I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC/Watch What Happens Live

I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC/Watch What Happens Live Sept 17, 2010

Bravo aired a new episode of The Real Housewives of DC as well as an Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live.

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m a little tired of hearing about Mary’s daughter swiping her clothes out of her high tech security protected closet. This issue was brought up no less than three times on the show. Who puts an expensive lock on their closet to keep their kid out, then refuses to close the door? I get that you want your child to be responsible but we’re not talking about a 5-year old stealing cookies from the cookie jar. This is a 20 year old woman taking her mother’s clothes and wearing them. Assuming they are returned in the condition in which she took them, sans cleaning, what is the big deal?

Forbid your kid from taking your stuff or resign yourself to the fact that she’s going to wear things out of your closet. If you forbid her and she does it anyway, there needs to be consequences. This is parenting 101 folks. Use the lock on your closet door or leave it wide open, it shouldn’t matter, your instructions to her should be what matters.

This subject has been beaten to death and Mary’s face when she saw her daughter wearing her outfit was reason enough to let this all go, it was completely unattractive and should never be shown on TV again. Mary’s husband is obviously done with this nonsense and just wants to watch the game on TV, me too!

Bravo included subtitles for parts of Cat’s conversation with Mary, possibly due to the many comments on Bravotv.com asking for help in understanding what Cat is saying. Personally, I can understand her just fine being raised by parents and having countless relatives with British accents but I applaud Bravo for paying attention to this request. It’s a start.

Whatever business you’re in or whatever you do to make a living, you’ve made a mistake, we all have. What we should have done is become an advisor to rich people, we could have made a boat load of money burning sage every time they buy a new property. We could be reading people’s charts, picking a number and telling them that everything in their lives has to relate to that number, tarot cards and palm reading.

If the people who appear on Bravo are any representation, there are a whole lot of very smart people who spend a lot of money on this stuff. Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out, Sonja Morgan of RHONY, Dina and Danielle of RHONJ, Vicki of RHOOC, and now we can add Lynda of RHODC.

We, once again catch a glimpse of KC who is Lynda’s assistant and Lynda’s son’s girlfriend. Once again I am flabbergasted that she failed to brush or style that rats nest hair, knowing she is going to be on television. We watched as she assisted Lynda in “poofing” her jacket then joining the rest of Lynda’s family as they head out to a fundraiser. Do you think that they left KC behind because she refuses to do something with her hair?

Cat lost a friend to suicide and showed a more sensitive side on last night’s episode, she was clearly shaken by the news from London. I think that she was really thrown by the tragedy and it really hit home that she needs a husband with her for moments like this.

I can only imagine the range of emotions that Cat faced being relocated to a new country where she didn’t know anyone, had no friends in DC and with her two young girls was literally left alone for the majority of the time. I wonder if she realized when she married the man that she loved and followed him to DC just how difficult it would be. Did she realize how much time her husband would be away from home for long periods of time?

Without the Real Housewives, Cat most likely wouldn’t have met Mary and Lynda who have apparently been pretty good friends to her. It was really great of Mary to be so supportive and loving when Cat needed her most.

Bravotv.com has posted a video of Cat and her husband Charles paying tribute to the friend that they lost and it really is very touching, I don’t know if it will appear on next week’s show or it was a bonus clip, but it is worth watching:


Cat and Mary joined Lynda for the charity men’s fashion show for Men Against Breast Cancer and it was fun to see the ladies laughing and enjoying themselves, particularly Cat who seemed to really need a distraction from her grief of losing her friend. Unfortunately, a friend of Lynda’s seemed to spark Cat’s memory of her friend and she broke down and cried. I really did feel bad for her at that moment.

Stacie’s search for her biological father took a bit of a strange turn, I understand that she feels it is within her rights to learn who this man is. Clearly her biological mother isn’t going to cooperate and having no knowledge of this process, I don’t know if there are other avenues open to Stacie to get what she is looking for.

I was concerned, however, when Stacie’s husband Jason suggested reaching out to Stacie’s half-brother who has no knowledge of anything. No mention of his age was provided but regardless of his age, it isn’t Stacie’s place to break this news to him. If this brother isn’t aware that Stacie exists, he would certainly not be able to help to find her father. This bold move could only be in an attempt to force her mother’s hand and get her to provide Stacie with the information she wants about her father. I think it’s a low blow, cheap shot and really unfair to the young man who has nothing to do with the situation. It is not Stacie and Jason’s place to inform him of his mother’s past and they have no way of knowing what the outcome will be. It may cause a lot of people a lot of pain and in the end may not get Stacie what she wants. This move could really alienate Stacie’s mother and cause her to end all communication.

I am all for Stacie finding her father, if that is what she wants but I don’t think it is fair to involve people who are innocent and have nothing to do with the situation.

Mary and her husband had Stacie and Jason to dinner and the discussion turned to Tariq and his accusations against Mary’s daughter, Lolly in the theft of Tariq’s car and Polo equipment. I was impressed that Mary acknowledged Jason and how he stood up for her during Tariq’s attack but I just wish Mary had thanked Jason and Stacie for their support before she got intoxicated and was slurring her thanks.

Another bit of a shocking scene was watching Lynda discussing with her teenage children her views on lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18. Personally, I am strongly against this but Lynda seemed to think it was a great idea and not surprisingly, so did her kids. I know I don’t have to research the statistics on drinking and driving or talk about what an awesome responsibility being allowed to drink alcohol is for everyone. I completely disagree with Lynda’s argument that a young person of 18 years old is allowed to serve their country they should also be allowed to legally consume alcohol. Those two activities are not in any way related and the argument makes no sense to me. The legal drinking age used to be 18 and it was raised to 21 for very valid reasons. Is reversing this law even on the table in Washington? I certainly hope not!

Lynda surprised her kids by adding that she feels marijuana should be legalized. Was this just for shock value?

The Salahi’s and their legal woes are becoming tiresome to me, I think it’s a travesty when a mother resorts to suing her son, however, as with all stories we are only hearing one side of the story and not even a complete story. Tariq has never completely explained why this family squabble is happening and it isn’t all that unusual when it comes to money for families to become divided and the fight to get ugly. It was annoying seeing the sheriff’s police arriving only to waste time when they could be dealing with real crime. The fact that the police left allowing Tariq and Michaele to remain on the property tells me that the call was a waste of the Sheriff’s time and resources.

I have to give Stacie props for her patience with the Salahi’s and their search for a home. She made it abundantly clear that the Salahi’s would need to provide financial proof of their ability to purchase a property before they were even able to view these homes, yet Stacie took them to view homes without this documentation.

Michaele and Tariq are simply cast members who like to show off their (questionable) wealth, the ridiculously expensive, huge suite in a DC hotel along with their requirements for a home in DC are just idiotic. They have a reputation for not paying their bills, shirking responsibilities and being absurd show-offs so for Tariq to require a home that will accommodate 200 party guests is really a joke! The worst part of the entire scene was the complete waste of Stacie’s time and energy with this couple who obviously had no intention of buying anything.

The Salahi’s showcased the Royal Suite at the Four Seasons for Bravo’s cameras, I can only imagine that now they’re staying at the Motel 6 around the corner from IHOP.

More shocks are coming our way next week in that I heard both Stacie and her husband Jason making comments against gay marriage. This is a really hot topic right now and in my opinion Stacie and Jason are coming down on the wrong side. Mary tries to stay neutral only making her appear somewhat dense. Watch what happens:


The good news is we are going to be treated next week to Michaele Salahi making a complete fool of herself, pretending to be alumni of the Redskins Cheerleading squad. She has admitted to lying about this part of her background so all the more fun for us to watch her trying to “remember” the routines with the girls.

Watch What Happens Live

With a few exceptions, I did enjoy this 30-minute program. I, like Andy Cohen, missed Ramona because her tweets are no substitution for the real thing. WWHL included Ramona’s two most memorable moments from last season of The Real Housewives of New York, the runway walk and the Turtle Time dance. Go Ramona!

Cat was put in a tough position of answering the question that we all have, is Michaele being honest when she revealed that she’s been living with MS for 17-years. Cat already has taken on quite a bit of criticism for different issues and clearly didn’t want to be the bitch who questioned the fact that Michaele has a chronic illness. That said, she did admit that the time she spent with Michaele provided no evidence of this illness, admittedly Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t always show visible symptoms so I think Cat handled the question the best way she could.

Ramona made me fall in love with her all over again with some of her comments. Ramona told Cat, “don’t be like Jill” when telling her not to blame editing on the show. She also mirrored many people’s feelings on what she would do if she ran into Kelly Bensimon, “run in the other direction”. Ramona admitted to running into Jill Zarin over the summer at some parties. I completely believe her when she says she’s never swum in the “lady pond”.

Ramona did some talking to the press over the past few days, she has revealed that we will see another new face on the NY Housewives and that all of her co-stars will be returning for another season, including Bethenny, possibly in a limited capacity.

The “Debate” was just stupid and I highly doubt that Tyra Banks cares what DC Housewife Cat thinks about her, she probably doesn’t know who these women are.

I know that Andy was in a rush to reveal the results of the survey, but it wasn’t Ebong who took first prize, it was Jason, Stacie’s husband. He also mistook Tariq for Cat’s gorgeous husband, Charles. Sacrilege darling! Get it together Cohen!

Off Screen News

One of our regulars who comment here, Ann aka Jeepers wrote a letter to Andy Cohen and surprisingly received a response, Ann then responded to Andy’s email here are those correspondences…

Dear Mr. Cohen,
I was a fan of BRAVO for sometime, however that has changed in the last 2wksfor the simple fact that you have lost all control in the show, and in particular, the”ladies” who appear on the Housewives venues. All of which are considered to befor adult entertainment only, albeit that minor children are allow in the shows.

I have been going from blog sites to blog site. Frankly BRAVO is loosing a lot of their fan base. You can do something about this and you should.

1. Having a young child (Ben Weiner) on the show was a bad idea. You lost a lot of respect just on that item alone. People feel and felt it was “creepy” for a man of your age and stature, to be so, “ga ga” over this young “boy”! It does not bode well for someone such as yourself to be so involved with this child, given to type of people, (quest) you have on WWHL .

2. For you to allow Teresa Giudice to come within inches(striking distance) of Danielle Staub and not do anything, and (please the entire public knows what they saw on national TV) you letting Ms. G toss you back in your chair. If that was a real deal, then shame on you for letting her get by with that as well. Are you not her “boss”? Or is that the other way around? This woman Ms. G is a ticking time bomb and will cause you and BRAVO more than you could ever imagine, it has already begun if would only hear and see what people are posting in their comments.

Which brings me to:

3. I as have many thousands of people have posted comments which never appear in the blogs, to which includes your blog as well. There are some post that appear 2 or 3 times, same poster, same comments. Why is that? This alone has turned many of the fan base off big time. These are not “couch potato” people I am talking about, these are smart, intelligent, articulate people, who have great input about what they like and don’t like.

Frankly Mr. Cohen, there are beginning not to like you, BRAVO or the Housewives shows that much any longer either. There was bright star who came, she saw and yes of course am speaking of Bethenny Frankel/Hoppy, Jason and the entire cast of “BGM”. They without a doubt their love brought more into the homes of Americans that you could have ever predicted. It is no thanks to you that happened. She is a driven individual who was going to make that happen with or without you or BRAVO. She is loved by millions of women and men as well. She has changed people’s lives for the better. She has given many hope when there wasn’t any. She got people talking about what is important to them and their families. I just don’t think you have any clue of what Bethenny Frankel is about and I feel sad for you, what a pity, what a loss for you.

Ann …………….
Tacoma, WA

Hi Ann,
Thanks for the email. I will try to respond to your points.
Re: Ben Weiner, I am offended by your description of me as “gaga” over a 13 year old boy. Ben has been a viewer favorite since he first called into the show and we’ve gotten thousands of tweets and emails from fans of the show wanting him to come on. The viewers, and I, get a kick out of his infatuation for, and knowledge of, the housewives. Your insinuation about my being “gaga” over him is disgusting. I will leave it at that.

Regarding the New Jersey reunion, at the moment I felt like something could escalate beyond a raised voice, I stood and pulled Teresa away. After she then pushed me, she apologized and I accepted. I was not hurt, nor do I think she was trying to hurt me. After that moment, we made an agreement that she wouldn’t set foot off her couch, and she did not budge for the remaining 7 and a half hours.

Regarding the comments on Bravotv.com, I have gotten many emails about this and checked with the folks who run the website (of which I am not directly involved day to day beyond sending them my blog.) They have told me that they vet all comments manually (vs their getting automatically posted) and that some may get flagged due to content. It may be that it takes days and days for them to be read, approved and published – which isn’t a great system. They tell me they’re working on a way to automate the system so the comments can get up quicker, and that the vetting can be relaxed a bit. I believe the “content rules” by which they vet are posted on the site, but maybe people feel they’re too stringent. They are aware of people’s frustrations and are working to make the system better.

Regarding your comment that I don’t have a clue what Bethenny is about, I actually had enough of an idea of what she’s about to develop and executive produce her spinoff. She is SENSATIONAL, I agree. I love the show.

Sorry you have a bad taste in your mouth right now, hopefully you will love “Beverly Hills” Housewives and come back for Atlanta, too..

Andy Cohen
BRAVO SVP Production and Development

Dear Mr Cohen,
First let me assure you, I did not at any point in my e-mail to you, insinuate anything with regard to the minor child that appeared on WWHL. If my comments struck a nerve, that is your problem, certainly not mine. For you to make such an assumption on your part, shame on you.

The viewers know what they saw, what they heard for themselves. So they will make up their own minds.

How dare you take the credit for Ms. Frankel’s success. You do not even hold a candle to this woman. As I stated to you before, she was well on her way before BRAVO or you came along, let there be no doubt about that Mr. Cohen, for you to suggest otherwise is absurd, laughable at least.

To state you are looking or going to look into the problems with the viewers getting their comments posted, we have heard that too many times before also. This matter should have been taken care long before this, if not before it was made available for public use.

You seem to be insulting the intelligence of the American people and hold them a bit low on the totem pole, so to speak. Might I remind you, we have a devise in our hands, in case you have forgotten, It is called “THE REMOTE CONTROL”, it has an “ON” “OFF” button on it and we do know how to use it.

A saying from MS. Danielle Staub was, oh yes now I remember, “Bad move Andy, Bad move”. Now ” ain’t that nice”?

Have a nice day Mr. Cohen and good luck.

Tacoma, Wa.

Thank you Ann (Jeepers) for sharing these emails with us! Thank you to Boston02127 for posting them for Ann.

What do you all think about Andy’s explanation and responses to Ann’s concerns?

I just wanted to also quickly point out that I reported a few weeks ago that Bethenny would not be permanently leaving RHONY but would continue to make appearances on the show and that has now been confirmed.

I also reported long before anyone else that Teresa and Caroline were not friends but in fact were only friendly on the surface to combat a common enemy, Danielle Staub. Other outlets have finally picked up on the tension between Teresa and Caroline.

Until Next Time….


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522 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC/Watch What Happens Live

  1. Ashley says:

    I wish they would fire Andy and find someone new. He’s gotten way to big at Bravo, to the point that he is the face of it and acts like he owns the channel. It was only when Andy became the face that the shows started slipping big time. It’s to the point that I only watch 2 out of the 5 Housewives shows (NYC & OC). It’s like he wants to be a celebrity in his own right. Unfortunately that’s not listed in the criteria for “Producer”. He finally got his face on screen (seems like that’s what he wanted all along), he can now move it along and let Bravo get back to being an intelligent channel run by someone who only worries about programming, not being apart of that programming.

  2. SavingGrace says:

    I can’t watch this show.

    These women are so BORING.

    The show is BORING.

    The Salamis are BORING because we ALL know what theiving liars they are.

    I look forward to the RHOBH and of course, those Atlanta ladies coming back for round 3.

    I’m not done with the RH franchise but I am done with the RHODC.

    • Zoey says:

      Me too. I miss chatting with you guys, but I just can’t watch this show. I’ll pop back in to visit when DC is over. Everyone have a great weekend!!!

    • kit says:

      I predict this will be the first RH franchise to get the ax. The show and people are boring as hell. Even the one’s that are loathesome-Cat-are so in a completely boring way. Plus, this franchise has been nothing but a headache for Bravo-the first time the criticism of the show went from comparatively mild to flat out serious(helping get two morons in such close proximity to the POTUS).

  3. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi Upper West Side Dude.
    I am in your neighborhood,
    St. Lukes. taking one of the few WW II purple heart Vets for a dental (dentures no teeth now)
    We miss U.
    Lyn told me she thinks/hopes you will return.
    I can’t speak for all women but many women including the Ho wives; have a pretty intense dust up. They go off mad & later have a hug & come back & play nicely in the sand box again !
    I know u r a dude & guys may b aren’t as forgiving but please come play again.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Why did UWSD leave? Gosh, it’s so hard to keep people from being upset over these shows and the discussion. I looked into two pages of threads and did not see him complain about anything.

      Unlike many sites, where you hear “don’t let the door hit you and you leave,” the posters here want people to stay and care about their feelings.

      I still miss some of our former posters.

      • Blue Sky says:

        A couple of blogs back, he used the c**nt word, probably the blog after Teresa used it on the RHONJ reunion show…many women here took offense, and there was a “spat.” Haven’t seen him since, even after quite a few here asked him not to leave. Gotta have thicker skin than that, Upper West Side Dude. I enjoyed his comments (don’t like the c word, but whatever) and I would welcome his return.

        • Quincy IL says:

          I did not know that. I was probably on my way back from California.

          The truth is Bethenny and Jill use a lot of swear words too. I think it’s part of the New York vernacular. We see Bethenny making fun of the way people talk in dialects and you never see people do that here.

          Well, he is a free thinking adult and as long as Lynn told him he is welcome there is an open door.

    • Zoey says:

      That is so sweet of you to reach out to him.

  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks Lynn for another great blog!
    The fact that Andy responded to Ann’s e mail is very telling – Andy is sharp and now it sounds like Andy is listening to the more articulate fans as well. The standard housewives formula does not work well in all franchises. IMO, RHODC is not going to survive and the folks at Bravo know it and are reacting to retool their shows before fans take to boycotting all of them. While ratings is a silly beast, at the end of the day it will come down to who is buying the sponsors’ products – money always talks loudest!

