I Hate Jill Zarin Housewives News / Top Chef Finale Sept 16, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives News / Top Chef Finale Sept 16, 2010

It’s been a busy Housewives news day, Danielle Staub who insists that she was not fired from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has announced and it’s been confirmed that she will be hosting a new show for Wealth TV called “Social”. A show that is being compared to “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. Danielle will apparently pick up celebrities at their homes and escort them to fabulous events after touring their homes. To be completely honest, I’ve never heard of Wealth TV and I wouldn’t know how to find the show on my television, sort of like a cab in Manhattan that won’t go to Brooklyn, my TV doesn’t go there.

Danielle Staub Announces New Series http://t.co/fY45SdB

You just have to love Ramona Singer of the Real Housewives of New York, she always tells it like it is holding nothing back, a reporter got to her and she spilled the beans. All of the housewives, yes even Jill Zarin (heavy sigh) will be returning, damn you Andy Cohen! We may even add a few more to the New York cast. Ramona also confirmed rumors that Bethenny will be returning in small doses.


Bethenny Frankel has been named one of New York’s 25 most stylish people by US Weekly, a list that includes Katie Couric and George Stephanopoulos. This list also includes Kelly Cutrone of Bravo’s cancelled show, “Kell On Earth” making the list a whole lot less impressive.


News – Bethenny Frankel Tears Up the Dance Floor in Front of Scott Disick – Style & .. http://bit.ly/9MkQ4f

Kelly Bensimon just can’t get enough of the “I Hate Jill Zarin” author. Although she blocked me on Twitter months ago, she continues to apparently monitor my tweets as they relate to her. A few days ago Kelly posted four or five photos of herself on Facebook. Nothing unusual there, like a 15-year old she is forever posting photos of herself, as if we all just can’t wait to see what she’s wearing or how she has forgotten to brush her hair each day. Just for fun, I posted this tweet:

@LynnNChicago @kikilet loaded photos on FB, she forgot this one http://twitpic.com/2o95v3

kikilet to @lynnNchicago. I love that u posted this pict. Running is ugly, but keeps ur mind/ body fit in 20mins. Be selfish, take care of u.

I never used the word ugly, Kelly came up with that one on her own but I’m really interested to know why she continues to monitor my tweets after she’s blocked me? It would make your life a whole lot easier just to follow me again Kelly Bensimon, then you wouldn’t have to do a daily search.

Michaele Salahi of the Real Housewives of DC, dropped a bombshell announcing yesterday that she has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for the past 17 years. Michaele was accompanied on a morning talk show by her husband Tariq and the author of her book, famous Michael Jackson stalker Diane Diamond. Michaele broke down crying forcing her ghostwriter, Diane Diamond to break the news to the world. The news spread quickly across the internet with many people skeptical about the news.

I find it hard to believe that she would lie about something that is fairly simple for anyone to confirm or that Diane Diamond would sit with this couple and confirm their story had she not done the investigating, including confirming with Michaele’s doctor that she suffers from this chronic illness.

The interview included Tareq claiming that the couple was unable to give interviews or provide the full story that would clear their names in the “Gate Crashers” scandal due to the contract with Bravo that doesn’t allow them to discuss what happens on the show until it airs. Bravo executives claim that the Salahi’s were free to discuss it with anyone they liked. Now Bravo may have made an exception for this one incident but we do know that Bravo puts the gag order on the entire cast of the Housewives series until the episodes air, only then they may comment on what happened. With something this huge, I highly doubt that Bravo would make an exception to their rule for this one incident. Possibly the Salahi’s were allowed to speak to law enforcement and Congress if necessary, however, I do not believe for one second that Bravo allowed them to speak to “anyone” as the Bravo representative reports in this interview:


That is not to say that given the opportunity, we would hear the truth out of the Salahi’s. The problem with this couple is that one lie that you are caught in or admit to can really ruin your reputation for being honest people. They have been caught in lies and in fact, admitted to lying about certain things. Michaele, being a cheerleader doesn’t give you credibility nor does it bring you prestige. Typically, cheerleaders have a reputation for being mean girls, air heads and not the sharpest knife in the drawer. In your case, Michaele, if the shoe fits….but honey, why make things worse for yourself. I am not knocking cheerleaders, it is the reputation, don’t kill the messenger. (send hate mail to Glee producers)

Tonight’s episode will show the Salahi’s house hunting and thoroughly wasting realtor Stacie Turner’s time, showing them homes that they clearly cannot afford. Tareq and Michaele, just because you hosted the Turners at your winery under armed guard protection, that doesn’t mean you can abuse the poor woman!

Top Chef Finale

The final three chef’s, still in Singapore, were given their final task and drew knives to choose their sous chef. This season Top Chef brought back three past winners of the title, Michael Voltaggio from last season, Ilan Hall from season two and Hung Huynh from season three.

Angelo’s illness threatened to take him out of the competition and there is really no way of knowing if it negatively affected the outcome of the show. The producers admitted in interviews that they were unsure of how to handle the situation, had Angelo not been able to cook at all for the finale, most likely he would have had to be disqualified.

This season of Top Chef just did not seem as dramatic or intense as past seasons had been. The fact that Chef Tom Colicchio and Chef Eric Ripert chose the proteins for the finale didn’t challenge the chef’s nearly as much as last year’s mystery box of ingredients. It didn’t seem like the chefs were tested to their limits as contestants had been in the past.

The only one specific instruction that was unique to this season was the mandatory dessert that was required of each of the three finalists. None seemed thrown by that, and the judges seemed impressed by all three of the desserts that were prepared.

I don’t think that there is much question that Kevin had an advantage by drawing the knife with Michael’s name on it, these two had worked together in the past and clearly Michael the best chef ever to compete on Top Chef. Michael’s skills and experience had to have given Kevin the final boost of confidence to get him through the challenge.

Ed continued to hope that Angelo wouldn’t be able to compete because Ed felt that without Angelo, he would be a shoe in for the win. That type of attitude is absolutely unacceptable from a Top Chef contestant and Ed should be smart enough to know that. No less than four different times this season Ed has interviewed that he wished Angelo would be eliminated because he was his biggest competition. What kind of sissy boy has that kind of thoughts, worse expresses them on television? Isn’t it more honorable to beat the best? Doesn’t he realize how bad he looks when he talks like that? Watching last season of Top Chef should have taught him that the best of the best chefs always wanted to compete against the finest chefs. A question for Ed – why would you want to tell the world that you’re afraid to face the best chef?

Even the final judges table was a let-down, no excitement, no anticipation and they didn’t send the third place finalist away like they have in past seasons. Remember watching Kevin’s walk of shame leaving Bryan and Michael as the two finalists last season? I’d have liked to watch Ed being sent packing before Padma announced Kevin as the winner.

In all honesty, I was hoping that Angelo would win it all, however, if not Angelo, I’m very happy that it was Kevin and not Ed! Nobody wants a sissy boy Top Chef! Ba-bye Ed!

Congratulations to Kevin Sbraga, Bravo’s newest Top Chef! Great job!

Top Chef, Just Desserts

Bravo premiered its newest competition show, Top Chef Just Desserts last night immediately following the anti-climactic finale of Top Chef and I really liked it!

Gail Simmons does a great job of mimicking Padma Lakshmi with an identical format to Top Chef, Top Chef Just Desserts looks to be a winner for Bravo. Opening with the contestants atop a double decker bus baking (pun intended) under the hot sun, we quickly learn that they’re not all professionally trained pastry chefs. With all different backgrounds and not one recipe available to them, they’re off to the races with a quick fire challenge that irritated the hell out of me right off the bat.

The chefs are told that they are to make their signature dessert and are given $50 to shop for ingredients and 90 minutes to finish their dish. Fifteen minutes into the challenge, Gail stops the contestants and throws them their first curve ball, they are to transform their signature dessert into a cupcake. Yes, cupcakes are hot right now but I was actually looking forward to seeing what each of them felt was their strongest dessert. It would have been a good way to get to know them a little bit better.

Two of the chefs were unable to complete the dish, not surprisingly because turning a dessert into a cupcake is not always possible. One served empty meringue shells and the other some sloppy goopy soup like substance that apparently had good flavors but was clearly not a cupcake.

I haven’t gotten all of the names down yet, but we do have some strong personalities and based on the previews for the season, we’re going to see a few power struggles among the contestants.

Someone has to be the first to go and we typically never hear from them again, in this case Tania was sent packing with Gail’s version of “pack your knives and go” converted to “pack your tools and go”. In typical Bravo style Gail softens the blog by including, “your dessert didn’t measure up”. Yes, Bravo, I get it!

A few contestants stood out, Seth who won the quick fire, will have a Kelly Bensimon style “breakthrough” later in the season and Zac with his big personality and snarky comeback’s will be sure to make an impression.

The first elimination challenge winner, Heather, along with Seth seem like they may be the ones to beat but after only one episode, it’s tough to pick, watch what happens.

Until Next Time…..


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495 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Housewives News / Top Chef Finale Sept 16, 2010

  1. Night Light says:

    IF and that is a big IF, if she has MS I hope she is being taken care of. BUT I recall Kim from RHOA claiming she had cancer and that turned out to be a lie. People faking to be seriously ill is not new. It’s sad that we have to be suspicious at all.

    • Savannah111 says:

      I agree with you night light. And yes Kim did say that about Cancer and here is where she just lost the lie completely she said that they were almost 90 % sure it could be cancer. NO doctor would ever say anything like that without proper testing. That was shameful of her to go there she was trying to deflect..

    • kit says:

      Kim never said she had cancer. She said she thought she might have cancer but that it turned out she didn’t.

      • Savannah111 says:

        I know she didn’t say she had it but she implied it in an attempt IMO to get out of the line of fire because of her relationship gone bad with Nene and it was getting heated between the two ladies… I remember she said that she was across the street from her doctors office waiting on test results being nervous.. The problem I have is a doctor isn’t going to tell anyone that they may or may not have cancer without having some sort of test results. She did say that they were saying there was like a 90% chance she had it.. I remember seeing everyones faces when she said it. Andy cocked his head to the side with that expression he has when he;s thinking HUH?

    • Savannah111 says:

      I watched tonights episode of RHDC tonight and I’m just shaking my head at this couple, who are they? OMG what are they saying they do for a living? I have to be honest I just watched the last 2 episodes besides this one, I just couldn’t get into this show.. I found it to be boring I’ll have to catch up on the beginning episodes now.. This couple from the grape stomp up to tonights episode is just very crazy where do they find people. I wouldn’t want to be seen anywhere with this people. Theres nothing real about them, they are disturbing and I dont know what planet they come from.. In Ga. the show is on right now for the 2nd time tonight and try and she might stacy isnt able to get any kind of banking information out of them. I also wonder ok they are at the 4 seasons hotel but I wonder if they were just there during shooting of this show and then after filming stops its back to a dump somewhere for them.. They are not trustworthy people at least IMO..

  2. MickeyMouth says:

    Top Chef and Big Brother were switched back in forth in my home. I really didn’t pay that much attention to either one of them all season and was, eh about who won. Maybe next year those two shows will grab my interest but this year not so much.

    Thanks for the write-up 🙂 oh and Kelly Cutrone? I have snugli that is about as stylish and her.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Kelly Cutrone? She was a mess. She had trouble finding a clean black tee shirt. I’d say that she is a slob. Her hair was awful for the entire series.

      Perhaps, she cleans up well for whatever event the judge was at….

      Shocking that Kelly Cutrone could beat Kelly Bensimon for that list.

      • nathania says:

        that was a very uncomfortable show to watch. I got the feeling that Kelly Cutrone is a legend in her own mind or something, not that she’s not successful but all those asides about ‘power girls’ and the good old days kind of made me think that the cameras were about ten or fifteen years too late. Plus it’s so weird this trend of making reality shows about the office help.

  3. Had Enough! says:

    Proving once again – these disgusting (HoWives), boring (TC) shows are nothing but an excuse for a great blog.

    Don’t know if anyone saw the comment I copied from a WP commenter, but it is so good it is worth repeating:

    MS = Michaela Salahi disease. Characterized by inability to tell truth, grifting, and insane jerking of the head and body, hopping around like a flea on meth, and hugging the stuffing out of everyone in sight.

    I think KooKooLet monitors this board. Quite a few times I’ve seen tweets that seemed to be responding to something someone said. She’s never responded to me. She probably still hasn’t figured out what dilettante means, or how to twist it into a compliment.

    What I don’t get is why she doesn’t protect her tweets. It isn’t as though she is garnering fans with this incessant tweeting. It’s (KKB – notice, please. It’s = contraction of IT IS) just one more outlet for people to rag on her. If she thinks anyone is actually influenced by her silly references to being charitable or buying her crappy jooory, she is sadly mistaken. She just makes a fool of herself every day. She really ought to take herself private, protect her tweets, and get off TV. For her own sake and the sake of her kids.

  4. Justanothermary says:

    Did you read the twitter from Apegirl in Parade? They point-blank asked her if she was really $11 million in debt. She ignored the question and they let it go. What is with THAT?? Why won’t anyone actually ask the hard questions and demand answers?

    • Quincy IL says:

      You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

      It’s true. I have wanted horses to drink and they didn’t.

      Teresa won’t admit the truth. She just will not do it.

    • The tabloid magazines and websites that report this crap are not asking her the questions but running press releases fed to them by Teresa’s PR firm. The few times a reputable news organization has run a story on the Guidice family, it has been not favorable.
      But the answer to the question is NEVER going to be answered except under oath in a court in front of a judge. And even then I suspect it her answer will be a carefully crafted version of *her* truth.

  5. WindyCityWondering says:

    Lynn – great blog as always! I have been wondering about who just reads but doesn’t comment and would not find it unrealistic that some of the more notorious housewives do follow you. Jill would be at the top of the list as well as that social media darling Kelly. The loonytoons from NJ are another good bet.

  6. Wall St Lady says:

    The Salamis r on
    Access Hollywood. (Yes I have a TV going in my office all day. Matter of fact I have 2. One is on CNBC CNN or Bloomberg & the other usually NBC).

  7. error404 says:

    Deserts: lots of “strong personalities” on that show! It’s also interesting how many of the guys are gay, I don’t remember many gays on top chef. Hmmm

    Anyway, who else can’t help but think of work of arts miles when seeing deserts Seth?

  8. AZ Girl says:

    I do not believe Michaele has MS. My mother in law passed away two years ago at the age of 72 after suffering from MS since she was in her 30’s. Even when she was first diagnosed she was having trouble with numbness, tingling and balance. She walked with a cane at beginning and in the end she was confined to a motorized wheelchair. Weight loss is not a symptom of MS. You actually have swelling in your legs and arms from atrophy and from the medication.

    I was over at the TVWOP site and there are a ton of posts from people who have MS. Their posts are really informative about the disease and its symptoms.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I agree with you, I do not think Michaele Salahi has MS. She had said in an article somewhere how little she eats. For MS patients, good healthy diets are a necessity. Eating so little is not good for a MS patient. Also, they should have have a lot of stress in their lives. Sorry, but living Tareq the Terrible is nothing short of stress inducing between how he acts and the constant litigation and lawsuits.

      I guess only time will tell, but for now I don’t believe her.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I dunno, I knew a girl who has MS who was still able to swing an axe at her boyfriends head and kill him in hopes to collect the life insurance money.

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          Rabble, you crack me up. You know some interesting people, lady! I wanna party with YOU!

          • Melanie says:

            Ditto Duchess :0)

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              It was insane story alright complete with a lesbian mistress accomplice (who was acquitted by a dimwitted and lazy jury). Her names was Ashley (the roommate/lover) and a bunch of folks nicknamed he Axe-ley.

              • kathy says:

                I haven’t been on the net much this summer. How I have missed this blog! RabbleRouser makes me feel like I’ve never been away! As for Top Chef, could not stand Angelo! Loved seeing my favorite- Hung. Mad skills!

    • jillz68 says:

      I don’t know if Michaele is telling the truth or not. I have MS and I DID lose weight and still have a problem keeping it on.
      It isn’t a common problem with MS patients but it DOES happen. My appetite left and never came back as soon as I got sick.
      One thing that could possibly make her lose weight and be a little fidgety is the meds they prescribe for fatigue. It is the same
      medication they prescribe for narcolepsy. I was given this drug since fatigue is a killer. I felt like I was back in the 80’s if you
      get my drift. I was jumping all over the place, talking a mile a minute, and hated every second of it. I never took it again and deal with awful fatigue.

      Frankly I am getting tired of reading people saying they knew someone who had it and she certainly cannot. It is different with
      everyone. Keep in mind, I am not defending her, I am defending the fact she could have it and people are really pushing it by
      saying she doesn’t look sick or act like dear Aunt Thelma that passed away from it and couldn’t walk. Would you tell someone with diabetes that they don’t look like someone they knew so of course they are lying?

