going to roll this season and I say that even though she did become godmother to your 4th daughter I think you’ve been crazy yourself for sometime. You have lied and cheated through out both seasons where your finances are concerned You being broke with an annual income of $79,000 are you kidding me!!
    ( Dig for money in the backyard ) You may as well dig your own hole your shopping sprees and your own words should bring you down.. As far as your book goes I think your going to find it to be a big mistake not including that income you posted in one of your earlier blogs where you were discussing the title of your book being close to Bethannys you didn’t want to look like a copy cat so you said something like it was already in a completed stage or something like that ( time line ). You are so greedy with all the what Teresa wants Teresa gets its sickening, you could really care less about businesses that you’ve hurt by your greed, I hope that you have to live above the Pizza palace. Sometimes you have to be humilated to have some humanity and that would humilate you.. Your the type of person that it’s clearly not about just having Joe and your girls being all that matters to you, the home you had before this one was never shown in season 1why was that? Was it just not big enough grand enough it’s to bad that if you keep it up Joe’s health will suffer the pressure you cause is just crazy, the last episodes spoke volumes but you seem not to hear a damn thing, your are one of the biggest idiots I’ve ever watched on a reality show.. Your being fake couldnt be more clear, you LIE you want people to believe that you do it all take care of the house the children your husband all by yourself. Your parents are there with you daily. Your agenda on this show PISSED me off this year. You didnt need to attack Danielle, the viewers aren’t stupid we see but your attacks hurt her children and have an affect on them and once again y’all didnt care at all about that.. If I had to bet you’ll be on season 3 with bells on and I hope that there will be someone new that kicks your ass..

  34. DWandM says:

    Lynn, I want to thank you for starting this blog. It was a wonderful way of posting your thoughts on the Bravo shows. I too found that my comments on the Bravo Blogs sometimes weren’t posted. Kudos for thinking of this blog. How I found your blog? I believe it was on one of the Google alerts on Jill. LOL. I canceled all of my Google alerts. Instead I visit you site daily in the late evening. This way I give you all day to post. 🙂

    I often agree with your views on these women and sometimes you see things more clearly then I do. I appreciate the time you take to do this for your fans and I want to thank you for that. I hope you don’t tire of it.

    Why I don’t like Jill Zarin is still fresh in my memory. If I should forget, she does something idiotic that refreshens it for me.

    Today, I found myself a bit overwhelmed with the 9/11 tribute. This year it brought back painful memories that I thought were healed. I hope that all that are suffering today and tomorrow and everyday will find that peace that is necessary to continue this journey called life.

  35. WindyCityWondering says:

    Been out of town – why is Lynn’s Blog moving?

  36. TEB says:

    OMG- Totally Off Topic-
    My husband and I went into DC for dinner at “The Source”. It’s Wolfgang Pucks restaurant in DC. He was there and sat down with us!! I have a great photo of it! (How do I post? I’m technology stupid). Great Man/Chef and he made us a special Anniversary dish that made my toes curl. (Insert snarky Anniversary night comment here….:-) Such a special night. I really like this blog and appreciate having a bunch of cool online friends to share this with!

    • Kat says:

      To share your pic I think you would need to upload it to a photo sharing site and then post a link to your pic. I can not think of a different way, unless you went ahead and published a blog and included the pic on your blog.

    • Kat says:

      PS Sounds like you’ve had a great night! Congrats. 8)

  37. TEB says:

    Thanks Kat! Are most folks on the new blog now?

  38. TEB says:

    I’m such a moron- I still haven’t been able to figure out how to comment on the new blog. But I totally support Lynn in making the change.

  39. boston02127 says:

    Cusi—To change your picture make sure you’re logged on. (this blog)

    On the top left side of the page run your mouse over where it says “my account” you will see a little menu. Go to “Edit my Profile” and click on it.

    You will be on a new page. On the right side there is a big square that says “Current Avatar” under that it says “Change my Avatar” Click on “change my avatar”.