  5. BambiBaby22 says:

    Regarding Mary and her clothes. I cannot tell designer labels from knock-offs in person, let alone on tv, but does Mary wear high-end designer clothes? What is the big deal if her daughter borrows her clothes? I mean if Lolly has really rank BO (think Seinfeld valet epidsode), I could understand Mary’s point, but whatever.
    If Mary invests in a lock that can only be opened by her own fingerprint, then why doesn’t she simply close the door? Maybe in one of her wine stoopers, Mary can’t remember where she put the key to her closet!

    • Blue Sky says:

      Really why have that great lock, then not use it? Whatever is putting Mary in a fog, must be the reason. I think she has said she is in therapy, so maybe she is on some kind of tranquilizer. The daughter does seem to be wrong to “borrow” clothes without asking first, IMO. So Mary needs to develop the “iron hand” & grow a backbone! I must say, what a closet…wow very nice indeed. Is it the result of “retail therapy?”

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I don’t watch RHWDC out of protest but from what I have been reading from the blogs- if a woman has to have a high tech security devise to keep her daughter from ‘borrowing’ her cloths, it doesn’t bode to well about the allegations of her daughters involvement with Tereq’s stolen ‘gear’.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Thank you and Hello! She seems to have a problem with boundaries and respecting the property of others. That said, her mother is a nut who is either too drunk/medicated to close her closet or she “forgets” to close it in order to have something to complain about to the exhausted hubby.

    • nathania says:

      What I want to know is, what are the odds that the Bravo cameras are pointed at Lolly at the precise moment she slips out of her sweater and reveals Mom’s -insert designer label here- dress? Did Mary prompt them to get it on camera so she can embarrass her daughter? Doesn’t mom realize this only lends credence to the whole Salahi tale about Mary being involved in theiving? This segment, if left un-harped on, contradicts everything Mary is asserting about Lolly being innocent of whatever it was that went on with the polo equipment…it’s eerily reminiscent also of the Jac/Ashley storyline from NJ.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I wondered about the facebook statement too. Lolly made that statement out of the blue? That seems illogical to me. I think stealing polo equipment or going for a joy ride is grave.

        Maybe, Lolly should be the one in therapy.

    • kit says:

      My problem isn’t that she doesn’t use the lock she but that she needs a lock at all. Obviously, her daughter is spoiled entitled brat and Mary is a lousy mother. That she put a lock in is absurd! Tell the brat that these aren’t her things! What a little thief. And, that she felt comfortable enough to do it when she knew her mother would be there? Ridiculous.

      • kit says:

        I mean, she’s a freaking 23(right)year old. Who the hell is still raiding mommy’s closet at that age?

        • Quincy IL says:

          I have 3 sisters and growing up and in college things would go poof in the night. My mom said that when she was young, she bought a beautiful sweater and my aunt took it and ruined it. My mom is 79 and she is still mad.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            My sister and my cousin stole my tricycle when I was about 5. They took off out of sight ended up getting lost. They were missing for hours and brought home by the police- everyone was so happy that the children were safe….but where did my trike end up? I am also still mad.

        • nathania says:

          did you see the closet? it looks to be full of couture. Mary, to me, looks like alot of the children of the ‘affluent’ that I went to college with. Meaning hard-drinking and never met a chemical they didn’t like. She looks older than Mary. Heaven help.

    • Nett says:

      It is so obvious to me that Mary loves to tell people that her 20 year old daughter is wearing her clothes. Imagine, Mary has “such a great body” that her daughter can wear her clothes! Mary is pathetic. If she really didn’t want her daughter wearing her clothes, that closet door would close behind her and lock automatically. Such an attention whore!

      • oopsy says:

        Oh good point Nett! That is probably the only reason she says anything. If I had a tiny young thing raiding my closet I would be ‘bitching’ too! “Mary is so thin and how cool is she that hip young girls want her clothes!?”

  6. Rabble Rouser says:

    When Andy was just the host of the first housewife reunions (OC and Alt) in the beginning he seemed way more likable and dignified; either he hid his massive ego well or he has bough into his own hype.

    I mentioned in the other blog, it seems like there is now a “Wienergate” and they are doing full scale damage control. A 13 year old who watches RH shows isn’t a prodigy by a long shot-nor is it remotely interesting to anyone with any sort of discernible common sense and good judgment.

    Only time will tell if the comment system on the blogs is improved but I am not holding out any hope. I smell the BS wafting through the air as strongly as it does in their slanted and contrived “polls”

    • Blue Sky says:

      Left a post to you on the other blogsite.
      (Everyone that can should post over there too, so Lynn can make some $.)
      ITA something about the way Andy answered the question about the housewive’s blog comment smells like cover up to me. BS they need to read the comments, easily they could just do a scan for swear words, and maybe not post the really nasty ones. IMO, the reason they post the comments they do is clearly a marketing snow job – why else all the gooey sweet posts? And very few negative ones! I even suspect that they cook up the comments themselves!
      Really hate the Bravo web site. Pure BS marketing overdrive, and it nauseates me. The worst blog on the whole site is Andy’s Blog. What a whole load of BS, all about what he’s doing, which “stars” he is hanging with. Really, Mr. Cohen, do you think we care what celebs you are hanging with, and what clubs you go to?

      • stanbo says:

        what is the other blogsite? I know, its probably a stupid question…

          • stanbo says:

            OMG…a whole nother secret underworld! Thanks!

            • oopsy says:

              Lynn commented that the other site really wasn’t working for her so the discussion could stay here. I posted over there a few times to support her and I can see it would take some getting used to. I guess I’ll still pop over now and then and post as long as she keeps that site. She puts alot of work into giving us a great place to meet and I know eveyone here is grateful to her. This has become a wonderful community and I enjoy my time here. Thanks so much Lynn!!!

  7. Wall St Lady says:

    Noelle How is your sis & Mom doing. Praying for u & just another Mary & anyone else suffering w/poor health.

    I wish u all blessings in the
    Midst of your struggle. I know your character in the middle of a less that happy & not chosen situation is a role model for those around u.
    I for one admire U.

    When I enjoy your post which shows your feisty personality ‘ I sometimes tear up. I am now &
    am having trouble seeing my keypad.
    Hey LynnFam I loves ya !
    It is a privilege to b amongst Ya !
    God Bless U (or what ever rings ur bell)

    • Noelle says:

      Dearest WSL,
      You are a love and I sincerely appreciate your blessings & kindness.
      I’m doing well, my Mom and sister are doing as well as can be expected. We use humor as our helper…and I can tell you it’s very dark and inappropriately hilarious! I love it, as I instigate most of it..hee hee 😉
      Me…feisty!?!…I do declare, that’s one of the nicer ways of putting it..your too kind…I declare! LOL
      Thank you sweet pea, God bless you too…you’re a gem. Give my best to WSM…he’s a real sweetie too!

  8. Olivia says:

    I truly do not have a clear understanding of what these shows are supposedly about. The only “message” I am receiving is deceit and sexism with all parties agreeable to the presentation.

    The DC franchise is the worst, IMHO. If they are attempting to be “cutting edge” they have missed the mark completely. By introducing race, politics, and social engineering into the mix, presented by a cast of intellectual lightweights, they are reducing the impact to a cartoon. Issues of that importance do not belong on a show designed for the benefit of “entertainment”. I don’t tune in to hear elevated topics discussed by a group of women whose main purpose in life seems to be revolve around “style”. Fashioning these “conversations” with drinks in hand only minimizes their opinions and has no place in this programming.

    I am unable to understand the Salahi’s involvement at all. Even in an attempts to satisfy the famewhores that lurk within them, we are witnessing family dysfunction, lawsuits, lies, and questions surrounding their financial situation and to what end? Why would anyone expose themselves to this scrutiny unless they were seriously disturbed to begin with? No one seems to like or trust them and every event so far has shown them behaving in the worst possible light.

    The most uncomfortable part for me was listening to Jason urge Stacie to get in touch with a man who has no idea of her existence to force her bio mother to give up the name of her father. The implications are far reaching yet they saw nothing untoward of involving someone who has yet to be told of his mother’s past so they can “share” this with their own children. I can understand wanting to know one’s history but barging into someone’s life just to satisfy that need made me very squeamish.

    Perhaps it is time for Bravo to understand that this franchise has run its course. I have yet to find anything really likable about these people and Mary does indeed seem to have a problem that becomes more evident as the weeks go on.

    For the record: Lolly is 23 and has lived away from home on her own and is much too old to be helping herself to her mother’s wardrobe when it is clear her mother has an issue with this. There must have been some pretty big fights before they put that lock in place for it to still be an issue even now. At 23, it is not “cute” that Lolly defies her mother’s admonition to keep out.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Take her house key away and let her wait outside on the front stoop until her mom comes home from the neighborhood tavern.

      • dumberries says:

        Lol… Lolly could be sitting on that stoop until the wee hours of the morning.

        I seriously believe that Mary has major long-standing problems with alcohol and possibly with pills too. She always seems to be altered and she has abnormal emotional reactions and facial expressions.

        Her issues with Lolly seem so silly. They remind me of the interactions between Jacqueline and Ashley; fighting over things that are more typical of teenage sisters than a mature woman and her adult child.

        • stanbo says:

          I agree with the alcohol thing…she certainly is well preserved – I think she looks good. Maybe its the alcohol puffiness that keeps her face looking younger. Hmmm…maybe I should start drinking again, lol.

        • Jules says:

          If you look at Mary’s husband’s face, he too has that look of one who regularly overindulges in alcohol. You know that red, blotchy face, and somewhat swollen nose. I do believe they both like to overindulge in the booze.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      agreed – “drama” over a 23 year old who can’t listen or respect her mother’s wishes to stay out of her sanctuary/closet isn’t insightful or interesting!

      • Quincy IL says:

        It would be maddening to be in that kind of relationship with your daughter. Ick… Mary is partly to blame. 20 years and she can’t establish herself as the mother. I was 24 and I was the mother from day one.

    • usually a lurker says:

      Lynn, thanks for having this site and I look forward to reading your blog. Olivia, I come here to read you as much as I come to read Lynn, and while ususally nodding my head up and down while reading you both, I now find myself in complete disagreement!

      As an adoptive mother, I know how important it is for some who have been adopted to locate their birth families. My daughter located hers, both the maternal and paternal sides, and it was the best thing she did for herself. And so I silently cheer Staci on in her search and hope, hope, hope she is tenacious and does not give up. And while her bio mother has chosen for now not to have contact, that doesn’t mean that she can’t change her mind at some point in the future.

      If Staci’s half-brother is an adult, I disagree that Staci shouldn’t contact him. Once adults, it is not for the birth parents or the adoptive parents to dictate who their adult children can or cannot contact. Would you allow your parents to dictate such a thing to you?! An adoptive person is not – I repeat, not – a life-long child and shouldn’t be treated as if they are. An adult half sibling of a person who is adopted can choose to have contact (or not), if contacted. Just as you and I choose who we do or don’t see.

      The thing is, Staci never made the decision to be adopted. Her birth mother (possibly her birth father too) and adoptive parents, and the state made those decisions. Now has come the time for Staci to get to make decisions.

      It takes tremendous courage to “go there” – to go where Staci is going, and particuarly after she has already received what can only feel like a rejection to her from her birth mother. When my daughter first contacted her birth mother by phone she asked me to sit next to her. With shaking hands she dialed the phone, then held one of my hands while talking all of one minute to her birth mother, because it was just so overwhelming. She had to get off the phone! And during that minute, she broke out in hives – – big red welts – – a thing she had never done before, nor since. But it was the courage I was seeing that just struck me so. I’ll never forget it.

      So. Go Staci.

      • Bosandi says:

        I agree with Lurker. There seems to be a burning need for many adoptees to find out where and who they came from. My brother and mother-in-law were adopted. My brother always knew he was adopted and couldn’t wait until he turned 18 to find his birth parents. He found them, made his connection and he’s satisfied (well, not really but that’s a different story). Anywho, he just needed to know and is not interested in interjecting himself into their lives.

        My MIL found out by accident at the age of 50 that she was adopted. Long story short, when she found out who lady was, we all jumped in the car to meet her. The poor woman had no idea we were coming but everything turned out very well. This woman had 8 other kids who had no idea about the daughter she gave away – a daughter that was conceived by incestuous rape.

        My point is that Stacie deserves to know her complete story. I’m sure Stacie will suffer more not knowing than her half-brother will suffer knowing that he has a half sister who is half black.

        Sorry this is so long but if you’ve never been in these situations you don’t know the extreme driving force pushing you for answers.

      • I totally agree with your Lurker about usually agreeing with Lynn but not totally this time. Especially about Stacie and Jason pursuing her half brother as an avenue to get answers. Her mother doesn’t care enough about her feelings and well being to give her info, so I feel it is in her right to reach out to him. It was the mother’s responsibility to protect her son, not Stacie’s. I am with Jason (who initiated the move) on this one. Go Jason! That’s my type of brotha. 🙂

  9. cyotteeflower says:

    I’m not understanding Ann’s response to Andy about Ben or Bethenny.
    Ann did say Ben being on was creepy and Andy explained that many viewers get a kick out of him so Andy brought him on.
    Andy does not appear to take credit for Bethenny’s success.He correctly points out to Ann that he does indeed “get” Bethenny otherwise she wouldn’t be the only housewife to have her own show.
    Andy’s response to the Bravo blogs isn’t even a logical one.By his explaination all the post would get posted eventually minus the offensive ones.Unless the rules are no negative posts.Hard to believe the blog responses would be so strict when the message boards have virtually no rules at all.
    FYI Dr Lillian Glass, a body language expert, has a blog up about the deceptive “tells” of Michaele in her interview announcing her MS.

    • Blue Sky says:

      do you have a link? That sounds interesting…because we all think she’s lying. Hasn’t Bravo said they are done with the Slimy Salahis? IIRC reality zen with jenn had something about that, or maybe it was reality tea.

      I agree, in Andy’s defense (and I do not like Andy) he just said he thought Bethenny was great, and he executive produced BGM because he believes in her talent (or maybe he’s greedy & just wants to make $ off of her?).

        • oopsy says:

          Ok now I am ROYALLY PISSED!! I just read the blog by DR. Lillian Glass and must say I am OUTRAGED at what this women does. First let me say that I doubt the MS story is true. When someone has a history of telling lies they do not get the benefit of the doubt with me. I do realize that I could be wrong and she may be sick but it is her own fault people don’t find her trust worthy. If you lie you are a lier, no? But to have a Dr. who does not know this women, never met her, has not reviewed her medical records tell the public that it is all a lie is UNBELIEVABLE!! she makes these statements as FACTS based on what she says is scientific proof when they are really opinions. In reality people do react differently and no two people are alike. I have laughed through my tears before, that does not mean my grief wasn’t genuine. She says Micheala(SP) had 17 years to get used to the disease and shouldn’t show so much distress. She might have had time to come to terms with having MS but revealing something personal on national tv would choke me up too! I don’t believe the Salahis about anything, but I can’t stress how unethical and outrageous it is for a Dr to say she does not have the disease based on a tv CLIP! I am nurse and know everyone handles things differently but this Dr states the MS story as a lie and tries to offer scientific PROOF without even talking to the Salahis!! I read her opinion on several other cases and can’t believe a Dr. would make the statements she does and present them as SCIENTIFIC FACTS. Outrageous! Imagine if people questioned something you said and a Dr who never even met you publicly stated you lied without even having TALKED to you! I read her other cases and just can’t believe a Dr would do such a thing. If you read her take on the situation involving Caylee Anthony (the missing little girl) she discusses a video clip and says it is Casey (mom) holding the camera. SPECULATION!!! She mentions the fact Caylee sat with her legs open exposing her crotch. Kids sit that way on the floor and it doesn’t mean anything! She was sitting on the floor with a big box of crayons between her legs! This so called Dr should be more professional. It disturbs me that a Dr. would do such a thing and present her opinions as FACTS knowing her credentials as a Dr will carry weight and influence public perception. Although I don’t believe the Salahis at all because of their history of lies I allow that I could be wrong and she may be sick. This Dr. is out of line.

          • CdnFillie says:

            @oopsy..thank you, you took the words right out of my mouth. I continued reading her take on Kate Gosselin and her body guard…really couldn’t see how she came to many conclusions based on the pictures shown. I don’t think this Doctor would know which hand is really wiping her butt..sorry if this offends anyone

          • KirksvilleMo says:

            Did you read Dr Glass’ credits? Do you see the trusted positions she’s held? Did you notice she never tells you an absolute conclusion? She explains what she sees and lets you come to your own conclusion.Something tells me you are aKate fan. Ive followed her for more than 5 years and never once has she been wrong.That’s good enough for me.

          • KirksvilleMo says:

            OOPSY With all due respect she is not a medical Dr she’a Phd. People may react slightly differently but there are certain involuntary movements,subconscious movements that tell the story.This lady is the real deal not some fortune teller.

    • stanbo says:

      Thank you…being a gay man, I was very offended at what I perceived to be Ann’s insinuating that Andy’s infatuation with Ben was “creepy” – in other words, sexual. Newsflash…not all gay men have “creepy” interests in young male teens. Even if the gay man hosts the teen on a TV show, which I’m sure one or more of his parents permitted him to be on, and was probably present for. While that may not be what Ann meant, it is how I and a few friends I showed the comments to took it to mean. So did Andy. That said, I think the whole Ben Weiner thing is just boring and I think Andy should give it up. However, if the Housewives were on when I was 13, I would have eaten them up. I guess it’s a gay guy thing. And yes, poor little Ben is probably gay, no harm there.

      Why all the attacks on Andy all of a sudden over things that he has done right – like supporting B with her own show. Andy and Bravo DO support B….give them credit for that…no, it doesn’t mean they invented her, but they have certainly given her a good vehicle to showcase her wit. Thank you, Bravo. I love B.
      Regarding the DC clan, I live in DC. Who are these idiots? They are certainly not on any DC “A” list, if there is one.

      • Blue Sky says:

        Stanbo, great to have your views. I guess as mothers here, we just wouldn’t want a 13 year old son exposed to the glitz & faux glamour of reality tv…& most of us are sick of Andy’s antics. He used to be cute, I loved the videos of Bethenny visiting him in his small sad office, and really loved the back & forth with the camera guy! I guess that led to WWHL and well, Andy’s head got too big.