      Perhaps I am a little sensitive about this because people forget I have it (and have doubted me as well) since I *look* normal and seem healthy. They are not with me on my bad days and I do not dwell on my illness. Many have it far worse than I do. It does get a little tiresome explaining to folks that yes, I really am sick. I could wake up one day unable to walk (already has happened but I got better).

      I do believe she could be lying but as someone that has had that accusation by a previous boss (who proceeded to call my doctor who of course told him nothing) it isn’t fair or kind. How would you like to suffer with an illness only to have no one believe you because you look ok?

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Jillz68, thank you for sharing that with us, with something like this, that is such a unique experience for each sufferer of the disease, there is no way of knowing whether Michaele is telling the truth.

        Unfortunately she has such a poor track record for honesty and intigrity that people are generally skeptical. I hope that my post wasn’t offensive to you, I truly tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and I apologize if I offended you or anyone else. I know that Diane Diamond may not be Walter Cronkite but she is considered a journalist and I don’t think she’d risk her reputation for this couple if she hadn’t done her homework. That was all I was saying.

        • jillz68 says:

          Not offended one bit! I too think she *could* be lying based on her track record alone. My point is you can
          never tell by looking at someone what they suffer from. As I said yesterday (I think) I can walk and look normal
          but my neighbor has it and is in a wheelchair. We have the same disease but different symptoms and capabilities. It also depends on how many lesions one has and where they are. It also depends on how soon one gets the diagnosis.
          I had one doctor tell me I was lying, making it all up just to get out of work. Two months later I lost the ability
          to walk. Had he looked for something, he would have found the GIANT lesion on my spine (C4) and I could have been put on steroids and the swelling would have been far less and I wouldn’t have lost a year of my life getting my legs back.

          That said, I agree, she and her husband are liars who if they said the sky was blue, I would have to check. It is the
          assumptions that she doesn’t have it based on looks and actions alone that irritate. I think I am going to contact
          the MS Society and tell them that now would be a good time to bring out a Faces Of MS campaign. Too many
          people (I was one of them before I had it) think that if you have it you are in a wheelchair and look super sick.

          I hope *I* didn’t offend anyone. I think my own history with doctors and past employers have made me super sensitive.


        • emt2 says:

          I do not believe that Michaele has MS. I think she is lying or exaggerating. It’s interesting that in the same breath that she says she has MS, she also said that she is afraid that Bravo may fire her. That’s strange to me.

          On another note, Diane Diamond is not a reputable journalist. She was fired from Hard Copy because of her non-ethical journalistic practices. She is a huge phony to me and it makes sense that she would try to just this couple to get back into the public eye. One phony writing about two more phonies. I’ll pass.

          • Quincy IL says:

            My daughter considered a neurology residency after med school. She decided that she would be frustrated because after diagnosis there was so little that could be done for people with these diseases. She’s an anesthesiologist now. She saves lives every day.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              Having had two babies (one via c-section), I appreciate the doctors who choose that field and their expertise.

      • oopsy says:

        I agree, jillz68. My son has been diabetic since he was a toddler and has since been diagnosed with other serious autoimmune disorders. I have had people say, “he looks fine to me.” He struggles everyday to get by and to strangers looks completely normal. You have every right to feel so strongly about it and I’m sure the posters here understand your point of view. I think most people here feel that since she lies about other things she would lie about this. I must admit the way she released the information is suspicous to me. I can’t believe that other people in her life wouldn’t know about it because it is such a devestating disease. Even if most people don’t know about it those really involved in your life will know. Like night light said above, it seems very ‘Kim Z cancer scare’ to me. Most of us know people who suffer from something and when people caim illnesses to deflect attention from something else it is apalling and insulting. Quite honestly, it is her own fault if people can’t believe her because she lies. If any of the honest housewives claimed such a thing she would be flooded with well wishes. If you lie, you’re a lier. She may be telling the truth now, but the very real possibility that she isn’t enrages me on behalf of my son and those like you who really do suffer every day. I hope you are doing well. I really do wish you all the best and I’m glad you post here.

        • jillz68 says:

          Thank you! It is great your son has someone on his side to stick up for him and be understanding when he has a hard time. My husband has been wonderful. He even got over his ickiness with needles to give me my shots! I think I will keep him! I hope she isn’t lying but it would be par for the course with those two. If she is she should be afraid of Karma coming back and biting her in her behind.

          • oopsy says:

            he looks healthy but was just diagnosed with Lupus and is being tested for 2 other diseases. People who are chronically ill get very good at sucking it up and getting through the day, just trying to get by. (He gets his crappy genetics from me) 😦

        • oopsy says:

          is ‘honest housewife’ an oxymoron?

      • AZ Girl says:

        You make an excellent point. I just have my doubts due to Micheale’s history of being caught in lies.
        Michaele also claimed while being interviewed that she had a “flare up” of the MS at the White House State dinner and that is why she and Tareq left early. Several sources say they left the dinner and went across the street and sat in a bar and drank for 2 hours. Who knows.

      • ImaJillHater2 says:

        JillZ68, wow – loved your post.

        I also suffer from several auto-immune diseases (not MS) and *look* normal & healthy. When I am able to go out, nobody who saw me would ever suspect I had any health issues. Of course, they’ve never seen me when I’ve been unable to get out of bed for weeks on end.

        I always tell people you can’t *see* an illness, can’t *see* physical pain, can’t *see* disabling fatigue.

        Nasty buggers, these auto-immunes are.

    • DWandM says:

      If she is lying, that is sad. MS is real to many who suffer this disease. It isn’t just something you say just to be interesting or to get attention.

    • dsc60 says:

      those with MS can have drastically different degrees of symptoms. my sister was diagnosed when she was 32. she is now 59. she is a dental hygienist and her boss is still not privy to her illness. she does have symptoms but can hide them well. i’m not saying that michaela is definitely being honest about it, but it’s certainly a possibility.

      • oopsy says:

        Oh yes, it is a possibility that she has MS. I just refuse to believe her without proof. I have spent my life giving people the benifit of the doubt and have had people try to scam me because they KNEW I gave them the benifit of the doubt. I still do for most people but not for liers. And it’s their own fault. If you go around decieving and scamming don’t cry foul because people don’t trust you. Just saying….

    • kit says:

      Normally I would say that nobody would make such a claim unless they had the disease. But, with these two, I have to say I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past them at this point.

  9. AZ Girl says:

    Just read on MSNBC.com that Chris and Albie Manzo are going be on Season 4 of Matchmaker? Patty is going to find the Manzo boys true love? If this is old news I apologize.

  10. Ashley says:

    I get Wealth TV on att u-verse, but have never actually watched the channel (they show their ads on other channels). I wonder how Danielle got that gig and which celebrity is insane enough to hang out with her?

    • Quincy IL says:

      Paris Hilton and Danielle are close.

    • RubyNewbie says:

      I’ve never heard of it. I don’t know if I have it on my cable package. I’m wasting money on all those channels. But anyway, I suspect she’ll be hanging with other D list celebs who also crave attention like a drug.

  11. RubyNewbie says:

    I too, regard the Salahi’s claims with incredulity. What doctor has confirmed this illness? Dr. Strangelove at the University of Southern Chihuahua Medical Center (unaccredited)?! Sleazy people tend to surround themselves with sleazes. Diane Dimond isn’t too credible. Didn’t she host Hard Copy or something? That show was garbage. I think the Salahis may be Andy Cohen’s most sociopathic find yet. And that’s REALLY saying something!!

    • jillz68 says:

      Actually Diane Diamond is thought of quite highly by some of the law enforcement in my area. I worked with a police department during the Michael Jackson trial and many were working that case in different ways. Of course, being the gossip hound, I tried to pry information out of them. They couldn’t tell me anything but told me that if I wanted to know what happened her book was as close to the truth as I could get without reading the case file. According to those I know who have inside information into the case, MJ was guilty as sin.

      • emt2 says:

        I have to say that I disagree totally with you about the Michael Jackson case and your endorsement of Diane Diamond, who was sued by Michael Jackson in a lawsuit for her unethical journalist practices in which he won.

        Why is that the FBI had been monitoring Michael Jackson for over 25 years and they were not able to find one piece of evidence?

        Diane Diamond was also fired from tabloid-fodder Hard Copy for her unethical journalist practices. She is a liar and a phony.

        It doesn’t surprise me one bit that she is involved with the this bullshit story about MS and the Salahi since she has no credibility.

        And I’m sorry to say but the LA police department is one of the most notoriously corrupt departments in all of America, so I don’t put too much stock in what they have to say about any case involving a celebrity.

        I don’t want this to turn into a pro-/anti- Michael Jackson discussion but I just have to call bullshit when I see it. And Diane Diamond is bullshit and she is now hooked up with two more bullshits.

        • jillz68 says:

          I too am not going to argue the facts of the MJ case. It wasn’t the LAPD that I worked with. The SO that handled the case is from SB county. I didn’t work for the SO but I worked for an agency that worked with them. I wasn’t privy to the evidence but the person I spoke with was (and he had been involved for many years in the investigation) and he was convinced that the evidence they had could prove guilt. Much of the evidence couldn’t be presented at the trial.

          I am not a DD fan nor do I follow much of her work. I DO believe the SO officers that worked on the case that there was evidence whether or not it was admissible is another issue.

          • nathania says:

            I can’t believe anyone could believe MJ was innocent. I want a ticket to that reality, where I am sure there will be plenty of lollipops and unicorns and satchels of gold.

  12. SavingGrace says:

    Something is bugging me. I think I have read every single article/blogs/posts where Danielle confirms that she does indeed have a network deal.

    So this is what is bothering me. The producer that keeps confirming that Danielle has a show in the articles I have read is named Cary Sandoval. So I googled him three nights ago. I found that he owns the production company, Cary Sandoval films but does not work at WealthTV.

    This is his website: http://www.carysandovalfilms.com/tv.html

    Three nights ago the last entry on the page was called “Jetsetters” which was a show that sounded what Danielle was describing BUT it had Sonja Morgan listed as the host.

    Today, the name of the show was changed to Social but the description still list Sonja as the headliner.

    Lastly, this morning TVguide.com interview says a rep for WealthTV states that Danielle is involved with Social but gave no further comment.

    So what is going on? I do not believe that anyone at WealthTV has confirmed Social as a show that they will be airing.


    And let’s not forget – Danielle shot a XXX-sextape. I don’t see the elite that would rub elbows with Sonja Morgan doing the same with Danielle Staub.

    Thanks all. I wanted to get this off my chest.

    • 201MaryF says:

      Dear Grace:

      You have some great information here. I went to the Wealth TV website, and it is a legit TV channel, for HD subscribers I guess. The have a tab for news and announcements, but nothing about “Social” or “Staub”.

      I also went to the “Cary” Website. It seems as if he also is legit, involved in TV production with many credits. “Social” is listed as a project he is working on, with Sonja’s name mentioned.

      This is what I think. Possibly “Cary” is developing a show called “Social” Maybe he is looking for a host or hosts. He could be having “try outs” with certain people. Maybe Wealth TV has shown some interest.

      I will believe Danielle has her own show when I actually see it on TV. I would not put it past her to say she has a new show, when it is actually an audition or a callback.

      • SavingGrace says:

        Me too.

        I don’t doubt that she could land a tv deal especially if she makes fun of herself and other housewives.

        But flying around the world leading a jetset lifestyle? No Danielle, Sonja Morgan you ain”t…

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Thank You for the post Grace. I also think that Sonja seems more of a better host for the type of show you described.

  13. Rabble Rouser says:

    You all are not going to beleive this…..Ben Wieners mommy messaged me on FB and ‘yelled’ at me.

    She must have seen my profile on something I used FB to connect with- I can’t remember what the exact comment was but it was something to the effect that I found Andy’s obsession with a 13 year old disturbing and I wouldn’t be watching the show to further indulge this behavior.

    So she messages me- using what looks like her sons account telling me that she knows Andy and he is good and decent and has integrity- and that I must be a perverted and have unpure thoughts about children if I think there is something wrong with it- and that Andy never imagine there would be people upset by the whole scenario. She then demanded I give Andy-herself and her son a public apology.

    I messaged her back and said I never used the word perverted- and the fact that she is the one went there only shows that is what she believes people are thinking. I also said her allowing her son to be witness to cat fights, sexual content and fowl language says more about her parenting choices than it does mine.

    I told her she was not going to get an apology and that she was out of order to demand one.

    • SavingGrace says:

      Rabble, looks like you “ROUSED” up Ben’s mom.

      First off, I must have a bad sense of humor because I think the fact that she contacted you is hysterical.

      What is she going to do next? Contact every single member on this blog? We ALL think its “CREEPY” the way Andy keeps mentioning Ben and the the coupe de grace was actually having him on the show 5 feet away from Teresa.

      I remember Ben saying he was scared when he found on Teresa was going to be there. Ummm, hey Ben Weiner Mom, if your child is SCARED don’t expose him to the beast known as Gorilla Teresa.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I know- when I first saw it I thought it was a joke…the same way Jill Zarin’s dog asks us for help.

        • SavingGrace says:

          OMG — what’s next? A Free-Ben-Weiner twitter account where Ben tries to flee from Andy Cohen and Bravo executives all day long?

          Danielle Staub WISHES she had that problem…lol!

    • Had Enough! says:

      Wait. This ding-a-ling is so lacking in common sense and judgment that she lets her son – a 13-yr-old child – watch Real Housewive, that she lets this kid call in and go on WWHL, and she has the audacity to question you?

      And saying that Andy Cohen – the guy who brings us this drivel and drek, who gets his jollys making women look bad – has integrity? He may have a lot of things, but integrity is NOT on that list!

      Call out the Lynn Hudson Roller Derby team. This woman is in serious need of an attitude adjustment.

      • nathania says:

        Not only that but Teresa has had three violent episodes on her show where she lost complete control of herself. Is that someone you would let your child get within 50 feet of? She has called Danielle ever manner of epithet their is, on tape when she knows her kids would see it someday. I would be too afraid for my child’s saftety to let them anywhere near Teresa Giudice.

    • Di says:

      Good for you! I totally agree with what you told her. Maybe she should apologize to us because her lack of parenting skills is forcing us to listen to her child comment on inappropriate topics on WWHL, or to Bravo because I always flip the channel when the uncomfortable segments with little Ben Weiner come on.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Whoa! Crazy, huh? Such a weird world we live in with this social media!

      Good response, Rabble.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Rabble Rouser–I can’t believe she talks about integrity after she lets her own son watch the trashy housewives. I wonder how she’ll feel when he marries someone just like Teresa or Danielle.

      I’m glad there is not going to be an apology. She sounds nuts.

      • SavingGrace says:

        Now I understand Ben’s fascination with the RH. His mom must act like one!

        Hmmm…she sounds like Jacqui Laurita.

    • error404 says:

      So, it’s been confirmed then: Mrs Weiner is yet another fame-hungry attention-starved “housewife” trying to ride Andy’s back to her 15 minutes. Gosh, is there really one under each and every rock?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        This is kind of what I thought, she comes across as some sort of ‘pageant mom’.

        These are the actual PM’s if anyone is interested

        “I know Andy, and think that he is a kind,and respectable person with tremendous integrity. As a result, he would never have imagined that people would perceive the perversity that you imply. I can only infer that you have these type of thoughts about young children yourself. You owe Andy, myself and my son a public apology. Gail Weiner”

        My reply
        First of all, I didn’t imply anything. I never used the word PERVERTED. The fact that is where YOUR mind went only confirms that you think that is what YOU think many are suspecting.

        You are the one who allows your son to be subject to mature themes and cat fights- and to engage in “Adult” conversation. That is a deeper reflection of your parenting than it is to mine.

        No one is entertained or amused by this indulgence. How dare you demand an apology from me, you must be as narcissistic as the rest of the rest of the HW franchise.

        If you want to ‘put your son out there’ then brace yourself for the ride. ”

        ( I was in a rush since we were just heading out so my reply with “The fact that is where YOUR mind went only confirms that you think that is what YOU think many are suspecting.”
        came across as kind of jumbled

        • SavingGrace says:

          Bravo! Rabble Rouser Bravo!

        • Kat says:

          I think it’s bizarre that the mother contacted you.

          How can people not understand that putting themselves and/or their children on TV for public consumption will have consequences? Those novel fifteen minutes of fame will provoke public scrutiny, elicit public opinion and will be memorialized on the worldwide web.

