I Hate Jill Zarin Bravo / Housewives Updates Sept 21, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin Bravo / Housewives Updates Sept 21, 2010

Just a quick few words on Bravo’s newest series Thintervention with Jackie Warner. We’re down to seven and they’re not even voting people off the island here…we lost Shay’s Mom, Kim to an arm injury.

I have to question, as I’m sure many of you who watched might have as well, whether Jackie Warner has any people skills whatsoever. She started the day by telling her assistant Craig that they were going to make this session as miserable as possible for the recruits. Resident rebel, Nikki shows up late and all of the others are punished for her tardiness by having to run the treadmill until she arrives. Good thing she eventually showed, the cast was getting pretty darn pissed off. Nikki strolls in claiming to have food poisoning but everyone knows, including Jackie, that this woman is hung over.

Nikki is a nasty cat who likes to slam all of the others, apparently making herself feel better. What is it about Bravo and British babes? They always seem to find the stereotypical bitches.

Shay is not a Diva as she claims to be, she’s a kid with a bad attitude, but did seem to improve as the episode went on so hopefully she’ll realize that Jackie is trying to help her.

Joe is a cocky sob and readily admits that he is only laying off of the cheeseburgers to become more attractive to the “right” women. Joe is one of those overweight guys who judges overweight women.

Jeana is really quiet and doesn’t really interact much with the others. I am getting the distinct impression that she doesn’t want to be there and this show is her Bravo punishment for asking for more money to appear on The Real Housewives of Orange County. I can just see Andy explaining it, “Sorry Jeana, you screwed us by holding out for more money, if you want to get back onto RHOOC you have to suffer through 8 weeks of pure hell with Jackie Warner, take it or leave it.”

Bryan seems like a really nice guy, I wonder however if he is there for the right reasons, it seems as though is life partner was harassing him a bit about his weight and he’s trying to lose weight for him.

Mandy hosted the dinner party last night, they do a lot of that, she seems like a really nice lady who will get no air time because she is a really nice lady.

Stacy just cries a lot!

This is not “must see TV” by any means but if there isn’t anything else on TV, it’ll do. Our regular poster here, Quincy will hopefully have a real recap for us later today.

Well you can all rest easy, Joe Giudice is behind bars having turned himself over yesterday, and he will not be having sex with his wife for the next ten days. How will they survive? Giudice being categorized as a “celebrity” is not being put into general population as any “regular” New Jersey criminal would be. Just like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, Joe will be alone in a small cell where he cannot be harassed by other inmates. Joe is reported to have told friends that this will be like a vacation for him, just as everyone suspected, he is not taking this seriously, not learning any lessons or seeing the error of his ways. Who are these people who think that they can tell Joe Giudice he cannot drive his car?

Interesting article, somewhat amateurish from an obscure web site: http://ibuysss.com/?p=410

A twitter friend of mine, @Intensity38 saved a few tweets that were quite interesting. Jacqueline tweeted that she was enjoying lunch with a few friends…

JacLaurita Having lunch with Caroline, Kim D. And @lina_shine! Beautiful day, nice breeze. I just realized I need a tan. Oh.. & my feet hurt.

When Intensity38 asked Caroline about the lunch, here is her response…

CarolineManzo @Intensity38 nope, no lunch

Honestly the Jersey girls really need to get it together and try to get their lies in sync.

RadarOnLine is reporting that Simon Barney was arrested yesterday for domestic violence against his estranged wife, Tamra Barney of the Real Housewives of Orange County:

‘Orange County Housewife’ Tamra Barney’s Husband Arrested For Domestic Violence | Radar Online http://t.co/8I7PFIE

NeNe Leakes is preparing to come back to television on October 4th with a new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she has been tweeting more often and got quite carried away last night, here is the conversation started by a young girl in Nassau:

I use to like @NeNeLeakes on house wives of atl then she just turned on ppl….but oh well she.use to be my favorite but now Kandi is she real

@NeNeLeakes There’s a bridge waiting 4 u 2 jump off! Go kill yoself

NeNe needs get it together! She will most likely get more tweets like that and she certainly can’t be telling young girls to go and kill themselves. Interesting that she attacked this girl when she really does get many tweets that are negative, maybe it is because this girl mentioned Kandi?

Not surprisingly she took very little slack, only two or three tweets questioned that NeNe suggested a young girl kill herself. In fact, many of her fans laughed at her tweet. There was no shortage of harassment when people thought that Danielle had implied Ashley should kill herself, yet NeNe seems to get away with saying anything she wants to say.

A few months back, one of our regulars on IHJZ mentioned that he knew NeNe Leakes and went to high school with her, here are some of his comments:

From UpperWestSideDude:

A side note, I knew NeNe Leakes from the Atlanta Houswives in High School. She was a piece of work even then. The storied I could tell…

What you see of NeNe on the tube is no act. That is exactly how she was in High School – she hasn’t changed one iota. Always fighting and always loud…

The fight with Latisha started when NeNe mad fun of her belt. SHe called it a “new wave belt” and called the girl poor. This was 1983 so you have to take it in the context of the times…

One more tidbit, NeNe had this black tooth from the 9th to the end of the 10th grade. It was more or less this huge black cavity on one of her incisors. She always bragged how her mother enrolled her in Barbizon modeling school but I kept thinking to myself what about the black tooth.

She also was a cheerleader. We had this gym coach who was of course playing for the other team. I remember during PE Mrs. Odom asked NeNe about her name – it was strange to her. She replied sarcastically “you know, Knee and a Knee”. As she said the phrase she high kicked each knee into the air and pointed at it. For some reason that exchange always stuck out in my mind as funny…

With all that I’ve said, I think NeNe is a victim of the same delusional notions of grandeur as our Jill Zarin. They take it up a notch once they feel they’ve acquired celebrity status.

One more side story, I remember when NeNe got in a fight with the same Latisha in 12 grade social studies class – this was a class right after the lunch period. These girls went at it and it was scary. A very physical fight with a lot of smacking, scratching, and pulling of hair. NeNe was not anyone to mess with because she was a huge girl who towered over all of us…

In the 9th grade we had this science teacher name Mrs. Hazen – I think she was Egyptian. Anyway, NeNe was always giving this woman a hard time. She actually got expelled for week because she made some off-handed remark about Mrs Hazen’s hot flashes and her grasp on the English language. She kept opening and closing the windows during the winter months. They actually had an agrument in class and NeNe was promptly suspended for week from school. I honestly believe Mrs. hazen was going through the “change of life” when this happened.

Thank you for sharing those memories Upper West Side Dude!

I’m not going to pretend to say that I’m not watching The Atlanta Housewives because I tried that with New Jersey and it didn’t come close to working, so I’ll admit, I’ll be watching RHOA.

For anyone who may have been around when I started this blog, you may remember that my first blogs were posted on Hubpages web site. They have now shut down all of those blogs. It seems as though now that we’ve moved to WordPress, Hubpages was offended by the word “Hate” in the blog title, but when it was bringing dozens and dozens of hits to their site, apparently they were fine with it. So I plan to bring all of those blogs, along with the great comments over to the Blogspot site just so that people can read them if they want to, some of the comments are golden! I will post here when those have been transferred if anyone is interested in reading them.

I plan on continuing to post blogs here on WordPress as this comment venue is a whole lot better than Blogspot but if you’d all go over and just click on the ads now and then, I’d appreciate it LOL (earned $6 so far! woohoo) But seriously, if you do have time the old blogs are fun to read, especially when you see some of your own old comments!

The first one is posted, it was originally posted April 19, 2010 – comments are also posted. More to come..


Until Next Time…

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  1. MickeyMouth says:

    I just retweeted that NeNe tweet. Nasty!

  2. nancy says:

    Great blog, Lynn. I will go to the other site and do some clicking.

  3. Jeepers says:

    To BRAVO ‘SITE ADMINISTRATORS” for viewers posting comments.

    I asked Mr. Cohen to look into the in fairness you are & have done to
    the audiences, as to why you do not post they’re comments. His response
    to me was, he would look into this matter.
    In the mean time, I am sure you can do better than you have so far. As
    a matter of fact, as I explain to Mr. Cohen, you are causing BRAVO fans
    to tune out. This is not a good thing for BRAVO & the sponsors as well.
    This is costing $$$$$$ not only to them, but to you as well.
    So the next time, before you ditch a comment, think about this, of that
    was your comment, wouldn’t you want it posted?……..Jeepers CC:Lynn

    I just sent this…………hope no one minds………

    • 201MaryF says:

      I mean no offense at all, but there are a few typos in your comment. They’re should be their. Of that, should be if that in the last sentence. I believe the first sentence should say unfairness, not infairness. Mean time, in this instance, should be one word. Also, explain should be explained.

      Again I mean no harm and no judgement. I just believe in proofreading and proper usage of the english language.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Mary, sometimes it happens. I proof read 99.9% of my posts & know (most of the time) the proper grammar and spelling, but it seems my finger is trigger happy & click’s post the post comment button before my eyes finish proof reading. Since I’m having fun here when I should be doing other things, I tend to rush when posting. That’s my alibi for my typos. Jeepers bet you have the same problem : )

      • Had Enough! says:

        And judgment has no “e.” We could spend all our time and energy worrying about typos or we can just enjoy ourselves. But if you are going to call someone out on their spelling and grammar, don’t live in a glass house.

        • Nit-Wit says:

          Well. . . Judgement/judgment is the perfect word to make your point since it’s spelling is debatable.
          Traditionally, the word has been spelled judgment in all forms of the English language. However, the spelling judgement (with e added) largely replaced judgment in the United Kingdom in a non-legal context. In the context of the law, however, judgment is preferred. This spelling change contrasts with other similar spelling changes made in American English, which were rejected in the UK. In the US at least, judgment is still preferred and judgement is considered incorrect by many American style guides.
          So the way you spell it may depend on where and when you learned to spell. And that is OK.
          And I agree with Had Enough, that we should not nit pick here as we all come to this blog from different places, not from up here and down there, (in Kellyspeak) but over here and over there.

          • Nit-Wit says:

            its, not it’s. doh!

          • Had Enough! says:

            We fought a war with those pommie wankers and won, so it is jail, color, and judgment and NOT gaol, colour, and judgement. And we drink our beer the way it should be: COLD.

            • 201MaryF says:

              I get what you are saying, but I have to ask, what is a pommie wanker?

              • Kat says:

                Pommie: (n) Australian slang meaning an English person. … Wanker: (n) A very stupid, unpleasant or useless person, usually a man.

                From google… Monty Python.

            • Nit-Wit says:

              Pommie Wankers ! Funny!
              But I never ice my drinks.
              Had Enough I am totally impressed, you don’t look that old.

              • Had Enough! says:

                I don’t ice my cocktails. Putting ice in good bourbon is a crime. It not only waters down the bourbon but most ice is nasty, having been in the freezer for weeks or months, absorbing smells. If you must dilute your bourbon, you probably shouldn’t be drinking bourbon, but in any case, use branch water and PLEASE my darlings NOT some crap from a plastic bottle that came from a factory. Branch water should come from the stream near the distillery. It generally comes from the limestone aquifers found throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. Some distillers bottle and sell their branch water.

                But beer must be cold. Not iced. Just really cold.

            • tuzentswurth says:

              @Had Enough….no gray/ grey areas? Pommie Wankers…..funny. How about Basil Fawlty’s rant at English aristocracy when he called them “toffee-nosed…..pus pockets”!

        • TLM says:

          Either judgement or judgment is correct. I know this because I used to have a mental block with this word, despite being a great speller most of the time. Linguistically, the two spellings are considered acceptable variants of one another. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/judgement

      • Had Enough! says:

        And the “e” in English should be capitalized.

        I am sure you meant no offense, but you are new around here, yes? Sometimes people are too intimidated to post, and this kind of thing doesn’t help.

        • boston02127 says:

          @Had Enough—Well said. Too bad typos weren’t our biggest problem in life! I feel it’s worse to point out someones typos then it is to post a typo! We all make typos, it’s human error. I say…smile and move on.

        • Oh lord…is someone going to jail for a crime against grammar and spelling? Get my handcuffs ready, too!

          There are many excellent grammarians and spellers hanging around here that depend on writing/editing for their living, however when posting on this blog don’t use their working voice. It’s a nice vacation…

      • Jeepers says:

        Geez Mary, so sorry that my spelling & my grammar us not
        up to you’re standards, I did not intend to upset anyone.
        As for the corrections you have called me on, can I just say
        what Jill (spit) told Bethenny, “I am what I am”…………LOL

        P.S. Thank you all for coming to my defense, but Mary had a
        to do what Mary had to do…………….LOL
        Lynn, is they’re a teacher in the house?…….LOL

        HAGD E1…………………Jeepers

        • Jeepers says:

          oops…….see I did it again, that should have been, there not they’re!!!!!!!!!!!!…………damn am I going to flunk this course?

        • 2Stupid says:

          I really think she was trying to be helpfuld before you forwarded something to Bravo trying to make a point, but possibly dilluting it by typos. In my opinion she was very courteous and probably doesn’t deserve to be chastised for trying to be helpful. I think people should be more cognitive of someone’s tone when reacting. Just my two cents…..

          • BambiBaby22 says:

            She also asked a few times to please not be offended. I agree, if something is to be sent to Bravo, it should be as error-free as possible or else it loses some of its effect.
            But comments with typos on this blog are fine, as a matter of fact, it is more annoying to me when someone corrects their own typos after posting with another post right under it (unless the original typo changed the meaning of the intent).

            • 201MaryF says:

              Hi all, just checking back in. I just want to say that the only reason I pointed out the errors was because it was bneing sent to BRAVO, and I feel that the comment would be taken more seriously if it were written correctly.

              I would never, ever point out someone’s typos on just a normal comment here. We all make errors when typing quickly.