    New page—-There are 4 lines typed in blue. Click on the first line.
    New Page—You will see a blank box and next to it you see “Browse”click on “browse”. That will take you to the pictures on your computer.
    Pick out a picture you want from your computer files and click on it.

    When done click on “next”. You’ll see the picture you picked from your computer. Below your picture click where it says “crop and finish”. You will be on a new page that says “choose a rating” click on G.

    Log off and back on. Sometimes it takes a few times logging on for the picture to show. If you have a Google acct on the new blog your picture will follow when you go over there.

    • Kat says:

      Are you taking Dolly to the new site?

        • Kat says:

          ahbedah… I am getting senile I guess.
          What is your kitty’s name?

          • boston02127 says:

            Kat–I have Jessi and Spike and recently I got a new cat. I found him all beat up with half and ear. I took him to a vet. He had a stomach infection. He stayed at the vet’s a few days and the vet fixed him up. He still has half an ear thou. I found a home for him. This (ass) doctor and his wife took him (and never paid me for the vet). The FIRST night he was living there they let him out in the rain and couldn’t find him. They called me. They were such asses. They went inside while I looked for him! Hours later I found him and ran home with him. I told them I never found him. So since last spring I have three now. Niko is the new one and he is so loving and gets along great with the other two. 🙂

            • boston02127 says:

              half an ear! not half and ear! sorry

            • Kat says:

              You’re awesome. You were so kind to Niko and then to look for him for hours in the rain… you are “good people”.
              I agree the doc was an ass!

              Niko got lucky, but then so did you. I like your cats’ names. Spike reminds me of the vampire from Buffy or the Gremlin from the movie.

              • boston02127 says:

                I use to babysit this little girl Kylie. She was so cute. When I got Spike I was babysitting her and she wanted to name him. His offical name is Spike Santa. I think she learned the name Spike from the cartoon The Rugrats.

              • Cheri says:

                I named my first cat “cookie” from 77 Sunset Strip (dating myself-I loved cookie when I was a child) My second cat Fonzie (happy days), my third my kids named Gizmo (gremlins) and my forth my son named Bubba (forest gump it was my son’s cat that I inherited). I currently have no cats

  40. boston02127 says:

    I’m watching Saturday Night Live. Carrie Underwood is wearing the same type of top/dress Caroline had on at the reunion. It doesn’t look good on Carrie, that should speak volumns to husky Caroline.

  41. RoxyMusic says:

    Sunday 4-6pm: Jill Zarin of Real Housewives of NYC: Get the real story from one of the Real Housewives of New York! Jill Zarin is 77 WABC’s VIP guest host from 4-6 PM, joined by her radio savvy sister, Lisa Wexler of WSTC/WNLK, Fairfield County, CT. From politics to pop culture, Zarin dishes “Real Housewife” style on what’s on YOUR mind, and takes your calls at 800-848-WABC!

    How in the WORLD does this women (sic) get 2 hours of radio air on the premier 50,000 Watt talk radio station of NEW YORK CITY???? HOW???:(:(:(

    • cusi77 says:

      She is shameless! She ignores how ignorant she really is!

    • nathania says:

      I keep thinking they are going by numbers or something. I keep reading articles and blogs about Danielle by people who clearly do not watch the show…I am guessing that the folks sometimes want a ‘housewife’ without regard to who, just get one.

      • I’m so tempted to try to listen live online. This is a one-off?
        I wonder if they’re doing a try-out for a regular time slot?
        I hate to say this, but Jill does have a very distinctive voice, and she actually reminds me of a famous NYC broadcaster.
        Her cackle could be well-received. I wonder if her sis’s radio-ratings have gone up much since she’s been associated with The Housewives?
        I may have to check on that. I don’t think that Lisa’s show is “drive-time”-(I could be wrong about that), because if it isn’t, the only way to tell is if overall station numbers are up, or if specific mention of her day-part has been published.
        The whole idea of the Jill & Lisa radio show kind-of bugs me. Like Jill is honing-in on Lisa’s territory, yet Lisa might not be strong-enough alone to get her foot-in-the-door at WABC.
        Another thing is that radio, is the “Theater of THE MIND”-(quote unknown, caps mine), and Jill doesn’t strike me as someone who would rather be heard & not seen.