        • nathania says:


          I don’t think he has any interest in children, meaning I don’t think he has any interest, GOOD or BAD, in children, meaning I don’t think he gives a damn about children, whether it is the Weiner child, the Staub children, the Giudice children, (or Mary from DC’s daughter or OC-Tamra’s son, or Ashley Holmes, or who-have-you). He just barely, vaguely detectably, cares about the ‘cast’ on his shows, meaning those that don’t break their contracts, or become boring, or overexposed. I am not sure that could even be called ‘caring’ about the cast though, that is more of a monetary thing. The perversity of Cohen is his lack of ability to care.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Answer: apparently, yes, the lure of TV cameras drives common sense out of many folks’ heads.

        So I’m wondering if the mom says she knows Andy, was this a pre-existing relationship with the mom? If so, then little Ben wasn’t just some unknown “fan” who called into the show and wound up appearing? But rather the son of a friend or acquaintance of Andy? Hard to tell from the woman’s comments. But if she vouches for Andy’s integrity, etc. that suggests more than just a new acquaintance that arose only after Ben contacted the show. Who knows.

        But I am impressed that she used “imply” and “infer” correctly in her comments to RR.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Bethenny implied that something was weird about the Ben Weiners attraction by Andy too.

      My impression is this is a stage mom who sees stardom through her son’s involvement with Bravo TV. I don’t care what the boy thinks or says about the Housewives or the show. I don’t care what he did in summer camp.

      I think Andy should not be friends with an impressionable young boy.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I bet that Andy has noticed the fear that many mothers and grandmothers have voiced when an 40 something, unmarried man shows an less than casual interest in a 13 year old boy.

        Didn’t Jeff Lewis make a pedophile comment about the way Andy dresses? We aren’t imagining that the Bravo stars are giving us hints about Andy.

        • Night Light says:

          Ok, I think you should tone it down. You’re insinuations are a bit much. I agree the kid watching, calling and showing up is creepy. I am just uncomfortable with the “40 something, unmarried man shows an less than casual interest in a 13 year old boy” train of thought. Also, it was Andy insulted Jeff with the pedophile comment. Pedophilia is no joke and accusations/insinuations should not be thrown around so casually.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            You are right- it is no joke and it’s very damaging. I don’t think Quincy was suggesting that Andy actually is a pedophile- just that perhaps should govern himself against such speculations by using better judgment.

            • Quincy IL says:

              I said that I didn’t believe he was a pedophile. This person just chose to take my statement out of context.

              However, Andy project his sexuality looking for gingers and such so I will not be held responsible for his stated behaviors.

              He is 40 something, unmarried… and sexually promiscuous by his own statements. If this person chose to go one step forward, that was her choice, not mine.

              • Quincy IL says:

                She is also incorrect. Jeff said that the outfit Andy was wearing was the clothes of a pedophile. She should go back and look at the recording.

              • Quincy IL says:

                Long before this person accused me of jumping the shark, I said below that I didn’t think he was a pedophile, but he was making the wrong impression. Check the times. I said it before her comment.

              • nathania says:

                Is Cohen not openly gay? How could he be married when gay marriage is not yet legal in most states of this country.

                People are failing to separate a lack of concern for the psychology of a child with
                the insinuation that a homosexual within 25 feet of a young child is by default a pedophile. Almost all pedophiles are heterosexual men, that has been documented statistically, I can’t remember the percentage but it is up in the high 90’s.

            • oopsy says:

              To me a casual interest isn’t just the issue. Andy is discussing inappropriate subjects with a very young boy. Even if his intentions are not perverted it is still wrong. I don’t care what adult it is, swollen ‘chuckies’, boobs, blow jobs, sextapes, the c*nt and ‘f’ word thrown around is WRONG! Someone said kids are exposed to worse but it doesn’t make it right. And it seems worse that it is in mixed company and all on tv.

              • Quincy IL says:

                I agree, the tone of the WWHL show and the housewives show is inappropriate for this young boy. He should not be a part of this.

          • Quincy IL says:

            I think the reason that Mrs. Weiner wrote to Rabble Rouser is that she felt RR’s statements implied what you went to after reading my statement of facts. That’s why Mrs. Weiner was upset. Can we call a spade, a spade and admit this. She wanted an apology for her own conclusions swirling around inside her own head.

            It reminds me of Jill when she thinks things and ascribes those thoughts to others. Projection… it’s a Freudian term and I wrote a post about it this morning on the last blog.

            I don’t think Andy is a pedophile. I think he’s stupid and he set himself up. I think Ben’s mom is stupid too. She wanted fame for her son and herself and now, she has infamy. Such a short step off the cliff, right?

            • Nightlight says:

              I did go looking for the clip w/Andy and Jeff and I couldn’t find it. You have no reason to lie. I just felt there was an undertone that made me personally uncomfortable. In any case we can disagree respectfully.

              • Quincy IL says:


                If you look at the posts below this another person confirms what I said about Jeff Lewis’s comments.

                I gave a set of facts, the Human brain is wired to make a conclusion. I don’t think anyone here said that Andy was a pedophile. I just real all of the posts. I am sure of that.

              • Quincy IL says:

                Here…in case you missed the confirmation in your search:

                SavingGrace says:
                September 16, 2010 at 12:43 pm
                Ok — I have to bring up the earlier WWHL show with Danielle Staub and Jeff Lewis where Jeff said that the suit Andy Cohen was wearing was one that a pedophile would wear.

                So all lurkers and readers of this board. Please understand NO ONE THINKS ANDY COHEN IS A pedophile. It’s just creepy the way Andy keeps saying Ben Weiner…Ben Weiner…Ben Weiner. Yes Andy, we get it. You like saying the word Weiner on air as many times as you can.

              • Quincy IL says:

                I looked at the definition of “undertone.” I’ll take that hit from you. You can make judgement about my undertone, but I can’t make a judgement about the undertone of Andy, Jeff and Bethenny.

                Hmmmmm… I understand.

            • oopsy says:

              Quite honestly as an adult I don’t even feel good watching the show any more and only watched New York. I am not a prude or uptight about what I watch but I just can’t help thinking, “these women have their CHILDREN on here!” It is portrayed as reality and I always feel bad for innocent people hurt by this and hate the way terrible behavior is encouraged. I wanted to enjoy a peek into the fabulous, posh lifestyle with women I can relate to who enjoy life and appreciate their good fortune. A little escapism and a chance to visit these places vicariously. If the first season was based on the premise that spoiled women would be acting disgusting and would profit from it I never would have watched in the first place. I enjoy this blog (and Realcityhousewife’s blog….too, too funny!) because I enjoy the sense of humor I found here, that’s why I chime in here.

              • Quincy IL says:

                I started watching because I had visited a condo on Park Ave and was fascinated by the apartments. I also loved the NYC clothes. I loved the playful chatter of Bethenny and Jill. Then it got mean.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:


      This lady is crazy! or sadly enough, VERY naive. This is sort of reminding me how pedophiles target their prey. Befriend the single mother (because really, where’s his dad? Kid’s half his responsibility too) and shower her family with gifts and attention to gain their trust.

      DISCLAIMER: before anyone monitoring this board (not us, we get it) thinks I’m accusing Andy of being a pedophile-I’m not. That’s a pretty serious accusation. His behavior with Ben is not normal, though.

      I wonder if this has been pointed out by others to his mother, hence her defensiveness.

      • SavingGrace says:

        Ok — I have to bring up the earlier WWHL show with Danielle Staub and Jeff Lewis where Jeff said that the suit Andy Cohen was wearing was one that a pedophile would wear.

        So all lurkers and readers of this board. Please understand NO ONE THINKS ANDY COHEN IS A pedophile. It’s just creepy the way Andy keeps saying Ben Weiner…Ben Weiner…Ben Weiner. Yes Andy, we get it. You like saying the word Weiner on air as many times as you can.

        Otherwise you would simply call him Ben.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Yes..Daniell, Teresa, Bethenny, Caroline..

          Ben Weiner.

          We get it, Andy.

          Andy makes sexual references constantly. He put Grandma kitty’s photos over Danielle wrinkly breasts. He notices the necklines and short skirts of the 40 something women. Why should we expect that Andy’s references to Ben Weiner is meaningless?

          I don’t think Andy is a pedophile. Jeff jokes about it. Bethenny thinks it’s odd… and we are supposed to think it’s pure as the driven snow.

          BTW… Catholic priests out here in the sticks have done bad things. Perhaps, I am jaded by those gay priests.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Gay doesn’t equal pedophile, just as hetero doesn’t equal pedophile.

            Pedo priests? Yes of course, there have been. And the church covered for them. But there are also the married with kids sports coaches, teachers, etc.. “Respectable” folks who the “moms & grandmothers” you mentioned above apparently would feel completely fine leaving their kids of both genders with because they were family men.

            • Quincy IL says:

              I had a neighbor’s gay son as the babysitter for my three kids when they were around 10. He was 20 and home from the Peace Corps looking for a job.

              I understand that there are bad people in all walks of life.

          • Kat says:

            Quincy, if you are interested this link is to a paper titled, “Facts About Homosexuality and Child Molestation” by Dr. Herek.


            The paper concludes:
            The empirical research does not show that gay or bisexual men are any more likely than heterosexual men to molest children. This is not to argue that homosexual and bisexual men never molest children. But there is no scientific basis for asserting that they are more likely than heterosexual men to do so. And, as explained above, many child molesters cannot be characterized as having an adult sexual orientation at all; they are fixated on children.

            • Quincy IL says:

              Interesting. I looked into this a few months ago. We had a local women who went to a group out of St. Louis for help because a priest fathered her son who now had cancer. It made national news. I actually went to a meeting of that group of victims.

              I think we all have to be careful with our children. Giving your child a strong voice from day one helps.

              • Quincy IL says:

                My son’s had a beloved high school teacher who was falsely accused by a sick young boy. It’s no joke. The teacher tried to commit suicide, but survived. We parents are very supportive of him. Friends of my sons testified for the teacher in the court. The boy got help and he’s doing well now too.

              • Quincy IL says:

                sons…. My pinky finger was drunk.

              • Kat says:

                Sadly we do have to be aware of the adults in our kids lives.
                Michael Jackson had inappropriate contact (imo) with children and had access to some of the kids with their parents blessing. Whether dumbstruck by Jackson’s celebrity or persuaded with his money those parents made choices that were not motivated by their childrens best interests.
                Kinda like Gail Weiner, imho.

              • Quincy IL says:

                I watched the Michael Jackson saga. Strange bird. There have been numerous investigations on television. I’m surprised that the security guards haven’t come out with tell all books.

    • Jeeper says:

      Wonder if Ben’s momma would like a copy of the e-mail I sent to
      Mr. Cohen, with regards to her son being on WWHL.
      Winder too, if Cohen will share it with her…..LOL.Jeepers

      • MAMAZ says:

        Unbelievable! Why the hell would you owe Andy Cohen or her son any kind of apology? Because you questioned the wisdom of an adult male encouraging the weirdly inappropriate television choices of a barely teen boy?
        And the Housewives is inappropriate. Not necessarily because of the language or sexual references, you can get plenty of that in most PG 13 action flicks, but because there is nothing portrayed on these shows that any 13 year old could possibly relate to:Breast implants, lipo, cleanses, dating after the break up of an almost 20 year marriage, child rearing, fashion shows, wigs and weaves. Hell there’s not much I relate to on these shows.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I couldn’t believe the demand for an apology either- I almost pulled a Teresa and told her to ‘go scratch’.

          • LynnNChicago says:

            Is she going to demand an apology from everyone who thinks it is inappropriate that her son watches the Real Housewives? She is going to be a very busy woman!

            BTW, Andy knows how many people feel about this as Twitter was overrun with people telling him that it was not only inappropriate but fans don’t want to see a 13-year old boy in any case, what the hell do we care? Even Teresa seemed unimpressed by the kid, she never smiled once and certainly didn’t seem to want to play that game to win him money.

            Stacie was gracious and called him cute and diplomatic but for her first time on WWHL with a very limited amount of time to interview two guests, time shouldn’t have been wasted with a kid that no one has heard of and no one cares what he has to say, quite frankly.

          • Quincy IL says:

            You know, after thinking about it….. Andy has to play the shocked game. It’s another example of how we are being played in all of this. Andy seems infatuated with the boy. He calls to find out what is happening to the kid in camp? The mom just gave out the information to a Bravo host? What’s next? The Ben Weiner family reality show directed by Andy Cohen?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Share it with us! 🙂

    • DWandM says:

      lol I agree with Savinggrace… it is histerical. LOL I’m gladd you expressed how I felt about the WWH show . I seemed troubling to me too. Andy does seem to have an obsession.

      • Guys, I think she got the point. Please don’t pick on Ben’s mom.
        I just realized that I think that I know her. She does not act like one of the housewives-she is a normal person. Think about how you would feel please if you just found-out what people were saying about your kid online.

        • oopsy says:

          It says on the screen when you watch WWHL that you must be 18 to call because of the mature theme. If any adult talked about ‘chuckies’ and used the word c*nt in front of my son heads would roll. Ben’s mom put him on to be seen by the viewers and of COURSE we are going to voice our opinions. Exposing her son to this type of show may be her right as a parent (as stupid as it is ) but it is not in the privacy of her own home, she put him on tv so buckle up because the viewers have a right to disagree and comment.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          The thing is- no one is or was really talking about her kid- as a matter of fact our focus was to try and get Andy to stop talking about him on air because it just started to get weirder and weirder- and at best no one was interested.

          I’m pretty sure that none of us would actively seek the council of a 13 year old in real life unless it was a matter that pertains to kids of that age. Really, subject matter aside what value does Ben Wiener bring to the table?

    • Savannah111 says:

      Good for you Rabble Rouser, love the way you handled that !

  14. Zarout! says:

    Can someone please give me the link to the new blog site? I found it once but haven’t been able to find it again. I wish there was a link to it at the top of the page in the banner…

  15. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the new blog Lynn, lots of info. 🙂

  16. boston02127 says:

    I’m going to tackel these all at once. Everyone knows how much I love Kelly!

    Her tweets—-
    Missing chief. She went to doggycamp with trainer greg kleva. We miss u chief

    Just received an unexpected gift from a very thoughtful/hot man. my luck is changing. Losers be gone.

    Just ran into three baby boys all 5mths old. Is someone trying to tell me something?

    Kelly, This may come as a big surprise but Chef can’t read, he’s a dog. Don’t bother tweeting him. An unexpected gift? I’m sure a doctor can take care of that. You ran into three baby boys all five months old?? They would be called triplets and for the love of all that is holy please do not procreate again. Get a life!

  17. Wall St Lady says:

    Wow R R
    I think the LynnFam
    has your back !
    But on the other hand b twn yesterdays troll & the dust up over my English,
    Ain’t this FUN !

  18. Wall St Lady says:

    Salami Gate/Access HollyWood

    Re the Salamis crashing the W H :

    I was invited to the White House
    2 months b4 9-11. Pres. Bush hosted a group of 50 women representing supposedly 50 various industries & I was honored to represent Wall St.
    I am pretty sure I was invited through Elizabeth Dole ,who I have known all my life.

    My point. In my opinion it is not possible to sneak into the White House. Although apparently Georgia Mossback wasn’t invited but pushed her way in at the last minute thinking she belonged. (She is sadly ugly in person w/fake looking red eyebrows that r tattooed on. She is short & was stuffed in her suit like a sausage.) She was nice to me as we were the only Yorkers. She is a big Republican donor so its likely her clearance was from the past.

    Mind u this is pre 9/11 & we had to practically strip before entering. No coats allowed.
    All jackets & pocketbooks went through the detector machine. When we went through u were frisked if too bulky. It was a little invasive particularly since we were invited guests!

    1month b4 our visit we had to fax our license & passport #.
    If u didn’t have a passport u couldn’t come. When we went through security our passports were checked against the list & were taken & not returned till we left.

    The good part ;we had a blast & Bush was charming ! Laura didn’t have lunch but stopped in. She is beautiful in person w/violet eyes like Elizabeth Taylor. (I sat next to her at Sardi’s when I was 17)
    Some how we were asked how many of us had a teaching background. It was our surprise to learn ,myself included, a startling40% of us started out being educated as teachers.

    We left & had a bus tour that I don’t remember.
    The plan had been to meet annually to promote women in traditionally male careers.
    It was a collection of awesome ladies.

    We got a polite letter from Elizabeth Dole many months after 9/11 saying some of the priority s of the White House had changed & we wouldn’t meet the next year
    I don’t think sneaking into the White house w/o a serious security breech is possible.
    Why would there b a congressional hearing unless something
    VERY SERIOUS happened.

    The Salamis r psycho paths. On Access Hollywood they used the excuse as to why they left the WH early was due to Messy’s 17year old disease & that they were not told to leave.
    They refused to answer the ? About Play boy. Mr Slime said it was a personal decision & up to Mrs Slime.
    They r Skeevy Skeevy Skeevy !

