I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC / WWHL Sept 24, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC / Watch What Happens Live September 24, 2010

Kudos to Bravo for frustrating viewers, yet again! This “extra” joined at the hip with Housewife, Stacie Turner has managed to get us all up in arms about her horrible behavior named Erika.

The Real Housewives of DC has its very own Kim G! Why is this Erika woman in every scene with the housewives? Bravo should have just made Erika an official housewife. If they’re looking for the conflict and the rude comments, they found their gal!
Erika accuses Cat of making everything about her, yet Erika apparently doesn’t feel like she has gotten enough screen time and just keeps jabbing at Cat throughout the episode. Cat wasn’t talking to or about Erika, she seemed to try to keep it together as long as she could after being called a mean girl no less than six times, I can see why Cat would finally snap. I thought she was fairly restrained up until that point. I was sad to see her so upset, I don’t think Cat deserved to be attacked like that. Cat doesn’t like Tyra Banks, who the hell cares? Get over it Erika!

The conversation was about Mary’s daughter and it wasn’t only Cat who was of the opinion that Mary was a bit too easy on her kid Lolly, Stacie made a comment and Erika seemed to be able to control herself yet when Cat added her similar views, suddenly Erika and her vicious ugly face snaps at Cat bringing up past disagreements at an otherwise friendly party.

It was nice to see that Lynda finally stood up to this bully and told Erika off, it certainly didn’t seem like anyone else had Cat’s back at that point. Mary is just a piece of furniture at this point. Did you see how her eyes glossed over and she seemed to not know where she was. What? Are we talking about Lolly? Is it time for me to speak yet? Doh!

Hostess Stacie was disappointing in her silence yet had strong opinions days later at lunch with Mary and Erika, where was she at the moment that Cat needed some support? Stacie’s blog reverts to defending Erika and expressing her wishes that Cat would have stood up for herself. Stacie feels that Cat should have had a full blown fight with this woman, what’s the point? Cat has nothing to prove to Erika! Had Cat been more aggressive, I’m sure that Stacie would have criticized Cat for having a fight in her home with the children just one room away. Cat was in a lose/lose situation and Stacie can’t seem to make up her mind on how she feels about anything. Wishy Washy Stacie will also comment on her blog about the gay marriage debate, again, not really providing a solid stance either way. More on that in a moment but, Bravo, let’s see less of the real mean girl, Erika and more of the real housewives who were hired to be on the show!

Cat’s blog was far more detailed, as she says, it is time for her to stick up for herself. We learned the real story behind the visit to Stacie’s Aunt’s house and the fact that she tried to work things out for 30-minutes with the argumentative bitch, Erika but was unsuccessful. Even as Cat was leaving, this horrible woman provided a back-handed apology and continued to criticize, I’m surprised there wasn’t a Cat shaped hole in the wall. You can read all the blogs here:


Lynda and Paul Wharton are having lunch and discussing Cat’s odd behavior, although Lynda does explain that Cat is stressed, bored and unhappy. Putting myself in Cat’s shoes for just a moment, I think I would feel exactly the same if I was relocated to another country, away from family and friends with a new husband who is never home. In another restaurant, Stacie, Mary and the bitch Erika are also discussing Cat and while both Stacie and Mary seem to support Cat and let Erika know that her behavior was inappropriate, Erika simply says she is over it and moving on. She feels her apology was sufficient. I must have missed the apology.

More of Michaele’s lies are coming out as she pretends to be Washington Redskins cheerleading alum. Her explanation on her blog is utter nonsense. Apparently if you pay enough money, you too can pretend to be a NFL Cheerleader. She interviewed on the show about how she feels about standing on the sidelines on Sunday cheering her favorite team, yet she’s never done that! She is a liar and I wished for a secret remote control button that would eliminate her and her pompous husband from my television set forever! Her voice makes me want to stick icepicks in my ears! Knowing that nothing but lies come out of her mouth, who the hell wants to hear what she has to say?

She made a complete fool of herself by trying to keep up with cheerleading routines that she’s never done in her life!
Michaele and Tariq had two meetings on tonight’s episode, they met with some guy about ghost writing a book for them, this guy seemed to want to put his two cents in and include his own perspective, I can’t imagine why this idiotic couple didn’t agree with that, at least 20% of the book would have been true. Michaele doesn’t want to talk about money with this guy feeling that it is crude and rude? You’re the queen of rude and crude and this guy needs to know what he’s going to be paid for his work you moron! The book title that the Salahi’s came up with, “Wine War & Roses” apparently didn’t work for the publisher.
The Salahi’s then meet with a very important delegate with their pleas to help them to get the winery re-opened, as there are brides lined up all around Virginia to book their wedding reception in those fields of dead grapes.

This show was filmed over a year ago and the winery is still hosting only moldy raisins. I highly doubt that Tariq’s phone is ringing off the wall with other winery owners asking for his help Michaele, unless they are interested in learning how to run their very own winery into the ground! This couple couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

The show is now reflecting New Jersey as one housewife is not invited to the cool kids table, Michaele’s scenes no longer include any of the other cast members, yet no explanation is provided to viewers. We know that none of them want anything to do with this woman and her Barney Rubble, yet we don’t know why at this point.

At Stacie’s ice cream social, as Mary’s wine induced coma briefly subsides, she randomly throws out, “why would Michaele pretend to be a Washington Redskin’s cheerleader?” this resulting in Lynda stupidly interviewing, “Rah Rah”. I don’t know what it is about Lynda, one minute I like her, the next she irritates me, I think that is why she is overall she is tolerable in my book.
There is no doubt that Bravo is portraying Mary as a clueless bumbling drunk who caves when it comes to her daughter Lolly’s responsibilities. Lolly quit her job after just a few days as an Executive Assistant admitting that she enjoyed her very own desk and business cards for about 5-minutes, then was over it. Mary’s husband correctly pointed out that if this kid had rent to pay she couldn’t have just walked out of a paying job. Mary agrees with Lolly that she should be allowed to follow her dream of being an income producing artist, apparently she can’t do that if a real job gets in the way. While the couple disagrees, clearly Mary allowing the kid to remain in the house with no financial responsibilities was the winner.

Is Bravo trying to get a debate going over gay marriage? Yes, I think they are…sneaky devils! A meeting organized by Paul Wharton with a city council member and the Real Housewives of DC should put the matter to rest, right? Once again Mary shows her stupidity by announcing that this issue does not affect her life whatsoever, so what the hell is she doing there? Not to worry folks, later her daughter Lolly will give Mary a social studies lesson and fill her in on how the world works then she’ll regret her ridiculous statement.

Paul Wharton is disappointed in his friends Stacie and Jason to the point where he feels they should no longer be friends. Stacie and Jason do not believe in gay marriage and feel that marriage is an institution between a man and a woman, period. Enjoy reading Stacie backpedal from that, yet not, in her blog today. Cat and Lynda come down firmly on the other side in full support of their friend Paul Wharton and therefore can continue to be styled by Mr. Wharton. That was a nail-biter!

Watch What Happens Live

Andy Cohen hosts Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out and Mary Amons of The Real Housewives of DC and sporting a new much darker hair color. It doesn’t suit her well, I much prefer the blonde look on Mary.

Jeff was his typical fun and entertaining self, Mary even tried some humor and together they did make for a more lively show than we’ve seen lately.

I was absolutely sickened by the constant beer ads at every turn, we all know that these people don’t drink beer, we’ve seen Andy throw down the Makers on every episode and Jeff Lewis has been on the show enough times to know that he’s a martini drinker. Does Bravo need the money that badly? Really?

Andy’s three things that he’s obsessed with this week, his idiotic error last week confusing Ebong and Jason of DC, a preview of flipping out revealing Zolia’s frustration with Jeff’s cat and Michaele from DC and her cheerleading fiasco. That’s the best you can do Mr. Cohen?

Thank you Mary for backing up cast mate Cat, “she is not rude!” Mary described Cat as real and authentic, using Kelly Bensimon’s words but they do in fact ring true when it comes to Cat. Yes, she’s British, but I don’t think her British accent has anything to do with her behavior, I think she tells it like it is and I respect that.

I found it funny that after returning from a commercial, and going into a beer commercial on WWHL, a small box appeared on the screen in the upper left corner “14TV” indicating that this program is intended for viewers 14 and over. Take heed of your own show’s rating Mr. Cohen and end the 13-year old Ben Weiner obsession!

Someone should really come up with some better games for guests to play on this show, or maybe eliminate the games altogether? Jeff Lewis mentioned a few of his favorite housewives, Tamra, Caroline and Dina? Jeff just fell a few points in my book with those choices.

Also ridiculous was Andy’s jackhole of the week, naming a Hillary Clinton because of a hairstyle is just asinine. Again, is that the best you can do? Who the hell cares what the woman wears in her hair, the work she’s doing is what the focus should be.
Finally, due to Andy’s ego and ensuring more viewers, Top Chef’s fan favorite was announced on his show rather than on the Top Chef reunion show as it should have been. Tiffany took the title over runner up Angelo and was awarded $10,000 by Andy’s parents.

Next week Andy has struck gold and somehow convinced Tina Fey of 30 Rock and SNL to appear on his show next week, I can only assume that NBC pressured her to visit the Bravo clubhouse and rub elbows with NBC’s redheaded stepchild.

In other Housewives news:

Luann of the Real Housewives of New York held a contest for the best lip sync video of her song, “Money Can’t Buy You Class”. Several people took the time to parody her song, record it and upload it onto Luann’s site, many people voted for months and then …. You guessed it, nothing! Luann hasn’t followed up, announced a winner or in fact, awarded any promised prizes. ($500 gift card and copies of her book were listed) Apparently even Rob Shuter of Popeater sent Luann an email as a kick in the ass, no response. What a lame thing to do to people!

Mickey Mouth has made a great, funny short video on the subject:


Don’t forget to check out other great blogs:


I posted another new (old) blog from April 2010 along with the comments and photo over on the Blogspot site if anyone is interested:


If you’re a Survivor fan, here’s a great blog:

SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA: http://wp.me/p14Cpk-1l

Thanks again to yesterday’s guest blogger, Had Enough! for that very popular post! More please?

Finally, I haven’t forgotten about Top Chef’s reunion or Top Chef Just Desserts, I will be posting blogs on both of those shows!

Until Next Time…..

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536 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of DC / WWHL Sept 24, 2010

  1. WindyCityWondering says:

    Another excellent blog Lynn! Thanks for pointing out that Bravo is creeping into the political pond, yet the majority of the wives can’t find their position on the issue.

    • Savannah111 says:

      I agree it was a great read.. I actually missed it last night I fell asleep at my computer woke up with my head on the desk LOL I woke at almost 3:00ish somewhere around there and it was actually on that late last night or that early this morning before Bravo went off the air. I did catch the very very end of it when the 2 fake flakes were meeting with the ghost writer I guess thats who he was… It comes on again at 10:00 tonight so I’ll catch the whole show, after reading your blog I really want to see this episode.
      I had previously saw the highlights of the cheering LOL she is a idiot. I don’t know who this couple is they are two of the strangest people I’ve ever seen in my life it’s actually spooky to me.

      I got to think there’s a lot more to just the mother not liking the wife as the reason she sued her own son she may have been put in a position that it might have left her no other choice I just wish I knew exactly what it was about.

  2. Noelle says:

    I’m your click-chick! Unable to post..but clicking away like crazy!

  3. Olivia says:

    I couldn’t bother to watch Andy last night but that dig at Hillary Clinton as the “jackhole” of the week solidified my dislike of this man. She is a politician for Christ’s sake, not some empty headed famewhore who bleeds to be on this show!

    I stated from the beginning that including politics and race into these silly productions was just wrong. Someone needs to remind Stacie that her race had to fight for decades for the same rights afforded to everybody else but she backs off on the rights of others owing to her narrow viewpoint of what constitutes right and wrong.

    Who really gives a rat’s ass what these vapid, empty headed morons think about anything? And Erika’s “superior” attitude is grating to say the least. I am not a fan of any of these insipid women but she was waiting to pounce on Cat at the first opportunity making Cat appear more sympathetic than what she deserves. Got to believe that Erika was replaced as a Housewife due to the insertion of Cat into the cast as the “exotic newcomer” and it must rankle because there was truly not a reason to attack her repeatedly for being a “mean girl”. Cat was right to leave since she had to know that nothing she would say would be met with acknowledgement by this woman.

    It is apparent that these women hardly know one another and are forced into these “tete a tete’s” to appear otherwise. Stupid.

    Even before the NJ cast, this show needs to be yanked from the lineup pronto before Bravo implodes on it own hypocrisy.

  4. MickeyMouth says:

    Thanks for the blog. I chose Grey’s Anatomy over RHODC last night.

    I’m holding my opinions on Lolly. She visited my site and commented on the closet animation. At first she didn’t realized it was animated and seemed miffed that yet again someone was commenting on it but then she saw it and laughed. We have been talking on twitter. I definitely don’t see her as an Ashley. If you want to follow her on twitter her account is – @lollyamons. Her dad and mom are @Ramons1 @maryamons.

    I’m ticked off at the Countess and I’m glad you blogged this. At the end of August I asked her on twitter when we could expect a winner to be chosen and she responded back to me the first week of September. She has since deleted that comment, removed any visible link to her contest and has yet to respond to numerous requests regarding the contest. It’s shady and makes her look cheap.

    • Noelle says:

      Countess needs to go!! LOL@..”It’s shady and makes her look cheap.”
      Oh please, she IS shady and Cheap!!
      nuff said..

    • cusi77 says:

      Thank you for the Blog Lynn! Five stars*****

      Congrats Mickey! Hilarous!

      Erika = Fugly (in my new Dictionary)

    • error404 says:

      What? No Project Runway fans here? Lifetime continues to run the show into the ground, and in this case they are following the Bravo formula: there is a lot less design int he design show this season, and they extended the show a half hour to fit in a lot more manufactured drama…. shots of ambulances and a designer being carried out, play over and over again for a week, only to find out she was dehydrated and released form hospital after an hour. I hate where Reality TV is going. If I wanted to watch BB, I would, but leave my challenge shows alone!

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I have been watching but a week behind. Damn life keeps getting in the way of my television viewing 🙂

      • dumberries says:

        Last night I was really hoping that both of the PR contestants in the bottom 2 would be sent home. I could not believe how unflattering and ugly their garments were.

        I’ve noticed that the judges comments have gotten increasingly harsh (and sometimes humiliating) over the last 2 seasons. I usually agree with their points, but Michael and Heidi are particularly relentless. I guess if you’re looking to have a career in fashion design, you’d better have thick skin and maybe the harsh critiques will help prepare them for the industry. But sometimes I feel a bit sorry for the contestants… (The Santino and Austin road show that follows PR is an unexpected pleasure for me…)

      • Ellabean says:

        Yep, I am caught up with Project Runway finally. Saw the last 3 episodes. May I snark?

        – why is Heidi sporting a bowl haircut?
        – oh that Wretchen. No lips. Bossy. Oh such bad form the way she gave that silly bravado Joan of Arc testimonial – then turned on her team quicker than you can say Team Luxe.
        – Uh I am not seeing the talent as in past seasons? Is it hiding?

      • Savannah111 says:

        I like project runway have to say that I havent seen it lately any of this season if its started and I didnt watch last season I loved season 2 and season 3 I watched every show of those two seasons, watched some of season 4..

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Re the “Countless’ ” contest. Isn’t it illegal to have a contest claiming to award prizes and then just drop it after accepting submissions? Let’s send her to the “Big House” with Joey!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Hard times must have feel on the countess that she can’t afford a $500 gift card and a copy of her own book.

      We should all spam her twitter with questions about it.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I think a lot of people have and are. I know I retweeted every tweet I could still find regarding her contest (The Countess’ tweets have for the majority been deleted, hmmm) But luckily I found the ones that she requested Jill Zarin, Andy Cohen and Sonja Morgan to tweet for her and re-tweeted those for her as a reminder she still has a contest to judge.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I didn’t see anything about it on her site, I was looking forward to seeing some impersonations of it. Does anyone have her twitter addy?

  5. Just for the record, I’m against gay marriage. I posted about it before, but every time that I see the issue brought up, it irks me. The reason that I’m not for gay marriage, or “equality” as the politically correct crowd is now calling it, is because I thoroughly read the civil union & domestic partnership law, and after seeing that, I’m against ALL marriages.
    Right now a heterosexual couple getting married has less rights than a same-sex couple in my state, because the domestic partnership/civil union laws require that every financial detail be addressed BEFORE they get married, (homosexual couples). In a regular marriage, most people don’t address the financial details ’till divorce. Unless there is a pre-nup.
    I’ve seen way too many stories of mostly women who are so ignorant about their financial rights in marriage, and of course personally I was unaware myself, and I really think that people should know what they are getting into.
    Some people are gold-diggers, or have a more mercenary outlook on marriage, and they know exactly what their rights are, but unfortunately, that leaves the people who are getting married for love in a vulnerable position, men included.
    All this “equality” law does is put homosexual people in the same bad position that heterosexual people are in. The homosexual couples that I know are very financially aware, and all they have to do is look at it from that perspective, and I don’t see how they could seriously support something so irresponsible.

    • Noelle says:

      left you a msg. on previous blog.
      From a legal stance…great pov.

    • Noreen says:

      Let me get this straight: you are against Gay Marriage because they are FORCED to go through different requirements to form a civil union than straight people are to form a “regular marriage.” It should be the same for all. And if people want to be ignorant, they are allowed to be so. Guess what, you nor I get to be arbitor. That is what freedom is: the right to show how unequal we all are. Everyone is different and they can screw up their life anyway they want. You don’t get to decide to be against it because people are stupid. That’s what dictators do: he says I am going to take care of all you people because you are silly little children that need to be cared for. Yes, some people are dumb, so support education, join a local group that counsel’s young girls on life. Don’t decide that all marriage should be banned because people are stupid. There will always be stupid people, but there will not always be freedom if we, as a country, don’t take the tough stands on difficult issues. All marriages should have the same requirements by civil law or all marriage should be banned. Not to long ago it seperate but equal for blacks was okay and not to long before that, women could not vote in this country, you know, like in Iraq. And during WWII our country rounded up their citizens and put them in containment camps because they were of Japanese heritage. It’s a slippery slope. We can’t and never will cure all the ailments in our country, but the laws of equality and rights must be upheld above all else.

      How about freedom and equality for all. That rings true. It takes intelligence and guts to support freedom. Hysteria is for the idiots. Come into the light people. It’s right there waiting for you.

      Sorry, but this really pisses me off.

      • Di says:

        Perfectly stated Noreen!

        Separate but equal? No, that violates the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause.

        Worried about us ignorant women? Help educate those women. Don’t use outlandish excuses to create laws as a knife against homosexuals, and then tell me it creates more rights for gays.

        P.S. As a self-made woman, newly married, who happens to be an attorney with a financial background as a former stock broker and bond trader I resent the perjoritive attitude expressed about women and gays by Housewifehater. We all–black, white, gay, straight, women, men, etc. are ADULTS that in my opinion should have the SAME rights.

        • Di says:

          Just in case this wasn’t clear from my post, to clear up that I have no animosity toward HWH. I resent the “attitude” HWH expressed, not her (I assume, sorry if it’s him). HWH is hardly the only one to express this opinion. Agree to disagree and all. Everyone has their own opinions.

          However, based on my personal experience I resent the generalizations that women are more inept than men because I don’t believe it to be true. Women were given the right to vote less than 100 years ago because of this attitude. Before 1920, people believed women needed to be taken care of and didn’t know what was best for themselves. I hold this same belief for religion, race, etc. I believe in equality, which is not a new concept it just didn’t extend to women and minorities until more recently (not that we’re totally there yet by any means). Equality is currently an enormous battle for homosexuals because people are trying to tell them they can’t have the same rights as the rest of us because we know what’s best for them, and it’s different.

          I know we are all different as human beings, but that doesn’t mean for example we can have different laws for US citizens who are Asian or Italian or Irish. See where I’m going with this? Imo laws should not be enacted which go against the Constitution, and if they are they should challenged, ruled upon by a court of law, and if found in violation of the U.S. Constitution and should be struck down.

          I don’t like generalizations like women are naive. Have no prob with HWH, just couldn’t disagree more with the opinion HWH expressed.