  42. Wall St Lady says:

    I posted on the new site. A lot of work to get it done but was certainly worth the work.

  43. cusi77 says:

    Boston_ I received your Email.Thanks! I can’t find “my account” ANYWHERE! Am I blind??????????????

  44. boston02127 says:

    Good night everyone.

    Cusi, Sometimes I don’t explain things well. If you have a problem with the pictures email me. 🙂

  45. Wall St Lady says:

    I just finished making a very Southern lemon pie.
    I certainly am not ready to sleep.
    I hope I will have some company.

  46. nathania says:

    Okay I just read the part about Jill. I was surprised during the reunion how much came up that wasn’t even aired that was pretty despicable. She’s a bully and that I can’t respect. She doesn’t argue, she talks over and interrupts and if that doesn’t work she shouts over. She’d be Teresa on that show if it weren’t for the fact that any one of those ladies would probably jack-slap her if she went that far. I can’t pin it down to specific instances but it’s her disingenuousness (sp?) that drives me nuts, aside from never fighting fair by talking over people to shut them up, rather than out-debating them, she always makes this big stupid smile as or right after she says something completely nasty. I can’t stand that.

    One thing I posted on Bravo once which I’m sure didn’t get by the censors was that she seems to have spent her whole life in circles where people are afraid of her for whatever reason. Maybe among the hired help or employees or her family she is top dog and she expects the rest of the world to submit, and the rest of the world has no reason to. And I’ll never forgive her for those atrocious green pumps she wore at the reunion. Ick.

  47. I like Lynn’s story about her frustration with the Bravo Housewives blogs. The only thing that I ever posted on them was way back in season 1, New York HW. It was a pro-Alex comment.-She probably needed them back then. I think I still remember my screen name, “viewer123”. After that I could never figure-out just what I had to do to get a comment to “stick”, but what Lynn says up-top, pretty much sounds-like what goes-on.
    I found Lynn’s blog through the same kind-of problem, only it was TWOP. I had a funny feeling that I didn’t want to get too invested in that board, but I wanted to follow RHWONY season III. All signs kept pointing me to Lynn’s Hub-page blog, and I watched her comments grow & grow. By the time that RHWONY had jumped-the-shark, and TWOP/Strega had locked-down the board once again, I had already found a safe place-Thanks Lynn!

  48. I’m still working-on a post about RHWONJ, but in the meantime, I found-out something funny, OK, a few funny things, about Cat from DC’s new book. http://njhousewives.blogspot.com

  49. Provenzano says:

    well I was told about this other site, but ain’t nothing going on there
    and doesn’t seem like there is here either, so what gives?

  50. Regardless of what I do, I can not post a test post over at the new site. I have logged in with my present google account, the one I have had for a bazillion years, and a WordPress account. I have signed up to as a follower. So I will have to be content to enjoy reading and sit on the sidelines until I find a solution. See ya’ll.

    • Kat says:

      I had to sign up for a blog. It worked. You don’t have to write one. 8)

      • Thanks Kat, I’ve done that. And tried using the profile as an OpenID that way. I don’t know what I am doing wrong or where the darned test posts are going! It has to be something incredibly simple I am missing. At this point I would welcome one of those “word-puzzle anti-spam comment thingies” that I curse. LOL I really hate not being able to vent my frustrations at the HWs with such like-minded people!

        If 2000 “Testing, this site is great Lynn!” posts show up at the other site today out of the blue, I sincerely apologise.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          No worries, I’m not going to change permenantly until everyone is comfortable over there…we’ll do what it takes! 🙂

        • I discovered the solution to my comment problem, and since it might apply to someone else, I thought I would post the solution here.