        Do Ben Weiner’s opinions make good tv? Totally don’t think so, & I’m sick of Ben, Andy’s dumb “what I’m obsessed with” or whatever. Stick to the faux ho’wives, please. And get answers to the questions, stop letting them slide by with slick answers! Andy is a pushover.

        • stanbo says:

          I understand that a lot of things are inappropriate for a kid that age…but I do have to say, being gay since birth, I “got” a lot more things in the glitz & faux glamour department than any other little boys did. And my Mom got it too. We watched “Another World” and other soaps together. And I LOVED LOVED LOVED Cher ever since I was about 7 (I’m 48). I didn’t turn out too crazy, lol. Of course, my poor Dad….maybe Ben’s parents are supportive of his interests because they understand that he is different.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Stanbo, “creepy” doesn’t indicate “sexual”- an old deserted house on top of a hill by a cemetery can be called ‘creepy’. I am confident Ann was saying that she found it uncomfortable and eerie.

        Gay men obviously have as wide a range in ‘types’ of males as do straight men. If Andy was straight- and Ben Weiner was a catholic school girl and it played out the same, do you honestly think there wouldn’t be any discussion?

        Pointing out that there is a stigma when men (straight or gay) take a peculiar interest in children doesn’t mean anyone is calling Andy a pedophile. You said it yourself, Ben Wiener and his HW fixation isn’t very interesting, so why does continue to bring him up?

        If you think that Ben is gay (and yes- there is no harm in it), then it would be a greater concern that his interest and active involvement with WWHL is being used as a vehicle to ‘out him’ probably before he is ready. I someone how doubt that other 13 year old boys at his school think it’s ‘cool’ he watches the show. (I am not saying it would be in anyway acceptable for Ben to be teased or harassed by his peers- I am saying I wouldn’t want to knowingly give kids clips of ammo to use against another child).

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Should have been
          * I somehow doubt that other 13 year old boys at his school think it’s ‘cool’ he watches the show.


          I someone(sic) how doubt that other 13 year old boys at his school think it’s ‘cool’ he watches the show.

        • stanbo says:

          I stand by my interpretation of what was meant by creepy in this case. Really, I think the “creepy” issue or whether he is picked on in school is between the kid and his parents. But I agree, it is BORING. But a lot of people apparently don’t think so, or else he wouldn’t be on. Just like a lot of people not on this board find Teresa to be an Italian Catholic Saint, many probably think the whole Ben Weiner thing is interesting. I don’t. But I still understand why Andy felt insulted.

      • Cheri says:

        What i don’t like about Andy is he acts so stupid and childish for a grown man. I don’t like to see grown-ups acting this way and that is how he acts with this kid. I don’t think he has a thing for this kid I just think he acts like an idiot and I’m getting sick of it

        • stanbo says:

          Well, he does act like a kid. Many gay men do. Its a sad commentary in our society that we live in a world that for years pushed gay men into the “gay ghettos” that exist in many cities, if we had the courage to come out, where we learned to act a certain way to express our being different. It is hard when you aren’t raised to have an identity – knowing your family could reject you because of who you are, and knowing that you will never be accepted into society as “normal”, not having a wife and kids, not dating girls, etc. So yeah, a lot of us haven’t completely grown up the way ya’ll have. We weren’t given the tools back then to date, develop healthy relationships that felt right to us, etc. We learned to hide, sneak, feel ashamed of who were are. Being campy and silly was a great escape for many gay men to overcome their self-hatred, and many carry those traits into middle age. But times have changed, and Andy could be a better role model than what he is portraying on Bravo. Assuming he wants to be a role model.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Interesting post,
            It wasn’t too long ago that there were places that homosexuality was illegal, so there wouldn’t have been many public places that would be able to cater to that crowd. It must have felt very isolating.

            I have a friend that once speculated the perhaps the reason that at one time why many gay men were flamboyant is because that many (especially in smaller) cities didn’t have the ability to network with other gay men. So it evolved as a type of not so secret hand shake to help other gay men identify each other.

          • MAMAZ says:

            I don’t know what young Ben Weiners sexual orientation is, he may not even be sure at only 13. I also think being concerned about the content of the Housewives isn’t necessary. Most 13 year olds watch movies and play video games that are far worse. My beef with Ben Weiner and the show is that as a mom who loves and spends lots of time with my children I want some things to be for adults only. My world has been full of Nickelodean, Disney and youth fiction. I don’t want a kid, mine or anyone elses, in my Housewives experience.

            I can also see why stanbo might be sensitive to the use of the word creepy. While Jeepers may not have intended to imply that Andy was a pedophile there was a time not so long ago when people believed that all gay men were a threat to young boys. Remember the days of outrage over gay teachers? I hope those days are over. But there does seem to be something “off” about Andy and Ben but I don’t think Andy is interested in him in a NAMBLA kind of way. It’s sadder, almost like Andy sees himself at that age or something. But it feels weird, desperate somehow.

            stanbo – Your post on gay men and campy behavior was intriguing. I never thought of it that way before. I agree that in the past gay men and women have not been given the tools to develop healthy relationships. It makes me so angry when people want to claim that a homosexual “lifestyle” is by it’s very nature a promiscious one. As if gay people have always had the choice to marry and live openly in happy monogomous relationships. And all straight people go about their perfect little lives with only one or two sexual partners. Yeah, sure.

            • stanbo says:

              Mamaz, thanks for your comments – iThanks for your comments…I guess the thing the bothered me was the use of quotes, saying Andy was being “creepy” by going “gaga” over a 13 year old. My first thought was “how else can that be taken”. But I know that my interpretation is coming from being a gay man who is probably overly sensitive to these things. Anyway, no one has died and no harm done.. and I agree…adults do need things to call their own. I spent a lot of time watching adult programming with my mother – who was a strict Roman Catholic, but had a weakness for the same types of things that appealed to me as a kid – Bette Davis movies, soap operas, fashion, etc. So it seems natural to me that Ben would watch these shows.

              But I still don’t like him, lol.

              • oopsy says:

                The problem I have with the whole Ben thing is on WWHL it says you must be 18 to call because of the mature theme. A 13 year old boy should not be involved with a show that discusses swollen chuckies, boobs, blow jobs, and sextapes. People say kids are exposed to worse but that doesn’t make it right. I am disturbed by a child discussing a show where women use the words g*d damn whore and a blog has a message f*ck haters. The ‘f’ word is thrown around like it is no big deal. Women are talking about their vaginas and grinding on stripper poles. How much does a child need to know about Teresa’s sex life? In my opinion it is wrong. I only watched New York because the tone of the show has changed. I wanted to enjoy a peek into the posh, fabulous life with fun women who appreciate what they have. A little escapism. If the premise of the first show was that spoiled, horrible women would be fighting and calling each other foul words I never would have watched in the first place.

          • Quincy IL says:

            When I first saw Jenny and Jeff Lewis together, I thought they acted like a couple because they were so close. If you were to meet Jeff, Ryan or Ryan’s boyfriend on the street, you would not suspect that any of them were gay.

            There are feminine women and not so feminine women. I do all kinds of work that men typically do like carpentry and plumbing. I ride green horses that have have only a month of wet saddles. Generally women don’t do these things. I pick up 100 lbs bales and stack them.
            I think I’m kinda masculine, but with a figure a little better than Alex Mccord if she’s not lying about her measurements. LOL. Mine are online at my physical trainer’s facebook for the planet to see.

            I hate the weak wife stuff. I handed my daughter worms and snakes so she would never be afraid. That’s probably why anesthesia was no problem for her. When they had dissection of a corpse in anatomy, she was the only girl who volunteered and she did most of the work for her group. She’s not a weak woman either.

      • harleysmom says:

        I’m a mom (not a gay guy) and I totally agree with Stanbo. I was the mom of a 13 year old boy (many years ago). I would not have allowed him to watch the housewives, but I don’t watch them any longer myself. Personally, it’s a parent issue. Of course Bravo is going to take advantage of having this young man on if they think the audience will watch him. No, I don’t think it is ‘OK’, but I think Bravo has shown it will ‘use’ any age person to their benefit. Speaking of parental attitudes, my kids still tease me because I let them watch Dukes of Hazard, but drove them nuts during the show with my constant commands to “NEVER EVER driving that way -This isn’t safe’. Funny, I never worried about Daisy’s shorts, just about the dangers of them driving like the Dukes.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I am old enough to have seen Grease in the movie theater abet still being VERY young and needing a chaperon. I think I about died when they sang Grease Lighting and said “You know that ain’t shit, I will be getting lots of tit”. I was scared that I would be dragged out of the theater.

          I also remember watching it many, many years later and finally understanding the significance of the line “I feel like a defective typewriter- I skipped a period”.

          Sometimes- given the age the worst of it can completely go over a young persons head.

          I remember seeing The Simpson’s once and they went to a casino. A host greeted them and said ‘Welcome to Vegas, where we are famous for our easy slots’. I sensed a double entendre there.

      • Noelle says:

        Post here often…didn’t think so..what a coincidence!!

        Enough already1

  10. Wall St Lady says:

    I thought Andy seemed nervous & unsure of himself in the 1st reunion. He was venerable initially. Now that he is comfortable on TV his true slimy colors have surfaced.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I wonder what Andy is like in real life. When you get onstage, your behavior changes. I suspect that he is a nonconfrontational idea man who smiles a lot. He’s on a Romanocoaster with the fans and the intense interaction that Bravo has with the audience because of the internet and the web site.

      Lots of men prefer to be superficial most of the time. It helps them cope with the business world.

      • stanbo says:

        I’ve met Andy at DC gay equality march this past summer….very nice, low key and actually quite humble.

        • Blue Sky says:

          Wish he would show more of that on tv!

          • stanbo says:

            He used too…I think the WWHL and RHW ratings success has gone to his head. I think Andy at one time was a very talented producer. But his hand at Bravo has really lowered the network’s standards. Thank God i LOVE trash tv!

            • Quincy IL says:

              I think this site is a place for the observation of the Housewives and for sharing. I’ve taken hits and lived. It bothers me that you mentioned Ann when I also felt that Andy had gone overboard by calling Ben’s mom to see what he was doing in summer camp. We all agreed that Andy was a good person, but there are just some things that you do for propriety’s sake. Of course, the societal norms differ in parts of this country. This is not the home of the Taliban or a bunch of anti gays. I think you’d find that equal rights is a given here. Please stay around, develop a thick skin, and take the hits with me.

              A Grandma…

              • stanbo says:

                I have a VERY thick skin…don’t mind that….but insinuating that someone is perverted is a strong accusation. One many of you probably have never experienced because of your sexuality.

                BTW, I am also a father. Who happens to be gay, so I get the partent thing.

              • nathania says:

                I am not seeing any evidence in his posts that he implied this was the home of the ‘taliban’ or ‘antigays’.

            • Quincy IL says:

              No he didn’t mention the Taliban or antigays… I did He is being very nice. I am trying to be kind and friendly. I hope you are trying too.

              • Quincy IL says:

                See Stanbo, I took another hit and I’m still standing. LOL.

                My husband is from Birjand, Iran. I spent last week with family from Birjand which has been overrun by the Taliban fleeing Afghanistan because of our troups. So…that is the evil link.

                Stanbo and I are kindred spirits.

              • stanbo says:

                The reason I love this blog is because no one is chased out for their opinions. That is what makes it interesting. That, and the fact that it really stands for the hatred of Jill, which supercedes my any other dislike of anything Bravo!

                Love and Light, lol!

              • nathania says:

                No, if you are replying to me, I was saying that there is nothing wrong with a few of us pointing out we are uncomfortable with the way the discussion was trending. I have been insulted by all kinds of kind and friendly people, perhaps unknowingly, but nonetheless. It’s against my gut instinct to even reply to this but I do feel it needs to be considered when a minority feels insulted by a tired old saw such as the statistically invalid legend of gay = pedophile. I also disagree with your statement ‘we all agreed Andy is a good person’. I haven’t agreed to that because I don’t know him and I’m at this point undecided. He shows some serious errors in judgement with the extent he allowed the RHONJ children to be included in the storylines, I’m not at all impressed with the ‘Flipping Out’ show, which seems to just be a forum for Jeff Lewis to abuse his employees, and the level of physical aggression he has allowed Teresa Giudice to get away with is ridiculous…in my view she should be fired. Then there is the issue of allowing KKB to return to NY when clearly she is mentally unstable. The verdict is out on that one. I tend to blanche at the use of ‘we’ in any post on here because this isn’t a collective, it’s a group of anonymous posters. I appreciate the forum to express my (and only my) opinion about the Housewives shows, and for others to disagree with me, and to by all means point out when my cultural bias is seeping through.

          • Quincy IL says:

            Ok, it’s official. I am adopting Stanbo and gets gets an inheritance of six horses and three barn cats. He has to come to IL and shovel manure with me.

            • stanbo says:

              Gooody..I love cats….the horses, well, they sort of scare me but maybe if I bring them to DC I can take them to the American Polo Club outings and Michela (sp?) can teach me how to ride…I grew up in Western Pennsylvania on a semi-farm…we had cows and chickens and such, but my Dad also worked in an office. I shoveled much manure, sigh. I used to pretend I was Eva Gabor on her fabulous baloncy on Green Acres, singing “Dahling, I love you, but give Park Avenue!”. Hee.

            • Blue Sky says:

              Whenever I pick up my 2 dogs (both German Shepherds) poop, I now feel better that at least I don’t have to clean out the horsestalls! LOL, you brighten my day.

              • Quincy IL says:

                Hey…horse manure from right now…30 horses smells better than dog manure or cat manure and you can use it on your gardens. Friends come to my house with buckets…to pick up fermented manure. rotfl

    • Blue Sky says:

      great call WSL! I agree, can’t stand Andy myself. He is a terrible interviewer, makes the reunion shows a joke. On WWHL he needs the alcohol to do the show, IMO. He’s impressed with himself, thinks he’s a celebrity too, and what a suck up to celebs…makes me ill.

      • MAMAZ says:

        stanbo – I liked Andy a lot when he was first hosting the reunions. I think you’re right that TV has changed him. Just like some of the h’wives his ego has grown out of proportion to his talents.

        • stanbo says:

          Its almost like he’s become bitter and sarcastic towards the monster he created. I mean, really, what he is now?The king of trash tv. I wonder if his family is proud?

          • Zarout! says:

            I’ve said this a million times before – he is the new Jerry Springer and his housewives are nothing more than better looking, richer versions of the people Jerry Springer would have on his show. I’m just waiting for the studio audience at WWHL to start chanting AN-DY, AN-DY…

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I still like Andy! Maybe since he knows the wives better now he is acting differently. And honestly, no two of those “womans” are alike – he has to roll with it and at times it shows that he is uncomfortable. Once in a while, what he finds funny we don’t and I truly believe he is being as real as he can be under the circumstances. Seriously, after the scary island episodes I wanted WWHL to help me simmer down!!

        • Quincy IL says:

          Stress is a killer. He’s getting gray fast. I am sure that you notice how quickly our presidents age. Can you imagine have the security briefings that Obama gets every day. I don’t want to know.

  11. BambiBaby22 says:

    The email sent to Andy from Ann, I don’t understand what she was referring to when she goes after him a bit about Bethenny. Did he say something negative about Bethenny that I missed? It seems to me that he has supported her all along and even last night still had a bottle of Skinny Girl Margarita behind him.

    Ann tells him that he does not hold a candle to Bethenny and she would have made it with or without Andy. What did I miss?

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Andy said “Regarding your comment that I don’t have a clue what Bethenny is about, I actually had enough of an idea of what she’s about to develop and executive produce her spinoff.”

      He’s totally taking credit for the”idea” of her having her own show. Which IMO was her goal since even before her Martha Stewart Apprentice appearance.

      It just seems like he is not taking responsibilty for anything on Bravo but B’s show, which would have happened whether he was involved with her or not: oh, and is wildly successful.

      he seems to want it both ways. He has claimed that when you see bad behavior- it’s not editing, what you see is what you get. But when it comes down to Bethanny he is almost implying that he “made” her.

      • cyotteeflower says:

        Andy pointed out that he produced Bethenny’s show as a way of telling Ann that he DOES see how special Beth is.All these HW’s want their own show.Beth wasn’t novel in that idea.
        I agee that Beth would be successful w/wo Bravo but I disagree that she would have had her own show without Bravo.

      • Blue Sky says:

        So if our dandy Andy is responsible for Bethenny’s success, and the housewives in general, than IMO he should take the blame when the housewives or the shows fail. Like Teresa, Jill & even the slimy Salahis…sorry just don’t like Andy. He is not the reason for any of their success (or failure), and IMO he should just do his job, stay behind the scenes, and quit trying to be a celebrity himself. He had the wonderful idea of a reality show about housewifes…gee, did he get that idea from the show “Desperate Housewives?” Why is Andy the only Bravo executive/producer anyone ever has heard about? IMO he is a “prostitution fame whore” himself, and is blurring the lines between the faux reality celebs on Bravo and his own desire for the limelight.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Dandy is such an interesting word. I stole this from wikipedia:

          “A dandy[1] (also known as a beau and gallant[2]) is a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies, pursued with the appearance of nonchalance in a cult of Self.[3] Historically, especially in late 18th- and early 19th-century Britain, a dandy, who was self-made, often strove to imitate an aristocratic style of life despite coming from a middle-class background”

          I just love word smithery. It’s one of the reasons that I love Bethenny’s quick retort.

          “Dandy Andy” wonderful in so many ways…. rotfl

  12. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    The Salahi’s are one big grifting contradiction. Did anyone notice in the gaudy 70’s limo Tareq telling Stacie that the house they would be buying would be bought by the business (not exact quote). My problem with all this. Tareq ran that winery into bankruptcy. His cars that were repossessed were owned by the winery. It is obvious that the winery is not like what it used to be. Michaele said in the preview that they wanted to fix up the winery, but not go into bankruptcy again over the winery.

    HELLOOOOOO where is your money coming from then? The winery is not doing well. It’s in bankruptcy right now (which Tareq tried to have dismissed, but was a no go). Their charity gives little to no money out. Their polo association is a joke. So where is there money coming from? Their gaudy, 70’s limo business??? Those limos are great for teens going to prom.

    The whole thing with Lolly…..lie.
    Michaele being a Redskins cheerleader…..lie.
    Wanting and affording $8 million for a house…..lie.
    What else is a lie?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It may be easier to identify what is the true……they are boring, they are pretentious, they are broke!