          • Kat says:

            I agree with you. However I’ve been told I’m going to hell for being gay. This is based on bible interpretation and it made an impact on my views. Marriage I believe long ago was a religious ceremony and the wife was more or less property.
            In the USA centuries later you may define marriage as a contract. But to me and how I learned to navigate my world it represents a union before a god that abhors me.

            This is why a civil union is okay with me.
            It is also why I am an atheist.
            I’m just stating my point of view.

            • Di says:

              I can completely understand and respect your point of view!

              I’ve been told I’m going to hell too. I was raised strict Catholic I’ve done misdeeds according to the faith including not getting married in church, haven’t gone to confession since ?17 maybe? Half my life ago! Plus I haven’t gone to church since about that time, but I have my own personal view and relationship with my higher power so I’m ok with it (not that you need a higher power, to each his own I say). Just got married in an island cultural ceremony on the beach a few months ago, legally in a court house a month after that, and did the traveling reception this summer. I’m happy I had the right to do it my way or the same way as everyone else (well almost everyone else). I was happy when I was single cause that’s what I wanted and I was happy I got to get married cause that’s what I want now. I hope one day everyone has the same rights.

            • quincyil says:

              I am going to the center of the Milky Way. I kid you not. My final thoughts are going to be traveling through time and space. I have it all planned out.

            • nathania says:

              I don’t care if it’s called civil union or marriage as long as it is inclusive of all the rights and benefits of marriage, which civil unions are not. And something that becomes null and void by just stepping over a state line is nowhere near good enough.

          • Crimson Rain Drops says:

            Well if there was anything that would draw me out of lurkdom, it was Noreen and Di’s posts. Applause! Thank you – you nailed it for me completely.

            • Di says:

              Welcome CRD! You’re so welcome! I rarely post (not that you can tell today) but I have to give HWH credit for pulling me out of lurker mode and into discussion mode today. Good important topic with lots of views, and it’s nice when we find others to identify with us, or challenge us. I think it helps us all.

    • error404 says:

      Sorry, your argument sounds idiotic at best.

      Do you drive a car? Well stop right now because of all the people who chose to drive drunk each year, or speed, or road rage.

      Do you own a house? Well sell it because the current financial crisis was caused by a mismanaged housing market.

      Rent? Move out right now because there are slum lords in the world and you should be against any practice where people can get the shaft!

      How about date? Dump him or her before he/she breaks your heart! There are people who use people just for sex, and you shouldn’t be part of any practice where this goes on. In fact, Dating should be made illegal!!

      Seriously, I have to ask: you were joking when you wrote that post, No? It’s too funny!

      • Olivia says:

        This is what happens when “apples and oranges” are introduced into a series that spends much of its time arguing the benefits of breast augmentation. It plants people on either side of an issue involving a program where it does not belong.

        Bravo needs to return to its “regular scheduled mindless programming” of providing us with the fodder to mock and ridicule without having to bear the label of political thought.

        • nathania says:

          it all boils down to “don’t make me think, it’s too hard.”


          • Snarkella says:

            But I like thinking. And I like hearing different opinions that make me work hard to defend my own or change them. And I like seeing the Housewives “going there” too. Because it helps me see where those opposing ideas come from. I want to be aware of ideas that weren’t formed by my own experiences. The Housewives are approaching these topics in a very casual way. I don’t have a problem with that. For some, they will never hear an opposing idea otherwise.

      • Had Enough! says:


        • Savannah111 says:

          Had Enough,
          Satchels of gold……..

          Sorry you guys I know that this is a serious subject that’s being talked about… Had enough started it, with ALSHARPTON 🙂

    • Had Enough! says:

      Extremely insightful. Very interesting perspective. Yes, I have often wondered why there is no licensing requirement for getting married, and especially for having kids. You have to take courses and pass a test before you get your license.

      • Di says:

        Because we live in a free country! 🙂 Hopefully it stays that way!

      • Di says:

        To be more clear on my 1st post Had Enough, the difference is b/c we hold certain inalienable rights, one of which includes the right to privacy. Within the right to privacy falls specific things such as the right to marry and have children; whereas the right to a driver’s license is not an inalienable right. Hope that gives a little legal perspective. 🙂

        • Had Enough! says:


          • Di says:

            Huh? I didn’t think there was anything wrong with what I said. I was explaining the legal distinction you asked about–why licenses, which required a person to pass a test, are required to drive, but not to marry or procreate. If this is a prob. then I guess this board is a little to p.c. for me. I was under the impression message boards allowed different opinions, or at least a legal definition!

            • Had Enough! says:

              You misunderstand. We have had a couple of heated discussions lately so I proposed that when things get heated, someone yells AL SHARPTON AL SHARPTON and then everyone has to either change the subject or walk away from the computer for a minimum of two hours. We had some wonderful people with hurt feelings, enough that they wanted to leave the board. So I just proposed a way to get everyone to take breath and disengage.

          • Savannah111 says:

            Satchel of Gold…….
            If it’s spelled incorrectly, well you know Kelly would have.

            • Di says:

              Are you asking me to stop discussing this topic? If you are, I have a phrase too:

              Freedom of speech (w/in the confines of Lynn’s respect rules of course)

              • Jen says:

                To be technical no where in the Consitution or DOI is their a right to privacy, that’s a legal interpretation.

              • Di says:

                True Jen. I figured since I wasn’t writing in a legal forum I wouldn’t state that while the Right to Privacy was not written explicitly into the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court decided (anyone want the case?) it is implicit and emenates from the 9th and 14th Amendments, and substantive due process.

              • dsc60 says:

                i hope you don’t stop… i couldn’t agree with you more but i could never put it in words as you have. i applaud you and thank you. i’m tired as hell right now, can’t even believe i’m typing, but you have completely opened my eyes.

              • Had Enough! says:

                See above. It is just a time out to prevent the kinds of problems that occurred before. But if you want to cite freedom of speech, well, you just pushed my button. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, which says CONGRESS shall make no law….I don’t see any Congress around here. This is a discussion group set up by a private individual. That being said, it isn’t that we don’t want you (or anyone else) to talk about something. We just don’t want heated discussions to ruin this board so it is a good idea to take a break when things get heated.

    • Kat says:

      This issue means a lot to me. I take it personally so I almost didn’t post.
      Housewifehater has made some logical arguments imo. Marriage laws are flawed.
      Marriage imo is a religious ceremony. Religion should not affect my rights.
      I am for civil unions. Many churches are against gay marriage and that is their right. Just don’t deny me a civil union with legal rights and protections.

      • Noreen says:

        So I am an atheist so I can’t get married. That’s where your logic leads Kat. If it were simply a religious ceremony, why do you need a license from the town hall? Because marriage is a contract. The part that you do at church, synogogue, etc., that is a religious ceremony and that is your FREE choice. You don’t have the right to tell me what my rights are. Why is this so difficult for people. Recognize your own prejudices and conquer them. Marriage Contract. Look it up. Study, Read something. And just for your information, atheism is listed as a religion in my home state. But, when I die, the newspaper will probably refuse to list that I am an athiest, because I am in the minority. It is easy to have an opinion when you are in the majority. The majority of people in this world think that Americans are wrong on most political issues, so should we just cave in because we are not in the majority.

        Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I know when gay marriage was introduced in Canada, it was brought about in the form of a “Civil Union”- and was passed through the senate- people didn’t vote on it. It did initially trigger discussion and discord but then the next big thing happens and people started to talk about something else…like the first “gay divorce”.

        Here in California, I am getting tired and frustrated with the back and forth on the issue. Gay marriage is passed-and repealed-and on again and on again.

        “Marriage” to some people means a legal union and to others it is a religious sacrament- to many who beleive the latter it is exclusively for a man and a woman. If people are asked to vote on it, they are going to vote on what they beleive and bring their own biases into it.

        I think that the gay rights movement probably lost support with the wording. I know that there are probably gay rights activists who will say they should be able to use the word ‘marriage’ if they choose to, that maybe so but when things are put to a vote the majority rules.

        I personally don’t think the issue should have ever been on the ballet. If it’s a constitutional rights issue, leave it to elected officials.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Since “regular marriage” is not going to get ironed out anytime soon I am not ok with same sex partnerships sitting by the wayside. If we go by legal problems same sex partners get super screwed when it comes to insurance, hospital rights if their partner is sick/dying, rights as foster parents etc.

      My uncle and his partner John have been together longer than most of siblings and their husbands/wives. They are in a happy, loving, stable relationship and should be able to marry. Same as my ex-husbands cousin who has been together forever with her partner and have two children. Let them marry and have EQUAL rights as anyone else in this country.

      • Kat says:

        Exactly. If my partner of 16 yrs (the biological mother of our son) died I’d have no legal standing to keep my son. There are other legal issues…. I feel we should have the same rights and protections as married couples. I’m just not hung up on the term marriage.

        • quincyil says:

          IF there is not legal dad, you really shoud see if she can give you cusody if something happens to her. I think at 16, he will be a force to be reckonned with if someone tries to take him away from you.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        It is a hot subject. My uncle, a hard-drinking, macho lunatic, w/gay family members, who would destroy anyone “tapping” his foot in a public restroom said it best…


        • Scorpiosue1102 says:

          LOL! Exactly. They can also get divorce just like me. 🙂

        • quincyil says:

          This is true. Marriage is hard work and every one should have to suffer together.

        • AZ Girl says:

          Ha! That is too funny. When you have someone close to you that is gay either a family member or friend all you want for them is to be happy. If by chance they fall in love why can they not be joined in a civil ceremony? CIVIL ceremony. If they are lucky enough to find a minister that will join them under god that is between the couple, the minister and god. No one else.

    • Di says:

      Oh sure Housewifehater, and what about having children? Let’s get the government in on regulating that more as well!! The government does such a fantastic job TELLING US HOW TO LIVE OUR LIVES. Why stop with gay marriage?

      But what do I know? I’m probably just one of those “mostly women who are so ignorant”

      • Just for the record, personally, I have no problem with homosexual couple being married or not. My point was that from a legal perspective, the civil-union & domestic partnership couples, in my opinion, have MORE “rights”.
        Yes they have to fill-out more paperwork, a LOT.
        A while ago it looked like we were going to have marriage equality in my state so I looked into becoming credentialed to perform legal marriage ceremonies.
        When I looked-up & read what same-sex partners have to go-through to be legally recognized in a civil-union, or domestic partnership, I realized that whoever wrote those laws, was using the best interest of both partners, and basically insuring that both partners gave informed consent to exactly what it means (financially) to be married.
        As far as I know, there is nothing that can stop any couple from being “married”, but from a legal standpoint, same-sex couples don’t get a Marriage license, in my state, they can get a civil-union, or domestic partnership.
        If they want the legal benefits & responsibilities, they can have a religious, or any kind of ceremony they like, and they can also have a civil , (“legal”), commitment.
        Even-if same-sex couples had marriage equality, I don’t see how that would affect parenting & child-custody cases since same-sex couples acquire their children in so many different ways.
        If anyone is advocating marriage equality just to make it easier, or standard in child custody cases, I would be against that too.
        “The best interest of the child” is the best standard as far as I’m concerned, so if a same-sex parent family breaks-up, I would hope that any custody disputes are judged on a case-by-case basis.
        Really my statement is all rhetorical anyhow since what I’m asking is that ALL couples go through what we are asking the same-sex couples to do in order to be married, and unfortunately that will never happen.
        But-since the politically correct folks are now asking for “equality”, instead of marriage, per se, there could be a slim chance, and I would be all for it if the standard of equality would demand that everyone do what is required in civil-unions/domestic partnerships.

        • Had Enough! says:

          Oh, so THIS is the argument Olivia was upset about. Darn. Had I been around, I would have been jumping up and down and yelling at the top of my lungs (please join me now….)

          AL SHARPTON
          AL SHARPTON
          AL SHARPTON
          AL SHARPTON

          Now you all know the rules. Change the subject and/or walk away from the computer for a minimum of two hours

          • Di says:

            I can’t speak for what Olivia is talking about, but it was my impression reading her posts, that she is of the old school (often wise) opinion of not discussing touchy issues such as race or religion or politics in polite company. I just thought since Lynn brought the topics up, and posters responded to them, that I could in turn express my differing opinion (and some legal facts). Come on, who doesn’t love free legal advice? Jk!

            Really Had Enough, I’m being sincere in telling you these are my opinions, I feel I am being kind and considerate in stating them. I’m not trying to start trouble. I just think some people are more sensitive to these topics than others, but since HWDC raised them, Lynn commented on them, I don’t think it’s inappropriate.

            • Di says:

              OK just reread my post with the extra exclamation pts to HWH and can see how that would read different from how I meant it. I was truly trying to just show the slippery slope imo that introducing more govt intrusion (i.e. more hoops to jump through) has into privacy issues such as marriage and having kids. Will not write one like that again without proof reading.

          • Noelle says:

            Have I told you lately that I love You?
            I think maybe yes….

        • Had Enough! says:

          AL SHARPTON
          AL SHARPTON

        • Di says:

          I believe I better understand your perspective based on your experiences you shared Housewifehater, thanks. I always appreciate a good debate. However, I also have an opinion, completely in contrast to yours. Mine is based on my own experience as a lawyer who learned about the U.S. Constitution, is licensed, and practicing law for years. If only things were always evaluated on a case-by-case basis, wouldn’t that be great? It doesn’t happen. And where is the fairness and uniformity in that? There are rights in legal uniformity, not separation. Legal distinctions like these eliminate rights for homosexuals. Our court system is based on the U.S. Constitution, and legal precedents (except for Louisiana based on Civil Code), meaning what happened on all those cases before this current case. It’s how it works. It’s our Constitution and our laws. Agree to disagree 🙂

        • Noelle says:

          ITA!! You’re perfect! Thanks for info..I’ve linked you and am sending many to read your post.

      • Had Enough! says:


        • Ellabean says:

          pssst…..I think Al Sharpton is divorced.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          @Had Enough

          You know I have to say I think it’s very rude to state interject “AL SHARPTON” over and over.

          It’s what made me take a leave of absence a few days ago.

          What exactly is so wrong about expressing an opinion? Is it because the opinion is controversial? I mean it’s not like someone just showed up here ranting about abortion completely off topic. The topic of gay marriage is an issue that is being raised on a show that we watch.

          If you feel that this is too “hot” of a topic to post on, don’t post. But why would you deliberately try to censor a conversation occurring?

          And why does anyone have to walk away from his or her computer? Because YOU don’t like it a topic?

          Even the fact that it’s “Al Sharpton” which is what KooKoo shouted at Bethanny on Scary Island is so disrespectful to the person posting.

          Like somehow their opinion is of the same level as incoherent Kelly.

          Did I miss the email that went out announcing you as the board moderator?

          I don’t get it, I really don’t. Never would I ever try to shut down someone’s thought or censor his or her comments. Why do you feel the need to do that? It’s so completely inappropriate.

          For example, I vehemently disagree with @housewifehater’s opinion. But I have enough respect for her to hear her out. Although I don’t agree, her argument is interesting and I have to wonder, should she wish to voice her opinion in an intelligent, reasonable way, why can’t she?

          • Snarkella says:

            OneMoreInBoston thank you. I was feeling a little confused. I didn’t understand why we needed to shut down comments that are not attacks but just opinions. I was definitely feeling like I needed to take my big mouth out of here. I don’t like being told, basically

            • Snarkella says:

              to shut up.

              Sorry, got interrupted.

              • OneMoreinBoston says:

                I typically have a pretty thick skin, and believe in letting the cards fall where they may, but this is really, really bothering me.

                I don’t want to come her and then not know what is “okay” to have an opinion about and what is off topic.

                It’s starting to get a little surreal.

                I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like this.

              • Di says:

                Agreed. To me my impression of what happened was Lynn raised the topics, one poster seemed to get bothered by the discussion, and then one jumped in so she (and others maybe) wouldn’t leave. While chivalrous, I also believe it is controlling and does nothing to further open discussion. I really like Lynn’s blogs and everyone’s comments but this element to the board (along with correcting posters spelling, punctuation and grammar) bugs me. I know there is a big family feel here among the frequent posters, but I don’t think any of us have the right to dictate these sorts of things to one another on a public forum. Then again, I usually just ignore those kinds of comments, so maybe I should as well today. 🙂

              • Had Enough! says:

                I said it because I was trying to prevent another one of those discussions where people got hurt and angry and wanted to walk away from the board entirely. No one is saying shut up. I am saying take a break. Take a breath. Get some perspective. And yes, I felt Di’s comments were getting to be angrier and angrier and borderline rude or dismissive of other’s opinions. She eventually came back to civil discussion.

              • Snarkella says:

                I guess I was reading Di’s comments in a different inner voice because I didn’t sense any emotion in her posts. I thought she was just laying out facts. Very lawyerly of her. Or so I thought anyway.

          • Tootsie says:

            One More in Boston, you must have missed the Al Sharpton blog or you would understand our lovable Had Enough. I can’t remember when it took place, sometime this past week I believe but in the words of KKB. AL SHARPTON, AL SHARPTON, AL SHARPTON.

            • OneMoreinBoston says:

              I’m missing absolutely nothing.

              I don’t think that equating @housewifehater opinion with KKB’s ranting is anything but appallingly disrepectful and rude.

              It made me angry enough to sign off here altogether until I received a few emails asking me to reconsider.

            • Snarkella says:

              Tootsie, maybe it’s an inside joke and no harm was meant. But I appreciate OneMoreInBoston’s comments because I was also feeling shut down and I didn’t even get an Al Sharpton thrown at me. I’m glad she defended the other posters and their right to offer an opinion.

            • harleysmom says:

              Had Enough & Tootsie (& hopefully all others in this conversation chain). I’m always a day late in the conversation & everyone has probably moved on, but I would like to insert an opinion if I may. I found the dialog between HWH and Di very moving. Hearing the differing opinions of two (& more) intelligent, courteous posters on this subject was something I was very interested in. They each brought perspectives that I had not necessarily considered which were very worthwhile and I would love to hear more.

              Opinionated people can appear to be brusque at times, especially when one only sees the written word and not facial expressions. In this case, both posters stayed on topic and neither had been rude, abusive, nor insulting to the other. Of course, if you felt that they had, you would have been perfectly correct to remind them to be polite and respectful. Initiating another topic or even politely suggesting that they move on would have been good. However, your persistent use of “AL SHARPTON, AL SHARPTON AL SHARPTON” repeatedly had the effect of screaming “SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP”, which in itself is rude and censorious.

              I understand there was a previous conversation which you assumed was a “group approval” of your suggestion to use this phrase to indicate that a conversation had gotten out of hand and everyone should take a time out. There are several problems with this solution. First, this particular conversation had not gotten out of hand and many of us were interested in hearing it continued. Second, without evidence of previous disrespect and rudeness, use of this phrase smacks of censorship and entitlement to approve topics/dialog. I’ll stop with those two, although I can think of many more.

              I am sure that you never meant your phrase to be rude or censorious, which is why I took the time to post this. All too often, we humans find it difficult to see things from others’ point of view. The opportunity to hear a variety of opinions from well-informed individuals is one of the main reasons I appreciate this blog. I hope you see this comment as helpful in understanding why others took offense rather than being offended yourself. Thanks for listening.

          • Dawn says:

            Thanks so much OneMoreinBoston. If the poster is attempting to be funny, it’s a miserable fail. It’s annoying.

            • CdnFillie says:

              What I sometimes have a problem with is whenever a controversial topic is brought up some posters will go back and forth between each other in what appears to be an attempt to convince, explain or sway the other. ..when that doesn’t work we hear terms like gang bang and cliques. That is tiring to read especially when your time is limited and usually have a lot of catching up with Lynn’s blogs. Can we not agree to disagree, just post your opinion (that I love to read), without the back and forth and not take it so personally. Sorry if I upset anyone but it is my opinion.

              • Di says:

                I can totally respect your opinion, but I think that back and forth, while maybe inconvenient for you to read in your limited time, is called a dialogue. I believe comment sections on message boards encourage this type of dialogue.

              • OneMoreinBoston says:

                I actually have no problem with your request.

                But see here’s the thing…oftentimes, when someone unable either through faulty logic, or limited faculties to defend their opinion, they make personal attacks.

                And when someone attacks me personally, sorry girl, I take it personally.

          • TrueLifeDiva says:

            Sending you a chocolate bar 😉

  6. Bobbi says:

    Totally agree with you about Erika! She got on my last nerve last night.