          I use a Macbook Pro with OSX 10.6.4 I use Firefox for internet browsing. I have my internet security set my NOT accept 3rd party cookies due to security concerns.

          I was using a new gmail/google account name “reallymelissa” yet could not comment even though I was logged into google. Likewise, I could not sign in using a WordPress ID. When I was able to make a test comment on my iPad I realized it was a preference setting on my laptop.

          When I changed my Firefox settings to 3rd party cookies….VOILA! I can make comments to the Blogspot site using the reallymelissa account as per the directions given by kat (thx!)

          If anyone else is having a problem, you might take a look at your security settings, because your firewall or anti virus software might be the culprit.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Yeah….I can see that to use a wordpress etc ID there would have to be some cross site/domain interaction. I’m going to check settings and see. Thanks for the clue.

            • “It’s Danielle’s fault!”

              It did not matter whether I tried to log in using Google or WordPress – I couldn’t log in via my laptop or desktop because their security settings did not allow 3rd party coookies allowed.

              Since I changed it, I can log in with either the Google or WordPress account.

              I haven’t used Windows for a couple of years, but Norton’s might disable 3rd party cookies on its highest security setting.

              • Need a Hobby says:

                Apparent success (so far) with a new google acct. Just a tad miffed that so far my wordpress thingy won’t work.

                Lynn’s blogspot scrolls really slow and draggy for me for some reason. In contrast, TLo’s Project Rungay blog is just fine. But they’ve also separated blog from comments so that they appear on separate pages and that may make a difference. Dunno.

              • Kat says:

                Melissa glad you made it.
                Cookies- it makes sense. Maybe that was my problem too?

  51. Olivia says:

    I have tried every which way to Tuesday to log onto the new site and it is hopeless. I have both a WordPress and Google accounts and I am still prevented from gaining access.

    Hope that this is not a problem for others trying to gain access because it is not very user friendly. The “scrambled” letters and numbers don’t help much either.

  52. Anitabee says:

    Now back to Jill Zarin:


    That jilted forever a matchmaker never a bride is STILL out there defending that heinous creature know as Jill Zarin.

    I was surprised that Jill (per Patti) is copying Ramona and going through a renewal herself. I guess she must think that Kelly’s constanting copy of Bethenny must work in some odd way.

    Sorry, but no Jill, Ramona looks good because she works at it AND is a decent human being. Jill is just wasting her time trying to renewal herself as she is incapable of change.

    I still hate Jill Zarin.

    • Adgirl says:

      Jill, re your renewal …… throwing a can of paint on a termite infested building won’t fix it structurally either.

    • DWandM says:

      Jill is not trying to work on herself. She wants to renew her public image. She should start by acting her age. Posing in front of candy with her mouth open is idiotic. Does she think that this is a good look for her? I don’t know if she is trying to be Bethenny, Luann and Ramona.

      I’ve also noticed that Jill nolonger is photographed with all that “diva” eye makeup she had on her eyes last season. She must have taken Mario’s, Ramona’s husband, advice. (Last season when Ramona was getting ready to walk the runway, Jill told Ramona that she should do the smokey eye makeup and Ramona said Mario doesn’t like all that makeup.) I guess Jill realized that the smokey eye makeup looks ridiculous in the daytime and EVERYDAY!

      Jill must think that the viewers are idiots and that they really believe she wants to renew her life. I suspect she wants season 4 to be wrapped around her renewal, like Ramona last season. When the person isn’t sincere, it always shows. Ramona was sincere about her renewal. This attempt of Jill’s is going to make it worse for her.

      LOL I just remembered the scene of her ice skating and falling on the ice. LOL
      Oh she got a hobby alright LOL

  53. boston02127 says:

    Danielle Staub Reveals Her New Reality Show Is About ‘Her Questionable Sexuality!’
    “I’m doing two projects – my spinoff and my real show,”

    full story–

    • Anitabee says:

      Poor Danielle:

      Doesn’t she know that the Bravo Mob owns her butt for the next 2 years. I am starting to believe that Kelly B. and Danielle are related in some way.