              Thanks for everyone who understood what I was getting at.

              Also, I am not new here; have been around awhile. And yes, judgement and judgment are interchangeable. Also, thanks catching the error in English. I wrote clearly, I thought, that I meant no harm. I just feel if you are sending a complaint letter to BRAVO, it should be writtencorrectly or it may be dismissed.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                Hi Mary, thanks for clearing it up- as you can see, I also thought you were just trying to ‘proof read’ it before it was sent.

                Now let’s all be friends again 🙂

              • boston02127 says:

                Thanks Mary. 🙂 Glad you came back too.

              • Savannah111 says:

                If there’s errors in our spelling please learn to look past them we are blogging not saving lifes here ok? I have mistakes all the time as far I know Lynn is not grading anyone here on spelling
                this is not a spelling contest. Maybe there’s a site out there for you to go and have a ball. In the mean time here’s something you can take on… HSJFBLKASNPASWFH{OJFC{OAFJ
                Your a pest..
                Letter’s that may be sent by other bloggers to anyone any where is really none of your business one way or the other.

                Have a great day.

          • oopsy says:

            I agree, she wanted to be helpful on an ‘official’ message to Andy, who is actually a senior VP at Bravo. I make typos and reread my post and think, “huh?” but if I was sending a letter to someone I would like mistakes corrected. You wouldn’t let me walk around with spinach in my teeth, would you? Same thing.

          • Nit-Wit says:

            I thought about this as well. She was very nice about it and the idea that when sending something to Bravo, it should be written in our best voice is ordinarily a good one, but then I tossed that out.
            They certainly don’t give us their best.
            That does not negate the fact that she wrote with good intention. So sorry 201MaryF.

            • 201MaryF says:

              No sorry necessary. I still stand by my position. When writing a complaint letter, why not make it as perfect as possible. It just makes sense to me.

          • 201MaryF says:

            You are right 2; thanks.

        • 201MaryF says:

          I did not intend to upset you at all. I just thought if you were sending a complaint letter to BRAVO, you might have wanted to fix the typos or errors.

          I believe my comment was written in a good spirit. Your answer was not.

          • 201MaryF says:

            Sorry, this was meant to be addressed to Jeepers.

            • Jeepers says:

              at my age, (69 yrs old here) I don’t mind in fact, I appreciate you making
              a comments period. Wether it was just from reading my letter (not to Mr.
              Cohen, BTW) but to the ‘SITE ADMINISTRATORS.” FYI Mr. Cohen & I
              already have a line of communication going as has been documented here
              on Lynn’s blog. But seriously, I am fine with anything said about me, just
              want to be able to speak my response, (that is if I have one) as we all do.
              NO HARM NO FOUL or should that have been, FOWL…………….LOL

              • anniieee says:

                My computer just went wanky…thats why the big H…for Hey Guys,
                I do have one thought… teehee…Doesn’t Bravo only post those WITH typos…so we are
                ALL GOOD…and great letter by the way. Love you all!!!

            • Savannah111 says:

              I don’t care who it was addressed to whether it’s Jeepers, Lynn or anyone I think your making yourself to look like a real ass here. You’ve got a few little spelling errors yourself and grammer issues as well. (this one meant to be 2 you?)

              • nit-wit says:

                I am a wee bit surprised at your response as it seems a bit harsh.
                Mary’s intent was explained, apologies were given all around and accepted.
                You made your responses hours after the fact. Surely having now read the entire thread you must no longer feel this way. I mean, this isn’t a sit down between Danielle and Caroline. We can communicate better than that.
                If Bravo does read these blogs, lets show them how grown ups do it. And yes, I know I am guilty of snapping from time to time, but what an introduction for 201MaryF!
                Thanks to Had Enough for the lesson on branch water, I always learn something helpful here.

      • Maxine49 says:

        Here’s an idea, MaryF, why don’t you just take the stick out of your arse! There, does that feel better?

      • TLM says:

        Ummm…”English” should be capitalized.

        Judge not, lest ye be judged!! ;)~

        • Sha2000 says:

          WoW long thread!!!! I just replied to Mary because I wanted to make Jeepers feel good & point out that many of us have a typo problem…that she was in good company because we all mess up at times. 201MaryF was respectful & trying to help; & I hope my reply read just as respectfully as I intended back to Mary…which brings me to…Maxine49…was that really necessary? Tsk,tsk.

      • Savannah111 says:

        If there’s errors in our spelling please learn to look past them we are blogging not saving lifes here ok? I have mistakes all the time as far I know Lynn is not grading anyone here on spelling
        this is not a spelling contest. Maybe there’s a site out there for you to go and have a ball. In the mean time here’s something you can take on… HSJFBLKASNPASWFH{OJFC{OAFJ
        Your a pest..

        Have a great day…

        • Sha2000 says:

          Savannah, I really think Mary was trying to point it out respectfully to Jeepers. I was nice to both, no need to be rude is my point. I guess you missed the comment by Maxine because that’s the person who was nasty here.

    • BKAamia009 says:

      Why didnt u ask him why he was so rude with Danielle and not got on Teresa and calling her out on her lies? U know like the stuff Lynn blogs about. May I ask the address where u wrote to Andy at?

      • Jeepers says:

        Sorry for the delay, I usually don’t go back this far
        on my post, but I was looking for something on AOL
        Search and saw my name for Lynn’s blog site. But I
        hope this correct: andysblog@nbcuni.com
        Let me know what happens, OK? Or you can e-mail
        me at: rawwarus@yahoo.com…….TY……Jeepers

  4. Kat says:

    Lynn, thanks for the new blog.
    I hope to read about the RHO Atlanta here and not watch it.
    NeNe should close her twitter account and never look back.
    It couldn’t hurt her to be less hateful to the public.

    I’ll be visiting the old blogs too. 😉

  5. Jeepers says:

    damn it, I need new glasses so I can proof read my crap better…..LOL

  6. Lina says:

    What a douche that Nene is!! I stopped using Hubpages to… not ecstatic about their setting.

  7. Lovebeth says:


    You might to post the new blog link above like you posted “feel better about yourself and Giudice BK” this way people can click on it and go play with the ads 🙂

  8. Maite1964 says:

    Lynn another great blog, thanks!!!
    I just don’t like any of the shows this season. Thintervention just seems like a bunch of lunatics becoming crankier by the minute: A cry baby, a spoiled brat, a couple of fat guys that hate fat girls and think they are lesser people because of their extra weight, an English alcoholic and 2 rich quiet ladies… what a group.
    The Atlanta gals? so not looking forward. Can’t stand this group of classless wanna-be egomaniacs …
    And who can blame Joe for saying that staying in jail is like a vacation? At least he won’t be listening to his crazy wife all day long … that is a vacation by definition :).

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks for the new blog Lynn.
    It will be interesting to read Quincy’s take on Thintervention. IMO, there has to be a more positive way to get people to lose weight and eat healthy – Jackie doesn’t seem to understand that not everyone gets her methods! While I don’t like Jackie, I do like watching each of her clients journey to their skinny place.
    Joe is a jerk, who will learn nothing because he still thinks he is above the law. NeNe is a foul creature and has no grasp of reality and it will be an interesting season of RHOA – can you smell the fresh diva blood in the air!?
    And I still hate Jill Zarin!

  10. The Buzz says:

    Hi All,
    I’ve been lurking for quite some time and have wanted to join the fun, but couldn’t quite get up the courage. Today I finally said to myself, “Go for it!”

    Lynn, I love your style and your good manners and fairness. I also love that you “nail” the bad guys and defend the good guys. Most of the posts here are intelligent and interesting. So, if you will all have me, I’d love to join you.

    P.S. 201Mary F, “judgment” is spells sans the “e.” No offense intended.

  11. The Buzz says:

    Oh, and “spells” should be “spelled.”

  12. nancy says:

    Welcome The Buzz. Glad to have you join us.

  13. butterisafruit says:

    Thank you Lynn. I never watched this show but it’s fun to read what you have to say. AND I am thrilled Tamara’s ex is being publicly humiliated. That guy always gave me the creeps and then the finale was even more upsetting. How he was berating and demeaning her was very uncomfortable to view.
    He had fear in his eyes when she was out of sight but he could hear her talking to Vickie. When he insisted she leave with him and he left without her I thought, ..Good Tamara, you found some courage now go get your esteem back.
    He has serious issues.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I see things differently, yes he was possessive because he felt her slipping away. Like most trophy wife’s, she was starting to bail when the money started to dwindle.

      • emt2 says:


        He was arrested for throwing a dog leash that accidentally hit her on the wrist? This wasn’t a case of Ike and Tina Turner violence. Not that I condone any kind of violence, I don’t. I think that Tamara is trying to get as much money as possible out of him while she is still attractive enough to be with a younger and richer man. So, it’s no surprise that she is trying to get him arrested for a very minor incident.

        I don’t trust her. She is basically a prostitute. Where is her first husband and why is he completely out of the picture? I don’t know. I don’t believe anything that woman says.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I think in her own way, she is MORE desperate than Simon. Women who rely on their looks can’t turn back time- even ladies who take great care of themselves know that there is always someone younger and hotter standing in the shadows.

          At least intelligence generally doesn’t dwindle in age unless their is some sort of neurological or genetic component to it.

        • TT in OC says:

          I agree. I think Tamara is very manipulative and thinks she is pretty. Simon was portrayed as a bad husband by her to get sympathy. I am sure Simon has some issues but I don’t think it’s as bad as she said. She is “afraid” of Simon because he is her ticket to the wealth life style. When Simon is not doing as well financially, she started to have “problem” with Simon. I don’t like her more than Vicki.

          • dumberries says:

            I agree. Simon doesn’t seem like a warm and fuzzy guy, but Tamra appears very selfish and overly dramatic. I think she was just fine with her handsome somewhat controlling husband until the well ran dry….

            • anniieee says:

              She was the mean girl in HS. She was the gossip that hurt people’s feelings while she laughed at their expense. Remember “naked wasted?” She is souless and totally hates herself–so she has to be mean and nasty to have a position of “power.” Karma will hit her on the ass in a very big way…soon and we all get to watch. All those kids that went to HS with her will be dancing in the dark as she crashes and burns.

        • Savannah111 says:

          I’ve never liked Tamera from the first episode when she joined the show a few years ago. My feeling for her has never changed. It always made me cringe when she would say in the opening ” they may come younger but they don’t come hotter” OMG that always made me roll my eyes when I heard it.
          Cringe maybe incorrectly spelled oh well…

    • KK says:

      How big was the leash?

      Isn’t the dog only a 5 pound dog?

  14. Rabble Rouser says:

    Someone has to put that ol had Kim G in her place- she is saying D stole her idea about T being an ape and refereed to a tweet she made about “Bright Eyes” on twitter. When really bloggers have been saying it forever.

    If anyone steals insults it’s her. She also stole square tit from Ass-ley (she saw the emails she sent D) .

    She keeps trying to reach out to the cast of a the Jersey Shore- what a sad old woman.

    Her kids must be mortified about how desperate and pathetic she is.

  15. jayedee aka ntiveheart says:

    another great blog post, as per your usual. i am so disappointed in NeNe! how dare she treat suicide in such an arrogant and cavalier manner! thank you for bringing something, that might have otherwise been missed, to our attention!

  16. Rabble Rouser says:

    Re; Thinterevention.

    I don’t think it will be back. I saw the first episode and bowed out. I just don’t care enough about the cast to keep watching.

    I also saw the ratings and they were pretty low- about 250K viewers. IMO not enough to garner it’s return or to attract advertisers,

    • CdnFillie says:

      I think the weight loss market is over saturated on TV..Biggest Loser, Dance your A## off…etc etc etc. It does get boring after a while. I wonder how many actually keep the weight off after. Thintervention is too stressful for me, especially after last night. I’m not sure I trust her not to push these people beyond their limits to the point of exhaustion , especially after the preview I saw of next week’s show. One of them had to have medical attention. She’s nuts IMHO

    • floridagirl88 says:

      The first season with Jackie Warner was great because it had all that lesbian drama. I am less enthralled in this newer, shinier Jackie. I haven’t watched it yet, but I will try it On Demand.

  17. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the new Blog Lynn. 5 stars. I’ll click for you! 🙂

  18. boston02127 says:

    @Had Enough—-I had to bring my laugh over here from the last blog. I loved the editing you did with Kelly’s work. Love it & great work!

    • Had Enough! says:

      My pleasure! Keeps my mind off the other stuff. You know, she thinks we are haters and we are all jealous of her. Well I am jealous of one thing. She isn’t dealing with family illness or personal illness or aging parents. She’s only 42. Her turn is just around the corner. Then let’s see her yapping about her fantastic life. Maybe then she will grow up and start realizing that her life is only fantastic – not that I really believe it is – because she’s been living like a 13-year old girl with no responsibilities.

  19. The Buzz says:

    I can’t get into Thintervention. I’m not surprised they don’t keep the weight off. Who could keep up that level of exercise? None of the “reality” shows have much to do with reality. Perhaps they should be called “wannabe” shows! And speaking of “intervention,” those folks should do an alcohol abuse intervention on Nikki. I’m a recovering woman and I know alcoholism when I see it!

    Thanks all of you for being so welcoming. I already feel at home.

    • nathania says:

      Yep, it’s kind of painful. None of the cast are really likeable people, except the younger woman with dark hair, I like her. The rest of them seem to want to not be liked. And Jackie Warner has such a flat effect. I think they told her to cry on last night’s show, because she has all the charimsa of a can of soup. So if you don’t like her, and you don’t like the cast, who can you like…I am not that convinced that she really care about the people on that show at all.

      And Jeanna I don’t know about. I didn’t know she was a centerfold at one time. How strange. She does act like she doesn’t want to be there.