    I’ve been sending tweets and leaving messages on Facebook for LuAnn about the contest, as has @sweeetbea. This morning, she replied on there to both of us thusly:

    “Bobbi, we will announce the winner shortly! Please excuse the delay.”

    Rather weak but she has at least acknowledged that she hasn’t announced a winner yet. So, I’ll give her a few more days and then start again. The voting on that thing was so convoluted I think that not only the participants deserve an answer but also the people that bothered to spend the time to figure out how to vote!

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      Countless was supposed to announce a winner at the beginning of this month. There is no excuse for the delay, it’s not like she has to go through thousands of entries. Only six people entered this contest. I guess she can’t take time out of her busy(sarcasm) schedule to annouce a winner.

    • Bea from NJ says:

      @SweeetBea here! Hi Bobbi! 🙂

  7. Night Light says:

    I was really irritated by this episode. Stacie as a hostess is supposed to take care ALL of her guests. As far as I am concern she is chicken shit! Stacie had it out for Cat as soon she heard Cat didn’t like Obama or Tyra and Erika ran with it. Stacie was trying to “check” Cat at Aunt F’s house. Is that why you invite people over to Sunday dinner? But did she? No. Stacie talked behind Cat’s back. Stacie invites the girls over for ice cream (sideline: did it seem wierd to anybody that everyone is in heavy coats and they are about to eat ice-cream?) and Erika continues to badger Cat. Was this the way Stacie planned to “check” Cat? Have your girlfriend do your dirty work? I agree with Cat: bla-bla-bla-bla! You never know what a person is going through, not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve. (?) I teared up for poor Cat, I don’t know the time line but her friend dies, her husband is not there and those two idiots are out to get her and her daughters are there no less! Lynda was starting to cool for me but I am SO happy that she stood up for Cat.
    Now with regards to the gay marriage, I will tread lightly because I do agree, we will not get new legislation unless there is an honest conversation BUT history does speak for itself equal but seperate has shown does not work. I always tell my boys: if God created us in His image who are we to criticize?
    I am surprised Jeff nor Andy questioned Mary for her statements. The more I have seen Mary the more she comes across like a woman that has been yessed to death. No you do not look like that queen, Brook Shields or any of the other ladies you mentioned. Thank you Jeff for setting her straight. BTW NBC is notorious for product placement. Think back to Sienfeld and currently 30 Rock. Wait till they bring in the washer and dryer! lol

    • aquamarine candy-o says:

      Stacie definitely has had it out for Cat ever since Cat mentioned she didn’t like Obama or Tyra Banks. Stacie thinks it is a race issue and feels attacked/threatened, whatever it is, but it isn’t a race issue. It has nothing to do with race. The reason Cat doesn’t like Obama, Tyra Banks is because of their individual character, not their skin color. Who cares about race? I understood exactly where Cat was coming from.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Also think Stacie was determine to make Cat uncomfortable at her Auntie’s house. Why? Because Cat didn’t think Tyra was all that? Because Cat likes Bush better than Obama? Because her buddy Erica doesn’t like Cat? Very petty, very juvenile and the fallout should be expected – Stacie wanted to make Cat uncomfortable, her talking head confirmed it.

        • Savannah111 says:

          Like I said I havent watched the episode yet but WCW thats what it’s sounding like to me and it does make sense it also sounds like Lynn hit the target with Erica wanting to be the Kim G of the DC wifes…

  8. audrey says:

    Lynn great blog as always thanks for calling out Bravo and DC laddies on the lies and BS . I think that folks have had enough of it and I truley hope the other franchise’s and Bravo will stop playing these games, but I doubt it and I fear the backlash may be more than they can handle and my remote may have to be on a another channel which is sad becouse I really love Bravo.
    from a fan over it

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    Bravo would get high marks in my book if at the DC Reunion (what a joke right?!) Andy announced that this franchise is getting pink slipped and apologize to the franchise fans for making a big, big, hugh mistake in making us sit through one season of DC (don’t care) dullness! Own it Bravo and you may retain some fans!

    • Noelle says:

      We can dream..can’t We??…

    • dumberries says:

      I was kinda liking DC during the first two episodes, maybe simply because they weren’t the NJ women. I’ve now switched over to Project Runway – DC just doesn’t hold my interest. I think this is the first in the franchise where every single week I change my mind about who I like and who I don’t like. I don’t why that is, but it makes it hard for me to invest in watching it. With the other HW shows, I usually know who I like and who I don’t like after a few episodes – occasionally on the fence about a couple of the HWs. Sometimes my opinions change over time as we see more of each HW. But, with DC, I’m all over the map from week to week and it’s not as much fun to watch.

  10. Olivia says:

    Bravo should just concentrate on perhaps two offerings: the NYC cast and perhaps the cast of OC. Following their “storylines” and getting familiar with the women may hold more interest than flitting from city to city with the same outline but delivered by a new crop of faces.

    NJ is disgusting. DC beyond interest. Atlanta is harsh and the BH crowd is just another version of the others.

    Leave us with the trials and tribulations of Jill and Company and I will be happy to oblige. Even as one who suspects that most of this “reality” is “crapality” to begin with, at least we can argue the good and bad of the NY crew without having a collective stroke in the meantime.

    • Di says:

      I agree Olivia! It reminds me of that Michael Keaton movie, Multiplicity, about cloning himself and each of his latest creations gets dumber, losing all of the good qualities of the original, creating only problems for himself.

    • nathania says:

      I can safely say that having watched DC I have no interest in watching OC ever again.

  11. milviewer says:

    anyone else get the impression that “hanger-on Erika” must have tried everything to become a Real Housewife and now is bitter at having to be content with being just a “friend”? I get the feeling she goes after Cat because she doesn’t think Cat (as a Brit?) deserves to be a RHW and has taken “her” spot. I am really appalled by Stacie and Erika’s repeated inferences that Cat is a racist (anyone check out Erika’s website? it’s “under construction” but you can read a blog note wherein she discusses race)….I think Cat handled herself well, and at least didn’t let things escalate, especially in front of her children. Erika, the new Kim G….

    • milviewer says:

      here is Erika’s blog entry:

      RHWODC – Episodes To Date
      Posted on August 20, 2010 by admin
      ShareLets Talk. Not sure where racism was introduced but since it was lets talk about it. Not pretend it doesnt exist or its so far fetched, just talk about it. Racism is negative treatment of a group of people that dates back hundreds if not thousands of years. There has been a lot of work done to ensure equality amongst ALL people but what I do know for sure is that still today, everyone unfortunately is not singing from the same hymnal. Yes, most people refrain from wearing their white sheets in public but they are probably still hanging in the closet.
      In 2010, its a shame that in your own home or that of a friend you love and respect, you have to be presented with rude, abrasive, neck rolling commentary that could POSSIBLY be perceived as racist. We all have opinions and are entitled to them but couldnt we just stop at “Im not a fan!” and there would be no harm done.

      So I ask, is it time that African Americans (not “colored” please) lightened up and became less sensitive OR is it time that others became more aware of what comes out of their mouth BEFORE it comes out? A little of both would probably make this a better world to live in. Not sure of the answer but just some food for thought.

      Signing off…Ruff Ruff

      • Olivia says:

        Apparently Erika is going to use this forum to discuss race. Give me a break!

        I don’t happen to worship at the altar of Oprah. Does this make me a racist?

        Only a fool would deny that racism and sexism do not exist but to bring those issues forward on a program built around utter nonsense is beyond the pale.

        The inverse is Meet the Press discussing the latest tribulations of Lindsay Lohan for an hour.

        Does not equate.

        • boston02127 says:

          I find it a little shocking when they about race on this show. I can be talking to someone face to face or watching a TV show with purple people on it and I would never ever realize their race unless someone pointed it out. It’s something that never clicked with me. It’s not like I don’t pay attention either. It’s just lost on me.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            When my oldest son was 3, he licked my bf’s arm while we were chatting. We both looked at him in amazement when he said he just wanted to see if she tasted like chocolate! So color is not an issue in my house. And Charlotte still tells that story every chance she gets!

        • Snarkella says:

          I kind of agree with what you’re saying about Erika. For some reason she wants to paint Cat as a racist. I don’t think Cat is racist. Cat just says things in a rude way sometimes, but mostly she seems smart, funny and outspoken.

          What I don’t understand is why you believe the housewives should limit their conversation to inane topics.

          • dumberries says:

            I have no objection to the HWs discussing things other than shopping, dog poop, and superficial charity works – particularly in our nation’s capital. But, unfortunately, this group of women (with the possible exception of Lynda) just don’t seem to be that knowledgeable about the topics – so it’s frustrating and feels inappropriate. Mary and Lollie’s exchange on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was painful to watch – wake up Mary! And Erika equating a strong irritation with Tyra Banks to meanness and racism is ignorant. I think the topics would seem less inappropriate if the HWs discussing them were more qualified to do so. JMO.

            • Snarkella says:

              But people discuss these topics in real life all the time. Smart people, stupid people and everyone in between. I think because the show is about DC Housewives, Bravo is letting the ladies drift into politics a bit more. I don’t think anyone is mistaking them for experts. They are just opinions.

              • dumberries says:

                That’s true Snarkella, agreed. I don’t mind the political and race discussions. I think some viewers find them uncomfortable or inappropriate not only because of the topics, but because often the opinions aren’t expressed very well and it’s awkward to watch. I understand that sentiment. Personally, I’m okay with it for the reason you cited, in real life a lot of people discuss hot topics with varying degrees of expertise and intelligence…

              • dsc60 says:

                agreed. if i was interested in listening to political experts, i wouldn’t be tuning into bravo for it. i don’t feel it’s necessary for these housewives to be particularly politically savvy. if anything, it makes them more relatable to their average viewer.

              • Snarkella says:

                Lol dsc60! And I agree.

      • nathania says:

        I like her idea, let’s just talk about it.

        Why the hell not? I don’t understand why people object to this. Because, I might just learn something.

        • cyotteeflower says:

          When politics are discussed on non political boards such as this I get alot more out of it because the political boards/articles are harder for me to understand.I’m all for hearing all the different views!

      • Snarkella says:

        I am missing something here. I heard Cat say that she didn’t like Tyra, and Obama didn’t RSVP, blah blah blah, and more inappropriate nonsense. But what did she actually say that was racist? I’m not denying that she said something racist, I’m just saying I didn’t catch it or don’t remember it and I am curious to know exactly what it is.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Cat might have said something that offended Erica but I didn’t hear anything racist until Erica said it…..I don’t particularly like Tyra either but like Cat said – she is a good businesswoman. I have to think think that Erica has a bad case of the green eyed monster cause she thinks she should be an official housewife!

        • TrueLifeDiva says:

          When Cat said she didn’t like Tyra, she went into a neck-rolling-finger-snapping impersonation that was SO ugly! As a black woman I was like, “Why couldn’t she just say she doesn’t like Tyra? What’s with the circa 1970 impersonation, complete with out of date slang?” I was pissed at that moment because even in 2010 complete strangers will switch to slang when meeting me for the first time, assuming that as a black person I am not articulate. If you are Latino, would you want someone to do an impersonation of a thick accent when saying they dislike a person who also happens to be Latino? How about when people affect a lisp and limp wrist when making fun of gays? I see a lot of people overlooked Cat’s stereotype laden impersonation because it was so bad and you can barely understand her as it is. I saw the shucking and jiving for what it was. She thinks all black people use slang, neck roll, and bob their heads to silent beats. She thought her impersonation would have them rolling in the aisles, but was confused when met with silence. I respect her opinion of Tyra, don’t like her much myself. I wouldn’t have stood there silent while she mocked black people/used stereotypes though. Maybe Stacie isn’t the one to school Cat, but Cat DOES need to be schooled.

          • Snarkella says:

            Well Tyra did do all of those things when she gave her “kiss my fat ass” speech that was all over the news. If Cat saw that in England, maybe she thinks Trya speaks and moves like that all the time.

    • Mil – I wrote the EXACT same thing on my blog (not posted yet) about Erika. I think that she wanted to be one of the Housewives and feels that she has more of a right to be on a show about DC than some Brit who’s only lived in DC for a year. I think her problem with Cat is jealousy.
      I also think her and Stacie are way to sensitive about the race thing. I don’t know if they were bullied by white girls in high school or what, but they are SO unnecessarily defensive. First of all, Tyra is freaking annoying and it has nothing to do with the color of her skin. Second, Cat clearly stated that her dislike of Obama was mostly based off the the fact that he didn’t rsvp to her wedding and Bush did. It was not about race or even politics – it was totally personal. And for Erika to try to spin that into racism was just ridiculous.
      Cat can be abrasive, but I don’t think Erika has a right to act offended by that since she is equally abrasive herself.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:


        Cat is the aforementioned British bitch. She’s got a sort of posh accent and grew up “just outside London”, which seems a point of some stuttery shame. I wonder if maybe the accent is a bit put on. Maybe she’s really the daughter of a chimney sweep and good-hearted, jigging prostitute named Nelly Winslow Jones……. And then she went to the polo match and said bitchy things, and then did something else and said bitchy things, and then finally she went to Stacie’s chef dinner party and said bitchy things. Some of the things were funny. She was very accurate about why Tyra Banks (oh, Celebrity Chef has cooked for Tyra Banks too, faboooo) is annoying in an interview segment, but then when Stacie and her friends asked why she didn’t like Tyra Banks all she did was this horrible ‘black person accent’ that was so thuddingly mortifying. British people can be weird that way about race. Did anyone see Martin McDonagh’s play A Behanding in Spokane? It was McDonagh’s first play set in the States and involved black people and it was so fucking racist. Like just flat out racist. And he didn’t mean to be, it’s just sorta the way that some people from the UK see American depictions of race. It’s OK to do gangsta voices and say “nigga” and shit like that. They just don’t understand the various, years-deep nuances and all that. So when Cat did the Tyra black voice in a room full of black people (oh, yes, Stacie is black), it was just sort of hideously embarrassing. Stacie frowned. She also frowned when Cat said she doesn’t love Obama but that Bush was a class act. The only one that agreed with Cat was the other white lady there.

        • TrueLifeDiva says:

          I posted before reading your comments. My thoughts exactly. It’s frustrating that a lot of folks glazed over her vile impersonation. It’s actually even more insulting coming from a non-american , like WTF?

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        It was her Tyra impersonation that did it! The “black accent and body movement”. That’s where she lost the crowd.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          FROM GAWKER. Richard’s take on CAT.

          Cat is the aforementioned British bitch. She’s got a sort of posh accent and grew up “just outside London”, which seems a point of some stuttery shame. I wonder if maybe the accent is a bit put on. Maybe she’s really the daughter of a chimney sweep and good-hearted, jigging prostitute named Nelly Winslow Jones, who was found floating face down in the Thames with ‘er best lady bits cut righ’ outta ‘er body, they was. Who knows! It’s possible. Either way, Cat has fled the rocky isle to make a new go of it in America, with her dashing White House photographer husband, a pair of pale-faced daughters, and a breezy, lazy attitude that seems charming for about five minutes and then sours into cold eel pudding. I mean, it is funny when she dismisses the Salahi polo match as low rate and stupid. It is fun when she cuts through the other H’wives’ grimy ambition with a well-placed brag about her close relationship with people of note. But then you see how brittle and dull she is, so busy being bored with everything that she’s forgotten to do or create anything interesting. Apparently she had some dramz with her first husband. Apparently she wrote a book called Inbox Full that is a gross title, like a really gross title, as if she had many emails in her inbox at one time, which is a terrible image. And then she went to the polo match and said bitchy things, and then did something else and said bitchy things, and then finally she went to Stacie’s chef dinner party and said bitchy things. Some of the things were funny. She was very accurate about why Tyra Banks (oh, Celebrity Chef has cooked for Tyra Banks too, faboooo) is annoying in an interview segment, but then when Stacie and her friends asked why she didn’t like Tyra Banks all she did was this horrible ‘black person accent’ that was so thuddingly mortifying. British people can be weird that way about race. Did anyone see Martin McDonagh’s play A Behanding in Spokane? It was McDonagh’s first play set in the States and involved black people and it was so fucking racist. Like just flat out racist. And he didn’t mean to be, it’s just sorta the way that some people from the UK see American depictions of race. It’s OK to do gangsta voices and say “nigga” and shit like that. They just don’t understand the various, years-deep nuances and all that. So when Cat did the Tyra black voice in a room full of black people (oh, yes, Stacie is black), it was just sort of hideously embarrassing. Stacie frowned. She also frowned when Cat said she doesn’t love Obama but that Bush was a class act. The only one that agreed with Cat was the other white lady there.

  12. Mary T says:

    I really think that Erika is a racist and Stacie isn’t far behind…..they both want to judge people & how dare Cat not agree with them on everything, ie not liking Tyra or Obama……this is the same kind of attitude that is found all over the United States! I am not impressed by either of them. Lynda is irritating at times & at other times very endearing by her insight into the other women. Mary needs to get a backbone or her daughter is going to wind up being a nothing!

    • quincyil says:

      I disagree. If Stacy and Erica were real racists, they would not have white friends. Honestly, the head of the KKK lives just over the river and he goes to our Honda dealership. I have waited for my car to be fixed and listened to him talk. Now, that’s a racist and he isn’t friends with any Black people. Trust me.

      • Noelle says:

        Hmmm…from your pov.
        I too live in a small town, and I work(when able) as well as my hubby, to up keep our property.
        Not easy..but we love it.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Quincy, I don’t watch the show so I can’t speak to if Stacey or Ericka are racist or not (or Cat for that matter) but I wanted to address your statement about Stacey and Ericka not being racist because they have white friends.

        There are plenty of folks of all different races who can make racist statements or have racist beliefs about other races -who not only belief they are not racist but qualify their views by using the disclaimer “I can’t be racist, because I have (insert race here) friends”.

        Comparing them to an extremist such as the head of the KKK may dilute their words/remarks/actions when place side by side but how about standing alone?

      • Diana says:

        The head of the KKK drives a Honda? Wow, that’s some insight into the state of American made automobiles.

    • Snarkella says:

      I’m with you Mary T. If Stacy and Erika want to accuse Cat of being a bit rude, fine, but if they are accusing her of being racist because she doesn’t like Tyra Banks that’s disgraceful.

  13. The Buzz says:

    In 1973 PBS aired the first family reality show. An American Family was about the Louds, an affluent family in Santa Barbara. I watched all twelve episodes and was mesmerized by it. I read somewhere that PBS filmed 300 hours of this family. There were many surprises along the way: Pat Loud, the mother, discovered her husband’s infidelity on the show and eventually they divorced. Their son, Lance, who died in 2001 of hepititis C and HIV related infection, came out and revealed his homsexuality.

    I mention this because the series was groundbreading and well done. I, as a young mother, did not miss an episode. It was so interesting peeking in at a family that, albeit, older than mine, was relatable to my life.

    Bravo, in my opinion, is not producing “reality” TV, rather it is a mean spirited, contrived series that long ago has bored me. I now watch it to see how low they will go and how much they will underestimate their viewers.

    I love this site because it is intelligent and funny and good natured and I now watch just enough on Bravo to be able to participate here.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Buzz–A while back someone posted a link to watch that show. I think it was MAMZA. If you go back on the blogs you will be able to find the link for the Louds family.

      If it was MAMZA, thx. If not sorry.

    • Had Enough! says:

      I’ve written about the American Family a couple of times and no one ever responded so I was beginning to think I was the only one who had ever seen it. I thought it was sick for these people to air their private business on TV. I have wondered if RHOWhatever was inspired by that series – at least the germ of an idea – but I don’t think Lauren Zalaznick or Andy Cohen are old enough to have seen it. But you never know. It is possible. You take the basic concept and run it through the filter of today’s extremely low standards…

      • Blue Sky says:

        I always thought the RHO..wherever were inspired by the TV show Desperate Housewives, which Andy might be a fan of. IIRC, it was Andy who dreamed up the Housewives (faux) reality show concept. Amazes me that such a dolt as Andy (and I used to really like him, but his head has gotten too big!) ever dreamed up the concept, because it has proved to be a real $ maker. Hope he signed on as chief producer or something, so that he gets more than just his base Bravo pay. Maybe it’s his WWHL show, or inept performances on the reunions…just don’t like or respect him anymore.

  14. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the new blog Lynn, 5 stars & clicks.