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I met Georgette Mossbacher when I worked for La Prairie and she owned it briefly.

      I had a friend who was trying to get the job as National Sales Trainer and Georgette gave the job to her completely unqualified sister instead.

      When we had a training on new SPF products (mandatory) the sister regaled us with stories how Georgette vacationed in her yacht of the islands of Greece.

      She would wear a full bodysuit, sunglasses, a huge hat, and have some flunky swim with her holding a large black umbrella so as not to expose her delicate skin to the sun. (btw, this was the extent of the training)

      Meanwhile, Georgette told me she is the daughter of a single mother that was a train flag(wo)man. Basically flagged in passing trains all night long. She was very proud of the fact her mother wore high heels on the job every night. Things that make you go hmmm…

      But, I will give credit where credit is due, she was very charming and I believe she broke some type of republican fundraiser records.

      I think it was HER eyebrows that started my strange phobia and aversion to bad ones.

  19. SavingGrace says:

    Hi Lynn:

    I tried to sign in and post on the other blog and it would let me in. Damn, it harder to get into that blog than it is to get in the Funky Buddha on Grand Ave. on a Friday Night…Ha.

    I’ve hadn’t had a problem until today.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Don’t worry about it the other site just isn’t working, no one is happy with it, including me. I’ll keep posting blogs on both and the chat can stay here, it is definitely more comment friendly here.

      Thanks for trying though, I appreciate it 🙂

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        THANK YOU LYNN!!!

        I really want to support you and I was feeling so guilty that I wasn’t helping you out but I just can’t get onto the new blog and do it anonymously.

        So I just lurked for a while-but it was KILLING me not to post!

      • Kat says:

        Thank You Lynn.

  20. sydney says:

    We can only hope this is true….

  21. error404 says:

    re: top chef

    I was a little shocked that Kevin won and I have to admit, for the first time I actually wondered if it was fixed.

    I hope poor Angelo won’t always think “If only I hadn’t gotten sick!”

    Among the “weird” thoughts/actions of Ed: the way he just delegated the desert to the other chef and then it was his weakest link… he should have gotten a demerit or something as he basically did nothing to that desert except simply ok it’s creation… it wasn’t even his idea!

    I think the mandatory desert was a weak tie-in lead-up to the new desert chef show… I wonder if it will still be a requirement come next season.

  22. Wall St Lady says:

    Had Enough
    Could we discuss uniforms ?
    I favor hot pink or turquoise but I expect I am in the minority.
    I will get new skates as mine have Barbie on them.
    Will we need knee pads or I’d that optional.
    Now last don’t think I am violent but I would like a spike on my helmet. It could be made of rubber; I just want it to look scary. Do u think I would b allowed that since I am a total girly girly I need to look like “an iron fist in a velvet glove”

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      sorry, WSL, tiara for me

      • Quincy IL says:

        I have to have sequins. I also have light reddish brown hair and pink is not a good color for me.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I have dark auburn hair, also not fond of pink. I like dark colors– black, brown, navy. But I am cool with sequins .
          Maybe leopard in honor of Teresa, lol.

          • Quincy IL says:

            Yes, I am 57 years old…leopard that would be perfect.

            I actually would go to your meetings with roller skates… I took my kids for years and you can’t let little kids on the skate floor without mom.
            I can whip with the best of them so I want to be on the end.

            I was so upset with my son when he went on a tandem jump out of an airplane. He said that he learned to be daring from me. I ride horses, dive off the high dive (swim team at U of I Champaign,) amd sail with sunfish sail boats. Gosh, I was a wild mom.

  23. Had Enough! says:

    Bethenny’s BlueFly.com advert – did anyone else get a whiff of JayZee when B. held up the red dress with the gold belt and did that nasally “shiny shiny” thing? Hysterical!

    So WSL, I’m thinking hot pink or day-glo orange, but with shiny shiny gold belts. Yes, you may have your spiked hat. I would like one with an antenna, to pick up KooKooLet signals from outer space.

    • Justanothermary says:

      I’m good with the hot pink but I want to wear a gorilla mask since I’m not naturally aggressive and it may help me channel some of T aggression. The only problem with that is I may become a compulsive shopper, grifter, liar – oh Hell – skip the mask.

    • oopsy says:

      had enough Yes!!! I got that too! Shiny!

  24. lillybee says:

    I knew Angelo wasn’t going to win. He is in the cast of the runner ups on the next Top Chef along with Tiffany, Carla, Fabio and a few others. This was announced a few weeks ago.

  25. Justanothermary says:

    See you all later – got to go! Chemo again today – UGH.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Hugs, sweetie. In your honor, we will all send the remainder of our posts while sitting in front of the porcelain throne. Can’t promise sympathy upchucking, but I will do my best, even if it means I have to look at photos of the Sasquatch. That’s how much we gals do to support one another!

      • MAMAZ says:

        Good luck Justanothermary. Will be thinking of you.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        OMG that was funny! LMAO

        • Justanothermary says:

          I don’t understand what’s funny about cancer. I’ve been going through pure Hell and you are laughing your ass off. I don’t even know how to reply. That’s terrible.

          • Kat says:

            OneMoreinBoston isn’t laughing at you. She is laughing about Had Enough’s reference to Kelly aka Sasquatch.

            I hope you are doing okay… best wishes to you.

          • oopsy says:

            justanothermary, I hope you are doing better today. she had responded to had enough but sometimes posts get bumped down when other posts come in. (That’s why I usually reference the poster’s name in my response.) I don’t know OneMoreInBoston but I have never seen her post anything cruel and don’t believe she would do that. It can be confusing when the posts get bumped down and it’s hard to keep track of what the respones are to. I feel badly that it did look like she was laughing and can understand why you would be shocked. She was reponding to Had enough.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            OMG! I WASN”T LAUGHING AT YOU!!!
            I am SO sorry that is how you took it. If you look at the times I posted: I replied to you that I hope you are ok and then I went back and saw the posting from @HadEnough and responded to that.

            I will be more careful next time, because it DOES look I’m responding to you when I go back and read it.

            I had a cancer scare, they were able to get it without chemo-NEVER would I joke about it.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      muwahhh hang in there, we’re all here for you! :)xooxoxoxo

    • boston02127 says:

      @Justanothermary ♥

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      come back when you feel better-maybe later tonight-good luck today!

    • oopsy says:

      Good luck!

    • Kat says:

      @Justanothermary~ I hope you are home and feeling okay. 🙂

    • emt2 says:


  26. Wall St Lady says:

    One Mo Bo
    Didn’t u find her unattractive in person ? In her MANY photo shoots like Vogue she looks tall & beautiful although she is short w/huge boobs that make her look fat. Also she wears way toooo much make up.
    We exchanged private #s but I thought she was known for to many rich husbands she gouged. Not to mention we all knew she had pushed herself in to our event & makeup is not a traditionally male career !

    • Mel2 says:

      WSL, I have to disagree with you about Georgette Mosbacher. When she and her former husband, Robert, lived in DC, she was the talk of the town because she was so attractive and definitely did not dress the part of a political wife (her husband was Bush’s Secretary of Commerce). And I find it difficult to believe she pushed herself into a WH event.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        I do believe that she…ahem…lost her invitation. She struck me as a new school social climber-meaning it was probably the mother load of networking contacts for her.

        Although I will say, she was VERY nice to me, sent me chocolates on my birthday and took a lot of time to make me feel valued and important.

        She also ran the business well, although she made some fairly controversial decisions. I think her perfume was the first one that was over $500 for a synthetic. She tried to move the line from clinical skincare to a more cosmetic based line. Added a huge number of products. The ones that didn’t move tied up the inventory and we couldn’t order enuf of the skincare to keep the old guard happy, so lost some clients. BUT she is resilient and flexible and she got it under control pretty quickly.

        I think she is a woman that has done absolutely everything possible to enhance her appearance, including the liberal use of cosmetics, but I do think she is an attractive woman.

        The crossed eyes were a little off putting (ok-where’s she looking? at me? over there?) but I think she’s pretty. As far as TOO much make up- hey, it was the cosmetic industry in the 80’s- we all looked like we were in a bad MTV music video.

        I’m a 38DDD so everyone’s boobs look small to me. Luckily I’m tall and always wore stilettos and I remember thinking how petite she was. Plus remember the shoulder pads back then? I think between the 2 of us you could’ve landed a small plane on our shoulders, and they usually helped to deflect from the “cleavealage” region. miss them!

  27. vilzvet says:

    I found WealthTV very quickly on my guide, sandwiched between the Travel Channel and a channel called Planet Green. Show titles for the day include “Boys Weekend” (a travel show, “Secret Civilizations”, “Glacial Meltdown”, “Wealth International” (a daily news show) and something I am going to watch “Palatial Passport” about visiting different castles each week. Actually looks like an intelligent channel, don’t know why I haven’t noticed it before…

    • Sha2000 says:

      I’ve seen a few shows; it looks intelligent but it’s really a snooze fest, a bit boring. More stuff on how Dubai is a mecca of sophistication (more fallacy than truth btw) & lots of shows on yachts. Not a lot of variety & not the caliber of similar type networks & their shows in my opinion.

  28. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    Sorry but sissy or not Ed was my Favorite.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I think he was the most talented chef but he should have kept his mouth shut about Angelo. He just looked like a poor sport.
      I knew Kevin was the winner by the way they kept repeating Ed saying Angelo was his biggest competition. Bravo was really trying to set up a SHOCKER!
      Why did he let Ilan take control of the dessert? He even mentioned the past seasons where people lost due to listening to the sous chef!
      Kevin did do a little better the last couple of weeks but to me it was really another Top Chef title for Michael V.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I agree with your comment about it being another title for Micheal. While Kevin seems like a decent chief- I don’t remember see him produce anything of this caliber before and based on the presentation I saw, it seemed very “Volt” influenced.

  29. Wall St Lady says:

    Please not ORANGE.
    Let’s reserve that as the
    EXCLUSIVE color
    Of M&M Gorilla !

  30. dumberries says:

    Just In: Coming to Bravo in 2011

    Andy, Jeff Lewis, and Rodger chip in and pay Gail Wiener $100k to assume legal guardianship of Ben Wiener. With cameras rolling, they move into together and the three quirky men jointly raise the tween – teaching him the all-important lessons about how to become a reality tv star and executive. Mom drops in from time-to-time to check in on her son and offer female advice. A heart-warming alternative family reality show; “Three Men & A Little Wiener”.

    I’m channeling my inner TweetMaxine – all of the details were provided by the Bravo sources inside my head…

  31. dumberries says:

    Just In: Coming to Bravo in 2011

    Andy, Jeff Lewis and Rodger chip in and pay Gail Wiener $100k to assume legal guardianship of young Ben Wiener. They all move in together and the three quirky men jointly raise the tween; teaching him the all-important lesson about how to become a reality tv star and executive. Mommy Weiner stops by from time to time to check-in and offer female advice. The show is tentatively titled, “Three Men and a Little Wiener”.

    Details provided by the Bravo source inside my head (channeling TweetMaxine).

    (Sorry if this posts twice; posting is a little wonky today)

  32. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    I apologize if this has already been posted. According to Rob Shuter from Popeater.com, the Salahis have been fired from RHODC.


    • LynnNChicago says:

      That’s assuming that there will be a Season two of RHODC

      • Quincy IL says:

        So, if there is a season two… we will have Cat without her White House connection and no invitations to Republican events. She can go to Democratic events …at least for now.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Good point Lynn.

        In my opinion I think these two should have been edited out & never aired, their party crashing antics should not be rewarded.

  33. Wall St Lady says:

    Only a reminder. All the
    Ho Wives 1st seasons’ were pretty boring. Only thing I remember about NYC 1st season was Ramona’s freak out when Simon attended the girls dinner. The NY reunion was only interesting when they were all “mean” to Alex.
    OC & Atlanta 1st season were a snore too.
    It took a while for their snarkella girls to debut.

  34. Jeepers says:

    I was just wondering how many blog sites are up & running with nothing
    but BRAVO Housewives comments & how many hits each site gets in a
    24 hr period?…………….Jeepers

  35. boston02127 says:

    I think it’s funny that crazy lady Danielle is getting her own show but no spin off for Jill or Kelly.

  36. Wall St Lady says:

    I have an idea for Kelly.
    I believe my idea could revive Kelly’s sadly faltering joory line while at the same time my idea would provide nutritional value.

    Kelly would take those fish hooks & fork the gummy bears
    onto the hook for a bright and creative new ear ring!
    Kelly could have a multi colored line as well as all green.red,yellow or orange.

    Can’t you just see kelly eating her ear rings the next time the NYC Ho Wives act CREEPY & Attack poor Kelly !

  37. Mel2 says:

    Lynn, do you still have my e-mail address?

  38. boston02127 says:

    Caroline and Teresa were on Dr Phil today. Teresa kept her dumb to herself. Caroline did most of the talking in her manly way. An audience member was upset by the way some reality shows are depicting Italian Americans. Caroline jumped on that and said… “I’ve been married for 20 (whatever) years, raised three kids who have great morals and have a great work ethic”
    Did I miss something? Is Albie back in school? Did he get a job? The last thing I can remember is Caroline making an excuse for him and why he doesn’t work at the Brownstone with his father and brother.

  39. Wall St Lady says:

    Mel2 She ABSOLUTELY was not invited. !
    Every body important doesn’t get invited to all the events.
    She also wasn’t invited to lunch & that she did not attend.

  40. Jeepers says:

    I just got a response from Mr. Cohen with regards to my e-mail.
    Wish I knew how to provide it in here for you all to read. If someone
    wants to try and help me do that, I will. HELP ME PLEASE !!!

  41. Jeepers says:

    I don’t even know how to do that

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Left click mouse at the beginning of the document and drag until the end and let go – all text should now be highlighted. On your keyboard hold down the Ctrl key and press the letter c – that will copy. Come here and in the comment section hold down the Ctrl key and press v – that will paste.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  42. Jeepers says:

    can I put my e-mail addy on here and have someone contact me
    then I can forward it to them?

  43. Jeepers says:

    Hi Ann,

  44. Jeepers says:

    it is on the way Boston

  45. boston02127 says:

    Email from Andy to Jeepers

    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for the email. I will try to respond to your points.
    Re: Ben Weiner, I am offended by your description of me as “gaga” over a 13 year old boy. Ben has been a viewer favorite since he first called into the show and we’ve gotten thousands of tweets and emails from fans of the show wanting him to come on. The viewers, and I, get a kick out of his infatuation for, and knowledge of, the housewives. Your insinuation about my being “gaga” over him is disgusting. I will leave it at that.

    Regarding the New Jersey reunion, at the moment I felt like something could escalate beyond a raised voice, I stood and pulled Teresa away. After she then pushed me, she apologized and I accepted. I was not hurt, nor do I think she was trying to hurt me. After that moment, we made an agreement that she wouldn’t set foot off her couch, and she did not budge for the remaining 7 and a half hours.

    Regarding the comments on Bravotv.com, I have gotten many emails about this and checked with the folks who run the website (of which I am not directly involved day to day beyond sending them my blog.) They have told me that they vet all comments manually (vs their getting automatically posted) and that some may get flagged due to content. It may be that it takes days and days for them to be read, approved and published – which isn’t a great system. They tell me they’re working on a way to automate the system so the comments can get up quicker, and that the vetting can be relaxed a bit. I believe the “content rules” by which they vet are posted on the site, but maybe people feel they’re too stringent. They are aware of people’s frustrations and are working to make the system better.

    Regarding your comment that I don’t have a clue what Bethenny is about, I actually had enough of an idea of what she’s about to develop and executive produce her spinoff. She is SENSATIONAL, I agree. I love the show.

    Sorry you have a bad taste in your mouth right now, hopefully you will love “Beverly Hills” Housewives and come back for Atlanta, too..

    Andy Cohen
    BRAVO SVP Production and Development

    • Olivia says:

      My response:

      Dear Andy:

      I do not wish to refer to you as sexist pig so I won’t. Just be advised that what you choose to send out over the airwaves is a mean spirited affront to women everywhere. Allowing women to use the language they do, coupled with the violence they display, tells me all I need to know about you as a person and where you are coming from. Andy, you “ain’t nice”.

      As for Ben Weiner now holding a spot on the show as a “cohost”, it does strike most of us as being a little shall we say, in bad taste? I mean why is this kid so fixated on a show that offers the amount of vulgarity and violent behavior that comes out of NJ alone? See, I have been the mother of 13 yr old boys and I would never in my life allow them to watch these shows for any amount of money. Does this kid not have homework? Hobbies? Friends?