      • I think they will let her do the shows, they just get a cut of all the action for the next 2 years, unless the new production company wants to “buy out” the remains of her contract and then they get the cut Bravo would have gotten. Bravo can stop her, but the other option (getting a cut or a buy out) would be more profitable.

        • nathania says:

          for real. they already kind of look like @ssholes for firing her. they should just be decent and cut her loose (and I guess get the kickback behind the scenes)

  54. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi Anitabee
    U r funny.
    Let’s hate on Fatty ,
    that never a bride
    who thinks throwing a
    “slave auction” is being a.matchmaker.
    Does she think if she was part of 20 or 30 women at her “cattle drives” she would EVER b chosen ?
    She is delusion al
    She probably charges both buyer & attendees. On Wall St that is called
    “Double Dipping”
    & unless fully disclosed is illegal.
    Fatty ought to b canceled.
    She is to me what we call a
    “Red Hering”,
    out there trying to attract buyers

    but not the whole story.

  55. Would someone with some style sense please volunteer to help these unfortunate women? (The red headed lady needs to wear a bra.)


  56. lillybee says:

    I will not watch anything with Patti Singer. She is not a nice woman.

  57. Wall St Lady says:

    Cheers for calling her a woman.
    She ain’t no
    We LynnFam r ladies !
    And we smell
    Good too !

  58. Wall St Lady says:

    Is Jac AKA pumpkin boobs,trying to compete w/Dolly Parton;whose songs I love love love. ,her boobies,not so much.
    “Here u go again,looking better than a body ought too!”
    Wall St Lady singing loudly about herself !

    “And shaking me up soooo
    & here I gooooo!”

  59. Wall St Lady says:

    See u on the new site. Gonna make an appearence the off to the ocean.

  60. Smompy says:

    I’m only watching the DC Wives sporadically…like when I’m channel surfing and can’t find anything better to watch…and I have to say I’m really glad Kat is there. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t actually “like” her as a person or anything. She’s completely UNlikeable IMO. But watching her being a shit-stirring bitch (especially to the Salamis who so richly deserve it) is the only thng that’s really entertained me about the HWs franchise so far I don’t really care about any of these women at all, but at least with Kat you get some drama that isn’t completely scripted. It’s just her natural bitchiness on display, I think. And I agreed with her at that stupid grape stomping party too. I’m not driving out to the country and taking my shoes and socks off to stand in a bucket of cold supermarket grapes while some publicity-whoring bozo blows a whistle at me just because “the others are doing it.” Of course Kat handled the situtaion in the rudest way she possibly could, but I was still thankful that she was in that scene. She amused me when nothing else in the scene was doing the job. That said, I think the assitant was totally right to call her out on her bitchness too. Had it not been for their exchange, I would have changed the channel ten minutes earlier. So one point for Kat and one point for the assistant there, if you ask me. The rest of them get ZERO from me. They’re either too boring or too fake.

    Now, do I really have to sit through several more seasons of HW shows (Beverly Hills, Orange County AND New York City?) before Bethenny, Jason & Bryn come back to my telewision??? That’s how my neighbor pronounces it…”tella-wishin.”

  61. LynnNChicago says:

    On the new blog, if you want to post a comment just to test it out, please type more than just the word “test”. I just checked the spam folder in the comments and there were 21 spam messages all with just the word “test” 🙂 lol

    Apparently that system sees the one word comment “test” as spam. thanks! Lynn

  62. anniieee says:


    Check out the pic of KooKoo running. She has a manpart in her shorts. Granted its small manpart..but a manpart nonetheless. hmmmmmm

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Silly, that’s where she stores her jelly beans…..

      Noticed the pic at top of the Manzo/Laurita clan…..seriously, they need to stop getting their dress fabrics at Zarin’s….I don’t care how much of a discount they get. Clearly JZ’s been offing surplus upholstery fabric on them.