  15. quincyil says:

    Hmmmm…. I guess I am the only person here who likes Erica. She’s been a good friend to Mary for over ten years and they even traveled together. You’d think Mary would realize how terrible Erica is. Stacy and Erica seem joined at the hip. They lunch and share family dinners. I’m surprised that Stacy and her clan don’t see that side of Erica either.

    I think Erica does have a bee in her bonnet when it comes to Cat. I think she dislikes Cat immensely and has from the evening with the chef. I think that Erica is jealous that she tried out for the show, but Cat, a newcomer, and someone who doesn’t know the Chocolate City (Stacy’s description) got the gig on Bravo.

    I think that Erica considers Mary, who was too drunk to respond, was being maligned once more by Cat. I bet there have been conversations in the background between Stacy and Erica on the subject of Cat for a long time. I bet Stacy knew about Cat’s behavior at the restaurant where Lolly served Mary and Cat. Mary wasn’t happy when she was paying the check that day.

    When Erica brough up Tyra, it wasn’t about Tyra. It was about the rude behavior at Stacy’s aunt’s home. It was Cat looking down on Washington folks and the women wearing spandex in Chevy Chase. You know, the women with tiny bags of dog poo.

    Yes, Cat is lonely. Yes, Cat misses her friends and family. Yes, Cat’s whirlwind romance and quickly marriage is falling apart. Cat speaks the truth. Guess what? Erica is a truth speaker too. Did we all notice that Cat greeted everyone at the meeting where they discussed equality in marriage except Erica. Think that didn’t hurt Erica? Erica was playful when Cat arrived at the ice cream event, but Cat pullled back. Erica took the criticism form Lynda and the others but Cat was not willing to forgive. I’d say that fight was tit for tat. I’d be hurt if all of my friends were on the side of someone mean to me. Hmmmm… been there… and yeah …it hurts.

    So… I am finally in the minority and if Erica was here, I’d be the one to give her a hug. Yes, I like people who try to make ammends when they make mistakes. I don’t like people who make fun of their neighbors or of Americans. That’s just me, though.

    • Kat says:

      I didn’t see the episode. I like Cat. From your description I probably would like Erica too. I appreciate women who speak their mind and let you know where you stand with them.

      • quincyil says:

        We all have emotions. It’s tough to know what to say and how it will be interpreted by others. It’s especially tough here on the net where we only have words and no facial expressions. I watched Erica. She was trying to find her way. Maybe, her instinct is to go back in time to explain her feelings of the moment, but everyone does that.

        • The Buzz says:

          I sympathize with Cat because I had an English neighbor once who was always in hot water with our other neighbors. It was a cultural difference and she was quite outspoken and had a dry, “killer” sense of humor. I “got” her and so did a couple of the others.
          I loved this neighbor and her ascerbic wit. She, I and two others had coffee together each week day morning after the kids left for school.

          I’ve had other friends from other countries and we have an in-law from Scandanavia. There are definitely cultural differences, but an open mind and thicker skin serves me well, I guess. My husband and I traveled a lot and have friends in South America and South Africa and I’m always aware, when we visit them in their country, that we surely appear “different” to them.
          I’m giving Cat the benefit of the doubt.

          • quincyil says:

            I am married to an Iranian Shiitte Muslim. No problem with any cultural problems here. rotfl….

            I give her the benefit of the doubt, but she didn’t give Erica a chance for redemption. If she wanted peace, she could have done it in her blog, but she chose to attack Erica. Cat if a fighter, but she doesn’t like to take a hit.

            • nathania says:

              another thought on this…

              they say it is the people most like yourself that great on your nerves the worst. this is probably what is going on with Cat and Erika. Under different circumstances and maybe in time they might be friends.

          • Alan says:

            cat does not have a dry sense of humour, she is simply an obnoxious b**** and as a British person, I find it really offensive that some people believe that she acts this way simply because she is British.

            I have often felt incredibly embarrassed watching her behavior. Cat has been incredibly rude to other people on several occasions: e.g
            – Stacey’s Chef Party
            Her cringe-inducing semi-racist Tyra impression.
            – The Salahi grape-crushing party
            Cat said to Tariq “I know that you’re American but have some manners”.
            – Stacey’s family dinner
            Cat left early without saying goodbye to Stacey, sulked like a teenager throughout the evening and caused an unnecessary fuss over the wine.
            – Mary [so many slights…too little time]
            Telling Mary how to parent Lolly in front of all the other girls.
            The way that she spoke to the waiter when she had lunch with Mary at the restaurant where Lolly worked.

            …Anyways, you get the gist.. The woman is a rude.

            But what really irritates me is how little she can take it back. She fell apart when she was challenged by Michaele Salahi’s assistant [?] and confronted by Ericka [who is a bitch too].
            Now I must be honest, I do love a bitch for example Sheree from Atlanta simply makes my life. But Cat isn’t even bitchy in an entertaining way because she simply spews out unintelligent snide remarks and cannot hold her own when she is challenged à la Sheree, Nene, Bethenny… Cat is like an unlovable Vicki [from the OC housewives.
            For all of her rudeness and “tells it how it is” bravado Cat simply crumbles when someone returns the favour… citing her loneliness as a reason why she should be treated with kid gloves…

            Which makes me wonder…if she is so lonely then why does she feel it is acceptable to constantly make mean comments [ anyone else picked up on her pattern of conversation? say a something bitchy and then laugh wheezily] and not try to get along with the other women???
            I am sure that I am not alone in feeling that Cat has a real distaste for America and especially American people??

            The real reason why Cat says inappropriate things and doesn’t ever really try to ingratiate herself with the other women is because she thinks that she is better than everyone else and above it all. Goodness knows why! Cat is not particularly well educated, pleasant or attractive especially when compared to Stacey or Linda for example. She is only marginally famous in the UK because she pulled Prince Harry [who btw is now Prince Wills] which I think is quite strange and unbecoming considering the fact that she is a parent. Cat is extremely arrogant and that is why I really dislike her.

            I think that based upon Cat’s arrogance and past behavior Ericka has every reason to dislike Cat, and her dislike is not simply borne out of jealousy. Ericka’s mistake was simply the way she chose to confront Cat but I feel that Cat needed to be taken down a peg or two.

      • nathania says:

        I like both of them too. And at times they have both been in the wrong. But they are both intelligent and I don’t think either one of them is crazy. If Bravo would stay within those parameters for these shows I think the shows would be a lot better.

        • Raquel Papel says:

          I like them both and think they are both very rude. They are too much alike and that is the problem. Both trying to be the queen bees

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I agree Quincy, I like Erica also. She may be jealous that Cat is a houswife and she’s relegated to the “friend” role. She did have an axe to grind with Cat, and I believe she was jumping at the bit to let her have it. Erica seems to be a great friend who takes slights against her friends hard. Viewers saw she was involved with planning the dinner party and she must have felt greatly insulted by Cat’s horrible behaviour on the nite of the Chef’s presentation. Cat, while one of three featured housewives there, was not the only invited guest, nor was she supposed to be the center of attention. That was to be the Chef and Stacie. She ridiculed, and mocked the Chef’s employers, therefore belittling his resume, and proceeded to talk about our president, chiding him for a lack of manners. Incredible! Throw in the stereotypical neckrolling and BINGO, Erika can’t stand her! Then she acts disgusted at the food at the Aunt’s house, think bangers, blood pudding and shepherd’s pie, and critiques the wine. Who is she Alexis Carrington?

      What I find to be telling is the defense by the other housewives of “Cat being Cat”. This is so RHONJ and can only work when the offenses of Cat are being done to someone else. Lynda was quick to defend Cat, because Cat hasn’t ruined her parties. She did have a breakdown at the benefit, but it was understandable. However, why didn’t Lynda invite Cat to the cleansing of her new digs…hmmm? We know. Cat would have gone overboard, criticizing every room, design flaw and mocked her whole spiritual cleansing routine. Pointing out the differing religions and practices and refuting the probability of it even working. Yeah Cat’s okay when the offended party isn’t one of them.

      • quincyil says:

        Oh, thank goodness. I may not be senile yet.

        This reminds me of a chess game that has no rules. Each player bounces off the other and emotions play out rather than logic.

        There really is no villian, no social climber, not matriach of the social register in any of these shows. Bravo is creating a story line for us. Cat doesn’t like her editing one bit and Erica probably doesn’t either.

        The interesting thing about both Stacy and Erica is they are normal people. Nene Leakes seems over the top, loud and frankly off her rocker. Stacy and Erica are our next door neighbors. We don’t always love our next door neighbors, but there are times that the neighbors don’t like us also.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        OMG- Can it be?


        very well put.

    • Snarkella says:

      I agree that Erica dislikes Cat out of jealousy. I really hate women who attack other women out of jealousy, so I don’t have a high opinion of Erica.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        ditto on the jealousy. Erica was having fun giving Cat the business – too bad she can’t admit she went too far and hurt her feelings. That was no apology in my book because Erica was still trying to get her point across – no sincerity.

    • nathania says:

      Making fun of Americans is par for the course when it comes to Europeans, just like making fun of southerners is par for the course for most of the rest of the United States. It almost comes with the territory.

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      I think a lot of people are missing the subtleties and unspoken language that goes on in the scenes too. Cat has learned stereotypes from the media and regurgitates them. She doesn’t MEAN to be racist but she needs to learn everyone isn’t what you see on t.v.

      • Snarkella says:

        I agree with you TrueLifeDiva. And as I’m sure you recall her family laughed about how fat we Americans are and that we look like we should all be carrying banjos. Something like that. That’s why I think it’s unfair to call her a racist. It’s unfair to claim that she is hateful or intolerant to another race, just because she doesn’t observe the “American Race Relations Handbook.”

  16. Ellabean says:

    Just cracked the case. I am a very good detective. Always have been.

    Wow, wsl, quite wonderful that you have joined us here. Your clues have been so intriguing and yet very, very helpful. Pointed me in the correct direction.

    All the very best to you ~ I dont ‘hedge’ in saying so.;)

    • Kat says:

      LMAO! 😉

      • Ellabean says:

        Yes Kat. You too, right ?

        • Kat says:

          Who me? I don’t know what you could be speaking of.
          I plead the 5th or something? 😉

          • Ellabean says:

            wink wink

            • kmuellfa says:

              You guys are killing me! I’m dying to know (I’m way too nosy for my own good).

              • 2Stupid says:

                You guys have got to give me a clue. I’m a broker and have been bugging my traders to see if they can help me. I guess I’m not good enough at research to get to the answer. Any little tidbit would help. It has been driving me crazy for days. My BIL works for Kenneth Falcone a pretty well know hedge fund manager and he can’t help me. Jus a little something please……

    • boston02127 says:

      Okay Miss Kat and Miss Ellabean–Spill it! This little conversation is going right over my head and it’s killing me. 🙂

      • Kat says:

        Boston, I heart you. That said, I really can’t say more it is not my place.
        Al Sharpton!

      • Ellabean says:

        Well, very much understood. Wish I could. But I don’t feel right getting that specific and outing on the blog. But I must say that her clues were given freely – so I took them and figured it out. Love love a good mystery.

        Now if I could just figure how to get paid for this. As my hubby would say: monetize this internet detective work !

        WSL is the “real deal” as Lynn so rightly defended her. It’s quite an honor having her among us.

        • boston02127 says:

          Ellebean & Kat — ♥

        • kmuellfa says:

          I know, and I would never dream of asking either of you to “out” WSL. Regardless of “who” she is, she is a warm, funny, and interesting contributor to Lynn’s blog.

          I don’t know why I am so curious, and I’m sure if I took the time I could figure it out. I just have too many “care plans” (the bane of nursing school), med. info sheets to fill out, and procedural videos to watch.

        • Noelle says:

          Enough already.
          You feel better…

  17. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Here is my problem with Erica it was neither the time nor the place to start all this with Cat. Cat’s daughters along with the rest of the children were in the next room. No way, no how was it ok for Erica to start that when the children could have easily heard all of this. I have a 7 year old and he’s a sneaky thing with super ears. He would have heard that. If Erica has a beef with Cat take her aside, make an appointment to meet with her, whatever, but an ice cream night with kids there…..badly done.

    Also, Erica’s apology was not an apology at all. Erica could tell no one was on her side there and she needed to save some kind of face. I didn’t buy it as an apology at all.

    Kudos to Lynda for standing up for Cat. Cat reached her level for everything going on in her life: husband traveling, her friend dying, the constant barrage of “you’re a mean girl” and it was only time before Cat could not handle it. My opinion of Lynda definitely went up here.

    Lastly, the Salahi’s. Nothing they do surprise me anymore. They are lying, grifting, offensive spending jerks. Sorry. Where on earth do they get their money? Their charity is being looked into. They stay at the Four Seasons. They ride in limos all the time. Tareq plays polo which is an extremely expensive sport especially if he owns his own polo ponies. You need to have many horses in order to play. The winery is in disarray and was run into the ground by the Salahi’s. Tareq claims he was an owner. Yes he was. He owns 5%. That’s it. They bought a Maserati on the wineries dime, which was repossessed. There is no way they should have anything financial to do with the winery. Everything that I see and hear about these people make me feel that they should be sitting next to Joe Giudice in lock-up.

    • butterisafruit says:

      You’re right. It wasn’t an apology. It was a continuation of the same conversation, only this time it was at the door.

  18. boston02127 says:

    I can’t believe grown women continue to argue and hold grudges over something so ridiculous. Erica is holding a grudge because Kat doesn’t like Tyra Banks? I hope that’s Erica’s biggest problem in life.

    • quincyil says:

      It’s bigger than that, Boston. Erica believes that Cat is looking down on Black people. It’s Tyra, Stacy’s aunt and relatives, and the people of DC, who are mostly Black. It’s a “you are up here” and “we are down here” kind of issue.

      • nathania says:


        That’s it. And Cat is this European who doesn’t even think in those terms who stumbled onto this controversy by just being honest, (my god, she’s this way to everyone, an equal opportunity offender if there ever was one) and now she’s in a complete mess.

  19. boston02127 says:

    @butterisafruit– I liked your story about sage Saturday on the last blog.

  20. Snarkella says:

    Lynn, great blog as always! You are amazing. This takes a lot of work. Are you sure you don’t have a dozen staff writers helping you with all this? Just kidding. I know it’s you, I’m just so impressed.

    Thank you so much for not giving up on the DC Ladies. I happen to like the DC Housewives. They are a bit different. It’s not all about boob jobs and hair weaves, they actually discuss, although on a very superficial level, current events. I think that makes them more interesting, not less interesting. I don’t find them dull at all. And Bravo throws a bone to the people just looking to laugh at absurd behavior with the Salahis. I for one will be really sad if they don’t get another season, but I guess the high ratings go to the shows with the most obnoxious behavior.

    • TT in OC says:

      I was going to hide this time as I predicted there would be a lot of “heated debate” going on. Well, so far so go.

      I just want to “surface” enough to agree with Snarkella’s comment on DC …. go lurking again ……..

  21. Snarkella says:

    I was glad Bravo gave the housewives an opportunity to share their opinions on gay marriage. I found it all very interesting. Since others here commented on their beliefs earlier, I will add mine as well.

    You can honor your religion and support gay marriage.

    You can honor your religion by not marrying someone of the same sex, if you believe it is wrong to do so.

    You should support gay marriage as an American citizen, because our country is built on dreams of freedom and equality for all men and women. If other men and women do wrong, let God take care of them in hell if that’s what you believe, but honestly, it is not your job to police others. Not in America in 2010!

    Marriage is not owned by religious sects. It is also a legal device. My husband and I were married on my back porch by a notary public we found in the yellow pages, and I can assure you, we are married in the eyes of the government of the United States of America and everyone else we know.

    It terrifies me to realize that I live in a country where other people want to tell me who I can and can’t marry! How dare someone poke their nose into what goes on in my bedroom. I am a woman, married to a man, but I am still furious that I was able to marry the man I love ONLY because it did not offend someone else’s religious ideas.
    I am an American, and I expect to marry who I please when I want to! The very thought that someone would deny me this basic human right makes me sick!!!!

    This is why I support the rights of gays to marry.

    • Kat says:

      I am amazed and humbled by the many posters that feel as you do.
      You all need to come to Nebr. Enlighten our state.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      The issue of gay marriage has nothing to do with religion so why is that being inserted into it? What kind of excuse is that anyway besides totally lame? Everyone is entitled to the same rights as everyone else – no excuses IMO are adequate to deny this fact.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        and if marriage is offensive insert civil union – it’s about love, family building and equal protection under the laws of this country.

        • MAMAZ says:

          WCW – But only if EVERYONE has to have a civil union. It used to be in the UK that you had to be married by the Registrar’s Office for it to be legal. Most people also chose to have a religious ceremony as well. Don’t know if that’s still the case.

    • Raquel Papel says:

      well said Snarkella! I do agree w. you. We need to separate the religious from the political side of this. If a religion does not want to acknowledge gay marriage, then that is their right. However, in this country we should all have the same rights. If a gay\lesbian wants to get married and share their lives together, they deserve that right whether I agree w. it or not, does not matter.

      I think of all the hetero marriages I have gone to where we have taken bets as to how long its going to last. I am sure I am not the only one that has done this. Marriage is not as scared and as holy as some would like to make it to be.

      Let them marry!

    • kmuellfa says:

      Well said. Ditto.

  22. Olivia says:

    I am going to make one final comment than blend away into obscurity since we are getting nowhere with this discussion and I have a sense that feelings are going to be hurt as a result of this show and the ensuing discussion that follows.

    Rude is rude. I don’t much care who is delivering the rudeness, male, female, black, white, green, old, young, in between. Rude is something we all can identify.

    Ramona, Cat, and even Erika have been given a pass for “telling it like it is”. That is just a cover for people intent on saying whatever the hell they wish without considering the effect it may have on others. That’s just them telling it like they want it to be. Wrap it up in any pretty package, people who go around insulting other people do so for their own enjoyment than hang back with the old adage of “who me?” when called out. That is not so much a message of “truth telling” as it is of someone who feels right at home demeaning another person just because they can.

    Had Cat been of the same race as Erika would that have made a difference? Or how about if Cat had done the reverse and attacked Erika in the same way? How much would be forgivable if the roles were just the opposite?

    Think of that “meeting” held in the office of that city councilor. What was the need to invite Stacie and Jason who were already on record in opposition? Mary did not have a clue as to what was going on, Cat couldn’t vote in the first place, and Lynda was the only one in favor. The “reason” was Bravo itself wanting to gin up the drama. Offering a “discussion” around cultural issues from this group of people was an insult to the topic at hand.

    What is offered on a blogsite is the opportunity to express opinion and there is not one blog out there that has ever been able to settle their differences through typing back and forth. This series will be doing more harm in the outcome because it opens an online dialogue that takes away from the original purpose which was to offer nothing beyond discussing the behavior of the women who represent these shows.

    When it reaches beyond that it does more harm than good, IMHO, and this is where I feel the urge to separate. When we start to attack one another because of a difference in points of view, it defeats why we all gathered here in the beginning.

    • quincyil says:

      I didnt’ catch an attack, but I will fade away with you on this issue.

      • nathania says:

        Now I’m wondering what I missed and if I even posted, lol. I usually start at the bottom of the page and go up, I guess I will scroll on up there and see what is going on.

      • cusi77 says:

        Please Olivia and Quincy your opinions mean a lot to everyone in this forum. You two are the voice who express what I think and can’t verbalize. Do not go.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      agree 100% rude is rude and not exceptable. If you are rude then you should be able to apologize sinerely and not repeat your behavior in future encounters. We can all speak our minds but we can all do so in a nonoffensive manner!

    • Had Enough! says:

      Olivia – if you mean fade away entirely, and not just this discussion, well PLEASE DON’T. You are our voice of reason. You are our touchstone to sanity. You are the only one who sees the reality of these reality shows. We need you. Plus I love your writing.

      I don’t know what argument you are talking about – the one a couple of days ago? It’s in the past. Let’s leave it there.

      But won’t you stayayay just a little bit longer? Oh, please, please stay just a little bit more…(if I promise not to sing it? please?)

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Had Enough, I was addressing the issues that were shown last night on the DC telecast. For me, they have no place on a show as superficial and contrived as these series are.