      • Ali's Mom says:

        I saw a picture of Jeanna yesterday on her Twitter account and she looks great.It looks like the exercise/diet program has worked for her.

        • Kat says:

          I hope she can maintain the loss.
          I felt bad for her before. Verbally/emotionally abusive ex husband and sons that treated her poorly (dad was their example?), but then Jeanna allowed it. She needs to stand up for herself, like herself and pursue her own happiness. I wish her well.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            The husband you saw on RHOC was, I think, her third husband. Jeanna was indeed a Playboy centerfold and if you watch the old ZZ Top videos you’ll see her there too.

            Brunette in the red top and skirt.

  20. jen says:

    Ok- I amy get flack for this but I must speak to the subject of Tamara’s ex being arrested….based on the reports I’ve read now (which may or may not be the whole story) Simon threw a dog leash at her and it hit her wrist. Now I in no way condone violence and what he did was wrong but arrested for domestic violence? Tamara wasn’t even hurt based on reports so why did she call the cops? I am sorry, violence is never right but neither is purposefully blowing up a sitaution to get press/make good TV because….the Barvo camera’s were rolling…guess we’ll watch what happens.
    Please know, I am not syaign Simon is right at all, and I am basing on what I’ve read so maybe there is more to this story but if there isn’t…in my opinion calling the cops on your children’s father for a dog leash hitting your wrist isn’t necessary.

    • jen says:

      Sorry, should be may and Bravo camera’s…..

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think you are on the same track with most of us. I think when people like Tamera cry wolf it diminishes real acts of violence and wastes resources.

      Just yesterday, police went to a domestic call where a woman was coming at her boyfriend with knife. When the police went inside they found the body of her 8 year old daughter who had been dead for days (the woman allegedly stabbed her to death).

      On the news a neighbor said the child once came to their door at 4am claiming her mother tried to smother her.

    • nathania says:

      I have always felt that Simon was a time-bomb, he seems to have some anger issues. I wonder if Tamra has been battered before. Because once you have then you learn to stop making excuses for people and use law enforcement when it is necessary instead of excusing it.Or maybe she is going to sue him for emotional distress or something, who knows. That couple was painful to watch on tv, I was actually glad to hear they split up. It was clear that he had an idea in his head of ‘Tamra Sue’ that had nothing to do with the person that she really is. I felt sorry for her.

      • Adgirl says:

        I have felt sorry for Simon. Yes, he’s an arrogant and “controlling” (if that’s what you call man who tries to correct his wife’s trashy behavior). I always felt his he truly loves Tamara and the kids.
        He also loved the attention of the camera to show off his plastic wife and financed lifestyle!!!
        Be careful about what you wish for …

        When there is no money left, that’s when you demonstrate what you are made of as a mature couple. In this case, not much.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I don’t know… If I had my ex come back to my house with our dog and he started to throw things at me, I WOULD call the police.

      At what point to you draw the line? Should the police only be called if someone gets hurt and not before? If she felt in one second in danger, so what? She pays taxes right? Let the police come and let THEM make the determination that she was not at risk.

      As far as her being a prostitute, again, so what? SIMON threw a dog leash at her, striking her.

      Take it from someone who’s been there, sometimes the fear of future violence is worse than fear of the actual present violence.

      No matter which way you slice this-it’s wrong, and Simon should have been arrested for domestic violence.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Hi 1MBoston,

        I am willing to bet he wasn’t trying to hit her with the leash- especially if it hit her wrist and not the torso (area of greatest mass- if your aiming for someone one- that’s where you would target or maybe the head). I suspect it was wound up and when he tossed it- it unraveled and an end hit her wrist.

        Violence is wrong, I just don’t see this as an act of it.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          I’m not clear on whether or not he was arrested for domestic violence? If yes, then I believe felt that Tamra was in danger.

          Furthermore, how does anyone know whether or not he was aiming at her head? She could have easily put up her hand and it hit there instead.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            sorry- meant the POLICE believed she was in danger

            • Quincy IL says:

              I bet the neighbors in that apartment building have heard a lot of yelling during this divorce. Did we expect that the divorce would be friendly after the limo ride to the St. Regis on the last day of filming?

          • nathania says:

            It sounds like to me she has been there in some capacity before (as I have) and she is letting Simon know she is NOT THE ONE to pull this stuff with. I don’t put it past Simon at all…I am glad she is putting him on notice and protecting herself.

            I don’t really have an opinion about her but I learned all I needed when he kept pushing for a public apology from her son (on facebook), which I thought was ridiculous, he was supposed to be the adult and forgive and let it go.

            • Kat says:

              Domestic issues can escalate to violence in a blink of an eye. If Tamra has ever experienced it in her past relationships I can’t fault her for heading off trouble when the BS starts.
              Simon is controlling imo and maybe they have had issues in their relationship.
              Tamra is capable of inciting Simon but that is no excuse for violence.

              I assume there were works marks on her if he was arrested.

          • Kat says:

            The story: http://tiny.cc/nw1s3
            Simon was arrested.

  21. cusi77 says:

    Great blog Lynn. I enjoyed very much the link… great blog and comments! clicking everywhere in the adds!

  22. Adgirl says:

    NeNe. Shame on you.
    And shame to your twitter followers who think telling a young girl to kill herself is funny.
    NeNe, I wonder how you would feel if a F level celebrity told Bryson that in a public forum when he was 12 or 13?


    • nathania says:

      I read this interview with Andy on RCH that someone linked where he referred to Beverly Hills show as having ‘big, big drama and big, big tension’. What is wrong with him anyway…that is the reason I have never watched Atlanta and I can’t stand Jill (or Teresa). I have no respect for people who bully, with the sound of their voices, their body language, their fists, whatever. It’s completely lame and un-necessary, in the age of handguns, lol. I respect debate, and people winning arguments through actually arguing, or being in the right. But winning from being loud, bullying, violent, is just crap. It was so awful on NY that episode where Bethenny comes to ‘make up with’ Jill, and Jill is screeching on and Bethenny is sitting there crying, and talking through her tears, trying to get Jill to listen. But Jill wasn’t going to listen, because Jill wanted to Win. Jill always only ever wanted to win, it doesn’t matter about the context…same as always with loud nutjobs like that. They can go be loud and completely without substance or merit elsewhere.

      • TT in OC says:

        Nathania, thanks for putting my thoughts into words. I could not agree more. I watched HWA in the past and was turned off by Nene. Why do these people (Nene and Teresa ) have to yell? Can’t they speak like civilized or educated people? I am debating if I should / will watch HWA this season. It’s probably more fun just to read Lynn’s and RCW’s blog.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          NeNe is a pig – she is verbally abusive, she is physically intrusive and just plain butt ugly! That said, Atlanta was too diva and juvenile to watch – I tuned in to see Kandi and she is the only one who is talented and real.

  23. Adgirl says:

    I dunno … either she is posing for more attention or she is having a nervous breakdown from the intense scrutiny …..


    Michaele Salahi won’t return to show

    Michaele Salahi won’t repeat as a “Real Housewives of D.C.” star if the show is renewed for a second season, a source says. Half Yard Productions, a Bravo subcontractor, is hunting for a “bitchy” replacement for the housewife, who has caused more drama for the production company in court — with a federal grand jury probing her and husband Tareq’s crashing of a White House dinner — than on the set of the show. Bravo reps are annoyed with the duo for saying the network has held them back from coming clean. “The notion that the Salahis have been barred under their contracts . . . from speaking . . . is simply not true,” Bravo said in a statement. Castmates aren’t thrilled with Michaele either. Lynda Erkiletian and Paul Wharton complained to friends at Peacock Cafe in Georgetown last week about the couple’s publicity stunts.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/housewife_gets_boot_N7SGqKP6tP3hkuQ2PQZ62I#ixzz10BZOPCfY


    • Need a Hobby says:

      She’s not quitting….those people wouldn’t willingly avoid cameras and national TV.

      Bravo’s apparently dumping the Salamis….that’s been the rumor since Bravo recently released the press release calling the Salamis liars.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I also think they now know that by having the Salahi’s on the show, it turned more potential viewers off than on.

        I refuse to watch the show because they are on it.

      • Waxdiva says:

        I’m wondering if McHale came out with the MS story (God forgive me if she really has this horrible disease/condition/illness) to get some sympathy from Bravo and/or Half Yard Productions because she knew she was getting fired. I love watching the Salamis, but for this reason only: they amaze me with their lack of sanity. When they are in the company of a sane person, they get skittish; i.e., Stacie asking them how much house are they looking to purchase, they jumped around their non-answer until Tarmac casually said that $8 mil was their limit. I cannot be the only person who could see right through them and hear the lies coming out of their mouths. Watching the Salamis is like reading the National Enquirer… you do it, but you really don’t want anyone to know. I guess everyone here now knows that I read the Enquirer… haha!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      You can’t quit if you were not asked back!

  24. Had Enough! says:

    Hah! Just had a funny thought. Well, it made ME laugh! What if we did have a get-together (yes, with sequins and huge crucifixes and big hair and lots of cleavalege and tons of huge tacky jewelry and great big gigundo headbands) but we didn’t wear name tags? So we’d have to guess who everyone is? I think I could pick out Lynn and WSL although that would be cheating because I know what they look like and probably Boston and TrueLifeDiva (the best shoes in the room!) but otherwise..well, like I said, it made ME laugh.

  25. Raquel Papel says:

    about the lurkers, I mostly lurk here. Why? you ladies do such a great job of summing up everything that I am thinking, that it seems redundant to post. Besides, yall are much better writters. I enjoy coming here and reading what you have to say. I am sure they’re many more like me.

  26. The Buzz says:

    Had Enough and Adgirl – I’d fly to anywhere in the U.S. for that party, even though I don’t think I could identify anyone. What fun!!!!

  27. boston02127 says:

    Seems Ashley has an internship that allows her to tweet all day or she got fired. Hmm…

    One of her tweets— just got off the phone with my broker ❤ yesss..

    Ashley, I'm guessing you don't have a broker because you're a sorry broke ass chick with no job. Your mom isn't too swift so I'm going to retweet your tweet for her in English.

    Just got off the phone with my dealer ❤ yessss

  28. boston02127 says:

    ellebean —-Happy Birthday!

  29. Adgirl says:

    Just thinking about Tamra and Simon Barney, NeNe and Gregg, the Salahi’s etc.

    When the money is gone, errr, the credit cards have been maxed out — how many RH couples will still be together??

    That’s the test of a real mature couple. You know, for better for worst, richer or poorer.

    If Mario & Ramona or Simon & Alex had a sudden lose of wealth I think they would stay together. Their marriages aren’t based on conspicous consumption. And they don’t “live” to be on tv or appear to live off credit cards or home mortgages either.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think money is VERY important to Ramona but I also think making it herself is just as important so it’s not the crux of her relationship with Mario. But I suspect if she didn’t have money, she would be so miserable that she would be insufferable to live with.

      • TT in OC says:

        Maybe. But Ramona is a survivor and she will find a way to make her money again without replying on Mario. Therefore, their marriage is safe.

  30. BambiBaby22 says:

    Forgive me if this has already been posted, but be careful with Twitter, this morning it was giving out viruses.

  31. Quincy IL says:

    Week One of “Thintervension”

    Normally, I skip the weight loss sagas on my television screen. Because of our discussions on Bravo show, I noticed that Jackie Warner was a celebrity trainer and my own physical trainer had told me that Jackie and others had ways of helping stars drop incredible amounts of weight in very short periods. The series has two parts. The first part is a 7 week period where Jackie meets with the participants for workouts in her gym, a workout session in a famous California location, and a therapy session. In the second part, the participant will work out on their own. At the end of 3 months, there will be a discussion and final weigh in.

    7 of the participants have between 40% and 50% body fat ratios. Those are dangerous numbers and those individuals are clinically obese. Jeanna Keough is at 27% body fat and for her age, she is only 2% above acceptable. Jeanna wants to be more than normal and we get to see her Playboy photo with certain parts hidden by Bravo for TV consumption.

    Jackie believes that fat people are sugar addicts so the homework assignment is to toss any item in your pantry or fried with more than 5% sugar. She also tells them to run, walk, or crawl 2 miles every morning. This is extremely important: they must keep a daily food log to share with Jackie. She wants them to give up alcohol, but that is a challenge for this group. Jeanna Keough wants to lose 20lbs, so she is allowed 1500 calories per day. The others are allowed more calories as they are larger people.

    For breakfast, Jackie wants them to eat plain oatmeal with berries, cottage cheese because of the casein which Jackie calls a fat burner, or two whole eggs which have lecithin in the yolk.

    Everyone is to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water with lemon juice which detoxifies the liver and can help you lose between 100 to 150 calories per day without effort.

    Week one concludes with an exercise session at Laguna Beach with stomach, crunches, tire flipping, and mountain climbing.

    After Therapy, everyone loses a lot of weight.

    My take, Jackie knows her stuff. The science is absolutely correct. Her approach for fat loss while keeping lean muscle is scientifically valid. It’s true that 80% of weight loss is control of the diet. Sugar is the number one issue and it’s in all of our foods. We are sugar addicts in America. Read the cereal box tomorrow morning. After almost 10 months with a nutritionist and a certified trainer, I am very impressed by Jackie’s knowledge base and her program.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      I proudly weaned myself off sugar. It is amazing how much more “real” food I can eat now and maintain my weight. It is not easy, because I know I cannot even have a granola bar because they are chock full of sugar and at one time (in the 80s) granola bars were known as “healthy”.
      I know I am probably ingesting more sugar than I think, but at least the “blatent” sugar is no longer being consumed by me.
      I guess my point to this rant is that what you say about sugar is true, to me, at least.

      • Quincy IL says:

        Jackie recommend “truvia” as a sugar substitute in her book.