      • Need a Hobby says:

        Moving further down the page….

        Teresa….whoever told you that was a great outfit for you is not your friend. I know you like shiny things and tight clothes…but when it looks like you had to use a sausage machine to get into your pants, enough. Not a good advert for “Skinny Italian.” She’s not fat, but that outfit is not flattering IMO. But she won’t listen so it’s all good.

        I like Sonja….but it looks like she went hunting with Kelly and is wearing the results. She’s an attractive woman with a real figure….don’t hide the merchandise (so to speak).

        Alex…..yeah sometimes she does have that kinda crazed look on her face. Keep it up, it drives Kiki and Foghorn more deranged than they already are.

        Jason and Bethenny look naturally cool & comfortable. Well done.

    • Adgirl says:

      She has penis envy.

  63. amy says:

    I hate Gloria. I see her as a cruel witch who created a monster.

  64. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  65. boston02127 says:

    What’s going on with the blogs? We have this one, the new one and the tribute one.

  66. Quincy IL says:

    Lynn, I think the other blog site is a wash. You can’t reply even after signing in to the site and accepting the blogger status. There is no place to reply to the comments of others. The reason that you get so many hits here is the ease of joining and the conversations that take place after people meet here to discuss the blog and their feelings about the shows. Honestly, I have gone there and it’s a struggle. It’s a struggle that is probably too great for many and you will loose viewers with the structure. I think you all should find another place.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. There are several comments there and I comment on RealOldHousewife’s blog there and I didn’t find it too difficult. I know there isn’t anyway to specificially respond to one person’s comment, but you can start your comment with their name so that they know who you are responding to. That is how the old Hubpages worked as well. I’m sorry you don’t like it QUincy, I hope you’ll give it another chance, I really do need to get to a site that I can place ads on and WordPress just doesn’t allow it.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I want you to make some money too. Lynn, you are underselling yourself there. I believe that you are incredibly talented and belong on a big site. I don’t know how someone gets onto something like Huffington Post, but I think you have the ability to make it a go there.

        Ladies, is there an online talent agency for bloggers? How did that Julie Child’s want to be become so popular? There has to be be a way.

        I looked at the Huffington Post blog information. It says that it allows top bloggers to become commenters. Lynn, you have thousands of hits and comments. That has to make you a top blogger.

        Hmmmm. You know, Lynn… Go big or Go Home…

        No, don’t go home, but definitely go big. Approach Bravo itself.
        Take the risk and be the anti Bravo blogger on Bravo. They are risk takers and I think they would go for it. It would be great advertising for them as well as yourself.

        http://www.blogcatalog.com/ This site says it rates blogs. Perhaps, some of our researchers could find a path for this blog there.

        I think the format for response is important. I go back to older blogs and find the replies are enriched every single day. I bet you have seen how those blogs grow too, Lynn. Days after the blog is posted, people are responding to comments.

        This blog reminds me of a Greek Play. The announcer stands in front of the audience with the basic story and the Greek Chorus makes comments that brings the audience into the play as a part of the epic tale. Look around the Jill Zarin blogs and you don’t see that anywhere.

        I showed this blog and the interaction to the editor of Quincynews.org who happens to be a real life journalist. He’s selling his concept of the populace interacting with news events. Getting hits is something that he has to show people how to do because it’s the hits that make money with advertisers. He’s starting new markets in Decatur, Peoria, the Quad cities, and Edwardsville. Honestly, when I showed him your way of drawing people in, he saw value in it.

        We had something like this in 1999 with the Farscape board at sci fi. The number of people who followed that was incredible. You just got hooked.

        Sometimes, we think small when we should be more like Bethenny and think big.

        • Check the Blogher network. The answers might be there. I think that is what they were set up to do-help new bloggers (women) get set up and do it as a home-based business. Some of the more famous names in blogging are in that group…Dooce, Queen of Spain… and post to HuffPo. Worth a look.