        It is one thing to discuss the antics of Kelly or Teresa but another to bring forth individual opinions surrounding topics that need not take place with a Housewives cast simply because they invite controversy.

        Race, politics, religion, have no place on a show as vapid and ridiculous as this one. A discussion in one scene relating to race followed by another where dog poop is shown being scooped up? A scene where gay marriage is front and center followed by another where advice is being sought over breast enhancement? And we all weigh in as if this was logical.

        Serious topics deserve serious consideration not plopped down in between scenes of someone waving pom poms at a crowd.

        These topics are showing different sides to us as commentators and it is not what was intended to produce. Taking shots at the Salahi’s is one thing but offering opinions outside that realm of silliness is uncomfortable and eventually leads to rancor.

        • Had Enough! says:

          This confuses me. Does Pat Johnson = Olivia? From the text, it seems so, but why the sudden change of name?

          I see your point, though I have to say that in my real life, this kind of thing happens all the time. One minute we are talking about something insignificant and the next minute we are talking about something really serious. I was suprised that no one else commented on Stacie’s and Jason’s opinion, but that could be that most of the LynnFam feels as you do. I admit that I was really angry with her and venting, but I will try to avoid stuff like that in the future if it means you will stay.

          • Di says:

            Pat Johnson = Olivia. I’ve seen it a few times in the past and I think she commented on it once that she was signed in on something else.

            I know this is unsolicited advice but since you jumped in on my thread up there to stop it, I’m going to give it anyway and hope you take it in the kind way it’s intended. 🙂 I am a very rare poster but I’ve been coming to this site since June and I get the Lynnfam thing, I do.

            On the other hand, if someone doesn’t like the topic of discussion, she can choose to leave and that’s ok. I’m sure she’ll come back later. If we try to censor ourselves and others to try to make everyone happy we’ll be discussing nothing but rainbows and lollipops and that will get really boring, really quickly. I’ve been offended, bugged, irritated whatever by plenty of things Olivia has said. We all can read her very strong opinions, and you know what I never point out when that happens and try to stop her. You know why? I respect everyone here and their opinion. Just some food for thought.

            • OneMoreinBoston says:

              except that if a poster leaves here, then there will be less clicking for Lynn, which is how she can generate revenue.

              More people-more clicks-more$$$

              I agree completely with the rest of your statement which is all about respect.

              • Di says:

                Maybe another will come if they are allowed to say what they want (within respectful bounds). Lynn decided to blog about these issues, and so I will comment and come here more frequently today, and click more, and maybe others will follow. Who knows? Often controversial topics create more clicks though.

              • Di says:

                oops just realized probably only get one click per person per day. but i stand by the rest of what i said lol.

          • Snarkella says:

            Had Enough! I agree with your comment here. I was going to say the same. In real life the serious is often mixed with the absurd so why should housewives be any different.

            However, I don’t understand the second part of your comment so I’ll stay out of it.

        • Di says:

          I respectfully disagree. Having these exact kinds of issues and discussions on t.v. programs, believe it or not, shapes our society. How many laws do you think get enacted b/c the public becomes aware of a certain issue and motivates a grassroots effort to change, enact, repeal a law. Sadly, most Americans don’t read newspapers anymore. TV news programs have actually become entertainment driven rather than news driven because we as a nation lack an attention span.

          HW shows and T.V. shows bring up important controversial topics all the time and should! It is supposed to be an accurate reflection of these womens’ lives (I know, how real is it?) but what did you expect the HWDC to discuss? Wouldn’t you think of the pink elephant in the room if there was no mention whatsoever of politics? Parenting, kids on drugs, personal financial responsibility or not in the case of bankruptcy, lying, cheating stealing. I can’t think of them all now, but this is what we all discuss–sure we use the H.W.’s names, but we’re really talking about the big issues. These are controversial and important topics and public dialogue is good, imo, with all due respect.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            So your point is that the RH’s series is a microcosm of our society? So therefore what happens in our society at large is what is happening on these shows so all issues are fair game for discussion?

            Ah, but that viewpoint is diametrically opposed to what @Olivia believes, which is (if I understand her correctly) that these are scripted and directed shows. The network (and I guess then the larger society) is controlling the issues so therefore they are NOT a microcosm of our society, just carefully constructed vehicles for advertising. So therefore they have no place or even right to discuss issues that affect our society.

            I’m not too sure where I stand between these two views. Probably smack dab in the middle. Quite a bit of food for thought, though.

          • Snarkella says:

            Great points Di! So glad you weren’t lurking today.

        • dsc60 says:

          is that not what happens in “reality”?

    • Snap246 says:

      Well said. I agree with you. I’ve always thought insults disguised as ‘honesty’ are what bullies use as a flimsy excuse to continue bullying.
      I wasn’t here for the whole discussion, I’m just throwing this out there in general because I hate when people do that.
      I have a few relatives who are absolute experts at this art of manipulative bullying. And I’ve found the only think that I can do is remove myself from the situation.

      Happy Weekend to all!

      • Di says:

        I couldn’t agree more Snap. So true. Like if the bully says “you’re ugly!” it doesn’t make it true, it’s just one bully’s stupid opinion. (my opinion the bully is stupid :-P)

  23. celeste says:

    Call me a bitch but I don’t for one minute believe that Michaele Salami has MS. MS is a degeneration of the muscles/joints/spine and if she’d had it for 17 yrs as she claims, she would have difficulty moving, dancing, running, jumping and squawking like a parrot on meth. I think Michaele is so dumb she probably meant PMS. However I’m convinced she’s really suffering from Inflammation Of The Imagination. II for short. What a dumbass loser !

    • Had Enough! says:

      That is hysterical. I WILL clap for that!

    • cusi77 says:

      Ha! Kudos!

    • cusi77 says:

      This is the beauty of this forum… one moment I am crying for Olivia leaving us and the next topic laughing of M Salami having PMS and inflammation of the imagination… you are hilarious dear peers!

    • The Buzz says:

      Great post and oh so funny! I don’t believe either that she has MS. I have two friends who are long term survivors of MS and one of the things they do for their health is balance everything. What and how they eat is important. Neither skip meals, undereat or overeat. They get enough rest and moderate exercise. I know a few others with MS who do not balance their lives and they are always sick and complaining. I was told that there is no prescribed diagnosis for this disesase and the diagnosis is made by eliminating a number of other diseases and conditions. If that is true it would be difficult to prove that Salahi has or does not have MS.

      • audrey says:

        you are right she dose not have MS, i lost my step mother to the disease and know others with it , so with that said i wont say anyhing about their bravery. That being said the salahi’s are so below scum not even beliveable you are absolutely right on diagnosis and on living with it also MS is a degenerate disease quess they did not do their homework. At the least they should have had a neurosurgeon to realse a statement on their behalf if bravo keeps supporting thease lairsI gonna have to stop supporting bravo.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          I’m sorry to hear of your stepmother’s death due to MS.

          It must be terrible to watch Michaela lie to gain sympathy and deflect attention away from her grifting when MS has put you and your family through so much turmoil.

          I guess I’m pretty ignorant about this disease because, while I know it is crippling, I didn’t know it was also fatal.

    • oopsy says:

      Celeste…PMS!!! OMG Too funny!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      LOL- I needed some funny this morning. Somehow I found myself getting sucked into gay marriage discussions before the coffee even kicked in.

  24. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Cat is the type of person who speaks to shock, annoy, frustrate and insult. And that’s just in her greeting! LOL

    I have an uncle-in-law, who is just like her. A party planner’s worst nightmare. Nothing is good enough, doesn’t like the food, the choices of soda (doesn’t drink), and will only eat processed foods at events. He’s a braggart who claims to have the best of everything. He grabs the best seat in the house, to be in position, to criticize or throw water or any discussion. He monopolizes the conversation, telling jokes and anecdotes where he’s annoyed someone. Guests are like WTF, family shies away, my aunt/his wife sits there smiling.

    Thankfully he’s moved to Texas. Or has he had a sex change, gone blonde and married Charles? Whose to say that Cat isn’t my UncleJoe!

  25. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I don’t know if this was posted some place else, but here’s a longer vid of Bethenny’s Bluefly commercial. Some parts are pretty funny. Let’s see if I embed correctly.

    • Ellabean says:

      Oh I LOVED THAT VIDEO !! Yes, enough to write in all caps. Scorpiosue – thank you so much. I wanted to see this when it was first mentioned on a another thread.

      Okay, I know we’ve all talked round and round our Mis Bethenny. But there is somehing about that girl thta makes me smile – and inspires me. And I am old enought to me, ah hem, as I was saying: I am old enough to be her very cool and youthful and with it older sis. I wish.

      I am going to make my closet better.

  26. boston02127 says:

    This is off topic but I’d like someone opinion.
    On Monday mornings I clean a bagel shop. I go in super early. The owner gave me a key about 18 months ago so if I arrive first I can unlock and start. I went in on Monday and was the only one there just like every week. I cleaned and by 6:00ish I was done and left. It’s busy at that time so I usually just leave without saying anything. Later that day I received a voicemail asking me if I could quickly stop by. I did. The owner explained to me that money is missing from his office ($2300.) and asked me what I did in his office. I told him that I dusted and vacuumed. (I was told when I started not to bother to clean his desk and I never have) He said the money was in an envelope on his desk and now it’s gone. Then he came out and asked me if I took the money. I told him no. He went on and on about “exactly” where he put the envelope and when he was done he said that he’s decided that he’s going to weed out a few people and he won’t be having me back to clean and asked me for the key back.

    I got a call this morning from his wife. She told me she was doing laundry and she found the envelope in the front pouch pocket of his hoodie sweatshirt. She said her husband didn’t realize he put it there and is very sorry and they would like me back on Monday. I’m not sure if I want to go back but the job is good money and doesn’t interfere with my day. (I’m a little insulted and pi**ed off and have been all week) I have to call them back by six.

    • quincyil says:

      The husband made a huge blunder and his wife did the apologizing. I know you are hurt. There aren’t many good paying jobs right now. If you need the money go back. You can keep your eyes open for a better job and leave with dignity.

    • Kat says:

      I agree w/Quincy.
      If you need the money… you need it. If you find it intolerable to work there then look for another job time willing.

      • dumberries says:

        I agree. It would be insulting to be accused, but why punish yourself financially when you’ve got school, a cool new care… If you leave, you might not find anything as lucrative right away. Stay there and then leave when you get something better.

        Boston: a similar thing happened to a friend of mine that works in a restaurant. I advised her to make a strong point of asking the manager not to leave cash laying around to avoid further misunderstandings… The bagel shop owner should be more responsible than leaving that sum of money out in the open (or even inside of a jacket pocket)… Good luck!!

    • Noelle says:

      Tell them to go fork themselves.
      My sincere opinion…

    • milviewer says:

      i wouldn’t go back, especially since the guy didn’t have the guts to call and apologize to you himself. There are a lot of other cleaning jobs (that don’t interfere with your life) that you could get (contact some of your local taverns or other small local businesses) and not have to worry about something else happening and getting blamed by the same guy.

      • cyotteeflower says:

        Although you will never feel the same about the job it is still one that has been a good fit up until this point.I would ask for an apology face to face with the asshole who had the audacity to mistrust you after 18mo of proving yourself.
        Then I’d ask for a mental anguish bonus.
        Sorry Boston I know this hurts.

      • Buffywood says:

        Had the guy himself called with a sincere apology I would maybe (and that is a big maybe) go back. But the fact that he didn’t call you himself tells me that he has no respect for you. I say screw him. Then again I am the queen of holding grudges and not the most forgiving person.

    • Snarkella says:

      I wouldn’t go back either. I couldn’t trust the guy again. He should have been a man and apologized himself. But after you hear all the opinions do what you think is best for you! If the money is good, do what you have to do. After all, while it’s true he acted like a complete douche, well, people do that sometimes.

      • Ellabean says:

        Boston, if I may weigh in also: I agree with both advice options said above. Keep the job for now but look for another job if you can asap. If you feel confident that you can get another job – that “works” for you in pay, convenience, hours, etc – then leave asap.
        That was very poorly handled by that man.He’s a schmuck.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If the job fits your schedule and the money is right then stay. Do have a candid conversation with your boss about how you feel being accused and not apologized to directly. If you still aren’t comfortable then line up another job before you let this one go. Good Luck!

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        I think you should stay because that guy is going to Kiss Your Azz from now on because he feels so guilty. “Be the bigger better person” (as Foghorn always says but never does) by going back and acting like nothing ever happened. I bet he apologizes in person. If he doesn’t then I’d look for a new job before I quit.

        • The Buzz says:

          Good point! I would talk to the guy and tell him how I feel about his accusations and his inability to “man up” and apologize himself! What do you really have to lose? If you are considering not going back you probably don’t need his business that badly. If you keep him as a client you will do so with dignity having expressed how you feel and any right-thinking person will respect that.

        • HD says:

          Eff him. I wouldn’t go back. If you can let me go that easily after 18 months, forget it. If you had not stolen from him in over a year what would make him think you woke up that morning and thought, “hmmmm I think I will steal from my boss today.”

          Honestly I would not go back.

        • cusi77 says:

          Bostoncito_ The “Ball” is in your playground! Go back if you have been confortable for 18 months… I care a lot for you and feel sorry you have been feeling bad. But the odds are on your favor.xxx

    • oopsy says:

      Boston, I would go back. So many people are out of work and until you find something else, stay. He has to feel like dirt right now. Think about this…he could have been embarrassed to the point that he just never admitted he had the money and left you feeling like poeple thought you were a thief. I’ve had bosses who would have done just that. (Cowardly, but true.) Be the bigger person, don’t try to make him feel like shit, I’m sure he does already. Smile and say, “thank goodness that money was found!” He will appreciate you not rubbing his face in it. If things stay uncomfortable, find something else. Oh and think about this…the money really was gone and he really thought you were the only one who could have taken it, I would put myself in his shoes for a moment. I’m curious, did he threaten to call the police or anything like that?

      • MAMAZ says:

        Boston – I’m with Zip It and Ellabean. Keep the job, for now. If you get a sincere apology in person accept it graciously. If you don’t look for something else and make sure that when you give notice you tell him exactly why. Sorry your feelings were hurt.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:


      Go back.

      Jobs are tough to find and this one suits your hours and helps with your mom.

      What works for me, although may not for you, is to always say in my mouth what I think in my head- but in a very nice way.

      I would say something to him, AFTER you go back. In a very nice way, say that you were hurt that he would think something like that of you, and that you weren’t sure if you should come back because of the accusation.

      Then ask for a raise.

      • Snap246 says:

        That’s what I say. Tell him you will come back if given a raise. They obviously want you, so you may be in a good position.
        It would be easier to go back to this guy knowing you’re getting more money.

        What do you have to lose, ask! Or for benefits, paid days off- he owes you something!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I’d suggest discussing it with him. You need the money, but you don’t need to feel threatened that you’re going to be accused of stealing because he doesn’t have his shit together. You might suggest that since clearly there are trust issues (really, do you trust this guy now), perhaps you shouldn’t be cleaning his office. You have more to lose than he and you’re concerned about being falsely accused. He can keep the door locked and clean it himself or have his wife do it. Which will mean she’ll rag on him and he’ll get his that way.

      If he’s really concerned about the security of his stuff, he should be putting money in a safe or installing a camera in his office rather than accusing staff without evidence.

      Meanwhile, maybe you can look for another job. But as you probably already know, there are assholes everywhere…. How good is this job? Can you work it out? If it were me, and otherwise everything was cool with the job, I’d be inclined to say I’m concerned and would prefer not to have anything to do with his office if that’s where valuables are kept. He can keep it locked and battle his own dust bunnies.

      Best of luck, boston.

    • Di says:

      Wow Boston, let me first say as I was reading your story I was thinking I wouldn’t have held my composure as well as you did after you denied it and he chose not to accept your word and fire you. That’s why I’m sure you’ll make the wisest choice for yourself after getting everyone’s opinions. Here’s mine: jobs are tough to find right now, absolutely. However, your employer chose to fire you after you denied it, he continued to explain why he didn’t trust and believe you, and then he didn’t have the– excuse me– balls to apologize himself? I probably couldn’t get over it and trust working for someone like that again (guilty w/out a sufficient inquiry and sentenced to loss of job). I like pros and cons list when I have tough decisions. This is my take, but you have all the info.

      Pros: money

      Cons: 1.) working for employer who is a distrusting person, 2.)working for employer who accused you of theft (could have legal ramifications); 3.) working for employer who accused you of lying; 4.) working for employer who fired you without cause; 5.) working for employer who cannot admit mistakes and personally make amends for them.

      The 1 item of money in pros is affected by how much you get/how much you need it, and it could totally outweigh the cons list depending, but I think all the 5 cons I listed speak to the character of your employer. I’d say if you go back, be very careful to protect yourself from another false accusation. Good luck and sorry that happened to you!

    • Jeepers says:

      If you need the job keep it, I would definitely be having
      a serious talk with your employer. I think he could have
      handled it differently, panic(?) maybe(?). I am sure $2,300
      is a lot of money to most people nowadays. Tell your boss
      you are giving him the benefit of doubt, which is (IMO)
      more than he had given you, especially if you have been
      working for him a long time or not. He needs to get some
      management skills on how to handle people in all different
      situations as an employer. Good luck to you young lady, I
      so enjoy your posts…………………….Jeepers

      • Did anyone mention that they didn’t have to call you & let you know that they found out the truth? -I’d probably give them bonus points for that when making your decision.
        Whatever you decide, at least the mystery was solved, and you don’t have to worry that those people will think of you as a thief.
        If it were me, and I decided to go back, I would let them know that they made me cry. I worked with a group once where I was the only woman out of the group and I told them that they didn’t have to give me any special treatment but that if they were mean to me I would cry & that was the only warning I ever had to give them, they were terrified of that happening, so I never had a problem.

        • Di says:

          good point! i’d give the bonus points to the wife on that one though, not the husband employer. i’m not sure if they both run it, but male boss doesn’t get bonus points in my opinion.

          i also like the idea another p0ster had about locking the office door, so no future false accusations. but what if something happens to a valuable or property in another portion of the place boston is working in? would make me nervous to work for that guy again.

    • I think you should take the job back and then the next time you see an envelope on the desk, take it. They will be too embarrassed from this situation to ever accuse you of stealing again.
      The you get to keep your job and get some extra cash. Also, you will no longer feel insulted or pissed off about being called a thief if you actually are one.
      Win win win situation.

      • Snarkella says:

        Hahahahahaha! Leave it to you!

        • Need a Hobby says:

          RCH is another one who should write a book.

          Real City Housewife’s Guide to Amazing and Authentic Living: Advice on Life, Love, Fashion, Food, Finances, and Avoiding Those Pesky Lawsuits and Criminal Charges.

      • CdnFillie says:

        LMAO…keep it real 😛

      • oopsy says:

        RCH…I just about peed myself!! I agree Boston, take the next envelope!

      • tuzentswurth says:

        RCH! I was skimming through here, feeling indignant about this, feeling so bad for Boston, thinking ,well Mamaz had good advice as did many others, then…your post, I burst out laughing and being an otherwise ethical person, but also a rational thinker, I agree totally with you, in fact look through the asshole’s drawers for money. Rob the b@$tard blind. He deserves it.He should have called to apologize, not make the wife do it. Win, win, win indeed!
        (Boston, I’m afraid you’ve fallen in with a bad crowd here.) 🙂

    • Cheri says:

      If he had called and said he was sorry I would have gone back but since he had his wife do the calling I would not. He should have called you he was the one who insulted you

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      I had a situation similiar to yours except I was a booth renter, not a paid employee and the salon owner cussed me out over not wearing the uniform (uniform provided/paid for by me, the subcontractor). Anyhoo, he cussed me out in front of co-workers and clients. Later that night his wife called to apologize on his behalf but admitted he wasn’t sorry. She was sorry he had showed his ass, blaming stress. The next day she gave me her own personal smock and the matter was never discussed. I stayed because moving to another salon would have greatly affected my income. But whenever the husband came into the salon, he knew I thought he wasn’t shit…

    • stanbo says:

      I’d definitely go back. And pee all over his desk that he doesn’t want cleaned.

  27. Noelle says:

    Where is everyone?

  28. quincyil says:

    I have a confession to make.

    I am jealous. I am jealous of Kat because she has incredible soft ware skills. I am jealous of Olivia because I want to write as well as she does. I am jealous of Lynn, because she’s the genius behind this blog. I am jealous of Boston because she is a better woman that I could ever hope to be.