        I am trying to wean myself off sugar now. I did remove salt and now I find restaurant foods too salty to enjoy. LOL.

        • golfnut says:

          Quincy – “truvia” is the private label name for Stevia. When you buy Stevia in the health food stores you can pay something like $9 for 100 packets. The just started to carry PureVia (another private label Stevia) at CostCo for $9/300 packets. I love CostCo and using Stevia instead of sugar has allowed me to enjoy a sugar-less lifestyle, without feeling deprived.
          Oh yeah, and I hate Jill Scarin

    • TT in OC says:

      I came from Asia, and the first thing I noticed when I moved here is everything is a lot sweeter than what we have back “home”. I used to love dessert and seriously I did not eat much now because they are too sweet …. or maybe because I am older now.

      • Tootsie says:

        TT in OC, I think you are absolutely right about overly rich desserts. When we were in Europe we noticed that all the sweets were not too sweet.

    • TLM says:

      Oh my God.

      Casein is most certainly NOT a fat burner. It’s the ingredient in dairy that is like a drug, and designed to put on weight. When we’re infants and we need milk, it makes sense…you want babies to thrive and steadily gain weight. But not as adults. We are the only adult species that drinks and eats the milk of another species… think about it! Dairy is meant for babies…cow babies, human babies, dog and cat babies. That’s it. If you think breaking an addiction to sugar is hard, try breaking an addiction to cheese. Casein is what makes it hard.

      • TT in OC says:

        No wonder my husband is still drink milk like water. I am trying to have him switch to soy milk. Would organic soy milk be better?

        • TT in OC says:

          Oops… I meant to say: he still drinks milk like water.

          • TLM says:

            I try to buy organic whenever I can, or at least soy milk that’s made from non-GMO soybeans. There are tons of non-dairy “milks” out there now, from hemp milk to rice milk to almond milk, and some are flavored. I believe they are better for you than dairy, but they are not calorie-free. He would do better to switch to water if he’s drinking glasses and glasses of it.

      • Kat says:

        I think the Casein in this scenario is to help preserve muscle tissue when dieting. Muscle is definitely not what you want to lose when dieting.
        I’m just throwing this out there, I am no expert.

  32. Quincy IL says:

    Week Two of “Thintervension:”

    Mind, Body and Soul

    Jackie wants the participant to connect with their bodies and become healthy mentally and physically. The participants want to be thin so that can have more sex.

    In the gym they work the thighs and gluts which are the largest muscles of the body and these muscles burn more calories. Jackie knows how to get rid of the fat. There is no such thing as spot reduction so she do fewer stomach crunches and a lot of squats. For cardio, she has them using the treadmills and running up a hill in Griffith Park with weighted vests. The women carried 20 extra pounds, the men carried 40 extra. Again, this helps your core muscles of your torso and puts the large muscles of the rear and thighs to work burning fat.

    Jackie uses circuit training. She uses cardio exercises like jumping jacks to speed your heart and lungs, then she has you do chest presses with weights to build up the smaller muscles as the heart and lungs return to normal output. When the heart is close to resting, she does intensive cardio again. (I am 57 and I burn between 500 and 700 calories doing this twice a week so I know it works.)

    The participants exercise muscles all over the body in the different work out sessions. Think Jennifer Aniston and now you know Jackie’s goal for these women. For the men think Brad Pitt (try not to think about Angeline Jolie if you can. I don’t know how she looks so good, but I suspect it isn’t diet and exercise.)

  33. Had Enough! says:

    Boston, baby – you bullied the Sasquatch into actually doing something charitable! Way to go!


    • Katie says:

      What a crock. The fact that she was featured in a magazine for “cleaning out her closet for charity”‘ is asinine. Most people go through their belongings and donate
      them to goodwill or give them to someone who will use them. This is not an act of altruism, she is just making room for her new fall wardrobe.

      • oopsy says:

        Katie, agreed. She brags about stupid things wanting a pat on the back so if she actually DID do something for charity I’m sure we would all have heard of it by now. What the hell kind of person wants credit for getting rid of old clothes? She has this ‘fabulous’ life and all this money, how about really helping people in need. what an ass. I swear I can’t stand that women!

      • TLM says:

        Give Kelly a break. She already emptied her mind a long time ago, and the closet was the only other thing left. 😉

  34. Quincy IL says:

    Week Three of Thintervension:

    Battle of the Gladiators in the Coliseum

    It was disappointing to watch the participants being so cruel to each other, but Bravo shows have to have a gimmick and this show’s gimmick is they are on a team. They compete with each other and themselves at the same. Jackie doesn’t think the participants are connecting with their own bodies. From the beginning we were shown that the participants got into this unhealthy rut because they hated themselves. Jackie’s theory is fat people are self destructive and self loathing.

    The group finds themselves in the Rose Bowl Stadium. They sprint. They climb stairs. They huff. They puff. Jackie shows some compassion at the very end and doesn’t let people collapse and fall down to the bottom of the stadium stairs. The participants start to root for each other’s success. Everyone feels like they accomplished great things.

    They return to therapy to discuss why they are unhappy people. Many of them have very valid reasons for their emotional issues. The trick is to forget the past and go to the weigh in. Oh no, no big losers this week. (Of course not, it’s week 3 and the water weight is gone. It’s going to be a long, had slog after this, guys.)

    I think there was a lot of cheating going on with the participants. A one pound weight loss after all of that exercise with Jackie and the huge amount of weight they are carrying is not something Jackie or I expected.

    They show a glimmer of light where very thin women with terrific legs are stepping on the scale. Wow… If they did that in 3 months, I am going to watch the series.

  35. Wall St Lady says:

    ellebean —-Happy Birthday!

    Had Enough Ms Virgo
    When is yours ?

  36. I haven’t heard anything about a DC Housewives re-union episode. Are they going to do a re-union with this bunch? I noticed that Bravo has a message-board for just about every show except DC-ratings are not good for this group, and even though Bravo came-out and acknowledged viewer distaste with the Whitehouse party-crashers, some television critics are saying that DC itself is to blame, that it’s a “boring” city, and that The Real World and others shows there were “duds” also.
    Personally, I wish I would have watched DC over the NJ bunch. I also find it hard to believe that Bravo was ignorant about what those party-crasher people were all about. I think that they were looking for someone to fill the role that they tried to put Simon & Alex into, “the posers”, fakes, phonies…and maybe even Luann to a certain degree? I think they went looking for them, or people like them specifically.-So if Bravo is now saying that viewers didn’t like them, I think that they should point the finger at themselves.
    Danielle has made a point of referring to herself as, “the villain”. I wonder about that too. I wonder if she knew that going-in-that she was there to be “the villain”, and if she willingly took that on?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I am pretty sure I saw on Andy’s facebook he was taking questions for the re-union.

      • Adgirl says:

        Top Chef DC was a bore too. I agree the location had something to do with it. There isn’t a buzz in the real DC that translates on TV. I can’t see Carrie Bradshaw doing the walk of shame across the mall to her condo.
        Everyone on the shows talks about how exciting DC is but it comes across as sleepy suburb.

  37. Wall St Lady says:

    I once went to a New Years party for the Young Friends of the Am Red Cross it was held at the Flagler Museum which was Henry Flaglers home. It was decorated ,w/help I am sure,by his wife Mary Keenan Flafler. Guess where Mary was from ? A hint ,same place as Eliot Spitzer s wife Silda :NC.
    Any way the theam was 007. I was at the time a perfect 6 & wore a low cut gold spark lie (not sequins)mermaid type gown. When u entered there was a NAKED girl. Painted gold in a bath tub handing out gold dill dos ! I kid u NOT ! The waiters were almost nude. There was gambling that WSM loved. At midnight a 10 story building across the intercostal waterway was blown up. It was filmed & since been used for several movies. I have pictures of everything. The parents of my 3God children from Tx were our house guests. (Mr has a spread in this months Arcitechual Digest)he brought a camera. WSM & I are way to cool to take pictures hmmm but we were thrilled he did. That was the last time the Jr RCBall was allowed to have a party there. They continue to have edgie NYE parties

  38. cusi77 says:

    Had enough! Please, let’s have our First Lynn’s award in Las Vegas! I can make some arrangements if you like to truly do it! Who votes for Las VEgas?

  39. cusi77 says:

    Thank you Quincy for blogging!

  40. KirksvilleMo says:

    “The behavior of white trash breeders!”
    Does this remark reguarding Simon and Tamra’s domestic violence offend anyone?
    Or is it just me?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I know some people can be offended by the phrase ‘white trash’- also ‘breeders’- so yes it is reasonably offensive to people. But, I typically don’t offend easily, I don’t even think I would have noticed it unless you mentioned it..

      • Katie says:

        I find that people who frequent this blog are generally respectful. I personally am not offended by the term white trash but I understand that it can be deeply offensive to some. Even though no one on the blog has been outraged, I thought would mention a documentary for the heck of it.
        It is called “Class Matters” and it touches on political correctness and class. It explores how white people with low socioeconomic status are one of the few segments of the population which are openly ridiculed without repercussions.

        • oopsy says:

          This is true. You see it reflected on tv, movies, comedy routines. There are no consequenses for ridiculing poor white people.

        • Kat says:

          I’ve always thought of “white trash” as a slur against poor white people. A stereotype for white people living in poorly maintained trailer parks sporting toothless grins and drinking cheap wine or 40 oz bottles of malt liquor. Having poor hygiene, being slobs and lazy.

          I find it offensive. It is socio-economic snobbery imho.
          But as stated above the term is acceptable to many.

        • KK says:

          It would help their cause a lot if they didn’t insist on and refer to themselves as Rednecks, like it’s a badge of honor.

          • Kat says:

            I don’t consider myself a redneck. White and poor yes but I am so much more. Certainly I do not fit easily in a stereotype nor am I a simple caricature to pigeonhole.
            I do know some self identified proud rednecks though.

          • quincyil says:

            I often have a red neck.

            I never put people down for how much money they have. I see indigents and my heart goes out to them. I give the the women’s sheleters and the Salvation Army several times a year. I think education is the key, but sometimes people are too sick to work and we just have to help them in whatever way we can.

            • Kat says:

              I think “redneck” came from people who earned a living working outside; farmers, ranchers and others. From toiling in the sun and having one’s neck sunburned.
              Now the term may have a different meaning depending on its use.

          • oopsy says:

            Rednecks and white trash are not the same. White trash have no pride or manners. Trashy. Rednecks are proud,(as in no hand-outs, stand on your own two feet) usually hard working, and patriotic. The men are are protective of the women in their life. Think old fashioned southern hospitality. I lived in Alabama for years and before that Arkansas and I’ve known both and there is no shame in being redneck. I am not either one, BTW.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I am white and a breeder. I have 3 kids.

      Tamra took offence when Jeanna made a comment about her early life. I think she mentioned a trailer. It was at a finale dinner at the St. Regis. However, Tamra goes out of her way to let us know that she is a bad girl. She said she liked to torment Simon with her truck driver language.

      It’s a mixed bag for me. Oh… I am white too….just not trash.

      • KirksvilleMo says:

        To me it insinuates that domestic violence is an inherent trait to white hetrosexuals.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Hmmmmmmmm…. I think “trash” when referring to a Human being is a bit Caroline and Dina Manzoish. I see some people have issues and I would not enjoy sharing a meal with them at a restaurant, but I still wouldn’t call them “trash.”

          You and I live in an area where it’s unusual to here people make negative comments. When it does happen, we notice it. There are parts of the country where this is common place.

          I think Simon was furious and he threw the dog leash at her. She goes out of her way to anger him and she knows how to push his buttons.

          • anniieee says:

            Ok–regional…. Southern = Trash
            Jersey = Garbage….

            I just like noclass, lowclass. I probably offended some. For that I apologize. Just IMHO really offensive human beings on all accounts 🙂

  41. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Happy Birthday to Ella and all September babies!

    Happy Birthday to me!

    My birthday was on September 19th and I’ve been recuperating ever since! We had a Mexican fiesta on Sunday, complete with drunk chicken, tacos, quesadillas, tequila and margeritas. “Real Husband”, on his day off, took care of everything, as I slept all day yesturday and have returned to the living today! An extra gift! 🙂

    Let’s get down to bizness,

    Nene…awful, horrible woman. She went from being the lovable, albeit loud, underdog season one, to the hateful, obnoxious bully in season two. Once again Bravo proves that editing is everything. They skew the perception one season, giving the housewife rope to hang herself, only to take away support and leave them swinging in the wind. Showing viewers how truly cruel, calculating and vinditive these women truly are.

    Tamra…slut for hire. She was fine being “under” Simon’s control while he was able to support her in the lifestyle she “became” accustomed to. However, we continually saw little peeks of her trashy, skanky side, which Simon wanted to hide. No such luck. If indeed she had Simon arrested for a leash hitting her wrist, she is out for revenge without consideration of her children’s emotions and their immediate maintenance. This arrest, meant to humilate and teach a lesson will surely cost fines and lawyers fees, which Simon could have used on his children. Whore-rible!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Ok- now I’m getting irritated.

      No one can GET anyone arrested for anything. She called the police, the police believed she was in danger, and then the POLICE arrested him for domestic violence.

      One of the problems with “battered wife” syndrome is blaming the victim as well as not believing any claims of abuse.

      By calling Tamra a slut and minimizing her PERCEPTION of danger you are sending a very dangerous message.

      You weren’t there and neither was I, but hitting someone with a dog leash is also “meant to humilate and teach a lesson”.

      Sorry- no smoke, no fire. The cops thought there was enough that they could get domestic assault charges to stick so that’s enough credibility for me.

      As i stated up thread , if I had my ex come back to my house with our dog and he started to throw things at me, I WOULD call the police.

      At what point to you draw the line? Should the police only be called if someone gets hurt and not before? If she felt in one second in danger, so what? She pays taxes right? Let the police come and let THEM make the determination that she was not at risk.