        • Kat says:

          Quincy, I agree with your well made points. The new site feels like a step backwards to hubpages to me. The inability to reply to a person makes reading/posting
          a chore.
          I too hope Lynn can make some bucks.

          • Dawn says:

            I’m not opposed to Lynn making money. I do hate the new site and agree with Kat. Hope you find a palatable and compatible resolution.

  67. cusi77 says:

    Hello Lynn!

    Do you know the reason in the other site if I want to make a comment my name is not there like here?

    I have been thinking for several months that you are such a good and successful Blogger that that should make money out of all your talent and effort… We can accommodate to whatever it takes to make it happen!

  68. TEB says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I’m not sure the ‘hits’ that Real Old Housewife gets on her blog. I know I go there too. 😉 Perhaps you can ask her for tips? Or perhaps you get the huge following you do is because of your willingness to turn your blog into a ‘chat room’. Maybe a chat room format would work? I have no idea- I’m just throwing out ideas. Either way, you’ve earned the right for ads and compensation. And I can’t wait to see how it all turns out- because I will be there in support.

  69. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi Quincy
    I was missing u. I never had a reply on this blog. I thought it was cuz I was using my BB. When I went to Squirrels blog there was a respond box. So I didn’t /don’t get it.
    I have g mail so I got on fairly easy.

  70. Jeepers says:

    Hi, Lynn is it?
    I saw your other site, it looks nice and all that, but I am with Quincy
    on this one. This site is so easy to work, remembering not all of your
    followers are puter savvy, (include me in that group). TY Jeepers

  71. LynnNChicago says:

    Thanks Quincy and Jeepers for those kind words! I was offered a few different options from some smaller sites, it was minimal money but it would have been better than nothing. Here’s the problem, they want to approve everything that is posted. I will keep looking into blogging for another site, but I think I may just find the same thing. I don’t want someone else editing the content. I’m fine with them checking for spelling and grammar errors, but two even wanted to change the name of the blog.

    I please rest assured no one has moved to the new blog altogether yet and I won’t make anything official with the move until everyone is comfortable about posting there, in the meantime I promise not to give up looking for the best site I can find that will accept a good number of comments and is easy to access for everyone!

    I’ll continue to post on both sites for as long as needed! Thanks everyone!

    • Blue Sky says:

      Lynn, how about creating your own website? Kind of like “Reality Zen with Jenn” or even ala RealityTea.com. If you get the site “IhateJillZarin.com” or even LynnHudson.com then design your website, and we will go there. I recommend using your name, then the “IhateJillZarin” as where you have the blogs. Name recognition is important…as Bethenny has proved! You can have the blog, plus commercials, and more. Book, movie, restaurant reviews, from your fans, it could be a real hit. People like Bethenny would pay you to have connections to their websites, to sell Skinny Girl, her books/videos etc. You could even have a blog for politics as some people on this blog are ready for that. And other topics…you choose. Go for it, it’s kind of how “The Huffington Post” got started.

      • Blue Sky says:

        Sorry, meant to say “LynnNChicago.com” that would be perfect. You need a good web designer. The rest will be history! Clearly Bravo has pissed off lots of people, because they don’t post their comments. The message boards on Bravo used to be fun, but too many trolls now. People like chatting on your blog, so you can make it similar to this current site, but still profit from the ads. Plus, having even more info on your website would be great. Boston02127 could do a “links for today” update…she has the best links. Olivia could guest blog, or do a blog for a show that you don’t do (she has great analysis of the housewives) and you know we come here to catch up on WSL, Quincy, and others that have great posts. How about you interviewing some of the housewives…wow would that be great! Audio & video please!

        • LynnNChicago says:

          I have thought of that and someday it will be a reality, that’s why I’m trying to make some money from the blog now so that I can use those funds to start up my own site. All of that costs money, unfortunately.

          I’m not against spending the money, but I’d like it to be money that I’ve already earned from the blog, not taking away from my household funds.

          Blue Sky, These are great ideas! Thanks!