    • stanbo says:

      I think they are dangerous people….but I still may take a ride out to the winery some weekend just to check it out, lol.

      • lillybee says:

        Let us know what you find out, please.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Also try to go to a tasting if you can please. I am curious as to how the wine is. I’m very Ramona like and Pinot Grigio is my vice.

        • cyotteeflower says:

          Their wine won some awards in the 90’s.It is in the wikipedia link upthread.
          In its hayday this article lists 1M annual profit for Oasis.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I was just visiting wineries in Napa. Tareq sounded like he knew something about wine. If someone gave him the money, I’m sure he could bring Oasis back.

        • Waslurking says:

          Wasn’t it a bad crop year that wrecked the winery? Can’t hold he responsible for the weather. Many, many other things maybe but not the weather.

    • Blue Sky says:

      I just loved how Stacie played them. As a good realtor she let the viewers know, she doesn’t waste time showing fake buyers homes! And wasn’t it great, that the letter she needed from Tareq stating that he has $ & or ability to get a mortgage never materialized? Hah! But Stacie really got the point across, taking them on a tour in their crappy 70’s limo, but not actually going inside a single home! It gave her camera time to point out that they can’t get a letter…and she even brought up the bankruptcy. Brilliant, Stacie!

      IMO the slimy Salahis are living off of the book advance, maybe even getting the Four Seasons to let them a room for camera time. I bet that they only were “staying” at the Four Seasons when taping the show. Maybe by the hour!

      Bravo seems to have realized that the slimy Salahis are not good for the show, and they will not be on season 2, if there is a season 2.

      • cyotteeflower says:

        That is exactly what I think of Stacie w/Salahehes!
        She has excellent people skills.

      • Dwight Schrute says:

        The Wash Post points out that the suite at the Four Seasons goes for $15K a night. No way is this the Salahi home away from home. Chances are it was comped to them in exchange for the publicity the hotel received.

      • truelifediva says:

        I thought it was common practice for a realitor to obtain a pre-qualification letter before showing houses. Many people over estimate how much they can afford ($100,00-$12,000,000?) and getting pre-qualified puts everyone on the same page. Just think, you are a first time home buyer, you think the payments on a $500,000 home are gonna be like $3,000 and you make an offer on your dream home. Then you get the wind knocked out of your sails because after property taxes, H.O.A. dues, and maintenance, your monthly payment is closer to $7,000! Everyone’s time is wasted and you now have to look at homes you don’t like because you didn’t educate yourself. The Salahis were planning to do what the Guidices did… Borrow from Peter to pay Paul and hope something works out before the real payments come due.

    • Blue Sky says:

      And just how does “the business” buy the house that these grifters will be living in? That is just so obviously shady, can’t believe they can get away with that. Let this be lesson to everyone, never donate to a charity without checking them out first! So many fake charities out there, run by grifters like the Salahis. If more than 20% of the charity’s “expenses” go to administration costs, then do not donate to them! Any charity that pays people to call you to donate, hang up. Pick a charity that you investigate only. I tell the people that call me for donations that I already have supported my chosen charities, and do not have any money for them, but thank you for calling. I like to support causes where either my husband or I personally know the people who are running the charity. So we know we are not dealing with grifters!

    • nathania says:

      I am personally let down about Stacie and Jason re: the coming comments on gay marriage because they had been my favorites. I am kind of neutral about the facebook birth mother’s son thing, probably because my sister gave birth 2 years ago to a child with Pierre Robin syndrome and underwent 5 surgeries in the first year of her life, and will likely need another one in able to learn to speak. After the birth the father was tested and found to be the genetic carrier, he has characteristics of this that are so mild that only after knowing about it and having it described can you look at him and tell. Because of this, and having witnessed my beloved niece undergo these painful surgeries (including having rods put in her lower jaw with screws that had to be turned daily to ‘stretch’ the bone material to induce it to grow) I believe it is Stacie’s absolute right to know her genetic heritage, for her sake and for her children’s sake. I was pretty appalled to find out that the birth mother is still in touch with the birth father, this woman seems unbelievably selfish…initially it seemed it was presented as something ‘buried in the past’ but considering she still has contact it’s unforgiveable to think that she is withholding this information. I would go the route of a private investigator myself, and not involve the children, but at this point I think the birth mother has set herself up for whatever comes.

      I am completely bummed if Stacie and Jason do turn out to be bigots, but to tell the truth it is tempting to still watch just to see if Tareq and Michaele ever produce the documentation of their assets that Stacie requested. The more time that passes, the more it makes sense that Tareq’s mother is a bit frantic about the appearance of him draining the winery of every cent he can choke out of it to support their faux lifestyle.

      • stanbo says:

        Their comments on gay marriage do not surprise me – many blacks in DC (as well as many others) who are otherwise very liberal and profess civil rights are against gay marriage.

        I am against gay marriage, as long as they outlaw divorce for straight people. I mean, divorce has a bigger negative effect on the institution of marriage than gay marriage does. 😉

        • cyotteeflower says:

          Let’s just outlaw the whole damned thing!Think of the money saved on weddings and divorces!Free love for all!
          disclaimer:this is a joke.it is only an attempt at humor over what I deem an absurd situation to begin with!Conflict where there should be none only serves to take the focus of more important matters.And that just may be the motive for some.Baffle them with bullshit and all that.

          • MAMAZ says:

            stanbo! You are my new best friend! I argue with people at my church all the time that while our pews are full of good Catholics in 2nd, 3rd and even 4th marriages that gays being allowed to marry would not make a mockery of the sacrament. Double standard infuriate me.

            It is sadly true that there is a great prejudice in most African American communities against gays. I can only guess that it began as a self protection thing, not wanting anything else that set them outside of white concepts of the norm. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t pretend to speak for any group of people.

            • MAMAZ says:

              cyotteeflower – I believe it really is a smoke and mirrors type of thing. Keep people riled up over gay marriage, abortion and stem cells so we don’t see them growing fat off of the labors of others. I usually try to avoid politics on here but had to support your view because it is so much like mine.

            • Quincy IL says:

              I really don’t know the reason for this. I suspect they are members of Churches like the Evangelical Baptists. I think their views on gay marriage come from the interpretation of the Bible by the ministers of those Churches.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            Thumbs UP!

        • Quincy IL says:

          I think gays should have to suffer in marriage like the rest of us. It’s only fair.

        • emt2 says:

          I think that you will find that many liberal people of all races are against gay marriage. Not simply blacks.

          It’s like saying that gay people can’t be racist when there are racist gay people.

          Just because someone is in a minority group doesn’t mean that their are tolerant or accepting of other “marginal” groups.

          For me, it’s disappointing that Stacie and her husband may be against gay marriage, period. Not because they are black.

          • Furalis says:

            OK, I may get slack for this but this is my point of view. People are up in arms because they believe a marriage is between a man and a woman. Since this is a “current” new issue then we should call the weddings a civil union with all the benefits of marriage locally and federally, but that is the problem no one can agree or pass into law the benefits. Therefore, gay people have to go after the avenue of marriage because they should have the same rights as straight people – a right to live as a family and be protected as a family. I live in Massachusetts and with the health insurance piece we cover the spouse, but Federally they get killed in taxes for covering the spouse because it is not Federally recognized. It really is very sad, but strides will be made. The reason why I bring up the civil union is “they” the people that feel the label of marriage is being attacked can back down. Hopefully, I have not offended anyone. I am for gay marriage.

        • I can’t believe what I am reading regarding blacks being against gay marriage. Who commenting about it is black? That’s my first question. Second, where did you find your statistics? I am Black and straight and have no problem with gay people or gay marriage, nor do any of the black people I know. Are we rare breeds? I think not. Please don’t generalize in this way. It sounds absurd. Sorry, but this type of thing truly pisses me off.

  13. cyotteeflower says:

    This will probably bring me some heat but I think Stacie should ever so gently inform her birth mother that she needs to tell her who her father is or she will make herself known.Again this may not be a popular opinion but in my way of thinking the God given right to know your biological parents outweighs the right to keep your past a secret.
    Stacie’s mother DID get pregnant by a black man and did give that baby up for adoption.She went on with her life and chose(I assume) to lie to her husband and children.(And yes ommission of information is indeed a lie.)They will be hurt and confused when they learn of Stacie.The responsibility for that pain falls on birthmom not Stacie.
    It should not shatter birthmom’s life.The people that love her will still love her.Birthmom needs to take responsibility for her actions those many years ago.
    If the birthmom is not telling because the birthfather is some lowlife thug then that is just a fact Stacie will have to come to terms with.

    • Blue Sky says:

      I really think the birthmom owes it to Stacie to tell her who her father is. And I would do whatever sleuthing it takes to find out, it I were Stacie. She can find out who her mother’s friends were from that time, and go from there. Denying Stacie to know her father is just wrong.

      • cyotteeflower says:

        Going back and looking at who BM dated,hung with, etc. won’t be all that enlightening because wasn’t the union on the downlow and therefor known by very few if any?

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      No matter what happened between Stacie’s birth mother and father she should be able to at least know the man’s name. From the sound of it it was a romance had during a Peace Corp. stint and no violence was involved. Whatever shame her birth mother has from this relationship should be put to the wayside over just caring for another human being and being kind. Just my humble opinion.:)

      • Quantum flux says:

        I think it’s unsettling that Stacie and her husband are excited about the fact she may have siblings in Africa yet view the sibling she DOES have here (her half brother) as nothing more than a means to an end (forcing the hand of birth mom). Pretty racist, really…

      • Quincy IL says:

        I know a number of people who have been in the Peace Corps. They have reunions. There are photos of their groups. All Stacy needs is one person who was in the same group as her mom. I’d google the heck out of it. One person is going to say I was in Nigeria in such and such year. She can find the teacher that way.

        Perhaps, there’s alist of Peace Corp volunteers somewhere. She lives in DC. It’s probably there.

        A good detective with the date, place, and group would find the answer.

        • nathania says:

          it might even be online somewhere. I can’t find a date of birth on stacie anywhere though, I don’t know if she has mentioned her age, but going through the peace corps is a great idea because that is something alot of people are proud of and mention about themselves early upon meeting them.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      @cyotteeflower- no one really knows if the birth-mother even told Stacie the truth, maybe the birth mom doesn’t even know who the father is, we don’t know the story and it is none of our business. Trying to blackmail the info out of her mother with threats is pretty unsavory. I understand Stacie’s heart aches to know, but maybe mother knows best. Stacie is who she is, knowing her father at this age isn’t going to change who she is.
      @quantum flux- I agree, it is racist. Stacie is just all about her black relatives, not the white ones.
      We don’t know if there was violence associated with this long ago relationship because we’ll never know if what the birth mother told her was true or not. Maybe it was just the kindest story and that is what she wants Stacie to believe.

      • cyotteeflower says:

        Yours is more the reaction I expected to get.And it is true that blackmail isn’t the nicest way to go about getting this information.There are instances inlife when you have to fight fire with fire.If BM can play dirty by witholding what I believe to be a God given right and Stacie has given her every chance by playing nice then BM leaves little choice.Whether BM tells her or she searches it out on her own the cat is still out of the bag.Directly or indirectly family and friends will know.

      • So, the father is VIOLENT now? Why? Because he’s black. Man, this blog is really twisting my britches today. Unusual, as I usually find it to have the opposite effect. It is not “racist” for Stacie to be interested in finding her father and possible siblings in Africa. As a black woman of mixed heritage, society taught me that no matter what, I am BLACK. Maybe that’s why her yearning is so strong for that side. Who knows? Obviously, the birth mother put up a road block where the brother is concerned as well. We don’t know the details. The speculations about her being racist says more about the person stating this (without facts) that it does Stacie. Please.

        • tuzentswurth says:

          Whoa, I didn’t say the father is violent b/c he is black. Don’t take that leap. I said we don’t know if the BM is telling the truth about anything. What, no one is offended that I said maybe she doesn’t know who the father is? People could jump my shit and say that I infer that all Caucasian women are tramps. You, Satchels are generalizing when you make that leap. I don’t know how Stacie found her mother and connected with her, but she did, and her mother agreed to it. I think Stacie should try to find her father w/o threatening her BM….just my opinion. Sorry if my intent was misunderstood.

          • It is my understanding, Tuzentswurth, that Stacie’s BM is still in contact with her father. If he were violent or a rapist would that logically be the case? I apologize if I “leaped” with my response. These type of comments strike a real chord with me. Stacie was called racist because she’s “all about” the black side of her family in Africa and not so much the white side and that’s just plain ridiculous. You have no clue as to how things unraveled up to this point. Clearly you are of non black decent, so you HAVE NO IDEA how this type of thing affects one who is. A sensitivity chip is missing in this regard, imo. No harm no foul though. Please– carry on.

            • tuzentswurth says:

              Sorry, I truly didn’t mean to offend you Satchels, but please don’t assume that I am clearly of non black descent. I didn’t catch the part where it says the Bmom is still in contact w/the Bdad. If so, I agree it makes no sense why she won’t reveal who it is. IF that is the case, then it would have been less cruel for the bmom never to have stepped forward if she won’t reveal the bdad. But then doesn’t that shoot down the theory that the bmom is a racist if she maintains contact with this bdad……and why….what is the nature of this relationship if she never even told him they have a child? I just think she doesn’t know WHO the dad is for sure……but that is only a theory folks.

  14. butterisafruit says:

    I think if Stacie wanted to find her dad she could. People talk, especially about
    the distant past. A professional could trace back and find who her mother was
    socializing with before Stacie was born. Especially where she said her mother
    was in touch with her father. Phone calls are traceable.
    I’d never suggest she bring in a sibling and dump all this on him. If anything is
    going to alienate her mother this would be it.
    First, She should be building a relationship with her mom and if this isn’t enough and
    if mom still won’t bend, then go to through the professional.
    I’m not minding the Housewives of DC. Of course they all annoy me.

    Except for Simon and Alex, I do wish these Housewife Programs would go back to
    housewives and leave the spouses out of it.

    These people are so stiff and staged. It’s uncomfortable to watch. Think about it,
    interrupting her husband’s game to complain about the daughter was the most
    exciting thing they found to air. Imagine what they edited out?

    Okay gotta go…. As the World Turns is on for the last time……..WEEP!

  15. Wall St Lady says:

    “Mama says if u takes da knife & puts it under the bed;
    It cuts the paine in half. ”

    Another lie in via the body language Dr.


    Thanks to Cyoteeflower 🙂

  16. Olivia says:

    The problem for me is that this information that is being shared as a “storyline”should remain private between all parties involved. The outcome should not be displayed as it intrudes on lives that have no choice but to be included on a t.v. show that has little substance in the first place.

    Does Stacie have the right to know her parentage? Of course. But not so that a million or more people can weigh in on whether this should be publicized, or whether her “rights” are being withheld when we have no idea of why or how the people involved outside of her own family would greet this intrusion.

    The only thing I can take from this search is that it is already a “done deal”, that what we are seeing is “acting” toward an outcome, and that the end of the series is a “reunion” with this newly found family which makes these series all the more suspect as they feature “reality” as nothing more than “staged” events.

    • cyotteeflower says:

      So the fact that it is featured in the show means birthmom signed off on it?

    • Blue Sky says:

      Bravo is really desperate for story lines & drama on this show.

    • stanbo says:

      I’m really torn on this…should anyone be forced to disclose a part of the past? On the other hand, if Stacey was white, would her birth mother be so keen about keeping her a secret? Its just a sad situation.

      • stanbo says:

        ooops…Stacie – not Stacey. Shows how much I care about my neighbors.

        Although I do have to say this…the condo in Georgetown is in a great location. I would be hard-pressed to give that up to live in a McMansion in McLean.

      • cyotteeflower says:

        It is sad but we are all responsible for our pasts.Birthmom has to do what is right for Stacie.Even if BM was raped it is still a fact of her life that must be met with honesty even if she was not responsible for the circumstances.IMO

      • Quincy IL says:

        How old is Stacy? Thirty something? My nieces are 31 and 21. It wasn’t the end of the world to have a baby with a black man back then. I was there. I think they said that the mother had Stacy for 6 months. How can you give up a baby after 6 months? The bonding takes places right away. There must have been something catastrophic going on. Perhaps, the bio mom’s parents had something to do with it.

    • TNBelle2 says:

      I agree with you. I wish I had read your comment before I wrote my dissertation.

    • nathania says:

      I think part of it is that it has been 2 or 3 years and there is no resolution, and her birth mother’s attitude toward her is dehumanizing. She refers to Stacie as “the secret”…I mean, come on, ‘the secret’ is a Harvard MBA for crying out loud. The secret’s real dad might actually be proud of this, might want to know he has a daughter, and grandchildren. Maybe it should have been kept private initially but given the birth mom’s attitude if it were me I might say all bets are off too.

  17. Wall St Lady says:

    “Mama says if u takes da knife & puts it under the bed;
    It cuts the paine in half.”

    For those of u who r not GWTW obsessed like me ; this is Prissy telling Miss Scarlet what to do for Miss Melanie when she is giving birth to Bow as Atlanta burns around Aunt Pitty Pats home.

  18. Charli says:

    So I hear there will be a new housewife on New York, anyone want to take bets on whether or not it will be Dina Lohan, Jill’s new pal????

    • cyotteeflower says:

      Momma Lohan would have it leaked by now and we would have seen her thowing herself parties from coast to coast!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Doesn’t Mama Lohan live in NJ? Thought I saw that somewhere.

      In June (I think) there were reports of Bravo filming a woman both in NYC and the Hamptons as a possible addition to the show. Ramona’s already leaking, so it’s only a matter of time for who it is to come out.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I thought they lived in NH. But she could live in the Empire State Building as far as I am concerned and I still wouldn’t want her on the show.

        • Charli says:

          I was just adding my thoughts, since Jill and Dina have been on Jills website sharing parenting advice

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            All the need is Lynn Spears to form the unholy trinity of bad parenting by self-absorbed women.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Dina Lohan’s parenting advice…….my mind balks at any attempt to take that in that concept. Zzzzt.

            Oh yeah, they’re buds. Such a “fabulous” crowd.

  19. Jeepers says:

    As always, enjoyed your blog. Thank you for posting the e-mails to
    & from Mr. Cohen & myself, and yes, without a doubt thank you to
    Boston for her help as well.
    I doubt very seriously I will be hearing from Mr.Cohen again,
    however, it is his choice. thanks again……Jeepers

  20. TT in OC says:

    Like Lynn, I like RHoDC too. In fact, I like it better than RHoNJ since there is no yelling, screaming and violence. Lynn basically summerized my thoughts in her blog.