      As far as her being a prostitute, again, so what? SIMON threw a dog leash at her, striking her.

      Take it from someone who’s been there, sometimes the fear of future violence is worse than fear of the actual present violence.

      No matter which way you slice this-it’s wrong, and Simon should have been arrested for domestic violence.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Thanks for the birthday wish, it should’ve came before the attempted smackdown. If you are speaking from your own experiences with domestic violence, that is you. I am speaking from my experiences where people have embelished or distorted events in order to have people arrested. Don’t act as if it is unheard of , i.e. folks using the justice system for vengeance, and don’t paint me as unsympathetic to victims or blaming the victim etc. Tamra is indeed a slut. Anyone can see it, it is probably what attracted her husband in the first place. And for you to even think you’ll change my or anyone’s perception on that issue is ludicrous. See ya!

        • Katie says:

          I am not sure I follow your logic. You say that some people use the justice system for vengeance, and then imply that by looking at her you can tell she is promiscuous. I am not aware of any studies suggesting a causal relationship between promiscuous women and the exploitation of the legal system. Your rant sounds more misogynist than anything else.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            No silly rabbit, she’s a slut who MAY be abusing the legal system. Pay attention! PUH-LEEZE!

            • Katie says:

              Cute. Perhaps you should read your post again. It doesn’t mention “may be abusing…”

              Appears it was a miscommunication due to a deficit in the ability to articulate rather than a deficit in attention.

              • TLM says:

                That’s like saying because your name is Amber, you must be an exotic dancer or escort. We only know what we see from the show, and throwing labels like “slut” around and discounting this woman’s fear, you minimize taking ANY woman seriously. I was very afraid of Simon from the last episode; he acted just like a domestic abuser. Most women aren’t dying to run to court over this…it’s humiliating. If it really isn’t true, it will come out in the end. Domestic violence is too serious a matter not to take seriously on its face when a complaint is first made.

        • error404 says:

          well, I suppose it’s nice that Tamra is forcing us to discuss the issue….. but sorry, IMHO Tamra is an abused wife in the same way Kiki was bullied on Scary Island. It’s an insult to people who are really abused.

      • butterisafruit says:

        I agree with everything you’ve said One More Boston. I’ve been very close to the same situation. I never knew what was going to sail through the air. I ducked when the coffee pot came at me, but wasn’t quick enough for the ash tray.

        • Had Enough! says:

          OK totally off the point but what a GREAT NAME!
          Have you also been lurking? If so, glad you decided to post. Do you have a sister named VodkaIsAVegetable? (it is made from taters…).

          • butterisafruit says:

            I’ve been posting since the old blog, I was Mary Purls then. I have a wordpress blog (not anything related to HW) so the system keeps using that blog name instead of the Mary Purls. Anyway, I can’t post often because of home stuff, and thanks for liking the name. VodkaIsaVegetable is a riot of a name,..but no I don’t know her. Wish I DID!

      • dumberries says:

        I agree you with OMiB – it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to handling domestic violence claims. I hate that the police often don’t take action when they get multiple domestic disturbance calls for the same couple (especially if the man is high profile in some way). Same with multiple calls to CPS when a child is in danger but no real monitoring is put in place. On the other side of the coin, there are so very many bitter spouses in divorce/custody battles that falsely claim domestic abuse and child molestation, it’s sickening. When in doubt, I think the police and other services should err on the side of caution.

        In this case, I think the skepticism stems from the fact that many of us find Tamra shallow and self serving and wouldn’t put it past her to lie for self-serving reasons. Still, we don’t know the nature of their “behind closed doors” relationship and what really happened last night. I believe the police did the right thing by arresting Simon. If he purposely tried to hurt her, he deserves to be there and hopefully the arrest will deter future attempts at violence. If she lied or exaggerated the claim for publicity or to be spiteful, it’s wrong, but it could actually benefit Simon. This incident should make it crystal clear that he needs to avoid losing his temper and reacting in any way that she could twist to serve her purposes. Let’s hope these two can act like rational adults from here on out…

        • Quincy IL says:

          They had an unusual relationship. He wanted to own and control her looks and her behavior. It was as if she was a Barbie doll that he could keep locked in the doll house.

          • dumberries says:

            I saw that too Quincy. But, I saw it more as a 2 way street. She has a real need to always be seen as “the hottest housewife” and keep her middle aged rock-n-roll barbie image. She also criticized Gretchen endlessly for being to loose, even if though she wasn’t married. I think Simon was attracted to Tamra’s barbie-like image, but I don’t think he pushed it on her. I think he was overly controlling in trying to keep her from straying in her insatiable need to be seen as the most desirable. IMO, he wasn’t trying to make her into anything – she’s very superficially driven in that way. He was trying to keep what she made herself into all to himself. Looked like they were both failing to consider each others’ needs at the end and got very resentful. Just speculation based on what we viewers saw. Probably best they split, but hope they can co-parent peacefully…

            • Quincy IL says:

              Tamra was going to represent a company at McCormick Place in Chicago and I was in a near by hotel. I wanted to go and see what she looked like in person, but didn’t the time that she was appearing.

              We should have some kind of alert system for Bravo tv star visits to the Chicago area and other major cities. If Lynn has another get together I am coming in my WSL look alike outfit. I can sew so it won’t really be Chanel.

            • TrueLifeDiva says:

              Totally agree. They both played a “role” in their relationship which was fine as long a there was plenty of money to fuel the games they played. Once the real world crashed into their lives, resentment made them take off their costumes.

              • Kat says:

                Much resentment can build over an 11 year relationship. If she wanted money and he wanted Barbie and their facade crumbled not much is left but hostility and accusations and the truth.

      • oopsy says:

        OneMoreInBoston. I agree! I don’t know what his intentions were when throwing the leash but he’s a grown ass man!! Mind your temper!! I don’t throw things. My children never threw things. They learned responsibility for their actions, even if something was an accident if you do it, you’re responsible for it. Own it. Even if he didn’t mean to hit her, he did. he is responsible. If you’re a grown ass man throwing things around because you’re pissed and you hit someone then you are responsible and you have to deal with it. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Tamra, and maybe she is blowing something out of proportion and maybe she wasn’t even scared. Doesn’t matter. He did it. She could be the biggest slut on the planet and could have tried to provoke him but he knows what she is like and should have acted like a mature man and controlled his temper.

        • oopsy says:

          Ok. I used to help out at a shelter for abused women (all run by donations and volunteer help) and you wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve seen. Not to be a downer but I would like to mention that most, if not all, of the women arrive with children and only the clothes on their backs. When my children were little part of their Christmas shopping included buying a bag of toys for a shelter. These kids usually have to leave home in a hurry and have nothing for comfort. No teddy or baby doll. Please think about the fact that everything is needed for the women and children from tampons and toothpaste to food and clothing. I like to donate clothes because they are so desperately needed for the kids too. Puzzles and toys are good because the children are cooped up and need to play. If anyone is interested please contact a local shelter and see what donations they need. These women have no other resourses or they wouldn’t need to go to the shelter in the first place and they and the children are in need of everything. (Really. Who thinks about donating sanitary pads and tampons?) Usually these places rely on help from area churches but there is always a need for the basics. Didn’t mean to bring everyone down. I hope nobody is bothered by this post but I thought it was fitting after the discussion about domestic violence and KooKoo’s charity ‘closet clean out.’

          • Buffywood says:

            I think it was a great post and we all need a reminder now and then. When my daughter was very little we use to “make room for Santa” before every Christmas. This meant she had to go through her room and pick out toys to fill a box I gave her so she could make room for her new toys from Santa. We then would take her old toys to a local shelter for the children there. I explained that the children don’t live there, but are staying for a little while so Santa didn’t know where to find them. She took such joy in doing this every year.

            • oopsy says:

              Buffywood, great idea with the toys. One of the reasons we gave toys at Christmas was because the children don’t usually get any because the moms can’t leave the shelter to shop and usually have no money with them anyway. It is hard on them to be there to begin with but to get nothing for Chistmas makes it worse. Anyway, it is great that you donate.

    • Quincy IL says:

      Happy Birthday to you and the babies born in Sept. We should all party together.

    • cusi77 says:

      Happy Birthday, B-day GIRLS! Amber and Ella many happy returns!

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Grazie and Merci Cusi! I don’t remember if you were Italian or French but a million thanks for all September babies!

    • I just have to say – anyone who watched OC and thought that Tamra WASN’T abused is not very perceptive.
      I don’t know if he physically abused her, but she was clearly emotionally and mentally abused.

    • Katie says:

      Simon wanted her to get large breast implants. He wanted her to look a certain way. He had no problem with the way she dressed in earlier episodes because he felt he had control over her.  He only started to criticize her appearance when she expressed interest in pursuing relationships that weren’t acceptable to him.  Tamara may have been materialistic, but there is no proof that her new boyfriend is wealthy. Just because Simon was present in his kid’s lives, it doesn’t make him a kind husband. It is really a sad statement about our culture when a man is deemed virtuous because he doesn’t abandon his children and given a pass when he is emotionally abusive to his wife, because he is trying to hide his wife’s “skanky side.”

  42. Buffywood says:

    I don’t know if this was posted already or not, but didn’t dumb ass Teresa post on twitter earlier that her daughter helped make the cake or something to that effect? Well, she has since changed her story. Here is one tweet on the topic “How gorgeous is she? Her dress is from StageLeft & the cake was a gift from Sugar Flake Bakery in Westwood NJ http://plixi.com/p/46067379” , and then she later tweeted the bakery’s web site…

  43. dumberries says:

    Happy Birthday to Ellabean and Amber
    (and any other of members of this community who were born today)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Kat says:

    @Quincy Are you here? I have a heads up for you if you don’t mind?

    • Quincy IL says:

      I am here.

      • Quincy IL says:

        I know what a “head up” is because I played volley ball in high school and college… What does it mean here, Kat?

      • Kat says:

        I can post my email here or my fake facebook name?
        Your trainer is Dawn F. I found your name. I was going to suggest Lynn delete or change a couple of entries.
        I didn’t want to post too much info, but also don’t want you to think I’m a complete nut. lol

  45. Wall St Lady says:

    201MaryF on September 21, 2010 at 1:55 pm
    Mr Flagler developed a lot of Fla & built the train used to bring folks to the new playground for the rich. There r many things w/ his name on it. He also built/owned the Breakers Hotel. The Keenan family still own & run it. It was the first place I was fired/quit from.

  46. error404 says:

    I find Thintervetion surprisingly watchable.

    Anywho, did anyone else watch Rupaul’s Drag U Celebrity finale?

    I was surprised how stunning Erin Murphy was once “dragulated”, she looked like Morgan Fairchild. Then I Wikied her and was shocked: bitch is 46 with 6 kids!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Kat says:

    @OneMoreInBoston Sort of a repeat of my post to Quincy, I was reading past blogs of Lynn’s that I’d missed and ran across your name too. If you care to get it deleted I can tell you to google your name and lynnnchicago. I’ve just seen the one instance.
    😉 Sorry to be a PIA.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I think we must have registered incorrectly. Can you help fix this?

      • Kat says:

        Quincy, you registered fine as far as I know. Somehow you cleared your cache/cookies and used that other quincyillinois sign on to post, but quincyillinois was not the display name posted for 2 posts. WordPress remembers dumb chit in the post reply box and if you don’t notice before you post mistakes can happen. It is a different email you used than Quincy IL.

        OneMore was new and had not yet fixed her display name because she was still lurking. She then posted… This is my best guess.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Yes- I posted under my real name and thought I would never post again, just a one time thing.

          It’s like crack-addicting!

          • OneMoreinBoston says:


            Thank you for your help! no you’re not being a PIA. That would only be if you’re correcting my spelling. LOL!

            • Kat says:

              You’re welcome. I wouldn’t want that hanging in the breeze either.
              Belated Happy Birthday to you btw. 😀

  48. WindyCityWondering says:

    Quincy – thank you for your Thintervention blogettes! I found the show hard to watch and was more interested in picking up tips for myself. But now I am curious to see these folks find the key to their individual success!

    • Kat says:

      The explanation about sugar and diet was enlightening. I need to make changes and I knew it but you spelled it out quite well Quincy. Thank you.

  49. Wall St Lady says:

    May I have double 1st prize for the worst speller,best run on sentences & mosT skipping of punctuation with the most excuses

    • Kat says:

      LOL! I don’t know that you’ve earned that prize but who am I to deny you a thing? Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are understood.

      • quincyil says:

        I have no problem understanding your posts. In many ways, you are more up to date than I am. I tend to write every letter out just like the age of the typewritter. The young folks here have seen them in museums.

  50. quincyil says:

    Kat, I logged out and came back on after removing everything from my profile. Let’s see if this computer will fix this.

    • Kat says:

      No, it is not a profile problem. It was attached to your OTHER email address.
      The quilt is different. I’m sorry I was not clear.

      • Kat says:

        At some point using your other email address you posted a comment. Being new to the site you didn’t notice the email was different and at some point you had entered your name which wordpress or your browser’s auto form fill remembered and entered for you. Later down the page you noted what happened and changed the name to quincyillinois. This stuff happens. It has happened to me when I’m logged out and I enter the wrong email to post.

        • Quincy IL says:

          Now, I am stuck. It won’t take my email address as a new registration after I followed their rules.

          • Kat says:

            Can you just use the login link at the top of this page on the right hand side? You should have an existing account and may be able to access it with the login link. If you get in, fill out your profile information again.

          • Kat says:

            You don’t want a new registration if you don’t need it. And you shouldn’t need it.

            • quincyil says:

              I think I did it. Thanks. I couldn’t have figured that out without you.

            • quincyil says:

              There is this prompt that tells me to use lower case letters.