    We all have emotions. Few us of have Vulcun pointy ears and raging fire that is controlled by mind melds. LOL>

    I am going home to cook, clean and mow. Work is done for the day. rotfl..

    Be good to each other.

  29. cusi77 says:

    Erro_ When is your Birthday? I will sing for you “Las Mananitas”

    • Had Enough! says:

      Finally! Now I know where you are from! Mi mejor amiga mejor es de Mexico. Ella es como un hermana para mi.

    • Bea from NJ says:

      Don’t know when the Bday is but I’ll join ya, here we go singing:

      “Estas son las mañanitas, que cantaba el Rey David. Hoy por ser día de tu santo, te las cantamos a ti.

      Despierta mi bien despiertam mira que ya amaneció. Ya los pajaritos cantan. La luna ya se metió

      Que linda está la mañana en que vengo a saludarte. Venimos todos con gusto y placer a felicitarte.

      Ya viene amaneciendo. Ya la luz del día nos dio. Levántate de mañana. Mira que ya amaneció.”

  30. Noelle says:


  31. HD says:

    I assumed the gay marriage would be an interesting topic of discussion. I cracked up with @ Amber…Real Wife comment: It is a hot subject. My uncle, a hard-drinking, macho lunatic, w/gay family members, who would destroy anyone “tapping” his foot in a public restroom said it best…

    Too funny! He summed that up just grand! LOL!

    People have fundamental beliefs that will not be changed on a blog. Such is life.

    @Had Enough, you are killing me with the Al Sharpton interjections. LOL!

    • Noelle says:

      Hello HD..so happy you’re back.
      These phoney bitches are so pathetic on every level.
      None of theses women represent me or my thoughts.

      • Adgirl says:

        I don’t care who marries/civil unions whom as long as we all play by the same rules. Meaning that everyone benefits or suffers legally and financially alike no matter what their genders are.
        I am curious to see the results of any lawsuit brought by a bank for unpaid credit card bill against a same sex spouse – could the other spouse be held liable?

      • HD says:

        Thanks, Noelle for the welcome back.

        All of these women have serious issues minus about 2-3 -Bethanny, Kandi, that’s all I can think of right now. 🙂

  32. Adgirl says:

    Top Chef Reunion, Andy Cohen hosted the show. My husband was furious. Who is this guy he yelled?! Heh. And Andy ruined the show with his usual gimmick of baby pictures of morphed contestents.
    And no one had video of the pea pure deal one way the other.

  33. Wallflower says:

    I replied to your comments about me on the last blog. It’s been bugging me all day–you said something about not playing both ends against the middle as if I have been. I really have no idea what you’re talking about.

    I’ve been reading Lynn’s blog since it was on Hubpages. I’ve commented a couple times, but only here. I’m not commenting on other blog sites under this name (or any name). If there is someone with this name who’s saying bad stuff about Lynn or this blog, please let me know. I’d rather change my name on here than be mistaken for someone I’m not.

    I only posted about my mom because I’ve read so many wonderful supportive posts here from people going through tough things in their lives. I don’t usually reach out for support (not my nature), but in a moment of weakness last night, I did (and THANK YOU to all who responded so kindly).

    The comments by you and TrueLifeDiva shouldn’t be the ones that stuck, but they did.

    • Noelle says:

      and we have spoke on RT. I’m certain of it.
      Why so shy??…

      • Wallflower says:

        Hi again, Noelle. I Googled wallflower and reality tea and found a bunch of posts, but I’m not that wallflower. LOL. I’ve read a couple things over there (when they’ve been linked from here) but I never bothered reading the comments, because, well, I don’t usually comment. 🙂

        I guess I’ll come up with a new name to use. I honestly had no idea there was an active wallflower out there. Kinda goes against my idea of what being a wallflower is all about.

        Glad that’s cleared up. I was really confused.
        Now to think of a new name (with a good story for WSL)….

        • TrueLifeDiva says:

          How about TheRealWallFlower? 😉

        • cyotteeflower says:

          False idenity happened to me recently too and it is very hard when someone doesn’t believe you are you.It makes you wonder “who the heck am I then”-lol
          There was a whole clan that ridiculed and snickered and told me to go away.It happened everytime I posted and carried on even when I didn’t.
          They win.I gave up.They thought I was someone they didn’t like.I don’t bother going any longer.
          Trying to convience someone of who you are or aren’t online is not easy because people believe what they want to believe.It was even announced that there were no muliples online.They said I was a compuer wiz and found a way around it.
          Who knew so many folks wanna be a wallflower? Doesn’t that mean introverted and antisocial?
          So how did you chose your name Wallflower?


    • harleysmom says:

      Isn’t this similar to what happened to boston02127 above? She was accused of stealing & when she denied it, she wasn’t believed. Since Wallflower has denied being the “other” wallflower, shouldn’t everyone accept her denial and apologize for anything unpleasant they may have said? Wallflower, I am truely sorry for any pain caused by a misunderstanding. I’m sorry I missed the previous conversation. I don’t know what problem you mom has (I’ll go back and see if I can find the conversation.), but I will be praying for you and her.

  34. Amber...Real Wife says:


    Stacie of HWDC is HGTV! Now Designed to Sell w/ Sabrina Soto

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      And in a twist of irony, the couple using her services are gay! You can’t make this up! LOL

      • Ellabean says:

        I’m watching too, Amber.

        Love HGTV. But all the How to Sell Home shows and their tips bug me. Okay, okay already. Everyone knows about staging. Old news. I also wish they would flash the date (year at least) and city, state of homes that are featured. In our new recessionary real estate world – the old rules are: well – old.

  35. Adgirl says:

    The Salahi’s. Whew.
    Does anyone know how Michaele was included in the cheerleader practice? Was she an honorary cheerleader from long ago? She was running around per her MO of hugging and I-love-you to various ladies there. I also was wondering why there were some faces blurred at the practice. There seemed to be about 30 women, did most of them sign an agreement with Bravo and the others did not?

    As an aside, the grifters who sued my family nearly to death were also in the wine industry. I think there are a lot of shady characters in that so called upscale industry.

    FYI- Napa Valley has also been trying to supress the events at wineries. Too much traffic supposedly. It’s true that it is very hard to make money selling wine. It’s rich man’s hobby or a giant corporations game. The only real money can come from renting out the facility.

    • HD says:

      I guess she pays to cheer with them. It’s on her blog. She has some serious mental problems to go that far into a lie to make it “appear” that you were a fomer cheerleader. That is a huge lie.

      From her blog on Bravo:
      What’s the deal with the Redskins you ask? Who knows? After The White House night I received a call that they were overwhelmed with media and couldn’t deal with it (I know how that feels). Yet months prior I was cheering with them on the field at Fed Ex for the alumni show and highlighted this as a part of my life, which you saw on this episode.

      I was asked to get involved in the early millennium to support cheer with the Alumni . At that time I told them that cheering with the alumni was a concern, since I did not want people to know my age. The director said that if she gave me a younger year to cheer with – would I please do it? I said what do you mean? She said I will make you ‘91 and no one will know your age. I said ok and agreed to do it. I did cheer with the Alumni Association by their request for the last 6 years of paying dues and being active with them. I had fun helping them out.

      • Adgirl says:

        Wow great! I can become a former Laker Girl by just by paying past Alumni dues? I hope they don’t mind if I wear my cheer skirt as a garter belt.

      • TrueLifeDiva says:

        Wow, that’s a whole lot of tap dancing around the answer. How about showing us some photos from your actual time as a cheerleader? As cute as you think you are, I’m sure you’ve never met a camera you didn’t love. I’ve got half a photo album worth of pics from when I cheered for two years in college. Big 89-90’s hair, black Sharpie eyebrows with blonde hair, and banana clips in most of them! 😉 We’ll be able to tell the year by the hair and make up. Get busy photo shopping some proof, Salad.

    • Diana says:

      I lived in Sonoma for over 30 years. So many winery owners are shady, it’s depressing. A few are truly decent, but they are the exception. Most of the bigger ones are mobbed up too. (Rhymes with Sebastiani.)

  36. Brigid says:

    Stacie from RHODC is on HGTV RIGHT NOW on some show about selling buying houses. I just read an interview the other day where she said she never had any aspirations to be on TV. Huh.

  37. Noelle says:

    yikes..I’m done!!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      what is going on?

      You seem upset, and even though I’ve gone back and thought I read all the comments, for the life of me I can’t figure out why.

      • Noelle says:

        I’m NOT upset.
        I love you and this is truly bs., I don’t get it.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          It’s just when you posted “yikes..I’m done” I thought you were upset about something someone here posted, and that you were leaving.
          no worries, just be a misunderstanding

  38. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Lynn i almost always agree with you but have to dissagree about Ben its adorable that this kid is so into the housewives and he has complete insight into the shows for someone so young
    I dont think Andy is obssesed with him but some of the fans are
    I being one of them
    its refreshing to see someone that young into other things then most kids his age are
    just my 2 cents

  39. 2Stupid says:

    If you will please give another hint I would appreciate it more than you know. I have been in the financial services business since I graduated with an MBA. I am in no way as powerful as you, but I really get very excited about this industry. As I mentioned upthread my BIL works -not closely- but on some level with Kenneth Falcone which I am very jealous. I have spent the better part of two days using all the clues you have given and can’t put my finger on it. If you can give me just another hint about what statisical calculation you invented I would love love love it. I wouldn’t want you to divulge anything you aren’t comfortable, and I certainly don’t want to intrude, but this is a mystery that is literally driving me CRAZY!

    • 2Stupid says:

      OOPs Phillip. I was thinking of the trader I’ve been bugging all day to help me try and “break the case.” I am so going to get busted for not working and trying to discover your name. Thanks again….

      • Ellabean says:

        Hi 2. Thinking about your post upthread. Hope wsl replies. It’s in her court. I really do empathsize with and appreciate your curiosity. I’m not in that biz at all, but clicking on a few internet public lists of that biz helped.

        Hey – you know what else? I know everyone has their reasons – be it tongue in cheek – for their unique screen names. But you are so not your name – maybe you should update or evolve it. You are smart!

        • 2Stupid says:

          Thanks Ella, you just made my day. Well that and the market being up crazy today. I came up with the name 2Stupid because I cannot how stupid these shows are, but I am obsessed. My husband really gives me the business about watching these show. However, he loves himself some Jeff Lewis and will stay up for him every Tuesday!

          • Ellabean says:

            Hugs and happy good market day. Glad I helped a bit. Think about my name………………………………..

    • Noelle says:

      Great!! Go fucking crazy with your bad self!!

  40. Noelle says:

    What’s going on??

  41. Brigid says:

    I don’t post here much but I do lurk regularly. I thought you all might be interested to hear about an email I received this week.

    I’m an artist – and I was invited to submit art for consideration for a juried art show (open call) for a group show that will be held in a gallery in DC. The show is being led by Mary Amons and will benefit Fran Drescher’s cancer charity. The information in the invitation says that the opening night will be filmed for a major television network.

    Very interesting to say the least! I’m considering submitting to the show as the theme is in fitting with my body of work. What do ya’ll think? Might be neat if I get in – to potentially attend an event that involves one of my guilty pleasures!! 🙂

    • Had Enough! says:

      Sounds intriguing. Of course, you will be proving Daddy Amons wrong: art can be a stable job.

    • Kat says:

      You’re talented go for it!

    • HD says:

      What do we think?! SUBMIT! SUBMIT! It will be good for you if you are picked and plus we need inside information. Just kidding on that last part.

      But yes, do it. Nothing beats a try but a try!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      OMG! GO!

      It will be amazing exposure for your work! How exciting for you, and a nice tribute to your art as well.

      Plus if you can pick up any little, something, something nuggets of gossip for us, we would certainly appreciate it!

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      That is soooo kewl! If you do get filmed we need to decide on a sign you can flash (oh so discreetly) to us!

    • The Buzz says:

      Go for it! I’m a watercolorist and I’d go for it in a nanosec.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      That would be cool. Sounds like you have a number of reasons for submitting an art piece to the show. For a good cause, to display your work and perhaps gain recognition for your work, and also perhaps to be get to be on the scene to see any possible action. Like Mary slurring her speech, etc. 😉

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Absolutely go for it Brigid! Best of luck to you! Say hi to Mary for us all! 🙂

    • Jeepers says:

      If you feel comfortable and have taken all precautions
      at your disposal only. I would, if you can speak with
      an attorney friend, if I had one. Go to your free legal
      council advocate, before signing any documents. This
      of course IJMO…………………………..Jeepers

    • quincyil says:

      I enter juried competitions all of the time. Read the prospectus. That’s always a good idea. Good luck. If the opening is on Bravo can we have some kind of signal so we know it’s you?

    • Bea from NJ says:

      Absolutely Submit!

    • Brigid says:

      You ladies are awesome! Thanks for the concerns too! Don’t worry I’ve entered juried shows before and I have an attorney and an agent and a protective husband – so I won’t sign anything without reading the hell out of it.

      We’re thinking we’ll write up the vitae this weekend – and then submit it. I’ll post a copy of my submission to a link on my site if anyone is curious.

      And of course I’ll keep you posted on what happens!

      Hugs everyone!!!

  42. Had Enough! says:

    No Gawker recap yet, but here’s the NY Magazine recap:


    Just want to be sure you all know that the Dimond bio was unable to get a legit publisher. Instead, they had to self-publish, which is also known as “vanity press.” How appropos, hey?

    And for those of you who happen to live in a city with a Nando’s Peri Peri, all I can say is if you like spicy, GO. The peri peri sauce, of Portuguese and Malaysian heritage, is made with the bird’s eye pepper. Be sure to order a side of cole slaw to cool off the heat.

    • Adgirl says:

      I read somewhere that Diane Dimond (that can’t be her reall name!) supports the Salahi’s financially. Could that be possible?

  43. dumberries says:

    Good recap with the “winners” and “losers” of the episode.


  44. Amber...Real Wife says:



    Cat is the aforementioned British bitch. She’s got a sort of posh accent and grew up “just outside London”, which seems a point of some stuttery shame. I wonder if maybe the accent is a bit put on. Maybe she’s really the daughter of a chimney sweep and good-hearted, jigging prostitute named Nelly Winslow Jones, who was found floating face down in the Thames with ‘er best lady bits cut righ’ outta ‘er body, they was. Who knows! It’s possible. Either way, Cat has fled the rocky isle to make a new go of it in America, with her dashing White House photographer husband, a pair of pale-faced daughters, and a breezy, lazy attitude that seems charming for about five minutes and then sours into cold eel pudding. I mean, it is funny when she dismisses the Salahi polo match as low rate and stupid. It is fun when she cuts through the other H’wives’ grimy ambition with a well-placed brag about her close relationship with people of note. But then you see how brittle and dull she is, so busy being bored with everything that she’s forgotten to do or create anything interesting. Apparently she had some dramz with her first husband. Apparently she wrote a book called Inbox Full that is a gross title, like a really gross title, as if she had many emails in her inbox at one time, which is a terrible image.
    And then she went to the polo match and said bitchy things, and then did something else and said bitchy things, and then finally she went to Stacie’s chef dinner party and said bitchy things. Some of the things were funny. She was very accurate about why Tyra Banks (oh, Celebrity Chef has cooked for Tyra Banks too, faboooo) is annoying in an interview segment, but then when Stacie and her friends asked why she didn’t like Tyra Banks all she did was this horrible ‘black person accent’ that was so thuddingly mortifying. British people can be weird that way about race. Did anyone see Martin McDonagh’s play A Behanding in Spokane? It was McDonagh’s first play set in the States and involved black people and it was so fucking racist. Like just flat out racist. And he didn’t mean to be, it’s just sorta the way that some people from the UK see American depictions of race. It’s OK to do gangsta voices and say “nigga” and shit like that. They just don’t understand the various, years-deep nuances and all that. So when Cat did the Tyra black voice in a room full of black people (oh, yes, Stacie is black), it was just sort of hideously embarrassing. Stacie frowned. She also frowned when Cat said she doesn’t love Obama but that Bush was a class act. The only one that agreed with Cat was the other white lady there. (END)

  45. Amber...Real Wife says:



    Cat is the aforementioned British bitch. She’s got a sort of posh accent and grew up “just outside London”, which seems a point of some stuttery shame. I wonder if maybe the accent is a bit put on. Maybe she’s really the daughter of a chimney sweep and good-hearted, jigging prostitute named Nelly Winslow Jones, who was found floating face down in the Thames with ‘er best lady bits cut righ’ outta ‘er body, they was. Who knows! It’s possible. Either way, Cat has fled the rocky isle to make a new go of it in America, with her dashing White House photographer husband, a pair of pale-faced daughters, and a breezy, lazy attitude that seems charming for about five minutes and then sours into cold eel pudding. I mean, it is funny when she dismisses the Salahi polo match as low rate and stupid. It is fun when she cuts through the other H’wives’ grimy ambition with a well-placed brag about her close relationship with people of note. But then you see how brittle and dull she is, so busy being bored with everything that she’s forgotten to do or create anything interesting. Apparently she had some dramz with her first husband. Apparently she wrote a book called Inbox Full that is a gross title, like a really gross title, as if she had many emails in her inbox at one time, which is a terrible image.
    And then she went to the polo match and said bitchy things, and then did something else and said bitchy things, and then finally she went to Stacie’s chef dinner party and said bitchy things. Some of the things were funny. She was very accurate about why Tyra Banks (oh, Celebrity Chef has cooked for Tyra Banks too, faboooo) is annoying in an interview segment, but then when Stacie and her friends asked why she didn’t like Tyra Banks all she did was this horrible ‘black person accent’ that was so thuddingly mortifying. British people can be weird that way about race. Did anyone see Martin McDonagh’s play A Behanding in Spokane? It was McDonagh’s first play set in the States and involved black people and it was so fucking racist. Like just flat out racist. And he didn’t mean to be, it’s just sorta the way that some people from the UK see American depictions of race. It’s OK to do gangsta voices and say “nigga” and shit like that. They just don’t understand the various, years-deep nuances and all that. So when Cat did the Tyra black voice in a room full of black people (oh, yes, Stacie is black), it was just sort of hideously embarrassing. Stacie frowned. She also frowned when Cat said she doesn’t love Obama but that Bush was a class act. The only one that agreed with Cat was the other white lady there. (END)

  46. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Richard Lawson/Gawker take on Cat and the dinner party.

    And then she went to the polo match and said bitchy things, and then did something else and said bitchy things, and then finally she went to Stacie’s chef dinner party and said bitchy things. Some of the things were funny. She was very accurate about why Tyra Banks (oh, Celebrity Chef has cooked for Tyra Banks too, faboooo) is annoying in an interview segment, but then when Stacie and her friends asked why she didn’t like Tyra Banks all she did was this horrible ‘black person accent’ that was so thuddingly mortifying. British people can be weird that way about race. Did anyone see Martin McDonagh’s play A Behanding in Spokane? It was McDonagh’s first play set in the States and involved black people and it was so fucking racist. Like just flat out racist. And he didn’t mean to be, it’s just sorta the way that some people from the UK see American depictions of race. It’s OK to do gangsta voices and say “nigga” and shit like that. They just don’t understand the various, years-deep nuances and all that. So when Cat did the Tyra black voice in a room full of black people (oh, yes, Stacie is black), it was just sort of hideously embarrassing. Stacie frowned. She also frowned when Cat said she doesn’t love Obama but that Bush was a class act. The only one that agreed with Cat was the other white lady there. (END)

    • Snarkella says:

      OMG. That was so boring I couldn’t even read it.

      • TrueLifeDiva says:

        Maybe you should.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:


        • Snarkella says:

          I read it. Cat is abrasive. She behaved rudely. She mocked Tyra. Cat is from another country. Perhaps where Cat is from it is not the social norm to not comment on or pretend you don’t see something that is right in front of you, because I have seen Tyra do those things on television. She made a bad choice and was acting like a fool. But that does not make a person a racist.

          Perhaps “They just don’t understand the various, years-deep nuances and all that.” anymore than you understand her various, years-deep nuances. So until you’re willing to understand where she’s coming from, maybe you shouldn’t judge her so harshly.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            @snarkella-I don’t know about that.

            My college roommate was black-oops and still is! We ended up living together for 6 years after college as well.