    I have posted this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tareq_Salahi in Real City Housewife’s blog before and think it may interest some of you.

  21. Wall St Lady says:

    I am w/ U. I might not b ever so gentle. Mom needs to come clean & stop being a racist (harsh )_ but she needs not to b ashamed of her past.
    Who am I to b so judge mental ? A person who believes racism is preventing Stacy of the opportunity to have a Dad vs a scared Mom who I think will feel better about her self after she embraces the reality of her past. .

    • cyotteeflower says:

      In all honestly I said “ever so gently” because I figured my view would be met with disapproval.My gut reacting from the minute this aired was that the BM has no right to deny Stacie because she is ashamed of what she herself did.

      • MAMAZ says:

        She also denied the man a child he may have loved.

        • nathania says:

          that’s awful to think about too…Stacie has ‘made it’ in this world and it has got to be such a slap in the face that her mother could view her in such a dehumanizing way. This woman must be pretty conscienceless that she can remain in contact with this man and keep from him that this amazing human being exists that he was responsible for helping create.

      • truelifediva says:

        I have a family “situation” that my father is STILL lying about to this day and I’m 40yrs old. The lie is I have a half sister who is 6months older than myself. My dad revealed this info to me when I was 23 (I suspect the statute of limitations on child support had expired) and I met her approx. a year later. When we met she announced her birthday and asked mine. My dad then began shouting how it was “unusual” that we were “a year apart”. You only need one hand to do the math. Fifteen years later he marries wife #6 and tells her me and sister are 6yrs apart. She declares me an awful daughter for lying about my father, who is a wonderful man in her opinion, and has never done any wrong. All of his ex-wives were bitches according to her and I am not worthy of my birth name, Saint. This 60-something woman sends me harassing mail and crank calls me, telling me “god will punish” me for my sins against my father. This is literally 21-22 yrs years after the fact of him cheating on my mom and he’s still trying to protect his”image” by allowing lies to be told. What’s really sad is I googled me and my sister’s info, wife#6 could easily find out the truth if she really wanted to. Some people would rather live a lie…

        • truelifediva says:

          sorry, typo. Meant to say 41-42 years later.

        • nathania says:

          my heart goes out to you on this one. There is a great board on yahoo groups for people who are dealing with a parent/step-parent who has borderline personality disorder, I don’t have the link on hand but you can look it up online, it’s called Welcome To Oz

  22. TNBelle2 says:

    Thanks Lynn for another good blog. Fantastic for posting the letter to Cohen and his response and then the reply.
    I totally disagree with you on one subject matter in this blog. It is Stacie and her search. A child has no say in their birth arrival on this earth. Stacie’s mom should have thought of the day the child would grow up and want to know her roots and how she would respond. It is not fair for Stacie to carry the burden of knowing she has half siblings but them not to know about her. Stacie’s mom could have refused to communicate with her from the very beginning and not tell her anything about her NOW life. The mother did not do this she informed Stacie of her NOW family. How is this not hurtful for Stacie and why should she carry that heavy burden and pain. Her birth mother should have refused any contact with her at all instead of hurting her in this manner. I personally believe that since she opened the door by telling Stacie about the siblings, it is her inherent right as a child to make contact with her siblings. I think it is disgusting and deplorable for any parent to do this to a child. I would like to think romantic thoughts of giving Stacie up for adoption was a selfless act of love. But my gut tells me this was not the case, since she will not reveal Stacie’s birth father. My intuition tells me that since mom was in the “Peace Corps”. My thoughts are she probably could not justify an abortion being in the “Peace Corps” or even during that time frame abortions were not commonly performed, and or maybe it was too late for the mother to receive an abortion when she realized she was pregnant. Anyhow I am of the strong opinion it is Stacie’s right to meet her birth family. If Stacie’s birth mother never informed her husband and or children about the child, then why? Every parent knows once a child is born, your life(moms and dads) lives are NEVER the same. It is all about the children as they will be your children FOREVER!!! Stacie’s birth mom seem to bei treating her as a dirty little secret.
    The ONLY reason I could imagine she would not tell Stacie about her birth father is that he is a rapist and or a murderer that would be protecting her (Stacie) and completely understandable.

    • stanbo says:

      Yes, and if that is the case, she should tell her so. I have a strong hunch this has more to do with deep-rooted shame which boils down racism. I don’t think her mother would be nearly as hesitant if Stacie were white. And that is sickening .

  23. Had Enough! says:

    Moron Sasquatch tweeted:


    Now (a) she actually looks like shit in this photo (b) what is the point of linking to a status photo of a tv ad? and (c) the comments are great:

    My bing ad in the taxi. So cute

    Raybryn about 3 hours ago

    shadester126 about 4 hours ago
    Wow, it is egotistical to call urself so cute. It is one thing to promote urself, but to constantly compliment urself is…well…creepy.

  24. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    @TNBelles2 I agree with you, but didn’t Stacies husband say or Stacie herself say that her mom is still in contact with Stacie’s father. I swear I heard that.
    So that means he can’t be her rapist.
    What it could mean is that Stacie’s mom doesn’t reveal who the dad is for pure selfish reasons. Perhaps she still has a deep friendship with him he could be her soulmate yet she is married. If she tells him he has a child this can ruin her relationship with him because she did not tell him sooner and he might tell her family. Thats what I think.

    • Olivia says:

      My objection as to whether Stacie has the right to know who her biological parents is not in question. She does.

      However, I do not think that this “storyline” needs to be played out in public on national t.v. It is a private matter and should not be used as a “dramatic offering” for the sake of ratings.

      What they do in the privacy of their lives should not include a display on “reality tv”. There is something not quite right about the entire presentation which led me to conclude that the outcome has already been determined.

      • stanbo says:

        The lengths many of these famewhores will go to for a story line is amazing.

      • dumberries says:

        I agree with you Olivia. I think this is a re-creation of a real situation; looks like it to me. The outcome has probably already been determined and we are seeing the reenactment of the events that lead to the conclusion.

        I thinks it’s fine to televise this storyline. It’s a real part of Stacie’s life and she’s okay with sharing it (she hasn’t released any names, so she’s not outing any reluctant family members). For many viewers, it’s probably interesting, and it may also be helpful for the many adopted adults who struggle with whether or not to search out bio-parents. They are usually incredibly curious, while also being fearful of what they might find. I’m interested and how it turns out. Not interested in much else from this franchise…

        • MAMAZ says:

          It cheapens the seriousness of the situation to play it out on television. Maybe the BM just doesn’t want to be another Reality TV casualty. I wonder how she would have reacted if Stacie had appraoched her and not been attached to this show.

          • dumberries says:

            @MAMAZ. Interesting, I see it from the opposite perspective. I don’t think it cheapens anything to be televised unless it’s false, done to defame others, or solely for self-promotional reasons. I don’t see that in this case. I guess I’m a little confused about the criticism of showing this story line. We complained when housewives hid/misrepresented major details of their lives (like Teresa, Michaele). We complained when the real details of their lives were boring (like arguments over clothes-sharing, watching people gossip in a kitchen). Now, we’re complaining when a housewife is sharing a truly significant aspect of her life (without naming identifying anyone who could be hurt). Maybe it’s a matter of different viewer expectations for these shows. Glad we can share different opinions…

            • MAMAZ says:

              Dumbberries – I understand what you mean but I guess to me it would depend on whether or not she was pursuing it before the show. Is it opportunistic or genuine?

  25. Wall St Lady says:

    I have enjoyed u so much this afternoon. Please forgive my dumb attempts to spell your name. I meant no disrespect.
    I can’t seem to spell cyotteeflower unless I copy & paste.

    • cyotteeflower says:

      Thanks WSL.Yes the name is a doozy to spell.I told the story of its meaning awhile back when you were asking about usernames.Mine here was KirksvilleMo and since that is self evident required no explaination.
      Wanting in on the fun,as I have enjoyed you for some time,I gave the meaning of the name I use most often.You posted again after that and never responded and I admit to having felt like a redheaded step child…;~)
      BTW I only used KirksvilleMo here because it is close to QuincyIll and even closer to where my daughter lives and I wanted to converse with her.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Yes, we tried to scream across the fields, but it gave us sore throats.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Cyotteeflower & Quincy – Are you mother and daughter?

          • cyotteeflower says:

            I should be so lucky!Just geographically close.

            • Quincy IL says:

              I think I am older because my children are older, but we were siamese twins separated at birth and I have cyottee flower’s birth mom here. She likes to talk on the phone girl. Take your turn asap.

              • cyotteeflower says:

                Nope we’re the same age 57.We cudda been twins if I were 14 cause the measurements you gave the other day were close to mine in my 8th grade home ec sewing class.Sigh….
                My girls are 37 and 40.
                Crazy that is the only age I knew what my measurements were,that I can remember anyway,due to measuring each other in class.My bff Connie was 32-26-34 and I was 37-23-36.Early bloomer,early wilter…..damn
                Now why can’t I remember useful information instead of this crap?

        • cyotteeflower says:

          Ok that took me a minute till I realised I said “converse”.
          Maybe show a kinship in hopes of communicating would be more fitting?
          IDK but you’re funny!

      • Hey! Thanks for clearing that up. Wondered if you had disappeared. 🙂

  26. I, for one think it’s creepy that Ben calls in and visits the set of WWHN, not in a creepy sexual way, just that a boy that young watches so much of the real housewives. I don’t think young kids and tweens of either sex should be watching OR appearing on these shows. Shouldn’t kids that age be obsessing over Justin Bieber insteads of the likes of Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub?

    I don’t get the closet thing with Mary and her daughter either. Isn’t it enough to just tell a 23 year old to stay out of your closet? Obviously Mary and her daughter’s problems go way beyond raiding mom’s closet, as Mary mentioned when she explained that she had her daughter very young and had a sister the same age. There is clearly a problem with boundries. Sounds like they have more of a friend/sister relationhip than mother and child.

    As always, great blog, Lynn!

    • stanbo says:

      I think it depends on the kid. I was very interested in this type of thing at a young age and found it to be great fun. It certainly didn’t warp my views of females, other than not wanting to have sex with them. Ben is just being a young gay kid. That’s what we like at that age. Bravo is his football.

      • Quincy IL says:

        One of my close friends sons is a gay lawyer in Chicago. He would sit at the girls table with my daughter and her friends in high school. When one of the girls needed a date for some event, his mom would call one of the girl’s mom and offer her son as the date. He came out in college. I honestly didn’t know, but my daughter and her friends knew. He’s a fantastic person and extremely intelligent. I just thought he was the best son on the planet. I had two sons and they weren’t as nice to me as he was to my friend, his mom. They are wonder today… They just need a few years to grow up.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Now I am confused! When did it come out that Ben was gay? What am I missing?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          It didn’t really come out- Stanbo speculated that he might be based on his interests. (He wasn’t being mean- just sort of identifying with him)

          • nathania says:

            that’s exactly the kind of thing that Andy Cohen should be forseeing anyway (that there would be this kind of speculation about Weiner). He’s missing a ‘sensitivity chip’ somewhere.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I think Andy should have been aware of many things- but given the exploitative nature of the shows he creates, what is one more causality?

              Really- if the whole ‘appeal’ of Ben is that he is only 13 and watches RW- it’s obvious because he and the alleged others who asked for more of this kid are titillated by kids doing things they have no business doing.

              Why doesn’t Andy just have on that 3 year baby who smokes a pack a day and get on with it. It’s a freak show.

      • I must have missed something as I didn’t know Ben was gay. I guess I’m old time- don’t think kids that young, gay or straight need to be engrossed in shows about trashy middle aged women with puffy chuckies, grandma on a stripper pole, coke whores, swapping jewelry for sex, big daddies, breast implants, and mamas making ends meet by putting out sex tapes. Hell, I’m embarrassed I watch this shit, let alone young kids.

  27. Rabble Rouser says:

    @ stanbo

    re: The reason I love this blog is because no one is chased out for their opinions. That is what makes it interesting. That, and the fact that it really stands for the hatred of Jill, which supercedes my any other dislike of anything Bravo!

    Love and Light, lol!

    I agree about the diversity of the blog- and the posters comments. I never see people here ganging up to run others out but rather to get someone to stay.
    I’ve seen heated discussions cooled of by something as simple as a new blog and everyone gets a fresh start.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I think it’s amazing that there have been discussions on this board that were so civilized. It’s a credit to Lynn and her board rules.

  28. Had Enough! says:

    Someone PLEASE tell me where Lynda Erkiletian gets all this major league money? That place in Georgetown – way expensive. It looks like she bought it in 2005 for $5,250,000. And sold it in April 2009 for $7,295,000 (no, folks, there is no recession in DC, in case you are wondering). That huge place in McLean – that was $2 mill. Now I’m sorry folks but that little goat rodeo of a modeling agency does not pull in that kind of money or anywhere near it. She is divorced. Not surprisingly, Erkiletian is not a common name and the only one I could find is a Myron (originally Mihran) Erkiletian (Mike) who owns a construction company. Since one of her children is named Mihran, I am guessing this is the right guy. But holy moly, how much alimony and child support does this broad get that she can live like this?

    Maybe she had her own $$ prior to the marriage. She claims to have Southern roots. Maybe WSL can do a bit of digging? (Where is Digger when we need her)?

    That BS with the sage and the Jewish prayer and the holy water made me want to scream. How unfair is it that these idiots can have so much $$? They seemingly have no academic credentials, no real work history, no serious talent (though she was a back-up singer), and they are rolling in dough. Don’t get me wrong. I am not jealous. I have everything I need. I worked hard for it and I am proud of having done so. It just seems like they are unjustly rewarded when there are so many talented, hard-working people who barely get by or who have so little.

    • cyotteeflower says:

      I can’t get over how wealthy successful men who I can only assume possess a certain level of intelligence or they most likely wouldn’t be successful,chose to marry these empty vile women who lack not only intelligence and integrity but seem devoid of any of the social graces.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Numerous divorce settlements.

    • Blue Sky says:

      $2 million for that hideous house? No matter how much remodeling Lynda does, the outside will still be ugly.

      Maybe her business is more successful than we think, or she got a hefty settlement etc. from her divorce.

      One more thing, I thought the son’s girlfriend that helped her with her dress was the maid! Her clothes and hair – knowing that she was being filmed – incredible.

    • nathania says:

      she owns a modeling agency.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I just read Stacie’s blog. She said that you had to show an income of 2 million a year to qualify as a buyer for her real estate company. I don’t think I know anyone here with that kind of income. Would Lynda have that?

  29. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the new blog Lynn. 5 stars!

    I have a feeling there is more behind Stacie’s story. I think they are televising it for a reason. Stacie seems like an intellegent woman. I don’t think she’d put the story out there wanting a circus made of it. Hopefully it turns out good for her and all involved.

  30. Had Enough! says:

    Maiden name: Lynda Lager.

    OK, WSL. Do your stuff.

    Oh. Wait. Born in the South but an army brat. So I’m thinking probably not much family money.


    Says she is dyslexic. Oh. And worked for Tommy Hilfiger. Well then she must be best buds with the Sasquatch, right?

  31. Had Enough! says:

    Click here


    and read the Sept. 1986 article.

    “Lynda Lager, a petite woman from Georgia who bears a strong resemblance to Victoria Principal…”

    Sorry, honey. I don’t see it. Not then and certainly not now.

    In the Regardie’s article from 1989, she looks quite unattractive.

    OK, yup. Mike the real estate developer was her husband. Actually her second husband. Two of the kids are from her 1st marriage and two by Mike. So Lager could have been her maiden name or her first married name.

  32. stanbo says:

    Does anyone know if Jeanna is going to be on OC again? Does anyone watch OC anymore? I still do – I have never missed an episode of any of the RH Franchise. Even boring DC. And I love to snark at all of them!

    • Quincy IL says:

      She has a crew filming her daughter and herself shopping. I think it’s a go for a new season of Jeana Keough in OC>

      • vilzvet says:

        Yes I watch OC. I also recently saw an article that former cast member Lauri’s son was arrested again…too bad…

        • stanbo says:

          I always felt bad for that kid, but I also think Lauri tried for years to help him – I think there was a lot we didn’t see on camera regarding his addiction. I guess looking back, I kind of liked the original oc cast, with the exception of Slade’s girlfriend (can’t even remember her name).

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Slade’s ex was named Jo.

            I’m not to sure how much Lauri helped Josh. I live in the OC and have heard lots of things about her and her inability to parent- and how she always put herself before those kids. I have heard some of the same horrible stories about George.

            • Quincy IL says:

              Parenting is such hard work. I saw that Lori’s daughter was living in a dirty condo. I don’t know how she could stand it. Clean the cat box.

              Lori’s kids seem to have so many problems. You have to start when they are very young. If you don’t discipline, they will be lost.

              Lindsay Lohen is going back to jail. She failed a drug test. All of the potential in the world and not one ounce of good sense.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                I could tell you tons of Lauri stories- like how she starved her ex’s dog to death then blamed the children because technically they were the ones who agree-ed to watch it.

                Or that she is seeking 12k a month in support for from her ex husband (despite being married to George) saying she only makes $400 per month and needs more.

              • Quincy IL says:

                She was so cruel. She starved a dog to death. OMG…

                What kind of woman is she?

        • tuzentswurth says:

          I always thought she was too busy prancing around admiring her own ass on the way out the door to the Playboy mansion to bother seeing how much pain that boy was in. It just got worse from season to season and it is sad how his life has ended up. Lauri seems VERY self-absorbed. Her efforts with Josh seemed minimal to me.

  33. Had Enough! says:

    Daughter Jessica is Jessica Lager so Lager is not maiden name. It is name of 1st husband.

  34. Had Enough! says:

    Effing Lawson. Genius.


    Lynda Urkelitian

    And clearly influenced by her having had her lawyer send threatening letters to everyone under the sun who even snickered at what her little goat rodeo of a modeling agency might *actually* the brilliant Lawson puts in huge disclaimers:

    She poured out the holy water onto the lawn, sacrificed an adolescent boy (SHE DID NOT DO THIS, NO MURDER WHATSOEVER, LYNDA DOES NOT COMMIT CRIMES OF ANY KIND)

    Oh man. I need a good laugh. Thank you Richard Lawson. You are the only reason to click on Gawker.