      Where are his parents? Does his mother think it was “cute” listening to Teresa call Danielle a whore, bitch, pig, c**nt? Where are her parenting skills in all of this misogyny you proudly produce and spit out over the airwaves calling it “entertainment”? As a parent I would be abhorred to think my impressionable 13 yr old was actually calling into a late new show as a “fan” to tell you the truth.

      Andy, let me pass the ladder over to you so you can get down from your high horse without breaking your neck. Your shows stink, to be perfectly frank, and the women who inhabit them, along with your producers, stink right along with you. Try not to take Ben Weiner along for the ride. There is enough sexism in the world now that it does not need one more male in the pile up.

      Thanks for listening.

      • klmh says:

        Let’s be fair here. We are the women watching these shows. We are the women being counted as viewers to increase Bravo’s share of profits and ratings. We should take a partial responsibility for the success of these shows. We need to borrow that ladder and climb down to get off our high horse and realize we can change these shows, by doing one thing, and that is by changing the channel…
        In my opinion bitching and dissecting these shows to bits when they have absolutely nothing to do with our real lives is why this blog exists. It takes our minds off of our troubles, and makes the characters relationships and lifestyles on these shows such great fodder. Just food for thought.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Hi… I like to agree with you. rotfl..

          I watch then I dissect. I used to do it on sci fi shows with a bunch of college professors. Worm hole physics is a blast. Now, I read links to articles from our group and look at Human behavior as a hobby. I don’t see anything wrong with that at all.

        • Waslurking says:

          @klmh, I Concur.
          I can’t say as I love the guy but I think many of you give Andy too much credit/blame…it’s not like completely runs the network/website. From what I understand he’s in charge of “Original Programing”…. basically new ideas right? He’s done that with all the HW shows or we’d have nothing to talk or read about like we do 🙂 There would be no Lynn’s blog…the thought of which is depressing as hell.
          As for the kid on the show? Do I personally find it odd that a 13 year old of any sex is so into these shows? Yep.
          But is sure beats the hell out a TONS of really bad things the kid could be into at that age! Both of my sons were horrors at 13. I would gladly swipe those ‘teenage’ years with a couple of kids watching a silly tv show any day of the week. I think Andy explained the situation quite well….. apparently a lot more peeps found the kid adorable instead of deplorable, lots of mail so he had him on the show. Big Effffing deal! We can’t all be happy.
          Personally I found Ben more mature than most of the housewives anywat….but that’s just me.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Waslurking, I don’t think Andy explained the situation well at all. Where are these masses who were appealing for more “Wiener”? And if they do exist why are they being catered to irregardless of the WWHL TOS that says participants need to be 18+ ? He is offended and ‘disgusted’ by the word “gaga” which doesn’t hold any sexual connotation but the c-word doesn’t fizz on him?

            Sure we can try to defuse it by saying- ‘Well at least the kid isn’t doing drugs’ e.g. but it doesn’t lend any more merit or interest to what is actually at hand.

            And if we are to accept (but really I don’t) that there were people wanting more of a 13 year old, their interest doesn’t minimize my concern and trepidations. Why should I and people who share the same opinion be silent as to not run the risk of their offense- when clearly their is no consideration for ours?

    • Quincy IL says:

      So… Andy is offended that you said he was “gaga” over the boy.

      The definition of “gaga.”

      adj. Informal
      Silly; crazy.
      Completely absorbed, infatuated, or excited: They were gaga over the rock group’s new album.
      Senile; doddering.

      I’d say that Andy’s calling the mother when the boy was in summer camp to see how he was doing, having the boy call in, giving the boy money for questions answered correctly by the housewives…. is a bit senile and doddering… as well as completely absorbed, infatuated and excited….
      It was silly and crazy too.

      I think he is gaga over that boy… Why is he offended by the term “gaga?”

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Haha- we are so on the same track Quincy. Before I saw your post, I also mentioned my puzzlement over the word ‘gaga’. It seems like both Andy and Ben’s mom are clearly projecting.

    • boston02127 says:

      Jeepers letter to Andy. Andy’s respond above ^.

      Dear Mr. Cohen,
      I was a fan of BRAVO for sometime, however that has changed in the last 2wksfor the simple fact that you have lost all control in the show, and in particular, the”ladies” who appear on the Housewives venues. All of which are considered to befor adult entertainment only, albeit that minor children are allow in the shows.

      I have been going from blog sites to blog site. Frankly BRAVO is loosing a lot of their fan base. You can do something about this and you should.

      1. Having a young child (Ben Weiner) on the show was a bad idea. You lost a lot of respect just on that item alone. People feel and felt it was “creepy” for a man of your age and stature, to be so, “ga ga” over this young “boy”! It does not bode well for someone such as yourself to be so involved with this child, given to type of people, (quest) you have on WWHL .

      2. For you to allow Teresa Giudice to come within inches(striking distance) of Danielle Staub and not do anything, and (please the entire public knows what they saw on national TV) you letting Ms. G toss you back in your chair. If that was a real deal, then shame on you for letting her get by with that as well. Are you not her “boss”? Or is that the other way around? This woman Ms. G is a ticking time bomb and will cause you and BRAVO more than you could ever imagine, it has already begun if would only hear and see what people are posting in their comments.

      Which brings me to:

      3. I as have many thousands of people have posted comments which never appear in the blogs, to which includes your blog as well. There are some post that appear 2 or 3 times, same poster, same comments. Why is that? This alone has turned many of the fan base off big time. These are not “couch potato” people I am talking about, these are smart, intelligent, articulate people, who have great input about what they like and don’t like.

      Frankly Mr. Cohen, there are beginning not to like you, BRAVO or the Housewives shows that much any longer either. There was bright star who came, she saw and yes of course am speaking of Bethenny Frankel/Hoppy, Jason and the entire cast of “BGM”. They without a doubt their love brought more into the homes of Americans that you could have ever predicted. It is no thanks to you that happened. She is a driven individual who was going to make that happen with or without you or BRAVO. She is loved by millions of women and men as well. She has changed people’s lives for the better. She has given many hope when there wasn’t any. She got people talking about what is important to them and their families. I just don’t think you have any clue of what Bethenny Frankel is about and I feel sad for you, what a pity, what a loss for you.

      Ann …………….
      Tacoma, WA

      *Jeepers, I withheld your full name.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Congrats on getting a response from Mr. Cohen, I don’t believe a word about the blog comments, however. It would be very simple to allow all comments to go through just like any other web site does, they could even block certain offensive words so as to ensure they never appear. I still believe what I was told, they try to sway public opinion at times by posting only positive or only negative depending on the way they want the cast member to appear….when they don’t care either way they allow unpaid interns to have fun with it.

      Jeepers I wish you had mentioned Teresa’s nasty blog in which she decided to send that secret offensive message, I’d like to see what Andy thinks about that??? Nice work on getting a response!

    • Well, I guess that means we aren’t “viewers.” I thought it was a bit cute the first time, but having Ben on every WWHL is a bit creepy.

    • Noelle says:

      Andy is a total tool and a douche to boot; all he cares about is the $$$. That being said, he really needs not to bring in a 13 yr. old boy into this mess.
      Shame on you Andy Cohen!

  46. Jeepers says:

    Apparently he does not soak up what he reads either or gets smacked in the face with.
    So pee on him & the rest of them, I’ll just watch Bethenny when she returns the rest
    can kiss my sweet aZZ.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Unlike our @Olivia, I am at a loss for words. well almost… (lol)

      he’s actually taking full on credit for Bethanny’s success but not taking responsibilty for anything else.

      So what if Theresa apologized to him privately-her physical assault happened publicaly and to date she has had no PUBLIC consequences for her actions.

      The comments about the young Mr. Weiner, and the blog’s “vetting” process must have hit a nerve though because he’s on the defensive big time.

      GOOD JOB!!! Thank you for taking the trouble to send this to @boston02127 and thank you to @boston02127 for posting it.

  47. Jeepers says:

    BTW Boston,
    thank you for doing that for me. You may publish my e-mail that I sent to him,
    if you wish to do so. HAGD ALL……………Jeepers

    • boston02127 says:

      @Jeepers–You’re welcome & anytime. 🙂

      When I read your first post stating that Andy responded to you, I thought you only wanted his letter posted. Sorry. Both are posted now, not in order but they are marked & everyone here will know.

      • Jeepers says:

        Awe, thank you Boston, that was very sweet of you to do so, it is much appreciated, I didn’t want people to think I wrote something other than what took place………………Jeepers

        P.S. Mickey, thank you too, I am an old dog, the puter scares the you know what out me, but I keep trying…………

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Thanks for sharing. It seems like there is now a “Weinergate” and all involved are doing a full damage control.

  48. Dwight Schrute says:

    The Washington Post has a report on Edwina Rogers. She’s not only in the news for getting carted away by ambulance from her party.


    From the photo she likes to change her hair color. Looks like it’ll be a nasty divorce with lots of money to be made by lawyers.

  49. Wall St Lady says:

    Thanks fo sharing that. I can’t wait for your reply !

  50. Wall St Lady says:

    I am GaGa over you !
    Thanks for telling
    Manby Pamby Andy
    The FACTS !

    You ROCK Olivia !

  51. boston02127 says:

    It doesn’t seem as if Ashley’s internship is that important. Day 3 and she’s having company at work.

    her tweet– look who came to see me at work ! 😉 http://plixi.com/p/45475712

    The flower on Audriana’s head is almost as big as her head.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      OK now, where is this girl an intern? A flower shop? A fake silk flower shop with random children’s drawings in the background?
      oh my bad- that’s her latest memo. The one in red crayon or maybe Danielle’s blood. jk!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Beyond the brain damage caused by the continuous headband wearing – this is just plain fugly – and it doesn’t go with her “outfit” colors. So what can we expect for fall? Pumpkins and haystalks????

      As for internship – it looks like a gift shop so I guess Ashley doesn’t have the math skills to man the cash register so she just stands there???

  52. LynnNChicago says:


    Jennifer Gilbert – she is SO lying, she wants to be a cast member so bad she can taste it but this is all she can get…so now she says its too much work. Blah Blah Blah, she knows its good for her business, she tweeted me practically begging me to help her get fans on her side…she’ so full of crap!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      so wait is SHE the lesbian that should be on the show? is that what she’s saying?
      oh never mind, I really could care less what she was saying or who she sleeps with…so boring

    • Quincy IL says:

      It’s nice to know that she thinks you are powerful enough to help her get on the show.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      Actually what I thought was funniest about that blog was this quote:

      Zarin also reacted to this week’s news that New Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub, landed a new show, Social, on WeatlhTV, saying “I am excited to see any Housewife branch out, whether it be a product line or their own TV show.”

      That must have been from her publicists because someone being excited for others branching out does not include slamming them in reviews on Bravo. Plus, that line seems lifted directly from Alex’s comments.

    • boston02127 says:

      Another glorified excuse. She’s covering the fact that nobody wants her back.
      I had no problem with her until she made the comment towards Ramona’s event planner (who I thought did a beautiful job). Jen said “would you let someone that looks like her handle your event”.
      That comment sealed the hate deal with me.

      • Quincy IL says:

        The Bravo producers found nothing interesting in months of filming. She wasn’t invited to the Reunion. She blew it.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        I had absolutely no opinion on her, good, bad, or indifferent until that remark. I thought it was so unnecessary and bitchy!

        All I could think of was when the show aired that poor party planner was going to be sitting in her living room with her family waiting for her big moment to be shown, and the business that would hopefully come her way when people saw how lovely the event was and BAM all ruined by some jealous little nobody looking for air time.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          So true OneMoreInBoston, I think you mentioned that once before when the show aired and it really made me think. Sometimes when we’re watching these shows we dont’ think about that but you made me think of it and it really hit home.

          Anyone could be an “extra” on one of these shows and they don’t deserve to be judged on the way that they look. Good riddance to Jennifer Gilbert.

          • Quincy IL says:

            I didn’t see anything wrong with Ramona’s party planner anyway. Jen’s face was no better than that woman’s face. Ramona was happy with her work too.

    • I said when she first showed up that it would be interesting to watch her plan events, deal with crises, etc. But after BGM, I think that “event planner” show should star Sean! He had so many curve balls thrown at him & still pulled things off & was snarky in all the right moments.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      That article (originally from Hollywoodlife.com whose editor in chief and president is JZ’s “friend” Bonnie Fuller) refers to JZ’s book as a “NY Times bestseller?”


      I don’t recall that the book ever made the NY Times bestseller’s list. I could be wrong, of course. But if it had been a NY Times bestseller that would have been included in the book’s promotional info and J would have made a point of it in every appearance where she mentioned the book. Also it would be mentioned on the book’s and her website. Whatever. Just an odd bit of fluff and/or just sloppy “journalism.”

    • 2Stupid says:

      Did I miss something? Since when did Zill’s book make the NY Times bestseller list? Can we demand a correction to the article? I mean can I now declare that I a well know published journalist since I have posted on this blog? Can we all just make things up now?

  53. boston02127 says:

    Has anyone else noticed this with many of the housewives.
    (I call them air questions). While being interviewed, if certain questions are not asked that apparently the housewife wants asked the housewife will “ask the question” then answer it.
    Jill & TV interview.
    TV Interviewer—What do you think of Bethenny’s show.
    Jill–I wish her well. (lie) Would I like a show of my own? Well….that depends…..blah blah blah.
    TV Interviewer—What do you think of Bethenny’s new line.
    Jill–I wish her luck (lie). When will my new line of sheets come out?……well.. sheets blah blah blah.

  54. Guys, I posted up-thread in reply to posts about Ben’s mom. I think she is someone that I worked with for a little while a long time ago. A very “normal”, nice hard-working person. I’m glad that Andy finally got the message that some people are not amused with having Ben on his show, but I would like to ask all of you to please consider the fact that his mom probably became very upset when she saw criticism of her kid on the www.
    Yes, I always blame the parents when they allow their children to be in the public eye, but in Ben’s case, I think it started-out innocently as Ben recognizing Andy, and then Andy was surprised that a little kid watched The Housewives.
    Andy doesn’t have children of his own, so I’m almost willing to bet that he invited Ben to be on his show, BEFORE asking his parents. If my kid told me that they were invited to be on a TV-show, I know that I’d have a hard time saying, “no.”
    I don’t know if it happened like that or not, but I just have a feeling that this is something that the kid was interested in, and his parents just kind of got dragged into it.
    I’m just asking all of you to please consider how you would feel if you were in Ben’s mom’s position.

    • Waslurking says:

      I completely agree.
      Who of us would deny our child’s ‘current’ dream if it were at all possible.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Waslurking, I think as parents we should use good judgment and weight the pros and cons of situations as they present themselves. It is not my role as a mother to indulge every whim.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Well said HWH & I have to add that I liked seeing Ben & hearing his phone in calls. I know I’m in the minority; I don’t see what the big deal is & I do think that there is far worse in this world that this kid could be watching. He seems like a smart kid who has enough class to know what he see’s on Bravo is the other side of the tracks & not his world or one he wants to emulate.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Housewifehater, I completely understand what you’re saying, I think that most of us questioned the fact that the child watches the Housewives to begin with. He clearly knows all about what goes on, on the shows and if he recognized Andy, he’s watching WWHL which used to be on a midnight, now is on at 11pm on a school night. I think the major issue in my mind is that a 13 year old is watching these shows to begin with. Some series more than others, but really none of these shows are appropriate for kids.

      I’m sure that Andy was surprised that a little kid watched The Housewives, I think a lot of us are.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I agree that she fell into this after meeting Andy Cohen on a street.

      What do you think about her researching and finding RR so that she could demand apologies? I think that is too much and it showed how angry she was at everyone who discussed this.

      If she is this reasonable person, I don’t think we will every hear or see Ben Weiner again.

      • I’m going to try & find-out if this is the Gail Wiener that I know.
        It is actually a fairly common name in the NJ/NY area, but for some reason, I had a feeling that they were related to the family that I remember when Andy 1st started talking about Ben.
        If it is the person that I know, I can tell you that I’m pretty sure that she would be in a state of shock if she stumbled upon people talking about her son online.
        If I find-out I’ll let you guys know. But even if it isn’t the same family, I don’t think that Ben’s mom was intentionally pimping him out like balloon-boy.
        11:30 is even too late for a school kid to be watching tv on a school-night, so at least she has a good excuse to pull-the-plug on Bravo, which is what I’m also pretty sure whoever she is, will do.
        Maybe not, but at least now she understands the down-side of being a public figure-I really don’t think that she was informed enough to give her informed consent when she allowed Ben to be involved.
        I actually know of another family who had no idea of what their kid was doing online on you tube, and they were contacted by a company who sent them a huge check for the video that the child posted.-They were embarrassed too that they didn’t know what their child was doing,& at first they thought it was a scam. They did give permission, but they are a lot more careful now.