            She used to always point out to me that when someone came from another country to the USA, the first “americanized” trait they adopted was racism.

            It used to amaze her that people who never grew up with anyone black around them, never had stereotypes ingrained into them, never even saw someone black in person would automatically express racist views as almost a rite of passage into this country.

            I guess I’m sort of in the middle between your point of view and @truelifediva’s.

            I don’t think Cat is inherently racist BUT I think she picked up on subtle racist cues in our country and not so subtly, ran with it.

            for example, if the conversation was about Lucy Liu instead of Tyra, and she pulled her eyes back to affect “chinkie” eyes, would that also be forgiven based on “various, years-deep nuances”?

            I’m not sure how you would answer that.

            I DO appreciate however, that you have expressed your opinion in an intelligent, thought provoking, and respectful manner-and I thank you for that.

            • Snarkella says:

              I believe racism is a hatred or intolerance for another race. People are not perfect and are apt to say the wrong thing from time to time. Does that make them racist? This idea that we can’t speak to each other and express ourselves, for fear of saying the wrong thing and being labeled a racist, does more harm than good. That’s my problem with this. If Richard Lawson, Stacy & Erika were saying, “That Cat is an asshole! No more invitions for her.” I’d be agreeing with them 100%. But they are equating her ignorant social faux pas with being someone who actively hates another race.

  47. Ellabean says:

    Just saw this on a local billboard here in New Jersey, then found more info online:
    Caroline Manzo is event chair for our local county’s SPCA annual dog walk and pet fair on October 2nd.


  48. AZ Girl says:

    I really found that scene in the hotel room with Michaele a/k/a Missy and Tareq creepy. She is dancing around with the pom poms and he is sitting there leering at her smiling. It is just uncomfortable to say the least. And, of course, another hotel room. Where are these people getting there money to stay in high end hotels?

    • dumberries says:

      I agree AZ Girl. That scene was disturbing, but couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. Besides being liars and con artists, there is something deeper that’s off with the psychology of this pair, imo. There’s a show on ID Discovery called “Wicked Attractions”; I keep thinking the Salahis could end up being a featured couple one of these days.

      • Buffywood says:

        Dumberries… now that I switched to Fios, ID Disovery is my new default channel, love it!

        • dumberries says:

          I’m addicted too! I love shows Dateline, 48 Hours Mysteries, Forensic Files, American Justice… The original ID Discovery program where they show the stories of people that went undercover is really interesting, along with Who the Bleep Did I Marry?

  49. Adgirl says:

    Does anyone watch Project Runway anymore? Some people hate the extended format but I like it. Of course having a dvr means the now 90 minute program can be watched in 23 minutes by ff through the commercials and Heidi’s interminable runway intros.
    Gretchen – what the flup. Those dresses were hideous! And fugly! And looked too much like my belled short sleeved prom dress. Only mine was a glorious pale teal and I got a matching wrist corsage of dyed carnations. Don’t make me tell you about the huge Cold Duck stain on my dress that I got in the car accident on the way to dinner before prom.
    I should have known by Gretchen’s mullet that she was stuck in the 80’s too. Plus burgundy was a very popular color then. Now it’s called Merlot. She must be a huge Full House fan because she copies everything the Olsen twins wear.

    Andy’s looked like something that crawled out of the duct work on Aliens 16 Attack of the Oriental Fans from Cost Plus.

    Mondo is too cute. Did you hear him say the most he’s earned is $12,000 a yr? He use to be so shy and say he didn’t have many friends and the other contestants ignored him. Now he’s all that and suspenders too.
    I think he and Christian Siriano would be a cute miniature couple.

    I keep mixing up Valerie and Ivy.

    I like the girl who makes the dominatrix and underpants dresses. What’s her name? April? May? June?
    I can’t remember the name of the other gay guy who never wins either.

    Michael C. I don’t know why A) he whines constantly. B) He is complained about constantly – isn’t it obvious he is not finalist material?? So why get so upset Gretchen of Mullet who owns burgundy?

    Tim seems tired. He must spend too much time with Zoila.
    Actually, Tim works for Liz Claiborne which is going down the tubes. And he wrote a book in which he says mean things about a few fashion people. I can’t wait to read it. So he is probably over this mentoring of cry babies that will never amount to anything in Fashion.

    • Ellabean says:

      Caught up watching PR this season. There’s so little talent. Have they exhausted this show too? Oh and that Wretchen. You nailed it Adgirl. Stuck in the 80’s. Next she’ll be making a suit with a big shoulder padded jacket and acid wash jeans.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Tim Gunn’s hilarious description of Anna Wintour being carried down 5 flights of stairs to her waiting car after a fashion show was not mean. Just reporting the bizarre facts of what he and others saw. (Apparently La Wintour doesn’t like to be in elevators with mere humans….so she avoided the elevator by having herself carried down the stairs. Why walk when you can be carried? )

      • Adgirl says:

        I haven’t read the book yet, but wasn;t he saying that Nuclear Wintour couldn’t walk because her designer shoes hurt he feet? The same painful shoes she foists upon the fashion followers by featuring them in her mag? Hysterical.
        Vogue people got really pushed out of shape about his talking about it to the great unwashed.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          No, Tim made no mention of her shoes as a factor in her being carried down the stairs to her car by two bodyguards. It was just one memorable and hilarious example of how some in the industry live in a bubble and how far removed they are from the every day realities that others have to deal with. Wintour wouldn’t ride in the elevator with others and had arranged for her own very special form of transportation to leave the show expeditiously.

          Apparently, in 2006 when Tim had made mention of this incident in an interview to the NY Post and it was printed, a Vogue rep demanded he retract and issue an apology. When he said he couldn’t retract something that had indeed happened, he was threatened with possible legal consequences….until it was pointed out to Vogue by someone else in the industry that 1) it had indeed happened and 2) there were loads of witnesses to the incident who could attest that it happened. The matter was then dropped. And Tim sent flowers to Wintour with a card saying he apologized if his comments had distressed her, that had not been his intent. (He got no response, natch.)

          But in his book he did remark that perhaps the Devil did wear Prada. He also cited another example of such out of touch behavior by another person from Vogue. And made clear that he thought this kind of excess and insular detachment from the real world was not a good thing for the fashion industry. So no doubt now they’re pissed his recounting this adventure and his take on it in his book.

    • cusi77 says:

      Adgirl_ Great recap! I have been watching Project Runway… I do not know if it is just me, but this season I do not find the stature of talent I have seen in the last 3 seasons… what do you think? Last week I was furious b/c I thought I had lost the best 90 minutes of my life. I agree about Gretchen dresses last night plain fugly!

    • dumberries says:

      I’ve just watched the last two episodes. Totally agree about Gretchen’s performance last night. I liked the everyday dress okay, but the main piece was hideous. I wondered if it looks a lot better in person than television, because if the judges were seeing what I was seeing, she would have been in the bottom 3. I thought Mike’s magenta dresses were both better than her’s. She also seems to have figured out that Mondo is among the most talented; appears like she’s trying to really ingratiate herself with him and talks to him like they are the 2 at the top of the heap.

      I get Ivy and Valerie mixed up too. Last night I thought they should have both been booted – extremely unflattering and ugly dresses..

      I loved Mondo’s Jackie O ensemble last week and liked the cocktail dress he did last night. He seems like a good guy and very innovative designer with mad tailoring skills. Also like April’s designs and vibe. I actually liked Andy’s stuff last night, though his main piece definitely wasn’t commercial fare.

      Boy are the judges getting snarkier and harsher in their critiques. But Tim Gunn just keeps getting better and better, imo.

      • cusi77 says:

        Dumberries_ Does Mondo dresses like Pinocchio or is just my imagination?

        • dumberries says:

          Ha ha! He really does dress like Pinnochio, but I hadn’t thought of that before. I thought he dressed like Hansel. Ever notice how some of the best designers dress the worst themselves? BTW: I’ll be in Vegas (well Henderson) next week for a conference at Green Valley Ranch – never stayed there before, but it looks nice in the photos.

      • Adgirl says:

        I really wish PR would change things up a little. Like give the contestants more money and time for their challenges and included the viewer more during the design process.
        Now, we’ve seen literally hundreds of of rushed cheap outfits in an effort to keep the tension going. Whenever the contestents get more time to sew they are punished with an additional task.
        I for one would feel more involved if I understood how the clothing was constructed.

        By this time in my PR viewership career I should be more appreciative of which piece was difficult to make and why.

        • dumberries says:

          I also used to learn a lot more from PR. I remember getting a lot out of the design process when Laura, Michael, Jeffrey and Uli were competing. I had learned to tell who was better conceptually, who had better tailoring skills, who was more commercially viable, etc.. Since it switched to Lifetime, I don’t know if the contestants aren’t as skilled or the production isn’t as focused, but I don’t feel like I’m getting as much of a bird’s eye view as I did in the first 5 seasons…

          • JKW says:

            One thing about PR…I want Heidis job. New hairdos, new clothing and you walk out say a few words and walk off. Then you get to say mean things to people and laugh at them at the end. What a dream job. HA I don’t get it…ever dress I see and think is horrendous is usually one of the top picks. I can’t stand Wretchen and I really hope they kick her off soon. Those backhanded compliments are really annoying.

      • Adgirl says:

        I wonder if 80’s Gretchen does the Full House Cut. It. Out. with hand signs.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I absolutely LOVED Mondo’s RTW dress. The black and white was stunning. I thought Gretchen’s dress was TERRIBLE. I would never in a million years ever think of buying that dress even if it was on a Goodwill rack. Totally ugly.

      Very, very glad that Ivy went home yesterday. Her stuff was just not good.

      I miss Peach and Cassanova for their sound bites.

      • cusi77 says:

        Me too… I miss Peach and Casanova! Last week I wanted like 5 people to leave! But not Casanova… Poor Ivy bad skills and too much self-confidence, just like Gretchen.

    • lillybee says:

      So Wrechen now owns the color, merlot. I don’t think so. I liked the fact that Mike C. was told this his construction was good. Ivie turned green then. Glad she is gone. Gretchen’s gown reminded me of a fancy muumuu.

      • JKW says:

        It’s to the point where I like anything they say positive to Mike C. That’s because I know how much it upsets Wretchen. For a while I think they did it just to mess with Wretchen since she was so miserable to him.

        • dumberries says:

          When Gretchen’s first look came on the runway, I immediately thought, “that looks like something Kelly would wear”…

          • Need a Hobby says:

            I thought it was something Rachel Zoe would wear. With bangles on her wrists & dangling earrings. Kinda a bohemian look after a being attacked by pigeons.

  50. quincyil says:

    I am so impressed with the women and men here. We got through all of the most volatile subjects and everyone respected the others thoughts. Wow… just wow… You won’t see this in many places on the net.

  51. Amber...Real Wife says:


    …. And then she went to the polo match and said bitchy things, and then did something else and said bitchy things, and then finally she went to Stacie’s chef dinner party and said bitchy things. Some of the things were funny. She was very accurate about why Tyra Banks (oh, Celebrity Chef has cooked for Tyra Banks too, faboooo) is annoying in an interview segment, but then when Stacie and her friends asked why she didn’t like Tyra Banks all she did was this horrible ‘black person accent’ that was so thuddingly mortifying. British people can be weird that way about race. Did anyone see Martin McDonagh’s play A Behanding in Spokane? It was McDonagh’s first play set in the States and involved black people and it was so fucking racist. Like just flat out racist. And he didn’t mean to be, it’s just sorta the way that some people from the UK see American depictions of race. It’s OK to do gangsta voices and say “ni**a” and sh*t like that. They just don’t understand the various, years-deep nuances and all that. So when Cat did the Tyra black voice in a room full of black people (oh, yes, Stacie is black), it was just sort of hideously embarrassing. Stacie frowned. She also frowned when Cat said she doesn’t love Obama but that Bush was a class act. The only one that agreed with Cat was the other white lady there.

  52. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Is anyone having problems posting? I am trying to bring the Gawker/Goat Rodeo article and can’t. It has a great recap of Cat and the dinner party.

  53. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet— I kinda like the new Porsche Paramera s. I want a new car. Thoughts?

    Here’s my thought Kel…..skitzo’s usually have grandiose ideas when the seasons change. Happy autumn!

    • OOOOh that’s an interesting observation. I have a few people in my life who I know to avoid if mail is not being delivered on a day when it normally would be delivered. (national holidays mostly), so I think I’ll keep an eye out for all season-changes too.
      There was an autistic child in my children’s school who never had any behavior problems at all, unless there was a change in schedule like a half-day or assembly. (then the poor kid would suffer serious melt-downs). Although that is an extreme reaction, I think that a lot of people become disturbed when the routine is changed.
      One of my old neighbors invented some special light for people who suffered from seasonal depression, and I always looked-at seasonal mental quirks from that pov-that it happened in deep Winter or early Spring, but it makes sense that it could happen with every change.

      • Noelle says:

        There’s the blue light too!

      • TrueLifeDiva says:

        A need for routine and things to be EXACTLY the same is an Autism trait. I work with Developmentally Disabled and one client is so severely Autistic that if someone gives him something, he expects to receive it EVERY time he sees that person. His mother often takes him to McDonalds after a home visit. When I drive him to day program every morning, he screams, “Taking me to McDonalds! Taking me to McDonalds!” the whole ride. He even tries to get out of his seat in the van when we pass by a Golden Arches. He gets very agitated and confused, and it’s not as simple as taking him. Taking him would just make it worse. Remember Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise in “Rainman”? “People’s Court, 4:00 p.m., Judge Wapner.” The routine of watching People’s Court provided security that the world hadn’t changed.
        Okay, I’m rambling….

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          so when I get cranky because I can’t log in to this site with my first cup of coffee in the morning-I’m autistic?

          kidding…just kidding…

  54. boston02127 says:

    Bethenny will be on Extra tonight. Her tweet–
    2night on EXTRA behind the scenes of my Health Magazine October Cover Shoot -wait til u see the gorgeous scenery AND what a DIVA cookie was!

    • cusi77 says:

      Bostoncito_ You have an Email.

      • boston02127 says:

        cusi–TY, I got it and responded. 🙂

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          hey- so you’re killing me with the suspense, did you call the bagel shop? Are you keeping the job?

          • boston02127 says:

            @OneMoreinBoston–Yes, I called her back. I am going back on Monday. I did tell her that it would have been nice if “mr. bagel” would have called. After we said goodbye my phone rang about 15 minutes later and it was him. He apologized. (it helped but not much) I hated the thought of losing this one job because it’s so convenient for me with classes and my mother.

            • CdnFillie says:

              you did what I would have Boston girl….WTG

            • OneMoreinBoston says:

              years ago, I accused one of my first employees of stealing from my purse. It turns out it was one of the cleaning crew who’s daughter had cancer and he couldn’t pay for her treatment (illegal).

              he fessed up when she got into trouble. Whata shit show! tears from everyone including me. I apologized PROFUSELY (she was new, he had been there forever and everyone trusted him)

              She was so gracious and so amazing about it-I always held her in high regard from the way she handled it-pure class.

              We ended up having a time for the little girl at Doyle’s and raised almost 8K for her treatment. She just graduated HS.

              sooo… Watch your back, keep your cool, and if he feels like the p.o.s. he should feel like, he will remember that you acted like a lady and the tide will turn in your favor.

              You never know where life takes you and who knows who (or who knows whom?) what goes around comes around.

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              Proud of you lady! And glad you let them know how you felt – it is important and shows you are mature enough to handle the awkward part of the working world.

            • Noelle says:

              You do what you have to do…period.

  55. boston02127 says:

    Quincy–I envy you because you are a strong woman that is driven and disciplined. You’re intelligent and kind and passionate about what you do. You’re family and friends are lucky to have you. I’m lucky to have you as my cyber friend.

    • Noelle says:

      I’ve only just logged back on..I love you Boston!!

      Ditto @Quincy!!

      • Wallflower says:

        OT to Noelle–I responded to you upthread. Turns out I’m not your wallflower, but now I understand your comments (thank you, Google). I’ll pick a new name to post under. Sorry to have caused any confusion. Back to lurking until I can think of a new name….

        • Noelle says:

          Really?? You took the time to google me along with TrueLiveDiva???
          That action never crossed my mind.

          • Noelle says:

            Who does that?! YOU!! lmao!!
            You are one and the same.
            No confusion here…have fun “lurking” wallflower.

            • Noelle says:

              TrueLifeDiva.. Where are you princess??

              • Noelle says:

                OK.. I’m going to look like an ass…What does OT stand for?
                Love Noelle’s mom.

              • TrueLifeDiva says:

                I’m just Tardy for the Party today, that’s all 😉 . Crazy week at work, working out like a fiend at the gym trying to relieve afore mentioned stress, and sleep deprivation. Catching up on thread right now…

          • dumberries says:

            Noelle, I think you may have misunderstood. Wallflower indicated she Googled “Wallflower” on the sites you mentioned and said that she wasn’t the same Wallflower that posted over there. It happens sometimes. She didn’t state that she had Googled your post name or anyone else’s. She also said that she would change her post name here to avoid confusion. If you have proof of something that you think merits driving her off the site, I’d suggest checking with Lynn who makes those calls as the moderator of this site.

            • Wallflower says:

              Thank you, dumberries. At least someone understands! I was very confused by Noelle’s response to me. This is why I lurk and don’t post….damn that moment of weakness. I’ve posted here a handful of times always as Wallflower (with a capital W). Hadn’t seen the name here, didn’t scour the internet before choosing it.

              Noelle’s mom–OT stands for Off Topic. I was trying to point out my other post to Noelle but felt bad about hijacking the thread.

            • Noelle says:

              You are…?
              Step off.
              This is your business …..because…?
              Have a nice day.e

              • dumberries says:

                Back off Noelle. You are way out of line; I didn’t insult you and my post was polite. Rather than continually belittling another poster because you think she is someone you don’t like from elsewhere, I again suggest you ask Lynn to hear your case and let her determine who should or should not be allowed in her house. It’s not your decision and you are clearly on a mission to publicly humiliate or drive away someone based on your suspicions, not based on anything that’s occurred here on Lynn’s site. We are all Lynn’s guests. I don’t begrudge you and am sorry for your medical problems, but I am a peaceful poster and not deserving of your insults, nor were the others you insulted today. I saw you apologized to many up-thread. Why are you continuing to provoke? I will not indulge your erratic behavior and will not fight with you.

        • TrueLifeDiva says:

          I made a suggestion upthread and answered yo on yesterdays blog entries. I kinda understand the name thing. Until 3yrs ago, I always used LaLaSaint as my screen name. The reason? My name is Saint and “LaLa means I love you” is an old skool slow jam that gets played on the beach in the summer frequently here in S.Cali. Anyways, I was happily using my unique screen name all over the internets when I began to run into “Name already in use, please choose another.” Huh? How many Saints are out there? But then I realized many people rename themselves names like Saint and so on. I frequently get accused of making up my name when meeting people for the first time. Or they think I’m a religious fanatic. Nope. I did, however, have an old boyfriend name himself after me when he legally changed his name. He changed his name to Church , saying he was inspired by me, and his middle name is my middle name with letters rearranged to create a male name. (hint: christmas and Latin male name).
          Saying all of that to say, I get it now. I’ve been there myself 🙂

    • Noelle says:


    • quincyil says:

      I consider you a friend too.

      I think it probably took a lot for Mr. Bagel to make that call. Men are awful about apologizing. Mrs. Bagel probably influenced him.

      Still if something better with more money comes a long, girl…go for it.

  56. cusi77 says:

    WEST COASTERS! Stacie is in HGTV with Sabrina Soto!

    I am a self-proclaimed reminder…. Do not forget to go click, click, click in the adds on the Blogspot my friends! Love……… cusi

  57. tuzentswurth says:

    Absolutely spot-on when you said Erika’s apology was back-handed. Erika is an intolerable bully. ….and a clueless bitch. I hope I see NO more of Erika. Cat was absolutely right to ignore her when she saw her later. I would never engage that woman again either.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      agree with you 100% – Erika is an obnoxious trouble making housewife wannabee. Cat has no reason to talk to Erika and Stacie also showed no backbone or hostessing skills either. And talk about body language – I thought Erika was going to slug Cat instead of apologize to her!

  58. Noelle says:

    @ boston…how do the do the middle finger pict/sign off?