    • nathania says:

      this is hysterical, thanks for the link, he is on fire. I didn’t even check on him because I assumed DC would be so droll that he wouldn’t have any material to work with…boy was I wrong. I love the image of Stacie ‘fondling the derringer in her purse’ and the crack about ‘nothing about Mary’. If nothing else, the Housewives are giving some really smart, talented, and funny people something to come together and discuss/poke fun at. The strange thing to me is that it seems that these are exactly the kinds of fans that Bravo doesn’t appear to want for these shows.

  35. boston02127 says:

    As my mother would say…This poor “God help us” named FacePainter is tweeting Kelly and asking for her advice about a book she wrote and wants published.

    FacePainter to Kelly—-HORSE WHO WORE GLASSES..problem is I dont know how to get it out there and published. would give up rights to book. give to charity

    Kelly back to FacePainter3 — send me ur email. We’ll look at it

    I’m wondering who “we’ll” is and I’m guessing FacePainter didn’t read about Owlgate.

    • Had Enough! says:

      I look at photos of myself (at any size, pick a size) and cringe. The only good photo of me ever taken, believe it or not, was my driver’s license photo.

      How does a woman not look at a picture of herself like this and cringe:


      She looks HORRIBLE. I mean really truly awful. How much photoshopping must have to go on to make her look halfway decent? Reduce the shoulders, increase the hips, fix the nose, de-grease…

  36. Had Enough! says:

    OK so (a) Spring Valley – where the Salimeys were driving around in that ridiculous limo – maybe $$ but it is also full of chemical and liquid-filled munitions.

    During the World War I era, the site was known as the American University Experiment Station (AUES), and was used by the U.S. government for research and testing of chemical agents, equipment and munitions. Today, the Spring Valley neighborhood encompasses approximately 1,600 private homes, including several embassies and foreign properties, as well as the American University and Wesley Seminary.


    Tends to keep the prices down just a tad.

    Second, Stacie is full of shit or just lying to the Salimeys because nothing in Spring Valley is near anything like 25 mill. Here’s a 2008 article about the most expensive homes in DC: http://dc.urbanturf.com/articles/lists/the_most_expensive_homes_on_the_market_in_dc/

    And this is the most expensive home in DC currently on the market:
    http://www.thegeorgetowndish.com/the-latest/most-expensive-house-dc-goes-market at 19.5 mill.

    That house they were looking at wasn’t even remotely like these joints so definitely nowhere near 25 mill.

    • phoney reality says:

      Had Enough, Stacey said when she entered the limo that she was taking them to 4 neighborhoods. The large house was in one of the other neighborhoods they visited.

      If you follow the ladies at WaPo they have been following them since last year and are spot on in their reporting. They have already stated that the events have been aired out of sequence so it is no surprise that Bravo didn’t clarify this.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      I went to American University and lived in DC. The first house or two was in Spring Valley. The rest of them, including the large one, were elsewhere in town. One was definitely along Embassy Row. The one at $25 mil is possible. Stacie said the house they were looking at (remember we didn’t see them go inside it) was not even on the market so it’s possible that it was worth that much.

    • nathania says:

      that home wasn’t on the market though, and it was humongous, I thought it was some kind of institutional building…Stacie said she had no idea of the real price because it wasn’t for sale but her 25 mil was an estimate…and maybe a little bit of her chagrin at knowing that the Salahis didn’t have the assets to prequalify for anything they wanted to look at.

  37. Had Enough! says:


    My boy Tareq is here at the grape farm and he’s rattling around in the shed with that hairless cat of his he calls a wife….


  38. boston02127 says:

    @ stanbo —-The “Real Housewives” That Bravo Evicted


    Are they in season 5 or 6? I have an artical about Jeanna but I’m not sure what season it is. Also, I don’t think Jeanna like Alexis.

    • TT in OC says:

      In the article, it said Alex is not invited back either. Did I not read it earlier that according to Ramona, everyone will be back?

      • dumberries says:

        It is strange to see Alex on the list. I don’t know if the writer is implying that she and Simon requested too much money, Bravo responded that they weren’t needed, and then Silex backed off and remain as cast members, OR if she’s indicating that they won’t be coming back next season. Odd, we never heard anything like this about them before. Heck, could just be another Zarin-inspired rumor. Hmmmm…….

      • Jeepers says:

        there is Alexis from OC
        then Alex from NYC
        2 different women

    • stanbo says:

      I think this is season 6…And I don’t buy the Alex news for a minute…I think they are rehashing an old story or JILL is spreading rumors.

      If Alex leaves, I am out of there. No more NY.

    • Interesting note about DeShawn Snow from RHOA is that she and her former NBA playing husband were boring on the show, but it was recently revealed that he had been having a longtime affair with an ex-college girlfriend (he and DeShawn were college sweethearts) and they just had a baby. But not before Eric filed for divorce from DeShawn to be with his new family. He and DeShawn have 3 boys together so that must have been devastating for her and them.

  39. boston02127 says:

    Looks like the parties are getting smaller at Teresa’s. Her tweet & pic.

    Finally, a pic from Audriana’s 1st birthday! Gia helped me make the cake: http://yfrog.com/f1p1hj xx

  40. Had Enough! says:

    Sorry all. I am having a horrible day. I needs you guys for sherz rite now.

  41. boston02127 says:

    Teresa’s (denial) responded to RadarOnline’s story of Caroline not liking her.

    Her tweet— I never look at radaronline. Crappy site crashes my computer. 🙂 xx

    If this story is true and as much as I can’t stand husky C or hairy T, I’ll be glued to my TV next season to see Caroline and Teresa get in to it.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      And don’t forget….if T’s SIL Melissa’s in the mix with T….it could be fun. Especially with Kim (“don’t call me elderly, bitch”) G likely trying to insert herself into the show in some fashion.

  42. boston02127 says:

    I was re-reading about Albie & Chris Manzo being on The Millionaire Matchmaker. My first understanding was that Albie and Chris would be getting set up with rich women. I can’t believe it’s the other way around. They’re not rich.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I really don’t think the Manzos are all that rich.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Bravo cross breeding project! Don’t think this will be pretty.

      • nathania says:

        hey, that’s a good point there…because I was under the impression that the man she is matching up is supposed to be the millionaire and not just waiting for family money someday. they always state their net worth at the beginning, so it should be interesting.

  43. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I think Andy probably sees himself in BenWeiner. Both Jewish, went to camp, fascinated by girly things and TV. To have met this random kid in the park w/family and find him to be a uber fan of HW’s probably tickled him. However, it is weird that of all the fans this kid was given such attention on air calling in and then featured. Many of us MOMS found it disturbing and “creepy” because it has the appearance of being inappropriate. That said, maybe Andy wished he had a friend at 13 who he could’ve talked to about Dallas, Dynasty, Knots Landing etc. But for certain Andy has not “outed” BenWeiner, I think MotherNature did that! lol Not that there is anything wrong with that!
    Finally, thumbs down to Ben’s mom for allowing him to watch trashy tv … and thumbs up to Ben’s mom for watching trashy tv with her son, bonding with him accepting him quirks and all.

    • stanbo says:

      Yeah, I get the creepy thing now…it was actually more the “gaga over a 13 year old that at first set me off. But Andy will do anything to whore out Bravo and his most famous franchise….I (hope) doubt he really has any personal interactions with Ben. If he does, he’s very foolish.

      I am surprised his parents permit this – perhaps they know its all innocent (well, if using a 13 year old kid – and making fun of him, or at least kids like him, because that is what he appears to be doing to me – can be considered innocent.

      See, I am starting to think like a Mom! Thank God my son is grown.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Gaga… definition

        adj. Informal
        Silly; crazy.
        Completely absorbed, infatuated, or excited: They were gaga over the rock group’s new album.
        Senile; doddering.
        [French, old

        I don’t think “gaga” have a bad meaning. Is it possibly that this Lady Gaga has changed the meaning of the word.

        • Quincy IL says:

          has a bad…

          I was eating chili and fresh bread while downing a Fresca. That’s my excuse.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Kinda OT-
          Can you beleive that Lady Gaga cleared TSA security wearing handcuffs? Apparently they are not on the long list of contraband items. I also surprised was allowed on an airplane wearing nothing more than underwear, heels and fishnets.

  44. Need a Hobby says:

    Late checking in and catching up….so howdy, y’all.

    stanbo: Welcome! And thanks for your contributions. Hope to see more of you here.

    Wall St. Lady: Good to see you too. I’m always late to the party but missed seeing you yesterday. Sometimes your posts are like free form poetry with a almost Zen koan quality….a puzzlement that gives me a sense of accomplishment and reward when I decipher them. (I know you post from your BB and have to take shortcuts.) 🙂

    ZipIt Zarin: What’s the name of the author with the mysteries set in South Dakota and the main character is a waitress? Sounds like something I’d like to read.

    Re: Caro/Teresa…if media reports are correct looks like you folks called it correctly when you noticed the digs T gave C in her blog, and T not sharing of the “spotlight” when they were doing the PR gigs. Whooee. Don’t mess with the Manzos, T…they are like actually financially solvent, “thick as thieves” and fund raise for local pols and sheriff. Just sayin’.

    Oh yeah, T “never’ looks at radaronline…..she just has her folks leak to it when it suits her (I’m guessing. Allegedly, maybe). Let’s see if T’s go to guy Rob addresses the rumor of a falling out with Caro.

    They’ll (the NJ gals) probably circle the wagons though, slap on a smile and say how great everyone is. Although I noticed a few days ago (?) Caro was at some NYC gig (fashion week) and she was asked where T was or what she was doing and Caro replied, “I have no idea.” Or something like that. Seemed curt and not encouraging any discussion of T. Whatever.

    Hope your day improves, Had Enough. Howdy boston. Howdy Lynn, Qunicy. Too many folks to mention. I sound like the Waltons. LOL.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Teresa says she doesn’t look at Radaronline because it crashes her computer. No Teresa the computer crashed because you flipped the table it was sitting on you stupid *****.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        It’s T’s equivalent of “la la la, I can’t hear you.” Like when the bankruptcy news hit the media….she was all “what bankruptcy?” It was just “rumors.” ; )

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        LOL- I didn’t even know she knew how to turn a computer on but I have heard they can teach monkey’s to type…so…..I guess it’s possible.

        • Quincy IL says:

          The youngsters grew up with computers. I had a slide rule until the third semester of physics when the professor said that we could use 150 dollar calculators that did no more than our slide rulers. I still have my slide rule and I still can use it.

    • Quincy IL says:

      We need men. If one comes along, like Stanbo, we have to rope him in and corral him. The Easterners won’t get this, but Cyootee flower will. She probably goes to the Fort Madison rodeos when she is not online.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Indeed, the great thing is this is a gathering place for people from different areas, walks of life, with different experiences and perspectives to share. 🙂

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      They are by Kathleen Taylor. I think the first one is Sex and Salmonella: A Tory Bauer Mystery (Tory Bauer Series). I’m going to go back and reread them. 😀

      • Need a Hobby says:

        oooh, thanks! Going to check that out.

        I haven’t read Joan Hess’ Maggody series in years, but I keep meaning to catch up. It’s about a small (mythical) town in Arkansas and Arly Hanks is a local cop. Transplanted from NYC if I recall correctly. Lots of local loons and funny.

  45. Chattycat says:

    Lynn – I have not posted in a long time and had decided to just read your blogs and not respond, but I feel I must respond to this latest blog. I love your blogs and always have, and I’m so glad you posted these letters to Andy Cohen. Once again, Mr. Cohen insults the intelligence of the American people in his response to Ann’s email. I am not surprised. I have begun to expect nothing less from Andy Cohen.

    I just have to say that I have proudly kicked the Bravo habit….finally! Mr. Cohen may think he has millions of fans of Bravo, and maybe he does, but the route that all of the Housewives franchises have gone has finally turned me off for good. It began with the table flipping by Teresa which she is oh, so proud of, then came Slade Smiley standing nude with only a sock covering his erect penis, along with Lynn Curtin’s alcoholic and drug-induced haze, including her daughters doing the same, and the very “Christian” Alexis flaunting her body all over the screen while showing a very un-Christianlike attitude picking fights with another castmate and sitting in judgment of others, then going next to the New York Housewives and watching a bitch like Jill Zarin spew her venom all over everyone, most especially Bethenny, and then the icing on the cake was watching yet another season of Kelly Bensimon’s mental illness exacerbated by the use of drugs. All the while, inviting each and every one of these women, with the exception of Lynn Curtin, back for another season. I could not believe my eyes when I read that Kelly Bensimon had been invited back after witnessing the demise of her mental health on national television. I could not believe she would even want to come back.

    Let me just say that I am a 50+ year old married woman who really related to the first housewives series and looked forward every week to watching the next episode. The shows were about friends and family and living large, and while there were small disputes, there was no violence or hatred of one another that is so prominent in the shows now. And then slowly, but surely, the executives at Bravo, especially Andy Cohen have taken a nice happy show to the depths of hate and violence that is as bad as the young punks on Jersey Shore, but it is grown adult women acting this way. I just could not stand it any longer, but yet I continued to watch, just as so many of us do. When I read the news that Kelly Bensimon had been invited back, and after watching Bravo TV sensationalize the couple that crashed into the United States White House, I decided that it was time to break the habit, and I have done just that.

    This, Lynn, is why I no longer post. I go way too long, but in sum, I would just like to say to Andy Cohen that I know there are many, many more women out there just like me, that have quit watching!! Bravo has ruined the Housewives series, and it continues to get worse. I will watch Bethenny’s show because of the love and happiness and familial spirit of her show, and because it makes me happy, but as far as the rest of Bravo…..I AM DONE!!

    Thank you for putting up with my long post, Lynn. I love your blogs!! And to all your readers….if you have had enough of this as I have, please STOP watching. That is the only way we will get Bravo to make this better….hit them in the ratings belt.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thats the idea, post as long as you like, love all the opinions and views on things, I hope you stick around, you’re posts are very relevant to the conversation. In fact, I’d love to hear what you thought of Bethenny Getting Married, if you watched it???

      Great to see you again!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Please still jump in and post despite not watching Bravo, we as a group have so much to offer and discuss with each other. 🙂

    • Wallflower says:

      Chattycat, WONDERFUL post!!! You said everything that I would like to say to Mr. Cohen as well. I too was an early fan of the Housewives franchise, but have given it up completely. I read these blogs not out of interest in the Housewives anymore, but for the amazingly intelligent, thoughtful, funny posts that are true entertainment and for the sense of community that exists here (even for a lurker). I enjoyed Bethenny’s show and will tune in again for Season 2.

  46. LynnNChicago says:


    This column claims that Alex and Simon were not offered back onto RHONY, could this be Jill Zarin at work again?

    • phoney reality says:

      Or bad reporting. The article they linked to to substantiate this claim is from Feb 2010 – seemingly speculating they weren’t going to appear the last season and we all know that Alex was on scary island.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        @SimonVanKempen: Sounds like rewording of a Feb 2010 Daily News gossip piece that was wrong then & is wrong now. RT @LynnNChicago: The “Real Housewives” That Bravo Evicted | The Frisky thefrisky.com/post/246-real-… @simonvankempen Can you please comment?

        Simon’s tweet confirmed it is in fact old news and as you said, “bad reporting” whew!!

  47. Wendy says:

    Trying to post a link…having trouble. Can I email to u Lynn?

  48. AZ Girl says:

    Off topic…it is 108 here in AZ and my A/C is not working. I enjoyed last night HWODC just to see everyone in jackets. Ahhh……… I miss the fall seasons in the midwest and east coast.

    • Quincy IL says:

      The nuts are falling off of the deciduous trees. Black Walnut trees are turning yellow and leave are falling. The squirrels are getting really fat. I saw one having trouble climbing the tree with his muffin top. The horses are starting to get the winter fur too. I have one that I think might be a Woolly Mammouth.

    • lillybee says:

      Sorry, I know what it is like, I live in Redding and one summer we were getting up to 115 and I had no ac or swamp cooler. It can be unbearable. I wore a wet towel around my neck which helped a bit.

      • AZ Girl says:

        I just want to make it to next week when it is supposed to cool down and then get the a/c fixed in October.

        • Waslurking says:

          Good lord girl I’m in Mesa……it’s supposed to get worse before it gets better………good luck to you.

    • AZ Girl says:

      I noticed last night during the scene when Stacie was talking to Jason in the kitchen that there was a ton of car traffic behind their house. You could see the cars going by through her french door. Their house must back up to one of the main thoroughfares in DC.

    • Quincy IL says:

      She came to her senses and didn’t paint the dining room walls glossy black. White walls everywhere.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Wendy–It worked. Great link. I wonder why they’re selling.

      • Wendy says:

        I’m glad it worked…takes me awhile to figure this stuff out. Lol.

        Anyway, maybe she needs to construct a more secure closet?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        My working theory on any of the Nouveau HW’s is that they are steps away from being foreclosed on or have other financial woes.

  49. Need a Hobby says:

    FWIW, both Caro & T on twitter deny reports of a rift between them. Okeydokey…..

  50. Buffywood says:

    Good Evening Everyone!

    Stanbo, I just have to ask… “Does the expression Love Ya Mean It” mean anything to you? I swear I am thinking that I know you in the “Real World”. If it is “you” then you will laugh when you see this post as you will know exactly who I am and this would be very funny. If not then you are so much like my good friend Stan that it is scary.

  51. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I think I love Tim Gunn even more than I do. On Access Hollywood he calls the Salahi’s “sociopaths”. A good thing to watch.


  52. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    I don’t know if this was posted earlier, Juicy Joe was sentenced to 10 days in jail.


    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      OMG! Well, finally!

      Just a little appetizer for the jail sentence after the bankruptcy hearing.

      • dumberries says:

        Whooo Hooo! I was outraged when the appellate judge reduced his original DWI sentence to a slap on the wrist (no jail time, no community service, license suspension cut to 60 days…). It was a travesty. He should have been so unbelievably grateful. Instead, he just has to go driving around with a suspended license. He must have driving poorly again, or someone saw him on the road and tipped off police, or he is under surveillance for something else. Somehow, the police had proof of his driving during the suspension time. He is being closely watched. It’s only get worse for the juicy one – he’ll never keep his nose clean…

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      If you do the crime you do the time. He can get a taste of what prison will be like.