              I was in the airport waiting for a call from my arriving daughter and grandbaby when I accidentally locked my phone. I found a college girl and she fixed it for me right away. The phone rang and my baby was almost with me.

              I always appreciate the technologically advanced people on this planet.

              • Kat says:

                If you are logged in look to the top of this page for the gray bar.
                Find “My Account” and then you will be at your profile.
                Find “display name” and type your moniker as you want it to appear. Ignore or bypass the prompt about lowercase letters.

                Hope this helps.

  51. MickeyMouth says:

    Okay totally off topic. But my 15 year may start watching Elmo again.

  52. Dani says:

    I know this is off subject, but, did any of you watch Lonestar on Fox last night? I just couldn’t watch reruns of HWA. Anyway I thought Lonestar was excellent and am looking forward to the next episode. I was just wondering if anyone else that watched it liked it.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I wanted to see it but last night was parent teacher meet greet thingy. I’ll have to see if it’s on demand.

      • Dani says:

        I can’t tell you the last time that I watched a hour long series. It was enjoyable not getting wrapped up in a reality show. I have also read positive comments on this blog about Mad Men and hope to check it out soon. I was going to see if the first season was on DVD at our library.

        • Kat says:

          I love Mad Men. Recommend it.

          • Dani says:

            Has it been on 4 seasons? I was looking for the DVD and it showed season 4. If you get a chance to watch Lonestar Kat I think you would like it. The first episode was on last night after House. My husband was watching House (I haven’t watched it in years) and I watched House enjoyed that and then watched Lonestar and will continue to watch it.

            • Kat says:

              I’m sorry I can’t recall what season I’m watching, lol. Thank you for the Lonestar tip I will check it out. I stopped watching house when he renamed his interns by numbers. 😉

            • I love House! I will try Lonestar next week. I watched “The Event” last night, only to realize it is going to be another LOST type show. Not going to do that ever again!

              There really are so many good shows on television other than cheaply made reality shows…Weeds, Dexter, House, Nurse Jackie, Glee…I could go on and on. I only wish some of the good ones like Pushing Daisies had not been lost.

        • floridagirl88 says:

          Mad Men seasons 1,2 and 3 are at my library.

  53. boston02127 says:

    Melissa Gorga’s wedding pic. Teresa is in the pic.


    • I left a comment:

      Still doesn’t change the fact that @Teresa_Giudice is jealous & throws Melissa’s cookies in the trash. I ❤ @Melissa_Gorga!

    • dickens says:

      She accepted me on Facebook!

      • quincyil says:

        Odd, she accepts people she doesn’t know. I have a facebook full of relatives and friends from Iran that I have never met. They love the photos and videos of their uncle’s grandchild. Iranians, like all of the people on Planet Earth, love their families.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Yes, Teresa is in the photo, as the groom’s sister, Melissa probably had no choice but to include her, but notice she is as far away from the bride as she can get.

    • boston02127 says:

      Is it odd that the bridesmaid dresses are white? Are they suppose to do that?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I have never seen it. I was always taught it was in bad form for anyone but the bride to wear white (flower girls excluded).

        Also, it’s pretty customary for family to be in the bridal party- at least in my family and extended family.

    • nathania says:

      that is really lovely.

      I wonder if the thing that kills her is that Melissa seems to know the difference between ‘class’ and ‘Klassy’.

  54. boston02127 says:

    If Teresa Giudice’s husband Joe is on his best behavior he could get out of jail earlier than expected, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.


  55. boston02127 says:

    Quincy–Thanks for the recap on Thintervention.

    • quincyil says:

      Thanks, Boston and others…. I had written mine when I read Lynn’s and I was happy that she went over the players. Interesting people, but I was more interested in the program that Jackie Warner is advocating.

  56. emily says:

    Melissa Gorga finally accepted my friend request on Facebook so I’ve been reading all the old posts and stumbled across a familiar name: Claudine Laurita hhahahahahah
    Here’s the post and Melissa’s comment from underneath the post:

    Claudine Laurita: MELISSAAAAAAAAAA!! Congrats on the baby!!! I want to meet him! Hope he and Mommy are doing well. Hope to see you soon! xo

    Melissa Marco-Gorga: Thanks Dina, Hope all is well, you look so beautiful in all your interviews on the show, you have cat eyes!! Baby is doing good, I’m in love with my new little Joey! See you soon..

    Link to Claudine’s fb: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1024905137

  57. anniieee says:

    GLEE!!! Season premiere…

  58. quincyil says:

    I really appreciate Lynn and everyone that posts here. It’s rare to find people that can express themselves and be open to differing opinions.

    I googled “I hate Jill Zarin” one day and this blog appeared. It was one of those screaming into the darkness of cyberspace moments. That was my lucky day.

  59. WindyCityWondering says:

    @Boston – after you told us that Tracey on Jerseyliscious was friends with Ashley Holmes, I have been watching that show! lol thanks it is like watching the prequel to RHONJ

  60. ches says:

    This is new from the Salamis.
    Who knows what the big announcement is. And since Bravo is now saying they haven’t decided who they are bring back, I hope they take into consideration Tareq’s very gracious comment, in this interview about returning to Bravo…..”We’re stuck with them for three years,” Tareq said about the network.


    • quincyil says:

      That’s awful for Tareq. I am sure there are many reality shows clammering for the Sahlahi’s participation. Maybe, they can have a talk show on the same channel as Danielle.

    • Had Enough! says:

      The big news is that she is going to tell the truth. Just once. So listen hard. Now it may not be about anything that matters. In fact, it will probably be nothing of consequence. But the mere fact that she tells the truth about anything will be major news.

      • Kat says:

        Nah, no truth from either of them. I predict flatulance with a thick green haze and nothing more. An air advisory announcement may follow?

      • quincyil says:

        Michaela can really dish it out. She handed Cat her whig at the Republican party.

        • Kat says:

          I think I could really like Cat. Wig and all.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            I think Cat is entertaining when she’s harassing or embarassing someone we dislike. Then she’s outspoken. If she is offending someone we like, we can’t stand her. Now we see her as rude and obnoxious. Regardless it seems to be win win for her.

            • Kat says:

              I meant regardless of the tides… I think I could appreciate Cat for being Cat.

              • Amber...Real Wife says:

                I know what you meant, lol, but I can’t stand her when she’s ruining Stacie’s dinner parties, but find her amusing when she’s parading like Sarah Palin at a Republican soiree and insulting Mary’s design aesthetic.

  61. quincyil says:

    I usually record and go to sleep, but I was wanted to see if Rachel has the blood test or not. I have a feeling it’s not. Marriage is a partnership, but not a business partnership.

  62. CdnFillie says:

    Mmmmm..watching Michael Bolton on DWTS..he could sing me a lullaby every night

    • dumberries says:

      Geez, I was waiting for this transparent attempt to reinforce her claims that she wants no part of Danielle drama. I’m disliking Caroline more and more each day. She was not a reluctant witness, plus she socialized with the ex and posed for pictures with him as well. She was going after Danielle for not dropping the charges against Ashley and making Caroline look like the clown at the finale dinner, and for knowing too much about the MLG families. It was the perfect “punch you back” for Caroline; she used being deposed (which I think she begged to be) as her excuse for getting all up in Danielle’s business. Now, here she is, allegedly trying to get the video taken off of TMZ because she doesn’t want to be dragged into Danielle’s drama. IMO, it’s very clear from her testimony and her socializing with the ex that Caroline wanted to be there and enjoyed being in the middle of that nasty feud. Hey, Caroline, having the video pulled doesn’t remove you from Danielle drama – that makes no sense. Having it removed prevents you further embarrassment from having claimed to be uninvolved and “never doing anything to Danielle”, despite all evidence to the contrary.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Caroline is a hypocrite! She not only provided answers to every question in that depo but she offered additional information that wasn’t even asked of her, always information that would hurt Danielle. Now she doesn’t want to be involved. How about a few, “I don’t remember” or “I can’t recall”…not one, she knew answers to everything with every detail and then some.

        • TLM says:

          This comment is perhaps very belated, but I was *stunned* at the poll results on WWHL that said Caroline was the “classiest” at the reunion. I thought Caroline turned into a bulldog, and I got tired of the “guess whats” and “Yippee-ki-yays”. Plus she hammered away at Danielle, “How did your kids know? You said they never watched the show” when obviously the kids are going to hear about everything on the show even if their mother doesn’t sanction it. Caroline thought she was freaking Perry Mason, when she just looked like an idiot. Not to mention interrupting Danielle three times in a sentence, saying, “Lie.” Even if Caroline was *correct*, she still looked like a classless ass.

          I would have to say Jacqueline was the classiest in that she stopped in her tracks and realized how poorly she was acting, and how she allowed herself to get sucked into Teresa and Caroline’s anger. Truthfully, I wouldn’t want to hang out with any of these women, but Caroline the classiest? Lie!

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Amen and Amen!!

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      The comments underneath are great! Thanx for that link boston 😀

      • dumberries says:

        I usually think Caroline looks pretty good and natural. But, this picture of her is awful – she looks so haggard…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      The Clown is a real piece of work – everything she preaches she sure doesn’t practice! She wants Danielle destroyed. She could hardly contain her hate and added information that wasn’t asked for – which isn’t what a deposition is supposed to be! Control freak much?! I so hope she is the one who is leaving the show FOREVER……..

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        She really IS the wizard/woman behind the curtain and this video pulled the curtain back BIGTIME. No wonder she wants it pulled. Too late, Linebacker!

        • dumberries says:

          Let’s see if Caroline invites Harvey Levin to a sit down dinner and asks him to take down that video. I’m thinking she’ll have about as much luck as she did in asking Danielle for the “small favor” of dropping charges. It must be killing her to have no control about what is shown of her…

    • nathania says:

      oy…she is so full of it. The way to get the Danielle drama out of her life is to let go of it. I thought she just had control issues on the show but now she thinks she can control the internet as well? Good lord. I’m sure TMZ will be happy to oblige her…not.

      I think she wants it pulled because she knows it shows her true colors, it reminds me of something I read somewhere about the reason people get ‘makeovers’: I look like what I am, please make it stop.

      How can she fool people after being caught on tape saying she Hates Danielle. I mean there are her loyal subjects on the Bravo blogs, but the rest of the world knows…also it’s kind of creepy to me how the thinner she gets the more she looks like ‘mother-in-law of Chucky’ or something.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      How awful for Caroline, that the leaked tape shows how truly vindictive she is. Her hate for Danielle seeped through, even admitting to giving ultimatums to have Danielle fired. How mean, old and bitter you look Caroline! The lawyer should have asked why she wanted Danielle fired, instead of quitting the show. She’s well off financially, why stay on a show if she’s afraid of Danielle? WE KNOW! She’s a wannabe starlet who loves the camera and media spotlight. A publicty whore who can’t mind her own business. Now everyone knows you went above and beyond to help Maher financially destroy Danielle, with no thought for her children. You are ugly and horrible! Karma is a bitch Carolinebacker!

  63. Buffywood says:

    Mickey, Where outside of Philly do you live?

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Hi Buffy – Let’s see how old you are 😉 I grew up near the Liberty Bell Racetrack. I now live south of Philly. I’m about 20 minutes from downtown. How about you?

      • Buffywood says:

        Ha, I don’t remember liberty bell race track. I am probably pretty close to you, I am in Springfield. I live here in the winter and Avalon NJ in the summer.

      • Tootsie says:

        Hey Buffy amd Mickey. I lived in Havertown for 25 years, King of Prussia for 12 years, Lansdale for 8 years and now I live outside Indianapolis. I loved my years in the Philly area. I’m a homegrown Pennsylvanian, was born in Pittsburgh.

        • Had Enough! says:

          Lived in Bryn Mawr for three years and loved it. Love Philly.

        • Buffywood says:

          Wow look at all of the neighbors I had! Growing up here you don’t think much about the name “King of Prussia” but really it is the strangest name for a town. Had Enough, did I see you post a while back that you were thinking of seeing Teresa in Wilmington this week? Are you still thinking of going?

  64. Sha2000 says:

    Jersey style torture :

  65. TLM says:

    Lately, I was thinking about how many ultra-close relationships we have seen destroyed on Bravo for entertainment value. Jill and Bethenny, Jeff and Ryan, Rachel and Taylor. Just kind of depressing when you think about it — or is it part of Bravo’s formula? Maybe those things would have happened anyway, but it’s getting tiring for me.

    On to DC:
    I’ve been away for a while since I started working full-time again, and I’ve missed a lot here, so I don’t know what the sentiment of the room is, but I love Mary. Just love her. You know the family you see in Ralph Lauren ads that seems too good to be true, where everyone is effortlessly goodlooking and relaxed, while having an amazing house and clothes? That’s Mary’s real life. She could exclude others as not being good enough to be in her circle, but she judges them instead purely on their personality. She doesn’t like Tareq because of the person he has shown himself to be, not on how much money he has or doesn’t have.

    Of course, not all is well in paradise. I think 7 years of therapy and a biometric lock on a closet mean there is more to the story here. And after all that, Mary left her closet OPEN? Seriously? I can see not wanting to lock it oh, because you’ll forget the combination for a lock, or have to find a key. But for God’s sake, all the woman has to do is *pull the door shut* to lock it, and *place her thumb on a pad* to open it, and she still leaves it open?? Something’s going on here. Is she testing Lolly? Is is such a codependent relationship that she *wants* this to happen? Does she fear getting older so much that she needs to feel she and her teenage daughter look good in the same clothes?? All possible theories.

    I still don’t like Cat, but I’m glad she was finally able to stop being an uber-bitch for 5 minutes and cry when she met the guy who reminded her of the friend who had committed suicide. I do believe that God or a higher power places people in your life at certain moments because that’s what you need. Seeing this guy made Cat drop her ever-present act of everything and everyone around her never being fascinating enough or good enough for her to condescend to stay anyplace for long.