        • Quincy IL says:

          I was afraid that my son would hack into the Pentagon. He went to hacking conventions in Vegas at 13 years old so I know the dangers of the net.

          Today… he actually creates architecture for our military and government. Whew… he stops the hackers. LOL…

        • Quincy IL says:

          I think there is a Democratic Congressman Wiener. I have watched him on tv.

          • Sha2000 says:

            Anthony Wiener from the lovely Forest Hills NY. The guy has passion & is on the right issues:

            • Quincy IL says:

              Yep, there he is. He was upset about the police and firemen getting some kind of benefits.

              • Sha2000 says:

                He was upset that people (republicans in this case) were *not* voting yes to extend health benefits to 911 emergency responders; people who are suffering now with their health for trying to save lives on Sept. 11th.
                “September 02, 2010
                Congress Turns Thumbs Down on 9/11 Responder Legislation

                Early this month, the House of Representatives rejected the Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. Its purpose was to provide additional healthcare coverage to 9/11 responders suffering various ailments as a result of their involvement with the terrorist bombings. The proposal sought to amend the Public Health Service Act to establish a special program within NIOSH.

                Among other things, the law would provide medical monitoring and treatment benefits to responders and cleanup workers, initial health evaluation to residents and other building occupants and area workers impacted and adversely affected, establish a World Trade Center health program advisory committee, collect health data, and conduct research on physical and mental conditions possibly related to the events of 9/11.

                The measure would have resulted in an expenditure of more than $3 billion on health care over the next 10 years, with billions more to compensate victims in coming years.

                The issue sparked heated debate. Some Republican representatives who opposed the bill referred to it as “bloated” and “a government shakedown.” Supporter Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) became agitated during debate on the House floor over the measure and subsequently wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times titled “Why I Was Angry.”

                Voicing his frustration with what he considers partisan politics, Weiner wrote, “The specifics of the debate last week should be an example of an issue beyond partisan dispute. The bill in question was created to help the thousands of citizens who went to Ground Zero after the Sept. 11 attacks. These are Americans who wanted to help, and who scientific studies now show are falling ill and dying in troubling numbers.”


                Rep. Wiener wants to help these4 folks by extending the benefits.

                Yes I know I’d fit in w/Cat grilling that lobbyist over the finger sandwiches ; )

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Exactly, I didn’t seek these people out. I didn’t “find” her on FB and tell her how to parent.

        She put her son out there- allowed him to be discussed in a public setting then is offended when people are perturbed by the progression of his involvement.

    • oopsy says:

      Sorry but I have to disagree. Ben is a minor child and they had to have consent especially as they revealed his full name. Secondly, if my son’s ‘dream’ involved discussing wildly inappropriate adult themes on tv with grown men and women then so sorry, dream not coming true. She used poor judgement for 15 minutes of fame at any cost and put him on tv for viewers. Of course we are going to discuss it. If she regrets it I would respect her more if she just said, “I regret my bad judgement and am sorry I allowed this to happen.” Otherwise, she should buckle up for the ride she jumped on. If good things came their way because of this they would lap it up. You can’t just pick and choose what reaction you are going to accept.

      • oopsy says:

        My response was to housewifehater. I understand your point of view and I feel like we will have to agree to disagree.

      • Sha2000 says:

        oopsy, I think the parents felt that he’d call in a few times & do that one appearance & people would think it’s cute like I did. Yes, not the best show for a child to watch but have you even seen whats on Nick & Disney lately for kids his age? Not much better & some worse. Degrassi, ICarlie , etc garbage.

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          As a parent of a 15 year old boy, I would NEVER in a million years let my son be subjected to any of the RH shows. There would be no reason for him to know who Andy Cohen is if he spotted him on the street. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with HWH. The parents should (a) monitor what their son is watching, and (b) not encourage it by allowing him to call in to the show.

          As for Andy Cohen…after the first conversation (if the kid got through w/out Andy’s knowledge), there should have been a stop put to it. It was disturbing to me to watch. I don’t believe Andy is “gaga” for the kid, I think that he’s amused that a child knows so much about RH. BUT, and this is a big BUT…Andy is NOT a parent, therefore he’s not thinking along those lines. He’s thinking ratings. Doesn’t make it right, but it’s the truth.

          I think the parents are completely at fault for this. Sorry if anyone disagrees, but I have to say…my son is never allowed in the room when I’m watching RH. Maybe I’m overprotective, but they only have that innocence for a short while. Why take it away over some trashy women using the “c” word, talking about their sex lives, and thinking that their abusive behavior is not only okay, but they get paid for it.

          • nathania says:

            right, he’s not thinking at all about this kid or any of the children who appear on any of his shows. And even weirder apparently there is NO ONE around in the Bravo production team to teach him how to pretend to care, and how he would be behaving if he did in fact care, so that he could at least make decisions based on what people who really do care would do.

            I have only watched OC and NY but I don’t remember anyone else’s children being this involved with the storylines. I could be wrong but nothing stands out in my mind.

        • oopsy says:

          The rule in our has always been that what is watched on TV must be appropriate for the youngest person in the room. If the adults wanted to watch something we gave the children something to do in another room. (When my kids were small I didn’t even watch sit-comes in front of them) I believe the adults have a responsibility to protect the innocence of children and part of the problem with this world is some adults are too lazy to care. I would NEVER sit down with a young boy and talk about chuckies and boobs, blow jobs sextapes and NEVER throw around the ‘f’ word or c*nt and it disturbs me to hear this boy on tv involved with all this. He is a child. So many people say kids are exposed to worse but it doesn’t make it right. I don’t think Disney is perfect but I haven’t seen grown women on there calling people a f*cking c*nt or a g*d damn whore. No one is talking about their vagina or grinding on a stripper pole. I don’t hold the boy responsible but I believe his parents are at fault. And I don’t believe it was a simple lack in judgement because he obviously has been watching for a long time and knows way too much about it all. If this exposure led to them getting a call for him to be on a commercial or in a movie they would jump on the opportunity. They would lap up the good so the should be prepared to accept the bad. His mom better not cry ‘foul’ (pun intended) because viewers who are mothers themselves don’t like to see a child participate in this trainwreck. She better suck it up and face the music because it was all her decision.

  55. boston02127 says:

    Does anyone have an idea of who the new housewife will be?

    From US Magazine—
    Ramona Singer won’t reveal the mystery woman’s name (they begin filming Season 4 next week), but she promises viewers won’t be disappointed.

  56. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet– people say nasty comments because they’re disappointed in their choices. i love my kiddies, & the life i worked hard to build.
    Worked hard? Yeah… collecting alimony. Save your money Kel, a few more years and no more kiss in the mail for you.

  57. Sha2000 says:

    Hw’s are on Dr. P right now.

  58. Olivia says:

    I just wish to take a minute to respond to those who question us about our interest and the follow up comments about these “Housewives” shows.

    True, no one is forcing us to watch or holding a weapon to our heads to keep track of these “stars” who are being marketed by a network who has no use for women. Part of the “reality” of sites like these is for the fun we get out of bashing these poseurs for behaving as if they were in the same league as Angelina Jolie. They are so far off the mark that it is often laughable at the efforts they go to in order to maintain that fallacy so why not throw in a jibe or two along the way to let them see that we are not all buying the “schtick” they put out there.

    Most of us were not prepared for the violence that came with the NJ franchise. It took some of us by complete surprise when watching one woman chase another woman down a hallway in an effort to carry the abuse to even higher levels. Most of us were so taken aback that we felt the need to comment not only about the episode but the producers and the women who agreed to this travesty and this site provided an outlet.

    To accuse us of having nothing better to do is a cop out. We continue to comment in hopes that at least Bravo and those so called “stars” who we know follow this blog are not allowed to believe that their motives and behaviors go unnoticed.

    Much of what we discuss has appeared in the press. That coverage has been invited because of some pretty slimy stuff these women have perpetrated off set as well.

    What happens here is a harmless exercise in posting thoughts that have little bearing on our own lives but it is nothing more than I have once suggested than a meeting of a Book Club discussing the latest novel for review.

    Are we forced to watch? Of course not. Why we do is an individual choice and why we comment is merely a follow up. Poking fun at people who choose to live out their lives on camera is something they should expect. All the world does not “love them” as they seem to believe. There are a few of us left who see through the crapfest and taking it seriously is something we are able to separate.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Olivia is correct.

      Just this morning, Olivia and I compared Jill Zarin’s metamorphosis last season to Georg Faust’s pack with the devil. Jill and Goethe have similar concepts developing in their story lines.

      We also see the themes of Flaubert’s Madame Bovery in the characters of Sonja Morgan, Tamra Barney, Cat from DC and surprisingly, Nene Leakes.

      Here’s the problem with the concept of reality show: the people on the reality show are real people with feelings. They want the perks of being a reality star. They want first class plane tickets, invitations to events, endorcement deals, lines of make up, book sales and anything that can make a dime. They sold their souls to the company store.

      If these reality shows had come out before the internet and discussion sites, it would have been possible to keep some of their lives free from public scrutiny, but that just didn’t happen.

      The real movie and television stars actually hide. They try to keep their family life quiet and apart from the public. The Bravo stars deliberately give up their privacy for so few dollars that I can’t imagine doing such a thing.

      I looked around the net. No one is criticizing Ben Weiner, the boy. All of the criticism is directed at Andy Cohen. Ben’s mom stepped into the fray with her email to one of our own. She made demands. The answer was, “Are you kidding?”

      • oopsy says:

        Well said, QuincyIl! I like your style. You are absolutely correct. I haven’t read one negative remark directed at Ben, just at the poor choices of the adults in this fiasco.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Thanks…. I looked at comments on blogs too.

          I am used to the net after 14 years. People can say whatever they wish to say. They often don’t have facts. It’s just the way cyberspace is.

          I don’t think I would allow my kid to have a facebook page open to the public or a twitter account. Heck, all of their friends had to come to either my home or the home of parents that I trusted.

          At least Mrs. Weirner is monitoring her son’s facebook.

    • Now we’re seeing reports about the White-House gate-crashers not being invited back, and Bravo is trying to spin it as-if they are listening to the viewers from what I’ve seen.
      (copied from Popeater)
      At first, execs thought they struck gold with all the attention the couple got over the White House dinner. But now they realize not all press is good press and this couple’s involvement in the show has turned more viewers off than on.”
      Too bad that Bravo isn’t addressing the problems that they have with the entire franchise, and they’re blaming this one annoying couple because of relatively poor ratings for the DC show. To me, the gate-crashers are just another insult in a long string of insults to the viewer’s intelligence.

      • Quincy IL says:

        The other women on the show have to think of their businesses and social standing. The Salahis must be banned from all of DC society now.

      • Sha2000 says:

        I remember watching WWHL & Andy had said he got a lot of emails complaining that the crashers were included in the cast. He explained that much of the show was filmed prior the crashing & that it was too late basically. Bravo needs to look seriously at their vetting process, someone is hiring losers over & over again.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Even if the Guidices turned in their tax forms to Bravo for scrutiny, would they be real tax forms?

        • ShyAsrai says:

          but if these people weren’t loser fame-heaux, and just nice people who went about their lives in a mind-their-own-bizness decent manner, they’d have no drama and no show. (they think)

          i’m so disappointed because i’d be perfectly happy to see nice people doing their thing – i really like watching shows on other countries and cultures, other cities and lifestyles.

  59. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Kelly is a little upset with Perez Hilton. I have to find out what he said about her.

    kikilet @perezhilton. U need to STOP with the absurd comments about me. Its not helping you get the press u want, its building me up.

  60. boston02127 says:

    Kelly Beensomeone vs Perez Hilton on Twitter.
    (kelly doesn’t have a leg to stand on against him)

    Kelly— @perezhilton. U need to STOP with the absurd comments about me. Its not helping you get the press u want, its building me up.

    @perezhilton wants a twitter feud with me, game on. get my name out there even faster. i like clever, not mean.

    Ohhh..game on. Good luck Kel.

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I missed Kelly’s second tweet to Perez Hilton. She wants a Twitter feud. LOL! I have to go into Perez’s website to see what he wrote about her.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Two nuts in a twitter war. This is why I don’t twitter.

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I found out what must have set Kelly off. Perez Hilton wrote an article about Bethenny’s show being renewed. Here’s the part about Kelly:

      “We wonder what will become of the show’s title! Bethenny Getting Married Again For More Publicity? Or perhaps Bethenny Getting Stalked By Pyschotic Kelly Bensimon?”

      Read More: Bethenny Frankel’s Spin-Off Gets Renewed For Second Season! | PerezHilton.com http://perezhilton.com/2010-09-16-bethenny_frankel_spin_off_gets_renewed_for_second_season#ixzz0zkCwq5Tv
      Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

      • Quincy IL says:

        Kelly should demand an apology from her close friend and confidant Perez. Two peas in a pod.

        • dumberries says:

          Kelly never learns. Why is she challenging Perez Hilton to a battle of tweets? She is completely ill equipped to engage in a battle of wits or words. Does she not remember what happened in Season 2 with Bethenny and her ridiculous “I’m up here, you’re down there” and “Sttttooooopppp” nonsense. Does she not recall the backlash from berating the other women in the Virgin Islands? She is too self-absorbed to be effective during conflict.

          It was only a few months back when Kiki was praising and courting Perez. Many of us predicted that he would eat her for lunch when she ran out of inside scoops for him. I hope she just let’s it go, but she’ll probably keep egging him on because she thinks she’s smarter than everyone else.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        I earlier today accidentally clicked a link and found myself on Perez’s site. IIRC in that article Perez said something to the effect that Kelly was crazy and should be taken off RHONY.

        I figure that would be enough to set Kiki off.

  61. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet — @perezhilton i’m off to a movie premiere/party. we’ll have to hash this out another time. lol

    No movie premieres listed for tonight Kel.

    • Great link Boston! The funny thing is that a lot of those tickets that they sell are FREE! I have a link somewhere that has the free tix. like Chelsae lately, I’ll try to find it.
      Plus you just reminded me that I think its that time of year to send ticket requests to Saturday Night Live? I don’t know if they still do it like that, but most shows with live audiences give-out free tickets.

  62. lillybee says:

    Lol, I have no life. I am so waiting for DC tonight.

  63. Jeepers says:

    just sent you my response to Mr. Cohen…………Jeepers

  64. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    For any Top Chef fans out there there has been talk that next season will be a Top Chef All-Stars per The Daily Beast. The producers who were interviewed said something would be announced next week. I’d be curious to see who would be on the All-Star show.

  65. Jeepers says:

    oops, so sorry about the spelling/typo errors

  66. Sha2000 says:

    Okay, this picture is what I consider of someone who’s had a lot of work done:

    Too much in my opinion.

  67. OK-so I know that this is waay off-topic, but I’m watching The Apprentice, and this guy is calling-in for Unemployment. He says that he feels “ashamed” to be on Unemployment. And he has 5 children. A-I’m wondering if the reason that he feels so ashamed, is not because he doesn’t have a job right now, or because he may have talked-down about other people on Unemployment in the past?-I don’t know why I have a feeling like that, but the guy really did look embarrassed about it. Being eligible to collect Unemployment means that he did have a job, and that he paid into the system, so I guess I’m just surprised that someone would feel ashamed about that, especially during a recession or whatever it is.
    B- Don’t they pay these people anything to be on the show? That would “count” as being employed or partially-employed. Plus, if he’s obligated to the show, how could he be looking-for another job? ………………..just something “off” about that scene for me. I guess he could have been claiming “partial” unemployment, they didn’t show the whole phone-call, but I’m wondering if he’s going to get in trouble for doing this on television while he is obviously, “employed”, although I don’t know if he’s earning any income.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Good point. If you are being paid by NBC (or whatever network) how do you apply? Another “reality” set up it seems.

      Here’s more info on pay:

    • *I worked for Trump back in the day. One day I had to deliver some papers to a yacht-basin that wasn’t in my department & I over-heard some young-people talking about, “Uncle Donald”. I decided to play a little joke on the people in my department and I casually pretended like I had a slip-of-the-tongue, and I said, “Uncle Don, I mean Mr. Trump…”, like I had let it slip by accident. I thought it would be funny if they thought that Trump was my uncle.
      I forgot about my joke but the funny thing was that about two weeks later they offered me a much better position with the company.