      • vilzvet says:

        Awesome! He’s going in next week the story states. How will Teresa do without her daily orgasm for 10 days? (Sorry, couldn’t resist, just read her new In Touch cover story and that was one of the comments she made…)

    • AZ Girl says:

      Good news

    • Quincy IL says:

      Ten days of peace and quiet. It will be a vacation for Joe.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Wow- thanks for the scoop. I wonder what “Donna Caroline” has to say.

    • RubyNewbie says:

      How ever will Teresa spin this? She ought to be exhausted by her own lies by now. The truth is a lot easier to keep straight.

  53. Had Enough! says:

    I have had a horrible day, but you know what? It could have been worse. I could be Jill Zarin. I could be Kelly Bensimon. I could be Teresa Giudice. I have a good life and it was just one bad day. Plus I have something none of them have, something really special. I have all of you. Thank you for the good thoughts.

    • Quincy IL says:

      hugs…. you are wonderful.

    • Buffywood says:

      I agree Had Enough! Hugs to you and I hope things get better soon.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      glad the day is over and hope the next one will be great!

    • dumberries says:

      Hugs to you @Had Enough. Good way to look at things…

    • Noelle says:

      @Had Enough,
      I’m sorry you’ve had a horrible day…should we girls don our roller derby gear and take out the irritation? Just give us the word…We got your back girl!! 😀 (Truth be told..I’ve only in-line skated..hee-hee, but I’m a tough chick) Whatever you need…Remember, We’re t’ick as t’ieves!! Grrrrrrr!!(In my Tough voice!)..

    • Blue Sky says:

      Had Enough,
      Sorry you had a bad day, but the weekend is here & it’s going to get better. Just think, you’re not $11 million in debt, you aren’t a lousy driver going to jail like juicy, you don’t embarrass yourself daily like Kelly & you have too much moral integrity to be one of the faux wives on Bravo! Hugs to you & feel better. ; )

  54. jean says:

    had enough, afterall, tomorrow is another day.

  55. dumberries says:

    I am so happy that Juicy will be in the slammer for 10 days starting next week; it’s a good warm-up for all of the years he will undoubtedly be spending behind bars in the future. Joe and Teresa are really as shady, ungrateful, and unintelligent as they come (preaching to the choir). The most recent examples boggle the mind:

    1. Joe got a more than fair sentence for his February DWI. He appealed it and got an outrageously light sentence (no jail time, no community service, 6 months suspended license and a fine). It was a gift. So, what does he do?
    -Does he hire a driver, take cabs, or get his devoted wife to take him to and from the pizza joint? No way.
    –Instead, he drives during the 6 month suspension period and gets a fine and 10 days in jail. How idiotic. No regard for the law…

    2. After the original DWI and bankruptcy filings were all over the web, the Giudices somehow avoid publicity on Joe’s latest arrest by having the public documents filed under a name other than Giudice. They had to be given special consideration from the courts to do that. Teresa should feel very lucky to receive that special consideration in order to keep Joe’s latest conviction out of the headlines. So what does she do?
    -Does she lay low and be careful not to antagonize insiders and media sources that could let the cat out of the bag? No.
    –Instead, she tweets to the world that RadarOnline is a crappy website. RadarOnline is second to TMZ as an internet celebrity/entertainment investigation and news/scandal source. Several hours after challenging RadarOnline’s report and criticizing their site, RadarOnline happens to exclusively report that Joe is headed to jail. Sending that immature tweet, especially when she’s trying to keep a story under wraps, was just plain stupid. It probably prompted an insider on twitter to call RadarOnline with the tip, or it prompted RadarOnline to look for something new on the Gs. Even if she made the tweet remark because she knew RadarOnline was going to run the exclusive later, she guaranteed that RadarOnline will not be giving her an iota of favorable consideration in the future – target time. Total dimwit move…

    • Buffywood says:

      I do find it odd that they state the court records do not state his name though. Maybe this is all crap. I certainly hope NOT as he should be in jail.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Don’t be surprised if he is released early ala Lohan. Btw, I know this is nit picking but Teresa tweeted (or twitted) this:

        “Finally, a pic from Audriana’s 1st birthday! Gia helped me make the cake: http://yfrog.com/f1p1hj xx ”

        That’s pretty professional looking cake for a 8 or 9 year old to have helped make. Why not just say she put the candles on?

        • Sha2000 says:

          ..oh! Lol! “viewer2000” (not me) left comments saying its store bought, lol. The girls do look cute & happy in that photo; good to see they are getting some mileage out of those hair accessories. My girls would have pulled them out long ago.

          • vilzvet says:

            That is SUCH a bakery cake, don’t care what Teresa brags. Gia is now getting away with little or no hideous hair items, glad she put her foot down. I did notice that she now has braces, isn’t that a bit young to get them at age 9?

            • Sha2000 says:

              My 7 year old had a root canal on a small molar recently. They are pushing all sorts dental options for younger kids now; it’s more $$$ for the dentist. Anyway, glad you responded Vilzvet, I’m not crazy right, that cake came from a bakery.

            • Nope, not too young at all to have braces!

              • vilzvet says:

                I literally bake every week, I love to, so I know what a bakery cake looks like as opposed to a homemade one, and I really dislike them, LOL. I asked about the braces because my son has pretty much passed the deadline to get them (he is 15) and he probably should get them, but at his sensitive age does not want them. Oh well…

              • Laura aka Just done says:

                vilzvet – look into invisilign. No one can see them, they use them in older kids and adults, and his friends won’t even know he has them on.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            You know, I wonder if the girls aren’t happier with a smaller”to -do” than what Theresa has been giving them on their birthdays and holidays.

            They look very happy and relaxed, I wonder now if a lot of their brattiness came from the overstimulation of having 200 people including screaming kids, a stressed out mommy to make everything perfect and an agitated daddy worried about the $ being spent on their special day.

            Even though Theresa has been caught time and time again in her web of lies, maybe she’s telling the truth when she says the bankruptcy has brought her family closer together.

        • Quincy IL says:

          I could have made that cake. I took all three of the Wilton cake decorating classes and I have the ends for the tubes that are sold everywhere. You can buy the frosting in colors. She probably put the chocolate frosting on three layers of cake. There are also canned fronstings that you can put tips on.

      • dumberries says:

        If it was a reality-specific website, I’d doubt the authenticity of the story too. RadarOnline is much broader in scope – haven’t seen obvious embellishments and falsehoods published there before. I believe he’s going to jail, and that’s great!

    • nathania says:

      Teresa clearly has trouble dealing with people when screaming in their face, chasing them through hallways or flipping tables over isn’t feasible. Ouch, them some growing pains.

  56. Um…. ok I have to say something…
    I don’t really understand Ann’s letter. I don’t like Ben being on the show, I agree that it’s weird. But I also got the impression from her letter that she was implying it was a sexual thing. Maybe that’s not what she meant, but that’s the way it came off to me, and apparently I’m not the only one who read it that way.

    I don’t understand why she even brought up Bethanny in the first place. I know it was always Bethanny’s goal to have her own show, but it is very unlikely that she would be where she is now without Bravo and Andy. Andy believed in her and I think he was responding appropriately to what Ann said.
    I think there were more important and relevant things she could have brought up while she had his attention. I would have much preferred she bring up the fact that he let’s the ladies off the hook too easily and doesn’t hold them accountable when he has access to facts he can throw in their faces instead of starting an argument over who likes Bethanny more. Her “hold a candle comment” was unnecessary and doesn’t even apply to this situation imo.

    Sorry, I’m not a fan of Andy’s, but I’m not a fan of Ann’s overly emotional letter either. I just don’t really “get” it, especially the second one. I think it started off good, but then she just went off on some crazy tangent. Don’t bite my head off anyone. Just calling it like I see it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I would have asked different questions if I had known Andy would respond. Like why Kelly was allowed free reign at the reunion but the other women were not allowed to speak about scary island. Like why Kelly is allowed to continue to lie about being forced to go on that trip. And then there is Jill and her manipulation and agendas that clearly were not of Bravo design. And don’t get me started on Teresa!
      But he did respond and that means he is making an effort to listen to what is being said about his show and his behavior.

    • dumberries says:

      RCH: I respect that Ann felt passionately enough to write to Andy about her complaints. He clearly took notice and responded – pretty unusual I suspect. Personally, I don’t feel that strongly about the Ben Wiener issue. In regards to Bethenny, I felt Andy’s response was reasonable and appropriate. To me, he seemed to simply acknowledge that Bethenny was great and that’s why she earned her own Bravo show. As for the Bravo blogs, I agree with Ann about there being a biased approach to posting viewer comments. I hope that Andy is truly advocating a less biased and more organized approach for future blogs…

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      I agree 100%. I felt that Andy was taken back because of the comments about the kid. I have my own opinions about the 13 year old (I won’t use his name). I think the parents are at fault for letting a child watch this trash, and then call in about it.

      As for the Bethenny part, I couldn’t follow it myself. I am a HUGE fan of Bethenny’s. Yes, I watched her on Martha Stewart, but I wasn’t a fan until RHNY. I felt that Ann was telling Andy that he was riding on B’s coat tails. I don’t believe that to be the case. Just today B tweeted how lucky she is to have both RHONY and BGM.

      I agree also with WCW. If I knew I had his attention I would have asked the “hard” questions re: Jill & Kelly.

    • Noelle says:

      I find Andy’s interest with the 13 yr. old boy (who watches the HW franchise..um, say what?…hmm) just plain weird and disturbing. Surely this boy could be engaging in something more worthwhile…say sleep, perhaps. (Surely he attends school..one would think.) IMHO, I think it’s totally inapproriate(weird) for this boy(his age) to be watching these shows. What do I know..I’m a mother of two children, 11yrs. and 7yrs., and would not allow them to watch this mess. Again JMO.
      Andy talking about this kid and having him call in and give a detailed opioion on the past 3 or 4 WWHL is disturbing, IMO. Hello!?!

      • Noelle says:

        (I’m adding on to my last post as it wouldn’t allow me to post further)
        As far as Ann goes, I think she was surprised that Andy actually responded to her letter. Sure in hindsight, “we all would ask better questions”..blah, blah and blah! I call bullshit!
        She sent a note to Mr. Cohen with her nuances and concerns. He responded, which I think is very telling. Go figure…
        Thanks Boston(Tink 😉 ) and Ann for sharing. Kudooz ladies!

  57. Sha2000 says:

    I don’t know if this was posted but I think it was addressed somewhere here:
    It says Alex is out…I hope not. Why? Bravo has to know shes popular & why then have her blog NJ all season? Doesn’t make sense.

    • dumberries says:

      Lynn tweeted to Simon about the article. He confirmed that he and Alex are returning. The article was misleading and simply re-purposed old Zarin rumors…

    • Need a Hobby says:

      They’re just recycling JZ’s old droppings from a February 2010 Gatecrasher story. Simon’s tweeted that the reports are wrong and also tweeted something that suggests that they are back filming next week. (Other reports have RHONY filming starting on the 20th so that fits.)

  58. Wall St Lady says:

    I really don’t know anyone in the fashion industry.
    But it seams Linda filled a market nitch in 85 for a modeling agency in DC.
    Timing is everything. I know MANY really dumb but LUCKY or Blessed multi millionaires.
    If u take her bio which says she has 500 models
    & figure they r making an average of $30 000/year & taking a 25% fee comes out to
    $ 3 750 000 which is pretty good for a goat rodeo.:)

    That is just a guess.

    • Or maybe she takes 100% and when the girls complain she pimp slaps them and says “Bitch, if it weren’t for me you would be out on the streets. I put a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in your mouth. Who else is gonna take care of you the way I do?”

      • Mel2 says:

        I’m going with Real City Housewife on this one. There just isn’t a big demand in DC for models!

        • Had Enough! says:

          Especially not since all the local stores – Hecht’s, Hoschild Kohn, Garfinckel’s, Raleigh, and Woodward-Lothrop, Harriet Kassman – either closed or were bought out by big national chains. Now it is just Rizik’s and Claire Dratch.

  59. Wall St Lady says:


    I wrote a mean girl comment.

    Laura if u want to go I will treat.

    The problem is I am afraid I will get arrested when I accidentally on purpose fall down & grab her weave to soften my fall & pull out much more than
    A$$ley got.

  60. Jeepers says:

    As I told Lynn just a few minutes ago, I have no intentions of getting
    into a heated debate with anyone on her site, period, end of story.
    I wrote to Mr. Cohen to express “my opinions/feelings”. If some of
    you disagree that is find by me, however, tell Mr. Cohen that, just as
    I did, write to him and say so, enough said…………………..Jeepers

    • Do you sometimes go by the name “siennarose”?

    • dumberries says:

      Thank you for sharing your correspondence. You are absolutely right; it was your letter and you addressed your concerns. Very cool that you got a response. Others can write letters and address their personal opinions, if they so desire. Imo, Andy wouldn’t respond to yet another letter about Kelly’s breakdown or reunion protocols, but who knows…

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I appreciate you sharing the letter and the discussion it brought about. I also don’t think you were making allegations of sexual impropriety. I think that is the direction many people’s minds go because socially we have become ultra sensitive and sadly all to aware that these things do take place. I don’t think it’s fair for Andy (or in my case Ben’s mother) to blame us for these dynamics.

      Maybe I just read in mono-tone because I never seem to take comments that differ from mine- that are directed to me personally. Again, I am thankful for your sharing.

  61. Wall St Lady says:

    WSL is rocking out to 70’s music

    SINGing Loudly to the tune of
    “It Never Rains in California”

    Best news I herd in months

    Juicy Jo goes to the slammer !

    When it rains it pours.

    • dumberries says:

      I agree that it’s great news WSL – sing it!

      Starting to wonder if the Appellate court purposely reduced the original DWI charges all along. They knew his driving record and could easily anticipate he repeat old behavior and drive with a suspended license. Now, instead of having one arrest, he’s got two more arrests under his belt. Instead of having his license suspended for one year or six months, it’ll be 18 months. And, he has mandatory jail time that can’t be traded for community service. I’m convinced that Juicy is marked. Having him in jail for 10 days makes it easier for law enforcement to investigate details and talk to people in his life without interference, as they wrap up loose ends to bring much bigger charges. I could be wrong, but have a strong gut feeling. The DWI sentence is the appetizer, the bankruptcy fraud will be the dessert, and there’s a big (yet undisclosed) entree coming soon…

  62. Wall St Lady says:

    C#*’;#* Flower. Hi. I didn’t get what u meant. Did I not respond or did u not respond ? I have a pretty good memory but I don’t remember what c flower means. Did u tell me ?
    I hope u r still around. I am trying to catch up.

    TGIF !

    When the NJ police
    Locked Teresa’s Ho Band Away !

    • Need a Hobby says:

      You’re cracking me up, WSL. 😀

    • cyotteeflower says:

      You must not have seen it cause you would remember.
      My now 13yo granddaughter’s middle name is Cyottee.I know,odd name, her father gave it to her thinking it matches Cyera well.
      One after noon when she was about 4 she and I were perparing strawberries for shortcake.About every 3rd berry she would pick it up,look it over,and say “this looks like agood one!”and plop it into her mouth.
      I said to her,”You’re grandma’s little strawberry girl.”
      Without missing a beat she said,”And you’re my flower with purple sprinkles!”
      So when it came to choosing a username this is what came to me.Thanks for asking all of us.It has been a fun story to retell all these years later.
      Tomorrow when she and her younger brother and sister come for the day while their mom works we will be making shortcake once again.

  63. emily says:

    I don’t know if anyone has read or brought up Stacie’s latest Bravo blog, but Ba da ba ba ba, I’m lovin’ it!

    She really calls out the Salahi’s! I mean, the title is: “What is Slahi-ism”!!!

    Stacie and hubbie really did give them more than the benefit of the doubt, and I loved watching Tareq squirm this week when Stacie requested the financial information to prove they could purchase a home – twice! lol.

    Is Stacie’s snarky blog a result of the news that broke this week that Salahi’s are fired by Bravo? (Personally, I’m not getting my hopes up ’til we hear it from Bravo) It seems like she’s been holding back until now, but then again, maybe she’s trying to write her blogs from the perspective of where she was at the time of the current episode, and in that case, we should only expect them to get snarkier!

    Also, I thought Stacie’s blog was written very articulately and just really enjoy having an intelligent housewife as part of the cast. Although I am disappointed about the previews for next week showing her marriage views. I can only hope that it is the editing of the teaser clip and there is more to it.

    • nathania says:

      wow. she really doesn’t pull any punches, does she. I can understand, though, they are messing with her professionally by wasting her time, that could be a real commission that she is missing there. I think she has Tareq down pat. Thanks for posting this, every since I found LynnNChicago and Real City Housewife I have vowed not to go back to the Bravo site but I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this one.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      You know, I am getting a little annoyed with Stacie constantly repeating that Treq attacked Lolly when Mary was by herself and didn’t have the support of her husband.

      It just reinforces the old tired women as victims stereotype. How do single mothers do it when someone violates the”man code”? What a bunch of nonsense.

      Tareq picked his victim and knew that Mary would dissolve in a puddle of tears. If it was me, I would have ripped him a new asshole regardless if I had a man with me or not.

      They’re just enabling Mary’s helplessness.

  64. Wall St Lady says:

    Hey (WSM says animals eat hey)
    Darlin !(Said w/honey dripping)

    Dumberries I think of you every morning when I take my gummy bear vitamins.

    Did LynnFam know dumberries is a spoof of Kelly’s dependence on Gummy Bears ?

    Anyway u have been “ripping” to day & I really had to keep my thinking cap on to keep up w/ ur bold but insightful comments that I agree with.
    U ROCK !

    • dumberries says:

      Thanks WSL. I don’t usually take joy in others’ misfortunes, especially jail time. But when it comes the Gs, it’s so overdue and they’ve screwed so many people that it just made my day that Juicy is headed for the clink. Hope there’s more justice on the way…

  65. boston02127 says:

    Real City Housewife –Just read your blog. I needed the laugh, thx. Did you catch it when mack truck manzo had to boast herself up on the chair? Or when C was ranting on about what a good person she is she said, I’ve raised 3 kids with good morals and good work ethic. Hello…Albie???? I’m beginning to like when they are let out in public. The more the two of them say, the dumber they look.