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Whoa, baby steps first. ; )

        The kind of progression I’ve seen for grass roots sort of blogs that derive naturally from humble beginnings is typically from blogspot type gigs to independent websites. Some may pay for a hosting/domain service that provides prefab format structure that makes it easier and less costly than having a truly standalone site that would involve costs and issues associated with bandwidth, servers, programming, security.

        Jenn Sale blogs for the Chicago Tribune folks—they own the site.

        Absurd to Sublime recently got a redo which was a vast improvement. Previously it was an awful site to use. (No reflection on the content or owner.)

        HuffPo had multimillionaire founders. And got further infusions of multiple millions from investors as time went on. Major bucks. Not exactly a grass roots, little engine that could story. Just sayin’. 🙂

  72. lillybee says:

    Bethenney looked great at the VMA awards tonight.

  73. Waslurking says:

    Lynn, I completely understand and support you in finding a way to make some cash for all of the work you do and/or financing a web site of your own.
    You go girl!
    I’ve tried to figure out the new site…..sigh… I’m internet challenged to say the least.
    It seemed it would take my yahoo profile….but then I remembered I made that profile YEARS ago and don’t really want my undies out on the web….lol
    I don’t contribute much….but feel like I’m losing my left arm in a sense not being
    able to post from time to time. Ah well…. I’ll read you where ever you go!
    You rock!

    best wishes,
    Lynn/aka waslurking
    (yes there are lots of us)

  74. Wall St Lady says:

    I can’t post from my old BB cuz there is no posting box. I have tried to sign in & it tell me my existing G mail account doesn’t exist.
    Soon I will be w/teckie kids at work & know it will fix old bb so I can post. Thank goodness my new bb let’s me post. Otherwise I would b having MAJOR LynnFam withdrawns !

  75. LynnNChicago says:

    http://wp.me/pVOhN-82 WordPress
    http://lynnnchicago.blogspot.com/ Blogspot

    New Blog posted on both sites 🙂

  76. Charli says:

    Not only did Jill Zarin treat all the women rudely, am I the only one who remembers how she treated dear BOBBY in the jewelry store and when he bought her the new
    SUV that did not have an attachment for her IPOD? If she can treat dear dear Bobby as she always says, like that; why would anyone think she has a sympathetic side at all, he had surgery, cancer, could of died??? But come her birthday, she wants only the best and all of it, and maybe he will get lucky if he buys all that she wants.

  77. shamrockblonde says:

    On Saturday, I went to church, and said a prayer for all those who were murdered on 9-11. On the way home I stopped in at the local bagel store – there were only about 4 people in there, but they were watching coverage of the ceremonies at Ground Hero – on the tv screen, a choir was singing the National Anthem..and every person in there was standing with their hands over their hearts – I started crying and joined them –

    My cousin was one of the 343. He was a New York City Firefighter/paramedic and he was murdered on September 11. Every time I see a recap of that day, I still cry. Those images told stories of stunning tragedy, heartbreaking courage and numbing grief. The first heroes – the crew and passengers of the planes, who were the first to understand that which was to come, and the first to rise up against it. The Firefighters, Police, EMTs and rescue workers who responded without hesitation and gave their lives so that others might keep theirs. Heroes all, they stood amid destruction, death and uncertainty refusing to walk away, instead pressing on against a nightmare made all too real. Families who lost one of their own, each reaching outward first, caring more about each other than themselves, refusing to face the future in fear, choosing instead to meet it with courage, dignity and pride. In defiance of terror and evil, we stood together united not only in sorrow, but in strength and courage, once again showing the world what it is to be American

    I was there there for the first anniversary – it was windy that day, and you could almost hear the whispers of the souls that were lost there, swirling around you, standing with you
    That day, and the days that followed were all about loss and destruction, and rising above it all with unity and courage and a refusal to let those who were murdered that day be forgotten or lessened in any way. Let the WTC memorial tell that story. Let it tell the story of all the heroes, and let this day be a constant reminder of the enduring spirit of the American people.

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