    I was so looking forward to this show, and from what I’ve seen, it’s a letdown. Jeana is there, yet not there. It looks like there were a lot of scenes where Jeana is inexplicably absent from the group, and when she is there, she isn’t revealing a whole hell of a lot.

    Can anyone explain to me why Jeana thought nothing of getting breast implants, which she claimed she paid over and above the norm to make look natural, and yet her neck looks like that of of a 65-year old and she hasn’t done anything about it? Really, I don’t get it. I can understand her not wanting to mess with her face and end up looking tranny-esque, but a neck lift would make Jeana look and feel so much better. It upsets me to see Jeana sort of surrendering in every way, like she’s just given up.

    I saw a weigh-in on the episode shown last night, and people were losing 2-3 lbs. a week. That’s all the body can metabolize, folks, and that’s why most respected diets say that’s what you should aim for. So when Jackie was flipping out that they weren’t losing 6, 7 or even more pounds, I really lost respect for her. You go above 3 lbs a week, all you’re losing is water and muscle tissue.

    I think it’s insane to take people who are probably used to eggs and pancakes and home fries for breakfast and tell them they’re now going to drink a disgusting glass of green sludge instead. Maybe you can get them to stick to it while they’re in Jackie Jail, but boy, when they leave, expect them to head straight to the nearest Bob Evans restaurant and order a tall stack of chocolate-chip pancakes with a double order of sausage. I was on a heathy vacation where breakfast was always veggies, but no oil or salt was used in the preparation. For a few days, I was into it, but by Day 8 or 9, I was ready to claw someone’s face off, and I opted for the nearest bread-salt-and-oil combo I could find. It was just not sustainable for me to boil cabbage and carrots for breakfast and be happy. It may be Jackie’s routine to drink this crap, but pills and shakes are not a realistic — or appetizing — way of changing a lifestyle. Jackie should be showing them the downsized, real-food version of what they like, and turn them on to new whole foods. They should be getting nutrients from real food as much as possible, and this is not the way to do that. Who wouldn’t rebel?

    Let’s face it, there are tons of “look at the fatties” shows on tv these days, and I avoid them like the plague because I think the main viewers are thin people who just like to gawk. It’s too fucking depressing and exploitive to watch if you have actually had weight as an issue in your life, as I have. So the only reason I tuned in was for Jeana. But if she’s basically not there, neither will I be. And while Jackie may have her own struggles in life, weight was never one of them, so I really don’t feel like she “gets it.” Yes, I know, a doctor doesn’t have to have had cancer to treat cancer. But as my grandmother wisely said, “It helps.”

    • quincyil says:

      Jackie claims to have had weight issues when she was young.

      The members of the “Thintervension” cast seemed to be impressed that they were able to join the group in the first episode. That intrigued me. Jackie is the fitness guru to some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but unlike Bethenny, she doesn’t mention names in her book.

      I think being fit is a lifestyle choice. If you want to be fit, Jackie’s message is to cut calories from sugar and exercise. That is true. The exercises that she helps the cast perform are standard in the the industry. Perhaps, the editing makes the stress on the cast look incredible or they have a touch of the acting bug during filming.

      Thank goodness, we don’t have to watch anything on TV. My husband watches “Al Jazeera” and I watch “Thintervension.” You couldn’t make me watch “Al Jazeera.”

      • AZ Girl says:

        QuincyIll–I wanted to let you know that I found a really great Whey protein powder at Sprouts. I am not sure if you have Sprouts in your area. Product name is “Show me the Whey” (strawberry flavor). It taste great. Only 1gram of Sugar and about 180 calories per 8 oz. mixed with skim milk. Fills me up after my workouts. I have had to mainly stick to protein bars which have a lot of calories. Now after 26 years of working out and countless dollars looking for a protein shake that taste good I have found it.

  66. TLM says:

    Would LOVE to know where my long post I just clicked “post comment” for, just went. I am really PO’d.

  67. TLM says:

    Ok, kids, here we go in bullet-point form, since I’m not writing it out again. I guess what I have to do from now on is write everything in Word, and delete only after I’m sure it has posted…

    – Sorry I haven’t been on, I’m now working full-time.
    – So many Bravo breakups: Bethenny & Jill, Jeff & Ryan, Rachel & Taylor. Sad.
    – DC: Love Mary. Mary’s family is like a real-life Ralph Lauren ad, but her issues with her daughter over a closet suggest way more to the story. Not all is well in paradise. Too easy to lock/open the closet for it to be just that. I think Mary fears getting older and likes that they share the same taste – and size. Still don’t like Cat for the most part, but nice to see her drop the “I’m too fabulous for everyone and everything” act and broke down when she saw the man who reminded her of her friend who died. I think God or some higher power put him there for a reason.
    – Thintervention: You may be able to force people to drink green sludge while they’re in Jackie Jail (which incidentally I think would have been a better name for the show), but they’ll make a beeline to Bob Evans once they get out. It isn’t realistic. These people need real, healthy food for breakfast. On the other hand, losing 2-3 lbs per week IS realistic, and anything above that is lost water and muscle tissue. I may not have lost weight this week, but I lost respect for Jackie in a major way over this issue. Jeana: she’s there, yet not there. Mysteriously gone from some scenes with the rest of the group, and not really sharing when she’s there. And why no neck lift? She was fine with getting implants, yet has allowed her neck to look like that of a 65-year old when she could certainly afford the surgery, and I believe it would make her feel better. I feel like our Jeana has just given up on life, and that makes me sad. I avoid weight loss shows like the plague but tuned in to this one for Jeana. If she is only barely there, so will I be. Bottom line is I feel Jackie doesn’t get it. She has never been heavy in her life. No, you don’t need to have cancer to treat cancee. But as my grandmother once wisely said, “It helps.”

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I also tuned in just to see Jeana but it’s not worth it.

      • Sha2000 says:

        No its not. Same for me I wanted to watch Jeana. Whats with Jackie body??? Yuck, its weird. I want a trainer who’s body looks good so I have some inspiration to follow their advice.

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          I know! I told my sister “Look at this woman. How can someone look so bad in short shorts and midriff showing?” She said “Too much testosterone?” LOL

          • Sha2000 says:

            Lol, I said almost the same thing to my 7 year old; she thought her body looked funny too. And that Bravo commercial looks like she has a belly! Where do they find these people? The only Bravo person I ever saw prior was Jeana in those drawings of her back in the 80’s.

            • TLM says:

              I don’t care for Jackie’s body either. I always liked Shania Twain (where did she disappear to?) and Gwen Stefani for having curves, yet not an excess ounce of fat. I prefer that women have a smooth abdomen. I don’t like the look of the “six pack” on men OR women, but on women I think it is especially unflattering.

            • boston02127 says:

              I think it’s the unfitting boy shorts that she wears. There not suppose to fit like that.

              Is unfitting even a word?

              • Zipit Zarin says:

                It is now 😀

              • Zipit Zarin says:

                Skip the above. It always was a word. Related forms
                fit·ting·ly, adverb
                fit·ting·ness, noun
                self-fitting, adjective
                un·der·fit·ting, noun
                un·fit·ting, adjective
                un·fit·ting·ly, adverb
                well-fitting, adjective

                I keep dictionary.com up all the time and should have checked before. I get brain farts and forget how to spell sometimes.

              • TrueLifeDiva says:

                The waistline on shorts and pants these days is ridic! I see YOUNG girls walking into kickboxing class with shorts that require a Brazilian wax because the rise is so frigging low and then the exposed 12 inches of gut is hysterical. You have to have like 2% body fat to wear that crap and then you look like a dude. I like my waistbands within 4″ of my belly button damnit 😉 No muffin tops for me.

          • quincyil says:

            In Jackie’s book, she discusses the abdominal muscles and appearance. If you do too many crunches the underlying muscles can bulk up and make you look like Kelly Bensimon in a bikiini. Obviously, Jackie didn’t take her own advice on this issue. She’s all muscle from weight lifting and holding up 223 lbs of woman.

    • Sha2000 says:

      When I have very long posts (typically on another site, count your blessings that I don’t have as much to say here ), I’ve learned to copy before I click the post button. Just a tip, no need to open word, at least that works for me. Yes it is very frustrating when you’ve thought it all out, typed it, included links, PROOF READ (lol) & then poof its gone!

      • TLM says:

        Yep, I’ve done the copy thing in the past, but sometimes you forget, or do ctrl-C for something else too soon out of habit, and can lose your copy anyway when you still need it. I just want to know what it is that the blog only does this with my long, well thought out posts, and never my stupid short ones??!??

        • Kat says:

          When that happens to me I defer to the blog’s wisdom and figure maybe it was best afterall. (NOT!) I fume a bit and wait for the smoke to clear from my ears. Then it depends on how motivated I feel and if I remember what I wrote, a long post for me is really fairly short.

          • TLM says:

            It has magically reappeared this morning, in order of when I wrote it, too. I don’t get it.

            • Kat says:

              It might have gone to the “spam” folder.
              When a post lands there Lynn has to release it and then it magically appears as posted.

  68. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi NYer on September 20, 2010 at 12:07 pm
    I have been thinking of ur post.
    I don’t consider the LynnFam to be internet strangers. Mater of fact some posters who are moe clever than u ,including Lynn ,have figured out who I am & we speak directly.
    U seem to be a lurker. In 3months I have never seen u post b4.
    Where r u ? Don’t b a coward. The LynnFam is much more than a bunch of internet strangers. Take off ur mean mask & come play w/us. We have fun & U R welcome here.

    • dumberries says:

      Hi WSL. I didn’t see the original post you are referring to. I’ve been waiting for you to reveal the name of your QVC friend!! Did a little research and still stumped. Did I miss that too?

  69. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi dumberries
    NYer said I was an impostor & her friends laughed at me.

    Oh well.

    Anyway I said her name is a holiday.
    How about the holiday is associated w/love.

  70. Wall St Lady says:

    Ella bean noticed I can’t reply to posts directly so I copy the name & posting time & date. Can u find NYer original post buy typing in the info ? I can on my bb.

  71. TLM says:

    So, what does everyone think of my “Shy Danielle” screenshot thumbnail?!?!?

    • dumberries says:

      It’s funny! She’s such a wallflower…

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      What is it with you and stripper pole, routines, names etc?! LOL By the way thanks for the compliment about my name sounding stripper like or escort like. But does that mean you are like a hundred years old? Everyone off the pole can’t be named Petunia, not that there’s anything wrong with that! 🙂

      By the way I think Misty sounds more stripper like. Any other names out there?

  72. dumberries says:

    Good night all…

    Haven’t seen Katiecoo, Kats2, or DesertGal/Kukulet in a while. If any of you are reading but not posting, hope you’re well!!!

  73. Kat says:

    LynnNChicago are you here?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Sorry Kat, I was over posting all of those blogs onto the new web site. It’s 2am so I’m assuming you’re gone…sorry! <— Then I wake up and this didn't go through..sheesh

      • Kat says:

        No problem. Thank you for taking care of that issue, I know you are busy and have a full plate.
        Have a great day!

  74. Kat says:

    Wall St Lady in an earlier post you addressed A NYer, “U seem to be a lurker. In 3months I have never seen u post b4.”

    Did you lurk before posting? I ask because if I recall correctly you first posted in August.
    BTW I am happy for both you and WSM that the tests revealed no new troubles. Your post about how you handled the devaststing news of his cancer was gut wrenching. Your words made me feel like I knew you then and was there. I have a friend that I think is much like you. She puts it all out there; the good, the bad and the ugly and then she moves on. Even though she loves you she can get damn mad at you at the same time but you always want her in your corner. WSM is lucky he found you.

  75. LynnNChicago says:

    I have just posted three more posts including comments from the old Hub Pages blog onto the Blogspot pages. Thank you so much to those who visited (and clicked on the ads) wow, it had a lot of hits today!

    These most recent posts include AMAZONGATE BREAKING NEWS LOL Remember those days?

    I’m noticing more and more of the comments from people who are still here and that makes me so happy!


  76. Wall St Lady says:

    @ Kat on September 22, 2010 at 12:15
    Wow cat that was nice.Thank U. I think u r right. I came to the LynnFam in late July. It feels like much longer. At first ,since I had never posted anywhere,I was afraid to give my email out so I used emails that technically belong to me from my company. Soon I wasn’t scared. When I herd from our web mistress one day I almost fainted. I was sure I had broken a rule.
    Anyway I am kinda obsessed but I am supposed to take it easy & that is my excuse for being around may b more than I should.
    I love the LynFam.
    Most people know where I stand but I generally am not confrontational. When I am mad I ignore the person till they say why r u mad. By then hopefully I am not as mad but I still am completely honest; and my tone is kind. If I see some one picking on another person ‘watch out ,I am like a lion protecting her cubs. I once fired a very large client who was extremely obnoxious to a very sensitive & brilliant young analyst. I sat at a meeting while he abused us all during our presentation thinking how would Elizabeth Dole or Jackie Kennedy handle this ?
    2 days later fat so calls & starts laying into me again. I told him he had the manners of a field hand & although he owed us $40 000 I did want his check & I didn’t & I didn’t want him on the other end of my phone ever again! He represented one or the wealthiest families in Chicago & he threatened me I got off the phone & cried & I was scared. WSM was mad about the $$ but supported my actions but felt I should have consulted him before I fired such a large account.
    The presentation among other things had included a recommendation to GET of or
    decrease an over weighted allocation to MADOFF !
    Ha Ha the bas(*#d deserved it !
    “What goes around comes around comes around ”
    PTL he was such a pig he probably would have sued us for Madoff (he came to us w/Madoff already in his portfolio. I met Bernie several times. He was very nice but wouldn’t let us do the analysis necessary to verify. But even so the analysis of just the performance was statically impossible.
    Ruth got her hair colored where I go till they asked her not to come backk.I talked to her at parties in PB & she was sweet.