  59. WindyCityWondering says:

    It dawned on me we haven’t seen the gate crashing episode yet – that means we will have a M&T overload! I wish Bravo would put a disclaimer on that episode since the Salahis basically blamed Bravo for their hearing testimony.

  60. cusi77 says:

    Boston_ Did you read Real Housewife advice? 5:38 Is the best ever!

  61. lillybee says:

    I am enjoying the OC reruns.

  62. Di says:

    Thanks Lynn for the great post! Also I really appreciate all of you posters who post links and summaries to other stories on these HWs. I love coming here to cause I know you all have the best info!

  63. Wall St Lady says:

    Oh Happy Day
    Oh Happy Day
    When Teresa’s FRAUD
    Washed my tears away

    The government has her a$$
    & she will Gooooo to jail

    WSL singing GLEEFULLY !

    The cover of the Enquirer says :

    NJ HW Teresa Going to Jail
    Her perjury & fraud nightmare.

    The LynnFamr has known this for almost 2months ! The Enquirer tells possible truths b4 the mainstream media. This is the truth. I hope all the BS fluff articles spun by these scum bags & their paid PR firms will now tell the truth & b embarrassed for how they were spun.
    Any way I was DELIGHTED to see this truth about Mrs Gorilla on the cover of the Enquirer !

    Oh Happy Day !
    Who knows this song ? Is it just Southern Gospel ?

    • cusi77 says:

      WSL_ OMG! I did not know about this… Do u have a link?

    • dumberries says:

      Great news – thanks for sharing WSL! Sing it!!
      I hope it turns out to be true. I’m wondering if they’ll be going down for money laundering as the major criminal charge. Thinking it’ll be a few counts of bankruptcy fraud, tax evasion, and several counts of money laundering for G&G Stucco, TG Fabulicious, and all those property LLCs. Wondering if law enforcements arranged the timing of Joe’s incarceration so they could drill him incessantly with all the proof they’ve gathered, or if they’ve used the time to get closer to those they suspect of being his cohorts (or both). In any case, Oh Happy Day!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thats the best news I’ve heard all week! Lets hope this is one of those rare occassions when the Enquirer gets it right!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      AMEN! Sounds like we will have lots of fun articles ahead…..you are better than a Friday night cocktail!

      • dumberries says:

        I wish I had some wine or Skinny Girl margarita in the house! I haven’t had a cocktail in weeks; this is cause for celebration…

    • nathania says:

      the Enquirer broke the story about John Edwards and Rielle Hunter. They have broken some big stories.

      Her continued insistence that she lives within her means just seems to imply that she is hiding many more assets. I noticed that once on the show she said, “I have a lot of investments *in my name*”

      The only people who would tack on ‘in my name’ to a statement like that are people who have other people’s assets in their name, their assets in other peoples’ names, or have assets attached to phony companies or hidden somehow. Otherwise it would just be ‘investments’, period.

  64. OneMoreinBoston says:

    I just sent you an email. Please check it.

  65. Noelle says:

    @OneMIB…It’s a mess@best. I’m a diabetic finishing chemo..not an excuse..just a fact. I’m sorry for my inapproiate behaviour. I love you OMIB.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I tried to reply to you last night, but my computer kept crashing. Remember when you were a little kid and your mom would turn off the TV when it was time for bed? Well, I swear her spirit does that to my computer when she thinks I’m too tired and need to rest.

      Anyway, no apologies to me are necessary, but you were not yourself since about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. I was getting more and more worried about you.

      You are usually so sweet, and so positive and you seemed like you were getting very angry and upset.

      I’m still a little worried about you. I know you are going through a massive amount of stress. Please take care of yourself.

      I am sending you peace, sending you good wishes, but most importantly, sending you love.

  66. Wall St Lady says:

    I was at Publix grocery store today in PB where the Enquirer is printed. I have the hard copy. I will see if it is on line yet. Meantime I plan to use Teresa ugly face w/ mouth open in my bird cage.
    Poop Diddly Oopp
    on her UGLY mug !
    (My parrot has particularly
    Runny grunny !

  67. Noelle says:

    Beautiful morn on Lk St Clair….anyone?..

    We have jumped in to fall…

  68. Wall St Lady says:


    Oh Happy Day
    When the truth ab’t Ms Gorilla
    Washed all doubts
    of her lies
    Oh happy Day!

  69. Noelle says:

    I know my one more in Boston…will be a hit!

  70. Wall St Lady says:

    I haven’t caught up yet but I noticed u have posted a lot. U have really come out & blessed us w/ ur sharp witt.
    U seem to feel better. I know the entire LynnFam lifts u & sis & mom up in prayer/love.
    Sooooo happy to see u & hearing ur charming & edgy words.
    Big HUG !

  71. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Okay, I guess everyone is out on dates or in bed. I’ll check back in tomorrow. Peace out 🙂

  72. Jeepers says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Didn’t want to say anything while the ppl were talking
    about the “HOT TOPICS,” but I did enjoy all the posts.
    So here is my take in several issues, race, gay marriage,
    and yes even ppl posting on your blog.

    Race is an uncomfortable issue for a majority of people.
    But topics about race has always been and always will be
    a “HOT ISSUE” for the simple fact(s) we all feel either too
    ashamed, and we don’t like to talk about matters that may
    or may not be of interest to some. There is also the fact, we
    don’t talk about things that makes us feel (as I mentioned
    above) very uncomfortable. Afraid of sharing our personal
    feelings and opinions on your blog or for that matter, any
    blog, is a healthy way to share with others.
    The blogs as someone stated, does not show us a face or the
    body language. Therefore people are more likely to say how
    they really feel.
    Now if we could get our leaders to start blogging, and take
    the personal equations out of they”re agends, (I don’t like this
    person, “look at that hair piece thingy” or the color of his or
    her skin. The leaders of our laws and by-rules skirt around
    issues out of fear. Because an election is close at hand, or
    everyone will hate me is just plain bullshit, (IMO). We need,
    as a republic, to hold these leaders responsible for the non-
    actions they keep avoiding. And we need to start holding our-
    selves accountable for letting the leaders get away with it.
    Ok, the “GAY MARRIAGE” issue is another “HOT TOPIC,”
    apparently for many. But here is my take. Two people meet,
    two people want to spend the rest of “THEIR LIFE” not my
    life, but “THEIR LIFE” together. Then who the hell am I or
    for anyone else to tell them “NO” you can’t, because I or you
    think it is wrong? Let “GOD” do his thing on ‘THEIR FINAL
    Did you know people get ulcers, because they can be too
    judgmental or worry about things they need not be. Keeping
    ones own house in order is a full time job if you are doing it on
    a daily basis. Also, keeping your nose out of other peoples
    lives is just so hard to do at times. OK, so we love to come to
    LynnNChicagblog site, that doesn’t mean we are can not share
    with another kindered spirit. We do this because we love the
    opportunity to speak our thoughts and feelings out in the open
    to another human being, its healthy, its also fun…………..LOL

    (Please I know this is long, but if you made it this far, hell you
    might as well stick with till I am finished.)

    OK, here it is in a nut shell people. Until the day comes that Lynn
    tells me, “SHE” does not want me to post on or in “HER BLOG” I
    will continue to post. That being said, yes sometimes people have
    felt free to give me their feelings on my English grammar, spellings,
    and what have you. Depending on the day, how I take their words
    of wisdom is up to me. I can get pissed off or I can heep my thoughts
    to myself. I usually make a snark remark back. So call me Bethenny.
    I am old, can’t see my keyboard anymore, and the lady who comes
    to my place to do chores, said my keyboard doesn’t have any of the
    letters on the keys. Yes I should invest in a new keyboard, send me
    the $$ and I will do it, but that gonna help me in the proper grammer
    department now is it. Now if there was a dictionary to correct my
    spelling, that would be wonderful. And of I could see the small print
    in my dictionary I’d get it out, but I can’t. Now those are just some
    of the reasons why I end up in hot water on here. But for anyone to
    tell me I should not be writing a letter to someone, whether it be a
    complaint or not, IMO has a lot of damn nerve telling me that I
    shouldn’t do so. So up you’res my friend………and the next time you
    do that to me or anyone else, I damn sure will call you out on it.
    THE END………………………………………………………………………….JEEPERS

  73. Dawn says:

    I enjoyed reading the discussion of ideas and beliefs on gay marriage on the board yesterday. We’re grown men and women and we should be able to engage in a dialogue without being demeaning or insulting. The wonderful thing about the world is that we all view things through the lens of our individual cultural, religious, and life experiences. This makes life interesting and allows us to continue our growth and development as we continue our journey on this planet. Not to mention how utterly boring life would be if we were all the same. I can’t say that I would want to be surrounded by clones of myself. I would grow weary at the lack of diversity and I would soon dry up from the lack of discovery.
    I was therefore annoyed at the constant repetitive use of a phrase, ( mind you this wasn’t done only once or even twice), that was clearly meant to stop the conversation. It wasn’t cute, it wasn’t funny, it was rude, disruptive, and childish. I did read the previous thread about “Al Sharpton.” I know WHY the person chose to use it. However, the ultimate goal of the person posting was to stop the discussion If someone is uncomfortable with a turn of events then there is a scroll button on the side of the page allowing them to move past that which bothers them. It is not okay in personal or written discussion to continue repeatedly interrupting discussion with the same phrase.
    I enjoy this board because people, for the most part, respect the beliefs of one another and display a live and let live mentality.
    Thank you for letting me address what bothered me and I hope that the people reading and writing on this blog will not steer clear of ANY topics because we are afraid of the direction in which the discussion of ideas may take us.

    • Jeepers says:

      Hey Dawn,
      Goof morning to yoiu. So nice to be able to read someones
      elses opinions, isn’t it. And not feel as though your own
      opinion doesn’t count. You are right too, now “isn’t that

  74. Jeepers says:

    I think I need some coffee

  75. Jeepers says:

    Sorry about those really bad bad typos, haven’t had any
    sleep yet………………………….

    • HD says:

      LOL! Jeepers you can’t say up your’s and then apologize for typos! LOL! Hold it down, girl! 🙂

    • OneMoreinBoston says:


      Who let you out of your cage this morning? You are in RARE form, and I for one am loving it!

      Slightly OT but kinda relevent: I used to date this guy who’s parents were very elderly. They were born in Ireland and when their kids were young adults, migrated to the USA. They thought their parenting days were way over. Surprise! The mother was 46 (!) when she had him.

      Well, anyway, he was absolutely a giant (6’4″ and massive) and his father used to be a horse jockey in Ireland. Yes, that small.

      The mother was really the disiplinarian, and to keep him in line she used to stand up to him (of course, she came up to about his sternum) and say
      “Well, mister, aren’t you full of piss and vinegar this morning!”

      Reading through your posts-all I could think was “well, @jeepers is full of piss and vinegar this morning!” LOL

      • boston02127 says:

        @OneMoreinBoston–My mother use to say that! She had a saying for everything. I find myself repeating them all the time.

      • Jeepers says:

        yep, I shit in my cage, so I had to stay up all night, till
        the lady came to clean it all up. By then I was so wired
        I couldn’t go to sleep. I am definitely a RARE bird. Just
        chripping away, don’t give a damn if someone has heard
        me or not, sometimes a gal just has to do what she do, ya
        know what I mean jellybean?…………………………..Jeepers

  76. Ellabean says:

    WSL, you were asking up thread about the song “Oh Happy Day”. I incorrectly wrote back that it was The Staple Singers that recorded it. Correction: It was the Edwin Hawkins Singers. One of my fave gospel songs – that actually made it to Top 40 Billboard chart back in the 70’s (crossover song). I like to crank this one up loud.

    Here you go – this is for you – and everyone – even if aetheist or agnostic or new agey gal like me….just an all around feel good ! (don’t be thrown by Paul Simon in the first screen shot introducing E Hawkins) –

  77. boston02127 says:

    I wonder if Kelly was hiding in the bushes with binoculars when Bethenny taped this in the Hamptons.


  78. Wall St Lady says:

    Ellabean Boston
    1& 2. Hi w/a hug attatched. Its.Sat. What r u guys runing off to ?

    I am having lunch w/AlSharpton.
    OH Happy Day !

    Just joking &BTW I thought HE was too.
    I know why don’t u all join me !

  79. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet— going running, and then i get to spend the whole afternoon and evening with the kiddies. woooooooo

    I wonder why she says “I get to” when referring to her kids.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      you know, you picked up on something that I’ve never commented on but also noticed about her.

      When she did her YouTube videos about redecorating her apartment, EVERYTHING that she did was for her kids. She moved her couch closer to the chairs so the girls could do homework with her there, she moved stuff around in her bedroom, so the girls could cuddle with her, etc. etc.

      It was very sweet and somewhat poignant. She seems like she is the noncustodial parent and is lonely and lacking purpose when she doesn’t have her kids.

  80. Waxdiva says:

    The Salamis… the Heidi and Spencer for the over 40 group…

    Anyone interested in the Salamis escapades, Andrea Rodgers has had a long history with them (before they were on Bravo). Here is her site… just search ‘salahi:’


    AND… here are articles and photos by the Washington Post:


    The Salami doll is selling for $39.99!!!! I’m sure it will be in the discount bin next week.

  81. Wall St Lady says:

    Ellabean notice I never once said the h word. How is ur home jazz concert doing.
    I am at the beach & watching a man throw a ball into the ocean that his black lab runs to get. The beautiful lab is not young but hurls himself into the waves to get the ball. Its one of the sweetest more pure moments I enjoyed in a while.
    Isn’t it great that both masters or dogs give a hoot what color the other is !
    I believe w/all the continued interracial marriages ,that by the way produce the best looking offspring,we r making progress.
    Black men got to vote b4 white women. There ain’t been a woman Pres. We have a long way to go but there is progress. Heck my husband as an Italian felt discrimination big time in business. He hopes the US will have an Italian Pres. I joke & say never : Italians 3e lovers!

    • Ellabean says:

      Mornin’ WSL ! Just got back from walk with yellow Labbie girl along the bay – can see Sandy Hook and the Verrazano bridge.

      It’s funny about mixed beings producing even more beauty. Did you know that yellow labs and black labs produce labs of all three colors in the same litter? Chocolate , yellow , and black. My girl’s “bio-mom” was yellow and her “bio -dad” was black. Her coloring is so beautiful. What I’d pay for blonde hi-lites like that ! There are 2 distinctive white patterns in her yellow fur on her back that look just like angel wings.

      Jazz and all music is very much a part of this house – – – my hubby is in the biz for 30+ years. Works for a record label in the city. Do you know the classical celloist, Yo Yo Ma? He played at Pres. Obama’s inaugural and Sen. Ted Kennedy’s funeral among other things.

      • Search the Web on Snap.com says:

        I love YoYo, he is an amazing young man and is so likeable.
        I could listen to his music for hours, also the 3 Tenors. I have
        so many CD’s of they’re concerts. They too are just amazing.
        I also like this new young man, I think his first name is Joshua
        something. can’t remember, but he has a beautiful voice is all
        I know and care about…………………………………………Jeepers

  82. klmh says:


    You have made my day with your post about the Giudice’s possible jail sentence! Thanks too, for providing information on how to contact the person responsible for looking into their false bankruptcy filing. I believe you helped in this investigation as well.

    Info on the song you referred to:


  83. boston02127 says:

    Simon’s domestic violence case was submitted to the O.C. District Attorney’s Office Friday morning, spokeswoman Farrah Emami said. The District Attorney’s Office reviewed it and declined to file charges.


    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      So there you have it.

      she says: ““It breaks my heart that he has acted that way in front of the children and I hope he gets the help he needs to control his anger. I never wanted him arrested. The cops made that decision for me”

      He did have to turn in his gun. Probably a good thing in light of his anger issues.

    • I never want to downplay anyone in a domestic violence situation situation. but I am personally glad to see that one thrown out of court. I don’t want to see a legal precedent set for “assault with Flexi-lead.” Since the dog lives in an apartment I don’t think it was a big dog. Time for the judge to set up neutral zone for child drop offs for these nitwits.

      Juicy Joe has a worse driving record than Lindsey Lohan now. Will he have a legal drivers liscence before Gia? They only need one car since only one of them can drive. Honestly I see him like Tony Soprano being picked up every morning at the house by Christopher to be driven around Jersey on his rounds.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        If Tamra never wanted Simon arrested, then why did she call the police after he left and was clearly not any threat to her. I think she is a schemer. The police didn’t “make that call”. The police followed protocol. The DA just made the Tamra. Woe to any man of Tamra’s that runs out of money!

  84. boston02127 says:

    Have a good morning everyone. 🙂

  85. Dawn says:

    Jill Zarin doesn’t wow them in the Midwest. Dayton, Ohio event cancelled due to lack of ticket sales.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      That doesn’t surprise me at all. Dayton, Ohio would not be impressed and apparently even the Jewish ladies hosting this event aren’t interested in JZ.

  86. Dawn says:

    Jill plays t.v. interviewer and attempts to elevate herself to position of guest judge on American Idol, “I’m serious!”

  87. Jeepers says:

    I for one am sick and tired of hearing about L. Lohan,
    the day they stop talking, photos, blogs about her the
    happier I’ll be. Another one taking up space/air as far
    as I am concerned, to enclude her parents!………Jeepers

  88. Search the Web on Snap.com says:

    I for one am sick & tired of hearing, seeing photos, blogs
    about L. Lohan. She is another person who takes up to
    much space and air, as far as I am conxerned……..Jeepers

  89. madame tortefois says:

    I am glad somebody is going to bat for Cat. Erika seems educated but the behavior is 6th Grade Girl’s Locker Room. She appeared to dislike Cat right away & the Tyra issue is just an excuse. Erika is monstrous, just like Kim G…they could play the Wyrd Sisters in MacBeth.

  90. Wall St Lady says:

    By Wallflower on September 24, 2010 at 9:02 pm
    Boy am I in the 40s. I thought


    Meant O Taa like OK but as how Panky said it on “The little Raskels”

  91. Wall St Lady says:

    Ad girl
    LMAO when u mentioned that 2day u would use ur old cheering skirt as a knee garter!

  92. quincyil says:

    Lolly’s art

    I know a lot of local artists with college degrees. Even those artists who are nationally know give workshops for extra income. One of the top St. Louis artists came here a few years back and I helped her load paintings after a month long show. She said that it’s difficult. I go to art galleries like one in Monterrey, Ca., where the artist selling that day said it has been a horrible year.

    I suppose Lolly believes that her mother’s friends will stand in line to buy her paintings, but they all have decorators and you better have colors that go with the couch. It’s not my place to judge, but I did look at the painting in her gallery from the video at Bravo. I absolutely don’t know what sells in DC, but I don’t know if she could get a spot in a gallery at this point. You need series of paintings, exposure, and usually a number of wins in juried competitions to become a known artist in the Midwest.

    Or…it has to be an entirely new idea… like Jackson Pollock had in the 1950s. He had his wife advocating for him and rich backers like Peggy Guggenheim.

    I visit galleries and museums. I haven’t seen anything like her work in either venue.

  93. I hate cat says:

    I hate cat – yep hate! She is a fool and her voice is so fake and contrived…..Her face and forehead are ugly too. She is such an ugly person that it has made her so physically ugly. You can tell that she has no alliance or loyalty to the US. She is just passing through.
    She is so fake and always jealous of anyone getting attention.

  94. I hate cat says:

    f the black chick on housewives brings up the race card one more time – and i am black – I will never watch it again. She is very very spoiled acting anyway but the race card every time she does not get her way or every time she disagrees with one of the ladies – she is setting us back 300 years. Oh you dont like me – it can only be because i am black. OH they dont think my story is funny – oh it must be because I am black. Oh they criticize3d me – it must be because I am black. Go away you loser. You are setting us back many hears.
    You are a spoiled lazy-acting, whiney two-faced, petty woman. THIS IS WHY WE DONT LIKE YOU.

  95. CindyLu says:

    Although I think Stacie is flaky, I agree with her and her husband’s views on marriage, it is between a man and a woman. To define marriage as a union between two men, two women, multiple women and man or multiple men and one woman is a contradiction.

    Gay white people and white people who support same sex marriage don’t understand that most black people don’t consider the plight of homosexuals equal to the horrors that blacks endured before and after the civil rights movement. Gay white people will NEVER know nor understand the suffering that black people endured and are still experiencing just for being clothed in another color skin.

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