  68. Char212 says:

    @Jillz68 I haven’t read all the post yet today but you caught my attention. I have a girlfriend who has MS and has been unable to walk for many years now. A few months back I heard on the Today Show of a new medication that seems to show some promise for MS patients. I called my friend when I heard about it and she called to make and app. to see a specialist but couldn’t get in right away. In fact she goes this coming Monday. It’s called Ampyra. An aquaintance of theirs is taking the medication and is now out of the wheelchair and doing much better. In case you haven’t heard of it and would like to look into it here’s a link. http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm198463.htm. There are also quite a few videos on youtube from people who are taking Ampyra. Here’s one…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMMQZZg3wco&feature=related
    Take care hun. You’re one strong lady.

  69. boston02127 says:

    Jeepers follow up letter to Andy. First two letters are posted above.

    Dear Mr Cohen,
    First let me assure you, I did not at any point in my e-mail to you, insinuate anything with regard to the minor child that appeared on WWHL. If my comments struck a nerve, that is your problem, certainly not mine. For you to make such an assumption on your part, shame on you.

    The viewers know what they saw, what they heard for themselves. So they will make up their own minds.

    How dare you take the credit for Ms. Frankel’s success. You do not even hold a candle to this woman. As I stated to you before, she was well on her way before BRAVO or you came along, let there be no doubt about that Mr. Cohen, for you to suggest otherwise is absurd, laughable at least.

    To state you are looking or going to look into the problems with the viewers getting their comments posted, we have heard that to many time before also. This matter should have been taken care long before this, if not before it was made available for public use.

    You seem to be insulting the intelligence of the American people and hold them a bit low on the totem pole, so to speak. Might I remind you, we have a devise in our hands, in case your have for-got. It is called “THE REMOTE CONTROL”, it has an “ON” “OFF” button on it and we do know how to use it.

    A saying from MS. Danielle Staub was, oh yes now I remember, “Bad move Andy, Bad move”. Now ” ain’t that nice”?

    Have a nice day Mr. Cohen and good luck.

    Tacoma, Wa.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Thanks Jeepers and Boston. I haven’t bothered to write to Andy Cohen. At least, he is reading some email from interested viewers and that is good.

    • Jeepers says:

      Thank you again, for taking the time to help me out on this.

  70. Quincy IL says:

    I just caught part of WWHL with Cat from DC and Ramona. They both looked great. Cat’s hair was gorgeous and so shiny. Ramona’s skin was gorgeous too.
    They had great dresses on.

    Cat hinted that her ex was saying mean things in the press. I read a lot of the things he said and it was more that he didnt’ like the Housewives experience and the negative publicity rather than saying bad things about her. Getting a divorce so soon after the wedding is tough. They were not a good match. He seems like a nice guy. He was always away working. You have to be understanding if you marry someone like him. He’s not going to change his way of working so the wife has to adapt and accept. Cat isn’t the adapting or accepting type of woman.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I thought that the devastating news would be that Cat’s husband moved out, but it was word that a dear friend committed suicide. That happened with Rachel Zoe last week too. Terrible…. such a waste of wonderful lives.

      • TT in OC says:

        Hey, I am watching too. I also thought that was about the divorce.

        • Adgirl says:

          My ex husband committed suicide last year. It devastates everyone left behind. What could we have done differently to save them? Our children are fledging adults.
          No one saw it coming, although we all suspect his 2nd wife instigated the events.
          Everyday my daughter speaks of him. She doesn’t feel she can speak of it to her friends. My son is a lost soul . I feel terrible for Cat and Rachel.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      Yes but she didn’t really say WHICH ex, did she?

      • Quincy IL says:

        No, but I think Andy mentioned the NYTimes and that was Charles, the second husband.

        I’m sure the first husband who was dumped for another man has issues with Cat too. He must be battling her in the courts because the girls have to stay in London with him by order of the custody agreement.

  71. MichellefromNY says:

    I have been skeptical about teresa’s claims for her being on the new york times bestseller list. After researching a little, it turns out she was never ranked in the top ten ever and she was only placed on the paperback list, a decidedly lesser status symbol to having your book bought in hardcopy.

    Oh and per her claim that her book is again on the list this week–it’s not, I just checked. She was on the list the week of september 3.

    Furthermore, it seems that the new york times has skinny italian only listed as a bestseller for ONE week. But if I’m wrong, please someone correct me.

    • Noelle says:

      Did her original book come out in hard copy? (I just assumed it didn’t) I’m not even sure why I’m asking this?…only to say perhaps she’s no “Julia Child!”
      Thanks for the info..sounds like some one’s *cough-Teresa-cough* embellishing the truth again. Shocking, I know…zzzzzzzzzzz

    • nathania says:

      I always thought that maybe they just had a special category for cookbooks and that’s where she came in.

      I bet the ‘family’ that gives them ten k a month has stacks and stacks of that book down in the basement with them.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      The book was not published in hardback, only paperback. It did make the NYT bestseller list shortly after it was published, presumably in its category (there are several categories for NYT bestsellers). And it’s back on the list…within the top 10 for the paperback advice category.


  72. lillybee says:

    You have to love Tim Gunn. He was on a program in DC with the Salamis and called them sociopaths while they were on air. Also, about Michaela’s ms, said that he wanted a doctor’s note.

    Best line on PR, Tim Gunn “Jackie Kennedy would not have camel toe.

  73. Noelle says:

    I just noticed…why is my avatar now this ugly pea-green quilt square? I used to be a teal square(wasn’t crazy bout that either) but it was so much better than this. LOL..

    • lillybee says:

      I love my wine colored one. I would hate to lose it.

      • Noelle says:

        Hi lillybee, I also love your “wine colored” avatar…compare it to mine…nuff said. 😦

        • lillybee says:

          your’s isn’t so bad. Actually it is the color that most suits my daughter but is impossible to find.

          I do like matching my wine, though.

          • Noelle says:

            Jeez, How much do you like your daughter!?! jkjk..I’m snarking…
            Your’s even looks exotic while mine looks like…fish bones! YES..that’s it ..fish bones! YIKES! lol

            • lillybee says:

              I think yours is more of a mint green. The daughter was blonde with green eyes and mint was a great color for her.

            • Kat says:

              Noelle, the quilt pattern is tied to the email address you use when posting.

              Just change the email address and the quilt color will be different.

              • Kat says:

                Above I was not very clear, what I meant to say is the color and pattern of the quilt is assigned to the email address used on your post reply box.
                Just use a different email address and you will get a new quilt.

  74. Justanothermary says:

    I’m going to be leaving this blog. I wanted to thank you all (well almost all) for giving me something to think about and do while I battle cancer. Someone upthread seemed to find my disease laugh worthy and told me so. I am very hurt and confused by this response to my saying that I’m off to chemo therapy. I’m told that probably don’t have much time left so I simply don’t have the wherewithall to deal with such hatred when each minute I have is gift.

    Thanks again to those who have been funny, sweet and supportive. I’ll miss you.

    • Kat says:

      Justanothermary, I missed the post you are speaking about. Please take care and maybe stop back in from time to time? There are some great people here and the majority here find no humor in someone elses pain.

      • 201MaryF says:

        To one Mary from another:

        I think that the poster was laughing at something else, not your trip for chemo.

        Best wishes.

    • lillybee says:

      I am so sad that happened to you. Best wishes for a good recovery for you.

    • Kat says:

      I just read the posts, I think you misunderstood. The person was laughing at Had Enough’s post talking about Sasquatch, not you!

      • Quincy IL says:

        There is quite a bit of misunderstanding on the net. Sometimes, it’s a failure to follow the thread, sometimes people feel that they are more important than others: “The Kelly syndrome.” Chemo is serious and everyone here supports her.

    • Jeepers says:

      I am sorry to read that, sometimes people just don’t stop
      & think before opening their mouth, me for one, but never
      meant to be mean to anyone, unless I am very provoked.
      Hope and wishing the best for you……………….Jeepers

      • vilzvet says:

        The post in question was a response to your original post, and that is all. If you looked further down the responses you will see the poster’s very nice and supportive comment directly to you. Please do not leave…

    • LynnNChicago says:


      I missed it as well but I will be going back to find it, let me first apologize for that happening on my blog, it certainly is not what we’re about and I think you know that. The majority of people who post here are kind and caring people who may even be able to help you through some of your pain and difficulties so I do hope that you’ll reconsider.

      Unfortunately not everyone is sensitive to other people but the majority of us do care about people as you’ve seen. My best to you always! xoxo

    • oopsy says:

      Justanothermary, what you are going through is devestating and my heart goes out to you. I know the post you are speaking of and ask if you feel up to it please take another look. OneMoreInBoston was responding to Hadenough’s post but sometimes in replies the responses get bumped down. (That is why I reference the poster in my response) I have seen onemore post many things and have never seen her say anything cruel. Her remark got bumped down as people responded with concern for you as you endure chemo. I know it LOOKS bad but she really was posting about something else. I hope you give us all another chance because I know how much this blog brightens my day and I would like to send something uplifting your way from time to time. What ever you decide my heart goes out to you.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      @justanothermary:please don’t go. I just read your response to my comments and there has been a HUGE misunderstanding.

      Please go back and look at the times that I posted on that comment thread:
      @4:01 I respnded to YOU-that I hope you are OK, and that you feel better
      @4:02 I read @handenough’s post- and posted that I was laughing at HER comment

      This morning I read through the postings again and I AM HORRIFIED that you think I was laughing at you. I apologized to you there.

      I AM SO SORRY that it looks like that when you reread the postings.

      I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, luckily they were able to cut it out with no chemo. But in the back of my mind I know I’m never cured, but a survivor.

      I am ever mindful that there may be a day when I too, will have to undergo chemo. I would never joke or laugh, or treat in a cavalier and disrespectful way even my worst enemy if they were going through his.

      Please, please take this energy and use it for yourself and not to fight a battle over something that appeared out of context.

      If you want to contact me directly, my email is pegsgirl@gmail.com

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Please don’t leave! You add to the dialog, you make other’s laugh and maybe that response wasn’t directed at you – sometimes we all reply in the wrong thread. Know we are here for you and care about you!

    • tuzentswurth says:

      @justanothermary, you are much more than “just another” here. I hope you see the follow-ups here to realize you are supported and cared about very much. This was all a terrible misunderstanding b/c the posts get responded to so many times it all gets confusing who the response is going to.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Please don’t leave-
      As others others have posted, no one was laughing at the though of you going through chemo. We want to support and comfort you if you will continue to let us 🙂

  75. Adgirl says:

    I don;t know if anyone cares … but I have been on Jeana Keough’s real estate email list for a ling time. One of the homes she owns is down the street from ours. Today I received and email and she has changed brokerages from ReMax to Weichert. She use to be one of ReMax’s top sellers.

    • Quincy IL says:

      She must be doing well because she has a personal chef. She’s on “Thintervension.” I also read that she is renting the mansion out for weekend wedding events. Her neighbors must love that.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I don’t understand Jeana at all. She is always crying in her spilt milk. Her husband was verbally abusive, apparently a mean drunk for 25 years. She’s lonely. She wants a rich man who will pay attention to her. She wants to get thin, but she drinks and eats too much. She has so much more than so many people here when it comes to health and financial opportunities. I don’t think she was nice to her castemates with all of the under breath comments.

      Jeanna’s children are grownups so she needs to become an adult and be responsible for her own happiness.

  76. Had Enough! says:

    WSL – Did the storm hit Manhattan? Are you OK? Do you have power?

    • vilzvet says:

      It actually more hit Brooklyn and Queens as opposed to Manhattan, which is farther west, really big trees were toppled directly onto cars and even homes! Freaky!!

      • Quincy IL says:

        We feel for you. We see a lot of tornadoes from Oaklahoma to Ohio. There are sirens that will go off in the middle of the night because we may be asleep when they come. I’ve seen two level 5’s in my life and many of the lesser storms. As a kid I was petrified of the “Wizard of Oz.” It wasn’t the witch. It was the storm.

  77. Quincy IL says:

    So… Cat from DC is going to live in London with her kids, but come to America for Bravo and filming. There will be no yellow house, no children, no dogs, and no husband. Why would someone invite her to a fancy Washington Party if she lives most of the time in London. The children are in London and probably the dogs are also.

    I looked at the New York Times article on her exhusband. So sad. His position in the White House is lost.

    Joining Bravo really tests a marriage. I think the women want fame, but the husbands really don’t.

  78. boston02127 says:

    Good morning ☼

    @Justanothermary–I hope that you don’t leave this blog. I would bet on everything I own that the reply post was incorrect and directed to the post above yours.
    I’m don’t think she is aware of it either. I’ve done that before, I’ve “replied” on the wrong post many times. I really hope you come back, I enjoy your comments.

    • vilzvet says:

      You be right.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I replied above and will say it again – please stay!

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I’m trying to avoid pronouns in my responses b/c by the time I read something and start replying about..she this or that…then post and the page refreshes, the post is “way down there” (like Bethenny compared to KKB), and it isn’t always clear WTF I’m talking about.

  79. Dwight Schrute says:

    So on episode 5 of RHODC the cliffhanger was Edwina Rogers being carted away by ambulance. This week, nothing. What gives? P.S. The Reliable Source already has something up on fact checking last night’s episode.


    Hope you can read. For some Washington Post articles you have to go through their free registration.

  80. boston02127 says:

    D.C. lobbyist Edwina Rogers gets real-life-sick during shoot for “The Real Housewives of D.C.”

    In a guest appearance last week on “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” Edwina Rogers gave the show its only real dose thus far of the-business-of-Washington: She’s a lobbyist who dutifully talked up health-care policy. She also gave the slow-paced Bravo series a rare dose of drama: In a party scene taped last fall, hostess Rogers is shown being carted out on a stretcher and into an ambulance. It’s an embarrassing moment, and totally cryptic; the show never quite explains what ailed her.

    What happened in real life? Probably the flu. Rogers, executive director of the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative, e-mailed us that both of her children were sick with H1N1 that week; at the party, she took abruptly and violently ill in the ladies’ room. “My staff called 911 and I went to GW for a few hours. The timing was pretty awful, but one cannot control these things. …A dream situation for Bravo.”

    from the Washington Post 9/14

    • KellitaM says:

      That was so odd, though, that they had an ambulance called and took her out on a stretcher. I’m an RN. It seemed like overkill for someone who’s starting to come down with the flu. With H1N1, you start to feel achy and get a fever.
      “Abruptly and violently ill” in the ladies room doesn’t seem to fit.
      I’m not judging, just puzzling……

  81. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s really reaching for straws.

    • boston02127 says:

      She posted the above video on her twitter last night.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I keep antibacterial gel in my purse to ward off evil spirits and people who don’t bathe regularly like Kelly.

        • boston02127 says:

          I use the antibacterial gel all the time too. I thought the same thing about Kelly not bathing regularly when I saw her put so much perfume on. My friends and I kid and call excessive perfume SGB. (smelly girl bath)

          • Quincy IL says:

            Spraying perfume ruins clothes, but she can just get new designer clothes from her fabulous friends. I take care of mine even if they are from Walmart and Sears.

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        wow..she really is an idiot.

        • vilzvet says:

          Notice no hairbrush!!! Now that’s something I wouldn’t leave the house without, but not Kelly! She’s gotta take a huge bottle of perfume though??

    • emt2 says:

      Well, I wear the same perfume she does. That’s the only nice thing I can say about that video. Oh and it’s good that her daughter goes to ballet class but why does Kelly have her bag?

      I feel bad for her. All of the label/name dropping is just pathetic. She acts like a 20 year-old.

    • emt2 says:

      Why does Kelly always start her videos by saying “Everyone is always wondering ____________ about me” or “Everyone is obsessed with ____________ about me?” I’ve never heard of anyone being obsessed with her or constantly wondering what she is doing or what she thinks.

      She needs a boyfriend or husband because she is obviously not getting enough attention in her life.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      is this a joke? She really needs some help, was the cab driver recording this? Maybe someone replaced the perfume in her bottle with olive oil and that is why her hair is so greasy all the time?

  82. Quincy IL says:

    Lynn, I know you are going to blog on DC. I think I know what could save the show. Dump the White chicks and use the group of Black women that met with Stacy when she discussed her bio mom. It would be refreshing for DC to show educated Black women. Their foil could be Erica. She’s going to keep things hopping.

    The contrast between the Atlanta cast and DC cast would be enlightening.

  83. vilzvet says:

    Just watched WWHL and it really cracked me up that the poll of Hottest DC Husband clearly showed Stacie’s hubby as the winner but Andy thought it was Lynn’s bf Ebong! LOL…really! They look NOTHING alike. No one bothered to correct him. Yikes…bad boy Andy. And Ramona’s best comment was that if she had ever bumped into Kelly this summer she would have run the other way!