  66. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet—-

    Kelly Bumsimon—This video is soooooo close to Bethenny’s Bluefly commercial!
    (in your dreams)

  67. DWandM says:

    YAY! I was able to post on Lynn’s sister blog. 🙂

  68. Wall St Lady says:

    Sweet Had Enough I am sorry u didn’t have a great day. Ultimately u get what u give.

    U generously give a lot to the LynnFam but I also know u ,like many others here R a care giver to elderly folks.

    Bless U.

    The world needs more
    Had Enoughs !

  69. Wall St Lady says:

    Mary braggs

    *That she doesn’t make $$
    She spends it
    *that her 20 year old daughter shares her size.

    Ok remember
    * the pre delivery pictures of Kate + 8 w/the 2’x2′ belly
    *Kate’s current size 6 body

    My point

    Mary’s body after 5 kids was probably BOUGHT just like Kates

  70. Wall St Lady says:

    I am a grand Mother (to step children of 20years)
    But I hear Cyotee Flower & Quincy to name a few say
    grand child & I say to myself she couldn’t possibly be a grandmother.
    I think here we all freely express ourselves & become the WISE younger women we wanted to be then.
    Like aged wine we r more tasty & our color more perfect now.

    Grandmothers ROCK !
    Thanks for rocking w/me
    AKA Grand Ma Lee.

  71. Noelle says:

    Greetings my sweet WSL,
    Responded to your message up thread….Your a doll!

  72. AnnaM says:

    In a further attempt to copy Bethenny at all times Kelly has started printing recipes.
    The first is for
    “Kelly Fruitcake”
    Put 1 cup of nuts, 1 1/2 cups of bananas on a bed of crusted crackers.
    Then mix 1 box cake mix with 1 cup gummy bears 1 cup jelly beans.
    the recipe kind of falls apart when you get to the teaspoon of batshit.

  73. truelifediva says:

    Good night all. Gotta get some sleep so I can have the energy I need for my two hours of high impact cardio at the gym tomorrow. Turbo Kick Boxing and Zumba. Those mini skirts aren’t just gonna wear themselves… 😉

  74. truelifediva says:

    Just changed my avatar. My cat thinks this is a better look and Kelly Bensimon did say ankles are the new cleavage. Plus, I left the price tag stickers on like the style icon Jill Zarin does, that’s what’s hot too 😉

  75. Jules says:

    Andy Cohen is so full of shit we should be able to see it actually pouring out of his ears. Perhaps that is why he dresses so poorly – he doesn’t want shit to get all over his really nice clothes. I agree completely that it is inappropriate for them to have a boy on the late night TV show Watch What Happens Live. So, Andy is offended by the insinuation that he is gaga over Ben Weiner – well, I believe that on one of his episodes he in fact said that Ben Weiner was one of the things he was currently obsessed with. If Andy really believes that the viewers are requesting Ben appearance on the show than maybe Andy needs to consider the level that the shows have stooped to, and the corresponding classless crowd it is now cultivating. Perhaps Bravo should rename itself TrashTV, and then we would have no need to kid ourselves into expecting more.

    Andy tells us that he took it upon himself to insist that Teresa stay seated the remainder of the Reunion show. To that I say BULLSHIT. He did that for one reason, and one reason alone – because Danielle threatened to leave if he didn’t. Andy knows better than anyone, that without Danielle, the Reunion show would have been a boring pile of nothiness, just like the show was all season. I believe Danielle when she said the bodyguards were instructed to just leave it alone initially. Over time, I am beginning to believe that there is a lot more honesty coming out of Danielle than there is anyone else on that show. Perhaps that Manzo crowd really is mob connected, and Danielle has some real reasons to be concerned with her safety, and her need for protection.

    I do hope Teresa’s sister-in-law comes on the show next season, and puts that crowd of ladies in their place. If she has been treated as poorly by Teresa as it is reported, there is no way she is going to let Teresa off the hook next season. Hopefully she will serve as the vehicle need to finally shed some real light on the kind of person Teresa really is. My guess is, if this happens Teresa will become the kind of person Caroline won’t want to hang with, and then Teresa can get a little taste of what it feels like to be in Danielle’s shoes. What goes around comes around!!!!!!

    Finally, inspite of the fact that the Bravo blog comment situation has always infuriated me – at least it has brought us all here to vent our real opinions.

  76. Wall St Lady says:

    My hope is that Teresa”s SIL won’t put Tradha in her place bexause she will b in Jail or picking op trash on a highway doing her comunity service. .

    • KookADoodleDo says:

      I guess Jill hasn’t spent enough time “reflecting” on her shortcomings. She is still desperate to be a “star”! And, I still hate Jill Zarin!!

      “Zarin said she took part in casting nearly all of the other housewives on the show, originally titled “Manhattan Moms,” and helped to incite negotiations with producers and the other cast members.

      When asked about her fight with former costar Bethenny Frankel, Zarin said the two would have arguments or conversations that were done for the show and would be resolved at a later time. Zarin believed the fight that ended their friendship was going to be resolved. However she confirmed the two are no longer speaking.”

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Spinning so hard it’s laughable. Alex was the first one signed for “Manhattan Moms.” JZ suggested women to/for the show. In fact both JZ and B have publicly said it was Bawby who came up with the idea of suggesting B for the show and it was Bawby who introduced B to a producer. Now JZ wants to make it sound like she was wrangling “talent” and negotiating contracts.

        The “fight” JZ kvetched about all season long didn’t happen during filming…..JZ saved the voicemail for months to play for the cameras. Ditto with Bawby’s health scare that none of the other women knew about until she put it out there for the cameras. Jill I’m guessing doesn’t talk about her public admission on the reunion show where she admitted she was isolating & trashing B to damage B’s professional career.

        The fight & friendship was resolved, Jillz. You cut B out of your life “like a cancer.” And when B came to her senses, she saw that it was in fact “a good thing” and kept on keeping on.

  77. Wall St Lady says:

    I posted this on Stacy’s blog

    Stacy U R neet O cool. One of my close friends knows Laura & ? Who own the OTHER successful winery. He & I r in the same business. I hope to meet them on Martha’s’ Vineyard. Anyway Laura says u r the REAL Deal & all the gals who know u respect & covet your advice. My friend is says there is 7 degrees apart in the wealthy African American Community.
    Anyway I pray ur union w/ur Dad will b all u hope for & more. Love Wall St. Lady

    I forgot the name of husband & winery ;just remembered: Golden Leaf. Anyway my friend told me :do not blog about what I told u. So I didn’t tell u some other things I learned.

    Also my friend has been approached to do a reality show with not Bravo. I would b forced to b on it. I told her I would do a cocktail party when the weather allowed us to enjoy the terrace.

    Yikes I would need to go to a spa & knock off ten pounds or I wouldn’t do it.

    And we’ll have
    Till ur Daddy takes the
    T Bird away !
    WSL singing prayer fully

    • OneMoreinBoston says:


      So one of own might, maybe, sorta kinda, be an auxillary housewife?

      I. DIE.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Don’t forget us when you are a star.

      We have wineries here. My mom has grape veins and we pick the grapes for the winery. They come and measure acid and sugar levels, then they tell us the days to pick.

      I just visited wineries in Napa too. There was on Darioush (spelling?) that looked like the Persopolis of Shiraz, Iran. You have to go there and see it.

      I finished my running/fitness class and am heading out for an all day trail ride in a state park. There will be a large number of horses with riders on the trails that Lincoln himself rode.

      I love you, WSL… Have a great day.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      LOL. I would love to see you do that, WSL. 😀

      And then you can embark on a singing career, with a new release, “Wall St. Lady sings the Ho’wives.” LOL

      And don’t forget that memoir people here have suggested you write. Seriously.

  78. Wall St Lady says:

    “7 degrees of separation”

    I know I wrote that cuz I looked to see if I had a sym for that !
    Agrrrrr 😦

  79. boston02127 says:

    On Claud’s (Dina) twitter she tweets about Lexi being sick. She took her to the hospital and she was admitted. She has the flu/virus and she’s home now. The point of the story is Dina took pictures of Lexi in the hospital and posted them on Twitter. One picture is of Lexi in a hospital bed with a hospital nighty on and she’s covering her face. I’m sure if it was the other way around Dina wouldn’t allow pictures of herself posted. She really needs a hobby beside gluing glitter and pom poms on pumpkins. She needs a life. I didn’t post the links up because I feel sorry for Lexi.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      How sad is it when an 18 yr. old sitting in Southie, hundreds of miles from NJ, has more ethical and moral integrity than Lexi’s own mother?

      I WILL clap for you.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Dina also had to mention that she missed some shows during Fashion week due to Lexi’s illness. make of that what you will…

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Who the hell takes a picture of their kid in the hospital and then post it on Twitter?!?!?!? Not EVERYTHING needs to be out on Twitter. Gah!!!

    • nathania says:


      that is the kind of thing Danielle got slammed for all season. just wow.

      I agree on the designing thing, when i watched the video I was expecting interior design because I thought that’s what she says she does but it really was more like bedazzling like some here have said. I watch HGTV quite a bit so I expected her to talk about the whole room, etc, not just a pumkin on the table with glitter on it. I don’t even know what one calls people who do that…arts & crafters?

  80. boston02127 says:

    OneMoreinBoston–Is it possible you can email me so I can send you something back? I want to show you something that was in the Globe. You can click on my name and get my email address. If you don’t want to I understand.

  81. OneMoreinBoston says:

    I sent you an email anyway. I just read the Globe online-lotsa stuff about “The Town”.

    I lived in Charlestown for years, so I’m not too sure how I feel about the depiction on screen.

    Are you going to see it?

  82. boston02127 says:

    Well…I hate to be a Jill brag-n-ski… 🙂 but…I’m going to pick up my new car today! Not brand new (o9) but new to me. Excited! No more bus or T or broom for me!
    Have a good day everyone. 🙂

  83. Wall St Lady says:

    Quincy Ditto

  84. dumberries says:

    More on the Caroline / Teresa feud…

    There’s just no way Teresa’s going to be able to spin the jail time for driving with a suspended license. I think Caroline better start distancing herself fast or she’s going to be supporting ridiculous lies and criminal activity for the Giudices forever.


    • dumberries says:

      The article links to a short video of Caroline testifying for Danielle’s ex. It’s pretty convincing testimony actually.

      • MAMAZ says:

        dumberries – I have no doubt that most if not all of what Caroline, Jac and Teresa say about Danielle is true. For me though it doesn’t excuse their behavior. According to Caroline’s deposition Danielle has a terrible reputation in their area. Jac and Teresa said as much in S1 of NJ. But they still choose to film with her for not 1 but 2 seasons. They were willing to overlook it all in their bid for stardom. I also find Danielle terrifying. You couldn’t pay me enough money to interact with her.
        Teresa claims to only act like a maniac when Danielle is around. But she recently admitted to being suspended from HS for giving a girl a black eye. She has lied in her BK statements and possibly committed tax fraud. Joe is a serial drunk driver. But Caroline and Jac are both accepting of the Guidices infractions. It’s just Teresa being Teresa.
        I hate double standards.

        • dumberries says:

          MAMAZ: I agree 100%. Caroline looked like a good witness for Danielle’s ex. That sure doesn’t mean that Caroline or her cohorts aren’t guilty of generally being liars, hypocrites, and worse. If they were on trial in the court of public opinion, I think they’d be in big trouble! It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Caroline ends up being a reluctant prosecution witness against her good friends the Giudices some day soon…

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            How can Caroline be such a good witness when she doesn’t see or interact with Danielle? Isn’t that hearsay?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I wasn’t too impressed with Caroline’s testimony. I think it was pretty clear, it wasn’t the subpoena that brought her there, she was practically salivating over the chance to stick it to D.

        I wonder if she will be as enthusiastic when she receives one where she has to testify against the Guidices.

        She wants to call Danielle a prostitute then insinuate she is a liar when she claims to have a pimp? She wants to call Danielle garbage and filth and always make mention of her past- but then acts how mortified she was by Danielle pretty much doing the same thing with the other people who were involved- and I think it’s pretty clear Danielle was the low guy on the totem pole in that criminal venture.

        Caroline doesn’t mind criminals, thieves and thugs- it’s snitches she can’t stand.

        • dumberries says:

          No doubt – I agree. All of the NJ housewives were at the reunion when Danielle made her alleged defamatory statements about her ex. Caroline was likely the one deposed because of her zeal to stick to Danielle and because she’s slightly more well-spoken than the others – I think she gave the ex exactly what he wanted… It will be much more interesting when Caroline is called as a witness for the Giudices…

          • MAMAZ says:

            If this was all said at the reunion why didn’t they just subpoena the tapes?

            Caroline testifying against the Giudices:
            I don’t recall.
            I can’t remember.
            I was recovering from lap band surgery at the time and wasn’t really paying attention.

  85. Wall St Lady says:

    One of my sweet friends Lizzy L Was Adolfo’s print & runway (one of many) models & his exclusive fit model (he used her body exclusively).
    I went to several shows & had a front row seat (I am patting my back ha ha).
    I do have many many Adolpho suits not cuz of Lizzy or Nancy Regan but cuz they r a very COMFORTABLE tribute to Channel) Any way the shows are at Bryant Park behind the NY Library. The temporary tents r hot& airless & u sit on tiny uncomfortable folding chairs. If u wear heels your heels stick in the ground & u not only feel stupid but u get dirt on your heels.
    OK now here is the most ridiculous part.
    None of the clothes r wearable !
    Generally they r a space age versions of the retail version. In the collection they make 1 0r 2 for actual dress of the ones they show which r purchased by skinny socialites who only eat asparagus for lunch at La Cirque or Le Bernardin. (At dinner at equally wonderful places)they push their $75 meals around their plate. BTW they would DIE b4 asking for a doggy bag; I ask for the rolls & butter too.
    Anyway these gals go to the shows as a tribute to the designer.Not to buy. Yes they get a great feel for the line. But mainly they get to later go to the mostly really crummy show rooms & hob nob w/the designers snobby assistant who has a closet full of the designers stuff for free to buy the same retail stuff Saks has. Yes they do not pay exactly retail but more important they don’t have to b associated w/ the rif raf at Saks or Bendels.

    Soooo boring.
    Snore Snore !

  86. LynnNChicago says:

    WSL “BTW they would DIE b4 asking for a doggy bag; I ask for the rolls & butter too.”

    LMAO thats awesome!!

  87. Wall St Lady says:

    Another story. One of the assistants of a famous designer I bought a lot of was a beautiful & sweet girl from the mid west who graduated HS & came to NY to model but ended up as a sales girl at the designers showroom. Coincidentally she started to date a friend/client of mine. (We met on a blind date). They date for 5years. I tell plead w/ him on her behalf & tell him “get off the pot already”. He says she won’t continue his education & he is not sure if she just wants his money (he is from a major banking family). I take her to Church & really comfort her. She attends my wedding.
    Later we are at a ball. Her beloved had too much to drink & gives me a love bite on my neck (I had NEVER kissed him ;I thought he was ugly & I go for handsome not $$$). Any way WSM takes his large hand & grabs his face & removes it from my neck (client or friend 5ont bite my wife’s neck!). I thought it was funny.
    Back to the story. I remember the moment when the gal first laid eyes on one of the 10 wealthiest men in America. I really don’t like him. His personality reminds me of Kelly only he only remembers blonds. B4 One of my boy fiends had a dinner party 4 this $$$$$$$$$man. He was in the news for escaping from a plane crash where others died & we celebrated his life. I met him 10 times but he never remembered me. Unlike kelly it wasn’t b cuz I wasn’t important ;he was people stupid unless u were 5’8″ & blond. Well our gal lit up like a Christmas tree.
    Some how away from her boyfriend they exchange #s.
    They were soon and item even B4 she moved out.
    They married. She was about 28 he about 6o. He is 6’4 & attractive.
    Ok the POINT

    NOW she Doesn’t Know me.
    They live mostly in PB.
    When I called her she had a social Sec. Call to ask what I wanted & to tell me Ms. Now $$$$
    Had a very full calendar.
    I thought at first her Sec. Had me confused with some RIF RAF.
    NOPE. Never herd from her again. When I saw her at her home for a political thing where I went to meet Clint Eastwood she was very sweet.
    Since her marriage she has hired the MOST expensive PR s not Lizzy. She has been in T C Vogue etc w/exclusive 3 page spreads. One featured this was her social make it or not as Chairwoman of one of the most exclusive charity dos.
    She failed & is now relegated to just being a big donor but not a social leader.
    Poor dumb dumb
    $$$$$$ can’t buy u
    even society’s love !
    (I am not going to reread this cuz if my bb jumped & eraced this I would break it)

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  89. montana says:

    I have to comment on your comment about KC , Lynda’s assistant. I truly believe, although it may not be true, people who wear extensions ALL have hair that looks like this. I was at my Hairdresser yesterday who was trying to talk me into getting extensions , she commented ” everyone here has them” meaning the stylists. While the length looked fine and the colors matched their own perfectly , they all had what appeared to be a rats nest at or near the scalp. Every single one of them. As much as I would like to try extensions there is NO WAY I will leave my house looking like that. Just my opinion

  90. Jillousyhater says:

    I cannot believe after Andy actually took the time to write such a thoughtful and sincere response (despite the fact she insinuated he was a perv), Ann, she responded back again with such a rude e-mail. Terrible, I feel bad for Andy.

  91. Powell says:

    The Salahi’s have been in the Washington Post here in the DMV on numeerous occasions. Tarique’s mother has been trying to get her son and daughter-in-law off of the vineyard property because she wants to sell it. Oasis has not made money for a while now. Tariqur and Michaele can’t afford to purchase the vineyard, let alone finance renovations. Any way, how can you renovate something you don’t own?
    As far as Stacie taking the Salahi’s house hunting for $4-$8 million dollar properties, that was a laugh and totally a waist of Stacie’s time. Stacie only took them to look at a neighborhood that had what they claim they require for their 250 guests and they claim they can afford. As a realtor with Sotheby’s Stacie can only get appointments to view properties once the Salahi’s are pre-qualified, which we all know they do not. Stacie will never see any bank statements, or financials, personal or business. I doubt they even have a bank account.

  92. montana says:

    There is a page on FB called “Teresa Giudice -the TRUTH” we would love if some of you people would join and add any stories about her you might have. There are lots of groups on FB for the Housewives but GodForbid you say anything about Teresa and blink …your blocked. Thanks Y’all and Lynn as always, LOVE your blogs !!

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