  77. Wall St Lady says:

    Lynn my Blog Mistress,
    I enjoyed the May 22nd blog on catching Jill in her lying deceitful book review. I wonder if Mommie ugliest taught her to b so sneaky & unethical ?

  78. Kat says:

    Had Enough! Happy Birthday!!!!! 😉

  79. Thanks Lynn for re-running the entries from the Hub blog. I began reading this blog there when the Amazon-gate scandal happened. Your blog had the most comprehensive information about what was going on. I never commented however. I read for MONTHS before commenting. It took those crazy-ass New Jersey girls to motivate me! Thanks again. 🙂

  80. quincyil says:

    Bridget Bardot has been an animal activist since the early 1970s. When I saw that Rachel Zoe did a Bridget Bardot shoot with animal furs, I was in shock. I googled “Bridget Bardot style” and found her work in the 1950s and 1960s. Rachel was correct, but I know the European magazine fashion shoot must have made the real Bridget Bardot miserable.

    • quincyil says:

      Good morning.

      Somewhere in Lynn’s universe, I posted on Rachel Zoe’s use of fur on the Bridget Bardot shoot. I don’t see it so if this is a repeat, I apologize. I was shocked by fur being associated with Bridget Bardot who is a vegetarian, animal acitivist and dog lover. I googled “Bridget Bardot” style and that lead to her work in the 1950s and 1960s. She was an icon of fashion and there she was in fur. I just remembered her as an activist.

      There is a woman here who had a fit when the male carpenters working on her house addition were talking about deer hunting season. When they went to build a closet in her basement, she had ten fur coats. Your past always comes back to haunt you.

  81. boston02127 says:

    ✰*•˛❤˛•*✰ Had Enough~~Happy Birthday ✰*•˛❤˛•*✰

    • quincyil says:

      This is great… an all day celebration of…Had Enough… My imaginary cake is on it’s way.

      • Had Enough! says:

        I’ll look for Marie Antoinette coming down the driveway.

        • quincyil says:

          We should find a better historical character for our parties. Marie works for Teresa, but she doesn’t represent us as well. Dianna, goddes of the Moon is cool. She’s intelligent, athletic, and she knows how to keep a monthly cycle in order.

          • Kat says:

            {} {~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~} {}
            || { ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ } ||
            {} { H a p p y \} {}
            || {\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\} ||
            { }
            { B i r t h d a y ! ! ! }
            { }

            Had Enough!

        • Sha2000 says:

          Happy Birthday HadEnough!

          As for our virtual party plans; can we rent Marie Antoinette to serve your cake off her skirt or will a simple “eat party” on a European cruise w/a potato chip cake be your preference?

          Have a great day!

    • error404 says:

      I can’t believe all of the Sept bdays! Mine’s just a few days away… and I’ll be 38 just like Rachel Zoe *wink* *wink*

  82. Tootsie says:

    Rachel Zoe, WTF. What a failure this season is…..pathooey. Great disappointment. Why not get a divorce and go it alone so she won’t have to address the baby issue any more?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Rachel needs to have Rodger on the show or she would be one dimensional – at best. If it isn’t a fashion fiasco then she has no animation in her conversations! Rachel does not want children and it is obvious to everyone except her husband!

      • quincyil says:

        She treats Rodger like she treated Taylor, she loves him, but ignores his needs. She needs his help, but will go to Brad’s bed when Rodger would like some attention.

        The hotel bedroom scene with Brad was over the top. Brad knew it the whole time it was being filmed.

    • error404 says:

      RZP is a failure this season because it focuses on RZ. When it was just about terrible Taylor terrorizing baby Brad, it was fun, because RZ was just sort of the kooky neighbor who popped in uninvited from time to time, like on a sitcom. Now she has her own spinoff, and she’s can’t carry it.

      The baby stuff is painful to watch. It’s like watching a marriage fail. Yuck. And the lies are insulting. She wants a baby like I want an Olympic gold medal: it’s a nice daydream, but it ain’t nevah gonna happen in real life.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        I think you’ve hit on the problems I’m having with this season….the personal drama, really who cares? Most people watch for the clothes, the glam, the occasional star or wannable, the behind the scenes stuff for fashion shoots, shows, award nonsense, etc. And the laughs and major hissy drama over some small thing.

        Who believes that Rodger is only now figuring out that Rachel is the way she is and isn’t really going to change? Is Rodger really that deluded? I’d suggest that Rach’s concerns about her health (both physical and mental) and ability to conceive and carry to full term may be a valid concern.

        And if she really wants a baby/child, what’s wrong with her idea of a surrogate? (Not suggesting she impose on family like her sister, but a surrogate is an option. They’ve got bucks and can afford it.) Then Rodge can play Mr Mom, Rachel can dress the baby in Chanel, get her family off her back, and still do her thing. I don’t see the need for the drama—it changes the tone of the show….and not for the better IMO.

  83. Wall St Lady says:

    Dear Dear Had Enough !

    Happy Birthday to U
    Happy Birthday to U

    U look like a flower
    And U smell like one too !

    Wall St. Lady singing with joy
    Cuz the LynnFam is a lot smarter cuz of our —– —- !
    (Has Enough’s real name actually rhymes w/ my hummm song 🙂

    • vilzvet says:

      Happy Birthday Had Enough!
      WSL, by the way it is Melania, Donald’s current wife, not Blaine Trump, who has the nice jewelry line on QVC. Blaine is married to Donald’s brother, correct? She is a stunning woman, as is Melania.

  84. WindyCityWondering says:

    Have a great day Had Enough – Happy Birthday!

  85. Wall St Lady says:

    Wow Vilzvet. I can’t imagine why Mrs.T would flod jureeee on QVC. Is it faux ?

    In the early days of Marlargo under Donald Dump ,I saw Marla & their daughter at MarLargo at a fancy book party for one of the Southern actress’ from Designing women. Any way Marla makes an appearence w/the little princess on her hip. The child of 3 had a professional up do. It was so mature for a child everybody noticed the mature ,hair sprayed do. Some commented that it was inappropriate to have his chiild on display like a monkey on display. Then D made an appearence. But hay he is showing his market brand.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Does The Donald pay any attention to that kid or is she completely out of his life? She would now be 18 years old.

    • quincyil says:

      Marla didn’t sit on the throne for long. It must be so hard to be Queen for a few days. Kelly is so quiet about her divorce. There must be a gag order in exchange for a larger settlement.

      • vilzvet says:

        Hey Birthday Girl, just posted below on the duplicate, that Tiffany is turning 17. I am totally sure that Donald sees her, although not sure if she lives in California or not with Marla.

      • error404 says:

        not long on the throne no, but like Ann Boleyn she made quite an impact. Remember the law suit involving the guy who stole her shoes! lol Melania is more like Katherine Parr..ZZZzzzzz

  86. Wall St Lady says:

    Wow Vilzvet. I can’t imagine why Mrs.T would flog jureeee on QVC. Is it faux ?

    In the early days of Mar largo under Donald Dump ,I saw Marla & their daughter at Mar largo at a fancy book party for one of the Southern actress’ from Designing women. Any way Marla makes an appearance w/the little princess on her hip. The child of 3 had a professional up do. It was so mature for a child everybody noticed the mature ,hair sprayed do. Some commented that it was inappropriate to have his child on display like a monkey on display. Then D made an appearance.
    But hey he is building his market brand.

    • vilzvet says:

      I’m sure Marla misses Mar-a-Lago! I was supposed to go to a wedding there about 2 years ago, but unfortunately the engagement was broken a few months before! I was SO looking forward to seeing that place! By the way, that little Trump girl Tiffany is turning 17 I believe next month. She’s VERY pretty as expected. I always thought Marla was gorgeous. And yes, Melania has a very nice watch line plus other items, very affordable, on QVC. Supposedly she has a degree in architecture which is why she loves to design stuff! Donald called in during the show offering his support. Pretty cool of her to want to still make her own way despite the wonderful life she must lead.

    • dumberries says:

      I never thought Marla was attractive back in the day. She looks great in the picture; better than 15 years ago imo. Her daughter looks just like her…

    • error404 says:

      OMG! I clicked fully expecting to see like a cute 8 or 9 year old! LOL Please tell me she’s tall for her age! Oh shoot, never mind… I was thinking it as Melania Trump’s baby! LOL OMG, I may not have gotten that much older, but I’m having senior moments anyway!

  87. cusi77 says:

    Happy B-day Had enough, and many, many 39 come backs!

  88. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Wall St. Lady,

    Okay, here is the deal. The poster that was calling you out (NYC or whatever) does not matter. I will admit, I would never be able to figure out who you “really” are, I am just a small town gal in Ohio, with no real knowledge of “power players”. I am not rich, and will never be. I am a 42 year old step mom, wife, care taker of my elderly father in law, home maker (recent development as I was laid off from my job) student (going back to school so I can get a job in health care and hopefully will never be laid off again!) who struggles to make sure I stretch the budget and keep the lights on and food in the dog bowls and on the table . Our worlds will never collide in the real life aspect of things.
    BUT, her on this blog, I appreciate your wit, sense of humor, and the joy you bring to us all. Your delight in simply conversing with everyone, and asking the questions that you do,which have allowed us all to learn a bit more about each other on a personal basis is wonderful. You are appreciated by me, not because of the life style you lead, but for your personal attributes. I don’t give a damn about where you sat in a fashion show, or if you know Donald Trump (although I do enjoy a bit of vicarious living through your posts sometimes 🙂 ) What I love about you is just YOU! So for the ones who want to try and find some detail that they can try and use to say you are not all you claim to be, I say “Wall St. Lady is EXACTLY who she claims to be—a funny, caring woman with a joy that is infectious, and a wit that is appreciated.” What more does any one need?

  89. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    And Happy Birthday to one and all—May all your wishes come true, Boo. LOL

  90. The Buzz says:

    A very Happy Birthday to you Had Enouh!

  91. MoDee says:

    OT – I rarely comment, but I have a question for all the really insightful posters on here…did Simon from OC get arrested from Tamra pressing charges or did he just get held in jail because a call was made on domestic disturbance? I’ve been wondering that because of the disagreements that’s been going on in the LynFamily yesterday over abuse or not. Since my BIL is a county deputy in my state of MO, it’s common practice that when an officer is sent to a domestic disturbance case, someone is always taken into custody until everyone is calm or charges pending, usually the first person to get the call into the police is safe from jail. I’ve got my own opinion on the matter, but I’ll let that one slide so I won’t have to duck and cover.

    BTW, I don’t usually say too much because you ladies (and a few men) can voice my opinions probably better than myself.

  92. Amber...Real Wife says:

    OT but definitely important.

    Yesturday I posted re: Tamra and Simon’s domestic dispute. I received numerous posts that disagreed and a few that went on to prove why anyone would have similar ideas. Great. We post to clear our minds get our thoughts off our chest. However, I noticed that while I posted about Tamra, the responses to my post were directed to me regarding my victimizing abused women, my lack of intelligence and became a little bit of a gang bang. That is wrong. Recently i’ve noticed a crew that has been moderating responses on this blog. I’m assuming, of their own volition. They are chastizing people for their thoughts and use of curse words, vocabulary, and even grammar (although some grammar posts were to be helpful) . This same crew is quick to defend any perceived slight against one of their favorites.

    WTF is going on? WhoTF RU, to criticize anyone’s intelligence, because you don’t agree with their post. I’m no rocket scientist, neither is anyone here, but I know that in order to disagree with a poster I don’t have to dissect their post, and resort to name calling when responding. It is rude and in poor taste. Then when clique members join in it becomes a gang bang. These same posters are the one’s who welcome new members into tthe community, telling all to come on in the waters’s fine. Well it is not fine. You CAN’T control this board. You CAN’T insult posters and you CAN’T intimidate or try to run off long time posters. NOT HAPPENING! Everytime this clique does a gangbang, it discourages prior posters or lurkers from posting. People who possibly agreed but don’t want to be BULLIED by a few bad apples. Let’s keep it clean guys and girls. Agree to disagree. No name calling, No insulting intelligence of others. Let’s keep the snark aimed at its intended targets. Jill, and the other housewives who dare to insult OUR COLLECTIVE intelligence. Agreed?

    BTW Not that it matters, because every poster is important regardless of time here, BUT I lurked for a month before posting on Hubpages in May. I’ve seen several different crews dominate this board. For all fearful posters…don’t worry, you’ll get your chance as this too shall pass! 🙂

  93. BKAamia009 says:

    Lynn or anyone who can answer please feel free/ please do, Does anyone know why KELL ON EARTH inst picking up a second season? Why does the first season of RHODC have more than 6 episodes so far? NY & NJ only had 6? I couldn’t bare to watch more than 6 episode of Rachael Zoe talk about dresses and hear Brad cry like a baby I mean Brad is like a pain in the ass. I think he dont want Rachael to have a baby remember last week when he said to Rodger “how is she gonna have a baby when we barely have time now to get things done’ Yeah brad maybe if she replaced ur ungrateful ass that person could do the work u do plus more. . Did Work out get cancelled because of Jackie Warner and the black girl (SORRY I HATE TO DESCRIBE PPL BY RACE BUT I CANT REMEMBER HER NAME) made that RUDE comment about the woman having fake breasts BUT NOT KNOWING SHE WAS A CANCER SURVIVOR…. Did anyone notice that RHONJ is STILL POSTED on Bravo as a current show..?

  94. Lotusflowah (Shelli) says:

    Hey hon. Can you post the BlogSpot link and/or put it up as a button in the menu? I’d be glad to click on it and the ads when I check in here each day. I do prefer WordPress but think you should get something for your time.

    Thanks for all you do!

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