    • Cakers says:


      I know,… right? I tee-hee’d (and almost peed my pants) when I heard Andy’s F-up. (Lynda’s problem grinning from ear to ear)

      Also, I wonder if there’s a default % when votes are tallied…?
      For example: even if one doesn’t actually get ANY votes, they will still receive 1% (as a pity vote)?
      How else would Tareq get his 1%? 😛

      Also, to Lynn~
      Hi! I’m new here (well, kinda new…..been reading and lurking for awhile),
      but, it’s my first time EVER posting on ANY blog.
      Just wanted to say:
      Kudos! You’re doing an AMAZING JOB!
      Keep up the good work!


    • Noelle says:

      I caught that too. Way to go Andy. Oy vey…

  84. boston02127 says:

    Have a good day everyone. 🙂

  85. KookADoodleDo says:

    Forgive me if this has already been posted:
    “EXCLUSIVE: NJ Housewife Caroline Manzo ‘Tired’ Of Teresa’s Drama”


    • MickeyMouth says:

      More likely tired of her getting all the publicity.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      You fine ladies on this board called that one WEEKS ago!

    • Quincy IL says:

      I think Teresa’s behavior at the reunion reflects badly on the show and the Manzos because they supported her. Teresa may be under so much pressure with the bankrupsty and the criticism of her life style that she may be going through a break down.

      • vilzvet says:

        Well she was sane enough to allow another mag cover story, wonder what she rakes in for these? Caroline must also be distancing because she knows the bankruptcy papers must be answered within the next 2 weeks and she must also feel like a fool for all her talking heads, Jacqueline’s too, where they gush how “over the top” Teresa is spending-wise and how it now has all come out as fraud and thievery.

        • Olivia says:

          Let’s see: Caroline stood by Teresa and Jacqueline when they chased Danielle through the corridors of the country club and that was okay.

          We then saw Teresa acting like an animal on the reunion show and that was okay with Caroline.

          Teresa spending thousands of dollars in cash to buy rooms full of furniture was okay with Caroline.

          Teresa calling Danielle bitch, whore, pig, and “c##t was okay with Caroline.

          Lavish parties and unnecessary expenditures by Teresa who did not have a pot to p#ss in was okay with Caroline.

          Teresa “stiffing” everybody in NJ was okay with Caroline.

          Joe “yawning” behind the wheel of a car that led to a DUI was okay by Caroline.

          So just what is Caroline not okay with today? Perhaps all the publicity, personal appearances, mag covers that Teresa has been getting lately that Caroline has not been offered? Seems more likely.

          • oopsy says:

            Olivia good point!

            • vilzvet says:

              Yes, and also as Lynn has astutely pointed out, all the co-appearances that Caroline and Teresa did together out in CA that Teresa inferred were hers alone?

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Caroline stood by Teresa because Danielle was a common “enemy” but now Teresa’s behavior can not be blamed anywhere but on herself – Teresa being Teresa….. So Caroline being Caroline can now cut that tie and remove her family from the Guidice’s mess. Wondering will Jacq be following Caroline soon????

  86. MickeyMouth says:

    Pictures of celebrities and their dogs: http://www.peoplepets.com/photos/celebrities/kelly-bensimon-cesar-millan-ali-larter-walk-of-fame-9-17-10/1

    FYI – It’s an annoying slide show

    Kelly – again looks like she has a package.
    Bethenny – Is that an apron?

    Ellen Page – OK off RH topic. But I went to see Inception last month and I kept staring at her thinking wow she has layers of clothing on and still looks really thin and is her hair line receding. It actually distracted me from the movie as I wondered about her health. She is in this slide show and she still looks so thin. I hope she is well.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Wow, you’re right about Ellen Page. I never noticed her having that hairline before. Did she always wear bangs or something?
      On the other hand Guy Pearce looked as good as ever. He makes my heart go pitter pat.

      • vilzvet says:

        He was SO good in “Factory Girl”, not that anyone saw that! He aced Andy Warhol.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I liked him LA Confidential. He’s cute.

        She’s always had a large forehead but more so now. In the movie Inception they would dress her in these bulky sweaters with vests, jackets and scarves. But they never added bulk. She looks, ill.

  87. MAMAZ says:

    I’ve been thinking about the Houswives franchise. The RHOOC and RHONJ take place in suburbia and the rest of the shows are set in cities. Now I’m a town girl born and bred. I like the country for B&B weekends only, lol. But as we can see from this blog there are some fascinating women in rural areas, like our dear Quincy. So Bravo, why not a Real Houswives of _________( insert rural town). And I’m not talking about some dumb country bumpkin stereotype. Lets see smart, educated women doing things us city gals are unfamiliar with. Quincy mentioned mucking stalls and mowing grass. We can also see them doing the same things we do in their own towns- lunch at the local diner, local charity events running businesses.
    Just an idea.

    • Noelle says:

      That’s a great idea. A show like that would be far more interesting.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        I think you can make anywhere compelling to read about or watch. I’m a mystery fiction nutball and found a series based in tiny town in South Dakota. The protagonist is a waitress at the downtown cafe and lives with a roommate in a trailor outside of town. I know, right? You’d think “BORING” but they are hilarious and poignant and actually made me want to move there and hang out with all the great characters. Then again, you can make anywhere a huge bore. Bravo made NY and NJ somewhere I wouldn’t want to live if Foghorn and KooKoo and Chewy were the norm. It’s all editing and story line …right? Bravo needs new ideas for sure. Charity parties…enough already. We get it.

        • Quincy IL says:

          NYC is a fascinating place. Sonja is a hoot and I bet she has plans for some really cool events.

          I find Catholic nuns are a boat load of fun. I hang out with a few and they are wild women. No wonder I saw that the Vatican is trying to investigate them and set them back into the cloisters.

          • Zipit Zarin says:

            One of my favorite movies is The Trouble With Angels with Hayley Mills and Rosilyn Russel. It made me want to be a nun when I grew up and I’m not Catholic. lol

    • Quincy IL says:

      Yeah, it’s exciting around here. The phones were out at my house because a farmer hit the gray box with the phone junctions with his combine as he entered the field. We have cell phones too, and ATT is on it’s way. We had an art show opening and I wore a 79 dollar black dress with tan silk verticle lines and black flats since my husband is shorter than I am. We also went to Hannibal, Mo. to see a Nigerian belly dancer. The med spa is having an open house at the brand new Martini bar in the same square that Lincoln and Douglas held their debates over slavery in the 1850’s. We have charity events like run/walks for charity events, heels optional there too. There’s a fall trail ride with hundreds of horses and wagons. There are fall festivals in every town up and down the river with art, good food, and friendly people.

      We have scandals, a dentist wants to tear down an old house and build a new dental clinic. We have sex scandals, another doctor’s marriage just bit the dust and the new wife is the nurse. We have financial scandals, a county board member used the power of attorney to take his neighbor’s money and she because she didn’t die in the hospital, she wanted the money back.

      I think we might just have a show for all of you to enjoy.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        I’d love it! I’m so over the supposed sophisticated in the northeast.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Just wait for two California shows.

        • Quincy IL says:

          I think you avatar is quite sophisticated.

          • Zipit Zarin says:

            Catherine Deneuve is the epitomy of that word 😀

            • Cakers says:

              I think my village (pop. less than 2,000)would be pretty boring as a HW backdrop.
              We’ve had our share of economy struggles, (like many rural areas):
              -Our downtown commercial area is almost non-existant..-The village’s main factory, (a sugar processing plant), has been treatened with closure…-The metal stamping plant (a few blocks from my residence), has closed..
              I suspect that kind of back storyline would be depressing to watch as a HW show.

              • Quincy IL says:

                A lot of towns are like that in this neck of the wood. I think that your town could still be interesting because of the people. I wish I knew how to revive all of these towns.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Both coasts have enough shows – a midwest setting, not Chicago, would be interesting. IMO smaller towns have just as much drama, charitable events and fun – Bravo needs to find a location the rest of the country could relate to and snark about!

        • What Bravo doesn’t get is that they can do a show about “nothing”, and it will still be interesting to the audience.
          The manufactured drama just gets in the way.
          I think that they might be going in the right direction with Bethenny- an articulate observer doing color-commentary on the housewives. At least thats what Bethenny had said at one time that she would like to do, rather than be part of the drama. I don’t know if it will work with Bethenny not being part of the drama at all, but thats how I picture next season of NY.
          I could definitely see someone like our Lynn, doing the narration for the characters that Quincy mentioned.
          I’ve watched a little of the re-runs from OC, and it doesn’t seem like they used the narration device as much in the beginning. It is very noticeable in NY and NJ.
          If they do the NY Housewives with Bethenny doing narration/commentary, and it works, they might have a new way to make the Housewives interesting without inventing drama?

        • Sha2000 says:

          How about gay housewives? Men that are pampered pretty boys who gossip & back-stab? It amazing that bravo hasn’t thought of it.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Our street is a soap opera (seriously); the neighbors have joked that we need to have a show. If I told you the stories you’d think I was either a liar or insane or both, lol! My old street nothing; quite lovely neighbors, we moved-up here thinking it would be all doctors & lawyers & high achievers (there are some) but we found that its NUTS behind these gates. We had two embezzlers (separate homes), one was arrested & did her time, one it’s been rumored since day they moved in. We had a former pole dancer (she made sure to tell all the husbands) that had a sex swing hanging in the master bed room, lol. And worse.

        • Quincy IL says:

          I have an exercise bike in my bedroom. Wait…that’s not as sexy as a pole. Never mind.

          • MAMAZ says:

            Zip It – What is the name of the book series you mentioned. Mystery novels are my guilty pleasure. I’m a literature person by profession but I am always first in line for the new Charlaine Harris and Janet Evanovich. The #1 Ladies Detective Agency is my favorite.

            You, housewifehater and Quincy are right, it is the PEOPLE that make a place interesting not the location. The NJ gang in Italy was a snooze. I want to see people I like, people I can relate to. I don’t care if they are in Kalamazoo or Katmandu.
            I did live in a very small town right after college. It wasn’t exactly my cup of tea but I met some unique even eccentric people there.
            Scripted TV has long relied on the quirky small town: Twin Peaks, Picket Fences, Northern Exposure.

            Cakers- I think your town might make for compelling TV.

            • BambiBaby22 says:

              Although I do consider NYC to be a character on the show, as well as the weather being a character with the OC ladies, and the big hair being another character with the NJ gang. I think that is why DC doesn’t interest me, I have NEVER wanted to live in the DCc area.

            • Cakers says:

              You may be on to something, b/c Sean Penn is using my county’s seat (approx. 30 miles from me) as one of the locations for his upcoming film “This Must Be The Place.”
              He just wrapped up filming yesterday.
              The whole experience brought alot of revenue to that town.

              • Cakers says:

                …but, I don’t think he picked the location because the town’s compelling as much as it’s just a small “hick down” that’s right for the story he wants to tell.

          • Sha2000 says:

            Lol, very funny Quincy : )

  88. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    Somehow I get a weird feeling everytime they put Lindas Assistant on. I feel like she’s l a Cinderella type and Lynda is the wicked Step Mother. I don’t know it’s weird.

    Also how is it that Mary and her duaghter Lolly attend the same event and they don’t say hello to each other before hand. So Mary just looked at her daughters table and noticed she had on her outfit. Weird.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I don’t understand why Lolly would go into her mother’s closet after being told not to do that. It seems that Lolly has issues. My daughter would never do that and I would never tell my daughter that she could not borrow anything that I have.

    • Olivia says:

      The scenes showing Lynda and her “assistant/future daughter in law” have the girl waiting hand and foot on her.

      “Reach up and get my that box”. “Buckle my shoes”. “Kiss my butt”. Charming.

      I suppose somebody as “important” as Lynda must have an assistant (read: factotum) if they are to maintain that illusion of power.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Lolly sounds like a real problem adult/child and her parents don’t sound like they are on the same page when it comes to dealing with her. Mary can take her locked sacred closet and shove it where the sun don’t shine….shut the door you lush and the problem is solved!

  89. Olivia says:

    The whole series is weird. It has no other function than to show these women doing “something” to fill up the hour.

    House shopping with no evidence of financial approval? Discussions built around a locked closet? Dog training? Spiritual cleansing of a house? Yet another “fashion show”? Shall I or shall I not contact my unknown brother and ask for my birth father’s address? The only “drama” or interest was when the cops showed up to throw the two idiots off the property that none of us know who it actually belongs to.

    As bad as is NJ, this one needs to be pulled for the sheer lack of coherency as to where this thing is going.

    “We all hate the Salahi’s” is nothing new. We all do.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I started watching these shows to see into worlds I’m not familiar with. So far, from what I’ve witnessed, I am glad I’m not a part of any of their worlds.

      • Olivia says:

        Agreed. Mary seems to be half crocked in most scenes; that always present glass of wine never far from her hand. She seems forever on the verge of tears.

        Pretentious Lynda just drives me nuts. She buys a huge house so that all her adult children who should be making their way in the world at this point, can all come home and live with her. Weird.

        Cat is just plain obnoxious although last night showed she did have some feelings but her purpose now for being is there is what? Oh, forgot that “book” she will be selling.

        Michaele is just painful to watch. Have no idea what these two wannabe’s are up to or why they are featured.

        Stacie is getting on my nerves to be honest. Next week we hear her view on gay marriage which is not all that enlightening.

        Same storylines. Boring cast.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Excellent take on all these wives – together they add up to a very boring slice of “DC”.

          • SavingGrace says:

            I agree. BORING TO THE TENTH POWER.

            I am not watching the RHODC because of what Michelle Salahi pulled on Whoopi the day the showed premiered.

            I think it turned a lot of people off the the show.

    • Quincy IL says:

      My best friend is the wife of the head of a division of a majoy ag company and she used to look at homes when she just wanted to see them. She does it on vacations too. I go to the homes that are open to the public for tours. She has realtors drive her around. She and I don’t agree on everything.

  90. WindyCityWondering says:

    After watching WWHL – I miss Ramona! Loved her remarks about Danielle and she couldn’t sit far enough away from Cat either. It will be interesting to see her next season – considering her remarks about Kelly!

  91. Powell says:

    Ok Lynn,
    The Salahi’s have been FIREDDDD from RHWODC. HURRAYYYY!!!!! (Somebody is finally listening-B*A*O) What are your thoughts?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO Bravo fired them because they were trying to say it was Bravo who wouldn’t let them speak to their gate crashing situation. The legal tean at Bravo likely called this one. Glad they are gone whatever the reason.
      NOW maybe Bravo will start addressing Teresa’s behavior both on and off camera.

  92. Maite1964 says:

    As usual your blog is spot on.
    Why on earth will somebody name Kelly Cutrone a stylist person, the woman looks all the time like she just woke up from an awful nightmare!!! Always dressed in those hideous oversize black t-shirts and that grease ugly hair !!!
    I think Kelly is an attention junky … and since you talk about her she is hooked on you, she might not want to admitted it but in her twisted Kelly world she likes you :).

    • Quincy IL says:

      Kelly Bensimon is stalking our beloved Lynn. For a victim of bullying, Kelly Bensimon is very aggressive. Fortunately, Lynn is not alone and Kelly has no power over her.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        what’s going on? Kelly is stalking Lynn? Yikes, details please!

        • Quincy IL says:

          Lynn is banned from Kelly’s twitter. So several times a day, Kelly stops looking into her mirror while she googles Lynn’s twitter to find out what Lynn is doing in Chicago. If there is a discussion on Lynn’s site (here) like we haven’t observed any photos of Kelly when she was a model, within hours, Kelly publishes photos of herself when she was young and a model. It’s happened so often that it no longer can be thought of as a coincidence. You see Kelly fixates on people. You saw how she could not get Bethenny out of her small cerebral cortex. There is a frontal lobe in Kelly’s brain dedicated to following and responding to Lynn. That leaves on frontal lobe for her faboulous life. Kinda sad, right?

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            thanks! Kelly is creepy but hopefully her small brain will latch onto something else to fixate on and Lynn will be safe! On second though, Lynn vs Kelly would be worse than Bethenny vs Kelly any day! lol

  93. cyotteeflower says:

    Dr Lillian Glass an expert on body language has a blog on the deceptive “tells” in MS when announcing her illness.

  94. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    I did enjoy Ramona & Cat last night on WWHL.

  95. quincyillinois says:

    My physical trainer and the members of my running class are recording “Thintervensiont.” We are staying after class to discuss Jackie Warner’s ideas. She gave the formula for her work out protein drink at the Bravo site. Jeanna Keough has success with this program and looks more healthy in recent photos.

    I could give a small synopsis of Jackie’s ideas if anyone is interested. I decided that “Just Desserts” was not something a Grandma should watch if she wants to live a long time and be there for her baby granddaughter.

    So far, the nutritionist here and the physical trainer think that Jackie’s program is up to date.

  96. boston02127 says:


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